Weather Codes for Sweden

Find Weather Codes or Weather Zip Codes for states and cities in Sweden. Weather Codes references a specified Location and is used to get weather of that place accurately. They are used by The Weather Channel( by IBM), Yahoo! Weather, AOL Weather and many such weather forecasting platforms. It is similar to Yahoo's WOEID(Where On the Earth ID) that is used to represent each place uniquely.

You can know the weather of any place precisely with the help of weather codes. Find the current weather of your state or city by clicking on it. You will be redirected to The Weather Channel site with your weather code for accurate weather forecast.

Aapua SWXX4440
Abacka SWXX3105
Abbasen SWXX9557
Abborrberg SWXX3106
Abborrberg SWXX5999
Abborrberget SWXX6000
Abborremala SWXX5434
Abborrholmberget SWXX9558
Abborrkroken SWXX1851
Abborrselet SWXX9559
Abborrsjoknoppen SWXX7688
Abborrtjarn SWXX3107
Abborrtrask SWXX3108
Abborrtrask SWXX4441
Aberga SWXX6001
Aberget SWXX4442
Abild SWXX8757
Abisko SWXX0063
Abjornahall SWXX5435
Abo SWXX7689
Abramsan SWXX4443
Abranna SWXX9560
Abron SWXX7690
Abrotorpen SWXX7691
Aby SWXX1852
Aby SWXX7692
Abyggeby SWXX0729
Abyholm SWXX5436
Abyn SWXX7694
Abyn SWXX3109
Abytorp SWXX0743
Ackelsta SWXX1853
Acklingsedet SWXX9561
Acksi SWXX6002
Acksjoasen SWXX6003
Acktjara SWXX7695
Acktjarn SWXX6004
Adak SWXX3110
Adakgruvan SWXX3111
Adakliden SWXX3112
Adala SWXX1854
Adbodarna SWXX6005
Ado SWXX1855
Adolfsstrom SWXX4444
Adran SWXX1856
AElvdalen SWXX5998
AElvsaker SWXX8756
AElvsbyn SWXX4439
AEnget SWXX7687
Aflo SWXX9562
Afors SWXX4445
Agard SWXX8758
Ageror SWXX8759
Agerum SWXX5437
Agesta SWXX1857
Aggarna SWXX9563
Aggen SWXX6006
Aggfors SWXX9564
Aggsjon SWXX9565
Agnaes SWXX3113
Agno SWXX1858
Ago Hamn SWXX7696
Ags Bruk SWXX6007
Aha SWXX3114
Aheden SWXX3115
Ahus SWXX0142
Aijavaara SWXX4446
Airivaara SWXX4447
Aitejokk SWXX4448
Ajaur SWXX3116
Ajaureforsen SWXX3117
Akalla SWXX1859
Akeholm SWXX5438
Aker SWXX8760
Akerang SWXX9566
Akerangen SWXX4449
Akerback SWXX3118
Akerby SWXX7697
Akerby SWXX1860
Akerby SWXX4450
Akerholmen SWXX4451
Akerlund SWXX3119
Akern SWXX7698
Akern SWXX6008
Akero SWXX6009
Akersberga SWXX0143
Akersjon SWXX9567
Akerstorp SWXX1862
Akeshov SWXX1863
Akkastugan SWXX4452
Akkavaara SWXX4453
Akkavare SWXX4454
Akne SWXX7699
Akra SWXX6010
Akra SWXX7700
Akraberg SWXX8761
Akrarna SWXX7701
Akre SWXX6011
Akre SWXX7702
Akroken SWXX9568
Aktseberg SWXX4455
Akullsjon SWXX3120
Ala SWXX7703
Ala SWXX7562
Ala SWXX8762
Alanas SWXX9569
Alanaset SWXX9570
Alandsbro SWXX0767
Alanen Kassa SWXX4456
Alanenviita SWXX4457
Alasen SWXX9571
Alavaara SWXX4458
Alavattnet SWXX9572
Albacken SWXX6012
Albacken SWXX9573
Albano SWXX1864
Alberga SWXX0792
Albo SWXX7704
Alborga SWXX7705
Alby SWXX0144
Alby SWXX7563
Albyn SWXX6013
Aldbodarna SWXX9574
Alderbacken SWXX6014
Alderhulten SWXX7706
Aldernaset SWXX9575
Aldsanden SWXX9576
Ale SWXX4459
Ale SWXX7564
Ale SWXX7707
Aled SWXX0765
Aleslov SWXX8763
Alfta SWXX7708
Algasen SWXX6015
Algesta SWXX1866
Alghallen SWXX9577
Algholmen SWXX1867
Alghornsudd SWXX1868
Alglund SWXX3121
Algnas SWXX7709
Algnas SWXX3122
Algoo SWXX1869
Algsjo SWXX3123
Algsjobo SWXX6016
Algsjos Alen SWXX6017
Algtrask SWXX3124
Algusered SWXX8764
Algutsrum SWXX0763
Algviken SWXX1870
Alhamn SWXX4460
Alhem SWXX3125
Alholmen SWXX1871
Aliden SWXX3126
Alidhem SWXX3127
Alingsas SWXX0796
Alkkula SWXX4461
Alla SWXX4462
Allaboda SWXX5439
Allakjaure SWXX4463
Allared SWXX8765
Allarp SWXX8766
Allavare SWXX4464
Allberg SWXX8767
Allejaur SWXX4465
Allerum SWXX0739
Allestad SWXX5440
Allmanninge SWXX7710
Allmora SWXX1872
Allsan SWXX4466
Allsjarv SWXX4467
Almas SWXX8768
Almasen SWXX9578
Almberg SWXX6018
Almberget SWXX6019
Almbergsbjorken SWXX6020
Almeliden SWXX8769
Almesjo SWXX8770
Almhult SWXX0112
Almo SWXX8772
Almo SWXX6021
Almsele SWXX3128
Almsta SWXX1873
Almta SWXX5441
Almtamala SWXX5442
Almvik SWXX1874
Alnaryd SWXX5443
Alnas SWXX6022
Alsback SWXX6023
Alsbo SWXX6024
Alsen SWXX9579
Alsike SWXX0753
Alsjo SWXX7711
Alskaliden SWXX3129
Alskog SWXX7565
Alsta SWXX9580
Alsten SWXX1875
Alstorp SWXX8773
Alstugorna SWXX5444
Alsvik SWXX1876
Alta SWXX0145
Altersbruk SWXX4468
Altsarbyn SWXX6025
Alva SWXX7566
Alvangen SWXX0760
Alvarsmala SWXX5445
Alvasjo SWXX8774
Alvbro SWXX6026
Alvdalen SWXX0802
Alven SWXX9581
Alvesta SWXX0146
Alvho SWXX7712
Alvhyttan SWXX0804
Alvik SWXX6027
Alvik SWXX4469
Alvik SWXX1877
Alvikstrask SWXX4470
Alvkarlhed SWXX7713
Alvnas SWXX0759
Alvros SWXX6028
Alvros SWXX0806
Alvsby SWXX1878
Alvsered SWXX0807
Alvsjo SWXX1879
Alvsta SWXX7714
Alvsund SWXX7715
Amal SWXX0094
Amasang SWXX6029
Amberg SWXX6030
Ambjorntorp SWXX8775
Amboke SWXX8776
Amfrebo SWXX8777
Aminne SWXX7567
Amliden SWXX3130
Ammarnaes SWXX3131
Ammenas SWXX0764
Ammer SWXX9582
Ammerasen SWXX6031
Amnebo SWXX7716
Amot SWXX0768
Amot SWXX8778
Amotfors SWXX0811
Ampiaslanto SWXX4472
Amsele SWXX3132
Amshyttan SWXX6032
Amtrask SWXX3133
An SWXX9583
Anadalen SWXX9584
Anaset SWXX4473
Anaset SWXX3134
Andalen SWXX0730
Andasen SWXX9585
Anderarvet SWXX6033
Anderasen SWXX6034
Anderbo SWXX7717
Andersberg SWXX8779
Andersbo SWXX6035
Andersbodarna SWXX6036
Andersbole SWXX9586
Andersfors SWXX7718
Anderslov SWXX0147
Andersmark SWXX3135
Andersnaset SWXX9587
Anderssvedja SWXX1880
Anderstorp SWXX3136
Anderstorp SWXX8780
Anderstrask SWXX3137
Andersvattnet SWXX3138
Andersviksberg SWXX6037
Andviken SWXX9588
Anga SWXX7719
Angarn SWXX1881
Angarna SWXX6038
Angarna SWXX1882
Angdalsro SWXX4474
Ange SWXX9589
Ange SWXX6039
Angebo SWXX7720
Angelholm SWXX0001
Angelsberg SWXX0815
Angeltofta SWXX7721
Angen SWXX6040
Angena SWXX9590
Angered SWXX0722
Angermansbo SWXX6041
Angersjo SWXX9591
Angersjo SWXX3139
Angesa SWXX4476
Angesberg SWXX7722
Angesberg SWXX3140
Angesbyn SWXX4477
Angesdal SWXX3141
Angesgardarna SWXX6042
Angeson SWXX0817
Angestrask SWXX4478
Angland SWXX9592
Angra SWXX7723
Angsater SWXX7724
Angsjomala SWXX5446
Angskar SWXX1883
Angsnas SWXX7725
Angsvik SWXX1884
Anjan SWXX9593
Ankarede SWXX0819
Ankarskatan SWXX4479
Ankarsund SWXX3142
Ankarvattnet SWXX9594
Anneberg SWXX1885
Anneberg SWXX8781
Annedal SWXX9595
Annefors SWXX6043
Annefors SWXX7726
Annelov SWXX0712
Annerod SWXX8782
Annsjotorp SWXX7727
Ansatten SWXX9596
Ansgarii SWXX7728
Ansjo SWXX9597
Ansmark SWXX3143
Ansta SWXX6044
Ansvar SWXX4480
Antinrova SWXX4481
Antnas SWXX0728
Antonsberg SWXX7729
Anttis SWXX4482
Anumark SWXX3144
Apelviken SWXX8783
Apelvikshojd SWXX8784
Aplakarr SWXX5447
Aplared SWXX0727
Appelbo SWXX6045
Appelviken SWXX1886
Applaro SWXX1887
Ar SWXX7568
Aradalen SWXX9598
Araengen SWXX6046
Araksuolo SWXX4483
Arboga SWXX0066
Arboheden SWXX6047
Arbra SWXX7730
Arby SWXX6048
Arbyn SWXX4484
Ardre SWXX7569
Are SWXX0742
Arholma SWXX1888
Arjeplog SWXX0136
Arkhyttan SWXX6049
Arkilsmala SWXX5448
Arklo SWXX7731
Arksjo SWXX3145
Arla SWXX0726
Arloev SWXX0148
Armasjarvi SWXX4485
Arnaberga SWXX8785
Arnaboke SWXX8786
Arnarp SWXX8787
Arnas SWXX6050
Arnas SWXX8788
Arnasvall SWXX0724
Arnberg SWXX3146
Arnbo SWXX6051
Arnemark SWXX4486
Arnilt SWXX8789
Arninge SWXX1890
Arno SWXX1891
Arnon SWXX7732
Aronsjo SWXX3147
Arosjakk SWXX4487
Arskogen SWXX7733
Arsta SWXX0149
Arsta Havsbad SWXX1892
Arstad SWXX8790
Arstadal SWXX1893
Arstaskog SWXX1894
Arsunda SWXX7734
Artberget SWXX6052
Arvesund SWXX9599
Arvet SWXX6053
Arvidsjaur SWXX0140
Arvidstorp SWXX8791
Arvidstorp SWXX5449
Arvidstrask SWXX4488
Arvika SWXX0124
Arvslindan SWXX6054
Arvtrask SWXX3148
Aryd SWXX5450
As SWXX7735
As SWXX8792
As SWXX9600
As-Gammelbodarna SWXX9601
Asa SWXX8793
Asabyn SWXX9602
Asak SWXX7736
Asan SWXX9603
Asarna SWXX9604
Asarum SWXX5451
Asattra SWXX1895
Asbacka SWXX7737
Asberget SWXX9605
Asbo SWXX7738
Asbodarna SWXX7739
Asby SWXX1896
Asby SWXX8794
Asbyggeby SWXX7740
Asbyn SWXX6055
Ase SWXX9606
Aseda SWXX0833
Aselby SWXX6056
Asele SWXX3149
Aselet SWXX3150
Asen SWXX9607
Asen SWXX8795
Asen SWXX0834
Asen SWXX7741
Ashusby SWXX1897
Asige SWXX8796
Asingen SWXX9608
Asjon SWXX3152
Aska SWXX1898
Askaremala SWXX5452
Askasen SWXX6058
Askebo SWXX8797
Askeby SWXX0723
Askemo SWXX5453
Askersund SWXX0836
Askesta SWXX7743
Asketorp SWXX5454
Askilje SWXX3153
Askiljeby SWXX3154
Askilt SWXX8798
Askloster SWXX8799
Askogen SWXX4489
Askome SWXX8800
Askott SWXX9609
Askunga SWXX5455
Aslagden SWXX9610
Asmansbo SWXX6059
Asmundshyttan SWXX7744
Asmundtorp SWXX0762
Asnorrbodarna SWXX7745
Aspaker SWXX6060
Aspan SWXX9611
Aspan SWXX5456
Aspasen SWXX9613
Aspasen SWXX6061
Aspasnaset SWXX9614
Aspbacken SWXX9615
Aspberg SWXX4490
Aspe SWXX7746
Aspea SWXX0838
Aspea SWXX0839
Aspeboda SWXX6062
Aspero SWXX0741
Aspevik SWXX8801
Asphult SWXX8802
Aspliden SWXX4491
Aspliden SWXX3155
Aspnas SWXX9616
Aspnas SWXX4492
Aspnas SWXX1899
Aspo SWXX5457
Aspsele SWXX0841
Aspsund SWXX1900
Aspsveden SWXX9617
Aspudden SWXX1901
Aspvik SWXX1902
Assarp SWXX8803
Asslov SWXX8804
Astad SWXX8805
Astadtorpet SWXX9618
Astarp SWXX8806
Asteby SWXX6064
Aston SWXX0842
Astorp SWXX8807
Astorp SWXX0150
Astrask SWXX3157
Astrilt SWXX8808
Aterloga SWXX1903
Atrafors SWXX8809
Atran SWXX0844
Atrask SWXX4493
Attanas SWXX5458
Attarp SWXX8810
Attersta SWXX7747
Attjarnbo SWXX6065
Attontrask SWXX3158
Attorp SWXX8811
Atvidaberg SWXX0109
Augerum SWXX5459
Aukea SWXX4494
Auktsjaur SWXX4495
Autio SWXX4496
Autiovaara SWXX4497
Ava SWXX7748
Ava SWXX3159
Avafors SWXX4498
Avaheden SWXX4499
Avaliden SWXX3160
Avan SWXX3161
Avan SWXX4500
Avanas SWXX3162
Avasjo SWXX3163
Avastrom SWXX7749
Avatrask SWXX3164
Avaudden SWXX4501
Avaviken SWXX4502
Avesta SWXX6066
Avholm SWXX7750
Avik SWXX7751
Avinge SWXX0744
Avradsberg SWXX6067
Avradstjarn SWXX6068
Avvakko SWXX4503
Axelasmoarna SWXX9619
Axelsro SWXX7570
Axelsvik SWXX4504
Axet SWXX8812
Axmar SWXX0847
Axmar Bruk SWXX7752
Axtorna SWXX8813
Back SWXX5460
Back SWXX9620
Back SWXX3165
Back SWXX8814
Back SWXX6069
Backa SWXX6070
Backa SWXX3166
Backa SWXX7754
Backa SWXX1904
Backa SWXX8815
Backabro SWXX6071
Backalt SWXX8816
Backamo SWXX8817
Backamot SWXX8818
Backan SWXX6072
Backan SWXX7755
Backanas SWXX6073
Backange SWXX7756
Backanget SWXX3167
Backarang SWXX0849
Backarbo SWXX6074
Backarna SWXX9621
Backarna SWXX7757
Backaryd SWXX0766
Backasjogarde SWXX5461
Backberg SWXX7758
Backboda SWXX3168
Backbole SWXX9622
Backby SWXX1905
Backbyn SWXX6075
Backe SWXX9623
Backebo SWXX7759
Backeby SWXX6076
Backen SWXX9624
Backen SWXX1906
Backen SWXX6077
Backen SWXX3169
Backesta SWXX4505
Backfors SWXX3170
Backgarden SWXX6078
Backhult SWXX8819
Backliden SWXX3171
Backmo SWXX7760
Backmora SWXX7761
Backnas SWXX3172
Backnas SWXX4506
Backnaset SWXX3173
Backnilsbo SWXX6079
Backsalen SWXX6080
Backtorp SWXX4507
Backtrask SWXX4508
Backvallen SWXX9625
Backvicken SWXX3174
Bagarmossen SWXX1907
Bagga SWXX7762
Baggabygget SWXX8820
Baggalve SWXX7763
Baggard SWXX3175
Baggarden SWXX9626
Baggardet SWXX6081
Baggarvet SWXX6082
Baggbacken SWXX6083
Baggbo SWXX6084
Baggboda SWXX1908
Baggbole SWXX3176
Bagghus SWXX1909
Bagghusviken SWXX1910
Bagghyttan SWXX7764
Baggon SWXX3177
Bajsjosatern SWXX6085
Bakareboda SWXX5462
Baksjobodarna SWXX9627
Baksjoliden SWXX3178
Baksjonaset SWXX9628
Baktaive SWXX4509
Baktsjaure SWXX4510
Bakvattnet SWXX9629
Bakviken SWXX3179
Bal SWXX7571
Balabacken SWXX5463
Baldersnas SWXX1911
Baldra SWXX7765
Balfors SWXX3180
Balg SWXX8821
Balganet SWXX5464
Balgviken SWXX0850
Baling SWXX7766
Balinge SWXX0736
Ballabo SWXX8822
Ballsta SWXX9630
Balshult SWXX8823
Balsjo SWXX3181
Balson SWXX7767
Balsta SWXX7768
Balsta SWXX9631
Baltarbo SWXX6086
Baltora SWXX1913
Bangasen SWXX9632
Bangnas SWXX3182
Bangs SWXX7769
Bankekind SWXX0747
Bankeryd SWXX0151
Bara SWXX0725
Barabygd SWXX5465
Bararp SWXX8824
Barberget SWXX6087
Barkarby SWXX1914
Barkargarde SWXX6088
Barkaro SWXX0733
Barkhyttan SWXX7770
Barktorp SWXX6089
Barlingbo SWXX7572
Barnarp SWXX0769
Barnas SWXX3183
Barnvik SWXX1915
Barrek SWXX7771
Barseback SWXX0710
Barsebackshamn SWXX0784
Barsele SWXX3184
Barslov SWXX0746
Basinge SWXX6090
Basksele SWXX3185
Basksjo SWXX3186
Basna SWXX6091
Bassalt SWXX8825
Bastad SWXX0062
Bastanvik SWXX3187
Bastas SWXX8826
Bastasen SWXX6092
Bastberget SWXX6093
Bastdal SWXX7772
Bastena SWXX8827
Bastfallet SWXX7773
Bastunas SWXX3188
Bastunaset SWXX4511
Bastuselet SWXX3189
Bastutjarn SWXX3190
Bastutraesk SWXX3191
Bastutrask SWXX0755
Batas SWXX3193
Batdraget SWXX1917
Batfors SWXX3194
Baticke SWXX7573
Batkroken SWXX1918
Batsjaur SWXX0862
Batskarsnas SWXX4512
Batsta SWXX6094
Batstorp SWXX1919
Batvik SWXX3195
Baverhult SWXX3196
Bavertrask SWXX3197
Beckomberga SWXX1920
Beljom SWXX9633
Bellonas SWXX4513
Bellvik SWXX3198
Belsbo SWXX7774
Belse SWXX7775
Benareby SWXX0735
Bengtsarvet SWXX6095
Bengtsbo SWXX6096
Bengtsboda SWXX5466
Bengtsgard SWXX8828
Bengtsgardarna SWXX6097
Bengtsheden SWXX0752
Bengtstorp SWXX6098
Bensasen SWXX6099
Bensbyn SWXX0732
Bensjo SWXX9634
Berg SWXX1921
Berg SWXX6100
Berg SWXX8829
Berg SWXX5467
Berg SWXX7776
Berg SWXX0750
Berga SWXX7777
Berga SWXX0867
Berga SWXX6101
Berga SWXX1922
Berga O SWXX1923
Bergahus SWXX8830
Bergalund SWXX1924
Berganas SWXX1925
Bergasa SWXX5468
Bergbacken SWXX6102
Bergboo SWXX1926
Bergby SWXX7778
Bergby SWXX1927
Berge SWXX9635
Berge SWXX7779
Bergeforsen SWXX0731
Bergendal SWXX1928
Berget SWXX9636
Berget SWXX4514
Berget SWXX6103
Berghamn SWXX1929
Berghem SWXX3199
Berghem SWXX1930
Bergholm SWXX1931
Bergkarlas SWXX6104
Bergland SWXX3200
Bergliden SWXX3201
Berglund SWXX3202
Berglunda SWXX3203
Bergnas SWXX3204
Bergnas SWXX4515
Bergnaset SWXX4516
Bergo Fiskehamn SWXX7780
Bergoen SWXX7781
Bergohamn SWXX7782
Bergsatern SWXX6105
Bergsbacken SWXX6106
Bergsboda SWXX3205
Bergsgarden SWXX6107
Bergshammar SWXX0738
Bergshamra SWXX0152
Bergshyddan SWXX1933
Bergshyttan SWXX6108
Bergsjo SWXX9637
Bergsjo SWXX3206
Bergsjoasen SWXX9638
Bergsjoe SWXX7783
Bergsmala SWXX5469
Bergsvalla SWXX6109
Bergsvallen SWXX6110
Bergsvik SWXX1934
Bergsviken SWXX4517
Bergvattnet SWXX3207
Bergvik SWXX0745
Bergvik SWXX1935
Bergviken SWXX4518
Bergvreten SWXX1936
Berntorp SWXX5470
Bertils SWXX6111
Beseboda SWXX5471
Betsede SWXX1937
Betsele SWXX3208
Betso SWXX1938
Betvallen SWXX6112
Bexet SWXX8831
Biellojaure SWXX3209
Billdal SWXX0153
Billesholm SWXX0761
Billinge SWXX1939
Billingsnas SWXX6113
Billsasen SWXX9641
Billsta SWXX1940
Billsta SWXX9642
Binga SWXX5472
Bingsjo SWXX0874
Bingsta SWXX9643
Binnaset SWXX9644
Birka SWXX9645
Biseitje SWXX3210
Biskopsbyn SWXX6114
Biskopshagen SWXX8832
Biskopsmala SWXX5473
Bispberg SWXX6115
Bispbergshyttan SWXX6116
Bispfors SWXX9646
Bispgarden SWXX9647
Bissjon SWXX3211
Bista SWXX1941
Biudnas SWXX4519
Bjanfors SWXX3212
Bjansjo SWXX3213
Bjansjoa SWXX3214
Bjarges SWXX7574
Bjarme SWXX9648
Bjarred SWXX0154
Bjarrome SWXX8833
Bjarsjolagard SWXX0718
Bjart SWXX7784
Bjartan SWXX9649
Bjarte SWXX9650
Bjarten SWXX3215
Bjassviknaset SWXX3216
Bjasta SWXX7785
Bjasta SWXX0877
Bjenberg SWXX3217
Bjoerkskatan SWXX4520
Bjoernoe SWXX1942
Bjorbo SWXX6117
Bjorhovda SWXX1943
Bjoringe SWXX1944
Bjork SWXX6118
Bjorka SWXX6119
Bjorka SWXX0879
Bjorkang SWXX8834
Bjorkas SWXX6120
Bjorkas SWXX3218
Bjorkbacken SWXX9651
Bjorkbacken SWXX3219
Bjorkberg SWXX3220
Bjorkberg SWXX6121
Bjorkberg SWXX4521
Bjorkberg SWXX7786
Bjorkberget SWXX4522
Bjorkberget SWXX6122
Bjorkboda SWXX6123
Bjorkbol SWXX1945
Bjorke SWXX0734
Bjorkebo SWXX8835
Bjorkebo SWXX3221
Bjorkeby SWXX1946
Bjorkede SWXX9652
Bjorkefall SWXX5474
Bjorkelund SWXX5475
Bjorkelycke SWXX5476
Bjorken SWXX6124
Bjorkenas SWXX5477
Bjorkered SWXX8836
Bjorkeryd SWXX5478
Bjorkfors SWXX4523
Bjorkfors SWXX0740
Bjorkhaga SWXX4524
Bjorkhagen SWXX1947
Bjorkhojden SWXX9653
Bjorkkulla SWXX1948
Bjorkland SWXX3222
Bjorkliden SWXX4525
Bjorkliden SWXX3223
Bjorkliden SWXX1949
Bjorklund SWXX4526
Bjorklund SWXX1950
Bjorknas SWXX3224
Bjorknas SWXX4527
Bjorknas SWXX1951
Bjorko SWXX1952
Bjorkon SWXX0882
Bjorkris SWXX8837
Bjorksele SWXX3225
Bjorksjonas SWXX9654
Bjorktjara SWXX7787
Bjorktorp SWXX6125
Bjorkudden SWXX1953
Bjorkvasslan SWXX6126
Bjorkvattnet SWXX9655
Bjorkvik SWXX3226
Bjornange SWXX9656
Bjornaryd SWXX8838
Bjornasen SWXX6127
Bjornberget SWXX9657
Bjornberget SWXX3227
Bjornbo SWXX6129
Bjorndalen SWXX1954
Bjornholmen SWXX4528
Bjornhult SWXX8839
Bjornhuvud SWXX1955
Bjornliden SWXX6130
Bjornmyra SWXX6131
Bjornon SWXX9658
Bjornrike SWXX9659
Bjornroningen SWXX7788
Bjornsaberg SWXX6132
Bjors SWXX8840
Bjorsarv SWXX7789
Bjorsarvet SWXX6133
Bjorsberg SWXX6134
Bjorsbo SWXX6135
Bjorsbyn SWXX4529
Bjorsgard SWXX8841
Bjorshult SWXX8842
Bjorsjo SWXX9660
Bjorsjo SWXX7790
Bjorsjo SWXX8843
Bjorsta SWXX1956
Bjorstorp SWXX5479
Bjortomta SWXX7791
Bjura SWXX4530
Bjurabygget SWXX5480
Bjuraker SWXX7792
Bjuraker SWXX0883
Bjuran SWXX3228
Bjuranas SWXX4531
Bjurfors SWXX3229
Bjurholm SWXX0884
Bjurliden SWXX3230
Bjuroklubb SWXX0754
Bjuron SWXX3231
Bjursas SWXX0886
Bjursele SWXX3232
Bjurselet SWXX3233
Bjurstrask SWXX4532
Bjurstrom SWXX3234
Bjurtrask SWXX3235
Bjurum SWXX8844
Bjurvattnet SWXX3236
Bjus SWXX6136
Bjuv SWXX0155
Blacke SWXX1957
Blacke SWXX3237
Blackeberg SWXX1958
Blackhamn SWXX3238
Blafors SWXX3239
Blahall SWXX7575
Blahammaren SWXX9661
Blaikliden SWXX3240
Blaliden SWXX3241
Blaningsmala SWXX5481
Blankered SWXX8845
Blans SWXX6137
Blase SWXX7576
Blasjofallet SWXX9662
Blasmark SWXX4533
Blasta SWXX7793
Blattnicksele SWXX3242
Blavik SWXX3243
Blavikstrand SWXX3244
Bleckasen SWXX9663
Blecket SWXX6138
Bledang SWXX9664
Bleka SWXX9665
Blekvallen SWXX9666
Blentarp SWXX0715
Blido SWXX1959
Blidstena SWXX0889
Blikstorp SWXX0751
Blista SWXX1960
Blixbo SWXX6139
Blixbo SWXX7794
Blixered SWXX8846
Blixtorp SWXX8847
Blockhusudden SWXX1961
Bloka SWXX1962
Blomaker SWXX3245
Blombacka SWXX1963
Blomdal SWXX3246
Blotberget SWXX6140
Blotmon SWXX9667
Blyberg SWXX6141
Boa SWXX5482
Boafall SWXX5483
Boalt SWXX8848
Boarp SWXX8849
Boas SWXX8850
Bobacken SWXX3247
Bobacken SWXX1964
Boberg SWXX6142
Bobergsudde SWXX8851
Bockalt SWXX8852
Bockasen SWXX6143
Bockholmen SWXX3248
Bockshult SWXX8853
Bocktrask SWXX3249
Boda SWXX7795
Boda SWXX6144
Boda SWXX9669
Boda SWXX1965
Boda SWXX8854
Bodaker SWXX7796
Bodal SWXX1966
Bodal SWXX9670
Bodan SWXX3250
Bodarna SWXX6145
Bodarna SWXX3251
Bodarna SWXX7797
Bodarne SWXX7798
Bodas SWXX7799
Bodasgruvan SWXX7800
Bodatorp SWXX1967
Bodberg SWXX3252
Bodbyn SWXX3253
Boddestrop SWXX5484
Boden SWXX0891
Bodlindor SWXX6146
Bodnaset SWXX9671
Bodon SWXX4534
Bodsjobranna SWXX9672
Bodsjobyn SWXX9673
Bodskatan SWXX4535
Bodsvedjan SWXX4536
Bodtrask SWXX4537
Bodum SWXX9674
Bofara SWXX7801
Bofors SWXX9675
Bogarden SWXX7802
Boggsjo SWXX9676
Bogilt SWXX8855
Bograngen SWXX0892
Bojtiken SWXX3254
Bokeberg SWXX8857
Bokemala SWXX5485
Bokenas SWXX5486
Bokesta SWXX1968
Bokevik SWXX5487
Bokhult SWXX8858
Bokon SWXX5488
Boksel SWXX4538
Boksjo SWXX3255
Bolan SWXX7803
Bolarp SWXX8859
Bolasen SWXX9677
Bolberget SWXX9678
Bolby SWXX1969
Bole SWXX9679
Bole SWXX3256
Bole SWXX7804
Bole SWXX4539
Bole SWXX6147
Bolebyn SWXX4540
Bolen SWXX0893
Boleskolen SWXX9680
Boliden SWXX3257
Bolinge SWXX8860
Bollalt SWXX8861
Bollaltsbygget SWXX8862
Bollebygd SWXX0156
Bollmora SWXX1970
Bollnas SWXX0077
Bollsjo SWXX6148
Bollstabruk SWXX0749
Bollstanas SWXX1971
Bomhus SWXX7805
Bomled SWXX6149
Bommarsbo SWXX6150
Bommarsund SWXX3258
Bommerstorp SWXX5489
Bompasatra SWXX6151
Bomsarvet SWXX6152
Bomsjo SWXX3259
Bomsund SWXX9681
Bonan SWXX0260
Bonarp SWXX8863
Bonas SWXX6153
Bonaset SWXX9682
Bonashamn SWXX9683
Bondarv SWXX7806
Bondarvet SWXX6154
Bondersbyn SWXX4541
Bondheden SWXX6155
Bondhyttan SWXX6156
Boo SWXX0157
Boranget SWXX6157
Boras SWXX0002
Borg SWXX7807
Borgafjaell SWXX3260
Borgardet SWXX6158
Borgarsveden SWXX6159
Borgen SWXX9684
Borgen SWXX3261
Borgfors SWXX3262
Borgholm SWXX0117
Borglunda SWXX9685
Borgnaset SWXX9686
Borgsjo SWXX4542
Borgsjo SWXX9687
Borgsjo SWXX3263
Borgstena SWXX0901
Borgvattnet SWXX9688
Borjelsbyn SWXX4543
Borjelslandet SWXX4544
Borjesjo SWXX9689
Borka SWXX6160
Borka SWXX7808
Borkan SWXX3264
Borkbo SWXX7809
Borlaenge SWXX0158
Borlange SWXX0105
Born SWXX6161
Borna SWXX0904
Bornasjosatern SWXX6162
Boron SWXX9690
Borr SWXX7810
Borrby SWXX0695
Borrsjo SWXX7811
Borsbo SWXX6163
Bortnan SWXX0906
Bosarp SWXX8864
Bosebo SWXX8865
Boshult SWXX8867
Boslatten SWXX6164
Bosseldal SWXX6165
Bosta SWXX3265
Bosteshult SWXX8868
Boston SWXX1972
Bostorp SWXX5490
Bosundet SWXX9691
Botaker SWXX6166
Botbenning SWXX6167
Botberget SWXX6168
Botgarde SWXX6169
Botjarn SWXX7812
Botkyrka SWXX1973
Botlot SWXX1974
Botsmark SWXX3266
Bottnansmala SWXX5491
Bottnanstorp SWXX5492
Bottnaryd SWXX0263
Bottnen SWXX9692
Botvide SWXX7577
Bovallen SWXX4545
Bovik SWXX7813
Boviken SWXX3267
Boviksbadet SWXX3268
Braas SWXX0908
Bracke SWXX8869
Bracke SWXX9693
Bracksele SWXX3269
Brackvallen SWXX9694
Braecke SWXX9695
Braenslan SWXX4546
Brafall SWXX6170
Brakne-Hoby SWXX0264
Bramabo SWXX6171
Brana SWXX9696
Branaberg SWXX3270
Branalt SWXX8870
Branan SWXX9697
Brandamala SWXX5493
Brandan SWXX6172
Brandange SWXX7814
Brandberg SWXX4547
Brandberget SWXX9698
Brandbo SWXX7815
Brande SWXX3271
Brandon SWXX4548
Brandoorarna SWXX4549
Brandshult SWXX8871
Branet SWXX3272
Branna SWXX0910
Branna SWXX3273
Branna SWXX4550
Branna SWXX9699
Brannaker SWXX3274
Brannan SWXX4551
Brannan SWXX3275
Brannan SWXX7816
Brannarp SWXX8872
Brannas SWXX3276
Brannas SWXX7817
Brannas SWXX4552
Brannaset SWXX1975
Brannbacka SWXX3277
Brannberg SWXX3278
Brannberg SWXX4553
Brannberget SWXX3279
Brannbergsliden SWXX3280
Brannfors SWXX3281
Brannfors SWXX4554
Brannforsliden SWXX3282
Brannforssund SWXX3283
Branningestrand SWXX1976
Brannland SWXX0911
Brannlund SWXX3285
Brannmyra SWXX7818
Branno SWXX0265
Brannogard SWXX8873
Branntjalen SWXX3286
Branntjarn SWXX4555
Branntjarnliden SWXX3287
Brannvattnet SWXX3288
Brantafors SWXX5494
Branteknuva SWXX5495
Brantevik SWXX0704
Branthalla SWXX5496
Braskafors SWXX3289
Brassberg SWXX7819
Brasta SWXX9701
Brastorp SWXX5497
Bratabron SWXX5498
Bratas SWXX8874
Bratelycke SWXX5499
Braten SWXX6173
Brathojden SWXX6174
Brattaker SWXX3290
Brattas SWXX0266
Brattasen SWXX9702
Brattbacken SWXX9703
Brattby SWXX3292
Bratten SWXX3293
Brattesvallen SWXX9704
Brattfors SWXX0915
Brattfors SWXX7820
Brattfors SWXX6175
Brattjarn SWXX3295
Brattknabben SWXX4556
Brattland SWXX9705
Brattliden SWXX3296
Brattsbacka SWXX3297
Braxtrask SWXX3298
Breared SWXX0916
Bredaback SWXX5500
Bredaker SWXX7821
Bredakra SWXX5501
Bredang SWXX5502
Bredared SWXX0267
Bredasjo SWXX5503
Bredavik SWXX5504
Bredberget SWXX6176
Bredbyn SWXX9706
Bredkalen SWXX9707
Bredsatra SWXX1977
Bredsel SWXX4557
Bredsund SWXX1978
Bredtrask SWXX4558
Bredtraskheden SWXX4559
Bredvik SWXX3300
Bredvik SWXX1979
Bredviken SWXX4560
Bredviken SWXX3301
Brehult SWXX8876
Brenas SWXX6177
Brevag SWXX9708
Brevik SWXX0159
Bricka SWXX7822
Brindasen SWXX6178
Bringasen SWXX9709
Bringes SWXX7578
Bringsarve SWXX7579
Bringsjoberget SWXX6179
Bringsta SWXX7823
Brink SWXX0269
Brinkamala SWXX5505
Brinken SWXX3302
Brissund SWXX7580
Brista SWXX1981
Bro SWXX7824
Bro SWXX0270
Bro SWXX6180
Broange SWXX3303
Brobergen SWXX8877
Broby SWXX1983
Broby SWXX6181
Broby SWXX0921
Brobyn SWXX4561
Brockling SWXX9710
Broddamala SWXX5506
Broe SWXX0271
Bromma SWXX0160
Bromoella SWXX0161
Broms SWXX5507
Bromsten SWXX1984
Bronstjarn SWXX3304
Brosarp SWXX0780
Broten SWXX6182
Brotjarna SWXX6183
Brotrask SWXX3305
Brottby SWXX1985
Brotto SWXX1986
Brovallen SWXX6184
Bruket SWXX6185
Bruket SWXX1987
Bruksbacken SWXX4562
Bruksvallarna SWXX0927
Brunared SWXX8878
Brunflo SWXX9711
Brunn SWXX1988
Brunna SWXX1989
Brunna SWXX6186
Brunnavallen SWXX6187
Brunnsang SWXX1990
Brunnsatern SWXX6188
Brunnsberg SWXX6189
Brunnsdalen SWXX6190
Brunnsvik SWXX6191
Brunntjarnasen SWXX6192
Brunntjarnsasen SWXX6193
Brunsvik SWXX5508
Bruntbo SWXX6195
Brutrask SWXX3306
Bryggareberget SWXX5509
Brynas SWXX7825
Bryngelhogen SWXX9712
Brynje SWXX9713
Brynjegard SWXX9714
Bu SWXX6196
Bua SWXX8879
Buberget SWXX3307
Buddbyn SWXX4563
Budskaer SWXX8880
Buera SWXX8881
Bugardsbodarna SWXX9715
Buggamala SWXX5510
Bukaerr SWXX8882
Bulagden SWXX9716
Bullback SWXX3308
Bullmark SWXX3309
Bunge SWXX7581
Bungenas SWXX7582
Bunkeflostrand SWXX0162
Buogt SWXX4564
Burangsberg SWXX6197
Bure SWXX3310
Burea SWXX0274
Burens SWXX6198
Burge SWXX7583
Burgsvik SWXX7584
Burhagen SWXX6199
Burs SWXX7585
Burseryd SWXX0930
Bursiljum SWXX3311
Bursjo SWXX7826
Burtraesk SWXX0931
Burvik SWXX3312
Busjon SWXX3313
Buska SWXX6200
Buskahult SWXX5511
Buskaker SWXX6201
Buskbacken SWXX6202
Buskbo SWXX6203
Buskhyttan SWXX0275
Busmor SWXX6204
Bussevik SWXX5512
Bussholmen SWXX1991
Bussjon SWXX3314
Bustadmon SWXX9717
Bustorp SWXX5513
Buter SWXX7827
Buttle SWXX7586
Buttlegarde SWXX7587
By SWXX9718
By SWXX6205
Bya SWXX6206
Byas SWXX8883
Bydalen SWXX9719
Bye SWXX9720
Byendal SWXX8884
Bygardet SWXX6207
Bygdea SWXX3315
Bygdetrask SWXX3316
Bygdetraskliden SWXX3317
Bygdsiljum SWXX3318
Bygget SWXX8885
Bygget SWXX3319
Bygget SWXX9721
Byggevallen SWXX6208
Byholma SWXX1992
Bykarr SWXX8886
Byle SWXX1993
Bylehamn SWXX1994
Byn SWXX9722
Byn SWXX7828
Byngsbo SWXX6209
Bynom SWXX9723
Byom SWXX9724
Byrum SWXX5514
Byske SWXX4565
Byske SWXX0933
Bysstraesk SWXX3320
Byvalla SWXX6210
Byvallen SWXX9725
Carlshem SWXX3321
Carlslid SWXX3322
Dabbnas SWXX3323
Dabo SWXX7829
Daddbodarna SWXX6211
Dadero SWXX1995
Dagkarlsbo SWXX6212
Daglosten SWXX3324
Daglysa SWXX7830
Dagsas SWXX8887
Dajkanvik SWXX3325
Dala SWXX5515
Dala-Floda SWXX6213
Dala-Jarna SWXX6214
Dalabygget SWXX8888
Dalanshult SWXX5516
Dalaro SWXX1996
Dalasbodarna SWXX9726
Dalasen SWXX9727
Dalasjo SWXX3326
Dalback SWXX3327
Dalbyn SWXX6215
Dalen SWXX9728
Dalen SWXX1997
Dalen SWXX7831
Dalfors SWXX0934
Dalkarlsa SWXX3328
Dalkarlsberget SWXX6216
Dalkarlsbo SWXX7832
Dalkarlsbo SWXX6217
Dalkarlsnas SWXX6218
Dalliden SWXX3329
Dallund SWXX3330
Dalmanstorpet SWXX6219
Dalsagen SWXX6220
Dalsang SWXX7833
Dalsbyn SWXX6221
Dalshult SWXX8889
Dalsjo SWXX6222
Dalstuga SWXX6223
Dalsvallen SWXX0935
Dalvik SWXX6224
Danderyd SWXX1998
Danebo SWXX1999
Danholn SWXX0276
Dannemark SWXX5517
Dannemora SWXX0277
Dantorp SWXX2000
Daraberg SWXX6225
Darhult SWXX8890
Darsgarde SWXX2001
Dartsel SWXX4566
Davidshyttan SWXX6226
Degeberga SWXX0278
Degeras SWXX3331
Degerbacken SWXX4567
Degerbyn SWXX3332
Degerfors SWXX4568
Degerfors SWXX3333
Degerliden SWXX3334
Degernas SWXX3335
Degeron SWXX3336
Degerselet SWXX4569
Degertrask SWXX3337
Degervattnet SWXX4570
Deje SWXX0939
Delsbo SWXX7834
Deppes SWXX4571
Dergerbacken SWXX4572
Digerberg SWXX9729
Digerberget SWXX6227
Digernas SWXX9730
Digernasasen SWXX6228
Digernaset SWXX9731
Digesgard SWXX8891
Digeshult SWXX8892
Dikanaes SWXX3338
Dille SWXX9732
Dillingby SWXX2002
Dillne SWXX9733
Dingtuna SWXX0279
Diserod SWXX0280
Djakneboda SWXX0942
Djaknebol SWXX8893
Djaknebole SWXX3339
Djorkhyttan SWXX6229
Djup SWXX6230
Djupa SWXX7835
Djupahamn SWXX5518
Djuparp SWXX8894
Djupback SWXX3340
Djupbackholmen SWXX9734
Djupdal SWXX3341
Djupdal SWXX7836
Djupdalen SWXX6231
Djuped SWXX7837
Djupekas SWXX5519
Djupfors SWXX3342
Djuphallarna SWXX6232
Djuphallen SWXX6233
Djupkvior SWXX7588
Djupsund SWXX3344
Djuptjarnbo SWXX6234
Djupvik SWXX7838
Djupvik SWXX2003
Djupvik SWXX7589
Djupvik SWXX3345
Djupviken SWXX4573
Djur SWXX6235
Djura SWXX6236
Djuras SWXX6237
Djurgarden SWXX2004
Djurgardsbrunn SWXX2005
Djurhamn SWXX2006
Djurlangen SWXX6238
Djurmo SWXX6239
Djuro SWXX2007
Djursholm SWXX0163
Djursholms Ekeby SWXX2008
Djursholms Osby SWXX2009
Djursjoberg SWXX3346
Djursta SWXX7839
Djursvallen SWXX9735
Djurtorp SWXX5520
Djusa SWXX6240
Dockemala SWXX5521
Dockmyr SWXX9736
Dodbyn SWXX6241
Dodre SWXX9737
Dokkas SWXX4574
Dolhult SWXX8895
Domnarvet SWXX6242
Domsten SWXX0281
Donso SWXX0282
Dormsjo SWXX6243
Dorotea SWXX0946
Dorris SWXX3347
Dosjebro SWXX0714
Doviken SWXX9738
Dracke SWXX6244
Drafsen SWXX6245
Draganaset SWXX9739
Dragboda SWXX2010
Dragdo SWXX5522
Dragedet SWXX2011
Dragnas SWXX3348
Dragnas SWXX4575
Dragsnas SWXX5523
Drakabygget SWXX8897
Drangsered SWXX8898
Drared SWXX8899
Dravagen SWXX9740
Drevdagen SWXX6246
Drevviken SWXX2012
Droppsta SWXX2013
Drosbacken SWXX6247
Drosebo SWXX5524
Drottningholm SWXX2014
Drottningskar SWXX0283
Droverka SWXX6248
Dubblarbo SWXX6249
Dugatorp SWXX8900
Dukarsund SWXX7840
Dunderberget SWXX6250
Dunkamala SWXX5525
Duno SWXX0284
Duvberg SWXX9741
Duvbo SWXX2015
Duved SWXX0285
Duvedsbyn SWXX9742
Duverum SWXX5526
Duveslatt SWXX8901
Duvgaerde SWXX7841
Duvnaes Udde SWXX2016
Duvnas SWXX2017
Duvnas SWXX0951
Dvarsatt SWXX0286
Dvasta SWXX7842
Dymossen SWXX6252
Dyreborg SWXX8902
Dysberg SWXX6253
Dyvasso SWXX2018
Dyvelsten SWXX0287
Dyvik SWXX2019
Dyviken SWXX6254
Dyviksudd SWXX2020
Ebbalycke SWXX5527
Ebbared SWXX8903
Ebbarp SWXX8904
Ebbemala SWXX5528
Ebbenas SWXX5529
Eckelsbo SWXX7843
Ecklingsbo SWXX7844
Ed SWXX7845
Ed SWXX0954
Edane SWXX0955
Edange SWXX7846
Ede SWXX9743
Ede SWXX7847
Edebo SWXX2021
Edeby SWXX2022
Edefors SWXX4576
Edelvik SWXX3349
Edenberga SWXX8905
Edestad SWXX5530
Edet SWXX4577
Edevik SWXX9744
Edholma SWXX2023
Edlunda SWXX3350
Edo SWXX2024
Edsaeter SWXX7848
Edsasen SWXX9745
Edsberg SWXX2025
Edsbro SWXX0956
Edsbyn SWXX0075
Edsken SWXX7849
Edskevallen SWXX7850
Edsta SWXX7851
Edstorp SWXX5531
Edstugu SWXX7852
Edsvalla SWXX0288
Edsvik SWXX2026
Edsviken SWXX2027
Efferarvet SWXX6255
Efshult SWXX8906
Eftra SWXX8907
Egelsvik SWXX2028
Egernahult SWXX8908
Egnared SWXX8909
Ejmunds SWXX7590
Eke SWXX2029
Ekeberg SWXX9746
Ekeby SWXX5532
Ekeby SWXX2030
Ekefors SWXX0959
Ekenabben SWXX5533
Ekenas SWXX8910
Ekenas SWXX5534
Ekensberg SWXX2031
Ekered SWXX8911
Ekeroe SWXX0164
Eket SWXX5535
Eketanga SWXX8912
Ekevalln SWXX6256
Ekfannsberget SWXX6257
Ekfors SWXX4578
Ekholmen SWXX2033
Ekliden SWXX5536
Eklundshov SWXX2034
Eko SWXX5537
Ekornahult SWXX8913
Ekorrsele SWXX3351
Ekorrsjo SWXX3352
Ekorrtrask SWXX3353
Eksjo SWXX0114
Eksta SWXX7592
Eksta SWXX2035
Ektorp SWXX2036
Ektrask SWXX3354
Ekudden SWXX2037
Eldforsen SWXX0962
Eldgarnso SWXX2038
Eldsberga SWXX0290
Eldshult SWXX8914
Eldtomta SWXX2039
Ella Park SWXX2040
Ellan SWXX2041
Elleholm SWXX5538
Ellne SWXX7853
Elmajarvi SWXX4579
Elsebrane SWXX5539
Elsebranemala SWXX5540
Emmaboda SWXX0964
Emmeryd SWXX5541
Empoberget SWXX4580
Enaberg SWXX6258
Enafors SWXX9747
Enanger SWXX0965
Enarsvedjan SWXX9748
Enbacka SWXX6259
Endre SWXX7593
Eneby SWXX2042
Enebyberg SWXX2043
Eneskogstorp SWXX8915
Enet SWXX8916
Enfastbo SWXX6260
Engarn SWXX2044
Engelsfors SWXX6261
Enhagen-Ekbacken SWXX0291
Enkarret SWXX2045
Enkoping SWXX0003
Enkroken SWXX9749
Enoksnas SWXX7854
Ensamheten SWXX3355
Ensberg SWXX2046
Enskede SWXX2047
Enskede Gard SWXX2048
Enskogen SWXX7855
Enslov SWXX0968
Ensta SWXX0292
Enstaberga SWXX0293
Enstalund SWXX2050
Enviken SWXX6262
Eremitemala SWXX5542
Eret SWXX6263
Eriknasbo SWXX7856
Eriksberg SWXX3356
Eriksberg SWXX5543
Eriksberg SWXX0294
Eriksbo SWXX3357
Eriksdal SWXX3358
Erikslid SWXX3359
Erikssund SWXX2052
Eringsboda SWXX5544
Erkeshult SWXX8917
Erkheikki SWXX4581
Erlandsbygget SWXX8918
Ersholn SWXX6264
Ersmark SWXX0295
Ersnas SWXX0296
Erstrask SWXX4583
Esaiegardar SWXX6265
Eskelhem SWXX7594
Eskelsbo SWXX8919
Eskilstuna SWXX0004
Eskon SWXX7857
Eslared SWXX8920
Eslov SWXX0165
Esmared SWXX8921
Espnas SWXX9751
Esrange SWXX4584
Estersmark SWXX3361
Estuna SWXX2053
Esum SWXX6266
Etelhem SWXX7595
Ettebro SWXX5545
Evertsberg SWXX6267
Fabbemala SWXX5546
Fabodtjalen SWXX3362
Faerjestaden SWXX0297
Faermanstorp SWXX0298
Fagelberget SWXX9752
Fagelberget SWXX3363
Fagelharen SWXX7858
Fagelmara SWXX5547
Fagelmuren SWXX7859
Fagelsang SWXX8922
Fagelsangen SWXX2054
Fagelsjo SWXX0978
Fagelstaby SWXX3364
Fagelvik SWXX7860
Fageras SWXX0299
Fagerasen SWXX6268
Fagerasen SWXX9753
Fagerberget SWXX6269
Fagerdal SWXX9754
Fagerdala SWXX2055
Fagered SWXX8923
Fagerheden SWXX4585
Fagerholm SWXX2056
Fagerland SWXX9755
Fagerlund SWXX3365
Fagernas SWXX2057
Fagersanna SWXX0300
Fagersjo SWXX2058
Fagersta SWXX0070
Fagersta SWXX6270
Fagerstrand SWXX7863
Fagerudd SWXX2059
Faggeby SWXX6271
Fagleboda SWXX5548
Fagre SWXX0982
Fagrilt SWXX8924
Faker SWXX9756
Falan SWXX5549
Falared SWXX8925
Falehaure SWXX4586
Falerum SWXX0983
Falkenberg SWXX0005
Falkoping SWXX0101
Falkvalen SWXX9757
Falkvik SWXX5550
Falla SWXX0301
Fallan SWXX4587
Fallange SWXX6272
Fallbacken SWXX3366
Falleberg SWXX8926
Fallene SWXX7864
Fallet SWXX6273
Fallet SWXX7865
Fallet SWXX3367
Fallfors SWXX3368
Fallforsan SWXX3369
Fallgate SWXX2060
Fallmoren SWXX9758
Fallo SWXX5551
Falloheden SWXX4588
Falltrask SWXX4589
Falmark SWXX3370
Falmarksforsen SWXX3371
Falmarksheden SWXX3372
Falsehult SWXX5552
Falsterbo SWXX0132
Faltrask SWXX3373
Falun SWXX0166
Fammarp SWXX8927
Famtberget SWXX6274
Fanbyn SWXX0303
Fangsjo SWXX8928
Fangsjobacken SWXX9759
Fanja SWXX7866
Fannbyn SWXX9760
Fansen SWXX7867
Fansjo SWXX7868
Farabol SWXX5553
Farberget SWXX3374
Farda SWXX8929
Fardkallan SWXX6275
Fare SWXX8930
Fargaryd SWXX8931
Farila SWXX0073
Farjan SWXX6276
Farjeby SWXX6277
Farjegardarna SWXX6278
Farjestaden SWXX9761
Farjkarlsbo SWXX6279
Farjstaden SWXX2061
Farjsundet SWXX9762
Farmsnas SWXX6280
Farnas SWXX6281
Farnviken SWXX6282
Faro SWXX7596
Faroesund SWXX7597
Farsan SWXX9763
Farslycke SWXX5554
Farsta SWXX2062
Farsta Strand SWXX2063
Farstanaset SWXX2064
Fartrask SWXX3375
Fasas SWXX6283
Faskar SWXX7869
Fassjo SWXX9764
Fastarp SWXX8932
Fatjas SWXX4590
Fatmomakke SWXX0991
Fattjan SWXX9765
Fauras SWXX8933
Faviken SWXX9766
Faxalven SWXX9767
Faxberg SWXX6284
Fegen SWXX8934
Felingen SWXX9768
Femsjo SWXX8935
Fensjo SWXX6285
Fermsholmen SWXX2065
Fiandberg SWXX3376
Fidenas SWXX7598
Figgamala SWXX5555
Fillsta SWXX9769
Filsback SWXX0304
Finflo SWXX7870
Fingarno SWXX2066
Finnagarden SWXX8936
Finnala SWXX2067
Finnas SWXX3377
Finnas SWXX9770
Finnbacka SWXX6286
Finnbacken SWXX7871
Finnbo SWXX6287
Finnbole SWXX7872
Finnby SWXX2068
Finneby SWXX7873
Finnfara SWXX7874
Finnfors SWXX3378
Finnforsfallet SWXX3379
Finngarden SWXX6288
Finngardet SWXX6289
Finngruvan SWXX6290
Finnhallan SWXX3380
Finnhamn SWXX2069
Finnholmen SWXX2070
Finnhyttan SWXX6291
Finnicka SWXX7875
Finnliden SWXX3381
Finnon SWXX6292
Finnsater SWXX9771
Finnstuga SWXX7876
Finnsundet SWXX2071
Finnsved SWXX9772
Finnsveden SWXX2072
Finntrask SWXX3382
Finspang SWXX0126
Finsta SWXX2073
Finsthogst SWXX6293
Fiskarbo SWXX6294
Fiskarhagen SWXX0305
Fiskartappan SWXX2074
Fiskbackvallen SWXX9773
Fiskeby SWXX7877
Fiskebyn SWXX2075
Fisksatra SWXX0167
Fiskviken SWXX9774
Fittja SWXX0168
Fittjebodarna SWXX9775
Fituna SWXX2076
Fiversattra SWXX2077
Fixhult SWXX8937
Fjadernas SWXX3383
Fjaeras kyrkby SWXX8938
Fjaeras station SWXX8939
Fjakelmyra SWXX6295
Fjal SWXX9776
Fjalbyn SWXX3384
Fjale SWXX7879
Fjall SWXX2078
Fjallandet SWXX9777
Fjallbo SWXX2079
Fjallboda SWXX3385
Fjallbonas SWXX4591
Fjallbranna SWXX3386
Fjallen SWXX2080
Fjallgime SWXX8940
Fjallgrycksbo SWXX6296
Fjallhalsen SWXX9778
Fjallnas SWXX3387
Fjallsjo SWXX0997
Fjallsjonas SWXX3388
Fjallsta SWXX9779
Fjallsvik SWXX2081
Fjalltuna SWXX3389
Fjardsjomala SWXX5556
Fjarskogen SWXX8941
Fjasko SWXX6297
Fjatervalen SWXX6298
Fjugesta SWXX0998
Fjusnas SWXX7880
Fjusnas SWXX8942
Flacka SWXX7881
Fladalt SWXX8943
Fladje SWXX8944
Flahult SWXX8945
Flakaback SWXX3390
Flakaberg SWXX4592
Flakatrask SWXX3391
Flakulla SWXX5557
Flammabygget SWXX8946
Flangan SWXX6299
Flarkbacken SWXX3392
Flarke SWXX0999
Flarken SWXX4593
Flarken SWXX3393
Flasta SWXX7882
Flatbyn SWXX6300
Flaten SWXX7883
Flatenberg SWXX6301
Flatnor SWXX9780
Flaxenvik SWXX2082
Flemingsberg SWXX2083
Flemmingsberg SWXX2084
Flen SWXX0065
Flen SWXX6302
Fleringe SWXX7599
Fleviken SWXX4594
Flickerbacken SWXX6303
Flintarp SWXX8947
Flisberget SWXX2085
Floalt SWXX8948
Floasen SWXX6304
Floberget SWXX6305
Flocktjarn SWXX3394
Floda SWXX6306
Floj SWXX6307
Flomyran SWXX9781
Flon SWXX9782
Flor SWXX7884
Florbodarna SWXX9783
Floren SWXX9784
Florhed SWXX7885
Florkvarn SWXX7886
Flotningen SWXX6308
Flottskar SWXX2086
Flotutrask SWXX4595
Flugbo SWXX7887
Flurkmark SWXX3395
Fly SWXX7888
Flybacken SWXX9785
Flyeboda SWXX5558
Flyeryd SWXX5559
Flyinge SWXX0717
Flykalen SWXX9786
Flymen SWXX5560
Flyn SWXX9787
Flysta SWXX2087
Foerlanda SWXX8949
Fogdakarr SWXX5561
Fogdo SWXX2088
Fole SWXX7600
Folkarbyn SWXX6309
Folkared SWXX8950
Folkastad SWXX8951
Follinge SWXX9788
Fone SWXX7889
Fonebo SWXX7890
Fonhult SWXX8952
Forange SWXX7891
Forangen SWXX2089
Forhult SWXX8953
Forkarla SWXX5562
Fornanas SWXX5563
Fornby SWXX6310
Fornebo SWXX7892
Forneby SWXX7893
Fors SWXX6311
Fors SWXX7894
Forsa SWXX2090
Forsa SWXX7895
Forsasen SWXX9789
Forsback SWXX3396
Forsback SWXX8954
Forsbacka SWXX6312
Forsbacka SWXX7896
Forsbacka SWXX3397
Forsbacka SWXX5564
Forsbackheden SWXX6313
Forsbo SWXX6314
Forsbodarna SWXX6315
Forsbro SWXX7897
Forsby SWXX0308
Forsbybodarna SWXX4596
Forsbyn SWXX4597
Forse SWXX7601
Forsen SWXX6316
Forsgardet SWXX6317
Forshaga SWXX0169
Forshallan SWXX4598
Forsholm SWXX3398
Forsmark SWXX3399
Forsnas SWXX4599
Forsnas SWXX3400
Forssa SWXX6318
Forstraskhed SWXX4600
Forsvick SWXX3401
Forsvik SWXX2091
Foskdalen SWXX6319
Foskdalsvallen SWXX6320
Foskros SWXX6321
Fotingen SWXX9790
Fotstad SWXX8955
Frakenvik SWXX3402
Framby SWXX6322
Frambyn SWXX3403
Framnas SWXX9791
Framnas SWXX4601
Framnas SWXX5565
Framnas SWXX3404
Frandefors SWXX0310
Frankkilantorma SWXX4602
Frankrike SWXX9792
Fransbo SWXX6323
Franshammar SWXX7898
Frautjalen SWXX3405
Fredrika SWXX3406
Fredriksberg SWXX6324
Fredriksdal SWXX0311
Fredriksfors SWXX7899
Fredrikslund SWXX2092
Fredriksskans SWXX7900
Freluga SWXX7901
Fresta SWXX2093
Fridensberg SWXX2094
Fridhem SWXX5566
Fridhem SWXX3407
Fridhem SWXX2095
Fridhemsberg SWXX8956
Fridhult SWXX6325
Fridlevstad SWXX0312
Frigarde SWXX8957
Friggesund SWXX7902
Frigsarve SWXX7602
Friheten SWXX3408
Frillesas SWXX1007
Frisbo SWXX7903
Fritsla SWXX1008
Froan SWXX9793
Froarp SWXX5567
Frobergsvallen SWXX6326
Froboke SWXX8958
Froesvik SWXX2096
Frojdadal SWXX5568
Frojel SWXX7603
Frolland SWXX7904
Fromheden SWXX3410
Frosakull SWXX0313
Frosarasen SWXX6327
Froslida SWXX8959
Froso SWXX9794
Froso Lager SWXX9795
Frostberget SWXX3411
Frostbo SWXX6328
Frostkage SWXX3412
Frostkagenmarken SWXX3413
Frostkitt SWXX6329
Frostviksbranna SWXX9796
Frufallan SWXX0314
Fruvik SWXX2097
Fryksas SWXX6330
Fu SWXX6331
Fudal SWXX6332
Fugelsta SWXX9797
Fulaberg SWXX6333
Fullbro SWXX2098
Fullersta SWXX2099
Fullsjon SWXX9798
Fullsta SWXX6334
Funaesdalen SWXX0315
Funas SWXX9799
Fundersmala SWXX5569
Fur SWXX5570
Furbo SWXX6335
Furet SWXX8960
Furholmen SWXX2100
Furuberg SWXX7905
Furudal SWXX6336
Furudals Bruk SWXX6337
Furuhem SWXX5571
Furulund SWXX0316
Furunas SWXX3414
Furunas SWXX2101
Furunas SWXX4603
Furuogrund SWXX3415
Furusund SWXX2102
Furuvik SWXX0317
Fyllinge SWXX0318
Fyras SWXX9800
Fyriberg SWXX6338
Fyrkalen SWXX9801
Gacksater SWXX7906
Gada SWXX7907
Gadavallen SWXX7908
Gaddede SWXX0045
Gaddegol SWXX5572
Gaddsjoberget SWXX6339
Gaddtrask SWXX3416
Gaddvik SWXX4604
Gaddvik SWXX7909
Gaddviksvallen SWXX7910
Gaeddede SWXX0319
Gaellivare SWXX0170
Gagnef SWXX6340
Gagsmark SWXX3417
Gaje SWXX9802
Galabodarna SWXX9803
Galberget SWXX6341
Gale SWXX9804
Galgberget SWXX8961
Galhammar SWXX9805
Gallared SWXX8962
Gallbergstrask SWXX4605
Gallboda SWXX2103
Gallejaur SWXX4606
Galleryda SWXX5573
Gallinge SWXX8963
Gallinge SWXX6342
Gallivare SWXX0120
Gallno SWXX2104
Gallnonas SWXX2105
Gallo SWXX9806
Gallsas SWXX8964
Gallsbo SWXX6343
Gallsjon SWXX6344
Gallsta SWXX7911
Gallstao SWXX2106
Galnbo SWXX6345
Galsbo SWXX6346
Galsjovallen SWXX6347
Galtaback SWXX8965
Galtabo SWXX8966
Galtanas SWXX5574
Galtisjaure SWXX4607
Galven SWXX7912
Galven SWXX1019
Galvsbo SWXX7913
Gamla Falmark SWXX3418
Gamla Kopstad SWXX8967
Gamla Kyrkbyn SWXX7914
Gamla Stan SWXX2108
Gamla Storbacken SWXX3419
Gamla Tvaraback SWXX3420
Gamlaberget SWXX6348
Gamleby SWXX1020
Gammalbodarna SWXX9807
Gammalbyn SWXX3421
Gammalsatern SWXX6349
Gammalstorp SWXX5575
Gammelbodarna SWXX9808
Gammelboning SWXX7915
Gammelbyn SWXX3422
Gammelgard SWXX6350
Gammelgarden SWXX6351
Gammelgarden SWXX4608
Gammelgarden SWXX3423
Gammelhomna SWXX7916
Gammelstad SWXX0321
Gammelstilla SWXX7917
Gammelstrang SWXX7918
Gammelvallen SWXX9809
Ganghester SWXX0322
Gangletorp SWXX0323
Gangsta SWXX2109
Gannarve SWXX7604
Gansberget SWXX6353
Gansen SWXX6354
Ganthem SWXX7605
Gantofta SWXX0324
Garagol SWXX5576
Garberg SWXX1025
Garda SWXX1026
Gardas SWXX6355
Gardassalen SWXX6356
Garde SWXX9810
Garde SWXX6357
Garde SWXX3424
Gardebyn SWXX6358
Gardikforsen SWXX3425
Gardnasbyn SWXX9811
Gards Kopinge SWXX0325
Gardshult SWXX8968
Gardsjobo SWXX6359
Gardsjon SWXX7919
Gardsjonas SWXX3426
Gardsmark SWXX3427
Gardsnas SWXX2110
Gardsta SWXX9812
Gardstanga SWXX0706
Gardstorp SWXX8969
Gardsvik SWXX2111
Gardvik SWXX6360
Garestad SWXX5577
Gargbron SWXX3428
Gargejaure SWXX4609
Gargnas SWXX3429
Garhyttan SWXX6361
Garnanas SWXX5578
Garpen SWXX5579
Garpenberg SWXX6362
Garphyttan SWXX6363
Garphyttan SWXX0326
Garsas SWXX6364
Garskatan SWXX4610
Garsta SWXX2112
Gartsbo SWXX7920
Gasbo SWXX6365
Gasbo SWXX7921
Gasbole SWXX9813
Gasfjard SWXX7922
Gashaga SWXX2113
Gasholma SWXX7923
Gasholmen SWXX6366
Gaso SWXX2114
Gassjo SWXX9814
Gasslingsbo SWXX7924
Gassljunga SWXX8970
Gassvik SWXX2115
Gastsjo SWXX9815
Gasvarv SWXX6367
Gasvik SWXX2116
Gatan SWXX2117
Gate Klova SWXX8971
Gautosjo SWXX4611
Gavelhyttan SWXX7925
Gaverange SWXX7926
Gaversta SWXX7927
Gaverstabodarna SWXX7928
Gavle SWXX0006
Gavsele SWXX3430
Gavunda SWXX1031
Gaxsjo SWXX9816
Gemla SWXX0327
Gemtrask SWXX4612
Genarp SWXX0171
Genberg SWXX3431
Genevad SWXX1034
Genvalla SWXX9817
Geratjarn SWXX6368
Germundsbo SWXX6369
Gervide SWXX7607
Gessan SWXX6370
Gessberg SWXX6371
Gessie Villastad SWXX0694
Gesunda SWXX6372
Getasen SWXX9818
Getbo SWXX6373
Getbro SWXX6374
Getinge SWXX0328
Getkolen SWXX7929
Getmossen SWXX6375
Getterhult SWXX8972
Gevag SWXX9819
Gevsjon SWXX9820
Gia SWXX7930
Gillaruna SWXX5580
Gillberga SWXX2118
Gillbo SWXX2119
Gilleras SWXX7931
Gillerasen SWXX9821
Gillhov SWXX9822
Giltjaur SWXX3432
Gimat SWXX0329
Gimdalen SWXX9823
Gimonas SWXX3433
Gimsbarke SWXX6376
Ginborn SWXX7932
Gingsta SWXX7933
Gisselas SWXX9824
Gisselbo SWXX6377
Gisselbo SWXX7934
Gisselgard SWXX9825
Gisslestad SWXX8973
Gisslevik SWXX5581
Gistrask SWXX3434
Givhult SWXX8974
Gladaberg SWXX3435
Glado Kvarn SWXX2120
Glamsen SWXX7935
Glamsta SWXX2121
Glamsta SWXX7936
Glassbacka SWXX8975
Glassvik SWXX8976
Glissjoberg SWXX1038
Glistjarna SWXX6378
Glombo SWXX7937
Glommen SWXX8977
Glommerstrask SWXX4613
Glomsta SWXX2122
Glosbo SWXX7938
Glostorp SWXX8978
Glote SWXX1039
Glumslov SWXX0330
Glyxnas SWXX2123
Gnarp SWXX1041
Gnarps Masugn SWXX7939
Gnisvard SWXX7608
Gnitteryd SWXX5582
Go SWXX5583
Godastorp SWXX8979
Godatorp SWXX8980
Godeby SWXX8981
Godegard SWXX1042
Godestad SWXX8982
Godtjarn SWXX3436
Goeteborg SWXX0172
Gokadal SWXX5584
Goljahult SWXX5585
Gopa SWXX6380
Gopshus SWXX6381
Gordalen SWXX6382
Goringe SWXX2124
Goringen SWXX6383
Gortsbo SWXX7940
Gorvik SWXX9826
Gostorp SWXX8983
Gostorpshult SWXX8984
Gothem SWXX7609
Gothenburg SWXX0007
Gotlunda SWXX0332
Gotska Sandon SWXX0056
Gotthem SWXX4614
Gottrora SWXX2125
Gottskar SWXX8985
Gottsta SWXX2126
Gottsunda SWXX2127
Graasen SWXX7941
Graberg SWXX3437
Graberget SWXX7942
Grabo SWXX0333
Grada SWXX6384
Graddo SWXX2128
Grado SWXX6385
Grado Nybyn SWXX6386
Graenna SWXX1052
Graesbaecken SWXX7943
Graestorp SWXX0334
Grafsasen SWXX9827
Graftavallen SWXX9828
Gralviken SWXX6387
Grammelgard SWXX1050
Gran SWXX3438
Grana SWXX3439
Granaker SWXX3440
Granan SWXX4615
Granas SWXX7944
Granas SWXX3442
Granas SWXX6388
Granasen SWXX3443
Granasen SWXX6389
Granberg SWXX4616
Granberg SWXX3444
Granberg SWXX7945
Granberget SWXX3445
Granberget SWXX6390
Granberget SWXX4617
Granberget SWXX9829
Granbergsfallet SWXX9830
Granbergsliden SWXX3446
Granbergstrask SWXX3447
Granbo SWXX9831
Granbo SWXX6391
Granbo SWXX7946
Granby SWXX2129
Granefors SWXX5586
Grangarde SWXX6392
Grangesberg SWXX1051
Grangsbo SWXX7947
Grangshammar SWXX6395
Grangsjo SWXX7948
Granhojden SWXX3448
Granholm SWXX3449
Granholm SWXX4618
Granholmen SWXX4619
Granjasvallen SWXX6396
Granliden SWXX4620
Granliden SWXX3450
Granlund SWXX2130
Granlunda SWXX9832
Granmor SWXX6397
Grannas SWXX1053
Grannas SWXX4621
Grano SWXX2131
Granolund SWXX3452
Granon SWXX7949
Granon SWXX1054
Granon SWXX9833
Gransattra SWXX2132
Gransbo SWXX6398
Gransel SWXX4622
Gransfors SWXX7950
Gransjo SWXX3453
Gransjo SWXX4623
Gransjolandet SWXX9834
Gransjoriset SWXX3454
Granssjo SWXX3455
Granstorpet SWXX8986
Granstrom SWXX3456
Grantorp SWXX4624
Grantrask SWXX4625
Grantrask SWXX3457
Grantrasket SWXX4626
Grantraskmark SWXX4627
Granudden SWXX4628
Granum SWXX5587
Granvik SWXX2133
Granvik SWXX4629
Granviken SWXX4630
Grasala SWXX6399
Grasan SWXX6400
Grasas SWXX8987
Grasasen SWXX7951
Grasater SWXX7952
Grasberget SWXX6402
Grasbrickan SWXX6403
Graska SWXX2134
Grasken SWXX2135
Grasko SWXX2136
Grasmyr SWXX1055
Grasnas SWXX3458
Graso SWXX2137
Grassjo SWXX9835
Grasvik SWXX5588
Gratanliden SWXX3459
Gratback SWXX6404
Gratrask SWXX4631
Grav SWXX6405
Gravberg SWXX6406
Gravbranna SWXX9836
Gravendal SWXX6407
Graverlindan SWXX6408
Gravfors SWXX3460
Gravlund SWXX3461
Gravmark SWXX3462
Gravsnes SWXX1049
Gravsta SWXX2138
Grebo SWXX0335
Greda SWXX2139
Gredeby SWXX5589
Gregersboda SWXX2140
Grelsbyn SWXX4632
Grenas SWXX9837
Grenaskalen SWXX9838
Grettlinge SWXX5590
Grevbo SWXX6409
Grevie SWXX0336
Gribbol SWXX2141
Gribby SWXX2142
Gribbylund SWXX2143
Grillby SWXX0337
Grillstorp SWXX6410
Grimeton SWXX8988
Grimmared SWXX8989
Grimnas SWXX9839
Grimsaker SWXX6411
Grimsattra SWXX2144
Grimsholmen SWXX8990
Grimsmala SWXX5591
Grimsmark SWXX3463
Grimsmyrheden SWXX6412
Grimsta SWXX2145
Grindfallet SWXX6413
Grindtorp SWXX2147
Grinduga SWXX7953
Grinnared SWXX8991
Grishult SWXX8992
Grisslehamn SWXX2148
Grisslinge SWXX2149
Grodby SWXX2150
Gronabur SWXX8993
Gronadal SWXX5592
Gronas SWXX7954
Gronbo SWXX3464
Grondal SWXX6415
Grondal SWXX2151
Gronhogen SWXX1060
Gronland SWXX6416
Gronskan SWXX2152
Gronslatt SWXX2153
Gronslatt SWXX5593
Gronsta SWXX2154
Gronvallen SWXX6417
Gronviken SWXX7955
Gronviken SWXX9840
Gropabo SWXX7956
Gropen SWXX6418
Grossbo SWXX6419
Grossmyrbodarna SWXX9841
Grotholen SWXX6420
Grotingen SWXX9842
Grotom SWXX9843
Grovelsjon SWXX6421
Grovo SWXX2155
Grovsta SWXX2156
Grovstanas SWXX2157
Grubban SWXX9844
Grubban SWXX4633
Grubban SWXX3465
Grubbe SWXX3466
Grubbe SWXX7957
Grubbnasudden SWXX4634
Gruddbo SWXX6422
Grums SWXX0173
Grundagen SWXX6423
Grundagssatern SWXX6424
Grundback SWXX3467
Grundet SWXX2158
Grundfors SWXX3468
Grundforsen SWXX6425
Grundnabben SWXX3469
Grundnas SWXX3470
Grundsjo SWXX3471
Grundsviken SWXX9846
Grundtrask SWXX4635
Grundtrask SWXX3472
Grundtraskliden SWXX4636
Grundvattnet SWXX4637
Grundvik SWXX2159
Grunnarp SWXX8994
Gruvan SWXX4638
Gruvan SWXX9847
Gruvan SWXX6426
Gruvberget SWXX7958
Gruvberget SWXX4639
Gruvby SWXX6427
Gruvbyn SWXX7959
Gruvgarden SWXX6428
Gruvkarlby SWXX6429
Gruvriset SWXX6430
Grycksbo SWXX0338
Grynberget SWXX3473
Gryssjon SWXX3474
Gryt SWXX2160
Grytan SWXX2162
Grytan SWXX9848
Grytange SWXX6431
Grytans Lager SWXX9849
Grytas SWXX8995
Grythyttan SWXX1063
Grytinge SWXX2163
Grytnas SWXX6432
Grytnas SWXX4640
Grytnas SWXX2164
Grytsjo SWXX3475
Gryttje SWXX7960
Gryttjesbo SWXX7961
Gualov SWXX0339
Gubbaengen SWXX2165
Gubbhogen SWXX9850
Gubbo SWXX6433
Gubbo SWXX0340
Gubbole SWXX3476
Gudby SWXX2166
Gudmundared SWXX8996
Gudmundberget SWXX6434
Gudo SWXX2167
Guldboda SWXX2168
Guldringheden SWXX4641
Gullanabba SWXX8997
Gullback SWXX3477
Gullberg SWXX7962
Gullboviken SWXX9851
Gullbrandstorp SWXX0341
Gullbranna SWXX0342
Gullerasen SWXX6435
Gullhagen SWXX8998
Gullholma SWXX5594
Gullmark SWXX3478
Gullon SWXX4642
Gullsjo SWXX3479
Gullsjonas SWXX3480
Gulltjarn SWXX3481
Gulltrask SWXX4643
Gullunge SWXX2169
Gulsele SWXX1068
Gumboda SWXX3482
Gumbodabacken SWXX3483
Gumbodahamn SWXX3484
Gumbodaholmen SWXX3485
Gumhamn SWXX3486
Gumjans SWXX9852
Gummagolsmala SWXX5595
Gummark SWXX3487
Gundbo SWXX7963
Gungvala SWXX5596
Gunhaberget SWXX6436
Gunnarn SWXX0044
Gunnarp SWXX8999
Gunnarsberg SWXX3488
Gunnarsbo SWXX7964
Gunnarsbo SWXX6437
Gunnarsbyn SWXX4644
Gunnarsdjuptrask SWXX4645
Gunnarshult SWXX9000
Gunnarsjo SWXX1070
Gunnarstorp SWXX0343
Gunnarsvattnet SWXX9853
Gunnestorp SWXX9001
Gunnetorp SWXX5597
Gunnilvallen SWXX9854
Gunnismark SWXX3489
Gunsarby SWXX2170
Gunseryd SWXX5598
Gunsmark SWXX3490
Gunsta SWXX0344
Guntjarn SWXX6438
Guntorp SWXX9002
Guo Villa SWXX5599
Guovik SWXX5600
Gusjosatern SWXX6439
Gussarvshyttan SWXX6440
Gussbo SWXX9003
Gussvattnet SWXX9855
Gusta SWXX9856
Gustafs SWXX6441
Gustavsberg SWXX9004
Gustavsberg SWXX4646
Gustavsberg SWXX0345
Gustavstorp SWXX5601
Gustavsvik SWXX2171
Gutdalen SWXX6442
Guttamala SWXX5602
Guttared SWXX9005
Guttusjon SWXX6443
Gyljen SWXX4647
Gylle SWXX6444
Gyllingsberg SWXX6445
Gylltagt SWXX6446
Gyon SWXX5603
Gysinge SWXX7965
Gyttjea SWXX4648
Ha SWXX7966
Haapakyla SWXX4649
Habbersfors SWXX3491
Haberget SWXX6447
Habergsholm SWXX9857
Hablingbo SWXX1074
Habo SWXX0174
Habo-Tibble SWXX2172
Hackas SWXX9858
Hackasen SWXX9859
Hackelsang SWXX7967
Hacklekulle SWXX9006
Hackmora SWXX6448
Hackrenlagret SWXX9860
Hacksjo SWXX3492
Hacksta SWXX7968
Hacksta SWXX2173
Hacktorp SWXX2174
Haddingen SWXX3493
Haeggsjoe SWXX0346
Haellesas SWXX0347
Haen SWXX6449
Haerryda SWXX0348
Haesselby SWXX2176
Haesselby Gard SWXX2177
Haesselby strand SWXX2180
Hafors SWXX9007
Haftorsbygget SWXX6450
Haga SWXX2182
Haga SWXX7969
Haga SWXX6451
Haga SWXX9861
Hagalund SWXX2183
Haganas SWXX6452
Hagastrom SWXX7970
Hagby SWXX0349
Hagby SWXX2184
Hagen SWXX7971
Hagen SWXX6453
Hagen SWXX9008
Hagernas SWXX2185
Hagersten SWXX2186
Haget SWXX2187
Hagfors SWXX0096
Haggard SWXX2188
Haggarden SWXX6454
Haggas SWXX3494
Haggatorp SWXX5604
Haggdanger SWXX1081
Hagge SWXX6455
Haggen SWXX9862
Haggenas SWXX9863
Haggesta SWXX7972
Haggesta SWXX9864
Haggingasvallen SWXX9865
Hagglund SWXX3495
Haggnas SWXX3496
Haggnaset SWXX9866
Haggsasen SWXX9867
Haggsberget SWXX6457
Haggsjo SWXX3497
Haggsjon SWXX1082
Haggsjonas SWXX9869
Haggsjovik SWXX9870
Haggvik SWXX2189
Haghed SWXX6458
Hagled SWXX9871
Hagmuren SWXX7973
Hagnas SWXX2190
Hagnasen SWXX6459
Hagnvallen SWXX9872
Hagra SWXX9873
Hagryd SWXX9009
Hagsta SWXX7974
Hakafot SWXX9874
Hakanbo SWXX7975
Hakansvallen SWXX9875
Hakantorp SWXX5605
Hakared SWXX9010
Hakarp SWXX5606
Hakaviken SWXX9876
Hakestad SWXX9011
Hakkas SWXX4650
Hakmark SWXX3498
Haknaryd SWXX9012
Haknas SWXX3499
Haknas SWXX2191
Haknas Backen SWXX3500
Haknorrbo SWXX7976
Haksberg SWXX6460
Halaback SWXX5607
Halabacken SWXX9877
Halahult SWXX5608
Halan SWXX9878
Halan SWXX5609
Halarna SWXX9013
Halasen SWXX9879
Halasjon SWXX9880
Halgbo SWXX6461
Halgnas SWXX6462
Haliden SWXX6463
Haljared SWXX9014
Haljerum SWXX5610
Halla SWXX1083
Halla SWXX6464
Halla Faebodar SWXX6465
Hallaboke SWXX9015
Hallabro SWXX5611
Hallabrottet SWXX0350
Hallan SWXX6466
Hallan SWXX9881
Halland SWXX9882
Hallange SWXX7977
Hallansfabod SWXX6467
Hallarna SWXX5612
Hallarum SWXX5613
Hallaryd SWXX5614
Hallavallen SWXX9883
Hallbacken SWXX9884
Hallbacken SWXX4651
Hallberg SWXX4652
Hallberga SWXX0351
Hallbergsbodarna SWXX9885
Hallbergssvedjan SWXX3501
Hallbo SWXX6468
Hallbo SWXX1086
Hallboda SWXX2192
Hallbodarna SWXX9886
Hallborgen SWXX9887
Hallbovallen SWXX1087
Hallbrannan SWXX9888
Hallby SWXX7978
Halle SWXX9889
Halleberg SWXX9890
Hallede SWXX9016
Hallefors SWXX0102
Hallekis SWXX1089
Hallen SWXX9891
Hallen SWXX6469
Hallen SWXX7979
Hallen SWXX3502
Hallen SWXX9017
Hallersboda SWXX5615
Hallerup SWXX9018
Hallestrom SWXX4653
Hallevadsholm SWXX1090
Hallevik SWXX0352
Hallfjallet SWXX9892
Hallfors SWXX3503
Hallgardarna SWXX6470
Hallhaxasen SWXX9893
Hallingeberg SWXX1092
Hallingsjo SWXX0353
Hallne SWXX9894
Hallom SWXX9895
Hallsater SWXX7980
Hallsberg SWXX0175
Hallshuk SWXX7610
Hallsjon SWXX6471
Hallsta SWXX7981
Hallsta SWXX2193
Hallsta SWXX9896
Hallstavik SWXX2194
Halltorp SWXX0354
Hallunda SWXX2195
Hallvallen SWXX9897
Hallvattnet SWXX9898
Hallviken SWXX9899
Halmstad SWXX0008
Halsan SWXX3505
Halsange SWXX7982
Halsingborg SWXX3506
Halsingborn SWXX6472
Halsingfors SWXX3507
Halsinghamn SWXX2196
Halsinglund SWXX3508
Halsingstrand SWXX6473
Halsjo SWXX7983
Halsviken SWXX4654
Haltarsbo SWXX6474
Haltby SWXX6475
Halvan SWXX2197
Halvarsgardarna SWXX0355
Hamborg SWXX9900
Hammarby SWXX2198
Hammarby SWXX7984
Hammarby SWXX5616
Hammaren SWXX7611
Hammaren SWXX2199
Hammarhagen SWXX2200
Hammarnaset SWXX9902
Hammarp SWXX7985
Hammarslund SWXX0356
Hammarstrand SWXX9903
Hammarsvall SWXX7986
Hammenhog SWXX0705
Hammerdal SWXX9904
Hammeroe SWXX9019
Hammingsmala SWXX5617
Hamn SWXX2201
Hamnas SWXX7987
Hamnviken SWXX2202
Hamra SWXX7988
Hamra SWXX0078
Hamrange SWXX7989
Hamrangefjarden SWXX1102
Hamrasjodammen SWXX7990
Hamre SWXX6476
Hamre SWXX7991
Hamreangar SWXX6477
Hamringe SWXX2203
Han SWXX9905
Hanabacken SWXX9906
Hanaker SWXX6478
Hanasen SWXX7992
Handbacken SWXX6479
Handen SWXX0176
Handog SWXX9907
Handogsbodarna SWXX9908
Handol SWXX9909
Handsjo SWXX9910
Handskholmen SWXX9020
Handsktummen SWXX3509
Hanebo SWXX7993
Hangasjarvi SWXX4655
Hangberg SWXX7994
Hangsarvet SWXX6480
Hanhals SWXX9021
Hanick SWXX7995
Haninge SWXX0177
Hano SWXX5618
Hansatter SWXX7996
Hansbyn SWXX6481
Hansgardarna SWXX6482
Hansjo SWXX6483
Hanskroka SWXX2204
Hanstavik SWXX2205
Hanviken SWXX2206
Haparanda SWXX0086
Haptjarnliden SWXX3510
Haptrask SWXX4656
Hara SWXX9911
Harabacken SWXX6484
Harads SWXX4657
Haradsarvet SWXX6485
Haradsbo SWXX9022
Haradsbygden SWXX6486
Haraldsbo SWXX6487
Haraliden SWXX3511
Haralt SWXX9023
Haraudden SWXX4658
Harborsta SWXX9912
Hardgard SWXX9913
Haret SWXX7997
Harg SWXX1106
Harg SWXX2207
Harga SWXX7998
Harjasjon SWXX9914
Harkasaadio SWXX4659
Harkniven SWXX5619
Harkrankboda SWXX2208
Harkskar SWXX7999
Harlosa SWXX0697
Harmanger SWXX1109
Harmsarvet SWXX6488
Harnebo SWXX8001
Harnosand SWXX0009
Haro SWXX2209
Harplinge SWXX0358
Harra SWXX4660
Harrbacken SWXX4661
Harrejaur SWXX4662
Harrioja SWXX4663
Harro SWXX9915
Harrsele SWXX3512
Harrseleforsen SWXX3513
Harrsjohojden SWXX3514
Harrsjon SWXX9916
Harrvik SWXX3515
Harsared SWXX9025
Harsbacken SWXX2210
Harsby SWXX2211
Harsen SWXX8002
Harspranget SWXX4664
Harstena SWXX1849
Harstorp SWXX5620
Harte SWXX8003
Harvavik SWXX2212
Harvom SWXX3516
Hashult SWXX9026
Hasjo SWXX9917
Hasjobyn SWXX9918
Hassela SWXX8004
Hasselbacken SWXX2213
Hasselbacken SWXX9919
Hasseldalen SWXX5621
Hasselmara SWXX2215
Hasselstad SWXX5622
Hassja SWXX8005
Hassjaberg SWXX8006
Hasslarp SWXX0359
Hasslas SWXX9027
Hassleholm SWXX0110
Hasslehult SWXX9028
Hasslehult SWXX5623
Hasslen SWXX6490
Hasslo SWXX0360
Hasslov SWXX0361
Hasta SWXX8007
Hasta SWXX2216
Hastaholmen SWXX8008
Hastangsudd SWXX2217
Hastasvallen SWXX9920
Hastberg SWXX6491
Hastberg SWXX8009
Hastbo SWXX8010
Haste SWXX9921
Hastede SWXX2218
Hasthagen SWXX2219
Hastholmen SWXX5624
Hastholmen SWXX4665
Hasthult SWXX9029
Hastkullen SWXX6492
Hastmyren SWXX8011
Hastnas SWXX2220
Hasto SWXX5625
Hastveda SWXX1116
Hattberg SWXX6493
Hattsundet SWXX2221
Haukajaurekatan SWXX4666
Havan SWXX6494
Havberget SWXX6495
Havdhem SWXX7612
Havdsjo SWXX9922
Haven SWXX6496
Haverdal SWXX0362
Haverdalsstrand SWXX9030
Havero SWXX2222
Haverodal SWXX2223
Havra SWXX8012
Havsangen SWXX2224
Havsered SWXX9031
Havsnas SWXX9923
Havstenshult SWXX9032
Havstjarn SWXX6497
Havstorp SWXX9033
Havstrask SWXX4667
Haxang SWXX9924
Haxas SWXX9925
Heaby SWXX5626
Heberg SWXX9034
Heda SWXX8013
Hedarbustan SWXX6498
Hedared SWXX0363
Hedberg SWXX4668
Hedby SWXX6499
Hedbyn SWXX6500
Hede SWXX9035
Hede SWXX6501
Hede SWXX9926
Hedekas SWXX1121
Hedemora SWXX0069
Heden SWXX8016
Heden SWXX6502
Heden SWXX9036
Heden SWXX3517
Heden SWXX9927
Heden SWXX4669
Hedenaset SWXX4670
Hedeskoga SWXX0700
Hedesunda SWXX8017
Hedeviken SWXX9928
Hedfors SWXX3518
Hedgardarna SWXX6503
Hedkarby SWXX8018
Hedlunda SWXX3519
Hedmark SWXX3520
Hednas SWXX3521
Hedningsflokalen SWXX9929
Hednoret SWXX4671
Hedsjo SWXX8019
Hedsta SWXX8020
Hedsveden SWXX6504
Hedvigsfors SWXX8021
Hedvik SWXX3522
Heestrand SWXX1124
Heinonen SWXX4672
Hejan SWXX5627
Hejde SWXX7613
Hejnum SWXX7614
Hejsta SWXX2225
Helenelund SWXX2226
Helgeakilen SWXX9930
Helgesjovallen SWXX9931
Helgobol SWXX2227
Heligfjall SWXX3523
Heljesund SWXX9932
Hellvi SWXX7615
Helsingborg SWXX0010
Hemavan SWXX0133
Hemberg SWXX6505
Hemfjall SWXX3524
Hemfjallstangen SWXX6506
Hemfosa SWXX2228
Hemling SWXX1127
Hemlingby SWXX8022
Hemmaro SWXX2229
Hemmesmark SWXX3525
Hemmesta SWXX2230
Hemmingen SWXX3526
Hemmings SWXX6507
Hemmingsmark SWXX4673
Hemmistjarn SWXX3527
Hemnas SWXX3528
Hemse SWXX1128
Hemshyttan SWXX6508
Hemsjo SWXX9933
Hemsjo SWXX5628
Hemsjohult SWXX5629
Hemsta SWXX3529
Hemstanas SWXX8023
Hemulsjo SWXX6509
Hemus SWXX6510
Henan SWXX1129
Hennan SWXX8024
Henninge SWXX8025
Henriksfjall SWXX3530
Hensvik SWXX2231
Hermansmala SWXX5630
Hermanstorp SWXX9037
Herraeng SWXX2232
Herrangen SWXX2233
Herresta SWXX2234
Herrljunga SWXX0123
Herrviksnas SWXX2235
Herserud SWXX2236
Herta SWXX7616
Herte SWXX8026
Hertered SWXX9038
Herting SWXX9039
Hertsanger SWXX3531
Hertsjo SWXX8027
Hertson SWXX4674
Hesse SWXX6511
Hessebacken SWXX6512
Hevosvaara SWXX4675
Hienshyttan SWXX6513
Hietaniemi SWXX4676
Hille SWXX8028
Hilleby SWXX8029
Hillersboda SWXX6514
Hillersjo SWXX2237
Hillerslatt SWXX5631
Hillerstorp SWXX5632
Hilleshult SWXX9040
Hillevik SWXX8030
Hillsand SWXX9934
Hillsta SWXX8031
Himle SWXX0364
Himmene SWXX2238
Himmersundet SWXX3532
Hindas SWXX0365
Hinderas SWXX5633
Hinderson SWXX4677
Hinsbo SWXX6515
Hinsemala SWXX5634
Hirvijarvi SWXX4678
Hishult SWXX9041
Hissjon SWXX3533
Hissmofors SWXX9935
Hissmon SWXX9936
Hisvala SWXX6516
Hjaelmared SWXX9042
Hjaerup SWXX0178
Hjaggboleliden SWXX3534
Hjaggsjon SWXX3535
Hjalm SWXX9043
Hjalmeskulla SWXX9044
Hjalmo SWXX2239
Hjalmsa SWXX5635
Hjalmseryd SWXX5636
Hjalmunge SWXX1134
Hjarnarp SWXX0366
Hjarpbo SWXX6517
Hjartonemala SWXX5637
Hjartsater SWXX1136
Hjo SWXX0098
Hjoggbole SWXX3536
Hjorsta SWXX8032
Hjortahammar SWXX5638
Hjorthagen SWXX2240
Hjortkvarn SWXX1138
Hjortnas SWXX6518
Hjortsberg SWXX9045
Hjortsberga SWXX5639
Hjortsboda SWXX9046
Hjortseryd SWXX5640
Hjortviken SWXX9937
Hjuken SWXX3537
Hjuksback SWXX3538
Hjuksnoret SWXX3539
Hjulback SWXX6519
Hjulslatt SWXX6520
Hjuvik SWXX0367
Ho SWXX8033
Ho SWXX9938
Hobacken SWXX3540
Hobborn SWXX6521
Hoberg SWXX6522
Hoberget SWXX6523
Hobergsliden SWXX3541
Hobergssveden SWXX6524
Hoburg SWXX0059
Hoby SWXX5641
Hocklehult SWXX5642
Hocksjo SWXX9939
Hode SWXX1141
Hoegbraenna SWXX3542
Hoeglanda SWXX9047
Hoegsby SWXX1147
Hoerby SWXX0748
Hoernefors SWXX3543
Hofors SWXX0076
Hog SWXX8034
Hogadal SWXX5643
Hogaholma SWXX9048
Hogahult SWXX5644
Hogalt SWXX9049
Hogalund SWXX5645
Hoganas SWXX0179
Hogarna SWXX9940
Hogaryd SWXX9050
Hogas SWXX3544
Hogasen SWXX9941
Hogbacka SWXX8035
Hogbacken SWXX4679
Hogbena SWXX2241
Hogberg SWXX3545
Hogberget SWXX6525
Hogbo SWXX8036
Hogbrand SWXX8037
Hogbranna SWXX4680
Hogbranna SWXX3546
Hogbrofors SWXX9942
Hogby SWXX2242
Hogbynas SWXX9943
Hogdal SWXX3547
Hogdalen SWXX2243
Hogdalsas SWXX3548
Hoge SWXX9944
Hogen SWXX8038
Hogen SWXX9945
Hogfors SWXX1145
Hogfors SWXX3549
Hoggard SWXX3550
Hogheden SWXX4681
Hogheden SWXX3551
Hogland SWXX8039
Hogland SWXX3552
Hoglandet SWXX2244
Hoglekardalen SWXX9946
Hogliden SWXX3553
Hoglund SWXX3554
Hoglunda SWXX9947
Hoglunda SWXX8040
Hogmarso SWXX2245
Hognas SWXX8041
Hognaset SWXX9948
Hogosta SWXX6526
Hogrensvalvallen SWXX9949
Hogrun SWXX9950
Hogsater SWXX1146
Hogsbole SWXX4682
Hogsjo SWXX0368
Hogson SWXX4683
Hogsta SWXX9951
Hogstaby SWXX3555
Hogstorp SWXX0369
Hogsveden SWXX6527
Hogtomt SWXX8042
Hogvalen SWXX1150
Hohyttan SWXX8043
Hoja SWXX0370
Hojemala SWXX5646
Hojen SWXX8044
Hojen SWXX6528
Hoka SWXX5647
Hokalt SWXX9051
Hokamala SWXX5648
Hokarangen SWXX2246
Hokasen SWXX0371
Hokback SWXX9952
Hokberg SWXX8045
Hokberget SWXX6529
Hokhojden SWXX6530
Hokhult SWXX9052
Hokmark SWXX3556
Hokmossen SWXX2247
Hokvattnet SWXX9953
Hol SWXX2248
Hola SWXX9954
Holanna SWXX8046
Holarna SWXX6531
Hole SWXX8047
Hole SWXX6532
Holen SWXX6533
Holfjarden SWXX4684
Holick SWXX8048
Holicksviken SWXX8049
Holje SWXX5649
Holje SWXX9955
Holjebro SWXX8050
Holktjarn SWXX3557
Hollebygget SWXX9956
Holleforsen SWXX9957
Hollsvattnet SWXX4685
Hollviken SWXX0180
Holm SWXX8051
Holmajarvi SWXX4686
Holmarna SWXX9958
Holmaror SWXX9054
Holmberg SWXX8052
Holmbodarna SWXX9959
Holmeja SWXX0709
Holmen SWXX4687
Holmen SWXX3558
Holmen SWXX9055
Holmen SWXX2249
Holmen SWXX8053
Holmfors SWXX1155
Holmfors SWXX4688
Holmforsudden SWXX4689
Holmgard SWXX2250
Holmliden SWXX3560
Holmlund SWXX3561
Holmnas SWXX3562
Holmogadd SWXX0048
Holmon SWXX3563
Holmsberg SWXX2251
Holmsele SWXX3564
Holmselet SWXX3565
Holmsjo SWXX9960
Holmsjo SWXX5650
Holmsjo SWXX3566
Holmstrand SWXX3567
Holmsund SWXX0181
Holmsvattnet SWXX3568
Holmsveden SWXX8054
Holmtrask SWXX4690
Holmtrask SWXX3569
Holmvik SWXX9961
Holo SWXX2252
Holsaker SWXX6534
Holseboke SWXX9056
Holsljunga SWXX1158
Holsvattnet SWXX4691
Hommanbodarna SWXX6535
Homna SWXX8055
Homnabo SWXX8056
Homyrfors SWXX4692
Hono SWXX0087
Honsarvet SWXX6536
Hoppnaset SWXX6537
Horby SWXX5651
Horby Gard SWXX5652
Hornangen SWXX2253
Hornas SWXX3570
Hornberg SWXX3571
Hornberg SWXX4693
Hornberga SWXX6538
Hornbo SWXX6539
Horndal SWXX6540
Hornea SWXX3572
Hornmyr SWXX3573
Hornsberg SWXX9962
Hornsjo SWXX3574
Hornsjobole SWXX9963
Hornstrask SWXX3575
Horntorpet SWXX4694
Horryda SWXX5653
Horsaback SWXX9057
Horsaryd SWXX0373
Horsvarn SWXX2255
Hortlax SWXX4695
Horvik SWXX0374
Hosaby SWXX5654
Hosbodarna SWXX9964
Hosjoberget SWXX6541
Hosjobottnarna SWXX9966
Hosjoholmen SWXX6542
Hosjon SWXX8057
Hossjo SWXX3576
Hossjoberget SWXX9967
Hosta SWXX2256
Hostbodarna SWXX8058
Hostena SWXX9058
Hostoppen SWXX9968
Hostsatern SWXX6543
Hotagen SWXX9969
Hoting SWXX9970
Hotjarn SWXX3577
Hov SWXX9971
Hov SWXX9059
Hov SWXX8059
Hovde SWXX9972
Hovden SWXX9973
Hovdet SWXX9974
Hoverberg SWXX9975
Hovermo SWXX9976
Hoversby SWXX1118
Hovgarden SWXX6544
Hovgarden SWXX2257
Hovid SWXX0375
Hoviken SWXX9977
Hovlos SWXX4696
Hovmansbygd SWXX5655
Hovmantorp SWXX1119
Hovnas SWXX6545
Hovnoret SWXX2258
Hovsater SWXX8060
Hoxla SWXX2259
Huarod SWXX0376
Hucksjoasen SWXX9978
Huddinge SWXX0011
Hudiksvall SWXX1165
Huftasjo SWXX3578
Hugnora SWXX6546
Huhtanen SWXX4697
Hukanmaa SWXX4698
Hulaback SWXX9060
Hulan SWXX6547
Hulegard SWXX9061
Hullsta SWXX8061
Hult SWXX9062
Hulta SWXX5656
Hultafors SWXX0377
Hulte SWXX8062
Hultet SWXX4699
Hultsfred SWXX0182
Humlegardsstrand SWXX8063
Hummelbo SWXX6548
Hummelholm SWXX3579
Hummelmora SWXX2260
Hummelsta SWXX0379
Hummelsvik SWXX2261
Hundberg SWXX3580
Hundsjo SWXX4700
Hundviken SWXX9979
Hunge SWXX9980
Hunnamala SWXX5657
Hunnemara SWXX5658
Hunnestad SWXX9063
Hunsen SWXX6549
Hurva SWXX0783
Husa SWXX9981
Husalt SWXX9064
Husas SWXX9982
Husbondliden SWXX3581
Husby SWXX6550
Husby SWXX2262
Husbyby SWXX2263
Husbyn SWXX1170
Huse SWXX7617
Huse SWXX9983
Husgol SWXX5659
Hushagen SWXX6551
Husinge SWXX2264
Huskasnas SWXX8064
Huskolen SWXX9984
Huskvarna SWXX0099
Husom SWXX6552
Hustega SWXX2265
Husum SWXX0380
Husvallsgolen SWXX6553
Huuki SWXX4701
Huvudsta SWXX2266
Hybo SWXX8065
Hyllinge SWXX0381
Hyltebruk SWXX0382
Hyngelsbole SWXX3582
Hysangen SWXX2267
Hysingsvik SWXX2268
Hyssna SWXX1175
Hysta SWXX6554
Hyttan SWXX6555
Hyttbacken SWXX6556
Hyttbyn SWXX6557
Hyttebo SWXX8066
Hytting SWXX6558
Hyttkvarn SWXX6559
Iarpen SWXX1176
Ibbarbo SWXX6560
Icksjo SWXX6561
Idalahult SWXX9065
Idalen SWXX2269
Idback SWXX6562
Idbacken SWXX3583
Idehult SWXX5660
Idenor SWXX8067
Idivuoma SWXX4702
Idkerberget SWXX6563
Idre SWXX1177
Idre Fjaell SWXX6564
Idrefjall SWXX6565
Idvattnet SWXX3584
Igelkarna SWXX6566
Igelsta SWXX2270
Igelstorp SWXX0383
Iggesund SWXX8068
Iggon SWXX8069
Ilandaskar SWXX2271
Ilbacken SWXX6567
Ilsbo SWXX8070
Ilvad SWXX8071
Imnas SWXX9985
Ina SWXX8072
Inal SWXX2272
Inbyn SWXX4703
Indal SWXX0384
Indnas SWXX6568
Indor SWXX6569
Ingarostrand SWXX2273
Ingarvshyttan SWXX6570
Ingebo SWXX8073
Ingeborgbo SWXX6571
Ingels SWXX6572
Ingelsbo SWXX6573
Ingemansbo SWXX9066
Ingesarven SWXX8074
Ingevallsbo SWXX6574
Ingmarso SWXX2274
Ingsta SWXX8075
Ingvallsbenning SWXX6575
Inibyn SWXX4704
Inlag SWXX9067
Innanbacken SWXX4705
Innanlandet SWXX4706
Innansjon SWXX3585
Innantjara SWXX8076
Inneby SWXX2275
Inneratrask SWXX3586
Innergard SWXX3587
Innersjon SWXX3588
Innertavle SWXX0385
Innertrask SWXX3589
Innerursviken SWXX3590
Innervik SWXX3591
Innifallan SWXX3592
Inre Orestrom SWXX3593
Insjon SWXX3595
Insjon SWXX6576
Intranget SWXX6577
Inverness SWXX2276
Inviken SWXX9986
Ire SWXX7618
Irevik SWXX7619
Irsta SWXX0386
Isaksmala SWXX5661
Isala SWXX6578
Iselsta SWXX2277
Islingby SWXX6579
Islinge SWXX2278
Ismundsundet SWXX9987
Isokyla SWXX4708
Issjo SWXX2279
Issmarval SWXX6580
Ista SWXX8077
Istaby SWXX5662
Iste SWXX8078
Istermyrliden SWXX3596
Isunda SWXX6581
Ivantjarn SWXX8079
Ivarsboda SWXX3597
Ivarshyttan SWXX6582
Ivarstenskatan SWXX4709
Iviken SWXX6583
Jader SWXX6584
Jaderfors SWXX8080
Jadraas SWXX0387
Jaeckvik SWXX4710
Jaervsoe SWXX8081
Jagra SWXX6585
Jakobsberg SWXX6586
Jakobsberg SWXX0183
Jakobsberg SWXX7620
Jakobsfors SWXX3598
Jakobsgardarna SWXX6587
Jakobslund SWXX3599
Jakobstorp SWXX5664
Jalkarbyn SWXX6588
Jalkeraker SWXX6589
Jalluntofta SWXX9068
Jamshog SWXX5665
Jamsunda SWXX5666
Jamtebole SWXX3600
Jamtland SWXX3601
Jamtlands-Sikas SWXX9988
Jamto-Avan SWXX4711
Jamton SWXX4712
Jamtosund SWXX4713
Jankisjarvi SWXX4714
Jansbo SWXX8082
Jansbo SWXX6590
Jansjo SWXX9989
Jansmassholmen SWXX9990
Jarama SWXX4715
Jaranas SWXX9069
Jarbo SWXX8083
Jarfalla SWXX2280
Jarhois SWXX4716
Jaringe SWXX2281
Jarlov SWXX9070
Jarna SWXX2282
Jarna SWXX6591
Jarnas SWXX3602
Jarnashamn SWXX3603
Jarnasklubb SWXX3604
Jarnforsen SWXX0389
Jarpbyn SWXX9991
Jarpen SWXX9992
Jarpesbo SWXX6592
Jarsjo SWXX2283
Jarva SWXX2284
Jarvafaltet SWXX2285
Jarvenpaa SWXX4717
Jarvnaset SWXX9993
Jarvsand SWXX9994
Jarvsjon SWXX3605
Jarvsta SWXX8084
Jarvtjarn SWXX3606
Jarvtrask SWXX4718
Jattendal SWXX8085
Javre SWXX4719
Javrebodarna SWXX4720
Jelken SWXX6593
Jerfojaur SWXX4721
Jerijarvi SWXX4722
Jobsarbo SWXX6594
Jobsbo SWXX6595
Jockfall SWXX4723
Joern SWXX3607
Joesjo SWXX1185
Joestrom SWXX3608
Joggeso SWXX5667
Johannesberg SWXX6596
Johannesberg SWXX2286
Johannesdal SWXX2287
Johannesfred SWXX2288
Johanneshov SWXX2289
Johannevik SWXX2290
Johannisberg SWXX3609
Johannisholm SWXX6597
Johannishus SWXX0390
Johansfors SWXX0391
Jokkmokk SWXX1850
Jomark SWXX3610
Jonaker SWXX0392
Jonasmarken SWXX3611
Jonk SWXX9995
Jonkoping SWXX0184
Jons-Erskolen SWXX9996
Jonsbo SWXX3612
Jonsered SWXX0393
Jonsnahult SWXX9071
Jonstorp SWXX9072
Jonvik SWXX6598
Jordasen SWXX8086
Jordbro SWXX0185
Jordo SWXX5668
Jorlanda SWXX0394
Jormlien SWXX9997
Jormvattnet SWXX9998
Jugansbo SWXX6599
Juggijaur SWXX4724
Juhonpieti SWXX4725
Jukkasjaervi SWXX0395
Juksjaur SWXX3613
Juktnas SWXX3614
Jularbo SWXX6600
Jung SWXX0396
Junkarbo SWXX6601
Junkboda SWXX3615
Junosuando SWXX4726
Junsele SWXX0047
Juognajaur SWXX4727
Juoksengi SWXX4728
Juoksuvaara SWXX4729
Juomuatisjarvi SWXX4730
Jursla SWXX0397
Jursta SWXX2291
Jutis SWXX4731
Jutsajaure SWXX4732
Juvansbo SWXX8087
Juvansmala SWXX5669
Jyssen SWXX4733
Kaalasluspa SWXX4734
Kaantojarvi SWXX4735
Kaarnevaara SWXX4736
Kaartijarvi SWXX4737
Kabdalis SWXX4738
Kaddis SWXX3616
Kaerrtorp SWXX2292
Kaevlinge SWXX0186
Kagbo SWXX8088
Kage SWXX1199
Kagedalen SWXX3617
Kagehamn SWXX3618
Kagerod SWXX0398
Kaggeboda SWXX2293
Kagghamra SWXX0399
Kahog SWXX0400
Kainulasjarvi SWXX4739
Kaitum SWXX4740
Kakarberget SWXX3619
Kakuasen SWXX9999
Kalaboda SWXX3620
Kalamark SWXX4741
Kalarp SWXX9073
Kalarvet SWXX6602
Kalen SWXX3621
Kalix SWXX4742
Kalixfors SWXX4743
Kallabo SWXX9074
Kallarbo SWXX6603
Kallarp SWXX9075
Kallax SWXX0401
Kallback SWXX6604
Kallback SWXX8089
Kallbacken SWXX8090
Kallbacken SWXX6605
Kallberget SWXX6606
Kallbomark SWXX3622
Kalleberga SWXX5670
Kalleboda SWXX5671
Kallekarr SWXX1204
Kallene SWXX8091
Kallerang SWXX8092
Kallered SWXX0187
Kallesbacken SWXX6607
Kallfjallet SWXX6608
Kallhall SWXX2295
Kallheden SWXX3623
Kallholmen SWXX3624
Kallholsfors SWXX6609
Kallinge SWXX0012
Kallmora SWXX6610
Kallmyr SWXX8093
Kallon SWXX4744
Kallsbyn SWXX6611
Kallsilt SWXX9076
Kallsjo SWXX9077
Kallsjon SWXX8094
Kallskar SWXX8095
Kallstorp SWXX9078
Kalltjarn SWXX8096
Kalltorp SWXX2297
Kallviken SWXX6612
Kallviken SWXX3625
Kallviken SWXX2298
Kallvreten SWXX2299
Kalmar SWXX0139
Kalsberg SWXX3626
Kalsjarv SWXX4745
Kalv SWXX8097
Kalvesta SWXX2300
Kalvfors SWXX4746
Kalvhaga SWXX8098
Kalvhult SWXX9079
Kalvsbacken SWXX6613
Kalvskaret SWXX2301
Kalvsnas SWXX8099
Kalvsund SWXX0403
Kalvsvik SWXX2302
Kalvtrask SWXX3627
Kalvudden SWXX4747
Kambo SWXX9080
Kamlunge SWXX4748
Kammarebo SWXX9081
Kampfallet SWXX6614
Kamsjon SWXX3628
Kangis SWXX4749
Kangos SWXX4750
Kangsta SWXX2304
Kankaanranta SWXX4751
Kankberg SWXX3629
Kannan SWXX2305
Kanngardarna SWXX6615
Kannusjarvi SWXX4752
Kap SWXX7621
Kapellet SWXX2306
Kapellskar SWXX2307
Kaphult SWXX9082
Kappala SWXX2308
Kappelshamn SWXX7622
Kaptenskog SWXX4753
Kaptensviken SWXX4754
Karaboda SWXX5672
Kararp SWXX9083
Kararyd SWXX5673
Karbo SWXX6616
Karboda SWXX2309
Karbole SWXX8100
Karboleskog SWXX8101
Karby SWXX2310
Karby SWXX6617
Kardis SWXX4755
Kareby SWXX0404
Karelen SWXX8102
Karendojarvi SWXX4756
Karesuando SWXX0405
Karhuvaara SWXX4757
Karingebygden SWXX5674
Karingeryd SWXX5675
Karingnaset SWXX2311
Karivaara SWXX4758
Karl Gustav SWXX9084
Karlberg SWXX2312
Karlbo SWXX6618
Karleken SWXX9085
Karlhovshage SWXX2313
Karlsange SWXX6619
Karlsangen SWXX2314
Karlsarvet SWXX6620
Karlsback SWXX8103
Karlsback SWXX3630
Karlsbacka SWXX3631
Karlsberg SWXX8104
Karlsbo SWXX6621
Karlsborg SWXX4759
Karlsborg SWXX0097
Karlsbyheden SWXX6622
Karlsbyn SWXX6623
Karlsfors SWXX8105
Karlsgardarna SWXX6624
Karlshall SWXX4760
Karlshall SWXX5676
Karlshamn SWXX0013
Karlshem SWXX2315
Karlskoga SWXX0107
Karlskrona SWXX0014
Karlsnas SWXX8106
Karlsro SWXX2316
Karlsro SWXX9086
Karlstad SWXX0060
Karlsten SWXX3632
Karlstorp SWXX9087
Karlstrand SWXX8107
Karlsudd SWXX2317
Karlsvik SWXX0406
Karlsvik SWXX2318
Karmas SWXX4761
Karna SWXX6625
Karnas SWXX2319
Karonsbo SWXX3633
Karr SWXX9088
Karra SWXX9089
Karrabol SWXX5677
Karrback SWXX4762
Karrdal SWXX2320
Karreberg SWXX9090
Karrgruvan SWXX6626
Karsefors SWXX9091
Karsjo SWXX8108
Karskar SWXX8109
Karsnas SWXX9092
Karsta SWXX2321
Karsta SWXX0407
Karstrask SWXX3634
Kartakt SWXX6627
Kartevarekatorna SWXX4763
Kartorp SWXX5678
Kartylla SWXX6628
Karuna SWXX1218
Karungi SWXX4764
Karvsasen SWXX6629
Kasamark SWXX3635
Kasbodarna SWXX6630
Kasbole SWXX3636
Kasen SWXX6631
Kasjo SWXX8110
Kaskeluokt SWXX3637
Kasker SWXX4765
Kaspersbo SWXX6632
Kasseby SWXX6633
Kassjon SWXX3638
Kasta SWXX2322
Kasteberg SWXX9093
Kastet SWXX8111
Kataliden SWXX3639
Kataselet SWXX3640
Katatrask SWXX3641
Kataviken SWXX3642
Katila SWXX6634
Katkesuando SWXX4766
Katorp SWXX2323
Katrineberg SWXX8112
Katrineholm SWXX8113
Katrineholm SWXX0131
Kattan SWXX4767
Kattbo SWXX6635
Katthammarsvik SWXX7623
Kattilsboda SWXX5679
Kattilsmala SWXX0408
Kattilstorp SWXX0409
Kattisavan SWXX3643
Kattisberg SWXX3644
Kattistrask SWXX3645
Kattovuoma SWXX4768
Kattsta SWXX2325
Kaunisvaara SWXX4769
Kaxliden SWXX3646
Kaymajarvi SWXX4770
Kebal SWXX0410
Kengis SWXX4771
Kerasjankka SWXX4772
Kerasjoki SWXX4773
Kerkejaure SWXX4774
Kesasjarv SWXX4775
Kesebo SWXX9094
Keskijarvi SWXX4776
Kessmansbo SWXX8114
Kestorp SWXX5680
Keupan SWXX4777
Kieksiaisvaara SWXX4778
Kihlangi SWXX4779
Kihlanki SWXX1223
Kil SWXX0188
Kila SWXX9095
Kilafors SWXX8115
Kilberget SWXX4780
Kilbo SWXX8116
Kilen SWXX8117
Kilen SWXX6636
Kilholmen SWXX2326
Killhult SWXX9096
Killinge SWXX2327
Killingi SWXX4781
Killinki SWXX1225
Kilnaset SWXX4782
Kilsbo SWXX8118
Kilvoby SWXX4783
Kimsta SWXX2328
Kimsundet SWXX8119
Kinna SWXX0091
Kinnared SWXX9097
Kinnback SWXX3647
Kinstaby SWXX8120
Kippinge SWXX2329
Kirakkaniemi SWXX4784
Kirnujarvi SWXX4785
Kiruna SWXX0119
Kirunavaara SWXX4786
Kisa SWXX1228
Kista SWXX0189
Kistinge SWXX9098
Kistrask SWXX4787
Kitajaur SWXX1230
Kitkiojarvi SWXX4788
Kitkiojoki SWXX4789
Kittan SWXX6637
Kitte SWXX8121
Kittelfjaell SWXX1231
Kittmoren SWXX6638
Kivijarvi SWXX4790
Kiviniemi SWXX4791
Kjattorp SWXX5681
Kjevik SWXX9099
Kjulaas SWXX0413
Klabbole SWXX3648
Klackbo SWXX6639
Klackbodarna SWXX6640
Klacken SWXX6641
Klaeppa SWXX9100
Klagerup SWXX0190
Klagstorp SWXX9101
Klagstorp SWXX0414
Klakebaeck SWXX5682
Klamshyttan SWXX6642
Klangsta SWXX8122
Klappa SWXX8123
Klapparvik SWXX8124
Klappen SWXX4792
Klappen SWXX3649
Klappmark SWXX3650
Klappsta SWXX8125
Klastorp SWXX9102
Klavben SWXX5683
Klemensboda SWXX2331
Klemensnas SWXX3651
Klenshyttan SWXX6643
Klevshult SWXX1235
Klimpfjall SWXX3652
Klingsmala SWXX5684
Klingsta SWXX2332
Klintbo SWXX6644
Klintehamn SWXX1236
Klinten SWXX8126
Klintforsliden SWXX3653
Klintsjon SWXX3654
Klippan SWXX0191
Klippan SWXX2333
Klippans Bruk SWXX0415
Klippen SWXX3655
Klippsta SWXX2334
Klitten SWXX6645
Klockarangen SWXX2335
Klockarberg SWXX6646
Klockarbo SWXX6647
Klockarnas SWXX6648
Klockrike SWXX0416
Klocktrask SWXX3656
Klon SWXX8127
Klose SWXX3657
Kloster SWXX6649
Klovan SWXX8128
Kloverfors SWXX3658
Klovertrask SWXX4793
Klubbacken SWXX8129
Klubbfors SWXX4794
Klubbheden SWXX3659
Klubbudden SWXX4795
Klusan SWXX4796
Klutmark SWXX3660
Klutsjon SWXX6650
Knada SWXX8130
Knaften SWXX3661
Knallasbenning SWXX6651
Knared SWXX1240
Knas SWXX6652
Kneippbyn SWXX7624
Knicksand SWXX2337
Knipehall SWXX5685
Kniptorpet SWXX6653
Knisselbo SWXX8131
Kniva SWXX6654
Knivsta SWXX0192
Knolaberget SWXX9103
Knoppe SWXX8132
Knutsang SWXX5686
Knutsbo SWXX6655
Knutstorp SWXX5687
Koarskar SWXX6656
Koberga SWXX6657
Kode SWXX0418
Kofsta SWXX8133
Kogstorp SWXX9104
Koholma SWXX2338
Koikul SWXX4797
Koinge SWXX9105
Koivukyla SWXX4798
Koktrask SWXX3662
Kolarangen SWXX2339
Kolarasen SWXX6658
Kolarbo SWXX6659
Kolares SWXX6660
Kolari SWXX4799
Kolartorp SWXX2340
Kolasen SWXX1243
Kolback SWXX0068
Kolbotten SWXX2341
Kolbottenvret SWXX2342
Koldemo SWXX8134
Koler SWXX4800
Kolertrask SWXX4801
Kolfors SWXX8135
Kolforsen SWXX8136
Kolksele SWXX3663
Kolla SWXX9106
Kolmjarv SWXX4802
Kolmyrholm SWXX4803
Kolsjon SWXX8137
Kolsta SWXX8138
Kolsund SWXX8139
Kolsvik SWXX2343
Koludden SWXX2344
Kolvik SWXX2345
Kolviken SWXX2346
Kompeluslehto SWXX4804
Kompelusvaara SWXX4805
Komstorp SWXX5688
Konigshyttan SWXX6662
Konungshamn SWXX5689
Kopegarda SWXX5690
Koping SWXX1245
Kopinge SWXX9107
Kopingebro SWXX0716
Kopmanholm SWXX2347
Kopparbo SWXX6663
Kopparemala SWXX5691
Kopparmora SWXX2348
Kopparnas SWXX4806
Kopponis SWXX4807
Koppslahyttan SWXX6664
Kornarp SWXX9108
Kornhult SWXX9109
Korpasen SWXX8140
Korpika SWXX4808
Korpikyla SWXX4809
Korpilombolo SWXX4810
Korsa SWXX6665
Korsamo SWXX5692
Korsanas SWXX5693
Korsasen SWXX8141
Korsberga SWXX0419
Korshamn SWXX2349
Korsheden SWXX6666
Korsjarv SWXX4811
Korskrogen SWXX8142
Korslot SWXX2350
Korsnas SWXX6667
Korssjon SWXX3664
Korstrask SWXX4812
Korsveka SWXX9110
Koskats SWXX4813
Koskullskulle SWXX0420
Kottla SWXX2351
Koutojarvi SWXX4814
Koversta SWXX8143
Kovlinge SWXX9111
Kraback SWXX8144
Kraddsele SWXX3665
Kraftemala SWXX5694
Kragared SWXX9112
Kragsta SWXX2352
Krakangersnoret SWXX3666
Krakarp SWXX9113
Krakberg SWXX6668
Krakbrickan SWXX6669
Kraken SWXX3667
Krakerum SWXX5695
Krakeryd SWXX9114
Kraketorp SWXX5696
Kraklingbo SWXX1249
Kraklund SWXX2353
Krakmora SWXX2354
Krakmyra SWXX6670
Krako Hamn SWXX8145
Krakshult SWXX9115
Krakskar SWXX8146
Krama SWXX4815
Kramfors SWXX0193
Krangasen SWXX6671
Krangdalen SWXX6672
Krangfors SWXX3668
Krigslida SWXX2355
Krika SWXX0421
Kristianopel SWXX5697
Kristianstad SWXX0015
Kristineberg SWXX3669
Kristineberg SWXX2356
Kristvallabrunn SWXX0422
Krogsered SWXX9116
Krogshult SWXX9117
Krogsilt SWXX9118
Krogsmala SWXX5698
Krogsnas SWXX5699
Krogsta SWXX2357
Krokangen SWXX2358
Krokarna SWXX2359
Krokas SWXX5700
Krokback SWXX3670
Kroken SWXX5701
Krokfors SWXX4816
Kroksatern SWXX6673
Kroksjo SWXX3671
Kroksjon SWXX3672
Kroksvik SWXX5703
Kroktjarn SWXX4817
Kroktorp SWXX6674
Kroktrask SWXX3673
Kroktrask SWXX4818
Krokvik SWXX1254
Krommetsbo SWXX6675
Kronotorp SWXX4819
Krontorp SWXX9119
Kropp SWXX5704
Kroppasjo SWXX5705
Kruppa SWXX6676
Krusbo SWXX6677
Kryckeltjarn SWXX3674
Krylbo SWXX6678
Kryptjarn SWXX6679
Kubbebol SWXX9120
Kubbo SWXX8147
Kudoxa SWXX2360
Kuggeboda SWXX5706
Kuggoren SWXX0050
Kuitasniemi SWXX4820
Kuivakangas SWXX4821
Kukasjarvi SWXX4822
Kukkola SWXX4823
Kulan SWXX2361
Kulbacksliden SWXX3675
Kulfors SWXX3676
Kull SWXX9121
Kulla SWXX5707
Kulla SWXX8148
Kulla SWXX3677
Kulla SWXX9122
Kulla SWXX2362
Kullagarde SWXX9123
Kullagarden SWXX9124
Kullan SWXX5708
Kullavik SWXX9125
Kullen SWXX6680
Kullen SWXX9126
Kullen SWXX3678
Kullen SWXX2363
Kullen SWXX5709
Kullerbacken SWXX6681
Kullgardet SWXX6682
Kullsand SWXX8149
Kullsberg SWXX6683
Kullsbjorken SWXX6684
Kullsgard SWXX9127
Kullsta SWXX2364
Kullsveden SWXX6685
Kumbelnas SWXX6686
Kumla SWXX2365
Kumla SWXX0106
Kumle SWXX9128
Kummavuopio SWXX4824
Kummelnas SWXX0423
Kundby SWXX2366
Kungalv SWXX0016
Kungsaengen SWXX0194
Kungsater SWXX9129
Kungsbacka SWXX0195
Kungsbacken SWXX4825
Kungsbacken SWXX2367
Kungsberg SWXX8150
Kungsberga SWXX0425
Kungsbygget SWXX9130
Kungsdalen SWXX2368
Kungsfors SWXX8151
Kungsgarden SWXX0426
Kungsgarden SWXX8152
Kungshamn SWXX2369
Kungshamra SWXX2370
Kungshatt SWXX2371
Kungsholmen SWXX2372
Kungshult SWXX0774
Kungsstrand SWXX4826
Kuntmatt SWXX6687
Kuoksu SWXX4827
Kuorbevare SWXX3679
Kurajarvi SWXX4828
Kurkkio SWXX4829
Kurravaara SWXX4830
Kurrokvejk SWXX4831
Kusbo SWXX8153
Kusby SWXX2373
Kusfors SWXX3680
Kusliden SWXX3681
Kusmark SWXX3682
Kusmarksklappen SWXX3683
Kuson SWXX8154
Kussil SWXX8155
Kussjo SWXX3684
Kustrask SWXX4832
Kutbo SWXX6689
Kuttainen SWXX4833
Kuusihuornainen SWXX4834
Kuusijarvi SWXX4835
Kvakkol SWXX6690
Kvalltrask SWXX3685
Kvammarnas SWXX3686
Kvarlov SWXX0757
Kvarnagarden SWXX5710
Kvarnaker SWXX6691
Kvarnakershamn SWXX7625
Kvarnamala SWXX1265
Kvarnasen SWXX3687
Kvarnberg SWXX8156
Kvarnberg SWXX6692
Kvarnberget SWXX3688
Kvarnbo SWXX8157
Kvarnbole SWXX8158
Kvarnbyn SWXX3689
Kvarnfors SWXX3690
Kvarnheden SWXX6693
Kvarnholmen SWXX2374
Kvarnholn SWXX6694
Kvarnlund SWXX3691
Kvarnmon SWXX8159
Kvarnriset SWXX3692
Kvarnrodjningen SWXX3693
Kvarnsand SWXX2375
Kvarnsveden SWXX6695
Kvarnsvedja SWXX3694
Kvarntakt SWXX6696
Kvarntrask SWXX3695
Kvavistrask SWXX3696
Kvibille SWXX0427
Kvicksund SWXX0428
Kvidinge SWXX0429
Kvikkjokk SWXX0137
Kvilunda SWXX2376
Kvinja SWXX9131
Kvisljungeby SWXX0430
Kvistholmen SWXX8160
Kyan SWXX8161
Kylinge SWXX5711
Kyllej SWXX7626
Kyna SWXX6697
Kypasjarvi SWXX4836
Kyrkbacken SWXX8162
Kyrkbacken SWXX2377
Kyrkberget SWXX6698
Kyrkby SWXX7627
Kyrkbyn SWXX2378
Kyrkbyn SWXX8163
Kyrkbyn SWXX6699
Kyrkheddinge SWXX0785
Kyrkhult SWXX9132
Kyrkhult SWXX5712
Kyrkobyn SWXX9133
Kyrkobyn SWXX0431
Kyrkotorp SWXX9134
Kyrkviken SWXX2379
Kyttinge SWXX2380
Kyvik SWXX9135
Ladholmen SWXX2381
Ladkolen SWXX6700
Ladna SWXX2382
Ladnivare SWXX4837
Laduberg SWXX4838
Ladugardsgardet SWXX2383
Laforsen SWXX8164
Lagaholm SWXX9136
Lagaro SWXX2384
Lagbo SWXX8165
Lagdea SWXX3697
Lagered SWXX9137
Lagervik SWXX2385
Laggarbo SWXX6701
Laggarbo SWXX8166
Laggarsvik SWXX2386
Lagnaset SWXX6702
Lahall SWXX2387
Lahnajarvi SWXX4839
Laholm SWXX0196
Lahti SWXX4840
Lahult SWXX9138
Laimoluokta SWXX4841
Lainio SWXX1274
Laisaliden SWXX3698
Laisdalen SWXX4842
Laisholm SWXX3699
Laisvall SWXX4843
Laisvallsby SWXX4844
Lajksjo SWXX3700
Lajsback SWXX3701
Lajtavare SWXX3702
Lakafors SWXX4845
Lakasjo SWXX3703
Lakatrask SWXX4846
Lakatrasket SWXX4847
Lakback SWXX8167
Laknas SWXX6703
Lakoberg SWXX6704
Laktatjakka SWXX4848
Lamborn SWXX6705
Lampisenpaa SWXX4849
Landa SWXX8168
Landa SWXX6706
Landafors SWXX8169
Landangen SWXX2388
Landbobyn SWXX6707
Landeryd SWXX1275
Landfjarden SWXX2389
Landforsen SWXX6708
Landon SWXX1276
Landskrona SWXX0017
Landsnora SWXX2390
Landsort SWXX2391
Landsra SWXX8170
Landvetter SWXX0197
Langaker SWXX3704
Langangarna SWXX8171
Langangen SWXX2392
Langared SWXX9139
Langaryd SWXX9140
Langas SWXX0433
Langasjonas SWXX5714
Langback SWXX3705
Langbacka SWXX8172
Langbacka SWXX3706
Langbacken SWXX3707
Langbacken SWXX4850
Langbo SWXX8173
Langbodarna SWXX8174
Langbro SWXX2393
Langbro SWXX8175
Langbrosveden SWXX6709
Langby SWXX8176
Langed SWXX3708
Langede SWXX8177
Langehall SWXX5715
Langemala SWXX5716
Langenas SWXX9141
Langfabodarna SWXX6710
Langfallsgruvan SWXX6711
Langfors SWXX3709
Langforsselet SWXX4851
Langgarn SWXX2394
Langgol SWXX5717
Langgolsmala SWXX5718
Langhed SWXX8178
Langheden SWXX4852
Langholmen SWXX2395
Langlet SWXX6712
Langmarken SWXX6713
Langmor SWXX8179
Langnas SWXX4853
Langnas SWXX8180
Langnaset SWXX6714
Langnaset SWXX3710
Langnastrask SWXX3711
Langon SWXX4854
Langron SWXX3712
Langror SWXX8181
Langrudan SWXX2396
Langsalen SWXX6715
Langsbo SWXX8182
Langsbyn SWXX6716
Langsel SWXX4855
Langsele SWXX3713
Langshyttan SWXX6717
Langsjo SWXX2397
Langsjo SWXX6718
Langsjon SWXX2398
Langsjoryd SWXX5719
Langstrand SWXX3714
Langstrand SWXX6719
Langstrandsudd SWXX2399
Langsund SWXX4856
Langtegar SWXX9142
Langtjarnsberg SWXX8183
Langtrask SWXX4857
Langtrask SWXX3715
Langu SWXX2400
Langudden SWXX3716
Langvattnet SWXX3717
Langvik SWXX4859
Langviken SWXX2402
Langviksnas SWXX2403
Langviksskar SWXX2404
Langvinds Bruk SWXX8184
Lanna SWXX0434
Lanna SWXX7628
Lanna SWXX2405
Lanna-Drevviken SWXX2406
Lannaker SWXX2407
Lannas SWXX1281
Lannas SWXX1282
Lannavaara SWXX4861
Lannersta SWXX2408
Lannheden SWXX6720
Lanninge SWXX8185
Lansjaerv SWXX4862
Lantjarv SWXX4863
Lapp SWXX2409
Lappbacken SWXX4864
Lappheden SWXX6721
Lappkaerrsberget SWXX2410
Lapplandia SWXX4865
Lappsel SWXX4866
Lappselsliden SWXX3719
Lapptrask SWXX4867
Lappvattnet SWXX3720
Lappviken SWXX3721
Larbro SWXX7629
Laritstorp SWXX6722
Larkebo SWXX8186
Larsarvet SWXX6723
Larsbo SWXX8187
Larsboda SWXX2411
Larsfrid SWXX9143
Larshamn SWXX2412
Larum SWXX5720
Lassbacken SWXX4868
Lassbo SWXX6724
Lassby SWXX0435
Lassbyn SWXX4869
Lastad SWXX9144
Latikberg SWXX3722
Latikbodarna SWXX3723
Latorpsbruk SWXX0436
Lau SWXX7630
Lauker SWXX4870
Lauters SWXX7631
Lauttakoski SWXX4871
Lavaro SWXX2413
Laver SWXX4872
Lavsjo SWXX3724
Laxa SWXX0103
Laxbacken SWXX3725
Laxberget SWXX6725
Laxbo SWXX8188
Laxnas SWXX3726
Laxsjo SWXX1286
Laxsjon SWXX6726
Laxtjarn SWXX6727
Laxvadet SWXX6728
Laxvik SWXX9145
Ledaberg SWXX3727
Ledinge SWXX2414
Ledja SWXX5721
Ledsgard SWXX9146
Ledusjo SWXX3728
Ledvattsfors SWXX4873
Legeby SWXX9147
Leipojarvi SWXX1287
Lekasen SWXX6729
Leknas SWXX6730
Leksand SWXX0104
Leksands-Noret SWXX6731
Leksboda SWXX6732
Lekungen SWXX2415
Lem SWXX8189
Lemmsjovallen SWXX6733
Lenasen SWXX6734
Lenhojden SWXX6735
Lennsjo SWXX8190
Lerakra SWXX5722
Lerbacken SWXX6736
Lerberg SWXX9148
Lerdal SWXX6737
Lerdala SWXX0437
Lerhaga SWXX2416
Lerhyttan SWXX6738
Lerkil SWXX9149
Lerkila SWXX2417
Lernbo SWXX6739
Lerum SWXX0198
Lervassa SWXX2418
Lervik SWXX8191
Lervik SWXX2419
Lerviken SWXX6740
Leryd SWXX5723
Letesmala SWXX5724
Letsberg SWXX8192
Letsbo SWXX8193
Levalunda SWXX5725
Levar SWXX1291
Levershult SWXX5726
Levide SWXX7632
Lexe SWXX8194
Lexsjobo SWXX6741
Lia SWXX9150
Liatorp SWXX5727
Lickedarve SWXX7633
Lickershamn SWXX7634
Licksarve SWXX7635
Lidbacken SWXX3729
Lidbranna SWXX3730
Liden SWXX9151
Liden SWXX6742
Liden SWXX3731
Lidhult SWXX1292
Lidingo SWXX0018
Lidingoe SWXX0199
Lidkoping SWXX0200
Lidlund SWXX3732
Lidsalen SWXX6743
Lidsjon SWXX3733
Lidstrask SWXX3734
Lidtrask SWXX3735
Liehittaja SWXX4874
Liesta SWXX2420
Ligga SWXX4875
Liholen SWXX6744
Liikavaara SWXX4876
Lild Edet SWXX1296
Liljansnas SWXX6745
Liljeholmen SWXX2421
Lill-Brytte SWXX8195
Lill-Strasjo SWXX8196
Lill-Varjistrask SWXX4877
Lilla SWXX3736
Lilla SWXX4878
Lilla Alby SWXX2422
Lilla Aspeboda SWXX6746
Lilla Backnas SWXX4879
Lilla Botolfsbo SWXX6747
Lilla Busjon SWXX6748
Lilla Dicka SWXX6749
Lilla Essingen SWXX2423
Lilla Fagerdala SWXX2424
Lilla Frisko SWXX2425
Lilla Gloshult SWXX9152
Lilla Granberget SWXX4880
Lilla Hammar SWXX5728
Lilla Harrie SWXX0719
Lilla Holmtrask SWXX3737
Lilla Karrshult SWXX9153
Lilla Kulleryd SWXX5729
Lilla Lahall SWXX9154
Lilla Laxhem SWXX9155
Lilla Nora SWXX2426
Lilla Nyteboda SWXX5730
Lilla Rom SWXX5731
Lilla Silpinge SWXX5732
Lilla Snoan SWXX6750
Lilla Tjarby SWXX9156
Lilla Tolvsbo SWXX6751
Lilla Toringe SWXX9157
Lilla Vambasa SWXX5733
Lillagarde SWXX5734
Lillakre SWXX7636
Lillalgssjon SWXX6752
Lillanas SWXX3738
Lillangen SWXX2428
Lillangsdal SWXX2429
Lillarmsjo SWXX1298
Lillatjalen SWXX3739
Lillberget SWXX3740
Lillberget SWXX4881
Lillbo SWXX8197
Lillbodarna SWXX8198
Lillbron SWXX4882
Lillbyn SWXX8199
Lillegard SWXX9158
Lillfjaten SWXX6753
Lillgarden SWXX2430
Lillgoliden SWXX3741
Lillhamra SWXX8200
Lillhardal SWXX1299
Lillhojden SWXX6754
Lillkagetrask SWXX3742
Lillkorstrask SWXX4883
Lillkyrka SWXX0441
Lillo SWXX5735
Lilloen SWXX4884
Lillogda SWXX1301
Lillpite SWXX4885
Lillsand SWXX8201
Lillsandsjo SWXX3743
Lillsel SWXX4886
Lillsele SWXX3744
Lillsjo SWXX3745
Lillsjonas SWXX2431
Lillskog SWXX8202
Lillstrom SWXX2432
Lilltakt SWXX6755
Lilltjara SWXX8203
Lilltrask SWXX3746
Lilltrask SWXX4887
Lillvallen SWXX8204
Lima SWXX6756
Limback SWXX6757
Limbo SWXX6758
Limedsforsen SWXX6759
Liminkojarvi SWXX1302
Limmared SWXX1303
Linaalv SWXX4888
Linanas SWXX2433
Lindalen SWXX2434
Lindan SWXX6760
Lindanget SWXX6761
Lindas SWXX5736
Lindas SWXX4889
Lindasen SWXX8205
Lindberg SWXX9159
Lindbo SWXX8206
Lindby SWXX2435
Lindbyn SWXX6762
Lindefallet SWXX8207
Lindekullen SWXX5737
Lindesberg SWXX1304
Lindesnas SWXX6763
Lindet SWXX5738
Lindholmen SWXX0442
Lindhult SWXX9160
Lindome SWXX0201
Lindor SWXX6764
Lindorna SWXX6765
Lindris SWXX2436
Lindsbergsmyren SWXX8208
Lindsborg SWXX6766
Lindsdal SWXX0202
Lindsjon SWXX8209
Lindsta SWXX8210
Lingaro SWXX8211
Lingbo SWXX1308
Linghed SWXX6767
Linghem SWXX0445
Linghult SWXX9161
Lingilt SWXX9162
Lingome SWXX9163
Lingsarve SWXX7637
Linkka SWXX4890
Linkoping SWXX0203
Linkoping/Malmen SWXX0054
Linnarp SWXX9164
Linnas SWXX9165
Lintappan SWXX6768
Liseberg SWXX2437
Lissavallen SWXX6769
Lisselavallen SWXX6770
Lisselby SWXX6771
Lisselhaga SWXX6772
Lisselhed SWXX6773
Lissgard SWXX9166
Lisskog SWXX6774
Lisskogsasen SWXX6775
Lisslo SWXX2438
Lissma SWXX2439
Listerby SWXX0447
Lit SWXX1313
Littiainen SWXX4891
Livasudden SWXX4892
Liviojarvi SWXX4893
Ljordalen SWXX6776
Ljothed SWXX6777
Ljugarn SWXX7638
Ljunga SWXX0448
Ljungasen SWXX6778
Ljungby SWXX0113
Ljungbyhed SWXX0134
Ljungbyholm SWXX0449
Ljungdalen SWXX1318
Ljunget SWXX5739
Ljunghusen SWXX0713
Ljungryda SWXX5740
Ljungsbro SWXX0204
Ljungsjomala SWXX5741
Ljungskile SWXX0451
Ljungstorp SWXX9168
Ljusa SWXX4895
Ljusdal SWXX6779
Ljusdal SWXX8213
Ljusfallet SWXX6780
Ljushagen SWXX2440
Ljusne SWXX0452
Ljusnenaset SWXX8214
Ljusselsstugan SWXX4896
Ljusterangarna SWXX6781
Ljustero SWXX2441
Ljustrask SWXX4897
Ljusvattnet SWXX3747
Loberg SWXX3748
Loberget SWXX5742
Loberod SWXX0772
Lobonas SWXX8215
Lockansmala SWXX5743
Loddekopinge SWXX0205
Loderup SWXX0758
Lofsdalen SWXX1326
Loftabro SWXX9169
Logda SWXX3749
Logdea SWXX3750
Lognas SWXX9170
Loholm SWXX4898
Lojenas SWXX9171
Lojviken SWXX2442
Loka SWXX6782
Loka SWXX2443
Loknas SWXX2444
Lokrume SWXX7639
Lokvik SWXX2445
Lomben SWXX4899
Lombheden SWXX4900
Lomma SWXX0206
Lomsele SWXX3751
Lomselenas SWXX3752
Lomsjo SWXX3753
Lomsjokullen SWXX3754
Lomtrask SWXX4901
Lomviken SWXX6783
Lonas SWXX3755
Lonestig SWXX9172
Lonnanger SWXX8216
Lonnemossa SWXX6784
Lonnhojden SWXX6785
Lonsboda SWXX1328
Loo SWXX2446
Loparliden SWXX3756
Loparo SWXX2447
Lopasjarvi SWXX4902
Loppetorp SWXX5744
Lorang SWXX8217
Lorby SWXX0453
Lorbyskog SWXX5745
Lorje SWXX7640
Lorstrand SWXX8218
Los SWXX8219
Losen SWXX5746
Losjo SWXX8220
Loskalva SWXX2448
Lossbygget SWXX9173
Lossmen SWXX3757
Loster SWXX8221
Lotan SWXX8222
Lotbacken SWXX8223
Loten SWXX8224
Lotgarde SWXX8225
Lottefors SWXX8226
Lottingelund SWXX2449
Lovaker SWXX8227
Lovanger SWXX3758
Lovas SWXX3759
Lovasen SWXX3760
Lovasen SWXX6786
Lovasen SWXX8229
Lovassatern SWXX6787
Lovberg SWXX3761
Lovberget SWXX6788
Lovdal SWXX2450
Lovenas SWXX5747
Lovestad SWXX0770
Lovholmen SWXX4903
Lovikka SWXX4904
Lovingen SWXX8230
Lovkullen SWXX6789
Lovliden SWXX3762
Lovlund SWXX3763
Lovlund SWXX4905
Lovmarken SWXX6790
Lovnas SWXX3764
Lovnas SWXX6791
Lovo SWXX3765
Lovon SWXX3766
Lovriset SWXX8231
Lovsele SWXX3767
Lovsele Hamn SWXX3768
Lovsjon SWXX3769
Lovsjon SWXX6792
Lovskar SWXX8232
Lovstalot SWXX0454
Lovstrand SWXX3770
Lovsveden SWXX6793
Lovtjarn SWXX8233
Lovudden SWXX0455
Lovvattnet SWXX3771
Lovvik SWXX8234
Lovviken SWXX4906
Lubbotrask SWXX3772
Lubbtrask SWXX3773
Ludvigsberg SWXX2451
Ludvika SWXX1333
Lugnet SWXX2452
Lugnet SWXX3774
Lugnet SWXX9174
Lukse SWXX7641
Lulea SWXX0019
Lummelunda SWXX7642
Lumnas SWXX8235
Lumsheden SWXX6794
Lund SWXX6795
Lund SWXX0207
Lund SWXX3775
Lund SWXX2453
Lund SWXX8236
Lundan SWXX2454
Lundback SWXX3776
Lundbacken SWXX3777
Lundbacken SWXX4908
Lundby SWXX9175
Lundby SWXX2455
Lunden SWXX6796
Lundfors SWXX3778
Lundkarr SWXX9176
Lundkrok SWXX6797
Lundnas SWXX8237
Lunna SWXX9177
Lunnarp SWXX0707
Lunnatorp SWXX5748
Lunudden SWXX2456
Luossavaara SWXX4909
Luovaure SWXX4910
Luovvaluokta SWXX4911
Luppio SWXX4912
Lurendal SWXX9178
Lurgatan SWXX2457
Luspen SWXX3779
Luspholmen SWXX3780
Lustebo SWXX6798
Lusten SWXX2458
Lustorp SWXX9179
Luvos SWXX4913
Ly SWXX9180
Lyberget SWXX6799
Lycka SWXX6800
Lyckan SWXX9182
Lyckeaborg SWXX5749
Lyckeby SWXX5750
Lyckebyn SWXX2459
Lyckehusen SWXX9183
Lyckotrask SWXX4914
Lycksaberg SWXX3781
Lycksele SWXX0084
Lye SWXX7643
Lynas SWXX8238
Lyngakra SWXX9184
Lyngsta SWXX2460
Lyrestad SWXX1338
Lysekil SWXX0122
Maa SWXX9185
Maaherra SWXX4915
Maas SWXX9186
Mackmyra SWXX8239
Maderna SWXX9187
Maga SWXX8240
Maggas SWXX6801
Magnilbo SWXX6802
Magnuse SWXX7644
Mahult SWXX9188
Maitum SWXX1340
Majorna SWXX0208
Makrilla SWXX5751
Mala SWXX3782
Malaberg SWXX8241
Malarhojden SWXX2461
Malarna SWXX5752
Malatrask SWXX3783
Malavannas SWXX3784
Malbo SWXX8242
Malby SWXX2462
Malby SWXX6803
Malby Gruvor SWXX2463
Malevik SWXX9189
Malgomaj SWXX3785
Malgovik SWXX3786
Malhaga SWXX2464
Malhamra SWXX2465
Malilla SWXX0055
Malingsbo SWXX6804
Mallangsbo SWXX8243
Malmakvarn SWXX2466
Malmberget SWXX0209
Malmbergsasen SWXX6805
Malmbergshojden SWXX6806
Malmby SWXX2468
Malmen SWXX2469
Malmo SWXX0020
Malmoe SWXX0210
Malmslatt SWXX0211
Malmsta SWXX6807
Malsjo SWXX1347
Malson SWXX4916
Malsryd SWXX0458
Malsta SWXX1349
Malsta SWXX2470
Malsta SWXX8244
Maltan SWXX5753
Maltjalen SWXX3787
Malttrask SWXX3788
Maludden SWXX8245
Malung SWXX0051
Malungsfors SWXX0459
Malungshed SWXX8246
Malvik SWXX8247
Manasken SWXX5754
Mangberg SWXX6808
Mangbyn SWXX3789
Mangsbodarna SWXX6809
Manhem SWXX6810
Manjarv SWXX4917
Manjaur SWXX3790
Mannakull SWXX9190
Mannikkonjarvi SWXX4918
Mansberg SWXX3791
Mansbo SWXX6811
Mansbyn SWXX4919
Mansta SWXX6812
Manstrask SWXX4920
Mantorp SWXX0460
Mantyvaara SWXX4921
Marahamnen SWXX4922
Maraker SWXX8248
Maraviken SWXX5755
Marback SWXX9191
Marbodar SWXX7645
Mardang SWXX8249
Mardsbranna SWXX3792
Mardsel SWXX4923
Mardsele SWXX3793
Mardsjo SWXX3794
Mardsjoberg SWXX3795
Maren SWXX5756
Marenas SWXX9192
Margretelund SWXX2471
Margretetorp SWXX0461
Marhult SWXX9193
Mariannelund SWXX1354
Marieberg SWXX2472
Marieby SWXX0462
Mariedal SWXX9194
Mariedal SWXX2473
Mariefred SWXX0067
Mariehall SWXX5757
Marielund SWXX0463
Marielund SWXX4924
Markaryd SWXX1358
Markdalsnas SWXX2474
Marken SWXX5758
Market SWXX1359
Markfallet SWXX6813
Markitta SWXX4925
Markusfallet SWXX6814
Markusvinsa SWXX4926
Marma SWXX0464
Marn SWXX2475
Marnas SWXX6815
Marrehill SWXX2476
Marsattra SWXX2477
Marserum SWXX5759
Marsliden SWXX3797
Marsta SWXX0212
Martanberg SWXX6816
Martebo SWXX7646
Martensberg SWXX2479
Martensboda SWXX3798
Martensgard SWXX6817
Martensliden SWXX3799
Martensmarken SWXX3800
Martenstorp SWXX6818
Martsbo SWXX6819
Marum SWXX1362
Masarp SWXX9195
Masby SWXX2480
Maskaure SWXX4927
Maskbo SWXX6820
Massbacken SWXX6821
Massum SWXX2481
Mastad SWXX5760
Mastaremala SWXX5761
Masterbo SWXX6822
Mastocka SWXX9196
Masugnsbyn SWXX4928
Matalajarvi SWXX4929
Matarengi SWXX4930
Matojarvi SWXX4931
Matokoski SWXX4932
Matsal SWXX6823
Matsbo SWXX6824
Matsdal SWXX3801
Matshyttan SWXX6825
Mattila SWXX4933
Mattisudden SWXX4934
Mattmar SWXX1363
Mattsasen SWXX6826
Mattsmyra SWXX8251
Mattsund SWXX0466
Maunu SWXX4935
Maurliden SWXX3802
Maursele SWXX3803
Mavas SWXX4936
Meastrand SWXX1365
Medelas SWXX3804
Medle SWXX3805
Medsele SWXX3806
Medstugan SWXX1366
Mellan Roteberg SWXX8252
Mellanas SWXX3807
Mellanborg SWXX6827
Mellanfjaerden SWXX8253
Mellansel hemma SWXX1367
Mellansjo SWXX3808
Mellansjo SWXX4937
Mellansjo SWXX8254
Mellanstrom SWXX4938
Mellansvartback SWXX3809
Mellanvakern SWXX6828
Mellby SWXX9197
Mellbystrand SWXX9198
Mellersta Karsbo SWXX5762
Mellstaby SWXX1368
Melltorp SWXX9199
Melsliden SWXX3810
Melstrask SWXX3811
Menlosa SWXX9200
Menstrask SWXX3812
Merasjarvi SWXX4939
Mertajarvi SWXX4940
Meselefors SWXX3813
Mesjo SWXX3814
Messaure SWXX4941
Messubodarna SWXX8255
Mesta SWXX6829
Metta Dokkas SWXX4942
Mettajarvi SWXX4943
Mettjaur SWXX3815
Mickeltrask SWXX3816
Mickelval SWXX6830
Mickje SWXX8256
Mickrum SWXX2482
Midsommarkransen SWXX2483
Miekojarvi SWXX4944
Milasten SWXX5763
Millegarne SWXX5764
Milsbo SWXX6831
Missentrask SWXX3817
Missjo SWXX0467
Mjagen SWXX6832
Mjala SWXX1370
Mjalahult SWXX9201
Mjalga SWXX6833
Mjalgen SWXX6834
Mjallby SWXX0468
Mjallby SWXX5765
Mjodvattnet SWXX3818
Mjoelkudden SWXX4945
Mjofjarden SWXX4946
Mjolan SWXX4947
Mjolbergsasen SWXX6835
Mjolby SWXX1372
Mjolkon SWXX2484
Mjolnartorpet SWXX6836
Mjolsta SWXX2485
Mjosjo SWXX3819
Mjosjon SWXX3820
Mjotrask SWXX4948
Mjovik SWXX5766
Mo SWXX3821
Mo SWXX8257
Mo Angsag SWXX3822
Moan SWXX4949
Mobacken SWXX3823
Mockfjard SWXX6837
Mocklo SWXX5767
Mocktrask SWXX4950
Modange SWXX8258
Moelndal SWXX0469
Moerbylanga SWXX1382
Mohed SWXX8259
Moheda SWXX0470
Moja SWXX2486
Moje SWXX6838
Moljeryd SWXX5768
Molkom SWXX1375
Mollan SWXX9202
Molle SWXX1376
Mollebjorke SWXX5769
Mollegard SWXX9203
Mollekulla SWXX5770
Molleryd SWXX5771
Molletorp SWXX5772
Molltorp SWXX1377
Molna SWXX2487
Molnbo SWXX2488
Molndal SWXX0021
Molnlycke SWXX0214
Molstaberg SWXX2489
Mom SWXX8260
Mon SWXX3824
Mon SWXX6839
Moningssand SWXX8261
Mora SWXX2490
Mora SWXX0471
Mora-Noret SWXX6840
Morabo SWXX8263
Morang SWXX4951
Morangsviken SWXX8264
Morarp SWXX0472
Morbackssatern SWXX6841
Morberget SWXX6842
Morbohult SWXX5773
Morby SWXX2491
Morby SWXX5774
Morbygge SWXX6843
Morbyn SWXX3825
Moren SWXX6844
Morgardshammar SWXX6845
Morjaren SWXX2492
Morjarv SWXX4952
Morkamala SWXX5775
Morkarlby SWXX6846
Morkilt SWXX9204
Morkret SWXX6847
Morliden SWXX3826
Morlunda SWXX0473
Morn SWXX6848
Moro SWXX3827
Moron SWXX4953
Morrum SWXX0474
Morrums Bruk SWXX5776
Morshyttan SWXX6849
Morsveden SWXX6850
Mortarbo SWXX6851
Mortberg SWXX4954
Mortebo SWXX8265
Mortjuk SWXX5777
Mortkolaberg SWXX8266
Mortnas SWXX2493
Morto SWXX2494
Mortsjo SWXX8267
Mortsjon SWXX8268
Mortsunda SWXX2495
Morttjarn SWXX3828
Mortvik SWXX2496
Mortviken SWXX2497
Morup SWXX0475
Mosas SWXX0476
Mosatern SWXX6852
Mosekaella SWXX3829
Moshult SWXX9205
Mosilt SWXX9206
Mosjo SWXX3830
Moskojarvi SWXX4955
Moskosel SWXX1387
Mossbo SWXX8269
Mossel SWXX6853
Mossen SWXX9207
Mosson SWXX8270
Motala SWXX1388
Motingselberget SWXX3831
Mukkajarvi SWXX4956
Mullbacka SWXX4957
Mullholm SWXX4958
Mullsjo SWXX3832
Mullsjoe SWXX0215
Mummelycke SWXX5778
Munka-Ljungby SWXX0477
Munkahus SWXX5779
Munkedal SWXX1391
Munkerud SWXX1392
Munksund SWXX4959
Munkviken SWXX3833
Muodoslompolo SWXX4960
Muonionalusta SWXX4961
Muoniovaara SWXX4962
Muorjevaara SWXX4963
Murarelyckan SWXX9208
Murbo SWXX6854
Murgarden SWXX8272
Murjek SWXX1393
Murmastarbo SWXX6855
Musasen SWXX8273
Musko SWXX2498
Musko Havsbad SWXX2499
Musko Tomten SWXX2500
Mute SWXX9209
Mutsunda SWXX2501
Myckelberg SWXX6856
Myckelby SWXX6857
Myckelbyn SWXX6858
Myckle SWXX3834
Myggnaset SWXX6859
Myggsjo SWXX6860
Myggsjon SWXX6861
Myra SWXX2502
Myra SWXX8274
Myran SWXX6862
Myrbacka SWXX6863
Myrberg SWXX3835
Myrbo SWXX6864
Myrheden SWXX3836
Myrhojden SWXX6865
Myrholn SWXX6866
Myrtrask SWXX3837
Myrvalder SWXX7647
Myrvallen SWXX6867
Myrvik SWXX6868
Myskja SWXX2503
Myssje SWXX8275
Myttinge SWXX2504
Naartijarvi SWXX4964
Nabben SWXX2505
Nabben SWXX5780
Nabbo SWXX2506
Nacka SWXX0216
Nackadalen SWXX6869
Nackanas SWXX2507
Nackenback SWXX6870
Nacksjo SWXX8276
Nacktjarn SWXX8277
Nada SWXX3838
Nadhult SWXX9210
Naesby SWXX6871
Naglarby SWXX6872
Nagleryd SWXX5781
Naisjarv SWXX4965
Nalden SWXX1395
Nalsta SWXX2508
Namdo SWXX2509
Nammatjkata SWXX4966
Namnsbo SWXX6873
Nansta SWXX8278
Nantes SWXX2510
Nar SWXX7648
Naraby SWXX9211
Narken SWXX4967
Nars SWXX7649
Narsen SWXX6874
Narsjo SWXX6875
Narsta SWXX2511
Nartuna SWXX2512
Narva SWXX4968
Narven SWXX2513
Nas SWXX3839
Nas SWXX9212
Nas SWXX1397
Nas SWXX8279
Nas SWXX2514
Nas SWXX6876
Nas Bruk SWXX6877
Nasangen SWXX2515
Nasanget SWXX6878
Nasberg SWXX6879
Nasberg SWXX3840
Nasberg SWXX8280
Nasberg SWXX4969
Nasbyggebyn SWXX6880
Nasbyn SWXX6881
Nasbyn SWXX8281
Nasbyn SWXX4970
Nasbypark SWXX2516
Naset SWXX1398
Naset SWXX4971
Naset SWXX2517
Naset SWXX6882
Naset SWXX3841
Naset SWXX8282
Nashagen SWXX2518
Nasland SWXX3842
Nasmark SWXX3843
Nassatter SWXX8283
Nassja SWXX9213
Nassja SWXX8284
Nassjo SWXX1399
Nastansjo SWXX3844
Nastappen SWXX2519
Nastrask SWXX4972
Nasudden SWXX3845
Nasudden SWXX2520
Nasum SWXX0479
Nasvattnet SWXX3846
Nasviken SWXX2521
Nasviken SWXX0074
Nattaroe SWXX2522
Nattavaara SWXX1402
Nattleryd SWXX5782
Nattraby SWXX0480
Nattrabyhamn SWXX5783
Nausta SWXX4973
Nautijaur SWXX4974
Navbacken SWXX6883
Naverasen SWXX6884
Naverliden SWXX4975
Naversjoberget SWXX3847
Navragol SWXX5784
Navrasjo SWXX5785
Neder Soderby SWXX2523
Neder-Kangsta SWXX2524
Nederberge SWXX8285
Nederborg SWXX6885
Nederlulea SWXX4976
Nedernora SWXX6886
Nedersta SWXX2525
Nedra Runby SWXX2526
Nedre Abyn SWXX3848
Nedre Avassa SWXX2527
Nedre Back SWXX3849
Nedre Faboliden SWXX3850
Nedre Flasjon SWXX4977
Nedre Gardsjo SWXX6887
Nedre Heden SWXX6888
Nedre Kuouka SWXX4978
Nedre Larssveden SWXX6889
Nedre Malgonas SWXX3851
Nedre Nyland SWXX3853
Nedre Parakka SWXX4979
Nedre Saxnas SWXX3854
Nedre Soppero SWXX4980
Nedre Storfors SWXX4981
Nedre Stubbersbo SWXX6890
Nedre Svarttjarn SWXX8286
Nedre Tandberget SWXX6891
Nedre Tvaraselet SWXX4982
Nedre Vanbo SWXX6892
Nedre Vojakkala SWXX4983
Nedre-Ore SWXX3855
Neitisuando SWXX4984
Nenasvaara SWXX4985
Nenninge SWXX2528
Nestenkangas SWXX4986
Nianfors SWXX8287
Niannaset SWXX8288
Niannoret SWXX8289
Nibble SWXX6893
Nibbleasen SWXX6894
Nickara SWXX8290
Nickarvet SWXX6895
Nickelsbo SWXX9214
Niemi SWXX4987
Niemis SWXX4988
Niemisel SWXX4989
Niepen SWXX3856
Nietsavare SWXX4990
Nikkala SWXX0481
Nikkaluokta SWXX4991
Niknoret SWXX3857
Nilimannikko SWXX4992
Nilivaara SWXX4993
Nilslarsberg SWXX6896
Nilsliden SWXX3858
Nirak SWXX3859
Niska SWXX4994
Nissastrom SWXX9215
Nisstakt SWXX6897
Nittkvarn SWXX6898
Nittsjo SWXX6899
Niva SWXX4995
Njallejaur SWXX4996
Njavve SWXX4997
Njetjavare SWXX4998
Njote SWXX8291
Njunjes SWXX4999
Njutanger SWXX8292
Nockeby SWXX2529
Nockebyhov SWXX2530
Nodesta SWXX2531
Nodinge-Nol SWXX0217
Nodsta SWXX2532
Nogersund SWXX0483
Nolbyn SWXX3860
Nolsjo SWXX2533
Nolvik SWXX0484
Nor SWXX2534
Nor SWXX6900
Nora SWXX8294
Nora SWXX0218
Nora SWXX2535
Norbo SWXX6901
Norbofinnmark SWXX6902
Norbohyttan SWXX6903
Nord-Koster SWXX0485
Nordaker SWXX6904
Nordana SWXX9216
Nordana SWXX8295
Nordanaker SWXX6905
Nordanaker SWXX8296
Nordanas SWXX3861
Nordanasbo SWXX8297
Nordanback SWXX3862
Nordanberg SWXX6906
Nordanbro SWXX8298
Nordanby SWXX6907
Nordanhole SWXX8299
Nordanholen SWXX6908
Nordano SWXX2536
Nordano SWXX6909
Nordano SWXX0486
Nordansjo SWXX6910
Nordansjo SWXX3863
Nordansjo SWXX8300
Nordansund SWXX5786
Nordantjal SWXX1411
Nordas SWXX3864
Nordback SWXX6911
Nordbacksbo SWXX6912
Nordbyn SWXX3865
Nordgarden SWXX9217
Nordibyn SWXX6913
Nordkroken SWXX0487
Nordmaling SWXX3866
Nordmyra SWXX8301
Nordomsjon SWXX6914
Nordrona SWXX2537
Nordsjo SWXX8302
Nordsjo SWXX3867
Nordviken SWXX6915
Nore SWXX8303
Nore SWXX2538
Noret SWXX2539
Noret SWXX6916
Noret SWXX8304
Norga SWXX2540
Norhyttan SWXX6917
Norje SWXX5787
Norjeboke SWXX5788
Normanstorp SWXX9218
Norn SWXX6918
Nornas SWXX6919
Norr Amsberg SWXX6920
Norr-Rangsta SWXX2541
Norra Abyn SWXX3869
Norra Akershult SWXX9219
Norra Akulla SWXX3870
Norra Algered SWXX8305
Norra Angby SWXX2542
Norra Arneby SWXX0829
Norra Assjo SWXX8306
Norra Asum SWXX0488
Norra Avradsberg SWXX6921
Norra Basksjo SWXX3871
Norra Bastutrask SWXX3872
Norra Bergfors SWXX3873
Norra Bergnas SWXX5001
Norra Bergsang SWXX6922
Norra Bergsbyn SWXX3874
Norra Bisen SWXX6923
Norra Blommaberg SWXX8307
Norra Bokeberg SWXX9220
Norra Bomansberg SWXX6924
Norra Bredaker SWXX5002
Norra Bro SWXX0489
Norra Brudskogen SWXX6925
Norra Djuptrask SWXX3875
Norra Drangsmark SWXX3876
Norra Ekeryd SWXX9221
Norra Enby SWXX2543
Norra Enkullen SWXX6926
Norra Evlinge SWXX2544
Norra Fagerhult SWXX9222
Norra Fjallnas SWXX3877
Norra Flat SWXX8308
Norra Gaddvik SWXX5003
Norra Grontuv SWXX6928
Norra Grundfors SWXX3878
Norra Hedensbyn SWXX3879
Norra Holmnas SWXX5004
Norra Insjo SWXX3880
Norra Kallsta SWXX2545
Norra Kattbo SWXX6929
Norra Kopparmora SWXX2546
Norra Kyrkbyn SWXX8309
Norra Lagno SWXX2547
Norra Lindberg SWXX6931
Norra Malanas SWXX3883
Norra Mon SWXX6932
Norra Nano SWXX2548
Norra Nas SWXX9225
Norra Ossjo SWXX9226
Norra Rada SWXX2549
Norra Remma SWXX9227
Norra Rorvik SWXX2550
Norra Rosvik SWXX5005
Norra Sandnas SWXX8310
Norra Sandsjarv SWXX5006
Norra Savsas SWXX9228
Norra Skogaby SWXX9229
Norra Stavsudda SWXX2551
Norra Stensjo SWXX5789
Norra Stensjon SWXX3884
Norra Storfors SWXX5007
Norra Stortrask SWXX5008
Norra Strandmora SWXX6933
Norra Stutby SWXX2552
Norra Sunderbyn SWXX5009
Norra Svardso SWXX2553
Norra Tresund SWXX3885
Norra Utmeland SWXX6935
Norra Vastansjo SWXX6936
Norra Veckebo SWXX8311
Norraker SWXX3887
Norrala SWXX1415
Norrange SWXX8312
Norrangen SWXX2554
Norraryd SWXX1416
Norrasen SWXX8313
Norrava SWXX2555
Norrback SWXX3888
Norrback SWXX8314
Norrberg SWXX8315
Norrberg SWXX3889
Norrbo SWXX8316
Norrbo SWXX6937
Norrbobyn SWXX8317
Norrboda SWXX6938
Norrbole SWXX3890
Norrby SWXX6939
Norrby SWXX3891
Norrby SWXX8318
Norrby SWXX2556
Norrbyle SWXX2557
Norrbyn SWXX8319
Norrbyn SWXX3892
Norrbysjon SWXX6940
Norrbyskar SWXX3893
Norrbyvret SWXX0490
Norrdal SWXX3894
Norrekasa SWXX5790
Norrfjarden SWXX8320
Norrfjarden SWXX5010
Norrfly SWXX8321
Norrfors SWXX1418
Norrgardssalen SWXX6941
Norrgima SWXX8322
Norrheden SWXX3896
Norrhenninge SWXX2558
Norrhyttan SWXX6942
Norrkoping SWXX0022
Norrkvie SWXX7650
Norrlangtrask SWXX3897
Norrlia SWXX8323
Norrlida SWXX9230
Norrliden SWXX3898
Norrljusne SWXX8324
Norrlot SWXX2559
Norrmalm SWXX2560
Norrmarjum SWXX2561
Norrmarum SWXX2562
Norrmjole SWXX3899
Norrnas SWXX2563
Norrnavde SWXX6943
Norrsellnas SWXX6944
Norrsjon SWXX2564
Norrskog SWXX2565
Norrskog SWXX6945
Norrstrom SWXX3900
Norrsund SWXX2566
Norrsunda SWXX2567
Norrsundet SWXX8325
Norrtalie SWXX0082
Norrtjarn SWXX8326
Norrvaga SWXX8327
Norrvana SWXX8328
Norrveda SWXX2568
Norrvik SWXX6946
Norrvik SWXX3901
Norrviken SWXX2569
Norrvreta SWXX2570
Norsan SWXX6947
Norsbo SWXX6948
Norsbol SWXX2571
Norsborg SWXX2572
Norsbro SWXX6949
Norsjo SWXX8329
Norsjoe SWXX1421
Norsjovallen SWXX3902
Norslund SWXX6950
Nortorp SWXX9231
Norum SWXX3903
Norvara SWXX9232
Norvik SWXX2573
Nossebro SWXX1422
Nosslinge SWXX9233
Notabrane SWXX5791
Nottesta SWXX2574
Nottnas SWXX2575
Nottrask SWXX5011
Notviken SWXX5012
Nuksujarvi SWXX5013
Nuoksujarvi SWXX5014
Nuolpen SWXX3904
Nuortikon SWXX5015
Nuottejaur SWXX5016
Nurmasuando SWXX5017
Nurmasuanto SWXX5018
Nurrholm SWXX5019
Nusnas SWXX6951
Nya Bastuselet SWXX5020
Nya Langenas SWXX0491
Nya Risliden SWXX3905
Nya Rusele SWXX3906
Nya Storbacken SWXX3907
Nya Vasselvallen SWXX6952
Nyaker SWXX1424
Nyaker SWXX8330
Nyakern SWXX6953
Nyakerstjarn SWXX3909
Nyang SWXX8331
Nyangen SWXX6954
Nyangen SWXX2576
Nyarp SWXX9234
Nyas SWXX3910
Nyback SWXX3911
Nyberget SWXX6955
Nybingsbo SWXX6956
Nybo SWXX8332
Nyboda SWXX2577
Nybofjall SWXX6957
Nybolet SWXX6958
Nyborg SWXX2578
Nyborg SWXX5021
Nybranna SWXX3912
Nybro SWXX0118
Nybro SWXX6959
Nybruket SWXX5022
Nyby SWXX9235
Nyby SWXX2579
Nyby SWXX6960
Nyby SWXX3913
Nybygget SWXX2580
Nybyn SWXX3914
Nybyn SWXX5023
Nyckelby SWXX6962
Nyckelby SWXX2581
Nydal SWXX8334
Nydalahoejden SWXX3915
Nyebro SWXX9236
Nyfabon SWXX6963
Nyfors SWXX1426
Nyfors SWXX2582
Nygard SWXX9237
Nygard SWXX3916
Nygarden SWXX6964
Nygarden SWXX8335
Nygards SWXX7651
Nygardsheden SWXX5024
Nyhammar SWXX6965
Nyhamn SWXX7652
Nyhem SWXX2583
Nyholm SWXX3917
Nyhyttan SWXX6966
Nykil SWXX0492
Nykoping SWXX0023
Nykroppa SWXX1429
Nykvarn SWXX2584
Nyland SWXX3918
Nyland SWXX1430
Nylandet SWXX6967
Nyliden SWXX3919
Nyliden SWXX5025
Nyluspen SWXX3920
Nynashamn SWXX0219
Nysal SWXX6968
Nysatern SWXX6969
Nysaternvallen SWXX6970
Nysatersvallen SWXX6971
Nysatra SWXX2585
Nysatra SWXX3921
Nysattra SWXX2586
Nystrand SWXX5026
Nytappet SWXX5792
Nytjarn SWXX3922
Nytorp SWXX2587
Nytorp SWXX3923
Nytrask SWXX3924
Nytrask SWXX5027
Nyttorp SWXX9238
Nyvall SWXX8337
Nyvik SWXX3925
Oaxen SWXX2589
Obacka SWXX3926
Obbola SWXX0496
Obonas SWXX0497
Oby SWXX8338
Ockelbo SWXX1438
Ockelsjon SWXX3927
Odakra SWXX0498
Odelasbacken SWXX3928
Odemala SWXX5793
Odenplan SWXX2590
Odensala SWXX2591
Odensjo SWXX0499
Odenslund SWXX2592
Odenslunda SWXX2593
Odeshog SWXX1441
Odskolt SWXX1442
OEckeroe SWXX0493
OEjersbo SWXX0494
OEran SWXX2588
OErtagarden SWXX0495
OEstermalm SWXX0220
OEverkalix SWXX5029
OEvertornea SWXX5030
Offamala SWXX5794
Offerberg SWXX8339
Oguvallen SWXX6972
Ogviken SWXX6973
Ohtanajarvi SWXX1443
Oinge SWXX9239
Oja SWXX6974
Oja SWXX9240
Ojasjomala SWXX5795
Ojavad SWXX5796
Oje SWXX8340
Ojebyn SWXX5031
Ojersjo SWXX0500
Ojs-Lyberget SWXX6976
Ojvassla SWXX6977
Oknalt SWXX9241
Okome SWXX9242
Oksajarvi SWXX5032
Oktorp SWXX9243
Okvattnet SWXX5033
Ol-Hansblastan SWXX6978
Oland SWXX1445
Olandet SWXX3929
Olbo SWXX8341
Olingskog SWXX6979
Oljehult SWXX5797
Oljersjo SWXX5798
Oljonsbyn SWXX6980
Olkamanki SWXX5034
Ollajvs SWXX7653
Olmanas SWXX9244
Olmen SWXX8342
Olofsberg SWXX3930
Olofsbo SWXX9245
Olofsborg SWXX3931
Olofsfors SWXX1446
Olofstroem SWXX1447
Olovslund SWXX2594
Olsang SWXX5799
Olsfors SWXX0501
Olshammar SWXX1449
Olshult SWXX9247
Olshyttan SWXX6981
Olsjon SWXX6982
Olsnas SWXX6983
Olsta SWXX2595
Olsund SWXX8344
Ommesvik SWXX2596
On SWXX3933
On SWXX9248
On SWXX2597
On SWXX8345
On SWXX5035
On SWXX6984
Ona SWXX6985
Ondebyn SWXX3934
Onnanget SWXX3935
Onneberg SWXX8346
Onnesmark SWXX3936
Onnestad SWXX0502
Onsala SWXX0221
Onsang SWXX8347
Onsgardet SWXX6986
Onsjo SWXX9249
Onslunda SWXX0503
Onsta SWXX2598
Onusberg SWXX5036
Ope SWXX0504
Opp-Norrby SWXX2599
Oppaker SWXX8348
Oppala SWXX8349
Oppby SWXX8350
Oppgarden SWXX8351
Oppinge SWXX9250
Oppli SWXX8352
Oppsjo SWXX8353
Opsaheden SWXX6987
Optand SWXX0505
Orangarna SWXX6988
Orange SWXX8354
Oravan SWXX3937
Orby SWXX2600
Orbyhus SWXX0506
Ore SWXX3938
Ore Loberg SWXX6989
Orebacken SWXX6990
Oreborg SWXX3939
Orebro SWXX0222
Oregrund SWXX0079
Orelycke SWXX5800
Orestrom SWXX3940
Orevallen SWXX6991
Orhem SWXX2601
Orjasjarvi SWXX5037
Orkesta SWXX2602
Orlangvik SWXX2603
Ormsta SWXX2604
Ornabackshult SWXX9251
Ornas SWXX2605
Ornas SWXX0508
Ornas SWXX3941
Ornbergskilen SWXX1459
Orninge SWXX2606
Orno SWXX2607
Ornoboda SWXX2608
Ornskoldsvik SWXX0085
Orranaes SWXX5801
Orrbole SWXX3942
Orrholen SWXX6992
Orrliden SWXX3943
Orrmor SWXX2609
Orrmyrheden SWXX6993
Orrsta SWXX6994
Orrviken SWXX0509
Orsa SWXX6995
Orsala SWXX6996
Orsasen SWXX6997
Orsback SWXX1462
Orsbleck SWXX6998
Orseryd SWXX5802
Orsjobergssatern SWXX6999
Orsjon SWXX7000
Orskogen SWXX7001
Orslosa SWXX0510
Orso SWXX2610
Orsta SWXX2611
Orsta SWXX8355
Orsten SWXX8356
Ortala SWXX2612
Ortjarn SWXX7002
Ortrask SWXX3944
Orvik SWXX2613
Orviken SWXX7003
Orviken SWXX0511
Osaren SWXX8357
Osarp SWXX9252
Osby SWXX2614
Osbybro SWXX2615
Osbyholm SWXX0702
Oscarsvarn SWXX5804
Oskarshamn SWXX1466
Oskarshamn SWXX2617
Oskarslund SWXX2618
Oskarstrom SWXX0512
Oslattfors SWXX8358
Osmo SWXX2619
Osmundsberg SWXX7004
Osta SWXX2620
Ostana SWXX2621
Ostana SWXX0513
Ostana SWXX8359
Ostanback SWXX8360
Ostanback SWXX3945
Ostanberget SWXX7005
Ostanbjorka SWXX7006
Ostanbo SWXX8361
Ostanbrack SWXX8362
Ostanbyn SWXX7007
Ostanbyn SWXX8363
Ostanfjarden SWXX5038
Ostanfors SWXX7008
Ostanhol SWXX7009
Ostanmor SWXX7010
Ostansja SWXX8364
Ostansjo SWXX3946
Ostansjo SWXX8365
Ostansjo SWXX0514
Ostansjo SWXX7011
Ostanvik SWXX7012
Ostberga SWXX2622
Ostbjorka SWXX7013
Ostby SWXX8366
Ostbyn SWXX3947
Oster Gafsele SWXX3948
Oster-Sansjo SWXX2623
Oster-Storsjo SWXX3949
Ostera SWXX3950
Osterang SWXX2624
Osterangby SWXX2625
Osterbacka SWXX3951
Osterbannback SWXX7014
Osterbats SWXX2626
Osterberg SWXX8367
Osterbo SWXX8368
Osterbo SWXX7015
Osterbole SWXX8369
Osterbor SWXX8370
Osterby SWXX2627
Osterby SWXX9253
Osterby SWXX7654
Osterby SWXX7016
Osterbybruk SWXX0515
Osterbyggebo SWXX8371
Osterbyn SWXX7017
Osterbyn SWXX5039
Osterfarnebo SWXX1471
Osterfors SWXX7018
Ostergrangsjo SWXX8372
Ostergrav SWXX7019
Osterhaninge SWXX2628
Osterhastbo SWXX8373
Osterjorn SWXX3952
Osterlisa SWXX2629
Ostermalm SWXX5040
Ostermar SWXX2630
Ostermyckelang SWXX7020
Osternas SWXX2631
Osternas SWXX8374
Osternoret SWXX3953
Ostersjo SWXX2632
Osterskar SWXX2633
Osterstrasjo SWXX8375
Ostersund SWXX0223
Ostersund/Froson SWXX0046
Ostertanne SWXX8376
Ostertorp SWXX2634
Ostervallskog SWXX1474
Ostervik SWXX8377
Ostervik SWXX3954
Osterviksfall SWXX7021
Osthammar SWXX0080
Osthamra SWXX2636
Ostloning SWXX1476
Ostnas SWXX3955
Ostnor SWXX7022
Ostnora SWXX2637
Ostomsjon SWXX7023
Ostorp SWXX2638
Ostorp SWXX9254
Ostra Akralt SWXX9255
Ostra Aliden SWXX3956
Ostra Bodvallen SWXX5041
Ostra Bolan SWXX8378
Ostra Born SWXX7024
Ostra Derome SWXX9256
Ostra Eka SWXX2639
Ostra Ekedal SWXX2640
Ostra Falmark SWXX3958
Ostra Flakatrask SWXX5042
Ostra Fors SWXX7025
Ostra Grevie SWXX0756
Ostra Grunuberg SWXX7026
Ostra Hala SWXX5805
Ostra Hed SWXX9257
Ostra Hjaggbole SWXX3959
Ostra Hogkulla SWXX3960
Ostra Hole SWXX8379
Ostra Holmlund SWXX3961
Ostra Hult SWXX5806
Ostra Karup SWXX0517
Ostra Lagno SWXX2641
Ostra Lillmon SWXX7027
Ostra Ljungby SWXX0518
Ostra Merasjarvi SWXX5044
Ostra Myra SWXX8380
Ostra Naset SWXX3963
Ostra Nornas SWXX7028
Ostra Ofors SWXX7029
Ostra Oje SWXX7030
Ostra Ormsjo SWXX3964
Ostra Oxno SWXX2642
Ostra Posjarv SWXX5045
Ostra Rangalsbo SWXX9258
Ostra Rodeby SWXX5807
Ostra Ronnas SWXX7031
Ostra Sikvik SWXX8381
Ostra Silvberg SWXX7032
Ostra Sjulsmark SWXX3965
Ostra Skagga SWXX2643
Ostra Skorje SWXX5808
Ostra Skramtrask SWXX3966
Ostra Slatten SWXX7033
Ostra Sonnarslov SWXX0519
Ostra Spoland SWXX3967
Ostra Stackmora SWXX7034
Ostra Starte SWXX8382
Ostra Stavtrask SWXX3969
Ostra Storbyn SWXX7035
Ostra Stranden SWXX9259
Ostra Strandmora SWXX7036
Ostra Stromaker SWXX3970
Ostra Svartnas SWXX7037
Ostra Syninge SWXX2644
Ostra Takene SWXX1698
Ostra Tando SWXX7038
Ostra Tolbo SWXX8383
Ostra Tommarp SWXX0775
Ostra Tranvik SWXX2645
Ostra Utsjo SWXX7039
Ostra Uttersjon SWXX3971
Ostra Valliden SWXX3972
Ostra Vaxbo SWXX8384
Ostra Vi SWXX7655
Ostra Yttringe SWXX2646
Ostranas SWXX5809
Ostveda SWXX8385
Ostvik SWXX3973
Otternas SWXX3974
Ottersta SWXX2647
Ottervattnet SWXX3975
Ottontrask SWXX3976
Ovanaker SWXX7040
Ovanaker SWXX8386
Ovandal SWXX7041
Ovangardarna SWXX7042
Ovanheden SWXX7043
Ovanmyra SWXX7044
Ovasslan SWXX1482
Over Soderby SWXX2648
Overalve SWXX8387
Overbacka SWXX7045
Overbo SWXX8388
Overbo SWXX3977
Overboda SWXX3978
Overborg SWXX7046
Overby SWXX2649
Overby SWXX8389
Overbyn SWXX8390
Overfors SWXX2650
Overharde SWXX8391
Overhogdal SWXX1483
Overklinten SWXX3979
Overlida SWXX1484
Overlope SWXX2651
Overlulea SWXX5046
Overmo SWXX7047
Overmora SWXX7048
Overmorjarv SWXX5047
Overmyra SWXX8392
Overnjote SWXX8393
Overnora SWXX7049
Overrissjo SWXX3980
Overroda SWXX3981
Oversatra SWXX7050
Overstbyn SWXX5048
Overtanger SWXX7051
Ovesholm SWXX0520
Ovra Hoghult SWXX9260
Ovra Karrshult SWXX9261
Ovra Langhult SWXX9262
Ovra Runby SWXX2652
Ovrarp SWXX9263
Ovre Abyn SWXX3982
Ovre Akulla SWXX3983
Ovre Back SWXX3984
Ovre Bihagen SWXX2653
Ovre Bjorknas SWXX3985
Ovre Boda SWXX7052
Ovre Byn SWXX5049
Ovre Flasjon SWXX5050
Ovre Gardsjo SWXX7053
Ovre Harjastugan SWXX1107
Ovre Heden SWXX7055
Ovre Hjartared SWXX9264
Ovre Kuouka SWXX5051
Ovre Larssveden SWXX7056
Ovre Maa SWXX9265
Ovre Malgonas SWXX3986
Ovre Mjala SWXX9266
Ovre Mossared SWXX9267
Ovre Nyland SWXX3987
Ovre Parakka SWXX5052
Ovre Saxnas SWXX3988
Ovre Soppero SWXX5053
Ovre Storfors SWXX5054
Ovre Stubbersbo SWXX7057
Ovre Svardsjo SWXX7058