Weather Codes for Trinidad and Tobago

Find Weather Codes or Weather Zip Codes for states and cities in Trinidad and Tobago. Weather Codes references a specified Location and is used to get weather of that place accurately. They are used by The Weather Channel( by IBM), Yahoo! Weather, AOL Weather and many such weather forecasting platforms. It is similar to Yahoo's WOEID(Where On the Earth ID) that is used to represent each place uniquely.

You can know the weather of any place precisely with the help of weather codes. Find the current weather of your state or city by clicking on it. You will be redirected to The Weather Channel site with your weather code for accurate weather forecast.

Adelphi TDXX0024
Adventure TDXX0025
Agostini TDXX0110
Anse Fourmi TDXX0026
Arden TDXX0027
Arima TDXX0001
Arnos Vale TDXX0028
Arouca TDXX0111
Auchenskeoch TDXX0029
Avocat TDXX0112
Bacolet TDXX0030
Bakhen TDXX0113
Balmain TDXX0114
Bamboo TDXX0115
Barataria TDXX0116
Barrackpore TDXX0117
Basse Terre TDXX0118
Batteaux Bay TDXX0031
Belle Garden TDXX0032
Belmont TDXX0119
Belmont TDXX0033
Bethel TDXX0034
Biche TDXX0120
Black Rock TDXX0035
Blanchisseuse TDXX0008
Bonasse TDXX0122
Bonne Aventure TDXX0123
Bonne Terre TDXX0124
Brasso TDXX0125
Brasso Piedra TDXX0126
Brasso Venado TDXX0128
Brazil TDXX0129
Brickfield TDXX0130
Brighton TDXX0131
Bronte TDXX0132
Buccoo TDXX0037
Buen Intento TDXX0133
Buenos Ayres TDXX0134
Busy Corner TDXX0135
Butler TDXX0136
Caigual TDXX0138
Calder Hall TDXX0038
California TDXX0140
Cambleton TDXX0039
Cameron TDXX0141
Canaan TDXX0142
Cantaro TDXX0143
Cap-de-Ville TDXX0144
Caparo TDXX0145
Carapichaima TDXX0009
Carapo TDXX0146
Caratal TDXX0147
Cardiff TDXX0041
Carenage TDXX0148
Carmichael TDXX0149
Carnbee Village TDXX0042
Caroni TDXX0150
Castara TDXX0010
Caura TDXX0151
Centeno TDXX0152
Chaguanas TDXX0153
Chaguaramas TDXX0154
Charlotteville TDXX0043
Charuma TDXX0156
Chase Village TDXX0157
Chatham TDXX0158
Cheeyou TDXX0159
Chickland TDXX0160
Cinnamon Hill TDXX0044
Claxton Bay TDXX0163
Cochrane TDXX0164
Coco TDXX0165
Cocorite TDXX0166
Coffee TDXX0167
Colconda TDXX0168
Comparo TDXX0169
Concord TDXX0170
Concordia TDXX0045
Coolie Block TDXX0171
Corbeaux Town TDXX0172
Coryal TDXX0174
Courland TDXX0046
Couva TDXX0175
Cove TDXX0047
Cuche TDXX0176
Culloden TDXX0048
Cumaca TDXX0177
Cumberbatch TDXX0178
Cumuto TDXX0179
Cunapo TDXX0180
Cunaripa TDXX0181
Cunupia TDXX0182
Curepe TDXX0183
Curucaye TDXX0184
Debe TDXX0011
Delaford TDXX0049
Delhi Settlement TDXX0186
Diamond TDXX0050
Diamond TDXX0187
Dibe TDXX0188
Diego Martin TDXX0189
Dinsley TDXX0190
Dowe TDXX0191
Duncan TDXX0192
Earthigg TDXX0193
East Dry River TDXX0194
Easterfield TDXX0051
Ecclesville TDXX0195
Eckel Village TDXX0196
El Dorado TDXX0197
El Quemado TDXX0198
El Socorro TDXX0199
Enterprise TDXX0200
Esperance TDXX0201
Exchange TDXX0202
Febeau TDXX0203
Felicity Hall TDXX0204
Fifth Company TDXX0205
Filette TDXX0206
Flanagin Town TDXX0207
Florida TDXX0053
Fonrose TDXX0208
Forres Park TDXX0209
Four Roads TDXX0210
Fourth Company TDXX0211
Franklyns TDXX0054
Freeport TDXX0213
Friendsfield TDXX0055
Friendship TDXX0214
Fullarton TDXX0012
Fyzabad TDXX0215
Gasparillo TDXX0216
George Village TDXX0217
Glamorgan TDXX0057
Golconda TDXX0218
Golden Lane TDXX0058
Goldsborough TDXX0059
Gonzales TDXX0219
Goodwood TDXX0060
Grafton TDXX0061
Gran Couva TDXX0221
Grande Riviere TDXX0222
Grange TDXX0062
Granville TDXX0223
Green Hill TDXX0063
Green Hill TDXX0224
Guaico TDXX0225
Guaico Tamana TDXX0226
Guamal TDXX0227
Guanapo TDXX0228
Guapo TDXX0229
Guarata TDXX0231
Guayaguayare TDXX0013
Hardbargain TDXX0232
Harmony Hall TDXX0064
Hasnalli TDXX0234
Haswaron TDXX0235
Hermitage TDXX0236
Hermitage TDXX0065
Hillsborough TDXX0066
Hindustan TDXX0237
Homard TDXX0238
Hope TDXX0067
Howson TDXX0239
Icacos TDXX0240
Iere TDXX0241
Indian Chain TDXX0242
Indian Walk TDXX0243
Irois TDXX0244
James Smart TDXX0245
Jaraysingh TDXX0246
Kelly Junction TDXX0248
Kelly Village TDXX0249
La Basse TDXX0251
La Brea TDXX0014
La Carriere TDXX0252
La Finette TDXX0253
La Lune TDXX0254
La Pastora TDXX0255
La Retraite TDXX0256
La Veronica TDXX0257
Lambeau TDXX0069
Lapai Village TDXX0258
Las Cuevas TDXX0259
Las Lomas TDXX0260
Laventille TDXX0261
Lendor TDXX0262
Lengua TDXX0263
Libertville TDXX0264
Loango TDXX0265
Longdenville TDXX0266
Lopinot TDXX0267
Los Atajos TDXX0268
Los Bajos TDXX0269
Lothian TDXX0270
Lower Manzanilla TDXX0272
Lower Quarter TDXX0070
Lower Town TDXX0071
Lowlands TDXX0072
Mamon TDXX0275
Mamoral TDXX0276
Manahambre TDXX0277
Marabella TDXX0278
Maracas TDXX0279
Maraval TDXX0281
Mason Hall TDXX0074
Matelot TDXX0282
Matura TDXX0283
Maturita TDXX0284
Mayo TDXX0285
Mc Bean TDXX0286
Merchiston TDXX0075
Mesopotamia TDXX0076
Mon Plaisir TDXX0287
Mon Repos TDXX0288
Monkey Town TDXX0289
Monte Video TDXX0290
Montgomery TDXX0077
Montrose TDXX0291
Montrose TDXX0078
Moos TDXX0292
Moque Point TDXX0293
Moriah TDXX0079
Morichal TDXX0294
Morne Cabrite TDXX0295
Morne Diablo TDXX0296
Morne Quiton TDXX0080
Moruga TDXX0297
Morvant TDXX0298
Mount Grace TDXX0082
Mount Harris TDXX0299
Mount Pleasant TDXX0083
Mount Pleasant TDXX0300
Mount Stewart TDXX0301
Mount Thomas TDXX0085
Mucurapo TDXX0302
Mundo Nuevo TDXX0303
Nancoo Village TDXX0304
Naranjo TDXX0305
Navet TDXX0306
Nestor TDXX0307
New Grant TDXX0308
New Jersey TDXX0309
North Manzanilla TDXX0310
Nutmeg Grove TDXX0086
Ogis TDXX0311
Orange Valley TDXX0312
Oropuche TDXX0313
Ortinola TDXX0314
Ouplay TDXX0315
Palmyra TDXX0316
Palo Seco TDXX0317
Paradise TDXX0318
Parlatuvier TDXX0087
Parrot Hall TDXX0088
Parry Lands TDXX0319
Patience Hill TDXX0089
Pembroke TDXX0090
Penal TDXX0320
Pepper Village TDXX0321
Peru TDXX0322
Peters TDXX0323
Petit Bourg TDXX0324
Petit Trou TDXX0325
Petit Valley TDXX0326
Phoenix Park TDXX0327
Piarco TDXX0328
Pierreville TDXX0329
Piparo TDXX0330
Plaisance TDXX0331
Platanal TDXX0332
Pluck TDXX0333
Plum TDXX0334
Plum Mitan TDXX0335
Plymouth TDXX0091
Point Fortin TDXX0336
Point Ligoure TDXX0337
Pointe-a-Pierre TDXX0338
Poole TDXX0339
Port-of-Spain TDXX0002
Preau TDXX0340
Preysal TDXX0341
Princes Town TDXX0016
Prospect TDXX0092
Providence TDXX0093
Quarry Village TDXX0342
Rambert TDXX0343
Rampanalgas TDXX0344
Ravin Anglais TDXX0345
Red Hill TDXX0346
Redhead TDXX0017
Reform TDXX0347
Riche Plaine TDXX0348
Richmond TDXX0094
Rio Claro TDXX0018
Riseland TDXX0095
Riversdale TDXX0096
Robert TDXX0349
Rockly Vale TDXX0097
Roussillac TDXX0350
Roxborough TDXX0098
Runnemede TDXX0099
Rushville TDXX0351
Sadhoowa TDXX0352
Saint Andrew TDXX0353
Saint Augustine TDXX0355
Saint Clair TDXX0356
Saint Elizabeth TDXX0357
Saint Helena TDXX0358
Saint James TDXX0359
Saint John TDXX0360
Saint Joseph TDXX0361
Saint Julien TDXX0362
Saint Margaret TDXX0363
Saint Marys TDXX0365
Saint Thomas TDXX0366
Sainte Croix TDXX0367
Sainte Madeleine TDXX0368
Salybia TDXX0369
San Fernando TDXX0003
San Francique TDXX0020
San Juan TDXX0371
San Rafael TDXX0372
Sangre Chiquita TDXX0373
Sangre Grande TDXX0021
Sans Souci TDXX0375
Santa Cruz TDXX0376
Scarborough TDXX0006
Shore Park TDXX0100
Sierra Leone TDXX0377
Siparia TDXX0378
Sixth Company TDXX0379
South Belmont TDXX0380
South Oropouche TDXX0381
Speyside TDXX0023
Spring TDXX0382
Spring Vale TDXX0383
Starwood TDXX0101
Studley Park TDXX0102
Success TDXX0384
Sum Sum Hill TDXX0385
Tabaquite TDXX0386
Tableland TDXX0387
Talparo TDXX0388
The Mission TDXX0389
The Whim TDXX0103
Thick TDXX0390
Third Company TDXX0391
Tobago TDXX0005
Toco TDXX0392
Tortuga TDXX0394
Trinidad TDXX0004
Trois Rivieres TDXX0104
Tulls TDXX0395
Tunapuna TDXX0396
Tyson Hall TDXX0105
Union TDXX0106
Union TDXX0397
Unis TDXX0398
Upper Manzanilla TDXX0401
Usine TDXX0402
Valencia TDXX0403
Valsayn TDXX0404
Vance River TDXX0405
Verdant Vale TDXX0406
Vessigny TDXX0407
Victoria TDXX0408
Vistabella TDXX0409
Warners TDXX0410
Warren TDXX0411
Waterloo TDXX0412
Williamsville TDXX0413
Windsor TDXX0107
Woodbrook TDXX0414
Woodland TDXX0415
Woodlands TDXX0108
Woodlands TDXX0416
Zion Hill TDXX0109