Weather Codes for United Republic of Tanzania

Find Weather Codes or Weather Zip Codes for states and cities in United Republic of Tanzania. Weather Codes references a specified Location and is used to get weather of that place accurately. They are used by The Weather Channel( by IBM), Yahoo! Weather, AOL Weather and many such weather forecasting platforms. It is similar to Yahoo's WOEID(Where On the Earth ID) that is used to represent each place uniquely.

You can know the weather of any place precisely with the help of weather codes. Find the current weather of your state or city by clicking on it. You will be redirected to The Weather Channel site with your weather code for accurate weather forecast.

Abdulla TZXX2933
Adawani TZXX4455
Ahakachwamba TZXX0961
Ahakishake TZXX0962
Aimba TZXX0341
Airohi TZXX4718
Akumawale TZXX4456
Akwungwasi TZXX4457
Alyhanya TZXX4120
Amaani TZXX3698
Amani TZXX2114
Ambangulu TZXX6228
Amboni TZXX6229
Amugongo TZXX0963
Amushenye TZXX0964
Araa TZXX0342
Arabe TZXX6230
Arash TZXX0213
Arogongo TZXX3831
Arusha TZXX0214
Arusha Chini TZXX0013
Auriole TZXX3832
Ausia TZXX0343
Azala TZXX2730
Babaiyo TZXX0344
Babala TZXX0345
Babati TZXX4719
Badi TZXX5987
Badugu TZXX3833
Baga TZXX6231
Bagai TZXX6232
Bagamoyo TZXX7013
Bagamoyo TZXX2115
Bagamoyo TZXX1754
Bagamoyo TZXX5724
Bagamoyo TZXX0014
Bagamoyo TZXX6233
Bagamoyo TZXX1391
Bageza TZXX2116
Bagiro TZXX4121
Bahareni TZXX1755
Bahi TZXX0346
Balangai TZXX6234
Baleni TZXX4875
Bamba TZXX4122
Bamba TZXX6235
Bambi TZXX2731
Banagi TZXX3241
Banana TZXX0286
Banani TZXX2117
Banda TZXX4876
Banda Baya TZXX2732
Banda Kuu TZXX0015
Banda Maji TZXX2531
Bandani TZXX1756
Bandani TZXX2118
Bandarini TZXX0287
Banemula TZXX0636
Bangala TZXX3389
Bangayega TZXX5725
Bangwe TZXX1502
Bangwe TZXX3834
Banja TZXX4877
Banya TZXX5988
Banyiban TZXX0016
Baoni TZXX1757
Barabara TZXX3390
Barabarani TZXX5167
Barangata TZXX1392
Barawa TZXX2119
Bariadi TZXX5989
Barikiwa TZXX2934
Bariri TZXX3242
Barue TZXX6236
Basara TZXX1758
Bashanet TZXX4720
Bashay TZXX4721
Bashebi TZXX0965
Basodarer TZXX4722
Basodesh TZXX4723
Basotu TZXX4724
Basra TZXX2733
Bawa TZXX6237
Beda TZXX5990
Beda TZXX3835
Beku TZXX0637
Belengwa TZXX1759
Bendela TZXX1393
Berabera TZXX4725
Berege TZXX0347
Bereku TZXX4726
Bet-el-Mali TZXX3699
Bevohoye TZXX2120
Bi Moja TZXX2734
Bibainja TZXX0966
Bibi Kundenda TZXX5168
Bicha TZXX0348
Bigamiro TZXX1503
Bigenyi TZXX0967
Bigwa TZXX4878
Biharamulo TZXX0968
Bihata TZXX0969
Bihonzi TZXX0970
Biirabo TZXX0971
Bikoni TZXX0972
Binga TZXX4879
Binguni TZXX2735
Biria TZXX0017
Birikani TZXX2736
Birikani TZXX3700
Birikao TZXX1760
Birikau TZXX2121
Birise TZXX0349
Biro TZXX4123
Bisariye TZXX3243
Bisheshe TZXX0973
Bitale TZXX1504
Bituruguru TZXX3244
Biyungu TZXX0974
Blue Ridge TZXX3245
Boga TZXX4880
Bogamoya TZXX1761
Bogoa TZXX2122
Bogogo TZXX5991
Bogoni TZXX1762
Bolisa TZXX0350
Boma TZXX2123
Boma la Ngombe TZXX1394
Boma ya Lindi TZXX0638
Boma ya Ulanga TZXX4124
Bomalandani TZXX6238
Bomalangombe TZXX0639
Bomani TZXX1763
Bombo TZXX6239
Bombwera TZXX6240
Bondemali TZXX2532
Bondeni TZXX2737
Bondeni TZXX3701
Bondeni TZXX1764
Bondeni Boloti TZXX1395
Bondo TZXX6241
Bonga TZXX4727
Bonga TZXX0351
Bopwe TZXX1765
Borawahi TZXX1766
Bosha TZXX6242
Boyla TZXX6243
Boza TZXX6244
Boza TZXX4881
Bubada TZXX3836
Bubiki TZXX5992
Bubinza TZXX3837
Bubu TZXX0352
Bububu TZXX2534
Bububu TZXX3702
Buchambi TZXX5993
Buchenzi TZXX3838
Bueni TZXX5405
Bugala TZXX1505
Bugamba TZXX1506
Bugandika TZXX0975
Bugara TZXX0976
Bugarama TZXX0977
Bugene TZXX0978
Bughara TZXX4728
Bugigero TZXX1507
Bugire TZXX3246
Bugogo TZXX5994
Bugolora TZXX3839
Bugomba TZXX5995
Bugoro TZXX5996
Bugorora TZXX0979
Bugudadi TZXX1767
Buguma TZXX3247
Bugura TZXX3840
Bugurura TZXX3841
Bugusa TZXX0018
Bugwe TZXX5406
Buhai TZXX4729
Buhama TZXX3842
Buhemba TZXX0019
Buhendengabo TZXX0980
Buhima TZXX3843
Buhimba TZXX0981
Buhinga TZXX1508
Buhoro TZXX1509
Buhororo TZXX0982
Buhungire TZXX3844
Buhuri TZXX6245
Buigiri TZXX0353
Buiko TZXX6246
Buitigu TZXX7014
Bujonde TZXX3391
Bujuruga TZXX0983
Bukandwe TZXX3845
Bukene TZXX7015
Bukiko TZXX0020
Bukima TZXX0021
Bukindo TZXX3846
Bukiriro TZXX0984
Bukiro TZXX0985
Bukiroba TZXX3248
Bukoba TZXX0986
Bukokwa TZXX0022
Bukombe TZXX5997
Bukombe Kombe TZXX5998
Bukome TZXX0987
Bukondo TZXX3847
Bukonyo TZXX3848
Bukulu TZXX0354
Bukumbi TZXX3849
Bukumi TZXX3249
Bukundi TZXX5999
Bukungu TZXX3850
Bukurumu TZXX6000
Bukwaya TZXX0023
Bukwimba TZXX3851
Bulahu TZXX6001
Bulangamilwa TZXX7017
Bulela TZXX3852
Bulembe TZXX0988
Bulima TZXX6002
Bulima TZXX3853
Bulinga TZXX3854
Bulola TZXX1510
Bulombola TZXX1511
Bulugi TZXX4125
Bulunde TZXX7018
Bulungwa TZXX6003
Bumangi TZXX3250
Bumba TZXX6247
Bumbire TZXX0989
Bumbuli TZXX1396
Bumbuli TZXX6248
Bumbwi TZXX2738
Bumbwi Buyuni TZXX3703
Bumbwi Kitoroni TZXX2739
Bumbwi Langoni TZXX3704
Bumbwi Malindi TZXX2740
Bumbwi Mtoroveni TZXX2741
Bumbwi Sudi TZXX3705
Bumbwini TZXX2535
Bumera TZXX6004
Bunazi TZXX0990
Bunda TZXX3251
Bundi Ndege TZXX2536
Bunduki TZXX4126
Bunegezi TZXX3855
Bungi TZXX2742
Bungu TZXX5726
Bungu TZXX6249
Bungu TZXX4882
Bungu TZXX4127
Bungulwa TZXX6005
Bungulwa TZXX3856
Bunju TZXX0288
Buramba TZXX3857
Burangare TZXX0991
Burieri TZXX3252
Burigi TZXX0992
Burindima TZXX0993
Buruma TZXX5169
Buruma TZXX3253
Burumiro TZXX3858
Burungi TZXX0355
Busagami TZXX3859
Busaka TZXX0356
Busamba TZXX3254
Busanda TZXX3860
Busangi TZXX6006
Busarihu TZXX3255
Busasi TZXX7019
Busegwe TZXX3256
Busekera TZXX3257
Busenge TZXX3861
Buseresere TZXX0994
Bushasha TZXX0024
Bushigamhala TZXX3862
Bushiri TZXX6250
Busi TZXX0357
Businde TZXX0995
Busiri TZXX3863
Busisi TZXX3864
Busogwa TZXX3865
Busondo TZXX5407
Busongo TZXX3866
Busongola TZXX5408
Busonzo TZXX0996
Busoro TZXX0997
Busulwangiri TZXX3867
Busumi TZXX3258
Busungwe TZXX5409
Butakia TZXX0998
Butaranda TZXX3868
Butemere TZXX0999
Butiama TZXX3259
Butimba TZXX3869
Butimore TZXX1000
Butu TZXX4128
Butu TZXX1397
Butuguli TZXX3260
Butungo TZXX1001
Buturi TZXX3261
Butuyu TZXX6007
Buyagu TZXX3870
Buyango TZXX1002
Buyenzi TZXX1512
Buyogo TZXX3871
Buyonga TZXX0025
Buyoni TZXX4883
Buyu TZXX3706
Buyu Kidudu TZXX3707
Buyu Pwani TZXX3708
Buyukuu TZXX2743
Buyungu TZXX1513
Buyuni TZXX1768
Buyuni TZXX4884
Buzengwe TZXX3872
Buzimbwe TZXX3262
Buzirayombo TZXX1003
Bwaga TZXX2537
Bwaga TZXX1514
Bwage TZXX4129
Bwakira Chini TZXX4130
Bwakira Juu TZXX4131
Bwanga TZXX1004
Bwanga Machi TZXX6252
Bwanga-Bwina TZXX1005
Bwanjai TZXX0026
Bwassi TZXX3263
Bwayi TZXX3264
Bwegere TZXX6253
Bwejuu TZXX2744
Bweleo TZXX3709
Bweni TZXX4885
Bweni TZXX3265
Bweni TZXX6254
Bweni TZXX2745
Bweranyange TZXX1006
Bwere TZXX1007
Bwereu TZXX2538
Bweru TZXX1515
Bwili TZXX6255
Bwiregi TZXX3266
Bwiru TZXX0027
Bwisya TZXX0028
Bwiti TZXX6256
Campi ya Simba TZXX1398
Chaani TZXX2539
Chaani Bondeni TZXX2540
Chabuhora TZXX1008
Chabure TZXX2124
Chabutwa TZXX3874
Chabutwa TZXX5727
Chabutwa TZXX7020
Chabwe TZXX1769
Chaduma TZXX4886
Chagu TZXX7021
Chagulani TZXX6257
Chahwa TZXX0358
Chakachani TZXX6258
Chakano TZXX4132
Chake TZXX0029
Chake Chake TZXX2125
Chakengi TZXX4887
Chakopi TZXX1770
Chakwale TZXX4133
Chala TZXX5410
Chalatila TZXX5411
Chale TZXX4888
Chale TZXX0359
Chaleni TZXX3710
Chali TZXX7022
Chalinze TZXX4889
Chamamba TZXX0640
Chamanga TZXX4134
Chamangwe TZXX4890
Chamba TZXX5170
Chambalo TZXX0360
Chambezi TZXX4891
Chambi TZXX5728
Chambo TZXX3392
Chamchuzi TZXX1009
Chamganga TZXX0361
Chamgassa TZXX3875
Chamhawi TZXX0362
Chamipulu TZXX7023
Chamkoroma TZXX0363
Chamolutse TZXX0364
Chamtonya TZXX1010
Chamtui TZXX4135
Chamunyana TZXX1011
Chamzele TZXX6259
Chamzumbe TZXX5412
Chandama TZXX0365
Chandole TZXX6260
Changa TZXX4136
Changalaweni TZXX2541
Changani TZXX1771
Changani TZXX0289
Changani TZXX2126
Changanyiko TZXX6261
Changaweni TZXX2127
Changombe TZXX0290
Changombe TZXX4892
Changowi TZXX2128
Changwahera TZXX3711
Changwale TZXX4458
Chanika TZXX4893
Chanika TZXX6262
Chanika TZXX1399
Chanjaani TZXX2129
Chanjani TZXX2542
Chanjani TZXX2130
Chanjani TZXX1772
Chanje TZXX1773
Chankamba TZXX3876
Chankurongo TZXX3877
Chanoni TZXX2131
Chansangi TZXX1012
Chanyangabwa TZXX1013
Chanza TZXX1516
Chanzuru TZXX4137
Chaoni TZXX2132
Chapaka TZXX1774
Chapota TZXX5413
Charawe TZXX2747
Charumbi TZXX6263
Chasasa TZXX0641
Chasasa TZXX1775
Chato TZXX1014
Chavuna TZXX0030
Chazi TZXX4138
Chechele TZXX2543
Checheli TZXX1776
Cheju TZXX2748
Chejuu TZXX2749
Chekea TZXX1777
Chem Chem TZXX5729
Chema TZXX2935
Chemani TZXX3712
Chemani TZXX2544
Chemchem TZXX0366
Chemka TZXX6264
Chemkono TZXX4459
Chemuli TZXX1015
Chengena TZXX5171
Chenzema TZXX4139
Chera TZXX4140
Cherachimu TZXX4141
Chere TZXX1517
Chibe TZXX6008
Chibechwa Nguta TZXX0367
Chibole TZXX0031
Chibwangula TZXX0032
Chibwegele TZXX0368
Chibwi TZXX0369
Chichi TZXX6265
Chidya TZXX4460
Chifule TZXX3878
Chigugu TZXX4461
Chiguluka TZXX0370
Chihanga TZXX0371
Chihi TZXX4142
Chihoni TZXX0372
Chihunungu TZXX0373
Chikalopolo TZXX4462
Chikanzi TZXX1016
Chikaraku TZXX2133
Chikola TZXX5730
Chikole TZXX0374
Chikulwe TZXX5414
Chikundi TZXX4463
Chikuni TZXX2751
Chikuyu TZXX0375
Chikwembeni TZXX5172
Chila Chibi TZXX0376
Chilalo TZXX2936
Chilambo TZXX0377
Chilangala TZXX4464
Chilimba TZXX4465
Chilombola TZXX4143
Chilonwa TZXX0378
Chilungula TZXX2937
Chimala TZXX0033
Chimande TZXX0379
Chimate TZXX5173
Chimba Mawele TZXX2752
Chimbe Chimbe TZXX6266
Chimpisi TZXX1017
China TZXX3879
Chinangali TZXX0380
Chindi TZXX3393
Chindundu TZXX2938
Chinganda TZXX5415
Chinjala TZXX5174
Chinmongwe TZXX2939
Chinunje TZXX5175
Chinyanghuku TZXX0381
Chiola TZXX2940
Chiona TZXX0382
Chionga TZXX4466
Chipandi TZXX2941
Chipelele TZXX5176
Chipinga TZXX5731
Chipogolo TZXX0383
Chiponda TZXX2942
Chipunda TZXX4467
Chipwa TZXX5416
Chirangani TZXX6267
Chirara TZXX3394
Chirugazi TZXX1518
Chirurumu TZXX3395
Chisawe TZXX4144
Chisenya TZXX1018
Chisokwe TZXX0384
Chisya TZXX5417
Chita TZXX4145
Chitanda TZXX5177
Chitandi TZXX4468
Chitoholi TZXX4469
Chitowe TZXX4470
Chitwangule TZXX4471
Chiulu TZXX5178
Chiumo TZXX4472
Chiungutwa TZXX4473
Chiuta TZXX4474
Chiwambo TZXX4475
Chiwanda TZXX3396
Chiwanda TZXX5179
Chiwata TZXX4476
Chiwindi TZXX5180
Chkurufumi TZXX4146
Choba TZXX6268
Chochani TZXX1778
Choga TZXX0385
Chogowale TZXX4147
Chokaani TZXX1779
Chokaningayo TZXX1780
Chokocho TZXX2134
Cholcocho TZXX2135
Chole TZXX4894
Chole TZXX0642
Chole TZXX2136
Chole Samvula TZXX4895
Chomachankola TZXX7024
Chombe TZXX4148
Chombeo TZXX2137
Chomwino TZXX0386
Chona TZXX5732
Chonga TZXX2138
Chongoleani TZXX6269
Chongowe TZXX2545
Chonyonyo TZXX1019
Chosi TZXX0643
Choya TZXX2943
Christu TZXX3397
Chuaka TZXX2139
Chubi TZXX0387
Chuchumile TZXX2753
Chuini TZXX3713
Chuini TZXX1781
Chuini TZXX2754
Chuini TZXX2140
Chuini Ziwani TZXX3714
Chukwani TZXX3715
Chumbageni TZXX6270
Chumbani TZXX1782
Chumbuni TZXX2141
Chumbuni TZXX1783
Chumbuni Dogo TZXX3716
Chumbuni Kubwa TZXX3717
Chumo TZXX2944
Chumvini TZXX2142
Chumwe TZXX3880
Chundani TZXX2143
Chunga TZXX3718
Chungai TZXX0388
Chungu TZXX4477
Chunguruma TZXX4896
Chunguziko TZXX2144
Chungya TZXX0034
Chununi TZXX2145
Chunya TZXX3398
Chunyu TZXX2945
Chunyu TZXX0389
Chupwe TZXX1784
Churuku TZXX0390
Chutama TZXX2546
Chuyuni TZXX6271
Chwaka TZXX1785
Chwaka TZXX0035
Chwale TZXX1786
Chwale TZXX2146
Clalula TZXX4149
Cloma TZXX0036
Combeni TZXX2147
Dabaga TZXX0037
Dabil TZXX4730
Dadugabos TZXX4731
Dadugufui TZXX4732
Dadukharaid TZXX4733
Dagaid TZXX4734
Daghibure TZXX5733
Dagungu TZXX5734
Dakawa TZXX0038
Daluni TZXX6272
Dambani TZXX3719
Dar es Salaam TZXX0001
Dar es Salaam TZXX6273
Darabembo TZXX4735
Darajini TZXX2547
Darambue TZXX7025
Dareda TZXX4736
Darigube TZXX6274
Darirojig TZXX4737
Dasina TZXX6009
Daudi TZXX4738
Daura kwa Maweta TZXX6275
Dawoni TZXX4897
Daya TZXX1787
Daya TZXX2148
Dededi TZXX0644
Dedu TZXX0391
Degere TZXX6276
Derakuta TZXX4739
Diagwa TZXX4740
Didia TZXX6010
Diengaa TZXX4741
Digobuke TZXX4151
Digodigo TZXX0215
Digwa TZXX5735
Dihimba TZXX0040
Dikoni TZXX2755
Dilo TZXX0291
Dima TZXX6277
Dimani TZXX4898
Dimbani TZXX2756
Dimbuni TZXX2757
Diminineio TZXX3399
Dimudish TZXX4742
Dindi TZXX2758
Dindila TZXX6278
Dindindi TZXX7026
Diobahika TZXX6011
Dirim TZXX4743
Disa TZXX0392
Disunyara TZXX4899
Doda TZXX6279
Dodo TZXX2149
Dodoma TZXX4744
Dodoma TZXX3400
Dodoma TZXX5181
Dodoma TZXX0002
Dola TZXX2548
Dole TZXX3720
Doma TZXX4152
Domokaya TZXX2150
Dondo TZXX4900
Donge TZXX2549
Donge Kewera TZXX2550
Donge Kichavyani TZXX2551
Donge Kiungani TZXX2553
Dongo TZXX4901
Dongobesh TZXX4745
Dongongwe TZXX2759
Dongoni TZXX2151
Donya TZXX4746
Doriya TZXX0042
Dosidos TZXX4747
Dualaghad TZXX4748
Duamaganga TZXX5736
Duga Maforoni TZXX6280
Dukure TZXX3881
Dumbani TZXX6281
Dumbawama TZXX4902
Dumdida TZXX4750
Dunda TZXX3401
Dundani TZXX4903
Dundu TZXX3882
Dundu TZXX1788
Dundua TZXX2554
Dunga TZXX2760
Dunguie TZXX2555
Dungunyi TZXX5737
Dunkuki TZXX3721
Dutani TZXX1789
Dutumi TZXX4904
Dutumi TZXX4153
Dyanyawonga TZXX1020
Dzega TZXX0394
Emaoi TZXX0216
Enaboishu TZXX0217
Endabash TZXX0218
Endabeg TZXX4751
Endaduget TZXX4752
Endagikot TZXX4753
Endalat TZXX4754
Endamaghai TZXX4755
Endasak TZXX4756
Endasareda TZXX4757
Endasiku TZXX5738
Endesh TZXX5739
Endoinet TZXX1400
Endoji TZXX4758
Endulen TZXX0219
Engare Naibor TZXX0220
Engare Nairobi TZXX1401
Engare Nanyuki TZXX0221
Engaruka TZXX0222
Engassumet TZXX4759
Epanko TZXX4154
Farkwa TZXX0395
Fela TZXX3883
Ferefere TZXX1402
Ficheni TZXX2556
Fiengalezia TZXX5418
Figulwe TZXX5419
Fimbo TZXX4155
Fimbo TZXX1790
Finga TZXX5420
Finga TZXX1791
Finya TZXX1792
Finyeuso TZXX2152
Fiwaga TZXX0645
Fokonyani TZXX1793
Foraha TZXX2153
Frihini TZXX1794
Fueni TZXX1795
Fueni TZXX2154
Fufuko TZXX0396
Fufuni TZXX2155
Fujanguvu TZXX1796
Fujoni TZXX2557
Fukayosi TZXX4905
Fulo TZXX3884
Fulwe TZXX4156
Fulwe TZXX3885
Fumba TZXX3722
Fumba Uwandani TZXX3723
Fumbani TZXX2156
Fumwali TZXX2558
Fundi Mbanga TZXX5182
Fungatumbo TZXX2157
Fungoma TZXX2559
Fungoni TZXX0292
Funika TZXX1797
Funzi TZXX1798
Fuoni Chem Chem TZXX3724
Fuoni Kilimani TZXX3725
Fuoni Kipungani TZXX2761
Fusi TZXX5183
Futi TZXX6282
Gabu TZXX6012
Gagaganga TZXX4157
Gagalai TZXX6283
Gaganulwa TZXX6013
Gailamtungi TZXX2158
Galamila TZXX5421
Galappo TZXX4760
Gale TZXX6284
Gali TZXX4761
Galigali TZXX0397
Galukilo TZXX5422
Galukiro TZXX5423
Galula TZXX3402
Galula TZXX7027
Gama TZXX4906
Gamageni TZXX6285
Gamasara TZXX3267
Gamba TZXX2560
Gambani TZXX2762
Gamosh TZXX4762
Gando TZXX1799
Gapado TZXX4763
Gare TZXX6286
Gariburijand TZXX4764
Gasi TZXX1800
Gatamabog TZXX4765
Gava TZXX1403
Gawani TZXX2159
Gazija TZXX2561
Geiro TZXX4158
Geita TZXX3886
Gelai TZXX0223
Gemela TZXX7028
Gendi TZXX4766
Geninje TZXX1801
Gera TZXX1021
Gereza TZXX6288
Getabeshak TZXX4767
Getagau TZXX4768
Geuni TZXX2562
Geza TZXX6289
Ghambagid TZXX4769
Ghambaigomb TZXX4770
Ghariget TZXX4771
Ghombon TZXX1404
Gidagaid TZXX4772
Gidaghuenga TZXX4773
Gidamadudu TZXX4774
Gidamunda TZXX6014
Gidif TZXX4775
Giharrah TZXX0398
Gilali TZXX7029
Gingama TZXX5184
Gingiliani TZXX6015
Gininiga TZXX3887
Giriama TZXX2160
Girime TZXX6016
Gitagong TZXX4776
Gitala TZXX1519
Giting TZXX4777
Giyetangalej TZXX4778
Godegode TZXX0399
Gofu Chini TZXX6290
Gofu Juu TZXX6291
Goima TZXX0400
Gomani TZXX2563
Gomba TZXX6292
Gombani TZXX2161
Gombani TZXX1802
Gombe TZXX3403
Gombelo TZXX6293
Gombeni TZXX1803
Gombero TZXX0043
Gombwe TZXX0646
Gonga TZXX0401
Gongaa TZXX0402
Gongo TZXX1804
Gongomali TZXX2162
Gongoni TZXX2163
Gongoni TZXX1805
Gongwe TZXX6295
Gonja TZXX1405
Gore TZXX6296
Goshi TZXX3888
Govazani TZXX2164
Goweko TZXX7030
Gua TZXX3404
Guduwe TZXX6017
Guliguli TZXX6018
Gulioni TZXX0044
Gulwe TZXX0403
Gumali TZXX6019
Gumanga TZXX5740
Gumbiro TZXX5185
Gundu TZXX3405
Gungi TZXX0404
Gungu TZXX1520
Guraowe TZXX4779
Gusaya TZXX6021
Guse TZXX4780
Guta TZXX0045
Gutondwa TZXX5424
Gutunga TZXX1521
Guwalu TZXX3889
Guyet TZXX4781
Gwara TZXX0224
Gwata TZXX4159
Gwishanimoyo TZXX1806
Haidadughang TZXX4782
Haidom TZXX5741
Hakachindo TZXX3890
Hakaro TZXX6297
Hakichoo TZXX6298
Hakidevu TZXX6299
Hakigulu TZXX6300
Hale TZXX0046
Halembe TZXX1522
Halo TZXX0405
Halomo TZXX6301
Hamago TZXX6302
Hambalai TZXX6303
Hambayo TZXX6304
Hambili TZXX3406
Hamukoko TZXX3891
Hanarah TZXX4783
Handa TZXX5742
Handajega TZXX3268
Handali TZXX0406
Handei TZXX6305
Handeni TZXX6306
Handeru TZXX0047
Haneti TZXX0048
Hangambali TZXX2946
Hangula TZXX4160
Hanyegwa Mohana TZXX2763
Hasole TZXX1523
Hatharamote TZXX1807
Haubi TZXX0407
Hawana TZXX2165
Hdimikipiaji TZXX5186
Hebangwe TZXX6307
Hebula TZXX6308
Hebwewe TZXX6309
Hedaru TZXX1406
Hegoma TZXX1407
Hegongo TZXX6310
Helizaka TZXX6311
Heluli TZXX6312
Hemagoda TZXX6313
Hemagoma TZXX6314
Hemah TZXX0225
Hemalui TZXX6315
Hemalunga TZXX6316
Hembeti TZXX4161
Hembola TZXX6317
Hemedi TZXX2947
Hemgwiza TZXX6318
Hemkole TZXX6319
Hemwali TZXX6320
Hemwuti TZXX6321
Henangu TZXX6322
Hendawashi TZXX6022
Hepala TZXX6323
Heru TZXX1524
Heru Juu TZXX1525
Hiari TZXX2764
Himo TZXX1408
Hindi TZXX1808
Hindu TZXX3727
Hogoro TZXX0408
Holeni TZXX3407
Holo TZXX0647
Holola TZXX4478
Hombolo TZXX0409
Hombuzi TZXX6324
Hongi TZXX5187
Honiwegereri TZXX4784
Horo Horo TZXX6325
Hosa TZXX6327
Humbi TZXX4162
Humekwa TZXX0410
Hundu TZXX6328
Hunyari TZXX3269
Hurmozi TZXX2166
Hurui TZXX4785
Hurumuzi TZXX2167
Hurumzi TZXX1809
Huwe TZXX4479
Huzi TZXX0411
Iambi TZXX5743
Ibaba TZXX3408
Ibadakuli TZXX6023
Ibaka TZXX0648
Ibala TZXX3409
Ibanda TZXX7031
Ibanda TZXX3892
Ibangi TZXX0649
Ibare TZXX1022
Ibenamtundi TZXX5744
Iberege TZXX0650
Ibeya TZXX7032
Ibibo TZXX4163
Ibihwa TZXX0412
Ibindi TZXX5425
Ibindo TZXX3893
Ibingo TZXX6024
Ibiri TZXX0049
Ibisu TZXX3270
Ibolero TZXX1526
Ibologero TZXX7033
Ibombwe TZXX5426
Ibondo TZXX3894
Iborogero TZXX6025
Iboumu TZXX0651
Ibowola TZXX0652
Iboyu TZXX0413
Ibuga TZXX1023
Ibugo TZXX1024
Ibulwa TZXX7034
Ibumila TZXX0414
Ibumu TZXX0653
Ibungu TZXX3410
Ibuswa TZXX3895
Ibwaga TZXX0415
Ibwera TZXX1025
Ichese TZXX5427
Idale TZXX0654
Idayi TZXX0655
Idegesi TZXX0656
Idete TZXX4164
Idetemia TZXX3896
Idifu TZXX0050
Idodi TZXX0657
Idoselo TZXX6026
Idugala TZXX0416
Idugumbi TZXX3411
Idukiro TZXX6027
Idulo TZXX4786
Idunda TZXX0658
Idunda TZXX4165
Iduo TZXX0417
Ifakara TZXX4166
Ifekenya TZXX3412
Ifema TZXX4167
Ifiga TZXX0659
Ifimbwe TZXX1527
Ifinga TZXX0660
Ifua TZXX0661
Ifuenga TZXX0662
Ifuguru TZXX0663
Ifunda TZXX0664
Ifuro TZXX3413
Ifushiro TZXX3414
Ifwagi TZXX0665
Ifwambo TZXX0418
Igaganulwa TZXX6028
Igala Rutale TZXX3897
Igalamia TZXX6029
Igalele TZXX3415
Igali TZXX3416
Igalukiro TZXX3898
Igalula TZXX1528
Igalula TZXX5428
Igalula TZXX0051
Igamba TZXX0052
Igamba TZXX7036
Igambia TZXX7037
Igarukiro TZXX6030
Igata TZXX4168
Igaua TZXX4169
Igawa TZXX3418
Igawa TZXX0666
Igawilo TZXX3419
Igawilo TZXX0667
Igayaza TZXX1026
Igea TZXX3420
Igemba TZXX7038
Igenge TZXX3271
Igengu TZXX5745
Igigwa TZXX0053
Igode TZXX0419
Igogo TZXX5746
Igohungila TZXX0668
Igoje TZXX0420
Igokelo TZXX3899
Igoma TZXX3421
Igombe TZXX6031
Igombe TZXX3900
Igominyi TZXX0669
Igomo TZXX5429
Igona TZXX7039
Igonge TZXX1529
Igongo TZXX5747
Igongwa TZXX3901
Igoye TZXX3422
Igrumiti TZXX0670
Igugunu TZXX5748
Igula TZXX0671
Iguloka TZXX4170
Igumira TZXX7040
Igunda TZXX0672
Igunda TZXX3423
Igunga TZXX7041
Igunga TZXX0673
Igunzi TZXX1530
Igurubi TZXX7042
Igurusi TZXX3424
Igusule TZXX7043
Igwachu TZXX4171
Igwamaneni TZXX7044
Igwamutwa TZXX0674
Igwisi TZXX7045
Ihale TZXX3902
Ihalele TZXX3903
Ihalimba TZXX0675
Ihanamilo TZXX3904
Ihanda TZXX3425
Ihanda TZXX1027
Ihangi TZXX3426
Ihango TZXX4172
Ihanja TZXX5749
Ihanzutwa TZXX0676
Ihapula TZXX6032
Ihayabuya TZXX3905
Ihebo TZXX3906
Ihembe TZXX1028
Ihembe I TZXX1029
Ihembe II TZXX1030
Iheme TZXX0677
Ihimbu TZXX0678
Ihimbwa TZXX0421
Ihoanza TZXX0679
Ihongole TZXX0680
Ihozya TZXX5430
Ihugi TZXX6033
Ihumba TZXX3907
Ihumbu TZXX0681
Ihumwa TZXX0422
Ihwa TZXX0423
Ijimeja TZXX6034
Ijinga TZXX6035
Ikakango TZXX7046
Ikama TZXX3427
Ikanduli TZXX3908
Ikanotwa TZXX3428
Ikasi TZXX5750
Ikenejo TZXX6036
Ikengeza TZXX0682
Ikimba TZXX0683
Ikina TZXX3909
Ikinga TZXX3429
Ikizu TZXX3272
Ikoga TZXX3430
Ikola TZXX5431
Ikolo TZXX3431
Ikoma TZXX3273
Ikombo TZXX0424
Ikomelo TZXX3432
Ikomogi TZXX5432
Ikonda TZXX6037
Ikondo TZXX3910
Ikonga TZXX1531
Ikongi TZXX5751
Ikongolo TZXX7047
Ikonse TZXX5752
Ikorongo TZXX3274
Ikorongo TZXX0685
Ikowa TZXX0425
Ikuba TZXX5433
Ikula TZXX3911
Ikumbi TZXX0686
Ikumbukwa TZXX3433
Ikungi TZXX5753
Ikungu TZXX5754
Ikungu TZXX3275
Ikungu TZXX7048
Ikuragusa TZXX3912
Ikurugushi TZXX1031
Ikurumi TZXX4173
Ikuti TZXX3434
Ikuu TZXX5434
Ikuwo TZXX0687
Ikuyu TZXX0426
Ikwacho TZXX4174
Ikwambe TZXX4175
Ikwavila TZXX0688
Ikweha TZXX0689
Ikwete TZXX4908
Ikwiriri TZXX4909
Ilagala TZXX0054
Ilala TZXX0293
Ilalangulu TZXX5435
Ilalansimba TZXX5436
Ilama TZXX5437
Ilambila TZXX5438
Ilambo TZXX5439
Ilambo TZXX0690
Ilangala TZXX3913
Ilangali TZXX5755
Ilase TZXX0427
Ilboru TZXX0226
Ilembo TZXX3435
Ilembula TZXX0691
Ilemera TZXX3914
Ilemera TZXX0055
Ilengo TZXX3436
Ilewiro TZXX5756
Ilima TZXX0056
Ilindi TZXX0428
Ilisya TZXX5757
Illindi TZXX0692
Iloba TZXX5440
Ilogolo TZXX3437
Ilola TZXX6038
Ilole TZXX0693
Ilole TZXX0429
Ilolo TZXX3438
Ilolo TZXX0057
Ilomba TZXX3439
Ilonga TZXX5188
Ilonga TZXX4176
Ilongero TZXX5758
Ilongo TZXX5759
Ilongwa TZXX3440
Ilujamate TZXX3915
Ilula TZXX3916
Ilula TZXX6039
Ilulu TZXX3441
Ilunde TZXX5441
Ilunde TZXX1532
Ilunga TZXX7049
Ilungu TZXX3442
Ilungu TZXX7050
Ilusi TZXX0695
Image TZXX0696
Imagi TZXX0697
Imala TZXX6040
Imalagosi TZXX0698
Imalakaseko TZXX7051
Imalamakua TZXX7052
Imalinyi TZXX0699
Imbo TZXX0430
Imesera TZXX6041
Inala TZXX7053
Inanga TZXX4177
Inera TZXX6042
Inonelwa TZXX3917
Inyala TZXX3443
Inyonga TZXX5442
Ipala TZXX0431
Ipalamwa TZXX0700
Ipampha TZXX5760
Ipanduka TZXX5761
Ipangu TZXX3444
Ipanya TZXX3445
Ipata TZXX7054
Ipaya TZXX5189
Ipeja TZXX6043
Ipera TZXX5762
Ipera TZXX4178
Ipera TZXX0432
Ipeta TZXX0701
Ipilili TZXX7055
Ipililo TZXX6044
Ipinda TZXX3446
Ipogoro TZXX3447
Ipokera TZXX0702
Ipole TZXX7056
Ipolomelo TZXX5443
Ipuli TZXX0058
Ipunguli TZXX5763
Ipusuro TZXX5764
Irabiro TZXX1533
Iragua TZXX4179
Iramba TZXX3276
Irambo TZXX3448
Irambokoma TZXX5765
Irangi TZXX0703
Iringa TZXX0704
Iringa-Mvumi TZXX0433
Iringo TZXX3277
Irole TZXX4180
Irondo TZXX0434
Irunda TZXX3918
Isabe TZXX0435
Isagenghe TZXX6045
Isaka TZXX0705
Isaka TZXX7057
Isalala TZXX3449
Isalamagasi TZXX6046
Isambwa TZXX3450
Isanga TZXX0706
Isanga TZXX4181
Isangate TZXX3452
Isanghamwele TZXX6048
Isangwa TZXX5444
Isanza TZXX5766
Isauke TZXX4182
Isawa TZXX5767
Isebania TZXX3278
Isega TZXX4183
Isegehe TZXX6049
Iseke TZXX5768
Iseme TZXX6050
Isenegeza TZXX7058
Isenga TZXX7059
Isenga TZXX0707
Isenyela TZXX3453
Isenyi TZXX0708
Iseramagazi TZXX7060
Isere TZXX0709
Ishbonidamust TZXX4787
Ishozi TZXX1032
Ishvanosas TZXX4788
Isikisia TZXX0059
Isimbira TZXX7061
Isingiro TZXX1033
Isingisha TZXX3919
Isishunu TZXX3920
Ismani TZXX0710
Isoko TZXX3454
Isombe TZXX0711
Isombeka TZXX5769
Isome TZXX0712
Isonga TZXX1534
Issenye TZXX3279
Issui TZXX5770
Issuna TZXX5771
Issuri TZXX7062
Isuja TZXX3921
Isumba TZXX7063
Isungahoro TZXX6051
Isunura TZXX3456
Iswangala TZXX7064
Itaga TZXX0060
Itaga TZXX5445
Itagata TZXX3457
Itaka TZXX0061
Italawe TZXX5772
Itale TZXX3458
Italike TZXX5446
Itamba TZXX3459
Itami TZXX0713
Itamuka TZXX5773
Itanderu TZXX6329
Itanga TZXX0714
Itar TZXX1034
Itara TZXX1035
Itaranganya TZXX6052
Itaro TZXX3280
Itawa TZXX1036
Itawa TZXX3460
Itebeteni TZXX4910
Itele TZXX0715
Itende TZXX5774
Itengeni TZXX6330
Itera TZXX1037
Itete TZXX3461
Itete TZXX4184
Itete TZXX2948
Itetema TZXX5775
Itetemia TZXX5447
Itetemia TZXX0012
Itetemia TZXX3922
Itigi TZXX5776
Itilima TZXX6053
Itimba TZXX5448
Itimba TZXX1038
Itimbia TZXX6054
Itindakusya TZXX1535
Itinde TZXX5449
Itinje TZXX6055
Itiso TZXX0436
Itoba TZXX5450
Itobo TZXX7065
Itonga TZXX3923
Itongobo TZXX7066
Itoto TZXX5451
Itulu TZXX7067
Itumba TZXX5777
Itunda TZXX7068
Itundwi TZXX0437
Itungi Port TZXX3463
Itunundu TZXX0716
Itura TZXX1536
Itwalele TZXX1537
Itwangi TZXX6056
Itwanla Balumwe TZXX7069
Ivuma TZXX0717
Ivuna TZXX3464
Iwanda TZXX3465
Iwanda TZXX3924
Iwawi TZXX0718
Iwenge TZXX0719
Iwensate TZXX7070
Iwimbi TZXX0438
Iwowo TZXX0720
Iyembela TZXX0721
Iyengamulino TZXX1039
Iyije TZXX7071
Iyogi TZXX0722
Iyoma TZXX0439
Iyombo TZXX7072
Izazi TZXX0723
Izigo TZXX1040
Izinga TZXX5452
Izugawima TZXX3925
Izumbwe TZXX3466
Izyomba TZXX5453
Jaani TZXX2168
Jabolo TZXX5778
Jafarini TZXX2169
Jagoma TZXX1810
Jaira TZXX6331
Jaja TZXX4911
Jaje TZXX6332
Jamat Khana TZXX2765
Jambaji TZXX1811
Jambangome TZXX2170
Jambiani TZXX2766
Jamia TZXX2171
Jamkola TZXX5779
Jamvini TZXX2172
Jangalo TZXX0440
Jangwani TZXX2564
Jangwani TZXX2949
Janza TZXX2173
Jareni TZXX1812
Jasini TZXX6333
Jegani TZXX6334
Jekundu TZXX4912
Jekunje TZXX1813
Jelemanga TZXX5454
Jendele TZXX2767
Jendeli TZXX1814
Jendwe TZXX3467
Jengandege TZXX2565
Jengendete TZXX3468
Jeni TZXX2174
Jichwa TZXX1815
Jifenge TZXX2566
Jifunge TZXX2175
Jihinike TZXX6057
Jikangeni TZXX6335
Jila TZXX5190
Jilinge TZXX1816
Jimbi TZXX1538
Jimbo TZXX4913
Jinga TZXX2176
Jiraue TZXX4789
Jirini TZXX6336
Jiriwe TZXX6337
Jiso TZXX1817
Jitenge TZXX2177
Jitenge TZXX1818
Jiwe la Mzungu TZXX2950
Jiwe la Simba TZXX5780
Jogoi TZXX6338
Johannesbrucke TZXX5191
Jojiro TZXX3926
Jojo TZXX2178
Jojwe TZXX1819
Jomba TZXX2567
Jomu TZXX6058
Jomvu TZXX2179
Jondeni TZXX2180
Jondoli TZXX1820
Jongowe TZXX2568
Jorgoi TZXX6059
Jozani TZXX2768
Juakuu TZXX2569
Juamoja TZXX2181
Julani TZXX1821
Jumbakongwe TZXX1822
Jumbe TZXX1823
Jumbi TZXX2769
Jundamiti TZXX2182
Junga TZXX2183
Jungaani TZXX2184
Jungani TZXX2185
Jungu TZXX6339
Junguni TZXX1824
Kaagya TZXX0063
Kaani TZXX2186
Kabagombe TZXX3927
Kabale TZXX6060
Kabanga TZXX7073
Kabanga TZXX1042
Kabaruka TZXX1043
Kabashishi TZXX1044
Kabeba TZXX1539
Kabezi TZXX1045
Kabila TZXX6061
Kabinda TZXX1540
Kabinde TZXX1046
Kabingo TZXX3928
Kabirizi TZXX1047
Kabiso TZXX1048
Kabita TZXX3929
Kabogo TZXX5455
Kabondo TZXX6062
Kaboni TZXX3281
Kabuga TZXX1541
Kabula TZXX3469
Kabulela TZXX5456
Kabungu TZXX5457
Kabusa TZXX1049
Kabuye TZXX1542
Kabwa TZXX5458
Kabwera TZXX1050
Kabwoba TZXX1051
Kachambi TZXX7074
Kacheche TZXX5459
Kachongo TZXX1543
Kadarege TZXX0724
Kadashi TZXX3930
Kadasi TZXX3931
Kadida TZXX1544
Kadificheni TZXX2187
Kaekuu TZXX2770
Kaengesa TZXX5460
Kaerue TZXX6340
Kafisia TZXX5461
Kafuha TZXX1052
Kafukola TZXX5462
Kafumbo TZXX1545
Kafunjo TZXX1053
Kafuro TZXX1054
Kafusu TZXX7075
Kagara TZXX6341
Kagenyi TZXX1055
Kagera TZXX1546
Kagesi TZXX4790
Kagofwa TZXX1056
Kagoma TZXX1057
Kagongo TZXX1547
Kagu TZXX3932
Kagugu TZXX5192
Kagunga TZXX1548
Kagunga TZXX3933
Kagunguli TZXX3934
Kagutu TZXX1058
Kahafe TZXX1059
Kahama TZXX6063
Kahe TZXX1409
Kahengere TZXX1060
Kahororo TZXX1061
Kahunda TZXX3935
Kaibanja TZXX1062
Kainam TZXX4791
Kaisho TZXX1063
Kaiti TZXX0227
Kajengwa TZXX2771
Kajitengi TZXX1825
Kajumbura TZXX1064
Kajunguti TZXX1065
Kakanja TZXX1066
Kakanse TZXX1067
Kakenda TZXX7076
Kakesi TZXX3470
Kakessio TZXX0228
Kakindu TZXX1068
Kakola TZXX7077
Kakoma TZXX5463
Kakoma TZXX7078
Kakoma TZXX1069
Kakonje TZXX5464
Kakonko TZXX1549
Kakoro TZXX3936
Kakungwi TZXX1550
Kakuni TZXX7079
Kakuni TZXX5465
Kakunyu TZXX1070
Kakuraijo TZXX1071
Kala TZXX5466
Kalagwe TZXX7080
Kalalsi TZXX5467
Kalambi TZXX1072
Kalambo TZXX1551
Kalambo TZXX5468
Kalambo TZXX3471
Kalangali TZXX7081
Kalangali TZXX3472
Kalange TZXX6342
Kalema TZXX1073
Kalembera TZXX1074
Kalemera TZXX3937
Kalenga TZXX0064
Kalenge TZXX1075
Kalinga TZXX0725
Kalinzi TZXX1552
Kalitu TZXX6064
Kaliua TZXX7082
Kalo TZXX7083
Kalole TZXX5469
Kaloma TZXX5470
Kalsoli ya Ntuzu TZXX6065
Kalukadjo TZXX1553
Kalumbaleza TZXX5471
Kalumbo TZXX5472
Kalya TZXX1554
Kama TZXX3728
Kamachumu TZXX1076
Kamagambo TZXX1077
Kamalampaka TZXX5473
Kamalulu TZXX6343
Kamanza TZXX1078
Kamarapaka TZXX5474
Kamba TZXX1555
Kamba TZXX3473
Kambaku TZXX0442
Kambania TZXX6344
Kambasegera TZXX3474
Kambi Mamwae TZXX6345
Kambi ya Kanga TZXX6066
Kambini TZXX6346
Kamboni TZXX3282
Kamea TZXX3938
Kamena TZXX3939
Kamisi TZXX1079
Kampi Katoto TZXX3475
Kampisa TZXX1556
Kamsamba TZXX5475
Kamsenga TZXX5476
Kamtimbo TZXX5477
Kamtoli TZXX1410
Kamuli TZXX1080
Kamundi TZXX4480
Kamwanga TZXX5478
Kamwhanga TZXX3940
Kamyela TZXX5479
Kana TZXX6347
Kanambe TZXX2188
Kanambi TZXX1826
Kanazi TZXX0065
Kandaga TZXX1557
Kandali TZXX0066
Kandani TZXX1827
Kandawa TZXX3941
Kandawale TZXX2951
Kanderema TZXX3283
Kandete TZXX3476
Kandulu TZXX5193
Kandwi TZXX2570
Kanga TZXX4914
Kanga TZXX4185
Kanga TZXX3477
Kangagani TZXX2189
Kangani TZXX2190
Kangara TZXX1082
Kangaro TZXX0726
Kangata TZXX6348
Kango TZXX1828
Kango TZXX1083
Kaniha TZXX1084
Kanjina TZXX6349
Kanjumjumere TZXX3478
Kankokwa TZXX5480
Kano TZXX3942
Kansagali TZXX4915
Kansanga TZXX5481
Kanyamisa TZXX1085
Kanyangereko TZXX1086
Kanyani TZXX1558
Kanyasonga TZXX3943
Kanyato TZXX1559
Kanyawikombe TZXX7084
Kanyelele TZXX3944
Kanyigo TZXX1087
Kanyimbi TZXX4481
Kanyinya TZXX1088
Kanyiragwa TZXX1089
Kanyiwiri TZXX5781
Kanyoni TZXX1090
Kanyweni TZXX3729
Kanzu TZXX0727
Kaole TZXX2191
Kaole TZXX4916
Kaosha TZXX1560
Kapalala TZXX3479
Kapalamasenga TZXX5482
Kapande TZXX1561
Kapanga TZXX5483
Kapapa TZXX5484
Kapenta TZXX5485
Kapirulla TZXX1562
Kapiti TZXX5782
Kapompogo TZXX5486
Kaporoma TZXX4186
Kapugi TZXX3480
Kapula TZXX5487
Kapunga TZXX3481
Karabagaine TZXX1091
Karabaka TZXX4917
Karago TZXX1563
Karagwe TZXX1092
Karaize TZXX1093
Karako TZXX6350
Karambi TZXX1094
Karando TZXX1095
Karangai TZXX0229
Karange TZXX2571
Karange TZXX2772
Karatu TZXX0230
Karebezo TZXX3945
Karehe TZXX1096
Karema TZXX5488
Karenge TZXX1097
Karere TZXX1098
Karia TZXX5489
Karo TZXX1099
Karole TZXX4918
Karuduma TZXX1100
Karukwanzi TZXX1101
Karumo TZXX3946
Karunde TZXX7085
Karundo TZXX1564
Karungu TZXX5490
Kasa TZXX1565
Kasacasia TZXX5491
Kasadi TZXX3947
Kasagara TZXX1102
Kasagwe TZXX1566
Kasahunga TZXX3284
Kasaji TZXX6067
Kasaka TZXX1103
Kasala TZXX1104
Kasali TZXX3482
Kasama TZXX1567
Kasamia TZXX5492
Kasamwa TZXX3948
Kasana TZXX1568
Kasanda TZXX1569
Kasandalala TZXX7086
Kasanga TZXX0067
Kasanga TZXX4187
Kasanga TZXX0728
Kasanga TZXX3483
Kasangasi TZXX1570
Kasangwa TZXX5493
Kasanzo TZXX5494
Kasapa TZXX5495
Kasasinyata TZXX5496
Kasato TZXX1105
Kasawe TZXX3484
Kasehela TZXX5497
Kaseke TZXX1571
Kasekera TZXX1572
Kasekera TZXX5498
Kasela TZXX1573
Kasembe TZXX5194
Kasenda TZXX1106
Kasenga TZXX7087
Kaseni TZXX3949
Kasense TZXX7088
Kasera TZXX0443
Kasesa TZXX1574
Kasese TZXX5499
Kasesema TZXX1575
Kashambi TZXX1107
Kashambya TZXX1108
Kashani TZXX1109
Kasharara TZXX1110
Kashasha TZXX1111
Kashenke TZXX5500
Kashenyi TZXX1112
Kasherazi TZXX1113
Kasiga TZXX6351
Kasilo TZXX1114
Kasima TZXX5501
Kasimbo TZXX5502
Kasindaga TZXX1115
Kasisiwa TZXX5503
Kasoge TZXX1576
Kasoma TZXX3285
Kasote TZXX5504
Kassenga TZXX7089
Kasu TZXX5505
Kasuguti TZXX0068
Kasuku TZXX1577
Kasulo TZXX1116
Kasulu TZXX0069
Kasunga TZXX5506
Kasungamile TZXX3950
Kasuno TZXX1117
Kaswa TZXX7090
Kasyeto TZXX3485
Kataborwa TZXX3951
Kataketa TZXX4188
Katale TZXX1578
Katali TZXX5507
Katamba TZXX1579
Katande TZXX5508
Kate TZXX5509
Katende TZXX3952
Katera TZXX1118
Katerero TZXX1119
Katesh TZXX4792
Katete TZXX5510
Katia TZXX0729
Katimba TZXX1120
Katimba TZXX1580
Katimbu TZXX1581
Katipeni TZXX6352
Katisunga TZXX5511
Kato TZXX1121
Katoba TZXX5512
Katobero TZXX1582
Katok TZXX1122
Katoke TZXX1123
Katoke Mission TZXX0070
Katoma TZXX1124
Katomeni TZXX2192
Katoro TZXX1125
Katoto TZXX1583
Katsuba TZXX0444
Katuka TZXX5513
Katuma TZXX5514
Katumba TZXX3486
Katumbi TZXX1584
Katunda TZXX7091
Katunene TZXX1411
Katungulu TZXX0071
Katunguru TZXX7092
Katunguru TZXX1126
Katunguru TZXX3953
Katwa Makondo TZXX5515
Kauzen TZXX4919
Kavanga TZXX1585
Kavumu TZXX1586
Kawambwe TZXX5516
Kawe TZXX7093
Kawera TZXX4482
Kawetiri TZXX3487
Kawi TZXX0294
Kayanga TZXX1127
Kayanza TZXX1128
Kaye TZXX2773
Kayenzi TZXX3954
Kayombo TZXX3488
Kayunga TZXX1129
Kazibuzi TZXX1587
Kazimbani TZXX2193
Kazimoto TZXX4189
Kazimzumbwi TZXX4920
Kazinga TZXX1588
Kazita TZXX6353
Kazole TZXX2572
Kazole TZXX3730
Kazunzu TZXX3955
Kegeani TZXX4921
Kehengere TZXX6354
Keko Chini TZXX0295
Keko Juu TZXX0296
Kelema TZXX0445
Kelle TZXX1829
Kemondo Bay TZXX1130
Kendabi TZXX4793
Kendwa TZXX6355
Kendwa TZXX2573
Kendwa TZXX2194
Kendwa Mchangani TZXX2574
Kenge TZXX6356
Kengege TZXX5783
Kengeja TZXX2195
Kenkombya TZXX3286
Kepwani TZXX2774
Kerege TZXX4922
Kerenge TZXX6357
Kesi TZXX0446
Ketaigwa TZXX3287
Ketwa TZXX2575
Keza TZXX1131
Kharumwa TZXX3956
Kiabakari TZXX3288
Kiagata TZXX3289
Kiaigoni TZXX2196
Kiambokikuu TZXX1830
Kiamboni TZXX3731
Kiamboni TZXX2576
Kianga TZXX1831
Kianga TZXX3732
Kiangani TZXX3733
Kiasi TZXX4923
Kiasind TZXX4794
Kibaani TZXX2775
Kibada TZXX0730
Kibada TZXX0297
Kibadaga TZXX0731
Kibadagi TZXX4190
Kibaha TZXX4924
Kibajanga TZXX2776
Kibakwe TZXX0447
Kibale TZXX1132
Kibali TZXX1133
Kibamba TZXX4925
Kibandai TZXX6358
Kibanduni TZXX6359
Kibanguni TZXX2777
Kibara TZXX0072
Kibare TZXX1134
Kibata TZXX2952
Kibati TZXX4191
Kibau TZXX0732
Kibau Iyayi TZXX0733
Kibaya TZXX4795
Kibaye TZXX6360
Kibayuruka TZXX6361
Kibazi TZXX6362
Kibedya TZXX4192
Kibele TZXX2778
Kibeli TZXX5517
Kibembawe TZXX4193
Kibengu TZXX0734
Kibeni TZXX2577
Kiberashi TZXX6363
Kiberege TZXX4194
Kiberie TZXX1589
Kibewani TZXX6364
Kibigija TZXX2779
Kibimba TZXX1135
Kibinda TZXX6365
Kibindu TZXX6366
Kibingo TZXX1136
Kibiti TZXX4926
Kibodeni TZXX2780
Kibogoizi TZXX1137
Kibohehe TZXX1412
Kiboje TZXX2781
Kiboje Sheha TZXX2782
Kibokonge TZXX1832
Kibokoni TZXX2197
Kiboma TZXX6367
Kibombo TZXX1138
Kibomboi TZXX6368
Kibondeni TZXX2783
Kibondo TZXX1139
Kibondo TZXX1590
Kibongoto TZXX1413
Kibonji TZXX4927
Kibosho TZXX1414
Kibuara TZXX4928
Kibuko TZXX4195
Kibuma TZXX3290
Kibumba TZXX1591
Kibumbiro TZXX1140
Kiburunzi TZXX2198
Kibuta TZXX4929
Kibuteni TZXX2784
Kibutuka TZXX2953
Kibuyo TZXX1592
Kibuyuni TZXX2578
Kibuyuni TZXX2199
Kibwana TZXX5195
Kibwegere TZXX0073
Kibweni TZXX3734
Kibwesa TZXX1593
Kicha TZXX1833
Kichaka TZXX2200
Kichaka TZXX1834
Kichaka Nyuki TZXX2785
Kichaka Punda TZXX3735
Kichakani TZXX1835
Kichalikani TZXX6369
Kichanga TZXX2579
Kichanga Jako TZXX2580
Kichangamwata TZXX1836
Kichangani TZXX1837
Kichangani TZXX2581
Kichange TZXX2201
Kichangui TZXX4931
Kichanjani TZXX1838
Kichanjani TZXX6370
Kichawini TZXX1839
Kicheba TZXX6371
Kichenge TZXX2202
Kichikini TZXX2786
Kichingani TZXX4196
Kichiwana TZXX2203
Kichokoni TZXX2204
Kichoni TZXX2205
Kichungwani TZXX2582
Kichungwani TZXX2787
Kichungwani TZXX2206
Kichungwani TZXX1840
Kichuwani TZXX2207
Kichwele TZXX3736
Kidaazini TZXX2583
Kidabaga TZXX0448
Kidabu TZXX3957
Kidachi TZXX0074
Kidagoni TZXX2584
Kidai TZXX4197
Kidanagwa TZXX4198
Kidareko TZXX6372
Kidaru TZXX5784
Kidatu TZXX4199
Kidau TZXX4483
Kidedi TZXX2954
Kidegembe TZXX0735
Kideleko TZXX6373
Kidema TZXX6068
Kidemeni TZXX2208
Kidenga TZXX2788
Kidenge TZXX0449
Kidenge TZXX4932
Kiderega TZXX0450
Kidete TZXX4200
Kidete TZXX0736
Kidete TZXX0451
Kidevu TZXX0452
Kidia TZXX1415
Kidichi TZXX3737
Kidichi TZXX1841
Kididimu TZXX0453
Kidifu TZXX6374
Kidika TZXX4933
Kidimni TZXX2789
Kidimu TZXX4934
Kidimui TZXX1842
Kidiro TZXX0454
Kidodi TZXX0738
Kidodoma TZXX5196
Kidogo Basi TZXX3738
Kidologwai TZXX6375
Kidomole TZXX4935
Kidoti TZXX2585
Kidugallo TZXX0075
Kidugalo TZXX7094
Kiduka Kongwe TZXX2586
Kidukajua TZXX2790
Kidumba TZXX2955
Kidunda TZXX4202
Kidunda Mbaazi TZXX2587
Kidundani TZXX2791
Kidunguli TZXX2209
Kidunguni TZXX2792
Kidutani TZXX6376
Kidutani TZXX2210
Kidutani TZXX2588
Kidutani TZXX1843
Kidutani TZXX3739
Kiechuru TZXX4936
Kiembeni TZXX2793
Kiembi Samaki TZXX3740
Kifigo TZXX6377
Kifinga TZXX5518
Kifmangao TZXX4937
Kifula TZXX1416
Kifundi TZXX1844
Kifungilo TZXX6378
Kifura TZXX1594
Kigaga TZXX3291
Kigamboni TZXX0298
Kiganga TZXX2794
Kiganga TZXX0739
Kiganga TZXX3741
Kiganja TZXX2589
Kiganza TZXX1595
Kigara TZXX3958
Kigarama TZXX1141
Kigeruka TZXX1142
Kiginga TZXX1143
Kigirini TZXX6379
Kigisu TZXX4938
Kigogo TZXX1596
Kigole TZXX6380
Kigoma TZXX0003
Kigomane TZXX4939
Kigomani TZXX2590
Kigomanunguru TZXX0299
Kigomasha TZXX2212
Kigombani TZXX2213
Kigombe TZXX6381
Kigombe TZXX4203
Kigonero TZXX1598
Kigongo TZXX0300
Kigongo TZXX2214
Kigongo TZXX1144
Kigongoi TZXX6382
Kigongoni TZXX4940
Kigongoni TZXX2795
Kigongoni TZXX2591
Kigongoni TZXX2215
Kigonsera TZXX5197
Kigope TZXX2216
Kigora TZXX4204
Kigorogoro TZXX1145
Kigulunde TZXX6383
Kigunda TZXX2592
Kigunga TZXX6384
Kigunguri TZXX1146
Kigurwe TZXX1599
Kiguweni TZXX2217
Kigwa TZXX0077
Kigwe TZXX0455
Kigwele TZXX6385
Kihagara TZXX5198
Kihanga TZXX0740
Kihanga TZXX4484
Kihangara TZXX2956
Kihanunini TZXX2218
Kihatu TZXX2957
Kihatu Juu TZXX2958
Kihemba TZXX3292
Kihinda TZXX1147
Kihindi TZXX2959
Kihitu TZXX6386
Kihoba TZXX2960
Kihogoni TZXX2219
Kihongo TZXX4485
Kihongwe TZXX6387
Kihuhwi TZXX6388
Kihulila TZXX5199
Kihulula TZXX0741
Kihuma TZXX2961
Kihundo TZXX2962
Kihungura TZXX3959
Kihurio TZXX1417
Kijage TZXX2593
Kijangani TZXX2220
Kijangwani TZXX3742
Kijawi TZXX2221
Kijeleshi TZXX3960
Kijibwe Chui TZXX2796
Kijichame TZXX1846
Kijichi TZXX2797
Kijima TZXX3961
Kijimoto TZXX2594
Kijimwili TZXX2222
Kijinga TZXX3962
Kijini TZXX2798
Kijini TZXX2595
Kijipu TZXX1847
Kijiweni TZXX1848
Kijiweni TZXX2223
Kijogooni TZXX2224
Kijosi TZXX5200
Kijota TZXX5785
Kijuki TZXX1849
Kijumbura TZXX1148
Kijungo TZXX1850
Kijungu TZXX4796
Kijuni TZXX2799
Kijuuni TZXX2800
Kijuuni TZXX3743
Kikaangoni TZXX3744
Kikadini TZXX2801
Kikalacha TZXX1851
Kikalala TZXX4205
Kikale TZXX1149
Kikanda TZXX2963
Kikanga TZXX1150
Kikangoni TZXX2225
Kikaru TZXX3293
Kikeo TZXX0078
Kikoboga TZXX0079
Kikobweni TZXX2596
Kikoga TZXX0742
Kikoka TZXX4942
Kikokoni TZXX2226
Kikokweni TZXX6389
Kikola TZXX0456
Kikole TZXX2964
Kikole TZXX5786
Kikomakoma TZXX1151
Kikombe Tele TZXX2597
Kikombo TZXX0457
Kikomelo TZXX1152
Kikondo TZXX3489
Kikone TZXX2965
Kikongo TZXX3963
Kikongo TZXX4943
Kikongwe TZXX2227
Kikopo TZXX2966
Kikore TZXX0458
Kikorue TZXX0743
Kikotiketi TZXX2967
Kikowke TZXX2228
Kikozi TZXX2802
Kikubiji TZXX3964
Kikukuru TZXX1153
Kikundi TZXX2968
Kikundi TZXX4206
Kikungeni TZXX1852
Kikungwi TZXX2803
Kikunjuni TZXX2229
Kikutani TZXX2804
Kikuyu TZXX5787
Kikuyu TZXX0459
Kikwacheni TZXX2805
Kikwata TZXX0744
Kikwate TZXX4944
Kikwega TZXX3490
Kilabela TZXX6069
Kilala TZXX0745
Kilale TZXX0080
Kilalo TZXX3965
Kilama TZXX4207
Kilambakitali TZXX0746
Kilambo TZXX3491
Kilanga TZXX6390
Kilangala TZXX5519
Kilangali TZXX4208
Kilangwi TZXX6391
Kilanze TZXX0747
Kilawalawa TZXX5201
Kilehe TZXX1154
Kilengezi TZXX4209
Kilengwe TZXX4210
Kileti TZXX6392
Kilewajuni TZXX2230
Kilewele TZXX0748
Kilima Cheche TZXX2806
Kilima Fedha TZXX3294
Kilima Juu TZXX2598
Kilima Juu Pwani TZXX2599
Kilimajuu TZXX1853
Kilimandege TZXX1854
Kilimangombe TZXX6393
Kilimangwido TZXX6394
Kilimani TZXX2600
Kilimani TZXX3745
Kilimani TZXX4945
Kilimani TZXX2231
Kilimarondo TZXX2969
Kilimatinde TZXX5788
Kilimeza TZXX2232
Kilimi TZXX6070
Kilimni TZXX1855
Kilimni TZXX2233
Kilindi TZXX4946
Kilindi TZXX2234
Kilindi TZXX2601
Kilindi TZXX6395
Kilindini TZXX1856
Kilindoni TZXX4947
Kilingeni TZXX1857
Kilohilye TZXX1600
Kilole TZXX6396
Kilole TZXX4948
Kilolele TZXX6071
Kiloleli TZXX7095
Kiloleli TZXX6072
Kiloleli TZXX3966
Kiloleri TZXX6073
Kiloli TZXX7096
Kilolo TZXX0749
Kilomeni TZXX1418
Kilondo TZXX0750
Kilosa TZXX0081
Kilosa kwa Mpepo TZXX4211
Kilulu TZXX6397
Kilulu TZXX2235
Kilulu TZXX6074
Kilumbi TZXX7097
Kilumbwa TZXX0751
Kilundooni TZXX2236
Kilungula TZXX2970
Kilunguru TZXX0460
Kilwa TZXX2237
Kilwa Kisiwani TZXX2971
Kilwa Kivinje TZXX2972
Kilwa Masoko TZXX2973
Kimaga TZXX0461
Kimalapamba TZXX1601
Kimali TZXX6075
Kimamba TZXX4213
Kimamba TZXX6399
Kimambi TZXX2974
Kimande TZXX0752
Kimanga TZXX1155
Kimanga TZXX6400
Kimangaro TZXX1419
Kimango TZXX1858
Kimani TZXX0753
Kimani TZXX3492
Kimara TZXX0301
Kimato TZXX0754
Kimbago TZXX6076
Kimbanga TZXX1602
Kimbe TZXX6401
Kimberambana TZXX2975
Kimbiji TZXX0302
Kimbini TZXX2238
Kimbo TZXX6402
Kimbuni TZXX2239
Kimembe TZXX2602
Kimenya TZXX0755
Kimero TZXX4214
Kimia TZXX2240
Kimilawonga TZXX0756
Kimisi TZXX1156
Kimpindu TZXX0462
Kimpunda TZXX5789
Kimu TZXX2807
Kimu TZXX6403
Kimuli TZXX1157
Kimuli TZXX0463
Kimunyu TZXX6404
Kimura TZXX1603
Kinambeu TZXX5790
Kinambo TZXX5520
Kinampanda TZXX5791
Kinandi TZXX2808
Kinangala TZXX0757
Kinangali TZXX0464
Kinangulu TZXX0465
Kinani TZXX5521
Kinazini TZXX2241
Kinazini TZXX1859
Kindani TZXX2242
Kindimba TZXX5202
Kindito TZXX2976
Kindu TZXX5522
Kindunguni TZXX6405
Kinduni TZXX2809
Kinduni TZXX2603
Kinduni Mchonga TZXX2604
Kinesi TZXX3295
Kinessa TZXX4949
Kingalamila TZXX4215
Kingali TZXX0466
Kinginya TZXX5792
Kingoji TZXX2243
Kingolowira TZXX4216
Kingolwira TZXX4217
Kingomba TZXX6406
Kingombe TZXX6407
Kingoni TZXX2810
Kingori TZXX1420
Kinguga TZXX3493
Kinhwa TZXX7098
Kininga TZXX7099
Kinjacha TZXX2977
Kinjumbi TZXX2978
Kino Cha Mdo TZXX3746
Kino Cha Moshi TZXX3747
Kinoga TZXX0758
Kinole TZXX4218
Kinondoni TZXX0303
Kinonko TZXX4219
Kinsasi TZXX0467
Kintinku TZXX5793
Kinuni TZXX3748
Kinununa TZXX1860
Kinusi TZXX0468
Kinwichiro TZXX2979
Kinyafungo TZXX6408
Kinyambuli TZXX5794
Kinyambwa TZXX0469
Kinyamsindo TZXX0470
Kinyangiri TZXX5795
Kinyasi TZXX0471
Kinyasili TZXX5796
Kinyasini TZXX2811
Kinyasini TZXX1861
Kinyasini TZXX2244
Kinyatu TZXX6409
Kinyawiri TZXX4797
Kinyekani TZXX1862
Kinyenzi TZXX4220
Kinyika TZXX0083
Kinyika TZXX0082
Kinyika TZXX0759
Kinyongi TZXX1158
Kinyongo TZXX2812
Kinza TZXX6077
Kioga TZXX0231
Kiombo TZXX7100
Kiomboi TZXX5797
Kiomboni TZXX4950
Kiomoni TZXX6410
Kiona TZXX4951
Kiongoni TZXX2813
Kionwa TZXX2245
Kipako TZXX0760
Kipalapala TZXX7101
Kipamba TZXX5798
Kipampa TZXX3494
Kipampwa TZXX5799
Kipandi TZXX2980
Kipandoni TZXX2814
Kipanga TZXX7102
Kipanga TZXX5523
Kipanga TZXX4952
Kipanga TZXX0472
Kipangala TZXX3495
Kipangani TZXX1863
Kipange TZXX2606
Kipange TZXX2246
Kipange TZXX3749
Kipange TZXX1864
Kipangi TZXX1865
Kipapa TZXX5203
Kipapu TZXX2981
Kipara TZXX0304
Kipatimu TZXX2982
Kipebeta TZXX0473
Kipelele TZXX0761
Kipembawe TZXX3496
Kipengele TZXX0762
Kipera TZXX0763
Kipera TZXX5800
Kiperani TZXX1866
Kiperebetu TZXX0764
Kiperere Juu TZXX2983
Kipeta TZXX5524
Kiphuju TZXX2815
Kipigini TZXX2247
Kipili TZXX7103
Kipili TZXX5525
Kipindi TZXX3497
Kipindimbi TZXX5204
Kipinewi TZXX4953
Kipojora TZXX5205
Kipolo TZXX5526
Kiponda TZXX6411
Kiponzelo TZXX0084
Kipororo TZXX2984
Kipula TZXX5801
Kipumbwi TZXX6412
Kipungani Fuoni TZXX3750
Kipungira TZXX4954
Kipungu TZXX0474
Kipupuni TZXX2816
Kipwe TZXX1867
Kiraguju TZXX1159
Kirambo TZXX0475
Kirambo TZXX5527
Kirando TZXX5528
Kiranjerange TZXX2985
Kirau TZXX6413
Kirefu TZXX0765
Kirege TZXX3296
Kirehe TZXX1160
Kiriba TZXX3297
Kiriluni TZXX2248
Kirimbiro TZXX4955
Kiriwani TZXX6414
Kiroeka TZXX1868
Kirogwe TZXX5529
Kiroka TZXX4221
Kiromo TZXX4956
Kirondatal TZXX5802
Kirongo TZXX1421
Kirongo TZXX2986
Kirongwe TZXX4957
Kironjengwale TZXX2987
Kironjo TZXX1869
Kiroreri TZXX3298
Kiru TZXX4798
Kirua TZXX1422
Kirua Vunjo TZXX1423
Kirugu TZXX3299
Kirumi TZXX5803
Kirumi TZXX3300
Kirungwi TZXX1605
Kiruni TZXX4958
Kiruruma TZXX1161
Kirurumo TZXX5804
Kirusi TZXX5530
Kirwa TZXX1870
Kirya TZXX1424
Kisa TZXX5531
Kisaba TZXX1606
Kisabo TZXX3967
Kisada TZXX0766
Kisaho TZXX1162
Kisaka TZXX3301
Kisakasaka Pwani TZXX2818
Kisaki TZXX5805
Kisaki TZXX0085
Kisalaka TZXX6415
Kisalalo TZXX5806
Kisambi TZXX4959
Kisana TZXX5807
Kisanga TZXX0767
Kisanga TZXX0086
Kisanga TZXX3498
Kisanga TZXX4222
Kisanga TZXX1607
Kisangala TZXX5808
Kisangala TZXX6416
Kisangire TZXX4960
Kisangwa TZXX3302
Kisaoni TZXX1871
Kisarawe TZXX4961
Kisasa TZXX1164
Kisasa TZXX1608
Kisasa TZXX6417
Kisasida TZXX5809
Kisasuro TZXX1872
Kisauke TZXX4962
Kisauni TZXX3751
Kisawasawa TZXX0768
Kisega TZXX0769
Kisengi TZXX7105
Kisensegere TZXX5532
Kisere TZXX0770
Kisesa TZXX6078
Kisese TZXX1609
Kisessa TZXX3968
Kish Kash TZXX1873
Kishanda TZXX1165
Kishanje TZXX1166
Kishao TZXX1167
Kishapu TZXX6079
Kishogo TZXX1168
Kishoju TZXX1169
Kishoyu TZXX1170
Kisi TZXX5533
Kisiju TZXX0087
Kisikimta TZXX6418
Kisilwa TZXX0771
Kisima TZXX0476
Kisima Mchanga TZXX2819
Kisimani TZXX2607
Kisimani Mafia TZXX4963
Kisimanyando TZXX2249
Kisimatui TZXX6419
Kisinga Rugaro TZXX0772
Kisingani TZXX6420
Kisingipumba TZXX4964
Kisiriri TZXX5810
Kisisi TZXX3303
Kisitu TZXX1874
Kisitwe TZXX4223
Kisiwani TZXX1875
Kisiwani TZXX6421
Kisiwani TZXX1425
Kisiwani TZXX2250
Kisiwani Mabaoni TZXX1876
Kisodji TZXX1610
Kisogwa TZXX1611
Kisomanga TZXX2820
Kisomo TZXX4224
Kisongo TZXX2988
Kisongoni TZXX2608
Kisongoni TZXX2821
Kisoria TZXX3304
Kisosora TZXX6422
Kissio TZXX4225
Kisua TZXX5534
Kisuka TZXX4965
Kisumba TZXX5535
Kisungu TZXX6080
Kisuzi TZXX1612
Kiswa TZXX4486
Kiswago TZXX4226
Kiswani TZXX6423
Kiswere TZXX2989
Kiswite TZXX5536
Kitabweni TZXX6424
Kitafubu TZXX3305
Kitagalu TZXX3499
Kitagasa TZXX3500
Kitage TZXX7106
Kitala TZXX0477
Kitalala TZXX6081
Kitaloma TZXX3969
Kitaluni TZXX2609
Kitama TZXX4487
Kitambi TZXX1171
Kitambula TZXX6425
Kitambuni TZXX2251
Kitambuuni TZXX1877
Kitanda TZXX5206
Kitandi TZXX2990
Kitandu TZXX3306
Kitanga TZXX5537
Kitangafula TZXX6426
Kitangari TZXX4488
Kitango TZXX1878
Kitara TZXX6427
Kitatalo TZXX5811
Kitati TZXX0479
Kitaya TZXX0088
Kitemondo TZXX4966
Kitendaguro TZXX1172
Kitengwa TZXX1173
Kitera TZXX1174
Kitere TZXX2991
Kiterere TZXX3307
Kitete TZXX3501
Kitete TZXX5812
Kitete TZXX5538
Kiteto TZXX4799
Kitigida TZXX5813
Kitinde TZXX3502
Kitingi TZXX4967
Kitisi TZXX0773
Kititimo TZXX5814
Kitivo TZXX6428
Kitobo TZXX1175
Kitogani TZXX2822
Kitoko TZXX1176
Kitoma TZXX1177
Kitomanga TZXX2992
Kitomondo TZXX4227
Kitomondo TZXX4968
Kitondo TZXX4489
Kitonga TZXX4228
Kitonga TZXX4969
Kitongani TZXX3753
Kitongani TZXX2610
Kitongo TZXX3970
Kitongwa TZXX5539
Kitoorve TZXX6429
Kitope TZXX2611
Kitope Mkumbi TZXX2613
Kitoto TZXX5815
Kituli TZXX6430
Kitulo TZXX5207
Kitumba TZXX2823
Kitumbeine TZXX0232
Kitumbi TZXX6431
Kitumbini TZXX2993
Kitumbo TZXX2824
Kitunda TZXX7107
Kitunda TZXX6432
Kitunda TZXX2994
Kitundu TZXX1178
Kitundu TZXX3754
Kitundu Bondeni TZXX3755
Kitunduini TZXX2252
Kitundwini TZXX1879
Kitungani TZXX2614
Kitungole TZXX1179
Kitunguli TZXX0089
Kitungulu TZXX5540
Kituntu TZXX1180
Kituoni TZXX2825
Kitutia TZXX1880
Kitutia TZXX3757
Kitutui TZXX2253
Kitwe TZXX1181
Kitwea TZXX2254
Kitwechenkula TZXX1182
Kiuleula TZXX2995
Kiuli TZXX2255
Kiunduu TZXX2615
Kiundwi TZXX2826
Kiungani TZXX2616
Kiungani TZXX2827
Kiungani TZXX3758
Kiungani TZXX1881
Kiungani TZXX6433
Kiungule TZXX4229
Kiuyu TZXX1882
Kividani TZXX1883
Kivindani TZXX6434
Kivindi TZXX0480
Kivindo TZXX6435
Kivingo TZXX6436
Kivitaga TZXX1613
Kivogo TZXX1614
Kivomoni TZXX2256
Kivoruga TZXX2257
Kivugo TZXX1884
Kivugo TZXX4970
Kivuko TZXX3503
Kivukoni TZXX6437
Kivukoni TZXX4230
Kivumba TZXX1615
Kivumiro TZXX6438
Kivumo TZXX6439
Kivumoni TZXX1885
Kivunge TZXX2617
Kivungu TZXX4231
Kiwaa TZXX2259
Kiwaleni TZXX1886
Kiwambani TZXX1887
Kiwambar TZXX2260
Kiwan TZXX2261
Kiwanda TZXX6440
Kiwandani TZXX2828
Kiwangwa TZXX4971
Kiwani TZXX2262
Kiwani TZXX2829
Kiwani TZXX1888
Kiwanja TZXX3504
Kiwapwa TZXX2263
Kiwatama TZXX2996
Kiwavu TZXX1889
Kiwavu TZXX6441
Kiwawa TZXX2997
Kiwaye TZXX3971
Kiwe TZXX6442
Kiwengulo TZXX4490
Kiwengwa TZXX2618
Kiweni TZXX2264
Kiwere TZXX0774
Kiwere TZXX3505
Kiwira TZXX3506
Kiwisa TZXX0090
Kiyaya TZXX5208
Kizala TZXX6443
Kiziba TZXX1616
Kizimbani TZXX1890
Kizimbani TZXX3759
Kizimbani TZXX2998
Kizimcheli TZXX3760
Kizimkazi TZXX2830
Kiziramuyaga TZXX1183
Kiziwa TZXX6444
Kiziwa TZXX4232
Kiziwa Nyambo TZXX2619
Kiziwamaji TZXX2265
Kiziwani TZXX2620
Kizombwa TZXX2266
Kizomora TZXX4972
Kizumba TZXX6445
Kizumbi TZXX6082
Kizumbi TZXX5541
Kizungu TZXX2267
Kizuvu TZXX1617
Koani TZXX2831
Koani Ndogo TZXX2832
Kofi TZXX6446
Koga TZXX7108
Kojani TZXX1891
Kokirie TZXX1426
Koko Beach TZXX0305
Kokota TZXX1892
Kokoto TZXX7109
Kokoto TZXX0775
Kokoto TZXX4973
Kola TZXX4974
Kolasingo TZXX6447
Kolekero TZXX1184
Kolekole TZXX6448
Kolero TZXX4233
Kolo TZXX0481
Kolokonda TZXX0482
Koloni TZXX4234
Kolumbiri TZXX0483
Komakya TZXX1427
Komalyango TZXX1428
Komasi TZXX0484
Komba TZXX1893
Kombani TZXX1894
Kombe TZXX7110
Kombeni TZXX2268
Kombeni TZXX3761
Kombeni Chuuni TZXX3762
Kombeni Malindi TZXX3763
Kombeni Uwandani TZXX3764
Kombeni Ziwani TZXX3765
Kombola TZXX4235
Komboni TZXX2269
Komela TZXX5542
Komkomba TZXX4975
Komnazi TZXX6449
Komsala TZXX6450
Komsiri TZXX6451
Komwasu TZXX6452
Konde TZXX0091
Kondoa TZXX0485
Kongei TZXX6453
Kongeni TZXX2621
Kongo TZXX2270
Kongobe TZXX6454
Kongogo TZXX0486
Kongolo TZXX3972
Kongomani TZXX2271
Kongoo TZXX2622
Kongoro TZXX7111
Kongwa TZXX0487
Konkwa TZXX1618
Konsay TZXX0233
Kopole TZXX2272
Korodiga TZXX6455
Korogombe TZXX4976
Korogwe TZXX0092
Koromije TZXX3973
Korongo TZXX5816
Korongwe TZXX5543
Koswe TZXX5544
Kotakota TZXX4236
Koveni TZXX2273
Kovkovu TZXX6456
Kowak TZXX3308
Ktombeni TZXX4977
Kua TZXX4978
Kuani TZXX6457
Kubankoro TZXX0488
Kufile TZXX2834
Kuhi TZXX5817
Kukuu TZXX2274
Kulasi TZXX6458
Kulikilo TZXX6083
Kulilia TZXX2275
Kului TZXX4979
Kululu TZXX7112
Kuluni TZXX6459
Kulwi TZXX4980
Kumba TZXX4237
Kumba TZXX4981
Kumba Urembo TZXX2623
Kumbamtoni TZXX6460
Kumbini TZXX2835
Kumburu TZXX6461
Kumsenga TZXX1619
Kumubuga TZXX1185
Kumurara TZXX1620
Kumuvanike TZXX1186
Kumwanzi TZXX0776
Kunagongo TZXX1895
Kunduchi TZXX0306
Kunduchini TZXX3766
Kunga TZXX1621
Kunga TZXX6462
Kungani TZXX1896
Kungeni TZXX2276
Kungoni TZXX2277
Kungoni TZXX1897
Kungu TZXX1622
Kungumoga TZXX2278
Kunguni TZXX2279
Kunguni TZXX1898
Kungurwe TZXX4982
Kungusu TZXX6084
Kungutas TZXX3507
Kungwi TZXX2836
Kupembe TZXX2999
Kurasini TZXX0307
Kureke TZXX2624
Kurio TZXX0489
Kuru TZXX5818
Kurugee TZXX3309
Kurumunhi TZXX7113
Kuruti TZXX4983
Kurutini TZXX4984
Kurwaki TZXX3310
Kuta TZXX4800
Kutani TZXX0308
Kuumbi TZXX2837
Kuuta TZXX0490
Kuwani TZXX2838
Kuwea TZXX3000
Kuyuni TZXX2280
Kwa Diwani TZXX0309
Kwa Kuchinia TZXX0234
Kwa Luvinsia TZXX5545
Kwa Mhinda TZXX4985
Kwa Moyo TZXX4238
Kwa Mtoro TZXX0491
Kwaba TZXX4239
Kwabado TZXX1899
Kwabamba TZXX3508
Kwabau TZXX6463
Kwabaya TZXX6464
Kwabeko TZXX6465
Kwabigo TZXX4986
Kwaboli TZXX6466
Kwachaga TZXX6467
Kwachindo TZXX6468
Kwachui TZXX2281
Kwadihinda TZXX4240
Kwadihombo TZXX4241
Kwadinguso TZXX6469
Kwadirema TZXX4987
Kwadisegi TZXX6470
Kwadole TZXX4242
Kwadundwa TZXX6471
Kwafungo TZXX6472
Kwaga TZXX1623
Kwagugura TZXX6473
Kwagunda TZXX6474
Kwagungwe TZXX6475
Kwahaga TZXX6476
Kwai TZXX6477
Kwajambi TZXX6478
Kwajoto TZXX2282
Kwakibike TZXX0777
Kwakifaru TZXX6479
Kwakirobo TZXX2839
Kwakoa TZXX1429
Kwale TZXX4988
Kwale TZXX1900
Kwale TZXX6480
Kwalei TZXX6481
Kwaluma TZXX6482
Kwalusonge TZXX6483
Kwamabeto TZXX6484
Kwamagome TZXX6485
Kwamaleni TZXX6486
Kwamanga TZXX2283
Kwamanga TZXX6487
Kwamanyama TZXX6488
Kwamaromo TZXX6489
Kwambala TZXX6490
Kwambani TZXX2840
Kwambelwa TZXX6491
Kwambi TZXX5209
Kwamema TZXX1901
Kwamglami TZXX6492
Kwamgumi TZXX6493
Kwamgwe TZXX6494
Kwamhanya TZXX6495
Kwamiali TZXX6496
Kwamifua TZXX6497
Kwamkema TZXX6498
Kwamkembe TZXX6499
Kwamkole TZXX6500
Kwamkongo TZXX6501
Kwamkono TZXX6502
Kwamkunde TZXX6503
Kwamkuti TZXX6504
Kwamndolwa TZXX6505
Kwamneke TZXX6506
Kwamnele TZXX4243
Kwamnere TZXX6507
Kwamsisi TZXX6508
Kwamsiziro TZXX4989
Kwamume TZXX6509
Kwamunibulu TZXX6510
Kwamwenda TZXX6511
Kwanaozi TZXX1902
Kwandimu TZXX6512
Kwandolo TZXX6513
Kwangwazi TZXX4990
Kwankonje TZXX6514
Kwanwande TZXX6515
Kwanyange TZXX4991
Kwanyangu TZXX4992
Kwaraguru TZXX6516
Kwarara TZXX3767
Kwaraza TZXX4993
Kware TZXX1430
Kwarokoka TZXX6517
Kwaru TZXX4994
Kwaruwara TZXX6518
Kwasasa TZXX5819
Kwasemakarawe TZXX6519
Kwashemshi TZXX6520
Kwasi TZXX4995
Kwasigi TZXX6521
Kwasikitu TZXX6522
Kwasunga TZXX6523
Kwasuyu TZXX6524
Kwata TZXX6525
Kwazemgeba TZXX6526
Kwebona TZXX2841
Kwebumba TZXX6527
Kwebwewe TZXX6528
Kwediboma TZXX6529
Kwedichele TZXX6530
Kwedigaso TZXX6531
Kwedigeri TZXX6532
Kwedigongo TZXX6533
Kwedilema TZXX6534
Kwedirema TZXX6535
Kwedivunda TZXX6536
Kwediyuye TZXX6537
Kwedizando TZXX6538
Kwediziwa TZXX6539
Kwegundi TZXX6540
Kwekivu TZXX6541
Kwekongo TZXX6542
Kwelikwiji TZXX4244
Kwelnumba TZXX6543
Kwemashai TZXX6544
Kwemdege TZXX6545
Kwemdimo TZXX6546
Kwemiangwa TZXX6547
Kwemkole TZXX6548
Kwemkuyu TZXX6549
Kwemnazi TZXX6550
Kwemsara TZXX6551
Kwemula TZXX6552
Kwemweleti TZXX6553
Kwendelema TZXX6554
Kwengoma TZXX6555
Kwenjuga TZXX6556
Kweshoke TZXX6557
Kwetango TZXX6558
Kwevihingo TZXX6559
Kwezani TZXX2284
Kwigutu TZXX3311
Kwikuba TZXX3312
Kwitaba TZXX1624
Kwitanda TZXX5210
Kwoguni TZXX2285
Kyabale TZXX1187
Kyaka TZXX0093
Kyakulu TZXX4997
Kyamboni TZXX1903
Kyamnyorwa TZXX1188
Kyamsambeta TZXX3313
Kyamuraire TZXX1189
Kyamutaga TZXX1190
Kyangale TZXX2842
Kyebisagazi TZXX1191
Kyela TZXX3509
Kyense TZXX7114
Kyerunga TZXX1192
Kyerwa TZXX1193
Kyerwa Syndicate TZXX1194
Kyimo TZXX3510
Kyoni TZXX1904
Kyoto TZXX1195
Laela TZXX5546
Lafuu TZXX1905
Laglangionid TZXX4801
Lagossa TZXX1625
Lakalanga TZXX5820
Laki TZXX1906
Lalago TZXX6085
Lalta TZXX0492
Lamba TZXX5821
Landamilumba TZXX5547
Landanai TZXX4802
Langata TZXX6560
Langero TZXX5211
Langiro TZXX5212
Langoni TZXX6561
Langoni TZXX3768
Laranidera TZXX4803
Lariboro TZXX0235
Latta TZXX5822
Legele TZXX3511
Legeza TZXX6562
Legeza TZXX5548
Legezamwendo TZXX5549
Lekuruki TZXX1431
Lelwa TZXX6563
Lembeni TZXX1432
Lemesikio TZXX0236
Lemira TZXX1433
Letetungu TZXX2286
Lewa TZXX6564
Liahamili TZXX3512
Libali TZXX4245
Libobe TZXX4491
Libobi TZXX5213
Lichehe TZXX4492
Lichijiri TZXX3001
Lidumbe TZXX4493
Lienje TZXX4494
Lifatico TZXX0493
Liganga TZXX0778
Liganga TZXX5214
Ligembe TZXX3974
Ligera TZXX0094
Ligoma TZXX5216
Ligunga TZXX5217
Ligwera TZXX3002
Lihanika TZXX0779
Lihigo TZXX5218
Lihimalyao TZXX3003
Lihogoha TZXX0780
Lihonja TZXX3004
Lihuhu TZXX5219
Likawage TZXX3005
Likenejo TZXX6086
Likokona TZXX4495
Likonde TZXX5220
Likonga TZXX3006
Likuena TZXX3007
Likuna TZXX4496
Likuyu TZXX5221
Likwaya TZXX3008
Lilala TZXX4497
Lilambo TZXX5222
Lilombe TZXX4498
Liloya TZXX5223
Liloyo TZXX4499
Limanda TZXX2287
Limani TZXX2288
Limbado TZXX4804
Limbani TZXX1908
Limbolimboni TZXX2289
Linda TZXX5224
Lindi TZXX3009
Lingaula TZXX3010
Lipagama TZXX3513
Liparamba TZXX5225
Lipateka TZXX5226
Lipingo TZXX5227
Lipumba TZXX5228
Lipumbulu TZXX3011
Lipumburu TZXX4500
Lipungi TZXX4246
Lipupuma TZXX5229
Lipuyu TZXX3012
Lipwidi TZXX4501
Lisekese TZXX4502
Lisitu TZXX0781
Liteho TZXX4503
Litembe TZXX4504
Litembo TZXX5230
Litemula TZXX4505
Litisha TZXX5231
Litola TZXX5232
Litoo TZXX3013
Lituhi Mission TZXX5233
Litumbi TZXX3514
Liula TZXX5234
Liwale TZXX4247
Liwale TZXX3014
Liwale Chini TZXX3015
Liwale Juu TZXX3016
Liwawa TZXX5235
Liwuka TZXX4248
Loduma TZXX0782
Lofi TZXX0783
Logi TZXX0494
Loginya TZXX0237
Lohomero TZXX0784
Lohumbo TZXX6087
Loibor Serrit TZXX4805
Loiborsoit TZXX0238
Lokoma TZXX1626
Loleshya TZXX5550
Loliondo TZXX0239
Lolkisale TZXX0240
Lomango TZXX4249
Lombetu TZXX1434
Lombwe TZXX6565
Lomodian TZXX6566
Londo TZXX5236
Lonesome TZXX3314
Longa TZXX5237
Longido TZXX0241
Losilosimba TZXX5823
Lowa TZXX6088
Loya TZXX7115
Lu Hama TZXX1196
Luagala TZXX4506
Luande TZXX6567
Luangwa TZXX7116
Luanungu TZXX3975
Luatala TZXX4507
Luatu TZXX0495
Lubaga TZXX0095
Lubalisi TZXX1627
Lubata TZXX4250
Lubembe TZXX6568
Lubira TZXX1628
Lubiri TZXX3976
Lubugu TZXX3977
Lubugwe TZXX1629
Lubulilo TZXX1630
Lubumba TZXX1631
Lubumba TZXX3978
Lubungo TZXX4251
Lubungu TZXX0785
Luchemi TZXX4508
Luchesi TZXX5238
Luchingu TZXX4509
Luchomo TZXX6569
Luega TZXX5551
Luelampulla TZXX1632
Lufu TZXX0496
Lufubu TZXX1633
Lufungu TZXX1634
Lufusi TZXX0497
Lugaga TZXX6570
Lugagara TZXX5239
Lugalika TZXX1635
Lugalu TZXX0096
Luganga TZXX0786
Luganzo TZXX7117
Lugari TZXX5240
Lughundwa TZXX0498
Lugilatuku TZXX5824
Lugo TZXX4510
Lugoba TZXX4998
Lugoda TZXX4252
Lugolu TZXX0787
Lugombo TZXX3515
Lugonezi TZXX1636
Lugongo TZXX6571
Lugongo TZXX3979
Lugufu TZXX0097
Lugunda TZXX7118
Lugunga TZXX1637
Lugurt TZXX6089
Luguru TZXX6090
Luguru TZXX0242
Luguru ya Mbuga TZXX6091
Luguruka TZXX5241
Luguzi TZXX6572
Luhanga TZXX3516
Luhira TZXX5242
Luhombero TZXX4253
Luhombo TZXX6092
Luhomero TZXX0499
Luhumbo TZXX6093
Luhungiro TZXX4254
Luhuni TZXX5243
Luiche TZXX1638
Luika TZXX3517
Luisi TZXX0310
Lujebe TZXX1197
Lukamanga TZXX4255
Lukandamila TZXX1639
Lukanga TZXX4999
Lukangazi TZXX4256
Lukare TZXX1198
Lukata TZXX3518
Lukigura TZXX5000
Lukila TZXX0788
Lukinao TZXX6573
Lukohe TZXX4511
Lukokoda TZXX4512
Lukokorome TZXX1199
Lukole TZXX0500
Lukolini TZXX5552
Lukomo TZXX5825
Lukosi TZXX6574
Lukosi TZXX4257
Lukula TZXX4513
Lukula TZXX7119
Lukuledi TZXX4514
Lukuliro TZXX3017
Lukumbi TZXX4515
Lukumbule TZXX5244
Lukumburu TZXX0789
Lukundi TZXX3018
Lukungu TZXX3980
Lukungwe TZXX1640
Lukwamba TZXX4516
Lukwati TZXX3519
Lukwika TZXX4517
Lulago TZXX6575
Lulangulu TZXX5553
Lulanguru TZXX7120
Lulemera TZXX1641
Lulindi TZXX4518
Lumba Chini TZXX4258
Lumbe TZXX7121
Lumbiji TZXX4259
Lumbira TZXX3520
Lumbwa TZXX1642
Lumbye TZXX1643
Lumecha TZXX5245
Lumesule TZXX4519
Lumesule Juu TZXX3019
Lumiko TZXX0790
Lumoga TZXX3981
Lumuma TZXX0501
Lumumwu TZXX4260
Lundu TZXX5246
Lungulo TZXX6577
Lunguya TZXX6094
Lunguza TZXX6578
Lungwa TZXX0791
Lupa Market TZXX3521
Lupalilo TZXX0792
Lupaso TZXX4520
Lupata TZXX3522
Lupatingatinga TZXX3523
Lupila TZXX0793
Lupiro TZXX4261
Lupunga TZXX5001
Lusahunga TZXX1200
Lusanda TZXX1644
Lusangwe TZXX5554
Lusembwa TZXX5555
Lusewa TZXX5247
Lushoto TZXX1435
Lushoto TZXX6579
Lusinde TZXX5556
Lusonge TZXX4262
Lusonja TZXX5248
Lusonje TZXX4521
Lusujila TZXX5249
Lusungi TZXX4263
Lusungo TZXX3524
Lutalawe TZXX0502
Lutale TZXX1645
Luteme TZXX0794
Lutende TZXX1646
Lutimba TZXX5250
Lutinde TZXX7122
Lutindi TZXX6580
Lutubigo TZXX3982
Lutwina TZXX0503
Luwala TZXX0795
Luwale TZXX5557
Luwemba TZXX3525
Luwumbu TZXX0796
Luyangweni TZXX5251
Lwandai TZXX6581
Lwandare TZXX1201
Lwangi TZXX5558
Lyabukande TZXX6095
Lyabusalu TZXX6096
Lyagoro TZXX3315
Lyamungu TZXX1436
Lyanika TZXX0797
Lyele TZXX5559
Mababila TZXX3526
Mabadaga TZXX3527
Mabaku TZXX5002
Mabale TZXX3983
Mabama TZXX7123
Mabamba TZXX1647
Mabanda TZXX6582
Mabande TZXX6583
Mabaoni TZXX2290
Mabaoni TZXX1909
Mabaranga TZXX6584
Mabawe TZXX1202
Mabayani TZXX6585
Mabeti TZXX4522
Mabibe TZXX0311
Mabira TZXX1203
Mabire TZXX1437
Maboga TZXX0798
Mabogo TZXX6586
Mabogo TZXX3984
Mabogwe TZXX1648
Maboha TZXX7124
Mabokweni TZXX6587
Mabondeni TZXX5826
Mabopwi TZXX1910
Mabosa TZXX6588
Maboyo TZXX3020
Maboyoni TZXX2291
Mabuki TZXX3985
Mabuku TZXX5003
Mabundini TZXX2292
Mabungo TZXX1438
Mabwen TZXX2293
Mabweni TZXX6589
Machame TZXX1439
Machatu TZXX2625
Machazo TZXX1649
Machemba TZXX6590
Machengwe TZXX1911
Machenya TZXX4523
Machiga TZXX0504
Machui TZXX6591
Machui TZXX2843
Machuma TZXX6592
Machungwa Miwili TZXX3769
Machwaje TZXX2844
Madaba TZXX3021
Madaba TZXX5252
Madaba TZXX4524
Madabadaba TZXX4264
Madadiru TZXX4806
Madalawa TZXX5827
Madamu TZXX4265
Madanga TZXX6593
Madangwa TZXX3022
Madebe TZXX6594
Madege TZXX4807
Madehani TZXX0098
Madete TZXX2845
Madibira TZXX3528
Madimba TZXX4525
Madingo TZXX3023
Madizini TZXX4266
Madudi TZXX3529
Maduka TZXX6595
Madukani TZXX4808
Madulwe TZXX0505
Madunga TZXX4809
Madyo TZXX5828
Maelu TZXX5829
Mafareta TZXX6596
Mafere TZXX6597
Mafiga TZXX4267
Mafinga TZXX0799
Mafisa TZXX6598
Mafisi TZXX5004
Mafufuni TZXX2626
Mafwemiro TZXX0506
Magadu TZXX4268
Magaga TZXX0099
Magagura TZXX5253
Magali TZXX6599
Magamba TZXX6600
Magambo TZXX1650
Magana TZXX3316
Maganga TZXX0507
Maganga TZXX0800
Magangamatitu TZXX0801
Magara TZXX4810
Magasi TZXX7125
Magata TZXX0508
Magauni TZXX6601
Magawa TZXX5005
Magawe TZXX7126
Magawhog TZXX4811
Magazini TZXX5254
Magemani TZXX5006
Magena TZXX3317
Magereza TZXX0312
Magesani TZXX3024
Maghang TZXX4812
Maghumpi TZXX5830
Magila TZXX6602
Magindu TZXX4269
Magingira TZXX6097
Magiro TZXX5831
Magnalo TZXX6603
Magodi TZXX4813
Magoe TZXX0313
Magogoni TZXX0100
Magogoni TZXX1912
Magogoni TZXX0314
Magogoni TZXX2294
Magole TZXX0101
Magoma TZXX1651
Magoma TZXX3318
Magombani TZXX2295
Magombwe TZXX0802
Magome TZXX2296
Magomeni TZXX6605
Magomeni TZXX0315
Magonini TZXX2297
Magoya TZXX0803
Magu Kahangara TZXX3986
Magugu TZXX4814
Maguguwini TZXX6606
Maguha TZXX4270
Magula TZXX6607
Magulia TZXX7127
Magumuchila TZXX4526
Magunga TZXX4271
Magunga TZXX0804
Magunga TZXX6608
Magungu TZXX0805
Maguruwe TZXX4272
Mahaha TZXX5832
Mahaka TZXX5833
Mahakahas TZXX4527
Mahambika TZXX3025
Mahandakini TZXX6609
Mahando TZXX3987
Mahanga TZXX6610
Mahango TZXX3988
Mahanje TZXX5255
Maharunga TZXX4528
Mahauhau TZXX5256
Mahazi TZXX4273
Mahe TZXX0806
Mahege TZXX5007
Mahembe TZXX1652
Mahenge TZXX5834
Mahenge TZXX4274
Mahenge TZXX0807
Mahinuka TZXX3989
Mahiwa TZXX3026
Mahodja TZXX2298
Mahoma TZXX0509
Mahonda TZXX2846
Mahonda TZXX2627
Mahondolo TZXX6611
Mahongo TZXX0510
Mahongole TZXX0808
Mahongole TZXX3530
Mahongoro TZXX0809
Mahonzelo TZXX0810
Mahumwe TZXX5560
Mahundi TZXX5008
Mahuta TZXX4529
Mahyaga TZXX2299
Maindei TZXX6612
Majeleko TZXX0102
Majengo TZXX6613
Maji Mekundu TZXX2630
Maji Meusi TZXX2300
Maji Moto TZXX6614
Maji Moto TZXX3319
Maji ya Moto TZXX3531
Majimahu TZXX5257
Majimalolo TZXX0511
Majingani TZXX1914
Majinoni TZXX2301
Majiri TZXX5835
Majohi TZXX5009
Majoka TZXX2302
Majombe TZXX3532
Majonjo TZXX6615
Majorwe TZXX3027
Makaange TZXX2303
Makaani TZXX2304
Makabe TZXX0316
Makadara TZXX2631
Makadiogo TZXX6616
Makafara TZXX2305
Makaje TZXX3771
Makaka TZXX6617
Makakiwi TZXX5836
Makalakatu TZXX4275
Makaloye TZXX5258
Makama TZXX4815
Makambini TZXX6618
Makampi TZXX3533
Makanalika TZXX1440
Makancha TZXX6619
Makanda TZXX3028
Makanda TZXX5837
Makanga TZXX4276
Makangaga TZXX3029
Makangala TZXX6620
Makanganyika TZXX3534
Makangwa-Makulu TZXX0512
Makanya TZXX6621
Makanya TZXX1441
Makaoni TZXX1915
Makaraga TZXX5838
Makarane TZXX6622
Makarima TZXX6623
Makasuko TZXX5839
Makatapora TZXX0513
Makayo TZXX6624
Makeje TZXX3535
Makere TZXX1653
Makinda TZXX6625
Makindu TZXX5010
Makirumbi TZXX6626
Makitikiti TZXX3030
Makoba TZXX2632
Makojogos TZXX3031
Makoko TZXX3536
Makokoni TZXX6627
Makolda TZXX6628
Makomba TZXX6629
Makombani TZXX1916
Makombe TZXX0811
Makomero TZXX7128
Makomingoni TZXX2306
Makonde TZXX0812
Makondo TZXX3537
Makonga TZXX4530
Makongeni TZXX1917
Makongolosi TZXX0103
Makongonda TZXX4531
Makongoni TZXX0813
Makoro TZXX5259
Makorongo TZXX0514
Makose TZXX0515
Makote TZXX4532
Makoveni TZXX6630
Makufwa TZXX4277
Makuge TZXX6631
Makuka TZXX0814
Makukwe TZXX4533
Makuliro TZXX3032
Makulo TZXX5840
Makulu TZXX0516
Makuluge TZXX0815
Makulupa TZXX0517
Makumbako TZXX0816
Makundu TZXX1918
Makunduchi TZXX2847
Makunge TZXX2633
Makungu TZXX0817
Makungulu TZXX6632
Makunguwiro TZXX3033
Makuras TZXX3538
Makuru TZXX5841
Makurugusi TZXX1204
Makutapora TZXX0104
Makutupa TZXX0818
Makutupora TZXX5842
Makuyuni TZXX0243
Makuyuni TZXX6633
Mala TZXX0819
Malagarasi TZXX1654
Malahi TZXX1655
Malala TZXX6634
Malamba TZXX3539
Malamba TZXX6635
Malambala TZXX0820
Malambo TZXX0821
Malambo TZXX5561
Malambo TZXX0244
Malampaka TZXX6098
Malandala TZXX5843
Malangale TZXX0822
Malangali TZXX0823
Malangali TZXX3540
Malangane TZXX5260
Malangano TZXX7129
Malasi TZXX5011
Malatu TZXX4534
Malegee TZXX3541
Malela TZXX6636
Malenga Malkali TZXX0824
Malesa TZXX5562
Maleza TZXX3542
Mali TZXX6637
Malialuguru TZXX3990
Malibwi TZXX6638
Maligisu TZXX6099
Malijoni TZXX5261
Malilita TZXX6100
Malinde TZXX1205
Malindi TZXX6639
Malinyi TZXX4278
Malita TZXX6101
Malivundo TZXX5012
Maloa TZXX4279
Malolo TZXX3543
Malolo TZXX3034
Malolo TZXX4280
Malongwe TZXX5563
Malongwe TZXX7130
Malote TZXX7131
Maluda TZXX6640
Malugulu TZXX6102
Malungu TZXX0518
Malungwila TZXX4535
Malutaute TZXX6641
Malwati TZXX6642
Malya TZXX6103
Mamba TZXX0105
Mamba TZXX1442
Mambali TZXX0106
Mambani TZXX2307
Mambassa TZXX6643
Mambay TZXX5013
Mambi TZXX3544
Mambilo TZXX5564
Mamboleo TZXX6644
Mambomsije TZXX2308
Mambosasa TZXX2309
Mambosasa TZXX1919
Mambosiji TZXX2310
Mamboya TZXX6645
Mamboya TZXX4281
Mambozasa TZXX6646
Mambsasa TZXX2311
Mambulu TZXX6647
Mambwe TZXX1656
Mambwe TZXX5565
Mamembo TZXX3035
Mamoja TZXX1920
Mamoto TZXX6104
Mampando TZXX5844
Mamukara TZXX3991
Manako TZXX6648
Manamancha TZXX2312
Manamawa TZXX4536
Manangat TZXX4816
Manangi TZXX4817
Manangwa TZXX3992
Manani TZXX4282
Manda TZXX7132
Manda TZXX3545
Manda TZXX5014
Mandaka TZXX1443
Mandamo TZXX4537
Mandara TZXX1444
Mandarawe TZXX3036
Mandawa TZXX3037
Mandera TZXX5015
Mandera TZXX6649
Manema TZXX4538
Maneromango TZXX5016
Manga TZXX0825
Manga TZXX5017
Manga TZXX5566
Manga TZXX6650
Manga Msaadya TZXX5567
Mangaka TZXX4539
Mangalia TZXX6651
Mangalisa TZXX0519
Mangapwani TZXX2634
Mangata TZXX6652
Mangisa TZXX4818
Mango TZXX5262
Mango TZXX6105
Mangola TZXX0245
Mangombya TZXX4540
Mangonyi TZXX5845
Mangubu TZXX6653
Mangula TZXX4283
Mangulubwida TZXX0107
Mangweni TZXX2313
Manhanya TZXX4541
Manikonde TZXX3546
Manitambo TZXX3038
Manjaro TZXX5846
Manka TZXX6654
Manka TZXX1445
Manoleo TZXX0108
Manolo TZXX6655
Mansega TZXX3547
Mantandi TZXX3548
Mantanji TZXX3549
Mantare TZXX3993
Mantema TZXX5568
Mantenga TZXX3550
Manuguyakura TZXX3039
Manuna TZXX5569
Manungu TZXX0520
Manununo TZXX6656
Manyada TZXX6106
Manyaga TZXX2314
Manyanga TZXX3772
Manyara TZXX0246
Manyeche TZXX0521
Manyema TZXX0317
Manyingwa TZXX6657
Manyo TZXX5570
Manyomwe TZXX0826
Manyoni TZXX5847
Manyovu TZXX0109
Manyumbe TZXX6658
Manza TZXX5571
Manza TZXX6659
Manza TZXX4284
Mao TZXX5572
Maoungulu TZXX5848
Mapagano TZXX4285
Mapala TZXX3551
Mapalinga TZXX3994
Mapanda TZXX0827
Mapanga TZXX0522
Mapangara TZXX3552
Maparawe TZXX4542
Mapeko TZXX6660
Mapela TZXX5263
Mapera TZXX0523
Maperemehe TZXX3553
Mapinga TZXX5018
Mapiringa TZXX7133
Mapishimingu TZXX3554
Mapiyone TZXX6661
Mapogoro TZXX3555
Mapogoro TZXX0828
Mapopwe TZXX2848
Maposeni TZXX5264
Mapunga TZXX3556
Mara TZXX1446
Mara TZXX5265
Mara TZXX3320
Marago ja Kombo TZXX1447
Marahi TZXX1657
Maramba TZXX6662
Maramba TZXX4543
Marambo TZXX4544
Marambo TZXX3040
Marangu TZXX0110
Maratani TZXX4545
Marawa TZXX1448
Marega TZXX4819
Marembwe TZXX6663
Marendego TZXX3041
Marendele TZXX4286
Marika TZXX4546
Mariza TZXX0829
Markazi Centre TZXX0318
Marombosa TZXX0247
Marseilles TZXX2849
Maruahe TZXX6664
Marual TZXX6665
Marui TZXX5019
Maruku TZXX0011
Marumba TZXX5266
Marumbi TZXX2850
Marumbo TZXX5020
Marungu TZXX1658
Marungu TZXX6666
Maruwani TZXX5021
Marwa TZXX1449
Masaba TZXX1659
Masagalu TZXX6667
Masagati TZXX4287
Masagura TZXX3042
Masaguro TZXX6668
Masaguro TZXX5267
Masahunga TZXX3321
Masaka TZXX5849
Masaki TZXX5022
Masala TZXX1660
Masama TZXX1450
Masanga TZXX5573
Masanganya TZXX5023
Masange TZXX0524
Masanwa TZXX6107
Masanza TZXX1661
Masanze TZXX4288
Masarakha TZXX6669
Masasa TZXX6670
Masasi TZXX4547
Masasi TZXX0830
Masatu TZXX0831
Masebe TZXX3557
Masegejuni TZXX6671
Masek TZXX0248
Masekaroda TZXX4820
Masela TZXX6108
Masemere TZXX3995
Masenga TZXX0832
Mashame TZXX6672
Masheshe TZXX1206
Mashewa TZXX6673
Mashigambiti TZXX3996
Mashimbo TZXX6674
Mashombo TZXX3558
Mashugu TZXX1921
Masia TZXX1451
Masika TZXX0319
Masikati TZXX1922
Masima TZXX5268
Masima TZXX5850
Masimani TZXX1452
Masimba TZXX3559
Masimba TZXX4289
Masimbu TZXX4290
Masinde TZXX1453
Masindi TZXX6675
Masingini TZXX2635
Masiwani TZXX6676
Maskati TZXX6109
Masoko TZXX3560
Masonbiti TZXX3322
Masoro TZXX5574
Masota TZXX1923
Massa TZXX0525
Masugulu TZXX5024
Masuguru TZXX4548
Masukulu TZXX3561
Masumbwe TZXX6110
Masurura TZXX3323
Maswa TZXX6111
Maswaswa TZXX5851
Masweni TZXX6677
Matagoro TZXX5269
Matai TZXX5575
Matale TZXX4291
Matalele TZXX7134
Matamba TZXX0833
Matambare TZXX3043
Matambo TZXX0834
Matambwe TZXX5270
Matamondo TZXX5271
Matanana TZXX0835
Matandu TZXX3044
Matandu Chini TZXX3045
Matanga TZXX5576
Matanga Twani TZXX1924
Matangisi TZXX0526
Matapatapa TZXX3046
Matapwa TZXX3047
Matarawanda TZXX6678
Matari TZXX5852
Matassi TZXX0112
Mateka TZXX5272
Matekwe TZXX3048
Matele TZXX2315
Matemanga TZXX5273
Matembo TZXX6679
Matemwe TZXX2636
Materawe TZXX3049
Matete TZXX5577
Matetemwe TZXX3774
Matetemwe TZXX2637
Matetewa TZXX2316
Matetewa TZXX1925
Mati TZXX0527
Matimba TZXX5578
Matimbuka TZXX5274
Matimbwa TZXX5025
Matimira TZXX0113
Matiri TZXX5275
Matitima TZXX3050
Matiuku TZXX5853
Matogoro TZXX4549
Matombo TZXX6680
Matombo TZXX4292
Matomondo TZXX4293
Matonera TZXX4294
Matonga TZXX0528
Matongo TZXX6112
Matongo TZXX5854
Matope TZXX6681
Matopeni TZXX6682
Matopotopo TZXX3562
Matowo TZXX3563
Matufalini TZXX2317
Matui TZXX6683
Matuli TZXX4295
Matumbi TZXX0836
Matumbirini TZXX2318
Matumbo TZXX5855
Matumbulu TZXX0529
Matumbwe TZXX2319
Matundasi TZXX3564
Maturia TZXX0837
Matuuni TZXX1926
Matuzi TZXX1662
Mau TZXX2851
Maua TZXX1454
Mauanguru TZXX5856
Maundo TZXX4550
Maungani TZXX3775
Maunguni TZXX2320
Maurui TZXX6684
Mautia TZXX0530
Mautila TZXX5276
Mauzi TZXX4296
Mavangwe TZXX7135
Mavimba TZXX4297
Mavua TZXX6685
Mavului TZXX6686
Mavumbi TZXX6687
Mavumi TZXX6688
Mavungwa TZXX2321
Mavureni TZXX6689
Mavuti TZXX6690
Mawa TZXX5277
Mawa TZXX3051
Mawande TZXX0838
Mawande TZXX3565
Mawani TZXX2322
Mawaru TZXX6691
Mawemeru TZXX3997
Maweni TZXX6692
Maweni TZXX5857
Mawerenje TZXX3052
Maweru TZXX6693
Maweso TZXX5278
Mawindi TZXX3566
Mawoga TZXX0114
Mayami TZXX2852
Mayanga TZXX6694
Mayawili TZXX3567
Mayo TZXX6695
Mayobozi TZXX0115
Mayomboni TZXX6696
Mayumboi TZXX6697
Mayumboni TZXX6698
Mazabika TZXX0839
Mazelogo TZXX6699
Mazimba TZXX3568
Mazinde TZXX6700
Mazingara TZXX6701
Maziwa Ngombe TZXX1927
Maziwani TZXX1928
Maziwanna TZXX1929
Mazizi TZXX5026
Mazizini TZXX3777
Mazola TZXX6702
Mazombe TZXX0840
Mazomora TZXX0116
Mazumbai TZXX6703
Mazumbi TZXX3569
Mbaga TZXX0531
Mbagalala TZXX4298
Mbagalla TZXX0320
Mbagi TZXX0841
Mbagilwa TZXX0532
Mbagui TZXX6704
Mbahi TZXX4551
Mbaka TZXX3570
Mbalagane TZXX6113
Mbalaia TZXX3053
Mbale TZXX2853
Mbale TZXX1455
Mbaleni TZXX2638
Mbaleni TZXX2323
Mbaleni Mkubwa TZXX3779
Mbali TZXX6705
Mbalika TZXX3998
Mbalizi TZXX3571
Mbamba TZXX6706
Mbamba TZXX4299
Mbangala TZXX6707
Mbangala TZXX4300
Mbangana TZXX5279
Mbanja TZXX3054
Mbanzi TZXX5280
Mbao TZXX5281
Mbarali TZXX3055
Mbaramaziwa TZXX0842
Mbarangandu TZXX5282
Mbaro TZXX3056
Mbasa TZXX4301
Mbatama TZXX1207
Mbate TZXX4552
Mbatimira TZXX5283
Mbauni TZXX1930
Mbawala TZXX0117
Mbedi TZXX5579
Mbega TZXX3999
Mbekenyera TZXX3058
Mbelekese TZXX5858
Mbemba TZXX3059
Mbemba TZXX4553
Mbesa TZXX5284
Mbesegera TZXX4302
Mbesi TZXX4821
Mbete TZXX4303
Mbeya TZXX3572
Mbezi TZXX0321
Mbezi TZXX5027
Mbiji TZXX2639
Mbiji TZXX2324
Mbiji Kiziwani TZXX2640
Mbinga TZXX0118
Mbingu TZXX4304
Mbiria TZXX1663
Mbizi TZXX5580
Mboazi TZXX6708
Mboga TZXX0533
Mbogeko TZXX0843
Mbogo TZXX3573
Mbogora TZXX3060
Mbogwe TZXX6114
Mbondo TZXX3061
Mbongwa TZXX0534
Mboyo TZXX3574
Mbuba TZXX1208
Mbugani TZXX3575
Mbugani TZXX0844
Mbugu TZXX5286
Mbugui TZXX6709
Mbuguni TZXX0119
Mbugwe TZXX1209
Mbula TZXX6710
Mbulamtwango TZXX0845
Mbulani TZXX5028
Mbulu TZXX7136
Mbulu TZXX4822
Mbulumbulu TZXX0250
Mbumi TZXX5029
Mbunga TZXX0120
Mbuni TZXX1931
Mbura TZXX5287
Mburuza TZXX4554
Mbuta TZXX6711
Mbuti TZXX3062
Mbuti TZXX6712
Mbutu TZXX7137
Mbuye TZXX1210
Mbuyuni TZXX4555
Mbuyuni TZXX2325
Mbuyuni TZXX4305
Mbuyuni TZXX3576
Mbuyuni TZXX0535
Mbuyuni TZXX1932
Mbuyura TZXX5288
Mbuzi TZXX6713
Mbuzini TZXX1933
Mbuzini TZXX2326
Mbuzini TZXX3781
Mbwamaji TZXX0322
Mbwanga TZXX0846
Mbwawa TZXX5030
Mbwego TZXX6714
Mbwei TZXX6715
Mbweni TZXX0323
Mbwera TZXX5031
Mbwewe TZXX5032
Mbwikwe TZXX7138
Mbwiro TZXX5581
Mchache TZXX2327
Mchafu TZXX2854
Mchakweni TZXX2328
Mchamba Wima TZXX3783
Mchanga TZXX2329
Mchangaji TZXX1934
Mchangamdogo TZXX1935
Mchangamle TZXX2855
Mchanganenda TZXX1936
Mchangani TZXX6716
Mchangani TZXX2330
Mchangani TZXX2641
Mchangani TZXX5033
Mchangani TZXX2856
Mchangani TZXX1937
Mchauru TZXX4556
Mchekeni TZXX2331
Mchekwa TZXX5289
Mchekwa TZXX2857
Mchenzani TZXX2858
Mchezato TZXX1938
Mchicha TZXX4557
Mchicheni TZXX2332
Mchichira TZXX4558
Mchikichini TZXX1939
Mchinga TZXX0121
Mchito TZXX0536
Mchochani TZXX1940
Mcholi TZXX4559
Mchomolo TZXX5290
Mchomoro TZXX5291
Mchonda TZXX4560
Mchonga TZXX2642
Mchongomani TZXX2643
Mchua TZXX2333
Mchukwi TZXX5034
Mchuma Janga TZXX2644
Mchungu TZXX5035
Mdabulo TZXX3577
Mdaburo TZXX5859
Mdagala TZXX5860
Mdahira TZXX0847
Mdambati TZXX4306
Mdandu TZXX0848
Mdawi TZXX1457
Mdezui TZXX6717
Mdimne TZXX1941
Mdimuni TZXX1942
Mdonya TZXX0849
Mdudu Mdogo TZXX2859
Mdudu Mkubwa TZXX2860
Mdumi TZXX6718
Mduuni TZXX1943
Meda TZXX4561
Mehezangulu TZXX0122
Meia Meia TZXX0123
Mekunde TZXX6719
Melela TZXX4307
Meli TZXX5861
Membi TZXX7139
Membo TZXX0124
Mengo TZXX0537
Menjamwenya TZXX6720
Menonji TZXX2334
Meongu TZXX2335
Mer TZXX4823
Merelani TZXX0251
Merera TZXX4308
Merwa TZXX6721
Merya TZXX5862
Mesaula TZXX4562
Meza TZXX2336
Mfenesini Mdogo TZXX3784
Mfenesini Mkubwa TZXX3785
Mfikiwa TZXX2337
Mfili TZXX5582
Mfirisi TZXX4309
Mfisini TZXX2645
Mfriga TZXX4310
Mfrika TZXX0850
Mfulu TZXX5036
Mfuma TZXX6722
Mfumbili TZXX6723
Mfumbo TZXX5863
Mfumbwe TZXX4311
Mfumbwi TZXX2861
Mfumo TZXX1664
Mfunza TZXX5037
Mfuruni TZXX5038
Mfuto TZXX7140
Mgambali TZXX4312
Mgambo TZXX6724
Mgambo TZXX2646
Mgambo Kinyasini TZXX2648
Mganda TZXX6725
Mgandu TZXX5864
Mganga TZXX0851
Mgani Haji TZXX2862
Mgau TZXX4563
Mgawsi TZXX4313
Mgazini TZXX5292
Mgende TZXX1665
Mgera TZXX4314
Mgera TZXX6726
Mgeta TZXX4315
Mgeukeni TZXX2863
Mgeyeni TZXX6727
Mgila TZXX6728
Mgimbini TZXX2338
Mgini TZXX2339
Mgnaza TZXX6729
Mgogo TZXX1944
Mgogoni TZXX2340
Mgogoni TZXX1945
Mgoha TZXX5865
Mgojeni TZXX2341
Mgoli TZXX1946
Mgolole TZXX4316
Mgombani TZXX1947
Mgombasi TZXX5293
Mgombazi TZXX1666
Mgombewa TZXX2649
Mgombewa TZXX1948
Mgondo TZXX0538
Mgondozi TZXX1667
Mgongila TZXX5866
Mgongo TZXX5867
Mgongoi TZXX6730
Mgongoni TZXX6731
Mgongwe TZXX4317
Mgonjoni TZXX2650
Mgori TZXX5868
Mgowero TZXX0852
Mgulani TZXX0324
Mguli TZXX2342
Mgunda TZXX4318
Mgunga TZXX0853
Mgunga TZXX0539
Mgungia TZXX5869
Mguni TZXX1949
Mguzi TZXX4319
Mgwashi TZXX6732
Mgwewu TZXX5039
Mgwina TZXX5294
Mhalo TZXX5295
Mhana TZXX5583
Mhande TZXX4000
Mhango TZXX6115
Mhanira TZXX3578
Mheza TZXX6733
Mhezi TZXX6734
Mhfargus TZXX0540
Mhindoni TZXX2864
Mhiniu TZXX5040
Mhomoro TZXX6735
Mhongwe TZXX6116
Mhuba TZXX7141
Mhunze TZXX6117
Mianzi TZXX5041
Miaroye TZXX5870
Mibula TZXX1668
Mibungo TZXX4001
Miburani TZXX1950
Miburani TZXX2343
Micha TZXX7142
Michakaini TZXX2344
Michamvi TZXX2865
Michenga TZXX3063
Michenjele TZXX4564
Michenzani TZXX2345
Michenzani TZXX1951
Micheweni TZXX1952
Michiga TZXX4565
Michikichini TZXX1953
Michingani TZXX2346
Michotwani TZXX1954
Midodoni TZXX2651
Miembe Miwili TZXX2866
Miembeni TZXX6736
Miembesaba TZXX5042
Miembwe TZXX3064
Miesi TZXX4566
Mifama TZXX4320
Mifulu TZXX7143
Mifuni TZXX2347
Miganga TZXX5871
Migege TZXX1211
Migera TZXX1212
Migeregere TZXX3065
Migogoni TZXX2652
Migole TZXX0854
Migombani TZXX2653
Migombani TZXX3786
Migu TZXX0855
Miguruwe TZXX3066
Miguwa TZXX7144
Mihama TZXX5584
Mihama TZXX7145
Mihama TZXX6118
Mihambwe TZXX4567
Mihema TZXX7146
Mihembe TZXX0541
Mihima TZXX3067
Mihima TZXX4568
Mihogoni TZXX1955
Mihongoro TZXX1213
Mihuma TZXX4569
Mihumo Chini TZXX3068
Mihumo Kati TZXX3069
Mihunda TZXX1214
Mihungu TZXX3070
Mija TZXX4321
Mikalanga TZXX5296
Mikalango TZXX4570
Mikameni TZXX6738
Mikangaula TZXX4571
Mikangowla TZXX5297
Mikaranga TZXX3071
Mikaratieni TZXX2348
Mikarofuuni TZXX1956
Mikenge TZXX0325
Mikere TZXX5043
Mikese TZXX4322
Mikidadi TZXX1957
Mikindani TZXX2349
Mikindani TZXX0125
Mikindani TZXX3787
Mikinduni TZXX1959
Mikinduni TZXX2350
Mikituli TZXX7147
Mikoma TZXX3072
Mikongweni TZXX2351
Mikoni TZXX1215
Mikono TZXX1960
Mikono Miwili TZXX3073
Mikuku TZXX1961
Mikumi TZXX4323
Mikunguni TZXX6739
Mikuyu TZXX4002
Mikweni TZXX6740
Milagasya TZXX5585
Milala TZXX5586
Milangoni TZXX1962
Milangoni TZXX2352
Milangoni TZXX2867
Mile TZXX2868
Milemba TZXX4324
Milepa TZXX5587
Mileshie TZXX5588
Mililingwa TZXX4325
Milima Zambi TZXX5044
Milingoni TZXX2654
Milola TZXX3074
Milulwi TZXX4824
Milumba TZXX5589
Milumbi TZXX5872
Milumbule TZXX5590
Milundikwa TZXX0126
Mima TZXX0542
Mimbani TZXX1963
Minangu TZXX5045
Minazi TZXX1216
Minazi Mikinda TZXX3788
Minazini TZXX2353
Minazini TZXX1964
Minazini TZXX2655
Minazini TZXX6741
Mindo TZXX5298
Mindo TZXX5873
Mindu TZXX5299
Mindu TZXX6742
Mindu Tulieni TZXX5046
Minganji TZXX3075
Mingire TZXX7148
Mingoyo TZXX0127
Mingumbi TZXX3076
Minjare TZXX4572
Minje TZXX4573
Minjingu TZXX0252
Minyehyeni TZXX1965
Minyugi TZXX5874
Minziro TZXX1217
Miono TZXX5047
Mipande TZXX0856
Miparani TZXX1966
Mipeani TZXX1967
Miperani TZXX1968
Mipopo TZXX1969
Mipoponi TZXX3789
Mipoponi TZXX1970
Mipoponi TZXX2354
Mipopooni TZXX2355
Mirahi TZXX3077
Mirambo TZXX5300
Miridu TZXX4574
Mirui Chini TZXX3078
Mirumbani TZXX5048
Misaki TZXX7149
Misalai TZXX6743
Misambo TZXX4003
Misange TZXX5591
Misansa TZXX5592
Misasa TZXX5049
Misasi TZXX4004
Misete TZXX4575
Misha TZXX7150
Mishamo TZXX5593
Misherefonkongwe TZXX2356
Misherefu TZXX2357
Misima TZXX6744
Misini TZXX5050
Misooni TZXX2358
Misoswe TZXX6745
Missenyi TZXX1218
Missingwi TZXX4005
Missungwi TZXX4006
Misufini TZXX2656
Misufini TZXX2359
Misufini TZXX2869
Misughaa TZXX5875
Mitamani TZXX2360
Mitambwini TZXX1971
Mitanga TZXX3079
Mitanono TZXX3080
Mitatuni TZXX2361
Miteja TZXX3081
Mitengi TZXX3082
Mitengwi TZXX5051
Mitole TZXX3083
Mitole Chini TZXX3084
Mitomoni TZXX5301
Mitondoni TZXX1972
Mitondoni TZXX3790
Mitondooni TZXX2657
Mitondooni TZXX2362
Mitongulu TZXX4825
Mitowa TZXX5052
Mitumbati TZXX3085
Mitundavumoni TZXX2363
Mitundu TZXX1669
Mitundu TZXX7151
Miulani TZXX2364
Miuli TZXX2870
Miungoni TZXX2365
Miunguni TZXX4326
Mivono TZXX7152
Mivumoni TZXX1973
Mivunda TZXX5594
Miwaleni TZXX1974
Miwaleni TZXX2871
Miwani TZXX1975
Miwareni TZXX1976
Miyombo TZXX4327
Mizo TZXX1219
Mizumbi TZXX5595
Mjananza TZXX2366
Mjembe TZXX4576
Mjengeni TZXX6746
Mjesani TZXX6747
Mjesani Mill TZXX0128
Mji Mpia TZXX2658
Mji-wa-geni TZXX1977
Mjimkuu TZXX1978
Mjimwema TZXX0326
Mjinikiuy TZXX1979
Mjungu TZXX2659
Mjura TZXX2872
Mkadini TZXX1980
Mkadini TZXX0129
Mkadini TZXX3791
Mkadini TZXX2367
Mkadini TZXX2660
Mkafunya TZXX1670
Mkage TZXX3792
Mkalama TZXX5876
Mkalamo TZXX6748
Mkalinzu TZXX5053
Mkamba TZXX5054
Mkambi TZXX3086
Mkanga TZXX5877
Mkanga TZXX3579
Mkanga TZXX3087
Mkangala TZXX4007
Mkange TZXX5055
Mkangi TZXX6749
Mkangira TZXX3088
Mkanjuni TZXX1981
Mkanjuni TZXX2368
Mkanyageni TZXX2369
Mkanyageni TZXX3793
Mkanyageni TZXX1982
Mkanyamotos TZXX3580
Mkanyeni TZXX1458
Mkarangama TZXX5056
Mkarango TZXX3089
Mkasama TZXX5596
Mkasu TZXX4328
Mkata TZXX6750
Mkata TZXX4329
Mkata TZXX3090
Mkembe TZXX6751
Mkindani TZXX1983
Mkinga TZXX6752
Mkinga TZXX7153
Mkita TZXX1984
Mkiwa TZXX2873
Mkoani TZXX2370
Mkoani Town TZXX2371
Mkoe TZXX3091
Mkofwa TZXX0543
Mkoko TZXX3092
Mkokoni TZXX6753
Mkokotoni TZXX2661
Mkokotoni TZXX2372
Mkole TZXX5597
Mkole TZXX4577
Mkolye TZXX7154
Mkoma TZXX4578
Mkoma TZXX3581
Mkomani TZXX2373
Mkomazi TZXX6754
Mkombagulu TZXX0857
Mkombe TZXX5598
Mkombora TZXX6755
Mkombwe TZXX3582
Mkomero TZXX7155
Mkona TZXX1220
Mkonde TZXX6756
Mkonga TZXX2374
Mkongo TZXX5302
Mkonjani TZXX2874
Mkonje TZXX6757
Mkonjowano TZXX4579
Mkonobagi TZXX2375
Mkonona TZXX4580
Mkonowamara TZXX4330
Mkonze TZXX5878
Mkoo TZXX4581
Mkoreha TZXX4582
Mkoripo TZXX4583
Mkorogo TZXX2875
Mkote TZXX1985
Mkowa TZXX2876
Mkowacha TZXX2376
Mkowalaanda TZXX6758
Mkowe TZXX3093
Mkowe TZXX5599
Mkowela TZXX5303
Mkoya TZXX4331
Mkuchika TZXX4584
Mkuhuni TZXX5057
Mkuja TZXX4826
Mkujaa TZXX2662
Mkujani TZXX6759
Mkuku TZXX2877
Mkula TZXX4008
Mkulat TZXX0253
Mkulazi TZXX4332
Mkulula TZXX0858
Mkululu TZXX4585
Mkulwe TZXX3583
Mkumba TZXX5304
Mkumbara TZXX6760
Mkumbe TZXX2377
Mkumbura TZXX4586
Mkumburu TZXX6761
Mkumburu TZXX0545
Mkunazini TZXX2378
Mkunde TZXX0130
Mkundende TZXX5879
Mkundi TZXX4587
Mkundi TZXX4333
Mkundi Mtae TZXX1459
Mkungu TZXX2379
Mkungu TZXX4588
Mkunguni TZXX3794
Mkunguni TZXX2663
Mkunguni TZXX0131
Mkunguni Pwani TZXX3795
Mkunja TZXX3094
Mkunsi TZXX5880
Mkunwa TZXX4589
Mkunya TZXX4590
Mkunya TZXX3095
Mkuranga TZXX0132
Mkuru TZXX3096
Mkurumusi TZXX5305
Mkurusi TZXX7156
Mkusi TZXX4334
Mkutano TZXX5600
Mkuu TZXX1460
Mkuuni TZXX2664
Mkuweni TZXX1986
Mkuyu TZXX6762
Mkuyuni TZXX0133
Mkuyuni Pwani TZXX2665
Mkuzi TZXX6763
Mkuzi Katani TZXX6764
Mkwaja TZXX0134
Mkwaju TZXX1987
Mkwajuni TZXX2666
Mkwajuni TZXX1988
Mkwajuni TZXX2380
Mkwambi TZXX0859
Mkwaya TZXX3097
Mkwedu TZXX4591
Mkwera TZXX3098
Mkwese TZXX5881
Mkwiti TZXX4592
Mlaguzi TZXX4336
Mlai TZXX6765
Mlale TZXX0860
Mlali TZXX4337
Mlali TZXX0546
Mlali TZXX5307
Mlalo TZXX6766
Mlama TZXX0861
Mlamani TZXX1989
Mlamba TZXX6767
Mlambalasi TZXX0862
Mlandera TZXX3584
Mlandizi TZXX5058
Mlangali TZXX3585
Mlangali TZXX0863
Mlange TZXX4338
Mlangoni TZXX1990
Mlasi TZXX4593
Mlazo TZXX0547
Mlegere TZXX5059
Mleha TZXX0548
Mlembule TZXX6768
Mlenga TZXX5601
Mlengi TZXX0864
Mleni TZXX6769
Mlesa TZXX6770
Mlete TZXX5308
Mlevalo TZXX0865
Mlila TZXX5602
Mlima Kiwani TZXX1991
Mlimba TZXX4339
Mlinda TZXX1671
Mlindi TZXX6771
Mlindilo TZXX6772
Mlindo TZXX1992
Mlingano TZXX6773
Mlingoti TZXX6774
Mlingotini TZXX5060
Mloa TZXX0866
Mlola TZXX6775
Mlolo TZXX0867
Mlomboje TZXX0868
Mlomboje TZXX3586
Mloo TZXX5061
Mlowa TZXX0549
Mlowas TZXX0135
Mlowo TZXX3587
Mlowoka TZXX3099
Mlundi TZXX0869
Mlunduzi TZXX0550
Mlungira TZXX6776
Mlungui TZXX6777
Mmuhare TZXX3324
Mnacho TZXX3100
Mnaghana TZXX5882
Mnakana TZXX2667
Mnakiu TZXX1993
Mnalani TZXX1994
Mnali TZXX4594
Mnavira TZXX4595
Mnaza Enzi TZXX6778
Mnazi TZXX3101
Mnazi TZXX6779
Mnazi TZXX4596
Mnazi Mmoja TZXX2668
Mnazimmoja TZXX1995
Mnechi TZXX4597
Mnemba TZXX5309
Mnenja TZXX5310
Mnenya TZXX0551
Mnero TZXX3102
Mngamboni TZXX6780
Mngazi TZXX4340
Mngehe TZXX5311
Mngugo TZXX4341
Mnima TZXX3103
Mnjenje TZXX5312
Mnolela TZXX3104
Mnongodi TZXX4599
Mnonyge TZXX2382
Mnowe TZXX3105
Mntindili TZXX6781
Mntindilo TZXX6782
Mnyambe TZXX6783
Mnyambe TZXX4600
Mnyani TZXX5883
Mnyanjani TZXX6784
Mnyanjani TZXX1996
Mnyimbi TZXX2669
Mnyimbi Mkunguni TZXX2670
Mnyusi TZXX6785
Moa TZXX6786
Mobwani TZXX2383
Mofu TZXX4342
Moga TZXX2671
Mogongo TZXX1672
Mohamed Goha TZXX4343
Mohamedi Ngupu TZXX3106
Mohanga TZXX0552
Moheza TZXX6787
Mohoji TZXX0136
Mohoro TZXX5062
Moka TZXX3107
Mokojani TZXX2878
Mole TZXX3588
Molongo TZXX1673
Mombakau TZXX2384
Mombani TZXX4344
Mombasa TZXX0327
Mombasa TZXX3796
Mombo TZXX6788
Mondo TZXX6119
Mondo TZXX0553
Mondomera TZXX0870
Monduli TZXX0254
Monga TZXX3108
Mongo TZXX4345
Mongoroma TZXX0554
Mongota TZXX4346
Mongwe TZXX6120
Mongwe TZXX4347
Morembe TZXX3325
Morogoro TZXX0871
Morogoro TZXX5313
Morogoro TZXX6790
Morogoro TZXX4348
Morogoro TZXX7157
Moshi TZXX1461
Moto TZXX0555
Motule TZXX0556
Move TZXX1997
Mowezi TZXX1674
Mowo TZXX1462
Mowongoni TZXX2385
Moyota TZXX3589
Mozani TZXX6791
Mpafu TZXX5063
Mpagwe TZXX1675
Mpaka TZXX0557
Mpakani TZXX5064
Mpakani TZXX1998
Mpakani TZXX6792
Mpakanjia TZXX1999
Mpalalu TZXX6793
Mpanda TZXX7158
Mpanda TZXX5603
Mpanda Ndogo TZXX5604
Mpandangindo TZXX5314
Mpandeni TZXX6794
Mpandeni TZXX2672
Mpandule TZXX5605
Mpanga TZXX5065
Mpanga TZXX4349
Mpanga TZXX0872
Mpanganya TZXX5066
Mpanyani TZXX4601
Mpapa TZXX2879
Mpapa TZXX5315
Mpapalar TZXX4350
Mpapura TZXX4602
Mpara TZXX3109
Mpatora TZXX3110
Mpelakiwete TZXX5067
Mpelembe TZXX5316
Mpembe TZXX5606
Mpembi TZXX3111
Mpera TZXX6121
Mperani TZXX2386
Mpeta TZXX4603
Mpeta TZXX5607
Mpigamiti TZXX5317
Mpigangoma TZXX2000
Mpiji TZXX5068
Mpindimbi TZXX4604
Mpingo TZXX3112
Mpipiti TZXX5884
Mpira TZXX1676
Mpirane TZXX6795
Mpirani TZXX1463
Mpitimbi TZXX5318
Mpiyiti TZXX4827
Mpogonjo TZXX5885
Mpolwe TZXX5608
Mpombasi TZXX3113
Mpona TZXX2001
Mponde TZXX0558
Mponde TZXX6796
Mporo TZXX3590
Mpota TZXX7159
Mpuguso TZXX3591
Mpui TZXX0137
Mpulua TZXX5886
Mpunze TZXX6122
Mpurukasese TZXX5319
Mputu TZXX4605
Mputwa TZXX3114
Mpwanira TZXX0559
Mpwapwa TZXX0560
Mrali TZXX5069
Mrangi TZXX4010
Mrembe TZXX1677
Mremere TZXX6797
Mriaardunagek TZXX4828
Mrijo TZXX0561
Mrogoro TZXX3592
Mroka TZXX5070
Mrora TZXX5071
Mruaraka TZXX4351
Mruwazi TZXX6798
Msa Nani TZXX2673
Msaani TZXX2002
Msachire TZXX0562
Msaga TZXX4352
Msagali TZXX0138
Msagamo TZXX6799
Msaka TZXX3593
Msakala TZXX4606
Msala TZXX6800
Msala TZXX5072
Msalabani TZXX2387
Msalaka TZXX6801
Msalalo TZXX5887
Msalani TZXX3797
Msalani TZXX2674
Msalani TZXX2388
Msalani TZXX2003
Msamala TZXX5320
Msamalo TZXX0563
Msamara TZXX5321
Msamba TZXX3594
Msamba TZXX7160
Msambatwa TZXX0873
Msambe TZXX2389
Msanda TZXX5609
Msanga TZXX0564
Msanga TZXX0139
Msanga Visiga TZXX5073
Msangamkuu TZXX4607
Msangani TZXX0565
Msangano TZXX3595
Msangawales TZXX3596
Msangazi TZXX4353
Msangeni TZXX6802
Msanja TZXX5888
Msanyila TZXX3597
Msanza TZXX0874
Msanzi TZXX5610
Msaranga TZXX1464
Msasa TZXX6803
Msasani TZXX0328
Msata TZXX5074
Msata TZXX0875
Msechela TZXX5322
Msegela TZXX7161
Msenga TZXX5611
Msenga TZXX4354
Mseni TZXX6804
Msente TZXX6805
Msesia TZXX7162
Mseta TZXX0566
Mseweni TZXX2880
Mshalai TZXX6806
Mshangai TZXX6807
Mshangalikwa TZXX0140
Mshashani TZXX2004
Mshepo TZXX6123
Mshinde TZXX6808
Mshindo TZXX5323
Mshonzim TZXX5075
Msia TZXX3598
Msia TZXX0141
Msigisi TZXX4355
Msikimwe TZXX2005
Msilagembe TZXX6809
Msilwa TZXX0876
Msimbati TZXX0142
Msimbe TZXX0567
Msimbi TZXX0877
Msimkulu TZXX6810
Msindaji TZXX5076
Msingi TZXX5889
Msingu TZXX6811
Msisi TZXX0568
Msisi TZXX7163
Msita TZXX4356
Msita TZXX5890
Msitu wa Mbogo TZXX0255
Msobwe TZXX5612
Msoga TZXX5077
Msolwa TZXX5078
Msolwa TZXX4357
Msombe TZXX0878
Msomeni TZXX5079
Msomsoko TZXX1678
Msongas TZXX3599
Msongozi TZXX0143
Msorwa TZXX5080
Msowero TZXX4358
Mstuvio TZXX2006
Msua TZXX5081
Msufini TZXX2881
Msuka TZXX2390
Msuka TZXX2007
Msumbiji TZXX2008
Msumbisi TZXX4359
Msunga TZXX5613
Mswahe TZXX6812
Mswaki TZXX6813
Mswakini TZXX0569
Mswega TZXX3115
Mswika TZXX5324
Mswisu TZXX3600
Mtafika TZXX2391
Mtagata TZXX1221
Mtai TZXX6814
Mtaju TZXX2392
Mtakahoja TZXX2393
Mtakakaa TZXX2394
Mtakao TZXX2009
Mtakata TZXX2395
Mtakuja TZXX5614
Mtakuja TZXX2396
Mtakwani TZXX2882
Mtalika TZXX5325
Mtalikachau TZXX4608
Mtama TZXX3116
Mtamba TZXX0570
Mtamba TZXX5083
Mtamba TZXX4360
Mtambani TZXX0329
Mtambile TZXX2397
Mtambwe TZXX6815
Mtame TZXX5326
Mtamweni TZXX2398
Mtanda TZXX6816
Mtandago TZXX3117
Mtandashi TZXX2399
Mtandi TZXX3118
Mtandika TZXX0879
Mtandikeni TZXX6817
Mtandura TZXX3119
Mtanga TZXX3120
Mtangani TZXX2400
Mtangu TZXX2401
Mtanza TZXX5084
Mtapaya TZXX3121
Mtaru TZXX6818
Mtatanga TZXX1679
Mtawa TZXX4609
Mtawalani TZXX6819
Mtawambo TZXX4829
Mtawandani TZXX2883
Mtawanya TZXX4610
Mtawira TZXX5891
Mtegani TZXX2884
Mtego wa Simba TZXX4361
Mtekente TZXX5892
Mtekofi TZXX2402
Mtekofi TZXX2011
Mtemani TZXX2012
Mtemani TZXX2403
Mtembe TZXX0880
Mtembwe TZXX5615
Mtemei TZXX6820
Mtende TZXX2885
Mtendeni TZXX2886
Mtendi TZXX4611
Mtene TZXX3122
Mtera TZXX0571
Mtera TZXX0881
Mteramwahi TZXX5327
Mteteni TZXX2404
Mtevule TZXX1680
Mti Meupe TZXX3798
Mtibangi TZXX3123
Mtika TZXX5328
Mtikira TZXX5893
Mtimba TZXX4362
Mtimbira TZXX4363
Mtimbo TZXX4612
Mtimbwani TZXX6821
Mtimkuu TZXX2013
Mtina TZXX5329
Mtindi TZXX6822
Mtindilo TZXX6823
Mtindilu TZXX6824
Mtindiro TZXX6825
Mtinko TZXX5894
Mtipa TZXX5895
Mtipwili TZXX5330
Mtita TZXX0572
Mtiu TZXX3601
Mtiwe TZXX5896
Mto wa Maji TZXX2675
Mto wa Mbu TZXX0256
Mto wa Pwani TZXX2676
Mtoa TZXX5897
Mtoa TZXX7164
Mtolela TZXX5331
Mtombozi TZXX4364
Mtomkuu TZXX2014
Mtondo TZXX3124
Mtondoni TZXX2406
Mtongwe TZXX2015
Mtongwele TZXX4613
Mtoni TZXX0330
Mtoni TZXX3799
Mtoni TZXX2407
Mtoni Kigomeni TZXX3800
Mtonya TZXX5332
Mtopwa TZXX4614
Mtosi TZXX5616
Mtovelisusi TZXX0882
Mtowabaga TZXX0257
Mtua TZXX3125
Mtuba TZXX2677
Mtufaani TZXX3801
Mtukula TZXX5333
Mtukula TZXX1222
Mtulanjiwa TZXX5334
Mtumbu TZXX3126
Mtumbya TZXX3127
Mtunda TZXX6826
Mtunda TZXX5085
Mtundua TZXX2678
Mtundussi TZXX5086
Mtungi TZXX5335
Mtungu TZXX2408
Mtunguru TZXX4615
Mturuma TZXX5087
Mtwango TZXX0883
Mtwara TZXX0004
Mtwaro TZXX5336
Mtyangimbori TZXX0145
Mu Buhenge TZXX1223
Mu Kafigiri TZXX1224
Mu Kalinzi TZXX1225
Mu Kikomero TZXX1226
Mu Rgwonza TZXX1227
Mu Rukurazo TZXX1228
Mu Rurama TZXX1229
Mu Rusagamba TZXX1230
Muali TZXX2409
Muango TZXX5617
Mubule TZXX4011
Mubunda TZXX1231
Muchlur TZXX4830
Mudida TZXX5898
Mudida TZXX4831
Mudimani TZXX2887
Muembem TZXX6827
Mufindi TZXX0884
Mugaba TZXX1232
Mugakorongo TZXX1233
Mugama TZXX0885
Mugana TZXX1234
Mugango TZXX3326
Muganza TZXX3327
Muganza TZXX1235
Mugeta TZXX0146
Mugewo TZXX5618
Mughunga TZXX1465
Mugo TZXX2410
Mugoma TZXX1236
Mugombazi TZXX5619
Mugombe TZXX1681
Mugongo TZXX1682
Mugu TZXX4012
Mugumu TZXX3328
Mugunyu TZXX3329
Mugunzu TZXX1683
Muguruka TZXX1237
Muhaga TZXX0147
Muhaga TZXX5088
Muhalala TZXX5899
Muhale TZXX0886
Muhamamoja TZXX7165
Muhambwe TZXX5620
Muhamidiwa TZXX2411
Muhanga TZXX5900
Muhanga TZXX1684
Muhange TZXX1685
Muhanye TZXX0887
Muhawa TZXX5901
Muheda TZXX6124
Muhela TZXX1686
Muhele TZXX0573
Muhembo TZXX6828
Muhenda TZXX4365
Muheza TZXX1466
Muheza TZXX6829
Muhigiti TZXX0888
Muhukuru TZXX5337
Muhura TZXX4013
Muhutwe TZXX1238
Muhweza TZXX1239
Muira TZXX3128
Muisenge TZXX3330
Muiyne TZXX1687
Mujira TZXX4616
Mukacheni TZXX6830
Mukangasi TZXX5621
Mukashorogo TZXX1240
Mukigo TZXX1688
Mukinka TZXX1689
Mukirengo TZXX3331
Mukiyonza TZXX1241
Mukobye TZXX5622
Mukoko TZXX3332
Mukolera TZXX1242
Mukombe TZXX0889
Mukue TZXX0574
Mukunu TZXX4014
Mukunyu TZXX1243
Mukutano TZXX3129
Mukwambani TZXX6831
Mulanda TZXX1244
Mulangali TZXX0575
Mulani TZXX2679
Muleba TZXX1245
Mulenbera TZXX1690
Mulengo TZXX1246
Multanga TZXX4015
Mulu TZXX5623
Mumbahi TZXX5902
Mumbaka TZXX4617
Mumbwi TZXX6832
Mumigunga TZXX1691
Mundemu TZXX0576
Mungaa TZXX5903
Mungalo TZXX5904
Munge TZXX0258
Munguru TZXX3333
Mungwe TZXX3130
Mungwi TZXX2888
Munoe TZXX0331
Munsalya TZXX5624
Muntamba TZXX5905
Munwesi TZXX1692
Munyegera TZXX0148
Muoka TZXX2412
Muongoni TZXX2889
Muporu TZXX5906
Murambi TZXX1247
Muray TZXX4832
Muriti TZXX4017
Murongo TZXX1248
Murubabi TZXX1693
Murubado TZXX4833
Muruhuma TZXX1694
Murumba TZXX1249
Murungu TZXX1695
Murunjud TZXX4834
Murutanga TZXX4018
Musanja TZXX3334
Musasa TZXX6125
Muse TZXX5625
Mushasha TZXX1250
Mushozi TZXX4019
Muskituni TZXX5089
Musoma TZXX3335
Musombe TZXX0890
Musongali TZXX1696
Musosi TZXX0149
Mustarehe TZXX2413
Musumbo TZXX1251
Mutala TZXX1252
Mutana TZXX3336
Mutanga TZXX0891
Mutinde TZXX1697
Mutula TZXX3602
Muungoni TZXX2680
Muwa TZXX7166
Muwale TZXX7167
Muwali TZXX5907
Muwenye TZXX4618
Muwera TZXX5908
Muwhana TZXX0892
Muyungu TZXX5909
Muyuni TZXX2681
Muzi TZXX5626
Mvaiyambuzi TZXX6833
Mvilingano TZXX6834
Mvimbe TZXX2016
Mvinjani TZXX2682
Mvomero TZXX5090
Mvomero TZXX4366
Mvuha TZXX0150
Mvuleni TZXX2683
Mvumi TZXX4367
Mvumi TZXX0577
Mvumo Cheche TZXX2684
Mvumoi TZXX6835
Mvumoni TZXX2414
Mvumoni TZXX6836
Mvungwe TZXX1467
Mvuni TZXX6837
Mwadudu TZXX2891
Mwadui TZXX6126
Mwadupa TZXX3603
Mwaginanyi TZXX4020
Mwaguguli TZXX7168
Mwahabi TZXX6127
Mwahira TZXX6128
Mwai TZXX5627
Mwaja TZXX5910
Mwakaeza TZXX6838
Mwakaleli TZXX0151
Mwakanunzi TZXX4021
Mwakatemos TZXX3604
Mwakete TZXX0893
Mwakidila TZXX6839
Mwakijembe TZXX6840
Mwakilugula TZXX6129
Mwakilunga TZXX7169
Mwakimindo TZXX0894
Mwakinda TZXX7170
Mwakizega TZXX1698
Mwakoni TZXX6841
Mwakubiringa TZXX6130
Mwakuhenga TZXX6131
Mwakuni TZXX7171
Mwakuni TZXX5091
Mwakwalei TZXX6842
Mwala TZXX4368
Mwaleni TZXX2415
Mwali TZXX4369
Mwalika TZXX6132
Mwalili TZXX4022
Mwalukuliko TZXX6133
Mwamagaka TZXX6134
Mwamagigisi TZXX4023
Mwamampaji TZXX2892
Mwamanyili TZXX4024
Mwamara TZXX6135
Mwamashele TZXX6136
Mwamashimba TZXX4025
Mwambani TZXX6843
Mwambani TZXX2416
Mwambani TZXX0152
Mwambare TZXX6844
Mwambas TZXX3605
Mwambe TZXX2417
Mwambeni TZXX6845
Mwambeni TZXX2418
Mwambilija TZXX6138
Mwambo TZXX4619
Mwambo Kitupo TZXX4620
Mwamgongo TZXX1699
Mwamiru TZXX5911
Mwamisheau TZXX6139
Mwamkoloji TZXX6140
Mwamwala TZXX6141
Mwamwengi TZXX4026
Mwana TZXX5092
Mwana Kerekwe TZXX3802
Mwana Kwerekwe TZXX3803
Mwanadasi TZXX3606
Mwanahaza TZXX2685
Mwanangi TZXX4027
Mwanangwa TZXX4028
Mwanatumba TZXX4029
Mwanda TZXX2686
Mwandi TZXX4370
Mwandiga TZXX1700
Mwandolo TZXX6142
Mwane TZXX2017
Mwanga TZXX1701
Mwanga TZXX6846
Mwangaa TZXX5912
Mwangala TZXX2018
Mwanganzi TZXX3131
Mwanghanda TZXX4030
Mwangwi TZXX2019
Mwanhoro TZXX6143
Mwanisenga TZXX7172
Mwaniungu TZXX3607
Mwankali TZXX5913
Mwankulwe TZXX4031
Mwansanga TZXX3608
Mwansigwa TZXX5914
Mwantemanya TZXX6144
Mwantine TZXX6145
Mwanunghu TZXX6146
Mwanyanya TZXX3804
Mwanyimbwa TZXX3609
Mwanza TZXX0007
Mwanzaga TZXX0895
Mwanzange TZXX6847
Mwanzo TZXX2687
Mwaranwas TZXX4835
Mwaraza TZXX4371
Mwarongo TZXX6848
Mwaruka TZXX1253
Mwasa TZXX5915
Mwasa TZXX1254
Mwasamba TZXX4032
Mwasekilago TZXX6849
Mwaseni TZXX5093
Mwasha TZXX6850
Mwasita TZXX6147
Mwautumbati TZXX7173
Mwavi TZXX5094
Mwawuchuma TZXX0154
Mwaya TZXX5628
Mwaya TZXX4373
Mwaya TZXX3610
Mwazye TZXX5629
Mwela TZXX5630
Mwele TZXX6851
Mwembe TZXX1468
Mwembe Kiwete TZXX2688
Mwembe Maepe TZXX3805
Mwembeduka TZXX2689
Mwembeduka TZXX2419
Mwembeni TZXX2020
Mwenda Shofi TZXX2420
Mwenda Wima TZXX2894
Mwendi Kati TZXX3132
Mwenefulu TZXX3611
Mwenene TZXX0155
Mweneza TZXX2021
Mwenge TZXX1255
Mwengei TZXX3133
Mwera TZXX6853
Mwera TZXX5631
Mwera TZXX2895
Mwera TZXX5338
Mwera TZXX5095
Mwera TZXX3806
Mwera Kidarini TZXX3807
Mwera Kikokani TZXX3808
Mwewe TZXX1702
Mwibagi TZXX3337
Mwibalie TZXX1256
Mwiga TZXX0156
Mwika TZXX1469
Mwika West TZXX1470
Mwiki TZXX3134
Mwili TZXX5339
Mwima TZXX5632
Mwimbi TZXX0157
Mwina TZXX1703
Mwina TZXX4374
Mwine TZXX2022
Mwino TZXX0896
Mwiseni TZXX3338
Mwishitereja TZXX6148
Mwisi TZXX7174
Mwita TZXX4621
Mwitika TZXX4622
Mwitikira TZXX0158
Mwivuza TZXX1257
Mwiwi TZXX3135
Mwombali TZXX2690
Mwongo TZXX4623
Mwote TZXX0897
Myambo TZXX1471
Myambuye TZXX7175
Myangayanga TZXX5340
Mymono TZXX4836
Myonge TZXX3809
Myuanga TZXX5633
Myungaluko TZXX6854
Myunji TZXX2421
Mzabibo TZXX2023
Mzambarauni TZXX2024
Mzambia TZXX6855
Mzambiazi TZXX6856
Mzamborauni TZXX2422
Mzanga TZXX1704
Mzasa TZXX5096
Mzase TZXX0578
Mzawa TZXX3613
Mzegeni TZXX4375
Mzenga TZXX0159
Mziha TZXX6857
Mzinga TZXX4376
Mzinga TZXX6858
Mzingani TZXX2896
Mzingani TZXX2025
Mzinge TZXX4377
Mzingi TZXX6859
Mzini TZXX5097
Mziwaziwa TZXX5098
Mzizima TZXX6860
Mzizima TZXX2423
Mzumbe TZXX4378
Mzumbizi TZXX6861
Mzundu TZXX6862
Mzunguwazara TZXX6863
Mzurikaja TZXX2897
Naberera TZXX4837
Nachenga TZXX0579
Nachenjere TZXX4624
Nachihangi TZXX3136
Nachingwea TZXX3137
Nachunyu TZXX3138
Nafasitele TZXX2027
Nagaga TZXX4625
Nahama TZXX4626
Nahinga TZXX4627
Nahino TZXX3139
Nahoro TZXX5341
Nahukanhuka TZXX4628
Nahungo TZXX3140
Nahupa TZXX4629
Naihm TZXX2691
Nainokanoka TZXX0259
Nainokwe TZXX3141
Nairobi TZXX6864
Nairombo TZXX4630
Naiwanga TZXX3142
Nakahaku TZXX4631
Nakamwa TZXX4033
Nakangwenya TZXX5342
Nakapanya TZXX5343
Nakarara TZXX4632
Nakaronji TZXX3143
Nakatunguru TZXX4034
Nakawene TZXX3144
Nakiu TZXX3145
Nakopi TZXX4633
Nakwa TZXX4838
Nala TZXX3614
Nalasi TZXX5344
Namabengo TZXX5345
Namabou TZXX3146
Namageni TZXX3147
Namagondo TZXX4035
Namahoka TZXX5346
Namahonga TZXX4634
Namajani TZXX4635
Namakemba TZXX3148
Namala TZXX5634
Namalebe TZXX3339
Namalenga TZXX4636
Namalulu TZXX4839
Namanga TZXX0260
Namanima TZXX5347
Namanyere TZXX5635
Namapalo TZXX0898
Namaputa TZXX4637
Namasakata TZXX5348
Namasalau TZXX5349
Namatopa TZXX4638
Namatoya TZXX3149
Namatunu TZXX4639
Namatutwe TZXX4640
Namaunya TZXX4641
Namawe TZXX3150
Nambahu TZXX4642
Nambanje TZXX3151
Nambarapi TZXX5350
Nambawara TZXX4643
Nambela TZXX4644
Nambinda TZXX3152
Nambingi TZXX5351
Nambiranji TZXX3153
Nambogo TZXX5636
Nambunga TZXX4645
Nambungu TZXX3154
Nambunju TZXX3155
Nambunju TZXX5352
Nambuti TZXX3156
Nambutuka TZXX4646
Nambwa TZXX3157
Namehumba TZXX3158
Nami TZXX6865
Namibu TZXX3340
Namichiga TZXX3159
Namidonde TZXX4647
Namikupa TZXX4648
Namisange TZXX4649
Namisonga TZXX4650
Namitere TZXX3160
Namitwadi TZXX4651
Namiyonga TZXX4652
Namkuku TZXX4653
Nampinga TZXX3161
Nampungu TZXX5353
Namro TZXX1472
Namtoti TZXX3162
Namtui TZXX5354
Namtula TZXX4654
Namtumbo TZXX5355
Namuhi TZXX4655
Namuhura TZXX3341
Namunda TZXX3163
Namunga TZXX2028
Namupa TZXX3164
Namwele TZXX5637
Nanchomwa TZXX4656
Nandala TZXX0580
Nandembo TZXX5356
Nandembo TZXX3165
Nandera TZXX3166
Nandete TZXX3167
Nandete TZXX4658
Nanduli TZXX4659
Nandumbi TZXX3168
Nandwahi TZXX4660
Nandwani TZXX4661
Nanganga TZXX3169
Nangano TZXX3170
Nangaru TZXX3171
Nangaruwe TZXX3172
Nangoi TZXX5638
Nangoi TZXX3173
Nangomba TZXX4662
Nangombo TZXX5357
Nangondi TZXX4663
Nangoo TZXX4664
Nangua TZXX4665
Nanguji TZXX2424
Nangulangwa TZXX3174
Nangurukuru TZXX3175
Nanguruwe TZXX4666
Nangwa TZXX4840
Nangwala TZXX4667
Nanhyanga TZXX4668
Nanjara TZXX1473
Nanjaru TZXX3176
Nanjenga TZXX4669
Nanjihi TZXX3177
Nanjirinji TZXX3178
Nanola TZXX4670
Nansimo TZXX3342
Nansio TZXX4036
Nanyamba TZXX0160
Nanyanje TZXX3179
Nanyati TZXX4671
Nanyindwa TZXX4672
Nanyumbu TZXX4673
Nanzapile TZXX0899
Nanzovu TZXX5639
Napacho TZXX4674
Naputa TZXX4675
Nar TZXX4841
Narungombe TZXX3180
Narunyu TZXX3181
Narupara TZXX4676
Narwara TZXX5640
Nasabo TZXX6149
Nasanga TZXX5358
Nasui TZXX4677
Nasulo TZXX1474
Nata TZXX3343
Naujombo TZXX3182
Naulendi TZXX4678
Nauli TZXX3183
Naumba TZXX4679
Nauru TZXX4680
Naururu TZXX1475
Navidanganid TZXX5916
Nawanga TZXX4681
Nawigo TZXX4379
Nayirago TZXX5917
Naza TZXX6866
Nazua TZXX2425
Nchinjidi TZXX3184
Ndagaa TZXX2898
Ndago TZXX5918
Ndagoni TZXX2426
Ndagoni TZXX5099
Ndagoni TZXX2029
Ndagwa TZXX6150
Ndagwasa TZXX4037
Ndaiheya TZXX5919
Ndala TZXX7176
Ndalambo TZXX3615
Ndamanyilu TZXX6867
Ndambani TZXX2427
Ndanda TZXX4682
Ndanda TZXX3185
Ndapata TZXX3186
Ndara TZXX3616
Ndarara TZXX3187
Ndayambuzi TZXX4038
Ndechela TZXX4683
Ndedo TZXX4842
Ndege TZXX0900
Ndeke TZXX1258
Ndelenyuma TZXX5359
Ndembe TZXX5360
Ndembera TZXX0901
Ndembezi TZXX7177
Ndembo TZXX3188
Ndeme TZXX6868
Ndende TZXX3189
Ndene TZXX0902
Ndene Ukwama TZXX0903
Ndengu TZXX5361
Ndenyende TZXX5362
Nderakajo TZXX4684
Nderema TZXX6869
Ndeshau TZXX4843
Ndevi TZXX4380
Ndewerwa TZXX0904
Ndibwa TZXX4685
Ndigo TZXX6870
Ndijani TZXX2899
Ndirima TZXX5363
Ndizi TZXX2692
Ndobo TZXX3617
Ndogo TZXX2693
Ndole TZXX4381
Ndolera TZXX0905
Ndomo TZXX7178
Ndomoni TZXX3190
Ndonde TZXX6871
Ndondo TZXX3191
Ndono TZXX7179
Ndonya TZXX0906
Ndovu TZXX2030
Nduge TZXX0907
Nduguti TZXX5920
Nduguto TZXX4382
Ndugutu TZXX7180
Nduli TZXX0010
Nduma TZXX5921
Ndumbwe TZXX4686
Ndumbwe TZXX0162
Ndumi TZXX6872
Ndundu TZXX5100
Ndundu Rufiji TZXX5101
Ndundu Tawa TZXX5102
Ndungu TZXX1476
Nduruma Chini TZXX0261
Nduruni TZXX5103
Ndwaniro TZXX1259
Ndwika TZXX4687
Negero TZXX6873
Negezi TZXX6151
Negoti TZXX3344
New Shelui TZXX5922
Newala TZXX4688
Newala Kisimani TZXX4689
Ngadinda TZXX5364
Ngaga TZXX4690
Ngagama TZXX4383
Ngagau TZXX0908
Ngagu TZXX2428
Ngahokoro TZXX5365
Ngaiti TZXX5923
Ngajira TZXX0909
Ngalanga TZXX5366
Ngalimira TZXX4384
Ngalita TZXX4039
Ngalui TZXX6874
Ngambo TZXX3810
Ngambo TZXX6875
Ngambo TZXX2031
Ngambu TZXX2032
Ngambwa TZXX2900
Ngamiani TZXX6876
Ngamo TZXX3192
Nganane TZXX2901
Nganda TZXX1705
Nganda TZXX7181
Nganga Wala TZXX4385
Ngangora TZXX3193
Ngano TZXX6152
Ngapa TZXX3194
Ngara TZXX1260
Ngarimbi TZXX3195
Ngasamo TZXX6153
Ngashele TZXX6877
Ngata TZXX5924
Ngateu TZXX0262
Ngava TZXX2694
Ngaya TZXX6154
Ngaza TZXX6878
Ngazi TZXX6879
Ngazija TZXX6880
Ngbrutojo TZXX1261
Ngegemu TZXX6155
Ngegera TZXX1706
Ngelema TZXX2430
Ngeme TZXX6156
Ngerengere TZXX4386
Ngerere TZXX4040
Ngeru TZXX1707
Ngesa TZXX5104
Ngeza TZXX6881
Ngezani TZXX6882
Ngezi TZXX2431
Nghambi TZXX0581
Nghese TZXX4387
Nghobora TZXX6157
Nghwanya TZXX6158
Ngiapanda TZXX5105
Ngimu TZXX5925
Ngobana TZXX0332
Ngogwa TZXX6159
Ngohingo TZXX5106
Ngojanpewe TZXX2432
Ngojeni TZXX6883
Ngololo TZXX0910
Ngoma TZXX1262
Ngoma TZXX0911
Ngoma Kazingwa TZXX2433
Ngomani TZXX2434
Ngomasasa TZXX2033
Ngomba TZXX3618
Ngombezi TZXX6884
Ngombi TZXX4388
Ngombo TZXX5367
Ngombo TZXX4389
Ngomeni TZXX6885
Ngongo TZXX5641
Ngongo TZXX3619
Ngongoro TZXX7182
Ngongowele TZXX3196
Ngongwa TZXX4390
Ngonwe TZXX2034
Ngorat TZXX4844
Ngoreme TZXX0163
Ngorongoro TZXX0263
Ngoulanga TZXX4391
Ngovila TZXX6160
Ngoywa TZXX7183
Ngresa TZXX3620
Ngudu TZXX4041
Nguhi TZXX5107
Nguilo TZXX3621
Nguji TZXX0582
Ngulabi TZXX0583
Ngulakula TZXX5108
Nguli TZXX2695
Ngulu TZXX6886
Ngulu TZXX2435
Ngululiro TZXX3622
Ngulwi TZXX6887
Ngundangali TZXX6161
Ngunga TZXX6162
Ngunichile TZXX3197
Ngunja TZXX4691
Nguruhe TZXX0912
Nguruka TZXX1708
Ngurumahiga TZXX3198
Nguvumali TZXX6888
Nguzo Mbili TZXX3811
Ngwachani TZXX2436
Ngwale TZXX3199
Ngwamala TZXX6163
Ngwamwili TZXX4042
Ngwanga TZXX5368
Ngwelo TZXX6889
Ngwembe TZXX5109
Nhaya TZXX4043
Nhehe TZXX5369
Nhobora TZXX6164
Nhyawa TZXX4692
Niamata TZXX1709
Niapi TZXX2437
Nidu TZXX3200
Nihale TZXX4693
Nikanyevi TZXX6890
Nikanyewe TZXX6891
Ninde TZXX5642
Ninjegwabugali TZXX4044
Nitabe TZXX1710
Nitakuja TZXX5643
Nivumomingi TZXX6892
Njabihale TZXX4045
Njagi TZXX4392
Njamaruta TZXX1711
Njanyanza TZXX2438
Njawanga TZXX5370
Njawara TZXX4694
Njengwa TZXX4695
Njenja TZXX3201
Njia Kuu TZXX2696
Njianne TZXX5110
Njiapanda TZXX3623
Njila TZXX3624
Njinjo TZXX3202
Njirii TZXX5926
Njoge TZXX0584
Njogonjwa TZXX4393
Njombe TZXX0913
Njoni TZXX2439
Njori TZXX5927
Njoro TZXX4845
Njoro Neganga TZXX4846
Njuga TZXX5371
Njugilo TZXX3625
Njuguni TZXX2440
Nkaheleze TZXX0585
Nkalakala TZXX5928
Nkalinzi TZXX1712
Nkamba TZXX5644
Nkana TZXX5645
Nkanga TZXX3626
Nkansi TZXX5646
Nkaya TZXX5372
Nkelei TZXX6893
Nkese TZXX6894
Nkhome TZXX0586
Nkindiko TZXX5929
Nkoanrua TZXX0264
Nkoaranga TZXX0265
Nkokwa TZXX3627
Nkolondoto TZXX6165
Nkombola TZXX6895
Nkonde TZXX1713
Nkondwe TZXX5647
Nkongo TZXX7184
Nkongontha TZXX0587
Nkonjela TZXX3203
Nkonko TZXX5930
Nkorogoma TZXX6166
Nkoronto TZXX1263
Nkota TZXX3628
Nkove TZXX5648
Nkulu TZXX3629
Nkulukulu TZXX4394
Nkumba TZXX6896
Nkundi TZXX5649
Nkungu-Nala TZXX0588
Nkungwi TZXX5650
Nkunjila TZXX5931
Nkurungu TZXX1264
Nkutano TZXX3630
Nkwenda TZXX1265
Nkwera TZXX1266
Nkwilo TZXX5651
Nolage TZXX1267
Noli TZXX3204
Nondoto TZXX4847
Nondwa TZXX3205
Nondwa TZXX0589
Nongwe TZXX4395
Noonjela TZXX3631
Nsalawu TZXX3632
Nsana TZXX5652
Nsato TZXX5653
Nshamba TZXX0164
Nsheshe TZXX1268
Nsonga TZXX5932
Nsunga TZXX1269
Nsungwa TZXX7185
Ntandi TZXX4696
Ntanila TZXX3633
Ntankwa TZXX7186
Ntawia TZXX5373
Ntegu TZXX3206
Ntendachi TZXX4697
Ntengeza TZXX6897
Ntigu TZXX7187
Ntimbi TZXX7188
Ntitimu TZXX1714
Ntitumu TZXX1715
Ntobo TZXX6167
Ntoma TZXX1270
Ntondo TZXX1716
Ntorya TZXX4698
Ntumago TZXX1271
Ntumba TZXX5654
Ntumbi TZXX0165
Ntumbi TZXX5933
Ntungamo TZXX1272
Ntunganire TZXX1273
Ntuntu TZXX5934
Ntwike TZXX5935
Nunda TZXX0914
Nunda TZXX6898
Nunge TZXX0333
Nungi TZXX5936
Nunguru TZXX4699
Nungwe TZXX4046
Nungwi TZXX2697
Nyaagozi TZXX1274
Nyabangi TZXX3345
Nyabansari TZXX0166
Nyabasenga TZXX1717
Nyabikurungu TZXX1275
Nyabirongo TZXX1276
Nyabirundo TZXX3346
Nyabishenge TZXX1277
Nyabogati TZXX3347
Nyabugombe TZXX1278
Nyabuyonza TZXX1279
Nyabwitagi TZXX3348
Nyachiro TZXX4396
Nyahanga TZXX4047
Nyahi TZXX4700
Nyahonge TZXX4048
Nyaishozii TZXX1280
Nyaka Kangaga TZXX1718
Nyakabanya TZXX1281
Nyakabindi TZXX6168
Nyakagomba TZXX4049
Nyakahanga TZXX1282
Nyakahura TZXX1283
Nyakaiga TZXX1284
Nyakakarangwa TZXX1285
Nyakakika TZXX1286
Nyakakiri TZXX1287
Nyakakoni TZXX1288
Nyakaliba TZXX1289
Nyakaliro TZXX0167
Nyakanazi TZXX1290
Nyakanga TZXX3349
Nyakanyasi TZXX1291
Nyakasana TZXX1292
Nyakasanza TZXX1293
Nyakasara TZXX0168
Nyakasonga TZXX1294
Nyakasungwa TZXX4050
Nyakaswa TZXX4051
Nyakatasi TZXX5112
Nyakatera TZXX1295
Nyakato TZXX4052
Nyakato TZXX1296
Nyakatolyo TZXX1297
Nyakatuntu TZXX1298
Nyakawanga TZXX0915
Nyakawangala TZXX0916
Nyakayanja TZXX1299
Nyakayenza TZXX1300
Nyakihilingita TZXX1301
Nyakirunde TZXX1302
Nyakisasa TZXX1303
Nyakisiku TZXX5113
Nyakisogo TZXX1719
Nyakitanda TZXX4053
Nyakitonto TZXX1720
Nyakiziba TZXX1304
Nyakutokwa TZXX1305
Nyalala TZXX4397
Nyalengi TZXX0917
Nyali TZXX2441
Nyali TZXX2035
Nyalikungu TZXX4054
Nyalikungu TZXX6169
Nyaluhande TZXX4055
Nyalukangaga TZXX1721
Nyamagonga TZXX1722
Nyamaguku TZXX3350
Nyamahale TZXX1306
Nyamahanga TZXX1307
Nyamahuna TZXX1308
Nyamala TZXX1309
Nyamanga TZXX4056
Nyamansi TZXX5655
Nyamanzi Kazole TZXX3812
Nyamare TZXX0590
Nyamatoke TZXX3351
Nyamatutu TZXX1310
Nyamaziba TZXX1723
Nyamazugu TZXX4057
Nyamba TZXX3207
Nyambaga TZXX4058
Nyambale TZXX4059
Nyambati TZXX5114
Nyambiti TZXX4060
Nyambitilwa TZXX3352
Nyamboge TZXX4061
Nyambono TZXX0169
Nyambosy TZXX3634
Nyambui TZXX3353
Nyameshere TZXX1311
Nyametembe TZXX4062
Nyamgalika TZXX1724
Nyamhale TZXX6170
Nyamhali TZXX4063
Nyamhanga TZXX4398
Nyamhunda TZXX3354
Nyamigere TZXX1312
Nyamihanga TZXX1313
Nyamikandu TZXX4064
Nyamikoma TZXX4065
Nyamilama TZXX4066
Nyamilima TZXX1314
Nyamiranda TZXX1315
Nyamirembe TZXX1316
Nyamiriywili TZXX5115
Nyamisibeye TZXX1317
Nyamiyaga TZXX1318
Nyamizi TZXX1319
Nyamole TZXX4067
Nyamondole TZXX1725
Nyamono TZXX0918
Nyamougo TZXX3355
Nyamsitu TZXX0919
Nyamtereza TZXX4068
Nyamtiro TZXX3356
Nyamtowo TZXX3635
Nyamtukusa TZXX4069
Nyamtumbo TZXX0170
Nyamulindi TZXX3636
Nyamuswa TZXX3357
Nyamwaga TZXX3358
Nyamwage TZXX5116
Nyamweza TZXX1320
Nyamwigura TZXX3359
Nyamwiru TZXX3360
Nyanatakara TZXX1321
Nyandekwa TZXX6171
Nyandu TZXX0591
Nyanga TZXX1726
Nyangai TZXX0920
Nyangamara TZXX0171
Nyangandu TZXX3208
Nyangano TZXX0921
Nyangao TZXX3209
Nyange TZXX1727
Nyanghomango TZXX4070
Nyangiri TZXX4071
Nyango TZXX1322
Nyangofa TZXX1728
Nyangolo TZXX0922
Nyangombe TZXX3361
Nyangombe TZXX4072
Nyanguge TZXX4073
Nyanguli TZXX4074
Nyangwe TZXX1729
Nyanhemwa TZXX4075
Nyanhwale TZXX4076
Nyanjale TZXX2442
Nyanjani TZXX2698
Nyanjati TZXX5117
Nyankalalo TZXX4077
Nyankambu TZXX4078
Nyankurukuru TZXX4079
Nyansalala TZXX1323
Nyanswa TZXX0923
Nyantama TZXX1324
Nyantungu TZXX1325
Nyantwiga TZXX1326
Nyanungu TZXX3362
Nyanza TZXX1327
Nyanzige TZXX1730
Nyanzimba TZXX4080
Nyanzoyu TZXX1328
Nyanzwa TZXX0924
Nyarabanda TZXX1731
Nyarakoma TZXX4081
Nyarambugu TZXX1329
Nyariguge TZXX0925
Nyarubele TZXX4082
Nyarubere TZXX4083
Nyarubungo TZXX1330
Nyarugamba TZXX1331
Nyarugongo TZXX1332
Nyaruonga TZXX1732
Nyaruranga TZXX1733
Nyarutuntu TZXX1333
Nyaruvanga TZXX1334
Nyaruzumbura TZXX1335
Nyarwiru TZXX5118
Nyasa TZXX7189
Nyasa TZXX1478
Nyasadu TZXX6172
Nyasaunga TZXX3363
Nyashano TZXX4084
Nyashimbi TZXX6173
Nyashimo TZXX4085
Nyasirori TZXX3364
Nyaulambo TZXX3637
Nyauwele TZXX5937
Nyavihondo TZXX1734
Nyaviumbu TZXX1735
Nyavivuye TZXX1736
Nyawizu TZXX6174
Nybukari TZXX1737
Nyegezi TZXX4086
Nyehunge TZXX4087
Nyengedi TZXX3210
Nyera TZXX5119
Nyera TZXX3211
Nyeue TZXX5374
Nyeziangumnani TZXX6899
Nyiboko TZXX3365
Nyida TZXX6175
Nyikani TZXX2037
Nyilumba TZXX4701
Nyinampigwe TZXX1336
Nyinja TZXX3366
Nyonga TZXX1337
Nyongamiho TZXX0926
Nyranga TZXX5938
Nyumba ya Mawe TZXX1479
Nyumululu TZXX4702
Nyundo TZXX6900
Nyuruandanga TZXX5120
Nzega TZXX6176
Nzega TZXX7190
Nzege TZXX3638
Nzeka TZXX5656
Nzera TZXX4088
Nziga TZXX5657
Nzihi TZXX0927
Nzima TZXX4089
Nzima TZXX6177
Nzinge TZXX0592
Nzishiwe TZXX2443
Nzungiro TZXX0593
Ochuna TZXX3367
Ofyana TZXX5939
Oka TZXX2444
Ol Molog TZXX1480
Olala TZXX0266
Old Gumbiro TZXX0172
Old Kiomboi TZXX5940
Old Moshi TZXX1481
Old Negezi TZXX6178
Old Shinyanga TZXX6179
Oldeani TZXX0267
Ole TZXX2445
Olmotoni TZXX0268
Olturoto TZXX0269
Omari Nyama TZXX4399
Omukagando TZXX1338
Omuruyanza TZXX1339
Ovada TZXX0594
Owero TZXX3639
Oyster Bay TZXX0334
Pa Ulaya TZXX4703
Pagali TZXX2446
Pagali TZXX2038
Paguu TZXX2699
Pahama TZXX2700
Pahi TZXX0595
Paiama TZXX2701
Paje TZXX0173
Pakine TZXX4848
Pakiza TZXX2447
Pale TZXX2702
Pambagora TZXX0928
Pambani TZXX4090
Pamgogo TZXX2448
Pamkoti TZXX6901
Pamliwi TZXX2039
Panda TZXX5658
Pandambili TZXX0596
Pandambili TZXX4400
Pandani TZXX2040
Pande TZXX5659
Pande TZXX3212
Pande TZXX6902
Pando TZXX5660
Pandoni TZXX2902
Panga TZXX6903
Panga Maua TZXX2703
Panga Nguruwe TZXX2903
Panga Pemba TZXX2904
Panga Punju TZXX2704
Pangaani TZXX2705
Pangala TZXX5941
Pangale TZXX0174
Pangambili TZXX6904
Pangamlima TZXX6905
Pangani TZXX0929
Pangani TZXX0175
Pangani TZXX4401
Pangani TZXX3813
Pangarawe TZXX6906
Pangashi TZXX2041
Pangawe TZXX4402
Pangeni TZXX2706
Pangeni TZXX2042
Pangisa TZXX5375
Pango TZXX7191
Panja TZXX5942
Panjalo TZXX3640
Pankonga TZXX5376
Pankote TZXX6907
Pansiansi TZXX4091
Papani TZXX2450
Paramba TZXX6908
Parangu TZXX5377
Parungu TZXX6909
Pasi TZXX2043
Pasili TZXX6910
Pasuta Msui TZXX0597
Patini TZXX2044
Patungu TZXX2045
Pejoni TZXX2046
Peko TZXX4403
Pelemehe TZXX0598
Pemba TZXX4704
Pemba TZXX4404
Pemba Unguja TZXX2047
Pembea TZXX5943
Pembeni TZXX2451