Weather Codes for The Bahamas

Find Weather Codes or Weather Zip Codes for states and cities in The Bahamas. Weather Codes references a specified Location and is used to get weather of that place accurately. They are used by The Weather Channel( by IBM), Yahoo! Weather, AOL Weather and many such weather forecasting platforms. It is similar to Yahoo's WOEID(Where On the Earth ID) that is used to represent each place uniquely.

You can know the weather of any place precisely with the help of weather codes. Find the current weather of your state or city by clicking on it. You will be redirected to The Weather Channel site with your weather code for accurate weather forecast.

Abercorn BFXX0067
Abrahams Bay BFXX0019
Adderly BFXX0249
Adelaide BFXX0021
Albert Town BFXX0068
Alexander BFXX0132
Alice Town BFXX0096
Alice Town BFXX0022
Allen BFXX0354
Anderson BFXX0251
Anderson BFXX0069
Andersons BFXX0252
Andros Town BFXX0001
Arthurs Town BFXX0024
August Town BFXX0156
Bailey Town BFXX0101
Bailey Town BFXX0097
Bain Town BFXX0179
Bain Town BFXX0102
Bains BFXX0253
Bannerman Town BFXX0025
Baraterre BFXX0134
Bastian Point BFXX0234
Behring Point BFXX0157
Belair Estates BFXX0304
Berrys BFXX0254
Betsy Bay BFXX0292
Bevans Town BFXX0180
Bimini BFXX0009
Binnacle Hill BFXX0070
Black Point BFXX0235
Black Point BFXX0135
Blair Estates BFXX0305
Blanket Sound BFXX0158
Bluff BFXX0104
Bowen Sound BFXX0159
Bowers BFXX0255
Bradford BFXX0306
Brandy Hill BFXX0355
Braudies Point BFXX0181
Browns BFXX0071
Buckleys BFXX0256
Bullocks Harbour BFXX0303
Burnt Ground BFXX0257
Cabbage Hill BFXX0072
Cabbage Point BFXX0258
Cable Beach BFXX0307
Calabash Bay BFXX0160
Calvin Hill BFXX0136
Camperdown BFXX0308
Cargill Creek BFXX0161
Cartwright BFXX0259
Castaway Cay BFXX0018
Cat Island BFXX0014
Cedar Harbour BFXX0213
Cherokee Sound BFXX0030
Chesters BFXX0073
Church Grove BFXX0074
Clarence Town BFXX0260
Clifton BFXX0310
Coakley Town BFXX0031
Cockburn Town BFXX0356
Colebrooke Dale BFXX0204
Colonel Hill BFXX0075
Conch Sound BFXX0162
Congo Town BFXX0236
Coral Harbour BFXX0311
Coral Heights BFXX0312
Cornishtown BFXX0215
Cove BFXX0106
Cove Settlement BFXX0032
Creek Village BFXX0313
Cripple Hill BFXX0076
Crossing Rocks BFXX0349
Crown Haven BFXX0216
Cunningham BFXX0314
Current BFXX0227
Curtis BFXX0137
Davis Harbor BFXX0338
Deadmans Cay BFXX0261
Deep Creek BFXX0339
Deep Creek BFXX0237
Delancey Town BFXX0340
Delectable Bay BFXX0077
Dixons BFXX0357
Douds BFXX0108
Driggs Hill BFXX0238
Dumfries BFXX0109
Duncan Town BFXX0337
Dundas Town BFXX0293
Dunmore BFXX0263
Dunmore Town BFXX0229
Eight Mile Rock BFXX0182
Eleuthera BFXX0205
Englerston BFXX0315
Fairfield BFXX0078
Farquharson BFXX0358
Forbes Hill BFXX0033
Ford BFXX0264
Forest BFXX0140
Fortune Hill BFXX0359
Fox Town BFXX0218
Free Town BFXX0034
Freeport BFXX0002
Freetown BFXX0183
French Wells BFXX0079
Galloway Landing BFXX0036
Gambier Village BFXX0316
George Town BFXX0006
Gilbert Grant BFXX0141
Glintons BFXX0265
Golden Grove BFXX0184
Golden Grove BFXX0080
Goodwill BFXX0081
Grays BFXX0267
Great Guana Cay BFXX0294
Green Castle BFXX0341
Green Turtle Cay BFXX0219
Gregory Town BFXX0039
Halls Landing BFXX0360
Harbour Estate BFXX0361
Harbour Island BFXX0017
Hard Bargain BFXX0350
Hard Bargain BFXX0041
Hard Hill BFXX0082
Harts Bay Hill BFXX0112
Hartswell BFXX0142
Hawks Nest BFXX0113
Hawksbill BFXX0185
Hermitage BFXX0143
High Rock BFXX0186
High Rocks BFXX0042
Highbury Park BFXX0318
Holdiday Track BFXX0363
Holmes Rock BFXX0187
Hope Estate BFXX0188
Hope Town BFXX0295
Hunters BFXX0189
Industrious Hill BFXX0114
James Cistern BFXX0206
Jimmy Hill BFXX0144
John Millars BFXX0342
Kemps Bay BFXX0240
Kemps Point BFXX0343
Killarney BFXX0319
Knowles Village BFXX0115
Landrail Point BFXX0083
Lisbon Creek BFXX0241
Little Bay BFXX0351
Little Creek BFXX0242
Long Bay BFXX0364
Long Island BFXX0011
Louis Town BFXX0099
Love BFXX0320
Love Hill BFXX0163
Lovely Bay BFXX0084
Lowe Sound BFXX0164
Lower Bogue BFXX0231
Lucaya BFXX0190
Macbride BFXX0321
Majors BFXX0085
Man of War Cay BFXX0296
Man of War Sound BFXX0165
Mangrove Bush BFXX0270
Mangrove Cay BFXX0243
Markey BFXX0166
Mars Bay BFXX0244
Marsh Harbour BFXX0297
Martin Town BFXX0191
Masons Bay BFXX0086
Mastic Point BFXX0167
Matthew Town BFXX0004
Mayaguana BFXX0008
McKanns BFXX0271
McKenzie BFXX0272
McLeans Town BFXX0221
McQueens BFXX0116
Michelson BFXX0146
Millar Heights BFXX0322
Millars BFXX0323
Millers BFXX0046
Millers Hill BFXX0168
Millerton BFXX0273
Minns BFXX0169
Montreal BFXX0365
Morant Bay BFXX0087
Mortimers BFXX0274
Moss Town BFXX0047
Moss Town BFXX0088
Moss Town BFXX0117
Mount Hope BFXX0222
Mount Pleasant BFXX0324
Mount Thompson BFXX0147
Moxey Town BFXX0245
Murphy Town BFXX0298
Nassau BFXX0005
Nassau Estate BFXX0325
New Bight BFXX0118
New Town BFXX0049
Nicholls Town BFXX0171
Nicolls Town BFXX0050
Normans Castle BFXX0223
Old Bight BFXX0119
Old Grays BFXX0276
Old Place BFXX0366
Orange Creek BFXX0120
Orange Hill BFXX0326
Owens Town BFXX0172
Palmetto Point BFXX0208
Pelican Point BFXX0192
Pinders BFXX0277
Pinders Point BFXX0193
Pine Ridge BFXX0194
Pinefield BFXX0089
Pirates Well BFXX0051
Pitts Town BFXX0052
Polly Hill BFXX0367
Pompey Bay BFXX0090
Port Boyd BFXX0368
Port Howe BFXX0121
Port Nelson BFXX0369
Pure Gold BFXX0246
Quarters BFXX0370
Rainbow Bay BFXX0209
Ramsey BFXX0148
Reckley Hill BFXX0371
Red Bay BFXX0053
Red Bays BFXX0173
Richmond BFXX0091
Richmond Hill BFXX0149
Roberts Town BFXX0195
Rock Sound BFXX0345
Rolletown BFXX0151
Rolleville BFXX0054
Roses BFXX0278
Rum Cay BFXX0015
Russell Town BFXX0196
Salina Point BFXX0092
Salt Pond BFXX0279
Sam McKinnons BFXX0280
San Andros BFXX0174
San Salvador BFXX0012
Sandy Point BFXX0352
Savannah Sound BFXX0210
Scrub Hill BFXX0281
Sea Grape BFXX0197
Seminets BFXX0175
Simms BFXX0057
Smith Bay BFXX0123
Smith Point BFXX0198
Smith Town BFXX0058
Snake Cay BFXX0299
Snug Corner BFXX0059
Southwest Point BFXX0060
Spanish Wells BFXX0232
Spring City BFXX0300
Spring Point BFXX0094
Stafford Creek BFXX0176
Staniard Creek BFXX0177
Stella Maris BFXX0283
Stephenson BFXX0124
Stevens BFXX0284
Steventon BFXX0152
Stuart Manor BFXX0153
Sugar Loaf BFXX0373
Sweeting Cay BFXX0224
Taits BFXX0285
Tarpum Bay BFXX0346
Tarpum Head BFXX0062
Tatnall BFXX0286
Tea Bay BFXX0125
The Abacos BFXX0013
The Bight BFXX0353
The Bight BFXX0126
The Bluff BFXX0248
The Bluff BFXX0065
The Current BFXX0066
The Lot BFXX0127
The Village BFXX0128
Thomas Town BFXX0199
Thurston Hill BFXX0129
Treasure Cay BFXX0225
Trial Farm BFXX0374
True Blue BFXX0095
Turnbull BFXX0287
Tusculum BFXX0331
Twin Lakes BFXX0178
United Estates BFXX0375
Upper Bogue BFXX0233
Victoria Hill BFXX0376
Victoria Village BFXX0288
Vincent Town BFXX0200
Water Cay BFXX0201
Waterford BFXX0347
Waterloo BFXX0332
Wemyss BFXX0289
Wemyss Bight BFXX0348
West End BFXX0202
Whitehouse BFXX0290
Williams Town BFXX0203
Wilson City BFXX0302
Winton BFXX0333
Winton Heights BFXX0334
Winton Meadows BFXX0335
Wood Cay BFXX0226
Zion Hill BFXX0130
Zonicles BFXX0131