Weather Codes for Turkmenistan

Find Weather Codes or Weather Zip Codes for states and cities in Turkmenistan. Weather Codes references a specified Location and is used to get weather of that place accurately. They are used by The Weather Channel( by IBM), Yahoo! Weather, AOL Weather and many such weather forecasting platforms. It is similar to Yahoo's WOEID(Where On the Earth ID) that is used to represent each place uniquely.

You can know the weather of any place precisely with the help of weather codes. Find the current weather of your state or city by clicking on it. You will be redirected to The Weather Channel site with your weather code for accurate weather forecast.

Adzhi TXXX0675
Adzhikui TXXX0029
Agach-Arvat TXXX0402
Agar TXXX0676
Ahal TXXX0987
Ajyyap TXXX0403
Ak TXXX0404
Ak-Altyn TXXX0581
Ak-Bay TXXX0988
Ak-Bulak TXXX0677
Ak-Dashayak TXXX0158
Ak-Gaudan TXXX0159
Ak-Kaya TXXX0405
Ak-Kum TXXX0678
Ak-Kungur TXXX0160
Ak-Kuyu TXXX0030
Ak-Mechet TXXX0679
Ak-Rabat TXXX0680
Ak-Say TXXX0681
Ak-Teri TXXX0682
Ak-Tugay TXXX0683
Akbogaz TXXX0406
Akdash TXXX0407
Akdepe TXXX0582
Akdepe TXXX0161
Akhchadepe TXXX0031
Akhchaguyma TXXX0408
Akhtash-Ovliya TXXX0162
Akkala TXXX0684
Akkumulam TXXX0685
Akrabat TXXX0989
Aktash TXXX0163
Aktepe TXXX0164
Akyayla TXXX0409
Alaja TXXX0410
Alam TXXX0165
Alangyrtly TXXX0411
Alibek TXXX0166
Alla-Sakal TXXX0990
Allatepe TXXX0412
Almysh TXXX0991
Alnysh TXXX0992
Alpan TXXX0687
Altykui TXXX0413
Alyandor TXXX0688
Aman TXXX0167
Amandor TXXX0414
Amannazar TXXX0415
Amansha TXXX0993
Amansha-Kapan TXXX0168
Ammanazar TXXX0416
Amyderya TXXX0690
Angat TXXX0169
Annamurat TXXX0691
Annau TXXX0170
Arab-Kala TXXX0171
Arab-Khana TXXX0692
Araki TXXX0693
Arap TXXX0694
Arapchuk TXXX0417
Arapkhana TXXX0695
Archin TXXX0172
Archman TXXX0174
Arpaklen TXXX0418
Artyk TXXX0175
Arychagyl TXXX0583
Arykagyl TXXX0584
Arzuv TXXX0176
Ashgabat TXXX0177
Ashgabat Keshi TXXX0018
Ashkhabad TXXX0001
Astanababa TXXX0696
Ata TXXX0697
Ata-Yab TXXX0179
Atamyrat TXXX0698
Atatlyk TXXX0699
Aul Geok-Che TXXX0994
Aul Urazaly TXXX0997
Auliye TXXX0585
Avchi TXXX0700
Ayak TXXX0701
Aydere TXXX0419
Aydin TXXX0420
Aylino TXXX1166
Babadayhan TXXX0180
Babadaykhan TXXX0181
Babadurmaz TXXX0182
Babakhodzha TXXX0421
Babarabkala TXXX0183
Bagabat TXXX0184
Bagadzha TXXX0185
Bagarka TXXX0998
Bagt TXXX0999
Bagyr TXXX0186
Baherden TXXX0035
Bajramaly TXXX0020
Bakalarnyn-Ayasy TXXX1167
Bakherden TXXX0015
Bakhshi TXXX0187
Bakhshimarish TXXX0188
Balkanabat TXXX0422
Balkui TXXX0423
Balla-Ishem TXXX0424
Bami TXXX0025
Bamy TXXX0189
Banysh TXXX0703
Baragiz TXXX0704
Bardzan TXXX0705
Barsli TXXX0425
Basaga TXXX0706
Basbeden TXXX1000
Bashvak TXXX0707
Bassar-Kish TXXX0708
Batash TXXX0709
Batyrkent TXXX0586
Bay TXXX0710
Bay-Kishlak TXXX0711
Bayat TXXX0712
Baygushli TXXX1002
Bayram-Ali TXXX0038
Bayramaly TXXX1003
Bayramtogan TXXX0587
Bazar TXXX0426
Bazar TXXX0713
Bazar-Sakhe TXXX0714
Bazardepe TXXX0715
Beden TXXX1004
Begi-Sakar TXXX0190
Bekibent TXXX0427
Bektash TXXX1168
Bekuri TXXX0191
Belek TXXX0428
Bendesen TXXX0429
Bendi-Nadir TXXX1005
Berdelyk TXXX0716
Bere TXXX0040
Bereket TXXX1006
Beriket TXXX1008
Berzengi TXXX0192
Besh-Aryk TXXX0588
Besheur TXXX1009
Besheuray TXXX1010
Beuradzhi TXXX0430
Beurme TXXX0193
Bezmein TXXX0002
Bikrova TXXX0194
Bikuri TXXX1011
Birinchi-Chandyr TXXX0717
Birinchiboy TXXX0589
Birleshik TXXX0718
Birleshik Pervyy TXXX0042
Bitik TXXX0719
Bki TXXX0431
Bokurdak TXXX0195
Boldumsaz TXXX0591
Boroshly TXXX0721
Bosaga TXXX1169
Bovart TXXX0197
Boy Pervyy TXXX0592
Boydag TXXX0432
Bozogoli TXXX0198
Budzhak TXXX0722
Bugdayly TXXX0433
Burguchi TXXX0723
Burk TXXX0199
Buyrabab TXXX0724
Buzmeyin TXXX0200
Byr-Koz TXXX1013
Byrdalyk TXXX0017
Byurgyutli TXXX0434
Carsanga TXXX0022
Celeken TXXX0435
Cemenebit TXXX1014
Chaacha TXXX0201
Chagaguzar TXXX0725
Chagali TXXX0436
Chagpata TXXX0726
Chagyl TXXX1015
Chagyl TXXX0045
Chakal TXXX0727
Chakich TXXX0728
Chakmaklychanga TXXX0202
Chakyr TXXX0729
Chalapkuyu TXXX1016
Chaloyuk TXXX0437
Chalsu TXXX0438
Chaltut TXXX0730
Chalysh TXXX0731
Chamchakly TXXX1017
Chardzhev TXXX0012
Chartma TXXX0732
Charvadar TXXX0733
Charvak TXXX0734
Charvan-Kala TXXX0593
Charyy TXXX1018
Chash TXXX1019
Chashkent TXXX1020
Chat TXXX0439
Chatli TXXX0440
Chatrak TXXX0735
Chatryak TXXX0736
Chaudur TXXX0737
Chayek TXXX0203
Chaynakhash TXXX1021
Chegez TXXX0738
Chekich TXXX0739
Chekichler TXXX0441
Chekmen TXXX0740
Chekur-Yurt TXXX0442
Cheleken TXXX0047
Cheltek TXXX0204
Chemche TXXX1022
Chemeli TXXX0443
Chenen TXXX0205
Chepek TXXX1023
Cherenga TXXX0741
Cherkez TXXX1024
Cherkezli TXXX0444
Cheshme TXXX0206
Cheshme Vtoroy TXXX1025
Choganly TXXX0208
Chukur-Kala TXXX0209
Chukurkala TXXX0445
Chukurlyk TXXX0666
Chuli TXXX0210
Chungurli TXXX1026
Chupli TXXX0742
Churga TXXX0743
Dada-Ogly TXXX1027
Dadedogli TXXX1028
Dag-Sakhkary TXXX0744
Dagadzhik TXXX0048
Dagarkishlak TXXX0745
Dambe TXXX0049
Damzak TXXX0446
Danata TXXX0050
Dardali TXXX0447
Dargan-Ata TXXX0746
Dargana TXXX0211
Darganata TXXX0009
Darvaza TXXX0212
Darydali TXXX0052
Dashkhovuz TXXX0007
Dashkuduk TXXX0054
Daskopri TXXX1029
Dasoguz TXXX0594
Daulet TXXX0055
Dautly TXXX0748
Davlet TXXX1030
Dayakhatyn TXXX0749
Dayne TXXX0448
Daz TXXX0213
Denglikopry TXXX0595
Dervezekem TXXX1031
Desht TXXX0214
Deycha TXXX0215
Deynau TXXX0056
Donguz-Tugay TXXX0750
Dostluk TXXX0751
Dou-Kala TXXX0216
Doyran TXXX0449
Dukdrushtum TXXX0752
Durdy TXXX1032
Durdykhan TXXX0450
Durun TXXX0217
Dusak TXXX0057
Duunchi TXXX0451
Duzlydepe TXXX0452
Duzlyolum TXXX0453
Dyusheklidash TXXX0667
Dyuyeboyun TXXX0753
Dzhafar TXXX0454
Dzhanakhir TXXX0455
Dzhanga TXXX0058
Dzhapar TXXX0218
Dzharguzar TXXX0754
Dzhebel TXXX0059
Dzhedzhirs TXXX0456
Dzhigerbent TXXX0756
Dzhingilkhatab TXXX0757
Dzhity-Kuduk TXXX0758
Dzhoyruk TXXX0457
Dzhu-Dzhu-klu TXXX0060
Dzhuma TXXX0759
Dzhuma-Bazar TXXX0760
Dzhuppy TXXX1034
Dzhuvaldy TXXX0458
Edrug TXXX0761
Egri-Guzar TXXX1035
Egriyagyr TXXX0762
Ekerem TXXX0459
Ekezhe TXXX0006
Ene-Kuliyevo TXXX0764
Energetik TXXX1036
Epo TXXX0219
Erbent TXXX0011
Esenguly TXXX0460
Esengyly TXXX0013
Esenmengli TXXX0064
Eski TXXX0766
Eski-Narazym TXXX0767
Etbashi TXXX0768
Farab TXXX0065
Farap TXXX0769
Fayzavat TXXX0964
Gabakly TXXX0770
Gaburdy TXXX0771
Gadyn TXXX0772
Gagrandag TXXX0461
Galaymor TXXX1037
Galkynys TXXX0773
Gamyshlyja TXXX0462
Garabogazkol TXXX0463
Garadegish TXXX0464
Garadepe TXXX0465
Garajabatyr TXXX0466
Garamatnyyaz TXXX0774
Garlyk TXXX0775
Garrychyrla TXXX0221
Garrygala TXXX0026
Gasan-Kuli TXXX0066
Gaurdak TXXX0067
Gazandzhyk TXXX0010
Gazanjyk TXXX0468
Gazojak TXXX0776
Gekcha TXXX0222
Geksay TXXX0469
Geok-Tepe TXXX0069
Geokcha TXXX0225
Gerelde TXXX0070
Germab TXXX0226
Gevers TXXX0071
Geyn-Keriz TXXX0227
Gindukush TXXX1038
Gojaly TXXX1039
Gokcha TXXX1040
Gokdepe TXXX0229
Gokje TXXX0777
Goklenkuyu TXXX0470
Golovnoye TXXX0778
Goturdepe TXXX0471
Gowurdak TXXX0781
Goyunly TXXX1041
Grodekovskiy TXXX1042
Gubadag TXXX0596
Gugerdzhengli TXXX0782
Gulanly TXXX1043
Gulastan TXXX0597
Gulja TXXX1044
Gumdag TXXX0472
Gunesh TXXX0783
Guri-Olum TXXX0473
Gurum-Say TXXX0785
Gurumsay TXXX0786
Gyami TXXX0230
Gyaur TXXX0072
Gyshgy TXXX0024
Gyurmush-Tepe TXXX1045
Gyzylarbat TXXX0014
Gyzyletrek TXXX0475
Gyzylgaya TXXX0476
Gyzylsuw TXXX0477
Halac TXXX0787
Hanhowuz TXXX0231
Hasan Kuli TXXX0478
Hawdan TXXX0232
Herrikgala TXXX0233
Hojambaz TXXX0788
Hopbuk TXXX1046
Iksra TXXX0075
Il Yaly TXXX0076
Ilen TXXX0234
Ilidzha TXXX0479
Ilyach TXXX0791
Ilyari TXXX1047
Imambaba TXXX1048
Imeni Andreyeva TXXX1049
Imeni Andreyeva TXXX0792
Imeni Budennogo TXXX1050
Imeni Budennogo TXXX0599
Imeni Chapayeva TXXX1051
Imeni Chapayeva TXXX0600
Imeni Chkalova TXXX1052
Imeni Chkalova TXXX0601
Imeni Chubina TXXX1053
Imeni Dimitrova TXXX0602
Imeni Frolova TXXX0078
Imeni Kalinina TXXX0236
Imeni Kalinina TXXX0604
Imeni Kalinina TXXX0481
Imeni Kalinina TXXX1057
Imeni Kalinina TXXX0795
Imeni Kirova TXXX0797
Imeni Kirova TXXX0079
Imeni Kirova TXXX0605
Imeni Kirova TXXX1059
Imeni Komsomola TXXX0798
Imeni Kuybysheva TXXX1060
Imeni Kuybysheva TXXX0799
Imeni Lenina TXXX0080
Imeni Lenina TXXX0800
Imeni Lenina TXXX0482
Imeni Lenina TXXX1061
Imeni Lenina TXXX0607
Imeni Malenkova TXXX0801
Imeni Mikoyana TXXX0608
Imeni Molotova TXXX0239
Imeni Molotova TXXX1063
Imeni Molotova TXXX0609
Imeni Molotova TXXX0802
Imeni Molotova TXXX0483
Imeni Shvernika TXXX1067
Imeni Stakhanova TXXX1068
Imeni Stakhanova TXXX0610
Imeni Stalina TXXX0611
Imeni Stalina TXXX0240
Imeni Stalina TXXX1069
Imeni Stalina TXXX0803
Imeni Telmana TXXX0082
Imeni Zhdanova TXXX1071
Imeni Zhdanova TXXX0806
Inderlen TXXX0484
Inkylap TXXX1072
Inkylap TXXX0242
Internatsional TXXX1073
Internatsional TXXX0807
Internatsional TXXX0243
Intush TXXX0244
Irkli TXXX0085
Isamli TXXX0808
Ishik-Bay TXXX0615
Iskra TXXX1074
Iskra TXXX0616
Islim-Cheshme TXXX1075
Ispas TXXX0809
Isrikkala TXXX0617
Itbash TXXX0810
Izgant TXXX0245
Jangnga TXXX0485
Jashan TXXX0486
Jebel TXXX0487
Jeyhun TXXX0811
Kabasakal TXXX0812
Kabyl TXXX0086
Kaka TXXX0246
Kala TXXX0247
Kalachay TXXX1173
Kalankui TXXX0488
Kalimanovskiy TXXX1174
Kalinin TXXX0087
Kalyam TXXX0813
Kamyshdzhik TXXX0618
Kanav TXXX0489
Kandak TXXX0814
Kanshar TXXX0815
Kapakly TXXX0088
Kaplanli TXXX0490
Kara-Agach TXXX0248
Kara-Agach TXXX0816
Kara-Agach TXXX0491
Kara-Bashlyk TXXX0817
Kara-Boyen TXXX1076
Kara-Chapan TXXX1077
Kara-Dzhin TXXX0492
Kara-Govok TXXX0493
Kara-Kala TXXX0249
Kara-Ker TXXX0250
Kara-Kuli TXXX0818
Kara-Nuri TXXX0619
Kara-Sukut TXXX0494
Kara-Tengir TXXX0090
Kara-Tepe TXXX1078
Kara-Yab Pervyy TXXX1079
Kara-Yab Tretiy TXXX1080
Kara-Yab Vtoroy TXXX1081
Karaadzhi TXXX0253
Karaaygyr TXXX0819
Karaba-Akhun TXXX1082
Karabagadzhe TXXX0254
Karabakshi TXXX0255
Karabekaul TXXX0820
Karabogaz TXXX0495
Karabulak TXXX0821
Karadamak TXXX0256
Karadashli TXXX0620
Karadepe TXXX0496
Karadzha TXXX1083
Karadzha TXXX0822
Karadzhary TXXX0497
Karagan TXXX0091
Karagel TXXX0498
Karagez TXXX0499
Karakhan TXXX0257
Karakhandere TXXX0258
Karakhauz TXXX0823
Karakhodzha TXXX0824
Karakhodzha TXXX0621
Karakongur TXXX0259
Karamakhmud TXXX0825
Karaman TXXX0260
Karamysh TXXX0826
Karanki TXXX0261
Karaoy TXXX1175
Karaparsan TXXX0622
Kararyk TXXX0827
Karasengir TXXX0092
Karategyan TXXX0262
Karaul TXXX0263
Karaul TXXX0828
Karaul-Kuyu TXXX0829
Karaulak TXXX0623
Karkin TXXX0830
Karkinadzhi TXXX0831
Karlyuk TXXX0093
Karnas TXXX0832
Karnas TXXX0500
Karry Bent TXXX0264
Karry-Cherlya TXXX0094
Karshi TXXX0095
Kary-Khodzha-Ata TXXX0833
Kashgarskiy TXXX1085
Kata-kara-Tut TXXX0834
Katta-Sopiyab TXXX0835
Kaushut TXXX0266
Kausy TXXX0836
Kayli TXXX0267
Kayrayuz TXXX0501
Kazandzhi TXXX0268
Kazarma TXXX0837
Kazgankala TXXX0269
Kazy TXXX0270
Kazylyar TXXX0271
Keleli Vtoroy TXXX0624
Kelif TXXX0840
Kelleliduz TXXX1177
Kelyadzhi TXXX1086
Kelyata TXXX0272
Kelyazyar TXXX0273
Kenekesir TXXX0502
Kepekli TXXX0625
Kergochemen TXXX0626
Kerki TXXX0021
Kerki-Aryk TXXX0841
Kerkici TXXX0842
Kernay TXXX0668
Kert-Yakha TXXX0503
Keseklik TXXX0627
Keshi TXXX0274
Keske TXXX1087
Kessyr TXXX0843
Keyikkodana TXXX0504
Khadzhikaraul TXXX0844
Khadzhykulluk TXXX0845
Khalach TXXX0097
Khamay TXXX0628
Khan-Kyariz TXXX0276
Khandak TXXX0846
Khandakli TXXX0847
Khankui TXXX1089
Khar-Bala TXXX0848
Khasyn TXXX0277
Khatab TXXX0849
Khaz TXXX0505
Kheleulen TXXX0506
Khellen TXXX0629
Khilak TXXX1090
Khivabad TXXX0278
Khodzha-Ali TXXX1091
Khodzha-Bulan TXXX0279
Khodzha-Irat TXXX0850
Khodzha-Kenepsi TXXX0098
Khodzha-Mrasan TXXX0851
Khodzhadere TXXX0280
Khodzhaguyma TXXX0507
Khodzhakala TXXX0099
Khodzhakala TXXX0852
Khodzhakala TXXX0281
Khodzhakaraul TXXX0853
Khodzhakishlak TXXX0854
Khodzhakumbet TXXX0630
Khodzhameshed TXXX0855
Khodzhaolen TXXX0282
Khodzhara TXXX0857
Khodzhasu TXXX0509
Khodzhgarbata TXXX1178
Khorodzhokh-Kala TXXX0283
Khoudandzhik TXXX0510
Khozarek TXXX0858
Khudayberdy TXXX0511
Khudayberdy TXXX0859
Khudzhum TXXX1092
Khumli TXXX1179
Khurmat-Kala TXXX0284
Kianly TXXX0100
Kiikchi TXXX0860
Kipchak TXXX0287
Kirpichli TXXX0288
Kirpili TXXX0289
Kishtivan TXXX0861
Kizyl-Arvat TXXX0101
Kizyl-Atrek TXXX0102
Kizyl-Ayak TXXX0862
Kizyl-Cherek TXXX0512
Kizyl-Ishchi TXXX0290
Kizyl-Kemer TXXX0291
Kizyl-Murad TXXX1093
Kizyl-Su TXXX0103
Koch-Kor TXXX0293
Kodzha TXXX0513
Koeneuergench TXXX0631
Kokmiyar TXXX0864
Kolkhozabag TXXX0865
Kolodets Tezekuy TXXX1097
Kommuna TXXX0632
Kommuna TXXX0294
Kommunist TXXX0866
Kommunizm TXXX0867
Kommunizm TXXX1099
Kommunizm TXXX0104
Kommunizm TXXX0633
Komsomol TXXX1100
Komsomol TXXX0296
Komsomol TXXX0634
Komsomolsk TXXX0105
Kone-Borme TXXX0297
Kopak-Chalak TXXX0869
Kordzhou TXXX0298
Koshagyr TXXX0514
Koshakak TXXX0299
Koshakaudan TXXX0300
Koshanda TXXX0635
Koshkin TXXX0515
Koshoba TXXX0516
Koshtemir TXXX0301
Koymat TXXX0106
Koyno-Kumbez TXXX0107
Koytendag TXXX0870
Kozelkovskiy TXXX1101
Kozhe TXXX0302
Krach TXXX0871
Kranch TXXX0872
Krasnaya Zvezda TXXX0108
Krasnoye Znamya TXXX1102
Krasnyy Oktyabr TXXX0109
Krestovskiy TXXX1104
Kruchay TXXX0303
Kuchuk TXXX0304
Kui-Dzhuk TXXX0517
Kulanbay TXXX1107
Kulandzhi TXXX0875
Kularyk TXXX0876
Kulayanchi TXXX0877
Kum Dag TXXX0110
Kumpete TXXX0878
Kundzhak TXXX0879
Kunya-Urgench TXXX0111
Kunya-Yarmysh TXXX0636
Kupakli TXXX0637
Kuraish TXXX0880
Kurbanek TXXX0305
Kurbanseyid TXXX0518
Kurdzhukly TXXX1108
Kurgankyr TXXX0669
Kurgunuk TXXX0306
Kurkulab TXXX0112
Kurlugun TXXX0881
Kursagir TXXX0307
Kurtli TXXX0308
Kurtusu TXXX0309
Kuruksay TXXX0882
Kuruzhdey TXXX0519
Kushbegi TXXX0638
Kushchi TXXX0883
Kushka TXXX0113
Kuuli-Mayak TXXX0114
Kuvak TXXX0884
Kuylyar TXXX0520
Kuyzeshour TXXX0521
Kyamtor TXXX0886
Kyasauli-Kala TXXX0311
Kyrkkui TXXX0312
Kyrkuyli TXXX0887
Kyurenkala TXXX0313
Kyzyl TXXX0522
Kyzyl-Cheshme TXXX0314
Kyzyl-Daykhan TXXX0888
Kyzyl-Guch TXXX0889
Kyzyl-Sakal TXXX0315
Kyzylay TXXX0523
Kyzylbayda TXXX1109
Kyzylbaydak TXXX1110
Kyzylcharva TXXX0316
Kyzyldaykhan TXXX1111
Kyzylgar TXXX0640
Kyzylgyuych TXXX0641
Kyzylimam TXXX0524
Kyzylkak TXXX0966
Kyzylkasyl TXXX0890
Kyzylkoshun TXXX0891
Kyzylkumbet TXXX0642
Kyzylkup TXXX0525
Kyzylkyr TXXX1180
Kyzylpildyz TXXX1112
Kyzylshark TXXX0643
Kyzyltayak TXXX0317
Kyzylyyldyz TXXX1113
Lambe TXXX0892
Lavak TXXX0644
Lebap TXXX0893
Lekker TXXX1114
Leningrad TXXX1115
Leningrad TXXX0645
Leninsk TXXX0115
Lesopitomnik TXXX0318
Madaw TXXX0526
Magarif TXXX0646
Makhmaldepe TXXX0319
Makhmud-Adzhi TXXX1116
Makhtum-Kala TXXX0320
Makhtym-Kala TXXX0321
Malay-Adzhi TXXX1117
Mallarchilyk TXXX0322
Mamash TXXX0894
Mamatay TXXX1118
Mamay TXXX1181
Mamur TXXX0324
Manysh TXXX0325
Maraniyat TXXX1119
Marat TXXX0326
Martazi TXXX1120
Mary TXXX0028
Medes TXXX1121
Megejik TXXX0895
Megin TXXX0327
Mekan TXXX0896
Mekhinli TXXX0328
Mekrub TXXX0329
Mergenishan TXXX0670
Meshkhed TXXX0527
Miana TXXX0117
Miradzhi TXXX0330
Mirnyy TXXX1122
Mirzabek TXXX0897
Mirzachirla TXXX0331
Modar TXXX0332
Mollagara TXXX0528
Monchakly TXXX0647
Monzhukly TXXX0529
Moor TXXX0898
Morgunow TXXX1123
Moskovsk TXXX0899
Moskva TXXX1124
Moskva TXXX0118
Moyak TXXX0900
Moyak-Olum TXXX0901
Mugal-Bala TXXX0902
Mukry TXXX0119
Muminchandyr TXXX0904
Murcha TXXX0333
Murgab TXXX0120
Murgap TXXX1125
Naara TXXX0530
Namaksaar TXXX1182
Namakshor TXXX1183
Narazym TXXX0905
Narpapay TXXX0671
Nauruz-Abad TXXX0334
Nebit Dag TXXX0027
Nevtonskiy TXXX0122
Newtonow TXXX0335
Nichka TXXX0906
Niyazdepe TXXX0336
Nogarli TXXX0337
Nokhur TXXX0338
Nova TXXX0339
Nugri TXXX0531
Nugunek TXXX0648
Nuradzhi TXXX0907
Nurali TXXX0340
Nurata TXXX0341
Nurumgur TXXX0672
Nyyazow TXXX0649
Oba TXXX0908
Oboy TXXX0532
Odzharly TXXX0909
Ogar TXXX0910
Oglamysh TXXX0533
Oglanly TXXX0123
Ogomana TXXX0124
Ogurjaly TXXX0534
Okarem TXXX0125
Omar TXXX0912
Omar-Khodzha TXXX0913
Omarata TXXX0535
Omchali TXXX0536
On-Begi TXXX0342
Onbirikzhi TXXX0537
Ordy-Khodzha TXXX0343
Orfa TXXX0538
Orunchaga TXXX0539
Ovaz-Dzhalatay TXXX0344
Ovaz-Dzhaltay TXXX0126
Pakmaksuidzhi TXXX0914
Parmasha TXXX0915
Parou TXXX0127
Pashtion TXXX0345
Paytaba TXXX1184
Pereval TXXX0128
Permet TXXX1126
Pervogo Maya TXXX1127
Pervomayskiy TXXX0346
Peski TXXX0916
Pewrize TXXX0347
Pioner TXXX0653
Pioner TXXX0917
Pobeda TXXX1129
Pogranichnik TXXX1130
Polisultan TXXX0654
Poltavskiy TXXX1131
Poskrepko TXXX1132
Pravda TXXX0348
Prokhladnoye TXXX0349
Purnuar TXXX0540
Rabochiy TXXX1133
Ravnina TXXX0129
Razvilki TXXX1185
Repetek TXXX0918
Rodnik Namakshor TXXX1134
Romanovskiy TXXX0351
Romazak TXXX0919
Sabbuny TXXX0920
Sakar TXXX0921
Sakar-Adzhi TXXX1135
Sakarchaga TXXX0352
Sakarchage TXXX0130
Salmiin TXXX0353
Sandykgacy TXXX1136
Sansy TXXX0541
Sapardar TXXX0922
Saragt TXXX0023
Sarahs TXXX0133
Sardoba TXXX0923
Sary-Bash TXXX0924
Sarydag-Tugay TXXX0925
Sarydepe TXXX0542
Sarygurum TXXX0543
Sarykbala TXXX0926
Sarykskiy Uval TXXX1186
Saryyazy TXXX1137
Sayat TXXX0355
Sayat TXXX0132
Sayvan TXXX0356
Sayvatur TXXX1138
Sazandy TXXX0655
Segli-Kar TXXX1139
Sekizatlyk TXXX0656
Sercheli TXXX0564
Serhetabat TXXX1140
Sernyy Zavod TXXX0134
Seydi TXXX0928
Shagal TXXX0929
Shagatly TXXX0135
Shakhman TXXX0545
Shakhmurad TXXX0657
Shambebazar TXXX0930
Sharlawuk TXXX0136
Shatlyk TXXX1141
Shaundi TXXX0931
Shekh-Bala TXXX0932
Shemli TXXX0357
Sheykh TXXX0933
Sheykharyk TXXX0934
Shik-Kala TXXX0659
Shikh TXXX0935
Shikh TXXX0358
Shikhzyab TXXX0660
Shirlama TXXX0359
Shirokoye TXXX1187
Shor TXXX0360
Shor-Aryk TXXX0936
Shor-Cheshme TXXX1142
Shor-Kala TXXX0361
Shor-Khaudan TXXX0362
Shori-Payan TXXX0937
Shura TXXX1143
Shurak TXXX0967
Shurvogaz TXXX0938
Siyadak-Sakar TXXX0939
Soeyunaly TXXX1144
Solyukli TXXX0363
Sotsializm TXXX0661
Sotsializm TXXX0940
Sotsializm TXXX1145
Sotsializm TXXX0546
Sotsializm-Yul TXXX0941
Sowetyap TXXX0364
Stykovoye TXXX1189
Suhty TXXX1146
Suili TXXX0547
Sukhty TXXX1147
Sukhty Pervyy TXXX1148
Sukhty Vtoroy TXXX1149
Suli-Gokcha TXXX1150
Sulmen TXXX0137
Sultanbent TXXX1151
Suncha TXXX0366
Surkhi TXXX0942
Suydzhermen TXXX0548
Syr-Su TXXX0367
Syrttagta TXXX1190
Tabatashmaydan TXXX0968
Taezeguyy TXXX1152
Tagta TXXX0662
Tagtabazar TXXX1153
Takhta TXXX0138
Takhta-Bazar TXXX1154
Takhtapara TXXX0943
Takyr TXXX0944
Talimardzhan TXXX0945
Tamly TXXX0139
Tamykli TXXX0549
Tang-Kotan TXXX0946
Taraba TXXX0550
Tarkhan TXXX1155
Tarnov TXXX0947
Tarta TXXX0003
Tash-Kishlak TXXX0948
Tasharvat TXXX0551
Tashlyk TXXX0949
Tashrabad TXXX0950
Taumakindzhi TXXX0141
Tazabad TXXX0552
Tedzhen TXXX0019
Tedzhenstroy TXXX0368
Tejen TXXX0369
Tekendzhik TXXX0553
Teki-Moor TXXX0554
Teksay TXXX0969
Tektek TXXX1156
Tektek Vtoroy TXXX1192
Telmansk TXXX0143
Temir-Khodzha TXXX0951
Tersakan TXXX0144
Tersakkan TXXX0555
Tertarach TXXX0556
Teze-Chetyr TXXX0663
Teze-Oba TXXX0370
Teze-Yardzhi TXXX0664
Teze-Yel TXXX1157
Tezedurmush TXXX1158
Tezedurmysh TXXX0665
Tezekui TXXX1193
Tezeoba TXXX1159
Tezeyel Vtoroy TXXX0371
Tezeyol TXXX0372
Tezheva TXXX0373
Togalak TXXX0557
Toutli TXXX0558
Tuar TXXX0145
Tukli TXXX0377
Tumanovskiy TXXX0378
Tura-Kishlak TXXX0952
Turkmen-Kala TXXX1160
Turkmenabat TXXX0953
Turkmenbashi TXXX0008
Turkmenbashy TXXX0004
Turkmenistan TXXX0954
Turkmenistany TXXX0148
Tutly-Kala TXXX0559
Tyuyachi TXXX0956
Ubetsk TXXX0560
Uch-Adzhi TXXX0150
Uch-Bash TXXX0957
Uch-Tepe TXXX0958
Uchadzhi TXXX0016
Uchastok Sovet TXXX1162
Uchgez TXXX0561
Udarnik TXXX0379
Udarnik TXXX1163
Udey TXXX0562
Udzhi TXXX0563
Ufra TXXX0005
Ugur TXXX0959
Ulamsurkhi TXXX0960
Ulyash TXXX0961
Umuk TXXX1164
Urazali TXXX0962
Urazaly TXXX1165
Ushak TXXX0153
Usty TXXX0971
Utsch-Adshi TXXX1194
Uyger-Chage TXXX1195
Uzun-Su TXXX0565
Uzynshor TXXX0970
Uzyntokay TXXX0566
Vanovskiy TXXX0380
Vayuar TXXX0972
Yablonovskiy TXXX0382
Yagankazakh TXXX0383
Yaglyolum TXXX0567
Yagman TXXX0568
Yagty-Yel TXXX1198
Yakeper TXXX0154
Yalkim TXXX0384
Yalovach TXXX0385
Yan-Chashme TXXX0569
Yanbash TXXX0386
Yangadzha TXXX0570
Yangi-Aryk TXXX0973
Yangi-Khodzhalyk TXXX0974
Yangi-Kishlak TXXX0975
Yangi-Kuyu TXXX1199
Yangiaryk TXXX0976
Yangysu TXXX0571
Yankala TXXX0387
Yankui TXXX0155
Yapach TXXX0977
Yaradzhi TXXX0156
Yaroshevskiy TXXX0978
Yarty-Kala TXXX0572
Yarymtyk TXXX0573
Yasa-Gul TXXX1200
Yash-Pioner TXXX0388
Yashguch TXXX0389
Yashlar TXXX0390
Yashlyk TXXX0391
Yaskha TXXX0574
Yasman TXXX0392
Yasydepe TXXX0575
Yauzy TXXX0157
Yaz-Aryk TXXX0979
Yazdepe TXXX0980
Yazy TXXX1201
Yazygadzhik TXXX0393
Yegene-Kala TXXX0394
Yegridzhar TXXX0576
Yekindzhi TXXX1202
Yekitut TXXX0395
Yele-Su TXXX0396
Yerbent TXXX0397
Yerrikkala TXXX0398
Yesheksiyen TXXX0399
Ymamnazar TXXX0981
Yoloten TXXX0084
Yulangyz TXXX0982
Yuldy-Dere TXXX0577
Yuvan-Kala TXXX0578
Yylanly TXXX0674
Zakhmet TXXX1203
Zakhmet TXXX0400
Zakhmetkesh TXXX1204
Zarpchi TXXX0983
Zau TXXX0579
Zerdau TXXX0580
Zergar TXXX0984
Zergumen TXXX0985
Zergyar TXXX0986