Weather Codes for United Arab Emirates

Find Weather Codes or Weather Zip Codes for states and cities in United Arab Emirates. Weather Codes references a specified Location and is used to get weather of that place accurately. They are used by The Weather Channel( by IBM), Yahoo! Weather, AOL Weather and many such weather forecasting platforms. It is similar to Yahoo's WOEID(Where On the Earth ID) that is used to represent each place uniquely.

You can know the weather of any place precisely with the help of weather codes. Find the current weather of your state or city by clicking on it. You will be redirected to The Weather Channel site with your weather code for accurate weather forecast.

Abu Dhabi AEXX0001
Abu Hayl AEXX0040
Abu Khaysah AEXX0441
Abu Sangara AEXX0041
Ad Daghar AEXX0442
Ad Daghayah AEXX0042
Adh Dharbaniyah AEXX0043
Adh Dhayd AEXX0010
Adhan AEXX0044
Afarah AEXX0045
Ajman AEXX0002
Al Aber AEXX0046
Al Abraq AEXX0047
Al Aman AEXX0443
Al Aqah AEXX0048
Al Ardiyah AEXX0049
Al Atir AEXX0444
Al Aweer AEXX0588
Al Azrra AEXX0050
Al Bada AEXX0051
Al Baharnah AEXX0052
Al Baladiyah AEXX0445
Al Balush AEXX0053
Al Barahah AEXX0054
Al Barsha First AEXX0055
Al Barshaa Third AEXX0057
Al Batanah AEXX0446
Al Batin AEXX0447
Al Buraymi AEXX0012
Al Bustan AEXX0058
Al Butain AEXX0059
Al Darrare AEXX0060
Al Fahlayn AEXX0061
Al Fallaj AEXX0062
Al Faq` AEXX0063
Al Fara` AEXX0064
Al Fayha AEXX0066
Al Fay` AEXX0065
Al Fiyay AEXX0448
Al Fujayrah AEXX0008
Al Fulayyah AEXX0067
Al Fuqait AEXX0068
Al Ghabah AEXX0069
Al Ghabam AEXX0070
AL Ghafiya AEXX0032
Al Ghashban AEXX0071
Al Ghuhaiba AEXX0072
Al Ghurfah AEXX0073
Al Ghuwair AEXX0074
Al Gissemari AEXX0075
Al Goaz AEXX0076
Al Hadhi AEXX0449
Al Hajarayn AEXX0078
Al Halah AEXX0079
Al Hamidiyah AEXX0080
Al Hamraniyah AEXX0081
Al Hamriyah AEXX0082
Al Hayl AEXX0083
Al Hayr AEXX0084
Al Hayrah AEXX0085
Al Hazana AEXX0086
Al Hazaywah AEXX0087
AL Heera Suburb AEXX0033
Al Hinya AEXX0088
Al Hisn AEXX0450
Al Hudaba AEXX0089
Al Hudaiba AEXX0090
Al Hudaybah AEXX0091
Al Hulaylah AEXX0092
Al Humrah AEXX0451
Al Ittihad AEXX0452
Al Jaddah AEXX0093
Al Jafliya AEXX0094
Al Jahr AEXX0453
Al Jazirah AEXX0095
Al Jazirah AEXX0455
Al Jazzat AEXX0097
Al Karama AEXX0098
Al Karamah AEXX0456
Al Khabb AEXX0457
Al Khabeesi AEXX0099
Al Khalidiyah AEXX0458
Al Khan AEXX0100
Al Khari AEXX0101
Al Khashfah AEXX0102
Al Khatam AEXX0459
Al Khatim AEXX0460
Al Khawanij AEXX0103
Al Khaznah AEXX0461
Al Khis AEXX0462
Al Khouzamiya AEXX0104
Al Khubayrah AEXX0463
Al Kubus AEXX0105
Al Labsah AEXX0106
Al Lusayli AEXX0107
Al Mafraq AEXX0464
Al Maghrib AEXX0465
Al Mahamm AEXX0108
Al Mahatah AEXX0109
Al Mamzer AEXX0110
Al Manadir AEXX0466
Al Manakh AEXX0111
Al Manamah AEXX0112
Al Manara AEXX0113
Al Manhal AEXX0467
Al Maqta` AEXX0468
Al Marfa AEXX0013
Al Marijah AEXX0114
Al Mariyah AEXX0471
Al Masafirah AEXX0115
Al Mashrub AEXX0473
Al Mataf AEXX0116
Al Matinah AEXX0117
Al Mirgab AEXX0118
Al Mizhar AEXX0119
Al Muqattarah AEXX0476
Al Muraqqabat AEXX0121
Al Murur AEXX0477
Al Musalla AEXX0124
Al Musalla AEXX0478
Al Mushrif AEXX0479
Al Muwayqi`i AEXX0480
Al Muzun AEXX0481
Al Mu`amurah AEXX0120
Al Mu`tarad AEXX0474
Al Nabba AEXX0125
AL Nahda First AEXX0035
AL Nahda Second AEXX0036
Al Nahyan AEXX0482
Al Nakhil AEXX0126
Al Nasserya AEXX0127
Al nekhailat AEXX0166
Al Nud AEXX0128
Al Owan AEXX0129
Al Qaia AEXX0484
Al Qawz AEXX0130
Al Qimi AEXX0485
Al Qir AEXX0131
Al Qurayyah AEXX0132
Al Qusais First AEXX0133
Al Qusais Second AEXX0137
Al Qusais Third AEXX0138
Al Qusays AEXX0139
Al Quwayz AEXX0140
Al Raha Corniche AEXX0486
Al Ramaqia AEXX0141
Al Ramla East AEXX0142
AL Ramla West AEXX0037
Al Ramtha AEXX0143
Al Rifa AEXX0144
Al Rifah AEXX0145
Al Riqa Suburb AEXX0146
Al Rumailah AEXX0147
Al Saffa First AEXX0148
Al Saffa Second AEXX0149
Al Safouh First AEXX0150
Al Shahab AEXX0151
AL Sharq AEXX0038
Al Shuwaiheen AEXX0152
Al Subaikhi AEXX0153
Al Swehat AEXX0154
Al Talae AEXX0155
Al Twar First AEXX0156
AL Twar Second AEXX0039
Al Usayli AEXX0157
Al Wahdah AEXX0487
Al Waheda AEXX0158
Al Wasl AEXX0159
Al Wathbah AEXX0488
Al Yarmook AEXX0160
Al `Adhib AEXX0161
Al `Awdah AEXX0162
Al `Ayn AEXX0489
Al `Idd AEXX0490
Al `Usbij AEXX0164
Al `Uyaynah AEXX0165
An Nakhil AEXX0167
An Nakhl AEXX0168
An Nashshash AEXX0492
Ar Rabbad AEXX0494
Ar Ramlah AEXX0171
Ar Rams AEXX0172
Ar Rashidiyah AEXX0173
Ar Rawdah AEXX0495
Ar Ra`fah AEXX0170
Ar Rifa`ah AEXX0174
Ar Rihan AEXX0496
Ar Riqqah AEXX0175
Ar Riqqah Gharb AEXX0176
Ar Riqqah Sharq AEXX0177
Ar Rufaysah AEXX0178
Ar Rul AEXX0179
Ar Ruways AEXX0497
Arabian Ranches AEXX0589
As Sabkhah AEXX0180
As Sad AEXX0498
As Safa AEXX0181
As Salamah AEXX0182
As Saruq AEXX0499
As Satwah AEXX0183
As Slabeikh AEXX0500
As Sulaymat AEXX0501
As Sur AEXX0184
As Surrah AEXX0185
Ash Shahamah AEXX0502
Ash Shamal AEXX0187
Ash Shariqah AEXX0003
Ash Sha`m AEXX0186
Ash Shibhanah AEXX0503
Ash Shindaghah AEXX0188
Ash Shu`ayb AEXX0189
At Taff AEXX0504
At Tawar AEXX0190
Athabat AEXX0191
Az Zafrah AEXX0506
Az Za`ab AEXX0505
Badiyah AEXX0508
Badiyah AEXX0192
Baqal AEXX0193
Barr Dubayy AEXX0194
Batin AEXX0509
Bida AEXX0195
Bidiyah AEXX0196
Bin Ahmad AEXX0510
Bitnah AEXX0197
Biyatah AEXX0198
Bu Danig AEXX0199
Bu Hasa AEXX0511
Bu Lifiyat AEXX0512
Bu Rays AEXX0513
Bulaydah AEXX0200
Bur Dubai AEXX0201
Bur Sa`id AEXX0202
Burj Nahar AEXX0203
Dab`ah AEXX0204
Dadna AEXX0205
Daftah AEXX0206
Dahin AEXX0515
Dahir AEXX0207
Darah AEXX0208
Dasah AEXX0015
Dayah AEXX0210
Daynah AEXX0211
Dayrah AEXX0212
Da`sah AEXX0514
Deira AEXX0590
Dhad al Arab AEXX0213
Diba AEXX0214
Difan AEXX0215
Dihan AEXX0216
Diqdaqah AEXX0217
Dub AEXX0219
Dubai AEXX0004
Falaj al Mu`alla AEXX0225
Faqi AEXX0226
Fariq AEXX0516
Fariq Tarif AEXX0517
Far`ah AEXX0227
Fashrah AEXX0228
Fayyad AEXX0229
Furfar AEXX0231
Ghadf AEXX0232
Ghaghah AEXX0233
Ghalilah AEXX0018
Ghamarah AEXX0234
Ghayl AEXX0235
Ghubb AEXX0236
Ghubbat Khawrah AEXX0237
Ghunah AEXX0238
Ghurah AEXX0239
Ghurbah AEXX0519
Ghurfah AEXX0240
Girath AEXX0241
Gragrah AEXX0242
Habhab AEXX0243
Habshan AEXX0520
Hafif AEXX0522
Hajar AEXX0244
Ham Ham AEXX0245
Hamarur AEXX0523
Hamim AEXX0524
Hamriyah Dubayy AEXX0246
Haqil AEXX0247
Harat Zutut AEXX0248
Harat `Awali AEXX0249
Harrah AEXX0250
Hasat al Bidiyah AEXX0251
Hatiyah AEXX0252
Hawr al `Anz AEXX0253
Hayat AEXX0254
Hayl AEXX0255
Hilli AEXX0525
Hisn Diba AEXX0019
Hiyawah AEXX0257
Hizayib az Zanah AEXX0258
Hor Al Anz AEXX0259
Hudaybah AEXX0260
Humar AEXX0526
Hunaywah AEXX0261
Huwaylah AEXX0527
Huwaylat AEXX0020
Huwaytayn AEXX0528
Istayhah AEXX0529
Jaddaf AEXX0262
Jareef AEXX0263
Jayf AEXX0530
Jazirah AEXX0531
Jazirat Al Hamra AEXX0021
Jebel Ali AEXX0031
Jebel Dhanna AEXX0532
Jumayra AEXX0264
Jumeira Second AEXX0265
Jumeira Third AEXX0266
Jumeirah AEXX0267
Jurayrah AEXX0533
Juwaybil AEXX0268
Kabir AEXX0269
Kalba AEXX0022
Kayyah AEXX0534
Khabakhib AEXX0270
Khannur AEXX0535
Kharran AEXX0271
Khatt AEXX0272
Khawr Fakkan AEXX0023
Khawr Kalba AEXX0024
Khawr Khuwayr AEXX0273
Khazam AEXX0274
Khulaybiyah AEXX0275
Kub AEXX0277
Kurnish AEXX0278
Layyah AEXX0279
Lazimah AEXX0280
Liffah AEXX0537
Liwah AEXX0538
Lulayyah AEXX0281
Madinat Badr AEXX0284
Madinat Zayid AEXX0541
Maghribiyah AEXX0285
Majra al Ghaf AEXX0545
Mankhul AEXX0286
Manqashah AEXX0287
Marawwah AEXX0546
Margham AEXX0288
Marhamid AEXX0289
Masafi AEXX0290
Masah AEXX0291
Masfut AEXX0292
Mas`udi AEXX0547
Mawrid AEXX0293
Mawsil AEXX0548
Maydaq AEXX0294
Maysaloon AEXX0295
Mazyad AEXX0549
Ma`ali AEXX0282
Milqatah AEXX0550
Minazif AEXX0296
Minha AEXX0297
Mintaqat al `Ahd AEXX0312
Mirdif AEXX0319
Muhadhdhib AEXX0322
Muhaisanah Third AEXX0325
Muhaysnah AEXX0326
Muhaysnah Shamal AEXX0327
Mujib AEXX0553
Mukhtaraqah AEXX0328
Mulayhah AEXX0329
Munay`i AEXX0330
Mundafinah AEXX0554
Muraytah AEXX0331
Murbad AEXX0332
Murbah AEXX0333
Murrah AEXX0334
Mutaylan AEXX0555
Muwafjah AEXX0335
Muzayri` AEXX0556
Mu`ayrid AEXX0320
Mu`taridah AEXX0321
Nadd al Humr AEXX0336
Nadd ash Shiba AEXX0337
Nafir AEXX0557
Nahwa AEXX0338
Naqrah AEXX0558
Nayf AEXX0339
Nedaifi AEXX0340
Nuhayy AEXX0341
Nuqayrah AEXX0559
Oud Metha AEXX0342
Qabas AEXX0343
Qarat ad Dum AEXX0345
Qaraytaysah AEXX0346
Qaryat at Turath AEXX0560
Qasr al Bahr AEXX0561
Qattarah AEXX0563
Qidfa` AEXX0347
Qimah AEXX0348
Quar Ah Qahlish AEXX0349
Qur AEXX0350
Qurm AEXX0351
Qurmidah AEXX0565
Qusaydat AEXX0352
Qutuf AEXX0566
Qu`aysah AEXX0564
Rafaq AEXX0354
Rafa` AEXX0353
Ramlah AEXX0355
Ramlat Zararah AEXX0567
Ras Al Khaimah AEXX0007
Ras Dibba AEXX0356
Rima AEXX0357
Riqqah al Butayn AEXX0358
Riyamah AEXX0359
Rughaylat AEXX0360
Rul Dadna AEXX0361
Rumaythat AEXX0362
Sabkhah AEXX0568
Safad AEXX0366
Sahanah AEXX0367
Sal Dora AEXX0368
Salihiyah AEXX0369
Samarat AEXX0370
Samnan AEXX0371
Saqamqam AEXX0372
Saruj AEXX0373
Sas an Nakhl AEXX0569
Sayh AEXX0374
Sayh as Saqlah AEXX0375
Sa`abah AEXX0364
Sa`d AEXX0365
Shabakah AEXX0377
Shah AEXX0378
Shah AEXX0570
Shahawat AEXX0379
Shargan AEXX0380
Shariyah AEXX0381
Sharjah AEXX0005
Sharm AEXX0382
Sharyat AEXX0383
Shawiyah AEXX0384
Shawkah AEXX0385
Sha`biyat Naslah AEXX0376
Shimal AEXX0386
Shumayliyah AEXX0387
Sikkat al Khayl AEXX0388
Sikkat al Khayl AEXX0572
Sinnah AEXX0389
Sowwah Square AEXX0592
Sram AEXX0390
Sufayri AEXX0391
Suhaybah AEXX0392
Sumbrair AEXX0393
Sur AEXX0394
Suwaydan AEXX0395
Suwayhan AEXX0573
Taraq AEXX0574
Tarif AEXX0575
Tarif Kalba AEXX0396
Tariqat Ja`d AEXX0397
Tawi as Saygh AEXX0399
Tawi Siji AEXX0398
Tawian AEXX0400
Tayyibah AEXX0401
Tharwaniyah AEXX0576
Theeb AEXX0403
Thoban AEXX0404
Turrfana AEXX0405
Um Al Sheif AEXX0406
Um Suqaim Second AEXX0407
Um Tarrafa AEXX0408
Umm al Ishtan AEXX0027
Umm al Qaywayn AEXX0006
Umm al Qurayn AEXX0577
Umm Hurayr AEXX0409
Umm Suqaym AEXX0410
Wad Wid AEXX0412
Wadhil AEXX0578
Wadi Shi AEXX0413
Wafd AEXX0579
Wahala AEXX0414
Wamm AEXX0415
Warisan AEXX0416
Wasit Suburb AEXX0417
Wayb Hawf AEXX0418
Wa`bayn AEXX0411
Yafur AEXX0580
Yalah AEXX0419
Yinainir AEXX0420
Yinas AEXX0421
Zabeel First AEXX0423
Zafir AEXX0581
Zahr AEXX0029
Zanhah AEXX0424
Zaribat Dawiy AEXX0425
Za`bil AEXX0422
Zikt AEXX0426
Zubarah AEXX0427
Zuwayhir AEXX0582
`Abadilah AEXX0428
`Ajman AEXX0429
`Akamiyah AEXX0430
`Aqbiyah AEXX0583
`Aqqah AEXX0431
`Aradah AEXX0584
`Asamah AEXX0432
`Ashashah AEXX0433
`Attab AEXX0585
`Awafi AEXX0586
`Ayal Nasir AEXX0434
`Ayim AEXX0435
`Ayn al Faydah AEXX0587
`Uqayr AEXX0437
`Uraybi AEXX0438
`Urqub Juwayza AEXX0439
`Uwaynat AEXX0440