Weather Codes for Zambia

Find Weather Codes or Weather Zip Codes for states and cities in Zambia. Weather Codes references a specified Location and is used to get weather of that place accurately. They are used by The Weather Channel( by IBM), Yahoo! Weather, AOL Weather and many such weather forecasting platforms. It is similar to Yahoo's WOEID(Where On the Earth ID) that is used to represent each place uniquely.

You can know the weather of any place precisely with the help of weather codes. Find the current weather of your state or city by clicking on it. You will be redirected to The Weather Channel site with your weather code for accurate weather forecast.

Aaron ZAXX1810
Aaron ZAXX4405
Abel ZAXX4407
Abel Muwanda ZAXX1811
Abel Muwandya ZAXX4408
Abele Maba ZAXX1812
Abelo ZAXX0309
Aboylo ZAXX4409
Achitende ZAXX4410
Adams ZAXX5854
Adamson Chibuye ZAXX0310
Adamson Kulubale ZAXX0311
Adamson Siyame ZAXX4411
Adonibizeka ZAXX1813
Adonsi ZAXX7700
Adrias ZAXX1814
Afumba ZAXX7701
Agripa ZAXX1815
Aibelilwe ZAXX7702
Aikelile ZAXX7703
Aikondo ZAXX7704
Ailola ZAXX7705
Ajungajunga ZAXX7706
Akaaiwa ZAXX7707
Akabiti ZAXX7708
Akakamba ZAXX7709
Akamonwa ZAXX7710
Akashambatwa ZAXX7711
Akawi ZAXX7712
Akazebi ZAXX1816
Akim Kosoma ZAXX0312
Akim Makosa ZAXX0313
Akokwa ZAXX7713
Akson ZAXX1817
Alan Chibuya ZAXX0314
Alason Cholafula ZAXX0315
Alec Chimponda ZAXX0316
Aleluba ZAXX7714
Aleshi Chisenda ZAXX0317
Alfred ZAXX0320
Ali Sakalani ZAXX4412
Alifeyo Ngambe ZAXX4413
Alik Chilembo ZAXX4414
Alikikoya ZAXX1818
Alimoni Mambwe ZAXX0321
Aliomba ZAXX7715
Aliyuda ZAXX1819
Alloleya ZAXX4415
Alon ZAXX4416
Aloni ZAXX0322
Amatende ZAXX7716
Ambanga ZAXX7717
Ambanwa ZAXX7718
Amoka ZAXX7719
Amon Epahim ZAXX1820
Amoni ZAXX4190
Amoni ZAXX1821
Amoni Kapansula ZAXX0323
Amoni Mukando ZAXX0324
Amos ZAXX1822
Amos Kalunga ZAXX0325
Amos Kapeta ZAXX0326
Amos Mwelwa ZAXX0327
Amukusana ZAXX7720
Amukuteile ZAXX7721
Amwalana ZAXX7722
Analilwa ZAXX7723
Analiwa ZAXX7724
Anamaa ZAXX7725
Anambulu ZAXX7726
Anandala ZAXX7727
Anasambata ZAXX7728
Anawana ZAXX7729
Andala Sonchalwe ZAXX0328
Andeleya ZAXX4417
Anderson ZAXX1823
Anderson Mulawa ZAXX7730
Andersoni ZAXX0329
Andiseni ZAXX1824
Andrea ZAXX1825
Andrea Mwanje ZAXX0330
Andrew ZAXX4418
Andrew Sinkala ZAXX4419
Andreya ZAXX4420
Anduu ZAXX7731
Anueli Luawa ZAXX0331
Anwelo Kalunga ZAXX0332
Anzeli ZAXX5855
Aongola ZAXX7732
Aran ZAXX1826
Aron ZAXX4421
Aron ZAXX1827
Aron Kunda ZAXX0333
Aroni ZAXX1828
Aroni Chilongo ZAXX1829
Asafu ZAXX1830
Asikuli ZAXX7733
Asiyenye ZAXX7734
Aslas ZAXX1831
Assumani ZAXX4422
Atanga ZAXX7735
Ausiku ZAXX7736
Awabelili ZAXX7737
Awata ZAXX7738
Axon Chintu ZAXX0334
Azele ZAXX1832
Bachundu ZAXX1833
Bagasa ZAXX6740
Bahati ZAXX4191
Baila ZAXX1834
Baimbai ZAXX7739
Bakenga ZAXX6741
Balanbeen ZAXX0075
Balmoral ZAXX3942
Balumika ZAXX0335
Bambwe ZAXX6742
Banachewembwe ZAXX6743
Banakachele ZAXX6744
Banamwaze ZAXX6745
Bancroft ZAXX0006
Banga ZAXX6746
Bangabanga ZAXX0076
Bangwe ZAXX4423
Banji Myanda ZAXX6747
Banojabo ZAXX6748
Barlaston Park ZAXX0007
Barton ZAXX4424
Barua ZAXX1835
Basebani ZAXX7740
Bashiluma ZAXX0336
Basilio ZAXX4425
Baskolo ZAXX0337
Basubila ZAXX7741
Batoka ZAXX6749
Batuke ZAXX7742
Batunda ZAXX7743
Batunga ZAXX6750
Batwelo ZAXX1836
Bayangwe ZAXX6751
Bayeko ZAXX0338
Bedi ZAXX1837
Belama ZAXX5856
Belemu ZAXX6752
Belleview ZAXX0077
Ben Kashiya ZAXX3943
Benda ZAXX7744
Beneya ZAXX4426
Beni ZAXX0339
Beni Maposo ZAXX1838
Benjamin ZAXX4427
Benjamin Ngombe ZAXX4428
Benjamin Nyambi ZAXX4429
Benjamin Siwila ZAXX4431
Benson ZAXX4432
Benson Katemene ZAXX0341
Berekiya Musonte ZAXX1839
Beza ZAXX1840
Bichakana ZAXX7745
Bidima ZAXX0342
Bielu ZAXX7746
Biemba ZAXX7747
Bikilionde ZAXX0343
Bilili ZAXX6753
Bimaele ZAXX1841
Bindinda ZAXX7748
Bingashano ZAXX7749
Bingwe ZAXX0078
Bira ZAXX1842
Bisamendwe ZAXX1843
Bisesa ZAXX7750
Bizeke ZAXX1844
Bizeki ZAXX1845
Bizi ZAXX6754
Black Kamsembe ZAXX0344
Black Lyansa ZAXX0345
Bokama ZAXX5857
Bokolu ZAXX5858
Bokoshi Kalunga ZAXX0346
Bokoya ZAXX0347
Bonomali ZAXX1846
Bopo ZAXX6755
Boston Chisenga ZAXX0348
Bota ZAXX1847
Botunga ZAXX6756
Bovu ZAXX6757
Bowwood ZAXX6758
Boyani ZAXX7751
Brown Konkola ZAXX0350
Buckleys ZAXX3944
Budula Siliya ZAXX1848
Bukala ZAXX7752
Bukaliwanshima ZAXX0351
Bulamitata ZAXX5859
Bulamuti ZAXX1849
Bulaya ZAXX4433
Bulelele ZAXX5860
Buleya ZAXX7753
Buli ZAXX1850
Bulubi ZAXX7754
Bulungu ZAXX0352
Buluwaleza ZAXX5861
Bulwe ZAXX1851
Bunga ZAXX3945
Bungama ZAXX5862
Bungana ZAXX7755
Bungula ZAXX6759
Bunonge ZAXX7756
Busonge ZAXX0080
Busonge ZAXX7757
Butabila ZAXX4434
Butangala ZAXX0353
Butele ZAXX6760
Butondo ZAXX0081
Butoya ZAXX7758
Butumbo ZAXX7759
Bwacha ZAXX5863
Bwale ZAXX0354
Bwale Nyambesha ZAXX0355
Bwalo ZAXX1852
Bwalya ZAXX4435
Bwalya Mponda ZAXX4192
Bwambo ZAXX7760
Bwambwa ZAXX4193
Bwana Mkubwa ZAXX0008
Bwantu ZAXX6761
Bwato ZAXX7761
Bwebe ZAXX4436
Bwembya ZAXX4437
Bwezani ZAXX1853
Bwilo ZAXX7762
Bwina ZAXX7763
Bwino Chibamba ZAXX0357
Cabalanda ZAXX6762
Caenby ZAXX5864
Cakaka ZAXX1854
Carinda ZAXX1855
Catchya ZAXX3946
Cekani ZAXX1856
Cementi Chibuye ZAXX0358
Chaba ZAXX0360
Chaba ZAXX4194
Chaba ZAXX4438
Chabanga ZAXX4439
Chabembwa ZAXX0361
Chabenge ZAXX7764
Chabilikila ZAXX4440
Chabilikila ZAXX4195
Chabindwa ZAXX4441
Chabisa ZAXX1857
Chaboboma ZAXX6763
Chabuka ZAXX1858
Chabwe ZAXX4196
Chacha ZAXX7765
Chachi Mpika ZAXX0362
Chadiza ZAXX1859
Chadwa ZAXX1860
Chadwala ZAXX1861
Chafia ZAXX1862
Chafilwa ZAXX4442
Chafiwa ZAXX4443
Chafomera ZAXX1863
Chafumbata ZAXX1864
Chafumbwa ZAXX1865
Chafungo ZAXX0363
Chafwa ZAXX4444
Chagambo ZAXX1866
Chagamuka ZAXX1867
Chagonda ZAXX1868
Chagumuka ZAXX1869
Chagwa ZAXX1870
Chai Bela ZAXX0364
Chaila ZAXX4445
Chaima ZAXX1871
Chaiwila ZAXX4446
Chakaba ZAXX4447
Chakaka ZAXX1872
Chakala ZAXX7766
Chakama ZAXX7767
Chakamba ZAXX4448
Chakanga ZAXX1873
Chakanga ZAXX5865
Chakansa ZAXX0365
Chakesemuka ZAXX5866
Chakobana ZAXX4449
Chakoma ZAXX4450
Chakufola ZAXX3947
Chakumana ZAXX0366
Chakunduka ZAXX0367
Chakuta ZAXX1874
Chakwasa ZAXX1875
Chakwe ZAXX1876
Chakwenga ZAXX3948
Chala ZAXX1877
Chala ZAXX5867
Chalabesa ZAXX4451
Chalakano ZAXX7768
Chalaleto ZAXX3949
Chalapuka ZAXX1878
Chale ZAXX4452
Chaledzela ZAXX3950
Chalesi Chalwe ZAXX0368
Chalikosa ZAXX4453
Chalimanza ZAXX6764
Chalimbana ZAXX3951
Chalinda ZAXX1879
Chaliwa ZAXX1880
Chalochasowa ZAXX4454
Chalokwa ZAXX1881
Chalomba ZAXX4455
Chalubingu ZAXX0082
Chalula ZAXX4456
Chalumba ZAXX4457
Chalwe ZAXX4458
Chalwe ZAXX1882
Chalwe Katima ZAXX4197
Chalwe Musaka ZAXX0369
Chama ZAXX4198
Chama ZAXX1883
Chamakalela ZAXX7769
Chamanga ZAXX0370
Chamanika ZAXX1884
Chamankondi ZAXX0083
Chamato ZAXX1885
Chamatwa ZAXX1886
Chamazambi ZAXX4459
Chamba ZAXX1887
Chamba ZAXX7770
Chambala ZAXX4460
Chambala ZAXX1888
Chambana ZAXX4461
Chambanenge ZAXX4462
Chambata ZAXX1889
Chambero ZAXX1890
Chambeshi ZAXX4463
Chambezi ZAXX4464
Chambi ZAXX5868
Chambianguzu ZAXX7771
Chambishi ZAXX0009
Chamboka ZAXX0371
Chamboli ZAXX0084
Chambula ZAXX0372
Chambula ZAXX1891
Chambuleni ZAXX4465
Chambunduka ZAXX7772
Chambwa ZAXX6765
Chambwe ZAXX1892
Chami ZAXX7773
Chaminuka ZAXX5869
Chamoto ZAXX1893
Chamuka ZAXX0373
Chamunkama ZAXX4466
Chamwe ZAXX6766
Chamwela ZAXX0085
Chamzukdoyo ZAXX1894
Chanama ZAXX4467
Chanamo ZAXX5870
Chanda ZAXX7774
Chanda ZAXX4468
Chanda Katoba ZAXX0374
Chanda-Kasonde ZAXX4469
Chandawesendama ZAXX4470
Chandaweyaya ZAXX4471
Chande ZAXX4472
Chande-Munkonge ZAXX4473
Chandema ZAXX1895
Chandenda ZAXX5871
Chanduka ZAXX7775
Chandwa ZAXX1896
Changa ZAXX6768
Changa ZAXX1897
Changa Muzizi ZAXX1898
Changachanga ZAXX7776
Changachanga ZAXX1899
Changala ZAXX4474
Changala ZAXX0375
Changata ZAXX1901
Changato ZAXX1902
Chango ZAXX4475
Changwa ZAXX4476
Changwe ZAXX1903
Changwe Lisamona ZAXX0376
Chanika ZAXX5872
Chanje ZAXX1904
Chanka ZAXX4477
Chankalamu ZAXX1905
Chankosa ZAXX0377
Chanona ZAXX4478
Chansa ZAXX4479
Chansa ZAXX4199
Chansa ZAXX0378
Chansamba ZAXX4480
Chansamilando ZAXX4481
Chansato ZAXX0379
Chansuleni ZAXX0086
Chantamaka ZAXX4482
Chanyati ZAXX7777
Chanyonto ZAXX1906
Chanyumbu ZAXX1907
Chanzi ZAXX1908
Chaola ZAXX1909
Chapa ZAXX1910
Chapa Mwendo ZAXX0380
Chapalabwi ZAXX0381
Chapanswa ZAXX4483
Chapeluko ZAXX4484
Chapemba ZAXX4485
Chapepwa ZAXX4486
Chapera ZAXX1911
Chapindula ZAXX3952
Chapita ZAXX3953
Chapita ZAXX1912
Chapola ZAXX7778
Chaponda ZAXX1913
Chaporonga ZAXX1914
Chaposwa ZAXX6769
Chapoto ZAXX4487
Chapu ZAXX0382
Chapuka ZAXX1915
Chapula ZAXX0383
Chapula ZAXX5873
Chapwili ZAXX5874
Chasangwe ZAXX6770
Chasara ZAXX1916
Chasaya ZAXX4489
Chaseba ZAXX0384
Chasefu ZAXX1917
Chasela ZAXX1918
Chasena ZAXX1919
Chasinda ZAXX7779
Chassa ZAXX1920
Chaswata ZAXX4490
Chasya ZAXX1921
Chataika ZAXX1922
Chatiala ZAXX0087
Chatobeka ZAXX0385
Chatugwa ZAXX6771
Chatuluka ZAXX1923
Chatumwa ZAXX6772
Chatuwula ZAXX1924
Chauluka Chabala ZAXX0386
Chausta ZAXX1925
Chavilwa ZAXX4491
Chavuma ZAXX5875
Chawa ZAXX4492
Chawala ZAXX1926
Chawama Lilayi ZAXX0010
Chawana ZAXX7780
Chawemba ZAXX0387
Chawerene ZAXX1927
Chayanga ZAXX5876
Chayimakana ZAXX5877
Chazanga ZAXX1928
Chazita ZAXX1929
Chazuwa ZAXX7781
Chebinda ZAXX5878
Checheri ZAXX1930
Chechile ZAXX3954
Cheka ZAXX1931
Chekompwa ZAXX1932
Chekorwa ZAXX0088
Chela ZAXX4493
Chela ZAXX0388
Chela Mbilima ZAXX4494
Cheleka ZAXX5879
Chelemba ZAXX7782
Chelo Nangweluka ZAXX6773
Chelston ZAXX3955
Chelu ZAXX4495
Chelwe ZAXX4200
Chembe ZAXX1933
Chembe ZAXX0389
Chembe ZAXX4201
Chembi ZAXX0390
Chendamakala ZAXX4496
Chendunansehe ZAXX1934
Chenga ZAXX4497
Chengauwa ZAXX1935
Chengirani ZAXX1936
Chengo ZAXX4202
Chenyeka ZAXX7783
Chepaleza ZAXX0391
Cheseko ZAXX5880
Chesenga Kasoma ZAXX0392
Cheso ZAXX1937
Chessia ZAXX1938
Chesumpa ZAXX0393
Chewe ZAXX4203
Chewe Kaniki ZAXX4498
Cheya ZAXX0090
Chiabi ZAXX6774
Chiakwete ZAXX1939
Chiambo ZAXX4499
Chianga ZAXX4500
Chiasa ZAXX7784
Chiasi ZAXX4501
Chiawa ZAXX3956
Chiawa Mataka ZAXX3957
Chibale ZAXX0394
Chibambo ZAXX7785
Chibanda ZAXX5881
Chibanda Mukopa ZAXX0395
Chibange ZAXX7786
Chibaye ZAXX4204
Chibeka ZAXX4502
Chibela ZAXX1940
Chibenda ZAXX6775
Chibende ZAXX7787
Chibende ZAXX0396
Chibenga ZAXX6776
Chibesa ZAXX4503
Chibesakunda ZAXX4504
Chibeya ZAXX7788
Chibila ZAXX6777
Chibile ZAXX0397
Chibisa ZAXX1941
Chibiya ZAXX7789
Chibiyo ZAXX1942
Chibiza ZAXX1943
Chiboboma ZAXX6778
Chiboleka ZAXX4505
Chiboma ZAXX1944
Chibombe ZAXX5882
Chibombo ZAXX0011
Chibomboma ZAXX0398
Chibona ZAXX7790
Chibona ZAXX1945
Chibonda ZAXX1946
Chibondo ZAXX4205
Chibondu ZAXX0399
Chibosha ZAXX7792
Chibote ZAXX4206
Chibowa ZAXX1947
Chibowo ZAXX4506
Chibuli ZAXX4507
Chibuluma ZAXX0091
Chibumbu ZAXX0400
Chibumbu ZAXX7793
Chibunda ZAXX1948
Chibundi ZAXX0401
Chibundula ZAXX7794
Chibungo ZAXX0402
Chibungu ZAXX0092
Chibunze ZAXX6779
Chibutu ZAXX0403
Chibutubutu ZAXX4508
Chibuye Chikwate ZAXX0404
Chibuye Kashishi ZAXX0405
Chibuye Kofi ZAXX0406
Chibuye Lisandi ZAXX0407
Chibuye Machila ZAXX0408
Chibuye Mali ZAXX0409
Chibuye Mwando ZAXX0410
Chibuye Robert ZAXX0411
Chibuye Saidi ZAXX0412
Chibwaulu ZAXX6780
Chibwechama ZAXX4509
Chibweti ZAXX5883
Chibweya ZAXX1949
Chibwika ZAXX0012
Chibwiti ZAXX5885
Chicawnaconta ZAXX0413
Chichili ZAXX6781
Chidakwa ZAXX6782
Chidiamero ZAXX1950
Chidolo ZAXX4510
Chidongo ZAXX1951
Chiduka ZAXX1952
Chiduli ZAXX1953
Chidulika ZAXX4511
Chidumayo ZAXX1954
Chief Nkana ZAXX0093
Chielula ZAXX7795
Chienga ZAXX7796
Chiengi ZAXX4207
Chiengo ZAXX5886
Chifaki ZAXX1955
Chifi ZAXX7797
Chifita Joni ZAXX0414
Chifofma ZAXX4512
Chifomso ZAXX1956
Chifosa Kiyoba ZAXX6783
Chifubu ZAXX0094
Chifula ZAXX4513
Chifumbula ZAXX4514
Chifumpo ZAXX4515
Chifunda ZAXX1957
Chifundo ZAXX0415
Chifundufwe ZAXX1958
Chifungo ZAXX4516
Chifungula ZAXX3958
Chifungwe ZAXX4517
Chifunsa ZAXX4518
Chifutala ZAXX1959
Chifutwilo ZAXX0416
Chifwala ZAXX4519
Chifwalo ZAXX4208
Chifwanakene ZAXX5887
Chifwepa ZAXX6784
Chifwisha ZAXX5888
Chifwokesho ZAXX0417
Chifyanka ZAXX4520
Chigali ZAXX6785
Chigangeni ZAXX1960
Chigawa ZAXX1961
Chigo ZAXX6786
Chigona ZAXX1962
Chigumbwe ZAXX6787
Chiguta ZAXX6788
Chiguya ZAXX1963
Chigwere ZAXX1964
Chihinga ZAXX7798
Chihombo ZAXX5889
Chihumbwe ZAXX5890
Chihutu ZAXX5891
Chijaezo ZAXX1965
Chijiba ZAXX7799
Chijilo ZAXX5892
Chikade ZAXX1966
Chikagu ZAXX0418
Chikakala ZAXX4521
Chikaku ZAXX7800
Chikala ZAXX6789
Chikalakasa ZAXX0419
Chikalalila ZAXX0420
Chikalanga ZAXX1967
Chikalawa ZAXX1968
Chikalema ZAXX1969
Chikalonga ZAXX1970
Chikambwa ZAXX6790
Chikampama ZAXX0421
Chikana ZAXX0422
Chikanda ZAXX1971
Chikanda ZAXX4522
Chikanda ZAXX0423
Chikanda Muchili ZAXX6791
Chikandamasalo ZAXX1972
Chikandamatipa ZAXX4523
Chikandula ZAXX1973
Chikanga ZAXX7801
Chikanga ZAXX5893
Chikankala ZAXX1974
Chikankata ZAXX6792
Chikanta ZAXX6793
Chikanza ZAXX1975
Chikasa ZAXX4524
Chikawala ZAXX4525
Chikazi ZAXX1976
Chikenge ZAXX5894
Chikeso ZAXX7802
Chikeza ZAXX5895
Chikile ZAXX4526
Chikimba ZAXX5896
Chikinina ZAXX7803
Chikoka ZAXX7804
Chikoki ZAXX7805
Chikoko ZAXX3959
Chikola ZAXX5897
Chikola ZAXX0424
Chikola ZAXX4527
Chikoleni ZAXX1977
Chikolo ZAXX7806
Chikolo ZAXX5898
Chikolola ZAXX1978
Chikololo ZAXX7807
Chikoloma ZAXX0425
Chikoloma Mpundi ZAXX0426
Chikoma ZAXX1979
Chikomangana ZAXX1980
Chikomanya ZAXX6794
Chikomba ZAXX1981
Chikombe ZAXX4528
Chikomena ZAXX4529
Chikomene ZAXX1982
Chikomeshu ZAXX3960
Chikomo ZAXX5899
Chikonde ZAXX4530
Chikondombolo ZAXX7808
Chikonga ZAXX6795
Chikonga ZAXX0427
Chikonika ZAXX0428
Chikonkota ZAXX3961
Chikonkoto ZAXX0429
Chikonkwelo ZAXX5900
Chikonta ZAXX1983
Chikontwe ZAXX4209
Chikonwakonwa ZAXX5901
Chikope ZAXX4531
Chikopela ZAXX4532
Chikosheni ZAXX0095
Chikota ZAXX5902
Chikote ZAXX7809
Chikote ZAXX4533
Chikoti ZAXX0096
Chikowula ZAXX0430
Chikoya ZAXX1984
Chikubi ZAXX1985
Chikuleni ZAXX1986
Chikuloni ZAXX1987
Chikulu ZAXX4535
Chikululu ZAXX0097
Chikumba ZAXX5903
Chikumba ZAXX1988
Chikumbe ZAXX1989
Chikumbeta ZAXX0431
Chikumbi ZAXX1990
Chikumbi ZAXX3962
Chikunda ZAXX4537
Chikundu ZAXX1992
Chikundula ZAXX7810
Chikunga ZAXX7811
Chikungu ZAXX1993
Chikungulu ZAXX7812
Chikungwa ZAXX1994
Chikuni ZAXX6796
Chikuni ZAXX1995
Chikunjiko ZAXX5904
Chikunka ZAXX0432
Chikunka ZAXX6797
Chikunku ZAXX4538
Chikunkuluka ZAXX0433
Chikunta ZAXX4539
Chikupili ZAXX0434
Chikurgu ZAXX1996
Chikusela ZAXX4540
Chikusi ZAXX1997
Chikusu ZAXX0435
Chikuta ZAXX1998
Chikute ZAXX1999
Chikutu ZAXX2000
Chikuwe ZAXX2001
Chikuwela ZAXX4210
Chikwa ZAXX4541
Chikwa ZAXX2002
Chikwaba ZAXX5905
Chikwale ZAXX2003
Chikwama ZAXX7813
Chikwanda ZAXX4542
Chikwanda ZAXX2004
Chikwangula ZAXX4543
Chikwashia ZAXX2005
Chikwata ZAXX7814
Chikwatula ZAXX2006
Chikwawe ZAXX2007
Chikwe ZAXX4544
Chikweke ZAXX4545
Chikwekwe ZAXX7815
Chikwekwe ZAXX4546
Chikwele ZAXX6798
Chikwende ZAXX2008
Chikweta ZAXX2009
Chikwinda ZAXX2010
Chila ZAXX2011
Chila ZAXX0437
Chilala ZAXX6799
Chilama ZAXX6800
Chilambalamba ZAXX0438
Chilambi ZAXX5906
Chilambi ZAXX0439
Chilambula ZAXX2012
Chilambwe ZAXX4547
Chilambweshi ZAXX4548
Chilamo ZAXX4549
Chilanda ZAXX7816
Chilando ZAXX2013
Chilandu ZAXX2014
Chilanga ZAXX4550
Chilango ZAXX0013
Chilangwa ZAXX4551
Chilantali ZAXX0099
Chilao ZAXX2015
Chilapi ZAXX6801
Chilapuchila ZAXX0440
Chilapukila ZAXX0441
Chilawila ZAXX2016
Chilawira ZAXX2017
Chilazi ZAXX2018
Chilekata ZAXX2019
Chilekwa ZAXX2020
Chileleka ZAXX5907
Chilelemba ZAXX2021
Chilelere ZAXX2022
Chileli ZAXX5908
Chilemba ZAXX2023
Chilemba ZAXX6802
Chilembe ZAXX2024
Chilembo ZAXX4552
Chilembwe ZAXX2025
Chilemu ZAXX7817
Chilende ZAXX4553
Chilenga ZAXX2026
Chilenga ZAXX0442
Chilengo ZAXX2027
Chilenje ZAXX3964
Chilepa ZAXX2028
Chileshye ZAXX4554
Chileta ZAXX2029
Chileya ZAXX5909
Chileya ZAXX2030
Chileya ZAXX6803
Chili ZAXX2031
Chiligwa ZAXX7818
Chilika ZAXX2032
Chilikama ZAXX7819
Chilikila ZAXX2033
Chilikita ZAXX5910
Chilikwela ZAXX0443
Chilila ZAXX7820
Chililabombwe ZAXX0014
Chilima ZAXX2034
Chilima ZAXX4555
Chilimanzi ZAXX6804
Chilimbana ZAXX6805
Chilimbika ZAXX2035
Chilimboyi ZAXX0444
Chilimina ZAXX0100
Chilinde ZAXX4556
Chilindira ZAXX2036
Chilingo ZAXX5911
Chilingwa ZAXX4557
Chiloa ZAXX2037
Chilobia ZAXX0015
Chilokotwe ZAXX2038
Chilolo ZAXX4558
Chilolwa ZAXX4559
Chilomba ZAXX0445
Chilonde ZAXX6806
Chilondo ZAXX5912
Chilonga ZAXX4560
Chilonga ZAXX7821
Chilongo ZAXX7822
Chilongo ZAXX4561
Chilongoshi ZAXX4562
Chilongoshi ZAXX0446
Chilongosi ZAXX4563
Chilongozi ZAXX2039
Chilono ZAXX0447
Chilopo ZAXX4564
Chilosha ZAXX0101
Chilowa ZAXX2040
Chilowe ZAXX2041
Chilowe ZAXX4565
Chilubio ZAXX2042
Chilubula ZAXX4566
Chilufya ZAXX4567
Chilukuta ZAXX5913
Chilukutu ZAXX0448
Chilumba-Kotuli ZAXX4568
Chilumbeni ZAXX2043
Chilumbi ZAXX6807
Chilumbu ZAXX5914
Chilumbulwa ZAXX5915
Chilunda ZAXX7823
Chilunda ZAXX5916
Chilunda ZAXX2044
Chilundu ZAXX2045
Chilundumuzi ZAXX4569
Chilunduwe ZAXX2046
Chilupe ZAXX2047
Chiluwaluwa ZAXX2048
Chiluwe ZAXX2049
Chiluzi ZAXX2050
Chilwa ZAXX2051
Chilwabube ZAXX0449
Chilwana ZAXX0450
Chilyaba ZAXX4570
Chilyabufu ZAXX6808
Chilyango ZAXX6809
Chilye ZAXX2052
Chimakula ZAXX2054
Chimanda ZAXX5917
Chimangeni ZAXX2055
Chimango ZAXX2056
Chimankata ZAXX0102
Chimansa ZAXX2057
Chimanya ZAXX7824
Chimasa Kanyanda ZAXX0451
Chimasula ZAXX2058
Chimata ZAXX0452
Chimata ZAXX2059
Chimate ZAXX2060
Chimba ZAXX4571
Chimba ZAXX2061
Chimbabantu ZAXX2062
Chimbafe ZAXX2063
Chimbala Sepa ZAXX0103
Chimbalanga ZAXX0104
Chimbalanganyi ZAXX5918
Chimbali ZAXX6810
Chimbalonge ZAXX0453
Chimbalu ZAXX2064
Chimbamabwe ZAXX4572
Chimbangala ZAXX5919
Chimbangu ZAXX4573
Chimbavi ZAXX2065
Chimbele ZAXX4574
Chimberere ZAXX2066
Chimbewa ZAXX2067
Chimbila ZAXX5920
Chimbinga ZAXX7825
Chimbola ZAXX4575
Chimbolo ZAXX4576
Chimbolo ZAXX2068
Chimbonda ZAXX7826
Chimboni ZAXX2069
Chimbukuma ZAXX0454
Chimbululu ZAXX0455
Chimbumba ZAXX5921
Chimbuna ZAXX2070
Chimbundu ZAXX5922
Chimbutu ZAXX2071
Chimbuwa ZAXX2072
Chimbwa ZAXX2073
Chimbwala ZAXX2074
Chimbwe ZAXX4577
Chimbwe ZAXX2075
Chimbwende ZAXX5923
Chimbweta ZAXX7828
Chimbwi ZAXX2076
Chimbwi ZAXX4578
Chimchera ZAXX2077
Chimena ZAXX0457
Chimesa ZAXX0458
Chimese ZAXX4211
Chimese ZAXX4579
Chimetu ZAXX2078
Chimfesa ZAXX2079
Chimfwaku ZAXX5924
Chimfwembe ZAXX4580
Chimguwilo ZAXX2080
Chimika ZAXX7829
Chimika ZAXX0459
Chimimba ZAXX2081
Chimimbe ZAXX2082
Chiminya ZAXX2083
Chimiti ZAXX4581
Chimkanda ZAXX2084
Chimnyonto ZAXX2085
Chimola ZAXX4582
Chimomba ZAXX2086
Chimombo ZAXX2087
Chimoto ZAXX2088
Chimoto ZAXX0105
Chimoto ZAXX0461
Chimpaka ZAXX2089
Chimpalanya ZAXX0462
Chimpali ZAXX0463
Chimpamba ZAXX2090
Chimpampera ZAXX2091
Chimpanga ZAXX2092
Chimpeche ZAXX0464
Chimpekete ZAXX3965
Chimpembe ZAXX4212
Chimpesia ZAXX2093
Chimpeta ZAXX2094
Chimphanamba ZAXX2095
Chimphanga ZAXX2096
Chimphutya ZAXX2097
Chimpolombwe ZAXX6811
Chimpompela ZAXX0465
Chimponda ZAXX0466
Chimpunga ZAXX2098
Chimputi ZAXX2099
Chimsakasa ZAXX2100
Chimsali ZAXX2101
Chimsenga ZAXX4583
Chimseo ZAXX2102
Chimsitu ZAXX2103
Chimtanda ZAXX2104
Chimtangati ZAXX2105
Chimtenga ZAXX2106
Chimtenje ZAXX2107
Chimtondo ZAXX2108
Chimtowe ZAXX2109
Chimtukulo ZAXX2110
Chimtuta ZAXX2111
Chimudeke ZAXX4584
Chimuga ZAXX6812
Chimuka ZAXX2112
Chimukuzi ZAXX3966
Chimula ZAXX2113
Chimula ZAXX4585
Chimuli ZAXX5925
Chimumba ZAXX2114
Chimunka ZAXX2115
Chimunphundu ZAXX2116
Chimunsi ZAXX2117
Chimupati ZAXX0467
Chimupi ZAXX7830
Chimusale ZAXX2118
Chimusanya ZAXX3967
Chimutanda ZAXX4586
Chimuti ZAXX2119
Chimutonda ZAXX4587
Chimutwi ZAXX7831
Chimuzimu ZAXX2120
Chimvila ZAXX2121
Chimvula ZAXX5926
Chimwala ZAXX2122
Chimwamtowao ZAXX2123
Chimwanga ZAXX5927
Chimwara ZAXX2124
Chimwasu ZAXX5928
Chimwele ZAXX4588
Chimwendo ZAXX2125
Chimwere ZAXX2126
Chimwishi ZAXX5929
Chimyamauni ZAXX0106
Chimzimu ZAXX2127
Chimzinga ZAXX2128
China ZAXX0468
China ZAXX5930
Chinakila ZAXX4589
Chinama ZAXX0107
Chinanga ZAXX2129
Chinango ZAXX4213
Chinangwa ZAXX0469
Chinda ZAXX2130
Chindai ZAXX5931
Chindalo ZAXX0470
Chindalo ZAXX3968
Chindalo ZAXX6813
Chindamba ZAXX7832
Chindamba ZAXX2131
Chindambu ZAXX4590
Chindele ZAXX7833
Chindele ZAXX0471
Chindende ZAXX4591
Chindewere ZAXX3969
Chindeya ZAXX2132
Chindiamera ZAXX2133
Chindiboyi ZAXX4592
Chindilo ZAXX2134
Chindimba ZAXX6814
Chindime ZAXX2135
Chinditu ZAXX2136
Chindo ZAXX4593
Chindola ZAXX2137
Chindra ZAXX2138
Chindube ZAXX2139
Chindumba ZAXX5932
Chindumbu ZAXX7834
Chinduye ZAXX2140
Chindwali ZAXX2141
Chinemba ZAXX5933
Chinenga ZAXX0472
Chinenge ZAXX7835
Chinengu ZAXX7836
Chinga ZAXX4594
Chingabe ZAXX6815
Chingalaba ZAXX4595
Chingali ZAXX4596
Chingaliwa ZAXX2142
Chingambo ZAXX4597
Chingambu ZAXX7837
Chingambu ZAXX5934
Chinganda ZAXX7838
Chingangu ZAXX5935
Chingangu ZAXX7839
Chinganyama ZAXX2143
Chinganze ZAXX2144
Chingara ZAXX2145
Chingavata ZAXX7840
Chingela ZAXX3970
Chingi ZAXX5936
Chinginele ZAXX4598
Chingo ZAXX2146
Chingola ZAXX0108
Chingolo ZAXX0001
Chingolo ZAXX2147
Chingolola ZAXX7841
Chingoma ZAXX2148
Chingombe ZAXX4599
Chingombe ZAXX0473
Chingomo ZAXX2149
Chingonde ZAXX2150
Chingongolingo ZAXX2151
Chingulo ZAXX0109
Chingumbe ZAXX7842
Chingwali ZAXX7843
Chingwengwe ZAXX2152
Chiniala ZAXX2153
Chininasa ZAXX2154
Chininuku ZAXX2155
Chinjamba ZAXX7844
Chinjamba ZAXX5938
Chinjanga ZAXX5939
Chinjenge ZAXX7845
Chinjila ZAXX6816
Chinjili ZAXX2156
Chinkalamu ZAXX2157
Chinkalanga ZAXX4600
Chinkatasha ZAXX0474
Chinkhango ZAXX2158
Chinkokoto ZAXX0475
Chinkomo ZAXX2159
Chinkowa ZAXX4601
Chinkoyo ZAXX0476
Chinkuku ZAXX2160
Chinkuli ZAXX6817
Chinkulu ZAXX0477
Chinkumba ZAXX2161
Chinkumba ZAXX4602
Chinkumbe ZAXX7846
Chinkumbe ZAXX0478
Chinkuni ZAXX2162
Chinkwamba ZAXX2163
Chinkwazara ZAXX2164
Chinkwenda ZAXX2165
Chinofu ZAXX4603
Chinokotwe ZAXX2166
Chinomba ZAXX2167
Chinonge ZAXX5940
Chinoya ZAXX5941
Chinsali ZAXX4604
Chinsamba ZAXX2168
Chinsamba ZAXX4214
Chinsambwe ZAXX4605
Chinsangu ZAXX2169
Chinsatu ZAXX2170
Chinsene ZAXX2171
Chinsensela ZAXX4606
Chinsimba ZAXX2172
Chinsungwe ZAXX0480
Chintankwa ZAXX4607
Chintankwa ZAXX0481
Chintelele ZAXX5942
Chinthengu ZAXX2173
Chinthu ZAXX2174
Chintimba ZAXX0110
Chintona ZAXX2175
Chintunzi ZAXX2176
Chinuma ZAXX5943
Chinunda ZAXX2177
Chinunde ZAXX2178
Chinunga ZAXX7847
Chinungi ZAXX4608
Chinungu ZAXX6819
Chinunka ZAXX2179
Chinyako ZAXX2180
Chinyaku ZAXX2181
Chinyama ZAXX5944
Chinyama Imasiku ZAXX5945
Chinyama Litapi ZAXX5946
Chinyamba ZAXX2182
Chinyamuka ZAXX0482
Chinyana ZAXX3971
Chinyangwa ZAXX5947
Chinyanshi ZAXX4609
Chinyanta ZAXX0483
Chinyawa ZAXX7849
Chinyeka ZAXX7850
Chinyemba ZAXX7851
Chinyenge ZAXX7852
Chinyengele ZAXX4610
Chinyeno ZAXX0484
Chinyeta ZAXX5948
Chinyimba ZAXX4611
Chinyimba ZAXX2183
Chinyingi ZAXX5949
Chinyombe ZAXX4612
Chinyondo ZAXX2184
Chinzete ZAXX3972
Chinzewe ZAXX2185
Chinzule ZAXX2186
Chiogoma ZAXX3973
Chiombo ZAXX5950
Chiombo ZAXX7853
Chiona ZAXX2187
Chiongo ZAXX7854
Chiongo ZAXX5951
Chiota ZAXX3974
Chiota ZAXX6820
Chioza ZAXX7855
Chipakata ZAXX0485
Chipako ZAXX6821
Chipako ZAXX2188
Chipala ZAXX7856
Chipalabantu ZAXX0486
Chipalashi ZAXX0487
Chipale ZAXX4613
Chipali ZAXX3975
Chipali ZAXX0488
Chipalo ZAXX4614
Chipamba ZAXX2189
Chipanama ZAXX0489
Chipanama ZAXX3976
Chipanda ZAXX2190
Chipandakano ZAXX5952
Chipande ZAXX4615
Chipande ZAXX0490
Chipandwe ZAXX2191
Chipanga ZAXX4616
Chipanga ZAXX0491
Chipangu ZAXX2192
Chipangula ZAXX6822
Chipanta ZAXX4617
Chipanta ZAXX4215
Chipantangeli ZAXX6823
Chipanzawe ZAXX2193
Chipapa ZAXX4618
Chipapaila ZAXX2194
Chipapika ZAXX2195
Chipapilo ZAXX2196
Chiparamba ZAXX2197
Chipasamuka ZAXX4619
Chipasanse ZAXX4620
Chipase ZAXX4621
Chipasu ZAXX0492
Chipasula ZAXX2198
Chipata ZAXX2199
Chipata ZAXX4622
Chipata ZAXX0493
Chipata Mukai ZAXX4623
Chipatala ZAXX2200
Chipatela ZAXX7857
Chipaya ZAXX5953
Chipazu ZAXX2201
Chipebete ZAXX3977
Chipele ZAXX4624
Chipelembe ZAXX7858
Chipelembe ZAXX4625
Chipemba ZAXX6824
Chipembe ZAXX4216
Chipembe ZAXX2202
Chipembele ZAXX5954
Chipembere ZAXX2203
Chipembere ZAXX0111
Chipembi ZAXX0494
Chipembwa ZAXX4626
Chipepeya ZAXX4627
Chipepo ZAXX0017
Chipepo ZAXX6825
Chiperembe ZAXX2204
Chipete ZAXX4628
Chipeteni ZAXX0112
Chipetuka ZAXX2205
Chipeukeni ZAXX2206
Chipezeyami ZAXX2207
Chipi Chiposa ZAXX0496
Chipiei ZAXX2208
Chipili ZAXX2209
Chipili ZAXX4217
Chipilipili ZAXX4629
Chipilunga ZAXX2210
Chipimo ZAXX4630
Chipindani ZAXX3978
Chipindo ZAXX2211
Chipito ZAXX0498
Chipiya ZAXX4631
Chipokosa ZAXX2212
Chipokoso ZAXX4632
Chipola ZAXX4633
Chiponde ZAXX6826
Chiponde ZAXX2213
Chipondo ZAXX5955
Chipondo ZAXX2214
Chipongolo ZAXX4634
Chipongwe ZAXX3979
Chipopa ZAXX5956
Chipopera ZAXX2215
Chiporopoto ZAXX2216
Chipota ZAXX2217
Chipote ZAXX4635
Chipoto ZAXX5957
Chipoya ZAXX7859
Chippia ZAXX7860
Chipubu ZAXX2218
Chipuka ZAXX2219
Chipulia ZAXX4636
Chipulu ZAXX7861
Chipulwe ZAXX4218
Chipumba ZAXX0499
Chipumbu ZAXX2220
Chipumpula ZAXX5958
Chipundu ZAXX4637
Chipundu ZAXX4219
Chipungo ZAXX0500
Chipungu ZAXX2221
Chipungu ZAXX4220
Chipungu ZAXX3980
Chipungu ZAXX4638
Chipupa ZAXX4639
Chipupu ZAXX0501
Chipushi ZAXX4640
Chiputa ZAXX7862
Chiputa ZAXX4221
Chiputi ZAXX2222
Chiputu ZAXX0502
Chiputula ZAXX2223
Chiputwa ZAXX0503
Chipwafu ZAXX2224
Chipwaila ZAXX2225
Chipwalu ZAXX3981
Chipwaly ZAXX6827
Chipwenuka ZAXX0504
Chipwenupwenu ZAXX3982
Chipya ZAXX4641
Chipyaila ZAXX0505
Chipyeni ZAXX0506
Chirekate ZAXX2226
Chirembe ZAXX7863
Chirimunganda ZAXX2227
Chiringundumbu ZAXX6828
Chirombe ZAXX6829
Chironga ZAXX2228
Chirumbeni ZAXX4642
Chirumburwa ZAXX0113
Chirunda ZAXX4643
Chirunda ZAXX2229
Chirundu ZAXX6830
Chisaka ZAXX2230
Chisakasaka ZAXX5959
Chisakila ZAXX3983
Chisako ZAXX2231
Chisako ZAXX5960
Chisakula ZAXX4644
Chisakula ZAXX0508
Chisala ZAXX4645
Chisala ZAXX0509
Chisala ZAXX2232
Chisalandao ZAXX2233
Chisama ZAXX7864
Chisamba ZAXX5961
Chisamba ZAXX0019
Chisamba ZAXX2234
Chisambi ZAXX4646
Chisambo ZAXX2235
Chisampa ZAXX2236
Chisampala ZAXX0114
Chisanga ZAXX4222
Chisangaponde ZAXX4647
Chisanguka ZAXX4648
Chisankani ZAXX2237
Chisanku ZAXX2238
Chisanya ZAXX4649
Chisapwa ZAXX0115
Chisasa ZAXX5962
Chisato ZAXX4650
Chisawakona ZAXX0116
Chisebuka ZAXX6831
Chisebwa ZAXX0512
Chiseka ZAXX2239
Chiseke ZAXX4651
Chisekesi ZAXX6832
Chiseko ZAXX2240
Chisela ZAXX2241
Chiselele ZAXX7865
Chisembe ZAXX4223
Chisembe ZAXX4652
Chisembele ZAXX4653
Chisembo ZAXX4654
Chisempere ZAXX2242
Chisenda Mambwe ZAXX0513
Chisenga ZAXX2243
Chisenga ZAXX0514
Chisenga Kaipate ZAXX0515
Chisengu ZAXX2244
Chisengwa ZAXX0516
Chisense ZAXX4224
Chisensera ZAXX0517
Chisenya ZAXX7866
Chisesa ZAXX4655
Chiseta ZAXX5963
Chisha ZAXX4656
Chisheta ZAXX4657
Chishinga ZAXX0518
Chishinga ZAXX7867
Chishita ZAXX5964
Chishita ZAXX0519
Chishoka ZAXX4658
Chisi ZAXX6833
Chisimba ZAXX2245
Chisimba ZAXX4659
Chisindi ZAXX6834
Chisinga ZAXX4660
Chisinga ZAXX2246
Chisita ZAXX7868
Chisoka ZAXX5965
Chisoka ZAXX0520
Chisoke ZAXX4662
Chisole ZAXX4663
Chisolwe ZAXX0521
Chisomo ZAXX0522
Chisompola ZAXX0523
Chisonda ZAXX7869
Chisonda ZAXX4664
Chisondi ZAXX2247
Chisongo ZAXX4665
Chisonso ZAXX4666
Chisonso ZAXX2248
Chisoso ZAXX4667
Chisotoka ZAXX3984
Chisukulu ZAXX4225
Chisule ZAXX0524
Chisulo ZAXX2249
Chisulo ZAXX4668
Chisulubi ZAXX0525
Chisulwa ZAXX4669
Chisumpa ZAXX6835
Chisumpa ZAXX0526
Chisunga ZAXX4670
Chisunka ZAXX4226
Chisunka Luongo ZAXX4227
Chisunku ZAXX5966
Chisunta ZAXX0527
Chiswala ZAXX2250
Chiswaminina ZAXX5967
Chiswaswa ZAXX2251
Chisyala ZAXX4671
Chitachi ZAXX7870
Chitala ZAXX0528
Chitali ZAXX2252
Chitamaia ZAXX2253
Chitamawe ZAXX4672
Chitambala ZAXX4673
Chitambi ZAXX4674
Chitambo ZAXX0529
Chitambo ZAXX2254
Chitanda ZAXX0530
Chitanda ZAXX0117
Chitandika ZAXX2255
Chitanga ZAXX3985
Chitangu ZAXX7871
Chitanta ZAXX0531
Chitanyika ZAXX5968
Chitanza ZAXX2256
Chitaoni ZAXX5969
Chitapa ZAXX4675
Chitapo ZAXX4676
Chitapu ZAXX0532
Chitashya ZAXX0533
Chitau ZAXX5970
Chiteba ZAXX2257
Chitekesia ZAXX2258
Chitekwe ZAXX4677
Chitele ZAXX2259
Chitembo ZAXX4228
Chitembo ZAXX2260
Chitende ZAXX2261
Chitente ZAXX4679
Chitete ZAXX2262
Chiteula ZAXX7872
Chiteve ZAXX5971
Chithambo ZAXX2263
Chithumba ZAXX2264
Chiti ZAXX0534
Chitikafula ZAXX4680
Chitimba ZAXX2265
Chitimbe ZAXX2266
Chitimbwa ZAXX4681
Chitimpa ZAXX0535
Chitimukulu ZAXX4682
Chitimvula ZAXX4683
Chitindi ZAXX2267
Chitiwa ZAXX0536
Chitiwe ZAXX3986
Chitizauwe ZAXX2268
Chito ZAXX5972
Chitoka ZAXX7873
Chitoka ZAXX5973
Chitokoloki ZAXX5974
Chitokwani ZAXX4684
Chitole ZAXX7874
Chitole ZAXX4685
Chitolwe ZAXX4229
Chitoma ZAXX5975
Chitombo ZAXX7875
Chitongo ZAXX5976
Chitongo ZAXX6837
Chitongobesa ZAXX0118
Chitope ZAXX3987
Chitoshi ZAXX4686
Chitoto ZAXX2269
Chitowa ZAXX2270
Chitsime ZAXX2271
Chitsulo ZAXX2272
Chitubula ZAXX0537
Chitukula ZAXX2273
Chitukulu ZAXX2274
Chitulika ZAXX4687
Chitulikwa ZAXX4688
Chitumbi ZAXX2275
Chitumbo ZAXX0538
Chitumbwa ZAXX4689
Chitunami ZAXX0539
Chitunawe ZAXX2276
Chitundu ZAXX0119
Chitundu ZAXX2277
Chitungu ZAXX2278
Chitungu ZAXX5977
Chitungulu ZAXX2279
Chitungwi ZAXX2280
Chituno ZAXX0540
Chitunta ZAXX7876
Chitupira ZAXX0541
Chituta ZAXX7877
Chitutubula ZAXX0542
Chituvi ZAXX2281
Chitwa ZAXX4691
Chitwe ZAXX6838
Chitwe ZAXX4692
Chiulo ZAXX2282
Chiulu ZAXX7878
Chiunda ZAXX2283
Chiundaponde ZAXX4693
Chiunde ZAXX7879
Chiuta ZAXX2284
Chiutika ZAXX2285
Chiuukula ZAXX2286
Chiuuli ZAXX2287
Chiuye ZAXX2288
Chivimba ZAXX2289
Chivinda ZAXX5978
Chivingo ZAXX4694
Chivueta ZAXX7880
Chivulu ZAXX5979
Chivumba ZAXX6839
Chivuna ZAXX6840
Chivunda ZAXX5980
Chivunga ZAXX2290
Chivuta ZAXX4695
Chivweta ZAXX7881
Chivweti ZAXX7882
Chiwa ZAXX2291
Chiwafwa ZAXX5981
Chiwala ZAXX5982
Chiwala ZAXX0120
Chiwala ZAXX3988
Chiwala ZAXX2292
Chiwala ZAXX0543
Chiwalabi ZAXX0544
Chiwale ZAXX4696
Chiwale ZAXX2293
Chiwali ZAXX2294
Chiwama ZAXX2295
Chiwamba ZAXX7883
Chiwamba ZAXX2296
Chiwambo ZAXX2297
Chiwanana ZAXX2298
Chiwanangala ZAXX4697
Chiwanda ZAXX4698
Chiwanda ZAXX2299
Chiwande ZAXX2300
Chiwanga ZAXX2301
Chiwangu ZAXX2302
Chiwangwe ZAXX2303
Chiwanja ZAXX2304
Chiwano ZAXX7884
Chiwashia ZAXX4699
Chiwaula ZAXX2305
Chiwawa ZAXX7885
Chiwawamtawa ZAXX2307
Chiwawatala ZAXX2308
Chiwaya ZAXX2309
Chiwayo ZAXX2310
Chiwayu ZAXX2311
Chiwefwe ZAXX0545
Chiwekwe ZAXX2312
Chiwele ZAXX0546
Chiwelewele ZAXX4700
Chiwelwa ZAXX4701
Chiwembe ZAXX4702
Chiwembe ZAXX2313
Chiwempala ZAXX0121
Chiwenkufu ZAXX0547
Chiweta ZAXX2314
Chiweteka ZAXX2315
Chiwewane ZAXX2316
Chiweza ZAXX2317
Chiwimba ZAXX4703
Chiwishi ZAXX7886
Chiwoko ZAXX5983
Chiwoko ZAXX2318
Chiwolela ZAXX2319
Chiwoma ZAXX5984
Chiwosa ZAXX2320
Chiwoula ZAXX2321
Chiwowa ZAXX2322
Chiwuli ZAXX4704
Chiwuye ZAXX0548
Chiyaba ZAXX0549
Chiyaba ZAXX0122
Chiyaze ZAXX7887
Chiyeke ZAXX5986
Chiyeke ZAXX7888
Chiyena ZAXX5987
Chiyengele ZAXX5988
Chiyengi ZAXX5989
Chiyesu ZAXX5990
Chiyobola ZAXX6841
Chiyokoma ZAXX0550
Chiyoma ZAXX6842
Chiyombo ZAXX4705
Chiyose ZAXX7889
Chiyumpe ZAXX6843
Chiyuta ZAXX0551
Chizandilo ZAXX2323
Chizau ZAXX5991
Chizaza ZAXX7890
Chizela ZAXX5992
Chizelu ZAXX7891
Chizhimo ZAXX7892
Chizika ZAXX7893
Chiziko ZAXX7894
Chizikwe ZAXX2324
Chizila ZAXX2325
Chizimu ZAXX7895
Chizindilo ZAXX2326
Chizira ZAXX4706
Chiziwa ZAXX2327
Chizizi ZAXX2328
Chizonde ZAXX2329
Chizonga ZAXX2330
Chizongwe ZAXX2331
Chizowe ZAXX2332
Chizuma ZAXX2333
Chizungu ZAXX4707
Chizuwe ZAXX2334
Chobana ZAXX6844
Chobananga ZAXX6845
Chobe ZAXX4708
Chobolo ZAXX6846
Chobu ZAXX0552
Chocha ZAXX4709
Choko Choko ZAXX7896
Chola ZAXX7897
Chola Philipo ZAXX0553
Chole ZAXX4710
Cholola ZAXX7898
Choma ZAXX2335
Choma ZAXX7899
Choma ZAXX4711
Choma ZAXX6847
Chomatwa ZAXX2336
Chomba ZAXX6848
Chomba ZAXX4712
Chombela ZAXX3989
Chombo ZAXX7900
Chombo ZAXX5993
Chombo ZAXX6849
Chombwa ZAXX6850
Chomo ZAXX2337
Chona ZAXX6851
Chondela ZAXX5994
Chondi ZAXX2339
Chondwe ZAXX0123
Chonga ZAXX0554
Chonga ZAXX3990
Chongo ZAXX6852
Chongola ZAXX0555
Chongololo ZAXX2340
Chongwe ZAXX3991
Chonjo ZAXX2342
Chonongela ZAXX2343
Chonta ZAXX0556
Chonya ZAXX4714
Chonzola ZAXX2344
Chopera ZAXX2345
Chota ZAXX2346
Chota ZAXX5995
Chotela ZAXX7901
Chovwe ZAXX5996
Chowa ZAXX0020
Chowa ZAXX4715
Chowela ZAXX2347
Choza ZAXX7902
Chozi ZAXX4716
Chuaula ZAXX2348
Chuavla ZAXX2349
Chuba ZAXX0124
Chubi ZAXX6853
Chuka ZAXX5997
Chuka ZAXX2350
Chula ZAXX6854
Chule ZAXX2351
Chulu ZAXX5998
Chulu ZAXX4717
Chuluka ZAXX6855
Chuma ZAXX0557
Chumanembo ZAXX4718
Chumanganga ZAXX2352
Chumba ZAXX2353
Chumbaika ZAXX0558
Chumbi ZAXX2354
Chumbu ZAXX4719
Chumbula ZAXX7903
Chumikile ZAXX2355
Chumpe ZAXX6856
Chundu ZAXX2356
Chundu ZAXX4720
Chune ZAXX2357
Chunga ZAXX0559
Chunga ZAXX2358
Chunga ZAXX4721
Chungu ZAXX4722
Chungwe ZAXX4723
Chuni ZAXX0560
Chuni ZAXX2359
Chunimutobola ZAXX0561
Chupa ZAXX2360
Churiashi ZAXX4724
Churu ZAXX5999
Chuse ZAXX2361
Chusi ZAXX2362
Chutawalenga ZAXX2363
Chuulu ZAXX7904
Chuulunga ZAXX2364
Chuwaka ZAXX4725
Chuwi ZAXX4726
Chuwye Mondo ZAXX0562
Chwangu Ndhlovu ZAXX2365
Cibisa ZAXX2366
Cigwe ZAXX2367
Citseka ZAXX2368
Conundula ZAXX6000
Ctha ZAXX2369
Cumwicumwi ZAXX6857
Daliyo ZAXX2370
Dambo ZAXX2371
Damiano ZAXX2372
Dandaule ZAXX7905
Daniel ZAXX2373
Daniel ZAXX4727
Daniel Kufuna ZAXX7906
Daniel Mugala ZAXX4728
Daniel Mutambo ZAXX4729
Danyele Mulila ZAXX0563
Daudi Buyoka ZAXX4730
Dauseni ZAXX4731
Dauti ZAXX0564
Dauti Chikubula ZAXX0565
Dauti Kafinda ZAXX0566
Dauti Mumba ZAXX0567
Dauti Sindano ZAXX4732
David ZAXX4733
David Chipowe ZAXX4734
David Chito ZAXX4735
David Kasuba ZAXX0568
David Kayila ZAXX4736
David Mufakala ZAXX0569
David Mumba ZAXX0570
David Mwase ZAXX2374
David Sinkala ZAXX4737
Davide ZAXX2375
Delaya Tindi ZAXX0571
Dembera ZAXX6858
Deresi ZAXX2376
Dibwi ZAXX6859
Dick Mtunda ZAXX2377
Dick Mumba ZAXX2378
Dima ZAXX2379
Dimbwe ZAXX6860
Diomu ZAXX0572
Dipalata ZAXX6001
Dishipa ZAXX6002
Dixon Kapinda ZAXX0573
Dixon Malwita ZAXX0574
Dixon Mutono ZAXX4738
Diyambo ZAXX0575
Dombe ZAXX2380
Domfwe ZAXX4739
Dominiko ZAXX4740
Donala ZAXX4741
Donald Mutambo ZAXX4742
Donald Ngashi ZAXX0576
Donald Silungwe ZAXX4743
Donati ZAXX4744
Dotoba ZAXX2381
Dulu ZAXX7907
Dumbe ZAXX2382
Dunda ZAXX2383
Durili ZAXX2384
Duta ZAXX4745
Duwulu ZAXX2385
Dzoole ZAXX2386
Edward ZAXX0578
Edward Manta ZAXX0579
Edward Sikombe ZAXX4746
Efloni Yandwa ZAXX0580
Efraim ZAXX4747
Efraim Silungwe ZAXX4748
Egesi Chimanisha ZAXX0581
Elias Sanga ZAXX0582
Elimya Malikebo ZAXX0583
Elisa Mwape ZAXX0584
Elisha ZAXX7908
Eliya ZAXX2387
Eliya Kasonde ZAXX0585
Eliya Mwanje ZAXX0586
Elombwe ZAXX7909
Emmasdale ZAXX3992
Enala Kasakila ZAXX0587
Eneya Kapika ZAXX0588
Engine Chiwala ZAXX0589
Enoch Chikwaba ZAXX0590
Enoch Kunda ZAXX0591
Enoch Mambwe ZAXX0592
Enoki ZAXX2388
Enos Chisenga ZAXX0593
Enosi ZAXX2389
Enyantiweni ZAXX2390
Ephraim ZAXX4749
Ephraim ZAXX2391
Eprule ZAXX4750
Ernesto ZAXX2392
Esau ZAXX0594
Esau Chipena ZAXX0595
Esau Mofia ZAXX0597
Esau Musala ZAXX0598
Esau Mwape ZAXX0599
Esaya ZAXX4751
Esther-Ntalasha ZAXX4752
Eureka ZAXX6861
Ezekiya Nkamfwa ZAXX0600
Falls View ZAXX6862
Faron Peteka ZAXX4753
Felo ZAXX7910
Feni ZAXX2393
Feros Katembo ZAXX2394
Fhumba ZAXX6863
Fibale ZAXX0021
Fikumbwa ZAXX0601
Filamba ZAXX4754
Filimoni ZAXX2395
Filimoni Matambo ZAXX0602
Filimoni Mwape ZAXX0603
Filipi ZAXX7911
Filipo ZAXX2396
Filishi ZAXX4755
Findiche ZAXX4756
Findolo ZAXX2397
Finish Mumbwaila ZAXX0604
Finisha Matesa ZAXX0605
Fise ZAXX0606
Fisenge ZAXX0125
Fisonga ZAXX0607
Fitaliano ZAXX4757
Fiwale ZAXX0126
Fiwila ZAXX0608
Foloma ZAXX6003
Fowo ZAXX2398
Foxdale Estates ZAXX3993
Franki Chisenga ZAXX0609
Fred ZAXX4758
Fube ZAXX4759
Fubera ZAXX0610
Fubishe ZAXX0611
Fubwe ZAXX0612
Fufutu ZAXX7912
Fulabunga ZAXX0613
Fulao ZAXX0614
Fulata ZAXX2399
Fulati ZAXX0615
Fulaza ZAXX2400
Fulbek Mulenga ZAXX0616
Fulumana ZAXX7913
Fulungwe ZAXX7914
Fumbeni ZAXX2401
Fumbo ZAXX6864
Funda ZAXX4760
Fundamukanya ZAXX6004
Fundi ZAXX0617
Fundi ZAXX4761
Fundi ZAXX0127
Fundi Sichinga ZAXX4762
Fundipoma ZAXX4763
Fungala ZAXX4764
Fungo ZAXX4765
Fungulani ZAXX2403
Fututu ZAXX7915
Fuvisha ZAXX0618
Fuvya ZAXX4766
Fwama ZAXX4767
Fwambo ZAXX4768
Fwanganya ZAXX7916
Fwate Mabuku ZAXX0619
Fyesha ZAXX0620
Gabriel ZAXX2404
Gama ZAXX2405
Gamela ZAXX6865
Garampande ZAXX6866
Garneton ZAXX0022
George ZAXX7917
George ZAXX4769
George Mwembe ZAXX4770
George Siyame ZAXX4771
Gereta ZAXX2406
Geza ZAXX2407
Gideon ZAXX3994
Gidioni Mambwe ZAXX0621
Gileya ZAXX2408
Gilingi ZAXX3995
Gipson Chisapa ZAXX0622
Giya ZAXX2409
Godfrey Kunda ZAXX0623
Goliat ZAXX2410
Goliati Museya ZAXX0624
Goliati Tabanya ZAXX0625
Gomani ZAXX2411
Gongfwe ZAXX6867
Gonto ZAXX2412
Goodwell Mwape ZAXX0626
Gordon ZAXX0627
Goro ZAXX2413
Goviyana ZAXX2414
Grinini Ndashi ZAXX0628
Guduza ZAXX2415
Guma ZAXX2416
Gumba ZAXX2417
Gumbi ZAXX2418
Gundu ZAXX2419
Gundungu ZAXX7918
Gunduza ZAXX6868
Gunzwe ZAXX6869
Guze ZAXX2420
Gwaba ZAXX2421
Gwanda Gwanda ZAXX6870
Gwembe ZAXX6871
Gwiningi ZAXX2422
Habunya ZAXX6872
Hachile ZAXX3996
Haddo ZAXX6873
Hakale ZAXX6874
Hamakalu ZAXX6875
Hangata ZAXX6876
Hanyendo ZAXX6877
Helengeze ZAXX6005
Heneya ZAXX7919
Henry ZAXX4772
Hereford ZAXX3997
Heywood ZAXX6878
Highlands ZAXX6879
Hillcrest ZAXX6880
Hillwood ZAXX6006
Hobson Jimu ZAXX0629
Hofmeyer ZAXX2423
Hongolo ZAXX6007
Hoya ZAXX2424
Hoyoka ZAXX6008
Ibenga ZAXX0128
Ibenga Mission ZAXX0023
Ibhani ZAXX2425
Ibolelo ZAXX7920
Ibolelo ZAXX0630
Ibondo ZAXX0631
Ibongu ZAXX6009
Iboolokwa ZAXX7921
Ibukwe ZAXX7922
Ibwe Munyama ZAXX6881
Ichoma ZAXX2426
Ifumba ZAXX6010
Ijamba School ZAXX6882
Ikabako ZAXX7923
Ikakena ZAXX7924
Ikandulu ZAXX7925
Ikanjiwa ZAXX7926
Ikasaya ZAXX7927
Ikatu ZAXX6011
Ikelenge ZAXX0024
Ikulunga ZAXX7928
Ikungu ZAXX6012
Ikwe ZAXX7929
Ikwinga ZAXX7930
Ilake ZAXX0632
Ilake Mukomena ZAXX0633
Ilake Ngosa ZAXX0634
Ilawa ZAXX2427
Ililonga ZAXX7931
Iliombe ZAXX7932
Ilombola ZAXX6883
Ilondola ZAXX4773
Ilopu ZAXX7933
Ilukala ZAXX7934
Ilukena ZAXX7935
Ilunga ZAXX6013
Ilungangama ZAXX7936
Ilungunga ZAXX7937
Ilutake ZAXX7938
Iluya ZAXX7939
Ilwendo ZAXX7940
Imaiayo ZAXX7941
Imakanda ZAXX7942
Imakando ZAXX7943
Imakumbili ZAXX7944
Imakumbiri ZAXX7945
Imalenda ZAXX7946
Imalomo ZAXX7947
Imambo ZAXX7948
Imamuna ZAXX7949
Imanga ZAXX7950
Imansa ZAXX0635
Imasiku ZAXX7951
Imasikwana ZAXX7952
Imatina ZAXX7953
Imbila ZAXX4774
Imbowa ZAXX7954
Imbubu ZAXX7955
Imbutwama ZAXX7956
Imbuwa ZAXX7957
Imbwae ZAXX7958
Imedi ZAXX2428
Imenda ZAXX7959
Imilemo ZAXX7960
Imilonga ZAXX7961
Imonga ZAXX7962
Imonga Nifale ZAXX7963
Impasuka ZAXX0636
Imukusi ZAXX7964
Imusho ZAXX7965
Imushu ZAXX6884
Imusunga ZAXX7966
Imutonga ZAXX7967
Imutongo ZAXX7968
Imuwana ZAXX7969
Imwaka ZAXX7970
Imwangala ZAXX7971
Inambao ZAXX7973
Indala ZAXX7974
Indilonga ZAXX7975
Indopu ZAXX7976
Indusi ZAXX7977
Ingina ZAXX7978
Ingongolo ZAXX7979
Ingumbwa ZAXX7980
Inguu ZAXX7981
Inguwe ZAXX7982
Ingwe ZAXX6014
Ingwe ZAXX0637
Inonge ZAXX6885
Inubu ZAXX7983
Inyamawina ZAXX7984
Ipenge ZAXX6015
Ipila ZAXX0638
Ipongo ZAXX0639
Ipusukilo ZAXX4775
Iputu ZAXX6016
Isaac ZAXX4776
Isaac Mkunda ZAXX4777
Isaac Mwanda ZAXX2429
Isaac Njovu ZAXX2430
Isake ZAXX0640
Isake Changwe ZAXX0641
Isake Chimbwi ZAXX0642
Isake Lundu ZAXX0643
Isake Mangole ZAXX0644
Isake Muyaya ZAXX0645
Isambe ZAXX6017
Ishe Wambuto ZAXX7985
Ishindi ZAXX6018
Ishitu ZAXX4778
Ishmaele ZAXX2431
Isibaki ZAXX2432
Isibebo ZAXX7986
Isikanda ZAXX7987
Isilimwe ZAXX7988
Isoka ZAXX4779
Isoko ZAXX4780
Itanda ZAXX6019
Itezhi-Tezhi ZAXX6886
Itimbwe ZAXX4781
Itufa ZAXX7989
Itulo ZAXX4230
Itungi ZAXX7990
Itwi ZAXX7991
Iyamba ZAXX7992
Iyauluka ZAXX7993
Jackson Kachimbo ZAXX0646
Jackson Kalioti ZAXX0647
Jackson Mumba ZAXX0648
Jackson Mwando ZAXX0649
Jacob ZAXX4782
Jacob Chalwe ZAXX0650
Jacob Chiyombo ZAXX4783
Jacob Filingisi ZAXX0651
Jacob Matindi ZAXX4784
Jacob Mutamba ZAXX4785
Jacob Mutema ZAXX0652
Jacob Sopu ZAXX4786
Jacobe ZAXX2433
Jaffwa ZAXX3998
Jafunya ZAXX6020
Jakalasi ZAXX4787
Jakop Mvula ZAXX4788
Jakopo Mumba ZAXX0653
Jalabani ZAXX6887
Jalijali ZAXX2434
Jam ZAXX2435
James ZAXX4789
James Benwa ZAXX6021
James Cementi ZAXX0654
James Chabala ZAXX0655
James Chisenga ZAXX0656
James Machisa ZAXX0657
James Malata ZAXX0658
James Mofia ZAXX0659
James Muhango ZAXX4790
James Mukobeka ZAXX0660
James Muntali ZAXX4791
James Mupela ZAXX0661
James Mwanga ZAXX3999
James Shimulenga ZAXX0662
Jameseon ZAXX4792
Jameson Musonda ZAXX0663
Jamse ZAXX0664
Jamu Kasamika ZAXX0665
Jamu Mkumba ZAXX2436
Jamu Mumba ZAXX0666
Jaoli ZAXX2437
Jasi ZAXX2438
Jatukwa ZAXX6888
Jekapo ZAXX2439
Jeke ZAXX2440
Jeke Mabenga ZAXX0129
Jeki ZAXX4000
Jeki ZAXX0667
Jeliko Chitamba ZAXX0668
Jembe ZAXX2441
Jenga Jenga ZAXX6889
Jere ZAXX2442
Jeremani ZAXX2443
Jeremea ZAXX0669
Jeremia ZAXX4793
Jeremia Malikebo ZAXX0670
Jeremiah ZAXX2444
Jeriko Kalonga ZAXX0671
Jesse Sambwa ZAXX0672
Jetlo Mofia ZAXX0673
Jifumbo ZAXX6022
Jikundula ZAXX6023
Jilombo ZAXX6024
Jilonga ZAXX6025
Jilowa ZAXX7994
Jilowa ZAXX6026
Jim Bango ZAXX2445
Jim Chinakila ZAXX4794
Jim Chindo ZAXX4795
Jim Kambole ZAXX4796
Jim Malesu ZAXX4797
Jim Mponde ZAXX0674
Jim Mulambya ZAXX4798
Jim Ngandu ZAXX6890
Jim Yombwe ZAXX4799
Jimbamba ZAXX6027
Jimu ZAXX2446
Jimwaya ZAXX7995
Jinaina ZAXX0675
Jinga ZAXX6028
Jinga Jinga ZAXX6891
Jingo ZAXX2447
Jito ZAXX0676
Jivunda ZAXX6029
Jivundu ZAXX6030
Joase Suma ZAXX2448
Job Muwowo ZAXX4800
Jobolola ZAXX6031
John ZAXX4801
John Bonzo ZAXX2449
John Chite ZAXX4802
John Chitundu ZAXX4803
John Chivuta ZAXX4804
John Kapembwa ZAXX4805
John Katavila ZAXX4806
John Ngambe ZAXX4807
John Simukoko ZAXX4808
John Sinkala ZAXX4809
John Zombe ZAXX4810
Jolosi ZAXX7996
Jombe ZAXX4811
Jonam ZAXX0677
Jonas ZAXX2450
Jonas ZAXX0678
Jonas Chidyowe ZAXX4001
Jonas Phiri ZAXX2451
Jonase Chikoma ZAXX2452
Jonathan ZAXX2453
Jones ZAXX2454
Jones Kaila ZAXX4812
Joni Bushimbwa ZAXX0679
Joni Bwale ZAXX0680
Joni Chapa ZAXX0681
Joni Chita ZAXX0682
Joni Kafwenya ZAXX0683
Joni Katandika ZAXX2455
Joni Lubona ZAXX0684
Joni Mabombo ZAXX0685
Joni Mulandu ZAXX0686
Joni Telesha ZAXX0687
Jonya ZAXX6892
Jose Musaka ZAXX0688
Jose Mwape ZAXX0689
Joseni ZAXX2456
Joseph ZAXX4813
Joseph ZAXX4002
Joseph ZAXX2457
Joseph Chiluya ZAXX0690
Joseph Chitupila ZAXX0691
Joseph Kalikenka ZAXX0692
Joseph Kalonga ZAXX0693
Joseph Katulusa ZAXX0694
Joseph Malukutu ZAXX0695
Joseph Simumba ZAXX4814
Josephi ZAXX0696
Josias ZAXX2458
Jowell ZAXX2459
Jowelo ZAXX2460
Joweshi ZAXX0697
Joziele Mkonka ZAXX2461
Julai Mwape ZAXX0698
Julias Malekani ZAXX4815
Juliesi ZAXX2462
Juma ZAXX6032
Juma ZAXX2463
Juma Kawisha ZAXX0699
Juma Mwanza ZAXX2464
Jumba ZAXX2465
Jumbe ZAXX2466
Jumbo ZAXX6893
Jumen Mala ZAXX0700
Jumeni ZAXX0701
Jumpo ZAXX2467
Jungu ZAXX2468
Jungujani ZAXX2469
Juni Sichipeta ZAXX4816
Justin ZAXX2470
Justini ZAXX2471
Jutila ZAXX6033
Juweka ZAXX2472
Juziele ZAXX2473
Kaaiawika ZAXX0702
Kaba Hill ZAXX7997
Kababa ZAXX7998
Kabaila ZAXX7999
Kabakaba ZAXX4817
Kabalakata ZAXX0703
Kabale ZAXX8000
Kabali ZAXX8001
Kabalube ZAXX8002
Kabambi ZAXX6034
Kabanda ZAXX4818
Kabanda ZAXX2475
Kabanga ZAXX6894
Kabanga ZAXX4231
Kabanga ZAXX8004
Kabanga ZAXX6035
Kabanga ZAXX2476
Kabange ZAXX0130
Kabango ZAXX8005
Kabangu ZAXX8006
Kabangu Kuta ZAXX8007
Kabangula ZAXX0131
Kabanje ZAXX8008
Kabanze ZAXX6896
Kabasa ZAXX0705
Kabata ZAXX8009
Kabeke ZAXX4232
Kabela ZAXX8010
Kabelamwanji ZAXX8011
Kabemba ZAXX2477
Kabemba ZAXX6036
Kabende ZAXX0132
Kabendemushi ZAXX4233
Kabesha ZAXX6037
Kabeshu ZAXX0707
Kabeu ZAXX8012
Kabeza ZAXX2478
Kabibi ZAXX2479
Kabila ZAXX4234
Kabila ZAXX4819
Kabila ZAXX8013
Kabilamwandi ZAXX8014
Kabile ZAXX0708
Kabiliwili ZAXX2480
Kabimba ZAXX8015
Kabimba Chilala ZAXX6897
Kabinga ZAXX4820
Kabipo ZAXX2481
Kabiula ZAXX8016
Kabiwira ZAXX4821
Kablieni Nkole ZAXX0709
Kaboma ZAXX8017
Kabombo ZAXX4822
Kabombo ZAXX6898
Kabompo ZAXX6038
Kabona ZAXX0710
Kabondo ZAXX8018
Kabonga ZAXX2482
Kabonga ZAXX4235
Kabongoza ZAXX0711
Kabosha ZAXX4823
Kabosha ZAXX0712
Kabota ZAXX8019
Kabubi ZAXX8020
Kabubwa ZAXX4824
Kabudula ZAXX2483
Kabuko ZAXX4825
Kabukulu ZAXX6039
Kabukushu ZAXX8021
Kabula ZAXX2484
Kabula Chisopola ZAXX0713
Kabulamakumba ZAXX8022
Kabulamena ZAXX6040
Kabulamwanda ZAXX6899
Kabulonga ZAXX4003
Kabulushe ZAXX0714
Kabulwe ZAXX4826
Kabulwebulwa ZAXX8023
Kabulwebulwe ZAXX8024
Kabumbwe ZAXX6900
Kabunda ZAXX4236
Kabunda Shichubo ZAXX0133
Kabunda-Bwina ZAXX0134
Kabundama ZAXX2485
Kabundula ZAXX8025
Kabungo ZAXX4827
Kabungo ZAXX8026
Kabuswe ZAXX0716
Kabutu ZAXX8027
Kabuula ZAXX2486
Kabwata ZAXX4004
Kabwatu ZAXX4005
Kabwaya ZAXX6041
Kabwe ZAXX6901
Kabwe ZAXX4828
Kabwe ZAXX0002
Kabwe ZAXX4237
Kabwebwe ZAXX8028
Kabwesha ZAXX4238
Kabwibwi ZAXX4829
Kabwima ZAXX6042
Kacha ZAXX0717
Kachaba ZAXX8029
Kachai ZAXX8030
Kachaka ZAXX6043
Kachaka ZAXX8031
Kachakana ZAXX8032
Kachalola ZAXX2487
Kachamisa ZAXX8033
Kachana ZAXX8034
Kachanana ZAXX8035
Kachanga ZAXX2488
Kachapa ZAXX2489
Kachapulula ZAXX8036
Kachasa ZAXX4830
Kachega ZAXX0135
Kachembele ZAXX8037
Kachenga ZAXX2490
Kacherere ZAXX2491
Kachewere ZAXX2492
Kachewula ZAXX2493
Kachigamba ZAXX2494
Kachika ZAXX8038
Kachikuwa ZAXX2495
Kachilika ZAXX4831
Kachilikila ZAXX2496
Kachimba ZAXX6044
Kachimba ZAXX0719
Kachimo ZAXX4832
Kachindeka ZAXX2497
Kachindira ZAXX2498
Kachingama ZAXX2499
Kachingwa ZAXX2500
Kachingwe ZAXX2501
Kachinka ZAXX4006
Kachinkoto ZAXX2502
Kachipapa ZAXX2503
Kachirikira ZAXX2504
Kachisa ZAXX2505
Kachitowi ZAXX2506
Kachoka ZAXX6045
Kachoncho ZAXX8039
Kachosi ZAXX2507
Kachubwa ZAXX2508
Kachule ZAXX2509
Kachulu ZAXX2510
Kachungu ZAXX6046
Kachusi ZAXX2511
Kacungu ZAXX8040
Kada ZAXX2512
Kadaleka ZAXX2513
Kadende ZAXX2514
Kadiabanyama ZAXX4007
Kadjimanga ZAXX6047
Kadowe ZAXX2515
Kaduku ZAXX2516
Kadulu ZAXX2517
Kaembi ZAXX8041
Kafakoye ZAXX2518
Kafaya ZAXX8042
Kafere ZAXX2519
Kafimakina ZAXX2520
Kafimba ZAXX4833
Kafimbwa ZAXX4239
Kafinda ZAXX0720
Kafolola ZAXX6048
Kafololo ZAXX6049
Kafoteka ZAXX2521
Kafuandbu ZAXX2522
Kafuchi ZAXX6902
Kafue ZAXX0026
Kafue Estate ZAXX0027
Kafukafuka ZAXX8043
Kafukanya ZAXX0136
Kafuko ZAXX8044
Kafuku ZAXX8045
Kafukufuku ZAXX8046
Kafula ZAXX8047
Kafulafuta ZAXX0028
Kafulwe ZAXX4240
Kafumakachi ZAXX6050
Kafumayeke ZAXX8048
Kafumbo ZAXX8049
Kafunda ZAXX4834
Kafunga ZAXX4835
Kafunta ZAXX2523
Kafupa ZAXX8050
Kafusa ZAXX2524
Kafutikake ZAXX6051
Kafwakanda ZAXX4836
Kafwanka ZAXX4837
Kafwembera ZAXX2525
Kafwenku ZAXX2526
Kafwila ZAXX0721
Kafwila ZAXX2527
Kafwilo ZAXX0722
Kafwimbe ZAXX4241
Kafwimbi ZAXX4838
Kafyanda ZAXX2528
Kagona ZAXX2529
Kagoro ZAXX2530
Kagwamina ZAXX6903
Kahale ZAXX0723
Kahare ZAXX8051
Kahema ZAXX8052
Kahemba ZAXX8053
Kahende ZAXX0138
Kahikila ZAXX8054
Kahilu ZAXX8055
Kahokola ZAXX6052
Kahole ZAXX8056
Kahomango ZAXX2531
Kahonge ZAXX8057
Kahuma ZAXX6053
Kahungi ZAXX8058
Kaima ZAXX2532
Kaimana ZAXX6054
Kaimba ZAXX8059
Kaimbonye ZAXX2533
Kaimbu ZAXX8060
Kaindu ZAXX0724
Kaingo ZAXX8061
Kaingu ZAXX6904
Kaini ZAXX0725
Kainzi ZAXX2534
Kaisinu ZAXX8062
Kaitondi ZAXX2535
Kaitwa ZAXX8063
Kaizole ZAXX2536
Kajazyo ZAXX6905
Kajila ZAXX6055
Kajilakambaka ZAXX6056
Kajilisha ZAXX6057
Kajinta ZAXX2537
Kajula ZAXX6906
Kajumba ZAXX2538
Kaka ZAXX4839
Kakabo ZAXX0726
Kakadina ZAXX8064
Kakamba ZAXX6907
Kakanda ZAXX8065
Kakanga ZAXX6058
Kakashe ZAXX8066
Kakata ZAXX8067
Kakawana ZAXX8068
Kakeki ZAXX6059
Kakene ZAXX8069
Kakenenwa ZAXX8070
Kakesa ZAXX6060
Kaketa ZAXX8071
Kakeya ZAXX8072
Kakinda ZAXX8073
Kakinga ZAXX6061
Kakobela ZAXX6908
Kakolo ZAXX8074
Kakolokolo ZAXX8075
Kakoma ZAXX6062
Kakoma ZAXX8076
Kakoma ZAXX2539
Kakoma ZAXX4242
Kakombe ZAXX2540
Kakompe ZAXX6063
Kakona ZAXX6064
Kakondo ZAXX8077
Kakonga ZAXX6065
Kakonje ZAXX2541
Kakopo ZAXX4841
Kakosa ZAXX4842
Kakosa West ZAXX0139
Kakoshi ZAXX6066
Kakota ZAXX2542
Kakowa ZAXX4843
Kakozya ZAXX4844
Kakuba ZAXX0727
Kakubi ZAXX8078
Kakubo ZAXX0728
Kakubuka ZAXX0729
Kakula ZAXX8079
Kakula ZAXX6067
Kakula ZAXX4845
Kakulubelwa ZAXX8080
Kakulunda ZAXX8081
Kakumba ZAXX8082
Kakumbi ZAXX2543
Kakumbi ZAXX8083
Kakumi ZAXX6909
Kakundu ZAXX8084
Kakunga ZAXX6068
Kakungu ZAXX8085
Kakungu ZAXX4846
Kakuni ZAXX2544
Kakunumakuna ZAXX4008
Kakunyungu ZAXX8086
Kakupa ZAXX8087
Kakupu ZAXX6070
Kakusa ZAXX4847
Kakusanungu ZAXX8088
Kakuso ZAXX4848
Kakuya ZAXX8089
Kakuya ZAXX6071
Kakwa ZAXX8090
Kakwanda ZAXX6072
Kakwela ZAXX2545
Kakwere ZAXX2546
Kakwete ZAXX8091
Kalaai ZAXX6073
Kalaba ZAXX4849
Kalaba ZAXX4243
Kalabaila ZAXX0140
Kalabaya ZAXX6910
Kalabi ZAXX6074
Kalabo ZAXX8092
Kalabwe ZAXX4850
Kalabwe ZAXX0141
Kalaile ZAXX2547
Kalala ZAXX6911
Kalala ZAXX6075
Kalala Kafyanka ZAXX0731
Kalale ZAXX2548
Kalalua ZAXX6076
Kalaluka ZAXX8093
Kalamba ZAXX4851
Kalamba ZAXX6912
Kalamba ZAXX6077
Kalambakuwa ZAXX2549
Kalambana ZAXX2550
Kalambe-Mutale ZAXX4852
Kalambila ZAXX2551
Kalanda ZAXX0732
Kalandanya ZAXX4853
Kalande ZAXX4854
Kalandekela ZAXX0733
Kalandila ZAXX2552
Kalando ZAXX2553
Kalangambala ZAXX0734
Kalangwa ZAXX8094
Kalanja ZAXX8095
Kalanshya ZAXX2554
Kalasa ZAXX2555
Kalasa ZAXX4244
Kalasa ZAXX0735
Kalasa Lukangaba ZAXX4245
Kalasa Mukoso ZAXX4246
Kalaswa ZAXX0142
Kalaswa ZAXX0736
Kalatika ZAXX2556
Kalawa ZAXX2557
Kalaya ZAXX2558
Kalayuka ZAXX8096
Kalefya ZAXX2559
Kaleji ZAXX6079
Kalela ZAXX0737
Kalela ZAXX2560
Kalela ZAXX8097
Kaleleka ZAXX0738
Kalelema ZAXX8098
Kalema ZAXX8099
Kalemba ZAXX8100
Kalemba ZAXX2561
Kalembela ZAXX8101
Kalembelembe ZAXX6080
Kalembo ZAXX2562
Kalemwa ZAXX8102
Kalendo ZAXX2563
Kalendula ZAXX4855
Kalene Hill ZAXX6081
Kalenga ZAXX8103
Kalenga ZAXX2564
Kalenga ZAXX6913
Kalengama ZAXX2565
Kalenge ZAXX8104
Kalenge ZAXX6914
Kalengozola ZAXX6082
Kalengwa ZAXX6083
Kalenje ZAXX4856
Kalepa ZAXX6084
Kalepu ZAXX6085
Kaleshi ZAXX0143
Kalesu ZAXX4857
Kalewa ZAXX2566
Kalezhi ZAXX8105
Kalezi ZAXX8106
Kalezu ZAXX6086
Kali Konge ZAXX0739
Kaliaba Shamboko ZAXX0740
Kaliamba ZAXX8107
Kaliangila ZAXX6915
Kaliangile ZAXX6916
Kalibwe ZAXX0144
Kalichelo ZAXX2567
Kalichero ZAXX2568
Kalihoke ZAXX8108
Kalikalika ZAXX8109
Kalikania ZAXX0741
Kaliki ZAXX8110
Kalikiti ZAXX4858
Kalikiti ZAXX2569
Kalikongwe ZAXX2570
Kalikuwa ZAXX2571
Kalikwe ZAXX2572
Kalila ZAXX0742
Kalilakwenda ZAXX8111
Kalilele ZAXX6087
Kalilengi ZAXX8112
Kalilwa ZAXX0743
Kalima ZAXX4247
Kalima ZAXX6088
Kalima ZAXX2574
Kalimanamunwa ZAXX8114
Kalimandola ZAXX2575
Kalimankonde ZAXX4248
Kalimanzila ZAXX6917
Kalimba ZAXX6089
Kalimba ZAXX4859
Kalimba ZAXX0145
Kalimba ZAXX2576
Kalimba Kuntil ZAXX2577
Kalimbalimbali ZAXX2578
Kalimbila ZAXX2579
Kalimbwe ZAXX8115
Kaliminwa ZAXX4860
Kalimokwende ZAXX4009
Kalimpata ZAXX0146
Kalimukwa ZAXX8116
Kalimunda ZAXX2580
Kalinda ZAXX4861
Kalinda ZAXX2581
Kalindawalo ZAXX2582
Kalindu ZAXX4862
Kalingolombe ZAXX8117
Kalinku ZAXX2583
Kalipenta ZAXX0744
Kalisha ZAXX4863
Kalito ZAXX2584
Kaliule ZAXX8118
Kaliwa ZAXX6918
Kaliwanshila ZAXX4864
Kaliyoyo ZAXX2585
Kaliza ZAXX2586
Kaloba ZAXX6919
Kalobe ZAXX0745
Kalobola ZAXX6920
Kalobolelwa ZAXX8119
Kalobwa ZAXX4249
Kaloka ZAXX4250
Kaloko ZAXX6090
Kaloko ZAXX4251
Kaloko ZAXX2587
Kalola ZAXX2588
Kalola ZAXX6091
Kalole ZAXX2589
Kalomba ZAXX2590
Kalombo ZAXX6092
Kalombola ZAXX4865
Kalomo ZAXX6921
Kalomo Boma ZAXX6922
Kalondwani ZAXX6923
Kalonga ZAXX0747
Kalonga ZAXX2591
Kalongo ZAXX2592
Kalongola ZAXX8121
Kalonguzya ZAXX2593
Kalonje ZAXX2594
Kalonje ZAXX4866
Kalosa ZAXX4867
Kalovo ZAXX6093
Kalowa ZAXX8122
Kalowa ZAXX6094
Kalowa ZAXX2595
Kalu ZAXX0748
Kaluangu ZAXX8123
Kaluani ZAXX0749
Kaluba ZAXX0147
Kalubila ZAXX8124
Kalubilo ZAXX0750
Kalufamutumwa ZAXX8125
Kalukango ZAXX8126
Kalukanya ZAXX4868
Kalukila ZAXX0751
Kalukomo ZAXX2596
Kalukwa ZAXX8127
Kalulu ZAXX4869
Kalulu ZAXX4010
Kalulu ZAXX2597
Kaluluma ZAXX2598
Kalulushi ZAXX0148
Kalulwa ZAXX0752
Kalumba ZAXX8128
Kalumba ZAXX2599
Kalumbi ZAXX2600
Kalumbili ZAXX4252
Kalumbinga ZAXX6095
Kalumbwa ZAXX8129
Kalumbwa Munsa ZAXX0753
Kalumbwe ZAXX8130
Kalume ZAXX2601
Kalumpe ZAXX2602
Kalunda ZAXX8131
Kalunde ZAXX6096
Kalundi ZAXX4870
Kalundu ZAXX4253
Kalundula ZAXX8133
Kalundumuna ZAXX8134
Kalunga ZAXX0754
Kalunga ZAXX8135
Kalunga ZAXX6097
Kalunga ZAXX2603
Kalunga Chikuku ZAXX0755
Kalungaleka ZAXX0756
Kalungulungu ZAXX6098
Kalunguzyanga ZAXX2604
Kalungwisi ZAXX4871
Kalunjele ZAXX8136
Kalunji ZAXX4872
Kalupeleka ZAXX8137
Kalupenda ZAXX8138
Kalupula ZAXX2605
Kalusa ZAXX0757
Kaluwa ZAXX2606
Kaluwani ZAXX2607
Kaluwawa ZAXX6099
Kaluwe ZAXX8139
Kaluwela ZAXX0758
Kaluwi ZAXX6924
Kaluza ZAXX2608
Kalwa Farm ZAXX0759
Kalwala ZAXX4873
Kalwani ZAXX2609
Kalwawe ZAXX2610
Kalwe ZAXX0149
Kalweya ZAXX2611
Kalwizhi ZAXX8140
Kalwizi ZAXX8141
Kalyamani ZAXX4874
Kalyamashinde ZAXX0760
Kalyamba ZAXX8142
Kalyanabulwani ZAXX0150
Kalyanankondo ZAXX2612
Kalyangile ZAXX6925
Kalyangile ZAXX0761
Kalyangu ZAXX8143
Kalyata ZAXX4875
Kalyati ZAXX4876
Kalyavindende ZAXX6100
Kama ZAXX8144
Kamacha ZAXX8145
Kamacholola ZAXX4877
Kamaka ZAXX8146
Kamalondo ZAXX6101
Kamamba ZAXX8147
Kamamba ZAXX6926
Kamamina ZAXX2613
Kamandisa ZAXX8148
Kamanga ZAXX8149
Kamango ZAXX0762
Kamangu ZAXX4878
Kamangula ZAXX6102
Kamanula ZAXX4011
Kamanya ZAXX8150
Kamanya ZAXX2614
Kamapanda ZAXX6103
Kamatete ZAXX0763
Kamatonga ZAXX8151
Kamawino ZAXX2615
Kambadya ZAXX2616
Kambakasuma ZAXX4879
Kambakuku ZAXX4880
Kambalimbali ZAXX2617
Kambando ZAXX2618
Kambanga ZAXX6104
Kambani ZAXX2619
Kambaulunga ZAXX8152
Kambaumbali ZAXX2620
Kambawibu ZAXX0765
Kambaye ZAXX8153
Kambayo ZAXX8154
Kambaza ZAXX2621
Kambelembele ZAXX6105
Kambeli ZAXX8155
Kambere ZAXX2622
Kambi ZAXX8156
Kambili ZAXX6106
Kambilima ZAXX6107
Kambimba ZAXX8158
Kambinda ZAXX6108
Kambingo ZAXX8159
Kambinja ZAXX8160
Kambita ZAXX8161
Kambita ZAXX6109
Kambo ZAXX2623
Kambobe ZAXX4881
Kamboi ZAXX6110
Kamboka ZAXX2624
Kambola ZAXX8162
Kambole ZAXX4882
Kambole ZAXX8163
Kambolo ZAXX8164
Kambombo ZAXX2625
Kambombo ZAXX6111
Kambongi ZAXX6112
Kambongo ZAXX8165
Kambonyi ZAXX8166
Kamboro ZAXX2626
Kambotwe ZAXX8167
Kambotwe ZAXX0767
Kambowa Farm ZAXX0151
Kamboyi ZAXX8168
Kambungo ZAXX8169
Kamburi ZAXX2627
Kambusi ZAXX8170
Kambutika ZAXX2628
Kambuya ZAXX6113
Kambuyo ZAXX2629
Kambuze ZAXX6114
Kambuze ZAXX8171
Kambwali ZAXX4255
Kambwali ZAXX4883
Kambwanga ZAXX8172
Kambwanja ZAXX6115
Kambwata ZAXX8173
Kambwe ZAXX4884
Kambwembwe ZAXX8174
Kambwiri ZAXX2630
Kambwiri ZAXX0768
Kambyasa ZAXX8175
Kamchungu ZAXX2631
Kameme ZAXX4885
Kamena Tayali ZAXX0769
Kamenga ZAXX8176
Kameni ZAXX4886
Kamenya Wukanga ZAXX4012
Kamesha ZAXX8177
Kamesha ZAXX0770
Kameta ZAXX2632
Kameya ZAXX8178
Kamfumu ZAXX4887
Kamfwa ZAXX0152
Kamhatika ZAXX2633
Kamilanga ZAXX0771
Kamilatu ZAXX8179
Kamilende Kuta ZAXX8180
Kamilonga ZAXX0031
Kamina ZAXX4256
Kamina ZAXX8181
Kaminda ZAXX4257
Kaminsa ZAXX4888
Kaminsa ZAXX4258
Kaminyane ZAXX6927
Kaminza ZAXX2634
Kamishele ZAXX8182
Kamitondo ZAXX8183
Kamkulekule ZAXX2635
Kamkuwe ZAXX2636
Kamolisya ZAXX2637
Kamoni ZAXX2638
Kamono ZAXX2639
Kamonwa ZAXX6928
Kamote ZAXX2640
Kamoto ZAXX2641
Kamowa ZAXX2642
Kamoyo ZAXX0772
Kampako ZAXX2643
Kampala ZAXX2644
Kampali ZAXX2645
Kampalwe ZAXX2646
Kampambwe ZAXX4889
Kampandila ZAXX2647
Kampandira ZAXX2648
Kampangore ZAXX2649
Kampani ZAXX2650
Kampata ZAXX2651
Kampela ZAXX4890
Kampende ZAXX2652
Kampende ZAXX8184
Kampengele ZAXX0773
Kampere ZAXX2653
Kampeu ZAXX6116
Kamphasa ZAXX2654
Kamphata ZAXX2655
Kamphira ZAXX2656
Kampho ZAXX2657
Kampilimba ZAXX4259
Kampimpa ZAXX2658
Kampinda ZAXX4891
Kampindira ZAXX2659
Kampiripiri ZAXX2660
Kampukwe ZAXX6929
Kampulu ZAXX4013
Kampumba ZAXX0032
Kampumbo ZAXX2661
Kampumbu ZAXX4892
Kampuzunga ZAXX2662
Kampwete ZAXX2663
Kamsengani ZAXX2664
Kamsosomole ZAXX2665
Kamsure ZAXX2666
Kamtambe ZAXX2667
Kamtangande ZAXX2668
Kamtibulila ZAXX2669
Kamtoyo ZAXX2670
Kamuchelo ZAXX4893
Kamuchinka ZAXX4894
Kamufwika ZAXX0153
Kamujoma ZAXX6930
Kamuka ZAXX8185
Kamukote ZAXX2671
Kamukwamba ZAXX4895
Kamulu ZAXX8186
Kamulumbi ZAXX8187
Kamuma ZAXX8188
Kamundi ZAXX2672
Kamunga ZAXX2673
Kamungu ZAXX2674
Kamunwa ZAXX8189
Kamunyenga ZAXX2675
Kamusembe ZAXX4896
Kamuti ZAXX8190
Kamuti ZAXX4897
Kamuti Malilo ZAXX8191
Kamutu ZAXX2676
Kamutumwa ZAXX8192
Kamuzi ZAXX2677
Kamwalie ZAXX8193
Kamwambu ZAXX6117
Kamwamwa ZAXX6931
Kamwamwa ZAXX6118
Kamwano ZAXX6932
Kamwanya ZAXX8194
Kamwanza ZAXX2678
Kamwata ZAXX6119
Kamwatamwata ZAXX8195
Kamwaya ZAXX4014
Kamwe ZAXX6933
Kamweji ZAXX6120
Kamwendo ZAXX4898
Kamwengele ZAXX0774
Kamwengo ZAXX0775
Kamwenje ZAXX2679
Kamweno ZAXX4899
Kamwetsa ZAXX2680
Kamwiri ZAXX2681
Kamyanga ZAXX4900
Kanakansokoshi ZAXX0776
Kanakila ZAXX0777
Kanala ZAXX8196
Kanamanja ZAXX2682
Kananga ZAXX6934
Kananga ZAXX0778
Kanati ZAXX8197
Kanatola ZAXX6935
Kanatu ZAXX8198
Kanaweza ZAXX2683
Kanayere ZAXX2684
Kancele ZAXX6936
Kanche Bokoshi ZAXX0779
Kanchele ZAXX6937
Kancherenjere ZAXX2685
Kanchi ZAXX0780
Kanchilinga ZAXX4015
Kanchindu ZAXX6938
Kanchule ZAXX0781
Kanda ZAXX8199
Kandabanyama ZAXX8200
Kandala ZAXX8201
Kandama ZAXX8202
Kandembo ZAXX2686
Kandendu ZAXX8203
Kandepu ZAXX8204
Kandepwe ZAXX8205
Kandewe ZAXX4901
Kandeyo ZAXX2687
Kandimbili ZAXX8206
Kandindima ZAXX8207
Kandiwa ZAXX4902
Kandiwo ZAXX2688
Kandoloa ZAXX2689
Kandombwe ZAXX8208
Kandoyo ZAXX8209
Kandu Mubwela ZAXX0784
Kanduku ZAXX2690
Kandule ZAXX2691
Kandumba ZAXX8210
Kandumbwa ZAXX8211
Kandundwe ZAXX6939
Kandungo ZAXX0785
Kandungu ZAXX8212
Kanduza ZAXX2692
Kanego ZAXX6940
Kanembe ZAXX4903
Kanena ZAXX2693
Kanenga ZAXX8213
Kanga ZAXX6121
Kanga ZAXX8214
Kangabala ZAXX0787
Kangai ZAXX6122
Kangalesha ZAXX6123
Kangamba ZAXX8215
Kangambe ZAXX8216
Kanganda ZAXX8217
Kangania ZAXX8218
Kangano ZAXX6124
Kanganti ZAXX2694
Kanganyama ZAXX8219
Kangelesha ZAXX6125
Kangenju ZAXX8220
Kangete ZAXX8221
Kangila ZAXX8222
Kangili ZAXX4904
Kangimbu ZAXX8223
Kangimbu ZAXX6126
Kangina ZAXX8224
Kango ZAXX2695
Kangolo ZAXX8225
Kangolo ZAXX6127
Kangolongolo ZAXX0788
Kangombe ZAXX8226
Kangombe ZAXX4016
Kangombe ZAXX0789
Kangombe Chisha ZAXX4905
Kangombe-ka-Maha ZAXX6128
Kangondi ZAXX0155
Kangongo ZAXX0790
Kangongu ZAXX8227
Kangongwe ZAXX8228
Kangubu ZAXX8229
Kangumu ZAXX8230
Kangunge ZAXX8231
Kangungu ZAXX6129
Kangunungunu ZAXX8232
Kangunya ZAXX8233
Kangusu ZAXX2697
Kanguya ZAXX6130
Kanguya ZAXX8234
Kangwanda ZAXX8235
Kangwanda ZAXX6131
Kangwangu ZAXX8236
Kani ZAXX2698
Kanika ZAXX8237
Kaniki ZAXX2699
Kaniki ZAXX4906
Kanimbwa ZAXX6941
Kanja ZAXX2700
Kanjala ZAXX2701
Kanjani ZAXX0791
Kanjaukwi ZAXX2702
Kanje ZAXX0792
Kanjelenjele ZAXX2703
Kanjengo ZAXX8238
Kanjengu ZAXX8239
Kanjenje ZAXX6132
Kanjimana ZAXX6133
Kanjiri ZAXX4907
Kanjolo ZAXX6942
Kanjonja ZAXX6134
Kanjonja ZAXX6943
Kanjumbo ZAXX8240
Kankamu ZAXX0793
Kankande ZAXX2704
Kankole ZAXX0794
Kankomba ZAXX8241
Kankomba ZAXX0795
Kankombwe ZAXX8242
Kankomwa ZAXX0797
Kankoromwena ZAXX8243
Kankoya ZAXX2706
Kankungwa ZAXX8244
Kankunku ZAXX6135
Kankuwa ZAXX8245
Kankwa ZAXX6944
Kankwenda ZAXX6136
Kankwilimba ZAXX8246
Kanoka ZAXX8247
Kanoka ZAXX6137
Kanokoloka ZAXX2707
Kanolo ZAXX2708
Kanomba ZAXX0798
Kanona ZAXX0799
Kanongesa ZAXX6138
Kanongesha ZAXX6139
Kanongola ZAXX0800
Kanono ZAXX8249
Kansanshi ZAXX6140
Kansenga ZAXX4260
Kansenga ZAXX6141
Kanshela ZAXX4261
Kansilye ZAXX4909
Kansinje ZAXX2709
Kansombwe ZAXX8250
Kansundila ZAXX2710
Kansuswa ZAXX0156
Kantamba ZAXX6945
Kantengwa ZAXX6946
Kantensha ZAXX4910
Kanteshya ZAXX4911
Kantontoka ZAXX0801
Kantuma ZAXX2711
Kantumbi ZAXX6947
Kanuka ZAXX8251
Kanukawanga ZAXX2712
Kanundwa ZAXX6948
Kanunshya ZAXX2713
Kanununu ZAXX8252
Kanuska ZAXX2714
Kanwa ZAXX8253
Kanyabanyama ZAXX8254
Kanyachi ZAXX6142
Kanyala ZAXX8255
Kanyali ZAXX6143
Kanyama ZAXX6949
Kanyama ZAXX2715
Kanyama ZAXX0033
Kanyamba ZAXX8256
Kanyambwe ZAXX4912
Kanyanda ZAXX2717
Kanyanda ZAXX6145
Kanyandula ZAXX2718
Kanyanga ZAXX2719
Kanyange ZAXX8257
Kanyange ZAXX6146
Kanyanje ZAXX0157
Kanyantha ZAXX2720
Kanyanya ZAXX2721
Kanyanyata ZAXX2722
Kanyaru ZAXX2723
Kanyata ZAXX8258
Kanyemba ZAXX8259
Kanyemba Kamfwa ZAXX0803
Kanyembe ZAXX4913
Kanyembo ZAXX4262
Kanyemena ZAXX6147
Kanyemeshya ZAXX6148
Kanyemvu ZAXX8260
Kanyendula ZAXX2725
Kanyenye ZAXX2726
Kanyeu ZAXX8261
Kanyika ZAXX6149
Kanyilambi ZAXX6150
Kanyimbwa ZAXX8262
Kanyimbwa ZAXX6151
Kanyoka ZAXX2727
Kanyonda ZAXX2728
Kanyonga ZAXX4914
Kanyoza ZAXX2729
Kanyoze ZAXX6950
Kanyuka ZAXX2730
Kanyumba ZAXX2731
Kanyumbu ZAXX0805
Kanyungulu ZAXX6152
Kanyunya ZAXX2732
Kaole ZAXX4915
Kaoma ZAXX8263
Kaombwe ZAXX4916
Kaonde ZAXX8264
Kaongela ZAXX4917
Kaongo ZAXX0806
Kaongolo ZAXX8265
Kapachila ZAXX2733
Kapachiso ZAXX6153
Kapafu ZAXX6154
Kapainzi ZAXX2734
Kapaizi ZAXX2735
Kapala ZAXX2736
Kapalala ZAXX8266
Kapalala ZAXX4263
Kapalamoto ZAXX0807
Kapale ZAXX2737
Kapalila ZAXX6155
Kapalo ZAXX8267
Kapalu ZAXX8268
Kapamba ZAXX6156
Kapamba ZAXX0808
Kapampa ZAXX4918
Kapanda ZAXX0809
Kapandansalu ZAXX4919
Kapandashila ZAXX4920
Kapande ZAXX0810
Kapandila ZAXX4921
Kapandula ZAXX8270
Kapandula ZAXX4922
Kapandulula ZAXX8271
Kapanga ZAXX8272
Kapangabana ZAXX0812
Kapangala ZAXX2739
Kapangula ZAXX2740
Kapangula ZAXX4923
Kapansa ZAXX2741
Kapansha ZAXX0813
Kapapa ZAXX2742
Kapapula ZAXX0158
Kapara ZAXX2743
Kaparakonje ZAXX2744
Kaparia ZAXX6951
Kapasa ZAXX4924
Kapashi ZAXX0814
Kapata ZAXX8273
Kapata ZAXX4264
Kapatama ZAXX6952
Kapatamoyo ZAXX2745
Kapau ZAXX8274
Kapayi ZAXX6157
Kapazhi ZAXX8275
Kapekesia ZAXX2746
Kapeku ZAXX8276
Kapeku ZAXX6158
Kapela ZAXX4265
Kapelabulungu ZAXX8277
Kapelamela ZAXX4925
Kapelemela ZAXX2747
Kapelengi ZAXX8278
Kapeluka ZAXX6159
Kapelwa ZAXX8279
Kapemba ZAXX6160
Kapemba ZAXX8280
Kapembe ZAXX4926
Kapembe ZAXX8281
Kapembe ZAXX2748
Kapembi ZAXX0815
Kapembwa ZAXX4927
Kapenda ZAXX0816
Kapenda ZAXX2749
Kapendamanji ZAXX4928
Kapende ZAXX8282
Kapendeka ZAXX2750
Kapenya ZAXX4266
Kapenya ZAXX2751
Kapepa ZAXX6161
Kapepa ZAXX4929
Kapepa ZAXX2752
Kapepe ZAXX2753
Kapepeya ZAXX2754
Kapepiso ZAXX8283
Kaperemera ZAXX2755
Kapesa ZAXX4267
Kapeshi ZAXX8284
Kapeshi ZAXX6162
Kapeta ZAXX2756
Kapeto ZAXX4930
Kapeya ZAXX2757
Kapeyanga ZAXX2758
Kapeza ZAXX2759
Kapianga ZAXX2760
Kapichi ZAXX2761
Kapichida ZAXX2762
Kapichila ZAXX2763
Kapidigiza ZAXX0817
Kapiha ZAXX6163
Kapihibilila ZAXX2764
Kapiji ZAXX6164
Kapijimpanga ZAXX6165
Kapika ZAXX2765
Kapikanji ZAXX4931
Kapikanya ZAXX0819
Kapila ZAXX2766
Kapila ZAXX6166
Kapili ZAXX0820
Kapili ZAXX2767
Kapili ZAXX6167
Kapili Mande ZAXX4932
Kapilo ZAXX2768
Kapimpa ZAXX6168
Kapimpa ZAXX8285
Kapin ZAXX4018
Kapinda ZAXX2769
Kapinda ZAXX4933
Kapindula ZAXX8286
Kapini ZAXX4019
Kapini ZAXX0821
Kapiololo ZAXX8287
Kapira ZAXX0822
Kapiri ZAXX4020
Kapiri ZAXX2770
Kapiri ZAXX0159
Kapiri Mposhi ZAXX0034
Kapishi ZAXX8288
Kapita ZAXX8289
Kapitango ZAXX6169
Kapitango ZAXX8290
Kapito ZAXX2771
Kapoba ZAXX8291
Kapoke ZAXX4934
Kapoko ZAXX4935
Kapokola ZAXX4936
Kapoli ZAXX4937
Kapolio ZAXX4938
Kapolo ZAXX0823
Kapolwa ZAXX4268
Kapomera ZAXX2772
Kaponda ZAXX0160
Kapondo ZAXX6953
Kapondo ZAXX0824
Kapondola ZAXX8293
Kaponga ZAXX4939
Kaponge ZAXX8294
Kaponjela ZAXX4940
Kaponyamboo ZAXX4941
Kapopo ZAXX2773
Kapopo ZAXX4942
Kaporoso ZAXX0826
Kaposa ZAXX6170
Kaposhi ZAXX6171
Kaposhi ZAXX8295
Kapota ZAXX0827
Kapote ZAXX8297
Kapoteshia ZAXX4021
Kapotwe ZAXX2774
Kapowa ZAXX8298
Kapoya ZAXX4269
Kapu ZAXX4270
Kapuba ZAXX6172
Kapubi Phillip ZAXX4022
Kapufi ZAXX4943
Kapui ZAXX8299
Kapuka ZAXX4023
Kapuka ZAXX8300
Kapukali ZAXX6173
Kapula ZAXX8301
Kapulangu ZAXX8302
Kapule ZAXX6954
Kapuli ZAXX0828
Kapulula ZAXX4944
Kapuma ZAXX8304
Kapumba ZAXX6174
Kapumbu ZAXX8305
Kapumbula ZAXX8306
Kapumfi ZAXX4945
Kapumpa ZAXX4271
Kapumpu ZAXX2776
Kapunda ZAXX8307
Kapungu ZAXX6175
Kapungwa ZAXX4946
Kapunula ZAXX2777
Kapupa ZAXX8308
Kapupula ZAXX0829
Kapusa ZAXX8309
Kapusa-Mwansa ZAXX4947
Kapusu ZAXX8310
Kaputa ZAXX4948
Kaputi ZAXX8311
Kaputu ZAXX4949
Kapuypu ZAXX2778
Kapuzama ZAXX2779
Kapwanya ZAXX4950
Kapweletete ZAXX8312
Kapwenge ZAXX4273
Kapwengo ZAXX8313
Kapwepwe ZAXX4274
Kapyanga ZAXX0830
Kapyasa ZAXX8314
Karajeka ZAXX6177
Karangua ZAXX6178
Karenda ZAXX0831
Karenga ZAXX2780
Karenga ZAXX6179
Karnutter ZAXX0832
Karoma ZAXX4024
Karonje ZAXX2781
Karubwe ZAXX0035
Kasaba ZAXX4951
Kasabi ZAXX8315
Kasabwa ZAXX0833
Kasabwe ZAXX4952
Kasai ZAXX6180
Kasaka ZAXX6955
Kasaka ZAXX4953
Kasaka ZAXX6181
Kasakala ZAXX6182
Kasakalabwe ZAXX4954
Kasakalawe ZAXX4955
Kasaku ZAXX8316
Kasakula ZAXX4956
Kasala ZAXX6183
Kasala Tiki ZAXX4025
Kasalika ZAXX2782
Kasalla ZAXX2783
Kasalumuna ZAXX8317
Kasalya ZAXX6184
Kasama ZAXX4957
Kasamba ZAXX6185
Kasamba ZAXX4958
Kasambo ZAXX6956
Kasambo ZAXX2784
Kasampanama ZAXX2785
Kasamu ZAXX8318
Kasamu ZAXX6957
Kasamu Kalamfu ZAXX4026
Kasamwa ZAXX0161
Kasanda ZAXX6186
Kasandila ZAXX2786
Kasanga ZAXX8319
Kasanga ZAXX6187
Kasangala ZAXX4960
Kasangalu ZAXX4961
Kasanka ZAXX4275
Kasansamuna ZAXX2787
Kasantula ZAXX2788
Kasanza ZAXX4962
Kasanza ZAXX6188
Kasaru ZAXX2789
Kasata ZAXX0834
Kasawi ZAXX2790
Kase ZAXX4963
Kaseba ZAXX0835
Kaseba-Chiwila ZAXX6189
Kasebe ZAXX0036
Kasegula ZAXX2791
Kaseka ZAXX4964
Kaseke ZAXX6190
Kaselenge ZAXX4965
Kasema Makabo ZAXX0837
Kasembe ZAXX2792
Kasembe ZAXX4276
Kasembe ZAXX8320
Kasempa ZAXX6191
Kasempa ZAXX0838
Kasempe ZAXX6192
Kasenda ZAXX8322
Kasende ZAXX6193
Kasenga ZAXX6958
Kasenga ZAXX2793
Kasenga ZAXX0839
Kasenya ZAXX8323
Kasera ZAXX2794
Kasero ZAXX2795
Kasesha ZAXX0840
Kasesha ZAXX4966
Kasesi ZAXX6194
Kasewo ZAXX2796
Kaseya ZAXX4967
Kasha ZAXX0841
Kashadola ZAXX8324
Kashala ZAXX8325
Kashambila ZAXX6195
Kashandi ZAXX8326
Kashandola ZAXX8327
Kashanga ZAXX6196
Kashanja ZAXX8328
Kasharo ZAXX8329
Kashatoka ZAXX8330
Kashatuka ZAXX8331
Kashaya ZAXX0842
Kasheba ZAXX8332
Kasheke ZAXX6197
Kasheke ZAXX8333
Kashele ZAXX6198
Kashema ZAXX4968
Kashembe ZAXX8334
Kashepwa ZAXX8335
Kasheta ZAXX0843
Kashiba ZAXX4277
Kashikishi ZAXX4278
Kashima ZAXX6199
Kashimani ZAXX8336
Kashimba ZAXX8337
Kashimba Shitima ZAXX4027
Kashimbi ZAXX6959
Kashimbi ZAXX8338
Kashina ZAXX8339
Kashinda ZAXX4969
Kashinga ZAXX8340
Kashingili ZAXX8341
Kashingwe ZAXX6960
Kashinka ZAXX4970
Kashinka ZAXX0844
Kashishi ZAXX0845
Kashitiko ZAXX8342
Kashitu ZAXX0162
Kashiya ZAXX4028
Kashoka ZAXX8343
Kashona ZAXX6200
Kashondo ZAXX6201
Kashonka ZAXX8344
Kashuluki ZAXX8345
Kashushu ZAXX8346
Kasi ZAXX4971
Kasichila ZAXX4972
Kasikasika ZAXX8347
Kasimba ZAXX8348
Kasimba Kuta ZAXX8349
Kasimbili ZAXX4973
Kasinje ZAXX2797
Kasinkula ZAXX2798
Kasinsa ZAXX4029
Kasip ZAXX0846
Kasisi ZAXX4030
Kasisi Mission ZAXX0037
Kasito ZAXX8350
Kasiya ZAXX6961
Kasiya ZAXX2799
Kasobe ZAXX0847
Kasoka ZAXX8351
Kasoko ZAXX6962
Kasoko ZAXX4031
Kasola ZAXX0848
Kasolo ZAXX4032
Kasolo ZAXX4974
Kasolwe ZAXX2800
Kasoma ZAXX4279
Kasoma Bangweulu ZAXX4280
Kasoma Lwela ZAXX4281
Kasompe ZAXX6202
Kasompe ZAXX4282
Kasompe ZAXX0163
Kasonda ZAXX8352
Kasonde ZAXX4033
Kasonde ZAXX2801
Kasonde ZAXX4975
Kasoneka ZAXX6203
Kasongo ZAXX8353
Kasongo ZAXX4977
Kasongo ZAXX6204
Kasongole ZAXX4978
Kasongolwe ZAXX2802
Kasoni ZAXX0849
Kasonka ZAXX4979
Kasonkomona ZAXX4980
Kasonkomona ZAXX4283
Kasonkomona ZAXX0850
Kasonkore ZAXX2803
Kasonkowavika ZAXX4981
Kasonso ZAXX2804
Kasonso ZAXX0851
Kasonya ZAXX4982
Kasopa ZAXX2805
Kasopa ZAXX4983
Kasosolwe ZAXX4984
Kasosomore ZAXX2806
Kasote ZAXX2807
Kasowa ZAXX8354
Kasowa ZAXX4985
Kasuba ZAXX4284
Kasuba ZAXX4986
Kasuka ZAXX8355
Kasuko ZAXX0853
Kasuku ZAXX6205
Kasukusume ZAXX4987
Kasula ZAXX0854
Kasuma ZAXX4988
Kasumba ZAXX4989
Kasumbi ZAXX8356
Kasumpa ZAXX8357
Kasumpabuwe ZAXX0855
Kasunda ZAXX4990
Kasungami ZAXX6206
Kasunka ZAXX0856
Kasunu ZAXX0164
Kasupa ZAXX8358
Kasusu ZAXX2808
Kasuwa ZAXX2809
Kaswaila ZAXX2810
Kaswanga ZAXX4991
Kaswanka ZAXX4992
Kasyasya ZAXX4993
Kataba ZAXX6963
Kataba ZAXX0857
Kataba ZAXX8359
Kataba Masamba ZAXX0858
Katako ZAXX8360
Katakombe ZAXX2811
Katakula ZAXX8361
Katakwe ZAXX2812
Katala ZAXX6207
Katali ZAXX6208
Katalila ZAXX2813
Katama ZAXX8362
Katambala ZAXX2814
Katambo ZAXX6964
Katambo ZAXX2815
Katambo ZAXX8363
Katampula ZAXX8364
Katamvu ZAXX6209
Katanamina ZAXX8365
Katanda ZAXX2816
Katanda ZAXX6965
Katanda ZAXX8366
Katandala ZAXX2817
Katandi ZAXX2818
Katanekwa ZAXX8367
Katanga ZAXX0165
Katanga ZAXX4994
Katanga ZAXX0859
Katangali ZAXX8368
Katangalika ZAXX2819
Katangu ZAXX8369
Katanino ZAXX0166
Katanya ZAXX4995
Katanya ZAXX8370
Katapa ZAXX2820
Katapaonga ZAXX2821
Katapasi ZAXX6966
Katapazi ZAXX6967
Katapele ZAXX2822
Katasha ZAXX8371
Katata ZAXX4996
Katata ZAXX0167
Katawa ZAXX2823
Kataya ZAXX8372
Katazi ZAXX4997
Kate Kisenga ZAXX0861
Katebula ZAXX4998
Katebula ZAXX4286
Kateche ZAXX2824
Kateke ZAXX8373
Katekwe ZAXX2825
Katela ZAXX6210
Katele ZAXX4999
Kateleka ZAXX6211
Katelele ZAXX0168
Katema ZAXX8374
Katema ZAXX2826
Katemalinga ZAXX2827
Katemba ZAXX6212
Katembo ZAXX8375
Katembwano ZAXX8376
Katemo ZAXX2828
Katenda ZAXX2829
Katenekwa ZAXX8377
Katenga ZAXX8378
Katengo ZAXX8379
Katentha ZAXX2830
Katepa ZAXX5000
Katepu ZAXX6213
Katetandimbu ZAXX6214
Katete ZAXX2831
Katete ZAXX5002
Katete ZAXX8380
Katewe ZAXX2832
Kathumba ZAXX2833
Katiata ZAXX8381
Katiba ZAXX8382
Katibunga ZAXX5003
Katikululo ZAXX0862
Katikumbula ZAXX8383
Katilambinga ZAXX6215
Katima Masohzi ZAXX6216
Katima Mulilo ZAXX8384
Katimba ZAXX2834
Katimbira ZAXX2835
Katimo ZAXX2836
Katinta ZAXX2837
Katinti ZAXX6968
Katinya ZAXX5004
Katita ZAXX8385
Kato ZAXX0863
Katobamula ZAXX0864
Katobo ZAXX6969
Katobo ZAXX2838
Katoha ZAXX6217
Katola ZAXX0169
Katolo ZAXX8386
Katombora ZAXX6970
Katondwe ZAXX4034
Katonga ZAXX8387
Katonga ZAXX4287
Katongi ZAXX0865
Katongo ZAXX8388
Katongo ZAXX5005
Katongo ZAXX6218
Katongwe ZAXX2839
Katonyo ZAXX5006
Katopeka ZAXX2840
Katota ZAXX8389
Katota ZAXX2841
Katota ZAXX6219
Katota ZAXX4288
Katota ZAXX0866
Katoti ZAXX8390
Katotola ZAXX8391
Katowa ZAXX0867
Katozi ZAXX5007
Katsekula ZAXX2842
Katuba ZAXX0868
Katuba ZAXX6220
Katubula ZAXX0869
Katukawuchu ZAXX5008
Katukula ZAXX8392
Katukwe ZAXX0038
Katulu ZAXX6221
Katumba ZAXX5009
Katumba ZAXX6971
Katumba ZAXX8393
Katumbi ZAXX2843
Katumbula ZAXX6222
Katumwa ZAXX8394
Katundu ZAXX5010
Katundu ZAXX8395
Katundula ZAXX5011
Katungo ZAXX2844
Katungu ZAXX8396
Katupisha ZAXX8397
Katuse ZAXX8398
Katusi ZAXX8399
Katuta ZAXX2845
Katuta ZAXX0871
Katuta Chishinga ZAXX5012
Katuta Kampemba ZAXX4289
Katuwa ZAXX2846
Katuwaula ZAXX0872
Katuzi ZAXX2847
Katwa ZAXX5013
Katwala ZAXX8400
Katwamzila ZAXX6972
Katwe ZAXX5014
Katwikambulu ZAXX8401
Katwimbi ZAXX4290
Katwizi ZAXX2848
Katyetye ZAXX5015
Kaubo ZAXX6223
Kaudi ZAXX2849
Kaula ZAXX6224
Kaula ZAXX6973
Kaula ZAXX0873
Kaula ZAXX8402
Kaulo ZAXX2850
Kaulu ZAXX8403
Kaumba ZAXX8404
Kaumba ZAXX6225
Kaunda ZAXX5016
Kaunda ZAXX8405
Kaunda ZAXX2851
Kaundu ZAXX8406
Kaundula ZAXX8407
Kaunga ZAXX5017
Kaunga ZAXX8408
Kaungi ZAXX2852
Kaungo ZAXX8409
Kaunguluka ZAXX5018
Kaunku ZAXX2853
Kausha ZAXX8410
Kaushenda ZAXX8411
Kauswe ZAXX2854
Kauta ZAXX2855
Kauwala ZAXX8412
Kauwe ZAXX6974
Kavala ZAXX2856
Kavatula ZAXX8413
Kaveta ZAXX6226
Kaviali ZAXX2857
Kavicheche ZAXX2858
Kavilawa ZAXX2859
Kavili ZAXX8414
Kavimba ZAXX2860
Kavimba Mukuta ZAXX4035
Kavulasiya ZAXX2861
Kavumbu ZAXX6227
Kavundala ZAXX2862
Kavungu ZAXX8415
Kavuu ZAXX2863
Kavwata ZAXX6975
Kawaile ZAXX8416
Kawalala ZAXX2864
Kawalelo ZAXX8417
Kawalenga ZAXX2865
Kawalika ZAXX2866
Kawalize ZAXX2867
Kawalizhi ZAXX6976
Kawama ZAXX4291
Kawamba ZAXX0874
Kawamba ZAXX2868
Kawambe ZAXX2869
Kawambwa ZAXX4292
Kawana ZAXX6228
Kawana ZAXX8418
Kawanda ZAXX8419
Kawandu ZAXX2870
Kawanga ZAXX5019
Kawanga ZAXX2871
Kawanga ZAXX8420
Kawango ZAXX2872
Kawangu ZAXX6229
Kawanje ZAXX2873
Kawanzi ZAXX2874
Kawatika ZAXX2875
Kawawa ZAXX8421
Kawaya ZAXX0875
Kawaya ZAXX8422
Kawaza ZAXX2876
Kaweche ZAXX2877
Kawele ZAXX6230
Kawemba ZAXX2878
Kawembwe ZAXX5020
Kawena ZAXX5021
Kawenda ZAXX2879
Kawendama ZAXX2880
Kawende ZAXX8423
Kawendwa ZAXX4293
Kawengere ZAXX2881
Kawenya ZAXX8424
Kawere ZAXX2882
Kawesha ZAXX8425
Kawewa ZAXX2883
Kawila ZAXX5022
Kawilima ZAXX2884
Kawilizye ZAXX5023
Kawimbe ZAXX5024
Kawina ZAXX8426
Kawindilo ZAXX5025
Kawinga ZAXX0876
Kawinga ZAXX2885
Kawisha ZAXX6231
Kawisha ZAXX8427
Kawiza ZAXX2886
Kawizuta ZAXX2887
Kawocha ZAXX6232
Kawoko ZAXX2888
Kawonde ZAXX5026
Kawondo ZAXX6233
Kawoye ZAXX4036
Kawumbu ZAXX6234
Kawunda ZAXX5027
Kawunje ZAXX2889
Kayabo ZAXX6977
Kayala ZAXX8428
Kayama ZAXX6978
Kayama ZAXX8429
Kayamba ZAXX8430
Kayambi ZAXX8431
Kayambila ZAXX6235
Kayambila ZAXX8432
Kayanga ZAXX8433
Kayanza ZAXX2890
Kayanzya ZAXX2891
Kayara ZAXX2892
Kayatwa ZAXX8434
Kayawa ZAXX2893
Kayawe ZAXX8435
Kayekezelo ZAXX8436
Kayelu ZAXX8437
Kayenda ZAXX6236
Kayereka ZAXX2894
Kayewela ZAXX6237
Kayila ZAXX5028
Kayimbonyi ZAXX2895
Kayimfwa ZAXX2896
Kayinga ZAXX6979
Kayingu ZAXX6980
Kayipambe ZAXX5029
Kayisolele ZAXX5030
Kayitwa ZAXX8438
Kayiwa ZAXX5031
Kayo ZAXX8439
Kayoka ZAXX8440
Kayokomona ZAXX8441
Kayola ZAXX8442
Kayomba ZAXX5032
Kayomba ZAXX6238
Kayombo ZAXX6239
Kayowela ZAXX5033
Kayoya ZAXX8444
Kayoyo ZAXX2897
Kayoyo ZAXX8445
Kayuba ZAXX8446
Kayula ZAXX2898
Kayumbi ZAXX8447
Kayumbwa ZAXX8448
Kayumo ZAXX8449
Kayundu ZAXX8450
Kayuni ZAXX6240
Kayuwa ZAXX6241
Kayuwa ZAXX8451
Kaywala ZAXX8452
Kazakama ZAXX8453
Kazala ZAXX6981
Kazamba ZAXX6242
Kazandwe ZAXX2899
Kazekulu ZAXX8454
Kazembazemba ZAXX6243
Kazembe ZAXX5034
Kazembe ZAXX6244
Kazembe ZAXX2900
Kazembe ZAXX8455
Kazeva ZAXX8456
Kazeze ZAXX8457
Kazhila ZAXX8458
Kazhina ZAXX8459
Kazika ZAXX2901
Kazilakambaka ZAXX8460
Kazilimani ZAXX2902
Kazilonda ZAXX2903
Kazimbwe ZAXX2904
Kazimoto ZAXX5035
Kazimuli ZAXX2905
Kazinga ZAXX5036
Kazipinde ZAXX2906
Kazoka ZAXX6982
Kazowo ZAXX2907
Kazule ZAXX2908
Kazumba ZAXX6245
Kazumba ZAXX5037
Kazumbi ZAXX2909
Kazungo ZAXX8461
Kazungula ZAXX0039
Kazwila ZAXX5038
Kebobo ZAXX0877
Keembe ZAXX0878
Keeswa ZAXX0879
Keke ZAXX8462
Kekelwa ZAXX8463
Kela ZAXX5039
Kelongwa ZAXX6246
Kemba ZAXX0880
Kembe ZAXX6983
Kena ZAXX2910
Kenabanyama ZAXX8464
Kenan ZAXX5040
Kenan Mutambo ZAXX5041
Kengeluka ZAXX4037
Keni ZAXX2911
Kenneth ZAXX5042
Kenongwa ZAXX6247
Kentilio Chabala ZAXX0881
Kesi ZAXX8465
Keta ZAXX8466
Kettle Kuka ZAXX0882
Ketutu Chisesa ZAXX0883
Keyaya ZAXX5043
Khomopele ZAXX8467
Khoswe ZAXX2912
Khoza ZAXX2913
Kialubilo ZAXX8468
Kifubwa ZAXX6248
Kikana ZAXX6249
Kikonge ZAXX6250
Kimina ZAXX6251
Kingama ZAXX8469
Kingebe ZAXX8470
Kinji ZAXX8471
Kinkululu ZAXX0884
Kinya ZAXX8472
Kisamba ZAXX4295
Kisimisi ZAXX2914
Kitwe ZAXX0040
Kiyumbi ZAXX6252
Klemba ZAXX8473
Kokana ZAXX8474
Kokile ZAXX8475
Koko ZAXX5044
Kokowe ZAXX4038
Koloko ZAXX2915
Kolondo ZAXX6984
Kolongo ZAXX2916
Kolowa ZAXX8476
Kolowanda ZAXX2917
Kolwe ZAXX2918
Koma ZAXX6985
Komakoma ZAXX5045
Komanyana ZAXX6986
Komba Niyabanya ZAXX5046
Kombalanga ZAXX2919
Kombe ZAXX5047
Kombe ZAXX0885
Kombelelo ZAXX8478
Kombelwa ZAXX8479
Kombi ZAXX0171
Kombwe ZAXX0886
Komesha ZAXX0887
Kompeli ZAXX8480
Konda ZAXX8481
Kondu ZAXX8482
Kondwelani ZAXX2920
Konga ZAXX8483
Kongoliazala ZAXX8484
Kongwa ZAXX8485
Koni ZAXX0888
Koni ZAXX5048
Konkaishya ZAXX0889
Konkola ZAXX0172
Konkola ZAXX5049
Konkoni ZAXX2921
Konkwa ZAXX4039
Koolwe ZAXX6987
Kopa ZAXX0891
Kopa ZAXX5050
Kopamba ZAXX0892
Korakomutu ZAXX2922
Koropete ZAXX2923
Kosakwenda ZAXX2924
Kosam ZAXX5051
Kosamu Kaponda ZAXX0893
Kossam Kashila ZAXX0894
Kossam Malundila ZAXX0895
Kossam Njola ZAXX0896
Kota ZAXX2925
Kotati ZAXX0897
Kotavu ZAXX6988
Kotito ZAXX5052
Kowa ZAXX5053
Kowela ZAXX2926
Kowongo ZAXX0898
Kowoshya ZAXX2927
Koyana ZAXX8486
Koyongwe ZAXX2928
Koza ZAXX2929
Kozo ZAXX8487
Kuakua ZAXX8488
Kubama ZAXX8489
Kubemba ZAXX6253
Kuchaya ZAXX6254
Kucheka ZAXX6255
Kufalala ZAXX8490
Kufanga ZAXX8491
Kufela ZAXX8492
Kufoma ZAXX2930
Kufuka ZAXX8493
Kufukeka ZAXX8494
Kufwakudulu ZAXX6989
Kuhahoma ZAXX8495
Kuketa ZAXX8496
Kukwere ZAXX2931
Kulala ZAXX8497
Kulanga ZAXX2932
Kulelwa ZAXX4296
Kulema ZAXX8498
Kuli ZAXX2933
Kulikuli ZAXX2934
Kulima ZAXX6256
Kulimakulima ZAXX8499
Kuloya ZAXX8500
Kulukulu ZAXX6257
Kulwamala ZAXX8501
Kumbilumbilu ZAXX8502
Kumbombo ZAXX2935
Kumbu ZAXX5054
Kumbula ZAXX4040
Kumbuyo ZAXX2936
Kumbuyu ZAXX2937
Kumbwe ZAXX0173
Kumina ZAXX8503
Kumoyo ZAXX8504
Kumwe ZAXX2938
Kunamakuni ZAXX8505
Kunda ZAXX2939
Kundalange ZAXX5055
Kundamfumu ZAXX4297
Kundendama ZAXX8506
Kundendema ZAXX8507
Kundimambwe ZAXX5056
Kunga ZAXX8508
Kunga ZAXX6258
Kungakunga ZAXX8509
Kungu ZAXX5057
Kungu ZAXX8510
Kungulu ZAXX0900
Kungwe ZAXX2940
Kungwi ZAXX4298
Kunjenja ZAXX8511
Kunyanda ZAXX8512
Kuoaha ZAXX2941
Kupeleka ZAXX8513
Kushando ZAXX8514
Kushwamarena ZAXX6990
Kusirakazi ZAXX2942
Kuta ZAXX5058
Kutibiwa ZAXX8515
Kutoha ZAXX6259
Kutula ZAXX8516
Kutwi ZAXX6991
Kuuli ZAXX8517
Kuvindekela ZAXX8518
Kuwaya ZAXX8519
Kuwilu ZAXX8520
Kuyawa ZAXX8521
Kuyengwa ZAXX8522
Kuyewa ZAXX8523
Kuyewana ZAXX8524
Kuzana ZAXX2943
Kuzumba ZAXX6260
Kwabila ZAXX8525
Kwabinga ZAXX8526
Kwakwaya ZAXX4041
Kwala ZAXX8527
Kwalaela ZAXX8528
Kwale ZAXX0901
Kwalela ZAXX8529
Kwaleyela ZAXX8530
Kwalombota ZAXX8531
Kwandera ZAXX2944
Kwangu ZAXX5059
Kwanja ZAXX2945
Kwashimbisa ZAXX8532
Kwatalie ZAXX8533
Kwawa ZAXX2946
Kwayo ZAXX8534
Kwekisa ZAXX8535
Kweleka ZAXX8536
Kweli ZAXX8537
Kwembula ZAXX8538
Kwenani ZAXX8539
Kwenda ZAXX8540
Kwerani ZAXX2947
Kwerewere ZAXX2948
Kwibisa ZAXX8541
Kwiungu ZAXX6261
Kwoyoyisha ZAXX8542
Kyacht ZAXX0902
Kyema ZAXX8543
Laban ZAXX2949
Laban Sinkala ZAXX5060
Labwashi ZAXX5061
Laija Mwapa ZAXX0903
Lailo ZAXX0904
Lailo Musoshya ZAXX0905
Laimo Kulutwa ZAXX0906
Lalafuta ZAXX6262
Lamak Miya ZAXX0907
Lamba ZAXX6263
Lambo ZAXX5062
Lambwe ZAXX5063
Lamek ZAXX0908
Lamek Kaila ZAXX5065
Lamek Ndapatwa ZAXX0909
Lameka ZAXX2950
Lamukwena ZAXX8544
Landa ZAXX0911
Langa ZAXX2951
Langashe ZAXX4299
Langisi ZAXX2952
Lasalo ZAXX5066
Lasalo Mumba ZAXX0913
Lasalo Ngosa ZAXX0914
Lasengo ZAXX0915
Lasoa Musonda ZAXX0916
Lauli Chimpali ZAXX0917
Lauli Kabamba ZAXX0918
Lazalo ZAXX5067
Lazalo Mwape ZAXX0919
Lazalo Tindi ZAXX0920
Lazao ZAXX6992
Lazaralere ZAXX2953
Lazarus ZAXX5068
Lealii ZAXX8545
Lealui ZAXX8546
Leashimba ZAXX8547
Ledman Kamanga ZAXX2954
Leleka ZAXX8548
Lemba ZAXX5069
Lembalemba ZAXX5070
Lembani ZAXX0921
Lembera ZAXX0922
Lembo ZAXX0923
Lemelani ZAXX2955
Lemi ZAXX2956
Lenga ZAXX5071
Lenge ZAXX6264
Lengelengele ZAXX8549
Lengwa ZAXX0924
Leo Makoti ZAXX5072
Lepai ZAXX8550
Lesa ZAXX0174
Lesoni Changwe ZAXX0925
Levi ZAXX2957
Levi Kapule ZAXX0926
Levi Mwango ZAXX0927
Lewis ZAXX0928
Liafoki ZAXX8551
Liafwika ZAXX8552
Liaka ZAXX8553
Liakangisa ZAXX8554
Liamana ZAXX8555
Liambai ZAXX8556
Liambamaita ZAXX8557
Liambango ZAXX8558
Liambezi ZAXX8559
Liambika ZAXX8560
Liambila ZAXX6265
Liambombola ZAXX8561
Liambulula ZAXX8562
Liamene ZAXX8563
Liamine ZAXX8564
Liamu ZAXX8565
Liamunga ZAXX8566
Lianda ZAXX8567
Liandamu ZAXX8568
Liande ZAXX8569
Liande Kuta ZAXX8570
Lianganga ZAXX8571
Liangati ZAXX8572
Liangonga ZAXX8573
Liangumuka ZAXX8574
Lianyunga ZAXX8575
Liaonga ZAXX8576
Liapukumuka ZAXX8577
Liashimba ZAXX8578
Liaula ZAXX6266
Liavwaya ZAXX8579
Liawawa ZAXX8580
Liawelo ZAXX8581
Libaka ZAXX8582
Libala ZAXX4042
Libala ZAXX6267
Libambaki ZAXX0929
Libanda ZAXX8583
Libanga ZAXX8584
Libati ZAXX8585
Libebe ZAXX8586
Libilingoma ZAXX8587
Libindika ZAXX8588
Libinga ZAXX8589
Libingi ZAXX8590
Liboma ZAXX8591
Libonda ZAXX8592
Libonda ZAXX6993
Libuku ZAXX8593
Libumbo ZAXX8594
Libumbu ZAXX8595
Libumina ZAXX8596
Libusha ZAXX0930
Libuwa ZAXX8597
Libuya ZAXX8598
Libuyu ZAXX6994
Lichaha ZAXX8599
Lichilanda ZAXX8600
Lidiba ZAXX8601
Liebela ZAXX8602
Liebeti ZAXX8603
Liembane ZAXX8604
Liembani ZAXX8605
Liempi ZAXX4043
Liendo ZAXX8606
Liezi ZAXX8607
Lifuka ZAXX6268
Lifumbela ZAXX8608
Lifumbo ZAXX8609
Lifumpa ZAXX4044
Lifuna ZAXX8610
Lifunga ZAXX6269
Lifute ZAXX8611
Lifuti ZAXX8612
Lifweba ZAXX8613
Lifwembo ZAXX8614
Lifwika ZAXX6270
Liganake ZAXX8615
Ligomo ZAXX2958
Lihampali ZAXX8616
Lihapwa ZAXX8617
Liholo ZAXX8618
Lihuwa ZAXX8619
Lihwe ZAXX8620
Lika ZAXX8621
Likabo ZAXX8622
Likalaba ZAXX6271
Likanda ZAXX4045
Likanda ZAXX8623
Likandapula ZAXX8624
Likando ZAXX8625
Likanyika ZAXX6272
Likapai ZAXX8626
Likatalelo ZAXX8627
Likaula ZAXX8628
Like ZAXX8629
Likeka ZAXX8630
Likene ZAXX8631
Liketoketo ZAXX8632
Likila ZAXX6273
Likishi ZAXX8633
Likokoto ZAXX8634
Likolambuyu ZAXX8635
Likoma ZAXX8636
Likombo ZAXX8637
Likomeno ZAXX0931
Likomeno ZAXX8638
Likomeno ZAXX6274
Likonde ZAXX8639
Likondwama ZAXX8640
Likongwe ZAXX2959
Likosi ZAXX8641
Likubangwa ZAXX6995
Likubangwe ZAXX8642
Likubi ZAXX8643
Likubula ZAXX8644
Likubwe ZAXX8645
Likuka ZAXX0932
Likuka ZAXX8646
Likukela ZAXX8647
Likuku ZAXX0933
Likula ZAXX8648
Likulunga ZAXX8649
Likulunu ZAXX8650
Likumbi ZAXX8651
Likumumu ZAXX8652
Likunde ZAXX8653
Likungamwa ZAXX8654
Likungu ZAXX6275
Likungumbenje ZAXX8655
Likunyendo ZAXX8656
Likupe ZAXX8657
Likuyu ZAXX6276
Likwaka ZAXX8658
Likwanga ZAXX8659
Likwanya ZAXX8660
Likwashi ZAXX6277
Likwasi ZAXX8661
Likwaya ZAXX0934
Likwenga ZAXX8662
Likwengo ZAXX8663
Lilakamulilo ZAXX8664
Lilaliyi ZAXX8665
Lilamanyo ZAXX8666
Lilanda ZAXX6278
Lilapo ZAXX8668
Lilayi ZAXX0041
Lilekeleke ZAXX6279
Lilema ZAXX8669
Lilema ZAXX6280
Lilenge ZAXX8670
Lilete ZAXX8671
Liliachi ZAXX8672
Liliandi ZAXX0935
Lilo ZAXX8673
Lilombo ZAXX6281
Lilomu ZAXX8674
Lilondo ZAXX8675
Lilonga ZAXX8676
Liluli ZAXX6996
Lilume ZAXX8677
Lilunda ZAXX6282
Lilundu ZAXX8678
Lilungwa ZAXX8679
Lilwelo ZAXX8680
Limata ZAXX8681
Limbali ZAXX8682
Limbamba ZAXX8683
Limbambala ZAXX8684
Limbambo ZAXX8685
Limbangala ZAXX8686
Limbango ZAXX8687
Limbango ZAXX6283
Limbao ZAXX8688
Limbembe ZAXX8689
Limbilimbili ZAXX8690
Limboma ZAXX0175
Limbu ZAXX8691
Limbumbu ZAXX8692
Limbunda ZAXX8693
Limbusha ZAXX0176
Limbuti ZAXX8694
Limbwambwa ZAXX8695
Limbwembwele ZAXX6284
Limbwete ZAXX8696
Limbwi ZAXX8697
Limpali ZAXX8698
Limulunga ZAXX8699
Limuni ZAXX4046
Limunwani ZAXX8700
Limwanya ZAXX8701
Limwanya ZAXX6285
Limweta ZAXX8702
Linanga ZAXX8703
Linda ZAXX6997
Lindambe ZAXX8704
Lindeo ZAXX8705
Lindumbi ZAXX6286
Lingamba ZAXX8706
Linganga ZAXX8707
Lingela ZAXX6287
Lingelengenda ZAXX6288
Lingisoni ZAXX0936
Lingoji ZAXX6289
Lingomba ZAXX8708
Lingombe ZAXX8709
Lingonsa ZAXX8710
Lingoti ZAXX8711
Lingulunde ZAXX8712
Lingumba ZAXX8713
Lingumbwanga ZAXX8714
Lingunda ZAXX8715
Lingundangunda ZAXX8716
Lingwabo ZAXX8717
Lingwalala ZAXX8718
Lingwavo ZAXX6290
Lingwaya ZAXX8719
Lingwe ZAXX8720
Lingwelende ZAXX6291
Linoka ZAXX8721
Linoma ZAXX0937
Linyamanapengo ZAXX8722
Linyanguta ZAXX8723
Linyela ZAXX8724
Linyeno ZAXX8725
Linyeta ZAXX8726
Linyotwa ZAXX8727
Linyunga ZAXX8728
Linyungu ZAXX8729
Linyunguta ZAXX8730
Liobola ZAXX8731
Liokwe ZAXX8732
Liolola ZAXX8733
Liomba ZAXX8734
Liomboko ZAXX8735
Liomokela ZAXX8736
Liondo ZAXX2960
Liongumuka ZAXX8737
Lipaa ZAXX8738
Lipabuka ZAXX8739
Lipalana ZAXX8740
Lipalile ZAXX8741
Lipanda ZAXX6292
Lipanga ZAXX8742
Lipatoki ZAXX8743
Lipazula ZAXX6293
Lipela ZAXX8744
Lipemba ZAXX8745
Lipepo ZAXX8746
Lipesa ZAXX6294
Lipimili ZAXX8747
Lipoba ZAXX8748
Lipobo ZAXX8749
Lipoke ZAXX8750
Lipolelo ZAXX8751
Lipota ZAXX8752
Lipu ZAXX8753
Lipula ZAXX8754
Lipumbu ZAXX8755
Lipumpu ZAXX8756
Lipwa ZAXX8757
Lisakwa ZAXX8758
Lisalila ZAXX6295
Lisamba ZAXX6296
Lisangu ZAXX6297
Lisapa ZAXX8759
Liseka ZAXX8760
Lisele ZAXX8761
Lisese ZAXX6298
Lisetele ZAXX8762
Lishahala ZAXX8763
Lishali ZAXX8764
Lishemba ZAXX8765
Lishibi ZAXX8766
Lishindika ZAXX8767
Lishipamukongwa ZAXX8768
Lisho ZAXX8769
Lisholo ZAXX8770
Lishomwa ZAXX8771
Lishuka ZAXX8772
Lishukula ZAXX8773
Lishumi ZAXX8774
Lisima ZAXX8775
Lisomona ZAXX0938
Lisongwe ZAXX4047
Lisuka ZAXX4048
Lisulo ZAXX8776
Litaba ZAXX8777
Litakamulilo ZAXX8778
Litalatala ZAXX0939
Litambo ZAXX8779
Litangaji ZAXX6299
Litaumbi ZAXX8780
Litawa ZAXX8781
Litebele ZAXX8782
Litempo ZAXX0940
Litengu ZAXX8783
Liteta ZAXX0941
Litetele ZAXX8784
Litia ZAXX8785
Litianyana ZAXX8786
Litiba ZAXX6300
Litofe ZAXX8787
Litoli ZAXX0942
Litolilo ZAXX8788
Litoma ZAXX8789
Litondo ZAXX8790
Litonga ZAXX8791
Litongi ZAXX8792
Litongo ZAXX8793
Litoya ZAXX6998
Litulilo ZAXX8794
Litumbu ZAXX8795
Litunda ZAXX8796
Litungi ZAXX8797
Litutila ZAXX8798
Liuha ZAXX8799
Liula ZAXX8800
Liuma ZAXX8801
Liumbila ZAXX6301
Liume ZAXX8802
Liumi ZAXX8803
Liunga ZAXX8804
Livaji ZAXX6302
Livandeko ZAXX6303
Livingstone ZAXX0003
Liviticus ZAXX5073
Livumina ZAXX8805
Livune ZAXX8806
Liwakala ZAXX8807
Liwale ZAXX8808
Liwanga ZAXX8809
Liwanika ZAXX0943
Liwema ZAXX8810
Liwena Kamuti ZAXX8811
Liwende ZAXX8812
Liwilu ZAXX8813
Liyamine ZAXX8814
Liyaneno ZAXX8815
Liyangula ZAXX0944
Liyembani ZAXX8816
Liyeo ZAXX8817
Liyimba ZAXX8818
Liyuma ZAXX8819
Liyunyi Kuta ZAXX8820
Lizazi ZAXX6999
Lizeuzeu ZAXX8821
Lizulo Kozo ZAXX8822
Loanga ZAXX8823
Loanja ZAXX8824
Loazamba Kuta ZAXX8825
Lobati ZAXX5074
Lobemba ZAXX0945
Locha ZAXX8826
Loloma ZAXX8827
Loloma ZAXX6304
Lomas Mulenga ZAXX0946
Lombelombe ZAXX8828
Lombwa ZAXX2961
Lomyonga ZAXX5075
Lonbwe ZAXX8829
Londayila ZAXX5076
Longakufika ZAXX5077
Longo ZAXX0947
Longwait ZAXX4049
Longwani ZAXX0177
Longwani ZAXX5078
Longwe ZAXX2962
Longwechaseka ZAXX2963
Lopo ZAXX2964
Losenda ZAXX8830
Loshi ZAXX0948
Lot ZAXX5079
Lota Nakatabaila ZAXX0949
Loti ZAXX2965
Lovi ZAXX2966
Lowa Kanoti Kuta ZAXX8831
Lowa Nkumbo ZAXX8832
Lowe ZAXX2967
Luamala ZAXX6305
Luambula ZAXX6306
Luampa ZAXX8833
Luampa Kuta ZAXX8834
Luanchuma ZAXX8835
Luanda ZAXX8836
Luanda ZAXX2968
Luangaba ZAXX0950
Luange ZAXX8837
Luangeni ZAXX2969
Luangula ZAXX8838
Luanja ZAXX2970
Luano ZAXX6307
Luano ZAXX0951
Luanshya ZAXX0043
Luapula ZAXX4300
Luatembo ZAXX8839
Lubaba ZAXX0952
Lubaba ZAXX7000
Lubalansuk ZAXX7001
Lubango ZAXX7002
Lubanje ZAXX7003
Lubasi ZAXX8840
Lubebe ZAXX4301
Lubemba ZAXX7004
Lubemba ZAXX5080
Lubeni ZAXX5081
Lubesha ZAXX8841
Lubesha ZAXX0178
Lubeya ZAXX0953
Lubeya Mutale ZAXX0954
Lubinda ZAXX8842
Lubinda Supi ZAXX8843
Lubindatanga ZAXX8844
Lubinga ZAXX0955
Lubombo ZAXX7005
Lubonga ZAXX8845
Lubosa ZAXX0956
Luboshe ZAXX8846
Lubuila ZAXX0179
Lubuko ZAXX4302
Lubuli ZAXX4303
Lubunda ZAXX4304
Lubungu ZAXX0957
Lubushi ZAXX5082
Lubwa ZAXX5083
Lubwe ZAXX4305
Lubwe ZAXX7006
Lucanana ZAXX8847
Luchanana ZAXX8848
Luchele ZAXX8849
Luchembe ZAXX5084
Luchembi ZAXX0958
Luchena ZAXX0959
Lucheshi ZAXX0180
Lucheto ZAXX0960
Luchewe ZAXX5085
Luchipe ZAXX8850
Ludi ZAXX2971
Luembe ZAXX2972
Luena ZAXX5086
Luenga ZAXX0961
Luete ZAXX8851
Lufu ZAXX2973
Lufubu ZAXX4306
Lufuka ZAXX6308
Lufunda ZAXX8852
Lufunga ZAXX8853
Lufungula ZAXX7007
Lufwelela ZAXX0962
Lufwendo ZAXX8854
Luhila ZAXX8855
Luhila ZAXX6309
Lui ZAXX8856
Luji ZAXX2974
Luka ZAXX2975
Luka Chisenga ZAXX0963
Luka Mutenda ZAXX0964
Lukaka ZAXX5087
Lukakesha ZAXX0965
Lukalanya ZAXX8857
Lukale Misengo ZAXX5088
Lukama ZAXX8858
Lukangu ZAXX8859
Lukata ZAXX4050
Lukata ZAXX8860
Lukau ZAXX8861
Lukendo ZAXX6310
Lukesha ZAXX8862
Lukezu ZAXX2976
Lukhalo ZAXX2977
Lukisho ZAXX8863
Lukobo ZAXX7008
Lukolwe ZAXX6311
Lukomeno ZAXX8864
Lukona ZAXX8865
Lukonga ZAXX8866
Lukoshi ZAXX0966
Lukuku ZAXX8867
Lukulo ZAXX8868
Lukulu ZAXX8869
Lukumali ZAXX5089
Lukungu ZAXX8870
Lukungwe ZAXX0181
Lukutaika ZAXX0967
Lukuwa ZAXX8871
Lukwate ZAXX8872
Lukwesa ZAXX4307
Lukwesa ZAXX5090
Lukweso ZAXX2978
Lukweza ZAXX5091
Lukwipa ZAXX4051
Lulamba ZAXX0968
Lulambo ZAXX8873
Lulawilo ZAXX6312
Lulembo ZAXX0969
Lulembwana ZAXX8874
Lulenga ZAXX6313
Lulenga ZAXX5092
Lulia ZAXX8876
Lumai ZAXX8877
Lumamba ZAXX7009
Lumangato ZAXX8878
Lumango ZAXX8879
Lumangwa ZAXX2979
Lumano ZAXX8880
Lumano ZAXX0970
Lumata ZAXX0182
Lumbango ZAXX8881
Lumbila ZAXX0971
Lumbila ZAXX5093
Lumbita ZAXX5094
Lumbo ZAXX8882
Lumbundu ZAXX8883
Lumekansie ZAXX0972
Lumena ZAXX0183
Lumeta ZAXX6314
Lumi ZAXX5095
Lumimba ZAXX2980
Luminga ZAXX8884
Lumingu ZAXX0973
Lumino ZAXX8885
Lumono ZAXX8886
Lumpuma ZAXX0184
Lumuni ZAXX8887
Lumwana ZAXX6315
Lumwana Mission ZAXX0044
Lumwaya ZAXX0974
Lumwaya Lukale ZAXX0975
Lumwayo ZAXX4052
Lunangwa ZAXX5096
Lunchenga ZAXX2981
Lunda ZAXX0976
Lunda ZAXX0185
Lundazi ZAXX2982
Lundoka ZAXX8888
Lundu ZAXX2983
Lunela ZAXX8889
Lunenge ZAXX8890
Lunga ZAXX5097
Lungenda ZAXX8891
Lungenda ZAXX6316
Lungu ZAXX5098
Lungundi ZAXX8892
Lungwangwa ZAXX8893
Lungwe ZAXX5099
Lungwe ZAXX2984
Lungwevungu ZAXX6317
Lunkalaba ZAXX7010
Lunkuni ZAXX6318
Lunkunyi ZAXX6319
Lunsa ZAXX0977
Lunsangwe ZAXX5100
Lunsemfwa ZAXX0045
Lunsowa ZAXX0978
Lunyangu ZAXX8894
Lunzua ZAXX5101
Luo ZAXX2985
Lupale ZAXX8895
Lupasa ZAXX0979
Lupasha ZAXX5102
Lupata ZAXX7011
Lupenga ZAXX0980
Lupeta ZAXX0981
Lupeya ZAXX4308
Lupita ZAXX5103
Lupiya ZAXX0982
Luponga ZAXX8896
Lupula ZAXX8897
Lupumaula ZAXX0983
Lupumpaula ZAXX0984
Luputa ZAXX6320
Luputa ZAXX0985
Lusaka ZAXX0004
Lusaka ZAXX0986
Lusale Mengo ZAXX5104
Lusalya ZAXX0186
Lusamba ZAXX5105
Lusati ZAXX2987
Lusenge ZAXX8898
Lusengo ZAXX0987
Lusenso ZAXX0988
Lushimbike ZAXX0989
Lusibi ZAXX8899
Lusimo ZAXX8900
Lusinga ZAXX2988
Lusitu ZAXX7012
Lusiye ZAXX7013
Lusiyu ZAXX8901
Lusombo ZAXX5106
Lusomena Mbabula ZAXX0990
Lusongwa ZAXX6321
Lusosa ZAXX2989
Lusu ZAXX8902
Lusunta ZAXX2990
Luswishi ZAXX0991
Lutala ZAXX8903
Lutambo ZAXX8904
Lutanga ZAXX7014
Lutangu ZAXX7015
Lutangu ZAXX8905
Lutanilo ZAXX2991
Lutele ZAXX0187
Lutende ZAXX0188
Lutene ZAXX0992
Lutesa ZAXX8906
Luteta ZAXX8907
Lutombi ZAXX8908
Lutombi Mwala ZAXX8909
Lutu ZAXX0993
Lutwi ZAXX8910
Lutwiki ZAXX0189
Luumba ZAXX8911
Luvemba ZAXX4053
Luvota ZAXX6322
Luvuna ZAXX8912
Luwambe ZAXX0994
Luwana ZAXX0995
Luwanda ZAXX2992
Luwanya ZAXX7016
Luwaya ZAXX8913
Luwembe ZAXX2993
Luweno ZAXX2994
Luwewa ZAXX2995
Luwinga ZAXX7017
Luwinga ZAXX4054
Luwingu ZAXX5107
Luyanga ZAXX8914
Luyobe ZAXX8915
Luzongo ZAXX8916
Lwaisha ZAXX8917
Lwali ZAXX4309
Lwalika ZAXX5108
Lwambe ZAXX7018
Lwambo ZAXX8918
Lwambula ZAXX0996
Lwanda ZAXX8919
Lwandamina ZAXX0190
Lwandamo ZAXX8920
Lwaneka ZAXX8921
Lwatika ZAXX5109
Lwawu Mission ZAXX0047
Lwaya ZAXX8922
Lwela ZAXX4310
Lwembe ZAXX0997
Lwengeshi ZAXX0191
Lwimbo ZAXX5110
Lyabunga ZAXX4055
Lyabwa ZAXX7019
Lyafusha ZAXX0998
Lyaika ZAXX8923
Lyale ZAXX6323
Lyamba ZAXX8924
Lyambo ZAXX0999
Lyambwa ZAXX7020
Lyamu ZAXX8925
Lyamukumba ZAXX6324
Lyamupu ZAXX8926
Lyangumbula ZAXX6325
Lyanjenta ZAXX8927
Lyapa Kapaso ZAXX5111
Lyembo ZAXX1000
Lyenda ZAXX6326
Lyendawuka ZAXX6327
Lyolomona ZAXX0192
Lyulumuna ZAXX8928
Lyumbo ZAXX1001
Maako ZAXX8929
Maala ZAXX2996
Maamba ZAXX7021
Maba ZAXX7022
Mabalika ZAXX1002
Mabambe ZAXX5112
Mabebo ZAXX8930
Mabenga ZAXX0193
Mabenga ZAXX8931
Mabenga Kuta ZAXX8932
Mabeta ZAXX8933
Mabeti ZAXX5113
Mabevu ZAXX7023
Mabili ZAXX8934
Mabili Kuta ZAXX8935
Mabiri ZAXX8936
Mabomba ZAXX0194
Mabombwe ZAXX8937
Mabonde ZAXX1003
Mabote ZAXX8938
Mabuku ZAXX8939
Mabuku ZAXX7024
Mabumba ZAXX4311
Mabumbu ZAXX8940
Mabuto ZAXX8941
Mabwa ZAXX7025
Macha ZAXX7026
Machacha ZAXX8942
Machai ZAXX8943
Machambuzi ZAXX8944
Machangani ZAXX1005
Machango ZAXX5114
Macheche ZAXX2997
Macheliwa Mambwe ZAXX1006
Machemba ZAXX5115
Maches ZAXX1007
Machevu ZAXX8945
Machewa ZAXX2998
Machili ZAXX7027
Machili ZAXX5116
Machina ZAXX5117
Machinda ZAXX1008
Machipisha ZAXX5118
Machisa ZAXX2999
Machisa Kabinda ZAXX1009
Machobani ZAXX8946
Macholola ZAXX8947
Machumo ZAXX3000
Madonda ZAXX7028
Maduma ZAXX3001
Madyera ZAXX3002
Madyongo ZAXX7029
Madzimawe ZAXX3003
Madzimoyo ZAXX3004
Mafelomale ZAXX8948
Maferemari ZAXX8949
Mafuka ZAXX8950
Mafuku ZAXX8951
Mafula ZAXX8952
Mafulo ZAXX8953
Mafumba ZAXX3005
Mafuta ZAXX3006
Mafuta ZAXX4056
Mafuta ZAXX7030
Mafuzi ZAXX8954
Mafwa ZAXX5119
Mafwila ZAXX8955
Magamba ZAXX3007
Mageza ZAXX3008
Magoboza ZAXX3009
Magodi ZAXX3010
Magomera ZAXX1010
Magomura ZAXX3011
Magona ZAXX3012
Magonga ZAXX7031
Magonga ZAXX3013
Magoye ZAXX7032
Maguya ZAXX3014
Mahachi ZAXX3015
Mahaha ZAXX8956
Mahau ZAXX7033
Mahekeya ZAXX3016
Mahenga ZAXX6328
Mahowa ZAXX3017
Mahuma ZAXX6329
Mahungu ZAXX7034
Mahwa ZAXX8957
Maiba ZAXX7035
Maibwe ZAXX7036
Maibwe ZAXX8958
Maila ZAXX8959
Mailo ZAXX1011
Mailos Kasembe ZAXX1012
Maimbe ZAXX3018
Maimbo ZAXX8960
Maimbolwa ZAXX8961
Mainda ZAXX8962
Mainga ZAXX8963
Maipambe ZAXX5120
Maisa ZAXX0195
Maisahuma ZAXX8964
Majaliwa ZAXX3019
Majila ZAXX6330
Majuaneti ZAXX4057
Makabe ZAXX5121
Makai ZAXX8965
Makaka ZAXX8966
Makako Simate ZAXX8967
Makala ZAXX8968
Makalaje ZAXX3020
Makale ZAXX3021
Makalo ZAXX8969
Makamba ZAXX4312
Makambwe ZAXX3022
Makambwila ZAXX6331
Makanda ZAXX8970
Makando ZAXX8971
Makanga ZAXX5122
Makanga ZAXX8972
Makangala ZAXX7037
Makangila ZAXX5123
Makango ZAXX5124
Makankula ZAXX1013
Makanya ZAXX8973
Makapakapa ZAXX8974
Makapandula ZAXX4058
Makapu ZAXX6332
Makasa ZAXX5125
Makasi ZAXX5126
Make Chisenga ZAXX1014
Makeche ZAXX8975
Makechi ZAXX8976
Makeka ZAXX8977
Makena ZAXX8978
Makenya ZAXX8979
Makesa ZAXX8980
Maketo ZAXX8981
Makina ZAXX8982
Makina ZAXX3023
Makiya ZAXX0196
Mako ZAXX8983
Makoba ZAXX5127
Makobe ZAXX1015
Makofi Kunda ZAXX1016
Makoka ZAXX7038
Makoka ZAXX3024
Makokwa ZAXX8984
Makoleka ZAXX3025
Makoma ZAXX8985
Makomba ZAXX3026
Makombe ZAXX5128
Makombe ZAXX3027
Makonde ZAXX7039
Makondo ZAXX8986
Makondo ZAXX3028
Makondola ZAXX3029
Makonka ZAXX7040
Makono ZAXX3030
Makono ZAXX8987
Makosa ZAXX1017
Makoshya ZAXX1018
Makowa ZAXX3031
Makri ZAXX7041
Makuku ZAXX8988
Makule ZAXX3032
Makulukuse ZAXX8989
Makulupwe ZAXX8990
Makulusa ZAXX5129
Makumbi ZAXX1019
Makumya ZAXX5130
Makunda ZAXX5131
Makunganya ZAXX3033
Makungu ZAXX5132
Makungu ZAXX6333
Makungwe ZAXX5133
Makunka ZAXX0048
Makunku ZAXX7043
Makupa ZAXX8991
Makupula ZAXX5134
Makusa ZAXX1020
Makusi ZAXX3034
Makuwa ZAXX1021
Makuya ZAXX8992
Makwa ZAXX6334
Makwakwa ZAXX5135
Makwambinda ZAXX8993
Makwangwa ZAXX8994
Makwaya ZAXX5136
Makwe ZAXX8995
Makwebo ZAXX7044
Makwembo ZAXX7045
Makwenda ZAXX3035
Makwenyola ZAXX5137
Makwete ZAXX8996
Makwindi ZAXX7046
Makwita ZAXX5138
Makwita Makai ZAXX8997
Mala ZAXX7047
Malabi ZAXX3036
Malabo ZAXX0197
Malabwe ZAXX8998
Malacha ZAXX8999
Malafu ZAXX9000
Malaika ZAXX4059
Malaisha Jim ZAXX1022
Malakata ZAXX1023
Malaki ZAXX9001
Malala ZAXX9002
Malale ZAXX5139
Malalo ZAXX3037
Malalu ZAXX9003
Malama ZAXX5140
Malama ZAXX3038
Malama Mulinda ZAXX3039
Malamalaza ZAXX3040
Malamalezu ZAXX3041
Malamani ZAXX7049
Malamba ZAXX3042
Malambanyama ZAXX1024
Malambo ZAXX5141
Malamo ZAXX9004
Malamo ZAXX5142
Malamwila ZAXX5143
Malanda ZAXX3043
Malandawo ZAXX5144
Malandula ZAXX3044
Malango ZAXX5145
Malangwa ZAXX5146
Malanye ZAXX0198
Malapula ZAXX4313
Malasa ZAXX1025
Malasha ZAXX1026
Malata ZAXX5147
Malata ZAXX3045
Malaya Chindalo ZAXX4060
Malaya Tembo ZAXX4061
Malaza ZAXX3046
Maleka ZAXX1028
Maleke ZAXX6336
Malema ZAXX5148
Malemale ZAXX5149
Malembeka ZAXX0199
Malembo ZAXX3047
Malembo ZAXX9006
Malembutuko ZAXX9007
Malemula ZAXX5151
Malemya ZAXX3048
Malenda ZAXX9008
Malenga ZAXX3049
Malengo Kasopa ZAXX5152
Malengwa ZAXX9009
Malete ZAXX1029
Maleya Namindi ZAXX9010
Mali Sabas ZAXX3050
Malia ZAXX1030
Malialila ZAXX9011
Maliande ZAXX9012
Maliatwa ZAXX9013
Malichi ZAXX6337
Malijani ZAXX3051
Malikana ZAXX9014
Maliko ZAXX5153
Maliko ZAXX7050
Maliko ZAXX1032
Maliko Kabepule ZAXX1033
Maliko Mutambo ZAXX5154
Malila ZAXX1034
Malili ZAXX3052
Malilo ZAXX9015
Malimba ZAXX3053
Malimba ZAXX7051
Malimbu ZAXX9016
Malimula ZAXX3054
Malindi ZAXX9017
Malindi ZAXX7052
Malindima ZAXX5155
Malinto-Katongo ZAXX5156
Malipa ZAXX3055
Malipilo ZAXX1035
Malipilo ZAXX5157
Malisawa ZAXX5158
Malisawa ZAXX0200
Maliseni ZAXX3056
Maliti ZAXX9018
Malitia ZAXX9019
Maliye ZAXX7053
Maloba ZAXX9020
Malokota ZAXX0201
Malole ZAXX5159
Maloma ZAXX3057
Malombo ZAXX6338
Malombola ZAXX3058
Malomo ZAXX9021
Malomo ZAXX3059
Malondo ZAXX9022
Malondolo ZAXX3060
Maloni Chimulasa ZAXX1036
Malopira ZAXX1037
Malopu ZAXX9023
Malovu ZAXX6339
Malowa ZAXX3061
Maloza ZAXX3062
Malua ZAXX3063
Maluba ZAXX5160
Maluka ZAXX1038
Malula ZAXX5161
Malulu ZAXX3064
Maluma ZAXX7054
Malumani ZAXX7055
Malumani ZAXX9024
Malumbe ZAXX3065
Malumbe ZAXX1039
Malumbi ZAXX3066
Malumbo ZAXX9025
Malumbu ZAXX3067
Malumbu ZAXX9026
Malumo ZAXX7056
Malumula ZAXX3068
Malunda ZAXX3069
Malunde ZAXX5162
Malundu ZAXX9027
Malundu ZAXX7057
Malunga ZAXX3070
Malupande ZAXX1040
Malupenga ZAXX5163
Malusa ZAXX5164
Maluwa ZAXX3071
Maluwe ZAXX4062
Malwa ZAXX1041
Malwela ZAXX9028
Malwele ZAXX1042
Malyachila ZAXX6340
Malyafita ZAXX0202
Mamanga ZAXX5165
Mamange ZAXX9029
Mamauna ZAXX9030
Mamba ZAXX9031
Mamba ZAXX7058
Mambata ZAXX3072
Mambe ZAXX3073
Mambilima Falls ZAXX4314
Mambilimbili ZAXX9032
Mambo ZAXX9033
Mambo ZAXX5166
Mambo ZAXX7059
Mambo ZAXX3074
Mambova ZAXX7060
Mambwe ZAXX1043
Mambwe ZAXX3075
Mambwe Chilwele ZAXX1044
Mambwe Chisenda ZAXX1045
Mambwe Fulukutu ZAXX1046
Mamochisane ZAXX9035
Mamono ZAXX9036
Mampiana ZAXX9037
Mampondu ZAXX7061
Mamushakende ZAXX9038
Mamweni ZAXX1047
Mana ZAXX1048
Manambwere ZAXX4063
Manando ZAXX3076
Manankhonyo ZAXX3077
Manase ZAXX3078
Manase Kunda ZAXX1049
Manasseh ZAXX5168
Manchichi ZAXX3079
Mandala ZAXX3080
Mandalo ZAXX6341
Mandatilla ZAXX1050
Mande ZAXX1051
Mandebesa ZAXX1052
Mandefu ZAXX4315
Mandevu ZAXX9039
Mandiya ZAXX7063
Mando ZAXX9040
Mandowa ZAXX3081
Mandu ZAXX3082
Manduagva ZAXX1053
Mandumba ZAXX9041
Mandumbwa ZAXX9042
Mandundu ZAXX9043
Manduwani ZAXX9044
Mandyata ZAXX5169
Manenga ZAXX9045
Manengenenge ZAXX9046
Manga ZAXX3083
Manga ZAXX9047
Manga ZAXX7064
Mangaila ZAXX1054
Mangango ZAXX9048
Mangani ZAXX3084
Mangata ZAXX5170
Mangiza ZAXX3085
Mangombe ZAXX9049
Mangonde ZAXX9050
Mangongo ZAXX9051
Mangonje ZAXX3086
Mangonjo ZAXX9052
Mangowa ZAXX9053
Mangowa ZAXX6342
Mangowe ZAXX3087
Mangulu ZAXX3088
Mangunza ZAXX7065
Mangwai ZAXX1055
Mangwashi ZAXX1056
Mangwemange ZAXX9054
Mangwto ZAXX7066
Manja ZAXX1057
Manjanja ZAXX3089
Manjanji ZAXX9055
Manjawila ZAXX5171
Manjolo ZAXX1058
Mankata ZAXX9057
Mankhungwe ZAXX3090
Mankodi ZAXX7067
Mankomba ZAXX3091
Mankombwe ZAXX4064
Mankungwe ZAXX3092
Mankwala ZAXX3093
Mankwanya ZAXX9058
Manoa ZAXX1059
Manokola ZAXX3094
Mansa ZAXX4316
Mansaswi ZAXX1060
Mantenyani ZAXX9059
Mantepa ZAXX3095
Manunga ZAXX5172
Manwalala ZAXX5173
Manwela ZAXX9060
Manwele Simon ZAXX4065
Manya ZAXX9061
Manyaliwa ZAXX3096
Manyama ZAXX4066
Manyane ZAXX3097
Manyara ZAXX3098
Manyemwe ZAXX9062
Manyenshu ZAXX1061
Manyepa ZAXX7068
Manyi ZAXX3099
Manyika ZAXX5174
Manyima ZAXX9063
Manyinda ZAXX3100
Manyinga ZAXX6343
Manyofu ZAXX6344
Manyongo ZAXX9064
Manyunda ZAXX9065
Mao ZAXX4317
Maoma ZAXX4067
Maondo ZAXX9067
Maonga ZAXX9068
Mapachi ZAXX6345
Mapala ZAXX9069
Mapanda ZAXX9070
Mapanda ZAXX7069
Mapande ZAXX5175
Mapanza ZAXX7070
Mapeba ZAXX1062
Mapeleka ZAXX0203
Mapena ZAXX7071
Mapepela ZAXX1063
Mapepi ZAXX4068
Mapili ZAXX6346
Mapili ZAXX4318
Mapiri ZAXX4069
Maplanka ZAXX9071
Mapobwe ZAXX7072
Mapolyomoka ZAXX7073
Mapota ZAXX0204
Maptri ZAXX3101
Mapula ZAXX4319
Mapulanga ZAXX1064
Mapulu ZAXX7074
Mapunga ZAXX6347
Mapuse ZAXX9072
Mapyela ZAXX5176
Marandika ZAXX3102
Mari ZAXX3103
Mariko ZAXX3104
Mark Mutambo ZAXX5177
Martin Nandu ZAXX1065
Marumani ZAXX7075
Marumo ZAXX9073
Marumo Luandila ZAXX9074
Maruvila ZAXX4070
Masaiti ZAXX0205
Masaji ZAXX6348
Masaka ZAXX5178
Masaka ZAXX1066
Masaka Shimukuni ZAXX1067
Masakamika ZAXX3105
Masala ZAXX3106
Masamba ZAXX1068
Masambo ZAXX9075
Masamo ZAXX9076
Masamu ZAXX9077
Masandiko ZAXX3107
Masangani ZAXX5179
Masangu ZAXX9078
Masanje ZAXX5180
Masanjura ZAXX3108
Masansa ZAXX1069
Masanta ZAXX4320
Masapula ZAXX1070
Masase ZAXX1071
Maseka ZAXX6349
Maseke ZAXX9079
Masenga ZAXX3109
Masenga ZAXX5181
Masengu ZAXX3110
Maseni ZAXX7076
Masenje ZAXX7077
Masese ZAXX9080
Mashala ZAXX3111
Mashalera ZAXX3112
Mashanga ZAXX3113
Mashati ZAXX3114
Mashau ZAXX6350
Mashawa ZAXX9081
Masheka ZAXX9082
Mashekela ZAXX3115
Mashemu ZAXX9083
Mashesha ZAXX9084
Mashete ZAXX5182
Mashewa ZAXX9085
Mashewana ZAXX9086
Mashichi ZAXX1072
Mashie ZAXX7078
Mashinati ZAXX5183
Mashoko ZAXX9087
Mashola ZAXX1073
Mashule ZAXX9088
Masialeti ZAXX9089
Masilokwa ZAXX9090
Masinja ZAXX3116
Masiri ZAXX3117
Masiyaleti ZAXX9091
Masoji ZAXX6351
Masoko ZAXX3118
Masola ZAXX1074
Masole ZAXX7079
Masonda ZAXX1075
Masongozi ZAXX7080
Masuba ZAXX7081
Masukamika ZAXX3119
Masuku ZAXX7082
Masulani ZAXX3120
Masuma ZAXX3121
Masumba ZAXX3122
Masumo ZAXX9092
Masupe ZAXX3123
Masyapi ZAXX7083
Mataa ZAXX9093
Matabele ZAXX1076
Matabula ZAXX1077
Matafa ZAXX1078
Matafu ZAXX6352
Matafwali ZAXX1079
Matafwali ZAXX5184
Matafwili ZAXX1080
Mataka ZAXX1081
Matakala ZAXX9095
Matakala ZAXX6353
Matako ZAXX7084
Matako ZAXX9096
Matala ZAXX1082
Matale ZAXX9097
Matama ZAXX5185
Matama ZAXX4321
Matamba ZAXX9098
Matambo ZAXX1083
Matambo ZAXX7085
Matanda ZAXX3124
Matanda ZAXX4322
Matandabala ZAXX7086
Matandiko ZAXX5186
Matao ZAXX9099
Matape ZAXX9100
Matapo ZAXX9101
Matawara ZAXX9102
Matawu ZAXX4071
Mataya ZAXX3125
Mate ZAXX9103
Matebe ZAXX1084
Matebo ZAXX6354
Matemba ZAXX9104
Matenda ZAXX1086
Matendo ZAXX5187
Matenga ZAXX6355
Matengo ZAXX9105
Matengu ZAXX9106
Mateo ZAXX5188
Matepeta ZAXX9107
Matero ZAXX4072
Mateyo ZAXX7087
Mateyo ZAXX1087
Mateyo Botolo ZAXX1088
Mateyo Chamango ZAXX1089
Mateyo Chikanda ZAXX1090
Mateyo Kalashila ZAXX1091
Matimula ZAXX3126
Matinambwenga ZAXX9108
Matinanga ZAXX9109
Matindo ZAXX9110
Matipa ZAXX5190
Matipa ZAXX4323
Matiti ZAXX3127
Matiya ZAXX9111
Mato ZAXX9112
Matoba ZAXX3128
Matobe ZAXX1092
Matobo ZAXX7088
Matobwe ZAXX4324
Matofu ZAXX9113
Matombo ZAXX9114
Matome ZAXX9115
Matonchi ZAXX6356
Matonda ZAXX3129
Matonga ZAXX9116
Matongo ZAXX9117
Matongo ZAXX7089
Matonje ZAXX3130
Matope ZAXX7090
Matota ZAXX1093
Matthew ZAXX3131
Matuka ZAXX9118
Matulena ZAXX3132
Matulino ZAXX3133
Matumba ZAXX3134
Matumbo ZAXX5191
Matumbu ZAXX1094
Matuna ZAXX3135
Matunka ZAXX9119
Matupa ZAXX5192
Matuto ZAXX3136
Matutu ZAXX9120
Matutu ZAXX0206
Matuwamba ZAXX3137
Matwi ZAXX9121
Matwiangombe ZAXX9122
Mauko Sambwa ZAXX1095
Maukwalu ZAXX3138
Maule ZAXX5193
Mauluzhi ZAXX7091
Maumona ZAXX9123
Maunga ZAXX9124
Maunga ZAXX7092
Mavua ZAXX9125
Mavyavya ZAXX5194
Mawanda ZAXX3139
Mawawa ZAXX9126
Mawela ZAXX9127
Mawene ZAXX3140
Mawengo ZAXX9128
Mawinda ZAXX5195
Mawongo ZAXX5196
Mayamba ZAXX9129
Mayanga ZAXX5197
Mayani ZAXX3141
Mayankwa ZAXX9131
Mayapi ZAXX9132
Mayawa ZAXX3142
Mayaya ZAXX1096
Mayekabu ZAXX9133
Mayekeya ZAXX3143
Mayema ZAXX9134
Mayembe ZAXX5198
Mayembo ZAXX5199
Mayendende ZAXX9135
Mayengo ZAXX9136
Mayengu ZAXX6357
Mayikundale ZAXX5200
Mayimba ZAXX5201
Mayiyangulwa ZAXX7093
Mayobo ZAXX7094
Mayonde ZAXX9137
Mayondo ZAXX6358
Mayongo ZAXX7095
Mayowa ZAXX5202
Mayuka ZAXX5203
Mayumbelo ZAXX9138
Mayumbula ZAXX9139
Mayuna ZAXX9140
Mayunda ZAXX1097
Mayungano ZAXX9141
Mayungo ZAXX9142
Mayunka ZAXX9143
Mayuwa ZAXX9144
Mayuyi ZAXX9145
Mazabuka ZAXX7096
Mazaka ZAXX7097
Mazala ZAXX7098
Mazala ZAXX3144
Mazangwe ZAXX3145
Mazera ZAXX3146
Mazhiba ZAXX7099
Mazike ZAXX9146
Mazila ZAXX7100
Maziti ZAXX5204
Mazonde ZAXX3147
Mazunda ZAXX6359
Mazyamba ZAXX3148
Mbaala ZAXX9147
Mbabala ZAXX7101
Mbachi ZAXX5205
Mbaimba ZAXX9148
Mbakalungu ZAXX3149
Mbakolunga ZAXX3150
Mbala ZAXX5206
Mbala-Masi-Ala ZAXX9149
Mbalama ZAXX9150
Mbalamwezi ZAXX5207
Mbalasa ZAXX5208
Mbalazi ZAXX5209
Mbalekawe ZAXX1098
Mbalo ZAXX3151
Mbamba ZAXX6360
Mbambi ZAXX9151
Mbambiko ZAXX9152
Mbambo ZAXX6361
Mbambo ZAXX9153
Mbambu ZAXX9154
Mbandoke ZAXX9155
Mbandu ZAXX9156
Mbanga ZAXX9157
Mbangala ZAXX9158
Mbangandwe ZAXX3152
Mbango ZAXX3153
Mbangombe ZAXX3154
Mbangu ZAXX3155
Mbati ZAXX5210
Mbayama ZAXX1099
Mbazao ZAXX5211
Mbazo ZAXX5212
Mbekise Kuta ZAXX9159
Mbeko ZAXX1100
Mbelenga ZAXX4073
Mbenge ZAXX6362
Mbenjere ZAXX3156
Mbereshi ZAXX4325
Mbesuma Ranch ZAXX5213
Mbewa ZAXX3157
Mbeya ZAXX3158
Mbeza ZAXX7102
Mbezuma ZAXX5214
Mbila ZAXX7103
Mbilya ZAXX4326
Mbimbi ZAXX6363
Mbindawina ZAXX9160
Mbinga ZAXX3159
Mbirizi ZAXX3160
Mbisi ZAXX3161
Mbiwi ZAXX3162
Mbo ZAXX4327
Mbobela ZAXX7104
Mbofwana ZAXX4074
Mbokoshi ZAXX5215
Mbokosi ZAXX5216
Mbokozi ZAXX5217
Mbololo ZAXX3163
Mboloma ZAXX1101
Mbomboza ZAXX3164
Mbombwami ZAXX9161
Mbomena ZAXX9162
Mbonga ZAXX1102
Mbonge ZAXX9163
Mbonge Mwemwa ZAXX9164
Mbongo ZAXX9165
Mbongola ZAXX9166
Mboni ZAXX9167
Mbonso ZAXX5218
Mboo ZAXX9168
Mboroma ZAXX1103
Mboronsa ZAXX1104
Mboshya ZAXX1105
Mbotya ZAXX3166
Mbowa ZAXX5219
Mboyonga ZAXX9169
Mboyongo ZAXX9170
Mbozi ZAXX7105
Mbubu ZAXX9171
Mbukushu ZAXX9172
Mbulanjili ZAXX9173
Mbulo-Chipansha ZAXX1106
Mbulu ZAXX9174
Mbulu ZAXX4328
Mbuluma ZAXX1107
Mbulunje ZAXX5221
Mbulwe Litende ZAXX9175
Mbuma ZAXX9176
Mbumba ZAXX9177
Mbumbi ZAXX9178
Mbumwae ZAXX9179
Mbumwaye ZAXX9180
Mbunda ZAXX0207
Mbunda ZAXX9181
Mbundi ZAXX5222
Mbundu ZAXX9182
Mbunji ZAXX9183
Mbunji ZAXX6364
Mburuma ZAXX4075
Mbusa ZAXX5223
Mbuwa ZAXX9184
Mbuya ZAXX6365
Mbuyakumutu ZAXX3167
Mbuzi ZAXX3168
Mbwainga ZAXX9186
Mbwanga ZAXX9187
Mbwangu ZAXX9188
Mbwashi ZAXX9189
Mbwatama ZAXX9190
Mbwatuka ZAXX3169
Mbwengenge ZAXX6366
Mbweti ZAXX9191
Mbwibi ZAXX9192
Mcamo ZAXX3170
Mcekeni ZAXX3171
Mcfred Iron ZAXX1108
Mchacha ZAXX3172
Mchaka ZAXX3173
Mchakaluka ZAXX4076
Mchekeni ZAXX3174
Mchenche ZAXX3175
Mchenga ZAXX3176
Mchenjesa ZAXX3177
Mchereka ZAXX3178
Mchifungwe ZAXX5224
Mchilwa ZAXX3179
Mchuka ZAXX3180
Mdende ZAXX3181
Mdika ZAXX3182
Mduka ZAXX3183
Mdumo ZAXX3184
Mebelo ZAXX9193
Meikuta ZAXX9194
Mela ZAXX9195
Meleke ZAXX1109
Meleki Mukena ZAXX9196
Meleki Ngosa ZAXX1110
Meli Mbwesha ZAXX1111
Meli Mwelwa ZAXX1112
Melross ZAXX7106
Membe ZAXX4077
Membe ZAXX3185
Membi ZAXX3186
Menda ZAXX1113
Mendalo ZAXX3187
Menenge ZAXX4078
Menga ZAXX5225
Mengelo ZAXX9197
Mengo ZAXX5226
Mengo ZAXX9198
Menso ZAXX3188
Menya ZAXX9199
Menyani ZAXX3189
Merera ZAXX0208
Merwe ZAXX3190
Mesa ZAXX1114
Meselo ZAXX1115
Meselofunga ZAXX1116
Mesheka ZAXX1117
Mesheto ZAXX4329
Metamba ZAXX0209
Meya ZAXX1118
Meyani ZAXX5227
Mfipa ZAXX3191
Mfumbaika ZAXX1119
Mfumwayilolu ZAXX6367
Mfuse ZAXX3192
Mfuwe ZAXX5228
Mfwila ZAXX5229
Mgampula ZAXX3193
Mgawa ZAXX3194
Mgombe ZAXX3195
Mgonde ZAXX3196
Mgubu ZAXX7107
Mgubudu ZAXX3197
Mgwalangwa ZAXX3198
Mgwazo ZAXX3199
Mhanda ZAXX3200
Mianda ZAXX9200
Mibanga ZAXX5230
Mibenge ZAXX4330
Michembo ZAXX3201
Mienga ZAXX9201
Mihova ZAXX6368
Mikaba ZAXX1120
Mikondo ZAXX1121
Mikunku ZAXX3202
Milambo ZAXX5231
Milambo ZAXX4331
Milanja ZAXX9202
Milimbo ZAXX3203
Milimo ZAXX9203
Milingo ZAXX6369
Million Matawu ZAXX4079
Miloke ZAXX4332
Milomo ZAXX9204
Milomwe ZAXX0210
Milongo ZAXX5232
Milulu ZAXX3204
Milumbu ZAXX9205
Milunga ZAXX5233
Milyoni ZAXX1123
Mimosa ZAXX4080
Minande ZAXX3205
Minango ZAXX3206
Mindolo ZAXX0211
Minechipeta ZAXX3207
Minemano ZAXX3208
Minga ZAXX3209
Minjenje ZAXX9206
Minko ZAXX1124
Minso ZAXX5234
Minya ZAXX3210
Minyongi ZAXX9207
Minyoyi ZAXX9208
Miozi ZAXX9209
Mipando Chita ZAXX1125
Mirangu ZAXX7108
Mirimbo ZAXX3211
Miritan ZAXX7109
Misambo ZAXX5235
Miselo Funga ZAXX1126
Miselo Luanshika ZAXX1127
Miselo Lumanshia ZAXX1128
Misengo ZAXX5236
Miserikota ZAXX6370
Mishek Mambwe ZAXX1129
Mishek Mwanje ZAXX1130
Mishoro ZAXX3212
Misiteli ZAXX9210
Mitakata ZAXX3213
Mitanga ZAXX1131
Mitangi ZAXX9211
Mitatu ZAXX9212
Mitawa ZAXX5237
Mitelembe ZAXX6371
Mitembo ZAXX9213
Mitenda ZAXX1132
Mitonda ZAXX5238
Mitwe ZAXX0212
Miunga ZAXX9214
Miyambo ZAXX4333
Miyengebwa ZAXX1133
Miyoba Nakayuwa ZAXX7110
Miyonda ZAXX3214
Miyongolo ZAXX5239
Mize ZAXX6372
Mjoro ZAXX3215
Mjose ZAXX3216
Mjose Msiya ZAXX3217
Mkachilenga ZAXX4081
Mkaka ZAXX3218
Mkamalwe ZAXX4082
Mkambi ZAXX1134
Mkambi ZAXX3219
Mkambwa ZAXX3220
Mkanandu ZAXX1135
Mkanda ZAXX3221
Mkangala ZAXX3222
Mkania ZAXX3223
Mkanire ZAXX3224
Mkapatila ZAXX3225
Mkasanga ZAXX3226
Mkasi ZAXX5240
Mkoko ZAXX3227
Mkolama ZAXX3228
Mkoma ZAXX3229
Mkomera ZAXX3230
Mkonje ZAXX3231
Mkonkola ZAXX3232
Mkopa ZAXX1136
Mkope ZAXX3233
Mkopeka ZAXX3234
Mkotwe ZAXX3235
Mkowana ZAXX3236
Mkubu ZAXX1137
Mkubwa ZAXX3237
Mkule ZAXX3238
Mkuli ZAXX3239
Mkum Ngombe ZAXX3240
Mkumbutu ZAXX9215
Mkumpa ZAXX3241
Mkumpha ZAXX3242
Mkunda ZAXX3243
Mkushi ZAXX1138
Mkushi River ZAXX1139
Mkuwaila ZAXX3244
Mkuza ZAXX3245
Mkwaira ZAXX3246
Mkwama ZAXX3247
Mkwamba ZAXX1140
Mkweche ZAXX3248
Mkweke ZAXX3249
Mkwekwesha ZAXX3250
Mkwesa ZAXX3251
Mlangeni ZAXX3252
Mlenga ZAXX3253
Mleya ZAXX3254
Mlimba ZAXX1141
Mlipa ZAXX3255
Mlolo ZAXX3256
Mlombe ZAXX3257
Mlonveni ZAXX3258
Mlungavikra ZAXX3259
Mmpolunje ZAXX5241
Mnanole ZAXX5242
Mnasangani ZAXX5243
Mnavyavya ZAXX3260
Mnemano ZAXX3261
Mnganga ZAXX6373
Mngona ZAXX3262
Mnjancha ZAXX3263
Mnkwinda ZAXX3264
Mnthanzi ZAXX3265
Mnukwa ZAXX3266
Moba ZAXX7111
Moba ZAXX4334
Mobola ZAXX1142
Moemba ZAXX5244
Mofu ZAXX5245
Mofwe ZAXX5246
Moka ZAXX9216
Mokabae ZAXX9217
Mokamba ZAXX9218
Mokanelamo ZAXX9219
Mokola ZAXX0214
Mokulu ZAXX9220
Mokwae Nolyanga ZAXX9221
Mokwaes Mafulo ZAXX9222
Molaza ZAXX3267
Mole-Kombe ZAXX5247
Moleki ZAXX9223
Molika ZAXX3268
Molisa ZAXX9224
Molo ZAXX9225
Molodzera ZAXX3269
Molombaka ZAXX1143
Moluka ZAXX9226
Molwa ZAXX5248
Momba ZAXX9227
Momba ZAXX0215
Momba ZAXX7113
Momba ZAXX1144
Mombe ZAXX9228
Mombo ZAXX9229
Mombola ZAXX9230
Momo ZAXX9231
Mondaka ZAXX0216
Monde ZAXX9232
Monde Sikamwi ZAXX9233
Mondola ZAXX3270
Mondomona ZAXX1145
Monga ZAXX5249
Monga ZAXX4335
Monga ZAXX7114
Monga ZAXX1146
Monga ZAXX9234
Monga Chifunuka ZAXX7115
Monge ZAXX1147
Mongola ZAXX5250
Mongonje ZAXX3271
Mongoza ZAXX3272
Mongu ZAXX9235
Mongu ZAXX3273
Monica ZAXX5251
Monze ZAXX7116
Mooka ZAXX9236
Moola ZAXX9237
Moongo ZAXX9238
Mopolota ZAXX9239
Moridanji ZAXX9240
Morris Indakanka ZAXX1148
Morris Mwape ZAXX1149
Morton Chisulu ZAXX1150
Morton Muselo ZAXX1151
Mosaka ZAXX9241
Mose ZAXX3274
Moseni ZAXX5252
Moses ZAXX5253
Moses Bulaya ZAXX5254
Moses Chiwone ZAXX5255
Moses Chungu ZAXX5256
Moses Mpili ZAXX1152
Moses Mulilo ZAXX1153
Moshoba ZAXX4083
Mosi Chingamba ZAXX1154
Mosunga ZAXX9242
Mota ZAXX9243
Moto ZAXX9244
Motomoto ZAXX5257
Mowa ZAXX9245
Mowenje ZAXX3275
Moya ZAXX3276
Moyo ZAXX3277
Mpakani ZAXX7118
Mpalambwe ZAXX5258
Mpalapata ZAXX5259
Mpali ZAXX1155
Mpamba ZAXX3278
Mpambeni ZAXX3279
Mpampa ZAXX3280
Mpanda ZAXX1156
Mpanda ZAXX3281
Mpande ZAXX3282
Mpande ZAXX5260
Mpandika ZAXX3283
Mpando ZAXX3284
Mpando ZAXX1157
Mpangala ZAXX5261
Mpangankulu ZAXX5262
Mpange ZAXX5263
Mpango ZAXX9246
Mpango ZAXX3285
Mpangula ZAXX3286
Mpangwe ZAXX3287
Mpanshya ZAXX4084
Mpanta ZAXX4336
Mpape Friday ZAXX4085
Mpara ZAXX3288
Mpase ZAXX4086
Mpasha ZAXX6374
Mpasi ZAXX0049
Mpasu ZAXX4087
Mpatamatu ZAXX0217
Mpatisha ZAXX1158
Mpayawanthu ZAXX3289
Mpazangwe ZAXX4088
Mpazo ZAXX3290
Mpelabusi Farm ZAXX0218
Mpelembe ZAXX5264
Mpemba ZAXX5265
Mpemba ZAXX0219
Mpembamoto ZAXX5266
Mpendeka ZAXX3291
Mpengaula ZAXX1159
Mpeni ZAXX3292
Mpepa ZAXX3293
Mpepo ZAXX5267
Mpepo ZAXX3294
Mpera ZAXX3295
Mpesi ZAXX3296
Mpeta ZAXX3297
Mpezeni ZAXX3298
Mphaisha ZAXX3299
Mphampha ZAXX3300
Mphofu ZAXX3301
Mpianakunda ZAXX3302
Mpidi ZAXX6375
Mpigwa ZAXX7119
Mpika ZAXX1160
Mpika ZAXX5268
Mpikwa ZAXX1161
Mpili ZAXX6376
Mpili ZAXX1162
Mpilwe ZAXX3303
Mpimabunga ZAXX9247
Mpimpa ZAXX7120
Mpindi ZAXX6377
Mpindira ZAXX3304
Mpinga ZAXX1163
Mpintwa ZAXX1164
Mpita ZAXX3305
Mpofu ZAXX3306
Mpoka ZAXX1165
Mpoka ZAXX9248
Mpoko ZAXX9249
Mpolomombo ZAXX5269
Mpolota ZAXX9250
Mpolowa ZAXX1166
Mpoma ZAXX7121
Mpomba ZAXX1167
Mpombonya ZAXX1168
Mpomwa ZAXX3307
Mponda ZAXX3308
Mpondo ZAXX1169
Mpondo ZAXX3309
Mpongo ZAXX9251
Mpongolo ZAXX3310
Mpongwe ZAXX0220
Mpongwe Mission ZAXX0050
Mpopwa ZAXX1170
Mporokoso ZAXX5270
Mposa ZAXX3311
Mposi ZAXX3312
Mpoto ZAXX3313
Mpuka ZAXX4089
Mpuka ZAXX1171
Mpula ZAXX1172
Mpulo ZAXX0051
Mpuluke ZAXX1173
Mpuluki ZAXX9252
Mpulungu ZAXX5271
Mpumba ZAXX6378
Mpumba ZAXX5272
Mpumputa ZAXX7122
Mpunda ZAXX3314
Mpunde ZAXX1174
Mpundu ZAXX5274
Mpupulwa ZAXX0221
Mpupwa ZAXX0222
Mpusa ZAXX3315
Mpuwe ZAXX3316
Mpwanchi ZAXX4337
Mpyana ZAXX0223
Mpyanabwalya ZAXX5275
Mrazi ZAXX9253
Msa ZAXX3317
Msajemwa ZAXX3318
Msakanya ZAXX3319
Msakula ZAXX3320
Msale ZAXX3321
Msaliwa ZAXX3322
Msalu ZAXX3323
Msangu ZAXX3324
Msangwa ZAXX3325
Mselele ZAXX3326
Msemphe ZAXX3327
Mshamba ZAXX3328
Mshashu ZAXX3329
Mshawa ZAXX3330
Msindama ZAXX3331
Msinga ZAXX3332