Weather Codes for Sri Lanka

Find Weather Codes or Weather Zip Codes for states and cities in Sri Lanka. Weather Codes references a specified Location and is used to get weather of that place accurately. They are used by The Weather Channel( by IBM), Yahoo! Weather, AOL Weather and many such weather forecasting platforms. It is similar to Yahoo's WOEID(Where On the Earth ID) that is used to represent each place uniquely.

You can know the weather of any place precisely with the help of weather codes. Find the current weather of your state or city by clicking on it. You will be redirected to The Weather Channel site with your weather code for accurate weather forecast.

Abahena CEXX4159
Abakolathenna CEXX8976
Abakolawewa CEXX1956
Abalokahena CEXX4160
Abasingammedda CEXX4161
Abayagama CEXX1957
Abesundarawatta CEXX1958
Abeyesekaragama CEXX1959
Abhayapura CEXX1960
Abuwangala CEXX6986
Acharigama CEXX1961
Acharigoda CEXX1962
Adaichakal CEXX6345
Adampana CEXX6346
Adawikanda CEXX6987
Addaippallam CEXX6347
Addalachenai CEXX6348
Addarawellana CEXX1963
Adhikarigama CEXX4162
Adhikariya CEXX6988
Adikarigoda CEXX0125
Adikkandiya CEXX0126
Adupe CEXX0127
Agalaboda CEXX1964
Agalagamuwa CEXX6989
Agalakumbura CEXX4163
Agalawatta CEXX6990
Agalawatta CEXX0128
Agalawatta CEXX4164
Agalegedara CEXX0129
Agaliya North CEXX1965
Agaliya South CEXX1966
Agampodigama CEXX8977
Agampodigoda CEXX1967
Agappola CEXX4165
Agaregama CEXX6991
Agastenna CEXX8978
Agbopura CEXX6349
Aggalaulpota CEXX8979
Aggarahere CEXX1968
Aggona CEXX0130
Agraoya CEXX4166
Agrapatana CEXX4167
Ahangama CEXX1969
Ahangama Central CEXX1970
Ahangama East CEXX1971
Ahangama North CEXX1972
Ahangama West CEXX1973
Ahaslenakanda CEXX6992
Ahaswan CEXX4168
Ahnamgalahena CEXX0131
Ahugammana CEXX0132
Ahuliyedda CEXX6993
Ahungalla CEXX1974
Aittaliyadda CEXX4169
Aiyanatidal CEXX6350
Aiyankerni CEXX6351
Akadigoda CEXX1976
Akaragala Colony CEXX4170
Akarahediya CEXX4171
Akarangaha CEXX0134
Akarawita CEXX0135
Akarellawatta CEXX6994
Akkara CEXX6995
Akkara Dahaata CEXX6996
Akkaragoda CEXX0137
Akkaraipattu CEXX0006
Akkarapanaha CEXX8980
Akkarudahaya CEXX0138
Akkuranai CEXX6353
Akmimana CEXX1977
Akunadiwela CEXX1978
Akurala North CEXX1979
Akurala South CEXX1980
Akuraladuwa CEXX1981
Akuramboda CEXX4172
Akurambodwatta CEXX4173
Akurana CEXX4174
Akurana CEXX6997
Akuranamulla CEXX6998
Akuratiya CEXX1982
Akureliya CEXX0139
Akuressa CEXX1983
Akuressawatta CEXX1984
Akurugegangoda CEXX6999
Akurugoda CEXX1985
Akurugoda CEXX0140
Akurukaduwa CEXX8981
Akurukalawita CEXX0141
Akurumulla CEXX0142
Akwatta CEXX7000
Aladeniya CEXX4175
Aladiwembu CEXX6354
Alagalkanda CEXX7001
Alagalla CEXX7002
Alagoda CEXX4177
Alagoladeniya CEXX1986
Alahena CEXX6355
Alahenpita CEXX1987
Alakagama CEXX4178
Alakalaella CEXX4179
Alakandupitiya CEXX0143
Alakkangama CEXX8982
Alakola-ela CEXX4180
Alakolaanga CEXX4181
Alakoladeniya CEXX4182
Alakolaella CEXX7003
Alakolagolla CEXX8983
Alakolamaditta CEXX4183
Alakolawatta CEXX8984
Alakolawewa CEXX4184
Alakolawewawatta CEXX4185
Alanduwaka CEXX4186
Alankara Panguwa CEXX7004
Alankeni CEXX6356
Alapaladeniya CEXX1988
Alapaladeniya CEXX7005
Alapalawala CEXX4187
Alavi CEXX0144
Alawala CEXX7007
Alawala CEXX0145
Alawattegama CEXX4188
Alawatugama CEXX4189
Alawatugoda CEXX1989
Alawatugoda CEXX4190
Alawatugoda CEXX8985
Alawatupitiya CEXX0146
Alawatura CEXX7008
Alayaya CEXX4191
Aldora West CEXX7009
Aldorathenna CEXX7010
Algama Egodagama CEXX7011
Algama Ihalagama CEXX7012
Algama Medagama CEXX7013
Algoda CEXX7014
Alhentennawatta CEXX4192
Alibodakanda CEXX7015
Alietagoda CEXX8986
Aliyapitiya CEXX8987
Aliyarvaddai CEXX6358
Alkegama CEXX7017
Alpitiya CEXX7018
Alubendiyaya CEXX4193
Alubodala CEXX0147
Alubogolla CEXX8988
Alubomulla CEXX0148
Alubowila CEXX0149
Aludeniya CEXX7019
Aludeniya CEXX4194
Alugolla CEXX7020
Alugolla CEXX0150
Alugolla CEXX8989
Alugolla CEXX4195
Aluketiya CEXX7021
Aluketiyawa CEXX8990
Alukulpatha CEXX8991
Alupathgala CEXX7022
Alupolawatta CEXX7023
Alupota CEXX7024
Alupota CEXX8992
Alupotakanda CEXX7025
Alupotawela CEXX4196
Alupotdeniya CEXX1990
Alupotha CEXX7026
Alupotha CEXX8993
Alut Oya CEXX0007
Alutepola CEXX0151
Alutgama CEXX1991
Alutgama CEXX0152
Alutgama CEXX4197
Alutgama East CEXX0154
Alutgama West CEXX1992
Alutgangapitiya CEXX4198
Alutgangoda CEXX0156
Alutgoda CEXX1993
Aluth Ambalama CEXX0157
Aluthgama CEXX1994
Aluthgama CEXX0158
Aluthgama CEXX4199
Aluthgammedda CEXX4200
Aluthgamwidiya CEXX0159
Aluthgarogoda CEXX0160
Aluthgoda CEXX1995
Aluthkade CEXX0161
Aluthnuwara CEXX7027
Aluthwala CEXX1996
Aluthwela North CEXX8994
Aluthwela South CEXX8995
Aluthwelagama CEXX8996
Aluthwewagoda CEXX1997
Alutkotelinda CEXX6359
Alutnuwara CEXX7028
Alutsalmulla CEXX1998
Aluttarama CEXX8997
Alutwatta CEXX4201
Alutwela CEXX8998
Alutwela CEXX4202
Alutwewa CEXX8999
Alutwewa CEXX4203
Alutwewa CEXX2001
Aluvihare Colony CEXX4204
Aluwana CEXX0162
Aluwihare CEXX4205
Alwis Town CEXX0163
Amanawala CEXX7029
Amandoluwa CEXX0164
Amaragama CEXX2002
Amarakongama CEXX9000
Amarakoonmulla CEXX7030
Amaratungama CEXX2003
Amarivayal CEXX6360
Amast Estate CEXX4206
Ambadandegama CEXX9001
Ambadeniya CEXX7031
Ambagaha Arawa CEXX7032
Ambagahahena CEXX2004
Ambagahahena CEXX4207
Ambagahakanda CEXX7033
Ambagahakanda CEXX0165
Ambagahakandura CEXX9002
Ambagahalanda CEXX4208
Ambagahapelessa CEXX4209
Ambagahawatta CEXX0166
Ambagahawela CEXX6361
Ambagahawila CEXX2006
Ambagala CEXX7034
Ambagamuwa CEXX4210
Ambagasara CEXX2007
Ambagasdowa CEXX9003
Ambagaslanda CEXX9004
Ambagasmulla CEXX2008
Ambagaspitiya CEXX0167
Ambagastenna CEXX4211
Ambagohahela CEXX9005
Ambagolla Colony CEXX7035
Ambakolawewagama CEXX9006
Ambakote CEXX4212
Ambakumbura CEXX4213
Ambakumbura CEXX7036
Ambala CEXX2009
Ambalagala CEXX4214
Ambalakanda CEXX7037
Ambalam CEXX6362
Ambalam Oya CEXX6363
Ambalama CEXX6364
Ambalama CEXX9007
Ambalammullagoda CEXX2010
Ambalamulla CEXX2011
Ambalanda CEXX9008
Ambalanduwa CEXX0169
Ambalangoda CEXX0170
Ambalangoda CEXX0008
Ambalanmulla CEXX0171
Ambalanpitiya CEXX7038
Ambalanpotha CEXX9009
Ambalantota CEXX2012
Ambalanwatta CEXX0172
Ambalanyaya CEXX7039
Ambalapitiya CEXX4215
Ambalayaya CEXX0173
Ambale CEXX4216
Ambaliyadda CEXX4217
Ambaliyaddagama CEXX4218
Ambamalla CEXX7040
Ambamulla CEXX9010
Ambana CEXX2013
Ambana CEXX4219
Ambana CEXX0174
Ambanawela CEXX7041
Ambanella CEXX4220
Ambanpitiya CEXX7042
Ambanpola CEXX4221
Ambanporuwa CEXX9011
Ambanwala CEXX4222
Ambanwita CEXX0175
Ambaoruwa CEXX4223
Ambatalawa CEXX4224
Ambatale CEXX0176
Ambatenna CEXX7043
Ambatenna CEXX4225
Ambathenna CEXX9012
Ambathenna CEXX4226
Ambawa CEXX7044
Ambawakagama CEXX9013
Ambawale CEXX7045
Ambawila CEXX7046
Ambegoda CEXX9014
Ambekandura CEXX9015
Ambekumura CEXX2014
Ambepitiya CEXX0177
Ambepussa CEXX7047
Ambepussa CEXX0178
Ambetenna CEXX4227
Ambethenna CEXX4228
Ambokka CEXX4229
Ambokudena CEXX4230
Ambulgama CEXX0179
Ambulugala CEXX7048
Ambuwakka CEXX7049
Amilagama CEXX7050
Amirthakaly CEXX6365
Amitirigala CEXX7051
Ammanthanaveli CEXX6366
Ampagala CEXX7052
Ampanagala CEXX2015
Ampara CEXX6367
Ampawila CEXX2016
Ampe CEXX2017
Ampe-North CEXX7053
Ampe-South CEXX7054
Ampegama CEXX2018
Ampilanturai CEXX6368
Ampitigoda CEXX9016
Ampitigoda CEXX4231
Ampitiya CEXX4232
Ampitiya CEXX9017
Ampitiya Dewale CEXX6369
Ampitiyagoda CEXX2019
Ampitiyawatta CEXX7055
Amudamana CEXX2020
Amugoda CEXX2021
Amuhena CEXX2022
Amuhenkanda CEXX7056
Amuhenwalagoda CEXX2023
Amukotuwa CEXX2024
Amuna CEXX4234
Amunewala CEXX4235
Amunudowa CEXX9019
Amunugama CEXX4236
Amunugammulla CEXX2025
Amunugoda CEXX0180
Amunukumbura CEXX0181
Amunumulla CEXX4237
Amunumulle CEXX9020
Amunupitiya CEXX4238
Amunupura CEXX4239
Amunupure CEXX4240
Amunuthenna CEXX7057
Amunuwalla CEXX7059
Amupitiya CEXX4241
Amupitiya CEXX7060
Amupitiya CEXX0182
Amuthagoda CEXX7061
Amuwala CEXX7062
Amuwala East CEXX7063
Amuwathugoda CEXX7064
Anaitivu CEXX6371
Analkaddimady CEXX6372
Anamaduwa CEXX0009
Ananda Colony CEXX4242
Anandapura CEXX7065
Anattegoda CEXX2026
Anda Ulpota CEXX9023
Andadola CEXX2027
Andadola CEXX7066
Andadolagama CEXX2028
Andagahanatota CEXX2029
Andagala CEXX4243
Andalla CEXX2030
Andalu Mahante CEXX2031
Andalugoda CEXX2032
Andanawa CEXX7067
Andankulam CEXX6373
Andaradeniya CEXX2033
Andaragasyaya CEXX2034
Andatuwa CEXX2035
Andawala CEXX0183
Andawala CEXX4244
Andawalagama CEXX9024
Andawela CEXX9025
Andawilla CEXX2036
Andayampola CEXX9026
Andeniya CEXX9027
Andiambalama CEXX0185
Andideniya CEXX4245
Andigoda CEXX0186
Andiligala CEXX2037
Andimulla CEXX0187
Andiyagoda CEXX2038
Andoluwa CEXX7068
Andugoda CEXX2039
Andupelena CEXX2040
Andurangoda CEXX2041
Andurannawila CEXX2042
Andurathwila CEXX2043
Andurubebila CEXX4247
Anduwawala CEXX7069
Angagoda CEXX2044
Angammana CEXX7070
Angammana CEXX4248
Anganakatiya CEXX2045
Angelitenna CEXX4249
Angoda CEXX9028
Angoda CEXX4250
Angoda CEXX6374
Angoda CEXX0189
Angoda CEXX7071
Angodakandura CEXX9029
Angodawatta CEXX9030
Angomuwa CEXX0190
Angomuwa CEXX4251
Angulana CEXX0191
Angulmaduwa CEXX2046
Angulugaha CEXX2047
Angulugalla CEXX2048
Angunawala CEXX4252
Angunna CEXX2050
Angurukaramulla CEXX0192
Angurupanimulla CEXX9032
Anguruwatota CEXX0193
Anguruwawala CEXX7072
Anguruwela CEXX4253
Anguruwella CEXX4254
Anguruwella CEXX7073
Anhandigoda CEXX2051
Anhettigama CEXX7074
Aniakanda CEXX0194
Anicut Road CEXX9033
Anicwatta CEXX4255
Aniwatta CEXX4256
Ankada CEXX9034
Ankande Colony CEXX4257
Ankendagolla CEXX4258
Ankokawala CEXX2052
Annamalai CEXX6375
Anuragoda CEXX0195
Anwarama CEXX7075
Aparale CEXX2053
Aponsuwawatta CEXX4261
Appaladuwa CEXX2054
Appallagoda CEXX4263
Appeladuwa CEXX2055
Arabboda CEXX7076
Araboda CEXX2056
Arabokka CEXX2057
Arachchikanda CEXX2058
Arachchikumbura CEXX7077
Arachchimulla CEXX2059
Aradanakanda CEXX0196
Arakagoda CEXX0197
Arakawila CEXX0198
Aralugahamaditta CEXX2060
Aralugasmada CEXX9035
Aralupitiya CEXX9036
Arama West CEXX7078
Aramanagolla CEXX0199
Aramangoda CEXX0200
Arambe CEXX0201
Arambegama CEXX7079
Arambegama CEXX4264
Arambegodella CEXX0202
Arambepola CEXX4265
Arampitiya CEXX4266
Aranayaka CEXX7080
Aranayaka Colony CEXX7081
Arandara CEXX7082
Arangala CEXX0203
Arangala Kanda CEXX0204
Aranigaha CEXX7083
Aranwala CEXX2062
Aranwela CEXX2063
Arapangama CEXX0205
Arapattai CEXX6376
Araporuwa CEXX7084
Arasaditivu CEXX6377
Arattana CEXX4267
Arattanagoda CEXX2064
Aratumedilla CEXX9037
Araunagala CEXX2065
Aravawatte CEXX9038
Arawa CEXX9039
Arawa Pahalagama CEXX9040
Arawagedara CEXX9041
Arawatta CEXX9042
Arawegoda CEXX7085
Arawehela CEXX7086
Arawwawala CEXX4269
Arippu CEXX6378
Arslena CEXX4270
Arugam Bay CEXX6379
Aruggoda CEXX7087
Arukarkudah CEXX6380
Arukgoda CEXX0206
Arukmulla CEXX7089
Arukwatta North CEXX0207
Arukwatta South CEXX0208
Arumadewa CEXX9043
Arumbangoda CEXX2066
Arupassa CEXX0209
Aruppala CEXX7090
Aruppola CEXX4271
Asamanakanda CEXX7091
Asgangula CEXX7092
Asgiriwalpola CEXX0210
Asgiriya CEXX4273
Asgiriya CEXX0211
Ashoka Colony CEXX4274
Asideniya CEXX7093
Asingammedda CEXX4275
Asiragoda CEXX2067
Asmadala CEXX7094
Asmagoda CEXX2068
Asseddumgoda CEXX7095
Asselimulla CEXX7096
Assella CEXX7097
Assennawatta CEXX0212
Asuwa Estate CEXX7098
Aswaddumegama CEXX9044
Aswalapitiya CEXX4276
Aswedduma CEXX9045
Aswedduma CEXX4277
Aswedduma CEXX7099
Asweddumwelagama CEXX9046
Asweddunwela CEXX4278
Atadahewatugoda CEXX2069
Atahaula CEXX2070
Atahaulhena CEXX2071
Atakalanpanne CEXX7100
Atakohota CEXX2072
Atalawa CEXX7101
Atale CEXX7102
Atalla CEXX7103
Atambagoda CEXX0213
Atanikita CEXX2073
Atapattugama CEXX2074
Atawakwala CEXX7104
Atgalgoda CEXX0214
Athagama CEXX0215
Athala CEXX9047
Athapattukanda CEXX2075
Athgangoda CEXX0216
Athimale Colony CEXX9048
Athirahapitiya CEXX4280
Athukoralagoda CEXX7106
Athukoralegedara CEXX9049
Athurugiriya CEXX0217
Atigala CEXX0218
Atlyagama CEXX0219
Attam Nivasa CEXX4281
Attanagalla CEXX0220
Attanagalla CEXX9051
Attanakumbura CEXX4282
Attanayala CEXX2076
Attapitiya CEXX7107
Attaragalla CEXX4284
Attaragama CEXX4285
Attaragoda CEXX2077
Attidiya CEXX0221
Attuchenai CEXX6381
Attudawa CEXX2078
Atulawila CEXX2079
Atulugama CEXX7110
Atumala CEXX2080
Aturaliya CEXX7111
Aturaliya CEXX2081
Aturupana CEXX7112
Aturuwella CEXX2082
Atweltota CEXX0223
Avaddaveli CEXX6382
Avariwatta CEXX0224
Avariyawatta CEXX0225
Avissawella CEXX0011
Avudangawa CEXX4287
Awittawa CEXX2083
Awukonagoda CEXX2084
Awulbodale CEXX4288
Ayagama CEXX7113
Ayittiyamalai CEXX6383
Ayiwela CEXX9052
Ayliyadichenai CEXX6384
Babarahikada CEXX2085
Babarenda North CEXX2087
Babullaketiya CEXX7114
Badabadda CEXX2090
Badahalagoda CEXX0226
Badahela CEXX7115
Badahelagoda CEXX2091
Badahelagoda CEXX7116
Badahelawatta CEXX0227
Badahelgoda CEXX7117
Badalagama CEXX4289
Badalgama CEXX0228
Badalgammedda CEXX4290
Badalgoda CEXX0229
Badalkumbura CEXX0012
Badalwatta CEXX9053
Badanamure CEXX7118
Badatalwatta CEXX7119
Badaweltota CEXX9054
Baddamulla CEXX4291
Baddegama CEXX0013
Baddegama East CEXX2093
Baddegama North CEXX2094
Baddegama South CEXX2095
Baddegoda CEXX0230
Baddemulla CEXX9055
Baddinigoda CEXX2096
Badugama CEXX0231
Badulla CEXX2097
Badulla CEXX9056
Badullawala CEXX7120
Badullegama CEXX7121
Badulugasgedara CEXX9057
Badulupitiya CEXX7122
Badulupitiyagama CEXX9058
Baduluwela CEXX9059
Badungala CEXX2098
Badungoda CEXX2099
Badungoda Colony CEXX2100
Baduraliya CEXX0232
Baduwalkanda CEXX7123
Baduwatta CEXX7124
Baduwatugoda CEXX0233
Baduwatugoda CEXX2101
Bagature CEXX7125
Bagure CEXX6385
Bahirawakanda CEXX4292
Bajjangoda CEXX0234
Bakeemure CEXX2102
Bakinidandugolla CEXX9060
Bakinipitiya CEXX9062
Bakkiella CEXX6386
Bakmedola CEXX7126
Bakmideniya CEXX7127
Bakmikada CEXX6387
Bakmilanoa CEXX9063
Bakulwala CEXX7128
Balabedda CEXX9064
Balabokka CEXX2103
Balabowa CEXX0235
Baladangolla CEXX9065
Balagala CEXX9066
Balagala CEXX2104
Balagalla CEXX9067
Balagalla CEXX0236
Balagangoda CEXX7129
Balagegoda CEXX2105
Balagoda CEXX2106
Balagolla CEXX9068
Balagolla CEXX4294
Balagollagama CEXX9069
Balagollawatta CEXX4295
Balaharuwa CEXX9070
Balaharuwa CEXX7130
Balahinda CEXX6388
Balakotunna CEXX7131
Balane CEXX4296
Balanegama CEXX9071
Balangoda CEXX0014
Balapata CEXX2107
Balapitiya CEXX2108
Balapokuna CEXX0237
Balatawa CEXX0238
Balatgomuwa CEXX7132
Balathota Ella CEXX9072
Balawala CEXX0239
Balawane CEXX7133
Balawatgama CEXX7134
Balawatgoda CEXX4297
Balawinna CEXX7135
Balgiyanugawa CEXX2109
Balibathgoda CEXX7136
Balinduwawa CEXX7137
Baliwila CEXX0240
Ballahela CEXX7138
Ballakatuwa CEXX9073
Ballapana CEXX7139
Ballapanathenna CEXX7140
Balukawala CEXX2110
Balukekulakada CEXX6389
Bambagala CEXX2111
Bambalapitiya CEXX0241
Bambarabedda CEXX4298
Bambaradeniya CEXX4300
Bambaragaha Ela CEXX4301
Bambaragaharoda CEXX9074
Bambaragahawatta CEXX4302
Bambaragala CEXX9076
Bambaragala CEXX7143
Bambaragaleyaya CEXX4303
Bambaragama CEXX7144
Bambaragama CEXX9079
Bambaragaskanda CEXX7145
Bambaragastalawa CEXX6390
Bambaragastenna CEXX7146
Bambaragaswewa CEXX4304
Bambaragoda CEXX2112
Bambarakatupota CEXX4305
Bambarakellie CEXX4306
Bambaramulla CEXX2113
Bambarapana CEXX9080
Bambarawana CEXX2114
Bambawa CEXX4307
Bambukuliya CEXX0242
Bamburugamuwa CEXX4308
Baminiwatta CEXX7147
Bampane CEXX7148
Bamunagammana CEXX7149
Bamunaulla CEXX7150
Bamunawita CEXX2115
Bamunugama CEXX2116
Bamunumulla CEXX0243
Bamunumulla CEXX2117
Bamunupola CEXX4309
Banagala CEXX2118
Banagala CEXX0244
Banagoda CEXX7151
Bandamalewatta CEXX4310
Bandanagoda CEXX0245
Bandara Wadiya CEXX9081
Bandarabatawala CEXX0246
Bandaraduwa CEXX6391
Bandaragama CEXX0247
Bandarahena CEXX0248
Bandaramulla CEXX2119
Bandarawatta CEXX9082
Bandarawatta CEXX0250
Bandarawela CEXX0015
Bandarigoda CEXX2121
Bandattara CEXX2122
Bandigoda CEXX2123
Bandiyagoda CEXX6392
Banduradeniya CEXX7152
Banduragoda CEXX0251
Bangalagoda CEXX9083
Bangalahatha CEXX4312
Bangalawatta CEXX0252
Bangama CEXX2124
Bangamawaduwa CEXX2125
Bangamukanda CEXX2126
Banwelduwa CEXX2127
Banwelgoda CEXX2128
Banwelgodella CEXX2129
Bappugoda CEXX0253
Baragama CEXX2130
Baranduwa CEXX7153
Baranigoda CEXX2131
Baratuduwa CEXX2132
Barawakumbura CEXX2133
Barawawila CEXX0254
Barawaya CEXX9084
Barigama CEXX4313
Baruhupola CEXX0255
Basiyawatta CEXX0256
Basnagala CEXX7154
Basnagoda CEXX7155
Basnarpura CEXX9085
Bata-ata CEXX2134
Bataadura CEXX2135
Batadanduwela CEXX4314
Batadola CEXX2136
Batadombaketiya CEXX0257
Batadure CEXX7156
Bataduwa CEXX2137
Bataduwe CEXX2138
Batagalla CEXX4315
Batagama North CEXX0258
Batagama South CEXX0259
Batagammana CEXX9086
Batagampalata CEXX0260
Batagassa CEXX2139
Batagoda CEXX0261
Batagolla CEXX4316
Batagolladeniya CEXX4317
Batakele CEXX2140
Bataketiya CEXX2141
Batakettara CEXX0262
Batalahena CEXX0263
Batalanda CEXX7157
Batalanhena CEXX0264
Bataliya CEXX0265
Batambure CEXX7158
Batangala CEXX7159
Batapatha CEXX2143
Batapelagama CEXX4319
Batapola CEXX2144
Batatimbura CEXX7160
Batatota CEXX7161
Bataturugoda CEXX2145
Batawala CEXX7162
Batawala Colony CEXX2146
Batayaya CEXX7163
Batehena CEXX2147
Batemulla CEXX2148
Batepola CEXX7164
Batepola CEXX0267
Batewala CEXX7165
Batewela CEXX7166
Batgangoda CEXX7167
Bathalawattagama CEXX9087
Bathamuraya CEXX7168
Batigama CEXX2149
Batticaloa CEXX0016
Batugammana CEXX7169
Batugedara CEXX7170
Batugoda CEXX4320
Batukanatta CEXX2150
Batumulla CEXX4321
Batupitiya CEXX7171
Batuwandara CEXX0270
Batuwangala West CEXX2152
Batuwanhena CEXX2153
Batuwantudawa CEXX2154
Batuwatta CEXX7172
Batuwatta East CEXX0271
Batuwatta West CEXX0272
Batuwita CEXX2155
Batuwita CEXX7173
Batuwita North CEXX0273
Batwatta CEXX0274
Batwewa CEXX9088
Bawilahena CEXX7174
Bawwagama CEXX4323
Bayuana CEXX4324
Bebalegama CEXX4325
Bebilegoda CEXX7175
Beddahena West CEXX2156
Beddegama CEXX9089
Beddegamawatta CEXX4326
Beddegammedda CEXX2157
Beddegedaramalla CEXX0275
Beddekumbura CEXX9090
Beddewatugoda CEXX2158
Beddewewa CEXX2159
Bedigantota CEXX2160
Bedimeda Colony CEXX2161
Bedipita CEXX2162
Bedirekka CEXX6393
Beerahenna CEXX4327
Beerilinda CEXX9091
Beerimulle CEXX4328
Begamuwa CEXX0276
Bekkegama CEXX0277
Belagama CEXX0278
Belegallena CEXX7176
Belgoda CEXX7177
Beliatta CEXX0017
Beligala CEXX7178
Beligalla CEXX9092
Beligammana CEXX7179
Beligamuwa CEXX4329
Beligaswella CEXX2163
Beligasyaya CEXX2164
Beligoda CEXX7180
Beligodapitiya CEXX7181
Belihuloya CEXX7182
Belihulwana CEXX7183
Beliketiya CEXX7184
Belikolapugoda CEXX2165
Beliwatta CEXX2166
Beliyakanda CEXX4330
Bellagaswewa CEXX2167
Bellana CEXX0279
Bellankanda CEXX7185
Bellanoya CEXX4331
Bellanoyakumbura CEXX9093
Bellantara CEXX0280
Bellantudawa CEXX0281
Bellapitiya CEXX0282
Bellattekumbura CEXX2168
Belligola CEXX0283
Bellwood Colony CEXX4332
Belpamulla CEXX2169
Belton CEXX4333
Belummahara CEXX0284
Bembada CEXX2170
Bembiya CEXX4335
Beminiyanwila CEXX2171
Bemmulla CEXX0285
Bendaluwa CEXX7186
Bendiyamulla CEXX0286
Bengamukanda CEXX2172
Bengamuwa CEXX2173
Bennawa Colony CEXX7187
Bentota CEXX2174
Bentotawatta CEXX2175
Beragala CEXX7188
Beragama CEXX4336
Beragama CEXX0287
Beragamakanda CEXX2176
Beragammulla CEXX2177
Berahana CEXX9094
Berakaragoda CEXX7189
Beralapanatara CEXX2178
Beraleliya CEXX2179
Beralihela CEXX2180
Beraliya CEXX9095
Beraliyapola CEXX9096
Beramada CEXX9097
Beramada North CEXX9098
Beranagoda CEXX2181
Berandeniya CEXX7190
Berannawa CEXX7191
Beratuduwa CEXX2182
Beraunna CEXX0288
Berawa CEXX6394
Berawagoda CEXX2183
Berawanamulla CEXX2184
Berawawala CEXX0289
Berawila CEXX4337
Berendigamola CEXX0290
Berewalgoda CEXX0291
Berugodawela CEXX2185
Beruwala CEXX7193
Beruwala CEXX0019
Beruwana CEXX7194
Beruwewala CEXX2186
Beruwewila CEXX2187
Betmegedara CEXX7195
Betmegoda CEXX0292
Bewila CEXX7196
Bewilawathugoda CEXX7197
Bibila CEXX4338
Bibilawatta CEXX9099
Bibile CEXX0020
Bibile Road CEXX9100
Bibilegama West CEXX9101
Bibilemulla CEXX9102
Bibiligamuwa CEXX9103
Bibilioya CEXX7198
Biengon CEXX4339
Bihiragaldowa CEXX4340
Bimbate CEXX2188
Bindunawewa CEXX9104
Binghamara CEXX2189
Bingoda CEXX9105
Bingpandura CEXX0293
Binkema CEXX2190
Binnegama CEXX7199
Bintenigolla CEXX7200
Binthenna Arawa CEXX9106
Biriulpota CEXX9107
Bisogalgodella CEXX2191
Bisopattuwa CEXX2192
Bisowela CEXX7201
Bithwalgama CEXX7202
Biyagama CEXX0294
Biyanwila Ihala CEXX0295
Biyanwila Pahala CEXX0296
Black Pool CEXX4342
Bobella CEXX4344
Bodagama CEXX9108
Bodalagammana CEXX9109
Bodarakanda CEXX2193
Boddelgoda CEXX0297
Bodeniya CEXX2194
Bodhigolla CEXX4345
Bodhimalgoda CEXX7203
Bodikotuwa CEXX4346
Bodimaluwa CEXX7204
Bodimaluwa CEXX2195
Bodinagoda CEXX2196
Bodiyakanda CEXX0298
Bogahaduwa CEXX9110
Bogahagoda CEXX2197
Bogahakumbura CEXX9111
Bogahakumbura CEXX7205
Bogahamula Ella CEXX4347
Bogahamulugoda CEXX2198
Bogahapitiya CEXX4348
Bogahawatta CEXX4349
Bogahawattegoda CEXX2199
Bogahawattekanda CEXX9112
Bogahawela CEXX9113
Bogahawewa CEXX2200
Bogala CEXX7208
Bogalla CEXX0299
Bogambara CEXX4350
Bogamuwa CEXX7209
Bogamuwa CEXX0300
Bogamuwa CEXX4351
Boganawatta CEXX0302
Bogasgoda CEXX7210
Bogawantalawa CEXX4352
Bogawela CEXX4353
Bogoda CEXX9114
Bogoda CEXX0303
Bogoda Aramba CEXX7211
Bogune CEXX4354
Bohettiya CEXX7212
Bohitiya CEXX9115
Bokadawatta CEXX9116
Bokalawala CEXX4355
Bokanoruwa CEXX9117
Bokanoruwagama CEXX9118
Bokarabevila CEXX4356
Bokaramulla CEXX2202
Bokaramullegoda CEXX2203
Bokete CEXX2204
Bokkawala CEXX4357
Bokkebedda CEXX6395
Bokkegama CEXX0305
Bokkegama CEXX9119
Bokkeyaya CEXX6396
Bokundara CEXX0306
Bokurukotuwa CEXX2205
Bolabotuwa CEXX0307
Bolagala CEXX0308
Bolagandawela CEXX4358
Bolana CEXX0309
Bolappahena CEXX2206
Bolawalana CEXX0310
Bolgoda CEXX0311
Bollatawa CEXX0312
Bollate North CEXX0313
Bollate South CEXX0314
Bollattawela CEXX9120
Bollegala CEXX0315
Bollegoda CEXX4359
Bolossegama CEXX0316
Boltudawa CEXX2207
Boltumbe CEXX7213
Bolyadda CEXX9121
Bombugammana CEXX0317
Bombure CEXX4360
Bombuwa CEXX7214
Bombuwala CEXX0318
Bona Vista CEXX2209
Bonavista Place CEXX4361
Bondadeniya CEXX4362
Bondupitiya CEXX0319
Bonegala CEXX0320
Boossa CEXX2210
Bootawa CEXX4363
Boowelikada CEXX7215
Bopagama CEXX0321
Bopagoda CEXX2211
Bopana CEXX4364
Bopaththalawa CEXX4365
Bope CEXX0322
Bope CEXX2212
Bopegama CEXX4366
Bopetta CEXX7216
Bopitigoda CEXX7217
Bopitiya CEXX0324
Bopitiya CEXX9122
Bopitiya CEXX2213
Bopitiya Ihala CEXX7219
Boradiya Ella CEXX2214
Boragahamada CEXX9123
Boragahamaditta CEXX4368
Boragasketiya CEXX9124
Boragasyaya CEXX9125
Boragoda CEXX9126
Borakadawatta CEXX0325
Borakanda CEXX2215
Borala CEXX7220
Borala CEXX2216
Boralanda CEXX9127
Boralankada CEXX7221
Boraliyawatta CEXX0327
Boralugoda CEXX0328
Boralukada CEXX2217
Boraluketiya CEXX2218
Boraluwageayina CEXX7222
Boraluwetota CEXX2219
Boranjamuwa CEXX7223
Borella CEXX0329
Borukgomuwa CEXX0330
Borupana CEXX0331
Boruwagama CEXX4369
Boskhombawatta CEXX7224
Bossella CEXX7225
Botalawa CEXX0332
Botale CEXX0333
Botale Ihalagama CEXX0334
Bothalakumbura CEXX9128
Bothale CEXX0336
Botota CEXX4370
Bounuwa CEXX0337
Bowagoda CEXX2220
Bowala CEXX2221
Bowala CEXX4371
Bowalgaha CEXX7226
Bowatenna CEXX4372
Bowatta CEXX7227
Bowatta CEXX4373
Bowatura CEXX4374
Bowela CEXX9129
Bowhillwatta CEXX4375
Boyagama CEXX7228
Boyagama CEXX4376
Boyagoda CEXX7229
Brahmana Arawa CEXX9130
Brahmanagama CEXX0338
Brahmanayagama CEXX2222
Bramly Watta CEXX4377
Brandiyawatta CEXX0339
Broadlands CEXX4378
Brooklandswatta CEXX4379
Brooksidegama CEXX4380
Brynthuraichenai CEXX6397
Bubula CEXX9131
Budapanagama CEXX2223
Budawatta CEXX7230
Buddama CEXX0021
Buddankotte CEXX9132
Buddiyagama CEXX2224
Budugala CEXX2225
Budugekanda CEXX9133
Budulenagama CEXX7231
Budurapota CEXX6398
Budurawa CEXX9134
Buhari Nagar CEXX6399
Buhikanuwa CEXX7232
Bulagahapitiya CEXX4381
Bulanewewa CEXX4382
Bulatgangoda CEXX0340
Bulathgama CEXX7233
Bulathkohupitiya CEXX7234
Bulathwalakanda CEXX4383
Bulathwalgoda CEXX7235
Bulathwatta CEXX9135
Bulatwatta CEXX4384
Bulatweldeniya CEXX0341
Bulatwelkanda CEXX7236
Bulatwelkandura CEXX4385
Bullyadda CEXX9136
Bulugahagoda CEXX0342
Bulugahalanda CEXX9137
Bulugahamulla CEXX0343
Bulugahapitiya CEXX7237
Bulugahapitiya CEXX4386
Bulugahawela CEXX9138
Bulugahayaya CEXX9139
Bulugammana CEXX7238
Bulugolla CEXX4387
Bulukohotenna CEXX4388
Bulumulla CEXX4389
Bulupitiya CEXX9140
Buluruppa CEXX7239
Bulutota CEXX7240
Buluvela CEXX7241
Bungiriya CEXX7242
Burullapitiya CEXX0344
Burunnawa CEXX7243
Burutagolla CEXX6401
Buruthaathagoda CEXX9141
Buruthaparagama CEXX9142
Busdulla CEXX9143
Butagolla CEXX9144
Butalanda CEXX4390
Buthpitiya North CEXX0345
Buthpitiya South CEXX0346
Buthsaranapitiya CEXX9145
Butkanda CEXX7244
Buttala CEXX0022
Buweliara CEXX2228
Buwelikada CEXX4391
Buwellegoda CEXX2229
Cambel Colony CEXX4392
Campion CEXX4393
Chadayantalawa CEXX6402
Chalampakeni CEXX6403
Challi CEXX6404
Challitivu CEXX6405
Chamilpura CEXX0347
Chandanagama CEXX2230
Chandanagama CEXX0348
Chanttaru CEXX6406
Chapelton CEXX4394
Charalakadai CEXX6407
Chavakachcheri CEXX0023
Cheddipalayam CEXX6408
Chenkalady CEXX6411
Chenkatpadai CEXX6412
Chilaw CEXX0024
Chillikkodiyar CEXX6414
China Bay CEXX6415
China Garden CEXX2231
Chinnanvadi CEXX6416
Chippittidal CEXX6417
Choicewatta CEXX4395
Chundankadu CEXX6418
Chunkankeni CEXX6419
Cinnamon Gardens CEXX0349
Colombage-ara CEXX7245
Colombo CEXX0001
Colony CEXX2232
Companiwatta CEXX2233
Cytruswatta CEXX2234
Dabarella CEXX2235
Dabogala CEXX2236
Dadagomuwa CEXX0350
Dadalla CEXX2237
Dadayampola CEXX4397
Dadayanthalawa CEXX9146
Dadohagama CEXX4398
Dagampitiya CEXX4399
Daganapothaha CEXX4400
Dagewilla CEXX4401
Dagonna CEXX0351
Daha-Amuna CEXX2238
Dahamgama CEXX9147
Dahar Estate CEXX7246
Dahenpahuwa CEXX7247
Dahinpahuwa CEXX0352
Dakwariwatta CEXX4402
Dalawella CEXX2239
Dalikanuwa CEXX2240
Dalugama CEXX0353
Dalugamgoda CEXX0354
Dalupitiya CEXX0355
Dalupota CEXX4403
Dalupotha CEXX0356
Daluwakgoda CEXX2241
Daluwatumulla CEXX2242
Daluwekotuwa CEXX0357
Daluwela CEXX4404
Damahana CEXX7248
Damana CEXX4405
Damana CEXX0026
Damanegama CEXX9148
Damanwara CEXX9149
Dambadure CEXX0358
Dambagahaeliya CEXX9150
Dambagahaliyadda CEXX7249
Dambagahamada CEXX4406
Dambagahamuduna CEXX4407
Dambagahapitiya CEXX9152
Dambagahawatta CEXX9153
Dambagahawela CEXX9154
Dambagalla CEXX9155
Dambagolla CEXX4408
Dambagolla CEXX9156
Dambakote CEXX9157
Dambalawinna CEXX6420
Dambara CEXX0359
Dambarawa CEXX4410
Dambawinna CEXX9158
Dambe CEXX4411
Dambemada CEXX7250
Dambethenna CEXX9159
Dambewela CEXX9160
Dambore CEXX0360
Dambukkola CEXX4412
Dambulla CEXX7251
Dambulla CEXX0027
Dambullagama CEXX4413
Dambuluwana CEXX7252
Dambutuwa CEXX0361
Damingamuwa CEXX0362
Dammala CEXX2243
Dammantenna CEXX4414
Dammoruwa CEXX7253
Dammulla CEXX2244
Dammulla CEXX7254
Dammullegoda CEXX2245
Dampahala East CEXX2246
Dampahala West CEXX2247
Dampe CEXX0363
Dampelgoda CEXX7255
Dampella CEXX2248
Dampewatta CEXX2249
Damunumeya CEXX4415
Damunumulla CEXX4416
Damunupola CEXX7256
Damunuwinna CEXX9161
Danadeen Estate CEXX9162
Danagama CEXX7257
Dandahena CEXX4417
Dandenigama CEXX2250
Dandenikumbura CEXX4418
Dandeniwela CEXX9163
Dandeniya CEXX2251
Dandeniya Pahala CEXX7258
Dandeniyawatta CEXX7259
Dandubendiruppa CEXX4419
Dandugala CEXX9164
Dandugama CEXX0364
Danduhethakina CEXX7260
Danduwa CEXX7261
Dangala CEXX2252
Dangalakanda CEXX2253
Dangalla CEXX0365
Dangallegoda CEXX2254
Dangampala CEXX7262
Dangedara CEXX2255
Dangolla Ebbe CEXX6421
Dangollegama CEXX0028
Danigala CEXX9165
Dankanda CEXX4420
Danketigoda CEXX2256
Danketiya CEXX2257
Dankoluwa CEXX2258
Dankumbura CEXX7263
Dannoruwa CEXX7264
Danowita CEXX0366
Danture CEXX4421
Danwattagoda CEXX0367
Danwilana CEXX0368
Dapane CEXX7265
Dapanegegoda CEXX2259
Dapiligoda CEXX0369
Daradunyaya CEXX2260
Daragoda CEXX2261
Daramitiara CEXX2262
Daranagama CEXX0371
Darandekumbura CEXX7266
Daraoya CEXX4422
Darkumbura CEXX9166
Darmavijayagama CEXX2263
Daswatta CEXX7267
Daulagalag CEXX4424
Davuldena CEXX9167
Davulkaragoda CEXX7268
Dawategama CEXX9168
Dayanawatta CEXX9169
Debagalahenyaya CEXX2264
Debara Ara CEXX9170
Debarawewa CEXX2265
Debathgama Coley CEXX7270
Debedda CEXX9171
Debeddakivula CEXX9172
Debegama CEXX7272
Debehera CEXX0372
Debokkawa CEXX2266
Dedduwa CEXX2267
Dedduwawala CEXX2268
Dedigamuwa CEXX0373
Dediyagala CEXX2269
Dediyawala CEXX0374
Dedugala CEXX7273
Dedunupitiya CEXX7274
Deegala CEXX2270
Deegalahinna CEXX4427
Deegalleudagama CEXX9173
Deegoda CEXX2271
Deenagoda CEXX2272
Deenagoda CEXX0375
Deenawela CEXX2273
Deepagoda CEXX2274
Degalaeriya CEXX7275
Degaldoruwa CEXX4429
Degalla CEXX2275
Degampota CEXX2276
Degawatta CEXX0376
Dehenakanda CEXX7276
Deheragoda CEXX7277
Dehianga CEXX4430
Dehiathnawala CEXX4431
Dehiattawa CEXX4432
Dehiattawela CEXX9174
Dehiattekandiya CEXX6422
Dehideniya CEXX4433
Dehigahahela CEXX7279
Dehigahahena CEXX2277
Dehigahalanda CEXX2278
Dehigahatule CEXX4434
Dehigahawala CEXX0377
Dehigama CEXX9175
Dehigama CEXX4435
Dehigambeda CEXX2279
Dehigampala CEXX7280
Dehigas Arawa CEXX9176
Dehigaspe CEXX2280
Dehigasthalawa CEXX7281
Dehigeta CEXX2281
Dehigolla CEXX9177
Dehigolla CEXX4436
Dehihena CEXX2282
Dehilanda CEXX9179
Dehimaduwa CEXX7282
Dehintalawa CEXX4437
Dehiowita CEXX7283
Dehipagoda CEXX4438
Dehipahala CEXX7284
Dehipe CEXX4439
Dehipitiya CEXX4440
Dehipola CEXX9180
Dehithenna CEXX9181
Dehiwala CEXX0029
Dehiwinna CEXX9182
Deiyanwala CEXX7285
Dekatana CEXX0378
Dekinda CEXX4441
Dekindagama CEXX4442
Delature CEXX0379
Deldeniya CEXX7286
Deldeniya CEXX4443
Deldorawatta CEXX0380
Delduwa CEXX2283
Dele CEXX7287
Delgahadeniya CEXX7288
Delgahagoda CEXX7289
Delgahakele CEXX2284
Delgahathenna CEXX7290
Delgahaudakanda CEXX2285
Delgalla CEXX2286
Delgamuwa CEXX7291
Delgasduwa CEXX2287
Delgasgoda CEXX4444
Delgasyaya CEXX4446
Delgoda CEXX0382
Delgoda CEXX7292
Delgomuwa CEXX7293
Deliguruarawa CEXX7294
Deliwa CEXX9183
Deliwala CEXX7295
Deliwala CEXX4447
Deliwela CEXX4448
Delkabalagoda CEXX2288
Delkada CEXX0383
Delkada CEXX2289
Dellabada CEXX7296
Delmada CEXX4449
Delmar CEXX4450
Deloluwa CEXX7297
Delpaddana CEXX4451
Delpakadawara CEXX0384
Delpatkada CEXX4452
Delpawana CEXX4453
Delpitiya CEXX4454
Delra Colony CEXX4455
Delthara CEXX0385
Deltota CEXX4456
Deluntalamada CEXX4457
Delwala CEXX7298
Delwala CEXX0386
Delwalakanda CEXX7299
Delwatura CEXX0387
Delyangegama CEXX7300
Demada CEXX7301
Demaladuwa CEXX0388
Demalagama CEXX0389
Demalahiriya CEXX7302
Demanhandiya CEXX0390
Dematagahakanda CEXX2290
Dematagoda CEXX0391
Dematagolla CEXX9184
Dematagolla CEXX4458
Dematahatta CEXX0392
Demataketiya CEXX9185
Dematapassa CEXX2291
Dematapelessa CEXX9186
Dematapitiya CEXX2292
Dematapitiya CEXX7303
Dematapitiya CEXX9187
Dematawelketiya CEXX9188
Dembatagastenna CEXX4459
Dembatanpitiya CEXX7304
Dembawa CEXX4460
Dembawatawana CEXX4461
Demettanella CEXX9189
Deminigoda CEXX2293
Demodara CEXX9190
Demodara CEXX7305
Denagama East CEXX2294
Denagama West CEXX2295
Denagiriya CEXX9191
Denagoda CEXX2296
Denamure CEXX4462
Denamure Udagama CEXX4463
Denapitiya CEXX4464
Denawaka CEXX7306
Denawaka Udawaka CEXX7307
Denihena CEXX7308
Denikade CEXX0393
Denike CEXX4465
Denipalla CEXX7309
Denipitiya CEXX2297
Deniyagama CEXX4466
Deniyahena CEXX4467
Deniyakumbura CEXX4468
Deniyaya CEXX2298
Deniyegoda CEXX2299
Denkandanda CEXX2300
Denuwala CEXX2301
Depanama CEXX0394
Depedene CEXX7311
Depelamulla CEXX2302
Derangala CEXX2303
Deraniyagala CEXX7312
Detabodakanda CEXX7313
Detagamuwa CEXX9192
Detagoda CEXX0396
Detawala CEXX7314
Detgama CEXX0397
Dethemulla CEXX0398
Devagiri CEXX2304
Devinuwara CEXX2305
Devipahala CEXX7315
Devita CEXX4469
Devsiripura CEXX4470
Dewagamuwakanda CEXX4471
Dewagoda CEXX2306
Dewahandiya East CEXX4472
Dewahandiya West CEXX4473
Dewala CEXX9193
Dewalagama CEXX2307
Dewalahinda CEXX6423
Dewalapola CEXX0400
Dewalaya CEXX6424
Dewale CEXX9194
Dewalegama CEXX2308
Dewalegama CEXX7316
Dewalegama CEXX4474
Dewalegawa CEXX7317
Dewalegoda CEXX9195
Dewamottawa CEXX0401
Dewamulla CEXX0402
Dewanagala CEXX7318
Dewaradapola CEXX4475
Dewaragampola CEXX7319
Dewarammula CEXX4476
Dewate CEXX2309
Dewatura CEXX9196
Deweddanakanda CEXX7320
Dewitotawela CEXX9197
Deyarabedutenna CEXX4477
Deyiyandara CEXX2310
Dibbedda CEXX9198
Dibbedda CEXX0403
Dickoya East CEXX4478
Diddenipota CEXX2311
Diddeniya CEXX7321
Diddeniya CEXX4479
Diddugoda CEXX2312
Digahawatura CEXX4480
Digala CEXX7322
Digana CEXX4481
Diganagammedda CEXX4482
Diganathenna CEXX9199
Digandeniya CEXX4484
Diganetenna CEXX9200
Diganna CEXX0405
Diganpataha CEXX4486
Digaredda CEXX2313
Diggala CEXX4487
Diggalpata CEXX4488
Digogedara CEXX7323
Digowa CEXX7324
Dikarawa CEXX7325
Dikbadda CEXX2315
Dikbedda CEXX2316
Dikdeliya CEXX2317
Dikelikanda CEXX7326
Dikella CEXX7327
Dikgoitanpalata CEXX2318
Dikhena CEXX0406
Dikhinna Patana CEXX4489
Dikipitiya CEXX9201
Dikirigolla CEXX9202
Dikirlgolla CEXX4490
Dikkabeddagama CEXX9203
Dikkapitiya CEXX9204
Dikkele CEXX2319
Dikkenda-ela CEXX4491
Dikkumbura CEXX9205
Dikkumbura CEXX4492
Dikkumbura CEXX2320
Dikoya CEXX4493
Dikpita CEXX0407
Dikthalawa CEXX9206
Dikudumulla CEXX2321
Dikwala CEXX2322
Dikwane CEXX7328
Dikwathugoda CEXX7329
Dikwella CEXX9207
Dikwella North CEXX2323
Dikwella South CEXX2324
Dikwellawatta CEXX9208
Dikwellegama CEXX9209
Dikwewa CEXX2325
Dikyaya CEXX9210
Dimbula CEXX4494
Dimbulamura CEXX9211
Dimbulana CEXX9212
Dimbulduwa CEXX2326
Dimbulgahakotuwa CEXX4495
Dimbulgamuwa CEXX7330
Dimbulgoda CEXX2327
Dimbulgomuwa CEXX4496
Dimbulgomuwa CEXX7331
Dimbulkumbura CEXX4497
Dimbulwala CEXX7332
Dimiyawa CEXX7333
Dimiyawegodella CEXX7334
Dimutugama CEXX9213
Dinapamunuwa CEXX0408
Dippitigoda CEXX0409
Dippitiya CEXX4498
Dippitiya CEXX7336
Disagewatta CEXX0410
Disawagegama CEXX2328
Diulgahamada CEXX4499
Divanoraduwa CEXX0411
Divelagoda CEXX2329
Divinigoda CEXX2330
Diviture CEXX2331
Diviyagahawela CEXX2332
Divulanai CEXX6425
Divulanna Colony CEXX2333
Divulapitiya CEXX0412
Divulgaskotuwa CEXX4500
Divullewa CEXX6426
Divulpitiya CEXX0413
Divuranpitiya CEXX7337
Diwala Pallegama CEXX7338
Diwala Udagama CEXX7339
Diwelgama CEXX7340
Diwelhena CEXX2334
Diwilla CEXX4501
Diwture CEXX2335
Diwulgahagedara CEXX9214
Diwulwatta CEXX7341
Diyabokandura CEXX9215
Diyabubula CEXX4502
Diyadawa CEXX2336
Diyadwa CEXX2337
Diyagaha CEXX2338
Diyagahalanda CEXX6427
Diyagala CEXX7342
Diyagama CEXX0414
Diyagama CEXX7343
Diyagama CEXX4503
Diyagama West CEXX4504
Diyagampola CEXX0415
Diyagasgoda CEXX2339
Diyahitiyawala CEXX7344
Diyakaduruwinna CEXX9216
Diyakawita CEXX0416
Diyakepilla CEXX4505
Diyakivula CEXX9217
Diyakobola CEXX9218
Diyakola CEXX9219
Diyakolayaya CEXX9220
Diyalagoda CEXX0417
Diyalape CEXX2340
Diyaluma CEXX9221
Diyanilla CEXX4506
Diyanillapathana CEXX4507
Diyapalagoda CEXX4508
Diyaparaduwa CEXX2341
Diyapattugama CEXX0418
Diyapitagallana CEXX2342
Diyapola CEXX9222
Diyapota CEXX7345
Diyasirigama CEXX4509
Diyasunnata CEXX7347
Diyatalawa CEXX9223
Diyatalwa Camp CEXX9224
Diyawala CEXX0419
Dodamgolla CEXX9225
Dodamkahawila CEXX2343
Dodammitiyawa CEXX4511
Dodammuluwa CEXX7348
Dodampahala East CEXX2344
Dodampahala West CEXX2345
Dodampapitiya CEXX0420
Dodampawatta CEXX7349
Dodampe CEXX2346
Dodampe CEXX7350
Dodampe West CEXX7351
Dodampegama CEXX7352
Dodampitiya CEXX7353
Dodamwatta CEXX9226
Dodandeniya CEXX4512
Dodanduwa CEXX2347
Dodangastenna CEXX7354
Dodangaswala CEXX7355
Dodangoda CEXX0421
Dodangoda CEXX2348
Dodangoda West CEXX0422
Dodangolla CEXX9227
Dodangolla CEXX4513
Dodangollakanda CEXX4515
Dodankatugoda CEXX2349
Dodankumbura CEXX4516
Dodanmulla CEXX0423
Dodantale CEXX7356
Dodanwala CEXX4517
Dodanwelanda CEXX9228
Dodawatta CEXX7357
Doduwana CEXX2350
Dolagalwela CEXX6428
Dolahena CEXX2351
Dolakanda CEXX2352
Dolakandawatta CEXX7358
Dolamawatta CEXX2353
Dolamulla CEXX2354
Dolapihilla CEXX4518
Dolawatta CEXX2355
Dolegoda CEXX2356
Dolehena CEXX0424
Dolekanda CEXX7359
Dolosbage CEXX4519
Doloswala CEXX7360
Doloswalakanda CEXX7361
Doluwa CEXX4520
Domagoda CEXX2357
Dombagahawatta CEXX2358
Dombagahawatta CEXX0425
Dombagahawela CEXX9229
Dombagammana CEXX4521
Dombagasdeniya CEXX4522
Dombagaswatta CEXX7363
Dombagaswinna CEXX7364
Dombagoda CEXX0426
Dombagoda CEXX4523
Dombawala CEXX4524
Dombepola CEXX7365
Dommanegegoda CEXX2359
Dompe CEXX0429
Dompemulla CEXX7366
Dompitiya CEXX7367
Dondigoda CEXX0430
Dondra East CEXX2360
Dondra North CEXX2361
Dondra West CEXX2362
Donnybrook CEXX4525
Doolgala CEXX7368
Dope CEXX2363
Doragalawatta CEXX4526
Doragamuwa CEXX4527
Dorakadaarawa CEXX9230
Dorakumbura CEXX4528
Dorakumbura CEXX6429
Dorala CEXX2364
Doralahena CEXX2365
Doraliyadda CEXX4529
Doranagoda CEXX0431
Doranediwala CEXX0432
Doranegama CEXX4530
Doranuwa CEXX7369
Dorapane CEXX7370
Dorape CEXX2366
Dorawa CEXX4531
Dorawaka CEXX7371
Dorawakakanda CEXX7372
Dorawela CEXX7373
Doremure CEXX2367
Doruwadeniya CEXX4532
Dowala CEXX2368
Dowita CEXX4534
Dudiwila CEXX2369
Dugoda CEXX2370
Dulalinda CEXX9231
Dulanmahara CEXX0433
Duldeniya CEXX7374
Dulgala CEXX7375
Dulgalla CEXX4535
Dulgolla CEXX4536
Dullewa CEXX4537
Dulwala CEXX4538
Dulwela CEXX4539
Dumbana CEXX9232
Dumbuluwa CEXX7376
Dummaladeniya CEXX7377
Dumpandurawa CEXX9233
Dumunegedara CEXX0434
Dumwetikandura CEXX9234
Dunagaha CEXX0435
Dungalpitiya CEXX0436
Dunhinda CEXX9235
Dunhinne CEXX4540
Dunkumbura CEXX4541
Dunugala CEXX4542
Dunugama CEXX7379
Dunugollegama CEXX9236
Dunuheppuwa CEXX4543
Dunukaragoda CEXX7380
Dunukebedda CEXX4544
Dunukedeniya CEXX4545
Dunukeula CEXX4546
Dunukewatta CEXX4547
Dunukewela CEXX7381
Dunumale CEXX7382
Dunuwila CEXX4548
Dunuwila South CEXX4549
Duragekanda CEXX7383
Durakanda CEXX7384
Durayagoda CEXX2371
Duwa CEXX2372
Duwa CEXX0438
Duwagoda CEXX2373
Duwe Modara CEXX2374
Duwe Pituwala CEXX2375
Duwegama CEXX0439
Duwegoda CEXX2376
Duwegoda CEXX0440
Eachchantheevu CEXX6430
Eastlandwatta CEXX4550
Eathtankadawewa CEXX2377
Ebbawala CEXX4551
Ebbehera CEXX9237
Ebethota CEXX7385
Ebidigala CEXX7386
Edandewela CEXX9238
Edandupola CEXX9239
Edanduwa CEXX7387
Edanduwawa CEXX4552
Edirigoda CEXX0441
Edurapota CEXX7388
Edurugala CEXX0442
Edwardhillwatta CEXX4553
Egallekanda CEXX7389
Eggodakanda CEXX7390
Egoda Purijjala CEXX4554
Egoda Uyana CEXX0443
Egodabedda CEXX2378
Egodaduwa CEXX2379
Egodagala CEXX9240
Egodagama CEXX9241
Egodagoda CEXX2380
Egodagoda CEXX7391
Egodagoda CEXX9242
Egodagodaarawa CEXX9243
Egodahawatugoda CEXX2381
Egodakanda CEXX4556
Egodamulla CEXX9244
Egodamulla CEXX2382
Egodamulla CEXX4557
Egodawatta CEXX0444
Egodawatta CEXX4558
Egodawatugoda CEXX7392
Egodawela CEXX9245
Egodawela CEXX2383
Egodawelabada CEXX7393
Egolla CEXX7394
Ehalagaha-arawa CEXX7395
Ehalagoda CEXX2384
Ehalamalpe CEXX4560
Ehalepitigama CEXX2385
Ehelagahawadiya CEXX9246
Ehelagasthenna CEXX4561
Ehelape CEXX2386
Ehelekumbura CEXX7396
Ehelepola CEXX4562
Eheliyagoda CEXX7397
Ekala CEXX0445
Ekamuthugama CEXX2387
Ekamuthugama CEXX4563
Ekangapurawatta CEXX4564
Ekapola CEXX7398
Eketahala CEXX4565
Ekgalara CEXX6431
Ekiriya CEXX4566
Ekiriyagama CEXX9247
Ekiriyankumbura CEXX9248
Ekiriyawatta CEXX9249
Ekkassa CEXX2388
Ekneligoda CEXX7399
Ekolahekanuwa CEXX9250
Ela-Ihala CEXX7400
Eladetta CEXX4567
Eladuwa CEXX0447
Elagalla CEXX7401
Elagamuwa CEXX4568
Elagawagoda CEXX2389
Elagolla CEXX4569
Elahera CEXX0030
Elahetenna CEXX4570
Elakaduwa CEXX4571
Elakake CEXX2390
Elakara Junction CEXX2391
Elalla CEXX2392
Elamalawala CEXX0448
Elamaldeniya CEXX7402
Elamaldeniya CEXX4572
Elamaldeniya CEXX2393
Elamalpe CEXX7403
Elamalpota CEXX4573
Elamalpota CEXX9251
Elamalwewa CEXX4574
Elamana CEXX9252
Elamulla CEXX4575
Elangipitiya CEXX7404
Elapalama CEXX4576
Elapatha North CEXX7405
Elapatha South CEXX7406
Elapitiwela CEXX0449
Elaulla CEXX7407
Elawella CEXX7408
Elbedda CEXX4577
Elekaka CEXX2394
Elenegoda CEXX0450
Elewala CEXX9253
Elgama CEXX4578
Elgiriya CEXX2395
Elhabendiyaya CEXX7409
Elhanyaya CEXX4579
Elhena CEXX9254
Elhena Colony CEXX4580
Elhenamada CEXX9255
Elikewela CEXX4581
Ella CEXX7410
Ella CEXX2396
Ella CEXX9256
Ellagala CEXX2397
Ellagalawamivura CEXX2398
Ellagama CEXX9257
Ellagawa CEXX7411
Ellakkala CEXX0451
Ellakudakanda CEXX2399
Ellakumbura CEXX4582
Ellalagoda CEXX2400
Ellalamulla CEXX0452
Ellanda CEXX9258
Ellangala CEXX0453
Ellare CEXX6432
Ellauda CEXX4583
Ellawela CEXX2402
Elle-Ihala CEXX2403
Ellealutwela CEXX9259
Ellearawa CEXX7414
Ellegama CEXX9260
Ellegedara CEXX9261
Ellegoda CEXX2404
Ellegoda CEXX6433
Ellekanda CEXX7415
Ellekotaliya CEXX6434
Ellelanda CEXX9262
Ellenpitiya CEXX9263
Ellepola CEXX7416
Ellepola CEXX4584
Elletota CEXX9264
Ellewatta CEXX4585
Ellewatta CEXX7417
Ellewela CEXX2405
Elliaarawa CEXX9265
Elliyadda CEXX4586
Elmawatta CEXX4587
Elotuwa CEXX4588
Elpitikanda CEXX4589
Elpitiya CEXX0031
Elpitiya CEXX4590
Elugala CEXX7418
Eluketigoda CEXX2406
Elukwatta CEXX0454
Eluwana CEXX7419
Eluwapitiya CEXX0455
Eluwila CEXX0456
Elwala CEXX4591
Elwatta CEXX9266
Embalagama CEXX4592
Embalagedara CEXX2407
Embaraluwa North CEXX0457
Embaraluwa South CEXX0458
Embekke CEXX4593
Embilimigama CEXX4594
Embilipitiya CEXX7420
Embilipitiya CEXX0032
Embilmeewala CEXX7421
Embitiyawa CEXX4595
Embulambe CEXX4596
Embulanpaha CEXX4597
Embuldeniya CEXX7422
Embulkotadeniya CEXX4598
Embulpura CEXX4599
Emitiyagoda CEXX7423
Enasalmada CEXX4600
Endagalahinna CEXX9267
Endana CEXX7424
Endarulanda CEXX9268
Endarutenna CEXX4601
Enderagoda CEXX2408
Enderamulla CEXX0459
Enderamulla CEXX2409
Endiribedda CEXX4602
Endirikele CEXX7425
Endiriyanwala CEXX7426
Endurugalayaya CEXX9269
Enkendagolla CEXX4603
Enna Salbedde CEXX9270
Epalantuduwa CEXX2410
Epalapitiya CEXX7428
Epalatotuwa CEXX7429
Epalawa CEXX7430
Epambula CEXX0460
Epamulla CEXX0461
Epitamulla CEXX2411
Epitapetta CEXX7431
Epitawala CEXX7432
Epitawela CEXX9271
Epitawetta CEXX2412
Erabadda CEXX7433
Erabaddagama CEXX9272
Erabadupela CEXX7434
Erabedda CEXX0462
Erabuduwala CEXX7435
Eramadu CEXX6435
Eramudugaha CEXX2413
Eramudugoda CEXX2414
Eramudugolla CEXX4604
Eramuduhena CEXX7436
Eramuduliyadda CEXX4605
Eramulla CEXX2415
Eranawila CEXX2416
Erapola CEXX7437
Erapolamulla CEXX7438
Eratnagoda CEXX7439
Eravur Town CEXX6436
Erawawila CEXX2417
Eregama CEXX7440
Eregoda CEXX4607
Erepolagodella CEXX0463
Ereporuwa CEXX7441
Ereula Ihalagama CEXX4608
Erevupola CEXX7442
Erewwela East CEXX0464
Erewwela West CEXX0465
Erinwatta CEXX4609
Eriyagahadola CEXX2418
Eriyagahamada CEXX9273
Eriyandaluwa CEXX7443
Eriyawa CEXX7444
Escot Colony CEXX4611
Essalla CEXX0466
Eswatta North CEXX0467
Eswatta South CEXX0468
Eswedduma CEXX9274
Etabehinna CEXX4612
Etabendiwewa CEXX4613
Etakolakanda CEXX9275
Etambagahawatta CEXX4614
Etambagolla CEXX4615
Etambegoda CEXX4616
Etambewela CEXX9276
Etamulla CEXX4617
Etanamada CEXX0469
Etandagoda CEXX0470
Etanwela CEXX9277
Etanwela CEXX4618
Etawaladanwatta CEXX2419
Etawalawatta CEXX2420
Etbatuwa CEXX2421
Etgala CEXX0471
Etgalmulla CEXX2422
Etha-Udakanda CEXX0472
Ethadutuwewa CEXX9278
Ethagama CEXX0473
Ethaheraliyagoda CEXX7445
Ethgala CEXX9279
Ethgalagama CEXX4619
Ethipallawela CEXX4620
Ethpattiya CEXX9280
Ethul Kotte CEXX0474
Ethulgama CEXX4621
Etigalamulla CEXX2423
Etigiriya CEXX0475
Etikehelgalla CEXX0476
Etikehellanda CEXX4622
Etiliwewa CEXX9281
Etimale CEXX9282
Etimole CEXX9283
Etimole Colony CEXX9284
Etipola CEXX4623
Etkandawaka CEXX9285
Etkandura CEXX2424
Etnawala CEXX7447
Etorahena CEXX4624
Etoya CEXX7448
Etpitiya CEXX2425
Ettabendiwewa CEXX6437
Ettalapitiya CEXX9286
Ettalenadugala CEXX2426
Ettampitiya CEXX9287
Ettikehelpola CEXX7449
Ettiligoda CEXX2427
Ettukala CEXX0477
Ettuwagoda CEXX0478
Etubode Ihala CEXX2428
Etubode Pahala CEXX2429
Etungagoda CEXX2430
Evunugalla CEXX7450
Ewariwatta CEXX0479
Ewariyapelessa CEXX9288
Fabaradupitiya CEXX9289
Florence Rondura CEXX4625
Fort CEXX2431
Fort CEXX0480
Foul Point CEXX6438
Frotoft Watta CEXX4626
Gabadagama CEXX4627
Gabadagoda CEXX0481
Gabadawidiya CEXX2432
Gabbala CEXX7451
Gabbala CEXX4628
Gabbela CEXX7452
Gabbela CEXX4629
Gadaladeniya CEXX4630
Gahalakoladeniya CEXX2433
Gajanayakagama CEXX2434
Galabada CEXX7453
Galabawa CEXX4631
Galabedda CEXX9290
Galaboda CEXX4632
Galabodaarawa CEXX9291
Galabodagama CEXX9292
Galabodawatta CEXX4633
Galadeniya CEXX4634
Galagama CEXX4635
Galagama CEXX2435
Galagammulla CEXX2436
Galagawawela CEXX2437
Galagedara CEXX4636
Galagedara CEXX0482
Galagoda CEXX4637
Galagoda Colony CEXX2439
Galagodaatta CEXX2440
Galaha CEXX9293
Galaha CEXX4638
Galaha CEXX7454
Galahagama CEXX9294
Galahalana Kanda CEXX7455
Galahawatta CEXX4640
Galahella CEXX4641
Galahena CEXX9295
Galahitigama CEXX7456
Galahitikanda CEXX7457
Galahitiya CEXX2441
Galahitiya CEXX7458
Galahitiyagama CEXX4642
Galahitiyagoda CEXX2442
Galahitiyagoda CEXX6439
Galahitiyawa CEXX9296
Galahitiyawa CEXX4643
Galakulugolla CEXX9297
Galakumbura CEXX9298
Galaliyadda CEXX4645
Galamella CEXX7459
Galamuduna CEXX4646
Galanda CEXX9299
Galandahena CEXX7460
Galaniha CEXX9300
Galanissayaya CEXX9301
Galapahalagama CEXX7461
Galapallelanda CEXX7462
Galapallewatta CEXX7463
Galapilagama CEXX2443
Galapitakanda CEXX9302
Galapitamada CEXX0485
Galassapola CEXX7465
Galatara CEXX7466
Galathawatta CEXX4647
Galathura CEXX7467
Galatuduwa CEXX2444
Galauda CEXX4648
Galaudahena CEXX4649
Galaudakanda CEXX7468
Galayatakanatta CEXX7469
Galbada CEXX2445
Galbindinaela CEXX4650
Galboda CEXX4651
Galboda CEXX0486
Galbokka CEXX9303
Galbokka CEXX2446
Galbokka CEXX4652
Galbokkagama CEXX9304
Galbokkegama CEXX9305
Galborella CEXX0487
Galdekapathana CEXX4653
Galdenikanda CEXX2447
Galdola CEXX4654
Galduwa CEXX2448
Galedanda CEXX9306
Galedanda CEXX0488
Galekoluwawatta CEXX4655
Galelletota CEXX2449
Galenda CEXX7470
Galetumbe CEXX2450
Galewatta CEXX0489
Galewela CEXX0033
Galgamuwa CEXX9307
Galgana CEXX0490
Galge CEXX9308
Galgedewala CEXX4656
Galgediyawa CEXX4657
Galgediyaya CEXX9309
Galgelanda CEXX9310
Galgewela CEXX9311
Galgeyamada CEXX7471
Galgoda CEXX2451
Galgoda CEXX7472
Galgodadeniya CEXX2452
Galgodagama CEXX7473
Galgodagama CEXX2453
Galgodagama CEXX9313
Galgodeyaya CEXX9314
Galgomuwa CEXX2454
Galgomuwa CEXX0491
Galgomuwa CEXX7474
Galgomuwa CEXX4658
Galhena CEXX0492
Galhinna CEXX4659
Galigamuwa CEXX9315
Galigamuwa CEXX7475
Galindamulla CEXX2455
Galkadawala CEXX6440
Galkadawela CEXX4660
Galkadulla CEXX2456
Galkanda CEXX9316
Galkanda CEXX4661
Galkanda CEXX2457
Galkandagoda CEXX7476
Galkandehandiya CEXX0493
Galkema CEXX9318
Galkeminawa CEXX2458
Galketimulla CEXX4662
Galketiwala CEXX4663
Galketiwela CEXX4664
Galketiya CEXX7477
Galketiya CEXX2459
Galketiyewatta CEXX2460
Galkissa CEXX0494
Galkoho CEXX4665
Galkudegama CEXX9319
Gallaba CEXX9320
Gallabodde CEXX9321
Gallagemandiya CEXX7478
Gallahawatta CEXX4666
Gallala CEXX2461
Gallalla CEXX7479
Gallange CEXX4667
Gallasse CEXX0495
Gallawatta CEXX0496
Gallawattie CEXX4668
Galle CEXX2462
Gallegedara CEXX0497
Gallegoda CEXX0498
Gallela CEXX7480
Gallela CEXX2463
Gallella CEXX7481
Gallella CEXX4669
Gallena CEXX0499
Gallenakanda CEXX7482
Gallendenigoda CEXX2464
Gallinagama CEXX7483
Gallinda CEXX4670
Gallinda CEXX2465
Gallindagoda CEXX2466
Galliniella CEXX7484
Gallinna CEXX7485
Gallodai CEXX6441
Galmadu Anicut CEXX6442
Galmangoda CEXX2468
Galmatta CEXX0500
Galmeda CEXX9322
Galmulla CEXX2469
Galoba CEXX9324
Galoluwa CEXX0501
Galoya CEXX4671
Galpadiya CEXX9325
Galpare CEXX2470
Galpata CEXX0502
Galpaya CEXX7486
Galpihillawatta CEXX4672
Galpitiya CEXX4673
Galpola CEXX7487
Galpotawala CEXX9326
Galpottawala CEXX2471
Galpottawela CEXX7488
Galpottayaya CEXX2472
Galpottewala CEXX0503
Galpotugoda CEXX0504
Galpotukanda CEXX2473
Galtanhena CEXX9327
Galtotamulla CEXX0505
Galtude CEXX0506
Galtuduwa CEXX2474
Galtumbe CEXX9328
Galudupita CEXX0507
Galugoda CEXX2475
Galukagama CEXX7489
Galuke CEXX4674
Galulla CEXX9329
Galupiyadda CEXX2476
Galwadiya CEXX2477
Galwadugoda CEXX2478
Galwadukumbura CEXX4675
Galwaduwagama CEXX4676
Galwala CEXX9330
Galwalaenna CEXX7490
Galwalagoda CEXX2479
Galwalagoda CEXX7491
Galwalakumbura CEXX7492
Galwangedihena CEXX4677
Galwanguwa CEXX7493
Galwehera CEXX2480
Galwelawatta CEXX2481
Galwetiwatta CEXX9331
Galwetiya CEXX9332
Galwetiyaya CEXX4678
Galwewa CEXX2482
Gamagepetta CEXX7494
Gamagewatta CEXX0508
Gamagewatugoda CEXX2483
Gamagoda CEXX0509
Gamagoda CEXX2484
Gamakanda CEXX2485
Gamakanda CEXX7495
Gamakkanda CEXX0510
Gamandiya CEXX7496
Gamangedara CEXX0511
Gamaralagegama CEXX2486
Gambedda CEXX9333
Gamekumbura CEXX9334
Gamewela CEXX9335
Gamewelawatta CEXX9336
Gaminipura CEXX9337
Gammaduwa CEXX4679
Gammana CEXX0512
Gammanagoda CEXX7497
Gammanpila CEXX0513
Gammedapitiya CEXX2487
Gammedda CEXX7498
Gammedda CEXX4680
Gammedda CEXX2488
Gammeddegoda CEXX2489
Gammulla CEXX4681
Gammunukumbura CEXX4682
Gampaha CEXX9338
Gampaha CEXX0034
Gampaha Alutgama CEXX0514
Gampaha Medagama CEXX0516
Gampalawalakada CEXX7499
Gampanguwa CEXX9339
Gampola CEXX0035
Gampolagedara CEXX0518
Gampolawela CEXX4683
Gamunupura CEXX6443
Ganadihagama CEXX4684
Ganagoluwa CEXX2490
Ganahena CEXX2491
Ganahimulla CEXX0519
Ganangolla CEXX6444
Gandara East CEXX2492
Gandara West CEXX2493
Gandaragoda CEXX2494
Gandarawatta CEXX2495
Gandeniya CEXX9340
Ganearamba CEXX0520
Ganegalagammedda CEXX4685
Ganegama CEXX0521
Ganegama CEXX2496
Ganegama CEXX7500
Ganegama East CEXX2497
Ganegama South CEXX2498
Ganegangoda CEXX2499
Ganegangoda CEXX7501
Ganegoda CEXX7502
Ganegoda CEXX2500
Ganegoda CEXX0522
Ganegoda CEXX4686
Ganemulla CEXX0523
Ganepalla CEXX7503
Ganepola CEXX0524
Ganetenna CEXX7504
Ganewatta CEXX0525
Ganewela CEXX2501
Gangaboda CEXX7505
Gangahenwala CEXX4687
Gangai CEXX6445
Gangalagomuwa CEXX7506
Gangasirigama CEXX4688
Gangatennagama CEXX4689
Gangawelana CEXX2502
Gangekumbura CEXX7507
Gangeyaya CEXX9341
Gangoda CEXX4690
Gangoda CEXX9342
Gangoda CEXX7508
Gangodagama CEXX2503
Gangodagama CEXX9343
Gangodagama CEXX7509
Gangodagammedda CEXX4691
Gangodakanda CEXX7510
Gangodakumbura CEXX7511
Gangodapitiya CEXX4692
Gangodawela CEXX9344
Gangula CEXX0527
Gangulandeniya CEXX2504
Ganguldeniya CEXX4693
Ganguletenna CEXX4694
Gangulwitiya CEXX7512
Ganhata CEXX4695
Ganhawagoda CEXX2505
Ganhela CEXX2506
Ganihigama CEXX0528
Ganimulla CEXX0529
Ganitangagama CEXX4696
Ganitapura CEXX7513
Ganithagoda CEXX7514
Gankanda CEXX2507
Gankandagoda CEXX0530
Gankewala CEXX4697
Gannekkumb CEXX9345
Gannewa CEXX4698
Gannilegama CEXX9346
Gannoruwa East CEXX4699
Gansabhawa CEXX7515
Gansarapola CEXX4700
Ganthalawa CEXX6446
Gantune Udagama CEXX7517
Ganulpota CEXX9347
Ganwasangoda CEXX9348
Garagoda CEXX7518
Garandiulla CEXX9349
Garanduwa CEXX2508
Garawila CEXX2509
Gasgolla CEXX9350
Gasnawa CEXX7519
Gaspe CEXX0531
Gatabarukanda CEXX2510
Gatangama CEXX7520
Gatara CEXX2511
Gawagomuwa CEXX0533
Gawarammana CEXX9351
Gawaranhena CEXX7521
Gawarawela CEXX9352
Gawela CEXX9353
Gedarakumbura CEXX9354
Gedaramada CEXX4701
Gedarayiyaya CEXX4703
Gedawilla CEXX9355
Gedigaswalana CEXX4704
Gedippala CEXX2512
Gedumana CEXX0534
Gehenuwala CEXX0535
Gelanigama CEXX0536
Geli Oya CEXX4705
Geltapola CEXX4706
Gemmedda CEXX7522
Gemunupura CEXX9356
Gerandibakinna CEXX9357
Gerandiella CEXX7523
Gerandigala CEXX4707
Gerapatgama CEXX7524
Getaanaluwa CEXX7525
Getaberikanda CEXX7526
Getaberiya CEXX7527
Getagahawatta CEXX4708
Getahetta CEXX7528
Getakassawa CEXX0538
Getamanna North CEXX2513
Getamanna South CEXX2514
Getambe CEXX4709
Getamuruta CEXX7529
Getapana CEXX7530
Getaraluwa CEXX7531
Getiyamulla CEXX7532
Getnikadehandiya CEXX7533
Gettiyawala CEXX4710
Gewilipitiya CEXX7534
Ghannanandagama CEXX4711
Giddawa CEXX4712
Gigunmaduwa CEXX2515
Giguruwa Pahala CEXX2516
Gilimale CEXX7535
Ginanandagama CEXX9358
Ginhadigama CEXX2517
Ginigasgoda CEXX0539
Ginigasmulla CEXX2518
Ginigatgala CEXX9359
Ginigathhena CEXX4715
Ginihappitiya CEXX7536
Ginikatuhela CEXX9360
Giniwellagoda CEXX2521
Ginneliya CEXX2522
Ginnoruwa CEXX9361
Gintota CEXX2523
Giraambegammedda CEXX4716
Giragama CEXX4717
Giragodawatta CEXX2524
Girambe CEXX9362
Giranduwa CEXX9363
Girantalawa CEXX4718
Giraulla CEXX4719
Giribimbe CEXX2525
Giridara CEXX0540
Girihagama CEXX4720
Girikola CEXX0541
Giriulla CEXX0542
Girulupatha CEXX9364
Glasgow CEXX4721
Glendevon Estate CEXX4722
Glengariff CEXX4723
Godaarawa CEXX7537
Godabedda CEXX2526
Godadehigolla CEXX9365
Godadeniya CEXX2527
Godagala CEXX2528
Godagama CEXX7538
Godagama CEXX0543
Godagama CEXX4724
Godagama CEXX2529
Godagampola CEXX7539
Godagandeniya CEXX4725
Godagedara CEXX7541
Godagedara CEXX0544
Godagele CEXX9366
Godagewatta CEXX2530
Godahena CEXX9367
Godahena CEXX2531
Godakanda CEXX2532
Godakandeniya CEXX7542
Godakewela CEXX7543
Godakoggalla CEXX2533
Godakumbura CEXX7544
Godakumbura CEXX2534
Godamalliya CEXX4727
Godamattitta CEXX4728
Godamune CEXX2535
Godamunna CEXX4729
Godapala CEXX4731
Godaparagahahena CEXX0545
Godapelessa CEXX2536
Godapitagama CEXX2537
Godapitiya CEXX2538
Godapola CEXX4732
Godapola CEXX7545
Godapussa CEXX4733
Godatale CEXX7546
Godauda CEXX2539
Godawa CEXX2540
Godawana CEXX2541
Godawatta CEXX2542
Godawela CEXX7547
Godawela CEXX0546
Godawela CEXX2543
Godawenna CEXX2544
Godayakanda CEXX0547
Godedeniya CEXX2545
Godegama CEXX9368
Godella CEXX7548
Godellagoda CEXX2546
Godellapathana CEXX9369
Godellawela CEXX2547
Godigamuwa CEXX2548
Godigamuwa CEXX4735
Godigamuwa CEXX9370
Godigamuwa CEXX0548
Godigamuwa CEXX7549
Godigamuwa East CEXX0549
Godigamuwa West CEXX0550
Godigomuwa CEXX7550
Godunna CEXX9371
Gohagoda CEXX4736
Goigama CEXX0551
Goiyapana CEXX2549
Golahela CEXX7551
Golahenwatta CEXX4737
Golawelakanda CEXX9372
Golegammana CEXX4738
Golgoda CEXX2550
Golindawatta CEXX7552
Golkotuwa CEXX9373
Gollangolla CEXX4739
Golummahara CEXX0552
Goluwamulla CEXX2551
Goluwapokuna CEXX0553
Gomaduwa CEXX7553
Gomagoda CEXX9374
Gomamwela CEXX4740
Gomarakanda CEXX0554
Gomarankadawala CEXX6447
Gombaddala CEXX2552
Gomiarawa CEXX7554
Gomila CEXX2553
Gon-ima CEXX2554
Gonabokka CEXX4741
Gonabokka CEXX9375
Gonadeniya CEXX2555
Gonagaha CEXX0555
Gonagala CEXX2556
Gonagala South CEXX7555
Gonagala-North CEXX7556
Gonagaldeniya CEXX7557
Gonagalgoda CEXX2557
Gonagamuwa CEXX2558
Gonaganaragama CEXX9376
Gonaganthenna CEXX4742
Gonagolla CEXX6448
Gonagomuwa CEXX7558
Gonahena CEXX0556
Gonakele CEXX4743
Gonakele Colony CEXX4744
Gonakumbura CEXX7559
Gonalagoda CEXX2559
Gonamada CEXX4745
Gonamaldeniya CEXX7560
Gonamotawa CEXX9377
Gonamulla CEXX2560
Gonamulla CEXX9378
Gonamutawa CEXX9379
Gonangoda CEXX4746
Gonapitiya CEXX4747
Gonapola CEXX0557
Gonapure CEXX2563
Gonaramba CEXX7561
Gonatibbatugolla CEXX9380
Gonatippola CEXX2564
Gonawala CEXX9381
Gonawala CEXX0558
Gonawala CEXX4749
Gonawalapathana CEXX4750
Gonawela CEXX4751
Gondawela CEXX7562
Gondiwala CEXX7563
Gonewala CEXX4752
Gongawala CEXX4753
Gongawelana CEXX2565
Gongitota CEXX0559
Gongodakumbura CEXX9382
Gonigoda CEXX4754
Goniketiya CEXX9383
Gonkatuwa CEXX9384
Gonnana CEXX7564
Gonnape CEXX2566
Gonnoruwa CEXX2567
Gonopaula CEXX2568
Good Wood CEXX4755
Good Wood Colony CEXX4756
Goonambilwatta CEXX4757
Gorakadeniya CEXX0560
Gorakaduwa CEXX0561
Gorakagasbokke CEXX2569
Gorakalanda CEXX9385
Gorakana CEXX0562
Gorakapitiya CEXX0563
Gorakapola CEXX0564
Gorakawala CEXX2570
Gorandihela CEXX9386
Goriawakawatta CEXX4758
Gorokgahakandura CEXX4759
Gorokgahamada CEXX7565
Gorokgoda CEXX0565
Goroppagoda CEXX2571
Gotamegama CEXX9387
Gotatuwa CEXX0566
Gotuwela CEXX9388
Goussagama CEXX9389
Govinda CEXX4760
Govindaella CEXX4761
Govindagama CEXX0567
Govinimanana CEXX0568
Govinna CEXX0569
Gowagalgoda CEXX2572
Goyambokka CEXX2573
Goyigoda CEXX2574
Grandpass CEXX0570
Green Hayes CEXX4762
Gulanawatta CEXX0571
Gulawita CEXX0572
Gulugahakanda CEXX2575
Gunadaha CEXX4763
Gungomuwa CEXX0573
Gunnepana Madige CEXX4765
Gurubebila CEXX4767
Gurubebila CEXX2576
Gurubewila CEXX7566
Gurubewila CEXX2577
Gurubewilagama CEXX7567
Gurudala CEXX0574
Gurudeniya CEXX4768
Gurugalaella CEXX4769
Gurugalla CEXX7568
Gurugama CEXX4770
Gurugoda CEXX0575
Guruhela CEXX9390
Gurukanda CEXX2578
Gurukete CEXX4771
Gurukumbura CEXX9391
Gurulawela CEXX4772
Gurullawala CEXX7569
Gurullawala CEXX2579
Gurulubedda CEXX0576
Gurulupota CEXX4773
Guruluwana CEXX7570
Gurumada CEXX9392
Gurumade CEXX9393
Gurumaditta CEXX2580
Gurumukalana CEXX9394
Gurupanwela CEXX9395
Gurupihilla CEXX9396
Gurupokuna CEXX2581
Gurupura CEXX9397
Gurusinhagoda CEXX2582
Guruthalawa CEXX9398
Guruwala CEXX2583
Guruwala CEXX0577
Guruwela CEXX4774
Habakkala CEXX2584
Habalakkawa CEXX7571
Habaradugoda CEXX2585
Habaraduwa CEXX2586
Habaraduwa West CEXX2587
Habarakada CEXX0578
Habarakada East CEXX2588
Habarakada West CEXX2589
Habarana CEXX0036
Habarattawala CEXX4775
Habarattewala CEXX2590
Habbunnawa CEXX9399
Habunkaduwa CEXX7572
Haburuela CEXX2591
Haburugala CEXX2592
Hadakanda CEXX7573
Hadakmulla CEXX2593
Haddon Hill CEXX4776
Hadimulla CEXX2594
Haduwela CEXX4777
Hagamwela CEXX6449
Hakahinna CEXX7574
Hakamuwa Pahala CEXX7575
Hakbellawa CEXX7576
Hakgala CEXX9400
Hakgalla CEXX0579
Hakmana CEXX4778
Hakundeniya CEXX2596
Hakurugammana CEXX7577
Hakurukumbura CEXX0580
Hakuruliyadda CEXX7578
Hakurutale CEXX4779
Hakuruwela CEXX2597
Hakwadunna CEXX0581
Haladiwela CEXX4780
Halagama CEXX4781
Halagiriya CEXX7579
Halanduruwa CEXX0582
Halangoda CEXX4782
Halapitiya CEXX0583
Halaturakele CEXX7580
Halawegode CEXX0584
Halbarawa Farm CEXX0585
Haldola CEXX7581
Haldummulla CEXX9401
Halgahapala CEXX2598
Halgahapota CEXX7582
Halgahawela CEXX7583
Halgahawella CEXX2599
Halgampitiya CEXX0586
Halgasmulla CEXX2600
Halgastota CEXX0587
Halgolla CEXX4783
Halgolle CEXX4784
Hali-Ela CEXX9402
Haliellegama CEXX9403
Haligangoda CEXX7584
Haliwala CEXX2601
Haliyadda CEXX4785
Haliyagoda CEXX2602
Haliyala CEXX4786
Halkandaliya CEXX7585
Halkandawila CEXX0588
Halkandura CEXX7586
Halketiyawatta CEXX0589
Hallala CEXX2603
Hallawa CEXX7587
Hallela CEXX4787
Halli CEXX7588
Halloluwagoda CEXX2604
Halmehikandura CEXX4788
Halmessa CEXX7589
Halmillaketiya CEXX7590
Halmillayaya CEXX2605
Halminiya CEXX4789
Halnetikanda CEXX7591
Haloluwa CEXX0590
Haloya Colony CEXX4790
Haloyawatta CEXX4791
Halpandenikanda CEXX2606
Halpandeniya CEXX2607
Halpatota CEXX2608
Halpawala CEXX7593
Halpe CEXX2609
Halpe CEXX9404
Halpe CEXX0591
Halpe Estate CEXX0592
Halpita CEXX0593
Halpitiya CEXX7594
Halpola CEXX4792
Haltota CEXX0594
Halugama CEXX0595
Haluwanagama CEXX4793
Halwahala CEXX4794
Halwala CEXX2610
Halwala CEXX0596
Halwalakelaya CEXX0597
Halwathurawatta CEXX0600
Halwaturakanda CEXX7595
Halwinna CEXX7596
Halwitigala CEXX2611
Hamagolla CEXX9405
Hamanawa CEXX9406
Hamanduwa CEXX2612
Hambagama CEXX0601
Hambantota CEXX0037
Hambegamuwa CEXX9407
Hambuwatta CEXX2613
Hameediya Nager CEXX6450
Hamingala CEXX2614
Hammathagama CEXX4795
Hanchapola CEXX0602
Handaganawa CEXX4796
Handanagoda CEXX2615
Handapangoda CEXX0603
Handapangodella CEXX2617
Handaudumulla CEXX2618
Handbowa CEXX4797
Handessa CEXX4798
Handiyakumbura CEXX9409
Handrangala CEXX2619
Handugala CEXX2620
Handugoda CEXX2621
Handunkanda CEXX7597
Handunkatuwa CEXX2622
Handunnagoda CEXX2623
Handupelpola CEXX0604
Handurukanda CEXX7598
Handurumulla CEXX0606
Hangamuwa CEXX2624
Hangarandeniya CEXX4799
Hangarangala CEXX7600
Hangaranwala CEXX2625
Hangarapitiya CEXX4800
Hangawatta CEXX0607
Hangawela CEXX7601
Hangiliella CEXX9410
Hangranoya CEXX4801
Hangumuwa CEXX7602
Hangunnawa CEXX9411
Hanguranketa CEXX4802
Hankarawa CEXX7603
Hannagala CEXX2626
Hanwana CEXX7604
Hanwella CEXX4804
Hanwella CEXX9412
Hanwella CEXX0609
Hanwella Ihala CEXX0610
Hanwella Pahala CEXX0611
Hapathgamuwa CEXX9413
Hapitigama CEXX0612
Happawana CEXX2627
Happawara CEXX4805
Happettawa CEXX7605
Happitiya CEXX2628
Happitiya CEXX0613
Hapudandawala CEXX4806
Hapudeniya CEXX7606
Hapugahagama CEXX0614
Hapugahagedara CEXX0615
Hapugahahena CEXX7607
Hapugahakumbura CEXX7608
Hapugahamulla CEXX4807
Hapugahapitiya CEXX4808
Hapugaharawa CEXX4809
Hapugahawela CEXX9414
Hapugahawella CEXX7609
Hapugala CEXX2629
Hapugalaarawa CEXX4810
Hapugammana CEXX7610
Hapugasdeniya CEXX4811
Hapugaspitiya CEXX4813
Hapugastalawa CEXX4814
Hapugastenna CEXX0616
Hapugastenne CEXX4815
Hapugasthenna CEXX7611
Hapugoda CEXX4816
Hapugoda CEXX7612
Hapugoda CEXX0617
Hapugolla CEXX9415
Hapuhinna CEXX4817
Hapukanda CEXX4818
Hapuliyadda CEXX7613
Hapupe CEXX4819
Hapurudeniya CEXX7614
Hapurugala CEXX7615
Haputale CEXX4820
Haputale CEXX9416
Haputale Udagama CEXX4821
Haputalegama CEXX9417
Hapuwala CEXX4822
Hapuwalana CEXX0618
Hapuwita CEXX7616
Haragama CEXX4823
Haraggama CEXX4825
Harakelagolla CEXX4826
Harakgalegama CEXX0619
Harakgamakanda CEXX9418
Harakola CEXX4827
Harangala CEXX4828
Harankahadeniya CEXX2630
Harankahawa CEXX7617
Harasbedda CEXX4829
Harasbedda North CEXX4830
Harasgala CEXX6451
Harasgama CEXX4831
Harawakka CEXX7618
Harigala CEXX7619
Harnkahawa CEXX4832
Harumalgoda CEXX2631
Harumalgoda West CEXX2632
Hassalaka CEXX4833
Hatadukkuwa CEXX4834
Hatagala CEXX2633
Hatagoda CEXX7620
Hatagoda CEXX2634
Hatamunagala CEXX4835
Hatamune CEXX4836
Hatamune CEXX2635
Hatanagoda CEXX2636
Hatangala CEXX7621
Hatangala CEXX2637
Hatapelana CEXX2638
Hatarabage CEXX7622
Hataraliyadda CEXX4837
Hatgampala CEXX7623
Hathbaga Colony CEXX4838
Hathbeya CEXX4839
Hathdelagama CEXX4840
Hathkele CEXX7624
Hathmura CEXX4841
Hathnagoda CEXX7625
Hathnapitiya CEXX7626
Hathupitiya CEXX4842
Hatigalla CEXX0621
Hatiyaldeniya CEXX4843
Hatiyalwela CEXX4844
Hatkinda CEXX9419
Hatnagoda CEXX4845
Hatnapitiya CEXX7627
Hattaka CEXX2639
Hattasingoda CEXX2640
Hattelihela CEXX7629
Hattella CEXX7630
Hatton CEXX0038
Hattotuwa CEXX2641
Hatuwa CEXX2642
Haupe CEXX7631
Havandana CEXX9420
Havelock Town CEXX0622
Hawa Eliya East CEXX4846
Hawa Eliya North CEXX4847
Hawadagala CEXX2645
Hawpe CEXX2646
Hebaduwela CEXX7632
Hebaragoda CEXX9421
Hebbekanda CEXX4848
Hedaketiya CEXX2647
Heddagoda CEXX0623
Hedeniya CEXX4849
Hedeniya CEXX7633
Hedidemalakanda CEXX2648
Hedidenikanda CEXX0624
Hedigalla CEXX0625
Hedigama CEXX0626
Hediwatta CEXX2649
Hediyawala CEXX0627
Hedunuwawa CEXX4850
Heedikanda CEXX2650
Heegoda CEXX2651
Heeloya CEXX9422
Heenadure CEXX0628
Heenakkanda CEXX7634
Heenatikumbura CEXX4851
Heenatiya CEXX7635
Heenatiyana CEXX0629
Heenbaranduwa CEXX7636
Heendeniya CEXX0630
Heenkenda CEXX0631
Heennarangolla CEXX9423
Heeralugoda CEXX2654
Heerassagala CEXX4852
Heetha Keele CEXX7637
Hegalla CEXX2655
Hegalla Piyagama CEXX2656
Hegama CEXX4853
Hegoda CEXX9425
Hegoda-angula CEXX2658
Heiyantuduwa CEXX0632
Hekillegala CEXX9426
Hekitta CEXX0633
Hela CEXX7638
Hela-Alagolla CEXX9427
Helaarawa CEXX9428
Heladangamuwa CEXX9429
Helahalpe CEXX9430
Helakanda CEXX7639
Helakandana CEXX0634
Helakitalella CEXX9431
Helamada CEXX7640
Helamalittagolla CEXX9432
Helamalpotha CEXX9433
Helamba CEXX0635
Helambagahawatta CEXX4854
Helapandeniya CEXX7641
Helathunthala CEXX9434
Helaudakanda CEXX7642
Helawatta CEXX7643
Helayalkumbura CEXX9435
Helgama CEXX4855
Heliyagoda CEXX7644
Hellala CEXX2659
Helliwathugoda CEXX7645
Helummahara CEXX0636
Helwala CEXX7646
Hemagahahena CEXX4857
Hembarawa CEXX0039
Hemingford Ihala CEXX7647
Hemmatagama CEXX7648
Hemmeliya CEXX2660
Hena CEXX0637
Henagasmulla CEXX9436
Henagenuwala CEXX4858
Henaggegoda CEXX7649
Henahungoda CEXX0638
Henamulla CEXX0639
Henaratgoda CEXX0640
Henawala Ihala CEXX4859
Henawatta CEXX0641
Henaya Rotawewa CEXX4860
Hendala CEXX0642
Hendeniya CEXX4861
Hendiharagoda CEXX2661
Hendikanda CEXX2662
Hendimahara CEXX0643
Henebedde CEXX9437
Henegama CEXX2663
Henegama CEXX0644
Henegama CEXX4862
Henegoda CEXX2664
Henemulla CEXX0645
Henepola CEXX4863
Henepola CEXX0646
Henepola CEXX7650
Hengoda CEXX0647
Hennatota CEXX2665
Henpita CEXX0648
Henpitagedara CEXX0649
Henpitamulla CEXX0650
Hepana CEXX4864
Heppumulla CEXX2666
Heralattuduwa CEXX0651
Heraliwatta CEXX9438
Heraliyawala CEXX0652
Heramitikanda CEXX0653
Hetekma CEXX9439
Hettiachchigoda CEXX2667
Hettigama CEXX7651
Hettigamagoda CEXX2668
Hettigammedda CEXX4865
Hettigoda CEXX2669
Hettigoda CEXX7652
Hettihela CEXX7653
Hettikanda CEXX2670
Hettikanda CEXX7654
Hettimulla CEXX7655
Hettimulla CEXX0654
Hettipola CEXX0040
Hettiwatta CEXX2671
Hettiweediya CEXX0655
Hettiyagala CEXX9440
Hettiyakanda CEXX0656
Hettiyawala CEXX2672
Hewa Nadugala CEXX2673
Hewadiwela CEXX7656
Hewagama CEXX2674
Hewagama CEXX0657
Hewagedara CEXX7657
Hewagewatta CEXX2675
Hewaheta CEXX4866
Hewanakumbura CEXX9441
Hewandeniya CEXX9442
Hewandeniya CEXX7658
Hewandowa CEXX9443
Hewanewala CEXX4867
Hewanwatta CEXX9444
Hewaowita CEXX2676
Hewawisse CEXX4870
Hewayinnekanda CEXX0658
Hewelkandura CEXX9445
Hewendeniya CEXX4871
Heyagolla CEXX9446
Hida CEXX6453
Hidagama CEXX9447
Hidagamawatta CEXX9448
Hidallana CEXX7659
Hiddaruwa CEXX2677
Hiddaulla CEXX4872
Hiddenigoda CEXX7660
Hidikiula CEXX9449
Hidiyawala CEXX0659
Higatta CEXX2678
Higgashena CEXX7661
Higgoda CEXX2679
Higgoda CEXX7662
High Forest Town CEXX4873
Highland Colony CEXX2680
Hikgaha Ara CEXX2681
Hikgahakanda CEXX0660
Hikkaduwa CEXX2682
Hikkagala CEXX6454
Hillegeayina CEXX2683
Hilpankandura CEXX4874
Hilpinna CEXX7663
Hilton Colony CEXX4875
Himbiliyakada CEXX4876
Himbitiyagolla CEXX9450
Himbutana CEXX0661
Himbutugoda CEXX2684
Himbutuwegoda CEXX0662
Himidiriyawa CEXX0663
Himidurawa CEXX6455
Hin-Ara CEXX2685
Hinabowa CEXX7664
Hinagama CEXX4877
Hinamulla CEXX0664
Hinapanuwa CEXX9451
Hinara CEXX2686
Hinatigala CEXX2687
Hinatihatamuna CEXX2688
Hinatipone CEXX7665
Hinatiya CEXX2689
Hindagala CEXX4878
Hindagoda CEXX4879
Hindakaramulla CEXX0665
Hindeliya CEXX2690
Hindeniya CEXX7667
Hindikivulagama CEXX9452
Hindiya CEXX7668
Hindurangala CEXX7669
Hineford Colony CEXX4880
Hingula CEXX7670
Hinguloya CEXX7671
Hingura CEXX2691
Hingura CEXX7672
Hinguraara CEXX7673
Hingurakgoda CEXX0041
Hingurala CEXX0666
Hinguralakanda CEXX7674
Hingurana CEXX6456
Hingurana CEXX7675
Hingurekanda CEXX2692
Hingurewela CEXX4881
Hingurugala CEXX9453
Hingurugamuwa CEXX9454
Hingurukaduwa CEXX9455
Hingurulanda CEXX6457
Hingurupanagala CEXX2693
Hingurupattala CEXX2694
Hiniduma CEXX2695
Hinidungoda CEXX2696
Hinipella West CEXX2697
Hinipitiya West CEXX2698
Hinnarangolla CEXX4882
Hinnarangolla CEXX9458
Hinnariyamala CEXX9459
Hipankanda CEXX2699
Hipanwatta CEXX2700
Hiralugedara CEXX0667
Hiralugodara CEXX0668
Hiramadagama CEXX7676
Hirana CEXX0669
Hiridenikanda CEXX2701
Hirigalgodalla CEXX0670
Hirigalkatuwa CEXX7677
Hiriketiya CEXX7678
Hirikuluwa CEXX0671
Hirikumbura CEXX2702
Hirikumbura CEXX7679
Hiriliyadda CEXX7680
Hirimbura CEXX2703
Hirimburawa CEXX2704
Hirimbure CEXX2705
Hirimole CEXX9460
Hiripitiya CEXX0672
Hiripitiya CEXX9461
Hiripitiyagoda CEXX7681
Hiriwala CEXX0673
Hiriwalamulla CEXX0674
Hiriweddala CEXX0675
Hiriyalagammana CEXX4883
Hiriyamalkumbura CEXX2706
Hissella CEXX0676
Hitgoda CEXX4884
Hitgoda Walpola CEXX4885
Hitigegama CEXX7682
Hitigolla CEXX4886
Hitopwatta CEXX4887
Hittamadu CEXX6458
Hittaragewela CEXX7683
Hittetiya East CEXX2708
Hittetiya West CEXX2709
Hituwela CEXX4888
Hiwalella CEXX9462
Hiyadala CEXX4889
Hiyadala-Walpola CEXX4890
Hiyalanda CEXX2710
Hiyarapitiya CEXX4891
Hiyare CEXX2711
Hiyare North CEXX2712
Hiyawela CEXX4892
Hodiyadeniya CEXX4893
Hokandara North CEXX0677
Hokandara South CEXX0678
Holike CEXX6459
Holipitiya CEXX7684
Holombuwa CEXX7685
Holuwagoda CEXX2713
Homagama CEXX0679
Homagama CEXX4895
Homapola CEXX4896
Hombawa CEXX4897
Honamulla CEXX7686
Hondawelpokuna CEXX2714
Honduwa CEXX2715
Honnattara CEXX0680
Honseygama CEXX4898
Hope CEXX9463
Hopitigala CEXX7687
Hoptongama CEXX9464
Horabokka CEXX9465
Horabokka Pahala CEXX9466
Horabora CEXX9467
Horadorowwa CEXX9468
Horadugoda CEXX2716
Horagahapitiya CEXX4899
Horagala CEXX0681
Horagala East CEXX0682
Horagala West CEXX0683
Horagampitiya CEXX2717
Horagasmulla CEXX0684
Horagoda CEXX2718
Horagolla CEXX0685
Horagune CEXX9469
Horaheehella CEXX7688
Horahena CEXX7689
Horahinnagama CEXX4900
Horakada CEXX4901
Horakandawala CEXX7690
Horakandawila CEXX0687
Horaketiya CEXX7691
Horaketiya CEXX2719
Horambuwa CEXX9470
Horampella North CEXX0688
Horampella South CEXX0689
Horamula CEXX7692
Horana CEXX0042
Horana South CEXX0690
Horanekarakanda CEXX7693
Horangala CEXX7694
Horangalla CEXX2720
Horapawita CEXX2721
Horape CEXX0691
Horathuduwa CEXX0692
Horatota CEXX9471
Horawahalla CEXX2722
Horawala CEXX7695
Horawala CEXX0693
Horawala CEXX2723
Horawinna CEXX2724
Horawinna CEXX7696
Horeketiya CEXX0695
Horetuduwa CEXX0696
Horewela CEXX2725
Horigalwatta CEXX2726
Horombuwatalawa CEXX9472
Horowupotana CEXX0043
Hortonplains CEXX4902
Horunduwa CEXX2727
Howpe CEXX2728
Huduhumpola CEXX4903
Huladdukanda CEXX7697
Huladduwa CEXX7698
Hulandawa CEXX2729
Hulangamuwa CEXX4904
Hulankanda CEXX2730
Hulannuge CEXX6460
Hulawaligoda CEXX7699
Huluganga CEXX4905
Humbahamada CEXX9474
Humbaslinda CEXX9475
Humbaswalana CEXX7700
Humbutiyawa CEXX0697
Humpita CEXX7701
Humpitakanda CEXX7702
Hungama CEXX2731
Hungampola CEXX7703
Hungangoda CEXX2732
Hungantota CEXX2733
Hunnadeniya CEXX2735
Hunnaduwagoda CEXX2736
Hunnanoya CEXX4906
Hunnasgiriya CEXX4907
Hunugalaara CEXX9476
Hunugaloya CEXX4910
Hunugalpitiya CEXX4911
Hunugoda CEXX0698
Hunukandana CEXX0699
Hunuketa Ela CEXX4912
Hunuketapitiya CEXX9477
Hunuketawala CEXX4913
Hunukete CEXX4914
Hunuketegala CEXX4915
Hunuketella CEXX4916
Hunukoluwa CEXX4917
Hunukotuwa CEXX4918
Hunukumbura CEXX7705
Hunumulla CEXX0700
Hunupitiya CEXX0701
Hunupitiya North CEXX0702
Hunupitiya South CEXX0703
Hunupola CEXX0704
Hunuwala CEXX7706
Hunuwala North CEXX7707
Hunuwala South CEXX7708
Huratgamuwa CEXX9478
Hureemaluwa CEXX7709
Hurikaduwa CEXX4919
Hyltonlandwatta CEXX4921
Ibbawala CEXX2737
Ibiwela CEXX7710
Ibrayankulam CEXX6461
Ichchantivu CEXX6462
Ichchilampattai CEXX6463
Idalgashinna CEXX9479
Idama CEXX0705
Idama CEXX9480
Idamalanda CEXX4922
Idambowa CEXX9481
Idamegama CEXX9482
Idamegama CEXX4923
Idamegedaraarawa CEXX9483
Idamelanda CEXX4924
Idamepanguwa CEXX9484
Idampitiya CEXX7711
Idampitiya CEXX4925
Idandudukita CEXX2738
Idangama CEXX4926
Idangoda CEXX7712
Idantota CEXX2739
Iddaketiya CEXX2740
Iddamaldeniya CEXX0706
Iddamalgoda CEXX7713
Iddamalgoda CEXX2741
Iddamalpana CEXX7714
Iddapola CEXX6464
Iddawala CEXX7715
Idiriminikanda CEXX7716
Idirinwalakada CEXX7717
Idiriyathalawa CEXX7718
Ietty CEXX6465
Igala CEXX2742
Igalatalawa CEXX2743
Ihagama CEXX4927
Ihaketiya Colony CEXX4928
Ihala Aturaliya CEXX2744
Ihala Beligalla CEXX2745
Ihala Bokalagama CEXX0707
Ihala Bomiriya CEXX0708
Ihala Bope CEXX0709
Ihala Dayigala CEXX7719
Ihala Galahakele CEXX4929
Ihala Gammeda CEXX4930
Ihala Gammedda CEXX4931
Ihala Ganegama CEXX2748
Ihala Gorakaoya CEXX4932
Ihala Guruwela CEXX2749
Ihala Hewessa CEXX0710
Ihala Imbulgoda CEXX0711
Ihala Karawita CEXX7720
Ihala Keembiya CEXX2750
Ihala Kumbukwewa CEXX2751
Ihala Madampella CEXX0713
Ihala Mawella CEXX2752
Ihala Millawa CEXX2753
Ihala Millewa CEXX0714
Ihala Moradana CEXX7722
Ihala Nakkawita CEXX7723
Ihala Naragala CEXX0715
Ihala Opalla CEXX0716
Ihala Owita CEXX7724
Ihala Pitawala CEXX4933
Ihala Pohorabawa CEXX7725
Ihala Tellambura CEXX2755
Ihala Thalduwa CEXX7726
Ihala Walpola CEXX7727
Ihala Witiyala CEXX2756
Ihaladiggala CEXX4934
Ihalagalagama CEXX7728
Ihalagama CEXX2757
Ihalagama CEXX0717
Ihalagoda CEXX2758
Ihalagoda Colony CEXX2759
Ihalagodagama CEXX2760
Ihalagolla CEXX4935
Ihalagonagama CEXX4936
Ihalakanda CEXX7729
Ihalakande CEXX4937
Ihalakotte CEXX7730
Ihalamalawa CEXX2761
Ihalamulla CEXX2762
Ihalapanangala CEXX2763
Ihalawela CEXX4938
Ihalayagoda CEXX0719
Ihawa CEXX9485
Ihukele CEXX4939
Ikiriyanpola CEXX9486
Ikulpelessa CEXX4940
Ilagotukanda CEXX2764
Ilakkantai CEXX6466
Ilankaitturai CEXX6467
Ilipangamuwa CEXX7731
Illagolla CEXX4941
Illawatura CEXX4942
Illuka CEXX9487
Illukkumbura CEXX9488
Illukkumbura CEXX4943
Illukmodara CEXX4944
Illukpelessa CEXX4945
Illukpitiya CEXX7732
Illukpitiya CEXX2765
Illuktenna CEXX9489
Illupaikulam CEXX6468
Illupotta CEXX7733
Ilpemada CEXX4947
Ilukapathana CEXX9490
Ilukarawa CEXX9491
Ilukgoda CEXX7734
Ilukhena CEXX4948
Ilukketiya CEXX9492
Ilukkumbura CEXX7735
Ilukkumbura CEXX4949
Ilukmulla CEXX2766
Ilukmulla CEXX9493
Ilukowita CEXX0720
Ilukpatana CEXX4950
Ilukpatha CEXX0721
Ilukpelessa CEXX4951
Ilukpitiya CEXX6470
Ilukpitiya CEXX2767
Iluktenna CEXX9495
Iluktenna CEXX4952
Iluktenna CEXX7736
Ilukthenna CEXX9496
Ilukwatta CEXX7737
Ilukwatta CEXX4953
Ilukwela CEXX9497
Iluppella CEXX2769
Ilwana CEXX7738
Imaduwa CEXX4955
Imaduwa CEXX2770
Imatuwegoda CEXX2771
Imbugala CEXX7739
Imbula CEXX2772
Imbulagoda CEXX2773
Imbulamulleyaya CEXX7740
Imbulamura CEXX7741
Imbulana CEXX7742
Imbulandanda CEXX4956
Imbulanwala CEXX0722
Imbulapathana CEXX4957
Imbulapitiya CEXX2774
Imbuldeniya CEXX4958
Imbulegoda CEXX0723
Imbuletenna CEXX4959
Imbulgasdeniya CEXX7743
Imbulgoda CEXX2775
Imbulgoda CEXX7744
Imbulgoda CEXX9498
Imbulgolla CEXX4960
Imbulliha CEXX0724
Imbulmalgama CEXX4961
Imbulpitikanda CEXX7745
Imbulpitiya CEXX4962
Imbulthititenna CEXX7747
Imekanda CEXX7748
Imiwatta CEXX7749
Inagoda CEXX2776
Inamaluwa CEXX4963
Inawellagama CEXX9499
Indibedda CEXX0725
Indigahagoda CEXX2777
Indigalgoda CEXX2778
Indigasella CEXX9500
Indigaslanda CEXX0726
Indigastuduwa CEXX0727
Indigetawela CEXX2779
Indigolla CEXX4964
Indikadaaramba CEXX4965
Indiketiya CEXX2780
Indipalegoda CEXX2781
Indiparape CEXX0728
Indipokunegoda CEXX2782
Indiriligoda CEXX0729
Indiwitiya CEXX0730
Indolamulla CEXX0731
Indulpitiyawa CEXX6471
Indurana CEXX7750
Indurannewila CEXX2783
Indureagare CEXX0732
Indurugalla CEXX0733
Induruwa CEXX7751
Induruwa CEXX2784
Induruwagoda CEXX0734
Ingalahena CEXX2785
Inginiyagala CEXX6472
Ingirikanda CEXX7752
Ingiriya CEXX0735
Ingiriyawatta CEXX7753
Ingstire CEXX4966
Ingurudaluwa CEXX0736
Ingurugallawatta CEXX7754
Inguruoya Colony CEXX4968
Inguruwatta CEXX4969
Inigala CEXX4970
Inimankada CEXX2786
Inipanduregoda CEXX9501
Innampalaipuval CEXX6473
Inoorvillu CEXX6474
Inoyawatta CEXX7755
Ipiladana CEXX4971
Ipitagoda CEXX2787
Iraf Estate CEXX7756
Irakkamam CEXX6475
Irakkattuveli CEXX6476
Iralakkulam CEXX6477
Iranamadu CEXX0044
Iridugoda CEXX2788
Iriwendumpola CEXX9502
Iriyagolla CEXX4972
Iriyamaditta CEXX7757
Iriyanwinda CEXX7758
Iriyatota CEXX2789
Iriyaulla CEXX7759
Iriyawetiya CEXX0737
Irosigoda CEXX2790
Irrahanda CEXX4973
Isambodiwatta CEXX2791
Issanne-Ara CEXX9503
Isurupaya CEXX0738
Itanapitiya CEXX0739
Itanawatte CEXX9504
Ititumbala CEXX9506
Ittademaliya CEXX2792
Ittamaliyagoda CEXX4974
Ittapana CEXX0740
Ittekanda CEXX7760
Ivurawala CEXX4975
Ja-Ela CEXX0045
Jaballegama CEXX0741
Jabunwala CEXX7761
Jaffna CEXX0046
Jahakagama CEXX4976
Jakotuwa CEXX2793
Jaligoda CEXX0742
Jalthara CEXX0743
Jambirissa CEXX2794
Jambudeniya CEXX7762
Jambugahahena CEXX2795
Jambugahakanda CEXX2796
Jambugasmada CEXX7763
Jambugaswatta CEXX0744
Jambugaswewa CEXX2797
Jambuketiya CEXX2798
Jamburegoda CEXX2799
Jambureliya CEXX0745
Jamburuutugoda CEXX2800
Jambutenna CEXX4977
Janathapura CEXX9507
Jandura CEXX2801
Jangulle CEXX9509
Jansagama CEXX2802
Jasingama CEXX9510
Jasingoda CEXX2803
Jasinkanda CEXX7764
Jatika Pola CEXX0747
Jawatta CEXX0748
Jayabima CEXX2804
Jayalanka CEXX4979
Jayalathgama CEXX0749
Jayalathgoda CEXX0750
Jayamuthugama CEXX0751
Jayanthipura CEXX6478
Jayanthipura CEXX9511
Jayasirigama CEXX0752
Jayawadanagama CEXX0753
Jayaweeragoda CEXX2805
Jeewana CEXX7765
Jeewanadeniya CEXX7766
Jiwanawatta CEXX4980
Jomahandigoda CEXX2806
Joneslandwatta CEXX4981
Jositawatta CEXX0754
Jubilee Post CEXX0755
Julampitiya CEXX2807
Jundawela CEXX9512
Kabagamuwa CEXX7767
Kaballagoda CEXX0756
Kabaragala CEXX2808
Kabaragomaditta CEXX2809
Kabarayamulla CEXX2810
Kabilladowa CEXX9513
Kabulumulla CEXX7768
Kachchagoda CEXX0757
Kachcheri CEXX9514
Kachcheri CEXX0758
Kachchigala CEXX2811
Kachchikodiya CEXX6479
Kachthari CEXX9515
Kadabedda CEXX2812
Kadadekawewa CEXX4982
Kadadora CEXX7769
Kadadoragama CEXX9516
Kadadorakanda CEXX7770
Kadadorapitiya CEXX4984
Kadalawala CEXX0759
Kadapalla CEXX9517
Kadarawa CEXX9518
Kadawala CEXX4985
Kadawala CEXX0760
Kadawara CEXX2813
Kadawata CEXX2814
Kadawata CEXX0761
Kadawatakanda CEXX7771
Kadawatgama CEXX4986
Kadawattiya CEXX7772
Kadaweddawa CEXX2815
Kaddaiparichchan CEXX6481
Kadduwa CEXX2816
Kadedduwa CEXX2817
Kadegama CEXX0762
Kadegangoda CEXX9519
Kadeyaya CEXX9520
Kadigomuwa CEXX7773
Kadigovipola CEXX2819
Kadihingala CEXX2820
Kadiragoda CEXX2821
Kadirana North CEXX0763
Kadiranadola CEXX2822
Kadiyalanda CEXX9521
Kadiyanlena CEXX4987
Kadiyawatta CEXX0764
Kadjugama CEXX0765
Kadugannawa CEXX4988
Kadugoda North CEXX0766
Kadugoda South CEXX0767
Kadukanna CEXX2823
Kadukkaimunai CEXX6482
Kadupara CEXX6483
Kaduruduwa CEXX0768
Kadurugalawatta CEXX7774
Kadurugamuwa CEXX9523
Kadurugasdeniya CEXX2824
Kaduruliyadda CEXX2825
Kadurupe CEXX2826
Kadurupokuna CEXX2827
Kaduruwa CEXX7775
Kaduruwana CEXX2828
Kaduwela CEXX0770
Kadwan Town CEXX4990
Kadwatgama CEXX4991
Kahaduwa CEXX2829
Kahagala CEXX4992
Kahagala CEXX2830
Kahagalla CEXX7776
Kahagalla CEXX2831
Kahagolla CEXX9524
Kahagolla CEXX7777
Kahahena CEXX0771
Kahalla CEXX4993
Kahambiliyahena CEXX0772
Kahambiliyawa CEXX4994
Kahambiliyawala CEXX7778
Kahampiliyagoda CEXX7779
Kahanawita CEXX7780
Kahanda CEXX2832
Kahandamodera CEXX2833
Kahandawa CEXX0773
Kahantenna CEXX7781
Kahapapitiya CEXX7782
Kahapelessegoda CEXX2834
Kahapola CEXX0774
Kahatadanda CEXX4995
Kahatagaha CEXX4996
Kahatagastenna CEXX4998
Kahatagasthenna CEXX9526
Kahatagasyaya CEXX6484
Kahatagolla CEXX9527
Kahatamaditta CEXX9528
Kahatamba CEXX9529
Kahataowita CEXX0775
Kahatapitiya CEXX0776
Kahatapitiya CEXX4999
Kahatapitiya CEXX9530
Kahataruppa CEXX9531
Kahathuduwa CEXX0777
Kahattana CEXX0778
Kahattewela CEXX9532
Kahawa CEXX2835
Kahawa CEXX0779
Kahawandala CEXX7784
Kahawatta CEXX0047
Kahawatta CEXX5000
Kahawatta CEXX2836
Kahawattegoda CEXX2837
Kahawatugoda CEXX5001
Kahawegammedda CEXX2838
Kahengama CEXX7786
Kahengama East CEXX7787
Kaikawala CEXX2839
Kaikawala CEXX5002
Kaikawalagala CEXX2840
Kailatta CEXX2841
Kaineke CEXX5003
Kairatnagama CEXX9533
Kaiuaggala CEXX0781
Kajugahakanatta CEXX2842
Kajugaswatta CEXX7788
Kakuluwamulla CEXX2843
Kalaeliya CEXX0782
Kalagahagoda CEXX7789
Kalagahakivula CEXX9534
Kalagahaulla CEXX9535
Kalagahawaka CEXX9536
Kalaganwatta CEXX5004
Kalagedehena CEXX0783
Kalagediara CEXX7790
Kalagolla CEXX9537
Kalahapitiya CEXX0784
Kalahe South CEXX2844
Kalahegegoda CEXX2845
Kalahugahawila CEXX0785
Kalahugoda CEXX0786
Kalalella CEXX7791
Kalalgoda CEXX0787
Kalalgomuwa CEXX5005
Kalalpitiya CEXX7792
Kalalpitiya CEXX5006
Kalamulla CEXX0788
Kalan Watta CEXX9538
Kalannake CEXX7793
Kalaotuwawa CEXX0789
Kalapaluwawa CEXX0790
Kalapitiya CEXX0791
Kalapitiya CEXX5007
Kalapu CEXX6486
Kalapugama CEXX0792
Kalapuwa CEXX2846
Kalatuwakanda CEXX7794
Kalatuwawa CEXX0793
Kalaulla CEXX5008
Kalawagahawadiya CEXX5009
Kalawala CEXX5010
Kalawana CEXX7795
Kalawana CEXX0795
Kalawelara CEXX9539
Kalaweldeniya CEXX5011
Kalawelpotha CEXX9540
Kalawelruppa CEXX9541
Kalawila CEXX0796
Kalawitigoda CEXX0797
Kalayadimadu CEXX6487
Kaldemulla CEXX0798
Kalebokkawatta CEXX5012
Kaleela CEXX9542
Kalegana CEXX2847
Kalegana North CEXX2848
Kalegana South CEXX2849
Kaleliya CEXX0799
Kalimadu CEXX6488
Kalioda CEXX6489
Kaliyammahara CEXX0802
Kalkerni CEXX6490
Kalkudah CEXX6491
Kallachchenai CEXX6492
Kalladichchenai CEXX6493
Kallady CEXX6494
Kallar CEXX6495
Kallichchai CEXX6496
Kallimedu CEXX6497
Kalliyankadu CEXX6498
Kalmunai CEXX0048
Kalogahaela CEXX5013
Kalotuwawa CEXX7796
Kalpitiya CEXX0049
Kaluaggala CEXX0803
Kaluandura CEXX0806
Kaluarachchigoda CEXX2850
Kalubowila CEXX0809
Kalubowila East CEXX0810
Kalubowitiyana CEXX2851
Kalubululanda CEXX9543
Kaludella CEXX5014
Kaludemada CEXX5015
Kaludewala CEXX5016
Kaludiyawala CEXX2852
Kalugahakandura CEXX9544
Kalugahawadiya CEXX9545
Kalugal-oya CEXX5017
Kalugala CEXX7797
Kalugala CEXX5018
Kalugala CEXX0811
Kalugala CEXX2853
Kalugalagoda CEXX2854
Kalugalayaya CEXX9546
Kalugalla CEXX7798
Kaluganga CEXX5019
Kalugasduwa CEXX2856
Kalugoda CEXX0812
Kalugomuwa CEXX5020
Kalukandagama CEXX7799
Kalukandagoda CEXX2857
Kalukondayawa CEXX0813
Kalukosgahahena CEXX2858
Kalumada CEXX2859
Kalumantanveli CEXX6500
Kalundawa CEXX5021
Kalupahana CEXX9547
Kalupahana CEXX0814
Kalupahana CEXX2860
Kalupana CEXX5022
Kalupe CEXX2861
Kalupedigama CEXX7800
Kalutara CEXX0050
Kalutara North CEXX0815
Kalutavalai CEXX6501
Kaluvamadu CEXX6502
Kaluwadumulla CEXX2862
Kaluwalagoda CEXX2863
Kaluwalahena CEXX0816
Kaluwalgoda CEXX0817
Kaluwamodara CEXX0818
Kaluwane CEXX5023
Kaluwelgoda CEXX5024
Kaluwella CEXX2864
Kalwane CEXX7801
Kamachchodai CEXX0819
Kamaragoda CEXX0820
Kamarangapitiya CEXX7802
Kambakkoddal CEXX6504
Kambala CEXX2865
Kambarawa CEXX5025
Kamburadeniya CEXX0821
Kamburadeniya CEXX5026
Kamburadeniya CEXX7803
Kamburagalla CEXX0822
Kamburapola CEXX7804
Kamburawala CEXX0823
Kamburugamuwa CEXX2866
Kamburugoda CEXX0824
Kamburupitiya CEXX2867
Kamburuwagoda CEXX0825
Kambussawala CEXX2868
Kammalawatta CEXX0826
Kammalgoda CEXX7805
Kammalgoda CEXX2871
Kammaltera CEXX0827
Kammaltotupola CEXX0828
Kammalture CEXX0829
Kanahalagama CEXX2872
Kanahela CEXX9548
Kanahentota CEXX2873
Kanakkarapola CEXX5027
Kanalkumbura CEXX9549
Kanamedilihena CEXX5028
Kanangama CEXX7806
Kanangamuwa CEXX5029
Kanantanai CEXX6505
Kananvila CEXX0830
Kanapinnarawa CEXX7807
Kanatapitiya CEXX2874
Kanathiriyanwela CEXX7808
Kanatta CEXX2875
Kanatta CEXX0831
Kanattagoda CEXX0832
Kanattegoda CEXX2876
Kanatuwawala CEXX7809
Kanawegalla CEXX9550
Kanawerella CEXX9551
Kanawinna CEXX7810
Kanchurankudah CEXX6506
Kanda CEXX7811
Kanda CEXX9552
Kanda Ela CEXX9553
Kandagammulla CEXX0833
Kandagolla CEXX5030
Kandagolla CEXX9554
Kandahena CEXX7812
Kandakada CEXX0834
Kandakapuulpota CEXX9555
Kandaketiya CEXX9556
Kandakumbura CEXX5031
Kandaladi CEXX6507
Kandalama CEXX5032
Kandalama CEXX0835
Kandalapitiya CEXX2878
Kandalkadu CEXX6508
Kandamaditta CEXX2879
Kandamala Indura CEXX2880
Kandamalawa CEXX6509
Kandamulla CEXX2881
Kandana CEXX0836
Kandane Ihala CEXX9558
Kandane Pahala CEXX9559
Kandangama CEXX5033
Kandangamuwa CEXX7813
Kandangamuwa CEXX0837
Kandangoda CEXX7814
Kandangoda CEXX0838
Kandangodayaya CEXX7815
Kandangovipala CEXX2882
Kandanhena CEXX5034
Kandapaliya CEXX0839
Kandapitiya CEXX0840
Kandapola Colony CEXX5035
Kandapola Town CEXX5036
Kandapottawa CEXX9560
Kandauda Panguwa CEXX9561
Kandawala CEXX0841
Kande CEXX5037
Kandearawa CEXX9562
Kandebedda CEXX2883
Kandegama CEXX5038
Kandegedara CEXX7816
Kandegedara CEXX5039
Kandegedara Town CEXX9564
Kandegoda CEXX2884
Kandegollagama CEXX9565
Kandekumbura CEXX9566
Kandekumbura CEXX7817
Kandekumbura CEXX5040
Kandemoragolla CEXX5041
Kandepitawala CEXX5042
Kandepuhulpola CEXX9567
Kandetta CEXX9568
Kandewatta CEXX2885
Kandewatta CEXX0842
Kandewatte CEXX5043
Kandewela CEXX0843
Kandewela CEXX5044
Kandianaru CEXX6510
Kandilpana CEXX2886
Kandiyantalawa CEXX9569
Kandoluwawa CEXX0844
Kandubedda CEXX9570
Kanduboda CEXX0845
Kandulla Block CEXX0051
Kandumulla CEXX0846
Kanduregoda CEXX5045
Kanduruduwa CEXX2887
Kandurugoda CEXX9571
Kanduwelkanda CEXX7818
Kandy CEXX0123
Kanempella CEXX0847
Kanewala CEXX0848
Kankaiyannodai CEXX6511
Kankanangoda CEXX0849
Kankiriya CEXX7819
Kankuveli CEXX6512
Kannahipuram CEXX6514
Kannankudah CEXX6515
Kannattota CEXX7820
Kannimaduwa CEXX0052
Kannimahara CEXX0850
Kanniyar CEXX6516
Kansalagamuwa CEXX7821
Kantalai CEXX0053
Kantalatiuttu CEXX6517
Kantale CEXX6518
Kanthagowipola CEXX5046
Kanuggala CEXX7822
Kanugolla CEXX9572
Kanuketigoda CEXX2888
Kanulawa CEXX9573
Kanulwelavidiya CEXX9574
Kanupelella CEXX9575
Kanuwana CEXX0851
Kapallewela CEXX9576
Kapalturai CEXX6519
Kappagoda CEXX7823
Kapparatota CEXX2892
Kapuduwa CEXX2893
Kapugama East CEXX2894
Kapugama West CEXX2895
Kapugampota CEXX2896
Kapugampotagoda CEXX2897
Kapugedara CEXX5047
Kapugoda CEXX0852
Kapuhena CEXX0853
Kapuhenpitiya CEXX9577
Kapuhenpola CEXX2898
Kapuhentenna CEXX7824
Kapuhentotagama CEXX7825
Kapukotuwa CEXX2899
Kapumulugoda CEXX2900
Kapurella CEXX6520
Kapurugampola CEXX7826
Kapuruwediwela CEXX5048
Kaputupola CEXX7827
Kapuwatta CEXX2901
Kapuwella CEXX7828
Karabotuwawa CEXX0854
Karadatiyana CEXX7829
Karadegangoda CEXX9579
Karadiyamulla CEXX7830
Karadiyanaru CEXX0054
Karagahahengoda CEXX2902
Karagahalanda CEXX5049
Karagahapathana CEXX9580
Karagahaulpota CEXX9581
Karagahawala CEXX2903
Karagahawela CEXX9582
Karagahawela CEXX2904
Karagahawewa CEXX6521
Karagala CEXX7831
Karagala CEXX5051
Karagalla CEXX0855
Karagama CEXX5052
Karagampitiya CEXX0856
Karagangoda CEXX2905
Karagaskada CEXX5053
Karagaskandura CEXX9583
Karagastalawa CEXX7832
Karagastenna CEXX5054
Karagasthatawa CEXX5055
Karagasthenna CEXX9584
Karagoda CEXX2906
Karagoda Pahala CEXX2907
Karahanpitigoda CEXX7833
Karaichchitidal CEXX6522
Karaimalaiyoothu CEXX6523
Karakolagastenna CEXX5057
Karalliyadda CEXX5058
Karaluwinna CEXX9586
Karamada CEXX9587
Karamada CEXX5060
Karametigoda CEXX2908
Karametiya CEXX9588
Karametiya CEXX2909
Karametiyagama CEXX9589
Karamindula CEXX5061
Karampetara CEXX0857
Karanawela CEXX6525
Karanayakamulla CEXX0858
Karandagahamada CEXX9590
Karandagama CEXX9591
Karandagoda CEXX0859
Karandagolla CEXX9592
Karandagolla CEXX5062
Karandamaditta CEXX5063
Karandana CEXX7834
Karandawatta CEXX9593
Karandegama CEXX9594
Karandeniya CEXX2910
Karandugala CEXX9595
Karandugoda CEXX2911
Karanduwawala CEXX5064
Karanemma CEXX9596
Karangama CEXX7835
Karangawa CEXX6526
Karapalagala CEXX7836
Karapalagama CEXX5065
Karape CEXX7837
Karapitikanda CEXX0860
Karapiyadda CEXX2912
Karaplyadda CEXX2913
Karapone CEXX7838
Karaputugala CEXX2914
Karasnagala CEXX0861
Karatha CEXX9597
Karativu CEXX6527
Karatota CEXX2915
Karattaduwa CEXX2916
Karattakenda CEXX2917
Karattamadda CEXX5066
Karaveddi CEXX6528
Karaveddiyaru CEXX6529
Karavudeniya CEXX7839
Karawadeniya CEXX7840
Karawanella CEXX7841
Karawela CEXX2918
Karawgahamada CEXX5067
Karawilakanda CEXX2919
Karawilla CEXX9598
Karawita CEXX7842
Karawwa CEXX0862
Karawwa CEXX2920
Karawwa East CEXX0863
Karijjawala CEXX2921
Karittapitiya CEXX2922
Kariwila CEXX2923
Kariwilakanda CEXX2924
Kariyagama CEXX7843
Karunagama CEXX9599
Karunapura CEXX9600
Karungkodditivu CEXX6530
Karunkaliyadi CEXX6531
Karuvakkerni CEXX6532
Karuvappankerni CEXX6533
Karuwalabedda CEXX2925
Karuwalatota CEXX2926
Kasbapatha CEXX2927
Kasideniya CEXX2928
Katagamuwa CEXX2929
Katahitiyadeniya CEXX5070
Katalugoda CEXX2930
Kataluwa Central CEXX2931
Kataluwa East CEXX2932
Kataluwa West CEXX2933
Katana East CEXX0864
Katana West CEXX0865
Katapodduwa CEXX2934
Kataragama CEXX0055
Kataramawatta CEXX5071
Katarandana CEXX5072
Kathiraveli CEXX6534
Kathlana CEXX7844
Kathurupitiya CEXX5073
Katiriyanodai CEXX6536
Katiyala CEXX0866
Kattadikanda CEXX7845
Kattange CEXX7846
Kattankudy CEXX0056
Kattota CEXX5074
Kattota CEXX0867
Kattotuwa CEXX7847
Katubedda CEXX0868
Katudampe CEXX2935
Katudewala CEXX0869
Katudora CEXX0870
Katugaha CEXX9601
Katugahagalge CEXX9602
Katugahahena CEXX0871
Katugalgama CEXX0872
Katugashinna CEXX5075
Katugastara CEXX0873
Katugastota CEXX5076
Katugoda CEXX5077
Katugoda CEXX2936
Katuhena CEXX0874
Katukaliya CEXX2937
Katukatiya CEXX2938
Katukenda CEXX0875
Katukitula CEXX5078
Katukoliha CEXX2939
Katukumbura CEXX7849
Katukurunda CEXX2940
Katukurunda CEXX0876
Katunayake CEXX0005
Katupathwela CEXX5080
Katuwa CEXX2941
Katuwalamulla CEXX2942
Katuwalamulla CEXX0877
Katuwanawadiya CEXX2943
Katuwapitiya CEXX0878
Katuwasgoda CEXX0879
Katuwatta CEXX2944
Katuwawala CEXX0880
Katuwellegama CEXX0881
Katuwethenna CEXX9604
Katuwewagoda CEXX2945
Kaudanama CEXX2946
Kaudaulla CEXX7850
Kavaddikkuda CEXX6537
Kavadiela CEXX9605
Kavathamunai CEXX9606
Kavdana CEXX0882
Kaviratnagama CEXX9607
Kavudawa CEXX9608
Kavudawagama CEXX9609
Kavudella CEXX9610
Kavudupelella CEXX5081
Kavudupitiya CEXX5082
Kawantissagama CEXX2947
Kawantissapura CEXX6538
Kawduduwa CEXX0883
Kawudugama CEXX7851
Kawuduwawa CEXX7852
Kayanadimadu CEXX6539
Kayankerni CEXX6540
Kayanmadukandam CEXX6541
Kayanwadia CEXX6542
Kayirimadukandam CEXX6544
Kebedduwa CEXX2948
Kebellaketiya CEXX2949
Kebellegodawela CEXX0884
Kebellewela CEXX9611
Kebilidowa CEXX9612
Kebiliyapola CEXX2950
Kebillawela CEXX9613
Kebitigollewa CEXX0058
Kedulopotha CEXX9615
Keenadeniya CEXX0885
Keenagahakandura CEXX9616
Keenagahakumbura CEXX9617
Keenagahawila CEXX7854
Keenagas Manana CEXX0886
Keenagashena CEXX9618
Keenagattalawa CEXX5083
Keenagoda CEXX9620
Keenagolla CEXX5084
Keenawatta CEXX6545
Keenketiya CEXX2951
Keerantidiya CEXX0887
Keerapandeniya CEXX7855
Keerapane CEXX7856
Keetayapathana CEXX5085
Kegalle CEXX0059
Kehelbaddara CEXX0888
Kehelella CEXX0889
Kehelgama CEXX9622
Kehellenawa CEXX0890
Kehelowitigama CEXX7857
Kehelpannala CEXX7858
Kehelpota CEXX9623
Kehelpottewa CEXX7860
Kehelulla CEXX6546
Kehelwala CEXX5086
Kehelwala CEXX7861
Kehelwala CEXX2952
Kehelwathugoda CEXX7862
Kehelwatta CEXX7863
Kehelwatta CEXX5087
Kehelwatta CEXX9624
Kehelwatta CEXX2953
Kehelwattaarawa CEXX9625
Kehelwatugoda CEXX0891
Kekanadura CEXX2954
Kekelawatta CEXX5088
Kekillapitiya CEXX7864
Kekillavila CEXX7865
Kekirawa CEXX0060
Kekirigoda CEXX7866
Kekirihena CEXX6547
Kekiriobada CEXX2956
Kekuladola CEXX0892
Kekulalla CEXX5089
Kekulandala CEXX0893
Kekulangoda CEXX0894
Kekunagoda CEXX7867
Kekunawatta CEXX5090
Kekunewila CEXX2957
Kelanimulla CEXX0895
Kelaniya CEXX0896
Kelantotuwa CEXX2958
Kelegala CEXX5091
Kelegama CEXX7868
Kelegammana CEXX7869
Kelegedaramulla CEXX0897
Kelegedera CEXX0898
Kelepitigama CEXX0899
Kelepitimulla CEXX0900
Kelesgamuwa CEXX0901
Kelikanda CEXX7870
Keliwessa CEXX9626
Keliyalpitiya CEXX5092
Keliyawalana CEXX2960
Kella CEXX7871
Kellagoda CEXX7872
Kellapatha CEXX2961
Kelliewatte CEXX5093
Keluthimadu CEXX6548
Kemagoda CEXX2962
Kemepitiya CEXX7873
Kemmalpitiya CEXX6549
Kemmana CEXX7874
Kempane CEXX7875
Kempitiya CEXX7877
Kendagolla CEXX5094
Kendagolla CEXX9627
Kendagolla CEXX0902
Kendagollamada CEXX5095
Kendaketiya CEXX9628
Kendaketiya CEXX2963
Kendaketiya CEXX7878
Kendala CEXX2964
Kendalakotambe CEXX2965
Kendalanda CEXX0903
Kendalegama CEXX9629
Kendaliyadda CEXX5096
Kendangamuwa CEXX5097
Kendawa CEXX7879
Kendawinna CEXX9630
Kenegalla CEXX7880
Kengalla CEXX5098
Kenilworth CEXX5100
Kennantudawa CEXX0906
Kennentuduwa CEXX0907
Keppetipola CEXX9632
Keppetiwalana CEXX0908
Keppitipola CEXX7881
Keppitiyawa CEXX2967
Kepungoda CEXX0909
Keradewala CEXX2968
Keragala CEXX0910
Keraliyangoda CEXX2969
Kerametiya CEXX9633
Keraminiya CEXX7882
Keraminiya CEXX2970
Keranwila Colony CEXX2971
Kerawakbokka CEXX2972
Kerawalapitiya CEXX0911
Keregepokuna CEXX0912
Kerena CEXX2973
Kerewa CEXX2974
Kerewa North CEXX2975
Kesbewa CEXX0913
Keselhenawatta CEXX2976
Keselwatta CEXX9634
Keselwatta CEXX0914
Ketagalara CEXX7883
Ketagoda CEXX0915
Ketagoda CEXX2977
Ketagodagama CEXX9635
Ketakandura CEXX5101
Ketakeela CEXX9636
Ketakelegama CEXX9637
Ketakella CEXX9638
Ketakumbura CEXX5102
Ketaliyanpalla CEXX7884
Ketambulawatta CEXX5103
Ketandola CEXX7885
Ketantota CEXX2979
Ketanwila CEXX2980
Ketawala CEXX9639
Ketawala CEXX5104
Ketawala CEXX7886
Ketawala CEXX2981
Ketawalakanda CEXX7887
Ketawalamulla CEXX5105
Ketawalawatta CEXX9640
Ketawattagama CEXX9641
Ketawela CEXX9642
Kethalana CEXX9643
Kethdambuwawa CEXX9644
Kethethenna CEXX7888
Kethhena CEXX0916
Ketiganahinna CEXX5107
Ketiyape CEXX2982
Kevitiyagala CEXX0917
Kevulgama CEXX5108
Kibissa CEXX0061
Kidagammulla CEXX0918
Kilanguppalai CEXX6551
Kiliveddi CEXX6552
Killittuwa CEXX2983
Kimbulagala CEXX5109
Kimbulantota CEXX5110
Kimbulapitiya CEXX0919
Kimbulawala CEXX2984
Kimbulawelagama CEXX9645
Kimbulgoda CEXX0920
Kimbullewa CEXX9646
Kimbulpitiyawa CEXX6553
Kimmantuduwa CEXX0921
Kinagoda CEXX9647
Kinahela CEXX9648
Kinatumulla CEXX6554
Kinawinna CEXX0922
Kinchigune CEXX2985
Kindagolla CEXX9649
Kindaligoda CEXX7890
Kindelpitiya CEXX0923
Kindigoda CEXX5111
Kindigoda CEXX9650
Kindiwala CEXX0924
Kinigama CEXX5112
Kinigama CEXX9651
Kinigama CEXX0925
Kinigama CEXX7891
Kiniwita CEXX7892
Kinnaiyadi CEXX6555
Kinnarabowa CEXX9652
Kintulduwa CEXX2987
Kirahandigoda CEXX2988
Kiralagahawela CEXX2989
Kiralagama CEXX5113
Kiralagolla CEXX5114
Kiralakandura CEXX5115
Kiralaketiya CEXX2990
Kiralawelkatuwa CEXX7893
Kiralessa CEXX5116
Kirama CEXX2991
Kiramana CEXX9653
Kiramba CEXX7894
Kiran CEXX6556
Kiranaulpota CEXX9654
Kirankulam CEXX6557
Kirapone CEXX5117
Kirawana CEXX6558
Kirawanagama CEXX9655
Kirawanahela CEXX9656
Kirawanella CEXX9657
Kiriammalakanda CEXX0926
Kiriatula CEXX0927
Kiribatkumbura CEXX5118
Kiriberiya CEXX0928
Kiridana CEXX7895
Kirideniya CEXX0929
Kiridola CEXX2992
Kiriella CEXX7896
Kirigalaarawa CEXX9658
Kirigalagama CEXX9659
Kirigalalanda CEXX9660
Kirigalpotta CEXX9661
Kirigalpotta CEXX5119
Kirigam Pamunuwa CEXX0930
Kirigankumbura CEXX5120
Kirikitta CEXX0931
Kirikittamulla CEXX0932
Kirillapone CEXX0933
Kirillawala CEXX7897
Kirillpane CEXX2993
Kirilungemada CEXX9662
Kirimedilla CEXX5121
Kirimetiagara CEXX0935
Kirimetithenna CEXX7898
Kirimetiwala CEXX5122
Kirimetiya CEXX9663
Kirimetiya CEXX5123
Kirimetiya CEXX2994
Kirimetiyawa CEXX5124
Kirimetiyawa CEXX2995
Kirimetiyawatta CEXX5125
Kirimichchai CEXX6559
Kirinda CEXX5126
Kirinda CEXX0062
Kirindagama CEXX9664
Kirindagoda CEXX2999
Kirindalahena CEXX3000
Kirindegama CEXX9665
Kirindewela CEXX5127
Kirindhena CEXX5128
Kirindigala CEXX7899
Kirindiketiya CEXX5129
Kirindiwela CEXX0063
Kirindiwelpola CEXX5130
Kirindiwita CEXX0936
Kirineliya CEXX3001
Kiringadeniya CEXX7900
Kirinuge CEXX3002
Kirioruwa CEXX5131
Kirioruwa CEXX9666
Kiripanagala CEXX5132
Kiripattiya CEXX5133
Kiripedda CEXX3003
Kiripitiya CEXX3004
Kiriporuwa CEXX7901
Kirittona CEXX6561
Kirivelhinna CEXX5134
Kiriwala CEXX9667
Kiriwan Eliya CEXX5135
Kiriwanagoda CEXX5136
Kiriwandala CEXX7902
Kiriwandala CEXX0937
Kiriwandeniya CEXX7903
Kiriwanketiya CEXX5137
Kiriwattuduwa CEXX0938
Kiriwaula CEXX5138
Kiriweldeniya CEXX3005
Kiriwelgoda CEXX9668
Kiriyagolla CEXX9669
Kiriyalayegoda CEXX7904
Kirkleas Estate CEXX9670
Kirlulgama CEXX5139
Kitalagama East CEXX3006
Kitalagama West CEXX3007
Kitalangomuwa CEXX7905
Kitalawalana CEXX0939
Kitanawatta CEXX0940
Kitawala CEXX0941
Kithalella CEXX9671
Kitnegallakanda CEXX9672
Kittandi CEXX6562
Kittanduwa CEXX3008
Kittangoda CEXX3009
Kittanmahara CEXX0942
Kittanpahuwa CEXX0943
Kitulagahathenna CEXX7906
Kitulampitiya CEXX3010
Kitulana CEXX6563
Kitulangomuwa CEXX5140
Kitulawela CEXX9673
Kituldora CEXX5141
Kitulegoda CEXX3013
Kitulgala CEXX7907
Kitulgoda CEXX0944
Kitulgolle CEXX9674
Kitullawatta CEXX3014
Kitulpe CEXX5142
Kitulwatta CEXX9675
Kitulwitigala CEXX3015
Kiul-ulpota CEXX5143
Kiula CEXX5144
Kiulewadiya CEXX5145
Kiullinda CEXX5146
Kivula CEXX9676
Kivula CEXX3016
Kivulagama CEXX6564
Kivulakade CEXX6565
Kivulara CEXX9677
Kivulegama CEXX9678
Kivulegedaragama CEXX9679
Kivuleyaya CEXX9680
Kiwuldeniya CEXX7908
Kiwuleyaya CEXX9681
Kiyanduwa CEXX3017
Kobbekaduwa CEXX5147
Kobbewala CEXX5148
Kobbewehera CEXX5149
Kobbewinna CEXX7909
Kobeituduwa CEXX3018
Kobeyiduwa CEXX3019
Kochchikade CEXX0947
Kochchikaduwa CEXX5150
Kodagoda CEXX3020
Kodaimedu CEXX6566
Kodakumbura CEXX9682
Kodapaluwa CEXX7910
Kodayana CEXX9683
Koddaikkallar CEXX6567
Koddaimunai CEXX6568
Kodigahawewa CEXX3021
Kodikaragoda CEXX3022
Kodinarawa CEXX9684
Kodituwakkugoda CEXX3023
Kodiyana CEXX0948
Kodunnawa CEXX0949
Koduvamadu CEXX6569
Koggala CEXX3024
Koggala Colony CEXX3025
Koggella CEXX3026
Kohambaketiya CEXX7911
Kohana CEXX9685
Kohilawatta CEXX9686
Kohilawatta CEXX0950
Kohilawela CEXX3027
Kohile CEXX9687
Koholana CEXX0951
Koholana CEXX5152
Koholana CEXX3028
Koholankala CEXX3029
Koholanwala CEXX5153
Koholdeniya CEXX5154
Koholwila CEXX0952
Kohomada CEXX5155
Kohombadeniya CEXX7912
Kohombagahe CEXX5156
Kohombagasdigana CEXX9690
Kohombakanda CEXX7913
Kohombana CEXX6570
Kohombe CEXX9691
Kohombiliwela CEXX5157
Kohomporuwa CEXX3031
Kohonawala CEXX9692
Kohowala CEXX7914
Kohugoda CEXX3032
Kohukumbura CEXX9694
Kohuliyadda CEXX3033
Kohunugamuwa CEXX3034
Kohuwala CEXX0953
Kokarakandawatta CEXX3035
Kokatiyagala CEXX5159
Kokatiyamaluwa CEXX9695
Kokawala CEXX3036
Kokhena CEXX0954
Kokkaddicholai CEXX6571
Kokku Villu CEXX6572
Kokkuvil CEXX6573
Kokmaduwa CEXX3037
Koknahara CEXX6574
Kokowita CEXX7915
Kokwatta CEXX3038
Kolaboda CEXX0955
Kolamantalawa CEXX6575
Kolamediriya CEXX0956
Kolandagala CEXX7916
Kolankanda CEXX0958
Kolathennagama CEXX9696
Kolavil CEXX6576
Kolawenigama CEXX3039
Kolayaye CEXX9697
Kolehakada CEXX0959
Kolenagama CEXX5160
Kolladeniya CEXX9698
Kollanwelapitiya CEXX5161
Kollawela CEXX5162
Kollupitiya CEXX0960
Kolombugama CEXX7917
Kolombugamawatta CEXX7919
Kolonella CEXX5163
Kolongahawatta CEXX5164
Kolongalla CEXX7920
Kolongasthenna CEXX9699
Kolongasyaya CEXX9700
Kolongolla CEXX9701
Kolonna CEXX7921
Kolonnawa CEXX0961
Kolontotuwa CEXX3040
Kolonyaya CEXX5165
Kolugala CEXX5166
Koluwalagala CEXX3041
Komaligama CEXX9702
Komana CEXX6577
Komangoda CEXX3042
Komari CEXX6578
Komarikagama CEXX9703
Komariya CEXX6579
Komatalamadu CEXX6580
Kombala CEXX3043
Kommala CEXX3044
Kommalagoda CEXX3045
Kommaturai CEXX6581
Kompanachchi CEXX6582
Kompannaveediya CEXX0962
Kompannawatta CEXX3046
Kompe CEXX0963
Kompitiya CEXX7922
Kondadeniya CEXX5167
Kondagala CEXX3047
Kondagama CEXX5168
Kondagolla CEXX9704
Kondathenna CEXX5169
Kondavattavan CEXX6584
Kondeniya CEXX7923
Kondugala CEXX5170
Kondurawa CEXX0964
Konegasthenna CEXX7924
Kongahagoda CEXX3048
Kongahakanda CEXX7926
Kongahakumbura CEXX9705
Kongahalinda CEXX9706
Kongahamankada CEXX7927
Kongahamula CEXX7928
Kongahamulla CEXX5171
Kongahapilla CEXX9707
Kongahawela CEXX5172
Kongala CEXX3049
Kongamuwa CEXX7929
Kongastenna CEXX3050
Kongoda CEXX7930
Kongoda CEXX0965
Kongodamulla CEXX0966
Kongolla CEXX7931
Kongolla CEXX9708
Konkalagala CEXX5173
Konkarahena CEXX3051
Konketiya CEXX9709
Konpaluwa CEXX3052
Konthahela CEXX9710
Konthenna CEXX9711
Konvinna CEXX6585
Konwelana CEXX3053
Koolavadi Colony CEXX6586
Koolavichchenai CEXX6587
Koongahakotuwa CEXX5174
Koonwalla CEXX5175
Kooragala CEXX7932
Koorugama CEXX9712
Kopihena CEXX3054
Kopikella CEXX7933
Koppakanda CEXX7934
Koppala CEXX0967
Kopparahandiya CEXX0968
Koragahagoda CEXX5176
Koragoda CEXX3055
Korahedigoda CEXX3056
Koraikallimadu CEXX6588
Korakahaulpotha CEXX3057
Korakahawala CEXX3058
Korakahinna CEXX7935
Koralawella CEXX0969
Koralegama CEXX3059
Koramburuwana CEXX3060
Korandakumbura CEXX9713
Korase CEXX0971
Korasegoda CEXX0972
Koratota CEXX0973
Koratuwagoda CEXX7936
Koraveli CEXX6589
Korawa CEXX3061
Korigammana CEXX7937
Korilkudiyirippu CEXX6590
Korosduwa CEXX0974
Korossa CEXX7938
Korottigoda CEXX3062
Korukkapuliyuttu CEXX6591
Korunduwinna CEXX6592
Koruppugama CEXX9714
Kosatumanana CEXX3063
Kosduwa CEXX3064
Koselpola CEXX7939
Kosetadeniya CEXX0975
Kosetadeniya CEXX7940
Kosetahena CEXX3065
Kosgahadebala CEXX5179
Kosgahahena CEXX0976
Kosgahahena CEXX3066
Kosgahahinna CEXX7941
Kosgahakanda CEXX7942
Kosgahakanda CEXX3067
Kosgahalanda CEXX5180
Kosgahatuduwa CEXX3068
Kosgahawela CEXX5181
Kosgala CEXX7943
Kosgama CEXX5182
Kosgama Ihala CEXX0977
Kosgama Pahala CEXX0978
Kosgaspitiya CEXX5183
Kosgoda CEXX3069
Kosgoda CEXX7944
Kosgodakanda CEXX3070
Kosgodakumbura CEXX9715
Kosgolla CEXX9716
Kosgolla CEXX6593
Kosgolla CEXX5184
Koshena CEXX0979
Koshena CEXX7945
Kosinna CEXX5185
Koskanda CEXX3071
Koskanda CEXX0980
Koskandahena CEXX7946
Koskandapalata CEXX3072
Koskandawala CEXX0981
Koskanuwegama CEXX9717
Koskote CEXX5186
Koskotigoda CEXX3073
Koskulana CEXX7947
Koslanda CEXX9718
Kosmodara CEXX3074
Kosmulugoda CEXX3075
Kosnilgoda CEXX3076
Kospelawatta CEXX0982
Kospelawinna CEXX7948
Kospitiyana CEXX0983
Kospota CEXX5187
Kossapola CEXX9719
Kossinna CEXX0984
Kossinna CEXX7949
Kosslagala CEXX3077
Kosvinnagama CEXX7950
Koswana CEXX5188
Koswathumanana CEXX3078
Koswatta CEXX7951
Koswatta CEXX5189
Koswatta CEXX3079
Koswattagoda CEXX0986
Koswetiya CEXX7952
Kotabogoda CEXX5190
Kotabogoda CEXX7953
Kotabowe Vidiya CEXX9720
Kotadeniya CEXX0987
Kotadeniyawa CEXX0988
Kotadupe CEXX3080
Kotagala CEXX3081
Kotagala CEXX5191
Kotagama CEXX9721
Kotaganwella CEXX9722
Kotagedara CEXX0989
Kotagedaragoda CEXX3082
Kotagepitiya CEXX5193
Kotagoda CEXX9723
Kotahena CEXX0990
Kotakedeniya CEXX5194
Kotakepitiya CEXX5195
Kotakethana CEXX7954
Kotakithula CEXX9724
Kotakittigewewa CEXX5196
Kotakumbuke CEXX3083
Kotakumbura CEXX5197
Kotalawala CEXX0991
Kotaligoda CEXX5198
Kotalugodakanda CEXX7955
Kotambe CEXX5199
Kotamulla CEXX7956
Kotanepola CEXX5200
Kotapitiya CEXX0992
Kotapola North CEXX3084
Kotapola South CEXX3085
Kotarupe CEXX0993
Kotatalawa CEXX9725
Kotavila CEXX3086
Kotawagura CEXX5201
Kotawala CEXX0994
Kotawaya CEXX3087
Kotawella CEXX7957
Kotawera Udagama CEXX9727
Kotaweramankada CEXX9728
Kotawila CEXX3088
Kotegoda CEXX7958
Kotepitiya CEXX6594
Kothukkulam CEXX6595
Kotiagoda CEXX9729
Kotigala CEXX0995
Kotigangoda CEXX0996
Kotigoda CEXX9730
Kotika-arawa CEXX9731
Kotikambe CEXX5203
Kotikanbokka CEXX9732
Kotikawatta CEXX0997
Kotikewela CEXX6596
Kotinkaduwa CEXX5204
Kotiyagala CEXX9733
Kotiyakumbura CEXX7959
Kotmale CEXX5205
Kotmale New Town CEXX5206
Kotmallanda CEXX9734
Kottagala CEXX9735
Kottagaslanda CEXX9736
Kottagaswatta CEXX7960
Kottagoda CEXX3090
Kottagoda CEXX9737
Kottala CEXX0998
Kottala CEXX7961
Kottala CEXX5207
Kottalabedda CEXX7962
Kottapola CEXX7963
Kottawa CEXX0999
Kottawa CEXX3091
Kottawatta CEXX1000
Kottawatta CEXX3092
Kottayakanda CEXX7964
Kotte CEXX0064
Kottegangoda CEXX7965
Kottegoda CEXX5208
Kottegoda CEXX7966
Kottimbulwala CEXX7967
Kottiyapulai CEXX6597
Kottiyawatta CEXX1001
Kottuna CEXX7968
Kottunna CEXX1002
Kotugoda CEXX1003
Kotugodella CEXX7969
Kotulanda CEXX7970
Kotumuguna CEXX7971
Kotunna CEXX7972
Kotuthalaaragama CEXX9741
Kotuwabendahena CEXX3093
Kotuwalpola CEXX7973
Kotuwegedara CEXX5209
Kotuwegoda CEXX1004
Kotuwegoda CEXX3094
Kotuwila CEXX1005
Koubekaduwa CEXX5210
Kovilkelegmmedda CEXX5211
Kovilkudieruppu CEXX6598
Kovilporativu CEXX6599
Koviltirimadu CEXX6600
Kovitkulam CEXX6601
Kowinna CEXX1006
Kubukgolla CEXX6602
Kubukwala CEXX7974
Kuchchaveli CEXX6603
Kuda CEXX1007
Kuda Arukgoda CEXX1008
Kuda Buthgamuwa CEXX1009
Kuda Kalupahana CEXX1011
Kuda Migaswewa CEXX5212
Kuda Oya CEXX0065
Kuda Payagala CEXX1012
Kuda Watagala CEXX5213
Kuda-Pallegama CEXX7975
Kudabolana CEXX3096
Kudabollate CEXX1013
Kudadeniya CEXX5214
Kudaduragama CEXX7976
Kudagala CEXX3097
Kudagalage CEXX3098
Kudagama CEXX1014
Kudagammana CEXX1015
Kudagoda CEXX3099
Kudagodagama CEXX3100
Kudagonaduwa CEXX1016
Kudahilla CEXX3101
Kudakanawerella CEXX9742
Kudakanda CEXX7978
Kudakandagama CEXX7979
Kudakandiya CEXX6604
Kudakarahela CEXX7980
Kudakohana CEXX9743
Kudalunuke CEXX9744
Kudamaduwa CEXX1019
Kudamake CEXX5215
Kudamatugama CEXX1020
Kudaoya Colony CEXX5216
Kudapaduwa CEXX1021
Kudapana CEXX3102
Kudapattapola CEXX5217
Kudavila CEXX9745
Kudawa CEXX7981
Kudawawala CEXX3103
Kudawe CEXX7982
Kudawewa CEXX9746
Kuddampuli CEXX6605
Kudugala CEXX5218
Kudugalayaya CEXX9747
Kudumirisketiya CEXX9748
Kudumiriya CEXX7983
Kuduwamulla CEXX1022
Kuduwila CEXX9749
Kukuileggahena CEXX3106
Kukul Kanda CEXX3107
Kukulamalpota CEXX5219
Kukulapola CEXX9750
Kukulegama South CEXX7984
Kukulnape CEXX1023
Kukulpone CEXX7985
Kukuranpola CEXX9751
Kuligedara CEXX1024
Kuligoda CEXX3108
Kuliyapitiya CEXX0066
Kulugammana CEXX5220
Kulupana CEXX1025
Kumana CEXX0067
Kumaragama CEXX7986
Kumaragama CEXX5221
Kumarakanda CEXX3109
Kumarapattiya CEXX9753
Kumarapotha CEXX9754
Kumarimulla CEXX1026
Kumbaladeniya CEXX3110
Kumbalaoluwa CEXX5222
Kumbaldiwela CEXX7987
Kumbalgama CEXX3111
Kumbalgama CEXX7988
Kumbalgamuwa CEXX5223
Kumbalgoda CEXX3112
Kumbalmulla CEXX7989
Kumbaloluwa CEXX1027
Kumbaloluwa CEXX7990
Kumbaloluwa CEXX5224
Kumbalwela CEXX9755
Kumbalwella CEXX3113
Kumbiyangaha Ela CEXX5227
Kumbiyangoda CEXX5228
Kumbukattawa CEXX9756
Kumbukdeniya CEXX7991
Kumbuke CEXX1028
Kumbukgama CEXX7992
Kumbukgolla CEXX5229
Kumbukgolla CEXX9757
Kumbukhenagama CEXX5230
Kumbukkana Town CEXX9758
Kumbukkandanwela CEXX5231
Kumbukkolatenna CEXX5232
Kumbukkotuwa CEXX7993
Kumbukmulla CEXX3114
Kumbukwela CEXX9759
Kumbukwela CEXX5233
Kumbukwewa CEXX3115
Kumburegama CEXX5234
Kumburegammedda CEXX5235
Kumburegoda CEXX3116
Kumburekanda CEXX3117
Kumburugama CEXX7994
Kumburugamuwa CEXX7995
Kumburuhena CEXX3118
Kumburuhena CEXX1029
Kumburupiddy CEXX6606
Kumburutheniwela CEXX7996
Kumburuwela CEXX6607
Kummanaru CEXX6608
Kumpurumoolai CEXX6609
Kundagala CEXX7997
Kundagoda CEXX1030
Kundalagama CEXX5236
Kundalawatta CEXX1031
Kundanwila CEXX1032
Kundasale CEXX5237
Kunjawatta CEXX1033
Kunukalapuwa CEXX3119
Kuppayama CEXX5238
Kuppenda CEXX6610
Kuppiawatta CEXX1035
Kuradeniya CEXX5239
Kuragala CEXX7998
Kuragama CEXX5240
Kurakolayaya CEXX5241
Kurakolayayagoda CEXX3122
Kurana CEXX1036
Kurawalana CEXX1037
Kurawatura CEXX7999
Kurempola CEXX8000
Kuriellegama CEXX9761
Kurikotuwa CEXX1038
Kurinchakkeni CEXX6611
Kuriwela CEXX5242
Kurudippita CEXX1039
Kurugala CEXX1040
Kurugama CEXX9762
Kurugoda CEXX5243
Kurukadegama CEXX5244
Kurukkalmadam CEXX6612
Kurukohogama CEXX5245
Kurukuda CEXX5246
Kurukude CEXX9763
Kurukulawa CEXX1041
Kurukuttala CEXX5247
Kuruluhena CEXX3124
Kurumabapitiya CEXX8001
Kurumbure CEXX3125
Kurumunveli CEXX6613
Kurunayakamulla CEXX3126
Kurunchamunai CEXX6614
Kurunda CEXX1042
Kurunda CEXX3127
Kurundana CEXX3128
Kurundeniya CEXX5248
Kurundu Oya CEXX5249
Kurundugahaela CEXX5250
Kurundugala CEXX5251
Kurundugashena CEXX3130
Kurundugolla CEXX9764
Kurunduwatta CEXX1043
Kurunduwatta CEXX3131
Kurunduwatta CEXX9765
Kurunduwatta CEXX5253
Kurunduwatte CEXX3132
Kurunduwinna CEXX6615
Kurunegala CEXX0068
Kurupanawa CEXX3133
Kurupanawela CEXX5254
Kurupetta CEXX8002
Kurupita CEXX1044
Kuruppumulla CEXX1045
Kurusegoda CEXX3134
Kuruvittivu CEXX6617
Kuruwambe CEXX9766
Kuruwamulla CEXX1046
Kuruwawa CEXX5256
Kuruwita CEXX8003
Kuruwitenna CEXX9767
Kuswala CEXX1047
Kuttapitigoda CEXX8004
Kuttapitiya CEXX8005
Kuttigala CEXX8006
Kuttimalai CEXX1048
Kuttiweligoda CEXX1049
Kuttiwila CEXX1050
Kuttiyawatta CEXX3135
Labuduwa CEXX3136
Labugama CEXX5257
Labugammana CEXX3137
Labugastalawa CEXX9769
Labugolla CEXX5258
Labuhena CEXX9770
Labuhena CEXX5259
Labuhengoda CEXX3138
Ladduwa CEXX1052
Lahugala CEXX6618
Lahupane CEXX8007
Lakmana CEXX8008
Laksapatiya CEXX1053
Laksirigama CEXX9771
Lalpe CEXX3139
Lalupitiya CEXX1054
Lambutuwa CEXX8009
Lametiya CEXX3140
Landajulana CEXX3141
Landegama CEXX9772
Landewatugoda CEXX3142
Landewela CEXX9773
Landewela CEXX5260
Landupita CEXX5261
Landuyaya CEXX8010
Langana CEXX1055
Lankabarana CEXX8011
Lansiyahena CEXX1056
Lansiyawatta CEXX1057
Lansiyawatta CEXX3143
Lanumodara CEXX3144
Lanupottawela CEXX9774
Lappanagama CEXX5263
Lassapathana CEXX5264
Lassegama CEXX8012
Lassekanda CEXX8013
Latpandura CEXX1058
Lauwella CEXX1059
Lavanai CEXX6619
Laxapana CEXX5265
Leangawella CEXX9775
Ledgerwatta CEXX9776
Leekeligalaya CEXX8014
Legundeniya CEXX5267
Lekamgoda CEXX8015
Lelkada CEXX3145
Lellopitiya CEXX8016
Leloya CEXX5268
Lelwala Pahala CEXX3148
Lemaliar Colony CEXX5269
Lemasuriyagama CEXX5270
Lenadora CEXX5271
Lenaduwa CEXX3149
Lenagal Palata CEXX3150
Lenagala CEXX8017
Lenagala CEXX1060
Lenagala Ihala CEXX8018
Lenagala Pahala CEXX8019
Lenama CEXX3151
Lenawa CEXX5272
Lenawala CEXX5273
Lendaramulla CEXX8020
Lenewara CEXX1061
Lesliewatta CEXX5274
Letchamiya CEXX5275
Letchimie Totum CEXX5276
Lethernt South CEXX5277
Letiyahena CEXX5278
Levaltonwatta CEXX5279
Levuke CEXX8021
Lewala CEXX8022
Lewalagama CEXX6620
Lewdeniya CEXX5280
Lewduwa CEXX3152
Lewella CEXX5281
Lewellagolla CEXX5282
Lewis Place CEXX1062
Lewwanduwa CEXX1063
Lidesdailwatta CEXX5283
Lihiniyagammana CEXX1064
Lihiniyawa CEXX1065
Lindagala CEXX6621
Lindagawaada CEXX3154
Lindamulla CEXX9777
Lindara CEXX1066
Lindegedara CEXX9778
Lindula CEXX5284
Liniyagala CEXX8023
Liniyakaduwa CEXX8024
Liniyaketiya CEXX5285
Lintotapaya CEXX3155
Liyadipitiya CEXX9779
Liyanaduwa CEXX3156
Liyanagama CEXX8025
Liyanagamakanda CEXX3157
Liyanagaswagura CEXX5286
Liyanagemulla CEXX1067
Liyanagoda CEXX3158
Liyandawela CEXX8027
Liyandeniya CEXX5287
Liyangolla CEXX0069
Liyanwala CEXX1068
Lokepila CEXX1069
Lokilangamuwa CEXX1070
Lolgoda CEXX8028
Lolla CEXX3159
Lolowa CEXX1071
Lonach CEXX5289
Loolbadduwa CEXX1072
Lorawatta Colony CEXX5290
Loriston Watta CEXX5291
Lower Glostar CEXX5292
Lukadagama CEXX5293
Lulkandura CEXX5294
Lunama CEXX3160
Lunawa CEXX1073
Lunuatugama CEXX9783
Lunugala CEXX9784
Lunugalla CEXX9785
Lunugama CEXX5295
Lunugamwehera CEXX3161
Lunugotu Kanda CEXX1074
Lunuwelikanda CEXX5296
Lunuwelikotha CEXX9786
Maberiya CEXX5297
Mabima CEXX1075
Mabingoda CEXX3162
Mabodale CEXX1076
Mabole CEXX1077
Mabopitiya CEXX8029
Mabotuwana CEXX3163
Mabulgoda CEXX1078
Madabandara CEXX8030
Madabawita CEXX1079
Madadeniya CEXX5298
Madaduwa CEXX3164
Madagama CEXX1080
Madagama CEXX8031
Madagammana CEXX8032
Madagedaragama CEXX9787
Madagoda CEXX3165
Madahapolakanda CEXX5299
Madakada CEXX1081
Madakada CEXX3166
Madakandura CEXX8033
Madakotuwa CEXX1083
Madakumbara CEXX1084
Madakumbura CEXX5300
Madakumbura CEXX3167
Madalagama CEXX8034
Madam CEXX8035
Madam CEXX9788
Madama CEXX3168
Madampagama CEXX3169
Madampe CEXX8036
Madampe CEXX1085
Madana CEXX8037
Madanakanda CEXX6624
Madangastuduwa CEXX1086
Madanpitiya CEXX5301
Madanwala CEXX5302
Madapata CEXX1087
Madapathala CEXX3170
Madapathana CEXX9789
Madara CEXX8038
Madaragoda CEXX3171
Madavichchenai CEXX6625
Madawachchi CEXX6626
Madawala CEXX1088
Madawala CEXX8039
Madawala CEXX3172
Madawala Ulpota CEXX5304
Madawalana CEXX3173
Madawalathenna CEXX5305
Madawalawatta CEXX8040
Madawallanda CEXX9790
Madawela CEXX5306
Madawela CEXX8041
Madawita CEXX1089
Maddegama CEXX3174
Maddegama CEXX8042
Maddegoda CEXX8043
Maddehiniwela CEXX8044
Maddena CEXX1090
Maddewila CEXX3175
Maddewilla CEXX3176
Maddumagegoda CEXX3177
Madduppalai CEXX6627
Madeiyawa CEXX8045
Madelgamuwa CEXX1091
Madeniya CEXX5307
Madihe East CEXX3178
Madihe West CEXX3179
Madiligama CEXX5308
Madinakanda CEXX1092
Madinnagoda CEXX1093
Madippalumulla CEXX9791
Maditiyawala CEXX1094
Madittagama CEXX1095
Madittahena CEXX8046
Madittapola CEXX8047
Madiwela CEXX1096
Madola CEXX8048
Madolpitiya CEXX9792
Madombe CEXX3180
Madugalla CEXX5312
Madugama CEXX9796
Madugasmulla CEXX9797
Madugastalawa CEXX9798
Madugastenna CEXX5313
Madugoda CEXX5314
Madugoda CEXX3182
Madugolla CEXX9799
Madukotaarawa CEXX9800
Madukotanarawa CEXX9801
Madulkele CEXX5315
Madulubowa CEXX8049
Maduluwawa CEXX1097
Madumana CEXX5318
Madunkumbura CEXX3183
Madupitiya CEXX1098
Madura Oya CEXX9802
Madurawa CEXX1099
Madurawata CEXX1100
Maduruduwa CEXX1101
Maduruduwa CEXX3184
Maduruketiya CEXX9803
Madurumandiya CEXX9804
Madurumulla CEXX8050
Madurupitiya CEXX1102
Maduruwita CEXX1103
Maduvanwala CEXX8051
Maduwa CEXX3185
Maduwala CEXX3186
Maduwanwala CEXX8052
Maduwegedara CEXX1105
Maduwegoda CEXX3187
Maduwelketiya CEXX5319
Maduwila CEXX3188
Maeliya CEXX1106
Magahena CEXX3189
Magala CEXX8054
Magala CEXX3190
Magala North CEXX3191
Magala South CEXX3192
Magalegoda CEXX1107
Magalkanda CEXX1108
Magalla CEXX3193
Magallagoda CEXX3194
Magaltota CEXX3195
Magama CEXX8055
Magama CEXX3196
Magamayagama CEXX3197
Magammana CEXX1109
Magammana CEXX8056
Magamure CEXX3198
Magandana CEXX9805
Magandanamulla CEXX9806
Magedara CEXX3199
Maggona CEXX1110
Maggona East CEXX1111
Magunamale CEXX8057
Magura CEXX1112
Magurudeniya CEXX8058
Magurugoda CEXX1113
Maha Akurangoda CEXX3200
Maha Arukgoda CEXX1114
Maha Aswedduma CEXX5320
Maha Bellana CEXX1115
Maha Hunupitiya CEXX1117
Maha Indiwewa CEXX3201
Maha Induruwa CEXX3202
Maha Kalupahana CEXX1118
Maha Oya CEXX0070
Maha Payagala CEXX1119
Maha Uragaha CEXX3203
Maha Uva CEXX5321
Maha Uvawatta CEXX5322
Maha Vidyalaya CEXX8060
Maha Waskaduwa CEXX1120
Maha-Pallegama CEXX8061
Mahaarawa CEXX9807
Mahaarembe CEXX3204
Mahabage CEXX1121
Mahabage CEXX8062
Mahabolana CEXX3205
Mahabuthgamuwa CEXX1122
Mahadeniya CEXX1123
Mahadeniya CEXX3206
Mahaedanda CEXX3207
Mahaella CEXX6628
Mahagalgoda CEXX3208
Mahagalla CEXX5323
Mahagama CEXX9809
Mahagama CEXX8063
Mahagama North CEXX1124
Mahagama South CEXX1125
Mahagammedda CEXX1126
Mahagangoda CEXX9810
Mahagastota CEXX5325
Mahagewatta CEXX1127
Mahagoda CEXX8064
Mahagoda CEXX3209
Mahagoda CEXX1128
Mahagodawatta CEXX8065
Mahagonaduwa CEXX1129
Mahahapugala CEXX3210
Mahahegoda CEXX3211
Mahahena CEXX3212
Mahahengoda CEXX3213
Mahahilla CEXX3214
Mahailavadduwan CEXX6629
Mahaiyawa CEXX5326
Mahajandura CEXX3215
Mahakalugolla CEXX9811
Mahakanda CEXX3216
Mahakanda CEXX8066
Mahakanda CEXX9812
Mahakandura CEXX5327
Mahakandura CEXX9813
Mahakarawa CEXX3217
Mahakele CEXX9814
Mahakele CEXX1130
Mahakithgama CEXX1131
Mahakudugalagama CEXX5328
Mahakumbura CEXX5329
Mahakumbura CEXX9815
Mahaladuwa CEXX3218
Mahalakotuwa CEXX5330
Mahalanda CEXX1132
Mahalapitiya CEXX3219
Mahalassawatta CEXX8067
Mahalevakanda CEXX5331
Mahalindagoda CEXX3220
Mahalla CEXX8068
Mahaloluwa CEXX1133
Mahalpe CEXX3221
Mahalunuke CEXX9816
Mahamada CEXX9817
Mahamadawala CEXX3222
Mahamaditta CEXX3223
Mahamederiya CEXX3224
Mahamodara CEXX3225
Mahamulugoda CEXX3226
Mahanda CEXX5332
Mahante CEXX3227
Mahapaddawala CEXX3228
Mahapattapola CEXX5333
Mahapelana CEXX3229
Mahapitiya CEXX9818
Mahapitiya CEXX3230
Mahapitiya CEXX5334
Mahara CEXX5335
Mahara CEXX3231
Mahara CEXX8069
Mahara CEXX1134
Maharagama CEXX1135
Maharambe CEXX3232
Maharandombe CEXX3233
Maharatenna CEXX5336
Maharekma CEXX1136
Maharuppe CEXX3234
Mahasengama CEXX5337
Mahathenna CEXX9819
Mahathenna CEXX8070
Mahathenna CEXX5338
Mahattuwa CEXX1137
Mahaulpatha CEXX9820
Mahawala CEXX5339
Mahawala CEXX3236
Mahawalathenna CEXX8071
Mahawalawatta CEXX1138
Mahawanawela CEXX6630
Mahawatta CEXX1139
Mahawatta CEXX5340
Mahawatta CEXX3237
Mahawatta CEXX8072
Mahawattekanda CEXX8073
Mahaweediya CEXX1140
Mahawela CEXX5341
Mahawela CEXX9821
Mahawela CEXX6631
Mahawela CEXX8074
Mahawelagama CEXX9822
Mahawelatota CEXX0071
Mahawelgoda CEXX8075
Mahawewa CEXX9823
Mahawewa CEXX3239
Mahawewa Colony CEXX5342
Mahawila CEXX1141
Mahawila CEXX3240
Mahawilawatta CEXX5343
Mahayaya CEXX3241
Mahena CEXX8077
Mahena CEXX1142
Mahingala CEXX1143
Mahinkanda CEXX8078
Mahipalagoda CEXX1144
Mahiragala CEXX8079
Mahiyangana CEXX5344
Mailagama CEXX9824
Maimbula CEXX1145
Maipalagoda CEXX1146
Maitipe CEXX3242
Maiyokkawatta CEXX9825
Majuwana CEXX3243
Makalanda CEXX1147
Makalandawa CEXX1148
Makalanduwa CEXX3244
Makandana CEXX1149
Makandura CEXX8080
Makandura East CEXX3245
Makandura West CEXX3246
Makarayawala CEXX5345
Makawita CEXX3247
Makeliyawala CEXX5346
Makempe CEXX5347
Makewita CEXX1150
Makiladitivu CEXX6632
Makilangamuwa CEXX1151
Makkanigoda CEXX1152
Makkiluttu CEXX6633
Makkulanai CEXX6634
Makola North CEXX1153
Makola South CEXX1154
Makuldeniya CEXX5348
Makuldola CEXX8081
Makulgaharuppe CEXX5349
Makulgaswewa CEXX5350
Makulgolla CEXX9826
Makulla Town CEXX9827
Makullawatta CEXX9828
Makuluduwa CEXX1155
Makulussa Colony CEXX5351
Makuluwagama CEXX9829
Makulwinigoda CEXX8082
Makumbura CEXX3248
Makumbura CEXX1156
Makura CEXX8083
Makura CEXX1157
Malaboda CEXX1158
Malaboda CEXX9830
Malagala CEXX1159
Malagammana CEXX5352
Malagatenna CEXX3249
Malagegoda CEXX3250
Malagekumbura CEXX5353
Malagoda East CEXX3251
Malagoda West CEXX3252
Malaimuntal CEXX6635
Malalagamduwa CEXX3253
Malalagoda CEXX3254
Malalyadi CEXX6636
Malambe CEXX1160
Malamulla CEXX1161
Malamure CEXX3257
Malana CEXX3258
Malandeniya CEXX3259
Malandeniya CEXX8084
Malangama CEXX9831
Malapalla CEXX1162
Malapattawa CEXX5354
Malattawela CEXX9832
Malawala CEXX3260
Malawaragoda CEXX8085
Malawenna CEXX3261
Malawita CEXX8086
Malberiyatenna CEXX5355
Maldam Ambe CEXX9833
Maldeniya CEXX5356
Maldeniya CEXX8087
Malegoda CEXX1163
Malehegeayine CEXX3262
Malewana CEXX1164
Malewangoda CEXX1165
Malgammana CEXX5357
Malgandeniya CEXX5358
Malgashinna CEXX9834
Malgaskatuwa CEXX9835
Malgoda CEXX9836
Malgolla Colony CEXX5359
Malhewa CEXX5360
Maliboda Estate CEXX8088
Maliduwa CEXX3263
Maligagodella CEXX8089
Maligaspe CEXX3264
Maligastenna CEXX9837
Maligatenna CEXX9838
Maligatenna CEXX5361
Maligathenna CEXX8090
Maligattena CEXX1166
Maligawatta CEXX1167
Malikade Meda CEXX1168
Malikawatta CEXX5362
Malimmada East CEXX3265
Malinda CEXX1169
Malindagoda CEXX1170
Malitta CEXX9839
Malittagoda CEXX3266
Maliyadda CEXX9840
Maliyadda CEXX8091
Maliyagoda CEXX3267
Maliyalamulla CEXX1171
Maliyangoda CEXX8092
Maliyedda CEXX5364
Malkampiddy CEXX6637
Mallagastenna CEXX5365
Mallawa CEXX9841
Mallawagedara CEXX1172
Mallehewa CEXX1173
Malliappawa CEXX5366
Malliappuwa CEXX5367
Mallikaitivu CEXX6638
Malmaduwa CEXX8093
Malmikanda CEXX8094
Malokgamuwa CEXX3268
Malpola CEXX5368
Malpudanella CEXX3269
Maluanehinna CEXX5369
Malulla CEXX5370
Maluwagoda CEXX5371
Malwala CEXX8095
Malwana CEXX8096
Malwana CEXX1174
Malwariyekema CEXX9842
Malwatta CEXX8097
Malwattabata CEXX8098
Malwattegama CEXX9843
Malwatutenna CEXX8099
Mamadala CEXX3270
Mamalgaha CEXX8100
Mambula CEXX1176
Mampe North CEXX1177
Mampe South CEXX1178
Mampitiya CEXX3271
Mamudawela CEXX5373
Manaboda CEXX5374
Managangoda CEXX3272
Manahinda CEXX5375
Manakandura CEXX3273
Manakola CEXX5376
Manamperigama CEXX3274
Manampita CEXX3275
Manampitiya CEXX3276
Manana CEXX8101
Mananahena CEXX3277
Mananandumulla CEXX3278
Manangoda CEXX3279
Manatchenai CEXX6640
Manawela CEXX3280
Manawela CEXX9844
Manawepahala CEXX8102
Manaweriya CEXX1179
Manawila CEXX3281
Manchanthoduvai CEXX6641
Mandaduwa CEXX3282
Mandakanda CEXX3283
Mandam CEXX6643
Mandandawela CEXX5377
Mandapattadi CEXX6644
Mandaran Newara CEXX5378
Mandarannu CEXX5379
Mandawala CEXX8103
Mandawala North CEXX1180
Mandawala South CEXX1181
Mandawalapitiya CEXX5380
Mandiyagoda CEXX3284
Mandur CEXX6646
Maneluwa CEXX5381
Mangalagama CEXX5382
Mangalatiriya CEXX1182
Mangedara CEXX8104
Mangedara CEXX1183
Mangoda CEXX5383
Manhandiya CEXX1184
Manikgoda CEXX3285
Manikkanda CEXX8105
Manikkawa CEXX8106
Manikpura CEXX9845
Manilwala CEXX5384
Maningamuwa CEXX1185
Maningamuwa CEXX5385
Manipuregoda CEXX8107
Mankadu CEXX6647
Mankanai CEXX6648
Mankerni CEXX6649
Mankikaddu CEXX6650
Mankulam CEXX0072
Manmunai CEXX6651
Mannagoda CEXX3286
Manning Town CEXX1186
Manomachchigoda CEXX3287
Manthottama CEXX6652
Manthreethenna CEXX5386
Maoyawatta CEXX5388
Mapalabedda CEXX3288
Mapalagama CEXX3289
Mapalana CEXX3290
Mapalangedara CEXX1187
Mapanawatura CEXX5389
Mapilla CEXX5390
Mapitakanda CEXX3291
Mapitigama CEXX8108
Mapitiya CEXX8109
Mappala CEXX1188
Marabedda CEXX5391
Maradana CEXX1189
Maradola CEXX8110
Maradurawala CEXX5392
Maragala CEXX8111
Maragalawatta CEXX9846
Maragasgoda CEXX3292
Maragaswathugoda CEXX3293
Maragoda CEXX3294
Maragomuwa CEXX5393
Marahena CEXX5394
Maraka CEXX5395
Marakanda CEXX3295
Marakkalagoda CEXX3296
Marakkalahawatta CEXX1190
Marakolliya CEXX3297
Maraliya CEXX8112
Marambakanda CEXX8113
Marambe CEXX8114
Marangahawela CEXX9847
Marangala CEXX6653
Marangallawahawa CEXX6654
Maranthotagoda CEXX8115
Marapalam CEXX6655
Marapana CEXX8116
Marapitiya CEXX8117
Marapola CEXX1191
Maratenna CEXX8118
Maratugoda CEXX5396
Maratuwela CEXX5397
Marawa CEXX9848
Marawanagoda CEXX5398
Marawikumbura CEXX5399
Marawila CEXX3298
Marguerita CEXX5400
Mariarawa CEXX9849
Mariawatta CEXX5401
Maritondu CEXX9850
Martupitiya CEXX3299
Maruddana CEXX5402
Marukwatura CEXX8119
Marutadichchenai CEXX6656
Marutagahamulla CEXX1192
Marutamunai CEXX6657
Mashena CEXX3300
Masimbula CEXX8120
Masingamedda CEXX5403
Maskeliya CEXX5404
Masmulla CEXX3301
Maspanna CEXX9851
Massalapitiya CEXX3302
Massalgoda CEXX1193
Massena Road CEXX8121
Massenna CEXX8122
Maswela CEXX5405
Maswila CEXX1194
Maswila CEXX3303
Matagoda CEXX1195
Matalana CEXX1196
Matale CEXX0074
Matale Polwatta CEXX5406
Matammana CEXX1197
Matara CEXX0075
Mathetilla CEXX5407
Mathgamuwa CEXX5408
Mathirankerni CEXX6658
Mathurata CEXX5409
Mathuratawatta CEXX5410
Matikumbura CEXX9852