Weather Codes for Uganda

Find Weather Codes or Weather Zip Codes for states and cities in Uganda. Weather Codes references a specified Location and is used to get weather of that place accurately. They are used by The Weather Channel( by IBM), Yahoo! Weather, AOL Weather and many such weather forecasting platforms. It is similar to Yahoo's WOEID(Where On the Earth ID) that is used to represent each place uniquely.

You can know the weather of any place precisely with the help of weather codes. Find the current weather of your state or city by clicking on it. You will be redirected to The Weather Channel site with your weather code for accurate weather forecast.

Abaji UGXX2960
Abakule UGXX1660
Abala UGXX2961
Abalang UGXX2962
Abaler UGXX2963
Abalkweri UGXX2964
Abalkweru UGXX1661
Abalodyang UGXX2965
Abankwoni UGXX2966
Abarekori UGXX1662
Abari UGXX1663
Abarikori UGXX2967
Abarilela UGXX1664
Abario UGXX2968
Abarua UGXX2969
Abata UGXX1665
Abeja UGXX2970
Abeko UGXX1666
Abela UGXX1667
Aber UGXX2971
Aberete UGXX1668
Aberipila UGXX1669
Abeyi UGXX2972
Abi UGXX2973
Abia UGXX2974
Abim UGXX2975
Abiria UGXX2976
Abiya UGXX1670
Abiya UGXX2977
Aboke UGXX2978
Aboket UGXX1671
Abola UGXX1672
Abolonyero UGXX2979
Abongo UGXX2980
Aboru UGXX2981
Abudama UGXX2982
Abuke UGXX2983
Abuli UGXX2984
Aburkot UGXX2985
Aburuburu UGXX1673
Abutokom UGXX2986
Abwangete UGXX1674
Abwel UGXX1675
Abwong UGXX2987
Acamanumu UGXX2988
Acenluoro UGXX2989
Acer UGXX2990
Acha UGXX2991
Achaba UGXX2992
Achamidako UGXX1676
Achanpi UGXX1677
Achar UGXX2993
Achedepel UGXX1678
Achet UGXX2994
Achilet UGXX1679
Achimari UGXX2995
Acholibur UGXX2996
Achomai UGXX1680
Achomya UGXX1681
Achumet UGXX1682
Achuna UGXX1683
Achungi UGXX2997
Achuru UGXX1684
Achwa UGXX1685
Achwichwi UGXX1686
Adacari UGXX1687
Adachal UGXX1688
Adadoi UGXX1689
Adagimon UGXX2998
Adakata UGXX2999
Adapatakitala UGXX1690
Adari UGXX1691
Adengi UGXX3000
Adepari UGXX1692
Adero UGXX3001
Aderutu UGXX1693
Adiegi UGXX3002
Adilang UGXX3003
Adingi UGXX3004
Adira UGXX3005
Adita UGXX3006
Adjugopi UGXX3007
Adjumani UGXX3008
Adodoi UGXX1694
Adodoyi UGXX1695
Adok UGXX3009
Adola UGXX1696
Adome UGXX1697
Adonga UGXX1698
Adongoyere UGXX3010
Adonyimo UGXX3011
Adra UGXX3012
Adu UGXX3013
Aduko UGXX3014
Aduku UGXX3015
Adumi UGXX3016
Adwari UGXX3017
Adwoki UGXX3018
Adyongobaro UGXX3019
Adzugopi UGXX3020
Afoyochan UGXX3021
Agago UGXX3022
Aganga UGXX3023
Agaria UGXX1699
Agbo UGXX3024
Ageno UGXX3025
Agermach UGXX3026
Agikdak UGXX3027
Agil UGXX3028
Agipaboni UGXX1700
Agirigiroi UGXX1701
Agojo UGXX3029
Agola UGXX1702
Agole UGXX3030
Agonvususu UGXX3031
Agonyolako UGXX3032
Agora UGXX1703
Agoro UGXX3033
Agu UGXX1704
Agu UGXX3034
Aguda UGXX3035
Agule UGXX1705
Aguli UGXX3036
Aguliya UGXX1706
Agulubu UGXX3037
Agulul UGXX1707
Agur UGXX3038
Agurut UGXX1708
Agwata UGXX3039
Agwengere UGXX3040
Agwenonyari UGXX3041
Agwiciri UGXX3042
Agwingiri UGXX3043
Agwok UGXX3044
Aiivu UGXX3045
Airinget UGXX1709
Aiwi Pateng UGXX3046
Ajaa UGXX3047
Ajagoru UGXX3048
Ajama UGXX1710
Ajaniti UGXX1711
Ajar UGXX3049
Ajbu UGXX3050
Ajebe UGXX3051
Ajeruk UGXX1712
Ajesa UGXX1713
Ajesai UGXX1714
Ajia UGXX3052
Ajibu UGXX3053
Ajikidaki UGXX1715
Ajono UGXX3054
Ajonyi UGXX1716
Ajujo UGXX3055
Ajuket UGXX1717
Akaba UGXX3056
Akademothy UGXX3057
Akado UGXX3058
Akaikai UGXX1718
Akala UGXX3059
Akalu UGXX3060
Akanyo UGXX3061
Akar UGXX3062
Akarukwe UGXX1719
Akatongore UGXX4088
Akavu UGXX3063
Akeen UGXX4089
Akela UGXX3064
Akere UGXX1720
Aketa UGXX1721
Aketo UGXX3065
Akilok UGXX3066
Akisim UGXX1722
Akokoro UGXX3067
Akolodong UGXX3068
Akongomit UGXX3069
Akore UGXX1723
Akot UGXX3070
Akoyo UGXX1724
Akpokoa UGXX3071
Akulet UGXX1725
Akum UGXX1726
Akure UGXX1727
Akweyi UGXX1728
Akwon UGXX3072
Akwoni UGXX3073
Akyeriau UGXX1729
Ala UGXX3074
Alado UGXX3075
Alas UGXX1730
Alebtong UGXX3076
Alego UGXX3077
Alekilek UGXX1731
Alelele UGXX3078
Aleles UGXX1732
Alelesi UGXX1733
Alemere UGXX3079
Alengbele UGXX3080
Alengo UGXX3081
Alenzu UGXX3082
Alera UGXX1734
Alere UGXX1735
Alerek UGXX3083
Alero UGXX3084
Aleuleun UGXX1736
Alew UGXX3085
Alia UGXX3086
Aliba UGXX3087
Alibabito UGXX3088
Alibu UGXX3089
Alicako UGXX3090
Alijoda UGXX3091
Alilioi UGXX1737
Alira UGXX3093
Alito UGXX3094
Alivu UGXX3095
Allgkra UGXX3096
Aloet UGXX1738
Aloi UGXX3097
Alokiri UGXX3098
Alokolum UGXX3099
Alomdyel UGXX3100
Alopua UGXX3101
Alube UGXX3102
Aluga UGXX3103
Alui UGXX3104
Aluka UGXX3105
Alukuchoko UGXX1739
Alutong UGXX1740
Alwa UGXX1741
Alwala UGXX3106
Alwi UGXX3107
Alworoceng UGXX3108
Alyamese UGXX1742
Amabasere UGXX4090
Amach UGXX3109
Amanga UGXX3110
Amarwasi UGXX1743
Ambayo UGXX3111
Ambidro UGXX3112
Ame UGXX1744
Amemya UGXX1745
Ameng UGXX1746
Amenu UGXX1747
Amenya UGXX1748
Amero UGXX1749
Amgamwa UGXX3113
Amidakan UGXX1750
Amiel UGXX3114
Amii UGXX3115
Amilmil UGXX1751
Amilo UGXX3116
Aminapoke UGXX3117
Aminit UGXX1752
Aminiti UGXX1753
Aminito UGXX1754
Aminomir UGXX3118
Aminteng UGXX3119
Amitina UGXX1755
Amolatar UGXX3120
Amonikakinei UGXX1756
Amor UGXX3121
Amorkot UGXX1757
Amoru UGXX1758
Amorupos UGXX1759
Ampi Settlement UGXX3122
Amua UGXX3123
Amucu UGXX1760
Amuda UGXX3124
Amudat UGXX3125
Amugo UGXX3126
Amuria UGXX1761
Amuru UGXX3127
Amuryei UGXX1762
Amusus UGXX1763
Amwa UGXX3128
Amwanga UGXX3129
Amyema UGXX1764
Anaka UGXX3130
Anamido UGXX3131
Andruvu UGXX3132
Angaba UGXX3133
Angal UGXX3134
Angaya UGXX3135
Angodingodi UGXX1765
Angole UGXX1766
Angorom UGXX1767
Angoropia UGXX1768
Angotimoti UGXX3136
Angwarapi UGXX3137
Anibu UGXX3138
Anipi UGXX3139
Anwangi UGXX3140
Anya UGXX3141
Anyalai UGXX1769
Anyang UGXX3142
Anyangalong UGXX1770
Anyara UGXX1771
Anyavu UGXX3143
Anyeke UGXX3144
Anyia UGXX1772
Anyidi UGXX1773
Anyidinyid UGXX1774
Anyiribu UGXX3145
Anyongo UGXX3146
Anyurapi UGXX3147
Anywali UGXX3148
Anzaiya UGXX3149
Aoba UGXX3150
Apac UGXX3151
Apala UGXX3152
Apapa UGXX1775
Apapai UGXX1776
Aparisa UGXX1777
Apedi UGXX3153
Apeduru UGXX1778
Apele UGXX3154
Apele UGXX1779
Apeneki UGXX3155
Apenyowewu UGXX3156
Api UGXX3157
Apidochot UGXX1780
Apigikwe UGXX3158
Apoi UGXX3159
Apoka UGXX3160
Apokin UGXX1781
Apokor UGXX1782
Apokori UGXX1783
Apokoro UGXX1784
Apola UGXX3161
Apoleka UGXX3162
Apoli UGXX1785
Apolino UGXX1786
Aputi UGXX3163
Aputon UGXX1787
Apwori UGXX3164
Ara UGXX3165
Arabaka UGXX1788
Araga UGXX3166
Aramita UGXX3167
Aranga UGXX3168
Arapai UGXX1789
Arapapa UGXX3169
Arapoo UGXX1790
Areli UGXX3170
Aremo UGXX3171
Aridi UGXX3172
Arido UGXX3173
Ariet UGXX1791
Arikai UGXX3174
Arikpa UGXX3175
Aringa UGXX3176
Aringo UGXX3177
Aringot UGXX3178
Arinyapi UGXX3179
Arivu UGXX3180
Ariwa UGXX3181
Ariya UGXX3182
Arogalibowa UGXX3183
Arua UGXX3184
Arubela UGXX1792
Aryawo UGXX1793
Aryek UGXX3185
Asalatap UGXX1794
Asamuk UGXX1795
Asasi UGXX3186
Asilang UGXX1796
Asili UGXX3187
Asinge UGXX1797
Asiranyi UGXX1798
Asuret UGXX1799
Aswa UGXX3188
Atagi Apari UGXX3189
Atana UGXX3190
Atanga UGXX3191
Atapara UGXX1800
Atar UGXX3192
Atari UGXX1801
Atek UGXX3193
Ateka Ober UGXX3194
Atera UGXX3195
Aterai UGXX1802
Aterodri UGXX3196
Ateusu UGXX1803
Atiak UGXX3197
Atido UGXX3198
Atigo UGXX1804
Atika UGXX3199
Atipe UGXX3200
Atira UGXX1805
Atiri UGXX1806
Atongpara UGXX1807
Atopi UGXX3201
Atoto UGXX1808
Atratraka UGXX3202
Atubanga UGXX3203
Atuli UGXX3204
Atumba UGXX3205
Atura UGXX3206
Atutur UGXX1809
Atyak UGXX3207
Atyenda UGXX3208
Aukot UGXX1810
Aukoto UGXX1811
Aupi UGXX3209
Auwara UGXX3210
Awach UGXX3211
Awaliwali UGXX1812
Awaradi UGXX3212
Awei UGXX3213
Awelo UGXX3214
Awer UGXX3215
Awere UGXX3216
Awika UGXX3217
Awila UGXX3218
Awilodyang UGXX3219
Awir UGXX3220
Awiri UGXX3221
Awnga UGXX3222
Awoja UGXX1813
Awojabule UGXX1814
Awojaitoi UGXX1815
Awuvu UGXX3223
Awuvu Toli UGXX3224
Ayaa UGXX3225
Ayabi UGXX3226
Ayabu UGXX3227
Ayago UGXX3228
Ayavu UGXX3229
Ayayia UGXX3230
Ayer UGXX3231
Ayera UGXX3232
Ayila UGXX3233
Ayiroyat UGXX3234
Ayivu UGXX3235
Ayojo UGXX3236
Ayola UGXX1816
Ayombra UGXX3237
Ayongtoke UGXX3238
Ayoni UGXX3239
Ayugl UGXX3240
Ayumi UGXX3241
Ayuu UGXX3242
Azapi UGXX3243
Azzi UGXX3244
Babu UGXX3245
Badyang UGXX3246
Bagambira UGXX0020
Bageza UGXX0021
Bahati UGXX4092
Baito UGXX3247
Bajo UGXX0022
Bakijurura UGXX4093
Bala UGXX3248
Balabala UGXX0023
Balala UGXX3249
Balanga UGXX1817
Balawoli UGXX1818
Bale UGXX0024
Balimanyankya UGXX0025
Balita UGXX0026
Bamasuta UGXX0027
Bamba UGXX0028
Bamunanika UGXX0029
Bamusuta UGXX1819
Banagonera UGXX0030
Banda UGXX4094
Banda UGXX1820
Banda UGXX0031
Bandawuli UGXX3250
Banga UGXX0032
Bar UGXX3251
Barakala UGXX3252
Bari UGXX3253
Baribu UGXX3254
Baringa UGXX3255
Barogal UGXX3256
Bata UGXX3257
Batambogwe UGXX1821
Bawalakata UGXX0033
Bbanda UGXX0034
Bbuto UGXX0035
Behungi UGXX4095
Bekina UGXX0036
Bembe UGXX0037
Bendegere UGXX0038
Beta UGXX0039
Bezinya UGXX0040
Bibia UGXX3258
Bibo UGXX0041
Biemba UGXX1822
Bigada UGXX0042
Bigando UGXX0043
BIgando UGXX4091
Bigasa UGXX0044
Bigodi UGXX4096
Biguri UGXX4097
Bigyera UGXX4098
Bihanga UGXX4099
Biharwe UGXX4100
Bika UGXX0045
Bikira UGXX0046
Biko UGXX0047
Bikongoro UGXX4101
Bikongozo UGXX4102
Bikonzi UGXX4103
Biliefe UGXX3259
Binambo UGXX4104
Bingo UGXX1823
Binikira UGXX0048
Binoni UGXX0049
Binyin UGXX1824
Bira UGXX1825
Birembo UGXX4105
Birere UGXX4106
Birinuma UGXX0050
Birinzi UGXX0051
Birongo UGXX0052
Birunduma UGXX4107
Bisanje UGXX0053
Biseruka UGXX4108
Bisheshe UGXX4109
Bismilai UGXX3260
Biso UGXX4110
Bisozi UGXX4111
Bisya UGXX4112
Bisyoro UGXX4113
Biteko UGXX4114
Bitereko UGXX4115
Bitezi UGXX4116
Biti UGXX4117
Bitibyamukasa UGXX0054
Biwanga UGXX0055
Biwolobo UGXX0056
Biyiyi UGXX0057
Bizera UGXX4118
Bizi UGXX4119
Bizinza UGXX4120
Bobi UGXX3261
Boliso UGXX1826
Bombo UGXX0058
Bomwege UGXX1827
Bondo UGXX3262
Boro UGXX3263
Boroboro UGXX3264
Bowa UGXX0059
Bubada UGXX1828
Bubale UGXX4121
Bubale UGXX0060
Bubanda UGXX0061
Bubandi UGXX4122
Bubango UGXX4123
Bubanyi UGXX1829
Bubanzi UGXX0062
Bubba UGXX0063
Bubbala UGXX1830
Bube UGXX0064
Bubengwa UGXX0065
Bubilabi UGXX1831
Bubiro UGXX0066
Bubogo UGXX1832
Bubohi UGXX1833
Bubonge UGXX1834
Bubotyo UGXX4124
Bububi UGXX0067
Bubuke UGXX1835
Bubukwanga UGXX4125
Bubulo UGXX1836
Bubungi UGXX1837
Bubutu UGXX1838
Bubutya UGXX1839
Bubwa UGXX0068
Buchundura UGXX4126
Bucumbi UGXX4127
Budaba UGXX1840
Budadiri UGXX1841
Budaka UGXX1842
Budali UGXX1843
Budali UGXX0069
Budatenwa UGXX1844
Budatu UGXX1845
Budda UGXX0070
Budde UGXX0071
Bude UGXX1846
Budehe UGXX1847
Budembe UGXX1848
Budi UGXX3265
Budikidi UGXX1849
Budimu UGXX1850
Budini UGXX1851
Budola UGXX1852
Budondo UGXX1853
Bududa UGXX1854
Budumba UGXX1855
Buduna UGXX1856
Budzi UGXX0072
Budzibwera UGXX0073
Bufumbo UGXX1857
Bufumira UGXX0074
Bufundi UGXX4128
Bufunju UGXX4129
Bugaba UGXX0075
Bugabe UGXX0076
Bugadi UGXX1858
Bugai UGXX1859
Bugaju UGXX0077
Bugalama UGXX0078
Bugalama UGXX4130
Bugalama UGXX1860
Bugalamwa UGXX0079
Bugamba UGXX4131
Bugambe UGXX4132
Bugambira UGXX4133
Bugambo UGXX1861
Bugana UGXX4134
Buganda UGXX4135
Bugandale UGXX4136
Buganga UGXX0080
Bugangari UGXX4137
Buganja UGXX1862
Buganyi UGXX0081
Buganza UGXX4138
Bugarama UGXX4139
Bugata UGXX1863
Bugaya UGXX1864
Bugema UGXX1865
Bugembe UGXX0082
Bugembe UGXX1866
Bugenge UGXX0083
Bugera UGXX0084
Bugere UGXX0085
Bugeye UGXX0086
Bugeyuwa UGXX1867
Bugigi UGXX0087
Buginyanya UGXX1868
Bugiri UGXX0088
Bugiri UGXX1869
Bugiri UGXX4140
Bugitimwa UGXX1870
Bugoba UGXX1871
Bugobango UGXX0089
Bugobero UGXX1872
Bugobi UGXX1873
Bugodo UGXX1874
Bugoigo UGXX4141
Bugole UGXX1875
Bugolobi UGXX0090
Bugologolo UGXX0091
Bugoloobi UGXX5390
Bugoma UGXX0092
Bugombe UGXX0093
Bugombwa UGXX4142
Bugomola UGXX0094
Bugomora UGXX4143
Bugomulo UGXX4144
Bugona UGXX0095
Bugona UGXX4145
Bugondo UGXX1876
Bugongi UGXX4146
Bugongo UGXX1877
Bugonje UGXX4147
Bugonyoka UGXX1878
Bugonzi UGXX0096
Bugosa UGXX1879
Bugoto UGXX1880
Bugoye UGXX0097
Bugubo UGXX1881
Bugujju UGXX0098
Bugulama UGXX0099
Bugule UGXX0100
Buguluma UGXX1882
Bugulumbia UGXX1883
Bugumira UGXX1884
Bugumya UGXX0101
Bugunda UGXX1885
Bugungu UGXX0102
Bugusege UGXX1886
Bugushu UGXX4149
Bugwa UGXX1887
Bugwangoma UGXX1888
Bugwara UGXX4150
Bugwe UGXX1889
Buhamba UGXX4151
Buhanika UGXX4152
Buhara UGXX4153
Buhehe UGXX1890
Buhera UGXX4154
Buhesi UGXX4155
Buhimba UGXX4156
Buhinda UGXX4157
Buhirigi UGXX4158
Buhoma UGXX4159
Buhugu UGXX1891
Buhuhra UGXX4160
Buhuka UGXX4161
Buhungurua UGXX4162
Buhweju UGXX4163
Buiga UGXX0103
Buikwe UGXX0104
Buinja UGXX1892
Buiri UGXX0105
Buita UGXX0106
Buitya UGXX4164
Buiza UGXX1893
Bujabe UGXX0107
Bujagali UGXX0108
Bujagule UGXX4165
Bujalya UGXX4166
Bujawo UGXX4167
Bujenje UGXX4168
Bujerere UGXX4169
Bujeru UGXX4170
Bujogolo UGXX4171
Bujongolo UGXX0109
Bujuba UGXX1894
Bujugu UGXX1895
Bujugwa UGXX0110
Bujuko UGXX0111
Bujumba UGXX0112
Bujuni UGXX4172
Bujunjuzi UGXX0113
Bujuta UGXX0114
Bujwaya UGXX4173
Bujwaya UGXX0115
Bukaana UGXX0116
Bukabeba UGXX1896
Bukabi UGXX0117
Bukade UGXX1897
Bukaga UGXX0118
Bukaka UGXX1898
Bukakata UGXX0119
Bukalasa UGXX0120
Bukalasi UGXX1899
Bukaleba UGXX1900
Bukaliha UGXX1901
Bukandula UGXX0121
Bukanga UGXX1902
Bukangara UGXX4174
Bukanya UGXX1903
Bukasa UGXX1904
Bukasa UGXX0122
Bukasero UGXX1905
Bukatira UGXX0123
Bukatube UGXX1906
Bukawamala UGXX0124
Bukeda UGXX1907
Bukedea UGXX1908
Bukemba UGXX1909
Bukendi UGXX1910
Bukerenge UGXX4175
Bukerere UGXX0125
Bukeri UGXX0126
Bukeso UGXX0127
Bukhabusi UGXX1911
Bukhalu UGXX1912
Bukhasaba UGXX1913
Bukhaweka UGXX1914
Bukhubalo UGXX1915
Bukiberu UGXX0128
Bukiga UGXX1916
Bukigai UGXX1917
Bukimbiri UGXX4176
Bukinda UGXX4177
Bukindwa UGXX4178
Bukiralire UGXX1918
Bukiro UGXX4179
Bukito UGXX1919
Bukiyiti UGXX1920
Bukoba UGXX4180
Bukobe UGXX1921
Bukobo UGXX1922
Bukoka UGXX0129
Bukoki UGXX0130
Bukoko UGXX4181
Bukola UGXX0132
Bukololo UGXX0133
Bukoloto UGXX0134
Bukolwa UGXX0135
Bukoma UGXX1923
Bukomansimbi UGXX0136
Bukomba UGXX1924
Bukomba UGXX0137
Bukomero UGXX0138
Bukona UGXX1925
Bukona UGXX4182
Bukonda UGXX4183
Bukonde UGXX1926
Bukongo UGXX1927
Bukongo UGXX0139
Bukongolo UGXX4184
Bukonyo UGXX4185
Bukoto UGXX0140
Bukoyo UGXX1928
Buku UGXX0141
Bukuba UGXX4186
Bukubizi UGXX0142
Bukuja UGXX0143
Bukuku UGXX4187
Bukuku UGXX0144
Bukulubya UGXX1929
Bukulula UGXX0145
Bukumankola UGXX1930
Bukumi UGXX4188
Bukunda UGXX0146
Bukungu UGXX1931
Bukunya UGXX1932
Bukusi UGXX1933
Bukusu UGXX0147
Bukutaituba UGXX1934
Bukutu UGXX1935
Bukutu UGXX0148
Bukutula UGXX1936
Bukuya UGXX0149
Bukwa UGXX1937
Bukwali UGXX4189
Bukwanga UGXX4190
Bukwata UGXX0150
Bukwiri UGXX0151
Bukyanju UGXX0152
Bulagazi UGXX1938
Bulago UGXX1939
Bulagwe UGXX0153
Bulako UGXX1940
Bulamadzi UGXX0154
Bulamagi UGXX4191
Bulamagi UGXX0155
Bulamagi UGXX1941
Bulamba UGXX0156
Bulamba UGXX1942
Bulambiro UGXX0157
Bulambuli UGXX1943
Bulamu UGXX0158
Bulando UGXX0159
Bulanga UGXX1944
Bulange UGXX1945
Bulangi UGXX0160
Bulangira UGXX1946
Bulasana UGXX0161
Bulawula UGXX0162
Bulaza UGXX4192
Bulaza UGXX0163
Bule UGXX0164
Bulekeyi UGXX1947
Buleleya UGXX4193
Bulema UGXX0165
Bulema UGXX4194
Bulemba UGXX4195
Bulembo UGXX1948
Bulembu UGXX1949
Bulembwe UGXX0166
Bulenga UGXX0167
Bulera UGXX0168
Buliganya UGXX1950
Buligenyi UGXX1951
Buligi UGXX0169
Bulimba UGXX1952
Bulimbale UGXX0170
Bulinde UGXX0171
Bulindi UGXX4196
Bulindo UGXX0172
Bulo UGXX0173
Buloba UGXX0174
Bulolo UGXX1953
Bulolombe UGXX0175
Bulonda UGXX0176
Bulondo UGXX0177
Bulongo UGXX1954
Bulopa UGXX1955
Bulowoza UGXX1956
Buluba UGXX1957
Bulubandi UGXX1958
Bulucheke UGXX1959
Buluganya UGXX1960
Bulugui UGXX1961
Bulukatoni UGXX3267
Buluko UGXX4197
Bulule UGXX1962
Bulumba UGXX1963
Bulumbi UGXX1964
Bulumbu UGXX0178
Bulumwaki UGXX1965
Bulungi UGXX0179
Bulunguli UGXX1966
Buluta UGXX0180
Buluube UGXX1967
Buluya UGXX1968
Bulwa UGXX0181
Bulwada UGXX0182
Bulwanda UGXX4198
Bulwanyi UGXX0183
Bulwenge UGXX1969
Bulyaikubi UGXX1970
Bulyambide UGXX0184
Bulyangada UGXX1971
Bulyango UGXX4199
Bumadu UGXX4200
Bumagabula UGXX1972
Bumageni UGXX1973
Bumangi UGXX0185
Bumanya UGXX1974
Bumasifwa UGXX1975
Bumasikye UGXX1976
Bumbaire UGXX4201
Bumbo UGXX0186
Bumbo UGXX1977
Bumboi UGXX1978
Bume UGXX0187
Bumeru UGXX1979
Bumogoli UGXX1980
Bumomi UGXX0188
Bumozi UGXX1981
Bumulimba UGXX1982
Bumunji UGXX1983
Bumwambu UGXX1984
Bumwangu UGXX1985
Buna UGXX0189
Bunabala UGXX1986
Bunabamba UGXX1987
Bunado UGXX0190
Bunagana UGXX4202
Bunakijja UGXX0191
Bunakomola UGXX1988
Bunambale UGXX1989
Bunambutye UGXX1990
Bunamwaya UGXX0192
Bundibugyo UGXX4203
Bundimboyo UGXX4204
Bundimbuga UGXX4205
Bundimulangi UGXX4206
Bundiwirima UGXX4207
Bunegere UGXX4208
Bunena UGXX4209
Bunenero UGXX4210
Bungatira UGXX3268
Bunghaji UGXX1991
Buninga UGXX0193
Bunkoko UGXX1992
Bunono UGXX0194
Bunyadeti UGXX1993
Bunyagwe UGXX1994
Bunyama UGXX1995
Bunyantole UGXX1996
Bunyide UGXX1997
Bunyiri UGXX0195
Bunyiro UGXX1998
Bunyolo UGXX0196
Bunyonyi UGXX0197
Bunyonyi UGXX4211
Bupajengo UGXX1999
Bupala UGXX2000
Bupoto UGXX2001
Bupyana UGXX2002
Buragara UGXX4212
Buramali UGXX3269
Buraro UGXX4213
Burere UGXX4214
Burondo UGXX4215
Buruburu UGXX3270
Burumba UGXX4216
Burwe UGXX4217
Busaba UGXX2003
Busabaga UGXX0198
Busabi UGXX2004
Busabulongo UGXX0199
Busaka UGXX2005
Busalamu UGXX2006
Busale UGXX0200
Busambo UGXX4218
Busamuzi UGXX0201
Busana UGXX0202
Busanga UGXX0203
Busano UGXX2007
Busanza UGXX4219
Busanzi UGXX2008
Busaru UGXX4220
Busato UGXX4221
Busebwe UGXX0204
Busede UGXX2009
Buseete UGXX2010
Busega UGXX0205
Busegele UGXX0206
Buseke UGXX0207
Busembatia UGXX2011
Busenda UGXX2012
Busengo UGXX4222
Busenke UGXX2013
Busenzi UGXX4223
Busesa UGXX4224
Busesa UGXX2014
Busese UGXX0208
Buseta UGXX2015
Buseyi UGXX2016
Bushenyi UGXX4225
Bushoka UGXX4226
Busia UGXX2017
Busibo UGXX0209
Busika UGXX0210
Busikho UGXX2018
Busimba UGXX4227
Busimbi UGXX0211
Busimo UGXX2019
Busindi UGXX4228
Busingiro UGXX4229
Busini UGXX2020
Businsi UGXX4230
Businzigo UGXX0212
Busira UGXX2021
Busiriva UGXX4231
Busiro UGXX2022
Busiu UGXX2023
Busiza UGXX0213
Busoba UGXX2024
Busobo UGXX2025
Busoke UGXX0214
Busolosolo UGXX0215
Busolwe UGXX2026
Busomba UGXX0216
Busonga UGXX4232
Busoni UGXX0217
Busoro UGXX4233
Busowa UGXX2027
Busubi UGXX0218
Busubizi UGXX0219
Busula UGXX0220
Busulani UGXX2028
Busulumba UGXX2029
Busumbu UGXX2030
Busundo UGXX0221
Busungiri UGXX0222
Busunju UGXX0223
Buswa UGXX0224
Buswale UGXX2031
Buta UGXX0225
Butaba UGXX2032
Butabika UGXX5391
Butacho UGXX2033
Butakola UGXX0226
Butale UGXX0227
Butale UGXX4234
Butaleja UGXX2034
Butali UGXX4235
Butalo UGXX0228
Butamira UGXX2035
Butandiga UGXX2036
Butanga UGXX0229
Butangala UGXX2037
Butangazi UGXX2038
Butansi UGXX2039
Butara UGXX4236
Butaswa UGXX2040
Butatulwa UGXX4237
Butayunja UGXX2041
Butayunja UGXX0230
Buteba UGXX2042
Butebe UGXX4238
Butebe UGXX0231
Butebo UGXX2043
Butegwa UGXX2044
Buteka UGXX0232
Butema UGXX2045
Butema UGXX4239
Butemba UGXX4240
Butemba UGXX0233
Butembe UGXX0234
Butende UGXX0235
Butende UGXX2046
Butenga UGXX0236
Butenge UGXX2047
Butenzi UGXX0237
Butesa UGXX2048
Buteza UGXX2049
Butiaba UGXX4241
Butiabuli UGXX2050
Butikwa UGXX0238
Butinde UGXX2051
Butiru UGXX0003
Butiti UGXX4242
Butobe UGXX4243
Butobole UGXX4244
Butoca UGXX2052
Butokebulamu UGXX4245
Butolo UGXX0240
Butongole UGXX2053
Butte UGXX2054
Butu UGXX3271
Butubiri UGXX4246
Butukuru UGXX4247
Butula UGXX0241
Butumbizi UGXX0242
Butundu UGXX2055
Butuntumula UGXX0243
Butuse UGXX4248
Bututi UGXX0244
Butwala UGXX0245
Buvi UGXX0246
Buvule UGXX2056
Buvulunguti UGXX2057
Buwabwala UGXX2058
Buwaga UGXX0247
Buwaiswa UGXX2059
Buwalasi UGXX2060
Buwalira UGXX2061
Buwama UGXX0248
Buwambo UGXX0249
Buwana UGXX0250
Buwanda UGXX4249
Buwanda UGXX0251
Buwanfu UGXX2062
Buwanga UGXX2063
Buwanga UGXX0252
Buwangire UGXX0253
Buwanku UGXX0254
Buwasyu UGXX2064
Buwate UGXX0255
Buwaya UGXX2065
Buwayo UGXX2066
Buwe UGXX0257
Buwekwa UGXX0258
Buwembe UGXX2067
Buwenda UGXX2068
Buwenge UGXX2069
Buwere UGXX0259
Buwiri UGXX2070
Buwola UGXX0260
Buwola UGXX2071
Buwologoma UGXX2072
Buwolya UGXX2073
Buwonda UGXX4250
Buwongo UGXX2074
Buwoya UGXX2075
Buwuja UGXX0261
Buwumba UGXX2076
Buwunga UGXX0262
Buwunga UGXX2077
Buwungiro UGXX0263
Buwuni UGXX2078
Buyabi UGXX2079
Buyaga UGXX2080
Buyaga UGXX0264
Buyaga UGXX4251
Buyala UGXX2081
Buyale UGXX4252
Buyamba UGXX2082
Buyamba UGXX0265
Buyana UGXX0266
Buyanga UGXX2083
Buyange UGXX2084
Buyanja UGXX4253
Buyanza UGXX4254
Buyayu UGXX4255
Buye UGXX0267
Buyege UGXX0268
Buyemba UGXX2085
Buyende UGXX2086
Buyenvu UGXX2087
Buyenzi UGXX4256
Buyindi UGXX2088
Buyinja UGXX0269
Buyira UGXX0270
Buyiri UGXX0271
Buyobe UGXX0272
Buyobo UGXX2089
Buyoga UGXX0273
Buyola UGXX2090
Buyomba UGXX0274
Buyondo UGXX4257
Buyondo UGXX0275
Buyonga UGXX0276
Buyonjo UGXX2091
Buyuge UGXX2092
Buyuki UGXX0277
Buyumba UGXX2093
Buyunda UGXX2094
Buyundo UGXX2095
Buyunga UGXX2096
Buyunze UGXX2097
Buzhaga UGXX4258
Buzheringi UGXX4259
Buzimba UGXX0278
Buzinga UGXX4260
Buzinga UGXX0279
Buzzi UGXX0280
Bwacapila UGXX4261
Bwaise UGXX0281
Bwajale UGXX4262
Bwaka UGXX0282
Bwala UGXX0283
Bwalumuli UGXX4263
Bwambara UGXX4264
Bwami UGXX0284
Bwamulamira UGXX4265
Bwamulamira UGXX0285
Bwangamba UGXX4266
Bwanja UGXX0286
Bwanjebe UGXX4267
Bwanswa UGXX4268
Bwanzha UGXX4269
Bwasa UGXX0287
Bwasanku UGXX0288
Bwato UGXX0289
Bwawamala UGXX0290
Bwayuya UGXX2098
Bwegire UGXX0291
Bwende UGXX0292
Bwendero UGXX0293
Bwenderu UGXX4271
Bwenderwa UGXX4272
Bwentama UGXX4273
Bwenyege UGXX0294
Bwera UGXX4274
Bweranyangi UGXX4275
Bwerenga UGXX0296
Bwesa UGXX0297
Bweya UGXX0298
Bweyale UGXX0299
Bweyale UGXX4276
Bweyale UGXX2099
Bweyo UGXX0300
Bweyogerere UGXX0301
Bweyongede UGXX0302
Bwigule UGXX2100
Bwijanga UGXX4277
Bwire UGXX0303
Bwite UGXX2101
Bwizi UGXX4278
Bwizibwera UGXX4279
Bwobo UGXX3272
Bwogere UGXX4280
Bwolemera UGXX2102
Bwongyera UGXX4281
Byakabanda UGXX0304
Byanamira UGXX4282
Byante UGXX0305
Byero UGXX2103
Byesika UGXX0306
Byezitile UGXX0307
Cawente UGXX3273
Chabahinga UGXX4283
Chahi UGXX4284
Chakali UGXX3274
Chakolomun UGXX3275
Chakwala UGXX3276
Chamidako UGXX2104
Chana UGXX3277
Chanjojo UGXX4285
Chankoko UGXX4286
Chebonet UGXX2105
Chegere UGXX3278
Chenkoni UGXX4287
Chepsikunya UGXX2106
Cheptui UGXX2107
Cherekula UGXX2108
Chesebere UGXX2109
Chesia UGXX3279
Chiko UGXX2110
Chitwe UGXX4288
Chivare UGXX4289
Chondo UGXX4290
Chuchu UGXX3280
Chumu UGXX4291
Chwagere UGXX3281
Ciforo UGXX3282
Cilio UGXX3283
Curu UGXX3284
Curumu UGXX3285
Cwero UGXX3286
Cyahafi UGXX4292
Dabani UGXX2111
Dadasi UGXX2112
Dadira UGXX2113
Dagala UGXX0308
Daje UGXX0309
Dakabela UGXX2114
Dakum UGXX2115
Dalamba UGXX0310
Damba UGXX0311
Dangala UGXX0312
Danya UGXX3287
Debeza UGXX0313
Degaya UGXX0314
Degeya UGXX0315
Degia UGXX3288
Degiya UGXX3289
Dei UGXX3290
Delphi UGXX0316
Delu UGXX3291
Dembe UGXX0317
Dembele UGXX3292
Dewe UGXX0318
Diima UGXX0319
Dikiri UGXX3293
Dilakate UGXX3294
Dodos UGXX2116
Dogapio UGXX3295
Doko UGXX2117
Dokolo UGXX2118
Dokolo UGXX3296
Doya UGXX2119
Dufile UGXX3297
Durama UGXX4293
Dusandala UGXX4294
Dwabarasi UGXX4295
Dzaipi UGXX3298
East Ogboro UGXX3299
East Opejo UGXX3300
Eba UGXX3301
Eceko UGXX3302
Edele UGXX3303
Edrivu UGXX3304
Ege UGXX3305
Ejemoruno UGXX2120
Ejomi UGXX3306
Ekininga UGXX4296
Ekobatum UGXX2121
Ekoit UGXX2122
Ekulonya UGXX2123
Eleukwe UGXX3307
Elevhwe UGXX3308
Elibu UGXX3309
Emeng UGXX3310
Emerikit UGXX2124
Endrebamvuku UGXX3311
Enengo UGXX4297
Eniobe UGXX3312
Entebbe UGXX0001
Enyio UGXX3313
Eramva UGXX3314
Erepi UGXX3315
Erezeli UGXX3316
Erima UGXX0320
Eruba UGXX3317
Erusi UGXX3318
Erute UGXX3319
Esia UGXX3320
Etam UGXX3321
Etori UGXX3322
Ewadri UGXX3323
Ewafa UGXX3324
Ewanga UGXX3325
Ezoo UGXX3326
Foda UGXX3327
Fort Portal UGXX4298
Fumbya UGXX4299
Fundu UGXX3328
Gaba UGXX0321
Gabi UGXX3329
Gabichunchu UGXX4300
Gadumire UGXX2125
Gala UGXX0322
Galatiya UGXX0323
Galiraya UGXX2126
Gama UGXX2127
Gamba UGXX3330
Gamba UGXX0324
Gambirana UGXX0325
Ganda UGXX0326
Ganda UGXX3331
Gangama UGXX0327
Gangu UGXX3332
Gangu UGXX0328
Gantama UGXX0329
Garegere UGXX3333
Gavu UGXX0330
Gayaza UGXX4301
Gayaza UGXX0331
Gbokorolonga UGXX3334
Gbulukuatuni UGXX3335
Gegede UGXX0332
Getanyang UGXX2128
Getom UGXX2129
Ggaba UGXX5392
Ggoli UGXX0333
Ggwanga UGXX0334
Giligili UGXX3336
Gimara UGXX3337
Gimbi UGXX0335
Girigiroi UGXX2130
Giyaguya UGXX2131
Gobero UGXX0336
Gogonya UGXX0337
Gogonyo UGXX2132
Goli UGXX3338
Golola UGXX0338
Golomolo UGXX0339
Goma UGXX0340
Gombe UGXX0341
Gombe UGXX2133
Gomero UGXX0342
Gonve UGXX0343
Goromi UGXX3339
Goru UGXX0344
Gosola UGXX0345
Got-Apwoyo UGXX3340
Goza UGXX4302
Greek River UGXX2134
Gulama UGXX0346
Gulamubiri UGXX2135
Gulu UGXX3341
Guluka UGXX0347
Gunda UGXX0348
Gute UGXX3342
Gwase UGXX2137
Gwatiro UGXX0349
Gwere UGXX3343
Gweri UGXX2138
Gwetom UGXX2139
Haibale UGXX4303
Hakekuba UGXX4304
Hakibale UGXX4305
Hakitengya UGXX4306
Hamukunga UGXX4307
Hankondo UGXX4308
Harugali UGXX4309
Hima UGXX4310
Hoima UGXX4311
Hoimo UGXX4312
Ibale UGXX4313
Ibana UGXX2140
Ibanda UGXX4314
Ibanga UGXX3344
Ibaralibi UGXX4315
Ibare UGXX4316
Ibimbo UGXX4317
Ibonde UGXX4318
Ibuga UGXX4319
Ibuje UGXX3345
Ibulanku UGXX2141
Ibung UGXX3346
Icheme UGXX3347
Idia UGXX2142
Idome UGXX2143
Iganga UGXX2144
Igeyero UGXX2145
Igola UGXX2146
Igorora UGXX4320
Igotero UGXX2147
Igwe UGXX2148
Iharamangu UGXX4321
Ihunga UGXX4322
Ihungu UGXX4323
Ikamiro UGXX4324
Ikanda UGXX2149
Iki Iki UGXX2150
Ikoba UGXX4325
Ikona UGXX2151
Ikonda UGXX4326
Ikulwe UGXX2152
Ikumba UGXX4327
Ikumbya UGXX2153
Ilolo UGXX3348
Imanyiro UGXX2154
Imbamba UGXX4328
Imvenga UGXX3349
Inde UGXX3350
Indilinga UGXX3351
Inomo UGXX3352
Inula UGXX2155
Ipife UGXX3353
Irabi UGXX2156
Iremerya UGXX2157
Irenga UGXX4329
Irimba UGXX0350
Irimbi UGXX2158
Iringa UGXX2159
Iringita UGXX0351
Iriri UGXX2160
Irundu UGXX2161
Iryango UGXX4330
Isagara UGXX4331
Isakua UGXX3354
Isangwe UGXX4332
Isanja UGXX4333
Ishagama UGXX4334
Ishaka UGXX4335
Ishanze UGXX4336
Ishasha UGXX4337
Ishingiro UGXX4338
Isimba UGXX4339
Isingiro UGXX4340
Isunga UGXX4341
Itakaibolu UGXX2162
Itam UGXX3355
Itambiro UGXX4342
Itamya UGXX2163
Itanda UGXX2164
Itara UGXX4343
Itegyero UGXX4344
Itele UGXX3356
Itendero UGXX4345
Itoasi UGXX3357
Itojo UGXX4346
Itolo UGXX2165
Itozho UGXX4347
Ituba UGXX2166
Itula UGXX3358
Itutwe UGXX4348
Itwara UGXX3359
Iwal UGXX3360
Iwemba UGXX2167
Iyingo UGXX2168
Iyolwa UGXX2169
Izira UGXX2170
Jabara UGXX3361
Jago UGXX3362
Jakok UGXX3363
Janda UGXX0352
Jandira UGXX0353
Jangwa UGXX3364
Janya UGXX0354
Jelele UGXX2171
Jemba UGXX0355
Jeza UGXX0356
Jihwa UGXX3365
Jimbi UGXX0357
Jinja UGXX0358
Jinja UGXX2172
Jopakubi UGXX3366
Jopanziri UGXX3367
Jukia UGXX3368
Juko UGXX0359
Junda UGXX0360
Jungo UGXX0361
Jupa Marindi UGXX3369
Jupa Opio UGXX3370
Jupala UGXX3371
Jupaley UGXX3372
Jupangira UGXX3373
Jupombalya UGXX3374
Jupugeta UGXX3375
Jupukini UGXX3376
Jupulega UGXX3377
Jurumini UGXX3378
Kaabong UGXX3379
Kabaale UGXX4349
Kabagole UGXX4350
Kabahango UGXX4351
Kabahesi UGXX4352
Kabaigarire UGXX4353
Kabalagala UGXX5393
Kabalang UGXX2173
Kabale UGXX0362
Kabale UGXX4354
Kabalongo UGXX2174
Kabamba UGXX0363
Kabanda UGXX4355
Kabandi UGXX0364
Kabanga UGXX0365
Kabango UGXX4356
Kabango UGXX2175
Kabare UGXX4357
Kabaroge UGXX0366
Kabarole UGXX4358
Kabarongo UGXX4359
Kabarwa UGXX2176
Kabasanda UGXX0005
Kabasegwa UGXX0367
Kabat UGXX2177
Kabata UGXX2178
Kabatego UGXX0368
Kabatoro UGXX4360
Kabchogin UGXX2179
Kabembe UGXX0369
Kabende UGXX0370
Kaberamaido UGXX2180
Kaberendi UGXX4361
Kabezi UGXX4362
Kabiga UGXX2181
Kabindula UGXX0371
Kabingo UGXX4363
Kabira UGXX0372
Kabira UGXX2182
Kabirabira UGXX2183
Kabirizi UGXX4365
Kaboijana UGXX4366
Kabole UGXX2184
Kabologota UGXX4367
Kabondo UGXX4368
Kabonero UGXX4369
Kabonerwa UGXX4370
Kabonyi UGXX4371
Kaboyo UGXX0373
Kabozi UGXX0374
Kabubu UGXX0375
Kabuga UGXX4372
Kabugoga UGXX0376
Kabugujo UGXX2185
Kabukulwa UGXX0377
Kabukunga UGXX0378
Kabukye UGXX0379
Kabukye UGXX4373
Kabukye UGXX2186
Kabula UGXX0380
Kabulamuliro UGXX0381
Kabulanaka UGXX0382
Kabulasoke UGXX0383
Kabule UGXX0384
Kabulisoke UGXX4374
Kabulubutu UGXX0385
Kabumba UGXX0386
Kabuna UGXX2187
Kabunde UGXX0387
Kabungo UGXX4375
Kabunyata UGXX0388
Kabura UGXX4376
Kaburamurro UGXX4377
Kaburoron UGXX2188
Kabusinde UGXX0389
Kabusye UGXX4378
Kabutende UGXX0390
Kabutukuru UGXX4379
Kabuwoko UGXX0391
Kabuyanda UGXX4380
Kabuyayi UGXX2189
Kabuye UGXX0392
Kabwami UGXX0393
Kabwangasi UGXX2190
Kabwema UGXX4381
Kabwohe UGXX4382
Kabwolo UGXX4383
Kabwoya UGXX4384
Kabyaza UGXX2191
Kabyuma UGXX0394
Kacabu UGXX3380
Kachango UGXX2192
Kacherere UGXX4385
Kacheri UGXX3381
Kachong UGXX2193
Kachonga UGXX2194
Kachulagenyi UGXX4386
Kachumbala UGXX2195
Kachumbiro UGXX4387
Kachung UGXX3382
Kachungi UGXX2196
Kachusi UGXX2197
Kachwangobe UGXX4388
Kachwi UGXX4389
Kadama UGXX2198
Kadami UGXX2199
Kadepo UGXX2200
Kaderuna UGXX2201
Kadinya UGXX2202
Kadoki UGXX2203
Kadoto UGXX2204
Kadugala UGXX0395
Kaduka UGXX2205
Kaduku UGXX4390
Kadunda UGXX0396
Kadunguru UGXX2206
Kadwini UGXX2207
Kadzi UGXX0397
Kafu UGXX2208
Kafu UGXX0398
Kafunfu UGXX4391
Kafunzho UGXX4392
Kafunzo UGXX4393
Kaga UGXX0399
Kagabagaba UGXX4394
Kagadi UGXX4395
Kagaga UGXX0400
Kagala UGXX0401
Kagalama UGXX0402
Kagamba UGXX4396
Kagamba UGXX0403
Kaganda UGXX0404
Kagando UGXX4397
Kagango UGXX4398
Kagango UGXX0405
Kagarama UGXX4399
Kagasa UGXX4400
Kagazi UGXX4401
Kagembe UGXX0407
Kagi UGXX0408
Kagitumba UGXX4402
Kagobe UGXX0409
Kagoge UGXX0410
Kagogo UGXX0411
Kagoli UGXX2209
Kagologolo UGXX0412
Kagolomolo UGXX0413
Kagolwa UGXX2210
Kagoma UGXX4403
Kagoma UGXX2211
Kagona UGXX4404
Kagondo UGXX4405
Kagonge UGXX4406
Kagorogoro UGXX4407
Kagugo UGXX4408
Kagugu UGXX4409
Kagugube UGXX0414
Kagulu UGXX0415
Kagulube UGXX0416
Kaguma UGXX4410
Kagumba UGXX2213
Kagumu UGXX2214
Kagunga UGXX4411
Kagwara UGXX2215
Kagwese UGXX2216
Kagwire UGXX0417
Kahaara UGXX4412
Kahandakamwe UGXX4413
Kahegwa UGXX4414
Kahenda UGXX4415
Kahendero UGXX4416
Kahihi UGXX4417
Kahingo UGXX4418
Kahirimbi UGXX4419
Kahonda UGXX4420
Kahondo UGXX4421
Kahoro UGXX4422
Kahororo UGXX4423
Kahunga UGXX4424
Kahunge UGXX4425
Kahuru UGXX4426
Kaianja UGXX4427
Kaiba UGXX4428
Kaijamaka UGXX2217
Kaikamosi UGXX2218
Kailkong UGXX3383
Kaiso UGXX4429
Kaiti UGXX2219
Kajaga UGXX0418
Kajamaka UGXX2220
Kajansi UGXX0419
Kajuguju UGXX4430
Kajulirwa UGXX0420
Kajumba UGXX0421
Kajumiro UGXX0422
Kajuna UGXX0423
Kajuura UGXX4431
Kakabara UGXX4432
Kakakala UGXX0424
Kakamari UGXX3384
Kakano UGXX2221
Kakanyoro UGXX4433
Kakanzhu UGXX4434
Kakatunda UGXX4435
Kakere UGXX4436
Kakika UGXX4437
Kakindo UGXX4438
Kakindu UGXX4439
Kakindu UGXX0425
Kakindu UGXX2222
Kakinga UGXX0426
Kakinyo UGXX3385
Kakinzi UGXX0427
Kakira UGXX2223
Kakira UGXX3386
Kakira UGXX0428
Kakiri UGXX0429
Kakirioningole UGXX3387
Kako UGXX0430
Kakoge UGXX0431
Kakoge UGXX2224
Kakogwe UGXX2225
Kakojo UGXX2226
Kakole UGXX4440
Kakoma UGXX4441
Kakondi UGXX0433
Kakori UGXX2227
Kakoro UGXX2228
Kakorokoron UGXX2229
Kakuka UGXX4442
Kakukulu UGXX0434
Kakukuru UGXX4443
Kakumiro UGXX4444
Kakundi UGXX0435
Kakungube UGXX0436
Kakungumaire UGXX0437
Kakungwe UGXX0438
Kakures UGXX2230
Kakute UGXX0439
Kakuto UGXX4445
Kakuuto UGXX0440
Kakuza UGXX0441
Kakwanga UGXX3388
Kakworo UGXX2231
Kaladonapal UGXX3389
Kalaga UGXX0442
Kalagala UGXX0443
Kalagi UGXX0444
Kalait UGXX2232
Kalakeju UGXX3390
Kalaki UGXX2233
Kalalo UGXX3391
Kalamai UGXX2234
Kalamba UGXX0445
Kalambi UGXX0446
Kalamira UGXX2235
Kalangala UGXX0447
Kalangalo UGXX0006
Kalangalo UGXX4446
Kalao UGXX2236
Kalapata UGXX3392
Kalaperabong UGXX3393
Kalasa UGXX0448
Kalata UGXX0449
Kaleerwe UGXX5394
Kalega UGXX0450
Kalege UGXX0451
Kaleire UGXX0452
Kalekeru UGXX2237
Kalenge UGXX0453
Kalengera UGXX0454
Kalengo UGXX2238
Kalere UGXX2239
Kaleri UGXX0455
Kali UGXX3394
Kalidini UGXX3395
Kaligo UGXX3396
Kalilima UGXX2241
Kalinda UGXX0456
Kaliro UGXX0457
Kaliro UGXX2242
Kalisizo UGXX0458
Kaliti UGXX0459
Kalito UGXX2243
Kalobo UGXX2244
Kalondo UGXX4448
Kalonge UGXX4449
Kalongo UGXX3397
Kalongo UGXX0460
Kaloni UGXX3398
Kalowang UGXX3399
Kalua UGXX0461
Kaluba UGXX2245
Kalububbu UGXX0462
Kalugu UGXX2246
Kaluguza UGXX4450
Kalule UGXX0463
Kalumaga UGXX0464
Kalungari UGXX2247
Kalungi UGXX0465
Kalungu UGXX2248
Kalungu UGXX3400
Kalungu UGXX0466
Kalwala UGXX3401
Kalwanga UGXX0467
Kalyabayoga UGXX0468
Kalyakoti UGXX0469
Kalyampande UGXX0470
Kalyanda UGXX0471
Kalyango UGXX0472
Kalyankoko UGXX0473
Kama UGXX0474
Kamaanda UGXX0475
Kamachya UGXX2249
Kamadi UGXX3402
Kamaka UGXX3403
Kamala UGXX0476
Kamalenge UGXX0477
Kamatarisi UGXX4451
Kambuga UGXX4452
Kambugo UGXX0478
Kambuye UGXX0479
Kamdini UGXX3404
Kameeme UGXX4453
Kameki UGXX2250
Kamengo UGXX0480
Kamese UGXX2251
Kamido UGXX2252
Kamion UGXX3405
Kammengo UGXX0007
Kamodo UGXX2253
Kamonkoli UGXX2254
Kamorok UGXX2255
Kampala UGXX0002
Kampala Hill UGXX5395
Kampindi UGXX0481
Kampiringisa UGXX0482
Kampungu UGXX0483
Kamuda UGXX2256
Kamuganguzi UGXX4454
Kamuganja UGXX0484
Kamuge UGXX2257
Kamugoya UGXX2258
Kamukalo UGXX0485
Kamukongo UGXX0486
Kamulaba UGXX0487
Kamuli UGXX2259
Kamuli UGXX4455
Kamuli UGXX0488
Kamunkwale UGXX0489
Kamusabi UGXX0490
Kamusala UGXX2260
Kamusenene UGXX0491
Kamushoko UGXX4456
Kamutur UGXX2261
Kamwenge UGXX4457
Kamwony UGXX2262
Kamwookya UGXX5396
Kanaba UGXX4458
Kanabugo UGXX2263
Kanadda UGXX0492
Kanama UGXX4459
Kanani UGXX0493
Kanankamba UGXX2264
Kandago UGXX4460
Kande UGXX0494
Kangabo UGXX0495
Kangai UGXX3406
Kangalaba UGXX2265
Kango UGXX3407
Kangole UGXX3408
Kangole UGXX2266
Kangolengole UGXX2267
Kangondo UGXX4461
Kangota UGXX2268
Kangulumira UGXX0496
Kanjuki UGXX0497
Kankoba UGXX4462
Kanku UGXX0498
Kankubebe UGXX0499
Kanoni UGXX4463
Kanoni UGXX0009
Kansami UGXX0501
Kansanga UGXX5397
Kansenene UGXX4464
Kansera UGXX0502
Kansiri UGXX0503
Kantale UGXX4465
Kantozi UGXX4466
Kanungu UGXX4467
Kanyale UGXX0504
Kanyamburara UGXX4468
Kanyampara UGXX4469
Kanyamutam UGXX2269
Kanyamwerina UGXX4470
Kanyanda UGXX0505
Kanyangana UGXX2270
Kanyansi UGXX4471
Kanyantembe UGXX4472
Kanyanya UGXX5398
Kanyarieru UGXX4473
Kanyashogi UGXX4474
Kanyege UGXX4475
Kanyenya UGXX0506
Kanyigiri UGXX4476
Kanyike UGXX0507
Kanyinabulimano UGXX4477
Kanyingabu UGXX4478
Kanyogoga UGXX0508
Kanyonyi UGXX0509
Kanyum UGXX2271
Kanyumu UGXX2272
Kanzhobe UGXX4479
Kanzira UGXX0510
Kanzize UGXX0511
Kaondwe UGXX0512
Kapala UGXX2273
Kapapi UGXX4480
Kapchorwa UGXX0010
Kapeka UGXX0513
Kapelebyong UGXX2274
Kapelimoru UGXX3409
Kapiri UGXX2275
Kapita UGXX3410
Kapteret UGXX2276
Kaptokwoi UGXX2277
Kapujan UGXX2278
Kapyanga UGXX2279
Kapyani UGXX2280
Karagwe UGXX4481
Karambe UGXX4482
Karambi UGXX4483
Karapata UGXX2281
Karenga UGXX3411
Karienda UGXX0514
Karogoto UGXX4484
Karongo UGXX4485
Karugutu UGXX4486
Karujubu UGXX4487
Karujumba UGXX4488
Karungu UGXX4489
Karwara UGXX4490
Karwenyi UGXX4491
Kasaala UGXX0515
Kasaana UGXX0516
Kasaayi UGXX0517
Kasabwe UGXX4492
Kasabwera UGXX0518
Kasagama UGXX0519
Kasaikye UGXX2282
Kasaka UGXX4493
Kasala UGXX2283
Kasali UGXX0521
Kasalu UGXX0522
Kasambia UGXX0523
Kasambika UGXX2284
Kasambira UGXX2285
Kasambya UGXX4494
Kasambya UGXX0524
Kasana UGXX0525
Kasanda UGXX0526
Kasanga UGXX0527
Kasangati UGXX0528
Kasangayiye UGXX4496
Kasangombe UGXX0529
Kasanje UGXX0530
Kasari UGXX0531
Kasasa UGXX4497
Kasasa UGXX0532
Kasasira UGXX2286
Kasatu UGXX3412
Kasawo UGXX0533
Kaseeru UGXX0534
Kasejere UGXX2287
Kasenda UGXX4498
Kasenene UGXX4499
Kasenso UGXX0535
Kasenyi UGXX4500
Kasenyi UGXX0536
Kasese UGXX4501
Kasesero UGXX0537
Kashaka UGXX4502
Kashambya UGXX4503
Kashanda UGXX4504
Kashasha UGXX4505
Kashekye UGXX4506
Kashenyi UGXX4507
Kashesha UGXX4508
Kasheshe UGXX4509
Kashongi UGXX4510
Kasilo UGXX2288
Kasimbi UGXX4511
Kasimu UGXX0538
Kasinga UGXX0539
Kasingo UGXX4512
Kasinina UGXX0540
Kasira UGXX2289
Kasirye UGXX0541
Kasiso UGXX0542
Kasita UGXX2290
Kasiyirize UGXX0543
Kasodo UGXX2291
Kasoga UGXX0544
Kasojo UGXX4513
Kasokero UGXX0545
Kasokero UGXX4514
Kasokoso UGXX0546
Kasokwa UGXX4515
Kasokwe UGXX0547
Kasokwe UGXX2292
Kasolo UGXX0548
Kasolokamponye UGXX0549
Kasolosolo UGXX4516
Kasolwe UGXX2293
Kasomoro UGXX4517
Kasonga UGXX4518
Kasongode UGXX0550
Kasongoire UGXX4519
Kasowa UGXX2294
Kasozi UGXX4520
Kasozi UGXX0551
Kasozi UGXX2295
Kasubi UGXX0552
Kasubi hill UGXX5399
Kasule UGXX4521
Kasuleta UGXX2296
Kasumba UGXX4522
Kasunganyanja UGXX4523
Kasungwa UGXX4524
Kasusu UGXX4525
Kaswa UGXX0553
Katabanda UGXX0554
Katabi UGXX0555
Katabok UGXX3413
Katagurukwa UGXX4526
Katagyengyera UGXX4527
Katakwi UGXX2297
Katale UGXX0556
Katale UGXX4528
Katambogo UGXX0557
Katambwa UGXX0558
Katamiro UGXX0559
Katangira UGXX3414
Katanjovu UGXX2298
Katanoga UGXX4529
Katara UGXX4530
Katasenvuwa UGXX4531
Katasula UGXX2299
Katatemwa UGXX4532
Katates UGXX2300
Katebe UGXX4533
Katebe UGXX0560
Katebo UGXX0561
Kateer UGXX3415
Katego UGXX4534
Katekwana UGXX2301
Katele UGXX0562
Katende UGXX0563
Kateng UGXX2302
Katenga UGXX2303
Katente UGXX0564
Katera UGXX0565
Kateragoto UGXX2304
Katereke UGXX0566
Katerema UGXX2305
Katerwe UGXX4536
Kateta UGXX2306
Kateta UGXX4537
Katete UGXX0567
Katete UGXX4538
Kati UGXX4539
Katiba UGXX4540
Katik UGXX3416
Katikamu UGXX0568
Katikara UGXX4541
Katikati UGXX3417
Katikekile UGXX3418
Katiko UGXX0569
Katimba UGXX0570
Katine UGXX2307
Katinge UGXX2308
Katini UGXX0571
Katinyondo UGXX0572
Katiriyo UGXX2309
Katiti UGXX2310
Katiyi UGXX3419
Katobo UGXX4542
Katojo UGXX4543
Katoka UGXX0573
Katoke UGXX4544
Katola UGXX0574
Katoliti UGXX3420
Katoma UGXX4545
Katoma UGXX0575
Katongero UGXX0576
Katop UGXX3421
Katosi UGXX0577
Katovu UGXX0578
Katozho UGXX4546
Katrini UGXX3422
Katuba UGXX0579
Katuggo UGXX4547
Katugo UGXX4548
Katugo UGXX0580
Katuke UGXX2311
Katuku UGXX0581
Katulikire UGXX4549
Katulu UGXX0582
Katumba UGXX4550
Katungu UGXX4551
Katungulu UGXX0583
Katunguru UGXX4552
Katunta UGXX0584
Katuso UGXX0585
Katwe UGXX5400
Katwe UGXX4553
Kaukula UGXX2312
Kaule UGXX2313
Kauna UGXX0587
Kaunde UGXX4554
Kaungwe UGXX0588
Kavugazo UGXX4555
Kavule UGXX0589
Kavule UGXX2314
Kavulo UGXX2315
Kawaala UGXX5401
Kawagwere UGXX0590
Kawalira UGXX0591
Kawanda UGXX0592
Kawanga UGXX2316
Kawanga UGXX0593
Kawango UGXX0594
Kawempe UGXX0595
Kaweri UGXX0596
Kawete UGXX2317
Kaweweta UGXX0597
Kawezike UGXX0598
Kawini UGXX2318
Kawojwa UGXX0599
Kawoko UGXX0600
Kawolongojo UGXX0601
Kawu UGXX3423
Kawukura UGXX2319
Kawula UGXX4556
Kawula UGXX0602
Kawule UGXX0603
Kawumu UGXX0604
Kawungera UGXX0605
Kaya UGXX3424
Kayaga UGXX0606
Kayango UGXX2320
Kayanja UGXX4557
Kayanta UGXX4558
Kayebe UGXX4559
Kayenje UGXX0608
Kayera UGXX4560
Kayera UGXX0609
Kayina UGXX0610
Kayini UGXX0611
Kayolo UGXX4561
Kayonga UGXX0612
Kayonza UGXX0613
Kayonza UGXX4562
Kayoro UGXX2321
Kayugi UGXX0614
Kayunga UGXX0011
Kayungu UGXX4563
Kazi UGXX0616
Kazinga UGXX4564
Kazinga UGXX0617
Kazingo UGXX4565
Kaziru UGXX0618
Kazo UGXX4566
Kazwama UGXX0619
Kebisoni UGXX4567
Kechuru UGXX3425
Keigosora UGXX4568
Keihangara UGXX4569
Kekale UGXX2322
Kelak UGXX3426
Kelim UGXX2323
Kelle UGXX2324
Kem UGXX3427
Kenda UGXX3428
Kengera UGXX2325
Kenkebu UGXX2326
Kenombero UGXX4570
Kenshunga UGXX4571
Kenyaia UGXX4572
Kenyonyi UGXX0620
Kereku UGXX0621
Keyo UGXX3429
Khabutola UGXX2327
Khasyule UGXX2328
Kiabahamba UGXX4573
Kiakapere UGXX4574
Kiani UGXX2329
Kibabali UGXX4575
Kibale UGXX4576
Kibale UGXX2330
Kibale UGXX0622
Kibamba UGXX0623
Kibambura UGXX4577
Kibanda UGXX0624
Kibanda UGXX4578
Kibanga UGXX0625
Kibanga UGXX4579
Kibanga Port UGXX0626
Kibangya UGXX0627
Kibangya UGXX4580
Kibanyi UGXX0628
Kibbe UGXX0629
Kibede UGXX4581
Kibega UGXX4582
Kibeja UGXX0630
Kibeka UGXX4583
Kibengo UGXX4584
Kibeto UGXX2331
Kibibi UGXX0631
Kibiito UGXX4585
Kibimba UGXX0632
Kibimba UGXX4586
Kibindu UGXX0633
Kibinga UGXX2332
Kibingo UGXX4587
Kibiro UGXX4588
Kibisi UGXX0634
Kiboga UGXX4589
Kiboga UGXX0635
Kiboirya UGXX4590
Kibojana UGXX4591
Kibona UGXX4592
Kibona UGXX0636
Kibonwa UGXX0637
Kibopi UGXX4593
Kibosi UGXX4594
Kiboyo UGXX2333
Kiboyo UGXX0638
Kibubula UGXX0639
Kibugenda UGXX0640
Kibugo UGXX3430
Kibugubya UGXX4595
Kibuje UGXX3431
Kibuku UGXX2334
Kibula UGXX0641
Kibuli UGXX5402
Kibungo UGXX4596
Kiburasaho UGXX4597
Kibutamu UGXX0642
Kibuto UGXX0643
Kibuye UGXX2335
Kibuye UGXX0644
Kibuye UGXX4598
Kibwa UGXX0645
Kibwera UGXX4599
Kibwiza UGXX2336
Kichandi UGXX4600
Kichuchu UGXX4601
Kichunda UGXX4602
Kichwabugingo UGXX4603
Kichwabugingo UGXX0646
Kichwamba UGXX4604
Kidada UGXX0647
Kidda UGXX3432
Kide UGXX2337
Kidera UGXX2338
Kidera UGXX0648
Kidi Abuni UGXX3433
Kidibya UGXX0649
Kidilande UGXX3434
Kidima UGXX4605
Kidoko UGXX2339
Kidoma UGXX4606
Kidongole UGXX2340
Kidugali UGXX0650
Kidukulu UGXX0651
Kiduru UGXX4607
Kidwera UGXX4608
Kifamba UGXX0652
Kifunfugu UGXX0653
Kifuyo UGXX2341
Kigaga UGXX4609
Kigalama UGXX0654
Kigalambi UGXX0655
Kiganda UGXX2342
Kiganda UGXX0656
Kiganja UGXX4610
Kiganwa UGXX0657
Kigarama UGXX4611
Kigasa UGXX0658
Kigata UGXX4612
Kige UGXX2343
Kigege UGXX0659
Kigembo UGXX2344
Kigemere UGXX4613
Kigenda UGXX0660
Kigengere UGXX4614
Kigezi UGXX0661
Kigezi UGXX4615
Kiggi UGXX0662
Kigimbi UGXX4616
Kigo UGXX0663
Kigobagobe UGXX4617
Kigogola UGXX0664
Kigoma UGXX4618
Kigomba UGXX4619
Kigomero UGXX4620
Kigondo UGXX0665
Kigoowa UGXX5403
Kigorobya UGXX4621
Kigoto UGXX0666
Kigowa UGXX0667
Kigoya UGXX4622
Kigugu UGXX4623
Kigugu UGXX0668
Kigujula UGXX4624
Kiguli UGXX2345
Kiguli UGXX0669
Kigulu UGXX0670
Kiguma UGXX4625
Kigumba UGXX0671
Kigumba UGXX4626
Kigumu UGXX4627
Kigunda UGXX2346
Kigunga UGXX4628
Kigungu UGXX0672
Kiguza UGXX4629
Kigwabya UGXX4630
Kigwanya UGXX0673
Kigwera UGXX4631
Kigweri UGXX2347
Kigwisa UGXX2348
Kigya UGXX4632
Kihaguzi UGXX4633
Kihamba UGXX4634
Kihanga UGXX4635
Kihihi UGXX4636
Kihoko UGXX4637
Kihonzi UGXX4638
Kihuha UGXX4639
Kihungia UGXX4640
Kihungya UGXX4641
Kihura UGXX4642
Kijagambya UGXX4643
Kijaguro UGXX0675
Kijaguza UGXX4644
Kijaguzo UGXX0676
Kijaka UGXX0677
Kijako UGXX0678
Kijangi UGXX4645
Kijegere UGXX4646
Kijenga UGXX4647
Kijiko UGXX0679
Kijo UGXX0680
Kijogojo UGXX0681
Kijojomi UGXX4648
Kijomoro UGXX3435
Kijonjo UGXX0682
Kijoro UGXX3436
Kijujubere UGXX0683
Kijuma UGXX4649
Kijumazi UGXX4650
Kijumba UGXX0684
Kijumbi UGXX0685
Kijumbura UGXX4651
Kijunjubwa UGXX4652
Kijura UGXX4653
Kijuura UGXX4654
Kijwa UGXX0686
Kijwara UGXX0687
Kijwenge UGXX4655
Kikaaya UGXX5404
Kikaja UGXX0688
Kikakanya UGXX0689
Kikalala UGXX0690
Kikamulo UGXX0691
Kikandwa UGXX0692
Kikangala UGXX4656
Kikarara UGXX4657
Kikendede UGXX0693
Kikenene UGXX0694
Kikerege UGXX4658
Kiko UGXX2349
Kikoba UGXX0695
Kikoboza UGXX0696
Kikobwa UGXX4659
Kikoge UGXX2350
Kikoloto UGXX0697
Kikoma UGXX0698
Kikoma UGXX2351
Kikonda UGXX4660
Kikondo UGXX0699
Kikonge UGXX0700
Kikonge UGXX4661
Kikongi UGXX4662
Kikongo UGXX4663
Kikongoro UGXX3438
Kikonoka UGXX0701
Kikonya UGXX4664
Kikoroba UGXX4665
Kikorongo UGXX4666
Kikota UGXX0702
Kikoyera UGXX0703
Kikubampanga UGXX0704
Kikubanimba UGXX0705
Kikube UGXX4667
Kikube UGXX0706
Kikubi UGXX2352
Kikukula UGXX0707
Kikulula UGXX0708
Kikumbya UGXX4668
Kikungiri UGXX0012
Kikungu UGXX4669
Kikungulu UGXX4670
Kikungwe UGXX0709
Kikunyu UGXX4671
Kikusa UGXX0710
Kikuta UGXX0711
Kikuto UGXX4672
Kikwanana UGXX4673
Kikwanya UGXX0712
Kikwatambogo UGXX0713
Kilak UGXX3439
Kilanga UGXX0714
Kileku UGXX0715
Kilembe UGXX4674
Kilembwe UGXX0716
Kiligombe UGXX0717
Kilinda UGXX0718
Kilinya UGXX0719
Kiluli UGXX0720
Kilwamazi UGXX4675
Kilyani UGXX4676
Kilyanongo UGXX0721
Kilyokya UGXX0722
Kimaga UGXX0723
Kimaka UGXX2353
Kimanto UGXX2354
Kimanyedde UGXX0724
Kimbaya UGXX2355
Kimbeja UGXX0725
Kimengo UGXX4677
Kimera UGXX0726
Kimina UGXX4678
Kimira UGXX2356
Kimiru UGXX3440
Kimole UGXX0727
Kimoli UGXX4679
Kimuli UGXX0728
Kinaga UGXX4680
Kinaitakali UGXX2357
Kinaku UGXX0729
Kinambogo UGXX2358
Kinanga UGXX4681
Kinanira UGXX4682
Kinena UGXX4683
Kinogola UGXX0730
Kinogozi UGXX4684
Kinombe UGXX4685
Kinoni UGXX4686
Kinoni UGXX0731
Kinu UGXX2359
Kinumi UGXX4687
Kinunka UGXX0732
Kinwante UGXX0733
Kinyabuddu UGXX0734
Kinyamatozho UGXX4688
Kinyanga UGXX4689
Kinyankendi UGXX4690
Kinyantale UGXX4691
Kinyara UGXX4692
Kinyemi UGXX4693
Kinyogoga UGXX0735
Kinyomozi UGXX0736
Kipayo UGXX0737
Kira UGXX0738
Kiraba UGXX3442
Kiraboha UGXX4694
Kiraka UGXX0739
Kirama UGXX4695
Kiramata UGXX0740
Kiranga UGXX0741
Kirasa UGXX0742
Kirawula UGXX0743
Kireba UGXX0744
Kireka UGXX0745
Kireku UGXX0746
Kirewa UGXX2361
Kirewe UGXX2362
Kirika UGXX2363
Kirila UGXX3443
Kirima UGXX4696
Kirimantogo UGXX0747
Kirimia UGXX4697
Kirimwa UGXX2364
Kiringente UGXX0748
Kiringo UGXX0749
Kirinya UGXX0750
Kiriolo UGXX2365
Kirirema UGXX4698
Kiriri UGXX0013
Kirolo UGXX0751
Kirongo UGXX2366
Kirongoro UGXX4699
Kiroro UGXX2367
Kiru UGXX3444
Kirudu UGXX0752
Kiruhura UGXX4700
Kiruko UGXX2368
Kiruli UGXX4701
Kiruli UGXX0753
Kirumba UGXX0754
Kirumi UGXX0755
Kiruna UGXX2369
Kirunda UGXX0756
Kiruwa UGXX0757
Kirwara UGXX4702
Kirwaya UGXX0758
Kiryamasasa UGXX4703
Kiryampungura UGXX4704
Kiryamuli UGXX2370
Kiryandongo UGXX4705
Kiryanga UGXX4706
Kiryanjaji UGXX4707
Kiryansa UGXX0759
Kiryantama UGXX0760
Kiryawanga UGXX4708
Kiryola UGXX0761
Kiryowa UGXX0762
Kisaasi UGXX0763
Kisabwa UGXX0764
Kisagala UGXX0765
Kisagazi UGXX0766
Kisala UGXX4709
Kisalabude UGXX0767
Kisalama UGXX0768
Kisalizi UGXX4710
Kisalizi UGXX0769
Kisamba UGXX0770
Kisamula UGXX0771
Kisana UGXX0772
Kisanja UGXX4711
Kisansya UGXX4712
Kisarizi UGXX0773
Kisaru UGXX4713
Kisasi UGXX0774
Kisawo UGXX0775
Kisega UGXX2371
Kiseitaka UGXX2372
Kiseke UGXX4714
Kisekwa UGXX4715
Kisele UGXX4716
Kisembwa UGXX4717
Kisendwe UGXX0776
Kisengwe UGXX4718
Kisengya UGXX4719
Kisenyi UGXX4720
Kisenyi UGXX0777
Kishanzhe UGXX4721
Kisiabi UGXX4722
Kisiki UGXX2373
Kisimbiri UGXX0778
Kisimoro UGXX4723
Kisimula UGXX0779
Kisinda UGXX2374
Kisindizi UGXX4724
Kisindye UGXX0780
Kisiro UGXX2375
Kisitala UGXX0781
Kisizi UGXX4725
Kiso UGXX0782
Kisoga UGXX0783
Kisoga UGXX2376
Kisogo UGXX0784
Kisojjo UGXX0785
Kisojo UGXX4726
Kisoko UGXX2377
Kisoloza UGXX0786
Kisomole UGXX0787
Kisoro UGXX4727
Kisote UGXX2378
Kisozi UGXX0788
Kisozo UGXX4728
Kisu UGXX0789
Kisuba UGXX4729
Kisubi UGXX0790
Kisuga UGXX4730
Kisukma UGXX4731
Kisuna UGXX0792
Kisunga UGXX4732
Kisuura UGXX4733
Kiswa UGXX0793
Kisweka UGXX4734
Kiswera UGXX0794
Kiswere UGXX0795
Kisya UGXX4735
Kitabanyaga UGXX0796
Kitabazi UGXX0797
Kitabona UGXX4736
Kitagata UGXX4737
Kitahulira UGXX4738
Kitakomaga UGXX0798
Kitala UGXX0799
Kitaleba UGXX3445
Kitamba UGXX4739
Kitamilo UGXX0800
Kitana UGXX4740
Kitanga UGXX4741
Kitantalo UGXX0801
Kitatya UGXX0802
Kitavuja UGXX0803
Kitawa UGXX0804
Kitawe UGXX3446
Kitawemba UGXX4742
Kitayunjwa UGXX2379
Kitebe UGXX0805
Kitebera UGXX4743
Kiteezi UGXX0806
Kitega UGXX4744
Kitego UGXX0807
Kitegwa UGXX4745
Kitehe UGXX4746
Kitekura UGXX4747
Kitela UGXX0808
Kitemba UGXX4748
Kitembe UGXX4749
Kitembo UGXX0809
Kiteme UGXX0810
Kitemi UGXX0811
Kitemu UGXX0812
Kitemuzi UGXX4750
Kiten UGXX3447
Kitende UGXX0813
Kitenga UGXX0814
Kitera UGXX4751
Kiteredde UGXX0815
Kiterede UGXX0816
Kiterera UGXX2380
Kitezi UGXX0817
Kitgum UGXX3448
Kitgum Matidi UGXX3449
Kiti UGXX0818
Kitibya UGXX4752
Kito UGXX0819
Kitoba UGXX4753
Kitodha UGXX2381
Kitogo UGXX4754
Kitojo UGXX4755
Kitoke UGXX0820
Kitoko UGXX4756
Kitokolo UGXX0821
Kitoma UGXX4757
Kitongo UGXX0822
Kitongore UGXX4758
Kitontogolo UGXX0823
Kitontoro UGXX4759
Kitooka UGXX4760
Kitoto UGXX0824
Kitouu UGXX0825
Kitovu UGXX2382
Kitovu UGXX0826
Kitozho UGXX4761
Kitubulu UGXX0827
Kitukiro UGXX2383
Kituku UGXX0828
Kitukutwe UGXX0829
Kitumba UGXX4762
Kitumbezi UGXX2384
Kituna UGXX3450
Kitungwa UGXX0830
Kitunku UGXX0831
Kituntu UGXX0832
Kitwanga UGXX4763
Kitwe UGXX4764
Kitwe UGXX0833
Kityerera UGXX2385
Kiulumba UGXX4765
Kiumu UGXX0834
Kiuna UGXX4766
Kivule UGXX3451
Kivule UGXX2386
Kiwaatule UGXX5405
Kiwaguzi UGXX0835
Kiwala UGXX0836
Kiwalazi UGXX2387
Kiwami UGXX4767
Kiwanda UGXX0837
Kiwanyi UGXX2388
Kiwawu UGXX0838
Kiwembi UGXX0839
Kiwenda UGXX0840
Kiwesa UGXX0841
Kiwoga UGXX0842
Kiwoko UGXX0843
Kiwondogoto UGXX0844
Kiwongoire UGXX0845
Kiwula UGXX0846
Kiwumu UGXX0847
Kiwumulo UGXX0848
Kiwura UGXX0849
Kiyaga UGXX4769
Kiyange UGXX0850
Kiyanja UGXX0851
Kiyayula UGXX4770
Kiyonga UGXX3452
Kiyotosi UGXX0852
Kiyumbakimu UGXX0853
Kiyunga UGXX2389
Kiyunga UGXX0854
Kiyuni UGXX0855
Kiyuya UGXX0856
Kiyuya UGXX4771
Kiziba UGXX4772
Kiziba UGXX0857
Kizibu UGXX4773
Kizigo UGXX0858
Kiziko UGXX0859
Kizima UGXX0860
Kizimugulu UGXX4774
Kizinga UGXX4775
Kizira UGXX0861
Kiziranfumbi UGXX4776
Kizito UGXX0862
Kizuba UGXX2390
Koa UGXX2391
Koba UGXX0863
Koboi UGXX2392
Koboko UGXX3453
Kobukongori UGXX2393
Kobuku UGXX2394
Kobwin UGXX2395
Koc UGXX3454
Koch UGXX3455
Kochawinga UGXX3456
Kochoge UGXX2396
Kochokyo UGXX3457
Kodomu UGXX2397
Koich UGXX3458
Koka UGXX3459
Kokeris UGXX3460
Koko UGXX0864
Kokolya UGXX2398
Kokong UGXX2399
Kokotero UGXX0865
Kokotu UGXX2400
Kokumongole UGXX3461
Kokwa UGXX4777
Kolamairo UGXX3462
Kole UGXX3463
Kolididi UGXX3464
Kolimai UGXX2401
Koliri UGXX2402
Kololo UGXX0866
Koloser UGXX3465
Komi UGXX4778
Komolo UGXX2403
Komorang UGXX2404
Komorok UGXX2405
Konga UGXX3466
Kongo UGXX3467
Kopelo UGXX2406
Kopungure UGXX2407
Kopure UGXX2408
Koputh UGXX3468
Koreng UGXX2409
Koro UGXX3469
Koro UGXX0867
Koroto UGXX3470
Koryamo UGXX2410
Kosh UGXX3471
Kosoko UGXX2411
Kosti UGXX2412
Kotagas UGXX0868
Kothoniok UGXX3472
Kotido UGXX3473
Kotiokot UGXX2413
Kotoba UGXX2414
Kotulel UGXX3474
Koya UGXX3475
Koyi UGXX3476
Kozeiza UGXX3477
Kubala UGXX3478
Kucwiny UGXX3479
Kufu UGXX0869
Kuju UGXX2415
Kula UGXX3480
Kulambiro UGXX5406
Kulekule UGXX3481
Kulu UGXX3482
Kuluba UGXX3483
Kuluva UGXX3484
Kumba UGXX4779
Kumi UGXX2416
Kungo UGXX3485
Kungu UGXX3486
Kungu UGXX0870
Kunguru UGXX2417
Kuniro UGXX3487
Kunswa UGXX0871
Kureku UGXX3488
Kutolo UGXX4780
Kwaba UGXX0872
Kwapa UGXX2418
Kwata UGXX0873
Kwatampola UGXX4781
Kwera UGXX3489
Kweyakaru UGXX3490
Kwibale UGXX3491
Kyabadazza UGXX0874
Kyabafa UGXX4782
Kyabagamba UGXX0875
Kyabaganga UGXX0876
Kyabagoye UGXX0877
Kyabaitirwa UGXX4783
Kyabakaire UGXX2419
Kyabakuza UGXX0878
Kyabaligeja UGXX4784
Kyabaniamu UGXX4785
Kyabanyoro UGXX4786
Kyabasaja UGXX4787
Kyabasala UGXX4788
Kyabasegu UGXX0879
Kyabasengya UGXX4789
Kyabasita UGXX3492
Kyabasita UGXX0880
Kyabaune UGXX0881
Kyabayanja UGXX0882
Kyabazala UGXX0883
Kyabeya UGXX4790
Kyabi UGXX0884
Kyabigambire UGXX4791
Kyabikere UGXX4792
Kyabinunga UGXX4793
Kyabiri UGXX0885
Kyabiringanda UGXX4794
Kyabisenywa UGXX4795
Kyabisigazi UGXX4796
Kyabiyi UGXX0886
Kyabojonjo UGXX0887
Kyabona UGXX0888
Kyabukwenda UGXX4797
Kyabutaika UGXX0889
Kyabuzigye UGXX4798
Kyabweme UGXX4799
Kyadobo UGXX0890
Kyagazhu UGXX4800
Kyaisimba UGXX4801
Kyajinja UGXX0891
Kyajongo UGXX0892
Kyajubira UGXX0893
Kyajunja UGXX0894
Kyakabaseke UGXX4802
Kyakabira UGXX0895
Kyakabunga UGXX4803
Kyakachumu UGXX0896
Kyakaja UGXX4804
Kyakajanja UGXX4805
Kyakajoba UGXX0897
Kyakala UGXX0898
Kyakalenzi UGXX0899
Kyakasuku UGXX0900
Kyakatebe UGXX0901
Kyakatuma UGXX0902
Kyakidu UGXX0903
Kyalubanga UGXX0904
Kyalugaba UGXX4806
Kyalugala UGXX0905
Kyalugunju UGXX0906
Kyalusowe UGXX0907
Kyaluweza UGXX0908
Kyamagoma UGXX0909
Kyamahohoro UGXX4807
Kyamahungu UGXX4808
Kyamasansa UGXX0910
Kyamatende UGXX2420
Kyamayigale UGXX0911
Kyambala UGXX0912
Kyambobo UGXX0913
Kyambogo UGXX0914
Kyambogo UGXX4809
Kyamiyingo UGXX0915
Kyampise UGXX0916
Kyampisi UGXX4810
Kyampoza UGXX4811
Kyampuga UGXX0918
Kyamuchope UGXX0919
Kyamuchumba UGXX4812
Kyamugabo UGXX4813
Kyamugambanenda UGXX0920
Kyamugenywa UGXX0921
Kyamugweri UGXX4814
Kyamuhoro UGXX4815
Kyamujumi UGXX4816
Kyamukama UGXX4817
Kyamukangara UGXX4818
Kyamukonda UGXX0922
Kyamukwere UGXX4819
Kyamulasa UGXX3493
Kyamulibwa UGXX0923
Kyamumali UGXX4820
Kyamungabi UGXX0924
Kyamungu UGXX0925
Kyamuranda UGXX4821
Kyamusisi UGXX0926
Kyamuswa UGXX0927
Kyamutakasa UGXX0928
Kyamutendo UGXX0929
Kyamuyisa UGXX0930
Kyanamu UGXX0931
Kyanamugera UGXX0932
Kyanamukaka UGXX0933
Kyanamuwanga UGXX0934
Kyanasoke UGXX4822
Kyandalo UGXX0935
Kyandyaga UGXX0936
Kyanfuba UGXX2421
Kyangabukama UGXX4823
Kyangamwoyo UGXX4824
Kyangumbwoyo UGXX4825
Kyangwali UGXX4826
Kyangwe UGXX0937
Kyanika UGXX0938
Kyanja UGXX0939
Kyanjali UGXX0940
Kyankoko UGXX0941
Kyankole UGXX0942
Kyankonoki UGXX0943
Kyankonyo UGXX0944
Kyankumba UGXX0945
Kyankwanzi UGXX0946
Kyansande UGXX0947
Kyansi UGXX0948
Kyantale UGXX0949
Kyantama UGXX0950
Kyanuna UGXX0951
Kyanvubu UGXX0952
Kyanya UGXX0953
Kyanyakatura UGXX4827
Kyanyamwanga UGXX0954
Kyanyaruhango UGXX4828
Kyanyunja UGXX2422
Kyaruhuga UGXX4829
Kyarumba UGXX4830
Kyarupasi UGXX3494
Kyarusozi UGXX4831
Kyarwakahorogo UGXX4832
Kyasampawu UGXX0955
Kyasenya UGXX0956
Kyashemeire UGXX4833
Kyatale UGXX4834
Kyataruga UGXX4835
Kyatire UGXX4836
Kyato UGXX0957
Kyatoko UGXX4837
Kyaturugo UGXX4838
Kyawole UGXX0958
Kyawolo UGXX2423
Kyazanga UGXX0959
Kyaziza UGXX0960
Kyebando UGXX0961
Kyebando UGXX4839
Kyebe UGXX0962
Kyebwera UGXX0963
Kyedikyo UGXX4840
Kyeganywa UGXX0964
Kyegegwa UGXX4841
Kyegerekum UGXX2424
Kyegonza UGXX0965
Kyehinde UGXX4842
Kyehunda UGXX4843
Kyeibuza UGXX4844
Kyeikuchu UGXX4845
Kyeingira UGXX0966
Kyeizhanga UGXX4846
Kyeizhogombe UGXX4847
Kyeizobo UGXX4848
Kyekumbya UGXX0967
Kyelele UGXX4849
Kyelim UGXX2425
Kyelima UGXX0968
Kyema UGXX4850
Kyembazzi UGXX0969
Kyembugu UGXX4851
Kyembwe UGXX4852
Kyemeire UGXX2426
Kyempisi UGXX4853
Kyempitsi UGXX4854
Kyenalugonjo UGXX4855
Kyengeza UGXX0970
Kyenjojo UGXX4856
Kyenkobe UGXX4857
Kyenkuku UGXX4858
Kyensongaza UGXX0971
Kyenswaswa UGXX4859
Kyera UGXX3495
Kyeramya UGXX4860
Kyere UGXX2427
Kyerima UGXX0972
Kyerumye UGXX0973
Kyesero UGXX4861
Kyesiga UGXX4862
Kyesimbi UGXX0974
Kyesimira UGXX0975
Kyetume UGXX0976
Kyezimbire UGXX4863
Kyibega UGXX4864
Kyihiro UGXX4865
Kyobugombe UGXX4866
Kyogo UGXX4867
Kyojomanyi UGXX0977
Kyoko UGXX0978
Kyombya UGXX4868
Kyondo UGXX4869
Kyonyo UGXX4870
Kyosoweri UGXX2428
Kyotera UGXX0979
Kyungu UGXX0980
Laboli UGXX2429
Labongo UGXX3496
Labongo UGXX4871
Labora UGXX3497
Lacor UGXX3498
Ladonga UGXX3499
Ladoto UGXX2430
Laguti UGXX3500
Lajopi UGXX3501
Lakalac UGXX3502
Lakwatomer UGXX3503
Lalachat UGXX3504
Lale UGXX2431
Lalem UGXX3505
Lamila UGXX3506
Laminabili UGXX3507
Lamogi UGXX3508
Lamwo UGXX3509
Langi UGXX3510
Laropi UGXX3511
Lasachi UGXX4872
Laufori UGXX3512
Laura UGXX3513
Layibi UGXX3514
Lazebu UGXX3515
Leju UGXX3516
Leleo UGXX3517
Lereje UGXX3518
Lewa UGXX3519
Leyia UGXX3520
Lima UGXX3521
Limule UGXX3522
Lionga UGXX3523
Lira UGXX3524
Lira Palwo UGXX3525
Lire UGXX3526
Liri UGXX3527
Loa UGXX3528
Lobe UGXX3529
Lobul UGXX3530
Lobule UGXX3531
Lobuneit UGXX3532
Lobuneyt UGXX3533
Lochi UGXX2432
Lodapal UGXX3534
Lodukan UGXX3535
Lofumvwe UGXX0981
Logiri UGXX3536
Logoba UGXX3537
Loini UGXX3538
Loitanit UGXX3539
Lokales UGXX3540
Lokichar UGXX3541
Lokiporangatome UGXX3542
Lokiragodo UGXX3543
Lokitete UGXX3544
Lokopo UGXX3545
Lokudet UGXX3546
Lokung UGXX3547
Lokwakipi UGXX3548
Lokwir UGXX3549
Lolelia UGXX3550
Lolim UGXX3551
Lolito UGXX3552
Lomaler UGXX3553
Lomei UGXX3554
Lomerimong UGXX3555
Lomoruarei UGXX3556
Lomukura UGXX3557
Lomunga UGXX3558
Longira UGXX3559
Loolung UGXX3560
Lopei UGXX3561
Loporokocho UGXX3562
Lorengedwat UGXX3563
Loreta UGXX3564
Lori UGXX3565
Loro UGXX3566
Loronga UGXX3567
Lothaa UGXX3568
Lothagam UGXX3569
Lotithan UGXX3570
Lotome UGXX3571
Lotuturu UGXX3572
Lowa UGXX3573
Loyoro UGXX3574
Lubaba UGXX4873
Lubaga UGXX5407
Lubaja UGXX0982
Lubale UGXX4874
Lubanda UGXX0984
Lubanga UGXX0985
Lubanja UGXX0986
Lubanyi UGXX2433
Lubanyi UGXX4875
Lubingo UGXX4876
Lubira UGXX2434
Lubira UGXX4877
Lubumba UGXX0988
Luchumu UGXX4878
Ludara UGXX3575
Luga UGXX0989
Lugaaga UGXX0990
Lugala UGXX2435
Lugalama UGXX4879
Lugalama UGXX0992
Lugalambo UGXX0993
Lugando UGXX0994
Lugarama UGXX4880
Lugazi UGXX0014
Lugbari UGXX3576
Lugo UGXX0996
Lugologolo UGXX0997
Lugolole UGXX2436
Lugombe UGXX0998
Lugongo UGXX0999
Lugonjo UGXX1000
Lugusulu UGXX1001
Luguzi UGXX1002
Lugyo UGXX1003
Luhizha UGXX4881
Lukaka UGXX1004
Lukalu UGXX1005
Lukaya UGXX1006
Lukerere UGXX1007
Lukhonge UGXX2437
Lukiri UGXX4882
Lukoge UGXX1008
Lukolo UGXX1009
Lukoma UGXX1010
Lukome UGXX3577
Lukondo UGXX4883
Lukondo UGXX1011
Lukone UGXX2438
Lukono UGXX1012
Lukotaime UGXX2439
Lukukulu UGXX4884
Lukulavu UGXX1013
Lukuma UGXX3578
Lukumbi UGXX1014
Lukunyu UGXX1015
Lukwemigo UGXX4885
Lukyamu UGXX1016
Lulangala UGXX4886
Lule UGXX1017
Luleka UGXX1018
Lulenge UGXX1019
Lulira UGXX2440
Lulongo UGXX1020
Luma UGXX1021
Lumanyo UGXX1022
Lumino UGXX2441
Lumoto UGXX2442
Lumuli UGXX2443
Lungujja UGXX5408
Lunya UGXX1023
Lunyo UGXX2444
Lunyolya UGXX1024
Lurujo UGXX3579
Luruno UGXX3580
Lusaka UGXX1025
Lusalira UGXX1026
Lusango UGXX1027
Lusenke UGXX1028
Lusenke UGXX2445
Lusese UGXX1029
Lusisi UGXX2446
Lusiti UGXX1030
Lutale UGXX2447
Lutengo UGXX1031
Lutete UGXX1032
Lutobo UGXX4887
Lutoma UGXX1033
Lutoma UGXX4888
Lutoto UGXX4889
Lutumba UGXX4890
Lutunku UGXX1034
Luuka Town UGXX2448
Luunga UGXX1035
Luwala UGXX1036
Luwami UGXX1037
Luwanga UGXX1038
Luwero UGXX0015
Luwoko UGXX2449
Luwube UGXX1039
Luwunga UGXX1040
Luya UGXX2450
Luyanzi UGXX1041
Luyira UGXX2451
Luzinga UGXX2452
Luzira UGXX1042
Lwabagabo UGXX1043
Lwabakeya UGXX4891
Lwabijubwa UGXX1044
Lwaboba UGXX2453
Lwabyata UGXX1045
Lwagulwe UGXX1046
Lwakoke UGXX4892
Lwakyomba UGXX4893
Lwala UGXX2454
Lwala UGXX3581
Lwamabala UGXX1047
Lwamagwa UGXX1048
Lwamangu UGXX1049
Lwamanyonyi UGXX1050
Lwamata UGXX1051
Lwamatama UGXX1052
Lwamatovu UGXX1053
Lwamaungu UGXX1054
Lwamawungu UGXX1055
Lwamba UGXX2455
Lwamboga UGXX1056
Lwambogo UGXX1057
Lwampalala UGXX1058
Lwampanga UGXX1059
Lwamsinga UGXX4894
Lwamugolode UGXX1060
Lwamvubu UGXX1061
Lwamwende UGXX1062
Lwanama UGXX1063
Lwanda UGXX1064
Lwanga UGXX1065
Lwangosia UGXX2456
Lwanika UGXX2457
Lwanjuki UGXX1066
Lwankoli UGXX2458
Lwankonge UGXX1067
Lwankoni UGXX1068
Lwannunda UGXX1069
Lwansasi UGXX1070
Lwantobo UGXX4895
Lwanyonyi UGXX1071
Lwanzoji UGXX3582
Lwatama UGXX2459
Lwaweba UGXX1072
Lwebali UGXX4896
Lwebigoye UGXX1073
Lwebikere UGXX1074
Lwebisya UGXX4897
Lwelu UGXX4898
Lwemikoma UGXX4899
Lwemivubo UGXX1075
Lwemiyaga UGXX1076
Lwemizimu UGXX4900
Lwemo UGXX1077
Lwempuno UGXX4901
Lwengo UGXX1078
Lwenkanaga UGXX1079
Lwenkanja UGXX4902
Lwenshanku UGXX4903
Lwensinga UGXX1080
Lwentale UGXX1081
Lwentenga UGXX1082
Lwentondo UGXX1083
Lwera UGXX1084
Lweshe UGXX4904
Lwetama UGXX4905
Lwezo UGXX1085
Lwogelo UGXX1086
Lwotoma UGXX4906
Lyakajula UGXX1087
Lyakiremba UGXX4907
Lyamachunda UGXX1088
Lyamutundwe UGXX1089
Lyangha UGXX3583
Lyangoma UGXX1090
Lyantonde UGXX1091
Lyezere UGXX4908
Maaji UGXX3584
Maanyi UGXX1092
Mabale UGXX1093
Mabale UGXX4909
Mabanga UGXX4910
Mabare UGXX4911
Mabindi UGXX4912
Mabindo UGXX1094
Mabira UGXX1095
Mabira UGXX2460
Mabira UGXX4913
Mabirizi UGXX2461
Mabona UGXX4914
Mabuye UGXX1096
Machodi UGXX1097
Machowango UGXX2462
Machumu UGXX1098
Madda UGXX1099
Maddu UGXX1100
Madi UGXX3585
Madi Opei UGXX3586
Madibira UGXX2463
Madudu UGXX1101
Maduga UGXX3587
Madwa UGXX2464
Mafubira UGXX2465
Mafuga UGXX4915
Magabi UGXX0016
Magada UGXX2466
Magala UGXX1102
Magalama UGXX2467
Magale UGXX2468
Magamaga UGXX2469
Magege UGXX1103
Magera UGXX1104
Magigye UGXX1105
Magiri UGXX1106
Magoggo UGXX1107
Magogo UGXX2470
Magola UGXX2471
Magoma UGXX4916
Magonga UGXX1108
Magoro UGXX2472
Magosi UGXX3588
Magunga UGXX2473
Magwa UGXX1109
Magya UGXX1110
Magyo UGXX1111
Mahala UGXX2474
Mahangwe UGXX4917
Mahega UGXX4918
Mahondo UGXX4919
Mahyoro UGXX4920
Maiaciko UGXX3589
Maigwe UGXX1112
Mailo UGXX3590
Mailye UGXX1113
Mairikiti UGXX1114
Mairye UGXX1115
Maiyuge UGXX3591
Majanji UGXX2475
Majeru UGXX4921
Makerere UGXX1116
Makina UGXX2476
Makindu UGXX1117
Makindye UGXX1118
Mako UGXX1119
Makoba UGXX1120
Makole UGXX1121
Makoma UGXX2477
Makomi UGXX1122
Makondo UGXX4922
Makondo UGXX1123
Makonge UGXX1124
Makonzi UGXX1125
Makota UGXX4923
Makukulu UGXX1126
Makulubita UGXX1127
Makutu UGXX2478
Malamagambo UGXX4924
Malangala UGXX1128
Malembo UGXX1129
Malera UGXX2479
Maliba UGXX4925
Malima UGXX2480
Maliri UGXX2481
Malombe UGXX1130
Malongo UGXX1131
Malongwe UGXX1132
Malugulya UGXX2482
Mamba UGXX1133
Mambugu UGXX4926
Mamunye UGXX1134
Mamuyoga UGXX2483
Manafwa UGXX2484
Mangaliba UGXX1135
Mangara UGXX3592
Mango UGXX2485
Mankamba UGXX4927
Manya UGXX1136
Manyama UGXX1137
Manyami UGXX2486
Manywa UGXX1138
Maracha UGXX3593
Marama UGXX3594
Marindi UGXX3595
Marize UGXX3596
Maruki UGXX2487
Masaba UGXX2488
Masafu UGXX2489
Masajja UGXX1139
Masaka UGXX2490
Masaka UGXX4928
Masaka UGXX1140
Masamba UGXX4929
Maseke UGXX1141
Maseruku UGXX4930
Masese UGXX2491
Masindi UGXX4931
Masindi Port UGXX4932
Masinga UGXX1142
Masita UGXX2492
Masode UGXX1143
Masooli UGXX1144
Masuka UGXX4933
Masuna UGXX2493
Mataka UGXX1145
Matakojo UGXX2494
Matale UGXX1146
Matale UGXX4934
Matangacha UGXX3597
Mate UGXX1147
Matembe UGXX4935
Matete UGXX1148
Matiri UGXX4936
Matovu UGXX2495
Matuga UGXX1149
Matugo UGXX1150
Matuma UGXX3598
Matuwa UGXX2496
Maule UGXX1151
Mauma UGXX1152
Maundo UGXX2497
Mavubwe UGXX2498
Mavura UGXX3599
Mawanda UGXX1153
Mawanga UGXX2499
Mawero UGXX2500
Mawoito UGXX2501
Mawoto UGXX1154
Mawungwe UGXX2502
Mayangayanga UGXX1155
Mayanja UGXX1156
Mayuge UGXX2503
Mayugi UGXX2504
Maziba UGXX4937
Mazigo UGXX1157
Mazimasa UGXX2505
Mbagani UGXX4938
Mbaja UGXX1158
Mbalala UGXX1159
Mbale UGXX2506
Mbale UGXX3600
Mbale UGXX1160
Mbale UGXX4939
Mbali UGXX4940
Mbalye UGXX1161
Mbaraka UGXX3601
Mbarara UGXX4941
Mbaro UGXX3602
Mbere UGXX3603
Mbika UGXX4942
Mbirabira UGXX2507
Mbiridzi UGXX1162
Mbirizi UGXX2508
Mbirizi UGXX1163
Mbiwe UGXX4943
Mboera UGXX4944
Mbogwe UGXX4945
Mbula UGXX1164
Mbula UGXX2509
Mbulakati UGXX1165
Mbulamuti UGXX2510
Mburara UGXX4946
Mbuya UGXX1166
Mbwere UGXX3604
Media UGXX3605
Memere UGXX1167
Mengo UGXX1168
Mera UGXX2511
Merama UGXX4947
Meri UGXX2512
Meru UGXX1169
Metu UGXX3606
Metuli UGXX3607
Meturu UGXX3608
Michu UGXX3609
Midigo UGXX3610
Miduma UGXX4948
Migade UGXX1170
Migera UGXX1171
Migingye UGXX1172
Mijale UGXX3611
Mikyerere UGXX4949
Milimil UGXX2513
Minakulu UGXX3612
Mindi UGXX1173
Mingoro UGXX3613
Minyinya UGXX1174
Mirama UGXX4950
Mirambi UGXX4951
Mirambi UGXX1175
Mirebi UGXX1176
Mirei UGXX3614
Mirembe UGXX4952
Mirembe UGXX1177
Mirije UGXX1178
Miroi UGXX2514
Mirongo UGXX4953
Mirugwe UGXX1179
Mirya UGXX4954
Misanga UGXX1180
Misanvu UGXX1181
Misebe UGXX1182
Misigi UGXX1183
Misindye UGXX1184
Misinga UGXX4955
Misozi UGXX1185
Misulangoma UGXX1186
Mitala Maria UGXX1187
Mitandi UGXX4956
Mite UGXX3615
Miti UGXX1188
Mitiyomere UGXX1189
Mitoma UGXX4957
Mitwebiri UGXX4958
Mityana UGXX1190
Mityebili UGXX1191
Mizinda UGXX1192
Mizindalo UGXX1193
Mkongoro UGXX2515
Mocha UGXX3616
Moliring UGXX2516
Molo UGXX2517
Molope UGXX3617
Momeri UGXX2518
Mongiro UGXX4959
Mongoyo UGXX3618
Moni UGXX3619
Moniko UGXX1194
Morkisuwa UGXX2519
Moroto UGXX3620
Moruita UGXX3621
Morulem UGXX3622
Morunera UGXX2520
Morungatuny UGXX2521
Morungole UGXX3623
Morunyang UGXX3624
Moya UGXX1195
Moya UGXX4961
Moyiga UGXX3625
Moyo UGXX3626
Mpabye UGXX1196
Mpalo UGXX4962
Mpama UGXX1197
Mpama UGXX4963
Mpambire UGXX1198
Mpambwa UGXX2522
Mpami UGXX1199
Mpanga UGXX1200
Mpangala UGXX1201
Mparangasi UGXX4965
Mparo UGXX4966
Mpata UGXX1202
Mpembwe UGXX4967
Mpenja UGXX1203
Mpererwe UGXX1204
Mpigi UGXX1205
Mpiita UGXX1206
Mpirigwa UGXX1207
Mpogo UGXX1208
Mpoma UGXX1209
Mpoma UGXX4968
Mpondwe UGXX1210
Mpondwe UGXX4969
Mpongo UGXX1211
Mpotwe UGXX1212
Mpugwe UGXX1213
Mpulira UGXX2523
Mpumiro UGXX2524
Mpumu UGXX1214
Mpumudde UGXX1215
Mpumudde UGXX2525
Mpumude UGXX1216
Mpunda UGXX4970
Mpunde UGXX2526
Mpunge UGXX1217
Mpungwe UGXX2527
Mpute UGXX1218
Mubanda UGXX1219
Mubanzi UGXX1220
Mubende UGXX1221
Mubende UGXX4971
Mubogo UGXX1222
Mubuku UGXX4972
Mubumba UGXX2528
Mubusechera UGXX4973
Muchubwa UGXX4974
Muchunchu UGXX1223
Mucwini UGXX3627
Mudjopele UGXX3628
Mudochi UGXX2529
Muduma UGXX1224
Muduma UGXX4975
Mugadi UGXX4976
Mugalama UGXX4977
Mugalike UGXX4978
Mugamba UGXX1225
Mugeri UGXX2530
Muggya UGXX1226
Mugi UGXX3629
Mugomba UGXX1227
Mugongo UGXX1228
Mugore UGXX4979
Mugoye UGXX1229
Mugulu UGXX2531
Mugulu UGXX1230
Mugungulu UGXX1231
Muguruka UGXX1232
Mugusu UGXX4980
Muhanga UGXX4981
Muhangi UGXX4982
Muhito UGXX4983
Muhoire UGXX4984
Muhokya UGXX4985
Muhororo UGXX4986
Muhumbu UGXX4987
Muhwiju UGXX4988
Muinaina UGXX1233
Muinami UGXX1234
Muiscoe UGXX4989
Mujulugo UGXX1235
Mujunwa UGXX1236
Mujuzi UGXX1237
Mukale UGXX3630
Mukerenge UGXX1238
Mukifumbiro UGXX1239
Muko UGXX4990
Mukobe UGXX1240
Mukoko UGXX1241
Mukoko UGXX4991
Mukoni UGXX1242
Mukoni UGXX4992
Mukono UGXX1243
Mukora UGXX4993
Mukuju UGXX2532
Mukukute UGXX1244
Mukungwe UGXX1245
Mukunyu UGXX4994
Mukura UGXX2533
Mukyibara UGXX4995
Mulabe UGXX1246
Mulagi UGXX1247
Mulagi UGXX2534
Mulago UGXX1248
Mulamba UGXX4996
Mulanda UGXX2535
Mulazi UGXX2536
Mulema UGXX1249
Mulemba UGXX2537
Mulingirire UGXX2538
Mulondo UGXX2539
Mulugando UGXX4997
Mulundu UGXX1250
Mumasole UGXX1251
Mundade UGXX1252
Mundenge UGXX4998
Mundindi UGXX2540
Mungenyi UGXX4999
Munihoro UGXX5000
Munkasi UGXX1253
Munsa UGXX5001
Munteme UGXX5002
Muntu UGXX3631
Munyonyo UGXX1254
Murama UGXX5003
Murami UGXX5004
Murubale UGXX5005
Murukunyu UGXX5006
Murusi UGXX3632
Murut UGXX3633
Musa UGXX1255
Musaba UGXX1256
Musalala UGXX1257
Musansala UGXX1258
Musara UGXX5007
Musenyi UGXX1259
Museru UGXX2541
Musese UGXX2542
Mushanga UGXX5008
Mushongero UGXX5009
Musima UGXX2543
Musojo UGXX1260
Musunga UGXX5010
Mutai UGXX2544
Mutakata UGXX5011
Mutat UGXX2545
Mutetema UGXX1261
Mutir UGXX3634
Mutoke UGXX1262
Mutolere UGXX5012
Mutondo UGXX1263
Mutonto UGXX5013
Mutozho UGXX5014
Mutufu UGXX2546
Mutukula UGXX1264
Mutukura UGXX5015
Mutumba UGXX2547
Mutunda UGXX5016
Mutundwe UGXX1265
Mutungo UGXX1266
Muwangi UGXX1267
Muwanya UGXX1268
Muwema UGXX2548
Muwolwe UGXX1269
Muyebe UGXX5017
Muyembe UGXX2549
Muyenga UGXX1270
Muyenje UGXX1271
Muyogo UGXX5018
Muyumbu UGXX5019
Muzilandulu UGXX5020
Muzinda UGXX5021
Muzira UGXX5022
Muziranduru UGXX5023
Muzizi UGXX5024
Mvepi UGXX3635
Mwalamba UGXX1272
Mwameri UGXX2550
Mwanga UGXX1273
Mwangi UGXX5025
Mwangi UGXX1274
Mwelo UGXX2551
Mwengura UGXX5026
Mwera UGXX1275
Mwerasandu UGXX5027
Mwererwe UGXX1276
Mweri UGXX1277
Mweruka UGXX5028
Mweya UGXX1278
Mweya Lodge UGXX5029
Mweza UGXX5030
Mwezi UGXX2552
Mwibale UGXX5031
Mwikamiro UGXX5032
Mwisi UGXX5033
Mwizi UGXX5034
Mwogo UGXX2553
Myanzi UGXX0017
Naadoy UGXX3636
Naakulabye UGXX5409
Naam Okora UGXX3637
Naama UGXX1279
Nababirye UGXX2554
Nabakono UGXX2555
Nabalanga UGXX1280
Nabibungo UGXX1281
Nabiganda UGXX2556
Nabigasa UGXX1282
Nabigoye UGXX1283
Nabikenke UGXX1284
Nabilatuk UGXX3638
Nabingora UGXX1285
Nabinyonyi UGXX2557
Nabirere UGXX2558
Nabirumba UGXX2559
Nabisoga UGXX1286
Nabiswa UGXX2560
Nabiswera UGXX1287
Nabitakuli UGXX1288
Nabitama UGXX2561
Nabitanga UGXX1289
Nabitayo UGXX1290
Nabitende UGXX2562
Nabitete UGXX1291
Nabiti UGXX1292
Nabitula UGXX2563
Nabityanka UGXX1293
Nabiyagi UGXX1294
Naboa UGXX2564
Nabubare UGXX5035
Nabubya UGXX2565
Nabugabo UGXX1295
Nabugalo UGXX2566
Nabukalu UGXX2567
Nabulagala UGXX1296
Nabulesa UGXX2568
Nabulezi UGXX2569
Nabuli UGXX2570
Nabumali UGXX2571
Nabusanke UGXX0018
Nabuta UGXX5036
Nabutaka UGXX1297
Nabuwama UGXX1298
Nabuwigulu UGXX2572
Nabuyoga UGXX2573
Nabwendo UGXX1299
Nabwere UGXX2574
Nabweru UGXX1300
Nabweyo UGXX2575
Nabweyo UGXX3639
Nabyeso UGXX3640
Nabyoto UGXX2576
Nacheke UGXX1301
Nadangira UGXX1302
Nadiang UGXX3641
Nadiket UGXX3642
Nadunget UGXX3643
Nafumba UGXX1303
Nagalama UGXX1304
Nagela UGXX1305
Nagojje UGXX1306
Nagongera UGXX2577
Nagulu UGXX1307
Nagunga UGXX1308
Naguru UGXX1309
Naibiri UGXX2578
Naigana UGXX5037
Naigobia UGXX2579
Naigot UGXX2580
Nairolwa UGXX2581
Naisamula UGXX2582
Naitakwai UGXX3644
Naja UGXX1310
Najembe UGXX1311
Najeneti UGXX2583
Najjanankumbi UGXX5410
Najumba UGXX1312
Nakaai UGXX3645
Nakabala UGXX1313
Nakabale UGXX2584
Nakabanga UGXX1314
Nakabimba UGXX1315
Nakabira UGXX2585
Nakabiso UGXX1316
Nakabugu UGXX2586
Nakadindiri UGXX1317
Nakagyo UGXX2587
Nakaiita UGXX5038
Nakakabala UGXX1318
Nakalala UGXX3646
Nakalama UGXX2588
Nakalama UGXX1319
Nakaliro UGXX5039
Nakaloke UGXX2589
Nakalongo UGXX5040
Nakanyonyi UGXX1320
Nakapelo UGXX3647
Nakapiripirit UGXX3648
Nakasajja UGXX1321
Nakasejere UGXX1322
Nakaseke UGXX1323
Nakasenyi UGXX1324
Nakasero UGXX5411
Nakaseta UGXX1325
Nakasetwa UGXX1326
Nakasongola UGXX1327
Nakaswa UGXX1328
Nakatabo UGXX1329
Nakatete UGXX1330
Nakatit UGXX3649
Nakato UGXX1331
Nakatogo UGXX1332
Nakatoke UGXX1333
Nakatoma UGXX1334
Nakatyaba UGXX1335
Nakauka UGXX1336
Nakawa UGXX1337
Nakawa UGXX2590
Nakawaiza UGXX2591
Nakawala UGXX1338
Nakawere UGXX1339
Nakawomeka UGXX1340
Nakawungu UGXX1341
Nakayonza UGXX1342
Nakazigo UGXX2592
Nakazinga UGXX2593
Nakhayaka UGXX2594
Nakhupa UGXX2595
Nakibanga UGXX1343
Nakibano UGXX1344
Nakibembe UGXX2596
Nakibengo UGXX2597
Nakibungulia UGXX2598
Nakifulube UGXX1345
Nakifuma UGXX1346
Nakigalala UGXX1347
Nakigga UGXX1348
Nakigo UGXX2599
Nakigoza UGXX1349
Nakigudo UGXX1350
Nakikoma UGXX5041
Nakiloro UGXX3650
Nakirimira UGXX2600
Nakisa UGXX2601
Nakishenyi UGXX5042
Nakisunga UGXX1351
Nakiswiga UGXX2602
Nakitokolo UGXX1352
Nakitoma UGXX1353
Nakivumbi UGXX2603
Nakiwate UGXX1354
Nakiwogo UGXX1355
Nakiyaga UGXX1356
Nakiziba UGXX1357
Nakorimoru UGXX3651
Nakukuba UGXX1358
Nakulo UGXX2604
Nakwaya UGXX1359
Nakwero UGXX1360
Nakyana UGXX5043
Nakyangwa UGXX2605
Nakyenyi UGXX1361
Nakyesanja UGXX1362
Nalakonge UGXX1363
Nalondo UGXX2606
Nalubabwe UGXX1364
Nalubale UGXX1365
Nalubembe UGXX2607
Nalubobya UGXX1366
Naluboyo UGXX3652
Nalubude UGXX1367
Nalukange UGXX1368
Naluko UGXX2608
Nalukonge UGXX1369
Nalulongo UGXX1370
Nalusomba UGXX1371
Naluvule UGXX1372
Naluwanda UGXX1373
Nalweyo UGXX5044
Nama UGXX1374
Namabale UGXX1375
Namabere UGXX3653
Namabuga UGXX1376
Namachumu UGXX5046
Namadope UGXX2609
Namagabi UGXX1377
Namaganda UGXX2610
Namagera UGXX2611
Namagunga UGXX1378
Namagusa UGXX5047
Namaiba UGXX1379
Namakoba UGXX2612
Namakoko UGXX2613
Namakomo UGXX1380
Namakonko UGXX2614
Namakunyu UGXX2615
Namalege UGXX2616
Namalemba UGXX2617
Namalere UGXX1381
Namaliga UGXX1382
Namalimba UGXX1383
Namalinda UGXX1384
Namalira UGXX1385
Namalu UGXX3654
Namalwa UGXX5048
Namansenda UGXX2618
Namanyama UGXX1386
Namasagali UGXX2619
Namasale UGXX3655
Namasawo UGXX1387
Namasiga UGXX2620
Namasoga UGXX2621
Namasuba UGXX1388
Namasumbi UGXX1389
Namataba UGXX1390
Namatagonya UGXX1391
Namatala UGXX1392
Namawa UGXX2622
Namawogya UGXX1393
Namayingo UGXX2623
Namayuge UGXX2624
Namayumba UGXX1394
Namayunju UGXX2625
Namazala UGXX2626
Namaziba UGXX1395
Namazzi UGXX1396
Namba UGXX2627
Nambabi UGXX1397
Nambaju UGXX1398
Nambale UGXX1399
Nambale UGXX2628
Nambere UGXX1400
Nambeya UGXX1401
Nambo UGXX2629
Namboko UGXX2630
Nambola UGXX2631
Nambula UGXX2632
Namigoye UGXX5049
Namika UGXX1402
Naminage UGXX2633
Namindo UGXX5050
Namirembe UGXX1403
Namirembe hill UGXX5412
Namiryango UGXX1404
Namisango UGXX1405
Namisu UGXX2634
Namisuni UGXX2635
Nampanga UGXX2636
Nampiki UGXX1406
Nampongerwa UGXX1407
Nampunge UGXX1408
Nampyanga UGXX2637
Namrwodho UGXX3656
Namufuma UGXX2638
Namuganga UGXX1409
Namugobo UGXX1410
Namugongo UGXX5051
Namugongo UGXX1411
Namuja UGXX3657
Namukago UGXX1412
Namukoge UGXX2640
Namukonge UGXX2641
Namukongo UGXX1413
Namukozi UGXX1414
Namukuma UGXX1415
Namukunyu UGXX2642
Namulaba UGXX1416
Namulanda UGXX2643
Namulanda UGXX1417
Namulikya UGXX2644
Namulo UGXX2645
Namulonge UGXX1418
Namulungu UGXX2646
Namungalwe UGXX2647
Namungo UGXX1419
Namunsi UGXX2648
Namunyagwe UGXX2649
Namunyingi UGXX2650
Namunyumya UGXX2651
Namusa UGXX1420
Namusale UGXX1421
Namusansula UGXX1422
Namusikizi UGXX2652
Namusisi UGXX2653
Namusita UGXX2654
Namusuka UGXX2655
Namutumba UGXX2656
Namutya UGXX1423
Namuwongo UGXX5413
Namuzikiza UGXX1424
Namwandala UGXX1425
Namwendwa UGXX2657
Namwezi UGXX1426
Namwiwa UGXX2658
Namyekudo UGXX5052
Nandere UGXX1427
Nanderema UGXX2659
Nandwa UGXX1428
Nanga UGXX1429
Nangabo UGXX1430
Nangala UGXX2660
Nangwa UGXX1431
Nangya UGXX2661
Nanjwenge UGXX1432
Nankandulo UGXX2662
Nankodo UGXX2663
Nankoma UGXX2664
Nankongolo UGXX2665
Nanoko UGXX2666
Nansagazi UGXX1433
Nansana UGXX1434
Nansanga UGXX2667
Nanseke UGXX5053
Nansimbi UGXX5054
Nansololo UGXX2668
Nansuga UGXX5055
Nansuma UGXX2669
Nantamali UGXX2670
Nantove UGXX1435
Nanula UGXX1436
Napak UGXX3658
Napararo UGXX3659
Napianyenya UGXX3660
Napopongo UGXX2671
Napumpum UGXX3661
Nariam UGXX2672
Narithal UGXX3662
Nariwo UGXX3663
Nasembe UGXX5056
Nasigirya UGXX3664
Nasiralo UGXX2673
Nateete UGXX5414
Natonko UGXX1437
Natoto UGXX2674
Natwana UGXX2675
Nawaikoke UGXX2676
Nawaikona UGXX2677
Nawaka UGXX2678
Nawambiri UGXX2679
Nawambwa UGXX2680
Nawampanda UGXX2681
Nawampandu UGXX2682
Nawampiti UGXX2683
Nawanago UGXX2684
Nawandala UGXX2685
Nawandyo UGXX2686
Nawangaiza UGXX2687
Nawangisa UGXX2688
Nawangoma UGXX2689
Nawankonge UGXX2690
Nawansega UGXX2691
Nawantale UGXX2692
Nawantumbi UGXX2693
Nawire UGXX2694
Naziba UGXX1438
Nazigo UGXX1439
Nchwera UGXX5057
Ncucwe UGXX1440
Ndago UGXX5058
Ndaiga UGXX5059
Ndalagi UGXX5060
Ndalagi UGXX1441
Ndalike UGXX1442
Ndalike UGXX2695
Ndandamire UGXX5061
Ndaragi UGXX5062
Ndeba UGXX1443
Ndede UGXX1444
Ndeeba UGXX5415
Ndego UGXX5063
Ndeizha UGXX5064
Ndeje UGXX1445
Ndeke UGXX5065
Ndere UGXX5066
Nderendere UGXX3665
Ndese UGXX1446
Ndibata UGXX1447
Ndibulungi UGXX1448
Ndir UGXX3666
Ndirawelu UGXX1449
Ndirindiri UGXX3667
Ndolo UGXX1450
Ndolwa UGXX2696
Ndovu UGXX3668
Ndriba UGXX3669
Ndudu UGXX2697
Ndugu UGXX1451
Ndulya UGXX2698
Nebbi UGXX3670
Nemba UGXX2699
Nfuka UGXX1452
Ngai UGXX3671
Ngando UGXX1453
Ngangi UGXX5067
Nganjo UGXX2700
Ngarama UGXX5068
Ngenge UGXX2701
Ngereko UGXX1454
Ngeta UGXX3672
Ngeye UGXX1455
Ngobo UGXX2702
Ngogole UGXX5069
Ngogolo UGXX1456
Ngogwe UGXX1457
Ngohyobia UGXX3673
Ngole UGXX2703
Ngololiet UGXX3674
Ngoma UGXX5070
Ngoma UGXX1458
Ngomanene UGXX1459
Ngomba UGXX5071
Ngombe UGXX1460
Ngongolo UGXX1461
Ngono UGXX1462
Ngonyboke UGXX3675
Ngora UGXX2704
Ngotokwe UGXX3676
Ngoyo UGXX2705
Ngozi UGXX1463
Ngugo UGXX5072
Ngulamo UGXX2706
Ngulu UGXX1464
Ngulukilo UGXX5073
Nguru UGXX5074
Ngurua UGXX3677
Niatoli UGXX3678
Ninzi UGXX1465
Njalarwe UGXX1466
Njara UGXX1467
Njara UGXX5075
Njaza UGXX1468
Njereka UGXX2707
Njeru UGXX1469
Njokero UGXX2708
Njoya UGXX2709
Njwejwe UGXX2710
Nkaiza UGXX2711
Nkaja UGXX1470
Nkalwe UGXX1471
Nkampa UGXX1472
Nkanda UGXX5076
Nkanga UGXX5077
Nkanya UGXX1473
Nkenge UGXX1474
Nkinga UGXX1475
Nkingo UGXX5078
Nkoko UGXX5079
Nkoko UGXX1476
Nkokonjeru UGXX1477
Nkoma UGXX1478
Nkoma UGXX2712
Nkombe UGXX2713
Nkondo UGXX2714
Nkondo UGXX1479
Nkondo UGXX5081
Nkone UGXX2715
Nkonge UGXX1480
Nkongora UGXX5082
Nkongoro UGXX5083
Nkoni UGXX5084
Nkoni UGXX1481
Nkote UGXX1482
Nkozi UGXX1483
Nkudumali UGXX1484
Nkuke UGXX1485
Nkuluze UGXX1486
Nkumba UGXX1487
Nkundente UGXX5085
Nkungere UGXX1488
Nkungwe UGXX5086
Nkunyu UGXX1489
Nkuzongire UGXX1490
Nkwaki UGXX5087
Nkwirwa UGXX5088
Noko UGXX3679
Nombe UGXX5089
Nombi UGXX5090
Nongo UGXX1491
Nonve UGXX1492
Nori UGXX3680
Nozi UGXX5091
Nsabwe UGXX1493
Nsagu UGXX1494
Nsala UGXX1495
Nsambwe UGXX1496
Nsambya UGXX1497
Nsamu UGXX1498
Nsamule UGXX2716
Nsangala UGXX1499
Nsangi UGXX1500
Nsangira UGXX1501
Nsango UGXX2717
Nsanja UGXX1502
Nsanvu UGXX1503
Nsasa UGXX1504
Nsavu UGXX1505
Nseke UGXX1506
Nsenya UGXX1507
Nsese UGXX1508
Nshungezi UGXX5092
Nsika UGXX5093
Nsikisi UGXX5094
Nsimbe UGXX1509
Nsinze UGXX2718
Nske UGXX1510
Nsola UGXX2719
Nsolo UGXX1511
Nsololo UGXX1512
Nsomba UGXX2720
Nsone UGXX2721
Nsonga UGXX1513
Nsonyira UGXX1514
Nsororo UGXX5095
Nsotoka UGXX1515
Nsozi UGXX5096
Nsozibiri UGXX1516
Nsozinga UGXX1517
Nsube UGXX2722
Nsube UGXX1518
Nsumba UGXX1519
Nswanjere UGXX1520
Ntabwe UGXX1521
Ntakafunvu UGXX1522
Ntala UGXX2723
Ntalagi UGXX1523
Ntale UGXX1524
Ntandi UGXX5097
Ntanzi UGXX1525
Ntarama UGXX5098
Ntenjeru UGXX1526
Ntimba UGXX3681
Ntinda UGXX1527
Ntirizi UGXX1528
Ntoke UGXX1529
Ntoroko UGXX5099
Ntovu UGXX1530
Ntunda UGXX1531
Ntungamo UGXX5100
Ntungu UGXX5101
Ntuntu UGXX5102
Ntusi UGXX1532
Ntwetwe UGXX1533
Nvuba UGXX1534
Nvubu UGXX1535
Nvunano UGXX1536
Nvunwa UGXX2724
Nwoya UGXX3682
Nyaada UGXX2725
Nyabani UGXX5103
Nyabeya UGXX5104
Nyabichenche UGXX5105
Nyabigaga UGXX5106
Nyabihara UGXX5107
Nyabihoko UGXX5108
Nyabihukuru UGXX5109
Nyabikukuru UGXX5110
Nyabinyira UGXX5111
Nyabirongo UGXX5112
Nyabisirira UGXX5113
Nyabitale UGXX5114
Nyabitete UGXX5115
Nyabubale UGXX5116
Nyabugando UGXX5117
Nyabuhama UGXX5118
Nyabuhikye UGXX5119
Nyaburama UGXX5120
Nyabusenyi UGXX5121
Nyabushozi UGXX5122
Nyabusokoma UGXX5123
Nyabwina UGXX5124
Nyacara UGXX3683
Nyachera UGXX5125
Nyahuka UGXX5126
Nyai UGXX3684
Nyaihanga UGXX5127
Nyairamya UGXX5128
Nyakabande UGXX5129
Nyakabanga UGXX5130
Nyakabingo UGXX5131
Nyakabirizi UGXX5132
Nyakabungo UGXX5133
Nyakagai UGXX3685
Nyakagando UGXX5134
Nyakagera UGXX5135
Nyakageyi UGXX3686
Nyakagongo UGXX5136
Nyakagyeme UGXX5137
Nyakahama UGXX5138
Nyakakoni UGXX5139
Nyakalembe UGXX5140
Nyakalengija UGXX5141
Nyakarongo UGXX5142
Nyakasenyi UGXX5143
Nyakashaka UGXX5144
Nyakashashara UGXX5145
Nyakashuli UGXX5146
Nyakasozi UGXX5147
Nyakasunsa UGXX5148
Nyakasura UGXX5149
Nyakatoke UGXX5150
Nyakatonzi UGXX5151
Nyakatugo UGXX5152
Nyakatuntu UGXX5153
Nyakayojo UGXX5154
Nyakazinga UGXX5155
Nyakema UGXX3687
Nyakibale UGXX5156
Nyakibere UGXX5157
Nyakibingo UGXX5158
Nyakigandu UGXX5159
Nyakigugwe UGXX5160
Nyakigumba UGXX5161
Nyakigyera UGXX5162
Nyakihita UGXX5163
Nyakinengo UGXX5164
Nyakinoni UGXX5165
Nyakiriro UGXX5166
Nyakiro UGXX3688
Nyakisa UGXX5167
Nyakishozo UGXX5168
Nyako UGXX2726
Nyakuma UGXX3689
Nyakwai UGXX3690
Nyalubanga UGXX5169
Nyalushanje UGXX5170
Nyalutembe UGXX5171
Nyamabale UGXX5172
Nyamabuga UGXX5173
Nyamagana UGXX5174
Nyamagita UGXX5175
Nyamakondo UGXX5176
Nyamakukuro UGXX5177
Nyamatete UGXX5178
Nyamatozho UGXX5179
Nyambogo UGXX2727
Nyamenzi UGXX5180
Nyamiaga UGXX5181
Nyamitanga UGXX5182
Nyamiyaga UGXX5183
Nyamiyanzha UGXX5184
Nyampunu UGXX5185
Nyamsika UGXX3691
Nyamufumura UGXX5186
Nyamugura UGXX5187
Nyamuliro UGXX5188
Nyamunyobwa UGXX5189
Nyamusana UGXX2728
Nyamushasha UGXX5190
Nyamutar UGXX3692
Nyandago UGXX5191
Nyanga UGXX3693
Nyanga UGXX5192
Nyangeire UGXX3694
Nyangeya UGXX3695
Nyangilia UGXX3696
Nyangoma UGXX1537
Nyankonde UGXX5193
Nyankwanzi UGXX5194
Nyantonzi UGXX5195
Nyantungo UGXX5196
Nyanya UGXX3697
Nyapea UGXX3698
Nyaraolum UGXX3699
Nyaravur UGXX3700
Nyarieg UGXX3701
Nyarikini UGXX3702
Nyarubara UGXX5197
Nyarujoje UGXX5198
Nyarukika UGXX5199
Nyarukonge UGXX5200
Nyarusimbi UGXX5201
Nyarusiza UGXX5202
Nyarutoma UGXX5203
Nyarwezika UGXX5204
Nyaute UGXX3703
Nyawa UGXX3704
Nyawega UGXX5205
Nyawiega UGXX5206
Nyawrodo UGXX3705
Nyegeza UGXX1538
Nyemera UGXX2729
Nyendo UGXX1539
Nyenga UGXX1540
Nyenje UGXX1541
Nyero UGXX2730
Nyeu UGXX3706
Nyimbwa UGXX1542
Nyinazaramigongo UGXX5207
Nyio UGXX3707
Nyiovura UGXX3708
Nyize UGXX1543
Nyondo UGXX2731
Nyongozi UGXX5208
Nyrivu UGXX3709
Nzalo UGXX2732
Nzheru UGXX5209
Nziro UGXX5210
Obaki UGXX2733
Obalang UGXX2734
Obei UGXX3710
Obilokongo UGXX3711
Obirai UGXX2735
Obisa UGXX3712
Obongi UGXX3713
Obora UGXX3714
Oborowiyo UGXX3715
Obu UGXX3716
Obuje UGXX3717
Obulayi UGXX2736
Obule UGXX2737
Obulingorok UGXX2738
Obulubulu UGXX2739
Obure UGXX2740
Oburi UGXX2741
Obwim UGXX2742
Obwin UGXX2743
Obyonyo UGXX2744
Ocayo UGXX3718
Oceko UGXX3719
Ochakai UGXX2745
Ochal UGXX2746
Ochamayom UGXX3720
Ochanga UGXX2747
Ochanip UGXX2748
Ochebu UGXX3721
Ocheko UGXX2749
Ochelei UGXX2750
Ocherakori UGXX2751
Ocherakuru UGXX2752
Ochero UGXX2753
Ochini UGXX3722
Ochokuchani UGXX2754
Ocholokoboi UGXX2755
Ochorioramunyait UGXX2756
Ocodri UGXX3723
Ocwalo UGXX3724
Ocwanyo UGXX3725
Odapakole UGXX2757
Odekere UGXX2758
Odende UGXX3726
Oderai UGXX2759
Odiak UGXX3727
Odina UGXX2760
Oding UGXX3728
Odoi UGXX3729
Odoit UGXX2761
Odokayi UGXX2762
Odonga UGXX3730
Odoon UGXX2763
Odravu UGXX3731
Odro UGXX3732
Odu UGXX3733
Odungura UGXX2764
Odunipi UGXX3734
Odwarat UGXX2765
Odyedo UGXX3735
Offaka UGXX3736
Ofua UGXX3737
Ogalayi UGXX2766
Ogalitome UGXX2767
Ogangai UGXX2768
Ogboro UGXX3738
Ogisa UGXX2769
Ogoko UGXX3739
Ogomo UGXX2770
Ogongora UGXX2771
Ogorai UGXX2772
Ogosoi UGXX2773
Ogua UGXX2774
Oguen UGXX3740
Ogujebe UGXX3741
Ogujere UGXX3742
Ogur UGXX3743
Ogwam UGXX3744
Ogwapesuru UGXX2775
Ogwil UGXX3745
Oizi UGXX3746
Ojemai UGXX2776
Ojemoru UGXX2777
Ojingai UGXX2778
Ojok UGXX3747
Ojom UGXX2779
Ojota UGXX2780
Ojukot UGXX2781
Okalara UGXX3748
Okale UGXX3749
Okangali UGXX3750
Okapel UGXX2782
Okawo UGXX2783
Okayo UGXX3751
Okemu UGXX3752
Okeritok UGXX2784
Okew UGXX3753
Okeyu UGXX3754
Okidetok UGXX2785
Okimenga UGXX2786
Okoboi UGXX2787
Okocho UGXX2788
Okodu UGXX2789
Okokolaka UGXX2790
Okokorio UGXX2791
Okolim UGXX2792
Okollo UGXX3755
Okolonga UGXX2793
Okomi UGXX3756
Okoyu UGXX3757
Oktopari UGXX3758
Okuba UGXX2794
Okubani UGXX3759
Okubu UGXX3760
Okude UGXX2795
Okulenya UGXX2796
Okum UGXX2797
Okuma UGXX3761
Okumeri UGXX2798
Okunguro UGXX2799
Okurao UGXX2800
Okutoi UGXX2801
Okwangai UGXX2802
Okwangalete UGXX2803
Okworo UGXX2804
Olago UGXX3762
Olaicho UGXX2805
Olaki UGXX2806
Olali UGXX3763
Old Dufile UGXX3764
Old Entebbe UGXX1544
Old Nariam UGXX2807
Oleba UGXX3765
Olecoi UGXX2808
Olejova UGXX3766
Olekai UGXX2809
Oleko UGXX3767
Olelai UGXX2810
Olelpek UGXX3768
Olemai UGXX2811
Olerai UGXX2812
Olevu UGXX3769
Olia UGXX3770
Olianai UGXX2813
Oliavu UGXX3771
Oligo UGXX3772
Olilim UGXX2814
Olilim UGXX3773
Olimbuni UGXX3774
Olio UGXX2815
Oliyo UGXX2816
Olobai UGXX2817
Olobodagi UGXX3775
Olomon UGXX2818
Oloroi UGXX2819
Oluffe UGXX3776
Oluni UGXX3777
Olupe UGXX2820
Oluvu UGXX3778
Olwa UGXX2821
Olwal UGXX3779
Olwenyi UGXX3780
Olwerai UGXX2822
Olwit UGXX3781
Olwiyo UGXX3782
Olyeko UGXX3783
Omagara UGXX2823
Omarai UGXX2824
Omateng UGXX2825
Omatikile UGXX2826
Ombachi UGXX3784
Ombara UGXX3785
Ombatini UGXX3786
Ombavu UGXX3787
Ombokoro UGXX3788
Omid UGXX3789
Ominya UGXX2827
Omirimiri UGXX2828
Omito UGXX2829
Omiya Anyma UGXX3790
Omiya Pachua UGXX3791
Omoce UGXX2830
Omodoi UGXX2831
Omoloko UGXX2832
Omolotok UGXX2833
Omoo UGXX3792
Omoro UGXX3793
Omotoi UGXX2834
Omoyo UGXX3794
Omua UGXX3795
Omubugoigo UGXX5211
Omudoi UGXX2835
Omugei UGXX2836
Omugenya UGXX2837
Omugo UGXX3796
Omuhooga UGXX5212
Omujaawe UGXX5213
Omukaguha UGXX5214
Omulala UGXX2838
Omunkunyu UGXX5215
Omunyir UGXX2839
Omuruyenzhe UGXX5216
Omurwera UGXX5217
Omurwesigilo UGXX5218
Omutalya UGXX5219
Omutoi UGXX2840
Omuturo UGXX2841
Omwangamwooyo UGXX5220
Omwinero UGXX5221
Omwono UGXX3797
Omyemya UGXX2842
Onari UGXX3798
Onder UGXX3799
Ongako UGXX3800
Ongariama UGXX2843
Ongino UGXX2844
Ongoratok UGXX2845
Ongoro UGXX3801
Ongunai UGXX2846
Onjuku UGXX3802
Onyola UGXX3803
Onyomu UGXX3804
Onyunyu UGXX2847
Opa UGXX3805
Opapai UGXX2848
Opejo UGXX3806
Openzizi UGXX3807
Operepe UGXX2849
Opetku UGXX3808
Opi UGXX3809
Opiai UGXX2850
Opika UGXX3810
Opit UGXX3811
Opiya UGXX2851
Opiyai UGXX2852
Opoki UGXX3812
Opokyam UGXX3813
Opot UGXX2853
Opotipot UGXX3814
Opurei UGXX2854
Oputi UGXX2855
Opuyo UGXX2856
Opwateta UGXX2857
Ora UGXX3815
Oraba UGXX3816
Oregiya UGXX2858
Oreko UGXX3817
Oribu UGXX3818
Oridi UGXX2859
Oriebai UGXX2860
Orieju UGXX3819
Oriere UGXX3820
Origo UGXX3821
Orijini UGXX3822
Oringo UGXX2861
Oriyoyi UGXX2862
Orom UGXX3823
Oromo UGXX3824
Oruada UGXX2863
Oruanyi UGXX3825
Orubare UGXX5222
Orukurua UGXX3826
Orumo UGXX3827
Orungo UGXX2864
Orupe UGXX2865
Oryang UGXX3828
Osia UGXX2866
Osiya UGXX3829
Osopotoit UGXX2867
Ossi UGXX3830
Osuguru UGXX2868
Osukuru UGXX2869
Otatai UGXX2870
Otheko UGXX3831
Otimong UGXX2871
Otira UGXX3832
Otome UGXX2872
Otravu UGXX3833
Otrevu UGXX3834
Otuboi UGXX2873
Otuke UGXX3835
Otumbari UGXX3836
Otwal UGXX3837
Oukoto UGXX3838
Ousuko UGXX2874
Ovujo UGXX3839
Ovuvu UGXX3840
Owafa UGXX3841
Owaffa UGXX3842
Owaro UGXX3843
Oweko UGXX3844
Owerai UGXX2875
Owiny UGXX3845
Owinyi UGXX2876
Owolo UGXX2877
Owonga UGXX3846
Oyalakwe UGXX3847
Oyam UGXX3848
Oyama UGXX2878
Oyeyu UGXX3849
Oyomai UGXX2879
Oyu UGXX3850
Oyua UGXX3851
Oyuwi UGXX3852
Oywelomon UGXX3853
Pabo UGXX3854
Pabone UGXX2880
Pabongo UGXX5223
Pabongo UGXX3855
Pacaka UGXX3856
Pacego UGXX3857
Pachara UGXX3858
Pachwa UGXX5224
Pacilo UGXX3859
Padanyo UGXX3860
Padei UGXX3861
Padel UGXX3862
Pader UGXX3863
Pader Palwo UGXX3864
Padibe UGXX3865
Padolo UGXX3866
Padombo UGXX3867
Padula UGXX3868
Padwat UGXX3869
Padwot UGXX3870
Padyere UGXX3871
Paeji UGXX3872
Paetho UGXX3873
Pagak UGXX3874
Pagei UGXX3875
Pagirinya UGXX3876
Pagoro UGXX3877
Pagwata UGXX3878
Paicho UGXX3879
Paicing UGXX3880
Paidha UGXX3881
Paila UGXX3882
Paimol UGXX3883
Pajaa UGXX3884
Pajao UGXX5225
Pajau UGXX3885
Pajengo UGXX3886
Pajimu UGXX3887
Pajoloro UGXX3888
Pajule UGXX3889
Pajulu UGXX3890
Pajur UGXX3891
Pajwenda UGXX2881
Pakadha UGXX3892
Pakanyi UGXX5226
Pakech UGXX3893
Pakelle UGXX3894
Pakeyo UGXX3895
Pakia UGXX3896
Pakiri UGXX3897
Pakondo UGXX3898
Pakuba UGXX3899
Pakwach UGXX3900
Pakwach East UGXX3901
Pakwero UGXX3902
Pakwi UGXX2882
Pakwinyo UGXX3903
Pakwiyo UGXX3904
Palabek UGXX3905
Palango UGXX3906
Palaro UGXX3907
Palatau UGXX2883
Palemo UGXX3908
Palenga UGXX3909
Palingi UGXX5227
Palisa UGXX2884
Pallisa UGXX2885
Paloga UGXX3910
Palorinya UGXX3911
Paludar UGXX3912
Pamach UGXX3913
Pamangara UGXX3914
Pamari UGXX3915
Paminya UGXX3916
Pamitu UGXX3917
Pamonye UGXX3918
Pamora UGXX3919
Pamot UGXX3920
Pamoti UGXX3921
Pamvara UGXX3922
Panduku UGXX3923
Panduru UGXX3924
Panga UGXX3925
Pangere UGXX3926
Pangero UGXX3927
Pangeth UGXX3928
Pangieth UGXX3929
Panyanga UGXX3930
Panyangara UGXX3931
Panyango UGXX3932
Panyatigi UGXX5228
Panyigoro UGXX3933
Panyilo UGXX3934
Panyimur UGXX3935
Paoja UGXX3936
Paoko UGXX3937
Paraa UGXX3938
Parabic UGXX3939
Parabik UGXX3940
Parabong UGXX3941
Parabongo UGXX3942
Parachele UGXX3943
Parajwoki UGXX5229
Parak UGXX3944
Paraka UGXX3945
Paranga UGXX3946
Paridi UGXX3947
Paripari UGXX3948
Paroketto UGXX3949
Parombo UGXX3950
Parwo UGXX3951
Pasia UGXX3952
Patali UGXX3953
Paten UGXX3954
Patiko UGXX3955
Patira UGXX3956
Patit UGXX3957
Patongo UGXX3958
Pavona UGXX3959
Pavunde UGXX3960
Pawel UGXX3961
Pawinyo UGXX3962
Pawiro UGXX3963
Pawong UGXX3964
Pawor UGXX3965
Paya UGXX2886
Payawe UGXX3966
Payeng UGXX3967
Payera UGXX3968
Payira UGXX3969
Payongo UGXX3970
Pazangu UGXX3971
Pei UGXX3972
Peipei UGXX2887
Pendero UGXX3973
Penji UGXX3974
Penjimessi UGXX3975
Peta UGXX2888
Petete UGXX2889
Peyaru UGXX3976
Pigire UGXX2890
Pilitok UGXX2891
Pilpi UGXX3977
Pingire UGXX2892
Pirre UGXX3978
Podia UGXX1545
Podoti UGXX2893
Poke UGXX3979
Pokia UGXX3980
Pokwero UGXX3981
Pongdwongo UGXX3982
Port Bell UGXX1546
Povungu UGXX3983
Pulum UGXX3984
Pumit UGXX3985
Puno Atar UGXX3986
Punu-Rii UGXX3987
Pupu UGXX3988
Purongo UGXX3989
Putanga UGXX3990
Ragem UGXX3991
Rakai UGXX1547
Ramoge UGXX3992
Ramogi UGXX3993
Regem UGXX3994
Rengen UGXX3995
Rero UGXX3996
Reru UGXX3997
Rhino Camp UGXX3998
Rigbo UGXX3999
Rimbu UGXX4000
Risai UGXX4001
Roli UGXX4002
Rom UGXX4003
Ruangi UGXX5230
Rubaare UGXX5231
Rubabu UGXX5232
Rubanda UGXX5233
Rubanga UGXX5234
Rubaya UGXX5235
Rubeya UGXX5236
Rubindi UGXX5237
Rubingo UGXX5238
Rubirizi UGXX5239
Rubona UGXX5240
Rubongi UGXX2894
Rubu UGXX4004
Rubuguli UGXX5241
Rubunu UGXX5242
Rubuzigye UGXX5243
Ruchenche UGXX5244
Ruerere UGXX5245
Rugaga UGXX5246
Rugando UGXX5247
Rugendabalo UGXX5248
Rugongo UGXX5249
Rugonjo UGXX5250
Rugyeyo UGXX5251
Ruhandagazi UGXX5252
Ruhanga UGXX5253
Ruhara UGXX5254
Ruhendwa UGXX5255
Ruhengere UGXX5256
Ruhinda UGXX5257
Ruhira UGXX5258
Ruhiri UGXX5259
Ruhobo UGXX5260
Ruhoko UGXX5261
Ruizi UGXX5262
Rukinga UGXX5263
Rukiri UGXX5264
Rukoki UGXX5265
Rukoma UGXX5266
Rukondo UGXX5267
Rukondwa UGXX5268
Rukoni UGXX5269
Rukukuru UGXX5270
Rukungiri UGXX5271
Rumbaire UGXX5272
Rumira UGXX5273
Rumogi UGXX4005
Rumooma UGXX5274
Runga UGXX5275
Rupa UGXX4006
Ruragara UGXX5276
Rurandura UGXX5277
Ruruku UGXX5278
Rusekere UGXX5279
Rushambia UGXX5280
Rushambya UGXX5281
Rushasha UGXX5282
Rushenyi UGXX5283
Rushere UGXX5284
Rushoroza UGXX5285
Rushozi UGXX5286
Rusoro UGXX5287
Ruswa UGXX5288
Rusya UGXX5289
Rutale UGXX5290
Rutenga UGXX5291
Rutete UGXX5292
Ruti UGXX5293
Rutokye UGXX5294
Rutoma UGXX5295
Rutonde UGXX5296
Rutooma UGXX5297
Ruyanga UGXX5298
Ruyanja UGXX5299
Rwagimba UGXX5300
Rwahi UGXX5301
Rwaitengya UGXX5302
Rwakororo UGXX5303
Rwamabale UGXX5304
Rwamabondo UGXX5305
Rwamahungu UGXX5306
Rwamahwa UGXX5307
Rwamakukuru UGXX5308
Rwamanja UGXX5309
Rwampanga UGXX5310
Rwamucucu UGXX5311
Rwamuhara UGXX5312
Rwamunku UGXX5313
Rwanamira UGXX5314
Rwanga UGXX5315
Rwantale UGXX5316
Rwantsinga UGXX5317
Rwanyamahembe UGXX5318
Rwanyampazi UGXX5319
Rwanzha UGXX5320
Rwanzu UGXX5321
Rwashamaire UGXX5322
Rwawurumba UGXX5323
Rwebikoona UGXX1548
Rwebikwato UGXX5324
Rwebishengo UGXX5325
Rweibare UGXX5326
Rweibumba UGXX5327
Rweichiniro UGXX5328
Rwekunye UGXX5329
Rwembwa UGXX5330
Rwempogo UGXX5331
Rwempungu UGXX5332
Rwendama UGXX5333
Rwene UGXX5334
Rwengo UGXX5335
Rwengoha UGXX5336
Rwengoma UGXX5337
Rwengwe UGXX5338
Rwenjaza UGXX5339
Rwenjura UGXX5340
Rwenkondo UGXX5341
Rwenkuba UGXX5342
Rwenshama UGXX5343
Rwensinga UGXX5344
Rwensunga UGXX5345
Rwentanga UGXX5346
Rwentobo UGXX5347
Rwera UGXX5348
Rwesirabo UGXX5349
Rwihingo UGXX5350
Rwobusisi UGXX5351
Rwoho UGXX5352
Rwomuhoro UGXX5353
Ryabagoma UGXX5354
Ryakagongo UGXX5355
Ryamurunga UGXX5356
Ryangabi UGXX5357
Ryeru UGXX5358
Sabaddu UGXX1549
Sagala UGXX1550
Saka UGXX2895
Sakabusolo UGXX2896
Sakabusolo UGXX1551
Sala UGXX1552
Salalira UGXX2897
Salama UGXX1553
Salami UGXX2898
Sama UGXX1554
Sambwe UGXX1555
Sanga UGXX1556
Sango UGXX1557
Sanje UGXX1558
Sapiri UGXX2899
Sasasa UGXX1559
Sazi UGXX1560
Sazike UGXX5359
Sebanda UGXX1561
Seeta UGXX1562
Seganga UGXX1563
Segero UGXX2900
Seja UGXX1564
Sekamuli UGXX1565
Sekanyonyi UGXX1566
Sembabule UGXX1567
Sempa UGXX1568
Sempaya UGXX5360
Semuto UGXX1569
Senene UGXX1570
Senge UGXX1571
Sentema UGXX1572
Senyi UGXX1573
Sere UGXX2901
Seregenye UGXX5361
Serenge UGXX5362
Serere UGXX2902
Serinya UGXX1574
Sese UGXX1575
Seseme UGXX5363
Sesiriba UGXX1576
Seta UGXX1577
Shuku UGXX5364
Sifuyo UGXX2903
Siggi UGXX1578
Sigogwesere UGXX1579
Sikakoko UGXX5365
Sikuda UGXX2904
Sikunga UGXX2905
Sikye UGXX1580
Silobera UGXX1581
Simba UGXX1582
Simba UGXX5366
Simbli UGXX4008
Simu UGXX2906
Singya UGXX1583
Sinya UGXX2907
Sinyu UGXX4009
Sipi UGXX2908
Sirisiri UGXX5367
Sironko UGXX2909
Sisa UGXX1584
Situ UGXX4010
Situi UGXX2910
Sobya UGXX1585
Sogolelo UGXX1586
Sokolo UGXX1587
Sona UGXX1588
Sonde UGXX1589
Soni UGXX2911
Sonso UGXX5368
Sopsop UGXX2912
Soroti UGXX2913
Ssenya UGXX1590
Suam UGXX2914
Sugu UGXX1591
Suguru UGXX2915
Suhesi UGXX5369
Sukulu UGXX2916
Sunga UGXX5370
Sunga UGXX1592
Suni UGXX2917
Supa UGXX2918
Swagere UGXX2919
Taan Valley UGXX4011
Taba UGXX1593
Tabagonyi UGXX2920
Tademeri UGXX2921
Takajunge UGXX1594
Takwa UGXX4012
Tamu UGXX1595
Tangala UGXX4013
Tara UGXX4014
Tarogali UGXX4015
Tata UGXX4016
Te-Okot UGXX4018
Te-Okuto UGXX4019
Tebalowoza UGXX1596
Teboke UGXX4020
Tegaligwa UGXX1597
Tegeress UGXX2922
Teginya UGXX1598
Teilwa UGXX4021
Tekala UGXX1599
Telamot UGXX2923
Temangalo UGXX1600
Tendo UGXX4022
Tente UGXX1601
Terego UGXX4023
Terinyi UGXX2924
Theyaro UGXX4024
Tianyu UGXX4025
Tidwer UGXX4026
Tilling UGXX2925
Timba UGXX1602
Tira UGXX2926
Tiriri UGXX2927
Titim UGXX4027
Tokaru UGXX4028
Tolwe UGXX1603
Toma UGXX2928
Tomi UGXX1604
Tondegejerako UGXX1605
Tondola UGXX1606
Tondolo UGXX4029
Tongo UGXX1607
Tonya UGXX5371
Toroma UGXX2929
Torome UGXX4030
Tororo UGXX2930
Torote UGXX4031
Ttaba UGXX1608
Tuba UGXX2931
Tugumu UGXX2932
Tula UGXX1609
Tumba UGXX1610
Tumbo UGXX1611
Turukang UGXX4032
Turupok UGXX4033
Turutoko UGXX4034
Tuskini UGXX2933
Twalek UGXX2934
Tweyanze UGXX1612
Tyabire UGXX1613
Uderi UGXX4035
Uduk UGXX4036
Udupi UGXX4037
Udurutu UGXX4038
Ujwanga UGXX4039
Ukadakya UGXX2935
Ukuti UGXX4040
Uleppi UGXX4041
Uluko UGXX4042
Umi UGXX4043
Umvure UGXX4044
Uniababa UGXX4045
Unyama UGXX4046
Usigu UGXX4047
Usuku UGXX2936
Utrutru UGXX4048
Utumbari UGXX4049
Uturu UGXX4050
Uzu UGXX4051
Vangalei UGXX4052
Villa Maria UGXX1614
Virika UGXX5372
Vukula UGXX2937
Vumba UGXX1615
Vumbe UGXX1616
Vurr UGXX4053
Vurra UGXX4054
Wabibo UGXX1617
Wabigali UGXX1618
Wabigalo UGXX1619
Wabinwa UGXX4055
Wabinyonyi UGXX1620
Wabisi UGXX1621
Wabisisa UGXX1622
Wabitoki UGXX5373
Wabiyinja UGXX1623
Wabukala UGXX1624
Wabulenga UGXX2938
Wabulungu UGXX2939
Wabusana UGXX1625
Wadelai UGXX4056
Wadundara UGXX5374
Wagala UGXX1626
Wagodo UGXX2940
Waguru UGXX5375
Waibalaibi UGXX4057
Waibuga UGXX2941
Waiga UGXX5376
Waigala UGXX2942
Waigalo UGXX2943
Waigasa UGXX5377
Waikalakaka UGXX2944
Wainya UGXX2945
Wairaka UGXX2946
Waiswa UGXX2947
Wajala UGXX1627
Waka UGXX4058
Wakasimba UGXX1628
Wakatanga UGXX2948
Wakawungu UGXX2949
Wakayiba UGXX1629
Waki UGXX5378
Wakisani UGXX5379
Wakiso UGXX1630
Wakisu UGXX1631
Wakyato UGXX1632
Walabungo UGXX1633
Walukota UGXX1634
Walukuba UGXX2950
Waluvule UGXX1635
Walykubya UGXX5380
Wamala UGXX1636
Wamfuru UGXX5381
Wamiga UGXX5382
Wampendo UGXX2951
Wampologoma UGXX1637
Wamukende UGXX1638
Wamulongo UGXX2952
Wamusenyi UGXX5383
Wananda UGXX1639
Wandagi UGXX1640
Wandala UGXX2953
Wandegeya UGXX5416
Wandegeya UGXX2954
Wandera UGXX4059
Wandi UGXX4060
Wandulu UGXX1641
Wanfufu UGXX1642
Wangale UGXX2955
Wangobo UGXX2956
Wanica UGXX4061
Wanjagi UGXX1643
Wankaka UGXX1644
Wankanani UGXX5384
Wankata UGXX1645
Wanseko UGXX5385
Wansolo UGXX4062
Wantembo UGXX5386
War UGXX4064
Wasa UGXX5387
Watoke UGXX1646
Watuba UGXX1647
Wekomire UGXX5388
Wera UGXX2957
West Opejo UGXX4065
Wesunire UGXX2958
Wianaka UGXX4066
Wiawer UGXX4067
Widayanga UGXX4068
Wigweng UGXX4069
Wila UGXX2959
Wipolo UGXX4070
Wiria UGXX4071
Wobulenzi UGXX0019
Wol UGXX4072
Wolo UGXX4073
Wunga UGXX1648
Yakinemvi UGXX4074
Yakiniji UGXX4075
Yamu UGXX4076
Yenga UGXX5389
Yidu UGXX4077
Yilo UGXX4078
Yira UGXX4079
Yivu UGXX4080
Yole UGXX4081
Yoro UGXX4082
Yoyo UGXX4083
Yumbe UGXX4084
Zanyiro UGXX1649
Zengebe UGXX1650
Zeu UGXX4085
Ziba UGXX1651
Zigoti UGXX1652
Zigulu UGXX1653
Zimudi UGXX1654
Zimwe UGXX1655
Zintengeze UGXX1656
Zira UGXX1657
Zirobwe UGXX1658
Ziru UGXX1659
Zoka UGXX4086
Zombo UGXX4087