Weather Codes for Turkey

Find Weather Codes or Weather Zip Codes for states and cities in Turkey. Weather Codes references a specified Location and is used to get weather of that place accurately. They are used by The Weather Channel( by IBM), Yahoo! Weather, AOL Weather and many such weather forecasting platforms. It is similar to Yahoo's WOEID(Where On the Earth ID) that is used to represent each place uniquely.

You can know the weather of any place precisely with the help of weather codes. Find the current weather of your state or city by clicking on it. You will be redirected to The Weather Channel site with your weather code for accurate weather forecast.

Abaci TUXX4592
Abacilar TUXX3258
Abadan TUXX2081
Abadiye TUXX7547
Abana TUXX0105
Abazli TUXX2083
Abbas TUXX0106
Abbaslik TUXX7548
Abdi TUXX1441
Abdicikmaz TUXX1442
Abdioglu TUXX3259
Abdiusagi TUXX2084
Abdiusagi TUXX3260
Abdulgaz TUXX0107
Abdurrahman TUXX1443
Abdurrahmanlar TUXX5003
Abidinpasa TUXX2085
Ablak TUXX4026
Absirin TUXX1444
Abuusagi TUXX0108
Abuzeroglu TUXX0109
Acar TUXX9729
Acarlar TUXX1050
Acarmantas TUXX3261
Acigol TUXX0110
Acikuyu TUXX2086
Acikuyu Yaylasi TUXX0868
Acikyazi TUXX6214
Acioz TUXX2087
Acipayam TUXX0111
Acipinar TUXX0869
Acisu TUXX2088
Acma TUXX6466
Acoglu TUXX6467
Ada TUXX8322
Adabag TUXX9081
Adabasi TUXX7152
Adagul TUXX5828
Adakli TUXX7825
Adakoy TUXX2089
Adala TUXX5004
Adaletabat TUXX9082
Adali TUXX3262
Adali TUXX6468
Adali TUXX8323
Adalikuzu TUXX2090
Adana TUXX0061
Adana/Incirlik TUXX0001
Adanda TUXX5005
Adaoren TUXX2091
Adapinar TUXX3264
Adaviran TUXX8324
Adayatak TUXX8325
Adayazi TUXX4027
Adbulbakiler TUXX3265
Adilcevaz TUXX0114
Adimova TUXX1445
Adiyaman TUXX6469
Adliye TUXX7549
Adnan Menderes TUXX2092
Adrasan TUXX5006
Aflak TUXX3266
Afsar TUXX2093
Afsin TUXX0115
Afyon TUXX0046
Afyonkarahisar TUXX4028
Agaccami TUXX0117
Agaceli TUXX7826
Agackonak TUXX6470
Agacli TUXX1051
Agacli TUXX6471
Agacli TUXX3267
Agacoren TUXX2094
Agacpinar TUXX3268
Agacyolu TUXX7827
Agakahya TUXX3269
Agarti TUXX7828
Agcaviran TUXX9084
Agilbasi TUXX1446
Agilbogazi TUXX3270
Agilcik TUXX9730
Agilcik TUXX4593
Agilcik TUXX4029
Agili TUXX9085
Agillar TUXX5829
Agilli TUXX6215
Agilozu TUXX9086
Agilpazari TUXX0119
Agilyolu TUXX6216
Agin TUXX0118
Agizbuyuk TUXX3271
Aglasun TUXX7304
Agri TUXX1447
Agva TUXX0120
Agveren TUXX6472
Agzikara TUXX4031
Agzikaraca TUXX3272
Agzikarahan TUXX0870
Agzipek TUXX6217
Ahatlar TUXX1052
Ahatlar TUXX2096
Ahatli TUXX5007
Ahbisor TUXX0121
Ahi TUXX2097
Ahiboz TUXX2098
Ahiler TUXX2099
Ahirkoy TUXX1053
Ahirli TUXX2100
Ahirlikuyu TUXX2101
Ahirtas TUXX5008
Ahkis TUXX9087
Ahlat TUXX5830
Ahlat TUXX9088
Ahlatliburun TUXX0122
Ahmediye TUXX5009
Ahmetabat TUXX1448
Ahmetadil TUXX2102
Ahmetbey TUXX0123
Ahmetbey TUXX1449
Ahmetbubi TUXX9731
Ahmetcayiri TUXX2103
Ahmethoca TUXX6473
Ahmetler TUXX5010
Ahmetler TUXX7550
Ahmetolen TUXX8327
Ahmetpinar TUXX7551
Ahmetyeri TUXX0124
Ahur TUXX2104
Ahura TUXX0125
Ahurhisar TUXX4033
Akalin TUXX9733
Akantas TUXX5831
Akarca TUXX9734
Akarca TUXX3273
Akarsu TUXX8328
Akarsu TUXX5832
Akbaba TUXX4035
Akballi TUXX6218
Akbas TUXX5011
Akbas TUXX8329
Akbas TUXX2105
Akbas TUXX9089
Akbaslar TUXX8330
Akbayir TUXX2106
Akbelen TUXX9735
Akbidak TUXX7829
Akbiyik TUXX5833
Akbiyik TUXX9090
Akbulgar TUXX1450
Akbulut TUXX7830
Akbulut TUXX7153
Akbulut TUXX6475
Akca TUXX4594
Akca TUXX9736
Akca TUXX3274
Akca Mahallesi TUXX4036
Akcaabat TUXX0126
Akcaabat TUXX1054
Akcaalankebir TUXX8331
Akcaali TUXX2107
Akcabayir TUXX2108
Akcabel TUXX6477
Akcadag TUXX0127
Akcadere TUXX4037
Akcainis TUXX5013
Akcakale TUXX6219
Akcakavak TUXX2109
Akcakaya TUXX8332
Akcakaya TUXX1055
Akcakaya TUXX6478
Akcakent TUXX6479
Akcakent TUXX0871
Akcakertil TUXX8333
Akcakese TUXX2110
Akcakise TUXX2111
Akcakisrak TUXX8334
Akcakoca TUXX0128
Akcakonak TUXX9091
Akcakonak TUXX1056
Akcakoy TUXX4038
Akcakoy TUXX8335
Akcakoy TUXX1057
Akcakoy TUXX7305
Akcakuzu TUXX7154
Akcal TUXX3275
Akcal TUXX6480
Akcal TUXX8336
Akcali TUXX6481
Akcali TUXX9738
Akcali TUXX9092
Akcali TUXX2112
Akcaliusagi TUXX3277
Akcaoren TUXX2113
Akcaoren TUXX1451
Akcaoren TUXX6482
Akcaova TUXX8337
Akcaova TUXX1058
Akcaova TUXX0129
Akcapinar TUXX7553
Akcapinar TUXX5014
Akcapinar TUXX8338
Akcasar TUXX0872
Akcasar TUXX4039
Akcasir TUXX0130
Akcasu TUXX7554
Akcatas TUXX2114
Akcatepe TUXX6483
Akcati TUXX5015
Akcatumbuk TUXX3278
Akcay TUXX5016
Akcay TUXX1452
Akcay TUXX8339
Akcayli TUXX9093
Akcesme TUXX1059
Akcevre TUXX1453
Akcicek TUXX6484
Akcil TUXX6220
Akcin TUXX4041
Akcira TUXX9094
Akdag TUXX4595
Akdam TUXX9739
Akdam TUXX3279
Akdam TUXX5017
Akdamar TUXX6485
Akdamla TUXX5834
Akdamlar TUXX5018
Akdana TUXX1454
Akdari TUXX6221
Akdegirmen TUXX4042
Akdere TUXX2115
Akdere TUXX3280
Akdere TUXX6486
Akdilek TUXX5835
Akdilek TUXX1455
Akdogan TUXX9740
Akdogan TUXX2116
Akdogan TUXX6487
Akdurak TUXX6488
Akduran TUXX7155
Akdurmus TUXX7831
Akgol Yaylasi TUXX0873
Akgun TUXX6489
Akgun TUXX4043
Akharim TUXX4044
Akhisar TUXX0044
Akimli TUXX7832
Akin TUXX4045
Akin TUXX0875
Akincilar TUXX6490
Akincir TUXX3281
Akinoglu TUXX4596
Akipinar TUXX6491
Akkaya TUXX1060
Akkaya TUXX7307
Akkaya TUXX6222
Akkaya TUXX3282
Akkaya TUXX2117
Akkaynak TUXX2118
Akkecili TUXX4046
Akkilic TUXX5836
Akkilise TUXX5019
Akkiraz TUXX6223
Akkisiler TUXX4597
Akkoc TUXX5020
Akkoc TUXX4598
Akkonak TUXX4047
Akkopru TUXX3283
Akkopru TUXX2119
Akkosan TUXX2120
Akkoy TUXX1061
Akkoy TUXX7555
Akkoyunlu TUXX4048
Akkum TUXX7556
Akkus TUXX9741
Akkuyu TUXX5021
Akkuyu TUXX6492
Akkuyu TUXX3284
Akkuzulu TUXX2121
Aklar TUXX5022
Akmasat TUXX3285
Akmescit TUXX1062
Akmezar TUXX0876
Akoluk TUXX5023
Akoluk TUXX3286
Akonus TUXX9096
Akoren TUXX4599
Akoren TUXX7308
Akoren TUXX3287
Akorencarsak TUXX2122
Akorenkisla TUXX0132
Akoru TUXX5024
Akpinar TUXX3288
Akpinar TUXX0877
Akpinar TUXX4600
Akpinar TUXX0133
Akpinar TUXX4050
Akpinar TUXX7557
Akpinar TUXX2123
Akpinar TUXX8340
Akpinar TUXX1456
Akpinar TUXX6493
Akpinarciftligi TUXX8341
Akpinarli TUXX4051
Aksaagac TUXX3289
Aksacli TUXX7156
Aksahap TUXX5025
Aksak TUXX2124
Aksakal TUXX8342
Aksakali TUXX9097
Aksar TUXX7157
Aksar TUXX9098
Aksaray TUXX0134
Aksaz TUXX5026
Akseki TUXX0135
Akseki TUXX1063
Aksemsettin TUXX2125
Aksoy TUXX6494
Aksoylar TUXX2126
Aksu TUXX2127
Aksu TUXX5027
Aksu TUXX9742
Aksu TUXX1064
Aksu TUXX7309
Aksular TUXX4601
Aksutekke TUXX7558
Aktam TUXX1065
Aktarla TUXX4603
Aktarma TUXX8343
Aktas TUXX9743
Aktas TUXX8344
Aktas TUXX7833
Aktas TUXX3290
Aktas TUXX7559
Aktas TUXX2128
Aktay TUXX9099
Aktepe TUXX2129
Aktoprak TUXX6495
Aktoprak TUXX4052
Aktoprak TUXX7834
Aktuglu TUXX1457
Akyal TUXX5028
Akyamac TUXX0878
Akyar TUXX8345
Akyar TUXX4604
Akyar TUXX5029
Akyarma TUXX4053
Akyayla TUXX7310
Akyayla TUXX8346
Akyazi TUXX5030
Akyazi TUXX6496
Akyazi TUXX0136
Akyele TUXX1458
Akyemis TUXX1459
Akyol TUXX6497
Akyolac TUXX1460
Akyurek TUXX6498
Akyurt TUXX2130
Akyuva TUXX4054
Alaaddin TUXX7835
Alabalik TUXX5837
Alabalik TUXX7836
Alabalik TUXX6224
Alabayir TUXX1066
Alabedir TUXX4605
Alaca TUXX9744
Alaca TUXX0137
Alaca TUXX9100
Alacaatli TUXX4055
Alacaatli TUXX8347
Alacaatli TUXX2131
Alacabayir TUXX8348
Alacadag TUXX5031
Alacahan TUXX1462
Alacam TUXX8349
Alacam TUXX6225
Alacami TUXX5032
Alacami TUXX4056
Alacaoluk TUXX8350
Alacaoren TUXX2132
Alacati TUXX0138
Alacayir TUXX9745
Alacesme TUXX5033
Alacik TUXX2133
Aladag TUXX3291
Aladana TUXX9101
Alaettin TUXX8351
Alagoz TUXX2134
Alagoz TUXX4057
Alagoz TUXX6226
Alaguney TUXX8352
Alakadi TUXX4606
Alakavaktepe TUXX3292
Alakaya TUXX7560
Alakilise TUXX3293
Alakilise TUXX7837
Alakir TUXX8353
Alakoc TUXX2135
Alakoclu TUXX1464
Alakoyun TUXX1465
Alamut TUXX1067
Alan TUXX2136
Alan TUXX4607
Alanbasi TUXX5839
Alancik TUXX6499
Alancik TUXX0139
Alandiz TUXX1068
Alangollu TUXX1069
Alanhimmetler TUXX2137
Alankebir TUXX7311
Alankoy TUXX7312
Alankoy TUXX8354
Alankoy TUXX4608
Alanli Mahallesi TUXX4059
Alanya TUXX0080
Alanyurt TUXX4060
Alanyurt TUXX0879
Alapinar TUXX3294
Alasar TUXX8355
Alatay TUXX1466
Alatepe TUXX7838
Alatoprak TUXX9102
Alayaka TUXX8356
Alaybeyi TUXX3295
Alayhani TUXX0880
Alayli TUXX3296
Alayli TUXX5034
Alazli TUXX9103
Albayrak TUXX4609
Alcakli TUXX0141
Alcali TUXX4061
Alemdag TUXX2138
Alemler TUXX1070
Alhan TUXX1071
Ali Ersoy TUXX2139
Aliaga Ciftligi TUXX1072
Alibey TUXX8357
Alibey TUXX2140
Alibey TUXX6500
Alibey Oba TUXX8358
Alibeyce TUXX4062
Alibeyduzu TUXX7561
Alibeyli TUXX2141
Alibir TUXX7839
Alic TUXX7562
Aliceri TUXX6501
Alici TUXX2142
Alici TUXX6502
Alicik TUXX4610
Alicipi TUXX1467
Alicli TUXX6503
Alicli TUXX9746
Aliclik TUXX7158
Alidam TUXX6504
Alidemirci TUXX8359
Aliefe TUXX2143
Aliefendi TUXX5035
Alihocali TUXX3297
Alikirpun TUXX9104
Alikor TUXX1468
Alikorusu TUXX5036
Alimbagi TUXX1073
Alin TUXX3298
Alinca TUXX7563
Alincik TUXX7840
Alintepe TUXX1469
Alinyurt TUXX7159
Aliogullar TUXX1074
Alisar TUXX6505
Aliusagi TUXX2144
Alkaya TUXX7313
Alkoy TUXX6227
Alkusak TUXX1470
Alodin TUXX9747
Aloren TUXX4612
Alpagut TUXX7564
Alpagut TUXX2145
Alpaslan TUXX4063
Alpaslan TUXX4613
Alpekmez TUXX7841
Alpu TUXX3299
Alpu TUXX0142
Alpullu TUXX0143
Alsar TUXX0144
Altas TUXX6228
Altica TUXX6506
Altigoz TUXX3300
Altikara TUXX3301
Altilar TUXX2146
Altinbas TUXX2147
Altinbasak TUXX2148
Altincanak TUXX2149
Altincayir TUXX1471
Altindag TUXX2150
Altindag TUXX5037
Altinemek TUXX6229
Altinevler TUXX7842
Altinhisar TUXX0145
Altinhuseyin TUXX7843
Altinkaya TUXX0881
Altinkilit TUXX1472
Altinkum TUXX1075
Altinkum TUXX5039
Altinlar TUXX8360
Altinli TUXX4614
Altinoluk TUXX8361
Altinova TUXX0146
Altinova TUXX9105
Altinova TUXX3302
Altinova Duden TUXX5040
Altinova Orta TUXX5041
Altinova Sinan TUXX5042
Altinova Yenigol TUXX5043
Altinpinar TUXX6507
Altintas TUXX6508
Altintaskoyu TUXX1076
Altinyaka TUXX0147
Altinyayla TUXX7314
Altinyayla TUXX0148
Altinyazi TUXX7844
Altiparmak TUXX5840
Altpinar TUXX2151
Aluc TUXX2152
Alucra TUXX0149
Alyanak TUXX9106
Amarat TUXX0882
Amaric TUXX7846
Amasra TUXX0150
Amasya TUXX4615
Amasya TUXX1077
Ambarli TUXX5841
Anacli TUXX5842
Anadere TUXX9107
Anakaya TUXX1473
Anamur TUXX0066
Anayurt TUXX4064
Anayurt TUXX2153
Anbarcik TUXX7315
Andacli TUXX1474
Andevin TUXX9108
Andil TUXX3303
Andirin TUXX0152
Angig TUXX7848
Anitkaya TUXX4065
Anitli TUXX1475
Anittepe TUXX2154
Ankara TUXX0002
Annli TUXX6509
Antakya TUXX0085
Antalan TUXX9109
Antalya TUXX0004
Araba TUXX7849
Araban TUXX6510
Arac TUXX0157
Arak TUXX9110
Arakilise TUXX6230
Arakli TUXX0158
Arakonak TUXX7850
Arakonak TUXX1476
Arapdere TUXX7565
Arapgir TUXX0159
Araphuseyin TUXX3304
Araplar TUXX8362
Araplar TUXX5044
Arapli TUXX1078
Arapsardi TUXX5045
Arapsuyu TUXX5046
Aras TUXX1477
Aratol TUXX0883
Arazler TUXX3305
Ardahan TUXX0160
Ardanuc TUXX5844
Ardas TUXX9111
Ardesen TUXX0161
Ardic TUXX9112
Ardicdere TUXX6231
Ardicdibi TUXX7851
Ardiclar TUXX4616
Ardicoluk TUXX6511
Ardicpinar TUXX5047
Ardicpinar TUXX4617
Ardictepe TUXX7852
Ardinc TUXX9113
Ardonk TUXX9114
Argavli TUXX1079
Arhavi TUXX5845
Aribey TUXX1478
Arica TUXX7853
Arica TUXX6512
Aricaklar TUXX7566
Aricilar TUXX7854
Aridag TUXX9115
Arif TUXX5048
Arik TUXX9748
Arikaya TUXX9749
Ariklar TUXX8363
Ariklibaglari TUXX2155
Arikonak TUXX6513
Arikonak TUXX6232
Arile TUXX6233
Arili TUXX9116
Arili TUXX6234
Arili TUXX6514
Arincik TUXX9117
Aritas TUXX9118
Arizli TUXX4068
Arizli Mahallesi TUXX4069
Arkakoy TUXX5847
Arkbork TUXX2156
Arkutca TUXX2157
Armesen TUXX5848
Armut TUXX7316
Armutalan TUXX4618
Armutalan TUXX8364
Armutcuk TUXX7567
Armutlu TUXX5849
Armutlu TUXX8365
Armutlu TUXX1479
Armutlu TUXX6515
Armutlu TUXX0162
Armutlu TUXX5049
Armutlu TUXX0884
Armutlu TUXX4070
Armutova TUXX0073
Armutveren TUXX6235
Arnavutkoy TUXX8366
Arpadere TUXX4620
Arpadere TUXX7568
Arpaderesi TUXX4621
Arpali TUXX9119
Arpali TUXX5850
Arpali TUXX7160
Arpali TUXX4072
Arpatarlasi TUXX6517
Arslanbeyli TUXX7855
Arslandede TUXX8367
Arslandede TUXX7161
Arslangazi TUXX1480
Arslanli TUXX1080
Arslanli TUXX3306
Artova TUXX0164
Artvin TUXX5851
Arucak TUXX4622
Arvalli TUXX7317
Arzular TUXX1081
Arzuvink TUXX9120
Asagi Aladag TUXX1481
Asagi Armutlu TUXX7569
Asagi Ayranci TUXX2158
Asagi Baskoy TUXX7856
Asagi Cevi TUXX2159
Asagi Cimik TUXX6518
Asagi Daglica TUXX6519
Asagi Dikmen TUXX2160
Asagi Dumanli TUXX1482
Asagi Duzmeydan TUXX1483
Asagi Evler TUXX6520
Asagi Guzelkoy TUXX1082
Asagi Hafik TUXX9752
Asagi Hizyat TUXX9753
Asagi Hozkisi TUXX6521
Asagi Hungemek TUXX5852
Asagi Imrahor TUXX2161
Asagi Irmaklar TUXX5853
Asagi Isiklar TUXX5050
Asagi Kahveci TUXX9754
Asagi Kanipek TUXX1484
Asagi Karasu TUXX4623
Asagi Karavaiz TUXX6522
Asagi Kardesi TUXX1485
Asagi Kevzer TUXX5051
Asagi Kislacik TUXX7162
Asagi Koco TUXX1486
Asagi Mollahasan TUXX1487
Asagi Mozi TUXX7857
Asagi Muslimler TUXX7318
Asagi Nazilli TUXX1083
Asagi Pamuktas TUXX1488
Asagi Pinarli TUXX7163
Asagi Piribeyli TUXX4073
Asagi Sivik TUXX7858
Asagi Sogutlu TUXX6523
Asagi Tokariz TUXX0885
Asagi Yakup TUXX4624
Asagi Yenigun TUXX1489
Asagi Yerikler TUXX3307
Asagi Yolduzu TUXX1490
Asagi Zehri TUXX7859
Asagiada TUXX2162
Asagiagadeve TUXX1491
Asagiakcagedik TUXX1492
Asagiakpinar TUXX7860
Asagiakpinar TUXX1493
Asagiavti TUXX9755
Asagiaydere TUXX6236
Asagiayranci TUXX1494
Asagibagdere TUXX2163
Asagibaglica TUXX2164
Asagibalcilar TUXX2165
Asagibarakli TUXX4625
Asagibelatarla TUXX4074
Asagibelemedik TUXX3308
Asagibercin TUXX0165
Asagibuk TUXX4626
Asagicambaz TUXX6237
Asagicanli TUXX2166
Asagicatma TUXX5052
Asagicaybelen TUXX4075
Asagicihanbey TUXX1495
Asagicimagil TUXX7164
Asagicoplu TUXX6524
Asagidaloren TUXX1496
Asagidandiri TUXX4076
Asagidanisment TUXX8368
Asagidemirkapi TUXX1497
Asagideredibi TUXX1498
Asagidevrek TUXX8369
Asagidormeli TUXX1499
Asagieglence TUXX2167
Asagiemirler TUXX2168
Asagiesen TUXX1500
Asagigomez TUXX1501
Asagigorle TUXX1084
Asagigucuk TUXX8370
Asagigundes TUXX6238
Asagiguney TUXX2169
Asagihacibekir TUXX2170
Asagihuyuk TUXX2171
Asagikabakulak TUXX0886
Asagikamisli TUXX2172
Asagikamisli TUXX1502
Asagikarabat TUXX1503
Asagikaraboy TUXX9121
Asagikarahalit TUXX1504
Asagikaraman TUXX5053
Asagikaraoren TUXX2173
Asagikavacik TUXX2174
Asagikazanli TUXX9122
Asagikent TUXX1505
Asagikiratli TUXX9756
Asagikirli TUXX7319
Asagikirzi TUXX7165
Asagikislak TUXX7166
Asagikocayatak TUXX5054
Asagikolbasi TUXX9757
Asagikolbasi TUXX9123
Asagikonagi TUXX6239
Asagikopuz TUXX1506
Asagikoy TUXX7861
Asagikoy TUXX7570
Asagikoyunlu TUXX5854
Asagikulecik TUXX1507
Asagikupkiran TUXX1508
Asagikurtoglu TUXX6240
Asagikurudere TUXX4077
Asagimendelli TUXX7862
Asaginasirli TUXX6525
Asagioba TUXX5055
Asagiobruk TUXX2175
Asagiolek TUXX9124
Asagiovacik TUXX2176
Asagiovacik TUXX4627
Asagiozdek TUXX1509
Asagipelitozu TUXX0166
Asagisahinler TUXX5855
Asagisaklica TUXX1510
Asagisebil TUXX2177
Asagiserinyer TUXX7863
Asagisorik TUXX7864
Asagisuphan TUXX9125
Asagitoklu TUXX1511
Asagitutek TUXX1512
Asagiyagcilar TUXX8371
Asagiyagmurlu TUXX7865
Asagiyakacik TUXX1085
Asagiyenice TUXX4078
Asagiyenigun TUXX1513
Asagiyigincal TUXX1514
Asagiyufkali TUXX6526
Asagiyurtcu TUXX2178
Asakli TUXX0167
Asar TUXX4628
Asar Yaylasi TUXX3309
Asarcik TUXX7320
Asaronu TUXX5056
Ascibekirli TUXX3310
Ashagy-Azyk TUXX9758
Asik Veysel TUXX2179
Asiklar TUXX5856
Asikoglu TUXX2180
Asikpasa TUXX2181
Asikuzeyir TUXX6241
Asikzulali TUXX6242
Askale TUXX1515
Askale TUXX0005
Askeran Mezraa TUXX6527
Askeriye TUXX7321
Aslanbucak TUXX5057
Aslankent TUXX6528
Aslanli TUXX9759
Aslanoglu TUXX6529
Aslantas TUXX4079
Aslihantepecigi TUXX8372
Asma TUXX1086
Asmabag TUXX7322
Asmaca TUXX5058
Asmadere TUXX9760
Asmakaya TUXX7866
Asmali TUXX7323
Asmali TUXX8373
Asmali TUXX1087
Asmalidere TUXX8374
Astvatsadsin TUXX0169
Asurgevrek TUXX1516
Ata TUXX2182
Atabakan TUXX1517
Atabasi TUXX9126
Atabindi TUXX1518
Atakoy TUXX0887
Atakoy TUXX4081
Atalar TUXX5857
Atalay TUXX9761
Atanoglu TUXX5858
Atasoy TUXX2183
Ataturk TUXX5059
Atayolu TUXX1519
Atbagi TUXX9762
Atbinek TUXX7867
Atbuku TUXX5060
Atburgazi TUXX1088
Atca TUXX1089
Atca TUXX2184
Aticioba TUXX8375
Atkaracalar TUXX0170
Atkoy TUXX8376
Atli TUXX6530
Atlihisar TUXX4082
Atlilar TUXX0171
Atlinan TUXX9763
Atmali TUXX6531
Atyolu TUXX6243
Ava TUXX9127
Avanos TUXX0172
Avaris TUXX5859
Avatok TUXX9128
Avav TUXX9129
Avbeze TUXX1520
Avcilar TUXX3312
Avcilar TUXX2185
Avcilar TUXX5860
Avcilar TUXX9764
Avcilar TUXX6244
Avcilar TUXX8377
Avcipinari TUXX3313
Avdan TUXX3314
Avdan TUXX2186
Avdan TUXX5061
Avdan TUXX4083
Avdan TUXX7571
Avdan Mahallesi TUXX4084
Avdancik TUXX7324
Avdanli TUXX2187
Avesipi TUXX9765
Avgancik TUXX4085
Avilcin TUXX9130
Aviski TUXX9766
Avlagi TUXX3315
Avlamis TUXX7572
Avlik TUXX7868
Avluk TUXX3316
Avni Tolunay TUXX5062
Avsallar TUXX5063
Avsar TUXX1090
Avsar TUXX5064
Avsar TUXX4629
Avsar TUXX2188
Avsar TUXX4086
Avunduk TUXX8379
Avundur TUXX6245
Ayakkif TUXX3317
Ayakli TUXX8380
Ayancik TUXX0173
Ayanoglu TUXX7870
Ayas TUXX2189
Ayazin TUXX4087
Aydemir TUXX9131
Aydemir TUXX9767
Aydin TUXX4088
Aydin TUXX5861
Aydin TUXX2190
Aydin TUXX3318
Aydin TUXX0051
Aydinca TUXX4630
Aydincik TUXX5065
Aydincik TUXX2191
Aydincik TUXX3319
Aydincik TUXX0175
Aydincik TUXX7167
Aydinkent TUXX0176
Aydinkonak TUXX9768
Aydinkoy TUXX5862
Aydinlar TUXX9132
Aydinlar TUXX2192
Aydinlar TUXX7871
Aydinli TUXX3320
Aydinlik TUXX4631
Aydinlik TUXX9769
Aydinlikevler TUXX2193
Aydintepe TUXX7168
Aydintepe TUXX1521
Aydinyaka TUXX4089
Aydinyurdu TUXX3321
Aydogan TUXX2194
Aydogdu TUXX4632
Aydogdu TUXX1522
Aydogmus TUXX4090
Aygirgolu TUXX9133
Ayibeleni TUXX5066
Ayinbelut TUXX9770
Ayinderm TUXX9771
Ayingala TUXX9772
Ayingavis TUXX9773
Ayinli Mahallesi TUXX4091
Ayinrumi TUXX9774
Ayiveliler TUXX5067
Aynires TUXX9775
Aynmara TUXX9776
Ayranci TUXX0177
Ayranci TUXX7872
Ayranci TUXX4633
Ayranci TUXX9777
Ayranci TUXX1523
Ayranli TUXX6532
Aysakli TUXX7873
Aysebaci TUXX8381
Aysehoca TUXX3322
Ayvacik TUXX3323
Ayvacik TUXX1524
Ayvacik TUXX2196
Ayvacik TUXX8382
Ayvacik TUXX0071
Ayvacik TUXX7573
Ayvaduzu TUXX7874
Ayvali TUXX3324
Ayvali TUXX4634
Ayvali TUXX8383
Ayvali TUXX4092
Ayvali Mahallesi TUXX4093
Ayvalik TUXX3325
Ayvalik TUXX0179
Ayvalipinar TUXX4635
Ayvat TUXX3326
Azaplar TUXX2197
Azdavay TUXX0180
Azikli TUXX9135
Azikli TUXX9778
Azizabat TUXX1091
Aziziye TUXX8385
Aziziye TUXX2198
Azizler TUXX1525
Baba Kale TUXX0181
Babaeski TUXX0182
Babakoy TUXX8386
Babaoglu TUXX0183
Babayakup TUXX2199
Babik TUXX6533
Babotag TUXX9136
Bacak TUXX9779
Bacakli TUXX3328
Bacakoglu TUXX4636
Bacaksiz TUXX8387
Bacikoy TUXX2200
Bademagaci TUXX5068
Bademkaya TUXX5863
Bademli TUXX4094
Bademli TUXX4637
Bademli TUXX2201
Bademli TUXX1092
Bademli TUXX7325
Bademli TUXX5069
Bademli TUXX8388
Bademlidere TUXX2202
Bademlik TUXX2203
Badilli TUXX1526
Bafra TUXX0006
Bagalan TUXX8389
Bagarasi TUXX6534
Bagarasi TUXX9137
Bagarasi TUXX1093
Bagarcik TUXX1094
Bagbasi TUXX0185
Bagbasi TUXX6535
Bagbasi TUXX1527
Bagbasi TUXX9138
Bagcilar TUXX5864
Bagcilar TUXX4095
Bagcilar TUXX2204
Bagdasan TUXX6246
Bagdatli TUXX3329
Bagdere TUXX6536
Bagdere TUXX0186
Bagici TUXX2205
Bagisli TUXX9139
Bagkoy TUXX5070
Baglar TUXX5865
Baglarbasi TUXX2206
Baglarci TUXX2207
Baglarpinari TUXX0187
Bagli TUXX0888
Bagli TUXX6537
Baglica TUXX4638
Baglica TUXX5071
Baglica TUXX5866
Baglica TUXX4096
Bagliisa TUXX7875
Baglikaya TUXX0889
Baglum TUXX2209
Bagmese TUXX9140
Bagobasi TUXX2210
Bagoren TUXX2211
Bagozu TUXX3330
Bagpinar TUXX6539
Bagripek TUXX1528
Bagsaray TUXX7326
Bagtepe TUXX3331
Bagyaka TUXX2212
Bagyuzu TUXX8390
Bahadinli TUXX8391
Bahadir TUXX8392
Bahce TUXX9141
Bahce TUXX3332
Bahce TUXX6540
Bahce TUXX1529
Bahcearasi TUXX1095
Bahcebasi TUXX7876
Bahcecik TUXX4639
Bahcecik TUXX7574
Bahcecik TUXX4097
Bahcecik TUXX2213
Bahcecik TUXX3333
Bahcedere TUXX9142
Bahcekapi TUXX2214
Bahcekaradalak TUXX2215
Bahcekoy TUXX6541
Bahcekoy TUXX2216
Bahceler TUXX6542
Bahcelerustu TUXX2217
Bahceli TUXX0188
Bahceli TUXX7878
Bahceli TUXX5867
Bahceli TUXX9780
Bahcelievler TUXX3334
Bahcelievler TUXX2218
Bahceozu TUXX7327
Bahcesultan TUXX7575
Bahceyaka TUXX5073
Bahri TUXX6543
Bahtili TUXX5074
Bakacak TUXX6544
Bakacak TUXX8394
Bakanliklar TUXX2219
Bakirkoy TUXX5868
Bakirli TUXX3335
Bakirtepe TUXX5869
Bakla TUXX1096
Baklali TUXX7879
Baklali TUXX3336
Bala TUXX0189
Balaban TUXX6545
Balagecili TUXX3337
Balakan TUXX9143
Balalan TUXX5870
Balama TUXX4640
Balat TUXX1097
Balatcik TUXX1098
Balatli TUXX8396
Balbasi TUXX9781
Balbey TUXX5075
Balca TUXX7169
Balcam TUXX4098
Balcesme TUXX6247
Balci TUXX5871
Balci TUXX0190
Balcicakiri TUXX3338
Balcicek TUXX1530
Balcidam TUXX4099
Balcikhisar TUXX7576
Balcikhisar TUXX2220
Balcikoy TUXX8397
Balcilar TUXX9782
Balcilar TUXX6546
Baldere TUXX1531
Balekan TUXX9144
Balgat TUXX2222
Balgoze TUXX7880
Balgoze TUXX6248
Balhibar TUXX5873
Balikcay TUXX7881
Balikcilar TUXX6249
Balikesir TUXX0041
Balikhisar TUXX2223
Balikkoy TUXX1099
Balikli TUXX8398
Balikli TUXX5875
Balikli TUXX9783
Balikli TUXX0192
Balikli TUXX4641
Baliklicesme TUXX0193
Baliklidere TUXX8399
Balikliova TUXX0194
Baliksu TUXX1532
Balikuyumcu TUXX2224
Baliseyh TUXX0195
Balka TUXX6547
Balkar TUXX6548
Balkaya TUXX5076
Balkaynak TUXX0196
Balkaynak TUXX1533
Balkiraz TUXX2225
Balli TUXX9146
Balli TUXX0197
Balli TUXX6549
Balli TUXX5876
Ballibostan TUXX1534
Ballibucak TUXX5077
Ballica TUXX8400
Ballica TUXX4642
Ballica TUXX6550
Ballidut TUXX5877
Ballik TUXX7328
Ballik TUXX4101
Ballik TUXX4643
Ballikaya TUXX7170
Ballikpinar TUXX2226
Ballipinar TUXX8401
Balmahmut TUXX4102
Baloban TUXX2227
Baloluk TUXX1535
Balpinar TUXX9784
Balpinar TUXX7882
Balta TUXX1100
Baltacik TUXX1536
Baltali TUXX7577
Baltali TUXX2228
Baltali TUXX6551
Baltaliin TUXX2229
Balya TUXX8402
Bamballi TUXX3339
Banaz TUXX0198
Banbul TUXX4103
Bandirma TUXX0038
Baraj TUXX5078
Barakdagi TUXX3340
Barakli TUXX4104
Barbaros TUXX5079
Bardacik TUXX9147
Bardakcilar TUXX2230
Bardakli TUXX1537
Barinc TUXX9785
Barindi TUXX1538
Baris TUXX5080
Baris TUXX2231
Bartin TUXX0200
Basagac TUXX4105
Basagac TUXX2232
Basak TUXX2233
Basakevler TUXX7329
Basakli TUXX9148
Basali Mahallesi TUXX4106
Basaran TUXX0890
Basari TUXX9786
Basayas TUXX2234
Basbereket TUXX2235
Bascavus TUXX1539
Bascayir TUXX1101
Bascimagil TUXX7171
Basgoturen TUXX0891
Basinevleri TUXX2236
Basirlar TUXX4108
Basirli TUXX5081
Baskent TUXX3341
Baskent TUXX1540
Baskif TUXX3342
Baskimse TUXX0201
Baskonak TUXX4109
Baskoy TUXX0202
Baskoy TUXX1541
Baskoy TUXX5082
Baskoy TUXX7578
Baskoy TUXX5878
Baskoy TUXX7330
Baskuyu TUXX7331
Baskuyucak TUXX4110
Baslar TUXX5083
Basli TUXX6552
Basmakci TUXX5084
Basmakci TUXX7332
Basmakci TUXX0203
Basmakli TUXX9150
Basoba TUXX5879
Basoren TUXX3343
Basoren TUXX2237
Basoren TUXX4111
Baspinar TUXX6554
Baspinar TUXX4644
Baspinar TUXX2238
Baspinar TUXX5085
Basri TUXX2239
Bastarla TUXX1542
Bastepe TUXX4112
Bastoklu TUXX6251
Bati Sitesi TUXX2240
Batiayaz TUXX7883
Batibeyli TUXX1543
Batikent TUXX2241
Batman TUXX0090
Batmanli TUXX3344
Batmaz TUXX1102
Batmis TUXX1544
Battalgazi TUXX2242
Battalhuyuk TUXX6555
Bayacionu TUXX2243
Bayandir TUXX5086
Bayat TUXX7579
Bayat TUXX4113
Bayat TUXX5087
Bayat TUXX2244
Bayat TUXX4645
Bayatbademlesi TUXX5088
Bayatcik TUXX4114
Bayatli TUXX3345
Bayburt TUXX0205
Bayindir TUXX7884
Bayindir TUXX1545
Bayindir TUXX7334
Bayindir TUXX5089
Bayindir TUXX1103
Bayindir TUXX2245
Bayindir Yaylasi TUXX2246
Bayir TUXX7335
Bayir TUXX6556
Bayiralti TUXX1546
Bayirbasi TUXX7336
Bayirdami TUXX1104
Bayirkoy TUXX7580
Bayirkoy TUXX5090
Bayirkoy TUXX2247
Bayirkozaagaci TUXX5091
Bayirli TUXX7885
Bayirli TUXX4646
Bayirli TUXX9787
Bayirli TUXX6557
Bayirtepe TUXX7172
Baykent TUXX6252
Baymis TUXX0892
Bayraklar TUXX5092
Bayrakli TUXX0206
Bayram TUXX2248
Bayramalan TUXX9151
Bayramaliler TUXX4116
Bayramdere TUXX0207
Bayramhacili TUXX3346
Bayramic TUXX8403
Bayramic TUXX0208
Bayramlar TUXX7337
Bayramlar TUXX6558
Bayramli TUXX9789
Bayramoglu TUXX6253
Bayrampasa TUXX7173
Bayramsah TUXX8404
Bayramyazi TUXX1547
Baziyan TUXX7886
Bazlar TUXX4117
Baztoprak TUXX1548
Bebek TUXX6559
Bebek TUXX0893
Bebeli TUXX3347
Beden TUXX5093
Beden TUXX4647
Bedi TUXX7581
Bedikan TUXX7887
Bedile TUXX6254
Bedirli TUXX7338
Begendik TUXX9152
Begis TUXX5094
Begissusuzu TUXX5095
Beharzik TUXX9790
Behcetiye TUXX7582
Behik TUXX9791
Bekarlar TUXX0894
Bekciler TUXX9153
Bekdemir TUXX7583
Bekdigin TUXX0209
Beke TUXX4648
Bekilli TUXX0210
Bekiran TUXX9792
Bekirhan TUXX9793
Bekirler TUXX1105
Bekirli TUXX3348
Beklemez TUXX1549
Bektas TUXX4118
Bektasderesi TUXX0895
Bektaslar TUXX8405
Bektasli TUXX2249
Bektemur TUXX4649
Belbasi TUXX3349
Belbasi TUXX5096
Belcarsak TUXX2250
Belce TUXX4119
Beldagi TUXX4650
Beldibi TUXX5097
Belek TUXX5098
Belekmer TUXX9794
Belemedik TUXX3350
Belen TUXX3351
Belen TUXX1106
Belen TUXX2251
Belen TUXX5099
Belenalan TUXX5100
Belenalan TUXX2252
Belenalan TUXX7584
Belenkoy TUXX6561
Belenli TUXX5101
Belenli TUXX7339
Belenli TUXX6562
Belenobasi TUXX5102
Belenoren TUXX7585
Belenpinar TUXX4120
Belevi TUXX4651
Belisirma TUXX0896
Belkaracaoren TUXX4121
Belkaya TUXX7340
Belkese TUXX7586
Belkonak TUXX5103
Belli TUXX1107
Bellitepe TUXX6255
Beloren TUXX5104
Beloren TUXX6563
Beloren TUXX3352
Beloren TUXX7341
Belvar TUXX4652
Benekli TUXX9154
Bengiler TUXX8406
Benliahmet TUXX0211
Benlikuyu TUXX4123
Benliler TUXX6564
Benliyaver TUXX4124
Beratli TUXX5880
Bercincatak TUXX2254
Bercinyaylalar TUXX2255
Bereket TUXX7342
Bereket TUXX1108
Bereket TUXX7587
Bereket TUXX1550
Bereket TUXX9155
Bereket TUXX5105
Bereket TUXX5881
Bereketli TUXX8407
Bereketli TUXX6565
Berem TUXX5106
Berendi TUXX5107
Bergama TUXX0074
Bervenos TUXX6566
Besagil TUXX5882
Besalti TUXX6567
Besbulak TUXX1551
Besci TUXX0897
Besevler TUXX2256
Besgoze TUXX6568
Besikci TUXX5108
Besikduzu TUXX0213
Besikkaya TUXX2257
Besiktas TUXX6256
Besiktepe TUXX1552
Besiktepe TUXX4653
Besili TUXX9156
Besinli TUXX0214
Besir TUXX6570
Besiri TUXX9795
Besirisufla TUXX9796
Beskaris TUXX4126
Beskavak TUXX7343
Beskavak TUXX5883
Beskonak TUXX7344
Beskonak TUXX2258
Beskonak TUXX0215
Beskonaklar TUXX5109
Beskoz TUXX6571
Beskuyku TUXX3353
Besler TUXX1553
Besni TUXX6572
Bespinar TUXX0216
Bespinar TUXX8408
Bespinar TUXX9797
Bespinarlar TUXX6257
Bestas TUXX9158
Bestepeler TUXX2259
Besyol TUXX6573
Beyalan TUXX2260
Beyat TUXX6574
Beybostan TUXX6575
Beycayiri TUXX9798
Beyce TUXX7588
Beyce TUXX8409
Beycegiz TUXX2261
Beyceli TUXX3354
Beycik TUXX5110
Beycik TUXX2262
Beydagi TUXX9799
Beydamarli TUXX1554
Beydemir TUXX3355
Beydigin TUXX5111
Beydili TUXX6576
Beydili TUXX2263
Beydogan TUXX7888
Beyel TUXX8410
Beyendikler TUXX8411
Beykavagi TUXX2264
Beykonak TUXX5112
Beykoy TUXX8412
Beykoy TUXX4127
Beykoy TUXX7345
Beykoy TUXX1109
Beykoylu TUXX3356
Beykoyu TUXX8413
Beykoz TUXX0217
Beylek TUXX9800
Beylik TUXX5884
Beylikahir TUXX0218
Beymelek TUXX5114
Beynam TUXX2265
Beynamazkislacik TUXX3357
Beyobasi TUXX5115
Beyobasi TUXX2266
Beyoren TUXX4128
Beypazari TUXX0219
Beypinari TUXX3358
Beyrebucak TUXX5116
Beyreli TUXX5117
Beytepe TUXX2267
Beyyayla TUXX0220
Beyyazi TUXX4129
Bezcikuzoren TUXX2268
Bezirgan TUXX5118
Bezirhane TUXX1555
Bezirhane TUXX2269
Bibol TUXX6577
Bicakci TUXX5119
Bicakcilar TUXX5885
Bida TUXX9801
Biga TUXX0221
Bigadic TUXX0222
Bilaloglu TUXX7889
Bilecik TUXX7589
Bilek TUXX7890
Bilek TUXX9802
Bilekkaya TUXX7891
Bilelyeri TUXX5120
Bilgic TUXX4130
Bilhos TUXX5121
Bilican TUXX1556
Bilice TUXX7892
Biller TUXX8415
Bimergo TUXX6578
Binarin TUXX9803
Binat TUXX5886
Binatli TUXX9804
Binbasak TUXX6258
Binbasar TUXX6259
Bindak TUXX9159
Binekli TUXX7893
Binekli TUXX9805
Binektasi TUXX9806
Bingec TUXX1110
Bingol TUXX7894
Binkaya TUXX1557
Bintosun TUXX1558
Birbir TUXX6579
Bircan TUXX6580
Birci TUXX1111
Birciyan TUXX6581
Birco TUXX1559
Birecik TUXX0223
Birekum TUXX9160
Birikar TUXX9161
Birikoz TUXX2270
Biriman TUXX9162
Birinciazakpur TUXX9163
Birincikoy TUXX8416
Birlik TUXX5887
Bisi TUXX1560
Bismil TUXX0007
Bitam TUXX9807
Bitik TUXX2271
Bitlis TUXX9164
Bitma TUXX9808
Biyikli TUXX5122
Biyikli TUXX1112
Biyikliogullari TUXX5123
Bizatun TUXX9165
Bizgili TUXX7174
Bizinka TUXX9809
Bobuslu TUXX3359
Bocek TUXX1113
Boderes TUXX9810
Bodrum TUXX0056
Bogakoy TUXX4654
Bogaz TUXX6582
Bogaz TUXX8417
Bogazakent TUXX5124
Bogazcik TUXX5125
Bogazici TUXX2272
Bogazkapi TUXX9811
Bogazkaya TUXX0899
Bogazkaya TUXX6583
Bogazkaya TUXX0226
Bogazkoy TUXX4655
Bogazkoy TUXX8418
Bogazkoy TUXX2273
Bogazkoy TUXX7895
Bogazkoy TUXX0227
Bogazkoy TUXX7347
Bogazliyan TUXX0228
Bogazonu TUXX9166
Bogazozu TUXX6584
Bogazpinar TUXX8419
Bogdelik TUXX1114
Bogurdelen TUXX9167
Boke TUXX4656
Bolalan TUXX9168
Bolasli TUXX1561
Bolatli TUXX7590
Bolayir TUXX0229
Bolceagac TUXX8420
Boldag TUXX5126
Bolmedere TUXX9169
Bolmepinar TUXX7348
Bolu TUXX0032
Boluceagac TUXX5127
Bolucek TUXX9812
Bolukbasi TUXX1562
Bolukkonak TUXX9813
Bolukyayla TUXX6585
Boluntu TUXX1115
Bolvadin TUXX0231
Bombat TUXX9170
Boncuk TUXX6586
Boncukgoze TUXX7896
Bor TUXX0232
Boraman TUXX2274
Boran TUXX7897
Borazan TUXX4131
Borcak TUXX7591
Borcka TUXX0233
Borekli TUXX6587
Borezli TUXX8421
Borgenek TUXX6588
Bork TUXX6260
Bornova TUXX0234
Borucu TUXX0900
Bosak TUXX6589
Bosdere TUXX6261
Bosnakkesikkavak TUXX2275
Bostan TUXX9814
Bostanci TUXX4132
Bostanci TUXX8422
Bostanci TUXX5888
Bostancik TUXX6590
Bostancik TUXX2276
Bostancilar TUXX7592
Bostandere TUXX3360
Bostanhuyuk TUXX2277
Bostanli TUXX8423
Bostanli TUXX3361
Bostanli TUXX6591
Bostanlik TUXX0901
Bourtlenharunu TUXX1116
Boyabat TUXX0235
Boyalan TUXX1563
Boyali TUXX4134
Boyali TUXX0902
Boyali TUXX5889
Boyali TUXX0236
Boyali TUXX2278
Boyali TUXX4657
Boyalica TUXX8424
Boyalik TUXX2279
Boyasin TUXX1117
Boybeypinari TUXX6592
Boyderekoy TUXX1118
Boylu TUXX6593
Boynuyogun TUXX3362
Boyuncak TUXX1564
Boyuncak TUXX5890
Boyundere TUXX6594
Boyunkaya TUXX7593
Bozaget TUXX5891
Bozagil TUXX9815
Bozalan TUXX7594
Bozan TUXX4135
Bozan TUXX0237
Bozbuk TUXX8425
Bozburun TUXX9171
Bozca TUXX2280
Bozcaada TUXX0238
Bozcaarmut TUXX7595
Bozcayurt TUXX0903
Bozdogan TUXX4136
Bozdogan TUXX5128
Bozdogan TUXX3363
Bozdogan TUXX0239
Bozdogan TUXX9816
Bozen TUXX8426
Bozguney TUXX3364
Bozhuyuk TUXX4137
Bozhuyuk TUXX6595
Bozikan TUXX9817
Bozkanat TUXX7898
Bozkas TUXX1565
Bozket TUXX5892
Bozkoy TUXX1119
Bozkurt TUXX2281
Bozkurt TUXX0240
Bozkurt TUXX1566
Bozkus TUXX6262
Bozlar TUXX7349
Bozlar TUXX5130
Bozoglak TUXX1567
Bozoren TUXX8427
Bozova TUXX5131
Bozova TUXX0241
Bozpinar TUXX6596
Boztahta TUXX3365
Boztarla TUXX6597
Boztepe TUXX5132
Boztepe TUXX6598
Boztepe TUXX9172
Boztepe Koyu TUXX8428
Bozukhusur TUXX3366
Bozuyuk TUXX0242
Bozyaka TUXX2283
Bozyaka TUXX5133
Bozyayla TUXX1568
Bozyer TUXX5134
Bozyurt TUXX1120
Buban TUXX7899
Buca TUXX0243
Bucak TUXX5135
Bucak TUXX3367
Bucak TUXX1121
Bucak TUXX0078
Bucakalan TUXX5136
Bucakkisla TUXX5137
Bucakseyhler TUXX5138
Bucan TUXX9173
Bucuk TUXX2284
Budak TUXX1569
Budakdere TUXX4658
Budakli TUXX9174
Budakli TUXX6263
Budakli TUXX6599
Budaklli TUXX6600
Bugdayli TUXX0245
Bugdayli TUXX9175
Bugdayli TUXX7175
Bugduz TUXX2285
Bugduz TUXX7351
Bugralar TUXX2286
Bugus TUXX5139
Buharkent TUXX1122
Bukdere TUXX8429
Bukeler TUXX2287
Bukluce TUXX5140
Buklum TUXX6601
Bulak TUXX2288
Bulak TUXX4659
Bulakbasi TUXX1570
Bulam TUXX6602
Bulancak TUXX0246
Bulanik TUXX4138
Bulanik TUXX5894
Bulanik TUXX0247
Bulca TUXX4139
Bulduk TUXX7596
Bulduklu TUXX3368
Bulduklu TUXX4660
Bulgurlu TUXX9176
Bulgurlu TUXX9818
Bulgurlu TUXX7900
Bulucalani TUXX4140
Bulut TUXX6603
Bulutlucesme TUXX8430
Bulutpinar TUXX1571
Bunyan TUXX7901
Burc TUXX6604
Burcaklar TUXX5141
Burcakli TUXX6605
Burcalik TUXX7597
Burcek Mahallesi TUXX4142
Burcukaya TUXX9177
Burdur TUXX7352
Burgaz TUXX1123
Burhaniye TUXX4143
Burhaniye TUXX0072
Burhaniyebaba TUXX3370
Burmaca TUXX2289
Burmadere TUXX6264
Burmahan TUXX5142
Burmanci TUXX5143
Burmapinar TUXX6606
Burmatas TUXX6607
Burnubulak TUXX1572
Bursa TUXX0039
Bursal TUXX2290
Burucek Yaylasi TUXX3371
Buruk TUXX3372
Burunagil TUXX2291
Buruncayir TUXX6608
Burunkaya TUXX4144
Burunkoy TUXX1124
Burunsuz TUXX2292
Buvetli TUXX9178
Buvetli TUXX1573
Buyuk Boyali TUXX6609
Buyuk Burhaniye TUXX3373
Buyuk Calti TUXX7902
Buyuk Cavdarli TUXX0904
Buyuk Davdanli TUXX2293
Buyuk Kavakli TUXX6610
Buyuk Kirgi TUXX6611
Buyuk Kirikli TUXX6612
Buyuk Manay TUXX5144
Buyuk Musalar TUXX8431
Buyuk Yazi TUXX6613
Buyukalan TUXX5145
Buyukaltinbulak TUXX6265
Buyukbag TUXX6614
Buyukbaskoy TUXX7903
Buyukbelen TUXX7598
Buyukbelkis TUXX5146
Buyukbiyik TUXX2294
Buyukbostanci TUXX8432
Buyukboyalik TUXX2295
Buyukburnak TUXX0906
Buyukcakir TUXX3374
Buyukcamili TUXX2296
Buyukcildirim TUXX3375
Buyukdagdere TUXX8433
Buyukdamlacik TUXX2297
Buyukdere TUXX8434
Buyukdikili TUXX3376
Buyukelmali TUXX7599
Buyukesat TUXX2298
Buyukfindik TUXX8435
Buyukguve TUXX0907
Buyukhaylan TUXX7904
Buyukkalecik TUXX4145
Buyukkapili TUXX3377
Buyukkarabag TUXX4146
Buyukkatranci TUXX8436
Buyukkisla TUXX2299
Buyukkonakgormez TUXX2300
Buyukkoy TUXX5147
Buyukkoz TUXX6615
Buyukkumluca TUXX5148
Buyukmangit TUXX3378
Buyukpinar TUXX8437
Buyukpinar TUXX5149
Buyuksapci TUXX8438
Buyuksofulu TUXX3379
Buyuksoguklar TUXX8439
Buyuksoyle TUXX5150
Buyuksurmeli TUXX7600
Buyuksusuz TUXX7601
Buyuksutluce TUXX6266
Buyuktugluk TUXX4147
Buyukyagci TUXX2301
Buyukyaka TUXX7353
Buyukyenice TUXX8440
Buyukyenice TUXX7602
Buyurali TUXX1574
Buzaglik TUXX8441
Buzluca TUXX4148
Buzlugoze TUXX7905
Buzme TUXX6616
Caberket TUXX5895
Cadirolugu TUXX3380
Cadiryeri TUXX3381
Caferiye TUXX0250
Caferler TUXX1125
Caferler TUXX7603
Caferli TUXX1126
Caga TUXX2302
Cagdas TUXX9179
Cagilli TUXX0908
Cagirkan TUXX3382
Cagis TUXX8442
Caglalik TUXX3383
Caglarca TUXX5151
Caglayan TUXX1575
Caglayan TUXX4149
Caglayan TUXX5152
Caglayan TUXX5896
Caglayan TUXX2303
Caglayik TUXX6267
Cagli TUXX9819
Caglipinar TUXX5897
Cagliyan TUXX5898
Cagman TUXX5153
Cagrik TUXX2304
Cagsirli TUXX3384
Cagut TUXX9820
Cahlek TUXX7906
Cakal TUXX2305
Cakaldere TUXX3385
Cakalkuyusu TUXX3386
Cakallar TUXX8443
Cakalli TUXX3387
Cakalli TUXX6617
Cakalli TUXX0251
Cakici TUXX4150
Cakil TUXX8444
Cakildere TUXX6268
Cakilkoyu TUXX8445
Cakillar TUXX5899
Cakilli TUXX7176
Cakilli TUXX8446
Cakillik TUXX5155
Cakillik TUXX8447
Cakiloba TUXX2306
Cakir TUXX4151
Cakirbey TUXX1576
Cakirbeyli TUXX1127
Cakirca TUXX8448
Cakirdere TUXX8449
Cakirhuyuk TUXX0252
Cakirkaya TUXX9180
Cakirlar TUXX3388
Cakirlar TUXX5156
Cakirli TUXX6619
Cakiroba TUXX1577
Cakiroren TUXX3389
Cakirozu TUXX4152
Cakirpinar TUXX9821
Cakirpinar TUXX7604
Cakirsu TUXX4661
Cakis TUXX5157
Cakmak TUXX5158
Cakmak TUXX0253
Cakmak TUXX7907
Cakmak TUXX3390
Cakmak TUXX8450
Cakmak Bir TUXX6620
Cakmak Iki TUXX6621
Cakmaklar TUXX8451
Cal TUXX0254
Cala TUXX5900
Calabas TUXX6269
Calapli TUXX9181
Calca TUXX0255
Calca TUXX4153
Caldede TUXX4154
Caldere TUXX8452
Caldiran TUXX2308
Calduzu TUXX9182
Cali TUXX0256
Calica TUXX8453
Calicaalan TUXX2309
Calidere TUXX6270
Calidere TUXX7177
Caliduzu TUXX9183
Calikoy TUXX1578
Calikoy TUXX1128
Calipinar TUXX5159
Calis TUXX2310
Caliskaniar TUXX9184
Caliskanlar TUXX5901
Caliskanlar TUXX8454
Caliskanlar TUXX2311
Calislar TUXX9822
Calkandil TUXX8455
Calkara TUXX4662
Calkara TUXX7605
Calkaya TUXX4663
Calkoy TUXX4664
Callica TUXX7354
Callikebir TUXX1129
Callisagir TUXX1130
Calova TUXX8456
Calpinar TUXX5161
Calseki TUXX2312
Calta TUXX2313
Caltepe TUXX7355
Caltepe TUXX5162
Calti TUXX7606
Calti TUXX1131
Calti TUXX5163
Calticak TUXX8457
Caltilicukur TUXX5164
Caltioba TUXX8458
Cam TUXX8459
Camalan TUXX2314
Camalani TUXX8460
Camalti TUXX4665
Camalti TUXX9185
Camandar TUXX0257
Camarasi TUXX1132
Cambaz TUXX8461
Cambeli TUXX6271
Cambeyli TUXX4156
Cambuku TUXX4666
Camci TUXX8462
Camdere TUXX3391
Camdere TUXX7178
Camdere TUXX6622
Camgazi TUXX6623
Camharman TUXX8463
Camici Mahallesi TUXX5165
Camili TUXX0258
Camili TUXX5902
Camili TUXX5166
Camili TUXX3392
Camili TUXX4157
Camili TUXX0910
Camili TUXX2315
Camilioba TUXX8464
Camilioren TUXX0911
Camiliyayla TUXX7607
Camiyaka TUXX2316
Camizagili TUXX3393
Camizlar TUXX5167
Camizlik TUXX0912
Camkoy TUXX8465
Camkoy TUXX1133
Camkoy TUXX2317
Camlarca TUXX3394
Camli TUXX5903
Camli TUXX4158
Camli TUXX8466
Camlialan TUXX5168
Camlialan TUXX6272
Camlibel TUXX0259
Camlibel TUXX5169
Camlica TUXX9823
Camlica TUXX5170
Camlica TUXX4667
Camlica TUXX3395
Camlicatak TUXX0260
Camlidere TUXX7356
Camlidere TUXX0261
Camlidere TUXX6625
Camlik TUXX2318
Camlik TUXX7357
Camlikoy TUXX5171
Camliova TUXX5172
Camlitepe TUXX5173
Camliyurt TUXX7909
Camoba TUXX8468
Camoluk TUXX0262
Camozu TUXX4160
Camtasi TUXX9186
Camucak TUXX5174
Camucu TUXX8469
Camurlu TUXX5905
Camurlu TUXX4669
Camurlu TUXX1579
Camuscu TUXX6626
Camuzcu TUXX3396
Camyayla TUXX7608
Camyazi TUXX6273
Camyolu TUXX5175
Camyurdu TUXX6627
Camyuva TUXX5176
Can TUXX0263
Canacik TUXX8470
Canak TUXX7910
Canakci TUXX7911
Canakci TUXX8471
Canakci TUXX2319
Canakci TUXX6628
Canakci TUXX5177
Canakduzu TUXX9187
Canakkale TUXX0037
Canakli TUXX9188
Canakli TUXX0265
Canakpinar TUXX5178
Canakyayla TUXX9189
Candik TUXX6629
Candik TUXX3397
Candir TUXX4670
Candir TUXX4161
Candir TUXX0266
Candir TUXX8472
Candir TUXX2320
Candir TUXX9824
Candir TUXX5179
Candirlar TUXX3398
Canilli TUXX2321
Canimana TUXX2322
Cankara TUXX6630
Cankaya TUXX5180
Cankaya TUXX2323
Cankilli TUXX0913
Cankli TUXX9825
Cankoy TUXX7912
Cantirli TUXX2324
Capali TUXX4162
Capar TUXX2325
Caparlar TUXX8473
Caparlipatlak TUXX8474
Capkis TUXX9190
Caputcu TUXX3399
Caputlar TUXX1134
Caputlu TUXX1580
Carber TUXX1581
Cardacik TUXX0267
Cardak TUXX1135
Cardak TUXX5181
Cardak TUXX3400
Cardak TUXX7358
Cardakbagi TUXX2326
Cardakli TUXX9826
Cardakli TUXX6274
Carik TUXX8475
Cariklar TUXX1136
Carkaci TUXX8476
Carsamba TUXX0268
Carsi TUXX5182
Carsidibi TUXX5906
Cat TUXX2327
Cat TUXX6275
Cat TUXX6631
Catak TUXX7913
Catak TUXX3401
Catak TUXX7359
Catak TUXX0269
Catak TUXX8477
Catak TUXX0270
Catakdegirmen TUXX9191
Catakli TUXX3402
Catalagac TUXX6632
Catalan TUXX0271
Catalca TUXX0272
Catalcam TUXX4671
Catalcam TUXX5907
Catalcam TUXX3403
Catalcam TUXX0273
Catalcesme TUXX7179
Catalcesme TUXX2329
Cataldere TUXX6276
Cataldere TUXX1137
Catalerik TUXX9193
Catalhuyuk TUXX3404
Catalipasa TUXX1582
Catalkaya TUXX8478
Catalkaya TUXX4672
Catalkaya TUXX7914
Catalkopru TUXX6277
Catalli TUXX4164
Cataloluk TUXX5184
Cataloren TUXX2330
Catalpinar TUXX3405
Catalpinar TUXX1583
Catalpinar TUXX2331
Catalsu TUXX0914
Cataltepe TUXX9195
Cataltepe TUXX1584
Cataltepe TUXX6633
Cataltepe TUXX8479
Catbahce TUXX6634
Catcat TUXX2332
Catiharman TUXX7360
Catkosedag TUXX1585
Catkuyu TUXX4165
Catma TUXX7915
Catma TUXX4673
Catmaoluk TUXX7916
Catmaoluk TUXX1586
Catmasogut TUXX0274
Catoglu TUXX4674
Catoren TUXX4166
Cavdar TUXX1138
Cavdar Yaylasi TUXX5185
Cavdarbelen TUXX1139
Cavdarli TUXX6278
Cavdarli TUXX4167
Cavdarlilar TUXX0915
Cavdarusagi TUXX3406
Cavdir TUXX5186
Cavdir TUXX7361
Cavli TUXX8480
Cavundur TUXX4675
Cavus TUXX6635
Cavus TUXX1587
Cavus TUXX8481
Cavus TUXX0275
Cavus TUXX4676
Cavus TUXX2333
Cavusbayiri TUXX9827
Cavuskoy TUXX5187
Cavuskoy TUXX8482
Cavuskoy TUXX7609
Cavuslar TUXX2334
Cavuslar TUXX7917
Cavuslar TUXX9196
Cavuslu TUXX5909
Cavuslu TUXX3407
Cay TUXX1588
Cay TUXX0276
Cay TUXX7918
Cayagzi TUXX7919
Cayagzi TUXX5910
Cayagzi TUXX8483
Cayan TUXX4677
Cayarasi TUXX9197
Caybasi TUXX4678
Caybasi TUXX6636
Caybasi TUXX0277
Cayboyu TUXX7920
Caycati TUXX7921
Caycinge TUXX0278
Caycuma TUXX0279
Caydere TUXX7610
Caydibi TUXX4679
Caygecit TUXX9828
Caygecit TUXX3408
Caygecit TUXX9198
Cayhan TUXX9829
Cayici TUXX5189
Cayir TUXX1589
Cayir TUXX9199
Cayirbag TUXX4169
Cayirbasi TUXX6279
Cayircimen TUXX6280
Cayirhan TUXX0280
Cayirhisar TUXX8484
Cayirkopru TUXX7180
Cayirkoy TUXX4680
Cayirkoy TUXX8485
Cayirli TUXX9200
Cayirli TUXX2336
Cayiroba TUXX9201
Cayirolugu TUXX4681
Cayironu TUXX9202
Cayironu TUXX2337
Cayirozu TUXX7181
Cayirozu TUXX0281
Cayirozu TUXX4682
Cayirpinar TUXX4170
Cayirtepe TUXX7922
Cayiryaka TUXX4171
Cayiryazi TUXX4172
Cayiryolu TUXX7182
Caykaya TUXX2338
Caykaya TUXX6637
Caykenari TUXX5190
Caykisla TUXX4683
Caykisla TUXX4173
Caykoy TUXX4684
Caykoy TUXX7611
Cayli TUXX6638
Cayli TUXX3409
Cayli TUXX7363
Cayonu TUXX9830
Cayoren TUXX6639
Caypinar TUXX8486
Cayraz TUXX2339
Caytepe TUXX7923
Cayustu TUXX4174
Cayustu TUXX4685
Cayyazi TUXX5192
Cayyolu TUXX2340
Cebeci TUXX2341
Cebek TUXX9831
Cebekumbet TUXX1590
Cebirli TUXX2342
Cebis TUXX7364
Cebrail TUXX4175
Ceceler TUXX5193
Cectepe TUXX2343
Cegilli TUXX6281
Cekicler TUXX0916
Cekink TUXX9832
Cekirdekli TUXX8487
Cekirdeksiz TUXX2344
Cekirge TUXX2345
Celbir TUXX7924
Celebasi TUXX1591
Celebi TUXX3410
Celebi TUXX0282
Celenusagi TUXX3412
Celi TUXX1592
Celik TUXX6640
Celikan TUXX9203
Celikhan TUXX6641
Celikler TUXX8488
Celioglu TUXX4176
Celtek TUXX2346
Celtek TUXX4686
Celtek TUXX0917
Celtek TUXX7365
Celtikbasi TUXX9833
Celtikci TUXX8489
Celtikci TUXX2347
Celtikci TUXX7366
Celtikci TUXX5194
Celtikli TUXX2348
Celtikli TUXX9204
Celtiksuyu TUXX7925
Cemalettin TUXX9205
Cemberlitas TUXX6642
Cemenakre TUXX9834
Cemenmirate TUXX9835
Cemerler TUXX5195
Cemesevke TUXX9836
Cemihacimehmet TUXX9206
Cemikase TUXX9837
Cemre TUXX5196
Cendere TUXX2349
Cendeve TUXX5197
Cendik TUXX7367
Cengeli TUXX7926
Cengelkayi TUXX4687
Cengelkislasi TUXX4688
Cengeller TUXX7612
Cenger TUXX5198
Cengerkoey TUXX5199
Cengiz Han TUXX2350
Cennetpinar TUXX7183
Cepni TUXX4179
Cepni TUXX8490
Ceralan TUXX3413
Cerci Deresi TUXX2351
Cercikli TUXX1140
Cerdin TUXX5200
Cerenli TUXX3414
Ceribasi TUXX8491
Cerit TUXX0918
Ceritler TUXX3415
Cerityaylasi TUXX4180
Cerkes TUXX0283
Cerkesli TUXX7613
Cerkez TUXX1141
Cerkezkoy TUXX0284
Cerkezmusellim TUXX0067
Cerler TUXX5201
Cerme TUXX7927
Cermik TUXX5912
Cermik TUXX0286
Cermuk TUXX7928
Cesmekoy TUXX1142
Cesmekoy TUXX5202
Cesmelisebil TUXX0287
Cetenli TUXX1593
Cetin TUXX6643
Cetinsu TUXX1594
Cetinsu TUXX6282
Cetmi TUXX4689
Cevherli TUXX3416
Cevik Yaylasi TUXX4181
Cevirme TUXX7929
Cevirme TUXX1595
Cevizler TUXX5203
Cevizli TUXX7930
Cevizli TUXX5204
Cevizli TUXX5913
Cevizli TUXX4182
Cevizlidere TUXX2352
Cevizlidere TUXX9838
Cevizlik TUXX9207
Cevizlik TUXX5914
Cevizpinar TUXX6644
Cevlik TUXX4183
Cevlik TUXX3417
Cevre TUXX9208
Cevrecik TUXX9209
Cevredik TUXX9839
Cevreli TUXX5915
Cevreli TUXX7931
Cevreli TUXX5205
Cevresu TUXX4690
Cevretepe TUXX3418
Cevrimova TUXX9840
Cevripinar TUXX7932
Ceyhan TUXX0008
Ceylanli TUXX2353
Ceylanli TUXX1596
Cezvik TUXX9841
Chors TUXX9210
Cibre TUXX7184
Cibril TUXX4691
Cicek TUXX6645
Cicek TUXX1597
Cicekdere TUXX7933
Cicekli TUXX9211
Cicekli TUXX3419
Cicekli TUXX8492
Cicekli TUXX2354
Cicekli TUXX7185
Ciceklibagligi TUXX5916
Ciceklidag TUXX6283
Cicekoluk TUXX5206
Cicektepe TUXX7934
Cicektepe TUXX2355
Cicektepe TUXX4184
Cicekyayla TUXX7935
Ciftcidere TUXX8493
Ciftcioglu TUXX4692
Ciftehan TUXX0289
Ciftekopru TUXX5917
Ciftekoz TUXX6646
Cifteler TUXX5918
Cifteler TUXX0290
Ciftepinar TUXX1598
Ciftetas TUXX7186
Ciftevi TUXX0919
Cifthisar TUXX6647
Ciftlik TUXX6648
Ciftlik TUXX5919
Ciftlik TUXX7614
Ciftlik TUXX4185
Ciftlikduzu TUXX5920
Ciftlikkoy TUXX4187
Ciftlikkoy TUXX2356
Ciftlikkoy TUXX1143
Ciftlikkoy TUXX7936
Ciftlikkoyu TUXX1144
Ciftlikler TUXX3420
Cigdem TUXX8494
Cigdemlik TUXX0292
Cigdemtepe TUXX2358
Cigiltepe TUXX4188
Cigiltepe TUXX2359
Ciglik TUXX5207
Cigmis TUXX8495
Cihadiye TUXX5208
Cihanbey TUXX1600
Cihangazi TUXX7615
Cihangir TUXX9212
Cihansah TUXX2361
Cikcilli TUXX5209
Cikrik TUXX4189
Cikrikci TUXX8496
Cilbah TUXX0293
Cilbogaz TUXX6649
Cildikan TUXX9843
Cile TUXX5210
Ciligol TUXX7937
Cilikanhaylaz TUXX1601
Cilkani TUXX1602
Cilkidir TUXX4693
Ciller TUXX2362
Cilli TUXX1603
Cimeli TUXX3421
Cimeliuzarlik TUXX0920
Cimenbag TUXX5211
Cimencegiz TUXX2363
Cimenkaya TUXX6284
Cimenli TUXX1604
Cimenli TUXX5921
Cimenli TUXX0921
Cimenli TUXX9844
Cimikan TUXX1605
Cimikoy TUXX5212
Cimiski TUXX7616
Cimlicayir TUXX6285
Cimsarip TUXX9845
Cimsit TUXX2364
Cinar TUXX8497
Cinar TUXX1145
Cinar TUXX6650
Cinar TUXX0294
Cinar TUXX7368
Cinaralani TUXX3422
Cinarardi TUXX9213
Cinardibi TUXX5213
Cinarkoy TUXX2365
Cinarli TUXX8498
Cinarli TUXX3423
Cinarpinar TUXX8499
Cinbilli TUXX7369
Cincikler TUXX3424
Cincin TUXX1146
Cindo TUXX9846
Cine TUXX0295
Cine TUXX3425
Cinge TUXX8500
Cingil TUXX2366
Cingiler TUXX5214
Cingirli TUXX2367
Cinibag TUXX3426
Cinler TUXX5922
Ciplakli TUXX5215
Cirakli TUXX3427
Ciralar TUXX5923
Cirali TUXX5216
Cirali TUXX5924
Ciralik TUXX6651
Ciratan TUXX9214
Ciris TUXX7938
Cirisgedigi TUXX3428
Ciritduzu TUXX5925
Cirkincavus TUXX8501
Cirmik TUXX7939
Cirpan TUXX2368
Cirri TUXX9847
Cirrik TUXX3429
Citak TUXX1147
Citak TUXX9215
Citdibi TUXX5217
Citkoy TUXX2369
Citli TUXX4694
Citli TUXX5926
Civan TUXX5927
Cive TUXX2370
Civgalar TUXX5218
Civi TUXX4695
Civikli TUXX3430
Civril TUXX0076
Cizmeli TUXX0297
Cizre TUXX0298
Cobanbey TUXX1606
Cobancesmesi TUXX7940
Cobandere TUXX6652
Cobanhamidiye TUXX8502
Cobanisa TUXX5219
Cobanisa TUXX1148
Cobankaya TUXX4191
Cobankoy TUXX6286
Cobanlar TUXX8503
Cobanlar TUXX4192
Cobanlar TUXX5220
Cobanlar TUXX3431
Cobanlar TUXX1149
Cobanli TUXX6287
Cobanoba TUXX1607
Cobanoren TUXX4696
Cobanozu TUXX4193
Cobanpinar TUXX7370
Cobanpinar TUXX6653
Cobanpinari TUXX3432
Cobansaray TUXX4194
Cobantas TUXX7941
Cocana TUXX9848
Cocuklar TUXX3433
Cogurlu TUXX1608
Cokak TUXX0299
Cokca TUXX3435
Cokcapinar TUXX7617
Cokcigir Yaylasi TUXX2371
Cokezyazi TUXX9216
Cokoren TUXX2372
Cokpinar TUXX6654
Cokyatan TUXX0922
Colakli TUXX5221
Colakli TUXX3436
Colaknebi TUXX0923
Comak TUXX7942
Comak TUXX6655
Comakli TUXX5222
Comceli TUXX1609
Comelek TUXX3437
Comlekci TUXX0300
Comlekci TUXX1150
Comlekci TUXX8504
Comoglu TUXX4195
Condu TUXX3438
Corak TUXX3439
Corak TUXX7187
Corakli TUXX5928
Corlu TUXX0083
Corlu TUXX3440
Corman TUXX2373
Corten TUXX7371
Corten TUXX3441
Coruk TUXX8505
Corum TUXX0033
Corus TUXX5223
Cote TUXX7618
Cotlu TUXX3442
Cubuk TUXX9849
Cubuk TUXX0009
Cubuk TUXX2374
Cubukdagi TUXX1151
Cubukharmani TUXX3443
Cucuk TUXX2375
Cuglu TUXX2376
Cuk TUXX9217
Cukur TUXX3444
Cukur TUXX5929
Cukuralan TUXX1610
Cukurambar TUXX2377
Cukurbag TUXX5224
Cukurbag TUXX1611
Cukurbag TUXX3445
Cukurca TUXX4196
Cukurca TUXX5225
Cukurca TUXX7372
Cukurca TUXX2378
Cukurca TUXX7943
Cukurcabirlik TUXX2379
Cukurcak TUXX4197
Cukurcayir TUXX8506
Cukurcayir TUXX1612
Cukurcuk TUXX8507
Cukurelma TUXX5226
Cukurhayit TUXX5227
Cukurhuseyin TUXX8508
Cukurincir TUXX5228
Cukurkamis TUXX3446
Cukurkisla TUXX3447
Cukurkonak TUXX1613
Cukurkopru TUXX0304
Cukurkoy TUXX5229
Cukurkuyu TUXX4198
Cukurlar TUXX8509
Cukurlar TUXX9850
Cukuroba TUXX8510
Cukuroren TUXX4697
Cukuroren TUXX7619
Cukuroren TUXX3448
Cukuroren TUXX2380
Cukuroymagi TUXX6657
Cukurtarla TUXX9218
Cukurtepe TUXX7944
Cukurundere TUXX2381
Cukus TUXX9219
Culhalar TUXX2382
Culhan TUXX1152
Culluusagi TUXX3449
Culpara TUXX4698
Culuk TUXX2383
Cumacay TUXX1614
Cumalar TUXX1153
Cumali TUXX4199
Cumali TUXX1154
Cumali TUXX5230
Cumali TUXX0924
Cumhuriyet TUXX5231
Cumhuriyet TUXX8511
Cumhurlu TUXX3450
Cumra TUXX0305
Cumus TUXX9220
Cuneyit TUXX8512
Curkurca TUXX9221
Curuk TUXX1615
Curukler TUXX3451
Curuklu TUXX3452
Curuklu TUXX4201
Cuvalli TUXX7373
Dada TUXX8513
Dadak TUXX4202
Dadi TUXX4699
Dagalan TUXX1616
Dagarasi TUXX7945
Dagarcik TUXX7374
Dagbag TUXX5232
Dagbeli TUXX5233
Dagcatagi TUXX0306
Dagcati TUXX9851
Dagci TUXX3453
Dagci TUXX6289
Dagdelen TUXX1617
Dagdemir TUXX2384
Dagdeverin TUXX6658
Dagdibi TUXX3454
Dagetegi TUXX5930
Dagevi TUXX6290
Dagevi Mahallesi TUXX4204
Dageymiri TUXX1155
Dagilgan TUXX4205
Daginik TUXX4206
Dagistan TUXX3455
Dagkalfat TUXX2385
Dagkuzoren TUXX2386
Daglica TUXX3456
Daglica TUXX1618
Dagsaray TUXX4700
Dagseyhler TUXX2387
Dagtarla TUXX7188
Dagyaka TUXX2388
Dagyenikoy TUXX1156
Dagyolu TUXX9852
Dahlek TUXX0307
Dahli TUXX9853
Dalama TUXX1157
Dalaman TUXX0060
Dalbahce TUXX1619
Dalbasan TUXX7946
Daldalik TUXX1620
Dalek TUXX7947
Dalkilic TUXX1621
Dalkirmaz TUXX5931
Dallarca TUXX6660
Dallica TUXX7948
Dallimandira TUXX8514
Dallitepe TUXX7949
Daltepe TUXX9223
Dalyan TUXX3457
Dalyasan TUXX2389
Damal TUXX6291
Damar TUXX5932
Damarli TUXX9854
Dambaslar TUXX0309
Damdere TUXX1158
Damdirmaz TUXX6661
Damlacik TUXX6662
Damlacimen TUXX4701
Damladere TUXX4702
Damlakaya TUXX1622
Damlali TUXX8515
Damlali TUXX3458
Damlapinar TUXX3459
Damlasu TUXX6292
Damlica TUXX6663
Damlica TUXX6293
Dampinar TUXX1159
Damyeri TUXX3460
Danaci TUXX9855
Danacik TUXX9856
Danacili TUXX3461
Danagoze TUXX9857
Danaguzu TUXX9858
Danakiran TUXX1623
Danali TUXX9859
Danici TUXX9224
Danisment TUXX7189
Danisment TUXX8516
Danisment TUXX7621
Danisment TUXX3462
Darabi TUXX9860
Darasivo TUXX1624
Darbagaz TUXX9861
Dardagan TUXX6664
Dardogan TUXX6665
Darende TUXX0310
Darica TUXX8517
Darica TUXX5933
Daricilar TUXX4207
Daridere TUXX7622
Darihoyugu TUXX0925
Darilik TUXX3463
Darioluk TUXX4703
Daskoy TUXX5934
Datca TUXX0311
Davazla TUXX5234
Davilya TUXX1160
Davulga TUXX4209
Davut TUXX1625
Davutevi TUXX4704
Davuthan TUXX6666
Davutlar TUXX1161
Davutlar TUXX8518
Davutlar TUXX3464
Davutoglan TUXX2390
Daydali TUXX4210
Dayilar TUXX9225
Dayilar TUXX3465
Daylar TUXX9862
Daylik TUXX4211
Dazkiri TUXX0312
Dazli TUXX4705
Debure TUXX9863
Dedebagi TUXX7950
Dedeburnu TUXX8519
Dedegul TUXX6294
Dedekasi TUXX8520
Dedekilic TUXX6295
Dedeler TUXX3466
Dedeler TUXX1162
Dedeler TUXX2391
Dedeler TUXX8521
Dedeli TUXX0926
Dedeli TUXX1626
Dedemaksut TUXX1627
Dedepinari TUXX3467
Degermenalti TUXX9226
Degermenciler TUXX2392
Degermendere TUXX1628
Degermenoglu TUXX1629
Degirmen TUXX9227
Degirmenayvali TUXX4212
Degirmenbasi TUXX9228
Degirmenbogazi TUXX8522
Degirmencik TUXX7190
Degirmencilar TUXX8523
Degirmenciusagi TUXX3468
Degirmendere TUXX3469
Degirmendere TUXX5235
Degirmendere TUXX4706
Degirmendere TUXX4213
Degirmenduzu TUXX1630
Degirmenkaya TUXX2393
Degirmenli TUXX8524
Degirmenli TUXX5236
Degirmenli TUXX3470
Degirmenli TUXX6296
Degirmenlidere TUXX6297
Degirmenlik TUXX5237
Degirmenonu TUXX2394
Degirmenozu TUXX5238
Degirmentas TUXX3471
Degirmentasi TUXX5935
Degirmenusagi TUXX3472
Degirmenyolu TUXX2395
Degirmitas TUXX9229
Delen TUXX9864
Delesor TUXX9865
Delialiusagi TUXX3473
Delice TUXX8525
Delielmacik TUXX7623
Delihasan TUXX4707
Delihasan TUXX1631
Delihebil TUXX0927
Deliklitas TUXX8526
Deliktas TUXX9230
Deliktas TUXX8527
Deliler TUXX8528
Deliler TUXX2396
Delioren TUXX0313
Dellalhani TUXX0314
Demetevleri TUXX2397
Demetgul TUXX2398
Demirayak TUXX2399
Demirbel TUXX4214
Demircay TUXX1163
Demircevre TUXX4215
Demirci TUXX2400
Demirci TUXX0315
Demirci TUXX5936
Demircikara TUXX5239
Demirciler TUXX5240
Demirciler TUXX5937
Demirciler TUXX1164
Demirciler TUXX8529
Demircili TUXX4216
Demirciobasi TUXX2401
Demircioren TUXX2402
Demirdoven TUXX5938
Demirhan TUXX1165
Demirhanlar TUXX7624
Demirisik TUXX7191
Demirkapi TUXX1632
Demirkapi TUXX7951
Demirkapi TUXX5939
Demirkas TUXX7192
Demirkaya TUXX1633
Demirkazik TUXX3474
Demirkoy TUXX2403
Demirkoy TUXX5941
Demirkuyu TUXX9867
Demirler TUXX2404
Demirlerdamlari TUXX8531
Demirli TUXX5942
Demirli TUXX7375
Demirli TUXX4217
Demirlipinar TUXX9868
Demiroglu TUXX6667
Demiroluk TUXX3475
Demiroren TUXX1634
Demirozu TUXX2405
Demirpinar TUXX4708
Demirseyh TUXX0316
Demirtas TUXX6668
Demirtas TUXX5241
Demirtas TUXX7952
Demirtas TUXX3476
Demirtepe TUXX1635
Demiryol TUXX9869
Demre TUXX5242
Demyankebir TUXX8532
Dengeli TUXX6299
Deniz TUXX5243
Denizkent TUXX5244
Denizkuyusu TUXX3477
Denizli TUXX0317
Deniztepesi TUXX5245
Denizyaka TUXX5246
Derbent TUXX4218
Derbent TUXX2406
Derbentobrugu TUXX4709
Derdis TUXX9232
Dere TUXX7953
Dere TUXX9233
Dere TUXX5943
Dere TUXX8533
Dere TUXX2407
Dere Mahallesi TUXX4219
Dereagzi TUXX1166
Dereagzi TUXX9234
Derealan TUXX4710
Derebasi TUXX3478
Derebasi TUXX1167
Dereboyu TUXX7626
Dereboyu TUXX2408
Derec TUXX9235
Dereciflik TUXX8534
Derecik TUXX5944
Derecik TUXX7954
Derecik TUXX1636
Derecikoren TUXX7627
Derecikoren TUXX8535
Derecine TUXX4220
Deregolcuk TUXX8536
Dereici TUXX5945
Dereici TUXX9870
Dereici TUXX5247
Dereikebir TUXX8537
Derekarabag TUXX4221
Derekent TUXX1637
Derekisla TUXX2409
Derekoy TUXX5248
Derekoy TUXX8538
Derekoy TUXX1638
Derekoy TUXX7955
Derekoy TUXX6300
Derekoy TUXX7628
Derekoy TUXX4711
Derekoy TUXX9871
Derekoy TUXX4222
Derekoy TUXX7376
Dereli TUXX5249
Dereli TUXX0318
Dereli TUXX8539
Dereli TUXX1169
Dereli TUXX7629
Dereneci TUXX2412
Dereoren TUXX8540
Deresakarya TUXX7630
Deresemsettin TUXX7631
Deresinek TUXX4223
Dereyalak TUXX7632
Dereyolu TUXX6301
Dereyolu TUXX9236
Dereyoruk TUXX7633
Derik TUXX0319
Derik TUXX9872
Derincay TUXX7956
Derince TUXX9873
Derince TUXX6669
Derindere TUXX6302
Derinkoy TUXX5946
Derinkuyu TUXX0320
Derinsu TUXX6670
Derol TUXX9874
Dersim TUXX7957
Dertenk TUXX1639
Dervisler TUXX8541
Dervisli TUXX3479
Desbali TUXX6671
Destumi TUXX9237
Deveboynu TUXX6672
Deveboynu TUXX9875
Deveci TUXX2413
Deveci TUXX4713
Deveci Ciftligi TUXX2414
Devecik TUXX7958
Deveciler TUXX1170
Devecipinari TUXX2415
Deveciusagi TUXX3480
Devedami TUXX0928
Devederes TUXX4224
Develi TUXX1171
Develi TUXX0321
Develik TUXX9238
Develioren TUXX3481
Deveoren TUXX8542
Devetasi Yaylasi TUXX0929
Devikovani TUXX2416
Devlet TUXX4225
Devlet TUXX2417
Devlethan TUXX4226
Devletlibaba TUXX8543
Devlez TUXX7634
Devre TUXX4714
Devrek TUXX0322
Deyro TUXX6673
Dibabak TUXX1172
Dibecik TUXX2418
Dibek TUXX9876
Dibek TUXX9239
Dibekli TUXX1640
Dibekli TUXX9240
Dibekoren TUXX2419
Dibelek TUXX1641
Dibevler TUXX6674
Didim TUXX1173
Difni TUXX9877
Dikbayir TUXX9878
Dikendere TUXX1642
Dikici TUXX4227
Dikili TUXX0323
Dikilikaya TUXX4228
Dikilitas TUXX3482
Dikilitas TUXX2420
Dikimevi TUXX2421
Dikkoy TUXX7959
Dikme TUXX9241
Dikme TUXX7960
Dikme TUXX1643
Dikmen TUXX5250
Dikmen TUXX6675
Dikmen TUXX0931
Dikmen TUXX2422
Dikmenli TUXX5947
Dikmetas TUXX9879
Dikmetas TUXX6676
Dikmetas TUXX7193
Dikpinar TUXX7961
Dikyamac TUXX5948
Dilburnu TUXX9242
Dilek TUXX9243
Dilekkaya TUXX3483
Dilektasi TUXX7962
Dilektepe TUXX7963
Dilektepe TUXX6677
Dilekyazi TUXX1644
Dilimli TUXX9880
Dillice TUXX6678
Dinar TUXX0324
Dinarbey TUXX7964
Dinasor TUXX7965
Dineksaray TUXX0325
Dipdede TUXX2423
Dipevler TUXX4229
Diphaci TUXX4715
Direcik TUXX1174
Direkdere TUXX6303
Direkli TUXX7966
Direkli TUXX4716
Direktasi TUXX9244
Diresuk TUXX9245
Dirgen TUXX4717
Dirgenler TUXX5251
Diri TUXX7967
Diriali TUXX9881
Dirik TUXX9246
Dirink TUXX5949
Dirlik TUXX9247
Dirsekkaya TUXX6304
Disbudak TUXX7968
Disbudak TUXX8544
Disbudak TUXX6679
Disli TUXX4230
Divan TUXX6680
Diyadin TUXX0326
Diyadin TUXX7969
Diyarbakir TUXX0010
Diyarbuk TUXX7970
Dizdar TUXX9248
Dizginkale TUXX1645
Dizman TUXX8545
Dizvaz TUXX7971
Dodurga TUXX4231
Dodurga TUXX7635
Dodurga TUXX2424
Doga TUXX8546
Dogan TUXX4718
Dogan TUXX4232
Dogan Tarla TUXX0932
Doganalani TUXX3484
Doganbaba TUXX7377
Doganbey TUXX2425
Doganbey TUXX1175
Doganbeyli TUXX3485
Doganca TUXX6681
Doganca TUXX5252
Doganca TUXX7972
Doganca TUXX2426
Dogancali TUXX2427
Dogancam TUXX5253
Dogancam TUXX8547
Doganci TUXX9249
Doganci TUXX2428
Doganci TUXX9882
Dogancik TUXX4233
Dogancilar TUXX7636
Dogancilar TUXX7973
Dogancilar TUXX8549
Dogangun TUXX1646
Dogankavak TUXX9883
Dogankaya TUXX6682
Dogankaya TUXX7974
Dogankaya TUXX2429
Dogankent TUXX3486
Doganlar TUXX8550
Doganlar TUXX2430
Doganlar TUXX4234
Doganli TUXX6683
Doganli TUXX3487
Doganli TUXX4235
Doganoluk TUXX2431
Doganozu TUXX2432
Doganpazar TUXX9884
Doganpinar TUXX8551
Dogansar TUXX0328
Dogansehir TUXX0329
Dogansu TUXX1647
Dogansu TUXX4236
Dogantas TUXX5254
Dogantepe TUXX2433
Doganyurt TUXX0330
Doganyurt TUXX2434
Dogarcik TUXX9250
Doger TUXX4237
Doglat TUXX4238
Dogmeci TUXX2435
Dogruca TUXX8552
Dogrular TUXX6305
Dogrular TUXX9885
Dogrumlar TUXX1176
Dogruyol TUXX0331
Dogu TUXX2436
Dogubayazit TUXX0332
Dogubelenoren TUXX7637
Dogucak TUXX7976
Dogus TUXX2437
Dogutepe TUXX1648
Doguyaka TUXX5255
Doguyeli TUXX7977
Dokuk TUXX2438
Dokumacilar TUXX5950
Dokuz TUXX7638
Dokuzath TUXX0333
Dokuzogul TUXX5951
Dokuztas TUXX1649
Dokuztekne TUXX3488
Dolakli TUXX1650
Dolapli TUXX3489
Dolasi TUXX8553
Dolbazlar TUXX5256
Doldur TUXX6684
Dolekcayir TUXX6306
Doluca TUXX9886
Doluca TUXX4720
Dolucay TUXX7978
Doludere TUXX7979
Dolunay TUXX6307
Dolunca TUXX6685
Dolusalkim TUXX9253
Dolutas TUXX1651
Dolutekne TUXX7980
Domanic Kozluca TUXX0334
Dombay TUXX4239
Dombaycayiri TUXX7639
Dombaydere TUXX8554
Domez TUXX7640
Domuzburnu TUXX6686
Donduran TUXX1177
Donerdere TUXX1652
Donertas TUXX1653
Donertas TUXX9254
Dongurlar TUXX8555
Dortagac TUXX3490
Dortboluk TUXX9888
Dortdivan TUXX0335
Dortkilise TUXX5952
Dortkonak TUXX2439
Dortyol TUXX2440
Dortyol TUXX4721
Dortyol TUXX8556
Dortyol TUXX0336
Dortyol TUXX7981
Doruk TUXX7641
Doruk TUXX3491
Dorukdibi TUXX1654
Dorukini TUXX0933
Doruklu TUXX9889
Dorumlar TUXX5257
Dosekevi TUXX3492
Dosekkaya TUXX7982
Doseli TUXX6308
Doseme TUXX6687
Doseme TUXX9890
Dosemealti TUXX5258
Dosengi TUXX7983
Dosnik TUXX6688
Dostali TUXX1655
Dostlar TUXX2441
Dot TUXX6689
Dovmekaya TUXX7194
Doymus TUXX2442
Doymusoren TUXX2443
Doyran TUXX5259
Doyumlu TUXX9255
Doyuran TUXX6690
Doyuran TUXX8557
Duaci TUXX5260
Dudas TUXX7642
Dudas TUXX2444
Duden TUXX7378
Dudenbasi TUXX5261
Dudenkoy TUXX5262
Duger TUXX7379
Dugla TUXX8558
Dugunculer TUXX8559
Duhan TUXX9256
Dulgerli TUXX5953
Dulgeroglu TUXX7643
Duman TUXX4240
Duman TUXX8560
Dumanalani TUXX8561
Dumanlar TUXX5263
Dumanli TUXX1656
Dumlu TUXX6691
Dumlupinar TUXX2445
Dumrek TUXX2446
Dundagarcik TUXX8562
Dundar TUXX3493
Dundarli TUXX0337
Durabeyler TUXX8563
Duracak TUXX1657
Durak TUXX8564
Durak TUXX6692
Durak TUXX9257
Durali Alic TUXX2447
Duraliler TUXX5264
Duraliusagi TUXX3494
Durancam TUXX6309
Duranhasandede TUXX3495
Duranlar TUXX2448
Duranlar TUXX7984
Durasilar TUXX8565
Durhasan TUXX2449
Durhasanli TUXX0934
Durmuslu TUXX3496
Dursun TUXX9258
Dursunbey TUXX0338
Duruca TUXX4723
Durucak TUXX9891
Durucak TUXX9259
Durucasu TUXX6310
Durucasu TUXX4724
Durucay TUXX4725
Durukaynak TUXX6693
Durupinar TUXX2450
Durutlar TUXX2451
Dusa TUXX9892
Dutagac TUXX1178
Dutagaci TUXX4242
Dutalan TUXX7380
Dutdere TUXX7381
Dutdibi TUXX5265
Dutliman TUXX8566
Dutlu TUXX5954
Dutlubahce TUXX5266
Dutluca TUXX3497
Dutluca TUXX5267
Dutluca TUXX7644
Dutluhamam TUXX2452
Dutluk TUXX2453
Dutluk TUXX4726
Dutlupinar TUXX3498
Dutozu TUXX2454
Duveci TUXX9893
Duvecik TUXX9894
Duvertepe TUXX8568
Duygulu TUXX9895
Duzagac TUXX3499
Duzagac TUXX5268
Duzagac TUXX4243
Duzagil TUXX1658
Duzce TUXX9260
Duzce TUXX3500
Duzce TUXX0339
Duzceli TUXX1659
Duzdag TUXX7645
Duzenli TUXX5955
Duzkoy TUXX5956
Duzlercami TUXX5269
Duzmese TUXX7646
Duztarla TUXX8569
Duztas TUXX5957
Duzyayla TUXX7985
Duzyayla TUXX1660
Ebiller TUXX8570
Ebuleyl TUXX7986
Ebulhudali TUXX3501
Ece TUXX7382
Eceabat TUXX0340
Ecekoy TUXX7647
Eceler TUXX6694
Edige TUXX2455
Edikli TUXX0341
Edincik TUXX8571
Edirne TUXX0030
Ediyeri TUXX4727
Edremit TUXX0343
Edremit TUXX1661
Edrenk TUXX8572
Efekoy TUXX4244
Efeler TUXX5958
Ege TUXX2456
Egeciler TUXX8573
Egelkoyu TUXX5270
Egerli TUXX6695
Egerlialoren TUXX2457
Egerlibaskoy TUXX2458
Egerliderekoy TUXX2459
Egerlikozoren TUXX2460
Egice TUXX4245
Egirdir TUXX0345
Egirmec TUXX7987
Eglence TUXX3502
Egmir TUXX8574
Egner TUXX3503
Egrek TUXX1179
Egri Yaylasi TUXX3504
Egriagac TUXX3505
Egribasan TUXX2462
Egribel Karakolu TUXX0344
Egribelen TUXX1662
Egrice TUXX5271
Egridere TUXX8575
Egridere TUXX1180
Egriekin TUXX2463
Egrikavak TUXX1181
Egrioz TUXX7648
Ehlibeyt TUXX2464
Ekecekyenikoy TUXX0935
Ekecikyenikoy TUXX0936
Ekenek TUXX9261
Ekin TUXX2465
Ekincek TUXX1663
Ekinci TUXX9896
Ekinci TUXX6696
Ekincik TUXX1664
Ekinhisar TUXX4246
Ekinli TUXX9262
Ekinli TUXX9897
Ekinlik TUXX8576
Ekinova TUXX4248
Ekintepe TUXX9263
Ekinyazi TUXX3506
Ekinyolu TUXX7988
Ekizler TUXX9264
Ekmekci TUXX0346
Eknik TUXX7989
Ekrek TUXX7990
Eksere TUXX5272
Eksidere TUXX8577
Eksili TUXX5273
Eksinar TUXX5959
Elazig TUXX0049
Elbalak Yaylasi TUXX5274
Elbasi TUXX7991
Elbeyli TUXX0348
Elbeyli TUXX6697
Elbistan TUXX0349
Elciler TUXX6698
Eldelek TUXX2466
Elden TUXX7383
Eldere TUXX4249
Elderesi TUXX1182
Elecik TUXX2467
Elekgolu TUXX3507
Eleskirt TUXX0350
Eley TUXX2468
Elhan TUXX4250
Elhis TUXX1665
Eliacik TUXX1666
Elifceler TUXX3508
Elikesik TUXX5275
Elikoy TUXX1667
Elli Yil TUXX2469
Elmaagac TUXX7992
Elmaagac TUXX7384
Elmabahce TUXX7649
Elmabulak TUXX9265
Elmacik TUXX7385
Elmacik TUXX9266
Elmacik TUXX0937
Elmadag TUXX0011
Elmadali TUXX9267
Elmagol TUXX1668
Elmagolu TUXX3509
Elmagunu TUXX7993
Elmakiri TUXX4728
Elmali TUXX5960
Elmali TUXX4729
Elmali TUXX2470
Elmali TUXX9268
Elmali TUXX0352
Elmali TUXX7994
Elmali Yaylasi TUXX4251
Elmasirti TUXX7995
Elmayolu TUXX4730
Elmedin TUXX9898
Eloren TUXX2471
Elpirek TUXX4252
Elsazi TUXX7386
Elvanlar TUXX2472
Elvanpasa TUXX4253
Emek TUXX9269
Emek TUXX5276
Emek TUXX6699
Emek TUXX2473
Emelcik TUXX3510
Emet TUXX0353
Eminaga TUXX2474
Emincik TUXX2475
Eminciler TUXX5277
Eminpinar TUXX8578
Emirasiklar TUXX5278
Emirbey TUXX6311
Emirdag TUXX0354
Emirgazi TUXX2476
Emirgazi TUXX3511
Emirgazi TUXX0938
Emirhaydar TUXX6700
Emirhisar TUXX4254
Emirin TUXX4255
Emirler TUXX8579
Emirler TUXX2477
Emirler TUXX3512
Emisbeleni TUXX5279
Emmi Yaylasi TUXX3513
Emniyet TUXX2478
Emrah TUXX2479
Emresultan TUXX2480
Engesor TUXX9270
Enip TUXX9271
Epceler TUXX2481
Eralani TUXX7996
Eraslan TUXX4731
Erbaa TUXX0355
Erbaslar TUXX7997
Erbaun TUXX6701
Ercek TUXX0356
Ercis TUXX0357
Erdal TUXX1669
Erdek TUXX0358
Erdel TUXX8580
Erdemli TUXX0359
Erdemli TUXX9899
Erdemli TUXX2482
Erduragi TUXX9900
Erecek TUXX8581
Eregli TUXX0360
Erenbagi TUXX6702
Erencik TUXX9272
Erenkaya TUXX5280
Erenkoy TUXX7650
Erenkoy TUXX5961
Erenkoy TUXX5281
Erenler TUXX5962
Erenler TUXX3514
Erenli TUXX7195
Erentepe TUXX5282
Erentepe TUXX7998
Ergama TUXX8582
Ergani TUXX0012
Ergat TUXX9901
Ergazi TUXX2483
Ergecidi TUXX1670
Ergenli TUXX4256
Ergenusagi TUXX3515
Ergi TUXX7196
Ergili TUXX8583
Ergin TUXX2484
Ergunu TUXX9902
Ericek TUXX5963
Ericek TUXX8584
Ericek TUXX2485
Ericek TUXX7651
Ericek TUXX7999
Erikbagi TUXX9273
Erikbelen TUXX0362
Erikdere TUXX6703
Erikdibi TUXX7197
Erikler TUXX9903
Erikli TUXX5964
Erikli TUXX7652
Erikli TUXX6704
Erikli TUXX7387
Erikli TUXX8585
Erim TUXX6312
Erinok TUXX9274
Erkangoti TUXX9275
Erkecli TUXX1671
Erkeksu TUXX2486
Erkenek TUXX6705
Erkinis TUXX5965
Erkmen TUXX4257
Erkoca TUXX7653
Erkoklu TUXX9904
Erler TUXX8000
Erler TUXX6706
Erler TUXX9276
Ermeni TUXX9277
Ersonk TUXX9278
Ertugrul TUXX8586
Ertugrul Gazi TUXX2487
Eruh TUXX0363
Eryaman TUXX2488
Erzincan TUXX0035
Erzurum TUXX0013
Esbek TUXX5966
Eseklik TUXX7388
Eseksorik TUXX9279
Eseler TUXX8587
Esemen TUXX7654
Esen TUXX9280
Esenbel TUXX1672
Esenboga TUXX2489
Esenbogaz TUXX6313
Esencay TUXX4732
Esence TUXX9905
Esence TUXX6314
Esencik TUXX6708
Esendal TUXX5967
Esenkaya TUXX5968
Esenkiyi TUXX5969
Esenkoy TUXX7655
Esenkoy TUXX1183
Esenkoy TUXX1673
Esenler TUXX9282
Esenler TUXX2490
Esenler TUXX3516
Esenli TUXX8589
Esenli TUXX1184
Esenoren TUXX1674
Esenpinar TUXX5283
Esentepe TUXX9906
Esentepe TUXX4733
Esentepe TUXX0940
Esenyurt TUXX9283
Esenyurt TUXX5285
Esertepe TUXX2491
Esinli TUXX6710
Eski TUXX6711
Eski Godeler TUXX0941
Eski Yayla TUXX2492
Eskiakoren TUXX4258
Eskibag TUXX8001
Eskibag TUXX5286
Eskibalta TUXX8002
Eskibeyrehatun TUXX6315
Eskicalis TUXX2493
Eskice TUXX9907
Eskicine TUXX1185
Eskicote TUXX2494
Eskidam TUXX6712
Eskidemirkapi TUXX6316
Eskiderbent TUXX4734
Eskiegmir TUXX4259
Eskihamur TUXX9908
Eskiharman TUXX1675
Eskihisar TUXX5287
Eskihisar TUXX1186
Eskiisiklar TUXX4260
Eskikabasakal TUXX3517
Eskikarsak TUXX2495
Eskikavak TUXX8003
Eskikent TUXX3518
Eskikent TUXX6713
Eskikilic TUXX6317
Eskikisla TUXX2496
Eskikizilca TUXX4735
Eskikonacik TUXX3519
Eskikonak TUXX1676
Eskikoseler TUXX2497
Eskikoy TUXX8004
Eskikoy TUXX2498
Eskikoy TUXX6714
Eskikoy TUXX3520
Eskikoymezraasi TUXX8005
Eskil TUXX0943
Eskimantas TUXX3521
Eskimanyas TUXX8590
Eskipolat TUXX0366
Eskipolatli TUXX2499
Eskiresit TUXX8591
Eskisehir TUXX0040
Eskisigirci TUXX8592
Eskitas TUXX6715
Eskitatvan TUXX9284
Eskitol Yaylasi TUXX0944
Eskiyuruk TUXX5288
Eskiziraatli TUXX8593
Eslemez TUXX4736
Esme TUXX0368
Esmedere TUXX8594
Esmedere TUXX2500
Esmekaya TUXX5971
Esmekaya TUXX0945
Esmepinar TUXX6318
Esmer TUXX1677
Esmetas TUXX8006
Esne TUXX8007
Esnemez TUXX7656
Esnemez TUXX1678
Esrefli TUXX4262
Estenik TUXX9285
Etekli TUXX3522
Etiler TUXX5289
Etimesgut TUXX0003
Etler TUXX5290
Etlik TUXX2501
Etrek TUXX2502
Etyemez TUXX4263
Evci TUXX2503
Evci TUXX3523
Evciler TUXX9909
Evciler TUXX2504
Evciler TUXX7389
Evciler TUXX4264
Evciler TUXX8595
Evcileragillari TUXX2505
Evcili TUXX6716
Evegiren TUXX2506
Everek TUXX7198
Evliya Celebi TUXX2507
Evliyafaki TUXX2508
Evliyalar TUXX3524
Evren TUXX2509
Evrenleryavsi TUXX5291
Evrenseki TUXX5292
Evrensekiz TUXX0369
Evzit TUXX9286
Eydemir TUXX4265
Eyerce TUXX7657
Eymir TUXX1187
Eymir TUXX5293
Eymir TUXX2510
Eymir TUXX4737
Eymirozu TUXX4266
Eymur TUXX7199
Eyrilmaz TUXX1679
Eyupbuku TUXX8596
Eyuplu TUXX3525
Ezebagi TUXX4738
Ezine TUXX0070
Ezinepazar TUXX0371
Fabrikalar TUXX5294
Fadara TUXX4739
Fadil TUXX3526
Fadili TUXX2511
Fahran TUXX8008
Fahri Koruturk TUXX2512
Faikbey TUXX2513
Fakicik TUXX0946
Fakilar TUXX2514
Fakili Mahallesi TUXX4267
Fakircali TUXX5295
Fakiye TUXX3527
Fakulteler TUXX2515
Faras TUXX8597
Fasil TUXX2516
Fatih TUXX5296
Fatih TUXX2517
Fatmakuyu TUXX3528
Fatmausagi TUXX0947
Favzi Pasa TUXX2518
Faydali TUXX3529
Fazlica TUXX8598
Fehtiye TUXX4268
Feke TUXX3530
Felahiye TUXX0373
Fener TUXX5297
Ferhatli TUXX3531
Ferhatli TUXX5972
Feridun Celik TUXX2519
Fersin TUXX5298
Feruz TUXX8009
Feruzkoyu TUXX0374
Feslek TUXX1188
Fethiye TUXX8599
Fethiye TUXX2520
Fethiye TUXX0081
Fevzi Cakmak TUXX5299
Fevzipasa TUXX0376
Fevziye TUXX2521
Filikli TUXX3532
Filizli TUXX6319
Fincanburnu TUXX0377
Findikli TUXX0378
Findikli TUXX4740
Findikli TUXX5973
Findikli TUXX3533
Finike TUXX0077
Firengulus TUXX3534
Firinlar TUXX7658
Firuz TUXX2522
Firyar TUXX9287
Fistikli TUXX5974
Fistiklidag TUXX6717
Foca TUXX0380
Forlar TUXX3535
Furuncuk TUXX8600
Gafarlar TUXX1189
Gafarligozu TUXX3537
Gaffarli TUXX4741
Gaffarli TUXX3538
Gaffarusagi TUXX3539
Ganisipi TUXX1680
Garibat TUXX9288
Garip TUXX0381
Garip TUXX8010
Garipce TUXX4269
Garipce TUXX7390
Garipce TUXX2523
Gavras TUXX0382
Gaybular TUXX8601
Gayda TUXX9289
Gayret TUXX2524
Gazaboydara TUXX9910
Gazi TUXX2525
Gazi TUXX5300
Gazi Osman Pasa TUXX2526
Gaziantep TUXX0055
Gaziemir TUXX0949
Gaziemir TUXX0384
Gazik TUXX8011
Gazikoy TUXX3540
Gaziler TUXX5301
Gaziler TUXX7659
Gaziosmanpasa TUXX2527
Gazipasa TUXX5302
Gazligol TUXX4270
Gebece TUXX5303
Gebeciler TUXX4271
Gebecinar TUXX8602
Gebeler TUXX2528
Gebeoren TUXX3541
Gebiz TUXX5304
Gebizli TUXX5305
Gebze TUXX0385
Gecit TUXX6718
Gecitalan TUXX1682
Gecitalti TUXX9911
Gecitkoy TUXX5306
Gecitli TUXX8012
Gecitli TUXX5975
Gecitli TUXX9912
Gecitli TUXX2529
Gecitli TUXX7660
Gecitli TUXX3542
Gecitli TUXX6719
Gecitveren TUXX1683
Geckoy TUXX6320
Gecmen TUXX5307
Gecmis TUXX8603
Gedeller TUXX5308
Gedik TUXX9913
Gedik TUXX2530
Gedik TUXX6720
Gedik TUXX5309
Gedik TUXX9290
Gedik TUXX6321
Gedikbasi TUXX5310
Gedikevi TUXX4272
Gedikler TUXX9914
Gedikler TUXX3543
Gedikli TUXX6721
Gedikli TUXX3544
Gedikpinar TUXX9291
Gediksaray TUXX4742
Gediz TUXX0386
Gelagrayaylasi TUXX2532
Geldibuldu TUXX2533
Geldibuldu TUXX6722
Gelegra TUXX2534
Gelemis TUXX5311
Gelenbe TUXX1190
Gelendost TUXX0387
Gelgec TUXX8604
Gelialiyan TUXX9915
Gelibolu TUXX0388
Gelincik TUXX4273
Gelincik TUXX4743
Gelinpertek TUXX7200
Gelinsini TUXX4744
Gelintepe TUXX8013
Gemalan TUXX8014
Gemerek TUXX0389
Gemibuku TUXX4745
Gemicikoy TUXX7661
Gemlik TUXX0390
Gemtepe TUXX8015
Genc TUXX0391
Gencali TUXX1684
Gencali TUXX2535
Gencali TUXX4274
Gencali TUXX7391
Gencalikoyu TUXX2536
Gencelli TUXX1191
Gencellidere TUXX1192
Gencler TUXX9916
Gencler TUXX5312
Genclik TUXX5313
Genctavus TUXX8016
Genedos TUXX5314
Genevis TUXX1193
Gengiz TUXX9292
Genisler TUXX9917
Gercekli TUXX8017
Gercus TUXX0392
Gerdek TUXX0393
Gerdibi TUXX3545
Gerede TUXX0394
Gereniz TUXX1194
Gerger TUXX6723
Gericam TUXX0395
Geris TUXX0396
Gerkheryewk TUXX2538
Germap TUXX9293
Germencik TUXX0397
Germik Yaylasi TUXX2539
Gerne TUXX4746
Gerze TUXX0398
Gevas TUXX0399
Gevrik TUXX6724
Geydogan TUXX4747
Geyikbayiri TUXX5315
Geyikli TUXX8605
Geyikli TUXX9918
Geyikpinari TUXX2540
Geyikpinari TUXX9294
Geyre TUXX1195
Geyve TUXX0400
Gezegilaki TUXX9919
Gezkoy TUXX7201
Gezler TUXX4275
Gicik TUXX2541
Gidiric TUXX0950
Gigaziler TUXX5976
Gildirli TUXX3546
Ginya TUXX6322
Gir TUXX1685
Giran TUXX9295
Girap TUXX4748
Girberan TUXX1686
Girmec TUXX2542
Girnos TUXX8018
Girtan TUXX6725
Girzozuk TUXX9920
Gobel TUXX8606
Gobeli TUXX3547
Gobul TUXX8607
Gocen TUXX4276
Goceri TUXX6727
Gocerler TUXX5316
Gocerler Yaylasi TUXX5317
Gocerli TUXX4277
Gocet Ciftligi TUXX2543
Gocuk TUXX5318
Godelemis TUXX5319
Gognuk TUXX2544
Gogu TUXX5320
Gok TUXX2545
Gokalan TUXX7392
Gokay TUXX9296
Gokbakan TUXX6323
Gokbel TUXX7393
Gokbel TUXX2546
Gokbuk TUXX5321
Gokcay TUXX6728
Gokcayir TUXX1687
Gokce TUXX9297
Gokcealan TUXX4278
Gokceali TUXX1688
Gokcebag TUXX7394
Gokcebel TUXX5322
Gokcebel TUXX0402
Gokcebelen TUXX5323
Gokcedag TUXX0403
Gokcedal TUXX8019
Gokcedere TUXX2547
Gokcedere TUXX7202
Gokcedere TUXX8608
Gokcek TUXX4279
Gokcekanat TUXX8020
Gokcekaya TUXX7662
Gokcekaynak TUXX1689
Gokcekoy TUXX3548
Gokcekoy TUXX5977
Gokceler TUXX8609
Gokceler TUXX3549
Gokceler TUXX7663
Gokceli TUXX8021
Gokceli TUXX9921
Gokceli TUXX7664
Gokceli TUXX7203
Gokceli TUXX4749
Gokceli TUXX6729
Gokceli TUXX4280
Gokceoren TUXX2548
Gokceoren TUXX8610
Gokceoz TUXX2549
Gokcepinar TUXX5324
Gokcepinar TUXX6730
Gokcesaray TUXX5325
Gokcesu TUXX7665
Gokcesucirpan TUXX8612
Gokceyaka TUXX7395
Gokceyaka TUXX5326
Gokceyol TUXX3551
Gokceyurt TUXX2550
Gokcimen TUXX9298
Gokdere TUXX4750
Gokdere TUXX8022
Gokdere TUXX5327
Gokdogan TUXX9922
Gokgoz TUXX3552
Gokgozsereflisi TUXX0404
Gokhasanli TUXX3553
Gokhuyuk TUXX0405
Gokkaya TUXX0951
Gokkiris TUXX1197
Gokkoy TUXX8613
Gokkusagi TUXX2551
Gokkuyu TUXX3554
Gokler TUXX0952
Gokler TUXX2552
Gokmenler TUXX3555
Gokmusa TUXX8614
Gokoglan TUXX1690
Gokpinar TUXX7204
Gokpinar TUXX4751
Gokpinar TUXX7396
Gokpinar TUXX5328
Gokpinar TUXX7666
Gokseki TUXX2553
Goksu TUXX8023
Goksu TUXX5329
Goksuguzel TUXX1691
Goksun TUXX0406
Goktepe TUXX8615
Goktepe TUXX1692
Goktepe TUXX4281
Gokyaka TUXX1198
Gokyazi TUXX9299
Gol Yaylasi TUXX4282
Golbasi TUXX0408
Golbasi TUXX0407
Golbasi TUXX3556
Golbasi Yayalsi TUXX4283
Golbek TUXX2555
Golbelen TUXX6324
Golbeyli TUXX4752
Golcuk TUXX7397
Golcuk TUXX5330
Golcuk TUXX8616
Golcuk Yaylasi TUXX4284
Goldere TUXX7205
Golduzu TUXX9300
Golgebalkan TUXX1693
Golgeli TUXX6731
Golgeli TUXX6325
Golgoren TUXX9301
Golhisar TUXX7398
Golhisari TUXX1200
Golkaya TUXX3557
Golkoy TUXX8024
Golkoy TUXX4753
Golkoy TUXX5331
Golkoy TUXX2556
Gollu TUXX9302
Gollu TUXX2557
Goloba TUXX7206
Golonu TUXX1201
Goloren TUXX0409
Golova TUXX5332
Golovasi TUXX3558
Golpazari TUXX0410
Golpinar TUXX6732
Goltarla TUXX5333
Goltarla TUXX6733
Goltepe TUXX6734
Goltepesi TUXX8025
Goluklu TUXX3559
Golustu TUXX9303
Golyaka TUXX8617
Golyayla TUXX8026
Golyurt TUXX6735
Golyuzu TUXX1695
Gom TUXX6736
Gombe TUXX5334
Gomece TUXX6737
Gomme Yaylasi TUXX4285
Gomu TUXX4286
Goncali TUXX1696
Gonen TUXX6738
Gonen TUXX0411
Gonuk TUXX0412
Gonulacan TUXX6326
Gorbeyaz TUXX3560
Gorbuz TUXX6739
Gordes TUXX0413
Gorece TUXX8618
Goreken TUXX3561
Gorele TUXX0414
Gorgulu TUXX6740
Gorsogut TUXX2558
Gortak TUXX8027
Goynucek TUXX0415
Goynucek TUXX7668
Goynuk TUXX0416
Goynuk TUXX3562
Goynuk TUXX5335
Goynuk TUXX8028
Goynuk TUXX4287
Gozaydin TUXX1697
Goze TUXX1698
Gozebasi TUXX6741
Gozelek TUXX6742
Gozeler TUXX8029
Gozeli TUXX0417
Gozelik TUXX9304
Gozer TUXX8030
Gozertepe TUXX8031
Gozkayasi TUXX1202
Gozlek TUXX4754
Gozlubogazi TUXX5336
Gozlucayir TUXX8619
Gozlukuyu TUXX0953
Gozmezler TUXX0401
Gozoren TUXX8620
Gozpinar TUXX6743
Gozpinar TUXX9923
Gozsuzlu TUXX4288
Goztepe TUXX6744
Goztepe TUXX3563
Gozubuyuk TUXX5338
Gozucu TUXX1699
Gozukara TUXX1700
Gozukucuklu TUXX5339
Gucbeyli TUXX9924
Guclukaya TUXX2559
Gude TUXX7669
Guder TUXX7207
Gudul TUXX0418
Gudulge TUXX6745
Gudulke TUXX6746
Guduslu TUXX1203
Gugu TUXX8621
Gulagac TUXX0954
Gulbagi TUXX2560
Gulcesme TUXX2561
Guldarbi TUXX2562
Gulden TUXX8032
Gulekildam TUXX3564
Gules TUXX5978
Gulhuyuk TUXX2563
Gulistan TUXX6327
Guller Pinari TUXX5340
Gullubahce TUXX1204
Gulluce TUXX6747
Gulluce TUXX1701
Gulluk TUXX0419
Gulnar TUXX0420
Guloluk TUXX5341
Gulseren TUXX2564
Gultepe TUXX9305
Gultepe TUXX1702
Gultepe TUXX9926
Gultepe TUXX2565
Gultepe TUXX5342
Gulumbe TUXX7670
Guluslu TUXX3565
Gulveren TUXX5343
Gulyayla TUXX9927
Gulyazi TUXX4289
Gulzar TUXX8033
Gumecli TUXX9928
Gumele TUXX2566
Gumelez TUXX1205
Gumeli TUXX8622
Gumluce TUXX6328
Gumu TUXX5344
Gumurdulu TUXX3566
Gumus TUXX4755
Gumus TUXX1206
Gumuscay TUXX0421
Gumusdere TUXX7671
Gumusgoze TUXX5345
Gumushacikoy TUXX0422
Gumushane TUXX5979
Gumuskas TUXX4756
Gumuskasik TUXX6748
Gumuskaya TUXX6749
Gumuslu TUXX5346
Gumuslu TUXX6750
Gumusoluk TUXX2568
Gumusparmak TUXX6329
Gumuspinar TUXX6751
Gumussu TUXX7208
Gumustepe TUXX4757
Gumusyaka TUXX5347
Gumusyayla TUXX2569
Gumusyazi TUXX1703
Gumusyazi TUXX3567
Gun Koy TUXX8034
Gunalan TUXX7399
Gunalan TUXX2570
Gunaydin TUXX8623
Gunbasi TUXX2571
Gunbatan TUXX6330
Gunbuldu TUXX1704
Gunbuldu TUXX9306
Guncali TUXX5348
Gundogan TUXX3568
Gundogan TUXX2572
Gundogan TUXX1705
Gundogdu TUXX8624
Gundogdu TUXX5349
Gundogdu TUXX6752
Gundogdu TUXX5980
Gundogdu TUXX8035
Gundogdu TUXX3569
Gundogdu TUXX7400
Gunduz TUXX1706
Gunduzbey TUXX7672
Gunduzbey TUXX6753
Gunduzlu TUXX9929
Guneri TUXX3570
Gunes TUXX5350
Gunesevler TUXX2573
Gunesgoren TUXX6331
Gunesli TUXX9930
Gunesli TUXX5981
Gunesli Yaylasi TUXX0957
Guneslik TUXX8036
Guneslikoyu TUXX5982
Guney TUXX5351
Guney TUXX0424
Guney TUXX3571
Guney TUXX0423
Guney TUXX2574
Guneyagil TUXX8037
Guneycalica TUXX2575
Guneyce TUXX7401
Guneycik TUXX0425
Guneydogru TUXX7209
Guneyik TUXX9307
Guneykas TUXX6754
Guneykaya TUXX5352
Guneykoy TUXX1207
Guneykoy TUXX4290
Guneykoy TUXX8625
Guneypinar TUXX6755
Guneysaray TUXX4291
Guneysaray TUXX2576
Guneysu TUXX1708
Guneytepe TUXX4292
Guneyyaka TUXX5353
Guneyyayla TUXX7402
Guneyyayla TUXX5983
Gungoren TUXX5984
Gungoren TUXX1709
Gungoren TUXX8038
Gungormus TUXX6756
Gungorsun TUXX8039
Gunkiri TUXX9308
Gunkondu TUXX8040
Gunorta TUXX6332
Guntepe TUXX9309
Gunuoren TUXX7673
Gunyaka TUXX5354
Gunyarik TUXX7674
Gunyolu TUXX1710
Gunyurdu TUXX7675
Gupluce TUXX4758
Guran TUXX9310
Gurarmut TUXX6333
Gurbulak TUXX1711
Gure TUXX8626
Gure TUXX4293
Gurendere TUXX8627
Gures TUXX2577
Guresen TUXX5985
Guresli TUXX9311
Gurgencik TUXX5986
Gurgenli TUXX9932
Gurgenli TUXX6757
Gurlesen TUXX3572
Gurlu TUXX4759
Guroymak TUXX9312
Gurpinar TUXX0427
Gurpinar TUXX9933
Gurpinar TUXX0426
Gurses TUXX5355
Gursogut TUXX2578
Gursu TUXX5356
Gursu TUXX4760
Gursu TUXX4294
Gursu TUXX0958
Gursu TUXX0428
Gurt TUXX9313
Gurumze TUXX3573
Guvecci TUXX4295
Guvecli TUXX9934
Guvem TUXX0429
Guvem TUXX8628
Guven TUXX2579
Guven TUXX3574
Guvenc TUXX3575
Guvenc TUXX2580
Guvence TUXX1712
Guvencetmi TUXX8629
Guvendik TUXX1713
Guvendik TUXX1208
Guvendik TUXX9935
Guvendik TUXX4761
Guvenir TUXX1209
Guvenli TUXX7403
Guvenli TUXX1714
Guvenli TUXX9316
Guvenli TUXX6758
Guvenlik TUXX5357
Guvenocak TUXX6334
Guvenoglu TUXX3576
Guvenozu TUXX4762
Guver TUXX9936
Guvercin TUXX0430
Guvercindere TUXX7210
Guvercinli TUXX5987
Guvercinlik TUXX9938
Guzan TUXX6759
Guzcimeni TUXX6335
Guzelbag TUXX5358
Guzelcamli TUXX1210
Guzelcay TUXX6760
Guzelce TUXX7211
Guzelcekale TUXX2581
Guzelciftlik TUXX2582
Guzeldere TUXX9939
Guzeldere TUXX8042
Guzeleli TUXX9317
Guzelevler TUXX2583
Guzelhisar TUXX2584
Guzelim TUXX3577
Guzelkoy TUXX1211
Guzellidere TUXX8630
Guzeloba TUXX5359
Guzeloluk TUXX5360
Guzeloluk TUXX0431
Guzeloz TUXX2585
Guzelsu TUXX6761
Guzelsu TUXX5361
Guzelsu TUXX9318
Guzelsu TUXX0432
Guzeltepe TUXX1212
Guzelyaka TUXX2586
Guzelyali TUXX5988
Guzelyurt TUXX6762
Guzelyurt TUXX0433
Guzelyurt TUXX7676
Guzelyurt TUXX2587
Guzerli Yaylasi TUXX0959
Guzle TUXX5362
Guzle Mahallesi TUXX4296
Guzunkaya TUXX0960
Gyrychello TUXX9940
Gyundyuk TUXX9941
Habibler TUXX5363
Habibler TUXX8631
Habipler TUXX1213
Hacet TUXX4763
Haciabdullah TUXX2588
Haciahmetler TUXX8632
Haciahmetpinari TUXX8633
Haciali TUXX3578
Haciali TUXX6336
Haciali Ciftligi TUXX8634
Hacialiobasi TUXX1214
Haciaslanlar TUXX8635
Hacibayram TUXX4764
Hacibekar TUXX7404
Hacibekir TUXX0434
Hacibektas TUXX0435
Hacibektasli TUXX2590
Hacibey TUXX4765
Hacibeyli TUXX4298
Hacibeyli TUXX3579
Hacibozlar TUXX8636
Hacicay TUXX0436
Haciceliller TUXX5364
Hacihalil TUXX6763
Hacihalit TUXX1716
Hacihamzalar TUXX1215
Hacihasan TUXX3580
Hacihasanlar TUXX2591
Hacihasanli TUXX3581
Hacihasanoglu TUXX0437
Hacihasar TUXX2592
Hacihidirlar TUXX1216
Hacihuseyin TUXX8637
Haciibrahimusagi TUXX0962
Haciilyas TUXX4766
Haciismailli TUXX2593
Hacikabasakallar TUXX1217
Hacikerimler TUXX5365
Hacikodal TUXX3582
Hacikoseler TUXX1218
Hacikoy TUXX2594
Hacikoy TUXX6764
Hacilar TUXX1717
Hacilar TUXX4299
Hacilar TUXX2595
Hacilar TUXX8640
Hacilar TUXX1219
Hacilar TUXX7405
Hacilebbeleni TUXX1220
Hacimahmutusagi TUXX0963
Hacimehmet TUXX9319
Hacimehmet TUXX3584
Hacimehmetli TUXX5366
Hacimentes TUXX8641
Hacimuratli TUXX2596
Hacimusalar TUXX1221
Hacimusalar TUXX5367
Hacimusali TUXX3585
Hacimuslu TUXX2597
Haciobasi TUXX5368
Hacioglanli TUXX5369
Hacioglu TUXX8642
Hacioglu TUXX5989
Hacioglu TUXX7212
Haciomer TUXX8643
Haciomerler TUXX8644
Haciosman TUXX0439
Haciosman TUXX8645
Haciosmanlar TUXX5370
Hacipazar TUXX4767
Hacisefer TUXX1718
Hacisekiler TUXX5371
Hacitugrul TUXX2598
Haciveliler TUXX5372
Haciveliler TUXX8646
Hacivelioba TUXX8647
Haciyakup TUXX4768
Haciyakup TUXX8648
Haciyusuf TUXX1719
Haciyusuflar TUXX5373
Hacuyan TUXX9320
Hadim TUXX0440
Hafi TUXX9942
Hafik TUXX0441
Hahrif TUXX9321
Hakkibeyli TUXX3586
Haksever TUXX8043
Haktanir TUXX8044
Halac TUXX5374
Halalca TUXX8649
Halenze TUXX9322
Halicilar TUXX7406
Halidiye TUXX7677
Halifeli TUXX4769
Halilarobasi TUXX8650
Halilbeyer TUXX8651
Halilbeyli TUXX3587
Halipan TUXX0438
Halitagalar TUXX5375
Halkapinar TUXX8652
Hallac TUXX1720
Hallac TUXX4301
Hallaclar TUXX8653
Hallaclar TUXX1222
Hallacli TUXX2599
Halveliyan TUXX8045
Hamadiye TUXX3588
Hamam TUXX0442
Hamamkoy TUXX3589
Hamamli TUXX5990
Hamamozu TUXX0443
Hamdilli TUXX3590
Hamidiye TUXX1223
Hamidiye TUXX4302
Hamidiye TUXX8655
Hamidiye TUXX0964
Hamidiye TUXX7678
Hamitabat TUXX7679
Hamitbey TUXX3592
Hamitbeybucagi TUXX3593
Hamrut TUXX5991
Hamur TUXX1721
Hamur TUXX4303
Hamurlu TUXX5992
Hamzacik TUXX8656
Hamzahacili TUXX4304
Hamzake TUXX1722
Hamzalar TUXX6765
Hamzalar TUXX2600
Hamzali TUXX3594
Hamzali TUXX1224
Hamzali TUXX2601
Hamzebali TUXX1225
Hamziyan TUXX9323
Han TUXX6766
Hanak TUXX6337
Hanburun TUXX2602
Hancakiri TUXX3595
Hancili TUXX0444
Handere TUXX3596
Hanelmali TUXX9324
Hanesler TUXX0445
Hani TUXX0446
Hankomu TUXX1723
Hankoy TUXX4770
Hankoy TUXX0447
Hanli TUXX9943
Hanli TUXX5993
Hano TUXX1724
Hanoba TUXX1725
Hanobasi TUXX0965
Hanyeri TUXX3597
Hanyiki TUXX7407
Harabe TUXX6767
Harabe TUXX8046
Harat TUXX9325
Haratket TUXX5994
Harbelus TUXX9944
Hardallik TUXX3598
Harfaz TUXX9945
Harman TUXX2603
Harmanagili TUXX4771
Harmanandi TUXX6768
Harmancik TUXX6769
Harmancik TUXX7408
Harmancik TUXX4772
Harmancik TUXX8047
Harmancik TUXX5376
Harmandali TUXX0966
Harmandoven TUXX9326
Harmankoy TUXX7680
Harmanli TUXX9327
Harmanli TUXX7409
Harmanli TUXX8657
Harmanli TUXX5995
Harmanli TUXX8048
Harmanli TUXX0448
Harmanozu TUXX7213
Harmantepe TUXX9328
Hartik TUXX9946
Hartikoh TUXX9329
Haruniye TUXX0449
Has TUXX8049
Hasabdal TUXX4773
Hasanbey TUXX8658
Hasanbeyli TUXX3599
Hasancik TUXX6770
Hasandede TUXX4305
Hasandere TUXX7681
Hasandeyin TUXX6771
Hasandolu TUXX1726
Hasanefendi TUXX3600
Hasankendi TUXX6772
Hasankeyf TUXX9947
Hasanlar TUXX1226
Hasanlar TUXX9948
Hasanlar TUXX5377
Hasanli TUXX6773
Hasanoglan TUXX2605
Hasanova TUXX8050
Hasanpasa TUXX7410
Hasanpinar TUXX1727
Hasayaz TUXX2606
Hasdere TUXX5378
Hasdumen TUXX5379
Hasgebe TUXX5380
Hasim Iscan TUXX5381
Hasiragaci TUXX3601
Haskiziloren TUXX5382
Haskoy TUXX6774
Haskoy TUXX6338
Haskoy TUXX2607
Haskoy TUXX1227
Hassa TUXX0450
Hasuk TUXX9330
Hasyurt TUXX5383
Hatay (Antioch) TUXX0451
Hatip TUXX5384
Hatipkisla TUXX1228
Hatipler TUXX5385
Hatipler TUXX7682
Hatipoglutolu TUXX0967
Hatunkomu TUXX1728
Hatunyaylasi TUXX1229
Havran TUXX8660
Havrik TUXX9949
Havsa TUXX0452
Havutca TUXX8661
Havutlu TUXX3602
Havutlu TUXX6775
Havuzlu TUXX5996
Havza TUXX0453
Hayatderem TUXX4774
Haydar TUXX2608
Haydar TUXX9950
Haydarlar TUXX2609
Haydarli TUXX6776
Haydarli TUXX1230
Haydarli TUXX2610
Haydarli TUXX4307
Haydaroglu TUXX1729
Haydere TUXX1231
Hayirli TUXX5997
Haylankebir TUXX8051
Haylazli TUXX0454
Haymana TUXX0455
Hayrabolu TUXX0456
Hayrangol TUXX1730
Hayrettinkoy TUXX4775
Hayriye TUXX7411
Hayriye TUXX7683
Hazarsah TUXX8052
Haziran TUXX8053
Haziyat TUXX9951
Hekimhan TUXX0457
Helezin TUXX6777
Helman TUXX9331
Helva TUXX7214
Helva Yaylasi TUXX2611
Helvaci TUXX3603
Helvacilar TUXX0458
Helvacilar TUXX1232
Helvadere TUXX0968
Hemek TUXX8054
Hendek TUXX5998
Hendek TUXX0459
Heni TUXX9952
Henuz TUXX3604
Henuzcakiri TUXX3605
Herdem TUXX5386
Herekli TUXX3606
Heringok TUXX0460
Hersan TUXX9332
Hesine TUXX9953
Hesmanet TUXX5999
Hevayk TUXX6778
Heveg TUXX6000
Hevenk TUXX6779
Heybeli TUXX7412
Heybeli TUXX9954
Heybeliyurt TUXX1731
Heybetepe TUXX7215
Heydan TUXX8055
Hidan TUXX8056
Hidir TUXX1732
Hidircik TUXX8663
Hidirkoy TUXX8664
Hidirkoylu TUXX1233
Hidirlar TUXX2612
Hidirli TUXX3607
Hidirusagi TUXX3608
Hikoba TUXX6002
Hilal TUXX2613
Hiller TUXX9955
Hilmiye TUXX4776
Hilvan TUXX0461
Himam TUXX4777
Himmetli TUXX3609
Hindi TUXX7216
Hindikler TUXX8665
Hindinis TUXX9333
Hindli Yaylasi TUXX2614
Hinduk TUXX9956
Hinin TUXX9334
Hinis TUXX0462
Hipodrom TUXX2615
Hirbe TUXX9335
Hirbe TUXX9957
Hirbepiro TUXX9958
Hirdirlar TUXX4778
Hirisa TUXX0463
Hirka TUXX4308
Hirka TUXX4779
Hirkatepe TUXX2616
Hirkatolu TUXX0970
Hirp TUXX9336
Hiryo TUXX8057
Hisar TUXX1733
Hisar TUXX7413
Hisar TUXX2617
Hisar TUXX8666
Hisaralan TUXX4309
Hisaralan TUXX8667
Hisarardi TUXX7414
Hisarcandir TUXX5387
Hisarcik TUXX7684
Hisarcik TUXX1234
Hisarici TUXX5388
Hisarkoy TUXX8668
Hisarkoy TUXX4310
Hisarli TUXX6003
Hisarlik TUXX7685
Hisarlikaya TUXX2618
Hisimlar TUXX1235
Hive TUXX6339
Hiyarcik TUXX8669
Hizan TUXX9337
Hizarli TUXX6004
Hizirkahya TUXX5390
Hizirseyh TUXX2619
Hocabeyli TUXX0971
Hocakoy TUXX5391
Hocalar TUXX5392
Hocalar TUXX4311
Hocali TUXX3610
Hocali TUXX5393
Hocaseki TUXX5394
Hocatolu Yaylasi TUXX0972
Hoget TUXX0973
Hohe TUXX9959
Holholik TUXX6780
Hollan TUXX8058
Holuz TUXX2620
Homa TUXX4312
Hondular TUXX8670
Honsir TUXX9960
Honyan TUXX8059
Hop TUXX9338
Hop TUXX8060
Hopa TUXX6005
Hopan TUXX6781
Hopanlar TUXX8671
Hor TUXX9339
Horan TUXX0464
Horasan TUXX0465
Horhor TUXX8061
Horhorik TUXX8062
Horoz TUXX7415
Horozdere TUXX9340
Horozkoy TUXX1236
Horsel TUXX9961
Horsunlu TUXX1237
Hortac TUXX8672
Hostaval TUXX6006
Hostulbent TUXX6340
Hotaleb TUXX0466
Hotaslar TUXX8673
Hozabir TUXX6007
Hudut TUXX6782
Humus TUXX9341
Hunemis TUXX6341
Huni TUXX1734
Hunutlu TUXX3611
Hupus TUXX8063
Hurel TUXX2621
Hurmakoy TUXX5395
Hurmas TUXX9342
Hurmuz TUXX9343
Hurriyet TUXX2622
Hurriyet TUXX9962
Husamettinkoy TUXX5396
Husamli TUXX3612
Huseyin TUXX5397
Huseyin Gazi TUXX2623
Huseyinbelen TUXX3613
Huseyinbeyobasi TUXX8674
Huseyinoglu TUXX8064
Huseyinpasalar TUXX8675
Husnu Karakas TUXX5398
Husrev TUXX2624
Husrev Pasa Han TUXX9344
Husukan TUXX6783
Hut TUXX8065
Huyuk TUXX7416
Huzur Mahallesi TUXX4313
Ibecik TUXX4780
Ibirler TUXX8676
Ibistepe TUXX8677
Iblioglu TUXX3614
Ibradi TUXX5399
Ibrahiman TUXX8066
Ibrahimbeyli TUXX2625
Ibrahimkavagi TUXX1238
Ibrahimli TUXX5400
Ibrikli TUXX6008
Ibrisim TUXX3615
Icikli TUXX4314
Ickale TUXX2626
Iclaliye TUXX8678
Iclikaval TUXX9345
Icme TUXX0467
Icmeli TUXX9346
Icoren TUXX2627
Idem TUXX3616
Idil TUXX0468
Idris TUXX4315
Igceler TUXX2628
Igciler TUXX2629
Igdebel TUXX3617
Igdeli TUXX7417
Igdeli TUXX4316
Igdemir TUXX4317
Igdir TUXX0469
Igdir TUXX2630
Igdir TUXX7418
Igik TUXX9347
Igmir TUXX2631
Igneada TUXX0470
Igneada Burnu TUXX0471
Ihlara TUXX0975
Ihraciya Yaylasi TUXX0976
Ihsaniye TUXX7686
Ihsaniye TUXX4318
Ihsaniye TUXX5401
Ikikapili TUXX1736
Ikincikoy TUXX8679
Ikipinar TUXX2632
Ikipohrelik TUXX4781
Ikiyaka TUXX9963
Ikiyamac TUXX1737
Ikiz TUXX8067
Ikizce TUXX9964
Ikizce TUXX5402
Ikizce TUXX8680
Ikizce TUXX2633
Ikizce TUXX7687
Ikizce TUXX4319
Ikizce TUXX6784
Ikizce TUXX1738
Ikizdere TUXX9349
Ikizdere TUXX6342
Ikizgol TUXX1739
Ikiztepe TUXX9965
Ikiztepe TUXX0472
Ikizyaka TUXX4782
Iktilas TUXX8681
Ilbey TUXX8068
Ilgaz TUXX0473
Ilgazi TUXX4783
Ilgin TUXX0474
Ilhankoy TUXX8682
Ilica TUXX4784
Ilica TUXX3618
Ilica TUXX2635
Ilica TUXX9966
Ilica TUXX0475
Ilica TUXX8069
Ilica TUXX5403
Ilica TUXX8683
Ilica TUXX0476
Ilicaikebir TUXX8684
Ilicak TUXX9350
Ilicak TUXX6785
Ilicak TUXX8685
Ilicakoyu TUXX2636
Ilicakpinar TUXX8686
Ilicalar TUXX8070
Ilicali TUXX8687
Ilicaoba TUXX8688
Ilidag TUXX1240
Ilisu TUXX0977
Ilisu TUXX4785
Ilk Yerlesim TUXX2637
Ilker TUXX2638
Ilyagut TUXX2639
Ilyapan TUXX8689
Ilyas TUXX4786
Ilyasbey TUXX7688
Ilyasca TUXX7689
Ilyasdere TUXX1241
Ilyaslar TUXX8690
Ilyasli TUXX4320
Imali TUXX6786
Imamhuseyin TUXX2640
Imamoglu TUXX0477
Imecik TUXX0478
Imeciksusuzu TUXX5405
Imircik TUXX5406
Imirler TUXX4787
Imrahor TUXX5407
Imralli TUXX4321
Imran TUXX3619
Imrendi TUXX2641
Imroz TUXX0479
Inalani TUXX4788
Inanli TUXX6009
Inanli TUXX9967
Inapihoyugu TUXX3620
Inardi TUXX9968
Incealan TUXX1242
Incebag TUXX6787
Incebeyli TUXX2642
Incedere TUXX6343
Incegedik TUXX9969
Incegiz TUXX2643
Incegiz TUXX5408
Incek TUXX2644
Incekaya TUXX9351
Incekemer TUXX1243
Incekoy TUXX6788
Incekum TUXX5409
Inceler TUXX6789
Inceler TUXX3621
Inceoz TUXX2645
Incepelit TUXX2646
Incesu TUXX0978
Incesu TUXX1741
Incesu TUXX2647
Incesu TUXX0481
Incesu TUXX0480
Incesu TUXX8072
Incetarla TUXX3622
Inceyer TUXX3623
Incik TUXX4322
Incili TUXX7217
Incili TUXX6010
Incili TUXX9970
Incirdere TUXX7419
Incirli TUXX7690
Incirli TUXX8691
Incirli TUXX9971
Incirli TUXX2648
Incirli TUXX6790
Incirli TUXX6011
Incirli TUXX9352
Incirli TUXX0482
Incirlik TUXX2649
Incirlik TUXX5410
Incirlik TUXX9972
Incirlik TUXX3625
Incirliova TUXX1244
Indere TUXX6791
Indere TUXX1742
Inebolu TUXX0483
Inece TUXX0484
Inecik TUXX0485
Inegol TUXX0079
Inekoy TUXX2650
Inhisar TUXX7691
Inisli TUXX9973
Inisli TUXX9353
Inkozik TUXX9354
Inler TUXX2651
Inli TUXX4323
Inli TUXX2652
Inlice TUXX6792
Innap TUXX9974
Inonu TUXX8692
Inonu TUXX7692
Inpinar TUXX4324
Inpinar TUXX9975
Intas TUXX5411
Ipekcayir TUXX9355
Ipekci TUXX6793
Ipekkusak TUXX1743
Iristak TUXX9356
Irmak TUXX9976
Irmak TUXX2653
Irmakbasi TUXX3626
Irmakyani TUXX6012
Isaabat TUXX1744
Isaalan TUXX8694
Isabeyli TUXX1245
Isadere TUXX8695
Isahacili TUXX3627
Isali TUXX3628
Isali TUXX4325
Iscehisar TUXX4326
Isci Bloklari TUXX2654
Ishakkoy TUXX7420
Ishakli TUXX0979
Ishakli TUXX5412
Ishakli TUXX4327
Ishan TUXX6013
Isikkaya TUXX3629
Isiklar TUXX1246
Isiklar TUXX7421
Isiklar TUXX4328
Isiklar TUXX8696
Isikli TUXX1247
Isikli TUXX3630
Isikoren TUXX9357
Isikova TUXX7218
Isikveren TUXX9977
Isinlar TUXX2655
Isirganli TUXX3631
Iskan TUXX8697
Iskele TUXX8698
Iskender TUXX8699
Iskenderun TUXX0059
Iskilip TUXX0488
Iskitler TUXX2656
Islahiye TUXX0489
Islamalani TUXX2657
Islamlar TUXX5414
Isliler TUXX1248
Ismail TUXX4329
Ismailagatolu TUXX0980
Ismailler TUXX8700
Ismetpasa TUXX0490
Isparta TUXX0052
Ispatli TUXX5415
Ispir TUXX0492
Issizdere TUXX6344
Istanbul TUXX0014
Istranca TUXX0494
Ivedik TUXX2658
Ivrindi TUXX8701
Iymir TUXX2659
Izce TUXX6794
Izmir TUXX0015
Izmir/Cumaovasi TUXX0016
Izmit TUXX0017
Iznik TUXX0498
Izzettin TUXX8702
Kaacaviran TUXX6795
Kababuldan TUXX5416
Kabaca TUXX6014
Kabaca TUXX1249
Kabaca TUXX0499
Kabaca TUXX2660
Kabacali TUXX8073
Kabacayir TUXX7219
Kabak TUXX1745
Kabakdere TUXX8703
Kabakli TUXX8704
Kabakli TUXX4330
Kabaktepe TUXX3632
Kabalar TUXX2661
Kabasakal TUXX3633
Kabaseki TUXX5417
Kabatas TUXX1250
Kabil TUXX0500
Kacarli TUXX2662
Kackaya TUXX9978
Kacmaz TUXX1746
Kadikiri TUXX8705
Kadikoey TUXX0501
Kadikoy TUXX8074
Kadikoy TUXX3634
Kadikoy TUXX8706
Kadikoy TUXX1251
Kadikoy TUXX2663
Kadikoy TUXX4331
Kadikoyu TUXX0502
Kadilar TUXX4332
Kadilar TUXX5418
Kadilar TUXX1252
Kadimursel TUXX4333
Kadincik TUXX2664
Kadinhani TUXX0503
Kadiobasi TUXX2665
Kadipasa TUXX5419
Kadir TUXX9979
Kadirleryakasi TUXX5420
Kadirli TUXX0504
Kaduz TUXX3635
Kaf TUXX6796
Kaginli TUXX9358
Kagitlar TUXX9359
Kagizman TUXX0505
Kagnici TUXX4789
Kahnes TUXX6015
Kahraman TUXX1253
Kahramanmaras TUXX0101
Kahta TUXX0507
Kahyalar TUXX5422
Kahyalar TUXX3636
Kakac TUXX6345
Kalaba TUXX2666
Kalabak TUXX8707
Kalan TUXX6797
Kalaycilar TUXX3637
Kalaycilar TUXX8708
Kalburcu TUXX6798
Kalburlu TUXX6016
Kalcik TUXX1254
Kaldirim TUXX4335
Kaldirim TUXX3638
Kaldirimtuzla TUXX2667
Kaldirimyaylasi TUXX4336
Kale TUXX9360
Kale TUXX8075
Kalebalta TUXX0981
Kalebayiri TUXX8710
Kalebogazi TUXX4790
Kaleboynu TUXX3639
Kalecik TUXX8076
Kalecik TUXX1747
Kalecik TUXX6799
Kalecik TUXX6346
Kalecik TUXX5423
Kalecik TUXX4791
Kalecik TUXX0508
Kaleici TUXX5424
Kalekoy TUXX8077
Kalekoy TUXX0509
Kaleli TUXX9361
Kalem TUXX8711
Kalemler TUXX5425
Kalemler TUXX2668
Kalemli TUXX3640
Kalemtas TUXX6800
Kalender TUXX1748
Kalenderdere TUXX6347
Kaleonu TUXX6348
Kaletepe TUXX9980
Kaleucagiz TUXX5426
Kaleyolu TUXX9981
Kaleyuzu TUXX3641
Kalfa TUXX8712
Kalfakoy TUXX1255
Kalfakoy TUXX8713
Kalhasan TUXX1749
Kalkan TUXX5427
Kalkancik TUXX9982
Kalkankaya TUXX6349
Kalkanli TUXX8078
Kalkim TUXX0510
Kalkumac TUXX3642
Kalo TUXX1750
Kaltak Yaylasi TUXX3643
Kaltakli TUXX2669
Kaman TUXX0511
Kamanlar TUXX2670
Kamber TUXX6801
Kamcili TUXX8714
Kamil TUXX0512
Kamil Ocak TUXX2671
Kamireval TUXX9983
Kamis TUXX8079
Kamis TUXX3644
Kamisan TUXX8080
Kamislar TUXX1256
Kamisli TUXX1751
Kamisli TUXX8081
Kamisli TUXX3645
Kamisli TUXX9984
Kamisli TUXX4793
Kamisli TUXX6802
Kamisvan TUXX1752
Kan TUXX3646
Kanahdere TUXX9362
Kanak TUXX9985
Kanal TUXX5428
Kanatgeren TUXX1753
Kanatli TUXX6803
Kanatli TUXX2672
Kanatli TUXX9986
Kanatli TUXX9363
Kanatpinar TUXX4794
Kancikli TUXX1754
Kandildagi TUXX1755
Kandilli TUXX3647
Kandilli TUXX0513
Kandilli TUXX7693
Kandira TUXX0514
Kangal TUXX0515
Kanidat TUXX8082
Kanigork TUXX9987
Kaniheri TUXX1756
Kanikork TUXX1757
Kanimiri TUXX9988
Kanitaht TUXX8083
Kaniyameran TUXX9364
Kanligol TUXX2673
Kanlikisla TUXX2674
Kansiz TUXX8715
Kantar TUXX9989
Kantarkaya TUXX8084
Kantarma TUXX0516
Kanteri TUXX9990
Kanuni TUXX2675
Kanyasi TUXX1257
Kapakli TUXX2676
Kapakli TUXX7422
Kapakli TUXX5429
Kapakli TUXX8716
Kapakli TUXX0517
Kapakli TUXX7694
Kapakli Yaylasi TUXX4338
Kapaklikuyu TUXX3648
Kapali TUXX9365
Kapanalan TUXX7695
Kapanca TUXX1758
Kapanci TUXX4795
Kapi TUXX3649
Kapidere TUXX6804
Kapikaya TUXX4796
Kapikaya TUXX3650
Kapikoy TUXX6017
Kapili TUXX6805
Kapisuyu TUXX9367
Kaplan TUXX2677
Kaplanli TUXX4339
Kapullu TUXX2678
Karaadilli TUXX4340
Karaagac TUXX6806
Karaagac TUXX5430
Karaagac TUXX7696
Karaagac TUXX6018
Karaagac TUXX2679
Karaagac TUXX1258
Karaagac TUXX1759
Karaagac TUXX4797
Karaagacalan TUXX8718
Karaagackuyusu TUXX4342
Karaagacli TUXX1259
Karaahmet TUXX2680
Karaahmetler TUXX1260
Karaahmetli TUXX3651
Karaali TUXX2681
Karaali TUXX4798
Karaaliler TUXX7423
Karaarslan TUXX4343
Karaatli TUXX1261
Karaatli TUXX7424
Karaayakli TUXX5432
Karababa TUXX6807
Karabacak TUXX1760
Karabag TUXX0518
Karabag TUXX8719
Karabahce TUXX8720
Karabahsili TUXX6808
Karabalcik TUXX8085
Karabayir TUXX7697
Karabayir TUXX5433
Karabedir TUXX4344
Karabedir TUXX9991
Karabel TUXX5434
Karabel TUXX4345
Karabenli TUXX2682
Karabey TUXX8086
Karabiga TUXX0519
Karabiyik TUXX9368
Karabucak TUXX3652
Karabuk TUXX0520
Karabuk TUXX4799
Karabuk TUXX2683
Karabul TUXX5437
Karabulak TUXX1761
Karaburun TUXX6809
Karabuzagi TUXX3653
Karaca TUXX8087
Karaca TUXX1763
Karacaahmet TUXX2684
Karacaahmet TUXX4346
Karacabey TUXX0521
Karacadere TUXX2685
Karacahasan TUXX2686
Karacahayit TUXX1262
Karacahisar TUXX0522
Karacakaya TUXX2687
Karacakaya TUXX4800
Karacakilavuz TUXX0523
Karacakoy TUXX0524
Karacal TUXX7425
Karacalar TUXX2688
Karacalar TUXX8722
Karacalar TUXX4347
Karacalar TUXX5438
Karacali TUXX9369
Karacalilik TUXX8723
Karacalli TUXX5439
Karacalti TUXX8724
Karacam TUXX8725
Karacam TUXX2689
Karacan TUXX0525
Karacaoren TUXX5440
Karacaoren TUXX1263
Karacaoren TUXX3654
Karacaoren TUXX4801
Karacaoren TUXX8726
Karacaoren TUXX2690
Karacaoren TUXX6810
Karacaoren TUXX4348
Karacaoren TUXX7699
Karacasu TUXX0526
Karacasu TUXX2691
Karacayir TUXX6811
Karacayir TUXX0983
Karacayir TUXX7700
Karacehennem TUXX1764
Karacepis TUXX8727
Karacercili TUXX3655
Karacoban TUXX7701
Karadag TUXX5442
Karadag TUXX8728
Karadal TUXX9370
Karadana TUXX2692
Karadayi TUXX5443
Karadede TUXX7702
Karadere TUXX8729
Karadere TUXX5444
Karadere TUXX8088
Karadere TUXX1765
Karadereguzlesi TUXX8730
Karadin TUXX7703
Karadirek TUXX4350
Karaduman TUXX9992
Karaduman TUXX9371
Karadurdular TUXX3656
Karadut TUXX6812
Karadut TUXX1264
Karaev TUXX6019
Karaevli TUXX7427
Karafasil TUXX3657
Karagedik TUXX2693
Karagocer TUXX3658
Karagol TUXX7428
Karagol TUXX0527
Karagol TUXX6813
Karagoz TUXX1767
Karagoz TUXX8731
Karagozler TUXX1265
Karaguney TUXX6814
Karagur TUXX8732
Karagur TUXX0528
Karaguvec TUXX6815
Karahacili TUXX4351
Karahalil TUXX8733
Karahalil TUXX6816
Karahalli TUXX4352
Karahamzali TUXX2694
Karahamzali TUXX3659
Karahan TUXX3660
Karahan TUXX1768
Karahanlar TUXX5445
Karahasan TUXX3661
Karahasanlar TUXX7704
Karahasanli TUXX2695
Karahayit TUXX1266
Karahisar TUXX2696
Karahisargolcuk TUXX2698
Karahisarli TUXX2699
Karahoca TUXX2700
Karahoroz TUXX3662
Karahuyuk TUXX6817
Karahuyuk TUXX2701
Karaibrahim TUXX5446
Karaibrahim TUXX4802
Karailyas TUXX2702
Karaisa TUXX5447
Karaisali TUXX0529
Karakabaagac TUXX8734
Karakale TUXX6350
Karakavak TUXX8735
Karakaya TUXX1267
Karakaya TUXX4353
Karakaya TUXX2703
Karakaya TUXX5448
Karakaya TUXX6818
Karakaya TUXX0530
Karakaya TUXX8736
Karakaya TUXX4803
Karakayali TUXX3663
Karakazan TUXX1769
Karakeci TUXX6819
Karakent TUXX7429
Karakilic TUXX3664
Karakilise TUXX3665
Karakisla TUXX5450
Karakisla TUXX4355
Karakislakci TUXX3666
Karakoc TUXX6820
Karakoc TUXX8089
Karakolcali TUXX5451
Karakolkoy TUXX8737
Karakolkoy TUXX9372
Karakollar TUXX1268
Karakopru TUXX6821
Karakopru TUXX4804
Karakose TUXX6822
Karakose TUXX4356
Karakoy TUXX9993
Karakoy TUXX8738
Karakoy TUXX5452
Karakoy TUXX7430
Karakoy TUXX6020
Karakoy TUXX7705
Karakoyunlu TUXX3667
Karakum TUXX2705
Karakusunlar TUXX2706
Karakutuk TUXX9373
Karakuyu TUXX5453
Karakuyu TUXX1771
Karakuyu TUXX2707
Karakuyu TUXX4357
Karakuyu TUXX3668
Karakuyu TUXX6823
Karakuyu TUXX0984
Karakuz TUXX3669
Karalar TUXX5454
Karalar TUXX8739
Karalar TUXX2708
Karalar TUXX6824
Karamagar TUXX6825
Karamagara TUXX4805
Karamagara TUXX6826
Karaman TUXX2709
Karaman TUXX6827
Karaman TUXX8740
Karamanlar TUXX8741
Karamanlar TUXX5455
Karamanli TUXX0531
Karamehmet TUXX0985
Karamehmetler TUXX7706
Karamese TUXX9994
Karamik TUXX4358
Karamik TUXX5456
Karamollausagi TUXX2710
Karamuk TUXX4806
Karamursel TUXX0532
Karamusa TUXX7431
Karamusalar TUXX5457
Karamusali TUXX3670
Karamustafa TUXX8742
Karamustafa TUXX5458
Karamustafapasa TUXX4807
Karandere TUXX2711
Karanebili TUXX3671
Karanlikdere TUXX6828
Karanlikdere TUXX8743
Karaoglak TUXX9995
Karaoglan TUXX0533
Karaoglan TUXX2712
Karaomerli TUXX3672
Karaomerli TUXX2713
Karaoren TUXX0986
Karaosmaniye TUXX6021
Karaoz TUXX5459
Karapazar TUXX1772
Karapinar TUXX4360
Karapinar TUXX2714
Karapinar TUXX3673
Karapinar TUXX0987
Karapinar TUXX0534
Karapinar TUXX8090
Karapinar TUXX1270
Karapinar TUXX7433
Karapolat TUXX8091
Karapurcek TUXX8745
Karapuzlu TUXX0535
Karargahtepe TUXX2716
Karasandikli TUXX4361
Karasar TUXX2717
Karasar TUXX4808
Karaseki TUXX7434
Karasenir TUXX4809
Karaseyh TUXX4810
Karaseyh TUXX1773
Karaseyitali TUXX1774
Karasis TUXX3674
Karasu TUXX0536
Karasu TUXX1775
Karasuleymanli TUXX2718
Karatas TUXX0537
Karatas TUXX5461
Karatas TUXX0988
Karatas TUXX4811
Karatas TUXX4362
Karatas TUXX6829
Karatas TUXX2719
Karatas TUXX7435
Karatavuk TUXX6351
Karatepe TUXX5462
Karatepe TUXX1271
Karatepe TUXX4812
Karatepe TUXX9996
Karatepe TUXX2720
Karatepe TUXX6830
Karatoklu TUXX1776
Karaveliler TUXX5463
Karaveliler TUXX0538
Karaveliyan TUXX8092
Karavelyan TUXX8093
Karavit TUXX1777
Karayakup TUXX4813
Karayanlik TUXX3676
Karayasmak TUXX7220
Karayatak TUXX2721
Karayavsan TUXX2722
Karayilan TUXX3677
Karayokus TUXX4364
Karayun TUXX9997
Karayusuf TUXX3678
Karayusuflu TUXX3679
Karbasan TUXX1778
Karbasti TUXX9375
Karddon TUXX5464
Kardelen TUXX2723
Kardesler TUXX8094
Kardesler TUXX9376
Karellem TUXX8746
Karga TUXX4814
Kargakekec TUXX3680
Kargakonmaz TUXX1779
Kargali TUXX6831
Kargali TUXX4365
Kargali TUXX7436
Kargali TUXX2724
Kargalik TUXX5465
Kargalik TUXX1780
Kargapazari TUXX0539
Kargi TUXX2725
Kargi TUXX1272
Kargi TUXX7437
Kargicak TUXX5466
Kargicak TUXX0540
Kargili TUXX9998
Kargili TUXX5467
Kargin TUXX0989
Kargin TUXX5468
Kargin TUXX2726
Kargin TUXX4366
Kargin TUXX8747
Karicik TUXX6832
Karikum TUXX8095
Karinca TUXX9377
Karincali TUXX5469
Karkin TUXX2727
Karkinik TUXX9378
Karkus TUXX9379
Karli TUXX6022
Karli TUXX0541
Karlica TUXX7221
Karlica TUXX8096
Karlik TUXX4815
Karlik TUXX8748
Karlik TUXX3681
Karlik TUXX4367
Karliova TUXX8097
Karlitepe TUXX9380
Karliyazi TUXX6352
Karnacik TUXX6833
Karot TUXX8098
Karpalu TUXX1782
Karpu TUXX0542
Karpuz TUXX1273
Karpuzbasi TUXX3682
Karpuzlu TUXX1274
Karpuzlu TUXX9999
Kars TUXX0036
Karsan TUXX4816
Karsanti TUXX0544
Karsavul TUXX4817
Karsavuran TUXX3683
Karsi Mahalle TUXX7438
Karsigecit TUXX7222
Karsikoy TUXX6023
Karsiyaka TUXX9381
Karsiyaka TUXX2728
Karsiyaka TUXX8749
Karsiyaka TUXX5470
Karsli TUXX3684
Kartal TUXX8099
Kartal TUXX0018
Kartalpinar TUXX6353
Karukan TUXX9382
Karyagmaz TUXX8750
Kas TUXX0546
Kasaba TUXX5471
Kasak TUXX9383
Kasalti TUXX3685
Kasan TUXX8100
Kasaplar TUXX1275
Kasar TUXX1276
Kasarli TUXX3686
Kasbasi TUXX6024
Kasdibi TUXX9384
Kasi TUXX1783
Kasicalik TUXX2730
Kasikci TUXX7707
Kasikci TUXX6025
Kasiklar TUXX9385
Kasikli TUXX9386
Kasimlar TUXX2731
Kasimlar TUXX7708
Kaska TUXX4818
Kaskan TUXX1784
Kaskoy TUXX6834
Kaslica TUXX6835
Kaslikaya TUXX6354
Kaslioglu TUXX5472
Kasoba TUXX3687
Kasobasi TUXX3688
Kasrik TUXX9387
Kastanbul TUXX3689
Katranci TUXX1277
Katranci TUXX2732
Katrantik TUXX4819
Kavacik TUXX8751
Kavacik TUXX7709
Kavacik TUXX1278
Kavacik TUXX7440
Kavacik TUXX1785
Kavacik TUXX7223
Kavak TUXX8102
Kavak TUXX2735
Kavak TUXX7441
Kavak TUXX6026
Kavak TUXX6836
Kavak TUXX0547
Kavak TUXX7710
Kavak TUXX4820
Kavak TUXX9388
Kavakalan TUXX8752
Kavakbasi TUXX0548
Kavakdibi TUXX7442
Kavakdibi TUXX9389
Kavakkoy TUXX2736
Kavakkoy TUXX1786
Kavakli TUXX1279
Kavakli TUXX8103
Kavakli TUXX2737
Kavakli TUXX6837
Kavakli TUXX4370
Kavakli TUXX7711
Kavaklidere TUXX2738
Kavakoglu TUXX4821
Kavakozu TUXX2739
Kaval TUXX9390
Kavnos TUXX9391
Kavsit TUXX1280
Kavuklu TUXX3690
Kavunlu TUXX9392
Kavurgacilar TUXX5473
Kavurmacilar TUXX8753
Kavustuk TUXX9393
Kayaalti TUXX6355
Kayabali TUXX7712
Kayabasi TUXX2740
Kayabasi TUXX6027
Kayabasi TUXX5474
Kayabasi TUXX7443
Kayabasi TUXX4822
Kayabelen TUXX7713
Kayabelen TUXX4372
Kayabey TUXX1787
Kayabeyi TUXX6356
Kayabuku TUXX5475
Kayaburnu TUXX5476
Kayaburun TUXX1788
Kayaca TUXX8754
Kayacik TUXX4823
Kayacik TUXX7444
Kayacik TUXX8755
Kayacik TUXX6838
Kayadeler TUXX9394
Kayadere TUXX6839
Kayadibi TUXX4824
Kayadibi TUXX7445
Kayadibi TUXX2742
Kayadibi TUXX5477
Kayadibi TUXX6028
Kayadibi TUXX3691
Kayadibi TUXX4373
Kayahisar TUXX9395
Kayakoy TUXX6029
Kayakoy TUXX7446
Kayalar TUXX2743
Kayalar TUXX9396
Kayalar TUXX6030
Kayalar TUXX8756
Kayali TUXX7447
Kayalibag TUXX9397
Kayalidere TUXX8757
Kayalti TUXX7448
Kayaonu TUXX6840
Kayapa TUXX8758
Kayapinar TUXX3692
Kayapinar TUXX9398
Kayapinar TUXX8759
Kayas TUXX9399
Kayas TUXX2744
Kayayolu TUXX1789
Kayhan TUXX3693
Kayi TUXX7449
Kayihan TUXX4374
Kayik TUXX8104
Kayikci TUXX8760
Kayikcili TUXX3694
Kayikgecidi TUXX3695
Kayikoy TUXX2745
Kayinli TUXX6357
Kayircik TUXX3696
Kayirlar TUXX8761
Kayirli TUXX3697
Kayis TUXX7450
Kaykilli TUXX1281
Kaylicik TUXX7451
Kaymakli TUXX9400
Kaymakli TUXX0549
Kaynak TUXX8105
Kaynakduzu TUXX8106
Kaynakli TUXX1790
Kaynarca TUXX6842
Kaynarca TUXX8107
Kaynarca TUXX6031
Kaynarca TUXX7714
Kaynarca TUXX0550
Kaynarca TUXX9401
Kaynarpinar TUXX8108
Kaynarsu TUXX1791
Kayrak TUXX3699
Kayrak TUXX4825
Kayran TUXX5478
Kayran TUXX1282
Kayran TUXX9402
Kayseri/Erkilet TUXX0047
Kazan TUXX1792
Kazan TUXX0552
Kazanan TUXX0553
Kazanci TUXX7715
Kazanci TUXX1283
Kazandere TUXX3700
Kazandere TUXX1284
Kazanli TUXX8109
Kazanli TUXX4826
Kazanpinar TUXX5479
Kazanpinar TUXX4375
Kazburnu TUXX7224
Kazicik TUXX0990
Kazikli TUXX3701
Kaziksa TUXX8762
Kazili TUXX4827
Kazim Karabekir TUXX5480
Kazim Orbay TUXX2746
Kazimiye TUXX8763
Kazimiye TUXX6032
Kazli TUXX1793
Kazligol TUXX1794
Kazlikoy TUXX6358
Kazvankuyucak TUXX4376
Kecelbaba TUXX1795
Keceliler TUXX5481
Keciborlu TUXX0554
Kecidere TUXX8764
Kecikoy TUXX1285
Kecikoy TUXX4828
Kecili TUXX4378
Kecili TUXX7452
Kecili TUXX4829
Kecili TUXX9404
Kecioeren TUXX2747
Kederli TUXX2748
Kedim TUXX4830
Kefeli TUXX3702
Keklicek TUXX2749
Keklicek TUXX4379
Keklik TUXX9405
Keklikdere TUXX8110
Keklikpinari TUXX2750
Kekliktepe TUXX9406
Kelekpinar TUXX3703
Kelemic TUXX8765
Kelhok TUXX9407
Kelkit TUXX0555
Kelomer TUXX6843
Kemah TUXX9408
Kemal Zeytinoglu TUXX2751
Kemalan TUXX9409
Kemalpasa TUXX6033
Kemer TUXX5482
Kemer TUXX1286
Kemer TUXX0556
Kemeragzi TUXX5483
Kemerburgaz TUXX0557
Kemerkaya TUXX6844
Kemerkaya TUXX4380
Kemerkopru TUXX6034
Kemerli TUXX6845
Kemertas TUXX7225
Kemolar TUXX6846
Kenarbel TUXX6359
Kenardere TUXX6360
Kendirli TUXX7716
Kengelli TUXX0558
Kenger TUXX1287
Kent-Koop TUXX2752
Kenzele TUXX1288
Kepceli TUXX8111
Kepekler TUXX8766
Kepen TUXX7717
Kepenek TUXX9410
Kepesur TUXX9411
Kepez TUXX5484
Kepez TUXX8767
Kepezbeleni TUXX5485
Kepiralani TUXX5486
Kepirler TUXX7718
Kepirli TUXX9412
Kepre TUXX1289
Kepsut TUXX0559
Keralmaz TUXX6847
Kerbanlar TUXX2753
Keremkoy TUXX8768
Keresan TUXX8112
Kerimoglu TUXX4831
Kerisli TUXX2754
Keriz TUXX3705
Kermate TUXX9413
Kernenezir TUXX9414
Kertil TUXX4832
Kertil TUXX8769
Kertisli TUXX3706
Kertme TUXX4833
Keru TUXX9415
Kesan TUXX0560
Kesan TUXX8113
Kesecik TUXX6848
Kesefli TUXX5487
Kesenozu TUXX2755
Kesik TUXX3707
Kesikkavak TUXX2756
Kesikkopru TUXX2757
Kesis TUXX1796
Keskin TUXX0561
Keskin TUXX7719
Keskul TUXX9416
Keslik TUXX4835
Kesmeburun TUXX3708
Kesmetepe TUXX6849
Kesosen TUXX3709
Kestel TUXX5488
Kestel TUXX1290
Ketendere TUXX1291
Ketenlik TUXX7720
Ketenova TUXX1292
Ketrik TUXX7453
Kevsirler TUXX5489
Keysun TUXX6850
Kezalim TUXX6851
Kibriscik TUXX0562
Kibriskoy TUXX2758
Kibrislar TUXX3711
Kibrit TUXX7454
Kicak TUXX3712
Kicik TUXX5490
Kigi TUXX8114
Kilavuzlar TUXX7455
Kilbas TUXX3713
Kilcadir TUXX8115
Kilcak TUXX2759
Kilcilar TUXX8770
Kilic TUXX1797
Kilican TUXX8116
Kilicarslan TUXX5491
Kilicaslan TUXX4836
Kilicaslan TUXX4382
Kilicgedigi TUXX1798
Kilicikli TUXX3714
Kilickaya TUXX7226
Kilickaya TUXX0563
Kilickaya TUXX4383
Kilickaya TUXX3715
Kiliclar TUXX4384
Kiliclar TUXX2760
Kilicli TUXX6035
Kilicli TUXX2761
Kilicli TUXX3716
Kilicli TUXX5492
Kilicliyayla TUXX5493
Kilimli TUXX9417
Kilinckaya TUXX4385
Kilis TUXX0564
Kilisan TUXX6852
Kiliseli TUXX8117
Kilisev TUXX6036
Kilisik TUXX6853
Killicli TUXX4386
Killicli TUXX6854
Killik TUXX5494
Killik TUXX8771
Killili TUXX6856
Kiltepe TUXX5495
Kilven TUXX9418
Kinali TUXX9419
Kinalikoc TUXX9420
Kindik TUXX9421
Kindiranis TUXX9422
Kindirkulak TUXX3717
Kinik TUXX0565
Kinik TUXX4387
Kinik TUXX2762
Kinik TUXX8772
Kinik TUXX5496
Kinik TUXX7721
Kirac TUXX6361
Kirachayma TUXX6858
Kiractepe TUXX8118
Kirahmehtler TUXX5497
Kiran TUXX8119
Kiran TUXX6859
Kiranbasalan TUXX4837
Kirankoy TUXX8773
Kiratli TUXX7227
Kiraz TUXX8774
Kirazalan TUXX6037
Kirazkoy TUXX8775
Kirazli TUXX6038
Kirazli TUXX8776
Kirazli TUXX1293
Kirazliyurt TUXX3718
Kirazoglu TUXX2763
Kirazpinar TUXX4838
Kirbas TUXX5498
Kirbiz TUXX6860
Kirca TUXX4839
Kirca TUXX4388
Kircakli TUXX1294
Kircakoy TUXX8777
Kircami TUXX5499
Kircasalih TUXX0570
Kirdivan TUXX9423
Kirec TUXX8778
Kirecli TUXX6039
Kireclik TUXX6040
Kirecocagi TUXX3720
Kiremit TUXX3721
Kiremitli TUXX3722
Kireymir TUXX4840
Kirgulu TUXX6041
Kirh TUXX9424
Kirhasan TUXX3723
Kirik TUXX8120
Kirikhan TUXX0566
Kirikkale TUXX0019
Kirikkavak TUXX4389
Kirikkaya TUXX9425
Kirikli TUXX3724
Kirikli TUXX2764
Kirikusagi TUXX3725
Kirimini TUXX2765
Kirimoluk TUXX4841
Kiringol TUXX6861
Kirisciler TUXX5501
Kirizli TUXX3726
Kirka TUXX4390
Kirkagac TUXX0568
Kirkagil TUXX8121
Kirkbayir TUXX6862
Kirkbulak TUXX9426
Kirkdonum TUXX9427
Kirkharman TUXX4842
Kirkil TUXX0991
Kirkirca TUXX2766
Kirkkavak TUXX5502
Kirkkavak TUXX2767
Kirkkonaklar TUXX2768
Kirklar TUXX9428
Kirkori TUXX6863
Kirkoy TUXX8122
Kirkoy TUXX2769
Kirkpinar TUXX4391
Kirkpinar TUXX8123
Kirkpinar TUXX5503
Kirkpinar TUXX7228
Kirkpinar TUXX2770
Kirksakallar TUXX1295
Kirliler TUXX3727
Kirliler TUXX4392
Kirmacek TUXX8124
Kirmacik TUXX6864
Kirmizidam TUXX3729
Kirmizilar TUXX8779
Kirmizitarla TUXX6865
Kirs TUXX9429
Kirsehir TUXX0042
Kirseyhler TUXX2771
Kirtik TUXX8780
Kirtinis TUXX3730
Kisacikli TUXX3731
Kisalar TUXX5504
Kisberut TUXX6042
Kise TUXX3732
Kisenit TUXX3733
Kisik TUXX6866
Kisikli TUXX9430
Kisir TUXX1296
Kisla TUXX7457
Kisla TUXX5505
Kisla Mahallesi TUXX7458
Kislabeyi TUXX4843
Kislabucagi TUXX5506
Kislacik TUXX2772
Kislacik TUXX4393
Kisladere TUXX8781
Kislak TUXX6044
Kislak TUXX3734
Kislakoy TUXX2774
Kistonik TUXX9431
Kivircik TUXX6867
Kivrikli TUXX3735
Kiyiduzu TUXX9432
Kiyikoy TUXX0571
Kiyir TUXX4394
Kizgulduren TUXX4844
Kizik TUXX8782
Kizik TUXX4845
Kizik TUXX2775
Kizik TUXX4395
Kizik Yaylasi TUXX0572
Kizikli TUXX8783
Kizilagac TUXX3736
Kizilagac TUXX8125
Kizilagac TUXX5508
Kizilaliler TUXX5509
Kizilarik TUXX5510
Kizilay TUXX2776
Kizilboyun TUXX3737
Kizilca TUXX4396
Kizilca TUXX1297
Kizilca TUXX5511
Kizilca TUXX4846
Kizilca TUXX2777
Kizilcaagac TUXX7459
Kizilcaalan TUXX4847
Kizilcacukur TUXX1299
Kizilcadag TUXX5512
Kizilcadere TUXX8784
Kizilcahamam TUXX0573
Kizilcahuyuk TUXX6868
Kizilcakir TUXX1300
Kizilcakisla TUXX2778
Kizilcakoru TUXX4848
Kizilcakoy TUXX2779
Kizilcaoren TUXX2780
Kizilcaoren TUXX4849
Kizilcapinar TUXX6869
Kizilcapinar TUXX1301
Kizilcapinar TUXX7722
Kizilcasar TUXX2781
Kizilcasehir TUXX5513
Kizilcasogut TUXX2782
Kizilcasu TUXX0574
Kizilcik TUXX8785
Kizilcik TUXX6045
Kizilcubuk TUXX8126
Kizilcukur TUXX8786
Kizildag TUXX4397
Kizildagyaylasi TUXX3738
Kizildam TUXX3739
Kizildamlar TUXX7723
Kizildere TUXX1302
Kizildere TUXX3740
Kizilegrek TUXX4850
Kizilguney TUXX5515
Kizilguney TUXX1303
Kizilgur TUXX8787
Kizilhasan TUXX7229
Kizilhisar TUXX6870
Kizilhoyuk TUXX3741
Kizilin TUXX6871
Kizilinis TUXX3742
Kizilirmak TUXX2783
Kizilisik TUXX1304
Kizilkas TUXX3743
Kizilkaya TUXX6872
Kizilkaya TUXX1305
Kizilkaya TUXX0992
Kizilkaya TUXX2784
Kizilkaya TUXX1799
Kizilkecili TUXX8788
Kizilkent TUXX1800
Kizilkise TUXX6362
Kizilkislacik TUXX4852
Kizilkoyunlu TUXX2785
Kizillar TUXX7461
Kizillar TUXX5516
Kizillar TUXX3744
Kizilli TUXX5517
Kizilli TUXX4399
Kizilmescit TUXX8127
Kiziloluk TUXX8789
Kiziloren TUXX2786
Kiziloren TUXX4400
Kiziloren TUXX4853
Kizilot TUXX5518
Kiziloz TUXX2787
Kiziloz TUXX8790
Kizilpelit TUXX4854
Kizilpinar TUXX6873
Kizilsaray TUXX5519
Kizilsaray TUXX7724
Kizilseki TUXX5520
Kiziltahta TUXX3745
Kiziltepe TUXX1306
Kiziltepe TUXX0575
Kiziltepe TUXX7725
Kiziltepe TUXX1801
Kiziltepe TUXX8128
Kiziltoprak TUXX5521
Kizilyaka TUXX7462
Kizilyer TUXX3746
Kizilyusuf TUXX9433
Kizirli TUXX6874
Kiziroglu TUXX4855
Kizkapan TUXX1802
Kizlarsekisi TUXX3747
Kizlarsuyu TUXX3748
Kiznefer TUXX1803
Kizseki TUXX4856
Kizvak TUXX9434
Kobak TUXX0576
Kobaklar TUXX8791
Kobik TUXX1804
Kobuk TUXX0577
Koc TUXX8129
Koc TUXX4857
Kocaaliler TUXX8792
Kocaaliler TUXX7463
Kocaaraplar TUXX1307
Kocaavsar TUXX8793
Kocabelen TUXX1308
Kocabey TUXX6047
Kocabey TUXX8794
Kocacoban TUXX1805
Kocadag TUXX8795
Kocaeli TUXX0578
Kocaeli TUXX8796
Kocagol TUXX4401
Kocagol TUXX8797
Kocagur TUXX1309
Kocahisar TUXX6876
Kocak TUXX1310
Kocakesik TUXX1311
Kocakisla TUXX8798
Kocaklar TUXX1806
Kocakonak TUXX8799
Kocakovacik TUXX0579
Kocakoy TUXX3749
Kocakoy TUXX6363
Kocakoy TUXX0580
Kocalar TUXX2788
Kocaoganli TUXX5522
Kocaoz TUXX4402
Kocapinar TUXX8801
Kocapinar TUXX5523
Kocapirli TUXX6878
Kocarli TUXX1312
Kocasinan TUXX8802
Kocatarla TUXX9435
Kocatarla TUXX7465
Kocatas TUXX1807
Kocatepe TUXX2789
Kocbayir TUXX7230
Kocbeyli TUXX4403
Koccagiz TUXX3750
Kocekler TUXX8803
Kocgazi TUXX4404
Koclu TUXX6879
Kocoglu TUXX8804
Kocpinar TUXX0993
Kocsirti TUXX8130
Koctepe TUXX6880
Kocyatagi TUXX4406
Kocyayla TUXX2790
Kocyazi TUXX3751
Kocyigit TUXX9436
Kocyurdu TUXX3752
Kocyurdu TUXX6881
Kodaz TUXX3753
Kofcaz TUXX0581
Koguk TUXX1313
Kogukcinar TUXX3754
Kokar TUXX2791
Kokarsu TUXX9437
Kokez TUXX7466
Kokez TUXX3755
Koklan TUXX7467
Koklu TUXX8131
Koklu TUXX6882
Kokluce TUXX3756
Kokluce TUXX6883
Kokulupinar TUXX1809
Kolan TUXX8132
Kolanli TUXX8133
Kolay TUXX4858
Kolbasi TUXX9438
Koldere TUXX0582
Kolegi Sufla TUXX6048
Kolegikiskim TUXX6049
Kolej TUXX2792
Koletasi TUXX7468
Kolkoy TUXX6364
Kolludere TUXX9439
Koltugu TUXX4859
Koltuk TUXX4860
Komik TUXX9440
Komik TUXX6884
Komseydan TUXX8134
Komsular TUXX6885
Komurcu TUXX2793
Komurkoyu TUXX6886
Komurlu TUXX6050
Komurlu TUXX9441
Komurocagi TUXX4861
Komurtepe TUXX4407
Komuryakan TUXX9442
Komusini TUXX2794
Konacik TUXX6887
Konak TUXX1810
Konakbeyi TUXX1811
Konakdere TUXX6888
Konakkuran TUXX3757
Konakli TUXX6052
Konakli TUXX5524
Konakpinar TUXX8805
Konankli TUXX3758
Konari TUXX4408
Konukcu TUXX0583
Konuklu TUXX6889
Konuksayar TUXX9444
Konuksever TUXX5525
Konuktepe TUXX4862
Konuktepe TUXX1812
Konuralan TUXX4863
Konursu TUXX7231
Konya TUXX0053
Konya/Eregli TUXX0054
Kopar TUXX8135
Koparan TUXX2795
Kopekli TUXX3759
Kophanlari TUXX7232
Kopkoy TUXX7233
Kopru TUXX9445
Koprubasi TUXX0586
Koprucek TUXX9446
Koprucek TUXX3760
Koprucek TUXX7726
Koprucu TUXX6053
Koprucuk TUXX8136
Koprucuk TUXX6365
Koprugoren TUXX6054
Koprugozu TUXX3761
Koprulu TUXX3762
Koprulu TUXX4409
Koprulu TUXX0587
Koprulu TUXX6055
Koprulu TUXX6890
Kopruyaka TUXX6056
Koptone TUXX6057
Kopuz TUXX7234
Korahmet TUXX6058
Koramaz TUXX2796
Korankomu TUXX1813
Korgun TUXX0588
Kori TUXX1814
Korik TUXX6891
Koristan TUXX6892
Korkmazlar TUXX2797
Korkosor TUXX7235
Korkut TUXX4864
Korkuteli TUXX0589
Korkuyu TUXX3763
Korkuyu TUXX4410
Korlu TUXX8137
Kormez TUXX3764
Kornet TUXX6059
Koroglu TUXX6366
Korpeagac TUXX8806
Korpecayir TUXX1815
Korpelli TUXX4411
Korsogutyaylasi TUXX2798
Kortan TUXX9447
Korteke TUXX1314