Weather Codes for Uzbekistan

Find Weather Codes or Weather Zip Codes for states and cities in Uzbekistan. Weather Codes references a specified Location and is used to get weather of that place accurately. They are used by The Weather Channel( by IBM), Yahoo! Weather, AOL Weather and many such weather forecasting platforms. It is similar to Yahoo's WOEID(Where On the Earth ID) that is used to represent each place uniquely.

You can know the weather of any place precisely with the help of weather codes. Find the current weather of your state or city by clicking on it. You will be redirected to The Weather Channel site with your weather code for accurate weather forecast.

Abablar UZXX5011
Abad UZXX0171
Abadon UZXX2438
Abat UZXX3222
Abdi UZXX2439
Abdida UZXX2440
Abduamin UZXX3554
Abdubay UZXX0172
Abduhamit UZXX2441
Abdukarim UZXX1264
Abdullabiy UZXX0173
Abdusamat UZXX0951
Abdzhuvaz UZXX0174
Abisanda UZXX2442
Abishkhan UZXX2443
Ablyk UZXX4705
Abta-Abad UZXX4205
Abuz UZXX4206
Abzhuvaz UZXX0175
Acha UZXX2057
Acha-Mayli UZXX3555
Achamayli UZXX2444
Achchi UZXX1265
Achchi UZXX4706
Achchi UZXX2058
Achchigi UZXX2445
Achchiqko`l UZXX1570
Adak UZXX4207
Adakjonbo`z UZXX2446
Adas UZXX3556
Adebiyat UZXX3223
Afg`onbog` UZXX2447
Agach-Dzhan UZXX1266
Agachty UZXX4143
Agalyk UZXX3558
Aganusan UZXX3559
Ageden UZXX3224
Agron UZXX3560
Agullik UZXX0176
Ailli UZXX4208
Aim UZXX0177
Aim-Ravat UZXX0697
Aimbed-Ishan UZXX3225
Aimchakakyr UZXX0952
Air-Tame UZXX5012
Ajiboy Urochisha UZXX3226
Ajiriqli UZXX2059
Ajrim UZXX2449
Ajrim UZXX2060
Ak-Bajtal UZXX0006
Ak-Bit UZXX3561
Ak-Darbent UZXX5013
Ak-Dzhar UZXX4209
Ak-Kupryuk UZXX4210
Ak-Kurgan UZXX4211
Ak-Su UZXX4212
Ak-Tash UZXX2450
Ak-Tash UZXX3563
Ak-Touzak UZXX4707
Ak-Tuly UZXX2451
Ak-Tumshuk UZXX4213
Ak-Tyube UZXX0178
Ak-Yal-Shurcha UZXX2452
Akaltyn UZXX4144
Akaltyn UZXX0179
Akaryk UZXX0953
Akata UZXX4708
Akava UZXX1571
Akavla UZXX4709
Akbarobod UZXX0954
Akbashly UZXX3227
Akbulak UZXX4710
Akbulak UZXX0180
Akbuyra UZXX0181
Akbuyra UZXX3564
Akcha UZXX0182
Akcha-Buga UZXX2453
Akchuragasy UZXX3565
Akhangaran UZXX0023
Akhtachi UZXX0183
Akhtalik UZXX0184
Akhunbabayev UZXX4214
Akhunbabayev UZXX0185
Akish UZXX2454
Akkapchigay UZXX4215
Akkiik UZXX1213
Akkurgan UZXX0955
Akkurgan UZXX0186
Akkurgan UZXX3567
Akkurgan UZXX0024
Akmatbek UZXX0187
Akpetki UZXX3230
Akrabat UZXX0699
Aksay UZXX2395
Aksu UZXX4216
Aksultan UZXX3569
Akta-Khana UZXX1267
Aktash UZXX1268
Aktash UZXX0188
Aktash UZXX4217
Aktash UZXX0025
Aktepa UZXX0956
Aktepa UZXX3570
Aktepa UZXX4711
Aktepa UZXX4690
Aktepa UZXX2061
Aktepa UZXX4218
Aktepa-Chigatay UZXX4691
Aktepe UZXX3571
Aktumshuk UZXX4635
Akzchki UZXX0190
Ala-Kap UZXX1270
Ala-Khatyn UZXX3572
Alachapan UZXX4219
Alakanat UZXX0191
Alam UZXX0192
Alamaydan UZXX0193
Alami UZXX1572
Alamli UZXX1271
Alatakyr UZXX4636
Alatemir UZXX4220
Alaychi UZXX0194
Aldabergan UZXX2062
Alicha-Bulak UZXX4221
Alimbaba UZXX4712
Alimbatanna UZXX3231
Alimbek UZXX0195
Alimkent UZXX4713
Alisaid UZXX4714
Alixon UZXX1573
Allaxamak UZXX0957
Allayar-Kuduk UZXX3573
Alma UZXX2457
Almachi UZXX4145
Almalyk UZXX0196
Almalyk UZXX0001
Almazar UZXX4146
Alpxori UZXX2063
Alseid UZXX4715
Altyaul UZXX3574
Altyntepa UZXX4717
Alvalizar UZXX1574
Alyachapan UZXX4222
Alyamdy UZXX3576
Alyamly UZXX1272
Aman-Kolkhat UZXX3577
Aman-Kutan UZXX3578
Aman-Semiz UZXX3579
Aman-Turdy UZXX3580
Amanbay UZXX3581
Amandara UZXX3582
Amandzhura UZXX0197
Amir Timur UZXX4718
Amir-Ravat UZXX0958
Amirobod UZXX3232
Ammagan UZXX2458
Amudaryo UZXX3233
Anar-Bulak UZXX2459
Anarbulak UZXX4223
Anarzar UZXX0959
Andabozor UZXX2460
Andak UZXX3583
Andijon UZXX0198
Andizhan UZXX4147
Andizhan UZXX4224
Andreyev UZXX0199
Andzharly UZXX3584
Angidon UZXX2064
Angor UZXX4225
Angren UZXX0028
Annaro`z UZXX2461
Apardi UZXX2462
Appan-Sappan UZXX2463
Aqirtma UZXX2464
Arab UZXX1575
Arab UZXX5015
Arab UZXX2465
Arab-Khana UZXX0700
Arab-Tyube UZXX0200
Arabkhana UZXX3586
Arabkishlak UZXX0201
Arabla UZXX0701
Arabmazor UZXX0961
Arabon UZXX0702
Arabsaray UZXX2065
Arabxona UZXX2066
Arabxona UZXX2466
Aral UZXX0202
Aral UZXX2467
Aral UZXX4226
Aral-Bay UZXX3236
Aralaul UZXX2468
Aralbay UZXX3237
Aranchi UZXX4719
Archa UZXX0962
Ardakshan UZXX1273
Arday UZXX0203
Ardzha UZXX1274
Argu UZXX0204
Argun UZXX4227
Argyn UZXX0205
Arg`in UZXX1576
Arigbo`yi UZXX1577
Ariqbog`ish UZXX1578
Arkaul UZXX1534
Arlat UZXX3587
Arlyaki UZXX4228
Armidzhan UZXX2067
Arnasay UZXX1275
Arpa-Paya UZXX4229
Ars UZXX0206
Artish UZXX0207
Artybul UZXX3588
Arvaten UZXX1276
Arykbuyi UZXX0208
Arzamchi UZXX4230
Asaka UZXX0209
Asalchi UZXX4148
Asbob UZXX2068
Asha-May UZXX3589
Asha-Mayli UZXX3238
Ashchitobelik UZXX2069
Ashik-ata UZXX3590
Ashir-Buka UZXX2469
Ashitobelik UZXX2070
Ashor-Dzhilyan UZXX4231
Aslan-Bay UZXX4232
Asmansay UZXX1277
Aspantay UZXX3239
Assana UZXX4233
Astana UZXX5016
At-Chavar UZXX2470
Atabuzuk UZXX0703
Atakenty UZXX2471
Atcha UZXX2472
Atchapar UZXX0210
Atchi UZXX2071
Atfar UZXX0704
Atforma UZXX2072
Atish UZXX0211
Atkaron UZXX0705
Auchi UZXX4234
Audzhin UZXX2473
Aul UZXX0212
Aurakhmat UZXX4721
Auzyken UZXX4235
Avakly UZXX4236
Avazcho`l UZXX2474
Avazmaylik UZXX2475
Aves-Bay UZXX2073
Avgan UZXX0213
Avlad UZXX4237
Avtogarazh UZXX4238
Avushka UZXX0214
Avval UZXX0029
Awangard UZXX4722
Axcha UZXX1579
Axsa UZXX1580
Axsi UZXX1581
Ayak-Aul UZXX3240
Ayakguzhumdy UZXX2074
Ayaqchi UZXX3241
Aylanpa UZXX0215
Aymak UZXX2476
Aymakhallya UZXX2477
Ayman UZXX2478
Ayozqala UZXX3242
Ayranchi UZXX0216
Ayridebal UZXX2479
Ayrikuylak UZXX4692
Ayrilish UZXX0217
Ayritom UZXX2480
Ayronchi UZXX2075
Ayshakhanum UZXX0218
Aytamgaly UZXX1279
Ayteke UZXX3243
Aytym UZXX2076
Ayzobod UZXX2481
Azad UZXX0219
Azadbukhara UZXX4239
Azamat UZXX0220
Azar-Tyube UZXX1280
Azartepa UZXX4723
Azizobod UZXX2077
Aznek UZXX2078
Babachek UZXX0221
Babamurk-Sarmez UZXX4240
Bachkir UZXX0964
Badam-Chaly UZXX3591
Badava UZXX4241
Badaxshon UZXX2482
Baday UZXX3592
Badbad UZXX3593
Badly Pervyye UZXX3594
Bagadzhat UZXX3595
Bagara UZXX0222
Bagat UZXX0030
Bagdad Vtoroy UZXX0966
Bagish UZXX4724
Bagizagan UZXX3597
Bagkalen UZXX0706
Baglydara UZXX4242
Bagrin UZXX3598
Bag`dod UZXX0965
Bahriobod UZXX1583
Baistan UZXX0967
Bakachinak UZXX2080
Bakan UZXX3600
Bakaty UZXX4243
Bakh-Mazar UZXX1281
Bakhcha UZXX4244
Bakhmal UZXX1282
Bakhor UZXX0223
Bakhoristan UZXX4245
Bakhram UZXX3601
Bakhrin UZXX0224
Bakhrin UZXX3602
Bakhshi-Tepe UZXX3603
Bakht UZXX4149
Baki UZXX3604
Baki-Mirishkor UZXX0707
Bakrak UZXX3605
Baksaki UZXX3606
Baksi UZXX3244
Balaban UZXX1284
Balandariq UZXX1584
Balandchaqir UZXX1285
Balandchayla UZXX2483
Balandko`prik UZXX1585
Balankishlak UZXX1286
Balasy UZXX1287
Balatash UZXX3607
Balay-Bakha UZXX2081
Balgaly UZXX1288
Balgaly UZXX4725
Balgaurak UZXX1289
Balgauz UZXX1290
Balhiyoq UZXX2484
Balin UZXX0708
Baliqchi UZXX1586
Baliqchi UZXX0225
Baliqliko`l UZXX1587
Baliqluko`l UZXX1588
Balkhy UZXX1291
Balta UZXX4726
Balyandusman UZXX1292
Balykly UZXX1293
Bamraxa UZXX1589
Bandikhon UZXX4246
Bandy-Khan UZXX4247
Bangi UZXX0709
Baqirchi UZXX2485
Barak UZXX2082
Barat UZXX0968
Bardym-Kul UZXX4248
Barinchi-Garma UZXX4249
Barlas UZXX3608
Barli-Bar UZXX3609
Barraj UZXX4727
Bash-Agitma UZXX0710
Bash-Bulak UZXX3610
Bash-Kuruk UZXX1294
Bashir UZXX2486
Bashkuduk UZXX3611
Bashtup UZXX0226
Bashtut UZXX0227
Batash UZXX2487
Batmabulak UZXX4250
Batman UZXX3612
Batosh UZXX2488
Batyr-Aul UZXX4728
Batyrabad UZXX0228
Batyrkent Pervyy UZXX3246
Bava UZXX3613
Baxmal UZXX2489
Baxt UZXX1590
Baxtli UZXX3247
Baxtlitepa UZXX4251
Bay UZXX2490
Bay-Kishlak UZXX4252
Bay-Kurgan UZXX2491
Bay-Tyube UZXX3614
Bayaul UZXX4729
Bayaut Pervyy UZXX4150
Baybagish UZXX3615
Baybicha UZXX3616
Bayburi UZXX4253
Baybuta UZXX0969
Baycheki UZXX0229
Baykichik UZXX0230
Baykot UZXX3617
Baykuf UZXX3618
Baykungur UZXX1295
Baykut UZXX3619
Baymakli UZXX4254
Baymoq UZXX1591
Baynalminal UZXX1592
Baynalminal UZXX4255
Baynalminal UZXX5017
Baypurushli UZXX3620
Bayrabof UZXX0711
Bayrakchi UZXX2492
Bayrat UZXX3621
Baytepa UZXX1296
Baytykurgan UZXX4730
Baytysh UZXX4731
Bazapbashi UZXX0231
Bazar UZXX4256
Bazar-Dzhay UZXX2083
Bazar-Tepe UZXX2493
Bazarbashi UZXX0232
Bazarchi UZXX0712
Bazardzhay UZXX3622
Bazarkhadyrcha UZXX0233
Bedaden UZXX0714
Bedana UZXX3623
Beglik UZXX2084
Beglyar UZXX2494
Beglyar UZXX2085
Begodzhan UZXX2086
Begovat UZXX0970
Bek-Said UZXX3624
Bekabad UZXX0971
Bekariston UZXX3248
Bekbachcha UZXX0234
Bekmakhalla UZXX0235
Bekobod UZXX0031
Bekobod UZXX1593
Bekobod UZXX0972
Bektemir UZXX4732
Bektemir UZXX1594
Bektemir UZXX2495
Bektepa UZXX3625
Belibayli UZXX2496
Beltov UZXX3249
Berdishixi UZXX2497
Beruniy UZXX0032
Besh-Agach UZXX3626
Besh-Bala UZXX3627
Besh-Bala UZXX1298
Besh-Bolo UZXX3628
Besh-Bulak UZXX3629
Besh-Bulak UZXX2498
Besh-Kal UZXX2499
Besh-Kala UZXX3630
Besh-Kapa UZXX3631
Besh-Kopa UZXX4259
Besh-Kutan UZXX3632
Besh-Takhta UZXX4260
Besh-Tal UZXX3633
Beshariq UZXX0973
Beshashchi UZXX2088
Beshbala UZXX0974
Beshbay UZXX4733
Beshbulak UZXX0033
Beshbuloq UZXX2500
Beshbuloq UZXX2089
Beshbuynak UZXX0236
Beshkaltak UZXX0237
Beshkapa UZXX0238
Beshkapa UZXX1595
Beshkapa UZXX2501
Beshkapa UZXX0975
Beshkar UZXX3634
Beshkaram UZXX0239
Beshkazak UZXX2502
Beshkent UZXX2503
Beshkent Shahri UZXX2504
Beshko`l UZXX4734
Beshkutan UZXX4261
Beshmakhallya UZXX0240
Beshmirza UZXX0241
Besho`g`il UZXX2505
Beshpshagar UZXX1299
Beshqo`rg`on UZXX1596
Beshqo`ton UZXX2506
Beshqubi UZXX1300
Beshrabot UZXX2090
Beshsar UZXX3635
Beshserka UZXX1597
Beshtepa UZXX1598
Beshterak UZXX2507
Beshtol UZXX1599
Beshtom UZXX1600
Beshtom UZXX3250
Beskhalsha UZXX4735
Besopan UZXX2091
Bessarabskiy UZXX4736
Bessari UZXX0976
Bestom UZXX3251
Bezergen UZXX5018
Bezirgen UZXX3252
Bezvodnyy UZXX4737
Bibi-Zaynap UZXX4262
Bibiqorasoch UZXX2508
Bidak UZXX4263
Bidani UZXX3636
Bigat UZXX0977
Bilimtu UZXX3253
Bino UZXX0978
Birdali UZXX2509
Birdam UZXX3254
Birinchi Saroy UZXX2092
Birkunlik UZXX2510
Birlashgan UZXX0242
Birlashgan UZXX1601
Birleshik UZXX3255
Birlik UZXX1602
Birlik UZXX2093
Birlik UZXX0243
Birlik UZXX4738
Birlishgan UZXX0244
Bish-Bange UZXX0245
Bish-Yuz UZXX1302
Bitav UZXX2094
Biybozor UZXX3256
Biyroga UZXX4264
Bobokhurosan UZXX0247
Bofaboy UZXX2097
Bog-Dasht UZXX0716
Bogara UZXX4151
Bogarnoye UZXX1303
Boghot UZXX5019
Bogish UZXX4740
Bogoudin UZXX0717
Bog`chakalon UZXX2098
Bog`ish UZXX1607
Bog`ishamol UZXX1608
Bog`iston UZXX1609
Bog`izag`on UZXX2515
Bog`ko`cha UZXX1610
Bog`mahalla UZXX1611
Bokaty UZXX4265
Boldyr UZXX4267
Bolgan UZXX1305
Boloqaraq UZXX2099
Bolquduq UZXX2100
Boltasovdir UZXX2101
Bolxona UZXX1612
Boqcha UZXX0980
Boranboy UZXX2102
Bordimko`l UZXX1613
Bordonkul UZXX4741
Boroshilov UZXX0249
Boshchel UZXX2516
Boshjonboz UZXX2517
Boshkap UZXX2518
Bosqaldoq UZXX3262
Bostan UZXX0981
Bostan UZXX0250
Botash UZXX4268
Botirbuloq UZXX1614
Botqoq UZXX1615
Boybicha UZXX4269
Boydavlet UZXX3263
Boydavlet UZXX2103
Boygundi UZXX2519
Boymurot UZXX2104
Boymurot UZXX3264
Boyovul UZXX1616
Boyowut UZXX4152
Boyqishloq UZXX1617
Boyqo`rg`on UZXX2520
Boyrabad UZXX4270
Boyragesh UZXX4271
Boysun UZXX4272
Boyterek UZXX2521
Bo`ritepa UZXX1603
Bo`ston UZXX1604
Bo`ston UZXX2511
Bo`stonobod UZXX1605
Bo`yagan UZXX1606
Bo`z UZXX0246
Bo`zariq UZXX2512
Bo`zauboy UZXX2095
Bo`ztepa UZXX2513
Bugurdak UZXX2105
Buhara UZXX0018
Bujali UZXX2522
Buka UZXX4742
Bukalak UZXX0251
Bukharikishlak UZXX3638
Bulak UZXX4273
Bulakbashi UZXX3640
Bulakiyan UZXX0719
Bulaksu UZXX4743
Bulanak UZXX1618
Buloq UZXX1619
Buloqbashi UZXX0252
Buloqboshi UZXX1620
Buluch UZXX2523
Bulyak UZXX4274
Buramatut UZXX1621
Burankhodzha UZXX3642
Burany UZXX3643
Burbaliq UZXX0982
Burchmulla UZXX4744
Burequm UZXX0983
Burg UZXX1306
Burgalik UZXX4745
Burgut UZXX2106
Burikapchigay UZXX2524
Burkhana UZXX2525
Burkut UZXX3644
Burlyang UZXX0720
Burun-Dzhuz UZXX2526
Bury UZXX0253
Buryban UZXX0721
Bush-Kerek UZXX3645
Bushlak UZXX3646
Bustan UZXX1307
Bustan UZXX0254
Bustan-Tyube UZXX0255
Buston UZXX2107
Buston UZXX4746
Buston UZXX0256
Butakara UZXX0257
Buvayda UZXX0984
Buxanmerey UZXX3266
Buxoro UZXX0722
Buyrachi UZXX5020
Buyrobad UZXX0723
Buz UZXX0258
Buzakhana UZXX1308
Buzaryk UZXX0259
Buzaubaj UZXX0010
Buzsuw UZXX4747
Buzukly UZXX3647
Buzuruk-Ata UZXX3648
Byrkguzar UZXX4693
Chabat UZXX3649
Chagak UZXX4275
Chagall UZXX0985
Chagam UZXX4276
Chagatas UZXX4277
Chagatay UZXX3650
Chagyr UZXX0260
Chag`ir UZXX1622
Chag`irko`l UZXX2108
Chakand UZXX1310
Chakar UZXX0261
Chakar UZXX3651
Chakar-Chukur UZXX1311
Chakcha UZXX3267
Chakdary UZXX2109
Chakkan UZXX0262
Chakky UZXX2527
Chakmozor UZXX2528
Chaknak UZXX4278
Chal UZXX1312
Chala-Mazar UZXX2529
Chalakarga UZXX3652
Chalasart UZXX1623
Chaltugay UZXX4153
Chalysh UZXX0036
Chamanzor UZXX1624
Chamanzor UZXX2530
Chambil UZXX2531
Chanchikuly UZXX2532
Chandir UZXX2533
Chandovul UZXX1625
Chandyr UZXX0724
Changalibolo UZXX3655
Changalli UZXX2110
Changaly UZXX3656
Changaul UZXX1314
Changhir Tosh UZXX0263
Changi UZXX4748
Changikhisorak UZXX4749
Changir UZXX2111
Changtepa UZXX4750
Chankatyr UZXX3657
Chanoq UZXX4751
Chanqat UZXX0986
Chapayev UZXX0264
Chaqar UZXX2534
Chaqar UZXX4279
Chaqmoq UZXX2112
Char-Khana UZXX2113
Charbag UZXX0725
Charbak UZXX2114
Charbak UZXX0265
Charbog UZXX1626
Chardara UZXX0726
Chardara UZXX3659
Chargumbaz UZXX2535
Charhin UZXX3660
Charkay UZXX2536
Charlak UZXX3661
Charog`il UZXX2537
Chartak UZXX4752
Chartak UZXX0037
Charvadar UZXX0266
Charvador UZXX4280
Charvak UZXX4281
Charvak UZXX0038
Charvak-Tyube UZXX3662
Charxin UZXX3663
Charyk UZXX0727
Charykty UZXX2115
Charzana UZXX0728
Chash-Tepa UZXX2116
Chash-Tepe UZXX3664
Chashma UZXX2117
Chashmaimiron UZXX2538
Chashmaobizam UZXX2539
Chashtepa UZXX4694
Chat-Kupyr UZXX5021
Chatkal UZXX4753
Chauka UZXX3665
Chavka UZXX2540
Chavkan UZXX0267
Chavkay UZXX2541
Chavlisay UZXX4754
Chayan UZXX4282
Chayanbash UZXX0268
Chaykayma UZXX1315
Chaykazak UZXX2118
Chaysh UZXX1316
Chegara UZXX4283
Chegarachi UZXX4284
Chek UZXX1627
Chek-Yaydak UZXX1628
Chekchuwaldak UZXX0987
Cheketashlak UZXX0270
Chekir UZXX0729
Chekshura UZXX0988
Chelak UZXX3666
Chem UZXX0271
Chep UZXX4285
Chibantay UZXX4154
Chichkanchi UZXX2542
Chichkanchi UZXX3667
Chigatay UZXX4755
Chigatay UZXX3669
Chighiriq UZXX4756
Chigit UZXX2120
Chig`anoq UZXX1629
Chig`atoy UZXX3668
Chilan UZXX0989
Chilanzar UZXX4695
Chilap UZXX0272
Chilikchi UZXX3670
Chiljuvut UZXX2544
Chillamazar UZXX1317
Chilyan UZXX0273
Chilyangu UZXX0730
Chilyanzor UZXX4287
Chim UZXX0039
Chim UZXX1318
Chim UZXX3671
Chimbaj UZXX0007
Chimbay UZXX3672
Chimbaylyk UZXX4757
Chimboy UZXX2121
Chimboy Shahri UZXX3268
Chimchukly UZXX3673
Chimion UZXX0274
Chimkent UZXX0990
Chimkurgan UZXX3674
Chimkurgan UZXX0041
Chimqo`rg`on UZXX2546
Chimyon UZXX0991
Chinabad UZXX3675
Chinabad UZXX4289
Chinachak UZXX0992
Chinak UZXX2122
Chinar UZXX3676
Chinar UZXX4290
Chinar UZXX2123
Chinaz UZXX0042
Ching`iroq UZXX2547
Chinobod UZXX2548
Chinobod UZXX4758
Chinobod UZXX0275
Chinortagi UZXX0993
Chinoz UZXX4759
Chirchik UZXX0043
Chirchiq UZXX4760
Chirkay UZXX0994
Chirkrak UZXX3677
Chirmach UZXX0995
Chiroqchi UZXX2549
Chiroqchi Shahri UZXX2550
Chit UZXX2551
Chkalov UZXX4291
Chodak UZXX1631
Chok UZXX1632
Choldzhiyan UZXX4292
Chon-Qora UZXX0996
Chongli UZXX2124
Chopiq UZXX2555
Chordana UZXX1633
Chorkesar UZXX1634
Chorshanba UZXX2556
Chortoq UZXX1635
Chortoq Shahri UZXX1636
Chorvador UZXX2557
Chorvador UZXX1637
Chorvoq UZXX4293
Chorwoq UZXX4761
Chosh UZXX4294
Chosh-Bolo UZXX4295
Choshtepa UZXX2558
Chovkay UZXX2559
Choydari UZXX2560
Choygul UZXX2561
Cho`lquvar UZXX2553
Cho`michli UZXX2554
Cho`ngbog`ish UZXX0277
Cho`ngbosh UZXX1630
Chualma UZXX0278
Chuama UZXX0279
Chubran UZXX2562
Chuchuk UZXX2563
Chuchukquduq UZXX2564
Chudzha UZXX0280
Chudzhaarab UZXX0281
Chudzhayuziya UZXX0282
Chuguntepa UZXX4762
Chugurtma UZXX2565
Chukur UZXX0283
Chukur UZXX4296
Chukurkucha UZXX0284
Chulak UZXX1319
Chulakly UZXX1320
Chulan UZXX3269
Chumkurgan UZXX3678
Chumych UZXX2567
Chunanobod UZXX2125
Chungkirgiz UZXX0285
Chunkaymyshbala UZXX3679
Chuntak UZXX0286
Chuqur UZXX2568
Chuqurqoq UZXX3270
Chuqurquduq UZXX2126
Churtanlik UZXX0287
Churtuk UZXX1638
Chushka-Guzar UZXX4299
Chust UZXX0044
Chust Shahri UZXX1640
Chustnon UZXX1641
Chuvalachi UZXX0997
Chuvaldak UZXX4763
Chuvirma UZXX0288
Chuvulloq UZXX2569
Chuya UZXX2127
Chuyanchi UZXX3680
Chuychak Quduq UZXX2570
Dadany UZXX3681
Daganadzham UZXX4300
Dahana Qaqir UZXX0998
Daimobod UZXX0999
Dala Urochisha UZXX2128
Dam UZXX2571
Dam UZXX1642
Dam-Uygur UZXX3682
Damaryk UZXX0290
Damaryk UZXX4765
Damashi UZXX4766
Dami-Kazak UZXX3683
Daminbaychek UZXX0291
Damko`cha UZXX1643
Damko`l UZXX1644
Dangara UZXX1321
Dangir UZXX4767
Dang`ara UZXX1000
Daoturkhanchi UZXX0292
Daray-Tut UZXX3684
Darbaza UZXX1322
Darcha UZXX2572
Darigash UZXX0295
Daristan UZXX1323
Daristan UZXX0296
Darkhan UZXX0297
Darkhon UZXX4696
Darnsay UZXX3685
Dartak UZXX0298
Darvash-i-Bala UZXX0732
Darvaz UZXX0299
Darvaza UZXX1324
Darvozako`l UZXX1645
Darxon UZXX2573
Dash UZXX1001
Dashnobod UZXX4302
Dasht UZXX2574
Dasht UZXX0300
Dasht Azlortepa UZXX2575
Dashtigaz UZXX4303
Dashtobod UZXX1646
Dashtobod UZXX1325
Datqush UZXX2576
Dau-Tepa UZXX3686
Dauchar UZXX3687
Daukara UZXX0045
Daul UZXX3688
Dauner UZXX0301
Davkar UZXX0302
Davlyatabad UZXX0733
Davry-Kurgan UZXX3689
Davtash UZXX3690
Daxbet UZXX3691
Debaland UZXX2129
Decha UZXX0734
Degi-Surkh UZXX4304
Degikalyandar UZXX4305
Degres UZXX4306
Dehqonobod UZXX3271
Dehqonobod UZXX2577
Dehqonobod UZXX4155
Dek UZXX2578
Dekh-i-Saiadin UZXX0735
Dekhkanabad UZXX4307
Dekhkanabad UZXX1003
Dekhkanabad UZXX0303
Dekhkanabad UZXX4156
Dekhkanbazar UZXX5022
Dekhkanbirlyashu UZXX4308
Dekhkanchek UZXX0304
Dekhkanittfak UZXX4309
Dekhkantuda UZXX1004
Dekmaran UZXX2579
Demisti UZXX2130
Denau UZXX0046
Denov UZXX4310
Denovbola UZXX2581
Derbent UZXX4311
Detirim UZXX1326
Dey-Khodzhi UZXX0736
Deynau UZXX2582
Di-Asiya UZXX0737
Dibadam UZXX4312
Dibola UZXX4313
Dii-Bala UZXX4314
Dilkushad UZXX0305
Dimersat UZXX1005
Dimitrov UZXX0306
Dinau UZXX0738
Dinau UZXX2583
Dirin UZXX3692
Divana UZXX1006
Divana UZXX3693
Divana-Say UZXX3694
Divayram UZXX1007
Dodburun UZXX2132
Dodiq UZXX2591
Dogab UZXX4316
Doniyorshayx UZXX2592
Donkara UZXX3695
Doray-Son UZXX4317
Dorman UZXX0307
Doshanovul UZXX3273
Dosimbiy UZXX5023
Dovduq UZXX1650
Dovgistov UZXX2133
Dovkamar UZXX2593
Dovqora UZXX3274
Dovriqo`rg`on UZXX2134
Dovtosh UZXX2594
Doxiota UZXX1651
Do`konxona UZXX2585
Do`ltaly UZXX2586
Do`ngqishloq UZXX2587
Do`qchi UZXX2588
Do`rmon UZXX2589
Do`stlarobod UZXX1648
Do`stlik UZXX1649
Do`stlik UZXX1008
Do`stlik UZXX2590
Druzhba UZXX4157
Du-Oba UZXX2595
Dubal UZXX4318
Dudir UZXX0308
Dugab UZXX2596
Dugaba UZXX1327
Dugoba UZXX4319
Dugonbagi UZXX2597
Dukchigi UZXX3696
Dukey UZXX1328
Dukhana UZXX4320
Dula UZXX3698
Dulan UZXX0309
Duldi UZXX1652
Dumaloq UZXX4768
Dumar UZXX1653
Dumsa UZXX1654
Dungkishlak UZXX0310
Dungulik UZXX4640
Duob UZXX4321
Duob UZXX2598
Duoba UZXX1655
Durkun UZXX1656
Durman UZXX2135
Durman UZXX2599
Durman UZXX1009
Durmen UZXX0739
Durmon UZXX4769
Durry UZXX0740
Dursun UZXX2600
Dusham UZXX3276
Dusmat UZXX1329
Dustlik UZXX4771
Dustlik UZXX1330
Dustlik UZXX0311
Duzardyn UZXX5024
Dzalanbulak UZXX2137
Dzerzhinskiy UZXX0312
Dzhabitay UZXX4772
Dzhagary UZXX0741
Dzhakhanabad UZXX4774
Dzhakhanabad UZXX0313
Dzhal UZXX4775
Dzhaladzhin UZXX2602
Dzhalair UZXX2138
Dzhalair UZXX1332
Dzhalair UZXX4776
Dzhalair UZXX3700
Dzhalair UZXX1010
Dzhalair UZXX4322
Dzhalakuduk UZXX0314
Dzhalampyr UZXX2603
Dzhalanbulak UZXX2139
Dzhalty UZXX4323
Dzham UZXX3701
Dzham Pervyy UZXX3702
Dzham Vtoroy UZXX3703
Dzhamandzhar UZXX3704
Dzhamanma UZXX3277
Dzhamansha UZXX3278
Dzhambash UZXX4324
Dzhambay UZXX3705
Dzhan-Aryk UZXX4777
Dzhan-Cheke UZXX4325
Dzhana UZXX3706
Dzhanabad UZXX0315
Dzhandybulak UZXX4326
Dzhangabay UZXX4778
Dzhantyk UZXX2140
Dzhapka-Tut UZXX1333
Dzhar UZXX3707
Dzhar-Bulak UZXX4327
Dzhar-Bulak UZXX1334
Dzhar-Kishlak UZXX4328
Dzhar-Tepe UZXX2605
Dzharchibashi UZXX0316
Dzharkurgan UZXX0047
Dzharkutan UZXX1657
Dzhartash UZXX4779
Dzhartepa UZXX3708
Dzharty UZXX4329
Dzharty-Aryk UZXX4330
Dzharty-Tyube UZXX3709
Dzhau UZXX1011
Dzhavshar UZXX3710
Dzhay-Mulik UZXX3711
Dzhengan UZXX0744
Dzhenichka UZXX1335
Dzhevachi UZXX3712
Dzheynau UZXX0048
Dzheyrankhana UZXX4331
Dzhida-Mazar UZXX0317
Dzhidabulak UZXX4332
Dzhidalik UZXX3713
Dzhigachi UZXX0745
Dzhilandy UZXX1336
Dzhili-Su UZXX2606
Dzhin UZXX3714
Dzhinichka UZXX3715
Dzhity-Kuduk UZXX2607
Dzhiyanbek UZXX0318
Dzhizly UZXX2142
Dzhogary UZXX0747
Dzhoynau UZXX0748
Dzhudzhurek UZXX4781
Dzhugary UZXX2608
Dzhugi UZXX3716
Dzhukusus UZXX4782
Dzhuma-Bazar UZXX3717
Dzhuma-Bazar UZXX2609
Dzhuma-Bazar UZXX0749
Dzhumambay UZXX1337
Dzhumatag UZXX4333
Dzhumaul UZXX1338
Dzhumkhuriyat UZXX2143
Dzhunurun-Kala UZXX4783
Dzhuryat UZXX3718
Dzhush UZXX0049
Dzhuvazkhana UZXX4784
Dzhyukary UZXX1012
Dzizak UZXX0014
Edzhan UZXX2144
Egarchi UZXX4334
Ekintekin UZXX0319
Elaton UZXX1658
Ellikqala UZXX3279
Ellikqata UZXX3280
Elobod UZXX2610
Eltoy UZXX2145
Elxon UZXX1659
Ergashkon UZXX1660
Erlga UZXX4786
Esaboy UZXX2611
Esanak UZXX1013
Esat UZXX2612
Eshan UZXX0321
Eshaobod UZXX1661
Eshimaksak UZXX3719
Eshonguzar UZXX4787
Eshonquduq UZXX2613
Eski UZXX2146
Eski-Alimkent UZXX4788
Eski-Gulbog` UZXX1662
Eski-Haqqulobod UZXX0322
Eski-Surnay UZXX2615
Eski-Xo`jaobod UZXX1663
Eskiakchab UZXX3720
Eskiarab UZXX1015
Eskikishlak UZXX0323
Eskikurgan UZXX0324
Eskikurgancha UZXX0325
Etak UZXX2616
Evalak UZXX4789
Ewalak UZXX4790
Fangart UZXX4335
Farg`ona UZXX1016
Farg`ona UZXX1664
Farhod UZXX4158
Farish UZXX1339
Farkhad UZXX4791
Fayzaabad UZXX0326
Fayzabad UZXX0327
Fayzabad UZXX3721
Fayzabad UZXX2617
Fayzava UZXX4336
Fayziabad UZXX1017
Fayziobod UZXX1665
Fayzobod UZXX0328
Fazli UZXX2618
Fazylman UZXX0329
Fedchenko UZXX1018
Fergana UZXX0017
Fergana UZXX4159
Foruz UZXX1340
Frunze UZXX4792
Frunze UZXX0750
Gadaykhana UZXX3723
Gadzhitalya UZXX3724
Gafar UZXX2151
Gagarin UZXX0052
Gagarino UZXX4338
Galabek UZXX2627
Galabek UZXX2152
Galabuloq UZXX2628
Galamulla UZXX2629
Galaosiyo UZXX0053
Gallabuloq UZXX2630
Gallya-Guzar UZXX4339
Gallyaaral UZXX0054
Gallyakapa UZXX3725
Gallyakuduk UZXX3726
Galya-Batur UZXX4340
Galya-Kuduk UZXX2631
Galya-Uvat UZXX2632
Galyabita UZXX4341
Gambyr UZXX4342
Gamxurd UZXX2153
Ganchiyuz UZXX0330
Gandum-Tash UZXX1344
Gandzhiravan UZXX0331
Garagur UZXX0332
Garasha UZXX1345
Garauly UZXX3727
Garauly UZXX2634
Garay UZXX3728
Gardiyan UZXX2154
Gargar UZXX0333
Garmily UZXX2635
Garmiston UZXX2636
Garov UZXX2637
Gary-Yul UZXX4343
Garym-Chash UZXX1346
Gavarali UZXX4641
Gavay-Ata UZXX3729
Gavazan UZXX1672
Gavxona UZXX2638
Gay-Bata UZXX3730
Gayrat UZXX4794
Gayrat UZXX0334
Gaz UZXX4344
Gazak UZXX4345
Gazar UZXX3731
Gazarak UZXX4346
Gazavat UZXX5025
Gazgan UZXX0056
Gazgan UZXX1347
Gazhdumak UZXX0751
Gazli UZXX0752
Gaznon UZXX1673
Ghijduwon UZXX0753
Gidzhal UZXX4795
Gilyambob UZXX4347
Gilyambop UZXX0057
Gips Urochisha UZXX3282
Gishty UZXX0754
Gissarak UZXX2639
Gizhduvan UZXX3732
Gizhduvan UZXX0058
Gobdun UZXX1348
Goran UZXX4348
Goray-Topas UZXX3734
Gorniy UZXX4349
Gorskoye UZXX1020
Govur UZXX2640
Go`rtepa UZXX1674
Go`zalkent UZXX3733
Grum UZXX4796
Grunchmazar UZXX0335
Gubdin UZXX2641
Gudur UZXX1675
Gugurtli UZXX0059
Gulbahor UZXX4797
Gulbax UZXX1676
Gulbog UZXX2642
Gulbog` UZXX1677
Guldara UZXX2643
Guldirov UZXX1678
Guldur UZXX2155
Guli-Ob UZXX4351
Gulistan UZXX4352
Gulistan UZXX0337
Gulistan UZXX4798
Guliston UZXX1679
Guliston UZXX4799
Guliston UZXX2644
Guliston UZXX4160
Guliston UZXX3283
Gulobod UZXX3736
Gulqishloq UZXX1680
Gulshan UZXX1681
Gulshan UZXX2645
Gulyakandoz UZXX3737
Gumatak UZXX4353
Gumbaz UZXX1021
Gumbaz UZXX0339
Gumbez UZXX3284
Gumbuloq UZXX2646
Gumkhana UZXX1022
Gumsay UZXX1350
Gunchibak UZXX0340
Guralash UZXX1351
Guraso UZXX4354
Gurdzhi UZXX3738
Gurgur UZXX4355
Gurillovun UZXX2647
Gurjok UZXX4356
Gurkurav UZXX0341
Gurlan UZXX5026
Gurlen UZXX0060
Gurmiran UZXX1682
Gurtepa UZXX1683
Gurud UZXX4357
Gurun UZXX4358
Guvalak UZXX2648
Guz UZXX3739
Guzar UZXX0061
Guzarli UZXX0755
G`allachi UZXX2620
G`allakor UZXX2621
G`allaorol UZXX1341
G`ayrat UZXX1667
G`ilon UZXX2622
G`irvon UZXX1668
G`ishmon UZXX2623
G`ishti UZXX2149
G`oliblar UZXX1342
G`ova UZXX1669
G`ovxona UZXX2624
G`oyiston UZXX1670
G`ozg`on UZXX2150
G`ujumli UZXX2625
G`urumsaroy UZXX1671
G`uzor Shahri UZXX2626
Hakkar UZXX3740
Halimesaboy UZXX2649
Hammaesaboy UZXX2650
Hamza UZXX1023
Hamza UZXX1684
Hamza-Hakimzoda UZXX1024
Hamzakarbog` UZXX0756
Haqqulobod UZXX1685
Hasantepa UZXX2651
Havzak UZXX1687
Hazorasp UZXX5027
Hilol UZXX2652
Hishrov UZXX3741
Hisorak UZXX2653
Hisorak UZXX1688
Hushvaqt UZXX2654
Ibragimata UZXX3742
Idemzan UZXX5028
Idjon UZXX2156
Igizak UZXX2655
Igrisoy UZXX2656
Ijtimoiyot UZXX1689
Ilanli UZXX3744
Ilansay UZXX4359
Ilatan UZXX3745
Ili-Saray UZXX2657
Ilonli Qala UZXX3285
Ilyash UZXX1025
Imam-Kazykhan UZXX0757
Imam-Tyube UZXX3746
Imari UZXX0758
Imeni Andreyeva UZXX3286
Imeni Chkalova UZXX4161
Imeni Dimitrova UZXX5029
Imeni Dimitrova UZXX3287
Imeni Kalinina UZXX3289
Imeni Kalinina UZXX3747
Imeni Kirova UZXX3291
Imeni Kirova UZXX1352
Imeni Krupskoy UZXX4162
Imeni Lenina UZXX5030
Imeni Lenina UZXX4163
Imeni Lenina UZXX2658
Imeni Michurina UZXX4164
Imeni Molotova UZXX3748
Imeni Stalina UZXX4804
Imeni Stalina UZXX5031
Imeni Stalina UZXX3749
Imeni Volkova UZXX4165
Inam-Yakshi UZXX3750
Indaly UZXX4360
Ingichka UZXX2659
Ingichka UZXX1354
Ingichka UZXX3751
Ingichkabala UZXX3752
Ingichkapayan UZXX3753
Inichke-Tugay UZXX0759
Inkabad UZXX4361
Inklob UZXX3754
Insar UZXX2660
Ipak UZXX4362
Ipakchi UZXX0342
Ir-Nazar UZXX3295
Ir-Nazar UZXX3755
Ir-Sake UZXX4363
Irganali UZXX1355
Irmang UZXX4364
Irtash UZXX4805
Irvadan UZXX1691
Isanbulak UZXX2157
Ish-Kazak UZXX0343
Ishakchi UZXX1026
Ishan UZXX4366
Ishat UZXX3756
Ishboldy UZXX1356
Ishin-Dzhiran UZXX5033
Ishkent UZXX2662
Ishtirkhon UZXX1027
Ishtixon UZXX3757
Iskadar UZXX1357
Iskana UZXX2663
Iskandar UZXX3758
Iskandar UZXX4806
Iskander UZXX1358
Iske-Naynova UZXX0344
Iski UZXX0761
Iski-Dzhuma UZXX3759
Iskovat UZXX0063
Iskovut UZXX1692
Ismailtepa UZXX4367
Isni-Pyandzh-Ob UZXX4368
Ispan UZXX2158
Ispanza UZXX3760
Isparan UZXX1693
Ispay UZXX4807
Ispin UZXX4369
Isqovot UZXX1694
Issykchashma UZXX4370
Istara UZXX4371
Istarkhan UZXX1028
Istiqlol UZXX1695
It-Burabay UZXX3761
Ittifak UZXX0345
Ittifak UZXX4372
Ittifoq UZXX1696
Itykchi UZXX2664
Itynchi UZXX2665
Izbaskan UZXX0346
Izhtimaiyat UZXX0347
Jaloir UZXX1029
Jalpakjap UZXX3296
Jana Nokis UZXX3297
Jana Preke UZXX2159
Janabirlik UZXX3298
Janabozor UZXX3299
Janajap UZXX3300
Janatalap UZXX3301
Janatalap UZXX2160
Jangdaryo UZXX3302
Janjal UZXX1697
Jappas UZXX3303
Jar UZXX2666
Jar UZXX1698
Jarqoq UZXX0762
Jarqudun UZXX3762
Jarquduq UZXX2667
Jarqum UZXX2668
Jarqurghon UZXX4374
Jasliq UZXX0170
Jayraxona UZXX2669
Jayxun UZXX3304
Jeinsayot UZXX3305
Jetkinshek UZXX3306
Jetpisboy UZXX2161
Jeynov UZXX2670
Jinichka UZXX2671
Jirik UZXX2162
Jiyda UZXX1699
Jiyda UZXX2672
Jiydakapa UZXX1700
Jiydaqishloq UZXX1701
Jizlon UZXX2163
Jizzax UZXX1359
Jodugar UZXX2673
Jom UZXX1702
Jomboy UZXX3763
Jombuloq UZXX2674
Jonbo`zsoy UZXX2675
Joncheka UZXX4375
Jondor UZXX0763
Jonqora UZXX2676
Jovuz UZXX2677
Juma UZXX3764
Jumabozor UZXX4808
Jumabozor UZXX3765
Jumaniyazov UZXX3308
Jumasho`y UZXX1703
Jumurtov UZXX3309
Jurg`un UZXX1030
Kaany UZXX2678
Kabali UZXX2679
Kabanbay UZXX3310
Kabasan UZXX3311
Kablyaty UZXX2165
Kabul UZXX0349
Kachat UZXX2166
Kadak UZXX0350
Kadan UZXX2167
Kadan UZXX3766
Kadym UZXX3767
Kafrun UZXX4376
Kaftar-Khana UZXX3768
Kaftarkhana UZXX4377
Kagan UZXX0064
Kaganyata UZXX4378
Kaib UZXX3312
Kair UZXX0351
Kairma UZXX3769
Kairma UZXX1360
Kairma UZXX4379
Kairma UZXX0352
Kak UZXX3770
Kak-Baychik UZXX0353
Kakanagach UZXX2680
Kakaydi UZXX4380
Kakhraman UZXX0354
Kakhramon UZXX4381
Kaklikqo`rg`on UZXX1704
Kaksuk UZXX4810
Kakyr UZXX1031
Kakyr UZXX0355
Kakyrdyk-Shurcha UZXX2681
Kala UZXX0765
Kalacha UZXX1032
Kalacha UZXX0356
Kalamush UZXX1033
Kalandar-Khana UZXX2169
Kalapush UZXX4382
Kalata UZXX0766
Kaldyrga-Dzhar UZXX3772
Kalenderkhana UZXX0065
Kalgansyr UZXX4166
Kalinin UZXX0357
Kalinovka UZXX4811
Kalisha UZXX1705
Kaliya UZXX1364
Kalkanata UZXX2170
Kallamazar UZXX4383
Kallyg UZXX0066
Kalmak UZXX0358
Kalman-Bay UZXX2685
Kalmurat UZXX2171
Kalta UZXX2686
Kaltako`l UZXX2687
Kaltarabad UZXX0767
Kaltatoy UZXX2688
Kaltay UZXX1365
Kalvak UZXX1706
Kamandy UZXX2689
Kamangaran UZXX3773
Kamar UZXX3774
Kamar UZXX4812
Kamar-Aul UZXX3775
Kamashi UZXX0068
Kamchiq UZXX1707
Kampirtepa UZXX3313
Kamragacharyk UZXX0359
Kamysh UZXX1366
Kamysh-Bashi UZXX1034
Kamyshlyk UZXX2172
Kan UZXX2690
Kanaple UZXX1708
Kandagan UZXX1709
Kandi UZXX0360
Kandiyon UZXX1711
Kandy UZXX0361
Kandy UZXX1035
Kandzhigaly UZXX2691
Kangli UZXX4813
Kangly UZXX1367
Kangly UZXX5034
Kangly UZXX0362
Kani UZXX2692
Kanimekh UZXX0069
Kantyubek UZXX3314
Kanykan UZXX4384
Kanyz UZXX2693
Kaochin UZXX2694
Kapa UZXX0363
Kapasaroy UZXX1036
Kapayangi UZXX1037
Kaprin UZXX2695
Kaptarkhana UZXX4385
Kaptarxona UZXX1038
Kaptol Qishloq UZXX1712
Kaptugay UZXX4386
Kara UZXX1368
Kara-Aryk UZXX3777
Kara-Bulak UZXX3778
Kara-Bulak UZXX4814
Kara-Chatal UZXX3779
Kara-Dzhida UZXX1039
Kara-Gez UZXX4387
Kara-Iki UZXX3781
Kara-Kalpak UZXX3782
Kara-Kalpak UZXX1713
Kara-Kesmak UZXX3783
Kara-Khana UZXX0768
Kara-Khana UZXX2696
Kara-Kiya UZXX2697
Kara-Kiya UZXX3784
Kara-Koz UZXX4388
Kara-Kuduk UZXX1370
Kara-Kum UZXX2174
Kara-Kursak UZXX1371
Kara-Kutan UZXX3785
Kara-Machit UZXX2175
Kara-Say UZXX1372
Kara-Say UZXX3786
Kara-Sheykh UZXX2698
Kara-Shuluk UZXX4389
Kara-Su UZXX0070
Kara-Tash UZXX3787
Kara-Tepe UZXX2700
Kara-Tukhum UZXX3788
Kara-Tyube UZXX4390
Kara-Tyube UZXX0769
Kara-Tyube UZXX2701
Kara-Yantak UZXX2702
Kara-Yantak UZXX1373
Karaagach UZXX2703
Karabag UZXX0071
Karabaganaly UZXX1374
Karabagish UZXX0364
Karabair UZXX2704
Karabalyk UZXX4815
Karabau UZXX4816
Karabay UZXX1375
Karabayli UZXX3315
Karabizan UZXX4391
Karabulak UZXX1376
Karabuyin UZXX0365
Karacha UZXX1377
Karachakiya UZXX3790
Karachony UZXX3316
Karadavan UZXX3791
Karadzhi UZXX0770
Karadzhiyda UZXX1040
Karagalyk UZXX2176
Karagly UZXX2705
Karagyr UZXX2177
Karakalpak UZXX3317
Karakalpak UZXX1714
Karakalpak UZXX0771
Karakalpak UZXX3792
Karakalpak UZXX4817
Karakalpakiya UZXX3318
Karakan UZXX4392
Karakash UZXX2178
Karakasmak UZXX3793
Karakchi UZXX0366
Karakchi UZXX1378
Karakhan UZXX1379
Karakhani UZXX0772
Karakhany UZXX2179
Karakhon UZXX4393
Karakhtay UZXX4818
Karaki UZXX0367
Karakisak UZXX3794
Karakishlak UZXX1380
Karakiya UZXX4819
Karakuduk UZXX2181
Karakuduk UZXX1381
Karakulin UZXX0774
Karakum UZXX0775
Karakungar UZXX2706
Karakurgan UZXX0368
Karakursak UZXX4394
Karakyr UZXX2183
Karaman UZXX0776
Karaman UZXX5035
Karamanas UZXX4821
Karamany UZXX4395
Karamash UZXX1382
Karamysh UZXX0369
Karan UZXX1383
Karanayman UZXX3796
Karanayza UZXX2396
Karapachly UZXX1384
Karapchi UZXX1385
Karasadak UZXX0370
Karasary UZXX1386
Karashakh UZXX1041
Karashakh UZXX4396
Karasu UZXX1387
Karasu Uzbekskiy UZXX0371
Karatash UZXX1388
Karatash UZXX3798
Karatau UZXX0072
Karategenchi UZXX0372
Karatepa UZXX0373
Karatepa UZXX4822
Karatepa UZXX3799
Karatepa UZXX1389
Karatobe UZXX3319
Karatukhum UZXX4823
Karatut UZXX2707
Karaulbaza UZXX0073
Karaultepa UZXX3800
Karaun UZXX0777
Karauzyak UZXX0074
Karavan-Bash UZXX0778
Karayantak UZXX0374
Karchin UZXX2708
Kargali UZXX3801
Karganzy UZXX2184
Karish UZXX4397
Kariz UZXX2185
Karkara UZXX2710
Karkidon UZXX1715
Karlanin UZXX2711
Karmaki UZXX4398
Karmana UZXX2186
Karmana Shahri UZXX2187
Karnaychi UZXX0375
Karrytukay UZXX0779
Karsh UZXX4399
Karshi UZXX0019
Karvak UZXX0780
Karvshan UZXX1716
Kary-Agach UZXX4400
Karym UZXX1391
Karym-Baba UZXX1043
Karyz UZXX1393
Kasan UZXX0076
Kasansay UZXX0077
Kasbi UZXX0078
Kasbitojik UZXX2712
Kashkar UZXX0376
Kashkar UZXX1044
Kashkarmakhalla UZXX0377
Kashulush UZXX2713
Kaskanyor UZXX1717
Kaskyrtau UZXX2189
Kassabayat UZXX0781
Kassaravan UZXX0782
Katagan UZXX0784
Katagan UZXX1045
Katagan UZXX2714
Katalbay UZXX1394
Kataraul UZXX4824
Katartal UZXX4697
Katartal UZXX1046
Katartal UZXX0378
Katlas UZXX2715
Katput UZXX1047
Katta Arab UZXX2716
Katta Arabband UZXX2717
Katta-Bash UZXX4401
Katta-Bogdan UZXX1395
Katta-Charbak UZXX1396
Katta-Dagana UZXX4402
Katta-Kayrakly UZXX3802
Katta-Kishlak UZXX3803
Katta-Muminovat UZXX2718
Katta-Oqtepa UZXX1048
Katta-Oqtovliq UZXX1718
Katta-Qoraqalpoq UZXX1050
Katta-Ravat UZXX4825
Katta-Say UZXX3804
Katta-Say UZXX2190
Katta-Suganchi UZXX3805
Katta-Toshloq UZXX1720
Katta-Turk UZXX1051
Katta-Yangi UZXX1052
Kattabog` UZXX2719
Kattaboybucha UZXX1053
Kattagan UZXX2720
Kattagan UZXX2191
Kattagan UZXX0785
Kattagan UZXX0379
Kattaguzar UZXX0380
Kattaich UZXX2192
Kattakurgan UZXX0002
Kattaming UZXX3807
Kattamug`ul UZXX1721
Kattaqishloq UZXX1398
Kattaqishloq UZXX2721
Kattasaydau UZXX3809
Kattashuybek UZXX4167
Kattatadzhik UZXX0381
Kattatal UZXX2722
Kattatul UZXX1722
Katyyan UZXX0786
Kauchin UZXX2723
Kavaly UZXX0787
Kavalya-i-Makhmu UZXX0788
Kavardan UZXX4826
Kavzaxona UZXX2724
Kaxlak UZXX2725
Kay-Chilik UZXX4403
Kayki UZXX3810
Kaykovus UZXX1723
Kaynama UZXX3811
Kayragach UZXX1054
Kayrak UZXX4404
Kayrakli UZXX3812
Kayran UZXX4405
Kayranta UZXX0383
Kayrantag UZXX0384
Kayun UZXX0789
Kazak UZXX2726
Kazak-Aul UZXX3813
Kazakhdarya UZXX0080
Kazakkyrk UZXX3320
Kazakon UZXX0790
Kazan UZXX0791
Kazan-Aryk UZXX3814
Kazanly UZXX1399
Kazayakly UZXX3321
Kegeyli Shahar UZXX0081
Kektash UZXX1724
Keles UZXX4827
Kemaboshi UZXX1725
Kemboy UZXX2193
Kempir-Tyube UZXX4406
Kenagas UZXX3322
Kendirli UZXX3323
Keneges UZXX3324
Keneges UZXX1726
Keneges UZXX4407
Kenes UZXX3325
Kengash UZXX0385
Kengir UZXX3816
Kengsoy UZXX2727
Kenkul UZXX2728
Kensay UZXX4828
Kerait UZXX2729
Kerait-Kishlak UZXX2730
Kerak UZXX3817
Kerauchi UZXX4829
Kerchi UZXX2731
Kerder UZXX3326
Kerkinchoq UZXX2732
Kesak UZXX0386
Kesaklar UZXX1055
Keskak UZXX2733
Keskan UZXX2194
Keskanterak UZXX2195
Ketmen UZXX4408
Ketmenchi UZXX3818
Keykin UZXX3819
Keykum UZXX3820
Khabash UZXX4168
Khadra UZXX5036
Khadyrsha UZXX0387
Khadzha-Ipak UZXX4409
Khafiz-Rabat UZXX0792
Khaibdarga UZXX3327
Khait UZXX0388
Khakan UZXX0389
Khakikat UZXX4169
Khakim-Ata UZXX3328
Khakim-Kuduk UZXX3821
Khakka UZXX0390
Khakkulabad UZXX0082
Khaladzhan UZXX3822
Khalavat UZXX2734
Khalchiyan UZXX4410
Khalkabad UZXX0083
Khalkadzhar UZXX4411
Khalmadadkhakh UZXX0392
Khalqobod UZXX4830
Khalqobod UZXX3329
Khalvay UZXX3823
Khamzaabad UZXX1056
Khan-Nazar UZXX3824
Khan-Ushty UZXX2735
Khanabad UZXX1057
Khanaka UZXX2196
Khanavat UZXX1058
Khanbagi UZXX0393
Khanka UZXX0084
Khanym-Kurgan UZXX1401
Kharamshukyr UZXX3330
Kharduri UZXX4412
Khargush UZXX0794
Khartum UZXX0394
Khasan-Tepe UZXX4413
Khasanbay UZXX4832
Khasangaba UZXX1402
Khasankavak UZXX0395
Khasankurgan UZXX2197
Khasanmergan UZXX0396
Khasansakau UZXX2736
Khashdala UZXX0085
Khasi UZXX0795
Khasokar UZXX0796
Khass UZXX4833
Khatab UZXX1403
Khatak UZXX4414
Khatcha UZXX0086
Khatcha UZXX0797
Khatub UZXX4415
Khatynrabat UZXX4642
Khatyrchi UZXX2198
Khaudag UZXX4416
Khauz UZXX4417
Khauzak UZXX3825
Khavast UZXX0087
Khavast UZXX0397
Khayakabad UZXX4834
Khayrabad UZXX1404
Khayrabad UZXX2199
Khayrabad UZXX0398
Khayrabad UZXX4418
Khazara UZXX2200
Khazara UZXX3827
Khazarasp UZXX0088
Khazarbag UZXX4419
Khazarman UZXX0798
Khazrat-Emir UZXX0799
Khazret UZXX2737
Khedersha UZXX4420
Khidirsha UZXX0399
Khilya-Pervaya UZXX0400
Khilya-Vtoraya UZXX0401
Khina UZXX3828
Khindimazar UZXX0402
Khirabek UZXX0403
Khisar UZXX2201
Khisarak UZXX4835
Khiva UZXX0089
Khiwa UZXX5037
Khiyavan UZXX4836
Khlopzavod UZXX4422
Khodzha UZXX3829
Khodzha UZXX1059
Khodzha UZXX4837
Khodzha UZXX0404
Khodzha Pervyy UZXX4838
Khodzha Vtoroy UZXX4839
Khodzha-Akhrar UZXX3830
Khodzha-Anka UZXX4423
Khodzha-Bay UZXX2738
Khodzha-Bulak UZXX1405
Khodzha-Bulak UZXX3831
Khodzha-Bulak UZXX4424
Khodzha-Ismail UZXX3832
Khodzha-Khasan UZXX2202
Khodzha-Khayat UZXX4425
Khodzha-Kishlak UZXX4426
Khodzha-Kiya UZXX4427
Khodzha-Kurgan UZXX2203
Khodzha-Kurgan UZXX3833
Khodzha-Nazar UZXX0405
Khodzha-Seddyk UZXX4429
Khodzhaabad UZXX0406
Khodzhaaryk UZXX0407
Khodzhaasman UZXX0408
Khodzhabek UZXX1060
Khodzhabulgan UZXX4431
Khodzhadagyak UZXX4432
Khodzhakabud UZXX1406
Khodzhakambar UZXX0409
Khodzhakishlak UZXX3835
Khodzhakurgan UZXX4840
Khodzhalyar UZXX0410
Khodzhamushkent UZXX1407
Khodzhaosmin UZXX4433
Khodzhasaat UZXX4434
Khodzhatadzhik UZXX0411
Khodzhatuni UZXX0412
Khodzhelyli UZXX0090
Kholmyrza UZXX1408
Khomrau UZXX4435
Khondayliq UZXX4841
Khonobod UZXX0413
Khonobod UZXX1061
Khonobod UZXX4842
Khonqa UZXX5038
Khonuy UZXX3836
Khorisafed UZXX0800
Khosa UZXX3837
Khosbudin UZXX2206
Khosh-Chinar UZXX2740
Khoshman UZXX4436
Khovat UZXX4437
Khoyak UZXX4438
Khozar-Nova UZXX2741
Khozhalka UZXX4439
Khozret-Ta UZXX1727
Khozyay-Dun UZXX3838
Khtay UZXX3839
Khtay UZXX4440
Khudayzad UZXX2742
Khujakent UZXX4843
Khujaobod UZXX0414
Khujayli UZXX3331
Khukala UZXX3840
Khumin UZXX0801
Khumson UZXX4844
Khurab UZXX1409
Khurumsha UZXX4441
Khurvatan UZXX4442
Khushyor UZXX1062
Khuzya-Dzhan UZXX3841
Khyshkupryuk UZXX4845
Khyzalyak UZXX2743
Kialy UZXX1063
Kichik Arabband UZXX2744
Kichik Guldursun UZXX3332
Kichik-Jomasho`y UZXX1728
Kichik-Kutarma UZXX0415
Kichik-Mirzaorol UZXX1729
Kichik-Oqtepa UZXX1064
Kichik-Oyboq UZXX1730
Kichik-Qurama UZXX1732
Kichik-Sufiyon UZXX4443
Kichik-Toshloq UZXX1733
Kichik-Turk UZXX1065
Kichikboybucha UZXX1066
Kichikkangly UZXX5040
Kichikpalvan UZXX0416
Kichine-Kaira UZXX3842
Kichkina-Bulak UZXX1410
Kichkina-Charbak UZXX1411
Kigachli UZXX4444
Kiikli-Tugay UZXX0802
Kimboy UZXX1734
Kimishkent UZXX0803
Kimovul UZXX3333
Kinagach UZXX3845
Kindyr UZXX3846
Kineguzar UZXX4445
Kintala UZXX4446
Kipchak UZXX0091
Kipchak UZXX3847
Kipchak UZXX0804
Kipchak UZXX0417
Kipchakkurgan UZXX0418
Kiprich UZXX4447
Kipshan UZXX3334
Kirgili UZXX1067
Kirgiz UZXX1068
Kirgiz UZXX4846
Kirgiz-Aul UZXX5041
Kirgiz-Shakh UZXX2207
Kirgizaul UZXX4847
Kirk UZXX1412
Kirkkishlak UZXX3848
Kirman UZXX5042
Kirov UZXX0419
Kirovobad UZXX0420
Kirowa UZXX4848
Kirqora UZXX1735
Kiseuli UZXX3849
Kishiseit UZXX1413
Kishlyk UZXX2746
Kishtali UZXX3850
Kitay UZXX3336
Kitob UZXX2747
Kitob Shahri UZXX2748
Kitty-Kichik UZXX1414
Kiya UZXX5044
Kiyabash UZXX1415
Kiyane UZXX3851
Kiyat UZXX3852
Kiyat UZXX4849
Kiyat UZXX5045
Kiyat-Khodzha UZXX0805
Kiyau-Su UZXX4448
Kiyikkopyr UZXX3337
Kizyl-Yar UZXX4449
Kizylalma UZXX4450
Kizyltu UZXX4850
Klych-Mazar UZXX1416
Klychli UZXX3853
Kochkor-Ata UZXX0092
Kochnar-Bulak UZXX2756
Kodzhkamar UZXX0806
Kogon UZXX0807
Kojar UZXX2757
Kok UZXX3854
Kok-Bulak UZXX2211
Kok-Bulak UZXX3855
Kok-Gumbaz UZXX3856
Kok-Saray UZXX4851
Kok-Say UZXX3857
Kok-Tash UZXX2758
Kok-Tyube UZXX1417
Kokan UZXX1070
Kokany UZXX3858
Kokbulak UZXX0421
Kokcha UZXX0093
Koksaray UZXX4852
Kokush-Tuvan UZXX0808
Komarovka UZXX4853
Kombayn UZXX2212
Komdzhangal UZXX3343
Komendatura UZXX4451
Komilon UZXX2759
Komintern UZXX3344
Komintern UZXX0422
Komintern UZXX2213
Kommuna UZXX0423
Kommuna UZXX0809
Kommunist UZXX0424
Kommunizm UZXX4452
Kommunizm UZXX5046
Kommunizm UZXX4170
Komsomol UZXX2760
Komsomol UZXX4453
Koneboget UZXX3346
Kongly UZXX3859
Kongrad UZXX0810
Konimex UZXX2215
Kontoy UZXX2216
Kontyubek UZXX3347
Konurdek UZXX4854
Kooperativ UZXX5047
Koreyets UZXX0425
Koriz UZXX2217
Korizy UZXX2218
Korlyaut UZXX0811
Kosh-Chumur UZXX2761
Kosh-Karchi UZXX1072
Kosh-Khauz UZXX2219
Kosh-Kuduk UZXX3860
Kosh-Kupryuk UZXX1741
Kosh-Rabat UZXX0812
Kosh-Rabat UZXX2220
Kosh-Saray UZXX1419
Kosh-Shur UZXX4454
Kosh-Sigir UZXX3861
Kosh-Tal UZXX1420
Koshbakaly UZXX3862
Koshbulak UZXX4455
Koshcheka UZXX4456
Koshchi UZXX1421
Koshchi UZXX4855
Koshkechik UZXX1073
Koshkuduk UZXX3863
Koshkuprik UZXX0426
Koshkupyr UZXX0094
Koshkurgan UZXX4698
Koshmulla UZXX2762
Koshrabad UZXX0095
Koshrabat UZXX4856
Koshtamgaly UZXX3865
Koshtepa UZXX0427
Koshtepesaray UZXX0428
Koskuduk UZXX2221
Koson UZXX1742
Koson UZXX2764
Koson Shahri UZXX2765
Kosonsoy UZXX1743
Kosonsoy Shahri UZXX1744
Kostakhi UZXX1422
Kostruba UZXX3348
Kou UZXX4857
Koushla UZXX2222
Koytash UZXX0096
Ko`cha Boshi UZXX1736
Ko`char Qishloq UZXX1737
Ko`chatzor UZXX2750
Ko`hnashahar UZXX2751
Ko`kdala UZXX2752
Ko`kjar UZXX2753
Ko`koyoz UZXX2208
Ko`ktosh UZXX1738
Ko`kyor UZXX1739
Ko`l UZXX2754
Ko`lqo`rg`on UZXX1740
Ko`lquduq UZXX2210
Ko`sam UZXX2755
Krantov UZXX3349
Krasnaya Zarya UZXX3866
Krasnoarmeyskiy UZXX4171
Krasnogorsk UZXX4858
Krasnogvardeysk UZXX0097
Krasnovostochnyy UZXX3867
Krasnyy Vostok UZXX3868
Kropatkino UZXX0098
Krupskaya UZXX0429
Ktay UZXX3869
Ktay-Bala UZXX3870
Kuba UZXX2766
Kubla-Ustyurt UZXX3350
Kuchak UZXX0813
Kuchi UZXX1423
Kuchkak UZXX2767
Kuchluk UZXX4859
Kuchuk-Kishlak UZXX2768
Kudash UZXX1074
Kuducha UZXX1424
Kuduily UZXX3871
Kuduk UZXX1425
Kuduk UZXX4457
Kudukchi UZXX3872
Kudukli UZXX4458
Kuga UZXX2769
Kuiuchma UZXX1426
Kukanlik UZXX0430
Kukany UZXX4860
Kukaral Shestoy UZXX4861
Kukcha UZXX0814
Kukchi UZXX2223
Kukdzhar UZXX1427
Kukkavga UZXX2224
Kuksaray UZXX2225
Kuktash UZXX3873
Kuktepa UZXX2226
Kukterak UZXX4862
Kuktunlik UZXX0431
Kukumboy UZXX1745
Kukun UZXX0815
Kul UZXX3874
Kul-Tursun UZXX3880
Kulakly UZXX2771
Kulankok UZXX2227
Kulatau UZXX5048
Kulba UZXX2228
Kulbay UZXX3352
Kulboy UZXX1428
Kulbukon UZXX1746
Kulbuqa UZXX2772
Kulibek UZXX1075
Kulla UZXX0432
Kuluksha UZXX4461
Kulumrat UZXX3353
Kulyadino UZXX0817
Kum UZXX0433
Kum UZXX4865
Kum-Rabad UZXX0818
Kum-Rabad UZXX2229
Kum-Rabat UZXX0819
Kum-Ravat UZXX0820
Kumak UZXX3881
Kumakai UZXX0434
Kumaryk UZXX0435
Kumbasty UZXX0436
Kumidan UZXX1747
Kumkishlak UZXX0437
Kumkucha UZXX0438
Kummuna UZXX0439
Kumpaykal UZXX4462
Kumshaydan UZXX0440
Kumushkent UZXX3882
Kumyrs UZXX4866
Kunda-Dzhuaz UZXX4463
Kundzhi UZXX0441
Kungirat UZXX0442
Kungrad UZXX0005
Kungrad UZXX2230
Kungrad UZXX3883
Kungrat UZXX4867
Kungrat UZXX3884
Kungur UZXX3885
Kunguzar UZXX4643
Kunjiron UZXX1748
Kunr UZXX3886
Kunsh UZXX4868
Kunya-Fazli UZXX2773
Kunya-Shambe UZXX2231
Kunya-Zey UZXX5049
Kunyaobod UZXX2232
Kupaki UZXX3887
Kupin UZXX2233
Kuppai UZXX2234
Kuprikbashi UZXX0443
Kuprikbashi UZXX1076
Kur-Say UZXX3888
Kuragan UZXX3889
Kuralpa UZXX3358
Kurama UZXX0821
Kurama UZXX2774
Kurama UZXX0444
Kurash UZXX1077
Kuray UZXX2235
Kurbankashgar UZXX1078
Kurgan UZXX1429
Kurgan UZXX3890
Kurgan UZXX0822
Kurgan UZXX1079
Kurgan-Kuchna UZXX0823
Kurgancha UZXX3891
Kurgancha UZXX1080
Kurgancha UZXX4464
Kurgancha UZXX2775
Kurgancha UZXX0445
Kurganchi UZXX0446
Kurgantepa UZXX0100
Kurgashim UZXX2776
Kurkaba UZXX4870
Kurkhodzha UZXX4465
Kurlas UZXX3892
Kurlish UZXX4871
Kurmak UZXX1749
Kurnast UZXX1750
Kuropatkino UZXX1430
Kurpa UZXX0448
Kurpa UZXX1431
Kursapay UZXX3893
Kursoy UZXX4872
Kurt UZXX3359
Kurtly UZXX1432
Kuru-Say UZXX4466
Kuru-Say UZXX2777
Kuruk UZXX4873
Kuruksay UZXX4874
Kurus UZXX3894
Kurutki UZXX0450
Kurvan-Zor UZXX1433
Kusa UZXX1434
Kusaykuduk UZXX0101
Kushan UZXX1751
Kusharyk UZXX0451
Kushay UZXX3360
Kushchi UZXX1435
Kushkunak UZXX1081
Kushkunak UZXX0452
Kushrabad UZXX3895
Kushrava UZXX0453
Kushtepa UZXX0454
Kushtepa UZXX3896
Kushti UZXX3897
Kushtut UZXX4467
Kutan-Tyube UZXX3898
Kutarma UZXX0455
Kutarmachek UZXX0456
Kutchi UZXX3899
Kutkar UZXX0458
Kutyr-Bulak UZXX3900
Kuva UZXX0102
Kuvacha UZXX0824
Kuvakiya UZXX1436
Kuvaktupi UZXX0459
Kuvandyk UZXX2236
Kuvatmurat UZXX0460
Kuy-i-Mirshikor UZXX0825
Kuyanchi UZXX3901
Kuybyshev UZXX4468
Kuyganyor UZXX0461
Kuyu-Kolak UZXX0462
Kuyu-Mazar UZXX2237
Kuyuk Tepe UZXX2778
Kuyun UZXX3361
Kuz-Band UZXX2779
Kuz-Guzar UZXX3902
Kuzan UZXX3903
Kuzhgan UZXX0463
Kuzychi UZXX3904
Kyngyr UZXX3905
Kypshak UZXX3362
Kyr-Aryk UZXX4875
Kyrgyzaul UZXX1752
Kyrk UZXX3906
Kyrk-Aul UZXX3907
Kyrkteshik UZXX3363
Kyrktyyn UZXX3364
Kyrlishan UZXX0826
Kyzyl-Bay UZXX4469
Kyzyl-Bayrak UZXX0464
Kyzyl-Davlyat UZXX4470
Kyzyl-Dzhar UZXX4471
Kyzyl-Kala UZXX0827
Kyzyl-Karvon UZXX4472
Kyzyl-Mazar UZXX2780
Kyzyl-Ravat UZXX0828
Kyzyl-Shiva UZXX3365
Kyzyl-Uzbekistan UZXX5050
Kyzyl-Yulduz UZXX4473
Kyzyl-Yulduz UZXX1082
Kyzyl-Yuldyuz UZXX4474
Kyzylarab UZXX0465
Kyzylasker UZXX0466
Kyzylayak UZXX0467
Kyzylbash UZXX3908
Kyzylbay UZXX4475
Kyzylbayrak UZXX0468
Kyzylbulak UZXX1437
Kyzylchek UZXX0469
Kyzyldekhkan UZXX0470
Kyzyldekhkan UZXX4172
Kyzyldzhar UZXX4877
Kyzylemchak UZXX2781
Kyzylkashin UZXX0471
Kyzylkishlak UZXX2782
Kyzylkulak UZXX3910
Kyzylkumskiy UZXX1438
Kyzylkuprik UZXX0472
Kyzylkushin UZXX1083
Kyzylmazar UZXX0473
Kyzylmazar UZXX1439
Kyzylmusht UZXX1084
Kyzylnaur UZXX4476
Kyzylrabat UZXX0103
Kyzylrabat UZXX5051
Kyzylsay UZXX1440
Kyzylshark UZXX4477
Kyzylsu UZXX4878
Kyzyltepa UZXX1085
Kyzyltepa UZXX4478
Kyzyltumshuk UZXX4479
Kyzylturuk UZXX3911
Kyzyltut UZXX1441
Kyzyluchkun UZXX1442
Labirgardan UZXX0474
Lagan UZXX1086
Lagandi UZXX2785
Lag`mon UZXX2784
Lanak UZXX1443
Langar UZXX2238
Langar UZXX1087
Langarbobo UZXX1753
Lapak UZXX2787
Laskidon UZXX1754
Lata UZXX0475
Laykand UZXX4480
Laylik UZXX4481
Lenin UZXX0476
Lenin Yuly UZXX1755
Leninabad UZXX0477
Leninabad UZXX1756
Leninabad UZXX4879
Leninabad UZXX0104
Leninchi UZXX0478
Leningrad UZXX4173
Leninsk UZXX0105
Leninskiy UZXX3912
Leninyul UZXX4482
Lesxoz UZXX3367
Lidzhan UZXX3913
Limbur UZXX1088
Lok-Kazak UZXX2788
Lolazor UZXX2789
Losha UZXX0829
Lotin UZXX3368
Loyish UZXX3914
Loyqa UZXX2790
Luchak UZXX4483
Lugumbek UZXX0479
Lukman UZXX0830
Lumbu UZXX0480
Lupak UZXX4484
Lupan UZXX4485
Lyabirut UZXX0831
Lyaglyaka UZXX0832
Lyataband UZXX1444
Lyav-Ob UZXX4487
Lyaylyakan UZXX4488
Lyukka UZXX4489
Maarif UZXX0481
Machan UZXX2791
Machitly UZXX3915
Madaniat UZXX1758
Madanikuch UZXX0483
Madaniyat UZXX2792
Madaniyat UZXX4490
Madaniyat UZXX0484
Madaniyat UZXX3369
Madaniymekhnat UZXX0485
Madrasa UZXX0486
Madun UZXX4491
Madyor UZXX1759
Madyorovul UZXX1760
Madzhar UZXX2793
Madzherum UZXX1445
Magaldarkhan UZXX4699
Magzan UZXX2794
Mailychunur UZXX3916
Makassa UZXX0833
Makhalya-Payan UZXX0834
Makhau UZXX0835
Makhchagar UZXX1089
Makrid UZXX2795
Maksimkala UZXX3370
Maksud UZXX0487
Malchukur UZXX4644
Malik UZXX4174
Malik UZXX4880
Malikrabot UZXX2239
Maltab UZXX1446
Malyachek UZXX0488
Malyand UZXX4492
Malyy Ob-Shir UZXX4493
Mamatsalychek UZXX0489
Mamaxon UZXX1761
Mamay UZXX1762
Mamayusuf UZXX1763
Mamayusufchek UZXX0490
Mamir UZXX2240
Mamiy UZXX3371
Mamurabad UZXX0491
Mamut UZXX4881
Mamykchi UZXX2241
Manak UZXX5052
Manamdzhan UZXX2242
Manghit UZXX3373
Mangind UZXX0836
Mangit UZXX2243
Mangit UZXX0493
Mangit UZXX0837
Mangit UZXX0106
Manguzar UZXX4494
Mang`it UZXX2796
Marat UZXX2244
Margilan UZXX0107
Marg`ilon UZXX1090
Marhamat UZXX0494
Marjonbuloq UZXX1447
Markach UZXX3917
Markayuz UZXX0495
Markent UZXX3918
Mart UZXX0496
Marziya UZXX0838
Mashad UZXX1764
Mashikatup UZXX4882
Mashikuduk UZXX2245
Maslahat UZXX0497
Masucha UZXX1091
Matkhashim UZXX0498
Matkulabad UZXX1092
Matman UZXX2797
Matrid UZXX3919
Maulyan UZXX3920
Maxtumquli UZXX3377
May UZXX1093
Maybulak UZXX3921
Maychaly UZXX4495
Mayda UZXX2798
Mayda-Mulat UZXX4496
Mayda-Yilga UZXX1094
Maydamillat UZXX1765
Maydamunak UZXX1766
Maydan UZXX4497
Maydayap UZXX0108
Maydayobu UZXX2799
Maydon UZXX1767
Maydon UZXX2246
Maydoncha UZXX1768
Maygyr UZXX0499
Mayjop UZXX3378
Mayka UZXX2247
Mayli-Balta UZXX3922
Mayli-Tepe UZXX4883
Maylibolta UZXX3379
Maylyk UZXX2248
Maymanak UZXX0109
Mayoq UZXX1095
Mayskiy UZXX4884
Mayta UZXX2249
Mazar UZXX2250
Mazar UZXX1769
Mazarly UZXX2800
Mazartagi UZXX1096
Mazragan UZXX0839
Mehnatobod UZXX2801
Mehnatobod UZXX1097
Mehnatobod UZXX1770
Mekhnat UZXX0500
Mekhnatabad UZXX1098
Mekhnatabad UZXX0501
Mergan UZXX2251
Meshan UZXX1771
Meshekli UZXX5053
Mesit UZXX2802
Mevali UZXX3382
Mevali UZXX3923
Mevazor UZXX2803
Mevazor UZXX1772
Mikhayam UZXX1448
Mikhin UZXX1449
Milikhodzha UZXX3924
Milyutinskaya UZXX1450
Min-Bulak UZXX3925
Mindon UZXX1099
Mingbulak UZXX1773
Mingbuloq UZXX0110
Mingchukur UZXX2252
Mingdzhir UZXX2804
Mingquchar UZXX2805
Minjir UZXX2806
Minor UZXX4498
Mirbozor UZXX3927
Mirgancha UZXX3928
Mirishkor UZXX1774
Mirmiran UZXX2807
Miroqi UZXX2808
Mirshade UZXX4499
Mirsultanchak UZXX1775
Mirza UZXX3929
Mirza-Baglan UZXX3930
Mirza-Kala UZXX0840
Mirzaabad UZXX0502
Mirzaaul UZXX4175
Mirzaboshichek UZXX0503
Mirzadala UZXX2810
Mirzakum UZXX3931
Mirzaobod UZXX1776
Mirzaorol UZXX1777
Mirzaravot UZXX1778
Mirzato`p UZXX2811
Mirzomo`min UZXX2253
Misir UZXX1451
Misit UZXX3932
Miskin UZXX0111
Mitan UZXX5054
Mitan UZXX1100
Miyan UZXX0504
Miyonsaroy UZXX0841
Mizhgan UZXX2254
Mogal UZXX4885
Mogol UZXX1452
Morguzar UZXX1782
Moskva UZXX3384
Moskva UZXX4886
Moylijar UZXX2812
Moytruba UZXX3385
Mozor UZXX1102
Mozorko`hna UZXX1783
Mo`g`ol UZXX1779
Mo`q`ultoy UZXX1780
Mo`ynoq UZXX1781
Muborak Shahri UZXX0112
Muchin UZXX2813
Muchum UZXX1784
Mudin UZXX2814
Muglan UZXX2817
Mug`ol UZXX1785
Mug`ul UZXX1786
Mug`ul UZXX2816
Mukhammada UZXX3935
Mukhtar UZXX0842
Mukur UZXX0505
Mukury UZXX1454
Mulik UZXX3386
Mulkobod UZXX1787
Mulkobod UZXX1103
Mulla-Alim UZXX3937
Mulla-Am UZXX2818
Mulla-Burkhan UZXX3938
Mulla-Chartak UZXX4176
Mulla-Tepe UZXX1455
Mullabulak UZXX1456
Mullala UZXX4887
Mullali UZXX2819
Mullalykuduk UZXX0113
Mullaquvvat UZXX2820
Multab UZXX1457
Multykchi UZXX2255
Mulyashkar UZXX3939
Muminabad UZXX3940
Mumincha UZXX2821
Mumyn-Khodzha UZXX3941
Munchak UZXX4501
Mundalak UZXX4888
Munduz UZXX0506
Muqimy UZXX1104
Murasan UZXX2256
Muratali UZXX4889
Murdosh UZXX3942
Murgak UZXX0843
Murtak UZXX4890
Muruntov UZXX2257
Murynkuduk UZXX2258
Murza-Rabat UZXX4177
Musakak UZXX3943
Musakariq UZXX1788
Mush UZXX4502
Musicha UZXX0844
Mussyr UZXX1458
Mustakhkam UZXX0507
Mustaqillik UZXX1789
Mustaqilobod UZXX2822
Musulmonko`l UZXX1790
Muynak UZXX0114
Muynoq UZXX3387
Muzan-Tyube UZXX3944
Muzrabod UZXX4503
Myk UZXX1459
Mykhtar UZXX3945
Mynadzhir UZXX2823
Myzyrly UZXX2824
Nadezhdinskoye UZXX4178
Nagay UZXX4504
Nagornaya UZXX3946
Naistan UZXX2825
Naki UZXX2826
Nakkosh UZXX0845
Nakrach UZXX1460
Namangan UZXX0016
Namangan UZXX1461
Namangan Shahri UZXX1791
Namanganlik UZXX0508
Namazaul UZXX4179
Namdan UZXX1792
Namdanek UZXX4891
Namuna UZXX0509
Namuna UZXX1105
Namuna UZXX1793
Namuna UZXX3388
Nanay UZXX1794
Nanay UZXX4892
Nankhur UZXX2827
Narbuta UZXX0510
Narimbet UZXX3389
Narimonow UZXX4893
Narpay UZXX2259
Narvan UZXX1462
Naryn UZXX1795
Nasredinabad UZXX0512
Nasuvat UZXX3947
Nasyr-Novat UZXX0513
Nau UZXX4894
Naubag UZXX4505
Naugandy UZXX2260
Nauka UZXX1463
Naukad UZXX3948
Naukas UZXX3949
Naukat UZXX2828
Naupashi UZXX0846
Nauruz-Bay UZXX2829
Nauruz-Tepe UZXX3950
Naushakhar UZXX4506
Nauzandak UZXX3951
Navak UZXX0514
Navakhchinan UZXX3952
Navandak UZXX2261
Navbahor UZXX1796
Navbahor UZXX0847
Navbahor UZXX1106
Navbakhor UZXX4180
Navkan UZXX0515
Navkat UZXX1107
Navkent UZXX1797
Navobod UZXX1798
Navoi UZXX4895
Navoi UZXX0021
Navoiy UZXX2262
Navoiy Shahri UZXX2263
Navqat UZXX1108
Navro`z UZXX2831
Navro`zobod UZXX0516
Nawruz UZXX4181
Nayma UZXX4896
Nayman UZXX3392
Nayman UZXX0517
Nayman UZXX1799
Nayman UZXX3953
Nayman UZXX0848
Nayman UZXX1109
Nayman UZXX2264
Nayman Pervyi UZXX1110
Nayman-Kuruk UZXX4897
Nayman-Saray UZXX2832
Naymanbustan UZXX1111
Naymancha UZXX1112
Naymancha UZXX3954
Naymancha UZXX1800
Naymansaroy UZXX2833
Naymantepa UZXX3955
Naymanyab UZXX5056
Naynava UZXX0518
Nazar UZXX3956
Nazarbek UZXX4898
Nazarmakhram UZXX0519
Nazartepa UZXX2834
Nazarxon UZXX3394
Nekuz UZXX2835
Nespikar UZXX3957
Nevich UZXX4899
Ne`matjon UZXX1801
Niasxon UZXX2836
Niloba UZXX4507
Nilyu UZXX4508
Nishbash UZXX4902
Nishon UZXX2837
Nishon Tumani UZXX2838
Niyagan UZXX0849
Niyaz-Khodzha UZXX0850
Niyaz-Mukhamed UZXX3958
Niyaz-Murad UZXX2839
Niyazbash UZXX4903
Niyazbatyr UZXX0520
Niyazmachek UZXX0521
Niyazmudin UZXX2840
Niyazy UZXX2841
Nizhne-Volynskiy UZXX4182
Nizhniy Bubak UZXX2265
Nobiquduq UZXX2266
Nogay UZXX3395
Nogohon UZXX2842
Nomaton UZXX2843
Nomitan UZXX0851
Norazim UZXX2844
Norinkapa UZXX1802
Nov UZXX2845
Nov UZXX1803
Novaly UZXX3959
Novyy Byt UZXX3396
Novyy Chinaz UZXX4906
Nowdak UZXX4908
Nowomikhaylowka UZXX4909
Nowqat UZXX1113
Nukus UZXX5057
Nukus UZXX0008
Nukus Shahri UZXX3399
Nuqrabod UZXX2846
Nurak UZXX1464
Nurata UZXX0013
Nurbuloq UZXX2268
Nurdum UZXX3960
Nurekata UZXX4910
Nuriston UZXX2847
Nurmanbay UZXX3400
Nurmaxon UZXX2269
Nurobod UZXX3961
Nursuk UZXX1114
Nushkent UZXX1465
Nushkent UZXX2848
Nuzh UZXX3962
Obetovannyy UZXX4183
Obi-Zarang UZXX4509
Obihayot UZXX2858
Obikanda UZXX2859
Obiravan UZXX2860
Obod UZXX1812
Obod UZXX2861
Obodon UZXX1813
Obodqishloq UZXX2862
Ocha-Mayli UZXX3964
Odamtepa UZXX1814
Odzhekent UZXX4184
Ogar UZXX0852
Ogirlik-Chek UZXX0524
Og`achoyoq UZXX2863
Og`asaroy UZXX1815
Og`zikeng UZXX2864
Ohangaron UZXX4911
Okdzhar UZXX4510
Okhunboboyew UZXX0525
Olachabob UZXX2865
Olako`ylak UZXX2866
Olaqarg`a UZXX2867
Olaqo`yli UZXX2868
Olato`n UZXX2869
Olaxomak UZXX1816
Olchin UZXX2274
Olchin UZXX1817
Olchinobod UZXX2275
Olg`a UZXX3965
Olimboy UZXX2276
Olish UZXX1818
Olmaliq UZXX4912
Olmazor UZXX2870
Olmos UZXX1819
Olot UZXX0853
Olposh Buloq UZXX2871
Olqar UZXX1117
Oltaaryk UZXX4512
Oltiariq UZXX1118
Oltibashan UZXX2872
Oltinkul UZXX0527
Oltinsoy UZXX3403
Oltinsoy UZXX2277
Oltintepa UZXX2873
Oltio`rtoq UZXX1119
Oltmishovul UZXX1820
Omondik UZXX2278
Omontoy UZXX2279
Opcha UZXX2874
Oq-Otyoq UZXX1121
Oqbaytal UZXX2280
Oqbetkey UZXX3404
Oqbilol UZXX1122
Oqbo`g`ot UZXX2281
Oqbo`ta UZXX2282
Oqbuloq UZXX1821
Oqchova UZXX2875
Oqdahama UZXX2876
Oqdahana UZXX2877
Oqdigir UZXX3406
Oqjangal UZXX2878
Oqjar UZXX1123
Oqko`l UZXX1124
Oqmachit UZXX2879
Oqmachit UZXX4513
Oqoltin UZXX3408
Oqoltin UZXX2880
Oqoltin UZXX0528
Oqowul UZXX4913
Oqpaya UZXX2881
Oqpaykal UZXX2882
Oqqala UZXX3409
Oqqamish UZXX3410
Oqqayshi UZXX3411
Oqqishloq UZXX2883
Oqqopchighay UZXX4514
Oqqowoq UZXX4914
Oqqo`rg`on UZXX0529
Oqqudiq UZXX3412
Oqquduq UZXX2884
Oqqula UZXX2283
Oqqum UZXX0530
Oqqum UZXX1822
Oqqum UZXX2284
Oqqurghon UZXX4915
Oqqurghon UZXX4515
Oqquzar UZXX2885
Oqravot UZXX2886
Oqsoch UZXX2285
Oqsoqolota UZXX2286
Oqsoy UZXX2287
Oqsuvot UZXX3413
Oqtaqir UZXX2288
Oqtepa UZXX2289
Oqtepa UZXX1823
Oqtepa UZXX2887
Oqtepa Qishloq UZXX1824
Oqterak UZXX3414
Oqtosh UZXX2888
Oqtosh UZXX4916
Oqtosh UZXX1825
Oqtosh UZXX3966
Oqtosh Qishloq UZXX1826
Oqtov UZXX3415
Oqtovlik UZXX1827
Oqzov UZXX2889
Ora-ariq UZXX1828
Orday-Moynak UZXX0531
Orekhovskiy UZXX4917
Orolboy UZXX3416
Orta UZXX1467
Orta-Aul UZXX3967
Orta-Bulak UZXX1468
Orta-Kishlak UZXX3968
Orta-Tusun UZXX3969
Orzu UZXX1829
Oshkon UZXX2890
Osmondara UZXX2891
Otar UZXX2290
Otauba UZXX3417
Otbozor UZXX1830
Otkamar UZXX2893
Otquduq UZXX2894
Ovga Dovon UZXX2291
Ovminza UZXX2292
Ovul UZXX0532
Oxunboboyev UZXX1831
Oy-Borik UZXX4516
Oy-Bulak UZXX4517
Oybarik UZXX4518
Oydinbuloq UZXX2293
Oyguton UZXX2896
Oyim UZXX0533
Oynabuloq UZXX4519
Oynako`l UZXX2897
Oyoqquduq UZXX2294
Oyqiron UZXX1834
Oyuoly UZXX1470
Ozod UZXX1835
Ozod UZXX2898
O`g`iz UZXX2271
O`lan UZXX2850
O`ljato`pi UZXX1804
O`lmas UZXX1805
O`nhayot UZXX1806
O`nikki UZXX2851
O`nolti UZXX2852
O`rikli UZXX1807
O`rmon xo`j UZXX1808
O`rozbog` UZXX1115
O`rozjon UZXX2272
O`rta UZXX2853
O`rta-Yalang`och UZXX1809
O`rtadara UZXX2854
O`rtaqishloq UZXX1810
O`rtaqo`rg`on UZXX2855
O`rtaqo`rg`on UZXX0522
O`rusquduq UZXX2273
O`tamayli UZXX2856
O`trar UZXX2857
O`zbekiston UZXX0523
O`zgarish UZXX1811
Pachak UZXX2899
Pachkamar UZXX2900
Padakhana UZXX4520
Padshai UZXX0854
Pagarik UZXX0534
Pagdi Qishloq UZXX1836
Pakandi UZXX2901
Pakhta UZXX4918
Pakhta-Kupryuk UZXX1125
Pakhtaabad UZXX0535
Pakhtachi UZXX0536
Pakhtafront UZXX1837
Pakhtafront UZXX0537
Pakhtakor UZXX0538
Pakhtakor UZXX4186
Pakhtaobod UZXX0119
Pakhtaobod UZXX4187
Pakhtazar UZXX4188
Palasan UZXX1127
Palasan UZXX0539
Palvan UZXX0540
Palvan-Banshi UZXX5058
Palvan-Kandy UZXX0541
Panama UZXX4521
Panay UZXX0855
Pandaran UZXX2902
Pandigan UZXX1128
Pandygan UZXX1129
Pang UZXX3970
Panir UZXX2295
Panixon UZXX1838
Panji UZXX2903
Pansat UZXX0543
Papani UZXX2296
Paramon UZXX1839
Parcha-Kara UZXX3971
Parchayuz UZXX4189
Parda-Tursun UZXX1840
Pargos UZXX4920
Parguza UZXX2904
Parkent UZXX0120
Parkhat UZXX4522
Parlisay UZXX4921
Parmitan UZXX2905
Parpata UZXX1471
Paryltau UZXX3418
Pashkhurd UZXX0121
Pashtan UZXX2906
Pasira UZXX2907
Paskaul UZXX3972
Paskiaul UZXX1472
Paskuruk UZXX1130
Past Oyoqchi UZXX2908
Past Sariqamish UZXX2909
Past Uyshun UZXX2910
Past-Nau UZXX3973
Pastchil UZXX2911
Pastki-Jo`ja UZXX1841
Pastki-Qorabog` UZXX1842
Pastkikuruk UZXX1132
Pastkkishlak UZXX0544
Pastky-Machay UZXX4524
Pasttol UZXX2912
Patas UZXX4525
Patran UZXX2913
Pattakesar UZXX4526
Paxtachi UZXX1844
Paxtakon UZXX2914
Paxtakor UZXX1473
Paxtakor UZXX2915
Paxtakor UZXX2297
Paxtalisoy UZXX2916
Paxtaobod UZXX3419
Paxtaobod UZXX1133
Paxtaqaynar UZXX1845
Paxtazor UZXX2918
Payariq UZXX0122
Payna Vtoraya UZXX1474
Payshanba UZXX3974
Payshanbasiab UZXX3975
Paytug UZXX0545
Payzabod UZXX0546
Pendzhan UZXX0856
Permanishan UZXX3420
Pervogo Maya UZXX0547
Peshku UZXX0857
Peshqo`rg`on UZXX1846
Petropavlovskiy UZXX4190
Pichanto`pi UZXX1847
Pichat UZXX3976
Pilol UZXX1848
Pirat UZXX1849
Pirmamet UZXX3977
Pirmast UZXX0859
Pisak UZXX1134
Pishkaran UZXX1850
Pishkat UZXX1476
Piskent UZXX4922
Pistali UZXX2919
Pistamazar UZXX0548
Pistamazar UZXX4527
Pitnak UZXX5059
Pitnyak UZXX5060
Pobeda UZXX4923
Podan UZXX4528
Podzhur UZXX4529
Pokrovskoye UZXX4924
Polmon UZXX1135
Polvonko`l UZXX1851
Polvonsoy UZXX2921
Polwontosh UZXX0549
Pomuq UZXX2922
Pop UZXX1852
Pop Shahri UZXX1853
Porlitov UZXX3421
Po`latbuloq UZXX2298
Po`loti UZXX2920
Pravda UZXX3422
Pravda UZXX4925
Pravda UZXX0551
Pristanskiy UZXX3423
Progress UZXX0552
Proletariat UZXX5061
Pshtalik UZXX2923
Pskem UZXX0012
Pskent UZXX0124
Puchugay UZXX0554
Puchug`oy UZXX0553
Pudina UZXX2924
Pul-i-Khatun UZXX0860
Pulatchi UZXX3978
Pulhakim UZXX4530
Pungan UZXX1854
Pushman UZXX0555
Pushmon UZXX2299
Pustun-Dara UZXX4531
Pyandzh-Ob UZXX4532
Pyatiletka UZXX4533
Qadim UZXX0556
Qahramon UZXX1855
Qahramon UZXX4191
Qahramon UZXX2925
Qalacha UZXX1136
Qalqama UZXX2926
Qamar UZXX2927
Qamashi UZXX2928
Qamashi Shahri UZXX2929
Qamishak UZXX1856
Qangli UZXX3424
Qangli UZXX2930
Qangliovul UZXX3425
Qanotli UZXX2931
Qaqir UZXX1137
Qarluq UZXX2932
Qarluq UZXX4534
Qarnob UZXX3979
Qarnon UZXX1857
Qarshi UZXX2933
Qashqadaryo UZXX2934
Qashqadaryo UZXX0861
Qashqar UZXX1138
Qashqarjikken UZXX3427
Qatog`on UZXX2935
Qayirma UZXX1858
Qayirma UZXX2936
Qaynarbuloq UZXX2937
Qayni UZXX2938
Qayontli UZXX2300
Qayqi UZXX1859
Qayrag`och UZXX2939
Qayrag`ochovul UZXX1860
Qaytmas UZXX1861
Qaznoq UZXX1862
Qibray UZXX4926
Qilchinoq UZXX3429
Qilichboy UZXX3430
Qilkali UZXX3431
Qilovtepa UZXX1139
Qipchok UZXX2940
Qipchoq UZXX3432
Qipchoqovul UZXX3433
Qipshoqdaryo UZXX3434
Qiqir UZXX2301
Qirchin UZXX1864
Qirg`iz UZXX2941
Qirg`izmahalla UZXX1865
Qirg`izqo`rg`on UZXX1866
Qiriq UZXX3435
Qirqbuloq UZXX3982
Qirqchek UZXX1867
Qirqjoy UZXX3436
Qirqqizobod UZXX3437
Qirqquloch UZXX2942
Qirqtom UZXX3438
Qishliq UZXX2943
Qiyot UZXX2944
Qiyot UZXX3439
Qizariq UZXX1868
Qizil UZXX1140
Qizil-Askar UZXX1141
Qizilcha UZXX2302
Qizilcha UZXX2945
Qizilchorva UZXX2946
Qiziljar UZXX3440
Qizilkesik UZXX2303
Qizilovul UZXX1869
Qiziloy UZXX1870
Qizilqala UZXX3442
Qizilqishloq UZXX2947
Qizilqiyoq UZXX1871
Qizilquduq UZXX2304
Qizilquloq UZXX1872
Qizilqush UZXX3443
Qizilravot UZXX1873
Qizilsoy UZXX2948
Qiziltepa UZXX2305
Qiziltepa UZXX1874
Qiziltepa UZXX2949
Qiziltepa Shahri UZXX2306
Qiziltol UZXX1875
Qiziltom UZXX2950
Qiziltosh UZXX1876
Qiziltuw UZXX4927
Qiziluy UZXX3444
Qizilyazi UZXX1877
Qizketkan UZXX3445
Qodirquduq UZXX2310
Qolgandaryo UZXX1887
Qoluvdor UZXX2966
Qoqpatos UZXX2311
Qorabayir UZXX2967
Qorabayli UZXX3452
Qorabog` UZXX2968
Qoraboy UZXX4928
Qorabudug` UZXX2969
Qoracha UZXX2312
Qorachasho`rkent UZXX1888
Qoracho`qqi UZXX1889
Qoradag`ana UZXX2970
Qoradahma UZXX2971
Qoradovon UZXX1143
Qoragosh UZXX3454
Qorajar UZXX3455
Qorakamar UZXX2972
Qorakiya UZXX1144
Qorako`l UZXX1890
Qorako`z UZXX2973
Qoraman UZXX3460
Qoramozor UZXX1477
Qoramozor UZXX4929
Qoramulla UZXX1145
Qoramurcha UZXX2974
Qoramurt UZXX1891
Qoranintaqir UZXX3461
Qoranko`l UZXX2975
Qoraoy UZXX3463
Qorapolvon UZXX1892
Qorapoycha UZXX2976
Qoraqalpoq UZXX0559
Qoraqamish UZXX4701
Qoraqipchoq UZXX3464
Qoraqo`ng`irot UZXX2977
Qoraqo`rg`on UZXX1893
Qoraqo`ton UZXX2978
Qoraqum UZXX2979
Qoraquyli UZXX4930
Qorashahar UZXX1894
Qorashina UZXX2980
Qorashiq UZXX4538
Qorasiyrak UZXX3465
Qoraskan UZXX1895
Qorasuv UZXX2981
Qorasuw UZXX4931
Qoratepa UZXX1146
Qoratepa UZXX2982
Qoratepa UZXX1897
Qoratepa Qishloq UZXX1898
Qorateri UZXX1899
Qoratikan UZXX2983
Qoratov UZXX3467
Qoraxitoy UZXX2984
Qorayantoq UZXX1900
Qorayli UZXX2985
Qoronko`l UZXX1901
Qorovulbozor UZXX0863
Qorowul UZXX5062
Qorqo`ng`irot UZXX2986
Qorqumdi UZXX2987
Qozonketkan UZXX3469
Qozoq UZXX2988
Qozoqdaryo UZXX3470
Qozoqli UZXX2989
Qozoqovul UZXX1902
Qozoqovul UZXX3471
Qo`chqorbuloq UZXX2951
Qo`gayo`lmas UZXX1880
Qo`g`a UZXX2952
Qo`g`aliko`l UZXX1878
Qo`g`ay UZXX1879
Qo`ltak UZXX2953
Qo`qon UZXX1142
Qo`qon Qishloq UZXX1881
Qo`qonqishloq UZXX1882
Qo`rg`on UZXX2308
Qo`rg`oncha UZXX1883
Qo`rg`oncha UZXX0557
Qo`rg`ontepa UZXX2954
Qo`rg`ontosh UZXX2955
Qo`shchek UZXX1884
Qo`shchi UZXX2956
Qo`shchinor UZXX2957
Qo`shko`l UZXX2958
Qo`shko`prik UZXX0558
Qo`shminor UZXX1885
Qo`shqanot UZXX2959
Qo`shquduq UZXX2309
Qo`shtamg`ali UZXX2960
Qo`shtepa UZXX1886
Qo`shtepa UZXX2961
Qo`shtol UZXX2962
Qo`tirbuloq UZXX2963
Qo`tonboy UZXX2964
Qo`tontepa UZXX2965
Quduq UZXX2990
Quduq UZXX1148
Quduqcha UZXX2313
Qulatov UZXX3472
Qulchiyali UZXX2991
Qulimbet UZXX2314
Qum UZXX1149
Qumariq UZXX0561
Qumbang UZXX2992
Qumbizovuljap UZXX3473
Qumboskan UZXX3474
Qumcho`p UZXX2993
Qumqishloq UZXX2994
Qumqiyali UZXX1150
Qumqo`rg`on UZXX1903
Qunghirot UZXX3475
Qurama UZXX1904
Qurama UZXX2995
Qurghontepa UZXX0562
Qurilish UZXX2996
Quruqquduq UZXX2315
Quruqsoy UZXX1905
Quruqsoy UZXX2997
Qush UZXX1906
Qushboshi UZXX2998
Qushchi UZXX2999
Qushkupir UZXX5063
Qushqurghon UZXX4932
Qushrabot UZXX3983
Qutchi UZXX1907
Qutchi UZXX3000
Qutchibag`rin UZXX2316
Quva UZXX1151
Quvasoy UZXX1152
Quyi Yangi UZXX3001
Quyi-Abron UZXX3002
Quyimozor UZXX1153
Quyliq UZXX4702
Quyuqmozor UZXX1908
Rabadpayon UZXX0865
Rabat UZXX3984
Rabatak UZXX4539
Rabatli UZXX3985
Rabot UZXX4540
Radivon UZXX1909
Rafana UZXX2317
Rahimso`fi UZXX3003
Raish UZXX0563
Rakhim-Abad UZXX0866
Rakhimtepa UZXX3986
Rakhmatabad UZXX3987
Ramadan UZXX1154
Rapqon UZXX1155
Rasbadani UZXX0867
Rashidov Nomli UZXX1910
Rastlyamak UZXX1156
Raub UZXX0868
Ravanak UZXX3988
Ravat UZXX1478
Ravat UZXX3989
Ravat UZXX0564
Ravatmysh UZXX3004
Ravon UZXX1157
Ravot UZXX1911
Ravshan UZXX3476
Raxmat UZXX2318
Rayen-Abad UZXX0869
Rayonabad UZXX3006
Rayonobod UZXX3007
Razmas UZXX3990
Rezaksoy UZXX1912
Ribxoz UZXX3008
Rishton UZXX0125
Rizak UZXX1913
Rizamakhallya UZXX1158
Roimabad UZXX0870
Romiton UZXX0871
Rovuston UZXX1915
Rovut UZXX1916
Roxat UZXX2319
Rozhdestvenskiy UZXX4933
Ro`ziboyev UZXX1914
Rustamov UZXX1917
Ryspanak UZXX0872
Sabir Rakhimov UZXX4192
Sado-Korza UZXX0873
Safarabad UZXX0565
Safarcha UZXX3009
Safidmay UZXX0874
Sagishman UZXX1479
Sagyzul UZXX3991
Sahoba UZXX3992
Said UZXX4934
Said UZXX5064
Said-Abad UZXX4541
Saidabad UZXX0566
Saidata UZXX4935
Sainkaraul UZXX0875
Sairak UZXX4542
Sait-Abad UZXX2320
Sait-Bay UZXX1918
Sakhibiyan UZXX0876
Sakhibkar UZXX1919
Sakidzhan UZXX0877
Saksan-Kapa UZXX4543
Saksonota UZXX4936
Saktori UZXX0878
Salakaraul UZXX0879
Salavat UZXX4544
Saliabad UZXX4545
Salikhodzha UZXX0880
Salim UZXX1159
Salman UZXX1920
Salor UZXX4937
Salym UZXX1480
Sama-i-Dzhay UZXX0881
Samak UZXX3010
Samanboy UZXX3479
Samanchi UZXX4546
Samariy UZXX2321
Samarkand UZXX1481
Samarkand UZXX0003
Samarkand UZXX4547
Samarskiy UZXX4938
Samsarek UZXX4939
Sanaat UZXX5065
Sang UZXX1921
Sangardak UZXX4548
Sangi-Sade UZXX0882
Sanginek UZXX4940
Sangiston UZXX1922
Sanguzar UZXX2322
Sangyr-Bulak UZXX1482
Sanoat UZXX1923
Sapar UZXX2323
Saparaly UZXX3993
Sar-i-Pastan UZXX0884
Sar-Khar UZXX0883
Saratovskiy UZXX4193
Saray UZXX0885
Saray UZXX3011
Saray UZXX1484
Saray UZXX3994
Saray UZXX0568
Saray-Kurgan UZXX3995
Saraykurgan UZXX3996
Sarbazar UZXX1485
Sarchashma UZXX3012
Sardari UZXX0886
Sardoba UZXX4194
Sardova UZXX3997
Saribos UZXX4941
Saridala UZXX1924
Sarikanda UZXX1160
Sarimsoqtepa UZXX1925
Sarioltin UZXX3480
Sariosiyo UZXX4549
Sariovul UZXX0569
Sariq UZXX3014
Sariq UZXX4550
Sariqo`rg`on UZXX1161
Sarjo`l UZXX2324
Sarkop UZXX5066
Sarl-Say UZXX4942
Sarm-Sakly UZXX1486
Sarmich UZXX1487
Sarmych UZXX2325
Sarobiy UZXX3481
Saroy UZXX2326
Saroy UZXX1926
Saroy UZXX3015
Sart-Bulak UZXX3999
Sartbugach UZXX3017
Sartyuz UZXX1488
Sarvary UZXX0887
Sary UZXX4000
Sary UZXX1489
Sary-Assiya UZXX4001
Sary-Bazar UZXX2327
Sary-Dzhuy UZXX4551
Sary-Khalka UZXX4552
Sary-Kishlak UZXX2328
Sary-Kuduk UZXX2329
Sary-Kunda UZXX0888
Sary-Mazar UZXX4553
Sary-Su UZXX4943
Saryagach UZXX0127
Sarybash UZXX4002
Sarybazar UZXX4003
Sarychashma UZXX4004
Sarykamar UZXX1490
Sarykamysh UZXX0570
Saryksu UZXX0571
Sarymay UZXX5067
Sarysiya UZXX4554
Sarytay UZXX4005
Sarytepa UZXX4006
Saryyak UZXX4007
Sasbaka UZXX4944
Sassiqbuloq UZXX3018
Sasyk UZXX1492
Sasyk UZXX2330
Satyb-Aldy UZXX2331
Sauk-Bulak UZXX4008
Saukbulak UZXX2332
Saur UZXX4945
Saurtepa UZXX1162
Savat UZXX1494
Savay UZXX0572
Savgan UZXX4009
Savryuk UZXX1495
Savsan UZXX3020
Savxozobod UZXX3021
Say-Buye UZXX1163
Say-Kichar UZXX2333
Sayat UZXX0128
Sayat UZXX4556
Sayat UZXX3022
Sayat UZXX0889
Saybuyi UZXX1164
Saydon UZXX0890
Sayguzar UZXX1165
Saykhan UZXX1496
Saykhun UZXX4195
Sayrak UZXX4557
Sayrob UZXX4558
Sayyod UZXX3023
Sbros Karaguna UZXX0573
Segaza UZXX0574
Semiztepa UZXX1928
Sengir-Bulak UZXX4011
Sentablik UZXX4196
Sentob UZXX1497
Sergali UZXX1498
Sergeli UZXX4947
Serkharakat UZXX4559
Serob UZXX3024
Sevas UZXX4012
Sewerniy Mayak UZXX4948
Seytaul UZXX3483
Shabazon UZXX2334
Shadmanbek UZXX0575
Shadybek UZXX2335
Shafirkan UZXX0129
Shaftalizar UZXX0576
Shagal UZXX5068
Shagal UZXX4013
Shahand UZXX1929
Shahrikhon UZXX0131
Shahrisabz UZXX3025
Shahrixonchek UZXX1930
Shaid UZXX1499
Shakar-Bulak UZXX3027
Shakarjay UZXX3028
Shakhaman UZXX0130
Shakhartepa UZXX4014
Shakhcha UZXX4560
Shakhitepa UZXX0577
Shakhmurad UZXX2336
Shakhrikhanchek UZXX0578
Shakshar UZXX3029
Shaldrak UZXX4561
Shalikor UZXX4197
Shalkan UZXX4562
Shalqar UZXX2337
Shamal UZXX4563
Shamaly UZXX4015
Shaman UZXX4564
Shamat UZXX0579
Shamaton UZXX3030
Shambe UZXX4016
Shamolquduq UZXX3031
Shampan UZXX4949
Shamsiko`l UZXX1931
Shar-Shar UZXX4565
Shar-Shar UZXX4017
Shardarok UZXX2338
Shargun UZXX4567
Shariqti UZXX2339
Shark Yulduz UZXX3486
Sharkobod UZXX1166
Sharlak UZXX1500
Sharshabad UZXX1501
Shartali UZXX0891
Sharykty UZXX0132
Shatly UZXX3487
Shatri UZXX3032
Shatrut UZXX4568
Shatut UZXX4569
Shaugan UZXX0892
Shaugaz UZXX4950
Shaurkhan UZXX0580
Shauvas UZXX4018
Shava UZXX4019
Shavari UZXX0893
Shavat UZXX0133
Shavkan UZXX3033
Shavruk UZXX0581
Shaybek UZXX1502
Shayda UZXX0582
Shaydula UZXX3034
Shaykhislam UZXX0583
Shaykhlar UZXX4020
Shaytan UZXX4570
Shaytan-Kishlak UZXX4571
Shaytankuduk UZXX2340
Shege UZXX3489
Shegeboy UZXX2341
Shengeldi UZXX2342
Sheralichek UZXX0584
Sherkent UZXX3036
Sherobod UZXX4572
Sheruilovut UZXX3492
Sherzhan UZXX4573
Shex UZXX3037
Shexlar UZXX5069
Sheykh UZXX0894
Sheykh-Aman UZXX3493
Sheykh-Islam UZXX4021
Sheykhan UZXX2343
Sheykhon UZXX0895
Shiit-Mazar UZXX1932
Shilba UZXX1933
Shimom UZXX3494
Shir-Kazy UZXX3038
Shir-Kurgan UZXX4022
Shir-Kurgan UZXX0585
Shirabad UZXX0134
Shirali UZXX3039
Shiramon UZXX3040
Shirashiovul UZXX3495
Shirazy UZXX3041
Shirin UZXX4198
Shirin UZXX0896
Shirinbuloq UZXX3042
Shirinobod UZXX3043
Shirinobod UZXX2344
Shirinquduq UZXX3044
Shirintepa UZXX3045
Shirkok UZXX3496
Shirmanbulak UZXX0586
Shishaki UZXX1935
Shodlik UZXX1169
Shodmonboy UZXX2346
Shofirkon UZXX0897
Shohidmozor UZXX1942
Shohidon UZXX1943
Shohimardon UZXX1170
Sholikor UZXX4576
Shomozor UZXX1944
Shontaboy UZXX2347
Shor-Kuduk UZXX4023
Shor-Lyangar UZXX1171
Shor-Tugay UZXX5070
Shora UZXX0898
Shortan UZXX3055
Shov UZXX3056
Showot UZXX5071
Shoyimbek UZXX1172
Shoyon UZXX1945
Shoyonbaymoq UZXX1946
Sho`ra UZXX1937
Sho`rbozor UZXX3046
Sho`rbuloq UZXX1938
Sho`rcha UZXX3047
Sho`rchi UZXX3048
Sho`rguzar UZXX3049
Sho`rhasan UZXX3050
Sho`rogo`rg`on UZXX1939
Sho`rqishloq UZXX1940
Sho`rqishloq UZXX1167
Sho`rqo`rg`on UZXX1941
Sho`rquduq UZXX3051
Sho`rsuv UZXX1168
Sho`rtan UZXX3052
Sho`rtepa UZXX3053
Shtab UZXX4024
Shuchi UZXX4577
Shuk UZXX1173
Shukh UZXX2348
Shukurmergan UZXX0587
Shuluk-Tepa UZXX2349
Shumanay UZXX3501
Shumanay Shahri UZXX3502
Shur UZXX4025
Shur-Bazar UZXX4026
Shur-Rabat UZXX0899
Shura UZXX0588
Shurab UZXX4578
Shurabad UZXX0900
Shuralisay UZXX4951
Shurbay UZXX4027
Shurbulak UZXX0589
Shurcha UZXX3057
Shurguzar UZXX0135
Shurkakyr UZXX0590
Shurkishlak UZXX0591
Shuro UZXX0592
Shurob UZXX4579
Shuruk UZXX0901
Shut UZXX3058
Shvernik UZXX1174
Sibatlik Qishloq UZXX3059
Sidzhak UZXX4952
Simbuloq UZXX2350
Simcho UZXX4580
Simtas UZXX2351
Sino UZXX4581
Sipata UZXX0902
Sipki UZXX4030
Sirdaryo UZXX0139
Sirmak UZXX1947
Sisanga UZXX4582
Sivaz UZXX3060
Siyazy-Payan UZXX2352
Siyob UZXX3061
Siyrak UZXX3062
Siza UZXX0593
Sochakibolo UZXX4031
Sodiqquduq UZXX2354
Sohilobod UZXX1948
Sokhta UZXX4583
Sokkuduk UZXX1503
Soldatskiy UZXX0136
Solma UZXX1949
Solnechnyy UZXX4953
Sop UZXX2355
Sosuk UZXX0903
Sotsgorod UZXX4954
Sotsializm UZXX4199
Sovbog` UZXX3064
Sovbuzgan UZXX1950
Sovligar UZXX3065
Sovuqbuloq UZXX3066
Soyliq UZXX4955
Sozsoy UZXX1951
So`fi UZXX3063
So`kitti UZXX2353
So`x UZXX1175
Spasskiy UZXX4200
Sretenskoye UZXX4956
Stantsiya Karshi UZXX3067
Stantsiya Termez UZXX4584
Staryy Termez UZXX4585
Staryy Zaamin UZXX0165
Sufan UZXX1177
Sufi UZXX1178
Sufi UZXX1504
Sufiyan UZXX2356
Sugut UZXX0904
Sukar UZXX3068
Sukayty UZXX4032
Sukhman UZXX4033
Sukulak UZXX0595
Sulakhly UZXX4034
Sulindikan UZXX0905
Sultan UZXX0906
Sultan-Ayaya UZXX0596
Sultan-Bay UZXX3505
Sultan-Kyariz UZXX2357
Sultanabad UZXX0597
Sultanabad UZXX4035
Sultanabad UZXX1179
Sultonobod UZXX1180
Sulty UZXX4036
Suluk UZXX2358
Sulusay UZXX3069
Sulyukurgan UZXX4037
Supa UZXX3070
Supilar UZXX0598
Suqoq UZXX4957
Surkhan UZXX4586
Surum UZXX4958
Surxon UZXX3071
Susam UZXX4959
Susultan UZXX3072
Sutbulak UZXX4960
Sutkan UZXX0599
Suttibuloq UZXX1952
Sutushar UZXX3073
Suvlik UZXX3074
Suyulduz UZXX0600
Suyunboy UZXX2359
Suzak UZXX0601
Suzakovul UZXX1953
Suzam UZXX4961
Syrgali UZXX4962
Syrmak UZXX0602
Tabagar UZXX0907
Tabib UZXX4038
Tabitova UZXX4587
Tadzhik UZXX1181
Tadzhikabad UZXX0603
Tadzhikarab UZXX0604
Tadzhikkishlak UZXX1182
Tadzhikkishlak UZXX0605
Tadzhimi UZXX2360
Tagijar UZXX1954
Tagy-Zyrova UZXX4588
Tait UZXX0606
Tajenoy UZXX3506
Takali UZXX1506
Takalyk Vtoroy UZXX1183
Takanli UZXX4039
Takarang UZXX1955
Takchilik UZXX1507
Takchiyan UZXX4589
Takesho`r UZXX3076
Takhchi UZXX2361
Takhiatash UZXX0140
Takhiyatas UZXX3507
Takhtakuprik UZXX1184
Takhtakuprik UZXX0607
Takhtakupyr UZXX0141
Takhtamysh UZXX4590
Takiya UZXX4591
Taklitepa UZXX4040
Taktugay UZXX4592
Tal UZXX4593
Talashkan UZXX4594
Taldy UZXX0142
Taldyk UZXX3508
Tali-Sobun UZXX0908
Talimoron UZXX4595
Talisafet UZXX0909
Tallik UZXX3509
Talliqo`rg`on UZXX3078
Talliyulg`un UZXX3079
Tally UZXX4596
Talmazar UZXX0608
Talmazar UZXX1185
Taloqtepa UZXX3081
Taltay UZXX2362
Tama UZXX4041
Tama UZXX5072
Tamaguzar UZXX1508
Tamarkhut UZXX4597
Tamasha UZXX1186
Tambay UZXX1187
Tamchi UZXX2363
Tamdy UZXX0011
Tamdy UZXX1509
Tamgaly UZXX3510
Tamni UZXX2364
Tamozhik UZXX0910
Tandyrchi UZXX0609
Tangi-Duval UZXX4598
Tangruk UZXX4599
Tapa-Dus UZXX0912
Tarag`ay UZXX3082
Tarakly UZXX4600
Tarakston Tog` UZXX1956
Tararyk UZXX4043
Tarchi UZXX4201
Tardzhilga UZXX3083
Tarnau UZXX4963
Tarnavbashi UZXX0610
Tarnovboshi UZXX1188
Tartuli UZXX4044
Tartuly UZXX2365
Tartuly UZXX4045
Taryk UZXX1189
Tarykpaya UZXX4046
Tasbeskum UZXX3512
Tash-Kash UZXX0913
Tash-Kechi UZXX0611
Tash-Kisker UZXX1510
Tash-Kuduk UZXX4047
Tash-Kurgan UZXX4601
Tash-Pakal UZXX4048
Tash-San UZXX4964
Tasharyk UZXX4965
Tashata UZXX0612
Tashauz UZXX1190
Tashbulak UZXX2366
Tashkent UZXX1511
Tashkent UZXX0004
Tashlak UZXX0613
Tashminvody UZXX4966
Tashsay UZXX4967
Tashtepa UZXX0614
Taskent UZXX4602
Tastorgaz UZXX4968
Tatar UZXX3084
Tatkent UZXX4049
Tatli UZXX4050
Taty UZXX4051
Tau-Chichkan UZXX4052
Tavaksay UZXX4969
Tavaroy UZXX4053
Tavriya UZXX3085
Tavuldi UZXX0615
Taxiatosh Shahri UZXX3513
Taxom UZXX3086
Taxtapul UZXX3087
Tayar-Bek UZXX1191
Taylak-Ata UZXX4054
Taylakdzhegen UZXX3515
Taytyuyak UZXX4055
Tazadorman UZXX5073
Tazauruk UZXX1512
Tazhribakar UZXX4603
Tegana UZXX4056
Tegaytemir UZXX3088
Tegerak UZXX0616
Tegerman-Aul UZXX4057
Tegirmanbashi UZXX0617
Tegirmanbashi UZXX1957
Tegirmon UZXX1958
Tegirmonboshi UZXX1959
Tekhnik-Aul UZXX3517
Telav UZXX4971
Telman UZXX1513
Telmin UZXX2367
Temir-Kabuk UZXX2368
Temirkhodzha UZXX0619
Temirkishlak UZXX1193
Tentak-Aul UZXX4059
Tentaksay UZXX0620
Tentyak UZXX4972
Tepa UZXX1960
Tepa-Kurgan UZXX4060
Tepa-Qiyot UZXX1961
Tepalik UZXX4061
Tepaqo`rg`on UZXX1962
Tepaqo`ton UZXX3089
Tepar UZXX4973
Tepe UZXX1963
Tepetay UZXX3090
Terak UZXX4605
Terakli UZXX3091
Teraktagi UZXX0621
Teraktagi UZXX1194
Tergachi UZXX1965
Teriquduq UZXX2369
Termez UZXX0020
Tersak UZXX4062
Tersakar UZXX3092
Terskay UZXX3093
Teshabayguzar UZXX4974
Teshiktash UZXX0622
Tezob UZXX3094
Tikhiy Don UZXX4202
Tikkaariq UZXX1966
Tillatepa UZXX3095
Tillyakamar UZXX4607
Tim UZXX4063
Timinbay UZXX3519
Tinchlik UZXX1967
Tinchlik UZXX3096
Tinchlik UZXX3520
Tinibek UZXX3097
Tirmiz UZXX4608
Tivet UZXX4646
Toda UZXX4609
Toguz-Aul UZXX3524
Tog`aymurod UZXX2372
Tojik UZXX3107
Tojikqishloq UZXX3108
Tok-Guzar UZXX2373
Tokachi UZXX0624
Tokar UZXX4610
Tokberdy UZXX4975
Tokhbay UZXX4976
Tokhchi UZXX4611
Tokpakota UZXX3525
Tokuz-Bay UZXX4977
Tokuz-Tepe UZXX2374
Tol-Tugay UZXX4612
Toldi UZXX2375
Toldi Qishloq UZXX0914
Tolikhlun UZXX0915
Tolishbe UZXX3109
Tolovul UZXX0625
Tolya UZXX4064
Toma UZXX3526
Tomdi UZXX2376
Tomdibuloq UZXX2377
Tomditruba UZXX2378
Tomshush UZXX4613
Tomshush UZXX3110
Tonyka UZXX4065
Topar UZXX4614
Topkara UZXX4615
Topolino UZXX0626
Toprakkala UZXX3527
Toptik-Saroy UZXX1196
Toqchi UZXX3111
Torgaybulak UZXX3112
Torqopchig`ay UZXX3113
Tortuli UZXX4616
Tortuli UZXX3528
Tortulya UZXX4617
Tosharab UZXX1197
Toshbuloq UZXX1976
Toshbuloq UZXX3114
Toshguzar UZXX3115
Toshkechuv UZXX1977
Toshli UZXX3116
Toshliq UZXX1978
Toshloq UZXX1979
Toshloq UZXX1198
Toshovul UZXX3529
Toshowul UZXX4978
Toshqishloq UZXX3117
Toshqo`rg`on UZXX3118
Toshqo`rg`on UZXX1980
Toshquduq UZXX2379
Toshquduq UZXX4067
Toshquduq UZXX3119
Toshquloq UZXX2380
Toshrabot UZXX2381
Toshrovot UZXX2382
Towul UZXX1199
Toyloq UZXX4068
Toymaz UZXX1981
Toypoq UZXX1200
Toza Amirobod UZXX3530
To`da UZXX1968
To`dachorbog` UZXX3098
To`daka UZXX3099
To`dako`l UZXX2370
To`g`ay UZXX1969
To`lako`l UZXX3100
To`laqo`ton UZXX3101
To`lg`a UZXX3102
To`lqin UZXX1970
To`pchoq UZXX3103
To`pterak UZXX1971
To`qay UZXX1972
To`qboy UZXX3104
To`rako`l UZXX3105
To`raqo`rg`on UZXX1973
To`rboy UZXX2371
To`riq UZXX1974
To`riq UZXX1195
To`rtko`l UZXX0623
To`rtsari UZXX3106
To`sar UZXX1975
Troitskoye UZXX4979
Tsentrkuduk UZXX2383
Tsyplan UZXX0916
Tudamaydan UZXX3120
Tugay UZXX4069
Tugla UZXX0627
Tugrisu UZXX0628
Tukhmang`it UZXX3121
Tukkyzbag UZXX0629
Tul UZXX1201
Tula UZXX3122
Tulayil UZXX0630
Tulkiabad UZXX0631
Tulyabasty UZXX4070
Tuma UZXX4071
Tuman UZXX1982
Tuman-Kurgan UZXX4618
Tumar UZXX0632
Tumarchek UZXX0633
Tumor UZXX1202
Tumrok UZXX2384
Tumshuk UZXX1515
Tumshuk-Bazar UZXX1516
Tungatar UZXX4072
Tupadas UZXX4073
Tupqora UZXX4619
Tuprakkala UZXX0148
Tura UZXX4074
Turaabad UZXX0634
Turabad UZXX0635
Turachek UZXX0636
Turagurghon UZXX1983
Turagyr UZXX4075
Turk UZXX1517
Turkan UZXX0917
Turkestan UZXX2385
Turkkishlak UZXX1203
Turkmakhalla UZXX0637
Turkman UZXX2386
Turkmanovul UZXX3532
Turkmanqishloq UZXX3123
Turkmen UZXX4076
Turkmen UZXX1518
Turkmen UZXX2387
Turkmen-Kuduk UZXX0918
Turkmenaul UZXX4077
Turkravat UZXX1204
Turon UZXX3124
Turt-Bolo UZXX4078
Turtkuduk UZXX0919
Turtkul UZXX0149
Turtukchi UZXX4080
Turyagyl UZXX1205
Tush-Bulak UZXX1519
Tush-Say UZXX4981
Tut UZXX4081
Tut-Kunda UZXX0920
Tutak UZXX3125
Tutak UZXX1520
Tutamgaly UZXX4982
Tutli UZXX3126
Tutli UZXX1521
Tuvdak UZXX0638
Tuyabughiz UZXX4983
Tuyachi UZXX0639
Tuyakly UZXX4082
Tuyalas UZXX0640
Tuyatash UZXX1522
Tuyavoshi UZXX3127
Tuytepa UZXX0147
Tuyun UZXX4083
Tuzbulak UZXX2389
Tyazh UZXX5074
Tychankuduk UZXX1523
Tyubeli UZXX1524
Tyuya-Tash UZXX4084
Uab UZXX1525
Uadigan UZXX1526
Uat UZXX3128
Uch Gujum UZXX3533
Uch-Uchak UZXX5075
Uchamak UZXX0642
Uchastok Kuktash UZXX1527
Uchbulak UZXX4086
Uchbuloq UZXX1985
Ucheksay UZXX4647
Uchguza UZXX0643
Uchko`prik UZXX1986
Uchkuduk UZXX0921
Uchkuprik UZXX1206
Uchkurgan UZXX0150
Uchqizil UZXX4628
Uchqora UZXX2390
Uchquduq Shahri UZXX2391
Uchqurghon UZXX4985
Uchsoy UZXX3534
Uchtal UZXX1207
Uchtepa UZXX3129
Uchtepa UZXX1988
Uchtepa UZXX0644
Uchtepa UZXX1528
Uchtepa Ikki UZXX3130
Uchturgan UZXX1529
Uchtut UZXX3131
Uchun UZXX4087
Uchyog`och UZXX1989
Udamali UZXX1530
Udurgi UZXX0922
Ugat UZXX1531
Ukchi UZXX1208
Ukrach UZXX4088
Ukraina UZXX1990
Ulach UZXX3132
Ulakkyryldy UZXX4648
Ultarma UZXX1209
Ulugbek UZXX4089
Ulughbek UZXX4986
Ulus UZXX4090
Ulus UZXX2392
Umakoy UZXX3133
Umyr UZXX4630
Una UZXX0923
Ungut UZXX0646
Upka UZXX4091
Urabashi UZXX1210
Urak-Biy UZXX3134
Urakchi UZXX1211
Urakh UZXX4631
Uraur UZXX4632
Uray UZXX4092
Uray UZXX1533
Urdali UZXX4633
Urga UZXX0151
Urganchi UZXX4093
Urganchi UZXX2393
Urgandzhi UZXX2394
Urgandzhi UZXX0647
Urganji UZXX1991
Urganji UZXX1212
Urgench UZXX0009
Urgenchi UZXX1992
Urgut UZXX4094
Urikzor UZXX0648
Urmanbek UZXX0649
Urnek UZXX3537
Urokly UZXX4095
Urta UZXX1535
Urta-Boz UZXX4096
Urta-Burgen UZXX4097
Urta-Kaychi UZXX0651
Urta-Say UZXX4098
Urta-Say UZXX3136
Urtaaryk UZXX4650
Urtabuz UZXX4651
Urtachim UZXX3137
Urtakishlak UZXX4099
Urtamakhallya UZXX0652
Urtaowul UZXX4987
Urtasaroy UZXX4988
Urtasaydau UZXX4100
Urtashikh UZXX4101
Uruglisay UZXX4652
Urukli UZXX1537
Usen-Kuduk UZXX2397
Ushar UZXX4653
Ushin UZXX0653
Ushoqtepa UZXX3138
Ushtepa UZXX2398
Usman UZXX1538
Usmanovka UZXX4102
Usmany UZXX1539
Usmat UZXX1540
Ustakhan UZXX1541
Ustoy UZXX3139
Ustun UZXX4103
Utabek UZXX0924
Utemurot UZXX2399
Uten UZXX3538
Uvada UZXX3140
Uval UZXX1542
Uyaz UZXX1543
Uychi UZXX0153
Uyes-Kuduk UZXX1544
Uygur UZXX4989
Uygur UZXX5076
Uyg`amas Quduq UZXX4104
Uyg`ur UZXX1993
Uyg`ursoy UZXX1994
Uyirch-Damko`l UZXX1995
Uymavut UZXX3141
Uymovut UZXX1214
Uyrat UZXX2400
Uyrat UZXX1215
Uyrat UZXX3142
Uyshun UZXX4105
Uyshun UZXX3143
Uyshun UZXX2401
Uyshunchek UZXX0654
Uz UZXX3144
Uzbankinty UZXX4106
Uzbek UZXX1216
Uzbek-Sarap UZXX0925
Uzbekistan UZXX0655
Uzbekistan UZXX4654
Uzbekkurgan UZXX4107
Uzbekon UZXX0926
Uzbekpustakent UZXX3145
Uzlishkent UZXX2403
Uzoq UZXX1996
Uzumzor UZXX1217
Uzun UZXX1997
Uzun UZXX4108
Uzun UZXX1546
Uzun UZXX0656
Uzun UZXX3146
Uzun UZXX4655
Uzun-Kishlak UZXX3147
Uzunbulak UZXX1547
Uzunchavo UZXX3148
Uzunkucha UZXX0657
Uzunkuduk UZXX1548
Uzunquduq UZXX2404
Uzunquduq UZXX3149
Uzuntepa UZXX1998
Uzyum-Bulak UZXX1549
Vabkent UZXX0154
Vadava UZXX4656
Vakham-Katly UZXX5077
Vakhshivor UZXX4657
Vakhshuar UZXX4658
Vakhym UZXX0658
Vali UZXX4109
Valik UZXX1218
Vandob UZXX4659
Vangazi UZXX2405
Varganza UZXX3150
Vari UZXX3151
Varsin UZXX4110
Varukh UZXX1219
Varyk UZXX1220
Varzak UZXX1221
Varziq UZXX1999
Varziqan UZXX2000
Varzyx UZXX0155
Vatan UZXX4991
Vatkana UZXX3152
Vaush UZXX2406
Vazir UZXX5078
Vodil UZXX1222
Vodnik UZXX3540
Voroshilov UZXX0659
Voroshilov UZXX1550
Vozrojdenie UZXX3541
Wobkent UZXX0927
Xadikent UZXX2001
Xafato`pi UZXX2002
Xalovottepa UZXX2407
Xalqobod UZXX2003
Xalqobod UZXX4660
Xalqobod UZXX3153
Xalqobod Shahri UZXX3542
Xaniyan UZXX3154
Xaqiqat UZXX2004
Xaydarbuloq UZXX3155
Xayrabotcha UZXX2408
Xazora UZXX3156
Xazratisho UZXX2005
Xisorak UZXX4661
Xitoy UZXX3543
Xitoy UZXX3157
Xiyobon UZXX3158
Xizirobod UZXX2006
Xolmurot UZXX2410
Xolmurotovul UZXX3545
Xonaka UZXX3171
Xonaqa UZXX3172
Xonjizza UZXX4663
Xonobod UZXX3173
Xonobod UZXX2015
Xonqiz UZXX1225
Xorazm UZXX3546
Xosun UZXX3174
Xotam UZXX3175
Xozrasmali UZXX4112
Xo`ja UZXX3159
Xo`jabuzuruk UZXX3160
Xo`jaimkona UZXX3161
Xo`jako`hna UZXX3162
Xo`jamahalla UZXX2007
Xo`jamahmud UZXX3163
Xo`jamozor UZXX1223
Xo`jamuborak UZXX3164
Xo`jant UZXX2008
Xo`jantol UZXX2009
Xo`jaobod UZXX0660
Xo`jaobod UZXX2010
Xo`jaobod UZXX3165
Xo`jaobod UZXX2409
Xo`japullas UZXX3166
Xo`jaqarluq UZXX3167
Xo`jaqishloq UZXX1224
Xo`jaqishloq UZXX2011
Xo`jaqo`rg`on UZXX3168
Xo`jaqo`rg`on UZXX2012
Xo`jaqo`rg`oncha UZXX2013
Xo`jaquduq UZXX3169
Xo`jasho`rkent UZXX2014
Xo`jaxayron UZXX3170
Xufar UZXX4664
Xummon UZXX3176
Xurmitan UZXX1226
Xuroson UZXX2411
Xurriyat UZXX2016
Xushali UZXX3177
Yabu UZXX0928
Yadgar-Khodzha UZXX4113
Yaglau UZXX2412
Yagmur UZXX0929
Yakatol UZXX2017
Yakatut UZXX1228
Yakhshiaul UZXX4993
Yakhtanlik UZXX1551
Yakka-Duka UZXX2018
Yakkachinor UZXX2019
Yakkasaroy UZXX3178
Yakkatom UZXX2020
Yakkatut UZXX3179
Yakkatut UZXX2021
Yakkatut UZXX0661
Yakkatut UZXX1229
Yakkaxona UZXX3180
Yakub-Bay UZXX4114
Yakubchi UZXX5079
Yakzhuvaz UZXX1230
Yalama UZXX2022
Yalan-Say UZXX4115
Yalanghoch UZXX4994
Yalang`och UZXX1231
Yalaul UZXX2413
Yalgizbag UZXX0662
Yallama UZXX4995
Yaltir UZXX1232
Yaltirabot UZXX2414
Yam UZXX1552
Yam-Bash UZXX4116
Yamandzhar UZXX1233
Yambarak UZXX1234
Yambash-Katta UZXX1553
Yamchi UZXX1554
Yana UZXX3181
Yanan-Sheykh UZXX4119
Yangakly UZXX2415
Yangi UZXX1235
Yangi - Baliqchi UZXX0663
Yangi Farg`ona UZXX2023
Yangi Mirishkor UZXX3182
Yangi Qo`g`ay UZXX2024
Yangi-Abad UZXX4703
Yangi-Akchab UZXX4120
Yangi-Aul UZXX4996
Yangi-Bustan UZXX0664
Yangi-Chek UZXX0665
Yangi-Gulbog` UZXX2025
Yangi-Kamok UZXX0930
Yangi-Kent UZXX4121
Yangi-Khayat UZXX0931
Yangi-Khazarbag UZXX4665
Yangi-Kishlak UZXX4666
Yangi-Kishlak UZXX1555
Yangi-Mazar UZXX0932
Yangi-Naynawa UZXX0666
Yangi-Pandzhob UZXX4667
Yangi-Rabat UZXX0933
Yangi-Vardanzi UZXX0934
Yangi-Xo`jaobod UZXX2026
Yangi-Yab UZXX5080
Yangiabad UZXX1236
Yangiabad UZXX2416
Yangiabad UZXX5081
Yangiabad UZXX4668
Yangiabad UZXX0667
Yangiariq UZXX5082
Yangiariq UZXX1237
Yangiaryk UZXX0668
Yangiaryk UZXX4669
Yangiaryk UZXX1238
Yangiaryk UZXX0158
Yangibag UZXX3184
Yangibazar UZXX0159
Yangibazar UZXX5083
Yangibazar UZXX4670
Yangibino UZXX2418
Yangibozor UZXX0160
Yangibozor UZXX0936
Yangibozor UZXX4997
Yangichaulisay UZXX4998
Yangichek UZXX1239
Yangichek UZXX2028
Yangichek UZXX0669
Yangidala UZXX1556
Yangier UZXX1240
Yangihayot UZXX2029
Yangihayot UZXX3185
Yangihayot UZXX2419
Yangihayot UZXX4999
Yangihayot UZXX1241
Yangijoy UZXX2030
Yangikadam UZXX0670
Yangikent UZXX3186
Yangikhayat UZXX5000
Yangikhayat UZXX1242
Yangikishlak UZXX5001
Yangikishlak UZXX4671
Yangikishlak UZXX1243
Yangikli UZXX3187
Yangikurgan UZXX2420
Yangikurgan UZXX0162
Yangilak UZXX3547
Yangimachit UZXX1244
Yangimakhalla UZXX0672
Yangimakhallya UZXX0673
Yangiobod UZXX0674
Yangiobod UZXX3188
Yangiobod UZXX2421
Yangiobod UZXX5002
Yangiobod UZXX1245
Yangiovul UZXX3548
Yangiqadam UZXX1246
Yangiqazgan UZXX2422
Yangiqishloq UZXX4672
Yangiqishloq UZXX2032
Yangiqishloq UZXX1247
Yangiqishloq UZXX0161
Yangiqishloq UZXX3189
Yangiqo`rg`on UZXX3190
Yangiqo`rg`on UZXX2033
Yangiquduq UZXX2424
Yangiqurghon UZXX1249
Yangirabot UZXX0163
Yangishahar UZXX2034
Yangissar UZXX0675
Yangitash UZXX4122
Yangiturmush UZXX2425
Yangiturmush UZXX1557
Yangiturmysh UZXX5003
Yangiturmysh UZXX2426
Yangiyer UZXX3191
Yangiyer UZXX2035
Yangiyer UZXX4203
Yangiyop UZXX5084
Yangiyo`l UZXX2036
Yangiyul UZXX0164
Yangiyul Shahri UZXX5004
Yangizaman UZXX2427
Yangizaman UZXX0676
Yanshabad UZXX0937
Yantut UZXX1558
Yany-Khadym UZXX0677
Yany-Kurgan UZXX1559
Yanychik UZXX0678
Yapagi UZXX1252
Yapisxon UZXX2037
Yar-Tepe UZXX3192
Yarbashi UZXX4124
Yargak UZXX1560
Yarlykay-Kusa UZXX5085
Yarmacha UZXX5086
Yartybash UZXX0679
Yaruk UZXX4674
Yarym-Tuk UZXX4125
Yashik UZXX0680
Yashiq UZXX2038
Yashiq UZXX1253
Yasquduq UZXX2428
Yau UZXX1254
Yaypan UZXX1255
Yaz-Tepe UZXX4126
Yekinchi-Garma UZXX4675
Yekras UZXX4676
Yer-Tepe UZXX3193
Yerdzhigit UZXX1561
Yerkindaryo UZXX3549
Yernazarovul UZXX3550
Yerqishloq UZXX0681
Yetimquduq UZXX3194
Yetimshak UZXX4677
Yettikechu UZXX1562
Yettiqashqa UZXX0682
Yettisoy UZXX3195
Yettykashka UZXX0683
Yombosh Qishloq UZXX3196
Yondama UZXX2039
Yorboshi UZXX2040
Yordon UZXX1256
Yorg`unchi UZXX3197
Yorilgan UZXX2041
Yorqatoy UZXX2042
Yorqishloq UZXX2043
Yorqo`rg`on UZXX2044
Yortepa UZXX2045
Yoshkuch UZXX3551
Yoshlik UZXX2046
Yozyovon UZXX1257
Yuchbuk UZXX5005
Yukary-Aman UZXX4128
Yukary-Chagyr UZXX1563
Yukary-Chegityr UZXX0684
Yukary-Chukurak UZXX0938
Yukary-Naukad UZXX4129
Yukary-Pandzhob UZXX4678
Yukary-Saray UZXX4130
Yukary-Shava UZXX4131
Yukary-Ukhum UZXX1564
Yukarychuvama UZXX0685
Yukarykhami UZXX0939
Yukarykhasil UZXX0686
Yukarykobdun UZXX0940
Yukarykurgan UZXX2429
Yuksalish UZXX3199
Yulamatal UZXX0687
Yulguk-Say UZXX4132
Yumalashox UZXX2047
Yunus UZXX2430
Yunusobod UZXX4704
Yuqori Machay UZXX4679
Yuqori Oqboy UZXX3200
Yuqori Uyshun UZXX3202
Yuqori Yangi UZXX3203
Yuqori-Abron UZXX3204
Yuqori-Jo`ja UZXX2049
Yuqori-Qorabog` UZXX2050
Yuqoribo`g UZXX2431
Yuqorishloq UZXX2052
Yurak-Tepe UZXX3205
Yurchi UZXX4680
Yurga UZXX5006
Yurgabulak UZXX4133
Yurun-Bolo UZXX0941
Yurunpayon UZXX0942
Yusufkhalfacheki UZXX0688
Yuvash UZXX0689
Yuzil UZXX0690
Yuziya UZXX0691
Yuzlar UZXX0692
Yuzquduq UZXX2432
Zaaglyk UZXX4134
Zaamin Vtoroy UZXX1565
Zachkana UZXX3206
Zadiyan UZXX1259
Zafar UZXX3207
Zafar UZXX5007
Zafarobod UZXX1566
Zafarobod UZXX3208
Zag-Khana UZXX4681
Zagarakyash UZXX0943
Zagza UZXX3209
Zair UZXX3553
Zakhnabad UZXX4682
Zaksha UZXX3210
Zambar UZXX1567
Zamit UZXX3211
Zandany UZXX0944
Zang UZXX2053
Zangiata UZXX5009
Zangibaba UZXX0693
Zangibay UZXX4135
Zangibobo UZXX3212
Zangtepa UZXX3213
Zankan UZXX0694
Zar-Chob UZXX4683
Zara-Ut UZXX4684
Zarabog UZXX4685
Zarafshon UZXX2054
Zarafshon UZXX2433
Zarafshon Shahri UZXX0166
Zarangari UZXX0945
Zarband UZXX4136
Zarbdor UZXX2055
Zarbdor UZXX1568
Zarbdor UZXX0695
Zarbuloq UZXX3214
Zargaldak UZXX0696
Zaribdor UZXX4686
Zarifdor UZXX1260
Zarkent UZXX5010
Zarkent UZXX1261
Zarkent UZXX0167
Zarmas UZXX3215
Zarmitan UZXX2434
Zartepa Qishloq UZXX4137
Zauanna UZXX3216
Zaxchaota UZXX3217
Zekri UZXX0946
Zenakhas UZXX5087
Zevar UZXX4687
Zhavgari UZXX0947
Zhilantamgaly UZXX4138
Zhilauchi UZXX4139
Zhyuzkuduk UZXX2435
Ziadin UZXX0168
Ziarat UZXX0948
Zimovki UZXX0949
Zimovki UZXX3218
Zinak UZXX4140
Zinchov UZXX4688
Zindan UZXX4649
Zindantera UZXX1262
Zirabad UZXX0950
Zirabulak UZXX4141
Ziyodin UZXX4142
Ziyokor UZXX2056
Zolotaya Orda UZXX4204
Zomin UZXX1569
Zortepa UZXX4689
Zulfiqorota UZXX3219
Zulumsari UZXX0169
Zum UZXX3220
Zumrad UZXX3221
Zurqaynar UZXX2436
Zylkha UZXX1263
Zyum UZXX2437