Weather Codes for Zimbabwe

Find Weather Codes or Weather Zip Codes for states and cities in Zimbabwe. Weather Codes references a specified Location and is used to get weather of that place accurately. They are used by The Weather Channel( by IBM), Yahoo! Weather, AOL Weather and many such weather forecasting platforms. It is similar to Yahoo's WOEID(Where On the Earth ID) that is used to represent each place uniquely.

You can know the weather of any place precisely with the help of weather codes. Find the current weather of your state or city by clicking on it. You will be redirected to The Weather Channel site with your weather code for accurate weather forecast.

Abraham ZIXX1377
Adam ZIXX1869
Adylinn ZIXX0300
Alexandra Park ZIXX0301
Amandas ZIXX0690
Amby ZIXX0302
Angus Ranch ZIXX0012
Antelope Mine ZIXX1301
Antenior ZIXX0013
Arcadia ZIXX0303
Arcadia South ZIXX0304
Arcadia West ZIXX0305
Arcturus ZIXX0763
Ardbennie ZIXX0306
Ardingly ZIXX0014
Arlington ZIXX0307
Ascot ZIXX0171
Ashbrittle ZIXX0308
Ashdown Park ZIXX0309
Aspindale Park ZIXX0310
Athlone ZIXX0311
Avenues ZIXX0312
Avoca ZIXX1302
Avon Rise ZIXX0313
Avondale ZIXX0314
Avondale West ZIXX0315
Avonlea ZIXX0316
Babblespruit ZIXX0492
Badze ZIXX0015
Ballantyne Park ZIXX0317
Balule ZIXX1303
Banga ZIXX1378
Bangala ZIXX1379
Bangamakuni ZIXX0899
Banket ZIXX1870
Bannockburn ZIXX0016
Barbour Fields ZIXX0172
Barham Green ZIXX0173
Barrington ZIXX0318
Basera ZIXX1380
Baswi ZIXX0493
Battlefields ZIXX1871
Bauhinia ZIXX0691
Bayane ZIXX0900
Bayi Bayi ZIXX0901
Beatrice ZIXX0017
Beitbridge ZIXX0018
Belgravia ZIXX0319
Belmont ZIXX0174
Belmont East ZIXX0175
Belvedere North ZIXX0320
Belvedere South ZIXX0321
Bemba ZIXX0902
Bembezi ZIXX0903
Bemthree ZIXX0853
Beni ZIXX1381
Beswota ZIXX0494
Betera ZIXX0495
Beverley ZIXX0322
Beverley West ZIXX0323
Bezha ZIXX1304
Bihkausara ZIXX1872
Bikeni Nyemba ZIXX0854
Bikita ZIXX1382
Bindura ZIXX0020
Binga ZIXX0904
Bingley ZIXX0324
Bivis ZIXX1383
Bloomingdale ZIXX0325
Blue Gum ZIXX0855
Bluff Hill ZIXX0326
Bluff Hill Park ZIXX0327
Boli ZIXX1384
Bonke ZIXX0905
Bonkwe ZIXX0906
Bonyonko ZIXX0907
Bonzo ZIXX0496
Bopofo ZIXX1873
Borrowdale ZIXX0328
Borrowdale West ZIXX0330
Bota ZIXX0022
Bothashof ZIXX0692
Boyi ZIXX1385
Braeside ZIXX0331
Brawlands ZIXX0694
Bromley ZIXX0023
Brooke Ridge ZIXX0332
Broomsgrove ZIXX0024
Bubaiwa ZIXX1386
Bubu ZIXX0908
Budhli ZIXX0909
Budiriro ZIXX0333
Buffalo Downs ZIXX1874
Buffalo Range ZIXX0011
Buhera ZIXX0497
Bulate ZIXX0910
Bulawayo ZIXX0001
Bule II ZIXX0911
Bumbu ZIXX0912
Bumi Hills ZIXX1875
Burnside ZIXX0176
Bushman Diwa ZIXX0913
Bushtick ZIXX1305
Bushy Park ZIXX0027
Busvumani ZIXX1387
Butabubili ZIXX0914
Butshena ZIXX0915
Bvumbe ZIXX0695
Capuka ZIXX0916
Cashel ZIXX0498
Cathleen ZIXX0917
Cawunajena ZIXX0918
Cement ZIXX0919
Centenary ZIXX0696
Chababomera ZIXX1876
Chabera ZIXX1877
Chabili ZIXX1306
Chadcombe ZIXX0334
Chadyeni ZIXX1388
Chafutchi ZIXX1307
Chagonda ZIXX1389
Chagwiza ZIXX1390
Chahata ZIXX1391
Chaita ZIXX1392
Chakari ZIXX0028
Chakona ZIXX1393
Chambati ZIXX1878
Chaminuka ZIXX1394
Chamisa ZIXX1395
Chamnanga ZIXX1308
Chancit ZIXX0920
Chandida ZIXX1396
Changata ZIXX0697
Chaparanganda ZIXX1879
Chapinga ZIXX0499
Chapungu ZIXX1397
Chapwanya ZIXX1398
Chapxania ZIXX0500
Charamba ZIXX1399
Charara ZIXX1880
Charles Clack ZIXX0029
Charumbira ZIXX1400
Chasauka ZIXX1881
Chatsworth ZIXX0030
Chauruka ZIXX1401
Chaurura ZIXX1402
Chavahera ZIXX0501
Chavunda ZIXX1403
Chawunga ZIXX1404
Chebundo ZIXX1405
Chegutu ZIXX0002
Chehoko ZIXX1883
Chemhondoro ZIXX0764
Chendamora ZIXX1884
Chereya ZIXX0856
Chibamu ZIXX1885
Chibaya ZIXX1406
Chibhamu ZIXX1407
Chibi ZIXX0032
Chibunje ZIXX0502
Chibuwe ZIXX0503
Chidakwa ZIXX1409
Chidiro ZIXX0504
Chiduku ZIXX0505
Chidumo Clinic ZIXX0033
Chidya ZIXX1411
Chief Bepura ZIXX0698
Chief Binga ZIXX0921
Chief Bota ZIXX1412
Chief Budzi ZIXX1413
Chief Bushu ZIXX0699
Chief Chikwizu ZIXX0765
Chief Chilimanzi ZIXX0857
Chief Chisunga ZIXX0700
Chief Chitanga ZIXX1414
Chief Chitsunge ZIXX0506
Chief Chitsungo ZIXX0766
Chief Dabola ZIXX0922
Chief Fish ZIXX0507
Chief Gambo ZIXX0923
Chief Garahwa ZIXX0508
Chief Gutu ZIXX1415
Chief Mabikwa ZIXX0924
Chief Madliwa ZIXX0925
Chief Mahlaba ZIXX0926
Chief Makore ZIXX1416
Chief Mangwende ZIXX0767
Chief Mapungwana ZIXX0509
Chief Matapula ZIXX0927
Chief Matsiwo ZIXX0702
Chief Mpungu ZIXX0510
Chief Mswigana ZIXX0928
Chief Mupawose ZIXX1886
Chief Myinga ZIXX0929
Chief Negomo ZIXX0703
Chief Nenguo ZIXX0768
Chief Ngorima ZIXX0512
Chief Nhema ZIXX1417
Chief Njelele ZIXX0858
Chief Nkalakata ZIXX0930
Chief Nqoya ZIXX0931
Chief Ntabeni ZIXX0859
Chief Nyajena ZIXX1418
Chief Nyajima ZIXX0769
Chief Nyamokoho ZIXX0770
Chief Nyamweda ZIXX1887
Chief Nyashanu ZIXX0513
Chief Saba ZIXX0932
Chief Sai ZIXX0860
Chief Seki ZIXX0771
Chief Siabuwa ZIXX0933
Chief Siachilaba ZIXX0934
Chief Siansali ZIXX0935
Chief Sigalenke ZIXX0936
Chief Sikalenke ZIXX0937
Chief Sikobokobo ZIXX0938
Chief Simupa ZIXX0939
Chief Sinakoma ZIXX0940
Chief Sinampande ZIXX0942
Chief Sinamsanga ZIXX0943
Chief Sinamwenda ZIXX0944
Chief Sinasenkwe ZIXX0946
Chief Siposo ZIXX0947
Chief Sivalo ZIXX0948
Chief Thomas ZIXX0949
Chief Towani ZIXX1419
Chief Tshugulu ZIXX0950
Chifadza ZIXX0514
Chigavade ZIXX1420
Chigomo ZIXX1421
Chigowe ZIXX0515
Chigweremba ZIXX1422
Chihenhamo ZIXX1423
Chikara ZIXX1424
Chikara ZIXX1888
Chikerema ZIXX1425
Chikombu ZIXX1426
Chikomo ZIXX0861
Chikonye ZIXX1427
Chikonye ZIXX0704
Chikore Mission ZIXX0516
Chikowe ZIXX1889
Chikuku ZIXX0517
Chikumbakwe ZIXX0034
Chikutuva ZIXX1428
Chikuvire ZIXX1429
Chikwava ZIXX0772
Chikwenengere ZIXX0705
Chikwiro ZIXX1430
Chilimanzi ZIXX1431
Chimanimani ZIXX0518
Chimawmaka ZIXX1890
Chimbango ZIXX0706
Chimene ZIXX1432
Chimhawu ZIXX0519
Chimire ZIXX1433
Chimsasa ZIXX0520
Chimunhu ZIXX1434
Chimwana ZIXX1435
Chimwango ZIXX1436
Chimyemhere ZIXX1891
Chinaka ZIXX1437
Chinatsire ZIXX1438
Chindito ZIXX1439
Chinefu ZIXX1440
Chinemhute ZIXX1892
Chinex ZIXX1893
Chinganga ZIXX1441
Chingozhoro ZIXX0521
Chingwetu ZIXX1442
Chinhanga ZIXX0707
Chinhoyi ZIXX1894
Chinoda ZIXX0522
Chinoro ZIXX0523
Chinouya ZIXX0524
Chinyai ZIXX1443
Chinyanga ZIXX0525
Chinyangwa ZIXX0526
Chinyangwe ZIXX1895
Chinyati ZIXX1444
Chinyika ZIXX0773
Chinzou ZIXX0527
Chipimfwe ZIXX0708
Chipinga ZIXX0035
Chipinge ZIXX0528
Chipise ZIXX1309
Chiporiro ZIXX0529
Chirara ZIXX0774
Chiredzi ZIXX1445
Chireya ZIXX1446
Chiriga ZIXX1447
Chirimudombo ZIXX0530
Chirinda ZIXX0531
Chisipite ZIXX0335
Chisiri ZIXX1896
Chiso ZIXX1448
Chitadu ZIXX1449
Chitakira ZIXX1450
Chitando ZIXX0532
Chitau ZIXX1897
Chitehere ZIXX1898
Chitindiva ZIXX1899
Chitofa ZIXX0036
Chitongo ZIXX0037
Chitowa ZIXX0776
Chitsunge ZIXX0533
Chitungwiza ZIXX0336
Chitungwiza ZIXX0003
Chitupa ZIXX1451
Chiturike ZIXX0534
Chiva ZIXX1900
Chivaku ZIXX0535
Chivanga ZIXX1901
Chivasa ZIXX1452
Chivenge ZIXX1453
Chivere ZIXX1902
Chivhu ZIXX0777
Chivhuro ZIXX1454
Chivi ZIXX1455
Chivima ZIXX1903
Chivuna ZIXX1456
Chiwakanyama ZIXX1904
Chiwara ZIXX1457
Chiwara ZIXX1905
Chiweshe ZIXX0710
Chizanje ZIXX0337
Chizema ZIXX0536
Chokuda ZIXX1458
Chokufa ZIXX1459
Chomunorwa ZIXX1460
Chomwedzi ZIXX0778
Chowe ZIXX1461
Chulu ZIXX1906
Chundu ZIXX1907
City ZIXX0177
Civic Centre ZIXX0338
Cleveland Park ZIXX0339
Clovelly ZIXX1462
Cold Comfort ZIXX0340
Colleen Bawn ZIXX1310
Colne Valley ZIXX0341
Colray ZIXX0342
Comet Rise ZIXX0343
Concession ZIXX0711
Connemara ZIXX0039
Connemara ZIXX0951
Coronation Park ZIXX0344
Cotswold Hills ZIXX0345
Craigengower ZIXX0712
Craigmore ZIXX0040
Cranborne ZIXX0346
Crawborough ZIXX0347
Croft Mine ZIXX1311
Cuseculu ZIXX0952
Dabula ZIXX0953
Dabwa ZIXX1463
Dagamela ZIXX0954
Dahlia ZIXX0955
Dahwa ZIXX1464
Daisyfield ZIXX0862
Danda ZIXX0956
Dandamjena ZIXX0957
Dangamvura ZIXX0537
Dapi ZIXX1465
Darlington ZIXX0538
Darwendale ZIXX0041
David ZIXX1466
Dawn Hill ZIXX0349
Dege ZIXX1467
Delano Estate ZIXX0042
Deleleni ZIXX0958
Delmore ZIXX0959
Dema ZIXX0779
Denya ZIXX0539
Dete ZIXX0960
Dett ZIXX0043
Devuli Ranch ZIXX0044
Dhlakaniya ZIXX0961
Dhlamini ZIXX0962
Dick ZIXX1908
Diki ZIXX1468
Dikili ZIXX0963
Dingandawo ZIXX0964
Dingani ZIXX0965
Dingant ZIXX0966
Dire ZIXX1469
Disi ZIXX0713
Doma ZIXX1909
Dombo ZIXX0967
Dombo ZIXX1910
Domboshawa ZIXX0780
Dondo ZIXX1911
Dondoro ZIXX1912
Donga ZIXX0864
Donnington ZIXX0178
Donnybrook ZIXX0351
Dover ZIXX0045
Downlands Park ZIXX0352
Duchess Hill ZIXX0046
Dulini ZIXX0968
Dungarven ZIXX0353
Dungu ZIXX1470
Dunkirk ZIXX0969
Dunowen ZIXX0354
Duvaduve ZIXX0541
Dzambi ZIXX1471
Dzapasi ZIXX0542
Dzetiye ZIXX0714
Dzimidza ZIXX0970
Dzingirai ZIXX1472
Dzinokuvara ZIXX1473
Dzivakwi ZIXX1474
Dzivareskwa ZIXX0355
Dzokotze ZIXX0971
Dzorora ZIXX0543
East Queens Park ZIXX0179
Eastlea ZIXX0356
Eastlea South ZIXX0357
Eastnor ZIXX0972
Ebabeni ZIXX0973
Ebizeni ZIXX0974
Egagwini ZIXX0975
Egeekeni ZIXX0976
Egomeni ZIXX0977
Ehampeni ZIXX0978
Eiffel Flats ZIXX0047
Ekoneni ZIXX0979
Elangeni ZIXX0980
Elangeni School ZIXX0981
Eldorado ZIXX1913
Eloana ZIXX0180
Elulwane ZIXX0982
Emabandeni ZIXX0983
Emafengwini ZIXX0984
Emakhandeni ZIXX0181
Emambanjeni ZIXX0985
Emanaleni ZIXX0986
Emapanini ZIXX0987
Ematetshaneni ZIXX0988
Emerald Hill ZIXX0358
Emgolweni ZIXX0989
Emhlabeni ZIXX0990
Emkayeni ZIXX0991
Emloteni ZIXX0992
Empafeni ZIXX0993
Empisini ZIXX0994
Empress Mine ZIXX0865
Emvana ZIXX0995
Enhlangano ZIXX0996
Enkalange ZIXX0997
Enqameni ZIXX0182
Enqotsheni ZIXX0183
Ensedhlwini ZIXX0998
Entumbane ZIXX0184
Epworth ZIXX0359
Esibomvu ZIXX1312
Esigodini ZIXX0048
Esinangeni ZIXX0999
Ezanquweni ZIXX1000
Fagadola ZIXX0185
Fairland ZIXX1001
Fairstar ZIXX1002
Famona ZIXX0186
Featherstone ZIXX0781
Felixburg ZIXX0049
Figtree ZIXX0050
Filabusi ZIXX1313
Filimons ZIXX1003
Fishan ZIXX1476
Folosi ZIXX1004
Fombe ZIXX0544
Forestvale ZIXX0187
Foromela ZIXX1314
Fort Rixon ZIXX0051
Fort Usher ZIXX1315
Fort Victoria ZIXX0052
Fortunes Gate ZIXX0188
Four Winds ZIXX0189
Fred Mine ZIXX1316
Fresnaye ZIXX1317
Fumabatshena ZIXX1005
Funda ZIXX1006
Fundikai ZIXX1477
Fuve ZIXX1478
Gachegache ZIXX1914
Gadzema ZIXX0053
Gahadzikwa ZIXX1479
Gahani ZIXX0782
Gambakwa ZIXX1480
Gambisa ZIXX0054
Gampagalale ZIXX1007
Ganda ZIXX1481
Gandanzara ZIXX0545
Ganga ZIXX0546
Ganga ZIXX1008
Ganyiwa ZIXX1482
Garigari ZIXX1009
Gariya ZIXX1010
Gasura ZIXX1916
Gaths Mine ZIXX0055
Gatora ZIXX1917
Gava ZIXX1483
Gave ZIXX0783
Gawa ZIXX1484
Gawa ZIXX1918
Gaza ZIXX0547
Gaza ZIXX1011
Gempo ZIXX1318
Georgia ZIXX1919
Getshenge ZIXX1012
Gevstein Park ZIXX0360
Gewalangamate ZIXX1013
Gibixegu ZIXX1014
Glen Lorne ZIXX0361
Glen Norah ZIXX0362
Glenavon Est ZIXX0363
GlenClova ZIXX1485
Glencoe ZIXX0190
Glendale ZIXX0057
Glendevon ZIXX0058
Gleneagles ZIXX0364
Glenearn ZIXX1920
Glengarry ZIXX0191
Glenlivet ZIXX1486
Glenluce ZIXX0059
Glenview ZIXX0365
Glenville ZIXX0192
Glenwood ZIXX0366
Gletwyn A ZIXX0367
Godzo ZIXX1015
Gogode ZIXX1487
Gokwe ZIXX0060
Golden Valley ZIXX0061
Gomba ZIXX1488
Gomo ZIXX0784
Gona ZIXX0548
Gondo ZIXX0785
Gondowe ZIXX1489
Gonye ZIXX1490
Good Hope ZIXX1921
Gore ZIXX1491
Gore ZIXX0786
Gorodema ZIXX0062
Goromonzi ZIXX0063
Gotora ZIXX1492
Gotore ZIXX1493
Gotshane ZIXX1016
Govo ZIXX1494
Granite Park ZIXX0193
Graniteside ZIXX0368
Green Grove ZIXX0369
Greencroft ZIXX0370
Greendale ZIXX0371
Greenhill ZIXX0194
Greenspan ZIXX0195
Greystone ZIXX0064
Greystone Park ZIXX0372
Grobbie Park ZIXX0373
Groombridge ZIXX0374
Guavana Hillside ZIXX0065
Guchu ZIXX1495
Gudo ZIXX0549
Gudo ZIXX1496
Gudza ZIXX1497
Guinea Fowl ZIXX0066
Gukwe ZIXX1922
Gulalikabili ZIXX1017
Gumbo ZIXX0715
Gumindoga ZIXX1498
Gumiremhete ZIXX1923
Gun Hill ZIXX0375
Gunde ZIXX0067
Gunguwu ZIXX0550
Guni ZIXX1499
Guruve ZIXX0716
Guswini ZIXX1018
Gutu ZIXX0068
Guveya ZIXX0551
Guwa ZIXX0717
Guzha ZIXX1500
Gwaai ZIXX1019
Gwabalanda ZIXX0196
Gwakava ZIXX0552
Gwamure ZIXX1501
Gwanda ZIXX0069
Gwande I ZIXX1020
Gwande II ZIXX1021
Gwangwari ZIXX0718
Gwatemba ZIXX1319
Gwavava ZIXX0787
Gwaza ZIXX1502
Gwelutshena ZIXX1022
Gwema ZIXX1503
Gwembgwa ZIXX1023
Gweme ZIXX1504
Gwemende ZIXX0553
Gweru ZIXX0070
Gwese ZIXX1024
Gwiznimbi ZIXX1505
Gxobonolo ZIXX1025
Hadzizi ZIXX0554
Haig Park ZIXX0376
Halale ZIXX1320
Halangamate ZIXX1026
Hamilton ZIXX0719
Handikori ZIXX0555
Handsworth ZIXX0720
Hangamwe ZIXX1027
Hangapu ZIXX1028
Hapanyengwi ZIXX1506
Harare ZIXX0004
Harrisville ZIXX0197
Hartlands ZIXX0377
Hartley ZIXX0072
Hatcliffe ZIXX0378
Hatfield ZIXX0379
Hatinahama ZIXX0556
Havadi ZIXX1507
Haydon ZIXX1924
Headlands ZIXX0073
Helensvale ZIXX0380
Hewu ZIXX1029
Highfield ZIXX0381
Highlands ZIXX0382
Highmount ZIXX0198
Hillcrest ZIXX0199
Hillside ZIXX0200
Hillside ZIXX0383
Hillside East ZIXX0201
Hillside South ZIXX0202
Hillside West ZIXX0203
Hingwe ZIXX1321
Hippo Valley ZIXX0074
Hiya ZIXX1925
Hlananisas ZIXX1322
Hodero ZIXX0557
Hodzi ZIXX1926
Hogerty Hill ZIXX0788
Hokoyo ZIXX1508
Homefield ZIXX1927
Hondo ZIXX1928
Hondoma ZIXX1929
Hopley ZIXX0384
Hore ZIXX1509
Hot Springs ZIXX0558
Houghton Park ZIXX0385
Howard Institute ZIXX0721
Hoyuyu ZIXX0789
Hoyuyu Township ZIXX0790
Hudson ZIXX1510
Hukuimwe ZIXX0559
Hume Park ZIXX0204
Hunters Road ZIXX0866
Hunts Road Halt ZIXX1030
Hwali ZIXX1323
Hwange ZIXX1031
Hwingwiri ZIXX1511
Hyde Park ZIXX0206
Hyde Park Estate ZIXX0207
Igava ZIXX0076
Ilanda ZIXX0208
Ilunkubo ZIXX1324
Iminyela ZIXX0209
Impampa ZIXX1032
Induna ZIXX0386
Ingwe ZIXX1033
Inkubusi ZIXX0387
Inoro ZIXX0791
Insiza ZIXX0077
Intini ZIXX0210
Inyathi ZIXX0078
Irene ZIXX0080
Irisvale Halt ZIXX0081
Itayi ZIXX1512
Ivorie ZIXX0560
Jacaranda ZIXX0211
Jakalazi ZIXX1034
James ZIXX1930
James ZIXX1035
Jani ZIXX1513
Janiza ZIXX1036
Janje ZIXX1514
Javangwe ZIXX1515
Jecha ZIXX1516
Jera ZIXX1931
Jerera ZIXX1517
Jereswa ZIXX1518
Jimila ZIXX1037
Jirira ZIXX0792
Jissi ZIXX1038
Johannes ZIXX1932
Jojos ZIXX1039
Jolume ZIXX1040
Jowa ZIXX1041
Juliasdale ZIXX0561
Jumbo ZIXX0722
Junction Gate ZIXX0082
Juru ZIXX0793
Kabulawo ZIXX1042
Kachamaenza ZIXX1933
Kachambwa ZIXX0723
Kachembere ZIXX0562
Kachidza ZIXX1934
Kadelas ZIXX1043
Kadivirire ZIXX1519
Kadoma ZIXX0056
Kadunga ZIXX1935
Kahiya ZIXX0794
Kajamatimba ZIXX1936
Kakoma ZIXX1937
Kalane ZIXX1044
Kalugus ZIXX1045
Kamativi Mine ZIXX0083
Kambanji ZIXX0388
Kambuzuma ZIXX0389
Kame ZIXX1046
Kamhali ZIXX1938
Kamutsamombe ZIXX1939
Kandana ZIXX1325
Kandororo ZIXX1940
Kangausaru ZIXX1941
Kanjera ZIXX1520
Kanyemba ZIXX0724
Kanyoka ZIXX1942
Kanyonga Camp ZIXX1943
Kanyurira ZIXX1944
Kapambara ZIXX1945
Kapane ZIXX1047
Kapanyana ZIXX1048
Kapateni ZIXX1521
Kapesa ZIXX1946
Kapire ZIXX1947
Kapoka ZIXX1948
Karanda ZIXX1949
Kariba ZIXX0084
Karimba ZIXX0563
Kariwo ZIXX0725
Kariyangwe ZIXX1049
Karoi ZIXX0005
Karoyi ZIXX0726
Karuyana ZIXX0727
Kaseke ZIXX0390
Kashambi ZIXX0086
Katemanyoka ZIXX1950
Kautsheka ZIXX1050
Kawahove ZIXX1951
Kayisa ZIXX1051
Kazangarare ZIXX0087
Kazangare ZIXX1952
Kazunga ZIXX1953
Kefas ZIXX1522
Kelvin East ZIXX0212
Kelvin North ZIXX0213
Kelvin West ZIXX0214
Kenilworth ZIXX0215
Kenmaur ZIXX1052
Kensington ZIXX0391
Keynshamburg ZIXX0867
Kezi ZIXX0089
Kilallo ZIXX0216
Killarney ZIXX0217
Kings Mine ZIXX1523
Kingsdale ZIXX0218
Kingsmead ZIXX0392
Kizito ZIXX1524
Koodoovale ZIXX1326
Kopje ZIXX0393
Korodziba ZIXX1053
Kubiku ZIXX1525
Kubvoruro ZIXX1526
Kudiwa ZIXX0564
Kudjwara ZIXX0728
Kugura ZIXX1527
Kumalo ZIXX0219
Kumalo North ZIXX0220
Kunaka ZIXX1954
Kurai ZIXX1528
Kutsaga Village ZIXX0394
Kuvengwa ZIXX0565
Kuwadzana ZIXX0395
Kwaipa ZIXX1529
Kwangare ZIXX1530
Kwangwa I ZIXX1531
Kwangwa III ZIXX1532
Kwaraguza ZIXX0090
Kwaramba ZIXX0795
Kwarire ZIXX0566
Kwekwe ZIXX0141
Kwenda ZIXX0567
Kwengi ZIXX1533
Lagisa ZIXX1054
Lakeside ZIXX0221
Lalapanzi ZIXX0091
Lancaster ZIXX0092
Lazarus ZIXX1955
Legion ZIXX1327
Leopard ZIXX0093
Letombo Park ZIXX0396
Lewisam ZIXX0397
Lichendale ZIXX0398
Limbeck ZIXX0729
Lincoln Green ZIXX0399
Lions Den ZIXX0094
Little Norfolk ZIXX0400
Livisoni ZIXX1534
Lobengula ZIXX0222
Lobenvale ZIXX0223
Lochard ZIXX0095
Lochinvar ZIXX0401
Lockview ZIXX0224
Logan ZIXX1956
Logan Park ZIXX0402
Lombajana ZIXX1055
Lonely Mine ZIXX1056
Lorelei ZIXX0403
Lower Gwelo ZIXX0868
Lubesi ZIXX1057
Lubimbi ZIXX1058
Lucu ZIXX1059
Luhonja ZIXX1060
Luhonjana ZIXX1061
Luipaards Vlei ZIXX0568
Luna ZIXX0404
Lupane ZIXX1062
Lupindi ZIXX1063
Lupondo ZIXX1064
Lusulu ZIXX1065
Lutiba ZIXX1066
Lutombe ZIXX1328
Lutsha ZIXX1067
Luveve ZIXX0225
Luwilili ZIXX1068
Mabalanas ZIXX1329
Mabaye ZIXX1069
Mabele ZIXX1070
Mabelreign ZIXX0405
Mabika ZIXX1535
Mabude ZIXX1071
Mabunu ZIXX1536
Mabutweni ZIXX0226
Mabuvo ZIXX1537
Mabuze ZIXX1330
Mabvuku ZIXX0406
Mabvuragudo ZIXX0569
Machacha ZIXX0570
Machachuta ZIXX1331
Machakadze ZIXX1538
Machako ZIXX1539
Machawira ZIXX1540
Macheke ZIXX0096
Machendu ZIXX1541
Machihiri ZIXX0869
Machikiche ZIXX1542
Machimbiro ZIXX1543
Machindu ZIXX1544
Machinga ZIXX1545
Machinyanga ZIXX0571
Machiroli ZIXX1957
Machokoto ZIXX1546
Machona ZIXX1958
Machovo ZIXX1547
Maclear ZIXX0730
Madadzi ZIXX0097
Madanyika ZIXX1548
Madimba ZIXX1959
Madioma ZIXX0572
Madona ZIXX1072
Madonga ZIXX1332
Madubus ZIXX1333
Maduku ZIXX1549
Madume ZIXX0573
Madya ZIXX0574
Madziba ZIXX1073
Madzimure ZIXX1550
Madzinga ZIXX0796
Madzivire ZIXX1551
Madziwa ZIXX0731
Mafayfa ZIXX1074
Mafinyor ZIXX1552
Mafudze ZIXX1553
Mafuka ZIXX1554
Mafukidze ZIXX1555
Mafungautsi ZIXX1960
Mafuratidze ZIXX0575
Mafusini ZIXX1075
Mafuto ZIXX0797
Magarasadza ZIXX0798
Magazi ZIXX1076
Magombedze ZIXX1556
Magondo ZIXX0576
Magumbura ZIXX1961
Magunje ZIXX1962
Magwegwe ZIXX0227
Magwegwe North ZIXX0228
Magwegwe West ZIXX0229
Magwiro ZIXX1557
Mahambe ZIXX1077
Mahau ZIXX1963
Mahembe ZIXX0577
Mahlalayedwa ZIXX1078
Mahlamombe ZIXX1079
Mahlosi ZIXX1080
Mahope ZIXX1558
Mahove ZIXX0578
Mahula ZIXX1081
Mahusekwa ZIXX0799
Maibire ZIXX1559
Mainway Meadows ZIXX0407
Majabane ZIXX1082
Majabani ZIXX1083
Majaya ZIXX1560
Majinjiwa ZIXX1964
Makado ZIXX1334
Makaha ZIXX0801
Makala ZIXX1084
Makamure ZIXX1561
Makamure ZIXX0579
Makanyaire ZIXX1965
Makara ZIXX1966
Makaza ZIXX0580
Makeni ZIXX1085
Makhaza ZIXX1335
Makhaza ZIXX1086
Makinhiwa ZIXX1562
Mako ZIXX1087
Makokoba ZIXX0230
Makokwe ZIXX1336
Makombe ZIXX0581
Makonese ZIXX1563
Makonis ZIXX0582
Makono ZIXX0802
Makosa Township ZIXX0803
Makose ZIXX0804
Makota ZIXX1967
Makufa ZIXX0583
Makufa ZIXX1564
Makulukusa ZIXX1088
Makumba ZIXX1968
Makumbi ZIXX1969
Makuni ZIXX1970
Makuti ZIXX1971
Makuvaza ZIXX0805
Makuvaza ZIXX1565
Makuvise ZIXX1566
Makuwerere ZIXX1972
Makvlela ZIXX1337
Makwiro ZIXX0098
Malanda ZIXX1089
Malapati ZIXX1567
Malhera ZIXX1568
Mali ZIXX0870
Malila ZIXX1090
Malindela ZIXX0231
Malindi ZIXX1091
Maloba ZIXX1092
Malole ZIXX1338
Malube ZIXX1973
Malvern ZIXX0408
Mamima ZIXX1093
Mamutse ZIXX1569
Mamvura ZIXX1570
Manala ZIXX1094
Manana ZIXX0806
Manangwa ZIXX1571
Mananzwa ZIXX1095
Mandaba ZIXX1572
Mandamambwe ZIXX1573
Mandara ZIXX0409
Mandau ZIXX1096
Mandaza ZIXX1574
Mandina ZIXX1974
Mandivenga ZIXX1575
Mandivengereyi ZIXX1576
Mandongwe ZIXX0584
Mangoma ZIXX0585
Mangonono ZIXX1577
Mangoro ZIXX1578
Mangula ZIXX0099
Manguta ZIXX1097
Mangutana ZIXX1098
Mangwaira ZIXX1975
Mangwatu ZIXX1099
Mangwe ZIXX1339
Mangwena ZIXX1579
Mangwendi ZIXX0807
Mangwiro ZIXX1580
Manjelengwa ZIXX1100
Manjengwa ZIXX0586
Manjonjo ZIXX0808
Mankonekazi ZIXX1101
Manningdale ZIXX0232
Manondweni ZIXX1102
Manresa ZIXX0410
Mantlavina ZIXX0100
Manyadza ZIXX1581
Manyanda ZIXX1103
Manyanye ZIXX1582
Manyati ZIXX1976
Manyenge ZIXX1104
Manyengwa ZIXX1583
Manyere ZIXX0809
Manyika ZIXX1105
Manyika ZIXX0732
Manzamahle ZIXX1106
Manzamnyama ZIXX1107
Mapaima ZIXX1977
Mapane ZIXX1108
Mapangwe Mission ZIXX0587
Mapedza Mission ZIXX0871
Mapengula ZIXX1109
Maperezano ZIXX1584
Mapfume ZIXX1585
Mapfumo ZIXX1586
Mapfumo ZIXX0588
Mapfungautsi ZIXX0589
Mapfurutva ZIXX1978
Mapili ZIXX1110
Mapilibomvu ZIXX1111
Mapiravana ZIXX0872
Maplanka ZIXX1979
Mapolisa ZIXX1340
Maptumo ZIXX1587
Mapulubusi ZIXX1112
Mapungantsi ZIXX1980
Maputata ZIXX1113
Mapxere ZIXX1588
Maqetuka ZIXX1114
Maramani ZIXX0101
Marambanyika ZIXX0590
Maramwidze ZIXX1589
Maraposa ZIXX1115
Mari ZIXX1590
Marima ZIXX1591
Marimba Park ZIXX0411
Marimira ZIXX0733
Marlands ZIXX0233
Marlborough ZIXX0412
Marodze ZIXX1592
Marondera ZIXX0102
Marongora ZIXX1981
Marongwe ZIXX0734
Marova ZIXX1982
Marshbrook ZIXX0810
Marula ZIXX0103
Marume ZIXX0591
Marvel ZIXX0234
Marvel A ZIXX0235
Masanga ZIXX1984
Masarire ZIXX1593
Masekesa ZIXX1116
Masenda ZIXX0592
Masenda Township ZIXX0811
Mashaba ZIXX0104
Mashaba ZIXX1341
Mashake ZIXX1117
Mashako ZIXX1594
Mashami ZIXX1985
Mashandu ZIXX0593
Mashava ZIXX1595
Mashayamambe ZIXX1986
Mashingaidze ZIXX0594
Mashinya ZIXX0595
Mashizha ZIXX1596
Mashula ZIXX1118
Masikote ZIXX1987
Masiyandima ZIXX1597
Masocha ZIXX0596
Masoka ZIXX0812
Masole ZIXX1342
Masvingo ZIXX0010
Masvingo ZIXX0597
Mataka ZIXX0873
Matamba ZIXX1988
Matambo ZIXX1599
Matanda ZIXX0106
Mataruse ZIXX1600
Mataswa ZIXX0598
Matemaganyu ZIXX1119
Matemawule ZIXX1120
Matendere ZIXX1601
Matereke ZIXX0599
Matesanwa ZIXX1989
Mateverere ZIXX0600
Matibi ZIXX1343
Matibis ZIXX0107
Matidoda Park ZIXX0413
Matimba ZIXX1990
Matingwadza ZIXX1602
Matinka ZIXX1121
Matinyanga ZIXX0601
Matiwaza ZIXX1344
Matoba ZIXX0108
Matobo Hills ZIXX1345
Matole ZIXX1346
Matole ZIXX1122
Matombo ZIXX1603
Matombomaviri ZIXX0602
Matonjeka ZIXX1123
Matopos ZIXX1347
Matorere II ZIXX1604
Matotote ZIXX1605
Matsheumhlope ZIXX0236
Matshobana ZIXX0238
Matsika ZIXX1991
Matsikita ZIXX1992
Matswaheni ZIXX1124
Matswaire ZIXX1993
Matula ZIXX1125
Matule ZIXX1126
Matunzeni ZIXX1606
Mauto ZIXX1607
Mavairi ZIXX0603
Mavele ZIXX1127
Mavis ZIXX0109
Mavuka ZIXX0604
Maware ZIXX0813
Mawindo ZIXX1608
Mawire ZIXX0605
Mayeza ZIXX1128
Mayfield Park ZIXX0414
Mazabisa ZIXX1129
Mazambara ZIXX1609
Mazano ZIXX1610
Mazanzi ZIXX1130
Mazhawidza ZIXX1611
Mazibulala ZIXX1131
Mazilingana ZIXX1132
Mazindora ZIXX1994
Mazivakufa ZIXX1995
Maziza ZIXX1996
Mazoe ZIXX0110
Mazrimbakupa ZIXX1997
Mazunga ZIXX1998
Mazunga ZIXX0111
Mazungunye ZIXX0606
Mazvimba ZIXX1612
Mazwi ZIXX1133
Mbahulana ZIXX1134
Mbalabala ZIXX0112
Mbamba ZIXX1135
Mbambo ZIXX1136
Mbanyana ZIXX1137
Mbare ZIXX0415
Mbefara ZIXX0814
Mberengwa ZIXX0874
Mberero ZIXX1999
Mberi ZIXX1613
Mberikanashe ZIXX0607
Mbiriya ZIXX1138
Mbizi ZIXX0113
Mbizo ZIXX1348
Mbizo I ZIXX1139
Mbizo II ZIXX1140
Mbowani ZIXX1141
Mbute ZIXX1142
Mcetshwa ZIXX1143
Mehlobamyo ZIXX1144
Mehlobomvo ZIXX1145
Melfort ZIXX0815
Melsetter ZIXX0114
Melton ZIXX2000
Mendamu ZIXX0115
Menyezwa II ZIXX1146
Meyrick Park ZIXX0416
Mgadzi ZIXX0736
Mgodi Masili ZIXX1147
Mhaka ZIXX0609
Mhakore ZIXX1614
Mhangura ZIXX2001
Mharadze ZIXX1615
Mhazo ZIXX1616
Mhazvo ZIXX1617
Mhedzano ZIXX1618
Mhembere ZIXX0116
Mhereyenyoka ZIXX0610
Mhizha ZIXX0611
Mhlatshwa ZIXX1148
Mhuru ZIXX1619
Miasi ZIXX1149
Micher ZIXX2002
Midlands ZIXX0417
Milan ZIXX2003
Millievale ZIXX1150
Milton Park ZIXX0418
Miraikumwe ZIXX1620
Mjikachi ZIXX2004
Mjumi ZIXX1151
Mkasa ZIXX0117
Mkauzaan ZIXX1152
Mketwa ZIXX1153
Mkoba ZIXX0877
Mkombo ZIXX1154
Mkubazi ZIXX1155
Mkumbi ZIXX0816
Mlagisa ZIXX1156
Mloyi ZIXX1157
Mon Abri ZIXX0419
Mondo ZIXX1621
Monema ZIXX1158
Monoti Store ZIXX0118
Monovale ZIXX0420
Montgomery ZIXX1159
Montrose ZIXX0239
Mormon Hill ZIXX2005
Morningside ZIXX0240
Morningside ZIXX0612
Mount Darwin ZIXX0006
Mount Hampden ZIXX2006
Mount Pleasant ZIXX0421
Mount Royal ZIXX1349
Moyeni ZIXX1160
Mpagari ZIXX2007
Mpakati ZIXX2008
Mpandamanzi ZIXX1161
Mpanedziba ZIXX1162
Mpaniwenyama ZIXX1163
Mpate ZIXX1350
Mphoengs ZIXX1351
Mpilo ZIXX1164
Mpinga ZIXX0121
Mpinjwana ZIXX1165
Mpopoma ZIXX0241
Mpopomo South ZIXX0242
Mpotedzi ZIXX0613
Mrazor ZIXX2009
Mrewa ZIXX0122
Msango ZIXX0123
Msasa ZIXX0423
Msasa Park ZIXX0424
Msonedi ZIXX0737
Mtampane ZIXX1166
Mtawalos ZIXX1167
Mtendere ZIXX0425
Mtinha ZIXX2010
Mtoko ZIXX0124
Mtoredzanwe ZIXX0817
Mtshayeli ZIXX1168
Mtsuli ZIXX1352
Mubako ZIXX1622
Mubayira ZIXX0125
Mubungare ZIXX1623
Muchabaiwa ZIXX1624
Muchadeharna ZIXX1625
Muchakata ZIXX1626
Muchaparawa ZIXX1627
Muchato ZIXX0818
Mucheke Township ZIXX1628
Muchemwa ZIXX1629
Muchena ZIXX0614
Muchenga ZIXX1630
Muchidzagora ZIXX2012
Muchinapo ZIXX1631
Muchineripi ZIXX0819
Muchiriri-Zenda ZIXX0615
Muchororinga ZIXX2013
Muchuchu ZIXX0616
Mucibwa ZIXX0126
Mudadi ZIXX1632
Mudakureva ZIXX1633
Mudawu ZIXX1634
Mudedye ZIXX1635
Mudema ZIXX2014
Muderedzwa ZIXX1636
Mudite ZIXX1637
Mudodiwa ZIXX1638
Mudodo ZIXX1639
Muduma ZIXX1640
Mudyiwa ZIXX1641
Mudzimbabwe ZIXX1642
Mudzingwa ZIXX2015
Mudziti ZIXX0617
Mudzwiti ZIXX1643
Mufahore ZIXX1644
Mufakose ZIXX0426
Mufari ZIXX1645
Mufudza ZIXX1646
Mufunda ZIXX1647
Mugaba ZIXX2016
Mugadza ZIXX1648
Mugando ZIXX0738
Muganhiri ZIXX1649
Mugariwa ZIXX1650
Mugeji ZIXX1651
Mugumbate ZIXX0618
Muguti ZIXX0619
Mugwagwa ZIXX1652
Mugweni-Zanje ZIXX0820
Muhlonga ZIXX0878
Mujawo ZIXX1653
Mujona ZIXX2017
Mukamba ZIXX0620
Mukambi ZIXX2018
Mukani ZIXX0127
Mukondomi ZIXX0621
Mukoriro ZIXX1654
Mukosi ZIXX1655
Mukozho ZIXX1656
Mukumbirofa ZIXX2019
Mukumbura ZIXX0739
Mukundu ZIXX1657
Mukunga ZIXX0740
Mukungu ZIXX1658
Mukutukutu ZIXX0622
Mukuvisi ZIXX0427
Mukuvisi Park ZIXX0428
Mukwakwe ZIXX0879
Mukweshe ZIXX1659
Mukwindidza ZIXX0623
Mumwe ZIXX1660
Munda ZIXX0243
Mundityi ZIXX1661
Munechisvo ZIXX1662
Munene ZIXX0880
Muneri ZIXX1663
Mungesi ZIXX1664
Munguri ZIXX1665
Munhanga ZIXX1666
Munhowei ZIXX1667
Munoda ZIXX1668
Munyaka ZIXX1669
Munyanyi ZIXX0624
Munyayi ZIXX1670
Munyikwa ZIXX1671
Munyimi ZIXX0625
Munyindi ZIXX1672
Mupakwa ZIXX1673
Mupandaguta ZIXX1674
Mupatsi ZIXX1675
Mupfudze ZIXX1676
Muptukidzwa ZIXX1677
Mupunga ZIXX1678
Mupuwi ZIXX1679
Muradzi ZIXX1680
Murambi ZIXX0626
Murebwa ZIXX1681
Murehwa ZIXX0821
Muri Pumbi ZIXX0741
Murimbika ZIXX2020
Murinda ZIXX1682
Muringai ZIXX0742
Murodza ZIXX2021
Muruzi ZIXX1683
Murwiri ZIXX1684
Musara ZIXX1685
Musarira ZIXX1686
Muserepu ZIXX0743
Musevenzo ZIXX1687
Mushaikwa ZIXX2022
Mushangwe ZIXX0822
Mushangwe ZIXX1688
Mushava ZIXX1689
Mushirivindi ZIXX1690
Mushowani ZIXX0744
Musiiwa ZIXX1691
Musimudzwa ZIXX1692
Musokwa ZIXX0745
Musonza ZIXX2023
Musundire ZIXX1693
Musungo ZIXX1694
Musungwa ZIXX1695
Muswayi ZIXX1696
Mutambara ZIXX0128
Mutambesere ZIXX1697
Mutamire ZIXX1698
Mutare ZIXX0627
Mutasa ZIXX1700
Mutauto ZIXX0628
Mutawurwa ZIXX0629
Mutema ZIXX1701
Mutendera ZIXX0630
Mutepatepa ZIXX0746
Mutero ZIXX1702
Mutezo ZIXX0631
Mutihero ZIXX1703
Mutoko ZIXX0823
Mutondoro ZIXX1704
Mutongiwa ZIXX1705
Mutongwizo ZIXX2024
Mutorashanga ZIXX2025
Mutsakatira ZIXX1706
Mutsinzwa ZIXX1707
Mutubuki ZIXX1708
Mutukwa ZIXX1709
Mutumbwi ZIXX1710
Mutunho ZIXX0632
Muvavarirwa ZIXX1711
Muvuti ZIXX1712
Muyambirwi ZIXX0633
Muzavazi ZIXX0634
Muzhazhe ZIXX2026
Muzili ZIXX0635
Muziomutsha ZIXX1169
Muzorori ZIXX1713
Mvuma ZIXX0163
Mvurwi ZIXX0747
Mwami ZIXX2027
Mwanezi ZIXX0129
Mwenezi ZIXX1714
Mzenzi ZIXX1170
Mzilikazi ZIXX1171
Naison ZIXX2028
Nakabindana ZIXX1172
Nanda ZIXX1173
Nandi Mill ZIXX1715
Napemando ZIXX1353
Naseby Township ZIXX0881
Navimadzanwa ZIXX2029
Nazvaure ZIXX2030
Nbewedzebonde ZIXX2031
Nbira ZIXX2032
Ndadza ZIXX0130
Ndakaripei ZIXX1716
Ndanga ZIXX1717
Ndawana ZIXX0636
Ndawana ZIXX1174
Ndengu ZIXX0637
Ndhlumhi ZIXX2033
Ndimba ZIXX1718
Ndirazepatswa ZIXX2034
Ndisavaka ZIXX1719
Ndisengei ZIXX1720
Ndolwane ZIXX1354
Ndongwe ZIXX0638
Nechibvuri ZIXX1721
Nechirorwe ZIXX1722
Nehonde ZIXX0639
Nemaparo ZIXX1723
Nemashakwe ZIXX1724
Nembe ZIXX1175
Nembudzia ZIXX0882
Nengondzwana ZIXX1176
Nenyuka ZIXX0883
Neruwembo ZIXX2035
Neshava ZIXX0640
New Ardbennie ZIXX0430
New Marlborough ZIXX2036
Newbiggin ZIXX2037
Newlands ZIXX0431
Newmansford ZIXX0245
Newton ZIXX0246
Newton West ZIXX0247
Ngadza ZIXX1725
Ngadzi ZIXX1177
Nganga ZIXX0641
Ngano ZIXX0642
Nganyana ZIXX1178
Ngesi ZIXX2038
Ngezi ZIXX0884
Ngiki ZIXX1179
Ngohlo ZIXX0643
Ngoku ZIXX1180
Ngoma ZIXX1181
Ngomahuru ZIXX1726
Ngome ZIXX1727
Nguboyenia ZIXX0248
Ngulalikashi ZIXX1182
Ngundu ZIXX1728
Ngundu Halt ZIXX1729
Ngwadzavi ZIXX1730
Ngwangwani ZIXX1731
Ngwende ZIXX0644
Nhambu ZIXX1732
Nhamburwa ZIXX0824
Nhamo ZIXX1733
Nharira ZIXX0825
Nhema ZIXX0826
Nhengo ZIXX1734
Nheya ZIXX0645
Nhidza ZIXX1735
Nhobatshipadanka ZIXX1183
Ningombeneshango ZIXX1184
Ningombenonzi ZIXX1185
Nintili ZIXX1186
Nizhou ZIXX1187
Njelele ZIXX0131
Njerere ZIXX1736
Njinja ZIXX0646
Njoga ZIXX2039
Njube ZIXX1737
Njube ZIXX0249
Nkarakati ZIXX2040
Nkayi ZIXX1188
Nketa ZIXX0250
Nkomombili ZIXX1189
Nkosikazi ZIXX1190
Nkulumane ZIXX0251
Nkwalini ZIXX1192
Nkwisi Park ZIXX0432
Nkwizhu ZIXX1193
North End ZIXX0252
North Lynne ZIXX0253
North Trenance ZIXX0254
Northgate ZIXX0255
Northlea ZIXX0256
Northwood ZIXX0433
Norton ZIXX0132
Npuma ZIXX1355
Nqaye ZIXX1194
Nsukamini ZIXX1195
Nsukumini ZIXX0885
Ntaba Moya ZIXX0257
Ntabazinduna ZIXX1196
Ntakwa ZIXX1197
Ntulula ZIXX1198
Ntumbuwamai ZIXX1199
Nuanetsi ZIXX1738
Nuyai ZIXX1739
Nvaguwe ZIXX2041
Nxabamude ZIXX1200
Nxuma ZIXX1201
Nyabira ZIXX0133
Nyadzi ZIXX1202
Nyahuma ZIXX2042
Nyaiwa ZIXX1740
Nyakatha ZIXX1203
Nyala ZIXX1741
Nyamadzavo ZIXX1742
Nyamandhlovu ZIXX0134
Nyamapande ZIXX0827
Nyamasoka ZIXX2043
Nyambudzi ZIXX0748
Nyamunga ZIXX2044
Nyamupfukudza ZIXX0749
Nyamupinga ZIXX2045
Nyamwanga ZIXX0750
Nyandebvu ZIXX2046
Nyandoros ZIXX0647
Nyanga ZIXX0648
Nyanganyuni ZIXX1204
Nyangari ZIXX1743
Nyangwene ZIXX2047
Nyanyadzi ZIXX0135
Nyarumwe ZIXX2048
Nyasha ZIXX1744
Nyawa ZIXX0751
Nyazura ZIXX0079
Nyelesi ZIXX1205
Nyika ZIXX1745
Nyikadzino ZIXX2049
Nykasikana ZIXX0752
Nyota ZIXX0753
Nzara ZIXX1746
Nzunguchewa ZIXX2050
Nzvimbo ZIXX0136
Odzi ZIXX0649
Olivia ZIXX0137
Orange Grove ZIXX0258
Oval Park ZIXX0434
Paddonhurst ZIXX0259
Pakana ZIXX1206
Palmerston ZIXX0650
Pambayi ZIXX1747
Pambuka ZIXX0138
Pamire ZIXX1748
Panchavo ZIXX1749
Panganai ZIXX1750
Panichi ZIXX1751
Paratema ZIXX2051
Park Meadowlands ZIXX0435
Parklands ZIXX0260
Parkridge Estate ZIXX0436
Parktown ZIXX0437
Parkview ZIXX0261
Parwaringira ZIXX0651
Pashu ZIXX1207
Patalika ZIXX1208
Pavaida ZIXX1752
Pavari ZIXX1753
Payarira ZIXX1754
Pelandaba ZIXX0262
Pelela ZIXX1209
Pelendaba ZIXX1210
Pembe ZIXX1356
Pendennis ZIXX1211
Penhalonga ZIXX0139
Peter ZIXX2052
Pfupajena ZIXX2053
Philadelphia ZIXX0438
Pirikisi ZIXX1755
Pisayi ZIXX1756
Plumtree ZIXX1357
Pomerayi ZIXX1757
Pomona ZIXX0439
Pondo ZIXX1212
Poomula ZIXX0829
Poorte River ZIXX0755
Prospect ZIXX0440
Prospect Park ZIXX0441
Protea ZIXX0756
Pumula ZIXX1213
Pumula ZIXX0140
Pumula East ZIXX0263
Pumula North ZIXX0264
Qedajaha ZIXX1214
Queens Mine ZIXX1215
Queensdale ZIXX0442
Queensdale ZIXX0265
Quinnington ZIXX0443
Rabata ZIXX2054
Radzikayi ZIXX1758
Raffingora ZIXX2055
Ragu ZIXX0653
Rambakudzihwa ZIXX1759
Rambanapasi ZIXX0654
Ranches ZIXX1760
Rangarirai ZIXX1761
Rashamira ZIXX0655
Rashayi ZIXX1762
Raylton ZIXX0266
Redcliff ZIXX0142
Regedzai ZIXX1763
Resoro ZIXX1764
Rhodesville ZIXX0444
Rice ZIXX2056
Richmond ZIXX0267
Ridgeview ZIXX0445
Rietfontein ZIXX0446
Rife ZIXX1765
Rimuka ZIXX2057
Rinashe ZIXX1766
Ringisai ZIXX1767
Riverside North ZIXX0269
Riverside South ZIXX0270
Robert Sinyoka ZIXX0271
Robson ZIXX2058
Rocky Spruit ZIXX0830
Rolf Valley ZIXX0447
Romney Park ZIXX0272
Rongo ZIXX1768
Rosa ZIXX0757
Rosmalind ZIXX0143
Rowa ZIXX0656
Rowena ZIXX0273
Rufu ZIXX1769
Rugare ZIXX0448
Rugare ZIXX1770
Rukato ZIXX1771
Rukweza ZIXX0657
Rukweza ZIXX1772
Rumurai ZIXX1773
Rundu ZIXX0144
Runesu ZIXX1774
Runnivale ZIXX0449
Rupepwe ZIXX0886
Rupise ZIXX0145
Rusambo ZIXX0146
Rusape ZIXX0009
Rusere ZIXX0658
Rutave ZIXX1775
Rutenga ZIXX1776
Rutize ZIXX2059
Rutope ZIXX0758
Ruwa ZIXX0831
Ruzarde ZIXX2060
Ruzive ZIXX1777
Ruzvidzo ZIXX0659
Rwambiwa ZIXX1778
Rwauya ZIXX1779
Rwodzi ZIXX0660
Ryelands ZIXX0450
Saba ZIXX1217
Sablevale ZIXX1358
Sadza ZIXX0832
Sahlupeka ZIXX1218
Saint Martins ZIXX0452
Saint Marys ZIXX0453
Sakubva ZIXX0661
Sakurai ZIXX1780
Salagushle ZIXX0887
Salankomo ZIXX1219
Salisbury ZIXX0148
Salisbury Park ZIXX0454
Sanangurai ZIXX1781
Sandawana ZIXX1220
Sanengeta ZIXX0888
Sanyati ZIXX0889
Sanyati ZIXX0149
Sanyatwe ZIXX0150
Sasedza ZIXX1221
Sauers Town ZIXX0274
Sauers Town West ZIXX0275
Saumani ZIXX0662
Sawa Sawa ZIXX0890
Sawmills ZIXX1222
Science Park ZIXX0455
Seboza ZIXX1359
Segogo ZIXX1223
Seke North ZIXX0456
Seki ZIXX0833
Seki Township ZIXX0458
Selous ZIXX2062
Semawuru ZIXX1224
Semukwe ZIXX1360
Sengai ZIXX1782
Senka ZIXX0891
Sentosa ZIXX0459
Setana ZIXX1361
Sewela ZIXX1225
Shaba ZIXX1226
Shabani ZIXX0152
Shambamuto ZIXX0663
Shamva ZIXX0153
Shangani ZIXX0154
Shangure ZIXX0834
Shavereshongwe ZIXX2063
Shawasha Hills ZIXX0835
Shawila ZIXX1362
Sheleni ZIXX1363
Sherwood Park ZIXX0460
Shirichena ZIXX2064
Shoko ZIXX2065
Shoniwa ZIXX0836
Shortson ZIXX0461
Shoteli ZIXX1364
Shumba ZIXX1783
Shumbanhete ZIXX1784
Shurugwi ZIXX0892
Shutu ZIXX0759
Siabuwa ZIXX1227
Sibaba ZIXX1228
Sibanjiba ZIXX1229
Sifapawakwa ZIXX1230
Siganda ZIXX1231
Sigaqana ZIXX1232
Sihazela ZIXX1233
Sihume ZIXX1234
Sikale ZIXX1235
Sikente ZIXX1236
Silande ZIXX1237
Silisi ZIXX1365
Silobela ZIXX0893
Silombopoka ZIXX1238
Simchembo ZIXX1239
Sinamatila Camp ZIXX1240
Sinyoni ZIXX1366
Sipepa ZIXX1241
Sipepa II ZIXX1242
Sipongweni ZIXX1243
Siqwini ZIXX1244
Siringa ZIXX1367
Sitambala ZIXX1245
Sitauzis ZIXX1368
Siwila ZIXX1246
Siwundula ZIXX0155
Siyangiya ZIXX1247
Sizinda ZIXX0276
Sodaka ZIXX1248
Sola ZIXX0156
Solonkwe ZIXX1249
Soluswe ZIXX1250
Somabhula ZIXX0894
Somabula ZIXX0157
Somkaya ZIXX1251
Somlota ZIXX1252
Somqibe ZIXX1253
Sonono ZIXX1785
Sontamba ZIXX1254
Soro ZIXX1786
Soruka ZIXX1787
Sosera ZIXX1788
Soti Source ZIXX1789
Southdale ZIXX0277
Southerton ZIXX0462
Southwold ZIXX0278
Spingwini ZIXX1255
Springfontein ZIXX1369
Stapleford ZIXX0664
Steeldale ZIXX0279
Stortford ZIXX0463
Strathaven ZIXX0464
Strathmore ZIXX0465
Stubbington Park ZIXX0466
Suburbs ZIXX0280
Sujini ZIXX0665
Sundirai ZIXX0666
Sundire ZIXX1790
Sunningdale ZIXX0467
Sunninghill ZIXX0281
Sunnyside ZIXX0282
Sunridge ZIXX0468
Sunrise ZIXX0469
Suskwe Township ZIXX0837
Susumani ZIXX1256
Svova ZIXX0667
Tabagwa ZIXX1257
Tabva ZIXX1791
Tadiosi ZIXX1792
Tafara ZIXX0470
Tafara ZIXX0838
Taffila ZIXX1258
Tafirenyika ZIXX1793
Tafuma ZIXX1794
Tafundu ZIXX1795
Tagarira ZIXX0668
Tagu ZIXX0669
Takaendesa ZIXX1796
Takaidzwa ZIXX1797
Takarindwa ZIXX1798
Takavinga ZIXX1799
Takawira ZIXX2066
Takundwa ZIXX0670
Tamhla ZIXX1259
Tanda ZIXX1800
Tandai ZIXX0671
Tandayi ZIXX0839
Tangano ZIXX1801
Tankahukwe ZIXX1260
Tanyanyiwa ZIXX0840
Tarubuda ZIXX1802
Tarugarira ZIXX1803
Tarume ZIXX0672
Tarupiwa ZIXX1804
Tarupuwa ZIXX1805
Tarusenga ZIXX1806
Taruvinga ZIXX1807
Tarwira ZIXX1808
Tarwirei ZIXX1809
Tasaranarwo ZIXX0673
Tasera II ZIXX1810
Tavafumisa ZIXX1811
Tavura ZIXX1812
Tavuya ZIXX1813
Tazivei ZIXX1814
Tazviwana ZIXX0674
Tegela ZIXX0283
Tegwe ZIXX2067
Tembili ZIXX1261
Teneriffe ZIXX2068
The Grange ZIXX0471
The Jungle ZIXX0284
The Range ZIXX0841
Theydon ZIXX0842
Thorngrove ZIXX0285
Tichavaka ZIXX0843
Tichona ZIXX2069
Tikiza ZIXX0675
Tinarwo ZIXX1815
Tirarami ZIXX1816
Tivalire ZIXX0676
Tizeyi ZIXX1817
Tizoras ZIXX0677
Tofaraseyi ZIXX1818
Toga ZIXX1819
Tokonyai ZIXX1820
Tokura ZIXX1821
Tokwe ZIXX1822
Tomasi ZIXX1823
Tongwe ZIXX1370
Toringepi ZIXX1824
Torwood ZIXX0895
Towla ZIXX1371
Trelawney ZIXX2070
Trenance ZIXX0286
Triangle ZIXX0158
Tsaurai ZIXX1825
Tsetseri ZIXX1262
Tshabalala ZIXX0287
Tshabanda ZIXX1263
Tshakabanda ZIXX1264
Tshakapika ZIXX1265
Tshampeni ZIXX1266
Tshayakuhle ZIXX1267
Tshayile ZIXX1268
Tshayisani ZIXX1269
Tshefu Tshefu ZIXX1270
Tshetshisa ZIXX1271
Tshibizina ZIXX1272
Tshinu ZIXX1273
Tshitatshawa ZIXX1274
Tshiturapadsi ZIXX1372
Tshiyakwakiwe ZIXX1275
Tshiyakwaklwe ZIXX1276
Tsholotsho ZIXX1277
Tshomwina ZIXX1278
Tsungwesi ZIXX0159
Tsvangirayi ZIXX1826
Tswiza ZIXX1827
Tudeley ZIXX0472
Tulamila ZIXX1279
Tuli ZIXX1373
Tullichewan ZIXX0844
Tumbare ZIXX0678
Tumbe ZIXX1828
Tunganbora ZIXX2071
Turk Mine ZIXX1280
Tynwald ZIXX0473
Tynwald South ZIXX0474
Uitkyk ZIXX0160
Umganin ZIXX0288
Umguza Estate ZIXX1281
Umsweswe ZIXX0161
Umtali ZIXX0162
Umvutcha A ZIXX1282
Umwinsidale ZIXX0475
Uplands ZIXX0476
Upper Glenville ZIXX0289
Urayai ZIXX1829
Urayayi ZIXX1830
Ushe ZIXX1831
Usher Institute ZIXX1374
Ushewokunze ZIXX0845
Utete ZIXX1832
Utete ZIXX0679
Vagonda ZIXX2073
Vainona ZIXX0477
Valencedene ZIXX0478
Vambe ZIXX0760
Vangarirai ZIXX1833
Vanhukwavo ZIXX1834
Vengayi ZIXX0680
Vengere ZIXX0681
Ventersburg ZIXX0479
Vera ZIXX0846
Vereta ZIXX2074
Verona ZIXX0761
Victoria Falls ZIXX0007
Villa Franca ZIXX0762
Viriri ZIXX0682
Viyai ZIXX1835
Vozheka ZIXX1283
Vrede ZIXX0896
Vulashaba ZIXX1284
Vundlana ZIXX1285
Vurayai ZIXX1836
Vutete ZIXX1837
Vuti ZIXX2075
Wadzenenga ZIXX0683
Wallace Block ZIXX0480
Wankie ZIXX0165
Warren Park ZIXX0481
Warren Park D ZIXX0482
Washayanyika ZIXX2076
Waterfalls ZIXX0484
Waterford ZIXX1286
Waterlea ZIXX1287
Watsomba ZIXX0166
Wedza ZIXX0847
Weehuma ZIXX0684
Welgetroos ZIXX0167
Wenera ZIXX2077
Wenzera ZIXX2078
West Nicholson ZIXX1375
West Queens Park ZIXX0290
Westgate ZIXX0291
Westondale ZIXX0292
Westwood ZIXX0485
Wha Wha ZIXX0897
Whekwete ZIXX1838
White Star ZIXX0293
Whitecairns ZIXX0294
Whititi ZIXX1839
Willowvale ZIXX0486
Willsgrove ZIXX0295
Wilmington Park ZIXX0487
Wilson ZIXX1840
Wilton ZIXX0848
Winchendon ZIXX0488
Windsor Park ZIXX0296
Woodend ZIXX0168
Woodlands ZIXX0297
Woodville ZIXX1288
Woodville Park ZIXX0298
Woodville South ZIXX0299
Workington ZIXX0489
Worringham ZIXX1376
Xanixani ZIXX1289
Xojeni ZIXX1290
Yeovil ZIXX0685
Zabagwadi ZIXX1291
Zaka ZIXX0169
Zambara ZIXX1841
Zambeza ZIXX1842
Zandile ZIXX1292
Zano ZIXX1843
Zanyika ZIXX0849
Zariro ZIXX0686
Zeka ZIXX1844
Zemalapala ZIXX1293
Zemanda ZIXX1294
Zemandana ZIXX1295
Zengeza ZIXX0490
Zhangira ZIXX0850
Zibaiwa ZIXX1845
Zibalonkwe ZIXX1296
Zibhache ZIXX1846
Zibunkululu ZIXX1297
Ziga ZIXX1298
Zikamanus ZIXX1299
Zimbabwe ZIXX1847
Zimbande ZIXX0687
Zimbara ZIXX0170
Zimondi ZIXX0851
Zimre Park ZIXX0852
Zimunhu ZIXX1848
Zinamo ZIXX1849
Zindinda ZIXX1850
Zinhu ZIXX2079
Zinjera ZIXX1851
Zinyemba ZIXX2080
Ziromba ZIXX1852
Ziso ZIXX1853
Zival ZIXX1854
Zivanai ZIXX1855
Zizalisari ZIXX0491
Zizima ZIXX1856
Znichi ZIXX1857
Zunde ZIXX1858
Zuzenika ZIXX2081
Zuzumba ZIXX1300
Zvariruka ZIXX1859
Zvavamwena ZIXX0688
Zvavarundwi ZIXX1860
Zvawanda ZIXX1861
Zvenidza ZIXX1862
Zvenyika ZIXX1863
Zvidzai ZIXX1864
Zvidzayi ZIXX1865
Zvinavashe ZIXX0689
Zvipani ZIXX2082
Zvirevo ZIXX1866
Zvishavane ZIXX0898
Zvorushe ZIXX1867
Zvoushe ZIXX1868