Weather Codes for Sudan

Find Weather Codes or Weather Zip Codes for states and cities in Sudan. Weather Codes references a specified Location and is used to get weather of that place accurately. They are used by The Weather Channel( by IBM), Yahoo! Weather, AOL Weather and many such weather forecasting platforms. It is similar to Yahoo's WOEID(Where On the Earth ID) that is used to represent each place uniquely.

You can know the weather of any place precisely with the help of weather codes. Find the current weather of your state or city by clicking on it. You will be redirected to The Weather Channel site with your weather code for accurate weather forecast.

Ab Ajaj SUXX3075
Ab Bara SUXX1714
Ab Darish SUXX0657
Ab Deinar SUXX4990
Ab Disebi` SUXX4991
Ab Gir SUXX4992
Ab Gugay SUXX5698
Ab Hajar SUXX6939
Ab Jarad SUXX6249
Ab Jireqimma SUXX6250
Ab Ji`erin SUXX1715
Ab Laduma SUXX4993
Ab Namel SUXX3076
Ab Nayit SUXX0658
Ab Nura SUXX6940
Ab Qarqur SUXX1716
Ab Qawi Janub SUXX6251
Ab Qawy SUXX6252
Ab Qumri SUXX0659
Ab Radom SUXX0660
Ab Ramad SUXX0168
Ab Shambala SUXX3077
Ab Surra SUXX6941
Ab Suwar SUXX0661
Ab Zur SUXX6942
Ab `Adara SUXX1718
Ab `Adara SUXX0662
Ab `Ajaj SUXX0663
Ab `Uruf SUXX1719
Aba Diqin SUXX1721
Abag SUXX4600
Abaka SUXX4031
Abalga SUXX5887
Abania SUXX0169
Abatta SUXX3776
Abauadala SUXX0170
Abbakar SUXX1722
Abbogol SUXX0171
Abd as Salam SUXX0664
Abdia SUXX5888
Abdu Deiyata SUXX4032
Abeikli SUXX1723
Abeiya SUXX6254
Abekr SUXX6255
Abela SUXX0172
Abguana SUXX0173
Abi Karu SUXX5889
Abidin SUXX0010
Abota SUXX4033
Aboti SUXX4601
Abqar SUXX0665
Abrabi SUXX4602
Abraga SUXX3777
Abraq SUXX1724
Abri SUXX4994
Abu Ajurah SUXX0011
Abu al Fahl SUXX4625
Abu al Hasan SUXX0706
Abu al Hasan SUXX3096
Abu Ammar SUXX3078
Abu Andud SUXX0666
Abu Ashab SUXX2675
Abu Babun SUXX3593
Abu Baras SUXX0174
Abu Barid SUXX3079
Abu Dabarah SUXX6256
Abu Dangal SUXX5890
Abu Daql SUXX6257
Abu Darisah SUXX3594
Abu Dawaya SUXX0175
Abu Dawm SUXX0012
Abu Dawm SUXX3778
Abu Dawmah SUXX1725
Abu Dawmah SUXX2676
Abu Dazzah SUXX6258
Abu Delelq SUXX3080
Abu Dik SUXX6260
Abu Diqin SUXX1726
Abu Dis SUXX3081
Abu Dulayq SUXX3082
Abu Durays SUXX2677
Abu el Khil SUXX3097
Abu Fatimah SUXX3779
Abu Fatwa SUXX2678
Abu Fawaghi SUXX6261
Abu Funduq SUXX6262
Abu Furu` SUXX1727
Abu Gabaya SUXX5891
Abu Gelba SUXX6263
Abu Ghanim SUXX0667
Abu Gheid SUXX5892
Abu Ghunaywah SUXX0668
Abu Gir SUXX4996
Abu Giri SUXX5893
Abu Gi`eirin SUXX1728
Abu Gogi SUXX4997
Abu Gudul SUXX4604
Abu Gurr SUXX4605
Abu Guya SUXX4034
Abu Hagar SUXX3780
Abu Hajar SUXX3083
Abu Halaqim SUXX0669
Abu Halima SUXX2679
Abu Hamad SUXX3084
Abu Hamara SUXX6266
Abu Hamirah SUXX4998
Abu Hamra SUXX0670
Abu Hamra al Qoz SUXX6267
Abu Har SUXX0673
Abu Haraz SUXX3085
Abu Haraz SUXX0013
Abu Haraz Gharb SUXX1730
Abu Hashim SUXX6943
Abu Hashim SUXX3086
Abu Hashim SUXX0176
Abu Hashish SUXX0474
Abu Hawwa SUXX0674
Abu Hayama SUXX0675
Abu Hibera SUXX0676
Abu Hindi SUXX0677
Abu Hirab SUXX6944
Abu Horira SUXX1731
Abu Hugeirat SUXX0177
Abu Hujar SUXX6945
Abu Humayrah SUXX6269
Abu Humayrah SUXX0678
Abu Jabirah SUXX4606
Abu Jalfa SUXX1732
Abu Jallabiyah SUXX4607
Abu Jayli SUXX6946
Abu Jibba SUXX0679
Abu Jibeha SUXX4999
Abu Jidada SUXX0680
Abu Jires SUXX5000
Abu Jumayy SUXX0178
Abu Juweli SUXX1733
Abu Kabisa SUXX6270
Abu Karinka SUXX4608
Abu Karish SUXX0179
Abu Kershola SUXX5001
Abu Khadija SUXX6947
Abu Khamsin SUXX1734
Abu Khanjar SUXX0681
Abu Khoreis SUXX6271
Abu Khsos SUXX3088
Abu Khudeira SUXX0682
Abu Kilab SUXX0683
Abu Kortod SUXX0180
Abu Koto SUXX3595
Abu Kuk SUXX0181
Abu Kulaywat SUXX5895
Abu Kulaywat SUXX3781
Abu Kunaysh SUXX4609
Abu Kutni SUXX4035
Abu Ku` SUXX5894
Abu Lamis SUXX6272
Abu Leila SUXX5002
Abu Leileiya SUXX4610
Abu Liwayta SUXX0684
Abu Luk SUXX4036
Abu Maryam SUXX0685
Abu Matariq SUXX4611
Abu Maugud SUXX0182
Abu Midya SUXX6274
Abu Mina SUXX4037
Abu Mirekha SUXX0686
Abu Naeima SUXX4612
Abu Niwer SUXX0687
Abu Ni`ama SUXX6948
Abu Nuwara SUXX5003
Abu Nuwwara SUXX5004
Abu Nyanya SUXX4613
Abu Odham SUXX5896
Abu Qandul SUXX6949
Abu Qash SUXX3596
Abu Qawi SUXX3089
Abu Qa`b SUXX4614
Abu Qudaf SUXX0183
Abu Qulayhah SUXX5897
Abu Qulut SUXX3597
Abu Qumi SUXX0184
Abu Qurayn SUXX6275
Abu Qurein SUXX2680
Abu Qurun SUXX3090
Abu Qurun SUXX0688
Abu Qussah SUXX4615
Abu Qussi SUXX3782
Abu Qutah SUXX0014
Abu Rabha SUXX2681
Abu Rahmah SUXX3598
Abu Rakhia SUXX0689
Abu Ramad SUXX0690
Abu Rameinak SUXX4616
Abu Rawagh SUXX6950
Abu Raydah SUXX3599
Abu Rish SUXX0475
Abu Riyala SUXX4617
Abu Ruf SUXX3091
Abu Rukba SUXX0691
Abu Rukhayy SUXX6276
Abu Rumayl SUXX4038
Abu Rumaylah SUXX5898
Abu Rumaylah SUXX3092
Abu Rumaylah SUXX3600
Abu Ruqaybah SUXX0185
Abu Rus SUXX1735
Abu Ruweshid SUXX1736
Abu Sabib SUXX6278
Abu Saffar SUXX3093
Abu Salalah SUXX4618
Abu Sari SUXX3783
Abu Sa`d SUXX6277
Abu Sa`id SUXX1737
Abu Sa`id SUXX6951
Abu Seba SUXX5005
Abu Se`id SUXX2682
Abu Shajar SUXX0692
Abu Sham SUXX0015
Abu Shama SUXX0693
Abu Shamah SUXX5006
Abu Shanab SUXX6279
Abu Shanab SUXX5007
Abu Shandi SUXX0186
Abu Shari`ah SUXX6280
Abu Shatat SUXX6281
Abu Shattah SUXX4619
Abu Shawag SUXX6282
Abu Shawk SUXX6283
Abu Shibeka SUXX0694
Abu Shineb SUXX1738
Abu Shosh SUXX5699
Abu Shotal SUXX6952
Abu Shugeira SUXX4039
Abu Shuk SUXX0695
Abu Shunaynah SUXX0187
Abu Shutayr SUXX6284
Abu Sifefa SUXX6285
Abu Sifefa SUXX5008
Abu Sikkin SUXX5899
Abu Sineqda SUXX0696
Abu Sinun SUXX5009
Abu Sufyan SUXX5900
Abu Sunaytat SUXX3094
Abu Suneina SUXX1739
Abu Suq SUXX4620
Abu Suqra SUXX1740
Abu Surug SUXX4040
Abu Suwayliq SUXX0188
Abu Tabanu SUXX4621
Abu Tagara SUXX0697
Abu Talih SUXX5010
Abu Tawala SUXX5011
Abu Tileh SUXX1741
Abu Tin SUXX3095
Abu Tiqa SUXX6953
Abu Tunaytin SUXX6286
Abu Turay`ah SUXX6287
Abu Umm Bashir SUXX4622
Abu Umm Gagga SUXX5012
Abu Witid SUXX0698
Abu Zabad SUXX6288
Abu Zaghuli SUXX0189
Abu Zarad SUXX3601
Abu Zarawi SUXX0699
Abu Zayd SUXX1742
Abu Zullayga SUXX0016
Abu Zullayq SUXX2683
Abu `Adda SUXX0700
Abu `Agala SUXX3602
Abu `Agub SUXX6289
Abu `Ajurah SUXX4623
Abu `Aqla SUXX6954
Abu `Aqla SUXX1743
Abu `Araish SUXX0701
Abu `Awwa SUXX6290
Abu `Ilela SUXX1744
Abu `Iref SUXX0702
Abu `Ud SUXX4624
Abu `Udam SUXX5014
Abu `Urf SUXX0703
Abu `Uruq SUXX6293
Abu `Uruq SUXX3603
Abu `Urwah SUXX3604
Abu `Usfur SUXX0704
Abu `Ush SUXX0705
Abu `Ushar SUXX6955
Abu `Ushar SUXX1745
Abugga SUXX0190
Abun Gawia SUXX4626
Abungoro SUXX0191
Abus SUXX0192
Abuser SUXX1746
Abyad SUXX4627
Abyad SUXX5901
Abyadani SUXX1747
Abyei SUXX5015
Ab`iref SUXX1720
Achrun SUXX5016
Ad Daba SUXX5017
Ad Dabadib SUXX5018
Ad Dabba SUXX0707
Ad Dabbah SUXX1748
Ad Dabbah SUXX3784
Ad Dabburah SUXX3098
Ad Dabkar SUXX6294
Ad Dabkir SUXX6295
Ad Dabkir SUXX5019
Ad Dadori SUXX5020
Ad Dahhab SUXX3605
Ad Dai SUXX6296
Ad Dakhla SUXX6297
Ad Dakhla SUXX0193
Ad Dakka SUXX5021
Ad Dali SUXX6956
Ad Dam SUXX0708
Ad Damir SUXX0018
Ad Damra SUXX5022
Ad Dandour SUXX5023
Ad Danget SUXX0194
Ad Danqu SUXX0709
Ad Daqqaqah SUXX6957
Ad Darabi SUXX3606
Ad Daradir SUXX0710
Ad Darawab SUXX0711
Ad Daw SUXX0712
Ad Dawhah SUXX1749
Ad Dawm SUXX0019
Ad Dawmah SUXX0195
Ad Dawwab SUXX2684
Ad Daya SUXX6298
Ad Daym SUXX0196
Ad Dayra SUXX6958
Ad Debeilu SUXX5024
Ad Delatia SUXX2685
Ad Dem SUXX6959
Ad Dem SUXX0713
Ad Dem SUXX1750
Ad Dem SUXX5025
Ad Dereis SUXX6299
Ad Dibab SUXX1751
Ad Dibeba SUXX1752
Ad Dibeba SUXX5026
Ad Dibeba SUXX6960
Ad Dibeba SUXX0714
Ad Dibeda SUXX0715
Ad Dibkaraya SUXX0716
Ad Difena SUXX6300
Ad Dighena SUXX5027
Ad Diher SUXX0717
Ad Diheshat SUXX0718
Ad Dilebat SUXX5028
Ad Dindar SUXX6961
Ad Dineqila SUXX0719
Ad Dineqila SUXX1754
Ad Diqayyab SUXX1755
Ad Direra SUXX0720
Ad Diresa SUXX3607
Ad Diresab SUXX0721
Ad Diresat SUXX6301
Ad Disa SUXX0197
Ad Diseis SUXX1756
Ad Dishenat SUXX0722
Ad Diwem SUXX0723
Ad Doha Fallata SUXX0198
Ad Doha Qimaz SUXX0199
Ad Doma SUXX2687
Ad Drout SUXX5029
Ad Dubasi SUXX0724
Ad Dubaybah SUXX3785
Ad Dubaybah SUXX0725
Ad Dubaybat SUXX0726
Ad Dubaykir SUXX0727
Ad Dulayb SUXX5030
Ad Dulaybah SUXX1757
Ad Duqja SUXX0728
Ad Duql SUXX5031
Ad Dushaynab SUXX2688
Ad Duwaym SUXX3786
Ad Duwaymah SUXX6302
Ad Duwenib SUXX1758
Ad Du`ayn SUXX4628
Ad-Damazin SUXX0200
Adal Amay SUXX5700
Adal Hashit SUXX5701
Adalata SUXX4041
Adam Bawsh SUXX4042
Adama Umm Qurein SUXX5032
Adara SUXX6303
Adarama SUXX3099
Adarit SUXX0476
Adarot Rebat SUXX0477
Adassi SUXX0201
Aday SUXX0478
Addabba SUXX0729
Addibebat SUXX5033
Adi SUXX0202
Adigi SUXX4043
Adobana SUXX0479
Adoma SUXX5034
Adrur SUXX5902
Adusa SUXX6304
Aegir SUXX5702
Affat SUXX3787
Affia SUXX5903
Afflanda SUXX0480
Agada SUXX3788
Agandili SUXX4044
Agani SUXX0203
Agari SUXX6305
Agaru SUXX0204
Agdoub SUXX5703
Ageida SUXX3100
Ageig SUXX6306
Agetteri SUXX3789
Aggar SUXX0205
Agger SUXX3790
Agharalu SUXX0206
Aghbash SUXX3608
Agoramundi SUXX0207
Agori SUXX3791
Agra SUXX4045
Aguma SUXX4046
Agumei SUXX4047
Agurra SUXX4048
Ahmad Abu Jayrah SUXX2689
Ahmad al Mustafa SUXX0731
Ahmad ash Shayn SUXX5036
Ahmad Badw SUXX5035
Ahmad Jabr SUXX6307
Ahmar SUXX5904
Ahmar Muqi SUXX6962
Ahmar `En SUXX0732
Aidam SUXX4630
Aiet SUXX0481
Ailliet SUXX5905
Aj Gireif SUXX3101
Aj Jab Barin SUXX6310
Aj Jabalen SUXX0733
Aj Jabaliyya SUXX1760
Aj Jabrab SUXX1761
Aj Jada` SUXX6311
Aj Jadida SUXX0734
Aj Jaghoghab SUXX1762
Aj Jak SUXX0738
Aj Jalad SUXX0739
Aj Jalaleib SUXX5038
Aj Jallaba SUXX6312
Aj Jamalon SUXX1763
Aj Jammam SUXX3609
Aj Jammu`iyya SUXX1764
Aj Jamrab SUXX0740
Aj Jamusiyya SUXX1765
Aj Jarif SUXX0208
Aj Ja`fariyya SUXX6309
Aj Jenqawi SUXX6313
Aj Jibelat SUXX0742
Aj Jide`at SUXX0743
Aj Jikhesat SUXX0744
Aj Jimeliyya SUXX0745
Aj Jined SUXX1766
Aj Jiroif Sharg SUXX2690
Aj Ji`eba SUXX0741
Aj Joqan SUXX6314
Aj Juzuli SUXX1768
Aj `Jimayyil SUXX0746
Ajba SUXX0747
Ajjallaba SUXX5039
Ajjihera SUXX6963
Akafi SUXX0748
Akara SUXX0749
Akheirleina SUXX6315
Akhoshali SUXX0209
Akilili SUXX0210
Akkad SUXX3792
Al Abyad SUXX6316
Al Afna SUXX0752
Al Agharr SUXX3610
Al Ahamidah SUXX1769
Al Ahmar SUXX0211
Al Ait SUXX6317
Al Akhdar SUXX4631
Al Alyab SUXX5704
Al Amin SUXX6318
Al Arak SUXX3793
Al Arak SUXX5043
Al Arak SUXX3102
Al Arki SUXX3794
Al Awa SUXX6964
Al Bah SUXX0753
Al Bakri SUXX3795
Al Ban Gaded SUXX2691
Al Ban Jadid SUXX0754
Al Ban Jadid SUXX5044
Al Banbonab SUXX2692
Al Baniyya SUXX1771
Al Banunab SUXX0755
Al Baqer SUXX2693
Al Bar SUXX3796
Al Baranku SUXX1772
Al Baraqna SUXX1773
Al Bardab SUXX5045
Al Barkali SUXX5046
Al Barta SUXX0756
Al Basa SUXX3798
Al Basabir SUXX1774
Al Basabir SUXX3103
Al Basatna SUXX1775
Al Bashiri SUXX0021
Al Batahin SUXX1777
Al Bayyaha SUXX5047
Al Beniya SUXX6319
Al Bideriyya SUXX0758
Al Billiyab SUXX1778
Al Birekab SUXX1779
Al Biri SUXX5906
Al Biri SUXX5048
Al Birkah SUXX0759
Al Biselab SUXX1780
Al Bitera SUXX5049
Al Biwedah SUXX5705
Al Biwenis SUXX6320
Al Budayriyah SUXX5050
Al Budayriyah SUXX6321
Al Buhayr SUXX6322
Al Bukhas SUXX5051
Al Buqayr SUXX3104
Al Buram SUXX5052
Al Buwaydah SUXX1781
Al Buwaydah SUXX3611
Al Buweda SUXX1782
Al Byeara SUXX5053
Al Cardud SUXX5054
Al Eiwad SUXX6965
Al Elain SUXX5907
Al Eseilat SUXX6323
Al Fadila SUXX5055
Al Fadliyyin SUXX1783
Al Fadwa SUXX6324
Al Faei SUXX4633
Al Fahada SUXX3105
Al Faiza SUXX0760
Al Fak SUXX1784
Al Faki Hamid SUXX0761
Al Faki Hammad SUXX0762
Al Fanadik SUXX0766
Al Fangalu SUXX5056
Al Fao SUXX3612
Al Faqar SUXX1785
Al Faqqusah SUXX0767
Al Farajab SUXX2696
Al Farraw SUXX0768
Al Fashashawyah SUXX0769
Al Fashir SUXX1786
Al Faw SUXX3613
Al Fawara SUXX1787
Al Fawwara SUXX1788
Al Fayd SUXX5057
Al Fazaru SUXX1790
Al Fazra SUXX3614
Al Ferejab Rajab SUXX1791
Al Fidel SUXX0771
Al Fiqeda SUXX1792
Al Fire` SUXX0772
Al Fituh SUXX0773
Al Fodab SUXX1795
Al Fonj SUXX6966
Al Fula SUXX0774
Al Fulah SUXX1796
Al Fulah SUXX5058
Al Fungus SUXX5059
Al Furay` SUXX6325
Al Furay`ah SUXX6326
Al Gagad SUXX3107
Al Galgala SUXX1797
Al Gana SUXX0213
Al Ganaet SUXX3108
Al Ganaya SUXX5060
Al Gara SUXX1798
Al Garawid SUXX5061
Al Gardoud SUXX5062
Al Gardud SUXX5063
Al Gebir SUXX0022
Al Geda SUXX3109
Al Geddara SUXX0775
Al Gedul SUXX0776
Al Ghaba SUXX0777
Al Ghabah SUXX3799
Al Ghabsha SUXX6327
Al Ghabsha Badin SUXX6328
Al Ghabshan SUXX1799
Al Ghannama SUXX0778
Al Ghannama SUXX6967
Al Ghannomab SUXX1800
Al Gharaq SUXX0779
Al Ghassiba SUXX6329
Al Ghaya SUXX6330
Al Ghazala SUXX0781
Al Ghereit SUXX5908
Al Ghilah SUXX0782
Al Ghinemat SUXX0783
Al Ghubayshab SUXX6331
Al Ghurayb SUXX3110
Al Ghuraybah SUXX3800
Al Ghurayd SUXX6332
Al Ghuwaytab SUXX0784
Al Ghuwetab SUXX0785
Al Gilein SUXX3112
Al Giref Gharb SUXX2697
Al Giteb SUXX5064
Al Gowez SUXX3113
Al Gulishan SUXX1801
Al Guruna SUXX0786
Al Gyuddul SUXX4634
Al Habbaniyya SUXX0787
Al Habil SUXX0788
Al Hadabah SUXX1803
Al Hadra SUXX5065
Al Hafayir SUXX0789
Al Hafayir Hamad SUXX0790
Al Hafira SUXX5066
Al Hafira Shariq SUXX5067
Al Hafirah SUXX3114
Al Hagagia SUXX6333
Al Hageina SUXX6334
Al Hajab SUXX1804
Al Hajajab SUXX1805
Al Hajalij SUXX0791
Al Hajar SUXX3115
Al Hajar SUXX0214
Al Hajarraj SUXX0792
Al Hajer SUXX1806
Al Hajiz SUXX5706
Al Hajj SUXX1807
Al Hajj Rabih SUXX0793
Al Hakamab West SUXX2698
Al Halawa SUXX0794
Al Halawab SUXX1808
Al Halawiyyin SUXX1809
Al Halimab SUXX3615
Al Hamaj SUXX1810
Al Hamari SUXX6336
Al Hamdab SUXX2699
Al Hamdunab SUXX0795
Al Hamerib SUXX5707
Al Hammadab SUXX1811
Al Hammadiyah SUXX0023
Al Hamra Al Qoz SUXX6337
Al Hamrat SUXX6968
Al Haraniyya SUXX6339
Al Haraz SUXX2700
Al Haraz SUXX6340
Al Harraniyya SUXX6341
Al Hasabaya SUXX0796
Al Hasaheisa SUXX1812
Al Hasanab SUXX2701
Al Hashab SUXX0798
Al Hashaba SUXX0799
Al Hasoya SUXX0800
Al Hassaniya SUXX2702
Al Hattab SUXX0801
Al Hawatah SUXX3616
Al Haybah SUXX3116
Al Hebayel SUXX5069
Al Hebeika SUXX0802
Al Hejeir SUXX5070
Al Heleiba SUXX3117
Al Hibeka SUXX2703
Al Hidayyib SUXX0803
Al Hideba SUXX2704
Al Hijelij SUXX1813
Al Hijelija SUXX0804
Al Hijerat SUXX0805
Al Hijlija SUXX1814
Al Hilaliyya SUXX1815
Al Hilela SUXX1816
Al Hillah SUXX5909
Al Himedaniyya SUXX0806
Al Hireziyya SUXX6344
Al Hisen SUXX1817
Al Hisenab SUXX0807
Al Hisheshab SUXX1818
Al Hiwewa SUXX1819
Al Ho SUXX1820
Al Hoi SUXX5071
Al Hosh SUXX1821
Al Huda SUXX1822
Al Hudayb SUXX0808
Al Hudayd SUXX6346
Al Hulaylah SUXX3118
Al Humr SUXX6347
Al Humur Jubara SUXX1823
Al Hununab SUXX0809
Al Huqnah SUXX3119
Al Husayn SUXX1824
Al Ibnoia SUXX6348
Al Imam SUXX1825
Al Imtidad Tama SUXX1827
Al Jabalayn SUXX0024
Al Jabalon SUXX0810
Al Jaded Khalet SUXX2705
Al Jamamiyah SUXX3120
Al Jazirah SUXX0216
Al Jimeliyya SUXX0811
Al Jimera SUXX0812
Al Jubaylat SUXX6349
Al Jubayliyah SUXX1828
Al Jubayn SUXX6970
Al Jufayrah SUXX1829
Al Jummayzah SUXX5072
Al Junaynah SUXX5910
Al Junaynah Fort SUXX4049
Al Jundi SUXX3121
Al Jundi SUXX0217
Al Jurayf SUXX3122
Al Juzayrah SUXX0813
Al Kababish SUXX1830
Al Kabur SUXX1831
Al Kadadah SUXX5073
Al Kadu SUXX5074
Al Kalagi SUXX0814
Al Kalakla SUXX2706
Al Kamlin SUXX1832
Al Kanisah SUXX3123
Al Karabah SUXX3124
Al Karanik SUXX0815
Al Karnak SUXX5075
Al Kashamir SUXX1833
Al Katib SUXX2707
Al Kawa SUXX0816
Al Kawah SUXX0025
Al Kawahla SUXX1834
Al Kaylah SUXX6971
Al Khandaq SUXX3801
Al Khanfariyya SUXX0817
Al Kharaba Balla SUXX0218
Al Khartah SUXX3618
Al Khawr SUXX0221
Al Khawr SUXX1835
Al Khayra SUXX0818
Al Khazzan SUXX5076
Al Kherat SUXX0819
Al Khidera SUXX0820
Al Khirerisha SUXX1836
Al Khishem SUXX1837
Al Khulab SUXX1838
Al Khulaywah SUXX3802
Al Khurtum SUXX0026
Al Khurtum Bahri SUXX0027
Al Khuwetab SUXX1839
Al Kiber SUXX5911
Al Kibeshab SUXX6972
Al Kidewa SUXX1840
Al Kijera SUXX0823
Al Kimer SUXX0824
Al Kimer Fazari SUXX1841
Al Kir SUXX3125
Al Kireba SUXX1843
Al Kireda SUXX0825
Al Kireida SUXX0826
Al Kiremtat SUXX1845
Al Kireteib SUXX1846
Al Kiter SUXX0827
Al Kiter Balla SUXX0828
Al Kiter Mubarak SUXX1847
Al Kiwek SUXX5077
Al Kodab SUXX2708
Al Koin SUXX3803
Al Kont SUXX3126
Al Koro SUXX5078
Al Ku SUXX1848
Al Kuduk SUXX3128
Al Kufta SUXX1849
Al Kujra SUXX1850
Al Kumun SUXX5079
Al Kumur SUXX0831
Al Kumur Balla SUXX1851
Al Kunayzah SUXX6973
Al Kunuz SUXX0832
Al Kur SUXX5080
Al Kuraynik SUXX4050
Al Kura` SUXX3129
Al Kurnuk SUXX6351
Al Kurrah SUXX6352
Al Kurtale SUXX5081
Al Kurumusia SUXX6353
Al Kutayr SUXX0834
Al Ku` SUXX3127
Al Lagowa SUXX5082
Al Lahamda SUXX0837
Al Lakandi SUXX6974
Al Lamab SUXX2710
Al Layyuna SUXX6975
Al La`ota SUXX0835
Al La`ota SUXX1852
Al La`uta SUXX0836
Al Libayyid SUXX6976
Al Lid SUXX1853
Al Lighera SUXX0838
Al Limema SUXX0839
Al Liwebda SUXX0840
Al Lubeik SUXX2711
Al Lukh Kha SUXX0841
Al Luweisah SUXX6977
Al Madina SUXX1854
Al Madina `Arab SUXX1855
Al Mafazah SUXX3619
Al Mafri SUXX6354
Al Mahadia SUXX2712
Al Mahalabi SUXX5083
Al Mahas Kutranj SUXX2713
Al Mahas Tayba SUXX2714
Al Mahi SUXX1857
Al Majabi SUXX0842
Al Majanin SUXX0843
Al Majmu`a SUXX0844
Al Mak Ilyas SUXX0222
Al Mak Muhammad SUXX0223
Al Makhada SUXX0845
Al Makhalif SUXX0846
Al Malamm SUXX5084
Al Malih SUXX0847
Al Malihah SUXX5912
Al Mamsukah SUXX5085
Al Manaqil SUXX1858
Al Manara SUXX1859
Al Manarah SUXX0848
Al Manasir SUXX1860
Al Manasirah SUXX1861
Al Mandakab SUXX0849
Al Manofali SUXX6978
Al Manshaqa SUXX6355
Al Manshiya SUXX2715
Al Mansqil SUXX0028
Al Mansura SUXX0850
Al Mansurab SUXX2716
Al Mantiqa SUXX1862
Al Manwra SUXX1863
Al Maqarba SUXX1864
Al Maqarin SUXX0851
Al Maqarr SUXX6356
Al Markha SUXX5708
Al Marwa SUXX0852
Al Marwahah SUXX4635
Al Masallamiyya SUXX1865
Al Masara`a SUXX0853
Al Masa`id SUXX6357
Al Mased SUXX2717
Al Mashaba SUXX5913
Al Maslaha SUXX0854
Al Matabir SUXX1866
Al Matar SUXX5086
Al Matawrad SUXX5914
Al Matnah SUXX3620
Al Mawata SUXX1867
Al May`a SUXX6358
Al Mazmum SUXX6979
Al Mazrub SUXX6359
Al Mazrub SUXX0855
Al Meja SUXX3130
Al Mes SUXX6360
Al Messin SUXX5087
Al Me`eliq SUXX1868
Al Miallug SUXX5088
Al Miheriba SUXX1872
Al Mijegha SUXX0856
Al Mijgha SUXX0857
Al Mijlad SUXX5089
Al Mikhekhit SUXX0858
Al Mikherif SUXX1873
Al Mikherif SUXX0859
Al Mikheta SUXX0860
Al Mileh SUXX0861
Al Milh SUXX0862
Al Milh SUXX6361
Al Minedrib SUXX0863
Al Miqenis SUXX0864
Al Mirekh SUXX3131
Al Mirewa SUXX3132
Al Mitemra SUXX0865
Al Moreb SUXX5090
Al Moreb North SUXX5091
Al Moreb West SUXX5092
Al Msodiya SUXX2718
Al Mudah SUXX1875
Al Muheina SUXX1876
Al Mukefi SUXX0866
Al Munjara SUXX0867
Al Muraykhah SUXX6362
Al Muraykib SUXX0029
Al Murra SUXX5093
Al Murrah SUXX6363
Al Musallamiyah SUXX0868
Al Musein SUXX6364
Al Muwelih SUXX0869
Al Mu`ayliq SUXX1874
Al Oddaiya SUXX6365
Al Qabr SUXX4636
Al Qadad SUXX3133
Al Qadarif SUXX0030
Al Qafalat SUXX0870
Al Qafalat SUXX6367
Al Qalabis SUXX1878
Al Qal`a SUXX0871
Al Qal`ah SUXX0872
Al Qanabil SUXX0876
Al Qana`a SUXX0875
Al Qarabin SUXX0224
Al Qaradah SUXX5709
Al Qarajab SUXX0877
Al Qardod SUXX5094
Al Qardood SUXX5095
Al Qardoud SUXX5096
Al Qardud SUXX0878
Al Qardud SUXX5097
Al Qash SUXX5710
Al Qawa SUXX0881
Al Qawl SUXX0031
Al Qawz SUXX3134
Al Qawz SUXX2719
Al Qa`ah SUXX6366
Al Qeqam SUXX0882
Al Qidedim SUXX6368
Al Qidresh SUXX0883
Al Qifel SUXX1881
Al Qifela SUXX0884
Al Qile SUXX1882
Al Qile` SUXX1883
Al Qile`a SUXX0885
Al Qilliz SUXX0886
Al Qirawa SUXX0887
Al Qireqrib SUXX1884
Al Qitena SUXX0888
Al Qiwez SUXX5098
Al Qiwez SUXX1885
Al Qowez SUXX2721
Al Qoz SUXX6369
Al Qoz SUXX1886
Al Qoz SUXX5099
Al Qoz Haj Yusif SUXX1887
Al Qubbah SUXX5915
Al Qudayr SUXX2722
Al Qulayd Bahri SUXX3804
Al Qulayd Qibli SUXX3805
Al Qulay`ah SUXX3135
Al Qulay`ah SUXX6370
Al Qulitiyya SUXX0891
Al Qumriyya SUXX6371
Al Qura SUXX3136
Al Quradat SUXX2723
Al Qurayr SUXX3806
Al Qurdud SUXX5100
Al Quresh SUXX6980
Al Qusayyirah SUXX1888
Al Quwaysi SUXX6981
Al Quwayz SUXX3137
Al Quwayz SUXX0892
Al Quwayzat SUXX1889
Al Quwez SUXX0893
Al Quwezat SUXX0894
Al Quwwir SUXX0895
Al Roseires SUXX0225
Al Sifiyat SUXX5711
Al Tamaniyet SUXX2724
Al Tawalab SUXX3138
Al Tuwylab SUXX0896
Al Ubayyid SUXX0032
Al Udayyah SUXX6372
Al Udayyat SUXX6373
Al Ughaylif SUXX0897
Al Uhaymirat SUXX1890
Al Urus SUXX2725
Al Usayfir SUXX0898
Al Ushara SUXX0899
Al Uzayriq SUXX5101
Al Wadi SUXX6374
Al Wadi Aj Jadid SUXX1891
Al Waha SUXX0900
Al Wala SUXX0226
Al Wali SUXX1892
Al Wali al Hajar SUXX1893
Al Warrad SUXX0901
Al Warral SUXX0902
Al Warraq SUXX1894
Al Watawit SUXX0227
Al Wusa SUXX0033
Al Wusa` SUXX0903
Al Zariba SUXX1895
Al `Abbasiyah SUXX1896
Al `Abbasiyya SUXX5102
Al `Abdiyah SUXX5103
Al `Abdunnab SUXX1897
Al `Abudab SUXX1898
Al `Afasa SUXX1899
Al `Affad SUXX3807
Al `Aifen SUXX5104
Al `Akara SUXX0904
Al `Alaga SUXX0905
Al `Alaqa SUXX0906
Al `Alaqah SUXX0907
Al `Alim SUXX5916
Al `Amara SUXX1900
Al `Amara SUXX0908
Al `Amara SUXX6982
Al `Amara SUXX0228
Al `Amara Abyad SUXX1901
Al `Amara al Haj SUXX6983
Al `Amara Kasir SUXX1903
Al `Amara Taha SUXX1904
Al `Amara `Ali SUXX0909
Al `Amarad SUXX0911
Al `Amarah SUXX0912
Al `Amarah SUXX1908
Al `Amarin SUXX3139
Al `Aqir SUXX0913
Al `Arakiyyin SUXX1909
Al `Arakiyyin SUXX6985
Al `Arashkol SUXX0914
Al `Arid SUXX3621
Al `Aris SUXX4637
Al `Arqan SUXX6376
Al `Arshah SUXX6377
Al `Asha SUXX1910
Al `Atamna SUXX1911
Al `Atash SUXX0915
Al `Atasha SUXX0916
Al `Ataya SUXX1912
Al `Atrun SUXX5917
Al `Atshan SUXX0917
Al `Awadi SUXX3140
Al `Awamra SUXX1913
Al `Awatfa SUXX6378
Al `Awayda SUXX1914
Al `Ayn SUXX6379
Al `Ayyata SUXX0918
Al `Az Aza SUXX6986
Al `Azaza SUXX0229
Al `Azaza SUXX6987
Al `Azaza SUXX1917
Al `Azazab SUXX0919
Al `Azazah SUXX0921
Al `Azzazi SUXX0922
Al `Ekura SUXX1918
Al `Elafon SUXX2726
Al `Iddah SUXX0924
Al `Ided SUXX0925
Al `Ided SUXX1919
Al `Ileqa SUXX0926
Al `Imeriyya SUXX0928
Al `Iqeda SUXX1920
Al `Iqela SUXX6380
Al `Irebab SUXX1921
Al `Irefiyya SUXX6381
Al `Iselat SUXX2727
Al `Isher SUXX0929
Al `Iwesiyya SUXX0930
Al `Izeba SUXX1922
Al `lleqa SUXX0935
Al `Omarab SUXX3141
Al `Ubayd SUXX1923
Al `Ud SUXX6382
Al `Udayd SUXX0931
Al `Udaydat SUXX6383
Al `Udayyat SUXX0932
Al `Ufaynah SUXX5105
Al `Uk SUXX1924
Al `Ulayqah SUXX0933
Al `Umdah SUXX6384
Al `Umdah SUXX5106
Al `Uqda SUXX1925
Al `Uqdah SUXX1926
Al `Urayqat SUXX4638
Al `Uryan SUXX3808
Al `Ushara SUXX0934
Al `Usharah SUXX2728
Alaga SUXX6385
Alarash SUXX5712
Ala`awaj SUXX0938
Alfire SUXX0939
Alghulfan SUXX5107
Aliab East SUXX3142
Aliba Taringa SUXX4051
Alka `Aka SUXX0940
Alkurgul SUXX5108
Alla Karim SUXX0942
Alla `Awaj SUXX0943
Alla `Uta SUXX0944
Alla`ota SUXX1928
Alla`ota SUXX0945
Alla`uta SUXX1929
Alleira SUXX5109
Alleira Allaro SUXX5110
Alleira Elmuna SUXX5111
Alleira Kuta SUXX5112
Alleira Lauti SUXX5113
Allibliba SUXX3143
Allobar SUXX6386
Almasuban SUXX0947
Alma`azza SUXX0946
Alti SUXX2729
Aluqdah SUXX0035
Al`al Aqaya SUXX0936
Al`ireki SUXX0937
Amaki Sara SUXX4639
Aman Alla SUXX6387
Amar Djedid SUXX4052
Amar Gedid SUXX4053
Amarar SUXX0482
Amaretta SUXX4054
Amasa SUXX0483
Ambabi SUXX5114
Ambabi SUXX6388
Ambara SUXX4055
Ambikol West SUXX3809
Ambikul SUXX3810
Ambireika SUXX0948
Amentego SUXX3811
Amergu SUXX4640
Amilir SUXX0230
Amiri SUXX0231
Amla Saki SUXX4641
Amora SUXX0232
Amtashah SUXX4642
Amugu SUXX0233
Amurdello SUXX0234
An Dassena SUXX5115
An Nabalat SUXX6389
An Nadyana SUXX1930
An Nafab SUXX3812
An Nagada SUXX1931
An Nair SUXX4643
An Naiya SUXX2730
An Naji SUXX1932
An Nala SUXX0950
An Naqqal SUXX0951
An Nasr SUXX0235
An Nasrab SUXX0952
An Nayra SUXX6990
An Nazir SUXX1933
An Na`im SUXX0949
An Nifediyya SUXX1934
An Nil SUXX1935
An Nila SUXX6391
An Nilab SUXX5116
An Niliyya SUXX0953
An Nimer SUXX1936
An Niqer SUXX1937
An Niqe`ab SUXX0954
An Nisf SUXX6392
An Nitera SUXX0955
An Niwela SUXX1938
An Nizayha SUXX0956
An Ni`ma SUXX6390
An Norab SUXX0957
An Nuhud SUXX6393
An Numayr SUXX6394
An Nuqay`ah SUXX6395
An Nuqta SUXX5117
An Nur SUXX0958
An Nur SUXX1939
An Nur SUXX5118
An Nur Musa SUXX5119
An Nuzul SUXX0959
Anabir SUXX5120
Andara SUXX0484
Andona SUXX5121
Andur SUXX5122
Angash SUXX5713
Angerri SUXX5123
Anguri SUXX3813
Anjadu SUXX1940
Anjikoti SUXX4056
Anka SUXX5918
Antatai SUXX6397
Anuba SUXX2731
Aqadi SUXX0236
Aqari SUXX0036
Aqif Ragil SUXX4644
Aqitay SUXX0485
Aqra` SUXX0237
Ar Kaweit SUXX0037
Ar Kaweit Salawa SUXX3144
Ar Kawit SUXX0486
Ar Rabi` SUXX0238
Ar Raddah SUXX6398
Ar Raddah SUXX0960
Ar Radi SUXX5124
Ar Radis SUXX0961
Ar Radma SUXX1941
Ar Raffa SUXX1942
Ar Ragal SUXX1943
Ar Raghla Hammad SUXX1944
Ar Rahad SUXX0038
Ar Rahalab SUXX1945
Ar Rahamab SUXX0963
Ar Rahmaniyah SUXX0964
Ar Rakha SUXX0965
Ar Ramla SUXX5125
Ar Raraba SUXX6991
Ar Rashidi SUXX0966
Ar Rawashidah SUXX3622
Ar Rawda SUXX0967
Ar Rawjal SUXX0487
Ar Rayhana Itnen SUXX1946
Ar Rayhana Wahid SUXX1947
Ar Reqefy SUXX5126
Ar Rihedat SUXX6399
Ar Riheiwa SUXX6400
Ar Rijela SUXX6401
Ar Rijela As Suq SUXX6402
Ar Rimela SUXX0239
Ar Rimela SUXX0968
Ar Rimetab SUXX1948
Ar Rimta SUXX6404
Ar Riqeba SUXX0240
Ar Riqeba Sharq SUXX0241
Ar Rissai SUXX5714
Ar Riyad SUXX0242
Ar Rubshan SUXX6405
Ar Ruf SUXX1949
Ar Rufa`iyyin SUXX1950
Ar Ruhayd SUXX0243
Ar Ruhayd SUXX0970
Ar Rukab SUXX0971
Ar Rukeb SUXX6407
Ar Rumaylah SUXX6992
Ar Ruseris SUXX0244
Ar Ru`at SUXX0969
Ar Rwyanh SUXX1951
Arabnarti SUXX3814
Aradeba SUXX0972
Aradebay SUXX5127
Aradeiba SUXX0245
Aradi Um `Alul SUXX0973
Aradsil SUXX5128
Arak al Katib SUXX2733
Arak Salih SUXX2732
Aramabah SUXX4057
Aramba SUXX4058
Aramta SUXX4059
Arbodi SUXX0246
Ard Ash Shef SUXX2735
Ardeiba SUXX4060
Arduan SUXX3815
Arga SUXX4061
Argi SUXX5919
Argi SUXX3816
Argin N. SUXX5715
Argin Wasat SUXX5716
Argo SUXX3817
Argosab West SUXX3818
Arheit SUXX0488
Arid SUXX4646
Ariel SUXX5717
Arijo SUXX4062
Arit SUXX6408
Arkawit SUXX0489
Arkawit SUXX2736
Arkawit SUXX0975
Arkez SUXX0976
Armankul SUXX4063
Arodin SUXX3819
Aroma SUXX0039
Aroua SUXX4064
Arqud Fayiq SUXX0977
Arriqeba SUXX6993
Arruqab SUXX3623
Artala SUXX4065
Artali SUXX5129
Artimeili SUXX0040
Artoli SUXX3145
Arugo SUXX0247
Arwala SUXX4066
As Sabunabi SUXX6994
As Saddah SUXX3146
As Safa SUXX0979
As Safa SUXX1954
As Safiyah SUXX6410
As Sahabaya SUXX0980
As Sahal SUXX5130
As Salama SUXX1955
As Salama SUXX2737
As Salamat SUXX6411
As Salim SUXX3147
As Samhat SUXX6412
As Sanafa SUXX2739
As Sani SUXX2740
As Saniyya SUXX1956
As Saqr SUXX4647
As Sarahinah SUXX6413
As Sarha SUXX0981
As Sarhaya SUXX6414
As Sarofab SUXX1957
As Sarraf SUXX1958
As Sarrarah SUXX5131
As Sawajir SUXX0982
As Sayyal SUXX1959
As Sayyal SUXX0983
As Sayyal SUXX6415
As Sayyal Fatir SUXX1961
As Sayyala SUXX0984
As Sa`ada SUXX0978
As Sa`adab SUXX1953
As Sa`ata SUXX6409
As Senaga SUXX0985
As Senuda SUXX3148
As Sereha SUXX1962
As Siberab SUXX1963
As Siddiq SUXX1964
As Sidera SUXX1965
As Sidrat SUXX6995
As Siemer SUXX2743
As Siferaya SUXX0986
As Sihai SUXX3624
As Silek SUXX0987
As Sinet SUXX0988
As Sinet SUXX6996
As Sinetab SUXX0990
As Sinetaya SUXX0991
As Sinnab SUXX1966
As Siqay`a SUXX1967
As Siqerab SUXX0992
As Siqeta SUXX0993
As Siraj SUXX1968
As Sirajiyya SUXX0248
As Siref SUXX5132
As Sirefa SUXX0249
As Sireha SUXX0994
As Sirehat SUXX6416
As Sirew SUXX0250
As Sirur SUXX0995
As Siteb SUXX0996
As Siwelik SUXX0251
As Soriba SUXX1969
As Sqeta SUXX0997
As Subagh SUXX5133
As Sufayyah SUXX5718
As Sufr SUXX3149
As Suki SUXX6998
As Sulayk SUXX5134
As Sulemi SUXX1970
As Sultan SUXX5135
As Sumayn SUXX0998
As Sura SUXX6417
As Suwar SUXX1971
As Suweigat SUXX3150
As Su`ayf SUXX6997
As Su`ayfah SUXX4648
Asangdali SUXX4067
Ash Lawiyya SUXX5136
Ash Shahatub SUXX0999
Ash Shajara SUXX2744
Ash Shallal SUXX3151
Ash Shallal SUXX0252
Ash Shana SUXX6418
Ash Shanabla SUXX1973
Ash Shaq SUXX1002
Ash Shaqq SUXX1003
Ash Sharafa SUXX1974
Ash Sharifiyya SUXX1004
Ash Sharit SUXX1005
Ash Sharmah SUXX3625
Ash Shatawi SUXX1006
Ash Shawa SUXX1007
Ash Shawafa SUXX1008
Ash Shawaia SUXX5137
Ash Shawal SUXX1009
Ash Shawrab SUXX1978
Ash Shawwaf SUXX6419
Ash Shawwafa SUXX1010
Ash Shawwafa SUXX6420
Ash Shaykh Hajju SUXX6999
Ash Shayqab SUXX1979
Ash Shayqiyya SUXX1980
Ash Sha`lab SUXX1972
Ash Shekab SUXX3152
Ash Shekh SUXX1014
Ash Shekh Hisen SUXX1016
Ash Shekh Musa SUXX1017
Ash Shewen SUXX2745
Ash Sheyaliya SUXX3153
Ash Shigil SUXX3154
Ash Shigri SUXX3155
Ash Shihet SUXX1019
Ash Shikeniba SUXX1982
Ash Shiker SUXX1020
Ash Shilekha SUXX1985
Ash Shiqeyyab SUXX1021
Ash Shiqlah SUXX6421
Ash Shiqlah SUXX3156
Ash Shirek SUXX1022
Ash Shirek SUXX2746
Ash Shiteb SUXX1023
Ash Shiyab SUXX5138
Ash Shoona SUXX3157
Ash Shubrab SUXX0041
Ash Shuhaytah SUXX1024
Ash Shukriyya SUXX1026
Ash Shur SUXX1027
Ash Shurayk SUXX3158
Ash Shurrak SUXX1028
Ash Shush SUXX1029
Ash Shuwayb SUXX4649
Ashkeit SUXX5719
Ashkeit S. SUXX5720
Ashraf SUXX0490
Ashshiqla SUXX1031
Ashshiteta SUXX1986
Ashshuweliyya SUXX1032
Ashshuwerif SUXX1033
Asilantir SUXX0253
Asir SUXX0492
Asma SUXX3159
Assufi SUXX1034
Asuburi SUXX4068
Asuda SUXX0042
Asuwit SUXX0493
At Tab SUXX1987
At Tabah SUXX4650
At Tabaldiyya SUXX1035
At Tahamid SUXX1036
At Tahra SUXX1037
At Takala SUXX1988
At Takala Hamad SUXX1991
At Takala Jubara SUXX1992
At Talab SUXX3160
At Talha SUXX1993
At Talha SUXX1038
At Taqalab SUXX1039
At Tarajma SUXX1994
At Tarfayah SUXX3161
At Tarya SUXX0254
At Tawa SUXX1040
At Tawfiqiyya SUXX7001
At Tawil SUXX1041
At Tawm SUXX1995
At Tawm Halal SUXX6422
At Tayif SUXX1042
At Tayif SUXX1996
At Tays SUXX4651
At Tayyarah SUXX0043
At Tayyarah SUXX1997
At Tayyib Ahmad SUXX1998
At Tekeina SUXX2747
At Thawra SUXX1999
At Tibna SUXX1043
At Tibun SUXX1044
At Tikena SUXX7002
At Tikkewin SUXX0044
At Tileh SUXX2001
At Tileha SUXX2003
At Tileih SUXX3162
At Timet SUXX2006
At Tin SUXX0255
At Tiqe SUXX2007
At Tirenqi` SUXX6423
At Tirera SUXX1045
At Tiwelih SUXX2008
At Ti`emab SUXX2000
At Toman SUXX2009
At Tomat SUXX1046
At Tonsa SUXX1047
At Tuhma SUXX1048
At Tukul SUXX2010
At Tulayb SUXX1049
At Tulayh SUXX6424
At Tulayh SUXX5920
At Tumat SUXX2011
At Tumsah SUXX3626
At Tunduba SUXX2013
At Turfa SUXX0256
At Turush SUXX2014
At Tur`ah SUXX1050
At Tur`ah SUXX3163
At Tur`ah SUXX3820
At Tuwayr SUXX2748
At Tuwayshah SUXX5921
At Tuweifra SUXX6425
Atbara SUXX0045
Ateina SUXX3627
Ath Thawra SUXX1051
Ath Thawra SUXX2015
Ath Thumayd SUXX6426
Atmour SUXX4069
Atmur Tukala SUXX0495
Atongour SUXX4070
Attib SUXX7003
Attomat SUXX5140
Atur SUXX5141
Audi SUXX5142
Aulad Himeid SUXX5143
Auro SUXX5922
Awaiat SUXX5144
Awaida SUXX2017
Awaj Addareb SUXX2749
Awita SUXX4071
Awlad al Bushra SUXX1055
Awlad al Hamdi SUXX2021
Awlad Ghanam SUXX6427
Awlad Immam SUXX1052
Awlad Mahmud SUXX5923
Awlad Qaru SUXX2018
Awlad Raqaba SUXX1053
Awlad Sileman SUXX1054
Awlad Yasin SUXX2019
Awlad Yosif SUXX2020
Ayad SUXX5145
Ayak Umm Rukuba SUXX6428
Aylei SUXX0257
Ayyal ed Daash SUXX6429
Az Raq SUXX1056
Az Zamalyab SUXX1057
Az Zanqour SUXX5146
Az Zawarat SUXX3821
Az Zawya SUXX1058
Az Zayyadiyah SUXX5924
Az Zedab SUXX2024
Az Ziberat SUXX2025
Az Zihur SUXX0259
Az Zi`ef SUXX0258
Az Zi`ef Sibeq SUXX1059
Az Zi`efiyya SUXX1061
Az Zumagi SUXX4652
Az Zumah SUXX3822
Az Zumah SUXX3165
Az Zumul SUXX5147
Az Zunqaha SUXX1062
Az Zuwayrah SUXX3166
Azhaf SUXX6431
Azraq SUXX2026
Azraq SUXX1063
Azwa SUXX4072
Ba Bikr Hamzah SUXX2750
Baa SUXX4073
Baabai SUXX5925
Baba SUXX4653
Baba SUXX5148
Babanus SUXX4074
Babanusa SUXX2027
Babanusa SUXX1066
Babanusah SUXX5149
Babanusah SUXX2028
Babarros SUXX0260
Baberi SUXX5926
Babikir SUXX3628
Babikir SUXX1067
Babikri SUXX3629
Babil SUXX4075
Babinga SUXX7004
Badawi SUXX2029
Baddal SUXX4654
Badi SUXX4076
Badiab SUXX2030
Bados SUXX0261
Baga SUXX2751
Bagadi SUXX2031
Bagaia SUXX5150
Bagarosi SUXX3167
Bagasa SUXX2032
Bagbagat SUXX1068
Bagera SUXX6433
Baggarda SUXX4655
Baghabur SUXX0262
Bagirma SUXX5927
Bagras SUXX7005
Bahr Umm Surein SUXX6434
Bain Gedid SUXX6435
Bairdok SUXX5721
Baitamaru SUXX0263
Bajuggi SUXX4077
Bakabul SUXX3823
Bakhit SUXX3824
Bakhit SUXX5928
Bakhit SUXX4656
Bakhit SUXX2035
Bakht ar Ruda SUXX1069
Bakkah SUXX0264
Bakra SUXX1070
Balanj SUXX1071
Baldanga SUXX5929
Balgab SUXX0496
Bali SUXX5722
Balla SUXX7006
Balla Furash SUXX4078
Ballah SUXX4657
Ballah SUXX4079
Ballala SUXX2036
Ballali SUXX1072
Ballas SUXX4080
Balmut SUXX0266
Balos SUXX3630
Balula SUXX2037
Balulah SUXX2038
Baluma SUXX1073
Bal`ar SUXX0265
Ban SUXX3631
Ban Jadid SUXX5152
Bana SUXX4658
Banagelada SUXX0267
Banasha SUXX0268
Banasu SUXX7007
Banat SUXX3168
Banat SUXX6436
Banat SUXX2039
Banat SUXX7008
Banat SUXX5723
Bandadito SUXX4081
Bandarbi SUXX5930
Bandighew SUXX3632
Banganarti SUXX3825
Bani Muhammad SUXX6437
Bannaqa SUXX3169
Banzaqa SUXX7009
Baqadi SUXX2041
Baqari SUXX2042
Baqbaqah SUXX3633
Baqbaqi SUXX6438
Baqetu SUXX7010
Baqis SUXX0269
Baqiya SUXX2043
Barah SUXX0048
Barak ath Thawr SUXX1074
Barakah SUXX5153
Barakat SUXX2044
Barakin SUXX6439
Barakiyah SUXX5154
Barankawa SUXX7011
Baraya SUXX5155
Barazna SUXX6440
Barbar SUXX0049
Barbari SUXX4659
Barbit SUXX1075
Bardai SUXX4082
Bardani SUXX4083
Bardei SUXX4084
Barfa SUXX0270
Barid SUXX5156
Barkal SUXX3826
Barkaz SUXX4660
Barodi SUXX4661
Barqa SUXX3827
Barqu SUXX2045
Barqu SUXX0271
Barqu SUXX7012
Barqu ar Rammash SUXX2046
Barra SUXX7013
Barsi SUXX2047
Barsi al Fadl SUXX7014
Barud SUXX6441
Barum Barum SUXX4662
Basabir SUXX2048
Basha SUXX0272
Basha SUXX4663
Basham SUXX1076
Bashamah SUXX5157
Bashaqra Gharb SUXX2049
Bashaqra Sharq SUXX2752
Bashayir Izeriq SUXX2050
Bashayir Suleman SUXX2051
Bashir SUXX0273
Bashir Maqbul SUXX1078
Bashiweb SUXX0497
Bashiweib SUXX0498
Bashkar SUXX2052
Bashoida SUXX3170
Basi SUXX4085
Basis SUXX7015
Baslan SUXX3828
Basunda SUXX3634
Bata SUXX4086
Batran SUXX1079
Baturo SUXX4664
Baw SUXX0274
Bawadala SUXX0275
Bayda SUXX0276
Baylah SUXX3635
Bayt al Marfa`in SUXX7016
Bayt Haraz SUXX4666
Bayud SUXX3829
Bayyudah SUXX3830
Ba`ashim SUXX1065
Ba`shum SUXX6432
Bear El Shakh SUXX0277
Bebnis SUXX1081
Beda SUXX2053
Beida SUXX4087
Beiga SUXX4088
Beira SUXX5931
Beka SUXX2054
Bekabiya SUXX3831
Belbubulo SUXX0278
Belegumbo SUXX0279
Belfodi SUXX0280
Bella SUXX4089
Bellila SUXX0281
Belwanshu SUXX0282
Bensi SUXX4090
Berber SUXX3171
Bergeig SUXX3832
Beriab al Hujayr SUXX2055
Beringil SUXX4667
Berkia SUXX3833
Bernawi SUXX6442
Bernij SUXX5158
Berta SUXX5932
Betbetti SUXX5933
Biberto SUXX5935
Bigga SUXX6443
Biheil SUXX6444
Bijawi SUXX7018
Bikori SUXX0283
Bilalah SUXX5936
Billa`o SUXX1082
Billiyya SUXX5159
Bimarrah SUXX4093
Bimbi SUXX4094
Bint el Kelb SUXX5161
Bint Ghabat SUXX5160
Bint Ghanais SUXX1083
Bint Goda SUXX6445
Bint Ruqayyah SUXX1084
Bir Abu Saleh SUXX2754
Bir el `As SUXX4668
Bir Madani SUXX2056
Birak SUXX7019
Birebil SUXX3172
Bireigo SUXX4095
Birerab SUXX3173
Birganga SUXX4096
Birgid SUXX5162
Biri SUXX3636
Birish Malyan SUXX5937
Birja SUXX4097
Birkah SUXX6446
Birkat Jarrah SUXX4098
Birkat Saira SUXX5938
Birkat Tayr SUXX4099
Birkatulli SUXX4671
Birkiyya SUXX6447
Birtu SUXX5939
Biryay SUXX5724
Bishan SUXX0284
Bishandi SUXX3174
Bisharin Amrab SUXX0500
Bitkisarob SUXX5725
Bobnis SUXX1085
Bobuk SUXX0285
Bodurnungorei SUXX4100
Bogo SUXX1086
Bombori SUXX5163
Bordein SUXX0052
Borida SUXX2057
Boteh SUXX6448
Bubi SUXX4101
Budaynah SUXX2059
Buddu SUXX4102
Bugr SUXX5940
Bugra SUXX5164
Bugus SUXX4103
Buhayr SUXX6449
Buldanga SUXX5941
Buldidini SUXX0286
Bulgar SUXX5942
Bulgumeil SUXX4104
Bullinarti SUXX3834
Buly SUXX1087
Bumbil SUXX4105
Buna SUXX1088
Bundas SUXX1089
Bunduq as Sa`d SUXX1090
Buniyu SUXX0287
Bunnai SUXX4672
Buqari SUXX5165
Buqlab SUXX3175
Buram SUXX4673
Buram SUXX5166
Buraykah SUXX6450
Burayr SUXX6451
Buraysh SUXX7020
Burbur SUXX3637
Burei SUXX4107
Burghul SUXX2060
Buronga SUXX4108
Burri SUXX2755
Burri al Mahas SUXX2757
Burtubil SUXX2061
Burubaasi SUXX4109
Burush SUXX5943
Burusini SUXX4110
Busatab SUXX2758
Bushara Abukr SUXX4674
Bushariyya SUXX1091
Busi SUXX1092
But SUXX0288
Butaba SUXX0289
Butah SUXX6452
Buten SUXX1093
Butri SUXX5167
Butry SUXX2759
Butugab SUXX2760
Buwaydah SUXX5168
Buwayhah SUXX2761
Buzi SUXX7021
Bu`bel SUXX2058
Carthago SUXX0503
Chado SUXX5169
Chagat SUXX4675
Chali el Fil SUXX0290
Chekka SUXX5170
Cherawa SUXX5171
Chero Kasi SUXX4111
Cherro SUXX4112
Chocho SUXX5172
Chourak SUXX4113
Chref SUXX4114
Conry SUXX3638
Daballa SUXX4115
Dabanga SUXX5946
Dabat Al Qara` SUXX1094
Dabbaghat SUXX3176
Dabbah SUXX2762
Dabbat al Bukhas SUXX5174
Dabbat An Nayra SUXX1096
Dabbat at Tar SUXX1099
Dabbat Majaq SUXX1097
Dabbat `Ubayd SUXX5173
Dabdob SUXX5175
Dabinga SUXX4116
Dabra SUXX1100
Dabre SUXX5176
Dadei SUXX4117
Dadi SUXX5947
Dafa` Allah SUXX2063
Daffaq SUXX4676
Dafuri SUXX1101
Dagalos SUXX6454
Dagarti SUXX3835
Dagash SUXX3177
Daghfali SUXX3178
Daghur SUXX3179
Dagma SUXX6455
Dago SUXX4677
Dahalob SUXX1102
Dahar Jihena SUXX1103
Dahasira SUXX3836
Dakadim SUXX4678
Dakkar SUXX4679
Dalawat SUXX2064
Dalawat Al Qoz SUXX2065
Daldaku SUXX5177
Daldi SUXX4118
Daldimaya SUXX6456
Daleb SUXX5726
Daleba SUXX3639
Daleba SUXX7022
Daleiba SUXX5178
Dali SUXX4119
Daliyah SUXX4120
Dallami SUXX5179
Dallas SUXX5180
Dalqa SUXX2066
Dalqu SUXX3837
Dam Gamad SUXX5948
Dam Gamad SUXX6457
Damaguto SUXX5181
Damba Agi SUXX4680
Dambar SUXX4681
Dambarang SUXX4121
Dambo SUXX3838
Dameiso SUXX4682
Dami SUXX4122
Damira at Tom SUXX6458
Damukiyah SUXX6459
Danaqilah SUXX2067
Dangai SUXX4123
Dangeil SUXX3180
Dango SUXX4683
Dangolobei SUXX5949
Dankoj SUXX6460
Dankud SUXX4124
Dankuj ash Shluk SUXX1104
Daqdaq SUXX5950
Daqqaq SUXX5951
Dar Abu Maugud SUXX0291
Dar aj Jam SUXX5182
Dar al Bakhitah SUXX7026
Dar al Mazid SUXX2077
Dar al `Awada SUXX3841
Dar Aqil SUXX0292
Dar As Salam SUXX7023
Dar as Salam SUXX2078
Dar As Salam SUXX1105
Dar as Surur SUXX7027
Dar Bashir SUXX2068
Dar Chemola SUXX7024
Dar Gaboja SUXX2070
Dar Hammad SUXX5952
Dar Jum`ah SUXX3839
Dar Kadreis SUXX3840
Dar Mali SUXX3181
Dar Muqam SUXX2071
Dar Musa SUXX2072
Dar Nayil SUXX2073
Dar Shawish SUXX2074
Dar Wad Rawaj SUXX2075
Dar Zubi SUXX4125
Dar `Agabna SUXX3640
Dar `Aqil SUXX7025
Dara SUXX5183
Daraba SUXX4126
Darafisah SUXX6462
Dara`ab SUXX6461
Dardaqa SUXX5953
Dardiq SUXX1108
Dardog SUXX6463
Dari SUXX5184
Dari Kakay SUXX5185
Darlo SUXX4127
Darmali SUXX4128
Darsa SUXX4129
Dauro SUXX5954
Dawab SUXX3182
Dawmah SUXX2079
Dawmah SUXX6464
Dawmayah SUXX4684
Dawrah SUXX4685
Dawud SUXX5727
Dawwa SUXX2080
Daym al Khalifah SUXX1109
Daym Bakr SUXX3641
Daym Qarad SUXX5955
Daym Takarin SUXX0505
Dayrah SUXX7028
Dayyanah SUXX2081
Dazingor SUXX6465
Debeira SUXX5728
Deberto SUXX5956
Debtod SUXX3842
Debus Weiki SUXX5957
Defadi SUXX5186
Defeis SUXX6466
Defoi SUXX3843
Degeilat SUXX7029
Degeisab SUXX2082
Degheim Fargi SUXX5729
Deheir SUXX1110
Dei SUXX4130
Deim SUXX2083
Deim Jabir SUXX0506
Deim Karari SUXX2763
Deim Kurya SUXX0507
Deim Madina SUXX0508
Deim Musa SUXX0509
Deim Salalab SUXX0510
Deim Shati SUXX0511
Deim `Arab SUXX0512
Deimbo SUXX4131
Deira SUXX5187
Deirirro SUXX4132
Deiro SUXX4133
Delaba SUXX5188
Deldum SUXX5189
Derangei SUXX4686
Dereia SUXX1111
Deribat SUXX5958
Derjeil SUXX4134
Dermar SUXX5190
Deroti SUXX5191
Derudeb SUXX0513
Deywa SUXX7030
Dhahabah SUXX4687
Dibagha SUXX5192
Dibbub SUXX4688
Dibekir SUXX5193
Dibs SUXX4689
Dibs SUXX5959
Didan `Abbas SUXX6467
Difa SUXX5960
Digaia SUXX5194
Digiru SUXX4135
Dignyo SUXX4136
Digri SUXX4690
Digu SUXX4137
Dilay SUXX0514
Dilco SUXX0515
Dilling SUXX5195
Dilu SUXX0053
Dimasoya SUXX4691
Dimbala SUXX4138
Din SUXX5196
Dingajuri SUXX4139
Dingajurie SUXX5961
Diraneb SUXX0516
Direita SUXX4140
Diri SUXX0054
Dirrah SUXX5962
Dirrar SUXX5197
Dirwish SUXX2084
Dis SUXX0293
Disah SUXX3642
Dito SUXX4692
Diwewa SUXX2085
Diyeir SUXX4141
Doba SUXX2086
Dobayan SUXX4693
Dodo SUXX4142
Dogagin SUXX5198
Dogeshi SUXX5963
Dogilli SUXX5199
Dogum SUXX4143
Doka SUXX3643
Dola SUXX5964
Dolum SUXX5965
Dom Basin SUXX3844
Domi SUXX6468
Dongola SUXX3845
Dontay SUXX7031
Doteit SUXX6469
Douhouch SUXX4144
Dubarid SUXX4145
Dubasiyin SUXX2764
Dubaybah SUXX5966
Dubaybah SUXX2765
Dubaykir SUXX3184
Dubaykir SUXX1112
Dubaysah SUXX2766
Dudei SUXX4146
Dudeiri SUXX4147
Dudiu SUXX0294
Dudungussa SUXX4148
Duga SUXX4149
Dugaga SUXX6470
Duggu SUXX4150
Duggu SUXX5967
Dughaym SUXX5730
Dugul SUXX1113
Duju SUXX4151
Dukali SUXX4694
Dukeit SUXX4152
Dukkur Hillal SUXX4695
Dulaybah SUXX4696
Dulaybah SUXX5200
Dulayq SUXX4153
Duleba SUXX5201
Dulgo SUXX4154
Dulmoinya SUXX4155
Dulukiri SUXX4697
Duma SUXX0055
Dumbalo SUXX5202
Dumbaro SUXX4156
Dumbusa SUXX4157
Dumej SUXX4158
Dumta SUXX4159
Dunayqilah SUXX1115
Dungo SUXX4160
Dungunab SUXX0517
Dunkuj SUXX1116
Dunya SUXX0295
Duqol SUXX2087
Duraysah SUXX0056
Duraysah SUXX4161
Durayshab SUXX2767
Durbwara SUXX4162
Durdir SUXX4163
Durgei SUXX5968
Duri SUXX4164
Durinhur SUXX4165
Durmei SUXX4166
Duro SUXX4167
Duroti SUXX4168
Durraba SUXX7032
Durri SUXX4169
Dursa SUXX5969
Durti SUXX4170
Durundur SUXX4171
Dus SUXX5970
Dus SUXX6471
Duwabin SUXX1117
Duwaynah SUXX6472
Duwayr SUXX5203
Duweh SUXX1118
Duweishat East SUXX3847
Duweishat West SUXX3848
Dwo SUXX5971
East Town SUXX0518
Ebbei SUXX4172
Ed Damer SUXX3185
Ed Danaqla SUXX3186
Ed Dayomab SUXX3187
Ed Debba SUXX5204
Ed Debkar SUXX5205
Ed Deiga SUXX3849
Ed Deim SUXX3188
Ed Dekera SUXX3189
Ed Diheshab SUXX3190
Ed Dikeidik SUXX5206
Ed Dikeri SUXX5207
Ed Dikka North SUXX3191
Ed Dikka West SUXX3192
Ed Dowyab SUXX3193
Ed Duwara SUXX4699
Ed Dwemat SUXX3195
Edermi SUXX5972
Efish SUXX1119
Egini SUXX0519
Egrool SUXX3196
Ei Qobosh SUXX3197
Eidag SUXX2088
Eiladebba SUXX3198
Eilaiaweb SUXX5731
Eima SUXX5973
Eina SUXX6473
Eirayab SUXX0520
Eiri SUXX5208
Eish Bara SUXX4173
Eishbarra SUXX4174
Ej Jayli SUXX2768
Ej Jikeka SUXX3199
El Aburu SUXX4701
El Ahmar SUXX0296
El Angeilo SUXX4702
El Aosar SUXX2769
El Awatib SUXX3201
El A`lyab SUXX3200
El Badyab SUXX3203
El Bakrya SUXX3204
El Ban Jaded SUXX3206
El Bandaga SUXX4703
El Baral SUXX5209
El Barun SUXX0297
El Bauga SUXX3209
El Bawaled SUXX3210
El Bayada SUXX3211
El Beiri SUXX5210
El Bqedab SUXX3212
El Defal SUXX3213
El Etanub SUXX3214
El Fahalab SUXX3215
El Fahlab SUXX3216
El Faki el Amin SUXX2771
El Faki Hashim SUXX2770
El Far SUXX4704
El Farash SUXX4705
El Fasher SUXX5974
El Feid SUXX5211
El Fifi SUXX4706
El Figelab SUXX3218
El Fijeja SUXX3219
El Fil SUXX0298
El Fireqab SUXX3220
El Foqara SUXX3221
El Gaa`fra SUXX2089
El Gabarna SUXX3222
El Gabrab SUXX3223
El Geneina SUXX4175
El Geref SUXX5212
El Ghadoora SUXX3224
El Gibrab SUXX3225
El Gimei`abi SUXX2090
El Ginefab SUXX3226
El Giref SUXX3227
El Gobarab Foq SUXX3228
El Gobarab Tiht SUXX3229
El Gohara SUXX5213
El Golabab SUXX3230
El Hadaba SUXX5214
El Hadahed SUXX3231
El Halfaya SUXX2772
El Hallufa SUXX4707
El Hamdab SUXX3232
El Hamra SUXX4708
El Haraza SUXX3233
El Hariqa SUXX5215
El Hasa Debeira SUXX5732
El Hashima SUXX4709
El Hideba SUXX3234
El Higelab SUXX3235
El Hileifi SUXX2773
El Hilela SUXX3236
El Himedab SUXX3238
El Himerab SUXX3239
El Hinarab SUXX3240
El Hiredab SUXX2774
El Hobagi SUXX6474
El Hobagi SUXX3241
El Hosh SUXX2775
El Howila SUXX3242
El Ibaydab SUXX3243
El Jabrab SUXX3244
El Joghub SUXX5216
El Kabbashi SUXX2776
El Karada SUXX3245
El Karafab SUXX3850
El Karkarai SUXX5217
El Kelba SUXX4710
El Khamesab SUXX3246
El Khawawer SUXX3247
El Khor Nagazu SUXX3248
El Khuleila SUXX2777
El Khulla SUXX3249
El Kieizi SUXX4711
El Kimer SUXX3251
El Kitayab SUXX3252
El Kjera SUXX3253
El Kmer SUXX3254
El Komor SUXX3255
El Konoz SUXX3256
El Korumab SUXX3257
El Kuburab SUXX2778
El Kuru SUXX3851
El Linqawi SUXX3258
El Liwes SUXX3259
El Madanab SUXX3260
El Magadeb SUXX3261
El Magarit SUXX2779
El Mahara SUXX4712
El Mahmiya SUXX3262
El Makaylab SUXX3263
El Makniya SUXX3264
El Malwi SUXX4713
El Manaser SUXX3265
El Mased SUXX3266
El Matama SUXX3267
El Matara SUXX6475
El Maya SUXX3268
El Mirenab SUXX3269
El Misektab SUXX3270
El Mohayab Tiht SUXX3271
El Moqrar SUXX3272
El Mosayab Foq SUXX3273
El Muhara SUXX4714
El Muhenna SUXX2091
El Murr SUXX4715
El Murraya SUXX4716
El Mutmar SUXX3274
El Obeid SUXX0001
El Qal`a SUXX2780
El Qaryat SUXX2781
El Qezan SUXX3275
El Qirenab SUXX3276
El Qobosh SUXX3277
El Qoz SUXX3278
El Qoz Foq SUXX3279
El Salbab SUXX2782
El Shoqla SUXX3281
El Sidir SUXX3282
El Tafara SUXX3283
El Timerab SUXX3284
El Timeran SUXX3285
El Tumeid SUXX3286
El Ushara SUXX3287
El Uzeiriq SUXX4717
El Wawe SUXX3288
El Wuz SUXX6476
El Yoi SUXX5218
El Zedab SUXX3290
El `Abdotab SUXX3291
El `Amaren SUXX3292
El `Aqedab SUXX3293
El `Azozab SUXX3294
El `Egula SUXX3295
El `Iwedab SUXX3296
El `Kad SUXX3297
El `Urdi SUXX3852
Elga SUXX5975
Elqoz SUXX3298
Emiherif SUXX3299
En Nafalab SUXX2783
En Nafidab SUXX3300
En Nieini SUXX4718
En Niweir SUXX3301
En Nuba SUXX2784
Endur SUXX4719
Enyoka SUXX4176
Er Rahamab SUXX3303
Er Rawyan SUXX2785
Er Rekeib SUXX2092
Er Rutrutaya SUXX4720
Ereig Wad Gabril SUXX2093
Erey SUXX5219
Eri Kuro SUXX5976
Eriba SUXX5733
Erigi SUXX4177
Erishab SUXX3304
Ermil Post SUXX6477
Erruk SUXX3305
Ertidi SUXX3853
Es Saiyal SUXX2095
Es Salam SUXX3306
Es Salama SUXX3307
Es Salluab SUXX3308
Es Sawarid SUXX3309
Es Sa`duna SUXX2094
Es Sihan SUXX3310
Es Sumeih SUXX4721
Es Sururab SUXX2786
Esh Shadid SUXX4722
Esh Shaheinab SUXX0059
Esh Shaqalo SUXX3311
Esh Sharef SUXX3312
Esh Shayqya SUXX3313
Esh Shihenab SUXX2788
Esh Shokaba SUXX3314
Eshagara SUXX3315
Eshbora SUXX4178
Essamra SUXX3316
Et Taiyib Mafin SUXX4723
Et Tawila SUXX4724
Et Teitel SUXX4725
Et Tikkawin SUXX3317
Et Tomid SUXX4726
Et Tukeilat SUXX2096
Ettleh SUXX3318
Fabegu SUXX0299
Fabirso SUXX0300
Fabundo SUXX0301
Fad East SUXX3854
Fad West SUXX3855
Fadal SUXX3644
Fadasi Al `Amrab SUXX2097
Fadhullah SUXX2099
Fadl SUXX2100
Fadl as Sid SUXX3645
Fadliyah SUXX6479
Fadlullah Gibril SUXX2101
Fadniya SUXX2102
Fado SUXX4179
Fadwa SUXX6480
Fag al Qash SUXX6481
Fagagh SUXX5977
Fagarjla SUXX4180
Faguri SUXX5978
Fahl SUXX2103
Faiyu SUXX4727
Faiyuk SUXX6482
Fajj al Hallah SUXX6483
Fakarin SUXX5220
Fakheig SUXX6484
Faki Bashir SUXX2104
Faki Hashim SUXX2789
Faki Hud SUXX5221
Faki Ibrahim SUXX4728
Faki Jad Allah SUXX2790
Faki Musa SUXX2105
Faki Mustafa SUXX1120
Faki Sadiq SUXX4181
Faki Uzayriq SUXX6485
Faki `Ali SUXX1121
Fakkarin SUXX4729
Fakrinkotti SUXX3856
Falabut SUXX0302
Falakta SUXX4182
Falankei SUXX4183
Fallala SUXX5979
Fallata SUXX3646
Fallata SUXX1122
Fallata SUXX5222
Famakah SUXX0303
Famideru SUXX0304
Fanadudu SUXX0305
Fanaklu SUXX4730
Fandung SUXX6486
Fangoga SUXX6487
Fangu SUXX0306
Fantaga SUXX5980
Fanyer SUXX6488
Fanziger SUXX0307
Faqa SUXX1123
Faqidi SUXX1124
Farag SUXX0308
Farah SUXX2106
Farahein SUXX3319
Faraj Allah SUXX6489
Farajab SUXX0061
Faraksaleb SUXX0521
Faras East SUXX5734
Faras West SUXX5735
Fareig SUXX3857
Fareq Essooq SUXX3321
Farig al Garahab SUXX2811
Farig A`kkor SUXX2794
Fariq al Fadul SUXX1125
Faris Al Kitab SUXX2107
Farkat SUXX1126
Farla SUXX6490
Faroga SUXX6491
Farraqat SUXX6492
Farshah SUXX5981
Far` al Habil SUXX4731
Fas al Karanik SUXX1127
Fash Shar SUXX0311
Fashga SUXX4732
Fashishoya SUXX4733
Fassa SUXX6493
Fassay SUXX1128
Fassaya SUXX1129
Fatah el Bab SUXX3647
Fatala SUXX5982
Fatara SUXX5983
Fatatat SUXX5223
Fatshwa SUXX4734
Fattis SUXX5224
Faw SUXX1130
Fawar SUXX4735
Fawat al Lidaya SUXX1131
Fawayda SUXX2111
Fayd at Tayr SUXX5225
Fayu SUXX5226
Fayu al Rawyan SUXX5227
Fazarykerkery SUXX4184
Fazi SUXX5984
Fazughli SUXX0312
Fa`fa` SUXX6478
Fed Annabag SUXX5228
Feina SUXX5985
Fennisa SUXX2112
Fergi SUXX3858
Fergulli SUXX4185
Ferka East SUXX3859
Ferka West SUXX3860
Fertak SUXX4186
Fetes SUXX2113
Fetti Feiti SUXX4736
Fiabuggu SUXX5986
Fiaxa SUXX0313
Fidi SUXX4187
Figenga SUXX4188
Fikhekhir SUXX1132
Fingyar SUXX5987
Firo SUXX4737
Fitnah SUXX3861
Fiwayyla SUXX1133
Fofaya SUXX6494
Foga SUXX6495
Fogi SUXX4189
Fongfong SUXX4190
For SUXX0314
Forei SUXX4191
Foro Burunga SUXX4192
Fufi SUXX0315
Fugara SUXX5229
Fundu SUXX4193
Funi SUXX5230
Fuq SUXX1134
Fura SUXX4194
Furayk SUXX6496
Furaywah SUXX5988
Furgun SUXX0316
Furjili SUXX5989
Futaha SUXX5990
Futajiggi SUXX4195
Fuwaylah SUXX6497
Fuzzor SUXX5991
Gabat Mar SUXX3324
Gabbad SUXX4738
Gabera SUXX5992
Gabet SUXX0062
Gabir SUXX5993
Gaboga SUXX1135
Gabr ad Dar SUXX6498
Gabras SUXX4739
Gabriya SUXX3862
Gabsi SUXX0522
Gabub SUXX3648
Gad el Kabim SUXX2114
Gadallah SUXX3325
Gadawab SUXX3326
Gaddik SUXX3327
Gadlab SUXX3328
Gafalu SUXX5994
Gaghamni SUXX5232
Gaguma SUXX4196
Gahwat `Adjib SUXX0523
Gaibat SUXX6499
Gaiya SUXX4197
Galahib SUXX2115
Galegu SUXX7033
Galgi SUXX5995
Gallabat SUXX4198
Galusa SUXX6500
Gamadlob SUXX0524
Gamal SUXX6501
Gamal SUXX4740
Gamaniya SUXX6502
Gambarat SUXX3329
Gambi SUXX0317
Gambo SUXX0318
Gami`Filli SUXX4199
Gamma SUXX2116
Ganeima SUXX4741
Ganetti SUXX3863
Gangara SUXX5233
Gangari SUXX3330
Gara SUXX4200
Garada SUXX3864
Garadaya SUXX4201
Gararang SUXX4202
Garbur Walad SUXX2813
Gardu Himed SUXX5234
Gardud al Bashem SUXX5238
Gardud Lammi SUXX5236
Gardud Tabaldi SUXX5237
Gargarat SUXX1136
Garib SUXX0525
Garora SUXX0526
Garrafa SUXX2814
Garsila SUXX4203
Gartaga SUXX4204
Garula SUXX4205
Gasr el Hineka SUXX3331
Gassana SUXX5996
Gauga SUXX0319
Gaugeh SUXX0320
Gaugul SUXX3865
Gauri SUXX5997
Gawabra SUXX3866
Gawad SUXX6503
Gawadalia SUXX5239
Ga`aliyen SUXX3323
Gebanit SUXX0321
Gebbellat SUXX0322
Gebbid SUXX4742
Gebeit SUXX0527
Geddi SUXX3867
Gedeid SUXX5240
Gedid el `Atsha SUXX2815
Gedid el `Awamra SUXX2816
Gedihat SUXX5241
Gedil SUXX4206
Gedir SUXX5242
Gefeil SUXX1137
Geidri SUXX5998
Geifil SUXX0064
Geigi SUXX4743
Gelaga SUXX1138
Geliem SUXX3649
Gelli SUXX5999
Gemai East SUXX3868
Gemai West SUXX3869
Gemira SUXX4744
Gemmeiza SUXX4207
Gendi SUXX6000
Genneto SUXX6504
Gerabin Tegali SUXX0323
Geragerab SUXX4208
Gerasam SUXX6001
Geref Hamad Alla SUXX3332
Gereid SUXX5243
Gereigih SUXX6505
Gereyrat SUXX3650
Gerf El Melik SUXX3870
Gerfu SUXX6002
Gergeita SUXX4209
Geri SUXX4210
Gersi SUXX3333
Gettin SUXX4745
Ghabasha SUXX1139
Ghabat Um Suwar SUXX1140
Ghabina SUXX4746
Ghabish SUXX6506
Ghabshan SUXX6507
Ghabush SUXX6509
Ghajariyya SUXX1141
Ghanama SUXX6510
Ghannamah SUXX6003
Gharama SUXX5244
Gharaq SUXX1142
Gharb Binna SUXX3871
Gharb Dunqulah SUXX3872
Gharbas SUXX0324
Gharig SUXX5245
Gharrabat SUXX1143
Ghassil Rijlak SUXX1144
Gheresli SUXX7034
Ghibeibish SUXX4747
Ghinewa SUXX1145
Ghireqa SUXX1146
Ghireqana SUXX1147
Ghireqana SUXX2117
Ghirgher SUXX5736
Ghomera SUXX1148
Ghosbiya SUXX2118
Ghubaysh SUXX1149
Ghubaysh SUXX6511
Ghubayshab SUXX6512
Ghubayshah SUXX6004
Ghubayshat SUXX4211
Ghunaywab SUXX1150
Ghuraydiyat SUXX3651
Ghurayqanah SUXX3652
Ghurud SUXX3873
Gibr SUXX2119
Gibsra SUXX6005
Gidel es Sunt SUXX4748
Gigeil SUXX1151
Gilas SUXX3874
Gilat Deun SUXX2817
Gimbir SUXX6513
Gim`a SUXX5737
Ginfili Ngerma SUXX4212
Ginis East SUXX3875
Ginis West SUXX3876
Ginyo SUXX4213
Girada SUXX5246
Girbu SUXX4214
Girgo SUXX6006
Giri SUXX6007
Giri SUXX4215
Girleli SUXX4216
Girra Barra SUXX3877
Girru SUXX4749
Gishwe SUXX0325
Gnudran el Burud SUXX6514
Godoba SUXX4217
Godosgo SUXX4218
Goerin SUXX4750
Goghana SUXX4751
Gohan ez Zarga SUXX4752
Golabai SUXX4219
Golanga SUXX4220
Gondar SUXX3334
Gong Limok SUXX5247
Goreisho SUXX4753
Gorgod SUXX3878
Gorgor SUXX4221
Goronei SUXX4222
Goshabi SUXX3879
Gostoweir SUXX6008
Gowari SUXX3880
Goweighin SUXX4754
Goz al Haj SUXX3335
Greighana SUXX2120
Gronti SUXX3881
Gua SUXX3653
Gubara SUXX2121
Gubarshige SUXX4223
Gubartullah SUXX0326
Gubbo SUXX4755
Gudai SUXX4224
Gueighrin SUXX4756
Gughan SUXX5248
Gughana SUXX4757
Gukor SUXX4225
Guldo SUXX4226
Guldubar SUXX4227
Guli SUXX0327
Gulli SUXX4228
Gulobei SUXX6009
Gumbanga SUXX4229
Gumbil SUXX6515
Gumdi SUXX4758
Gummuiya SUXX2818
Gundo SUXX4230
Gungo Hasan SUXX6010
Gungo Karkara SUXX6011
Gungo Nair SUXX6012
Gunji SUXX4231
Gunshur SUXX0328
Gur Lambung SUXX4232
Gurab SUXX6014
Gurab Ful SUXX3654
Guranei SUXX4233
Gurbi SUXX4234
Gureir SUXX0065
Gurgur SUXX6516
Gurr Tobak SUXX4759
Gurri SUXX4235
Gusa SUXX4236
Guwei SUXX4760
Guweighina SUXX4237
Habarab SUXX3882
Habeina SUXX6517
Habib SUXX6015
Habib Allah SUXX2122
Habib Allah SUXX2819
Habiko SUXX6518
Habil SUXX6519
Habila SUXX5249
Habila SUXX1152
Habilah SUXX6520
Habilah SUXX4238
Habis el Humar SUXX5250
Hablul SUXX6521
Habnab SUXX0528
Habobiyya SUXX6522
Habos SUXX6524
Hadaliya SUXX2820
Hadalya SUXX5738
Haddad SUXX4761
Haddaf SUXX2123
Hadrokun SUXX0529
Hafarah SUXX5739
Haffir Makki SUXX2124
Hafir SUXX3883
Hag el Basheir SUXX3336
Hag Musa SUXX2125
Hagar Jembuh SUXX4239
Hagar Jenadi SUXX4240
Hagel Murra SUXX4241
Hagir Debeira SUXX5740
Hagokat SUXX3655
Hai al `Azama SUXX0531
Hai Tarab Hadal SUXX0530
Haj Ahmad SUXX2126
Haj an Nur SUXX2127
Hajalah SUXX6016
Hajar SUXX6017
Hajar al Hatab SUXX5252
Hajar al `Asal SUXX3338
Hajar ar Rakuba SUXX5253
Hajar Assultan SUXX5251
Hajar at Ter SUXX3339
Hajar Banga SUXX4242
Hajar Gwira SUXX4244
Hajj Abd Allah SUXX0066
Hajj as Sid SUXX3656
Hajj at Tahir SUXX3657
Hajj Ibrahim SUXX2128
Hajj `Abd Allah SUXX2129
Hajj `Umar SUXX5741
Hajjak SUXX4245
Hajjaz SUXX1153
Hajju Abu Qarn SUXX2130
Hajju al Uhaymir SUXX2131
Hajlij SUXX6525
Hajlijah SUXX1154
Hajlijah SUXX2132
Hakawlab SUXX0532
Hakkab SUXX2133
Halaqi SUXX2822
Halasa SUXX6526
Halgarma SUXX6527
Hallufa SUXX4762
Halufaya SUXX5254
Hamad SUXX2134
Hamad an Nil SUXX2135
Hamadaniya SUXX2136
Hamadna Allah SUXX7035
Hamadna Allah SUXX2137
Hamadorab SUXX0533
Hamadtu Allah SUXX2138
Hamash Barar SUXX0534
Hamd Allah SUXX2139
Hamd as Sid SUXX1155
Hamdab SUXX3884
Hamdan SUXX2140
Hamdan SUXX6528
Hamed es Sofi SUXX3658
Hamednarti SUXX3885
Hamid SUXX3886
Hamid al `Azab SUXX1157
Hamid Egeil SUXX4763
Hamidiya SUXX4246
Hamir SUXX6529
Hammadab SUXX2824
Hammadi SUXX5255
Hammur SUXX4764
Hammurab SUXX0067
Hamok SUXX3887
Hamoriba SUXX3340
Hamra SUXX0329
Hamra SUXX4765
Hamra SUXX5256
Hamra SUXX7036
Hamroh SUXX4247
Hana Shitef SUXX3660
Hanatir SUXX6532
Handika SUXX3888
Hannek SUXX3889
Hansilab SUXX0535
Hantoby SUXX5257
Hantub SUXX2141
Haraba SUXX1159
Haran SUXX5258
Haraxa SUXX2143
Harazah SUXX1160
Harazah SUXX4766
Harhassa SUXX6019
Hariq SUXX6534
Harrar SUXX4768
Harun SUXX4248
Harun SUXX0330
Harun SUXX3661
Harun SUXX4769
Harun SUXX6020
Harun Al Bahar SUXX0331
Harun Muhammad SUXX2145
Haruna SUXX4249
Hasab Ad Dayim SUXX2146
Hasab al Karim SUXX6536
Hasab Allah SUXX6535
Hasab ar Rasul SUXX2147
Hasan al Ghazali SUXX2148
Hasan Hisen SUXX1161
Hasan Kegeik SUXX7038
Hasanab SUXX2149
Hasaya SUXX2825
Hashab SUXX6021
Hashaba SUXX4770
Hashaba SUXX7039
Hashaba SUXX1162
Hashaba SUXX4250
Hashabah SUXX4251
Hashabah SUXX4771
Hashabah SUXX6537
Hashabu SUXX4252
Hashim SUXX3662
Hashish SUXX2150
Hasiheisa SUXX2826
Haskanit SUXX6023
Haskanit SUXX6539
Hassa SUXX3341
Hatras al Ballal SUXX2152
Hauli SUXX6540
Hawa SUXX2153
Hawa al `Arish SUXX1163
Hawad SUXX3342
Hawak SUXX4772
Hawawit East SUXX2827
Hawawit West SUXX2828
Haweida SUXX5743
Hawila SUXX2829
Hawsh al Juruf SUXX0068
Hawsh Faraneib SUXX3343
Hawshonat SUXX5744
Hawtah SUXX5259
Hawwa SUXX2830
Hay Abu Nura SUXX2154
Haya SUXX0536
Hayafa SUXX3663
Hayban SUXX5260
Hazawi SUXX2155
Hazeil SUXX6024
Hegam SUXX6541
Hegeina SUXX3346
Hegliga SUXX4253
Heguga SUXX4254
Helabo SUXX0537
Heleiba SUXX3664
Heleyba SUXX3665
Hemisaeb SUXX5745
Herbagat SUXX0538
Hernab SUXX0539
Hetani SUXX3890
Hibail SUXX3891
Hibeka An Naqar SUXX2157
Hibeka `Akut SUXX2158
Hidayya SUXX1164
Higar SUXX5261
Higeina SUXX6542
Hijelija SUXX1165
Hijelja SUXX6543
Hijlij SUXX6544
Hilat el Qobba SUXX3348
Hilat et Tondob SUXX3349
Hilat Hamad SUXX2159
Hilat Wad el Hag SUXX3347
Hilelat SUXX6545
Hilewa SUXX2160
Hilla SUXX3350
Hillat ab Harira SUXX5762
Hillat Ab Qafala SUXX2831
Hillat Ab Salih SUXX2832
Hillat Ab Tafug SUXX5262
Hillat Abaka SUXX3351
Hillat Abrag SUXX2833
Hillat Abu Dara SUXX2834
Hillat Abu Idres SUXX1166
Hillat Abu Senon SUXX3352
Hillat Abu Ushar SUXX5746
Hillat ad Dalo SUXX2900
Hillat ad Dokhon SUXX1187
Hillat Adam SUXX0540
Hillat Addarot SUXX5263
Hillat Aftas SUXX1167
Hillat al Arid SUXX5763
Hillat al Azazah SUXX5764
Hillat al Bakrab SUXX2901
Hillat al Bija SUXX2902
Hillat al Deqa SUXX3400
Hillat al Fadnya SUXX2903
Hillat Al Faki SUXX2161
Hillat al Far SUXX5285
Hillat al Farsh SUXX5286
Hillat Al Ginay SUXX5264
Hillat al Hajab SUXX2908
Hillat al Hireq SUXX2911
Hillat al Huda SUXX5765
Hillat al Hufra SUXX2913
Hillat al Ilew SUXX5766
Hillat al Kambo SUXX2914
Hillat al Kea`an SUXX3401
Hillat al Kihek SUXX3402
Hillat al Kiweib SUXX3403
Hillat al Kobor SUXX2915
Hillat al Lamlat SUXX5767
Hillat al La`ota SUXX1189
Hillat al Mak SUXX0332
Hillat al Moqdab SUXX2918
Hillat al Oshara SUXX2919
Hillat al Qal`a SUXX2170
Hillat al Qanay SUXX5287
Hillat al Qiblab SUXX3404
Hillat al Qwez SUXX2172
Hillat al Qwez SUXX2921
Hillat al Sab`at SUXX5769
Hillat al Widay SUXX2922
Hillat al `Bdnab SUXX2173
Hillat Alashraf SUXX0541
Hillat Alnitela SUXX3353
Hillat an Norab SUXX3406
Hillat an Nur SUXX5288
Hillat Andona SUXX5265
Hillat Annabag SUXX5267
Hillat ar Raboub SUXX2925
Hillat Arkawit SUXX5748
Hillat as Sanjak SUXX5289
Hillat as Sayyal SUXX2928
Hillat Ashat SUXX0542
Hillat At Fadul SUXX0543
Hillat at Tabsa SUXX2931
Hillat at Takalh SUXX1191
Hillat at Tires SUXX2932
Hillat at Tomama SUXX2933
Hillat Attash SUXX5270
Hillat Attomo SUXX5271
Hillat az Zurug SUXX3407
Hillat Banat SUXX5749
Hillat Banat SUXX3355
Hillat Baraka SUXX2847
Hillat Barakat SUXX2162
Hillat Baroka SUXX2848
Hillat Birema SUXX1170
Hillat Blalh SUXX2163
Hillat Dabak SUXX2849
Hillat Dioer SUXX1172
Hillat Diqen SUXX5750
Hillat Dukinj SUXX5274
Hillat Ed al Had SUXX2852
Hillat ed Darqab SUXX3408
Hillat ed Dom SUXX2935
Hillat ej Jablab SUXX3409
Hillat el Bir SUXX2936
Hillat el Doshen SUXX3412
Hillat el Fiqera SUXX3414
Hillat el Fitrab SUXX3416
Hillat el Foqra SUXX3417
Hillat el Gadeda SUXX3418
Hillat el Giwer SUXX3420
Hillat el Hawya SUXX3425
Hillat el Hibel SUXX3426
Hillat el Horra SUXX3428
Hillat el Hosh SUXX3429
Hillat el Ishash SUXX5770
Hillat el Karada SUXX3431
Hillat el Karton SUXX3432
Hillat El Kirera SUXX2855
Hillat el Malaha SUXX3435
Hillat el Qilea SUXX3437
Hillat el Qileia SUXX3438
Hillat el Qoz SUXX3440
Hillat el Qussa SUXX3441
Hillat el Salama SUXX3442
Hillat el Thawra SUXX3445
Hillat el `Arabi SUXX3449
Hillat el `Ared SUXX3450
Hillat El`iqeda SUXX3358
Hillat es Sol`at SUXX3453
Hillat Ezzoroq SUXX3359
Hillat Fagusa SUXX5275
Hillat Garsi SUXX3360
Hillat Haddad SUXX3361
Hillat Haj Ahmed SUXX2857
Hillat Hattakab SUXX0547
Hillat Hinesh SUXX1173
Hillat Idris SUXX1174
Hillat Jaden SUXX2858
Hillat Juru SUXX5276
Hillat Kagareb SUXX0548
Hillat Kali SUXX3362
Hillat Kallara SUXX5277
Hillat Karari SUXX2860
Hillat Khalefa SUXX3363
Hillat Khor Mosa SUXX2861
Hillat Kiday SUXX2863
Hillat Kinadrha SUXX3364
Hillat Kuku SUXX2865
Hillat Kuludana SUXX5278
Hillat Madany SUXX2164
Hillat Malasa SUXX2866
Hillat Marafeb SUXX0549
Hillat Masak SUXX5751
Hillat Midesisa SUXX3365
Hillat Mihereb SUXX1175
Hillat Mihereb SUXX2165
Hillat Mihram SUXX0550
Hillat Mona SUXX2867
Hillat Mostafa SUXX3366
Hillat Na`em SUXX2868
Hillat Noh SUXX0553
Hillat Nyaghogha SUXX5279
Hillat Omar SUXX2869
Hillat Qadaw SUXX3368
Hillat Qammarab SUXX2870
Hillat Qarash SUXX2871
Hillat Qeli SUXX5753
Hillat Qoz Badur SUXX3371
Hillat Raboub SUXX2874
Hillat Rattaga SUXX5754
Hillat Ra` SUXX2873
Hillat Rerah SUXX5755
Hillat Saburi SUXX5281
Hillat Salha SUXX2876
Hillat Salim SUXX1177
Hillat Saqryier SUXX2167
Hillat Sarobat SUXX0554
Hillat Sa`adana SUXX2166
Hillat Seedon SUXX3376
Hillat Sharafat SUXX2877
Hillat Shayab SUXX0555
Hillat Shootak SUXX3377
Hillat Shunku SUXX5282
Hillat Taboora SUXX3378
Hillat Tartor SUXX3379
Hillat Tolag SUXX0556
Hillat Um Jarki SUXX3382
Hillat Um Jirki SUXX3383
Hillat Um Milih SUXX5760
Hillat Um Qarqur SUXX5761
Hillat Umm Jim`a SUXX2879
Hillat Umm Owed SUXX1180
Hillat Umm Owena SUXX2882
Hillat Umm `Ali SUXX3387
Hillat Uzeirqab SUXX2884
Hillat Wad Ased SUXX1184
Hillat Wad Bosry SUXX2886
Hillat Wad Hasas SUXX2887
Hillat Wad Kasir SUXX2891
Hillat Wad Ramli SUXX2893
Hillat Wad Saqqa SUXX3392
Hillat Wad Yosif SUXX1185
Hillat Wad `Ibed SUXX3393
Hillat Yatu SUXX5283
Hillat Ya`qob SUXX2897
Hillat Yoya SUXX2898
Hillat `Aaytarba SUXX0557
Hillat `Abbas SUXX1186
Hillat `Agig SUXX0558
Hillat `Amor SUXX2899
Hillat `Atra SUXX3399
Hillat `Umar SUXX5284
Hillet Ateib SUXX0069
Hilmi SUXX7040
Himedan SUXX1193
Himera SUXX2174
Hineiga SUXX4773
Hiredana SUXX1194
Hisen SUXX2175
Hizawi SUXX1195
Hodur SUXX2177
Hogung SUXX4255
Holi SUXX6548
Horga SUXX2178
Horog SUXX2179
Hosh ed Dar SUXX3461
Hosh Wad Banaqa SUXX3460
Hotura SUXX4256
Hudayd Wad Shayb SUXX6549
Hudur SUXX0333
Hufayrah SUXX2180
Hufra SUXX0560
Hugeilig SUXX4774
Hugeir el Kiazi SUXX4775
Hugeir Qassuma SUXX2181
Hugier el Farag SUXX5291
Hujara SUXX3666
Hujaylij SUXX6551
Hujayr SUXX0070
Hujayr SUXX6552
Hujayrat SUXX2945
Hujjaj SUXX2182
Hujjaj SUXX2946
Hukumah SUXX3667
Hulaylah SUXX6025
Hulaylah SUXX2183
Hulaylah SUXX6553
Humari SUXX5771
Humaydah SUXX4257
Humaydan SUXX6554
Humayr SUXX6555
Humayr SUXX6026
Humayr Dirrah SUXX6556
Humayr Jabir SUXX6557
Humayr Koko SUXX6558
Humayyir SUXX4777
Humayyir Kurkab SUXX6560
Humeir Sibil SUXX6561
Humeirab SUXX3462
Hummeda SUXX1196
Humrah SUXX3668
Humrah SUXX0334
Hureiz SUXX4258
Hurrah SUXX1197
Huseinarti SUXX3892
Husenat SUXX1198
Husheib SUXX5772
Huzaymah SUXX3893
Ibayyid SUXX1199
Ibrahim al Futah SUXX5292
Id ad Diwem SUXX1200
Id Aj Jim SUXX6563
Id en Nakhi SUXX5293
Idabba SUXX3463
Idd Al Hijelja SUXX1201
Idd at Tor SUXX0071
Idiru SUXX0335
Idris SUXX2185
Idris SUXX0336
Idris Mustafa SUXX1202
Ifetis SUXX1203
Ilabilli SUXX5773
Im Dam SUXX6565
Inbijek SUXX2186
Indasseina SUXX5294
Inderaba SUXX6566
Inebis SUXX3464
Inha SUXX0561
Injammena SUXX1204
Injiltarra SUXX6567
Ir Kwa SUXX4259
Irashay SUXX5774
Irau SUXX3894
Iretil SUXX2187
Irgie SUXX6027
Irqud SUXX6028
Isagha SUXX3669
Iselat Wad Sarar SUXX2947
Iskut SUXX5295
Isma`il SUXX7041
Isma`tliyya SUXX1205
Istereina SUXX4260
Ja SUXX6029
Ja SUXX4261
Jabal ad Dud SUXX5296
Jabal Awlya SUXX2949
Jabal Buk SUXX0338
Jabal Dor SUXX6031
Jabal Mayyah SUXX7042
Jabal Qurayn SUXX3670
Jabal Sudayk SUXX3895
Jabona SUXX1206
Jabr SUXX2188
Jabr Allah SUXX6032
Jabra SUXX6568
Jabra Addar SUXX5297
Jabrin SUXX5298
Jabun SUXX4262
Jad Al `En SUXX2189
Jada SUXX1207
Jadas Sid SUXX4778
Jaded Ath Thwra SUXX2950
Jadid SUXX5299
Jadid SUXX4263
Jadid SUXX6569
Jadid SUXX0072
Jadidah SUXX5300
Jah ar Rasul SUXX1208
Jahaniyah SUXX6570
Jaja SUXX4264
Jajera SUXX6571
Jakok SUXX4265
Jalduk SUXX7043
Jali SUXX6572
Jallabiyah SUXX6573
Jalqani SUXX7044
Jamalab SUXX1209
Jameina SUXX4266
Jamia SUXX4267
Jami`Abu Jurah SUXX4779
Jammam SUXX0339
Jandala SUXX7045
Janqaro SUXX5301
Jarmari SUXX0340
Jatara SUXX1210
Jawa SUXX6033
Jawwada SUXX2190
Jayli SUXX6574
Jazirat al Fil SUXX2191
Jazirat Fatimah SUXX3671
Jazirat Um Jar SUXX1211
Ja`l SUXX6030
Ja`liyin SUXX2948
Jefawa SUXX4780
Jegu SUXX0341
Jibal SUXX4268
Jibeliyya SUXX2192
Jibril SUXX0342
Jidad SUXX4781
Jimiliaa SUXX2193
Jimmeza SUXX7046
Jimmeza SUXX1212
Jinjir SUXX6575
Jirabiyah SUXX2194
Jirban SUXX5302
Jirewa SUXX0343
Jirguserei SUXX4269
Joghanay SUXX5303
Joghba SUXX5304
Jokba SUXX5305
Joku SUXX6576
Juba SUXX4782
Jubart Alla SUXX7047
Jubaylat SUXX5306
Jubeil SUXX5307
Jubeilat SUXX5308
Judayri SUXX4270
Jughna SUXX4783
Jughub SUXX1213
Jugna SUXX1214
Juguma SUXX4271
Juluia SUXX5309
Jumali SUXX0344
Jumayliyah SUXX2951
Jumaymiz SUXX4784
Jummayzah SUXX3465
Junaynah SUXX6577
Jung SUXX4272
Junga Jura SUXX6578
Jurab Yabis SUXX1215
Jurayf SUXX2952
Jurf al Malik SUXX3897
Juri SUXX1216
Kaag Kulli SUXX4785
Kaba SUXX6579
Kababish SUXX3898
Kabai SUXX5310
Kabajin SUXX1218
Kabambura Alif SUXX1219
Kabambura Ba SUXX1220
Kabana SUXX3466
Kabar SUXX4273
Kabayla SUXX5311
Kabbah SUXX5312
Kabbaro SUXX7048
Kabbushab SUXX3467
Kabga SUXX6034
Kabir SUXX1221
Kabirah SUXX4274
Kabkabiyah SUXX6035
Kabna SUXX3468
Kabodi SUXX3899
Kabongo SUXX5313
Kabos SUXX1222
Kabr SUXX4786
Kabra SUXX5314
Kabrinarti SUXX3900
Kabsur SUXX7049
Kabur SUXX6580
Kabus SUXX5315
Kabushah SUXX6581
Kabushiya SUXX3469
Kachama SUXX5316
Kadaba SUXX1223
Kadabas SUXX3470
Kadadah SUXX6582
Kadakol SUXX3901
Kadarang SUXX4275
Kadeita SUXX3471
Kadmu SUXX7050
Kadodo SUXX5317
Kadrabat SUXX5318
Kadruka SUXX3902
Kadugli SUXX5319
Kafandu SUXX4787
Kafani SUXX4276
Kafi SUXX2195
Kafran Kaula SUXX6036
Kagbar SUXX3903
Kaghiggum SUXX4277
Kagko SUXX4278
Kagmar SUXX6583
Kagnarti SUXX5775
Kagnarti SUXX3904
Kahil SUXX6584
Kahli Tayyibin SUXX2196
Kahli Zaydan SUXX2197
Kaidaba SUXX4279
Kaidebba SUXX4280
Kaigu SUXX6037
Kaileik SUXX4281
Kaiog SUXX0345
Kairi SUXX6038
Kairi SUXX4282
Kaita SUXX4283
Kajilkajili SUXX4284
Kajra SUXX3472
Kakamuta SUXX3672
Kakeri SUXX6585
Kakum SUXX3673
Kakur SUXX3905
Kalacha SUXX5320
Kalaju SUXX4788
Kalamboa SUXX4789
Kalendo SUXX5321
Kalimbo SUXX1226
Kalinda SUXX5322
Kalkadda SUXX5323
Kalkal SUXX6039
Kalla Umar SUXX6040
Kallo Ghubsh SUXX5324
Kalma SUXX6041
Kalokitting SUXX4285
Kaloqi SUXX5325
Kalu SUXX4790
Kamanzamu SUXX2198
Kamasher SUXX5326
Kambal SUXX0346
Kambo ar Rizeqal SUXX2955
Kambo Arrev SUXX2199
Kambo az Zaghawa SUXX2956
Kambo Iksar SUXX5776
Kambo Jibrel SUXX2954
Kambu SUXX1227
Kambu SUXX2200
Kambu Abu Diqin SUXX2201
Kambu Addabba SUXX1228
Kambu al Rattaga SUXX5780
Kambu Alyas SUXX1229
Kambu an Nabaq SUXX2214
Kambu an Nadyana SUXX2215
Kambu Baluma SUXX1230
Kambu Barqu SUXX1231
Kambu Barquta SUXX2204
Kambu Bashkar SUXX2205
Kambu Birebit SUXX1232
Kambu Fatarita SUXX2206
Kambu Haj `Ali SUXX2207
Kambu Hashim SUXX2208
Kambu Kashkosh SUXX2209
Kambu Mahammad SUXX1233
Kambu Malik SUXX1234
Kambu Mayo SUXX2210
Kambu Sa`dan SUXX1235
Kambu Talata SUXX1236
Kambu Thalathun SUXX5778
Kambu um Talaqo SUXX2216
Kambu `Awad SUXX2213
Kambu `Ishrun SUXX5779
Kamdilla SUXX6586
Kamelu SUXX5327
Kamguli SUXX4286
Kamilab SUXX2217
Kamiri SUXX5328
Kamlin Sharq SUXX0076
Kammbuna SUXX4287
Kammil Nomak SUXX2219
Kamrab SUXX7051
Kamrogia SUXX5329
Kamsab SUXX3473
Kamsor SUXX5330
Kanafa SUXX1237
Kandawa SUXX3674
Kandi SUXX5331
Kandik SUXX5332
Kando SUXX5333
Kangalla SUXX6042
Kanisah SUXX0077
Kaniset el Falah SUXX3474
Kanjatuw SUXX5781
Kanjeika SUXX4288
Kankalab SUXX3906
Kantur SUXX0562
Kantush SUXX1238
Kanyuro SUXX5334
Kao SUXX6588
Kara SUXX7052
Kara SUXX5335
Kara Bara SUXX5336
Karadi SUXX2221
Karadis SUXX3675
Karakulla SUXX4289
Karama SUXX6043
Karan SUXX2957
Karanka SUXX3676
Karara SUXX1239
Karay Darir SUXX5782
Karbab SUXX4791
Karbaka SUXX3475
Kardilla SUXX5337
Kardos SUXX7053
Kareima SUXX4290
Karendiwai SUXX3907
Karenka SUXX6589
Karima SUXX7054
Karjuqul SUXX1240
Karkab SUXX1241
Karkaj SUXX1242
Karkang SUXX4792
Karkangi SUXX4793
Karkarava SUXX5338
Karkaray SUXX5339
Karkawi SUXX1243
Karkawj SUXX2958
Karkoj SUXX7055
Karkoj SUXX2222
Karkulli SUXX4291
Karkur SUXX6044
Karling SUXX5341
Karmah an Nuzul SUXX3908
Karmakol SUXX3909
Karmal SUXX1244
Karmal Ballala SUXX1245
Karmal Jamamla SUXX1246
Karmuqyya SUXX5342
Karnab SUXX2223
Karnak SUXX5343
Karnekeila SUXX3677
Karonga SUXX4292
Karraro SUXX4293
Karri SUXX0347
Karsh al Fil SUXX3678
Kartub SUXX1247
Karungul SUXX5344
Karuri SUXX0348
Karwaja SUXX4294
Kas SUXX4794
Kasakana SUXX3910
Kasambar SUXX2224
Kasea SUXX3911
Kasita SUXX4795
Kaskeidi SUXX4295
Kasoleri SUXX4296
Kassab SUXX3679
Kassab ad Dulayb SUXX7056
Kassala SUXX0078
Kataltak SUXX4297
Katfiyya SUXX2225
Kathidik SUXX4298
Katkog SUXX6045
Katla SUXX5345
Kato SUXX5346
Katul SUXX4299
Kau SUXX5347
Kawa SUXX4300
Kawara SUXX4301
Kawdah SUXX5348
Kawm SUXX4302
Kaylan SUXX5349
Kayli SUXX0349
Kayrah SUXX4303
Kayran SUXX7057
Kazgeil SUXX6590
Ka`kul SUXX1217
Kebesa SUXX4304
Kebkebei SUXX4796
Kebro SUXX1249
Kedari SUXX4305
Kedilnye SUXX4306
Kedurma SUXX3912
Kega Timero SUXX5350
Keibo SUXX0350
Keikei SUXX4797
Keilab SUXX0563
Keilak SUXX5351
Keioga SUXX4307
Keira SUXX6046
Keirno SUXX4308
Kelabna SUXX5352
Kelalu SUXX0351
Kelesaikal SUXX3477
Kelling SUXX6047
Kelma SUXX4798
Kenana SUXX6048
Kenisal SUXX6591
Kerat SUXX3913
Kerefeina SUXX4309
Kereiti SUXX0079
Kerkera SUXX6049
Kernoya SUXX4310
Kerow SUXX6592
Kewa SUXX4311
Khabaqah SUXX4799
Khadim ar Rasul SUXX1250
Khagalab SUXX2959
Khaiyoba SUXX4800
Khalfa SUXX1251
Khalid SUXX1252
Khalifah SUXX2226
Khalifah Sharif SUXX2227
Khalil SUXX6050
Khamis SUXX4312
Khamis SUXX6051
Khamis SUXX0352
Khamis Armarn SUXX4801
Khamisah SUXX7058
Khanag SUXX3914
Kharif SUXX6593
Kharrat SUXX6052
Khartah SUXX6594
Khartoum SUXX0002
Khartoum North SUXX2960
Kharuba SUXX4313
Khash Khashaia SUXX5353
Khashm al Batta SUXX3680
Khashm al Qirbah SUXX0081
Khashm el Ssidir SUXX3478
Khashum SUXX6595
Khawr adh Dhahab SUXX0356
Khawr Agwal SUXX1253
Khawr Ahmar SUXX0353
Khawr al Fil SUXX7059
Khawr al Fil SUXX3479
Khawr al Gana SUXX0357
Khawr al Mitraq SUXX1254
Khawr as Sant SUXX6598
Khawr Baba SUXX0354
Khawr Bom SUXX0355
Khawr Gadein SUXX6596
Khawr Koshi SUXX5354
Khawr Teggat SUXX6597
Khayr as Sid SUXX0082
Khayrat SUXX1256
Khazamah SUXX6053
Kheir Wagih SUXX4802
Khereiro SUXX4803
Khiari SUXX2229
Khidir SUXX2230
Khidr SUXX2231
Khidr SUXX1257
Khilef SUXX1258
Khimera SUXX1259
Khiyara SUXX2232
Khlewa SUXX3480
Khogalab SUXX2961
Khor SUXX5355
Khor At Talih SUXX1260
Khorubaya SUXX4804
Khudur SUXX1261
Khulaywah SUXX3915
Khummi SUXX6599
Khuwayrat SUXX0083
Khuwayy SUXX6600
Kibaura SUXX6054
Kidad Abu Naml SUXX1263
Kidaml SUXX5356
Kidda SUXX1264
Kiddu SUXX5357
Kidebat SUXX7060
Kidebat SUXX0087
Kidingil SUXX0358
Kidingir SUXX4805
Kigienni SUXX4315
Kihelab SUXX1265
Kijayna SUXX3481
Kilawati SUXX6601
Kileigau SUXX6602
Kileitita SUXX4806
Kilinge SUXX5358
Kilu Arba`a SUXX1266
Kilu Khamsa SUXX1267
Kilu Khamsa SUXX5359
Kilu Saba`a SUXX1269
Kilu Sab`a SUXX1268
Kilu Tamanya SUXX1270
Kilu `Ashara SUXX1271
Kimang Kergil SUXX6055
Kimla SUXX6603
Kimnar SUXX3916
Kinana SUXX5360
Kinana SUXX2233
Kinanah SUXX5361
Kinderma SUXX5362
Kinduwa SUXX2234
Kinez Fallata SUXX7062
Kinnya SUXX6056
Kinor SUXX3482
Kinyeir SUXX6604
Kirakira SUXX4807
Kiran SUXX2235
Kiran SUXX7063
Kirbi SUXX4316
Kireili SUXX5363
Kirekirra SUXX1272
Kiri SUXX0359
Kirkir SUXX5364
Kirma SUXX0360
Kiteiyab SUXX0084
Kiter Masa`ad SUXX2237
Kitera SUXX2238
Kiterat SUXX7064
Kitong SUXX5365
Kitra SUXX2239
Kitra SUXX1274
Kitrah SUXX6605
Kitrah SUXX1275
Kitrat Ad Daqala SUXX1277
Kitrat Hamdan SUXX2240
Kitrat Yahya SUXX2241
Kobabay SUXX0564
Koban and Sorog SUXX3917
Kobbei SUXX6057
Kobjar SUXX2242
Kododol SUXX4317
Kodring SUXX5367
Kodrobel SUXX0361
Koila Be SUXX6058
Koinga SUXX6059
Kojala SUXX5368
Kokada SUXX6606
Kokai SUXX5369
Kokka SUXX3918
Kokudu SUXX5370
Kol SUXX6607
Kolbe SUXX6060
Koldongo SUXX6061
Kolei SUXX4318
Kolobo SUXX5371
Kolongei SUXX4319
Komambai SUXX4320
Komong SUXX4321
Komora SUXX6062
Kondobei SUXX4322
Kondola Jeisa SUXX4323
Kondoli SUXX4324
Kondowat Um Zoqi SUXX6608
Konga SUXX4325
Kongakonga SUXX4326
Kongu SUXX4327
Kongye SUXX4328
Konjar SUXX6063
Konjar SUXX4329
Konoichond SUXX6064
Koqela SUXX2243
Korai SUXX3919
Koraiteb SUXX3681
Korare SUXX4330
Korba SUXX3920
Kordogeili SUXX2244
Kore SUXX4331
Korei SUXX4332
Koreina SUXX4808
Korenga SUXX4333
Korgojok SUXX4334
Korgus SUXX3483
Korgusa SUXX4335
Koring SUXX5372
Koringo SUXX4336
Korngonyok SUXX4337
Koron SUXX4338
Koronli SUXX4339
Kororak SUXX5373
Korra SUXX4340
Korru SUXX6065
Korta SUXX6066
Kortala SUXX5374
Kortei SUXX4341
Kortolonga SUXX4342
Kosha SUXX3921
Koshi SUXX5375
Kosormungia SUXX6067
Kosti SUXX1278
Kosua SUXX4809
Koulbous SUXX4343
Kowil an Na`am SUXX6609
Kowilan Naam SUXX0086
Koya SUXX5376
Koyamatto SUXX3923
Koyeka SUXX3924
Kreyu SUXX4810
Kuarday SUXX5377
Kuartal SUXX5378
Kubang SUXX5379
Kubbaka SUXX6611
Kubbi SUXX4811
Kubbia SUXX6068
Kubbir SUXX4812
Kubbum SUXX4344
Kubda SUXX4345
Kubi SUXX2245
Kubka SUXX4346
Kubomesa SUXX0362
Kubr Dusa SUXX4347
Kubtot SUXX3925
Kudanga SUXX4348
Kudaydah SUXX5380
Kudayn SUXX3926
Kudba SUXX5381
Kudno SUXX5382
Kudul SUXX0363
Kudulli SUXX4349
Kudumi SUXX4350
Kuhliyat SUXX5383
Kuilla SUXX4351
Kujur SUXX5384
Kuk al Ledaya SUXX5385
Kukah SUXX4352
Kukay SUXX5386
Kuku SUXX1279
Kukumandi SUXX4353
Kukur SUXX0364
Kukuru SUXX0365
Kul SUXX5387
Kul `Abd al `Al SUXX6612
Kulaykili SUXX4813
Kulayl SUXX6613
Kulb East SUXX3927
Kuli SUXX5388
Kulla SUXX4354
Kulli SUXX4814
Kulli SUXX4355
Kullu SUXX6069
Kulme SUXX4356
Kulmo SUXX4357
Kulonong SUXX5389
Kulshabi SUXX5390
Kulubna SUXX5391
Kulubry SUXX5392
Kulud SUXX3928
Kulumesid SUXX3929
Kulunarti SUXX3930
Kum Kalak SUXX4815
Kumaj SUXX0366
Kumbar SUXX5393
Kumeilab SUXX0565
Kumia SUXX4816
Kumor SUXX2247
Kumtor SUXX7065
Kumudi SUXX4358
Kumur SUXX2248
Kumur Hag es Sid SUXX3682
Kunaynah SUXX3683
Kunga SUXX6070
Kungar SUXX6071
Kunigar SUXX4359
Kunjuldi SUXX4360
Kunyara SUXX4361
Kuraydah SUXX3684
Kuraymah SUXX3931
Kuraymah Barkal SUXX0088
Kurbab SUXX0566
Kurbi SUXX4362
Kurdufan SUXX6614
Kure SUXX4363
Kurei SUXX4364
Kurgi SUXX4365
Kurgo SUXX4366
Kurgula SUXX4367
Kuri SUXX6072
Kuri SUXX3932
Kuribit SUXX0567
Kurkuru SUXX5394
Kurmuk SUXX0367
Kurmuk Zaribah SUXX0368
Kurmuta SUXX7066
Kurngi SUXX4368
Kurni SUXX4369
Kurnuk SUXX1280
Kurra Kurra SUXX4370
Kurrah SUXX4371
Kurrei Kerri SUXX6073
Kurro SUXX4372
Kurru SUXX4373
Kurru SUXX4817
Kurrur SUXX4374
Kursi SUXX6074
Kurti SUXX0089
Kurto SUXX4375
Kurtugula SUXX5395
Kurum SUXX5396
Kurun SUXX5397
Kurundul SUXX5398
Kurungdillo SUXX4376
Kusi SUXX6075
Kusokuro SUXX4377
Kusti SUXX0090
Kusuru SUXX4378
Kutayrayah SUXX6076
Kutayrayah SUXX4818
Kutranj SUXX2962
Kutukunleiri SUXX0369
Kutum SUXX6077
Kuturi SUXX5399
Kuwaya SUXX3484
Kuwaymat SUXX6615
Kuwayn SUXX6078
Kuwayrah SUXX4379
Kuyeb SUXX0568
Ku` Namusa SUXX6610
Kwaga SUXX5400
La Teguna SUXX4380
Laagi SUXX4381
Lababis SUXX6079
Lafofa SUXX5401
Laju SUXX5402
Lakia SUXX4382
Lakluk SUXX0371
Langya SUXX4383
Laqur SUXX5403
Lashaqia SUXX3485
Lasirei SUXX4384
Lau Lau SUXX5404
Lauda SUXX4385
Lawni SUXX7067
Layikwan SUXX0569
La`ota SUXX2251
La`ota SUXX0370
La`ota SUXX1281
La`ota SUXX2963
La`ota Ba`udah SUXX2964
Leijaina SUXX4386
Leili SUXX4387
Lekek SUXX5405
Lerwa SUXX4388
Lesun SUXX4819
Lidqu SUXX5406
Ligeidiba SUXX4820
Lil Korat SUXX6080
Lilawet SUXX0570
Limemat Hamdan SUXX1282
Limma SUXX5407
Limo SUXX4821
Lingu SUXX6616
Liria SUXX4389
Lobba SUXX5408
Lobbodo SUXX4390
Loda SUXX4822
Logori SUXX5409
Lokola SUXX5410
Lono SUXX5411
Louarna SUXX5412
Lovarna SUXX5413
Luba SUXX5414
Lubana SUXX5415
Lubanah SUXX4823
Lubanah SUXX4391
Lubayn SUXX7068
Ludu SUXX0372
Ludung SUXX4392
Lujugo SUXX4393
Lukji SUXX5416
Lukka SUXX4394
Lula SUXX4395
Luma SUXX4396
Lunga SUXX5417
Luti SUXX4397
Luwayb SUXX6617
Luwaybid SUXX5418
Luy SUXX0571
Luyunah SUXX6081
Luyunah SUXX5419
Luyunah SUXX6618
Maadam SUXX0572
Maafa SUXX6620
Mabruka SUXX1285
Mabruka SUXX2254
Mabruka SUXX7069
Mabsut SUXX5420
Maburikei SUXX4401
Madah SUXX5783
Madasis SUXX6621
Madi SUXX6082
Madinah SUXX4402
Madinat As Sufi SUXX1287
Madu SUXX6083
Madue SUXX0373
Mafad al Diker SUXX5785
Magabadi SUXX4403
Magadib SUXX3934
Magal SUXX3935
Maganu SUXX0374
Magarsa SUXX4404
Magashi SUXX0091
Magauda SUXX5786
Maghani SUXX5421
Magissa SUXX4405
Magolin SUXX5422
Magrur SUXX6622
Magun SUXX6084
Mahala SUXX5423
Mahala SUXX2256
Mahalab SUXX0573
Mahalah SUXX2258
Mahammad Babli SUXX0375
Mahammad Zen SUXX2259
Mahareiba SUXX7070
Mahas SUXX3936
Mahas Ruqaybah SUXX2262
Mahattat Adarot SUXX0574
Mahattat Derudeb SUXX0575
Mahattayat SUXX4829
Mahbub SUXX6623
Mahbuba SUXX1288
Mahbubah SUXX7071
Mahbubah SUXX1289
Mahmud SUXX2263
Mahmud SUXX7072
Maiabel SUXX0376
Maielfa SUXX0377
Maiurno SUXX7073
Majaj SUXX7074
Majanin SUXX1290
Majaq SUXX1291
Majeigha SUXX4830
Majrur SUXX6624
Makashfi SUXX1292
Maket SUXX5787
Maknun SUXX2265
Makraka SUXX2266
Maktab al Sab`at SUXX5790
Maktab as Sidera SUXX2966
Maktab Taftish SUXX5789
Maku SUXX4406
Makyaf SUXX0576
Malakiyah SUXX6625
Malakiyah SUXX2268
Malamm SUXX4831
Malamm al Kar SUXX5424
Malek SUXX3685
Mali SUXX4407
Mali SUXX6085
Malihah SUXX3686
Malkiyah SUXX0577
Mallaqat SUXX6626
Malolaha SUXX2269
Maltut SUXX6627
Mal`abah SUXX1293
Mana SUXX4408
Manaqaza SUXX2270
Manaqir SUXX5425
Manaser SUXX3486
Manasis SUXX4832
Manawashe SUXX4833
Manawet SUXX0578
Manchelung SUXX0378
Mandang SUXX4409
Mandara SUXX2271
Mandaraba SUXX5426
Mandi SUXX5427
Mandur SUXX5428
Mangangani SUXX0379
Manganyo SUXX4410
Mangara SUXX1294
Mangonyo SUXX4411
Mansura SUXX0380
Mansurkotti SUXX3937
Mantiqat Kaloha SUXX2967
Manzulah SUXX4412
Manzulah SUXX6086
Maqal SUXX3938
Maqanza SUXX0381
Maqatiyya SUXX5429
Maqdur SUXX7075
Maqtu` Qalbu SUXX1296
Marabba SUXX1297
Marabba SUXX0382
Marafa SUXX0383
Maragha SUXX3939
Maragibir SUXX4413
Maraiu SUXX0384
Marakha SUXX6629
Marakha SUXX1298
Mararid SUXX1299
Mararit SUXX4414
Marawarti SUXX3940
Marawi SUXX0095
Marbutah SUXX5430
Margub SUXX4415
Mari SUXX0385
Markhah SUXX1300
Markib SUXX6630
Markol SUXX3941
Markukah SUXX6631
Markundi SUXX4834
Marlenga SUXX4416
Marmedi SUXX6087
Marmiton SUXX0386
Marqubah SUXX0096
Marrabikki SUXX6088
Marsa Sha`b SUXX0580
Martandawa SUXX4417
Martei SUXX6089
Maryam SUXX1301
Maryod SUXX2272
Marzuq SUXX2273
Marzuqah SUXX3487
Masaleit SUXX6090
Masamoagha SUXX0387
Masara SUXX2973
Masa`ad SUXX2275
Masgid Maman SUXX5792
Mashakeila SUXX3942
Mashatiri SUXX0581
Mashishah SUXX5431
Mashkor SUXX1303
Mashra` Shababit SUXX3490
Mashru` Aj Jined SUXX2276
Mashturey SUXX5432
Masid Emani SUXX5794
Masida SUXX3943
Masimbo SUXX6091
Massa SUXX5433
Mastegazza SUXX4418
Mas`ud SUXX2274
Mas`ud SUXX1302
Matadar SUXX5795
Matalabta SUXX4419
Matamir SUXX5796
Matammah SUXX2280
Matammah SUXX0388
Matar SUXX4420
Matmar SUXX1305
Maturab SUXX1307
Maya SUXX4421
Maya ed Dubeyba SUXX5434
Mayass SUXX3687
Mayda SUXX5435
Mayyalat SUXX5436
Mayyas SUXX0582
Mazlaqan SUXX5437
Ma`agalab SUXX1283
Ma`aliya Dardok SUXX4828
Ma`qulah SUXX4399
Ma`rakah SUXX6619
Ma`surin SUXX2252
Ma`tuq SUXX1284
Ma`un SUXX4400
Mealla SUXX6632
Meallayab SUXX2281
Megal SUXX3491
Megauda SUXX3944
Megeikha SUXX7076
Meheiriba SUXX2282
Meikhaha SUXX6633
Meina al Mak SUXX7077
Meinarti SUXX5797
Meiram SUXX4422
Meirdmta SUXX4423
Mejar Takku SUXX1308
Mekah SUXX1309
Mekaya SUXX5438
Melegab SUXX3945
Melemm SUXX4835
Mellit SUXX6092
Melmelli SUXX4424
Menawashei SUXX4836
Menfor SUXX6634
Menze SUXX0389
Mereibi SUXX3688
Mereig SUXX7078
Mereigha SUXX4837
Mereiraya SUXX4838
Merli SUXX4425
Mesellemiya SUXX2283
Meshaqqa SUXX0098
Meshawar SUXX6093
Mesheitir SUXX4839
Meshergen SUXX0390
Meshingir SUXX0391
Messawi SUXX3948
Miberika SUXX3493
Midaqq SUXX3689
Mideini SUXX3494
Midesis SUXX1311
Midests SUXX1312
Midlan SUXX0392
Migeir SUXX1313
Mil Kidi SUXX5440
Milej SUXX5441
Milesa SUXX1314
Milmeidi SUXX4426
Minamara SUXX6094
Minbanb SUXX5442
Mindo SUXX4427
Mingyeir SUXX4428
Minniab SUXX0584
Miqahaya SUXX6635
Miqeti SUXX1315
Mirandi SUXX4840
Miraw SUXX7079
Miref`ib SUXX5443
Miref`ina SUXX1316
Mireigha SUXX4841
Miri SUXX4429
Miri Barra SUXX5444
Miri Guwa SUXX5445
Miriud SUXX6095
Mirkan SUXX6096
Misheri SUXX1317
Misher`at SUXX7080
Misher`at Gharib SUXX7081
Misig SUXX4842
Misiktab SUXX3495
Miski SUXX6097
Mismeis SUXX0393
Mistereb SUXX4430
Misterei SUXX4431
Mitateb SUXX5798
Mitatib SUXX5799
Miter SUXX1318
Mitti SUXX4432
Miwelih SUXX5446
Mi`einifa SUXX3492
Mi`ejna Mustafa SUXX2285
Mi`wan SUXX5439
Mobiat SUXX3690
Mogadar SUXX2286
Mogara SUXX4433
Mogolil SUXX5447
Mograkka East SUXX3949
Mograkka West SUXX3950
Momona SUXX4434
Monguri SUXX6098
Mora SUXX4843
Morgeh SUXX6099
Morka SUXX3951
Morka `Adu SUXX3952
Moro SUXX5448
Mororo SUXX4435
Mortesoro SUXX0394
Moula SUXX0395
Muaddir SUXX6636
Mubi SUXX2288
Mudata SUXX4436
Mudili SUXX0396
Mudu SUXX4437
Mufraka SUXX5449
Mugdeit SUXX3691
Mugguduma SUXX4844
Mughaja SUXX0397
Mugheisiba SUXX6637
Mugjar SUXX4438
Muguf SUXX0398
Muhajiriyah SUXX4845
Muhammad Ahmad SUXX1319
Muhammad al Amin SUXX1322
Muhammad Amrab SUXX0585
Muhammad Isma`il SUXX1321
Muhammad Qol SUXX0586
Muhammad Yusuf SUXX2289
Muhammad `Ali SUXX6638
Muhammadayn SUXX6639
Muhammadayn SUXX1323
Muhammadiyah SUXX1324
Muhara SUXX4846
Muhaylah SUXX0399
Muhaylah SUXX1326
Muhaylah SUXX7082
Mukaberob SUXX3692
Mukabrab East SUXX3496
Mukabrab West SUXX3497
Mukabrabiya SUXX3498
Mukhafaz SUXX6640
Mukhayzinah SUXX6641
Mukhtar SUXX6101
Mulaybidah SUXX4439
Mulbas SUXX6642
Mulkajji SUXX4440
Mulwad SUXX3953
Mumallah SUXX4847
Mumu SUXX4441
Muna SUXX2290
Muna SUXX1327
Mungara SUXX6643
Muni SUXX4442
Munir SUXX1328
Munirah SUXX3693
Munnaga SUXX2292
Munqati`ah SUXX1329
Munyiner SUXX6102
Muqabilah SUXX1330
Muqaddimah SUXX5450
Muqalladat SUXX6644
Muqatta` SUXX3694
Mura SUXX4443
Mura SUXX3954
Murayr SUXX4848
Murdet SUXX4444
Murha SUXX4445
Murli SUXX4446
Murmus SUXX0400
Murnei SUXX4447
Murr SUXX4849
Murshid East SUXX3955
Murta SUXX5451
Murtanga SUXX4448
Murundu SUXX4449
Musa SUXX6646
Musa SUXX2976
Musa Idris SUXX2293
Musallamiyah SUXX2294
Musayab SUXX0587
Mushotnat SUXX5452
Mushrafil SUXX7083
Mushu SUXX3956
Musi SUXX4450
Musimbala SUXX0401
Musmar SUXX0588
Musobikira SUXX4850
Musran SUXX5800
Mustafa SUXX6647
Mustafa Qurashi SUXX2296
Musteria SUXX4451
Musul SUXX3957
Mus`ad SUXX6645
Mutur SUXX4452
Muwaylih SUXX5453
Muya SUXX1332
Muzawaq SUXX6648
Muzdalifa SUXX1333
Mu`allaqa SUXX6100
Mwes SUXX3499
Nabalat SUXX6649
Nabaliyah SUXX6650
Nabaqa SUXX2299
Nabaqai SUXX4453
Nabaqaya SUXX6651
Nabbaqah SUXX4851
Nadi SUXX3500
Nafil Yam SUXX0589
Nagak SUXX6652
Nagazu SUXX3501
Nagoba SUXX6103
Nainaya SUXX5455
Najaru SUXX2301
Najm ad Din SUXX6653
Nakhl Mahmud SUXX3958
Namli SUXX6654
Nana Bejyu SUXX5456
Naqaza SUXX2302
Naro SUXX6104
Nasim al Jannah SUXX2303
Nasir SUXX2977
Nasir SUXX7084
Nasurab SUXX2304
Naui SUXX3959
Nauraniya SUXX7085
Navar Var SUXX5457
Nawaiat Medani SUXX6655
Naxila SUXX0402
Nayfur SUXX1335
Nayil SUXX2305
Naziha SUXX6656
Nazirs Fariq SUXX5458
Na`am SUXX5454
Na`im Allah SUXX2298
Na`ima SUXX1334
Ndimmi SUXX4454
Ndokoru SUXX4455
Nessia SUXX4852
New Halfa SUXX5801
Ngergibba SUXX4456
Ngorra Fata SUXX4457
Nialota SUXX6658
Niaro SUXX5459
Niarshige SUXX4458
Nilat Sulayman SUXX5460
Nilwa SUXX3960
Nimir SUXX0403
Nimr SUXX6660
Nimra `Ashara SUXX3502
Nitil SUXX5461
Ni`am SUXX1336
Ni`ma Sirkatti SUXX6657
Njachakei SUXX4459
Njelanga SUXX4460
Njumbeil SUXX4461
Njumukul SUXX4462
Nubdhah SUXX6661
Nudoqay SUXX0404
Numu SUXX6105
Nuni SUXX4853
Nuqadiyah SUXX6106
Nur ad Din SUXX2307
Nur Aj Jalil SUXX7086
Nur al Qubbah SUXX6662
Nur Wad `Araki SUXX2306
Nurab SUXX2308
Nurayn SUXX6663
Nurei SUXX4463
Nuri SUXX1337
Nurlei SUXX4854
Nurri SUXX3961
Nuwwara SUXX2309
Nuzayzah SUXX3962
Nyala SUXX0007
Nyama SUXX0405
Nyama SUXX4464
Nyangadulo SUXX4465
Nyari SUXX4466
Nyelli SUXX4467
Nyendachuar SUXX5462
Nyerli SUXX4468
Nyimeri SUXX4855
Nyolna SUXX5463
Nyukr SUXX5464
Nyukur SUXX5465
Obkek SUXX0591
Oda SUXX4856
Ogr SUXX6664
Old Roseires SUXX0406
Oleb SUXX0107
Om SUXX6107
Oma SUXX5466
Omar Ennashe SUXX3503
Omdurman SUXX0108
Omuri SUXX5467
Ongwab SUXX3504
Onsa SUXX0407
Ora SUXX0408
Oreil SUXX6665
Orori SUXX6108
Orshard SUXX5468
Oru SUXX5469
Oshomatto SUXX3963
Otrub SUXX3695
Oum Jakhakhin SUXX4469
Oyo SUXX0592
Pomfa SUXX0409
Port Sudan SUXX0003
Qabaraya SUXX5470
Qabati SUXX3505
Qabub SUXX1339
Qad al Habub SUXX6666
Qad Dum aj Jamal SUXX5471
Qad Dum aj Jibal SUXX5472
Qadadim SUXX6667
Qadd al Habub SUXX5473
Qaddala SUXX0410
Qaddura SUXX3696
Qadim SUXX0411
Qadim Bor SUXX0593
Qados SUXX2310
Qafa Mahdi SUXX1340
Qafalah SUXX4470
Qafalah SUXX6668
Qahwa SUXX1341
Qalaba SUXX0594
Qalamayah SUXX4857
Qala` an Nahl SUXX3697
Qaldi SUXX7087
Qallabat SUXX3698
Qallaja SUXX1342
Qallamo SUXX2311
Qallosit SUXX5802
Qamar Dauwa SUXX6669
Qammarab SUXX2978
Qanatir SUXX4471
Qanattu SUXX6670
Qandato SUXX3506
Qandul SUXX4858
Qandul SUXX1343
Qanis Gharb SUXX0412
Qanis Sharq SUXX0413
Qannib SUXX2312
Qantura SUXX4472
Qanufa SUXX7088
Qarada SUXX5474
Qaradaya SUXX6671
Qaradayeb SUXX5803
Qaranik SUXX1345
Qara` al Khanjar SUXX1344
Qardud Al Habub SUXX1346
Qardud Aris SUXX5475
Qardud at Tawil SUXX5478
Qardud Zahara SUXX5476
Qarfa SUXX2314
Qarya Thalathun SUXX2316
Qaryah al Laban SUXX5846
Qaryah Arba`ah SUXX5806
Qaryah Asubri SUXX5810
Qaryah Ithnan SUXX5812
Qaryah Khamsah SUXX5815
Qaryah Kurak SUXX5819
Qaryah Sab`ah SUXX5820
Qaryah Sittah SUXX5823
Qaryah Thalathan SUXX5830
Qaryah Thalathun SUXX5832
Qaryah Tis`ah SUXX5836
Qaryah Wahid SUXX5839
Qaryah `Asharah SUXX5843
Qaryah `Ishrun SUXX5844
Qaryat al Abakin SUXX3508
Qaryat al Kiremt SUXX1349
Qaryat al La`ota SUXX2981
Qaryat al Ledea SUXX2982
Qaryat al Mazar SUXX5854
Qaryat As Sadaqa SUXX2317
Qaryat at Tire`a SUXX2986
Qaryat Baghara SUXX1347
Qaryat Dem Ilyas SUXX2318
Qaryat Makali SUXX5850
Qaryat Na`em SUXX2980
Qaryat Qoz Rajab SUXX5851
Qaryat Tindilay SUXX5852
Qasab Barqu SUXX2319
Qasam Allah SUXX1350
Qash Balad Aweb SUXX5855
Qasira SUXX1351
Qassuma SUXX2321
Qawz SUXX2322
Qawz al Kulum SUXX5480
Qawz al Kursan SUXX6673
Qawz al Markh SUXX2988
Qawz ar Rayy SUXX6674
Qawz Baya SUXX4473
Qawz Baynah SUXX6109
Qawz Bisharah SUXX6672
Qawz Fagur SUXX1352
Qawz Fil SUXX4474
Qawz Gangar SUXX5479
Qawz Humayd SUXX4475
Qawz Mahmud SUXX1353
Qawz Nai SUXX6110
Qawz Nginnu SUXX4476
Qawz Nusayr SUXX2987
Qawz Wad Hamad SUXX2323
Qaysan SUXX0414
Qerri SUXX2989
Qifel SUXX5481
Qileb Assrriyya SUXX1354
Qili SUXX1355
Qindil SUXX5482
Qinebila SUXX6675
Qineda SUXX1356
Qinesiyya SUXX5483
Qinnab SUXX2325
Qirbah SUXX4477
Qireda SUXX6676
Qiref SUXX1357
Qireji SUXX1358
Qirenab SUXX3509
Qirid SUXX5484
Qisar SUXX3510
Qism Allah SUXX2327
Qoda SUXX1359
Qomayet SUXX3511
Qora SUXX7090
Qoyai SUXX0595
Qoz SUXX1360
Qoz Abu Shanab SUXX6677
Qoz Ahmad Nur SUXX2328
Qoz al Bed SUXX1367
Qoz Al Fil SUXX5856
Qoz Al Habil SUXX1361
Qoz Al Habub SUXX1362
Qoz al Ish SUXX5857
Qoz al Luban SUXX5485
Qoz Al `Ak SUXX1363
Qoz Allahamar SUXX1364
Qoz ar Rif SUXX1368
Qoz Ar Rihed SUXX2329
Qoz Ash Shikenab SUXX2330
Qoz Bedin SUXX4859
Qoz el Motraq SUXX3513
Qoz en Na`am SUXX4860
Qoz Gaba SUXX3512
Qoz Kabbaru SUXX2331
Qoz Khadra SUXX1365
Qoz Marfa`in SUXX1366
Qoz Nafisa SUXX2990
Qoz Qala `Al Bid SUXX7091
Qresh SUXX3514
Qubba SUXX2991
Qubbah SUXX4861
Qubbat Omhay SUXX0596
Qudaydim SUXX7092
Qudaydim SUXX2334
Qulaydat SUXX7093
Qulayy SUXX2992
Qulay`ah SUXX1370
Quli SUXX0415
Qulud SUXX5486
Qumqum SUXX6112
Qumur SUXX0416
Qunburayah SUXX5487
Quni SUXX0417
Qur Fok SUXX0418
Qurad SUXX6678
Quradah SUXX2335
Quradah SUXX1371
Qurayshah SUXX3699
Quraywid SUXX6679
Quray`ah SUXX4862
Qurdud SUXX4863
Qurdud SUXX5488
Qurdud al Luban SUXX5491
Qurdud Nyama SUXX5489
Qurrasah SUXX4864
Qutayfab SUXX1372
Qutaynah SUXX2993
Quwayrin SUXX4865
Rabak SUXX0112
Rabatet SUXX4866
Rabda SUXX2336
Rabdan SUXX0597
Rabjit SUXX2337
Radma SUXX2338
Radom SUXX4867
Radona SUXX6681
Ragag SUXX4868
Raghwa SUXX2339
Raghwah SUXX2340
Rahad al Bardi SUXX4869
Rahad al Marrah SUXX4870
Rahad Ashshekh SUXX1374
Rahad at Tabah SUXX4871
Rahmah SUXX1375
Rahmanab SUXX0598
Rahmaniyah SUXX2341
Rahmanya SUXX5493
Rahuma SUXX6682
Raiya SUXX4478
Rakubah SUXX5494
Ramadan SUXX3700
Ramalia SUXX4479
Raml SUXX5495
Rammash SUXX7094
Ramu SUXX5496
Randi SUXX4480
Ras al Fil SUXX5497
Ras Alfil SUXX2342
Ras el Fil SUXX4872
Rashad SUXX5498
Rashid SUXX6683
Rashid SUXX4873
Rashid SUXX3701
Rashid at Tayyib SUXX1376
Rasrasa SUXX5499
Rasrasah SUXX2343
Rasrasah SUXX5500
Ratabat SUXX6684
Rawahiyah SUXX2344
Rayyah SUXX2345
Reiba SUXX7095
Remidgai SUXX5858
Ribeid SUXX3515
Rigebi SUXX3516
Rihal SUXX5501
Rihed Khera SUXX1377
Rijil Zaghawa SUXX1378
Rimthah SUXX3517
Riqqah SUXX2346
Ritreirit SUXX6685
Riwina SUXX7096
Rizq Allah SUXX2347
Ro Fata SUXX4481
Rofa SUXX6686
Rokab SUXX6687
Roraw SUXX1379
Rubatab SUXX3518
Rubaytah SUXX6688
Rubshan SUXX6689
Rufaah SUXX0114
Rufa`a SUXX2348
Rufa`iyyat SUXX2349
Ruhaymab SUXX2350
Rujayjilat SUXX6690
Rujaylah SUXX6691
Rujaylah SUXX4874
Rujaymah SUXX2351
Rukab SUXX6692
Rumalia SUXX4482
Rumaylah SUXX4483
Rumaylah SUXX0419
Rumaylah SUXX3702
Rumaylah SUXX2994
Rumaylik SUXX0420
Rumela SUXX3703
Rumi Bahri SUXX3964
Rumi Qibli SUXX3965
Rumni SUXX6113
Runga SUXX7097
Ruqaybah SUXX1380
Ruqaybah SUXX6693
Ruru SUXX0421
Rut Rut SUXX5502
Ruwabah SUXX6694
Ruwina SUXX2352
Ruwina SUXX7098
Saad ash Shafi` SUXX2355
Sababi SUXX2995
Sabah al Khayr SUXX2356
Saba`a SUXX1383
Sabil SUXX2358
Sabi` Dulayb SUXX2357
Sabu SUXX3968
Sabun SUXX6116
Sabun SUXX3704
Sabun SUXX2359
Sabun Gardia SUXX4484
Sadarna SUXX2360
Sadarna Abu Klua SUXX2361
Sadarna en Nubi SUXX2362
Sadasi SUXX1384
Sadei SUXX6117
Sadeik SUXX3969
Sadr al Hisan SUXX4875
Safa SUXX5503
Safaha SUXX4876
Safarja SUXX5504
Safi SUXX6696
Safira SUXX5505
Safiya SUXX2363
Safura SUXX5506
Sagai SUXX3970
Sagai SUXX4485
Sagha SUXX6697
Sagi Sotay SUXX0600
Sahaba SUXX3971
Sahalat az Zarqa SUXX1385
Saheib SUXX4877
Sahlat al Waykah SUXX1386
Said Kassir SUXX6698
Saisab SUXX3972
Saiyala SUXX0120
Sakali SUXX4878
Sakanhalt SUXX0601
Sakarnaba SUXX1387
Sakini SUXX4486
Sakramoj SUXX6699
Salabona SUXX0602
Salabra SUXX3520
Salagi SUXX3973
Salah ad Din SUXX6118
Salalah SUXX0603
Salama SUXX1388
Salamat SUXX3521
Salamat al Basha SUXX2996
Salawa SUXX3522
Sali SUXX0422
Sali SUXX3974
Sali SUXX4879
Salim SUXX1389
Salim SUXX6700
Salim SUXX2364
Salima SUXX1390
Salimat Al `Aqib SUXX1391
Salinga SUXX6119
Salinga Abdallah SUXX6120
Saljam SUXX5508
Saljam al Kabira SUXX5509
Sallara SUXX5510
Salmab SUXX0604
Salmiyah SUXX3523
Salum SUXX0115
Saluqi SUXX1392
Samadatal SUXX0605
Samandia SUXX6701
Samarar SUXX0606
Samareit SUXX0116
Samasim SUXX5511
Samat SUXX0607
Sambat SUXX4487
Sanadra SUXX5512
Sanayeb SUXX5860
Sanda SUXX0608
Sandikoro SUXX4488
Sandingu SUXX6121
Sandudab SUXX2997
Sangerfut SUXX6122
Sangir SUXX4489
Sania SUXX5513
Saniyah SUXX4490
Sankerri SUXX6123
Sannad SUXX3705
Sannum SUXX3975
Sanq at SUXX3524
Sanqir SUXX3706
Sanshundel SUXX5514
Santat Saqr SUXX7099
Saq an Naam SUXX0117
Saq an Na`am SUXX4880
Saqadi SUXX1393
Saqadi SUXX3525
Saqadi Shariq SUXX3526
Saqiat al Hagar SUXX5862
Saqiat al Sirah SUXX3527
Saqiyat al `Abd SUXX3976
Saqqai SUXX2998
Saraf Adday SUXX5515
Saraf Burubitto SUXX4491
Saraf Fallata SUXX5516
Saraf Sa`id SUXX3707
Sarafayah SUXX4492
Sarafayah SUXX5517
Saragia SUXX5518
Sarah SUXX4881
Sarahna SUXX1394
Sarahu SUXX6702
Sarambanga SUXX4882
Sarar Baqar SUXX6703
Sarar Khayl SUXX6705
Sarariyah SUXX6706
Saras East SUXX3977
Saras West SUXX3978
Sarasir SUXX2365
Sarat SUXX4493
Saray al Hibeka SUXX2999
Saraya SUXX2366
Sarayat at Tileh SUXX2376
Sarayat Kafi SUXX2372
Sarelli SUXX5519
Sarhan SUXX1395
Sari SUXX4494
Sarra East SUXX5863
Sarra West SUXX5864
Sarubityay SUXX5865
Sarur al Qoz SUXX5520
Saseib SUXX3708
Satiya SUXX6124
Satti SUXX1396
Sauria SUXX4495
Sawakin SUXX0118
Sawala Magella SUXX4496
Sawani SUXX6707
Sawba at Tayyib SUXX3001
Sawba Sharq SUXX3000
Sawdiri SUXX6708
Sawlil al Ashraf SUXX0426
Sawlil Al Barta SUXX0425
Saysaban SUXX4883
Sayyah SUXX6125
Sayyal Dakhakhin SUXX0119
Sayyal Siraj SUXX3530
Sayyalah SUXX6709
Sayyalah SUXX1397
Sayyidab SUXX0121
Sa`ad Allah SUXX2353
Sa`ada SUXX1381
Sa`adabiya SUXX3519
Sa`at SUXX6114
Sa`ata SUXX6695
Sa`dab SUXX0599
Sa`dan SUXX6115
Sa`dinfanti SUXX3966
Sa`dinkorti SUXX3967
Sa`id SUXX2354
Sa`id SUXX1382
Sebderat SUXX0122
Sedo SUXX0427
Seiger SUXX6126
Seilo SUXX4497
Seingo SUXX4884
Seinye SUXX4498
Selenyi SUXX4499
Sellenarti SUXX3979
Semna East SUXX3980
Semna West SUXX3981
Senada SUXX7100
Senjo SUXX6127
Serambe SUXX6710
Serariya SUXX5521
Sereihab SUXX3003
Serir SUXX4885
Serreih SUXX6128
Serrha SUXX6711
Seru SUXX7101
Sesaban SUXX5522
Sese SUXX3982
Sewera SUXX4500
Seyeh SUXX6129
Sha `Addin SUXX2377
Shabakati Ireida SUXX6712
Shabaki SUXX6130
Shabanah SUXX3983
Shabariqah SUXX2378
Shabasha SUXX1398
Shabti SUXX0610
Shabtib SUXX0611
Shabuna al Miher SUXX1400
Shabuna Salaha SUXX1399
Shab`ana SUXX7102
Shadali SUXX2379
Shadda SUXX3984
Shaddah SUXX3985
Shaeira SUXX0428
Shafia SUXX1402
Shafuga SUXX4501
Shagmal SUXX6713
Shahadab SUXX3532
Shahadabya SUXX3533
Shalasha SUXX4886
Shallakhah SUXX6131
Shallal SUXX7103
Shallal SUXX5866
Shalluf SUXX6714
Shaluf SUXX6715
Shamagatta SUXX6716
Shamar SUXX7104
Shamatikwan SUXX0612
Shambat SUXX3004
Shambata SUXX7105
Shambati SUXX6717
Shambau SUXX3005
Shamiyyat Khalil SUXX7106
Shamiyyat `Umar SUXX7107
Shammam SUXX3709
Sham`un SUXX2382
Shandi SUXX2383
Shanfur SUXX0429
Shanisha SUXX0430
Shankuk SUXX3534
Shantirab SUXX0613
Shaqq SUXX5523
Shaqq al Basham SUXX6136
Shaqq al Burah SUXX4889
Shaqq al Gawad SUXX6137
Shaqq al Jadid SUXX6139
Shaqq al Khadir SUXX6140
Shaqq al Kitr SUXX5524
Shaqq an Nimr SUXX6141
Shaqq Dhogeri SUXX6132
Shaqq Hamad SUXX4887
Shaqq Tayyib SUXX4888
Shaqq `Umar SUXX6135
Shar Rafat SUXX1403
Shara Shara SUXX7108
Sharaab SUXX0615
Sharaf Ad Din SUXX1404
Sharafah SUXX6142
Sharafah SUXX6718
Sharafat SUXX1405
Sharafat SUXX2384
Sharafat SUXX3006
Sharanqul SUXX5525
Sharara SUXX1406
Sharaya SUXX4890
Sharbawiya SUXX0123
Sharif SUXX7110
Sharif al Amin SUXX7111
Sharif Barakat SUXX2386
Sharif Miskin SUXX3711
Sharif Ya`qub SUXX2387
Sharom SUXX3007
Sharrafat SUXX1407
Sharrat SUXX1408
Sharshar SUXX6719
Shasha SUXX2388
Shasha SUXX1409
Shasheina SUXX3712
Shat SUXX1410
Shatib SUXX6720
Shatt SUXX5526
Shattay SUXX4502
Shawa SUXX6721
Shawa SUXX4503
Shawa SUXX1411
Shawa Safaha SUXX6143
Shawai SUXX6722
Shawish SUXX2389
Shawri SUXX6144
Shaybat SUXX1412
Shaykh al Husayn SUXX1413
Shaykh al Imam SUXX3011
Shaykh at Tawm SUXX0432
Shaykh Idris SUXX0431
Shaykh Sharif SUXX3986
Shaykh Talhah SUXX3009
Shaykh `Amarah SUXX2390
Shayqiyya SUXX2391
Shebatot SUXX3987
Shebet Ardu SUXX4504
Shebodinab SUXX0616
Sheibula SUXX0124
Sheiga SUXX6146
Sheikh Khamis SUXX1414
Sheka SUXX6147
Shekan SUXX5527
Shekh `Ali SUXX1415
Shellal SUXX3535
Shemeliab SUXX3713
Shemkhiya SUXX3536
Shendi SUXX3537
Sherab SUXX4891
Sherati SUXX6723
Shergeila SUXX4892
Shert el Banat SUXX6148
Shibarni SUXX6149
Shibek SUXX2392
Shidyab SUXX0617
Shigaib SUXX4505
Shihehit SUXX1416
Shikar SUXX1417
Shilleikh SUXX1418
Shimi SUXX0433
Shin Tashrab SUXX0434
Shinanab SUXX5528
Shinebo SUXX1419
Shingil Tobaya SUXX6150
Shinkarteb SUXX0618
Shintishrab SUXX5867
Shiqela SUXX2393
Shiqlateb SUXX5868
Shoshyay SUXX0619
Shubra SUXX2394
Shudaydah SUXX2395
Shuhaytah SUXX6724
Shuk Abeb SUXX0620
Shukkaba SUXX2396
Shukkaba Hamid SUXX2397
Shukkaba Taha SUXX2398
Shukri SUXX1420
Shukriya SUXX3715
Shukriyah SUXX3716
Shukrullah SUXX3013
Shuqaya SUXX5529
Shuqayg SUXX0125
Shuqayq SUXX6725
Shurab SUXX4894
Shurayk Murjan SUXX7112
Shurayk Nur SUXX7113
Shurkela SUXX6726
Shurri SUXX6727
Shutaybah SUXX5530
Shuwak SUXX0127
Shuwayb SUXX6728
Shuwayy SUXX0128
Shuyein SUXX1421
Shu`ayb SUXX3714
Shu`aybat SUXX4893
Sibdu SUXX4895
Sibelat SUXX1422
Sibigga SUXX4506
Sidek SUXX0435
Sidrah SUXX6729
Sifer SUXX2399
Siga SUXX6151
Sigiba SUXX4507
Sigiro SUXX6153
Sikera SUXX1423
Silek SUXX1424
Sili SUXX4508
Silkhalaq SUXX4896
Silkiyay SUXX0621
Silman SUXX0622
Silo SUXX4897
Simama SUXX4509
Simit East SUXX3988
Simit West SUXX3989
Sinada SUXX7114
Sinayra SUXX1425
Sinetaya SUXX1426
Singeir SUXX5531
Singeiwa SUXX4898
Singerab SUXX3538
Sinja SUXX7115
Sinkat SUXX0129
Sinnar SUXX7116
Sinnayn SUXX6730
Sinsin SUXX4510
Siraj SUXX6731
Sirhan SUXX2400
Sirhan SUXX1427
Sirri SUXX4511
Siru SUXX3014
Sirwal SUXX4899
Sisi SUXX4512
Sitteib SUXX4513
Siwar SUXX4900
Siwema SUXX6732
Siyamtit Tisimit SUXX0623
Soba SUXX5532
Soba Gharb SUXX3015
Sofaha SUXX6733
Sofi SUXX3717
Soleicha SUXX4901
Solongei SUXX4514
Solwong SUXX4902
Son er Rei SUXX4515
Songo SUXX4903
Sonki East SUXX3990
Soreino SUXX4904
Sortot SUXX3991
Souriba SUXX3539
South Town SUXX0624
Suarda SUXX3992
Subayq SUXX1428
Sudla SUXX3993
Sufayyah SUXX1429
Suffara ad Dahra SUXX7117
Sufrab SUXX2402
Suft SUXX0130
Sughaiyirun SUXX6734
Sukabaranga SUXX4516
Sukayranah SUXX6735
Sukayranah SUXX2403
Suki SUXX3719
Sukkot SUXX3994
Sulaym SUXX3995
Sulaymaniyah SUXX3540
Sulay`ah SUXX1430
Sulb al Bunayyah SUXX4905
Sulb al Khawr SUXX5533
Suleman SUXX2404
Sullu SUXX4517
Sulmi SUXX4518
Sumayh SUXX6736
Sumazim SUXX4906
Sunayt SUXX1431
Sundu Ferdi SUXX6154
Sune SUXX4519
Suni SUXX6155
Sunjikay SUXX5534
Suq aj Jabal SUXX5536
Suq Tiya SUXX5535
Suqayr SUXX2405
Suqut SUXX0436
Suq`at al Jamal SUXX6737
Surayf SUXX4907
Surayf SUXX4520
Surayfah SUXX3720
Surayfah SUXX0437
Surayriyah SUXX0131
Surgi SUXX6156
Suri SUXX3996
Suri SUXX5537
Suriba SUXX3541
Surmungu SUXX4521
Surujiyah SUXX3017
Surur SUXX6738
Sururab East SUXX3018
Suwab SUXX1432
Suwada SUXX1433
Suwaqnu SUXX5538
Su`ayfah SUXX3718
Taagalkajal SUXX3542
Tab Al Diyya SUXX1435
Tab az Zaraf SUXX5539
Taba SUXX4908
Tabaldiyah SUXX5870
Tabaldiyya SUXX5540
Tabaldiyya SUXX3721
Tabaqat SUXX3543
Tabarib SUXX1436
Tabarik SUXX4522
Tabat SUXX2406
Tabat SUXX7119
Tabat SUXX5541
Tabat as Sabaha SUXX1439
Tabbalat SUXX2407
Tabbi Nyebbei SUXX4523
Tabdon SUXX5542
Tabi SUXX2408
Tabofutoa SUXX4909
Tabsa SUXX5543
Tabuli SUXX5544
Tabur SUXX4910
Tabya SUXX3544
Tadagamo SUXX5545
Tadoro SUXX5546
Taduka SUXX5547
Tafantara SUXX6739
Tafari SUXX5548
Taftish Dirwish SUXX2412
Taftish Shakir SUXX1440
Taftish Um `Uwed SUXX1441
Tagab SUXX3997
Tagga SUXX4911
Tagug SUXX5872
Taha SUXX5549
Taha SUXX3722
Taha SUXX2417
Taha Idris SUXX1442
Tahamidta SUXX4524
Tahamyam SUXX0625
Tahir SUXX6157
Tai es Sid SUXX2418
Taila SUXX5550
Taiyiba SUXX2419
Tajba SUXX5551
Tajilbo SUXX5552
Tajmala SUXX5553
Takal Bashir SUXX6740
Takala SUXX2420
Takala Khamsa SUXX7121
Takalat Mirghani SUXX2421
Takkal SUXX6741
Takkal Berty SUXX1444
Takkal Bushi SUXX1445
Takkal Ma`aqla SUXX1447
Takkal Sharif SUXX1448
Takkal Wad `Araq SUXX6744
Takko SUXX1449
Takoi SUXX5554
Takruri SUXX6158
Taksabun SUXX1450
Talbab SUXX2422
Talhah Ahmad SUXX1452
Talhaya SUXX1453
Tallo SUXX5555
Talodi SUXX5556
Talulus SUXX3723
Tamada SUXX5557
Tamagei SUXX0132
Tamaru SUXX6159
Tambay SUXX5873
Tambul SUXX2423
Tamdin SUXX5558
Tamia SUXX6745
Tamlika SUXX1454
Tammari SUXX2424
Tamray SUXX5559
Tandalti SUXX6746
Tandalti SUXX4525
Tandar SUXX1455
Tandub SUXX2425
Tandubayah SUXX4526
Tangasi SUXX3998
Tangi SUXX0134
Tangya SUXX4912
Tanjikei SUXX4527
Tannoba SUXX2426
Tannub SUXX2427
Tanqaru SUXX7122
Tanta SUXX2428
Tanzi SUXX0438
Taqab SUXX4000
Taqali SUXX5560
Taqra` SUXX1456
Taraba SUXX5561
Tarabo SUXX4528
Taragaga SUXX5874
Tarambal SUXX5562
Tarauni SUXX4529
Tarawa SUXX5563
Tarbana SUXX1457
Tarfaya SUXX2429
Taringa SUXX4530
Tarjoak SUXX5564
Tartar SUXX5565
Tarwan SUXX5566
Taua Duldul SUXX4913
Taudi SUXX6161
Taurei SUXX6162
Tawarit SUXX3724
Tawaykwan SUXX0626
Tawil SUXX1458
Tawil SUXX0135
Tawilah SUXX6163
Tawkar SUXX6747
Tawm Badr SUXX1459
Tawm Bisharah SUXX6164
Tawur SUXX4914
Taya SUXX3725
Tayba SUXX1460
Tayba SUXX7123
Tayba SUXX5568
Tayba SUXX6748
Tayba SUXX2430
Tayba al Qadlab SUXX2435
Tayba al Qur`an SUXX7124
Tayyibah SUXX1461
Tayyibah SUXX3019
Tayyibah SUXX0440
Tayyibah SUXX2436
Tayyibah SUXX3545
Tayyibah SUXX6749
Tayyibat Jabrin SUXX0441
Taziriba SUXX4531
Ta`rifa SUXX1434
Tebeib Abu Kreiz SUXX2438
Tebeldina SUXX6165
Tebeldina SUXX0136
Tebeldini SUXX6166
Tebub Suleiman SUXX2439
Tegelai SUXX5569
Teigo SUXX7125
Teira SUXX5570
Teiru SUXX5571
Teis Koko SUXX5572
Teishan SUXX5573
Teiti SUXX4001
Tekeim SUXX5574
Tekkus SUXX6750
Teleibat SUXX6751
Teleihun SUXX4915
Telgan SUXX5575
Telib SUXX6752
Tella SUXX4532
Tendar SUXX6753
Tendila SUXX5576
Tenni SUXX4533
Tera SUXX5577
Terchana SUXX4534
Tereida SUXX5578
Terqis SUXX4002
Tftesh aj Jidad SUXX2440
Thabit SUXX6167
Thawani SUXX5579
Tha`alibah SUXX4916
Thumayd SUXX2442
Thurayya SUXX0442
Tibeldhiro SUXX5580
Tibleeya SUXX5581
Tieri SUXX4535
Tigilden SUXX4536
Tigintarong SUXX6168
Tigla SUXX4917
Tijur SUXX5582
Tileha SUXX1462
Tilfit SUXX6754
Tilhashateb SUXX0627
Timassi SUXX4537
Timerein SUXX5875
Timinar SUXX4003
Tinah SUXX6755
Tinari SUXX4004
Tindil SUXX6169
Tindimming SUXX5583
Tini SUXX4538
Tinniyat SUXX4539
Tirba SUXX6170
Tirefiyya SUXX1463
Tirei SUXX4540
Tirfid SUXX5584
Tirik SUXX0628
Tiringa SUXX4541
Tiringo SUXX4542
Tirkeldi SUXX4543
Tirmul SUXX6171
Tirsolik SUXX5585
Tirti SUXX4544
Tirto SUXX4545
Titini SUXX4546
Tituripi SUXX4918
Tiwab SUXX3546
Tiwal SUXX4919
Tiwal SUXX6756
Toba SUXX2445
Tobeing SUXX4547
Tobreik SUXX4920
Togari SUXX5586
Togaza SUXX6757
Togni SUXX0629
Tokar SUXX0630
Tolia SUXX5587
Tomat SUXX0139
Tomat SUXX4921
Tombasi SUXX4548
Tomishraf SUXX3547
Tomo Ajjadid SUXX5588
Tondi SUXX4005
Tongado SUXX5589
Tongfuka SUXX4549
Tongi SUXX5590
Tongo SUXX4550
Tongolo SUXX5591
Tongoro SUXX6172
Tonigerri SUXX4551
Tono SUXX4922
Tono SUXX5592
Topari SUXX5593
Toqun SUXX5594
Tora-Tonga SUXX6173
Torai SUXX5595
Torbina SUXX5596
Toris SUXX5597
Toro SUXX5598
Toro Keri SUXX6174
Tosomi SUXX5599
Totah SUXX5600
Totah SUXX6758
Totognei SUXX4552
Towar SUXX5601
Towing SUXX4553
Toye SUXX0443
Tozi SUXX5602
Trinkitat SUXX0631
Tu SUXX4554
Tudir SUXX5603
Tuffalung SUXX6759
Tufin SUXX5604
Tugarar SUXX5876
Tugnan SUXX4006
Tuhama SUXX4923
Tukayl SUXX1464
Tukaylat SUXX5605
Tukswana SUXX5606
Tukultukul SUXX4555
Tuldowa SUXX4556
Tuleih el Gedei SUXX2446
Tuleihaya SUXX4924
Tulgreb SUXX0632
Tuli SUXX5607
Tullus SUXX4925
Tulu SUXX6760
Tulu SUXX6175
Tululu SUXX4557
Tum Tum SUXX5608
Tumat SUXX5609
Tumbira SUXX5610
Tumbo SUXX4926
Tumbruku SUXX4927
Tumbus SUXX4007
Tumko SUXX0141
Tumria SUXX5611
Tumsa SUXX2447
Tunaydibah SUXX3726
Tung Kitir SUXX4928
Tungarsa SUXX4558
Tungaru SUXX5612
Tungul SUXX5613
Tuninga SUXX4559
Tunsa Fahal SUXX2448
Tur SUXX4560
Turab Karof SUXX3727
Turab Mafi SUXX4929
Turdi SUXX6176
Tureia SUXX3021
Turgana SUXX5614
Turgin SUXX5615
Turgu SUXX6177
Turis SUXX2452
Turiya SUXX6178
Turju SUXX4561
Turmana SUXX4930
Turo SUXX4562
Turra SUXX4563
Turri SUXX4931
Turru SUXX4564
Turter SUXX6179
Turunga SUXX6180
Turuq SUXX6181
Tur`at as Sulemi SUXX2451
Tur`at Daf SUXX2449
Tur`at Tuwal SUXX2450
Tuti SUXX3022
Tuwayr SUXX6761
Tuzi SUXX7126
Ubbe SUXX4565
Udu SUXX6182
Ufud SUXX0444
Ufud an Niweri SUXX0445
Ugheibish SUXX5616
Uhaymir SUXX2454
Ulang SUXX4566
Ulu SUXX0446
Um Ad Day SUXX1466
Um An Nimer SUXX1467
Um Arda SUXX1468
Um Arkha SUXX1469
Um As Wat SUXX1470
Um Attiyur SUXX1471
Um Badda SUXX1475
Um Badir SUXX7127
Um Bajbara SUXX1476
Um Bambuna SUXX6762
Um Barid SUXX7128
Um Basha SUXX2455
Um Batikh SUXX5617
Um Bayud SUXX5618
Um Ba`atut SUXX1472
Um Bessaw SUXX6763
Um Biru SUXX1477
Um Biwera SUXX1478
Um Bi`ebish SUXX2456
Um Bol SUXX1479
Um Busa SUXX1480
Um Dabakir SUXX1481
Um Daghina SUXX2459
Um Dahar SUXX0447
Um Dakkat ad Dar SUXX1482
Um Dal Qam SUXX1484
Um Dalalik SUXX2460
Um Daleba SUXX2461
Um Dam SUXX1485
Um Daqarsi SUXX2462
Um Daqnu SUXX7129
Um Darrab SUXX1486
Um Dasis SUXX1487
Um Dawanban SUXX1488
Um Dawwan Ban SUXX2463
Um Dibekrat SUXX1489
Um Dighena SUXX2464
Um Dighenat SUXX2465
Um Dighina SUXX2466
Um Diresa SUXX1490
Um Dites SUXX6764
Um Diweq SUXX6765
Um Dom SUXX3023
Um Dom SUXX5619
Um Durman SUXX1491
Um Duwana SUXX2467
Um Duwana Dabab SUXX2469
Um Duwena SUXX2470
Um Fas SUXX1492
Um Hajar SUXX1495
Um Halalif SUXX1496
Um Hamad SUXX2471
Um Hamra SUXX2472
Um Hamrah SUXX2473
Um Hanabel SUXX1497
Um Hashima SUXX5620
Um Hassan SUXX1498
Um Hayaya SUXX1499
Um Hidehid SUXX1500
Um Hijelija SUXX1501
Um Hijer SUXX2474
Um Hijlij SUXX5621
Um Hijlija SUXX1502
Um Hirezat SUXX2475
Um Idenat SUXX6766
Um Jadad SUXX1503
Um Jadla SUXX2476
Um Jalala SUXX1504
Um Jazira SUXX6767
Um Jinqil SUXX1507
Um Jir SUXX2477
Um Jires SUXX2478
Um Jirew SUXX1508
Um Jub SUXX1509
Um Julud Barqu SUXX2479
Um Julud `Arab SUXX2480
Um Jumut SUXX6768
Um Kadankawa SUXX6770
Um Kakar SUXX3728
Um Katti SUXX3024
Um Kheren SUXX6771
Um Kheren SUXX7131
Um Kiterat SUXX6772
Um Kiweka SUXX1510
Um Kiweka SUXX6773
Um Korak SUXX1511
Um Kura` SUXX3729
Um Kuweka SUXX1512
Um Laham SUXX1513
Um La`ota SUXX6774
Um Maliha SUXX2481
Um Marda SUXX7132
Um Marha SUXX5622
Um Marrahi Dubar SUXX2482
Um Marrahi Hasan SUXX2483
Um Marrih SUXX2485
Um May`a SUXX6775
Um Muhanna SUXX1514
Um Murrat SUXX5623
Um Najis SUXX5624
Um Nim SUXX1516
Um Ni`am SUXX1515
Um Qad SUXX5625
Um Qannas SUXX6776
Um Qara` SUXX1517
Um Qellu SUXX1518
Um Qudur SUXX1519
Um Qumri SUXX1520
Um Qurad SUXX7133
Um Quta SUXX1521
Um Rawiyya SUXX1522
Um Reka SUXX1524
Um Ribeq SUXX1525
Um Rob SUXX1526
Um Salala SUXX3730
Um Salim SUXX1528
Um Sana SUXX2486
Um Sanqur SUXX1529
Um Saq`a SUXX5626
Um Sayyala SUXX2487
Um Sa`id SUXX1527
Um Sela SUXX1533
Um Shaba` SUXX1534
Um Shadar SUXX1535
Um Shadida SUXX1536
Um Shambo SUXX1537
Um Shijerat SUXX2488
Um Shi`efat SUXX5627
Um Shukkaba SUXX1538
Um Shura SUXX1539
Um Sidera SUXX2489
Um Sile`a SUXX1540
Um Sineta SUXX1541
Um Sunut SUXX7134
Um Sunut SUXX1542
Um Suwar SUXX1543
Um Takkal SUXX1544
Um Talata SUXX2490
Um Talha SUXX1545
Um Tarakish SUXX6777
Um Teran SUXX1546
Um Tikka SUXX1547
Um Tirebat SUXX2492
Um Turba SUXX1548
Um Wizzin SUXX2493
Um Za`af SUXX1549
Um Zikra SUXX1550
Um Ziyad SUXX1551
Um `Adara SUXX1552
Um `Adara SUXX6778
Um `Alaqa SUXX1553
Um `Ali SUXX6779
Um `Aqarib SUXX1554
Um `Aqrab SUXX7135
Um `Atron SUXX1555
Um `Atrun SUXX5628
Um `Iriq SUXX1556
Um `Isher SUXX1557
Um `Ud SUXX2494
Um `Ud SUXX1558
Um `Ud Wad Yahya SUXX6780
Um `Udam SUXX2495
Um `Usfur SUXX1559
Um `Ush Al Faki SUXX6781
Umbrega SUXX3731
Umisi SUXX0448
Umm Aghbash SUXX1560
Umm Akash SUXX2496
Umm an Nar SUXX5660
Umm Andaraba SUXX6784
Umm Arada SUXX6785
Umm Aradu SUXX6183
Umm Arda SUXX1561
Umm Arda SUXX6184
Umm Asaba SUXX2497
Umm Atam SUXX6185
Umm Badda SUXX3025
Umm Badr SUXX6786
Umm Baghum SUXX6787
Umm Barad SUXX1562
Umm Bawl SUXX6788
Umm Bayniyah SUXX6790
Umm Ba`ashim SUXX3548
Umm Beilit SUXX6791
Umm Bel SUXX6792
Umm Belgi SUXX3549
Umm Berembeita SUXX5629
Umm Bishar SUXX6793
Umm Boim SUXX4932
Umm Bughaylah SUXX6794
Umm Bulli SUXX6186
Umm Bunduq SUXX6795
Umm Buram SUXX0449
Umm Burayrah SUXX6187