Weather Codes for Ukraine

Find Weather Codes or Weather Zip Codes for states and cities in Ukraine. Weather Codes references a specified Location and is used to get weather of that place accurately. They are used by The Weather Channel( by IBM), Yahoo! Weather, AOL Weather and many such weather forecasting platforms. It is similar to Yahoo's WOEID(Where On the Earth ID) that is used to represent each place uniquely.

You can know the weather of any place precisely with the help of weather codes. Find the current weather of your state or city by clicking on it. You will be redirected to The Weather Channel site with your weather code for accurate weather forecast.

Abashkin UPXX8277
Abazovka UPXX8278
Abrykosivka UPXX5677
Adaman Chalgan UPXX3039
Adamany UPXX5678
Adamov UPXX7159
Adamovka UPXX1130
Adamovka UPXX4071
Adamovka UPXX2223
Adamovka UPXX7160
Adamovka UPXX3040
Adzhamka UPXX9820
Afrikanovka UPXX8279
Agaki UPXX7162
Ahronomichne UPXX3041
Akhremtsey UPXX8280
Akimovka UPXX4073
Akimovka UPXX8281
Akimovka UPXX5679
Akreshory UPXX4876
Aksakovka UPXX1131
Aksyutovka UPXX8282
Alefirovka UPXX4074
Aleksandreni UPXX2638
Aleksandrinka UPXX3042
Aleksandriya UPXX6391
Aleksandrograd UPXX3046
Aleksandropol UPXX0199
Aleksandrovka UPXX0201
Aleksandrovka UPXX0200
Aleksandrovka UPXX4077
Aleksandrovka UPXX1133
Aleksandrovka UPXX9821
Aleksandrovka UPXX5680
Aleksandrovka UPXX7163
Aleksandrovka UPXX6392
Aleksandrovka UPXX8283
Aleksandrovskiy UPXX8285
Aleksandrovskiy UPXX4080
Aleksandrovskoye UPXX3049
Alekseyevka UPXX3050
Alekseyevka UPXX4081
Alekseyevka UPXX7164
Alekseyevka UPXX5681
Alekseyevka UPXX9822
Alekseyevka UPXX6393
Alekseyevka UPXX8286
Alekseyevskiy UPXX3053
Alenovka UPXX1135
Alenovka UPXX4082
Aleshki UPXX8287
Alferovka UPXX4083
Alferovo UPXX4084
Alisovka UPXX3054
Alisovka UPXX8288
Altynov UPXX0202
Alupka UPXX0065
Alushta UPXX0204
Ambarnoye UPXX8289
Amvrosiyivka UPXX3055
Ananyev UPXX0205
Ananyevka UPXX0206
Anastasiyevka UPXX5682
Anatolyevka UPXX0207
Andreyevka UPXX7165
Andreyevka UPXX4086
Andreyevka UPXX9823
Andreyevka UPXX1136
Andreyevka UPXX0208
Andreyevka UPXX0209
Andreyevka UPXX5684
Andreyevskiy UPXX3058
Andreyevskiye UPXX5685
Andriyivka UPXX1137
Andriyivka UPXX5686
Andriykivtsi UPXX7166
Andronovka UPXX4087
Andronyky UPXX1138
Andrushi UPXX6395
Andrusovka UPXX4088
Angoli UPXX5687
Anhelivka UPXX4878
Anikeyevka UPXX9824
Aniskin UPXX8294
Anninskaya UPXX3059
Anninskaya UPXX4089
Anninskoye UPXX9825
Annivka UPXX4090
Anno-Trebinovka UPXX9826
Annovka UPXX1139
Annovka UPXX4091
Annovka UPXX5688
Annovka UPXX0211
Annovka UPXX8296
Annovka UPXX0210
Annovka UPXX7168
Annovka UPXX3060
Annovka-Agte UPXX9828
Antonina UPXX2225
Antoniny UPXX7169
Antonivtsi UPXX7170
Antonov UPXX6396
Antonovka UPXX2226
Antonovka UPXX1140
Antonovka UPXX4092
Antonovka UPXX8297
Antonovka UPXX3061
Antonovka UPXX7171
Antonovka UPXX5689
Antonovka UPXX9829
Antonovychi UPXX1141
Antonuvka UPXX4879
Antratsit UPXX0212
Anusino UPXX7172
Anysiv UPXX1142
Apollonovka UPXX8298
Apolonskiy UPXX1143
Apostolove UPXX0213
Appolonovka UPXX4093
Aprelevka UPXX9830
Arapovka UPXX8299
Arapovychi UPXX1144
Arbuzovka UPXX4094
Archadinskiy UPXX3062
Aripovka UPXX9831
Arkadiyevtsy UPXX7173
Arkhangelovka UPXX8301
Arkhangelskoye UPXX0214
Arkhipovka UPXX1145
Arkushino UPXX8302
Arshintsevo UPXX0215
Arshuky UPXX1146
Artamonov UPXX8303
Artema UPXX3064
Artemivka UPXX3065
Artemovka UPXX8307
Artemovka UPXX3066
Artemovka UPXX0216
Artemovo UPXX3067
Artemovskiy UPXX4096
Artemovskiy UPXX3068
Artishchevka UPXX8308
Artyukhovka UPXX8309
Aseyevka UPXX8310
Askaniya Nova UPXX5692
Askomov UPXX4097
Ataki UPXX2640
Ataman UPXX5693
Atrokhi UPXX1148
Atyushi UPXX1149
Auditorovka UPXX9833
Augustendorf UPXX2641
Auly UPXX0066
Avangard UPXX8311
Avdeyevka UPXX0067
Avdiyivka UPXX1150
Avilovskiy UPXX3073
Avratin UPXX7174
Avremivka UPXX3074
Avrora UPXX4099
Avtunychi UPXX1151
Azov UPXX3075
Azovskoye UPXX0220
Baba UPXX8312
Babachikha UPXX6398
Babachiy UPXX8313
Babai UPXX8314
Babakh Tarama UPXX3076
Babaki UPXX8315
Babanka UPXX2227
Babari UPXX5695
Babarykov UPXX8316
Babaykovka UPXX4100
Babche UPXX4881
Babenkivka Druha UPXX5696
Babenkovo UPXX8317
Babicheva UPXX2642
Babin UPXX4882
Babin UPXX2643
Babinka UPXX9834
Babino UPXX5698
Babino UPXX7175
Babinovka UPXX8318
Babintsy UPXX4883
Babintsy UPXX6399
Babonovskiy UPXX3077
Babshin UPXX7176
Babukhuv UPXX4885
Baby UPXX4886
Babyanka UPXX4887
Babykino UPXX8319
Babyshkino UPXX8320
Bachmanovka UPXX7177
Baglai UPXX7178
Bagna UPXX2644
Bagovitsa UPXX7179
Bagva UPXX2229
Baherove UPXX0068
Bahrynivka UPXX2645
Bai UPXX4101
Baiabino UPXX0223
Bakayevka UPXX8321
Bakayevka UPXX1152
Bakhany UPXX1153
Bakhchysaray UPXX0224
Bakhmach UPXX0225
Bakhmatovtsy UPXX7180
Bakhmutovka UPXX3079
Bakhna UPXX2646
Bakhtyk UPXX8323
Baklanovo UPXX0069
Bakota UPXX7181
Baksharovka UPXX8324
Baksheyevka UPXX8325
Bakuntsy UPXX9600
Balabanovka UPXX7183
Balagoruvka UPXX4888
Balakhovka UPXX9835
Balakiry UPXX7184
Balaklava UPXX0227
Balakliya UPXX0228
Balamutovka UPXX7185
Balamutovka UPXX2647
Balandino UPXX2230
Balanovo UPXX5699
Balashove UPXX5700
Balin UPXX7186
Balinovka UPXX7187
Balintsy UPXX4889
Balki UPXX8327
Balki UPXX0229
Balovnoye UPXX0230
Balta UPXX0231
Baltazarivka UPXX5701
Balyasy UPXX1154
Banilov UPXX2649
Banya UPXX4890
Banya-Bereziv UPXX4892
Banyliv UPXX2650
Barabashevka UPXX8328
Barakhty UPXX6401
Baranivka UPXX1156
Baranovka UPXX7189
Baranovka UPXX0232
Baranovka UPXX8329
Baranovka UPXX3080
Barany UPXX6402
Barbashevka UPXX8331
Barbasov UPXX3081
Barchany UPXX8332
Barkovskiy UPXX4102
Barmashovo UPXX0233
Barsuki UPXX7190
Barsukovo UPXX9601
Barvenkov UPXX8334
Barvinkove UPXX0234
Baryatinskaya UPXX0235
Baryshivka UPXX6403
Barytuvka UPXX4893
Basanka UPXX3082
Basarabeasca UPXX0267
Bashmachka UPXX4103
Bashtanka UPXX0236
Bashtechki UPXX2231
Bashtino UPXX9836
Basovo UPXX8335
Batrak UPXX4104
Baturin UPXX0237
Baturyn UPXX1157
Baybuzy UPXX2232
Baydaki UPXX8336
Baydakova UPXX9837
Baydukov UPXX9838
Baymaki UPXX7191
Bayrak UPXX8337
Baytaly UPXX0238
Bazaliya UPXX7192
Bazaliyevka UPXX8338
Bazavluchok UPXX4105
Bazavluk UPXX4106
Becheshti UPXX2651
Bedino UPXX8339
Bednaruvka UPXX4894
Bednyak UPXX8340
Bednyy UPXX8341
Bedrikovtsy UPXX7193
Bekhtery UPXX0239
Belashi UPXX8342
Belashki UPXX2233
Belaya UPXX7196
Belaya Gora UPXX3083
Belaya Krinitsa UPXX5702
Belaya Krinitsa UPXX3084
Belaya Tserkov UPXX0240
Beleluya UPXX4895
Belenkoye UPXX0241
Beletskoye UPXX7197
Belevo UPXX7198
Beleyev UPXX4896
Beliki UPXX0243
Belikov UPXX8343
Belikov Kolodets UPXX8344
Belitskoye UPXX3086
Beliyevka UPXX6404
Belizhintsy UPXX7199
Belo-Kamenka UPXX3087
Beloberezka UPXX4897
Belogorka UPXX4898
Belogorodka UPXX6405
Belogorodka UPXX0244
Belogorovka UPXX3088
Belogorsk UPXX0245
Belogorskiy UPXX5704
Belokamenskoye UPXX3089
Belolutsk UPXX0247
Belopolye UPXX0248
Belorechitsa UPXX1159
Beloshapki UPXX1160
Belostadnoye UPXX0249
Belotin UPXX7203
Belousov UPXX8345
Belousovka UPXX2653
Belousovka UPXX2234
Belousovka UPXX0250
Belousovo UPXX5705
Beloye UPXX8346
Belozerka UPXX4107
Belozerskoye UPXX3091
Belyayevka UPXX8347
Belyayevka UPXX4108
Belyayevka UPXX5706
Belyy UPXX8348
Belyy Bereg UPXX6406
Belyy Kolodez UPXX0255
Benderovka UPXX1163
Bendyugovka UPXX6407
Benivka UPXX6408
Berdikhino UPXX9839
Berdyanka UPXX8350
Berdyansk UPXX0257
Berdyanskiy UPXX3092
Berdyanskoye UPXX3093
Berdychiv UPXX0256
Beregeli UPXX7204
Beregelintsy UPXX7205
Beregovoye UPXX5707
Berehomet UPXX2654
Berehove UPXX0258
Bereka UPXX8351
Bereslavka UPXX9840
Berestechko UPXX0259
Berestova UPXX8352
Berestovaya UPXX8353
Berestovaya UPXX3094
Berestovets UPXX1164
Berestovo UPXX8355
Berestovoy UPXX3095
Berestovoye UPXX0260
Berestovoye UPXX3096
Berestovoye UPXX8356
Berestovyy UPXX8357
Berestya UPXX2655
Berestyanka UPXX8358
Berestyanka UPXX6409
Berestyanskiy UPXX3098
Beretskiy UPXX8359
Berezanka UPXX1165
Berezanka UPXX0262
Berezdov UPXX0263
Berezhani UPXX0264
Berezhanka UPXX7206
Berezhinka UPXX9841
Berezhintsy UPXX7207
Berezhnitsa UPXX2656
Berezhnitsa UPXX4900
Berezhnoy UPXX8360
Berezhovka UPXX1166
Berezina UPXX6410
Berezivka UPXX9842
Berezivka UPXX1167
Berezivka UPXX8361
Berezivka UPXX6411
Berezna UPXX0265
Bereznegovatovka UPXX4109
Berezniki UPXX8363
Berezno UPXX6412
Bereznoye UPXX7209
Bereznyak UPXX8364
Bereznyaki UPXX2236
Bereznyaki UPXX0266
Berezova Roshcha UPXX1169
Berezovets UPXX4901
Berezovitsa UPXX4902
Berezovka UPXX7210
Berezovka UPXX4110
Berezovka UPXX9843
Berezovka UPXX1170
Berezovka UPXX8365
Berezovoye UPXX4111
Berezovskiy UPXX3099
Berezuvatka UPXX9844
Berkhomitka UPXX2657
Berlohy UPXX4903
Bernova UPXX2658
Bert UPXX3100
Bertov UPXX3101
Bervinki UPXX4904
Bervinkova UPXX4905
Berylivka UPXX1171
Beryslav UPXX5708
Besedka UPXX6414
Besedki UPXX7211
Beshkivka UPXX1172
Besovka UPXX7212
Bespalovka UPXX8366
Bespechna UPXX6415
Bessarabka UPXX3102
Bessarabovka UPXX8367
Bezhbayraki UPXX9845
Bezimenne UPXX3103
Bezlyudivka UPXX8368
Bezmyatezhnoye UPXX8369
Beznoskovtsy UPXX7213
Bezpavlovskiy UPXX3104
Bezrukov UPXX8371
Bezruky UPXX8372
Bezspornaya UPXX9846
Bezuglovka UPXX6416
Bezuglyaki UPXX6417
Bezuhlivka UPXX1173
Bezvodnyy UPXX5709
Bezvodnyy Yar UPXX8373
Bezykiv UPXX1174
Bezzabotovka UPXX3105
Bezzaponnyy UPXX3106
Bigma UPXX4112
Bihach UPXX1175
Bila UPXX2659
Bila Krynytsya UPXX2660
Bila Richka UPXX4906
Bila Tserkva UPXX0001
Bili Oslavy UPXX4907
Bilka UPXX4908
Bilotserkivka UPXX5710
Biloyarivka UPXX3108
Bilozerka UPXX0252
Bilozoryny UPXX4909
Bilshivtsi UPXX4910
Bilyayivka UPXX0254
Birino UPXX1178
Birki Vtoryye UPXX9847
Birkivka UPXX1179
Birky UPXX9848
Biryuki UPXX6418
Biryukov UPXX3109
Biskiu UPXX2661
Bisovochka UPXX7214
Biyevtsy UPXX6419
Blagodatnaya UPXX8374
Blagodatnaya UPXX4113
Blagodatnoye UPXX8375
Blagodatnoye UPXX4114
Blagodatnoye UPXX3111
Blagodatnyy UPXX8376
Blagodatnyy UPXX5711
Blagoveshchenka UPXX3112
Blagoveshchenka UPXX8377
Blagovishchenka UPXX0271
Blagoyevo UPXX0272
Blahodatne UPXX5712
Blahodatne UPXX3113
Blahovishchenka UPXX5713
Blakitnoye UPXX5714
Bleshchanovka UPXX7215
Bleshnya UPXX1181
Blidcha UPXX6420
Blistova UPXX1182
Bloshchentsy UPXX6421
Blystova UPXX1183
Blyudniki UPXX4911
Blyznyuky UPXX8378
Bobek UPXX4912
Bober UPXX6422
Bobivtsi UPXX2662
Bobrik UPXX6423
Bobrinka UPXX9849
Bobritsa UPXX6424
Bobritsa UPXX2238
Bobrka UPXX0274
Bobrovaya UPXX8379
Bobrovka UPXX8380
Bobrovnik UPXX0275
Bobrovytsya UPXX1185
Bobrovyy Kut UPXX5715
Bobryk UPXX1186
Bobryk Druhyy UPXX1187
Bochkovo UPXX8381
Bodnarov UPXX4913
Bogachevka UPXX2239
Bogatoye UPXX0276
Bogatoye UPXX4116
Bogdano-Verbskiy UPXX4117
Bogdanovka UPXX4118
Bogdanovka UPXX3117
Bogdanovka UPXX7216
Bogdanovka UPXX5716
Bogdanovka UPXX9850
Bogdanovka UPXX6425
Bogdanovka UPXX8383
Bogdanovo UPXX8384
Bogdanovtsy UPXX7217
Bogdany UPXX6426
Bogdany UPXX1188
Bogdany UPXX2240
Bogoblagodatnoye UPXX4120
Bogodarovka UPXX8385
Bogodarovka UPXX4121
Bogodarovo UPXX8386
Bogodirov UPXX3118
Bogodukhovka UPXX0277
Bogodukhoy UPXX0278
Bogolyubovka UPXX4122
Bogomolovka UPXX8387
Bogorodichin UPXX4914
Bogorodichna UPXX8388
Bogorodichnoye UPXX3119
Bogoslovka UPXX7218
Bogoyavlenka UPXX0279
Bogoyavlenskoye UPXX9851
Boguslav UPXX4123
Boguslavka UPXX8389
Bohdalivka UPXX1189
Bohdanivka UPXX5718
Bohdanivka UPXX3120
Bohdanivka UPXX9852
Bohdanove UPXX1190
Bohodukhiv UPXX8390
Bohorodchany UPXX0071
Bohoyavlenka UPXX3121
Bohrivka UPXX4915
Bohuslav UPXX0280
Bokhny UPXX7219
Bokiyevka UPXX7220
Bokovo UPXX9853
Boldyrevka UPXX8398
Boldyrevo UPXX3124
Bolekhiv UPXX4916
Bolgrad UPXX0282
Boliboki UPXX8400
Bologovka UPXX8401
Bolokhov UPXX4917
Bolotnitsa UPXX1193
Bolotnya UPXX6431
Bolshaya Buromka UPXX0283
Bolshaya Viska UPXX0284
Bondarev UPXX1194
Bondarevka UPXX7223
Bondarevka UPXX3125
Bondarevka UPXX1195
Bondarevo UPXX4125
Bondari UPXX1196
Bondarnya UPXX3126
Bondarovka UPXX7224
Borishkovtsy UPXX7225
Borisov UPXX7226
Borisovka UPXX4126
Borisovka UPXX8402
Borisovka UPXX5723
Borispol UPXX0285
Borivtsi UPXX2664
Borki UPXX8403
Borki UPXX1197
Borki UPXX6432
Borodany UPXX6433
Borodayevka UPXX4127
Borodyanka UPXX0286
Borok UPXX1198
Borok UPXX2242
Borokhov UPXX8404
Boromyky UPXX1199
Borova UPXX0287
Borova UPXX6435
Borovaya UPXX8405
Borove UPXX0288
Borovitsa UPXX2243
Borovka UPXX6436
Borovkovka UPXX4129
Borovskoy UPXX8406
Borovskoye UPXX8407
Borowaja UPXX8408
Borozenskoye UPXX5724
Borshchevaya UPXX8409
Borshchevka UPXX8410
Borshchevka UPXX7227
Borshchiv UPXX0289
Borshchivka UPXX7228
Borshchov UPXX4918
Borshchovoye UPXX8411
Borsuchna UPXX4919
Bortniki UPXX7229
Bortniki UPXX4920
Bortniki UPXX6437
Borutskiy UPXX3127
Borvinok UPXX5725
Borysove UPXX1200
Boryspil UPXX0003
Borzentsiv UPXX1201
Borzna UPXX0292
Boski UPXX4921
Bosovka UPXX2244
Botvinskiy UPXX4130
Bovkun UPXX6438
Bovshev UPXX4922
Bovtyshka UPXX9860
Boyanchuk UPXX2665
Boyany UPXX0073
Boyarka UPXX0004
Boyevoye UPXX3128
Boykovo UPXX4131
Boykovshchina UPXX2246
Boyky UPXX4923
Boyove UPXX5726
Bozhanovo UPXX4132
Bozhedarovka UPXX4133
Bozhikovtsy UPXX7230
Bozhkovka UPXX3129
Bozhkovka UPXX8412
Braga UPXX7231
Braginovka UPXX4134
Brailovka UPXX8413
Brailovka UPXX7232
Brane Pole UPXX6439
Branitsa UPXX1202
Branok UPXX1203
Brantov UPXX3130
Bratenitsa UPXX8414
Bratkivtsi UPXX4924
Bratolyubovka UPXX8415
Bratolyubovka UPXX5727
Bratolyubovka UPXX9861
Bratslav UPXX0295
Bratyshev UPXX4925
Brazhintsy UPXX7233
Brazhkovka UPXX8416
Brazhniki UPXX8417
Brazhyne UPXX3131
Brazolovo UPXX4135
Brech UPXX1204
Brigadirovka UPXX8418
Brikulya UPXX7234
Brilevka UPXX6440
Brodetskoye UPXX2247
Brodok UPXX6441
Brodok UPXX2666
Brody UPXX0296
Bronik UPXX7235
Broshniv-Osada UPXX4927
Broska UPXX0074
Brovakhi UPXX2248
Brovary UPXX6442
Brovki UPXX4136
Brovkovo UPXX9862
Brusilovka UPXX6279
Brusilovo UPXX5728
Bruskinskiy UPXX5729
Brusnytsya UPXX2667
Brusovka UPXX3132
Brusturiv UPXX4928
Bryanka UPXX0298
Bryantsevka UPXX3133
Brylivka UPXX5730
Bryukhovychi UPXX0075
Bucha UPXX0076
Buchach UPXX0301
Buchachki UPXX4929
Buchak UPXX2250
Buchaya UPXX7236
Buchki UPXX1207
Buda UPXX1208
Buda UPXX2668
Buda Varovichi UPXX6444
Buda-Mike UPXX2669
Buda-Orlovets UPXX2251
Budarka UPXX8419
Budenets UPXX2670
Budennovka UPXX8420
Budennovka UPXX6446
Budennovka UPXX9863
Budennoye UPXX5731
Budennyy UPXX9864
Budinintsy UPXX2252
Budishche UPXX1210
Budishche UPXX5733
Budishche UPXX2253
Budki UPXX7237
Budy UPXX0077
Budyluv UPXX4930
Budyshche UPXX1212
Bugai Pervyye UPXX8422
Bugai Vtoryye UPXX8423
Bugay UPXX8424
Bugayev UPXX8425
Buglai UPXX7238
Bugrovatka UPXX8427
Buhrynivka UPXX1213
Bukachevtsy UPXX4932
Bukhgeym UPXX2671
Bukholovka UPXX4137
Buki UPXX1214
Buki UPXX6447
Buki UPXX2254
Bukove UPXX4933
Bukovel UPXX4934
Bukreyev UPXX4138
Buksir Pervyy UPXX5734
Bukuvna UPXX4936
Bukvarka UPXX9865
Bulakhov UPXX1215
Bulakhov UPXX8429
Bulakhovka UPXX4139
Bulavinskoye UPXX3135
Bunakovo UPXX8430
Burakovka UPXX6448
Burbulatovo UPXX8431
Burdey UPXX2672
Burdyug UPXX2673
Burgunka UPXX5735
Burivka UPXX1216
Burkovka UPXX1217
Burkovtsy UPXX6449
Burkut UPXX4937
Burkuty UPXX5736
Burlatskiy UPXX3137
Buromki UPXX1218
Burshtyn UPXX0303
Bursuchna UPXX4938
Bursuki UPXX2675
Burta UPXX7239
Burtki UPXX9866
Burty UPXX6450
Burty UPXX2255
Burtyn UPXX7240
Buryakovka UPXX8432
Buryakovo UPXX4140
Buryakovo UPXX8433
Buryn UPXX0304
Bushevo UPXX6451
Busk UPXX0005
Butenki UPXX0306
Butenkovo UPXX8434
Butivka UPXX1219
Butov UPXX8435
Butovichevka UPXX4141
Butovka UPXX8436
Butovka UPXX1220
Butovtsy UPXX7241
Butsnevo UPXX7242
Butsni UPXX7243
Buyanky UPXX1221
Buyvolivtsi UPXX7244
Buzhanka UPXX2256
Buzhanka UPXX1222
Buzovaya UPXX6452
Buzovitsa UPXX2676
Buzovka UPXX4142
Buzovo UPXX8437
Buzovoye UPXX8438
Buzovyy UPXX8439
Byblo UPXX4939
Bykovo UPXX4143
Bykovo Greblya UPXX6453
Bylasovka UPXX3138
Bylbasovka UPXX3139
Byrlovka UPXX2258
Byshev UPXX6454
Bystrets UPXX4940
Bystritsa UPXX7245
Bystrytsya UPXX4941
Bystshets UPXX4942
Bytkiv UPXX4943
Bzhezina UPXX4944
Chabanovka UPXX7246
Chabany UPXX1224
Chabany UPXX7247
Chaburda UPXX5737
Chagarovka UPXX7248
Chagor UPXX2677
Chagrov UPXX4945
Chapayeva UPXX8440
Chapayeve UPXX8441
Chapayevka UPXX2259
Chapayevka UPXX1225
Chapayevka UPXX6455
Chapayevo UPXX8442
Chapli UPXX4144
Chaplinka UPXX4145
Chaplino UPXX4146
Chapliyivka UPXX0307
Chaplya UPXX7250
Chaplynka UPXX5738
Chartoria UPXX2678
Charvona Sloboda UPXX6456
Chasov Yar UPXX0308
Chaykino UPXX1226
Chaykovka UPXX8443
Chebinenko UPXX5739
Chechelev UPXX1227
Chechelivka UPXX9867
Chekhi UPXX7252
Chekhova UPXX4946
Chekhovka UPXX2260
Chemer UPXX1228
Chemerivtsi UPXX7253
Chemuzhovka UPXX8444
Chenchyky UPXX1229
Chepelevka UPXX7254
Chepelitsy UPXX4947
Chepeliv UPXX1230
Chepiliyevka UPXX6457
Chepizhentsy UPXX6458
Cheponosy UPXX2679
Cherche UPXX4948
Cherche UPXX7255
Cheremkhov UPXX4949
Cheremoshna UPXX2680
Cheremushnaya UPXX8446
Cheremushnoye UPXX8447
Cherepin UPXX2261
Cherepin UPXX6460
Cherepinka UPXX6461
Cherepkivtsi UPXX2681
Cherepovka UPXX7256
Cherepyna UPXX4950
Cheresh UPXX2682
Chereshenka UPXX2683
Chereshnov UPXX2684
Cheretiv UPXX4951
Cherevach UPXX6462
Cherevkovka UPXX3141
Cherezh UPXX4952
Cherkasskoye UPXX4147
Cherkasskoye UPXX3142
Cherkasy UPXX0006
Cherkhanuvka UPXX4953
Cherlena-Mare UPXX2685
Chernavka UPXX2686
Chernaya UPXX7257
Chernaya UPXX0310
Chernaya Kamenka UPXX2262
Chernechino UPXX0311
Chernelevka UPXX7258
Chernelivtsy UPXX7259
Chernelytsya UPXX4954
Chernenkov UPXX4148
Cherneshchina UPXX8453
Chernetchina UPXX0312
Chernetchina UPXX8454
Chernev UPXX4955
Chernihiv UPXX0007
Chernihivka UPXX5742
Chernin UPXX6463
Chernivtsi UPXX0045
Chernivtsi UPXX0313
Cherniyiv UPXX0078
Chernobayevka UPXX8455
Chernobyl UPXX0318
Chernoglazovka UPXX4149
Chernogorodka UPXX6464
Chernokaly UPXX7260
Chernokomenka UPXX8456
Chernokozintsy UPXX7261
Chernolozka UPXX8457
Chernomordovka UPXX8458
Chernomorskoye UPXX5744
Chernomorskoye UPXX0320
Chernovka UPXX4150
Chernovody UPXX2263
Chernoye UPXX8459
Chernukhi UPXX0321
Chernukhino UPXX0322
Chernyakhiv UPXX0323
Chernyakhivka UPXX9869
Chernyakhov UPXX6465
Chernyakhovka UPXX9870
Chernyakhovka UPXX6466
Chernyakhovka UPXX1234
Chernyaki UPXX8460
Chernyakov UPXX8461
Chernyakuv UPXX2687
Chernyatyn UPXX4956
Chernyava UPXX7262
Chernyavka UPXX2264
Chernyavshchina UPXX4151
Chernyavskiy UPXX3143
Chernyk UPXX4957
Chernysh UPXX1235
Chernyshevka UPXX9871
Chernyshi UPXX2265
Chernyy Ostrov UPXX7263
Chernyy Tashlyk UPXX9872
Chernyye Oslavy UPXX4958
Chertovets UPXX4959
Chervannyy UPXX3144
Chervona Buda UPXX1236
Chervona Dolina UPXX8462
Chervona Huta UPXX1237
Chervona Khvilya UPXX8463
Chervona Polyana UPXX5745
Chervona Polyana UPXX1238
Chervona Vishnya UPXX6467
Chervona Zirka UPXX9873
Chervona-Zirka UPXX8465
Chervonaya Gorka UPXX8467
Chervone UPXX1239
Chervone UPXX0329
Chervonnaya Niva UPXX8470
Chervonnoye UPXX4153
Chervonny UPXX8473
Chervonnyy Lug UPXX4154
Chervonograd UPXX0328
Chervonoivanovka UPXX4157
Chervonopraporne UPXX5748
Chervonovershka UPXX9874
Chervonoye UPXX5749
Chervonoye UPXX9875
Chervonoye UPXX6468
Chervonoye UPXX1241
Chervonoznamenka UPXX0330
Chervonyy UPXX8476
Chervonyy UPXX3146
Chervonyy UPXX4158
Chervonyy Chaban UPXX5750
Chervonyy Donets UPXX8477
Chervonyy Hay UPXX1243
Chervonyy Kut UPXX4159
Chervonyy Kut UPXX7264
Chervonyy Lan UPXX1244
Chervonyy Mayak UPXX5751
Chervonyy Mayak UPXX4160
Chervonyy Oskol UPXX8480
Chervonyy Pakhar UPXX1245
Chervonyy Podol UPXX5753
Chervonyy Prapor UPXX8481
Chervonyy Stav UPXX8485
Chervonyy Step UPXX8486
Chervonyy Yar UPXX9876
Chervonyy Yar UPXX5755
Chervonyy Zakhid UPXX9877
Cheshki UPXX7265
Chesniki UPXX4960
Chetyrboki UPXX7266
Chicherino UPXX3148
Chigirin UPXX0331
Chinkeu UPXX2688
Chistogalovka UPXX6470
Chistovodovka UPXX8488
Chistyakov UPXX3149
Chizhevka UPXX7267
Chizhovka UPXX2266
Chkalove UPXX5756
Chkalovo UPXX0332
Chkalovo UPXX5757
Chkalovskiy UPXX3150
Chlystunowka UPXX2267
Chmirevka UPXX6471
Cholguzov UPXX7268
Chongarskiy Kut UPXX5758
Chonhar UPXX5759
Chorna Dolyna UPXX5760
Chorna Richka UPXX4961
Chornobay UPXX2268
Chornobayivka UPXX0317
Chornohlazivka UPXX8490
Chornohortsi UPXX1247
Chornohuzy UPXX2689
Chornoliztsi UPXX0080
Chornomorivka UPXX5761
Chornomorka UPXX0319
Chornotychi UPXX1248
Chornozem UPXX1249
Chornyanka UPXX5762
Chornyavka UPXX1250
Chornyvody UPXX7269
Chornyy Potik UPXX4962
Chornyy Rih UPXX1251
Chortkiv UPXX0335
Chortomlyk UPXX4162
Chubarevka UPXX8491
Chubintsy UPXX6473
Chudey UPXX2690
Chudivka UPXX1252
Chudniv UPXX0336
Chugunovka UPXX8492
Chuguyevo UPXX4163
Chuhuyiv UPXX0008
Chukaluvka UPXX4963
Chukheli UPXX7270
Chulakivka UPXX0339
Chulativ UPXX1253
Chumak UPXX1254
Chumaki UPXX4164
Chumaky UPXX4165
Chumeki UPXX0340
Chumpod UPXX5763
Chunikhin UPXX8493
Chupyra UPXX6474
Chutovka UPXX9878
Chutovo UPXX0341
Chyhyryn UPXX2269
Chysti Luzhi UPXX1255
Chyzhivka UPXX1256
Dacha UPXX3152
Dachanskiy UPXX3153
Dachne UPXX1257
Dachnoye UPXX3154
Dachnyy UPXX4166
Dacki UPXX2270
Dagmarovka UPXX0342
Dakhnovka UPXX7271
Dakhnovka UPXX2271
Daleshova UPXX4964
Dalnik UPXX0343
Danevka UPXX1258
Danilovka UPXX7273
Danilovka UPXX4167
Danilovka UPXX8497
Danilovka UPXX2272
Dankovtsy UPXX2691
Danychi UPXX1259
Danylivka UPXX1260
Danyuky UPXX7274
Dar Nadezhdy UPXX8498
Darabany UPXX2692
Darivka UPXX5766
Daruv UPXX4965
Dashchenki UPXX1261
Dashkivtsy UPXX7275
Dashkovtsy UPXX7276
Davideshte UPXX2693
Davidkovtsy UPXX7277
Davydivka UPXX0344
Davydivka UPXX2694
Davydov Brod UPXX5767
Davydovka UPXX3156
Davydovka UPXX4168
Debaltsevo UPXX0345
Debeslavtsy UPXX4966
Dedkovtsy UPXX7278
Dedova Gora UPXX7279
Dedovka UPXX8499
Dedovshchina UPXX6475
Degtyari UPXX1262
Degtyarnoye UPXX8500
Degtyarskiy Log UPXX1263
Dekonka UPXX4170
Dekonskaya UPXX3158
Dekreshevo UPXX8501
Deleva UPXX4967
Deliyevo UPXX4968
Dementiyevka UPXX8502
Demeshkovtsy UPXX4970
Demidov UPXX6477
Demidovka UPXX5768
Demidovo UPXX0346
Demki UPXX2273
Demkivtsi UPXX7281
Demkovtsy UPXX7282
Demnya UPXX4971
Demovshchina UPXX6478
Demshin UPXX7283
Demurino UPXX4172
Denikhovka UPXX6479
Denisovka UPXX7284
Denisy UPXX6480
Denysovychi UPXX6481
Derazhnya UPXX0347
Dereluy UPXX2695
Derevenskoye UPXX8503
Derevyannoye UPXX7285
Derevyny UPXX1265
Derezovatoye UPXX4173
Dergachi UPXX8505
Derhachy UPXX0349
Derilova UPXX3160
Deriyivka UPXX0348
Derkachi UPXX7286
Dernovka UPXX6482
Dersove UPXX3161
Dertka UPXX7287
Derzhanovka UPXX1266
Desantnoye UPXX0350
Deserovka UPXX7288
Desna UPXX1267
Desnyanka UPXX1268
Detskaya UPXX8506
Devichki UPXX6483
Devladove UPXX4175
Dibrivne UPXX1269
Dibrova UPXX1270
Dibrova UPXX3163
Dibrova UPXX4972
Dibrova UPXX4176
Dibrova UPXX8507
Dichki UPXX4973
Dihtyarivka UPXX1271
Dikanka UPXX0351
Dikhtinets UPXX2696
Dilyatyn UPXX4974
Dimitrov UPXX3164
Dinovtsy UPXX2697
Diptany UPXX8508
Dirdin UPXX2275
Diskovka UPXX8509
Dityatin UPXX4975
Dityatki UPXX6484
Diyevka UPXX4177
Dmitrenko UPXX5769
Dmitrenkov UPXX8510
Dmitriyevka UPXX3165
Dmitriyevka UPXX8511
Dmitriyevka UPXX4178
Dmitrovka UPXX6486
Dmitrovka UPXX5770
Dmitrovka UPXX2276
Dmitrovka UPXX4179
Dmitrovka UPXX7289
Dmitrovka UPXX1272
Dmitrovka UPXX8512
Dmukhaylovka UPXX4180
Dmytrivka UPXX3167
Dmytrivka UPXX1273
Dmytrivka UPXX5771
Dmytrivka UPXX9880
Dmytrushky UPXX2277
Dneprovokamenka UPXX4182
Dneprovskiy UPXX4183
Dneprovskoye UPXX1274
Dneprovskoye UPXX4184
Dnipropetrovsk UPXX4185
Dnipryany UPXX5772
Dobra UPXX2278
Dobraya Nadezhda UPXX4186
Dobrin UPXX7290
Dobrinka UPXX4187
Dobrogorshcha UPXX7291
Dobrogorskaya UPXX4188
Dobrolyubovka UPXX8514
Dobromiretske UPXX4976
Dobronovtsy UPXX2698
Dobrosillya UPXX5774
Dobrotuv UPXX4977
Dobrovelychkivka UPXX9881
Dobrovlyany UPXX4978
Dobrovody UPXX2279
Dobroye UPXX9882
Dobroye Utro UPXX5775
Dobryanka UPXX9883
Dobryanka UPXX0355
Dobrynev UPXX4979
Dobryy UPXX8518
Dogmarovka UPXX5776
Dohmarivka UPXX5777
Dokuchayevsk UPXX0356
Dolbino UPXX8519
Dolbiyevka UPXX9603
Dolgalevka UPXX7292
Dolgalevka UPXX6487
Dolgintsevo UPXX4190
Dolgiy Voynilov UPXX4981
Dolgiy Yar UPXX8521
Dolgopoly UPXX8523
Dolgov UPXX4982
Dolina UPXX0357
Dolina UPXX3169
Dolino UPXX8524
Dolinskaya UPXX0358
Dolinskoye UPXX0359
Dolinskoye UPXX4191
Dolinyany UPXX4984
Dolishniy Shepit UPXX2700
Dolmativka UPXX0360
Dolomit UPXX3170
Dolpotov UPXX4985
Dolya UPXX3171
Dolyna UPXX4986
Dolzhik UPXX8525
Dolzhino UPXX8526
Dolzhka UPXX4987
Dolzhki UPXX7294
Dolzhok UPXX2701
Dolzhok UPXX8527
Dolzhok UPXX7295
Domakha UPXX8528
Domanovka UPXX6488
Domantovo UPXX2280
Domashlyn UPXX1275
Dombrova UPXX4988
Domnytsya UPXX1276
Domotkanov UPXX1277
Donets UPXX8529
Donetskiy UPXX3172
Donetskoye UPXX8530
Donetskoye UPXX3173
Donino UPXX1278
Donino-Kamenka UPXX9885
Donskoye UPXX3174
Dora UPXX4990
Dorofeyevka UPXX8531
Doroginka UPXX1279
Doroginka UPXX6490
Dorogoshcha UPXX7296
Dorogov UPXX4991
Dorogoy UPXX4193
Dorosauti UPXX2702
Doroshenko UPXX3175
Doroshenkovo UPXX8532
Doroshevka UPXX8533
Doroshevka UPXX0362
Doshchanyy UPXX5779
Dosin UPXX7297
Dovgalevka UPXX4194
Dovgalevka UPXX8534
Dovha Hreblya UPXX1280
Dovhopole UPXX4993
Dovhuny UPXX1282
Dovzhanka UPXX8536
Dovzhyk UPXX1283
Drabiv UPXX2281
Drabovka UPXX2282
Drachi UPXX7298
Drachi UPXX6492
Drachilovka UPXX6493
Drachintsi UPXX2703
Draganovka UPXX7299
Dragasymuv UPXX4994
Dragonya UPXX4995
Drahomanove UPXX5780
Dremaylovka UPXX1284
Drobyshevo UPXX3176
Drobyshiv UPXX1285
Drochevshchina UPXX1286
Drogobych UPXX0062
Drogomirchany UPXX4996
Dronovka UPXX3177
Drozdovka UPXX1287
Drozdovytsya UPXX1288
Drozdy UPXX6494
Drutskoye UPXX1289
Druzhba UPXX4195
Druzhba UPXX1290
Druzhba UPXX5782
Druzhba UPXX0012
Druzhbivka UPXX5783
Druzhelyubivka UPXX5784
Druzhelyubovka UPXX8537
Druzhelyubovka UPXX5785
Druzhinets UPXX4997
Druzhkovka UPXX0365
Druzhne UPXX5786
Druzhnoye UPXX3178
Druzhnya UPXX6495
Druzhnyy UPXX5787
Duba UPXX4998
Dubinka UPXX7300
Dubishche UPXX7301
Dubivka UPXX4999
Dubivka UPXX7302
Dubiyevka UPXX7303
Dubiyevka UPXX2283
Dubka UPXX5000
Dublyany UPXX0082
Dubno UPXX0367
Dubolugovka UPXX1291
Dubova UPXX2704
Dubove UPXX3179
Duboviki UPXX4196
Dubovitsa UPXX5001
Dubovka UPXX6496
Dubovka UPXX8538
Dubovo UPXX4197
Dubovo UPXX2284
Dubovoy UPXX4198
Dubovtsy UPXX5002
Dubovtsy UPXX2705
Dubovyazovka UPXX0368
Dubovyy UPXX4199
Dubovyy Gay UPXX1292
Dubovyye Gryady UPXX8539
Dubrovka UPXX0370
Dubrovka UPXX2285
Dubrovka UPXX9887
Dubrovka UPXX4201
Dubrovna UPXX8540
Dubrovytsya UPXX0369
Dubrovyy UPXX5788
Dubshary UPXX5003
Dubyna UPXX6499
Dudarkov UPXX6500
Dudchany UPXX5789
Dudchyne UPXX5790
Dudkovka UPXX8541
Dudnik UPXX5791
Dudnikovka UPXX8542
Dudovka UPXX8543
Dukhanky UPXX1293
Dulitskoye UPXX6501
Dumanov UPXX7304
Dumantsy UPXX2286
Dunaivtsi UPXX7305
Dunavets UPXX2706
Dunayevtsy UPXX0371
Dunayka UPXX6502
Dunino UPXX8544
Durilovy UPXX1294
Durnyakovtsy UPXX2707
Duvanka UPXX8545
Dve Krinitsy UPXX9889
Dviyne UPXX5792
Dvorets UPXX7307
Dvorichna UPXX8547
Dvurechanskiy UPXX8548
Dvurechnyy Kut UPXX8549
Dyagovka UPXX8550
Dyahova UPXX1295
Dyakiv UPXX7308
Dyakonov UPXX3181
Dyakove UPXX0372
Dyatkovtsy UPXX5004
Dybintsy UPXX6503
Dykhanivka UPXX1297
Dykivka UPXX9890
Dymarka UPXX1298
Dymarka UPXX6504
Dymer UPXX0373
Dymerka UPXX1299
Dymino UPXX9891
Dymka UPXX2708
Dymytrove UPXX9892
Dyvne UPXX5793
Dzelentsy UPXX7309
Dzembronya UPXX5005
Dzenzelivka UPXX2287
Dzerzhinsk UPXX0374
Dzerzhinskogo UPXX3182
Dzerzhynivka UPXX4202
Dzhankoy UPXX0375
Dzhgun UPXX8551
Dzhurkov UPXX5006
Dzhurov UPXX5007
Dzhurzhevka UPXX7310
Dzichki UPXX5008
Dzvenyache UPXX6505
Dzvonki UPXX7311
Dzvynyach UPXX5009
Eliseyevka UPXX8552
Emmes UPXX4203
Eskhar UPXX0083
Farbovanoye UPXX6506
Fashchiyevka UPXX7312
Fasovaya UPXX6507
Fastiv UPXX0377
Fastovets UPXX6508
Fastovka UPXX6509
Fastovtsy UPXX1300
Fativtsy UPXX5010
Fayivka UPXX1301
Fedorivka UPXX0378
Fedorivka UPXX3184
Fedorki UPXX9893
Fedorovka UPXX7314
Fedorovka UPXX9894
Fedorovka UPXX5795
Fedorovka UPXX8553
Fedorovka UPXX6510
Fedorovshchino UPXX8556
Fedorovskiy UPXX4204
Fedortsy UPXX8557
Fedoseyevka UPXX5796
Fedyayevskiy UPXX3186
Fedyukovka UPXX2288
Feliberovka UPXX5797
Fenevichi UPXX6511
Fenterale UPXX5011
Ferdinandovo UPXX7315
Ferma UPXX8558
Ferma UPXX6512
Fesenko UPXX3187
Fessaliya UPXX3188
Fesyury UPXX6513
Figurovka UPXX3189
Filippovichi UPXX6514
Filonivka UPXX1303
Filyanovka UPXX7316
Fimenovka UPXX8560
Firsovka UPXX5798
Fitkuv UPXX5012
Flory UPXX1304
Forostna UPXX2710
Forostovychi UPXX1305
Forubkin UPXX1306
Foshky UPXX2711
Fridrikhovka UPXX7317
Frolovka UPXX6515
Frunze UPXX8561
Frunze UPXX5800
Frunze UPXX9896
Frunzenskiy UPXX4206
Frunzivka UPXX0379
Fundoaya UPXX2712
Fursovo UPXX1307
Fursy UPXX6516
Futori UPXX7318
Galaganovka UPXX1309
Galastrov UPXX8562
Galaybin UPXX1310
Galayki UPXX6517
Galich UPXX5013
Galina-Lozovatka UPXX4207
Galitsa UPXX1311
Galitsinovka UPXX3190
Galushkovka UPXX4208
Galuzintsy UPXX7320
Gannusovka UPXX5015
Ganovtse UPXX5016
Ganzerovka UPXX6518
Ganzhalivka UPXX2289
Garashkovka UPXX8563
Garbuzy UPXX8565
Garkushin UPXX8566
Garkushino UPXX4209
Garman UPXX5801
Garmanovka UPXX8567
Garnyshevka UPXX7321
Gasanovka UPXX5802
Gaspra UPXX0084
Gatna Derazhnya UPXX7322
Gatnoye UPXX6519
Gavrikovo UPXX3191
Gavrileshte UPXX2713
Gavrilovka UPXX8568
Gavrilovka UPXX5803
Gavrilovka UPXX7323
Gavrilovtsy UPXX7324
Gavrishovka UPXX4211
Gavronshchina UPXX6520
Gavrylyak UPXX5017
Gaydaki UPXX7325
Gaydary UPXX8569
Gayevoye UPXX5804
Gayvoron UPXX0381
Gayvoron UPXX6521
Gayvorontsy UPXX7326
Gelenovka UPXX7327
Geletintsy UPXX7328
Gelety UPXX7329
Gelmyazov UPXX0382
Geniyevka UPXX0383
Genovo UPXX8570
Georgiyevka UPXX4212
Georgiyevka UPXX8571
Georgiyevka UPXX3193
Georgiyevka UPXX5805
Gerasimov UPXX5018
Gerasimova UPXX3194
Gerasimovka UPXX4213
Gerasimovka UPXX9898
Gerasimovskiy UPXX4214
Gerbutuv UPXX5019
Gerezhenovka UPXX2292
Gerlegovka UPXX8572
Germana UPXX2293
Germanovka UPXX7330
Gertsa UPXX2714
Getmanovka UPXX8573
Geyevka UPXX8574
Geysikha UPXX6522
Giderim UPXX0384
Gigant UPXX3195
Girki UPXX5020
Giyevka UPXX8575
Gladkov UPXX8576
Gladkovshchina UPXX2294
Glazunovka UPXX8577
Glebov UPXX7331
Glebov Khutor UPXX1312
Glebovka UPXX6523
Glebuvka UPXX5021
Glenboka UPXX5022
Glevakha UPXX6524
Glibki UPXX7332
Glibochek UPXX7333
Glincha UPXX2295
Glinishche UPXX4215
Glinitsa UPXX2716
Glinka UPXX6525
Glinki UPXX5023
Glinki UPXX7334
Glinniki UPXX7335
Glinovtsy UPXX0386
Glinsk UPXX0387
Glinskoye UPXX8578
Globino UPXX0388
Glodosy UPXX9899
Glubokaya UPXX5024
Glubokiy UPXX8579
Glubokoye UPXX6526
Glukhov UPXX0389
Glukhovshchina UPXX1313
Glukhoy UPXX4216
Glushkovka UPXX8580
Glushkovskoye UPXX5025
Glushkovtsy UPXX7336
Glyadki UPXX7337
Glybovka UPXX7338
Gmyryanka UPXX1314
Gnedin UPXX6527
Gnidentsy UPXX1315
Gnilishche UPXX8581
Gnilitsa UPXX1316
Gnilitsa UPXX8582
Gnilitsa Pervaya UPXX8583
Gnilitsa Vtoraya UPXX8584
Gnilovody UPXX7339
Gniloy UPXX3196
Gnilusha UPXX1317
Gnilushka UPXX8585
Gnilyakovo UPXX0390
Gnoynichka UPXX7340
Godineshti UPXX2717
Godunovka UPXX6528
Gody-Dobrovodka UPXX5026
Gogino UPXX8586
Gogolev UPXX0391
Gogoli UPXX7341
Gogulina UPXX2718
Golaya Pristan UPXX0392
Golenishchevo UPXX7342
Goliki UPXX7343
Golikovo UPXX9900
Golinka UPXX1318
Golma UPXX0393
Golokhvasty UPXX7344
Golonishchevo UPXX7345
Goloskov UPXX5027
Goloskov UPXX7346
Golovanevsk UPXX0394
Golovchintsy UPXX7347
Golovko UPXX4217
Golovkovka UPXX2296
Golovli UPXX7348
Golovurov UPXX6530
Golozubintsy UPXX7349
Golubov UPXX8587
Golubovka UPXX0395
Golubovka UPXX8588
Golubovka UPXX1320
Golubovskiy UPXX4218
Golyaki UPXX2297
Golyunki UPXX7350
Goncharov UPXX5029
Goncharov Krug UPXX1321
Gonoratuvka UPXX5030
Gonorovka UPXX7351
Gontov-Yar UPXX8590
Gorayevka UPXX7352
Gorb UPXX8592
Gorbakonovka UPXX3200
Gorbanivka UPXX8593
Gorbasov UPXX7353
Gorbatenko UPXX3201
Gorchichnaya UPXX7354
Gordashevka UPXX2298
Gordiyenko UPXX8594
Gordovatka UPXX4219
Goreloye UPXX0396
Goritsa UPXX7355
Gorki UPXX4220
Gornokrinichnyy UPXX3204
Gornyak UPXX3206
Gornyatskoye UPXX4221
Gorobiyevka UPXX6531
Gorobiyevka UPXX2299
Gorod UPXX5031
Gorodenka UPXX0398
Gorodeshchina UPXX3207
Gorodeshchino UPXX6532
Gorodishche UPXX7356
Gorodishche UPXX6533
Gorodishche UPXX0399
Gorodiska UPXX7357
Gorodnitsa UPXX2300
Gorodnitsa UPXX5032
Gorodnitsa UPXX0401
Gorodnoye UPXX8595
Gorodnya UPXX0402
Gorodnyavka UPXX7358
Gorodok UPXX1324
Gorodok UPXX0403
Gorodskoy UPXX8596
Gorokhovatka UPXX6536
Gorokhovatka UPXX8597
Gorokhovatochka UPXX8598
Gorokhovka UPXX8599
Gorokhovo UPXX1325
Gorokhovoye UPXX6537
Gorolovka UPXX0404
Gorosheva UPXX0405
Goroshkov UPXX6538
Gorozhanovka UPXX8600
Gorskoye UPXX5033
Gorskoye UPXX0406
Goryachintsy UPXX7359
Goryanov UPXX8601
Goryanovskoye UPXX4223
Goshev UPXX5034
Gostev UPXX5035
Govory UPXX7360
Grabich UPXX5036
Grabovka UPXX5038
Grabovka UPXX1326
Grabovka UPXX3208
Grabovoye UPXX3209
Grabusna UPXX2720
Grachevka UPXX8602
Gradizhsk UPXX0409
Grakovo UPXX8603
Granitnoye UPXX0410
Granov UPXX0411
Grany UPXX8604
Grebeni UPXX6539
Grebeninka UPXX7361
Grebenki UPXX0412
Grebenkovskiy UPXX0413
Grebenyuk UPXX5039
Grechana UPXX7362
Grechanaya UPXX7363
Grechanoye UPXX4224
Grechany UPXX7364
Grechintsy UPXX7365
Grechkin UPXX3210
Grechkino UPXX3211
Gregorov UPXX5040
Greko-Zaytseva UPXX3212
Gremyach UPXX1327
Gremyachiy UPXX8605
Gremyachka UPXX1328
Gremyachka UPXX7366
Grennikovka UPXX8606
Gresov UPXX8607
Grezlya UPXX6540
Grigorodenisovka UPXX9902
Grigorovka UPXX1330
Grigorovka UPXX2301
Grigorovka UPXX7367
Grigorovka UPXX4226
Grinchuk UPXX7368
Grinevka UPXX5041
Grinovtsy UPXX5042
Gripasi UPXX4227
Grishai UPXX4228
Grishevka UPXX8610
Grishino UPXX0414
Grishino UPXX3214
Grishki UPXX7369
Gritsenki UPXX7370
Gritsev UPXX7371
Gritsiki UPXX7372
Grodovka UPXX3215
Grodzevo UPXX2302
Gromovaya Balka UPXX3216
Gromovka UPXX7373
Grosser UPXX4229
Groza UPXX8611
Grozintsi UPXX2721
Groznyy UPXX3217
Grozovyy UPXX3218
Grubna UPXX2722
Grushev UPXX6542
Grushevakha UPXX8612
Grushevatka UPXX4230
Grushevatskiy UPXX8613
Grushevka UPXX2303
Grushevka UPXX5807
Grushevka UPXX4231
Grushevoy UPXX3219
Grushevskiy UPXX4232
Grushevtsy UPXX2723
Grushevyy UPXX3220
Grushino UPXX8614
Grushka UPXX9903
Grushka UPXX7374
Grushkovka UPXX2304
Grushkovtsy UPXX7375
Gruzinovka UPXX8615
Gruzkoye UPXX6543
Gruzskiy UPXX4234
Gruzskoye UPXX9904
Gryazna UPXX1331
Gryni UPXX6544
Grynyuvka UPXX5043
Gubarov UPXX7376
Gubcha UPXX7377
Gubin UPXX6545
Gubin UPXX7379
Gubin UPXX4235
Gubinikha UPXX4236
Gubovka UPXX9905
Gukov UPXX7380
Gukovla UPXX8617
Gulevtsy UPXX7381
Guli UPXX6546
Gulyay-Pole UPXX4237
Gulyaypole UPXX2305
Gumenov UPXX5044
Gumentsy UPXX7382
Gundosovka UPXX8618
Gupalovka UPXX4238
Gurinovka UPXX8621
Gurivka UPXX9906
Gurovka UPXX5808
Gurshchina UPXX7383
Gurty UPXX3222
Gusakovka UPXX5809
Gusarovka UPXX8622
Gusentsy UPXX6547
Gusevka Pervaya UPXX8623
Gusinaya Polyana UPXX8624
Gusinka UPXX8625
Gusinki UPXX1332
Gusinyy UPXX3223
Guslovka UPXX8626
Guta UPXX2306
Guta UPXX7384
Guta UPXX5045
Guta UPXX6548
Guta Chugorskaya UPXX7385
Guta Staraya UPXX7386
Gutsiska UPXX5046
Gutyrovka UPXX8627
Guzhovka UPXX1333
Guziyev UPXX5047
Gvardeyskoye UPXX4239
Gvardeyskoye UPXX0415
Gvardeyskoye UPXX7388
Gvozdets UPXX5048
Gvozdov UPXX6550
Gvozdovka UPXX0416
Halkiv UPXX1334
Halychivka UPXX1335
Halytsivka UPXX2724
Hannivka UPXX9907
Hannivka UPXX4240
Hannivka UPXX1336
Hapishkivka UPXX1337
Haptivka UPXX8628
Harbuzovka UPXX8629
Hasychivka UPXX1338
Hati UPXX1339
Hatne UPXX6551
Hatyshche UPXX8630
Havrylivka UPXX5049
Havrylivka Druha UPXX5810
Hay UPXX1340
Hayvoron UPXX9908
Hazoprovidne UPXX1341
Herynya UPXX5050
Hirky UPXX1342
Hirmanka UPXX1343
Hladke UPXX1345
Hladkivka UPXX0385
Hleyuvatka UPXX4241
Hliboke UPXX8631
Hluzdy UPXX1346
Hlyadyn UPXX1347
Hlyboka UPXX2725
Hlybokyy Rih UPXX1348
Hlynenka UPXX1349
Hlynka UPXX3225
Hnativka UPXX1350
Hnizdyshche UPXX1351
Holokhvasty UPXX7389
Holoshyna UPXX5051
Holovkivka UPXX9910
Holovy UPXX5052
Holubivka UPXX1352
Holubivshchyna UPXX1353
Holubychi UPXX1354
Hontarivka UPXX8632
Hora UPXX6552
Horbova UPXX2726
Horbove UPXX1356
Horlivka UPXX0013
Hornostayivka UPXX1357
Hornostayivka UPXX5814
Horodchan UPXX6553
Horodenka UPXX5054
Horodnya UPXX1358
Horodok UPXX7390
Horodyshche UPXX0400
Horodyshche UPXX1359
Horokholyna UPXX5055
Horoshkivka UPXX1360
Horytsya UPXX1361
Hoshcha UPXX0407
Hrabiv UPXX1362
Hrabivka UPXX1363
Hradenytsi UPXX0408
Hramotne UPXX5057
Hreblya UPXX1364
Hrobyshche UPXX2728
Hromivka UPXX5815
Hromy UPXX2307
Hrudy UPXX1365
Hrushivka UPXX5816
Hrushka UPXX5058
Hruzevytsa UPXX7391
Hrybova Rudnya UPXX1366
Hryhorivka UPXX9912
Hryhorivka UPXX5817
Hryhorivka UPXX3231
Hrynyava UPXX5060
Hubari UPXX1367
Hubychi UPXX1368
Huchyn UPXX1369
Hurzuf UPXX0086
Husavka UPXX1372
Hushchyn UPXX1373
Huta UPXX5061
Huta Tkachova UPXX1375
Huty UPXX8633
Hutyshche UPXX1377
Hvizd UPXX5062
Hvizdivtsi UPXX2729
Hvozdykivka UPXX1378
Ichnya UPXX0421
Ignatki UPXX7393
Ignatovka UPXX1380
Ignatovka UPXX4243
Ignatovtsy UPXX7394
Igzhyska UPXX5063
Iiichevsk UPXX0422
IIvashkivka UPXX1379
Ilemnya UPXX5066
Illarionovo UPXX0423
Illinka UPXX5819
Illintsi UPXX5067
Ilovaysk UPXX0424
Ilovayskaya UPXX3238
Ilovnitsa UPXX6556
Ilyatka UPXX7397
Imeni UPXX8635
Imeni Artema UPXX4247
Imeni Artema UPXX8636
Imeni Artema UPXX3239
Imeni Artema UPXX5820
Imeni Budennogo UPXX5821
Imeni Frunze UPXX8637
Imeni Kalinina UPXX8638
Imeni Kalinino UPXX3240
Imeni Lenina UPXX4249
Imeni Mikoyana UPXX3242
Imeni Shevchenko UPXX4252
Imeni Shevchenko UPXX3245
Imeni Shevchenko UPXX8640
Imeni Stalina UPXX2308
Imennyy Kirova UPXX8641
Indyki UPXX7398
Ingul UPXX9913
Ingulets UPXX0425
Ingulets UPXX9914
Ingulka UPXX0426
Ingulo-Kamenka UPXX0427
Inkerman UPXX0087
Iosifovka UPXX9915
Iosipovka UPXX9916
Iosipovtsy UPXX7399
Irkliyev UPXX2310
Irpin UPXX0064
Irshiki UPXX7400
Irzhavets UPXX1384
Isakov UPXX5068
Isakovtsy UPXX7401
Isayeva Balka UPXX3247
Isayki UPXX6558
Ishchenka UPXX5826
Ishchenskoye UPXX5827
Isjum UPXX8642
Iskra UPXX3248
Iskrovka UPXX9917
Ispas UPXX2730
Issari UPXX2731
Ivakhnivtsi UPXX7402
Ivakhny UPXX2311
Ivanchukovka UPXX8643
Ivangorod UPXX0430
Ivangorod UPXX2313
Ivangrad UPXX3249
Ivanhorod UPXX9918
Ivanikovka UPXX5069
Ivanitsa UPXX0431
Ivanivka UPXX0437
Ivanivka UPXX5070
Ivanivka UPXX1387
Ivanivka UPXX3250
Ivanivka UPXX5828
Ivanivka UPXX8644
Ivanki UPXX8645
Ivankiv UPXX0432
Ivankouts UPXX2732
Ivankov UPXX6559
Ivankovka UPXX7403
Ivankovtsy UPXX9919
Ivankovtsy UPXX7404
Ivankovtsy UPXX1388
Ivano-Sheychino UPXX8646
Ivanovka UPXX4256
Ivanovka UPXX3253
Ivanovka UPXX1389
Ivanovka UPXX0434
Ivanovka UPXX9920
Ivanovka UPXX0435
Ivanovka UPXX8647
Ivanovka UPXX0436
Ivanovskiye UPXX3255
Ivanovtse UPXX5072
Ivanovtsy UPXX7406
Ivanovtsy UPXX2733
Ivanyne UPXX1391
Ivashchkovtsy UPXX7407
Ivashki UPXX8648
Ivashkin UPXX8649
Ivashkovka UPXX8650
Ivashkovtsy UPXX7408
Ivchenko UPXX3256
Iverskoye UPXX3257
Ivki UPXX7409
Ivkovka UPXX4258
Ivkovtsy UPXX1392
Ivonintsy UPXX7410
Iyeziorko UPXX5073
Izbitskoye UPXX8651
Izium UPXX0057
Izluchistoye UPXX4259
Izmail UPXX0050
Izmayil UPXX0088
Izmaylovka UPXX3258
Izmaylovka UPXX9921
Izyaslav UPXX0089
Izyum UPXX0090
Kabachki UPXX3259
Kabakovka UPXX8652
Kabaky UPXX5074
Kabeshti UPXX2734
Kachalovka UPXX8653
Kachaly UPXX6561
Kachanovka UPXX1393
Kachkarivka UPXX5830
Kachkarovka UPXX5831
Kachkary UPXX3260
Kachurintsy UPXX7411
Kadiyevka UPXX7412
Kadiyevka UPXX0443
Kadiyevtsy UPXX7413
Kadnitsa UPXX8654
Kadobna UPXX5075
Kadomka UPXX6562
Kadubivtsi UPXX2735
Kagadayevka UPXX8655
Kagarlyki UPXX1394
Kaharlyk UPXX0444
Kakhovka UPXX5832
Kalachkovtsy UPXX7416
Kalanchak UPXX5833
Kalantayev UPXX9923
Kalcheva UPXX0445
Kaleniki UPXX2314
Kalenikov UPXX1396
Kalenna UPXX6565
Kalichanka UPXX2736
Kalineshti UPXX2737
Kalinine UPXX3263
Kalinino UPXX3264
Kalinino UPXX4261
Kalininsk UPXX3265
Kalininskoye UPXX5834
Kalinovaya UPXX8656
Kalinovka UPXX5077
Kalinovka UPXX5835
Kalinovka UPXX0446
Kalinovka UPXX0447
Kalinovka UPXX9924
Kalinovka UPXX4262
Kalinovka UPXX8657
Kalinovka UPXX3266
Kalinovka UPXX7417
Kalinovka UPXX6566
Kalinovo UPXX3267
Kalinovo UPXX8658
Kalinovoye UPXX3268
Kalinya UPXX7418
Kalita UPXX6567
Kalitintsy UPXX7419
Kalivka UPXX9925
Kalmykov UPXX3269
Kalniboloto UPXX0448
Kalush UPXX0449
Kaluzhino UPXX4263
Kaluzhka UPXX3270
Kalynivka UPXX5836
Kalynove UPXX3271
Kalyus UPXX7420
Kalyusik UPXX7421
Kalyuzhino UPXX8659
Kam UPXX2738
Kamarovka UPXX5837
Kamburleyevka UPXX9926
Kamenevo UPXX3272
Kamenka UPXX3273
Kamenka UPXX5838
Kamenka UPXX0450
Kamenka UPXX1399
Kamenka UPXX8660
Kamenka UPXX4264
Kamenka UPXX9927
Kamenka UPXX0451
Kamenka UPXX7422
Kamenka-Bugskaya UPXX0452
Kamenna UPXX9928
Kamennaya UPXX2739
Kamennaya Yaruga UPXX8661
Kamennovatskiy UPXX3274
Kamennoye UPXX4265
Kamennyy UPXX5839
Kamennyy UPXX3275
Kamennyy Brod UPXX2315
Kamenovatka UPXX9931
Kamenovatka UPXX4266
Kamenovatyy UPXX4267
Kamenskoye UPXX0454
Kamenskoye UPXX4268
Kamenskoye UPXX3276
Kamianka UPXX2316
Kaminka UPXX8662
Kaminne UPXX5079
Kamka UPXX1401
Kamlyk UPXX6281
Kamplitsa UPXX8663
Kamyshanka UPXX5840
Kamyshevakha UPXX8664
Kamyshevakha UPXX3277
Kamyshevakhskiy UPXX8665
Kamyshevata UPXX9932
Kamyshevatoye UPXX3278
Kamyshevatoye UPXX9605
Kamyshevka UPXX3279
Kanevka UPXX7424
Kanevtsevo UPXX8666
Kaniv UPXX2317
Kanizh UPXX9933
Kapitalovka UPXX8667
Kapitanivka UPXX9934
Kapitanka UPXX9935
Kapitonovka UPXX8668
Kaplevka UPXX2740
Kaplunovka UPXX8669
Kapnistovka UPXX4269
Kapulovka UPXX4270
Kapustin UPXX7425
Kapustino UPXX2318
Kapustyanka UPXX8670
Kapustyany UPXX7426
Karabany UPXX1402
Karabinovka UPXX4271
Karachev UPXX8671
Karachintsev UPXX8672
Karachiyevtsy UPXX7427
Karaichnoye UPXX8673
Karapchiv UPXX2741
Karapchov UPXX2742
Karapyshi UPXX0091
Karasevka UPXX8674
Karasi UPXX1403
Karasikha UPXX7428
Karatsubin UPXX1404
Karavan UPXX0458
Karay-Dubina UPXX5842
Karaykozovka UPXX8676
Karbovka UPXX9936
Karbyni Ivany UPXX8677
Karchovanka UPXX5080
Kardashi UPXX4272
Kardashinka UPXX5843
Karkhivka UPXX1405
Karla Marksa UPXX3280
Karlo-Marksovo UPXX3281
Karlovka UPXX8678
Karlovka UPXX3282
Karlovka UPXX0459
Karluv UPXX5081
Karnaukhovka UPXX8679
Karnaukhovka UPXX4274
Karolevka UPXX6570
Karolina UPXX7429
Karolino-Buhaz UPXX0092
Karpelovka UPXX6571
Karpenki UPXX1406
Karpilovka UPXX7430
Karpilovka UPXX6572
Karpilovka UPXX1407
Karpivtsi UPXX7431
Karpovka UPXX3283
Karpovka UPXX8680
Karpovtsy UPXX7432
Karpovychi UPXX1409
Karsnograd UPXX0461
Kartamysh UPXX8681
Kartushino UPXX0462
Karyzhin UPXX7433
Kashchentsy UPXX7434
Kashlagach UPXX3286
Kashperovka UPXX3287
Kashpurovka UPXX8683
Kaskada UPXX7435
Katarineni UPXX2743
Katerinka UPXX0463
Katerinovka UPXX7436
Katerinovka UPXX3288
Katerinovka UPXX8684
Katerinovka UPXX4277
Katerinovka UPXX5845
Kateshchino UPXX4278
Katyshevakha UPXX3289
Katyuzhanka UPXX6574
Kauchuk UPXX8685
Kauchuk UPXX5847
Kavunovka UPXX9937
Kaydaki UPXX0093
Kayetanovka UPXX7437
Kayirka UPXX5848
Kayiry UPXX5849
Kaylov UPXX6575
Kazachi Lageri UPXX0465
Kazachka UPXX8687
Kazachki UPXX7438
Kazachya Lopan UPXX0466
Kazakovka UPXX6576
Kazanka UPXX0467
Kazankovskiy UPXX4279
Kazarnya UPXX9938
Kazatin UPXX0468
Kazatskoye UPXX1412
Kazavchin UPXX9939
Kazimirovka UPXX6577
Kaznacheyevka UPXX4280
Kehychivka UPXX0469
Keleberda UPXX2320
Kelikhuv UPXX5082
Keptintsy UPXX7439
Keramik UPXX3290
Kerbatovka UPXX1413
Kerch UPXX0055
Kernosovka UPXX4281
Ketrisanovka UPXX9940
Kezi UPXX0471
Khadylov UPXX2746
Khakcki UPXX2321
Khalcha UPXX6578
Khalimonovo UPXX1414
Khalyavyn UPXX1415
Khandaleyevka UPXX4282
Khanzhenkovo UPXX3291
Kharchenkov UPXX8688
Kharitonovka UPXX1417
Kharkiv UPXX0014
Khartsyzsk UPXX0094
Khashchevoye UPXX4283
Khatky UPXX5850
Khatna UPXX2747
Khatneye UPXX8689
Khayevka UPXX6580
Khaylovka UPXX8690
Khazhdeu De Sus UPXX2748
Kherson UPXX0015
Khersones UPXX3293
Khersonka UPXX2322
Kheruvimskiy UPXX8691
Kheylovo UPXX2323
Khibalovka UPXX1418
Khimichevka UPXX8692
Khimivka UPXX3294
Khirovka UPXX9941
Khizhintsy UPXX2326
Khizhniki UPXX7441
Khizhnya UPXX2327
Khizhnyakov UPXX8693
Khizhnyakovka UPXX8694
Khlebodarovka UPXX3295
Khlebodarovka UPXX5851
Khleborob UPXX3296
Khleborob UPXX5852
Khlibodarivka UPXX5853
Khliveshte UPXX2749
Khlopyanki UPXX1419
Khmeleva UPXX5083
Khmelevka UPXX6581
Khmelevka UPXX7442
Khmelevka UPXX5084
Khmelevka UPXX8695
Khmelevoye UPXX9942
Khmelnytskyi UPXX0037
Khocheva UPXX6582
Khodakovtsy UPXX7443
Khodorkov UPXX0477
Khodorov UPXX5085
Khodorov UPXX6583
Khodorovtsy UPXX7444
Khodosovka UPXX6584
Khokhitva UPXX6585
Kholmy UPXX1421
Kholodets UPXX7445
Kholodne UPXX3298
Kholoidovo UPXX2329
Kholsty UPXX1422
Khomino UPXX8696
Khomutove UPXX3299
Khomyakovka UPXX5086
Khomyakuv UPXX5087
Khomyakuvka UPXX5088
Khonyakov UPXX7446
Khoptinetskiy UPXX7447
Khoptintsy UPXX7448
Khorly UPXX5854
Khorobychi UPXX1423
Khorol UPXX0478
Khoroshev UPXX7449
Khorosheve UPXX0096
Khorosheye Ozero UPXX1424
Khoroshovtsy UPXX2750
Khorotsova UPXX5089
Khorovets UPXX7450
Khorovitsa UPXX7451
Khoruzhi UPXX8697
Khoshchevatka UPXX4286
Khoshchevatoye UPXX9943
Khoteyevka UPXX1425
Khotilova Guta UPXX1426
Khotimir UPXX5090
Khotin UPXX0480
Khotinovka UPXX1427
Khotivlya UPXX1428
Khotiyivka UPXX1429
Khotomlya UPXX8698
Khotov UPXX0097
Khotski UPXX0482
Khotunychi UPXX1430
Khotyn UPXX2751
Khovdiyivka UPXX1431
Khoynicheny UPXX2752
Khrapachi UPXX6586
Khrapate UPXX1432
Khrebtiyevo UPXX7456
Khreshchatik UPXX2330
Khreshchatoye UPXX1433
Khrestishche UPXX3300
Khrestivka UPXX5855
Khretasheva UPXX2753
Khrinava UPXX2754
Khrinivka UPXX1434
Khripun UPXX8699
Khristoforovka UPXX4287
Khristoforovo UPXX4288
Khristovka UPXX7457
Khrolin UPXX7458
Khropotova UPXX7459
Khrushchevo UPXX5856
Khryatska UPXX2755
Khrypivka UPXX1435
Khryplin UPXX5091
Khrystynivka UPXX0483
Khudyaki UPXX2331
Khust UPXX0484
Khutor UPXX8700
Khutor UPXX7460
Khutor Balanin UPXX1436
Khutor Bovishchi UPXX6587
Khutor Chervonyy UPXX9944
Khutor Degtyary UPXX8702
Khutor Dubrovy UPXX1438
Khutor Fomina UPXX1440
Khutor Glubokiy UPXX1441
Khutor Gnilyaki UPXX7461
Khutor Grabok UPXX6591
Khutor Kalinovka UPXX6592
Khutor Kozachiy UPXX9945
Khutor Krasnyy UPXX6593
Khutor Lenina UPXX6594
Khutor Naddil UPXX6595
Khutor Pasiki UPXX8703
Khutor Petrovo UPXX1448
Khutor Plyushki UPXX7463
Khutor Remiza UPXX6598
Khutor Rubakov UPXX1449
Khutor Rudnya UPXX7464
Khutor Shursha UPXX1453
Khutor Stavok UPXX9946
Khutor Tarasivka UPXX2332
Khutor Veselyy UPXX5857
Khutor Veselyy UPXX4290
Khutor Veselyy UPXX1456
Khutor Voykiv UPXX7465
Khutor Voykova UPXX6600
Khutor Yelanets UPXX9948
Khutor Zelenyy UPXX4291
Khutor Zhdanov UPXX1459
Khutora Zybino UPXX8707
Khutorskoye UPXX4293
Khvorostovskoye UPXX2077
Khvorosty UPXX1462
Khvoshchevka UPXX7469
Khymchyn UPXX5092
Kichera UPXX2756
Kichintsy UPXX2333
Kidanovka UPXX6605
Kiev UPXX0486
Kilikiyev UPXX7470
Kiliya UPXX0487
Kinashev UPXX5093
Kinchaki UPXX5094
Kindiyka UPXX5858
Kipchintsy UPXX7471
Kiptivka UPXX8708
Kipyachka UPXX6606
Kirasirskiy UPXX8709
Kirdany UPXX6607
Kirgiz UPXX4295
Kirichinovka UPXX8710
Kirillovka UPXX3302
Kirilovka UPXX2334
Kirnichki UPXX0488
Kirnosov UPXX8712
Kirovka UPXX4296
Kirovo UPXX0489
Kirovo UPXX4297
Kirovo UPXX3303
Kirovo UPXX9950
Kirovo UPXX5859
Kirovo UPXX8713
Kirovohrad UPXX0047
Kirovsk UPXX0491
Kirovskoye UPXX4298
Kirovskoye UPXX3304
Kirpoty UPXX3305
Kirstintsy UPXX2757
Kiselevka UPXX1464
Kiselevka UPXX3306
Kiselevka UPXX2335
Kiseli UPXX8714
Kiseli UPXX7472
Kisevka UPXX8715
Kishentsy UPXX2336
Kislechevatoye UPXX4299
Kislichevata UPXX4300
Kislin UPXX0493
Kislitsa UPXX9951
Kislitsa UPXX0494
Kislovka UPXX8716
Kislovka UPXX6608
Kislovskiy UPXX8717
Kislyanka UPXX4301
Kitaygorod UPXX7473
Kitaygorod UPXX4302
Kitaygorodka UPXX4303
Kitchenkovka UPXX8718
Kitsevka UPXX8719
Kivachevka UPXX4304
Kivsharivka UPXX8720
Kiyany UPXX8721
Kiydantsy UPXX5095
Kiyevskiy UPXX4305
Kiylov UPXX6609
Kiziltash UPXX3307
Kizimi UPXX8722
Kizomys UPXX5860
Kizya UPXX7474
Kladkovka UPXX1465
Kladov UPXX3308
Kleban-Byk UPXX3309
Klembivka UPXX0496
Klementovichi UPXX7475
Klenivka UPXX3310
Klenovo UPXX9952
Klenovoye UPXX8723
Klepachi UPXX7476
Kleshchintsy UPXX2337
Kleshchyevka UPXX3311
Klevino UPXX1466
Klevtsova UPXX4306
Klimashevka UPXX7477
Klimenovka UPXX8724
Klimush UPXX3312
Klininy UPXX7478
Klinovoe UPXX3313
Klinovoye UPXX3314
Klinovskiye UPXX3315
Klintsy UPXX9953
Klishchevna UPXX5096
Klishkivtsi UPXX2760
Kliviny UPXX6610
Klivodin UPXX2761
Klochkiv UPXX1467
Klokuchka UPXX2762
Kloniv UPXX1468
Klopotovtsy UPXX7479
Klubivka UPXX1469
Klubovka UPXX7480
Klubovtsy UPXX5097
Klymentynivka UPXX1470
Klymkivtsi UPXX7481
Klympushi UPXX5098
Klynkyne UPXX3316
Klynove UPXX7482
Klyny UPXX5862
Klyuchevaya UPXX5863
Klyuchevonsk UPXX8726
Klyuchkin UPXX8727
Klyuki UPXX6611
Klyusy UPXX1471
Knizhkovtsy UPXX7483
Knuty UPXX1472
Knyaginichi UPXX5099
Knyaginin UPXX7484
Knyazevka UPXX5865
Knyazevo UPXX8728
Knyazhe UPXX5100
Knyazhichi UPXX6612
Knyazhnoye UPXX8729
Knyazholuka UPXX5101
Knyazhyky UPXX2340
Kobaki UPXX5103
Kobelyaky UPXX0498
Koblevo UPXX0499
Koblitsa UPXX6613
Kobolchin UPXX2763
Kobylets UPXX5104
Kobylyanka UPXX1473
Kobyzhcha UPXX0500
Kobzarevka UPXX8730
Kocherezhki UPXX4308
Kocherezhskiye UPXX4309
Kocherzhintsy UPXX2341
Kochetok UPXX0100
Kochubeyev UPXX7486
Kochubeyevka UPXX5866
Kochubeyevka UPXX8731
Kochubeyshchina UPXX1474
Kodaki UPXX6614
Kodema UPXX3317
Kodlubitsa UPXX6615
Kodra UPXX6616
Koganshchina UPXX2078
Kogutovka UPXX9954
Kokhan UPXX5105
Kokhanivka UPXX2342
Kokhanovka UPXX7487
Kokhanovka UPXX8732
Kokhovka UPXX4311
Kokhovskiy UPXX8733
Kolchakovka UPXX5867
Kolenkovtsy UPXX2764
Kolentsy UPXX5106
Kolentsy UPXX6617
Kolesets UPXX7488
Kolesniki UPXX1475
Kolesnikov UPXX8734
Kolesnikovka UPXX8735
Kolesnoye UPXX0502
Kolgospovka UPXX4312
Kolimbet UPXX5868
Kolkhoznyy UPXX8736
Kolkhozovka UPXX4313
Kolki UPXX7489
Kolki UPXX0503
Kolodenka UPXX0101
Kolodeyevka UPXX5107
Kolodeznoye UPXX8737
Kolodeznyy UPXX4314
Kolodistoye UPXX2343
Kolodnyy UPXX8738
Kolodyazi UPXX3318
Kolodzeyuv UPXX5108
Kolokolin UPXX5109
Kolomak UPXX8739
Kolomarinka UPXX7491
Kolomiytsev UPXX3319
Kolomiytsy UPXX4315
Kolomlya UPXX7492
Kolomyya UPXX0505
Koloniya UPXX8740
Koloniya Bober UPXX6618
Koloniya Troyan UPXX5110
Koloniya Zelena UPXX5111
Kolonshchina UPXX6619
Kolontayev UPXX8741
Kolontayevka UPXX8742
Kolos UPXX1476
Koloski UPXX0506
Kolosky UPXX3320
Kolosnikovo UPXX3321
Kolpakovka UPXX3322
Kolpakovka UPXX4317
Kolpyta UPXX1477
Kolteby UPXX4318
Kolubayevtsy UPXX7493
Kolyanki UPXX5112
Kolybayevka UPXX7495
Kolychovka UPXX1478
Komar UPXX3323
Komarov UPXX5113
Komarov UPXX2765
Komarov UPXX1481
Komarovka UPXX8743
Komarovka UPXX2345
Komarovka UPXX7496
Komarovka UPXX5869
Komarovka UPXX0507
Komarovka UPXX6620
Komarovtsi UPXX2766
Komary UPXX1483
Komashinskiye UPXX1484
Komekherivka UPXX5870
Komendantov UPXX8744
Komintern UPXX4319
Kominternovskoye UPXX0508
Kominy UPXX7497
Komisarivka UPXX4320
Komissarov UPXX8745
Komissarovka UPXX5871
Komissarovka UPXX8746
Kommuna Imeni UPXX8747
Kommunar UPXX3324
Kommunarovka UPXX3325
Kommunarsk UPXX0509
Kommunarskoye UPXX5872
Kommunist UPXX8748
Kompaniyivka UPXX0510
Komsomolets UPXX8751
Komsomolskoye UPXX0511
Komunarivka UPXX5874
Komysh UPXX5875
Komyshany UPXX5876
Komyshuvakha UPXX0456
Kondely UPXX4322
Kondrashevka UPXX8752
Kondratenko UPXX3332
Konela UPXX2346
Konnoye UPXX8753
Kononcha UPXX2348
Kononenkov UPXX8754
Kononov UPXX3333
Kononovka UPXX2349
Kononovka UPXX6621
Konoshevka UPXX1486
Konotop UPXX7498
Konotop UPXX0030
Konovka UPXX2767
Konstantinovka UPXX9956
Konstantinovka UPXX8755
Konstantinowka UPXX2350
Konstantynuvka UPXX5114
Kontakuzovka UPXX2351
Kontarnoye UPXX3338
Konyatyn UPXX1488
Konyatyn UPXX2768
Konyki UPXX8756
Konyushki UPXX5115
Kooperatorka UPXX8757
Koopstroy UPXX3339
Kopachev UPXX6622
Kopacheva UPXX1489
Kopachevka UPXX7499
Kopachi UPXX6623
Kopachintsy UPXX5116
Kopani UPXX8758
Kopani UPXX4325
Kopanka UPXX8759
Kopanka UPXX5118
Kopanki UPXX8760
Kopanki UPXX5119
Kopayhorod UPXX0514
Kopernik UPXX4326
Kopiyevata UPXX2352
Kopiyevka UPXX6625
Kopteva UPXX3340
Kopti UPXX1490
Kopychyntsi UPXX0515
Kopylov UPXX6626
Kopystin UPXX7500
Kopyten UPXX8761
Korabiyevka UPXX7501
Korarkovtsy UPXX7502
Korbovka UPXX8762
Korchevka UPXX7503
Korchik UPXX7504
Korchivtsi UPXX2769
Korechnoye UPXX8763
Koreiz UPXX0102
Korets UPXX0517
Korichintsy UPXX7505
Koristovka UPXX9957
Kornachovka UPXX7507
Kornev UPXX5120
Korneychenko UPXX9958
Korneyevka UPXX4327
Korneyevka UPXX6627
Kornich UPXX5121
Kornitsa UPXX7508
Korobchino UPXX9959
Korobki UPXX8764
Korobki UPXX5878
Korobky UPXX1491
Korobochkino UPXX8765
Korobovka UPXX2353
Korogod UPXX6628
Korolevka UPXX6629
Korolevka UPXX4328
Korolevka UPXX7509
Korolivka UPXX5122
Korolya UPXX5879
Korop UPXX1493
Koropovo UPXX8766
Korostok UPXX7510
Korostovat UPXX2771
Korostovichi UPXX5123
Korostyshiv UPXX0518
Korotkiy UPXX8767
Korotych UPXX0103
Korotyshche UPXX6630
Koroviy Yar UPXX3341
Koroviya UPXX2772
Korpachizna UPXX5124
Korshiv UPXX5125
Korsunka UPXX5880
Korystova UPXX7512
Korytna UPXX7513
Korytne UPXX2773
Koryukivka UPXX1495
Korzhevtsy UPXX7514
Korzhovka UPXX8768
Korzhovka UPXX7515
Kosa UPXX5881
Kosachevka UPXX1496
Kosakovka UPXX5882
Kosari UPXX2356
Kosharivka UPXX6631
Kosharnoye UPXX3343
Koshcheyevka UPXX6632
Koshelev UPXX3344
Koshelevka UPXX7517
Koshev UPXX6633
Koshevka UPXX6634
Koshivka UPXX1497
Koshkarovka UPXX4329
Koshkino UPXX3345
Koshovoy UPXX4330
Koshuya UPXX2774
Kosikovtsy UPXX7518
Kosiv UPXX5126
Kosivka UPXX6635
Koska UPXX3346
Kosmach UPXX5127
Kosmachuvka UPXX5128
Kosogorka UPXX7519
Kosovka UPXX9960
Kostenets UPXX7520
Kostev UPXX8769
Kostintsy UPXX2775
Kostobober UPXX1498
Kostobobr UPXX1499
Kostogryzovka UPXX5883
Kostohryzove UPXX5884
Kostomarovka UPXX9961
Kostopol UPXX0520
Kostromka UPXX5885
Kostryzhivka UPXX2776
Kostyanka UPXX8770
Kostyantynivka UPXX1500
Kostyantynivka UPXX0513
Kostyriv UPXX1501
Kostyuchky UPXX1502
Kostyukovka UPXX8771
Kosuv Stary UPXX5129
Kosyakovka UPXX6636
Kotelevka UPXX8772
Kotelevoye UPXX2777
Kotelva UPXX0521
Kotelyanka UPXX7521
Kotlokhay UPXX6283
Kotlovina UPXX0522
Kotlyarevka UPXX9962
Kotlyarevskoye UPXX3347
Kotlyarovka UPXX8773
Kotlyary UPXX8774
Kotovka UPXX9963
Kotovka UPXX8775
Kotovka UPXX0523
Kotovo UPXX1503
Kotovskogo UPXX4333
Kotsyubinskoye UPXX0104
Kotul Bainskiy UPXX2778
Kotul Sinekhov UPXX2779
Kotul-Ostritsa UPXX2780
Koty UPXX8776
Koty UPXX1504
Kotyurzhintsy UPXX7522
Kovalenkov UPXX8778
Kovalevka UPXX2357
Kovalevka UPXX8779
Kovalevka UPXX6638
Kovali UPXX8780
Kovali UPXX2358
Kovalin UPXX6639
Kovalivka UPXX5130
Kovalvka UPXX0525
Kovchyn UPXX1505
Kovel UPXX0063
Kovpinka UPXX1506
Kovray UPXX2359
Kovshevataya UPXX6640
Kovshilo UPXX6641
Kovtunovka UPXX8781
Kovtunovka UPXX1507
Kovtuny UPXX2360
Kovyagi UPXX8782
Koyanlovskiy Kut UPXX5887
Koybash UPXX3349
Kozachi Laheri UPXX5888
Kozachiy Gay UPXX4334
Kozachuvka UPXX2781
Kozakivka UPXX5131
Kozari UPXX5132
Kozarovichi UPXX6642
Kozary UPXX1508
Kozatskoye UPXX2361
Kozelets UPXX0527
Kozerogi UPXX1509
Kozhanka UPXX6643
Kozhevnya UPXX3351
Kozhukhovka UPXX6644
Kozichanka UPXX6645
Kozin UPXX6646
Kozina UPXX5133
Kozinka UPXX4335
Koziyevka UPXX8784
Kozlivka UPXX3352
Kozlov UPXX8785
Kozlov UPXX6648
Kozlyanychi UPXX1510
Kozodavintsy UPXX7523
Kozova UPXX0528
Kozylivka UPXX1511
Kozylivshchyna UPXX1512
Kozylovka UPXX8786
Krachanovka UPXX7524
Krachki UPXX7525
Kramarka UPXX4336
Kramarovka UPXX8788
Krapivna UPXX2362
Krapivna UPXX7526
Krapivnitskiy UPXX3353
Krapivnya UPXX6649
Krasenovka UPXX2363
Krashche Zhittya UPXX8790
Krasilovka UPXX1513
Krasilovka UPXX6650
Krasiluvka UPXX5134
Krasindorf UPXX4337
Krasino UPXX4338
Krasivoye UPXX8791
Krasivskoy UPXX8792
Krasna UPXX5135
Krasna Hirka UPXX1515
Krasnaya Armiya UPXX8793
Krasnaya Balka UPXX8794
Krasnaya Dolina UPXX8795
Krasnaya Gora UPXX3354
Krasnaya Kamenka UPXX9965
Krasnaya Khatka UPXX5890
Krasnaya Kolonka UPXX4339
Krasnaya Luka UPXX7527
Krasnaya Polyana UPXX0531
Krasnaya Polyana UPXX4340
Krasnaya Polyana UPXX8796
Krasnaya Polyana UPXX5891
Krasnaya Volya UPXX9966
Krasnaya Zarya UPXX8797
Krasnaya Zvezda UPXX5893
Krasne UPXX5894
Krasne UPXX5136
Krasne UPXX1516
Krasni Lozy UPXX1517
Krasnoarmeysk UPXX8798
Krasnoarmeyskiy UPXX8799
Krasnoarmeyskiy UPXX5896
Krasnoarmeyskoye UPXX0533
Krasnodon UPXX0534
Krasnogorka UPXX6653
Krasnogorovka UPXX3359
Krasnogorovka UPXX4341
Krasnohrad UPXX8800
Krasnokutsk UPXX8801
Krasnolesy UPXX6654
Krasnolimanskiy UPXX3360
Krasnolyubetsk UPXX5898
Krasnopavlivka UPXX8802
Krasnopillya UPXX1518
Krasnopillya UPXX0536
Krasnopillya UPXX3361
Krasnopolka UPXX2364
Krasnopolovka UPXX3363
Krasnoputna UPXX2783
Krasnoselka UPXX9968
Krasnoselka UPXX7528
Krasnoselki UPXX7529
Krasnoshchekova UPXX5899
Krasnoshchekovo UPXX4344
Krasnosillya UPXX0537
Krasnoslav UPXX5900
Krasnostav UPXX7530
Krasnostav UPXX1519
Krasnostavtsy UPXX5137
Krasnotorka UPXX0529
Krasnovka UPXX0538
Krasnoyarskiy UPXX3365
Krasnoyarskoye UPXX8805
Krasnoye UPXX0105
Krasnoye UPXX8806
Krasnoye UPXX6655
Krasnoye UPXX3366
Krasnoye UPXX2366
Krasnoye UPXX1520
Krasnoye Ozero UPXX9969
Krasnoye Pervoye UPXX6656
Krasnoye Selo UPXX5901
Krasnoye Selo UPXX7532
Krasnoye Utro UPXX4345
Krasnoye Vtoroye UPXX6657
Krasnoyillya UPXX5138
Krasnoznamenka UPXX0540
Krasnyanka UPXX6658
Krasnyk UPXX5139
Krasnyy UPXX5902
Krasnyy UPXX8807
Krasnyy UPXX3367
Krasnyy UPXX9970
Krasnyy UPXX4347
Krasnyy UPXX7533
Krasnyy Gigant UPXX8808
Krasnyy Gorodok UPXX1521
Krasnyy Khuhir UPXX1522
Krasnyy Kolyadin UPXX1523
Krasnyy Kut UPXX8809
Krasnyy Kut UPXX4348
Krasnyy Liman UPXX0541
Krasnyy Liman UPXX4349
Krasnyy Liman UPXX8810
Krasnyy Luch UPXX3369
Krasnyy Luch UPXX0542
Krasnyy Mayak UPXX3370
Krasnyy Orlik UPXX4350
Krasnyy Pod UPXX4351
Krasnyy Podol UPXX5903
Krasnyy Poselok UPXX6659
Krasnyy Udar UPXX3374
Krasnyy Ugol UPXX4352
Krasnyy Yar UPXX5904
Krasnyy Yar UPXX8813
Krasnyy Yar UPXX3375
Krasovka UPXX7534
Krasovochka UPXX7535
Krasyatychi UPXX6660
Kravtsovka UPXX4353
Kravtsovka UPXX8814
Kraznaya Zorya UPXX8815
Krekhayev UPXX1526
Krekhovychi UPXX5140
Kremenchuk UPXX0106
Kremenchuki UPXX7536
Kremenevka UPXX3376
Kremennoye UPXX3377
Kremenovka UPXX4354
Kremidov UPXX5141
Kreminna UPXX7537
Krenichi UPXX6661
Kreshchatik UPXX2785
Kreshchatoye UPXX8816
Kreshchenka UPXX5906
Krestishche UPXX8817
Krestitelevo UPXX2367
Krestopivshchyna UPXX1527
Krestovka UPXX3378
Kreydyanka UPXX8818
Kreydyanyy UPXX8819
Krikov UPXX7538
Krinichane UPXX7539
Krinichanka UPXX5907
Krinichevatoye UPXX4355
Krinichki UPXX8820
Krinichki UPXX4356
Krinichnaya UPXX0107
Krinichnoye UPXX0546
Krinichnoye UPXX8821
Krinichnyy UPXX8822
Krishtofovka UPXX7540
Krishtopovka UPXX8823
Kriusha UPXX1528
Krivachenko UPXX3380
Krivachintsy UPXX7541
Krivaya Gora UPXX6662
Krivaya Luka UPXX3381
Krivchik UPXX7542
Krivets UPXX2368
Krivets UPXX6663
Krivoluka UPXX7543
Krivorotovka UPXX3382
Krivorudka UPXX7544
Krivosheintsy UPXX6664
Krivoy Rog UPXX0547
Krivoye Ozero UPXX0548
Kronau UPXX5908
Kropivnoye UPXX0550
Kropyvnyk UPXX5143
Krucha UPXX5909
Kruglik UPXX7546
Kruglik UPXX2786
Kruglolugovka UPXX1530
Krugloye UPXX8824
Kruglyakovka UPXX8825
Kruglyy UPXX1531
Kruglyy UPXX5910
Kruhle UPXX1532
Kruhloozerka UPXX5911
Krupchany UPXX8826
Krupets UPXX7547
Krupskoye UPXX9971
Krushanovka UPXX7548
Krushynka UPXX6665
Krutaya Balka UPXX8828
Krutoy Yar UPXX5912
Krutoyarka UPXX8829
Krutoyarka UPXX9973
Krutoyarovka UPXX4358
Krutoyarovka UPXX8830
Kruty UPXX0108
Krutyye Brody UPXX7549
Krutyye Gorby UPXX6666
Krvavy Potok UPXX5144
Krychka UPXX5145
Krykhivtsi UPXX5146
Krylos UPXX5147
Krymiduv UPXX5148
Krymki UPXX9974
Krymki UPXX3386
Krymki UPXX2370
Krymskiy Bugor UPXX1535
Krymskoye UPXX0552
Krynki UPXX5913
Krynychky UPXX1536
Krynychky UPXX4359
Krysino UPXX8831
Krysky UPXX1537
Kryuchik UPXX8832
Kryuchki UPXX8833
Kryva UPXX5149
Kryvchunka UPXX2371
Kryve Ozero UPXX0109
Kryvey UPXX2788
Kryvorivnya UPXX5151
Kryvyi Rih UPXX0049
Kryvyy Rih UPXX5914
Kryvyy Rih UPXX4360
Kryzhanivka UPXX0110
Ksaverovka UPXX7550
Ksaverovka UPXX6667
Ksenofontovka UPXX4361
Kubanka UPXX0556
Kubayuvka UPXX5152
Kucha UPXX7551
Kucheravy UPXX5153
Kucherovka UPXX9975
Kucherovka UPXX8834
Kucherskoye UPXX5915
Kuchi UPXX1539
Kuchmanovka UPXX7552
Kuchuhury UPXX1541
Kuchynivka UPXX1542
Kudashevka UPXX4362
Kudayevka UPXX8835
Kudinka UPXX7553
Kudinov UPXX8836
Kudlatovka UPXX5154
Kudlayivka UPXX1543
Kudrintsy UPXX7554
Kudrivka UPXX1544
Kudryave UPXX5917
Kudryntsi UPXX7555
Kugayevtsy UPXX7556
Kuhuky UPXX1545
Kukari UPXX1546
Kukhari UPXX6668
Kukharskaya UPXX6669
Kukhary UPXX0557
Kukolivka UPXX9976
Kukolovka UPXX4363
Kukovychi UPXX1547
Kukshin UPXX1548
Kulachkovtsy UPXX5156
Kulebovka UPXX4364
Kuleshi UPXX4365
Kuleshovka UPXX2790
Kulikovka UPXX2791
Kulikovo UPXX3389
Kulinka UPXX5157
Kulykivka UPXX1549
Kulynychi UPXX0111
Kumachove UPXX3390
Kumanov UPXX7561
Kunashevka UPXX0112
Kuncha UPXX7562
Kunev UPXX0560
Kupchychi UPXX1550
Kupchynivka UPXX8839
Kupel UPXX0561
Kupene UPXX5158
Kupin UPXX8840
Kupino UPXX7564
Kupka UPXX2792
Kupovatoye UPXX6670
Kupyanka UPXX8841
Kupyansk-Uzlovoy UPXX0563
Kupyluv UPXX5159
Kupyn UPXX7565
Kurakhovka UPXX0564
Kurakhovo UPXX0565
Kurazhin UPXX7567
Kurdyumovka UPXX3392
Kuren UPXX0566
Kurganka UPXX4366
Kurilovka UPXX4367
Kurilovka UPXX8843
Kurilovka UPXX5918
Kurilovka UPXX7568
Kurlyandskiy UPXX3393
Kurniki UPXX7569
Kuropiyivka UPXX1552
Kurovechka UPXX7570
Kurovichi UPXX0567
Kurovka UPXX7571
Kuroyedovka UPXX3394
Kuroyedovka UPXX4368
Kurpaty UPXX0113
Kurtovka UPXX3395
Kuryache UPXX8847
Kuryazhanka UPXX8848
Kurylivka UPXX1553
Kushchuvakha UPXX8849
Kushnerovka UPXX7572
Kushugum UPXX0569
Kusinovtse UPXX5160
Kusiyi UPXX1554
Kustovtsy UPXX7573
Kuteynykove UPXX0570
Kutishche UPXX5161
Kutki UPXX7574
Kutkivtsi UPXX7575
Kutsaya Balka UPXX5919
Kutsevka UPXX2372
Kutsevolivka UPXX9977
Kutsivka UPXX9978
Kutso-Ganebne UPXX8851
Kutsurub UPXX0571
Kutsuruby UPXX3396
Kutuzovka UPXX8852
Kutuzovka UPXX3397
Kuty UPXX5162
Kuty Druhi UPXX1555
Kuty Pershi UPXX1556
Kuvechychi UPXX1557
Kuybysheve UPXX0573
Kuybyshevka UPXX0572
Kuybyshevo UPXX5920
Kuznetsovka UPXX3399
Kuznetsy UPXX3401
Kuznychi UPXX1559
Kvashyne UPXX3402
Kvitka UPXX9609
Kvitki UPXX2374
Kvitkove UPXX5921
Kyiv UPXX0016
Kyriyivka UPXX1560
Kyrylivka UPXX1561
Kyseliv UPXX2793
Kyselivka UPXX0492
Kyselivka UPXX1562
Kyselytsi UPXX2794
Kysli UPXX1563
Kyyinka UPXX1564
Ladan UPXX1567
Ladinka UPXX1568
Ladygi UPXX7580
Ladyzhichi UPXX6672
Ladyzhinka UPXX2375
Lageri UPXX8853
Lagodintsy UPXX7581
Lagoydeny UPXX4369
Lanchyn UPXX5164
Landestreu UPXX5165
Landman UPXX4370
Landyshevo UPXX8854
Lapinka UPXX4371
Lapkivtsi UPXX7582
Lapovka UPXX1569
Lapshin UPXX5166
Larino UPXX3404
Larynivka UPXX1570
Lashkul UPXX9979
Lashuky UPXX1571
Lasochki UPXX1572
Lastovtsy UPXX7583
Latyshevka UPXX8855
Lavriki UPXX6674
Lavrovka UPXX8856
Lavy UPXX1573
Lazarevka UPXX3406
Lazheva UPXX7584
Lazorki UPXX8857
Lazovka UPXX1575
Lazukovka UPXX8858
Lazurne UPXX5924
Lazy UPXX5167
Lebedevka UPXX8859
Lebedi UPXX1576
Lebedinka UPXX8860
Lebedinskiy UPXX4372
Lebedinyy UPXX3407
Lebedyn UPXX0577
Lebedyn UPXX0576
Lebedyn UPXX1577
Lebiddya UPXX1578
Ledyanka UPXX7585
Legezino UPXX2376
Lekechi UPXX2795
Lekert UPXX4373
Lekhnivka UPXX7586
Lekhucheny UPXX2796
Lelekovka UPXX9980
Lelev UPXX6675
Lelyaki UPXX1579
Lelyukovka UPXX8862
Lemeshi UPXX1580
Lemeshivka UPXX1581
Lemeshovka UPXX6676
Lemishchino UPXX8863
Lendin UPXX1584
Lenina UPXX8864
Lenina UPXX5925
Lenine UPXX0578
Leningrad UPXX5926
Leninka UPXX8865
Leninka UPXX5927
Lenino UPXX6677
Leninovka UPXX1585
Leninskiy UPXX3409
Leninskiy UPXX4375
Leninskoye UPXX6678
Leninskoye UPXX2377
Leninskoye UPXX5928
Leninskoye UPXX3410
Lenivka UPXX8866
Lenkovtsy UPXX2797
Lenkovtsy UPXX7587
Lennoy UPXX8867
Leonovka UPXX1586
Leonovka UPXX6679
Leonuvka UPXX5168
Lepekhovka UPXX1587
Lepesovka UPXX7588
Leplyavo UPXX0579
Leshchana UPXX7589
Leshchenki UPXX8868
Leshchinka UPXX6680
Leshnev UPXX0580
Lesivka UPXX8869
Leski UPXX5169
Leskonogi UPXX1588
Leskovka UPXX8870
Leskovtsy UPXX7590
Lesnaya Slobodka UPXX5170
Lesnaya Stenka UPXX8871
Lesnaya Sushnya UPXX2079
Lesniki UPXX6681
Lesnoy UPXX3411
Lesnoye UPXX8872
Lesnoye UPXX0114
Lesogorka UPXX7592
Lesovy UPXX1589
Letava UPXX7593
Letki UPXX0583
Letsivka UPXX5171
Letychiv UPXX0582
Letychivka UPXX2380
Levada UPXX5172
Levadki UPXX4376
Levendalovka UPXX8873
Levenok UPXX9610
Leventsovka UPXX4377
Levintsy UPXX2798
Levkovka UPXX7594
Levkovka UPXX8874
Levkovtsy UPXX7595
Levkovychi UPXX1590
Levshino UPXX3412
Levychivka UPXX1592
Leznevo UPXX7596
Lidikhovka UPXX7597
Lidino UPXX3413
Ligovka UPXX8875
Likhachev UPXX1593
Likhachikha UPXX6682
Likhnevka UPXX6683
Likholobovka UPXX8876
Liman UPXX3414
Liman UPXX8877
Liman Pervyy UPXX8878
Liman Vtoroy UPXX8879
Limanchuk UPXX3415
Limanskoye UPXX4378
Limanskoye UPXX0585
Limany UPXX0586
Linovitsa UPXX1594
Lipa UPXX5173
Lipchanovka UPXX8880
Lipetskoye UPXX8881
Lipiny UPXX7598
Lipovany UPXX2799
Lipovaya Rosheha UPXX8882
Lipovets UPXX6684
Lipovka UPXX7599
Lipovka UPXX3416
Lipovka UPXX5174
Lipovo UPXX4379
Lipovoye UPXX1595
Lipovyy UPXX3417
Lipovyy Rog UPXX1596
Liptsi UPXX0588
Liptsy UPXX8883
Lisa Hora UPXX8884
Lisanovtsy UPXX7600
Lishchansk UPXX0589
Lisintsy UPXX7602
Liski UPXX7603
Liskivka UPXX1597
Liskivshchyna UPXX1598
Liskovets UPXX2800
Liskovka UPXX4380
Lisky UPXX1599
Lisnyaki UPXX6687
Lisogorka UPXX7604
Lisohirka UPXX7605
Lisovichi UPXX6688
Lisovinovka UPXX8885
Lisovitskiy UPXX8886
Lisovka UPXX3418
Lisovody UPXX7606
Listopadovo UPXX9981
Litin UPXX0590
Litki UPXX7607
Litvinets UPXX2382
Litvinovka UPXX2383
Litvinovka UPXX4381
Litvinovka UPXX5931
Litvinovka UPXX6689
Litvinovka UPXX8887
Liubashivka UPXX0048
Livadiya UPXX0115
Lizogubovka UPXX8888
Lizunovka UPXX1601
Lobachev UPXX6690
Lobanov UPXX8889
Lobanovka UPXX8890
Lobanovskiy UPXX3419
Loboykov UPXX8891
Loboykovka UPXX4382
Lochinov UPXX8892
Lodzyanovka UPXX7608
Logachevka UPXX8893
Logi UPXX1602
Logvin UPXX6691
Logvinov UPXX3420
Lokhvytsya UPXX0593
Loknyste UPXX1603
Lokutki UPXX5176
Lolyn UPXX5177
Lomachintsy UPXX7609
Lomachintsy UPXX2801
Lomanka UPXX1604
Lomovatoye UPXX2384
Lomovka UPXX4383
Lonki UPXX7610
Lopatino UPXX1605
Lopatki UPXX5932
Lopatni UPXX1606
Lopushna UPXX2802
Lopushna UPXX5178
Lopyanka UPXX5179
Loseva Sloboda UPXX1607
Losevka UPXX1608
Losevo UPXX8894
Losevochka UPXX1609
Loshakov UPXX8895
Loshakova Guta UPXX1610
Loshkarivka UPXX0594
Loshkovtsy UPXX7611
Losinovka UPXX0595
Loska UPXX1611
Losyatin UPXX6692
Lotashovo UPXX2385
Lotovka UPXX7612
Lotsmano-Kamenka UPXX4384
Lovahy UPXX5180
Loyev UPXX0596
Loyevaya UPXX5181
Loyevtsy UPXX7613
Lozny UPXX7614
Lozova UPXX7615
Lozova UPXX8896
Lozova UPXX1613
Lozovatka UPXX2386
Lozovatka UPXX4385
Lozovatka UPXX0597
Lozovatoye UPXX9983
Lozovatyy UPXX8897
Lozovaya UPXX3421
Lozovaya UPXX8898
Lozovaya Pervaya UPXX8899
Lozovaya Vtoraya UPXX8900
Lozove UPXX1614
Lozovoy UPXX8902
Lozovoy UPXX1615
Lozovoye UPXX3422
Lozovoye UPXX4387
Lozovoye UPXX8903
Lozovskiy UPXX8904
Lozovyy Yar UPXX6693
Lozuvatka UPXX4388
Lozy UPXX5182
Lozychno UPXX7617
Lubenets UPXX5183
Lubny UPXX0035
Lubnya UPXX1617
Lubyanka UPXX1618
Lubyanka UPXX4389
Lubyanka UPXX6694
Luchintsy UPXX5184
Lug UPXX5185
Luganskoye UPXX3423
Lugova UPXX5186
Lugoviki UPXX6695
Lugovka UPXX5933
Lugovoy UPXX3425
Lugovoy UPXX5934
Lugovoy UPXX4390
Lugovoye UPXX7618
Luhove UPXX1619
Luk UPXX2803
Luka UPXX6697
Luka UPXX1620
Lukashev UPXX8906
Lukashevka UPXX1621
Lukashevka UPXX6698
Lukashevka UPXX2387
Lukashi UPXX6699
Lukashovka UPXX8907
Luki UPXX2805
Lukiyevka UPXX4391
Luknove UPXX1622
Lukovitsa UPXX2806
Lukovo UPXX3426
Lukovtsy UPXX2807
Lukvitsa UPXX5190
Lukvytsya UPXX5191
Lunacharka UPXX6700
Lunka UPXX2808
Lupachevka UPXX8908
Lupasove UPXX1624
Lushchenkov UPXX8909
Lustun UPXX2809
Lutugino UPXX0116
Luzhany UPXX2810
Luzhky UPXX5192
Luzhok UPXX8910
Luziki UPXX1625
Lyakhova UPXX8911
Lyakhovtsy UPXX5193
Lyalyuki UPXX8912
Lyalyukov UPXX8913
Lyapino UPXX3428
Lyashchovka UPXX2388
Lyashkivtsi UPXX1626
Lyashkovitsy UPXX7619
Lyashkovka UPXX4393
Lyashovka UPXX8914
Lychevka UPXX7620
Lychkovo UPXX4394
Lykhivka UPXX0584
Lykhodidivka UPXX5936
Lyman UPXX8915
Lypa UPXX5194
Lypivka UPXX1627
Lypivka UPXX5195
Lypnyazhka UPXX9984
Lypovytsya UPXX5196
Lysa Hora UPXX1628
Lysaya Balka UPXX4395
Lysets UPXX7621
Lysogorka UPXX8916
Lysohirka UPXX7622
Lysyanka UPXX0601
Lysyche UPXX3429
Lyubartsy UPXX6701
Lyubashivka UPXX0117
Lyubech UPXX0603
Lyubimaya UPXX4396
Lyubimovka UPXX4397
Lyubimovka UPXX5937
Lyubitskiy UPXX8917
Lyubizhnya UPXX5198
Lyublynka UPXX5938
Lyubomirka UPXX7623
Lyubomirka UPXX9985
Lyubomirovka UPXX4398
Lyubotyn UPXX0605
Lyubovichevo UPXX9986
Lyubovka UPXX8918
Lyubsha UPXX5199
Lyubyaz UPXX0606
Lyubymivka UPXX5939
Lyubymo-Pavlivka UPXX5941
Lyucha UPXX5200
Lyuchky UPXX5201
Lyudvikuvka UPXX5202
Lyudvinovka UPXX6702
Lyushnevato UPXX9987
Lyutarka UPXX7624
Lyutarovka UPXX7625
Lyutezh UPXX6703
Lyutizh UPXX1630
Lyutovka UPXX8919
Lyutovka Vtoraya UPXX1631
Lyzunova Rudnya UPXX1632
Magala UPXX2811
Magdenkova UPXX4399
Magnyshevka UPXX7626
Magora UPXX5203
Magosheshti UPXX2812
Mahdalynivka UPXX4400
Mahdalynivka UPXX5942
Makarikha UPXX9988
Makarikha UPXX8920
Makariv UPXX0607
Makarivka UPXX5943
Makarkha UPXX8921
Makarovka UPXX2813
Makarovka UPXX6704
Makarovo UPXX8923
Makedony UPXX6706
Makeyevka UPXX0608
Makeyevka UPXX6707
Makeyevka UPXX0609
Makhnovka UPXX1634
Makhovka UPXX8924
Makhovyky UPXX1635
Makiyivka UPXX0018
Makiyivka UPXX2389
Makoshyne UPXX1636
Makov UPXX7628
Makovishche UPXX6708
Maksaki UPXX1637
Makshiyevka UPXX5944
Maksim UPXX1638
Maksimikhi UPXX1639
Maksimilianovka UPXX3433
Maksimovichi UPXX6709
Maksimovka UPXX3434
Maksimovka UPXX2390
Maksimovka UPXX5945
Maksimovka UPXX8925
Maksimovka UPXX4402
Maksimovskiy UPXX4403
Maksymivka UPXX5205
Makyshyn UPXX1640
Mala Danylivka UPXX8927
Mala Lepetykha UPXX5948
Mala Shyshivka UPXX3435
Mala Vyska UPXX9990
Mala Yaromyrka UPXX7630
Malakhovo UPXX8928
Malakovshchina UPXX7631
Malashivtsi UPXX7632
Malaya UPXX3436
Malaya Belozerka UPXX0611
Malaya Berezanka UPXX6710
Malaya Borovitsa UPXX7633
Malaya Buromka UPXX2392
Malaya Devitsa UPXX0612
Malaya Kamenka UPXX5206
Malaya Klitna UPXX7634
Malaya Kosharka UPXX9613
Malaya Kuzheleva UPXX7635
Malaya Otrada UPXX5952
Malaya Peschanka UPXX5953
Malaya Poboyanka UPXX7637
Malaya Salikha UPXX7639
Malaya Sedeyevka UPXX3437
Malaya Shapkovka UPXX8933
Malaya Shkarovka UPXX7640
Malaya Skvirka UPXX6714
Malaya Snetinka UPXX6715
Malaya Struzhka UPXX7641
Malaya Ternavka UPXX7642
Malaya Viska UPXX0613
Malaya Zagorovka UPXX1644
Malaya Znamenka UPXX5955
Male Ustya UPXX1645
Malevanka UPXX7643
Maleyevka UPXX8936
Mali Prokhody UPXX8937
Malikina Grablya UPXX1646
Malineshti UPXX2814
Malinki UPXX7644
Malinovka UPXX3438
Malinovka UPXX8938
Malinovtsy UPXX7645
Malintsy UPXX2815
Maliyevtsy UPXX7646
Maliyky UPXX1647
Malkovka UPXX1648
Malo-Zakharino UPXX4409
Malokakhovka UPXX5956
Malomikhaylovka UPXX4410
Maloorlovka UPXX3442
Malosofiyevka UPXX4411
Malotaranovka UPXX3443
Malyarovka UPXX8939
Malynivka UPXX5958
Malynivka UPXX8940
Malynivka UPXX1649
Malynychi UPXX7647
Malyy Basov UPXX8941
Malyy Bukrin UPXX6717
Malyy Burluk UPXX8942
Malyy Cherevach UPXX6718
Malyy Chernyatin UPXX7649
Malyy Dyrchyn UPXX1650
Malyy Gvozdets UPXX5207
Malyy Klin UPXX5959
Malyy Klyuchiv UPXX5208
Malyy Korogod UPXX6720
Malyy Kuchurov UPXX2817
Malyy Lazuchin UPXX7651
Malyy Lystven UPXX1651
Malyy Orchik UPXX8943
Malyy Pravutin UPXX7652
Malyy Rzhavets UPXX2394
Malyy Shamet UPXX5960
Malyy Sknit UPXX7653
Malyy Zliyiv UPXX1652
Malyye Armyane UPXX7654
Malyye Girly UPXX5961
Malyye Kalenichi UPXX7655
Malyye Kanevtsy UPXX2395
Malyye Kopani UPXX0615
Malyye Krynki UPXX8944
Malyye Lisovtsy UPXX6721
Malyye Osnyaki UPXX1653
Malyye Yerchiki UPXX6722
Malyye Zherebki UPXX7659
Malyzhino UPXX8945
Mamalyga UPXX2818
Mamekino UPXX1654
Mamornitsa UPXX2819
Mamotov UPXX8946
Manachin UPXX7661
Manaster UPXX2820
Manastersko UPXX5209
Manchenky UPXX8948
Mandzikin UPXX4412
Manevtsy UPXX7662
Manhush UPXX0118
Manikovtsy UPXX7663
Manilovka UPXX7664
Manuilovka UPXX4413
Manukhino UPXX8949
Manuylivka UPXX3446
Manuylovka UPXX8950
Manyatin UPXX7665
Manyava UPXX5210
Manych UPXX3447
Marachevka UPXX7668
Marchenka UPXX5965
Mardarivka UPXX0617
Marenkov UPXX8955
Marfovka UPXX9994
Marganets UPXX0618
Marinichi UPXX2821
Marinka UPXX0619
Marinovka UPXX0621
Marinovka UPXX0620
Mariupol UPXX0061
Mariyanovka UPXX7669
Markevicha UPXX1657
Markeyev UPXX5966
Markhlevka UPXX7670
Markov Yar UPXX3452
Markova UPXX5212
Markovka UPXX0624
Markovka UPXX5213
Markovka UPXX7671
Markovo UPXX3453
Markovtsy UPXX7672
Markovtsy UPXX5214
Markovtsy UPXX1658
Markyne UPXX3455
Marmuliyevka UPXX6727
Marmysh UPXX1659
Marochkyne UPXX1660
Mars UPXX1661
Marshintsy UPXX2822
Marsovka Vtoraya UPXX8956
Martivka UPXX5967
Martonosha UPXX9996
Martovaya UPXX8957
Martusovka UPXX6728
Martynivka UPXX7673
Martynkovtsy UPXX7674
Martynovichi UPXX6729
Martynovka UPXX8958
Martynovka UPXX2397
Martynovka UPXX7675
Martynovka UPXX1662
Martynuv Novy UPXX5215
Martynuv Stary UPXX5216
Maryanovka UPXX0625
Marynivka UPXX3456
Masalayivka UPXX1663
Masany UPXX1664
Masheve UPXX6731
Mashevo UPXX0626
Masivtsy UPXX7676
Maslii UPXX8959
Maslovka UPXX5968
Maslovo UPXX2398
Maslovskiy UPXX8960
Maslyanovka UPXX3457
Massandra UPXX0120
Masyutkiny UPXX5969
Masyutovka UPXX8961
Materskaya UPXX7677
Mateyevka UPXX1665
Mateyevtsy UPXX5217
Matrenovka UPXX4421
Matrunki UPXX7678
Matseyevka UPXX1666
Matsogorovka UPXX3458
Matusov UPXX2399
Matveikha UPXX2400
Matveikha UPXX6733
Matveyevka UPXX9997
Matveyevka UPXX8962
Matveykovtsy UPXX7680
Matviyivka UPXX1667
Matyushi UPXX6734
Mavrino UPXX4422
Maya UPXX3459
Mayachka UPXX5970
Mayachynka UPXX5971
Mayak UPXX3460
Mayaki UPXX3461
Mayaki UPXX0628
Maybutnye UPXX1668
Maydan UPXX2823
Maydan Ispas UPXX2824
Maydan Vilsek UPXX2825
Maydan-Volyansk UPXX7686
Maydanovka UPXX6735
Mayevka UPXX4423
Mayorka UPXX4424
Mayorshchina UPXX1669
Mayskiy UPXX3462
Mazepintsy UPXX6736
Mazepintsy UPXX7687
Mazharka UPXX8964
Mazniki UPXX7688
Mechebilovo UPXX0629
Mechnikovo UPXX8965
Medisovka UPXX7689
Mednaya Ruda UPXX3463
Medovoye UPXX9998
Medtsy UPXX7690
Medukha UPXX5220
Medvedenki UPXX9999
Medvedevka UPXX6737
Medvedivka UPXX1671
Medvedovka UPXX8966
Medvin UPXX0630
Medynya UPXX5221
Medzhibozh UPXX0631
Mega UPXX2826
Mekhedovka UPXX2403
Mekshunivka UPXX1672
Melekyne UPXX3464
Melesovka UPXX2405
Melikhovka UPXX8968
Meliorativnoye UPXX4425
Meliyevo UPXX2827
Melna UPXX5223
Melovaya UPXX8969
Melovoy Yar UPXX8970
Mena UPXX0632
Menzhinskoye UPXX4426
Merefa UPXX0019
Merezhino UPXX4427
Merishor UPXX5224
Merlo UPXX8971
Mertelevo UPXX8972
Metalist UPXX3465
Metallovka UPXX8973
Meyerovka UPXX2406
Mezeryki UPXX5225
Mezherich UPXX4428
Mezhibrod UPXX2829
Mezhirich UPXX2407
Mezhluki UPXX5974
Mezhova UPXX4429
Mezhove UPXX3466
Mezhovka Shopino UPXX8974
Mezhvodnoye UPXX0634
Mezyn UPXX1673
Michurine UPXX3467
Migalki UPXX6738
Migoreni UPXX2830
Mikhalkovo UPXX2832
Mikhalkovtsy UPXX7691
Mikhalkuv UPXX5227
Mikharintsy UPXX7692
Mikhaylivka UPXX8975
Mikhaylovka UPXX1674
Mikhaylovka UPXX3468
Mikhaylovka UPXX2408
Mikhaylovka UPXX6739
Mikhaylovka UPXX0635
Mikhaylovka UPXX8976
Mikhaylovka UPXX4431
Mikhaylovka UPXX7693
Mikhaylovskiy UPXX3469
Mikhaylovtsy UPXX7694
Mikhaylyanka UPXX2833
Mikhaylyuchka UPXX7695
Mikhirintsy UPXX7696
Mikhlya UPXX7697
Mikhnov UPXX7698
Mikhnovka UPXX7699
Mikhodra UPXX2834
Mikhucheny UPXX2835
Mikitintsy UPXX5228
Miklashi UPXX7700
Mikulichi UPXX6740
Mikulin UPXX7701
Mikulintsy UPXX0121
Milevtsy UPXX7702
Mileyki UPXX1675
Miliye UPXX2836
Milodanovo UPXX4432
Milovana UPXX5230
Milove UPXX8979
Minay UPXX0122
Minkovka UPXX8980
Mircha UPXX6742
Mirgorody UPXX8981
Mirnovka UPXX4433
Mirnoye UPXX3472
Mirnyy Kurgan UPXX3473
Mirolyubovka UPXX8984
Mirolyubovka UPXX4434
Mironov UPXX1676
Mironovka UPXX8985
Mironovka UPXX4435
Mironovskiy UPXX4436
Miropolye UPXX0640
Miroshnikovka UPXX8987
Miroshnikovka UPXX5976
Mirovka UPXX0641
Mirovoye UPXX4438
Mirutin UPXX7704
Misaylovka UPXX6743
Mishchenki UPXX8988
Miskhor UPXX0123
Missiorovka UPXX7705
Mistky UPXX1677
Mitayevka UPXX6744
Mitchenki UPXX1678
Mitintsy UPXX7706
Mitrofanovka UPXX8989
Mitsovtsy UPXX7707
Mittsau UPXX2837
Mizhvodne UPXX0124
Mkhy UPXX1679
Mlachevka UPXX6745
Mleyev UPXX2409
Mlynets UPXX5231
Mlynok UPXX1680
Mlynuvka UPXX5232
Mnohopillya UPXX3477
Mochalinskiy UPXX3478
Mochulintsy UPXX7708
Mogila UPXX5233
Mogilev UPXX0644
Mogilev Pervyy UPXX4439
Mogilevka UPXX7709
Mogilevka UPXX4440
Mogilino UPXX5977
Mogilno UPXX0646
Moguchiy UPXX5978
Moiseyevka UPXX4441
Mokeyevtsy UPXX7710
Mokhnach UPXX8990
Mokhnachi UPXX1682
Mokhnatyn UPXX1683
Mokhove UPXX1684
Mokov UPXX3479
Mokra Kalyhirka UPXX2410
Mokrets UPXX7711
Mokri Velychky UPXX1685
Mokrishchevo UPXX8991
Mokrovolya UPXX7712
Mokroyelanchyk UPXX0649
Mokryy Ales UPXX2080
Molchanov UPXX1686
Molchany UPXX8992
Molnitsa UPXX2838
Molocharka UPXX8993
Molochky UPXX1687
Molochne UPXX5979
Molochnyy UPXX8994
Molodetskiy UPXX3480
Molodiya UPXX0126
Molodkiv UPXX5234
Molodovaya UPXX8996
Molodovo UPXX2839
Molodoy Shakhter UPXX3481
Molodyatin UPXX5235
Molodyluv UPXX5236
Molokanskiy UPXX5980
Molomolintsy UPXX7713
Molovatyy UPXX2840
Molozhava UPXX1688
Monachinovka UPXX8997
Monakhovo UPXX3482
Monasteriska UPXX2841
Monastyrchany UPXX5237
Monastyrek UPXX2412
Monastyrishche UPXX0651
Monastyryshche UPXX2413
Monchintsy UPXX7714
Mordino UPXX7715
Morentsy UPXX2414
Morhulychi UPXX1689
Morintsy UPXX2415
Morochne UPXX0653
Morosovka UPXX8999
Morovsk UPXX0654
Morozivka UPXX5981
Morozov UPXX7717
Morozov UPXX3483
Morozova Dolina UPXX9000
Morozovka UPXX9001
Morozovka UPXX7718
Morozovka UPXX4442
Morozovskiy UPXX4443
Morvino UPXX3484
Mosevka UPXX2416
Moshanets UPXX2842
Moshchenka UPXX1690
Moshchne UPXX1691
Moshkovtse UPXX5238
Moshny UPXX0655
Moshuriv UPXX2417
Moskalenka UPXX5982
Moskalenki UPXX9003
Moskalenki UPXX2418
Moskalevka UPXX9004
Moskalevka UPXX7719
Moskali UPXX1692
Moskalyuvka UPXX5239
Moskovka UPXX9005
Moskovskoye UPXX3485
Moskovskoye UPXX4444
Moskvets UPXX3486
Moskvitinovka UPXX7720
Moslakovka UPXX1693
Mosoreni UPXX2843
Mosorov Bayrak UPXX9006
Mospanovo UPXX9007
Mospino UPXX0656
Mospyne UPXX3487
Mostishche UPXX5240
Mostiska UPXX0657
Mostovyy UPXX9008
Mosty UPXX1694
Motyzhin UPXX6748
Moyka UPXX9009
Moyseyki UPXX6749
Mozolyuvka UPXX5241
Mriia UPXX6750
Mrin UPXX0658
Mshanets UPXX7721
Mudraya UPXX5983
Mudrogolovy UPXX7722
Mudrovka UPXX2419
Mukharev UPXX7723
Mulovshchina UPXX6751
Murafa UPXX9010
Murashkin UPXX1695
Muraveynik UPXX1697
Muraveynyk UPXX5984
Muravlevka UPXX0659
Muravlinka UPXX9011
Murivka UPXX1698
Mushketovo UPXX3489
Mushkutintsy UPXX7724
Musiyenkovo UPXX4445
Musiyki UPXX9012
Mutychiv UPXX1699
Mutykhi UPXX2420
Muzykivka UPXX5985
Myakoty UPXX7725
Myhove UPXX2844
Mykhaylivka UPXX1701
Mykhaylivka UPXX3490
Mykhaylivka UPXX0636
Mykhaylivka UPXX5986
Mykolaivka UPXX5987
Mykolayiv UPXX0020
Mykolayivka UPXX1703
Mykolayivka UPXX3491
Mykolayivka UPXX5988
Mykulychyn UPXX5243
Myloradivka UPXX4446
Mylove UPXX5989
Mynayivshchyna UPXX1704
Mynivskoye UPXX3492
Myrhorod UPXX0639
Myrne UPXX5990
Myronivka UPXX0038
Myshuryn Rih UPXX4448
Myshyn UPXX5244
Myshyne UPXX1705
Myslivka UPXX5245
Mysluv UPXX5246
Myslyatin UPXX7726
Mysovaya UPXX0662
Mysove UPXX0663
Mysy UPXX1706
Mytkovtsy UPXX7727
Mytnitsa UPXX6752
Naberezhne UPXX1707
Nabokov UPXX2421
Naddnepryanskoye UPXX5991
Nadezhdino UPXX9013
Nadezhdivka UPXX5992
Nadezhdovka UPXX4449
Nadezhdovka UPXX5993
Nadezhdovka UPXX9014
Nadezhnyy UPXX9015
Nadinovka UPXX1708
Nadiya UPXX6753
Nadiyiv UPXX5247
Nadkhovka UPXX4450
Nadorozhnaya UPXX5248
Nadtochiv UPXX9016
Nadvirna UPXX5249
Nadvornaya UPXX0664
Nadzeyuv UPXX5250
Naftulivka UPXX7728
Nagirne UPXX9017
Nagornaya UPXX2422
Nagornyy UPXX9018
Nagoryane UPXX7729
Nagoryany UPXX2845
Nakaznoye UPXX9019
Nakhailvka UPXX9020
Nakot UPXX1709
Nalivaykovka UPXX6754
Napadovka UPXX7730
Naporovka UPXX1710
Narayevka UPXX7731
Narkevychi UPXX7732
Nasilevka UPXX1711
Nastashino UPXX5251
Nastashka UPXX6755
Nastasovka UPXX4451
Nastosovka UPXX9021
Natalivka UPXX5995
Natashyne UPXX0665
Natyanskiy UPXX9023
Naumivka UPXX1712
Naumovka UPXX5996
Navariya UPXX0127
Naydorf UPXX5997
Nazarenkove UPXX5252
Nazarovka UPXX4454
Nazarovka UPXX3493
Nazartsev UPXX9024
Nazavizov UPXX5253
Nazirna UPXX5254
Nebilitsa UPXX6756
Nebrat UPXX6757
Nebyliv UPXX5255
Nechayannoye UPXX0667
Nechayevka UPXX2423
Nechiporovka UPXX6758
Nechvolodovka UPXX9025
Nedanchychi UPXX1713
Nedayvoda UPXX4455
Nedoboyevtsy UPXX2846
Nedra UPXX6759
Nefedovtsy UPXX7733
Nefidovka UPXX9027
Negin UPXX7734
Negovtsy UPXX5256
Negrintsy UPXX2847
Nekhayivka UPXX1714
Nekhayki UPXX2424
Nekremennoye UPXX3494
Nelepovka UPXX3495
Nelipovtsy UPXX2848
Nemeryntsy UPXX7735
Nemeshayevo UPXX6760
Nemirentsy UPXX7736
Nemirintsy UPXX7737
Nemirovka UPXX7738
Nemorozh UPXX2425
Nemychyntsi UPXX7739
Nemyriv UPXX0668
Nenadikha UPXX6761
Nepolakivtsi UPXX2849
Neporotovo UPXX2850
Nerushay UPXX0669
Nesfoyya UPXX2851
Neskuchne UPXX9028
Neskuchnoye UPXX3496
Nesternoye UPXX9029
Nesterov UPXX0670
Nesterovka UPXX2426
Nesterovtsy UPXX7740
Nestileyevka UPXX9030
Nesvoy UPXX2852
Netaylovka UPXX9031
Netechintsy UPXX7741
Neterebka UPXX2427
Netishyn UPXX7742
Nevklya UPXX1715
Nevochin UPXX5257
Nevskiy UPXX5998
Neyelovka UPXX9032
Neygeym UPXX3497
Neykhyute UPXX2853
Neyman UPXX3498
Neyzuchka UPXX2854
Nezabudina UPXX4456
Nezamozhne UPXX1716
Nezamozhnik UPXX5999
Nezamozhnoye UPXX6762
Nezhdanovka UPXX9033
Nezhilovichi UPXX6763
Nezvisko UPXX5258
Nikanorovka UPXX3499
Nikiforivka UPXX4457
Nikiforovka UPXX3500
Nikiforovo UPXX3501
Nikita UPXX0128
Nikitino UPXX3502
Nikitovka UPXX3503
Nikolaevka UPXX0675
Nikolayev UPXX7743
Nikolayev UPXX0673
Nikolayev UPXX9036
Nikolayevka UPXX1717
Nikolayevka UPXX0674
Nikolayevka UPXX4462
Nikolayevka UPXX3505
Nikolayevka UPXX2428
Nikolayevka UPXX9037
Nikolayevka UPXX0678
Nikolayevskiy UPXX1718
Nikolskoye UPXX0679
Niverka UPXX7744
Nivochin UPXX5259
Niyelovka UPXX9041
Nizheye Solenoye UPXX9042
Nizhne-Plesovaya UPXX9043
Nizhne-Zemlyanki UPXX9044
Nizhne-Zorinskiy UPXX9045
Nizhnedneprovsk UPXX4463
Nizhneye UPXX0681
Nizhneye UPXX5260
Nizhniy Bishkin UPXX9046
Nizhniy Burluk UPXX9047
Nizhniy Rogachik UPXX6002
Nizhniy Verbizh UPXX5261
Nizhnyanka UPXX4464
Nizhnyaya Krynka UPXX3511
Nizhyn UPXX0029
Nizy UPXX0683
Nogachevka UPXX7748
Nortsovka UPXX9051
Noryl UPXX7749
Norytsya UPXX1719
Nosachev UPXX2429
Nosachi UPXX4465
Nosivka UPXX0684
Nova Buda UPXX1721
Nova Hurynivka UPXX1722
Nova Kakhovka UPXX6003
Nova Mayachka UPXX6004
Nova Olekciyivka UPXX9052
Nova Papirnya UPXX1723
Nova Pisochna UPXX7750
Nova Pratsya UPXX6005
Nova Rudnya UPXX1724
Nova Ushytsya UPXX7751
Nova Vodolaha UPXX9053
Nova-Guta UPXX5264
Nova-Lyashkuvka UPXX2856
Novaya UPXX3512
Novaya Annovka UPXX4467
Novaya Basan UPXX0685
Novaya Bubnovka UPXX7752
Novaya Buda UPXX6765
Novaya Dacha UPXX4468
Novaya Dmitrovka UPXX9056
Novaya Dmitrovka UPXX2430
Novaya Fedorovka UPXX9057
Novaya Greblya UPXX6766
Novaya Greblya UPXX2431
Novaya Greblya UPXX7753
Novaya Guta UPXX7754
Novaya Ivanovka UPXX6007
Novaya Ivanovka UPXX9058
Novaya Ivanovka UPXX0686
Novaya Kaluga UPXX6008
Novaya Kamenka UPXX3513
Novaya Kamenka UPXX6009
Novaya Kovna UPXX4471
Novaya Krasnitsa UPXX6767
Novaya Mayachka UPXX0687
Novaya Moldaviya UPXX4472
Novaya Odessa UPXX9063
Novaya Odessa UPXX0688
Novaya Orzhitsa UPXX6768
Novaya Pavlovka UPXX4473
Novaya Petrovka UPXX9065
Novaya Praga UPXX0689
Novaya Rubanovka UPXX6012
Novaya Rudka UPXX9614
Novaya Sinyavka UPXX7755
Novaya Skadovka UPXX6013
Novaya Ukrainka UPXX9067
Novaya Vodolaga UPXX0690
Novaya Zarya UPXX4475
Novaya Zburyevka UPXX0691
Novaya Zhadova UPXX2857
Novaya Zimnitsa UPXX2081
Nove UPXX6019
Nove Porichchya UPXX7756
Nove-Misto UPXX2432
Novgorodskoye UPXX3515
Novi Borovychi UPXX1729
Novi Mlyny UPXX1730
Novi Yarylovychi UPXX1731
Novichi UPXX7757
Novo Ivanovka UPXX9068
Novo Petrovka UPXX9069
Novo-Alekseyevka UPXX3517
Novo-Andreyevka UPXX4479
Novo-Arkhangelsk UPXX0693
Novo-Berezovka UPXX3520
Novo-Bratskiy UPXX6023
Novo-Dmitriyevka UPXX6024
Novo-Dmitrovka UPXX9071
Novo-Dmitrovka UPXX6026
Novo-Dubovka UPXX3521
Novo-Gavriya UPXX3522
Novo-Gdantsevka UPXX4481
Novo-Georgiyevsk UPXX0694
Novo-Gnilitsa UPXX9073
Novo-Grishino UPXX3524
Novo-Ivanovka UPXX9074
Novo-Kairy UPXX6028
Novo-Kamenka UPXX4486
Novo-Karpovka UPXX3525
Novo-Kavkaz UPXX3526
Novo-Khaprovo UPXX3527
Novo-Kostyrka UPXX6029
Novo-Leninka UPXX6030
Novo-Mayorskoye UPXX3529
Novo-Mikhaylovka UPXX9075
Novo-Mikhaylovka UPXX4491
Novo-Mikhaylovka UPXX3530
Novo-Mikhaylovka UPXX6031
Novo-Mogilev UPXX4492
Novo-Nikitovka UPXX9076
Novo-Nikolayevka UPXX6032
Novo-Nikolayevka UPXX3531
Novo-Nikolayevka UPXX9077
Novo-Nikolayevka UPXX4493
Novo-Olenovka UPXX3534
Novo-Parafiyevka UPXX9078
Novo-Pavlovka UPXX3535
Novo-Pavlovka UPXX6033
Novo-Pavlovka UPXX4495
Novo-Pavlovka UPXX9079
Novo-Petrovka UPXX3537
Novo-Petrovka UPXX6034
Novo-Petrovka UPXX9080
Novo-Petrovskiy UPXX4496
Novo-Podkryazh UPXX4498
Novo-Pokrovskoye UPXX4500
Novo-Polonnoye UPXX0798
Novo-Rayskoye UPXX3539
Novo-Romanovka UPXX3540
Novo-Semenovka UPXX4501
Novo-Shramkovka UPXX2433
Novo-Sofiyevka UPXX4502
Novo-Sofiyevka UPXX3541
Novo-Ternovka UPXX3542
Novo-Troitsk UPXX4503
Novo-Troitskoye UPXX3543
Novo-Tyaginka UPXX6037
Novo-Ukrainka UPXX9081
Novo-Ukrainka UPXX3544
Novo-Ukrainka UPXX4505
Novo-Viktorovka UPXX3546
Novo-Vitebsk UPXX4508
Novo-Vodyanaya UPXX4510
Novo-Voskresensk UPXX6038
Novo-Vybrevo UPXX3547
Novo-Yelenovka UPXX3548
Novoalekseyevka UPXX0698
Novoandreyevka UPXX0699
Novoatamanskoye UPXX3552
Novobakhmutovka UPXX3553
Novobelyanka UPXX3554
Novoberetskiy UPXX9083
Novobeshevo UPXX3555
Novobunakovo UPXX9084
Novochaykino UPXX3556
Novodanylivka UPXX0701
Novodmitrovka UPXX6042
Novodmitrovka UPXX4514
Novodmytrivka UPXX6043
Novodonetskoye UPXX3557
Novodonovka UPXX9085
Novofedorovka UPXX6045
Novogrednevo UPXX6046
Novogriggoryevka UPXX0703
Novogrigorovka UPXX3559
Novogrodovka UPXX3560
Novohryhorivka UPXX0704
Novoignatyevka UPXX0705
Novoivanivka UPXX3562
Novokamyshevakha UPXX9087
Novokaterynivka UPXX3563
Novokayunno UPXX3564
Novokhatskiy UPXX3565
Novokiyevka UPXX4515
Novoklinovka UPXX3566
Novokrasnovka UPXX3567
Novokurskoye UPXX0707
Novokyyivka UPXX0706
Novolaspa UPXX3568
Novomarkivka UPXX5265
Novomaryevka UPXX0708
Novomaysk UPXX6049
Novomikhaylovka UPXX3570
Novomirovka UPXX6770
Novomoskovsk UPXX0709
Novomykhaylivka UPXX6050
Novomykolayivka UPXX6051
Novomyrhorod UPXX0695
Novonatalivka UPXX6052
Novonikolayev UPXX9088
Novonikolayevka UPXX3571
Novonikolayevka UPXX9089
Novonikolayevka UPXX6053
Novooleksiyivka UPXX0129
Novoorlovka UPXX3573
Novoosinovo UPXX9090
Novopavlovka UPXX6056
Novopavlovka UPXX9091
Novopavlovka UPXX4519
Novopavlovskiy UPXX1732
Novopelahiyivka UPXX3574
Novopetrikovka UPXX3575
Novopetrivka UPXX0711
Novopetrovka UPXX6057
Novopetrovka UPXX3577
Novopetrovskoye UPXX3578
Novoplatonovka UPXX9092
Novoplatonovka UPXX3579
Novopokrovka UPXX6058
Novopokrovka UPXX0130
Novopokrovka UPXX4520
Novopskov UPXX0713
Novoraysk UPXX6059
Novorossiyskoye UPXX6060
Novosadovyy UPXX3581
Novoselidovka UPXX3582
Novoselitsa UPXX7759
Novoselitsa UPXX2434
Novoselitsa UPXX5266
Novoselivka UPXX1733
Novoselka UPXX5269
Novoselka UPXX2860
Novoselka UPXX6061
Novoselka UPXX3583
Novoselka UPXX7760
Novoselki UPXX6771
Novoselovka UPXX3584
Novoselovka UPXX9094
Novoselovka UPXX4523
Novoselovna UPXX9095
Novoselovskoye UPXX0715
Novoselytsya UPXX0714
Novoselytsya UPXX5270
Novosemenovka UPXX9096
Novoserpukhovka UPXX9097
Novoshepelychi UPXX6773
Novoshipovatoye UPXX9098
Novoshyn UPXX5271
Novosilka UPXX7761
Novosilky UPXX1734
Novosofiyevka UPXX6063
Novosofiyevskiy UPXX1735
Novostavtsy UPXX7762
Novostepanovka UPXX4524
Novostroy UPXX3586
Novostroyevka UPXX7763
Novotoretskoye UPXX3587
Novotroitskiy UPXX9099
Novotroitskoye UPXX3588
Novoukrainka UPXX3589
Novoukrainka UPXX2436
Novoukrayinka UPXX6064
Novoukrayinka UPXX0696
Novovasylivka UPXX6065
Novovladimirovka UPXX6066
Novovodyanoye UPXX3590
Novovorontsovka UPXX6068
Novovyazovskoye UPXX4525
Novoyavlenka UPXX3592
Novoye UPXX3593
Novoye UPXX4526
Novoye UPXX9101
Novoye Mazharovo UPXX9102
Novoye Selo UPXX7764
Novoye Solntsevo UPXX3594
Novoyefremivka UPXX6070
Novoyegorovka UPXX9103
Novoyelanchik UPXX3595
Novozaberetskiy UPXX9104
Novozhitomir UPXX4527
Novoznamenka UPXX6071
Novy-Svet UPXX2861
Novychka UPXX5272
Novytsya UPXX5273
Novyy Azov UPXX6072
Novyy Belovezh UPXX3597
Novyy Bilous UPXX1737
Novyy Brod UPXX1738
Novyy Burluk UPXX9105
Novyy Bykiv UPXX1739
Novyy Bykov UPXX0718
Novyy Chizvik UPXX9107
Novyy Donbass UPXX3598
Novyy Etap UPXX6073
Novyy Glybov UPXX1740
Novyy Hay UPXX6074
Novyy Klin UPXX6284
Novyy Komar UPXX3599
Novyy Kremenchuk UPXX4528
Novyy Krivin UPXX7766
Novyy Krivoy Rog UPXX4529
Novyy Krym UPXX3600
Novyy Liman UPXX9108
Novyy Maydan UPXX7767
Novyy Merchik UPXX9109
Novyy Mir UPXX9110
Novyy Mir UPXX6774
Novyy Mir UPXX4530
Novyy Myr UPXX6075
Novyy Parizh UPXX9111
Novyy Poselok UPXX4531
Novyy Shcherbak UPXX3602
Novyy Sibirsk UPXX6076
Novyy Svet UPXX7768
Novyy Svet UPXX3603
Novyy Svet UPXX9112
Novyy Svet UPXX6077
Novyy Svit UPXX3604
Novyy Trud UPXX6078
Novyy Zavod UPXX1741
Novyye Krivotuly UPXX5275
Novyye Lagerya UPXX6079
Novyye Mlyny UPXX1742
Novyye Petrovtsy UPXX6776
Novyye Sadki UPXX3605
Novyye Sanzhary UPXX0719
Novyye Sokoly UPXX6777
Novyye Terny UPXX3606
Nurovo UPXX9113
Nyzhni Petrivtsi UPXX2864
Nyzhni Sirohozy UPXX6080
Nyzhni Synivtsi UPXX2865
Nyzhni Torhayi UPXX6081
Nyzhniv UPXX5277
Nyzhniy Bereziv UPXX5278
Nyzkivka UPXX1743
Nyzy UPXX0132
Obertyn UPXX0721
Obmachev UPXX1744
Obolon UPXX0722
Obolonnya UPXX5282
Obolonnya UPXX0723
Obrizne UPXX3609
Obroshyne UPXX0133
Obryv UPXX3610
Obukhiv UPXX6778
Obukhov UPXX0726
Obukhovichi UPXX6779
Obukhovka UPXX9114
Obychev UPXX1745
Ocadkovka UPXX9115
Ochakiv UPXX0727
Ochakovskoye UPXX6083
Ocheretina Balka UPXX4535
Ocheretino UPXX3611
Ocheretovatoye UPXX4536
Odayev UPXX5283
Odayi UPXX5284
Odessa UPXX0021
Odinkovka UPXX4537
Odintsy UPXX1746
Odnorobovka UPXX9116
Odradivka UPXX6084
Odrynka UPXX9117
Ogarkovo UPXX6085
Ogibnoye UPXX9118
Ogiyevka UPXX9119
Ogiyevtsy UPXX7770
Ogorodnoye UPXX0729
Ogrody UPXX5285
Ogrody UPXX2866
Ogultsy UPXX0730
Ogurtsovka UPXX9121
Ohirtseve UPXX9122
Okhmatov UPXX2437
Okhocheye UPXX9123
Okhotnichiy UPXX4539
Okhramiyevychi UPXX1747
Okhrimovka UPXX4540
Okhrimovtsy UPXX7771
Okhtyrka UPXX0195
Okniny UPXX7772
Okno UPXX2867
Okop UPXX7773
Okop UPXX9125
Okremyy Les UPXX6780
Oksanino UPXX2438
Oktyabr Skoye UPXX0731
Oktyabrya UPXX9129
Okuninov UPXX1748
Oleksandrivka UPXX0197
Oleksandrivka UPXX1751
Oleksandrivka UPXX3620
Oleksandrivka UPXX0134
Oleksandrivka UPXX9138
Oleksandriya UPXX0198
Oleksiyivka UPXX6091
Olenevka UPXX0733
Olennikov UPXX9139
Olenovka UPXX3622
Olesha UPXX5288
Oleshin UPXX7777
Oleshkuv UPXX5289
Oleshnya UPXX6784
Oleshnya UPXX1753
Oleshov UPXX5290
Oleyeva Kornyuv UPXX5291
Oleyniki UPXX7778
Oleyniki UPXX9140
Oleynikovo UPXX9141
Olginka UPXX0734
Olishevka UPXX0735
Oliva UPXX6786
Oliynyky UPXX1754
Olizarovka UPXX6787
Olkhovatka UPXX0736
Olokheyevka UPXX6092
Olshany UPXX0738
Olshany UPXX0737
Olyveno UPXX9142
Ombish UPXX1755
Omelivka UPXX9144
Omelnik UPXX0739
Onatskovtsy UPXX7779
Onufriyevka UPXX2443
Onut UPXX2868
Onyshkovtsy UPXX7780
Opachichi UPXX6788
Oparino UPXX9145
Oposhnya UPXX0724
Oprysheny UPXX2869
Opryshovtse UPXX5293
Opytnoye UPXX3623
Oradovka UPXX2444
Orannoye UPXX6789
Orchik UPXX9146
Ordanovka UPXX4543
Ordintsy UPXX7781
Ordovka UPXX9147
Ordzhonikidze UPXX4544
Ordzhonikidze UPXX6790
Oreanda UPXX0135
Orekhov UPXX3624
Orekhovatka UPXX3625
Orekhovets UPXX6791
Orekhovo UPXX4545
Orekhovoye UPXX4546
Orekhovskiy UPXX3627
Orinin UPXX7782
Orli UPXX2445
Orlikoyarskiy UPXX9149
Orlinskaya UPXX3628
Orlintsy UPXX7783
Orlivka UPXX1756
Orlova UPXX6094
Orlovka UPXX1757
Orlovka UPXX3629
Orlovka UPXX4548
Orlovo UPXX6095
Orlovo-Ivanovka UPXX3630
Orlovshchina UPXX4549
Orly UPXX4550
Orlyanka UPXX9150
Orlyanskoye UPXX0742
Orlykivka UPXX1758
Oroshilovka UPXX9151
Orshivtsi UPXX2870
Orzhytsya UPXX0743
Osadche UPXX4551
Oseshchino UPXX6792
Oshikhleby UPXX2872
Oshitki UPXX0744
Osichki UPXX9152
Osinnik UPXX9153
Osinovo UPXX9154
Osipovka UPXX4552
Osipovka UPXX7784
Osipovka UPXX6793
Oskol UPXX9155
Oslamov UPXX7785
Osmoloda UPXX5295
Osnova UPXX9156
Osokorovka UPXX6096
Osokovka UPXX9157
Osov UPXX1761
Ostapkovtsy UPXX7786
Ostapovka UPXX1762
Ostapovka UPXX4553
Ostapovo UPXX0746
Ostashki UPXX7787
Oster UPXX0747
Ostoya UPXX7788
Ostra UPXX2873
Ostraya-Mogila UPXX6794
Ostre UPXX5296
Ostritsa UPXX2874
Ostriyki UPXX6795
Ostroh UPXX0748
Ostrosi UPXX9159
Ostrov UPXX5297
Ostrov UPXX6797
Ostrovchany UPXX7789
Ostroverkhi UPXX9160
Ostroverkhovka UPXX9161
Ostrovets UPXX2446
Ostrovets UPXX5298
Ostrovka UPXX7790
Ostrovskogo UPXX9162
Ostroye UPXX3631
Ostrozhany UPXX2447
Ostrynya UPXX5299
Osykove UPXX3632
Osykovo UPXX6798
Osypenko UPXX0745
Otashev UPXX6799
Otday-Pole UPXX6800
Otdokhnina UPXX9163
Otrada-Kamenka UPXX6097
Otradnoye UPXX9164
Otradnyy UPXX3633
Otradovka UPXX3634
Otradovo UPXX9165
Otrokov UPXX7791
Otyniya UPXX5300
Ovinnyy UPXX9166
Ovruch UPXX0751
Ovsyaniki UPXX7792
Ozeredy UPXX1763
Ozerishche UPXX2448
Ozerna UPXX0753
Ozernaya UPXX6801
Ozerne UPXX0752
Ozernoye UPXX4555
Ozernoye UPXX9167
Ozershchina UPXX6802
Ozeryane UPXX1764
Ozeryanka UPXX9168
Ozeryanovka UPXX3635
Ozeryany UPXX5301
Ozeryany UPXX6098
Ozeryany UPXX0754
Ozharovka UPXX7793
Ozhegovka UPXX6803
Ozhenkovka UPXX4556
Ozhevo UPXX2875
Ozhigovtsy UPXX7794
Pakhutintsy UPXX7795
Palagichi UPXX5302
Palanka UPXX2449
Palyanishniki UPXX9169
Palyanytsya UPXX5303
Pamyatnoye UPXX6100
Panfily UPXX6804
Panka UPXX2876
Pankov UPXX6285
Panovka UPXX3636
Panskiy Mist UPXX2450
Panteleymonovka UPXX4559
Panyutyne UPXX9173
Paplintsy UPXX7798
Parafiyevka UPXX0755
Paraskoveyevka UPXX9174
Paraskoveyevka UPXX3638
Paraskoviya UPXX9175
Parishev UPXX6805
Paristovka UPXX1769
Parkhimov UPXX1770
Parkhomovka UPXX9177
Parkhomovka UPXX6806
Parkhomovtsy UPXX7799
Parnevatoye UPXX9178
Parnoy UPXX9179
Parnya UPXX1771
Parshnevo UPXX6102
Partentsy UPXX7800
Partizany UPXX6103
Partyzany UPXX0756
Parutino UPXX0757
Paryshche UPXX5304
Pasatu UPXX2877
Pasechna UPXX7801
Pasechna UPXX5305
Pasechnaya UPXX7802
Paseka UPXX9181
Paseki UPXX9182
Pashchinovka UPXX9183
Pashena-Balka UPXX4561
Pashkovka UPXX6807
Pashkovtsy UPXX7803
Pashkovtsy UPXX2878
Pashuki UPXX7804
Pashutintsy UPXX7805
Pasichna UPXX5306
Paskovskiye UPXX9184
Pasterskoye UPXX2451
Pataleyevka UPXX6808
Patrintsy UPXX7806
Patriotychne UPXX3639
Patsykiv UPXX5307
Patsykov UPXX5308
Patyuty UPXX1772
Paulinovka UPXX6809
Pavlenkov UPXX9185
Pavlikovtsy UPXX7807
Pavlivka UPXX0760
Pavlivka UPXX1773
Pavlohrad UPXX4562
Pavlopillya UPXX4563
Pavlova UPXX4564
Pavlove Pole UPXX9187
Pavlovka UPXX0759
Pavlovka UPXX0758
Pavlovka UPXX2452
Pavlovka UPXX6105
Pavlovka UPXX9188
Pavlovka UPXX4565
Pavlovka Vtoraya UPXX9189
Pavlovo UPXX9190
Pavlovo UPXX6106
Pavlovskaya UPXX4566
Pavlysh UPXX0761
Pavlyukovka UPXX9191
Paznev UPXX9192
Pechenegi UPXX0762
Pechenezhskiy UPXX9194
Pechenizhyn UPXX5310
Pechenyugi UPXX1775
Pecheski UPXX7808
Pecheskoye UPXX7809
Pechi UPXX1776
Pechivody UPXX7810
Pedashka Pervaya UPXX9195
Pedinovka UPXX2453
Pekari UPXX2454
Pekariv UPXX1777
Pekurivka UPXX1778
Pelageyevka UPXX0763
Peradriyeyo UPXX3644
Perebykovtsy UPXX2879
Perechyn UPXX0764
Peredil UPXX1779
Peredivane UPXX5311
Peredovoye UPXX3645
Peregonovka UPXX6810
Perehinka UPXX7813
Perekhodovka UPXX1780
Perekhresne UPXX5313
Perekhrestne UPXX5314
Perekop UPXX0765
Perekop UPXX6107
Perelyub UPXX1781
Peremoga UPXX6811
Peremoga UPXX3646
Peremoga UPXX9198
Peremoha UPXX6108
Peremoha UPXX9199
Peremotova UPXX9200
Peremyshlyany UPXX0766
Perepys UPXX1782
Pererezanyy UPXX9201
Pereroslov UPXX7815
Pererost UPXX1783
Pererovi UPXX5316
Perervantsy UPXX2455
Peresadovka UPXX0767
Peresazh UPXX1784
Peresel UPXX9202
Pereseleniye UPXX6812
Pereshchepino UPXX0768
Pereshin UPXX6109
Peresichna UPXX9203
Perevolochnaya UPXX1785
Perevozets UPXX5317
Pereyaslovka UPXX1786
Pereyezdnoye UPXX3647
Perkovka UPXX9204
Perkovtsy UPXX2880
Perlovtse UPXX5318
Pershe Travnya UPXX2456
Pershe Travnya UPXX1787
Pershe Travnya UPXX4569
Pershopokrovka UPXX6112
Pershotravenka UPXX4570
Pershotravensk UPXX4571
Pershotravneve UPXX1788
Pershotravnevoye UPXX9205
Pershotravnevoye UPXX0770
Perspektivnyy UPXX4572
Pervaya Balka UPXX3648
Pervaya Lipovka UPXX9206
Pervo-Mayskiy UPXX6113
Pervomayevka UPXX6114
Pervomaysk UPXX0771
Pervomaysk UPXX6115
Pervomayskiy UPXX4573
Pervomayskiy UPXX0772
Pervomayskiy UPXX7816
Pervomayskoye UPXX9209
Pervomayskoye UPXX6116
Pervomayskoye UPXX2457
Pervomayskoye UPXX0773
Pervoye UPXX9210
Pervoye Maya UPXX3654
Pervoye Maya UPXX9212
Pervoye Maya UPXX4574
Pervozvanovka UPXX4575
Peschanaya UPXX6814
Peschanka UPXX4576
Peschanka UPXX9213
Peschanovka UPXX6117
Peschanoye UPXX3655
Peschanoye UPXX6118
Peschanyy UPXX4577
Peschanyy UPXX9215
Pesets UPXX7817
Peski UPXX1790
Peski UPXX9216
Peski UPXX6815
Pesochin UPXX9218
Pesotskoye UPXX3656
Petranka UPXX5319
Petrashani UPXX2881
Petrashevka UPXX6816
Petrashovka UPXX7818
Petrenkov UPXX9219
Petrenkove UPXX9220
Petrenky UPXX3657
Petrichanka UPXX2882
Petrikov UPXX0137
Petrikovka UPXX4578
Petrikovo UPXX9221
Petrikovtsy UPXX7819
Petrilov UPXX5320
Petrivka UPXX0777
Petrivka UPXX0776
Petrivka UPXX1791
Petrivskoye UPXX6818
Petro-Ivanovka UPXX4579
Petroostrov UPXX2459
Petropavlivka UPXX3659
Petropavlivka UPXX4580
Petropavlovka UPXX2460
Petropavlovka UPXX4581
Petropavlovka UPXX6119
Petropavlovka UPXX9224
Petropavlovka UPXX3660
Petropavlovskiye UPXX9225
Petrouts UPXX2883
Petrov UPXX5321
Petrova Sloboda UPXX1792
Petrove UPXX1793
Petrove UPXX0780
Petrovka UPXX0775
Petrovka UPXX4583
Petrovka UPXX6120
Petrovka UPXX1794
Petrovka UPXX0779
Petrovka UPXX0778
Petrovka Vtoraya UPXX9228
Petrovka Vtoraya UPXX3662
Petrovka-Popovka UPXX2461
Petrovo-Dolina UPXX4584
Petrovskaya UPXX4585
Petrovskiy UPXX9229
Petrovskiy UPXX4586
Petrovskiy UPXX3663
Petrovskiy UPXX1795
Petrovskogo UPXX9230
Petrovskogo UPXX4587
Petrovskogo UPXX6122
Petrovskoye UPXX1796
Petrovskoye UPXX3664
Petrovskoye UPXX6123
Petrovskoye UPXX4588
Petrovskoye UPXX0781
Petrushi UPXX1797
Petrushyn UPXX1798
Petrusovskiy UPXX3665
Petrykivka UPXX4589
Petryky UPXX1799
Pevtsy UPXX1800
Pevtsy UPXX6821
Piatykhatky UPXX0814
Pidhaychyky UPXX5322
Pidhirne UPXX1801
Pidhirtsi UPXX6822
Pidhorodne UPXX0138
Pidlisky UPXX5323
Pidlissya UPXX5324
Pidlyvche UPXX5325
Pidmykhaylya UPXX5326
Pidpechery UPXX5327
Pidsukhy UPXX5328
Pidvarki UPXX6823
Pidvysoke UPXX5329
Pii UPXX6824
Pikuzy UPXX3666
Pilipcha UPXX6825
Pilipchatino UPXX3667
Pilipkovtsy UPXX7820
Pilipovka UPXX6826
Pilipy UPXX7822
Pilki UPXX7825
Pilyava UPXX6827
Pilyava UPXX0783
Pilyavka UPXX7826
Pilyavshchyzna UPXX5331
Pinchuki UPXX6828
Pioner UPXX9232
Pirnove UPXX6829
Pirogovichi UPXX6830
Pirogovka UPXX1802
Pirogovka UPXX7827
Pirogovtsy UPXX7828
Pirotskogo UPXX6124
Piryatin UPXX0784
Pisarevka UPXX9233
Pisarevka UPXX4591
Pisarevka UPXX7829
Pischiki UPXX6831
Pishchane UPXX9234
Pishchanka UPXX1803
Pishchevik UPXX3668
Piskivka UPXX6832
Piskunovka UPXX3669
Piskuny UPXX3670
Pisky UPXX1804
Pismechevo UPXX4592
Pitchnikova UPXX3671
Pitomnik UPXX9235
Pitrych UPXX5332
Pivdenne UPXX0139
Pivni UPXX6833
Pivnivshchyna UPXX1805
Piylo UPXX5333
Piznopaly UPXX1806
Plakhtiyivka UPXX0786
Plakhtyanka UPXX6834
Platonovka UPXX3672
Platonovskiy UPXX3673
Platovoye UPXX9615
Play UPXX2884
Plekhtiyivka UPXX1808
Pleshchin UPXX7830
Pleshkany UPXX2462
Pleskachevka UPXX9237
Plesna UPXX7831
Plesovaya UPXX9238
Pletenivka UPXX9239
Pletna UPXX2885
Pliskachevka UPXX2463
Pliski UPXX1809
Plitok UPXX6836
Plodorodnoye UPXX0787
Plokhanovka UPXX6837
Ploska UPXX2886
Ploskiy UPXX9240
Plosko UPXX7832
Ploskoyarskiy UPXX9241
Ploskoye UPXX6838
Ploskoye UPXX9242
Ploskoye UPXX1810
Plotva UPXX9243
Pluzhnoye UPXX7833
Plyakovka UPXX2464
Plyta UPXX2887
Plyushkino UPXX1811
Plyutinets UPXX6839
Pniv UPXX5334
Pobeda UPXX6126
Poberezhka UPXX6840
Poboynaya UPXX2465
Pobyeda UPXX3674
Pochapintsy UPXX2466
Pochepin UPXX6841
Pochinovo UPXX9244
Pod Kamenem UPXX5336
Poddubnoye UPXX3675
Poddubovka UPXX1812
Poddubtsy UPXX7835
Podgaynoye UPXX6842
Podgaytsy UPXX0788
Podgorki UPXX5337
Podgornaya UPXX3676
Podgornoye UPXX9245
Podgorodnoye UPXX4594
Podgortsy UPXX6843
Podgrodze UPXX5339
Podishche UPXX1813
Podivka UPXX6127
Podkazennyye UPXX6844
Podlesnoye UPXX4595
Podlesnoye UPXX0790
Podlestsy UPXX7839
Podliman UPXX9246
Podluzhe UPXX5341
Podluzhnyy UPXX9247
Podlyute UPXX5342
Podmikhaylovtsy UPXX5343
Podmonaster UPXX5344
Podo-Kalynivka UPXX6128
Podobna UPXX2467
Podoly UPXX9248
Podolyaky UPXX1814
Podolyanskoye UPXX7840
Podolye UPXX0791
Podove UPXX6129
Podseredneye UPXX9249
Podstavki UPXX2468
Podstepnoye UPXX6131
Podverbtse UPXX5346
Podvine UPXX5347
Podvorki UPXX9250
Podvornoye UPXX2888
Podvysokiy UPXX9251
Podvysokoye UPXX9252
Pody UPXX6132
Podykouts UPXX2889
Podyn UPXX1815
Podynka UPXX4598
Podzakharychi UPXX2890
Podzamche UPXX7841
Pogiblyak UPXX2469
Pogonya UPXX5348
Pogorelaya UPXX7843
Pogorelovka UPXX2891
Pogorelovka UPXX0792
Pogorelovskiye UPXX4599
Pogorely UPXX9253
Pogrebki UPXX1816
Pogrebnyakovka UPXX9254
Pogreby UPXX1817
Pogreby UPXX6846
Pogreby UPXX2470
Pohar UPXX5349
Pokalyanoye UPXX9255
Pokashchevka UPXX7844
Pokhuvka UPXX5351
Poklanskaya UPXX3677
Pokoshychi UPXX1819
Pokotylivka UPXX0140
Pokrovka UPXX2471
Pokrovka UPXX0795
Pokrovka UPXX4600
Pokrovka UPXX3678
Pokrovka UPXX9256
Pokrovo-Kireyevo UPXX0796
Pokrovskaya UPXX9257
Pokrovskiy UPXX3679
Pokrovskiy UPXX1820
Pokrovskoye UPXX0797
Pokutintsy UPXX7845
Polevaya UPXX9259
Polidarovka UPXX6847
Polissya UPXX1821
Politrudnya UPXX1822
Polivanov-Yar UPXX2892
Polivanovka UPXX4602
Polkovaya UPXX3681
Pologi UPXX6849
Pologi-Chebotki UPXX6850
Pologi-Verguny UPXX6851
Pologi-Yanenki UPXX6852
Poloveshchina UPXX4603
Polovinniki UPXX7849
Polovitsy UPXX4604
Polovynchyk UPXX2472
Polstvin UPXX2473
Poltava UPXX9261
Poltava UPXX0039
Poltavka UPXX3682
Poltavskoye UPXX3683
Poltavskoye UPXX9262
Polubotky UPXX1823
Poluzyukova UPXX3684
Polyakhovo UPXX0800
Polyana UPXX2893
Polyana UPXX1824
Polyanichentsy UPXX6853
Polyanky UPXX5352
Polyanskiy UPXX1825
Polyany UPXX2894
Polyanytsya UPXX5353
Polyk UPXX5354
Pomerki UPXX9263
Pomiluykovo UPXX9264
Pomokli UPXX6854
Pomoneta UPXX5355
Poninka UPXX7853
Ponomarenki UPXX9265
Ponora UPXX7854
Ponornytsya UPXX1826
Ponyatovka UPXX6134
Popasnaya UPXX0801
Popasnoe UPXX3685
Popasnoye UPXX9266
Popasnoye UPXX4605
Popelak UPXX6135
Poperechnyy UPXX4606
Popivka UPXX6136
Popov Yar UPXX3686
Popova Balovka UPXX4607
Popove UPXX1828
Popovka UPXX1829
Popovka UPXX2474
Popovka UPXX7855
Popovka UPXX0802
Popovka UPXX9268
Popovo UPXX9617
Popovo UPXX4608
Popovtsy UPXX7856
Popravka UPXX6855
Popruzhna UPXX6856
Popudnya UPXX2475
Poputnyy UPXX4609
Popuzhintsy UPXX2476
Poradovka UPXX2477
Porokhnya UPXX7857
Porokhnya UPXX3687
Portyankin UPXX9269
Posech UPXX5358
Poselok UPXX9270
Poselok Hora UPXX6857
Poselok Lenina UPXX4610
Poselok Lenina UPXX6138
Postolbitsa UPXX1831
Postolovka UPXX7860
Postoyanovka UPXX9271
Postoyatka UPXX5359
Potash UPXX2478
Potashnya UPXX6858
Potebneva Guta UPXX1832
Potemkino UPXX6139
Poteyevka UPXX6859
Potikhonovo UPXX9272
Potiyevka UPXX6860
Potochek UPXX5360
Potochyshche UPXX5361
Potok UPXX6861
Potoki UPXX6862
Poveykovka UPXX9273
Poyana Maydan UPXX2895
Prachi UPXX1833
Pravda UPXX3688
Pravda UPXX9274
Pravdino UPXX6140
Pravdovka UPXX7861
Pravdovka UPXX3689
Prechistovka UPXX3690
Predtechino UPXX3691
Prelestnoye UPXX9275
Prelestnoye UPXX3692
Prelipche UPXX2897
Prelyuchka UPXX5362
Preobrazhenka UPXX0804
Preobrazhenka UPXX6141
Preobrazhenskiy UPXX3693
Presekareni UPXX2898
Prevoroki UPXX2899
Priborsk UPXX6863
Pribrezhnoye UPXX3694
Pridneprovsk UPXX4614
Pridneprovskoye UPXX2479
Prigorodok UPXX2900
Prigorovka UPXX9276
Prigozheye UPXX9277
Prikolotnoye UPXX9278
Prilipka UPXX9279
Prilyutovo UPXX9280
Primorskiy UPXX3695
Primorskoye UPXX0806
Primorskoye UPXX0808
Priozernoye UPXX5363
Pripori UPXX2901
Priputni UPXX1834
Priputnya UPXX7862
Prishib UPXX3697
Prishib UPXX9282
Pristen UPXX9283
Pristin UPXX9284
Pristoronne UPXX6866
Pristromy UPXX6867
Pritulevka UPXX7864
Pritulovo UPXX9285
Prityka UPXX2480
Privetnoye UPXX6143
Priyut UPXX4617
Priyut UPXX3700
Prizovo UPXX4618
Probabnyy UPXX5364
Probiynivka UPXX5365
Proboteschiy UPXX2902
Probudzhennya UPXX6145
Prochenki UPXX5366
Profintern UPXX9287
Progonya UPXX9288
Progress UPXX9289
Prohony UPXX1836
Prokhorovka UPXX3702
Prokhorovka UPXX2481
Prokhory UPXX1838
Prokopenko UPXX9291
Prokopivka UPXX1839
Prokurava UPXX5367
Proletarka UPXX6147
Proletarka UPXX4619
Proletarka UPXX9292
Proletarskoye UPXX9293
Proletarskoye UPXX3703
Proletarskoye UPXX1841
Proskurovka UPXX7866
Prosyanaya UPXX4620
Prosyanka UPXX9294
Prosyanoye UPXX9295
Protochi UPXX4621
Protopopovka UPXX9296
Protsenko UPXX3704
Protsenkovo UPXX6149
Protsev UPXX6868
Prudyanka UPXX9297
Prusov UPXX9298
Pryadkivka UPXX9299
Pryadovka UPXX0810
Prychil UPXX5368
Prydorozhnye UPXX6150
Pryluki UPXX5369
Pryluky UPXX0805
Pryozerne UPXX6152
Pryozerne UPXX0809
Prypory UPXX5370
Pryski UPXX5371
Pryvillya UPXX6154
Pshedsevne UPXX5372
Pshenichniki UPXX5373
Pshenichniki UPXX2482
Pshenichnyy UPXX9300
Pshenychnyky UPXX5374
Pshevozets UPXX5375
Pshevozy UPXX5376
Pshybluv UPXX5377
Ptakhivka UPXX0811
Pudlovtsy UPXX7867
Pugachevka UPXX2483
Pukasovtsy UPXX5378
Pukhovka UPXX6869
Puklyaki UPXX7868
Pukov UPXX5379
Pushkarevka UPXX4623
Pushkari UPXX1846
Pushkarnoye UPXX9301
Pushkina UPXX6155
Pushkine UPXX1847
Pustaya Greblya UPXX1848
Pustomyty UPXX0141
Pustovarovka UPXX6870
Pustovity UPXX6871
Pustynka UPXX3705
Puteprovod UPXX3707
Putilovka UPXX3708
Putnikovo UPXX9303
Putrintsy UPXX7869
Putyatino UPXX9304
Putyatintsy UPXX5380
Putyla UPXX2903
Puzhniki UPXX5382
Pyadyki UPXX5383
Pyatigorskoye UPXX9305
Pyatigory UPXX6872
Pyatikhatka UPXX9306
Pyatnichany UPXX7870
Pyatnitskoye UPXX9307
Pylyai UPXX7871
Pylypcha UPXX1851
Pyshchyky UPXX1852
Pytomnyk UPXX6156
Pyzhovka UPXX7872
Pzhystaynya UPXX5385
Rachintsy UPXX7873
Rachivka UPXX6158
Rachki UPXX6873
Radcha UPXX0142
Radchykha UPXX2484
Radekhov UPXX0816
Radgospnoye UPXX9311
Radhospne UPXX6159
Radinka UPXX6874
Radio UPXX4625
Radkovtsy UPXX7874
Radkovytsya UPXX7875
Radomka UPXX1853
Radoshevka UPXX7876
Radoshevskiy UPXX1854
Radovtsy UPXX7877
Radul UPXX0820
Radushnoye UPXX4626
Radvanov UPXX5386
Radvyne UPXX1856
Radyanka UPXX9312
Radyanskoye UPXX6161
Radychiv UPXX1859
Radyvonivka UPXX0818
Rafalovka UPXX6876
Ragovka UPXX6877
Rakhiv UPXX0821
Rakhmanovka UPXX4627
Rakhnovka UPXX7878
Rakhynya UPXX5387
Rakitna UPXX2904
Rakitnaya UPXX6878
Rakitnoye UPXX9314
Rakiv UPXX5388
Rakivskiy UPXX2905
Rakovchik UPXX5389
Rakovets UPXX5390
Rakovka UPXX6162
Rakovskiy UPXX3710
Rakutin UPXX1860
Rakuzha UPXX1861
Ranneye Utro UPXX4629
Rasavka UPXX6879
Rashkov UPXX2906
Rashkova Sloboda UPXX1862
Rashkuv UPXX5392
Rashtovka UPXX7879
Raska UPXX6880
Raspopintsi UPXX2907
Rassypnaya UPXX3711
Rassypnoye UPXX3712
Ratki UPXX3713
Ratkovka UPXX9315
Ratndorf UPXX6163
Ratsevo UPXX2485
Ratsiborovka UPXX7880
Rava-Russkaya UPXX0823
Rayevka UPXX9316
Rayevka UPXX4631
Raygorod UPXX2486
Raygorodok UPXX3716
Rayhorodok UPXX1863
Rayki UPXX7881
Raykivtsi UPXX7882
Raykovshchina UPXX6881
Raypole UPXX4632
Rayskoye UPXX3717
Rayyelenovka UPXX9317
Razdelnaya UPXX0824
Razdolovka UPXX9319
Razdolovka UPXX3719
Razdory UPXX9320
Razdory UPXX4633
Razhnevy Polya UPXX5393
Razumnitsa UPXX6882
Razumnyy UPXX9321
Rebrikov UPXX3720
Rechka UPXX5394
Redkodub UPXX9322
Redkodub UPXX3721
Redkodub UPXX7883
Redkovtsy UPXX2908
Redventsy UPXX7884
Removka UPXX3722
Reni UPXX0826
Repintsy UPXX7885
Repishche UPXX7886
Repki UPXX0827
Repki UPXX9323
Repki UPXX2487
Repki UPXX7887
Repkovka UPXX9324
Repuzhintsy UPXX2909
Reshetylivka UPXX0828
Reshnevka UPXX7888
Reshnevka Kosaya UPXX7889
Reshtaki UPXX6166
Respublika UPXX3724
Reuchiy UPXX9325
Revakouts UPXX2910
Revbintsy UPXX2488
Revchik UPXX9326
Reveyn UPXX3725
Revna UPXX2911
Revnoye UPXX6883
Revodarovskiy UPXX9327
Revolyutsionnoye UPXX9328
Revut UPXX9329
Reymentarivka UPXX1865
Reznikovka UPXX3726
Reznikovo UPXX9330
Rezunenkovo UPXX9331
Richytsya UPXX6884
Ridkoduby UPXX7890
Ridny Kraj UPXX9332
Rikhta UPXX7891
Rikhta UPXX6885
Rindau UPXX9333
Ripky UPXX1866
Ripna UPXX7892
Ripne UPXX5396
Ripyanka UPXX5397
Rivna UPXX2912
Rivne UPXX6167
Rivne UPXX0032
Rivnopillya UPXX1867
Rivnya UPXX2913
Rivnya UPXX5398
Rizdvyanka UPXX9334
Rizino UPXX2489
Rochnyakovka UPXX9335
Rodinskoye UPXX3727
Rodionovka UPXX4635
Rodniki UPXX9336
Rodnikovka UPXX2490
Rodnikovoye UPXX3728
Rodnykove UPXX0143
Rodnyky UPXX3729
Rodomyslovka UPXX9337
Rogachevka UPXX9338
Rogachinka UPXX6168
Rogatin UPXX0831
Rogi UPXX2491
Roginya UPXX5399
Rogovichi UPXX7893
Rogovka UPXX1868
Rogozka Vtoraya UPXX1869
Rogozna UPXX7894
Rogozna UPXX6886
Rogoznaya UPXX2914
Rogozyanka UPXX9340
Rohizky UPXX1870
Rohoshchi UPXX1871
Rohoziv UPXX6887
Rokopicy UPXX6888
Roksolany UPXX0833
Rokytne UPXX0832
Rokytne UPXX0822
Romakhiv UPXX9342
Romaniny UPXX7895
Romanki UPXX4636
Romanki UPXX9343
Romankovtsy UPXX0834
Romanov UPXX7896
Romanovka UPXX4637
Romanovka UPXX3730
Romanovka UPXX9344
Romanovka UPXX0835
Romashki UPXX6889
Romny UPXX0836
Romodan UPXX0837
Ropcha UPXX2915
Ropotukha UPXX2492
Roshch UPXX2916
Roshcha UPXX1872
Roshnev UPXX5400
Roshnyate UPXX5401
Rosishki UPXX4638
Rosishki UPXX6890
Roskoshnoye UPXX0144
Roskoshnyy UPXX6891
Roslavichi UPXX6892
Rosolovtsy UPXX7897
Rossava UPXX6893
Rossokha UPXX6894
Rossokha UPXX7898
Rossokhi UPXX7899
Rossokhovatoye UPXX9345
Rossokhovatyy UPXX9346
Rossokhovka UPXX9347
Rossoshki UPXX2493
Rostanovka UPXX9348
Rostanya UPXX9349
Rostoki UPXX5404
Rotichi UPXX6895
Rotmistrovka UPXX0839
Rotok UPXX6896
Rovchak UPXX1873
Rovenki UPXX0840
Rovki UPXX7900
Rovnoye UPXX3732
Rovnoye UPXX4639
Rovnoye UPXX0841
Rovy UPXX6897
Roya UPXX3733
Royakovka UPXX9350
Royishche UPXX1875
Roylyanka UPXX0842
Rozaleyevka UPXX6898
Rozdollya UPXX6171
Rozdolnoye UPXX0843
Rozdoly UPXX4640
Rozhdestvenskoye UPXX9351
Rozhev UPXX6899
Rozhki UPXX6900
Rozhniv UPXX5405
Rozhnovka UPXX1876
Rozhnovka UPXX6173
Rozhny UPXX7901
Rozhny UPXX6901
Rozhnyativ UPXX5406
Rozivka UPXX3735
Rozovka UPXX0844
Rozovka UPXX6174
Rozovka UPXX3736
Rozovko UPXX3737
Rozryta UPXX9352
Rozsadka UPXX3738
Rozsosha UPXX7902
Rozsudiv UPXX1878
Roztochky UPXX5407
Roztoky UPXX2918
Rozumivka UPXX0825
Rozvadovski UPXX5408
Rozvazhev UPXX6902
Rozvynivka UPXX1879
Rozy Lyuksemburg UPXX1880
Rozy Lyuksemburh UPXX6175
Rozy Lyuksemburh UPXX3739
Rubanivka UPXX6176
Rubanka UPXX1881
Rubanovka UPXX9353
Rubanyy Most UPXX2494
Rubashkino UPXX3740
Rubchenki UPXX6903
Rubezhnoye UPXX9354
Rubezhnoye UPXX3741
Rubizh UPXX1882
Rublenoye UPXX9355
Rublyanka UPXX7903
Rubtsy UPXX3742
Ruda UPXX7904
Ruda UPXX5410
Ruda UPXX6905
Rudayevo UPXX9356
Rudka UPXX1885
Rudka UPXX4642
Rudka UPXX7906
Rudki UPXX0845
Rudkovtsy UPXX7907
Rudne UPXX0145
Rudnik UPXX4643
Rudniki UPXX5411
Rudnya UPXX7908
Rudnya UPXX1886
Rudnya UPXX6906
Rudnya Sakhan UPXX6911
Rudnya-Veresnya UPXX6914
Rudovka UPXX1887
Rudoye Selo UPXX6915
Rukhotin UPXX2919
Rukshin UPXX2920
Rumyantsevo UPXX3743
Runkushi UPXX7910
Runovshchina UPXX9357
Rusaki UPXX6916
Rusalovka UPXX2495
Rusanov UPXX6917
Rusanovka UPXX9359
Rusanovtsy UPXX7911
Rusov UPXX5413
Russkaya Polyana UPXX0146
Russkiye Tishki UPXX9360
Rusyy Yar UPXX3745
Rutchenkovo UPXX3746
Rutki UPXX1888
Ruzha UPXX7912
Ruzhichna UPXX7913
Ruzhychanka UPXX7914
Ruzhychna UPXX7915
Ryabiyevka UPXX7916
Ryabokonevka UPXX9361
Ryabtsi UPXX1889
Ryabukhino UPXX9362
Ryabushkin UPXX9363
Ryadnovka UPXX9364
Ryadove UPXX4644
Ryashki UPXX1890
Ryasnaya UPXX4645
Ryasnoye UPXX9365
Ryasnyy UPXX9366
Ryazanovka UPXX9367
Rybachiy UPXX3747
Rybachyy UPXX6177
Rybalkin UPXX9368
Rybchintsy UPXX6918
Rybets UPXX1891
Rybinskoye UPXX3748
Rybno UPXX5414
Rybnoye UPXX5415
Rybotyn UPXX1892
Rykhly UPXX1894
Rylovka UPXX7917
Ryngach UPXX2922
Rytni UPXX6919
Rytoye UPXX9618
Ryzha UPXX2924
Ryzhanovka UPXX2496
Ryzhevka UPXX2497
Ryzhiy UPXX9369
Ryzhky UPXX1895
Ryzhovo UPXX9370
Ryzhulyntsi UPXX7918
Ryzhyky UPXX1896
Rzhavchik UPXX9371
Rzhavets UPXX9372
Rzhavintsy UPXX2925
Rzhyshchiv UPXX0848
Sablukovka UPXX6179
Sad UPXX0147
Sadgora UPXX2926
Sadki UPXX9373
Sadki-Stroyevka UPXX6920
Sadky UPXX3749
Sadok UPXX6180
Sadove UPXX6181
Sadovod UPXX9374
Sadovod UPXX4647
Sadovoye UPXX9375
Sadovoye UPXX6182
Sadovoye UPXX3750
Sadovyy UPXX3751
Sadovyy UPXX4648
Sadzhava UPXX5416
Sadzhavka UPXX5417
Sagi UPXX6183
Sagunovka UPXX2498
Sakhanka UPXX3752
Sakhnovka UPXX1897
Sakhnovka UPXX2499
Sakhnovshchyna UPXX0850
Sakhnovtsy UPXX7919
Sakhny UPXX7920
Sakhutivka UPXX1898
Saki UPXX0851
Saksagan UPXX0852
Salatruk UPXX5418
Salikha UPXX6921
Salivonki UPXX6922
Saltivka UPXX9377
Samakova UPXX2927
Samarovka UPXX4650
Samarskiy UPXX4651
Samarskoye UPXX3753
Sambir UPXX0853
Samborovka UPXX9378
Samchiki UPXX7921
Samchintsy UPXX7922
Samgorodok UPXX0854
Samgorodok UPXX6923
Samiylove UPXX3754
Samotuhy UPXX1902
Samoylovka UPXX9379
Samoylovka UPXX6185
Samozdrino UPXX3755
Samsonivka UPXX1903
Samsonov UPXX3756
Samsonove UPXX3757
Samuilovka UPXX1904
Samuseni UPXX2928
Sanzharovka UPXX9380
Sanzharovka UPXX3758
Sapaguv UPXX5419
Saponova UPXX1905
Sar-Yar UPXX3759
Sarata UPXX0855
Sarata UPXX5420
Sarniki UPXX5421
Sarnov UPXX7923
Sarny UPXX2500
Sarny UPXX0026
Sasanovka UPXX7924
Sasenyuvka UPXX5423
Satanov UPXX7925
Satanovka UPXX7926
Saurivka UPXX3760
Savarka UPXX6924
Savchenka UPXX9381
Savertsy UPXX7927
Savichi UPXX7928
Savin UPXX1906
Savinka UPXX1907
Savinki UPXX1908
Savintsy UPXX1909
Savovka UPXX6925
Savran UPXX0858
Savro UPXX4652
Savvintsy UPXX7929
Savynky UPXX1910
Savyntsi UPXX0857
Sawadovka UPXX2501
Sayevka UPXX4653
Sazon-Dymchenko UPXX6186
Sazono-Balanovka UPXX9382
Sazonov UPXX3762
Sazonovka UPXX6187
Sazonovka UPXX9383
Sechintsy UPXX7930
Sechkarevka UPXX4654
Sedlishche UPXX5424
Sedliska UPXX5425
Sedniv UPXX1911
Sedovka UPXX3763
Sedovo-Ivanovka UPXX3764
Sekerchin UPXX5426
Sekiryany UPXX0859
Sekretarovka UPXX9385
Sekretarovka UPXX4655
Seleshche UPXX2929
Selets UPXX5427
Seletskoye UPXX4656
Selezenevka UPXX6926
Selichev UPXX7932
Selidovo UPXX0860
Selishche UPXX1912
Selishche UPXX2502
Selishche UPXX2930
Selishche UPXX9387
Selyanin UPXX9388
Selyatyn UPXX2931
Selyshche UPXX1914
Selyshche UPXX2932
Semakovtsy UPXX5428
Semaky UPXX1915
Semenivka UPXX6188
Semenivka UPXX1916
Semenov UPXX7934
Semenov Yar UPXX9389
Semenovka UPXX3766
Semenovka UPXX6927
Semenovka UPXX4657