Weather Codes for Spain

Find Weather Codes or Weather Zip Codes for states and cities in Spain. Weather Codes references a specified Location and is used to get weather of that place accurately. They are used by The Weather Channel( by IBM), Yahoo! Weather, AOL Weather and many such weather forecasting platforms. It is similar to Yahoo's WOEID(Where On the Earth ID) that is used to represent each place uniquely.

You can know the weather of any place precisely with the help of weather codes. Find the current weather of your state or city by clicking on it. You will be redirected to The Weather Channel site with your weather code for accurate weather forecast.

A Ameixenda SPXX1571
A Baiuca SPXX1572
A Bana SPXX1573
A Barqueira SPXX1574
A Cabana SPXX1575
A Calle SPXX1576
A Coruna SPXX1577
A Grana SPXX1578
A Igrexa SPXX1579
A Malata SPXX1580
A Marina SPXX1581
A Riba SPXX1583
A seara SPXX1585
A Toxa SPXX1584
A Veiguina SPXX6896
Abad SPXX1586
Abadino SPXX9925
Aballe SPXX6897
Abamia SPXX6898
Abancena SPXX6899
Abandames SPXX6900
Abango SPXX6901
Abaniella SPXX6902
Abanilla SPXX0269
Abanqueiro SPXX1587
Abanto SPXX1588
Abantro SPXX6903
Abarca SPXX1589
Abarzuza SPXX0267
Abastas SPXX1590
Abastillas SPXX1591
Abaurregaina SPXX0268
Abaurrepea SPXX1055
Abayu SPXX6904
Abdet SPXX1592
Abeancos SPXX1593
Abedul SPXX6905
Abedules SPXX6906
Abegondo SPXX0270
Abeijon SPXX1594
Abejuela SPXX5987
Abejuela SPXX6383
Abeleiras SPXX1595
Abella SPXX1596
Abellas SPXX1598
Abelleira SPXX1599
Abengibre SPXX5988
Abenojar SPXX1094
Abenuj SPXX5989
Abeo SPXX6907
Abiegos SPXX6908
Abio SPXX1601
Abla SPXX6384
Ablana de Abajo SPXX6909
Ablana de Arriba SPXX6910
Ablaneda SPXX6911
Ablanedo SPXX6912
Ables SPXX6913
Abono SPXX6914
Aboy SPXX1602
Abraido SPXX6915
Abrera SPXX0271
Abriojal SPXX6385
Abrucena SPXX6386
Abuzaderas SPXX5990
Acala del Rio SPXX0272
Acardece SPXX1095
Acebal SPXX6916
Acebedo SPXX6917
Acebuche SPXX5991
Acebuches SPXX1603
Acedera SPXX9661
Acehuche SPXX1096
Acellana SPXX6919
Acera de la Vega SPXX1604
Acered SPXX1605
Aces SPXX6920
Aceuchal SPXX9662
Acevedo SPXX6921
Aciera SPXX6922
Acorda SPXX9926
Acorralados SPXX6923
Actur SPXX1606
Acumuer SPXX0921
Acuncheira SPXX1607
Adanero SPXX9275
Adelfar SPXX1608
Ademuz SPXX1097
Adios SPXX0973
Adra SPXX0273
Adrado SPXX6924
Adragonte SPXX1609
Adrales SPXX6925
Adrall SPXX1610
Adrano SPXX1611
Adsubia SPXX1612
Aduanas SPXX1613
Agar SPXX1614
Agarre SPXX9927
Agell SPXX1615
Ager SPXX1616
Agon SPXX1617
Agones SPXX6926
Agost SPXX1618
Agramon SPXX5992
Agramunt SPXX1619
Agranzon SPXX1620
Agreda SPXX0087
Agrelo SPXX1621
Agrodosio SPXX1622
Agron SPXX1623
Agua Amarga SPXX6387
Agua del Pilar SPXX9663
Aguadulce SPXX0274
Aguadux SPXX1624
Aguafria SPXX1625
Agualada SPXX1626
Aguamaroza SPXX6927
Aguaron SPXX1627
Aguaza SPXX5993
Aguda SPXX6928
Agudo SPXX0253
Aguera SPXX6929
Aguera del Coto SPXX6932
Agueras SPXX6933
Agueria SPXX6934
Aguerina SPXX6935
Agues SPXX6936
Aguilafuente SPXX1098
Aguilar SPXX6937
Aguilar de Ebro SPXX1628
Aguilas SPXX1100
Aguilo SPXX1630
Aguilon SPXX1631
Aguino SPXX6938
Aguiro SPXX1632
Agullent SPXX1633
Ahedo SPXX9928
Ahigal SPXX1101
Ahillas SPXX1634
Ahillones SPXX9664
Aiazo SPXX1635
Aiguabella SPXX1636
Aiguafreda SPXX1637
Aiguamurcia SPXX1638
Aiguees SPXX1639
Ainzon SPXX1640
Aisa SPXX0985
Aitona SPXX1641
Aizarnazabal SPXX0951
Ajui SPXX1102
Ajuria SPXX9929
Akorda SPXX9930
Alacano SPXX9931
Aladren SPXX1642
Alaejos SPXX1103
Alagon SPXX0275
Alaior SPXX0276
Alajar SPXX1643
Alange SPXX9665
Alanis SPXX1104
Alaquas SPXX0277
Alar del Rey SPXX1644
Alarba SPXX1645
Alas i Cerc SPXX1646
Alatoz SPXX5994
Alava SPXX6939
Alba de Cerrato SPXX1647
Albacete SPXX0278
Albaida SPXX1649
Albaida SPXX0279
Albal SPXX0280
Albanchez SPXX6388
Albandi SPXX6940
Albarca SPXX1652
Albarellos SPXX1653
Albariza SPXX1654
Albatana SPXX5995
Albatarrec SPXX1655
Albatera SPXX0281
Alberic SPXX0282
Albeta SPXX1657
Albinyana SPXX1658
Albite SPXX1659
Albixoi SPXX1660
Albiz SPXX9932
Albiztur SPXX0980
Albocasser SPXX1105
Albojarico SPXX5996
Alboloduy SPXX6389
Albolote SPXX0283
Alborache SPXX1661
Alboraya SPXX0284
Alborea SPXX5997
Alboreda SPXX1662
Albores SPXX1663
Alborge SPXX1664
Albornos SPXX9276
Albox SPXX1106
Alboy SPXX1665
Albuerne SPXX6941
Alburquerque SPXX1107
Alcadina SPXX5998
Alcadozo SPXX5999
Alcaide SPXX6390
Alcala de Ebro SPXX1666
Alcala del Jucar SPXX6000
Alcala del Valle SPXX0285
Alcala la Real SPXX1109
Alcalali SPXX1669
Alcanar SPXX1670
Alcaniz SPXX1110
Alcantara SPXX1111
Alcantarilla SPXX0286
Alcantarilla SPXX6001
Alcaraz SPXX1112
Alcarras SPXX0287
Alcasser SPXX0288
Alcaudete SPXX1113
Alcazarejos SPXX6002
Alcedo SPXX6942
Alcira SPXX0004
Alcobaza SPXX9666
Alcobendas SPXX0005
Alcoi SPXX0133
Alcolecha SPXX1671
Alconchel SPXX9667
Alconera SPXX9668
Alcontar SPXX6391
Alcoraya SPXX1673
Alcorcon SPXX0006
Alcorisa SPXX1114
Alcoy SPXX1674
Alcoyes SPXX1675
Alcublas SPXX1676
Alcudia SPXX1677
Alcudia SPXX0007
Alcudiola SPXX1678
Aldaca SPXX9933
Aldai SPXX9934
Aldaia SPXX0289
Aldape SPXX9935
Aldea SPXX6943
Aldea del Cano SPXX1116
Aldeacentenera SPXX1117
Aldeacueva SPXX9936
Aldeahermosa SPXX1679
Aldealabad SPXX9278
Aldeaquemada SPXX1680
Aldeaseca SPXX9281
Aldeavella SPXX1681
Aldeavieja SPXX9282
Aldehuela SPXX9283
Aldeilla SPXX1684
Aldemunde SPXX1685
Aldin SPXX6944
Alea SPXX6945
Alecua SPXX1686
Alella SPXX0290
Alen SPXX9937
Alentorn SPXX1687
Alevia SPXX6946
Alfafar SPXX0291
Alfaix SPXX6393
Alfajarin SPXX1688
Alfamen SPXX1689
Alfar SPXX1690
Alfareria SPXX1692
Alfarp SPXX1693
Alfatares SPXX1694
Alfes SPXX1695
Alfocea SPXX1696
Alforins SPXX1697
Alforja SPXX1698
Alforque SPXX1699
Algaida SPXX6394
Algar SPXX1700
Algeciras SPXX0088
Algemesi SPXX0292
Algete SPXX0293
Alginet SPXX0294
Algora SPXX1119
Algorfa SPXX1702
Algorta SPXX0295
Alguazas SPXX0296
Alguena SPXX1703
Alguerdo SPXX6947
Alhabia SPXX6395
Alhama de Aragon SPXX1704
Alhama de Murcia SPXX0298
Alharilla SPXX1705
Alhori SPXX1706
Aliaga SPXX1120
Alicante SPXX0008
Alienes SPXX6948
Alio SPXX1707
Aliseda SPXX1121
Aljaraque SPXX1708
Aljariz SPXX6396
Aljau SPXX1709
Aljorf SPXX1710
Aljube SPXX6003
Allence SPXX6949
Allende SPXX9938
Allende SPXX6950
Alles SPXX6951
Allona SPXX9939
Almacelles SPXX1122
Almaden SPXX1123
Almafra SPXX1711
Almagro SPXX0301
Almajalejo SPXX6397
Almansa SPXX0261
Almansas SPXX1712
Almanzora SPXX6398
Almarch SPXX1713
Almassera SPXX1714
Almassora SPXX0302
Almazan SPXX1124
Almazaran SPXX6004
Almeiras SPXX1716
Almenara SPXX1717
Almendral SPXX9669
Almendralejo SPXX1125
Almeria SPXX0009
Almerimar SPXX6399
Almika SPXX9940
Almirez SPXX6005
Almocaizar SPXX6400
Almochuel SPXX1718
Almocita SPXX6401
Almonte SPXX1126
Almoradi SPXX0305
Almorchon SPXX9670
Almorox SPXX1127
Almozara SPXX0306
Almuna SPXX6952
Almunecar SPXX0307
Almurfe SPXX6953
Almussafes SPXX0308
Alon SPXX1722
Alonsotegi SPXX9941
Alora SPXX0309
Alos de Balaguer SPXX1723
Alos de Isil SPXX1724
Alosno SPXX1128
Alovera SPXX0310
Alp SPXX1725
Alpartir SPXX1726
Alpedrete SPXX0311
Alpens SPXX1727
Alpera SPXX6006
Alpicat SPXX0312
Alpizar SPXX1728
Alpuente SPXX1729
Alsodux SPXX6402
Altamira SPXX9942
Altamiros SPXX9284
Altea SPXX0314
Altea la Vella SPXX1730
Altet SPXX1731
Altron SPXX1732
Altsasu SPXX1129
Altzuaga SPXX9943
Altzusta SPXX9944
Aluenda SPXX1733
Alvare SPXX6954
Alzira SPXX0315
Amandi SPXX6955
Amarela SPXX1734
Amavida SPXX9285
Amavizcar SPXX9945
Ambas SPXX6956
Ambel SPXX1738
Ambiedes SPXX6957
Ambingue SPXX6958
Ambres SPXX6959
Ambroa SPXX1739
Ambros SPXX6960
Ameijenda SPXX1740
Ames SPXX0316
Ametlla SPXX1741
Ametzola SPXX9946
Amez SPXX9947
Amoloig SPXX1742
Amoroto SPXX1048
Amposta SPXX0318
Ampudia SPXX1743
Amurrio SPXX0319
Amusco SPXX1744
Ana SPXX1745
Anahuir SPXX1746
Anas SPXX1747
Anayo SPXX6961
Anca SPXX1748
Anceis SPXX1749
Andabao SPXX1750
Andami SPXX1751
Andeade SPXX1752
Andeiro SPXX1753
Andeo SPXX6962
Anderbe SPXX6963
Andes SPXX6964
Andikoa SPXX9948
Andilla SPXX1754
Andina SPXX6965
Andinas SPXX6966
Andoain SPXX0320
Andosilla SPXX1130
Andoyo SPXX1755
Andrade SPXX1756
Andraka SPXX9950
Andramari SPXX9951
Andrin SPXX6967
Anduerga SPXX6968
Andujar SPXX0250
Anes SPXX6969
Angeles SPXX1757
Angeriz SPXX1758
Angles SPXX0321
Anglesola SPXX1759
Ania SPXX6970
Anides SPXX6971
Anieves SPXX6972
Anleo SPXX6973
Anllons SPXX1760
Anobres SPXX1761
Anon SPXX1762
Anos SPXX1763
Anover de Tajo SPXX0322
Anoza SPXX1764
Ansean SPXX1765
Anso SPXX1016
Antas SPXX6404
Antequera SPXX0089
Antes SPXX1766
Antigua SPXX1133
Antiguedad SPXX1767
Antonana SPXX6974
Antrialgo SPXX6975
Anuncibay SPXX9952
Anxeles SPXX1768
Anzas SPXX6976
Anzo SPXX6977
Aoiz SPXX0979
Aparral SPXX1769
Apatamonasterio SPXX9953
Apeadero SPXX6405
Aplazadoiro SPXX1770
Arabejo SPXX1771
Arabuste SPXX9954
Araceli SPXX1772
Aracena SPXX0090
Arahos SPXX1773
Arama SPXX0965
Aramil SPXX6978
Aramil de Arriba SPXX6979
Aramunt SPXX1774
Aran SPXX1775
Arana SPXX9955
Arancedo SPXX6980
Aranda de Duero SPXX1134
Arandiga SPXX1777
Arandojo SPXX6981
Aranga SPXX1778
Arangas SPXX6982
Aranguren SPXX9956
Araniego SPXX6983
Aranjuez SPXX0010
Arano SPXX1779
Aranser SPXX1780
Aransis SPXX1781
Aranton SPXX1782
Aranzazu Celaya SPXX9957
Aras de Alpuente SPXX1783
Aravell SPXX1784
Araya SPXX0920
Arbacegui SPXX9958
Arbaiza SPXX9959
Arbas SPXX6984
Arbeca SPXX1785
Arbeyales SPXX6985
Arbizu SPXX1014
Arbo SPXX1135
Arboces SPXX6986
Arboleas SPXX6406
Arboleya SPXX6987
Arboli SPXX1786
Arboliz SPXX9960
Arbon SPXX6988
Arbucies SPXX1136
Arbuniel SPXX1787
Arca SPXX1788
Arcabell SPXX1789
Arcallana SPXX6989
Arce SPXX9961
Arcediago SPXX1790
Arceo SPXX1791
Archena SPXX0323
Archidona SPXX0324
Archs SPXX1792
Arco SPXX6990
Arcocha SPXX9962
Arcos SPXX1793
Arcos SPXX6991
Ardana SPXX1794
Ardemil SPXX1795
Ardenya SPXX1796
Ardesaldo SPXX6992
Ardevol SPXX1797
Ardiaca SPXX1798
Ardila SPXX9671
Ardines SPXX6993
Ardisana SPXX6994
Ardovol SPXX1799
Areatza SPXX9963
Areeta SPXX9964
Arenales del Sol SPXX1800
Arenas SPXX6995
Arenos SPXX1804
Arenys de Mar SPXX0326
Arenys de Munt SPXX0327
Areo SPXX1805
Areosa SPXX1806
Ares SPXX0328
Ares SPXX1807
Areso SPXX1083
Aresti SPXX9965
Arestuy SPXX1808
Areta SPXX9966
Aretxabaleta SPXX0329
Aretxalde SPXX9967
Arevalo SPXX1137
Arfa SPXX1809
Argalo SPXX1810
Argamason SPXX6007
Argame SPXX6996
Argancinas SPXX6997
Arganda SPXX0331
Argandenes SPXX6998
Arganosa SPXX6999
Arganoso SPXX7000
Arganza SPXX7001
Arganzua SPXX7002
Argellas SPXX1811
Argentona SPXX0332
Argestues SPXX1812
Argilaga SPXX1813
Argolell SPXX1814
Argolellas SPXX7003
Argolibio SPXX7004
Argollanes SPXX7005
Arguelles SPXX7006
Arguellite SPXX6008
Arguero SPXX7007
Arguiol SPXX7008
Argul SPXX7009
Argumoso SPXX7010
Aria SPXX0992
Arico Viejo SPXX1139
Arines SPXX1815
Aristebano SPXX7011
Aristot SPXX1816
Ariza SPXX1140
Arizgoiti SPXX0011
Arjona SPXX1817
Arjonilla SPXX1818
Arkotxa SPXX9968
Arlos SPXX7012
Armada SPXX7013
Armal SPXX7014
Arman SPXX1819
Armayor SPXX7015
Armea SPXX1820
Armear SPXX1821
Armenande SPXX7016
Armental SPXX1822
Armental SPXX7017
Armenton SPXX1823
Armiello SPXX7018
Armilda SPXX7019
Armilla SPXX0091
Armintza SPXX9969
Arnao SPXX7020
Arne SPXX7021
Arnes SPXX1825
Arneva SPXX1826
Arnizo SPXX7022
Aro SPXX1827
Arobes SPXX7023
Aroche SPXX1828
Arostegieta SPXX9970
Arou SPXX1829
Arquillina SPXX7024
Arquillos SPXX1830
Arrabal SPXX1832
Arrabal de Jesus SPXX1833
Arraibi SPXX9971
Arrayanes SPXX1835
Arrazola SPXX9972
Arrecife SPXX0012
Arredondas SPXX7025
Arres SPXX1836
Arriaga SPXX9973
Arriba SPXX7026
Arrieta-Libao SPXX9974
Arrigorriaga SPXX0334
Arriondo SPXX7027
Arriquibar SPXX9975
Arro SPXX1837
Arroes SPXX7028
Arrojo SPXX7029
Arronategui SPXX9976
Arros SPXX1838
Arroturas SPXX1839
Arroyo SPXX1840
Arroyo SPXX0335
Arroyo SPXX7030
Arroyo Albanchez SPXX6408
Arroyo Cerezo SPXX1841
Arroyo del Gato SPXX9672
Arroyo Molinos SPXX1842
Arroyo Salado SPXX1843
Arroyo Santo SPXX1844
Arroyofrio SPXX6009
Arroyomolinos SPXX0336
Arroyos SPXX1847
Arruazu SPXX0922
Arrueiro SPXX1848
Arrunada SPXX7031
Ars SPXX1849
Arseguel SPXX1850
Arta SPXX9977
Arta SPXX0337
Artaj SPXX1851
Artazu SPXX1037
Arteaga SPXX6010
Arteaga de Abajo SPXX6011
Artecalle SPXX9978
Artedo SPXX7032
Artedosa SPXX7033
Arteixo SPXX0338
Arteos SPXX7034
Artes SPXX1852
Artesa de Lleida SPXX1853
Artesa de Segre SPXX1141
Arteta SPXX9979
Articas SPXX9980
Artieda SPXX1854
Arties SPXX1855
Artiga SPXX1856
Artika SPXX9981
Arton SPXX1857
Artosa SPXX7035
Arucas SPXX1142
Arzalde SPXX9982
Arzua SPXX0339
As Mirans SPXX1858
Asadelos SPXX1859
Asalo SPXX1860
Asco SPXX1861
Asenso SPXX1862
Asiego SPXX7036
Asnurri SPXX1863
Aso-Veral SPXX1864
Aspe SPXX0340
Aspra SPXX7037
Asprillas SPXX1865
Asteasu SPXX0341
Astelarre SPXX9983
Astell SPXX1866
Asterrika SPXX9984
Astigarraga SPXX0342
Astola SPXX9985
Astoreka SPXX9986
Astorga SPXX1143
Astrabudua SPXX9987
Astudillo SPXX1144
Asua SPXX9988
Atalaya SPXX7038
Atalaya SPXX9674
Atarfe SPXX0343
Atarrabia SPXX0344
Ataun SPXX0991
Atea SPXX1867
Atras SPXX7039
Aubert SPXX1869
Augasantas SPXX1870
Aulabar SPXX1871
Aulago SPXX6409
Aulesti SPXX9989
Auritz SPXX0935
Autilla del Pino SPXX1872
Avamonte SPXX1145
Aveinte SPXX9286
Avellaneda SPXX9287
Aveno SPXX7040
Avia SPXX1874
Avila SPXX0231
Aviles SPXX0202
Avin SPXX7041
Avinazas SPXX1875
Avinyo SPXX1876
Axpe SPXX9990
Ayacor SPXX1878
Ayamonte SPXX0092
Ayarza SPXX9991
Ayazaza SPXX9992
Aydi SPXX1879
Ayna SPXX6013
Ayones SPXX7042
Ayora SPXX1146
Ayuela SPXX1880
Azafa SPXX1881
Azagala SPXX9675
Azcaray SPXX9993
Azkoitia SPXX0346
Aznalcazar SPXX1147
Aznalcollar SPXX1148
Azorera SPXX7043
Azpeitia SPXX0347
Azuaga SPXX1149
Azuara SPXX1882
Babel SPXX1883
Babio SPXX1884
Bacares SPXX6410
Bacarot SPXX1885
Bada SPXX7044
Badajoz SPXX0203
Badalona SPXX0013
Badernado SPXX1886
Badules SPXX1887
Badulla SPXX1888
Baena SPXX1150
Baeza SPXX1889
Bagerque SPXX1890
Bagues SPXX1891
Bahillo SPXX1892
Bahinas SPXX7045
Bailen SPXX0251
Baina SPXX7046
Bainas SPXX1893
Baio SPXX1894
Baio Grande SPXX1895
Baiona SPXX0349
Baix Llobregat SPXX1896
Baizana SPXX1897
Bajada SPXX7047
Bajondillo SPXX9289
Bakio SPXX9994
Balaguer SPXX0350
Balazote SPXX1151
Balbarda SPXX9290
Balbin SPXX7048
Balconchan SPXX1899
Baldomar SPXX1900
Baldovar SPXX1901
Baleixo SPXX1902
Balerma SPXX6411
Baliarrain SPXX0925
Ballongo SPXX7049
Ballota SPXX7050
Balmaseda SPXX1531
Balmonte SPXX7051
Balneario SPXX1903
Balsa de Ves SPXX6014
Balsareny SPXX1904
Balsares SPXX1905
Balsera SPXX7052
Balsoma SPXX1906
Baltanas SPXX1152
Baltar SPXX1907
Baltarga SPXX1908
Balteiro SPXX1909
Bama SPXX1910
Bamiro SPXX1911
Bances SPXX7053
Bandadas SPXX9291
Bando SPXX1912
Bandoja SPXX1913
Bano SPXX1914
Banolas SPXX1153
Banos de Cerrato SPXX1915
Banos de la Pena SPXX1917
Banugues SPXX7054
Banyoles SPXX0351
Banzas SPXX1921
Baones SPXX7055
Baos SPXX1922
Baos SPXX7056
Baracaldo SPXX0014
Baradal SPXX7057
Barainca SPXX9995
Barajas SPXX9292
Barajores SPXX1924
Barakaldo SPXX0352
Barallobre SPXX1925
Baranain SPXX0353
Barandon SPXX7058
Barazon SPXX1926
Barbastro SPXX1154
Barbeira SPXX1927
Barbeiros SPXX1928
Barbeito SPXX1929
Barbens SPXX1930
Barbos SPXX1932
Barca SPXX7059
Barcala SPXX1933
Barcarrota SPXX9677
Barcellina SPXX7060
Barcelona SPXX0015
Barcenilla SPXX1935
Barcia SPXX7063
Barciela SPXX1936
Bardaos SPXX1937
Bardazoso SPXX1938
Bardullas SPXX1939
Bareno SPXX9996
Bares SPXX1940
Bargaedo SPXX7064
Barganiza SPXX7065
Bargas SPXX0355
Barinaga SPXX9997
Barizo SPXX1941
Baro SPXX1942
Barona SPXX1943
Barquina SPXX1944
Barraco SPXX1155
Barranan SPXX1946
Barranco SPXX1947
Barrax SPXX6015
Barreales SPXX9678
Barredo SPXX7067
Barreira SPXX1949
Barreiro SPXX1950
Barrencalle SPXX9998
Barrencu SPXX9999
Barrero SPXX7068
Barres SPXX7069
Barri del Centre SPXX1958
Barri del Gornal SPXX1959
Barri Gotic SPXX1951
Barriga SPXX1960
Barrio SPXX7070
Barrio Arroyo SPXX1961
Barrio Benalua SPXX1962
Barrio Chico SPXX9293
Barrio de Arriba SPXX1966
Barrio de Arriba SPXX9294
Barrio de Quiles SPXX6016
Barrio del Medio SPXX9295
Barrionuevo SPXX9296
Barro SPXX7071
Barro SPXX1975
Barroman SPXX9297
Barros SPXX7072
Barruera SPXX1977
Barues SPXX1978
Barxeta SPXX1979
Barzana SPXX7073
Barzanallana SPXX7075
Basauri SPXX0356
Bascoi SPXX1980
Bascones SPXX7076
Bascones de Ebro SPXX1981
Baselgas SPXX7077
Basonas SPXX1984
Bassella SPXX1985
Bastavales SPXX1986
Bastiagueiro SPXX1987
Batan del Puerto SPXX6018
Batanes SPXX6019
Batea SPXX1988
Baterna SPXX9298
Baterno SPXX9679
Batiao SPXX7078
Batoy SPXX1989
Batriban SPXX7079
Bauro SPXX7080
Bausen SPXX1002
Baya SPXX1990
Bayarcal SPXX6414
Bayarque SPXX6415
Bayas SPXX7081
Bayasca SPXX1991
Bayo SPXX7082
Bayones SPXX7083
Baza SPXX0266
Bazar SPXX1992
Bealo SPXX1993
Bean SPXX1994
Beas SPXX1995
Beas de Segura SPXX1156
Beasain SPXX0940
Beba SPXX1996
Bebares SPXX7084
Becedas SPXX9299
Becedillas SPXX9300
Becena SPXX7085
Becerrales SPXX7086
Becharro SPXX7087
Bedar SPXX6416
Beders SPXX1999
Bedmar SPXX2000
Bedrinana SPXX7088
Bedures SPXX7089
Beg SPXX6020
Begega SPXX7090
Begijar SPXX2001
Begues SPXX0357
Beiciella SPXX7091
Beifar SPXX7092
Beigondo SPXX2002
Beires SPXX6417
Beizama SPXX0949
Bejar SPXX1157
Bejeres SPXX2003
Belandres SPXX7093
Belascoain SPXX0956
Belchite SPXX1158
Beldredo SPXX7094
Beleno SPXX7095
Belerda SPXX7096
Belerdas SPXX2004
Belianes SPXX2005
Bellaguarda SPXX2007
Bellaterra SPXX2008
Bellavista SPXX2009
Bello SPXX7097
Bellotar SPXX6021
Bellprat SPXX2013
Bellpuig SPXX2014
Belltall SPXX2015
Bellvei SPXX2016
Bellvis SPXX2017
Belmez SPXX2018
Belmil SPXX2020
Belmonte SPXX7098
Beloncio SPXX7099
Belono SPXX7100
Belorado SPXX1159
Bemantes SPXX2023
Benacazon SPXX0358
Benageber SPXX2025
Benaguasil SPXX0359
Benali SPXX2026
Benalmadena SPXX0360
Benamer SPXX2027
Benasau SPXX2028
Benasque SPXX0093
Benatae SPXX2029
Benavente SPXX1160
Benavites SPXX2031
Bendimon SPXX2032
Bendon SPXX7101
Bendones SPXX7102
Beneixama SPXX2033
Benejuzar SPXX2034
Benes SPXX2035
Beneso SPXX2036
Benete SPXX1161
Benetusser SPXX0361
Benferri SPXX2037
Benia SPXX7103
Benialfaqui SPXX2038
Beniali SPXX2039
Beniarbeig SPXX2040
Beniarda SPXX2041
Beniarres SPXX2042
Beniatjar SPXX2043
Beniaya SPXX2044
Benicassim SPXX0362
Benichembla SPXX2045
Benidoleig SPXX2046
Benidorm SPXX0165
Beniel SPXX0363
Benifaio SPXX0364
Benifallet SPXX2049
Benifaraig SPXX2050
Benifato SPXX2051
Beniferri SPXX2052
Benifetal SPXX2053
Beniganim SPXX0365
Benijofar SPXX2054
Benimaclet SPXX2055
Benimagrell SPXX2056
Benimallunt SPXX2057
Benimamet SPXX2058
Benimantell SPXX2059
Benimassot SPXX2060
Benimaurell SPXX2061
Benimeli SPXX2062
Beninar SPXX6418
Beniopa SPXX2063
Benipeixcar SPXX2064
Benirrama SPXX2065
Benisili SPXX2066
Benisiva SPXX2067
Benissa SPXX2068
Benissanet SPXX2069
Benissoda SPXX2070
Benitachell SPXX2071
Benitagla SPXX6419
Benitaya SPXX2072
Benitorafe SPXX6420
Benitos SPXX9301
Benizalon SPXX6421
Benos SPXX2073
Bentarique SPXX6422
Benza SPXX2074
Benzal SPXX6423
Bera SPXX0366
Beranes SPXX7104
Berango SPXX0367
Berbedel SPXX2075
Berbeguera SPXX7105
Berbes SPXX7106
Berbio SPXX7107
Bercimuelle SPXX9303
Bercio SPXX7108
Berdejo SPXX2076
Berdeogas SPXX2077
Berdia SPXX2078
Berdica SPXX2079
Berdillo SPXX2080
Berdoyas SPXX2081
Berducedo SPXX7109
Berdun SPXX1090
Berengueres SPXX2082
Beres SPXX2083
Berfull SPXX2084
Berga SPXX1162
Bergara SPXX0368
Bergondo SPXX0369
Berguno SPXX7110
Beriain SPXX0370
Berja SPXX0371
Berlanga SPXX9681
Bermello SPXX2085
Bermeo SPXX0372
Bermiego SPXX7111
Bermuy SPXX2086
Bernia SPXX2087
Bernueces SPXX7112
Bernuy SPXX2088
Bernuy-Salinero SPXX9304
Bernuy-Zapardiel SPXX9305
Berodia SPXX7113
Berones SPXX7114
Berreo SPXX2089
Berriatua SPXX0373
Berrimes SPXX2090
Berriobeiti SPXX0374
Berriozar SPXX0375
Berriz SPXX0376
Berro SPXX6022
Berrobi SPXX1047
Berrocal SPXX2091
Berroge SPXX2092
Berron SPXX7115
Berros-Josa SPXX2093
Berros-Subira SPXX2094
Berruco SPXX2095
Berrueno SPXX7116
Bertoa SPXX2096
Berzana SPXX7117
Berzosilla SPXX2098
Besapie SPXX7118
Bescaran SPXX2099
Beseno SPXX2100
Besnes SPXX7119
Besullo SPXX7120
Betanzos SPXX0377
Bete SPXX6023
Betelu SPXX1030
Betera SPXX0378
Betica SPXX2101
Betlan SPXX2102
Betren SPXX2103
Beveraso SPXX7121
Bezanes SPXX7122
Biamon SPXX7123
Biar SPXX2104
Bibres SPXX2105
Bicorp SPXX2106
Biedes SPXX7124
Biel SPXX2107
Bienservida SPXX6024
Bienvenida SPXX9682
Bierces SPXX7125
Biescas SPXX7126
Bigastro SPXX0379
Bigues i Riells SPXX0380
Bijuesca SPXX2108
Bilbao SPXX0016
Bimeda SPXX7127
Binefar SPXX0381
Binissalem SPXX0382
Biosca SPXX2109
Biota SPXX2110
Biscarri SPXX2111
Bisimbre SPXX2112
Bitem SPXX2113
Biure de Gaia SPXX2114
Blacha SPXX9307
Blanca SPXX0383
Blancafort SPXX2115
Blancares SPXX6025
Blanes SPXX0137
Blascoeles SPXX9308
Blascojimeno SPXX9309
Blascomillan SPXX9310
Blascosancho SPXX9312
Boa SPXX2116
Boada de Campos SPXX2117
Boadilla SPXX1165
Boado SPXX2120
Boal SPXX7128
Boallo SPXX2121
Boalo SPXX0385
Boano SPXX2122
Bobes SPXX7129
Bobia SPXX7130
Bobia de Abajo SPXX7131
Bobia de Arriba SPXX7132
Boche SPXX6026
Bocines SPXX7133
Bode SPXX7134
Bodenaya SPXX7135
Bodes SPXX7136
Boebre SPXX2123
Boedo SPXX2124
Boel SPXX2125
Boente SPXX2126
Bogarra SPXX6027
Bogatell Beach SPXX2127
Bohiles SPXX7137
Bohonal SPXX9684
Bohoyo SPXX9313
Boi SPXX2128
Boi Taull SPXX0236
Boi-Tauell SPXX2129
Boimil SPXX2130
Boimorto SPXX2131
Boinas SPXX7138
Boiro SPXX2132
Boiro SPXX7139
Boixols SPXX2133
Bojes SPXX7140
Bojo SPXX7141
Bolbaite SPXX2134
Boldis-Josa SPXX2135
Boldis-Subira SPXX2136
Boldu SPXX2137
Bolgues SPXX7142
Bolina SPXX2138
Bolinches SPXX6028
Boltana SPXX1166
Bonabe SPXX2140
Bonanza Reiguero SPXX2141
Bonar SPXX1167
Bonares SPXX2142
Bonastre SPXX2143
Bonayre SPXX2144
Bones SPXX7143
Bonestarre SPXX2145
Bonete SPXX6029
Bonielles SPXX7144
Boo SPXX7145
Boqueijon SPXX2147
Boquerizo SPXX7146
Boquilla SPXX2148
Boquineni SPXX2149
Bor SPXX2150
Borau SPXX1005
Borboto SPXX2151
Bordalba SPXX2152
Borducedo SPXX7147
Bores SPXX7148
Borgonya SPXX2153
Borines SPXX7149
Borja SPXX1168
Bormate SPXX6030
Bormujos SPXX0387
Bornalle SPXX2154
Bornazal SPXX7150
Borneiro SPXX2155
Boronas SPXX7151
Borondes SPXX7152
Borones SPXX7153
Borreda SPXX2156
Borreras SPXX7154
Borres SPXX7155
Borrifans SPXX2157
Bortolons SPXX2158
Bossost SPXX2159
Bot SPXX2160
Boterias SPXX2161
Botoa SPXX9685
Boucinas SPXX2162
Boudaneira SPXX2163
Boullon SPXX2164
Bourio SPXX7156
Bousono SPXX7157
Bouza SPXX7158
Bouza SPXX2165
Bovera SPXX2166
Box SPXX7159
Bozanes SPXX7160
Brabio SPXX2167
Brabos SPXX9315
Brafim SPXX2168
Bragad SPXX2169
Brana SPXX7161
Brana del Rio SPXX7162
Branadesella SPXX7163
Branaivente SPXX7164
Branalibel SPXX7165
Branalonga SPXX7166
Branamayor SPXX7167
Branameana SPXX7168
Brananoveles SPXX7169
Branarronda SPXX7170
Branas SPXX2170
Branas de Abajo SPXX7171
Branas de Arriba SPXX7172
Branas Verdes SPXX2171
Branaseca SPXX7173
Branasivil SPXX7174
Branatuille SPXX7175
Branavara SPXX7176
Branavella SPXX7177
Branaverniz SPXX7178
Branaverniza SPXX7179
Brandariz SPXX2172
Brandeso SPXX2173
Brandomil SPXX2174
Brandonas SPXX2175
Branella SPXX7180
Branes SPXX7181
Brano SPXX2176
Branosera SPXX2177
Brantoas SPXX2178
Branuas SPXX7182
Branza SPXX2179
Brates SPXX2180
Brea SPXX2181
Brea de Aragon SPXX2182
Breamo SPXX2183
Brecena SPXX7183
Brejo SPXX2184
Brenes SPXX0388
Brens SPXX2185
Bres SPXX7184
Bretal SPXX2186
Bricia SPXX7185
Brieva SPXX9316
Brieves SPXX7186
Brihuega SPXX1169
Brino SPXX2187
Brion SPXX2188
Brion de Abajo SPXX2189
Brion de Arriba SPXX2190
Briviesca SPXX1170
Brono SPXX2191
Brozas SPXX1171
Brujuelo SPXX2192
Brul SPXX7187
Bruma SPXX2193
Brunel Alto SPXX2194
Brunel Bajo SPXX2195
Brunete SPXX0389
Brusquete SPXX7188
Buazo SPXX2196
Bubierca SPXX2197
Bucial SPXX7189
Bucida SPXX7190
Buciello SPXX7191
Budino SPXX2198
Buellas SPXX7192
Buelles SPXX7193
Buelna SPXX7194
Buen Suceso SPXX9686
Buenavista SPXX6426
Buenavista SPXX9687
Bueres SPXX7195
Buerres SPXX7196
Bueu SPXX0390
Bugallido SPXX2200
Bugarra SPXX2201
Bugaya de Arriba SPXX2202
Buira SPXX2203
Buiste SPXX2204
Buitrago SPXX0094
Buituron SPXX2205
Bujalance SPXX1173
Bujan SPXX2206
Bujantes SPXX2207
Bujaraiza SPXX2208
Bujaraloz SPXX1174
Bulbuente SPXX2209
Bullacente SPXX7197
Bullas SPXX1175
Bullaso SPXX7198
Bullimeiro SPXX7199
Bulnes SPXX7200
Bulse SPXX7201
Buno SPXX2210
Bunol SPXX2211
Bunyola SPXX0391
Burch SPXX2212
Bureta SPXX2213
Burgallana SPXX6427
Burgazal SPXX7202
Burgohondo SPXX9317
Burgos SPXX0193
Burgui SPXX0952
Burjassot SPXX0392
Burjulu SPXX6428
Burlata SPXX0393
Burres SPXX2215
Burriana SPXX0394
Burrueco SPXX6031
Burunchel SPXX2216
Buruyosa SPXX7203
Busante SPXX7204
Busantiane SPXX7205
Buscabrero SPXX7206
Buscas SPXX2217
Busdemouros SPXX7207
Buseco SPXX7208
Busfrio SPXX7209
Businan SPXX7210
Busindre SPXX7211
Buslad SPXX7212
Buslone SPXX7213
Busmargali SPXX7214
Busmartin SPXX7215
Busmarzo SPXX7216
Busmayor SPXX7217
Busmente SPXX7218
Busmeon SPXX7219
Buso SPXX7220
Busot SPXX2218
Buspol SPXX7221
Buspoulin SPXX7222
Busprid SPXX7223
Bustabernego SPXX7224
Bustantigo SPXX7225
Bustapena SPXX7226
Bustariega SPXX7227
Bustelfollado SPXX7228
Bustellan SPXX7229
Bustelo SPXX2219
Bustelo SPXX7230
Bustielle SPXX7231
Bustiello SPXX7232
Busto SPXX7236
Busto SPXX2223
Busto-Vela SPXX7237
Bustoburniego SPXX7238
Bustoto SPXX7239
Busturi-Axpe SPXX0918
Busvidal SPXX7240
Butsenit SPXX2224
Buyeres SPXX7241
Caamano SPXX2231
Caamouco SPXX2232
Caaveiro SPXX2233
Cabaces SPXX2234
Cabalar SPXX2235
Cabaleiros SPXX7242
Cabaleiros SPXX2236
Cabaleriza SPXX2237
Caballeros SPXX7243
Caballon SPXX2238
Cabana SPXX2239
Cabana Derecho SPXX7244
Cabanabona SPXX2240
Cabanal SPXX7245
Cabanamoura SPXX2241
Cabanaquinta SPXX7246
Cabanas SPXX2242
Cabanas SPXX9318
Cabanas de Ebro SPXX2243
Cabanella SPXX7247
Cabanin SPXX7248
Cabanude SPXX2244
Cabdella SPXX2245
Caberta SPXX2246
Cabeza del Buey SPXX1178
Cabeza Gorda SPXX2247
Cabeza la Vaca SPXX9689
Cabezas Altas SPXX9319
Cabezas Bajas SPXX9320
Cabezas del Pozo SPXX9323
Cabezas Rubias SPXX2248
Cabezo SPXX2250
Cabezuelo SPXX9325
Cabio SPXX2252
Cabizuela SPXX9326
Cabo SPXX7249
Cabo de la Nao SPXX1179
Cabo Roig SPXX2253
Cabolafuente SPXX2254
Caborana SPXX7250
Cabornas SPXX7251
Caborno SPXX7252
Cabovilano SPXX2255
Cabra SPXX9690
Cabra del Camp SPXX2256
Cabrafigal SPXX7253
Cabrahiga SPXX9691
Cabrais SPXX2258
Cabral SPXX7254
Cabrales SPXX7255
Cabrera SPXX6429
Cabreras SPXX2260
Cabrerizas SPXX2261
Cabria SPXX2262
Cabrianes SPXX2263
Cabriles SPXX6430
Cabrils SPXX0397
Cabrita SPXX2264
Cabrui SPXX2265
Cabrunana SPXX7256
Cabuenes SPXX7257
Cacabellos SPXX7258
Caceres SPXX0204
Caces SPXX7259
Cachafol SPXX7260
Cacheiras SPXX2266
Cadalso SPXX1180
Cadamancio SPXX7261
Cadanes SPXX7262
Cadapereda SPXX7263
Cadarnojo SPXX2267
Cadavedo SPXX7264
Cadiar SPXX1182
Cadiz SPXX0017
Cadollo SPXX7265
Cadrijuela SPXX7266
Caes SPXX7267
Caion SPXX2268
Cala SPXX2269
Cala El Calon SPXX6431
Calabaza SPXX7268
Calabazanos SPXX2271
Calabazares SPXX2272
Calabazos SPXX7269
Calabreo SPXX7270
Calabrez SPXX7271
Calaf SPXX2273
Calafell SPXX0398
Calahorra SPXX0138
Calambre SPXX7272
Calamocha SPXX0205
Calamonte SPXX0399
Calanas SPXX1183
Calandari SPXX2276
Calasparra SPXX1184
Calatayud SPXX0095
Calatorao SPXX2277
Calbinya SPXX2278
Calcena SPXX2279
Caldas de Reis SPXX0400
Caldebarcos SPXX2280
Caldelas SPXX2281
Calderon SPXX9692
Calderon SPXX2282
Calders SPXX2283
Caldevilla SPXX7273
Caldones SPXX7277
Calduenin SPXX7278
Caldueno SPXX7279
Caleao SPXX7280
Calella SPXX0402
Calella SPXX7281
Calera SPXX7282
Calera de Leon SPXX9693
Caliero SPXX7283
Calldetenes SPXX2285
Calle del Mar SPXX2286
Calleras SPXX7284
Calles SPXX2287
Callobre SPXX2288
Calmarza SPXX2291
Calo SPXX2292
Calp SPXX0403
Calvente SPXX2293
Calvia SPXX0404
Camales SPXX7285
Camango SPXX7286
Camara SPXX2298
Camara SPXX7287
Camarasa SPXX2299
Camargo SPXX0405
Camarillas SPXX6032
Camarinas SPXX2300
Camarles SPXX2301
Camarmena SPXX7288
Camas SPXX0018
Camas SPXX7289
Camasobres SPXX2302
Cambados SPXX0407
Cambas SPXX2303
Cambeda SPXX2304
Cambil SPXX2305
Cambono SPXX2306
Cambre SPXX0408
Cambrils SPXX0409
Cambrils SPXX2308
Camelle SPXX2309
Camesa SPXX2310
Camino SPXX7290
Camoca de Abajo SPXX7291
Camoca de Arriba SPXX7292
Camp Nou SPXX2311
Campa SPXX7293
Campanar SPXX2312
Campanario SPXX9695
Campanones SPXX7294
Campara SPXX2313
Campas SPXX7295
Campdessens SPXX2314
Campell SPXX2315
Campelo SPXX2316
Campiello SPXX7296
Campiellos SPXX7297
Campillo SPXX6033
Campina SPXX2319
Campins SPXX2320
Campisabalos SPXX1187
Campo SPXX7298
Campo SPXX2321
Campo Arcis SPXX2322
Campo Bajo SPXX6432
Campo Barracas SPXX2323
Campo de Abajo SPXX2324
Campo de Arriba SPXX2325
Campo de Caso SPXX7299
Campo-Xesteda SPXX2326
Campoamor R-5 SPXX2327
Campofrio SPXX2328
Campolongo SPXX2329
Campomanes SPXX7301
Campomanes SPXX9697
Campomojado SPXX7302
Campones SPXX7303
Camporredondo SPXX2330
Camporrobles SPXX1188
Campos SPXX2332
Campos de futbol SPXX2333
Campos y Salave SPXX7304
Campredo SPXX2334
Campurbin SPXX9327
Camuno SPXX7305
Can Cartro SPXX2335
Can Tunis SPXX2336
Canada SPXX2337
Canada Buendia SPXX6036
Canada Catena SPXX2338
Canada de Alcala SPXX2342
Canada de Morote SPXX6038
Canada del Ruido SPXX2346
Canada del Senor SPXX2347
Canada Incosa SPXX2339
Canada Juncosa SPXX6037
Canada Morales SPXX2340
Canada Roja SPXX2341
Canadas SPXX6041
Canal SPXX7306
Canalda SPXX2349
Canaleja SPXX6044
Canaleja SPXX2350
Canaleja SPXX9328
Canals SPXX0411
Canamares SPXX2351
Canas SPXX2352
Canavera SPXX2353
Cancarix SPXX6045
Cancelos SPXX7307
Cances SPXX2355
Cances da Vila SPXX2357
Cances Grande SPXX2356
Cancienes SPXX7308
Candanal SPXX7309
Candanedo SPXX7310
Candano SPXX7311
Candaosa SPXX7312
Candas SPXX1189
Candeal SPXX7313
Candeleda SPXX0412
Candet SPXX2358
Candin SPXX7314
Cando SPXX2359
Candoas SPXX2360
Candon SPXX2361
Candosa SPXX2362
Canduela SPXX2363
Canedo SPXX7315
Canedo SPXX2364
Canejan SPXX1074
Canena SPXX2365
Canero SPXX7316
Canet de Mar SPXX0413
Canfornal SPXX6435
Canfranc SPXX1028
Canga de Abajo SPXX7317
Canga de Arriba SPXX7318
Cangas SPXX0414
Cangas De Narcea SPXX1190
Cangas de Onis SPXX0415
Caniles SPXX2367
Canisquezo SPXX7320
Canjayar SPXX1191
Cano SPXX7321
Cano Quebrado SPXX2368
Canor SPXX2369
Canosa SPXX2370
Canovelles SPXX0416
Canredondo SPXX1192
Cantalapiedra SPXX1193
Cantalejo SPXX1194
Cantalgallo SPXX9698
Cantallops SPXX2372
Cantera Blanca SPXX2373
Cantillana SPXX0417
Cantiveros SPXX9329
Cantoblanco SPXX6046
Cantoral SPXX2374
Cantoria SPXX6436
Canyamars SPXX2375
Canyelles SPXX2376
Capafonts SPXX2377
Caparroso SPXX1195
Capcanes SPXX2378
Capela SPXX9699
Capela SPXX2379
Capelada SPXX2380
Capellades SPXX2381
Capilla SPXX9700
Capilla SPXX2382
Capillas SPXX2383
Capnegret SPXX2384
Capolat SPXX2385
Capones SPXX2386
Caprala SPXX2387
Carabana SPXX1196
Carabano SPXX7322
Carabanzo SPXX7323
Caranga SPXX7324
Carangas SPXX7325
Carantona SPXX2388
Caranza SPXX2389
Caravaca SPXX1197
Caravedo SPXX7326
Caraves SPXX7327
Caravia SPXX7328
Caravies SPXX7329
Carbainos SPXX7330
Carbajal SPXX7331
Carballa SPXX2390
Carballal SPXX2391
Carballas SPXX2392
Carballido SPXX2393
Carballo SPXX1198
Carballo SPXX7332
Carballosa SPXX2394
Carbayal SPXX7333
Carbayin SPXX7334
Carboal SPXX2395
Carbonera SPXX2396
Carboneras SPXX1199
Carboneras SPXX2397
Carboneros SPXX2398
Carbueiro SPXX7335
Carcabon SPXX7336
Carcacia SPXX2399
Carcaixent SPXX0418
Carcastillo SPXX1201
Carcauz SPXX6437
Carceda SPXX7337
Carcediel SPXX7338
Carcedo SPXX7339
Carcelen SPXX6047
Carchel SPXX2400
Carchelejo SPXX2401
Carda SPXX7340
Cardama SPXX2402
Cardano de Abajo SPXX2403
Cardedeu SPXX0419
Cardeiro SPXX2405
Cardena SPXX1202
Cardenal SPXX9330
Cardenas SPXX2406
Cardenosa SPXX9331
Cardeo SPXX7341
Cardes SPXX7342
Cardo SPXX7343
Cardona SPXX2408
Cardoso SPXX7344
Cardus SPXX7345
Caregne SPXX2409
Carelle SPXX2410
Carenas SPXX2411
Carenes SPXX7346
Careses SPXX7347
Cariatiz SPXX6438
Caricedo SPXX7348
Carinena SPXX1203
Carino SPXX1204
Carlangas SPXX7349
Carleo de Abajo SPXX2412
Carleo de Arriba SPXX2413
Carlet SPXX0420
Carme SPXX2414
Carmona SPXX0421
Carmones SPXX7350
Carmonita SPXX9701
Carnes SPXX2415
Carnoedo SPXX2416
Carnota SPXX2417
Caroceiro SPXX7351
Caroyas SPXX7352
Carpesa SPXX2418
Carpio-Medianero SPXX9332
Carral SPXX0422
Carraluz SPXX7353
Carrandi SPXX7354
Carranzo SPXX7355
Carrascalejo SPXX9333
Carrea SPXX7356
Carreira SPXX2420
Carrena SPXX7357
Carres SPXX2421
Carrio SPXX7358
Carrocedo SPXX7359
Carrocera SPXX7360
Carroja SPXX2422
Carrugueiro SPXX7361
Cartagena SPXX0019
Cartama SPXX0423
Cartavio SPXX7362
Cartaya SPXX0424
Casa Ale SPXX2423
Casa Aparicio SPXX6048
Casa Balde SPXX2424
Casa Blanca SPXX6049
Casa Caballos SPXX6050
Casa Canete SPXX6051
Casa Capitan SPXX6052
Casa Colorada SPXX6053
Casa de Berruga SPXX6061
Casa de Delgado SPXX6062
Casa de Eusebi SPXX2430
Casa de Jaime SPXX6063
Casa de Pena SPXX6064
Casa del Cerro SPXX6068
Casa del Conde SPXX6069
Casa del Pino SPXX6070
Casa Grande SPXX6054
Casa Jara SPXX6055
Casa Lloma Rasa SPXX2425
Casa Madres SPXX6056
Casa Matao SPXX6057
Casa Nueva SPXX6058
Casa Pelayo SPXX2427
Casa Rabosa SPXX2428
Casa San Vicente SPXX2429
Casa Sola SPXX6059
Casa Zapata SPXX6060
Casablanca SPXX2434
Casablanca SPXX6439
Casafort SPXX2435
Casais SPXX2436
Casal SPXX7363
Casamori SPXX7364
Casapapio SPXX7365
Casarejo SPXX2437
Casares SPXX7366
Casares SPXX2438
Casariego SPXX7367
Casarrosa SPXX6071
Casas Abiar SPXX2439
Casas Alfas SPXX2441
Casas Altas SPXX6440
Casas Altas SPXX2442
Casas Bajas SPXX2443
Casas Cabanes SPXX2444
Casas Carrasco SPXX2445
Casas Chorrillo SPXX2446
Casas Cubells SPXX2447
Casas de Abajo SPXX6073
Casas de Abril SPXX6074
Casas de Alcance SPXX2456
Casas de Arriba SPXX2457
Casas de Cuerva SPXX6075
Casas de Esper SPXX2458
Casas de Estepa SPXX2459
Casas de Galiana SPXX2460
Casas de Ibanez SPXX2461
Casas de Jordan SPXX2462
Casas de la Pena SPXX6081
Casas de la Vega SPXX9338
Casas de Lazaro SPXX6078
Casas de Ligero SPXX2463
Casas de Madrona SPXX2464
Casas de Matias SPXX2465
Casas de Montoya SPXX6079
Casas de Moya SPXX2466
Casas de Pradas SPXX2468
Casas de Quilis SPXX2469
Casas de Reina SPXX9704
Casas de Sotos SPXX2470
Casas de Torrat SPXX2471
Casas de Ves SPXX6080
Casas del Abad SPXX9339
Casas del Arroyo SPXX6082
Casas del Cerro SPXX6083
Casas del Jinete SPXX6084
Casas del Notari SPXX2477
Casas del Obrero SPXX2478
Casas del Rey SPXX2479
Casas del Rio SPXX6085
Casas del Rio SPXX2480
Casas del Senor SPXX2481
Casas Devesa SPXX2448
Casas Ibanez SPXX1206
Casas Jara SPXX2449
Casas Las Basas SPXX2450
Casas Novas SPXX2452
Casas Playas SPXX2453
Casas Pontet SPXX2454
Casas Viejas SPXX6072
Casatejada SPXX1210
Casau SPXX2482
Casavegas SPXX2483
Casavieja SPXX9341
Cascante SPXX2484
Casco SPXX2485
Caseras SPXX7368
Caserio Aljibes SPXX6086
Caserio Canada SPXX2486
Caserio Claras SPXX6087
Caserio de Mira SPXX2504
Caserio Franchs SPXX2494
Caserio Les Eres SPXX2497
Caserio Morera SPXX2499
Caserio Solana SPXX2500
Casetas SPXX2505
Casicas SPXX2506
Casiellas SPXX7369
Casielles SPXX7370
Casinos SPXX2509
Casomera SPXX7371
Casorvia SPXX7372
Casos SPXX2510
Caspe SPXX1209
Casserres SPXX2511
Castala SPXX6441
Castalla SPXX2512
Castanal SPXX7373
Castaneda SPXX2513
Castanedo SPXX7375
Castaneirua SPXX7377
Castanera SPXX7378
Castaneras SPXX7379
Castanuelo SPXX2515
Castaosa SPXX7380
Castelan SPXX2519
Castelladral SPXX2523
Castellana SPXX2524
Castellbisbal SPXX0427
Castellbo SPXX2528
Castellcir SPXX2529
Castellciutat SPXX2530
Castelldans SPXX2531
Castelldefels SPXX0020
Castellet SPXX0428
Castello SPXX2538
Castelloli SPXX2541
Castellsera SPXX2542
Castelltercol SPXX2543
Castelo SPXX2546
Castenda SPXX2547
Castielfabib SPXX2548
Castiello SPXX7381
Castil de Vela SPXX2549
Castilblanco SPXX9705
Castilblanco SPXX9344
Castilblanques SPXX2550
Castiliscar SPXX2551
Castillejos SPXX9706
Castillo SPXX2552
Castillo Barues SPXX2553
Castillonuevo SPXX0944
Castilmoure SPXX7384
Castineiras SPXX2557
Castrallon SPXX2558
Castraron SPXX2559
Castrelo SPXX2561
Castrillon SPXX7385
Castriz SPXX2566
Castro SPXX7386
Castro SPXX1212
Castro SPXX2567
Castro de Limes SPXX7387
Castro del Rio SPXX1213
Castro-Urdiales SPXX0432
Castrocontrigo SPXX1214
Castroenriquez SPXX1215
Castrofeito SPXX2568
Castromocho SPXX2569
Castromouran SPXX7388
Castropol SPXX7389
Castrosin SPXX7390
Castrovaselle SPXX7391
Castuera SPXX1216
Catadau SPXX2570
Catamarruch SPXX2571
Catarroja SPXX0433
Catasueiro SPXX2572
Catral SPXX0434
Caucia SPXX7392
Caudete SPXX6093
Caunedo SPXX7393
Cautivador SPXX2573
Cavafria SPXX2574
Cavandi SPXX7394
Cavestany SPXX2575
Caviella SPXX7395
Cayado SPXX7396
Cayarga SPXX7397
Cayes SPXX7398
Cazalilla SPXX2576
Cazalla SPXX2577
Cazamular SPXX7399
Cazanes SPXX7400
Cazo SPXX7401
Cazorla SPXX0098
Ceacal SPXX7402
Ceal SPXX2578
Ceberio SPXX1217
Cebrans SPXX2579
Cebreiro SPXX2580
Cebreros SPXX9346
Cecebre SPXX2581
Ceceda de Abajo SPXX7403
Ceceda de Arriba SPXX7404
Cecos SPXX7405
Cedemonio SPXX7406
Cedo SPXX2582
Cee SPXX2583
Cefontes SPXX7407
Ceilan SPXX2584
Cela SPXX6443
Cela SPXX2585
Cela SPXX7408
Cela de Nunez SPXX2586
Celada SPXX7409
Celadillas SPXX2589
Celas SPXX2590
Celin SPXX6444
Cella SPXX1218
Cellers SPXX2591
Celleruelo SPXX7410
Celles SPXX7411
Celon SPXX7412
Celorio SPXX7413
Celtigos SPXX2592
Cembrero SPXX2593
Cenal SPXX7414
Cenera SPXX7415
Cenera de Zalima SPXX2594
Cenero SPXX7416
Cenes de la Vega SPXX0435
Cenicero SPXX1219
Cenizate SPXX6094
Centelles SPXX1220
Centenales SPXX7417
Centenil SPXX2595
Central SPXX2596
Centre SPXX2597
Centrona SPXX2598
Cepeda la Mora SPXX9347
Cerban SPXX2599
Cerbo SPXX2600
Cerc SPXX2601
Cerceda SPXX2602
Cercedilla SPXX0436
Cerdedo SPXX1221
Cerdido SPXX2603
Cerebanes SPXX7418
Cereceda SPXX9348
Cereceda SPXX7419
Cereigido SPXX7423
Cereijo SPXX2604
Cereo SPXX2605
Cereo Vello SPXX2606
Cerezal SPXX7424
Cerezaliz SPXX7425
Cerezo Gordo SPXX2607
Cermono SPXX7426
Cermuno SPXX7427
Cernado SPXX2608
Cerneda SPXX2609
Cernias SPXX7428
Cerqueda SPXX2610
Cerredo SPXX7429
Cerro Hernando SPXX2611
Cerro Molino SPXX2612
Cerro Pelado SPXX2613
Cerroblanco SPXX6095
Cerrolobo SPXX6096
Cervas SPXX2614
Cervello SPXX0438
Cervera SPXX7430
Cervera SPXX1222
Cerveruela SPXX2618
Ces SPXX2620
Cesar SPXX2621
Cespon SPXX2622
Cesullas SPXX2623
Cesuras SPXX2624
Cetina SPXX2625
Ceuta SPXX0022
Ceuti SPXX0439
Cevico Navero SPXX2626
Ceyanes SPXX7431
Cezana SPXX7432
Cezura SPXX2628
Cezures SPXX7433
Chacin SPXX2629
Chaherrero SPXX9349
Chamartin SPXX9350
Chamin SPXX2630
Chamin de Abaixo SPXX2631
Chamin de Arriba SPXX2632
Chamin do Medio SPXX2633
Chano de Canero SPXX7434
Chantada SPXX1224
Chao del Campo SPXX7435
Chaparral SPXX2634
Chaparros SPXX6097
Charcon SPXX2635
Charilla SPXX2636
Chave SPXX2637
Chayan SPXX2638
Chazo SPXX2639
Cheis SPXX2640
Cheles SPXX1225
Chelva SPXX2641
Cheo SPXX2642
Chera SPXX2643
Chercos SPXX6445
Cherrin SPXX2644
Cheste SPXX0440
Chilluevar Vieja SPXX2646
Chincolla SPXX2647
Chinorlet SPXX2648
Chipiona SPXX0442
Chiprana SPXX2649
Chiran SPXX6446
Chircales SPXX2650
Chirival SPXX1226
Chirivel SPXX6447
Chiva SPXX0443
Chodes SPXX2651
Chorente SPXX2652
Choupana SPXX2653
Choura SPXX2654
Chozas SPXX2655
Chucena SPXX2657
Chulilla SPXX2658
Churio SPXX2659
Ciano SPXX7436
Cibran SPXX2660
Cibuyo SPXX7437
Cicere SPXX2661
Cidadela SPXX2662
Ciempozuelos SPXX0445
Cien SPXX7438
Cienfuegos SPXX7439
Cierco SPXX2663
Cieza SPXX0265
Ciguedres SPXX7440
Cilanco SPXX2664
Cillamayor SPXX2665
Cillan SPXX9351
Cilleros SPXX1227
Cilleruelo SPXX6098
Cimadevilla SPXX7441
Cimalavilla SPXX7442
Cimballa SPXX2666
Cimiano SPXX7443
Cincho SPXX2667
Cinco Olivas SPXX2668
Cines SPXX2669
Cintruenigo SPXX1228
Circes SPXX2670
Cirieno SPXX7444
Ciriza SPXX1086
Cirviago SPXX7445
Cisla SPXX9352
Cisneros SPXX2671
Cisterniga SPXX0446
Cistierna SPXX1229
Ciudad Jardin SPXX2673
Ciudad Quesada SPXX2674
Ciudad Real SPXX0023
Ciudad Rodrigo SPXX0140
Ciutadilla SPXX2675
Ciutat Vella SPXX0447
Cives de Abajo SPXX2676
Cives de Arriba SPXX2677
Civis SPXX2678
Cizur Mayor SPXX0448
Clara SPXX2679
Claravalls SPXX2680
Clares de Ribota SPXX2681
Clavillas SPXX7446
Clot del Moro SPXX2683
Coalla SPXX7447
Coana SPXX7448
Coba SPXX7449
Coballes SPXX7450
Cobatillas SPXX2684
Cobatillas SPXX6099
Cobayas SPXX7451
Cobdar SPXX6448
Coborriu SPXX2685
Cobos de Cerrato SPXX2686
Cobre SPXX7452
Cocano SPXX7453
Cocena SPXX7454
Cocentaina SPXX0449
Cocon del Peral SPXX6449
Codeso SPXX2687
Codesos SPXX2688
Codesoso SPXX2689
Codo SPXX2690
Codos SPXX2691
Coens SPXX2692
Cofete SPXX1230
Cofinu SPXX7455
Cofrentes SPXX2693
Cogollo SPXX7456
Coin SPXX0450
Coiro SPXX2694
Coiros SPXX2695
Colantres SPXX2696
Coldobrero SPXX7457
Colemar Viejo SPXX1231
Colinas SPXX7458
Colinas de Abajo SPXX7459
Coll SPXX2697
Coll de Nargo SPXX1232
Collada SPXX7461
Colladas SPXX7462
Colladin SPXX7463
Collado SPXX2698
Collado SPXX7464
Collado SPXX9353
Collado del Lobo SPXX2699
Collado Mediano SPXX0451
Collado-Villalba SPXX0452
Collanzo SPXX7465
Collbato SPXX2701
Colldejou SPXX2703
Collera SPXX7466
Collia SPXX7467
Colloto SPXX7468
Collsuspina SPXX2704
Colmenar Viejo SPXX0453
Colmenarejo SPXX0455
Colmenares SPXX2705
Colniella SPXX7469
Colombres SPXX7470
Colonia SPXX2706
Columbiello SPXX7471
Colunga SPXX7472
Coluns SPXX2709
Coma-ruga SPXX2710
Comareiro SPXX2711
Comba SPXX7473
Combarcio SPXX7474
Combo SPXX7475
Comillas SPXX1233
Con SPXX7476
Conanglell SPXX2712
Concabella SPXX2713
Concellin SPXX7477
Concepcion SPXX2714
Concil SPXX1234
Concilio SPXX2715
Condomina SPXX2716
Condres SPXX7478
Conesa SPXX2717
Conforcos SPXX7479
Confrides SPXX2718
Congostinas SPXX7480
Conques SPXX2720
Consolacion SPXX9707
Constanti SPXX0456
Constantina SPXX1235
Constanzana SPXX9356
Consuegra SPXX0254
Contamina SPXX2721
Conto SPXX7481
Contreras SPXX2722
Contrueces SPXX7482
Conxo SPXX2723
Copons SPXX2724
Corao SPXX7483
Corao-Castillo SPXX7484
Corbera SPXX2725
Corbero SPXX7485
Corbunillo SPXX2726
Corchuela SPXX9708
Corcoesto SPXX2727
Corcolilla SPXX2728
Corcubion SPXX2729
Cordoba SPXX0220
Cordova SPXX0024
Cordovero SPXX7486
Cordovilla SPXX6100
Cores SPXX7487
Cores SPXX2732
Coria del Rio SPXX0458
Corias SPXX7488
Coristanco SPXX2733
Corme-Aldea SPXX2734
Corme-Porto SPXX2735
Cornado SPXX2736
Cornanda SPXX2737
Cornas SPXX7489
Corneda SPXX2738
Corneira SPXX2739
Cornellana SPXX7490
Cornes SPXX2740
Cornicabra SPXX9710
Cornide SPXX2741
Cornido SPXX2742
Corniella SPXX7491
Cornollo SPXX7492
Cornon SPXX2743
Cornoncillo SPXX2744
Cornudella SPXX2745
Coro SPXX7493
Corolla SPXX7494
Corollos SPXX7495
Corondeno SPXX7496
Corral de Bru SPXX2748
Corral Rubio SPXX2747
Corral-Rubio SPXX6101
Corralejo SPXX1237
Corrales SPXX2750
Corralin SPXX7497
Corralinos SPXX7498
Corro de Vall SPXX2751
Corros SPXX7500
Corrubedo SPXX2752
Cortas SPXX2753
Corte de Peleas SPXX9711
Corteconcepcion SPXX2754
Cortegana SPXX9712
Cortegana SPXX1238
Cortelazor SPXX2755
Corterrangel SPXX2756
Cortes SPXX7501
Cortes de Pallas SPXX2757
Cortijillos SPXX2759
Cortijo Grande SPXX2760
Cortijo La Unde SPXX2761
Cortijo Prados SPXX6102
Cortijos Nuevos SPXX2763
Cortina SPXX7502
Cortinan SPXX2764
Cortines SPXX7503
Cortos SPXX9357
Coruja SPXX7504
Coruno SPXX7505
Coruxou SPXX2765
Corvera SPXX0460
Corvio SPXX2766
Corzon SPXX2767
Cos SPXX2768
Coslada SPXX0462
Cospindo SPXX2769
Costa SPXX2770
Cosuenda SPXX2771
Cotaredo SPXX2772
Cotariella SPXX7507
Cotariello SPXX7508
Cotes SPXX2773
Cotes Bajo SPXX2774
Cotillas SPXX6106
Coto SPXX7509
Coto Capitan SPXX9716
Coto de Murillo SPXX9717
Coto-Rios SPXX2775
Cotorraso SPXX7511
Cotrufes SPXX2777
Couces SPXX7512
Coucieiro SPXX2778
Couso SPXX2779
Couto SPXX2780
Couz SPXX7513
Couzadoiro SPXX2781
Covadonga SPXX0166
Covas SPXX2782
Coviella SPXX7514
Covielles SPXX7515
Cox SPXX0463
Coya SPXX7516
Crendes SPXX2784
Creo SPXX2785
Crespos SPXX9358
Crevillente SPXX0464
Cristina SPXX9718
Crucero SPXX2786
Cruces SPXX2787
Cruido SPXX2788
Cruz de Veguita SPXX2789
Cua SPXX7517
Cuadra SPXX7518
Cuadrovena SPXX7520
Cuarte de Huerva SPXX0025
Cubas SPXX6107
Cubel SPXX2790
Cubelles SPXX0465
Cubells SPXX2791
Cubelo SPXX2792
Cubia SPXX7521
Cubillo de Ojeda SPXX2795
Cucharal SPXX6108
Cuclillos SPXX7522
Cudillero SPXX0466
Cue SPXX7523
Cueli SPXX7524
Cuellar SPXX1239
Cuenca SPXX0100
Cuenca SPXX2796
Cuenco SPXX7525
Cuenya SPXX7526
Cuerigo SPXX7527
Cuerno SPXX2797
Cuero SPXX7528
Cuerres SPXX7529
Cuerrias SPXX7530
Cuesta SPXX7531
Cuesta del Rato SPXX2798
Cueto SPXX7532
Cueva SPXX7533
Cueva de la Mora SPXX2799
Cuevas SPXX7534
Cuevecillas SPXX2802
Cufria SPXX6455
Cuina SPXX2805
Cuinya SPXX7535
Culebron SPXX2806
Cullar de Baza SPXX1241
Cullar-Vega SPXX0467
Cullera SPXX0468
Culleredo SPXX0469
Culmieiros SPXX7536
Cumbraos SPXX2807
Cumbres SPXX9720
Cumbres Mayores SPXX2808
Cuna SPXX7537
Cunaba SPXX7538
Cunchillos SPXX2811
Cundins SPXX2812
Cunit SPXX0470
Cuno SPXX2813
Cuns SPXX2814
Cuntis SPXX0471
Cures SPXX2815
Curra SPXX2816
Currais SPXX2817
Curras SPXX2818
Curtis SPXX2819
Cutian SPXX2820
Cutiellos SPXX7539
Cuvide SPXX2821
Dagueno SPXX7540
Daimes SPXX2822
Daimiel SPXX1243
Daimuz SPXX6456
Dalid SPXX6457
Daneiro SPXX2823
Daner SPXX7541
Darmos SPXX2824
Daroca SPXX1244
Darrical SPXX6458
Das SPXX2825
Daya Vieja SPXX2826
Dean Pequeno SPXX2827
Deba SPXX0473
Debodes SPXX7542
Degana SPXX7544
Dego SPXX7545
Dehesa SPXX2828
Dehesa Baja SPXX2829
Dehesilla SPXX9721
Deijebre SPXX2836
Deleitosa SPXX1245
Delicias SPXX0474
Deltebre SPXX2837
Demues SPXX7546
Denia SPXX0258
Denle SPXX2838
Derde SPXX6459
Derio SPXX0475
Derramadero SPXX6110
Derramador SPXX2839
Desamparados SPXX2840
Deva SPXX7547
Devesa SPXX2841
Deveso SPXX2842
Devesos SPXX2843
Dexo SPXX2844
Diagonal Mar SPXX2845
Dices SPXX2846
Diego Alvaro SPXX9359
Dodro SPXX2847
Doiras SPXX7548
Dolia SPXX7549
Dolores SPXX0476
Dombate SPXX2848
Dombodan SPXX2849
Domeno SPXX2850
Don Benito SPXX9723
Don Juan SPXX2851
Don Llorente SPXX9724
Don Tello SPXX9725
Dona Aldonza SPXX2852
Dona Elvira SPXX9726
Dona Juandi SPXX7550
Dona Maria Ocana SPXX6460
Dona Pepa SPXX2853
Donas SPXX2854
Dondoncilla SPXX2855
Doneztebe SPXX1003
Doninos SPXX2856
Donjimeno SPXX9360
Donvidas SPXX9361
Dor SPXX2857
Dorbe SPXX2858
Dordano SPXX2859
Doriga SPXX7551
Dormea SPXX2860
Dormon SPXX7552
Dorneda SPXX2861
Dorona SPXX2862
Dos Aguas SPXX2863
Dos Hermanas SPXX0027
Dosango SPXX7553
Doso SPXX2864
Dou SPXX7554
Duenas SPXX1246
Duesaiguees SPXX2866
Duesos SPXX7555
Dumbria SPXX2867
Durango SPXX0101
Durcal SPXX0477
Durro SPXX2868
Duruelo SPXX9362
Duyo SPXX2869
Duyos SPXX7556
Ea SPXX1012
Echarri-Aranaz SPXX0937
Echauri SPXX0948
Ecija SPXX0028
Egues-Uharte SPXX0478
Eibar SPXX0029
Eijo SPXX2870
Eilale SPXX7557
Eiron SPXX2871
Eiros SPXX7558
Eixample SPXX2872
Eixample SPXX0479
Eixample Dreta SPXX2873
El Abalario SPXX2875
El Ablanedo SPXX7559
El Acebuchar SPXX2876
El Acebuche SPXX2877
El Aguadero SPXX2878
El Ajo SPXX9363
El Alami SPXX6462
El Alamillo SPXX2879
El Alamo SPXX0480
El Albarico SPXX6463
El Algarrobal SPXX6464
El Algarrobico SPXX6465
El Alhanchete SPXX6466
El Almendro SPXX2880
El Almiceran SPXX2881
El Alquian SPXX0030
El Altet SPXX2882
El Altico SPXX2883
El Amunt SPXX2884
El Arahal SPXX0481
El Arenal SPXX9364
El Arrabal Mas SPXX2886
El Artunedo SPXX2889
El Astillero SPXX0031
El Avellano SPXX2890
El Ballestero SPXX6111
El Bancalejo SPXX6471
El Bao SPXX7560
El Bardal SPXX9365
El Barquillo SPXX9366
El Barrancon SPXX6479
El Barrilejo SPXX9727
El Barrio SPXX9367
El Batan SPXX2891
El Batan SPXX6480
El Batan SPXX6112
El Bermejo SPXX6481
El Berrueco SPXX2892
El Bobar SPXX6482
El Bohodon SPXX9368
El Bonillo SPXX6113
El Bovar SPXX2893
El Brosquil SPXX2894
El Bruc SPXX2895
El Brull SPXX2896
El Buitron SPXX2897
El Burgo SPXX9369
El Burrueco SPXX6114
El Buste SPXX2898
El Bustio SPXX7562
El Cabanin SPXX7563
El Cabezo SPXX2899
El Cabezuelo SPXX2900
El Cabo SPXX7564
El Cabo de Gata SPXX6483
El Cabornin SPXX7565
El Cabriton SPXX7566
El Cadabal SPXX7567
El Calabacino SPXX2901
El Calguerin SPXX6484
El Calvario SPXX6115
El Camino Real SPXX6485
El Camp de Mirra SPXX5896
El Campello SPXX0908
El Campico SPXX6486
El Campillo SPXX2903
El Campillo SPXX6487
El Campo SPXX2904
El Campo SPXX7568
El Campo SPXX6490
El Canalito SPXX6491
El Canar SPXX6116
El Cantal SPXX6492
El Cantaro Alto SPXX6493
El Cantaro Bajo SPXX6494
El Canto SPXX7569
El Canuelo SPXX6495
El Canyet SPXX2905
El Carbajo SPXX9728
El Carbayo SPXX7570
El Cardete SPXX2906
El Carmel SPXX2907
El Carmen SPXX7571
El Carreton SPXX2911
El Carrizal SPXX2912
El Casar SPXX9729
El Castano SPXX2913
El Castro SPXX7572
El Catllar SPXX5897
El Centenillo SPXX2915
El Cepero SPXX6117
El Cepillo SPXX6118
El Cerezal SPXX7573
El Cerezo SPXX2916
El Cerrajon SPXX2917
El Cerrito SPXX2918
El Cerro Blanco SPXX6496
El Cerro Gordo SPXX6497
El Chantre SPXX2920
El Chive SPXX6500
El Chopo SPXX2921
El Chopo SPXX6501
El Chorrillo SPXX6502
El Chorrito SPXX2922
El Chuche SPXX6503
El Cid SPXX6504
El Clot SPXX5898
El Cocon SPXX6505
El Cogul SPXX5899
El Coll SPXX5900
El Collado SPXX2923
El Collado SPXX9371
El Collau SPXX7575
El Colmenar SPXX6119
El Comercio SPXX2924
El Conde SPXX2925
El Contador SPXX6506
El Convento SPXX9730
El Convoy SPXX6507
El Corchuelo SPXX2926
El Cornudillo SPXX6120
El Coronil SPXX0482
El Corrillo SPXX0483
El Cortijo Real SPXX6509
El Cortijuelo SPXX6512
El Couz SPXX7576
El Cuadro SPXX7577
El Cubillo SPXX6121
El Cucador SPXX6513
El Cueto SPXX7578
El Cumbrero SPXX6514
El Donadio SPXX2927
El Dondo SPXX6515
El Ejido SPXX0032
El Encebrico SPXX6122
El Encinarejo SPXX2928
El entrego SPXX0489
El Escobal SPXX7579
El Escorial SPXX6123
El Escorial SPXX0484
El Esparragal SPXX6516
El Espin SPXX7580
El Espinillo SPXX6124
El Estrecho SPXX6125
El Faedal SPXX7581
El Fondal SPXX7582
El Fonte SPXX6517
El Frago SPXX2929
El Franco SPXX7583
El Fresno SPXX7584
El Gollizo SPXX6127
El Granado SPXX2930
El Grao SPXX2931
El Griego SPXX6128
El Guijillo SPXX2932
El Guijo SPXX9731
El Guijo SPXX2933
El Guix SPXX2934
El Herradon SPXX9374
El Hijate SPXX6519
El Horcajo SPXX6129
El Hornillo SPXX9375
El Hospital SPXX2936
El Hoyo SPXX9376
El Huron SPXX2937
El Invernal SPXX7585
El Jaral SPXX6520
El Jardin SPXX6130
El Jaul SPXX6521
El Jinete SPXX6131
El Judio SPXX2938
El Laminador SPXX6132
El Largo SPXX6522
El Lituero SPXX6133
El Llano SPXX7586
El Llor SPXX5901
El Lobio SPXX7587
El Losar SPXX9378
El Lugar Nuevo SPXX6134
El Lugarico SPXX6526
El Madrono SPXX9732
El Madrono SPXX6135
El Madrono SPXX2940
El Majal SPXX2941
El Malibu SPXX2942
El Mami SPXX6527
El Manto SPXX7588
El Marchal SPXX6528
El Margen SPXX6531
El Marmol SPXX2943
El Marraque SPXX6532
El Mas Blau SPXX2944
El Mas de Bondia SPXX2946
El Masnou SPXX0485
El Masroig SPXX5902
El Mayordomo SPXX6533
El Mazo SPXX7589
El Mazuco SPXX7590
El Merino SPXX9379
El Mila SPXX5903
El Miron SPXX9380
El Mojon SPXX2947
El Molar SPXX0486
El Molar SPXX2948
El Molar SPXX5904
El Molinar SPXX6136
El Molinar SPXX2949
El Molinillo SPXX1252
El Molino SPXX7591
El Molino SPXX6534
El Monastil SPXX2950
El Moncayo SPXX2951
El Monte SPXX7592
El Montico SPXX7593
El Moral SPXX9733
El Morell SPXX5905
El Moro SPXX7594
El Morron SPXX2952
El Morteruelo SPXX6137
El Nido SPXX2953
El Nogueron SPXX6138
El Ogarite SPXX6535
El Ojuelo SPXX2954
El Ojuelo SPXX6139
El Olivar SPXX7595
El Oro SPXX2955
El Oso SPXX9381
El Otero SPXX7596
El Padrun SPXX7597
El Palaces SPXX6536
El Palacio SPXX7598
El Palmar SPXX2956
El Palomar SPXX2957
El Papel SPXX2958
El Papiol SPXX2959
El Pardal SPXX6140
El Pardo SPXX6537
El Parral SPXX9382
El Parrizoso SPXX2960
El Pato SPXX7599
El Patojo SPXX2961
El Patronato SPXX2962
El Pedregal SPXX7600
El Pedrosillo SPXX9734
El Pelag SPXX5907
El Penon SPXX6141
El Peral SPXX7601
El Perello SPXX1424
El Perello SPXX2963
El Perrunal SPXX2964
El Pilar SPXX6538
El Pillico SPXX6539
El Pino SPXX7602
El Pito SPXX7603
El Poal SPXX5910
El Poble Nou SPXX2968
El Pocico SPXX6540
El Pont de Bar SPXX5912
El Pont de Suert SPXX5913
El Pontico SPXX7604
El Ponton SPXX7605
El Porrosillo SPXX2970
El Portil SPXX2972
El Posito SPXX2973
El Pozo del Cabo SPXX6542
El Pozuelo SPXX2974
El Pozuelo SPXX6142
El Prado SPXX6545
El Priorat SPXX2975
El Provo SPXX7606
El Pueblo SPXX7607
El Puelo SPXX7608
El Puente SPXX2976
El Puertecico SPXX6547
El Puerto SPXX7609
El Puerto SPXX6144
El Puerto SPXX2977
El Puerto SPXX6548
El Puerto SPXX1253
El Puig SPXX2978
El Pumar SPXX7611
El Puntal SPXX2979
El Puntal SPXX6549
El Quejigal SPXX9383
El Quejigal SPXX6145
El Quejigo SPXX2980
El Quer Foradat SPXX5916
El Quintanar SPXX2981
El Ranadorio SPXX7612
El Rascador SPXX6550
El Raso SPXX9384
El Raval SPXX5917
El Realengo SPXX2982
El Realengo SPXX6551
El Reatillo SPXX2983
El Rebato SPXX2984
El Rebollal SPXX7613
El Remedio SPXX7614
El Reoyo SPXX9385
El Repilado SPXX2985
El Requejo SPXX7615
El Retorno SPXX2986
El Reul Alto SPXX6552
El Rincon SPXX6553
El Rincon SPXX6146
El Rincon SPXX2987
El Rio SPXX7616
El Rio SPXX6554
El Rio Chico SPXX6555
El Rio de Aguas SPXX6557
El Rio Grande SPXX6556
El Roble SPXX6147
El Rocio SPXX2989
El Rodon SPXX6558
El Rodriguillo SPXX2990
El Rollo SPXX7617
El Romeral SPXX2991
El Romerano SPXX2992
El Rompido SPXX2993
El Rosal SPXX9735
El Rourell SPXX5918
El Royo SPXX6148
El Sahuco SPXX6149
El Saler SPXX2994
El Salse SPXX2995
El Saltador SPXX6560
El Saltador Bajo SPXX6561
El Sayton SPXX2996
El Secano SPXX6562
El Serron SPXX2997
El Serval SPXX6563
El Sochantre SPXX2998
El Solano SPXX7618
El Soleras SPXX5920
El Sordan SPXX7619
El Soto SPXX9386
El Sur SPXX7620
El Tallon Bajo SPXX6565
El Tarahal SPXX6566
El Tarros SPXX2999
El Teatino SPXX3000
El Tesoro SPXX6567
El Tiemblo SPXX9387
El Tocino SPXX3001
El Tomillar SPXX6568
El Toral SPXX7621
El Torno SPXX7622
El Torrazo SPXX3002
El Tovar SPXX3003
El Toyo SPXX3004
El Tranco SPXX3005
El Transformador SPXX3006
El Valero SPXX6150
El Valle SPXX3007
El Valle SPXX7623
El Vallin SPXX7624
El Vendrell SPXX0487
El Verduzal SPXX6151
El Villar SPXX3008
El Villar SPXX7625
El Villar SPXX6569
El Villar SPXX6152
El Vilosell SPXX5921
El Viso SPXX7626
El Viso SPXX6153
El Zarzalar SPXX3009
Elche SPXX0035
Elda SPXX3010
Elgoibar SPXX0490
Elgorriaga SPXX1079
Elgueras SPXX7627
Elizondo SPXX0102
Elorrio SPXX0491
Elorz SPXX0492
Els Garidells SPXX5922
Els Guiamets SPXX5923
Els Monjos SPXX3012
Els Omellons SPXX5926
Els Pallaresos SPXX5928
Els Pinars SPXX5929
Els Poblets SPXX5930
Els Prats de Rei SPXX3013
Els Rajolars SPXX3014
Els Taronjers SPXX3015
Els Torms SPXX5931
Els Valentins SPXX3016
Elvina SPXX3017
Embid de Ariza SPXX3018
Empuriabrava SPXX0493
Enchousas SPXX3020
Encinacorba SPXX3021
Encinares SPXX9388
Encinares SPXX9736
Encinasola SPXX1255
Encorrada SPXX7628
Encrobas SPXX3022
Endo SPXX3023
Endriga SPXX7629
Enfesta SPXX3024
Enguera SPXX0494
Enix SPXX6570
Eno SPXX7630
Enquerentes SPXX3025
Entines SPXX3026
Entorcisa SPXX7631
Entrago SPXX7632
Entralgo SPXX7633
Entrecruces SPXX3027
Entrepenas SPXX7634
Entrerrios SPXX7635
Entrevinas SPXX7636
Entrin Alto SPXX9738
Entrin Bajo SPXX9739
Enviny SPXX3028
Enxilde SPXX3029
Epila SPXX1256
Era de Soler SPXX3030
Erandio SPXX0495
Erbecedo SPXX3031
Erboedo SPXX3032
Ereno SPXX0981
Erill la Vall SPXX3033
Erill-Castell SPXX3034
Erines SPXX3035
Erla SPXX3036
Ermida SPXX3037
Ermitagana SPXX0496
Ermo SPXX3041
Ermua SPXX0497
Errenteria SPXX0498
Erroibar SPXX1031
Erta SPXX3042
Ervinou SPXX3043
Es Bordes SPXX5932
Es Castell SPXX0499
Esblada SPXX3044
Escalada SPXX3046
Escalarre SPXX3047
Escalo SPXX3048
Escalonilla SPXX9389
Escamprero SPXX7638
Escandella SPXX3049
Escanlares SPXX7639
Escanuela SPXX3050
Escarabajosa SPXX9390
Escarabote SPXX3051
Escarden SPXX7640
Escaroz SPXX0958
Escart SPXX3052
Escatron SPXX3053
Esco SPXX3054
Escobal SPXX7641
Escobias SPXX3055
Escobio SPXX7642
Escoredo SPXX7643
Escrita SPXX7644
Escudero SPXX3056
Escullar SPXX6571
Escunhau SPXX3057
Ese de Calleras SPXX7645
Esfarrapa SPXX3058
Eskoriatza SPXX1000
Eslabayo SPXX7646
Esmelle SPXX3059
Esmorode SPXX3060
Espanta Palomas SPXX3061
Esparreguera SPXX0500
Esparrelle SPXX3062
Espartal SPXX3063
Espartinas SPXX0501
Espasa SPXX7647
Espasande SPXX7648
Espasante SPXX3064
Espeluy SPXX3065
Esperante SPXX3066
Esperanza SPXX3067
Espiells SPXX3068
Espigas SPXX3069
Espina SPXX7649
Espinaredo SPXX7650
Espinaredo SPXX3070
Espinedo SPXX7651
Espiniella SPXX7652
Espinosa SPXX7653
Espoliz SPXX6572
Espot SPXX3073
Espuy SPXX3074
Esquinal SPXX3075
Estacion SPXX3077
Estacion Quesada SPXX3078
Estahon SPXX3091
Estalaya SPXX3092
Estaron SPXX3093
Esteiro SPXX3094
Estela SPXX7654
Esteli SPXX7655
Estella SPXX1258
Estelo SPXX7656
Estepa SPXX0247
Estepona SPXX1259
Estivella SPXX3097
Esto SPXX3098
Estorde SPXX3099
Estrella SPXX3100
Eume SPXX3101
Fabal SPXX7657
Fabar SPXX7658
Fabara SPXX3102
Fabares SPXX7659
Faces SPXX7660
Facheca SPXX3104
Fadibon SPXX3105
Faedal SPXX7661
Faedo SPXX7662
Faeira SPXX3106
Fagera SPXX7664
Fago SPXX1070
Falces SPXX1260
Falcones SPXX3107
Falset SPXX3108
Famelga SPXX3109
Famorca SPXX3110
Fanadix SPXX3111
Fancornio SPXX7665
Fanes SPXX7666
Fano SPXX7667
Fao SPXX3112
Farasdues SPXX3113
Farena SPXX3114
Farga de Moles SPXX3115
Farlete SPXX3116
Faro SPXX3117
Faro de Penas SPXX7668
Farrera SPXX3119
Fastias SPXX7669
Fatges SPXX3120
Faura SPXX3121
Favanella SPXX3122
Faya SPXX7670
Fayon SPXX3123
Feas SPXX3124
Fecha SPXX3125
Fechaladrona SPXX7671
Felanitx SPXX0504
Feleches SPXX7672
Felechosa SPXX7673
Felechosas SPXX7674
Felgueras SPXX7675
Fene SPXX0505
Fenigonte SPXX7676
Fenolleda SPXX7677
Ferez SPXX6156
Feria SPXX9743
Fermoselle SPXX1261
Fernan Perez SPXX6575
Fernan-Nunez SPXX0506
Fernandina SPXX3126
Ferran SPXX3127
Ferreira SPXX7678
Ferreira SPXX3128
Ferreiros SPXX3129
Ferrera SPXX7679
Ferrero SPXX7682
Ferreros SPXX7683
Ferrol SPXX0507
Ferrones SPXX7684
Ferroy SPXX7685
Fervenzas SPXX3130
Fiame SPXX7686
Fieiro SPXX3131
Figar SPXX7687
Figaredo SPXX7688
Figaredo SPXX3132
Figares SPXX7689
Figaro SPXX3133
Figols SPXX3134
Figueira SPXX3135
Figueiras SPXX3136
Figueiroa SPXX3137
Figueras SPXX7690
Figueras SPXX0141
Figueredo SPXX3138
Figueres SPXX0508
Figueroa SPXX3139
Figuerola SPXX3140
Figueruelas SPXX3142
Fijuecas SPXX7691
Filgueira SPXX3143
Filgueiro SPXX3146
Finana SPXX6576
Fines SPXX6577
Fiopans SPXX3147
Fios SPXX7692
Fique SPXX3148
Fisterra SPXX3149
Fisteus SPXX3150
Fitoria SPXX7693
Fleix SPXX3151
Flix SPXX3152
Flor de Acebos SPXX7694
Florejacs SPXX3153
Flores de Avila SPXX9392
Floristal SPXX3154
Foios SPXX0509
Fojado SPXX3157
Fojanes SPXX3158
Fojas SPXX3159
Foldada SPXX3160
Folgosa SPXX7695
Folgoso SPXX3161
Folgoso SPXX7696
Folgueiras SPXX7697
Folgueraju SPXX7700
Folgueras SPXX7701
Folguerinas SPXX7704
Folgueroles SPXX3162
Folguerua SPXX7705
Folladela SPXX3163
Follente SPXX3164
Fombermeja SPXX7706
Fombuena SPXX3165
Foncabada SPXX7707
Fonciello SPXX7708
Foncubierta SPXX7709
Fondarella SPXX3166
Fondil SPXX7710
Fondo SPXX3167
Fondodevilla SPXX7711
Fondon SPXX6578
Fondos de Villa SPXX7712
Fondovegas SPXX7713
Fondujo SPXX7714
Fonfria SPXX1262
Fonfria SPXX7715
Fonollosa SPXX3168
Fonsagrada SPXX1263
Fonseca SPXX7716
Font-Calent SPXX3169
Fontaciera SPXX7717
Fontalba SPXX7718
Fontanar SPXX3170
Fontanares SPXX3171
Fontania-La Guia SPXX7719
Fontanina SPXX7720
Fontebona SPXX7721
Fontecada SPXX3173
Fontecha SPXX3174
Fontefria SPXX3175
Fonteta SPXX7722
Fontica SPXX7723
Fontilles SPXX3176
Fontiveros SPXX9393
Fontoria SPXX7724
Forcinas SPXX7725
Fores SPXX3177
Forja SPXX7726
Formaris SPXX3178
Forna SPXX3180
Fornelos SPXX3181
Forniellas SPXX7727
Fornis SPXX3182
Fornos SPXX3183
Fort Pienc SPXX3184
Fortanete SPXX1264
Fortuna SPXX0510
Forua SPXX1009
Forum SPXX3185
Fotea SPXX3186
Foyedo SPXX7728
Foyes Blanques SPXX3187
Foz SPXX7729
Fozana SPXX7730
Fraga SPXX0511
Frailes SPXX3188
Francos SPXX7731
Franza SPXX3189
Freal SPXX7732
Frean SPXX3190
Frechilla SPXX3191
Freginals SPXX3192
Freije SPXX7733
Freijeiro SPXX3193
Freires SPXX3194
Freixinet SPXX3195
Freixo SPXX3196
Frescano SPXX3197
Fresnadiello SPXX7735
Fresnadilla SPXX3198
Fresneda SPXX7736
Fresnedal SPXX7737
Fresnedilla SPXX9394
Fresnedo SPXX7738
Fresnidiello SPXX7739
Fresno SPXX7740
Fresno del Rio SPXX3199
Fresnosa SPXX7741
Frial SPXX1266
Frias y Omedina SPXX7742
Friera SPXX7743
Frieres SPXX7744
Frije SPXX3200
Frojan SPXX3201
Fromista SPXX3202
Frontada SPXX3203
Frontera SPXX1267
Froseira SPXX7745
Fruime SPXX3204
Fruiz SPXX1065
Fuejo SPXX7746
Fuen Negra SPXX3205
Fuencalderas SPXX3206
Fuencaliente SPXX3207
Fuendejalon SPXX3208
Fuendetodos SPXX3209
Fuenfria SPXX3210
Fuengirola SPXX0512
Fuenlabrada SPXX6159
Fuenlabrada SPXX0036
Fuensalida SPXX0513
Fuensanta SPXX6160
Fuente Carrasca SPXX6161
Fuente Carrasca SPXX3212
Fuente de Cantos SPXX1270
Fuente de Omet SPXX3219
Fuente del Arco SPXX9745
Fuente del Oro SPXX3226
Fuente del Pino SPXX6582
Fuente del Pino SPXX6164
Fuente del Taif SPXX6165
Fuente Diago SPXX3213
Fuente el Sauz SPXX9395
Fuente el Saz SPXX0515
Fuente Leiva SPXX3214
Fuente Olmedo SPXX1403
Fuente Palacios SPXX3215
Fuente Palmera SPXX0514
Fuente Pinilla SPXX3216
Fuente Rueda SPXX3217
Fuente Santa SPXX6580
Fuente Segura SPXX3218
Fuente Victoria SPXX6581
Fuente-Alamo SPXX3227
Fuente-Alamo SPXX1271
Fuente-Andrino SPXX3228
Fuente-Encarroz SPXX3229
Fuente-Higuera SPXX6166
Fuentealbilla SPXX6167
Fuenteguinaldo SPXX1272
Fuenteheridos SPXX3230
Fuenteovejuna SPXX1273
Fuenterrabia SPXX0517
Fuenterrobles SPXX3231
Fuentes SPXX7747
Fuentes SPXX6168
Fuentes Cabadas SPXX7748
Fuentes de Ano SPXX9396
Fuentes De Ebro SPXX1274
Fuentes de Leon SPXX9747
Fuentes de Nava SPXX3232
Fuentes-Rosas SPXX3234
Fuentesauco SPXX1276
Fuexos SPXX7751
Fueyo SPXX7752
Fulleda SPXX3235
Fumineo SPXX3236
Furelos SPXX3237
Gabet SPXX3238
Gacia SPXX6583
Gacia Alto SPXX6584
Gacia Bajo SPXX6585
Gafarillos SPXX6586
Gafoy SPXX3239
Gaia SPXX3240
Galachar SPXX6587
Galan SPXX9748
Galapagar SPXX3241
Galapagar SPXX0518
Galar SPXX0519
Galaroza SPXX3242
Galdakao SPXX0520
Galdames Beitia SPXX0931
Galdar SPXX0235
Galegos SPXX3243
Galeno SPXX3244
Galeras SPXX6588
Galiana SPXX6589
Galineiros SPXX7753
Gallardo SPXX3245
Gallego SPXX6169
Gallicant SPXX3246
Gallicanta SPXX9749
Gallifa SPXX3247
Gallinal SPXX7755
Gallinero SPXX7756
Gallocanta SPXX3248
Gallues SPXX0987
Gallur SPXX3249
Galteiros SPXX3250
Gama SPXX3251
Gamonal SPXX9400
Gamonedo SPXX7759
Gamones SPXX7760
Ganarul SPXX3252
Gancedo SPXX7761
Gandara SPXX3253
Gandesa SPXX1277
Gandia SPXX0037
Ganinas SPXX3254
Garabanja SPXX3255
Garana SPXX7762
Garbayuela SPXX9750
Garcia SPXX1278
Garciez SPXX3256
Garciez-Jimena SPXX3257
Garde SPXX1076
Garlitos SPXX9751
Garos SPXX3258
Garraf SPXX3259
Garralda SPXX1015
Garrapinillos SPXX3260
Garrapito SPXX9752
Garroferos SPXX3261
Garrucha SPXX6590
Garruchena SPXX3262
Garvelles SPXX7763
Garzola SPXX3263
Gastrar SPXX3264
Gata de Gorgos SPXX3265
Gatika SPXX0521
Gausac SPXX3266
Gava SPXX0522
Gavas SPXX3267
Gaztelu SPXX1007
Gebera SPXX6591
Gedrez SPXX7764
Gelad SPXX7765
Gelida SPXX0523
Gelsa SPXX3268
Gelves SPXX0524
Gemuno SPXX9403
Genave SPXX3269
Gendil SPXX3270
Genestaza SPXX7766
Genestosa SPXX7767
Genestoso SPXX7768
Genoves SPXX3271
Gera SPXX7769
Gerb SPXX3272
Gerena SPXX0525
Gergal SPXX1279
Gernika-Lumo SPXX0526
Gerona SPXX0038
Gerri SPXX3273
Gessa SPXX3274
Gestalgar SPXX3275
Gestoso SPXX3276
Gestoso SPXX7770
Getafe SPXX0039
Getaria SPXX0969
Getxo SPXX0527
Gian SPXX3277
Gibraleon SPXX1280
Gijon SPXX0222
Gijun SPXX7771
Gil Alonso SPXX3278
Gil de Olid SPXX3280
Gil Marquez SPXX3279
Gilet SPXX3281
Gilgarcia SPXX9404
Gillon SPXX7772
Gilma SPXX6592
Gimenells SPXX3282
Gimialcon SPXX9405
Gines SPXX0528
Ginestarre SPXX3283
Ginzo SPXX3284
Ginzo de Lima SPXX1281
Gio SPXX7773
Giranes SPXX7774
Girona SPXX0143
Gironella SPXX3285
Gizaburuaga SPXX0932
Glorieta SPXX3286
Gobiendes SPXX7775
Godall SPXX3288
Godan SPXX7776
Godejal SPXX7777
Godella SPXX0529
Godella SPXX7778
Godelleta SPXX3289
Godina SPXX7779
Godojos SPXX3290
Godon SPXX7780
Godon SPXX3291
Godos SPXX7781
Goente SPXX3292
Goimil SPXX3293
Goizueta SPXX1062
Gojar SPXX0530
Goje SPXX7782
Golan SPXX3294
Goleta SPXX7783
Golmar SPXX3295
Golmes SPXX3296
Golosalvo SPXX6170
Goltar SPXX3297
Gomara SPXX1282
Gomez-Roman SPXX9406
Gonar SPXX6593
Gondollin SPXX3298
Gondomar SPXX0531
Goni SPXX1032
Gontalde SPXX3299
Gontar SPXX6171
Gonte SPXX3300
Gonzar SPXX3301
Gor SPXX1283
Gordun SPXX3302
Gorgullos SPXX3303
Gorliz-Elexalde SPXX0532
Gormach SPXX3304
Gosende SPXX3305
Gosol SPXX3306
Gotarrendura SPXX9407
Gotarta SPXX3307
Gotor SPXX3308
Govezanes SPXX7784
Goyanes SPXX3309
Gozon de Ucieza SPXX3310
Gracia SPXX3311
Gradatila SPXX7785
Grado SPXX0533
Gradura SPXX7787
Grajos SPXX9408
Gramedo SPXX7788
Gran Alacant SPXX3313
Gran Canaria SPXX0238
Gran Canaria Sur SPXX0171
Gran Tarajal SPXX1284
Grana SPXX3314
Grana de Guiar SPXX7789
Granada SPXX0040
Granas SPXX3315
Granda SPXX7790
Granda de Arriba SPXX7791
Grandadista SPXX7792
Grandal SPXX3316
Grandallana SPXX7793
Grandes SPXX9409
Grandiella SPXX7795
Granen SPXX1286
Granena SPXX3317
Granera SPXX3318
Granollers SPXX0534
Granxa SPXX3320
Grases SPXX7796
Gratallops SPXX3323
Grauges SPXX3324
Graus SPXX1287
Graya SPXX6172
Grazanes SPXX7797
Greixer SPXX3325
Grijera SPXX3326
Grijoa SPXX3327
Grijota SPXX3328
Grillero SPXX7798
Grilo SPXX7799
Grima SPXX6594
Grinon SPXX0535
Grisel SPXX3329
Grixa SPXX3330
Grixalba SPXX3331
Grobas SPXX3332
Grove SPXX1288
Grullos SPXX7800
Gua SPXX7801
Guadabraz SPXX3333
Guadahornillos SPXX3334
Guadalajara SPXX0041
Guadalest SPXX3335
Guadalmena SPXX6173
Guadalupe SPXX3336
Guadarrama SPXX0537
Guadassuar SPXX0538
Guadiana SPXX3337
Guadix SPXX0042
Guainos Altos SPXX6595
Gualada SPXX1289
Gualba de Baix SPXX3338
Gualba de Dalt SPXX3339
Gualter SPXX3340
Guardia de Tremp SPXX3341
Guardias Viejas SPXX6596
Guardo SPXX1290
Guarena SPXX9410
Guarena SPXX9755
Guaridas SPXX9756
Guarroman SPXX3343
Guarros SPXX6597
Guaza de Campos SPXX3344
Guazamara SPXX6598
Gueenu SPXX7802
Gueexes SPXX7803
Gueima SPXX3345
Guenes SPXX0540
Guesa SPXX0970
Guia De Isora SPXX1291
Guialmons SPXX3346
Guiar SPXX7804
Guiende SPXX3347
Guillena SPXX0541
Guimar SPXX1292
Guimera SPXX3348
Guinate SPXX1293
Guingueta SPXX3349
Guirguillano SPXX1084
Guisamo SPXX3350
Guissona SPXX3351
Guitamarin SPXX6599
Guitiriz SPXX1294
Gujelo SPXX1295
Gundar SPXX3352
Gunolas SPXX3353
Gurb SPXX3354
Gurulles SPXX7805
Gutar SPXX3355
Gutierre-Munoz SPXX9411
Haro SPXX0542
Haza Mora SPXX3357
Hecho SPXX1073
Helechosa SPXX9757
Hellin SPXX0145
Herbogo SPXX3359
Herbon SPXX3360
Heredamiento SPXX3361
Herencia SPXX0543
Heres SPXX7806
Heria SPXX7807
Herias SPXX7808
Hermedelo SPXX3362
Hermigua SPXX1296
Hermosillo SPXX9412
Hernan Cortes SPXX9758
Hernani SPXX0544
Hernansancho SPXX9413
Hernialde SPXX0945
Heros SPXX7809
Herrera SPXX3364
Herrerias SPXX6600
Herreros de Suso SPXX9414
Herves SPXX3368
Hevia SPXX7810
Hierro Island SPXX0206
Higuera la Real SPXX9762
Higueral SPXX3372
Higueral SPXX6601
Higueruela SPXX3373
Higueruelas SPXX3374
Hijar SPXX6174
Hijar SPXX1299
Hijosa SPXX3375
Hinojal SPXX1300
Hinojales SPXX3376
Hinojares SPXX3377
Hinojos SPXX3378
Hirmes SPXX6602
Hogo SPXX3379
Hondon SPXX3380
Honrubia SPXX1301
Hontamio SPXX7811
Hontanares SPXX9416
Hontoria SPXX7812
Horcajuelo SPXX9419
Horna SPXX6175
Horna SPXX3383
Horna Alta SPXX3384
Hornachos SPXX1303
Horno Ciego SPXX6176
Horno del Vidrio SPXX3386
Horno Robledo SPXX9420
Hornos SPXX3387
Hornos el Viejo SPXX3388
Horta SPXX3389
Horta-Guinardo SPXX3392
Hortalanca SPXX3393
Hortichuela SPXX3394
Hortsavinya SPXX3395
Hostafrancs SPXX3398
Hoya SPXX3399
Hoya-Gonzalo SPXX6178
Hoyas de Orcheta SPXX3401
Hoyocasero SPXX9421
Hoyorredondo SPXX9422
Hoyos del Espino SPXX9425
Hoz de Arriba SPXX3402
Hoz de Jaca SPXX1064
Huebro SPXX6603
Hueco del Pico SPXX3403
Huelma SPXX1304
Huelva SPXX0225
Huentes SPXX7813
Huercal-Overa SPXX1305
Huerces SPXX7814
Huergo SPXX7815
Huermeda SPXX3404
Huerno SPXX7816
Huerta del Manco SPXX3407
Huerta del Monte SPXX3408
Huerta Mayor SPXX3405
Huerta Parri SPXX3406
Huerta Plata SPXX9764
Huertas SPXX3409
Huesa SPXX3410
Huesca SPXX0043
Huescar SPXX0104
Huete SPXX1306
Huetor Vega SPXX0547
Huetor-Tajar SPXX0548
Huimayor SPXX6604
Hurchillo SPXX3411
Hurtumpascual SPXX9426
Husillos SPXX3412
Hustias SPXX9427
Hutar SPXX3413
Ibanez SPXX6605
Ibdes SPXX3414
Ibi SPXX0550
Ibiza SPXX0044
Iboya SPXX7817
Iboyo SPXX7818
Ibros SPXX3415
Idarga SPXX7819
Idiazabal SPXX0999
Ifac SPXX3416
Igena SPXX7820
Iglesiafeita SPXX3417
Igualada SPXX3418
Ilcedo SPXX7821
Illana SPXX1307
Illano SPXX7822
Illar SPXX6606
Illaso SPXX7823
Illescas SPXX0551
Illobre SPXX3419
Illora SPXX0552
Illueca SPXX3420
Inano SPXX3421
Inca SPXX0553
Inclan SPXX7824
Infantes SPXX0241
Infiesta SPXX7825
Infiesto SPXX1308
Ingenio SPXX1309
Inguanzo SPXX7826
Injerto de Abajo SPXX3422
Inoges SPXX3424
Instincion SPXX6607
Insuela SPXX3426
Intorcisa SPXX3427
Intriago SPXX7827
Iran SPXX3428
Iraneta SPXX0930
Irgo SPXX3429
Iria SPXX3430
Irroa SPXX3431
Irun SPXX0554
Irura SPXX0555
Isaba SPXX1039
Isabela SPXX3432
Isil SPXX3433
Isla Cristina SPXX0556
Isla de Alboran SPXX0172
Isla de Canela SPXX3435
Isla de Salvora SPXX3436
Isla del Moral SPXX3437
Isla Plana SPXX3434
Islantilla SPXX3438
Isona SPXX3439
Isongo SPXX7829
Isorna SPXX3440
Isovol SPXX3441
Isso SPXX6180
Isuerre SPXX3442
Itero de la Vega SPXX3444
Itero Seco SPXX3443
Ituero SPXX6181
Ituren SPXX1088
Iturrama SPXX0557
Itza SPXX0950
Ivorra SPXX3446
Izalzu SPXX0983
Iznalloz SPXX0558
Iznatoraf SPXX3447
Izurtza SPXX1008
Jabalcuz SPXX3448
Jabalquinto SPXX3449
Jabugo SPXX3450
Jabuguillo SPXX3451
Jaca SPXX0957
Jacarilla SPXX3452
Jaen SPXX0045
Jafra SPXX3453
Jalance SPXX3454
Jalon SPXX7830
Jalon SPXX3455
Jamilena SPXX3456
Jaraba SPXX3457
Jarafe SPXX3458
Jarafuel SPXX3459
Jaraguas SPXX3460
Jaraices SPXX9428
Jaraiz SPXX1310
Jaraz SPXX7831
Jarceley SPXX7832
Jaren SPXX7833
Jarias SPXX7834
Jaroso SPXX3461
Jarque SPXX3462
Jarreras SPXX7835
Jarrio SPXX7836
Jartos SPXX6182
Jasa SPXX1035
Jauro SPXX6608
Javea SPXX3463
Javier SPXX1006
Javina SPXX3464
Jerez SPXX0105
Jerica SPXX1312
Jestosa SPXX3465
Jesus SPXX9767
Jesus Pobre SPXX3466
Jijona SPXX0559
Jimena SPXX3467
Jobre SPXX3468
Jodar SPXX0252
Joluque SPXX6609
Jorba SPXX3469
Jornes SPXX3470
Jorquera SPXX6183
Jou SPXX3471
Jove del Medio SPXX7837
Juan Vich SPXX3472
Juanceda SPXX3473
Jucaini SPXX6610
Jugal SPXX7838
Jumilla SPXX1314
Juncedo-Campo SPXX7839
Junciana SPXX9429
Junco SPXX7840
Juncosa SPXX3474
Juneda SPXX3475
Junigro SPXX7841
Jurarantes SPXX3476
Juslibol SPXX3477
Juveria SPXX7842
La Acebal SPXX7843
La Acifria SPXX6611
La Adelfa SPXX6612
La Adrada SPXX9430
La Agracea SPXX3488
La Alameda SPXX9431
La Alameda SPXX6613
La Alberquilla SPXX6184
La Albuera SPXX1315
La Alcantarilla SPXX6185
La Alcazaba SPXX6614
La Aldehuela SPXX9433
La Aldeilla SPXX6615
La Alfahuara SPXX6616
La Alfera SPXX6186
La Alfoquia SPXX6617
La Algaba SPXX0564
La Algarrobina SPXX6618
La Algoda SPXX3489
La Aliseda SPXX3490
La Aljambra SPXX6619
La Almedina SPXX3491
La Almeza SPXX3492
La Almohalla SPXX9435
La Almolda SPXX3493
La Alqueria SPXX6620
La Angostura SPXX9436
La Antigua SPXX7844
La Antilla SPXX3496
La Aparecida SPXX3497
La Arena SPXX7845
La Arguena SPXX3498
La Arnilla SPXX6621
La Arquera SPXX7846
La Aspilla SPXX6622
La Atalaya SPXX3499
La Atalaya SPXX7847
La Atalaya SPXX9437
La Ballestera SPXX3500
La Balsa SPXX3501
La Baneza SPXX1317
La Barca SPXX3502
La Barceloneta SPXX3503
La Batlloria SPXX3504
La Bauma SPXX3505
La Beguda Alta SPXX3506
La Blava SPXX3507
La Bobadilla SPXX3508
La Bodegueta SPXX3509
La Bonanova SPXX3510
La Bonga SPXX7848
La Boquera SPXX3511
La Boquera SPXX6625
La Borbolla SPXX7849
La Bordeta SPXX3512
La Borra SPXX7850
La Boveda SPXX9768
La Brena SPXX6626
La Busta SPXX7852
La Caba SPXX3513
La Cabana SPXX7853
La Cabanuela SPXX3514
La Cadolla SPXX3516
La Cala SPXX3517
La Caleruela SPXX3518
La Calzada SPXX7854
La Campa SPXX7855
La Campaneta SPXX3519
La Canada SPXX9438
La Canada SPXX3520
La Canada Ancha SPXX6627
La Canada Grande SPXX6628
La Canal SPXX7856
La Canal SPXX3521
La Canaleja SPXX3522
La Canaleja SPXX6187
La Canalosa SPXX3523
La Canga SPXX7857
La Canonja SPXX3524
La Canuta SPXX5951
La Cardenchosa SPXX9769
La Caridad SPXX7858
La Carlota SPXX0565
La Carolina SPXX1318
La Carrasca SPXX6631
La Carrasca SPXX3525
La Carrera SPXX7859
La Carrera SPXX9439
La Carriona SPXX7860
La Carrizal SPXX7861
La Carrona SPXX3526
La Casa Nueva SPXX6188
La Caseria SPXX6632
La Caseria SPXX7862
La Cava SPXX5952
La Cebedal SPXX7863
La Cendra SPXX9440
La Cenia SPXX1319
La Ceposa SPXX7864
La Cerra SPXX7865
La Cerradura SPXX3527
La China SPXX9770
La Choza SPXX6190
La Cinta SPXX6633
La Coba SPXX7866
La Cobertoria SPXX7867
La Codosera SPXX9771
La Colilla SPXX9441
La Coma SPXX3528
La Concepcion SPXX6634
La Concepcion SPXX9772
La Condesa SPXX3529
La Condomina SPXX3530
La Coneja SPXX9773
La Conreria SPXX5953
La Corcolina SPXX7868
La Coromina SPXX5954
La Coronada SPXX9774
La Corrada SPXX7869
La Corredoria SPXX7870
La Corte SPXX3531
La Cortezona SPXX9775
La Cortina SPXX7871
La Coruna SPXX0189
La Costa SPXX3532
La Crujia SPXX3533
La Cruz SPXX7872
La Cruz SPXX3534
La Cuesta SPXX7873
La Cueva SPXX7874
La Cuevarruz SPXX3535
La Cumbre SPXX6638
La Cumbre SPXX3536
La Curriquera SPXX7875
La Dehesa SPXX3537
La Dehesa SPXX6191
La Dehesilla SPXX9776
La Depata SPXX7876
La Drova SPXX3538
La Encarnada SPXX7877
La Encina SPXX3539
La Enfestiella SPXX7878
La Envia SPXX6639
La Eria SPXX7879
La Erica SPXX3540
La Ermita SPXX3541
La Escurria SPXX6641
La Espina SPXX7880
La Estacion SPXX3542
La Estacion SPXX9777
La Estacion SPXX6642
La Estacion SPXX9442
La Estada SPXX1321
La Estrella SPXX1322
La Fajera SPXX7881
La Falguera SPXX7882
La Fanosa SPXX7883
La Fatarella SPXX5955
La Febro SPXX5956
La Felguera SPXX7884
La Felguerina SPXX7885
La Felipa SPXX6193
La Fenosa SPXX7886
La Ferreria SPXX7887
La Figal SPXX7888
La Figar SPXX7889
La Figuera SPXX3543
La Figuerina SPXX7890
La Figuerosa SPXX5957
La Floresta SPXX5958
La Florida SPXX6194
La Florida SPXX3545
La Folguerosa SPXX7891
La Foz SPXX7892
La Franca SPXX7893
La Frecha SPXX7894
La Fresnedilla SPXX3547
La Fueja SPXX7895
La Fuensanta SPXX6644
La Fuente SPXX6645
La Fuente SPXX7896
La Fuliola SPXX3548
La Fustera SPXX3549
La Galera SPXX3550
La Galguera SPXX7897
La Garganta SPXX3551
La Garriga SPXX0911
La Garrofa SPXX6651
La Garza SPXX9778
La Gavarra SPXX3552
La Gila SPXX6197
La Gineta SPXX6198
La Gleva SPXX3553
La Gornal SPXX3554
La Grajuela SPXX6199
La Granada SPXX3555
La Granadella SPXX5959
La Grandera SPXX7898
La Guarda SPXX9779
La Guardia SPXX1323
La Guardia SPXX3557
La Guardiola SPXX3559
La Gudina SPXX1324
La Haba SPXX9780
La Herguijuela SPXX9443
La Herrera SPXX6200
La Herrera SPXX3560
La Herreria SPXX6201
La Higuera SPXX9444
La Hija de Dios SPXX9445
La Hojilla SPXX6652
La Horadada SPXX3561
La Horca SPXX6203
La Horcajada SPXX9446
La Hoya SPXX6653
La Hoya Hermosa SPXX3562
La Hoz SPXX6204
La Huelga SPXX6655
La Huelga SPXX7899
La Huerta SPXX6656
La Hueta SPXX3564
La Iglesia SPXX3565
La Imora SPXX3566
La Infiesta SPXX7900
La Isla SPXX7901
La Isleta SPXX6657
La Jara SPXX6658
La Jauca SPXX6659
La Jaud SPXX3567
La Jayona SPXX9782
La Joya SPXX3568
La Joyosa SPXX3569
La Juaida SPXX6660
La Juliana SPXX3570
La Juncar SPXX7902
La Junquera SPXX6205
La Laguna SPXX3571
La Laguna SPXX6206
La Laguna SPXX1325
La Lagunilla SPXX3572
La Lancha SPXX3573
La Lapa SPXX9783
La Lastra SPXX3574
La Lastra SPXX9447
La Linde SPXX7903
La Llacuna SPXX3575
La Llagosta SPXX0567
La Llama SPXX7904
La Llamera SPXX7905
La Llaneza SPXX7906
La Llera SPXX7907
La Llobeta SPXX3576
La Lloraza SPXX7908
La Lobera SPXX9449
La Loberuela SPXX3577
La Loma Alta SPXX6661
La Longa SPXX7909
La Losilla SPXX6207
La Losilla SPXX6662
La Madrera SPXX7910
La Magdalena SPXX3578
La Magdalena SPXX7911
La Majadilla SPXX9450
La Malla SPXX3580
La Mambla SPXX3581
La Manresana SPXX5961
La Marea SPXX7912
La Mariana SPXX9784
La Marina SPXX3582
La Marquesa SPXX3583
La Masanti SPXX7913
La Mata SPXX7914
La Mata SPXX3584
La Matanza SPXX6208
La Matea SPXX3585
La Matosa SPXX7915
La Mediana SPXX3586
La Mela SPXX6665
La Mesa SPXX3587
La Mesa SPXX7916
La Mesta SPXX6209
La Miliana SPXX3588
La Miyar SPXX7917
La Mogaya SPXX3589
La Mojonera SPXX6666
La Molata SPXX6210
La Molina SPXX7918
La Molinuca SPXX7919
La Montana SPXX3590
La Montana SPXX7920
La Mora SPXX3591
La Morera SPXX9785
La Mortera SPXX7921
La Mosquitera SPXX7922
La Muela SPXX7923
La Muela SPXX3592
La Mujer SPXX6667
La Muleria SPXX6668
La Muna SPXX3593
La Munia SPXX3594
La Murada SPXX3595
La Nava SPXX9786
La Nava SPXX3596
La Nava SPXX7924
La Navazuela SPXX6211
La Naya SPXX3597
La Nisal SPXX7925
La Noguera SPXX6212
La Nou de Gaia SPXX3598
La Nucia SPXX0912
La Olla SPXX7926
La Ortigosa SPXX3599
La Oteda SPXX7927
La palma SPXX1331
La Palma SPXX3600
La Palma de Ebro SPXX3601
La Palma Islan SPXX0207
La Parata SPXX6669
La Paraya SPXX7928
La Pared SPXX6213
La Parra SPXX9788
La Parra SPXX9451
La Parra SPXX6670
La Parrilla SPXX3603
La Parte SPXX7929
La Pasera SPXX7930
La Paz SPXX3605
La Pea SPXX3606
La Pedrera SPXX7931
La Pena SPXX7932
La Penarrodada SPXX6671
La Penuela SPXX3607
La Peral SPXX7933
La Pereda SPXX7934
La Perulera SPXX6672
La Pescal SPXX7935
La Pica SPXX3608
La Pineda SPXX0569
La Pinera SPXX7936
La Pipa SPXX7937
La Plana SPXX3609
La Plana Rodona SPXX3610
La Planta SPXX7938
La Plaza SPXX7939
La Pobleta SPXX3615
La Poderosa SPXX3616
La Porquera SPXX7940
La Portella SPXX5968
La Portera SPXX3617
La Portilla SPXX7941
La Posada SPXX7942
La Presa SPXX3618
La Prohida SPXX7943
La Providencia SPXX3619
La Puerta SPXX7944
La Pulgosa SPXX6214
La Quar SPXX5969
La Quintana SPXX7945
La Quinteria SPXX3622
La Rabassada SPXX5970
La Rabita SPXX3623
La Racona SPXX3624
La Rada SPXX6215
La Rambla SPXX0573
La Rambla SPXX6675
La Rambla SPXX6216
La Rambla Grande SPXX6676
La Rambla-Encira SPXX6678
La Ramera SPXX7946
La Rapella SPXX3626
La Rapita SPXX3627
La Rebollada SPXX7947
La Recueja SPXX6217
La Redondela SPXX3628
La Riba SPXX7948
La Riba SPXX3629
La Ricardera SPXX3630
La Riera SPXX7949
La Riera de Gaia SPXX5971
La Rierada SPXX3631
La Rimada SPXX7950
La Rinconada SPXX0574
La Risca SPXX9789
La Rivera SPXX7951
La Rociella SPXX7952
La Rocita SPXX9790
La Roda SPXX1330
La Roda SPXX7953
La Romana SPXX3632
La Romera SPXX6680
La Romia Baxo SPXX7954
La Romia Riba SPXX7955
La Ronda SPXX7956
La Rondiella SPXX7957
La Rosa SPXX3633
La Rotella SPXX7958
La Roza SPXX7959
La Rubiera SPXX7960
La Ruiza SPXX6218
La Sagrera SPXX3634
La Sala SPXX7961
La Salut SPXX3635
La Sarga SPXX3636
La Senia SPXX5973
La Serrada SPXX9452
La Serreta SPXX3638
La Sertal SPXX7963
La Sienra SPXX7964
La Sierra SPXX6219
La Sierra SPXX7965
La Siesta SPXX3639
La Solana SPXX3640
La Solana SPXX6220
La Soledad SPXX3641
La Sota SPXX7966
La Tabla SPXX7967
La Tala SPXX3642
La Tejera SPXX3643
La Tia Lucia SPXX6681
La Tierga SPXX3644
La Tiesa SPXX3645
La Toba SPXX3646
La Torerera SPXX3647
La Torre SPXX9453
La Torre SPXX3648
La Torre SPXX9791
La Torre SPXX7968
La Torrecica SPXX6221
La Tortilla SPXX3651
La Umbria SPXX3652
La Union SPXX0576
La Urbina SPXX6222
La Uz SPXX7969
La Valenciana SPXX3653
La Vallencana SPXX3654
La Vallina SPXX7970
La Vara SPXX7971
La Vega SPXX7972
La Vega SPXX6683
La Vega SPXX3655
La Vega de Aca SPXX6684
La Venteta SPXX3657
La Vereda SPXX3658
La Vicaria SPXX9792
La Vilella Alta SPXX5978
La Vilella Baixa SPXX5979
La Viliella SPXX7973
La Villa SPXX7974
La Vilortera SPXX7975
La Vina SPXX7976
La Vita SPXX7977
La Xara SPXX3659
La Yedra SPXX6685
La Yedra SPXX3660
La Yegua Baja SPXX6686
La Yesa SPXX3661
La Zafra SPXX3662
La Zaida SPXX3663
La Zarza SPXX9454
La Zarza SPXX6223
La Zenia SPXX3664
Labacengos SPXX3665
Labares SPXX7978
Labejo SPXX3666
Labiaron SPXX7979
Labra SPXX7980
Lacorvilla SPXX3667
Lacra SPXX3668
Lada SPXX7981
Ladines SPXX7982
Ladrero SPXX7983
Ladrido SPXX3669
Lagarteira SPXX3670
Lagata SPXX3671
Lago SPXX7984
Lago SPXX3672
Lagoa SPXX3673
Laguardia SPXX0106
Lagueiro SPXX7985
Laguna de Duero SPXX0577
Lagunazo SPXX3674
Laino SPXX3676
Lalin SPXX0147
Lamas SPXX3677
Lamasapin SPXX3678
Lamastredo SPXX3679
Lamisqueira SPXX7986
Lampay SPXX3680
Lampon SPXX3681
Lamuno SPXX7987
Lanada SPXX7988
Lanas SPXX3682
Lancharejo SPXX9455
Landa SPXX0578
Landeira SPXX3683
Landete SPXX1332
Landoi SPXX3684
Laneo SPXX7989
Langa SPXX9456
Langreo SPXX0173
Langueiron SPXX3686
Lantadilla SPXX3687
Lantarou SPXX3688
Lanteiro SPXX7990
Lantero SPXX7991
Lantoira SPXX7992
Lanza SPXX3689
Lanzarote SPXX0239
Laracha SPXX0579
Larano SPXX3690
Laraxe SPXX3691
Lardeiros SPXX3692
Lardero SPXX0580
Laredo SPXX1333
Larin SPXX3693
Larino SPXX3694
Larna SPXX7993
Laroa SPXX3695
Laron SPXX7994
Laroya SPXX6687
Larraga SPXX1334
Larraul SPXX0941
Lartosa SPXX7995
Larva SPXX3696
Las Adelfas SPXX6688
Las Albarizas SPXX3697
Las Alcubillas SPXX6689
Las Animas SPXX6224
Las Anorias SPXX6225
Las Barracas SPXX3698
Las Barzanas SPXX7997
Las Bombardas SPXX6691
Las Bordas SPXX3699
Las Bouzas SPXX3700
Las Bovedas SPXX3701
Las Bovetes SPXX3702
Las Cabanas SPXX7998
Las Cabilas SPXX3704
Las Cabreras SPXX3705
Las Caldas SPXX7999
Las Canadas SPXX3706
Las Canaleias SPXX3708
Las Canalejas SPXX6693
Las Canteras SPXX3709
Las Carangas SPXX8000
Las Carboneras SPXX9793
Las Carbonosas SPXX8001
Las Cardosas SPXX9794
Las Casas SPXX3710
Las Caserias SPXX3711
Las Casicas SPXX6694
Las Casillas SPXX3714
Las Casillas SPXX6695
Las Cefinas SPXX3715
Las Chinas SPXX3716
Las Chozas SPXX6228
Las Cobatillas SPXX6696
Las Colladas SPXX8002
Las Conchas SPXX8003
Las Cruces SPXX8004
Las Cruces SPXX9795
Las Cuerlas SPXX3717
Las Cuestas SPXX8005
Las Cuevas SPXX3718
Las Cuevas SPXX6229
Las Cunas SPXX6701
Las Delgadas SPXX3719
Las Delicias SPXX3720
Las Encebras SPXX3721
Las Entinas SPXX6702
Las Eras SPXX3722
Las Eras SPXX6230
Las Erillas SPXX3723
Las Escuelas SPXX3724
Las Espumaderas SPXX3725
Las Estacas SPXX8006
Las Euras SPXX3726
Las Fuentecitas SPXX6232
Las Fuentes SPXX3727
Las Fuentes SPXX6233
Las Gabias SPXX0582
Las Gallinas SPXX8007
Las Gamitas SPXX9796
Las Gorgollitas SPXX3728
Las Habillas SPXX9797
Las Heras SPXX3729
Las Hermanas SPXX6234
Las Herrerias SPXX3730
Las Herrerias SPXX6703
Las Higueras SPXX3731
Las Hortichuelas SPXX6704
Las Hoyas SPXX6235
Las Infantas SPXX3732
Las Jaulas SPXX6708
Las Lapas SPXX9798
Las Llanas SPXX8008
Las Lomas SPXX6709
Las Mallas SPXX3733
Las Manicas SPXX6710
Las Marias SPXX9458
Las Masucas SPXX3734
Las Matanzas SPXX6711
Las Matas SPXX0583
Las Matas SPXX3735
Las Minas SPXX6236
Las Mohedas SPXX6237
Las Monas SPXX8009
Las Monjas SPXX3736
Las Morteras SPXX8010
Las Murias SPXX8011
Las Navas SPXX9459
Las Negras SPXX6712
Las Nieves SPXX9799
Las Nogueras SPXX3737
Las Norias SPXX6713
Las Norias SPXX3738
Las Noritas SPXX9800
Las Orderias SPXX8012
Las Orillas SPXX6714
Las Paletas SPXX6715
Las Palmas SPXX0047
Las Parideras SPXX6238
Las Pebradas SPXX3739
Las Pedroneras SPXX0256
Las Pedrosas SPXX3740
Las Pineras SPXX8013
Las Poblas SPXX3741
Las Pocicas SPXX6716
Las Puentes SPXX8014
Las Quintanas SPXX8015
Las Rozas SPXX8016
Las Rubias SPXX8017
Las Saladas SPXX3742
Las Salinas SPXX6717
Las Siete Casas SPXX3743
Las Tabiernas SPXX8018
Las Tablas SPXX8019
Las Tejeras SPXX8020
Las Tiendas SPXX8021
Las Tiendas SPXX9801
Las Torrecillas SPXX6718
Las Tres Torres SPXX3744
Las Vallinas SPXX8022
Las Ventas SPXX3746
Las Villas SPXX8023
Las Vinas SPXX8024
Las Vinicas SPXX6719
Las Virtudes SPXX3747
Las Viudas SPXX6720
Las Yeguarizas SPXX6240
Las Yeguas SPXX9802
Lasarte SPXX0586
Laspra SPXX8025
Lastres SPXX8026
Lastrilla SPXX9461
Latores SPXX8027
Lauria SPXX8028
Lavacolla SPXX3748
Lavandeira SPXX3749
Lavandera SPXX8029
Lavapies SPXX3750
Lavares SPXX8030
Lavern SPXX3751
Lavid de Ojeda SPXX3752
Lavio SPXX8031
Lavit SPXX3753
Layana SPXX3754
Lazana SPXX8032
Lazo SPXX3755
Lebanza SPXX3756
Leboreiro SPXX3757
Lebredo SPXX8033
Lebrija SPXX0587
Lecenes SPXX8034
Lecera SPXX3758
Leces SPXX8035
Lechon SPXX3759
Lecinena SPXX3760
Ledesma SPXX1338
Ledigos SPXX3761
Ledoira SPXX3762
Ledono SPXX3763
Leganes SPXX0048
Legarda SPXX0916
Legorreta SPXX1019
Leiguarda SPXX8036
Leiloyo SPXX3764
Leioa SPXX0588
Leira SPXX3765
Leiriella SPXX8037
Leirio SPXX8038
Leiro SPXX3766
Leirosa SPXX8039
Leis SPXX3767
Leixa SPXX3768
Lekeitio SPXX0589
Lel SPXX3769
Lema SPXX3770
Lemaio SPXX3771
Lende forno SPXX8040
Lendepena SPXX8041
Lendequintana SPXX8042
Lendinez SPXX3772
Lendo SPXX3773
Lens SPXX3774
Leobalde SPXX3775
Leon SPXX0590
Leorio SPXX8043
Leoz SPXX1089
Lepe SPXX0591
Lerida SPXX1339
Lerin SPXX1340
Lerma SPXX1341
Lerono SPXX3776
Les SPXX8044
Les SPXX1063
Les Arriondes SPXX8045
Les Avellanes SPXX5980
Les Barraques SPXX3777
Les Cabanyes SPXX3778
Les Fonts SPXX3780
Les Oluges SPXX3782
Les Pallargues SPXX5983
Les Peces SPXX3783
Les Piles SPXX3784
Les Planes SPXX3785
Les Rotes SPXX3786
Les Segaes SPXX8046
Les Ventoses SPXX5984
Lesa SPXX3788
Lesaka SPXX1342
Lesende SPXX3789
Leson SPXX3790
Lesta SPXX3791
Lestayo SPXX3792
Lestedo SPXX3793
Lestelle SPXX3794
Lestimono SPXX3795
Leston SPXX3796
Leston de Abajo SPXX3797
Leston de Arriba SPXX3798
Lestrobe SPXX3799
Letur SPXX6241
Letux SPXX3800
Levinco SPXX8047
Lezaun SPXX1085
Lezo SPXX0592
Lezuza SPXX6242
Lians SPXX3801
Libardon SPXX8048
Liboi SPXX3802
Liebres SPXX9803
Liedena SPXX1080
Lieres SPXX8049
Lietor SPXX6243
Liguerzana SPXX3803
Lijar SPXX6723
Lijon SPXX8050
Lilla SPXX3804
Lillo SPXX8051
Limanes SPXX8052
Limaria SPXX6724
Limes SPXX8053
Liminon SPXX3805
Limodre SPXX3806
Linarejos SPXX3807
Linares SPXX1343
Linares SPXX3808
Linares SPXX8054
Linayo SPXX3810
Lindes SPXX8055
Lindota SPXX8056
Linera SPXX8057
Lineres SPXX8058
Linteiros SPXX3811
Linyola SPXX3812
Lira SPXX3813
Lires SPXX3814
Lizoain SPXX0962
Llaberia SPXX3815
Llaborre SPXX3816
Llacunes SPXX3817
Lladorre SPXX3818
Lladros SPXX3819
Llagostera SPXX0593
Llamaoscura SPXX8059
Llamas SPXX8060
Llamas del Mouro SPXX8061
Llamera SPXX8062
Llamero SPXX8063
Llames SPXX8064
Llames Bajo SPXX8065
Llamigo SPXX8066
Llamo SPXX8067
Llamoso SPXX8068
Llan SPXX8069
Llananzanes SPXX8070
Llanca SPXX0594
Llandepereira SPXX8071
Llaneces SPXX8072
Llanelo SPXX8074
Llanera SPXX0595
Llanera SPXX3820
Llanes SPXX1344
Llano SPXX8075
Llano de Gorra SPXX3821
Llano-Con SPXX8076
Llanos SPXX8077
Llantones SPXX8079
Llantrales SPXX8080
Llanuces SPXX8081
Llaranes SPXX8082
Llardecans SPXX3823
Llares SPXX8083
Llavareyos SPXX8084
Llavorsi SPXX3824
Lledias SPXX8085
Llefia SPXX0596
Lleida SPXX0175
Lleiras SPXX8086
Llendellana SPXX8087
Llenin SPXX8088
Llera SPXX9804
Llerandi SPXX8089
Llerena SPXX1345
Lleret SPXX3825
Llerices SPXX8090
Llerona SPXX3826
Lles de Cerdanya SPXX3827
Llesp SPXX3828
Llesuy SPXX3829
Lletger SPXX3830
Lleus SPXX3831
Lliber SPXX3832
Llica de Vall SPXX3833
Llimiana SPXX3834
Lliria SPXX0598
Lloa SPXX3836
Lloberola SPXX3837
Llobregales SPXX3838
Llodares SPXX8091
Llodero SPXX8092
Llodio SPXX0599
Llombai SPXX3839
Llombay SPXX3840
Llonin SPXX8093
Llordon SPXX8094
Lloreda SPXX8095
Llorens SPXX3842
Lloret de Mar SPXX0600
Llosa de Camacho SPXX3843
Lloses SPXX8096
Lloseta SPXX0601
Llosoiro SPXX8097
Llovera SPXX8098
Llovio SPXX8099
Lluca SPXX3844
Llucars SPXX3845
Llucmajor SPXX0602
Llueves SPXX8100
Lo Bigo SPXX3846
Lo de la Vieja SPXX3847
Loalo SPXX3848
Lobelos SPXX3849
Lobera SPXX3850
Lobon SPXX9805
Locaiba SPXX6725
Lodeiros SPXX8101
Lodena SPXX8102
Lodosa SPXX1347
Logrezana SPXX8103
Logrono SPXX0603
Logrosa SPXX3852
Loiba SPXX3853
Loira SPXX3854
Loja SPXX1348
Lojo SPXX3855
Loma Cabrera SPXX6726
Loma de la Mesa SPXX3858
Loma Vina SPXX3856
Lomas SPXX3859
Lomba SPXX3860
Lomba SPXX8104
Lombal SPXX8105
Lombatin SPXX8106
Lomero SPXX3861
Lomes SPXX8107
Lomilla SPXX3862
Longa SPXX8108
Longalendo SPXX8109
Longara SPXX8110
Longares SPXX3863
Longas SPXX3864
Longoria SPXX8111
Longrey SPXX8112
Longueiron SPXX3865
Lopera SPXX3866
Lora del Rio SPXX0246
Lorbes SPXX3867
Lorca SPXX0109
Lorcha SPXX3868
Loredo SPXX8113
Loriana SPXX8114
Loriguilla SPXX3869
Lorio SPXX8115
Loris SPXX8116
Loro SPXX8117
Lorone SPXX8118
Lorono SPXX3870
Lorqui SPXX0604
Los Alamos SPXX6727
Los Alcazares SPXX0605
Los Alejos SPXX6245
Los Alias SPXX6728
Los Aljibillos SPXX6729
Los Amarguillos SPXX6730
Los Anchos SPXX3871
Los Andreses SPXX3872
Los Anguijes SPXX6246
Los Archites SPXX3873
Los Arroyos SPXX3874
Los Artos SPXX8119
Los Balcones SPXX3875
Los Barciales SPXX9806
Los Barrancos SPXX3876
Los Barrancos SPXX9807
Los Barredos SPXX8120
Los Barrios SPXX0606
Los Barrios SPXX3877
Los Belmontes SPXX6247
Los Blases SPXX6731
Los Bodegones SPXX3878
Los Bolsicos SPXX9808
Los Braulios SPXX6732
Los Bravos SPXX3879
Los Brunales SPXX3880
Los Cabezudos SPXX3881
Los Cabos SPXX8121
Los Cabreras SPXX6733
Los Calares SPXX3882
Los Caleyos SPXX8122
Los Callejos SPXX8123
Los Camachos SPXX6734
Los Caminos SPXX8124
Los Campillos SPXX6248
Los Campillos SPXX3883
Los Campos SPXX6735
Los Campos SPXX8125
Los Candanos SPXX8126
Los Canos SPXX3884
Los Canos SPXX6736
Los Caparroses SPXX6737
Los Carasoles SPXX6738
Los Carmonas SPXX6739
Los Carneriles SPXX9809
Los Carrascos SPXX6740
Los Carriles SPXX6741
Los Carriles SPXX8127
Los Carrillos SPXX3885
Los Catalmerejos SPXX6249
Los Cazaminches SPXX6742
Los Centenares SPXX3886
Los Cerricos SPXX6743
Los Cerrillos SPXX6744
Los Charcos SPXX6250
Los Chopos SPXX3887
Los Chortales SPXX6251
Los Chospes SPXX6252
Los Clementes SPXX6745
Los Clementes SPXX9810
Los Cojos SPXX3888
Los Collados SPXX6253
Los Corrales SPXX3889
Los Cuartos SPXX9462
Los Curros SPXX6746
Los Dagas SPXX6747
Los Dolores SPXX3890
Los Dolses SPXX3891
Los Donatos SPXX6748
Los Duques SPXX3892
Los Encalmados SPXX6749
Los Encinares SPXX3893
Los Enriquez SPXX6750
Los Entrines SPXX9811
Los Escuderos SPXX3894
Los Escullos SPXX6751
Los Felipes SPXX3895
Los Fornos SPXX8128
Los Fresnos SPXX9812
Los Gallardos SPXX6752
Los Gazquez SPXX6753
Los Geraldos SPXX3896
Los Giles SPXX6754
Los Goldines SPXX3897
Los Gongoras SPXX6755
Los Guardines SPXX6757
Los Guijuelos SPXX9463
Los Guindos SPXX3898
Los Hernandez SPXX6758
Los Herreros SPXX3899
Los Higuerales SPXX6759
Los Higuerlas SPXX6760
Los Imposibles SPXX6761
Los Isidros SPXX3901
Los Jarales SPXX6762
Los Llanos SPXX1349
Los Llanos SPXX6763
Los Llanos SPXX6254
Los Llanos SPXX9814
Los Llazos SPXX3902
Los Loberos SPXX6765
Los Lobos SPXX6766
Los Lodos SPXX8130
Los Lopez SPXX3903
Los Loros SPXX9465
Los Madroneros SPXX3904
Los Mainetes SPXX6255
Los Majuelos SPXX3905
Los Manolones SPXX6767
Los Manos SPXX6768
Los Marcelinos SPXX6769
Los Maridos SPXX3906
Los Marines SPXX3907
Los Marmoles SPXX6770
Los Marquesados SPXX6771
Los Martires SPXX3908
Los Mases SPXX1350
Los Matorrales SPXX9815
Los Matreros SPXX6772
Los Medinas SPXX6773
Los Menas SPXX6774
Los Mimbrales SPXX3909
Los Molinos SPXX9816
Los Molinos SPXX3910
Los Monjos SPXX6775
Los Montes SPXX9817
Los Montesinos SPXX3911
Los Montoyos SPXX3912
Los Morabios SPXX6256
Los Morcillos SPXX6257
Los Morenos SPXX6258
Los Mundos SPXX6776
Los Murtales SPXX3913
Los Narros SPXX9466
Los Noguerones SPXX3914
Los Nudos SPXX6778
Los Ochandos SPXX3915
Los Olmos SPXX6259
Los Pajares SPXX3916
Los Palacios SPXX3917
Los Pardos SPXX6779
Los Paredazos SPXX6260
Los Paredes SPXX6780
Los Partidores SPXX6261
Los Perdigones SPXX6781
Los Perez SPXX3918
Los Pinares SPXX6783
Los Pinos SPXX6784
Los Pipaces SPXX6785
Los Plazas SPXX3919
Los Pocicos SPXX6262
Los Pocos Bollos SPXX6786
Los Pontones SPXX8131
Los Porteros SPXX6787
Los Poyos SPXX3920
Los Pozos SPXX3921
Los Pozuelos SPXX6263
Los Prados SPXX6264
Los Prietos SPXX8132
Los Propios SPXX3922
Los Puercos SPXX6265
Los Quintanales SPXX8133
Los Ramirez SPXX6788
Los Rios SPXX3923
Los Rodriguez SPXX6789
Los Rojas SPXX6790
Los Romeros SPXX3924
Los Rosales SPXX3925
Los Ruedos SPXX6791
Los Ruices SPXX3926
Los Saleros SPXX3927
Los Sanchos SPXX6792
Los Santos SPXX3928
Los Santos SPXX6793
Los Sapos SPXX6794
Los Sauces SPXX9467
Los Sauces SPXX1351
Los Silos SPXX3929
Los Soleres SPXX6795
Los Teatinos SPXX3930
Los Teones SPXX6796
Los Tercios SPXX3931
Los Tocinillos SPXX9820
Los Tonosas SPXX6797
Los Torneros SPXX8134
Los Tornos SPXX8135
Los Torrentes SPXX6798
Los Toyos SPXX8136
Los Tristanes SPXX6799
Los Utreras SPXX6800
Los Valentines SPXX6801
Los Veneros SPXX8138
Los Vicentes SPXX6802
Los Vicentes SPXX3932
Los Viejos SPXX3933
Los Villares SPXX3934
Los Vives SPXX3935
Los Yesares SPXX6266
Los Yesos SPXX6803
Losa del Obispo SPXX3936
Losilla SPXX3937
Loujedo SPXX8139
Lourdes SPXX3938
Loureda SPXX3939
Louredo SPXX3940
Lourido SPXX8140
Lourido SPXX3941
Lourino SPXX3942
Louro SPXX3943
Lousame SPXX3944
Loyos SPXX3945
Loza SPXX8141
Lozana SPXX8142
Luama SPXX3946
Luana SPXX3947
Luanco SPXX0609
Luarca SPXX1353
Luberio SPXX8143
Lubre SPXX3948
Lubrin SPXX6804
Lubrio SPXX8144
Lucainena SPXX6805
Lucar SPXX6807
Lucena SPXX0249
Lucena de Jalon SPXX3949
Luceni SPXX3951
Luces SPXX8145
Luci SPXX3952
Luciernas SPXX8146
Lucin SPXX3953
Lue SPXX8147
Lueiro SPXX3954
Luerces SPXX8148
Luesia SPXX3955
Luesma SPXX3956
Lugar de Abajo SPXX8149
Lugar de Arriba SPXX8150
Lugarin SPXX8151
Lugas SPXX8152
Lugo SPXX0110
Lugo de Llanera SPXX8153
Lugones SPXX0610
Luhia SPXX3957
Luina SPXX8154
Lumbier SPXX0974
Lumbrales SPXX1354
Lumpiaque SPXX3958
Luna SPXX3959
Luou SPXX3960
Lupion SPXX3961
Luzaide SPXX1081
Mabegondo SPXX3962
Macael SPXX6808
Macaners SPXX3963
Macastre SPXX3964
Maceda SPXX1355
Maceda SPXX3965
Maceiras SPXX3966
Macenda SPXX3967
Madiedo SPXX8155
Madre del Agua SPXX3968
Madrid SPXX0050
Madrigal SPXX1356
Madrigueras SPXX6267
Madrona SPXX3969
Madronal SPXX3970
Maella SPXX1357
Maello SPXX9469
Maeso SPXX6268
Mafalla SPXX8156
Magacela SPXX9821
Magadan SPXX8157
Magallon SPXX3971
Magalofes SPXX3972
Magana SPXX1358
Magarin SPXX8158
Magaz SPXX3973
Magazos SPXX9470
Magdalena SPXX3974
Magro SPXX3976
Maguilla SPXX9822
Mahon SPXX0051
Mahora SPXX1359
Mahuella SPXX3977
Maials SPXX3978
Maianca SPXX3979
Mainar SPXX3980
Majada Carrasca SPXX6269
Majadahonda SPXX0613
Major SPXX3981
Malaga SPXX0052
Malagon SPXX0614
Malanquilla SPXX3982
Malateria SPXX8160
Malcocinado SPXX9823
Malda SPXX3983
Maldonado SPXX6270
Malejan SPXX3984
Malgrat de Mar SPXX0615
Malla SPXX3985
Mallas SPXX3986
Mallayo SPXX8161
Mallecin SPXX8162
Mallecina SPXX8163
Mallen SPXX3987
Malleza SPXX8164
Mallolis SPXX3988
Mallon SPXX3989
Mallou SPXX3990
Malon SPXX3991
Malpica SPXX1360
Malpica de Arba SPXX3992
Malvedo SPXX8165
Mamblas SPXX9472
Mamillas SPXX3993
Mamoa SPXX3994
Mamoas SPXX3995
Mamorana SPXX8166
Manacor SPXX0053
Manar SPXX3996
Manaria SPXX1091
Mancha Real SPXX0616
Mancheno SPXX6809
Manchita SPXX9825
Manchones SPXX3997
Manda SPXX3998
Mandaio SPXX3999
Mandia SPXX4000
Mangueiro SPXX4001
Manilva SPXX0617
Maninos SPXX4002
Manises SPXX0618
Manjabalago SPXX9474
Manjoya SPXX8167
Manlle SPXX4003
Manlleu SPXX4004
Manon SPXX4005
Manores SPXX8168
Manquillos SPXX4006
Manresa SPXX0242
Manselle SPXX4007
Mantaras SPXX4008
Mantinos SPXX4009
Mantono SPXX4010
Manzanares SPXX1361
Manzaneda SPXX8169
Manzaneda SPXX0176
Manzanedo SPXX8170
Manzanilla SPXX4011
Mao SPXX0620
Maojo SPXX8171
Mar SPXX8172
Maracena SPXX0621
Maramuniz SPXX8173
Marantes SPXX4012
Marbella SPXX0054
Marcelle SPXX4013
Marcenado SPXX8174
Marchante SPXX6810
Marchena SPXX0622
Marchena SPXX4014
Marchuquera SPXX4015
Mardana SPXX8175
Marentes SPXX8176
Mareo de Abajo SPXX8177
Mareo de Arriba SPXX8178
Margalef SPXX4019
Margarida SPXX4020
Margolles SPXX8179
Maria SPXX6811
Marianes SPXX8180
Marigenta SPXX4021
Marimingo SPXX4022
Mariminguez SPXX6271
Marin SPXX0623
Marinas SPXX8181
Marines SPXX4023
Mariola SPXX4024
Marlofa SPXX4025
Marmancon SPXX4026
Marmolejo SPXX4027
Marnes SPXX4028
Marojo SPXX4029
Maronas SPXX4030
Maroteras SPXX4031
Marquino SPXX4032
Marracos SPXX4035
Marratxi SPXX0624
Marrozos SPXX4037
Marsa SPXX4038
Martiherrero SPXX9475
Martimporra SPXX8182
Martin SPXX4039
Martin Malo SPXX4040
Martinet SPXX4041
Martinez SPXX9476
Martintorin SPXX8183
Martorell SPXX0625
Martorelles SPXX4042
Martos SPXX0626
Martul SPXX8184
Marzaniella SPXX8185
Marzoa SPXX4043
Mas Boquera SPXX4044
Mas de Caballero SPXX4046
Mas de Jacinto SPXX4047
Mas del Olmo SPXX4048
Mas Riudoms SPXX4045
Masalcoreig SPXX4049
Masalfasar SPXX4050
Masarbones SPXX4051
Masarrochos SPXX4052
Mascote SPXX4053
Masegoso SPXX6272
Masenga-Sellon SPXX8186
Mases SPXX8187
Masets SPXX4054
Masia Aldamar SPXX4055
Masia del Juez SPXX4056
Masias de Molto SPXX4057
Masllorenc SPXX4058
Masmolets SPXX4059
Maspalomas SPXX1362
Masquefa SPXX0627
Massalfassar SPXX4061
Massamagrell SPXX0628
Massanassa SPXX4062
Massoteres SPXX4063
Mata Bejid SPXX4064
Matabuena SPXX4065
Matadepera SPXX0629
Matagorda SPXX6812
Matalascanas SPXX4066
Matalbaniega SPXX4067
Matamargo SPXX4068
Matamorisca SPXX4069
Matanegra SPXX9826
Mataro SPXX0055
Matasueiro SPXX4070
Matiella SPXX8188
Matilla SPXX9827
Matio SPXX4071
Matola SPXX4072
Mave SPXX4073
Mayorazgo SPXX4074
Mayorga SPXX1363
Maza SPXX8189
Mazagon SPXX4075
Mazalinos SPXX9477
Mazaricos SPXX4076
Mazarulleque SPXX6813
Mazo SPXX1364
Mazos SPXX8190
Mazzaron SPXX1365
Mea SPXX4078
Meangos SPXX4079
Meano SPXX0630
Meanos SPXX4080
Meco SPXX0631
Medal SPXX8191
Medellin SPXX9828
Media Legua SPXX6814
Mediana SPXX4081
Medin SPXX4082
Medina del Campo SPXX0633
Medinaceli SPXX1366
Medinilla SPXX9479
Medio SPXX8193
Mediona SPXX4083
Meijigo SPXX4084
Meirama SPXX4085
Meiras SPXX4086
Meire SPXX4087
Meiro SPXX8194
Melarde SPXX8195
Melendreras SPXX8196
Melendreros SPXX8197
Melgar de Yuso SPXX4088
Meliana SPXX0635
Melide SPXX1367
Melilla SPXX0226
Mella SPXX4089
Meluerda SPXX8198
Membrillar SPXX4090
Membrillo Alto SPXX4091
Menarguens SPXX4092
Menasalbas SPXX1368
Menaza SPXX4093
Mendaro SPXX0636
Mendata SPXX1025
Mengabril SPXX9830
Mengamunoz SPXX9480
Mengibar SPXX0637
Mens SPXX4095
Menudero SPXX8199
Mequinenza SPXX1369
Mera SPXX4096
Meras SPXX8200
Mercadillo SPXX9481
Mercurin SPXX4097
Mere SPXX8201
Meredo SPXX8202
Merejo SPXX4098
Merelle SPXX4099
Meres SPXX8203
Merida SPXX0111
Merilles SPXX8204
Merin SPXX4100
Merinan SPXX8205
Merodio SPXX8206
Merou SPXX8207
Meruja SPXX8208
Merujal SPXX8209
Mesa Roldan SPXX6815
Mesia SPXX4101
Mesones SPXX6273
Mesos SPXX4103
Mestas SPXX8210
Mestas de Con SPXX8211
Mesull SPXX4104
Mezalocha SPXX4105
Mezana SPXX8212
Mezonzo SPXX4106
Miajadas SPXX1370
Miami Platja SPXX4107
Mianos SPXX0975
Miedes SPXX4109
Mieites SPXX4110
Mieldes SPXX8213
Mier SPXX8214
Mieres SPXX0638
Miguel Esteban SPXX0639
Miguelturra SPXX0640
Mijares SPXX9483
Mijas SPXX0641
Milara SPXX8216
Millares SPXX4111
Miller SPXX4112
Millon SPXX4113
Milmarcos SPXX1371
Mina SPXX4114
Minagon SPXX8217
Minanes SPXX4115
Minarzo SPXX4116
Minas de Cala SPXX4117
Minateda SPXX6274
Minaya SPXX6275
Mingorria SPXX9484
Minillas SPXX4119
Mino SPXX8218
Mino SPXX0642
Minons SPXX4120
Minortos SPXX4121
Mira SPXX4122
Mirabel SPXX1372
Miraflor SPXX4123
Miralbueno SPXX4124
Miralcamp SPXX4125
Miralcampo SPXX6276
Miramont SPXX4126
Miranda SPXX8220
Miranda SPXX4127
Miranda De Ebro SPXX0152
Miranda del Rey SPXX4128
Mirandela SPXX4129
Mirarrosa SPXX4130
Miras SPXX4131
Miravalles SPXX8221
Miravet SPXX4132
Mironcillo SPXX9485
Miruena SPXX9486
Mislata SPXX0644
Miudeira SPXX8222
Miudes SPXX8223
Miyangues SPXX8224
Miyar SPXX8225
Miyares SPXX8226
Miyeres SPXX8227
Mizala SPXX6816
Mizquitillas SPXX6277
Moal SPXX8228
Moana SPXX0645
Moanes SPXX8229
Moar SPXX4133
Moarves de Ojeda SPXX4134
Modreros SPXX8230
Moeche SPXX4135
Mogente SPXX4136
Mogino SPXX4137
Mogobio SPXX8231
Mogon SPXX4138
Mogor SPXX4139
Moguer SPXX4140
Moharras SPXX6278
Mohias SPXX8232
Moia SPXX4141
Moimenta SPXX4142
Moja SPXX4143
Mojacar SPXX6817
Mojacar Playa SPXX6818
Mola SPXX4144
Molar de Arriba SPXX6279
Molares SPXX4145
Moldes SPXX8233
Moldes SPXX4146
Molejon SPXX8234
Molina De Aragon SPXX0153
Molina de Segura SPXX0646
Molinell SPXX4147
Molinicos SPXX6280
Molino Borrego SPXX4148
Molinos SPXX4149
Molins SPXX4150
Molins de Rei SPXX0647
Molleda SPXX8235
Molledo SPXX8236
Molledo SPXX1373
Mollerussa SPXX4151
Momalo SPXX8237
Momean SPXX8238
Mon SPXX8239
Monachil SPXX0649
Moncada SPXX0650
Monco SPXX8241
Mondariz SPXX0651
Mondego SPXX4152
Mondejar SPXX1374
Mondonedo SPXX1375
Mondoy SPXX4153
Moneca SPXX8242
Monegrillo SPXX4154
Mones SPXX8243
Monesterio SPXX1376
Moneva SPXX4155
Monfero SPXX4156
Monforte del Cid SPXX0652
Monga SPXX8244
Monio SPXX8245
Monnars SPXX4160
Monon SPXX8246
Monovar SPXX4162
Monreal de Ariza SPXX4163
Monros SPXX4164
Monsagro SPXX1378
Monsalupe SPXX9487
Monserrat SPXX4165
Mont SPXX4166
Mont-ral SPXX4167
Montalban SPXX0112
Montalviche SPXX6819
Montalvo SPXX4169
Montalvos SPXX6281
Montana SPXX8247
Montana SPXX4170
Montanana SPXX4171
Montanchez SPXX1379
Montant SPXX4172
Montaos SPXX4173
Montardit SPXX4174
Montblanc SPXX0653
Montblanquet SPXX4175
Monte SPXX8248
Monte SPXX4179
Monte Alto SPXX9488
Monte Coya SPXX8249
Monte de Huerces SPXX8250
Monte San Miguel SPXX4181
Monte Sorromero SPXX4182
Monteagudo SPXX8251
Monteagudo SPXX4184
Monteana SPXX8252
Monteavaro SPXX8253
Montecanal SPXX0655
Montecelos SPXX4185