Weather Codes for West Bank

Find Weather Codes or Weather Zip Codes for states and cities in West Bank. Weather Codes references a specified Location and is used to get weather of that place accurately. They are used by The Weather Channel( by IBM), Yahoo! Weather, AOL Weather and many such weather forecasting platforms. It is similar to Yahoo's WOEID(Where On the Earth ID) that is used to represent each place uniquely.

You can know the weather of any place precisely with the help of weather codes. Find the current weather of your state or city by clicking on it. You will be redirected to The Weather Channel site with your weather code for accurate weather forecast.

Abu Dis WEXX0097
Abu Qashsh WEXX0099
Ad Dab`ah WEXX0106
Ad Dawhah WEXX0110
Ad Dayrat WEXX0112
Al Badhan WEXX0121
Al Birah WEXX0128
Al Buq`ah WEXX0130
Al Burayj WEXX0024
Al Burj WEXX0131
Al Buwayb WEXX0132
Al Buwayrah WEXX0133
Al Fandaqumiyah WEXX0134
Al Farisiyah WEXX0135
Al Fasayil WEXX0136
Al Fukhkhari WEXX0026
Al Funduq WEXX0137
Al Haddadiyah WEXX0140
Al Hafasi WEXX0142
Al Hashimiyah WEXX0146
Al Hilah WEXX0148
Al Ittihad WEXX0150
Al Jalamah WEXX0153
Al Janiyah WEXX0156
Al Jarushiyah WEXX0157
Al Jib WEXX0158
Al Jiftlik WEXX0159
Al Judayrah WEXX0160
Al Judayyidah WEXX0161
Al Karmil WEXX0163
Al Khadir WEXX0164
Al Khas WEXX0166
Al Khuljan WEXX0168
Al Majd WEXX0175
Al Malih WEXX0178
Al Maniyah WEXX0179
Al Manshiyah WEXX0181
Al Mansurah WEXX0182
Al Masqufah WEXX0185
Al Ma`sarah WEXX0174
Al Midyah WEXX0188
Al Mughayyir WEXX0189
Al Mughraqah WEXX0034
Al Musaddar WEXX0035
Al Mutillah WEXX0193
Al Qararah WEXX0036
Al Qubaybah WEXX0196
Al Yamun WEXX0200
Al `Aqbah WEXX0203
Al `Aqrabaniyah WEXX0204
Al `Araqa WEXX0205
Al `Asa`sah WEXX0206
Al `Attarah WEXX0208
Al `Awja WEXX0209
Al `Ayzariyah WEXX0210
Al `Ubaydiyah WEXX0213
An Nabi Ilyas WEXX0223
An Nabi Musa WEXX0224
An Nabi Salih WEXX0225
An Najadah WEXX0227
An Naqurah WEXX0228
An Nasr WEXX0041
An Nassariyah WEXX0229
An Nusayrat WEXX0043
An Nuway`imah WEXX0233
Ar Ramadin WEXX0237
Ar Ramah WEXX0238
Ar Ras WEXX0240
Ar Rihiyah WEXX0243
Artas WEXX0251
As Samu` WEXX0253
As Sawiyah WEXX0255
As Surrah WEXX0258
Ash Shaykh Sa`d WEXX0263
Ash Shuyukh WEXX0266
At Tarm WEXX0268
At Taybah WEXX0269
At Tirah WEXX0272
At Tuwani WEXX0273
Ath Thaghrah WEXX0275
Az Zababidah WEXX0279
Az Zahiriyah WEXX0280
Az Zawiyah WEXX0282
Az Zaytuniyah WEXX0284
Az Za`ayyim WEXX0278
Az Zubaydat WEXX0285
Az Zuwaydah WEXX0047
Balatah WEXX0291
Bal`a WEXX0290
Bani Na`im WEXX0293
Bani Suhayla WEXX0049
Bani Zayd WEXX0295
Baqat al Hatab WEXX0299
Bardalah WEXX0300
Battir WEXX0305
Bayt Amin WEXX0306
Bayt Dajan WEXX0307
Bayt Duqqu WEXX0308
Bayt Fajjar WEXX0310
Bayt Furik WEXX0311
Bayt Hanun WEXX0051
Bayt Hasan WEXX0316
Bayt Iba WEXX0317
Bayt Ijza WEXX0318
Bayt Imrin WEXX0320
Bayt Jala WEXX0321
Bayt Kahil WEXX0322
Bayt Lahya WEXX0052
Bayt Lid WEXX0323
Bayt Liqya WEXX0324
Bayt Maqdum WEXX0325
Bayt Mirsim WEXX0326
Bayt Nuba WEXX0327
Bayt Qad WEXX0328
Bayt Sahur WEXX0330
Bayt Sira WEXX0331
Bayt Surik WEXX0332
Bayt Ta`mar WEXX0333
Bayt Ula WEXX0334
Bayt Ummar WEXX0335
Bayt Wazan WEXX0336
Bayt `Amrah WEXX0338
Bayt `Anan WEXX0339
Bayt `Awwa WEXX0340
Bayt `Inun WEXX0341
Bayta al Fawqa WEXX0348
Baytin WEXX0350
Baytunya WEXX0351
Bazzarya.h WEXX0352
Bethlehem WEXX0001
Biddu WEXX0365
Bidya WEXX0366
Bil`in WEXX0368
Bir al Basha WEXX0373
Bir Nabala WEXX0371
Bir Zayt WEXX0372
Birqin WEXX0375
Bruqin WEXX0378
Budrus WEXX0380
Burham WEXX0382
Burin WEXX0383
Burqah WEXX0385
Dayr Abu Da`if WEXX0394
Dayr Abu Mash`al WEXX0395
Dayr al Ghusun WEXX0412
Dayr al Hatab WEXX0413
Dayr as Sudan WEXX0418
Dayr Ballut WEXX0398
Dayr Dibwan WEXX0399
Dayr Ghazalah WEXX0401
Dayr Ibzi` WEXX0403
Dayr Istiya WEXX0404
Dayr Jarir WEXX0405
Dayr Nizam WEXX0406
Dayr Qiddis WEXX0407
Dayr Samit WEXX0409
Dayr Sharaf WEXX0410
Dhannabah WEXX0420
Domea WEXX0422
Dura WEXX0423
Dura al Qar` WEXX0424
East Jerusalem WEXX0425
Fahmah WEXX0432
Falamyah WEXX0434
Faqqu`ah WEXX0435
Farkhah WEXX0438
Far`ata WEXX0436
Far`un WEXX0437
Fuqiqis WEXX0442
Hablah WEXX0453
Hadb al `Alqah WEXX0456
Hajjah WEXX0458
Halhul WEXX0459
Haris WEXX0466
Hatta WEXX0468
Hebron WEXX0002
Hizma WEXX0544
Husan WEXX0550
Huwwarah WEXX0552
Ibziq WEXX0553
Idhna WEXX0554
Ijnisinya WEXX0556
Iktabah WEXX0557
Immatin WEXX0559
Imnizil WEXX0560
Imriha WEXX0561
Imrish WEXX0562
Iskaka WEXX0564
Jabalya WEXX0060
Jaba` WEXX0568
Jala WEXX0570
Jalbun WEXX0572
Jalqamus WEXX0573
Jalud WEXX0574
Jamma`in WEXX0576
Janin WEXX0010
Jannatah WEXX0579
Jayyus WEXX0581
Jericho WEXX0006
Jibiya WEXX0583
Jifna WEXX0584
Jiljiliya WEXX0586
Jit WEXX0588
Jubbit adh Dhib WEXX0589
Juhr ad Dik WEXX0061
Jurish WEXX0593
Kafa WEXX0596
Kafr ad Dik WEXX0614
Kafr al Labad WEXX0615
Kafr Dan WEXX0597
Kafr Jammal WEXX0598
Kafr Laqif WEXX0599
Kafr Malik WEXX0600
Kafr Qaddum WEXX0602
Kafr Qallil WEXX0603
Kafr Qud WEXX0604
Kafr Ra`i WEXX0605
Kafr Sur WEXX0608
Kafr Thulth WEXX0609
Kafr Zibad WEXX0610
Kafr `Abbush WEXX0611
Kafr `Ayn WEXX0613
Karmah WEXX0617
Khallat ad Dar WEXX0634
Khallat al Luzah WEXX0637
Khallat al `Aqd WEXX0642
Khallat Hamamah WEXX0628
Khallat Sakarya WEXX0630
Khallat Salih WEXX0631
Kharas WEXX0647
Khashm ad Daraj WEXX0652
Khirbat ad Dayr WEXX0705
Khirbat Humsah WEXX0668
Khirbat Jubarah WEXX0670
Khirbat Qays WEXX0681
Khirbat Sir WEXX0689
Khirbat `Atuf WEXX0704
Khursa WEXX0742
Khuza`ah WEXX0067
Kifil Haris WEXX0744
Kisan WEXX0745
Kubar WEXX0749
Kufayrit WEXX0750
Kur WEXX0752
Kurzah WEXX0754
Madama WEXX0766
Marah al Baqqar WEXX0775
Marah Ma`alla WEXX0773
Marah Rabbah WEXX0774
Marda WEXX0776
Marj al Ghazal WEXX0778
Marj Na`jah WEXX0777
Mashah WEXX0779
Maythalun WEXX0784
Ma`in WEXX0764
Mikhmas WEXX0793
Mirkah WEXX0795
Misliyah WEXX0797
Nablus WEXX0003
Nahhalin WEXX0819
Nisf Jubayl WEXX0838
Ni`lin WEXX0832
Nuba WEXX0842
Qabalan WEXX0850
Qabatiyah WEXX0851
Qaffin WEXX0853
Qalandiyah WEXX0004
Qalqas WEXX0854
Qalqilyah WEXX0016
Qaryut WEXX0861
Qatanne WEXX0862
Qibye WEXX0868
Qila` Zayta WEXX0870
Qirah WEXX0874
Qusin WEXX0879
Qusrah WEXX0880
Raba WEXX0882
Rabud WEXX0883
Rafat WEXX0886
Ramallah WEXX0005
Ramin WEXX0891
Rammun WEXX0892
Rantis WEXX0893
Ras at Tirah WEXX0901
Ras Karkar WEXX0894
Rujayb WEXX0906
Rummanah WEXX0907
Sabastiyah WEXX0910
Saffa WEXX0912
Saffarin WEXX0913
Salfit WEXX0915
Salim WEXX0916
Sannirya WEXX0917
Sanur WEXX0918
Sarrah WEXX0919
Sartah WEXX0920
Sayda WEXX0921
Sa`ir WEXX0909
Shabtin WEXX0924
Shufah WEXX0933
Shukat as Sufi WEXX0083
Shuqba WEXX0934
Sikkah WEXX0939
Silat az Zahr WEXX0942
Silwad WEXX0943
Sinjil WEXX0944
Sir WEXX0945
Siris WEXX0946
Surda WEXX0949
Surif WEXX0950
Taffuh WEXX0952
Talfit WEXX0953
Talluzah WEXX0955
Tammun WEXX0959
Tarqumya WEXX0961
Tarramah WEXX0962
Tayasir WEXX0965
Tilfit WEXX0972
Till WEXX0973
Ti`innik WEXX0970
Tubas WEXX0974
Tulkarm WEXX0015
Turmus`ayya WEXX0978
Udalah WEXX0979
Umm ad Daraj WEXX0986
Umm al Khayr WEXX0988
Umm al `Amd WEXX0991
Umm an Nasr WEXX0087
Umm ar Rihan WEXX0992
Umm ash Shaqhan WEXX0993
Umm at Tut WEXX0994
Umm Dar WEXX0980
Umm Lasafa WEXX0981
Umm Safa WEXX0983
Umm Salmunah WEXX0984
Usarin WEXX0995
Wadi ad Dabi` WEXX1004
Wadi al `Amayir WEXX1007
Wadi an Nis WEXX1010
Wadi ar Rasha WEXX1011
Wadi as Salqa WEXX0088
Wadi Du`uq WEXX0996
Wadi Fukin WEXX0997
Wadi Rahhal WEXX1001
Wadi `Ubayd WEXX1003
Yabrud WEXX1020
Yanun WEXX1023
Yasid WEXX1025
Yasuf WEXX1026
Yatma WEXX1027
Yatta WEXX0014
Ya`bad WEXX1019
Yuta WEXX1032
Zabdah WEXX1035
Zahr al Malih WEXX1036
Zahr al `Abd WEXX1037
Zawata WEXX1040
Zayta WEXX1041
Zayta Jamma`in WEXX1042
Za`tarah WEXX1034
Zif WEXX1043
Zububa.h WEXX1046
`Aba WEXX1048
`Abud WEXX1050
`Ajjah WEXX1051
`Ajjul WEXX1052
`Akkabah WEXX1053
`Ammuryah WEXX1055
`Anabta WEXX1056
`Anata WEXX1057
`Anin WEXX1058
`Anzah WEXX1059
`Aqraba WEXX1061
`Arab Abu Fardah WEXX1062
`Arab al Jahalin WEXX1065
`Arabbunah WEXX1070
`Arrabah WEXX1071
`Arranah WEXX1072
`Aslah WEXX1076
`Atarah WEXX1077
`Attil WEXX1079
`Awarta WEXX1080
`Ayn al Bayda WEXX1089
`Ayn Qiniya WEXX1081
`Ayn Shibli WEXX1083
`Ayn Sinya WEXX1084
`Ayn Yabrud WEXX1085
`Ayn `Arik WEXX1086
`Aynabus WEXX1090
`Azmut WEXX1091
`Azzun WEXX1092
`Ibwayn WEXX1097
`Illar WEXX1098
`Innab al Kabir WEXX1101
`Iraq Burin WEXX1102
`Izbat at Tabib WEXX1110
`Izbat Jal`ud WEXX1107
`Izbat Salman WEXX1108
`Urif WEXX1113