Weather Codes for Western Sahara

Find Weather Codes or Weather Zip Codes for states and cities in Western Sahara. Weather Codes references a specified Location and is used to get weather of that place accurately. They are used by The Weather Channel( by IBM), Yahoo! Weather, AOL Weather and many such weather forecasting platforms. It is similar to Yahoo's WOEID(Where On the Earth ID) that is used to represent each place uniquely.

You can know the weather of any place precisely with the help of weather codes. Find the current weather of your state or city by clicking on it. You will be redirected to The Weather Channel site with your weather code for accurate weather forecast.

Aadam Bu Deira WIXX0032
Aadam Debeaat WIXX0033
Aadam Esder WIXX0034
Aadam Laaguer WIXX0035
Aadam Lahmar WIXX0036
Aadam Meselut WIXX0037
Aadam Sisa WIXX0038
Aadam Uerg WIXX0039
Aadeim Adgan WIXX0041
Aadeim el Jail WIXX0042
Aaglet Esfeia WIXX0043
Aagyayin WIXX0044
Aannania WIXX0045
Aarred WIXX0046
Ad Dakhla WIXX0047
Ad Dchira WIXX0048
Addar WIXX0049
Adraygat WIXX0050
Afreiyat WIXX0052
Afteisat WIXX0053
Agrubas Lajdar WIXX0054
Aguenit WIXX0055
Aguiul Guebli WIXX0056
Aidar WIXX0057
Al Bir Lahlou WIXX0060
Al Khachbiyine WIXX0061
Amat Amazir WIXX0062
Ammat Achueief WIXX0063
Ammat Beder WIXX0064
Ammat el Gueddim WIXX0067
Ammat el Quebch WIXX0068
Ammat Ermeimida WIXX0065
Ammat Tarfa WIXX0066
Amseisat Saccum WIXX0069
Aneydeilen WIXX0070
Aserfa WIXX0071
Aserfet el Gara WIXX0072
Aslammaat WIXX0073
Asreifa WIXX0074
Atouifat WIXX0075
Audarat WIXX0076
Aueital WIXX0077
Auhaifraten WIXX0078
Ausert WIXX0079
Ayahfun Lemgasem WIXX0080
Bir Anzarane WIXX0081
Bir Gandus WIXX0082
Bir Gundus WIXX0083
Bu Craa WIXX0084
Cabo Bojador WIXX0085
Daraa El Quelba WIXX0087
Echdeiria WIXX0088
Edchera WIXX0001
Egsaibet Laadam WIXX0090
Ejbei Afreiyat WIXX0091
El Aaiun WIXX0007
El Aargub WIXX0092
El Aatf WIXX0093
El Aidiat WIXX0094
El Baten Chergui WIXX0095
El Hachia WIXX0096
El Jaufiat WIXX0097
El Manhar WIXX0099
El Mesiah WIXX0100
El Uaara WIXX0101
Enfaj WIXX0102
Erbeig Taiaret WIXX0103
Esbeita WIXX0104
Eyneien WIXX0106
Gaada WIXX0107
Gaat Chbabien WIXX0108
Guelta Zemmur WIXX0110
Guer Bou Diyab WIXX0111
Gwiret Mziriga WIXX0112
Ifachlen Aarared WIXX0113
Igasran WIXX0114
Igueryan WIXX0115
Igueryan Atila WIXX0116
Imiric-li Labiad WIXX0118
Imiric-li Lahmar WIXX0119
Imudeguen WIXX0120
Iniyan WIXX0121
Itmlily WIXX0122
Krab Tihfouz WIXX0125
Krikchet Bouzid WIXX0126
La Aguera WIXX0008
La Guera WIXX0002
Laagued WIXX0127
Laarch WIXX0128
Laasailien WIXX0129
Laayeram WIXX0130
Laayoune WIXX0003
Laayoune Plage WIXX0132
Lahcheicha WIXX0133
Lahfor WIXX0134
Lahmada WIXX0135
Lahmada al Hamra WIXX0136
Lahyaar WIXX0137
Lajialat WIXX0138
Lebtaina Tel-lia WIXX0139
Lefreirinat WIXX0141
Legaaida WIXX0142
Legreidguien WIXX0143
Legsaiba WIXX0144
Legtem WIXX0145
Lehdeb WIXX0146
Lehdeib WIXX0147
Lehdeiba WIXX0148
Lemguetma WIXX0149
Lemlaga WIXX0150
Lemmuil-lihien WIXX0151
Lemramiz WIXX0152
Lemsid WIXX0004
Lemtailha WIXX0153
Lemyeihida WIXX0154
Lermaz WIXX0155
Lunquel WIXX0156
Mahbes WIXX0157
Metmarfag WIXX0158
Mijek WIXX0159
Mogrein Tichla WIXX0160
Motlani el Bayda WIXX0161
Oum Dreyga WIXX0162
Oum Rjim WIXX0163
Oum Tlayha WIXX0164
Oummat al Ghiran WIXX0165
Raym Wald Edtil WIXX0167
Safia Againin WIXX0168
Samlat Amgrach WIXX0169
Samlat el Hafad WIXX0171
Sdar WIXX0173
Smara WIXX0025
Smul Niran WIXX0175
Solb Taiaret WIXX0176
Talh WIXX0178
Tamneiraten WIXX0179
Tanafed WIXX0180
Taseigaten WIXX0181
Tichla WIXX0186
Tidmas WIXX0187
Tifariti WIXX0188
Tifiguiuen WIXX0189
Tiguelelaten WIXX0190
Tiris WIXX0191
Tiyebren WIXX0192
Tiyirit WIXX0193
Tuagued WIXX0194
Tueiserfaten WIXX0195
Tugdam WIXX0196
Tuifidad WIXX0197
Twayla WIXX0198
Uad Damran WIXX0199
Uad Guenifa WIXX0200
Uad Imeslegguen WIXX0201
Udei ed Delim WIXX0204
Udei Laadam WIXX0203
Udeiat el Fiad WIXX0205
Ugranat WIXX0206
Um Ablac WIXX0207
Um Tleihia WIXX0208
Villa Cisneros WIXX0005
Yebeilat WIXX0209
Zug WIXX0211
Zwilila WIXX0212