Weather Codes for South Korea

Find Weather Codes or Weather Zip Codes for states and cities in South Korea. Weather Codes references a specified Location and is used to get weather of that place accurately. They are used by The Weather Channel( by IBM), Yahoo! Weather, AOL Weather and many such weather forecasting platforms. It is similar to Yahoo's WOEID(Where On the Earth ID) that is used to represent each place uniquely.

You can know the weather of any place precisely with the help of weather codes. Find the current weather of your state or city by clicking on it. You will be redirected to The Weather Channel site with your weather code for accurate weather forecast.

A Chigu KSXX6855
Aaraean-gol KSXX7850
Ae-dong KSXX2834
Aedang KSXX2835
Aegong-ni KSXX0514
Aegyo KSXX0515
Aejong-ni KSXX2836
Aejowol-li KSXX7852
Aemisil KSXX0516
Aenghwa-dong KSXX2837
Aera-ri KSXX2838
Aeweoli KSXX0059
Agabol KSXX2839
Agalchaebi KSXX2840
Agam KSXX6856
Agul-li KSXX7853
Agyang KSXX7854
Aho-ri KSXX2841
Aji-mal KSXX2842
Aji-ri KSXX7855
Ajiryang KSXX7856
Aju KSXX7857
Akkul KSXX2843
Al-li KSXX7858
Algaesil KSXX7859
Alguji KSXX0518
Allakgol KSXX0519
Allim KSXX0520
Almi KSXX2845
Almoe KSXX6857
Amang-ni KSXX7860
Amha KSXX2846
Amjae-ri KSXX2847
Amjil KSXX2848
Ammo-ri KSXX2849
Amnae KSXX2850
Amnam-dong KSXX0376
Amsam-ni KSXX2851
Amsobawi KSXX0521
Amsogae KSXX2852
Amugul KSXX2853
An-dong KSXX7869
An-gok-ri KSXX7870
An-gol KSXX0527
An-gol KSXX6859
An-gol KSXX7871
An-gol KSXX2864
An-mal KSXX2865
An-mal KSXX6860
An-mal KSXX0528
An-maul KSXX0529
An-maul KSXX7872
Anae-mal KSXX2866
Anae-ri KSXX2867
Anak KSXX2868
Anakkul KSXX2869
Anam KSXX2870
Anam-gol KSXX0530
Anbannae KSXX0531
Anbogwang-ni KSXX2871
Anbol KSXX2872
Anbom-ni KSXX7873
Anbomi KSXX2873
Anbong KSXX7874
Anbu-dong KSXX2874
Anbusom KSXX2875
Anbyollisil KSXX7875
Andae KSXX0532
Andae-ri KSXX7877
Andaebyol KSXX6862
Andaeul KSXX2877
Andalgimul KSXX2878
Andam KSXX7878
Andam KSXX2879
Andang-ni KSXX2880
Andari-gol KSXX0533
Ando KSXX7879
Andok KSXX0534
Andokchi KSXX2881
Andol KSXX0535
Andonae KSXX2882
Andong KSXX0001
Andong-ni KSXX2883
Andong-ni KSXX0536
Andongmak-kol KSXX0537
Andosawol KSXX0538
Aneui KSXX0061
Anggure KSXX6863
Angi KSXX7880
Angol KSXX0539
Angonjae KSXX0540
Anhung KSXX2884
Anhung KSXX7881
Anhungmok KSXX0542
Anhwa-ri KSXX2885
Anhwang-gol KSXX0543
Anikkae KSXX2886
Anin KSXX7882
Anjae KSXX0544
Anjaeul KSXX2887
Anjanda-ri KSXX2888
Anjangap KSXX0545
Anjangdang KSXX7883
Anjattul KSXX7885
Anjil-gol KSXX2889
Anjimok KSXX0546
Anjinbawi KSXX6864
Anjok-kol KSXX2890
Anjoktol KSXX2891
Anjol KSXX2892
Anjom KSXX0547
Anjong KSXX0548
Anjong-gol KSXX7886
Anjong-ni KSXX0549
Anjoul KSXX2893
Ankkurongi KSXX2894
Anmadurae KSXX0550
Anmagundam KSXX7887
Anmak KSXX7888
Anmal KSXX2895
Anmandujae KSXX0551
Anmasil KSXX2896
Anmin KSXX7890
Anmojong KSXX7424
Anmosan KSXX0552
Anmu-dong KSXX2897
Anmurusil KSXX2898
Anmuryang KSXX7891
Anmyon KSXX2899
Annabasi KSXX2900
Annae KSXX0553
Annae-gol KSXX0554
Annam KSXX0555
Annyong KSXX0556
Anojong KSXX0557
Ansae-gol KSXX7893
Ansagiso KSXX2903
Ansalmaegi KSXX2904
Ansalmi KSXX2905
Ansamgusil KSXX2906
Ansamjong KSXX6865
Ansan KSXX2907
Ansan KSXX0063
Ansan KSXX0559
Ansan-mal KSXX2908
Ansean KSXX7894
Anseong KSXX0064
Ansim KSXX7895
Ansim KSXX0560
Ansim-dong KSXX7425
Ansim-ni KSXX7896
Ansim-ni KSXX2910
Ansimuk-kol KSXX2911
Ansodumul KSXX2912
Ansoejom KSXX6866
Ansoeyakkul KSXX2913
Ansokkul KSXX2914
Ansong KSXX7897
Ansonggum KSXX0561
Ansoppau KSXX0562
Ansorim KSXX7898
Ansumo-ri KSXX0563
Anteo KSXX0565
Anttam KSXX7899
Anttang-gol KSXX7900
Anttul KSXX2917
Anttum KSXX2918
Anwollim KSXX0566
Anyang KSXX0002
Anyang KSXX2919
Anyanggok KSXX2920
Anyong-dong KSXX6868
Anyong-gol KSXX2921
Anyongsimak KSXX7901
Apchae KSXX0568
Apchae KSXX7902
Apho KSXX7903
Apkok KSXX2924
Apkok KSXX7904
Apkong-ni KSXX7905
Apkujong KSXX0569
Appak-kol KSXX2925
Apsae-gol KSXX0570
Apsu KSXX2926
Apsu-gol KSXX2927
Araebikkunbaengi KSXX0571
Araebusuam KSXX7907
Araedaesil KSXX2929
Araedyongho KSXX7908
Araedyosaengi KSXX0572
Araegaehwa KSXX0573
Araegaktan KSXX7426
Araegarani KSXX2931
Araegarusil KSXX2932
Araehail KSXX0575
Araejang-gol KSXX2934
Araejangbat KSXX2935
Araejol-gol KSXX0576
Araejumi-gol KSXX2937
Araek-kol KSXX7909
Araekkae KSXX7910
Araekkae-gol KSXX2938
Araekkajim KSXX7911
Araekkosi-gol KSXX0577
Araekkujip KSXX7912
Araekkumul KSXX2939
Araekkuryang KSXX2940
Araemaengi KSXX0578
Araemangjimi KSXX0579
Araemanmok KSXX6869
Araemirat KSXX0580
Araemojong KSXX2941
Araemok KSXX2942
Araen-mal KSXX7913
Araen-mal KSXX2943
Araen-mal KSXX0581
Araen-maul KSXX7914
Araenmal KSXX0583
Araenmalmo-ri KSXX2944
Araenmaul KSXX7915
Araenmok-kol KSXX2945
Araenmong-ni KSXX2946
Araenmongomogi KSXX0584
Araenmosan KSXX0585
Araennangwol KSXX6870
Araennobu-ri KSXX7916
Araennongjang KSXX2947
Araenobungnae KSXX2948
Araeogap KSXX0586
Araeojaksil KSXX2949
Araeppaenamu-gol KSXX2950
Araeppallyong KSXX2951
Araeppangdu KSXX0587
Araeppangsalmi KSXX0588
Araesaetto KSXX7917
Araesayo KSXX0589
Araesodang-gol KSXX0590
Araesoebat KSXX2953
Araessaebyol KSXX2954
Araessagiso KSXX6871
Araessajang-gol KSXX0591
Araessajong KSXX2955
Araessalmi KSXX0592
Araessalmok KSXX0593
Araessanjeon KSXX0594
Araesso-ri KSXX6872
Araessokkae KSXX7920
Araessonggang KSXX6873
Araessongmi KSXX2956
Araessosae KSXX0595
Araetbamnamugol KSXX0596
Araetchagusil KSXX7923
Araetchajol-li KSXX2957
Araetchamosil KSXX0598
Araetchindo-ri KSXX2958
Araetchul-gol KSXX6874
Araetchung-mal KSXX2959
Araetdaesil KSXX0599
Araetdakbatgol KSXX0600
Araetdam KSXX0601
Araetdurisil KSXX0602
Araettaesil KSXX6875
Araettaesil KSXX2960
Araettam KSXX0603
Araettam KSXX7924
Araettang KSXX7925
Araettobuk KSXX7926
Araettogasil KSXX0604
Araettok-kol KSXX2961
Araettongmak KSXX2962
Araettum KSXX2963
Araetturuni KSXX2964
Araeyesil KSXX0605
Araeyongmo-ri KSXX2965
Arisil KSXX7927
Asa KSXX7928
Asan KSXX0066
Asan KSXX7929
Asan-mal KSXX2967
Asan-ni KSXX7930
Aungi KSXX2968
Ayeoni KSXX0606
Baengnyeongdo KSXX0374
Baiho KSXX0607
Bangchugol KSXX0608
Bangchuk-dong KSXX0609
Bangeojin KSXX0067
Bangjukgimjeong KSXX0610
Bangjukmal KSXX0611
Bangkkaeul KSXX0612
Bawian KSXX0613
Beiin-ri KSXX0614
Beolgyo KSXX0069
Beolmal KSXX0615
Beopdong-ri KSXX0616
Bokja-dong KSXX0617
Bokuken-ri KSXX0618
Bonbok KSXX0619
Bongam KSXX7931
Bongchi KSXX2969
Bonmal KSXX0620
Bonpyeong KSXX0621
Boryeongol KSXX0622
Boseong KSXX0070
Buan KSXX0071
Bucheon KSXX0058
Bugchon KSXX0073
Busan KSXX0050
Buyeo KSXX0074
Byeongam-ri KSXX0623
Byeongyeong KSXX0076
Byongsan KSXX7932
Chabak-kol KSXX0666
Chabang-gol KSXX0062
Chae-dong KSXX3072
Chae-mal KSXX3073
Chaeam KSXX8025
Chaedwi KSXX3074
Chaegung KSXX8026
Chaegung-dong KSXX3075
Chaegung-gol KSXX0667
Chaegung-kol KSXX0668
Chaegyong-gol KSXX0669
Chaehoji KSXX3076
Chaehyon KSXX0670
Chaejaegi KSXX0671
Chaek-kol KSXX8027
Chaekkok KSXX8028
Chaemit KSXX8029
Chaemma KSXX0672
Chaen-mal KSXX3077
Chaen-mal KSXX0673
Chaengban KSXX8030
Chaenma KSXX0674
Chaenomo KSXX3078
Chaeoji KSXX3079
Chaesil-mal KSXX3081
Chaesil-mal KSXX0675
Chaesil-mal KSXX6891
Chaesong-dong KSXX0385
Chaettul KSXX7429
Chagae-ri KSXX3083
Chagaeul KSXX3084
Chagomok KSXX6892
Chagun-gol KSXX0679
Chagun-gol KSXX3086
Chagun-mal KSXX6893
Chagun-mal KSXX3087
Chagun-mal KSXX0680
Chagundaesil KSXX0681
Chagunjak-kol KSXX3088
Chagunji-gol KSXX8033
Chagunmangji KSXX0682
Chagunsae KSXX0683
Chagunsae-mal KSXX3089
Chagunsambassil KSXX3090
Chagunsol KSXX3092
Chagunsuhae KSXX3093
Chagunsuk-kol KSXX3094
Chagunsuok KSXX3095
Chagunyongsu KSXX0685
Chaha KSXX8034
Chahye-ri KSXX8035
Chaja-gol KSXX3097
Chajagi KSXX0686
Chajak-tong KSXX0687
Chajakpawi KSXX6894
Chajinbaengi KSXX3098
Chajom-gol KSXX3099
Chajubong KSXX0688
Chak-kol KSXX6895
Chak-kol KSXX0689
Chak-tong KSXX0690
Chakchang-ni KSXX8036
Chakchom-ni KSXX0691
Chakkogae-dong KSXX0692
Chakkumi KSXX3103
Chakkyo KSXX3104
Chaksong KSXX3105
Chakta-ri KSXX8038
Chaktal KSXX8039
Chaktong-ni KSXX8040
Chaktu-gol KSXX0693
Chaktu-mal KSXX3106
Chamae KSXX0694
Chamgae KSXX8041
Chamjae KSXX6896
Chamo KSXX7430
Chamsaemgol KSXX0695
Chamsil KSXX3107
Chamyong KSXX3108
Chan-gol KSXX3109
Chanda-ri KSXX3110
Chanda-ri KSXX0696
Chandiul KSXX3111
Chang-dong KSXX0697
Chang-dong KSXX6897
Chang-dong KSXX3112
Chang-dong KSXX7431
Chang-dong KSXX8042
Chang-mal KSXX3114
Changam KSXX8043
Changam KSXX7639
Changam KSXX3115
Changam-ni KSXX0698
Changam-ni KSXX8044
Changan KSXX8045
Changan KSXX3116
Changan KSXX0386
Changbaek KSXX8046
Changbak KSXX8047
Changban-ni KSXX6898
Changbattul KSXX3117
Changbawi KSXX0699
Changbawi KSXX3118
Changbol KSXX3119
Changbong-ni KSXX3120
Changbuk KSXX3121
Changbun KSXX3122
Changcheon KSXX0081
Changdae KSXX8054
Changdae KSXX3124
Changdae-dong KSXX6899
Changdae-ri KSXX0704
Changdae-ri KSXX3125
Changdaeul KSXX3126
Changdam KSXX0705
Changdangi KSXX3127
Changdok-tong KSXX7640
Changdong KSXX3128
Changdong-ni KSXX0706
Changdong-ri KSXX0082
Changdung KSXX7641
Changdunggae KSXX3129
Changga-ri KSXX8055
Changgae KSXX3130
Changgaeul KSXX3131
Changgam KSXX8056
Changgap KSXX0707
Changgi KSXX8057
Changgi KSXX3132
Changgi-dong KSXX7432
Changgi-ri KSXX8058
Changgo-ri KSXX8059
Changgodo KSXX3133
Changgogae KSXX3134
Changgogae KSXX0708
Changgohang-ni KSXX3135
Changgok KSXX8060
Changgok KSXX3136
Changgon-ni KSXX8061
Changgong-ni KSXX0709
Changgong-ni KSXX3137
Changgonji KSXX0710
Changgosan KSXX8062
Changgot KSXX3138
Changgu KSXX3140
Changgu-dong KSXX3141
Changgu-ri KSXX3142
Changgudom KSXX8063
Changguji KSXX8064
Changgumi KSXX3143
Changgunbol KSXX3144
Changgye-ri KSXX8065
Changha-ri KSXX3145
Changhang KSXX3146
Changhang KSXX8066
Changhang-ni KSXX8067
Changhang-ni KSXX3147
Changhwa KSXX0712
Changhyol-li KSXX3148
Changja KSXX7642
Changja-dong KSXX8068
Changja-gol KSXX3149
Changja-gol KSXX8069
Changjabal KSXX0713
Changjabal KSXX3150
Changjabol KSXX8070
Changjae KSXX3151
Changjae-dong KSXX3152
Changjae-dong KSXX0714
Changjae-gol KSXX8071
Changjae-ri KSXX6900
Changjae-ri KSXX8072
Changjaedok KSXX0715
Changjaegi KSXX8073
Changjaengi KSXX0716
Changjaeul KSXX3153
Changjagul KSXX3154
Changjak KSXX3155
Changjakchi KSXX8075
Changjarangi KSXX3156
Changjaul KSXX3157
Changjaul KSXX0717
Changji KSXX8076
Changji-dong KSXX8077
Changjon KSXX8078
Changjon-dong KSXX0387
Changjon-dong KSXX8079
Changjong KSXX3158
Changjong KSXX0718
Changjong-ni KSXX3159
Changju KSXX3160
Changjugok KSXX0719
Changjwa-ri KSXX8080
Changmaru KSXX3161
Changmisan-dong KSXX0720
Changmong-ni KSXX8081
Changmugi KSXX3162
Changmyong KSXX8082
Changnae KSXX0721
Changnae KSXX8083
Changnae-gol KSXX3163
Changnami KSXX0722
Changnim-ni KSXX0723
Changnok KSXX7643
Changnok-tong KSXX7644
Changnu-gol KSXX0724
Changnyeong KSXX0083
Changsa KSXX0725
Changsa-ri KSXX3166
Changsaemi KSXX7433
Changsal-li KSXX3167
Changsamok-kol KSXX3168
Changsan KSXX8089
Changsan KSXX3169
Changsang-ni KSXX3170
Changsol-li KSXX3171
Changsol-li KSXX0726
Changson KSXX3172
Changson KSXX0727
Changson-ni KSXX3173
Changsong-ni KSXX0728
Changsongbaegi KSXX8090
Changsongbaegi KSXX0729
Changsonggo KSXX8091
Changsonggok KSXX8092
Changsu KSXX0084
Changsu KSXX3174
Changsunggae KSXX3175
Changwol KSXX8097
Changwon KSXX8098
Changya-ri KSXX0732
Changyang-ni KSXX0733
Changyon KSXX0734
Changyu KSXX8099
Chankol KSXX3178
Chanmi KSXX3179
Chanmoe KSXX8100
Channamu-gol KSXX0735
Chansil KSXX3180
Chaphwa-gol KSXX3181
Charaedom KSXX8101
Charajon KSXX3182
Charami KSXX3183
Charamok KSXX3184
Chari-gol KSXX3185
Charik-kol KSXX3186
Chasilgae KSXX8102
Chasin KSXX8103
Chaum-dong KSXX3188
Chaun-dong KSXX3189
Chaun-gol KSXX3190
Chaun-ni KSXX8104
Chayang-dong KSXX6904
Chebijae KSXX3191
Chebirangi KSXX0738
Chebiul KSXX3192
Chejon-ni KSXX3194
Cheju KSXX0004
Cheng Yong KSXX3195
Cheonan KSXX0088
Cheongdo KSXX0089
Cheongsong gun KSXX0090
Chesok-tong KSXX3196
Chesu-ri KSXX0740
Chewon KSXX3197
Chi-dong KSXX8106
Chi-dong KSXX3199
Chiam KSXX3200
Chiam-gol KSXX3201
Chibang-gol KSXX3202
Chibang-ni KSXX3203
Chibop KSXX8107
Chibyon KSXX3204
Chidan KSXX3206
Chido-ri KSXX8109
Chidok KSXX0741
Chidong KSXX0742
Chidong-gol KSXX8110
Chidong-ni KSXX0743
Chidong-ni KSXX8111
Chidongnae KSXX3207
Chigok KSXX8112
Chigok-tong KSXX8113
Chigong-ni KSXX3209
Chigum KSXX8114
Chigye-dong KSXX8115
Chigyesil KSXX3211
Chigyong KSXX7434
Chigyong-gol KSXX8116
Chigyonggye KSXX0745
Chigyongso KSXX3213
Chiha-dong KSXX8117
Chihyol-li KSXX3214
Chijam KSXX8118
Chijang KSXX3215
Chijang-gol KSXX0746
Chijang-gol KSXX3216
Chijang-mal KSXX0747
Chijang-mal KSXX3217
Chijang-ni KSXX3218
Chiji-gol KSXX3219
Chijokhang KSXX3220
Chijol-li KSXX0748
Chijong-ni KSXX0749
Chijong-ni KSXX8119
Chik-tong KSXX0750
Chikutori KSXX8121
Chil-gol KSXX3221
Chilgogae KSXX0753
Chilgoji KSXX0754
Chilguji KSXX0755
Chilmaejae KSXX7435
Chimae KSXX0756
Chimak KSXX7645
Chimak-kol KSXX0757
Chimsil KSXX7436
Chimun KSXX8122
Chin-dong KSXX0388
Chin-dong KSXX8124
Chin-gol KSXX3224
Chin-gol KSXX8125
Chin-mal KSXX0760
Chin-ri KSXX8126
Chinae KSXX8127
Chinae KSXX0761
Chinae-dong KSXX8128
Chinae-ri KSXX0762
Chinbak-kol KSXX7437
Chinbanmi KSXX3226
Chinbattul KSXX3227
Chinbattul KSXX6906
Chinbattung KSXX0763
Chinbol KSXX0764
Chinbol KSXX3228
Chindaeul KSXX3229
Chindari KSXX8132
Chindong KSXX8133
Chindong-ni KSXX8134
Chindu KSXX8135
Chindu-ri KSXX3230
Chindul KSXX0765
Chine-mal KSXX3231
Ching-ni KSXX7438
Chinggae KSXX0766
Chinggol KSXX7439
Chingji-ri KSXX3232
Chinha KSXX0389
Chinhae KSXX0005
Chinho-ri KSXX3233
Chinjam KSXX6907
Chinjam-dong KSXX6908
Chinjang-gol KSXX0767
Chinjang-ni KSXX3234
Chinje KSXX7646
Chinji KSXX8136
Chinjon KSXX8137
Chinjong KSXX7440
Chinjong-ni KSXX8138
Chinju KSXX0055
Chinjuk KSXX3235
Chinjung-ni KSXX3236
Chinmak-kol KSXX3237
Chinmaru KSXX3238
Chinmok KSXX8139
Chinmong-ni KSXX8140
Chinsa-gol KSXX0769
Chinsan KSXX8141
Chinsan KSXX3239
Chinso KSXX0770
Chinup KSXX8142
Chinyoul KSXX3240
Chinzan KSXX3241
Chira KSXX3243
Chiraedyoul KSXX3244
Chirang KSXX8143
Chiro KSXX7647
Chiruji KSXX3245
Chiruji KSXX0773
Chirul KSXX3246
Chiryang KSXX3247
Chirye KSXX3248
Chiryok-kol KSXX0774
Chiryong KSXX0775
Chisa KSXX3249
Chisa-gol KSXX0776
Chisa-ri KSXX8145
Chisaeul KSXX3250
Chisal-li KSXX8146
Chisal-li KSXX0777
Chisan KSXX7441
Chisan KSXX0778
Chisan-dong KSXX7648
Chisan-ni KSXX3251
Chisil KSXX7649
Chisil KSXX0779
Chisil KSXX8148
Chiso KSXX8149
Chiso-gol KSXX0780
Chisok KSXX3252
Chisok-tong KSXX7650
Chison KSXX0781
Chisong-ni KSXX3253
Chisong-ni KSXX0782
Chisu KSXX8150
Chisu KSXX6910
Chisum-gol KSXX3254
Chiudae KSXX0786
Chiwon-ni KSXX3257
Chiyang-ni KSXX0787
Chiyokkul KSXX3258
Chiyul KSXX3259
Cho-dong KSXX8151
Cho-dong KSXX3260
Choam KSXX8152
Chobisil KSXX3262
Chobun KSXX0788
Choburi KSXX3263
Chodo KSXX8154
Chodong KSXX8155
Chodong-ni KSXX6911
Chodong-ni KSXX0790
Chodu-ri KSXX3264
Chodurae KSXX3265
Chogaenae KSXX3266
Chogaesal KSXX3267
Chogaesan KSXX3268
Chogam KSXX0791
Chogiam KSXX0792
Chogok KSXX3269
Chogong-ni KSXX0793
Chogosil KSXX3270
Chogum-ni KSXX3271
Chogumsil KSXX8156
Chogusil KSXX3273
Chogwi-mal KSXX3274
Chogyang KSXX8157
Chogye-gol KSXX3275
Chogye-ri KSXX8158
Choil KSXX8159
Chojaengi KSXX3276
Chojago-ri KSXX0794
Chojani KSXX3277
Chojon KSXX8160
Chojong KSXX3279
Chojongi KSXX3280
Chok-tong KSXX6912
Chokchong KSXX3281
Chokha-ri KSXX0795
Chokhan KSXX3282
Chokhyon KSXX3283
Chokkae KSXX3284
Chokkong-ni KSXX8162
Chokkunae KSXX3285
Chokkyo KSXX8163
Chokkyo-ri KSXX3286
Choksi-ri KSXX3287
Choksil KSXX3288
Choktung-ni KSXX0796
Chol-gol KSXX0797
Chol-gol KSXX6913
Chol-gol KSXX7651
Chol-gol KSXX7442
Chol-gol KSXX8165
Chol-mal KSXX0798
Cholbu-ri KSXX8166
Cholge KSXX8167
Cholsan KSXX8168
Cholsan KSXX3291
Cholwon KSXX0033
Chom-dong KSXX8170
Chom-dong KSXX0801
Chom-gol KSXX8171
Chom-gol KSXX3294
Chom-gol KSXX0802
Chom-mal KSXX6915
Chom-mal KSXX0803
Chom-mal KSXX3295
Chom-ni KSXX3296
Chombaengi KSXX3297
Chombol KSXX0804
Chomdol KSXX3300
Chomje KSXX0805
Chomjul-gol KSXX3301
Chomma KSXX0806
Chomnae KSXX0807
Chomsim-gol KSXX3302
Chomttam KSXX8175
Chomui-gol KSXX8176
Chonbani KSXX0809
Chonbul KSXX3303
Chondang KSXX0810
Chondo KSXX8178
Chondo-ri KSXX8179
Chondong KSXX8180
Chondu-ri KSXX8181
Chong-dong KSXX3305
Chong-dong KSXX8183
Chong-dong KSXX0811
Chong-gol KSXX8184
Chong-gol KSXX0812
Chong-gol KSXX3306
Chong-mal KSXX3307
Chongal-li KSXX3308
Chongam KSXX8185
Chongam-ni KSXX8186
Chongan KSXX3309
Chongbangi KSXX6916
Chongbuk KSXX0814
Chongbuk KSXX8188
Chongdae KSXX8192
Chongdae KSXX3313
Chongdal KSXX8193
Chongdal KSXX3314
Chongdangdu KSXX3315
Chongdong-ni KSXX8194
Chongdong-ni KSXX3316
Chongdu KSXX3317
Chonggak-kol KSXX6917
Chonggok KSXX8195
Chonggok KSXX0815
Chonggong-ni KSXX8196
Chonggong-ni KSXX0816
Chonggong-ni KSXX7653
Chonggong-ni KSXX3319
Chonggujibak-kol KSXX0817
Chonggum KSXX3320
Chonggwa KSXX3321
Chonggwan KSXX8197
Chonggwang KSXX3322
Chonggye-mal KSXX3323
Chonggyong KSXX3324
Chongha-ri KSXX0818
Chonghwa KSXX8198
Chonghyon KSXX3325
Chongi KSXX3326
Chongja-dong KSXX3327
Chongja-gol KSXX3328
Chongja-mal KSXX3329
Chongja-maul KSXX0819
Chongjal KSXX3330
Chongjang-ni KSXX8199
Chongjang-ni KSXX3331
Chongji-dong KSXX3332
Chongji-ri KSXX3333
Chongjidul KSXX3334
Chongjwami KSXX3335
Chongmi-ri KSXX0820
Chongmin-dong KSXX0821
Chongmo-ri KSXX3336
Chongmun KSXX3337
Chongnae KSXX8200
Chongnam KSXX8201
Chongnim-dong KSXX6919
Chongnyang-dong KSXX8202
Chongnyong-ni KSXX8203
Chongsaeng KSXX8206
Chongsaeng-dong KSXX3339
Chongsal-li KSXX3340
Chongsam KSXX8207
Chongsan-ni KSXX3341
Chongsang-gol KSXX3342
Chongso-ri KSXX8209
Chongsong-dong KSXX8210
Chongsu KSXX8211
Chongyang KSXX8213
Chonju KSXX0047
Chonju-gol KSXX0822
Chonjugogae KSXX3347
Chonjuk KSXX3348
Chonmin-dong KSXX6921
Chonui KSXX3350
Chonuisil KSXX3351
Chonyang KSXX8217
Chopchi-dong KSXX3354
Choppawi KSXX3355
Chopsu KSXX6922
Choptarak-kol KSXX0823
Chorakdo KSXX3356
Chorarae KSXX3357
Choryong-ni KSXX0824
Chosan KSXX7654
Chosan KSXX8221
Chosil KSXX0825
Chosil KSXX3359
Choson-dong KSXX3360
Chosong-ni KSXX3361
Chottegi KSXX3363
Chounae KSXX0827
Chowon-dong KSXX3364
Choya KSXX7443
Choyang KSXX3365
Choyok-kol KSXX3366
Chu-dong KSXX3367
Chuam KSXX8222
Chuam KSXX3368
Chubang-gol KSXX3369
Chubong KSXX3370
Chudo KSXX8224
Chudong KSXX8225
Chugang-dong KSXX3372
Chugani KSXX3373
Chugok KSXX0829
Chugok KSXX6924
Chugok-tong KSXX8226
Chugong-ni KSXX0830
Chugsan-dong KSXX0097
Chugwol-ri KSXX8227
Chugye KSXX8228
Chugyo KSXX3374
Chugyo-ri KSXX3375
Chugyop KSXX3376
Chujong-gol KSXX0831
Chujoul KSXX3378
Chuk-tong KSXX8230
Chuk-tong KSXX6925
Chuk-tong KSXX7655
Chuk-tong KSXX3379
Chukchang KSXX8232
Chukchol-li KSXX8233
Chukchol-li KSXX0833
Chukchon KSXX0834
Chukchon KSXX8234
Chukchon KSXX3381
Chukchon-dong KSXX8235
Chukchon-ni KSXX8236
Chukhang KSXX8237
Chukhyang-ni KSXX0835
Chukko KSXX8238
Chukkok KSXX8239
Chukkong KSXX8240
Chukkong-ni KSXX8241
Chukkungi KSXX6926
Chuksan KSXX8242
Chuksan KSXX3383
Chuksok-tong KSXX3384
Chuksong-ni KSXX0391
Chukto KSXX3386
Chuktong-ni KSXX8243
Chul-gol KSXX6927
Chulbawi KSXX3387
Chulbyong-gol KSXX0836
Chulmoe KSXX6928
Chumae KSXX8244
Chumak KSXX0837
Chumakko-ri KSXX0838
Chumakkori KSXX0839
Chumakttum KSXX3389
Chumangnae KSXX3390
Chumi KSXX3391
Chumun KSXX8246
Chunae KSXX3392
Chunam KSXX7656
Chunam KSXX8247
Chunchon KSXX0035
Chung-dong KSXX8249
Chung-dong KSXX3394
Chung-dong KSXX0392
Chung-dong KSXX7444
Chung-gol KSXX0841
Chung-gol KSXX3395
Chung-mal KSXX8250
Chung-mal KSXX3396
Chung-mal KSXX7445
Chung-mal KSXX0842
Chung-maul KSXX8251
Chung-ni KSXX0393
Chung-ni KSXX7446
Chung-ni KSXX0843
Chung-ni KSXX8252
Chung-ni KSXX3397
Chungam KSXX8253
Chungam KSXX3398
Chungan KSXX3399
Chungan-mal KSXX3400
Chungang KSXX8254
Chungang-dong KSXX0844
Chungang-dong KSXX8255
Chungang-dong KSXX6930
Chungang-dong KSXX3401
Chungang-gol KSXX0845
Chungang-ni KSXX0846
Chungbaengi KSXX0847
Chungbaengi KSXX3402
Chungbang KSXX8256
Chungbang KSXX3403
Chungbang-dong KSXX8257
Chungbo KSXX3405
Chungbo KSXX7657
Chungbok KSXX0848
Chungbol KSXX3406
Chungbong KSXX0849
Chungbosil KSXX3407
Chungbu KSXX8258
Chungdae KSXX3409
Chungdae-ri KSXX8262
Chungdaehyon KSXX8263
Chungdam KSXX7447
Chungdam KSXX8264
Chungdam KSXX3410
Chungdo-gol KSXX0853
Chungdong-gol KSXX3411
Chungdong-ni KSXX0854
Chungdu KSXX8265
Chungdu KSXX3412
Chungdumul-li KSXX3413
Chungga KSXX3414
Chungga-ri KSXX0855
Chunggae KSXX3415
Chunggae-gol KSXX3416
Chunggaeul KSXX0856
Chunggamwol KSXX8266
Chunggan-mal KSXX0857
Chunggan-maul KSXX8267
Chunggang-ni KSXX3417
Chunggasup KSXX0858
Chunggi KSXX8268
Chunggi KSXX3418
Chunggo-ri KSXX0859
Chunggok KSXX8269
Chunggongsu-dong KSXX0860
Chunggu-dong KSXX3419
Chunggwang KSXX0394
Chunggwon KSXX8270
Chunggye KSXX8271
Chunghak-tong KSXX3420
Chunghang-ni KSXX8272
Chunghung KSXX3421
Chunghung KSXX7658
Chunghung-dong KSXX7659
Chunghung-ni KSXX3422
Chunghwa-ri KSXX8273
Chunghwang-dong KSXX8274
Chunghwassang KSXX8275
Chunghyang KSXX8276
Chunghyol-li KSXX8277
Chungjajak KSXX0861
Chungjang KSXX8278
Chungjang-ni KSXX3423
Chungji KSXX7660
Chungjo KSXX3424
Chungjo-ri KSXX3425
Chungjol KSXX3426
Chungjong-ni KSXX3427
Chungju KSXX0057
Chungma KSXX8280
Chungmaean KSXX8281
Chungmal KSXX0862
Chungman KSXX0863
Chungmaru KSXX0864
Chungmi KSXX3428
Chungmi-mal KSXX3429
Chungmoe KSXX8282
Chungmoe KSXX7448
Chungmoe KSXX6933
Chungmu KSXX0051
Chungmudam KSXX8283
Chungmuk KSXX3430
Chungnadae KSXX8284
Chungnak-kol KSXX3431
Chungnamsan KSXX3432
Chungni-dong KSXX6934
Chungnim KSXX7661
Chungnim KSXX3433
Chungnim KSXX8285
Chungnim-dong KSXX8286
Chungnim-ni KSXX3434
Chungsa-dong KSXX8289
Chungsaengwon KSXX8290
Chungsal-li KSXX3436
Chungsal-li KSXX8291
Chungsam KSXX0865
Chungsam-ni KSXX0866
Chungsan KSXX8292
Chungsan KSXX7450
Chungsan KSXX3437
Chungsan-dong KSXX8293
Chungsan-dong KSXX3438
Chungsan-gol KSXX8294
Chungsan-gol KSXX3439
Chungsan-ni KSXX3440
Chungsang KSXX8295
Chungsang-gol KSXX3441
Chungse-dong KSXX6936
Chungsil KSXX3442
Chungsim KSXX7451
Chungsimi KSXX0868
Chungsin KSXX8296
Chungsogye KSXX0869
Chungsong KSXX3443
Chungsong-gol KSXX3444
Chungsong-ni KSXX3445
Chungsonhak KSXX6937
Chungsoyo KSXX0870
Chungsu KSXX6938
Chungttam KSXX8298
Chungttum KSXX3447
Chungttum KSXX6939
Chungttum KSXX0873
Chungttummanghae KSXX3448
Chungung KSXX0874
Chungwajong KSXX3449
Chungwang-ni KSXX3450
Chungyak KSXX0875
Chunyang KSXX0101
Chupungnyong KSXX0044
Churae KSXX3453
Churemi-mal KSXX3454
Churye KSXX8299
Churyong KSXX8300
Chusan KSXX3455
Chusil KSXX3456
Chuul KSXX3457
Chuulmi KSXX3458
Chuwol-tong KSXX7662
Chwa-dong KSXX3459
Chwabu-dong KSXX3460
Chwaha KSXX3461
Chwajin KSXX8303
Chwaryong-dong KSXX8305
Chwasang KSXX3462
Chwasong KSXX0876
Chwasu-gol KSXX0877
Chwayon KSXX8306
Cwangcheon KSXX0103
Daebanggol KSXX0878
Daecheon KSXX0104
Daechon KSXX0879
Daedeok-ri KSXX0880
Daegu KSXX0026
Daejeon KSXX0027
Daejeong-ri KSXX0881
Daeya-ri KSXX0882
Dalgimeori KSXX0883
Damsa-ri KSXX0884
Damyang KSXX0105
Danam-ri KSXX0885
Dangjin KSXX0106
Dangjin-ri KSXX0886
Dangjintan-gwang KSXX3463
Dangpyeong KSXX0887
Dangu-ri KSXX0888
Danjang KSXX0107
Danyangguni KSXX0889
Darakgae KSXX0890
Daranggol KSXX0891
Darigol KSXX0892
Deehwa KSXX0108
Deogeun KSXX0893
Deok-dong KSXX0894
Deokjeong-ri KSXX0895
Deongnyeon-ri KSXX0896
Dodong KSXX0109
Dogwan-ri KSXX0897
Dohwa-dong KSXX0898
Dokjeong-ri KSXX0899
Dolmaraemi KSXX0900
Dondam KSXX0901
Dongam KSXX0902
Dongducheon KSXX0110
Dongjam KSXX0111
Dongmak KSXX0903
Dongmakgol KSXX0904
Dongmun KSXX0112
Dongpyeon KSXX0905
Dongyangmal KSXX0906
Dopyun-ri KSXX8307
Doran KSXX0907
Dorwon KSXX0908
Duribong KSXX0909
Dwitppeol KSXX0910
Eishun KSXX0911
Eom-dong KSXX0912
Eomjanggol KSXX0913
Euiryeong KSXX0116
Euiseong KSXX0117
Eumchon KSXX0914
Eumdal-mal KSXX0915
Eumdalmal KSXX0916
Eungogae KSXX0917
Fukoku-ri KSXX8308
Fuyo KSXX0119
Gaeteo KSXX0918
Gaewajipmal KSXX0919
Gaigeturi KSXX0120
Gajinggae KSXX0920
Gakgusil KSXX0921
Galchi KSXX0922
Gamagol KSXX0923
Gampo KSXX0121
Ganeugae KSXX0924
Ganeungol KSXX0925
Gangchon KSXX0926
Ganggu KSXX0122
Ganggyeong KSXX0123
Gangjeong KSXX0927
Gangjin KSXX0124
Garaeul KSXX0929
Geochang KSXX0126
Geoil KSXX0930
Geomdan KSXX0931
Geomeundeul KSXX3464
Geomeunjaengi KSXX0932
Geupuu KSXX7452
Gigye KSXX0128
Gijang KSXX0129
Gimhae KSXX0131
Gimje KSXX0132
Gimjeong KSXX0933
Ginei KSXX8309
Ginjo KSXX0934
Gochang KSXX0133
Godeunteo KSXX0935
Goesan KSXX0134
Gogaemal KSXX0936
Golbaenae KSXX0937
Goldaebanggol KSXX0938
Golmal KSXX0939
Gongju KSXX0135
Gongsanjeong KSXX0940
Gonigol KSXX0941
Gonjae KSXX0942
Gonyang KSXX0136
Gorseong KSXX0137
Goryeong KSXX0138
Gosan-ri KSXX0139
Goseong KSXX0140
Goseup-dong KSXX0943
Goyang KSXX0141
Gueongmal KSXX3465
Gumi KSXX0142
Gungdeul KSXX0944
Gungjang KSXX0945
Gunsan KSXX0143
Gunwi KSXX0144
Gupo KSXX0145
Gurau KSXX0946
Gurve KSXX0146
Guryongpo KSXX0147
Gusan-dong KSXX0148
Gwanggopan KSXX3466
Gwanghyeweon-ri KSXX0149
Gwangju KSXX7663
Gwanmal KSXX0947
Gwiryongmal KSXX0948
Gyeongju KSXX0150
Gyeongsan KSXX0151
Gyuam KSXX0152
Ha-dong KSXX0950
Ha-dong KSXX3468
Ha-dong KSXX7453
Ha-dong KSXX8311
Ha-jinbu-ri KSXX0153
Ha-ri KSXX7454
Ha-ri KSXX3469
Ha-ri KSXX8312
Haanyong KSXX3470
Habaekhyon KSXX8313
Habal KSXX6940
Habi KSXX8315
Habi KSXX3471
Habin KSXX8316
Habol KSXX3472
Habong KSXX3473
Habonggi KSXX8317
Habu KSXX3474
Habujon KSXX8319
Haburul-li KSXX3475
Haburun-ni KSXX3476
Habyol KSXX3477
Habyollae KSXX8320
Habyong KSXX8321
Hada KSXX3483
Hadae KSXX3484
Hadae-ri KSXX6941
Hadaehyon KSXX8324
Hadam KSXX3485
Hadam KSXX8325
Hadam-ni KSXX0953
Hadan KSXX0954
Hadan-dong KSXX0395
Hadan-ni KSXX0396
Hadang-ni KSXX0956
Hado-gol KSXX0957
Hadodae-ri KSXX0958
Hadok KSXX8326
Hadok KSXX0959
Hadong KSXX8327
Hadong-ni KSXX3487
Hadong-ni KSXX0961
Hadonghae KSXX3488
Hadongnim KSXX3489
Hadongsan KSXX8329
Hadu KSXX3490
Hadul-li KSXX8330
Hadun KSXX8331
Haegal-li KSXX8333
Haegogae KSXX0962
Haek-kol KSXX8334
Haemaengi KSXX3493
Haemi KSXX3494
Haemyong-ni KSXX8335
Haenam KSXX0008
Haenam KSXX3495
Haeng-dong KSXX3497
Haengdanggok KSXX8336
Haengguni KSXX0963
Haenggye KSXX3498
Haengje-ri KSXX0964
Haengjong KSXX0965
Haengjong KSXX3499
Haengjong KSXX6942
Haengjong-ni KSXX3500
Haengsibi KSXX3502
Haepsa-ri KSXX3503
Haeran KSXX8339
Haeundae KSXX0397
Haga KSXX3504
Haga-ri KSXX3505
Hagae KSXX3506
Hagae-ri KSXX0967
Hagaegum KSXX8340
Hagaejik KSXX3507
Hagaemyong KSXX8341
Hagalsin KSXX3508
Hagam KSXX8342
Hagam KSXX0968
Hagamwol KSXX8343
Hagang KSXX8344
Hagang-gol KSXX7664
Hagi-dong KSXX6943
Hago KSXX3509
Hagodang KSXX0969
Hagoe-ri KSXX0970
Hagoemok KSXX3510
Hagogae KSXX8345
Hagogae KSXX3511
Hagoja KSXX0971
Hagok KSXX8346
Hagok KSXX0972
Hagom KSXX0973
Hagon KSXX0398
Hagu-gol KSXX0974
Hagum KSXX0975
Hagung KSXX3512
Hagung-dong KSXX3513
Hagung-ni KSXX3514
Hagung-ni KSXX0977
Hagunghang KSXX8347
Hagwan KSXX3515
Hagwan-dong KSXX3516
Hagwang KSXX3517
Hagwang-ni KSXX3518
Hagwon KSXX8348
Hagyo KSXX8349
Hagyon-dong KSXX3519
Hahakhyon KSXX0978
Hahang KSXX8351
Hahcheon KSXX0155
Hahoe KSXX8352
Hahoe-dong KSXX8353
Hahong-ni KSXX3520
Hahu-ri KSXX3521
Hahuk KSXX3522
Hahwang-dong KSXX8354
Hahwang-ni KSXX3523
Hahwanggok KSXX3524
Hahyon KSXX3525
Hail KSXX0980
Haipsok KSXX3526
Hajang KSXX3527
Hajang-dong KSXX3528
Hajang-ni KSXX0981
Hajang-ni KSXX3529
Hajang-ni KSXX8355
Hajangsu-dong KSXX3530
Hajimak-kol KSXX3531
Hajo KSXX8356
Hajohang KSXX8357
Hajok KSXX3532
Hajong-ni KSXX8359
Hajong-ni KSXX0982
Hajongguk KSXX3533
Hajungbang KSXX3534
Hak-kol KSXX3535
Hak-tong KSXX8360
Hak-tong KSXX0984
Hak-tong KSXX3536
Hakchang-dong KSXX0399
Hakchon KSXX0985
Hakgyomal KSXX0986
Hakha-dong KSXX6944
Hakhang KSXX7665
Hakkye-dong KSXX8361
Hakkye-ri KSXX8362
Hakkyo-mal KSXX6945
Hakkyodam KSXX8363
Hakpol KSXX3537
Hakpong KSXX6946
Hakpong-ni KSXX6947
Haksa-gol KSXX0988
Haksal-li KSXX8365
Haksan KSXX8366
Haksan KSXX0989
Haksong KSXX0990
Haksong KSXX8367
Haksong-ni KSXX3538
Haksu-dong KSXX3539
Haktang KSXX3540
Haktong-ni KSXX8368
Haktong-ni KSXX0991
Haktu KSXX7667
Hallimjong KSXX8369
Hallimjong KSXX6948
Halmibawi KSXX8370
Ham-ni KSXX8371
Hama-dong KSXX3542
Hamaean KSXX8372
Hamaesan KSXX8373
Hamak KSXX8374
Hamakhyol-li KSXX3543
Hamal-li KSXX3544
Haman KSXX0156
Haman-myon KSXX8375
Hamasa KSXX3545
Hamasan KSXX0992
Hambagi KSXX3546
Hambak KSXX8376
Hambak-kol KSXX3547
Hambak-kol KSXX8377
Hambakkumi KSXX8378
Hambang-ni KSXX8379
Hamchang KSXX0157
Hamhwa KSXX8380
Hamjon KSXX6949
Hampyeong KSXX0158
Hamuk KSXX3548
Hamyang KSXX0159
Hamyong-dong KSXX8382
Han-dong KSXX8386
Han-gol KSXX0994
Han-gol KSXX8387
Han-mal KSXX0995
Hana-ri KSXX3549
Hanaemang KSXX0996
Hanaemul KSXX0997
Hanam KSXX3550
Hanam KSXX0998
Hanam KSXX0160
Hanam KSXX8388
Hanam-dong KSXX7668
Hanamul KSXX3551
Hanbat KSXX8389
Hanbawi KSXX3552
Hanbol KSXX3553
Hancheon KSXX3556
Handeok KSXX1002
Handume KSXX1003
Handusil KSXX1004
Hang-dong KSXX3557
Hang-gol KSXX1005
Hang-ni KSXX8391
Hanga-gol KSXX8392
Hangdo KSXX8394
Hanggak-kol KSXX3558
Hanggo-ri KSXX3559
Hanggong-ni KSXX3560
Hangmi KSXX1006
Hangnam-dong KSXX8395
Hangnim KSXX7669
Hangnim KSXX8396
Hangnim-ni KSXX8397
Hangnom KSXX8398
Hangwol-li KSXX3561
Hanja-gol KSXX3562
Hanjae KSXX3563
Hanjagul KSXX3564
Hanjaru KSXX3565
Hanjil-li KSXX3566
Hanjimi KSXX3567
Hanjolbat KSXX1007
Hanjung KSXX1008
Hanmo-ri KSXX3568
Hanmok KSXX8400
Hannae KSXX1009
Hannaeppol KSXX3569
Hannaesil KSXX8401
Hanppu-ri KSXX3570
Hanppul-li KSXX3571
Hanrim KSXX0161
Hansa KSXX3572
Hansaeji KSXX3573
Hansaemnaegi KSXX6951
Hansam KSXX6952
Hansamnae-ri KSXX6953
Hansan KSXX8403
Hansan KSXX3574
Hansan-ni KSXX3575
Hansil KSXX8404
Hansirangi KSXX3576
Hansok-kol KSXX1010
Hansok-kol KSXX3577
Hansomjigi KSXX1011
Hansomjigi KSXX3578
Hansongji KSXX3579
Hanui-gol KSXX1013
Hanumul KSXX1014
Hanumul KSXX3584
Hanwon KSXX8406
Hanyang-gol KSXX6954
Hanyo KSXX3586
Hanyom-ni KSXX3587
Haomjong KSXX3588
Haong KSXX3589
Haosan KSXX0162
Haphani KSXX3593
Hapkong-ni KSXX3594
Hapsan KSXX8411
Haptok KSXX3595
Hara KSXX8412
Hari KSXX3596
Harim KSXX8413
Harogok KSXX3597
Haryang-ni KSXX3598
Hasa KSXX6956
Hasa-dong KSXX8414
Hasaeng KSXX1017
Hasam KSXX3600
Hasambong KSXX3601
Hasan KSXX6957
Hasan KSXX3602
Hasan-dong KSXX7670
Hasi KSXX1018
Hasi-ri KSXX1019
Hasil-li KSXX3603
Hasil-li KSXX6958
Hasim KSXX8415
Hasim-dong KSXX3604
Hasimgong-ni KSXX3605
Hasimok KSXX3606
Hasin KSXX3607
Hasin KSXX8416
Hasin-ni KSXX1020
Hasindae KSXX1021
Hasinsong KSXX1022
Haso KSXX1023
Haso-ri KSXX1024
Hasok KSXX3608
Hason KSXX7671
Hasonda-ri KSXX3609
Hasong KSXX3610
Hasong KSXX6959
Hasong KSXX8419
Hasong-ni KSXX3611
Hasongbuk KSXX6960
Hasongjong KSXX1025
Hasonhak KSXX6961
Hasoryong-gol KSXX6962
Hasu-ri KSXX3612
Hasugok KSXX8420
Hasungam KSXX3613
Haun KSXX3616
Haun-ni KSXX1026
Haung KSXX1027
Hawol KSXX3617
Hawol-li KSXX3618
Hawol-li KSXX8422
Hawon KSXX1028
Hawongok KSXX1029
Haya-ri KSXX3619
Hayang KSXX0163
Hayangji KSXX8423
Hayo KSXX8424
Hayo-ri KSXX3620
Hayong KSXX3621
Hayong KSXX1030
Hayong KSXX8425
Hayonso KSXX8426
Hayu KSXX8427
Hayuam KSXX1031
Hayugok KSXX8428
Hayujong KSXX3622
Heisen-ri KSXX3623
Heison KSXX1032
Heison-ri KSXX8429
Heuksando KSXX0375
Heukseok KSXX3624
Heung-hai KSXX0164
Heunghae KSXX0165
Ho-dong KSXX3625
Ho-dong KSXX6964
Ho-ri KSXX8430
Ho-ri KSXX3626
Hoam KSXX6965
Hoam KSXX3627
Hoam KSXX8431
Hoam-ni KSXX3628
Hochi-ri KSXX3629
Hodo KSXX3630
Hodok-kol KSXX8432
Hodonamu-gol KSXX3631
Hodu KSXX8433
Hodunamu-gol KSXX3632
Hoe-dong KSXX8434
Hoe-dong KSXX3633
Hoe-gol KSXX8435
Hoe-ri KSXX1034
Hoeani KSXX1035
Hoebyong-gol KSXX6966
Hoedae KSXX3635
Hoedeogil-tong KSXX6967
Hoedogi-dong KSXX6968
Hoedok KSXX6969
Hoedong KSXX3636
Hoedong-ni KSXX1036
Hoegae KSXX3637
Hoegok KSXX1037
Hoegonmoru KSXX3638
Hoehwa-ri KSXX3639
Hoein KSXX1038
Hoejong-gol KSXX3640
Hoek-kol KSXX3641
Hoek-kol KSXX1039
Hoemok KSXX3642
Hoemun KSXX1040
Hoenam KSXX1041
Hoenam KSXX8436
Hoengsong KSXX0166
Hoeryong KSXX7672
Hoeryong KSXX1044
Hoeryong KSXX8438
Hoeum-dong KSXX6970
Hogok KSXX8439
Hogong-ni KSXX8440
Hohyeon KSXX8441
Hojang-gol KSXX1045
Hojong KSXX3644
Hojun KSXX3645
Hoko KSXX0167
Holgae KSXX7455
Holgok KSXX8442
Holli-dong KSXX8443
Hollim KSXX7456
Holmoe KSXX3646
Homi-dong KSXX8444
Homi-dong KSXX3647
Homi-gol KSXX1046
Homisil KSXX1047
Homsil KSXX3648
Hong-dong KSXX3649
Hong-gol KSXX1048
Hongam KSXX3650
Hongbung-myon KSXX3651
Hongcheon KSXX0169
Hongdo-dong KSXX6971
Hongdo-ri KSXX3654
Hongdowon KSXX3655
Honggam KSXX8445
Honggo-ri KSXX8446
Honggomi KSXX3656
Honggot KSXX3657
Honghyol-li KSXX8447
Hongin KSXX3658
Hongje-am KSXX8448
Hongji KSXX8449
Hongjong KSXX8450
Hongnyu KSXX8451
Hongnyu-dong KSXX8452
Hongnyu-gol KSXX8453
Hongsong-gol KSXX3659
Hongsu-dong KSXX3660
Hongsung KSXX0170
Hori-Segi KSXX8454
Horim-dong KSXX7457
Horiol KSXX3663
Hosan KSXX1050
Hosan KSXX8455
Hosan-ri KSXX1051
Hosil KSXX8456
Hosong KSXX8457
Houm-ni KSXX3664
Hu-dong KSXX3665
Hu-dong KSXX8459
Hu-ri KSXX1053
Hudong KSXX3667
Hugam KSXX3668
Hugam-ni KSXX3669
Hugok KSXX8461
Hugok KSXX1054
Hugong-ni KSXX1055
Hugyong KSXX3670
Hui-dong KSXX8462
Huial-li KSXX3671
Huijae KSXX1056
Huin KSXX8463
Huinbawi KSXX3672
Huindok-kol KSXX1057
Huindol KSXX3673
Huirong-gol KSXX1058
Hukchom KSXX3675
Huksok KSXX3677
Huksok-tong KSXX7673
Huksok-tong KSXX1059
Hul-li KSXX8465
Hulgye KSXX1060
Hungdok KSXX1061
Hungdok-tong KSXX3679
Hunggok KSXX3680
Hunggyo KSXX1062
Hungjaengi KSXX1063
Hungjin KSXX6973
Hungmok KSXX1064
Hungnyong KSXX3681
Hungnyong-ni KSXX8466
Husan KSXX1066
Huyong KSXX6974
Hwa-dong KSXX3683
Hwa-dong KSXX1067
Hwa-dong KSXX8469
Hwa-gol KSXX3684
Hwa-gol KSXX1068
Hwa-ri KSXX3685
Hwaam KSXX8470
Hwaam KSXX3686
Hwaam KSXX7674
Hwaam KSXX1069
Hwabang KSXX7675
Hwabuk KSXX8471
Hwacheon KSXX0172
Hwadang KSXX8473
Hwado KSXX0173
Hwado KSXX8474
Hwagaejang KSXX8475
Hwagok KSXX8476
Hwagok KSXX3689
Hwagok-tong KSXX8477
Hwagwang KSXX8478
Hwagye KSXX1070
Hwagye KSXX8479
Hwagye KSXX3690
Hwahol-li KSXX3691
Hwahyon KSXX8480
Hwahyon KSXX3692
Hwail KSXX1071
Hwain KSXX1072
Hwaje-ri KSXX8481
Hwajibak-kol KSXX8482
Hwajon KSXX8483
Hwajon KSXX7676
Hwajon KSXX3693
Hwajong KSXX8484
Hwajong-dong KSXX7677
Hwajong-ni KSXX3694
Hwal-gol KSXX3695
Hwal-gol KSXX1073
Hwalgok KSXX3696
Hwalsong-dong KSXX3697
Hwaltong-ni KSXX3698
Hwamyong-dong KSXX0402
Hwanam-dong KSXX8485
Hwanam-ni KSXX7678
Hwandogok KSXX3699
Hwang-dong KSXX3700
Hwang-gol KSXX1076
Hwang-gol KSXX3701
Hwang-ni KSXX8486
Hwangbo KSXX8487
Hwangbo KSXX1077
Hwangburam KSXX8488
Hwangbyong-gol KSXX1078
Hwangdae KSXX8489
Hwangdari KSXX0403
Hwangdo-ri KSXX3702
Hwanggan KSXX1080
Hwanggang KSXX1081
Hwanggol KSXX3704
Hwanggum KSXX3705
Hwanggye KSXX3706
Hwanggyedogi KSXX1082
Hwanggyo-ri KSXX3707
Hwanghae-dong KSXX8490
Hwanghae-dong KSXX1083
Hwanghak-tong KSXX1084
Hwanghwa-ri KSXX3708
Hwangjom KSXX8491
Hwangjom KSXX1085
Hwangjon KSXX1086
Hwangjong-ni KSXX8492
Hwangmaesil KSXX3709
Hwangmusil KSXX8493
Hwangnyong KSXX7679
Hwangnyong-dong KSXX8494
Hwangsa-ri KSXX3711
Hwangsae-gol KSXX3712
Hwangsae-gol KSXX1088
Hwangsae-mal KSXX3713
Hwangsae-mal KSXX1089
Hwangsaeburi KSXX3714
Hwangsan KSXX8496
Hwangsan KSXX6975
Hwangsan KSXX1091
Hwangsanjang KSXX8497
Hwangsomo-ri KSXX3716
Hwangsong-ni KSXX1092
Hwangum KSXX1094
Hwangwon KSXX3717
Hwangyong-dong KSXX8498
Hwangyong-ni KSXX6976
Hwansong-ni KSXX3718
Hwarim KSXX8500
Hwarim-ni KSXX3720
Hwarim-ni KSXX8501
Hwaryu-gol KSXX8502
Hwasa KSXX6977
Hwasal-li KSXX3721
Hwasal-li KSXX7458
Hwasam-ni KSXX8503
Hwasan KSXX0404
Hwasan KSXX6978
Hwasan KSXX3722
Hwasan KSXX8504
Hwasan KSXX1097
Hwasan-dong KSXX1098
Hwasang KSXX3723
Hwaseong KSXX0174
Hwasil-li KSXX1099
Hwasim-ni KSXX8505
Hwasin KSXX3724
Hwasong-ni KSXX1100
Hwasongbae KSXX3725
Hwasu-ri KSXX3726
Hwasun KSXX3727
Hwasun KSXX0175
Hwawon KSXX0176
Hwawon-dong KSXX3728
Hwayang-ni KSXX3729
Hwiuigae KSXX3730
Hwiyujae KSXX3731
Hyang-dong KSXX8507
Hyangdung-ni KSXX7681
Hyangga-gol KSXX1102
Hyanggyo-gol KSXX3734
Hyanggyo-mal KSXX3735
Hyangjong KSXX1103
Hyangnim KSXX1104
Hyangsan KSXX1105
Hyangsan KSXX3737
Hyangyang-ni KSXX8511
Hyedok-tong KSXX3738
Hyeopung KSXX0177
Hyo-dong KSXX6979
Hyo-dong KSXX3739
Hyo-ri KSXX8512
Hyoam-dong KSXX0405
Hyobang-dong KSXX3740
Hyodae KSXX8513
Hyogok KSXX3741
Hyojado-ri KSXX3742
Hyoje-ri KSXX3743
Hyojeam KSXX3744
Hyojong-ni KSXX8514
Hyoju KSXX3745
Hyojuk KSXX1108
Hyol-li KSXX1109
Hyomok KSXX7460
Hyon-dong KSXX8515
Hyonam-ni KSXX1110
Hyonam-ni KSXX3746
Hyongje-dong KSXX3747
Hyongjegogae KSXX3748
Hyonmi-ri KSXX3750
Hyonnae KSXX3751
Hyonnam KSXX1111
Hyorimi KSXX1112
Hyosa KSXX8517
I-dong KSXX3752
Iam KSXX3753
Iami KSXX6980
Ibam KSXX8519
Ibam-ni KSXX6981
Ibang-ni KSXX8520
Ibui KSXX6982
Ibyul KSXX3754
Idong KSXX8522
Idong KSXX7682
Idong-ni KSXX7462
Igok KSXX8523
Igong-ni KSXX3757
Igye KSXX8524
Igyo KSXX8525
Igyon KSXX8526
Ihwa-ri KSXX3758
Ihyon-dong KSXX6983
Iil-li KSXX3760
Iin KSXX8527
Ije KSXX7463
Ijidang KSXX1113
Ijin-mal KSXX1114
Ijok KSXX3762
Ijol-li KSXX8528
Ijong KSXX3763
Ijong-gol KSXX8529
Ijong-gol KSXX1115
Ik-tong KSXX3764
Ikku-ri KSXX8530
Iksan KSXX0179
Il-gol KSXX1116
Ilbansong-myon KSXX8531
Ilchuam KSXX8532
Ilgi KSXX3765
Ilgopsil KSXX1117
Ilgwang KSXX0408
Illyok KSXX3766
Ilmyongdang KSXX8533
Ilsin KSXX3768
Iltae KSXX3770
Im-ni KSXX3771
Imae KSXX7464
Imbuk KSXX8537
Imbul KSXX8538
Imgo-ri KSXX8539
Imgok-ri KSXX1118
Imgong-ni KSXX8540
Imgye-ri KSXX1119
Imhal-li KSXX1120
Imhwa-ri KSXX3774
Imhyonsagogae KSXX1121
Imin KSXX8541
Imjang-gol KSXX3775
Imjong KSXX7683
Imjung-ni KSXX8542
Imnae-ri KSXX8544
Imnang KSXX0410
Imoe-ri KSXX8545
Imok KSXX8546
Imong-ni KSXX1122
Imosan KSXX1123
Imsil KSXX1124
Imsil KSXX0180
Imsil KSXX8548
Imsudae KSXX3777
Imun KSXX8549
Imunan KSXX3778
Imwonjin KSXX0181
In-dong KSXX6984
In-ri KSXX8552
Inae KSXX3780
Inam-dong KSXX8554
Inbong KSXX1125
Incheon KSXX0009
Inhung KSXX3781
Inhuwon KSXX3782
Inje KSXX0185
Inji-myon KSXX3783
Injon KSXX8555
Injong-ni KSXX1126
Injung-ni KSXX8556
Inmok KSXX8557
Insan KSXX8559
Inson KSXX8560
Inyang-ni KSXX3785
Io-ri KSXX8561
Ipchang KSXX3786
Ipchom KSXX3787
Ipkong-ni KSXX8562
Ipsa KSXX8563
Ipsal-li KSXX8564
Ipso KSXX8565
Ipsok KSXX1128
Ipsok KSXX8566
Ipsok KSXX3788
Ipsok-tong KSXX7465
Ipsong-ni KSXX1129
Ipsong-ni KSXX3789
Ipyang-ni KSXX1130
Irho-ri KSXX3790
Iri KSXX0010
Irum-gol KSXX3791
Irun KSXX8567
Iryang-gol KSXX3792
Iryang-ni KSXX3793
Isa-dong KSXX6985
Isaengi KSXX3794
Isan-gol KSXX3795
Ison KSXX7685
Iun KSXX8569
Iweon KSXX0187
Iwol KSXX7466
Iwon KSXX1132
Iwon KSXX3796
Iwon-dong KSXX8570
Jacheon KSXX0188
Jaejitmal KSXX1133
Jaenggol KSXX1134
Jaetmal KSXX1135
Jaeun-ri KSXX0189
Jain KSXX0190
Jangddeul KSXX0191
Janggye KSXX0192
Janghang KSXX0193
Jangheung KSXX0194
Jangjaul KSXX1136
Jangnok-ri KSXX1137
Jangpyeong KSXX1138
Jangseong KSXX0195
Jangseunpo KSXX0196
Jangteo KSXX1139
Jangyeol KSXX0198
Janjatgol KSXX1140
Jecheon KSXX0199
Jenzan KSXX0200
Jeojeon KSXX1141
Jeomchon KSXX0201
Jeomteo KSXX1142
Jeonaeub KSXX0202
Jeondo KSXX3798
Jeoneui KSXX0203
Jeong-dong KSXX1143
Jeongmisogeori KSXX1144
Jeongseon KSXX0204
Jeonju KSXX0205
Jibunnae KSXX1145
Jidang-ri KSXX1146
Jifuho KSXX8571
Jin-angun KSXX0371
Jinan KSXX0206
Jincheon KSXX0207
Jindo KSXX0208
Jingol KSXX1147
Jinneomeo KSXX1148
Jinsen-ri KSXX3799
Jo-dong KSXX1149
Jocheon-ri KSXX0209
Jochiweon KSXX0210
Ju-dong KSXX1150
Jucheon-ri KSXX1151
Jugyeop KSXX1152
Jumakgeori KSXX1153
Jumunjin KSXX0211
Jungbanggol KSXX1154
Jungdam KSXX1155
Jungganmal KSXX1156
Junggogae KSXX1157
Jungjeon-ri KSXX1158
Jungmal KSXX1159
Jungpyong KSXX1160
Jungsaeng KSXX1161
Jutsueki KSXX8572
Ka-dong KSXX6988
Ka-dong KSXX8584
Ka-ri KSXX1167
Kabae-ri KSXX8585
Kabang-ni KSXX8586
Kabong KSXX8587
Kadok KSXX3818
Kadok KSXX8589
Kadong-ni KSXX3819
Kadong-ni KSXX1169
Kadongbal KSXX3820
Kaduk KSXX1170
Kadung KSXX8590
Kae-gol KSXX8591
Kae-gol KSXX3821
Kaeam KSXX8592
Kaeani KSXX3822
Kaebaek KSXX7469
Kaebang KSXX3823
Kaebogi KSXX3824
Kaegogae KSXX1173
Kaegonno KSXX8594
Kaegotchi KSXX3828
Kaehung KSXX8595
Kaehwa KSXX8596
Kaejasi KSXX3829
Kaejol KSXX1174
Kaejol KSXX3830
Kaejolmi KSXX3831
Kaejon KSXX3832
Kaek-kol KSXX1175
Kaekkae KSXX3833
Kaekkima KSXX8597
Kaekpang KSXX8598
Kaemak KSXX1176
Kaembal KSXX3834
Kaemijae KSXX1177
Kaemimok KSXX8599
Kaemok KSXX3835
Kaemudom KSXX1178
Kaemul KSXX3836
Kaeng-gol KSXX1179
Kaengji KSXX3837
Kaenmori KSXX3838
Kaeodok KSXX3839
Kaeraeul KSXX1180
Kaesa-ri KSXX3840
Kaesambul KSXX8601
Kaesan KSXX7686
Kaesil KSXX8602
Kaesil KSXX3842
Kaeulma KSXX8604
Kaewol KSXX3844
Kaeya-ri KSXX3845
Kaeyang KSXX8605
Kaeyang-dong KSXX8606
Kago-ri KSXX8607
Kagok KSXX1181
Kagok KSXX8608
Kagok KSXX3846
Kagomo-ri KSXX3847
Kagong-ni KSXX1182
Kagong-ni KSXX3848
Kagu KSXX3849
Kagujon KSXX3850
Kagusaemi KSXX3851
Kagyongja KSXX1183
Kahang-ni KSXX8609
Kahoe-ri KSXX3852
Kahung KSXX1184
Kahung-ni KSXX8610
Kahwa-ri KSXX3853
Kahyol-li KSXX8611
Kahyon KSXX8612
Kail-li KSXX8613
Kajae KSXX7470
Kajae KSXX8614
Kajae KSXX3854
Kajae-gol KSXX1185
Kajae-gol KSXX7471
Kajaeul KSXX3855
Kajang KSXX3856
Kajang-dong KSXX1186
Kajang-dong KSXX6990
Kajang-gol KSXX3857
Kajaul KSXX3858
Kaji-ri KSXX8615
Kajobang KSXX8616
Kajol KSXX3859
Kajon KSXX3860
Kajong KSXX1187
Kajong-dong KSXX6991
Kajong-ni KSXX3861
Kajung-ni KSXX3862
Kajwa-dong KSXX3864
Kajwa-ri KSXX3865
Kak-kol KSXX8617
Kak-kol KSXX3866
Kak-kol KSXX1188
Kakki-ri KSXX1189
Kakkogae KSXX3867
Kakkok KSXX8618
Kakkum KSXX1190
Kaksa KSXX8619
Kaksin KSXX1191
Kal-gol KSXX8621
Kal-gol KSXX1192
Kal-tong KSXX3869
Kalbaji KSXX8622
Kalbat KSXX3870
Kalbodongi KSXX1193
Kalbonji KSXX1194
Kalchol-li KSXX8623
Kalchon KSXX8624
Kalgae KSXX8625
Kalgaeul KSXX3872
Kalgon-ni KSXX8626
Kalgot KSXX8627
Kalgyongi KSXX1195
Kallo KSXX3873
Kalma-dong KSXX6992
Kalma-gol KSXX1196
Kalma-ri KSXX3874
Kalmaegi KSXX1197
Kalmaeji KSXX3875
Kalmai-dong KSXX6993
Kalmail-tong KSXX6994
Kalmaji KSXX3876
Kalmang-gol KSXX3877
Kalmangae KSXX8628
Kalmi KSXX3878
Kalmi KSXX1198
Kalmi-ri KSXX3879
Kalmisil KSXX8629
Kalmo-ri KSXX3880
Kalmok KSXX8630
Kalmong-ni KSXX1199
Kalsa-ri KSXX8631
Kalsal-li KSXX3881
Kalsan-ni KSXX3883
Kalsil KSXX7472
Kalsong KSXX8632
Kaltaebak-kol KSXX8633
Kaltu-ri KSXX3884
Kam-dong KSXX8634
Kam-gol KSXX8635
Kam-gol KSXX3885
Kama-dong KSXX6995
Kama-gol KSXX8636
Kama-gol KSXX3886
Kamabang-gol KSXX6996
Kamabong KSXX6997
Kamak KSXX8637
Kamakchae KSXX1201
Kamakso KSXX8638
Kamam-ni KSXX8639
Kamamot KSXX3888
Kamasi KSXX3889
Kamasil KSXX8640
Kamaul KSXX3890
Kambat KSXX3891
Kambawi KSXX3892
Kambun KSXX8641
Kamgye-ri KSXX8643
Kamhyon KSXX8644
Kami-ri KSXX8645
Kamjae KSXX8646
Kammok KSXX3894
Kammul-li KSXX8647
Kamnamu-gol KSXX3895
Kamnamu-gol KSXX8648
Kamnamu-gol KSXX1202
Kamnamujae KSXX3896
Kamno-gol KSXX1203
Kamokchong KSXX3897
Kamsong-ni KSXX6998
Kamuji KSXX1204
Kamum-gol KSXX1205
Kamunae KSXX1206
Kana-gol KSXX3901
Kanamujong KSXX1207
Kanamul KSXX3902
Kandae-gol KSXX8650
Kang-dong KSXX8652
Kang-neung KSXX0212
Kang-ni KSXX1209
Kangbyon-ni KSXX3905
Kangdaengi KSXX3906
Kangdam KSXX8655
Kangdang KSXX3907
Kangdang-mal KSXX3908
Kangdang-ni KSXX3909
Kangdu-ri KSXX3910
Kangduk KSXX8656
Kangga KSXX8657
Kanggye KSXX8658
Kanggyong KSXX3911
Kanghoe KSXX0412
Kanghwa KSXX0213
Kanghyon KSXX1210
Kangjang KSXX3912
Kangjil-li KSXX1211
Kangjo-dong KSXX1212
Kangjong KSXX1213
Kangjong-gol KSXX3913
Kangjongi KSXX1214
Kangju-ri KSXX8659
Kangnambul KSXX8660
Kangnim-ni KSXX7474
Kangnung KSXX0011
Kangoe-ri KSXX8661
Kangsan KSXX3914
Kangsiul KSXX3915
Kangsondae KSXX8663
Kangsu-ri KSXX3916
Kangsunggaengi KSXX1215
Kangttum KSXX3918
Kangyong KSXX3919
Kanjae KSXX3920
Kanjok KSXX8665
Kanong-gol KSXX3921
Kansaji KSXX8666
Kanu-gol KSXX3923
Kanugye KSXX1216
Kanul-li KSXX3924
Kanun-gol KSXX1217
Kanun-gol KSXX6999
Kanusil KSXX1218
Kanusil KSXX3925
Kanwolgae KSXX3926
Kanwolto-ri KSXX3927
Kanyang-gol KSXX3928
Kao-dong KSXX7000
Kao-ri KSXX3929
Kaoje KSXX8667
Kaoraegi KSXX3930
Kap-kol KSXX3932
Kapparae KSXX3933
Kappawi KSXX8669
Kappe KSXX3935
Kapsa KSXX8670
Kapsa-dong KSXX3936
Kapsal-li KSXX8671
Kapsan KSXX1223
Kapsan KSXX8672
Karae-dong KSXX1224
Karae-gol KSXX1225
Karaegi KSXX3937
Karaejom KSXX1227
Karaemi KSXX3938
Karaemok KSXX3939
Karaengi KSXX3940
Karaesil KSXX3941
Karaesil KSXX1228
Karaeul KSXX1229
Karaeul KSXX7001
Karagi KSXX3943
Karak KSXX3944
Karak-kol KSXX8673
Karak-kol KSXX1230
Karak-kol KSXX3945
Karakpawi KSXX3946
Karang-ni KSXX8674
Karang-ni KSXX3947
Karangbaengi KSXX1231
Karhwa-ri KSXX8675
Karhyol-li KSXX3948
Karhyon-dong KSXX3949
Karijom KSXX3950
Karijong-gol KSXX3951
Karimok KSXX8678
Karinyoul KSXX1233
Karisil KSXX8679
Karitchae KSXX1234
Kariul KSXX3952
Karo KSXX3953
Karugae KSXX3954
Karugogae KSXX1235
Karuji KSXX3956
Karul KSXX3957
Karusil KSXX3958
Karwol KSXX3959
Karye KSXX8681
Karyon KSXX1236
Karyong KSXX3960
Karyong-ni KSXX8682
Karyonggae KSXX8683
Kasa-ri KSXX3961
Kasabol KSXX3962
Kasadae KSXX8684
Kasal-li KSXX1237
Kasamok KSXX1238
Kasan KSXX8685
Kasan-dong KSXX8686
Kasanjol KSXX1239
Kasen-ri KSXX8687
Kasil KSXX8688
Kasil KSXX3963
Kasil-gol KSXX1240
Kasil-li KSXX3964
Kasinae KSXX3965
Kason KSXX3966
Kasong KSXX8689
Kasong-ni KSXX3967
Kasul-li KSXX8690
Kasungguji KSXX3968
Kasup KSXX1241
Kasuwon-dong KSXX7002
Katchom KSXX3970
Katchom-mal KSXX3971
Katoku KSXX8691
Kattum KSXX3972
Kauido-ri KSXX3973
Kaul KSXX3974
Kaunbangdu KSXX1242
Kaunde-mal KSXX3975
Kaunde-mal KSXX1243
Kaundejungsan KSXX8692
Kaundettum KSXX3976
Kaya KSXX8693
Kaya KSXX3977
Kaya KSXX1244
Kaya-dong KSXX0414
Kaya-ri KSXX8694
Kaya-ri KSXX3978
Kayang KSXX1245
Kayang-dong KSXX7003
Kayang-ni KSXX3979
Kayangi-dong KSXX7004
Kayangil-tong KSXX7005
Kayon-ni KSXX8695
Keiwa KSXX8696
Keizan KSXX0215
Kejae KSXX3980
Keungol KSXX1246
Keunmaseom KSXX3981
Keunmasil KSXX3982
Keunwondang KSXX1247
Ki-dong KSXX8697
Kidae-ri KSXX1248
Kigok KSXX1249
Kigok KSXX3983
Kiho KSXX1250
Kiho-ri KSXX0415
Kihoe KSXX8699
Kijang KSXX0416
Kijisi-ri KSXX3985
Kijon KSXX8700
Kil-tong KSXX1251
Kilgok KSXX3986
Kilgok KSXX7006
Kilmaegok KSXX8701
Kilmajae KSXX3987
Kilman KSXX7007
Kilsan-ni KSXX3988
Kilsang-am KSXX8702
Kimaeul KSXX3989
Kimgaek-tong KSXX8704
Kimhae KSXX0217
Kimhung KSXX7476
Kimjang-gol KSXX1252
Kimje KSXX0218
Kimje KSXX3990
Kimnyong KSXX8705
Kimpo-ri KSXX8706
Kimsal-li KSXX1253
Kimsan KSXX7008
Kimyang KSXX8707
Kin-gol KSXX3991
Kinda-ri KSXX1254
Kindung KSXX8708
Kinki-ri KSXX1255
Kinmorae KSXX1256
Kinzan KSXX0219
Kipun-gol KSXX1258
Kipun-gol KSXX3993
Kipundangi KSXX7009
Kipunsil KSXX3994
Kirhyol-li KSXX1260
Kiro KSXX3995
Kirokchae KSXX3996
Kirumjae KSXX3997
Kisa KSXX3998
Kise-ri KSXX7477
Kisigi KSXX8712
Kisimi KSXX3999
Kiso-gol KSXX1262
Kisong-dong KSXX7010
Kiul-li KSXX4000
Kiwanae KSXX4001
Kiyong KSXX7688
Kkakkun-mal KSXX4002
Kkamagwijae KSXX8715
Kkokko-ri KSXX4004
Kkoktubae KSXX7011
Kkonnaengi KSXX1265
Kkoppak-kol KSXX4005
Kkoppak-kol KSXX1266
Kkoppawi KSXX4006
Kkoppawi KSXX7012
Kkotchi KSXX4008
Kkukkarak KSXX4009
Kkwong-mal KSXX4010
Koam KSXX8717
Koam KSXX7689
Koam-dong KSXX1267
Kobi-dong KSXX8718
Kobi-gol KSXX4012
Kobit KSXX4013
Kobong-ni KSXX7478
Kobong-ni KSXX4014
Kobuk-kol KSXX4015
Kobun KSXX4016
Kobunda-ri KSXX4017
Kobungmi KSXX4018
Kobusil KSXX4019
Kobyon KSXX4020
Koda-gol KSXX8722
Kodae KSXX8723
Kodae KSXX4026
Kodae-gol KSXX1271
Kodam-ni KSXX4027
Kodang KSXX8724
Kodang-ni KSXX1272
Kodo KSXX4028
Kodo-ri KSXX7013
Kodobangji KSXX8725
Kodok KSXX4029
Kodowon KSXX4030
Kodun-gol KSXX4031
Koe-gol KSXX1273
Koebyon-mal KSXX4032
Koedong-ni KSXX1274
Koegok KSXX8726
Koegok-tong KSXX7014
Koehang KSXX8727
Koehwa KSXX8728
Koejae KSXX1275
Koejong KSXX1276
Koejong KSXX8729
Koejong-dong KSXX0418
Koemong-ni KSXX1277
Koemong-ni KSXX4033
Koenam KSXX4034
Koendol KSXX4035
Koesan KSXX8730
Koesan KSXX0221
Koeumjong KSXX8731
Koeyol KSXX4036
Kogae-dong KSXX4037
Kogaejong KSXX4038
Kogal KSXX4039
Kogan KSXX8732
Kogi KSXX8733
Kogok KSXX8734
Kogong-ni KSXX8735
Kogu-ri KSXX1278
Kogullyang-gol KSXX4040
Kohae KSXX4041
Kohagi KSXX4042
Koho-ri KSXX8736
Kohum KSXX1279
Kohung KSXX0222
Kohyol-li KSXX8737
Kohyon KSXX1280
Koil KSXX4043
Koindol KSXX8738
Koindol KSXX4044
Kojae KSXX4045
Kojae-dong KSXX4046
Kojam KSXX4047
Kojan KSXX4048
Kojang-gol KSXX8739
Kojangsu KSXX1281
Koje KSXX8740
Koji-gol KSXX4049
Koji-gol KSXX1282
Kojinae KSXX4050
Kojini KSXX1283
Kojo-do KSXX8741
Kojong KSXX4051
Kojong KSXX8742
Kojugae KSXX4052
Kojungdae KSXX0197
Kojwa KSXX4053
Kokcha-dong KSXX8743
Kokhae KSXX8744
Kol-gol KSXX1284
Kol-li KSXX8745
Kol-mal KSXX4055
Kol-mal KSXX1285
Kol-maul KSXX8746
Kolburak KSXX8747
Kolga KSXX1286
Kolgae KSXX8748
Kolgokpang KSXX8749
Kollami KSXX1287
Kollami KSXX7016
Kolma KSXX8750
Kolmagum-gol KSXX1288
Kolmal KSXX4056
Kolmoe KSXX4057
Kolsagosi KSXX4058
Koltam KSXX8751
Kolttum KSXX4059
Kom-dong KSXX4060
Kom-mal KSXX1291
Koma KSXX8752
Koma-ri KSXX1292
Komam-ni KSXX8753
Komang KSXX8754
Komani KSXX1294
Kombawi KSXX7017
Kombawi KSXX1295
Kombawi KSXX4061
Komdan KSXX8755
Komdan KSXX4063
Komdan-dong KSXX7480
Komdani KSXX1296
Komhal-li KSXX4064
Komjinae KSXX4065
Komjol KSXX1297
Komjong KSXX8756
Komnae KSXX4066
Komo KSXX7481
Komo-dong KSXX1298
Komok-kol KSXX1299
Komokchong KSXX4067
Komokpawi KSXX4068
Komsan-gol KSXX4069
Komsang-dong KSXX4070
Komsil KSXX8758
Komsil KSXX4071
Komugi KSXX4072
Komun KSXX4073
Komun-gol KSXX1301
Komunae KSXX4074
Komunbawi KSXX4075
Komundang KSXX8759
Komundul KSXX7018
Komundul KSXX4076
Komunjom KSXX4077
Komusil KSXX4078
Komusil KSXX1302
Konae KSXX8761
Konae-gol KSXX7019
Konae-ri KSXX4079
Konam KSXX4080
Konam-ni KSXX4081
Kondae-gol KSXX4083
Kondong-ni KSXX1303
Kong-mal KSXX1304
Kong-mal KSXX7020
Kongam KSXX1305
Kongam-ni KSXX7021
Kongap KSXX4084
Kongbae-dong KSXX8763
Kongbung-ni KSXX1306
Kongdok KSXX4085
Konggok KSXX8764
Konggokchae KSXX1307
Konghae KSXX0419
Kongjae KSXX1308
Kongjang KSXX8765
Kongjang-dong KSXX4086
Kongjon KSXX8766
Kongju KSXX0223
Kongju-mal KSXX7022
Kongnim KSXX4087
Kongnyang KSXX8767
Kongsa KSXX4089
Kongsae KSXX4090
Kongsu KSXX0420
Kongsu KSXX4091
Kongsu-dong KSXX4092
Kongsu-dong KSXX1309
Kongsu-gol KSXX1310
Kongsu-gol KSXX4093
Kongsuwon KSXX4094
Konji KSXX4095
Konji KSXX1312
Konji-mal KSXX4096
Konjibawi KSXX1313
Konjisil KSXX4097
Konjiul KSXX4098
Konjong KSXX4099
Konjongi KSXX4100
Konno-gol KSXX4101
Konno-mal KSXX4102
Konno-mal KSXX1314
Konno-mal KSXX8769
Konnong-gol KSXX4103
Konnosong-dong KSXX4104
Konnottum KSXX4105
Konyang KSXX8771
Konyu-dong KSXX4107
Kopcha-gol KSXX8773
Koptolgae KSXX4109
Kopturumgae KSXX8774
Koptusil KSXX4110
Kora-ri KSXX4111
Koraemi KSXX1315
Koraettul KSXX7023
Korak KSXX8775
Koran KSXX1316
Koran KSXX8776
Kori-dong KSXX0421
Kori-gol KSXX1317
Korigogae KSXX1318
Korim KSXX1319
Korim KSXX8777
Korimi KSXX1320
Korokpang KSXX8778
Korumul KSXX4113
Koryang-gol KSXX4114
Korye-ri KSXX8779
Koryong KSXX4115
Koryong KSXX8780
Koryu-dong KSXX4116
Kosa-dong KSXX8781
Kosa-ri KSXX4117
Kosaeul KSXX4118
Kosam-ni KSXX8783
Kosan KSXX4119
Kosan KSXX8784
Kosan-dong KSXX1321
Kosan-gol KSXX4121
Kosandae KSXX1322
Kosang KSXX4122
Kosanimhwa KSXX4123
Kosanumji KSXX8785
Kosanyangji KSXX8786
Kosari-gol KSXX1324
Kosawon KSXX4124
Kosil KSXX8787
Kosim-gol KSXX8788
Kosin KSXX8789
Kosong KSXX1325
Kosong KSXX4126
Kosong KSXX8790
Kosong KSXX0224
Kosong-ni KSXX4127
Kosu-gol KSXX1326
Kosun KSXX8791
Kotchang KSXX4130
Kotta-ri KSXX1327
Koul-li KSXX1328
Kounji KSXX8792
Kowon KSXX8793
Koyagok KSXX4131
Koyang-dong KSXX4132
Koyang-gol KSXX4133
Koyangnamu-gol KSXX1330
Koyo KSXX4134
Koyomnamu-gol KSXX4135
Koyon KSXX8794
Ku-dong KSXX8796
Ku-ri KSXX8797
Kua KSXX8798
Kual-li KSXX1331
Kuam KSXX8799
Kuam KSXX4136
Kuam KSXX7691
Kuam-dong KSXX7024
Kuam-ni KSXX4137
Kuam-ni KSXX1332
Kubaegi KSXX1333
Kubang-ni KSXX1334
Kubbaemi KSXX8800
Kubi KSXX1335
Kubijae KSXX1336
Kubok KSXX8801
Kubok KSXX4138
Kubuong-gol KSXX4139
Kudan-ni KSXX1339
Kudi KSXX4141
Kudo KSXX4142
Kudo-dong KSXX4143
Kudok KSXX0422
Kudokchae KSXX1340
Kudultul KSXX4144
Kugae-mal KSXX7025
Kugang-ni KSXX1341
Kugir-am KSXX8805
Kugok-tong KSXX7482
Kugolli-gol KSXX1342
Kugoun KSXX7026
Kuguji KSXX4145
Kugye KSXX7483
Kugye-ri KSXX1343
Kugye-ri KSXX8806
Kugyo KSXX4146
Kugyo-dong KSXX1344
Kugyo-ri KSXX4147
Kuhaemi KSXX4148
Kuho KSXX8807
Kuhwa-dong KSXX4149
Kuhyol-li KSXX8808
Kujae KSXX4150
Kujang-dong KSXX8809
Kujanggul KSXX4151
Kuji KSXX7484
Kujin KSXX4153
Kujip KSXX8811
Kujom KSXX1346
Kujong KSXX4154
Kujong-dong KSXX4155
Kujong-ni KSXX4156
Kujora-ri KSXX8812
Kujuk KSXX7027
Kujuk-tong KSXX7028
Kujung-gol KSXX4157
Kuk-tong KSXX4158
Kukhwa-dong KSXX1348
Kukhwasil KSXX1349
Kukkong-ni KSXX7029
Kukkye KSXX8813
Kuksal KSXX7485
Kuksaraengi KSXX4159
Kuksil KSXX1350
Kuksong-dong KSXX8815
Kuksu-gol KSXX4160
Kuktong KSXX8816
Kulbakkumi KSXX8817
Kulbang KSXX8818
Kulbawi KSXX1351
Kulbawi KSXX8819
Kulbawi KSXX7030
Kulgok KSXX8820
Kullae KSXX4163
Kulmi KSXX4164
Kulmo-ri KSXX8822
Kulmok KSXX4165
Kulmoru KSXX4166
Kultogi KSXX4167
Kum-dong KSXX4168
Kum-dong KSXX1353
Kum-dong KSXX7486
Kuma-ri KSXX1354
Kumae KSXX4169
Kumal-li KSXX4170
Kumal-li KSXX1355
Kumal-li KSXX7693
Kumam-dong KSXX7031
Kumam-ni KSXX4171
Kuman KSXX8823
Kuman KSXX4172
Kuman-dong KSXX1356
Kumani KSXX7032
Kumani KSXX4173
Kumanni KSXX4174
Kumasan KSXX8824
Kumbae KSXX4175
Kumbal-li KSXX8825
Kumbanhyong KSXX4176
Kumbawi KSXX4177
Kumbo KSXX1357
Kumbong-gol KSXX4178
Kumbong-ni KSXX4179
Kumbu KSXX7694
Kumbyong KSXX1358
Kumdal-gol KSXX1360
Kumdal-li KSXX8829
Kumdan-dong KSXX7695
Kumdang KSXX1361
Kumdang-gol KSXX4180
Kumdang-ni KSXX4181
Kumdong-gol KSXX4182
Kumdong-ni KSXX7696
Kumgang KSXX7487
Kumgang KSXX4183
Kumgangsaettam KSXX8830
Kumgo-dong KSXX7035
Kumgo-ri KSXX1362
Kumgok KSXX8831
Kumgok KSXX4184
Kumgok KSXX7697
Kumgok-tong KSXX8832
Kumgong-ni KSXX4185
Kumgong-ni KSXX1363
Kumgul KSXX4186
Kumgul-li KSXX1364
Kumgwal-li KSXX1365
Kumgwang KSXX8833
Kumgye KSXX1366
Kumgye-dong KSXX8834
Kumgye-dong KSXX4187
Kumgye-ri KSXX1367
Kumhang-ni KSXX4188
Kumho KSXX8835
Kumho-dong KSXX8836
Kumho-ri KSXX1368
Kumhung-dong KSXX4189
Kumhung-ni KSXX7488
Kumi KSXX0225
Kumi KSXX1369
Kumi-dong KSXX8837
Kumi-gol KSXX4191
Kumi-ri KSXX1370
Kumisil KSXX8838
Kumja-dong KSXX4192
Kumjam KSXX1371
Kumji-gol KSXX4193
Kumji-ri KSXX4194
Kumjin-ni KSXX8839
Kumjom KSXX1372
Kumjon KSXX8840
Kumma-dong KSXX1373
Kummajae KSXX4195
Kumol KSXX8841
Kumong-gol KSXX4196
Kumsa KSXX4197
Kumsa-dong KSXX0423
Kumsa-dong KSXX8845
Kumsa-ri KSXX4198
Kumsan KSXX8846
Kumsan KSXX4199
Kumsil KSXX1374
Kumsil KSXX8847
Kumsin KSXX4200
Kumso KSXX8848
Kumsong KSXX8849
Kumsong KSXX7036
Kumsong KSXX7698
Kumsong KSXX4201
Kumsong-dong KSXX4202
Kumsong-gol KSXX4203
Kumttwi KSXX4204
Kumujol KSXX4205
Kumulmok KSXX4206
Kumum-ni KSXX8850
Kumwang KSXX1375
Kumwol-li KSXX1376
Kunal-li KSXX4209
Kunam KSXX8854
Kunbuk KSXX4211
Kunbuk KSXX8855
Kung-dong KSXX7037
Kung-dong KSXX8856
Kung-gol KSXX1380
Kung-gol KSXX4213
Kung-mal KSXX4214
Kung-ni KSXX4215
Kunganan KSXX4216
Kungbat KSXX4217
Kunggat KSXX4218
Kunggu-gol KSXX4219
Kunggunjong KSXX8857
Kunghang KSXX8858
Kungjon KSXX4220
Kungma-gol KSXX4221
Kungnong KSXX8859
Kungnongso KSXX8860
Kungttul KSXX1383
Kungttul KSXX4225
Kungwon-ni KSXX4226
Kunho-ri KSXX8861
Kunhung KSXX4227
Kuni-gol KSXX1384
Kunip KSXX4228
Kunja-dong KSXX4229
Kunjage KSXX8862
Kunjang-dong KSXX4230
Kunjin KSXX8863
Kunjol-li KSXX1385
Kunjon KSXX4231
Kunjong KSXX1386
Kunma KSXX8864
Kunmuru KSXX4232
Kunnae KSXX4233
Kunsa-ri KSXX4234
Kunsan KSXX0046
Kunso KSXX1387
Kunwi KSXX0227
Kuoktul KSXX7038
Kuomok KSXX8865
Kuonan KSXX4235
Kuong-mal KSXX4236
Kuong-mal KSXX7039
Kupta-ri KSXX8869
Kura KSXX7489
Kurae KSXX4238
Kurai KSXX1388
Kuram KSXX1389
Kurang KSXX8870
Kure-gol KSXX1390
Kuregul KSXX4239
Kuresil KSXX4240
Kurhang KSXX4241
Kurhyol KSXX4242
Kuri-dong KSXX8871
Kuribawi KSXX4243
Kurinae KSXX4244
Kuro KSXX4245
Kuroji KSXX4246
Kurongbaengi KSXX4247
Kurongdaengi KSXX4248
Kurongsil KSXX4249
Kurosimi KSXX1391
Kurumi KSXX4250
Kurummul KSXX4251
Kurumsaem KSXX1392
Kurusil KSXX1394
Kuryang KSXX4252
Kurye KSXX4253
Kurye KSXX7490
Kurye KSXX0228
Kurye-dong KSXX8873
Kurye-gol KSXX1395
Kurye-ri KSXX4254
Kuryegi KSXX4255
Kuryesil KSXX7040
Kuryesil KSXX4256
Kuryong KSXX7041
Kuryong KSXX1396
Kuryong KSXX4257
Kuryong-dong KSXX8874
Kuryong-gol KSXX4258
Kuryong-mal KSXX4259
Kuryul KSXX4260
Kusa KSXX8875
Kusa-dong KSXX8876
Kusa-ri KSXX1398
Kusan KSXX4261
Kusan KSXX8877
Kusan-ni KSXX4262
Kusang-ni KSXX4263
Kusapta-ri KSXX4264
Kusi-gol KSXX8878
Kusin KSXX4266
Kusinae KSXX4267
Kuso KSXX7699
Kuso KSXX8879
Kuso-dong KSXX0425
Kusong KSXX4268
Kusong-dong KSXX7042
Kusong-mal KSXX4269
Kusong-maul KSXX8882
Kusoyang KSXX8883
Kussangsan KSXX7491
Kusu KSXX8884
Kusu-dong KSXX4270
Kusu-gol KSXX4271
Kusu-gol KSXX1399
Kusu-ri KSXX4272
Kusuae KSXX1400
Kusul KSXX4273
Kuul KSXX4274
Kuwol KSXX8885
Kuwolsan KSXX8886
Kuwon-dong KSXX8887
Kuya KSXX4275
Kuyang-ni KSXX8888
Kuyangdo KSXX4276
Kuyok KSXX4277
Kuyol-li KSXX1402
Kuyon KSXX8889
Kuyonhwa KSXX8890
Kwaeam-dong KSXX8891
Kwaean KSXX8892
Kwaebop KSXX0426
Kwajong-ni KSXX8893
Kwakhae KSXX7043
Kwal-li KSXX4278
Kwallyul KSXX8895
Kwamok KSXX4279
Kwamok-tong KSXX4280
Kwan-dong KSXX7700
Kwan-dong KSXX1405
Kwan-dong KSXX8898
Kwan-dong KSXX4282
Kwan-gol KSXX8899
Kwan-gol KSXX1406
Kwan-gol KSXX4283
Kwan-ni KSXX1407
Kwanam KSXX8900
Kwanbyon KSXX8901
Kwandae-ri KSXX4285
Kwandang-ni KSXX4286
Kwandu KSXX7701
Kwang-dong KSXX1410
Kwang-ni KSXX8902
Kwangam KSXX4287
Kwangam KSXX8903
Kwangam KSXX1411
Kwangam-ni KSXX4288
Kwangan-dong KSXX0427
Kwangbok KSXX4289
Kwangdae-gol KSXX4291
Kwangdaejong KSXX4292
Kwangdaeul KSXX4293
Kwangdong-ni KSXX4294
Kwanggok KSXX4295
Kwanggye KSXX8906
Kwanghyewol-li KSXX1413
Kwangje KSXX4296
Kwangjin KSXX4297
Kwangjong KSXX8907
Kwangjong-ni KSXX8908
Kwangju KSXX4298
Kwangju KSXX0014
Kwangmun KSXX1414
Kwangmyong KSXX0230
Kwangmyong-dong KSXX4299
Kwangmyongi KSXX4300
Kwangsan KSXX8910
Kwangsan KSXX1416
Kwangsanburak KSXX8912
Kwangsi KSXX4302
Kwangsok KSXX1418
Kwangsong KSXX8914
Kwangsong-myon KSXX4303
Kwangsu KSXX7044
Kwangtan KSXX1419
Kwangui-ri KSXX1420
Kwangyang KSXX0231
Kwanhojae KSXX8915
Kwanil KSXX8916
Kwanja KSXX1421
Kwanja KSXX8917
Kwanjo-dong KSXX7045
Kwanjong-ni KSXX1422
Kwansa KSXX4305
Kwansong KSXX8920
Kwansu KSXX8921
Kwanum-dong KSXX8922
Kwanyu KSXX8923
Kwarye KSXX7047
Kwayak KSXX4307
Kwi-dong KSXX8924
Kwi-gol KSXX4308
Kwi-gol KSXX1424
Kwibawi KSXX8925
Kwigok KSXX8926
Kwihwa KSXX1425
Kwik-kol KSXX4309
Kwiman KSXX1426
Kwimissan KSXX4310
Kwimok KSXX4311
Kwin-mal KSXX1427
Kwirae-gol KSXX1428
Kwisan KSXX8927
Kwisil KSXX4312
Kwonbinumji KSXX8928
Kwonbinyangji KSXX8929
Kwonjaebol KSXX4313
Kye-dong KSXX8931
Kye-dong KSXX4314
Kyebong KSXX4315
Kyedong-ni KSXX4316
Kyegok-tong KSXX8933
Kyegyo KSXX8934
Kyeha KSXX1429
Kyehang KSXX8935
Kyehyol-li KSXX8936
Kyejil-li KSXX4317
Kyemak KSXX1430
Kyemyong KSXX4318
Kyemyong-gol KSXX4319
Kyenang-ni KSXX8937
Kyerim KSXX8939
Kyerim-dong KSXX7704
Kyeryong KSXX8940
Kyeryong-ni KSXX1431
Kyeryongdaengi KSXX4320
Kyesal-li KSXX1432
Kyesannamgye KSXX8941
Kyesong-dong KSXX8942
Kyeyang-mal KSXX4321
Kyeyang-ni KSXX8943
Kyeyangi KSXX7048
Kyo-dong KSXX1434
Kyo-dong KSXX7050
Kyo-dong KSXX7705
Kyo-dong KSXX4323
Kyo-dong KSXX8945
Kyo-ri KSXX1435
Kyobung-ni KSXX8946
Kyodong-ni KSXX8947
Kyohang KSXX8948
Kyollyu-ri KSXX8949
Kyolmae KSXX1437
Kyolsong KSXX4325
Kyongsan KSXX8951
Kyongsang-ni KSXX1439
Kyonju KSXX0232
Kyosai KSXX0233
Kyosal-li KSXX8952
Kyosong-ni KSXX4326
Kyowon-ni KSXX4327
Kyuam KSXX4328
Kyuam-ni KSXX4329
Ma-dong KSXX8953
Ma-dong KSXX4330
Ma-ri KSXX4331
Ma-ri KSXX8954
Maam KSXX8955
Maam KSXX1442
Maam KSXX4332
Maam-ni KSXX1443
Mabang KSXX4333
Macha-ri KSXX0234
Madae KSXX4335
Madangjae KSXX1444
Madangmal-li KSXX8957
Madasil KSXX4336
Mado KSXX1445
Mado-dong KSXX8958
Madu-ri KSXX8959
Madul KSXX7052
Madung KSXX8960
Maduyangji KSXX8961
Mae-gol KSXX1447
Mae-ri KSXX8963
Maeap-kol KSXX4337
Maebagu KSXX8964
Maebang-ni KSXX4338
Maebawi KSXX4339
Maedang KSXX4340
Maegak KSXX8965
Maegimi KSXX4341
Maegok KSXX8966
Maegok KSXX4342
Maegok KSXX0428
Maegong-ni KSXX4343
Maehak-tong KSXX8967
Maeho-dong KSXX8968
Maehwa-dong KSXX7706
Maehwa-gol KSXX8969
Maehwa-ri KSXX1449
Maehwajong KSXX8970
Maehyang-ni KSXX4344
Maehyon KSXX4345
Maei-ri KSXX8971
Maejon KSXX8972
Maejong KSXX8973
Maejung-ni KSXX8974
Maek-kol KSXX8975
Maekchong KSXX8976
Maenaem-dong KSXX1450
Maenaemi KSXX1451
Maenam KSXX1452
Maenam-ni KSXX4346
Maenari KSXX8978
Maeng-dong KSXX8979
Maeng-gol KSXX4347
Maensani KSXX4348
Maerak-tong KSXX8981
Maeryong KSXX4350
Maeryong-gol KSXX4351
Maesan KSXX8982
Maesan KSXX7053
Maesil KSXX8983
Maesu-ri KSXX8984
Maettam KSXX8986
Maewol KSXX8987
Maeyo KSXX7494
Magok KSXX8988
Magoksa KSXX4353
Magosil KSXX1454
Magu-ri KSXX1455
Magulmosi KSXX4354
Magun KSXX8990
Magun-dong KSXX4356
Magun-gol KSXX4357
Magundaemi KSXX4358
Magundam KSXX1456
Magung-gol KSXX4359
Mahang KSXX8991
Mahul KSXX1457
Mahyangso KSXX4361
Mahyon-dong KSXX8992
Majae KSXX4362
Majang KSXX8993
Majang KSXX1458
Majang KSXX4363
Majang-dong KSXX8994
Majang-gol KSXX1459
Majang-ni KSXX8995
Majanggae KSXX8996
Majin KSXX8997
Majo KSXX8998
Majol-li KSXX4364
Majon KSXX8999
Majon-dong KSXX1460
Majong KSXX9000
Majong KSXX4366
Majong-ni KSXX4367
Majonsa KSXX1461
Majung-ni KSXX4368
Mak-kol KSXX9001
Mak-kol KSXX4369
Mak-kol KSXX7054
Mak-kol KSXX1462
Mak-tong KSXX4370
Makchi-ri KSXX1463
Makhurugi KSXX1464
Makhyol-li KSXX4371
Makki KSXX9002
Makkol KSXX4372
Makkolchak KSXX9003
Makkong-ni KSXX9004
Makpu-ri KSXX4373
Maksil KSXX4374
Maktong-gol KSXX4375
Mal-gol KSXX4376
Malgaemi KSXX1465
Malgo-ri KSXX4377
Malgum KSXX1466
Malgye-ri KSXX1467
Malhul-li KSXX9006
Malkkoji KSXX1468
Mallak KSXX1469
Mallim KSXX9007
Malma-ri KSXX1470
Malmagotchi KSXX4379
Malmi KSXX4380
Malmi KSXX7055
Malmo-ri KSXX4381
Malmoe KSXX7495
Malmok KSXX4382
Malmudom KSXX4383
Malttum KSXX1472
Maltungbawi KSXX1473
Mammaru KSXX1474
Mamuk-kol KSXX1475
Manak-kol KSXX4385
Manalmi KSXX1478
Mandae KSXX4386
Mandam-ri KSXX1479
Mando-ri KSXX1480
Mandok KSXX4387
Mandok-tong KSXX0429
Mang-gol KSXX4389
Mangdok KSXX4390
Manggok KSXX9010
Manggok-tong KSXX9011
Manggol KSXX9012
Manggong-ni KSXX9013
Manghae KSXX4391
Mangjae-ri KSXX9014
Mangjong KSXX4392
Mangjuk-kol KSXX4393
Mangmi-dong KSXX0430
Mangnim-ni KSXX9015
Mangsan KSXX4394
Mangwol KSXX7707
Mangwol KSXX1481
Mangwol KSXX9016
Mangyang KSXX9017
Mangyong KSXX4395
Manha KSXX9018
Manhak KSXX1482
Manhak-kol KSXX4396
Manho KSXX7708
Manhwa-ri KSXX0431
Manhyang-gol KSXX4397
Manja-gol KSXX4398
Manji KSXX9019
Manji-dong KSXX4399
Manjom KSXX9020
Manjon-dong KSXX4400
Manmaru KSXX1483
Manmarum KSXX4401
Manmyong KSXX1484
Mannyon-dong KSXX4402
Mannyon-dong KSXX7056
Mano KSXX9021
Mansang KSXX9022
Mansok-tong KSXX4403
Mansokkul KSXX4404
Mansu KSXX7497
Mantae-dong KSXX1485
Manyang KSXX4406
Maoe KSXX4407
Maogu KSXX4408
Mappawi KSXX4409
Mara-gol KSXX1489
Maran KSXX4410
Marang-gol KSXX1490
Mareutaek KSXX1491
Marigae KSXX9024
Maroimgok KSXX1492
Maru-ri KSXX4411
Marudul KSXX7057
Maruji KSXX4412
Maruk KSXX7709
Marum-gol KSXX7058
Marum-ni KSXX9025
Maruttul KSXX4413
Maryang-ni KSXX4414
Masa KSXX1493
Masa KSXX4415
Masae KSXX4416
Masal-li KSXX1494
Masan KSXX4417
Masan KSXX1495
Masan KSXX0048
Masan KSXX7710
Masan-dong KSXX9027
Masang-gol KSXX4418
Masang-ni KSXX9029
Masanjong KSXX9030
Masil KSXX1496
Masilmi KSXX1497
Masu-dong KSXX9032
Matchong KSXX9033
Matenri KSXX9034
Maum-dong KSXX4421
Mayang-ni KSXX4422
Medogi KSXX4423
Megi KSXX4424
Mejae KSXX4425
Meji-gol KSXX4426
Meokbaengi KSXX1498
Meteo KSXX1499
Mi-dong KSXX9035
Miam KSXX4427
Midae KSXX7498
Midang-ni KSXX1501
Midong-gol KSXX4428
Migae KSXX4429
Migidul KSXX9037
Migok KSXX9038
Migu KSXX9039
Migye-dong KSXX9040
Mihaksil KSXX4430
Miho-dong KSXX7059
Mihyon-dong KSXX1502
Mijo-ri KSXX9041
Mijol-li KSXX9042
Mijora KSXX9043
Mijorangi KSXX1503
Mil-gol KSXX1504
Millak-tong KSXX0432
Milmaru KSXX4431
Milmo-ri KSXX4432
Milmok-kol KSXX1505
Milmu KSXX4433
Minae-ri KSXX1506
Minam-ni KSXX9044
Minami KSXX9045
Minarae KSXX4436
Minbengi KSXX1507
Mindugi KSXX1508
Minjim KSXX9046
Minmaru KSXX4437
Mino KSXX1509
Minodo KSXX4438
Minyang KSXX9047
Mioji KSXX9048
Miosil KSXX4439
Miraen-mal KSXX4440
Miragok KSXX1511
Mirak KSXX9050
Mirak-kol KSXX1512
Mirimi KSXX7060
Mirisaem-dong KSXX7499
Miru-ri KSXX4441
Miruk-ni KSXX1513
Miruk-tong KSXX4442
Miruktang KSXX4443
Miruktangi KSXX1514
Miryang KSXX0016
Miryoksan KSXX4444
Miryong KSXX9052
Misan KSXX1515
Misan KSXX9053
Misang-ni KSXX4445
Misil KSXX1516
Misil KSXX4446
Misil KSXX9054
Misu-dong KSXX9055
Misui-dong KSXX9056
Misuil-tong KSXX9057
Mitan KSXX0237
Miyang-ni KSXX4447
Mo-dong KSXX1517
Mo-ri KSXX4449
Moan KSXX9058
Modan KSXX1520
Modan KSXX9059
Modan KSXX7500
Modan KSXX4451
Modan-gol KSXX4452
Modigi KSXX9060
Modong-ni KSXX9061
Modowon KSXX1521
Modulttam KSXX9062
Modumnae KSXX4454
Moe-dong KSXX9063
Moe-gol KSXX4455
Moejon KSXX7061
Mogaeul KSXX4456
Mogaewol KSXX1522
Mogajong KSXX1523
Mogaul KSXX4457
Mogidae KSXX4458
Mogok KSXX9064
Mogpo KSXX0238
Mogujol KSXX4459
Mogunemi KSXX4460
Mogunomi KSXX1524
Mogurum KSXX4461
Mogwaul KSXX4462
Mogyok-kol KSXX9065
Mohan-ni KSXX4463
Mohang-ni KSXX4464
Moil-li KSXX4465
Moja-gol KSXX4466
Mojeom-ri KSXX1525
Mojeongmal KSXX1526
Moji KSXX9066
Moji-ri KSXX4467
Mojinae KSXX1527
Mojol-li KSXX9067
Mojol-li KSXX4468
Mojon KSXX9068
Mojong KSXX1528
Mojong KSXX9069
Mojong KSXX4469
Mok-kol KSXX7501
Mok-kol KSXX1530
Mok-kol KSXX4470
Mok-tong KSXX4471
Mok-tong KSXX7062
Mok-tong KSXX9071
Mokchaeul KSXX4473
Mokchang-gol KSXX4474
Mokchi KSXX9072
Mokchokkul KSXX4475
Mokchol KSXX1531
Mokhaeng-dong KSXX1532
Mokhwa KSXX9073
Mokhwasil KSXX1533
Mokhyol-li KSXX9074
Mokkae KSXX4476
Mokkamsi KSXX4477
Mokkogae KSXX1534
Mokkogae KSXX4478
Mokkonamnun-gol KSXX4479
Mokkoran KSXX9075
Mokkul KSXX4480
Mokpa-ri KSXX4481
Mokpaengi KSXX4482
Mokpangi KSXX4483
Mokpot KSXX4484
Moksang-dong KSXX7063
Moksi KSXX4485
Moksil KSXX9076
Mokso-ri KSXX4486
Moksoe KSXX1537
Moksom KSXX9077
Moksu KSXX1538
Moksurigi KSXX4487
Moktal-li KSXX7502
Moktan KSXX9078
Mol-gol KSXX1539
Molgoji KSXX1540
Momi KSXX1541
Mondurae KSXX1542
Mong-mal KSXX4488
Mongae KSXX9079
Mongaesil KSXX9080
Mongat KSXX1543
Mongdae KSXX4489
Mongdok KSXX4490
Monggo KSXX9081
Mongmi-ri KSXX1544
Mongnaemi KSXX4491
Mongsonggul KSXX4493
Monma KSXX9082
Monnae KSXX1545
Monusil KSXX1546
Moppat KSXX1547
Moppo KSXX0240
Mora KSXX0434
Mora-ri KSXX0435
Morae KSXX9083
Morae KSXX4495
Morae-ri KSXX4496
Moraejae KSXX7064
Moraengi KSXX4497
Moraengi KSXX7065
Moraesil KSXX9086
Moran KSXX7503
Morengi KSXX4498
Morisil KSXX9087
Moriul KSXX4500
Moro-dong KSXX9088
Morosil KSXX9089
Morye KSXX1548
Morye KSXX9090
Mosa KSXX9091
Mosae-gol KSXX4501
Mosal-li KSXX9092
Mosan KSXX4502
Mosan-ni KSXX4503
Mosando KSXX4504
Mosang KSXX9093
Mosantchukpu-ri KSXX4505
Mosigogae KSXX4506
Mosil KSXX4507
Mosin KSXX9095
Mosiran KSXX4508
Mosiul KSXX4509
Mosumul KSXX4510
Mottuni KSXX1551
Moyak-kol KSXX1552
Muam-gol KSXX1553
Muan KSXX0243
Mubong KSXX4511
Mudigi KSXX4512
Mudo-ri KSXX7066
Mudommaru KSXX7067
Mudomsil KSXX9097
Mudomsil KSXX1554
Mudongi-mal KSXX4513
Mudu KSXX4514
Mudu-ri KSXX4515
Mudu-ri KSXX1555
Muga KSXX1557
Mugho KSXX0244
Mugok KSXX9098
Mugon-ni KSXX9099
Mugunjom KSXX1558
Mugunnoni KSXX4516
Mugunwon KSXX4517
Mugwanamu-gol KSXX4518
Mugye KSXX9100
Muha KSXX9101
Muhoe KSXX1559
Mujae KSXX4519
Mujo-gol KSXX1560
Mujon-dong KSXX9102
Mujong KSXX4520
Muju KSXX0245
Mujung-gol KSXX7068
Mujung-gol KSXX1561
Muk-kol KSXX1562
Mukchong KSXX1563
Mukchong-ni KSXX1564
Mukhyol-li KSXX4522
Mukhyon-dong KSXX4523
Mukkul KSXX4524
Mukkye KSXX4525
Mukpang KSXX9104
Mukpang KSXX4526
Mukpang-dong KSXX1565
Mukpang-ni KSXX9105
Mukpang-ni KSXX4527
Muksal-li KSXX4528
Muksong KSXX4529
Mulbanga KSXX4530
Mulchung KSXX4531
Mulgae KSXX9106
Mulgan-mal KSXX1566
Mulgonno KSXX7069
Mulgum KSXX9107
Mullim-ni KSXX9108
Mullomok KSXX4532
Mulsang KSXX4534
Munae KSXX4539
Munam KSXX9110
Munam KSXX1567
Munam KSXX4540
Munam-dong KSXX9111
Munam-ni KSXX1568
Munbak-kol KSXX1569
Munbang-ni KSXX1570
Munbangi KSXX4541
Munbawi KSXX1571
Mundae KSXX9112
Mundang-ni KSXX1572
Mundong-ni KSXX9113
Mundong-ni KSXX4542
Mundong-ni KSXX1573
Munemi KSXX4543
Mungyeong KSXX0246
Munhwa-dong KSXX7712
Munhwa-dong KSXX7071
Munhwai-dong KSXX7072
Munhwail-tong KSXX7073
Munhyon KSXX9114
Munjak-kol KSXX4545
Munji KSXX1574
Munji-dong KSXX7074
Munjong KSXX1575
Munjong-dong KSXX9115
Munjong-ni KSXX1576
Munjong-ni KSXX9116
Munju-dong KSXX7075
Munjung-ni KSXX0436
Munmi KSXX4546
Munomi KSXX1577
Munsal-li KSXX1578
Munsan KSXX7713
Munsan KSXX0247
Munsan KSXX9118
Munsan KSXX4548
Munsang KSXX4549
Munsong KSXX4550
Munsong-dong KSXX4551
Munsong-ni KSXX4552
Munsung-ri KSXX1579
Munui-ri KSXX9119
Munyang-ni KSXX4553
Muraeul KSXX1580
Mural-li KSXX7076
Muran KSXX9120
Muranggul KSXX4554
Murani KSXX4555
Murim-ni KSXX9121
Murunae KSXX4556
Murung KSXX9122
Murusil KSXX4557
Murwang-gol KSXX4558
Muryang-gol KSXX4559
Muryang-ni KSXX9123
Muryodae KSXX1582
Musan KSXX7504
Musan-dong KSXX4560
Musang KSXX9124
Musidom KSXX9125
Musoejom KSXX1583
Musok KSXX4561
Musol KSXX9126
Musu KSXX4562
Musu-dong KSXX1584
Musu-ri KSXX4563
Musujong KSXX4564
Musul KSXX1585
Musulpo KSXX0241
Mutteo KSXX1586
Muttu KSXX1587
Muwol KSXX9127
Muyol-li KSXX9128
Muyon KSXX9129
Myo-dong KSXX1588
Myo-dong KSXX9130
Myo-gol KSXX7077
Myo-gol KSXX1589
Myo-mal KSXX4567
Myoam-ni KSXX1590
Myogak KSXX9131
Myogak-kol KSXX4568
Myojae KSXX4569
Myojae KSXX1591
Myon-dong KSXX9132
Myonbak-kol KSXX9133
Myong-dong KSXX4570
Myong-dong KSXX9135
Myong-ni KSXX9136
Myongam KSXX4571
Myongam KSXX1592
Myongam-ni KSXX4572
Myongdok KSXX9137
Myongdok KSXX4574
Myongdok KSXX1593
Myongdol KSXX1594
Myongga-ri KSXX4575
Myonggo-dong KSXX4576
Myonggok KSXX9138
Myonggong-ni KSXX0437
Myonggong-ni KSXX7507
Myonggong-ni KSXX4577
Myonggye KSXX4578
Myonghwa-dong KSXX7714
Myongjaengi KSXX4579
Myongjang-dong KSXX0438
Myongji KSXX9139
Myongji-dong KSXX4580
Myongji-dong KSXX9140
Myongji-dong KSXX1595
Myongji-gol KSXX9141
Myongjin KSXX9142
Myongjon KSXX1596
Myongjong-dong KSXX9143
Myongju KSXX9144
Myongmak-kol KSXX4581
Myongmakchi KSXX4582
Myongnyun-dong KSXX1597
Myongsa KSXX9145
Myongsan-dong KSXX9146
Myongsang KSXX9147
Myongsim KSXX1598
Myongso-dong KSXX1599
Myongsong KSXX9148
Myongu-ri KSXX4583
Myongwol KSXX9149
Myongwol-li KSXX4584
Myonhwa-dong KSXX4585
Myonsan KSXX1600
Myonwisil KSXX1601
Myoraedung KSXX9150
Myosan KSXX9151
Myosimi KSXX4586
Myowon KSXX4587
Myowon-ni KSXX4588
Na-dong KSXX9152
Na-mal KSXX4589
Naanbang KSXX9153
Nabae KSXX4590
Nabon KSXX9154
Nabong-ni KSXX4591
Nabu-gol KSXX9155
Nabuli KSXX9156
Nabun-dong KSXX4592
Nabundul KSXX4593
Nae-dong KSXX4596
Nae-dong KSXX1603
Nae-dong KSXX7508
Nae-dong KSXX7079
Nae-dong KSXX9159
Nae-ri KSXX4597
Naeanmal KSXX4598
Naebang KSXX7715
Naebu KSXX9161
Naebu-ri KSXX4599
Naechoon KSXX1605
Naedae KSXX9167
Naedae KSXX4602
Naedae-ri KSXX4603
Naedae-ri KSXX9168
Naedo KSXX9169
Naedo KSXX4604
Naedogok KSXX1606
Naedok KSXX4605
Naedong KSXX0439
Naedong KSXX1607
Naedong-gol KSXX9170
Naedugok KSXX9171
Naega KSXX4606
Naegan-ni KSXX9172
Naegang KSXX4607
Naegi KSXX4608
Naegi-dong KSXX9173
Naegi-ri KSXX7716
Naegok KSXX1608
Naegok-ri KSXX1609
Naegok-tong KSXX9175
Naegong-ni KSXX9176
Naegongsu-dong KSXX1610
Naegonno KSXX4609
Naegorum KSXX1611
Naegwangsungi KSXX4610
Naegye KSXX9177
Naegye KSXX1612
Naehak KSXX9178
Naehang-dong KSXX4611
Naehanjong KSXX7510
Naeho-ri KSXX4612
Naehwa KSXX4613
Naehwan KSXX7511
Naei-dong KSXX9179
Naeiryang KSXX4614
Naejam KSXX4615
Naeje-ri KSXX9181
Naeji KSXX9182
Naejik KSXX4616
Naejin KSXX9183
Naejo KSXX1613
Naejo-ri KSXX9184
Naejuk KSXX4617
Naejung-ni KSXX4618
Naejungsan KSXX9185
Naekka KSXX4619
Naemae KSXX1614
Naemang KSXX1616
Naemurhan KSXX1617
Naena-ri KSXX4620
Naenam KSXX4621
Naengjong KSXX9188
Naengjong KSXX4622
Naengjong-dong KSXX4623
Naengjong-gol KSXX4624
Naengjong-ni KSXX4625
Naeo KSXX9189
Naeoryang KSXX1618
Naerang KSXX9192
Naerisim KSXX4628
Naeryong KSXX1619
Naesa KSXX9193
Naesam KSXX9194
Naesam KSXX1620
Naesamak KSXX1621
Naesamhak KSXX9195
Naesan KSXX7512
Naesan KSXX9196
Naesang-ni KSXX4629
Naeseong KSXX0248
Naesil KSXX7080
Naesil KSXX4631
Naeso KSXX0249
Naesok KSXX9197
Naesong KSXX7081
Naesong KSXX9198
Naesong KSXX4632
Naesong-ni KSXX4633
Naesu-ri KSXX1622
Naeung KSXX4634
Naewol-li KSXX9200
Naewon KSXX9201
Nagan KSXX9203
Nagandul KSXX4636
Nagyo-ri KSXX4637
Nagyong-dong KSXX9204
Naison-ri KSXX4638
Najol-li KSXX9205
Naju KSXX0250
Nak-tong KSXX9206
Nak-tong KSXX4639
Nakchong KSXX9207
Nakso-dong KSXX4640
Nalgaji KSXX9208
Nalgisil KSXX1623
Nalguni KSXX1624
Nalsae KSXX4642
Nam-dong KSXX9210
Nam-dong KSXX4644
Nam-ni KSXX4645
Namagi KSXX1625
Namak KSXX1626
Namam-dong KSXX9211
Nambaek KSXX9212
Nambul KSXX9213
Nambumin-dong KSXX0440
Namdaemul-li KSXX1627
Namdaemun KSXX1628
Namdang-dong KSXX4647
Namdang-ni KSXX4648
Namdari KSXX7082
Namgong-ni KSXX1629
Namgong-ni KSXX4649
Namgum-dong KSXX7717
Namgwang-dong KSXX7513
Namgye KSXX9215
Namgye KSXX7718
Namgye-dong KSXX9216
Namgye-ri KSXX4650
Namhae KSXX0251
Namhae KSXX7084
Namhyo-ri KSXX9217
Namhyon-dong KSXX4651
Namjae KSXX9218
Namjae-dong KSXX9219
Namji KSXX9220
Namjin KSXX9221
Namjon KSXX1630
Namjon KSXX9222
Namjon KSXX4652
Namjong-ni KSXX4653
Namjung KSXX9224
Nammyong-ni KSXX9225
Namok KSXX9226
Namsa-ri KSXX9230
Namsaengbawi KSXX7085
Namsal-li KSXX4654
Namsan KSXX9231
Namsan KSXX4655
Namsan-mal KSXX4656
Namsang-ni KSXX9232
Namsil KSXX9233
Namsong KSXX9234
Namsong-gol KSXX9235
Namsong-ni KSXX4657
Namu-gol KSXX4658
Namul-gol KSXX9236
Namul-tong KSXX4659
Namusil KSXX4660
Namweon KSXX0252
Namwol KSXX7086
Namwol KSXX4661
Namyang KSXX1631
Namyang-dong KSXX0253
Namyang-gol KSXX1632
Namyang-ni KSXX9237
Nan-dong KSXX9238
Nandaengi KSXX4663
Nanggum KSXX4664
Nangmil-li KSXX9239
Nangong-ni KSXX1633
Nangwol-tong KSXX7087
Nanhei KSXX7719
Nani-gol KSXX1634
Nanjong KSXX4665
Nanmo-ri KSXX4666
Nansan KSXX7720
Nansan KSXX4667
Nanum-ni KSXX9241
Nanyang KSXX9242
Napsigi KSXX1635
Naraengi KSXX1636
Narakjae KSXX1637
Narami KSXX4669
Narim KSXX9244
Naru-mal KSXX4670
Narugae KSXX4671
Nasa KSXX0443
Nasan KSXX4673
Nasong-ni KSXX4674
Natchil KSXX9245
Nawol-li KSXX4675
Nayul KSXX4676
Neietsu KSXX0254
Neommal KSXX1638
Neoreun KSXX1639
Neoreungol KSXX1640
Neungan KSXX1641
Neungmal KSXX1642
Neungmeoru KSXX1643
No-dong KSXX7721
No-dong KSXX4678
No-dong KSXX7088
Noakchae KSXX4679
Noam KSXX9246
Nobong KSXX1644
Nobun-mal KSXX4680
Nobundal KSXX4681
Nobyon KSXX4682
Nodae KSXX7722
Nodae-dong KSXX9247
Nodae-ri KSXX7723
Nodani KSXX9248
Nodeul KSXX1647
Nodong KSXX9249
Nodong-ni KSXX4683
Nodori-gol KSXX4684
Nodu-ri KSXX9250
Noesan KSXX9251
Nogani KSXX4685
Nogok KSXX7515
Nogong-ni KSXX7089
Nogu KSXX9252
Nogu-mal KSXX1648
Nogu-ri KSXX9253
Nogul-li KSXX1649
Nogun KSXX1650
Nogurani KSXX1651
Nogwan-dong KSXX9254
Nogya KSXX4686
Noho-ri KSXX1652
Nohwa-dong KSXX4687
Nohwa-ri KSXX4688
Nohye KSXX9255
Nohyol-li KSXX9256
Nohyon KSXX9257
Noi-ri KSXX7516
Nojakkumi KSXX9258
Nojang-ni KSXX1653
Nojangi KSXX1654
Nojeokbawi KSXX1655
Nojon KSXX4689
Nok-kol KSXX7090
Nok-tong KSXX9260
Nok-tong KSXX7724
Nokkan KSXX4690
Noksal-li KSXX9261
Noksan KSXX9262
Nokto-ri KSXX4691
Nolbat KSXX0444
Nolbun-gol KSXX1656
Nolbun-gol KSXX4692
Nolbunbae KSXX4693
Nolbunbat KSXX4694
Nolbundol KSXX1657
Nolbundul KSXX4695
Nolbunnae KSXX1658
Nolmigi KSXX9264
Nolsil KSXX9265
Nomma KSXX1659
Nomo-gol KSXX9266
Nomok KSXX1660
Nomon-mal KSXX4697
Nomottam KSXX1661
Non-dong KSXX1663
Non-gol KSXX9268
Non-gol KSXX4698
Non-gol KSXX1664
Nonarae KSXX9269
Nong-gol KSXX4700
Nonggi KSXX4701
Nonghyon-dong KSXX4702
Nongjangburak KSXX4704
Nongmak KSXX1665
Nongmak KSXX7725
Nongmak-kol KSXX4705
Nongmyong-ni KSXX9271
Nongsal-li KSXX9272
Nongsan-ni KSXX4706
Nongso KSXX9273
Nongso-ri KSXX4707
Nonhyang-gol KSXX4709
Nonji-ri KSXX4710
Nonjol KSXX4711
Nonsan KSXX0255
Nop-kol KSXX4712
Nopeunbong KSXX1666
Nopunhaengil KSXX4714
Nopunjangson KSXX1667
Nopunjong KSXX9275
Noraengi KSXX1669
Noraengi KSXX4715
Norani KSXX4716
Norisil KSXX9277
Norok-kol KSXX1670
Noru-gol KSXX4718
Norubawi KSXX4719
Noruji KSXX4720
Norujongi KSXX7091
Norumogi KSXX4721
Norumok KSXX9278
Norumok KSXX4722
Norumok KSXX1671
Norunae KSXX4723
Noruni KSXX4724
Norunji KSXX9279
Norusil KSXX1672
Norusil KSXX9280
Noryang-ni KSXX9281
Noryongguji KSXX4725
Nosan KSXX9282
Nosang KSXX4726
Nosang KSXX9283
Nosang-ni KSXX4727
Nosil KSXX1673
Nosong KSXX4728
Nosong-ni KSXX1674
Notchom KSXX4729
Notchong-gol KSXX4730
Noun KSXX9285
Noun-dong KSXX7092
Nounjaemit KSXX1676
Nubal KSXX1677
Nuda-ri KSXX1679
Nuha KSXX9286
Nuk-tong KSXX4731
Nukchok-kol KSXX4732
Nukka KSXX9287
Nukkae KSXX9288
Nukto-dong KSXX9289
Nulbat KSXX9290
Nulbatchang KSXX9291
Nullami KSXX4733
Nulmaru KSXX4734
Nulmok KSXX1681
Nundo-ri KSXX4735
Nundul KSXX4736
Nung-dong KSXX4737
Nung-gol KSXX1682
Nungan-mal KSXX4738
Nungbawi KSXX1683
Nunggang KSXX1684
Nungmoe KSXX4739
Nungnyang KSXX9293
Nungsan KSXX4740
Nungsan-gol KSXX4741
Nungsong KSXX7518
Nupsil KSXX1686
Nuraengi KSXX4742
Nurak-kol KSXX4743
Nuribon KSXX1687
Nurukkoji KSXX4745
Nurukpawi KSXX1688
Nurul KSXX4746
Nurumegi KSXX1689
Nurun KSXX9295
Nurupchongi KSXX4747
Nurupsaengi KSXX1690
Nurupsil KSXX1691
Nurusil KSXX9296
Nuttae KSXX9298
O-dong KSXX9299
O-dong KSXX7093
O-gol KSXX4748
O-ri KSXX0445
Oani KSXX1695
Obang KSXX9300
Obang-ni KSXX9301
Obanggok KSXX9302
Obi-ri KSXX9303
Obok-kol KSXX9304
Obong-gol KSXX9306
Obong-ni KSXX4749
Obu-dong KSXX7094
Odae KSXX7096
Odae-ri KSXX1696
Odo KSXX4752
Odogi KSXX4753
Odok-kol KSXX9311
Odong KSXX9312
Odong-gol KSXX9313
Odong-ni KSXX1697
Odu KSXX4755
Odujae KSXX4756
Odul-li KSXX7097
Odun-gol KSXX9314
Oe-dong KSXX4757
Oe-dong KSXX9316
Oe-dong KSXX7521
Oe-ri KSXX4758
Oeam KSXX4759
Oeam-gol KSXX4760
Oebaemi KSXX9318
Oebang KSXX9319
Oebu-ri KSXX4761
Oebu-ri KSXX9320
Oedo KSXX9324
Oedogok KSXX1701
Oedok KSXX4764
Oedong-ni KSXX9325
Oegam KSXX9328
Oegan KSXX9329
Oegogae KSXX9330
Oegok KSXX9331
Oegongsu-dong KSXX1702
Oegwangsungi KSXX4765
Oehak KSXX9332
Oeham KSXX1703
Oeham-ni KSXX1704
Oehwa KSXX4766
Oeiryang KSXX4767
Oejangnim KSXX0446
Oejik KSXX4768
Oejo KSXX1705
Oejoyon-dong KSXX9334
Oejukko KSXX9335
Oejung KSXX4769
Oejungsan KSXX9336
Oejuryong KSXX4770
Oemang KSXX1706
Oemok KSXX4771
Oena-ri KSXX4772
Oenam-dong KSXX1708
Oeo KSXX9337
Oeogol KSXX1709
Oeomjon KSXX9338
Oeppol KSXX4774
Oeryu KSXX9340
Oesamhak KSXX9341
Oesan KSXX4775
Oesil KSXX4776
Oesokkok KSXX4777
Oesong KSXX9342
Oesong KSXX7099
Oesong KSXX4778
Oettanteo KSXX1710
Oettum-mal KSXX4779
Oeyang KSXX9344
Oeyon KSXX9345
Oeyondo KSXX4780
Oga-ri KSXX9346
Oga-ri KSXX1711
Ogamul KSXX4781
Ogang-ni KSXX4782
Ogcheon KSXX0256
Ogcheongun KSXX0372
Ogeun-ri KSXX1712
Ogeuni KSXX1713
Ogok KSXX9347
Ogok KSXX4783
Ogong-ni KSXX9348
Ogong-ni KSXX4784
Ogu-ri KSXX9349
Ogung-ri KSXX1714
Ogye KSXX9350
Ogyon KSXX7728
Ogyong KSXX4785
Ogyong-dong KSXX9351
Ohaeng-ri KSXX1715
Ohang-dong KSXX4786
Oho-ri KSXX9352
Ohwa KSXX9353
Ohyang-ri KSXX1716
Ohyon KSXX9354
Ohyon-dong KSXX9355
Ohyu KSXX9356
Oin KSXX9357
Oin-dong KSXX9358
Ojae KSXX4788
Ojang KSXX9359
Oji-ri KSXX4789
Ojiraengi KSXX4791
Ojisil KSXX4792
Ojon KSXX9360
Ojon-dong KSXX9361
Ojong-dong KSXX7100
Ojong-gol KSXX1717
Ojong-ni KSXX1718
Ojoul KSXX4793
Ok-kol KSXX9362
Ok-kol KSXX7522
Ok-tong KSXX7729
Ok-tong KSXX9363
Okchi KSXX9365
Okchon KSXX9366
Okchonggyo KSXX4794
Okho KSXX1720
Okho-ri KSXX4795
Okhwan KSXX9367
Okhyon KSXX4796
Okkang-ni KSXX1721
Okkangjong KSXX1722
Okkasil KSXX4797
Okkil-tong KSXX1723
Okkogae KSXX4798
Okkye KSXX7523
Okkye KSXX4799
Okkye-dong KSXX7101
Okpak-kol KSXX1724
Oksan KSXX9370
Oksan KSXX4801
Oksan KSXX7102
Oksan-gol KSXX9371
Oksan-ni KSXX1725
Oksan-ni KSXX4802
Oksanjong KSXX9372
Oksil-li KSXX4803
Oksong KSXX1726
Oksong-ni KSXX1727
Oksumok KSXX1728
Oktaegi KSXX4804
Oktong KSXX7730
Oktong-ni KSXX4805
Oktu-ri KSXX9373
Okusu KSXX1729
Olmegi KSXX4806
Olmok KSXX1730
Om-gol KSXX4807
Omae KSXX7731
Omaesil KSXX9374
Omang-dong KSXX4808
Omani KSXX4809
Omgam KSXX9375
Omgung-dong KSXX0447
Omji KSXX9376
Omjon KSXX9377
Omjong KSXX9378
Omjong-ni KSXX4811
Ommok-tong KSXX4812
Omok KSXX4813
Omokchol KSXX4814
Omokchom KSXX1731
Omoksan KSXX4815
Omong-ni KSXX4816
Omongnae KSXX1732
Omsa-ri KSXX7103
Omsung-gol KSXX1733
Omu KSXX9379
On-ni KSXX4817
Onam KSXX1736
Onam-dong KSXX4818
Oncheon-Ri KSXX0257
Ong-gol KSXX9381
Ongam-ni KSXX4820
Ongcheon KSXX0258
Ongdaengi KSXX1737
Onggijom KSXX9382
Ongmal-li KSXX9383
Ongmoe KSXX7107
Ongmyong KSXX9384
Ongnyong-dong KSXX4821
Ongsaengi-gol KSXX4822
Onham-ni KSXX4823
Onjong KSXX4824
Onju-dong KSXX4825
Onmok KSXX1739
Onmugi KSXX4826
Onnamu-gol KSXX4827
Onnamu-gol KSXX1740
Onsok-tong KSXX4828
Onsu KSXX4829
Onsu-gol KSXX9386
Onyang KSXX0115
Onyang-gol KSXX9387
Onyangmo-ri KSXX4830
Onyangteo KSXX1741
Ook KSXX9388
Oong-ni KSXX9389
Oppae KSXX4834
Oppak-kol KSXX4835
Orak-tong KSXX4836
Ori-dong KSXX9391
Ori-gol KSXX4837
Ori-gol KSXX7108
Ori-ri KSXX9392
Oribat KSXX9393
Orim KSXX1743
Orim-dong KSXX9394
Orim-gol KSXX4838
Orimok KSXX1744
Orinae-gol KSXX1745
Orisil KSXX1746
Oriul KSXX4839
Oromosi KSXX4840
Orumsil KSXX4841
Orye KSXX9395
Oryong KSXX1747
Oryong KSXX4842
Oryong KSXX9396
Oryong KSXX7109
Oryong-dong KSXX4843
Oryong-dong KSXX1748
Oryong-gol KSXX7110
Oryong-gol KSXX1749
Oryong-gol KSXX4844
Oryong-gol KSXX9397
Oryongi KSXX7111
Oryu KSXX1750
Oryu-dong KSXX7112
Oryu-dong KSXX4846
Oryu-dong KSXX9398
Oryu-gol KSXX4847
Oryun KSXX9399
Osa KSXX4848
Osa KSXX1751
Osa-ri KSXX1752
Osaegi KSXX9400
Osaeng-ri KSXX1753
Osaengi KSXX4849
Osal-li KSXX4850
Osalmi KSXX4851
Osalmoe KSXX4852
Osan KSXX9401
Osan KSXX4853
Osan KSXX0018
Osan-mal KSXX4854
Osan-ni KSXX4855
Osang-ni KSXX1755
Osei-ri KSXX9402
Osil KSXX9403
Osil KSXX4856
Osimi KSXX1757
Osin KSXX0449
Osinaraettam KSXX9404
Osinjungttam KSXX9405
Osinsaettam KSXX9406
Oso KSXX9407
Oso-dong KSXX9408
Osondae KSXX4857
Osong KSXX9409
Osong-ni KSXX4858
Osong-ni KSXX1758
Osongjong KSXX4859
Osu-ri KSXX0260
Osu-ri KSXX4860
Osumul KSXX1759
Osumul KSXX4861
Otbau KSXX1760
Otchom KSXX4862
Oui KSXX9411
Oul KSXX9412
Oul-li KSXX4863
Oun KSXX9413
Oun KSXX1761
Oun KSXX4864
Oun-dong KSXX9414
Oun-dong KSXX1762
Oun-dong KSXX7113
Oun-gol KSXX4865
Oun-gol KSXX9415
Oya-dong KSXX7525
Oya-gol KSXX4866
Oyak-kol KSXX4867
Oyak-kol KSXX7114
Oyan-mal KSXX4868
Oyang-gol KSXX1763
Oyangsil KSXX7115
Oyatgol KSXX1764
Oyon KSXX9416
Oyong KSXX9418
Oyong-ni KSXX9419
Paabam KSXX9464
Padak-kol KSXX4911
Padul-li KSXX1787
Pae-gol KSXX9465
Pae-gol KSXX7123
Pae-gol KSXX1788
Pae-mal KSXX4912
Paeam-gol KSXX1789
Paeambok KSXX9466
Paeamnal KSXX4913
Paeamsil KSXX4914
Paeda-ri KSXX4915
Paedul-li KSXX9467
Paedusil KSXX4916
Paegam KSXX9468
Paegam KSXX1791
Paegam KSXX4917
Paegam-dong KSXX7124
Paegan KSXX7530
Paegil-li KSXX4918
Paegin KSXX9469
Paegisan KSXX9470
Paegogae KSXX7125
Paegogae KSXX9471
Paegul-li KSXX1792
Paegun KSXX1793
Paegun-dong KSXX7734
Paegya KSXX9472
Paegya-ri KSXX1794
Paegyok KSXX9473
Paeil KSXX1795
Paejaegi KSXX7126
Paejongi KSXX4919
Paek-kol KSXX9475
Paek-kol KSXX4920
Paek-kol KSXX7127
Paek-kol KSXX1796
Paekcha-dong KSXX9476
Paekchi-ri KSXX1797
Paekchon KSXX9477
Paekchoul KSXX4923
Paekhak KSXX9478
Paekhoji KSXX1798
Paekkang KSXX4924
Paekkimi KSXX4925
Paekkok KSXX9480
Paekkol KSXX4926
Paekkong-ni KSXX4927
Paekkyo KSXX4928
Paekkyo-ri KSXX4929
Paekpal KSXX4930
Paekpong-ni KSXX1799
Paeksae KSXX9482
Paeksajang KSXX4931
Paeksal-li KSXX9483
Paeksan KSXX9484
Paeksil KSXX4932
Paeksok KSXX1800
Paeksok KSXX4933
Paeksong-ni KSXX4935
Paektong KSXX0450
Paem-gol KSXX4936
Paem-gol KSXX1801
Paema-dong KSXX4937
Paema-ri KSXX9485
Paemal-li KSXX9486
Paeman-gol KSXX9487
Paemaru KSXX1802
Paembat KSXX4938
Paemgil KSXX1803
Paemi KSXX4939
Paemi-dong KSXX9488
Paemisil KSXX4940
Paemnae KSXX1804
Paemyon KSXX4941
Paen-mal KSXX4942
Paenada-ri KSXX4943
Paenae KSXX7531
Paenamu-gol KSXX7128
Paenamu-gol KSXX1805
Paenamu-gol KSXX9489
Paenamusil KSXX9490
Paenamuttul KSXX4946
Paeng-gol KSXX1806
Paengno KSXX4948
Paengnodam KSXX1807
Paengnok-tong KSXX1808
Paengnyon KSXX9491
Paengnyon-am KSXX9492
Paenul KSXX9493
Paeron KSXX1809
Paesil KSXX4949
Paeul KSXX4952
Paeumsil KSXX9494
Paeyang KSXX4953
Paeyang-gol KSXX9495
Paeyang-ni KSXX4954
Paeyul KSXX4955
Pagalmi KSXX1810
Pagam-ni KSXX9496
Pagojae KSXX4956
Paguni KSXX4957
Paguni-gol KSXX4958
Pajo-ri KSXX4959
Pak-kol KSXX4960
Pak-tong KSXX9497
Pakchin KSXX9498
Pakchonggo-ri KSXX4962
Pakchongja KSXX7129
Pakkachong-gol KSXX9499
Pakkadorang KSXX1811
Pakkadyorum KSXX4963
Pakkakkam-gol KSXX9500
Pakkan-mal KSXX7130
Pakkappyollisil KSXX9501
Pakkaraemi KSXX4964
Pakkassae-gol KSXX9502
Pakkassamjong KSXX7131
Pakkassean KSXX9503
Pakkassoppau KSXX1812
Pakkatchattul KSXX9505
Pakkatchungbang KSXX9506
Pakkatmuryang KSXX9507
Pakkattam KSXX1813
Pakkattosawol KSXX1814
Pakkmokkol KSXX4966
Pakknabasi KSXX4967
Pakkok KSXX9508
Pakkye-ri KSXX1815
Pakpomi KSXX4968
Paksal-li KSXX7132
Paksalmi KSXX4969
Paksalmoe KSXX4970
Paksil-tong KSXX9509
Paksonggae KSXX9510
Paksongmi KSXX4971
Paktaesil KSXX1816
Paktal-gol KSXX1817
Paktalgimul KSXX4972
Paktarami KSXX4973
Pallimi KSXX7133
Pallisil KSXX4974
Pallye KSXX9512
Palsal-li KSXX1818
Palsan KSXX9513
Palsan KSXX4975
Palsan KSXX7735
Palseong-ri KSXX1819
Pam-ni KSXX4976
Pamang-gol KSXX1820
Pamaru KSXX1821
Pambawi KSXX9514
Pamdogi KSXX4977
Pamgalmi KSXX4978
Pamgat KSXX4979
Pamgum KSXX9515
Pamjol KSXX7134
Pamjol KSXX4980
Pamma KSXX7532
Pamnamu-gol KSXX4981
Pamnamu-gol KSXX1823
Pamnamujae KSXX4982
Pamnamujong KSXX4983
Pamsil KSXX7736
Pamsil KSXX1824
Pamsil KSXX4984
Pamsom KSXX4985
Pamsong-gol KSXX1825
Pamsu-gol KSXX1826
Pamsugo-ri KSXX1827
Pamsup KSXX9516
Pan-mal KSXX4990
Pandae KSXX4993
Pandok KSXX9517
Pandong KSXX9518
Pandung-ni KSXX9519
Pang-dong KSXX7136
Pang-dong KSXX9521
Pang-gol KSXX1831
Pang-ni KSXX4994
Panga-gol KSXX9523
Pangada-ri KSXX4995
Pangada-ri KSXX1832
Pangagoji KSXX4996
Pangajae KSXX4997
Pangamoe KSXX4998
Pangasil KSXX1833
Pangbung-ni KSXX1834
Pangdae KSXX1837
Pangdol KSXX5004
Pangdu KSXX5005
Pangdumaru KSXX7138
Panggak-kol KSXX5006
Panggi-ri KSXX9525
Panggil-li KSXX5007
Panggok KSXX9526
Panggok KSXX5008
Panggok KSXX0451
Panggok KSXX1838
Panggu-dong KSXX7737
Panggye KSXX9527
Panggyo KSXX5009
Pangha-gol KSXX9528
Panghak KSXX9529
Panghamok KSXX1839
Panghang KSXX5010
Panghwa-gol KSXX9530
Panghwa-gol KSXX1840
Panghwa-ri KSXX9531
Panghwasil KSXX1841
Panghyon-dong KSXX7139
Pangi KSXX9532
Pangjae KSXX5011
Pangji KSXX9533
Pangjugan KSXX5012
Pangmi KSXX5014
Pangsan KSXX5016
Pangson KSXX9534
Pangsumul KSXX5017
Pangu-ri KSXX5018
Pangyo KSXX5019
Panjang-dong KSXX5020
Panjom KSXX1843
Panjong KSXX9535
Panjong KSXX1844
Panjowol-li KSXX5021
Panjuk-tong KSXX5022
Panmok KSXX1845
Pannu-gol KSXX5023
Pansok-tong KSXX7140
Panson-mal KSXX5025
Pansong KSXX9539
Pansong KSXX1846
Pansong KSXX5026
Pansong KSXX7141
Pansong-ni KSXX7535
Pansong-ni KSXX5027
Pansu KSXX1847
Panwol KSXX5028
Panyang KSXX9540
Panyang-dong KSXX5029
Panyo-dong KSXX0452
Parami KSXX5030
Parang-gol KSXX1848
Parang-gol KSXX7142
Paribang-ni KSXX5031
Parimi KSXX5032
Parok-kol KSXX5033
Paron KSXX5034
Parupchae KSXX5035
Paryang KSXX9541
Paryong KSXX5036
Pattae KSXX1850
Pawijol KSXX5038
Pawinae KSXX5039
Pawisil KSXX7536
Periegu-ri KSXX9542
Petchal-mal KSXX5040
Pi-gol KSXX5041
Pian KSXX5042
Pibong-dong KSXX9543
Pibong-gol KSXX5043
Pibyong-gol KSXX5044
Pidokko-ri KSXX5046
Pigok KSXX9544
Pigong KSXX9545
Pigum KSXX7144
Piin KSXX5047
Pijigu KSXX7145
Pijil-li KSXX9546
Pijon KSXX5048
Pikka-ri KSXX5049
Pikkijae KSXX1853
Pikkinae KSXX5050
Pikkunbaengi KSXX1854
Pimaru KSXX1855
Pinae KSXX1856
Pinari-gol KSXX9547
Pingdo KSXX5052
Pinggisil KSXX9548
Pingjil KSXX5053
Pingyon KSXX9549
Pirae-dong KSXX7146
Piran-ni KSXX9550
Piro-ri KSXX9551
Piryong KSXX7147
Piryong-dong KSXX7148
Pisal-li KSXX1857
Pisan-ni KSXX1858
Pisok-tong KSXX1859
Pisong KSXX9552
Pisu-ri KSXX1860
Piya-gol KSXX1862
Po-gol KSXX1863
Poan-mal KSXX5054
Pobi-dong KSXX7149
Pobil-tong KSXX7150
Podae KSXX9555
Podisom KSXX9556
Podujae KSXX5056
Podujengi KSXX1865
Podul-gol KSXX7151
Podul-gol KSXX5057
Podulbat KSXX9557
Podulgae KSXX1866
Podulmi KSXX5058
Podunae KSXX9558
Podunyoul KSXX5059
Podusil KSXX5060
Podusil KSXX1867
Podwi KSXX5061
Pogak-kol KSXX5062
Pogak-tong KSXX9559
Pogisil KSXX1868
Pogo-ri KSXX5063
Pogusil KSXX1869
Pogwang KSXX9560
Pogwang KSXX5064
Pohang KSXX0045
Pohyon-dong KSXX5065
Pojok-kol KSXX5066
Pok-kol KSXX5067
Pok-tong KSXX9561
Pokho KSXX7738
Pokhung-gol KSXX5068
Pokkae KSXX5069
Pokko-ri KSXX5070
Pokkol KSXX9562
Pokpyongi KSXX5071
Poksal-li KSXX7152
Poksan-ni KSXX1871
Poksang KSXX9563
Poksang-gol KSXX1872
Pokso KSXX5072
Poksu KSXX5073
Poksu-dong KSXX7153
Poktae-dong KSXX5074
Poktok KSXX5075
Poktokkae KSXX5076
Pol-li KSXX5077
Pol-li KSXX7537
Pol-mal KSXX5078
Pol-maul KSXX1875
Polchongja KSXX5080
Polgok KSXX7154
Polgyo KSXX0020
Polmal KSXX9564
Polmongdang KSXX9565
Polmuni KSXX5081
Poltaeam KSXX1877
Poltam KSXX1878
Poltogunji KSXX5084
Polttum KSXX5085
Polttum KSXX7155
Polttum-mal KSXX5086
Pom-gol KSXX5087
Poman KSXX1879
Poman-gol KSXX5089
Pombugi KSXX5090
Pomdal KSXX5091
Pomdo KSXX9569
Pomdok-kol KSXX5092
Pomgari-gol KSXX5093
Pomguji KSXX9570
Pomhang-gol KSXX7538
Pomho-ri KSXX7156
Pomjigi KSXX5094
Pommul-dong KSXX7539
Pomnam KSXX5095
Pomo-ri KSXX9571
Pomsil KSXX1880
Pomu-gol KSXX5096
Pomui KSXX1881
Pomwang-ni KSXX9573
Pon-dong KSXX1882
Pon-dong KSXX9575
Pon-mal KSXX7157
Pon-mal KSXX1883
Ponae KSXX1884
Ponbaek KSXX9576
Ponbongnim KSXX9577
Pondogam-dong KSXX9579
Pondok KSXX9580
Pong-dong KSXX5100
Pong-gol KSXX1885
Pong-gol KSXX5101
Pongam KSXX7158
Pongam KSXX1886
Pongam KSXX5102
Pongam KSXX9582
Pongam-ni KSXX7159
Pongbi-ri KSXX1887
Pongchong KSXX9584
Pongdae KSXX9585
Pongdangwon KSXX5105
Pongdimi KSXX9586
Pongdong-ni KSXX5106
Pongdu KSXX5107
Ponggi-dong KSXX9587
Ponggi-ri KSXX7161
Ponggok KSXX9588
Ponggok KSXX5108
Ponggong-ni KSXX7162
Ponggong-ni KSXX9590
Ponggye KSXX5109
Ponggye KSXX7163
Ponggye-dong KSXX9592
Ponggye-ri KSXX9593
Ponghang-ni KSXX5110
Ponghwa-ri KSXX9594
Ponghwang-gol KSXX1888
Ponghwang-ni KSXX1889
Ponghyol-li KSXX1890
Ponghyon KSXX9595
Ponghyon KSXX1891
Pongjae-ri KSXX9596
Pongji KSXX5112
Pongjon KSXX9597
Pongjong KSXX1892
Pongjong KSXX9598
Pongjongi KSXX5113
Pongju-dong KSXX7739
Pongmujong KSXX5114
Pongmujongi KSXX5115
Pongmyong KSXX7164
Pongmyong-dong KSXX7165
Pongmyong-ni KSXX5116
Pongnae-dong KSXX0453
Pongnam-dong KSXX9599
Pongnam-ni KSXX5117
Pongnim KSXX9600
Pongnim KSXX5118
Pongpo KSXX7166
Pongsaeng-ni KSXX5120
Pongsal-li KSXX9603
Pongsan KSXX5121
Pongsan KSXX9604
Pongsan-dong KSXX7540
Pongsan-dong KSXX7167
Pongso-ri KSXX5122
Pongsong KSXX9605
Pongsong-ni KSXX5123
Pongusil KSXX5124
Ponguttang-gol KSXX9606
Pongyang-ni KSXX1894
Poni-gol KSXX1895
Ponja-ri KSXX1896
Ponmoru KSXX5125
Ponsan KSXX9610
Ponuisil KSXX5126
Ponyang KSXX9612
Ponyong KSXX5127
Pop-tong KSXX7168
Pop-tong KSXX9613
Popchin KSXX9615
Popchong KSXX9616
Pophwa-dong KSXX7541
Pophyon KSXX5128
Popkogae KSXX1897
Popkok-tong KSXX5129
Popsok KSXX5130
Porae KSXX1898
Poran KSXX5131
Porani KSXX1899
Porat KSXX1900
Porhu KSXX5132
Porim-dong KSXX9618
Poriwon KSXX5133
Poroji KSXX5134
Poryon KSXX1901
Posa-ri KSXX5135
Posak-kol KSXX1902
Posan-ni KSXX9619
Posanwol-li KSXX5136
Posimi KSXX1903
Potchae KSXX5138
Pottogi KSXX1904
Pottuk KSXX5139
Poul-li KSXX9621
Poun KSXX1905
Powol-li KSXX7740
Ppaegum KSXX9622
Ppaenae KSXX5140
Ppondok KSXX9623
Ppongnamugo-ri KSXX1907
Pu-ri KSXX5141
Pu-ri KSXX7542
Puam-dong KSXX0454
Puam-ni KSXX5142
Puan KSXX0264
Pubal KSXX0265
Pubong-ni KSXX9626
Puchon-dong KSXX0455
Puda-ri KSXX5147
Pudae KSXX5148
Pudo-gol KSXX7170
Pudok KSXX5149
Puduk-kol KSXX1909
Pugang-ni KSXX1910
Pugi KSXX5150
Pugok KSXX9631
Pugok KSXX5151
Pugok-tong KSXX0456
Pugosil KSXX5152
Pugyang-dong KSXX9633
Puhaejong KSXX5153
Puhung-dong KSXX9634
Puhung-ni KSXX1911
Puhungbae KSXX5154
Pujae KSXX9635
Pujang-gol KSXX5155
Pujang-ni KSXX5156
Pujigaeul KSXX9636
Puk-kol KSXX1912
Puk-tong KSXX9638
Puk-tong KSXX7741
Pukchae-dong KSXX9641
Pukchae-mal KSXX7171
Pukchil-li KSXX1914
Pukching KSXX9642
Pukchong-ni KSXX9643
Pukchongja KSXX5159
Pukkae-ri KSXX1915
Pukkando KSXX5161
Pukkasul KSXX9644
Pukke-ri KSXX5162
Pukpang-ni KSXX9645
Pukpau KSXX1916
Pukpu-dong KSXX9646
Puksa-ri KSXX5163
Puksil KSXX5164
Puksin-dong KSXX9647
Puktemi KSXX5165
Puktongmak KSXX1917
Puktumo-ri KSXX5166
Pulchang-gol KSXX7173
Pulgok KSXX7174
Pulgomi KSXX5167
Pulgundaengi KSXX5168
Pullo KSXX7742
Pullo-dong KSXX7543
Pullo-dong KSXX7175
Pullomo-ri KSXX5169
Pulmong-ni KSXX1918
Pulmu-gol KSXX5170
Pulmusil KSXX5171
Pultang KSXX9648
Pultang-gol KSXX1919
Pultang-gol KSXX5174
Pultanggok KSXX1920
Pumsil KSXX1922
Pumu-gol KSXX5175
Pun-dong KSXX5176
Pun-gol KSXX5177
Punam KSXX9649
Punam-ni KSXX7176
Pundok KSXX9650
Pundu-gol KSXX9651
Pung-ni KSXX5179
Punggi KSXX0266
Pungmosan KSXX9652
Pungmul-li KSXX5180
Pungno KSXX1924
Punhong KSXX5181
Punhyangi KSXX5182
Punji KSXX5184
Punjibol KSXX1925
Punjom KSXX5185
Punnaae KSXX5186
Puokto KSXX5188
Puong-gol KSXX5189
Puonggoji KSXX5190
Puram KSXX7744
Puram KSXX9656
Puri-ri KSXX5191
Purim KSXX9657
Purunggae KSXX1929
Puruni KSXX5193
Puruni KSXX1930
Purusil KSXX1931
Pusa-dong KSXX7177
Pusa-ri KSXX5194
Pusal-li KSXX5195
Pusan KSXX9658
Pusang-ni KSXX1932
Pusong-dong KSXX5196
Pusu-gol KSXX9659
Pusu-gol KSXX7178
Pusu-gol KSXX5197
Pusu-ri KSXX5198
Pusuam KSXX9661
Pusubawi KSXX5199
Puttugi KSXX5200
Puya KSXX9662
Puya-dong KSXX9663
Puyomori KSXX5201
Puyong-ni KSXX7179
Puyong-ni KSXX1934
Puyun-ni KSXX9664
Pyeonghae KSXX0268
Pyeongtaeg KSXX0269
Pyok-tong KSXX9666
Pyokchi KSXX1935
Pyokchin KSXX7745
Pyokchon KSXX9667
Pyokchong KSXX5202
Pyokkye KSXX9668
Pyoksa-dong KSXX5203
Pyolgogae KSXX5204
Pyollakchong KSXX7180
Pyolmoe KSXX5205
Pyolmyo KSXX1936
Pyoltangmaru KSXX5206
Pyon-dong KSXX7181
Pyondok-kol KSXX1937
Pyongam KSXX5207
Pyongbae KSXX9670
Pyongchang KSXX5209
Pyongdu KSXX1938
Pyongdun KSXX9671
Pyonggo KSXX9672
Pyonggok KSXX9673
Pyonggu KSXX9674
Pyonghang KSXX9675
Pyongjong KSXX9676
Pyongmogan KSXX5210
Pyongnyol-li KSXX9677
Pyongsa-ri KSXX5212
Pyongsan KSXX9678
Pyongsan KSXX0457
Pyonsannii KSXX9679
Pyorami KSXX5213
Pyorubaktal KSXX1939
Pyoseon-ri KSXX0270
Rampo KSXX5215
Reika-ri KSXX5216
Reiko KSXX0271
Reisan KSXX9680
Reisui KSXX0272
Renzan KSXX7182
Rinsen-ri KSXX9681
Ritsuho-ri KSXX9682
Ruji KSXX5217
Sa-dong KSXX5218
Sa-dong KSXX7746
Sa-dong KSXX1940
Sa-dong KSXX9684
Sa-gol KSXX5219
Sa-mal KSXX9685
Sa-ri KSXX9686
Sa-ri KSXX5220
Saam KSXX5221
Saan KSXX9687
Sabae-dong KSXX7545
Sabalgae KSXX9688
Sabgy KSXX0273
Sabong KSXX7183
Sabu KSXX9689
Sabu-ri KSXX1941
Sabultang KSXX9690
Saburang KSXX7546
Sachang-ri KSXX1944
Sacheon KSXX1945
Sacheon KSXX0274
Sachon KSXX0275
Sadae KSXX5226
Sadam KSXX5227
Sadan KSXX5228
Sadang-gol KSXX5229
Sadanggogae KSXX1946
Sado KSXX9694
Sado-dong KSXX9695
Sado-ri KSXX9696
Sadok-kol KSXX5230
Sadong KSXX9697
Sadong-ni KSXX9698
Sadong-ni KSXX5231
Sadulgoji KSXX5232
Sadung-ni KSXX9699
Sae-gol KSXX5233
Sae-gol KSXX7184
Sae-gol KSXX1947
Sae-maeul KSXX1948
Sae-mal KSXX5234
Sae-mal KSXX1949
Sae-mal KSXX7185
Sae-mal KSXX9700
Sae-maul KSXX9701
Sae-maul KSXX1950
Sae-maul KSXX5235
Saeam-gol KSXX5236
Saebaeda-ri KSXX5237
Saebaengi KSXX1951
Saebaji KSXX9702
Saebak-kol KSXX9703
Saebakkum KSXX9704
Saebangi KSXX5238
Saebat KSXX1952
Saeboro KSXX1953
Saeburangi KSXX1954
Saebyol KSXX1955
Saedam KSXX9706
Saedeul KSXX1956
Saedokkok KSXX9707
Saedongne KSXX9708
Saedongne KSXX7186
Saeduduk KSXX1957
Saeduk KSXX1958
Saedul KSXX9709
Saegadi KSXX5240
Saegae KSXX5241
Saegangyong KSXX1959
Saegat KSXX5242
Saego-ri KSXX1960
Saejae KSXX5243
Saejae KSXX1961
Saejae KSXX7187
Saejae KSXX9711
Saejang KSXX7747
Saeje-gol KSXX9712
Saejol-gol KSXX9713
Saejom KSXX5245
Saek-kol KSXX9714
Saek-kol KSXX7548
Saekkasi KSXX5246
Saekkul KSXX5247
Saem-gol KSXX1962
Saem-gol KSXX5248
Saema KSXX9715
Saemaji KSXX5249
Saemal KSXX9716
Saemal KSXX5250
Saemaul KSXX5251
Saemegi KSXX1963
Saemgusok KSXX5252
Saemi-gol KSXX9717
Saemogi KSXX1964
Saemol KSXX9718
Saemsil KSXX9719
Saenae KSXX5253
Saeng-gol KSXX5254
Saenggi KSXX1965
Saenggwang KSXX9721
Saenghak KSXX9722
Saengmi KSXX5257
Saengnim KSXX9723
Saengsonbawi KSXX1966
Saengtanggol KSXX1967
Saengyul KSXX5258
Saenung KSXX9724
Saepponji KSXX1968
Saepponji KSXX5259
Saesil KSXX9726
Saesinwon KSXX5260
Saesom KSXX5261
Saesulmak KSXX1969
Saetcheoni KSXX1973
Saetchimmae KSXX5267
Saeteo KSXX1974
Saeteo-mal KSXX1975
Saeteomal KSXX1976
Saettam KSXX9728
Saettum KSXX1978
Saettum KSXX5268
Saettum KSXX7190
Saeul KSXX7191
Saeul KSXX5269
Saeunae KSXX7192
Saeurae KSXX0458
Saewon KSXX5270
Saewonan KSXX5271
Saewonjang KSXX5272
Saga-dong KSXX9729
Sagap KSXX5273
Sagapttul KSXX5274
Sagi KSXX0459
Sagi-dong KSXX9730
Sagijang-gol KSXX5275
Sagijeom KSXX1979
Sagijom KSXX7193
Sagijom KSXX1980
Sagijom-gol KSXX5277
Sagijom-gol KSXX1981
Sagimak KSXX1982
Sagimak-kol KSXX7194
Sagiso KSXX5278
Sagiso-ri KSXX5279
Sago-ri KSXX9731
Sago-ri KSXX5280
Sagogae KSXX5281
Sagogae KSXX1983
Sagok KSXX1984
Sagok KSXX5282
Sagok KSXX9732
Sagok-ri KSXX1985
Sagong-ni KSXX9733
Sagu KSXX9734
Sagumaegi KSXX1986
Sagun KSXX9735
Sagunjol KSXX5283
Sagusi KSXX5284
Sagye KSXX9736
Sahang KSXX5285
Saho-ri KSXX5286
Sahoe-dong KSXX9737
Sahwan KSXX9738
Sahye KSXX5287
Sahyon KSXX5288
Sahyon KSXX9739
Sainam-ni KSXX1987
Saja-gol KSXX9740
Sajae KSXX5289
Sajami KSXX5290
Sajang-gol KSXX5291
Saji KSXX9741
Saji KSXX1988
Saji-dong KSXX9742
Sajik KSXX1989
Sajik-kol KSXX5292
Sajik-tong KSXX9743
Sajik-tong KSXX0460
Sajik-tong KSXX5293
Sajiwol-li KSXX1990
Sajiwon KSXX1991
Sajong KSXX1992
Sajong-dong KSXX9744
Sajong-dong KSXX7196
Sajong-ni KSXX5294
Sajongi KSXX5295
Sajung KSXX5296
Sak-kol KSXX5297
Sakkattung KSXX9746
Sakson KSXX5298
Sakta-ri KSXX1993
Saktaewol KSXX5299
Salgoji KSXX5300
Salgujingi KSXX9747
Salgunamujaengi KSXX1994
Sallye KSXX5301
Salmi-gol KSXX1995
Salmuni KSXX9748
Sam-dong KSXX9749
Sam-mal KSXX1996
Sam-ni KSXX5303
Sam-ni KSXX9750
Sama KSXX9751
Sambaengi KSXX5304
Sambaesil KSXX5305
Sambak-kol KSXX5306
Sambak-kol KSXX9752
Sambal KSXX9753
Sambang KSXX5307
Sambang-dong KSXX9754
Sambasil KSXX5308
Sambassil KSXX5309
Sambesil KSXX5310
Sambong KSXX1999
Sambong-ni KSXX9755
Sambong-ni KSXX5312
Sambongi KSXX5313
Sambosil KSXX7197
Samcheog KSXX0276
Samcheongpo KSXX0277
Samdae-ri KSXX9758
Samdaengi KSXX2001
Samdang KSXX2002
Samdang KSXX9759
Samdok KSXX5316
Samdong-ni KSXX9760
Samga KSXX9761
Samga KSXX2003
Samga-ri KSXX5317
Samgagi KSXX5318
Samgan-dong KSXX5319
Samge KSXX9762
Samgi-dong KSXX9763
Samgo KSXX5321
Samgo-ri KSXX9765
Samgo-ri KSXX2004
Samgo-ri KSXX5322
Samgogae KSXX5323
Samgok KSXX2005
Samgon-mal KSXX5324
Samgong-ni KSXX9766
Samgong-ni KSXX5325
Samgori KSXX9767
Samgorim KSXX9768
Samgusil KSXX5326
Samgwang-ni KSXX0461
Samgwijong KSXX5327
Samgye KSXX9769
Samgye-ri KSXX9770
Samhan KSXX7199
Samhap-ri KSXX2006
Samho KSXX5328
Samhung KSXX2007
Samhwa KSXX5329
Samhwa-dong KSXX9771
Samhwa-dong KSXX2008
Samhwa-ri KSXX5330
Samhwa-ri KSXX9772
Samhyon KSXX2009
Samhyon-ni KSXX5331
Samhyu-dong KSXX9773
Sami-ri KSXX5332
Samjak KSXX5333
Samjol-li KSXX5334
Samjong KSXX9774
Samjong KSXX2010
Samjong-dong KSXX7200
Samjong-dong KSXX2011
Samjong-ni KSXX9775
Samjun KSXX5335
Samkkot KSXX5336
Samma KSXX9776
Samma-gol KSXX7201
Sammun KSXX9777
Samnak-tong KSXX0462
Samnang-ni KSXX9778
Samnangjin KSXX9779
Samni-ri KSXX7552
Samnye KSXX0278
Samnyong-ni KSXX5337
Samsaeng-ni KSXX2012
Samsal-li KSXX5339
Samsan KSXX9780
Samsan-dong KSXX2013
Samsan-dong KSXX5340
Samsang-gol KSXX2014
Samsil KSXX2015
Samsil-li KSXX5341
Samsim-dong KSXX5342
Samsong-dong KSXX7202
Samsong-gol KSXX2016
Samsong-ni KSXX5343
Samsongi KSXX2017
Samsongi-dong KSXX7203
Samsongil-tong KSXX7204
Samsung KSXX2018
Samsung KSXX5344
Samsung-gol KSXX2019
Samul-li KSXX5346
Samyang KSXX2022
San-dong KSXX5348
San-dong KSXX7205
San-gol KSXX5349
Sanbang KSXX9781
Sanbugaraettam KSXX9782
Sanbung-ni KSXX9783
Sancheong KSXX0279
Sanda KSXX9785
Sandal KSXX9786
Sandi KSXX7206
Sandobak-kol KSXX9787
Sandong-ni KSXX5351
Sandu KSXX9788
Sandu-dong KSXX9789
Sandung KSXX9790
Sandwi KSXX5352
Sandwi KSXX2023
Sang-dong KSXX9792
Sang-dong KSXX7553
Sang-dong KSXX5354
Sang-mal KSXX5355
Sang-mal KSXX2025
Sang-ni KSXX9793
Sang-ni KSXX7554
Sang-ni KSXX0463
Sang-ni KSXX2026
Sanga-ri KSXX5357
Sangaji KSXX5358
Sangam KSXX5359
Sangan KSXX5360
Sanganyong KSXX5361
Sangbaek KSXX9794
Sangbaekhyon KSXX9795
Sangbal KSXX7208
Sangbanwol KSXX5362
Sangbawi KSXX5363
Sangbi KSXX9796
Sangboan KSXX7209
Sangbodul KSXX5364
Sangbokko-ri KSXX2027
Sangbol KSXX5365
Sangbong KSXX5366
Sangbop KSXX9797
Sangbu KSXX5367
Sangbu-ri KSXX9798
Sangbujon KSXX9799
Sangbukchong KSXX9800
Sangbyollae KSXX9801
Sangchon KSXX2032
Sangchong-ni KSXX5374
Sangdae KSXX0464
Sangdae KSXX5375
Sangdae KSXX9808
Sangdaehyon KSXX9809
Sangdam KSXX5376
Sangdan-ni KSXX2034
Sangdo-gol KSXX2035
Sangdong-ni KSXX5377
Sangdonghae KSXX5378
Sangdongnim KSXX5379
Sangdongsan KSXX5380
Sangdu KSXX5382
Sangdu KSXX9812
Sangdugok KSXX9813
Sangdul-li KSXX9814
Sangga KSXX5383
Sangga-ri KSXX2037
Sangga-ri KSXX5384
Sangga-ri KSXX9815
Sanggabok KSXX9816
Sanggaegum KSXX9817
Sanggaejik KSXX5385
Sanggaemyong KSXX9818
Sanggajong KSXX2038
Sanggakkye KSXX2039
Sanggalsin KSXX5387
Sanggam-ni KSXX5388
Sanggamwol KSXX9819
Sanggang-gol KSXX7749
Sanggo KSXX9820
Sanggo-ri KSXX5389
Sanggodang KSXX2040
Sanggoemok-tong KSXX5390
Sanggoja KSXX2041
Sanggok KSXX9821
Sanggok-tong KSXX9822
Sanggomam KSXX9823
Sanggong-ni KSXX2042
Sanggong-ni KSXX9824
Sanggu-ri KSXX5391
Sanggugok KSXX2043
Sanggum KSXX2044
Sanggum-ni KSXX5392
Sanggumdu KSXX5393
Sanggung KSXX5394
Sanggung-ni KSXX5395
Sanggunghang KSXX9825
Sanggungwon KSXX5396
Sangguyongsil KSXX5397
Sanggwan KSXX5398
Sanggwan-dong KSXX5399
Sanggwang KSXX9826
Sanggyo KSXX9827
Sanghagae KSXX5400
Sanghagum KSXX5401
Sanghajung KSXX5402
Sanghak KSXX2045
Sanghak-tong KSXX2046
Sanghakhyon KSXX2047
Sanghang KSXX9828
Sanghoe-dong KSXX9829
Sanghuk KSXX5403
Sanghwang-dong KSXX9830
Sanghwang-ni KSXX5404
Sanghwangdang KSXX2048
Sanghyon-dong KSXX2049
Sangigok KSXX9831
Sangil-li KSXX9832
Sangin-dong KSXX7555
Sangipjang KSXX2050
Sangjak-kol KSXX5405
Sangjang KSXX9833
Sangji-mal KSXX5407
Sangjin KSXX2051
Sangjindu KSXX9834
Sangjo KSXX9835
Sangjogye KSXX9836
Sangjohang KSXX9837
Sangjok KSXX5408
Sangjon KSXX5409
Sangjong KSXX9839
Sangjong KSXX5410
Sangjong-ni KSXX2052
Sangjong-ni KSXX7750
Sangju KSXX9840
Sangju KSXX0280
Sangju-dong KSXX2053
Sangjung-ni KSXX5411
Sangjung-ni KSXX9841
Sangjungsim KSXX9842
Sangma-dong KSXX5412
Sangmae KSXX9844
Sangmaehwa KSXX2054
Sangmaesan KSXX9845
Sangmal KSXX5413
Sangman KSXX5414
Sangmanwol KSXX2055
Sangmisa KSXX5415
Sangmok KSXX5416
Sangmu KSXX9846
Sangmuk KSXX5417
Sangmulan KSXX9847
Sangmun KSXX5418
Sangmun-ni KSXX9848
Sangmyong-dong KSXX9849
Sangnabaegi KSXX5419
Sangnadae KSXX9850
Sangnam KSXX5420
Sangnam KSXX9851
Sangnam-dong KSXX9852
Sangnamsan KSXX5421
Sangnamuttum KSXX5422
Sangnim KSXX2058
Sangnim KSXX5423
Sangnojang KSXX2059
Sangnon KSXX5425
Sangnosal-li KSXX9853
Sangnyong-ni KSXX9854
Sangnyonggye KSXX9855
Sangomjong KSXX5426
Sangong-ni KSXX5427
Sangosan KSXX5428
Sangsa KSXX9859
Sangsa KSXX7211
Sangsa-dong KSXX9860
Sangsam-ni KSXX5434
Sangsam-ni KSXX9861
Sangsan KSXX2063
Sangsan KSXX9862
Sangsan KSXX5435
Sangse-dong KSXX7212
Sangsi-dong KSXX2064
Sangsil-li KSXX9864
Sangsilmong-ni KSXX5436
Sangsin KSXX7213
Sangsin KSXX5437
Sangsin KSXX9865
Sangsindae KSXX2065
Sangsindae-ri KSXX5438
Sangsinsong KSXX2066
Sangso KSXX9867
Sangso-dong KSXX2067
Sangso-ri KSXX5439
Sangsogye KSXX2068
Sangsok KSXX5440
Sangsol KSXX5441
Sangson KSXX7751
Sangsong KSXX5442
Sangsong KSXX7214
Sangsong-ni KSXX5443
Sangsonghan KSXX2069
Sangsongjong KSXX2070
Sangsongnim KSXX9868
Sangsoryong-gol KSXX7215
Sangsunae KSXX9869
Sangsungam KSXX5444
Sangsuwol KSXX9870
Sangung KSXX5448
Sangung KSXX2071
Sangwajong KSXX5449
Sangwin-mal KSXX2072
Sangwol KSXX9872
Sangwol KSXX5450
Sangwon KSXX9873
Sangwon KSXX5451
Sangwon KSXX2073
Sangwon-dong KSXX9874
Sangwongok KSXX2074
Sangwonnam KSXX2075
Sangyangji KSXX9875
Sangyeongjuk KSXX2076
Sangyo KSXX9876
Sangyom KSXX5453
Sangyon KSXX9877
Sangyong KSXX2077
Sangyong KSXX9878
Sangyong-ni KSXX2078
Sangyongdu KSXX2079
Sangyongjon KSXX9879
Sangyonso KSXX9880
Sangyuam KSXX2080
Sangyugok KSXX9881
Sangyul KSXX9882
Sanha KSXX9883
Sanha-ri KSXX5454
Sanhak KSXX9884
Sanhasil KSXX5455
Sanhu KSXX5456
Sanhyon KSXX9885
Sanibol KSXX5457
Sanik KSXX9886
Sanik KSXX2081
Sanjae KSXX5458
Sanje KSXX9887
Sanje-ri KSXX5459
Sanjegol KSXX9888
Sanji-dong KSXX5460
Sanji-ri KSXX9889
Sanjik KSXX5461
Sanjikmal KSXX2082
Sanjing-mal KSXX5463
Sanjing-ni KSXX2083
Sanjo KSXX5464
Sanjo-gol KSXX2084
Sanjol-li KSXX5465
Sanjomak KSXX5466
Sanjon KSXX9890
Sanjong KSXX2085
Sanjong KSXX7752
Sanjong KSXX5467
Sanjong-mal KSXX5468
Sanjong-mal KSXX7217
Sanjung KSXX9891
Sanjung-gol KSXX9892
Sanjung-gol KSXX7218
Sanjung-mal KSXX5469
Sankyo-ri KSXX5470
Sanmak KSXX2087
Sanmak KSXX5471
Sanmak-kol KSXX5472
Sanmak-kol KSXX2088
Sanmak-tong KSXX7753
Sanmakgol KSXX2089
Sanman KSXX9893
Sanmang-ni KSXX2090
Sanmang-ni KSXX7754
Sanmit KSXX5473
Sanmittum KSXX5474
Sannae-dong KSXX7219
Sanno-ri KSXX5475
Sansa-dong KSXX2091
Sansam KSXX9896
Sansei KSXX9897
Sansei-ri KSXX0465
Sanso KSXX2092
Sanso KSXX5476
Sanso-gol KSXX5477
Sanso-gol KSXX7220
Sanso-mal KSXX5478
Sansong KSXX2093
Sansong KSXX5479
Sansong KSXX9898
Sansong-dong KSXX7221
Sansong-dong KSXX5480
Sansong-dong KSXX2094
Sansong-ni KSXX5481
Sansongmi KSXX5482
Sansu-dong KSXX9899
Sansu-dong KSXX5483
Sansu-gol KSXX5484
Sansu-gol KSXX7222
Sansu-ri KSXX7223
Sansu-ri KSXX2095
Sansugul KSXX5485
Santyoku KSXX0281
Sanuijol KSXX7224
Sanumul KSXX5486
Sanya-gol KSXX5487
Sanyak-kol KSXX5488
Sanyang KSXX5489
Sanyang KSXX9901
Sanyang-dong KSXX9902
Sanyang-ni KSXX9903
Sanyu-gol KSXX9904
Sanzenpo KSXX9905
Sapchol KSXX5490
Sapkae KSXX5491
Sapkyo KSXX5492
Sapsido-ri KSXX5493
Saptari KSXX5496
Saptun KSXX2098
Sara KSXX5497
Saraengi KSXX2099
Saraesil KSXX2100
Sarak-kol KSXX5498
Sarak-ri KSXX2101
Sarang-gol KSXX2102
Sarangmok KSXX9909
Sari-gol KSXX2104
Saryong KSXX9910
Saryong-dong KSXX5499
Saryoul KSXX7225
Sasan KSXX5500
Sasen-ri KSXX0466
Sasil KSXX2105
Sasong KSXX5501
Sasong-ni KSXX2106
Sasu KSXX7557
Sasu-dong KSXX7558
Sasu-ri KSXX7226
Sasumi KSXX7227
Sasumi-gol KSXX7228
Saum-ni KSXX7229
Sawol-li KSXX5504
Sayang KSXX7230
Sayang-gol KSXX5505
Sayang-ni KSXX2108
Sayon KSXX9912
Se-dong KSXX9913
Seam KSXX9914
Sedaebaegi KSXX5507
Sedari KSXX5508
Sedong KSXX7755
Sedong-ni KSXX5509
Segal-li KSXX9915
Sego-ri KSXX5510
Sego-ri KSXX9916
Sego-ri KSXX2109
Segyo-ri KSXX2110
Sehwa-ri KSXX0282
Sei-ri KSXX9917
Seian KSXX2111
Seiko Koku KSXX9918
Seisan-ri KSXX9919
Seisei-ri KSXX0467
Seisen-ri KSXX2112
Seizan KSXX2113
Seizan-ri KSXX9920
Sejilmok KSXX5511
Sejimmae KSXX5512
Sejin KSXX9921
Sek-kol KSXX2114
Sekisanri KSXX7232
Sekitoku KSXX9922
Semak-kol KSXX2115
Semok KSXX5513
Senchan-ri KSXX9923
Senki-ri KSXX9924
Sensen KSXX9925
Senu-ri KSXX7233
Senzen-ri KSXX9926
Seocheon KSXX0283
Seoeum KSXX2116
Seogwipo KSXX0284
Seokbyeongmu KSXX2117
Seokdonggeori KSXX2118
Seokgyecheon KSXX2119
Seokju KSXX2120
Seommal KSXX2121
Seonandangi KSXX2122
Seonangdang-i KSXX5514
Seongdeul KSXX2123
Seongju KSXX0285
Seongmi KSXX2124
Seongnam KSXX0286
Seongol KSXX2125
Seongub-ri KSXX0287
Seonhwangdang KSXX2126
Seonjeong-ri KSXX2127
Seonsan KSXX0288
Seopbae KSXX2128
Seopbat KSXX2129
Seoul KSXX0037
Seowon-mal KSXX2130
Seryong-gol KSXX5516
Sesal-li KSXX2132
Sesimjong KSXX2133
Setchimmae KSXX5517
Setchimmae KSXX2134
Settam KSXX9928
Seyang-dong KSXX7756
Shichiseigan KSXX2135
Shin-gi KSXX9929
Shin-gok KSXX9930
Shin-gye KSXX9931
Shinden-ri KSXX9932
Shinki-ri KSXX9933
Shintoku KSXX9934
Shiseki-ri KSXX9935
Shisen KSXX9936
Shitsugen KSXX9937
Shitsukoku KSXX7560
Shufuzan KSXX2136
Shuhori KSXX2137
Shunkoku-ri KSXX9938
Si-dong KSXX5518
Si-dong KSXX9939
Siangjol KSXX5519
Sibi-ri KSXX9940
Sidumul KSXX5520
Sigok KSXX5521
Sigumuk KSXX9942
Sigung-gol KSXX2139
Sigung-gol KSXX5522
Sigye KSXX5523
Sihaengi KSXX5524
Sihwasan KSXX5525
Sijang KSXX9943
Siji KSXX7561
Sijo-dong KSXX7562
Sijol-li KSXX9944
Sijon-ni KSXX5526
Sijong-ni KSXX9945
Sikkae KSXX2140
Siksang KSXX9946
Siksong KSXX9947
Sil-li KSXX5527
Sil-li KSXX9948
Silchol KSXX9949
Silchol-li KSXX9950
Silla-ri KSXX5528
Sillang-dong KSXX5529
Sillim KSXX7757
Sillyewol-li KSXX5530
Sillyong KSXX9951
Sim-dong KSXX5532
Simbang-gol KSXX7234
Simbangi KSXX2142
Simbangso KSXX9952
Simbok-kol KSXX2143
Simcheon KSXX2145
Simgok KSXX7758
Simgong-ni KSXX5535
Simgong-ni KSXX9954
Simigi KSXX9955
Simmyong-gol KSXX9956
Simok KSXX5536
Simok KSXX9957
Simok-kol KSXX5537
Simok-tong KSXX5538
Simokchong KSXX5539
Simong-ni KSXX2146
Simong-ni KSXX5540
Simong-ni KSXX9958
Simsan KSXX5543
Simsang-gol KSXX2147
Simsil KSXX9960
Simsin KSXX9961
Simyon-dong KSXX5544
Sin-dong KSXX5558
Sin-gol KSXX2154
Sin-ni KSXX2155
Sin-ni KSXX5559
Sina KSXX5560
Sinae KSXX9971
Sinaewol KSXX2156
Sinal-li KSXX5561
Sinam KSXX7760
Sinam KSXX0468
Sinam-ni KSXX0469
Sinam-ni KSXX5562
Sinan KSXX5563
Sinan KSXX9974
Sinan-dong KSXX7761
Sinan-dong KSXX2157
Sinan-dong KSXX5564
Sinang-dong KSXX5565
Sinang-gol KSXX2158
Sinbae KSXX5566
Sinbaek-tong KSXX2159
Sinbal-li KSXX9976
Sinbang KSXX9977
Sinbong KSXX5567
Sinbong-ni KSXX5568
Sinbu KSXX9980
Sinbu-dong KSXX5569
Sinbuong-gol KSXX5570
Sinburak KSXX9981
Sindae KSXX2160
Sindae KSXX9984
Sindae KSXX5574
Sindae-dong KSXX2161
Sindae-mal KSXX2162
Sindae-ri KSXX9985
Sindae-ri KSXX2163
Sindae-ri KSXX5575
Sindal-li KSXX5576
Sindam KSXX2164
Sindam-ni KSXX5577
Sindan KSXX2165
Sindang KSXX9986
Sindang KSXX7565
Sindang-gol KSXX9987
Sindang-ni KSXX7567
Sindang-ni KSXX9988
Sindang-ni KSXX5578
Sindangi KSXX2166
Sindo-ri KSXX9989
Sindogi KSXX5579
Sindok KSXX9990
Sindok KSXX7568
Sindok KSXX5580
Sindong-ni KSXX5581
Sindu-ri KSXX5582
Sindugok KSXX9992
Sindunji KSXX5583
Singi KSXX9993
Singoun KSXX5584
Sinham-ni KSXX5585
Sinheung-dong KSXX2167
Sinho KSXX9994
Sinho-dong KSXX9995
Sinhung KSXX5586
Sinhung KSXX9996
Sinhung-dong KSXX5588
Sinhung-dong KSXX7237
Sinhung-ni KSXX2168
Sinhung-ni KSXX5589
Sinhwa-dong KSXX9997
Sinhyeon KSXX0290
Sinil-tong KSXX7238
Sinjang-gol KSXX5592
Sinjang-ni KSXX5593
Sinjin KSXX5594
Sinjol-gol KSXX7239
Sinjol-li KSXX9998
Sinjon KSXX9999
Sinjon KSXX5595
Sinjon-dong KSXX2169
Sinjon-ni KSXX5596
Sinjong-ni KSXX5597
Sinjumak KSXX2170
Sinjung-ni KSXX5598
Sinlyeong KSXX0291
Sinmasan KSXX7569
Sinmo-ri KSXX5599
Sinmu KSXX5600
Sinmu-ri KSXX2171
Sinnae KSXX5601
Sinnamu-gol KSXX5602
Sinon-ni KSXX5603
Sinsa KSXX5610
Sinsa-dong KSXX5611
Sinsa-ri KSXX5612
Sinsang KSXX5613
Sinsi-ri KSXX5614
Sinsol-tong KSXX5615
Sinson-dong KSXX0471
Sinsonam KSXX7240
Sinsong KSXX5616
Sinsong-dong KSXX7241
Sinsong-ni KSXX5617
Sinsong-ni KSXX2176
Sintansin KSXX7243
Sinttum KSXX7244
Sinuisil KSXX2178
Sinung-ni KSXX5620
Sinwan KSXX7766
Sinwanjon KSXX7245
Sinwol KSXX7571
Sinwol-tong KSXX2179
Sinya-ri KSXX5621
Sinyang KSXX5622
Sinyang-ni KSXX5623
Sinyang-ni KSXX2180
Sinyok KSXX5624
Sinyong KSXX7768
Sinyong-dong KSXX5625
Sinyong-gol KSXX5626
Sio-gol KSXX5627
Sipchago-ri KSXX5629
Sirang-ni KSXX0472
Sirhang-ni KSXX5630
Sirok-tong KSXX5631
Sirubong KSXX7246
Siruji KSXX5632
Sirumi KSXX5633
Sirumi KSXX2182
Sirumoe KSXX5634
Siryangi KSXX7572
Sisan KSXX5635
Sium-ni KSXX5637
Siyongje KSXX5638
So-dong KSXX7769
So-dong KSXX5640
So-gol KSXX7247
So-gol KSXX5641
So-ri KSXX5642
Soam KSXX5643
Soam KSXX0473
Soam-ni KSXX2184
Sobangul KSXX5644
Sobawi KSXX2185
Sobok KSXX7248
Sobon KSXX2186
Sobong-gol KSXX5647
Sobu KSXX5648
Sobuk-kol KSXX2187
Sobyon KSXX7573
Sodae KSXX2188
Sodae KSXX7249
Sodae-ri KSXX2189
Sodaejumakko-ri KSXX2190
Sodaengi KSXX5652
Sodaesil KSXX5653
Sodal KSXX5654
Sodang-dong KSXX5655
Sodang-gol KSXX7250
Sodang-gol KSXX5656
Sodang-mal KSXX5657
Sodangi KSXX2192
Sodappul KSXX2193
Sodo KSXX5658
Sodok-tong KSXX5659
Sodul KSXX7251
Sodumul KSXX5660
Soe-gol KSXX2194
Soegok KSXX5661
Soegol KSXX5662
Soegonamu-gol KSXX5663
Soehak-kol KSXX5664
Soeil KSXX7252
Soeil KSXX5665
Soejae KSXX5666
Soejom KSXX5667
Soejong-gol KSXX7253
Soek-kol KSXX2195
Soenaeda-ri KSXX5669
Soesil KSXX2198
Soesom KSXX5672
Soeul KSXX5673
Sogaejong KSXX5674
Sogcho KSXX0292
Sogihang KSXX2199
Sogil KSXX5675
Sogok KSXX7772
Sogok KSXX2200
Sogong-ni KSXX5676
Sogongnim KSXX2201
Sogori KSXX5677
Sogot KSXX5678
Sogum-dong KSXX2202
Sogunbo KSXX5680
Soguni KSXX5681
Sogunjin KSXX5682
Sogwangsan KSXX5685
Sogwipo KSXX0054
Sogyang-ni KSXX5686
Sogye KSXX2203
Sogye-ri KSXX2204
Sohae KSXX5688
Sohagu KSXX5689
Sohaksom KSXX5690
Sohwa-dong KSXX2206
Sohwang-ni KSXX5691
Sojae KSXX2207
Sojaengi KSXX5692
Sojangdol KSXX5693
Soje-dong KSXX7255
Soje-ri KSXX7574
Soji-dong KSXX5694
Soji-ri KSXX2208
Sojin-gol KSXX5695
Sojong KSXX5696
Sojong KSXX2209
Sojong-ni KSXX5697
Sojongi KSXX5698
Sojongi KSXX7256
Soju-gol KSXX5699
Sojung-ni KSXX5700
Sok-kol KSXX7575
Sokchae KSXX5705
Sokchang KSXX5706
Sokchang-gol KSXX5707
Sokchi-gol KSXX5708
Sokcho KSXX0032
Sokgae KSXX2212
Sokha KSXX5709
Sokhoe-dong KSXX5710
Sokhwa KSXX2213
Sokhwa-ri KSXX2214
Sokhyol-li KSXX2215
Sokkangsan KSXX5711
Sokkisil KSXX5712
Sokkogae KSXX7257
Sokkong-ni KSXX5713
Sokkye-ri KSXX5714
Sokkyo KSXX2216
Sokkyo-dong KSXX7258
Sokkyo-ri KSXX5715
Sokkyo-ri KSXX7259
Sokkyol KSXX2217
Sokpak-kol KSXX7260
Sokpol KSXX5719