Weather Codes for Syria

Find Weather Codes or Weather Zip Codes for states and cities in Syria. Weather Codes references a specified Location and is used to get weather of that place accurately. They are used by The Weather Channel( by IBM), Yahoo! Weather, AOL Weather and many such weather forecasting platforms. It is similar to Yahoo's WOEID(Where On the Earth ID) that is used to represent each place uniquely.

You can know the weather of any place precisely with the help of weather codes. Find the current weather of your state or city by clicking on it. You will be redirected to The Weather Channel site with your weather code for accurate weather forecast.

Aajaja SYXX0777
Aali Farro SYXX0778
Aalidji SYXX3116
Aaneq al Haoua SYXX2253
Aaniss SYXX0779
Aannzaouiye SYXX3117
Aaouass SYXX3118
Aassem SYXX0243
Abar al Mawahib SYXX2254
Abar al Qusayr SYXX8339
Abar al `Umi SYXX2255
Abbad SYXX6128
Abbouli Arid SYXX9395
Abdita SYXX6129
Abhaman SYXX8340
Abil SYXX2256
Ablin SYXX6130
Aboulli SYXX9396
Abraz SYXX3119
Abtine SYXX3120
Abu ad Duhur SYXX8356
Abu ad Duhur SYXX0022
Abu al Fawaris SYXX2272
Abu al Fayyad SYXX0814
Abu al Hayaya SYXX0815
Abu al Kahf SYXX3154
Abu al Khassah SYXX6148
Abu al Kuruz SYXX3155
Abu al Layl SYXX0440
Abu al Qal`ah SYXX8357
Abu al Qudur SYXX5463
Abu al Qusur SYXX5464
Abu al `Alaj SYXX6149
Abu al `Alaya SYXX2273
Abu Amir SYXX0780
Abu as Sakhrah SYXX8358
Abu as Sayyid SYXX0441
Abu at Tababir SYXX2274
Abu Bakr SYXX0781
Abu Bardi SYXX0782
Abu Dafn SYXX6131
Abu Daghmah SYXX3121
Abu Dali SYXX2257
Abu Dali SYXX5447
Abu Dana SYXX3122
Abu Darah SYXX3123
Abu Dardah SYXX5448
Abu Darikhah SYXX6132
Abu Darikhah SYXX3124
Abu Dudah SYXX5449
Abu Du`an SYXX3125
Abu Faraj SYXX2258
Abu Fas SYXX0783
Abu Fasil SYXX0784
Abu Fulah SYXX8099
Abu Gharbah SYXX0785
Abu Ghathd SYXX3126
Abu Habbah SYXX6133
Abu Hadid SYXX0786
Abu Hajar SYXX0787
Abu Hajar Jaziri SYXX0788
Abu Hajarah SYXX0790
Abu Hakfa SYXX5450
Abu Hamad SYXX6134
Abu Hamamah SYXX2261
Abu Hammad SYXX8341
Abu Hammam SYXX0430
Abu Hanaya SYXX3127
Abu Hanaya SYXX5451
Abu Hardub SYXX0431
Abu Hasan SYXX0432
Abu Hasan SYXX3128
Abu Hawadid SYXX2262
Abu Hawarid SYXX2263
Abu Hawri SYXX2264
Abu Hayaya SYXX5452
Abu Hayj SYXX3129
Abu Hayyah SYXX8342
Abu Hilliyat SYXX2265
Abu Hiyah SYXX0791
Abu Hubaylat SYXX5453
Abu Hudur SYXX0433
Abu Hujayrah SYXX0792
Abu Hurayj SYXX5454
Abu Hurayrah SYXX8343
Abu Huwayshah SYXX0793
Abu Jabbar SYXX3130
Abu Jabbar Kabir SYXX3131
Abu Jaddi SYXX8344
Abu Jadhah Kabir SYXX3132
Abu Jadhah `Atiq SYXX3133
Abu Jakkah SYXX3134
Abu Jalal SYXX0794
Abu Jalbus SYXX3135
Abu Jaradah SYXX0795
Abu Jarash SYXX0131
Abu Jurah SYXX3136
Abu Jurayf SYXX6135
Abu Jurayn SYXX3137
Abu Jurays SYXX2266
Abu Kaba Shab SYXX0796
Abu Kabarah SYXX0797
Abu Kabirah SYXX0798
Abu Kabra SYXX8345
Abu Kabrah SYXX0799
Abu Kahf SYXX5455
Abu Kalah SYXX0800
Abu Kamal SYXX0021
Abu Kansah SYXX6136
Abu Katulah SYXX0244
Abu Ka`b SYXX3138
Abu Khanadiq SYXX5456
Abu Khanadiq SYXX6137
Abu Khashab SYXX0434
Abu Khashabah SYXX2267
Abu Khatar SYXX3139
Abu Khunayzah SYXX8346
Abu Khurayzah SYXX8347
Abu Khuwaytah SYXX0801
Abu Laffah SYXX6138
Abu Liyah SYXX2268
Abu Mahla SYXX6139
Abu Makkah SYXX7176
Abu Makki SYXX6140
Abu Mandil SYXX3140
Abu Mansaf SYXX5457
Abu Marw SYXX5458
Abu Misannatayn SYXX8349
Abu Mujahir SYXX3143
Abu Murayr SYXX3144
Abu Najrah SYXX0435
Abu Natuliyah SYXX8350
Abu Naytulah SYXX8351
Abu Qalqal SYXX3145
Abu Qanadil SYXX0436
Abu Qantarah SYXX0245
Abu Qa`tur SYXX2269
Abu Qir SYXX0803
Abu Qubays SYXX7177
Abu Rasayn SYXX0804
Abu Rasin SYXX0437
Abu Raymal SYXX5459
Abu Rubays SYXX5460
Abu Rujm SYXX6141
Abu Ruman SYXX6142
Abu Rummanah SYXX0132
Abu Ruwayl SYXX3146
Abu Saddah SYXX0805
Abu Safizah SYXX3148
Abu Sharji SYXX6143
Abu Shawk SYXX0808
Abu Shawkah SYXX0809
Abu Shu`aylam SYXX3149
Abu Tababir SYXX2270
Abu Tabaq SYXX7178
Abu Tabat SYXX8353
Abu Tabbah SYXX6144
Abu Tabbah SYXX3150
Abu Talhah SYXX6145
Abu Taltal SYXX3151
Abu Tarrahah SYXX2271
Abu Tawil SYXX3152
Abu Tinah SYXX0810
Abu Tuhayjah SYXX6146
Abu Tuwayqiyah SYXX5461
Abu Zurayjiyah SYXX8354
Abu Zurayq SYXX9236
Abu `Abdah SYXX3153
Abu `Afsah SYXX9397
Abu `Ajwah SYXX5462
Abu `Amr SYXX0438
Abu `Amshah SYXX0811
Abu `Animah SYXX0439
Abu `Asi SYXX8355
Abu `Azalah SYXX0812
Abu `Ujaylah SYXX0813
Abu `Umar SYXX6147
Achine SYXX3156
Ad Dabawiyah SYXX0817
Ad Daba` SYXX0816
Ad Dabbaghah SYXX7179
Ad Dabhah SYXX0818
Ad Dabshiyah SYXX6150
Ad Dab`ah SYXX5465
Ad Dahadil SYXX0133
Ad Dahdah SYXX0134
Ad Dahiriyah SYXX2276
Ad Dahiriyah SYXX5466
Ad Dahlab SYXX0442
Ad Dahriyah SYXX2277
Ad Dahwariyah SYXX2278
Ad Dajaj SYXX9237
Ad Dakikah SYXX9398
Ad Dakkah SYXX3157
Ad Dali SYXX7180
Ad Dalwah SYXX8100
Ad Damat SYXX7181
Ad Daminah SYXX5467
Ad Dana SYXX6153
Ad Danbiyah SYXX9399
Ad Daqiqah SYXX6154
Ad Daqq SYXX6155
Ad Daqqaqah SYXX7182
Ad Darah SYXX9238
Ad Darajat SYXX9400
Ad Dara`i SYXX3158
Ad Darbashiyah SYXX8101
Ad Darbasiyah SYXX0064
Ad Dardarah SYXX9401
Ad Dardarah SYXX8102
Ad Dashishah SYXX0819
Ad Dasimah SYXX3160
Ad Daw SYXX2279
Ad Dawsariyah SYXX2280
Ad Dawshah SYXX0820
Ad Dawudiyah SYXX0821
Ad Dayr SYXX0246
Ad Dayr SYXX6156
Ad Dayr al Qadim SYXX0822
Ad Dayrunah SYXX7183
Ad Dayy SYXX9402
Ad Dayyabiyah SYXX2281
Ad Dibah SYXX2282
Ad Didiyah SYXX3161
Ad Diqqar SYXX7184
Ad Dirbashiyah SYXX8103
Ad Diyabiyah SYXX2283
Ad Dubayqah SYXX7185
Ad Dubbusiyah SYXX8104
Ad Dughayrat SYXX0023
Ad Dukaykah SYXX9403
Ad Dulab SYXX3162
Ad Dulaybah SYXX2284
Ad Dulaybat SYXX7186
Ad Dumaynah SYXX5468
Ad Dumayr SYXX0069
Ad Durah SYXX6157
Ad Durala SYXX8105
Ad Duraysiyah SYXX0823
Ad Duruqiyah SYXX7187
Ad Dusah SYXX5469
Ad Dusiyah SYXX5470
Ad Duwaybah SYXX2285
Ad Duwaykhilah SYXX0443
Ad Duwayliyah SYXX9404
Ad Duwaym SYXX0824
Ad Duwayminah SYXX8359
Ad Duwayr SYXX0444
Ad Duwayr SYXX6158
Ad Duwayr SYXX2286
Ad Duwayrah SYXX9239
Ad Duwayrniyah SYXX3163
Adah Manli SYXX3164
Adam SYXX0825
Adar SYXX6159
Adh Dhahabiyah SYXX3165
Adh Dhahabiyah SYXX6160
Adh Dhibah SYXX2287
Adh Dhubaybini SYXX0247
Adim SYXX3166
Adlin SYXX2288
Afiq SYXX8106
Afis SYXX6161
Afrah SYXX8871
Afrin SYXX0024
Aftris SYXX8872
Ag Tach SYXX3167
Aghjali SYXX3168
Aghjat Li SYXX3169
Ahmad al Halw SYXX0827
Ahmad Salam SYXX0826
Ahmadiyah SYXX8360
Ahras SYXX3170
Ahsim SYXX6162
Aji Sou SYXX7188
Akhir Zaman SYXX0829
Akhla SYXX0830
Akhtarin SYXX3171
Akhu Hasan SYXX6163
Akiz Ulaq SYXX7189
Akkum SYXX2289
Akrad Ibrahim SYXX5471
Al Abraj SYXX3172
Al Adriyah SYXX8361
Al Ahmadiyah SYXX0831
Al Aja SYXX7190
Al Ajrash SYXX0832
Al Ajrash SYXX6164
Al Akrad SYXX7191
Al Akrad SYXX0135
Al Amayir SYXX0833
Al Amin SYXX0136
Al Amlas SYXX9405
Al Aqra` SYXX3173
Al Arjuwani SYXX9406
Al Asharah SYXX0445
Al Ashrafiyah SYXX2291
Al Ashtawi SYXX3174
Al Aslihah SYXX9240
Al As`adiyah SYXX2290
Al Athariyah SYXX3175
Al Awasi SYXX0834
Al Ayyubiyah SYXX3176
Al Azhi SYXX3177
Al Azraq SYXX3178
Al Bab SYXX0025
Al Badiq SYXX0447
Al Badi` SYXX0835
Al Badriyah SYXX6166
Al Baghaliyah SYXX2292
Al Baghdadi SYXX0448
Al Bahhariyah SYXX8873
Al Bahluliyah SYXX7192
Al Bahrah SYXX0449
Al Bahsah SYXX5472
Al Bakriyah SYXX9407
Al Balash SYXX0836
Al Balayit SYXX9408
Al Balha SYXX2293
Al Ball SYXX3181
Al Ballanat SYXX3182
Al Ballat SYXX3183
Al Bandah SYXX7193
Al Bandashi SYXX0837
Al Banikah SYXX3184
Al Banurama SYXX0248
Al Baqat SYXX3185
Al Baqruqah SYXX7194
Al Barak SYXX0838
Al Barazin SYXX7195
Al Bardikhah SYXX7196
Al Bardun SYXX7197
Al Bardunah SYXX5473
Al Barhalah SYXX8874
Al Barid SYXX7198
Al Baridah SYXX2294
Al Barjudiyah SYXX2295
Al Bash SYXX3186
Al Bashiyah SYXX0839
Al Basiri SYXX2296
Al Basit SYXX7199
Al Basnah SYXX0840
Al Basriye SYXX8362
Al Bassa SYXX7200
Al Bassah SYXX8107
Al Batihiyah SYXX9409
Al Batkhah SYXX3187
Al Batushiyah SYXX6169
Al Batushiyah SYXX3188
Al Bawdah SYXX2297
Al Bawsi SYXX8363
Al Bayadah SYXX3189
Al Bayadiyah SYXX5474
Al Bayd SYXX0842
Al Bayda SYXX9410
Al Bayda SYXX5475
Al Bayda SYXX2298
Al Baydah SYXX5477
Al Baydariyah SYXX0843
Al Baysanah SYXX6170
Al Baytariyah SYXX8875
Al Bayyadah SYXX9411
Al Bayyadat SYXX8876
Al Ba`taqah SYXX3179
Al Ba`um SYXX0446
Al Bilat SYXX2300
Al Biljah SYXX5478
Al Birabij SYXX0451
Al Birah SYXX8108
Al Birah SYXX5479
Al Birah SYXX3190
Al Biramakah SYXX0137
Al Birkah SYXX7201
Al Bishrah SYXX7202
Al Bissah SYXX2301
Al Biyah SYXX5480
Al Bi`ajat SYXX0450
Al Blurah SYXX3191
Al Bu Mu`ayt SYXX0452
Al Budaydah SYXX2302
Al Budi SYXX7203
Al Bughaylat SYXX8877
Al Buhayrah SYXX3192
Al Bujuriyah SYXX8109
Al Buliyah SYXX2303
Al Bunayyah SYXX0453
Al Buq`ah SYXX6171
Al Buq`an SYXX0454
Al Burayj SYXX9412
Al Burayj SYXX3193
Al Burayj SYXX2304
Al Buraykah SYXX8878
Al Buraykat SYXX3194
Al Burayqah SYXX0455
Al Buraysah SYXX6172
Al Burghuliyah SYXX9413
Al Burham SYXX0456
Al Burj SYXX3195
Al Burj SYXX6173
Al Burnas SYXX6174
Al Burtasiyah SYXX7204
Al Bustan SYXX6175
Al Bustan SYXX9414
Al Bustan SYXX0844
Al Butah SYXX0845
Al Buthah SYXX0846
Al Butmah SYXX2305
Al Butmiyah SYXX8110
Al Butmiyat SYXX8879
Al Buwab SYXX0847
Al Buwayb SYXX3196
Al Buwayb SYXX8880
Al Buwaydah SYXX9415
Al Buwaydah SYXX0848
Al Buwaydah SYXX5482
Al Buwaydir SYXX3197
Al Buwayr SYXX0849
Al Buwayr SYXX2306
Al Buwayri SYXX6176
Al Buwayt SYXX2307
Al Fajir SYXX8111
Al Fakhkhariyah SYXX0850
Al Fakka SYXX0851
Al Falu SYXX8364
Al Falu Kibar SYXX0457
Al Fanadiq SYXX8881
Al Faq`ah SYXX0852
Al Faq`ah SYXX0249
Al Farafirah SYXX3198
Al Faraj SYXX8112
Al Faransawiyah SYXX9416
Al Faras SYXX0853
Al Farikat SYXX3199
Al Farqiyah SYXX7205
Al Farrayah SYXX5483
Al Farrukhiyah SYXX9417
Al Faskhah SYXX9418
Al Fasut SYXX6178
Al Fawr SYXX3200
Al Fayd SYXX8365
Al Faydah SYXX0854
Al Faydan SYXX0458
Al Faydat SYXX0855
Al Faydiyah SYXX2309
Al Faydiyah SYXX3201
Al Fayid SYXX8366
Al Fayyadiyah SYXX2310
Al Fa`iliyah SYXX2308
Al Fa`uri SYXX6177
Al Findarah SYXX9419
Al Firdaws SYXX0856
Al Fitaya SYXX2311
Al Fuhayl SYXX6180
Al Fuhaylah SYXX2312
Al Fulayhah SYXX8367
Al Fulayt SYXX0459
Al Fursan SYXX3202
Al Futasiyah SYXX9420
Al Fu`ah SYXX6179
Al Ghab SYXX6181
Al Ghadfah SYXX6182
Al Ghafar SYXX6183
Al Ghafuqiyah SYXX0857
Al Ghaliyah SYXX0460
Al Ghantu SYXX2313
Al Ghari SYXX3203
Al Ghariyah SYXX9241
Al Gharraf SYXX6184
Al Gharrah SYXX6185
Al Gharrah SYXX0858
Al Ghasibiyah SYXX2314
Al Ghassaniyah SYXX8113
Al Ghassaniyah SYXX0859
Al Ghassaniyah SYXX2315
Al Ghawari SYXX0461
Al Ghawi SYXX5484
Al Ghawsah SYXX9421
Al Ghaydah SYXX9242
Al Ghazal SYXX7206
Al Ghazalah SYXX2316
Al Ghazili SYXX8368
Al Ghitasiyah SYXX9422
Al Ghizlaniyah SYXX8882
Al Ghunsalah SYXX9423
Al Ghurayriyah SYXX0860
Al Ghuz SYXX3204
Al Haba SYXX2317
Al Habbat SYXX6186
Al Habit SYXX6187
Al Habs SYXX7207
Al Haddadiyat SYXX9424
Al Haddaj SYXX2318
Al Hadir SYXX3205
Al Hadirah SYXX3206
Al Hafar SYXX2319
Al Hafayir SYXX0861
Al Haffah SYXX7208
Al Hajaliyah SYXX3207
Al Hajar SYXX0026
Al Hajar SYXX9425
Al Hajib SYXX0027
Al Hakimiyah SYXX0862
Al Halabiyah SYXX3209
Al Halamuz SYXX2320
Al Halbah SYXX2321
Al Hallak SYXX3210
Al Halluba SYXX5485
Al Hama SYXX0863
Al Hamad SYXX0462
Al Hamadaniyah SYXX0076
Al Hamah SYXX0864
Al Hamdaniyah SYXX3211
Al Hami SYXX8884
Al Hamidiyah SYXX2322
Al Hamidiyah SYXX8114
Al Hamidiyah SYXX0139
Al Hamidiyah SYXX0028
Al Hamirah SYXX3212
Al Hammam SYXX3213
Al Hammam SYXX0865
Al Hammam SYXX8370
Al Hamra SYXX3214
Al Hamrah SYXX5486
Al Hamrah SYXX0866
Al Hamrat SYXX2324
Al Hamud SYXX3215
Al Hanin SYXX6189
Al Hannawiyah SYXX0867
Al Hanqazah SYXX0868
Al Hanu SYXX0869
Al Hanutah SYXX3216
Al Hanutah SYXX2325
Al Haqabah SYXX6190
Al Haqf SYXX9243
Al Haqlah SYXX0140
Al Harah SYXX0250
Al Harak SYXX0251
Al Haraki SYXX6191
Al Haraki SYXX2326
Al Haramah SYXX0870
Al Harami SYXX0463
Al Harbiyah SYXX2327
Al Hardanah SYXX3217
Al Harf SYXX5487
Al Harib SYXX0871
Al Harik SYXX0252
Al Harisah SYXX0029
Al Hariyah SYXX8885
Al Harmalah SYXX0872
Al Harsh SYXX5488
Al Hartamiyah SYXX6192
Al Hasaw SYXX5489
Al Hasawiyah SYXX2328
Al Hashimiyah SYXX5490
Al Hashmah SYXX2329
Al Hasrah SYXX8371
Al Hasrat SYXX0464
Al Hasw SYXX0873
Al Hattani SYXX3218
Al Hattaniyah SYXX9427
Al Hawaki SYXX3219
Al Hawash SYXX2330
Al Hawash SYXX5491
Al Hawayij SYXX0465
Al Hawaz SYXX3220
Al Hawi SYXX0466
Al Hawiyah SYXX7209
Al Hawjah SYXX9428
Al Hawl SYXX0030
Al Hawr SYXX7210
Al Hawrah SYXX0876
Al Hawrah SYXX8372
Al Hawtah SYXX3221
Al Hawwas SYXX8373
Al Hawwash SYXX0877
Al Hawz SYXX2331
Al Hayaniyah SYXX3222
Al Hayarah SYXX6194
Al Hayat SYXX9244
Al Hayawan SYXX0467
Al Haymar SYXX8374
Al Hayrat SYXX5492
Al Haysah SYXX2332
Al Haysah SYXX6195
Al Hayzah SYXX0878
Al Hazim SYXX6197
Al Hazimah SYXX8375
Al Hazzah SYXX2333
Al Hazzanah SYXX5494
Al Hazzarin SYXX3223
Al Hijanah SYXX8886
Al Hijaz SYXX0141
Al Hijra SYXX0879
Al Hikkiyah SYXX2334
Al Hilaliyah SYXX0880
Al Hilwaniyah SYXX3224
Al Hinadi SYXX7211
Al Hiqabat SYXX9429
Al Hiri SYXX0468
Al Hirmil SYXX9430
Al Hishah SYXX8376
Al Hishah SYXX9431
Al Hisn SYXX6198
Al Hit SYXX9245
Al Hiya SYXX0469
Al Hubashiyah SYXX3225
Al Hujjaj SYXX3226
Al Hulw SYXX0881
Al Hulwa SYXX0882
Al Hulwaniyah SYXX3227
Al Humaydah SYXX5495
Al Humaymah SYXX2335
Al Humayrah SYXX3228
Al Humayri SYXX5496
Al Humr SYXX3229
Al Humrah SYXX6199
Al Humrah SYXX3230
Al Humran SYXX3231
Al Hunayta SYXX5497
Al Huqiyah SYXX6200
Al Hurayriyah SYXX2336
Al Huraysha SYXX5498
Al Hurriyah SYXX0883
Al Husayniyah SYXX0470
Al Husayniyah SYXX2337
Al Hutah SYXX3232
Al Huwayjah SYXX3233
Al Huwayjah SYXX5499
Al Huwayliyah SYXX0884
Al Huwayliyat SYXX9432
Al Huwayr SYXX5500
Al Huwayt SYXX3234
Al Huwayyah SYXX9246
Al Huwayz SYXX7212
Al Huwayz SYXX3235
Al Idarah SYXX8888
Al Isma`iliyah SYXX3236
Al Isma`iliyah SYXX2338
Al Jabbanah SYXX2339
Al Jabbat SYXX2340
Al Jabir SYXX8377
Al Jabiriyah SYXX3237
Al Jabiriyah SYXX2341
Al Jabiyah SYXX0253
Al Jadid SYXX8378
Al Jadidah SYXX5501
Al Jadlah SYXX0474
Al Jad`an SYXX0472
Al Jad`ani SYXX0473
Al Jaffah SYXX7213
Al Jafrah SYXX3238
Al Jafrah SYXX6202
Al Jahuf SYXX3239
Al Jajiyah SYXX5502
Al Jalum SYXX3240
Al Jamali SYXX5504
Al Jamiliyah SYXX3241
Al Jamjarah SYXX9434
Al Jamlah SYXX0254
Al Jammasah SYXX9435
Al Jammasiyah SYXX5505
Al Jamusiyah SYXX3242
Al Jam`ashiyah SYXX9433
Al Jaradah SYXX6203
Al Jarba SYXX8889
Al Jarwiyah SYXX9436
Al Jasimiyah SYXX2342
Al Jawadiyah SYXX0885
Al Jawbah SYXX7214
Al Jawbah SYXX9437
Al Jawm SYXX3243
Al Jawrah SYXX6204
Al Jawziyah SYXX7215
Al Jayliyah SYXX5506
Al Ja`ar SYXX0471
Al Jbele SYXX3245
Al Jina SYXX0886
Al Jinah SYXX6205
Al Jindiriyah SYXX7216
Al Jiram SYXX6206
Al Jiriyah SYXX0475
Al Jisr SYXX0887
Al Jizah SYXX0255
Al Jubaniyah SYXX2343
Al Jubaybat SYXX6207
Al Jubaylah SYXX3246
Al Jubayliyah SYXX7217
Al Judaydah SYXX5507
Al Judaydah SYXX9438
Al Judaydah SYXX3247
Al Judayya SYXX8115
Al Jufah SYXX2344
Al Juhman SYXX6208
Al Jukhadar SYXX8116
Al Juma SYXX5508
Al Jumayliyah SYXX2345
Al Jumaymah SYXX3248
Al Junayah SYXX3249
Al Junaydiyah SYXX0888
Al Jurah SYXX6209
Al Jurah SYXX0142
Al Jurah SYXX5509
Al Juraymiqiyah SYXX7218
Al Juraynat SYXX7219
Al Jurayyat SYXX8379
Al Jurniyah SYXX8117
Al Juwayf SYXX8890
Al Juwaymisiyah SYXX9439
Al Juwayz SYXX3250
Al Juwayz SYXX7220
Al Juwayzah SYXX8118
Al Kafr SYXX9247
Al Kafrah SYXX0889
Al Kalbiyah SYXX7221
Al Kalmukh SYXX2348
Al Kalsah SYXX0890
Al Kamb SYXX8380
Al Kamiliyah SYXX9440
Al Kanarah SYXX9441
Al Karad SYXX5510
Al Karak SYXX0256
Al Karm SYXX9442
Al Kashfah SYXX9443
Al Kashif SYXX2349
Al Kashmah SYXX0478
Al Kasiyah SYXX3251
Al Kasra SYXX0479
Al Katifat SYXX3252
Al Kawm SYXX7222
Al Kawm SYXX8381
Al Kawukli SYXX3253
Al Kayta SYXX0891
Al Kazimiyah SYXX0892
Al Khabrah SYXX0893
Al Khafiyah SYXX8382
Al Khafiyah SYXX2350
Al Khafiyah SYXX6210
Al Khafiyah SYXX5511
Al Khajah SYXX0480
Al Khalidiyah SYXX3255
Al Khalidiyah SYXX2351
Al Khalidiyah SYXX5512
Al Khalidiyah SYXX9248
Al Khaliliyah SYXX3256
Al Khan SYXX0894
Al Khan SYXX5513
Al Khan SYXX2352
Al Khanu SYXX0895
Al Kharab SYXX3257
Al Kharab SYXX0143
Al Kharayib SYXX7223
Al Kharijiyah SYXX0482
Al Kharratah SYXX7224
Al Kharratah SYXX0483
Al Khatabiyah SYXX5514
Al Khawiyah SYXX2353
Al Khazimah SYXX9249
Al Khaz`aliyah SYXX3258
Al Khidr SYXX7225
Al Khirbah SYXX6211
Al Khirbah SYXX9444
Al Khirbah SYXX8383
Al Khiyarah SYXX6212
Al Khufah SYXX0896
Al Khulaylah SYXX2354
Al Khulla SYXX5515
Al Khumaysiyah SYXX8384
Al Khuraybah SYXX7226
Al Khuraybat SYXX9445
Al Khurayjiyah SYXX5516
Al Khuraytah SYXX0897
Al Khuraytah SYXX0484
Al Khurayzah SYXX0485
Al Khushniyah SYXX8119
Al Khuwayliyah SYXX2355
Al Khuwayshah SYXX8385
Al Khuwaytilah SYXX0898
Al Kimam SYXX2356
Al Kindisiyah SYXX7227
Al Kishmah SYXX0486
Al Kiswah SYXX8891
Al Kubayshat SYXX2357
Al Kufayr SYXX3259
Al Kufayr SYXX6214
Al Kufrah SYXX0899
Al Kulayb SYXX8386
Al Kumaysah SYXX8387
Al Kunah SYXX6215
Al Kunaysah SYXX9446
Al Kunaysah SYXX2358
Al Kunaysat SYXX7228
Al Kunayyisah SYXX9447
Al Kunayz SYXX0487
Al Kur SYXX6216
Al Kuraym SYXX5517
Al Kurayz SYXX6217
Al Kura` SYXX9250
Al Kurum SYXX6218
Al Kurumah SYXX9448
Al Kuwashir SYXX0900
Al Kuwayr SYXX8388
Al Kuwayrah SYXX6219
Al Kuwayyah SYXX0257
Al Labd SYXX5518
Al Ladhiqiyah SYXX0031
Al Lahm SYXX5519
Al Lajah SYXX9251
Al Laqbah SYXX9449
Al Lataminah SYXX5520
Al Latum SYXX2359
Al Lawzat SYXX9450
Al Laysun SYXX7229
Al La`ikat SYXX3262
Al Lijak SYXX3263
Al Luhabiyah SYXX0901
Al Lujj SYXX2360
Al Luqyah SYXX9451
Al Luwaybidah SYXX6220
Al Luwayziyah SYXX0488
Al Mabrud SYXX6222
Al Mab`ujah SYXX5522
Al Madabi` SYXX2362
Al Madh`iyah SYXX0902
Al Madinah SYXX0903
Al Madyunah SYXX3266
Al Mafrudah SYXX0904
Al Magharah SYXX3267
Al Mahjar SYXX8120
Al Mahmudiyah SYXX3268
Al Mahmudiyah SYXX0905
Al Mahmudiyah SYXX0491
Al Mahmuri SYXX2364
Al Mahsanah SYXX3269
Al Mahsani SYXX3270
Al Maitir SYXX8389
Al Majalliyah SYXX6223
Al Majami` SYXX8121
Al Majdal SYXX5523
Al Majdal SYXX9453
Al Majidiyah SYXX8893
Al Majwiyah SYXX2365
Al Makhabit SYXX0492
Al Makhbutah SYXX2366
Al Makhtabiyah SYXX2367
Al Makman SYXX0906
Al Mal SYXX0258
Al Malikiyah SYXX3271
Al Malikiyah SYXX0907
Al Maliyah SYXX7230
Al Malouk SYXX6224
Al Mamsurah SYXX8122
Al Mamunah SYXX0144
Al Manasif SYXX0493
Al Manazil SYXX3272
Al Mandarah SYXX9454
Al Mani`i SYXX0908
Al Mani`iyah SYXX0494
Al Manqar SYXX2369
Al Manqa` SYXX2368
Al Mansiyah SYXX3273
Al Mansurah SYXX8123
Al Mansurah SYXX0909
Al Mantahi SYXX0495
Al Mantarah SYXX6225
Al Manzul SYXX2370
Al Maqbarah SYXX2371
Al Maqla` SYXX8124
Al Maqsabah SYXX8894
Al Marah SYXX8895
Al Marahat SYXX9455
Al Marajim SYXX9456
Al Marami SYXX5524
Al Maran SYXX7231
Al Marashidah SYXX0496
Al Marb`ah SYXX6226
Al Marfu` SYXX8390
Al Marfu`ah SYXX0910
Al Marj SYXX8896
Al Marj SYXX9457
Al Marjah SYXX0912
Al Marranah SYXX9458
Al Marranah SYXX2372
Al Mashadd SYXX9459
Al Mashariqah SYXX3276
Al Mashbiyah SYXX0913
Al Mashhad SYXX6227
Al Mashquqah SYXX2373
Al Mashrafah SYXX8897
Al Mashrafiyah SYXX6228
Al Mashta SYXX7232
Al Mashtal SYXX2375
Al Mashtayah SYXX9460
Al Masilah SYXX2376
Al Masitah SYXX6229
Al Masla SYXX7233
Al Maslahah SYXX5525
Al Mastumah SYXX6230
Al Mastur SYXX0914
Al Mas`udiyah SYXX3274
Al Matabb SYXX8391
Al Matn SYXX7234
Al Matniyat SYXX9461
Al Matrakiyah SYXX7235
Al Matunah SYXX9252
Al Mat`afiyah SYXX0915
Al Mawrid SYXX9462
Al Mayadin SYXX0032
Al Maydan SYXX6231
Al Mayizah SYXX0916
Al Maysah SYXX7236
Al Mazar SYXX0917
Al Mazbal SYXX2377
Al Mazhal SYXX7237
Al Mazhariyah SYXX2378
Al Mazra`ah SYXX7238
Al Mazra`ah SYXX0145
Al Mazzah SYXX0146
Al Mazzah SYXX3278
Al Ma`an SYXX0489
Al Ma`ashiq SYXX0490
Al Ma`asir SYXX9452
Al Ma`isirah SYXX6221
Al Ma`jun SYXX5521
Al Ma`murah SYXX8892
Al Ma`rid SYXX3264
Al Mecherqa SYXX3279
Al Milk SYXX6232
Al Mima SYXX0918
Al Mirdasiyah SYXX7239
Al Mishmashi SYXX6233
Al Mishmish SYXX6234
Al Mishyah SYXX5526
Al Mismiyah SYXX0001
Al Misnah SYXX3280
Al Misrab SYXX0497
Al Misri SYXX0498
Al Mizillah SYXX2381
Al Morhraqa SYXX2382
Al Mubarakah SYXX0920
Al Mubarakah SYXX9463
Al Mubarakat SYXX5528
Al Mubarakiyah SYXX2383
Al Mubattan SYXX5529
Al Mudawwar SYXX0921
Al Mudawwarah SYXX3282
Al Mufakkak SYXX6235
Al Muflisah SYXX3283
Al Muftayhah SYXX5530
Al Mughayir SYXX9253
Al Mughayr SYXX8125
Al Mughayr SYXX5531
Al Mughazalah SYXX3284
Al Mughir SYXX3285
Al Muhaddad SYXX8392
Al Muhafazah SYXX5532
Al Muhajirin SYXX0148
Al Muhattat SYXX6236
Al Muhayniyah SYXX2384
Al Mujarisah SYXX0499
Al Mujayhiyah SYXX8126
Al Mujaymir SYXX9254
Al Mujtahid SYXX0149
Al Mukarram SYXX2385
Al Mukarramiyah SYXX2386
Al Mukayshifani SYXX9464
Al Mukhayyam SYXX0259
Al Mulayhah SYXX5533
Al Mulayhah SYXX0150
Al Mumi SYXX0922
Al Munaris SYXX0923
Al Munaydhirah SYXX9255
Al Munayzilah SYXX7242
Al Muntar SYXX5534
Al Muntar SYXX6237
Al Muntar SYXX3287
Al Munyah SYXX9465
Al Muqarmadah SYXX9466
Al Muqashshat SYXX7243
Al Muqassam SYXX2387
Al Muqaybirah SYXX5535
Al Muqayr SYXX5536
Al Muqbilah SYXX3288
Al Muqbilah SYXX6238
Al Muqman SYXX0500
Al Murayjah SYXX9467
Al Murayjat SYXX0924
Al Murayjib SYXX6239
Al Murayqib SYXX9468
Al Murazij SYXX0925
Al Murtafa`ah SYXX0926
Al Musallakhah SYXX0501
Al Musayfirah SYXX0260
Al Musaytibah SYXX8900
Al Musa`diyah SYXX8127
Al Mushannaf SYXX9256
Al Mushayhir SYXX9469
Al Mushayr SYXX6240
Al Mushayrifah SYXX2388
Al Mushayrifah SYXX8393
Al Mushayrifah SYXX3290
Al Mushayrifah SYXX7244
Al Mushayrifah SYXX5537
Al Mushayrifah SYXX9470
Al Mushayrifah SYXX6241
Al Mushayrifah SYXX0927
Al Mushir SYXX6242
Al Mustadirah SYXX2389
Al Mustafawiyah SYXX0928
Al Mustalatun SYXX0929
Al Mustarayhah SYXX6243
Al Mustarihah SYXX5538
Al Mustarihah SYXX0930
Al Mutahiriyah SYXX9471
Al Mutawassitah SYXX6244
Al Muthanna SYXX8128
Al Muthminah SYXX3291
Al Muwaylah SYXX8394
Al Muwaylih SYXX3292
Al Muwayr SYXX0931
Al Muzayrib SYXX0261
Al Muzayrib SYXX0932
Al Muzayri`ah SYXX7245
Al Muzayri`ah SYXX5539
Al Muzaywinah SYXX3293
Al Muzayyanah SYXX2390
Al Mu`abbadah SYXX0919
Al Mu`addamiyah SYXX8898
Al Mu`ah SYXX5527
Al Mu`aysirah SYXX7240
Al Mu`aysirat SYXX7241
Al Mu`ayzilah SYXX3281
Al Qabliyat SYXX6245
Al Qabliyat SYXX3294
Al Qabw SYXX2391
Al Qabw SYXX5540
Al Qadam SYXX0152
Al Qaddahat SYXX2392
Al Qadi SYXX3295
Al Qadiriyah SYXX0933
Al Qadiriyah SYXX8129
Al Qadmus SYXX9472
Al Qafl SYXX3296
Al Qahtaniyah SYXX8130
Al Qalbiyah SYXX2393
Al Qalbiyah SYXX5542
Al Qali` SYXX6246
Al Qalluf SYXX7247
Al Qaltah SYXX8395
Al Qalub SYXX3297
Al Qal`ah SYXX7246
Al Qal`ah SYXX5541
Al Qamishli SYXX0034
Al Qanafidh SYXX5543
Al Qanah SYXX5544
Al Qanaqiyah SYXX2394
Al Qanatir SYXX5545
Al Qanawat SYXX0153
Al Qantarah SYXX2395
Al Qanuwiyah SYXX0934
Al Qarah SYXX8396
Al Qardahah SYXX7248
Al Qarramah SYXX7249
Al Qarutiyah SYXX5546
Al Qarya SYXX8397
Al Qaryatayn SYXX0035
Al Qar`a SYXX9257
Al Qasi SYXX3298
Al Qasilah SYXX3299
Al Qasimiyah SYXX8901
Al Qasirat SYXX6247
Al Qasmor SYXX3300
Al Qasr SYXX5547
Al Qasr SYXX0936
Al Qassa` SYXX0154
Al Qastal SYXX2396
Al Qastal SYXX8902
Al Qastrum SYXX7250
Al Qas`iyah SYXX8131
Al Qatlab SYXX9473
Al Qatriyah SYXX7251
Al Qat`ah SYXX0502
Al Qayir SYXX3301
Al Qaymariyah SYXX0155
Al Qa`ah SYXX0151
Al Qibi SYXX6248
Al Qibli SYXX6249
Al Qilliyah SYXX9474
Al Qirsh SYXX0937
Al Qitar SYXX0503
Al Qitat SYXX8398
Al Qiyasat SYXX6250
Al Qubaybah SYXX9475
Al Qudayr SYXX8399
Al Qudur SYXX0504
Al Quhujah SYXX9476
Al Qulayb SYXX2397
Al Qulaylah SYXX7252
Al Qulaytah SYXX3303
Al Qulay`ah SYXX9477
Al Qulay`ah SYXX8903
Al Qulay`ah SYXX3302
Al Qumqum SYXX2398
Al Qunaytirah SYXX6251
Al Qunaytirah SYXX8132
Al Qunaytirat SYXX2399
Al Quntari SYXX0505
Al Qurayya SYXX9258
Al Qurayyat SYXX2400
Al Qurayyat SYXX7253
Al Qurnat SYXX9478
Al Qurraya SYXX8400
Al Qursat SYXX0938
Al Qusaybah SYXX0262
Al Qusayr SYXX0263
Al Qusayr SYXX3304
Al Qusayr SYXX0507
Al Qusayr SYXX0036
Al Qusayr SYXX9479
Al Qusayriyah SYXX0508
Al Qusur SYXX0156
Al Qusur SYXX8401
Al Qutayfah SYXX0002
Al Qutbah SYXX0939
Al Quwayr SYXX8402
Al Ujrush SYXX0940
Al Ukhaykhah SYXX7254
Al Usayli` SYXX0941
Al Wadi SYXX9480
Al Wahliyah SYXX0943
Al Wakhmah SYXX8905
Al Wandiyah SYXX0509
Al Waqf SYXX3306
Al Waradiyah SYXX0944
Al Wardiyat SYXX9481
Al Wasita SYXX6252
Al Wasitah SYXX8403
Al Wasitah SYXX3307
Al Wasitah SYXX6253
Al Wasitat SYXX9482
Al Wasitiyah SYXX3308
Al Wastani SYXX6254
Al Wata SYXX6255
Al Wata SYXX7255
Al Watutiyah SYXX0945
Al Waytira SYXX2402
Al Wazi`iyah SYXX2403
Al Wa`irah SYXX8904
Al Wa`irah SYXX0942
Al Wa`r SYXX2401
Al Wa`rat SYXX5548
Al Widyan SYXX5549
Al Wudayhi SYXX2404
Al Wus`ah SYXX2405
Al Yabisah SYXX8404
Al Yadudah SYXX0264
Al Yafnasah SYXX7256
Al Yahudiyah SYXX7257
Al Yaljah SYXX5550
Al Yaqusah SYXX8133
Al Ya`qubiyah SYXX3309
Al Ya`rubiyah SYXX0946
Al Yusufiyah SYXX0947
Al `Aarimah SYXX7258
Al `Abbadah SYXX8906
Al `Abbasiyah SYXX0948
Al `Abbudiyah SYXX2406
Al `Abd SYXX0510
Al `Adad SYXX0511
Al `Adam SYXX8405
Al `Adasat SYXX5551
Al `Adawi SYXX0157
Al `Adiliyah SYXX2407
Al `Afif SYXX5552
Al `Afinah SYXX9259
Al `Afsh SYXX3310
Al `Ajami SYXX0265
Al `Ajar SYXX8406
Al `Ajl SYXX8407
Al `Ajrawi SYXX8408
Al `Akrak SYXX7259
Al `Al SYXX8134
Al `Alamiyah SYXX5553
Al `Alamiyah SYXX0266
Al `Ali SYXX0512
Al `Aliliyat SYXX3311
Al `Aliyah SYXX3312
Al `Aliyah SYXX5554
Al `Aliyah SYXX8409
Al `Aliyat SYXX2409
Al `Alluni SYXX0513
Al `Allush SYXX3313
Al `Alqanah SYXX8410
Al `Amiriyah SYXX0949
Al `Amiriyah SYXX2410
Al `Amiyah SYXX5555
Al `Amriyah SYXX9483
Al `Amud SYXX6257
Al `Amudiyah SYXX2411
Al `Amya SYXX2412
Al `Ananah SYXX3314
Al `Anat SYXX9260
Al `Anazah SYXX3315
Al `Annabiyah SYXX9484
Al `Annazah SYXX9485
Al `Anz SYXX5556
Al `Anz SYXX9261
Al `Aqabah SYXX3316
Al `Aqabah SYXX6258
Al `Aqabah SYXX0950
Al `Aqrabiyah SYXX2413
Al `Ara SYXX0951
Al `Arbadiyah SYXX6259
Al `Arid SYXX5557
Al `Arid SYXX8907
Al `Arid SYXX9486
Al `Aridah SYXX0267
Al `Aridiyah SYXX8411
Al `Arimah SYXX3317
Al `Arram SYXX8908
Al `Asharinah SYXX5558
Al `Asi SYXX0952
Al `Asimiyah SYXX3318
Al `Asir SYXX0953
Al `Atiq SYXX3319
Al `Atshanah SYXX0954
Al `Awadat SYXX0955
Al `Awajiz SYXX8412
Al `Awar SYXX2414
Al `Awja SYXX5559
Al `Awja SYXX0514
Al `Awjah SYXX2415
Al `Awwamiyah SYXX7260
Al `Aybidiyah SYXX2416
Al `Aziziyah SYXX6260
Al `Aziziyah SYXX3321
Al `Ilaqiyah SYXX9487
Al `Illiyah SYXX2418
Al `Imarah SYXX5560
Al `Imarah SYXX3322
Al `Isabah SYXX8909
Al `Ishah SYXX8135
Al `Udaysah SYXX6261
Al `Ulayyaniyah SYXX2419
Al `Ullayqah SYXX7261
Al `Ulyaniyah SYXX0956
Al `Umayriyah SYXX3323
Al `Umdan SYXX5561
Al `Umrah SYXX2420
Al `Uqaybah SYXX7262
Al `Uqayrib SYXX9488
Al `Uraymah SYXX9489
Al `Uraymah SYXX5562
Al `Urayqib SYXX7263
Al `Uraysah SYXX8136
Al `Urqub SYXX3324
Al `Uthmaniyah SYXX8910
Al `Uthumiyat SYXX9490
Al `Uwaydah SYXX2421
Al `Uwayja SYXX6262
Al `Uwaykah SYXX9491
Al `Uwayn SYXX5563
Al `Uwaynah SYXX5564
Al `Uwaynah SYXX3325
Al `Uwayni SYXX8911
Al `Uwayniyah SYXX9492
Al `Uwayr SYXX5565
Al-Hasakah SYXX0038
Alassa SYXX3326
Albu Bana SYXX3327
Albu Kamal SYXX0515
Aleppo SYXX0003
Allone HaBashan SYXX8137
Alo SYXX0957
Altun al Jurd SYXX9493
Altun Wayran SYXX3328
Amir Dahim SYXX0958
Amliq SYXX7264
Amri SYXX0959
Amtaqqa SYXX6263
Amuda SYXX0040
Amude SYXX0960
Amun SYXX5566
An Nabatiyah SYXX2426
An Nabhah SYXX0516
An Nabi Nu`man SYXX3329
An Nabi Sadiq SYXX0961
An Nabi Shit SYXX6264
An Nabi Yunus SYXX9496
An Nabk SYXX0041
An Naftiyah SYXX0962
An Nahdah SYXX3330
An Nahl SYXX6265
An Nahr SYXX6266
An Najih SYXX0268
An Namurajiyah SYXX0963
An Namuram SYXX0517
An Naqib SYXX9497
An Nashabiyah SYXX8912
An Nashifah SYXX0964
An Nashmi SYXX2427
An Nasiriyah SYXX2428
An Nasiriyah SYXX0965
An Nasiriyah SYXX0042
An Nasiriyah SYXX3331
An Nasiriyah SYXX6267
An Nasiriyah SYXX5568
An Nasiriyat SYXX2429
An Nasr SYXX5569
An Natuliyah SYXX0518
An Nawaqir SYXX7266
An Nayhah SYXX9498
An Nayrab SYXX6268
An Nayrab SYXX3332
An Nayriyah SYXX0519
An Nazimiyah SYXX2430
An Na`amah SYXX9494
An Na`amiyah SYXX2422
An Na`asat SYXX9495
An Na`im SYXX2423
An Na`isiyah SYXX2424
An Na`ur SYXX7265
An Na`urah SYXX2425
An Nihah SYXX9499
An Nisani SYXX2431
An Nubay`at SYXX7267
An Nukhaylah SYXX8138
An Numaysah SYXX8413
An Nusayr SYXX2432
An Nuzhah SYXX2433
An Nu`aymah SYXX0269
Anab SYXX6269
Anbarli SYXX3333
Ani`am SYXX8139
Anqalah SYXX3334
Antaki SYXX7268
Antuz SYXX9500
Aq Bash SYXX3335
Aq Burhan SYXX3336
Aq Duqarah SYXX2434
Aq Kuy SYXX8414
Aqarah SYXX3337
Aqjah Bayir SYXX7269
Aqulat `Aqulah SYXX3338
Aqwiran SYXX3339
Ar Rabbasah SYXX7270
Ar Rabi`ah SYXX2436
Ar Rabi`ah SYXX5570
Ar Rab`ah SYXX2435
Ar Rafadah SYXX0520
Ar Rafid SYXX8140
Ar Rafiqah SYXX9262
Ar Rafi`ah SYXX5571
Ar Rafi`ah SYXX7271
Ar Rafi`ah SYXX3340
Ar Rafi`ah SYXX9501
Ar Raha SYXX0967
Ar Rahbi SYXX8415
Ar Rahib SYXX3341
Ar Rahibiyah SYXX9502
Ar Rahmaniyah SYXX3342
Ar Rajabliyah SYXX2437
Ar Rakan SYXX0521
Ar Ramadi SYXX0522
Ar Ramadi SYXX8913
Ar Ramah SYXX7272
Ar Rami SYXX6270
Ar Ramilah SYXX3343
Ar Raml SYXX2438
Ar Raqmah SYXX9503
Ar Raqqah SYXX0043
Ar Raqubah SYXX5572
Ar Rashadiyah SYXX2439
Ar Rashaniyah SYXX8141
Ar Rashidi SYXX0523
Ar Rashidiyah SYXX0968
Ar Rasif SYXX6271
Ar Rasif SYXX3344
Ar Rasif SYXX7273
Ar Rastan SYXX0044
Ar Ratuniyah SYXX3345
Ar Rawdah SYXX2440
Ar Rawdah SYXX5574
Ar Rayah SYXX6272
Ar Rayhaniyah SYXX0969
Ar Rayidi SYXX0970
Ar Razaniyah SYXX8142
Ar Riba` SYXX3346
Ar Rif SYXX3347
Ar Rifa`iyah SYXX3348
Ar Rimiyah SYXX0971
Ar Riqamah SYXX2441
Ar Riyaf SYXX9504
Ar Rubayl SYXX3349
Ar Rubbah SYXX5575
Ar Rudayfah SYXX2442
Ar Ruffah SYXX6273
Ar Ruhaniyah SYXX0973
Ar Ruhaybah SYXX2443
Ar Ruhaybah SYXX0974
Ar Ruhaybah SYXX8914
Ar Ruhayyat SYXX8416
Ar Rujum SYXX3350
Ar Rukiyah SYXX9506
Ar Rummanah SYXX3351
Ar Rusafah SYXX6274
Ar Rusafah SYXX9507
Ar Rusiyah SYXX9508
Ar Ruwas SYXX7274
Ar Ruwaybah SYXX6275
Ar Ruwaydah SYXX5576
Ar Ruwayhat SYXX9509
Ar Ruways SYXX9510
Ar Ruways SYXX7275
Ar Ruwaysah SYXX9511
Ar Ru`ay SYXX0972
Aradi ad Dabiyah SYXX3359
Aradi al Haylan SYXX3360
Aradi al Hizam SYXX3361
Aradi al Qarasi SYXX3363
Aradi al `Umdat SYXX3364
Aradi an Na`urah SYXX3365
Aradi ar Ramadi SYXX8916
Aradi as Sabil SYXX3366
Aradi az Zaytun SYXX3369
Aradi Babinnis SYXX3352
Aradi Blilin SYXX5577
Aradi Khalasah SYXX3354
Aradi Khalsah SYXX3355
Aradi Masharif SYXX3356
Aradi Naqqarin SYXX3357
Aradi Tarr SYXX6276
Aradi Tutafalus SYXX6277
Arak SYXX2446
Arbah Kasmaz SYXX3370
Arba`in SYXX6279
Ard Abu ar Rujum SYXX3373
Ard Abu Kharma SYXX5578
Ard Abu Miri SYXX3371
Ard ad Dabbiyah SYXX2467
Ard ad Dakkah SYXX3390
Ard ad Daqs SYXX6303
Ard ad Dawwar SYXX8937
Ard ad Dayr SYXX6304
Ard ad Disah SYXX7276
Ard ad Duwayr SYXX8938
Ard adh Dhikra SYXX6305
Ard al Afa`i SYXX8939
Ard al Ahras SYXX3391
Ard al Akrad SYXX3392
Ard al Bab SYXX5598
Ard al Baghdadi SYXX6306
Ard al Bahasis SYXX6307
Ard al Balanah SYXX6308
Ard al Ballan SYXX2468
Ard al Baraghish SYXX6309
Ard al Baranis SYXX3393
Ard al Basa`ah SYXX6310
Ard al Basha SYXX3394
Ard al Bass SYXX2469
Ard al Bayadah SYXX8940
Ard al Bayadah SYXX6311
Ard al Baydah SYXX8941
Ard al Baydar SYXX8942
Ard al Bayhah SYXX2470
Ard al Biqa` SYXX5599
Ard al Bransah SYXX3395
Ard al Buhayrah SYXX3396
Ard al Buraq SYXX2471
Ard al Burghul SYXX8943
Ard al Burj SYXX9515
Ard al Bustan SYXX3397
Ard al Bustan SYXX2472
Ard al Buzaliyah SYXX8944
Ard al Fajjarah SYXX0530
Ard al Fatih SYXX6312
Ard al Furtaykah SYXX2473
Ard al Gharbiyah SYXX6313
Ard al Ghulah SYXX0270
Ard al Habbasat SYXX8945
Ard al Habbat SYXX6314
Ard al Habibah SYXX5600
Ard al Halaqim SYXX3398
Ard al Hallah SYXX6315
Ard al Hamrah SYXX3399
Ard al Hamrah SYXX9265
Ard al Haqli SYXX2475
Ard al Harah SYXX6316
Ard al Hariq SYXX8947
Ard al Hariri SYXX6317
Ard al Haswanah SYXX5601
Ard al Hawsh SYXX8948
Ard al Hayad SYXX3400
Ard al Hayalah SYXX8949
Ard al Humayri SYXX5602
Ard al Humrah SYXX7277
Ard al Huqnah SYXX3401
Ard al Huraybah SYXX6318
Ard al Huwwah SYXX8950
Ard al Islah SYXX3402
Ard al Jadid SYXX8951
Ard al Jam`iyat SYXX6319
Ard al Jaram SYXX6320
Ard al Jawr SYXX6321
Ard al Ja`r SYXX0531
Ard al Jirbah SYXX3403
Ard al Jullah SYXX8954
Ard al Jurah SYXX3404
Ard al Kafat SYXX6322
Ard al Kandarus SYXX6323
Ard al Khabir SYXX6324
Ard al Khalij SYXX8955
Ard al Khanat SYXX8957
Ard al Khandaq SYXX6325
Ard al Khatranah SYXX3405
Ard al Khirarim SYXX3406
Ard al Khirayim SYXX3407
Ard al Khirbah SYXX8958
Ard al Khirbah SYXX6326
Ard al Kubri SYXX8959
Ard al Kukh SYXX2476
Ard al Kurum SYXX3408
Ard al Kusur SYXX8960
Ard al Lataminah SYXX5603
Ard al Lubbad SYXX8961
Ard al Mafraq SYXX6328
Ard al Maghar SYXX3409
Ard al Maghariq SYXX8963
Ard al Majdal SYXX0976
Ard al Majnunah SYXX8964
Ard al Manabi` SYXX6329
Ard al Manatir SYXX6330
Ard al Manazzat SYXX8965
Ard al Maqasu SYXX6331
Ard al Maqati SYXX6332
Ard al Marrah SYXX3410
Ard al Marsah SYXX6333
Ard al Masahib SYXX8966
Ard al Masakh SYXX8967
Ard al Mashriqah SYXX3411
Ard al Matinah SYXX2477
Ard al Matrah SYXX8968
Ard al Maysarah SYXX6334
Ard al Maytarun SYXX8969
Ard al Mazra`ah SYXX8970
Ard al Ma`asirah SYXX6327
Ard al Ma`radah SYXX8962
Ard al Milk SYXX2478
Ard al Mudandal SYXX0532
Ard al Muh SYXX2479
Ard al Muntar SYXX3412
Ard al Murajat SYXX6337
Ard al Qamu` SYXX2481
Ard al Qaraji SYXX3414
Ard al Qaramat SYXX6339
Ard al Qara` SYXX6338
Ard al Qarqa`ah SYXX3415
Ard al Qarurah SYXX3416
Ard al Qasir SYXX2482
Ard al Qibli SYXX5604
Ard al Qubbah SYXX6340
Ard al Quranah SYXX3417
Ard al Qurubi SYXX3418
Ard al Qutayr SYXX8972
Ard al Umbashi SYXX9266
Ard al Ward SYXX6342
Ard al Wata SYXX7278
Ard al Watiyat SYXX6343
Ard al Wisatah SYXX5605
Ard al Wutiyah SYXX8973
Ard al Yummah SYXX6344
Ard al `Adas SYXX8974
Ard al `Add SYXX8975
Ard al `Ajjur SYXX3419
Ard al `Amud SYXX2483
Ard al `Aqibah SYXX6345
Ard al `Aris SYXX8976
Ard al `Armut SYXX6346
Ard al `Arus SYXX6347
Ard al `Asharat SYXX6348
Ard al `Ayn SYXX6349
Ard al `Azzan SYXX3420
Ard al `Urayd SYXX6350
Ard al `Utasat SYXX3421
Ard Aminah SYXX3374
Ard Amirah SYXX8918
Ard an Nafkhah SYXX8977
Ard an Naqri SYXX3423
Ard ar Rahi SYXX3424
Ard ar Ralwiyah SYXX2485
Ard ar Ramlah SYXX8978
Ard ar Rawabi SYXX8979
Ard ar Rifa` SYXX3425
Ard ar Rifa`i SYXX2486
Ard ar Rifa`iyat SYXX5606
Ard ar Rubaydah SYXX0272
Ard ar Ruk SYXX2487
Ard ar Rumanat SYXX6351
Ard ar Rusafah SYXX6352
Ard as Sabil SYXX5607
Ard as Sadari SYXX6354
Ard as Sahyu SYXX6355
Ard as Samakh SYXX0273
Ard as Samasim SYXX8980
Ard as Samiriyah SYXX2488
Ard as Sam`alil SYXX5608
Ard as Sayhat SYXX6356
Ard as Sayyah SYXX2489
Ard as Sayyahi SYXX2490
Ard as Sa`danah SYXX3426
Ard as Sibbah SYXX6357
Ard as Sifr SYXX8982
Ard as Sud SYXX6358
Ard as Sudud SYXX6359
Ard as Sudur SYXX8983
Ard as Sukkari SYXX3428
Ard as Sum`ah SYXX3429
Ard ash Shalat SYXX6361
Ard ash Shala` SYXX3431
Ard ash Shamali SYXX3432
Ard ash Shaqif SYXX5609
Ard ash Shawk SYXX8986
Ard ash Shawkat SYXX3433
Ard ash Shaykh SYXX3434
Ard ash Shaykh SYXX0977
Ard ash Shih SYXX6363
Ard ash Shir SYXX6364
Ard ash Shiri SYXX6365
Ard ash Shuwarit SYXX8987
Ard ash Shu`bah SYXX3436
Ard at Tallah SYXX3437
Ard at Tal`ah SYXX8988
Ard at Taqlayi SYXX3438
Ard at Tawaribu SYXX8989
Ard at Tawil SYXX9517
Ard at Tayshilah SYXX6366
Ard at Tayyibah SYXX5610
Ard at Tuffah SYXX6367
Ard at Turkaman SYXX2492
Ard at Turkuman SYXX2493
Ard az Zawr SYXX8991
Ard az Zawrat SYXX6368
Ard az Zawrat SYXX8992
Ard az Za`tarah SYXX8990
Ard az Zurzur SYXX6369
Ard az Zuwaytah SYXX0274
Ard Bahtar SYXX2447
Ard Bundu SYXX3376
Ard Burumah SYXX6280
Ard Dabbah SYXX8919
Ard Dahrat SYXX8920
Ard Fard Raynah SYXX6281
Ard Ghabirah SYXX5579
Ard Ghannam SYXX8921
Ard Ghazalah SYXX2451
Ard Hajj Latuf SYXX6282
Ard Hajulah SYXX8923
Ard Halaqat SYXX6283
Ard Hamadu SYXX6284
Ard Hamirah SYXX0524
Ard Harbatah SYXX6285
Ard Hawi Himar SYXX0525
Ard Hawran SYXX3378
Ard Istablat SYXX5580
Ard Jabal Kafra` SYXX5581
Ard Ja`din SYXX8417
Ard Jubbayn SYXX5582
Ard Kafr Ruhin SYXX6286
Ard Kafr Tumbat SYXX6287
Ard Ka`yah SYXX8418
Ard Kuddah SYXX6289
Ard Latmin SYXX5583
Ard Mahmud SYXX6290
Ard Manu`ah SYXX5585
Ard Maqalid SYXX5586
Ard Ma`an SYXX5584
Ard Mubattan SYXX5588
Ard Mudaysis SYXX2455
Ard Mughr Kasab SYXX6291
Ard Muqtal Salum SYXX3380
Ard Murayyir SYXX6292
Ard Musaddar SYXX5589
Ard Mu`ardis SYXX5587
Ard Nabbu`ah SYXX6293
Ard Qat` al Yas SYXX3381
Ard Rushmayta SYXX8927
Ard Sabbi SYXX2456
Ard Saghir SYXX6296
Ard Sanabayn SYXX8928
Ard Shurbin SYXX5591
Ard Si`in Suran SYXX3387
Ard Subhiyah SYXX9514
Ard Sumaysimah SYXX3388
Ard Suqur SYXX0527
Ard Suran SYXX5592
Ard Surrah SYXX8931
Ard Tall Malah SYXX5593
Ard Tamm al Jisr SYXX8932
Ard Tirban SYXX3389
Ard Turdah SYXX0529
Ard Tuwali SYXX2461
Ard Tuwaylat SYXX6299
Ard Umm al Hajar SYXX9264
Ard Umm al Qusur SYXX2462
Ard Umm al `Amad SYXX2463
Ard Umm at Tulul SYXX8934
Ard Umm at Tum SYXX8935
Ard Umm Sarij SYXX5594
Ard Wadi Bayrut SYXX6300
Ard Zakah SYXX5595
Ard Zallaqiyat SYXX5596
Ard `Ajami SYXX5597
Ard `Amran SYXX6301
Ard `Arri SYXX6302
Ard `Attar `Anz SYXX8419
Arhab SYXX6370
Arida SYXX2494
Ariha SYXX6371
Arjul SYXX3440
Arkis SYXX8994
Armalah SYXX6372
Armanaz SYXX6373
Armujah SYXX3441
Arnabah SYXX6374
Arnaz SYXX3442
Arsalan Kuy SYXX3443
Arshaq SYXX3444
Arshuk SYXX7279
Arslan Tash SYXX3445
Arwad SYXX9518
Arzaghan Fawqani SYXX6375
Arzaghan Tahtani SYXX6376
Arzah SYXX5611
Arzanah SYXX0978
Arzunah SYXX9519
As Sabah SYXX8143
As Sabakah SYXX9521
As Sabakh SYXX0982
As Sabhah SYXX0535
As Sabi SYXX0983
As Sabkhah SYXX8420
As Sabuniyah SYXX3446
As Sabuniyah SYXX2497
As Sab` Abar SYXX2496
As Sab` Jifar SYXX0981
As Sadah SYXX0984
As Sadd al Qibli SYXX3447
As Sadidiyah SYXX0985
As Sadir SYXX6377
As Safa SYXX5612
As Safa SYXX8995
As Safafiya SYXX0536
As Safarqiyah SYXX7280
As Saff SYXX6378
As Saffah SYXX3448
As Safh SYXX6379
As Safh SYXX0986
As Safirah SYXX0046
As Safiyah SYXX0537
As Safkun SYXX7281
As Safrah SYXX8421
As Safsaf SYXX7282
As Safsafah SYXX8422
As Safsafah SYXX6380
As Safsafiyah SYXX5613
As Sahah SYXX0987
As Sahah SYXX0158
As Sahl SYXX8996
As Sahum SYXX6381
As Saiamiyah SYXX0047
As Sakhrah SYXX0988
As Sakhrat SYXX6382
As Salaliyah SYXX5614
As Salam `Alayk SYXX8423
As Salamah SYXX6383
As Salihiyah SYXX3449
As Salihiyah SYXX6384
As Salihiyah SYXX2498
As Salihiyah SYXX0990
As Salihiyah SYXX5615
As Salimiyah SYXX9267
As Saljiyah SYXX8425
As Salmah SYXX6385
As Salmuk SYXX7283
As Salubiyah SYXX0538
As Salukiyah SYXX5616
As Saluqiyah SYXX8144
As Samrah SYXX8145
As Sam`alil SYXX2499
As Sanawbar SYXX7284
As Sarayim SYXX0539
As Sarimiyah SYXX5617
As Sariya SYXX0275
As Sarj SYXX6386
As Sarkhan SYXX8426
As Sarraas SYXX6387
As Sat SYXX6388
As Satarkah SYXX7285
As Sawa SYXX0540
As Sawami` SYXX6389
As Sawda SYXX9522
As Sawdah SYXX9523
As Sawm SYXX0991
As Sawram SYXX2500
As Sawwanah SYXX2501
As Sayar SYXX3451
As Saybah SYXX0992
As Sayfariyah SYXX8997
As Sayh SYXX6390
As Sayhah SYXX0993
As Sayid SYXX2502
As Sayyadah SYXX5618
As Sayyadi SYXX6391
As Sayyal SYXX0541
As Sa`dah SYXX0533
As Sa`danah SYXX9520
As Sa`diyah SYXX0979
As Sa`diyah SYXX2495
As Sa`lu SYXX0534
As Sefari SYXX8998
As Sid al `Aqib SYXX6392
As Sidrah SYXX6393
As Siha SYXX0994
As Sihah SYXX0995
As Sihrij SYXX0996
As Sihrij SYXX9524
As Sijn SYXX9270
As Sin SYXX3453
As Sindiyanah SYXX7286
As Sindiyanah SYXX9525
As Siraj SYXX7287
As Sirriyat SYXX8999
As Si`in SYXX3452
As Si`in SYXX5619
As Subay`at SYXX8427
As Sudayr SYXX6394
As Suhbah SYXX0999
As Sujar SYXX0542
As Sukayk SYXX6395
As Sukhnah SYXX0048
As Sukhuriyah SYXX8428
As Sukkariyah SYXX0543
As Sulaybah SYXX6396
As Sulayhiyah SYXX8429
As Sunnat SYXX9000
As Surah SYXX0276
As Susa SYXX0544
As Susan SYXX3455
As Suwar SYXX1000
As Suwar SYXX0049
As Suwaydah SYXX9526
As Suwaydah SYXX1001
As Suwaydah SYXX3456
As Suwaydah SYXX5621
As Suwaydiyah SYXX1002
As Suwayhah SYXX5622
As Suwaymirah SYXX9272
As Suwayqah SYXX0160
As Suwayri SYXX2503
As Suwaysah SYXX0277
As Suwaytiyah SYXX1003
As Suyur SYXX3457
As Su`udiyah SYXX0998
Asalah SYXX0546
Asanbul SYXX3458
Asbitah SYXX8146
Ash Shabatliyah SYXX7288
Ash Shabiyah SYXX5624
Ash Shabraqah SYXX6398
Ash Shabruniyah SYXX9528
Ash Shaddadah SYXX1005
Ash Shafaq SYXX9529
Ash Shahid SYXX3459
Ash Shahtah SYXX7289
Ash Shajalah SYXX0548
Ash Shajar SYXX7290
Ash Shajarah SYXX9001
Ash Shajarah SYXX3460
Ash Shakkat SYXX5625
Ash Shakkiyah SYXX5626
Ash Shakrah SYXX9002
Ash Shakusiyah SYXX6399
Ash Shaljah SYXX1006
Ash Shallal SYXX3461
Ash Shamaliyat SYXX9530
Ash Shamamis SYXX9531
Ash Shamil SYXX3462
Ash Shamis SYXX9003
Ash Shamiyah SYXX1007
Ash Shamiyah SYXX2505
Ash Shamiyah SYXX7291
Ash Shamsiyah SYXX1009
Ash Shanniyah SYXX9532
Ash Shantarah SYXX3463
Ash Shanuriyah SYXX6400
Ash Shanyah SYXX2506
Ash Shaqf SYXX5627
Ash Shaqfah SYXX6401
Ash Sharafiyah SYXX6402
Ash Sharah SYXX8430
Ash Sharaqliyah SYXX2507
Ash Sharashir SYXX7292
Ash Sharbaji SYXX0161
Ash Sharfah SYXX5628
Ash Shari`ah SYXX5629
Ash Sharkasiyah SYXX0162
Ash Sharqi SYXX9004
Ash Shattayah SYXX2508
Ash Shawk SYXX9533
Ash Shawkat SYXX3464
Ash Shawmariyah SYXX2509
Ash Shaykh Ahmad SYXX9534
Ash Shaykh Ahmad SYXX1010
Ash Shaykh Ahmad SYXX0549
Ash Shaykh Badr SYXX3465
Ash Shaykh Damis SYXX6403
Ash Shaykh Ghali SYXX3466
Ash Shaykh Hamid SYXX2510
Ash Shaykh Hasan SYXX8431
Ash Shaykh Nimaz SYXX3468
Ash Shaykh Qamar SYXX3469
Ash Shaykh Sa`ad SYXX6405
Ash Shaykh Sa`d SYXX9535
Ash Shaykh Sa`id SYXX3470
Ash Shaykh Yusuf SYXX6407
Ash Shaykh `Ali SYXX3473
Ash Shaykh `Isa SYXX6408
Ash Shaykh `Isa SYXX3474
Ash Sha`fah SYXX8147
Ash Sha`fah SYXX0547
Ash Sha`faniyah SYXX1004
Ash Sha`irat SYXX2504
Ash Sha`rah SYXX6397
Ash Sha`rah SYXX9527
Ash Sha`ta SYXX5623
Ash Shihah SYXX9536
Ash Shihah SYXX5631
Ash Shilabat SYXX3475
Ash Shilfatiyah SYXX7297
Ash Shindakhah SYXX9537
Ash Shir SYXX5632
Ash Shir SYXX7298
Ash Shirshar SYXX9538
Ash Shiyarah SYXX7299
Ash Shuhatiyah SYXX8432
Ash Shula SYXX0550
Ash Shulin SYXX5633
Ash Shumays SYXX9005
Ash Shumays SYXX9539
Ash Shumaysah SYXX2512
Ash Shummari SYXX3477
Ash Shumrah SYXX6409
Ash Shuqayriyah SYXX7300
Ash Shuqraniyah SYXX0280
Ash Shuquq SYXX7301
Ash Shurah SYXX9540
Ash Shuwayhah SYXX5634
Ash Shuwayhiyah SYXX1012
Ash Shuwayriyat SYXX7302
Ash Shu`ayb SYXX3476
Ashkan Gharbi SYXX3478
Ashmurah SYXX8150
Ashqan Sharqi SYXX3479
Ashrafiyah SYXX9541
Ashuriyin SYXX1013
Asila SYXX1014
Asili SYXX5635
Askhamiyah SYXX8433
Askuran SYXX7303
Aslo SYXX1015
Asqubin SYXX7304
Assous SYXX3480
At Tabalah SYXX0164
At Tabaqah SYXX0121
At Tabiyah SYXX0551
At Tadamun SYXX0165
At Taff SYXX0281
At Tahh SYXX6410
At Tahiriyah SYXX2514
At Tahiriyah SYXX9542
At Tahiyah SYXX1016
At Tahtaniyah SYXX8151
At Tali`ah SYXX1017
At Tall SYXX9008
At Tallah SYXX2515
At Tallayn SYXX1018
At Tamakh SYXX1019
At Tamariqiyah SYXX9543
At Taminah SYXX1020
At Tammazah SYXX0051
At Tanbak SYXX2516
At Tanf SYXX2517
At Taramis SYXX9544
At Tash SYXX1021
At Tawahin SYXX8152
At Tawanin SYXX9545
At Tawb SYXX0552
At Tawbah SYXX7305
At Tawil SYXX0553
At Tawil SYXX2518
At Tawilah SYXX9546
At Tayhah SYXX0282
At Tayyibah SYXX0283
At Tayyibah SYXX8434
At Tayyibah SYXX9273
At Ta`s SYXX3481
At Ta`unah SYXX2513
At Tibnah SYXX0052
At Tibni SYXX0554
At Tinah SYXX9274
At Tinah SYXX5636
At Tirah SYXX9275
At Tiwal SYXX5637
At Tuffahah SYXX6411
At Tulay`i SYXX9547
At Tulul SYXX6412
At Tun al Jurd SYXX9548
At Tunah SYXX5638
At Tunbur SYXX3482
At Turaykimiyah SYXX1022
At Turaymisah SYXX5639
At Turbah SYXX7306
At Turkumaniyah SYXX9550
At Turmaniyah SYXX1023
At Tuwayhinah SYXX8435
At Tuwaymat SYXX2520
At Tuwaymiyah SYXX0555
At Tuwayshirah SYXX7307
Atab SYXX3483
Atarib SYXX6414
Ath Thabitiyah SYXX2521
Ath Thadyayn SYXX0053
Athriya SYXX8436
Atimah SYXX3484
AtTawil SYXX6413
Avne Etan SYXX8153
Awj Qana SYXX3485
Awkhan SYXX3486
Awkir Fawqani SYXX1024
Awkir Tahtani SYXX1025
Awlus SYXX3487
Aykadah SYXX3488
Ayn al Lawzah SYXX5640
Ayyab SYXX0284
Ayyubiyah SYXX5641
Az Zabadani SYXX9009
Az Zabari SYXX0556
Az Zablatani SYXX0166
Az Zahiriyah SYXX3491
Az Zahiriyah SYXX2523
Az Zahr SYXX9551
Az Zahr SYXX6415
Az Zahrah SYXX3492
Az Zahrat SYXX3493
Az Zakah SYXX5642
Az Zalaf SYXX9010
Az Zamlah SYXX8437
Az Zanbaqi SYXX6416
Az Zaqaqah SYXX0285
Az Zara SYXX2524
Az Zarah SYXX5643
Az Zarbah SYXX3494
Az Zarqat SYXX9552
Az Zaruq SYXX9011
Az Zarzuriyah SYXX2525
Az Zawarib SYXX9012
Az Zawayat SYXX6417
Az Zawbah SYXX9553
Az Zawiyah SYXX0286
Az Zayir SYXX9554
Az Zaynabiyah SYXX9555
Az Zaynah SYXX9556
Az Zaytunah SYXX9557
Az Zaytunah SYXX5644
Az Za`faranah SYXX2522
Az Zemoueila SYXX8438
Az Zib SYXX0557
Az Zinqahayyah SYXX3495
Az Ziyadiyah SYXX7308
Az Ziyarah SYXX6419
Az Zubayq SYXX2526
Az Zunud SYXX1027
Az Zuwaytinah SYXX9558
Azmarin SYXX6420
A`bad SYXX3115
A`jaz SYXX6127
A`waj al Falaj SYXX0429
A`waj al Janah SYXX5446
Bab al Barid SYXX0170
Bab al Buraq SYXX5647
Bab al Faraj SYXX1030
Bab al Hadid SYXX1031
Bab al Hajar SYXX3498
Bab al Hawa SYXX8154
Bab al Hawa SYXX2531
Bab al Hawa SYXX1032
Bab al Khayr SYXX1033
Bab al Maqam SYXX3499
Bab Allah SYXX6422
Bab an Nayrab SYXX3500
Bab an Nur SYXX9563
Bab ar Rakha SYXX1034
Bab as Salam SYXX1035
Bab as Salam SYXX0171
Bab as Salum SYXX3501
Bab Jannah SYXX7311
Bab Masalla SYXX0167
Bab Qibli SYXX5646
Bab Sarijah SYXX0168
Bab Shinyaz SYXX1029
Bab Tuma SYXX0169
Bab `Abd Allah SYXX7312
Babak Ushaghi SYXX3502
Babasi SYXX1036
Babila SYXX0172
Babinna SYXX7313
Babinnis SYXX3503
Babis SYXX3505
Bablayt SYXX3506
Bablutah SYXX9564
Babu SYXX1037
Badama SYXX6423
Badawi SYXX7314
Badawi al Jasir SYXX0558
Badawiyah SYXX6424
Badda SYXX9013
Badir SYXX9565
Badi` al `Ulwah SYXX1038
Badriyah SYXX9566
Badriyah SYXX6425
Badrusiyah SYXX7315
Badwar SYXX6426
Bafdik SYXX3507
Bafillur SYXX3508
Bafliyun SYXX3509
Baghadjaq SYXX8440
Baghalla SYXX1039
Baghdad SYXX6427
Baghidin SYXX3510
Baghjah Ghaz SYXX7316
Baghlah SYXX8155
Baghliyah SYXX2533
Baghuz SYXX0560
Baghuz Fawqani SYXX0561
Baham SYXX9276
Bahdaliyah SYXX5648
Bahdaliyah SYXX9014
Bahfis SYXX3511
Bahli SYXX2534
Bahluniyah SYXX2535
Bahrutah SYXX3512
Bahzinah SYXX9567
Bajariyah SYXX7317
Bajariz SYXX6428
Bak Ubah Si SYXX3513
Bakarat al Jabal SYXX1040
Bakarat az Zawr SYXX1041
Bakartayah SYXX3514
Bakdarah SYXX9568
Bakhiri SYXX8441
Bakh`ah SYXX9015
Bakka SYXX9277
Bakkurah SYXX3515
Bakmazlu SYXX1042
Bakrwan SYXX1043
Baksa SYXX7318
Baksariyah SYXX6429
Baktal SYXX0562
Bal Maghar SYXX3516
Bal Wiran SYXX3517
Bala SYXX3518
Bala al Qadimah SYXX0174
Balaban SYXX3519
Balad Jabali SYXX3520
Balad Naqarinah SYXX5649
Balakush SYXX6430
Balali SYXX3521
Balas SYXX3522
Balash SYXX0563
Balat SYXX9570
Balat SYXX3523
Balat SYXX0175
Balat SYXX6431
Balat SYXX7319
Balatah SYXX7320
Balayramun SYXX3524
Balghunis SYXX9572
Balhalah SYXX9573
Bali Kuy SYXX3525
Balis SYXX6432
Baliy SYXX0287
Ball SYXX1044
Ballah SYXX7321
Ballalin SYXX5650
Ballan SYXX1045
Ballanah SYXX3526
Ballik SYXX1046
Balliqiyah SYXX1047
Balluqa SYXX9574
Balluta SYXX7322
Ballutat al Hawa SYXX9575
Ballutiyah SYXX9576
Balmah SYXX5651
Balmis SYXX6433
Balnak SYXX3527
Balou SYXX2536
Balqah SYXX6434
Baltaji SYXX3528
Balu SYXX9577
Balujah SYXX1048
Balunah SYXX0054
Baluqa SYXX9578
Balwah SYXX3529
Balyun SYXX6435
Balzuzan Fawqani SYXX1049
Bal`adar SYXX9569
Bamlakha SYXX9579
Banan SYXX3530
Bandah Rak SYXX3531
Bandar Khan SYXX3532
Bandir SYXX3534
Bandur SYXX1050
Bani Na`im SYXX9580
Bani `Isa SYXX7323
Banin SYXX6436
Banis SYXX3535
Baniyas SYXX8156
Baniyas SYXX0055
Banjaru SYXX7324
Banmarah SYXX9581
Banukiyah SYXX1051
Baqa`sim SYXX9017
Baqliyun SYXX7325
Baqsamtah SYXX6437
Baq`am SYXX9016
Baq`u SYXX9582
Baraband SYXX3536
Barabirah SYXX8442
Barad SYXX9278
Barad SYXX3537
Baraghitah SYXX3538
Baraghiti SYXX6438
Barah SYXX6439
Barahuwah SYXX8443
Barakah SYXX3539
Barakash SYXX3540
Baramji SYXX3541
Barghash SYXX2537
Barghutiyah SYXX5652
Barhalin SYXX3542
Barifa SYXX1052
Barik SYXX9279
Barikha SYXX7326
Baris SYXX6440
Barisha SYXX6441
Barisha SYXX7327
Barkh Batan SYXX3543
Barku Fawqani SYXX1053
Barku Tahtani SYXX1054
Barmaya SYXX9583
Barnan SYXX6442
Barouha SYXX2538
Barqa SYXX0288
Barqadah SYXX6443
Barqah SYXX7328
Barqiyah SYXX9584
Barqum SYXX3544
Barri al Gharbi SYXX5653
Barri ash Sharqi SYXX5654
Barrkafri SYXX1055
Barsham SYXX0564
Barshin SYXX2539
Barud SYXX1056
Barudah SYXX7329
Barudiyah SYXX5657
Barudiyah SYXX2540
Baruhan SYXX3545
Baruzah SYXX3546
Baryaha SYXX9585
Barza al Fawqani SYXX7330
Barza at Tahtani SYXX7331
Barzah SYXX0176
Barzah SYXX6444
Barzah SYXX2541
Barzan SYXX1057
Barziyat SYXX1058
Basamis SYXX6445
Basandina SYXX6446
Basanqul SYXX6447
Basatin SYXX9586
Basatin ad Dur SYXX0179
Basatin al Hamra SYXX2543
Basatin al Mimas SYXX2545
Basatin al `Uyun SYXX2546
Basatin ar Razi SYXX0180
Basatin Daraya SYXX0177
Basaytin SYXX0565
Basbus SYXX6448
Bash Dulqi SYXX8444
Bash Jurn SYXX3547
Bash Mishli SYXX6449
Bash Ushaghi SYXX3548
Bashidiyah SYXX1059
Bashili SYXX7332
Bashir SYXX6450
Bashishah SYXX9587
Bashiyah SYXX1060
Bashkun SYXX5658
Bashkuy SYXX3549
Bashnafah SYXX7333
Bashur SYXX7334
Bashurah SYXX5659
Bashurtah SYXX7335
Bashut SYXX1061
Basiliya SYXX6451
Basimah SYXX9018
Basina SYXX6452
Basiqah SYXX7336
Basir SYXX0289
Basirah SYXX9588
Basiyah SYXX7337
Basnaqul SYXX6453
Basrah SYXX5660
Bassilhaya SYXX3550
Bassouta SYXX3551
Bastah SYXX7338
Bastin SYXX7339
Basut SYXX7340
Batabu SYXX6454
Batanah SYXX1062
Batarnus SYXX7341
Batha SYXX3552
Batibat SYXX6455
Batindrah SYXX7342
Batirzan SYXX1063
Batish SYXX2547
Batlaya SYXX6456
Batra SYXX7343
Batrah SYXX6457
Batranah SYXX3553
Batrunah SYXX9019
Batush SYXX1064
Bawi`ah SYXX1065
Bawz Kij SYXX3556
Bayadiyah SYXX3557
Bayatis SYXX6458
Bayazah SYXX1066
Bayazah Fawqani SYXX1067
Bayd as Si`in SYXX5661
Baydar al Balat SYXX7344
Baydar al Balat SYXX9592
Baydar al Harf SYXX6459
Baydar al Hudud SYXX0566
Baydar ar Raml SYXX9594
Baydar ar Ras SYXX9595
Baydar az Zahr SYXX9597
Baydar Ba`ashtar SYXX9590
Baydar Isma`il SYXX9591
Baydurah SYXX3558
Bayir Akbar SYXX3559
Baylah SYXX9598
Baylan SYXX3560
Baylan Kuy SYXX3561
Baylunah SYXX1068
Bayrak SYXX3563
Bayramiyah SYXX1069
Bayrash Zirwal SYXX3564
Bayt Ablaq SYXX7345
Bayt Abu Minqar SYXX9599
Bayt Abu Yasin SYXX7346
Bayt ad Dardarah SYXX9633
Bayt ad Dawud SYXX3582
Bayt ad Dik SYXX9634
Bayt Ahmad Fadil SYXX2548
Bayt Ahmad Hilal SYXX3565
Bayt Ahmad Yusif SYXX3566
Bayt al Ballut SYXX9635
Bayt al Basha` SYXX3583
Bayt al Bustan SYXX7386
Bayt al Faris SYXX7387
Bayt al Farwah SYXX7388
Bayt al Harbuqah SYXX9636
Bayt al Husr SYXX7389
Bayt al Jabal SYXX9637
Bayt al Jahniyah SYXX7390
Bayt al Kafrun SYXX9638
Bayt al Khatib SYXX9639
Bayt al Madinah SYXX7391
Bayt al Marj SYXX9640
Bayt al Masil SYXX9641
Bayt al Mushafi SYXX0294
Bayt al Qadr SYXX7392
Bayt al Qalih SYXX9642
Bayt al `Ada SYXX7393
Bayt al `Alluni SYXX7394
Bayt al `Atiq SYXX9643
Bayt al `Urqub SYXX9644
Bayt ar Rafi`ah SYXX2562
Bayt ar Rahib SYXX9645
Bayt Arrah SYXX0291
Bayt as Sakhi SYXX9646
Bayt ash Shaluf SYXX9647
Bayt ash Shanbur SYXX7395
Bayt ash Sharqi SYXX6463
Bayt Aslan SYXX9600
Bayt at Turk SYXX7398
Bayt Baddur SYXX7347
Bayt Bad`a SYXX9601
Bayt Baldir SYXX7348
Bayt Ballul SYXX9603
Bayt Bilal SYXX3568
Bayt Dabayq SYXX7349
Bayt Dahi SYXX9604
Bayt Daklinah SYXX7350
Bayt Fattumah SYXX3569
Bayt Fulayjan SYXX2550
Bayt Ghazi SYXX3570
Bayt Hal SYXX6460
Bayt Hammik SYXX7351
Bayt Hasan Aqa SYXX3573
Bayt Hasan Hamu SYXX3575
Bayt Iskandar SYXX7352
Bayt Isma`il SYXX9605
Bayt Isma`il SYXX3576
Bayt Jabru SYXX7353
Bayt Jabur SYXX9606
Bayt Janawuru SYXX7354
Bayt Jarad SYXX7355
Bayt Jarkis SYXX9607
Bayt Jash SYXX7356
Bayt Jinad SYXX9608
Bayt Jinn SYXX9022
Bayt Juhi SYXX9609
Bayt Kammuni SYXX9610
Bayt Kanisah SYXX7357
Bayt Khallat SYXX9611
Bayt Kumbali SYXX7358
Bayt Luqman SYXX7359
Bayt Mahmud Nadi SYXX3577
Bayt Miru SYXX7360
Bayt Mulk SYXX7361
Bayt Muna SYXX7362
Bayt Musallam SYXX9612
Bayt Nafilah SYXX9614
Bayt Nasir SYXX9615
Bayt Nasir SYXX7364
Bayt Natir SYXX2554
Bayt Nawwajah SYXX7365
Bayt Na`isah SYXX9613
Bayt Qanuta SYXX9616
Bayt Qasimiyah SYXX9617
Bayt Qurayn SYXX2555
Bayt Raqtah SYXX9618
Bayt Rayhan SYXX7366
Bayt Rimah SYXX7367
Bayt Sabir SYXX9024
Bayt Saham SYXX0181
Bayt Sahn SYXX2556
Bayt Salamah SYXX9619
Bayt Salman Aman SYXX0293
Bayt Sammukhah SYXX9620
Bayt Saqur SYXX9621
Bayt Shakuh SYXX7368
Bayt Shammut SYXX9622
Bayt Shihan SYXX9623
Bayt Shluh SYXX7369
Bayt Shulayhah SYXX9624
Bayt Sihah SYXX1070
Bayt Siwa SYXX9025
Bayt Suhin SYXX7370
Bayt Sultan SYXX9625
Bayt Sulum SYXX6462
Bayt Summaq SYXX9626
Bayt Tawuj SYXX7371
Bayt Thabit SYXX2557
Bayt Wali Hasan SYXX7372
Bayt Waliyu SYXX7373
Bayt Wazan SYXX7374
Bayt Zahra SYXX9627
Bayt Zantut SYXX7375
Bayt Zaran SYXX7376
Bayt Zaynah SYXX9628
Bayt Ziwan SYXX7377
Bayt `Aku SYXX3579
Bayt `Ali SYXX2558
Bayt `Ali Khalid SYXX9026
Bayt `Allan SYXX7378
Bayt `Alyan SYXX9629
Bayt `Ana SYXX7379
Bayt `Aqul SYXX9630
Bayt `Arab SYXX7380
Bayt `Arkush SYXX9631
Bayt `Awan SYXX7381
Bayt `Awwad SYXX3580
Bayt `Ayyash SYXX7382
Bayt `Ayyush SYXX7383
Bayt `Ubaydah SYXX7384
Bayt `Uthman SYXX9632
Bayt `Utq SYXX2560
Baytarun SYXX3584
Baytima SYXX9027
Bazaghah SYXX3587
Bazbiyuq SYXX2563
Bazennta SYXX6464
Bazunah SYXX1071
Bazzaq SYXX9652
Ba`abdus SYXX7309
Ba`adri SYXX9559
Ba`amrah SYXX2528
Ba`amrin SYXX7310
Ba`ashtar SYXX9561
Ba`ay SYXX3496
Ba`dinli SYXX3497
Ba`iba`ah SYXX6421
Ba`jah Sharqiyah SYXX1028
Ba`rabu SYXX5645
Ba`rin SYXX2529
Ba`yun SYXX2530
Bene Yehuda SYXX8157
Bezbass SYXX6465
Bfatmun SYXX6466
Bhuzi SYXX9653
Bibar SYXX7399
Bidadah SYXX9654
Bidamiyun SYXX7400
Bidayah SYXX3601
Bifatmun SYXX6467
Bihamrah SYXX7401
Bihamrat SYXX7402
Bihannin SYXX9655
Bihizzit SYXX7403
Bihuraya SYXX7404
Bijan SYXX3602
Bijdalah SYXX1076
Bikarrama SYXX7405
Bikas SYXX7406
Bikfala SYXX6468
Bikfalun SYXX6469
Bikfilun SYXX7407
Bikhasun SYXX7408
Bil Wayran SYXX3603
Bilala SYXX1077
Bilaliku SYXX3604
Bilaliyah SYXX9029
Bilaliyah SYXX1078
Billi SYXX3605
Bimalkah SYXX9656
Binamrah SYXX9657
Binar `Ali SYXX1079
Binja SYXX1080
Binjarah SYXX9658
Binnish SYXX6470
Biqaryah SYXX7411
Biqatarun SYXX7412
Bir Abu al Qalat SYXX8460
Bir Abu Fayyad SYXX8456
Bir Abu Kabra SYXX8457
Bir Abu Qattash SYXX8458
Bir Abu Sanabil SYXX8459
Bir Akhu Hadlah SYXX8462
Bir al Fasidah SYXX2568
Bir al Ghazalah SYXX5663
Bir al Jayif SYXX8472
Bir al `Addad SYXX8473
Bir al `Amalah SYXX8474
Bir al `Itaw SYXX8475
Bir ar Rahawi SYXX2569
Bir as Sadrani SYXX8476
Bir as Sib SYXX5664
Bir ash Sham SYXX0574
Bir ash Shuqum SYXX8159
Bir az Zabad SYXX8477
Bir az Zamlah SYXX8478
Bir az Zanati SYXX8479
Bir Bazan SYXX1081
Bir Dubaysan SYXX8463
Bir Harbal SYXX3606
Bir Khanis SYXX1082
Bir Khuwaym SYXX8467
Bir Mahjah SYXX0295
Bir Mashtalah SYXX3607
Bir Mulayhan SYXX0573
Bir Nabaj SYXX8470
Bir Nuh SYXX1083
Bir Qudaym SYXX2566
Bir Razah SYXX1084
Bir Sana SYXX8471
Bir `Abyan SYXX2567
Bir `Ajam SYXX8158
Birabu SYXX2570
Biraj SYXX7413
Birak SYXX3608
Birat al Bab SYXX3609
Birat al Jabal SYXX7414
Birat al Jurd SYXX9659
Birat Armanaz SYXX6471
Birat Kaftayn SYXX6472
Birawi SYXX6473
Birayn SYXX5665
Birin SYXX7415
Birjan SYXX9660
Birkat al Hattab SYXX0182
Birkil Bawz SYXX1086
Birman SYXX3610
Birnah SYXX3611
Birnah SYXX7416
Biryas SYXX6474
Bisaqla SYXX6475
Bisarmun SYXX9662
Bisarsar SYXX9663
Bisas SYXX2571
Bisawma` SYXX9664
Bisaysin SYXX7417
Bishah SYXX3612
Bishakuh SYXX7418
Bishalama SYXX7419
Bishamshah SYXX9665
Bishandalani SYXX6476
Bishandalaya SYXX6477
Bishannin SYXX2572
Bishimmana SYXX7420
Bishlaymun SYXX6478
Bishmata SYXX7421
Bishmis SYXX9666
Bishragha SYXX9668
Bishraghi SYXX7422
Bishriyah SYXX7423
Bisijan SYXX1087
Bisindiyanah SYXX7424
Bisirrama SYXX7425
Bismalikh SYXX7426
Bisnada SYXX7427
Bisqayah SYXX9669
Bissabat SYXX6479
Bissin SYXX7428
Bistirun SYXX7429
Bistun SYXX6480
Bistwar SYXX7430
Bisummaqah SYXX9670
Bitabah SYXX9671
Bitallah SYXX9672
Bitamma SYXX6481
Bitammush SYXX7432
Bitar SYXX9673
Bitarish SYXX9674
Bita`lah SYXX7431
Bitinyas SYXX7433
Bitirghamu SYXX7434
Bitirrin SYXX7435
Bitmana SYXX7436
Bitra`id SYXX6482
Biyanun SYXX3613
Bizabur SYXX6483
Biznaya SYXX2575
Bizzah SYXX3614
Bjariz SYXX6484
Bjerie SYXX7437
Bjiqis SYXX7438
Blahlah SYXX9675
Blalu SYXX6485
Blaluran SYXX7440
Blalursanik SYXX3615
Blaqsah SYXX2576
Blayhun SYXX7441
Bla`lin SYXX7439
Blilin SYXX5666
Blimmanah SYXX9676
Blinta SYXX3616
Bludan SYXX9030
Blunah SYXX7442
Blusin SYXX7443
Blutan SYXX7444
Bluzah SYXX2577
Bluzah SYXX9677
Bluzah SYXX3617
Bluzat al Marqab SYXX9678
Bmannah SYXX9679
Bosoufane SYXX3618
Boujouje SYXX3619
Boumechael SYXX2578
Boz Gocan SYXX3620
Brabishbu SYXX7445
Bramlikh SYXX9680
Bratah SYXX3621
Brikhiyah SYXX9681
Brikiyah SYXX9682
Brisin SYXX9683
Briyanis SYXX7447
Bri`ayn SYXX7446
Bruma SYXX7448
Brummanat Ra`d SYXX9684
Bshabtah SYXX9686
Bshamman SYXX9688
Bsham`ah SYXX9687
Bshawi SYXX9689
Btarat SYXX6486
Bublin SYXX6487
Budayghan SYXX9690
Buday`an SYXX8480
Bugha al Fawqani SYXX3622
Bugha at Tahtani SYXX3623
Bughaydat SYXX9691
Bughaydid SYXX5667
Bughayliyah SYXX0575
Bughayrit SYXX2579
Bughaz SYXX6488
Bughaz SYXX3624
Bughaz Ughlu SYXX3625
Buhsays SYXX9692
Bujaq SYXX3626
Bujghas SYXX6489
Bukut SYXX9693
Bulad SYXX2580
Bulaykhah SYXX3627
Bulaysa SYXX6490
Bulbul SYXX3628
Buluki SYXX1089
Bulus SYXX5668
Bunduqah SYXX3629
Buqallali SYXX6491
Buqayn SYXX9031
Buqraqah SYXX5669
Buqrus SYXX0577
Buq`ah Zurzur SYXX3630
Buq`ata SYXX8160
Bur SYXX7449
Bura SYXX6492
Buraq SYXX0296
Buraq SYXX2581
Buraydah SYXX3631
Buraydij SYXX5671
Burayghith SYXX5672
Burayhah SYXX0057
Burayhu SYXX8483
Burayj ar Rih SYXX3632
Burayjah SYXX3633
Buraykah SYXX9280
Burayqah SYXX8161
Burghul Kuy SYXX8484
Burghuthi SYXX2583
Burj SYXX7450
Burj SYXX1090
Burj al Ahmar SYXX2584
Burj al Hawa SYXX7452
Burj al Maksur SYXX9696
Burj al Qalas SYXX3638
Burj al Qasab SYXX7453
Burj ar Rumman SYXX3639
Burj as Sama SYXX3640
Burj Gharbiyah SYXX1091
Burj Haydar SYXX3634
Burj Islam SYXX7451
Burj Mi`ar SYXX9694
Burj Sharqiyah SYXX1092
Burj Subaynah SYXX3635
Burj `Abd Allu SYXX3636
Burj `Arab SYXX9695
Burj `Izzawi SYXX3637
Burjahab SYXX6493
Burjayli SYXX9697
Burkafri SYXX1093
Burqush SYXX9032
Burtuqalah SYXX6494
Busan SYXX9281
Busaylan SYXX1094
Busaynah SYXX7454
Busayrah SYXX9698
Busays Fawqani SYXX1095
Busays Tahtani SYXX1096
Busaysah SYXX9699
Bushayriyah SYXX1097
Buslah SYXX3641
Busra al Hariri SYXX0297
Busra ash Sham SYXX0058
Bustan ad Dukha SYXX3642
Bustan al Basha SYXX7457
Bustan al Hajji SYXX2586
Bustan al Hammam SYXX9701
Bustan al Jukhah SYXX3643
Bustan al Ma`ari SYXX2587
Bustan al Qabban SYXX7458
Bustan al Qayrah SYXX2588
Bustan al `Ubayd SYXX0579
Bustan an Najjar SYXX9702
Bustan ar Rayhan SYXX7459
Bustan az Zahrah SYXX3644
Bustan Ghanum SYXX6495
Bustan Qutayya` SYXX6496
Bustan Salih SYXX7455
Bustan Subayh SYXX2585
Bustanjiq SYXX7460
Bustas SYXX0298
Butayman SYXX8485
Butayn SYXX7461
Butaynah SYXX3645
Buthaynah SYXX9282
Butuni SYXX6497
Buwaybiyah SYXX3646
Buwaydah SYXX6498
Buwaydah SYXX1098
Buwaydah SYXX9033
Buwaydan SYXX0299
Buwaydiyah SYXX9034
Buwaytat SYXX7462
Buwayti SYXX6499
Buwaytikh SYXX1099
Buwaytiyah SYXX8486
Buwaytiyah SYXX0580
Buyad as Saffaf SYXX5673
Buyan SYXX3649
Buyuk Dabisah SYXX3650
Buyut ar Ruhiyah SYXX9704
Buz SYXX6500
Buz Ghar SYXX6501
Buz Ughlan SYXX7463
Buzaynah SYXX0183
Buzayt SYXX6502
Buztabah SYXX3653
Bwardah SYXX9705
Bzaft SYXX7464
Bzarmu SYXX7465
Chachan SYXX1100
Chahaf SYXX1101
Chalikah SYXX1102
Chammo SYXX1103
Chertaane SYXX7466
Chillhara SYXX1105
Chlouh SYXX9706
Chul Bustan SYXX1106
Chuleh SYXX1107
Dabaa SYXX8488
Dabba SYXX7467
Dabbanah SYXX1111
Dabburah SYXX8162
Dabbus SYXX5674
Dabiq SYXX3656
Dabis SYXX3657
Dablan SYXX0059
Dablisiyah SYXX3658
Dabshiyah SYXX1112
Dab`ah SYXX1110
Dab`ah SYXX8487
Dab`ah al Kabir SYXX3654
Dab`ah as Saghir SYXX3655
Dab`at al Milli SYXX2592
Dadat SYXX3659
Dadikh SYXX6503
Dadli SYXX3660
Daffah SYXX1113
Dafil SYXX7468
Dagh Uwah Su SYXX3661
Daghdaghan SYXX7469
Daghilyash SYXX3662
Daghlah SYXX9707
Dahal SYXX8489
Dahash SYXX5675
Dahayek SYXX3663
Dahiyat al Amal SYXX9708
Dahiyat al Asad SYXX9709
Dahl SYXX8490
Dahr Abu Qurmah SYXX7470
Dahr ad Dayr SYXX6504
Dahr ad Dis SYXX9711
Dahr ad Duwayr SYXX9712
Dahr al Gharbi SYXX5677
Dahr al Mahchale SYXX9714
Dahr al Matla` SYXX2593
Dahr an Nasrani SYXX0581
Dahr Bashir SYXX9710
Dahtur SYXX7471
Dakar SYXX9715
Dakhiliyah SYXX1114
Dakshuriyah SYXX1115
Dakwanah SYXX3665
Dalabuz SYXX2594
Dalala SYXX5678
Dalaq Magharah SYXX8491
Dalbah SYXX9716
Dalbiyah SYXX6505
Dalfar SYXX3666
Dalfin SYXX2595
Dalhah SYXX8492
Dalhah SYXX3667
Dalhamiyah SYXX8163
Dalik SYXX1116
Daliyanli SYXX3668
Dalkhah SYXX1117
Dallak SYXX5679
Dallawiyah SYXX1118
Dalluzah SYXX6506
Dalnafah SYXX7472
Daman SYXX0582
Damascus SYXX0004
Damat SYXX7473
Damet el Alia SYXX9283
Damsarkhu SYXX7474
Dana SYXX3669
Danaji SYXX9036
Dandaniyah SYXX3670
Dandushan SYXX3671
Danhah SYXX2598
Danin SYXX5680
Daquriyah SYXX1122
Dar SYXX3672
Dar al Kabirah SYXX2599
Dar al Khattab SYXX1123
Dar al Wakarah SYXX2600
Dar al `Abd SYXX2601
Dar as Salam SYXX3675
Dar as Salamlam SYXX2603
Dar as Suryani SYXX7475
Dar Basidah SYXX6507
Dar Ghazali SYXX8164
Dar Hagolan SYXX8165
Dar Hammush SYXX9717
Dar Kharab SYXX3673
Dar Kuwayta SYXX6508
Dar Shamat SYXX6509
Dar Ta`izzah SYXX3674
Dara Gharbi SYXX6510
Dara Sharqi SYXX6511
Darayir Qibli SYXX9037
Darayya SYXX0005
Darb an Nub SYXX3677
Darb at Taht SYXX3678
Darb at Tahun SYXX3679
Darb Hasan SYXX8493
Darb Kafr Jawam SYXX3676
Darbashiyah SYXX7476
Darbazin SYXX3680
Darbul SYXX9038
Dardaghan SYXX2604
Dardarah SYXX1124
Dardariyah SYXX2605
Darflit SYXX3684
Darhla Bash SYXX3685
Dariyah SYXX8494
Darkush SYXX6512
Darmash Qanli SYXX3686
Darmin SYXX7477
Darnaj SYXX0583
Darqir SYXX3687
Dars al Marba` SYXX6513
Darti SYXX9719
Darwish Ubah Si SYXX3688
Darwishan SYXX7478
Darwishiyah SYXX2606
Daryus SYXX7479
Dar`a SYXX0301
Dashishah SYXX1125
Dastah SYXX0302
Dawli Dagh SYXX3689
Dawshan SYXX3690
Dawud an Nabaki SYXX9039
Dawudiyah SYXX1126
Dawzik SYXX1127
Dayij SYXX1128
Dayn SYXX7480
Dayr ad Dijlah SYXX1131
Dayr al Bishl SYXX9722
Dayr al Bukht SYXX0303
Dayr al Fardis SYXX5683
Dayr al Gharbi SYXX6519
Dayr al Hajar SYXX9046
Dayr al Jurd SYXX7489
Dayr al `Adas SYXX0304
Dayr al `Asafir SYXX0185
Dayr as Salib SYXX5684
Dayr as Salt SYXX0305
Dayr ash Sharqi SYXX6520
Dayr at Tabiyat SYXX7490
Dayr Ayyub SYXX1129
Dayr az Zawr SYXX0584
Dayr Bahdal SYXX0184
Dayr Ballut SYXX3692
Dayr Ba`albah SYXX2607
Dayr Duma SYXX7481
Dayr Ful SYXX2608
Dayr Hafir SYXX3693
Dayr Hanna SYXX7482
Dayr Hashshan SYXX6514
Dayr Hibash SYXX9720
Dayr Huwayt SYXX5681
Dayr Ibrahim SYXX7483
Dayr Ishman SYXX6515
Dayr Jamal SYXX3694
Dayr Khabiyah SYXX9040
Dayr Makir SYXX9041
Dayr Mama SYXX9721
Dayr Mama SYXX7484
Dayr Ma`tuq SYXX2609
Dayr Nattah SYXX3695
Dayr Qanun SYXX9042
Dayr Qaq SYXX3696
Dayr Quruh SYXX8166
Dayr Salman SYXX9043
Dayr Salunah SYXX6516
Dayr Sawwan SYXX3697
Dayr Sim`an SYXX3698
Dayr Siras SYXX8167
Dayr Suhaylib SYXX3699
Dayr Sunbul SYXX6517
Dayr Sunbul SYXX5682
Dayr Tuma SYXX7487
Dayr Yasin SYXX1130
Dayr Zaytun SYXX7488
Dayr `Ali SYXX9044
Dayr `Atiyah SYXX9045
Dayr `Aziz SYXX8168
Dayr `Uthman SYXX6518
Dayrun SYXX7491
Dayrunah SYXX7492
Dayrunah SYXX9723
Dayrutan SYXX7493
Dayshiyah SYXX1132
Dayyil SYXX8495
Da`dushiyah SYXX1109
Da`il SYXX0300
Dbissane SYXX3700
Deir Ezzor SYXX0015
Dhahabiyah SYXX6521
Dhahibah SYXX0585
Dharab SYXX0586
Dhayl al `Ajl SYXX5685
Dhibbin SYXX9284
Dhu Marha SYXX8169
Dhukayr SYXX9285
Dhurti SYXX9724
Diban SYXX0587
Dibat Tall Ahmad SYXX1133
Dibbash SYXX7495
Dibbin SYXX2610
Dibrak Kitkan SYXX3701
Dibrak Shaykhan SYXX3702
Dibshiyah SYXX1134
Dibsi Faraj SYXX8496
Dibsi `Afnan SYXX8497
Dibsiyah SYXX3703
Didban SYXX7496
Difah SYXX7497
Dik SYXX8498
Dik Darah SYXX3704
Dik Ubah Si SYXX3705
Dikiyah SYXX1135
Dikmat Tash SYXX3707
Dilli SYXX0306
Diman SYXX3708
Dimas SYXX9047
Dimu SYXX5686
Dinamayt SYXX0588
Dintamir Sharqi SYXX1136
Dirghanu SYXX7499
Dirriyah SYXX6522
Dirwana Agha SYXX1137
Disaghah SYXX5687
Diwan Fawqani SYXX3709
Diwan Tahtani SYXX3710
Diwar SYXX1138
Diyabah SYXX1139
Diyu SYXX1140
Djellik SYXX3711
Douma SYXX9286
Douma SYXX0187
Doumane SYXX3712
Dourakli SYXX3713
Drisse SYXX5688
Dubayqah SYXX7500
Dubayrah SYXX3714
Dudan SYXX1142
Dudiyan SYXX3715
Dughaniyah SYXX8499
Duhayl SYXX1143
Duhayrij SYXX2611
Dukaylah SYXX5689
Dukhayrah SYXX3716
Dukhkhan SYXX8500
Dukmak SYXX5690
Duknuk SYXX3717
Dukri SYXX1144
Dukuk SYXX1145
Dukur SYXX1146
Dula Maghar SYXX0067
Dulamah SYXX3718
Dulaym SYXX3719
Dulbah SYXX9048
Dulq Magharah SYXX8501
Duma SYXX0006
Duma SYXX6523
Dumazin SYXX7501
Dumdum SYXX1147
Dummar SYXX9049
Dummar al Balad SYXX9050
Dunaybah SYXX5691
Dunaybah SYXX0307
Dunayt SYXX6524
Dunblalii SYXX3720
Dunghuz SYXX3721
Dunghuz al Kabir SYXX3723
Dunghuz Magharah SYXX3722
Durabay`ah SYXX6525
Durayb al Wawi SYXX3724
Durayj SYXX9051
Durayjik SYXX1148
Duraykish SYXX9725
Duraykish Zurayb SYXX9726
Duraysiyat SYXX1149
Durin SYXX7502
Durin SYXX9052
Durubiyah Kabir SYXX3725
Durubiyah Saghir SYXX3726
Dush SYXX5692
Duwadiyah SYXX6526
Duwali SYXX6527
Duwayb SYXX2614
Duwaybah SYXX5693
Duwaybiq SYXX3727
Duwaydirli SYXX3728
Duwaylib SYXX6528
Duwaylib SYXX2615
Duwayr SYXX9053
Duwayr SYXX3729
Duwayr al Akrad SYXX7504
Duwayr al Hawtah SYXX3730
Duwayr al Khatib SYXX7505
Duwayr ash Shilf SYXX7506
Duwayr az Zaytun SYXX3731
Duwayr Ba`abda SYXX7503
Duwayr Raslan SYXX9727
Duwayr Tablayn SYXX9728
Duwayr Taha SYXX9729
Duwayrikah SYXX7507
Duwaysat SYXX6529
Duwaysh SYXX1150
Duz Aghaj SYXX7508
Du`aybilah SYXX1141
El Aaouja SYXX6530
El Aatabe SYXX0070
El Lani SYXX6531
El Rom SYXX8170
El Safsaf SYXX7509
Eli `Al SYXX8171
En Ziwan SYXX8172
Erjoum SYXX3732
Fadda SYXX0308
Fadirah SYXX7510
Fadli SYXX2616
Fafin SYXX3733
Fafirtin SYXX3734
Fah SYXX3735
Fahd as Sayyid SYXX1151
Fahham SYXX8173
Fahil SYXX2617
Fajdan SYXX3736
Fakhr SYXX5694
Fakhurah SYXX8174
Fakhurah SYXX7511
Falasqu SYXX7512
Falastin SYXX8502
Falita SYXX9054
Fallah SYXX2618
Fallah al Jurays SYXX1152
Fallah ar Rabu SYXX3737
Fallinah SYXX1153
Fan al Qibli SYXX5695
Fan al Wastani SYXX5696
Fan ash Shamali SYXX5697
Fanik SYXX3738
Fankhah SYXX3739
Fanusiyah SYXX5698
Faqih Hasan SYXX7513
Faqirah SYXX1155
Faqrat al Hamad SYXX2619
Faqru SYXX7514
Farandis SYXX7515
Faras al Kabir SYXX3740
Faras as Saghir SYXX3741
Farash at Tahun SYXX9735
Farhah SYXX2620
Farhiyah SYXX1156
Farhiyat Harb SYXX1157
Farijah SYXX6532
Faris al Khuri SYXX0188
Farjah SYXX8503
Farjin SYXX6533
Farjiyah Bakarah SYXX1158
Farkiya SYXX6534
Farrujah SYXX1159
Farsuk al Kabir SYXX1160
Farsuk as Saghir SYXX1161
Farwan SYXX6535
Farzala SYXX7516
Fasan SYXX9736
Fashik SYXX8504
Fashkul SYXX8175
Fatah Nassar SYXX9737
Fata`in SYXX7517
Fatim al `Arnuq SYXX2621
Fatimah SYXX1162
Fatirah SYXX6536
Fatiro SYXX7518
Fatisah SYXX0592
Fatisah SYXX8505
Fatiyah SYXX3742
Fatsat al Kusun SYXX8508
Fatsat ath Thayb SYXX8509
Faturah SYXX3743
Faw Shawish SYXX2622
Fawra SYXX5699
Fayda SYXX5700
Faydah SYXX1163
Faydat Abu Hasan SYXX0593
Faydat Tuffah SYXX0596
Fayij SYXX1164
Fayij Tahmaz SYXX5701
Fayiq al Kayyali SYXX9055
Fayj SYXX1165
Fayj Khusaywan SYXX8510
Faylat Gharbiyah SYXX0189
Faylat Sharqiyah SYXX0190
Fayliq SYXX7519
Faylun SYXX6537
Fayruzah SYXX5702
Fayruzah SYXX2623
Faysaliyah SYXX3744
Fayyad SYXX1166
Fayyad al Kaff SYXX1167
Fazarah SYXX8176
Fazin SYXX7520
Fidyu SYXX7521
Fijarat Humaymah SYXX0597
Fikhah Saghirah SYXX3745
Findarah SYXX5703
Finlah SYXX1168
Fiq SYXX8177
Firaj SYXX0598
Firaq SYXX9738
Firkaya SYXX6538
Fir`awniyah SYXX5704
Fukhaykha SYXX8511
Fulayfil SYXX6539
Funaytiq SYXX9739
Funduq SYXX6540
Furayh SYXX7522
Furayhan SYXX8512
Furayhiyah SYXX7523
Furayji SYXX6541
Furaykah SYXX7524
Furaykah SYXX6542
Furaytan SYXX5705
Furqlus SYXX0007
Fuwayqah SYXX7525
Geshur SYXX8178
Ghabaghib SYXX0073
Ghabah SYXX6543
Ghaban SYXX1169
Ghabat Idris SYXX6544
Ghabat Khalaf SYXX6545
Ghabrah SYXX0599
Ghadir al Bustan SYXX0309
Ghadir an Nusus SYXX1171
Ghadrafa SYXX1172
Ghajar SYXX8179
Ghajar Amir SYXX2624
Ghali SYXX1173
Ghalwa SYXX2625
Ghamam SYXX7527
Ghanamah SYXX3749
Ghanamiyah SYXX1174
Ghandurah SYXX3750
Ghani SYXX6546
Ghanim al `Ali SYXX8514
Ghantur SYXX2626
Gharandal SYXX8515
Gharbil SYXX8180
Ghardugah SYXX1175
Gharib SYXX3751
Gharibah SYXX0078
Gharmatah SYXX7528
Gharu SYXX7529
Ghasm SYXX0312
Ghasulah SYXX9056
Ghawr al `Asi SYXX5706
Ghayt SYXX8516
Ghaytun SYXX3754
Ghazalik SYXX1176
Ghazlat SYXX1177
Ghazzawiyah SYXX3755
Ghunah SYXX1178
Ghunaymiyah SYXX7530
Ghunayri SYXX7531
Ghurayfah SYXX9057
Ghurayri SYXX1179
Ghurayrifah SYXX3756
Ghurur SYXX3757
Ghuzaylah SYXX5707
Ghuzaylah SYXX2628
Ghuzaylan SYXX1180
Ghuzayliyah SYXX2629
Gir Shanni SYXX1182
Gireh Zil Kabir SYXX1183
Gireh Zil Saghir SYXX1184
Giris SYXX1185
Guir Keftar SYXX0074
Hababah SYXX9741
Habal as Sud SYXX6547
Habb ash Shawk SYXX1187
Habb Nimrah SYXX9742
Habbah SYXX9743
Habbat Nazzal SYXX1188
Habbat `Afrah SYXX1189
Habilah SYXX3760
Habis SYXX3761
Habis SYXX1190
Habishka SYXX7532
Habrun SYXX9744
Habsu SYXX9745
Habul Ushaghi SYXX3762
Had Nes SYXX8182
Hadabat SYXX3763
Hadaj SYXX1191
Hadar SYXX8183
Hadath SYXX3764
Hadath SYXX2632
Hadathah SYXX2633
Haddadah SYXX7533
Haddadin SYXX3765
Haddadiyah SYXX1192
Haddaj SYXX1193
Hadidah SYXX3766
Hadidah SYXX2634
Hadidat al `Asi SYXX2635
Hadidi SYXX2636
Hadyah SYXX2637
Hafar SYXX8184
Hafar SYXX3767
Hafda Kuwayr SYXX1194
Haffah SYXX9746
Hafir al Fawqa SYXX9058
Hafir at Tahta SYXX9059
Hafirah SYXX3768
Hafsarjah SYXX6548
Hafyan SYXX3769
Haj Awghlu SYXX1195
Hajalah SYXX1196
Hajar SYXX7534
Hajar al Abyad SYXX3770
Hajar al Abyad SYXX2638
Haji Kusah SYXX3771
Haji Wali SYXX3772
Hajilah SYXX5708
Hajin SYXX0601
Hajj Aali SYXX3773
Hajj al Hamad SYXX1197
Hajj Iskandar SYXX3774
Hajj `Aqab SYXX8519
Hajjaziyah SYXX8520
Hajji Badr SYXX1198
Hajji Baqqari SYXX1199
Hajji Harun SYXX1200
Hajji Hasanli SYXX3775
Hajji Isma `il SYXX3776
Hajji Matar SYXX1201
Hajji Nasir SYXX1202
Hajji Qasimlali SYXX3779
Hajjiyah SYXX1203
Hajnah SYXX0602
Hakar SYXX7535
Hakla SYXX3780
Hakur Tahtani SYXX7536
Hakurat Tawil SYXX3781
Hala SYXX9060
Halab al Jadidah SYXX3782
Halabiyah SYXX1204
Halabiyah SYXX0603
Halaliyah SYXX1205
Halas SYXX8185
Halat SYXX2639
Halawah SYXX8521
Halbakhu SYXX7537
Halban SYXX5709
Halban SYXX6550
Halbun SYXX9061
Halfaya SYXX5710
Halibiyah SYXX6551
Halinjah SYXX3783
Halisah SYXX3785
Halisiyah SYXX3786
Halku SYXX1206
Hallaq SYXX1207
Hallubi Kabir SYXX3787
Hallubi Saghir SYXX3788
Halluz SYXX6552
Haluba SYXX6553
Halula SYXX3789
Halwan SYXX6554
Halwanji SYXX3790
Halwiyah SYXX3791
Hama SYXX0018
Hamad al Jurud SYXX1209
Hamad as Sajr SYXX8523
Hamad Hawsh SYXX3792
Hamad Karra SYXX1208
Hamad `Assaf SYXX8522
Hamadat al `Amr SYXX5711
Hamah SYXX5712
Hamah al Kabir SYXX3794
Hamah as Saghir SYXX3795
Hamam SYXX7538
Hamamik SYXX3796
Hamamiyat SYXX5713
Hambushiyah SYXX6555
Hambushiyah SYXX7539
Hamdan SYXX1210
Hamdaniyah SYXX1211
Hamdaniyah SYXX6556
Hamdun SYXX3797
Hamidah SYXX3798
Hamidi SYXX1212
Hamidiyah SYXX6557
Hamidiyah SYXX3799
Hamidiyah SYXX1213
Hamidiyah SYXX7540
Hamidiyah SYXX9747
Hamidiyah SYXX2640
Hamilik SYXX3801
Hamimat SYXX2641
Hamir SYXX0313
Hamir Labidah SYXX3802
Hamis SYXX1214
Hamlurak SYXX3803
Hammah Abu Rujum SYXX0604
Hammam SYXX8524
Hammam Abu Rabah SYXX2642
Hammam al Kabir SYXX3804
Hammam as Saghir SYXX3805
Hammam Qanyah SYXX9748
Hammam Qarahilah SYXX7541
Hammam Wasil SYXX9749
Hammamat SYXX2643
Hammamuk SYXX1215
Hammar Tawil SYXX1216
Hammarah SYXX1217
Hammudiyah SYXX2644
Hammurah SYXX0192
Hamrah as Saffaf SYXX5714
Hamran SYXX1218
Hamrat SYXX7542
Hamrat Balasim SYXX8526
Hamrat Ghanam SYXX8528
Hamrat Jamasi SYXX8529
Hamrat Nasir SYXX8530
Hamu SYXX1219
Hamziyah SYXX6559
Hanafiyah SYXX9752
Hanajiya SYXX1220
Handarat SYXX3806
Hanjaf SYXX2646
Hanjur SYXX5715
Hankush SYXX3807
Hanna SYXX7543
Hanna SYXX1222
Hanna Safar SYXX8532
Hanna Sharqiyah SYXX1223
Hannurah SYXX2647
Hantutin SYXX6560
Haql al Ghazal SYXX6564
Haql al `Arus SYXX6565
Haql an Nadi SYXX6566
Haql at Tin SYXX6567
Haql Nadi SYXX6561
Haql Saqr SYXX6562
Haql Wani SYXX6563
Haqshiyah SYXX8533
Har Bizaft SYXX9753
Harah SYXX7544
Haram Hasan SYXX1225
Haram Jammu SYXX1226
Haram Karankah SYXX1227
Haram Rash SYXX1228
Haram Shaddad SYXX1229
Haram Shaykhu SYXX1230
Haram `Araba SYXX1231
Haramiyah SYXX2648
Haramrash SYXX1232
Haranbush SYXX6568
Haraniq SYXX7545
Harat Abu `Afsah SYXX9754
Harat ad Dayrun SYXX9761
Harat ad Dis SYXX7546
Harat ad Dulbah SYXX7547
Harat ad Duqrah SYXX9762
Harat al Gharbi SYXX5717
Harat al Hajj SYXX9763
Harat al Jabal SYXX3810
Harat al Khatib SYXX7548
Harat al Mu`izz SYXX3811
Harat as Saraya SYXX7549
Harat ash Sharqi SYXX5718
Harat at Tulay`i SYXX9764
Harat Bayt Jadid SYXX9757
Harat Bayt Janub SYXX9758
Harat Bayt `Isa SYXX9759
Harat Mansur SYXX6570
Harat Qawwas SYXX2649
Harb Saghir SYXX3812
Harbakiyah SYXX3813
Harbinafsah SYXX5719
Harbul SYXX3814
Hardanah SYXX3815
Hardanah SYXX5720
Hardanah SYXX1233
Hardaniyah SYXX1234
Hardatnin SYXX3816
Hardibah SYXX9062
Harf Abu Shidq SYXX7550
Harf as Salib SYXX7556
Harf as Sari SYXX7557
Harf Matwar SYXX7551
Harf Salkin SYXX7552
Harf `Abbud SYXX7553
Harfa SYXX9063
Harfushiyah SYXX5721
Harijiyah SYXX0605
Harim SYXX6571
Harir SYXX1235
Harjalah SYXX3817
Harmal SYXX2651
Harmala SYXX5722
Harmala SYXX3818
Harmalah SYXX1236
Harmalah SYXX3819
Harmalan SYXX1237
Harmushiyah SYXX0606
Harqal SYXX2652
Harqalah SYXX8534
Harran SYXX5723
Harran SYXX6573
Harran SYXX9287
Harrat al Ibil SYXX9067
Harrat Umm Rahil SYXX9065
Hasadah Fawqani SYXX1238
Hasadah Tahtani SYXX1239
Hasan al Malham SYXX5724
Hasan al `Ali SYXX3822
Hasan al `Ali SYXX1240
Hasan Dayrli SYXX3820
Hasan Ghanim SYXX9068
Hasan Jiq SYXX7558
Hasan Jum`ah SYXX0607
Hasan Kaji SYXX8535
Hasan Kulkawi SYXX3821
Hasan Yashut SYXX7559
Hasanah SYXX1241
Hasanah SYXX9766
Hasarjiyah SYXX2653
Hasawiyah SYXX1242
Hasbiyah SYXX2654
Hashimiyah SYXX2655
Hashshun SYXX6574
Hasnawi SYXX5725
Hasnuk SYXX1245
Haspin SYXX8186
Hasrat SYXX6575
Hassajik SYXX3823
Hassaniyah SYXX7560
Hassef SYXX6576
Hassioua SYXX3824
Hasur SYXX2656
Hasw al Albawi SYXX5726
Hasw Jihar SYXX2657
Haswasu SYXX1246
Hasyan Abu `Adl SYXX2658
Hatiriyah SYXX9767
Hatiya SYXX6577
Hatla SYXX0608
Hatlou SYXX1247
Hattan SYXX6578
Hattanah SYXX7561
Hattin SYXX1248
Hawa SYXX5727
Hawalik SYXX8536
Hawar SYXX3825
Hawar an Nahr SYXX3827
Hawar Killis SYXX3826
Hawarinah SYXX5728
Hawarini SYXX2659
Hawashiyah SYXX1249
Hawayij Diyab SYXX0611
Hawayij Kabirah SYXX8537
Hawayij Saghir SYXX8538
Hawayir SYXX3829
Hawbar SYXX3830
Hawdanah SYXX3831
Hawi al Hawa SYXX8539
Hawi Kharitah SYXX0612
Hawi Sutayh SYXX0613
Hawijah SYXX1250
Hawijat Dahaynah SYXX0614
Hawijat Ishaq SYXX3833
Hawijat Shannan SYXX0079
Hawlaqi SYXX3834
Hawra SYXX8540
Hawran SYXX9288
Hawran al Budi SYXX7562
Hawra`shiyah SYXX1251
Hawsh al Balas SYXX9079
Hawsh al Khayyat SYXX9082
Hawsh al Matban SYXX0195
Hawsh al Qadam SYXX0196
Hawsh al `Ashari SYXX9084
Hawsh al `Udmul SYXX0197
Hawsh as Sayyid SYXX0198
Hawsh ash Shalaq SYXX9087
Hawsh ash Sha`ir SYXX9086
Hawsh Darushah SYXX9070
Hawsh Ghariqu SYXX2661
Hawsh Haju SYXX2662
Hawsh Kharabu SYXX9071
Hawsh Lubabaydi SYXX2663
Hawsh Majd SYXX9072
Hawsh Nasri SYXX9073
Hawsh Rayhan SYXX0194
Hawsh Sultan SYXX9075
Hawsh `Arab SYXX9076
Hawsh `Arana SYXX9077
Hawsh `Aziz SYXX2667
Hawshariyah SYXX3835
Hay Ughlu SYXX3836
Haya al Kabir SYXX3837
Haya as Saghir SYXX3838
Hayakah SYXX1253
Hayamli SYXX3839
Hayat SYXX3840
Hayfa SYXX1254
Hayik SYXX2668
Haykajah SYXX3841
Hayla SYXX9768
Haylan SYXX3842
Haylanah SYXX1255
Haylunah SYXX9769
Haymar SYXX3843
Haymar al Kabir SYXX8541
Haymar Jays SYXX3844
Haymat ad Dayir SYXX3845
Haynali SYXX3846
Hayr al Amir SYXX6584
Hayr at Tut SYXX3847
Hayr Jamus SYXX6580
Hayr Jamus Kabir SYXX6581
Hayr Mandu` SYXX6583
Hayr Masil SYXX7563
Hayrut SYXX3848
Haysa SYXX5729
Haysah al Gharbi SYXX5730
Haysh SYXX6585
Hayt SYXX0314
Haytal SYXX8187
Haywarah SYXX6586
Hayy Abu Kabid SYXX0616
Hayy ad Dawdaw SYXX3872
Hayy al Almaji SYXX3875
Hayy al Andalus SYXX5733
Hayy al Arman SYXX2683
Hayy al Bakkarah SYXX3877
Hayy al Bayyadah SYXX2685
Hayy al Ba`ajin SYXX0620
Hayy al Ba`th SYXX5734
Hayy al Buq`ah SYXX6590
Hayy al Faqasah SYXX9776
Hayy al Fayd SYXX3878
Hayy al Firdaws SYXX2686
Hayy al Ghawtah SYXX2687
Hayy al Hamrat SYXX9779
Hayy al Hazzazah SYXX3881
Hayy al Jam`iyat SYXX9780
Hayy al Kallasah SYXX3882
Hayy al Karamah SYXX9782
Hayy al Kashif SYXX0315
Hayy al Kawakibi SYXX3883
Hayy al Kharab SYXX9783
Hayy al Khidr SYXX2690
Hayy al Madabi` SYXX2691
Hayy al Mahattah SYXX9784
Hayy al Mahattah SYXX2692
Hayy al Matar SYXX0316
Hayy al Maydan SYXX3885
Hayy al Muhamin SYXX3889
Hayy al Murayjah SYXX2695
Hayy al Mu`adi SYXX3887
Hayy al Qusur SYXX0317
Hayy al Qusur SYXX2696
Hayy al Qusur SYXX0623
Hayy al Wa`r SYXX2697
Hayy al `Ajami SYXX9788
Hayy al `Umran SYXX3891
Hayy al `Urubah SYXX3892
Hayy an Nuzhah SYXX2700
Hayy an Nuzhah SYXX3893
Hayy Aqyul SYXX3849
Hayy ar Rabiyah SYXX9789
Hayy ar Radar SYXX9790
Hayy ar Raml SYXX9791
Hayy as Sabil SYXX2701
Hayy as Sabil SYXX5738
Hayy as Sabil SYXX0318
Hayy as Sabil SYXX3894
Hayy as Sadiq SYXX3895
Hayy as Sahhari SYXX0319
Hayy as Sakhur SYXX3897
Hayy as Salihin SYXX3898
Hayy as Sufsafah SYXX3899
Hayy as Sukkari SYXX3900
Hayy as Suryan SYXX3902
Hayy ash Shammas SYXX2704
Hayy at Tahun SYXX2706
Hayy at Tali`ah SYXX9792
Hayy ath Thawrah SYXX3912
Hayy ath Thawrah SYXX6593
Hayy az Zabdiyah SYXX3913
Hayy az Zuhur SYXX3915
Hayy Bab Hud SYXX2669
Hayy Bab Tadmur SYXX2670
Hayy Bab `Umar SYXX2671
Hayy Baba `Umar SYXX2673
Hayy Bayt Muhibb SYXX3852
Hayy Ba`idin SYXX3850
Hayy Dawarnah SYXX3856
Hayy Dubayt SYXX6587
Hayy Fahurah SYXX9770
Hayy Gharnatah SYXX5731
Hayy Hawmad SYXX3858
Hayy Hittin SYXX0617
Hayy Ibn Ya`qub SYXX3859
Hayy Jabal Budur SYXX3860
Hayy Karm Saray SYXX3861
Hayy Mar Ilyas SYXX9771
Hayy Maysalun SYXX0618
Hayy Qarliq SYXX3865
Hayy Sabuniyah SYXX5732
Hayy Safsafah SYXX2679
Hayy Turbah Lala SYXX3870
Hayy `Akramah SYXX2681
Hayyalin SYXX5741
Hayyan SYXX3916
Hazam SYXX9289
Hazam SYXX3917
Hazazah SYXX3918
Hazimah SYXX3919
Hazrah SYXX6594
Hazrama SYXX9088
Hazwan SYXX3920
Hazzah SYXX0199
Hazzan SYXX8188
Hazzan SYXX6595
Hazzanu SYXX6596
Hazzarin SYXX6597
Hazzur SYXX2709
Hdandush SYXX9795
Hecine SYXX3921
Heichter SYXX3922
Hibran SYXX9290
Hidadah SYXX9796
Hidadah SYXX6598
Hidaj SYXX8542
Hijarah Saghirah SYXX3923
Hijatar SYXX3924
Hijrarah Kabirah SYXX3925
Hikr as Sufani SYXX7565
Hikr Bayt `Alyan SYXX9799
Hikr Qaddur SYXX9800
Hikr Shahud SYXX9801
Hikr `Usfur SYXX9802
Hikru SYXX7566
Hiku SYXX1260
Hila SYXX6599
Hilaliyah SYXX1261
Hillah SYXX6600
Himarayn SYXX8543
Himmin SYXX9803
Himrit SYXX9089
Himu SYXX1262
Hinah SYXX9090
Hinjan SYXX8189
Hirista SYXX0200
Hirjillah SYXX9091
Hirshawiyah SYXX1263
Hish SYXX6601
Hisn Sulayman SYXX9804
Hisyah SYXX0081
Hisyan as Sawab SYXX0628
Hit SYXX2710
Hiwar Kalas SYXX3926
Hiyali Quyuq SYXX3927
Homs SYXX0008
Houfa SYXX1264
Houlilo SYXX3928
Houte SYXX9291
Hubarah Kabirah SYXX1265
Hubarah Saghirah SYXX1266
Hubayki SYXX9292
Hubayt SYXX7567
Hubaytir SYXX8544
Hubub ar Rih SYXX2711
Hudaymah SYXX1267
Hudhud SYXX3929
Hufayr SYXX2712
Huhu SYXX9805
Hulayah SYXX2713
Hulaybiyah SYXX2714
Hulilu SYXX3930
Hulw SYXX1268
Hulw `Abd SYXX8545
Hulwah SYXX1269
Humah SYXX6602
Humajah al Qawil SYXX1270
Humaydah SYXX1271
Humaydiyah SYXX1272
Humaymah SYXX8546
Humaymah Kabir SYXX3931
Humaymat SYXX8547
Humaymat SYXX5742
Humaymat SYXX6603
Humaymim SYXX7568
Humayrah SYXX3933
Humayrah SYXX1273
Humaytah SYXX9806
Humuraju SYXX3934
Hunaydah SYXX8548
Hunaydi SYXX8549
Hurat `Ammurin SYXX7569
Huraybil SYXX3935
Huraydah SYXX7570
Hurayjat Jahsh SYXX8550
Huraymis SYXX8551
Hurayrah SYXX9092
Hurayrat al Hawi SYXX9093
Hurayshah SYXX7571
Hurayshiyah SYXX1274
Huraysun SYXX9807
Huraytan SYXX3936
Huriyah SYXX6604
Hurnah SYXX9094
Husamiyah SYXX3937
Husayn SYXX0629
Husayn al Ahmad SYXX3938
Husayn al A`war SYXX1275
Husayn al Bahr SYXX9808
Husayn Hamadah SYXX0630
Husayniyah SYXX9095
Husayniyah SYXX1278
Husr SYXX8191
Husun Hamudayn SYXX3939
Husur Tallah SYXX1279
Hutiya SYXX8192
Huwa SYXX6605
Huwayjah SYXX8553
Huwayjat Baghuz SYXX0631
Huwayjat Faraj SYXX8554
Huwayjat Kalkali SYXX3940
Huwayjat Shinan SYXX8555
Huwayjinah SYXX3944
Huwayk SYXX2715
Huwayk SYXX9096
Huwaykanli SYXX3945
Huwayr SYXX2716
Huwayr SYXX3946
Huwayr as Sulayb SYXX5744
Huwaysh SYXX8557
Huwaysis SYXX2718
Huwaysiyah SYXX9809
Huwaytilah SYXX1280
Huwayz SYXX5747
Huwayziyah SYXX1281
Hyali Kuyuk SYXX3947
Hzayrin SYXX7572
Ibbin SYXX6606
Ibbin SYXX3949
Ibdita SYXX6607
Ibizimu SYXX6608
Ibn Hani SYXX7573
Ibn Qalaw SYXX1282
Ibrahimiyah SYXX1283
Ibta` SYXX0320
Idlib SYXX0009
Idrisiyah SYXX3950
Ihtaymilat SYXX3951
Ijaz SYXX6609
Ikadah SYXX3952
Iki Akhuz SYXX3953
Iki Dam SYXX3954
Ikko SYXX7574
Iksar SYXX3955
Illah SYXX8558
Imbratu SYXX7575
Imtan SYXX9293
Inkhil SYXX0321
Inkizik SYXX6610
Inqirat SYXX6611
Ishaqiyah SYXX6612
Ishtabghu SYXX7577
Ishtabraq SYXX6613
Iskan SYXX3956
Iskandariyah SYXX5748
Isma`iliyah SYXX1284
Isqabbulah SYXX9810
Isqat SYXX6614
Istabalat SYXX6615
Istaminah SYXX7578
Istaru SYXX3957
Istiblat SYXX3958
Izra` SYXX0322
I`zaz SYXX3948
Jaba SYXX8193
Jabal al Inkliz SYXX3967
Jabal al `Arab SYXX9294
Jabal Hisya SYXX2719
Jabal Nawbah SYXX7579
Jabal Nayif SYXX3966
Jaban SYXX3969
Jabbar SYXX8562
Jabbasat SYXX6616
Jabbul SYXX3970
Jabiriyah SYXX3971
Jabiriyah SYXX1286
Jabiriyah SYXX6617
Jablah SYXX7580
Jabriyun SYXX7581
Jabru SYXX7582
Jabudiyah SYXX6618
Jada`ayn SYXX6619
Jaddil SYXX0323
Jadid Bu Khayr SYXX0633
Jadid `Uqaydat SYXX0634
Jadraya SYXX6620
Jadu` SYXX5749
Jadya SYXX9295
Jafana SYXX7583
Jafar al Qaryah SYXX3972
Jafirah SYXX3973
Jafirat Mansur SYXX3974
Jafi`ah SYXX2720
Jafi`ah SYXX5751
Jafr SYXX6622
Jafr al Mansur SYXX3975
Jafrah SYXX0635
Jafrat al Hass SYXX3976
Jaghir Bazar SYXX1287
Jahad SYXX1288
Jahanifah SYXX7584
Jahjah SYXX8564
Jahruqah SYXX7585
Jahshah SYXX8565
Jakarah SYXX6623
Jakkah SYXX3977
Jalaghim SYXX3978
Jalamah SYXX5752
Jalamah SYXX3979
Jalamah al `Atiq SYXX3980
Jalaq SYXX1289
Jalban SYXX6624
Jalgham SYXX1290
Jalghum SYXX3981
Jalib Nada SYXX1291
Jalifah SYXX1292
Jall `Arab SYXX1293
Jallas SYXX6625
Jallayn SYXX0324
Jalmidun SYXX7586
Jalqah Mali SYXX7587
Jalqam SYXX3982
Jalu SYXX1294
Jalur SYXX3983
Jalwah SYXX1295
Jam SYXX1296
Jamaliyah SYXX2721
Jamanli SYXX3985
Jammasah SYXX7588
Jammasat Farhah SYXX9814
Jamrah SYXX0325
Jamrin SYXX9296
Jamurkiyah SYXX7589
Jamurliyah SYXX7590
Jamus SYXX8566
Jamus Wiran SYXX3986
Jan SYXX9815
Janajiq SYXX7591
Janazah SYXX1297
Jandajiq SYXX1298
Jandar SYXX2722
Jandayris SYXX3987
Janf al Ahmar SYXX3988
Janin SYXX9816
Janjanli SYXX3989
Jankamrah SYXX9817
Jannat as Saghir SYXX3992
Jannat Salamah SYXX3991
Janudiyah SYXX6626
Janyu SYXX3993
Jaqal Kabir SYXX3995
Jaqal Saghir SYXX3996
Jaqaljiq SYXX7592
Jaqmaq Kabir SYXX3997
Jaqmaq Saghir SYXX3998
Jaqqal Wayran SYXX3999
Jaqruran SYXX7593
Jaqur SYXX4000
Jarabulus SYXX4001
Jarad SYXX6627
Jarajimah SYXX5753
Jarajir SYXX9098
Jaramana SYXX0203
Jarirat al Imam SYXX4005
Jariz SYXX4006
Jarjanaz SYXX6628
Jarjisah SYXX5754
Jarkhatli SYXX4007
Jarma SYXX0636
Jarma SYXX1299
Jarmakiyah SYXX4008
Jarniyah SYXX8567
Jarniyah SYXX5755
Jarqi SYXX4009
Jarti Mallanah SYXX4010
Jarudiyah SYXX1300
Jarwah SYXX8568
Jarwan SYXX1301
Jarwan SYXX0637
Jasim SYXX0638
Jasim SYXX0326
Jasim Wasmi SYXX8569
Jasin SYXX5756
Jat SYXX4011
Jatal SYXX1302
Jatal Milliyah SYXX1303
Jatal Qabu SYXX4012
Jatal Ziyarah SYXX4013
Jatanli SYXX4014
Jatbu SYXX4015
Jattalah SYXX4016
Jawar al Jihash SYXX4018
Jawar al `Afs SYXX9818
Jawar Hamudiyah SYXX4017
Jawar Kitrin SYXX6629
Jawban Bak SYXX4019
Jawbar SYXX0204
Jawbat al Kalakh SYXX5757
Jawbat Burghal SYXX7594
Jawbat Daryus SYXX7595
Jawbat Muhmis SYXX9819
Jawbat Mujbir SYXX9820
Jawhariyah SYXX1304
Jawlak SYXX2723
Jawmiq SYXX4020
Jawrah Khamis SYXX6630
Jawwaniyat SYXX2724
Jawz Urghan SYXX7596
Jawzat SYXX1306
Jayb SYXX6631
Jaybit SYXX8570
Jayl SYXX4021
Jaylakah SYXX1307
Jayqma Kabirah SYXX1308
Jayqurjiq SYXX7597
Jayquzajiq SYXX7598
Jayr al Jamus SYXX6632
Jayrud SYXX9099
Jazrah SYXX8571
Jazraya SYXX6633
Ja`arah SYXX3961
Ja`bar SYXX8559
Ja`din SYXX8560
Ja`fariyat SYXX9811
Jdin SYXX7599
Jemaiye SYXX1309
Jenf al Ahmar SYXX4022
Jibab SYXX9821
Jibab SYXX0327
Jibab az Zayt SYXX2728
Jibab Hamad SYXX2727
Jibala SYXX6634
Jibbin SYXX8194
Jiblaya SYXX2729
Jiblaya SYXX7600
Jibnah SYXX4023
Jibrin SYXX5758
Jibrin SYXX4024
Jibul SYXX7601
Jida` Kabirah SYXX4025
Jida` Saghirah SYXX4026
Jiddawi SYXX1310
Jidrin SYXX5759
Jifana SYXX7602
Jiftlik SYXX2730
Jiftlik Shughur SYXX6637
Jiha Kabirah SYXX1311
Jiha Saghirah SYXX1312
Jihar SYXX2731
Jijakli Yazi SYXX7603
Jilbarat Tayy SYXX1313
Jinah SYXX1314
Jinan SYXX5760
Jinarjiq SYXX7604
Jinaz SYXX1315
Jindawi SYXX8572
Jinjaniyah SYXX7605
Jinkil SYXX7606
Jinn al Albawi SYXX5761
Jinnaqrah SYXX6638
Jinnata SYXX7607
Jinni as Salamah SYXX4027
Jiraba SYXX8195
Jirabiyah SYXX8573
Jiriyah SYXX0639
Jirjaniyah SYXX9100
Jirmati SYXX7608
Jirmaz SYXX1316
Jirnak SYXX1317
Jirnaz SYXX6639
Jishiyah SYXX0640
Jisr al Maksur SYXX6640
Jisr al Qal`ah SYXX5762
Jisr as Samuqah SYXX4030
Jisr ash Shughur SYXX6641
Jisr Hajjiyat SYXX8574
Jisrash Shughur SYXX0085
Jisrayn SYXX0205
Jisri SYXX0328
Jis`a SYXX1318
Jiyah SYXX0641
Jras SYXX9822
Jubalali SYXX4034
Jubanli SYXX4035
Jubas SYXX6642
Jubayb SYXX9297
Jubayb al Mays SYXX8196
Jubaybat SYXX7609
Jubaylah SYXX0642
Jubayn SYXX8197
Jubayriyah SYXX7610
Jubayta SYXX9823
Jubb Abu Qutnah SYXX8576
Jubb Abyad SYXX4036
Jubb ad Dam SYXX4052
Jubb al Abyad SYXX8580
Jubb al Abyad SYXX5768
Jubb al Abyad SYXX4053
Jubb al Ahmar SYXX7612
Jubb al Amlas SYXX9824
Jubb al Aswad SYXX5769
Jubb al Barazi SYXX4054
Jubb al Bashir SYXX2736
Jubb al Bustan SYXX2737
Jubb al Faraj SYXX4055
Jubb al Ghar SYXX7613
Jubb al Ghasab SYXX6643
Jubb al Hamam SYXX4056
Jubb al Hamir SYXX4058
Jubb al Hammam SYXX4059
Jubb al Hintah SYXX5770
Jubb al Hummus SYXX7614
Jubb al Jahlan SYXX8581
Jubb al Jarrah SYXX0086
Jubb al Kalb SYXX4060
Jubb al Khafi SYXX8582
Jubb al Khafi SYXX4063
Jubb al Khamis SYXX4064
Jubb al Kiradah SYXX4065
Jubb al Kusa SYXX4066
Jubb al Magharah SYXX7615
Jubb al Marj SYXX9825
Jubb al Mazazi` SYXX5771
Jubb al Qadir SYXX4067
Jubb al Qatashli SYXX4068
Jubb al Wudayhi SYXX2738
Jubb al `Abd SYXX2739
Jubb al `Ali SYXX4069
Jubb al `Ama SYXX4070
Jubb al `Arus SYXX4071
Jubb al `Asharah SYXX4072
Jubb al `Uthman SYXX5772
Jubb ar Rayyan SYXX5773
Jubb ar Ruman SYXX5774
Jubb ar Rumman SYXX5775
Jubb as Saddi SYXX2740
Jubb as Safa SYXX6644
Jubb as Safa SYXX5777
Jubb as Sa`d SYXX5776
Jubb as Sukkar SYXX6645
Jubb as Sultan SYXX4074
Jubb ash Shami SYXX2741
Jubb at Tawil SYXX4076
Jubb at Tinah SYXX4077
Jubb az Za`tar SYXX2742
Jubb az Zu`rur SYXX7616
Jubb Ghabshah SYXX4037
Jubb Habl SYXX2732
Jubb Hamzah SYXX4039
Jubb Hasan Agha SYXX4040
Jubb Hindi SYXX4041
Jubb Jasim SYXX4044
Jubb Khasarah SYXX5764
Jubb Khashabah SYXX4046
Jubb Madi SYXX4047
Jubb Mahli SYXX4048
Jubb Na`san SYXX4049
Jubb Ramlah SYXX5765
Jubb Razaq SYXX5766
Jubb Sharifah SYXX7611
Jubb Sultan SYXX8577
Jubb `Abbas SYXX2735
Jubb `Alays SYXX4050
Jubb `Awwad SYXX4051
Jubb `Id SYXX5767
Jubb `Urman SYXX8579
Jubbah SYXX4078
Jubbah SYXX9102
Jubbata az Zayt SYXX8199
Jubbayn SYXX4079
Jubbayn SYXX5778
Jub`adin SYXX9101
Judaydah SYXX4080
Judaydah SYXX5779
Judaydah SYXX9298
Judaydah SYXX8583
Judaydah SYXX6646
Judaydah SYXX1319
Judaydah SYXX7617
Judaydah SYXX2743
Judaydah SYXX9826
Judaydah `Arbin SYXX4081
Judaydat al Bahr SYXX9827
Judaydat al Wadi SYXX9106
Judaydat Faras SYXX4082
Judaydat Ghayt SYXX0087
Judaydat Hakim SYXX4083
Judaydat Harb SYXX1320
Judaydat Khabur SYXX8584
Judaydat Mukhayt SYXX8585
Judaydat Nawwaf SYXX6647
Judaydat Yabus SYXX9103
Judaydat `Artuz SYXX9104
Judaymah SYXX1321
Judayti SYXX9828
Judayyah SYXX0329
Jufayrah SYXX4084
Jufin SYXX9829
Jufin SYXX7618
Jufiyah SYXX7619
Jukha SYXX4085
Julah SYXX1322
Julakan SYXX4086
Julaqli SYXX4087
Julayb Khalil SYXX0643
Julaybinah SYXX8200
Julayk SYXX4088
Julaymah SYXX5780
Julayti SYXX9830
Jum `Ali SYXX4089
Junas SYXX5781
Junaydiyah SYXX1323
Junaynah SYXX9299
Junaynah SYXX9831
Junaynah SYXX0644
Junaynah SYXX6648
Junaynah SYXX5782
Junaynat SYXX2744
Junaynat Raslan SYXX9832
Jund SYXX4090
Juniyah SYXX9107
Junqarah SYXX6649
Juqanli SYXX4091
Juqur SYXX4092
Jurah SYXX6650
Jurah SYXX9833
Jurah SYXX8586
Jurat ad Dabbah SYXX9108
Jurat al Hammal SYXX8587
Jurat al Hanawi SYXX4095
Jurat al Jami` SYXX4096
Jurat al Jamus SYXX4097
Jurat al Khinzir SYXX4098
Jurat as Surr SYXX9109
Jurat Da`ayul SYXX4093
Jurat Nazzal SYXX2745
Jurat Rajab SYXX7620
Jurat Sa`d SYXX6651
Jurat Sumaysimah SYXX4094
Jurayjiyah SYXX6652
Jurin SYXX7624
Jurmaya SYXX8201
Jurn Adar SYXX8588
Jurn al Aswad SYXX8589
Jurn al Kabir SYXX4100
Jurn al Usar SYXX9835
Jurn as Saghir SYXX4101
Jurnaya SYXX8202
Jurnik Tahtani SYXX1325
Jurrayn SYXX9300
Juruf SYXX4102
Juruh SYXX5783
Jurunli SYXX4103
Jusiyah SYXX2746
Jutah SYXX4104
Jutama SYXX8590
Jutar SYXX4105
Juwar al Baqar SYXX7625
Juwayb Qarahilah SYXX7626
Juwayb Yashut SYXX7627
Juwaybat SYXX7628
Juwayf SYXX0645
Juwaykhat SYXX0088
Juwaynira SYXX1326
Juwayniyat SYXX6653
Juwayq SYXX4106
Juwayti SYXX9836
Juwayz SYXX7629
Juwayzir SYXX6654
Juwwaniyah SYXX6655
Juzif SYXX6656
Ju`aybah SYXX8575
Kabah Rabb SYXX4109
Kabakah SYXX1327
Kabanah SYXX7630
Kabar SYXX1328
Kabarah SYXX4110
Kabashin SYXX4111
Kabd as Sarim SYXX0647
Kabd Warqah SYXX0646
Kabir SYXX7631
Kabir Kabir SYXX4112
Kabir Saghir SYXX4113
Kablak SYXX4114
Kablik SYXX4115
Kabta SYXX6657
Kaburah SYXX6658
Kadik SYXX7632
Kadin SYXX7633
Kadrish SYXX4116
Kaf al Hamam SYXX9839
Kafaldin SYXX6659
Kafariyah SYXX9840
Kafarrikhah SYXX9841
Kafat SYXX5785
Kaff al Aswad SYXX1329
Kafr SYXX7634
Kafr al Luhuf SYXX9301
Kafr al `Awamid SYXX9115
Kafr Amin SYXX5786
Kafr Antun SYXX4117
Kafr Bani SYXX6660
Kafr Batna SYXX0206
Kafr Batrah SYXX4118
Kafr Battikh SYXX6661
Kafr Bissin SYXX4119
Kafr Bissin SYXX6662
Kafr Buhum SYXX5787
Kafr Burayshah SYXX4120
Kafr Dabil SYXX7635
Kafr Dannah SYXX1330
Kafr Darak SYXX9110
Kafr Dayyan SYXX6663
Kafr Da`il SYXX4121
Kafr Dibbin SYXX6664
Kafr Din SYXX6665
Kafr Dulbah SYXX7636
Kafr Fu SYXX9842
Kafr Ghan SYXX4124
Kafr Haddad SYXX4125
Kafr Halab SYXX4126
Kafr Hamim SYXX6666
Kafr Hamra SYXX4127
Kafr Hani SYXX6667
Kafr Harib SYXX8203
Kafr Hawar SYXX9111
Kafr Hawt SYXX4128
Kafr Haya SYXX6668
Kafr Hum SYXX6671
Kafr Ibbish SYXX4129
Kafr Jalis SYXX6672
Kafr Jat SYXX6673
Kafr Jawaya SYXX9843
Kafr Jinnah SYXX6674
Kafr Kalb SYXX2747
Kafr Kalbin SYXX4132
Kafr Kamrah SYXX2748
Kafr Kan SYXX9844
Kafr Karmin SYXX6675
Kafr Khashir SYXX4133
Kafr Laha SYXX2749
Kafr Latah SYXX6676
Kafr Maris SYXX6677
Kafr Mid SYXX6678
Kafr Mu SYXX6679
Kafr Mus SYXX6680
Kafr Nabl SYXX6681
Kafr Nabudah SYXX5788
Kafr Nabw SYXX4134
Kafr Naffakh SYXX8204
Kafr Naha SYXX4135
Kafr Najd SYXX6682
Kafr Nan SYXX2750
Kafr Nasih SYXX6683
Kafr Nasih SYXX4136
Kafr Nasij SYXX0330
Kafr Naya SYXX4137
Kafr Nuran SYXX6684
Kafr Qadah SYXX5789
Kafr Qaris SYXX4138
Kafr Qattar SYXX6685
Kafr Quq SYXX9112
Kafr Ram SYXX2751
Kafr Ruhin SYXX6686
Kafr Rum SYXX4139
Kafr Ruma SYXX6687
Kafr Safrah SYXX4140
Kafr Saghir SYXX4141
Kafr Sajnah SYXX6688
Kafr Salqin SYXX7637
Kafr Sandal SYXX6689
Kafr Shaghir SYXX9845
Kafr Shalaya SYXX6690
Kafr Shams SYXX0331
Kafr Shil SYXX4142
Kafr Shush SYXX4143
Kafr Susah SYXX0207
Kafr Takharim SYXX6691
Kafr Tallash SYXX9846
Kafr Tamir SYXX0332
Kafr Tash Nur SYXX6692
Kafr Ta`lah SYXX4144
Kafr Tinah SYXX4145
Kafr Tun SYXX5790
Kafr Tunah SYXX4146
Kafr Witar SYXX6693
Kafr Yabus SYXX9113
Kafr Yahmul SYXX6694
Kafr Yahud SYXX5791
Kafr Yunah SYXX9114
Kafr Zayt SYXX4147
Kafr Zaytah SYXX5792
Kafr Ziba SYXX6695
Kafr `Abdah SYXX2752
Kafr `Abid SYXX4148
Kafr `Ajuz SYXX7638
Kafr `Akkar SYXX4149
Kafr `Alil SYXX6696
Kafr `Amim SYXX6697
Kafr `Aqab SYXX8205
Kafr `Aqid SYXX5793
Kafr `Aya SYXX2753
Kafr `Ayn SYXX6698
Kafr `Uruq SYXX6699
Kafr `Uwayd SYXX6700
Kafrah SYXX4150
Kafrah SYXX9847
Kafrantah SYXX6701
Kafraya SYXX6702
Kafrayn SYXX9848
Kafrayya SYXX6703
Kafra` SYXX5794
Kafrinjah SYXX6704
Kafrinnah SYXX6705
Kafriyah SYXX0089
Kafrun Bashur SYXX9849
Kaftayn SYXX6706
Kah SYXX4151
Kahf al Habash SYXX2754
Kahfat Saghir SYXX1332
Kahiba Nadi SYXX1333
Kahil SYXX0333
Kajal `Ubayd SYXX8591
Kajlah SYXX8592
Kakah SYXX1334
Kaklijah SYXX4152
Kakurah SYXX1335
Kalanali SYXX4153
Kalaz SYXX7639
Kalb at Tash SYXX1337
Kalb A`rat SYXX1336
Kalid at Tahtani SYXX4154
Kallat al Kabir SYXX4156
Kallat Saghir SYXX4155
Kallawiyah SYXX1338
Kalmad SYXX4157
Kaltah SYXX8595
Kamba SYXX8596
Kamiliyah SYXX7640
Kamin SYXX7641
Kamishli SYXX0013
Kamiya SYXX6708
Kammunah SYXX0334
Kammuniyah SYXX8207
Kamrash SYXX4158
Kam`aya SYXX6707
Kanaf SYXX8208
Kanakir SYXX9116
Kanayis SYXX7642
Kanayis SYXX9850
Kanayis SYXX6709
Kandarliyah SYXX4159
Kanfa SYXX5795
Kanfushah SYXX1339
Kani Nabi SYXX1340
Kani Qirq SYXX1341
Kanisah SYXX9851
Kanisah SYXX7643
Kanisat Nakhlah SYXX6710
Kankarin Kurum SYXX6711
Kansafrah SYXX6712
Karad Dayasinah SYXX2755
Karafish SYXX7644
Karafs SYXX9852
Karaja SYXX1342
Karak SYXX4160
Karak Mawla SYXX4161
Karakinli SYXX4162
Karanku SYXX1343
Karatshan SYXX1344
Karawidani SYXX4163
Karbajak SYXX4164
Karbalak SYXX4165
Karhuk SYXX1345
Kari Barri SYXX1346
Kari Markah SYXX1347
Kari Sud SYXX1348
Karid SYXX4166
Karim SYXX9853
Karimah SYXX2756
Karis SYXX9303
Karkit SYXX7645
Karkiz SYXX4167
Karm al Baytar SYXX4169
Karm al Bik SYXX4170
Karm al Halwani SYXX7648
Karm al Jazmati SYXX4171
Karm al Kabir SYXX6717
Karm al Khayyat SYXX4172
Karm al Qirimat SYXX4173
Karm al Waqf SYXX4174
Karm al `Aqd SYXX4175
Karm ash Shard SYXX6718
Karm at Tinah SYXX9855
Karm Fawzi SYXX7646
Karm Ghalyun SYXX2757
Karm Kaytu` SYXX4168
Karm Mughayzil SYXX9854
Karm Salih SYXX6713
Karm Shaybar SYXX6714
Karm Ziyadiyah SYXX7647
Karm `Ali SYXX9117
Karm `Ayyash SYXX6715
Karmah SYXX4177
Karmaya SYXX9856
Karmil SYXX7649
Karratin SYXX6719
Karraya SYXX1349
Karri SYXX4178
Karsan SYXX4179
Kartak Shaykhan SYXX8597
Kartu SYXX9857
Karus SYXX4180
Karzuri SYXX4181
Kas Tabane SYXX1350
Kasan SYXX1351
Kashal `Ubayd SYXX8598
Kashish SYXX7650
Kashkash Jubud SYXX1352
Kashkashuk SYXX1353
Kashkhar SYXX4182
Kashti`ar SYXX4183
Kashur SYXX6722
Kaslajuk SYXX7651
Kaslajuq Fallah SYXX7653
Kasr `Ada SYXX6723
Kasrah SYXX1354
Kasrah SYXX4184
Kasrat al Faraj SYXX8603
Kasrat Faraj SYXX2758
Kasrat Muraybit SYXX8600
Kasrat `Affan SYXX8602
Kassab SYXX7654
Kassar SYXX0648
Kassun al Jabal SYXX5797
Kastak SYXX1355
Kastanah Fawqani SYXX6724
Kastanah Tahtani SYXX6725
Kata SYXX8604
Katinu SYXX6726
Katliyah SYXX7655
Katniyah SYXX7656
Kawan `Atar SYXX1356
Kawaru SYXX6727
Kawas SYXX8209
Kawat al Bahir SYXX0649
Kawbarah SYXX6728
Kawdah SYXX1357
Kawi SYXX1358
Kawjak SYXX4185
Kawkab SYXX5798
Kawkab SYXX1359
Kawkab as Suwayd SYXX5799
Kawkabah SYXX4186
Kawkabah SYXX5800
Kawkajat Lin SYXX4187
Kawkanayah SYXX6729
Kawkaran SYXX2759
Kawka`i SYXX9858
Kawlah SYXX1360
Kawm az Zahrawi SYXX2760
Kawrak SYXX4188
Kawran SYXX4189
Kawsak SYXX4190
Kawur Kuy SYXX6730
Kawur Uran SYXX7657
Kawurayli SYXX4191
Kawurkan SYXX4192
Kawzak Habib SYXX4193
Kayariyah SYXX4194
Kayfun SYXX4195
Kaykan SYXX4196
Kaymah SYXX9860
Kaysum SYXX4197
Kazik SYXX4198
Kazou SYXX5801
Ka`biyat Faris SYXX9837
Ka`biyat `Umar SYXX9838
Ka`ibah SYXX4107
Ka`n Kurk SYXX4108
Kefar Haruv SYXX8211
Keichke SYXX1361
Kert Tahtani SYXX7658
Kfarz SYXX7659
Khab al Jawz SYXX7660
Khabab SYXX0336
Khabrat al Ahmar SYXX0650
Khaburiyah SYXX7661
Khadallu SYXX7662
Khadlu SYXX7663
Khadr al `isa SYXX0651
Khadrat Yunus SYXX0652
Khafar Yanli SYXX4199
Khafiyah SYXX8605
Khafiyat al Humr SYXX4201
Khafsah SYXX4202
Khajukah SYXX1362
Khalfah SYXX2761
Khalid SYXX1363
Khalid al Hijan SYXX4204
Khalid Hilal SYXX5802
Khalidiyah SYXX4205
Khalidjiq SYXX4206
Khalifatli SYXX4207
Khalil Kulku SYXX4208
Khalil Sulayman SYXX1364
Khalilan Ushaghi SYXX4209
Khaliliyah SYXX2762
Khalissa SYXX4210
Khalkhalah SYXX9304
Khallalah SYXX7664
Khallawmar SYXX4211
Khaltan Gharbi SYXX4212
Khalwat `Ubayd SYXX8606
Khan al Ahmar SYXX8215
Khan al Fars SYXX9861
Khan al Halawi SYXX7666
Khan al Hayr SYXX2764
Khan al Humr SYXX4218
Khan al Jabal SYXX1366
Khan al Jabsin SYXX7667
Khan al Jawz SYXX7668
Khan al `Arus SYXX9120
Khan al `Asafir SYXX9121
Khan al `Asal SYXX4219
Khan Arnabah SYXX8213
Khan as Subul SYXX6731
Khan ash Shaykh SYXX9122
Khan ash Sha`r SYXX4220
Khan Dal SYXX8607
Khan Dannun SYXX9118
Khan Hufrah SYXX4213
Khan Kafr Jali SYXX2763
Khan Kayar SYXX4214
Khan Mamit SYXX4215
Khan Maysalun SYXX9119
Khan Shahud SYXX4216
Khan Shaykhun SYXX0091
Khan Sutam SYXX8608
Khan Tuman SYXX4217
Khan Yunis SYXX1365
Khan `Ata Allah SYXX7665
Khanafis SYXX5803
Khanasir SYXX0092
Khanazir SYXX4221
Khanazir SYXX5804
Khanazir SYXX2765
Khanfikhah SYXX1367
Khanik SYXX1368
Khanuniyah SYXX4225
Kharab SYXX2767
Kharab Bajar SYXX1370
Kharab Bal SYXX4227
Kharab Bunyan SYXX1371
Kharab Burghul SYXX4228
Kharab Khalil SYXX6733
Kharab Kurd SYXX4229
Kharab Kurd SYXX1372
Kharab Marqiyah SYXX9862
Kharab Mus SYXX4230
Kharab Nas SYXX4231
Kharab Quyunji SYXX4232
Kharab Rakkabah SYXX1373
Kharab Rashak SYXX1374
Kharab Rassett SYXX4233
Kharab Run SYXX1375
Kharab Sakk SYXX4234
Kharab Sarunj SYXX4235
Kharab Shurayqi SYXX7670
Kharab Sultan SYXX6734
Kharab Suluq SYXX4236
Kharab Zari SYXX8609
Kharab `Abd SYXX1376
Kharab `Ashiq SYXX4237
Kharaba SYXX9305
Kharabah SYXX4238
Kharabah SYXX9863
Kharabishah SYXX4239
Kharabisq SYXX4240
Kharabrash SYXX4241
Kharayih Diham SYXX4242
Kharayij SYXX1378
Kharayij SYXX0654
Kharazah SYXX1379
Khara`iyah SYXX4226
Kharbaqah SYXX1380
Kharfan SYXX4243
Kharijat Trudin SYXX8610
Kharijiyah SYXX4244
Kharjis SYXX4245
Kharkhar SYXX2770
Kharkhuri SYXX4246
Kharrarah SYXX1381
Kharriyah SYXX8611
Kharsa SYXX9306
Kharsan SYXX0094
Kharufiyah Kabir SYXX4247
Kharus SYXX4249
Khasarat SYXX0655
Khasas SYXX6735
Khasfayn SYXX8216
Khashi SYXX1382
Khashkhashah SYXX7673
Khashkhashah SYXX6741
Khashmaniyah SYXX1383
Khashmat Rafadah SYXX0656
Khash`at al Kas` SYXX6740
Khash`at Hadaya SYXX6736
Khasik SYXX1384
Khass SYXX1385
Khass Dakur SYXX8612
Khass Hibal SYXX8613
Khass `Ujayl SYXX8614
Khassaf SYXX4252
Khassaki SYXX1386
Khatamlu SYXX5808
Khattab SYXX6742
Khattab SYXX2772
Khatunah SYXX1387
Khatuniyah SYXX4253
Khatuniyah SYXX1388
Khatuniyah SYXX8615
Khawabi SYXX9864
Khawari SYXX6743
Khawr SYXX4254
Khawsh SYXX6744
Khaybah SYXX5810
Khaybak SYXX1389
Khayshiyah SYXX1390
Khazinah SYXX4255
Khaznah SYXX1391
Khaznah Jadidah SYXX1392
Khazrajiyah SYXX9123
Khazum SYXX8616
Khazuq SYXX1393
Khazyan Fawqani SYXX4256
Khibat `Ulliyah SYXX1394
Khibatlis SYXX7674
Khilfah SYXX2773
Khillah Saghirah SYXX8617
Khirab Suwayfat SYXX1395
Khirbah SYXX2774
Khirbat Abkiyah SYXX4257
Khirbat ad Dib SYXX4279
Khirbat ad Dib SYXX1457
Khirbat ad Dunya SYXX7680
Khirbat al Agha SYXX2791
Khirbat al Akrad SYXX9874
Khirbat al Bagh SYXX1458
Khirbat al Baqar SYXX8634
Khirbat al Bayda SYXX2793
Khirbat al Bir SYXX1461
Khirbat al Burj SYXX4281
Khirbat al Fajr SYXX4282
Khirbat al Faras SYXX8635
Khirbat al Faras SYXX9875
Khirbat al Halul SYXX8636
Khirbat al Hamra SYXX4284
Khirbat al Hisan SYXX4285
Khirbat al Jajar SYXX2795
Khirbat al Jam` SYXX8638
Khirbat al Jawz SYXX6753
Khirbat al Jibab SYXX2796
Khirbat al Jubb SYXX6754
Khirbat al Kawm SYXX9315
Khirbat al Khus SYXX1466
Khirbat al Kurum SYXX9876
Khirbat al Kusa SYXX4287
Khirbat al Qabw SYXX9878
Khirbat al Qasr SYXX5819
Khirbat al Qatt SYXX9879
Khirbat al Qawz SYXX2799
Khirbat al Walid SYXX1467
Khirbat al `Abb SYXX1468
Khirbat al `Adas SYXX7684
Khirbat al `Amud SYXX6756
Khirbat al `Arus SYXX5820
Khirbat an Nazra SYXX2804
Khirbat an Na`j SYXX1469
Khirbat ar Rih SYXX9880
Khirbat ar Rus SYXX4293
Khirbat ar Ruzz SYXX8640
Khirbat as Sab` SYXX8642
Khirbat as Sakiq SYXX6757
Khirbat as Sanam SYXX1471
Khirbat as Sarj SYXX6758
Khirbat as Sawda SYXX1473
Khirbat as Sa`b SYXX8641
Khirbat As`ad SYXX1396
Khirbat at Tamr SYXX1478
Khirbat at Tayr SYXX0352
Khirbat at Tuba SYXX4297
Khirbat ath Thib SYXX4299
Khirbat Bajjah SYXX0337
Khirbat Ballah SYXX1398
Khirbat Bishar SYXX4259
Khirbat Bustan SYXX1399
Khirbat Buzliya SYXX5812
Khirbat Dabak SYXX2775
Khirbat Dafan SYXX9307
Khirbat Daghash SYXX2776
Khirbat Duwayzin SYXX2777
Khirbat Faris SYXX8619
Khirbat Fulayfil SYXX8620
Khirbat Ghadir SYXX1401
Khirbat Gharghub SYXX2778
Khirbat Ghazal SYXX1402
Khirbat Ghazalah SYXX0338
Khirbat Ghazi SYXX2779
Khirbat Hamid SYXX8621
Khirbat Hamma SYXX1403
Khirbat Hammud SYXX1404
Khirbat Hamu SYXX1405
Khirbat Hannani SYXX6748
Khirbat Harnush SYXX6749
Khirbat Hassan SYXX1406
Khirbat Hatim SYXX1407
Khirbat Hawas SYXX1408
Khirbat Hawish SYXX4261
Khirbat Hayshi SYXX1409
Khirbat Hayshun SYXX7675
Khirbat Hussun SYXX4262
Khirbat Ibrahim SYXX1410
Khirbat Isriyah SYXX0095
Khirbat Jabrin SYXX4264
Khirbat Jamal SYXX1411
Khirbat Jammu SYXX1412
Khirbat Jamus SYXX1413
Khirbat Jassah SYXX1414
Khirbat Jazraya SYXX4265
Khirbat Jihash SYXX1416
Khirbat Jillah SYXX0339
Khirbat Jirm SYXX4266
Khirbat Judaydah SYXX4267
Khirbat Jumrah SYXX2781
Khirbat Junaynah SYXX5813
Khirbat Junf SYXX0340
Khirbat Jurnah SYXX1417
Khirbat Karam SYXX8622
Khirbat Kasih SYXX9866
Khirbat Khajah SYXX1418
Khirbat Khalid SYXX4268
Khirbat Khalil SYXX1419
Khirbat Khasfayn SYXX8217
Khirbat Khawkhah SYXX8218
Khirbat Khaznah SYXX1420
Khirbat Khirs SYXX4269
Khirbat Kuwi SYXX1422
Khirbat Makkar SYXX9867
Khirbat Marjan SYXX7676
Khirbat Marjanah SYXX1423
Khirbat Martin SYXX6750
Khirbat Muhsin SYXX8624
Khirbat Musaylah SYXX1424
Khirbat Nafakh SYXX4271
Khirbat Nahit SYXX8625
Khirbat Nawfal SYXX2782
Khirbat Nazu SYXX1425
Khirbat Nura SYXX1426
Khirbat Nurah SYXX1427
Khirbat Qadi SYXX1428
Khirbat Qal`ah SYXX7677
Khirbat Qamra SYXX9310
Khirbat Qarin SYXX0342
Khirbat Qarmit SYXX1430
Khirbat Qasim SYXX5815
Khirbat Qawli SYXX1431
Khirbat Rafa SYXX1432
Khirbat Ruhayyah SYXX0343
Khirbat Saghir SYXX9868
Khirbat Sahw SYXX1433
Khirbat Salam SYXX4273
Khirbat Sarandah SYXX8627
Khirbat Sarbaya SYXX4274
Khirbat Sa`di SYXX8626
Khirbat Sa`in SYXX4272
Khirbat Shanbah SYXX8628
Khirbat Shaqhab SYXX0344
Khirbat Shati SYXX9869
Khirbat Sha`ib SYXX1434
Khirbat Shiha SYXX1436
Khirbat Shihab SYXX4275
Khirbat Shuwaym SYXX8629
Khirbat Sufiyah SYXX1437
Khirbat Sulas SYXX7678
Khirbat Tafit SYXX6751
Khirbat Tammu SYXX1438
Khirbat Tannuz SYXX0658
Khirbat Taqit SYXX1439
Khirbat Taqla SYXX9870
Khirbat Tawi SYXX8630
Khirbat Tiflah SYXX1440
Khirbat Tin Nur SYXX2786
Khirbat Turayfah SYXX9311
Khirbat Tuwayni SYXX4276
Khirbat Wanikah SYXX1441
Khirbat Wudud SYXX2788
Khirbat Yabnu SYXX7679
Khirbat Zarbah SYXX4277
Khirbat Zayd SYXX1442
Khirbat Zaynab SYXX5817
Khirbat `Abbas SYXX1443
Khirbat `Adhban SYXX1445
Khirbat `Allu SYXX8632
Khirbat `Ammar SYXX0345
Khirbat `Amudi SYXX9871
Khirbat `Anz SYXX1446
Khirbat `Aridah SYXX1447
Khirbat `Arif SYXX5818
Khirbat `Arra SYXX1448
Khirbat `Ashari SYXX9872
Khirbat `Ashur SYXX1449
Khirbat `Askar SYXX1450
Khirbat `Atshan SYXX1451
Khirbat `Awwad SYXX9313
Khirbat `Ayyash SYXX2789
Khirbat `Azim SYXX1452
Khirbat `Azzi SYXX1453
Khirbat `Ilalu SYXX8633
Khirbat `Ubayd SYXX1455
Khirbat `Uglah SYXX0096
Khirbat `Uqdu SYXX9873
Khirbat `Uqla SYXX1456
Khirbat `Uqlah SYXX4278
Khirbat `Uyun SYXX8219
Khirbayah SYXX6762
Khirt Khar SYXX1479
Khiyarat Dannun SYXX9124
Khrasbu SYXX7686
Khuba Nilu SYXX4301
Khubayrat SYXX1480
Khubbah SYXX9881
Khujamanli SYXX4302
Khumayshiyah SYXX1481
Khunayfis SYXX5822
Khunayfisah SYXX9125
Khunayz SYXX8644
Khunayzir SYXX1482
Khunayzir SYXX8646
Khuraybah SYXX6763
Khuraybah SYXX0660
Khuraybah SYXX9882
Khuraybah SYXX4303
Khurayj SYXX5824
Khurayta SYXX0661
Khurkhuri SYXX4304
Khurnubiyah SYXX1483
Khurus SYXX4305
Khurzan SYXX4306
Khusham SYXX0662
Khuwarat SYXX7688
Khuwaybil SYXX4307
Khuwaybirah SYXX1485
Khuwaykhah SYXX8223
Khuwaykhah SYXX2809
Khuwaym ad Daym SYXX1486
Khuwayn al Kabir SYXX6764
Khuwaytalah SYXX1487
Khuwaytilah SYXX1488
Khuzaymuk SYXX1492
Kibarah SYXX7689
Kibareb SYXX4308
Kibiliyah SYXX7690
Kifartah SYXX7691
Kiffin SYXX4309
Kikan SYXX4310
Kikani SYXX7692
Kikiyah SYXX6766
Kil Kilinjah SYXX8647
Kildanin SYXX1493
Kilkah SYXX1494
Killi SYXX6767
Kilmakhu SYXX7693
Kimar SYXX4312
Kinaddah SYXX6768
Kinan SYXX4313
Kindah SYXX6769
Kinkaru SYXX7694
Kinnsibba SYXX7695
Kir Balat SYXX1495
Kir Ballak SYXX4314
Kir Bashak SYXX1496
Kir Batli SYXX1497
Kir Bishik SYXX4315
Kir Faris SYXX1498
Kir Hisar SYXX1499
Kir Kaghil SYXX4316
Kir Khalid SYXX1500
Kir Mahir SYXX1501
Kir Marar SYXX4317
Kir Matlu SYXX1502
Kir Muman SYXX4318
Kir Sharan SYXX1503
Kir Zarin SYXX1504
Kir Zerik SYXX1505
Kir `Ayanshak SYXX1506
Kirak SYXX1507
Kirak Mula SYXX4319
Kirdiwan SYXX1508
Kirdum SYXX1509
Kiri Markah SYXX1510
Kiri Naf SYXX4320
Kiri Suwar SYXX1511
Kiri Zuri SYXX4321
Kiridjah SYXX4322
Kirkat Daquriyah SYXX1512
Kirkut SYXX1513
Kirmissin SYXX1514
Kirs SYXX7696
Kirsana SYXX7697
Kirsanli SYXX4323
Kirtik SYXX4324
Kissin SYXX2810
Kita SYXX6770
Kitrin SYXX6771
Kossik SYXX4325
Kub Lik SYXX4326
Kubar SYXX0663
Kubar Mutayyaf SYXX4327
Kubayshah SYXX2811
Kubik SYXX4328
Kubri SYXX9126
Kudayran SYXX8649
Kudna SYXX8224
Kudu SYXX1515
Kufayr SYXX4329
Kufayr SYXX6772
Kufayr az Zayt SYXX9127
Kufayrah SYXX8225
Kufi SYXX4330
Kufrayn SYXX9128
Kuim Afther SYXX4331
Kujaki SYXX4332
Kujuk Kuy SYXX4333
Kujuk Maydanki SYXX4334
Kujuk Qariqin SYXX4335
Kujuk Wayran SYXX7698
Kuk Dagh SYXX7699
Kuk Tappah Kubra SYXX4336
Kukan SYXX4338
Kukan Fawqani SYXX4339
Kukh SYXX1516
Kuku SYXX6773
Kul Tibbah SYXX4340
Kulayjil SYXX0664
Kulaykhan SYXX1517
Kulaywah SYXX1518
Kulijan SYXX1519
Kuljibrin SYXX4341
Kull Abar SYXX4342
Kulmit SYXX4343
Kuluk SYXX7700
Kulyan Fawqani SYXX4344
Kumush Burj SYXX4345
Kunaysah SYXX6774
Kunda Dudu SYXX4346
Kundak SYXX1520
Kundak Sa`id SYXX1521
Kundak Tayyib SYXX1522
Kundarah SYXX4347
Kundi Sus SYXX4348
Kundur SYXX1523
Kunkurin SYXX7701
Kur al Jaklan SYXX9883
Kur as Sufr SYXX2812
Kur Binar SYXX4349
Kur Dushan SYXX4350
Kur Hasan SYXX8650
Kur Huyuk SYXX4351
Kur Muman SYXX4352
Kur Udani SYXX8651
Kur `Ali SYXX4353
Kura Hasawik SYXX1524
Kurah Sibi SYXX1525
Kuramaza SYXX8652
Kuramazah SYXX8653
Kuran SYXX4354
Kuranli SYXX4355
Kurayfat SYXX1526
Kuraym SYXX9884
Kuraymah SYXX1527
Kuraysantah SYXX6775
Kurayyim SYXX0353
Kurayz al Wawi SYXX8226
Kurayzu SYXX2813
Kurd Ahwal SYXX1528
Kurdala Fawqani SYXX4356
Kurdala Tahtani SYXX4357
Kurdala Wastani SYXX4358
Kurdan SYXX4359
Kurdis SYXX1529
Kurdiyah SYXX9885
Kurdu SYXX1530
Kuri Kul SYXX4360
Kurin SYXX6776
Kurkahiyah SYXX8654
Kurkan Fawqani SYXX4361
Kurkand SYXX1531
Kurnaz SYXX5826
Kurni SYXX4362
Kurruf SYXX4363
Kursiyan SYXX6777
Kurt Fawqani SYXX7702
Kurt Furmuz SYXX4364
Kurt Tahtani SYXX7703
Kurtak SYXX4365
Kurusah SYXX7704
Kusanli SYXX4366
Kusayb SYXX9317
Kusaybiyah SYXX4367
Kusiniyah SYXX6778
Kusubi SYXX0665
Kutah SYXX1532
Kutaybah SYXX0354
Kutiyan SYXX1533
Kuwanli SYXX4368
Kuwayr Bajnik SYXX1534
Kuwayr Dawud SYXX1536
Kuwayr Jin Qaya SYXX7705
Kuwayr Kaffar SYXX1537
Kuwayr Rash SYXX1538
Kuwayris Sharqi SYXX4370
Kuways SYXX4371
Kuwaytah SYXX1540
Kuwaytar SYXX0666
Kuyuzlah SYXX7706
Labdah SYXX2814
Labidah SYXX4372
Lahah SYXX9886
Lahaya SYXX5828
Lahinah SYXX4373
Lahithah SYXX9318
Lahunah SYXX5829
Laja SYXX0667
Lajj SYXX6779
Lalat Muhammad SYXX4374
Laqtah SYXX8655
Latakia SYXX0019
Latifiyah SYXX1541
Latmin SYXX5830
Lawiyah SYXX8227
Lawman SYXX1542
Lawmiyat Wadis SYXX8228
Laylan SYXX1543
Layluh SYXX4375
Layqitah SYXX4376
Lazaka SYXX1544
Lazzaqah SYXX1545
La`a SYXX5827
Lifin SYXX7707
Lilawah SYXX4377
Lislamin SYXX6780
Lubayn SYXX9319
Luf SYXX6781
Luksin SYXX6782
Luqayrbi SYXX9887
Luqman SYXX7708
Luwaybidah SYXX2815
Luwaybidah SYXX6783
Luwaybidah SYXX5831
Luwaydah SYXX5832
Luwaydiqiyah SYXX7709
Maas SYXX9136
Mabaoussa SYXX4390
Mabayya SYXX9137
Mab`ujah SYXX4389
Mab`ujah SYXX8658
Madabah SYXX5841
Madanah Kabir SYXX4391
Madanah Saghir SYXX4392
Madayah SYXX6809
Madayin Kabirah SYXX4393
Madba`ah SYXX5842
Maddash `Ayfir SYXX2817
Madhalah SYXX9890
Madinah SYXX5843
Madinah SYXX1550
Madinah SYXX4394
Madinat al Far SYXX4397
Madinat Hannanu SYXX4395
Madinat Ruhayyah SYXX1551
Madkud SYXX0669
Madlusah SYXX6810
Madrasah SYXX4399
Madrasat Hawr SYXX4400
Mafkar al Gharbi SYXX5844
Mafsalah SYXX4402
Maf`alah SYXX9320
Maghar Juqq SYXX4403
Maghar Tawbat SYXX4404
Magharah SYXX6811
Magharah SYXX4405
Magharah Darahsi SYXX7713
Magharat Marzah SYXX6812
Magharatayn SYXX4409
Maghitah SYXX7715
Maghlul SYXX4410
Maghrabaya SYXX6814
Mahajjah SYXX0356
Mahalibah SYXX7716
Mahaliyah SYXX5846
Mahattah SYXX4411
Mahdum SYXX4413
Mahfarah SYXX9138
Mahfazah SYXX4414
Mahfurah SYXX2820
Mahin SYXX2821
Mahmud Ubah Si SYXX4415
Mahmudiyah SYXX1553
Mahqan SYXX8659
Mahran SYXX8660
Mahriqan SYXX1554
Mahruqah SYXX7717
Mahsanah SYXX4416
Mahunah SYXX4418
Mahwarti SYXX9893
Majadil SYXX9321
Majarluq SYXX1555
Majas SYXX4419
Majdal SYXX9322
Majdal SYXX1556
Majdal Salih SYXX7718
Majdal Shams SYXX8231
Majdaliya SYXX6815
Majdalun al Bahr SYXX9894
Majduliyah SYXX8232
Majlub SYXX1557
Majmu`ah SYXX4420
Majwi SYXX2822
Makazni SYXX6817
Makbas SYXX4421
Makhada SYXX1558
Makhalah SYXX4422
Makharim SYXX6818
Makhlaf SYXX6820
Makhlah SYXX4423
Makhraj SYXX4424
Makhus SYXX7719
Maklul SYXX4425
Makman SYXX0670
Maksar al Janubi SYXX5847
Maksar al Jaydan SYXX2823
Maksar at Tawr SYXX1559
Maksayn SYXX8661
Maktabah SYXX4426
Malahah SYXX2824
Malaqis SYXX7720
Malhah SYXX4427
Malihah SYXX0357
Malihah ad Dawr SYXX0671
Malihah Kabirah SYXX6822
Malihah Saghirah SYXX4428
Malihat ad Dawr SYXX0672
Malik SYXX1560
Malikhat SYXX5849
Malinkuz SYXX6823
Maliq SYXX7721
Malis Harb SYXX1561
Mallah SYXX4429
Mallah SYXX9323
Mallajah SYXX6824
Maltah SYXX5850
Malulah SYXX5851
Mamali SYXX4430
Mamayt SYXX4431
Mamduhah SYXX1564
Mamid SYXX4432
Mamuhiyah SYXX7722
Manajid Abu Zara SYXX1565
Manajid Fawqani SYXX1566
Manajid Tahtani SYXX1567
Manazil Khirrij SYXX4433
Manazir al Jurf SYXX4434
Manbij SYXX0010
Manda SYXX1568
Mandal SYXX9324
Mandik SYXX0102
Manin SYXX9139
Manji Kuy SYXX8663
Manjila SYXX7723
Mankalli SYXX8664
Manq SYXX4435
Mansur SYXX9325
Mansur SYXX1569
Mantaf SYXX6825
Manukh SYXX2825
Manzalah SYXX7724
Manzalat Ahmad SYXX2826
Manzul SYXX6826
Maqam Salim SYXX9140
Maqbarah SYXX4437
Maqbarah SYXX1570
Maqintar SYXX4438
Maqrinat SYXX1571
Maqrusah SYXX9141
Maqtal az Zaydi SYXX4441
Maqtalah SYXX4442
Maqtarah SYXX8665
Maqta` Satif SYXX6828
Maradij SYXX4444
Marah SYXX6832
Marah SYXX9897
Marah an Nablusi SYXX9898
Marah as Sikkah SYXX9899
Marashtah SYXX7725
Marasiyah SYXX2828
Marat SYXX0673
Maratah SYXX6833
Maray`iyah SYXX0674
Mara`yan SYXX6831
Marbat SYXX1572
Marbhin SYXX9902
Mardaghanah SYXX4445
Mardak SYXX0675
Mardidu SYXX7726
Mardikh SYXX6834
Marhamiyah SYXX4446
Marit SYXX1573
Mari` SYXX4447
Marj al Hawr SYXX5857
Marj al Qata SYXX2831
Marj as Sultan SYXX0209
Marj az Zawiyah SYXX7731
Marj Dubab SYXX9903
Marj Khawkha SYXX7727
Marj Khidr SYXX2829
Marj Matar SYXX5856
Marj Ma`irban SYXX7728