Weather Codes for The Gambia

Find Weather Codes or Weather Zip Codes for states and cities in The Gambia. Weather Codes references a specified Location and is used to get weather of that place accurately. They are used by The Weather Channel( by IBM), Yahoo! Weather, AOL Weather and many such weather forecasting platforms. It is similar to Yahoo's WOEID(Where On the Earth ID) that is used to represent each place uniquely.

You can know the weather of any place precisely with the help of weather codes. Find the current weather of your state or city by clicking on it. You will be redirected to The Weather Channel site with your weather code for accurate weather forecast.

Abeokuta GAXX0193
Abuko GAXX0017
Ahalulie GAXX0194
Alaji Yoro GAXX0814
Albadarr GAXX0815
Alhaji Bajonkoto GAXX0816
Alhaji Dembo GAXX0196
Alicali Kunda GAXX0817
Alimaka GAXX1167
Aljamdu GAXX0818
Alla Tenta GAXX0197
Allahein GAXX1499
Alohungari GAXX1168
Alohungari Banta GAXX1169
Alpha GAXX0821
Alpha Hamjatu GAXX0822
Amdalai GAXX1500
Amdallai GAXX0824
Ampaya GAXX0018
Anias Kunda GAXX0198
Arangalain GAXX1501
Arongkoli Kunda GAXX1502
Ba Duma GAXX0825
Babilon GAXX1503
Babilon Gunjur GAXX1504
Babou Jobe GAXX0199
Badari GAXX1170
Badja Kunda GAXX1171
Badume GAXX0049
Bafuloto GAXX1505
Bafulotor GAXX0826
Bahdad GAXX0200
Bahen GAXX0827
Bahoom GAXX0828
Bai Ba GAXX0201
Bai Tenda GAXX0050
Baien GAXX0829
Baintengkay GAXX0203
Baipal GAXX1506
Bajagar Dumbutu GAXX1507
Bajagar Jola GAXX1508
Bajana GAXX1509
Bajankoto GAXX1172
Bajilo GAXX1510
Bajiran GAXX1511
Bajon Koto GAXX0052
Bajong Koto GAXX1512
Bajong Kotor GAXX0019
Bajonkoto GAXX1513
Bakadagy GAXX0204
Bakadagy GAXX1173
Bakadaji Kunda GAXX0205
Bakalarr GAXX0830
Bakang GAXX0831
Bakary Sambou GAXX1514
Bakau GAXX0020
Bakau Kunku GAXX0021
Bakau NDing GAXX0022
Bakendik GAXX0832
Bakote GAXX0023
Bakoti GAXX0024
Balanghar Njoben GAXX0207
Bali GAXX0833
Bali Hali Hawah GAXX0834
Balingho GAXX0835
Ballen GAXX1515
Balo Ibra GAXX0836
Balo Omar GAXX0837
Bamba GAXX0209
Bamba Jallow GAXX0210
Bamba Kolong GAXX0211
Bambako GAXX0053
Bambako Kura GAXX0212
Bambali GAXX0838
Bambatenda GAXX0839
Bambouk GAXX0213
Banatenda GAXX1174
Bandinto GAXX1516
Banenko Simaila GAXX1175
Bangali GAXX0840
Bangaly GAXX0841
Bangasiya Fali GAXX1176
Bangherr GAXX0214
Bani GAXX0215
Baniakang GAXX1517
Banicuba Yoroyel GAXX0216
Banja GAXX1178
Banjul GAXX0001
Banjul NDing GAXX1518
Bankuba Samboido GAXX0217
Bankulling GAXX0054
Bankuwule GAXX1179
Banni GAXX0842
Banniba Jonki GAXX0055
Bansang GAXX0003
Banta Su GAXX0843
Bantam Bilo GAXX1519
Bantan Yima GAXX0218
Bantang Killing GAXX0846
Bantang Koto GAXX0219
Bantang Kotor GAXX1180
Bantango Koto GAXX0220
Bantanjang GAXX0056
Bantanto GAXX0221
Bantasu GAXX0057
Banto Nding GAXX1181
Banu Kunda GAXX1182
Barajali GAXX0231
Barajali Tenda GAXX0232
Baraji Kunda GAXX1183
Baria GAXX0847
Baro Kunda GAXX1184
Baro Kunda GAXX0058
Baro Kunda GAXX0233
Baro Kunda Tenda GAXX0059
Barra GAXX0848
Barrow Kunda GAXX1520
Base Nding GAXX1185
Basori GAXX1521
Basse Santa Su GAXX1186
Bassen GAXX1522
Bassen Kansana GAXX1523
Bassik GAXX0849
Batelling GAXX0060
Batending Kajara GAXX1524
Bati Hai GAXX0234
Bati Jaha GAXX0235
Bati Jama Gen GAXX0236
Bati Ndar GAXX0237
Bati Yungo GAXX0238
Bator Sateh GAXX1525
Battabut GAXX1526
Battabut Denelu GAXX1527
Battabut Kantora GAXX1528
Battending GAXX1529
Batukunku GAXX1530
Bayarr GAXX1531
Beeta Bukafungi GAXX1532
Berending GAXX0850
Beretto GAXX0851
Berrending GAXX1533
Berry Narbeh GAXX1187
Bessi GAXX1534
Bessi Nding GAXX1535
Bia Hamady GAXX1188
Bijiba GAXX0852
Bijilo GAXX1536
Bintang GAXX1537
Biram Giddo Ya GAXX0853
Biram Kardo Ya GAXX0854
Biranoya GAXX0061
Birong Kunda GAXX0855
Bisandugu GAXX1189
Bissari Madi GAXX1539
Bluntu GAXX1540
Bondali Jola GAXX1541
Bondali Tenda GAXX1542
Bonto GAXX1543
Boraba GAXX0239
Boro Kandakase GAXX1190
Boro Modi Bane GAXX1192
Boro Sambakabaya GAXX1193
Borong Kunda GAXX0240
Bosa GAXX1544
Bowe GAXX0241
Brefet GAXX0004
Brefet GAXX1194
Brifu GAXX1195
Brikama GAXX0062
Brikama GAXX0856
Brikama GAXX0242
Brikama GAXX1545
Brikama Ba GAXX0243
Brikama Nding GAXX0244
Brufut GAXX1546
Brufut Heights GAXX1547
Brufut Manjago GAXX1548
Brumen GAXX1549
Brusubi GAXX1550
Buchilling GAXX1551
Buduk GAXX0246
Buiba Jalo Kunda GAXX0063
Buiba Mandinka GAXX0064
Bukafungi GAXX1552
Bukari Kunda GAXX0247
Bulangor GAXX1553
Bulanjor GAXX1554
Bulengart GAXX1555
Bullellai GAXX1556
Bulok GAXX1557
Bulufula GAXX0067
Bumari GAXX0068
Bungiga GAXX1558
Buniadu GAXX0248
Buniadu GAXX0857
Buniadu GAXX1559
Bunkilling GAXX1560
Bunobor GAXX1561
Buntung GAXX0249
Bunubor GAXX1562
Bunubor Brikama GAXX1563
Bununka Kunda GAXX0025
Bunyai GAXX1564
Buram GAXX1565
Buramba GAXX1566
Burang Ya GAXX0858
Bureng GAXX0005
Burock GAXX1567
Burrong GAXX0069
Buruku GAXX0250
Busanehkai GAXX1568
Busongai GAXX1569
Busumbala GAXX1570
Busura GAXX1571
Busura GAXX1196
Busura GAXX0251
Bwiam GAXX0006
Camaloo GAXX0026
Cape Point GAXX0027
Carrols Wharf GAXX0252
Cha Kunda GAXX0253
Chabai GAXX1572
Chalen GAXX0254
Chamen GAXX0860
Chamen Baka GAXX0256
Chamen Sosseh GAXX0861
Chamoi GAXX1197
Changai GAXX0257
Changally Chewdu GAXX1198
Charen GAXX0258
Charjel GAXX0259
Charmen GAXX0260
Charno Musa GAXX0261
Checken GAXX0862
Cheedi Laibe Ya GAXX0863
Cheedy Wollof GAXX0864
Cheken GAXX0262
Chewal Bessell GAXX1200
Chilla GAXX0865
Chisay GAXX0866
Choya GAXX0263
Choyen GAXX0264
Daba Kunda GAXX1201
Dabaly GAXX0070
Dafa GAXX0867
Dai Mandinka GAXX0868
Dalaba GAXX0265
Damfa Kunda GAXX1202
Dandugu GAXX1203
Dankunku GAXX0266
Dankunku Fula GAXX0267
Daranka GAXX1573
Darsilami GAXX1574
Darsilami GAXX1205
Darsilami Jimara GAXX1206
Darsilami Tenda GAXX1207
Daru GAXX0268
Daru GAXX0869
Daru Fatiho GAXX0071
Daru Lohen GAXX0870
Daru Mbaien GAXX0269
Daru Rilwan GAXX0871
Darule Barakatu GAXX0872
Darusalam GAXX0270
Darusalam GAXX1575
Darusalam GAXX0873
Darusalameh GAXX0271
Darusalem GAXX0272
Dasalami GAXX1576
Dasilame GAXX0273
Dasilami GAXX0874
Dasilami GAXX0274
Dasilami GAXX0072
Dasilami GAXX1208
Dau Dula GAXX1577
Dekordeh Bah GAXX0875
Demba Cheesay GAXX0275
Demba Chippo GAXX0876
Demba Darboe GAXX0276
Demba Hainey GAXX0877
Demba Kali GAXX0277
Demba Kumbale GAXX1209
Demba Kunda GAXX0278
Demba Kunda GAXX1210
Demba Njai Ya GAXX1578
Demba Wanda GAXX1211
Demba Wendu GAXX1212
Dembaso GAXX0279
Dembel Jawor GAXX1213
Demfai Karim GAXX0280
Demfai Njaga GAXX0281
Denton GAXX0282
Dewru GAXX1579
Deya GAXX1580
Diabugu GAXX1214
Diabugu Basilla GAXX1215
Diabugu Tenda GAXX1216
Diganteh GAXX0073
Dingirie GAXX0286
Dinguiri GAXX1217
Dippa Kunda GAXX0028
Djalabango GAXX1581
Djifanga GAXX1582
Dobang Kunda GAXX0287
Dobbo GAXX0288
Dobo GAXX0879
Dobong GAXX1583
Doke Alla GAXX0289
Dongoro Ba GAXX0074
Dongoro Nding GAXX0075
Dotachalimbali GAXX1218
Douassu GAXX1584
Drame Joka GAXX0880
Duma Sansang GAXX0076
Dumbutto GAXX1585
Dumbutu GAXX0077
Dumfoya GAXX1219
Dungal GAXX0290
Duniajoe GAXX0881
Dutabulu GAXX0882
Ebadong GAXX0291
Eloi GAXX1586
Essau GAXX0007
Fadia Kunda GAXX0292
Fadiya Kunda GAXX1220
Fafanding GAXX0883
Fajara GAXX0029
Faji Kunda GAXX0030
Famori GAXX0884
Fantumbu GAXX1221
Fara Kunku GAXX1587
Faraba GAXX0293
Faraba Banta GAXX1588
Faraba Soto GAXX1589
Farafenni GAXX0885
Faranabe GAXX0294
Farato GAXX0886
Farato GAXX1222
Farlah GAXX1590
Faro Ya GAXX0078
Fas GAXX0297
Fas Abdou GAXX0298
Fas Maundeh GAXX0299
Fass GAXX0887
Fass GAXX0300
Fass Bamba GAXX0301
Fass Mbaien GAXX0302
Fass Njama GAXX0303
Fass Omar Sahor GAXX0888
Fatako GAXX1223
Fatoto GAXX0008
Fattatenda GAXX1224
Felleng Kotor GAXX0079
Findefeto GAXX1225
Firdausy GAXX0304
Fitu Fula GAXX0305
Fitu Wollof GAXX0306
Fode Kunda GAXX1226
Fody Biran GAXX0889
Folonko GAXX1591
Fonkoi Kunda GAXX0080
Fori GAXX0307
Forlolor GAXX0081
Fuka GAXX0308
Fula Bantang GAXX0309
Fula Kolong GAXX0310
Fula Kunda GAXX1592
Fula Kunda GAXX0311
Fula Kunku GAXX1593
Fula More Boche GAXX1227
Funtang GAXX1594
Futa Yel GAXX0312
Gadafaro GAXX1228
Galleh Manda GAXX0313
Galleh Wollof GAXX0314
Gallo Ya GAXX0890
Galowya GAXX1595
Gambissara Jawor GAXX1230
Garawol GAXX1231
Gayo GAXX1232
Gebangarr GAXX1596
Genge Tukulor GAXX0315
Genge Wollof GAXX0316
Genieri GAXX0082
Georgetown GAXX0317
Ghana Town GAXX1597
Gibanak GAXX1598
Gidda GAXX0318
Gikis GAXX1599
Gikis Dandon GAXX1600
Gillangel GAXX1233
Ginak Kajata GAXX0891
Ginak Niji GAXX0892
Giniah GAXX1601
Giroba Kunda GAXX1234
Gissay GAXX0083
Gui Jahanka GAXX0319
Guidi Musa GAXX0320
Gungorong GAXX0321
Gunjur GAXX1602
Gunjur GAXX0893
Gunjur Kuta GAXX1235
Gunkoru Tukulor GAXX0323
Gunkoru Wollof GAXX0324
Hamadalie GAXX1236
Hamdalae GAXX0325
Hamdalai GAXX0084
Hamdalai GAXX1237
Hamdalai GAXX0326
Hamdalie GAXX0327
Hela Kunda GAXX1238
Herabeh Konoh GAXX0895
Heramakono GAXX1239
Hoi GAXX0328
Hosnan GAXX0329
How Ba GAXX1604
Ibo Town GAXX0031
Illiassa GAXX0896
India GAXX0897
India Baddibu GAXX0898
Inoman GAXX0899
Ja Koto GAXX0330
Jababa GAXX1240
Jabbi Kunda GAXX0900
Jabel Kunda GAXX0331
Jabisa GAXX0085
Jafai GAXX0332
Jagel GAXX1605
Jaggle GAXX0333
Jagle GAXX0334
Jago GAXX0901
Jaha Madina GAXX1241
Jahajari GAXX0902
Jahatuje GAXX1242
Jahawur Mandinka GAXX0335
Jahawur Tukulor GAXX0336
Jaidina GAXX0086
Jailan GAXX0337
Jaiteh Kunda GAXX0338
Jajanbureh GAXX0339
Jakaba GAXX0340
Jakau-ur GAXX0341
Jakau-ur Sinchu GAXX0342
Jakhaly GAXX0343
Jakin GAXX1606
Jakisu GAXX1607
Jako Kanjeru GAXX1608
Jakoi GAXX1609
Jakoi Bintang GAXX1610
Jakoi Sibrik GAXX1611
Jala Koto GAXX0344
Jalaba GAXX0087
Jalaba GAXX0903
Jalakoto GAXX1612
Jalambantang GAXX1613
Jalangbereh GAXX0088
Jalato Ali GAXX0345
Jalato Nderry GAXX0346
Jalew GAXX1614
Jali GAXX0089
Jali Kunda GAXX0904
Jallow Koto GAXX0348
Jallow Kunda GAXX0349
Jallow Kunda GAXX0090
Jally Kunda GAXX0905
Jalo Kunda GAXX0350
Jalo Kunda Fula GAXX0353
Jaluby GAXX0357
Jaluby Koto GAXX0358
Jaluby Tukulor GAXX0359
Jama GAXX0360
Jama Gen GAXX0906
Jamagain GAXX0361
Jamagen GAXX0362
Jamagen GAXX0907
Jamal Mballo GAXX0908
Jamali GAXX0363
Jamali Babou GAXX0364
Jamaly GAXX0370
Jamara GAXX0371
Jamara Nema GAXX0372
Jamara Wollof GAXX0373
Jambakare GAXX1243
Jambanjali GAXX1615
Jambanya GAXX0909
Jambaruya GAXX1244
Jambur GAXX1616
Jamisa GAXX1617
Jammeh Kunda GAXX0910
Jamu GAXX0374
Jamwell GAXX0375
Jamwelly GAXX1245
Jamwelly GAXX1618
Jamwilli GAXX0376
Jana Kuyel GAXX1619
Janding Ba GAXX1620
Janding Jilahar GAXX1621
Jane Kunda GAXX0377
Janeh Kunda GAXX0378
Jangmarr GAXX0091
Janneh Kunda GAXX0092
Jappeni GAXX0093
Jarbang GAXX1622
Jaring Madi Jama GAXX0382
Jaring Mandinka GAXX0383
Jarjangfara GAXX0094
Jarju Kunda GAXX1623
Jarlang GAXX1624
Jarreng GAXX0384
Jarrol GAXX1625
Jarume Koto GAXX0385
Jarume Kuta GAXX0386
Jasobo GAXX0095
Jassong GAXX0096
Jataly GAXX0387
Jatikoi GAXX1626
Jatta Kunda GAXX0097
Jatta Sutu GAXX0388
Jattaba GAXX0098
Jau Kunda GAXX1246
Jawbe GAXX0389
Jawbeh Modeh GAXX1247
Jawla GAXX1248
Jekka GAXX1249
Jend GAXX1627
Jendeh GAXX1250
Jenoi GAXX0099
Jenun Kunda GAXX1628
Jereh Kungoto GAXX0911
Jeriko GAXX0912
Jessadi GAXX0390
Jessadi Tenda GAXX0391
Jibok GAXX1629
Jiboroh Kotor GAXX1630
Jiboroh Kuta GAXX1631
Jida GAXX1632
Jifarong GAXX0100
Jiffet GAXX0913
Jiffin GAXX0101
Jifoni GAXX1633
Jigimar GAXX0914
Jillimfara GAXX1634
Jimbala Ker Kara GAXX0395
Jimbana GAXX0915
Jingory Mustapha GAXX0396
Jiroff GAXX0102
Jiroff Tenda GAXX0103
Jirrong GAXX0916
Jissa GAXX0917
Jobe Kunda GAXX0104
Jockul GAXX0397
Jokul Ndowen GAXX0398
Jom Kunda GAXX1635
Jomarr GAXX0105
Jombiya GAXX1636
Jonkotolor GAXX1251
Jorem GAXX1637
Jowara GAXX0918
Juburruya GAXX1252
Jufureh GAXX0919
Jula Kunda GAXX0106
Jum Bakary GAXX1253
Jum Mankama GAXX1254
Juma Kunda GAXX1640
Jumansari GAXX0920
Jumansari Koto GAXX0921
Jumaru GAXX0107
Juoli GAXX0108
Jurro Kunda GAXX1255
Jurunku GAXX0922
Jwenkelly GAXX1641
Kaba Kotor GAXX0923
Kabakama GAXX1256
Kabamba GAXX0399
Kabekel GAXX1642
Kabokor GAXX1643
Kachow NDing GAXX1644
Kachuma GAXX1645
Kafaya GAXX1646
Kafenkeng GAXX1647
Kaffenkeng GAXX1648
Kafuta GAXX1649
Kafuta Tumbung GAXX1650
Kahan GAXX0400
Kahow GAXX0401
Kai Hai GAXX0402
Kaiaf GAXX0109
Kaianga GAXX1651
Kaijara GAXX1652
Kaimbalaing GAXX0924
Kaimbujae GAXX1653
Kaimbujae NDing GAXX1654
Kalagi GAXX1655
Kalang GAXX1656
Kalataba GAXX0925
Kalem Pol GAXX0404
Kali Kunda GAXX0405
Kalikajara GAXX0406
Kalimu GAXX1657
Kaling GAXX1658
Kambagol GAXX1659
Kambalayba GAXX1660
Kambalin GAXX1661
Kambele GAXX1257
Kambi GAXX0407
Kambong GAXX1662
Kamemero GAXX1663
Kamessing GAXX1664
Kamfenda GAXX1665
Kamos GAXX1666
Kampant GAXX1667
Kampassa GAXX1668
Kamunakore GAXX1258
Kanape GAXX1259
Kanau GAXX1669
Kandonk GAXX1670
Kangalabata GAXX1671
Kangwalli GAXX1672
Kani Kunda GAXX0926
Kani Kunda GAXX0110
Kanifing GAXX0032
Kanilai GAXX1673
Kanjabina GAXX1674
Kanjending GAXX1675
Kanjibat GAXX1676
Kanjiramba GAXX1677
Kanjundu GAXX1678
Kankuntu GAXX1679
Kankuran GAXX1680
Kansala GAXX1681
Kantale Kunda GAXX1260
Kantong Kunda GAXX0111
Kantora GAXX1682
Kanube GAXX1261
Kanube Tenda GAXX1262
Kanuma GAXX1683
Kanuma GAXX0112
Kanuma GAXX0928
Kaolang GAXX0408
Kapongah GAXX1684
Kara GAXX0409
Karanai GAXX1685
Karantaba GAXX0410
Karantaba GAXX0113
Karantaba GAXX1263
Karantaba Tenda GAXX0413
Karantaba Woloff GAXX0415
Karmanka GAXX1686
Karrol GAXX1687
Karsi Kunda GAXX1264
Kartung GAXX1688
Kasa Kunda GAXX1689
Kasila GAXX1690
Kass Perom GAXX0417
Kass Wollof GAXX0418
Kass Yallal GAXX0419
Kassagne GAXX1691
Kataba GAXX0930
Kataba Mandinka GAXX0931
Kataba Mbap GAXX0932
Kataba Omar Ndow GAXX0420
Katabatata GAXX0933
Katamina GAXX0422
Katchang GAXX0934
Katchang Tenda GAXX0935
Katimina GAXX0423
Katokorr GAXX1692
Kau-ur GAXX0424
Kaur GAXX1693
Kayabor GAXX1694
Kayainding GAXX0425
Kayimu Bintang GAXX1695
Kayrang GAXX1696
Kebbe Kunda GAXX1265
Kekuta Kunda GAXX0936
Kemoto GAXX0114
Kendalu GAXX1266
Keneba GAXX0115
Kenniba GAXX1267
Keno Koto GAXX0116
Ker Abdou Fady GAXX0937
Ker Abdu GAXX0426
Ker Alpha GAXX0427
Ker Alpha Sana GAXX0428
Ker Bakary GAXX1698
Ker Bakary Salla GAXX0429
Ker Bamba GAXX0430
Ker Bamba Lowe GAXX0938
Ker Banno GAXX0939
Ker Batch GAXX0431
Ker Bessenti GAXX1699
Ker Biggie GAXX0940
Ker Biram Kardo GAXX0941
Ker Biram Yassin GAXX0942
Ker Biran Kani GAXX0943
Ker Biran Yassin GAXX0432
Ker Chaindu GAXX0433
Ker Chandeh GAXX0944
Ker Dekordeh GAXX0945
Ker Demba GAXX0434
Ker Demba Gabu GAXX0435
Ker Dobaly GAXX1700
Ker Famara GAXX0946
Ker Ganyado GAXX0947
Ker Geryado GAXX0948
Ker Gido GAXX0949
Ker Goolgor GAXX1701
Ker Gumalo GAXX0950
Ker Halli GAXX0951
Ker Hardo GAXX0952
Ker Ibra GAXX0436
Ker Illo Buya GAXX0953
Ker Jabel GAXX0437
Ker Jah GAXX0438
Ker Jaho GAXX0439
Ker Janko GAXX0440
Ker Jarga GAXX0441
Ker Jarga GAXX0954
Ker Jatta GAXX0955
Ker Jawbe GAXX0956
Ker Jibby GAXX0442
Ker Jibel GAXX0443
Ker Juma GAXX0957
Ker Kossa GAXX0444
Ker Lien GAXX0445
Ker Mademba GAXX0959
Ker Madi GAXX0446
Ker Maila GAXX0447
Ker Majara GAXX0448
Ker Maka Tukulor GAXX0449
Ker Malick GAXX0450
Ker Malick Sarr GAXX0960
Ker Mama Hugo GAXX0961
Ker Mamour Fatim GAXX0452
Ker Mari GAXX0962
Ker Marjow GAXX0963
Ker Mata Jeme GAXX0964
Ker Modi Hali GAXX0453
Ker Modi Teddy GAXX0965
Ker Momodou Fana GAXX0454
Ker Musa GAXX0455
Ker Ngaien GAXX0457
Ker Ngonyan GAXX0969
Ker Ngor GAXX0970
Ker Ngumbo GAXX0971
Ker Niada GAXX0458
Ker Njugar Ndure GAXX0459
Ker Omar Mane GAXX0972
Ker Omar Saine GAXX0973
Ker Ousman Buso GAXX0974
Ker Pate Kore GAXX0975
Ker Patteh GAXX0976
Ker Saderr Jobe GAXX0977
Ker Sain Musa GAXX0460
Ker Sait Cham GAXX0978
Ker Sait Maram GAXX0461
Ker Sam Boye GAXX0462
Ker Samba GAXX0463
Ker Samba Kalla GAXX0979
Ker Samba Kumda GAXX0980
Ker Samba Sow GAXX0982
Ker Samba Yassin GAXX0983
Ker Saniang GAXX0984
Ker Selleh GAXX0985
Ker Shikh Taal GAXX0986
Ker Sidy GAXX0464
Ker Sidyke GAXX0987
Ker Silla GAXX0988
Ker Singarteh GAXX1268
Ker Sirrai GAXX0989
Ker Tamsir GAXX0465
Ker Tiern GAXX0466
Ker Waka GAXX0467
Ker Wally GAXX0990
Ker Werrigo GAXX0991
Ker Yoro Bah GAXX0992
Ker Yoro Jallow GAXX0468
Ker Yoro Sowe GAXX0469
Kerewan GAXX1702
Kerewan GAXX1269
Kerewan GAXX0993
Kerewan GAXX0470
Kerr Sait Maram GAXX0472
Kerr Serign GAXX1703
Kesereh GAXX0473
Ket Kuli GAXX0994
Kewel GAXX0474
Khayell Bessell GAXX1270
Khewal GAXX0475
Kiberi GAXX0476
Kidi Kunda GAXX0995
Killa GAXX0996
Killing GAXX1704
Killy GAXX1705
Kinteh Kunda GAXX0997
Kinti Kunda GAXX0998
Kiskisi GAXX1271
Kissay GAXX0999
Kiti GAXX1706
Kiti Manjago GAXX1707
Kobotor GAXX1272
Kofa GAXX0477
Kohel GAXX0117
Koina GAXX1273
Koina Tenda GAXX1274
Koli Kunda GAXX0478
Koli Kunda GAXX1275
Kolibantang GAXX1276
Kolinto GAXX1277
Kolior GAXX0118
Kololi GAXX0034
Komansor GAXX1708
Konko Fulla GAXX0479
Konko Koto GAXX0480
Konkohdoma GAXX0481
Konkotor GAXX1278
Konteh GAXX0482
Konti Kunda Niji GAXX1000
Korro Jula Kunda GAXX1279
Kossemar GAXX1280
Kossemar Dembell GAXX1281
Kotu GAXX0035
Kristi Kunda GAXX1283
Kuari GAXX1284
Kubariko GAXX1709
Kubendar GAXX1002
Kubuni GAXX1710
Kucha GAXX0483
Kudang GAXX0009
Kudang Tenda GAXX0484
Kuja Woolow GAXX0119
Kujew GAXX0485
Kukuyel GAXX1285
Kular GAXX1286
Kulari GAXX1287
Kuli Kunda GAXX0120
Kulkulel GAXX1288
Kuloro GAXX1711
Kulukoch GAXX1712
Kumbaney GAXX0486
Kumbija GAXX1289
Kumbija GAXX0487
Kumbijae GAXX1003
Kumbul GAXX1290
Kunda GAXX0488
Kundam GAXX1291
Kundam Demba GAXX1292
Kundam Fode GAXX1293
Kunjala GAXX1294
Kunjenjen GAXX1713
Kunjetta GAXX1004
Kunkujang GAXX1714
Kunkujang NDing GAXX1717
Kuntair GAXX0010
Kuntaur GAXX0489
Kunting GAXX0491
Kununku GAXX0492
Kuoba Kunda GAXX1295
Kurang Kotor GAXX0124
Kurau Bakari GAXX1296
Kurinulain GAXX1718
Kurup GAXX0494
Kusa Burey GAXX1298
Kusaie GAXX1299
Kusalang GAXX0495
Kusamai GAXX1719
Kusassa GAXX1005
Kusi GAXX1300
Kusun GAXX1301
Kuyang GAXX0125
Kuyarang GAXX0496
Kwinella GAXX0126
Labba Korreh GAXX1720
Laliya GAXX1006
Lama GAXX0497
Lamin GAXX1007
Lamin GAXX1721
Lamin Koto GAXX0498
Lamoi GAXX0499
Lang Sarr GAXX1008
Larlagoi GAXX0500
Latri Kunda GAXX0036
Latri Sabiji GAXX0037
Leba Biji GAXX0501
Leba Mali Mbye GAXX0502
Leba Pegail GAXX0503
Leba Samba GAXX0504
Leba Sasuna GAXX0505
Leese Ya GAXX1722
Legi Kunda GAXX1302
Lewna GAXX1009
Limbambulu GAXX1303
Linjanya GAXX1723
Logo Moji GAXX0506
Lohen GAXX1010
Luluchore GAXX1724
Lumang GAXX1725
Lumen GAXX1011
Mabali Kotor GAXX0509
Mabali Kuta GAXX0510
Macca GAXX0127
Madi GAXX1016
Madiana GAXX1726
Madiana GAXX0511
Madina GAXX1727
Madina GAXX1304
Madina GAXX0128
Madina GAXX0512
Madina Adam GAXX0513
Madina Bafuloto GAXX1017
Madina Bala GAXX1305
Madina Jawbeh GAXX0515
Madina Kuru GAXX1307
Madina Kuta GAXX1308
Madina Madi GAXX0516
Madina Mbaien GAXX0517
Madina Njaien GAXX0519
Madina Njaine GAXX0520
Madina Njugari GAXX0521
Madina Sadda GAXX1309
Madina Sey Kunda GAXX1729
Madina Talakoto GAXX1730
Madina Tenda GAXX1310
Madina Tunjang GAXX0523
Madina Umfally GAXX0524
Madina Yoro Sowe GAXX0525
Maga Geyor GAXX1018
Mahmuda GAXX1019
Mahnyinah GAXX1731
Maidi GAXX1020
Maimeh GAXX1732
Majama Kunda GAXX1021
Maka GAXX1311
Maka GAXX0526
Maka Bala Mana GAXX1022
Maka Farafenni GAXX1023
Maka Gui GAXX0527
Maka Njen Jam GAXX1024
Maka Omar Manneh GAXX1025
Maka Wollof GAXX0528
Makama GAXX0529
Male Kunda GAXX0530
Maliky Mansong GAXX1312
Malubaliya GAXX1313
Mamadi Ceesay GAXX1314
Mampata Yeli GAXX1315
Mamu Fana GAXX0531
Manar GAXX0129
Mandina GAXX1733
Mandina GAXX0130
Mandinaba GAXX1734
Mandinari GAXX1735
Mandori GAXX1026
Manduar GAXX0131
Manduar GAXX1736
Mane Kunda GAXX1316
Manena Kai-ima GAXX1737
Mangiumba GAXX0532
Mania GAXX1317
Manike GAXX1738
Manjaharr GAXX0533
Manjai Kunda GAXX0038
Manna GAXX0534
Mano Kotor GAXX1318
Mansa Konko GAXX0132
Mansa Kunda GAXX1319
Mansajang Kunda GAXX1320
Mansal GAXX1739
Mara Magai GAXX0535
Marakissa GAXX1740
Mariama Kunda GAXX1741
Marige GAXX1742
Marrong Kunda GAXX1027
Marsai GAXX0536
Massembe GAXX0133
Maundeh Kunda GAXX0538
Mayamba GAXX1028
Mayork GAXX1743
Mbaien GAXX0539
Mbaien GAXX1029
Mbaien Burama GAXX0540
Mbaien Ker Nyang GAXX0542
Mbaien Maka GAXX0543
Mbaien Wollof GAXX0544
Mballo Kunda GAXX1321
Mbamori Kunda GAXX1030
Mban GAXX0545
Mbange Ndarra GAXX1031
MBangkama GAXX1015
Mbap Ba GAXX1032
Mbap Marigay GAXX1033
Mbaro GAXX0546
Mbarra Kunku GAXX1744
Mbogen GAXX0547
Mbol Bouk GAXX0548
Mbolgoh GAXX0549
Mbollet Bah GAXX1034
Mbul Manda GAXX0550
Mbulgurk GAXX0551
Mbulum GAXX1035
Mbye Kunda GAXX1322
Mbye Niake GAXX1036
Medina GAXX1323
Medina GAXX1745
Medina GAXX0552
Medina Dudu GAXX1037
Medina Jambol GAXX1324
Medina Kanuma GAXX1038
Medina Manneh GAXX1039
Medina Mannen GAXX0553
Medina Modum GAXX1040
Medina Njama GAXX1041
Medina Njien GAXX0555
Medina Sacheboe GAXX1042
Medina Sedia GAXX1043
Medina Sotokoi GAXX1045
Medina-Duisi GAXX0557
Memmeh GAXX1046
Mendy Kunda GAXX1747
Mesaith Sayan GAXX0558
Mina GAXX1047
Minjang GAXX0134
Minti Kunda GAXX1048
Misera GAXX0559
Misira GAXX0135
Misira GAXX0560
Misira GAXX1049
Misira Alhaji GAXX1050
Misira Fafa Jow GAXX0561
Misira Toben GAXX0563
Missira GAXX1326
Missira Mbaien GAXX0565
Missira Patteh GAXX0567
Missira Tenda GAXX0136
Modouya GAXX1748
Modu Jawo Kunda GAXX1327
Momadu Kunda GAXX1328
Monkey Court GAXX0568
Monong GAXX1749
Mundong GAXX0569
Munku Talla GAXX0137
Munya Gen GAXX1051
Mure Kunda GAXX1330
Musa Deba GAXX1052
Musa Kunda GAXX1331
Nafugan GAXX1336
Nafuka GAXX1337
Nana GAXX0581
Naneko GAXX0138
Napoli GAXX1750
Naude GAXX1338
Ndakar Angleh GAXX0582
Ndakaru GAXX0583
Ndangen GAXX0584
Ndanka Ndanka GAXX1069
Ndemban Ba GAXX1751
Ndemban Jola GAXX1753
Ndimbo GAXX1339
Ndimbuya Romba GAXX1754
Ndowen GAXX1070
Ndrammeh GAXX0585
Nduren GAXX1071
Nema GAXX0586
Nema GAXX1072
Nema GAXX0139
Nema Kunda GAXX0587
Nema Kunku GAXX1073
Nema Kunku GAXX1755
Nema Kuta GAXX0140
Nemasamba GAXX0588
Nemataba GAXX0589
Nettebiri GAXX1074
Ngaien Beretto GAXX1075
Ngallen GAXX1340
Nganingkoi GAXX0141
Ngawar GAXX0590
Ngeden GAXX0591
Nghato Norr GAXX1076
Ngike GAXX0592
Ngooka GAXX1077
Ngueur GAXX1078
Niahen GAXX0593
Niakoi GAXX0594
Niambolon GAXX1756
Niani Maru GAXX0595
Niankui GAXX1341
Nibras GAXX0596
Niji GAXX1757
Niji GAXX1342
Nila Koto GAXX1758
Nimsat GAXX1759
Nioro Bamba GAXX0597
Nioro Buba Njie GAXX0598
Nioro Demba Njie GAXX0599
Nioro Ebrima Won GAXX0600
Nioro Jattaba GAXX0142
Nioro Tukulore GAXX0601
Nioro Wollof GAXX0602
Nja Kunda GAXX1079
Njabo GAXX1080
Njaga Jarry GAXX1343
Njai Kunda GAXX0603
Njakunda GAXX0011
Njalal Tukulor GAXX0604
Njallal GAXX0605
Njama Fafa Sise GAXX0606
Njambour GAXX1081
Njamburr GAXX1082
Njangen GAXX1083
Njarinjufa GAXX1344
Njau GAXX0607
Njau Jahu GAXX0608
Njauri GAXX0012
Njayel GAXX1345
Njie Kunda GAXX0609
Njie Kundaring GAXX1085
Njoba Kunda GAXX0143
Njoben GAXX0610
Njoben Tukulor GAXX0612
Njoben Wollof GAXX0613
Njogoben GAXX0614
Njohnen GAXX1086
Njolfen GAXX0144
Njongon GAXX1087
Njugar Kunda GAXX0615
Nkea Kunda GAXX1347
No Kunda GAXX1088
No Kunda Fula GAXX1089
Nowleru GAXX1090
Numu Kunda GAXX1091
Numu Kunda Kotor GAXX1348
Numyell GAXX1349
Nyaffy GAXX1760
Nyafui GAXX1761
Nyamanari GAXX1350
Nyanga Bantang GAXX0616
Nyangan GAXX0617
Nyangit GAXX1762
Nyirba GAXX1092
Nyofelleh GAXX1763
Nyofelleh Madina GAXX1764
Nyorro GAXX0618
Oceesay Kunday GAXX0619
Old Jeswang GAXX0039
Old Yundum GAXX1766
Omar Jowara GAXX1093
Omortoh GAXX1767
Paima GAXX1768
Pakala GAXX0620
Pakala GAXX1094
Pakali Ba GAXX0145
Pakali Nding GAXX0146
Pakan GAXX0621
Pakau Ba GAXX1095
Pakau Penku GAXX1096
Pakuba GAXX0147
Palaka GAXX0622
Palelai GAXX0623
Palen GAXX1098
Palen Fula GAXX1099
Palen Sanjal GAXX1100
Palen Wollof GAXX1101
Pallan Mandinka GAXX0625
Pallan Toranka GAXX0626
Pallol Pol Ollof GAXX0627
Panchang GAXX0628
Panchari Sana GAXX0630
Pancholi GAXX1769
Panne Ba GAXX1102
Pappa GAXX0631
Passi GAXX0632
Passi Challi GAXX1103
Passi Mamut GAXX1104
Passi Mut GAXX1105
Passimu GAXX1351
Patchunko GAXX1352
Pateh Sam GAXX0633
Pateh Ya GAXX1770
Payama GAXX1771
Pelngo GAXX0634
Penjem GAXX1772
Perai GAXX1353
Perai Tenda GAXX1354
Pimak GAXX0635
Piniai Mandinka GAXX0637
Pirang GAXX1773
Plinky Bakary GAXX1355
Plinky Wopp GAXX1356
Polga GAXX1106
Polodi GAXX1107
Porli GAXX0638
Prince GAXX1108
Ramatulai GAXX0639
Renerru GAXX0640
Saba GAXX1109
Sabach Ngaien GAXX1110
Sabally Kunda GAXX1357
Sabari GAXX1358
Sabi GAXX1359
Sabigending GAXX0040
Sabu Kunda GAXX1774
Sabu Sirae GAXX0641
Sabuseri GAXX1360
Safalu GAXX0642
Sainala GAXX0643
Saja Kunda GAXX1361
Sakura GAXX0644
Sala GAXX1775
Salanding GAXX1776
Salikene GAXX1111
Salikene GAXX1362
Salikeni GAXX0645
Sam Joben GAXX1112
Sam Ngaien GAXX0646
Samba Jowala GAXX1363
Samba Kabude GAXX1364
Samba Kunda GAXX1365
Samba Musu GAXX1113
Samba Secka GAXX1114
Samba Sotor GAXX1115
Samba Tako GAXX0647
Samba Ya GAXX0148
Samba Ya Nding GAXX0149
Samba Yerro GAXX1366
Sambai Kunda GAXX0648
Sambakubasu GAXX1367
Sambang GAXX0649
Sambang Tenda GAXX1116
Sambang Wolloff GAXX0650
Sambantalu GAXX1368
Sambel Kunda GAXX0651
Sambeli Kunda GAXX0652
Sambuya GAXX1777
Sameh GAXX1778
Sami GAXX1369
Sami GAXX0653
Sami Bajonkoto GAXX1117
Sami Koto GAXX1118
Sami Madina GAXX0654
Sami Omar Jula GAXX0655
Sami Pachonki GAXX0656
Sami Surwa Kunda GAXX0657
Sami Wharf Town GAXX0658
Sancha Madina GAXX1119
Sancha Palen GAXX1120
Sanchaba GAXX1779
Sanchaba GAXX1121
Sanchaba GAXX0041
Sanchabari GAXX0659
Sanchabari GAXX1370
Sanchi GAXX1122
Sanchi GAXX1780
Sanda GAXX0660
Sandehmunku GAXX1781
Sandeng GAXX0150
Sangajor GAXX1782
Sangajor Jiramba GAXX1783
Sangkarang GAXX1784
Sanguleh GAXX0661
Saniang Kunda GAXX1785
Sanianga GAXX1786
Sankabarry GAXX1371
Sankalang GAXX1123
Sankandi GAXX0151
Sankulejang GAXX0662
Sankulekunda GAXX1372
Sankuli Kunda GAXX0663
Sankwia GAXX0152
Sankwia Tenda GAXX0153
Sanneh Kunda GAXX1787
Sansa Nding GAXX1788
Santamba Wharf GAXX0154
Santang Ba GAXX0155
Santangba GAXX1789
Santangkoto GAXX1790
Sanunding GAXX1373
Sanyang GAXX1791
Sapu GAXX0670
Sara Job Kunda GAXX0042
Sara Juma GAXX1124
Sara Kunda GAXX1125
Sara Mama GAXX1126
Sare Abdou GAXX0671
Sare Ali GAXX1374
Sare Ali GAXX0672
Sare Babu GAXX0156
Sare Babu Jimby GAXX0673
Sare Bacha GAXX1375
Sare Bakary GAXX1376
Sare Belali GAXX1377
Sare Beru GAXX1378
Sare Bocchi GAXX1379
Sare Boja GAXX1380
Sare Bona GAXX1381
Sare Buhum GAXX1382
Sare Buluma GAXX1383
Sare Chikam GAXX1127
Sare Dabo GAXX1384
Sare Dadeh GAXX1385
Sare Dadi GAXX1386
Sare Debo GAXX0675
Sare Demba GAXX1387
Sare Dene GAXX1389
Sare Duto GAXX0676
Sare Fodigey GAXX1390
Sare Fonkoi GAXX0157
Sare Futa GAXX0677
Sare Galajo GAXX0678
Sare Ganardu GAXX1391
Sare Ganya GAXX1392
Sare Geda GAXX1393
Sare Gela GAXX1394
Sare Gelel GAXX1395
Sare Goral Bah GAXX0679
Sare Gubbu GAXX1396
Sare Hamady GAXX1397
Sare Hande GAXX1398
Sare Jabel GAXX0680
Sare Jallow GAXX1399
Sare Jam Gido GAXX1128
Sare Jarje GAXX0681
Sare Jatta GAXX1400
Sare Jawbeh GAXX1401
Sare Jide GAXX0682
Sare Jideh GAXX0683
Sare Jowbe GAXX1402
Sare Juley GAXX1403
Sare Jutah GAXX1792
Sare Kanaman GAXX0684
Sare Kannen GAXX0685
Sare Kinte GAXX0686
Sare Koki GAXX1404
Sare Kunda GAXX0687
Sare Lalla GAXX1405
Sare Lalu GAXX1406
Sare Louba GAXX0688
Sare Madi GAXX0690
Sare Mala GAXX1407
Sare Malang GAXX0691
Sare Mamoudu GAXX0158
Sare Mansala GAXX1408
Sare Mansong GAXX1409
Sare Marie GAXX1129
Sare Mbye GAXX1410
Sare Modi Kah GAXX0692
Sare Modi Kulo GAXX0159
Sare Modu Bah GAXX0693
Sare Mowdeh GAXX0694
Sare Muntaha GAXX1411
Sare Musa GAXX1412
Sare Ndala GAXX0160
Sare Nfali GAXX0161
Sare Ngaba GAXX1415
Sare Ngai GAXX0696
Sare Njagga GAXX0697
Sare Nyagna GAXX0698
Sare Pate GAXX0699
Sare Pateh GAXX0700
Sare Pateh GAXX0162
Sare Sabo GAXX0701
Sare Saidy GAXX0163
Sare Sajo GAXX0164
Sare Salieu GAXX1416
Sare Samba GAXX0702
Sare Samba GAXX1417
Sare Samba Kah GAXX0703
Sare Samba Ngai GAXX0704
Sare Samba Taku GAXX0705
Sare Sambaru GAXX1419
Sare Sandi GAXX1420
Sare Sarjo Biloh GAXX1421
Sare Sarko GAXX1422
Sare Silere GAXX1423
Sare Sofi GAXX0707
Sare Suna GAXX0165
Sare Talata GAXX1424
Sare Timbo GAXX1425
Sare Tobi GAXX1426
Sare Tuluwuleng GAXX1427
Sare Wonku GAXX1428
Sare Yesu GAXX1429
Sare Yoro GAXX0708
Sare Yoro Buka GAXX0709
Sare Yoro Egge GAXX0710
Sare Yoro Golori GAXX0711
Sare Yoro Yeli GAXX1430
Sare Yorrori GAXX1431
Sareh Mowndeh GAXX0043
Saringa GAXX1793
Sarm GAXX0712
Sarre Kunda GAXX0166
Saruja GAXX0713
Sasita GAXX0167
Sawadi Kunda GAXX0714
Seleri Kunda GAXX0715
Selete GAXX1794
Selety GAXX1795
Semangara GAXX1796
Sendebo GAXX1432
Seno Bajonki GAXX0168
Sere Kunda GAXX0044
Sere Kunda NDing GAXX1797
Serekunda GAXX0045
Sering Sahor GAXX0716
Sey Kunda GAXX0717
Shindifula GAXX1798
Si Kunda GAXX0718
Si Kunda GAXX0169
Si Kunda GAXX1130
Sibanor GAXX1799
Sibanor GAXX0719
Sibi Nding GAXX0170
Sibito GAXX0171
Sifoe GAXX1800
Sifula GAXX1433
Sika GAXX0013
Sika Baduma GAXX1131
Sika Bajonkoto GAXX1132
Sikon GAXX1801
Silla Kunda GAXX1434
Simbadu GAXX1435
Simbara Kai GAXX0720
Simbara Ngor GAXX0724
Simbara Tukulor GAXX0726
Sinchang GAXX1436
Sinchang Keykala GAXX1437
Sinchang Njokala GAXX1438
Sinchang Saradu GAXX1439
Sinchu Bachy GAXX1440
Sinchu Balla GAXX0728
Sinchu Bamba GAXX0729
Sinchu Baya GAXX0730
Sinchu Boggal GAXX0731
Sinchu Bora GAXX0732
Sinchu Chamalel GAXX0733
Sinchu Danku GAXX0734
Sinchu Demba GAXX0735
Sinchu Dembel GAXX0736
Sinchu Dumbe GAXX0737
Sinchu Fye GAXX1441
Sinchu Garber GAXX0738
Sinchu Garrba GAXX0739
Sinchu Gundo GAXX0740
Sinchu Kai-Hai GAXX0743
Sinchu Kali GAXX1442
Sinchu Medina GAXX1133
Sinchu Musa GAXX0744
Sinchu Omar GAXX0745
Sinchu Omar See GAXX0746
Sinchu Sambar GAXX1443
Sinchu Sara GAXX1444
Sinchu Tamsir GAXX0748
Sinchu Wallbeh GAXX1445
Sinchu Yoro GAXX0749
Sinki GAXX1802
Sinsu Demba GAXX1446
Sinsu Kusala GAXX1447
Sinsu Mousa GAXX1448
Sinsu Njiebeh GAXX1449
Sintchi Kattaba GAXX0750
Sintet GAXX1803
Sise Kunda GAXX1450
Sita Bantang GAXX1134
Sitta GAXX1804
Sittanunku GAXX1135
Sittanunku GAXX1805
Sobaly GAXX0751
Sohm GAXX1806
Soma GAXX0172
Somita GAXX1807
Somita Selelew GAXX1809
Sondeh Densay GAXX0752
Sor Kunda GAXX0753
Sortokoi GAXX1810
Sotokoi GAXX1136
Sotokoi GAXX0754
Sotoma GAXX1451
Sotuma GAXX1452
Sotuma Sainy GAXX1453
Sotuma Sairey GAXX1454
Sotuma Samba Koi GAXX1455
Suarra Kunda GAXX1137
Sudowol GAXX1456
Sukoto Fula GAXX1138
Sukotto GAXX1139
Sukur GAXX0755
Sukuta GAXX0014
Sukuta GAXX0015
Sukuta GAXX0173
Sulolor GAXX0757
Suma Kunda GAXX1457
Suma Kunda Koto GAXX1813
Sumakunda Bakary GAXX1458
Sumakunda Mamudu GAXX1459
Sumakunda Samba GAXX1460
Sumbundu GAXX0174
Sun Kunda GAXX1461
Sutu Sinjang GAXX1814
Sutuko GAXX1462
Sutukoba GAXX1463
Sutukung GAXX0175
Suturah GAXX1140
Sututa GAXX1464
Taba Nani GAXX0759
Taba Nding GAXX0760
Taba Woro GAXX0761
Tabaiel GAXX1815
Tabajang GAXX1465
Tabanani GAXX0762
Tabanding GAXX1467
Tabaworo Kunda GAXX0763
Tabo Koto GAXX1141
Tabo Kotor GAXX0046
Tabokoto GAXX1816
Taiba GAXX1142
Taibatu GAXX1468
Taibatu GAXX1817
Taifa Amadou GAXX0765
Taifa Seekou GAXX0766
Taimang GAXX0767
Taindaitor GAXX1143
Talen Pol GAXX1144
Talen Wollof GAXX1145
Talito Luntang GAXX1469
Talito Musa GAXX1470
Tallen GAXX1146
Tally Ya GAXX1147
Tamanso Kunda GAXX0768
Tamba Koto GAXX1148
Tamba Nani GAXX0769
Tambana GAXX1149
Tambasensan GAXX1471
Tampoto GAXX1818
Tampoto Koto GAXX1819
Tandi GAXX0770
Tandi Kunda GAXX0771
Tandi Wollof GAXX0772
Tanene GAXX1820
Tanji GAXX1821
Tanji Manjago GAXX1822
Tankanto GAXX1150
Tankong Kunda GAXX0773
Tankular GAXX0177
Tarburung Kotor GAXX0178
Tasili GAXX0774
Tawtoh GAXX1823
Temanto GAXX0775
Temanto GAXX1472
Temanto Demba GAXX1473
Temanto Sana GAXX1475
Tembetto GAXX0179
Tendaba GAXX0180
Teneng Fara GAXX0776
Tengkul GAXX1476
Tenkoli GAXX1477
Tento Madi GAXX0777
Tento Malick Bah GAXX0778
Tia GAXX1478
Timbing Kortor GAXX1151
Timbintu GAXX1479
Timpa GAXX0779
Tinkinjo GAXX1480
Tintiba GAXX1824
Tintinto GAXX1825
Toben GAXX0780
Toniataba GAXX0181
Toranka Bantang GAXX0182
Torbeh Chindeh GAXX1481
Torben GAXX0781
Toro Mbaien GAXX1152
Toro Tayem GAXX1153
Torro GAXX0782
Trankill GAXX1826
Tranquil GAXX1827
Tuba GAXX1828
Tuba GAXX1154
Tuba GAXX0783
Tuba Burey GAXX1482
Tuba Demba GAXX0784
Tuba Demba Sama GAXX0785
Tuba Gumbuya GAXX1155
Tuba Kolong GAXX1156
Tuba Koto GAXX0786
Tuba Kuta GAXX0787
Tuba Kuta GAXX1829
Tuba Kuta GAXX1483
Tuba Mbakeh GAXX0788
Tuba Ousman Boye GAXX0789
Tuba Pakala GAXX0790
Tuba Sandu Kotor GAXX1484
Tuba Tafsir GAXX1485
Tuba Wappa GAXX1486
Tuba Wollof GAXX0791
Tuba-Wuli GAXX1487
Tubakuta GAXX1830
Tubamadadi GAXX0792
Tubanding GAXX1488
Tubaya GAXX1831
Tubeya GAXX1157
Tujering GAXX0016
Tuman Tenda GAXX1832
Tumani Fati GAXX0793
Tunjina GAXX1833
Turan GAXX1158
Ture Kunda GAXX1489
Turi Kunda GAXX0794
Tyba GAXX0795
Upert GAXX1834
Wakilarr GAXX0796
Walalan GAXX1159
Walli Kunda GAXX0797
Walliba Kunda GAXX1490
Wassadun GAXX1835
Wassadung Demba GAXX1491
Wassu GAXX0798
Wayahon GAXX1160
Welingara GAXX0048
Wellingara GAXX0799
Wellingara GAXX1161
Wellingara Adama GAXX0800
Wellingara Ba GAXX0183
Wellingara Ello GAXX0803
Wellingara Galo GAXX0804
Wellingara Nding GAXX0184
Wellingara Yoro GAXX0806
Wessedung GAXX1836
Willingara GAXX0807
Willingara GAXX0185
Willingara GAXX1493
Willingara Ba GAXX0186
Willingara Kejaw GAXX0808
Wirdeba GAXX0187
Woi Buray GAXX0809
Wulem Kunda GAXX1495
Wulumisa GAXX0188
Wurokang GAXX0189
Yala GAXX1162
Yallal GAXX0190
Yallal GAXX1163
Yallal Ba GAXX1164
Yarobawal GAXX1496
Yelitenda GAXX0191
Yida GAXX0810
Yonah GAXX0811
Yora Jula GAXX0192
Yoro Beri Kunda GAXX0812
Yoro Cheke GAXX1497
Yoro Ya GAXX0813
Yorro Pendeh GAXX1498
Yuna GAXX1166
Yundum GAXX1837