Weather Codes for United States

Find Weather Codes or Weather Zip Codes for states and cities in United States. Weather Codes references a specified Location and is used to get weather of that place accurately. They are used by The Weather Channel( by IBM), Yahoo! Weather, AOL Weather and many such weather forecasting platforms. It is similar to Yahoo's WOEID(Where On the Earth ID) that is used to represent each place uniquely.

You can know the weather of any place precisely with the help of weather codes. Find the current weather of your state or city by clicking on it. You will be redirected to The Weather Channel site with your weather code for accurate weather forecast.

Aaronsburg USPA0001
Abbeville USAL0001
Abbeville USGA0001
Abbeville USLA0001
Abbeville USMS0001
Abbeville USSC0001
Abbot USME0484
Abbot Village USME0001
Abbotsford USWI0001
Abbott USTX0001
Abbottstown USPA0002
Abbyville USKS0001
Abell USMD0001
Abercrombie USND0001
Aberdeen USOH0001
Aberdeen USNC0001
Aberdeen USSD0001
Aberdeen USFL0955
Aberdeen USMD0002
Aberdeen USMS0002
Aberdeen USWA0001
Aberdeen USID0001
Abernant USAL0002
Abernathy USTX0002
Abie USNE0001
Abilene USTX0003
Abilene USKS0002
Abingdon USIL0001
Abingdon USMD0004
Abingdon USVA0001
Abington USCT0001
Abington USPA0003
Abington USMA0001
Abiquiu USNM0001
Abita Springs USLA0002
Abrams USWI0002
Absaraka USND0002
Absarokee USMT0001
Absecon USNJ0001
Academy USSD0393
Acadia Natl Park USME0002
Acala USTX1774
Acampo USCA0001
Accident USMD0005
Accokeek USMD0006
Accomac USVA0002
Accord USMA0002
Accord USNY0001
Accoville USWV0001
Ace USTX0005
Acequia USID0287
Achille USOK0001
Achilles USVA0003
Ackerly USTX0006
Ackerman USMS0003
Ackermanville USPA0004
Ackley USIA0001
Ackworth USIA0002
Acme USPA0005
Acme USLA0003
Acme USMI0001
Acme USWA0002
Acomita Lake USNM0500
Acosta USPA0006
Acra USNY0002
Acton USMT0002
Acton USCA0002
Acton USMA0003
Acton USME0003
Acushnet USMA0004
Acushnet Center USMA0546
Acworth USNH0001
Acworth USGA0002
Ada USOH0002
Ada USOK0002
Ada USMI0002
Ada USMN0001
Adah USPA0007
Adair USOK0003
Adair USIL0002
Adair USIA0003
Adair Village USOR0410
Adairsville USGA0003
Adak USAK0001
Adamant USVT0001
Adams USTN0001
Adams USOR0001
Adams USND0003
Adams USOK0004
Adams USNY0003
Adams USNE0002
Adams USMA0005
Adams USMN0002
Adams USWI0003
Adams Basin USNY0004
Adams Center USNY0005
Adams Run USSC0002
Adamsburg USPA0008
Adamstown USPA0009
Adamstown USMD0007
Adamsville USRI0001
Adamsville USTN0002
Adamsville USOH0003
Adamsville USPA0010
Adamsville USAL0003
Adaven USNV0112
Addieville USIL0003
Addington USOK0005
Addis USLA0004
Addison USMI0003
Addison USME0004
Addison USPA0011
Addison USAL0004
Addison USIL0004
Addison USNY0006
Addison USTX0007
Addy USWA0003
Addyston USOH0004
Adel USOR0002
Adel USGA0004
Adel USIA0004
Adelaide USNV0113
Adelanto USCA0003
Adeline USIL1327
Adelino USNM0370
Adell USWI0004
Adelphi USMD0444
Adelphi USOH0005
Adelphia USNJ0002
Aden USNM0371
Adena USOH0006
Adger USAL0005
Adin USCA0004
Adirondack USNY0007
Adkins USTX0008
Admire USKS0003
Adna USWA0004
Adolph USMN0003
Adona USAR0001
Adrian USMI0004
Adrian USMO0001
Adrian USMN0004
Adrian USIL0005
Adrian USGA0005
Adrian USWV0002
Adrian USTX0009
Adrian USOH0007
Adrian USPA0012
Adrian USOR0003
Advance USNC0002
Advance USMO0002
Advance USIN0001
Advent USWV0003
Adwolf USVA0926
Afcalde USNM0372
Affton USMO0976
Afton USMI0005
Afton USMN0005
Afton USWI0005
Afton USVA0004
Afton USWY0001
Afton USOK0006
Afton USNY0008
Afton USTX0010
Afton USTN0003
Afton USIA0005
Agar USSD0002
Agate USCO0001
Agate USND0004
Agate USNE0543
Agawam USMA0006
Agency USMO0003
Agency USIA0006
Agenda USKS0004
Agness USOR0004
Agnew USWA0541
Agoura Hills USCA0005
Agra USOK0007
Agra USKS0005
Agua Dulce USTX0011
Agua Fria USNM0501
Agua Nueva USTX1775
Aguanga USCA0006
Aguila USAZ0001
Aguilar USCO0002
Aguilares USTX1776
Ah-gwah-ching USMN0007
Ahmeek USMI0006
Ahoskie USNC0003
Ahsahka USID0002
Ahuimanu USHI0285
Ahwahnee USCA0007
Aiea USHI0001
Aiken USTX0012
Aiken USSC0003
Ailey USGA0006
Aimwell USLA0005
Aina Haina USHI0201
Ainsworth USIA0007
Ainsworth USNE0003
Airmont USNY1848
Airport Drive USMO0988
Airville USPA0013
Airway Heights USWA0005
Aitkin USMN0008
Ajo USAZ0002
Ak-Chin Village USAZ0400
Akaska USSD0003
Akeley USMN0009
Akers USLA0006
Akhiok USAK0283
Akiachak USAK0003
Akiak USAK0004
Akin USIL0006
Akron USIN0002
Akron USIA0008
Akron USMI0007
Akron USCO0003
Akron USAL0006
Akron USOH0008
Akron USPA0014
Akron USNY0009
Akutan USAK0005
Alabama USNY0010
Alabaster USAL0007
Alachua USFL0001
Aladdin USWY0002
Alaganik USAK0295
Alakanuk USAK0006
Alamance USNC0004
Alameda USCA0008
Alamo USCA0009
Alamo USTX0013
Alamo USTN0004
Alamo USGA0007
Alamo USIN0003
Alamo USND0005
Alamo USNV0001
Alamo Alto USTX1777
Alamo Heights USTX1520
Alamogordo USNM0002
Alamosa USCO0004
Alamosa East USCO0535
Alanreed USTX0014
Alanson USMI0008
Alapaha USGA0008
Alatna USAK0296
Alba USMO0004
Alba USMI0009
Alba USPA0015
Alba USTX0015
Albany USVT0002
Albany USTX0016
Albany USGA0009
Albany USIN0004
Albany USIL0007
Albany USWI0006
Albany USNY0011
Albany USOH0009
Albany USOK0008
Albany USOR0005
Albany USCA0010
Albany USMO0005
Albany USLA0007
Albany USMN0010
Albee USSD0396
Albemarle USNC0005
Albers USIL0008
Albert USKS0006
Albert USOK0009
Albert City USIA0009
Albert Lea USMN0011
Alberta USMN0012
Alberta USVA0005
Alberta USAL0008
Alberton USMT0003
Albertson USNY0012
Albertson USNC0006
Albertville USMN0013
Albertville USAL0009
Albia USIA0010
Albin USWY0003
Albion USWA0006
Albion USCA0011
Albion USOK0010
Albion USPA0016
Albion USNY0013
Albion USNE0004
Albion USIN0005
Albion USID0003
Albion USIA0011
Albion USIL0009
Albion USMI0010
Albion USME0005
Albion USRI0002
Alborn USMN0014
Albright USWV0004
Albrightsville USPA0017
Albuquerque USNM0004
Alburg USVT0003
Alburnett USIA0012
Alburtis USPA0018
Alcalde USNM0006
Alcan USAK0539
Alcester USSD0004
Alco USAR0002
Alcoa USTN0005
Alcolu USSC0004
Alcova USWY0004
Alcove USNY0014
Alda USNE0005
Aldan USPA1866
Alden USMN0015
Alden USMI0011
Alden USNY0015
Alden USIL0010
Alden USKS0007
Alden USIA0013
Aldenville USPA0019
Alder USMT0004
Alder Creek USNY0016
Alderpoint USCA0012
Alderson USWV0005
Alderson USOK0011
Aldie USVA0006
Aldine USTX1507
Aldora USGA0657
Aldrich USMN0016
Aldrich USMO0006
Aledo USTX0017
Aledo USIL0011
Aleknagik USAK0007
Aleppo USPA0020
Alex USOK0012
Alexander USNC0007
Alexander USND0006
Alexander USKS0008
Alexander USIA0014
Alexander USIL0012
Alexander USAR0003
Alexander USNY0017
Alexander City USAL0010
Alexander Mills USNC0782
Alexandria USAL0011
Alexandria USPA0021
Alexandria USOH0010
Alexandria USVA0007
Alexandria USLA0008
Alexandria USMN0017
Alexandria USMO0007
Alexandria USNE0006
Alexandria USIN0006
Alexandria USSD0005
Alexandria USTN0006
Alexandria Bay USNY0018
Alexis USNC0008
Alexis USIL0013
Alfalfa USOR0426
Alford USFL0002
Alfordsville USIN0748
Alfred USME0006
Alfred USNY0019
Alfred Station USNY0020
Alger USOH0011
Alger USMI0012
Algodones USNM0007
Algoma USMS0004
Algoma USWI0007
Algona USWA0524
Algona USIA0015
Algonac USMI0013
Algonquin USIL0014
Algood USTN0563
Alhambra USIL0015
Alhambra USCA0013
Ali Ak Chin USAZ0290
Aliamanu USHI0286
Alice USND0387
Alice USTX0018
Aliceville USAL0012
Alicia USAR0004
Alief USTX0019
Aline USOK0013
Aliquippa USPA0022
Aliso Viejo USCA0014
Alix USAR0005
Alkabo USND0424
Alkol USWV0006
Allagash USME0489
Allakaket USAK0008
Allamuchy USNJ0003
Allardt USTN0007
Alledonia USOH0012
Alleene USAR0006
Allegan USMI0014
Allegany USOR0006
Allegany USNY0021
Alleghany USCA0015
Alleman USIA0016
Allen USKS0009
Allen USMI0015
Allen USMD0008
Allen USTX0020
Allen USSD0006
Allen USAL0013
Allen USOK0014
Allen USNE0007
Allen Junction USWV0007
Allen Park USMI0016
Allendale USMO0008
Allendale USMI0017
Allendale USIL0016
Allendale USNJ0004
Allendale USSC0005
Allendorf USIA0017
Allenhurst USGA0010
Allenhurst USNJ0005
Allenport USPA0023
Allenspark USCO0005
Allensville USPA0024
Allenton USWI0008
Allenton USMI0018
Allenton USMO0009
Allentown USPA0025
Allentown USGA0011
Allentown USNJ0006
Allentown USNY0022
Allenville USMO0989
Allenville USIL1328
Allenwood USNJ0007
Allenwood USPA0026
Allerton USIA0018
Allerton USIL0017
Alleyton USTX0021
Allgood USAL0014
Alliance USNC0009
Alliance USOH0013
Alliance USNE0008
Alligator USMS0005
Allison USIA0019
Allison USTX0022
Allison USPA0027
Allison Park USPA0028
Allons USTN0008
Allouez USMI0019
Allouez USWI0771
Alloway USNJ0008
Alloy USWV0008
Allport USAR0622
Allport USPA0029
Allred USTN0009
Allston USMA0007
Allyn USWA0007
Alma USWV0009
Alma USWI0009
Alma USMO0010
Alma USMI0020
Alma USTX1521
Alma USAR0007
Alma USAL0015
Alma USCO0006
Alma USNE0009
Alma USNY0023
Alma USGA0012
Alma USIL0018
Alma USKS0010
Alma Center USWI0010
Almedia USPA2196
Almelund USMN0018
Almena USKS0011
Almena USWI0011
Almira USWA0008
Almo USID0004
Almond USWI0012
Almond USNC0010
Almond USNY0024
Almont USMI0021
Almont USND0007
Almont USCO0007
Almyra USAR0008
Alna USME0007
Aloha USOR0395
Alorton USIL1329
Alpaugh USCA0016
Alpena USAR0009
Alpena USSD0007
Alpena USMI0022
Alpha USMN0019
Alpha USMI0023
Alpha USOH0014
Alpha USNJ0605
Alpha USIL0019
Alpharetta USGA0013
Alpine USWY0005
Alpine USNJ0009
Alpine USNY0025
Alpine USUT0001
Alpine USTN0010
Alpine USTX0023
Alpine USAL0016
Alpine USCA0017
Alpine USAR0010
Alpine USAZ0003
Alpine Meadows USCA0018
Alplaus USNY0026
Alpoca USWV0010
Alsea USOR0007
Alsen USND0008
Alsey USIL0020
Alsip USIL0021
Alstead USNH0002
Alston USGA0014
Alta USIA0020
Alta USCA0019
Alta USWY0185
Alta Loma USCA0020
Alta Ski Resort USUT0002
Alta Vista USKS0012
Alta Vista USIA0021
Altadena USCA0021
Altair USTX0024
Altamahaw USNC0011
Altamont USOR0475
Altamont USSD0397
Altamont USUT0003
Altamont USTN0011
Altamont USKS0013
Altamont USIL0022
Altamont USMO0011
Altamont USNY0027
Altaville USCA0022
Altavista USVA0008
Altenburg USMO0012
Altha USFL0004
Altheimer USAR0011
Altmar USNY0028
Alto USNM0008
Alto USMI0025
Alto USTX0025
Alto USGA0015
Alto Pass USIL0023
Alton USIN0749
Alton USIA0022
Alton USIL0024
Alton USKS0014
Alton USNH0003
Alton USNY0029
Alton USAL0017
Alton USUT0004
Alton USTX1522
Alton USVA0009
Alton USMO0013
Alton Bay USNH0004
Altona USNY0030
Altona USIN0750
Altona USIL0025
Altonah USUT0005
Altoona USPA0031
Altoona USIA0023
Altoona USKS0015
Altoona USFL0005
Altoona USAL0018
Altoona USWI0013
Altura USMN0020
Alturas USFL0006
Alturas USCA0023
Altus USAR0012
Altus USOK0015
Altus AFB USOK0016
Alum Bank USPA0032
Alum Bridge USWV0011
Alum Creek USWV0012
Alva USWY0006
Alva USOK0017
Alva USFL0007
Alvada USOH0015
Alvadore USOR0008
Alvarado USTX0026
Alvarado USMN0021
Alverda USPA0033
Alverton USPA0034
Alvin USTX0027
Alvin USIL0026
Alviso USCA0024
Alvo USNE0010
Alvord USIA0024
Alvord USTX0028
Alvordton USOH0016
Alvwood USMN0967
Aly USAR0682
Alzada USMT0005
Ama USLA0010
Amado USAZ0004
Amador City USCA0025
Amagansett USNY0031
Amagon USAR0013
Amalga USUT0291
Amalia USNM0009
Amana USIA0025
Amanda USOH0017
Amanda Park USWA0009
Amargosa Valley USNV0002
Amarillo USTX0029
Amasa USMI0026
Amawalk USNY0032
Amazonia USMO0014
Amber USOK0018
Amberg USWI0014
Amberley USOH1107
Amberson USPA0035
Ambia USIN0007
Ambler USPA0036
Ambler USAK0009
Amboy USCA0026
Amboy USIN0008
Amboy USIL0027
Amboy USMN0022
Amboy USWA0010
Ambridge USPA0037
Ambrose USND0009
Ambrose USGA0016
Ameagle USWV0013
Amelia USOH0018
Amelia USNE0011
Amelia USLA0011
Amenia USND0010
Amenia USNY0033
American Canyon USCA1290
American Falls USID0005
American Fork USUT0006
Americus USGA0017
Americus USKS0016
Amery USWI0015
Ames USIA0026
Ames USNE0012
Ames USNY1657
Ames USTX1523
Ames USOK0019
Amesbury USMA0008
Amesville USOH0019
Amherst USOH0020
Amherst USMA0009
Amherst USVA0011
Amherst USWI0016
Amherst USSD0008
Amherst USTX0030
Amherst USCO0008
Amherst USNE0013
Amherst USNH0005
Amherst Junction USWI0017
Amherstdale USWV0014
Amidon USND0011
Amigo USWV0015
Amissville USVA0012
Amistad USNM0010
Amite USLA0012
Amity USMO0015
Amity USOR0009
Amity USPA0038
Amity USAR0014
Amity Gardens USPA2197
Amityville USNY0034
Amlin USOH0021
Amma USWV0016
Ammon USVA0013
Ammon USID0288
Amo USIN0009
Amonate USVA0014
Amoret USMO0016
Amorita USOK0020
Amory USMS0006
Amsden USOH0022
Amsterdam USOH0023
Amsterdam USNY0035
Amsterdam USMO0017
Amston USCT0002
Anabel USMO0018
Anacoco USLA0013
Anaconda USMT0006
Anacortes USWA0011
Anadarko USOK0021
Anaheim USCA0027
Anahola USHI0002
Anahuac USTX0031
Anaktuk USAK0298
Anaktuvuk Pass USAK0010
Analomink USPA0039
Anamoose USND0012
Anamosa USIA0027
Anatone USWA0012
Anawalt USWV0017
Ancho USNM0373
Anchor USIL0029
Anchor Point USAK0011
Anchorage USAK0012
Anchorville USMI0027
Ancient Oaks USPA2198
Ancona USIL0030
Ancram USNY0036
Ancramdale USNY0037
Andale USKS0017
Andalusia USIL0031
Andalusia USAL0019
Anderson USCA0028
Anderson USAL0021
Anderson USAK0016
Anderson USTX0032
Anderson USSC0006
Anderson USIN0010
Anderson USMO0019
Anderson Island USWA0013
Anderson Mill USTX1909
Andersonville USTN0012
Andersonville USVA0015
Andersonville USGA0018
Andes USNY0038
Andover USNY0039
Andover USNH0006
Andover USNJ0010
Andover USIA0028
Andover USIL0032
Andover USKS0018
Andover USFL0956
Andover USCT0003
Andover USMN0825
Andover USME0008
Andover USMA0010
Andover USVA0016
Andover USSD0009
Andover USOH0024
Andreas USPA0040
Andrew USIA0029
Andrews USIN0011
Andrews USNC0012
Andrews USSC0007
Andrews USTX0033
Andrews AFB USMD0009
Andytown USFL0719
Anegam USAZ0291
Aneta USND0013
Aneth USUT0007
Angel Fire USNM0011
Angela USMT0007
Angelica USNY0040
Angell USAZ0292
Angels Camp USCA0029
Angelus Oaks USCA0030
Angie USLA0014
Angier USNC0013
Angle Inlet USMN0023
Angleton USTX0034
Angola USLA0015
Angola USIN0012
Angola USNY0041
Angoon USAK0017
Angora USNE0014
Angora USMN0024
Angostura USNM0374
Anguilla USMS0007
Angus USMN0025
Angus USTX1524
Angwin USCA0031
Aniak USAK0018
Animas USNM0013
Anita USIA0030
Anita USPA0041
Aniwa USWI0018
Ankeny USIA0031
Anmoore USWV0018
Ann Arbor USMI0028
Anna USTX0035
Anna USIL0033
Anna USOH0025
Anna Maria USFL0008
Annabella USUT0008
Annada USMO0020
Annandale USMN0026
Annandale USVA0017
Annandale USNJ0011
Annapolis USMD0010
Annapolis USMO0021
Annapolis USCA0032
Annapolis USIL0034
Annawan USIL0035
Anne Manie USAL0022
Annetta USTX1525
Annetta North USTX1526
Annetta South USTX1527
Annette USAK0019
Anniston USAL0023
Anniston USMO0022
Annona USTX0036
Annville USPA0042
Anoka USMN0027
Anoka USNE0544
Anselmo USNE0015
Ansley USNE0016
Anson USME0009
Anson USTX0037
Ansonia USOH0026
Ansonia USCT0004
Ansonville USNC0014
Ansted USWV0019
Antelope USSD0431
Antelope USMT0008
Antelope USOR0010
Antelope USCA0033
Antero Junction USCO0460
Antes Fort USPA0043
Anthon USIA0032
Anthony USKS0019
Anthony USTX0038
Anthony USNM0014
Anthony USFL0009
Antigo USWI0019
Antimony USUT0009
Antioch USTN0013
Antioch USOH1108
Antioch USIL0036
Antioch USCA0034
Antler USND0014
Antlers USOK0022
Antoine USAR0015
Anton USCO0009
Anton USTX0039
Anton Chico USNM0015
Antonito USCO0010
Antrim USNH0007
Antwerp USNY0043
Antwerp USOH0027
Anvik USAK0020
Anvle USPA0044
Anza USCA0035
Apache USOK0023
Apache Creek USNM0375
Apache Junction USAZ0005
Apalachicola USFL0010
Apalachin USNY0044
Apex USNC0015
Apgar USMT0383
Apison USTN0014
Aplington USIA0033
Apollo USPA0045
Apollo Beach USFL0011
Apopka USFL0012
Apostle Islands USWI0814
Appalachia USVA0018
Apple Creek USOH0028
Apple Grove USWV0020
Apple River USIL0037
Apple Springs USTX0040
Apple Valley USMN0829
Apple Valley USCA0036
Appleby USTX1528
Applegate USCA0037
Applegate USMI0029
Appleton USMN0028
Appleton USWA0014
Appleton USWI0020
Appleton USNY0045
Appleton City USMO0023
Applewold USPA1867
Applewood USCO0536
Appling USGA0019
Appomattox USVA0019
Aptos USCA0038
Apulia Station USNY0046
Aquasco USMD0012
Aquashicola USPA0046
Aquebogue USNY0047
Aquia Harbour USVA0927
Aquilla USOH1109
Aquilla USTX0041
Arab USAL0024
Arabela USNM0376
Arabi USGA0020
Arabi USLA0016
Aragon USGA0021
Aragon USNM0016
Aransas Pass USTX0042
Arapaho USOK0024
Arapahoe USNC0017
Arapahoe USNE0017
Arapahoe USWY0007
Arapahoe USCO0011
Ararat USNC0018
Ararat USVA0020
Arbela USMO0024
Arboles USCO0012
Arbon USID0006
Arbon Valley USID0321
Arbovale USWV0021
Arbuckle USCA0039
Arbutus USMD0547
Arbyrd USMO0025
Arcade USNY0048
Arcade USGA0658
Arcadia USIA0034
Arcadia USIN0013
Arcadia USKS0020
Arcadia USMO0026
Arcadia USMI0030
Arcadia USLA0017
Arcadia USSC0008
Arcadia USFL0013
Arcadia USCA0040
Arcadia USNE0018
Arcadia USWI0021
Arcadia USOH0029
Arcadia USPA0047
Arcadia USOK0025
Arcadia Lakes USSC0391
Arcanum USOH0030
Arcata USCA0041
Arch Cape USOR0012
Archbald USPA0048
Archbold USOH0031
Archdale USNC0783
Archer USIA0035
Archer USFL0014
Archer USNE0019
Archer City USTX0043
Arches Natl Park USUT0010
Archibald USLA0018
Archie USMO0027
Arco USMN0029
Arco USID0007
Arcola USIN0014
Arcola USIL0038
Arcola USTX1529
Arcola USPA0049
Arcola USMO0028
Arcola USMS0008
Arcola USVA0021
Arctic Village USAK0021
Ardara USPA0050
Arden USNC0019
Arden USNY0049
Arden USDE0060
Arden Hills USMN0850
Ardencroft USDE0061
Ardentown USDE0062
Ardenvoir USWA0015
Ardmore USOK0026
Ardmore USPA0051
Ardmore USTN0015
Ardmore USSD0395
Ardmore USAL0025
Ardoch USND0015
Ardsley USNY0050
Aredale USIA0036
Arena USWI0022
Arenas Valley USNM0017
Arendtsville USPA0052
Arenzville USIL0039
Argenta USIL0040
Argentine USMI0984
Argo USAL0601
Argonia USKS0021
Argonne USWI0023
Argos USIN0015
Argusville USND0016
Argyle USIA0037
Argyle USGA0022
Argyle USWI0024
Argyle USMI0031
Argyle USMN0030
Argyle USMO0029
Argyle USFL0015
Argyle USNY0052
Argyle USTX0044
Arial USSC0463
Ariel USWA0016
Arimo USID0008
Arion USIA0038
Aripeka USFL0016
Aripine USAZ0293
Arispe USIA0039
Aristes USPA0053
Ariton USAL0026
Arivaca USAZ0006
Arizona City USAZ0007
Ark USVA0022
Arkabutla USMS0009
Arkadelphia USAR0016
Arkansas City USAR0017
Arkansas City USKS0022
Arkansaw USWI0025
Arkdale USWI0026
Arkoe USMO0990
Arkoma USOK0028
Arkport USNY0053
Arkville USNY0054
Arlee USMT0009
Arley USAL0027
Arlington USAZ0009
Arlington USCO0013
Arlington USAL0028
Arlington USNY1640
Arlington USNE0020
Arlington USWA0017
Arlington USVA0023
Arlington USWI0027
Arlington USSD0010
Arlington USTN0016
Arlington USVT0004
Arlington USTX0045
Arlington USOH0032
Arlington USOR0013
Arlington USNC0784
Arlington USIL0041
Arlington USGA0023
Arlington USIN0016
Arlington USIA0040
Arlington USKS0023
Arlington USMN0031
Arlington USMA0011
Arma USKS0024
Armada USMI0032
Armagh USPA0054
Armbrust USPA0055
Armington USIL0043
Arminto USWY0008
Armona USCA0042
Armonk USNY0055
Armorel USAR0018
Armour USSD0011
Armstrong USTX0046
Armstrong USIA0041
Armstrong USIL0044
Armstrong USOK0599
Armstrong USMO0030
Armstrong Creek USWI0028
Armuchee USGA0024
Arnaudville USLA0019
Arnegard USND0017
Arnett USOK0029
Arnett USWV0022
Arno USTX1778
Arnold USNE0021
Arnold USKS0025
Arnold USPA1868
Arnold USCA0043
Arnold USMD0013
Arnold USMO0031
Arnold USMN0973
Arnold USMI0033
Arnold AFB USTN0017
Arnolds Park USIA0042
Arnoldsburg USWV0023
Arnoldsville USGA0025
Arnot USPA0056
Arock USOR0014
Aroda USVA0024
Aroma Park USIL0045
Aromas USCA0044
Arona USPA0057
Arp USTX0047
Arpin USWI0029
Arrey USNM0018
Arriba USCO0014
Arrington USVA0025
Arrington USTN0018
Arrow Rock USMO0032
Arrowsmith USIL0046
Arroyo Grande USCA0045
Arroyo Hondo USNM0019
Arroyo Seco USNM0020
Art USTX0048
Artas USSD0398
Artemas USPA0058
Artesia USNM0021
Artesia USCA0046
Artesia USMS0010
Artesia Wells USTX0049
Artesian USSD0012
Arthur USTN0019
Arthur USNE0022
Arthur USNV0110
Arthur USND0018
Arthur USIA0043
Arthur USIL0047
Arthur City USTX0050
Arthurdale USWV0024
Artie USWV0025
Artois USCA0047
Artondale USWA0663
Arvada USWY0009
Arvada USCO0015
Arvana USTX1779
Arverne USNY0056
Arvilla USND0019
Arvin USCA0048
Arvonia USVA0026
Asbury USWV0026
Asbury USNJ0012
Asbury USIA0950
Asbury USMO0033
Asbury Lake USFL0957
Asbury Park USNJ0013
Ascutney USVT0005
Ash USNC0020
Ash Flat USAR0019
Ash Fork USAZ0010
Ash Grove USMO0034
Ash Peak USAZ0294
Ash Springs USNV0003
Asharoken USNY1658
Ashaway USRI0003
Ashburn USVA0027
Ashburn USMO0035
Ashburn USGA0026
Ashburnham USMA0013
Ashby USMA0014
Ashby USMN0032
Ashby USNE0023
Ashdown USAR0020
Asheboro USNC0021
Asher USOK0030
Asherton USTX0051
Asheville USNC0022
Ashfield USPA0059
Ashfield USMA0015
Ashford USCT0005
Ashford USAL0029
Ashford USWV0027
Ashford USWA0018
Ashippun USWI0030
Ashkum USIL0048
Ashland USIL0049
Ashland USKS0026
Ashland USMS0011
Ashland USMA0016
Ashland USMO0036
Ashland USLA0020
Ashland USME0010
Ashland USNH0008
Ashland USNY0057
Ashland USMT0010
Ashland USNE0024
Ashland USVA0028
Ashland USWI0031
Ashland USAL0030
Ashland USPA0060
Ashland USOK0600
Ashland USOH0033
Ashland USOR0015
Ashland City USTN0020
Ashley USPA1869
Ashley USND0020
Ashley USOH0034
Ashley USIL0050
Ashley USIN0017
Ashley USMI0034
Ashley Falls USMA0017
Ashmore USIL0051
Ashtabula USOH0035
Ashton USIA0044
Ashton USID0009
Ashton USIL0052
Ashton USSD0013
Ashton USMD0014
Ashton USNE0025
Ashton USWV0028
Ashuelot USNH0009
Ashurst USAZ0295
Ashville USAL0031
Ashville USPA0061
Ashville USOH0036
Ashville USNY0058
Ashwaubenon USWI0772
Ashwood USOR0016
Askov USMN0033
Asotin USWA0019
Aspen USCO0016
Aspen Hill USMD0447
Aspermont USTX0052
Aspers USPA0062
Aspinwall USPA1870
Aspinwall USIA0045
Assaria USKS0027
Assawoman USVA0029
Assonet USMA0018
Assumption USIL0053
Astatula USFL0017
Aston USPA0063
Astor USFL0018
Astoria USOR0017
Astoria USIL0054
Astoria USNY0059
Astoria USSD0014
Atalissa USIA0046
Atarque USNM0377
Atascadero USCA0049
Atascosa USTX0053
Atchison USKS0028
Atco USNJ0014
Atgasuk USAK0299
Atglen USPA0064
Athalia USOH1111
Athelstan USIA0951
Athelstane USWI0032
Athena USOR0018
Athens USOH0037
Athens USPA0065
Athens USWV0029
Athens USWI0033
Athens USGA0027
Athens USIL0055
Athens USIN0018
Athens USME0011
Athens USLA0021
Athens USMI0035
Athens USAL0032
Athens USNY0060
Athens USTN0021
Athens USTX0054
Atherton USCA0050
Athol USKS0029
Athol USID0010
Athol USMA0019
Athol USNY0061
Athol Springs USNY0062
Atka USAK0022
Atkins USAR0021
Atkins USVA0030
Atkins USIA0047
Atkinson USIL0056
Atkinson USNC0023
Atkinson USNE0026
Atkinson USNH0010
Atlanta USNE0027
Atlanta USNY0063
Atlanta USIN0019
Atlanta USIL0057
Atlanta USID0011
Atlanta USGA0028
Atlanta USKS0030
Atlanta USTX0055
Atlanta USMO0037
Atlanta USMI0036
Atlanta USLA0022
Atlantic USIA0048
Atlantic USPA0066
Atlantic USNC0024
Atlantic USVA0031
Atlantic Beach USFL0019
Atlantic Beach USNY0064
Atlantic Beach USNC0025
Atlantic Beach USSC0392
Atlantic City USNJ0015
Atlantic Mine USMI0037
Atlantis USFL0626
Atlas USMI0038
Atlasburg USPA0067
Atmore USAL0033
Atoka USOK0031
Atoka USTN0022
Atomic City USID0012
Atqasuk USAK0023
Attalla USAL0034
Attapulgus USGA0030
Attica USIN0020
Attica USKS0031
Attica USOH0038
Attica USMI0039
Attica USNY0065
Attleboro USMA0020
Attleboro Falls USMA0021
Atwater USMN0034
Atwater USCA0051
Atwater USIL0058
Atwater USOH0039
Atwood USOK0032
Atwood USPA1871
Atwood USTN0023
Atwood USIN0021
Atwood USKS0032
Atwood USIL0059
Atwood USCA0052
Atwood USCO0017
Au Gres USMI0040
Au Sable USMI0985
Au Sable Forks USNY0066
Au Train USMI0041
Auberry USCA0053
Aubrey USAR0022
Aubrey USTX0056
Auburn USME0012
Auburn USMI0042
Auburn USMA0022
Auburn USPA0068
Auburn USWV0030
Auburn USWY0010
Auburn USWA0020
Auburn USAL0035
Auburn USCA0054
Auburn USIA0049
Auburn USIL0060
Auburn USGA0031
Auburn USKS0033
Auburn USIN0022
Auburn USNY0067
Auburn USNE0028
Auburn USNH0012
Auburn Hills USMI0043
Auburndale USFL0020
Auburndale USMA0023
Auburndale USWI0034
Auburntown USTN0024
Audubon USNJ0018
Audubon USPA0069
Audubon USMN0035
Audubon USIA0050
Augusta USKS0034
Augusta USGA0032
Augusta USIL0061
Augusta USNJ0019
Augusta USMT0011
Augusta USWV0031
Augusta USWI0035
Augusta USME0013
Augusta USMO0038
Augusta USMI0044
Augusta USAR0023
Augusta USOH0040
Augusta Springs USVA0032
Auke Bay USAK0024
Aulander USNC0026
Aullville USMO0991
Ault USCO0018
Ault Field USWA0664
Aultman USPA0070
Aumsville USOR0019
Aurelia USIA0051
Auriesville USNY0068
Aurora USNE0029
Aurora USNY0069
Aurora USIN0023
Aurora USIA0052
Aurora USKS0035
Aurora USIL0062
Aurora USCO0019
Aurora USUT0011
Aurora USSD0015
Aurora USTX1530
Aurora USOR0020
Aurora USNC0027
Aurora USOH0041
Aurora USWV0032
Aurora USME0014
Aurora USMN0036
Aurora USMO0039
Austell USGA0034
Austerlitz USNY0070
Austin USNV0004
Austin USIN0024
Austin USMN0037
Austin USAR0024
Austin USCO0020
Austin USTX0057
Austin USPA0071
Austinburg USOH0042
Austintown USOH1097
Austinville USIA0053
Austinville USVA0033
Austwell USTX0059
Autaugaville USAL0037
Auto USWV0033
Autryville USNC0028
Auxvasse USMO0040
Ava USMO0041
Ava USOH0043
Ava USNY0071
Ava USIL0063
Avalon USGA0659
Avalon USPA1872
Avalon USMO0042
Avalon USMS0012
Avalon USWI0036
Avalon USNJ0020
Avalon USCA0055
Avalon USTX0060
Avant USOK0033
Avard USOK0601
Avella USPA0072
Avenal USCA0056
Avenel USNJ0021
Aventura USFL0958
Avenue USMD0016
Avera USGA0035
Averill USVT0006
Averill Park USNY0072
Avery USID0013
Avery USCA0057
Avery USTX0061
Avery Creek USNC0903
Avery Island USLA0023
Avila Beach USCA0058
Avilla USIN0025
Avilla USMO0043
Avinger USTX0062
Avis USPA0073
Aviston USIL0064
Avoca USIA0054
Avoca USIN0026
Avoca USTX0063
Avoca USNY0073
Avoca USNE0030
Avoca USAR0025
Avoca USPA1873
Avoca USWI0037
Avoca USMN0038
Avoca USMI0045
Avon USMN0039
Avon USMS0013
Avon USMA0024
Avon USMT0012
Avon USNY0074
Avon USIL0065
Avon USIN0745
Avon USSD0016
Avon USCO0021
Avon USCT0006
Avon USAL0602
Avon USOH0044
Avon USNC0029
Avon Heights USPA2200
Avon Lake USOH0045
Avon Park USFL0021
Avon-by-the-Sea USNJ0022
Avondale USCO0022
Avondale USAZ0011
Avondale USLA0538
Avondale USMO0992
Avondale USPA0074
Avondale USWV0034
Avondale Estates USGA0036
Avonia USPA2201
Avonmore USPA0075
Avra Valley USAZ0401
Awendaw USSC0009
Axial USCO0461
Axis USAL0038
Axson USGA0037
Axtell USKS0036
Axtell USNE0031
Axtell USUT0012
Axtell USTX0064
Axton USVA0034
Ayakulik USAK0300
Ayden USNC0030
Aydlett USNC0031
Ayer USMA0025
Aylett USVA0035
Aynor USSC0010
Ayr USND0021
Ayr USNE0032
Ayrshire USIA0055
Azalea USOR0021
Azalea Park USFL0959
Azalia USMI0046
Azle USTX0065
Aztec USNM0022
Azui USNM0378
Azusa USCA0059
Babb USMT0013
Babbie USAL0603
Babbitt USMN0040
Babcock USWI0038
Babson Park USMA0026
Babson Park USFL0022
Babylon USNY0075
Backus USMN0041
Bacliff USTX0066
Baconton USGA0038
Bacova USVA0036
Bad Axe USMI0047
Baden USPA0076
Badger USMN0042
Badger USIA0056
Badger USSD0017
Badger USCA0060
Badin USNC0032
Bagdad USFL0023
Bagdad USAZ0012
Baggs USWY0011
Bagley USWI0039
Bagley USMN0043
Bagley USIA0057
Bagnell USMO0993
Bagwell USTX0067
Bahama USNC0033
Baidland USPA2202
Bailey USNC0034
Bailey USMS0014
Bailey USMI0048
Bailey USCO0023
Bailey USTX0068
Bailey Island USME0015
Bailey Lakes USOH1112
Bailey Prairie USTX1531
Baileys Harbor USWI0040
Baileyton USAL0039
Baileyville USME0016
Baileyville USIL0066
Baileyville USKS0037
Bainbridge USGA0039
Bainbridge USIN0027
Bainbridge USPA0077
Bainbridge USOH0046
Bainbridge USNY0076
Bainville USMT0014
Baird USTX0069
Bairdford USPA0078
Bairdstown USOH1113
Bairoil USWY0012
Baisden USWV0035
Baker USWV0036
Baker USNV0005
Baker USMT0015
Baker USFL0536
Baker USCA0061
Baker USLA0024
Baker USMN0044
Baker USMO0994
Baker City USOR0022
Bakers Mills USNY0077
Bakers Summit USPA0079
Bakersfield USMO0044
Bakersfield USCA0062
Bakersfield USVT0007
Bakerstown USPA0080
Bakersville USNC0035
Bakersville USOH0047
Bakerton USWV0037
Bakewell USTN0025
Bal Harbour USFL0627
Bala Cynwyd USPA0081
Balaton USMN0045
Balch Springs USTX1502
Balcones Heights USTX1532
Bald Head Island USNC0785
Bald Knob USAR0026
Bald Knob USWV0038
Baldwin USWI0041
Baldwin USPA1874
Baldwin USND0022
Baldwin USNY0078
Baldwin USIA0058
Baldwin USGA0040
Baldwin USIL0067
Baldwin USFL0628
Baldwin USMI0049
Baldwin USMD0017
Baldwin USLA0025
Baldwin City USKS0038
Baldwin Harbor USNY1850
Baldwin Park USMO0995
Baldwin Park USCA0063
Baldwin Place USNY0079
Baldwinsville USNY0080
Baldwinville USMA0027
Baldwyn USMS0015
Balfour USND0023
Balfour USNC0904
Balko USOK0034
Ball USLA0026
Ball Ground USGA0041
Ballantine USMT0016
Ballard USWV0039
Ballard USUT0292
Ballengee USWV0040
Ballenger Creek USMD0548
Ballentine USSC0011
Ballico USCA0064
Ballinger USTX0070
Ballouville USCT0007
Ballston Lake USNY0081
Ballston Spa USNY0082
Balltown USIA0952
Ballville USOH1320
Ballwin USMO0045
Bally USPA0082
Balm USFL0025
Balmorhea USTX0071
Balmville USNY1851
Balsam USNC0036
Balsam Grove USNC0037
Balsam Lake USWI0042
Balta USND0024
Baltic USOH0048
Baltic USSD0019
Baltic USCT0008
Baltimore USMD0018
Baltimore USOH0049
Bamberg USSC0012
Banco USVA0037
Bancroft USWV0041
Bancroft USWI0043
Bancroft USSD0399
Bancroft USNE0033
Bancroft USID0014
Bancroft USIA0059
Bancroft USMI0050
Bandera USTX0072
Bandon USOR0023
Bandy USVA0038
Baneberry USTN0565
Bangall USNY0083
Bangor USME0017
Bangor USMI0051
Bangor USPA0083
Bangor USWI0044
Bangor USCA0065
Bangs USTX0073
Banks USAR0027
Banks USAL0040
Banks USID0015
Banks USOR0024
Bankston USIA0953
Bankston USAL0041
Bannack USMT0384
Banner USMS0016
Banner USIL1330
Banner USWY0013
Banner Elk USNC0038
Banner Hill USTN0611
Banning USCA0066
Bannister USMI0052
Bannock USOH0050
Bannockburn USIL1331
Banquete USTX0074
Banta USCA0067
Bantam USCT0009
Bantry USND0025
Bapchule USAZ0013
Baptistown USNJ0023
Bar Harbor USME0018
Bar Mills USME0019
Baraboo USWI0045
Barada USNE0545
Baraga USMI0053
Baranof USAK0282
Barataria USLA0027
Barbeau USMI0054
Barberton USOH0051
Barberville USFL0026
Barboursville USVA0039
Barboursville USWV0042
Barclay USMD0022
Barco USNC0039
Bard USCA0068
Bard USNM0023
Bardolph USIL0068
Bardonia USNY1852
Bardwell USTX0075
Bargersville USIN0028
Barhamsville USVA0040
Baring USWA0022
Baring USMO0046
Barium Springs USNC0040
Bark River USMI0055
Barker USTX0076
Barker USNY0084
Barker Heights USNC0905
Barker Ten Mile USNC0906
Barkeyville USPA1875
Barkhamsted USCT0276
Barksdale USTX0077
Barksdale AFB USLA0028
Barling USAR0028
Barlow USOR0411
Barlow USOH0052
Barnard USKS0039
Barnard USMO0047
Barnard USVT0008
Barnard USSD0020
Barnardsville USNC0041
Barnegat USNJ0024
Barnegat Light USNJ0025
Barnes USKS0040
Barnes City USIA0060
Barnesboro USPA0084
Barneston USNE0034
Barnesville USGA0042
Barnesville USNC0042
Barnesville USPA0085
Barnesville USOH0053
Barnesville USMN0046
Barnesville USMD0023
Barnet USVT0009
Barnett USMO0048
Barneveld USWI0047
Barneveld USNY0085
Barney USND0026
Barney USGA0043
Barnhart USTX0078
Barnhart USMO0049
Barnhill USIL0069
Barnhill USOH1114
Barnsdall USOK0035
Barnstable USMA0028
Barnstead USNH0013
Barnum USMN0047
Barnum USIA0061
Barnum Island USNY1853
Barnwell USSC0013
Baroda USMI0056
Barracks USVA0929
Barrackville USWV0043
Barre USMA0029
Barre USVT0010
Barren Springs USVA0041
Barrett USTX1910
Barrett USMN0048
Barrington USNJ0026
Barrington USNH0014
Barrington USRI0004
Barrington USIL0070
Barrington Hills USIL1332
Barron USWI0048
Barronett USWI0049
Barroso USTX1780
Barrow USAK0025
Barry USIL0071
Barry USMN0049
Barry USTX0079
Barryton USMI0057
Barrytown USNY0086
Barryville USNY0087
Barstow USIL0072
Barstow USCA0069
Barstow USMD0024
Barstow USTX0080
Bart USPA0086
Bartelso USIL0073
Barter Island USAK0026
Bartlesville USOK0036
Bartlett USOH0054
Bartlett USNH0015
Bartlett USNE0035
Bartlett USTN0562
Bartlett USTX0081
Bartlett USIL0074
Bartlett USKS0041
Bartley USNE0036
Bartley USWV0044
Barto USPA0087
Barton USND0388
Barton USOH0055
Barton USAR0029
Barton USNY0088
Barton USVT0011
Barton USMD0025
Barton City USMI0058
Barton Hills USMI0916
Bartonsville USPA0088
Bartonville USIL1333
Bartonville USTX1533
Bartow USWV0045
Bartow USGA0044
Bartow USFL0027
Barview USOR0476
Barwick USGA0045
Barwise USTX1781
Basalt USID0016
Basalt USCO0024
Basco USIL0075
Bascom USFL0028
Bascom USOH0056
Basehor USKS0042
Basile USLA0029
Basin USWY0014
Basin USMT0017
Baskerville USVA0042
Baskin USFL0960
Baskin USLA0030
Basking Ridge USNJ0027
Basom USNY0089
Bass USAR0030
Bass Harbor USME0020
Bass Lake USCA0070
Bassett USAR0031
Bassett USIA0954
Bassett USKS0644
Bassett USNE0037
Bassett USVA0043
Bassett USWI0050
Bassfield USMS0017
Bassville Park USFL0961
Bastian USVA0044
Bastrop USLA0031
Bastrop USTX0082
Basye USVA0045
Bat Cave USNC0043
Batavia USOH0057
Batavia USNY0090
Batavia USIA0062
Batavia USIL0076
Batchelor USLA0032
Batchtown USIL0077
Bates USAR0032
Bates USOR0025
Bates City USMO0050
Batesburg USSC0014
Batesland USSD0021
Batesville USTX0083
Batesville USMS0018
Batesville USVA0046
Batesville USOH1115
Batesville USAR0033
Batesville USIN0029
Bath USIL0078
Bath USIN0030
Bath USSD0022
Bath USSC0015
Bath USME0021
Bath USMI0059
Bath USNY0091
Bath USNH0016
Bath USOH0058
Bath USNC0044
Bath USPA0089
Bath Springs USTN0026
Bathgate USND0027
Baton Rouge USLA0033
Batson USTX0084
Battery Park USVA0047
Battiest USOK0037
Battle Creek USMI0060
Battle Creek USIA0063
Battle Creek USNE0038
Battle Ground USIN0031
Battle Ground USWA0023
Battle Lake USMN0050
Battle Mountain USNV0006
Battleboro USNC0045
Battlement Mesa USCO0025
Baudette USMN0051
Bausman USPA0090
Bauxite USAR0034
Bawtry USAZ0296
Baxley USGA0046
Baxter USIA0064
Baxter USTN0027
Baxter USWV0046
Baxter USMN0052
Baxter Springs USKS0043
Bay USAR0035
Bay Center USWA0024
Bay City USWI0051
Bay City USMI0061
Bay City USTX0085
Bay City USOR0026
Bay Head USNJ0606
Bay Hill USFL0962
Bay Minette USAL0042
Bay Pines USFL0029
Bay Port USMI0062
Bay Saint Louis USMS0019
Bay Shore USMI0063
Bay Shore USNY0092
Bay Springs USMS0020
Bay View USOH1116
Bay View Garden USIL1334
Bay Village USOH0059
Bayard USNE0039
Bayard USNM0024
Bayard USWV0047
Bayard USIA0065
Bayboro USNC0046
Bayfield USCO0026
Bayfield USWI0052
Baylis USIL0079
Bayonet Point USFL0585
Bayonne USNJ0028
Bayou Cane USLA0539
Bayou Goula USLA0034
Bayou la Batre USAL0043
Bayou Vista USLA0540
Bayou Vista USTX1534
Bayport USMN0053
Bayport USNY0093
Bayshore USNC0907
Bayshore Gardens USFL0963
Bayside USCA0071
Bayside USNY0094
Bayside USWI0779
Bayside USTX0086
Baytown USTX0087
Bayview USTX1535
Bayview USID0017
Bayville USNY0095
Bayville USNJ0029
Bayville USME0022
Baywood USNY1854
Bazile Mills USNE0546
Bazine USKS0044
Beach USND0028
Beach City USOH0060
Beach City USTX1536
Beach Haven USNJ0030
Beach Haven USPA0091
Beach Haven West USNJ0707
Beach Lake USPA0092
Beach Park USIL1335
Beachwood USOH0061
Beachwood USNJ0031
Beacon USNY0096
Beacon USIA0066
Beacon Falls USCT0010
Beacon Square USFL0964
Beaconsfield USIA0955
Beal City USMI0986
Bealeton USVA0048
Beallsville USMD0026
Beallsville USPA0093
Beallsville USOH0062
Beals USME0023
Beaman USIA0067
Bean Station USTN0028
Bear USDE0001
Bear Creek USAL0044
Bear Creek USWI0053
Bear Creek USPA0094
Bear Creek USNC0047
Bear Grass USNC0786
Bear Lake USPA0095
Bear Lake USMI0064
Bear Mountain USNY0097
Bear River City USUT0013
Bearcreek USMT0018
Bearden USAR0036
Bearden USOK0602
Beardsley USMN0054
Beardstown USIL0080
Bearsville USNY0098
Beasley USTX0088
Beason USIL0081
Beatrice USNE0040
Beatrice USAL0045
Beattie USKS0045
Beatty USOR0027
Beatty USNV0007
Beatyestown USNJ0708
Beaufort USSC0016
Beaufort USMO0051
Beaufort USNC0048
Beaumont USTX0089
Beaumont USKS0046
Beaumont USMS0021
Beaumont USCA0075
Beaumont USVA0049
Beauregard USMS0449
Beaver USWV0048
Beaver USWA0025
Beaver USUT0014
Beaver USPA0096
Beaver USOH0063
Beaver USOK0038
Beaver USOR0028
Beaver USIA0068
Beaver USAK0027
Beaver USAR0037
Beaver Bay USMN0055
Beaver City USNE0041
Beaver Creek USMN0056
Beaver Creek USCO0430
Beaver Crossing USNE0042
Beaver Dam USWI0054
Beaver Dams USNY0099
Beaver Falls USNY0100
Beaver Falls USAK0278
Beaver Falls USPA0097
Beaver Island USMI0065
Beaver Meadows USPA0098
Beaver River USNY1656
Beaver Springs USPA0099
Beavercreek USOH1103
Beavercreek USOR0029
Beaverdale USPA0100
Beaverdam USOH0064
Beaverdam USVA0050
Beaverton USOR0030
Beaverton USMI0066
Beaverton USAL0046
Beavertown USPA0101
Beaverville USIL0082
Bebe USTX0091
Beccaria USPA0102
Bechtelsville USPA0103
Beckemeyer USIL0083
Becker USMN0057
Becker USMS0022
Becket USMA0030
Beckett USNJ0709
Beckett Ridge USOH1321
Beckley USWV0049
Beckville USTX0092
Beckwourth USCA0076
Beddington USME0490
Bedford USMA0031
Bedford USMI0067
Bedford USPA0104
Bedford USOH0065
Bedford USNY0101
Bedford USNH0017
Bedford USTX0093
Bedford USWY0015
Bedford USVA0051
Bedford USIN0032
Bedford USIA0069
Bedford Heights USOH1093
Bedford Hills USNY0102
Bedford Park USIL0084
Bedias USTX0094
Bedminster USNJ0032
Bedminster USPA0105
Bedrock USCO0027
Bee USNE0043
Bee USVA0052
Bee Branch USAR0038
Bee Cave USTX1537
Bee Ridge USFL0965
Beebe USAR0039
Beebe Plain USVT0012
Beech Bluff USTN0029
Beech Bottom USWV0050
Beech Creek USPA0106
Beech Grove USAR0040
Beech Grove USIN0033
Beech Island USSC0017
Beecher USMI0987
Beecher USIL0085
Beecher City USIL0086
Beecher Falls USVT0013
Beechgrove USTN0030
Beechwood USMI0988
Beechwood Trails USOH1322
Beedeville USAR0041
Beeler USKS0047
Beemer USNE0044
Beenettsville USSC0415
Beeson USWV0051
Beetown USWI0055
Beeville USTX0095
Beggs USOK0039
Beirne USAR0042
Bejou USMN0058
Bel Air USMD0027
Bel Air North USMD0549
Bel Air South USMD0550
Bel Aire USKS0645
Bel Alton USMD0028
Bel-Nor USMO0996
Bel-Ridge USMO0997
Belcamp USMD0029
Belcher USLA0035
Belchertown USMA0032
Belcourt USND0029
Belden USMS0023
Belden USCA0077
Belden USNE0045
Beldenville USWI0056
Belding USMI0068
Belen USMS0024
Belen USNM0025
Belews Creek USNC0049
Belfair USWA0026
Belfast USPA2203
Belfast USNY0103
Belfast USME0024
Belfast USTN0032
Belfield USND0030
Belford USNJ0033
Belfry USMT0019
Belgium USWI0057
Belgium USIL1336
Belgrade USNE0046
Belgrade USMT0020
Belgrade USME0025
Belgrade USMN0059
Belgrade USMO0052
Belgrade Lakes USME0026
Belhaven USNC0050
Belinda City USTN0612
Belington USWV0052
Belk USAL0047
Belknap USIL0087
Belkofski USAK0301
Bell USCA0078
Bell USFL0030
Bell Acres USPA1876
Bell Arthur USNC0051
Bell Buckle USTN0033
Bell Center USWI0780
Bell City USMO0053
Bell City USLA0036
Bell Gardens USCA0079
Bell Ranch USNM0026
Bella Villa USMO0998
Bella Vista USCA0080
Bella Vista USAR0043
Bellaire USMI0069
Bellaire USTX0096
Bellaire USOH0066
Bellamy USVA0053
Bellamy USAL0048
Bellbrook USOH0067
Belle USWV0053
Belle USMO0054
Belle Center USOH0068
Belle Chasse USLA0037
Belle Fourche USSD0023
Belle Glade USFL0031
Belle Glade Camp USFL0966
Belle Haven USVA0054
Belle Isle USFL0630
Belle Mead USNJ0034
Belle Meade USTN0566
Belle Mina USAL0049
Belle Plaine USIA0070
Belle Plaine USKS0048
Belle Plaine USMN0060
Belle Rive USIL0088
Belle Rose USLA0038
Belle Terre USNY1659
Belle Valley USOH0069
Belle Vernon USPA0107
Belleair USFL0631
Belleair Beach USFL0032
Belleair Bluffs USFL0632
Belleair Shore USFL0633
Bellechester USMN0851
Bellefontaine USMS0025
Bellefontaine USOH0070
Bellefonte USPA0108
Bellefonte USDE0063
Bellefonte USAR0623
Bellemont USAZ0014
Bellerive USMO1000
Bellerose USNY0105
Belleview USMO0055
Belleview USFL0033
Belleville USAR0044
Belleville USMI0070
Belleville USNY0106
Belleville USNJ0035
Belleville USPA0109
Belleville USKS0049
Belleville USIL0089
Belleville USWI0058
Belleville USWV0054
Bellevue USWI0841
Bellevue USWA0027
Bellevue USMI0071
Bellevue USTX0097
Bellevue USID0018
Bellevue USIA0071
Bellevue USIL1338
Bellevue USNE0047
Bellevue USOH0071
Bellevue USPA1877
Bellflower USMO0056
Bellflower USCA0081
Bellflower USIL0090
Bellingham USMA0033
Bellingham USMN0061
Bellingham USWA0028
Bellmawr USNJ0036
Bellmead USTX1538
Bellmont USIL0091
Bellmore USIN0034
Bellmore USNY0107
Bellona USNY0108
Bellows Falls USVT0014
Bellport USNY0109
Bells USTX0098
Bells USTN0034
Bellvale USNY0110
Bellview USFL0551
Bellville USTX0099
Bellville USOH0072
Bellville USGA0047
Bellvue USCO0028
Bellwood USAL0050
Bellwood USIL0092
Bellwood USPA0110
Bellwood USVA0930
Bellwood USNE0048
Belmar USNJ0037
Belmond USIA0072
Belmont USCA0082
Belmont USMI0072
Belmont USMS0026
Belmont USMA0034
Belmont USLA0039
Belmont USTX0100
Belmont USVT0015
Belmont USNY0111
Belmont USNH0018
Belmont USWV0055
Belmont USWA0029
Belmont USWI0059
Belmont USPA2204
Belmont USNC0052
Belmont USOH0073
Belmore USOH0074
Beloit USOH0075
Beloit USKS0050
Beloit USWI0060
Belpre USOH0076
Belpre USKS0051
Belsano USPA0111
Belspring USVA0055
Belt USMT0021
Belta USND0425
Belton USMO0057
Belton USSC0018
Belton USTX0101
Beltrami USMN0062
Beltsville USMD0030
Belva USWV0056
Belvedere USSC0464
Belvedere Park USGA0737
Belvidere USIL0093
Belvidere USNC0053
Belvidere USNJ0038
Belvidere USNE0049
Belvidere USTN0035
Belvidere USSD0024
Belvidere Center USVT0016
Belview USMN0063
Belville USNC0787
Belvue USKS0052
Belwood USNC0788
Belzoni USMS0027
Bement USIL0094
Bemidji USMN0064
Bemus Point USNY0112
Ben Avon USPA1878
Ben Avon Heights USPA1879
Ben Bolt USTX0102
Ben Franklin USTX0103
Ben Hur USVA0056
Ben Lomond USAR0045
Ben Lomond USCA0084
Ben Wheeler USTX0104
Bena USVA0057
Bena USMN0065
Benavides USTX0105
Benbrook USTX1505
Bend USTX0106
Bend USOR0031
Bendavis USMO0058
Bendena USKS0053
Bendersville USPA0112
Benedict USND0031
Benedict USKS0054
Benedict USMD0031
Benedict USMN0066
Benedict USNE0050
Benedicta USME0027
Benet Lake USWI0061
Benezett USPA0113
Benge USWA0030
Benicia USCA0085
Benjamin USTX0107
Benkelman USNE0051
Benld USIL0095
Bennet USNE0052
Bennett USIA0073
Bennett USNC0054
Bennett USCO0029
Bennettsville USSC0019
Bennington USNH0019
Bennington USNE0053
Bennington USKS0055
Bennington USIN0035
Bennington USOK0040
Bennington USVT0017
Benoit USWI0062
Benoit USMS0028
Bens Run USWV0057
Bensalem USPA0114
Bensenville USIL0096
Bensley USVA0931
Benson USVT0018
Benson USAZ0015
Benson USIL0097
Benson USMD0032
Benson USMN0067
Benson USPA1880
Benson USNC0055
Bent USNM0027
Bent Creek USNC0908
Bent Creek USVA0871
Bent Mountain USVA0058
Bentley USLA0040
Bentley USMI0073
Bentley USKS0056
Bentley USIL1339
Bentleyville USOH1117
Bentleyville USPA0115
Benton USPA0116
Benton USKS0057
Benton USIA0074
Benton USIL0098
Benton USTN0036
Benton USMS0029
Benton USLA0041
Benton USMO0059
Benton USCA0086
Benton USAR0046
Benton USAL0604
Benton USWI0063
Benton City USWA0031
Benton City USMO0060
Benton Harbor USMI0074
Benton Heights USMI0989
Benton Ridge USOH0077
Bentonia USMS0030
Bentonville USOH0078
Bentonville USIN0036
Bentonville USVA0059
Bentonville USAR0047
Bentree USWV0058
Benwood USWV0059
Benzien USMT0385
Benzonia USMI0075
Beowawe USNV0114
Berclair USTX0108
Berea USSC0465
Berea USOH0079
Berea USWV0060
Beresford USSD0025
Berg USAK0303
Bergen USND0389
Bergen USNY0113
Bergenfield USNJ0039
Berger USMO0061
Bergheim USTX0109
Bergholz USOH0080
Bergland USMI0076
Bergman USAR0048
Bergoo USWV0061
Bergton USVA0060
Berino USNM0028
Berkeley USCA0087
Berkeley USMO0983
Berkeley USIL0099
Berkeley Heights USNJ0040
Berkeley Lake USGA0660
Berkeley Springs USWV0062
Berkey USOH0081
Berkley USIA0956
Berkley USMI0077
Berkley USMA0035
Berkshire USMA0036
Berkshire USNY0114
Berlin USMD0033
Berlin USMA0038
Berlin USNJ0041
Berlin USNH0020
Berlin USNY0115
Berlin USOH0082
Berlin USPA0117
Berlin USND0032
Berlin USIL1340
Berlin USGA0048
Berlin USWI0064
Berlin Center USOH0083
Berlin Heights USOH0084
Bermont USFL0720
Bern USKS0058
Bern USID0019
Bernalillo USNM0029
Bernard USIA0075
Bernard USME0028
Bernardston USMA0039
Bernardsville USNJ0042
Berne USNY0116
Berne USIN0037
Bernhards Bay USNY0117
Bernice USLA0042
Bernie USMO0062
Bernville USPA0118
Berrien Center USMI0078
Berrien Springs USMI0079
Berry USAL0051
Berry Creek USCA0088
Berry Hill USTN0567
Berrysburg USPA0119
Berryton USKS0059
Berryville USTX1539
Berryville USAR0049
Berryville USVA0061
Bertha USMN0068
Berthold USND0033
Berthoud USCO0030
Bertram USIA0957
Bertram USTX0110
Bertrand USMO0063
Bertrand USNE0054
Berwick USLA0043
Berwick USME0029
Berwick USIL0100
Berwick USIA0076
Berwick USPA0120
Berwind USWV0063
Berwyn USNE0055
Berwyn USPA0121
Berwyn USIL0101
Berwyn Heights USMD0452
Beryl USUT0016
Bessemer USMI0080
Bessemer USAL0052
Bessemer USPA0122
Bessemer City USNC0056
Bessie USOK0041
Bessmay USTX1782
Bethalto USIL0102
Bethania USNC0057
Bethany USOK0042
Bethany USPA1881
Bethany USIN0751
Bethany USIL0103
Bethany USMO0064
Bethany USLA0044
Bethany USWV0064
Bethany USCT0011
Bethany Beach USDE0002
Bethel USDE0003
Bethel USAK0028
Bethel USCT0012
Bethel USMO0065
Bethel USMN0069
Bethel USME0030
Bethel USOK0043
Bethel USPA0123
Bethel USNC0058
Bethel USOH0085
Bethel USVT0019
Bethel USNY0118
Bethel Acres USOK0603
Bethel Heights USAR0624
Bethel Island USCA0089
Bethel Park USPA0124
Bethel Springs USTN0037
Bethera USSC0020
Bethesda USMD0034
Bethesda USOH0086
Bethlehem USPA0125
Bethlehem USNC0909
Bethlehem USSD0026
Bethlehem USCT0013
Bethlehem USIN0038
Bethlehem USGA0049
Bethlehem USMD0035
Bethlehem USWV0836
Bethlehem USNH0021
Bethpage USNY0119
Bethpage USTN0038
Bethune USSC0021
Bethune USCO0031
Bettendorf USIA0077
Betterton USMD0036
Bettles USAK0029
Bettles Field USAK0030
Bettsville USOH0087
Between USGA0661
Beulah USCO0032
Beulah USND0034
Beulah USOR0404
Beulah USWY0016
Beulah USMS0031
Beulah USMO0066
Beulah USMI0081
Beulaville USNC0059
Beverly USOH0088
Beverly USKS0060
Beverly USNJ0043
Beverly USMA0040
Beverly USWA0032
Beverly USWV0065
Beverly Beach USFL0634
Beverly Hills USCA0090
Beverly Hills USFL0034
Beverly Hills USTX1540
Beverly Hills USMI0906
Beverly Hills USMO1001
Beverly Shores USIN0039
Bevier USMO0067
Bevil Oaks USTX1541
Bevington USIA0078
Bexar USAR0050
Bexley USOH1081
Beyer USPA0126
Bibb City USGA0662
Bibo USNM0379
Bibo USAZ0297
Bickleton USWA0033
Bickmore USWV0066
Bicknell USUT0017
Bicknell USIN0040
Biddeford USME0031
Biddeford Pool USME0032
Biddle USMT0022
Bidwell USOH0089
Bieber USCA0091
Bienville USLA0045
Big Arm USMT0023
Big Bar USCA0092
Big Bay USMI0082
Big Bear City USCA0093
Big Bear Lake USCA0094
Big Beaver USPA1882
Big Bend USWV0067
Big Bend USWI0065
Big Bend USCA0095
Big Cabin USOK0044
Big Coppitt Key USFL0035
Big Cove Tannery USPA0128
Big Creek USMS0032
Big Creek USCA0096
Big Creek USID0281
Big Creek USWV0068
Big Delta USAK0031
Big Falls USWI0066
Big Falls USMN0070
Big Flat USAR0051
Big Flats USNY0121
Big Horn USWY0017
Big Indian USNY0122
Big Island USVA0062
Big Lake USAK0032
Big Lake USTX0112
Big Lake USMN0071
Big Lake USMO1002
Big Oak Flat USCA0097
Big Park USAZ0402
Big Pine USCA0098
Big Pine Key USFL0036
Big Piney USWY0018
Big Pool USMD0037
Big Port Walter USAK0304
Big Prairie USOH0090
Big Rapids USMI0084
Big River Lakes USAK0033
Big Rock USVA0063
Big Rock USTN0039
Big Rock USIL0104
Big Run USPA0129
Big Run USWV0069
Big Sandy USWV0070
Big Sandy USMT0025
Big Sandy USTN0040
Big Sandy USTX0113
Big Sky USMT0026
Big Spring USTX0114
Big Springs USNE0056
Big Springs USWV0071
Big Stone City USSD0027
Big Stone Gap USVA0064
Big Sur USCA0099
Big Timber USMT0028
Big Trails USWY0199
Big Water USUT0293
Big Wells USTX0115
Bigelow USMN0072
Bigelow USAR0052
Bigfoot USTX0116
Bigfork USMT0029
Bigfork USMN0073
Biggers USAR0053
Biggs USCA0100
Biggsville USIL0105
Bighorn USMT0030
Bigler USPA0130
Biglerville USPA0131
Bill USWY0019
Billerica USMA0041
Billings USMO0068
Billings USOK0045
Billings USMT0031
Billings USNY0123
Billingsley USAL0053
Biloxi USMS0033
Biltmore Forest USNC0789
Bim USWV0072
Binford USND0035
Bingen USWA0034
Binger USOK0046
Bingham USME0033
Bingham USIL0106
Bingham USNE0057
Bingham USNM0366
Bingham Canyon USUT0018
Bingham Farms USMI0917
Bingham Lake USMN0074
Binghamton USNY0124
Biola USCA0101
Biorka USAK0305
Bippus USIN0041
Birch Bay USWA0665
Birch Creek USAK0306
Birch Harbor USME0034
Birch River USWV0073
Birch Run USMI0085
Birch Tree USMO0069
Birchdale USMN0075
Birchleaf USVA0065
Birchrunville USPA0132
Birchwood USAK0034
Birchwood USWI0067
Birchwood USMN0852
Birchwood USTN0041
Bird City USKS0061
Bird In Hand USPA0133
Bird Island USMN0076
Birdeye USAR0054
Birds USIL0107
Birds Landing USCA0102
Birdsboro USPA0134
Birdseye USIN0042
Birdsnest USVA0066
Birdsong USAR0625
Birmingham USAL0054
Birmingham USOH0091
Birmingham USPA1883
Birmingham USNJ0044
Birmingham USMI0086
Birmingham USMO1003
Birmingham USIA0079
Birnamwood USWI0068
Birney USMT0032
Biron USWI0781
Bisbee USND0036
Bisbee USAZ0016
Biscay USMN0853
Biscayne Park USFL0635
Biscoe USAR0055
Biscoe USNC0060
Bishop USCA0103
Bishop USVA0067
Bishop USTX0117
Bishop USGA0050
Bishop Hill USIL0108
Bishopville USSC0022
Bishopville USMD0038
Bismarck USMO0070
Bismarck USND0037
Bismarck USAR0056
Bismarck USIL0109
Bison USKS0062
Bison USOK0047
Bison USSD0028
Bitely USMI0087
Bithlo USFL0967
Bitter Creek USWY0200
Bittinger USMD0039
Bivalve USMD0040
Bivins USTX0118
Biwabik USMN0077
Bixby USMO0071
Bixby USOK0048
Blachly USOR0032
Black USAL0055
Black USMO0072
Black Creek USNC0061
Black Creek USNY0125
Black Creek USWI0069
Black Diamond USWA0035
Black Eagle USMT0033
Black Earth USWI0070
Black Forest USCO0537
Black Hawk USCO0033
Black Hawk USSD0029
Black Jack USMO1004
Black Lake USNM0380
Black Lick USPA0135
Black Mountain USNC0062
Black Oak USAR0057
Black River USNY0126
Black River USMI0088
Black Rock USNM0502
Black Rock USAR0058
Black Springs USAR0626
Blackburn USOK0604
Blackburn USMO0073
Blackduck USMN0078
Blackfoot USID0020
Blackhawk USSD0432
Blacklick USOH0092
Blacksburg USSC0023
Blacksburg USVA0068
Blackshear USGA0051
Blackstock USSC0024
Blackstone USIL0110
Blackstone USVA0069
Blackstone USMA0042
Blacksville USWV0074
Blacksville USGA0738
Blackville USSC0025
Blackwater USAZ0403
Blackwater USMO0074
Blackwater USVA0070
Blackwell USOK0049
Blackwell USTX0119
Blackwell USMO0075
Blackwood USNJ0045
Bladen USNE0058
Bladenboro USNC0063
Bladensburg USOH0093
Bladensburg USMD0041
Blain USPA0136
Blaine USOH0094
Blaine USWA0036
Blaine USME0035
Blaine USMN0079
Blaine USTN0042
Blair USSC0026
Blair USOK0050
Blair USNE0059
Blair USWI0072
Blair USWV0075
Blairs USVA0071
Blairs Mills USPA0137
Blairsburg USIA0080
Blairstown USIA0081
Blairstown USNJ0046
Blairstown USMO0076
Blairsville USGA0052
Blairsville USPA0138
Blaisdell USND0426
Blakely USGA0053
Blakely Island USWA0037
Blakesburg USIA0082
Blakeslee USPA0139
Blakeslee USOH0095
Blanca USCO0034
Blanch USNC0064
Blanchard USOK0051
Blanchard USND0038
Blanchard USPA0140
Blanchard USID0021
Blanchard USIA0083
Blanchard USMI0090
Blanchard USLA0046
Blanchardville USWI0073
Blanchester USOH0096
Blanco USOK0052
Blanco USTX0120
Blanco USNM0030
Bland USMO0077
Bland USVA0072
Blandburg USPA0141
Blandford USMA0043
Blanding USUT0019
Blandinsville USIL0111
Blandon USPA0142
Blandville USWV0076
Blanford USIN0043
Blanket USTX0121
Blanks USLA0047
Blasdell USNY1660
Blauvelt USNY0127
Blawenburg USNJ0047
Blawnox USPA1884
Bledsoe USTX0122
Bleiblerville USTX0123
Blencoe USIA0084
Blenheim USSC0027
Blenker USWI0074
Blennerhassett USWV0866
Blessing USTX0124
Blevins USAR0059
Bliss USNY0128
Bliss USID0022
Bliss Corner USMA0548
Blissfield USMI0091
Blissfield USOH0097
Block Island USRI0005
Blocker USOK0053
Blocksburg USCA0105
Blockton USIA0085
Blodgett USOR0033
Blodgett USMO0078
Blodgett Mills USNY0129
Blomkest USMN0080
Bloomburg USTX0125
Bloomdale USOH0098
Bloomer USWI0075
Bloomery USWV0077
Bloomfield USIA0086
Bloomfield USIN0044
Bloomfield USCT0014
Bloomfield USMO0079
Bloomfield USMT0034
Bloomfield USNE0060
Bloomfield USNY0130
Bloomfield USNJ0048
Bloomfield USNM0031
Bloomfield Hills USMI0092
Blooming Glen USPA0143
Blooming Grove USNY0131
Blooming Grove USTX0126
Blooming Prairie USMN0081
Blooming Valley USPA1885
Bloomingburg USOH0099
Bloomingburg USNY0132
Bloomingdale USNJ0049
Bloomingdale USNY0133
Bloomingdale USMI0093
Bloomingdale USTN0561
Bloomingdale USOH0100
Bloomingdale USFL0968
Bloomingdale USIN0045
Bloomingdale USGA0054
Bloomingdale USIL0112
Bloomingrose USWV0078
Bloomington USWI0076
Bloomington USID0023
Bloomington USIL0113
Bloomington USIN0046
Bloomington USMD0042
Bloomington USMN0840
Bloomington USNE0061
Bloomington USNY0134
Bloomington USCA0106
Bloomington USTX0127
Bloomsburg USPA0144
Bloomsbury USNJ0050
Bloomsdale USMO0080
Bloomville USNY0135
Bloomville USOH0101
Blossburg USPA0145
Blossom USTX0128
Blossvale USNY0136
Blount USWV0079
Blounts Creek USNC0065
Blountstown USFL0038
Blountsville USAL0056
Blountsville USIN0752
Blountville USTN0044
Blowing Rock USNC0066
Bloxom USVA0073
Blue USAZ0018
Blue Ash USOH1101
Blue Ball USPA0146
Blue Bell USPA0147
Blue Canyon USCA0107
Blue Creek USWV0080
Blue Creek USOH0102
Blue Diamond USNV0008
Blue Earth USMN0082
Blue Eye USMO0081
Blue Eye USAR0627
Blue Gap USAZ0019
Blue Grass USVA0074
Blue Grass USIA0087
Blue Hill USNE0062
Blue Hill USME0036
Blue Hill Falls USME0037
Blue Hills USCT0299
Blue Island USIL0114
Blue Jay USCA0108
Blue Jay USWV0081
Blue Lake USCA0109
Blue Mound USIL0115
Blue Mound USKS0063
Blue Mounds USWI0077
Blue Mountain USAR0060
Blue Mountain USAL0605
Blue Mountain USMS0034
Blue Point USNY0138
Blue Rapids USKS0064
Blue Ridge USGA0055
Blue Ridge USAL0703
Blue Ridge USVA0075
Blue Ridge USTX0129
Blue River USOR0034
Blue River USWI0078
Blue River USCO0435
Blue Rock USOH0103
Blue Springs USMS0035
Blue Springs USNE0063
Blue Springs USMO0082
Blue Springs USAL0606
Bluebell USUT0020
Bluefield USVA0076
Bluefield USWV0082
Bluegrove USTX0130
Bluejacket USOK0054
Bluemont USVA0077
Blueslide USWA0543
Bluewater USAZ0404
Bluewater USNM0032
Bluff USUT0021
Bluff City USTN0045
Bluff City USAR0061
Bluff City USKS0065
Bluff Dale USTX0131
Bluff Springs USIL0116
Bluffdale USUT0294
Bluffs USIL0117
Bluffton USIN0047
Bluffton USGA0056
Bluffton USMN0083
Bluffton USSC0028
Bluffton USTX0132
Bluffton USAR0062
Bluffton USOH0104
Bluford USIL0118
Blum USTX0133
Blunt USSD0030
Bly USOR0035
Blyn USWA0544
Blythe USGA0057
Blythe USCA0110
Blythedale USMO0083
Blytheville USAR0063
Blythewood USSC0029
Boalsburg USPA0152
Board Camp USAR0064
Boardman USOH1096
Boardman USOR0036
Boaz USAL0057
Boaz USWV0867
Bob White USWV0083
Bobtown USPA0153
Boca Chica USTX1783
Boca Del Mar USFL0969
Boca Grande USFL0039
Boca Pointe USFL0970
Boca Raton USFL0040
Boca West USFL0971
Bock USMN0084
Bodcaw USAR0628
Bode USIA0088
Bodega USCA0111
Bodega Bay USCA0112
Bodfish USCA0113
Bodines USPA0154
Boelus USNE0064
Boerne USTX0134
Bogalusa USLA0048
Bogard USMO0084
Bogart USGA0058
Bogata USTX0135
Boger City USNC0910
Boggstown USIN0048
Bogota USTN0046
Bogota USNJ0051
Bogue USKS0066
Bogue Chitto USMS0036
Bohannon USVA0078
Bohemia USNY0139
Bohners Lake USWI0842
Boiceville USNY0140
Boiling Springs USNC0067
Boiling Springs USPA0155
Boiling Springs USSC0387
Boise USID0025
Boise City USOK0055
Boissevain USVA0079
Bokchito USOK0056
Bokeelia USFL0041
Bokoshe USOK0057
Bolckow USMO0086
Boles USAR0065
Boles USIL0119
Boles Acres USNM0503
Boley USOK0058
Boligee USAL0058
Bolinas USCA0114
Bolindale USOH1324
Boling USTX0136
Bolingbroke USGA0059
Bolingbrook USIL0120
Bolivar USTN0047
Bolivar USOH0105
Bolivar USPA0156
Bolivar USWV0837
Bolivar USNY0141
Bolivar USMO0087
Bolivia USNC0068
Bolt USWV0084
Bolton USNC0069
Bolton USCT0015
Bolton USMA0044
Bolton USMS0037
Bolton Landing USNY0142
Bombay USNY0143
Bomont USWV0085
Bomoseen USVT0021
Bon Air USVA0864
Bon Air USAL0059
Bon Aqua USTN0048
Bon Secour USAL0060
Bon Wier USTX0137
Bonaire USGA0060
Bonanza USGA0739
Bonanza USUT0022
Bonanza USCO0436
Bonanza USAR0629
Bonanza USOR0037
Bonaparte USIA0089
Boncarbo USCO0035
Bond USCO0036
Bondsville USMA0045
Bonduel USWI0079
Bondurant USWY0020
Bondurant USIA0090
Bondville USIL0121
Bondville USVT0022
Bone Gap USIL0122
Bonesteel USSD0031
Bonetraill USND0427
Boneville USGA0061
Bonfield USIL0123
Bonham USTX0138
Bonifay USFL0042
Bonita USCA0115
Bonita USLA0049
Bonita Springs USFL0043
Bonlee USNC0070
Bonne Terre USMO0088
Bonneau USSC0030
Bonneauville USPA1886
Bonner USMT0035
Bonner Springs USKS0067
Bonnerdale USAR0066
Bonners Ferry USID0026
Bonneville USWY0201
Bonney USTX1542
Bonney Lake USWA0518
Bonnie USIL0124
Bonnie Doone USNC0911
Bonnots Mill USMO0089
Bono USAR0067
Bonsall USCA0116
Boody USIL0125
Booker USTX0139
Boomer USNC0071
Boomer USWV0086
Boon USMI0094
Boone USCO0037
Boone USNC0072
Boone USIA0091
Boone Grove USIN0049
Boones Mill USVA0080
Booneville USMS0038
Booneville USIA0092
Booneville USAR0068
Boonsboro USMD0043
Boonton USNJ0052
Boonville USNY0144
Boonville USMO0090
Boonville USCA0117
Boonville USNC0073
Boonville USIN0050
Booth USWV0087
Booth USAL0061
Boothbay USME0038
Boothbay Harbor USME0039
Boothville USLA0050
Boothwyn USPA2205
Boracho USTX1784
Bordelonville USLA0051
Borden USIN0051
Bordentown USNJ0053
Border USID0306
Borderland USWV0088
Borger USTX0140
Boring USMD0044
Boring USOR0038
Boron USCA0118
Borrego Springs USCA0119
Borup USMN0085
Boscobel USWI0080
Bosler USWY0021
Bosque USNM0033
Bosque Farms USNM0034
Boss USMO0091
Bossier City USLA0052
Bostic USNC0074
Boston USMA0046
Boston USNY0145
Boston USGA0062
Boston USIN0052
Boston USVA0081
Boston Heights USOH1118
Bostonia USCA1294
Bostwick USFL0044
Bostwick USGA0063
Boswell USIN0053
Boswell USOK0059
Boswell USPA0157
Boswell USAR0069
Bosworth USMO0092
Bothell USWA0038
Botkins USOH0106
Botsford USCT0016
Bottineau USND0039
Bouckville USNY0146
Boulder USMT0036
Boulder USUT0023
Boulder USCO0038
Boulder USWY0022
Boulder City USNV0009
Boulder Creek USCA0120
Boulder Hill USIL1505
Boulder Junction USWI0081
Boulevard USCA0121
Bound Brook USNJ0054
Boundary USWA0545
Boundary USAK0307
Bountiful USUT0024
Bourbon USMO0093
Bourbon USIN0054
Bourbonnais USIL0126
Bourg USLA0053
Bourne USMA0549
Bourneville USOH0107
Bouse USAZ0020
Bouton USIA0093
Boutte USLA0054
Bovard USPA0158
Bovey USMN0086
Bovill USID0027
Bovina USTX0141
Bovina Center USNY0147
Bow USNH0022
Bow USWA0039
Bow Mar USCO0437
Bowbells USND0040
Bowden USWV0089
Bowdle USSD0032
Bowdoin USME0040
Bowdoinham USME0041
Bowdon USGA0064
Bowdon USND0041
Bowdon Junction USGA0065
Bowen USIL0127
Bowers USPA0159
Bowers Beach USDE0064
Bowerston USOH0108
Bowersville USOH0109
Bowersville USGA0066
Bowie USMD0045
Bowie USTX0142
Bowie USAZ0021
Bowlegs USOK0060
Bowler USWI0082
Bowleys Quarters USMD0551
Bowling Green USVA0082
Bowling Green USOH0110
Bowling Green USIN0055
Bowling Green USFL0045
Bowling Green USMO0094
Bowling Green USSC0031
Bowlus USMN0087
Bowman USSC0032
Bowman USND0042
Bowman USGA0067
Bowmansdale USPA0160
Bowmanstown USPA0161
Bowmansville USPA0162
Bowmansville USNY0148
Bowring USOK0061
Bowstring USMN0088
Box Elder USSD0033
Box Elder USMT0037
Box Springs USGA0068
Boxborough USMA0047
Boxford USMA0048
Boxholm USIA0094
Boy River USMN0854
Boyce USLA0055
Boyce USVA0083
Boyceville USWI0083
Boyd USWI0084
Boyd USMN0089
Boyd USMT0038
Boyd USTX0143
Boyden USIA0095
Boyds USWA0040
Boyds USMD0046
Boydton USVA0084
Boyer USIA1015
Boyero USCO0462
Boyers USPA0163
Boyertown USPA0164
Boyes USMT0039
Boykin USAL0062
Boykins USVA0085
Boyle USMS0039
Boylston USMA0049
Boyne City USMI0095
Boyne Falls USMI0096
Boynton USPA0165
Boynton USOK0062
Boynton Beach USFL0046
Boys Ranch USTX0144
Boys Town USNE0065
Bozeman USMT0040
Bozman USMD0047
Bozrah USCT0017
Braceville USIL0128
Bracey USVA0086
Brackenridge USPA0166
Brackettville USTX0145
Brackney USPA0167
Braddock USND0043
Braddock USPA0168
Braddock Heights USMD0048
Braddock Hills USPA1887
Braddyville USIA0096
Braden USTN0049
Bradenton USFL0047
Bradenton Beach USFL0048
Bradenville USPA0169
Bradford USPA0170
Bradford USOH0111
Bradford USIA0097
Bradford USIL0129
Bradford USIN0056
Bradford USVT0023
Bradford USME0042
Bradford USAR0070
Bradford USNH0023
Bradford USNY0149
Bradford USRI0006
Bradford USTN0050
Bradfordwoods USPA0171
Bradgate USIA0098
Bradley USIL0130
Bradley USOK0063
Bradley USWV0090
Bradley USSD0034
Bradley USSC0033
Bradley USME0043
Bradley USMI0099
Bradley USAR0071
Bradley USCA0123
Bradley Beach USNJ0055
Bradley Junction USFL0049
Bradleyville USMO0095
Bradner USOH0112
Bradshaw USNE0066
Bradshaw USWV0091
Brady USNE0067
Brady USMT0041
Brady USTX0146
Brady Lake USOH0113
Bradyville USTN0051
Bragg City USMO0096
Braggadocio USMO0097
Braggs USOK0064
Braham USMN0090
Braidwood USIL0131
Brainard USNY0150
Brainard USNE0068
Brainardsville USNY0151
Brainerd USMN0091
Braintree USMA0050
Braithwaite USLA0056
Braman USOK0065
Brampton USND0428
Bramwell USWV0092
Branch USWI0085
Branch USMI0100
Branch USMN0855
Branch USLA0057
Branch USAR0072
Branchdale USPA0172
Branchland USWV0093
Branchport USNY0152
Branchton USPA0173
Branchville USVA0087
Branchville USIN0057
Branchville USAL0607
Branchville USNJ0056
Branchville USSC0034
Brandamore USPA0174
Brandeis USCA0124
Brandon USFL0050
Brandon USSD0035
Brandon USTX0147
Brandon USIA0099
Brandon USVT0024
Brandon USWI0086
Brandon USMN0092
Brandon USMS0040
Brandonville USWV0838
Brandreth USNY1744
Brandsville USMO0098
Brandt USSD0036
Brandy Camp USPA0175
Brandy Station USVA0088
Brandywine USWV0094
Brandywine USMD0049
Branford USFL0051
Branford USCT0018
Branford Center USCT0300
Branscomb USCA0125
Branson USCO0039
Branson USMO0099
Branson West USMO1093
Brant USNY0153
Brant USMI0101
Brant Lake USNY0154
Brant Rock USMA0051
Brantingham USNY0155
Brantley USAL0063
Brantwood USWI0087
Braselton USGA0069
Brashear USMO0100
Brashear USTX0148
Brasher Falls USNY0156
Brass Castle USNJ0710
Brasstown USNC0075
Braswell USGA0663
Bratenahl USOH1119
Brattleboro USVT0025
Brave USPA0176
Brawley USCA0126
Braxton USMS0041
Bray USOK0066
Braymer USMO0101
Brayton USIA0100
Brazeau USMO0102
Brazil USIN0058
Brazoria USTX0149
Brea USCA0127
Breaks USVA0089
Breaux Bridge USLA0058
Breckenridge USMI0102
Breckenridge USMN0093
Breckenridge USCO0040
Breckenridge USTX0150
Breckenridge USMO0103
Breckenridge USOK0605
Brecksville USOH0114
Breda USIA0101
Bredette USMT0386
Breeden USWV0095
Breedsville USMI0103
Breese USIL0132
Breesport USNY0157
Breezewood USPA0177
Breezy Point USMN0856
Breezy Point USNY0158
Breien USND0429
Breinigsville USPA0178
Bremen USOH0115
Bremen USND0044
Bremen USME0044
Bremen USKS0068
Bremen USIN0059
Bremen USGA0070
Bremen USAL0064
Bremerton USWA0041
Bremo Bluff USVA0090
Bremond USTX0151
Brenham USTX0152
Brent USAL0065
Brent USFL0550
Brentford USSD0037
Brenton USWV0096
Brentwood USTN0052
Brentwood USNY0159
Brentwood USMO1006
Brentwood USCA0128
Brentwood USOH1325
Brentwood USPA1853
Brentwood USMD0050
Brethren USMI0104
Bretton Woods USNH0024
Bretz USWV0097
Brevard USNC0076
Brevig Mission USAK0035
Brewer USME0045
Brewerton USNY0160
Brewster USNY0161
Brewster USNE0069
Brewster USMA0052
Brewster USMN0094
Brewster USOH0116
Brewster USKS0069
Brewster USWA0042
Brewster Hill USNY1856
Brewton USAL0066
Brian Head USUT0025
Briar USTX1911
Briar USMO0104
Briarcliff USTX1543
Briarcliff Manor USNY0162
Briaroaks USTX1544
Briarwood USND0390
Briarwood Beach USOH1120
Brice USOH0117
Brice Prairie USWI0843
Bricelyn USMN0095
Briceville USTN0053
Brick USNJ0596
Brickerville USPA2206
Brickeys USAR0073
Bricktown USNJ0057
Bridal Veil USOR0039
Bridge City USTX0153
Bridge City USLA0541
Bridgehampton USNY0163
Bridgeland USUT0326
Bridgeport USTX0154
Bridgeport USMI0105
Bridgeport USMD0552
Bridgeport USOH0118
Bridgeport USOK0606
Bridgeport USOR0040
Bridgeport USPA0179
Bridgeport USAL0067
Bridgeport USCA0129
Bridgeport USCT0019
Bridgeport USNY0164
Bridgeport USNJ0058
Bridgeport USNE0070
Bridgeport USWA0043
Bridgeport USWV0098
Bridgeport USIL0133
Bridger USMT0042
Bridgeton USNJ0059
Bridgeton USMO0105
Bridgeton USNC0077
Bridgeton USIN0060
Bridgetown North USOH1326
Bridgeview USIL0134
Bridgeville USPA0180
Bridgeville USDE0004
Bridgeville USCA0130
Bridgewater USCT0020
Bridgewater USNJ0060
Bridgewater USNY0165
Bridgewater USSD0038
Bridgewater USMA0053
Bridgewater USME0046
Bridgewater USMI0106
Bridgewater USPA1888
Bridgewater USIA0102
Bridgewater USVA0091
Bridgewater USVT0026
Bridgman USMI0107
Bridgton USME0047
Bridport USVT0028
Brielle USNJ0061
Brier USWA0526
Brier Hill USNY0166
Brier Hill USPA0181
Brierfield USAL0068
Brigantine USNJ0062
Briggs USTX0155
Briggsdale USCO0042
Briggsville USAR0074
Briggsville USWI0088
Brigham City USUT0027
Bright USIN0813
Brighton USIA0103
Brighton USIL0135
Brighton USAL0608
Brighton USCO0043
Brighton USMO0106
Brighton USNY1641
Brighton USTN0054
Brighton USMI0108
Brighton USMA0054
Brightwaters USNY0167
Brightwood USOR0041
Brightwood USVA0092
Brill USWI0089
Brilliant USAL0069
Brilliant USOH0119
Brillion USWI0090
Brimfield USOH1327
Brimfield USIL0136
Brimfield USIN0061
Brimfield USMA0055
Brimhall USNM0035
Brimley USMI0109
Brimson USMN0096
Brimson USMO1007
Brinckerhoff USNY1857
Bringhurst USIN0062
Brinkhaven USOH0120
Brinkley USAR0075
Brinklow USMD0051
Brinktown USMO0107
Brinnon USWA0044
Brinsmade USND0045
Brinson USGA0071
Briny Breezes USFL0636
Brisbane USCA0131
Brisbin USPA0182
Briscoe USTX0156
Bristol USTN0055
Bristol USRI0007
Bristol USSD0039
Bristol USCT0021
Bristol USFL0052
Bristol USIL0137
Bristol USGA0072
Bristol USIN0063
Bristol USNH0025
Bristol USPA0183
Bristol USVT0029
Bristol USVA0093
Bristol USWV0099
Bristol USWI0091
Bristol USME0048
Bristolville USOH0121
Bristow USOK0067
Bristow USIN0064
Bristow USIA0104
Bristow USNE0071
Bristow USVA0094
Britt USIA0105
Britt USMN0097
Brittany USLA0059
Britton USMI0110
Britton USSD0040
Brixey USMO0108
Broad Brook USCT0022
Broad Pass USAK0308
Broad Run USVA0095
Broad Top USPA0184
Broadalbin USNY0169
Broadbent USOR0042
Broaddus USTX0157
Broadford USVA0096
Broadhead USWI0815
Broadland USSD0400
Broadlands USIL0138
Broadmoor USLA0542
Broadus USMT0044
Broadview USNM0036
Broadview USMT0045
Broadview USIL1326
Broadview Park USFL0972
Broadwater USNE0072
Broadway USNJ0063
Broadway USVA0097
Broadway USNC0078
Broadway USOH0123
Broadwell USIL1341
Brock USNE0073
Brocket USND0046
Brockport USPA0185
Brockport USNY0170
Brockton USMT0046
Brockton USMA0056
Brockton USPA0186
Brockway USPA0187
Brockway USMT0047
Brockwell USAR0076
Brocton USNY0171
Brocton USIL0139
Brodhead USWI0092
Brodheadsville USPA0188
Brodnax USVA0098
Brogan USOR0043
Brogden USNC0912
Brogue USPA0189
Brohard USWV0100
Brohman USMI0111
Brokaw USWI0093
Broken Arrow USOK0068
Broken Bow USOK0069
Broken Bow USNE0074
Bromide USOK0070
Bromley Mountain USVT0030
Bronaugh USMO0109
Bronco USNM0381
Bronson USFL0053
Bronson USMI0112
Bronson USTX0158
Bronson USKS0070
Bronson USIA0106
Bronte USTX0159
Bronwood USGA0073
Bronx USNY0172
Bronxville USNY0173
Brook USIN0065
Brook Park USOH0125
Brook Park USMN0098
Brookdale USCA0132
Brookdale USSC0466
Brooke USVA0099
Brookeland USTX0160
Brooker USFL0054
Brookesmith USTX0161
Brookeville USMD0052
Brookfield USMA0057
Brookfield USVT0031
Brookfield USWI0094
Brookfield USIL0140
Brookfield USGA0074
Brookfield USMO0110
Brookfield USNY0174
Brookfield USOH0124
Brookfield USCT0023
Brookford USNC0791
Brookhaven USPA0190
Brookhaven USGA1350
Brookhaven USMS0042
Brookhaven USWV0868
Brookhaven USNY0175
Brookings USOR0044
Brookings USSD0041
Brookland USAR0077
Brooklandville USMD0053
Brooklawn USNJ0607
Brooklet USGA0075
Brooklin USME0049
Brookline USMA0058
Brookline USNH0026
Brookline USMO0987
Brooklyn USMD0054
Brooklyn USMI0113
Brooklyn USMS0043
Brooklyn USNY0176
Brooklyn USCT0024
Brooklyn USAL0070
Brooklyn USIA0107
Brooklyn USIN0066
Brooklyn USWI0095
Brooklyn USOH1092
Brooklyn USPA0191
Brooklyn Center USMN0841
Brooklyn Heights USOH1121
Brooklyn Heights USMO1008
Brooklyn Park USMN0842
Brooklyn Park USMD0553
Brookneal USVA0100
Brookport USIL0141
Brookridge USFL0973
Brooks USCA0133
Brooks USGA0076
Brooks USMN0099
Brooks USME0050
Brooksburg USIN0753
Brookshire USTX0162
Brookside USAL0071
Brookside USCO0438
Brookside USDE0084
Brookside USNJ0064
Brookside USOH1122
Brookston USTX0163
Brookston USIN0067
Brookston USMN0100
Brooksville USME0051
Brooksville USMS0044
Brooksville USFL0055
Brookton USME0052
Brooktondale USNY0177
Brookview USMD0453
Brookville USNY1661
Brookville USOH0126
Brookville USPA0192
Brookville USKS0071
Brookville USIN0068
Brookwood USAL0072
Broomall USPA0193
Broomes Island USMD0055
Broomfield USCO0044
Brooten USMN0101
Broseley USMO0112
Brothers USOR0045
Broughton USOH1123
Broughton USIL0142
Broussard USLA0060
Browardale USFL0974
Browerville USMN0102
Brown City USMI0114
Brown Deer USWI0773
Browndell USTX1545
Brownell USKS0072
Brownfield USTX0164
Brownfield USPA0194
Brownfield USME0053
Browning USIL0143
Browning USMT0048
Browning USMO0113
Brownington USMO1009
Brownlee USNE0542
Brownlee Park USMI0990
Browns USIL0144
Browns Lake USWI0844
Browns Mills USNJ0065
Browns Summit USNC0079
Browns Valley USMN0103
Browns Valley USCA0134
Brownsboro USAL0073
Brownsboro USTX0165
Brownsburg USVA0101
Brownsburg USIN0069
Brownsdale USMN0104
Brownsfield USLA0543
Brownstown USPA0195
Brownstown USIN0070
Brownstown USIL0145
Brownstown USWA0045
Brownsville USWI0096
Brownsville USVT0032
Brownsville USMN0105
Brownsville USMD0056
Brownsville USTX0166
Brownsville USTN0056
Brownsville USCA0135
Brownsville USFL0975
Brownsville USIN0071
Brownsville USPA0196
Brownsville USOH0127
Brownsville USOR0046
Brownton USWV0101
Brownton USMN0106
Browntown USWI0097
Brownville USME0054
Brownville USNE0075
Brownville USNY0178
Brownwood USTX0167
Brownwood USMO0114
Browsville USTN0589
Broxton USGA0077
Bruce USMS0045
Bruce USWI0098
Bruce USSD0042
Bruce Crossing USMI0115
Bruceton USTN0057
Bruceton Mills USWV0102
Brucetown USVA0102
Bruceville USIN0072
Bruceville USTX0168
Bruin USPA0197
Bruington USVA0103
Brule USWI0099
Brule USNE0076
Brumley USMO0115
Brundidge USAL0074
Bruneau USID0028
Bruner USMO0116
Bruni USTX0169
Bruning USNE0077
Bruno USNE0078
Bruno USMN0107
Bruno USWV0103
Brunson USSC0035
Brunsville USIA0108
Brunswick USGA0078
Brunswick USMO0117
Brunswick USNE0079
Brunswick USNC0080
Brunswick USOH0128
Brunswick USTN0058
Brunswick USME0056
Brunswick USMD0057
Brusett USMT0049
Brush USCO0045
Brush Creek USTN0059
Brush Prairie USWA0046
Brush Valley USPA0198
Brushton USNY0179
Brushy Creek USTX1912
Brusly USLA0061
Brussels USIL0146
Brussels USWI0100
Brutus USMI0116
Bryan USTX0170
Bryan USOH0129
Bryans Road USMD0058
Bryant USWI0101
Bryant USSD0043
Bryant USAL0075
Bryant USAR0078
Bryant USFL0056
Bryant USIL0147
Bryant USIA0109
Bryant USIN0073
Bryant Pond USME0057
Bryantown USMD0059
Bryantville USMA0060
Bryce USUT0029
Bryce Canyon USUT0030
Bryceland USLA0512
Bryceville USFL0057
Bryn Athyn USPA0199
Bryn Mawr USPA0200
Bryn Mawr USCA0136
Bryson USTX0171
Bryson City USNC0081
Buchanan USND0047
Buchanan USTN0060
Buchanan USNY0180
Buchanan USGA0079
Buchanan USVA0104
Buchanan USMI0117
Buchanan Dam USTX0172
Buchtel USOH0130
Buck Creek USIN0074
Buck Grove USIA0958
Buck Hill Falls USPA0201
Buckatunna USMS0046
Buckeye USIA0110
Buckeye USAZ0022
Buckeye USWV0104
Buckeye Lake USOH0131
Buckeystown USMD0060
Buckfield USME0058
Buckhannon USWV0105
Buckhead USGA0080
Buckhead Ridge USFL0976
Buckholts USTX0173
Buckhorn USNM0037
Buckingham USTX1546
Buckingham USIA0111
Buckingham USIL0148
Buckingham USVA0105
Buckingham USPA0202
Buckland USOH0132
Buckland USMA0061
Buckland USAK0036
Buckley USMI0118
Buckley USWA0047
Buckley USIL0149
Bucklin USKS0073
Bucklin USMO0118
Buckman USMN0108
Buckner USIL0150
Buckner USAR0079
Buckner USMO0119
Bucknum USWY0202
Bucks USAL0076
Buckskin USIN0075
Bucksport USME0059
Bucksport USSC0467
Bucoda USWA0048
Bucyrus USKS0074
Bucyrus USOH0133
Bucyrus USND0391
Bucyrus USMO0120
Bud USWV0106
Buda USIL0151
Buda USTX0174
Budd Lake USNJ0066
Bude USMS0047
Bueche USLA0062
Buellton USCA0137
Buena USWA0049
Buena USNJ0067
Buena Park USCA0138
Buena Vista USCO0046
Buena Vista USNM0038
Buena Vista USTN0061
Buena Vista USMI0991
Buena Vista USVA0106
Buena Vista USGA0081
Buena Vista USPA0203
Bueyeros USNM0382
Buffalo USNY0181
Buffalo USMO0121
Buffalo USMT0050
Buffalo USSC0036
Buffalo USTX0175
Buffalo USSD0044
Buffalo USND0048
Buffalo USOK0071
Buffalo USOH0134
Buffalo USIN0076
Buffalo USKS0075
Buffalo USIL0152
Buffalo USIA0112
Buffalo USMN0109
Buffalo USWI0782
Buffalo USWV0107
Buffalo USWY0023
Buffalo Center USIA0113
Buffalo Creek USCO0047
Buffalo Gap USSD0045
Buffalo Gap USTX0176
Buffalo Grove USIL0153
Buffalo Junction USVA0107
Buffalo Lake USMN0110
Buffalo Mills USPA0204
Buffalo Prairie USIL0154
Buffalo Ridge USSD0046
Buffalo Valley USTN0062
Buford USGA0082
Buford USOH0135
Buford USWY0024
Buhl USAL0077
Buhl USID0029
Buhl USMN0111
Buhler USKS0076
Buies Creek USNC0082
Bula USTX0177
Bulger USPA0205
Bull Run USVA0932
Bull Shoals USAR0080
Bull Valley USIL1342
Bullard USTX0178
Bullhead USSD0047
Bullhead City USAZ0023
Bullock USNC0083
Bulls Gap USTN0063
Bullville USNY0182
Bulpitt USIL0155
Bulverde USTX0179
Bumble Bee USAZ0298
Bumpass USVA0108
Bumpus Mills USTN0064
Buna USTX0180
Bunceton USMO0122
Bunch USOK0072
Bunche Park USFL0977
Buncombe USIL0156
Bunker USMO0123
Bunker Hill USWV0108
Bunker Hill USIL0157
Bunker Hill USIN0077
Bunker Hill USKS0077
Bunker Hill USOR0477
Bunkerville USNV0010
Bunkie USLA0063
Bunn USNC0084
Bunnell USFL0058
Bunnlevel USNC0085
Bunola USPA0206
Buras USLA0064
Burbank USOK0073
Burbank USOH0136
Burbank USCA0139
Burbank USSD0048
Burbank USIL0158
Burbank USWA0050
Burchard USNE0080
Burden USKS0078
Burdett USKS0079
Burdett USNY0183
Burdette USAR0081
Burdick USKS0080
Bureau USIL0159
Burfordville USMO0124
Burgaw USNC0086
Burgdorf USID0307
Burgess USMO1010
Burgess USVA0109
Burgettstown USPA0207
Burghill USOH0137
Burgoon USOH0138
Burien USWA0513
Burkburnett USTX0181
Burke USTX1548
Burke USSD0049
Burke USVA0110
Burke USNY0184
Burkes Garden USVA0111
Burket USIN0078
Burkett USTX0182
Burkettsville USOH0139
Burkeville USTX0183
Burkeville USVA0112
Burkittsville USMD0061
Burleson USTX0184
Burley USWA0051
Burley USID0030
Burlingame USKS0081
Burlingame USCA0140
Burlingham USNY0185
Burlington USNJ0068
Burlington USTX0185
Burlington USMI0119
Burlington USME0060
Burlington USMA0062
Burlington USOK0074
Burlington USND0049
Burlington USNC0087
Burlington USOH1329
Burlington USPA0208
Burlington USCT0025
Burlington USCO0048
Burlington USWV0109
Burlington USWA0052
Burlington USVT0033
Burlington USWI0102
Burlington USWY0025
Burlington USIL0160
Burlington USKS0082
Burlington USIN0079
Burlington USIA0114
Burlington Flats USNY0186
Burlison USTN0065
Burnet USTX0186
Burnett USWI0103
Burnettown USSC0393
Burnettsville USIN0080
Burney USCA0141
Burneyville USOK0075
Burnham USPA0209
Burnham USME0061
Burnham USIL1343
Burnips USMI0120
Burns USOR0047
Burns USTN0066
Burns USKS0083
Burns USCO0049
Burns USWY0026
Burns Flat USOK0076
Burns Harbor USIN0754
Burnside USIA0115
Burnside USIL0161
Burnside USLA0065
Burnside USPA0210
Burnsville USNC0088
Burnsville USWV0110
Burnsville USMS0048
Burnsville USMN0112
Burnt Cabins USPA0211
Burnt Corn USAL0078
Burnt Hills USNY0187
Burnt Prairie USIL0162
Burnt Ranch USCA0142
Burnwell USAL0079
Burr USNE0081
Burr Hill USVA0113
Burr Oak USKS0084
Burr Oak USIA0116
Burr Oak USMI0121
Burr Ridge USIL1344
Burrel USCA0143
Burrows USIN0081
Burrton USKS0085
Burrville USUT0327
Burson USCA0144
Burt USMI0122
Burt USIA0117
Burt USNY0188
Burt Lake USMI0123
Burton USMI0124
Burton USSC0468
Burton USTX0187
Burton USWA0053
Burton USWV0111
Burton USNE0547
Burton USOH0140
Burtonsville USMD0062
Burtrum USMN0113
Burwell USNE0082
Busby USMT0051
Bush USLA0066
Bush USIL1345
Bushkill USPA0212
Bushland USTX0188
Bushnell USSD0401
Bushnell USFL0059
Bushnell USIL0163
Bushnell USNE0083
Bushong USKS0646
Bushton USKS0086
Bushwood USMD0063
Buskirk USNY0189
Bussey USIA0118
Bustins Island USME0062
Butler USMD0064
Butler USAL0080
Butler USPA0213
Butler USOH0141
Butler USOK0077
Butler USTN0067
Butler USSD0402
Butler USIL0164
Butler USGA0083
Butler USIN0082
Butler USMO0126
Butler USNJ0069
Butler USWI0104
Butler Beach USFL0978
Butlerville USOH1124
Butlerville USIN0083
Butner USNC0089
Butte USND0050
Butte USAK0540
Butte USMT0052
Butte USNE0084
Butte City USCA0145
Butte City USID0289
Butte des Morts USWI0105
Butte Falls USOR0048
Butterfield USMN0114
Butterfield USMO0127
Butternut USWI0106
Butternut Basin USMA0063
Buttonwillow USCA0146
Buttzville USNJ0070
Buxton USOR0049
Buxton USND0051
Buxton USNC0090
Buxton USME0486
Buyck USMN0968
Buzzards Bay USMA0064
Byars USOK0078
Bybee USTN0068
Byers USTX0189
Byers USCO0050
Byers USKS0087
Byesville USOH0142
Byfield USMA0065
Byhalia USMS0049
Bylas USAZ0024
Bynum USAL0081
Bynum USMT0053
Bynum USTX0190
Bynum USNC0091
Byram USMS0446
Byrdstown USTN0069
Byrnedale USPA0214
Byrnes Mill USMO1011
Byromville USGA0084
Byron USGA0085
Byron USIL0165
Byron USOK0607
Byron USCA0147
Byron USNY0190
Byron USNE0085
Byron USMI0125
Byron USMN0115
Byron USWY0027
Byron USWI0107
Byron Center USMI0126
Caballo USNM0039
Cabazon USCA0148
Cabery USIL0166
Cabin Creek USWV0112
Cabin John USMD0065
Cabinet USID0308
Cabins USWV0113
Cable USWI0108
Cable USOH0143
Cabool USMO0128
Cabot USVT0034
Cabot USAR0082
Cabot USPA0215
Cache USOK0079
Cache USIL0167
Cache Junction USUT0033
Cactus USTX0191
Caddo USTX0192
Caddo USOK0080
Caddo Gap USAR0083
Caddo Mills USTX0193
Caddo Valley USAR0630
Cade USLA0067
Cades USSC0037
Cadet USMO0129
Cadillac USMI0127
Cadiz USIN0755
Cadiz USOH0144
Cadogan USPA0216
Cadott USWI0109
Cadwell USGA0086
Cadyville USNY0191
Cahaba Heights USAL0704
Cahokia USIL1317
Cahone USCO0051
Cainsville USMO0130
Cairnbrook USPA0217
Cairo USOH0145
Cairo USNE0086
Cairo USNY0192
Cairo USMO0131
Cairo USIL0168
Cairo USGA0087
Cairo USWV0114
Cal Nev Ari USNV0011
Calabasas USCA0149
Calabash USNC0092
Calais USME0063
Calais USVT0035
Calamus USIA0119
Calcium USNY0193
Calcutta USOH1330
Calder USID0031
Caldwell USKS0088
Caldwell USID0032
Caldwell USNJ0071
Caldwell USAR0084
Caldwell USTX0194
Caldwell USOH0146
Caldwell USWV0115
Cale USAR0085
Caledonia USWI0110
Caledonia USIL0169
Caledonia USMO0132
Caledonia USNY0194
Caledonia USND0052
Caledonia USOH0147
Caledonia USMS0050
Caledonia USMN0116
Caledonia USMI0128
Calera USAL0082
Calera USOK0081
Calexico USCA0150
Calhan USCO0052
Calhoun USLA0068
Calhoun USGA0088
Calhoun USIL0170
Calhoun USTN0070
Calhoun USMO0133
Calhoun City USMS0051
Calhoun Falls USSC0038
Calico Rock USAR0086
Caliente USCA0151
Caliente USNV0012
Califon USNJ0072
California USMO0134
California USMD0066
California USPA0218
California City USCA0152
Calimesa USCA0154
Calio USND0392
Calion USAR0087
Calipatria USCA0155
Calistoga USCA0156
Call USTX0195
Callaghan USTX1785
Callahan USCA0157
Callahan USFL0060
Callands USVA0114
Callao USVA0115
Callao USUT0287
Callao USMO0135
Callaway USNE0087
Callaway USVA0116
Callaway USFL0637
Callaway USMN0117
Callaway USMD0067
Callender USIA0120
Callensburg USPA0219
Callery USPA0220
Callicoon USNY0195
Callicoon Center USNY0196
Calliham USTX0196
Callimont USPA1890
Callisburg USTX1549
Calmar USIA0121
Calpella USCA0158
Calpine USCA0159
Calumet USOK0082
Calumet USPA0221
Calumet USIA0122
Calumet USMI0129
Calumet USMN0118
Calumet City USIL0171
Calumet Park USIL1346
Calva USAZ0299
Calvary USGA0089
Calvert USAL0083
Calvert USTX0197
Calverton USVA0117
Calverton USMD0554
Calverton USNY0197
Calverton Park USMO1012
Calvin USLA0069
Calvin USND0053
Calvin USOK0083
Calvin USPA0222
Calvin USWV0116
Calypso USNC0093
Camak USGA0090
Camanche USIA0123
Camano Island USWA0510
Camargo USOK0084
Camargo USIL0172
Camarillo USCA0160
Camas USWA0054
Camas Valley USOR0050
Cambra USPA0223
Cambray USNM0383
Cambria USCA0161
Cambria USIL0173
Cambria USWI0111
Cambria Heights USNY0198
Cambridge USNE0088
Cambridge USNY0199
Cambridge USVT0036
Cambridge USWI0112
Cambridge USID0033
Cambridge USKS0089
Cambridge USIL0174
Cambridge USIA0124
Cambridge USOH0148
Cambridge USMD0068
Cambridge USMN0119
Cambridge USMA0066
Cambridge USME0064
Cambridge City USIN0084
Cambridgeport USVT0037
Camby USIN0085
Camden USIN0086
Camden USIL0175
Camden USNJ0073
Camden USNY0200
Camden USMO0136
Camden USAR0088
Camden USDE0065
Camden USAL0084
Camden USSC0039
Camden USTN0071
Camden USTX0198
Camden USWV0117
Camden USNC0094
Camden USOH0149
Camden USME0065
Camden USMS0052
Camden USMI0130
Camden on Gauley USWV0118
Camden Point USMO0137
Camden Wyoming USDE0005
Camdenton USMO0138
Cameron USNC0095
Cameron USOH0150
Cameron USOK0085
Cameron USAZ0025
Cameron USIL0176
Cameron USWI0113
Cameron USWV0119
Cameron USMT0054
Cameron USMO0139
Cameron USNY0201
Cameron USSC0040
Cameron USTX0199
Cameron USLA0070
Cameron Mills USNY0202
Cameron Park USCA1297
Cameron Park USTX1913
Camilla USGA0091
Camillus USNY0203
Camino USCA0162
Cammack Village USAR0631
Cammal USPA1864
Camp USAR0089
Camp Creek USWV0120
Camp Crook USSD0050
Camp David USMD0451
Camp Dennison USOH0151
Camp Douglas USWI0114
Camp Grove USIL0177
Camp H M Smith USHI0004
Camp Hill USPA0226
Camp Hill USAL0085
Camp Lake USWI0115
Camp Lejeune USNC0096
Camp Meeker USCA0163
Camp Murray USWA0055
Camp Nelson USCA0164
Camp Pendleton USCA0165
Camp Pohakuloa USHI0005
Camp Point USIL0178
Camp Shelby USMS0462
Camp Sherman USOR0051
Camp Springs USMD0555
Camp Swift USTX1914
Camp Verde USAZ0026
Camp Wood USTX0200
Campaign USTN0072
Campbell USTX0201
Campbell USFL0979
Campbell USCA0166
Campbell USAL0086
Campbell USOH0152
Campbell USMN0120
Campbell USMO0140
Campbell USNE0089
Campbell USNY0204
Campbell Hall USNY0205
Campbell Hill USIL0179
Campbell Station USAR0632
Campbellsburg USIN0087
Campbellsport USWI0116
Campbellton USFL0061
Campbellton USTX0202
Campbelltown USPA0227
Campion USCO0538
Campo USCO0053
Campo USCA0167
Campo Seco USCA0168
Campobello USSC0041
Campti USLA0071
Campton USNH0027
Camptonville USCA0169
Camptown USPA0228
Campus USIL0180
Cana USVA0118
Canaan USVT0038
Canaan USIN0088
Canaan USME0066
Canaan USCT0026
Canaan USNH0028
Canaan USNY0206
Canadensis USPA0229
Canadian USOK0086
Canadian USTX0203
Canadys USSC0042
Canajoharie USNY0207
Canal Fulton USOH0153
Canal Point USFL0062
Canal Winchester USOH0154
Canalou USMO0141
Canandaigua USNY0208
Canaseraga USNY0209
Canastota USNY0210
Canby USCA0170
Canby USMN0121
Canby USOR0052
Candelaria USTX1786
Candia USNH0029
Candler USNC0097
Candler USFL0064
Cando USND0054
Candor USNC0098
Candor USNY0211
Cane Beds USAZ0300
Caneadea USNY0212
Canehill USAR0090
Canelo USAZ0301
Caney USOK0087
Caney USKS0090
Caney City USTX1550
Canfield USOH0155
Canisteo USNY0213
Canistota USSD0051
Canjilon USNM0040
Cankton USLA0513
Cannelburg USIN0089
Cannelton USIN0090
Cannelton USWV0122
Canning USSD0418
Cannon AFB USNM0041
Cannon Ball USND0055
Cannon Beach USOR0053
Cannon Falls USMN0122
Cannonsburg USMI0131
Cannonville USUT0034
Canoga Park USCA0171
Canon USGA0092
Canon City USCO0054
Canones USNM0042
Canonsburg USPA0230
Canova USSD0052
Canterbury USCT0027
Canterbury USNH0031
Cantil USCA0172
Canton USCT0028
Canton USSD0053
Canton USTX0204
Canton USPA0231
Canton USNC0099
Canton USOK0088
Canton USOH0156
Canton USMO0142
Canton USNY0214
Canton USME0067
Canton USMS0053
Canton USMI0133
Canton USMN0123
Canton USMA0067
Canton USKS0091
Canton USIL0181
Canton USGA0093
Canton Center USCT0029
Canton Valley USCT0301
Cantonment USFL0065
Cantrall USIL0182
Cantril USIA0125
Cantua Creek USCA0173
Cantwell USAK0037
Canute USOK0089
Canutillo USTX0205
Canvas USWV0123
Canyon USTX0206
Canyon USCA0174
Canyon USMN0124
Canyon City USOR0054
Canyon Country USCA0175
Canyon Creek USMT0055
Canyon Dam USCA0176
Canyon Day USAZ0405
Canyon Diablo USAZ0302
Canyon Lake USTX0207
Canyon Rim USUT0349
Canyonville USOR0055
Capac USMI0134
Capay USCA0177
Cape Canaveral USFL0066
Cape Carteret USNC0793
Cape Charles USVA0119
Cape Coral USFL0067
Cape Elizabeth USME0068
Cape Fair USMO0143
Cape Fanshaw USAK0309
Cape Girardeau USMO0144
Cape Hatteras USNC0100
Cape Lisburne USAK0038
Cape May USNJ0074
Cape May Point USNJ0076
Cape Neddick USME0069
Cape Newenham USAK0039
Cape Nome USAK0310
Cape Porpoise USME0070
Cape Romanzof USAK0040
Cape San Blas USFL0718
Cape St. Claire USMD0556
Cape Vincent USNY0215
Cape York USAK0311
Capels USWV0124
Capeville USVA0120
Capistrano Beach USCA0178
Capitan USNM0043
Capitol USMT0056
Capitol Heights USMD0069
Capitola USCA0179
Caplinger Mills USMO0145
Capon Bridge USWV0125
Capon Springs USWV0126
Caprock USNM0044
Capron USOK0608
Capron USIL0183
Capron USVA0121
Capshaw USAL0087
Captain Cook USHI0006
Captiva USFL0068
Capulin USCO0055
Capulin USNM0045
Caputa USSD0054
Caratunk USME0071
Caraway USAR0091
Carbert USMT0387
Carbon USTX0208
Carbon USIA0126
Carbon USIN0091
Carbon Cliff USIL0184
Carbon Hill USIL1347
Carbon Hill USAL0088
Carbon Hill USOH0157
Carbonado USWA0056
Carbondale USCO0056
Carbondale USKS0092
Carbondale USIL0185
Carbondale USOH0158
Carbondale USPA0232
Carbury USND0430
Cardale USPA0233
Cardiff USAL0089
Cardin USOK0090
Cardinal USVA0122
Cardington USOH0159
Cardville USME0072
Cardwell USMO0146
Cardwell USMT0057
Carefree USAZ0027
Carefree USIN0756
Carencro USLA0072
Caret USVA0123
Caretta USWV0127
Carey USOH0160
Carey USID0034
Carey USTX0209
Careywood USID0035
Caribou USME0073
Carl USGA0664
Carl Junction USMO0147
Carle Place USNY0216
Carleton USNE0090
Carleton USMI0135
Carlile USWY0028
Carlin USNV0013
Carlinville USIL0186
Carlisle USIN0092
Carlisle USIA0127
Carlisle USNY0217
Carlisle USMA0069
Carlisle USLA0073
Carlisle USSC0043
Carlisle USPA0234
Carlisle USOH1125
Carlisle USAR0092
Carlock USIL0187
Carlos USMN0125
Carlotta USCA0181
Carls Corner USTX1551
Carlsbad USTX0210
Carlsbad USNM0046
Carlsbad USCA0182
Carlsbad North USNM0504
Carlsborg USWA0057
Carlstadt USNJ0077
Carlton USWA0058
Carlton USTX0211
Carlton USMN0126
Carlton USAL0090
Carlton USPA0235
Carlton USOR0056
Carlton USKS0647
Carlton USGA0094
Carlyle USIL0188
Carlyss USLA0544
Carman USIL0189
Carmel USIN0093
Carmel USNY0218
Carmel USME0074
Carmel USCA0183
Carmel Hamlet USNY1858
Carmel Valley USCA0184
Carmen USID0036
Carmen USOK0091
Carmi USIL0190
Carmichael USCA0185
Carmichaels USPA0236
Carmine USTX0212
Carnation USWA0059
Carnegie USOK0092
Carnegie USPA0237
Carnelian Bay USCA0186
Carnero USNM0384
Carnesville USGA0095
Carney USOK0093
Carney USMI0136
Carney USMD0557
Carneys Point USNJ0712
Caro USMI0137
Caroga Lake USNY0219
Carol City USFL0557
Carol Stream USIL0191
Caroleen USNC0103
Carolina USWV0128
Carolina USRI0008
Carolina USAL0609
Carolina Beach USNC0104
Caroline USWI0117
Carp USNV0115
Carp Lake USMI0138
Carpenter USWY0029
Carpenter USIA0128
Carpenter USSD0055
Carpentersville USIL0192
Carpinteria USCA0187
Carpio USND0056
Carr USCO0057
Carrabelle USFL0069
Carrboro USNC0105
Carrier USOK0094
Carrier Mills USIL0193
Carriere USMS0054
Carrington USND0057
Carrizo USAZ0303
Carrizo Springs USTX0213
Carrizozo USNM0048
Carroll USNE0091
Carroll USOH0161
Carroll USIA0129
Carroll Valley USPA1891
Carrolls USWA0060
Carrollton USVA0124
Carrollton USMO0148
Carrollton USMS0055
Carrollton USMI0139
Carrollton USTX0214
Carrollton USOH0162
Carrollton USAL0091
Carrollton USIL0194
Carrollton USGA0096
Carrolltown USPA0238
Carrollwood USFL0980
Carrsville USVA0125
Carson USVA0126
Carson USWA0061
Carson USCA0188
Carson USMS0056
Carson USNM0049
Carson USND0058
Carson USIA0130
Carson City USMI0140
Carson City USNV0014
Carsonville USMI0141
Carta Valley USTX1787
Carter USSD0056
Carter USMT0058
Carter USOK0095
Carter Lake USIA0131
Carteret USNJ0078
Cartersburg USIN0094
Cartersville USGA0097
Cartersville USVA0127
Carterville USIL0195
Carterville USMO0149
Carthage USMO0150
Carthage USNY0220
Carthage USNC0106
Carthage USTX0215
Carthage USTN0073
Carthage USSD0057
Carthage USAR0093
Carthage USIN0095
Carthage USIL0196
Carthage USMS0057
Cartwright USOK0096
Cartwright USND0059
Caruthers USCA0189
Caruthersville USMO0151
Carver USMN0127
Carver USMA0070
Carvers USNV0116
Carversville USPA0239
Carville USLA0074
Cary USMS0058
Cary USNC0107
Cary USIL0197
Carytown USMO1013
Caryville USFL0070
Caryville USTN0074
Casa USAR0094
Casa Blanca USNM0050
Casa Grande USAZ0028
Casa Piedra USTX1788
Casanova USVA0128
Casar USNC0108
Cascabel USAZ0286
Cascade USCO0058
Cascade USMD0070
Cascade USMO0152
Cascade USMT0059
Cascade USVA0129
Cascade USWI0118
Cascade USID0037
Cascade USIA0132
Cascade Locks USOR0057
Cascade Valley USWA0669
Cascade-Fairwood USWA0670
Cascadia USOR0058
Cascilla USMS0059
Casco USMI0142
Casco USME0075
Casco USWI0120
Caseville USMI0143
Casey USIA0133
Casey USIL0198
Caseyville USIL0199
Cash USAR0095
Cashiers USNC0109
Cashion USOK0097
Cashion USAZ0029
Cashmere USWA0063
Cashton USWI0121
Cashtown USPA0240
Casmalia USCA0190
Casnovia USMI0144
Cason USTX0216
Caspar USCA0191
Casper USWY0030
Caspian USMI0145
Cass USWV0129
Cass City USMI0146
Cass Lake USMN0128
Cassadaga USFL0071
Cassadaga USNY0221
Cassandra USPA0241
Cassatt USSC0044
Casscoe USAR0096
Cassel USCA0192
Casselberry USFL0072
Casselman USPA1892
Casselton USND0060
Cassoday USKS0093
Cassopolis USMI0147
Casstown USOH0163
Cassville USPA0242
Cassville USGA0098
Cassville USWI0122
Cassville USWV0130
Cassville USNY0222
Cassville USMO0153
Castaic USCA0193
Castalia USOH0164
Castalia USNC0110
Castalia USIA0134
Castana USIA0135
Castanea USPA0243
Castaneda USOK0684
Castell USTX0217
Castella USCA0194
Castile USNY0223
Castine USME0076
Castine USOH1126
Castle USOK0098
Castle Creek USNY0224
Castle Dale USUT0037
Castle Hayne USNC0111
Castle Hills USTX1552
Castle Point USNY0225
Castle Point USMO1204
Castle Rock USCO0059
Castle Rock USMN0129
Castle Rock USWA0064
Castle Shannon USPA1893
Castleberry USAL0092
Castleford USID0038
Castleton USIL0200
Castleton USIN0757
Castleton USVA0130
Castleton USVT0039
Castlewood USVA0131
Castlewood USSD0058
Castlewood USCO0539
Castolon USTX1789
Castor USLA0075
Castorland USNY0227
Castro Valley USCA0195
Castroville USCA0196
Castroville USTX0218
Caswell USAK0312
Caswell Beach USNC0794
Cat Spring USTX0219
Cataldo USID0039
Catalina USAZ0030
Cataract USWI0123
Catarina USTX0220
Catasauqua USPA0244
Cataula USGA0099
Cataumet USMA0071
Catawba USWI0124
Catawba USVA0132
Catawba USNC0113
Catawba USOH0165
Catawba USSC0045
Catawissa USMO0154
Catawissa USPA0245
Cathan USWA0671
Catharine USKS0094
Catharpin USVA0133
Cathay USND0061
Cathedral City USCA0197
Cathedral Rapids USAK0313
Catherine USAL0093
Catheys Valley USCA0198
Cathlamet USWA0065
Catlett USVA0134
Catlin USIL0201
Cato USNY0229
Catonsville USMD0071
Catoosa USOK0099
Catron USMO0155
Catskill USNY0230
Cattaraugus USNY0231
Caulfield USMO0156
Caulksville USAR0633
Causey USNM0051
Cavalier USND0062
Cave USMO1014
Cave City USAR0097
Cave Creek USAZ0031
Cave Junction USOR0059
Cave Spring USVA0865
Cave Spring USGA0100
Cave Springs USAR0098
Cave-in-Rock USIL0202
Cavendish USVT0040
Cavetown USMD0072
Cavour USSD0059
Cawker City USKS0095
Cayce USSC0046
Cayucos USCA0199
Cayuga USTX0221
Cayuga USND0063
Cayuga USIN0096
Cayuga USNY0232
Cayuga Heights USNY1663
Cayuse USOR0060
Cayuta USNY0233
Cazadero USCA0200
Cazenovia USNY0234
Cazenovia USWI0125
Cebolla USNM0052
Cecil USAR0099
Cecil USAL0094
Cecil USWI0126
Cecil USPA0246
Cecil USOH0166
Cecil USGA0101
Cecilia USLA0076
Cecilton USMD0073
Cecilville USCA1315
Cedar USIA0136
Cedar USKS0096
Cedar USMN0130
Cedar USMI0148
Cedar Bluff USMS0060
Cedar Bluff USAL0095
Cedar Bluff USVA0135
Cedar Bluffs USNE0092
Cedar Brook USNJ0079
Cedar City USMO0157
Cedar City USUT0038
Cedar Creek USTX0222
Cedar Creek USNE0093
Cedar Crest USNM0053
Cedar Falls USNC0114
Cedar Falls USIA0137
Cedar Fort USUT0295
Cedar Glen USCA0201
Cedar Glen Lakes USNJ0713
Cedar Glen West USNJ0714
Cedar Grove USNJ0080
Cedar Grove USIN0097
Cedar Grove USWV0131
Cedar Grove USWI0127
Cedar Grove USFL0638
Cedar Grove USNC0115
Cedar Grove USTN0076
Cedar Hill USTX0223
Cedar Hill USTN0077
Cedar Hill USMO0158
Cedar Hills USUT0296
Cedar Hills USOR0478
Cedar Island USNC0116
Cedar Key USFL0073
Cedar Knolls USNJ0081
Cedar Lake USIN0098
Cedar Lake USMI0149
Cedar Lane USTX0224
Cedar Mill USOR0479
Cedar Mills USMN0857
Cedar Mountain USNC0117
Cedar Park USTX0225
Cedar Point USKS0097
Cedar Point USIL0203
Cedar Point USNC0795
Cedar Rapids USNE0094
Cedar Rapids USIA0138
Cedar Ridge USCA0202
Cedar River USMI0150
Cedar Run USPA0247
Cedar Springs USMI0151
Cedar Springs USGA0102
Cedar Vale USKS0098
Cedar Valley USOK0609
Cedar Valley USUT0039
Cedarburg USWI0128
Cedarcreek USMO0159
Cedaredge USCO0060
Cedarhill USID0309
Cedarhurst USNY0235
Cedarpines Park USCA0203
Cedars USPA0248
Cedartown USGA0103
Cedarvale USNM0054
Cedarville USNJ0082
Cedarville USIL0204
Cedarville USMI0152
Cedarville USAR0100
Cedarville USCA0204
Cedarville USOH0167
Cedarville USWV0132
Cedarwood USCO0463
Cederburg USWI0816
Cedonia USWA0546
Cee Vee USTX0226
Celeste USTX0227
Celestine USIN0099
Celina USTX0228
Celina USTN0078
Celina USOH0168
Celoron USNY0236
Cement USOK0100
Cement City USMI0153
Centenary USSC0047
Centennial USWY0031
Center USND0064
Center USMO0160
Center USNE0095
Center USTX0229
Center USCO0061
Center Barnstead USNH0032
Center City USMN0131
Center Conway USNH0033
Center Cross USVA0136
Center Harbor USNH0034
Center Hill USFL0074
Center Junction USIA0139
Center Line USMI0154
Center Lovell USME0077
Center Moriches USNY0237
Center Ossipee USNH0035
Center Point USAL0595
Center Point USWV0133
Center Point USLA0077
Center Point USIN0758
Center Point USIA0140
Center Point USTX0230
Center Ridge USAR0101
Center Rutland USVT0041
Center Sandwich USNH0036
Center Strafford USNH0037
Center Valley USPA0249
Centerbrook USCT0030
Centerburg USOH0169
Centereach USNY0238
Centerfield USUT0040
Centerpoint USIN0100
Centerport USNY0239
Centerport USPA0250
Centerton USAR0102
Centertown USMO0161
Centertown USTN0568
Centerview USMO0162
Centerville USMO0163
Centerville USNY0240
Centerville USAR0103
Centerville USGA0104
Centerville USIN0101
Centerville USKS0099
Centerville USIA0141
Centerville USWA0066
Centerville USSD0060
Centerville USTN0079
Centerville USSC0469
Centerville USUT0041
Centerville USTX0231
Centerville USOH1127
Centerville USPA0251
Centerville USNC0796
Centerville USMA0072
Centerville USMN0858
Centerville USLA0078
Centrahoma USOK0101
Central USIN0102
Central USAZ0032
Central USAK0041
Central USLA0510
Central USTN0613
Central USSC0048
Central USUT0042
Central Bridge USNY0241
Central City USNE0096
Central City USSD0403
Central City USIA0142
Central City USIL1348
Central City USPA0252
Central City USAR0634
Central City USCO0062
Central Falls USRI0009
Central Gardens USTX1915
Central Islip USNY0242
Central Lake USMI0155
Central Park USWA0672
Central Point USOR0061
Central Somers USCT0303
Central Square USNY0243
Central Valley USNY0244
Central Village USCT0031
Centralhatchee USGA0665
Centralia USKS0100
Centralia USIL0205
Centralia USIA0959
Centralia USTX0232
Centralia USMO0164
Centralia USPA0253
Centralia USWV0134
Centralia USWA0067
Centre USAL0096
Centre Hall USPA0254
Centre Island USNY1664
Centreville USVA0137
Centreville USIL1349
Centreville USMD0074
Centreville USMI0156
Centreville USMS0061
Centreville USAL0097
Centro USCO0464
Centuria USWI0129
Century USFL0075
Century Village USFL0982
Ceredo USWV0135
Ceres USVA0138
Ceres USCA0205
Ceres USNY0245
Ceresco USNE0097
Ceresco USMI0157
Cerrillos USNM0055
Cerritos USCA0206
Cerro USNM0056
Cerro Gordo USIL0206
Cerro Gordo USNC0118
Ceylon USMN0132
Chackbay USLA0545
Chacon USNM0057
Chadbourn USNC0119
Chadds Ford USPA0255
Chadron USNE0098
Chadwick USMO0165
Chadwick USIL0207
Chadwicks USNY0246
Chaffee USNY0247
Chaffee USMO0166
Chaffee USND0065
Chagrin Falls USOH0170
Chain-O-Lakes USMO1015
Chalco USNE0581
Chalfant USPA1894
Chalfont USPA0256
Chalk USTX0233
Chalk Hill USPA1861
Chalkhill USPA0257
Chalkyitsik USAK0042
Challenge USCA0207
Challis USID0040
Chalmers USIN0103
Chalmette USLA0079
Chama USCO0063
Chama USNM0058
Chamberino USNM0059
Chamberlain USME0078
Chamberlain USSD0061
Chamberlayne USVA0933
Chambers USAZ0033
Chambers USNE0099
Chambersburg USIL0208
Chambersburg USPA0258
Chambersville USPA0259
Chamblee USGA0105
Chamisal USNM0060
Chamois USMO0167
Champ USMO1016
Champaign USIL0209
Champion USNE0100
Champion USPA0260
Champion USMI0158
Champion Heights USOH1331
Champlain USNY0248
Champlain USVA0139
Champlin USMN0133
Chana USIL0210
Chance USMD0075
Chancellor USSD0062
Chancellor USAL0098
Chandalar USAK0043
Chandler USAZ0034
Chandler USMN0134
Chandler USIN0104
Chandler USOK0102
Chandler USTX0234
Chandler Heights USAZ0035
Chandlers Valley USPA0261
Chandlersville USOH0171
Chandlerville USIL0211
Changewater USNJ0083
Chanhassen USMN0135
Channahon USIL0212
Channel Lake USIL1506
Channelview USTX0235
Channing USTX0236
Channing USMI0159
Chantilly USVA0140
Chanute USKS0101
Chaparral USNM0361
Chapel Hill USNC0120
Chapel Hill USTN0080
Chapin USSC0049
Chapin USIA0143
Chapin USIL0213
Chaplin USCT0032
Chapman USAL0099
Chapman USNE0101
Chapman USKS0102
Chapman USPA1895
Chapman Ranch USTX0237
Chapmansboro USTN0081
Chapmanville USWV0136
Chappaqua USNY0249
Chappell USNE0102
Chappell Hill USTX0238
Chappells USSC0050
Chaptico USMD0076
Chardon USOH0172
Charenton USLA0080
Chariton USIA0144
Charlack USMO1017
Charlemont USMA0073
Charleroi USPA0262
Charles City USIA0145
Charles City USVA0141
Charles Town USWV0137
Charleston USWV0138
Charleston USMS0062
Charleston USME0079
Charleston USAR0104
Charleston USIL0214
Charleston USMO0168
Charleston USSC0051
Charleston USTN0082
Charlestown USRI0010
Charlestown USMA0074
Charlestown USMD0077
Charlestown USNH0039
Charlestown USIN0105
Charlevoix USMI0160
Charlo USMT0060
Charlotte USNY1639
Charlotte USTX0239
Charlotte USTN0083
Charlotte USNC0121
Charlotte USVT0042
Charlotte USMI0161
Charlotte USAR0105
Charlotte USIA0146
Charlotte Hall USMD0078
Charlotte Harbor USFL0983
Charlotte Park USFL0984
Charlottesville USVA0143
Charlottesville USIN0106
Charlotteville USNY0250
Charlson USND0431
Charlton USMA0075
Charlton City USMA0076
Charlton Depot USMA0077
Charlton Heights USWV0139
Charm USOH0173
Charmco USWV0140
Charter Oak USIA0147
Chartley USMA0078
Chase USMD0079
Chase USMI0162
Chase USLA0081
Chase USKS0103
Chase USAK0541
Chase City USVA0144
Chase Mills USNY0251
Chaseburg USWI0130
Chaseley USND0066
Chaska USMN0136
Chassell USMI0163
Chataignier USLA0082
Chatanika USAK0314
Chatawa USMS0063
Chatcolet USID0290
Chateau Woods USTX1553
Chateaugay USNY0252
Chatfield USTX0240
Chatfield USMN0137
Chatfield USOH0174
Chatham USPA0263
Chatham USNJ0084
Chatham USNY0253
Chatham USIL0215
Chatham USMS0064
Chatham USLA0083
Chatham USMI0164
Chatham USMA0079
Chatham USVA0145
Chatom USAL0100
Chatsworth USCA0208
Chatsworth USNJ0085
Chatsworth USIL0216
Chatsworth USGA0106
Chatsworth USIA0148
Chattahoochee USFL0076
Chattanooga USOK0103
Chattanooga USTN0084
Chattaroy USWA0068
Chattaroy USWV0141
Chaumont USNY0254
Chauncey USGA0107
Chauncey USWV0142
Chauncey USOH0175
Chautauqua USNY0255
Chautauqua USKS0104
Chauvin USLA0084
Chazy USNY0256
Cheat Lake USWV0869
Chebanse USIL0217
Chebeague Island USME0080
Cheboygan USMI0165
Check USVA0146
Checotah USOK0104
Cheektowaga USNY1642
Chefornak USAK0044
Chehalis USWA0069
Chehalis Village USWA0673
Chelan USWA0071
Chelan Falls USWA0072
Chelmsford USMA0080
Chelsea USMA0081
Chelsea USMI0166
Chelsea USAL0101
Chelsea USNY0257
Chelsea USSD0404
Chelsea USVT0043
Chelsea USIA0149
Chelsea USOK0105
Cheltenham USPA0264
Cheltenham USMD0080
Chemult USOR0062
Chemung USNY0258
Chenango Bridge USNY0259
Chenango Forks USNY0260
Chenequa USWI0783
Cheney USWA0073
Cheney USKS0105
Cheneyville USLA0085
Chenoa USIL0218
Chenoweth USOR0480
Chepachet USRI0011
Cheraw USSC0053
Cheraw USCO0064
Cheriton USVA0147
Cherokee USTX0241
Cherokee USKS0106
Cherokee USIA0150
Cherokee USAL0102
Cherokee USNC0122
Cherokee USOK0106
Cherokee Village USAR0106
Cherry USIL0219
Cherry Creek USSD0063
Cherry Creek USNY0261
Cherry Fork USOH0176
Cherry Grove USOR0406
Cherry Grove USOH1332
Cherry Hill USNJ0086
Cherry Log USGA0108
Cherry Plain USNY0262
Cherry Point USNC0123
Cherry Tree USPA0265
Cherry Valley USPA1896
Cherry Valley USAR0107
Cherry Valley USMA0082
Cherry Valley USNY0263
Cherry Valley USIL0220
Cherryfield USME0081
Cherryvale USKS0107
Cherryvale USSC0470
Cherryville USPA0266
Cherryville USNC0124
Cherryville USMO0169
Chesaning USMI0167
Chesapeake USWV0839
Chesapeake USVA0148
Chesapeake USOH0177
Chesapeake Beach USMD0081
Chesapeake City USMD0082
Chesaw USWA0547
Cheshire USOH0178
Cheshire USOR0063
Cheshire USCT0033
Cheshire USMA0083
Cheshire Village USCT0305
Chesilhurst USNJ0608
Chesnee USSC0054
Chest Springs USPA0267
Chester USPA0268
Chester USOK0107
Chester USOH0179
Chester USSC0055
Chester USSD0064
Chester USTX0242
Chester USUT0043
Chester USNH0040
Chester USNY0264
Chester USMT0061
Chester USNJ0087
Chester USNE0103
Chester USVT0044
Chester USWV0143
Chester USVA0149
Chester USAR0108
Chester USCT0034
Chester USCA0209
Chester USMA0084
Chester USMD0083
Chester USIL0221
Chester USID0041
Chester USIA0151
Chester USGA0109
Chester Center USCT0306
Chester Depot USVT0045
Chester Gap USVA0150
Chester Heights USPA0269
Chester Hill USPA1897
Chester Springs USPA0270
Chester Township USPA1898
Chesterbrook USPA2207
Chesterfield USVA0151
Chesterfield USMO0170
Chesterfield USNJ0599
Chesterfield USNH0041
Chesterfield USSC0056
Chesterfield USIL0222
Chesterfield USIN0759
Chesterfield USMA0085
Chesterhill USOH0180
Chesterland USOH0181
Chesterton USIN0107
Chestertown USMD0084
Chestertown USNY0265
Chesterville USOH0182
Chestnut USIL0223
Chestnut Hill USMA0086
Chestnut Mound USTN0085
Chestnut Ridge USPA0271
Chestnut Ridge USNY1665
Chestnutridge USMO0171
Cheswick USPA0272
Cheswold USDE0006
Chetek USWI0131
Chetopa USKS0108
Chevak USAK0045
Cheviot USOH1128
Chevy Chase USMD0085
Chewalla USTN0086
Chewelah USWA0074
Chewsville USMD0086
Cheyenne USWY0032
Cheyenne USOK0108
Cheyenne Wells USCO0066
Cheyney USPA0273
Chi Chil Tah USNM0385
Chicago USIL0225
Chicago Creek USAK0315
Chicago Heights USIL0226
Chicago Park USCA0210
Chicago Ridge USIL0227
Chichagof USAK0316
Chichester USNY0266
Chichester USNH0263
Chickaloon USAK0317
Chickamauga USGA0111
Chickamaw Beach USMN0859
Chickasaw USAL0610
Chickasaw USOH0183
Chickasha USOK0109
Chicken USAK0046
Chico USCA0211
Chico USTX0243
Chicopee USMA0087
Chicora USPA0274
Chicota USTX0244
Chidester USAR0109
Chief Lake USWI0845
Chiefland USFL0077
Chignik USAK0047
Chignik Lagoon USAK0048
Chignik Lake USAK0049
Chilcoot USCA0212
Childersburg USAL0103
Childress USTX0245
Childs USMD0087
Childwold USNY0267
Chilhowee USMO0172
Chilhowie USVA0152
Chili USWI0132
Chilili USNM0386
Chilkat USAK0318
Chillicothe USMO0173
Chillicothe USIA0152
Chillicothe USIL0231
Chillicothe USTX0246
Chillicothe USOH0184
Chillum USMD0559
Chilmark USMA0088
Chilo USOH0185
Chiloquin USOR0064
Chilton USTX0247
Chilton USWI0133
Chimacum USWA0075
Chimayo USNM0061
Chimney Rock USCO0067
Chimney Rock USNC0125
China USME0082
China USTX0248
China Grove USTX1554
China Grove USNC0126
China Lake USCA0213
China Springs USTX0249
China Town USAK0320
Chinchilla USPA0275
Chinese Camp USCA0214
Chiniak USAK0542
Chinle USAZ0036
Chino USCA0215
Chino Hills USCA0216
Chino Valley USAZ0037
Chinook USMT0062
Chinook USWA0076
Chinquapin USNC0127
Chipley USFL0078
Chippewa Bay USNY0268
Chippewa Falls USWI0134
Chippewa Lake USOH0186
Chippewa Lake USMI0168
Chireno USTX0250
Chisago City USMN0138
Chise USNM0387
Chisholm USMN0139
Chisholm USME0511
Chistochina USAK0321
Chitina USAK0050
Chittenango USNY0269
Chittenden USVT0046
Chiukak USAK0322
Chiuli Shaik USAZ0304
Chivington USCO0465
Chloe USWV0144
Chloride USAZ0038
Choccolocco USAL0104
Chocktou Lake USOH1333
Chocorua USNH0042
Chocowinity USNC0128
Choctaw USOK0110
Choctaw USAR0110
Chokio USMN0140
Chokoloskee USFL0079
Choteau USMT0063
Choudrant USLA0086
Chouteau USOK0111
Chowchilla USCA0217
Chriesman USTX0251
Chrisman USIL0232
Chrisney USIN0108
Christchurch USVA0154
Christiana USPA0276
Christiana USTN0087
Christiansburg USVA0155
Christiansburg USOH0187
Christina USMT0388
Christine USTX0252
Christine USND0067
Christmas USFL0080
Christmas Valley USOR0065
Christopher USIL0233
Christoval USTX0253
Chromo USCO0068
Chualar USCA0218
Chuathbaluk USAK0285
Chubbuck USID0291
Chuckey USTN0088
Chugiak USAK0051
Chugwater USWY0033
Chuichu USAZ0406
Chula USGA0112
Chula USMO0174
Chula Vista USCA0219
Chulitna USAK0052
Chuluota USFL0985
Chunchula USAL0105
Chunky USMS0065
Church Creek USMD0088
Church Hill USMD0089
Church Hill USTN0089
Church Point USLA0087
Church Road USVA0156
Church Rock USNM0062
Church View USVA0157
Churchill USOH1334
Churchill USPA1899
Churchs Ferry USND0068
Churchton USMD0090
Churchville USMD0091
Churchville USVA0158
Churchville USNY0270
Churchville USPA2209
Churdan USIA0153
Churubusco USIN0109
Churubusco USNY0271
Cibecue USAZ0039
Cibola USAZ0040
Cibolo USTX0254
Cicero USIL0234
Cicero USIN0110
Cicero USNY0272
Cima USCA0220
Cimarron USCO0069
Cimarron USNM0063
Cimarron USKS0109
Cimarron City USOK0610
Cimarron Hills USCO0429
Cincinnati USIA0154
Cincinnati USOH0188
Cincinnatus USNY0273
Cinco Bayou USFL0639
Cinebar USWA0077
Cinnaminson USNJ0593
Circle USMT0064
Circle USAK0053
Circle Back USTX1790
Circle Pines USMN0141
Circleville USNY0274
Circleville USWV0145
Circleville USUT0044
Circleville USKS0110
Circleville USOH0189
Cisco USGA0113
Cisco USIL0235
Cisco USTX0255
Cisco USUT0045
Cisne USIL0236
Cissna Park USIL0237
Citra USFL0081
Citronelle USAL0106
Citrus Heights USCA0221
Citrus Springs USFL0986
City of Industry USCA0222
City View USSC0394
Clackamas USOR0066
Claflin USKS0111
Clagstone USID0310
Claiborne USMD0092
Claiborne USLA0546
Claire City USSD0065
Clairemont USTX1791
Clairfield USTN0090
Clairton USPA0277
Clallam Bay USWA0078
Clam Gulch USAK0054
Clam Lake USWI0135
Clancy USMT0065
Clanton USAL0107
Clapham USNM0388
Clara USMS0066
Clara City USMN0142
Clarcona USFL0082
Clare USIA0155
Clare USIL0238
Clare USMI0169
Claremont USMN0143
Claremont USCA0223
Claremont USSD0066
Claremont USVA0159
Claremont USIL0239
Claremont USNH0043
Claremont USNC0129
Claremore USOK0112
Clarence USPA0278
Clarence USLA0088
Clarence USNY0275
Clarence USMO0175
Clarence USIA0156
Clarence Center USNY0276
Clarendon USNY0277
Clarendon USNC0130
Clarendon USPA0279
Clarendon USTX0256
Clarendon USAR0111
Clarendon Hills USIL0240
Claridge USPA0280
Clarinda USIA0157
Clarington USPA0281
Clarington USOH0190
Clarion USPA0282
Clarion USIA0158
Clarissa USMN0144
Clarita USOK0113
Clark USPA0283
Clark USMO0176
Clark USNJ0088
Clark USSD0067
Clark USCO0070
Clark Fork USID0042
Clark Mills USNY0278
Clarkdale USGA0114
Clarkdale USAZ0041
Clarkedale USAR0112
Clarkesville USGA0115
Clarkfield USMN0145
Clarkia USID0043
Clarklake USMI0170
Clarkrange USTN0091
Clarkridge USAR0113
Clarks USNE0104
Clarks USLA0089
Clarks Green USPA1900
Clarks Grove USMN0146
Clarks Hill USIN0111
Clarks Hill USSC0057
Clarks Mills USPA0284
Clarks Point USAK0055
Clarks Summit USPA0285
Clarksboro USNJ0089
Clarksburg USMO0177
Clarksburg USNJ0090
Clarksburg USCA0224
Clarksburg USMD0093
Clarksburg USTN0092
Clarksburg USPA0286
Clarksburg USOH0191
Clarksburg USWV0146
Clarksburg USIN0112
Clarksdale USMS0067
Clarksdale USMO0178
Clarkson USNY0279
Clarkson USNE0105
Clarkson Valley USMO1018
Clarkston USMI0171
Clarkston USGA0116
Clarkston USWA0079
Clarkston USUT0046
Clarksville USTX0257
Clarksville USTN0093
Clarksville USMI0172
Clarksville USMD0094
Clarksville USNY0280
Clarksville USMO0179
Clarksville USAR0114
Clarksville USFL0540
Clarksville USVA0160
Clarksville USIN0113
Clarksville USIA0159
Clarksville USPA0287
Clarksville USOH0192
Clarksville City USTX1555
Clarkton USNC0131
Clarkton USMO0180
Claryville USNY0281
Clatonia USNE0106
Clatskanie USOR0067
Claude USTX0258
Claudville USVA0161
Claunch USNM0064
Claverack USNY0282
Clawson USMI0173
Clawson USUT0047
Claxton USGA0117
Clay USNY0283
Clay USWV0147
Clay USTX0259
Clay USAL0108
Clay Center USNE0107
Clay Center USOH0193
Clay Center USKS0112
Clay City USIL0241
Clay City USIN0114
Clay Springs USAZ0042
Claycomo USMO1019
Clayhatchee USAL0611
Claymont USDE0007
Claypool USAZ0043
Claypool USIN0115
Claypool Hill USVA0934
Claysburg USPA0288
Claysville USPA0289
Clayton USOK0114
Clayton USNC0132
Clayton USOH0194
Clayton USWA0080
Clayton USWI0136
Clayton USCA0225
Clayton USAL0109
Clayton USDE0008
Clayton USNM0065
Clayton USNY0284
Clayton USNJ0091
Clayton USMO0977
Clayton USGA0118
Clayton USIL0242
Clayton USID0044
Clayton USIN0116
Clayton USKS0113
Clayton USTX0260
Clayton USMI0174
Clayton USLA0090
Clayton Lake USME0083
Claytonville USIL0243
Clayville USNY0285
Clayville USRI0012
Cle Elum USWA0081
Clear USAK0056
Clear Brook USVA0162
Clear Creek USWV0148
Clear Creek USIN0117
Clear Fork USWV0149
Clear Lake USWA0082
Clear Lake USWI0137
Clear Lake USSD0068
Clear Lake USIN0760
Clear Lake USIA0160
Clear Lake USIL1350
Clear Lake USMN0147
Clear Spring USMD0095
Clearbrook USMN0148
Clearbrook Park USNJ0715
Clearfield USPA0290
Clearfield USIA0161
Clearfield USUT0048
Clearlake USCA0226
Clearlake Oaks USCA0227
Clearlake Park USCA0228
Clearmont USWY0034
Clearmont USMO0181
Clearview USWV0840
Clearview USOK0611
Clearview City USKS0114
Clearville USPA0291
Clearwater USNE0108
Clearwater USSC0058
Clearwater USFL0084
Clearwater USKS0115
Clearwater USMN0149
Clearwater USWA0521
Clearwater Beach USFL0085
Cleary Summit USAK0323
Cleburne USTX0261
Cleghorn USIA0162
Clementon USNJ0092
Clements USCA0229
Clements USMN0150
Clements USMD0096
Clemmons USNC0133
Clemons USNY0286
Clemons USIA0163
Clemson USSC0059
Clendenin USWV0150
Cleo Springs USOK0115
Cleona USPA1901
Clermont USFL0086
Clermont USIA0164
Clermont USGA0119
Clermont USIN0761
Cleveland USGA0120
Cleveland USIL1351
Cleveland USWV0151
Cleveland USWI0138
Cleveland USVA0163
Cleveland USMS0068
Cleveland USMN0151
Cleveland USNY0287
Cleveland USNM0066
Cleveland USMO0182
Cleveland USAL0110
Cleveland USAR0115
Cleveland USFL0987
Cleveland USTN0094
Cleveland USUT0049
Cleveland USTX0262
Cleveland USSC0060
Cleveland USOK0116
Cleveland USOH0195
Cleveland USNC0134
Cleveland USND0069
Clever USMO0183
Cleverdale USNY0288
Cleves USOH0197
Clewiston USFL0087
Cliff USNM0067
Cliff Island USME0084
Cliff Village USMO1020
Clifford USMI0175
Clifford USIN0118
Clifford USVA0164
Clifford USPA0292
Clifford USND0070
Cliffside USNC0135
Cliffside Park USNJ0093
Cliffwood USNJ0094
Cliffwood Beach USNJ0716
Clifton USNJ0095
Clifton USOH0198
Clifton USKS0116
Clifton USID0045
Clifton USIL0244
Clifton USVA0165
Clifton USTX0263
Clifton USTN0095
Clifton USSC0061
Clifton USAZ0044
Clifton USCO0071
Clifton Forge USVA0166
Clifton Heights USPA0293
Clifton Hill USMO0184
Clifton Park USNY0289
Clifton Springs USNY0290
Climax USNY0291
Climax USNC0136
Climax USPA0294
Climax USMN0152
Climax USMI0176
Climax USCO0072
Climax USKS0648
Climax USGA0121
Climax Springs USMO0185
Climbing Hill USIA0165
Clinchco USVA0167
Clinchfield USGA0122
Clinchport USVA0868
Cline USTX1792
Clines Corners USNM0068
Clint USTX0264
Clinton USSC0062
Clinton USUT0297
Clinton USTN0096
Clinton USNJ0096
Clinton USNE0548
Clinton USMT0066
Clinton USNY0292
Clinton USMO0186
Clinton USIA0166
Clinton USIN0119
Clinton USIL0245
Clinton USOH0199
Clinton USPA0295
Clinton USOK0117
Clinton USNC0137
Clinton USWA0083
Clinton USWI0139
Clinton USMA0089
Clinton USMN0153
Clinton USMD0097
Clinton USMS0069
Clinton USLA0091
Clinton USMI0177
Clinton USME0085
Clinton USCT0035
Clinton USAR0116
Clinton USAL0111
Clinton Corners USNY0293