Weather Codes for Tajikistan

Find Weather Codes or Weather Zip Codes for states and cities in Tajikistan. Weather Codes references a specified Location and is used to get weather of that place accurately. They are used by The Weather Channel( by IBM), Yahoo! Weather, AOL Weather and many such weather forecasting platforms. It is similar to Yahoo's WOEID(Where On the Earth ID) that is used to represent each place uniquely.

You can know the weather of any place precisely with the help of weather codes. Find the current weather of your state or city by clicking on it. You will be redirected to The Weather Channel site with your weather code for accurate weather forecast.

Abdan TIXX1253
Abdu TIXX1254
Abdulay TIXX1255
Abdusamat TIXX2070
Abkhon TIXX2006
Adrasmon TIXX0004
Afandi TIXX0380
Afgan-Kishlak TIXX0381
Aftoluk TIXX0382
Agaravak TIXX1256
Agurty TIXX1257
Ak-Bulak TIXX1258
Ak-Buryu TIXX1259
Ak-Dzhar TIXX1260
Ak-Dzhar TIXX0383
Ak-Guaz-Kaaz TIXX2071
Ak-Kurgan TIXX1261
Ak-Mamad TIXX0053
Ak-Su TIXX0384
Ak-Tak TIXX1262
Ak-Tash TIXX0054
Ak-Taylyak TIXX0055
Ak-Tyube TIXX2072
Akalchin TIXX1263
Akarbulok TIXX0385
Akbaytal TIXX0056
Akcha TIXX0386
Akhteraki Bolo TIXX0387
Akmazar TIXX0388
Aknakhodzha TIXX1264
Aksa-Rovat TIXX0389
Aksay TIXX1265
Akshivan TIXX0390
Akteri TIXX0391
Akuyli TIXX1266
Akzev TIXX0057
Alakchin TIXX1267
Alakdzhar TIXX2073
Alchagy TIXX1268
Alchin TIXX0394
Alibegi TIXX1269
Alichur TIXX0058
Aligalabon TIXX1270
Alijon TIXX0395
Alipberdy TIXX0396
Alisurkhon TIXX1271
Alkamazhar TIXX0397
Alkhitoy TIXX1272
Alkhuch TIXX1273
Almasi TIXX1274
Almyshabad TIXX0398
Alobaytal TIXX1275
Alovuddin TIXX0399
Amaler TIXX0059
Ambargaz TIXX2074
Ambargazi Bolo TIXX2075
Amondara TIXX2076
Amonshaykhi TIXX1276
Amring TIXX0400
Anatrosh TIXX0401
Andarbog TIXX0060
Andarob TIXX0061
Andarsoy TIXX2077
Anderavdzh TIXX0062
Andervash TIXX2078
Andigon TIXX1277
Andizhan TIXX0402
Andreyev TIXX1278
Angurli TIXX1279
Anjir TIXX1280
Anjirak TIXX0063
Anjirkhon TIXX0403
Anjirobi Bolo TIXX0404
Anna-Khudzha TIXX1281
Annakul-Rovat TIXX1282
Anzhirou-Poyen TIXX0405
Anzob TIXX2079
Apon TIXX2080
Appon TIXX2081
Arab TIXX0406
Arabkhana TIXX0407
Arabkhonai Kalon TIXX0408
Arabo TIXX0409
Arabqishloq TIXX2082
Aral TIXX0410
Arbobi TIXX1283
Arbobkhotun TIXX1284
Archa TIXX0411
Ardobag TIXX0064
Ardzhanak TIXX1285
Argankul TIXX1286
Arkhu TIXX1287
Arnokhum TIXX2083
Arpa-Bulak TIXX1288
Arpatuguldi TIXX0412
Arpatuguldy TIXX0413
Arshi TIXX1289
Artuch TIXX2084
Arzanion TIXX0414
Arzing TIXX1290
Asbob TIXX1291
Ashti Bolo TIXX2085
Ashti Poyon TIXX2086
Askari TIXX1292
Askari Surkh TIXX0415
Askerabad TIXX1293
Ataugor TIXX0065
Atchanar TIXX0416
Atochibulok TIXX0417
Avdzh TIXX0066
Avzali TIXX1294
Avzikent TIXX2087
Avzikent TIXX0418
Ay-Botkan TIXX0419
Ayni TIXX2088
Ayni TIXX1295
Ayni-Khojayni TIXX1296
Ayvaj TIXX0420
Azikeng TIXX1297
Babagabib TIXX1298
Bachamazor TIXX0421
Bachor TIXX0067
Badomdara TIXX0068
Badurt TIXX0069
Badzhu-Pavdiv TIXX0070
Bagalok TIXX1299
Bagu TIXX0071
Bagush TIXX0072
Bahorak TIXX0422
Bakaul TIXX1300
Bakhor TIXX1301
Bakhrushon TIXX0073
Bakht TIXX2089
Bakoron TIXX1302
Balagdash TIXX0423
Baland TIXX2090
Baldirgon TIXX1303
Baljuvon TIXX0425
Balkhobi TIXX0426
Baqoy TIXX1304
Baravn TIXX0074
Baravni Tor TIXX0075
Barchadiv TIXX0076
Barchuv TIXX0077
Bardara TIXX0078
Barfunt TIXX0079
Barnavad TIXX0080
Baroj TIXX0081
Barsem TIXX0082
Bartang TIXX0083
Barukhtin TIXX0084
Barzud TIXX0085
Bash-Gunash TIXX0427
Basid TIXX0086
Basmanda TIXX2091
Batan TIXX0428
Batosh TIXX1305
Batrak TIXX1306
Batyrkhan TIXX0429
Bay-Kuchkar TIXX0430
Baytudash TIXX1162
Bdavn TIXX0087
Bedak TIXX2092
Bedanibedak TIXX0431
Bedgun TIXX1307
Begar TIXX1308
Bene TIXX0088
Berencha TIXX0432
Besh-Kapa TIXX0433
Besh-Khabib TIXX0434
Besh-Tepa TIXX1309
Besharik TIXX0435
Besharyk TIXX0436
Beshbulok TIXX0437
Beshbulok TIXX1310
Beshbulok-Bolo TIXX1311
Beshcheulok TIXX0438
Beshkapa TIXX0439
Beshkapai Poyon TIXX1312
Beshkappa TIXX0440
Beshkappa TIXX1313
Beshkent TIXX0441
Beshquduq TIXX0442
Beshtegirmon TIXX0443
Beshtemir TIXX0444
Beshtentak TIXX0445
Beydikho TIXX1314
Bibi-Khurum TIXX1315
Bichkharv TIXX0089
Bichrav TIXX0090
Binokoron TIXX1316
Birbuloq TIXX0446
Bisav TIXX0091
Bish-Bulak TIXX1317
Bishkent TIXX0447
Blagodarnyy TIXX1318
Bobodarkhon TIXX2093
Bobokhonshaid TIXX0448
Boboqir TIXX2094
Bobosafol TIXX0449
Bobosafoli Poyon TIXX0450
Bobosurkhon TIXX1319
Bobotago TIXX2095
Bobotunkhona TIXX0451
Bodaud TIXX0092
Bodomtu TIXX0452
Bogak TIXX1320
Bogdayen TIXX0453
Boggai TIXX0454
Boghchigda TIXX0455
Boghev TIXX0093
Boghi Zoghon TIXX0456
Boghihabib TIXX0457
Bogi Kalon TIXX2096
Boldoy TIXX0459
Bolgali TIXX2097
Bolo-Nazar TIXX1321
Bolshevik TIXX0006
Bongura TIXX1322
Bopasor TIXX0094
Borshi TIXX1323
Boshbuloq TIXX0461
Boshbuloq TIXX1324
Boshchorbogh TIXX0462
Boshgumbez TIXX0095
Boshkengash TIXX0007
Boshkuruq TIXX2098
Boshkushkiya TIXX0463
Boshqaynar TIXX0465
Botanicheskiy TIXX1325
Boud TIXX0096
Brovg TIXX0097
Bubanan-Dasht TIXX0467
Budun TIXX0098
Bugolyak TIXX1326
Buguz TIXX0099
Bulbulchashma TIXX1327
Bulen TIXX0468
Bulokchinor TIXX1328
Bulokdasht TIXX0469
Bulokisaidon TIXX1329
Buloq TIXX2100
Bulunqul TIXX0100
Bulyon TIXX0470
Bulyoni-Bolo TIXX0471
Bunay TIXX0101
Bungakiyon TIXX1330
Buniga TIXX0102
Buragen TIXX2101
Burdongal TIXX0472
Bure-Tishik TIXX1331
Burka TIXX0473
Burma TIXX1332
Buston TIXX0008
Buston TIXX0474
Butson TIXX0476
Buved TIXX0103
Buydoqobod TIXX0477
Buynak-Manir TIXX1333
Buyrabov TIXX1334
Buzakhona TIXX0478
Buzbeli TIXX0479
Buzbit TIXX1335
Buzinova TIXX2102
Buzuk TIXX1336
Chadigiv TIXX0104
Chadik TIXX0105
Chadud TIXX0106
Chagam TIXX1337
Chagam-Kukabulok TIXX1338
Chagami Bolo TIXX0480
Chagatoy TIXX1339
Chagen TIXX1340
Chakadam-Bulak TIXX2103
Chalayev TIXX1341
Chalchal TIXX0481
Chalchit TIXX1342
Chamanistan TIXX1343
Changob TIXX1344
Changon TIXX0482
Chapaev TIXX0483
Chapaevskiy TIXX1345
Chapary TIXX0484
Chargi-Poen TIXX0485
Charsem TIXX0107
Charshma TIXX0486
Chashma TIXX2104
Chashma-i-Dara TIXX0487
Chashmaiborozi TIXX1346
Chashmaikulo TIXX1347
Chashmi-Sang TIXX1348
Chatyr-Tash TIXX0108
Chavalay TIXX1349
Chavkandak TIXX2105
Chavlibay TIXX1350
Chavroq TIXX0488
Chaynakichinor TIXX1351
Chechekti TIXX0109
Chechka TIXX0489
Chegam TIXX0490
Chekurak TIXX0491
Chengeldi TIXX2106
Chepsoli TIXX1352
Chepturai-Bolo TIXX1353
Cherdara TIXX0492
Chertepa TIXX1354
Cheshteppa TIXX0110
Chikali TIXX1355
Chikhokh TIXX0111
Chilcha TIXX0493
Childara TIXX1356
Childukhtaron TIXX0494
Chilgazi TIXX2107
Chilishtak TIXX0495
Chillamazor TIXX1357
Chimbaylik TIXX2108
Chimbulok TIXX0496
Chimkurgan TIXX2109
Chimteppa TIXX1358
Chinar TIXX0498
Chinar TIXX2110
Chinar TIXX1359
Chinara-Sukhta TIXX1360
Chinarak TIXX1361
Chinartu TIXX1362
Chindara TIXX1363
Chingirov TIXX1364
Chinor TIXX0499
Chinor TIXX1365
Chirakon TIXX0500
Chiray TIXX2111
Chiriq TIXX0501
Chirishteppa TIXX1366
Chirtak TIXX1367
Chkalov TIXX0009
Chokhtemir TIXX0502
Cholon TIXX0503
Cholota TIXX2112
Cholsartez TIXX0504
Choltau TIXX0505
Choltosh TIXX1368
Choltosh TIXX0506
Chonar TIXX1369
Chorbog TIXX1370
Chorbog TIXX0010
Chorbogh TIXX2113
Chorbogh TIXX0508
Chore TIXX2114
Chorgul TIXX0509
Chormagz TIXX1371
Chormagzak TIXX0510
Chormargzakon TIXX1372
Chorqishloq TIXX2115
Chorroha TIXX2116
Chorsay TIXX0511
Chorshanbe TIXX0512
Chorteppa TIXX1373
Chortov Most TIXX1164
Chortut TIXX1374
Chortut-Poyen TIXX1375
Chortut-Surkh TIXX1376
Chorukhdarron TIXX2117
Chorvodoron TIXX0513
Choryakkoron TIXX1377
Chosk TIXX0514
Chubek TIXX0515
Chuchu TIXX0516
Chugorak TIXX1378
Chukmazor TIXX1379
Chukur TIXX1380
Chukurak TIXX1381
Chukurak TIXX0517
Chukuraki-Bolo TIXX1382
Chuqurak TIXX1383
Churk-Kishlak TIXX1384
Chursoni Bolo TIXX0112
Chuyanchi TIXX1385
Chuyanchi TIXX0518
Chuzii-Bolo TIXX1386
Dadozi TIXX1387
Dagana TIXX1388
Dahana TIXX0519
Dahana TIXX2118
Dahanai Bolo TIXX2119
Dahanakiik TIXX0520
Dahani Chinor TIXX0521
Dahkat TIXX2120
Dahyak TIXX2121
Dakhana TIXX0522
Dakhana TIXX1389
Daldakhuron TIXX0523
Dalyon TIXX2122
Dalyoni Bolo TIXX2123
Dambu TIXX1390
Dana TIXX0114
Dangar TIXX1391
Dangara TIXX0524
Danghara TIXX0011
Dara TIXX1393
Dara-Khurdak TIXX0525
Darai Gusfondok TIXX1394
Darai Khayron TIXX1395
Daraikhavash TIXX0526
Daraikolot TIXX0527
Daraiob TIXX0528
Daraishoyon TIXX0529
Daray Imom TIXX0530
Daray-Chokor TIXX0531
Darband TIXX1396
Dardar TIXX2124
Dargh TIXX2125
Darjomch TIXX0115
Darkat TIXX0532
Darnaychi TIXX0533
Darvaz TIXX0116
Dash TIXX0117
Dashmandy TIXX0534
Dasht TIXX0118
Dashtak TIXX0535
Dashtak TIXX0119
Dashti Obburdon TIXX2126
Dashti Sulaymon TIXX0120
Dashti-Angara TIXX0536
Dashti-Jum TIXX0537
Dashti-Khirsan TIXX1397
Dashti-Mirzo TIXX1398
Dashti-Raz TIXX0538
Dashtiamin TIXX2127
Dashtibedi Kalon TIXX1399
Dashtigulho TIXX0540
Dashtigulo TIXX0541
Dashtigurk TIXX1400
Dashtijum TIXX0542
Dashtimalla TIXX2128
Dashtimazor TIXX1401
Dashtimiron TIXX1402
Dashtiqozy TIXX2129
Dashtishur TIXX1403
Dashtiyeri TIXX0543
Dashtobod TIXX0544
Dashty-Bet TIXX2130
Dastgirak TIXX0545
Davat TIXX0546
Davatkhalqaer TIXX0547
Davlatmanka TIXX1404
Davlatobod TIXX0548
Davlatshoyon TIXX0549
Dayrabot TIXX1405
De-Balyand TIXX1406
Debasta TIXX0121
Dedorazak TIXX0550
Degai TIXX1407
Degez TIXX0551
Degi-Kham TIXX0552
Degi-Mulla TIXX1408
Deh TIXX0122
Dehai Baland TIXX1409
Dehavo TIXX2131
Dehbaland TIXX2132
Dehikung TIXX1410
Dehishur TIXX0553
Dehisor TIXX0012
Dehmoi TIXX2133
Dehqonobod TIXX0554
Dehqonobod TIXX2134
Dek-Donak TIXX1411
Dekhamalik TIXX1412
Dekhkanabad TIXX0555
Dekhkonabad TIXX1413
Dektur TIXX0556
Delolo TIXX0557
Demiya TIXX1414
Demnora TIXX2135
Depir TIXX1415
Dershay TIXX0123
Deu TIXX0124
Devak TIXX1416
Devdor TIXX0558
Devona TIXX0559
Devona-Khoja TIXX0560
Devsiar TIXX1417
Deyli TIXX0561
Dich TIXX0125
Didengi-Poyen TIXX1418
Difat TIXX0562
Dijik TIXX2136
Dimnora TIXX2137
Diuchy TIXX1419
Divlyakh TIXX1420
Dobrovolcheskiy TIXX0563
Doghiston TIXX0564
Dokhashi TIXX0126
Dokki TIXX0565
Dolona TIXX2138
Dolonsoy TIXX1421
Dombrachi TIXX1422
Dong TIXX0566
Doroby TIXX0567
Dostuk TIXX2139
Drobak TIXX0127
Du-Oba TIXX1424
Dubeda TIXX1425
Dubova TIXX1426
Dubursa TIXX1427
Duchinora TIXX1428
Durbat TIXX1429
Durbent TIXX1430
Durman TIXX1431
Durman TIXX2140
Durmonbuloq TIXX1432
Dursher TIXX0128
Dushakhokogak TIXX1433
Dushanbe TIXX0001
Dushanbe TIXX0568
Dusman-Tyube TIXX0569
Dusti TIXX0014
Dusti TIXX2141
Dusty TIXX0571
Duvana TIXX1434
Duzakh-Dara TIXX0129
Dyurak TIXX1436
Dyushana TIXX1437
Dzhafak TIXX0130
Dzhailgan TIXX1438
Dzhalandar TIXX1439
Dzhalavli TIXX0572
Dzhaltyrtepe TIXX1440
Dzhamogulion TIXX0573
Dzhana-Kishlak TIXX1441
Dzhanbulak TIXX2142
Dzhangalabad TIXX1442
Dzhangalda TIXX1443
Dzhangyaul TIXX2143
Dzharboshi TIXX1445
Dzharbulok TIXX0574
Dzharteppa TIXX1446
Dzharty-Gumbez TIXX0131
Dzharty-Rabat TIXX0132
Dzhaushangoz TIXX0133
Dzhavliboi TIXX1447
Dzhavrat TIXX1448
Dzhayrabulok TIXX1449
Dzhayre-Tepe TIXX1450
Dzhidobulok TIXX0575
Dzhilas TIXX2144
Dzhingun TIXX1451
Dzhirginak TIXX1452
Dzhomolokudung TIXX1165
Dzhomri TIXX1453
Dzhorusay TIXX1454
Dzhugiabad TIXX1455
Dzhumabazar TIXX2145
Dzhur TIXX0134
Dzhurakylsoy TIXX1166
Echki TIXX0578
Efironos TIXX1456
Eged TIXX0135
Elok TIXX1457
Elovar TIXX1458
Emomaly TIXX0579
Ems TIXX0136
Esanboy TIXX1459
Eshma TIXX0581
Eshma Pervaya TIXX0582
Esiz TIXX2146
Etimchuki TIXX2147
Ezgand TIXX1460
Fakhrobod TIXX0583
Falakon TIXX1461
Falkhabad TIXX0584
Fanfarok TIXX1462
Farishti TIXX1463
Farkhor TIXX0585
Farkingi TIXX0137
Farkow TIXX2148
Farob TIXX2149
Farrukh TIXX1464
Fatmev TIXX2150
Fatmovut TIXX2151
Fayzabad TIXX0586
Fayzabadkala TIXX0587
Fayzobod TIXX0588
Fayzobod TIXX1465
Fayzobodi Bolo TIXX1466
Filmandor TIXX2152
Finskiy TIXX0589
Firdavsy TIXX0590
Firuzoba TIXX0591
Firuzoobod TIXX1467
Foru TIXX1468
Fotehobod TIXX2153
Frunze TIXX2154
Frunze TIXX0592
Frunze TIXX1469
Furqat TIXX0593
Gachak TIXX1470
Gagarin TIXX2155
Gala-Gutan TIXX0594
Galaba TIXX0595
Galabuloq TIXX1471
Galamysh TIXX1472
Galaobod TIXX0596
Galatan TIXX2156
Gallabor TIXX0597
Galya-Kuduk TIXX1473
Gami-Dara TIXX0598
Gandzhina TIXX1474
Ganjina-In-Tajik TIXX0052
Garab TIXX1475
Garab TIXX0599
Garav TIXX1476
Garav TIXX0600
Garavchak TIXX0601
Garavuti TIXX0602
Garbuloq TIXX0603
Gardana TIXX0604
Garjvin TIXX0138
Garm TIXX0605
Garmchashma TIXX0139
Garnavat TIXX0140
Garob TIXX1477
Gashion TIXX1478
Gaz TIXX2157
Gazantarak TIXX2158
Gazhim TIXX1479
Gazhirkhana TIXX1167
Gech-Lara TIXX0606
Geshi TIXX1480
Ghafurov TIXX0015
Ghalaba TIXX0607
Ghargara TIXX0608
Gharibak TIXX2159
Ghaznich TIXX2160
Ghazza TIXX2161
Ghelot TIXX0609
Ghesh TIXX0610
Ghezani Bolo TIXX2162
Ghezani-Poyon TIXX2163
Ghizhdarva TIXX2164
Ghofilobod TIXX0611
Ghonchi TIXX2165
Ghozimalik TIXX0612
Ghulakandoz TIXX2166
Ghumayak TIXX0141
Ghusar TIXX2167
Ghuzn TIXX2168
Gidzhovast TIXX0142
Gijovak TIXX0613
Girdob TIXX0614
Gishun TIXX0143
Gissar TIXX0615
Gissar TIXX0016
Gizhdalabad TIXX1481
Glomovod TIXX0616
Goch TIXX0144
Goj TIXX2169
Golchak TIXX0617
Gorif TIXX1483
Gornaya TIXX1484
Gou-Gavdi-Pao TIXX1485
Gozhak TIXX0145
Gozri TIXX1486
Gring TIXX0618
Gucha TIXX0146
Gudar TIXX0147
Gudos TIXX2170
Gul TIXX2171
Gulbog TIXX1488
Gulbutta TIXX1489
Gulisoy Vtoroy TIXX0619
Gulistan TIXX0620
Guliston TIXX2172
Guliston TIXX1490
Guliston TIXX0621
Gulisurkh TIXX1491
Gulizindon TIXX0622
Gulizoar TIXX1492
Gulkhori TIXX1493
Gulkhos TIXX1494
Gulobod TIXX0623
Gulpista TIXX1495
Gulshan TIXX0624
Gulshan TIXX2173
Gulyuk TIXX0625
Gumas TIXX0148
Gumbezkol TIXX0149
Gumbuloq TIXX1496
Gumsu TIXX0626
Gun-Dara TIXX0627
Gun-Dara-Bolo TIXX1497
Gunt TIXX0017
Gurakha TIXX1498
Gurdara TIXX0018
Gurdora TIXX0629
Guriyot TIXX1499
Gurkham TIXX1500
Gurlyuk-Say TIXX0630
Guruldy TIXX0631
Guruyon TIXX1501
Gushari TIXX1502
Gushkhun TIXX0150
Guskef TIXX1503
Guskharf TIXX1504
Guytan TIXX2174
Guyunchi TIXX0632
Guzari Poyon TIXX0633
Guzaribad TIXX2175
Gyzaryta TIXX0634
Hashtyak TIXX2176
Havaskor TIXX0635
Hayoti Nav TIXX0636
Hayronbed TIXX2177
Hazara TIXX1506
Hevj TIXX0151
Hiloli Ahmar TIXX0637
Hisor TIXX1507
Hoshadi TIXX0638
Hudud Dashtikrug TIXX0639
Hudud Kattagor TIXX0642
Hudud Qoqtosh TIXX0644
Hulbabuloq TIXX2178
Hur TIXX1508
Husanobod TIXX2179
Hushyor TIXX2180
Igron TIXX0645
Imamtarifi TIXX0648
Imbef TIXX2181
Imeni Frunze TIXX0649
Imeni Kalinina TIXX0152
Imeni Kirova TIXX0651
Imeni Rudaki TIXX2182
Imeni Stalina TIXX0653
Imeni Vase TIXX0019
Ingichka TIXX1510
Inkuh TIXX0153
Ionakhsh TIXX1511
Isfara TIXX2183
Isfisor TIXX2184
Ishan TIXX0656
Ishkabad TIXX1512
Ishkli TIXX2185
Ishma TIXX0657
Ishqoshim TIXX0154
Ishtimoyut TIXX1513
Ishtiyen TIXX1514
Iski-Baldirgon TIXX1515
Iski-Darkh TIXX2186
Iski-Guzar TIXX1516
Iski-Lyagman TIXX0660
Iskin TIXX1517
Iskodar TIXX2187
Islomobod TIXX0661
Ismoili Somoni TIXX0662
Ispan TIXX2188
Ispechak TIXX1518
Isroilobod TIXX1519
Istaravshan TIXX2189
Istyk TIXX0155
Itok TIXX1520
Itorchi TIXX2190
Ittifoq TIXX1521
Izhog TIXX0156
Jailma TIXX0663
Jalbuzi TIXX0664
Jamag TIXX0157
Jangal TIXX0158
Jangal TIXX2191
Jantokli TIXX0666
Jarajand TIXX0159
Jarbuloq TIXX2192
Jarbuloq TIXX1522
Jarcheb TIXX0667
Jarkutan TIXX2193
Jarqurghon TIXX0668
Jarteppa TIXX0669
Jarteppa TIXX1523
Javoni TIXX1524
Javshangoz TIXX0160
Javzodara TIXX0670
Jayilgan TIXX1525
Jayrabuloq TIXX1526
Jayrali TIXX0671
Jayraly TIXX0672
Jelondi TIXX0161
Jetikir TIXX1527
Jida TIXX2194
Jida TIXX0673
Jigdalik TIXX2195
Jilga TIXX0674
Jilikul TIXX0675
Jingazhir TIXX0162
Jirghatol TIXX1528
Jomi TIXX0677
Jomi TIXX2196
Jonbuloq TIXX0678
Jonvarsuz TIXX1529
Jorbogh TIXX0679
Jorf TIXX0163
Juibodom TIXX1530
Jund TIXX0164
Juqurdolon TIXX1531
Juri Bolo TIXX1532
Juzak TIXX0680
Kabadian TIXX0681
Kabkrez TIXX1533
Kabla TIXX0682
Kabutchiyon TIXX1534
Kabuty TIXX1535
Kachguzar TIXX1168
Kadara TIXX1536
Kadi-Ob TIXX1537
Kaduchy TIXX0683
Kady-Dzhabar TIXX1538
Kadyr-Berdy TIXX0684
Kaftarguzar TIXX1539
Kaftarkhona TIXX0685
Kaftor TIXX0686
Kakhramon TIXX0687
Kakhramon TIXX1540
Kalacha TIXX1541
Kalaidasht TIXX1542
Kalanak TIXX1543
Kalaryk TIXX0688
Kalay-Khodzha TIXX0689
Kalaynay TIXX0020
Kalinin TIXX0690
Kalinino TIXX1544
Kalininskiy TIXX0691
Kalkot TIXX0692
Kallyapar TIXX1545
Kalom TIXX0165
Kalon TIXX1546
Kaltashur TIXX0693
Kaltuch TIXX1547
Kamadon TIXX1548
Kamar TIXX2197
Kamar-Tash TIXX2198
Kamarou TIXX1549
Kambar TIXX1550
Kambar-Past TIXX1551
Kamchak TIXX0166
Kamchin TIXX1552
Kamongaroni-Bolo TIXX1553
Kampirkala TIXX1554
Kanchashma Poyon TIXX0694
Kanchoch TIXX2199
Kandav TIXX1555
Kandi TIXX1556
Kandou TIXX0695
Kangur-Dzhar TIXX0696
Kangurt TIXX0697
Kangurtut TIXX0698
Kanibadam TIXX0021
Kansay TIXX0022
Kante TIXX2200
Kanyaz TIXX1557
Kanyshbek TIXX1558
Kara-Agach TIXX1559
Kara-Avgan TIXX1560
Kara-Bulak TIXX1561
Kara-Dzhilga TIXX0167
Kara-Syut TIXX1562
Kara-Yagach TIXX1563
Karaart TIXX0168
Karagach TIXX0700
Karakamish TIXX0701
Karakendzha TIXX0023
Karakenja TIXX1564
Karakon TIXX2201
Karakutan TIXX1565
Karakuz TIXX1566
Karamkul TIXX1567
Karangucha-Patta TIXX1169
Karani TIXX1568
Karapchi TIXX2202
Karasakol TIXX2203
Karasyrt TIXX1171
Karatikon TIXX1569
Karcha TIXX0702
Kargandzha TIXX0703
Kariz-Poyen TIXX0704
Karl Marks TIXX0705
Karmysh TIXX2204
Karoni TIXX1570
Karsang TIXX1571
Kartaypak TIXX0706
Kashi TIXX2205
Kashimbog TIXX1572
Kaskon TIXX1573
Kasvir TIXX0169
Katanbulok TIXX1574
Katta TIXX1575
Katta-Buyni TIXX1576
Katta-Kishlak TIXX2206
Katta-Sarikamysh TIXX2207
Kattaayry TIXX2208
Kaun-Tyube TIXX0707
Kavrakly TIXX0709
Kavshduzon TIXX1577
Kaykidasht TIXX0710
Kaynar TIXX0711
Kayragach TIXX0712
Kayralan TIXX2007
Kayrogoch TIXX1578
Kayrogochi-Bolo TIXX1579
Kayrubak TIXX0713
Kaytmas TIXX0714
Kazakh TIXX0715
Kazakmazor TIXX0716
Kaznok TIXX1580
Kazokon TIXX1581
Kelitosh TIXX1582
Kenagaz TIXX2209
Kengkul TIXX2210
Keriok TIXX0717
Kevron TIXX0170
Khaboyet TIXX0171
Khabutak TIXX2211
Khadgut TIXX0172
Khairavat TIXX2212
Khait TIXX1583
Khakimi TIXX1584
Khalfa TIXX0718
Khalila-Bulak TIXX0719
Khalkadzhar TIXX1585
Khalkaer TIXX0720
Khalkayar TIXX0721
Khamdora TIXX1586
Khanabad TIXX0024
Khanaka TIXX1587
Khanako TIXX1588
Khanka TIXX1589
Kharangony TIXX1590
Kharanoni TIXX0723
Khargush TIXX0173
Kharkharak TIXX0724
Kharrangoni Bolo TIXX1591
Khasandara TIXX1592
Khaskhorugh TIXX0174
Khasony TIXX0725
Khaspo TIXX0175
Khatchi TIXX0726
Khavzako TIXX0727
Khaymokhmady TIXX1593
Khayoti Nav TIXX1594
Khayrabad TIXX2213
Khayrkoron TIXX0728
Khayrobod TIXX1595
Khayronak TIXX1596
Khaytali TIXX1597
Khazara TIXX1598
Khazrati-Imom TIXX0729
Khijez TIXX0176
Khikhik TIXX0177
Khilmagz TIXX1599
Khirazmoni TIXX0730
Khirgatarosh TIXX1600
Khirmanak TIXX1601
Khirmanjoy TIXX0731
Khirs TIXX1602
Khirskhona TIXX2214
Khishka-Sangou TIXX0732
Khishortow TIXX2215
Khlopkovyy TIXX0733
Khneuk TIXX0178
Khnuk TIXX0734
Khochaboi TIXX1603
Khodishar TIXX2216
Khodzha-Ali-Sha TIXX0735
Khodzha-Isaf TIXX2217
Khodzha-Isan TIXX0736
Khodzha-Maston TIXX1605
Khodzhabaykul TIXX1606
Khodzhakala TIXX0737
Khodzhambio-Bolo TIXX1608
Khodzhamuso TIXX1609
Khodzhasiddik TIXX1610
Khodzhikatagan TIXX1611
Khodzhimard TIXX1612
Khoja Obigarm TIXX1613
Khojabog TIXX0738
Khojabulbulon TIXX1614
Khojagalton TIXX0739
Khojaguzar TIXX0740
Khojakhalil TIXX0741
Khojametk TIXX2218
Khojaquchqor TIXX0742
Khojasartez TIXX0743
Khojigirdob TIXX1615
Khojildiyor TIXX1616
Khokak TIXX0744
Khokali TIXX1617
Khokhu TIXX1618
Kholdorqiggchoq TIXX2219
Khonakokh TIXX0745
Khonanokh TIXX1619
Khonatarosh TIXX0746
Khonobod TIXX0747
Khonobod TIXX2220
Khordarai TIXX1620
Khorugh TIXX0025
Khosh-Ob TIXX0748
Khoshdara TIXX1621
Khost TIXX0179
Khovaling TIXX0749
Khudgif TIXX2221
Khudgifi TIXX2222
Khudzhand TIXX0003
Khuf TIXX0180
Khulozy TIXX1624
Khumdon TIXX1625
Khumorigung TIXX2223
Khundukul TIXX0750
Khuraz TIXX0751
Khurk TIXX0181
Khurmi TIXX2224
Khuseynshug TIXX0752
Khushikat TIXX2225
Khushon TIXX1626
Khushtoirijar TIXX2226
Khuvan TIXX1627
Khuyum TIXX1628
Khuzhalksho TIXX0753
Khuzya TIXX2227
Kibil TIXX0754
Kichikayri TIXX2228
Kichikolichali TIXX2229
Kiikmazor TIXX0755
Kilichi TIXX2008
Kim TIXX2230
Kirgiz TIXX0756
Kirgochak TIXX0757
Kirma TIXX1629
Kirma Bolo TIXX0758
Kirov TIXX0759
Kirovskiy TIXX0760
Kirpichnyy TIXX1631
Kisadara TIXX2009
Kisatorosh TIXX1632
Kishti Poyon TIXX0761
Kishtibolo TIXX0762
Kishtudak TIXX2231
Kizil TIXX1633
Kizili TIXX2232
Kizilkuch TIXX0763
Kizilqishloq TIXX1634
Kizilsoy TIXX0764
Kizyl-Bulak TIXX1635
Kochkiya TIXX0765
Kodara TIXX0766
Kofarkham TIXX2010
Kofarnihon TIXX1636
Koklisoy TIXX0767
Koktash TIXX2233
Kol-Bulak TIXX0768
Kolem-Boki TIXX1637
Kolkhozchion TIXX2234
Kolkhozobod TIXX0182
Kolkhozobod TIXX0027
Kombinat Slepykh TIXX1638
Kommunai Parizh TIXX0769
Komsomalabad TIXX0028
Komsomol TIXX0770
Komsomol TIXX1639
Komsomolabad TIXX1640
Komsomolobod TIXX0771
Komsomolsk TIXX2235
Konaqurghon TIXX0183
Konchy TIXX1641
Kondara TIXX1642
Konibodom TIXX2236
Konsoy TIXX2237
Konstitutsiya TIXX1643
Korgaron TIXX0772
Kosabuloq TIXX1644
Kosatarosh TIXX1645
Kosatarosh TIXX2238
Kosataroshi Bolo TIXX1646
Kosh-Bulak TIXX1647
Koshona TIXX2239
Kosimobod TIXX1648
Kotorak TIXX0774
Kozychuzak TIXX0775
Krasnoostrovskiy TIXX0776
Krichol TIXX0777
Krut TIXX2240
Kshindara Poyen TIXX0778
Kuchkak TIXX2241
Kuchkan TIXX1650
Kuchkina TIXX2242
Kudara TIXX0184
Kuduk TIXX1651
Kuduk TIXX0779
Kuitemez TIXX0780
Kukabuloq TIXX1652
Kukhdara TIXX2011
Kukhon TIXX1653
Kukteppa TIXX1654
Kul TIXX1655
Kul TIXX0781
Kulbek TIXX0788
Kulbuloq TIXX1659
Kuldara TIXX0789
Kulibedak TIXX1660
Kulichinor TIXX2012
Kulin TIXX0186
Kuliqutan TIXX2245
Kulkent TIXX2246
Kulmunda TIXX1661
Kulob TIXX0791
Kulobod TIXX0792
Kuloli TIXX2247
Kululu TIXX0793
Kulumbai-Bolo TIXX0187
Kum TIXX2248
Kumarg TIXX2249
Kumsangir TIXX0794
Kumsoy TIXX0795
Kun-Tyube TIXX0796
Kunchi TIXX1662
Kundashar TIXX0797
Kungora TIXX0798
Kunyashaar TIXX0799
Kunzhak TIXX2250
Kuprukboshi TIXX2251
Kuprukboshy TIXX1663
Kur-Kuduk TIXX0800
Kuranch TIXX1664
Kurbonkusa TIXX1665
Kurdyk-Say TIXX0801
Kurgan-Tyube TIXX0029
Kurghon TIXX0188
Kurgovad TIXX0189
Kurjalol TIXX0802
Kurkat TIXX2252
Kurot TIXX0803
Kurpai TIXX1666
Kurpay TIXX1667
Kuruk TIXX1668
Kurzhumtosh TIXX0804
Kus-Abad TIXX0805
Kushachinor TIXX0806
Kushkak TIXX0807
Kushkak TIXX1669
Kushkutan TIXX2253
Kushqurgon TIXX2254
Kuybishev TIXX0808
Kuybishevskiy TIXX0809
Kuyikushkiya TIXX0810
Kuykuchek TIXX1174
Kuymot TIXX0811
Kuyu-Burka TIXX0812
Kuzibacha TIXX1670
Kyirdzhol TIXX1175
Kyrk-Archa TIXX2255
Kyrkuduk TIXX0813
Kyshkasangou TIXX0814
Kyzyl Nishon TIXX1671
Kyzyl-Alma TIXX1672
Kyzyl-Askar TIXX0815
Kyzyl-Bulak TIXX1673
Kyzyl-Rabat TIXX0190
Kyzyl-Tabobu TIXX1674
Kyzylnishon TIXX0817
Kyzylucha TIXX1176
Labital TIXX1675
Lagmon TIXX0819
Lakhat-Bul TIXX1676
Lakhsh TIXX0191
Lakhuti TIXX0820
Lakkon TIXX2256
Laklakuya TIXX0821
Langa TIXX1677
Langar TIXX2257
Langar TIXX0192
Langar TIXX0822
Langar TIXX1678
Langar-Poyen TIXX1679
Langlif TIXX2258
Laqat TIXX2259
Laqaybegi TIXX1680
Larkhobi TIXX0823
Lattaban TIXX1681
Lattakhorak TIXX1682
Layka TIXX1683
Layron TIXX1684
Lenin Kolkhoz TIXX0824
Lenin Sovkhoz TIXX0825
Lenin Yuly TIXX0826
Leninabad TIXX0827
Leninabad TIXX0030
Leninskiy Rayon TIXX1685
Leninyuli TIXX0828
Leprozoriy TIXX1686
Lijak TIXX1687
Lodzhirk TIXX0193
Lohur TIXX1688
Lohuti TIXX2260
Lojirk TIXX1689
Lokhur TIXX0829
Lolagi TIXX1690
Lolazor TIXX1691
Loshkharf TIXX1692
Loyeva TIXX0830
Loyluku TIXX0831
Loyob TIXX1693
Lublikor TIXX0832
Luchob TIXX1694
Lukhch TIXX0194
Lulikutal TIXX0833
Lyabi-Dzhoy TIXX1695
Lyangar TIXX1696
Lyangar TIXX0195
Lyatoban TIXX1697
Machiton TIXX1698
Madaniyat TIXX2261
Madaniyat TIXX0834
Madm TIXX2262
Madovra TIXX2263
Madrushkat TIXX2264
Magaitu TIXX1699
Magmurud TIXX1700
Magov TIXX1701
Mahmadsho TIXX1702
Makhrazi TIXX1703
Makhshevad TIXX2265
Maksim Gorkiy TIXX0836
Malikobod TIXX0837
Mansev TIXX0838
Margedor TIXX2266
Margheb TIXX2267
Marghob TIXX0839
Marguzar TIXX0840
Marguzor TIXX2268
Margzor TIXX2269
Marifati TIXX1705
Markansu TIXX0196
Maroz TIXX0841
Marsor TIXX0197
Martaki TIXX0842
Marzich TIXX2270
Mashal TIXX0843
Mastchoh TIXX2271
Matcha TIXX0031
Matpari TIXX2272
Maulak TIXX1706
Mavlodzh TIXX0198
Mavlondzhar TIXX1707
Maydapatta TIXX1178
Maydon TIXX0844
Maydon Pakhta TIXX0845
Maykhura TIXX1709
Mayshik TIXX2273
Mazar TIXX1710
Mazar TIXX0199
Mazor TIXX2274
Mazorirarz TIXX2275
Mazory TIXX0846
Mdykhara TIXX0200
Medenshor TIXX0201
Medynved TIXX0202
Mehnat TIXX0847
Mehnatobad TIXX0848
Mehnatobod TIXX2276
Mehnatobod TIXX0849
Mehron TIXX2277
Mehtar TIXX2278
Mekhnat-Rokhat TIXX0850
Mekhtari TIXX1711
Mekhtari Novyy TIXX1712
Metintughay TIXX0851
Meynet-Kash TIXX1713
Mikoyan TIXX1714
Mikoyanabad TIXX0852
Minbulak TIXX1715
Mindona TIXX2279
Ming-Botman TIXX1716
Ming-Tut TIXX1717
Mingichar TIXX1718
Mirzobek TIXX1719
Mirzoqulobod TIXX0854
Mirzorabot TIXX2280
Mishkoron TIXX0855
Misyr-Abad TIXX0856
Mitin-Tugay TIXX0857
Miyenadara TIXX2014
Miyonadu TIXX1721
Miyondara TIXX1722
Miyonshahr TIXX0203
Mogiyon TIXX2281
Mogol TIXX0858
Mogul TIXX0859
Mogul TIXX2282
Moinkadzh-Poyen TIXX1723
Moinkaj TIXX1724
Moloshady TIXX1725
Molotovabad TIXX0860
Momandiyon TIXX0861
Momirak TIXX0862
Monming-Abad TIXX1726
Morj TIXX0204
Morkhona TIXX0205
Morteppa TIXX1727
Moskva TIXX2283
Moskva TIXX0863
Motravn TIXX0206
Moykatta TIXX2284
Muchun TIXX2285
Mugulon TIXX1728
Muguloni-Poyen TIXX1729
Muhojirobod TIXX0865
Mujikharf TIXX1730
Muk TIXX1731
Mukur TIXX2286
Mulla-Kazagi TIXX0866
Mullodavot TIXX1732
Mullomir TIXX2287
Mullosulton TIXX0867
Muminabad TIXX0032
Mundok-Belo TIXX0868
Mundok-Poyen TIXX0869
Murattepa TIXX0870
Murghob TIXX0207
Murgudga TIXX0208
Murshikor TIXX1733
Murutak TIXX1734
Muryak TIXX2288
Musa-Bazari TIXX1735
Muskinabad TIXX1736
Musobozor TIXX2289
Muzkol TIXX0209
Nadzh TIXX1737
Nadzhi TIXX1738
Nafaroch TIXX2290
Nagodak TIXX0210
Namadguti Bolo TIXX0211
Namozbuloq TIXX0871
Namozgokh TIXX1740
Namozjoy TIXX0872
Namuna TIXX0873
Narge-Say TIXX2291
Narvad TIXX2292
Naryn TIXX0874
Nasosnyy TIXX1741
Nasrud TIXX1742
Nasrut TIXX1743
Nau TIXX0212
Nau TIXX0033
Naugandy TIXX2293
Navabad TIXX1744
Navbod TIXX1745
Navbunyod TIXX2294
Navdekh TIXX1746
Navdi TIXX0875
Navdonek TIXX1747
Navgarzan TIXX2295
Navgilem TIXX2296
Navkoram TIXX0876
Navobad TIXX2297
Navobod TIXX2298
Navobod TIXX1748
Navobod TIXX0877
Navobod Poyon TIXX0878
Navobodi Bolo TIXX0879
Navobuloq TIXX0880
Navruzbuloq TIXX1749
Nawobod TIXX2299
Naygufdorgoza TIXX1750
Nayman TIXX2300
Nayza-Bulak TIXX0881
Nayza-Bulak TIXX1751
Nazaraylok TIXX1752
Nazarboy TIXX0882
Neftobod TIXX2301
Negnot TIXX2302
Nemats TIXX0213
Nijoni TIXX2303
Nilu TIXX1754
Nimichi-Poyen TIXX1755
Nimos TIXX0214
Nimshus TIXX0215
Nisay TIXX1756
Nishgar TIXX0216
Nishorak TIXX0883
Nisur TIXX0217
Niyozbek TIXX2304
Nizhniy Khokak TIXX0884
Nodirobod TIXX1757
Nofin TIXX2305
Noling TIXX1758
Nomitkon TIXX2306
Norak TIXX1759
Norobod TIXX1760
Nov TIXX2307
Novabad TIXX0885
Novabad TIXX1761
Novakipoyen TIXX1762
Novasoy TIXX1763
Novichomoq TIXX2308
Novobad TIXX0886
Novobod TIXX0887
Novobod TIXX0034
Novyy Sarkor TIXX1765
Nukbist TIXX0218
Nurex TIXX0035
Nurobod TIXX0888
Nurung TIXX1766
Obburdon TIXX2310
Obgo TIXX0220
Obiasht TIXX2311
Obiborik TIXX2312
Obiborik TIXX1767
Obigarm TIXX1768
Obikiik TIXX0889
Obilurd TIXX1769
Obimuki TIXX0890
Obinuqra TIXX1770
Obitera TIXX0891
Objuvoz TIXX2313
Obkarchagay TIXX2314
Ochamayli TIXX1771
Odesht TIXX0221
Odinaboy TIXX0892
Odzhuk TIXX1772
Oftobruy TIXX2315
Ogilgaron TIXX0222
Oim TIXX1773
Okchakman TIXX1774
Okchinor TIXX0893
Oksukon TIXX2316
Oktabrsk TIXX0036
Oktok TIXX1775
Oktosh TIXX0894
Oktyabr TIXX1776
Oktyabr TIXX2317
Oktyabrskiy TIXX0895
Olimtoy TIXX0896
Oliy-Sovet TIXX1777
Olma TIXX2318
Olmali TIXX2319
Oltintopkan TIXX0005
Omada TIXX1778
Oq-Jar TIXX0223
Oqbulok TIXX1779
Oqbuloq TIXX0897
Oqbuloq TIXX1780
Oqjar TIXX0898
Oqkutal TIXX2320
Oqmachit TIXX1781
Oqmajid TIXX1782
Oqmazor TIXX0899
Oqqurgon TIXX1783
Oqsinjot TIXX2321
Oqsu TIXX0900
Oqteppa TIXX2322
Oqtosh TIXX2323
Ordhonikidzeabad TIXX0002
Orzu TIXX0901
Oshoba TIXX2324
Osiob-Dara TIXX1784
Osmanbika TIXX0902
Ovchi TIXX2325
Ovul TIXX1785
Oy-Barik TIXX1786
Oybosh TIXX1787
Oykamar TIXX0903
Ozodi TIXX0904
Ozodii Sharq TIXX0905
Ozodii Zanon TIXX1788
O`zbekoqjar TIXX2309
Padrud TIXX0224
Padrud TIXX2326
Pagna TIXX2327
Pagulya TIXX1789
Pakhtaabad TIXX1790
Pakhtaboy TIXX1791
Pakhtakhor TIXX0906
Pakhtakor TIXX1792
Pakhtakor TIXX2328
Pakhtakor TIXX0907
Pakhtakoron TIXX2329
Pakhtaobod TIXX1793
Pakhtaobod TIXX0908
Paldorak TIXX2330
Palos TIXX2331
Pam-Dara TIXX0909
Pani TIXX2332
Panj TIXX0910
Panjakent TIXX2333
Panjariyon TIXX0911
Panjhok TIXX1794
Panji Bolo TIXX0912
Panji Poyon TIXX0913
Panjrud TIXX2334
Parchasay TIXX0914
Parchasoy TIXX0915
Parchayuz TIXX2335
Parinishian TIXX0225
Parkamchy TIXX0916
Parkhar TIXX0039
Parshed TIXX0226
Partizani Surkh TIXX0917
Partizani-Surkh TIXX1795
Parvar TIXX0919
Parven TIXX2336
Parzhir TIXX0227
Pasariq TIXX0920
Pasaryk TIXX1796
Pashchi TIXX2337
Pashimgar TIXX0040
Pashor TIXX1797
Pasivaram TIXX0921
Paskitomchi TIXX1798
Pasor TIXX0228
Pasrud TIXX2338
Pastakon TIXX0922
Pastbajuv TIXX0229
Pastezas TIXX0923
Pastigav TIXX0041
Pastkhuf TIXX0042
Pastob TIXX1180
Patar TIXX2339
Patkunob TIXX0230
Patru TIXX1799
Pattalik TIXX0924
Paxtakor TIXX2340
Peho TIXX1800
Pendzhikent TIXX0043
Pervomayskiy TIXX0925
Pervoye Maya TIXX0926
Peshqadam TIXX0927
Pete TIXX2341
Peteul TIXX0928
Pichandor TIXX1801
Pichef TIXX1802
Pingon TIXX0929
Pinyon TIXX2342
Pioner TIXX0930
Pionerobod TIXX1804
Pionersk TIXX0931
Pionerskiy TIXX0932
Pish TIXX0231
Pishanza TIXX2343
Pishtovo TIXX0933
Piskokat TIXX2344
Pisoda TIXX1805
Pistamazor TIXX0934
Pistamazor TIXX1806
Pitip TIXX2345
Pobeda TIXX0935
Poimazor TIXX2346
Poimazor TIXX0232
Pokhut TIXX2347
Poldorak TIXX2348
Polne TIXX0233
Pongoz TIXX2349
Pormin TIXX2350
Poruk-Tash TIXX1808
Poshkent TIXX2351
Poshkharv TIXX0234
Poshmikuna TIXX1809
Poshum TIXX1810
Potov TIXX0235
Pravda TIXX1811
Priiski TIXX0236
Proletar TIXX2352
Proletarsk TIXX0044
Pshambe TIXX1812
Pshikharv TIXX0237
Pskan TIXX2353
Ptul TIXX0238
Pugus TIXX1813
Puligirdob TIXX2354
Pungan TIXX2355
Purud TIXX1814
Pushing TIXX0937
Pushiyon TIXX0938
Pushiyoni Poyen TIXX0939
Pushtimiyona TIXX1815
Pushtiqurgon TIXX2356
Pushyon TIXX0940
Pustin-Dara TIXX0941
Pyandza TIXX0045
Pyandzhsola TIXX0942
Qairma TIXX2357
Qalaikhumb TIXX0241
Qalam TIXX2365
Qamishogly TIXX0944
Qamishqurgon TIXX2366
Qarabodon TIXX0945
Qarabolchik TIXX1818
Qarabuloq TIXX1819
Qaragoch TIXX0946
Qarakuhi TIXX0947
Qaramandy TIXX0948
Qaramazor TIXX2367
Qaramazorsoi TIXX2368
Qarasu TIXX1820
Qarasu TIXX0242
Qaratog TIXX1821
Qaratosh TIXX0949
Qarojingil TIXX2369
Qarokul TIXX0243
Qarotegin TIXX1822
Qashqa TIXX2370
Qataghan TIXX2371
Qatorbuloq TIXX2372
Qayragoch TIXX1823
Qayragoj TIXX0950
Qayroqqum TIXX2373
Qazanguzar TIXX0951
Qaznok TIXX2374
Qiblai TIXX1824
Qiblay TIXX0952
Qipchoq TIXX0953
Qirionte TIXX2375
Qirkhizqishloq TIXX1826
Qirqquduq TIXX2376
Qistaquz TIXX2377
Qizilbulok TIXX0955
Qizilguzar TIXX0956
Qiziljar TIXX2378
Qizilnur TIXX2379
Qizilpilol TIXX2380
Qizilqishloq TIXX2381
Qizilsu TIXX0959
Qoqobod TIXX0244
Qoshkarokha TIXX0960
Qozide TIXX0245
Qubodiyon TIXX0961
Quchkarli TIXX2382
Quchqorbulok TIXX0962
Qudukli TIXX0963
Qukhnaboy TIXX1827
Qul TIXX2383
Qulfisabad TIXX0964
Qulihoji TIXX2384
Qulisufiyon TIXX0965
Qulobod TIXX1828
Qumsangir TIXX0966
Qumsoi TIXX2385
Qurbonshahid TIXX0968
Qurghon TIXX2386
Qurghoncha TIXX2387
Qurghonteppa TIXX0969
Qurgoncha TIXX2388
Qurquduq TIXX2389
Quruq TIXX2390
Quruqsoi TIXX2391
Quruqsoy TIXX2392
Qushdevor TIXX2393
Qushquduq TIXX2394
Qushteppa TIXX1829
Qushteppa TIXX2395
Qyzylrabot TIXX0246
Rabot TIXX1830
Rabotakbaytal TIXX0247
Rachiv TIXX0248
Rafak TIXX0970
Ragunskiy TIXX1831
Rakhmanberdy TIXX0971
Ramaif TIXX0249
Ramanit TIXX0250
Rang TIXX0251
Rangkul TIXX0252
Rangok TIXX1832
Rarz TIXX2397
Rashna TIXX2398
Rasht TIXX1833
Rau TIXX0253
Raun TIXX0254
Ravgada TIXX0255
Ravied TIXX0256
Ravmed TIXX0257
Ravot TIXX2399
Ravshani TIXX1834
Raz TIXX2400
Razuj TIXX0258
Redzhau TIXX0972
Regar TIXX0046
Regor TIXX1835
Reki TIXX1836
Remon TIXX2401
Revad TIXX2402
Revomutk TIXX2403
Rezgif TIXX2404
Rid TIXX0259
Rishgirakh TIXX1837
Rivak TIXX0260
Rog TIXX2405
Rog TIXX0261
Roga TIXX1838
Roghun TIXX1839
Rogij TIXX2406
Rohaq TIXX0262
Roharv TIXX0263
Rohi Lenin TIXX0973
Roj TIXX2407
Rokhaty TIXX1840
Rokhi Sotsializm TIXX0974
Rokhi-Lenin TIXX1841
Rokhi-Lenin TIXX0975
Romit TIXX1842
Ronj TIXX2408
Roshorv TIXX0264
Roshtkala TIXX0265
Rosrovut TIXX2409
Rovadin TIXX2410
Rovand TIXX0267
Rozien TIXX0976
Rubot TIXX0268
Rudaki TIXX0977
Rudaqul TIXX0978
Ruddevlokh TIXX0269
Rufigar TIXX1843
Rugund TIXX2411
Ruidash TIXX0979
Rukhch TIXX0270
Rushan District TIXX0271
Rushon TIXX0272
Rustakov TIXX1844
Ruykash Bolo TIXX0980
Ruyob-Sandara TIXX0981
Ruziobnak TIXX2412
Ruzvay TIXX0273
Sabakh TIXX2413
Sabzikharv TIXX1845
Sabzikor TIXX1846
Sadbaregokh TIXX0983
Sadbarho TIXX0984
Sadvadg TIXX0274
Safarmat TIXX0985
Safed-Sang TIXX0986
Safeddaro TIXX1847
Safeddori Bolo TIXX0987
Safedoron TIXX0275
Safedshakhrak TIXX0988
Safet-Sang-Bolo TIXX0276
Safid-Dara TIXX1848
Sagirdasht TIXX0277
Saidqurghon TIXX2414
Sakhron TIXX1849
Saksanokhor TIXX0989
Saksanokhur TIXX0990
Saksiyon TIXX2415
Samonchi TIXX0991
Sanchaloni TIXX0992
Sang-Milya TIXX1850
Sangakchashma TIXX0993
Sangdara TIXX0994
Sangdarai Ubara TIXX0995
Sangevnidaroz TIXX0278
Sangi Ghur TIXX0996
Sangi Ughur TIXX0997
Sangichou TIXX1851
Sangiston TIXX2416
Sangiukhatkham TIXX1182
Sangoba TIXX0998
Sangovy TIXX0279
Sangpar TIXX1852
Sangtuda TIXX0999
Sangtuda TIXX1853
Sangul TIXX2417
Sangvor TIXX0047
Sanzhitaki TIXX1854
Sar TIXX2418
Sara-Kamysh TIXX1855
Saralka TIXX1183
Sarband TIXX1000
Sardob TIXX2419
Sargay TIXX1856
Sargazon TIXX1001
Sargazoni Bolo TIXX1002
Sarhad TIXX1003
Sari Dasht TIXX1857
Sari Magzor TIXX1004
Sarichashma TIXX1005
Sarichinor TIXX1858
Sarichinori-Bolo TIXX1859
Saridasht TIXX1860
Sarigur TIXX1006
Sarikamor TIXX1861
Sarikhosor TIXX1007
Sarikishty TIXX1862
Sarinamak TIXX1008
Sarinay TIXX1863
Sariosiye TIXX1009
Saripul TIXX2420
Saritag TIXX2421
Sarivaroz TIXX1864
Sariyozi Bolo TIXX1011
Sarkor TIXX1865
Sarmantay TIXX1012
Saroy TIXX1866
Sarqamish TIXX2422
Sarqokul TIXX1013
Sarsibuloq TIXX1014
Sarvak TIXX2423
Sarvo TIXX1867
Sary-Assiabak TIXX1868
Sary-Assiya TIXX1015
Sary-Assiya TIXX1869
Sary-Khalka TIXX1870
Sary-Ube TIXX2424
Saryk TIXX1016
Sarym-Sagli TIXX1017
Sarym-Sakhly TIXX2425
Sarymsakly TIXX2426
Saryszhob TIXX1018
Sasikul TIXX0280
Sasyk-Bulak TIXX2427
Satalmush TIXX1019
Sauzaln TIXX1020
Sauzy-Khara TIXX0281
Savda TIXX1021
Savli TIXX1872
Savnob TIXX0282
Savsipushdasht TIXX0283
Savurgon TIXX1873
Sayat TIXX1022
Saydon TIXX0284
Sayod TIXX1874
Sayyod TIXX1023
Sebak TIXX1875
Sebandi TIXX1024
Sebdara-Kolon TIXX1025
Sebdara-Rubandi TIXX1026
Sebiston TIXX1027
Sebo-Surkh TIXX1028
Selga TIXX1030
Selkan TIXX2428
Sendiv TIXX0285
Serendi TIXX0286
Seroba TIXX1031
Seshambe TIXX1876
Seydzh TIXX0287
Shaambari TIXX1877
Shaftobuloq TIXX1032
Shagan-Bolo TIXX1033
Shaghmon TIXX1034
Shagmon-Poyon TIXX1035
Shahidqaroyantoq TIXX2429
Shahkamoni TIXX1036
Shahob TIXX1037
Shahrak TIXX2430
Shahrak TIXX1038
Shahribarbar TIXX1039
Shahrinav TIXX1878
Shahriston TIXX2431
Shahritus TIXX1040
Shahrteppa TIXX1041
Shaikhak TIXX1879
Shakarbuloq TIXX2432
Shakardasht TIXX1042
Shakarkhan TIXX1043
Shakhmat TIXX1044
Shakhob TIXX1880
Shakhtut TIXX1881
Shali-Paya TIXX1045
Shamal TIXX1882
Shamanbuloq TIXX1046
Shamtuch TIXX2433
Shanbede TIXX0288
Shaodeli TIXX1883
Shaptaly-Bag TIXX1047
Shar-Bulak TIXX1884
Sharak TIXX1885
Sharituz TIXX1048
Sharshar TIXX1049
Sharshara TIXX1886
Sharsharasoy TIXX1050
Shashqat TIXX2434
Shatrak TIXX1051
Shaud TIXX0289
Shavadki Bolo TIXX2435
Shavadki Poyon TIXX2436
Shavoz TIXX0290
Shavr TIXX1887
Shavru TIXX0291
Shaydon TIXX1052
Shaydon TIXX2437
Shayman TIXX0292
Shaynak TIXX1888
Shaytan TIXX1889
Shekhak TIXX1890
Sherbegiyon TIXX1891
Shernova TIXX2438
Shibonay TIXX1054
Shidz TIXX0293
Shigay TIXX1055
Shikh-Muzafar TIXX1892
Shikhok TIXX1893
Shikhon TIXX1056
Shindy TIXX0294
Shing TIXX2440
Shingak TIXX2441
Shinglich TIXX1894
Shipad TIXX0295
Shir-Atala TIXX1895
Shirgin TIXX0296
Shirgovad TIXX0297
Shirinbulok TIXX1057
Shirkent TIXX1896
Shirkhany TIXX1897
Shitam TIXX0298
Shitkharv TIXX0299
Shivansay TIXX1058
Shivar TIXX2442
Shobika TIXX1059
Shodaki Bolo TIXX0300
Shodmoni TIXX1898
Shoh TIXX1060
Shohtuto TIXX1899
Shokhon TIXX1900
Shol TIXX1901
Sholikungurot TIXX1902
Shomako TIXX1903
Shopur TIXX1904
Shoradzhab TIXX1905
Shorazm TIXX1906
Shorsay TIXX1184
Shoshbuvad TIXX0301
Shouli TIXX1907
Shpilion TIXX1908
Shudzhiv TIXX0302
Shughnon TIXX0303
Shugnan TIXX0304
Shugnou TIXX1061
Shujand TIXX0305
Shuluk TIXX1910
Shululu TIXX1062
Shulum TIXX1911
Shur-Kishlak TIXX1063
Shur-Ob TIXX1912
Shurcha TIXX2443
Shurcha TIXX1064
Shuri Poyon TIXX1913
Shuribolo TIXX1914
Shurkhok TIXX1915
Shurkishlak TIXX1065
Shurkul TIXX1066
Shurmanka TIXX1916
Shurmashk TIXX2444
Shurob TIXX2445
Shurobi-Iskandar TIXX1917
Shurobiagon TIXX1918
Shurobod TIXX1067
Shuroby TIXX1919
Shurpast TIXX2446
Shurqurgon TIXX2447
Shurtuqay TIXX1068
Shuryonbosh TIXX1920
Sia-Tulak TIXX1921
Sicharog TIXX1922
Sikat TIXX1923
Simiganj TIXX1924
Sindzhe-Dara TIXX1069
Sinji TIXX1070
Sirdaryo TIXX2448
Sirko TIXX1071
Sitvarg TIXX0306
Siung TIXX1072
Siyafark TIXX0307
Siyakopa TIXX1073
Siyofark TIXX1074
Siz TIXX0308
Sizhd TIXX0309
Sodiki TIXX1926
Sogli TIXX1927
Sokan TIXX2449
Sokhcharv TIXX0310
Sokur TIXX1928
Solmolidasht TIXX1075
Soltik TIXX1076
Somoniyon TIXX1929
Soni TIXX1930
Sor TIXX2450
Sorbagi-Dogana TIXX1931
Sorbogi-Dagana TIXX1932
Sorbukh TIXX1933
Soriya-Bulak TIXX1077
Sorj TIXX0311
Sotsializm TIXX1078
Sovet TIXX1079
Sovetobod TIXX1080
Starg TIXX0312
Staryy Tulkhar TIXX1081
Su-Bashi TIXX0313
Suchan TIXX0314
Suchiyon TIXX1082
Suffa TIXX1934
Sujina TIXX2451
Sultonobod TIXX1935
Sultonobod TIXX2452
Sulun TIXX1083
Sulyukh TIXX1936
Sumbula TIXX1937
Sumchakon TIXX1084
Sumdzhin TIXX0315
Sumgad TIXX0316
Surhob TIXX1085
Surkh TIXX1938
Surkhakchashma TIXX1939
Surkhakchasma TIXX1940
Surkhdara TIXX1086
Surkhi TIXX2453
Surkhob TIXX2454
Surkhobcha TIXX2455
Suzhany TIXX1087
Sverdlov TIXX1088
Syzorok TIXX2015
Tabachnyy TIXX1941
Tabaraylon TIXX1089
Tabarsim TIXX0317
Tabatosh TIXX1090
Taboshar TIXX2456
Taboshari Quhi TIXX2457
Tabu-Bulak TIXX1942
Tabusht TIXX2458
Tadzhikabad TIXX0048
Taftakhta TIXX1944
Tagarkaki TIXX0318
Tagayobod TIXX1091
Tagikamar TIXX1945
Taginomak TIXX1092
Tagnob TIXX1093
Tagob TIXX1946
Tagobikala TIXX1947
Tagoyak TIXX2459
Taig TIXX0319
Tairsu TIXX1094
Tajikobod TIXX1948
Taka-Sakyrdy TIXX1095
Takeli TIXX2460
Takfon TIXX2461
Takh TIXX2462
Takht TIXX1949
Takhtapalif TIXX1950
Taknazari TIXX1951
Takob TIXX2463
Talbar TIXX0049
Talik TIXX1952
Talkhakchashma TIXX1953
Tamchi TIXX1098
Tamchy TIXX1099
Tanagva TIXX1955
Tangan TIXX1956
Tangdara TIXX1185
Tangiv TIXX0320
Tanochy TIXX1100
Tapchak TIXX1101
Tapkok TIXX2464
Tarbulak TIXX1957
Tarikpoya TIXX1958
Tartiki TIXX1102
Tash-Bul TIXX1959
Tash-Bulak TIXX1103
Tash-Bulak TIXX1960
Tash-Tepe TIXX1104
Tashakhur TIXX1105
Tashbulok TIXX1961
Tashkutanstroy TIXX1962
Taumen TIXX2465
Tavdem TIXX0321
Tavildara TIXX1963
Tavish TIXX1964
Tavish-Bolo TIXX1965
Tavoqbuloq TIXX2466
Taylenobad TIXX1966
Tebolay TIXX1106
Tegirmi TIXX1967
Tegirmonteppa TIXX2467
Tekharv TIXX0322
Teppaisamarkandi TIXX1968
Terboy TIXX0323
Tersagar TIXX1969
Teshiktosh TIXX1108
Tezgar TIXX1970
Tezgari-Bolo TIXX1971
Tigavun TIXX1109
Tigrovaya Balka TIXX1186
Tikon TIXX1110
Tila-Abad TIXX1972
Tiogli TIXX2468
Tiyon TIXX1973
Tobashor TIXX1111
Tobi-In TIXX1112
Tobi-Shar TIXX1113
Togmay TIXX0324
Togoyquychi TIXX2469
Togul TIXX1114
Tojikavul TIXX2470
Tojikishlok TIXX1115
Tojikiston TIXX1116
Tojikobod TIXX1117
Tojikobod TIXX1974
Tojikoqjar TIXX2471
Tokak TIXX1118
Tokhtamish TIXX0325
Tokmak TIXX2472
Toktomushbek TIXX0326
Tomchi TIXX1975
Tomchisay TIXX1188
Torbuloq TIXX1119
Torbuloq TIXX1976
Torsher TIXX0327
Toshat TIXX2473
Toshbuloq TIXX1977
Toshbuloq TIXX1120
Toshguzar TIXX1121
Toshkalon TIXX1978
Toshkupuk TIXX2474
Toshmunor TIXX2475
Toshobod TIXX1979
Toshokhur TIXX1980
Toshtepa TIXX1122
Toshteppa TIXX1981
Toyabugon TIXX1124
Toykara TIXX1982
Traktor TIXX1125
Tro TIXX2476
Tsenets TIXX0328
Tubek TIXX1983
Tuda TIXX1984
Tuda-Chinar TIXX1985
Tudaboyen TIXX1126
Tudakovsh TIXX1127
Tudani TIXX1128
Tugalan TIXX1129
Tugalong TIXX1130
Tugarak TIXX1131
Tugmazor TIXX1986
Tugul TIXX1132
Tuguli TIXX1133
Tukhchi TIXX1987
Tula TIXX1988
Tulbuyun TIXX1134
Tulkhar TIXX1189
Tulki TIXX1989
Tulkibuloq TIXX1990
Tumbulok TIXX2016
Tunikharv TIXX1991
Tupkhona TIXX1190
Tuqquzchalak TIXX2477
Turbokala TIXX1992
Turdybobo TIXX1993
Turdyshekh TIXX1135
Turgak TIXX1994
Turghuling TIXX1995
Turk-Kishlak TIXX1996
Turkmenabad TIXX1136
Turkmeny TIXX1137
Turmysh TIXX1138
Tursunzoda TIXX1997
Turturabot TIXX1998
Tusen TIXX0329
Tut TIXX1139
Tut-Bulak TIXX1140
Tut-Bulak TIXX1999
Tutaka TIXX2000
Tutkaul TIXX1141
Tutkul TIXX1142
Tutti TIXX1143
Tuyatosh TIXX1144
Tuz-Buzaygyr TIXX0330
Tuzbulok TIXX0331
Tysh-Tepe TIXX1145
Tyuyachiabad TIXX1146
Uata TIXX2478
Ubagan TIXX0332
Ubagn TIXX0333
Uchbogh TIXX2479
Uchbulok TIXX1153
Uchkol TIXX1154
Uchkul TIXX1155
Uchkun TIXX1156
Udarnik TIXX1157
Udim TIXX0335
Udob TIXX0336
Ugor TIXX0337
Uist-Dakht TIXX0338
Ulfatobod TIXX2002
Umakai-Poyen TIXX2003
Umakay TIXX2004
Umarak TIXX0339
Umbar TIXX2005
Unji TIXX2480
Urazboy TIXX1159
Urgaylak TIXX1160
Urmetan TIXX2481
Urmontol TIXX2482
Ursiho TIXX1194
Urta TIXX1195
Urtaboz TIXX1191
Urtakainor TIXX1196
Urtakushkiya TIXX1197
Urtanobod TIXX1198
Urtaqishloq TIXX2483
Urtaqurgon TIXX2484
Ushablok TIXX1199
Ushkharv TIXX0340
Ushkhorvak TIXX0341
Uskrogh TIXX0342
Ustanak TIXX2485
Ustung TIXX2486
Utabulak TIXX1200
Utagan TIXX1201
Utal TIXX2017
Utkansu TIXX2487
Utogar TIXX2488
Uvoq TIXX2489
Uya TIXX2490
Uyaly TIXX1202
Uyas TIXX2491
Uyuly TIXX2492
Uzbay TIXX0343
Uzbekqishloq TIXX2493
Uzun TIXX2018
Uzun TIXX1203
Vagashton TIXX2494
Vahdat TIXX2019
Vakhan TIXX0344
Vakhsh TIXX0050
Vakhymsoy TIXX1192
Valdirgon TIXX2020
Valgond TIXX2495
Vamd TIXX0345
Vanj TIXX0346
Vankala TIXX0347
Vanvan Bolo TIXX0348
Vanvan Poyon TIXX0349
Vargandok TIXX2021
Varmanik TIXX2022
Varshidz TIXX0350
Varsik TIXX2496
Varv TIXX2023
Varzikanda TIXX2497
Varzob TIXX2024
Varzobkala TIXX2025
Varzobskaya TIXX2026
Vash-Pusht TIXX1206
Vashan TIXX2498
Vaydara TIXX2027
Ven TIXX2499
Veshab TIXX2500
Veshist TIXX2501
Veshkand TIXX2502
Vion TIXX1207
Vir TIXX0351
Vishkharv TIXX0352
Viskharv TIXX0353
Viston TIXX2028
Vodif TIXX2503
Vodzh TIXX0354
Vogat TIXX2504
Voozm TIXX0355
Voroshilovabad TIXX1208
Voru TIXX2505
Vorukh TIXX2506
Voseabadi-Kalon TIXX1212
Voydora TIXX2029
Vozg TIXX0356
Voznavd TIXX0357
Vrang TIXX0358
Vravz TIXX0359
Vtoroy Zorbador TIXX1213
Vydodzh TIXX0360
Vyrzga TIXX2030
Vzvudek TIXX0361
Worsowut TIXX2507
Yafrak TIXX2031
Yafuch TIXX2032
Yagdon TIXX2033
Yak May TIXX1214
Yaka-Chinarskiy TIXX2034
Yakhak TIXX2035
Yakhch TIXX2036
Yakhshiobod TIXX2037
Yakhtan TIXX2508
Yakka-Tut TIXX1216
Yakkabed TIXX2038
Yakkadin TIXX1217
Yakkakhona TIXX2509
Yakkasada TIXX1218
Yakkatut TIXX1219
Yalanchinor TIXX2039
Yaman-Kishlak TIXX1220
Yamch TIXX0362
Yamchin TIXX0363
Yamonkiya TIXX2510
Yangi-Kishlak TIXX2040
Yangiabad TIXX2041
Yangiariq TIXX2511
Yangiariqi Bolo TIXX2512
Yangibazar TIXX2513
Yangikishlak TIXX2514
Yangikurgon TIXX2042
Yangikurulish TIXX2043
Yangimekhnat TIXX2044
Yangiobod TIXX2045
Yangiobod TIXX2515
Yangiobod TIXX1221
Yangiqishloq TIXX2516
Yangiqurghon TIXX2517
Yangiqurulish TIXX2518
Yangiyor TIXX1222
Yangiyul TIXX1223
Yantagly TIXX1224
Yapshorv TIXX0364
Yar-Mazar TIXX2046
Yarkhych-Bele TIXX2047
Yarm TIXX2519
Yash-Leninchi TIXX1225
Yashkandy TIXX1226
Yava TIXX2520
Yavan TIXX0051
Yavanabad TIXX1227
Yavroz TIXX2048
Yazgo TIXX0365
Yeabzak TIXX2049
Yertula TIXX2521
Yol TIXX1228
Yori TIXX2522
Yovon TIXX1229
Yovon TIXX2523
Yukari Polvon TIXX1230
Yukary-Burka TIXX1231
Yukary-Khodzha TIXX1232
Yukht-Dakht TIXX0367
Yukoritemez TIXX1233
Yulduzi TIXX1234
Yulduzkak TIXX1235
Yunachi TIXX1236
Yunuskhodzha TIXX2050
Yust TIXX2051
Yuzhnyy TIXX2052
Zachau TIXX2053
Zafarabad TIXX1237
Zafarabad TIXX2054
Zafarobod TIXX2524
Zambarak TIXX2525
Zamchurud TIXX2055
Zandkhur TIXX2056
Zangi-Baba TIXX1239
Zanins TIXX0368
Zanuj TIXX0369
Zarafshon TIXX2526
Zarangak TIXX2057
Zarbdor TIXX1240
Zarbuz Bolo TIXX1241
Zardaki Poyon TIXX1242
Zardalavak TIXX1243
Zardolubog TIXX1244
Zargar TIXX2059
Zargar TIXX1245
Zarkamar TIXX2060
Zarkamor TIXX1246
Zartkhak TIXX2527
Zarya Vostoka TIXX2061
Zaryn-Bulak TIXX1247
Zavron TIXX2528
Zaych TIXX0370
Zaynobod TIXX2062
Zebon TIXX2529
Zelmobod TIXX0371
Zerobod TIXX2530
Zhag TIXX0372
Zhdanov TIXX1248
Zhelisoy TIXX2063
Zhovid TIXX0373
Zhudzhum TIXX2064
Ziddi TIXX2531
Zigar TIXX0374
Zilolak TIXX1249
Zimare TIXX2532
Zimchurud TIXX2065
Zimput TIXX2533
Zimudg TIXX0375
Zindikan TIXX2534
Ziraki TIXX1250
Ziyara-Tut TIXX2066
Zong TIXX0376
Zorchal TIXX0377
Zoron TIXX2067
Zosun TIXX2535
Zuchako TIXX1251
Zugvand TIXX0378
Zulum-Abad TIXX1252
Zuman TIXX2068
Zumradshoh TIXX2537
Zuriyon TIXX2069
Zyrbot TIXX0379
Zyurunly TIXX2538