Weather Codes for South Africa

Find Weather Codes or Weather Zip Codes for states and cities in South Africa. Weather Codes references a specified Location and is used to get weather of that place accurately. They are used by The Weather Channel( by IBM), Yahoo! Weather, AOL Weather and many such weather forecasting platforms. It is similar to Yahoo's WOEID(Where On the Earth ID) that is used to represent each place uniquely.

You can know the weather of any place precisely with the help of weather codes. Find the current weather of your state or city by clicking on it. You will be redirected to The Weather Channel site with your weather code for accurate weather forecast.

Aandenk SFXX0533
Aangewysd SFXX7295
Aanhou SFXX4391
Aankomst SFXX7296
Aapdraai SFXX9690
Aarbossiesplaat SFXX0534
Aarfontein SFXX7849
Aasvoelkop SFXX0535
Aasvogelboom SFXX9691
Abbey SFXX9692
Abbotspoort SFXX5950
Abelsruhe SFXX0536
Aberdeen SFXX0076
Aberdour SFXX0537
Aberfeldy SFXX4392
Aboyne SFXX8421
Abramskraal SFXX4393
Abrasive SFXX5951
Acme SFXX8422
Acornhoek SFXX5952
Acton Homes SFXX8423
Adams College SFXX8424
Adcock SFXX0538
Adderley SFXX9693
Addington SFXX8425
Addney SFXX5953
Addo SFXX0077
Adelaide SFXX0539
Aden SFXX4394
Adendorp SFXX0540
Adriaanshoop SFXX5954
Afrikaskop SFXX4395
Afzondering SFXX0541
Agatha SFXX8426
Aggeneys SFXX0078
Agincourt SFXX5955
Agnes SFXX0542
Agnes Rest SFXX0543
Ahrens SFXX8427
Ainslie SFXX9694
Airlie SFXX0544
Akasia SFXX5364
Akron SFXX9695
Alabama SFXX9696
Albanie SFXX9697
Albert SFXX9698
Albert Falls SFXX8428
Alberton SFXX5365
Alberton North SFXX5366
Albertskroon SFXX5367
Albertynsville SFXX5368
Alcockspruit SFXX8429
Aldam SFXX4396
Aldarapark SFXX5369
Alderley SFXX0545
Alderly SFXX8430
Alettasrus SFXX9699
Alexander Bay SFXX0001
Alexandra SFXX5370
Alexandria SFXX0080
Alexandria SFXX7297
Alfa SFXX4398
Alfalfa SFXX0546
Algiers SFXX9700
Algoapark SFXX0547
Alheit SFXX7850
Alice SFXX0081
Alicedale SFXX0548
Alida SFXX4399
Aliwal North SFXX0082
Alkmaar SFXX7298
All Saints SFXX0549
All Saints Nek SFXX0550
Allandale SFXX5956
Allandale SFXX4400
Allanridge SFXX0083
Alldays SFXX0084
Allemansdrif SFXX7299
Allemanskraal SFXX0551
Allemansvlei SFXX0552
Allendale SFXX0553
Allerton SFXX8431
Almondale SFXX0554
Aloe Corner SFXX8432
Aloma SFXX0555
Alpha SFXX7300
Alrapark SFXX5372
Alrode SFXX5373
Althea SFXX5374
Alton SFXX4401
Alton SFXX8433
Altona SFXX8434
Altyre SFXX0556
Alva SFXX8435
Alva SFXX0557
Alverton SFXX5957
Amabedlana SFXX8436
Amajola SFXX0558
Amalia SFXX9701
Amalinda SFXX0559
Amana SFXX0560
Amanda SFXX5958
Amandasig SFXX5375
Amandelbult SFXX5959
Amanzana SFXX8437
Amanzi SFXX0561
Amanzimtoti SFXX0085
AMatata SFXX9656
Amatava SFXX5960
AMatikulu SFXX9657
Ambleside SFXX8438
Amersfoort SFXX0086
Amiel Park SFXX8439
Amosa SFXX5961
Amsterdam SFXX0087
Amsterdam SFXX0562
Amsterdamhoek SFXX0563
Andrieskraal SFXX0564
Anerley SFXX8440
Angledale SFXX5962
Anglo Alpha SFXX4402
Ann Shaw SFXX0565
Annadale SFXX0002
Annan SFXX9702
Annasgeluk SFXX7851
Annashoop SFXX7852
Annaton SFXX5376
Annawater SFXX0566
Annesville SFXX0567
Annex SFXX4403
Anniedale SFXX0569
Anniesdale SFXX4404
Annisfontein SFXX7853
Annlin SFXX5377
Annyama SFXX0570
Antelope Park SFXX0571
Anthonys Kraal SFXX0572
Antwerp SFXX5378
Antwerpen SFXX4405
Apel SFXX5963
Apieskraal SFXX0573
Appelsbosch SFXX8441
Aqua SFXX4406
Arbeid Adelt SFXX4407
Arbeidsloon SFXX4408
Arbeidsvreug SFXX7854
Arbor Park SFXX8442
Arboretum SFXX8443
Arborville SFXX8444
Arcadia SFXX4409
Arcadia SFXX5379
Arcadia SFXX0574
Archbell SFXX4410
Arcon Park SFXX5380
Ardath SFXX9703
Ardee SFXX8445
Ardmore SFXX8446
Argyle SFXX0575
Argyle SFXX9704
Ariemagom SFXX7855
Ariesputs SFXX7856
Ariston SFXX9705
Arlington SFXX4411
Armburg SFXX7302
Armistice SFXX0576
Armmansvriend SFXX0577
Arnot SFXX7303
Arthurs Seat SFXX0578
Artmor SFXX0579
Asbosbam SFXX7857
Aseries Puts SFXX7858
Ashfield SFXX9706
Ashley SFXX8447
Ashton SFXX0089
Ashton SFXX8448
Askeaton SFXX0580
Askham SFXX7859
Aspley SFXX7305
Assegaairivier SFXX0581
Assen SFXX9707
Assina SFXX8449
Assvoelkop SFXX4412
Aston Bay SFXX0582
Aston Manor SFXX5381
Aston Woods SFXX5382
Atherstone SFXX8450
Athlone SFXX8451
Athol SFXX5964
Athole SFXX9708
Atlanta SFXX9709
Atlasville SFXX5383
Atoom SFXX5965
Atteridgeville SFXX5384
Aucampsrus SFXX7860
Auchas SFXX7861
Auckland Park SFXX5385
Audie SFXX0583
Augrabies SFXX0090
Augsburg SFXX7306
Austerville SFXX8452
Austins Post SFXX4414
Austrey SFXX9710
Avalon SFXX4415
Avalon SFXX0584
Avalon SFXX5386
Avilion SFXX0585
Avocadale SFXX8453
Avon SFXX9711
Avondale SFXX8454
Avondkraal SFXX4416
Avondrust SFXX0586
Avondster SFXX9712
Avondzon SFXX5387
Aylesby SFXX0587
Ayr SFXX9713
Baakfontein SFXX4418
Babanango SFXX0524
Babel SFXX4419
Babelegi SFXX9714
Baca SFXX0588
Bacela SFXX0589
Bach Rust SFXX4420
Badenhorstdam SFXX7862
Badfontein SFXX7307
Badi SFXX0590
Badplaas SFXX7308
Bafaladi SFXX5966
Bahurutshe SFXX9715
Bailey SFXX0591
Bailey Brith SFXX9716
Baillie Park SFXX9717
Bakaneni SFXX0592
Bakbank SFXX4422
Bakenberg SFXX5967
Bakeni SFXX0593
Bakenkop SFXX4423
Bakenshoek SFXX0594
Bakenskop SFXX0595
Bakensvlei SFXX4424
Bakerville SFXX9718
Bakkraal SFXX0596
Bakoni SFXX5968
Bakubha SFXX0597
Bakubung Lodge SFXX9719
Bala SFXX9720
Balaclava SFXX4425
Balasi SFXX0598
Balatsi SFXX0599
Balburney SFXX7863
Balcraig SFXX0600
Balfour SFXX0601
Balfour SFXX0092
Balfour North SFXX7309
Balinguile SFXX0602
Balkfontein SFXX9721
Ballengeich SFXX8455
Ballito SFXX8456
Ballitoville SFXX8457
Balmoral SFXX0603
Balmoral SFXX7310
Balmoral SFXX5388
Baltimore SFXX5970
Bambela SFXX8458
Bambi SFXX7311
Bamboeshoek SFXX0604
Bamokgoko SFXX4426
Bamokgoko SFXX7312
Bandelierkop SFXX0093
Bandlabathwa SFXX8459
Bandlana SFXX0605
Bandon SFXX0606
Bangalong SFXX5971
Banginyama SFXX8460
Bangonomo SFXX8461
Bangweni SFXX0607
Bankdrif SFXX7864
Bankfontein SFXX4427
Bankfontein SFXX0608
Bankies SFXX0609
Bankkraal SFXX4428
Bannocks SFXX4429
Bantini SFXX0610
Bantjesloo SFXX5389
Bantu Township SFXX9722
Banzi SFXX0611
Bapong SFXX9723
Baquqini SFXX0612
Baragwanath SFXX5390
Baraseba SFXX9724
Baratiwa SFXX9725
Barberton SFXX0094
Barclay Vale SFXX7313
Bareki SFXX9726
Barensdam SFXX0613
Barker SFXX7865
Barkly Bridge SFXX0614
Barkly East SFXX0095
Barkly West SFXX0003
Barnaby SFXX9727
Barnet SFXX9728
Barracuda SFXX0615
Barrage SFXX5391
Barretts SFXX7314
Barry Estate SFXX4430
Barrys Kop SFXX0616
Bartlett SFXX5392
Barvale SFXX7315
Bashasha SFXX5972
Bashee SFXX0617
Bashee Bridge SFXX0618
Bassonia SFXX5393
Bassonsdrif SFXX8462
Basterspad SFXX5973
Batho SFXX4431
Bathobatho SFXX9729
Bathurst SFXX0619
Battlemound SFXX9730
Batweni SFXX0620
Baviaanskrantz SFXX8463
Baviaanspoort SFXX5394
Bawa SFXX0622
Bay View SFXX0623
Bayala SFXX8464
Bayete SFXX8465
Bayhead SFXX8466
Bayisonto SFXX7316
Baynesfield SFXX8467
Bayswater SFXX4432
Bayview SFXX0624
Baziya SFXX0625
Beachview SFXX0626
Beacon Bay SFXX0627
Beacon Hill SFXX0628
Beaconsfield SFXX5974
Beaconsfield SFXX7866
Beamont SFXX0629
Beans River SFXX0630
Beaufort West SFXX0097
Beauly SFXX0631
Beauty SFXX0098
Beauvallon SFXX0004
Bebeza SFXX0632
Beckedan SFXX5395
Beckendan SFXX5396
Beckenham SFXX8468
Bedat SFXX8469
Bede SFXX0633
Bedelia SFXX4433
Bedelia West SFXX4434
Bedford SFXX0100
Bedford Gardens SFXX5397
Bedfordview SFXX5398
Bedwang SFXX9731
Bedworth Park SFXX5399
Beecham Woods SFXX0634
Beersheba SFXX8470
Bees Vallev SFXX0635
Beesdam SFXX7867
Beeshel SFXX7868
Beeshoek SFXX0101
Beestekraal SFXX9732
Begha Mouth SFXX0636
Beginplaas SFXX5975
Beginsel SFXX4435
Beginsil SFXX7869
Behoudeniskloof SFXX5976
Bekileni SFXX0637
Bekkersdal SFXX5400
Bekkersrust SFXX7317
Bela-Bela SFXX5977
Beledale SFXX0638
Belekana SFXX0639
Belekence SFXX0640
Belfast SFXX5978
Belfast SFXX0102
Belfort SFXX0641
Belgie SFXX4436
Belhambra SFXX8471
Bell SFXX0642
Bellair SFXX8472
Bellavista SFXX0643
Bellcrest SFXX0644
Bellevue SFXX8473
Bellrock SFXX0646
Bellville SFXX0005
Bellvue SFXX4437
Belmont SFXX4438
Belper SFXX9733
Belvior SFXX0647
Ben Avis SFXX0648
Benard SFXX0649
Bend SFXX5979
Bende SFXX0650
Bendell SFXX9734
Benella SFXX7318
Bengu SFXX0651
Benmore Gardens SFXX5401
Bennezar SFXX8474
Benoni SFXX0006
Benoudsfontein SFXX7870
Benrose SFXX5402
Bensonvale SFXX0652
Berbice SFXX7319
Berea SFXX0653
Berea SFXX8475
Berea SFXX5403
Bergbron SFXX5404
Bergfontein SFXX0654
Bergheim SFXX0655
Bergnek SFXX5980
Bergplaas SFXX0656
Bergplaats SFXX4439
Bergsig SFXX7871
Bergsig SFXX4440
Bergsputte SFXX7872
Bergville SFXX0105
Berlin SFXX4441
Berlin SFXX0007
Berlyn SFXX4442
Bermuda SFXX4443
Bernardshoek SFXX0657
Bernardus SFXX4444
Bernese SFXX0658
Berseba SFXX0659
Bertievale SFXX0660
Berwick SFXX9735
Besonderheid SFXX5981
Bessiedam SFXX7873
Beste Geluk SFXX4446
Besters SFXX8476
Bestersdal SFXX0661
Bestersdam SFXX4447
Bethal SFXX0107
Bethal East SFXX7320
Bethalrand SFXX7321
Bethania SFXX0662
Bethanie SFXX9736
Bethany SFXX4448
Bethel SFXX8477
Bethel SFXX0663
Bethel SFXX9737
Bethelsdorp SFXX0664
Bethesda SFXX4449
Bethlehem SFXX4450
Bethulie SFXX4451
Betjeskraal SFXX4452
Betshawawini SFXX0665
Betshwana SFXX0666
Bewley SFXX9738
Beyele SFXX0667
Bhakaleni SFXX0668
Bhala SFXX0669
Bhantini SFXX0670
Bhayi SFXX0671
Bhetani SFXX0672
Bhibha SFXX0673
Bhicini SFXX8478
Bhisho SFXX0674
Bhokhwe SFXX0675
Bhokweni SFXX0676
Bhokweni SFXX8479
Bholani SFXX0677
Bhoneni SFXX0678
Bhongolethu SFXX0679
Bhongwem SFXX5405
Bhongweni SFXX0680
Bhoqo SFXX0681
Bhubesi SFXX0682
Bhukada SFXX0683
Bhukubhukwini SFXX8480
Bhunga SFXX0684
Bhungeni SFXX0685
Bhungweni SFXX0686
Bidiza SFXX0687
Bierkraal SFXX9739
Biesiedal SFXX4453
Biesiefontein SFXX4454
Biesies SFXX7875
Biesiesvlei SFXX9740
Biesiesvlei SFXX4455
Big Umngazi SFXX0688
Bikana SFXX0689
Bikanadale SFXX0690
Bikizana SFXX0691
Bilaty SFXX0692
Birchleigh SFXX5406
Bishopstowe SFXX8481
Bisi SFXX8482
Biskop SFXX4456
Bitterfontein SFXX0109
Bittern SFXX0693
Bitterputs SFXX7876
Bityi SFXX0694
Biyela SFXX8483
Bizana SFXX0695
Blaauboskom SFXX7877
Blaauwater SFXX0696
Blaauwbosch SFXX8484
Blaauwkraal SFXX7878
Blaauwkrantz SFXX8485
Blaauwkrantz SFXX7879
Black Fountain SFXX0697
Black Hill SFXX0698
Black Rock SFXX0699
Black Streams SFXX0700
Blackburn SFXX8486
Blackheath SFXX5407
Blackmoor SFXX8487
Blackwoods SFXX0701
Bladgrond-Noord SFXX7880
Blairgowrie SFXX5408
Blanco SFXX4457
Blarney SFXX8488
Blaufontein SFXX0702
Blekana SFXX0703
Blenheim SFXX0704
Blesbok SFXX7322
Blesbokhoek SFXX7881
Blesboklaagte SFXX7323
Blighty SFXX7882
Blignautrus SFXX5409
Blikana SFXX0705
Blinkklip SFXX7883
Blinkpan SFXX7324
Bloedfontein SFXX7325
Bloedrivier SFXX5982
Bloekomhof SFXX0706
Bloekomhoogte SFXX7884
Bloemendal SFXX0707
Bloemendal SFXX8489
Bloemendat SFXX4458
Bloemfontein SFXX0008
Bloemhoek SFXX4459
Bloemhof SFXX5983
Bloemhof SFXX0708
Bloemhof SFXX9741
Bloemof SFXX0709
Bloemspruit SFXX4460
Blomtuin SFXX0710
Bloomplaas SFXX4461
Bloubank SFXX4462
Blouberg SFXX5984
Blouboskop SFXX4463
Bloubospan SFXX7885
Bloubospooft SFXX0712
Bloudrif SFXX4464
Blouhak SFXX5985
Bloukop SFXX4465
Blouputs SFXX7886
Blouvlei SFXX7887
Blue Bend SFXX0713
Blue Boulders SFXX0714
Blue Gum Vale SFXX0715
Blue Hills SFXX0716
Blue Lagoon SFXX0717
Bluegum Grove SFXX0718
Bluegums SFXX0719
Bluegumspoon SFXX4466
Bluerock SFXX0720
Bluewater Bay SFXX0721
Bluff SFXX8490
Bluff Point SFXX4467
Blyde SFXX7326
Blydskap SFXX4468
Blythedale Beach SFXX8491
Blyvooruitzicht SFXX5411
Bo SFXX8492
Bob SFXX7327
Bobbejaanstert SFXX5986
Bobirwa SFXX5987
Bochebela SFXX4469
Bochum SFXX5988
Bodenstein SFXX9742
Bodi SFXX5989
Bodiam SFXX0722
Bodibe SFXX9743
Bodini SFXX0723
Bodweni SFXX0724
Boegoeberg SFXX7888
Boegoeberg Dam SFXX7890
Boekenhouthoek SFXX7328
Boerboomskraal SFXX7329
Boereplaas SFXX4470
Boesaksfontain SFXX4471
Boesmanskop SFXX4472
Boetrand SFXX9745
Boetsap SFXX7891
Bogo SFXX0726
Boikhutso SFXX9746
Boipatong SFXX5413
Boitshoko SFXX7892
Boitumelong SFXX9747
Bojalapotsane SFXX9748
Bojating SFXX9749
Bojelakgomo SFXX7893
Bojeni SFXX0727
Bojwana SFXX7330
Bokkraal SFXX7894
Boknes SFXX0728
Bokpoort SFXX0729
Bokpoortlaagte SFXX5990
Boksburg SFXX5414
Boksburg Lokasie SFXX5415
Boksburg North SFXX5416
Boksputs SFXX7895
Bokvlakte SFXX7896
Bokwana SFXX0730
Bolahlakgomo SFXX5991
Bolandsrus SFXX4473
Bolelakgapu SFXX7897
Bolelatlou SFXX9751
Bollantlokwe SFXX9752
Bolo SFXX0731
Bolopa SFXX5992
Bolotwa SFXX0732
Boltonia SFXX5417
Bomela SFXX0733
Bomvini SFXX0734
Bon Accord SFXX5418
Bon-Accord SFXX8493
Bonabona SFXX9753
Bonaero Park SFXX5419
Bonaparte SFXX0735
Bonde SFXX0736
Bonds Drift SFXX8494
Bonfoi SFXX7898
Bongani SFXX7331
Bongolethu SFXX0737
Bongweni SFXX0738
Bonhill SFXX0739
Boniswa SFXX0740
Bonjaneni SFXX8495
Bonmail SFXX9754
Bonnievale SFXX4474
Bonnievale SFXX0111
Bonny Glen SFXX0741
Bonnyvale SFXX0742
Bonolo SFXX4475
Bontrand SFXX8496
Bontrug SFXX0743
Bonyani SFXX5993
Bonza Bay SFXX0744
Boomerang SFXX4476
Boomplaas SFXX7332
Boomplaas SFXX4477
Boomplaaslokasie SFXX7899
Boomrivier SFXX7900
Boons SFXX9755
Boonstepos SFXX0745
Boorwater SFXX7901
Booysens SFXX5420
Bophelong SFXX5421
Bophuthatswana SFXX4478
Boplaas SFXX0746
Borakalalo SFXX9756
Borakanelo SFXX4479
Boratapelo SFXX5994
Borderville SFXX0747
Boriteng SFXX9757
Borothamadi SFXX9758
Borwalathoto SFXX5995
Bosbokrand SFXX7333
Bosch Kop SFXX7902
Boschduiven Kop SFXX7903
Boschfontein SFXX7334
Boschfontein SFXX8498
Boschfroek SFXX9759
Boschjeskop SFXX7335
Boschkloof SFXX7336
Boschplaats SFXX5996
Boschrand SFXX7337
Bosdam SFXX9760
Bosfontein SFXX0748
Bosfontein SFXX9761
Bosfontein SFXX7338
Boshalte SFXX7339
Boshoek SFXX8499
Boshof SFXX0009
Boskop SFXX4480
Boskrans SFXX7340
Boskruin SFXX5422
Bosmanspan SFXX7341
Bosplaas SFXX9762
Bosplaat SFXX4481
Bospoort SFXX9763
Bospoort SFXX0749
Bosra SFXX9764
Bosrand SFXX4482
Bosrand SFXX5997
Bosrand SFXX0750
Bossche-Diesch SFXX5998
Bossenfontein SFXX8500
Bossieshoek SFXX0751
Bossieskraal SFXX4483
Bossjesdam SFXX7904
Boston SFXX8501
Boston SFXX4484
Bothas Hill SFXX8503
Bothasberg SFXX7342
Bothaskop SFXX4485
Bothaskraal SFXX0753
Bothasrus SFXX4486
Bothaville SFXX0113
Bothetheletsa SFXX9765
Bothithong SFXX9766
Botlhaolelo SFXX9767
Botlokwe SFXX5999
Botshabelo SFXX4487
Botshabelo SFXX9768
Botshabelo SFXX7343
Botswana SFXX6000
Bottelfontein SFXX4488
Botterkop SFXX0754
Botterleegte SFXX0755
Bourke SFXX7344
Bovenste SFXX7905
Bowden SFXX0756
Bowden SFXX7906
Bowen SFXX9769
Boxmoor SFXX0757
Boyne SFXX6001
Braamfontein SFXX0758
Braamhoek SFXX0759
Bracefield SFXX0760
Brackendowns SFXX5424
Brackenhurst SFXX4489
Bracondale SFXX6002
Bradgate SFXX0761
Braelynn SFXX0762
Braemar SFXX8504
Brakboschkolk SFXX7907
Brakdam SFXX4490
Brakfontein SFXX0763
Brakfontein SFXX9770
Brakfontein SFXX5425
Brakfontein SFXX8505
Brakfontein SFXX4491
Brakfontein SFXX7345
Brakgrond SFXX4492
Brakkloof SFXX9771
Braklaagte SFXX4493
Brakpan SFXX5426
Brakputs SFXX7908
Brakspruit SFXX6003
Brakvlei SFXX4494
Bramley SFXX5427
Brand Fontein SFXX4495
Brandewynsgat SFXX4496
Brandfort SFXX0114
Brandhoek SFXX0764
Brandis SFXX4497
Brandkloof SFXX7909
Brandkop SFXX4498
Brandpoort SFXX0765
Brandvlei SFXX0115
Brandvlei SFXX5428
Brandwater SFXX4499
Branstone SFXX0766
Braunschweig SFXX0767
Braunville SFXX0768
Bravo SFXX0769
Braybank SFXX7346
Breakfast Vlei SFXX0770
Brechen SFXX8506
Bredasdorp SFXX0116
Breedpan SFXX6004
Breetsvlei SFXX9772
Breidbach SFXX0771
Bremiker SFXX4500
Brendan Village SFXX7347
Brenthurst SFXX5429
Brentwood Park SFXX5430
Brereton SFXX7348
Brereton Park SFXX7349
Bretby SFXX7910
Breyten SFXX0117
Brierspan SFXX7911
Brighton Beach SFXX8507
Brindisi SFXX4501
Brits SFXX0118
Britstown SFXX0119
Brixton SFXX5432
Broadacres SFXX5433
Broadlands SFXX6005
Broedersdraai SFXX6006
Broedersput SFXX9773
Broham SFXX7350
Brombeek SFXX0120
Bromfield SFXX7351
Bromhof SFXX5434
Bromley SFXX0774
Bromona SFXX5435
Bronkhorstspruit SFXX0121
Broodsnyersplaas SFXX7352
Brookes SFXX8508
Brookland SFXX8509
Brooklands SFXX8510
Brooklyn SFXX0775
Brooklyn SFXX8511
Brooklyn SFXX5436
Brooks Nek SFXX0776
Brooksby SFXX9774
Brospan SFXX7912
Broteni SFXX8512
Broughton SFXX0777
Brown Stones SFXX8513
Brownridge SFXX6007
Bruinklip SFXX0779
Bruinskop SFXX7913
Bruma SFXX5437
Bruntville SFXX8514
Brussel SFXX7914
Bruyns Hill SFXX8515
Brvnavon SFXX0780
Bryanston SFXX5438
Brymac SFXX0781
Buampsa SFXX9775
Buchele SFXX0782
Buchufontein SFXX7915
Bucklands SFXX7916
Bucklands Farm SFXX8516
Bucklegraf SFXX7917
Buckquoy SFXX8517
Buffalo SFXX0783
Buffalo Harbor SFXX0784
Buffalo Nek SFXX0785
Buffalo Thorns SFXX0786
Buffelsbadden SFXX0787
Buffelsdoring SFXX0788
Buffelsdrif SFXX6008
Buffelsfontein SFXX9776
Buffelshoek SFXX9777
Buffelshoek SFXX7353
Buffelspruit SFXX7354
Buffelspruit SFXX9778
Buffelsvallei SFXX9779
Buffelsvlei SFXX4502
Buglers Post SFXX9780
Buhlanyanga SFXX0789
Buitenzorg SFXX6009
Bukazi SFXX0790
Bulawa SFXX0791
Bulembu SFXX0792
Bulge River SFXX6010
Bulkrans SFXX7918
Bull Run SFXX9781
Bullberg SFXX4503
Bulpan SFXX7355
Bulsny SFXX7919
Bultfontein SFXX0122
Bultfontein SFXX7356
Bultfontein SFXX0793
Bultfontein SFXX5439
Bultongfontein SFXX6011
Bululwane SFXX8518
Bulungulu SFXX0794
Bulvlei SFXX0795
Bulwer SFXX8519
Bumazi SFXX0796
Bumbana SFXX0797
Bumbane SFXX0798
Bumbeni SFXX0799
Bunga SFXX0800
Bunkers Hill SFXX0801
Buntingville SFXX0802
Burford SFXX8520
Burgersdorp SFXX9782
Burgersdorp SFXX0123
Burgersfort SFXX7357
Burners SFXX8521
Burnley SFXX0803
Burnshill SFXX0804
Burnside SFXX8522
Bushman Rock SFXX7358
Bushy Park SFXX9783
Bushyvales SFXX8523
Busila SFXX0805
Busingatha SFXX8524
Bussons Kloof SFXX7920
Bute SFXX9784
Buto SFXX0806
Butsheni SFXX0807
Butterworth SFXX0124
Buttville SFXX0808
Butulo SFXX0809
Buwa SFXX0810
Buxedeni SFXX8525
Buxton SFXX9785
Buysdorp SFXX6012
Buyskloof SFXX0811
Buziba SFXX0812
By-Products SFXX8526
Byldrift SFXX6013
Bylfontein SFXX9786
Bylletrs SFXX0813
Bynespoort SFXX5440
Byrne SFXX8527
Caba SFXX0814
Caba Vale SFXX0815
Cabane SFXX8528
Cabane SFXX0816
Cabase SFXX0817
Cabazana SFXX0818
Cabhane SFXX0819
Cacadu SFXX0820
Cafutweni SFXX0821
Cahar SFXX9787
Cairnleith SFXX7359
Cala SFXX0125
Cala Pass SFXX0823
Calcutta SFXX6014
Caledon SFXX0126
Caledon SFXX4505
Caledon Downs SFXX4506
Caledonia SFXX4507
Caledonia SFXX0824
Calrossie SFXX8529
Calucalu SFXX0825
Calvert SFXX8530
Calvinia SFXX0064
Camama SFXX0826
Cambellton SFXX4508
Cambria SFXX0827
Cambridge SFXX0828
Camden SFXX7360
Camerondale SFXX0829
Campbell SFXX0128
Campden SFXX9788
Camperdown SFXX8531
Camsha SFXX0830
Cancele SFXX0831
Cane SFXX0832
Canelands SFXX8532
Cannon Rocks SFXX0833
Cannonvale SFXX0834
Canzibe SFXX0835
Cape Columbine SFXX0525
Cape Point SFXX0068
Cape St Francis SFXX0836
Cape Town SFXX0010
Caphu SFXX0837
Capital Park SFXX5441
Carlchew SFXX7361
Carleen SFXX0838
Carletonville SFXX0131
Carlisonia SFXX9789
Carnarvon SFXX0839
Carnarvon SFXX0132
Carolina SFXX0133
Carolina SFXX4509
Carolusberg SFXX7921
Carrghmore SFXX0840
Carrickmoor SFXX0841
Cars End SFXX8533
Cartriff SFXX8534
Cassel SFXX0134
Casseldale SFXX5442
Casteel SFXX7362
Castleton SFXX0842
Cata SFXX0844
Cathcart SFXX0135
Cato Manor SFXX8535
Cato Ridge SFXX8536
Cato Smuts SFXX6015
Caweni SFXX0845
Cebano SFXX0846
Cebe SFXX0847
Cecelia SFXX8537
Cecilia SFXX4510
Ceciliasrust SFXX4511
Cedara SFXX8538
Cedarmont SFXX7363
Cedarville SFXX0848
Cedarville SFXX8539
Cefane SFXX0849
Cegcuana SFXX0850
Cegcuwana SFXX0851
Ceka SFXX0852
Celetyuma SFXX0853
Centani SFXX0854
Centerton SFXX0855
Centocow SFXX8540
Centuli SFXX0856
Centurion SFXX5443
Cenyu SFXX0857
Ceres SFXX0136
Cerillio SFXX4512
Cerutiville SFXX5444
Cetha SFXX0858
Cezu SFXX0859
Chachu SFXX0860
Chamisso SFXX0861
Champagne SFXX4513
Charl Cilliers SFXX7364
Charleron SFXX4514
Charlesdale SFXX9790
Charlespost SFXX4515
Charlestown SFXX0137
Charlesville SFXX4516
Charnwood SFXX0862
Charters Creek SFXX0526
Chartwell SFXX5445
Chartwell West SFXX5446
Chasant SFXX0863
Chase Valley SFXX8541
Chatsworth SFXX8542
Chatwall SFXX8543
Chatwell SFXX8544
Cheddar Hill SFXX0864
Cheviotdale SFXX0865
Chevy Chase SFXX0866
Chickenwood SFXX9791
Chiefs Kraal SFXX6016
Chisira SFXX0867
Chloorkop SFXX5447
Chochocho SFXX7365
Cholang SFXX9792
Chrissiefontein SFXX5448
Chrissiesmeer SFXX7366
Christiana SFXX0868
Christiana SFXX7922
Christiana SFXX0138
Christmas Vale SFXX0869
Chubane SFXX4517
Chumbi SFXX0870
Cibeni SFXX0871
Cibini SFXX8545
Cibini SFXX0872
Cicira SFXX0873
Ciko SFXX0874
Cilleria SFXX0875
Cingweni SFXX0876
Cintsa SFXX0877
Cintsa Mouth SFXX0878
Citrusdal SFXX0139
Cizele SFXX0881
Clairwood SFXX8546
Clanville SFXX0882
Clanwilliam SFXX0140
Clapham SFXX9793
Claradene SFXX4518
Clare SFXX6017
Claredon SFXX8548
Clarence SFXX7367
Clarens SFXX4519
Clarevale SFXX8549
Claridge SFXX8550
Clarkebury SFXX0883
Clarksdale SFXX0884
Clarkson SFXX0885
Clarkville SFXX0886
Clausthal SFXX8551
Clavis SFXX8552
Clayville SFXX5449
Clearwater SFXX7923
Cleland SFXX8553
Clermont SFXX8554
Clewer SFXX0141
Cliffdale SFXX0887
Clifford SFXX0888
Clifton SFXX0889
Clifton SFXX4520
Clifton Vale SFXX0890
Clocolan SFXX0142
Clonleigh SFXX8555
Clubview East SFXX5450
Clubview West SFXX5451
Clumber SFXX0891
Clyde SFXX9794
Clydesdale SFXX0143
Clydesdale SFXX8556
Coalbrook SFXX4521
Coalfields SFXX7368
Coalville SFXX7369
Cobalt SFXX7370
Cobosi SFXX0892
Codrington SFXX6018
Coega SFXX0893
Coetzeestroom SFXX7371
Coetzersdam SFXX9795
Coffee Bay SFXX0894
Cofimvaba SFXX0895
Coghlan SFXX0896
Cokomfini SFXX0897
Cola SFXX0898
Cola Hashes SFXX0899
Colbyn SFXX5452
Cold Place SFXX8557
Coldstream SFXX0900
Coleford SFXX8558
Colenso SFXX0144
Colesberg SFXX0145
Coligny SFXX0146
Collessie SFXX8559
Collingham SFXX4523
Collingham SFXX0901
Collywobbles SFXX0902
Colombo SFXX4524
Colon SFXX0903
Colona SFXX0904
Coloti SFXX0905
Colston SFXX9796
Columba SFXX0906
Colville SFXX9797
Combeni SFXX0907
Combleigh SFXX0908
Committees Drift SFXX0909
Commondale SFXX7372
Commonsvale SFXX8560
Compound SFXX7373
Con Amore SFXX8561
Concordia SFXX7924
Congella SFXX8562
Connaught SFXX4525
Conningarth SFXX8563
Conserva SFXX4526
Constantia SFXX4527
Constantia SFXX7925
Constantia Kloof SFXX5453
Constantiapark SFXX5454
Content SFXX7926
Contest SFXX4528
Convention SFXX8564
Conway SFXX0911
Conway SFXX9798
Cookhouse SFXX0147
Coolgardie SFXX8565
Cooperdale SFXX8566
Cooperdale SFXX0912
Copenhagen SFXX4529
Copperton SFXX0148
Corbetts Hope SFXX0913
Cornelia SFXX6019
Cornflats SFXX4531
Coromandel SFXX7374
Coronation SFXX8567
Coronation Road SFXX8568
Corsham SFXX9799
Costmore SFXX8569
Cotswold SFXX0914
Cottonend SFXX9800
Cotyeni SFXX0915
Coville SFXX0916
Covington SFXX8570
Cowies Hill SFXX8571
Cradock SFXX0149
Crafthole SFXX9801
Craig Side SFXX8572
Craighall SFXX5455
Craighall Park SFXX5456
Craighouse SFXX6020
Cransmoor SFXX0917
Cranswick SFXX8573
Crayfield SFXX9802
Creag Roy SFXX6021
Crediton SFXX0918
Creighton SFXX8574
Cremin SFXX8575
Cresta SFXX5457
Crestlands SFXX7375
Crocodilevlei SFXX0919
Cromwell SFXX8576
Cronjes Boomen SFXX9803
Cronjesrust SFXX4532
Crossroads SFXX7377
Crossroads SFXX0920
Croston SFXX0921
Crown Douglas SFXX5458
Croxteth SFXX0922
Cruachan SFXX7927
Crystal Waters SFXX8577
Cuba SFXX0923
Culemborgpark SFXX5459
Cullendale SFXX0924
Cullinan SFXX0150
Culunca SFXX0925
Culvet SFXX6022
Cumakala SFXX0926
Cumngce SFXX0927
Cungewane SFXX8578
Cungwana SFXX0928
Cungweni SFXX0929
Cunning Moor SFXX6023
Cutting SFXX8580
Cutweni SFXX0930
Cuylerville SFXX0931
Cwaka SFXX0932
Cwebe SFXX0933
Cwebeni SFXX0934
Cwecweni SFXX0935
Cwehaland SFXX0936
Cwili SFXX0937
Cyferfontein SFXX4533
Cyferkuil SFXX4534
Cymru SFXX8581
Cynsen SFXX0938
Cypress Grove SFXX4535
Cyprus Dale SFXX0939
Cyprusdale SFXX0940
Cyrildene SFXX8582
Daantjielokasie SFXX7378
Dabane SFXX0941
Daberas SFXX7929
Dadamba SFXX0942
Dadeni SFXX0943
Dadiyane SFXX0944
Dagboetie SFXX7930
Dagbreek SFXX0945
Dagbreek SFXX7931
Dagbreek SFXX4536
Dahlia SFXX4537
Dainfern SFXX5460
Dakpoort SFXX4538
Daleside SFXX5461
Dalibho SFXX8583
Dalkeith SFXX0946
Dallas SFXX0947
Dalmada SFXX6024
Dalmanutha SFXX0948
Dalpark SFXX5462
Dalton SFXX8584
Dalview SFXX5463
Damanskraal SFXX0949
Damarusfontein SFXX0950
Dambeni SFXX0951
Dambisa SFXX0952
Damdam SFXX0953
Damfontein SFXX4539
Damplaas SFXX0954
Damplaats SFXX7932
Dampoort SFXX4540
Damskolk SFXX7933
Damwal SFXX7379
Dan SFXX6025
Dan Pienaar SFXX4541
Dancornia SFXX5464
Dangers Hoek SFXX0955
Dangwana SFXX0956
Dangwani SFXX0957
Danielskuil SFXX0151
Daninge SFXX0958
Dankbaar SFXX4542
Dankeni SFXX0959
Dannhauser SFXX0152
Danville SFXX5465
Darabe SFXX0960
Darling SFXX0153
Darling SFXX7380
Darnall SFXX9804
Darnall SFXX0154
Darrenwood SFXX5466
Daspoort SFXX5467
Daspoort SFXX4543
Dassen Island SFXX0527
Dassenhoek SFXX8585
Davel SFXX7381
Daveyton SFXX5468
Davidsfontein SFXX0961
Davidskuil SFXX9805
Daviesville SFXX6026
Dawlish SFXX9806
Dawn SFXX0962
Dayeni SFXX8586
Daymani SFXX0963
De Aar SFXX0155
De Beers Farm SFXX7934
De Brug SFXX4544
De Bruynsrus SFXX7935
De Dam SFXX0964
De Deur SFXX5469
De Deur Estates SFXX5470
De Doorns SFXX0156
De Draai SFXX4545
De Droom SFXX6027
De Hague SFXX4546
De Halt SFXX7936
De Heim SFXX0965
De Hoek SFXX7937
De hoek SFXX4553
De Hoek SFXX0966
De Hoop SFXX0967
De Hoop SFXX6028
De Hoop SFXX4547
De Hoop SFXX7938
De Hoops SFXX0968
De Kloof SFXX0969
De Kraalen SFXX7383
De Kruis SFXX7939
De Kuien SFXX0970
De Leegte SFXX0971
De Mistkraal SFXX0972
De Niel SFXX7940
De Put Wes SFXX4548
De Ron SFXX4549
De Rust SFXX4550
De Schans SFXX4551
De Vlakte SFXX0975
De Vloere SFXX7941
De Weg SFXX0976
De Werf SFXX4552
De Wildt SFXX9807
Deal SFXX9808
Deal Party SFXX0977
Dealesville SFXX4554
Debe Marela SFXX0978
Debe Nek SFXX0979
Debera SFXX0980
Dedeben SFXX0157
Deeigenoot SFXX4555
Deelfontein SFXX4556
Deelfontein SFXX0158
Deelkraal SFXX4557
Deelpan SFXX9809
Deelpan SFXX4558
Deelpan SFXX7942
Deelsdam SFXX4559
Deelspruit SFXX0982
Deelvlei SFXX4560
Deemount SFXX8587
Deepdale SFXX8588
Delarey SFXX0983
Delareyville SFXX0159
Delemont SFXX4561
Deliahsfontein SFXX4562
Delila SFXX0984
Delmas SFXX0160
Delportshoop SFXX0161
Delville SFXX8589
Delvitle SFXX7943
Den Haag SFXX0985
Dendron SFXX6029
Deneysville SFXX4563
Dengwane SFXX0986
Denhaga SFXX0987
Deniel SFXX7944
Denneboom SFXX5471
Dennie Park SFXX0988
Dennilton SFXX7384
Denny Dalton SFXX8590
Densainagar SFXX8591
Deochandorris SFXX0989
Deorham SFXX9810
Depus SFXX0990
Derby SFXX0162
Derdegelid SFXX6030
Derots SFXX4564
Derrington SFXX0991
Dersley SFXX5472
Dertig SFXX9811
Derwent SFXX9812
Despatch SFXX0992
Detyana SFXX0993
Deugdvlei SFXX6031
Devlei SFXX4565
Devon SFXX5473
Devon House SFXX0994
Devonlea SFXX9813
Dewar SFXX9814
Dewdrop SFXX8592
Dewetsdorp SFXX0163
Deyi SFXX8593
Dgolokoslokasie SFXX6032
Diamantkuil SFXX9815
Diamantmyn SFXX0164
Diaz SFXX9816
Dibeng SFXX6033
Dickenstone SFXX0995
Die Ark SFXX4566
Die Bos SFXX0165
Die Brug SFXX7385
Die Draai SFXX0996
Die Hoek SFXX7946
Die Hoogte SFXX4567
Die Kamdeboo SFXX0997
Die Moot SFXX5474
Die Onderste SFXX6034
Die Putte SFXX9817
Die Tsitsikamma SFXX0998
Die Viel SFXX0999
Die Vlak SFXX1000
Die Vlakte SFXX1001
Die Vlatke SFXX4568
Die Vlei SFXX1002
Die Wilge SFXX1003
Die Winkler SFXX7386
Diefontein SFXX4569
Diemansput-suid SFXX7947
Diepfontein SFXX1004
Diepfontein SFXX7387
Diepfontein SFXX4570
Diepgelegen SFXX6035
Diepkloof SFXX4571
Diepkloof SFXX5475
Diepvlei SFXX7948
Digi SFXX8594
Dihatshwe SFXX9819
Dihekeng SFXX7388
Dijwe SFXX9820
Dikebu SFXX9821
Dikelo SFXX1005
Dikeni SFXX1006
Dikgalaopeng SFXX6036
Dikgale SFXX6037
Dikgaleslokasie SFXX6038
Dikgang SFXX4572
Dikgatlon SFXX9822
Dikgophaneng SFXX9823
Dikgwale SFXX7389
Dikgwaneng SFXX9824
Dikhuting SFXX9825
Dikolobeng SFXX9826
Dilopye SFXX9827
Dimbaza SFXX1007
Dinakane SFXX6039
Dinake SFXX9828
Dindela SFXX6040
Dingapong SFXX6041
Dingle SFXX8595
Dingleydale SFXX6042
Dinokana SFXX9829
Dinokaneng SFXX9830
Diova SFXX1008
Dipetleloana SFXX9831
Diphini SFXX1009
Diphitshi SFXX6043
Diphuti SFXX6044
Dipini SFXX1010
Dipompong SFXX9832
Diretsaneng SFXX9833
Diretsaneng SFXX6045
Dirkiesdorp SFXX7390
Dirkiesrus SFXX9834
Dirojaneng SFXX9835
Dirubi SFXX9836
Disa Estates SFXX7391
Disaneng SFXX9837
Disco SFXX9838
Discovery SFXX5476
Ditatsu SFXX6046
Ditenteng SFXX6047
Dithabaneng SFXX6048
Dithakong SFXX9839
Dithupaneng SFXX6049
Ditlharedintsi SFXX9840
Ditlharepaneng SFXX9841
Ditllhagane SFXX7392
Ditlolamarumo SFXX9842
Ditshilabeleng SFXX9843
Ditshipeng SFXX9844
Ditshoswaneng SFXX9845
Diva SFXX1011
Dixie SFXX7393
Djdibaneng SFXX9846
Dlabheneni SFXX1012
Dlakatweni SFXX1013
Dlebe SFXX8596
Dlepu SFXX1014
Dlomodlomo SFXX8597
Dludlu SFXX1015
Dobo SFXX1016
Dobsonville SFXX5477
Dohne SFXX1017
Dokodela SFXX1018
Dokodweni SFXX8598
Dokolwani SFXX8599
Dollaaskraal SFXX7394
Dolwana SFXX8600
Dominionville SFXX9847
Dondashe SFXX1019
Dondi SFXX1020
Dondolo SFXX1021
Dongothuli SFXX8601
Dongwe SFXX1022
Dongweni SFXX1023
Donkerhoek SFXX7949
Donkerhoek SFXX4573
Donkiekraal SFXX7950
Donkinvale SFXX1024
Donnelly SFXX7395
Donnington SFXX1025
Donny-brook SFXX1026
Donnybrook SFXX8602
Doonside SFXX1027
Doonside SFXX8603
Doornaar SFXX4574
Doornbank SFXX7951
Doornbosch SFXX1028
Doornfontein SFXX1029
Doornfontein SFXX7952
Doornfontein SFXX5478
Doornfontein SFXX6050
Doornhoek SFXX6051
Doornhoek SFXX1030
Doornhoek SFXX9848
Doornhoek SFXX4575
Doornkloof SFXX8605
Doornkloof SFXX1031
Doornkop SFXX1032
Doornkop SFXX5479
Doornkop SFXX7396
Doornlaagte SFXX9849
Doornlaagte SFXX4576
Doornlaagte SFXX1033
Doornpan SFXX4577
Doornplaaf SFXX4578
Doornpoort SFXX5480
Doornrandjies SFXX5481
Doornspruit SFXX9850
Doornveld SFXX7953
Doornylei SFXX1034
Dordrecht SFXX0166
Doringboom SFXX6052
Doringkloof SFXX1035
Doringkloof SFXX9851
Doringkraal SFXX1036
Doringpoort SFXX9852
Doringrivier SFXX1037
Doringrivier SFXX7954
Dorlands Poort SFXX4579
Dorpsplaas SFXX7397
Dorset SFXX1039
Dorsland SFXX6053
Double Falls SFXX1040
Double Mouth SFXX1041
Douglas SFXX7398
Douglasdale SFXX5482
Dovedale SFXX8606
Dovesdale SFXX9853
Dowerglen SFXX5483
Dowerville SFXX1042
Downley SFXX1043
Draaikloof SFXX4580
Draaikraal SFXX7399
Draasloot SFXX7400
Draghoender SFXX7955
Dragon Peaks SFXX8607
Dragospoortjie SFXX1044
Drieangle SFXX9854
Driefontein SFXX4581
Driefontein SFXX9855
Driefontein SFXX1045
Driefontein SFXX8609
Driefontein SFXX7956
Driefontein SFXX7401
Driehoek SFXX4582
Driehoek SFXX9856
Driehoek SFXX1046
Driehoek SFXX7957
Driekop SFXX6054
Driekoppen SFXX1047
Driekoppies SFXX7402
Driekuil SFXX4583
Drieloek SFXX4584
Driestat SFXX9857
Drieweeksleegte SFXX7958
Drifsand SFXX7959
Drift Hotel SFXX7960
Drillhole SFXX9858
Driversdrift SFXX1048
Droefontein SFXX1049
Dronkfontein SFXX4585
Droogdal SFXX8610
Droogeboom SFXX7961
Droogebult SFXX4586
Droogegrond SFXX7962
Droogenhoutputs SFXX7963
Droogfontein SFXX4587
Droogheuwel SFXX5485
Droogte SFXX6055
Drukop SFXX4588
Drummond Gate SFXX1050
Drupfontein SFXX4589
Dryfsand SFXX6056
Du Toitskraal SFXX4590
Du Toitsrus SFXX4591
Dube SFXX5486
Dube Location SFXX1051
Dudu SFXX7403
Dududu SFXX8611
Dudumeni SFXX1052
Duduza SFXX5487
Duff Bank SFXX1053
Duike SFXX4592
Duikersbos SFXX9859
Duikersdal SFXX7964
Duiwelskloof SFXX0167
Dukulweni SFXX1054
Dukuza SFXX8613
Dulcies Nek SFXX1055
Dullstroom SFXX7404
Dulwane SFXX1056
Dulwini SFXX1057
Dumasi SFXX1058
Dumasini SFXX1059
Dumdum SFXX1060
Dumenkungwini SFXX8614
Dumeri SFXX6057
Dumisa SFXX8615
Dunbarton SFXX8616
Duncan SFXX7965
Duncan Village SFXX1061
Duncanville SFXX5488
Dundee SFXX0168
Duneden SFXX1062
Dungu SFXX1063
Dunkeld SFXX5489
Dunkeld West SFXX5490
Dunnottar SFXX5491
Dunns Reserve SFXX8617
Dunoran SFXX7405
Dunvegan SFXX1064
Duplex SFXX6058
Dupperspos SFXX9860
Durban SFXX0011
Durban Central SFXX8618
Durban North SFXX8619
Durnacol SFXX8620
Durslade SFXX8621
Dutton SFXX9861
Dutyini SFXX1066
Duvhapark SFXX7406
Duxberry SFXX5492
Dwaalboom SFXX6059
Dwaleni SFXX1067
Dwaleni SFXX7407
Dwarsfontein SFXX6060
Dwarsfontein SFXX7408
Dwarsloop SFXX6061
Dwarsrand SFXX8622
Dwarsrivier SFXX6062
Dwarsvlei SFXX7966
Dwesa SFXX1068
Dyam-Dyam SFXX1069
Dyamala SFXX1070
Dyashi SFXX1071
Dyivini SFXX1072
Dyobhudaka SFXX1073
Dysselsrust SFXX4593
Dyushu SFXX1074
Dzarani SFXX6063
Dzindi SFXX6064
Dzumerislokasie SFXX6065
Dzuweni SFXX7409
Dzwerani SFXX6066
E Dazini SFXX9658
Eagle Canyon SFXX5493
East Bank SFXX1075
East London SFXX0012
East Lynne SFXX5494
East Rand SFXX5495
East Village SFXX5496
Eastlands SFXX8623
Eastlyn SFXX8624
Eastwood SFXX5497
Eben SFXX4594
Ebenaeser SFXX4595
Ebenda SFXX1076
Ebenezer SFXX1077
Ebenhaezer SFXX4596
EBoshi SFXX9659
Ebufumbu SFXX1079
Echane SFXX8625
Echodale SFXX1080
Ecksrus SFXX7967
Eckstein SFXX6067
Edashi SFXX8626
Eden SFXX8627
Eden Glen SFXX5498
Edenburg SFXX5499
Edenburg SFXX0013
Edendale SFXX5500
Edendale SFXX0172
Edenfield SFXX1081
Edenvale SFXX5501
Edenville SFXX7968
Edenville SFXX4597
Edgeton SFXX8628
Edinburgh SFXX6068
EDrayini SFXX4377
Edrom SFXX1082
Eedeswold SFXX8629
Eendrag SFXX1083
Eendrag SFXX7410
Eensaam SFXX4598
Eensaam SFXX1084
Eensaamheid SFXX7411
Eensaamkraal SFXX4599
Eensgevonden SFXX8630
Eensgevonden SFXX1085
Eenzaamheid SFXX4600
Eeram SFXX4601
Eersbewoond SFXX6069
Eerste Fabrieke SFXX5502
Eerste Geluk SFXX6070
Eerstegeluk SFXX1086
Eerstegoud SFXX6071
Eersterus SFXX5503
EFikesuthe SFXX9660
Egham SFXX9862
Eglington SFXX6072
Egolokodo SFXX8632
Egolomi SFXX8633
EGoqweni SFXX9661
Egoso SFXX1088
Egypt SFXX4602
Eierdopput SFXX7969
Eiffel SFXX1089
Eiffel SFXX9863
Eikenhof SFXX5504
Eirdopput SFXX7970
Eirgat SFXX7971
Eisleben SFXX6073
Ekandustria SFXX5505
Ekangala SFXX5506
EKhethekhethe SFXX4378
Ekombe SFXX8634
Ekron SFXX1090
Eksteenfontein SFXX7972
Eksteenkuil SFXX7973
Ekubusisweni SFXX8635
Ekuhlengeni SFXX8636
EKupholeni SFXX9662
Ekuthokozeni SFXX8637
Ekuthuleni SFXX8638
Ekuthuthukeni SFXX8639
Ekutuleni SFXX8640
Ekuvukeni SFXX8641
El Alamen SFXX1091
El Alemein SFXX1092
Elabafazi SFXX1093
ELalini SFXX4379
Elands SFXX5507
Elands Heights SFXX1094
Elandsberg SFXX4603
Elandsberg SFXX1095
Elandsbosch SFXX6074
Elandsdoorn SFXX7412
Elandsfontein SFXX5508
Elandshoek SFXX4604
Elandshoek SFXX7413
Elandskop SFXX8642
Elandskop SFXX1096
Elandskraal SFXX8643
Elandslaagte SFXX8644
Elandslaagte SFXX1097
Elandsputte SFXX9864
Elandsriver SFXX8645
Elandsrivier SFXX5509
Elangeni SFXX8646
Elarduspark SFXX5510
Elberveld SFXX1099
Elderslea SFXX4605
Eldorado SFXX9865
Eldorado SFXX1100
Eldorado SFXX7974
Eldoradopark SFXX5511
Eldoraigne SFXX5512
ELegogoto SFXX7837
Element SFXX1101
Elgin SFXX8647
Elim SFXX1102
Elim SFXX7975
Elim SFXX4606
Elim SFXX6075
Elima Soga SFXX1103
Eljeesee SFXX5513
Ellasrus SFXX4607
Ellerslie Suid SFXX4608
Ellingham SFXX8648
Elliot SFXX0173
Elliotdale SFXX1105
Ellisdale SFXX7414
Ellisras SFXX0174
Elmapark SFXX5514
Eloff SFXX7415
Elsburg SFXX5515
Elsteg SFXX6076
Elston SFXX9866
Elujecweni SFXX1106
ELukolweni SFXX9663
Elukoweni SFXX1107
ELundi SFXX7838
ELundi SFXX4380
Elundini SFXX1108
Elupepeni SFXX8649
ELuqolweni SFXX4381
Elutubeni SFXX1109
EMabaleni SFXX4382
EMablubini SFXX4383
EMachobeni SFXX9664
EMadundube SFXX9665
EMafakathini SFXX9666
EMahusha SFXX7839
EMakoko SFXX7840
Emandleni SFXX1110
EMangwasha SFXX9667
EManyuka SFXX9668
EManzini SFXX7841
EMaswazini SFXX9669
EMatikwe SFXX9670
Ematimatolo SFXX8650
Embadleni SFXX8651
EMbalenhle SFXX7842
Embangweni SFXX1111
Emberton SFXX8652
EMbo SFXX9671
Embugwini SFXX1112
Embulwane SFXX8653
EMbuyeni SFXX9672
Emerald Hill SFXX1113
EMfulumane SFXX9673
EMgadleteni SFXX9674
Emgcwe SFXX1114
EMkhohlwa SFXX9675
Emmanuel SFXX1115
Emmarentia SFXX4609
Emmasdale SFXX5517
Emmaus SFXX8654
Emnexe SFXX1116
Emngcelen SFXX8656
Emoyeni SFXX8657
Empangeni SFXX0175
Empembeni SFXX8658
EMpumalanga SFXX7843
Emtabazo SFXX1117
Emvunyane SFXX8659
EMxaxa SFXX4384
EMzinoni SFXX7844
Enca SFXX1118
ENcenjane SFXX4385
Endicott SFXX5518
Endon SFXX4610
Endor SFXX4611
Endulinde SFXX8660
Endwe SFXX1119
Endwey SFXX4612
ENgcobaneni SFXX7845
Engcobo SFXX1120
ENgedleni SFXX9676
ENgqekweni SFXX9677
Engwaqa SFXX8661
Engxogi SFXX1121
Enhlahlehi SFXX8662
ENhlalakahle SFXX9678
Enhlanhleni SFXX8663
Enhlozana SFXX7416
Enkanyisweni SFXX8664
Enkelbosch SFXX6077
Enkeldoring SFXX5519
Enkovukeni SFXX8665
Ennerdale SFXX5520
Enon SFXX7417
Enon SFXX1122
Enqobokeni SFXX1123
Enselsrus SFXX9867
Ensingweni SFXX8666
Ensutha SFXX8667
ENtembani SFXX9679
Entre Nous SFXX7418
Entsimekweni SFXX1124
Entumeni Mission SFXX8668
ENumbi SFXX7846
Envis SFXX1125
ENyalungu SFXX7847
ENyamazaneni SFXX7848
ENyandeni SFXX4386
Enyanisweni SFXX8669
Epsom SFXX8670
EQokama SFXX4387
Equestria SFXX5521
EQumrha SFXX4388
Erand SFXX5522
Erasmia SFXX5523
Erasmus SFXX4613
Erasmusdal SFXX1126
Erasmuskloof SFXX5524
Erfdeel SFXX4614
Erfenis SFXX4615
Erfhoek SFXX4616
Erfpach SFXX8671
Erfplaas SFXX9868
Erfurt SFXX4617
Erica SFXX4618
Erickswill SFXX4619
Erideel SFXX4620
Erinmore SFXX1128
Erlanksrus SFXX7976
Erma SFXX9869
Ermelo SFXX0176
Escombe SFXX8672
Esehlabeni SFXX1129
Esher SFXX9870
Eshowe SFXX0177
Esibhoweni SFXX8673
ESibongile SFXX9680
ESigodaneni SFXX9681
ESikhawini SFXX9682
Esikhobeni SFXX1130
Esinquineni SFXX1131
Esinqumeni SFXX1132
Eskdale SFXX9871
Eskweleni SFXX1133
Esperanza SFXX8674
Esperanza SFXX1134
Esperanza SFXX9872
Esron SFXX9873
Esseldene SFXX8675
Essenwood SFXX8676
Estancia SFXX7419
Estcourt SFXX0178
Etempen SFXX1135
Ethels Drive SFXX8677
ETholeni SFXX9683
Etyeni SFXX1136
Eureka SFXX4621
Eureka SFXX9874
Evander SFXX7420
Evas Post SFXX4622
Evaton SFXX0179
Eveneser SFXX1137
Everdon SFXX8678
Evergreen SFXX7421
Everton SFXX9875
Evutha SFXX8679
Ewanrigg SFXX1138
Ewbank SFXX9876
Excelsior SFXX1139
Excelsior SFXX0180
Exelsior SFXX7978
Exeni SFXX1140
Exeter SFXX9878
Exeter SFXX7423
Expectations SFXX8680
Eyrie SFXX8681
Ezelsklip SFXX1141
EZinyosini SFXX9684
Faans Grove SFXX7979
Faerie Glen SFXX8682
Fafung SFXX9879
Fahla SFXX1142
Fairfield SFXX8683
Fairfield SFXX1143
Fairfield Mill SFXX8684
Fairhead SFXX4624
Fairland SFXX5525
Fairleigh SFXX8685
Fairview SFXX1144
Fairview SFXX8686
Falakahla SFXX1145
Faluku SFXX1146
Fama SFXX1147
Far West Rand SFXX9880
Farmall SFXX5526
Farmer Field M SFXX1148
Farview SFXX7980
Fasimba SFXX8687
Fathershome SFXX1149
Fatima Mission SFXX6078
Fauresmith SFXX0181
Feessaal SFXX8688
Felicia SFXX4626
Felixton SFXX8689
Felleng SFXX1150
Feloana SFXX4627
Feltham SFXX1151
Feni SFXX1152
Ferguson SFXX1153
Ferndale SFXX5528
Fernglen SFXX1154
Fernyhoek Flat SFXX7981
Ferrby SFXX8690
Ferreira SFXX0014
Ferreiratown SFXX1155
Ferrobank SFXX7425
Fettercairn SFXX8691
Fichardtpark SFXX4628
Ficksburg SFXX0183
Fieldmoor SFXX1156
Figtree SFXX7426
Finale SFXX6079
Finchley SFXX8692
Finne SFXX1157
Fish River Mouth SFXX1158
Fitty Park SFXX8693
Flagstaff SFXX1159
Flentershoek SFXX8694
Fletcherville SFXX1160
Flnnland SFXX8695
Flora SFXX4629
Floradora SFXX0184
Florida SFXX5529
Florida SFXX4630
Florida Glen SFXX5530
Florisbad SFXX4631
Floukraal SFXX1161
Fochabers SFXX6080
Fochville SFXX9881
Fokoxo SFXX1162
Folies Bergere SFXX4632
Fondwe SFXX6081
Fontainebleau SFXX5531
Fontana SFXX1163
Fonteinkloof SFXX1164
Fonteinplaas SFXX1165
Fonteintjie SFXX1166
Fonteintjie SFXX4633
Fordini SFXX1167
Fordsburg SFXX5532
Forest Hills SFXX8696
Forest Ranger SFXX8697
Forest View SFXX8698
Forfar SFXX5533
Fort Beaufort SFXX0185
Fort Brown SFXX1168
Fort Cox SFXX1169
Fort Donald SFXX1170
Fort Edward SFXX6082
Fort Grey SFXX1171
Fort Harrison SFXX1172
Fort Hook SFXX1173
Fort Ivor SFXX1174
Fort Kelly SFXX4634
Fort Louis SFXX8699
Fort Malan SFXX1175
Fort Murray SFXX1176
Fort Nottingham SFXX8700
Fort Peddie SFXX7982
Fort Warden SFXX1177
Fouriesburg SFXX4635
Fourways SFXX5534
Fowlds SFXX1178
Fraaiuitzicht SFXX4637
Frankfort SFXX0186
Frankfort SFXX1179
Frankland SFXX8701
Franklin SFXX8702
Frankstead SFXX1180
Fransenville SFXX7983
Franshoek SFXX4639
Franskraal SFXX4640
Franskraal Noord SFXX4641
Fraser SFXX8703
Fraserburg SFXX0187
Freedom SFXX9882
Freeland Park SFXX8704
Freemantle SFXX1181
Freeway Park SFXX5535
Frenchbobs SFXX7427
Frere SFXX8705
Friedenau SFXX8706
Fripp SFXX6083
Fritchley SFXX6084
Frome SFXX8707
Fullarton SFXX1182
Futchersplaas SFXX7984
Futye SFXX1183
Ga-Boelang SFXX7428
Ga-Botha SFXX7429
Ga-Chokoe SFXX6086
Ga-Dibove SFXX9883
Ga-Dikgale SFXX6087
Ga-Disane SFXX9884
Ga-Dukakgomo SFXX6088
Ga-Habedi SFXX9885
Ga-Hlahla SFXX6089
Ga-Hlako SFXX6090
Ga-Honyane SFXX9886
Ga-Huhuwe SFXX9887
Ga-Ishe SFXX6091
Ga-Jantjie SFXX9888
Ga-Keetse SFXX6092
Ga-Kgale SFXX9889
Ga-Kgare SFXX6093
Ga-Kgole SFXX6094
Ga-Kgorosi SFXX6095
Ga-Kgubudi SFXX6096
Ga-Kgwe SFXX9890
Ga-Kgwete SFXX6097
Ga-Kibi SFXX6098
Ga-Kobe SFXX6099
Ga-Kobo SFXX6100
Ga-Koi-Koi SFXX9891
Ga-Kololo SFXX6101
Ga-Kolopo SFXX6102
Ga-Komape SFXX6103
Ga-Lamola SFXX6104
Ga-Lebelo SFXX6105
Ga-Lepadima SFXX6106
Ga-Letswalo SFXX6107
Ga-Letwaba SFXX6108
Ga-Lotlhare SFXX9892
Ga-Lotolo SFXX9893
Ga-Luka SFXX9894
Ga-Mabeba SFXX6109
Ga-Mabelebele SFXX6110
Ga-Mabitsela SFXX6111
Ga-Mabotha SFXX6112
Ga-Mabotsa SFXX6113
Ga-Mabuela SFXX6114
Ga-Mabusela SFXX6115
Ga-Madiba SFXX6116
Ga-Madibeng SFXX6117
Ga-Madisaleolo SFXX6118
Ga-Maditsa SFXX6119
Ga-Madubu SFXX9895
Ga-Madulathoka SFXX6120
Ga-Maela SFXX6121
Ga-Maeleletja SFXX6122
Ga-Mafate SFXX6123
Ga-Mafefe SFXX6124
Ga-Magatu SFXX6125
Ga-Mahlokwane SFXX6126
Ga-Mahwai SFXX6127
Ga-Maidula SFXX6128
Ga-Maila SFXX6129
Ga-Maja SFXX6130
Ga-Makanye SFXX6131
Ga-Makgatle SFXX9896
Ga-Makgatle SFXX6132
Ga-Makgoba SFXX6133
Ga-Makgobathe SFXX6134
Ga-Makharankana SFXX6135
Ga-Makhwae SFXX6136
Ga-Makibelo SFXX6137
Ga-Makoena SFXX6138
Ga-Makofane SFXX6139
Ga-Malaka SFXX6140
Ga-Malapile SFXX6141
Ga-Malebana SFXX6142
Ga-Malegase SFXX6143
Ga-Malekana SFXX6144
Ga-Malelo SFXX9897
Ga-Malepe SFXX6145
Ga-Maloka SFXX9898
Ga-Maloka SFXX6146
Ga-Malokela SFXX6147
Ga-Maloma SFXX6148
Ga-Malope SFXX6149
Ga-Mamadila SFXX6150
Ga-Mamatlhola SFXX6151
Ga-Mamebe SFXX9899
Ga-Mametsa SFXX6152
Ga-Mamohwibidu SFXX6153
Ga-Mamoleka SFXX6154
Ga-Mamolele SFXX6155
Ga-Mampa SFXX6156
Ga-Mamphahlane SFXX6157
Ga-Mampote SFXX6158
Ga-Manapane SFXX6159
Ga-Mangou SFXX6160
Ga-Mankgodi SFXX6161
Ga-Mankoeng SFXX6162
Ga-Mankopane SFXX6163
Ga-Manthata SFXX6164
Ga-Mantlhodi SFXX6165
Ga-Maotole SFXX6166
Ga-Mapangula SFXX6167
Ga-Mapela SFXX6168
Ga-Maphoto SFXX6169
Ga-Mapogo SFXX7430
Ga-Maria SFXX7431
Ga-Maribana SFXX6170
Ga-Marishane SFXX6171
Ga-Maroga SFXX6172
Ga-Masalane SFXX6173
Ga-Masamothane SFXX6174
Ga-Masehlong SFXX6175
Ga-Masekwa SFXX6176
Ga-Maselela SFXX6177
Ga-Masenya SFXX6178
Ga-Masepa SFXX9900
Ga-Mashabela SFXX6179
Ga-Mashelane SFXX6180
Ga-Mashishi SFXX6181
Ga-Masiane SFXX6182
Ga-Masilela SFXX9901
Ga-Masisimale SFXX6183
Ga-Masukulale SFXX6184
Ga-Matabanyane SFXX6185
Ga-Mathabatha SFXX6186
Ga-Mathako SFXX9902
Ga-Mathapo SFXX6187
Ga-Mathekga SFXX6188
Ga-Mathiba SFXX6189
Ga-Mathipa SFXX6190
Ga-Mathule SFXX6191
Ga-Matimpule SFXX7432
Ga-Matlala SFXX6192
Ga-Matlapa SFXX6193
Ga-Matloponya SFXX6194
Ga-Matokomane SFXX6195
Ga-Matshele SFXX6196
Ga-Matshogo SFXX9903
Ga-Matsi SFXX6197
Ga-Maubane SFXX7433
Ga-Mmabasotho SFXX6198
Ga-Mmamogolo SFXX6199
Ga-Mmamogwasa SFXX6200
Ga-Mmatemana SFXX6201
Ga-Mmathongwana SFXX6202
Ga-Modikana SFXX6203
Ga-Modikwe SFXX9904
Ga-Modipana SFXX6204
Ga-Modjadji SFXX6205
Ga-Moeka SFXX9905
Ga-Mogano SFXX6206
Ga-Mogashoa SFXX6207
Ga-Mogoboya SFXX6208
Ga-Mogopa SFXX9906
Ga-Moheele SFXX9907
Ga-Mohlabe SFXX6209
Ga-Mokaba SFXX6210
Ga-Mokake SFXX9908
Ga-Mokalapa SFXX6211
Ga-Mokgatlha SFXX9909
Ga-Mokgehle SFXX6212
Ga-Mokgokong SFXX6213
Ga-Mokgopo SFXX6214
Ga-Mokobodi SFXX6215
Ga-Mokomela SFXX9910
Ga-Mokone SFXX9911
Ga-Mokopane SFXX6216
Ga-Mokwane SFXX6217
Ga-Mokwele SFXX6218
Ga-Molapo SFXX6219
Ga-Moleele SFXX6220
Ga-Molekana SFXX6221
Ga-Molekwa SFXX6222
Ga-Molema SFXX6223
Ga-Molepo SFXX6224
Ga-Moloi SFXX6225
Ga-Monare SFXX6226
Ga-Monene SFXX6227
Ga-Mongatane SFXX6228
Ga-Monlala SFXX6229
Ga-Monyebodi SFXX6230
Ga-Monyeki SFXX6231
Ga-Mopedi SFXX9912
Ga-Moretsele SFXX6232
Ga-Morona SFXX9913
Ga-Moropa SFXX6233
Ga-Moseki SFXX9914
Ga-Mosidi SFXX6234
Ga-Mosoge SFXX6235
Ga-Mothapo SFXX6236
Ga-Mothiba SFXX6237
Ga-Mothibi SFXX9915
Ga-Motlakgomo SFXX6238
Ga-Motlana SFXX6239
Ga-Motlatla SFXX9916
Ga-Motle SFXX9917
Ga-Motlhware SFXX9918
Ga-Motlogelwa SFXX9919
Ga-Motodi SFXX6240
Ga-Motsage SFXX9920
Ga-Motsamai SFXX9921
Ga-Motshana SFXX6241
Ga-Motshemi SFXX6242
Ga-Motsoko SFXX9922
Ga-Moyaga SFXX6243
Ga-Mphahlele SFXX6244
Ga-Musi SFXX6245
Ga-Ngwepe SFXX6246
Ga-Ngwetsana SFXX6247
Ga-Nkidikitlana SFXX6248
Ga-Nkwana SFXX6249
Ga-Nonyane SFXX6250
Ga-Ntatelang SFXX9923
Ga-Ntshireletsa SFXX6251
Ga-Ntsoko SFXX6252
Ga-Pamadz SFXX6253
Ga-Papo SFXX6254
Ga-Phago SFXX6255
Ga-Phagodi SFXX6256
Ga-Phahla SFXX6257
Ga-Phaka SFXX6258
Ga-Phasha SFXX6259
Ga-Phaswana SFXX6260
Ga-Phaudi SFXX6261
Ga-Phetla SFXX6262
Ga-Pitiela SFXX9924
Ga-Podile SFXX6263
Ga-Poopedi SFXX6264
Ga-Popo SFXX9925
Ga-Radingwana SFXX6265
Ga-Raditshaba SFXX6266
Ga-Rakgwatha SFXX6267
Ga-Rakwele SFXX6268
Ga-Ralebelwane SFXX9926
Ga-Ralenkwane SFXX6269
Ga-Ramakara SFXX6270
Ga-Ramantshane SFXX7434
Ga-Ramatale SFXX9927
Ga-Ramela SFXX6271
Ga-Rametlwane SFXX6272
Ga-Rammu SFXX6273
Ga-Rammutla SFXX6274
Ga-Ramodingwana SFXX9928
Ga-Ramoga SFXX9929
Ga-Ramokadi-kadi SFXX6275
Ga-Ramokgopa SFXX6276
Ga-Ramokoka SFXX9930
Ga-Ramongwana SFXX6277
Ga-Ramoshwane SFXX6278
Ga-Ramotlokana SFXX6279
Ga-Ramotsekwane SFXX9931
Ga-Ramphere SFXX6280
Ga-Rampuru SFXX6281
Ga-Rankhuwa SFXX6282
Ga-Rankuwa SFXX9932
Ga-Rantlakane SFXX6283
Ga-Rapadi SFXX6284
Ga-Raphiri SFXX9933
Ga-Raphokola SFXX6285
Ga-Rasai SFXX9934
Ga-Rawesi SFXX6286
Ga-Riba SFXX6287
Ga-Rummutla SFXX6288
Ga-Sako SFXX6289
Ga-Sebolao SFXX9935
Ga-Sebotse SFXX6290
Ga-Sefoka SFXX6291
Ga-Sehubane SFXX9936
Ga-Sehunelo SFXX9937
Ga-Sekhukhune SFXX6292
Ga-Sekororo SFXX6293
Ga-Sekubu SFXX7435
Ga-Selala SFXX6294
Ga-Seleka SFXX6295
Ga-Semenya SFXX6296
Ga-Seopela SFXX6297
Ga-Sese SFXX9938
Ga-Setshaba SFXX6298
Ga-Shopeyana SFXX6299
Ga-Skawu SFXX9939
Ga-Suping SFXX9940
Ga-Tatisi SFXX9941
Ga-Taueatswala SFXX6300
Ga-Tefu SFXX6301
Ga-Thaba SFXX6302
Ga-Thameng SFXX9942
Ga-Tibu SFXX6303
Ga-Tipe SFXX9943
Ga-Tisana SFXX6304
Ga-Titi SFXX9944
Ga-Tlhose SFXX7985
Ga-Tshaba SFXX6305
Ga-Tshabalala SFXX6306
Ga-Tshipana SFXX6307
Ga-Tshwene SFXX7436
Ga-Tshwene SFXX6308
Ga-Wannankaya SFXX6309
Gaandrik SFXX6311
Gaataan SFXX6312
Gabazi SFXX1184
Gabeni SFXX1185
Gabheni SFXX1186
Gadikame SFXX9945
Gaduka SFXX1187
Gailynn SFXX8708
Gala SFXX1188
Gala SFXX8709
Galane SFXX1189
Galatyeni SFXX1190
Galilea SFXX4642
Galili SFXX1191
Galisili SFXX9946
Gamagaabue SFXX9947
GaMarishane SFXX6310
Game Warden SFXX8710
Game Wood SFXX8711
Gamoep SFXX0188
Gamollo SFXX9948
Ganap SFXX9949
Ganda SFXX1193
Gangeni SFXX1194
Ganghae SFXX9950
Gankwane SFXX9951
Gannahoek SFXX9952
Gannaholte SFXX7986
Gannalaagte SFXX9953
Gannapoortjie SFXX7987
Gansa SFXX8712
Ganspan SFXX7988
Ganspoort SFXX6313
Ganyesa SFXX0189
Gaqangezandla SFXX8713
Gara-Hupula SFXX6314
Garantlapane SFXX9954
Garatau SFXX9955
Garden Castle SFXX8714
Gariele SFXX9956
Gariep SFXX7989
Garies SFXX7990
Garrick SFXX1196
Garryowen SFXX1197
Garsfontein SFXX5536
Garside SFXX6315
Gatacre SFXX1198
Gatberg SFXX1199
Gatehouse SFXX7437
Gately SFXX1200
Gatlalakgomo SFXX9957
Gatong SFXX9958
Gaulu SFXX6316
Gauteng SFXX5537
Gaybrook SFXX8715
Gazini SFXX1201
Gciala SFXX1202
Gcina SFXX1203
Gcuwa SFXX1204
Gcwaleni SFXX1205
Gedenk SFXX4643
Geduld SFXX7991
Geduld SFXX5538
Geelblom SFXX9959
Geelboom SFXX9960
Geelbospan SFXX7992
Geelhout SFXX1206
Geldenhuis SFXX5539
Geluk SFXX7993
Geluk SFXX4644
Geluksburg SFXX8716
Geluksdam SFXX4645
Geluksfontein SFXX4646
Gelukshof SFXX1208
Geluksoord SFXX1209
Gelukspan SFXX9961
Geluksvlei SFXX1210
Gelukwaarts SFXX1211
Gelukwaarts SFXX4647
Gelvandale SFXX1212
Gelykfontein SFXX1213
Gemfane SFXX1214
Gemsbokbult SFXX7994
Gemsbokfontein SFXX6317
Gemsbokhoek SFXX7438
Gemsbokvlakte SFXX9962
Gemvale SFXX1215
Genadedal SFXX7995
Genadendal SFXX0190
Generaal de Wet SFXX4648
Geneva SFXX1216
Gengqe SFXX1217
Genoembies SFXX7996
George Airport SFXX0066
Georgenholtz SFXX6318
Gerdau SFXX9963
Gerhardtsput SFXX7997
Gerluk SFXX1218
Germiston SFXX0015
Gertplaas SFXX1219
Gertrudsburg SFXX6319
Gertsepan SFXX7439
Geselskap SFXX7998
Gesini SFXX1220
Geysdorp SFXX9964
Gezina SFXX5540
Gezinsila SFXX8717
Gibralter SFXX1221
Gidjana SFXX6320
Gillitts SFXX8718
Gingindlovu SFXX8719
Gingqi SFXX1222
Giyani SFXX6321
Gladdegrond SFXX4649
Gladdeklipkop SFXX6322
Gladstone SFXX4650
Gladswood SFXX1224
Gladysvale SFXX5541
Glaisnock Verona SFXX4651
Glandale SFXX1225
Glassridge SFXX1226
Glaudina SFXX9965
Gledhow SFXX8720
Gleenmoor SFXX1227
Glen Adelaide SFXX1228
Glen Alfa SFXX1229
Glen Allen SFXX7999
Glen Alphen SFXX1230
Glen Ambrose SFXX1231
Glen Ashley SFXX8721
Glen Austin SFXX5542
Glen Avice SFXX1232
Glen Avon SFXX8722
Glen Avon SFXX4652
Glen Bain SFXX8723
Glen Cave SFXX1233
Glen Cliff SFXX1234
Glen Donald SFXX5543
Glen Echo SFXX8724
Glen Eden SFXX1235
Glen Ewan SFXX1236
Glen Gregor SFXX1237
Glen Grey SFXX1238
Glen Holy SFXX1240
Glen Isla SFXX4653
Glen Kobus SFXX1241
Glen Lynden SFXX1242
Glen Mokopo SFXX4654
Glen Muir SFXX1243
Glen Rae SFXX1244
Glen Red SFXX9966
Glen Reenen SFXX4655
Glenanda SFXX5544
Glencoe SFXX0193
Glenconnor SFXX1245
Glendale SFXX8725
Glendean SFXX8726
Glendinningvale SFXX1246
Gleneagles SFXX5545
Gleneric SFXX1247
Glenfield SFXX8727
Glengariff SFXX1248
Glengarry SFXX8728
Glengary SFXX4656
Glengazi SFXX1249
Glenharvie SFXX5546
Glenhee SFXX4657
Glenhurd SFXX1250
Gleniffer SFXX4658
Glenlynden SFXX1251
Glenmarais SFXX5547
Glenmarsh SFXX7440
Glenmore Beach SFXX8729
Glenretha SFXX1252
Glenridge SFXX1253
Glenrock SFXX1254
Glenshiel SFXX6323
Glenside SFXX8730
Glenthorn SFXX1255
Glentig SFXX6324
Glenview SFXX1256
Glenvista SFXX5548
Glenwood SFXX8731
Glimlag SFXX9967
Gloria SFXX1257
Glosam SFXX0194
Gluckauff SFXX6325
Gluckstadt SFXX8732
Goboti SFXX1258
Godeni SFXX8733
Godidi SFXX1259
Godini SFXX1260
Godlogodlwane SFXX8734
Godzi SFXX1261
Goed-en-Mooi SFXX4659
Goedbegin SFXX9968
Goedchoop SFXX4660
Goede Hoop SFXX4661
Goede Trouw SFXX4662
Goededacht SFXX7441
Goedehoop SFXX1262
Goedehoop SFXX7442
Goedemoed SFXX4663
Goedemoed SFXX1263
Goedewill SFXX7443
Goedgedacht SFXX4664
Goedgedag SFXX1264
Goedgegund SFXX4665
Goedgevond SFXX9969
Goedgevonden SFXX9970
Goedhoop SFXX7444
Goedvenwag SFXX1265
Goedverwacht SFXX1266
Goewerneurskloof SFXX4666
Goje SFXX8735
Goji SFXX1267
Golden Valley SFXX1269
Golden Valley SFXX4667
Golders Green SFXX6327
Golf View SFXX5549
Gologodo SFXX8736
Golomane SFXX1270
Golomi SFXX1271
Golweni SFXX8737
Gomane SFXX8738
Gongo SFXX1272
Gonubie SFXX1273
Gonubie Manor SFXX1274
Gonubie Park SFXX1275
Good Hope SFXX8739
Good Hope SFXX1276
Good Hope SFXX6328
Good Luck SFXX7445
Good-Hope SFXX6329
Goodhope SFXX1277
Goodhouse SFXX0195
Goodi Location SFXX1278
Goodluck SFXX8000
Goodwood SFXX9971
Goop SFXX8001
Goorathebe SFXX9972
Gopane SFXX9973
Gopanes-Gedeelte SFXX9974
Gopeng SFXX6330
Goqwana SFXX1279
Goratau SFXX9975
Gordon SFXX6331
Gordonia Estates SFXX6332
Goru SFXX6333
Gosara SFXX1280
Goso SFXX1281
Gosport SFXX9976
Gosshill SFXX1282
Gottenburg SFXX6334
Gotyibe SFXX1283
Gotyibene SFXX1284
Gotyibeni SFXX1285
Gougednik SFXX1286
Gouldville SFXX6335
Gowe SFXX6336
Goxe SFXX1287
Goxe SFXX8740
Gqabati SFXX1288
Gqaga SFXX1289
Gqaqala SFXX1290
Gqiba SFXX1291
Gqobonco SFXX1292
Gqogqora SFXX1293
Gqola SFXX1294
Gqoloma SFXX1295
Gqora SFXX1296
Gqubeni SFXX1297
Gqubonco SFXX1298
Gqukunqa SFXX1299
Gqunce SFXX1300
Gqunge SFXX1301
Gqunqe SFXX1302
Gqutyini SFXX1303
Gqwesa SFXX1304
Gqweta SFXX7446
Graaf-Reinet SFXX0197
Graaff-Reinet SFXX1305
Graafwater SFXX0198
Grabouw SFXX0199
Grahamstown SFXX0200
Graley SFXX5551
Grantham Park SFXX8741
Grantion SFXX9977
Grantleigh SFXX9978
Grantleigh SFXX8742
Grasbult SFXX8002
Graskop SFXX0201
Grasmere SFXX0202
Graspan SFXX8003
Grasrug SFXX8004
Grass Valley SFXX6337
Grassdale SFXX1306
Grasslands SFXX1307
Grasslands SFXX4668
Grassmoor SFXX8005
Grassridge SFXX1308
Gravelotte SFXX6338
Green Island SFXX8006
Green Valley SFXX7447
Greenfields SFXX1309
Greenfontein SFXX1310
Greenhill SFXX8743
Greenhills SFXX5552
Greenlands SFXX1311
Greenside SFXX5553
Greenstone Hill SFXX5554
Greenview SFXX5555
Greenwich SFXX9979
Greenwood Park SFXX8744
Gregory SFXX6339
Grey Hill SFXX8007
Greylingstad SFXX7448
Greys SFXX4669
Greystone SFXX1312
Greystorie SFXX8745
Greytown SFXX0203
Greyville SFXX8746
Griebdale SFXX1313
Griekwastad SFXX0204
Groblersbrug SFXX6340
Groblersdal SFXX0205
Groblershoop SFXX0206
Groendal SFXX8008
Groenedal SFXX1314
Groenfontein SFXX4670
Groenfontein SFXX1315
Groenkloof SFXX8747
Groenkloof SFXX1316
Groenpoort SFXX4671
Groenpunt SFXX4672
Groenvlakte SFXX4673
Groenvlei SFXX8748
Groenvlei SFXX1317
Groenvlei SFXX6341
Groesbeek SFXX6342
Groot Highlands SFXX4674
Groot Mier SFXX8009
Groot Witberg SFXX8010
Groot-Brakrivier SFXX0207
Groot-Elandsvlei SFXX5557
Groot-Marico SFXX9980
Groot-Samenkomst SFXX1318
Grootberg SFXX8011
Grootdam SFXX4676
Grootdam SFXX1319
Grootderm SFXX0208
Grootdrink SFXX8012
Grootfontein SFXX4677
Grootgeluk SFXX4678
Grootgewaagd SFXX7450
Groothoek SFXX4679
Groothoek SFXX6343
Grootmis SFXX0016
Grootpan SFXX7451
Grootpan SFXX6344
Grootrivierdrif SFXX1320
Grootschuur SFXX1321
Grootspruit SFXX7452
Grootverlang SFXX4680
Grootvlei SFXX7453
Grootvlei SFXX4681
Grootwater SFXX4682
Grosvenor SFXX8749
Groutville SFXX8750
Groxozayo SFXX1322
Gruisklip SFXX1323
Gruisplaats SFXX4683
Grysdal SFXX4684
Guba SFXX1324
Gubahoek SFXX1325
Gubeni SFXX1326
Gubenxa Kroon SFXX1327
Gubhuzi SFXX1328
Gubuzi SFXX1329
Gudeka SFXX1330
Guduse SFXX1331
Gugwini SFXX1332
Gugwini SFXX8751
Guinesses SFXX4685
Gulandoda SFXX1333
Guliga SFXX8752
Gulu SFXX1334
Gumdale SFXX1335
Gume SFXX1336
Gumzana SFXX1337
Gungululu SFXX1338
Gunjana SFXX8753
Gura SFXX1339
Guse SFXX1340
Gusenzamo SFXX8754
Gusi SFXX1341
Guthrie SFXX7454
Gutshwa SFXX7455
Guwini SFXX1342
Guxuxu SFXX1343
Gwadana SFXX1344
Gwadu SFXX1345
Gwarriehoek SFXX6345
Gwentham SFXX4686
Gwili Gwili SFXX1346
Gxaku SFXX1347
Gxara SFXX1348
Gxokoza SFXX1349
Gxulu SFXX1350
Gxwaleni SFXX1351
Ha-Folovhodwe SFXX6346
Ha-Lambani SFXX6347
Ha-Madala SFXX6348
Ha-Madodonga SFXX6349
Ha-Magau SFXX6350
Ha-Magoro SFXX6351
Ha-Majoro SFXX1352
Ha-Mamuhoyi SFXX6352
Ha-Manavhela SFXX6353
Ha-Mantsha SFXX6354
Ha-Matsika SFXX6356
Ha-Mavhunga SFXX6357
Ha-Mothibisi SFXX1353
Ha-Mubua SFXX6358
Ha-Nokholoko SFXX1354
Ha-Qhadi SFXX1355
Ha-Rabali SFXX6359
Ha-Radali SFXX6360
Ha-Ramahantsha SFXX6361
Ha-Ramarolong SFXX1356
Ha-Rankopane SFXX4687
Ha-Sefoko SFXX1357
Ha-Tlhakanelo SFXX1358
Haakdoorn SFXX8013
Haakdoringdraai SFXX7456
Haarlem SFXX1359
Haaskraal SFXX9981
Haaspoort SFXX1361
Hackney SFXX1362
Hadi SFXX1364
Hadiaho SFXX1365
Haenertsburg SFXX0210
Haga-Haga SFXX0017
Hagesdam SFXX4688
Haisaka SFXX1366
Hakboslaagte SFXX9982
Halfpadrivier SFXX8014
Halfway House SFXX5558
Halifax SFXX9983
Hallack Rock SFXX1367
Halseton SFXX1368
Hamakuya SFXX6362
Hamburg SFXX4689
Hamburg SFXX0018
Hamewith SFXX8755
Hamilton SFXX4690
Hammanskraal SFXX9984
Hammarsdale SFXX8756
Hamsini SFXX1369
Hanakoe SFXX4691
Hananwa SFXX6363
Hanglip SFXX6364
Haningfontein SFXX6365
Hankey SFXX0213
Hanover SFXX7457
Hanover SFXX1370
Hanover SFXX0214
Hanover Road SFXX0215
Hans se Kaalte SFXX6367
Hanslaagte SFXX7458
Hansonia SFXX8757
Hantam SFXX8015
Happy Home SFXX1371
Happy Rest SFXX6368
Happy Valley SFXX1372
Harantsatsa SFXX4692
Harburg SFXX8758
Hardale SFXX1373
Hardekraaltjie SFXX6369
Harden Heights SFXX8759
Hardepad SFXX0216
Hardeveld SFXX1374
Harding SFXX0217
Hardop SFXX1375
Harefield SFXX1376
Harmonie SFXX6370
Harmonie SFXX1377
Harmonie SFXX4693
Harmony SFXX6371
Harpington SFXX9985
Harrisdale SFXX8017
Harrismith SFXX0218
Harrison SFXX8760
Harrow SFXX9986
Hart Dale SFXX1378
Hartbeesbult SFXX6372
Hartbeesfontein SFXX4694
Hartbeesfontein SFXX7459
Hartbeesfontein SFXX0219
Hartbeesnek SFXX1379
Hartbeespoort SFXX9987
Hartbeestfontein SFXX6373
Hartebeesfontein SFXX4695
Hartebeesfontein SFXX6374
Hartebeesfontein SFXX1380
Hartebeesfontein SFXX9988
Hartebeeskop SFXX7460
Hartebeespoort SFXX9989
Hartebeespoort SFXX6375
Hartebeestspruit SFXX7461
Hartelus SFXX7462
Hartlea SFXX8761
Hartsrivier SFXX9990
Hartswater SFXX0220
Hasetati SFXX1381
Hatchleydene SFXX1382
Hatfield SFXX5560
Hatherley SFXX5561
Hattingspruit SFXX8762
Hauptsrus SFXX9991
Hay Paddock SFXX8763
Hayfield SFXX4696
Hazel Park SFXX5562
Hazeldene SFXX1383
Hazyview SFXX7463
Healdton Fingo SFXX1384
Healdtown SFXX1385
Heather Bell SFXX5563
Heathfield SFXX1386
Heathview SFXX9992
Heatonville SFXX8765
Hebehebe SFXX1387
Hebron SFXX9994
Hebron SFXX4697
Hebron SFXX1388
Heckel SFXX1389
Hectorspruit SFXX7464
Hedley Plains SFXX8019
Heelfontein SFXX4698
Heelgoed SFXX4699
Heeltevrede SFXX4700
Heerenlogement SFXX0221
Heidelberg SFXX0222
Heights SFXX1390
Heilbron SFXX0223
Heilbron SFXX1391
Heiso SFXX9995
Hekpoort SFXX6376
Hekpoort SFXX5564
Hela Hela SFXX8766
Helderblom SFXX5565
Helderhoek SFXX4701
Helderkruin SFXX5566
Helderpoort SFXX4702
Helena SFXX1392
Helene Franz SFXX6377
Helleton SFXX4703
Hellsgate SFXX9996
Helmekaal SFXX1393
Helmekaar SFXX1394
Helpmekaar SFXX8767
Helpmekaar SFXX1395
Helpmekaar SFXX8020
Helvetia-Noord SFXX7465
Hely Grove SFXX1396
Henburg Park SFXX8768
Hendrina SFXX7466
Hendrinakrag SFXX7467
Henkries Mond SFXX8021
Henley-On-Klip SFXX0224
Hennenman SFXX0225
Henningsdale SFXX4704
Hennopspark SFXX5568
Herberg SFXX1397
Herbou SFXX1398
Herbstfontein SFXX7468
Hercules SFXX1399
Hercules SFXX5569
Heriotdale SFXX5570
Hermansburg SFXX9997
Hermanus SFXX4705
Hermanus SFXX0019
Hermiston SFXX1400
Hermitage SFXX4706
Hermon SFXX0227
Herschel SFXX1401
Hertzog SFXX9998
Hertzogville SFXX0228
Hesselwood SFXX8769
Hessiesdeel SFXX4707
Hessiesdeel SFXX1402
Heumingfontein SFXX5571
Heuningneskloof SFXX0229
Heuningspruit SFXX4708
Hex River SFXX8022
Heynsrus SFXX1403
Heystekrand SFXX9999
Hibberdene SFXX8770
Hibernia SFXX4709
High View SFXX1404
Highbury SFXX8771
Highfield SFXX8772
Highflats SFXX8773
Highlands SFXX4710
Highlands SFXX7469
Highlands SFXX1405
Highlands SFXX8774
Highveld SFXX5572
Hilda Heath SFXX1406
Hildesheim SFXX8775
Hildreth Ridge SFXX0230
Hillandale SFXX8776
Hillandale SFXX4711
Hillary SFXX8777
Hillbrow SFXX5573
Hillcrest SFXX8778
Hillcrest SFXX1407
Hillcroft SFXX1408
Hillhead SFXX1409
Hillshaven SFXX5574
Hillside SFXX8779
Hillside SFXX5575
Hillside SFXX1410
Hillsowen SFXX7470
Hilltop SFXX1411
Hilltop SFXX8780
Hillview SFXX1412
Hillvue SFXX1413
Hilton SFXX8781
Hiltonia SFXX5576
Himeville SFXX8782
Hiwahlwazi SFXX1414
Hkankweni SFXX1415
Hlaba SFXX8783
Hlabati SFXX1416
Hlabatini SFXX1417
Hlabatshane SFXX1418
Hlabeni SFXX1419
Hlabisa SFXX8784
Hlakoane SFXX1420
Hlane SFXX1421
Hlangalane SFXX1422
Hlangani SFXX1423
Hlangasa SFXX8785
Hlani SFXX1424
Hlanjwa SFXX1425
Hlankomo SFXX1426
Hlapabomvu SFXX1427
Hlauhlau SFXX7471
Hlazakazi SFXX8786
Hlobane SFXX8787
Hlobo SFXX1428
Hlogotlou SFXX6379
Hlokozi SFXX8788
Hlomendlini SFXX1429
Hlomohlomo SFXX8789
Hluhluwe SFXX8790
Hluku SFXX8791
Hluleka SFXX1430
Hluvukani SFXX6380
Hlwahlwazi SFXX1431
Hobeni SFXX1432
Hobhouse SFXX4712
Hoedspruit SFXX6381
Hoekfontein SFXX4713
Hoekskraal SFXX1433
Hoeveld SFXX8024
Hofisi SFXX1434
Hofmeyr SFXX0231
Hogsback SFXX1435
Hohane SFXX1436
Hohobeng SFXX1437
Holboskolk SFXX8025
Hole in the Wall SFXX1438
Holela SFXX1439
Holfontein SFXX5577
Holfontein SFXX4714
Holgat SFXX8026
Holland Park SFXX1440
Holmdene SFXX4715
Holmesdale SFXX4716
Holnek SFXX7472
Holpan SFXX8027
Holstein SFXX4717
Holvlei SFXX8028
Holy Cross SFXX8792
Home Farm SFXX8793
Home Park SFXX1442
Homestead SFXX7473
Homevale SFXX8029
Homeward SFXX4718
Homewood SFXX8794
Hondeklipbaai SFXX0232
Hondepan SFXX8030
Honeybird SFXX7474
Honeydew SFXX5579
Honeyvale SFXX5580
Honeyville SFXX1443
Honingvley SFXX6382
Hoog-en-Droog SFXX6383
Hoogedoorns SFXX6384
Hoogekraal SFXX7475
Hoogland SFXX1444
Hoogland SFXX8031
Hoogstede SFXX1445
Hoogstede SFXX4719
Hoogstepunt SFXX6385
Hoogte SFXX4720
Hoopdal SFXX6386
Hoopstad SFXX4721
Hope SFXX4722
Hope Vale SFXX1446
Hope Valley SFXX4723
Hopefield SFXX1447
Hopefield SFXX0233
Hopeleigh SFXX1448
Hopetown SFXX8032
Hopevale SFXX8795
Hopewell SFXX1449
Hopewell SFXX8796
Hopwood SFXX1450
Horizon View SFXX5581
Hornsnek SFXX5582
Horseshoe SFXX1451
Horton SFXX1452
Hota-Mbeule SFXX1453
Hotazel SFXX8033
Hototo SFXX1454
Hottentotspoort SFXX1455
Houghton Estate SFXX5583
Houhoek SFXX8035
Houtbaai SFXX0234
Houtberg SFXX4724
Houtbosdorp SFXX0235
Houtkloof SFXX1456
Houtkop SFXX5584
Houtkraal SFXX0236
Houtnek SFXX4725
Houtrivier SFXX6387
Howick SFXX0237
Hueningkrans SFXX4726
Hugenoot SFXX4727
Hughenden SFXX1458
Huguenot SFXX1459
Hukuwa SFXX1460
Hukwini SFXX1461
Humansdorp SFXX0238
Humewood SFXX1462
Huntingdon SFXX6388
Huntley SFXX4728
Hurlingham SFXX5585
Hutchinson SFXX8036
Hutton Heights SFXX8798
Hwelereng SFXX6389
Hwelesangeng SFXX6390
Hwibi SFXX6391
Hyde Park SFXX5586
Hydro SFXX7476
Hylton SFXX8799
Ichubo SFXX8800
Ida SFXX1463
Idutywa SFXX1464
Idutywa River SFXX1465
Ifafa SFXX8801
Ifafa Beach SFXX8802
Igoda Mouth SFXX1466
Ilinge SFXX1467
Illawarra SFXX4729
Illovo SFXX0020
Illovo Beach SFXX8803
IMbali SFXX9685
Impendle SFXX8805
Imvani SFXX1468
Inadan SFXX5587
Inanda SFXX5588
Inanda SFXX8806
Inanda Seminary SFXX8807
Inchanga SFXX8808
Inchanga Park SFXX8809
Indawana SFXX8810
Indwana SFXX1469
Indwe SFXX0240
Ingogo SFXX8811
Ingwavuma SFXX8812
Inhoek SFXX4730
Inhoek SFXX1470
Inkbos SFXX8037
Inkruipsfontein SFXX4731
Inkunzana SFXX8813
Innesdale SFXX5589
Innistore SFXX1471
Inxu Drift SFXX1472
Inyamane SFXX8814
Iona SFXX4732
Ireagh SFXX6392
Irene SFXX8038
Irisdale SFXX1473
Ironside SFXX5591
Ironstone SFXX6393
Ironstone SFXX1474
Isabel SFXX4733
Isandlwana SFXX8815
Isando SFXX5592
Isidule SFXX5593
Isilindini SFXX1476
Isinembe SFXX8816
Isinuka SFXX1477
Isipingo SFXX0241
Isipingo Beach SFXX8817
Isityam SFXX1478
Island View SFXX8818
Islay SFXX8819
Islington SFXX8820
Ispongo SFXX8821
Ivanhoe SFXX8822
Ivaura Estates SFXX7477
Ivydale SFXX6394
Ixopo SFXX0528
Izeleni SFXX1480
Izingolweni SFXX8823
Izitende SFXX8824
Izotsha SFXX8825
Jaagbaan SFXX4734
Jaagbaan SFXX8826
Jabavu SFXX5594
Jabula SFXX1481
Jacanlee SFXX5595
Jack SFXX6395
Jackson SFXX8039
Jacobs Erf SFXX4735
Jacobsdal SFXX0021
Jacobshoogte SFXX8040
Jagersfontein SFXX0244
Jagpad SFXX8041
Jakhalsgezang SFXX4736
Jakkals Pos SFXX1483
Jakkalsbank SFXX1484
Jakkalsdraai SFXX0245
Jakkalsfontein SFXX4737
Jakkalspoort SFXX1485
Jakkalsputs SFXX8042
Jalamba SFXX1486
Jameson Park SFXX5597
Jamestown SFXX1487
Jameyana SFXX7478
Jan Kemp SFXX0246
Jane Furse SFXX6396
Jansenville SFXX1488
Janseput SFXX6397
Jantjieshoek SFXX7479
Jeffreys Bay SFXX1489
Jengce SFXX1490
Jericho SFXX1491
Jobseputs SFXX8043
Joewyns Park SFXX1492
Johannesburg SFXX0023
Johnniesdale SFXX8044
Johnniesluck SFXX8045
Jojweni SFXX1493
Jokweni SFXX8830
Jolwayo SFXX8831
Jonasfontein SFXX4738
Jonkerville SFXX7481
Josefsdeel SFXX1495
Joseph Ngxales SFXX1496
Josephine SFXX6398
Joubert SFXX4739
Joubertina SFXX0249
Jouberts Kroon SFXX6399
Joubertstroom SFXX8832
Jozannas Nek SFXX1498
Jozannashoek SFXX1499
Jozini SFXX8834
Juistzoo SFXX4740
Jujura SFXX1500
Jukskei Park SFXX5599
Julesburg SFXX6400
Julies Post SFXX4741
Junction Ferry SFXX1501
Jungaan SFXX6401
Jupiter SFXX6402
Justicia SFXX6403
Juta SFXX4742
Ka-Bungeni SFXX6404
Ka-Dinga SFXX6405
Ka-Dzumeri SFXX6406
Ka-Hasane SFXX6407
Ka-Homu SFXX6408
Ka-Madonsi SFXX6409
Ka-Madzivi SFXX6410
Ka-Mampungushe SFXX8835
Ka-Mandlhakazi SFXX6411
Ka-Mapapila SFXX6412
Ka-Mapayeni SFXX6413
Ka-Maphophe SFXX6414
Ka-Matiani SFXX6415
Ka-Matsakeli SFXX6416
Ka-Mavambe SFXX6417
Ka-Mavundani SFXX6418
Ka-Mbatlo SFXX6419
Ka-Mchipise SFXX6420
Ka-Mhinga SFXX6421
Ka-Mininginisi SFXX6422
Ka-Mtititi SFXX6423
Ka-Mudavula SFXX6424
Ka-Mulaba SFXX6425
Ka-Muswane SFXX6426
Ka-Nghezimani SFXX6427
Ka-Ngove SFXX6428
Ka-Ngubane SFXX7482
Ka-Nkuri SFXX6429
Ka-Nwamitwa SFXX6430
Ka-Nyavani SFXX6431
Ka-Phaphazela SFXX6432
Ka-Shigamane SFXX6433
Ka-Sibhejane SFXX7483
Ka-Sunduza SFXX6434
Ka-Tsakani SFXX6435
Ka-Xikundu SFXX6437
Ka-Xitlhelani SFXX6438
Kaaldraai SFXX8046
Kaalhoek SFXX4743
Kaalplaas SFXX1502
Kaalvallei SFXX6439
Kaapmuiden SFXX7484
Kaapsehoop SFXX7485
Kabeana SFXX6440
Kabete SFXX7486
Kaffelskraal SFXX1504
Kafferboom SFXX6441
Kafferfontein SFXX7487
Kafferrivier SFXX4744
Kaffershop SFXX4745
Kafferskop SFXX4746
Kafferskraal SFXX1505
Kaffersleg SFXX1506
Kafferspoort SFXX4747
Kafferspruit SFXX7488
Kafferstad SFXX4748
Kaffir Drift SFXX8837
Kaffir Kolk SFXX8047
Kaffirskloof SFXX8048
Kagisanong SFXX4749
Kagiso SFXX5600
Kaimoepslaagte SFXX8049
Kakamas SFXX0024
Kakamas-Oos SFXX8050
Kakashill SFXX8838
Kalaharigrens SFXX8051
Kalalo SFXX1507
Kalana Location SFXX1508
Kalbasfontein SFXX5601
Kalbassie SFXX8839
Kalkbank SFXX6442
Kalkbult SFXX4750
Kalkdam SFXX8052
Kalkfontein SFXX1509
Kalkfontein SFXX6443
Kalkheuvel SFXX5602
Kalkoenkrans SFXX7489
Kalkoenkrans SFXX4752
Kalwerspruit SFXX4753
Kalwevlei SFXX4754
Kamas Location SFXX1511
Kamassies SFXX8053
Kamastone SFXX1512
Kambi SFXX1513
Kameelboom SFXX8054
Kameeldrift West SFXX5603
Kameelhoek SFXX8055
Kameelpan SFXX4755
Kameelpoort SFXX8056
Kameelpoortnek SFXX5604
Kamieskroon SFXX0251
Kamp SFXX1514
Kampplek SFXX1515
Kanana SFXX6444
Kanoneiland SFXX0252
Kanossa SFXX1516
Kanya SFXX1517
Kanyayo SFXX1518
Kanye SFXX1519
KaNzakene SFXX8836
Kapetseng SFXX6445
Kapokfontein SFXX4756
Kappiesfontein SFXX1520
Karberg SFXX1521
Kareeboomcyfer SFXX8057
Kareebosleegte SFXX1522
Kareedouw SFXX1523
Kareehoek SFXX1524
Kareekloof SFXX1525
Kareekloot SFXX1526
Karkams SFXX8058
Karmeel SFXX0253
Karnmelkkolk SFXX8059
Karoedap SFXX8060
Karos SFXX0025
Karreckloof SFXX4757
Karreehoek SFXX4758
Karreeputs SFXX8061
Karridene SFXX8840
Karringmelkskolk SFXX8062
Kasa SFXX1527
Kasouga SFXX1528
Kasouga Road SFXX1529
Kassel SFXX4759
Kate Hamel SFXX5605
Katfontein SFXX4760
Kathu SFXX8063
Katinyanga SFXX1530
Katkop SFXX1531
Katlehong SFXX5606
Katoen SFXX7490
Katsibane SFXX7491
Kaulela Location SFXX1532
Kauletsi SFXX6446
Kawene SFXX6447
Kayalami SFXX4761
Kebonoe SFXX4762
Keerom SFXX7492
Kefani SFXX1534
Kei and Bulhoek SFXX1538
Kei Bridge SFXX1535
Kei Mouth SFXX1536
Kei Road SFXX1537
Keilands SFXX1539
Keimoes SFXX0026
Keiskammahoek SFXX0256
Kelland SFXX5607
Kelso SFXX8842
Kelso Beach SFXX8843
Kelswood SFXX1540
Kelvin SFXX5608
Kempdale SFXX8844
Kemps Cottage SFXX7493
Kempton Park SFXX0027
Kendal SFXX7494
Kendrew SFXX1541
Kenfield SFXX7495
Kenhardt SFXX0258
Kenilworth SFXX1542
Kenilworth SFXX8064
Kenilworth SFXX5609
Kenilworth SFXX8845
Kenmore SFXX1543
Kensington SFXX1544
Kensington SFXX4764
Kensington SFXX5610
Kentani SFXX1545
Kenton SFXX1546
Kenton on Sea SFXX1547
Kenville SFXX8846
Kepisini SFXX1548
Kerrera SFXX1549
Kestell SFXX4765
Keti SFXX1550
Keurbos SFXX1551
Kew SFXX5611
Keyelaer SFXX8847
Keylock SFXX1552
Kgalala SFXX4766
Kgaphamadi SFXX6448
Kgatalala SFXX6449
Kgautswane SFXX6450
Kgobokwane SFXX7496
Kgohlwane SFXX6451
Kgokong SFXX6452
Kgokonyane SFXX6453
Kgomo-Kgomo SFXX6454
Kgopeng SFXX6455
Kgoponeng SFXX6456
Kgopung SFXX6457
Kgoroshi SFXX6458
Kgotia SFXX6459
Kgotlopong SFXX6460
Khakhala SFXX6461
Khakhanwa SFXX6462
Khalankomo SFXX1553
Khalavha SFXX6463
Khangela SFXX6464
Khathazweni SFXX7497
Khavhambe SFXX6465
Khethani SFXX8848
Khiba SFXX1554
Khiphunyawo SFXX8849
Khiwane SFXX1555
Khohlong SFXX1556
Khokhovela SFXX6466
Kholweni SFXX1557
Khosis SFXX8065
Khubus SFXX8066
Khubvi SFXX6467
Khudutlou SFXX8067
Khureng SFXX6468
Khutsong SFXX5612
Khwabo SFXX1558
Khwetshe SFXX1559
Kiepersol SFXX7498
Kiesel SFXX6469
Kikafela SFXX8068
Kildare SFXX1561
Kildare SFXX8850
Kilegethe SFXX8851
Kileneni Ranch SFXX6471
Killarney SFXX1562
Kilroe Beach SFXX1563
Kimberley SFXX0028
King Neptune SFXX1564
Kings Glen SFXX1565
Kings Heights SFXX1566
Kings Kloof SFXX5613
Kings Lynn SFXX1567
Kings Rest SFXX8852
Kings Ride SFXX1568
Kingsborough SFXX0261
Kingscofe SFXX1569
Kingscote SFXX8853
Kingsley SFXX8854
Kingslynn SFXX1570
Kingsmead SFXX8855
Kingston SFXX8856
Kini Bay SFXX1571
Kinira SFXX1572
Kinira Drift SFXX1573
Kinira Poort SFXX1574
Kinirapoort SFXX1575
Kinross SFXX7499
Kirkwood SFXX0262
Kirstonia SFXX0263
Kiwane SFXX1577
Klaarwater SFXX4768
Klavervlei SFXX8069
Klein SFXX4769
Klein Camp SFXX1578
Klein Dikgale SFXX6472
Klein Droehout SFXX8070
Klein Elandsvlei SFXX5614
Klein Kareepoort SFXX1579
Klein Koegab SFXX8071
Klein Lowridge SFXX4770
Klein Pella SFXX8074
Klein Rosynebos SFXX8075
Klein Strydpoort SFXX1581
Klein Tshipise SFXX6473
Klein Witberg SFXX8077
Klein Withoek SFXX1582
Klein-Koning SFXX8078
Klein-Letaba SFXX6474
Klein-Nourivier SFXX8079
Kleinberg SFXX8080
Kleinbos SFXX1583
Kleindam SFXX4771
Kleinemonde SFXX1584
Kleinfontein SFXX7500
Kleinfontein SFXX4772
Kleingeluk SFXX1585
Kleinheek SFXX4773
Kleinmonde SFXX1586
Kleinpaarl SFXX4774
Kleinplaas SFXX4775
Kleinpoort SFXX1587
Kleinsee SFXX0030
Kleinskool SFXX1588
Kleinstradt SFXX4777
Kleinvie SFXX1589
Kleinvlei SFXX8081
Kleinvlei SFXX1590
Klerksdorp SFXX0265
Klerkshoop SFXX8082
Klingenberg SFXX8857
Kliodrift SFXX1591
Klipaar SFXX8083
Klipbaken SFXX1592
Klipdam SFXX1593
Klipdam SFXX8084
Klipdrif SFXX4779
Klipdrift SFXX5615
Klipdrift SFXX4780
Klipfontein SFXX4781
Klipfontein SFXX1594
Klipfontein SFXX6475
Klipfontein SFXX5616
Klipfontein SFXX7501
Klipgat SFXX1595
Klipheuwel SFXX1596
Kliphoogte SFXX8086
Kliphuis SFXX4782
Klipkraal SFXX1597
Klipkuil SFXX4783
Klipkuil SFXX1598
Klippan SFXX7502
Klippan SFXX4784
Klipplaat SFXX1599
Klipplaatdrif SFXX4785
Klipplaatdrift SFXX7503
Klippunt SFXX8087
Kliprivier SFXX8859
Kliprivier SFXX7504
Kliprivier SFXX5617
Klipskool SFXX7505
Klipspruit SFXX7506
Klipspruit SFXX8860
Klipspruit SFXX6476
Klipvlei SFXX8088
Klondyke SFXX1600
Klonge SFXX8861
Kloof SFXX8862
Kloofendal SFXX5618
Kloofsig SFXX5619
Klopperspruit SFXX4786
Knapdale SFXX1601
Knapps Hope SFXX1602
Knobel SFXX6477
Knoetze SFXX1603
Knoffelspruit SFXX4787
Knole Park SFXX1604
Knoppiesfontein SFXX4788
Knowsley SFXX1605
Knunda SFXX6478
Knysna SFXX0266
Kobonqaba SFXX1606
Kobonqaba Mouth SFXX1607
Kocksoord SFXX5620
Koebas Kolk SFXX8089
Koedoe SFXX5621
Koedoeskloof SFXX8090
Koedoesrand SFXX6479
Koegasbrug SFXX8091
Koekenaap SFXX0267
Koekoeb SFXX8092
Koentekraal SFXX1608
Koeris SFXX8093
Koeskop SFXX8094
Koetsrus SFXX4789
Koffiebank SFXX7507
Koffiefontein SFXX0268
Kohla SFXX1609
Kohlo SFXX1610
Kohlogolo SFXX1611
Koiingnaas SFXX8095
Kokstad SFXX8863
Kokstad SFXX6480
Kokwaneng SFXX6481
Kolbe SFXX4790
Koloni SFXX1612
Koloti SFXX6482
Kom Nader SFXX1613
Komaggas SFXX0269
Komanas SFXX1614
Komaneng SFXX6483
Komati SFXX7508
Komatie SFXX6484
Komatipoort SFXX0270
Kome SFXX6485
Komga SFXX0271
Komhlulu SFXX1615
Komkhulu SFXX8864
Komkulu SFXX1617
Kommandant SFXX4791
Kommandantskop SFXX1618
Kommandodrif SFXX4792
Kommandokraal SFXX1619
Kommetjesfontein SFXX4793
Kommetjie SFXX7509
Kommetjie SFXX0272
Kommetjiesdam SFXX8096
Kommissiedrif SFXX4794
Kommissiepoort SFXX4795
Komnader SFXX5622
Kompromise SFXX8097
Komweer SFXX1620
Kongeni SFXX1621
Koning SFXX8098
Koningskroon SFXX8865
Koopmansfontein SFXX0273
Koornland SFXX4796
Koos se Vlei SFXX8100
Kopfontein SFXX1622
Koppie SFXX4797
Koppie Alleen SFXX6486
Koppie Alleen SFXX4798
Koppies SFXX0274
Koppies Dam SFXX8101
Koppies Location SFXX4799
Koppiesfontein SFXX1623
Koppieskraal SFXX4801
Korannaland SFXX8102
Korenhof SFXX1624
Korenthi SFXX8866
Korhaan Hill SFXX8867
Korhaansdrif SFXX1625
Kornetspruit SFXX4802
Korsten SFXX1626
Kortbegrip SFXX8868
Kortdoorn SFXX8103
Korthoek SFXX4803
Kortlaagte SFXX4804
Kortlaagte SFXX7510
Kosi SFXX8869
Koster SFXX0275
Kostini SFXX6487
Kotana SFXX1627
Kote SFXX1628
Kotishini SFXX1629
Kotyana SFXX1630
Kotzesrus SFXX8104
Koudekraal SFXX4805
Kouefontein SFXX8105
Kougadam SFXX1631
Kraaifontein SFXX4806
Kraaifontein SFXX1632
Kraaifontein SFXX0276
Kraaiplaas SFXX1633
Kraal SFXX1634
Kraalfontein SFXX4807
Kraalkop SFXX8106
Kragbron SFXX4808
Krakeelrivier SFXX1635
Kransberg SFXX6488
Kransfontein SFXX4809
Kransfontein SFXX8108
Kranskloof SFXX4810
Kranskop SFXX0277
Kranskop SFXX4811
Kranskraal SFXX6489
Kranspan SFXX7511
Kransplaat SFXX1636
Kransvoelleegte SFXX1637
Krapfontein SFXX4812
Kratzenstein SFXX4813
Krauses Beach SFXX1638
Kremetartpan SFXX6490
Kriel SFXX7512
Krokodilbrug SFXX7513
Kromberg SFXX8870
Kromdraai SFXX5623
Kromdraai SFXX4814
Kromellenboog SFXX6491
Kromfontein SFXX7514
Kromhoek SFXX8871
Kromhof SFXX4815
Kromkuilplaas SFXX4816
Krommedraai SFXX8872
Krompan SFXX4817
Kromriver SFXX1639
Kromriviermond SFXX1640
Kromspruit SFXX1641
Kromspruit SFXX4818
Kromvlei SFXX8873
Kroonberg SFXX1642
Kroonhoek SFXX8874
Kroonspruit SFXX4819
Kroonstad SFXX0278
Kroonvale SFXX1643
Kroonviel SFXX1644
Krugersdam SFXX8109
Krugersdeel SFXX4820
Krugersdorp SFXX0031
Krugersdorp West SFXX5625
Krugersrus SFXX4821
Krugersvlei SFXX4822
Kruidfontein SFXX4823
Kruisfontein SFXX8875
Kruisfontein SFXX0280
Kruispad SFXX4824
Kruithoring SFXX1645
Ku-Buka SFXX1646
Ku-Bungu SFXX1647
Ku-Canti SFXX1648
Ku-Duka SFXX1649
Ku-Dupu SFXX1650
Ku-Dyobhudaka SFXX1651
Ku-Fefa SFXX1652
Ku-Gcobane SFXX1653
Ku-Gengqe SFXX1654
Ku-Gilandoda SFXX1655
Ku-Goeyana SFXX1656
Ku-Gwexintaba SFXX1657
Ku-Hlaba SFXX1658
Ku-Hlope SFXX1659
Ku-Jonga SFXX1660
Ku-Kombe SFXX1661
Ku-Liweni SFXX1662
Ku-Lozulu SFXX1663
Ku-Ludondolo SFXX1664
Ku-Madukuda SFXX1665
Ku-Magubu SFXX1666
Ku-Malongwe SFXX1667
Ku-Mankazana SFXX1668
Ku-Mankenkeza SFXX1669
Ku-Manzimdaka SFXX1670
Ku-Mapahla SFXX1671
Ku-Maqebevu SFXX1672
Ku-Masadala SFXX1673
Ku-Mate SFXX1674
Ku-Mayima SFXX1675
Ku-Mhlabubomvu SFXX1676
Ku-Msikiti SFXX1677
Ku-Mtwebula SFXX1678
Ku-Mvezo SFXX1679
Ku-Ncengana SFXX1680
Ku-Ndaca SFXX1681
Ku-Ndile SFXX1682
Ku-Ndlazi SFXX1683
Ku-Ndlunkulu SFXX1684
Ku-Ndoda SFXX1685
Ku-Ngcengane SFXX1686
Ku-Nikwe SFXX1687
Ku-Njombela SFXX1688
Ku-Nkongolo SFXX1689
Ku-Nokana SFXX1690
Ku-Nomadambe SFXX1691
Ku-Nomadolo SFXX1692
Ku-Nomcamba SFXX1693
Ku-Nongcwengana SFXX1694
Ku-Nonyentu SFXX1695
Ku-Nqwati SFXX1696
Ku-Ntabo Sigogo SFXX1697
Ku-Ntlotshe SFXX1698
Ku-Nyokinala SFXX1699
Ku-Nyongwane SFXX1700
Ku-Qudu SFXX1701
Ku-Qwebeqwebe SFXX1702
Ku-Qwempe SFXX1703
Ku-Raxa SFXX1704
Ku-Rebu SFXX1705
Ku-Sigiba SFXX1706
Ku-Sinxuzula SFXX1707
Ku-Tikitiki SFXX1708
Ku-Tsolokazi SFXX1709
Ku-Xawuka SFXX1710
Ku-Zikonkwane SFXX1711
Ku-Zitungu SFXX1712
KuAmanzimnyama SFXX1713
KuBangqo SFXX1714
Kubeka SFXX1857
KuBeke SFXX1715
KuBeyele SFXX1716
KuBhobhodla SFXX1717
KuBhukazi SFXX1718
KuBilatye SFXX1719
Kubjaname SFXX6492
KuBojane SFXX1720
KuBom SFXX1721
KuBoniswa SFXX1722
Kubusie Woolwash SFXX1858
KuCabazana SFXX1723
KuCane SFXX1724
KuCitwayo SFXX1725
KuCwalinkungu SFXX1726
KuDidi SFXX1727
KuDlabhane SFXX1728
KuDlakavu SFXX1729
KuDubeni SFXX1730
KuDudumashe SFXX1731
KuFani SFXX1732
KuFundakubi SFXX1733
KuGambushe SFXX1734
KuGilanqodo SFXX1735
KuGodola SFXX1736
KuGqangushe SFXX1737
KuGqaza SFXX1738
KuGroxo SFXX1739
KuGudlintaba SFXX1740
KuGunjana SFXX1741
KuGwabeni SFXX1742
KuGxara SFXX1743
KuHota SFXX1744
Kuilspruit SFXX7517
Kuilsrivier SFXX7518
KuJaho SFXX1745
KuKavara SFXX1746
KuKose SFXX1747
Kulambeni SFXX1859
KuLanganci SFXX1748
Kuleka SFXX8876
Kuliles SFXX1860
Kulo-Ngqa SFXX1861
KuLofumbata SFXX1749
KuLogongoto SFXX1750
KuLogqogqa SFXX1751
KuLohopana SFXX1752
KuLojingqi SFXX1753
KuLombete SFXX1754
KuLombombo SFXX1755
KuLoqolo SFXX1756
KuLotshazi SFXX1757
KuLovulandi SFXX1758
Kuludake SFXX8877
KuLudondolo SFXX1759
KuLudwele SFXX1760
Kulufini SFXX1862
KuLutsheko SFXX1761
KuLuxomo SFXX1762
KuMabangula SFXX1763
KuMabhikiji SFXX1764
KuMabula SFXX1765
KuMacibini SFXX1766
KuMagwala SFXX1767
KuMahamane SFXX1768
KuMahasana SFXX1769
KuMahlungulu SFXX1770
Kumajaba SFXX1863
KuManyisani SFXX1771
KuManzamnyama SFXX1772
KuManzana SFXX1773
KuMapiko SFXX1774
KuMaqanda SFXX1775
KuMaqashu SFXX1776
KuMate SFXX1777
KuMathumbu SFXX1778
KuMaya SFXX1779
KuMayibe SFXX1780
KuMbaxa SFXX1781
KuMbonda SFXX1782
KuMbozwana SFXX1783
KuMbulunga SFXX1784
KuMcogwaba SFXX7516
KuMembesi SFXX1785
KuMgawuli SFXX1786
KuMgedezi SFXX1787
KuMkulu SFXX1788
KuMlandena SFXX1789
KuMnxekazi SFXX1790
KuMpurwana SFXX1791
KuMtala SFXX1792
KuMtukuma SFXX1793
KuMtyamde SFXX1794
KuNcalolo SFXX1795
KuNcityana SFXX1796
KuNcwana SFXX1797
KuNdayingana SFXX1798
KuNdindini SFXX1799
KuNdonga SFXX1800
Kundulu SFXX1864
Kunen SFXX8878
KuNgcaca SFXX1801
KuNgcoti SFXX1802
KuNgcuka SFXX1803
KuNgqane SFXX1804
KuNgqovu SFXX1805
KuNgqungqumbe SFXX1806
KuNgqutu SFXX1807
KuNgqwaru SFXX1808
KuNjemane SFXX1809
KuNkazana SFXX1810
KuNkolonga SFXX1811
KuNkumba SFXX1812
KuNkundla SFXX1813
KuNkunzimbini SFXX1814
KuNomadamba SFXX1815
KuNomadolo SFXX1816
KuNomcamba SFXX1817
KuNomxhathalala SFXX1818
KuNonyongothi SFXX1819
KuNoxhungutshe SFXX1820
KuNozolisa SFXX1821
KuNqumakala SFXX1822
KuNqwati SFXX1823
KuNtabankulu SFXX1824
KuNtlamvukazi SFXX1825
KuNtlonze SFXX1826
KuNtsimba SFXX1827
Kunyana SFXX8879
KuNyongwane SFXX1828
KuPapana SFXX1829
KuPapane SFXX1830
KuPhahla SFXX1831
KuQengqeleka SFXX1832
KuQoba SFXX1833
KuQuilikawa SFXX1834
KuQwempe SFXX1835
Kurrees SFXX8110
Kurulen SFXX6493
Kuruman SFXX4825
Kuruman SFXX8111
KuSauti SFXX1836
Kuschke SFXX6494
KuSikulume SFXX1837
KuSipusipu SFXX1838
KuSitana SFXX1839
KuSiwisa SFXX1840
KuSosiba SFXX1841
KuSunduza SFXX1842
KuSusa SFXX1843
Kut-el-mara SFXX4826
KuTela SFXX1844
Kutloanong SFXX4827
KuTsembeyi SFXX1845
KuTshatshu SFXX1846
KuTshulu SFXX1847
Kutumpa SFXX6496
KuTyawana SFXX1848
KuVulindawo SFXX1849
KuWelakabini SFXX1850
KuWohlo SFXX1851
KuXama SFXX1852
KuXenge SFXX1853
KuXolo SFXX1854
Kuzameni SFXX8880
Kuze SFXX8881
KuZele SFXX1855
KuZingqutu SFXX1856
Kwa Lubilo SFXX1865
Kwa-Altile SFXX1866
Kwa-Bala SFXX1867
Kwa-Beja SFXX1868
Kwa-Bhumbuta SFXX1869
Kwa-Cita SFXX1870
Kwa-Coka SFXX1871
Kwa-Dabula SFXX1872
Kwa-Dick SFXX1873
Kwa-Dukatole SFXX1874
Kwa-Dumba SFXX1875
Kwa-Dunjane SFXX1876
Kwa-Gambushe SFXX1877
Kwa-Gangata SFXX1878
Kwa-Gcaleka SFXX1879
Kwa-Gcina SFXX1880
Kwa-Gininda SFXX1881
Kwa-Gomatana SFXX1882
Kwa-Gora SFXX1883
Kwa-Gqwaru SFXX1884
Kwa-Gulwa SFXX1885
Kwa-Guqaza SFXX1886
Kwa-Herman SFXX1887
Kwa-Hoyi SFXX1888
Kwa-Hoza SFXX1889
Kwa-Kahla SFXX1890
Kwa-Kayaletu SFXX1891
Kwa-Kumba SFXX1892
Kwa-Lutiko SFXX1893
Kwa-Madiba SFXX1894
Kwa-Magcude SFXX1895
Kwa-Magqadazeni SFXX1896
Kwa-Mampengeni SFXX1897
Kwa-Maqosha SFXX1898
Kwa-Maradede SFXX1899
Kwa-Mbanyaru SFXX1900
Kwa-Mkontwana SFXX1902
Kwa-Mlawu SFXX1903
Kwa-Mnqanqeni SFXX1904
Kwa-Mtyatyamba SFXX1905
Kwa-Ndaba SFXX1906
Kwa-Ndata SFXX1907
Kwa-Ndinja SFXX1908
Kwa-Ndlankomo SFXX1909
Kwa-Ndovelana SFXX1910
Kwa-Ngcamama SFXX1911
Kwa-Ngcanasa SFXX1912
Kwa-Ngxabane SFXX1913
Kwa-Ninwayo SFXX1914
Kwa-Njeya SFXX1915
Kwa-Nolokoza SFXX1916
Kwa-Nomadola SFXX1917
Kwa-Nomsenge SFXX1918
Kwa-Notaza SFXX1919
Kwa-Nozizityana SFXX1920
Kwa-Ntabezulu SFXX1921
Kwa-Ntambula SFXX1922
Kwa-Ntiskwe SFXX1923
Kwa-Ntshoma SFXX1924
Kwa-Nyabeni SFXX1925
Kwa-Nyembezi SFXX1926
Kwa-Nyokana SFXX1927
Kwa-Nzolo SFXX1928
Kwa-Pahla SFXX1929
Kwa-Phake SFXX7519
Kwa-Pikoli SFXX1930
Kwa-Qala SFXX1931
Kwa-Qeda SFXX1932
Kwa-Sulinyembezi SFXX1934
Kwa-Tshezi SFXX1935
Kwa-Xego SFXX1936
Kwa-Xoxo SFXX1937
Kwa-Zulu SFXX1938
Kwa-Zuluvuka SFXX8882
Kwa-Zwelinzima SFXX1939
Kwaaiman SFXX2091
Kwaairivier SFXX2092
KwaBanqo SFXX1940
KwaBawu SFXX1941
Kwabhaca SFXX0281
KwaBhala SFXX1942
KwaBhidla SFXX8883
KwaBhushula SFXX1943
KwaBiba SFXX1944
KwaBinca SFXX1945
KwaBipa SFXX1946
KwaBitsha SFXX1947
KwaBoto SFXX1948
KwaCawu SFXX1949
KwaCebelele SFXX8884
KwaCele SFXX8885
KwaCetshe SFXX1950
KwaCeza SFXX8886
KwaCingane SFXX1951
KwaCoka SFXX1952
KwaDabeka SFXX8887
KwaDebese SFXX1953
KwaDesi SFXX1954
KwaDilatashe SFXX1955
KwaDinabanye SFXX8888
KwaDlambula SFXX1956
KwaDlamini SFXX8889
KwaDlaulale SFXX6497
KwaDlomo SFXX1957
KwaDonsa SFXX8890
KwaDudumashe SFXX1958
KwaDulathi SFXX8891
KwaDulela SFXX8892
KwaDuma SFXX8893
KwaDungu SFXX1959
KwaDweshula SFXX8894
KwaFane SFXX1960
KwaFeni SFXX1961
KwaGamalakhe SFXX8895
KwaGambu SFXX1962
KwaGcina SFXX1963
KwaGcwabe SFXX1964
KwaGcwensa SFXX8896
KwaGengeshe SFXX8897
Kwaggafontein SFXX4828
Kwaggafontein SFXX7525
Kwaggakolk SFXX8112
Kwaggasvalkte SFXX2093
KwaGiniswayo SFXX1965
KwaGomatana SFXX1966
KwaGqugouma SFXX8898
KwaGubevu SFXX1967
KwaGuga SFXX1968
KwaGwalani SFXX1969
KwaGxubana SFXX1970
KwaHadi SFXX1971
KwaHala SFXX1972
KwaHlati SFXX1973
KwaHlombe SFXX1974
KwaHlomendlini SFXX8899
KwaHlomendlwini SFXX1975
KwaHome SFXX1976
KwaIllophe SFXX8900
KwaJaji SFXX1977
KwaJobe SFXX8901
KwaJozana SFXX1978
KwaJozana SFXX8902
KwaKanya SFXX1979
KwaKati SFXX1980
KwaKesa SFXX1981
KwaKotilitye SFXX1982
KwaKwebulana SFXX1983
KwaLanga SFXX1984
KwaLibalele SFXX1985
KwaLugedlane SFXX7520
KwaLuvundu SFXX1986
Kwam SFXX2094
KwaMaci SFXX8903
KwaMacibe SFXX1987
KwaMadibaneng SFXX6498
KwaMadlala SFXX8904
KwaMagadla SFXX1988
KwaMagcakini SFXX8905
KwaMagoda SFXX8906
KwaMagubane SFXX8907
KwaMagwaza SFXX8908
KwaMahlati SFXX8909
KwaMahlazeka SFXX1989
KwaMahomba SFXX1990
KwaMajija SFXX1991
KwaMakhutha SFXX8910
KwaManci SFXX1992
KwaMandlakazi SFXX8911
KwaMandulu SFXX7521
KwaMankonjane SFXX8912
KwaMantlole SFXX7522
KwaManzikraka SFXX1993
KwaMapeyana SFXX8913
KwaMaqikizana SFXX8914
KwaMaqokomela SFXX8915
Kwamashu SFXX0282
KwaMatatani SFXX6499
KwaMateni SFXX8917
KwaMawanda SFXX8918
KwaMaxaka SFXX1994
KwaMaya SFXX1995
KwaMayijl SFXX1996
KwaMazamisa SFXX1997
KwaMbekeni SFXX1998
KwaMbhali SFXX1999
KwaMbiba SFXX2000
KwaMbobo SFXX2001
KwaMbombela SFXX2002
KwaMbonambi SFXX8919
KwaMbongendlu SFXX2003
KwaMbonia SFXX8920
KwaMboto SFXX8921
KwaMcatuve SFXX2004
KwaMdange SFXX2005
KwaMganu SFXX2006
KwaMgcodo SFXX2007
KwaMgwagwa SFXX8922
KwaMhaga SFXX2008
Kwamhlanga SFXX5627
KwaMhlaza SFXX2009
KwaMhlekwa SFXX2010
KwaMiya SFXX2011
KwaMjanyane SFXX2012
KwaMjiji SFXX8923
KwaMjo SFXX2013
KwaMkhiza SFXX8924
KwaMkhize SFXX8925
KwaMkololwana SFXX2014
KwaMlamula SFXX8926
KwaMlawu SFXX2015
KwaMleko SFXX2016
KwaMlimisi SFXX8927
KwaMntoqotho SFXX8928
KwaMnyaisa SFXX8929
KwaMnyamana SFXX2017
KwaMpeko SFXX2018
KwaMphephethwa SFXX8930
KwaMpisi SFXX2019
KwaMpotulo SFXX2020
KwaMpumuza SFXX8931
KwaMshaya SFXX8932
KwaMshiwa SFXX8933
KwaMtebele SFXX2021
KwaMthole SFXX8934
KwaMtintsilana SFXX2022
KwaMtonjana SFXX2023
KwaMvemve SFXX2024
KwaMwema SFXX8935
KwaMyataza SFXX2025
KwaNaqutywa SFXX2026
KwaNcani SFXX2027
KwaNcwane SFXX2028
KwaNdaba SFXX8936
KwaNdarana SFXX2029
KwaNdavini SFXX2030
KwaNdesane SFXX2031
KwaNdibaniso SFXX2032
KwaNdima SFXX2033
KwaNditya SFXX2034
KwaNdlangubo SFXX8937
KwaNdlovu SFXX8938
KwaNduku SFXX2035
KwaNgali SFXX2036
KwaNgcanase SFXX2037
KwaNgcolosi SFXX8939
KwaNgendezi SFXX8940
KwaNgezana SFXX2038
KwaNgongoma SFXX8941
KwaNgquwa SFXX2039
KwaNgudle SFXX2040
KwaNgutyana SFXX2041
KwaNguza SFXX8942
KwaNgxuthu SFXX2042
KwaNibela SFXX8943
KwaNikwe SFXX2043
KwaNjana SFXX2044
KwaNkau SFXX2045
KwaNkunswana SFXX8944
KwaNobhena SFXX8945
KwaNobhokwe SFXX2046
KwaNobuhle SFXX2047
KwaNokatana SFXX2048
KwaNokepeyi SFXX2049
KwaNompondo SFXX8946
KwaNongxeke SFXX2050
KwaNonhlanga SFXX8947
KwaNonjinjikazi SFXX8948
KwaNontsinga SFXX2051
KwaNqana SFXX2052
KwaNtandayo SFXX2053
KwaNtloko SFXX2054
Kwanyana SFXX2095
KwaNyathi SFXX2055
KwaNyuswa SFXX8949
KwaNzimakwe SFXX8950
KwaNzolo SFXX2056
KwaPalani SFXX2057
KwaPewuta SFXX2058
KwaPheshe SFXX8951
KwaPita SFXX2059
KwaPosi SFXX2060
KwaQala SFXX2061
KwaQiko SFXX8952
KwaQiya SFXX2062
KwaQoba SFXX2063
KwaQukuswayo SFXX2064
KwaQungebe SFXX2065
KwaRasi SFXX2066
KwaRela SFXX2067
Kwaring SFXX6501
Kwarrielaagte SFXX7526
Kwarsspruit SFXX7527
Kwartfontein SFXX4829
KwaRwayi SFXX8953
KwaSaba SFXX2068
KwaSandanezwe SFXX8954
KwaSandile SFXX2069
KwaSanti SFXX8955
KwaShiya SFXX8956
KwaShwini SFXX2070
KwaSibonda SFXX8957
KwaSidumo SFXX2071
KwaSilatsha SFXX2072
KwaSipunu SFXX7523
KwaSogula SFXX2073
KwaSongwevu SFXX2074
KwaSonto SFXX8958
KwaTanda SFXX2075
KwaThema SFXX5626
KwaThunzi SFXX8959
KwaTshatshu SFXX2076
KwaTshelamfake SFXX6500
KwaTsita SFXX2077
KwaTuba SFXX2078
KwaTwalo SFXX2079
KwaVelelo SFXX2080
KwaVikinduku SFXX2081
KwaVimbindlela SFXX8960
KwaWezo SFXX2082
KwaXokoshe SFXX2083
KwaXusha SFXX2084
KwaYibusele SFXX8961
KwaYimani SFXX2085
KwaYoba SFXX2086
KwaZakhele SFXX2087
KwaZamazama SFXX8962
KwaZengele SFXX2088
KwaZibukwane SFXX7524
KwaZibunu SFXX2089
KwaZondela SFXX8963
KwaZondi SFXX8964
KwaZulu SFXX2090
Kwelera SFXX2096
Kwelesha SFXX2097
Kwenxura SFXX2098
Kwestiefontein SFXX4830
Kwezana SFXX2099
Kwezi SFXX8966
Kwilini SFXX2100
Kyalami SFXX5628
Kyalami Park SFXX5629
La Dinong SFXX6502
La Guelderland SFXX5630
La Kocks Hoop SFXX8113
La Lucia SFXX8967
La Mascotte SFXX2101
La Mercy SFXX8968
La Motte SFXX2102
La Rochelle SFXX4831
Laastepoort SFXX6503
Laasteskof SFXX6504
Ladismith SFXX0283
Lady Frere SFXX2103
Lady Grey SFXX0284
Lady Selborne SFXX5631
Ladybrand SFXX0285
Ladysmith SFXX0286
Lahlangubo SFXX2104
Laingsburg SFXX0287
Lakefield SFXX5632
Lakeside SFXX5633
Lalini SFXX2105
Lamaci SFXX8969
Lamberts Bay SFXX0288
Lambrechtsdrif SFXX8114
Lambton SFXX5634
Lammerkop SFXX7528
Lamoani SFXX6505
Lamontville SFXX8970
Lana SFXX2106
Landau SFXX7529
Landboukantoor SFXX7530
Lands End SFXX2107
Langanci SFXX2108
Langbaken SFXX8115
Langberg SFXX8116
Langdon SFXX4389
Langebaanweg SFXX0065
Langeloop SFXX7531
Langeni SFXX2109
Langeni SFXX8971
Langfontein SFXX2110
Langgewacht SFXX8972
Langhoek SFXX4832
Langkloof SFXX2111
Langkrans SFXX8974
Langkuil SFXX4833
Langlaagte SFXX5635
Langlaagte SFXX4834
Langley SFXX8975
Langpoort SFXX2112
Langrand SFXX4835
Langverwacht SFXX2113
Langverwag SFXX2114
Langverwag SFXX4836
Lansdown SFXX8976
Lanseria SFXX0075
Lanti SFXX2115
Lapesini SFXX2116
Larochelle SFXX2117
Lasfontein SFXX4837
Laudium SFXX5636
Laughing Waters SFXX2118
Lavenir SFXX5637
Laversburg SFXX5638
Lavinia SFXX2119
Lawley SFXX5639
Lawley South SFXX5640
Lawudini SFXX2120
Le Bron SFXX2121
Leach Bay SFXX2122
Leandra SFXX7532
Lebaleng SFXX6506
Leboeng SFXX6507
Lebowakgomo SFXX6508
Lebu SFXX6509
Ledingwe SFXX6510
Leeu Bos SFXX8117
Leeudoringstad SFXX0291
Leeudrif SFXX5641
Leeufontein SFXX4838
Leeukloof SFXX8118
Leeukop SFXX2123
Leeukraal-Dos SFXX5642
Leeukuil SFXX2124
Leeupoort SFXX6511
Leeurivier SFXX4839
Leeuspruit SFXX4840
Leeuvlei SFXX4841
Leeuwfontein SFXX6512
Leeuwfontein SFXX5643
Leeuwfontein SFXX2125
Leeuwkop SFXX2126
Leeuwkop SFXX4842
Leeuwkraal SFXX7533
Leeuwkraal SFXX6513
Leeuwkuil SFXX7534
Leeuwpoort SFXX4843
Leevdrift SFXX2127
Lefanyane SFXX6514
Lefifi SFXX7535
Lefiso SFXX7536
Lefiswane SFXX7537
Legapane SFXX6515
Legkraal SFXX6516
Legobwe SFXX6517
Legolaneng SFXX6518
Legotlhong SFXX6519
Lehau SFXX6520
Lehlaka Park SFXX7538
Lehlakaneng SFXX2128
Lehlakong SFXX6521
Lehlohlong SFXX6522
Lehlohonola SFXX2129
Lehmansdrif SFXX2130
Lehwiting SFXX7539
Leisure Crest SFXX8977
Lekabi SFXX4844
Lekgwareng SFXX6523
Lekgwareng SFXX2131
Lekhalaneng SFXX2132
Lekhalong SFXX2133
Lekhoba SFXX2134
Lekhureng SFXX6524
Lekhuswaneng SFXX6525
Lekiting SFXX6526
Lekkersing SFXX8119
Lekurung SFXX6527
Leliefontein SFXX8120
Lemaenfontein SFXX2135
Lemoen Hoek SFXX4845
Lemoen Kloof SFXX2136
Lemoendontein SFXX2137
Lemoenfontein SFXX4846
Lemoenfontein SFXX2138
Lemoenkloof SFXX2139
Lemoenkloof SFXX4847
Lenasia SFXX5644
Lenkwane SFXX6528
Lennoxton SFXX8978
Lente SFXX4848
Lenteland SFXX5645
Lentelus SFXX2140
Lentevlei SFXX4849
Lenting SFXX6529
Lenyenye SFXX6530
Leokaneng SFXX6531
Leonie SFXX6532
Lepelfontein SFXX8121
Lepelle SFXX6533
Lephalale SFXX6534
Lephong SFXX6535
Leroro SFXX7540
Lesetse SFXX6536
Lesetsi SFXX6537
Lesfontein SFXX2141
Leshoane SFXX6538
Leslie SFXX0292
Lesseyton SFXX2142
Leswika SFXX6539
Letaba SFXX0293
Letaba Estates SFXX6541
Letlhokwaneng SFXX6542
Letselaskraal SFXX4850
Letsitele SFXX6543
Letswatla SFXX6544
Levubu SFXX6545
Lewisham SFXX5646
Lewuswood SFXX2143
Leydsdorp SFXX0294
Libani SFXX4851
Libode SFXX2144
Libradene SFXX5648
Lichtenburg SFXX0295
Lidgetton SFXX8979
Liebendal SFXX2145
Liepsfontein SFXX2146
Ligfontein SFXX7541
Likamoreng SFXX2147
Likhetlane SFXX2148
Lilani SFXX8980
Liliefontein SFXX4852
Lillydale SFXX6548
Lily Vale SFXX2149
Lilydale SFXX4853
Lilyvale SFXX2150
Limburg SFXX0296
Lime Acres SFXX0297
Limehill SFXX8981
Limestone Kraal SFXX8122
Limewell SFXX8123
Linana SFXX4854
Linbro Park SFXX5649
Lincelles SFXX4855
Lincoln York SFXX6549
Lindani SFXX6550
Linden SFXX4856
Lindequesdrif SFXX5651
Lindesdal SFXX2151
Lindini SFXX2152
Lindley SFXX0298
Lindsay SFXX2153
Linga Longa SFXX7542
Lingeni SFXX2154
Linksfield North SFXX5652
Linotsing SFXX2155
Linton SFXX6551
Lionelton SFXX7543
Lismore SFXX2156
Little Falls SFXX5653
Liviersrust SFXX2157
Lixeni SFXX2158
Location SFXX8124
Lochiel SFXX7544
Lochvaal SFXX5654
Locke Moore SFXX2159
Lockshoek SFXX4857
Lockwood Hall SFXX8982
Loding SFXX7545
Loerie SFXX2160
Loeriesfontein SFXX0299
Loeuwfontein SFXX4858
Lohatlha SFXX0300
Lokasie SFXX2161
Lokishini SFXX2162
Lomatimond SFXX7546
Lombards Post SFXX2163
Lombardy SFXX2164
Lombardy East SFXX5655
Lomondo Location SFXX6558
Lonalis SFXX4859
Lonci SFXX2165
London SFXX6559
London SFXX7547
Lone Hill SFXX5656
Lone Tree SFXX2166
Lonely SFXX2167
Longden SFXX2168
Longlands SFXX2169
Longlands SFXX8984
Longlead SFXX4860
Longlee SFXX2170
Longmore SFXX2171
Longsight SFXX7548
Longsought SFXX2172
Lononder SFXX8126
Lonsdale SFXX6560
Loodmyn SFXX6561
Lookout SFXX2173
Loopspruit SFXX6562
Lorraine SFXX2174
Lorraine SFXX6563
Loskop SFXX2175
Loskop SFXX8985
Lota SFXX2176
Lotana SFXX2177
Lothair SFXX7550
Lothakane SFXX8127
Lottering SFXX2178
Louden SFXX2179
Louis Botha SFXX2180
Louis Trichardt SFXX0301
Louisiana SFXX8986
Louisvale SFXX0032
Loumarina SFXX5657
Louraine SFXX6564
Lourdes SFXX8987
Lourensa SFXX4861
Louretha SFXX8128
Louterwater SFXX2181
Louwna SFXX0303
Louwsburg SFXX8988
Louwsrust SFXX2182
Louwsrust SFXX8129
Lovat SFXX8989
Love Dale SFXX2183
Lovedale SFXX2184
Lovedale SFXX4862
Lovedale SFXX8130
Lovemore SFXX6565
Lovemore Park SFXX2185
Lovodale SFXX8990
Lower Cala SFXX2186
Lower Didimana SFXX2187
Lower Flucwecwe SFXX2188
Lower Gqobonco SFXX2189
Lower Gretna SFXX2190
Lower Mcambalala SFXX2191
Lower Mdumbi SFXX2192
Lower Mkate SFXX2193
Lower Mnyolo SFXX2194
Lower Mtingwevu SFXX2195
Lower Mvenyane SFXX2196
Lower Qora SFXX2197
Lower Rabula SFXX2198
Lower Rainy SFXX2199
Lower Sabelele SFXX2200
Lower Tsitsana SFXX2201
Lower Tyira SFXX2202
Lower Wolf River SFXX2203
Lower-Ngqwara SFXX2204
Lowlands SFXX2205
Lowlands SFXX4863
Loxton SFXX8132
Loxtonvale SFXX8133
Lubacweni SFXX2206
Lubaleko SFXX2207
Lubalekweni SFXX2208
Lubanzi SFXX2209
Lubisi SFXX2210
Lubisini SFXX2211
Lubomnini SFXX2212
Lubomvini SFXX2213
Lucerna SFXX2214
Lucerne SFXX8991
Lucernedale SFXX2215
Lucernvlei SFXX4864
Luckau SFXX7552
Luckhoff SFXX0304
Lucwecwe SFXX2216
Ludaka SFXX2217
Ludakeni SFXX2218
Ludalasi SFXX2219
Ludeke SFXX2220
Luderitzbucht SFXX2221
Ludiza SFXX2222
Ludlameni SFXX2223
Ludlow SFXX6566
Ludonga SFXX2224
Luembo SFXX2225
Lufafa SFXX2226
Lufefeni SFXX2227
Lufuta SFXX2228
Lugada SFXX2229
Lugalakaxa SFXX2230
Lugaqweni SFXX2231
Lugcadweni SFXX2232
Luge SFXX6567
Lugolweni SFXX2233
Lugolwenie SFXX2234
Lugongqoso SFXX2235
Lugongqozo SFXX2236
Luheni SFXX6568
Luhewini SFXX2237
Luhlalwini SFXX2238
Lujecweni SFXX2239
Lujiza SFXX2240
Lujizweni SFXX2241
Lukahlambeni SFXX2242
Lukanyisweni SFXX2243
Lukolweni SFXX2244
Lukuni SFXX2245
Lukwetu SFXX2246
Lulwalweni SFXX2247
Luna SFXX2248
Lunda SFXX2249
Lunda Gate SFXX2250
Lundie SFXX2251
Lundini SFXX2253
Lundini SFXX8992
Lundzwana SFXX2254
Lunyingweni SFXX2255
Lupanie SFXX8134
Lupapazi SFXX8135
Lupatana SFXX2256
Luphisi SFXX7553
Lupilisweni SFXX2257
Lupindo SFXX2258
Lupindweni SFXX2259
Lupondweni SFXX2260
Luqaqeni SFXX8993
Luqolweni SFXX2261
Luqoqweni SFXX2262
Lusaka SFXX4865
Lusasa SFXX2263
Lushington SFXX2264
Lushof SFXX2265
Lushof SFXX6569
Lushof SFXX4866
Lushof SFXX8136
Lusikisiki SFXX2266
Lusizi SFXX2267
Lusizini SFXX2268
Lusthof SFXX4867
Lusthof SFXX2269
Lusuthu SFXX2270
Lutambeko SFXX2271
Lutanibebo SFXX2272
Lutateni SFXX2273
Lutengela SFXX2274
Lutengele SFXX2275
Lutha SFXX2276
Lutoli SFXX2277
Lutshatsheni SFXX2278
Lutsheni SFXX2279
Lutshikini SFXX2280
Lutshini SFXX2281
Lutuli SFXX2282
Lututu SFXX2283
Lutwayizo SFXX2284
Lutzburg SFXX8137
Lutzputs SFXX0305
Lutzville SFXX0306
Luvhola SFXX6570
Luvundu SFXX2285
Luwandlane SFXX2286
Luxemburg SFXX6571
Luxeni SFXX2287
Luxhomo SFXX2288
Luxwesa SFXX2289
Luyengweni SFXX2290
Luzi SFXX2291
Luzupu SFXX2292
Lwandile SFXX2293
Lwandlana SFXX2294
Lydenburg SFXX0307
Lynchfield SFXX4868
Lyndhurst SFXX5658
Lyndhurst SFXX2295
Lyngdal SFXX2296
Lynnfield Park SFXX8994
Lynnville SFXX7555
Lynnwood SFXX5659
Lynnwood Manor SFXX5660
Lyons Rose SFXX4869
Lyttelton SFXX0033
Ma-Africa SFXX2297
Maake SFXX6572
Maakeslokasie SFXX6573
Maandagshoek SFXX6574
Maangani SFXX6575
Maanhaarrand SFXX5661
Maansrus SFXX8138
Maasstroom SFXX6576
Mabaleni SFXX8995
Mabbalane SFXX2300
Mabehana SFXX2301
Mabele SFXX2302
Mabetshe SFXX2303
Mabheleni SFXX2304
Mabhetsha SFXX2305
Mabhoko SFXX7557
Mabiligwe SFXX6577
Mabitseng SFXX6578
Mabitsi SFXX6579
Mabofolweni SFXX2306
Mabofu SFXX2307
Mabokotswane SFXX6580
Mabongo Location SFXX2308
Mabongweni SFXX2309
Mabopane SFXX5662
Mabotsha SFXX6581
Mabugulu SFXX2310
Mabula SFXX2311
Mabuladihlare SFXX6583
Mabuyeni SFXX8996
Mabyepelong SFXX6584
Macacuma SFXX2312
Macangceni SFXX2313
Macekane SFXX8997
Maceneni SFXX2314
Machadodorp SFXX7558
Macheleni SFXX2315
Machibini SFXX2316
Macibe SFXX2317
Macibini SFXX2318
Macireni SFXX2319
Macivini SFXX2320
Mackenzie SFXX4870
Mackenzie SFXX6586
Mackenzieville SFXX5663
Mackton SFXX8998
Macleantown SFXX2321
Maclear SFXX0310
Macubeni SFXX2322
Madabani SFXX6587
Madada SFXX2323
Madadana SFXX2324
Madadeni SFXX7559
Madaheni SFXX6588
Madakeni SFXX2325
Madela SFXX2326
Madeteleli SFXX5664
Madibogo SFXX0309
Madibong SFXX6589
Madiga SFXX6590
Madiiba SFXX6591
Madika SFXX6592
Madilo SFXX6593
Madimbo SFXX6594
Madlabantu SFXX7560
Madladleni SFXX2327
Madlangeni SFXX2328
Madlotsheni SFXX2329
Madokodeni SFXX2330
Madombidzha SFXX6595
Madonela SFXX9000
Madotyeni SFXX2331
Madras SFXX7561
Maduna SFXX2332
Madwakazana SFXX2333
Madwaleni SFXX2334
Madyembeni SFXX7562
Maerman SFXX2335
Mafane SFXX4871
Mafatle SFXX6596
Mafefeslokasie SFXX6597
Mafeking SFXX0071
Mafini SFXX2336
Mafsiagobaba SFXX6598
Mafukeni SFXX2337
Mafusini SFXX2338
Magabeni SFXX9001
Magadini SFXX9002
Magadla SFXX2339
Magagamatala SFXX6599
Magakadimeng SFXX7563
Magaliesburg SFXX5665
Magapaneng SFXX6600
Magareng SFXX7564
Magashu SFXX2340
Magatle SFXX6601
Magazana SFXX2341
Magcakin SFXX2342
Magda SFXX2343
Magdala SFXX2344
Magdalena SFXX9003
Magezimeni SFXX2346
Maghaleen SFXX4872
Maghatseng SFXX2347
Magidini SFXX9004
Magjuan SFXX2348
Magobistad SFXX0312
Magode SFXX9005
Magogeni SFXX7566
Magogo SFXX9006
Magogotiou SFXX6602
Magolapong SFXX6603
Magombeni SFXX2349
Magontsini SFXX2350
Magovani SFXX6604
Magqabasini SFXX2351
Magqabi SFXX2352
Magqagqeni SFXX2353
Magqazeni SFXX2354
Magqubeni SFXX2355
Magudu SFXX9007
Magudu SFXX7567
Magukubjane SFXX6605
Magunyeni SFXX2356
Magusheni SFXX2357
Magutyubeni SFXX2358
Magutywa SFXX2359
Magwaca SFXX2360
Magwaneng SFXX6606
Magwateni SFXX2361
Magwigi SFXX2362
Magxeni SFXX2363
Mahaneng SFXX2364
Mahasana SFXX2365
Mahashem SFXX9008
Mahashini SFXX9009
Mahemeng SFXX2366
Mahlaba SFXX2367
Mahlabatini SFXX9010
Mahlake SFXX2368
Mahlakwena SFXX6607
Mahlangu SFXX6608
Mahlasi SFXX6610
Mahlathi SFXX6611
Mahlatini SFXX2369
Mahlatjani SFXX6612
Mahlatse SFXX6613
Mahlenhlanzi SFXX2370
Mahliwane SFXX2371
Mahlombe SFXX9011
Mahlone SFXX9012
Mahlubeni SFXX9013
Mahlubini SFXX2372
Mahlungulu SFXX2373
Mahlutshini SFXX9014
Mahlwareng SFXX6614
Mahobe SFXX2374
Mahubahuba SFXX6615
Mahwelereng SFXX6616
Mahwibitswane SFXX6617
Maidstone SFXX4873
Maidstone SFXX9015
Maidwell SFXX4874
Main SFXX2375
Maipase SFXX2376
Maitland SFXX9016
Maitland SFXX2377
Maizefield SFXX7569
Maizelands SFXX0313
Majamanini SFXX2378
Majankeng SFXX4875
Majavu SFXX2379
Majeng SFXX8139
Majika SFXX6618
Majodini SFXX2380
Majolantaba SFXX2381
Majomela SFXX9017
Majozini SFXX9018
Majuba SFXX2382
Majuba Nek SFXX2383
Majulumani SFXX2384
Makabeleni SFXX9019
Makadikwe SFXX6619
Makaka SFXX2385
Makakatana SFXX9020
Makapansgat SFXX6620
Makasi SFXX2386
Makatiane SFXX6621
Makekeng SFXX6622
Makelekete SFXX2387
Makeng SFXX2388
Makeswa SFXX2389
Makgake SFXX6623
Makgari SFXX6624
Makgaung SFXX6625
Makgoba SFXX6626
Makgodu SFXX6627
Makgwadibeng SFXX6628
Makgwareng SFXX6629
Makhaba SFXX2390
Makhanyezi SFXX9021
Makhegwini SFXX2391
Makhetheng SFXX2392
Makholweni SFXX2393
Makhowe SFXX9022
Makhuluseni SFXX9023
Makhumsha SFXX2394
Makhuva SFXX6630
Makhuzeni SFXX9024
Makhwelela SFXX9025
Makhwezini SFXX9026
Makhwibiding SFXX6631
Makkateesfontein SFXX4876
Makola SFXX7570
Makomereng SFXX2395
Makometsane SFXX7571
Makonde SFXX0314
Makopung SFXX6632
Makotopong SFXX7572
Makpopeng SFXX6633
Makubu SFXX6635
Makuleni SFXX2396
Makuleni SFXX6636
Makumbane SFXX6637
Makurung SFXX6638
Makuzeni SFXX9027
Makwababa SFXX2397
Makwanteni SFXX2398
Makwarela SFXX6640
Makwatlane SFXX2399
Makweng SFXX6641
Makweya SFXX6642
Malabar SFXX2400
Maladini SFXX2401
Malagakwini SFXX6643
Malans Post SFXX4877
Malanshof SFXX5666
Malanswil SFXX8140
Malehlage SFXX6644
Maleketla SFXX6645
Malekutu SFXX7573
Malelane SFXX7574
Malele SFXX6646
Malematsa SFXX6647
Malepelepe SFXX2402
Malfa SFXX4878
Malfontein SFXX2403
Malherbe SFXX8141
Malindini SFXX2404
Malipsdrif SFXX6648
Maliwa SFXX2405
Malmaison SFXX2406
Malmesbury SFXX0034
Malo SFXX2407
Maloen SFXX9028
Malokele SFXX6649
Malokong SFXX6650
Malongwana SFXX2408
Malongwe SFXX2409
Malope SFXX6651
Malpas SFXX2410
Maltrap SFXX8142
Malukaze SFXX9030
Malulwane SFXX2411
Malvern SFXX9031
Malvern SFXX5667
Malvern SFXX4879
Mama SFXX2412
Mamaila SFXX6652
Mamata SFXX2413
Mambebevini SFXX2414
Mamehlabe SFXX6654
Mamelodi SFXX5668
Mametjaslokasie SFXX6655
Mamfene SFXX9032
Mamfeneni SFXX2415
Mamfengwini SFXX2416
Mamfenweni SFXX2417
Mamitwaskop SFXX6657
Mamokololo SFXX6658
Mamosweu SFXX6659
Mampana SFXX6660
Mamphokgo SFXX6661
Mampingeni SFXX2418
Mampola SFXX2419
Mampondomisini SFXX2420
Mampondweni SFXX2421
Mamre SFXX0316
Mamre SFXX2422
Mamre SFXX4880
Manaileng SFXX6662
Manamane SFXX6663
Manamela SFXX6664
Mananga SFXX7576
Manangeni SFXX2423
Manapsane SFXX6665
Manawaneng SFXX7577
Mancam SFXX2424
Mancana SFXX9033
Mancorp Mine SFXX8143
Mancotsheni SFXX2425
Mandabeleni SFXX2426
Mandeni SFXX9034
Mandileni SFXX2427
Mandlaneni SFXX2428
Mandlazini SFXX9035
Mandleni SFXX2429
Mandlovini SFXX2430
Mandluntsha SFXX2431
Mandundu SFXX2432
Manelspoort SFXX2433
Manfengwini SFXX2434
Manganeng SFXX6666
Mangata SFXX6667
Mangati SFXX2435
Mangengenene SFXX9036
Mangeti SFXX9037
Mangewangulen SFXX2436
Mangola SFXX2437
Mangoloaneng SFXX2438
Mangolong SFXX2439
Mangondi SFXX6668
Mangqabasheni SFXX2440
Mangqamzeni SFXX2441
Manguzi SFXX9038
Mangwaneni SFXX2442
Mangwanteni SFXX9039
Mangweni SFXX7578
Mangwenya SFXX9040
Mangxamfu SFXX2444
Mangxongweni SFXX2445
Manilla SFXX4881
Manitoba SFXX4882
Mankoeng SFXX6669
Mankolehlotlo SFXX7579
Manlatini SFXX2446
Manobe SFXX2447
Manoge SFXX6670
Manor Gardens SFXX9041
Mansfield SFXX9042
Manston SFXX9043
Mantanieni SFXX2448
Manteku SFXX2449
Mantetyeni SFXX2450
Mantheding SFXX6671
Manthorwane SFXX6672
Mantlaneni SFXX2451
Mantshilibeni SFXX8144
Mantusini SFXX2453
Manu SFXX2454
Manuneni SFXX2455
Manxeba SFXX2456
Manxelene SFXX2457
Manxiwa SFXX2458
Many Waters SFXX7580
Manyaka SFXX6673
Manyana SFXX2459
Manyanga SFXX6674
Manyapje SFXX6675
Manyeleti SFXX6676
Manyiseni SFXX9044
Manyosini SFXX2460
Manzana SFXX2461
Manzi SFXX2462
Manzibomvu SFXX9045
Manzikahyi SFXX2463
Manzimahle SFXX2464
Manzimdaka SFXX2465
Manzotweni SFXX2466
Maotsi SFXX6677
Mapani SFXX6678
Mapareng SFXX6679
Mapela SFXX6680
Mapfontein SFXX2467
Maphakatlaling SFXX2468
Maphelana SFXX9046
Maphopha SFXX6681
Maphophoma SFXX9047
Maphungu SFXX9048
Maplotini SFXX2469
Mapoch SFXX7581
Mapoer SFXX7582
Mapoki SFXX2470
Mapolesene SFXX2471
Mapumulo SFXX9049
Mapungubwe SFXX6682
Mapuzi SFXX2472
Maqadini SFXX2473
Maqanyeni SFXX2474
Maqomeni SFXX2475
Maqonqweni SFXX2476
Maqundane SFXX2477
Maqwambini SFXX2478
Maqwateni SFXX2479
Maqwathini SFXX2480
Maqwatini SFXX2481
Mara SFXX6683
Marabastad SFXX6684
Maraheki SFXX6685
Marais SFXX2482
Maraisburg SFXX5670
Marakaneng SFXX2484
Marambane SFXX7583
Marambeni SFXX2485
Maramzeni SFXX2486
Maranikhwe SFXX6686
Maranugeni SFXX2487
Marapjane SFXX7584
Maratheng SFXX6687
Marble Hall SFXX7585
Marburg SFXX9050
Marcelapoort SFXX4883
Marchand SFXX0317
Mare SFXX6688
Mareleng SFXX6689
Maremane SFXX8145
Margate SFXX0072
Maria SFXX4884
Maria Trost SFXX7586
Maria-Linden SFXX2488
Marianna SFXX4885
Mariannhill SFXX9051
Mariasdal SFXX4886
Mariazell SFXX2489
Mariba SFXX2490
Maribie SFXX6690
Marico SFXX4887
Marienburg SFXX2491
Marievale SFXX5671
Marina Beach SFXX9052
Marina Glades SFXX2492
Marion Island SFXX0069
Marionvale SFXX2493
Maripathekong SFXX6691
Maripi SFXX6692
Marister SFXX5672
Marite SFXX7587
Mariveni SFXX6693
Marken SFXX0320
Markgraaf SFXX4888
Marl Bank River SFXX5673
Marlo SFXX8146
Marloth Park SFXX7588
Marlow SFXX2494
Marnitz SFXX6694
Marogorogong SFXX6695
Marombe SFXX2495
Maronan SFXX4889
Maropeng SFXX6696
Marothobolong SFXX7589
Marowe SFXX6697
Marquard SFXX0321
Marsden Flats SFXX2496
Marseilles SFXX4890
Marshalltown SFXX5674
Marshmoor SFXX2497
Marshstrand SFXX2498
Martindale SFXX2499
Martlesham SFXX2500
Marubeni SFXX2501
Marulaneng SFXX6698
Marwaga SFXX2502
Marwatini SFXX2503
Mary Gray SFXX9053
Marydale SFXX0322
Marydale SFXX2504
Maryland SFXX2505
Maryvale Farm SFXX7590
Masakane SFXX2506
Masameni SFXX2507
Masana SFXX2508
Masangweni SFXX2509
Masanteng SFXX6699
Masazane SFXX2510
Masehleng SFXX6700
Masekeslokasie SFXX6701
Maseki Location SFXX6702
Masekwameng SFXX6703
Masela SFXX2511
Masele SFXX2512
Maselspoort SFXX4891
Mashabela SFXX6704
Mashapa SFXX6705
Mashashane SFXX6706
Mashata SFXX2513
Mashayilanga SFXX9054
Mashite SFXX6708
Masibekela SFXX7591
Masikhwa SFXX6709
Masimangweni SFXX2514
Masimo SFXX2515
Masincedane SFXX2516
Masisi SFXX6710
Masite SFXX6711
Masiza SFXX2517
Masobe SFXX7592
Masobohleng SFXX6712
Masokis SFXX6713
Massondale SFXX9055
Maswabantwana SFXX2518
Matafaan SFXX9056
Matafana SFXX2519
Matafeni SFXX2520
Mataffin SFXX7593
Matandela SFXX2521
Matane SFXX2522
Matangari SFXX6716
Matanzima SFXX2523
Matatiela SFXX2524
Matatiele SFXX9057
Matebeleng SFXX6717
Mateko SFXX2525
Mateku SFXX2526
Mateleng SFXX2527
Mathabatha SFXX6718
Mathapisa SFXX6719
Mathateng SFXX6720
Mathula SFXX7594
Mathunyeng SFXX4892
Mathunzini SFXX2528
Matibidi SFXX7595
Matidza SFXX6721
Matjesfontein SFXX2529
Matjieskloof SFXX8148
Matjiesvlei SFXX2530
Matla SFXX7596
Matlabas SFXX6722
Matlakeng SFXX8149
Matlala SFXX7597
Matlala SFXX6723
Matlale SFXX6724
Matlametlong SFXX6725
Matlas SFXX2531
Matokslokasie SFXX6726
Matolanyile SFXX2532
Matolweni SFXX2533
Matombe SFXX2534
Matome SFXX6727
Matonana SFXX2536
Matsap SFXX8150
Matsepe SFXX6728
Matserepe SFXX6729
Matshakatini SFXX6730
Matshane SFXX9058
Matshavhawe SFXX6731
Matshetshisa SFXX9059
Matshiding SFXX7598
Matshipe SFXX7599
Matshira SFXX6732
Matshiretsane SFXX6733
Matshona SFXX2537
Matshongwe SFXX2538
Matshupe SFXX6734
Matsila SFXX6735
Matsiliso SFXX4893
Matsitsilene SFXX6736
Matsoane SFXX6737
Matsulu SFXX7600
Matunzini SFXX2539
Matyeba SFXX2540
Matyeni SFXX2541
Matyhatyhasini SFXX2542
Maubane SFXX6738
Maubaneslokasie SFXX7601
Mauchsberg SFXX7602
Mauluma SFXX6739
Maurice Hill SFXX2543
Mavaleleni SFXX2544
Mavelebayi SFXX2545
Maviljan SFXX7603
Mavunde SFXX6740
Mavundleni SFXX2546
Mawa SFXX6741
Mawotsheni SFXX2547
Mawula SFXX2548
Mawusheni SFXX2549
Mawushweni SFXX2550
Maxambeni SFXX2551
Maxesibeni SFXX2552
Maxwele SFXX2553
May SFXX2554
Mayalweni SFXX2555
Mayime SFXX9060
Mayireni SFXX2556
Mayville SFXX9061
Mazeni SFXX2557
Mazeppa Bay SFXX2558
Mazizini SFXX2559
Mbabat SFXX6742
Mbandana SFXX2560
Mbangcolo SFXX2561
Mbango SFXX9062
Mbangwane SFXX7604
Mbangweni SFXX2562
Mbangweni SFXX9063
Mbanyana SFXX2563
Mbanyaru SFXX2564
Mbashe SFXX2565
Mbazwana SFXX9064
Mbebe SFXX2566
Mbekakanye SFXX9065
Mbeleni SFXX2567
Mbenge SFXX2569
Mbewana SFXX2570
Mbewula SFXX2571
Mbhawula SFXX6743
Mbhele Namahali SFXX4894
Mbhulanja SFXX2572
Mbidlana SFXX2573
Mbihli SFXX2574
Mbilini SFXX2575
Mbinja SFXX2576
Mbinzana SFXX2577
Mbiswe SFXX9066
Mbityana SFXX2578
Mbizeni SFXX2579
Mbobheleni SFXX2580
Mbobheni SFXX2581
Mbobo SFXX2582
Mbodlana SFXX2583
Mbodleni SFXX9067
Mbodleni SFXX2584
Mbokazi SFXX2585
Mbokota SFXX6744
Mbokotwana SFXX2586
Mboleni SFXX2587
Mbolompo SFXX2588
Mbombo SFXX2589
Mbongolwane SFXX9068
Mbongweni SFXX2590
Mbotyi SFXX2591
Mboxo School SFXX2592
Mboya SFXX2593
Mboza SFXX9069
Mbozi SFXX2594
Mbozisa SFXX2595
Mbozizeni SFXX2596
Mbujini SFXX2597
Mbulu SFXX2598
Mbulukweza SFXX2599
Mbumbatsa SFXX2600
Mbumbazi SFXX2601
Mbutweni SFXX2602
Mbuzini SFXX7605
Mcambalala SFXX2604
Mcamemfene SFXX2605
Mcata SFXX2606
Mcatuve SFXX2607
Mceleni SFXX2608
Mcelu SFXX2609
Mcelwane SFXX2610
Mceula SFXX2611
Mcewuli SFXX2612
Mcinga SFXX2613
Mcizanyetshe SFXX2614
McKay SFXX5675
McLeanville SFXX2603
Mcobotini SFXX2615
Mcotsho SFXX2616
Mcwangele SFXX2617
Mcwati SFXX2618
Mdabazweni SFXX2619
Mdabukweni SFXX2620
Mdakeni SFXX2621
Mdantsane SFXX2622
Mdeni SFXX2623
Mdikana SFXX2624
Mdikane SFXX2625
Mdikisweni SFXX2626
Mdilingwa SFXX2627
Mdiliweni SFXX2628
Mdimela SFXX9070
Mdina SFXX2629
Mdini SFXX2630
Mditshwa SFXX2631
Mdlazi SFXX6745
Mdlokovane SFXX2632
Mdolomba SFXX2633
Mdumazulu SFXX2634
Mdumbi SFXX2635
Mdwaka SFXX2636
Mdzonga SFXX2637
Meadhurst SFXX4895
Meadowbank SFXX6746
Meadowdale SFXX5676
Meadowlands SFXX5677
Meadownbrook SFXX9071
Meadows SFXX2638
Meadows SFXX4896
Meadowvale SFXX4897
Mearsgeluk SFXX4898
Mebani Estate SFXX6747
Mecklenburg SFXX2639
Medunsa SFXX5678
Meer en See SFXX9072
Meerlus SFXX7606
Meetse SFXX6748
Meetse-a-Bophelo SFXX6749
Megoring SFXX6750
Mehlakong SFXX6751
Mehloloaneng SFXX2640
Mejela SFXX2641
Mekgobane SFXX6752
Mela SFXX6753
Melani SFXX2642
Melanyi SFXX6754
Melau SFXX6755
Melitafa SFXX2643
Melkboom SFXX8151
Melkrivier SFXX6756
Melkrivier SFXX8152
Melkstort SFXX8153
Melmoth SFXX0323
Melon SFXX2644
Melrose SFXX2645
Melrose SFXX4899
Melrose SFXX5679
Melrose Estate SFXX5680
Melton SFXX2646
Meltonwold SFXX8154
Melville SFXX5681
Melville Park SFXX2647
Memel SFXX4900
Mendu SFXX2648
Mendwana SFXX2649
Mengu SFXX9074
Meni SFXX2650
Menlo Park SFXX5682
Menlyn SFXX5683
Menlyn Park SFXX5684
Mentzburg SFXX4901
Mentzrust SFXX2651
Menziwe Location SFXX2652
Meoivlei SFXX2653
Merebank SFXX9075
Merelisa SFXX2654
Merensky SFXX6757
Merewent SFXX9076
Meriba SFXX4902
Meriefontein SFXX2655
Merino SFXX8155
Merino SFXX2656
Merino SFXX4903
Merino Dale SFXX8156
Merinovlakte SFXX6758
Merinowelk SFXX2657
Merlindale SFXX7607
Merriman SFXX0324
Merrivale SFXX9077
Merthley SFXX9078
Meruche SFXX8157
Merwelaagte SFXX8158
Messelfontein SFXX9079
Messina SFXX0325
Metlerekeng SFXX7608
Metsanangwana SFXX7609
Metz SFXX6760
Meule SFXX5685
Meulplaas SFXX4904
Meulrivier SFXX4905
Mevana SFXX2658
Mewangele SFXX2659
Meyers Halt SFXX4906
Meyershoek SFXX2660
Meyerskraal SFXX4907
Meyerspark SFXX5686
Meyerton SFXX0326
Meyerton Farms SFXX5687
Meyerville SFXX7610
Mfabane SFXX2661
Mfabantu SFXX2662
Mfabeni SFXX9080
Mfagusha SFXX2663
Mfanta SFXX2664
Mfeku SFXX2665
Mfezane SFXX2666
Mfiki SFXX2667
Mfinci SFXX2668
Mfinizweni SFXX2669
Mfoba SFXX2670
Mfolozi SFXX9081
Mfongosi SFXX9082
Mfula SFXX2671
Mfulamde SFXX2672
Mfulamhle SFXX9083
Mfuleni SFXX2673
Mfume SFXX9084
Mfundeni SFXX2674
Mfundisweni SFXX2675
Mfuyeni SFXX9085
Mgagasi SFXX2676
Mgamnye SFXX2677
Mgangweni SFXX2678
Mgayi SFXX9086
Mgazana SFXX2679
Mgobhozi SFXX2680
Mgobode SFXX7611
Mgodi SFXX9087
Mgodini SFXX2682
Mgojo SFXX2683
Mgojweni SFXX2684
Mgoqozi SFXX9088
Mgoqweni SFXX2685
Mgotwane SFXX2686
Mgqanga SFXX2687
Mgqumangwe SFXX2688
Mgubu SFXX2689
Mgugu SFXX9089
Mguli SFXX2690
Mgume SFXX2691
Mgunga SFXX2692
Mgwalana SFXX2693
Mgwalana Mouth SFXX2694
Mgwanggweni SFXX2695
Mgwedleni SFXX2696
Mgweni SFXX2697
Mgwenya SFXX9090
Mgwenyana SFXX2698
Mgxabakazi SFXX2699
Mgxobozweni SFXX2700
Mgxojeni SFXX2701
Mgxumza SFXX2702
Mhalamhala SFXX6761
Mhlaba SFXX7612
Mhlabamnyana SFXX2703
Mhlahlane SFXX2704
Mhlakotshane SFXX2705
Mhlanga SFXX2706
Mhlangala SFXX2707
Mhlangana SFXX9091
Mhlanganisweni SFXX2708
Mhlangeni SFXX2709
Mhlangura SFXX2710
Mhlani SFXX2711
Mhlobo SFXX2712
Mhlonyaneni SFXX2713
Mhlopekazi SFXX2714
Mhloshana SFXX7613
Mhlumba SFXX2715
Mhlungwane SFXX9092
Mhluzi SFXX7614
Mhluzini SFXX2716
Mhlwazini SFXX2717
Mianyelwa SFXX2718
Mica SFXX6762
Michville SFXX4908
Mid Illovo SFXX9093
Mid Klipfontein SFXX2719
Mid-Ennerdale SFXX5688
Middel SFXX8159
Middel Koegas SFXX8160
Middelberg SFXX2720
Middelberg SFXX8161
Middelbult SFXX4909
Middelburg SFXX4910
Middelburg SFXX0328
Middelburg SFXX0327
Middeldeel SFXX4911
Middelerf SFXX8162
Middelfontein SFXX4912
Middelfontein SFXX8163
Middelkroon SFXX4913
Middelplaas SFXX7616
Middelplaas SFXX2722
Middelplaas SFXX4914
Middelplaat SFXX2723
Middelplass SFXX2724
Middelpoort SFXX4915
Middelpos SFXX0329
Middelpunt SFXX4916
Middelstuk SFXX4917
Middelvlei SFXX4918
Middelwater SFXX6763
Middelwater SFXX4919
Middendeel SFXX4920
Middle Mjika SFXX2725
Middle Valley SFXX9094
Middleburg SFXX4921
Middledrift SFXX2726
Middlelwater SFXX2727
Middleplass SFXX2728
Middleton SFXX2729
Middlewater SFXX2730
Midrand SFXX5689
Midros SFXX2731
Midshaft SFXX2732
Midway SFXX4922
Mieliefontein SFXX9095
Mieliekloof SFXX6764
Migdol SFXX0330
Mignonette SFXX4923
Milaboni SFXX6765
Milan SFXX2733
Millard Grange SFXX2734
Miller SFXX2735
Millerton SFXX9096
Milner SFXX2736
Milton SFXX4924
Milton SFXX2737
Milwa SFXX2738
Mimosa SFXX6766
Mimosa SFXX2739
Mimosa Flars SFXX4925
Minnaar SFXX7617
Minnehaha SFXX2740
Miohe SFXX6767
Mirogoma SFXX6768
Misgunsfontein SFXX4926
Misgunst SFXX4927
Mishini SFXX2741
Mispa SFXX4928
Mispah SFXX6769
Mission SFXX6770
Mission SFXX7618
Missionvale SFXX2742
Mistymount SFXX2743
Mitford Park SFXX2744
Mitxetweni SFXX6771
Mjaliswa SFXX2745
Mjamkhulu SFXX2746
Mjanyana SFXX2747
Mjelweni SFXX2748
Mjika SFXX2749
Mjikelweni SFXX2750
Mjikweni SFXX2751
Mjila SFXX2752
Mjilana SFXX2753
Mjilikazi SFXX2754
Mjindi SFXX9097
Mjombela SFXX2755
Mkambati SFXX2756
Mkamela SFXX2757
Mkandlwini SFXX2758
Mkangisa SFXX2759
Mkangiso SFXX2760
Mkankomo SFXX2761
Mkanzi SFXX2762
Mkanzini SFXX2763
Mkapusi SFXX2764
Mkata SFXX2765
Mkatazo SFXX2766
Mkemane SFXX2767
Mkemani SFXX2768
Mkhiweni SFXX9098
Mkhomazana SFXX9099
Mkhonqo SFXX2769
Mkhuhlane SFXX2770
Mkhumbani SFXX9100
Mkhwanazi SFXX7619
Mkobeni SFXX9101
Mkonjana SFXX2771
Mkonjane SFXX9102
Mkuhlu SFXX2772
Mkunjana SFXX2773
Mkunya SFXX9103
Mkunyazo SFXX2774
Mkuze SFXX9104
Mkuze Estate SFXX9105
Mkwinti SFXX2775
Mlambangwenya SFXX9106
Mlambondaba SFXX2776
Mlamlankunzi SFXX2777
Mlamli SFXX2778
Mlengana SFXX2779
Mlilweni SFXX2780
Mlungisi SFXX2781
Mmadigorong SFXX6772
Mmafefe SFXX6773
Mmahlogo SFXX6774
Mmakala SFXX6775
Mmakola SFXX7620
Mmakotse SFXX6776
Mmamati SFXX6778
Mmamatlakala SFXX6779
Mmametlhake SFXX7621
Mmangonkone SFXX2782
Mmangweni SFXX2783
Mmankgaile SFXX6780
Mmanopi SFXX6781
Mmatladi SFXX6782
Mmatseke SFXX6783
Mmelwane SFXX2784
Mmotwaneng SFXX6784
Mnambithi SFXX2785
Mnambiti SFXX2786
Mnandi SFXX2787
Mncane SFXX2788
Mnceba SFXX2789
Mncotsho SFXX2790
Mncwasa SFXX2791
Mndundu SFXX2792
Mndwaka SFXX2793
Mneketshe SFXX2794
Mnenemba SFXX2795
Mnenga SFXX2796
Mngampondo SFXX9107
Mngampunzi SFXX2797
Mngazana SFXX2798
Mngcefeni SFXX2799
Mngceleni SFXX2800
Mngcipongweni SFXX2801
Mngeangatelo SFXX2802
Mngh SFXX2803
Mngoesha SFXX2804
Mngomane SFXX2805
Mngqalasini SFXX2806
Mngwemnyama SFXX2807
Mnqaba Kulile SFXX2808
Mnqanda SFXX2809
Mnqobokazi SFXX9108
Mnqunyana SFXX2810
Mnqwane SFXX2811
Mntintloni SFXX2812
Mntla SFXX2813
Mnxe SFXX2814
Mnyama SFXX2815
Mnyameni SFXX2816
Mnyibashe SFXX2817
Mnyolo SFXX2818
Mobeni SFXX9109
Modderbult SFXX2819
Modderfontein SFXX8166
Modderfontein SFXX5691
Modderpoort SFXX4929
Modderrivier SFXX0331
Modena SFXX2820
Modimolle SFXX6785
Modjadji SFXX6787
Modubeng SFXX6788
Modutung SFXX4930
Moeaneng SFXX2821
Moebani SFXX6789
Moedershuis SFXX2822
Moedhou SFXX4931
Moekets SFXX0332
Moepel SFXX6790
Moepeng SFXX6791
Moerbeidal SFXX4932
Moetagare SFXX6792
Moetladimo SFXX6793
Mofolo SFXX5692
Mofu SFXX2823
Mogaba SFXX7622
Mogaba SFXX6794
Mogaladi SFXX6795
Mogalakwena SFXX6796
Mogalatsana SFXX6798
Mogale City SFXX5693
Mogales SFXX6799
Moganyake SFXX6800
Mogapeng SFXX6801
Mogashoa SFXX6802
Mogoboya SFXX6803
Mogoboyaslokasie SFXX6804
Mogologolo SFXX6805
Mogoto SFXX6806
Moguntia SFXX9110
Moheme SFXX6807
Mohlahlareng SFXX6809
Mohlajeng SFXX6810
Mohlakeng SFXX5694
Mohlarutse SFXX6811
Mohlotshi SFXX6812
Mohoabatsana SFXX2824
Mokala SFXX8167
Mokhesi SFXX2825
Mokopane SFXX6813
Mokoropo SFXX6814
Mokoto SFXX4933
Mokudung SFXX6815
Mokumuru SFXX6816
Mokurwanyane SFXX6817
Mokwena SFXX4934
Mokwena SFXX6818
Molala SFXX4935
Molapong SFXX6819
Molautse SFXX6820
Molemaslokasie SFXX6821
Molepos Location SFXX6822
Moletlane SFXX6823
Moletsi SFXX7623
Moloro SFXX7624
Moloto SFXX5695
Molsgat SFXX6824
Molteno SFXX2826
Mon Repos SFXX8168
Monarch SFXX2827
Monavoni SFXX5696
Mondeor SFXX5697
Monderbult SFXX2828
Mondlo SFXX9111
Mondplaas SFXX2829
Mongalo SFXX6825
Mongatane SFXX6826
Monkhankhaneng SFXX2830
Monotwane SFXX6827
Monsterlus SFXX6828
Montagu SFXX4936
Montagu SFXX0333
Montagu SFXX2831
Montana SFXX5698
Montclair SFXX9112
Monte Christo SFXX6829
Montebello SFXX9113
Monteseel SFXX9114
Montgomery SFXX4937
Montrose SFXX4938
Montroux SFXX5699
Monument Park SFXX5700
Monywaneng SFXX6830
Monzi SFXX9115
Monzi Park SFXX2832
Mooibult SFXX4939
Mooidraai SFXX4940
Mooifontein SFXX4941
Mooifontein SFXX7625
Mooigelegen SFXX2833
Mooigelegon SFXX2834
Mooihoek SFXX4942
Mooihoek SFXX2835
Mooiklip SFXX6831
Mooikloof SFXX5701
Mooipan SFXX8169
Mooiplaas SFXX2836
Mooiplaas SFXX7626
Mooiplaas SFXX5702
Mooiplaats SFXX8170
Mooipoort SFXX2837
Mooirivier SFXX8171
Mooirivier SFXX0334
Mooivlakte SFXX4944
Mooivlei SFXX2838
Mooiwater SFXX4945
Mooka SFXX5703
Moolman SFXX7627
Moolmansdam SFXX8172
Moomane SFXX6832
Moorberg SFXX9116
Moorespost SFXX2839
Moorleigh SFXX9117
Moorreesburg SFXX0335
Mopane SFXX0336
Mophamamona SFXX6833
Moqhobi SFXX2840
Morago SFXX4946
Morapaneng SFXX6834
Morea SFXX7628
Moreletapark SFXX5704
Morelig SFXX4947
Moremela SFXX7629
Moreson SFXX4948
Moreson SFXX8173
Moreson SFXX2841
Morester SFXX2842
Morganville SFXX2844
Morgenson SFXX2845
Morgenster SFXX7630
Morgenzon SFXX4950
Morgenzon SFXX7631
Morgenzon SFXX2846
Moria SFXX6835
Moripane SFXX6836
Morning Sun SFXX2847
Morningside SFXX9118
Morningside SFXX5705
Moroka SFXX2848
Moroka SFXX5707
Morokashoek SFXX4951
Morolaneng SFXX7632
Moroto SFXX4952
Morotse SFXX6837
Morotsi SFXX6838
Morovane SFXX4953
Morrels Puts SFXX8174
Morrison SFXX9119
Mortimer SFXX2849
Moruji SFXX6839
Morwe SFXX7633
Mosehleng SFXX6840
Mosenene SFXX2850
Mosesrivier SFXX7634
Mosesriviersmond SFXX7635
Mosetamong SFXX6841
Moshira SFXX6842
Mosira SFXX6843
Mositone SFXX6844
Mossdale SFXX9120
Mosselbaai SFXX0337
Mosuka SFXX6845
Motantanyana SFXX6846
Motati SFXX7636
Motetema SFXX7637
Moteti SFXX7638
Mothagale SFXX6847
Motlailane SFXX6848
Motlala SFXX4954
Motlamotshe SFXX6849
Motlatla SFXX4955
Motley SFXX2851
Motlolo SFXX6850
Motolong SFXX6851
Motsane SFXX6852
Motseleope SFXX6853
Motserereng SFXX6854
Motsetladi SFXX6855
Motshele SFXX6856
Motshitong SFXX6857
Motswintswinyane SFXX6858
Motutulong SFXX6859
Mount Alida SFXX9121
Mount Arthur SFXX2852
Mount Ayliff SFXX2853
Mount Blazes SFXX2854
Mount Bleak SFXX2855
Mount Carmel SFXX2856
Mount Charnwood SFXX9122
Mount Edgecombe SFXX9123
Mount Elias SFXX9124
Mount Fletcher SFXX2857
Mount Frere SFXX2858
Mount Hargreaves SFXX2859
Mount Hope SFXX5708
Mount Hope SFXX2860
Mount Knoezen SFXX9125
Mount Nelson SFXX2861
Mount Ngwibi SFXX9126
Mount Plaisir SFXX2862
Mount Pleasant SFXX2863
Mount Prospect SFXX2864
Mount Road SFXX2865
Mount Rupert SFXX8175
Mount Sheba SFXX7639
Mount Snell SFXX2866
Mount Stewart SFXX2867
Mount View SFXX2868
Mount Zion SFXX2869
Mountain Home SFXX9128
Mountain View SFXX8176
Mountain View SFXX9129
Mountain View SFXX2870
Mountford SFXX2871