Weather Codes for United Kingdom

Find Weather Codes or Weather Zip Codes for states and cities in United Kingdom. Weather Codes references a specified Location and is used to get weather of that place accurately. They are used by The Weather Channel( by IBM), Yahoo! Weather, AOL Weather and many such weather forecasting platforms. It is similar to Yahoo's WOEID(Where On the Earth ID) that is used to represent each place uniquely.

You can know the weather of any place precisely with the help of weather codes. Find the current weather of your state or city by clicking on it. You will be redirected to The Weather Channel site with your weather code for accurate weather forecast.

56 Greenacres UKXX4438
Abberton UKXX4439
Abberton UKXX4440
Abbey UKXX1294
Abbey Hey UKXX1690
Abbey Wood UKXX1801
Abbots Langley UKXX1022
Abbots Leigh UKXX0641
Abbots Worthy UKXX4441
Abbotsbury UKXX0201
Abbotsford UKXX4442
Abbotsham UKXX4443
Abbotts Ann UKXX0609
Aber UKXX8659
Aberaeron UKXX0414
Aberangell UKXX4444
Abercanaid UKXX3014
Abercarn UKXX3015
Aberchirder UKXX3016
Abercraf UKXX4445
Abercych UKXX4446
Aberdare UKXX1654
Aberdaron UKXX2025
Aberdeen UKXX0001
Aberdour UKXX3017
Aberdovey UKXX0682
Aberdyfi UKXX4447
Aberfan UKXX4448
Aberfeldy UKXX0599
Aberffraw UKXX4449
Aberford UKXX3018
Aberfoyle UKXX4450
Abergavenny UKXX1491
Abergele UKXX1285
Abergorlech UKXX0798
Abergwesyn UKXX0196
Aberkenfig UKXX3019
Aberlour UKXX0533
Abernant UKXX1509
Abernethy UKXX3020
Aberporth UKXX0180
Abersoch UKXX0193
Abertillery UKXX1095
Abertridwr UKXX4452
Aberystwyth UKXX0203
Abingdon UKXX0002
Abington UKXX4453
Aboyne UKXX0933
Abram UKXX4454
Aby UKXX0485
Accrington UKXX1241
Acha UKXX4455
Achallader UKXX4456
Achany UKXX4457
Acharacle UKXX1398
Acharn UKXX4460
Acharn UKXX4459
Acharn UKXX0194
Achinduich UKXX4461
Achintee UKXX4462
Achmore UKXX4464
Achmore UKXX4463
Achnasheen UKXX0673
Achurch UKXX4465
Acle UKXX4466
Acocks Green UKXX0835
Acomb UKXX0622
Acomb UKXX8660
Aconbury UKXX4467
Acton UKXX4468
Acton UKXX4469
Acton UKXX4470
Acton UKXX1841
Adbaston UKXX4471
Adderbury UKXX4472
Adderley UKXX4473
Addingham UKXX3025
Addington UKXX4474
Addington UKXX4475
Addington UKXX4476
Addlestone UKXX0675
Adel UKXX4477
Adisham UKXX1656
Adlington UKXX8661
Adlington UKXX3026
Admington UKXX4478
Adscombe UKXX0915
Adsdean UKXX1001
Advie UKXX4479
Agecroft UKXX1483
Aghagallon UKXX1339
Ahoghill UKXX3027
Aigburth UKXX0872
Ainstable UKXX4480
Aintree UKXX2092
Air Balloon Hill UKXX0441
Airdrie UKXX0003
Airth UKXX3028
Aiskew UKXX9445
Akeley UKXX4481
Albrighton UKXX3029
Albury UKXX4484
Albury UKXX4483
Alcester UKXX0636
Aldbourne UKXX3030
Aldbrough UKXX8662
Aldbrough UKXX4485
Aldeburgh UKXX1571
Alderbury UKXX3031
Aldergrove UKXX1539
Alderholt UKXX3032
Alderley UKXX4486
Alderley Edge UKXX3033
Aldershot UKXX0858
Alderton UKXX4488
Alderton UKXX4489
Alderwasley UKXX4490
Aldham UKXX0452
Aldham UKXX4491
Aldie UKXX4492
Aldridge UKXX3035
Aldringham UKXX4493
Aldsworth UKXX0963
Aldwick UKXX0442
Alexandra Palace UKXX0585
Alexandria UKXX1065
Alford UKXX1634
Alford UKXX4495
Alford UKXX4496
Alfreton UKXX1349
Algarkirk UKXX1200
All Stretton UKXX4498
Allanhill Farm UKXX8663
Allanton UKXX3036
Allendale Town UKXX4499
Aller UKXX4500
Allerton UKXX0937
Allestree UKXX4501
Allhallows UKXX3037
Allington UKXX4502
Allington UKXX4503
Allington UKXX8664
Alloa UKXX0464
Alloway UKXX4504
Almeley UKXX4505
Almodington UKXX1705
Almondsbury UKXX3038
Almshouse Green UKXX1364
Alne UKXX1225
Alness UKXX0575
Alnwick UKXX0692
Alpington UKXX4507
Alresford UKXX4508
Alresford UKXX1795
Alrewas UKXX3039
Alsager UKXX3040
Alston UKXX0199
Altham UKXX4509
Altnaharra UKXX0198
Alton UKXX4510
Alton UKXX0668
Alton Towers UKXX4511
Altrincham UKXX0004
Alva UKXX0465
Alvanley UKXX4512
Alvaston UKXX9449
Alvechurch UKXX3041
Alveley UKXX3042
Alveston UKXX8665
Alveston UKXX4513
Alvie UKXX4514
Alyth UKXX0598
Amberley UKXX4515
Amble UKXX3043
Ambler Thorn UKXX0838
Ambleside UKXX0979
Ambleston UKXX8666
Amcotts UKXX4516
Amersham UKXX0473
Amesbury UKXX0195
Amlwch UKXX0197
Ammanford UKXX1404
Amotherby UKXX4518
Ampfield UKXX4519
Ampleforth UKXX4520
Ampthill UKXX0491
Ampton UKXX1167
Amulree UKXX4521
Ancton UKXX0793
Andover UKXX0200
Andrewsfield UKXX2012
Anerley UKXX1818
Angersleigh UKXX4523
Angle UKXX3023
Annaghmore UKXX4524
Annahilt UKXX3045
Annalong UKXX3046
Annan UKXX0369
Annfield Plain UKXX3047
Annie Pit UKXX1044
Anniesland UKXX8667
Anstey UKXX4525
Anstey UKXX3048
Anstruther UKXX1678
Ansty UKXX8668
Ansty UKXX4527
Ansty UKXX4526
Anthorn UKXX4528
Antony UKXX4529
Antrim UKXX1650
Anvil Green UKXX1147
Aonach Mor UKXX2039
Apperley Bridge UKXX0537
Appin UKXX0996
Appleby UKXX3049
Appleby UKXX4530
Applecross UKXX4531
Appledore UKXX3050
Appledram UKXX4532
Appleton UKXX4533
Appleton UKXX8669
Appleton Thorn UKXX3051
Appley Bridge UKXX3052
Apsley UKXX4534
Arborfield UKXX3053
Arbroath UKXX1053
Archway UKXX0688
Ardanaiseig UKXX9450
Ardbeg UKXX4535
Ardeer Square UKXX4536
Ardfern UKXX4537
Ardgay UKXX1574
Ardglass UKXX3054
Ardler UKXX1296
Ardley UKXX4538
Ardmaleish UKXX4539
Ardmillan UKXX4540
Ardmore UKXX4541
Ardno UKXX4542
Ardrishaig UKXX3055
Ardrossan UKXX1475
Ardsley UKXX4543
Ardstraw UKXX4544
Ardwell UKXX4545
Ardwell UKXX4546
Argyll UKXX2089
Arisaig UKXX0602
Arkholme UKXX1757
Arlesey UKXX1411
Arley UKXX4548
Arlingham UKXX4549
Arlington UKXX4550
Arlington UKXX1751
Armadale UKXX3056
Armadale UKXX4551
Armagh UKXX0545
Armathwaite UKXX4552
Armitage UKXX3057
Armoy UKXX4553
Armscote UKXX9452
Armthorpe UKXX3058
Arncliffe UKXX4554
Arne UKXX4555
Arney UKXX4556
Arngask UKXX4557
Arnold UKXX1129
Arnside UKXX3059
Arran UKXX2088
Arras UKXX4558
Arreton UKXX4559
Arrington UKXX4560
Arrochar UKXX4561
Arthingworth UKXX4562
Arthog UKXX1082
Arun UKXX4563
Arundel UKXX0640
Ascot UKXX1010
Asfordby UKXX9453
Ash UKXX4565
Ash UKXX3060
Ashbourne UKXX1054
Ashburnham UKXX4566
Ashburton UKXX3061
Ashbury UKXX4567
Ashbury UKXX4568
Ashby UKXX4569
Ashcott UKXX1778
Ashfield UKXX4573
Ashfield UKXX4572
Ashford UKXX0005
Ashford UKXX4576
Ashford UKXX4575
Ashford UKXX4574
Ashfordby UKXX3062
Ashington UKXX4577
Ashington UKXX0589
Ashlands UKXX1639
Ashley UKXX4582
Ashley UKXX4581
Ashley UKXX4580
Ashley UKXX4579
Ashley UKXX4578
Ashley UKXX8670
Ashley Cross UKXX4583
Ashmore UKXX4584
Ashover UKXX4585
Ashtead UKXX1476
Ashton UKXX4586
Ashton UKXX4587
Ashton UKXX4588
Ashton UKXX9715
Ashton Green UKXX1438
Ashtown UKXX8672
Ashurst UKXX3063
Ashwell UKXX8673
Ashwell UKXX4590
Ashworth UKXX8674
Askam in Furness UKXX4591
Askam-in-Furness UKXX1859
Askern UKXX3064
Askham UKXX4592
Askham UKXX4593
Askrigg UKXX4594
Aspatria UKXX2001
Aspley Guise UKXX1185
Aspley Guise UKXX9457
Astley UKXX8675
Astley UKXX0487
Astley UKXX4595
Astley UKXX4596
Astley Bridge UKXX1646
Aston UKXX4597
Aston UKXX4601
Aston UKXX4602
Aston UKXX4599
Aston UKXX4600
Aston UKXX4598
Aston UKXX8676
Aston Abbotts UKXX0572
Aston Cantlow UKXX1335
Aston Clinton UKXX3065
Aston Sandford UKXX0571
Astwood Bank UKXX0935
Atcham UKXX4603
Atherington UKXX4604
Atherington UKXX4605
Atherstone UKXX0743
Atherton UKXX1090
Attercliffe UKXX1002
Attleborough UKXX4606
Attleborough UKXX0590
Atworth UKXX3066
Auchencrow UKXX9458
Auchinleck UKXX3067
Auchnacraig UKXX4607
Auchterarder UKXX1396
Auchtermuchty UKXX1076
Auckley UKXX3068
Audenshaw UKXX0985
Audley UKXX3069
Audley End UKXX1069
Augher UKXX0352
Aughnacloy UKXX0348
Aughton UKXX4609
Aughton UKXX1004
Aughton UKXX4608
Ault Hucknall UKXX4610
Aultbea UKXX2033
Aultivullin UKXX4612
Aust UKXX4613
Austrey UKXX4614
Authorpe UKXX4615
Avebury UKXX8677
Aveley UKXX3070
Aveton Gifford UKXX4616
Aviemore UKXX0166
Avoch UKXX0764
Avon UKXX1892
Avon Park UKXX0637
Awsworth UKXX3071
Axbridge UKXX0940
Axford UKXX4617
Axminster UKXX0564
Aylesbury UKXX0204
Aylesby UKXX4618
Aylesford UKXX0987
Aylmerton UKXX4619
Aylsham UKXX3072
Ayot Saint Peter UKXX4620
Ayr UKXX0006
Ayrshire UKXX2087
Ayton UKXX4621
Ayton UKXX4622
Babbacombe UKXX9459
Babworth UKXX3073
Back UKXX4623
Backmoor UKXX0907
Backworth UKXX3074
Bacton UKXX8678
Bacton UKXX4625
Bacton UKXX4624
Bacup UKXX1193
Badbea UKXX4626
Badby UKXX4627
Baddidarroch UKXX9461
Badger UKXX4629
Badgeworth UKXX1668
Badgworth UKXX4630
Badingham UKXX4631
Badminton UKXX0468
Badrallach UKXX4632
Badsey UKXX3075
Badsworth UKXX3076
Badwell Ash UKXX4633
Baffins UKXX8679
Bagby UKXX4634
Bagillt UKXX3077
Baglan UKXX4635
Bagnor UKXX4636
Bagshot UKXX0760
Bagworth UKXX4637
Baildon UKXX3078
Bainbridge UKXX4638
Baker Street UKXX9462
Bakewell UKXX0746
Bala UKXX0205
Balblair UKXX4639
Balchladich UKXX4641
Balcombe UKXX4642
Balderstone UKXX4643
Baldock UKXX1711
Baldwinholme UKXX0846
Balerno UKXX3079
Balfron UKXX3080
Balham UKXX1831
Balintore UKXX3081
Balintore UKXX4644
Balkissock UKXX4645
Ball UKXX4646
Ballachulish UKXX0507
Ballantrae UKXX4648
Ballater UKXX1333
Ballimore UKXX4649
Ballinamallard UKXX3082
Ballindalloch UKXX0833
Ballingry UKXX3083
Ballintoy UKXX4652
Balloch UKXX3084
Ballure UKXX4653
Ballycastle UKXX0446
Ballyclare UKXX0444
Ballycloghan UKXX4654
Ballydivity UKXX4655
Ballydonegan UKXX4656
Ballygawley UKXX4657
Ballygowan UKXX3085
Ballyhackamore UKXX8680
Ballyhornan UKXX4658
Ballykelly UKXX2021
Ballymagorry UKXX4659
Ballymartin UKXX4660
Ballymena UKXX1540
Ballymoney UKXX0445
Ballynacanon UKXX4661
Ballynagard UKXX4662
Ballynahinch UKXX0343
Ballyneaner UKXX4663
Ballynoe UKXX4664
Ballynure UKXX4665
Ballyreagh UKXX4666
Ballyreagh UKXX4667
Ballyronan UKXX4668
Ballywalter UKXX3086
Balmacara UKXX4669
Balmedie UKXX3087
Balmoral UKXX4670
Balmullo UKXX3088
Balnacarn UKXX4671
Balnald UKXX4672
Balranald UKXX4673
Balsall Common UKXX3089
Balsham UKXX3090
Baltasound UKXX2052
Bamburgh UKXX0694
Bamford UKXX4674
Bampton UKXX4675
Bampton UKXX4676
Bampton UKXX3091
Banbridge UKXX0543
Banbury UKXX0209
Banchory UKXX0007
Banff UKXX0834
Bangor UKXX2024
Bangor UKXX0008
Bankend UKXX4677
Bankfoot UKXX3092
Bankhead UKXX4678
Bankhead UKXX4679
Banks UKXX3093
Banks UKXX4680
Bannings Vale UKXX1647
Bannockburn UKXX3094
Banstead UKXX0913
Banwell UKXX1538
Bar Hill UKXX4681
Bar Hill UKXX4682
Barbican UKXX3095
Barbon UKXX4683
Barbourne UKXX2050
Barbrook UKXX4684
Barby UKXX4685
Barclose UKXX1541
Bardesy UKXX0287
Bardsey UKXX3096
Bardwell UKXX4686
Bare UKXX4687
Barevan UKXX4688
Bargoed UKXX1544
Barham UKXX3097
Barkham UKXX8681
Barking UKXX0865
Barking UKXX4690
Barkingside UKXX8682
Barkston Ash UKXX9465
Barlaston UKXX3098
Barlborough UKXX3099
Barlby UKXX3100
Barlestone UKXX3101
Barley UKXX4691
Barling UKXX4692
Barlow UKXX4694
Barlow UKXX4693
Barmer UKXX4695
Barmouth UKXX0289
Barnard Castle UKXX0952
Barnes UKXX1832
Barnet UKXX0563
Barnetby UKXX1256
Barnham UKXX4697
Barnham UKXX3103
Barningham UKXX4698
Barningham UKXX8683
Barnoldswick UKXX1336
Barnsbury UKXX3104
Barnsley UKXX0009
Barnsley UKXX4699
Barnstaple UKXX1463
Barnstone UKXX4700
Barnt Green UKXX3105
Barnwell UKXX4701
Barnwood UKXX3106
Barons Court UKXX9466
Barr UKXX4703
Barr UKXX4702
Barr UKXX4704
Barr UKXX4705
Barraer UKXX4706
Barrhead UKXX0662
Barrhill UKXX4707
Barrington UKXX4709
Barrington UKXX4708
Barrow UKXX4710
Barrow Bridge UKXX8684
Barrow upon Soar UKXX3107
Barrowby UKXX3108
Barrowford UKXX3109
Barry UKXX4711
Barry UKXX0010
Barry End UKXX8687
Barston UKXX1734
Bartestree UKXX9468
Barthomley UKXX4713
Bartley UKXX4714
Bartley Green UKXX3110
Barton UKXX4716
Barton UKXX4718
Barton UKXX4719
Barton UKXX4715
Barton Mills UKXX1166
Barton-le-Clay UKXX3112
Barvas UKXX4721
Basildon UKXX8689
Basildon UKXX0518
Basing UKXX3113
Basingstoke UKXX0011
Bassendean UKXX4722
Bassett UKXX8690
Bassingbourn UKXX3115
Bastwell UKXX0638
Batchwood UKXX1133
Batcombe UKXX4724
Batcombe UKXX4723
Bath UKXX0012
Bathampton UKXX4725
Bathgate UKXX1559
Batley UKXX0013
Batterdale UKXX1533
Battersby UKXX1620
Battersea UKXX1830
Battle UKXX0615
Battlefield UKXX4727
Baugh UKXX4728
Bawdeswell UKXX4729
Bawdsey UKXX4730
Bawtry UKXX3116
Bay Horse UKXX3117
Baydon UKXX4731
Bayford UKXX4732
Bayswater UKXX3118
Beach UKXX9472
Beach UKXX4733
Beaconsfield UKXX1472
Beadnell UKXX8691
Beal UKXX4734
Bealach na Ba UKXX3013
Beaminster UKXX1257
Bearsden UKXX0829
Beaufort UKXX4735
Beaulieu UKXX4736
Beauly UKXX1365
Beaumaris UKXX1085
Beaumont UKXX4737
Beaworthy UKXX1155
Bebington UKXX0726
Beccles UKXX1494
Beckenham UKXX1439
Beckermet UKXX1651
Beckfoot UKXX1643
Beckfoot UKXX4738
Beckingham UKXX4740
Beckingham UKXX4741
Beckley UKXX4743
Beckley UKXX4742
Becks UKXX0938
Beckton UKXX8692
Becontree UKXX3119
Becontree Heath UKXX8693
Bedale UKXX0748
Beddau UKXX3120
Bedford UKXX0014
Bedhampton UKXX8695
Bedlington UKXX1387
Bedlinog UKXX9474
Bedminster UKXX8696
Bedwas UKXX3121
Bedworth UKXX0948
Beecroft Hill UKXX8697
Beedon Hill UKXX4744
Beenham UKXX4745
Beer UKXX4746
Beeston UKXX1329
Beeston UKXX8698
Beeston UKXX4747
Beeston UKXX8699
Beeston Hill UKXX8700
Beeswing UKXX4748
Beighton UKXX3122
Beith UKXX0480
Belchamp Otten UKXX4749
Belfast UKXX0015
Belford UKXX0991
Belgrave UKXX4750
Belgravia UKXX8701
Belhaven UKXX4751
Belhus UKXX4752
Belladrum UKXX4753
Bellaghy UKXX3123
Bellarena UKXX4754
Belle Isle UKXX4755
Belle Vue UKXX1382
Belle Vue UKXX4756
Belleek UKXX4757
Belleek UKXX4758
Bellingham UKXX4760
Bellshill UKXX0016
Belmont UKXX3124
Belmont UKXX4762
Belmont UKXX4761
Belper UKXX0656
Belsay UKXX4763
Belsize Park UKXX3125
Belstead UKXX4764
Beltinge UKXX1444
Belton UKXX8702
Belton UKXX4765
Belton UKXX4766
Belton UKXX4767
Belton UKXX4768
Belvedere UKXX0455
Belvoir UKXX4769
Bembridge UKXX0794
Ben Nevis UKXX4436
Benbecula UKXX1897
Benfleet UKXX0914
Benington UKXX4770
Benllech UKXX3126
Benmore UKXX4771
Benone UKXX1906
Benson UKXX2048
Benthall UKXX4772
Bentley UKXX0826
Bentley UKXX4773
Bentley UKXX4774
Bentley UKXX4775
Bentley UKXX4776
Bentley Heath UKXX0934
Bents UKXX4777
Benwell UKXX3127
Berden UKXX0646
Bere Alston UKXX3128
Berkeley UKXX0569
Berkhamsted UKXX0472
Berkley UKXX4778
Bermondsey UKXX4779
Bernards Heath UKXX8703
Berriedale UKXX0676
Berriew UKXX4780
Berrington UKXX4781
Berry Pomeroy UKXX4782
Berryhill UKXX8704
Berwick UKXX1878
Bessbrook UKXX4783
Bessingby UKXX1723
Besthorpe UKXX4785
Besthorpe UKXX4784
Betchworth UKXX0708
Bethesda UKXX3129
Bethesda UKXX4786
Bethnal Green UKXX1258
Betley UKXX4787
Bettyhill UKXX4788
Betws UKXX3130
Betws-y-Coed UKXX1377
Beulah UKXX4789
Beverley UKXX1161
Bewbush UKXX3131
Bewdley UKXX0954
Bexhill UKXX0216
Bexhill-on-Sea UKXX1719
Bexley UKXX0850
Bexleyheath UKXX0950
Beyton UKXX4790
Bicester UKXX1099
Bicker UKXX4791
Bickford UKXX4792
Bickleigh UKXX4793
Bickley UKXX8705
Bickley UKXX4794
Bicknacre UKXX3132
Bicton UKXX8706
Biddenham UKXX8707
Biddulph UKXX3133
Bideford UKXX1564
Bidford-on-avon UKXX3134
Biel UKXX4795
Bierton UKXX4796
Biggar UKXX0883
Biggin Hill UKXX1898
Biggleswade UKXX1211
Bill Street UKXX0881
Billericay UKXX1146
Billinge UKXX3135
Billingford UKXX4798
Billingham UKXX1123
Billinghay UKXX3136
Billingshurst UKXX1107
Billington UKXX3137
Billington UKXX4799
Billy UKXX4800
Bilsdale UKXX3138
Bilsthorpe UKXX3139
Bilston UKXX4801
Bilston UKXX0813
Bilton UKXX4802
Binfield UKXX0509
Bingham UKXX3140
Bingley UKXX1437
Binham UKXX4803
Binsted UKXX4804
Binsted UKXX4805
Birch UKXX4806
Birch UKXX4807
Birchgrove UKXX8708
Birchills UKXX4808
Birchington UKXX1657
Bircotes UKXX3141
Bird End UKXX1034
Birdham UKXX3142
Birdwell UKXX3143
Birkenhead UKXX0017
Birkenshaw UKXX4809
Birkenshaw UKXX1436
Birmingham UKXX0018
Birnam UKXX4810
Birsay UKXX4811
Birstall UKXX4812
Birtley UKXX8709
Birtley UKXX4813
Bisham UKXX8710
Bisham Abbey UKXX4814
Bishop Auckland UKXX1150
Bishop Sutton UKXX1041
Bishopbriggs UKXX1232
Bishops Castle UKXX0803
Bishops Lydeard UKXX3144
Bishops Waltham UKXX3146
Bishopsbourne UKXX4815
Bishopsteignton UKXX3147
Bishopstoke UKXX3148
Bishopston UKXX3149
Bishopstone UKXX4816
Bishopstone UKXX8711
Bishopstone UKXX4817
Bishopstone UKXX8712
Bishopthorpe UKXX3150
Bishopton UKXX0893
Bishopton UKXX8713
Bisley UKXX4819
Bisley UKXX4818
Bitterne UKXX8714
Blaby UKXX3151
Black Country UKXX9480
Black Hill UKXX4820
Blackburn UKXX1036
Blackburn UKXX4821
Blackburn UKXX4822
Blackburn UKXX4823
Blackdown UKXX1669
Blackford UKXX4827
Blackford UKXX4824
Blackford UKXX4825
Blackford UKXX4826
Blackfords UKXX0725
Blackheath UKXX4829
Blackheath UKXX1802
Blackheath UKXX4830
Blackley UKXX3152
Blacklow Brow UKXX1576
Blackmill UKXX4831
Blackmill UKXX4832
Blackmoorfoot UKXX3153
Blackmore UKXX4833
Blackpool UKXX0019
Blackrock UKXX4834
Blackrod UKXX3154
Blackwall UKXX8715
Blackwater UKXX4836
Blackwater UKXX4835
Blackwell UKXX3155
Blackwood UKXX1765
Blackwood UKXX4838
Blackwood UKXX4837
Blacon UKXX3156
Bladon UKXX4839
Blaenavon UKXX3157
Blaenwaun UKXX4841
Blain UKXX4842
Blair Atholl UKXX4843
Blairgowrie UKXX1768
Blairmore UKXX4845
Blairs UKXX4846
Blakeney UKXX1666
Blakeney UKXX4847
Blanchland UKXX4848
Blandford Forum UKXX1057
Blaxhall UKXX4849
Blaydon UKXX3158
Blaydon-on-Tyne UKXX0786
Blean UKXX3159
Bleddfa UKXX4850
Bletchingley UKXX3160
Bletchley UKXX1331
Blewbury UKXX3161
Blidworth UKXX3162
Blisland UKXX1503
Blisworth UKXX3163
Bloomsbury UKXX8716
Blore UKXX4851
Blossomfield UKXX0836
Bloxham UKXX3164
Blue Anchor UKXX4852
Blyth UKXX4853
Blyth UKXX0689
Blyton UKXX4854
Boars Hill UKXX3165
Boat of Garten UKXX0601
Bocking UKXX1337
Boddam UKXX3166
Boddam UKXX4856
Bodedern UKXX4857
Bodelwyddan UKXX3167
Bodenham UKXX0210
Bodham UKXX4858
Bodiam UKXX4859
Bodle Street UKXX3168
Bodmin UKXX0706
Bodorgan UKXX1286
Boglestone UKXX9716
Bognor Regis UKXX1105
Bohenie UKXX4860
Boho UKXX4861
Bolam UKXX4862
Bolam UKXX4863
Bold Heath UKXX4864
Boldon UKXX3169
Boldon Colliery UKXX1188
Boleskine UKXX4865
Bollington UKXX3170
Bolney UKXX4866
Bolsover UKXX3171
Bolton UKXX0020
Bolton UKXX4867
Bolton Outlanes UKXX0536
Bolton Percy UKXX4868
Boltshope Park UKXX2068
Bonaly UKXX4870
Boncath UKXX1007
Bondville UKXX4871
Bonhill UKXX3174
Bonnybridge UKXX1464
Bonnyrigg UKXX0461
Bonsall UKXX4872
Bontnewydd UKXX9482
Bonvilston UKXX4873
Booker UKXX4874
Bookham UKXX4875
Boot UKXX4876
Bootle UKXX1575
Bootle UKXX4877
Borden UKXX4878
Bordesley UKXX8717
Bordon UKXX0669
Boreham UKXX3175
Boreham UKXX4879
Borehamwood UKXX0810
Borgue UKXX4880
Borough Green UKXX3176
Boroughbridge UKXX3177
Borrowash UKXX3178
Borrowby UKXX4881
Borth UKXX4882
Borve UKXX4883
Borve UKXX4885
Boscastle UKXX1504
Boscombe UKXX4886
Boscombe Down UKXX2051
Bosham UKXX3179
Boston UKXX1701
Botesdale UKXX3181
Bothal UKXX4887
Bothel UKXX4888
Bothwell UKXX1467
Botley UKXX3182
Bottesford UKXX8718
Bottesford UKXX4889
Bottisham UKXX3183
Boughton UKXX4890
Boughton UKXX3184
Boulmer UKXX0172
Bourne UKXX0212
Bourne End UKXX0912
Bourne End UKXX4891
Bournemouth UKXX0021
Bourton UKXX4892
Bourton UKXX4894
Bourton UKXX4893
Bouthwaite UKXX4896
Bouverie UKXX9717
Bovey Tracey UKXX3186
Bovingdon UKXX3187
Bovington Camp UKXX3188
Bow UKXX4897
Bow UKXX1799
Bow Street UKXX1777
Bowden UKXX4898
Bowdon UKXX3189
Bowes UKXX8719
Bowling UKXX1357
Bowthorpe UKXX3190
Box UKXX8720
Boxford UKXX4900
Boxford UKXX4901
Boxgrove UKXX3191
Boxley UKXX4902
Boxted UKXX1049
Boxted UKXX4903
Boxworth UKXX4904
Boyleston UKXX4905
Boynton UKXX8721
Boyton UKXX8723
Boyton UKXX8722
Boyton UKXX4906
Bozeat UKXX3192
Bracara UKXX4907
Bracewell UKXX4908
Brackenagh UKXX4909
Brackley UKXX1191
Brackley UKXX4910
Bracknell UKXX0022
Bracky UKXX4911
Braco UKXX4912
Bracorina UKXX4913
Bradbury UKXX4914
Braddock UKXX4915
Bradfield UKXX8724
Bradfield UKXX4916
Bradfield UKXX4917
Bradford UKXX0023
Bradford UKXX4918
Bradford-on-Avon UKXX0435
Brading UKXX3193
Bradley UKXX4923
Bradley UKXX4919
Bradley UKXX4920
Bradley UKXX4922
Bradley UKXX4921
Bradley UKXX8725
Bradley UKXX4924
Bradley Cross UKXX3194
Bradley Fold UKXX8726
Bradninch UKXX3195
Bradpole UKXX4925
Bradshaw UKXX4926
Bradway UKXX1003
Bradwell UKXX4927
Bradwell UKXX4928
Bradwell UKXX8727
Bradwell on Sea UKXX4929
Brae UKXX4930
Braehead UKXX8728
Braemar UKXX4931
Braemore UKXX4932
Braeside UKXX9718
Brafferton UKXX4934
Braidwood UKXX4935
Braintree UKXX1343
Braithwaite UKXX4936
Bramcote UKXX4937
Bramfield UKXX4938
Bramford UKXX3196
Bramhall UKXX0827
Bramham UKXX3197
Bramhope UKXX3198
Bramley UKXX3199
Bramley UKXX8730
Bramley UKXX4939
Bramley UKXX8729
Brampford Speke UKXX4940
Brampton UKXX4944
Brampton UKXX4942
Brampton UKXX4941
Brampton UKXX1142
Brampton UKXX4943
Brampton Bryan UKXX4945
Brancepeth UKXX4946
Branchton UKXX9719
Branderburgh UKXX4947
Brandon UKXX4949
Brandon UKXX4948
Brandon UKXX0970
Brandon Creek UKXX4950
Brandsby UKXX4951
Brane UKXX4952
Branksome UKXX4953
Bransford UKXX4954
Bransgore UKXX3200
Branston UKXX4955
Branston UKXX4956
Brantingham UKXX8731
Branxton UKXX4957
Bratton UKXX8732
Bratton UKXX4958
Bratton UKXX4959
Braunston UKXX4961
Braunston UKXX4960
Braunstone UKXX4962
Braunton UKXX1260
Brawdy UKXX0229
Bray UKXX8733
Brayton UKXX3201
Bready UKXX4963
Breage UKXX4964
Bream UKXX3202
Breamore UKXX4965
Brechin UKXX1052
Brecon UKXX0206
Brede UKXX4966
Bredenbury UKXX4967
Bredon UKXX3203
Breighton UKXX3204
Brenish UKXX4968
Brent UKXX0624
Brent Eleigh UKXX4969
Brentford UKXX1519
Brentwood UKXX1344
Bressingham UKXX4970
Brettenham UKXX4971
Brettenham UKXX4972
Brewood UKXX3205
Brick Lane UKXX8734
Bridford UKXX4973
Bridge UKXX4974
Bridge of Allan UKXX3206
Bridge of Cally UKXX4975
Bridge of Earn UKXX3207
Bridge of Orchy UKXX1863
Bridge of Weir UKXX1862
Bridgend UKXX1730
Bridgend UKXX4979
Bridgend UKXX4978
Bridgend UKXX4976
Bridgetown UKXX4981
Bridgnorth UKXX1522
Bridgwater UKXX1216
Bridlington UKXX0024
Bridport UKXX0953
Brierfield UKXX3208
Brierley Hill UKXX1662
Brigg UKXX0749
Brigham UKXX4982
Brigham UKXX4983
Brighouse UKXX1159
Brighstone UKXX0323
Brightlingsea UKXX3209
Brighton UKXX0215
Brighton Station UKXX9488
Brightside UKXX8735
Brill UKXX4984
Brimfield UKXX4985
Brimscombe UKXX3210
Brin UKXX4986
Brincliffe UKXX8736
Brinkley UKXX4987
Brinkworth UKXX4988
Brisco UKXX4989
Brisley UKXX4990
Bristol UKXX0025
Briston UKXX3211
Britain UKXX9489
Briton Ferry UKXX3212
Brixham UKXX0422
Brixton UKXX4991
Brixton UKXX1821
Brixton Hill UKXX4992
Brixworth UKXX3214
Brize Norton UKXX0182
Broad Blunsdon UKXX3215
Broad Campden UKXX9490
Broad Chalke UKXX4993
Broad Hinton UKXX4994
Broadfield UKXX3216
Broadford UKXX4995
Broadmeadows UKXX4996
Broadmoor UKXX4997
Broadstairs UKXX0359
Broadstone UKXX0839
Broadwater UKXX4998
Broadway UKXX5000
Broadway UKXX0621
Broadway UKXX4999
Broadwell UKXX5002
Broadwell UKXX5003
Broadwell UKXX5001
Broadwood UKXX5004
Brockagh UKXX5005
Brockenhurst UKXX0801
Brockhall UKXX5006
Brockhall UKXX5007
Brocklesby UKXX5008
Brockley UKXX8737
Brockley UKXX1803
Brockley Hill UKXX8738
Brockton UKXX5009
Brodick UKXX5010
Bromborough UKXX0828
Brome UKXX5011
Bromfield UKXX5012
Bromfield UKXX5013
Bromfield UKXX8739
Bromham UKXX3217
Bromley UKXX1649
Bromlow UKXX5014
Brompton UKXX5015
Brompton UKXX5016
Bromsgrove UKXX0026
Bromyard UKXX1568
Bronte Country UKXX9492
Brook UKXX5018
Brook UKXX5020
Brook UKXX5021
Brook UKXX5019
Brook End UKXX8740
Brook green UKXX8741
Brooke UKXX5022
Brooke UKXX8742
Brookeborough UKXX5023
Brookland UKXX5024
Brookthorpe UKXX5025
Brookwood UKXX5026
Broom UKXX5028
Broom UKXX5027
Broome UKXX5029
Broomfield UKXX5030
Broomfield UKXX5031
Broomfield UKXX5032
Broomhill UKXX5033
Brora UKXX1278
Broseley UKXX0614
Brotherton UKXX5034
Brotton UKXX5035
Brough UKXX5036
Brough UKXX5037
Brough UKXX1671
Broughshane UKXX3218
Broughton UKXX5041
Broughton UKXX5040
Broughton UKXX5039
Broughton UKXX5038
Broughton UKXX5043
Broughton UKXX5044
Broughton UKXX5042
Broughton UKXX5045
Broughton UKXX0988
Broughton UKXX8743
Brown Moss Side UKXX5046
Brownhills UKXX3220
Broxbourne UKXX1060
Broxburn UKXX1560
Broxton UKXX5047
Bruichladdich UKXX5048
Brumby UKXX5049
Brundall UKXX3221
Brundish UKXX5050
Bruton UKXX0208
Bryher UKXX5051
Brymbo UKXX3222
Bryn UKXX5052
Bryn UKXX8745
Brynamman UKXX3223
Bryngwyn UKXX5053
Brynhoffnant UKXX5054
Brynmawr UKXX3224
Brynteg UKXX0984
Buccleuch UKXX5055
Buchany UKXX5056
Buckden UKXX5057
Buckden UKXX3225
Buckfastleigh UKXX1122
Buckhaven UKXX3226
Buckhurst Hill UKXX1672
Buckie UKXX1636
Buckingham UKXX0687
Buckland UKXX5062
Buckland UKXX5061
Buckland UKXX5060
Buckland UKXX5059
Buckland UKXX5058
Buckland UKXX8746
Bucklers Hard UKXX9493
Buckley UKXX3227
Buckley Hill UKXX1477
Bucknall UKXX5063
Bucknell UKXX5064
Bucknell UKXX0610
Bude UKXX0207
Bugbrooke UKXX3228
Bugle UKXX3229
Buildwas UKXX5065
Builth Wells UKXX1284
Bulford UKXX3230
Bulkington UKXX8747
Bulmer UKXX5066
Bunaveneadar UKXX5067
Bunbury UKXX5068
Bungay UKXX1097
Bunkers Hill UKXX5069
Buntingford UKXX1308
Burbage UKXX8748
Burbage UKXX5070
Bures UKXX1345
Burford UKXX5071
Burgess Hill UKXX1770
Burgh UKXX5073
Burgh UKXX5072
Burgh le Marsh UKXX3231
Burghead UKXX3232
Burghill UKXX5075
Burham UKXX5076
Burley UKXX8749
Burley UKXX5077
Burnage UKXX3234
Burnett UKXX5078
Burnfoot Airdrie UKXX9720
Burnham UKXX5079
Burnham Market UKXX5080
Burnham-on-Sea UKXX1613
Burnhouse UKXX9494
Burniston UKXX3236
Burnley UKXX1137
Burnopfield UKXX3237
Burntisland UKXX1175
Burntwood UKXX1786
Burpham UKXX5081
Burpham UKXX5082
Burravoe UKXX5085
Burrelton UKXX5086
Burren UKXX5087
Burrington UKXX8750
Burrington UKXX5088
Burrington UKXX8751
Burrough Green UKXX5089
Burry Port UKXX1207
Bursledon UKXX3238
Burstall UKXX5090
Burstwick UKXX3239
Burton UKXX8752
Burton UKXX5091
Burton UKXX5092
Burton UKXX5093
Burton UKXX5094
Burton UKXX3240
Burton Joyce UKXX3241
Burton Latimer UKXX3242
Burtonwood UKXX3244
Burwell UKXX5095
Burwell UKXX3245
Burwell Fen UKXX9496
Bury UKXX0626
Bury UKXX5096
Bury UKXX5097
Bury St Edmunds UKXX0213
Busby UKXX3246
Bushey UKXX1722
Bushley UKXX5098
Bushmills UKXX0845
Busta UKXX5099
Butetown UKXX8753
Butter Tubs Pass UKXX0211
Buttermere UKXX5100
Buttermere UKXX5101
Butterwick UKXX5103
Butterwick UKXX5102
Buxton UKXX5104
Buxton UKXX0214
Byfield UKXX5105
Byram UKXX3247
Byton UKXX5106
Cabourne UKXX5107
Caddington UKXX3248
Cadnam UKXX3249
Cadney UKXX5108
Cadoxton UKXX8754
Cadzow UKXX5109
Caenby UKXX5110
Caergwrle UKXX3250
Caerleon UKXX3251
Caernarfon UKXX0981
Caerphilly UKXX0738
Caio UKXX5111
Cairn Gorm UKXX3021
Cairnbaan UKXX5112
Cairndow UKXX1495
Cairneyhill UKXX3252
Cairngorm UKXX4434
Cairnryan UKXX0217
Cairnwell UKXX2062
Caister-on-Sea UKXX3253
Caistor UKXX3254
Calcot UKXX3255
Caldecote UKXX5114
Caldecote UKXX5113
Caldecotte UKXX1184
Caldercruix UKXX3256
Caldicot UKXX3257
Caldicot Level UKXX9498
Caldwell UKXX5116
Caledon UKXX0347
Callander UKXX1262
Callington UKXX0897
Callow UKXX8755
Callow Hill UKXX5117
Calne UKXX1310
Calow UKXX9499
Calrossie UKXX5118
Calverton UKXX8756
Calverton UKXX5119
Calvo UKXX5120
Cam UKXX5121
Camberley UKXX0670
Camberwell UKXX1804
Camblesforth UKXX3258
Camborne UKXX0185
Cambridge UKXX0028
Cambridge UKXX5122
Cambusnethan UKXX5123
Camden UKXX1127
Camden Town UKXX8757
Cameley UKXX3260
Camelford UKXX1704
Camelon UKXX5124
Cameron UKXX5125
Camerton UKXX5126
Camerton UKXX8759
Camghouran UKXX5127
Campbeltown UKXX0400
Campsall UKXX3261
Camrose UKXX8760
Canary Wharf UKXX8761
Canes UKXX1251
Canford Cliffs UKXX5128
Canford Heath UKXX3262
Canisbay UKXX5129
Cannock UKXX1025
Canon Frome UKXX5130
Canonbie UKXX0371
Canterbury UKXX0029
Cantley UKXX5131
Cantley UKXX8762
Canvey Island UKXX0416
Caol UKXX5132
Cape Wrath UKXX0327
Capel UKXX5133
Capel Gwyn UKXX5134
Capel Saint Mary UKXX3263
Capel-Curig UKXX2015
Cappielow UKXX9721
Caputh UKXX5135
Carbost UKXX5136
Carbrook UKXX8763
Carcroft UKXX3264
Carden UKXX8764
Cardenden UKXX3265
Cardiff UKXX0030
Cardigan UKXX1510
Cardigan Bay UKXX0326
Cardington UKXX8765
Cardinham UKXX2010
Cardonald UKXX8767
Cardross UKXX3266
Carew UKXX5137
Cargill UKXX5138
Cargo Fleet UKXX5139
Carisbrooke UKXX5140
Cark UKXX5141
Carland UKXX5142
Carland Cross UKXX5143
Carlecotes UKXX5144
Carleton UKXX5145
Carleton UKXX5146
Carleton UKXX5147
Carlisle UKXX0226
Carlton UKXX5154
Carlton UKXX5150
Carlton UKXX5149
Carlton UKXX1026
Carlton UKXX5148
Carlton UKXX5151
Carlton UKXX8768
Carluke UKXX1763
Carmarthen UKXX1006
Carmavy UKXX5156
Carmel UKXX5157
Carmunnock UKXX3267
Carn UKXX5158
Carnaby UKXX8769
Carnagh UKXX5160
Carnaquheen UKXX5161
Carneatly UKXX5162
Carnforth UKXX0391
Carnguwch UKXX5163
Carnlough UKXX3268
Carnmoney UKXX5164
Carnoch UKXX5165
Carnoustie UKXX0555
Carnwath UKXX3269
Carperby UKXX5167
Carr UKXX5168
Carradale UKXX5169
Carrbridge UKXX1297
Carrick UKXX5170
Carrickfergus UKXX0345
Carrington UKXX5172
Carrington UKXX0880
Carrington UKXX5171
Carron UKXX5174
Carron UKXX5173
Carryduff UKXX3270
Carsethorn UKXX5175
Carshalton UKXX0715
Carsington UKXX5176
Carsluith UKXX5177
Carsphairn UKXX5178
Carstairs UKXX5179
Carterhouse UKXX2023
Carterton UKXX1196
Carthorpe UKXX5180
Carway UKXX5181
Caskieben UKXX5182
Castelnau UKXX8770
Casterton UKXX5183
Casterton UKXX5184
Castle Cary UKXX1535
Castle Combe UKXX1915
Castle Donington UKXX3271
Castle Douglas UKXX0365
Castledawson UKXX3272
Castlederg UKXX0354
Castleford UKXX1624
Castlereagh UKXX3273
Castlerock UKXX3274
Castleside UKXX3275
Castleton UKXX5190
Castleton UKXX5189
Castleton UKXX5188
Castleton UKXX5187
Castleton UKXX5186
Castleton UKXX5185
Castletown UKXX5192
Castletown UKXX5191
Castlewellan UKXX0542
Castor UKXX8771
Catcliffe UKXX3276
Caterham UKXX5193
Catfield UKXX5194
Catford UKXX1805
Cathays UKXX8772
Cathays Park UKXX8773
Cathcart UKXX5195
Catherington UKXX5196
Caton UKXX3277
Catrine UKXX3278
Catterall UKXX3279
Catterick UKXX3280
Catthorpe UKXX5197
Cavendish UKXX5198
Caversham UKXX5199
Cawdor UKXX5200
Cawood UKXX5201
Cawston UKXX5202
Cawthorn UKXX5203
Cawthorne UKXX3281
Cayton UKXX5204
Cemaes Bay UKXX0685
Cenarth UKXX5205
Central Belt UKXX9505
Ceres UKXX3282
Chadderton UKXX0824
Chadwell Heath UKXX3283
Chadwell St Mary UKXX3284
Chafford Hundred UKXX3285
Chale UKXX0324
Chalford UKXX3287
Chalgrove UKXX3288
Challoch UKXX5207
Chalton UKXX8774
Chalton UKXX5209
Chantry UKXX8775
Chapel Allerton UKXX5210
Chapel Allerton UKXX3289
Chapelhall UKXX3292
Chapelhope UKXX5212
Chapelton UKXX5213
Chapelton UKXX5214
Chapeltown UKXX5216
Chapeltown UKXX5215
Chapletown UKXX1531
Chappel UKXX5217
Chard UKXX0613
Charfield UKXX3294
Charing UKXX5218
Charing Cross UKXX8776
Charlbury UKXX3295
Charlemont UKXX5219
Charles UKXX5220
Charlestown UKXX5221
Charlestown UKXX5222
Charlestown UKXX5223
Charlestown UKXX5224
Charlton UKXX5228
Charlton UKXX5230
Charlton UKXX5226
Charlton UKXX5227
Charlton UKXX1806
Charlton UKXX9507
Charlton Kings UKXX5231
Charlwood UKXX5234
Charminster UKXX8778
Charterhall UKXX2019
Chartham UKXX3297
Charvil UKXX3298
Chasetown UKXX3299
Chatham UKXX0780
Chathill UKXX1587
Chatsworth UKXX5235
Chatteris UKXX1597
Chatton UKXX5236
Cheadle UKXX1512
Cheadle UKXX5237
Cheadle Heath UKXX8779
Cheadle Hulme UKXX5238
Checkley UKXX5239
Checkley UKXX5240
Cheddar UKXX0843
Cheddington UKXX3302
Cheddleton UKXX3303
Cheetham Hill UKXX3304
Chelford UKXX5241
Chellaston UKXX5242
Chelmscote UKXX5243
Chelmsford UKXX0031
Chelmsley Wood UKXX3305
Chelsea UKXX1822
Cheltenham UKXX0032
Chepstow UKXX1493
Cherington UKXX5245
Cherington UKXX5244
Cheriton UKXX5246
Cheriton UKXX5247
Cheriton UKXX5248
Cherrington UKXX5250
Cherry Tree UKXX5251
Chertsey UKXX0773
Chesfield UKXX8780
Chesham UKXX0965
Cheshunt UKXX1330
Chessington UKXX0870
Chester UKXX0033
Chesterfield UKXX0034
Chesters UKXX5252
Chesters UKXX5253
Chesterton UKXX5256
Chesterton UKXX5254
Cheswick UKXX5257
Chetwode UKXX5258
Chetwynd UKXX8781
Chichester UKXX0899
Chickerell UKXX3306
Chiddingfold UKXX3307
Chiddingly UKXX5259
Chigwell UKXX0697
Chigwell UKXX5260
Chilcompton UKXX3308
Childwall UKXX1280
Chilmark UKXX5261
Chilton UKXX5263
Chilton UKXX5262
Chilworth UKXX5264
Chilworth UKXX3309
Chingford UKXX1455
Chinley UKXX3310
Chinnor UKXX1394
Chippenham UKXX1715
Chippenham UKXX5265
Chipping Campden UKXX0759
Chipping Norton UKXX1393
Chipping Ongar UKXX3311
Chipping Sodbury UKXX0629
Chirk UKXX3312
Chirnside UKXX3313
Chiseldon UKXX3314
Chislehurst UKXX1244
Chislet UKXX5266
Chiswick UKXX1842
Chittoe UKXX5267
Chivenor UKXX0227
Chobham UKXX3315
Cholsey UKXX3316
Choppington UKXX0496
Chorley UKXX0825
Chorleywood UKXX3317
Chorlton UKXX3318
Christchurch UKXX5268
Christchurch UKXX1138
Chryston UKXX3320
Chudleigh UKXX3321
Chulmleigh UKXX0757
Church UKXX3322
Church End UKXX5269
Church Fenton UKXX3001
Church Hill UKXX5271
Church Hill UKXX5270
Church Lawford UKXX2063
Church Stretton UKXX1012
Churchdown UKXX3323
Churchill UKXX5272
Churchill UKXX5273
Churchill UKXX8783
Churchover UKXX5274
Churchtown UKXX5276
Churchtown UKXX5275
Churt UKXX3324
Chute UKXX5277
Cilrhedyn UKXX5278
Cilybebyll UKXX5279
Cinderford UKXX3325
Cirencester UKXX1264
City of London UKXX3326
Clachan UKXX5280
Clachan UKXX5283
Clack UKXX5284
Clackmannan UKXX3327
Clacton UKXX0219
Clacton-on-Sea UKXX0648
Claggan UKXX8784
Clanabogan UKXX5285
Clanfield UKXX5286
Clanfield UKXX5287
Clapham UKXX1823
Clapham UKXX5289
Clapham UKXX5288
Clapham UKXX8785
Clapham North UKXX9510
Clapton UKXX0558
Clapton UKXX5290
Clarbeston Road UKXX0711
Clare UKXX3328
Clare UKXX5293
Clare UKXX5292
Claremont UKXX5294
Clarkston UKXX5295
Claverley UKXX5297
Clawton UKXX5298
Claxton UKXX5299
Claydon UKXX5300
Claydon UKXX3329
Claypole UKXX5301
Clayton UKXX8786
Clayton UKXX5302
Clayton UKXX5303
Clayton le Moors UKXX3331
Clayton West UKXX3330
Clayton-le-Woods UKXX3332
Cleadale UKXX5304
Clearwell UKXX5305
Cleator UKXX0449
Cleator Moor UKXX0451
Cleckheaton UKXX0437
Clee Hill UKXX9512
Cleestanton UKXX9513
Cleethorpes UKXX0373
Cleland UKXX3333
Clenchwarton UKXX3334
Clerkenwell UKXX3336
Clevedon UKXX1740
Cleveland UKXX9514
Cliffe UKXX3337
Clifford UKXX8788
Clifford UKXX8787
Cliffsend UKXX9515
Clifton UKXX5306
Clifton UKXX5307
Clifton UKXX8789
Clifton UKXX5308
Clifton UKXX8790
Clifton UKXX5309
Cliftonville UKXX8791
Cliftonville UKXX5310
Clitheroe UKXX1135
Clive UKXX8792
Clogh UKXX5311
Clogher UKXX0351
Cloghoge UKXX5312
Clooney Park UKXX8793
Clophill UKXX3338
Clopton UKXX5313
Closeburn UKXX5314
Clough UKXX5315
Cloughton UKXX5316
Clovelly UKXX5317
Cloverhill UKXX8794
Clowne UKXX3339
Clunderwen UKXX5318
Clunes UKXX5319
Clungunford UKXX5320
Clunie UKXX5322
Clunie UKXX5321
Clutton UKXX3340
Clydach UKXX3341
Clydach UKXX5323
Clydebank UKXX0035
Clydebank UKXX5324
Clydey UKXX5325
Clynderwen UKXX0910
Coa UKXX5327
Coalburn UKXX3342
Coalisland UKXX3343
Coalport UKXX5328
Coalville UKXX0681
Coatbridge UKXX0036
Coates UKXX3344
Cobham UKXX5329
Cobham UKXX1373
Cobridge UKXX5330
Cockburnspath UKXX0420
Cockenzie UKXX3345
Cockermouth UKXX0942
Cockfield UKXX5331
Cockfield UKXX5332
Cockfosters UKXX8795
Coddington UKXX5333
Coddington UKXX8796
Codicote UKXX3346
Codnor UKXX5334
Codsall UKXX3347
Coedpoeth UKXX3348
Cogan UKXX8797
Coggeshall UKXX3349
Coignashie UKXX5335
Coillore UKXX5336
Coity UKXX3350
Colby UKXX5337
Colchester UKXX0037
Cold Ash UKXX3351
Cold Ashton UKXX8798
Cold Norton UKXX5338
Colden Common UKXX3352
Coldingham UKXX5339
Coldstream UKXX0419
Cole UKXX5340
Colebrooke UKXX5341
Coleford UKXX1752
Coleraine UKXX0224
Colerne UKXX3353
Colesborne UKXX5342
Coleshill UKXX1033
Coleshill UKXX5343
Colinton UKXX1059
Colintraive UKXX1103
Coll UKXX5345
Collessie UKXX5346
Collier Row UKXX3354
Collin UKXX5347
Collingham UKXX3355
Collington UKXX8799
Collyhurst UKXX8800
Colnbrook UKXX3356
Colne UKXX5348
Colne UKXX1136
Coltishall UKXX2034
Colton UKXX5349
Colton UKXX5350
Colton UKXX5351
Colton UKXX5352
Colva UKXX5353
Colwell UKXX5354
Colwich UKXX3357
Colwick UKXX5355
Colwyn Bay UKXX0218
Colyton UKXX1062
Combe UKXX5356
Combe Martin UKXX3358
Comber UKXX0342
Comberton UKXX3359
Combridge UKXX5357
Comers UKXX5358
Commondale UKXX5359
Compton UKXX3360
Compton UKXX5360
Compton UKXX5362
Compton UKXX5363
Compton UKXX5361
Compton Bay UKXX1905
Comrie UKXX3361
Coney Weston UKXX5365
Congleton UKXX0849
Congresbury UKXX3362
Coningsby UKXX3363
Conington UKXX5366
Conisbrough UKXX3364
Coniston UKXX1179
Connahs Quay UKXX5368
Connor UKXX3365
Conon Bridge UKXX3366
Consett UKXX1553
Constantine UKXX5369
Conwy UKXX0484
Cookham UKXX3367
Cookley UKXX3368
Cookstown UKXX0546
Coombe Bissett UKXX5370
Coombe Hill UKXX5371
Copley UKXX5372
Copmanthorpe UKXX3369
Copnor UKXX8801
Copplestone UKXX0225
Coppull UKXX3370
Copt Green UKXX0734
Copthorne UKXX3371
Corbridge UKXX0886
Corby UKXX1490
Corgary UKXX2018
Corley UKXX5373
Cornhill UKXX5374
Cornholme UKXX3372
Cornsay UKXX5375
Cornwall UKXX1879
Cornwell UKXX5376
Cornwood UKXX5377
Corpusty UKXX5378
Corran UKXX5379
Corranny UKXX5381
Corringham UKXX5382
Corrour UKXX1498
Corse UKXX5384
Corse UKXX5383
Corsehill UKXX8802
Corsenside UKXX8803
Corsham UKXX1714
Corston UKXX5386
Corston UKXX8804
Corstorphine UKXX1457
Corton UKXX5387
Corton UKXX5388
Corwen UKXX0778
Coryton UKXX5390
Coryton UKXX5389
Cosby UKXX3373
Cosgrove UKXX5391
Cosheston UKXX5392
Costessey UKXX3374
Cote UKXX5393
Cotgrave UKXX3375
Cothall UKXX5394
Cotham UKXX5395
Coton UKXX5396
Coton UKXX5397
Cottam UKXX5398
Cottenham UKXX3376
Cottesmore UKXX0322
Cottingham UKXX1753
Cottingham UKXX5399
Cotton UKXX5400
Cotton End UKXX5401
Coulsdon UKXX1745
Coundon UKXX5402
Coundon UKXX5403
Countess Wear UKXX5404
Countesthorpe UKXX3377
Counthorpe UKXX5405
Coupar Angus UKXX3378
Coupland UKXX5406
Cour UKXX5407
Court Henry UKXX5408
Court Hey UKXX0977
Courteenhall UKXX5409
Cove UKXX5412
Cove UKXX5410
Cove UKXX5411
Cove UKXX5413
Covenham UKXX5414
Covent Garden UKXX8805
Coventry UKXX0038
Covington UKXX5416
Covington UKXX5415
Cowbridge UKXX1543
Cowden UKXX5417
Cowdenbeath UKXX3379
Cowes UKXX0707
Cowie UKXX3380
Cowley UKXX5418
Cowley UKXX5419
Cowley UKXX5420
Cowpen UKXX5421
Cowplain UKXX3381
Coxhoe UKXX3382
Coxley UKXX5422
Coylton UKXX3383
Cracoe UKXX5423
Cradley UKXX5424
Cradley Heath UKXX1637
Craig UKXX5427
Craig UKXX5425
Craigavon UKXX1043
Craigdhu UKXX5428
Craigencallie UKXX0221
Craigmillar UKXX8806
Craignarget UKXX5429
Craigs UKXX5430
Craigs Lower UKXX5431
Crambe UKXX5432
Cramlington UKXX0493
Cranbrook UKXX1874
Cranfield UKXX3384
Cranford UKXX5434
Cranford UKXX5433
Cranham UKXX3385
Cranleigh UKXX0665
Cranley UKXX5435
Cranmore UKXX5436
Cranshaws UKXX5437
Cranswick UKXX5438
Cranwell UKXX2002
Cranwich UKXX5439
Crathie UKXX5440
Craven UKXX5441
Craven Arms UKXX3386
Crawford UKXX5442
Crawley UKXX0816
Crawley UKXX5444
Crawley UKXX5443
Cray UKXX8807
Cray UKXX5445
Crayford UKXX5446
Creagh UKXX5447
Credenhill UKXX3388
Crediton UKXX1750
Creed UKXX5448
Creggan UKXX5450
Creggan UKXX5449
Creggans UKXX5451
Cresswell UKXX8808
Cresswell UKXX5452
Creswell UKXX3390
Crew Green UKXX0220
Crewe UKXX0228
Crewkerne UKXX0223
Crianlarich UKXX1566
Criccieth UKXX0875
Crich UKXX5453
Crick UKXX5455
Crick UKXX5454
Crickhowell UKXX0695
Cricklade UKXX3391
Cricklewood UKXX0699
Crieff UKXX1865
Crilly UKXX5456
Cringleford UKXX3392
Croes-goch UKXX5457
Croeserw UKXX3393
Croft UKXX8809
Croft UKXX3394
Croft UKXX5460
Croft UKXX5459
Croft UKXX5458
Crofton UKXX3395
Croick UKXX5461
Cromarty UKXX0867
Cromer UKXX0222
Cromford UKXX3396
Cromwell UKXX5462
Crook UKXX1451
Crook UKXX5463
Crook of Devon UKXX5464
Crookham UKXX5465
Crookhorn UKXX8810
Crookston UKXX5466
Cropwell Bishop UKXX3397
Crosby UKXX1230
Crosby UKXX5468
Crosby UKXX5467
Crosby Garrett UKXX5469
Cross UKXX5471
Cross UKXX5472
Cross Gates UKXX5473
Cross Hands UKXX3398
Cross Hills UKXX5474
Cross Keys UKXX5475
Crossburn UKXX5476
Crosscanonby UKXX5477
Crossens UKXX5478
Crossford UKXX3399
Crossford UKXX5479
Crossgar UKXX3400
Crossgates UKXX3401
Crosshouse UKXX3402
Crosskeys UKXX8811
Crossmaglen UKXX3403
Crosswell UKXX5480
Croston UKXX3404
Crouch End UKXX3405
Crow Hill UKXX5481
Crowborough UKXX1780
Crowell UKXX5482
Crowhurst UKXX5483
Crowhurst UKXX5484
Crowland UKXX3406
Crowle UKXX8812
Crowle UKXX5485
Crown Hill UKXX5486
Crowthorne UKXX1106
Croxley Green UKXX5487
Croxteth Park UKXX1077
Croxton UKXX8813
Croxton UKXX5491
Croxton UKXX5488
Croxton UKXX5489
Croy UKXX5492
Croydon UKXX1425
Croydon UKXX5493
Crumlin UKXX8814
Crumlin UKXX3407
Crumpsall UKXX3408
Crundale UKXX5495
Crundale UKXX5494
Crunwear UKXX5496
Crymych UKXX1307
Crynant UKXX3409
Crystal Palace UKXX1817
Cuckfield UKXX3410
Cucklington UKXX5497
Cuddington UKXX8815
Cuddington UKXX5498
Cudworth UKXX3411
Cuffley UKXX3412
Cuil UKXX5499
Culcheth UKXX3413
Culdrose UKXX0186
Culham UKXX5500
Cullen UKXX3414
Culligran UKXX5501
Cullingworth UKXX3415
Cullompton UKXX1665
Cullybackey UKXX3416
Culmore UKXX3417
Culmstock UKXX5502
Culworth UKXX5503
Cumbernauld UKXX0820
Cummertrees UKXX5504
Cumnock UKXX0387
Cumnor UKXX5505
Cumwhinton UKXX5506
Cumwhitton UKXX5507
Cundy Cross UKXX5508
Cupar UKXX1755
Curdworth UKXX3418
Curland UKXX5509
Curran UKXX5510
Currie UKXX3419
Curry Rivel UKXX3420
Cushendall UKXX3421
Cuxton UKXX3422
Cwm UKXX8817
Cwm UKXX8818
Cwmbach UKXX5511
Cwmbach UKXX3423
Cwmbran UKXX1590
Cwmisfael UKXX5512
Dacre UKXX5514
Dacre UKXX5513
Dadlington UKXX5515
Dagenham UKXX1602
Dail UKXX5516
Dailly UKXX5517
Dairsie UKXX5518
Dalbeattie UKXX0363
Dalby UKXX5519
Dale UKXX8819
Dalebeg UKXX5520
Dalham UKXX5521
Dalkeith UKXX0039
Dall UKXX5522
Dallas UKXX5523
Dallington UKXX5524
Dalmally UKXX0594
Dalmarnock UKXX8820
Dalmeny UKXX5525
Dalmuir UKXX5526
Dalnahaitnach UKXX5527
Dalry UKXX5528
Dalry UKXX0768
Dalry UKXX8821
Dalrymple UKXX3424
Dalston UKXX5529
Dalston UKXX1800
Dalton UKXX5532
Dalton UKXX5530
Dalton UKXX5531
Dalwhinnie UKXX0505
Danbury UKXX3425
Danby UKXX3426
Darenth UKXX5534
Daresbury UKXX3427
Darfield UKXX1206
Darley UKXX5535
Darlington UKXX0817
Darnall UKXX8823
Darras Hall UKXX3428
Darrington UKXX8824
Dartford UKXX0745
Dartmouth UKXX0423
Darton UKXX3429
Darvel UKXX0577
Darwen UKXX1037
Datchet UKXX3430
Daventry UKXX1190
Daviot UKXX5537
Daviot UKXX5536
Dawlish UKXX0375
Deal UKXX1445
Dean UKXX5539
Dean UKXX5538
Dean Prior UKXX5540
Deanshanger UKXX3431
Dearham UKXX3432
Debden UKXX5541
Debenham UKXX3433
Deddington UKXX3434
Dedham UKXX5542
Deepdale UKXX5544
Deepdale UKXX5543
Deerhurst UKXX5545
Deeside UKXX0847
Deganwy UKXX3435
Delabole UKXX1104
Delamere UKXX5546
Dell UKXX5547
Delph UKXX5549
Delph UKXX5548
Delvine UKXX5550
Denbigh UKXX1580
Denby UKXX5551
Denby Dale UKXX3436
Denham UKXX5552
Denham UKXX3437
Denholm UKXX5554
Denholme UKXX3438
Denmead UKXX5555
Dennington UKXX5557
Dennington UKXX5556
Denny UKXX0567
Dens UKXX5558
Dent UKXX5559
Denton UKXX5563
Denton UKXX5562
Denton UKXX5561
Denton UKXX1788
Denton UKXX5560
Denton UKXX5564
Denton UKXX8825
Denver UKXX5565
Deptford UKXX5566
Deptford UKXX1807
Derby UKXX0040
Dereham UKXX1861
Deri UKXX5567
Derrington UKXX5568
Derry UKXX3439
Derrykeighan UKXX5569
Derrylin UKXX5570
Dersingham UKXX3440
Derwent UKXX5571
Desborough UKXX3441
Desford UKXX3442
Detling UKXX5572
Devauden UKXX0230
Devizes UKXX1713
Devonport UKXX5573
Dewsbury UKXX0727
Didcot UKXX1195
Didsbury UKXX3443
Digby UKXX5574
Diggle UKXX3444
Digswell UKXX5575
Dilham UKXX5576
Dinas UKXX5579
Dinas UKXX5577
Dinas UKXX5578
Dinas UKXX5580
Dinas Powys UKXX3445
Dingle UKXX5581
Dingwall UKXX1857
Dinmore UKXX8826
Dinnington UKXX3446
Dinnington UKXX8827
Dinorwic UKXX5582
Dinton UKXX8828
Dinton UKXX5583
Diptford UKXX5584
Dipton UKXX5585
Dishforth UKXX2035
Disley UKXX3447
Diss UKXX1910
Distington UKXX3448
Ditchingham UKXX3449
Ditton Hill UKXX3450
Doagh UKXX3451
Docklands UKXX9525
Doddington UKXX3452
Doddington UKXX5587
Doddington UKXX8829
Doddington UKXX5586
Dodworth UKXX3453
Dolau UKXX5588
Dolbenmaen UKXX5590
Dolgellau UKXX1582
Dollar UKXX1063
Dolton UKXX5591
Dolwyddelan UKXX1581
Donagh UKXX5592
Donaghadee UKXX0340
Donaghcloney UKXX5593
Donaghey UKXX5594
Donaghmore UKXX5595
Doncaster UKXX0041
Donington UKXX3454
Donisthorpe UKXX3455
Donna Nook UKXX3012
Donnington UKXX5598
Donnington UKXX5597
Donnington UKXX3456
Donnington UKXX8830
Dorchester UKXX5599
Dorchester UKXX1855
Dore UKXX5600
Dores UKXX5601
Dorking UKXX1867
Dorney UKXX5602
Dorney Reach UKXX5603
Dornie UKXX5604
Dornoch UKXX1754
Dornock UKXX5605
Dorrington UKXX5607
Dorrington UKXX5606
Dorstone UKXX8831
Dorton UKXX5608
Douglas UKXX3457
Doune UKXX0467
Dover UKXX0042
Dovercourt UKXX5609
Dowally UKXX5610
Dowdeswell UKXX5611
Down Royal UKXX2093
Downend UKXX5612
Downham Market UKXX1295
Downhead UKXX5613
Downpatrick UKXX0344
Downton UKXX3458
Downton UKXX8832
Draperstown UKXX3459
Draughton UKXX5615
Draughton UKXX5614
Draycott UKXX5616
Draycott UKXX5617
Draycott UKXX5618
Drayton UKXX5620
Drayton UKXX5621
Drayton UKXX5623
Drayton UKXX5619
Drayton UKXX8833
Drayton Bassett UKXX5624
Drayton Parslow UKXX5625
Dreghorn UKXX3460
Driffield UKXX0525
Drigg UKXX5626
Droitwich UKXX0724
Droitwich Spa UKXX9528
Dromore UKXX0443
Dromore UKXX5627
Dronfield UKXX0043
Droxford UKXX5628
Droylsden UKXX0932
Drumalbin UKXX2031
Drumbeg UKXX5630
Drumbeg UKXX5629
Drumbo UKXX5631
Drumboy UKXX5632
Drumburgh UKXX2074
Drumcard UKXX5633
Drumchapel UKXX0568
Drumcree UKXX5634
Drumfearn UKXX5635
Drumhirk UKXX5636
Drummond UKXX5637
Drumnadrochit UKXX1172
Drumnasoo UKXX5638
Drumoak UKXX5639
Drumshanbo-Glebe UKXX5640
Dry Drayton UKXX5641
Drybrook UKXX3461
Drymen UKXX5642
Ducklington UKXX3462
Dudbridge UKXX8834
Duddon UKXX5643
Duddon UKXX5644
Dudley UKXX0044
Dudswell UKXX9529
Duffield UKXX3463
Duffryn UKXX5646
Duffryn UKXX5647
Duffryn UKXX5645
Dufftown UKXX3464
Dukinfield UKXX1309
Dulas UKXX1287
Dulcote UKXX5648
Dull UKXX5649
Dullaghan UKXX5650
Dulverton UKXX0520
Dulwich UKXX1819
Dumbarton UKXX0663
Dumbleton UKXX5651
Dumfries UKXX0360
Dummer UKXX5652
Dunan UKXX5653
Dunan UKXX5654
Dunans UKXX5655
Dunball UKXX5656
Dunbar UKXX0561
Dunbeath UKXX0579
Dunblane UKXX1261
Dunchurch UKXX3465
Duncow UKXX5657
Dundee UKXX0045
Dundonald UKXX5658
Dundonald UKXX3466
Dundonnell UKXX5659
Dundrennan UKXX2046
Dundrum UKXX3467
Dunfermline UKXX0046
Dungannon UKXX1441
Dungiven UKXX3468
Dunham UKXX5660
Dunholme UKXX3469
Dunino UKXX5661
Dunipace UKXX3470
Dunira UKXX5662
Dunkeld UKXX0998
Dunkeswell Arpt UKXX0231
Dunkirk UKXX3471
Dunlop UKXX5663
Dunloy UKXX3472
Dunmore UKXX5664
Dunmore UKXX5665
Dunmore UKXX5667
Dunmow UKXX1250
Dunmurry UKXX5668
Dunning UKXX5669
Dunnington UKXX3473
Dunnottar UKXX5670
Dunoon UKXX0894
Duns UKXX1873
Dunsford UKXX5671
Dunstable UKXX1762
Dunster UKXX5672
Dunston UKXX5675
Dunston UKXX5674
Dunston UKXX5673
Dunsville UKXX5676
Dunswell UKXX3474
Duntocher UKXX3475
Dunvegan UKXX5677
Dunwich UKXX5678
Durdle Door UKXX1907
Durham UKXX0047
Durley UKXX5679
Durrington UKXX5680
Durrington UKXX8835
Dursley UKXX1358
Duthil UKXX5681
Duxford UKXX3476
Duxhurst UKXX8836
Dwyran UKXX9531
Dyan UKXX5682
Dyce UKXX0048
Dyffryn UKXX5683
Dyffryn Ardudwy UKXX0684
Dyke UKXX5684
Dykehead UKXX5685
Dymchurch UKXX3477
Dysart UKXX5686
Dyserth UKXX3478
Eagle UKXX5687
Eaglescliffe UKXX3479
Eaglesham UKXX3480
Eakring UKXX5688
Ealing UKXX1426
Earby UKXX3481
Eardisley UKXX5689
Earith UKXX3482
Earl Shilton UKXX3483
Earle UKXX5690
Earlham UKXX5691
Earls Barton UKXX3484
Earls Colne UKXX3485
Earls Court UKXX1824
Earlsferry UKXX5692
Earlsfield UKXX1837
Earlston UKXX1017
Earsdon UKXX5693
Easby UKXX5694
Easebourne UKXX9532
Easington UKXX5695
Easington UKXX5696
Easington UKXX0232
Easington Lane UKXX5697
Easingwold UKXX3486
East Acton UKXX9533
East Ayton UKXX3487
East Bergholt UKXX3488
East Boldon UKXX0691
East Bridgford UKXX3489
East Calder UKXX3490
East Challow UKXX5698
East Chevington UKXX3491
East Cowes UKXX1506
East Croachy UKXX5699
East Dean UKXX5700
East Dean UKXX3492
East Dereham UKXX3493
East Dulwich UKXX1820
East End UKXX9536
East Finchley UKXX0783
East Garston UKXX5701
East Grinstead UKXX0904
East Ham UKXX1058
East Hardwick UKXX5702
East Harling UKXX3494
East Harlsey UKXX5703
East Harting UKXX5704
East Hauxwell UKXX5705
East Haven UKXX5706
East Hoathly UKXX5707
East Horsley UKXX3495
East Kennet UKXX5708
East Keswick UKXX3496
East Kilbride UKXX0049
East Kirkby UKXX5709
East Kirkby UKXX5710
East Knighton UKXX9537
East Knoyle UKXX5711
East Layton UKXX5712
East Leake UKXX3497
East Linton UKXX1460
East London UKXX8837
East Marden UKXX5713
East Midlands UKXX0050
East Molesey UKXX0772
East Neuk UKXX8838
East Norton UKXX5714
East Peckham UKXX3498
East Pilton UKXX8839
East Putford UKXX5715
East Rigton UKXX5716
East Stoke UKXX5717
East Stoke UKXX5718
East Wales UKXX9538
East Wemyss UKXX3499
East Winch UKXX5719
East Wittering UKXX3500
East Woodburn UKXX5720
East Woodhay UKXX5721
Eastbourne UKXX1139
Eastcote UKXX8840
Easter Gaulrig UKXX5722
Eastfield UKXX9722
Eastgate UKXX5724
Eastham UKXX5725
Eastleach UKXX5726
Eastleigh UKXX0051
Eastmoor UKXX5727
Eastney UKXX8841
Eastnor UKXX5728
Easton UKXX5729
Easton UKXX3501
Easton UKXX5730
Easton UKXX5731
Eastriggs UKXX5732
Eastry UKXX3503
Eastville UKXX5733
Eastwood UKXX5734
Eastwood UKXX3504
Eaton UKXX8842
Eaton UKXX5735
Eaton UKXX5736
Eaton UKXX5737
Eaton Bishop UKXX5738
Eaton Bray UKXX3505
Eaton Socon UKXX3506
Ebbw Vale UKXX1589
Eccles UKXX5740
Eccles UKXX5739
Eccles UKXX0822
Ecclesfield UKXX0630
Eccleshall UKXX3507
Eccleston UKXX8844
Eccleston UKXX5741
Eccleston UKXX8843
Ecclesville UKXX5742
Echt UKXX5743
Eckford UKXX5744
Eckington UKXX5745
Eckington UKXX5746
Edale UKXX5747
Eden UKXX5748
Edenbridge UKXX1217
Edenfield UKXX3508
Edgbaston UKXX8845
Edge UKXX5749
Edgefield UKXX5750
Edgeworth UKXX5751
Edgware UKXX0761
Edinburgh UKXX0052
Edingale UKXX5752
Edington UKXX8846
Edington UKXX5753
Edith Weston UKXX3509
Edmonton UKXX5754
Edrom UKXX5755
Edwinstowe UKXX3510
Edzell UKXX5756
Efailwen UKXX5757
Efenechtyd UKXX5758
Effingham UKXX5759
Egerton UKXX5760
Egerton UKXX5761
Eggleston UKXX8847
Egham UKXX1124
Eglingham UKXX5762
Eglinton UKXX3511
Egloskerry UKXX5763
Eglwys-fach UKXX5764
Eglwyswrw UKXX5765
Egremont UKXX1443
Eight Ash Green UKXX3512
Eil UKXX5766
Elberton UKXX5767
Elderslie UKXX3513
Eldroth UKXX5768
Elford UKXX5769
Elgin UKXX0869
Elie UKXX5770
Eling UKXX5771
Elland UKXX1473
Ellenborough UKXX5772
Ellenbrook UKXX5773
Ellerton UKXX8849
Ellesmere UKXX1776
Ellesmere Port UKXX1546
Ellingham UKXX8850
Ellingham UKXX5776
Ellingham UKXX5775
Ellington UKXX5779
Ellington UKXX5778
Ellington UKXX5777
Ellon UKXX0053
Elm UKXX5780
Elm Park UKXX3514
Elmbridge UKXX5781
Elmers End UKXX1709
Elmore UKXX5782
Elmswell UKXX3515
Elphin UKXX5783
Elsdon UKXX5784
Elsecar UKXX5785
Elsenham UKXX3516
Elsing UKXX5786
Elstead UKXX3517
Elsted UKXX5787
Elston UKXX5788
Elstow UKXX8851
Elstree UKXX3518
Elswick UKXX5789
Elswick UKXX8852
Eltham UKXX1808
Elton UKXX8856
Elton UKXX5792
Elton UKXX8855
Elton UKXX5791
Elton UKXX8854
Elton UKXX5790
Elton UKXX8853
Elvington UKXX8857
Elvington UKXX5793
Ely UKXX1851
Ely UKXX8858
Emberton UKXX8859
Embleton UKXX5794
Embo UKXX5795
Embsay UKXX3519
Emley Moor UKXX2080
Emneth UKXX3520
Emsworth UKXX1505
Enderby UKXX3521
Endon UKXX5796
Enfield UKXX1561
Engine Common UKXX5797
England UKXX9541
Enmore UKXX5798
Enniskillen UKXX0349
Enoch UKXX5799
Enstone UKXX5800
Enville UKXX5801
Epping UKXX1853
Epsom UKXX1228
Epworth UKXX3522
Erbistock UKXX5802
Erines UKXX5803
Erith UKXX0653
Erlestoke UKXX8860
Errol UKXX3523
Erskine UKXX1698
Erwood UKXX5804
Esher UKXX0482
Eskdale UKXX5805
Eskdalemuir UKXX0169
Eskmeals UKXX0233
Eskragh UKXX5806
Essendon UKXX5807
Essington UKXX3524
Etchingham UKXX1018
Eton UKXX3525
Etruria UKXX5808
Etton UKXX8861
Etwall UKXX3526
Euston UKXX5811
Euston UKXX5810
Euxton UKXX3527
Evanstown UKXX5812
Evanton UKXX3528
Evenjobb UKXX5813
Evenwood UKXX3529
Evercreech UKXX3530
Eversholt UKXX3531
Eversley UKXX3532
Everton UKXX8862
Everton UKXX1885
Evesham UKXX1521
Ewell UKXX3533
Ewen UKXX5814
Ewerby UKXX5815
Exeter UKXX0054
Exford UKXX5816
Exhall UKXX3534
Exley UKXX8863
Exminster UKXX3535
Exmouth UKXX1354
Exning UKXX3536
Exton UKXX8864
Exton UKXX5817
Exton UKXX0234
Eye UKXX0763
Eye UKXX5818
Eye UKXX8865
Eyemouth UKXX0421
Eynsford UKXX3537
Eynsham UKXX3538
Eyre UKXX5819
Faccombe UKXX5820
Failand UKXX5821
Failsworth UKXX1383
Fain UKXX5822
Fair Isle UKXX2066
Fairbourne UKXX1480
Fairburn UKXX5823
Fairfield UKXX5824
Fairfield UKXX5825
Fairford UKXX3539
Fairlie UKXX3540
Fairlight UKXX0235
Fairy Hill UKXX5826
Fakenham UKXX1390
Fala UKXX5827
Falkirk UKXX0055
Falkland UKXX3541
Fallowfield UKXX3542
Falmouth UKXX0806
Far Forest UKXX5828
Fareham UKXX0056
Farewell UKXX5829
Faringdon UKXX0515
Farleigh UKXX5830
Farley UKXX5831
Farlington UKXX8866
Farlington UKXX5832
Farmington UKXX5833
Farnborough UKXX0057
Farnborough UKXX5835
Farnborough UKXX5834
Farnborough UKXX8867
Farndon UKXX8868
Farndon UKXX3543
Farnell UKXX5836
Farnham UKXX1028
Farnham UKXX5839
Farnham UKXX5838
Farnham UKXX5837
Farnley UKXX5841
Farnley UKXX5840
Farnsfield UKXX3545
Farnworth UKXX1132
Farnworth UKXX5842
Farr UKXX5843
Farsley UKXX5845
Fauldhouse UKXX3546
Faulkland UKXX5846
Faversham UKXX1583
Fawley UKXX5847
Fawley UKXX5848
Fawley UKXX5849
Fawney UKXX5851
Fawsley UKXX5852
Fazeley UKXX3547
Featherstone UKXX8869
Featherstone UKXX3548
Feckenham UKXX5853
Felden UKXX5854
Felindre UKXX5856
Felindre UKXX5855
Felinfoel UKXX5857
Felingwmuchaf UKXX5858
Felixstowe UKXX0573
Felling UKXX0728
Felpham UKXX5859
Felsted UKXX5860
Feltham UKXX5861
Feltham UKXX1520
Felton UKXX5862
Felton UKXX8870
Feltwell UKXX3549
Fenton UKXX5864
Fenton UKXX5863
Fenwick UKXX5866
Fenwick UKXX5867
Fenwick UKXX8871
Fern UKXX5868
Ferndale UKXX1542
Ferndown UKXX1338
Fernhill UKXX9723
Fernhill Heath UKXX3550
Fernhurst UKXX3551
Ferring UKXX5869
Ferrybridge UKXX3552
Ferryhill UKXX1056
Fetlar UKXX5870
Fettercairn UKXX5871
Ffestiniog UKXX0236
Fife Ness UKXX2036
Fifield UKXX5872
Filey UKXX0427
Filgrave UKXX5873
Filleigh UKXX5874
Fillongley UKXX5875
Filton UKXX8872
Filton Private UKXX8873
Finavon UKXX5876
Finchley UKXX1485
Finchley Road UKXX8874
Findern UKXX3553
Findhorn UKXX3554
Findochty UKXX3555
Findon UKXX5877
Findon UKXX3556
Finedon UKXX3557
Finnieston UKXX8875
Finningley UKXX3558
Finsbury UKXX5878
Finsbury Park UKXX1486
Fintona UKXX3559
Fintry UKXX5879
Fir Tree UKXX5880
Firgrove UKXX8876
Fishbourne UKXX5882
Fishbourne UKXX5881
Fishburn UKXX3560
Fisherrow UKXX8877
Fishguard UKXX1009
Fishlake UKXX5883
Fishponds UKXX8878
Fishpool UKXX8879
Fishtoft UKXX5884
Fiskavaig UKXX5885
Fiskerton UKXX5887
Fiskerton UKXX5886
Fittleton UKXX5888
Fitzrovia UKXX8880
Fitzwilliam UKXX3561
Fiunary UKXX5889
Five Oaks UKXX5890
Fivemiletown UKXX0350
Fixby UKXX8881
Fladbury UKXX5891
Flagg UKXX5892
Flamborough UKXX3562
Flamstead UKXX5893
Flaxley UKXX5894
Flaxton UKXX5895
Fleet UKXX5896
Fleet UKXX0531
Fleetville UKXX8882
Fleetwood UKXX0661
Flexbury UKXX3563
Flimby UKXX3564
Flint UKXX1545
Flinton UKXX5897
Flitwick UKXX3565
Flixton UKXX5898
Flixton UKXX5899
Flockton UKXX5900
Flordon UKXX5901
Flushing UKXX5902
Fochabers UKXX0674
Fogo UKXX5903
Folkestone UKXX0058
Folkingham UKXX5904
Folkton UKXX5905
Folly Gate UKXX5906
Fontwell UKXX3566
Foots Cray UKXX1040
Forcett UKXX5907
Ford UKXX5908
Ford UKXX5909
Ford UKXX5910
Ford UKXX8883
Fordell UKXX5911
Fordham UKXX5913
Fordham UKXX5912
Fordingbridge UKXX1312
Fordyce UKXX5914
Forest Gate UKXX0955
Forest Hill UKXX1407
Forest Mill UKXX5915
Forest of Dean UKXX9546
Forest Row UKXX1601
Forfar UKXX1658
Forgewood UKXX9724
Forkill UKXX5916
Formby UKXX0679
Forrabury UKXX5917
Forres UKXX0767
Forse UKXX5918
Forsinard UKXX1073
Fort Augustus UKXX1299
Fort George UKXX5919
Fort William UKXX0896
Forth UKXX3567
Fortingall UKXX5920
Forton UKXX5923
Forton UKXX5922
Forton UKXX5921
Fortrose UKXX1573
Fortuneswell UKXX3568
Fosdyke UKXX5924
Foss UKXX5925
Foula UKXX2056
Foulden UKXX5927
Foulden UKXX5926
Foulford UKXX5928
Four Elms UKXX5929
Four Marks UKXX3569
Four Oaks UKXX5930
Foveran UKXX0059
Fowey UKXX0508
Fownhope UKXX5931
Foxham UKXX5932
Foxley UKXX5933
Foxton UKXX5934
Foxton UKXX5935
Foy UKXX5936
Foyers UKXX2083
Framilode UKXX5937
Framlingham UKXX3570
Frampton UKXX5939
Frampton UKXX5938
Frankton UKXX5940
Frankton UKXX5941
Fraserburgh UKXX0336
Fratton UKXX8885
Freckleton UKXX3571
Freethorpe UKXX5942
Fremington UKXX3572
Fremlin Walk UKXX8886
Frenchay UKXX5943
Freshford UKXX8887
Freshwater UKXX0237
Freshwater East UKXX5944
Freuchie UKXX3573
Freuchie Mill UKXX9547
Freyerning UKXX5945
Friesland UKXX5946
Frimley UKXX1729
Frinton-on-Sea UKXX0647
Friston UKXX5948
Friston UKXX5947
Fritton UKXX5949
Frizington UKXX0548
Frocester UKXX5951
Frodsham UKXX0722
Frome UKXX1642
Froxfield UKXX5952
Fulbourn UKXX3574
Fulford UKXX5953
Fulford UKXX8888
Fulham UKXX1825
Fullerton UKXX5954
Fulwell UKXX5955
Furnace UKXX5956
Furnace Green UKXX3575
Fyfield UKXX8889
Fyfield UKXX5957
Fylde UKXX3576
Fylingdales UKXX2069
Gaerwen UKXX1380
Gainsborough UKXX8890
Gainsborough UKXX1255
Gairloch UKXX1070
Gaisby UKXX1242
Galashiels UKXX1118
Galbally UKXX5959
Galdanagh UKXX5960
Galgate UKXX3577
Galloway UKXX2086
Galston UKXX1673
Galtrigill UKXX5961
Gamlingay UKXX3578
Garelochhead UKXX3579
Garforth UKXX3580
Gargrave UKXX3581
Garlinge UKXX5962
Garndolbenmaen UKXX1686
Garrafad UKXX5963
Garrison UKXX5964
Garryduff UKXX5965
Garstang UKXX3582
Garston UKXX5966
Garston UKXX5967
Garth UKXX5968
Garth UKXX5969
Gartmore UKXX5970
Garton UKXX5971
Garvagh UKXX0243
Garvaghy UKXX5972
Garvan UKXX5973
Garve UKXX1168
Gatcombe UKXX9550
Gateley UKXX5975
Gateshead UKXX0060
Gatton UKXX5976
Gatwick UKXX1899
Gaydon UKXX5977
Gayles UKXX5978
Gayton UKXX5979
Gaywood UKXX5980
Geary UKXX5981
Geddington UKXX3583
Gelli UKXX5982
Gelligaer UKXX3584
Georgetown UKXX5983
Gerrards Cross UKXX1771
Gibshill UKXX9725
Gidea Park UKXX8891
Giffnock UKXX3585
Gifford UKXX5984
Gilfach Goch UKXX3586
Gilford UKXX3587
Gillespie UKXX5985
Gilling UKXX5986
Gillingham UKXX5987
Gillingham UKXX0625
Gills UKXX5988
Gilmerton UKXX5990
Gilmerton UKXX5989
Gilwern UKXX3588
Girton UKXX3589
Girvan UKXX0389
Gittisham UKXX5991
Glaisdale UKXX5992
Glamis UKXX5993
Glanamman UKXX3590
Glandwr UKXX3591
Glapwell UKXX9551
Glasgow UKXX0061
Glassford UKXX5994
Glasson UKXX5995
Glasson UKXX5996
Glastonbury UKXX1641
Glemsford UKXX3592
Glen Anne UKXX0238
Glen Kyles UKXX5997
Glen Ogle UKXX2058
Glen Orrin UKXX0240
Glenariff UKXX3593
Glenarm UKXX5998
Glenavy UKXX3594
Glenboig UKXX3595
Glenceitlein UKXX5999
Glencoe UKXX4435
Glendevon UKXX6000
Glenelg UKXX6001
Glenfern UKXX6002
Glenfield UKXX6003
Glenfinnan UKXX0999
Glenlivet UKXX2055
Glenluce UKXX6004
Glenmore UKXX6005
Glenrossal UKXX6007
Glenrothes UKXX0775
Glenshee UKXX1895
Glentworth UKXX6009
Glenwhilly UKXX6010
Glinton UKXX3596
Glogue UKXX1306
Glossop UKXX0714
Gloucester UKXX0062
Glusburn UKXX3597
Glyn-neath UKXX3598
Glynn UKXX6011
Gnosall UKXX3599
Goathurst UKXX6012
Gobowen UKXX3600
Godalming UKXX0239
Godmanchester UKXX3601
Godshill UKXX6014
Godshill UKXX6013
Godstone UKXX1402
Gogar UKXX6015
Gogerbank UKXX2037
Golant UKXX6016
Golborne UKXX3602
Golden Cross UKXX6017
Golden Grove UKXX6018
Golden Valley UKXX6019
Golders Green UKXX1293
Goldsborough UKXX6020
Golspie UKXX1374
Good Easter UKXX6022
Gooderstone UKXX6023
Goodnestone UKXX6024
Goodrich UKXX6026
Goodwick UKXX1606
Goodwood UKXX2094
Goole UKXX1554
Goosnargh UKXX3603
Goostrey UKXX3604
Gordon UKXX0805
Gorebridge UKXX0852
Gorgie UKXX8892
Goring UKXX3605
Gorseinon UKXX3606
Gortin UKXX6027
Gorton UKXX8893
Gosberton UKXX3607
Gosforth UKXX1532
Gosforth UKXX6028
Gosport UKXX0413
Gossops Green UKXX3608
Gotham UKXX3609
Gotherington UKXX3610
Gourdon UKXX6029
Gourock UKXX1102
Govan UKXX6030
Gower UKXX9556
Goxhill UKXX3611
Goxhill UKXX6031
Graby UKXX6032
Gracefield UKXX6033
Gracehill UKXX6034
Grade UKXX6036
Graffham UKXX6037
Grafham UKXX6038
Grafton UKXX6039
Grahamston UKXX6040
Grampound UKXX6041
Granby UKXX6042
Grandborough UKXX6044
Grandborough UKXX6043
Grange UKXX6045
Grange UKXX6046
Grange UKXX6047
Grange Hill UKXX3612
Grangemouth UKXX0856
Gransha UKXX6049
Gransha UKXX6048
Grantham UKXX0729
Grantley UKXX6050
Granton UKXX8894
Grantown on Spey UKXX8895
Grantown-on-Spey UKXX1497
Granville UKXX6051
Grappenhall UKXX3613
Grasmere UKXX6052
Grassington UKXX0241
Grassmarket UKXX9558
Grateley UKXX6053
Graveley UKXX6054
Graveley UKXX6055
Gravenhurst UKXX8896
Gravesend UKXX1430
Grays UKXX1205
Greasby UKXX0819
Great Altcar UKXX6056
Great Ayton UKXX3614
Great Baddow UKXX6057
Great Bardfield UKXX6058
Great Barford UKXX3615
Great Barrington UKXX6059
Great Barton UKXX3616
Great Bentley UKXX3617
Great Bookham UKXX6060
Great Bricett UKXX6061
Great Bromley UKXX6062
Great Chart UKXX6063
Great Dun Fell UKXX4433
Great Dunham UKXX6065
Great Dunmow UKXX3618
Great Easton UKXX6067
Great Easton UKXX6066
Great Eccleston UKXX3619
Great Everdon UKXX6068
Great Glen UKXX3620
Great Gonerby UKXX3621
Great Harwood UKXX3622
Great Holland UKXX6069
Great Horkesley UKXX3623
Great Houghton UKXX8897
Great Houghton UKXX6070
Great Linford UKXX0781
Great Malvern UKXX3624
Great Marton UKXX3625
Great Missenden UKXX0863
Great Munden UKXX6071
Great Oakley UKXX6072
Great Ormside UKXX6073
Great Packington UKXX6074
Great Paxton UKXX6075
Great Sankey UKXX0628
Great Stonar UKXX6076
Great Stukeley UKXX3626
Great Torrington UKXX6077
Great Totham UKXX3627
Great Wakering UKXX0242
Great Wratting UKXX6079
Great Wyrley UKXX3628
Great Yarmouth UKXX0063
Great Yeldham UKXX3629
Greater London UKXX9559
Greatford UKXX6080
Greatham UKXX8898
Greatham UKXX6081
Green Island UKXX8899
Greencastle UKXX6084
Greencastle UKXX6083
Greencastle UKXX6082
Greenfield UKXX6086
Greenfield UKXX6087
Greenfield UKXX6085
Greenfield UKXX3630
Greenford UKXX1320
Greenham Common UKXX9560
Greenhead UKXX8900
Greenheads UKXX8901
Greenhill UKXX3631
Greenhill UKXX8902
Greenhill UKXX6088
Greenhithe UKXX1748
Greenisland UKXX3632
Greenland UKXX6089
Greenlaw UKXX6090
Greenmount UKXX8903
Greenock UKXX1728
Greenwich UKXX1428
Grendon UKXX6091
Grendon UKXX6092
Gresford UKXX3633
Greshornish UKXX6093
Gressingham UKXX6094
Gretna UKXX0372
Gretna Green UKXX6095
Gretton UKXX6097
Gretton UKXX6096
Greyabbey UKXX3634
Greysteel UKXX6098
Grimbsy UKXX9561
Grimesthorpe UKXX8904
Grimethorpe UKXX3635
Grimsby UKXX0064
Grimston UKXX3636
Grimston UKXX6099
Grindon UKXX8905
Grindon UKXX6101
Grindon UKXX6100
Griston UKXX3637
Groombridge UKXX6103
Grosmont UKXX8906
Grosmont UKXX6104
Grove UKXX6106
Grove UKXX3638
Grove UKXX6105
Grovely Wood UKXX9562
Guardbridge UKXX6107
Guilden Sutton UKXX3639
Guildford UKXX1727
Guisborough UKXX0426
Guiting Power UKXX6108
Gullane UKXX1459
Gunness UKXX3640
Gunnislake UKXX0792
Gurnard UKXX8907
Guthrie UKXX6109
Gwynedd UKXX1893
Gwytherin UKXX6110
Hackney UKXX1725
Haddenham UKXX6111
Haddenham UKXX3641
Haddington UKXX1558
Haddiscoe UKXX6112
Haddon UKXX6113
Hadleigh UKXX6115
Hadleigh UKXX6114
Hadley UKXX3642
Hadley Wood UKXX3643
Hadlow UKXX3644
Hagley UKXX3645
Haigh UKXX8908
Haigh UKXX6116
Hail Weston UKXX6117
Haile UKXX6118
Hailey UKXX6119
Hailsham UKXX1537
Hainault UKXX3646
Halbeath UKXX6120
Halberton UKXX6121
Hale UKXX3647
Hale UKXX6124
Hale UKXX6123
Hale UKXX6122
Hale UKXX8909
Hales UKXX6125
Halesowen UKXX1229
Halesworth UKXX1856
Halewood UKXX1756
Halford UKXX6127
Halford UKXX6126
Halfpenny Green UKXX6128
Halfway UKXX6129
Halifax UKXX1362
Halkirk UKXX1858
Halland UKXX6130
Hallen UKXX6131
Halling UKXX3648
Halstead UKXX6132
Halstead UKXX1744
Halston UKXX6133
Halton UKXX6134
Halton UKXX3649
Halton UKXX6135
Haltwhistle UKXX1094
Halvergate UKXX6136
Halwell UKXX6137
Ham UKXX6138
Ham UKXX6139
Ham UKXX6140
Hamble UKXX3650
Hambleden UKXX6141
Hambledon UKXX6142
Hambledon UKXX6143
Hambleton UKXX3651
Hambleton UKXX6144
Hameldon Hill UKXX3652
Hamilton UKXX0066
Hammersmith UKXX1726
Hammerwich UKXX6145
Hampnett UKXX6146
Hampshire Downs UKXX1886
Hampstead UKXX0499
Hampstead Norris UKXX6147
Hampsthwaite UKXX6148
Hampton UKXX6149
Hampton UKXX1319
Hampton Court UKXX6150
Hampton Hill UKXX8910
Hampton Loade UKXX9563
Hampton Lucy UKXX6151
Hanbury UKXX6152
Hanbury UKXX6153
Handley UKXX6154
Handsworth UKXX6155
Hanham UKXX9564
Hanley UKXX8911
Hanley Castle UKXX6156
Hanley Child UKXX6157
Hannah UKXX6158
Hannington UKXX6159
Hannington UKXX8912
Hanslope UKXX3654
Hanwell UKXX1843
Hanwell UKXX6160
Harborough Magna UKXX6161
Harbury UKXX3655
Harby UKXX6162
Hardingstone UKXX3656
Hardwick UKXX6166
Hardwick UKXX6165
Hardwick UKXX6164
Hardwick UKXX6163
Harefield UKXX3657
Harehills UKXX6167
Harewood UKXX6168
Harford UKXX6169
Hargrave UKXX6170
Hargrave UKXX6171
Hargrave UKXX6172
Harker UKXX6173
Harkstead UKXX6174
Harlaxton UKXX6175
Harlech UKXX1685
Harleston UKXX0574
Harlestone UKXX6176
Harley UKXX8913
Harlington UKXX6178
Harlington UKXX8914
Harlington UKXX6177
Harlow UKXX0244
Harold Wood UKXX3658
Haroldston West UKXX6180
Harpenden UKXX0634
Harpole UKXX6181
Harrietsham UKXX3659
Harringay UKXX1227
Harrington UKXX6184
Harrington UKXX6183
Harrington UKXX6182
Harrogate UKXX1328
Harrogate Hill UKXX6185
Harrold UKXX8915
Harrow UKXX1471
Harrowgate Hill UKXX8916
Harston UKXX3661
Hart UKXX6186
Hartfield UKXX1120
Hartford UKXX8917
Hartford UKXX6187
Harthill UKXX3662
Harthill UKXX6188
Harthill UKXX8918
Hartington UKXX6189
Hartland UKXX6190
Hartlepool UKXX0067
Hartley UKXX6191
Hartley UKXX6192
Hartley Row UKXX6193
Hartley Wintney UKXX6194
Harton UKXX6195
Hartshill UKXX3663
Hartshorne UKXX6196
Hartwell UKXX3664
Hartwood UKXX6197
Harvington UKXX3665
Harwell UKXX6198
Harwell UKXX3666
Harwich UKXX0358
Harwood UKXX6199
Harworth UKXX6200
Haselour UKXX6202
Haslemere UKXX0469
Haslingden UKXX3667
Haslingfield UKXX3668
Hassocks UKXX1243
Hastings UKXX0929
Hastingwood UKXX9566
Haswell UKXX8919
Haswell Plough UKXX6203
Hatch UKXX6204
Hatfield UKXX8920
Hatfield UKXX1530
Hatfield UKXX6205
Hatherleigh UKXX6207
Hathern UKXX3671
Hathersage UKXX3672
Hattersley UKXX6208
Hatton UKXX6211
Hatton UKXX6210
Hatton UKXX6209
Haughton UKXX6212
Haughton UKXX6213
Haughton Green UKXX3673
Havant UKXX0068
Haverfordwest UKXX1870
Haverhill UKXX1652
Havering UKXX0526
Haversham UKXX6214
Haverthwaite UKXX6215
Hawarden UKXX1632
Hawes UKXX6216
Hawick UKXX0418
Hawkesbury UKXX6217
Hawkhead UKXX6218
Hawkhurst UKXX3674
Hawkinge UKXX3675
Hawley UKXX6219
Haworth UKXX3676
Hawthorn UKXX8921
Hawthorn UKXX6220
Hawton UKXX6221
Haxby UKXX3677
Haxey UKXX3678
Hay UKXX8922
Hay-On-Wye UKXX0249
Haydock UKXX3679
Haydock Park UKXX2095
Haydon UKXX6222
Hayes UKXX1876
Hayfield UKXX3680
Hayfield UKXX6224
Hayle UKXX1618
Hayling Island UKXX0898
Haynes UKXX8923
Haynes West End UKXX8924
Hayton UKXX6225
Hayton UKXX8925
Hayton UKXX6226
Haywards Heath UKXX0631
Haywood UKXX6227
Hazel Grove UKXX6228
Hazelwood UKXX6229
Hazlerigg UKXX3681
Heacham UKXX3682
Headcorn UKXX3683
Headington UKXX6230
Headless Cross UKXX1238
Heage UKXX3684
Healey UKXX6231
Healing UKXX3685
Heanor UKXX0456
Heath UKXX6233
Heath UKXX6232
Heather UKXX6234
Heatherwick UKXX6235
Heathfield UKXX6236
Heathfield UKXX1019
Heathrow UKXX6237
Heaton UKXX8926
Heaton UKXX6238
Heaton Chapel UKXX3686
Heavitree UKXX3687
Hebburn UKXX1488
Hebden UKXX6239
Hebden Bridge UKXX1267
Hebron UKXX8927
Hebron UKXX6240
Heckfield UKXX6241
Heckington UKXX3688
Heckmondwike UKXX1125
Hedge End UKXX3689
Hedon UKXX3690
Hedsor UKXX6242
Heeley UKXX8928
Heighington UKXX3691
Heighington UKXX8929
Hele UKXX6243
Helensburgh UKXX1156
Helion Bumpstead UKXX6244
Hellaby UKXX3692
Helland UKXX8930
Hellesdon UKXX6245
Hellingly UKXX6246
Helmdon UKXX6247
Helme UKXX6248
Helmsdale UKXX1174
Helmsley UKXX3693
Helpston UKXX8931
Helsby UKXX3694
Helston UKXX1875
Hemel Hempstead UKXX0527
Hemingbrough UKXX3695
Hemingford Grey UKXX3696
Hemingstone UKXX6249
Hempstead UKXX6252
Hempstead UKXX6251
Hempstead UKXX6250
Hemsby UKXX0179
Hemsworth UKXX3697
Henbury UKXX8932
Hendon UKXX0591
Henfield UKXX1739
Hengoed UKXX0550
Henley UKXX6253
Henley UKXX6254
Henley in Arden UKXX3698
Henley on Thames UKXX8933
Henley-on-Thames UKXX1204
Henllan UKXX8934
Henlow UKXX1607
Hensall UKXX6255
Henton UKXX6256
Henwood UKXX6257
Hepburn UKXX6258
Hepworth UKXX6260
Hepworth UKXX6259
Hereford UKXX0245
Heriot UKXX1152
Hermitage UKXX3699
Hermon UKXX6262
Hermon UKXX6261
Herne UKXX6263
Herne Bay UKXX0651
Herne Hill UKXX1408
Herodsfoot UKXX9568
Herongate UKXX6264
Herringfleet UKXX6265
Herstmonceux UKXX0189
Hertford UKXX1871
Hessle UKXX1570
Heswall UKXX1030
Hethel UKXX6266
Hethersett UKXX3700
Hetton le Hole UKXX3701
Hever UKXX6267
Hexham UKXX1860
Heydon UKXX6268
Heydon UKXX6269
Heywood UKXX0500
Hibaldstow UKXX3702
High Barnet UKXX3703
High Bentham UKXX3704
High Blantyre UKXX3705
High Etherley UKXX3706
High Halstow UKXX3707
High Heaton UKXX6271
High Hesket UKXX6272
High Nibthwaite UKXX6273
High Peak UKXX1872
High Valleyfield UKXX3708
High Wycombe UKXX0474
Higham UKXX6276
Higham UKXX6275
Higham UKXX6274
Higham Ferrers UKXX3709
Highbridge UKXX0612
Highbury UKXX1692
Highclere UKXX3710
Highcliffe UKXX6278
Higher Bebington UKXX6279
Higher Broughton UKXX8935
Higher Wambrook UKXX6281
Highfield UKXX6282
Highgate UKXX0884
Highgate UKXX6283
Highgate UKXX6284
Highley UKXX3711
Hightown UKXX3712
Highway UKXX6285
Highworth UKXX3713
Hilborough UKXX6286
Hill UKXX8936
Hill Head UKXX6287
Hill of Goval UKXX8937
Hill Top UKXX6288
Hillhead UKXX6289
Hillhead UKXX8939
Hillingdon UKXX0814
Hillington UKXX8940
Hillmorton UKXX8941
Hills End UKXX8942
Hillsborough UKXX0190
Hillsborough UKXX8943
Hillside UKXX6290
Hillswick UKXX6291
Hilltown UKXX6292
Hilston UKXX6293
Hilton UKXX6296
Hilton UKXX6295
Hilton UKXX6294
Hilton UKXX6297
Hilton UKXX6298
Hinchley Wood UKXX3714
Hinckley UKXX0980
Hindhead UKXX1670
Hindley UKXX1732
Hindon UKXX8944
Hingham UKXX3715
Hinstock UKXX6299
Hinton UKXX3716
Hinton UKXX6300
Hinton St George UKXX0519
Hipsburn UKXX6301
Histon UKXX3717
Hitchin UKXX1789
Hither Green UKXX1811
Hoath UKXX6302
Hoby UKXX6303
Hockerill UKXX8946
Hockley UKXX0802
Hockley UKXX8947
Hoddesdon UKXX1154
Hodgeston UKXX6304
Hoe UKXX6305
Hognaston UKXX6306
Hogsthorpe UKXX9569
Holbeach UKXX2029
Holbeck UKXX6307
Holberrow Green UKXX6308
Holborn UKXX3718
Holbrook UKXX6310
Holbrook UKXX6309
Holcombe UKXX6311
Holcombe UKXX6312
Holdenhurst UKXX8948
Hole UKXX6313
Holker UKXX6314
Hollington UKXX6316
Hollington UKXX6315
Hollingworth UKXX3719
Hollins UKXX8949
Hollinwood UKXX6317
Holloway UKXX1585
Holly Lane UKXX6318
Hollybush UKXX9570
Holm UKXX6319
Holme UKXX6324
Holme UKXX6321
Holme UKXX6322
Holme UKXX6323
Holme Chapel UKXX6325
Holmes Chapel UKXX3720
Holmfirth UKXX1361
Holmpton UKXX8950
Holmrook UKXX1246
Holmwood UKXX6326
Holne UKXX6327
Holsworthy UKXX0854
Holt UKXX8952
Holt UKXX0992
Holt UKXX8951
Holt UKXX6328
Holton UKXX6329
Holton UKXX6330
Holton UKXX6331
Holton le Clay UKXX3721
Holwell UKXX6332
Holwell UKXX6335
Holwell UKXX6334
Holwell UKXX6333
Holyhead UKXX0983
Holytown UKXX3722
Holywell UKXX0246
Holywell UKXX6337
Holywell UKXX6336
Holywood UKXX0339
Holywood UKXX6338
Home Counties UKXX9571
Honingham UKXX6339
Honington UKXX6342
Honington UKXX6340
Honington UKXX6341
Honiton UKXX0960
Honor Oak Park UKXX8953
Hoo UKXX3723
Hook UKXX8955
Hook UKXX1866
Hook UKXX6343
Hoole UKXX3725
Hope UKXX6344
Hope UKXX8956
Hope Cove UKXX6345
Hope Valley UKXX1869
Hopeman UKXX3726
Hopton UKXX6347
Hopton UKXX6346
Hopton on Sea UKXX3727
Hopwas UKXX6348
Hopwood UKXX6349
Horam UKXX3728
Horbury UKXX3729
Horden UKXX6350
Horderley UKXX6351
Hordley UKXX6352
Horham UKXX6353
Horley UKXX1508
Horley UKXX6354
Hornby UKXX6355
Hornby UKXX6356
Horncastle UKXX1182
Hornchurch UKXX1868
Horndean UKXX6358
Horndean UKXX6359
Horne UKXX6360
Horning UKXX6361
Horninghold UKXX6362
Horningsea UKXX6363
Hornsea UKXX1162
Hornsey UKXX0784
Horrabridge UKXX3731
Horringford UKXX6364
Horsebridge UKXX6365
Horsebridge UKXX6366
Horsell UKXX8957
Horsford UKXX3732
Horsforth UKXX3733
Horsham UKXX1303
Horsley UKXX8958
Horsley UKXX6367
Horst Green UKXX0247
Horstead UKXX6368
Horton UKXX6372
Horton UKXX6371
Horton UKXX6370
Horton UKXX8959
Horton UKXX6369
Horton UKXX8960
Horwich UKXX3734
Hose UKXX6373
Hotham UKXX8961
Hoton UKXX9573
Hough Green UKXX8962
Hougham UKXX6375
Hougham UKXX6374
Houghton UKXX6376
Houghton UKXX6378
Houghton UKXX6377
Hounslow UKXX0069
Hounslow East UKXX8963
Hounslow West UKXX8964
Houston UKXX3736
Hove UKXX1738
Howden UKXX3737
Howdon UKXX8965
Howdon Pans UKXX9574
Howell UKXX6379
Howick UKXX6380
Howtown UKXX9575
Howwood UKXX3738
Hoxton UKXX8966
Hoylake UKXX1231
Hoyland Nether UKXX3739
Hucklow UKXX6381
Hucknall UKXX1332
Huddersfield UKXX0070
Hughenden UKXX6382
Hull UKXX0476
Hulme UKXX3741
Humber UKXX8967
Humber UKXX6383
Humber UKXX1880
Humberston UKXX3742
Humberstone UKXX6384
Humbie UKXX0754
Hume UKXX6385
Huna UKXX6386
Huncoat UKXX6387
Hungerford UKXX1507
Hunmanby UKXX3743
Hunslet UKXX8969
Hunstanton UKXX0248
Hunterston UKXX6388
Huntingdon UKXX1864
Huntington UKXX8970
Huntington UKXX6390
Huntington UKXX6389
Huntley UKXX6391
Huntly UKXX0433
Hunton UKXX6393
Hunton UKXX6392
Hurley UKXX6394
Hurley UKXX8971
Hurst UKXX6395
Hurst Green UKXX6396
Hurst Green UKXX6397
Hurstpierpoint UKXX3744
Husborne Crawley UKXX3745
Hutton UKXX6401
Hutton UKXX6400
Hutton UKXX6399
Hutton UKXX6398
Hutton UKXX8972
Huxham UKXX6402
Huxley UKXX6403
Huyton UKXX3746
Huyton-with-Roby UKXX0930
Hyde UKXX1608
Hyde Park UKXX6404
Hynish UKXX6405
Hythe UKXX6406
Hythe UKXX0947
Ibstock UKXX3747
Ibstone UKXX6407
Ickleton UKXX6408
Icklingham UKXX6409
Iddesleigh UKXX6410
Ide UKXX3024
Iden UKXX6411
Iffley UKXX6412
Iford UKXX8973
Ightfield UKXX6413
Ilam UKXX6414
Ilchester UKXX3748
Ilderton UKXX6415
Ilford UKXX1164
Ilfracombe UKXX0565
Ilkeston UKXX1449
Ilkley UKXX0878
Ilminster UKXX0916
Ilston UKXX6417
Imachar UKXX6418
Immingham UKXX0851
Ince UKXX8974
Ince Blundell UKXX8975
Inch UKXX6419
Inchinnan UKXX3750
Inchmarlo UKXX6420
Ingatestone UKXX0644
Ingham UKXX6422
Ingham UKXX6421
Ingleby Greenhow UKXX3751
Ingleton UKXX6423
Ingleton UKXX3752
Ingoldmells UKXX3753
Ingram UKXX6424
Inkberrow UKXX3754
Innellan UKXX3755
Innerleithen UKXX0957
Innerwick UKXX6425
Insch UKXX1233
Inskip UKXX6426
Instow UKXX6427
Inver UKXX6428
Inver UKXX6429
Inver Mallie UKXX6430
Inverailort UKXX6431
Inveran UKXX6432
Inveraray UKXX1595
Inverbervie UKXX2057
Inverbroom UKXX6433
Inverchaolain UKXX6434
Invercoe UKXX6435
Inverfarigaig UKXX6436
Invergarry UKXX1703
Invergordon UKXX1367
Invergowrie UKXX6437
Inverinate UKXX6438
Inverkeithing UKXX0678
Inverkip UKXX3756
Inverlochy UKXX8976
Inverness UKXX0250
Invershin UKXX6439
Inverurie UKXX0071
Inworth UKXX6440
Ipplepen UKXX3757
Ipswich UKXX0072
Irchester UKXX3758
Irish Town UKXX6441
Irlam UKXX3759
Ironbridge UKXX3760
Irthlingborough UKXX3761
Irvine UKXX0576
Irvinestown UKXX3762
Isham UKXX6442
Isle of Anglesey UKXX1891
Isle of Arran UKXX1371
Isle of Barra UKXX0384
Isle of Bute UKXX0502
Isle of Canna UKXX0408
Isle of Coll UKXX0405
Isle of Colonsay UKXX0402
Isle of Cumbrae UKXX1274
Isle of Eigg UKXX0406
Isle of Gigha UKXX0596
Isle of Harris UKXX0379
Isle of Iona UKXX0404
Isle of Islay UKXX0401
Isle of Jura UKXX0997
Isle of Lewis UKXX0378
Isle of Mull UKXX0403
Isle of Rum UKXX0407
Isle of Scalpay UKXX0380
Isle of Skye UKXX1271
Isle of Thanet UKXX9581
Isle of Tiree UKXX0597
Isle of Wight UKXX1881
Isleham UKXX3763
Isles of Scilly UKXX0425
Isleworth UKXX0618
Islington UKXX1764
Islip UKXX6444
Islip UKXX6445
Itchen UKXX8977
Iver UKXX0514
Ivinghoe UKXX3764
Ivybridge UKXX1400
Iwade UKXX6446
Ixworth UKXX3765
Jamestown UKXX6447
Jamestown UKXX6448
Jarrow UKXX0690
Jedburgh UKXX0417
Jesmond UKXX6449
Johnston UKXX3766
Johnstone UKXX0501
Jonesborough UKXX8978
Joppa UKXX8979
Jordans UKXX6451
Kea UKXX6452
Keady UKXX3767
Kearney UKXX6453
Kearsley UKXX3768
Kedington UKXX3769
Kedleston UKXX6454
Keelby UKXX3770
Keevil UKXX6455
Kegworth UKXX3771
Keighley UKXX0939
Keith UKXX1635
Keithan UKXX6456
Keld UKXX6457
Keldhead UKXX6458
Kelham Island UKXX0906
Kelling UKXX6459
Kelloe UKXX6460
Kells UKXX6461
Kelly UKXX6462
Kelsall UKXX3772
Kelso UKXX1717
Kelton UKXX6463
Kelty UKXX1677
Kelvedon UKXX3773
Kelvedon Hatch UKXX3774
Kemnay UKXX3775
Kempsey UKXX3776
Kempston UKXX3777
Kempton Park UKXX2096
Kemsing UKXX3779
Kendal UKXX1177
Kenilworth UKXX0742
Kenley UKXX8980
Kenley UKXX2042
Kenmore UKXX6464
Kenmore UKXX6465
Kenmore UKXX6466
Kenn UKXX8981
Kennford UKXX6467
Kenninghall UKXX6468
Kennington UKXX8982
Kennington UKXX3780
Kennoway UKXX3781
Kensal Green UKXX8983
Kensington UKXX1844
Kensworth UKXX3782
Kent UKXX8984
Kent UKXX1894
Kentish Town UKXX1392
Kentmere UKXX6469
Kenton UKXX6470
Kenton UKXX6471
Kenton UKXX6472
Kenton UKXX6473
Kenyon UKXX6474
Keresley UKXX3783
Kerry UKXX6475
Kersey UKXX6476
Kesgrave UKXX3784
Kesh UKXX6477
Kessingland UKXX3785
Kessock UKXX6478
Keswick UKXX1143
Keswick UKXX6479
Kettering UKXX0254
Kettleburgh UKXX6480
Kettleness UKXX6481
Ketton UKXX3786
Kew UKXX6482
Kew Gardens UKXX6483
Kexbrough UKXX6484
Kexby UKXX6485
Keyingham UKXX3787
Keynsham UKXX3788
Kidderminster UKXX0073
Kidlington UKXX0592
Kidsgrove UKXX0532
Kidwelly UKXX1005
Kilbarchan UKXX3790
Kilbirnie UKXX0578
Kilbride UKXX6487
Kilbride UKXX6486
Kilburn UKXX8985
Kilburn UKXX3791
Kilburn UKXX6488
Kilby UKXX6489
Kilchattan UKXX6490
Kilcreggan UKXX3792
Kildonan UKXX6492
Kildonan UKXX6493
Kilfinan UKXX6494
Kilgetty UKXX1209
Kilkeel UKXX3793
Kilkerran UKXX6495
Killamarsh UKXX3794
Killeague UKXX6496
Killearn UKXX3795
Killiecrankie UKXX9583
Killin UKXX1465
Killinchy UKXX6497
Killingbeck UKXX8986
Killingworth UKXX6498
Killough UKXX6499
Killowen UKXX6500
Killylea UKXX6501
Killyleagh UKXX3796
Kilmacolm UKXX0701
Kilmany UKXX6502
Kilmarnock UKXX0074
Kilmartin UKXX6503
Kilmaurs UKXX3797
Kilmington UKXX8987
Kilmington UKXX6505
Kilmore UKXX6509
Kilmore UKXX6508
Kilmore UKXX6507
Kilmore UKXX6506
Kilmory UKXX6511
Kilmory UKXX6510
Kilmory UKXX3002
Kilmuir UKXX6513
Kilnwick UKXX6517
Kilpatrick UKXX6518
Kilpin UKXX8988
Kilrea UKXX3798
Kilsyth UKXX0857
Kiltarlity UKXX6519
Kilwinning UKXX1474
Kimberley UKXX3799
Kimberley UKXX6520
Kimberworth UKXX6521
Kimbolton UKXX8989
Kimbolton UKXX6522
Kimmeridge UKXX6523
Kinbrace UKXX0677
Kincardine UKXX3800
Kincardine UKXX6525
Kineton UKXX6526
Kinfauns UKXX6527
Kinghorn UKXX3801
Kinglassie UKXX3802
Kings Cross UKXX9587
Kings Hill UKXX3803
Kings Langley UKXX1877
Kings Park UKXX8990
Kings Worthy UKXX3804
Kingsbridge UKXX1218
Kingsbury UKXX3805
Kingsclere UKXX3806
Kingscote UKXX6528
Kingsdown UKXX6529
Kingsgate UKXX6531
Kingskerswell UKXX3807
Kingsland UKXX8991
Kingsley UKXX6532
Kingsley UKXX8992
Kingsley UKXX6533
Kingsnorth UKXX6534
Kingsteignton UKXX3808
Kingston UKXX8993
Kingston UKXX6541
Kingston UKXX6542
Kingston UKXX6540
Kingston UKXX6535
Kingston UKXX6536
Kingston UKXX6539
Kingston UKXX6538
Kingston UKXX6537
Kingstown UKXX6543
Kingswinford UKXX0459
Kingswood UKXX0076
Kingswood UKXX6546
Kingswood UKXX6545
Kingswood UKXX6544
Kingswood Manor UKXX6547
Kington UKXX0475
Kington UKXX6548
Kingussie UKXX1397
Kinloch UKXX6551
Kinloch UKXX6549
Kinlochard UKXX6553
Kinlochleven UKXX1203
Kinlochteacuis UKXX6554
Kinloss UKXX0167
Kinmundy UKXX8994
Kinnaird UKXX6555
Kinnerley UKXX6556
Kinnersley UKXX8995
Kinning Park UKXX8996
Kinross UKXX0975
Kinsbury UKXX1591
Kinson UKXX8997
Kintbury UKXX3809
Kinton UKXX6557
Kintore UKXX3810
Kippen UKXX6559
Kirby UKXX6560
Kirby Knowle UKXX6561
Kirby Muxloe UKXX3811
Kirby Underdale UKXX8998
Kircubbin UKXX3812
Kirk Ireton UKXX6562
Kirk Sandall UKXX3813
Kirkburton UKXX3814
Kirkby UKXX0873
Kirkby Stephen UKXX0737
Kirkby Thore UKXX6563
Kirkcaldy UKXX1279
Kirkconnel UKXX3815
Kirkcudbright UKXX0364
Kirkham UKXX3816
Kirkham UKXX6564
Kirkheaton UKXX6566
Kirkheaton UKXX6565
Kirkhill UKXX1366
Kirkintilloch UKXX3817
Kirkland UKXX6567
Kirklington UKXX6568
Kirklington UKXX6569
Kirkliston UKXX0560
Kirkmaiden UKXX6570
Kirkmichael UKXX6573
Kirkmichael UKXX6572
Kirkmichael UKXX6571
Kirknewton UKXX0659
Kirknewton UKXX9000
Kirkoswald UKXX6575
Kirkoswald UKXX6574
Kirkpatrick UKXX6576
Kirkstall UKXX6577
Kirkstone Pass UKXX0252
Kirkton UKXX6578
Kirkton UKXX6580
Kirkton UKXX6579
Kirkton Manor UKXX6581
Kirkwall UKXX1074
Kirkwall Airport UKXX0164
Kirn UKXX6582
Kirriemuir UKXX3818
Kirton UKXX6583
Kirton UKXX3819
Kishorn UKXX6584
Knaphill UKXX3821
Knapton UKXX6586
Knapton UKXX6585
Knaresborough UKXX0471
Knebworth UKXX1210
Knedlington UKXX6587
Knettishall UKXX6588
Knighton UKXX0253
Knightsbridge UKXX6589
Knipton UKXX6590
Kniveton UKXX6591
Knock UKXX6596
Knock UKXX6595
Knock UKXX6593
Knock UKXX6592
Knock UKXX6594
Knockaird UKXX6597
Knockmore UKXX6598
Knockmoyle UKXX6599
Knole UKXX6600
Knossington UKXX6601
Knottingley UKXX1625
Knotty Ash UKXX6602
Knowlegate UKXX6603
Knowlton UKXX6604
Knowsley UKXX9001
Knowsthorpe UKXX9002
Knutsford UKXX1623
Kyle UKXX9591
Kyle UKXX1169
Kyloe UKXX6605
Laceby UKXX3822
Lack UKXX6606
Lackagh UKXX6608
Lackagh UKXX6607
Ladbroke Grove UKXX1846
Ladock UKXX6609
Ladybank UKXX3823
Ladybarn UKXX9003
Ladykirk UKXX6610
Lagg UKXX6611
Lagg UKXX6612
Laggan UKXX6613
Lairg UKXX1369
Lake Side UKXX6614
Lakenheath UKXX3824
Laleham UKXX6615
Laleston UKXX9592
Lamberton UKXX6616
Lambeth UKXX0926
Lambourn UKXX3825
Lambrook UKXX6617
Lambs Green UKXX6618
Lamesley UKXX3826
Lamington UKXX6619
Lamlash UKXX3827
Lampeter UKXX1708
Lamport UKXX6620
Lanark UKXX0583
Lancashire UKXX1882
Lancaster UKXX0581
Lanchester UKXX3828
Lancing UKXX1038
Landbeach UKXX6621
Landore UKXX9004
Landport UKXX9005
Langar UKXX6622
Langbank UKXX6623
Langdon Bay UKXX2053
Langford UKXX6624
Langford UKXX9006
Langford UKXX6625
Langford UKXX9007
Langham UKXX9008
Langham UKXX6626
Langham UKXX6627
Langho UKXX3829
Langholm UKXX0370
Langley UKXX6633
Langley UKXX6628
Langley UKXX6632
Langley UKXX6631
Langley UKXX6630
Langley UKXX6629
Langley Green UKXX3830
Langley Marsh UKXX6634
Langley Mill UKXX6635
Langley Park UKXX3831
Langport UKXX1015
Langstone UKXX6636
Langtoft UKXX3832
Langton UKXX6637
Langton UKXX6638
Langtree UKXX6639
Langworth UKXX6640
Lanteglos UKXX6641
Lanton UKXX6643
Lapford UKXX6644
Larbert UKXX0463
Largo Ward UKXX6645
Largs UKXX0769
Largue UKXX6646
Lark Hill UKXX2060
Lark Stoke UKXX9009
Larkfield UKXX3833
Larkfield UKXX6648
Larkhall UKXX0582
Larne UKXX0077
Laroch UKXX6649
Lasham UKXX6650
Lassington UKXX6651
Lasswade UKXX1557
Latchford UKXX6652
Latheron UKXX1277
Latimer UKXX6653
Latton UKXX6654
Lauder UKXX1316
Laughton UKXX6656
Laughton UKXX6655
Launceston UKXX1499
Laurencekirk UKXX1633
Lavant UKXX6657
Lavenham UKXX3834
Laverton UKXX6658
Law UKXX3835
Lawford UKXX6659
Lawrencetown UKXX6660
Laxton UKXX6661
Laxton UKXX6662
Laxton UKXX9010
Layer de la Haye UKXX3836
Lea UKXX6664
Lea UKXX6663
Lea UKXX9011
Leadgate UKXX6665
Leadgate UKXX6666
Leake UKXX6667
Lealholm UKXX6668
Leamington UKXX3837
Leamington Spa UKXX0553
Leamore UKXX6669
Leasingham UKXX3838
Leatherhead UKXX1275
Leaton UKXX6670
Leavesden Green UKXX6671
Lechlade UKXX3839
Leck UKXX6672
Leckhampstead UKXX6673
Leckwith Moors UKXX9594
Leconfield UKXX2047
Ledbury UKXX0762
Ledsham UKXX3840
Ledsham UKXX9012
Ledston UKXX9013
Ledston Luck UKXX6674
Lee UKXX6675
Lee UKXX6676
Lee UKXX1810
Leeds UKXX0078
Leeds UKXX6677
Leedstown UKXX6678
Leek UKXX1610
Leeming UKXX0173
Lees UKXX6679
Leeswood UKXX3842
Legerwood UKXX6680
Legoniel UKXX6681
Leicester UKXX0079
Leigh UKXX6683
Leigh UKXX1126
Leigh UKXX6682
Leigh UKXX6684
Leigh UKXX6685
Leigh UKXX6686
Leigh UKXX9014
Leigh Woods UKXX6687
Leigh-on-Sea UKXX0517
Leighton UKXX6688
Leighton UKXX6689
Leighton UKXX6690
Leighton Buzzard UKXX0257
Leiston UKXX1363
Leith UKXX0080
Leitholm UKXX6692
Leitrim UKXX6693
Lemington UKXX6694
Lemsford UKXX1235
Lenham UKXX3843
Lennoxtown UKXX3844
Leominster UKXX0967
Lepe UKXX6695
Lerwick UKXX0081
Leslie UKXX6696
Leslie UKXX6697
Lesmahagow UKXX3845
Letchworth UKXX0712
Letham UKXX3846
Letham Grange UKXX6698
Letterfearn UKXX6699
Leuchars UKXX0170
Leven UKXX9015
Leven UKXX1075
Levens UKXX6700
Levenshulme UKXX9016
Leverburgh UKXX0381
Leverton UKXX6701
Lewannick UKXX6702
Lewes UKXX0540
Lewisham UKXX1427
Lewiston UKXX6703
Leyburn UKXX3847
Leyland UKXX0605
Leysdown-on-Sea UKXX3848
Leyton UKXX0751
Leytonstone UKXX0460
Lhanbryd UKXX3849
Libberton UKXX6704
Lichfield UKXX1423
Lidstone UKXX6705
Lifton UKXX1500
Lightwater UKXX0666
Lilley UKXX6706
Lillington UKXX6707
Limavady UKXX0346
Limefield UKXX9017
Limehouse UKXX9018
Limekilns UKXX3850
Linby UKXX6708
Lincoln UKXX1087
Lindale UKXX6709
Linden UKXX6710
Lindfield UKXX6711
Lindley UKXX6712
Lingen UKXX9019
Lingfield UKXX0709
Lingwood UKXX3851
Linlithgow UKXX1461
Linthouse UKXX9020
Linthwaite UKXX3852
Linton UKXX6718
Linton UKXX6717
Linton UKXX6716
Linton UKXX6715
Linton UKXX6714
Linton UKXX6713
Linton UKXX9021
Linton-on-ouse UKXX2075
Linwood UKXX6719
Lionel UKXX6720
Liphook UKXX0861
Lisburn UKXX0082
Liscombe UKXX2084
Liskeard UKXX1000
Lisnaskea UKXX3853
Liss UKXX0470
Lissett UKXX6721
Liston UKXX6722
Lisvane UKXX9022
Litchborough UKXX6723
Litchfield UKXX6724
Litherland UKXX3854
Litlington UKXX6725
Little Amwell UKXX3855
Little Baddow UKXX6726
Little Badminton UKXX6727
Little Chalfont UKXX3856
Little Clacton UKXX3857
Little Compton UKXX6729
Little Creich UKXX6730
Little Easton UKXX6731
Little Eaton UKXX3858
Little Eccleston UKXX9596
Little Glenham UKXX6732
Little Grimsby UKXX6733
Little Hale UKXX6734
Little Haven UKXX6735
Little Lever UKXX3860
Little Mill UKXX6736
Little Milton UKXX6737
Little Munden UKXX6738
Little Oakley UKXX6739
Little Oakley UKXX6740
Little Paxton UKXX3861
Little Petherick UKXX6741
Little Raveley UKXX6742
Little Ryburgh UKXX6743
Little Stretton UKXX6745
Little Stretton UKXX6744
Little Thurrock UKXX9023
Little Witley UKXX6747
Littleborough UKXX0892
Littleborough UKXX6748
Littlehampton UKXX0260
Littlemoor UKXX9597
Littlemore UKXX6749
Littleover UKXX6750
Littleport UKXX3862
Littleton UKXX6751
Litton UKXX6752
Litton UKXX6753
Liverpool UKXX0083
Liversedge UKXX0723
Livingston UKXX0084
Lizard UKXX6754
Llan Ffestiniog UKXX6755
Llanarth UKXX9024
Llanarth UKXX0510
Llanbadarn-fawr UKXX6756
Llanbadarn-fawr UKXX6757
Llanbedr UKXX1481
Llanbedr UKXX6758
Llanbedrgoch UKXX1086
Llanberis UKXX3863
Llanbradach UKXX3864
Llanbrynmair UKXX1014
Llandaff UKXX9025
Llanddeusant UKXX9026
Llanddeusant UKXX6760
Llanddulas UKXX6761
Llanddwyn UKXX1890
Llanddwywe UKXX6762
Llandefalle UKXX6763
Llandegai UKXX6764
Llandeilo UKXX1208
Llandeilor-Fan UKXX6765
Llandinam UKXX0716
Llandovery UKXX0908
Llandudno UKXX0256
Llandulas UKXX6766
Llandybie UKXX3865
Llandysul UKXX1406
Llanelli UKXX1305
Llanelltyd UKXX6768
Llanenddwyn UKXX6769
Llanengan UKXX6770
Llanerchymedd UKXX0779
Llanfachraeth UKXX9027
Llanfaelog UKXX6771
Llanfair UKXX9028
Llanfairfechan UKXX0394
Llanfyllin UKXX1417
Llanfyrnach UKXX1405
Llangadfan UKXX6778
Llangadog UKXX0263
Llangadwaladr UKXX6780
Llangadwaladr UKXX6779
Llangefni UKXX0686
Llangeinor UKXX6781
Llangelynin UKXX6782
Llangelynin UKXX6783
Llangoed UKXX0264
Llangollen UKXX1080
Llangwm UKXX9029
Llangwm UKXX9030
Llangwm UKXX9031
Llangwyryfon UKXX6784
Llangybi UKXX9033
Llangybi UKXX6785
Llangybi UKXX9032
Llangyniew UKXX6786
Llangynin UKXX6787
Llangynog UKXX9035
Llangynog UKXX6788
Llanharan UKXX3866
Llanharry UKXX3867
Llanidloes UKXX0255
Llanishen UKXX9036
Llanishen UKXX6789
Llanllowell UKXX6790
Llanmiloe UKXX6791
Llanrug UKXX3868
Llanrwst UKXX1479
Llansadwrn UKXX9037
Llansaint UKXX6792
Llantrisant UKXX6794
Llantrisant UKXX3870
Llantrisant UKXX6793
Llantwit Fardre UKXX3871
Llantwit Major UKXX1248
Llanwnda UKXX9038
Llanwrda UKXX6795
Llanwrtyd Wells UKXX0262
Llanybydder UKXX1605
Llanycefn UKXX6796
Llanychaer UKXX6797
Llanymynech UKXX6798
Llwydcoed UKXX6799
Llwyn-Dafydd UKXX6800
Llwyn-y-brain UKXX6801
Llwyngwril UKXX0683
Llysfaen UKXX9039
Loanhead UKXX1351
Loch Assynt UKXX6802
Loch Glascanoch UKXX2054
Lochailort UKXX1202
Lochar Moss UKXX9600
Locharbriggs UKXX3872
Lochbuie UKXX6803
Lochcarnan UKXX9601
Lochcarron UKXX2032
Lochearnhead UKXX1064
Lochend UKXX6804
Lochgelly UKXX1176
Lochgilphead UKXX1198
Lochluichart UKXX2007
Lochmaben UKXX3873
Lochwinnoch UKXX0593
Lockerbie UKXX0368
Lockington UKXX9040
Locks Heath UKXX1630
Loddington UKXX6806
Loddington UKXX6805
Loddon UKXX3874
Lode UKXX6807
Lofthouse UKXX6808
Lofthouse UKXX3875
Loftus UKXX3876
Logie UKXX6810
Logie UKXX6809
London UKXX0085
Londonderry UKXX0086
Lone UKXX6811
Long Ashton UKXX3879
Long Bennington UKXX3880
Long Buckby UKXX3881
Long Crendon UKXX3882
Long Eaton UKXX0087
Long Green UKXX6812
Long Itchington UKXX3883
Long Lawford UKXX3884
Long Load UKXX6813
Long Marston UKXX6816
Long Marston UKXX6815
Long Marston UKXX6814
Long Melford UKXX3885
Long Riston UKXX6817
Long Stanton UKXX6818
Long Stratton UKXX3886
Long Sutton UKXX3887
Long Sutton UKXX6819
Long Sutton UKXX6820
Longbottom UKXX6821
Longbridge UKXX6822
Longdendale UKXX3888
Longdon UKXX6824
Longdon UKXX6823
Longfield UKXX0652
Longford UKXX6828
Longford UKXX6827
Longford UKXX6825
Longford UKXX6826
Longham UKXX6829
Longham UKXX6830
Longhills UKXX9041
Longhirst UKXX6831
Longhope UKXX1667
Longley UKXX9042
Longnewton UKXX6832
Longney UKXX6833
Longniddry UKXX3889
Longnor UKXX9043
Longnor UKXX6834
Longport UKXX6835
Longridge UKXX3890
Longsight UKXX3891
Longstreet UKXX6836
Longton UKXX3892
Longton UKXX6837
Longtown UKXX6838
Longtown UKXX3893
Longwell Green UKXX6839
Longworth UKXX6840
Looe UKXX1598
Loose UKXX6841
Lopenhead UKXX6842
Lorton UKXX6843
Lossiemouth UKXX0766
Lostock UKXX6844
Lostwithiel UKXX1501
Lothian UKXX9602
Lough Fea UKXX2011
Loughborough UKXX0680
Loughton UKXX9044
Loughton UKXX6845
Loughton UKXX1269
Lound UKXX6846
Lound UKXX6847
Louth UKXX1288
Low Ackworth UKXX3894
Low Hesket UKXX6849
Low Moor UKXX6850
Low Team UKXX9045
Lowdham UKXX3895
Lower Bentham UKXX6851
Lower Boscaswell UKXX6852
Lower Bracky UKXX6853
Lower Bullingham UKXX9046
Lower Clapton UKXX9047
Lower Darkley UKXX6854
Lower Earley UKXX3896
Lower Edmonton UKXX1693
Lower Farringdon UKXX6855
Lower Gornal UKXX6856
Lower Holloway UKXX9048
Lower Rads End UKXX9049
Lower Shader UKXX6857
Lower Shiplake UKXX6858
Lowerhouse UKXX9050
Lowestoft UKXX0399
Lowick UKXX9051
Lowick UKXX6859
Lowick UKXX6860
Loxley UKXX6861
Loxton UKXX6862
Lubenham UKXX6863
Lucknow UKXX6864
Luddenden Foot UKXX3897
Luddenham UKXX6865
Ludgershall UKXX6866
Ludgershall UKXX6867
Ludlow UKXX1013
Lugar UKXX6868
Lulworth UKXX0261
Lumsden UKXX6869
Lunan UKXX6870
Luncarty UKXX3898
Lund UKXX9052
Lundin Links UKXX3899
Lundwood UKXX6871
Lunga UKXX6872
Lupton UKXX6873
Lurgan UKXX1432
Lusa UKXX6874
Lusby UKXX6875
Lusta UKXX6876
Luton UKXX6877
Luton UKXX6878
Luton UKXX0088
Lutterworth UKXX1579
Lutton UKXX6879
Lutton UKXX6880
Luxborough UKXX6881
Lybster UKXX1276
Lydbrook UKXX3900
Lydd UKXX1900
Lydford UKXX6882
Lydney UKXX3901
Lye UKXX6884
Lyme Regis UKXX0374
Lyminge UKXX3902
Lymington UKXX1414
Lymm UKXX1622
Lympstone UKXX6885
Lyndhurst UKXX1311
Lyne UKXX6886
Lyneham UKXX0183
Lynemouth UKXX3903
Lyng UKXX6888
Lyng UKXX6887
Lynmouth UKXX0258
Lynsted UKXX6889
Lynton UKXX0855
Lytham St Annes UKXX1356
Mablethorpe UKXX0272
Macclesfield UKXX0089
Macduff UKXX0733
Machen UKXX3905
Machrihanish UKXX2067
Machynlleth UKXX1215
Macmerry UKXX3906
Maddan UKXX6890
Madderty UKXX6891
Maddington UKXX6892
Madeley UKXX9053
Madeley UKXX6893
Madingley UKXX6894
Madley UKXX6895
Madron UKXX6896
Maendy UKXX9054
Maer UKXX6897
Maesteg UKXX0642
Maesycwmmer UKXX9055
Maghera UKXX1245
Maghera UKXX6898
Magherafelt UKXX0544
Magheralin UKXX3907
Magheramason UKXX6899
Magherasaul UKXX6900
Maghery UKXX6901
Maghull UKXX0831
Magor UKXX3908
Magus Muir UKXX9603
Maida Hill UKXX1845
Maida Vale UKXX9056
Maiden Bradley UKXX6902
Maidenbower UKXX3909
Maidenhall UKXX9057
Maidenhead UKXX0090
Maidens UKXX6903
Maidstone UKXX0091
Maidwell UKXX6904
Malden UKXX6905
Maldon UKXX1048
Malham UKXX6906
Mallaig UKXX1399
Malmesbury UKXX0516
Malpas UKXX1612
Maltby UKXX3910
Malton UKXX1424
Malvern UKXX0269
Manchester UKXX0092
Manea UKXX3911
Manesty UKXX6907
Maney UKXX1237
Mangotsfield UKXX1031
Manningtree UKXX0453
Manor UKXX9058
Manor Park UKXX0956
Manorowen UKXX6909
Mansewood UKXX9059
Mansfield UKXX0498
Manston UKXX0184
Manston UKXX6910
Manthorpe UKXX6911
Manton UKXX9061
Manton UKXX6913
Manton UKXX9060
Maple Cross UKXX9605
Mapleton UKXX6914
Marazion UKXX1219
Marbury UKXX6915
March UKXX1596
Marcham UKXX3913
Marchwood UKXX3914
Mardale UKXX6916
Marden UKXX3915
Mareham le Fen UKXX6917
Marfleet UKXX6918
Margam UKXX6919
Margate UKXX1051
Marham UKXX0271
Marianglas UKXX1759
Mariansleigh UKXX6920
Mark UKXX6922
Mark UKXX6921
Mark Cross UKXX6923
Market Bosworth UKXX3916
Market Deeping UKXX3917
Market Drayton UKXX0718
Market Hill UKXX6924
Market Lavington UKXX3918
Market Rasen UKXX1689
Market Weighton UKXX3919
Markfield UKXX3920
Markham Moor UKXX6925
Markinch UKXX3921
Marks Tey UKXX3922
Marksbury UKXX6926
Markyate UKXX3923
Marlborough UKXX1213
Marldon UKXX3924
Marley Hill UKXX6927
Marlow UKXX1712
Marnhull UKXX6928
Marple UKXX3925
Marr UKXX3926
Marsden UKXX6929
Marsden UKXX3927
Marsh UKXX6930
Marsh Baldon UKXX6931
Marshbrook UKXX6932
Marshfield UKXX3928
Marshfield UKXX9062
Marshwood UKXX6933
Marston UKXX6935
Marston UKXX9064
Marston UKXX6934
Marston UKXX9063
Marston Meysey UKXX6936
Martham UKXX3931
Martin UKXX6938
Martin UKXX6939
Martin UKXX6941
Martlesham UKXX6942
Martock UKXX1514
Marton UKXX6944
Marton UKXX6947
Marton UKXX6946
Marton UKXX6943
Marton UKXX6948
Marton UKXX6949
Marton Grove UKXX1619
Martyr Worthy UKXX6950
Marwood UKXX6951
Maryhill UKXX6952
Marylebone UKXX9065
Maryport UKXX1340
Maryton UKXX6953
Masham UKXX6954
Matfield UKXX6955
Mathon UKXX6956
Matlock UKXX1659
Matlock Bath UKXX6957
Matson UKXX6958
Mattishall UKXX3932
Mauchline UKXX0479
Maud UKXX6959
Mauld UKXX6960
Maulden UKXX3933
Mawgan Porth UKXX9608
Mawnan UKXX6961
Mawneys UKXX9066
Maxey UKXX6962
Maxton UKXX6963
Maxwelton UKXX6964
Maybole UKXX0388
Mayfair UKXX9067
Mayfield UKXX6965
Mayfield UKXX0523
Mayland UKXX6966
Meadowbank UKXX6967
Meadows UKXX9068
Meanwood UKXX9069
Meare UKXX6968
Measham UKXX3934
Meaux UKXX6969
Medstead UKXX6970
Meikle Earnock UKXX6971
Meikle Kinord UKXX6972
Melbourn UKXX3935
Melbourne UKXX9070
Melbourne UKXX3936
Melcombe Regis UKXX6973
Meldon UKXX6974
Meldon UKXX9071
Meldreth UKXX3937
Melksham UKXX1773
Melling UKXX9072
Melling UKXX6975
Mellis UKXX6976
Mellon Charles UKXX6977
Mellor UKXX6978
Mellor UKXX6979
Mells UKXX6980
Melmerby UKXX6981
Melness UKXX6982
Melrose UKXX0917
Meltham UKXX3938
Meltham Mills UKXX3939
Melton UKXX6983
Melton Constable UKXX1096
Melton Mowbray UKXX1079
Menai Bridge UKXX0982
Mendham UKXX6984
Mendip UKXX3940
Menston UKXX3941
Menstrie UKXX1355
Mentmore UKXX6985
Meopham UKXX3942
Meppershall UKXX3943
Mere UKXX9073
Mere UKXX9074
Meriden UKXX3944
Merriott UKXX0717
Merrivale UKXX6986
Merrow UKXX9075
Merry Hill UKXX6987
Mersham UKXX6988
Merthyr UKXX0273
Merthyr UKXX6989
Merthyr Tydfil UKXX1046
Merton UKXX6992
Merton UKXX6990
Merton UKXX6991
Merton UKXX1128
Meshaw UKXX6993
Messingham UKXX3945
Metheringham UKXX3946
Methven UKXX3947
Mettingham UKXX6994
Mevagissey UKXX3948
Mexborough UKXX1604
Mey UKXX6995
Meyllteyrn UKXX6996
Mickfield UKXX6997
Mickle Trafford UKXX3949
Mickleton UKXX9076
Mickleton UKXX3950
Mickley UKXX6998
Mickley UKXX6999
Mickley UKXX7000
Mid Calder UKXX3951
Mid Clyth UKXX7001
Middle Wallop UKXX2027
Middleport UKXX7002
Middlesbrough UKXX0093
Middlestown UKXX3952
Middleton UKXX7008
Middleton UKXX7007
Middleton UKXX7010
Middleton UKXX7014
Middleton UKXX7011
Middleton UKXX7004
Middleton UKXX7013
Middleton UKXX7006
Middleton UKXX7009
Middleton UKXX7012
Middleton UKXX1431
Middleton UKXX7003
Middleton UKXX7015
Middletown UKXX7016
Middlewich UKXX1253
Middlezoy UKXX7017
Middridge UKXX9610
Midhurst UKXX0377
Midlands UKXX9611
Midsomer Norton UKXX7018
Midton UKXX9726
Midville UKXX7019
Migneint UKXX9612
Milborne Port UKXX3953
Milburn UKXX7021
Mildenhall UKXX0094
Mildenhall UKXX9077
Mile End UKXX7022
Mile End UKXX9078
Milford UKXX7023
Milford UKXX7024
Milford UKXX3954
Milford Haven UKXX0608
Milford on Sea UKXX3955
Mill Hill UKXX0994
Mill of Fintray UKXX7025
Mill of Fortune UKXX7026
Millbrook UKXX9079
Millbrook UKXX9080
Millbrook UKXX7027
Millford UKXX7028
Millikenpark UKXX7029
Millington UKXX9081
Millisle UKXX3956
Millom UKXX1178
Millport UKXX3957
Millthorpe UKXX7030
Milltimber UKXX0333
Milltown UKXX7037
Milltown UKXX7035
Milltown UKXX7033
Milltown UKXX7032
Milltown UKXX7031
Millwall UKXX9082
Milnathort UKXX3958
Milngavie UKXX3959
Milnrow UKXX3960
Milnthorpe UKXX0267
Milton UKXX7039
Milton UKXX7045
Milton UKXX7044
Milton UKXX7043
Milton UKXX7038
Milton UKXX7042
Milton UKXX7041
Milton UKXX9083
Milton UKXX7040
Milton Bridge UKXX7046
Milton Common UKXX7047
Milton Hill UKXX7048
Milton Keynes UKXX0268
Milverton UKXX7050
Milwich UKXX7051
Minard UKXX7052
Minchinhampton UKXX3961
Mindrum UKXX9614
Minehead UKXX0266
Minera UKXX7053
Minster UKXX7054
Mintlaw UKXX3962
Minto UKXX7056
Mirfield UKXX1626
Misson UKXX7057
Misterton UKXX3963
Misterton UKXX7058
Mistley UKXX3964
Mitcham UKXX0848
Mitcheldean UKXX3965
Mitchell UKXX7059
Mitford UKXX7060
Mochdre UKXX9084
Modbury UKXX7061
Moelfre UKXX1758
Moffat UKXX0367
Moira UKXX7062
Moira UKXX3966
Mold UKXX0945
Molesworth UKXX7063
Molland UKXX7064
Mollinburn UKXX7065
Mollington UKXX9085
Mollington UKXX7066
Monea UKXX7067
Moneymore UKXX3967
Monk Fryston UKXX3968
Monk Sherborne UKXX7068
Monkswood UKXX7069
Monkton UKXX7070
Monkton UKXX7071
Monkton UKXX7072
Monkwearmouth UKXX9086
Monmore Green UKXX9087
Monmouth UKXX0270
Montacute UKXX1779
Montgomery UKXX0804
Montpellier UKXX9616
Montrose UKXX0951
Monxton UKXX7073
Monymusk UKXX7074
Moor Row UKXX0450
Moore UKXX7075
Moorefield UKXX7076
Moortown UKXX9088
Morar UKXX7077
Morchard Bishop UKXX7078
Morden UKXX0799
Morden UKXX7079
More UKXX7080
Morecambe UKXX0390
Morecombelake UKXX7081
Moreton UKXX7082
Moreton UKXX7083
Moreton UKXX7084
Moreton in Marsh UKXX9089
Moreton Pinkney UKXX7085
Moreton-in-Marsh UKXX1359
Morland UKXX7086
Morley UKXX1527
Morley UKXX7087
Morningside UKXX7088
Morningside UKXX9090
Morpeth UKXX0495
Morriston UKXX9091
Mortlake UKXX1833
Morton UKXX7089
Morton UKXX7090
Morton UKXX7091
Morton UKXX7092
Morval UKXX7093
Morvern UKXX4437
Morville UKXX7094
Moseley UKXX7095
Moss UKXX9092
Mossbank UKXX7096
Mossbay UKXX7097
Mossley UKXX0891
Moston UKXX9093
Mostyn UKXX3969
Motherwell UKXX0095
Mottram UKXX7098
Mouldsworth UKXX9094
Moulin UKXX7099
Moulsford UKXX7100
Moulton UKXX7103
Moulton UKXX7101
Moulton UKXX7102
Moulton UKXX7104
Mount Pleasant UKXX7105
Mount Pleasant UKXX9095
Mount Vernon UKXX7106
Mountain Ash UKXX1655
Mountfield UKXX7107
Mountsorrel UKXX3970
Mountstuart UKXX7108
Mousehole UKXX7109
Mouswald UKXX7110
Moy UKXX3971
Moy UKXX7111
Moyle UKXX7112
Much Hadham UKXX1410
Much Wenlock UKXX1119
Muckle Holm UKXX2049
Muir of Ord UKXX0478
Muirhead UKXX7113
Muirhead UKXX3972
Muirkirk UKXX3973
Muker UKXX7114
Mulbarton UKXX3974
Mulben UKXX7115
Mullaghbane UKXX7116
Mullion UKXX3975
Mumbles UKXX2073
Mundesley UKXX3976
Mundford UKXX3977
Munlochy UKXX0866
Murton UKXX9096
Murton UKXX3978
Murton UKXX7117
Musbury UKXX7118
Musselburgh UKXX0096
Muston UKXX7119
Muswell Hill UKXX1385
Myddfai UKXX7120
Mytholmroyd UKXX3979
Nacton UKXX7121
Nafferton UKXX3980
Nailsea UKXX3981
Nailsworth UKXX3982
Nairn UKXX0672
Nanpean UKXX7122
Nant Gwynant UKXX9617
Nantglyn UKXX7123
Nantwich UKXX1550
Napsbury Park UKXX9097
Narberth UKXX1511
Narborough UKXX3983
Narborough UKXX7124
Naseby UKXX7125
Nash UKXX9098
Nash UKXX7126
Natland UKXX7127
Navenby UKXX3984
Near Sawrey UKXX9618
Neasden UKXX9099
Neath UKXX1707
Necton UKXX3985
Nedsherry UKXX7128
Needham UKXX7129
Needham Market UKXX3986
Needingworth UKXX3987
Neenton UKXX7130
Neepsend UKXX9100
Neilsland UKXX9727
Neilston UKXX3988
Nelson UKXX1737
Nelson UKXX9101
Neston UKXX7131
Neston UKXX1852
Nether Edge UKXX9102
Nether Poppleton UKXX3989
Nether Silton UKXX7132
Nether Worton UKXX7133
Nethermuir UKXX7134
Netherseal UKXX9619
Netherton UKXX3990
Netherton UKXX7135
Nethy Bridge UKXX1298
Netley UKXX3991
Nettleham UKXX3992
Nettleton UKXX9103
Nettleton UKXX7136
Nevendon UKXX1315
Nevern UKXX9104
New Boston UKXX7137
New Bridge UKXX7138
New Brighton UKXX7139
New Buckenham UKXX7140
New Castle UKXX7141
New Channelkirk UKXX7142
New Chapel UKXX7143
New Cross UKXX1812
New Cumnock UKXX3993
New Ferry UKXX7144
New Ferry UKXX9105
New Holland UKXX7145
New Hunstanton UKXX7146
New Inn UKXX9106
New Malden UKXX0973
New Mills UKXX3994
New Milton UKXX0841
New Park UKXX7147
New Quay UKXX0278
New Romney UKXX1121
New Scone UKXX3995
New Silksworth UKXX7148
New Southgate UKXX1386
New Town UKXX9107
New Tredegar UKXX0696
New York UKXX7149
Newark-on-Trent UKXX0276
Newarthill UKXX3996
Newbiggin UKXX7150
Newbiggin UKXX9108
Newbigging UKXX7152
Newbigging UKXX7153
Newbold UKXX7154
Newbold Verdon UKXX3997
Newborough UKXX7155
Newborough UKXX7156
Newborough UKXX9109
Newbridge UKXX7157
Newbridge UKXX9110
Newbridge UKXX0559
Newburgh UKXX3998
Newburgh UKXX7158
Newburn UKXX0529
Newbury UKXX0097
Newby UKXX7160
Newby UKXX7159
Newcastle UKXX1854
Newcastle UKXX7162
Newcastle UKXX0098
Newcastle Emlyn UKXX0909
Newchapel UKXX7163
Newchurch UKXX7168
Newchurch UKXX7166
Newchurch UKXX7165
Newchurch UKXX7164
Newchurch UKXX7169
Newchurch UKXX7167
Newent UKXX0664
Newhall UKXX7170
Newham UKXX7171
Newham UKXX1327
Newhaven UKXX0274
Newhaven UKXX9112
Newhouse UKXX7172
Newick UKXX3999
Newington UKXX4000
Newington UKXX7173
Newland UKXX7174
Newlands UKXX7176
Newlands UKXX7175
Newlyn UKXX7177
Newmains UKXX4001
Newmarket UKXX1247
Newmarket UKXX7178
Newmills UKXX7179
Newmilns UKXX1370
Newnham UKXX7181
Newnham UKXX7180
Newnham UKXX1265
Newnham UKXX7182
Newpark UKXX9113
Newport UKXX1797
Newport UKXX0099
Newport UKXX7183
Newport UKXX1794
Newport UKXX9114
Newport UKXX1792
Newport Pagnell UKXX0490
Newport Trench UKXX7184
Newport-on-Tay UKXX1148
Newquay UKXX0424
Newry UKXX0830
Newsham UKXX7185
Newsham UKXX7186
Newstead UKXX7187
Newstead UKXX7188
Newton UKXX7196
Newton UKXX7195
Newton UKXX7194
Newton UKXX7193
Newton UKXX7192
Newton UKXX7191
Newton UKXX7190
Newton UKXX7189
Newton Abbot UKXX1516
Newton Aycliffe UKXX0556
Newton Grange UKXX7197
Newton Longville UKXX4002
Newton Mearns UKXX4003
Newton Reigny UKXX7198
Newton Stewart UKXX0366
Newtonhill UKXX4005
Newtonmore UKXX0600
Newtown UKXX7202
Newtown UKXX1416
Newtown UKXX7201
Newtown UKXX7200
Newtown Butler UKXX7203
Newtownabbey UKXX0100
Newtownards UKXX0341
Newtownstewart UKXX4007
Neyland UKXX4008
Nidd UKXX7205
Nigg UKXX7206
Nine Mile Burn UKXX7207
Nisbet UKXX7208
Niton UKXX4009
Nocton UKXX7209
Norbury UKXX7210
Norbury UKXX9118
Norbury UKXX7211
Norbury UKXX7212
Nordelph UKXX7213
Norfolk UKXX1883
Normanby UKXX7215
Normanby UKXX7214
Normandy UKXX4010
Normanton UKXX7216
Normanton UKXX0620
Normanton UKXX7217
North Acton UKXX7219
North Americ UKXX9119
North Aston UKXX7220
North Baddesley UKXX7221
North Bersted UKXX7222
North Berwick UKXX0101
North Cliff UKXX7223
North Cove UKXX7224
North Downs UKXX0275
North Duffield UKXX7225
North Elmham UKXX4011
North End UKXX9120
North Ferriby UKXX1266
North Hill UKXX9121
North Hykeham UKXX7226
North Kensington UKXX9122
North Leigh UKXX4012
North London UKXX9123
North Newton UKXX7227
North Petherton UKXX4013
North Roe UKXX7228
North Shields UKXX1586
North Somercotes UKXX3011
North stifford UKXX9438
North Stoneham UKXX7229
North Sunderland UKXX4015
North Wales UKXX9625
North Walsham UKXX0993
North Weald UKXX7230
North Woolwich UKXX1456
North Wootton UKXX7232
North Wootton UKXX7231
North Yorkshire UKXX9125
Northallerton UKXX1149
Northam UKXX4016
Northam UKXX9126
Northampton UKXX0102
Northbourne UKXX7233
Northbourne UKXX9127
Northcott UKXX7234
Northfield UKXX7235
Northgate UKXX7236
Northiam UKXX4017
Northington UKXX7238
Northleach UKXX4018
Northmoor UKXX7239
Northolt UKXX0524
Northorpe UKXX4019
Northumberland UKXX1889
Northwich UKXX1551
Northwood UKXX0570
Norton UKXX7243
Norton UKXX7240
Norton UKXX7241
Norton UKXX7242
Norton UKXX7247
Norton UKXX7244
Norton UKXX7245
Norton UKXX7246
Norton UKXX9129
Norton UKXX7249
Norton UKXX7248
Norton Bridge UKXX7250
Norton Canes UKXX4020
Norwell UKXX7251
Norwich UKXX0103
Norwood UKXX7252
Norwood Green UKXX9130
Notting Hill UKXX1847
Nottingham UKXX0104
Nunburnholme UKXX7253
Nuneaton UKXX0552
Nunhead UKXX9131
Nutfield UKXX7254
Nutley UKXX7256
Nutley UKXX7255
Nynehead UKXX7257
Oadby UKXX4021
Oakford UKXX7258
Oakham UKXX0777
Oakhill UKXX7259
Oakington UKXX7260
Oakley UKXX9132
Oakley UKXX7262
Oakley UKXX7261
Oakley UKXX4022
Oakwood UKXX9133
Oakworth UKXX7263
Oare UKXX7265
Oare UKXX7264
Oban UKXX0703
Obbe UKXX7266
Ocker Hill UKXX9134
Ockle UKXX7267
Ockley UKXX7268
Odcombe UKXX7269
Odell UKXX9135
Odiham UKXX2061
Offenham UKXX7270
Offham UKXX7271
Offton UKXX7273
Ogmore UKXX7275
Ogmore Vale UKXX4023
Okehampton UKXX0280
Old Bailey UKXX9136
Old Boston UKXX7276
Old Brampton UKXX7277
Old Coulsdon UKXX7278
Old Hill UKXX7279
Old Kent Road UKXX9137
Old Kilpatrick UKXX4024
Old Portsmouth UKXX9138
Old Sarum UKXX7280
Old Swan UKXX7281
Old Town UKXX9139
Old Town UKXX7282
Old Tupton UKXX7283
Old Warden UKXX7284
Old Windsor UKXX4025
Old Wolverton UKXX0489
Oldany UKXX7285
Oldbury UKXX0337
Oldbury UKXX7286
Oldcastle UKXX7287
Oldham UKXX0105
Oldmeldrum UKXX4026
Olivers Mount UKXX9141
Olney UKXX0782
Olton UKXX7288
Olveston UKXX7289
Omagh UKXX0353
Onecote UKXX7290
Ongar UKXX1047
Onibury UKXX7291
Onslow Village UKXX9142
Orbost UKXX7292
Orby UKXX7293
Ord UKXX7294
Ordsall UKXX9143
Ore UKXX7295
Orford UKXX0279
Orkney UKXX0871
Orlingbury UKXX7296
Ormeau UKXX9144
Ormiston UKXX4028
Ormskirk UKXX0281
Orphir UKXX7297
Orpington UKXX0842
Orton UKXX7298
Orwell UKXX7300
Osborne UKXX7301
Ossett UKXX1222
Oswestry UKXX7302
Oswestry UKXX0611
Otford UKXX7303
Otley UKXX7304
Otley UKXX1088
Otterburn UKXX9145
Otterford UKXX7305
Ottershaw UKXX4029
Ottery St Mary UKXX1562
Ottringham UKXX9146
Oughtibridge UKXX4030
Oulton UKXX7306
Oulton UKXX7307
Oulton UKXX7308
Oundle UKXX4031
Outhgill UKXX7309
Outwell UKXX4032
Outwood UKXX7310
Oval UKXX9147
Over UKXX4033
Over UKXX7311
Overcombe UKXX4034
Overton UKXX7312
Overton UKXX9728
Overton UKXX4035
Overton UKXX9148
Overtown UKXX4036
Oving UKXX7313
Oving UKXX7314
Ovington UKXX7317
Ovington UKXX7315
Ovington UKXX7316
Ovington UKXX9149
Ower UKXX7318
Owslebury UKXX7319
Owston Ferry UKXX7320
Oxcliffe UKXX9150
Oxenhope UKXX4037
Oxford UKXX0106
Oxford Circus UKXX9151
Oxford Street UKXX9630
Oxnam UKXX7321
Oxted UKXX1401
Oxton UKXX7324
Oxton UKXX7323
Oxton UKXX7322
Oykell Bridge UKXX7325
Packington UKXX7326
Packwood UKXX7327
Padbury UKXX7328
Paddington UKXX1840
Paddock Wood UKXX4038
Padfield UKXX9631
Padgate UKXX7329
Padiham UKXX4039
Padside UKXX7330
Padstow UKXX0604
Padworth UKXX7331
Pagham UKXX7332
Paible UKXX7333
Paignton UKXX0616
Painswick UKXX4040
Paisley UKXX0107
Pale UKXX7334
Pallion UKXX9152
Palmers Green UKXX1694
Pamphill UKXX7335
Pandy UKXX7336
Pandy UKXX7337
Pangbourne UKXX4041
Pannal UKXX4042
Pant UKXX4043
Panton UKXX7338
Papworth Everard UKXX4044
Par UKXX1599
Parbold UKXX4045
Parham UKXX7339
Park Barn UKXX9153
Park Farm UKXX9729
Park Gate UKXX7340
Parkend UKXX7341
Parkgate UKXX7342
Parkgate UKXX7343
Parkham UKXX7344
Parkside UKXX9154
Parkstone UKXX0538
Parson Cross UKXX7345
Parson Drove UKXX7346
Part-y-Seal UKXX7347
Partington UKXX4046
Parton UKXX7349
Parton UKXX7348
Partridge Green UKXX4047
Paston UKXX7350
Paston UKXX7351
Pasturefields UKXX7352
Patchway UKXX9155
Pathhead UKXX0755
Pathhead UKXX7353
Patna UKXX4048
Patney UKXX7354
Pattingham UKXX4049
Pattiswick UKXX7355
Paul UKXX7356
Paulsgrove UKXX9156
Paulton UKXX4050
Paxton UKXX7357
Payhembury UKXX7358
Peacehaven UKXX0338
Peacock UKXX7359
Peak District UKXX9632
Pebworth UKXX7360
Peckham UKXX1813
Peebles UKXX1353
Pegswood UKXX4052
Pelsall UKXX4053
Pelton UKXX4054
Pemberton UKXX7361
Pembrey UKXX7362
Pembrey Sands UKXX2016
Pembridge UKXX7363
Pembroke UKXX0512
Pembroke Dock UKXX0415
Pembury UKXX4055
Pen-clawdd UKXX7364
Pen-rhos UKXX7365
Pen-y-cae UKXX7367
Pen-y-cae UKXX7366
Pen-y-groes UKXX7368
Pen-y-groes UKXX7369
Pen-y-lan UKXX9157
Penarth UKXX0108
Penarth Moors UKXX9633
Penbryn UKXX7370
Pencader UKXX1008
Pencaitland UKXX4056
Pencoed UKXX4057
Pencoyd UKXX9158
Pendleton UKXX7371
Penegoes UKXX7372
Pengam UKXX9159
Penge UKXX9161
Penhurst UKXX7373
Penicuik UKXX0109
Penistone UKXX4058
Penkridge UKXX4059
Penllergaer UKXX7374
Penllyn UKXX9162
Penmaenmawr UKXX0395
Penn UKXX7375
Pennan UKXX7376
Pennant UKXX7378
Pennant UKXX7377
Pennard UKXX9163
Pennington UKXX7379
Penparcau UKXX4060
Penrhos UKXX7380
Penrhos UKXX7381
Penrhyn Bay UKXX7382
Penrhyndeudraeth UKXX0874
Penrith UKXX0448
Penryn UKXX1517
Penshurst UKXX7383
Pensilva UKXX4061
Pentraeth UKXX1181
Pentre UKXX0944
Pentre-briwnant UKXX7384
Pentyrch UKXX4062
Penwortham UKXX1032
Penycwm UKXX7385
Penysarn UKXX0876
Penzance UKXX0286
Peplow UKXX7386
Perranporth UKXX0920
Pershore UKXX0811
Perth UKXX0285
Peterborough UKXX0110
Peterculter UKXX0334
Peterhead UKXX0111
Peterlee UKXX1113
Petersfield UKXX1469
Petworth UKXX0860
Pevensey UKXX0735
Pevensey Bay UKXX9634
Pewsey UKXX1214
Philiphaugh UKXX7388
Pickering UKXX1724
Pickworth UKXX7389
Pickworth UKXX9164
Picton UKXX7390
Piddington UKXX7391
Piddington UKXX7392
Piddlehinton UKXX7393
Pill UKXX7394
Pilling UKXX7395
Pilsley UKXX4063
Pilton UKXX7396
Pilton UKXX7397
Pilton UKXX7398
Pimlico UKXX9165
Pinchbeck UKXX4064
Pinkie UKXX9166
Pinner UKXX1360
Pinxton UKXX4065
Pirton UKXX7400
Pirton UKXX7399
Pitlochry UKXX1702
Pitmedden UKXX4066
Pitt UKXX7401
Pittenweem UKXX4067
Plaistow UKXX1556
Plaistow UKXX7402
Plasnewyd UKXX9167
Plean UKXX4068
Plockton UKXX1170
Plumpton UKXX7403
Plumpton UKXX7404
Plumstead UKXX7405
Plumtree UKXX7406
Plymouth UKXX0112
Plympton UKXX7407
Pocklington UKXX4069
Polegate UKXX1039
Poling UKXX7408
Polla UKXX7409
Pollington UKXX9168
Pollok UKXX9169
Polmadie UKXX9170
Polmont UKXX4070
Polwarth UKXX7410
Polzeath UKXX4071
Pomathorn UKXX7411
Pomeroy UKXX7412
Pont Hirwaun UKXX7413
Pont Rhyd-y-cyff UKXX4072
Pont-erwyd UKXX7414
Pont-y-pwl UKXX4073
Pontardulais UKXX4074
Pontefract UKXX0931
Ponteland UKXX4075
Pontesbury UKXX4076
Pontlliw UKXX4077
Pontneddfechan UKXX7415
Pontnewydd UKXX9171
Pontyberem UKXX4078
Pontyclun UKXX1249
Pontycymer UKXX4079
Pontypool UKXX0889
Pontypridd UKXX0943
Pool UKXX7416
Pool UKXX9172
Pool Quay UKXX7417
Poole UKXX0113
Pooley Bridge UKXX7418
Poplar UKXX0658
Popley UKXX9635
Poringland UKXX4080
Port Bannatyne UKXX4081
Port Charlotte UKXX7419
Port Clarence UKXX7420
Port Erroll UKXX4082
Port Glasgow UKXX1699
Port Henderson UKXX7421
Port Isaac UKXX0410
Port nan Long UKXX7424
Port of Menteith UKXX7425
Port Solent UKXX9636
Port Talbot UKXX0114
Port Victoria UKXX7422
Port William UKXX7423
Portaferry UKXX4083
Portavadie UKXX7426
Portavogie UKXX4084
Portencross UKXX7427
Portglenone UKXX2045
Porth UKXX7428
Porth UKXX1653
Porthallow UKXX7429
Porthcawl UKXX0356
Porthleven UKXX4085
Porthmadog UKXX1379
Porthyrhyd UKXX7430
Portinode UKXX7431
Portishead UKXX4086
Portknockie UKXX4087
Portland UKXX1151
Portlethen UKXX4088
Portobello UKXX7433
Portobello UKXX7432
Porton UKXX7434
Portree UKXX0385
Portrush UKXX1042
Portscatho UKXX4089
Portsea UKXX9173
Portskewett UKXX7435
Portslade UKXX4090
Portslade-by-Sea UKXX7436
Portsmouth UKXX7437
Portsmouth UKXX0115
Portsoy UKXX4091
Portstewart UKXX0941
Postbridge UKXX7438
Postwick UKXX7439
Potter Hanworth UKXX7440
Potternewton UKXX7441
Potters Bar UKXX0959
Pottery Pier UKXX9174
Potto UKXX7442
Potton UKXX4092
Poughill UKXX7443
Poughill UKXX7444
Poulshot UKXX7445
Poulton UKXX7446
Poulton le Fylde UKXX9175
Poulton-le-Fylde UKXX1466
Powmill UKXX7447
Poynton UKXX4093
Prees green UKXX9176
Preesall UKXX4094
Prendwick UKXX7448
Prenton UKXX1742
Prescot UKXX1679
Prestatyn UKXX0393
Prestbury UKXX4095
Presteign UKXX4096
Presteigne UKXX0284
Preston UKXX7450
Preston UKXX7451
Preston UKXX7452
Preston UKXX7453
Preston UKXX7454
Preston UKXX7455
Preston UKXX7457
Preston UKXX0282
Preston UKXX7449
Preston Gubbals UKXX7458
Prestonpans UKXX1663
Prestwich UKXX4097
Prestwick UKXX0386
Price Town UKXX4098
Priddy UKXX7459
Princetown UKXX0283
Privett UKXX7460
Probus UKXX4099
Provanmill UKXX9179
Prudhoe UKXX0588
Pucklechurch UKXX4100
Puddle Dock UKXX7461
Pudsey UKXX0486
Pulborough UKXX1403
Purfleet UKXX1706
Puriton UKXX4101
Purleigh UKXX7462
Purley UKXX1548
Purley Way UKXX9180
Purton UKXX9181
Pusey UKXX7463
Putney UKXX1834