Weather Codes for Somalia

Find Weather Codes or Weather Zip Codes for states and cities in Somalia. Weather Codes references a specified Location and is used to get weather of that place accurately. They are used by The Weather Channel( by IBM), Yahoo! Weather, AOL Weather and many such weather forecasting platforms. It is similar to Yahoo's WOEID(Where On the Earth ID) that is used to represent each place uniquely.

You can know the weather of any place precisely with the help of weather codes. Find the current weather of your state or city by clicking on it. You will be redirected to The Weather Channel site with your weather code for accurate weather forecast.

Aabaan Weyn SOXX0679
Aabaan Yare SOXX0680
Aabarak SOXX0681
Aabow SOXX0682
Aadan Harmey SOXX3566
Aadan Nuur SOXX3567
Aadan Waraabow SOXX0151
Aadan Yabaal SOXX3242
Aadan Yare SOXX0152
Aaminaay SOXX1684
Aantaara SOXX0360
Aawla SOXX0683
Aayolay SOXX0684
Abaaji SOXX3243
Abaar Yoma SOXX0685
Abaarey SOXX2797
Abaarso SOXX4650
Abaati SOXX0686
Abaayle SOXX2042
Abaayow SOXX3568
Ababscia SOXX3569
Abac Gurei SOXX0687
Abaca SOXX2382
Abag Dheere SOXX0153
Abakor Cadaawe SOXX0057
Abal SOXX0154
Abaq Dheere SOXX2043
Abaq Mudule SOXX3570
Abaqsaarre SOXX0688
Abawle SOXX0689
Abbaayow SOXX3571
Abbannaale SOXX3572
Abdi Arbo SOXX2383
Abdi Uurane SOXX0690
Abdul Chadar SOXX0058
Abdurug SOXX0691
Abduwak SOXX2798
Abees Eemid SOXX0692
Abeesaale SOXX1866
Abeesaale SOXX3573
Abeesgarwaal SOXX0693
Abesaale SOXX4434
Abikarow SOXX3574
Abliko SOXX3575
Aboow Cali SOXX3576
Aborey SOXX1867
Aborko SOXX0694
Aboro SOXX2384
Abou SOXX0155
Abrarow SOXX3577
Abrone SOXX1685
Abu Gala SOXX2385
Aburriin SOXX4651
Abuu Sheegow SOXX3578
Ada SOXX4652
Adaarey SOXX4305
Adable SOXX2044
Adable-Ouunre SOXX0696
Adad SOXX4435
Adadere SOXX3244
Adahio SOXX3245
Adale SOXX0004
Adale SOXX4436
Adale Afweyno SOXX3246
Adale Ibrahim SOXX3247
Adaliyow SOXX3579
Adalou SOXX3248
Adat SOXX2799
Adde SOXX0361
Addow SOXX0156
Adduro SOXX0362
Adega Mobilen SOXX3249
Adego SOXX0363
Adegow SOXX0697
Adeile SOXX0698
Adelta SOXX3580
Adhi Boob SOXX4437
Adhicadeeye SOXX4306
Adinsoone SOXX0364
Aduudow SOXX3581
Aesow SOXX3582
Af Barwaaqo SOXX2800
Af Cad SOXX1868
Af Ed SOXX0699
Af Gudud SOXX2984
Af Gudut SOXX0365
Af Karin SOXX0366
Af Ruugleey SOXX0367
Af Uen SOXX3250
Af Yar SOXX1686
Afaafo SOXX0700
Afar Daar SOXX3583
Afar Dhukubo SOXX0157
Afar Iato SOXX0701
Afaryag SOXX0702
Afgeriile SOXX3063
Afgooy SOXX2045
Afgooye SOXX0703
Afgooye SOXX2046
Afgooye SOXX0005
Afgooye SOXX4438
Afgooye Cadde SOXX3251
Afgooye Yare SOXX3584
Afguduudle SOXX2801
Afhuug SOXX0704
Afjiinow SOXX0705
Afka Cadaado SOXX3064
Afka Heeli SOXX0368
Afkala Haya SOXX0369
Afmadow SOXX2386
Afweyn SOXX3585
Agabar SOXX4653
Agamsaha SOXX4654
Agar Gul SOXX3252
Agarada SOXX4439
Agarboale SOXX0370
Agarrei SOXX1563
Agghini SOXX0706
Agille SOXX2387
Agiuran SOXX0707
Ago Merodeh SOXX4655
Agoble SOXX2388
Agodi SOXX2389
Ahable SOXX0371
Aiesloho SOXX0372
Aifelle SOXX2047
Aifodo SOXX0708
Aikijedi SOXX0709
Ailesho SOXX0710
Aimagedle SOXX0373
Airebehje SOXX0374
Aisimo SOXX0375
Ajaaw SOXX1688
Ajeleri SOXX3586
Akamso SOXX4656
Al Marodle SOXX0376
Al Medou SOXX3587
Alaalacadka SOXX4657
Aladhajo SOXX3588
Alafuutow SOXX3589
Alambuur SOXX3590
Alanshile SOXX3591
Albari SOXX0377
Aleelaale SOXX4658
Ali Assan SOXX3592
Ali Gala SOXX0060
Ali Isa SOXX4441
Alifow SOXX3593
Alio Eddao SOXX3594
Alla Gabe SOXX0158
Allanga Gurrow SOXX2390
Allenta SOXX0711
Alol Lamma Gad SOXX0712
Alundi SOXX3595
Ambago SOXX2391
Ambalio SOXX2802
Ambul SOXX0713
Amiiney SOXX2048
Aminow SOXX2049
Anagoys SOXX4307
Ancherrou SOXX3596
Ando Bait SOXX0061
Anduuma SOXX2050
Anghor SOXX0378
Anghor Daban SOXX0379
Angolle Uein SOXX2051
Angorti Dalmadot SOXX0380
Aniuma SOXX2052
Ankele SOXX2053
Anole SOXX3597
Anole SOXX2392
Anzubisto SOXX2393
Aqab Doco SOXX3253
Aqal Saar SOXX3254
Ar Gummo SOXX1869
Araara SOXX2394
Arabsiyo SOXX4659
Arale SOXX1870
Araqolab SOXX0062
Arar Gubetti SOXX0381
Arar Yarey SOXX2395
Ararchi Eggi SOXX3255
Araroba SOXX2396
Arbadinle SOXX2054
Arbey Cabdi SOXX2055
Arbi SOXX3598
Arbo Abdi SOXX2056
Arbohiray SOXX0714
Arbore Daharta SOXX2057
Arbow SOXX3599
Arbowoheerow SOXX3600
Areeg SOXX0715
Arenaga SOXX2058
Areri Lalamod SOXX2803
Aresinle SOXX3065
Argeeg SOXX4660
Arghes SOXX2397
Arhisa SOXX2398
Ari Adeso SOXX4661
Arieegle SOXX3601
Arien SOXX0716
Arilay SOXX0717
Arin Ragazz SOXX2985
Arinder SOXX0382
Ariradle SOXX3602
Arisimo SOXX2986
Aroos Beenaat SOXX3256
Aroos Eber SOXX3603
Aroos Ibir SOXX0718
Aroos Xaawa SOXX0719
Arosurre SOXX2059
Arrinmoog SOXX3604
Arroberar SOXX4662
Arundoole SOXX2060
Arunlei SOXX0159
Ascira SOXX0383
Asha Fartow SOXX0720
Asha Gab SOXX0721
Ashagow SOXX0722
Assaley SOXX0349
Astur SOXX0723
Ato SOXX0160
Auadle SOXX1871
Aual Alas SOXX1564
Aual Nagot SOXX3605
Aual Selo SOXX3257
Aualgube Hai SOXX0384
Audelle Ier SOXX0385
Audelle Uen SOXX0386
Aulihan SOXX2061
Avarboda SOXX3606
Avarfaro SOXX0387
Aveno SOXX1872
Aw Aadan Fayi SOXX0161
Aw Aamow Rooble SOXX3607
Aw Axmad SOXX3608
Aw Baasow SOXX0724
Aw Biti SOXX3609
Aw Bitte SOXX3610
Aw Cariif SOXX3611
Aw Cusmaan SOXX3612
Aw Daarow SOXX0725
Aw Dheegle SOXX0006
Aw Dhuroow SOXX0726
Aw Dhuubow SOXX0727
Aw Gooye SOXX3613
Aw Guurow SOXX3614
Aw Humoow SOXX0728
Aw Jiloole SOXX0729
Aw Kuulamuudey SOXX3615
Aw Kuulaw SOXX0730
Aw Liibaan SOXX3616
Aw Mayow SOXX0731
Aw Mayow SOXX3617
Aw Misigey SOXX0732
Aw Mordi SOXX0733
Aw Nagay SOXX0734
Aw Raansow SOXX3618
Aw Reenow SOXX0735
Aw Riinow SOXX0736
Aw Sacad Aawow SOXX3619
Aw Sagaare SOXX3620
Aw Shabeel Isaaq SOXX0737
Aw Shini SOXX0738
Aw Xajow SOXX3621
Aw Yaale SOXX0739
Aw Yaay SOXX0740
Aw Yarow SOXX0741
Awal Buley SOXX3622
Awdey SOXX0162
Awdheere SOXX0743
Awdiinle SOXX0744
Aweey SOXX0745
Awgoosh SOXX0746
Awla Sidi SOXX3623
Awlo SOXX0747
Axmed Cigoow SOXX3258
Axmed Gaas SOXX3624
Axmed Guure SOXX3625
Axmed Kamatiirey SOXX2399
Ay Buulleey SOXX3626
Ay Buuraaley SOXX3627
Ay Dooya SOXX0748
Ay Guud Wiin SOXX0749
Ayaroy SOXX0750
Aykabood SOXX2400
Ayroobley SOXX0751
Aysuure SOXX3628
Ba Aror SOXX1873
Baabaagob SOXX4442
Baabash SOXX3629
Baabo SOXX2401
Baacyar SOXX1874
Baad Faadan SOXX3630
Baad Fadumo SOXX3631
Baaduin SOXX2804
Baahan SOXX0752
Baalcad SOXX1875
Baale SOXX0753
Baalgudde SOXX2402
Baalley SOXX3633
Baanyaale SOXX3634
Baanyaale SOXX0754
Baanyale Banka SOXX0755
Baar SOXX2403
Baar Gacallawe SOXX1876
Baaraan Baaraan SOXX4308
Baarbadan SOXX1689
Baardheere SOXX2404
Baardheere SOXX1690
Baarey SOXX1877
Baarow SOXX3635
Baarrow Weyne SOXX3260
Baarta Faanye SOXX2062
Baas Ma Leh SOXX0758
Baasaay SOXX2405
Baasani SOXX3636
Baasani Anjalo SOXX3637
Baasani Oreste SOXX3638
Baasi SOXX3639
Baasl SOXX3640
Babaay SOXX3641
Babelow SOXX0759
Bacaad SOXX2406
Bacaad SOXX0007
Bacaadley SOXX3261
Bacaadlow SOXX1878
Bacaadweyn SOXX2805
Bacado SOXX4663
Bacadweyne SOXX2806
Bacaro SOXX0163
Bacaw SOXX3642
Baceyga SOXX4664
Bacugia SOXX0388
Bad-Bad SOXX3262
Badanbadu SOXX0164
Badda SOXX2407
Badda Jila SOXX2408
Badhaadhe SOXX2409
Badhan SOXX3066
Badhi Xabaalan SOXX2987
Badi Addo SOXX1879
Badweyn SOXX4309
Baemada SOXX0760
Bafley SOXX2063
Bagaadey SOXX0761
Bagahar SOXX2807
Bajeela SOXX2808
Bajiino Jannaay SOXX3643
Bakaar Yar SOXX0165
Bakal SOXX2064
Bakal SOXX1691
Bakar Weyn SOXX0166
Bakdaad SOXX0762
Bakhtiti SOXX2065
Baki SOXX0063
Bakooro SOXX3644
Balaaw SOXX0763
Balac SOXX2809
Balad SOXX0008
Balad SOXX4443
Balad Al Amiin SOXX0764
Balad Raxma SOXX3263
Balad Raxman SOXX2410
Baladu Raxma SOXX2066
Baladul Kariim SOXX2067
Balambale SOXX4444
Balamballe SOXX0389
Balanbaal SOXX4445
Balanbal SOXX2810
Balanballe SOXX4446
Balay SOXX4665
Balbale SOXX3645
Balcaad SOXX2068
Balcad SOXX3264
Balcad SOXX3646
Bale Wein SOXX4447
Baleh Dandan SOXX4448
Balguri SOXX3265
Ballanbaal SOXX3067
Ballay Hiile SOXX4449
Balleey SOXX1692
Balleh Ad SOXX4450
Balleh Ahmed SOXX4666
Balleh Dobo Haya SOXX4451
Balley SOXX3647
Balley SOXX2069
Balleysle SOXX0390
Balli Adde SOXX0167
Balli Ahur Barre SOXX2988
Balli Ano SOXX2811
Balli Busle SOXX2812
Balli Cad SOXX1566
Balli Calanle SOXX4452
Balli Damer SOXX0168
Balli Dhiddin SOXX0391
Balli Doogle SOXX3648
Balli Galad SOXX2813
Balli Gudban SOXX0392
Balli Hagagare SOXX2814
Balli Hat SOXX2815
Balli Kaliil SOXX4667
Balli Lama Adi SOXX2816
Balli Scillin SOXX0393
Balliabees SOXX2817
Ballicalanle SOXX4453
Ballo SOXX3266
Ballow SOXX0765
Ballow SOXX3649
Baloole SOXX0766
Balow SOXX3650
Bambaaso Kulub SOXX3651
Bambaaso Mahdi SOXX3652
Bambila SOXX2411
Bamburaale SOXX0767
Ban SOXX0394
Ban Dhuub SOXX0768
Ban Reer SOXX0769
Ban-chi Surta SOXX0770
Ban-Yaro SOXX4668
Banaada SOXX0771
Banaadir SOXX3653
Banaanag SOXX3654
Banaaney SOXX3267
Banaaney SOXX3655
Banaaney SOXX2412
Banbusul SOXX0772
Bandar SOXX2070
Bandar SOXX3656
Bandar Jadiid SOXX3657
Bandar Jadiid SOXX2413
Bandar Jedid SOXX3068
Bandar Jidiid SOXX2071
Bandar Murcaayo SOXX0395
Bandar Salaam SOXX1693
Bandar Wanaag SOXX0009
Bandarbeyla SOXX0396
Bandege SOXX3658
Bandiiradley SOXX2818
Bangeeni SOXX2414
Bannaan SOXX1694
Bannaan SOXX3268
Bannaaney SOXX3269
Bannaaney SOXX3659
Bansol SOXX0773
Bansoole SOXX0774
Banta SOXX2073
Banweerweerac SOXX2415
Banyaal SOXX0775
Banyaale SOXX3660
Baqalleey SOXX0776
Baqalley SOXX0777
Baqdaad SOXX3270
Baqdaad SOXX3661
Baqdaad SOXX2074
Baqdaad SOXX2416
Baqdaad SOXX1880
Baqtile SOXX1695
Baqtiweyne SOXX4454
Bar Ballei SOXX1696
Bar Ganni SOXX1697
Bar Madeghe SOXX1881
Bar Madobeh SOXX4310
Bar Ujeed SOXX1567
Baraaktaqol SOXX3070
Baraale SOXX3662
Baraawe SOXX0010
Barabuule SOXX0778
Baraka SOXX2076
Baraki SOXX3271
Barako SOXX2077
Barasatej SOXX3071
Barcad SOXX4455
Bardaale SOXX2819
Barde Saalax SOXX3663
Bardiid SOXX3664
Bare SOXX0064
Bargaal SOXX0397
Bargaan SOXX1568
Bari SOXX4311
Bariir SOXX2820
Bariira SOXX2078
Bariirre SOXX3665
Bariis SOXX3666
Barire SOXX0011
Barkaan Caliyow SOXX0780
Barkad SOXX4312
Barkadle SOXX0781
Barkale SOXX0169
Barkhadlow SOXX0782
Barlida SOXX4669
Barow SOXX0783
Barow Diinle SOXX2079
Barquuqe SOXX2417
Barra Goodir SOXX2418
Barre Cali Xasan SOXX3272
Barrey SOXX3273
Barri-Fintir SOXX2821
Barrow SOXX3667
Barsame SOXX3668
Barta Faniyo SOXX2080
Bartireh SOXX2419
Barwaaqo SOXX1698
Barwaaqo SOXX2081
Barwaaqo Weyn SOXX2420
Baryaalo SOXX0784
Basaqley SOXX3669
Bashiir SOXX3670
Bashir Beere SOXX0785
Bashmaale SOXX0786
Basra SOXX2082
Basra SOXX3671
Batalaale SOXX4670
Batuulo SOXX2083
Baxarka SOXX3672
Baxdo SOXX1569
Bayaxaaw SOXX3274
Baydhabo SOXX0012
Baygar SOXX0170
Baysaare SOXX4671
Bedanbedey SOXX0787
Beedle SOXX3673
Beeli-Wacatay SOXX0398
Been Weerar SOXX2422
Beer SOXX4456
Beer Axmadow SOXX3674
Beer Bari SOXX3675
Beer Falar SOXX1570
Beer Shabeel SOXX0788
Beer Xaano SOXX1882
Beerato SOXX4457
Beernaasi SOXX2423
Beerta Afaraad SOXX3275
Beerta Bisikrini SOXX3676
Beerta Lixaad SOXX3276
Beerta Shanaad SOXX3277
Beerta Siyago SOXX3278
Beerweyso SOXX3072
Beey SOXX2424
Beeyo Doofar SOXX4672
Behelidle SOXX1699
Beled Aamin SOXX3678
Beled Amiin SOXX1883
Beled Amiin SOXX0789
Beled Amiin SOXX2425
Beled Amiin SOXX3679
Beled Amin SOXX0790
Beled Muddey SOXX3680
Beledweyne SOXX1884
Belet Amin SOXX3681
Belet Amin SOXX3279
Belet Mseres SOXX1700
Belhan Humei SOXX3682
Beli Adaax SOXX4458
Ben Bar SOXX0171
Ben-Darte SOXX2822
Benbahodi SOXX1701
Benbesle SOXX0791
Bendar Cadde SOXX3683
Bender SOXX1702
Ber As SOXX4459
Ber Au Duben SOXX0792
Ber-i Cobogori SOXX1885
Berbera SOXX0013
Bercadle SOXX0793
Berda Uen SOXX0399
Berdaale SOXX2084
Berdaale SOXX0794
Berdaale SOXX3280
Berdale SOXX1886
Berdale SOXX3684
Berde SOXX2823
Berdile SOXX1887
Bereeda SOXX0400
Beydaal SOXX0401
Beynax Barre SOXX3685
Beyra SOXX2824
Beytalkariim SOXX3686
Bi Bidhooy SOXX3687
Biadera SOXX2825
Bibi SOXX2426
Biciidley SOXX1703
Bidenbid SOXX0065
Bidi SOXX2085
Biiji SOXX3688
Biixiyo SOXX0402
Bijoliino SOXX3689
Bil Cilley SOXX3690
Bila SOXX1704
Bilcil SOXX0403
Bilcilwayso SOXX4460
Bilcisha SOXX0795
Bilel Tobaneh SOXX4673
Bilhelli SOXX2826
Biliil SOXX0796
Bililicweyn SOXX2990
Bililscia SOXX1705
Biliq Diinle SOXX2086
Biliq Maro SOXX2087
Biliq Roboow SOXX3691
Biliq Tale SOXX2088
Bilis Qooqaani SOXX2427
Bilis Yare SOXX2089
Bilisa SOXX2090
Bill Cile SOXX1888
Billada SOXX2428
Billaq SOXX2429
Billeyl SOXX4674
Billi Weyn SOXX2091
Biloi SOXX0172
Biloo SOXX2092
Bimal SOXX3692
Bio Addo SOXX2991
Bio Addo SOXX0404
Bio Gudud SOXX0405
Bio Mado SOXX2430
Biolei SOXX1889
Bioma SOXX3281
Birbiris SOXX2093
Birhama SOXX3073
Bisagalla SOXX3074
Biscaia SOXX2431
Bisiqa SOXX4461
Bisiqley SOXX3693
Bisiqley SOXX0173
Bissig Gundere SOXX2827
Bixinduule SOXX4675
Biya Dader SOXX4676
Biyadhanane SOXX4677
Biyafoge SOXX0066
Biyamadoobe SOXX1890
Biyamadoow SOXX4313
Biyo As SOXX4678
Biyo Cadde SOXX3282
Biyo Kululo SOXX3283
Biyo Yare SOXX2432
Biyoley SOXX0174
Biyoley SOXX0797
Biyoley SOXX3694
Biyooley SOXX0798
Biyosuur SOXX3284
Biyoweyne SOXX3695
Blowka SOXX0799
Bocole SOXX0800
Bodboode SOXX2094
Boddi Cadde SOXX0801
Bodhley SOXX4462
Bog Daadi SOXX0802
Bogi SOXX2433
Bogon Gad SOXX3285
Bohagno SOXX0406
Boho SOXX3286
Boho SOXX0407
Bohol SOXX1571
Bohol Koualo SOXX4679
Bohol Waays SOXX2095
Boholey SOXX0175
Boia SOXX2434
Bola Cohuan SOXX0408
Booc SOXX4463
Boocane SOXX0014
Boocda Kabaab SOXX4680
Booda SOXX3076
Booda SOXX2435
Boodaale SOXX3287
Boodaan SOXX0176
Boodhka SOXX4681
Boodhlay SOXX4682
Boodhlay SOXX4464
Boodhley SOXX4683
Boojo SOXX3696
Booka SOXX2436
Boolmadu SOXX0803
Boonka SOXX0804
Boonkay SOXX0805
Booraame SOXX1706
Booraan SOXX3697
Boorama SOXX0067
Booriini SOXX2437
Boorka SOXX0806
Boosaaso SOXX0015
Booshol SOXX0807
Boox SOXX2096
Boqo SOXX1707
Boqol Jire SOXX4684
Boqon Rigo SOXX4685
Boqor SOXX4686
Bora SOXX2438
Borama SOXX0808
Borame SOXX0809
Borgof SOXX0810
Borosole SOXX0811
Borow SOXX0177
Borroon SOXX3698
Boscaglia SOXX1572
Boscaglia SOXX3699
Boska Gulane SOXX3288
Bottis SOXX0812
Bown SOXX0068
Boxo SOXX2097
Brawa Yare SOXX3700
Bu Buule SOXX2098
Buccale SOXX3701
Bud Bud SOXX1573
Budbud SOXX2828
Budunbuto SOXX2992
Bug SOXX0069
Bug Mairot SOXX0409
Bug Tugo SOXX2993
Bugda Acable SOXX0016
Bugeey SOXX2439
Bukh SOXX0070
Buklaabow SOXX0813
Bukuraale SOXX3289
Bul Aas SOXX0814
Bula Balamal SOXX0017
Bulacle SOXX1574
Bulele SOXX4465
Bullaxaar SOXX0018
Bulo Abdille SOXX0815
Bulo Alio SOXX3702
Bulo Ambasse SOXX0816
Bulo Auculom SOXX3703
Bulo Avor SOXX1708
Bulo Balamal SOXX0817
Bulo Banoi SOXX0818
Bulo Biliscai SOXX0819
Bulo Caitet SOXX3704
Bulo Caro SOXX1891
Bulo Cugno SOXX0820
Bulo Derou SOXX2100
Bulo El Aile SOXX3705
Bulo Fara SOXX3706
Bulo Fert Dole SOXX3707
Bulo Fiada SOXX0821
Bulo Galole SOXX3708
Bulo Garangaro SOXX3709
Bulo Gasei SOXX0822
Bulo Ghedudo SOXX0823
Bulo Gheremei SOXX0178
Bulo Gian SOXX3710
Bulo Godut SOXX1709
Bulo Gof Adde SOXX3711
Bulo Haldid SOXX0179
Bulo Harran SOXX3712
Bulo Hirso SOXX0824
Bulo Iach SOXX3713
Bulo Iach Dolet SOXX3714
Bulo Messer SOXX3715
Bulo Muniassa SOXX2101
Bulo Naharo SOXX3290
Bulo Nefle SOXX3716
Bulo Nur SOXX3291
Bulo Nurbadi SOXX3292
Bulo Saile SOXX3717
Bulo Samaniar SOXX0825
Bulo Scecal SOXX3718
Bulo Scevelo SOXX1892
Bulo Sehia SOXX3293
Bulo Sellei SOXX3719
Bulo Sigalei SOXX3720
Bulo Tugar SOXX0826
Bulo Tumas SOXX0827
Bulo Uaiama SOXX3721
Bulo Uar Uen SOXX0828
Buloboda SOXX2440
Bultarrig SOXX2441
Bulu Nuru SOXX0829
Bulukey SOXX3722
Bunkay SOXX0830
Buq SOXX3723
Buq SOXX3077
Buq Atoti SOXX0410
Buqda Caqable SOXX1893
Buqkoosaar SOXX1894
Bur Ali Fachei SOXX1895
Bur Carrowlay SOXX1575
Bur Daneed SOXX3294
Bur Mahago SOXX0411
Bur Meirale SOXX0412
Bura SOXX1710
Buraale SOXX3724
Buraan SOXX3078
Burader SOXX3295
Buramo Boorama SOXX0071
Burco SOXX4466
Burcosera SOXX1711
Burey Mannas SOXX0831
Burfuul SOXX2102
Burfuule SOXX2103
Burgaan SOXX2442
Buro SOXX2829
Buruc SOXX0413
Buruuji SOXX2104
Bus SOXX4687
Busaar SOXX1712
Buscbusc SOXX2443
Busleey SOXX1713
Buslei SOXX3725
Busley SOXX3296
Busley SOXX3726
Busley SOXX0833
Buslow SOXX3727
Bustoole SOXX3297
Butaweyne SOXX4314
Butije SOXX4688
Butiyaalo SOXX0414
Buubis SOXX2830
Buufo Danada SOXX3728
Buufow SOXX3729
Buuhoodle SOXX4467
Buukoh SOXX0834
Buul Galoole SOXX0835
Buulaal SOXX0836
Buulallow SOXX3730
Buulcaas SOXX3731
Buulle SOXX2444
Buullow SOXX3732
Buulo SOXX0180
Buulo Aas SOXX3733
Buulo Afrax SOXX3298
Buulo Amiin SOXX0837
Buulo Balley SOXX3299
Buulo Bilaan SOXX0838
Buulo Bullow SOXX0839
Buulo Cabdi SOXX3734
Buulo Cigalle SOXX1896
Buulo Daaraf SOXX0840
Buulo Dhaaya SOXX0841
Buulo Dheer SOXX3300
Buulo Dhenforur SOXX0842
Buulo Dooday SOXX0843
Buulo Duff SOXX0844
Buulo Edeega SOXX0845
Buulo Eelay SOXX3301
Buulo Fajir SOXX0181
Buulo Feermo SOXX3302
Buulo Fulaay SOXX0846
Buulo Ganaay SOXX3303
Buulo Garas SOXX3304
Buulo Garas SOXX0847
Buulo Guduud SOXX0848
Buulo Gurundhow SOXX0849
Buulo Hanyow SOXX0850
Buulo Kuraari SOXX3735
Buulo Macalim SOXX0851
Buulo Macallim SOXX3305
Buulo Madina SOXX3306
Buulo Makiino SOXX3307
Buulo Marer SOXX0852
Buulo Mintaan SOXX0853
Buulo Moobleen SOXX3309
Buulo Nasiib SOXX0854
Buulo Noofe SOXX3310
Buulo Obliko SOXX1897
Buulo Oon Jirre SOXX0855
Buulo Qalaf SOXX1898
Buulo Risqi SOXX3736
Buulo Sabar SOXX0856
Buulo Shanta SOXX0857
Buulo Shiikh SOXX3311
Buulo Subto SOXX0858
Buulo Togoro SOXX1899
Buulo Uusla SOXX0859
Buulo Warabe SOXX0860
Buulo Warbe SOXX3737
Buulo Warriiray SOXX0861
Buulo Xaaji SOXX2445
Buulo Xaawiyow SOXX0862
Buulo Xasanow SOXX0863
Buulo Yuusuf SOXX0864
Buulo-Jannaay SOXX0865
Buulobarde SOXX1900
Buulohilowle SOXX0866
Buur Baan SOXX0867
Buur Basle SOXX0182
Buur Cadde SOXX2446
Buur Caddey SOXX0183
Buur Dhajis SOXX0868
Buur Dheere SOXX3738
Buur Dhijis SOXX0869
Buur Dhuxunle SOXX0184
Buur Fuul SOXX2105
Buur Fuule SOXX3739
Buur Gaaban SOXX0415
Buur Gaabo SOXX2447
Buur Gaduud SOXX2106
Buur Hakaba SOXX0019
Buur Halab SOXX0870
Buur Heybo SOXX0871
Buur Koy SOXX2448
Buur Kuulow SOXX0872
Buur Samarole SOXX1714
Buur Weyn SOXX1901
Buur Xaano SOXX3312
Buur Xaraw SOXX1715
Buurane SOXX3313
Buuray Shunle SOXX0873
Buurbishaaro SOXX3314
Buurdheer SOXX1902
Buurfule SOXX2107
Buurfuule SOXX0874
Buurfuule SOXX3740
Buurfuule SOXX3315
Buurka SOXX2108
Buuro Bahale SOXX1716
Buuryaqab SOXX2831
Buusleey SOXX3741
Buuxow SOXX3742
Caabudwaaq SOXX1576
Caadey SOXX0875
Caadle Dhalin SOXX3316
Caadley SOXX3317
Caag Bashiir SOXX1903
Caag Garaar SOXX1717
Caag Lebile SOXX1904
Caano SOXX3319
Caano Xaraarshoh SOXX2994
Caanoole SOXX2109
Caanoole SOXX3743
Caanoxadhigle SOXX4315
Caaqaboy SOXX1905
Caashe SOXX0876
Caba SOXX2449
Cabaasa SOXX0072
Cabaydh SOXX3079
Cabbaas SOXX3320
Cabdalle SOXX3744
Cabdalle Kakane SOXX2110
Cabdi Abuukar SOXX3745
Cabdi Cali SOXX2111
Cabdi Cali SOXX3746
Cabdi Daahir SOXX3747
Cabdi Dheere SOXX4468
Cabdi Faarah SOXX4469
Cabdi Garuun SOXX0878
Cabdi Gurey SOXX0879
Cabdi Kariim SOXX3748
Cabdi Uqaabi SOXX3749
Cabdi Xasan SOXX3750
Cabdillahi Mudey SOXX3752
Cabdille SOXX3753
Cabdiyow Geedow SOXX0880
Cabdulle Kudaad SOXX3321
Cabdulle Xabad SOXX3322
Cabduqaadir SOXX0073
Cad Caddey SOXX3323
Cadaad SOXX0074
Cadaad Geri SOXX2451
Cadaadley SOXX0020
Cadaado SOXX1577
Cadaadoo SOXX2452
Cadaawey SOXX2453
Cadable Galleey SOXX2454
Cadable Quruun SOXX2455
Cadale SOXX3324
Cadaley SOXX3755
Caday Kud SOXX0881
Cadaydheere SOXX3756
Cadayley SOXX3757
Cadayo SOXX0416
Cadayo SOXX1578
Caddaan Camey SOXX3325
Caddayle SOXX0185
Caddey SOXX0350
Caddey SOXX0882
Caddey Barre SOXX3758
Caddi Qoqonay SOXX0883
Caddiimoole SOXX3759
Caddow Uul SOXX3327
Cadduudo SOXX2112
Cadei Barrey SOXX0884
Cadey SOXX2113
Cadey Bare SOXX3760
Cadey Barwaaqo SOXX3761
Cadey Qaboobe SOXX1718
Cadow Jurara SOXX4470
Caduun SOXX2832
Cafarca SOXX2114
Cag SOXX0417
Cagaaran SOXX3762
Cagacade SOXX1579
Cagioue SOXX0418
Cago SOXX0419
Caiodo SOXX0420
Caisene SOXX3763
Caje SOXX0885
Cajin SOXX2995
Cajuusa SOXX3764
Cal SOXX2996
Cal Marthat SOXX0421
Cala SOXX2456
Calaacule SOXX4471
Calaamo SOXX0186
Calan Dabe SOXX4472
Calasow SOXX3328
Calasow Aadan SOXX1580
Caleenweyn SOXX4473
Caleyow Kerrow SOXX2115
Cali Aadan SOXX4474
Cali Alwaan SOXX3329
Cali Axmed SOXX3330
Cali Cayda SOXX1581
Cali Daahir SOXX3765
Cali Goble SOXX3766
Cali Saahid SOXX4475
Cali Xaaji SOXX3767
Cali Xasan SOXX3768
Cali Xaydh SOXX4689
Cali Xirsi SOXX3769
Calidheer SOXX3331
Calihaarrey SOXX2457
Caliweyd SOXX3332
Caliyaalo SOXX3333
Caliyo Erbow SOXX0886
Caliyo Marayle SOXX0887
Caliyow Cusmaan SOXX0888
Caliyow Dooyo SOXX0889
Caliyow Eene SOXX0890
Caliyow Muumin SOXX0891
Callyabaal SOXX1582
Caloolacad SOXX1906
Caluula SOXX0422
Calzane SOXX0892
Camadheere SOXX4476
Camalka SOXX0893
Cambaar SOXX0423
Cambanaani SOXX3770
Cambarey SOXX3771
Cambarow SOXX3772
Cambuul Lebi SOXX0894
Cambuul Madhabey SOXX0895
Cambuul Weyne SOXX0896
Cambuul Xaraar SOXX0897
Camor Gila SOXX2458
Camora Bali SOXX2459
Camudi Rama Guda SOXX1719
Canalow SOXX3773
Cananoola SOXX0898
Canbar SOXX3774
Cangiara SOXX2460
Canjeel SOXX4690
Canjeel SOXX0424
Canjeel SOXX2461
Canjeel SOXX0187
Cankhor SOXX3080
Cantor SOXX2833
Captanle SOXX0425
Caqaqable SOXX2116
Car Boorre SOXX2462
Car Weeyn SOXX0426
Caraay SOXX0899
Caracase SOXX1720
Carah Guduud SOXX0900
Caramo SOXX3081
Carbis SOXX3775
Carfeelle SOXX3776
Carfuuda SOXX2834
Cariiley SOXX3777
Carmaale SOXX0075
Carmaale SOXX3082
Carmo Gargaro SOXX0427
Carmo Xagar SOXX0428
Carmoole SOXX3334
Carmoole SOXX3778
Carmooy SOXX3779
Caro SOXX0901
Caroweyn SOXX4477
Carro Muse Case SOXX4691
Carrooley SOXX4316
Cascia Debin SOXX2463
Casciddo SOXX3780
Cashaaro SOXX0903
Cashow SOXX0904
Cashow Berkaan SOXX0905
Cashur SOXX0188
Casirmaal SOXX3335
Cauitti SOXX2464
Caw SOXX2465
Cawaalegubtey SOXX3336
Cawjab SOXX3781
Cawle SOXX1907
Cawsguduud SOXX2466
Caynabo SOXX4317
Cayngala SOXX4692
Caynle SOXX4693
Ceeg Bilcille SOXX4478
Ceek SOXX4479
Ceel Ableey SOXX1583
Ceel Afweyn SOXX3083
Ceel Andalle SOXX3782
Ceel Baari SOXX0906
Ceel Baashaalay SOXX1721
Ceel Bacduur SOXX2835
Ceel Bakoole SOXX2836
Ceel Baraf SOXX3337
Ceel Baxay SOXX0076
Ceel Baxay SOXX1584
Ceel Bay SOXX0907
Ceel Berde SOXX0189
Ceel Bisiq Cadde SOXX0908
Ceel Buh SOXX0429
Ceel Burro SOXX1722
Ceel Cabdi SOXX2837
Ceel Cabdow SOXX3783
Ceel Cad SOXX3338
Ceel Cad SOXX1723
Ceel Cad SOXX0430
Ceel Cali SOXX1908
Ceel Carab SOXX0431
Ceel Carraale SOXX3339
Ceel Dameer SOXX4318
Ceel Dhaareed SOXX4694
Ceel Dhanaane SOXX2838
Ceel Dheem SOXX1909
Ceel Dheere SOXX4480
Ceel Dheere SOXX2839
Ceel Dheere SOXX0909
Ceel Dheere SOXX1585
Ceel Dhogonle SOXX3341
Ceel Dhooble SOXX1724
Ceel Doofaar SOXX0021
Ceel Doon SOXX0910
Ceel Engir SOXX2840
Ceel Gaal SOXX1910
Ceel Gaal SOXX0077
Ceel Gaal SOXX0432
Ceel Gaan SOXX2841
Ceel Gab SOXX1586
Ceel Galdeys SOXX1725
Ceel Garas SOXX2842
Ceel Garas SOXX0911
Ceel God SOXX1911
Ceel Goof SOXX0912
Ceel Gool SOXX3342
Ceel Gudo SOXX0190
Ceel Guduud SOXX1727
Ceel Guuloo SOXX3343
Ceel Heji SOXX0191
Ceel Hool SOXX1728
Ceel Huur SOXX2843
Ceel Jaalle SOXX3784
Ceel Jilib SOXX1587
Ceel Lafoole SOXX1912
Ceel Lahelay SOXX0913
Ceel Laheley SOXX3084
Ceel Laqoday SOXX3085
Ceel Mageed SOXX3344
Ceel Masaarre SOXX0914
Ceel Muudaan SOXX2844
Ceel Qaraare SOXX3785
Ceel Qoxle SOXX1588
Ceel Qurqura SOXX1729
Ceel Same SOXX4481
Ceel Shaama SOXX1730
Ceel Shiikh SOXX3786
Ceel Waran SOXX1731
Ceel Wareegow SOXX3787
Ceel Xaali SOXX3788
Ceel Xarar SOXX3345
Ceel Xindhahaane SOXX1589
Ceel Ya SOXX0192
Ceel-Adde SOXX3789
Ceel-Garas SOXX0193
Ceelal SOXX3086
Ceelay SOXX0433
Ceelayo SOXX0022
Ceelbuh SOXX3087
Ceelbuur SOXX1590
Ceeldheer SOXX1591
Ceelgaab SOXX3346
Ceelgaalaad SOXX2846
Ceellow SOXX3347
Ceelmidgaan SOXX4319
Ceelshiikh SOXX4695
Ceerigaabo SOXX3088
Ceeshoy SOXX3348
Ceganloo SOXX2847
Cehan SOXX1592
Celaya SOXX3089
Celbashaqley SOXX3349
Ceymog SOXX1913
Ceynte SOXX3350
Chaho Oman SOXX0434
Chander SOXX4320
Cheli Gu SOXX1914
Chenaf SOXX2117
Chirchirri SOXX1915
Chivasciapisci SOXX2467
Ciddei Jebis SOXX0435
Cigala Hooleey SOXX0915
Cigalle Hooley SOXX0916
Ciiradhame SOXX0436
Ciisaay SOXX3790
Cilaan SOXX0917
Cilmi SOXX2118
Cilmi Nuux SOXX3791
Cilmi Shiixaale SOXX1916
Cirai Cheli Dere SOXX2848
Cismaan Yarow SOXX2119
Cobol Jiifta SOXX4696
Cocaio SOXX1732
Cogarti SOXX0437
Colguula SOXX2849
Colomat SOXX0351
Comba Chebir SOXX2468
Corair SOXX3351
Coralehe SOXX0438
Coralle SOXX0194
Corbes SOXX2469
Corfon SOXX1733
Coriamu SOXX1734
Corieli SOXX0439
Corio SOXX2470
Cormale SOXX2471
Cororo SOXX2472
Corou Barrei SOXX0918
Corrah SOXX0440
Corsindere SOXX1735
Corucdoro SOXX0919
Cubat SOXX1736
Cubocso SOXX0441
Cuca SOXX2473
Cuchettu SOXX2120
Cudanlay SOXX4482
Cugni Fara SOXX0920
Cuis Dera SOXX2474
Culume Allango SOXX2475
Culume Dagaga SOXX2476
Cumar Aadan SOXX4697
Cumar Abooke SOXX2121
Cumar Beerre SOXX3792
Cumar Bulle SOXX1917
Cumar Cusmaan SOXX3352
Cumar Maxamoud SOXX3793
Cumaroow Ibrahim SOXX3794
Cumarow Maddow SOXX0921
Cuno Qabad SOXX4698
Cunzale SOXX0195
Curao SOXX1737
Curcurta SOXX0922
Curdadley SOXX0442
Curde SOXX2477
Cursi SOXX1738
Cursole SOXX3353
Curtumo SOXX2850
Cusbaaley SOXX4699
Cusbooley SOXX3795
Cusbooley SOXX2122
Cusmaan Khamisow SOXX3796
Cusmaan Mooto SOXX2123
Cusmaan Moto SOXX2478
Cusmaan Quule SOXX3797
Cusmaan Xasan SOXX3798
Cusman Jeelle SOXX3799
Daad Harra SOXX2479
Daad Jerow SOXX2124
Daaddaale SOXX1918
Daadluudaan SOXX2997
Daafeed SOXX3800
Daafet SOXX1593
Daamo SOXX3090
Daanti SOXX3801
Daanyeere SOXX2125
Daarasalaam SOXX3802
Daarimo SOXX4700
Daaro SOXX0923
Daarsi SOXX3091
Daauudow SOXX0924
Dab Naar SOXX1594
Dab Scid SOXX1739
Dab Xarar SOXX1595
Daba SOXX1740
Daba Gabo SOXX4483
Daba Galay SOXX3803
Daba Garo SOXX4484
Daba Qabad SOXX4485
Dabaan SOXX1919
Dabaaro SOXX3093
Dabab SOXX2851
Dabab SOXX3804
Dabacaddo SOXX4701
Dabacore SOXX0196
Dabadayere SOXX0078
Dabagale SOXX2852
Dabagalo SOXX2853
Dabandoob SOXX0352
Dabarre SOXX0925
Dabataag SOXX4321
Dabayoodle SOXX1920
Dabder SOXX0443
Dabdheera SOXX4702
Dabeoynroor SOXX1596
Dabeylley SOXX3354
Dabeylow SOXX0926
Dabiho SOXX3094
Dabiil SOXX3805
Dabo Dheer SOXX2126
Dabodheere SOXX1921
Dabool Yarey SOXX3806
Dabooye SOXX4703
Daborow SOXX2854
Dabyen SOXX4704
Dacaar SOXX3355
Dacar SOXX3356
Dacarbudhug SOXX4705
Dacarre SOXX0927
Dacarre Yarey SOXX0928
Dacarrey SOXX0444
Dacawalay SOXX4706
Dad Gumbi SOXX2480
Dadabalo SOXX0445
Dadabli SOXX1741
Dadar SOXX0446
Dadian SOXX0929
Dadjenai SOXX0930
Dadke SOXX2481
Dadle SOXX1597
Dadmareedh SOXX4486
Daduma Addi SOXX1742
Dafet SOXX3807
Dag Lahaa SOXX2998
Dag Mareer SOXX1743
Dag Qoono SOXX1744
Daga Xaab SOXX0447
Dagaalyahan SOXX1745
Dagaane SOXX4707
Dagaari SOXX2855
Dagaduud SOXX0931
Dagah Gudud SOXX3095
Dagah Haros SOXX3096
Dagah Waraba SOXX4708
Dagaha Harden SOXX0079
Dagakhmadabi SOXX0080
Dagar SOXX3097
Dagay Beerre SOXX3808
Daggaras SOXX2127
Dahamo SOXX4322
Dahanamanneh SOXX3098
Daharro SOXX1922
Dai Saffi SOXX3809
Daieno SOXX2856
Daka Dima SOXX1746
Dakhanyado SOXX4487
Dal Gerenuked SOXX4323
Dala Ad SOXX4709
Dalaama SOXX2128
Dalaash SOXX3357
Dalabahinder SOXX4488
Dalaroobare SOXX3810
Dalbiyaango SOXX3811
Daloh SOXX3099
Dalooldho SOXX4710
Daloolyo SOXX3812
Dalweyn SOXX0448
Dalxiiska SOXX2482
Damaal Joogle SOXX3100
Damaley SOXX3358
Damalle SOXX1923
Dambale SOXX0932
Dambaley SOXX2129
Dambarre SOXX0449
Dameer SOXX4489
Dameerale SOXX3813
Damettei SOXX2130
Damo SOXX0450
Dan Gorayo SOXX0451
Dan Wadaag SOXX3814
Dan-Guban SOXX4324
Danaaley SOXX0933
Danab Qoy SOXX0934
Danakuus SOXX3815
Danbale SOXX0935
Danbar SOXX0936
Dancug SOXX0452
Dandamale SOXX0453
Dandan SOXX4490
Dangnerrei SOXX3816
Dani SOXX3817
Danis Sipi SOXX2483
Danyar SOXX0937
Dara Woha SOXX0081
Darabqooy SOXX0938
Daradawanle SOXX4711
Daradhur SOXX0454
Daragodle SOXX0023
Darale SOXX0455
Daran Taleh SOXX4325
Dararweyne SOXX3101
Dararweyne SOXX4712
Daraweyne SOXX4713
Darburruk SOXX4714
Dardhaarow SOXX0939
Dareda Abdille SOXX4715
Darerin SOXX3102
Darfacle SOXX4716
Dari Sal Weyn SOXX0456
Darigaloleh SOXX4717
Darimoh SOXX0457
Darin Debih SOXX4718
Darin Tog SOXX2999
Darin Turwein SOXX3103
Daringahe SOXX3104
Darinne SOXX0458
Darka SOXX4719
Darkaqawton SOXX0082
Darre SOXX4326
Darrei Donta SOXX0459
Darrin Garsit SOXX3105
Darrow SOXX0941
Daryaleh SOXX4491
Das SOXX2484
Dat SOXX4327
Dauali SOXX2857
Dauli SOXX0460
Davegoriale SOXX4492
Dawa Dawa SOXX4328
Dawanle SOXX3818
Dawla SOXX0197
Dayaha SOXX3106
Dayax SOXX2131
Dayaxa SOXX3107
Daydoog SOXX3819
Dayen SOXX4493
Dayer Gal SOXX4720
Daylaale SOXX0942
Daylac SOXX0461
Dayma Shiikh SOXX4721
Daymasame SOXX3359
Daynuunay SOXX0943
Deb Arar SOXX3820
Deb Boni SOXX0462
Deb Gorum SOXX3360
Deb Scinnele SOXX3821
Debatscile SOXX2858
Debet SOXX2859
Debweyn SOXX0944
Deebley SOXX3361
Deega SOXX0945
Deegaan SOXX2860
Deegaanta SOXX3822
Deeleb SOXX0946
Deex Cayn SOXX4494
Deg Biti SOXX3823
Deg Garas SOXX0947
Deg Gonay SOXX0948
Deg Hiray SOXX3824
Deg Jannaay SOXX3825
Deg-ti Alima SOXX1747
Degagou SOXX2861
Degdaa SOXX0949
Degeelow SOXX3826
Degh Godut SOXX0950
Degmuduush SOXX3827
Degsisinta SOXX3828
Degta Reidab SOXX1748
Degti Bunau SOXX1749
Degwariirow SOXX3829
Deh-Cabo SOXX0463
Dehi SOXX1599
Dejah Uar SOXX2132
Delenle SOXX2862
Dema SOXX2485
Dereboshile SOXX0951
Derib SOXX2486
Derinder SOXX4329
Dermangit SOXX0198
Dermatile SOXX4330
Dermo SOXX1750
Dermodo SOXX3362
Derri SOXX1600
Derrih SOXX4495
Desciscia SOXX0464
Deylo SOXX4331
Dha Dhacle SOXX3830
Dhaankadus SOXX0465
Dhaay Garas SOXX2487
Dhaayow SOXX0952
Dhabaq Lebi SOXX3363
Dhabiyo SOXX3000
Dhaboolaq SOXX4722
Dhad Bolio SOXX0466
Dhafaad Fuurka SOXX0953
Dhagardheere SOXX0954
Dhagax Dugsi SOXX2863
Dhagaxow SOXX3364
Dhahar SOXX3108
Dhahiro SOXX0955
Dhajalokh SOXX3831
Dhajimaale SOXX2864
Dhalanya Dhuux SOXX4723
Dhallaamocune SOXX4496
Dhallaje SOXX2488
Dhallmaanyoley SOXX3832
Dhalwo SOXX2865
Dhamaji SOXX0956
Dhamas SOXX1751
Dhamme Yaasiin SOXX3833
Dhanaan Qawlood SOXX4332
Dhanaane SOXX3834
Dhanaano SOXX3109
Dhanabo SOXX1924
Dhanful SOXX0199
Dharaamey SOXX3835
Dharabo SOXX3836
Dhariigada SOXX0200
Dharkaynley SOXX2489
Dharkaynta SOXX1925
Dharkeenley SOXX3365
Dharkeymo SOXX1601
Dharkeyn Kuus SOXX0201
Dharooy SOXX3838
Dharuurada SOXX3839
Dhas SOXX1752
Dhawey SOXX0957
Dhaweynta SOXX2133
Dhaxan Sarin SOXX4333
Dhaxanley SOXX3840
Dhaxtal SOXX1926
Dhayo SOXX2490
Dhayo SOXX3841
Dhaysiyo SOXX3842
Dhedhey SOXX2134
Dheenka SOXX0958
Dheenle SOXX1753
Dheenlo SOXX1754
Dheere SOXX0959
Dheere SOXX1602
Dheg Cabdulle SOXX2491
Dheg Cadey SOXX2135
Dhegari SOXX3843
Dhejis SOXX1927
Dhema SOXX0202
Dhex-Yaal SOXX0961
Dhextaal SOXX1603
Dhey Tubaako SOXX2136
Dheydhey SOXX2137
Dhigleey SOXX0203
Dhiigtaar SOXX0962
Dhiiktaare SOXX3844
Dhiingaras SOXX3366
Dhiiqooley SOXX3845
Dhiita Abalooni SOXX2492
Dhilaalo SOXX4497
Dhimbil SOXX2493
Dhinbi Riyaale SOXX4724
Dhira Doba SOXX3001
Dhisheek SOXX2138
Dhisma SOXX2139
Dhismaale SOXX3367
Dhobata SOXX0963
Dhokaal SOXX2140
Dhokay SOXX2141
Dhoobleey SOXX1755
Dhooblow SOXX3846
Dhoobo SOXX0083
Dhoqor SOXX1928
Dhorzi SOXX0467
Dhubbato SOXX4725
Dhuboi SOXX0964
Dhuboy SOXX0965
Dhukheere SOXX3847
Dhukoy SOXX3848
Dhulbaanta SOXX0966
Dhumay Uusle SOXX3849
Dhumayle SOXX3850
Dhumey SOXX0967
Dhummay SOXX4334
Dhun Dhufaay SOXX0968
Dhunfa SOXX2494
Dhungaal SOXX4726
Dhungoye SOXX3851
Dhuqay SOXX2142
Dhur SOXX0468
Dhur Cilaan SOXX3110
Dhurbo SOXX0469
Dhuroow SOXX3852
Dhursheen SOXX0204
Dhursheen Habay SOXX0205
Dhurwayle SOXX3368
Dhusundhus SOXX0969
Dhuudo SOXX0470
Dhuumey SOXX3853
Dhuumow SOXX1756
Dhuungoy SOXX2495
Dhuur Belle SOXX0970
Dhuuroolo SOXX1757
Dib Dabiib SOXX0971
Dib Ul Chena SOXX2496
Dibir Weyne SOXX1604
Diblaay SOXX3854
Dibrio Meleh SOXX0084
Dicsiweyne SOXX4335
Dicu SOXX2497
Diddin Erale SOXX3002
Didib SOXX3111
Didinchi SOXX0471
Didir Lafcad SOXX2498
Diga SOXX3855
Digbiti SOXX3856
Digbooday SOXX3857
Dighelli SOXX3003
Dighisso SOXX1929
Dighisso SOXX3369
Digto SOXX0972
Diid Anaaniya SOXX2499
Diidow SOXX3858
Diiga SOXX0206
Diini Goobaale SOXX4727
Diinle Maxaad SOXX3859
Diinsoor SOXX0973
Diiqow SOXX0974
Dila SOXX4728
Dila SOXX0085
Dilduch SOXX2143
Dinlaabe SOXX3370
Dir Hare SOXX1758
Dirdir Muso SOXX2500
Dirindir SOXX3004
Diriye SOXX3860
Disso SOXX0975
Ditta Sara SOXX2501
Dobo Kabud SOXX4498
Docol SOXX2867
Docoley SOXX3371
Docolo Haad Haad SOXX4336
Doddi SOXX3005
Dodin SOXX3112
Dodole SOXX0976
Doffe SOXX2144
Doganheieh SOXX0472
Doghei SOXX0473
Dogoble SOXX4499
Doho Nogal SOXX3006
Dohodi Sen SOXX2868
Dohollei SOXX3372
Doi SOXX0977
Dol SOXX2869
Dol Ierei SOXX2502
Dola Yaabeen SOXX1930
Dolar Araf SOXX4337
Dolbahanta SOXX3113
Doli Bahanta SOXX4339
Don Merer SOXX3861
Donca SOXX3862
Dondere SOXX3373
Dongab SOXX3863
Doobis SOXX3864
Doobo SOXX2503
Dood SOXX3865
Dooday SOXX0978
Dooday SOXX1759
Doofaaro Qod SOXX4340
Doog Yarey SOXX0979
Doola SOXX2504
Doolaawe SOXX3866
Doolo Qoyan SOXX1931
Doolow SOXX1760
Doomaar SOXX0207
Doomcadale SOXX3867
Doon SOXX0086
Doon Aw Suurre SOXX3868
Doon Bilow SOXX3869
Doon Buraale SOXX3870
Doon Dheere SOXX1932
Doon Dheere SOXX3871
Doon Dheero SOXX0208
Doon Fudug SOXX3872
Doon Idow SOXX3873
Doon Shuule SOXX3374
Doon Soomaali SOXX3375
Doon Weyne SOXX3874
Doon Yare SOXX3875
Dooncadayga SOXX3376
Doondheere SOXX1933
Doondheere SOXX3377
Doongaab SOXX2870
Doonka SOXX3876
Doonka Daafeedow SOXX3877
Doonkaa Dreer SOXX1934
Doonwaafle SOXX3878
Doora Weere SOXX0209
Dooy Gadabay SOXX0980
Dooy Ruq SOXX0981
Dooye Shiidle SOXX0982
Dooyo Cadde SOXX3378
Dounlunga SOXX2505
Doygaab SOXX3879
Doygab SOXX0210
Doylale SOXX3880
Drersin SOXX0211
Dubar SOXX4729
Dubri SOXX2506
Dubur SOXX4500
Duburaha SOXX4730
Ducan Udda SOXX3881
Duddum Har SOXX1935
Duddun Dheer SOXX3882
Duddun Galo SOXX2871
Dudduumo SOXX3883
Dudub SOXX3114
Dudub Asa SOXX0087
Dudub Ghoriad SOXX3115
Duduble SOXX3884
Dudufodlei SOXX3885
Duduh SOXX2145
Dudumaay SOXX3886
Dudumiya SOXX0983
Dudun Gallo SOXX2872
Dudun Guduud SOXX2146
Dudunle SOXX3379
Dudweyne SOXX4731
Dugsamey SOXX0212
Dugsiilow SOXX3887
Dugsiilow SOXX0213
Dugsiro SOXX0984
Dugub SOXX4341
Duguia Iantar SOXX2147
Dugulle SOXX3888
Duhur Boob SOXX3889
Duhurboode SOXX3890
Dujuuma SOXX2148
Dukaanka SOXX0985
Dul SOXX1936
Dula Carcaraaf SOXX4342
Dulla Gal SOXX4343
Dulmadoobe SOXX3007
Duluunka SOXX0986
Dumaaye SOXX2873
Dumaaye SOXX3380
Dumei SOXX4344
Dumeigal SOXX0474
Dumodleh SOXX3116
Dunaati SOXX3891
Duqiyo Ereey SOXX2149
Duqiyo Kuusow SOXX2150
Duqiyo Madow SOXX2151
Duqiyo Weyn SOXX2152
Dur Dair SOXX3117
Durdur SOXX3118
Durdur Diirbeit SOXX3119
Durdur Melo SOXX3120
Durduri SOXX3121
Dure Emed SOXX0987
Dureh SOXX4732
Durgaay SOXX3381
Durrei SOXX0214
Durruqsi SOXX4501
Dus SOXX3008
Dusa Marreb SOXX1605
Dusiilow SOXX0988
Dusta SOXX0989
Duubugaas SOXX0215
Duud Hooyo SOXX0475
Duudweeyn SOXX4502
Duur-Cad SOXX4503
Duura SOXX0990
Duuray SOXX0216
Duurey SOXX3892
Duurgale SOXX2874
Duurgoys SOXX1937
Eddi Gellei SOXX0476
Edijare SOXX3122
Eeden Dheere SOXX0991
Eedin Gaal Benle SOXX0992
Eela Rog SOXX0993
Eeloole SOXX3893
Eenow Mideey SOXX3894
Eeriile SOXX3895
Ees SOXX3896
Eeygadhalay SOXX1762
Egak SOXX3123
Egh SOXX0477
Egha Roba SOXX2153
Eha Sure SOXX3124
Eibecher SOXX3382
Eidarr Dabobe SOXX0217
Eil Ad SOXX2507
Eile SOXX0994
Einleh SOXX4733
Eiroli SOXX0478
Eji SOXX3383
El Abdalla SOXX1938
El Abgal SOXX0479
El Ad SOXX1939
El Adda SOXX0024
El Adde SOXX0481
El Af Gumasorrei SOXX2875
El Ahg SOXX0483
El Alul SOXX0218
El Aragghelo SOXX0484
El Arar SOXX1940
El Arare SOXX0485
El Atful SOXX3897
El Au Uegher SOXX0995
El Avor SOXX1606
El Bacari SOXX2508
El Baccai SOXX1941
El Bahi SOXX0486
El Bai SOXX0996
El Ballei SOXX0219
El Beru Hagia SOXX1763
El Bogofier SOXX2876
El Borduel SOXX3898
El Cabog SOXX0220
El Caboi SOXX0221
El Calidat SOXX1764
El Cardale SOXX3899
El Chebed SOXX3009
El Daddavo SOXX0487
El Dafarur SOXX0222
El Dagno Ven SOXX1942
El Dao SOXX1765
El Dego Gos SOXX0223
El Deladoi SOXX0997
El Deluglu SOXX3900
El Dere SOXX1943
El Dhurre SOXX0488
El Dibir SOXX0489
El Dontole SOXX0224
El Dubat SOXX0490
El Dudu SOXX1766
El Duhunle SOXX2877
El Dur SOXX0225
El Dur SOXX2878
El Edat SOXX3384
El Edat SOXX1944
El Fira SOXX0491
El Gaimeddo SOXX0492
El Garap SOXX0226
El Gargaro SOXX1945
El Garmet SOXX0227
El Gavoiad SOXX0493
El Gharum SOXX3385
El Ghelda SOXX1767
El Goddumei SOXX3010
El Gode SOXX2154
El Godgod SOXX1768
El Gof SOXX0998
El Gomo Uen SOXX1946
El Gomor SOXX0494
El Gorei SOXX2879
El Gosc SOXX2880
El Gumbuhul SOXX3125
El Gunier SOXX2881
El Habla SOXX2509
El Haghen SOXX0495
El Harre SOXX0496
El Hore SOXX3901
El Hume SOXX4505
El Ille SOXX0999
El Kodan SOXX3011
El Laghodeh SOXX3126
El Lansciunle SOXX2510
El Las Derder SOXX2882
El Lehele SOXX1769
El Lehelei SOXX1947
El Liheli SOXX0088
El Madoba SOXX4734
El Mah SOXX0497
El Medei SOXX1607
El Medo SOXX0498
El Meghet SOXX0229
El Mergis SOXX2155
El Mogor SOXX0499
El Mugne SOXX3902
El Raghebis SOXX0500
El Sai SOXX2511
El Sceled SOXX1000
El Tegavei SOXX0230
El Turulloro SOXX1001
El Uaesed SOXX3012
El Ualud SOXX2512
El Uared SOXX1948
El Uaro SOXX1770
El Uarot SOXX1608
El Uerega SOXX0353
El Uneut SOXX0501
El Wak SOXX1771
Ela Mahallim SOXX2156
Eladi Mir Mau SOXX3386
Elahano SOXX2157
Elai SOXX3903
Elalan SOXX2513
Elenjedih SOXX0231
Emat SOXX0502
Ena Baianle SOXX0503
Endichi SOXX0504
Endo Iero SOXX2883
Er Mescid SOXX1002
Erankasare SOXX4735
Erbare SOXX1003
Ergimo SOXX4736
Eribley SOXX3904
Erilay SOXX3905
Erinlei SOXX2884
Erir SOXX2885
Erjeegle SOXX1004
Erjegle SOXX0232
Esa SOXX0089
Etiyal SOXX0233
Etkiyal SOXX0234
Eyadera SOXX2514
Eyl SOXX3013
Eynabadow SOXX1005
Ez SOXX1949
Faaf Buraad SOXX2158
Faafxadhuun SOXX2159
Faajir SOXX0235
Faajir SOXX1006
Faaracood SOXX3127
Faarax SOXX0236
Faarax SOXX2515
Faarax SOXX3906
Faarax Gololey SOXX3387
Faarax Jiijiile SOXX3907
Faari Baasi SOXX3908
Faarjarley Wiila SOXX0237
Faddhi Tehele SOXX2886
Fadhixum SOXX4737
Faf Raxmo SOXX2516
Fagan SOXX2517
Fagay SOXX2518
Fahday SOXX4738
Fajer Irjek SOXX0238
Fakey Moxamed SOXX3388
Fakiya SOXX2160
Falan Falxaale SOXX1609
Fangarar SOXX0505
Fanoole SOXX2161
Fantafido SOXX3909
Faqayow SOXX3910
Far Agable SOXX1950
Far Aqable SOXX1951
Far Ftma SOXX0239
Far Janno SOXX2519
Far Waamo SOXX2520
Far Weeyn Dur SOXX1772
Far Xaano SOXX3911
Far-Dheeraatay SOXX3128
Faradheere SOXX4506
Farah Humbe SOXX3129
Farahgeri SOXX0506
Faranga Mashiim SOXX3912
Farange Luunge SOXX3913
Fararali SOXX3130
Farasleh SOXX4507
Faraswein SOXX4739
Faraweine SOXX0025
Faraweyne SOXX4740
Farax Sanqoole SOXX4508
Farbaraki SOXX3389
Farbiito SOXX2162
Farcaraale SOXX3131
Fardax SOXX2887
Fardera SOXX3914
Fardhiddin SOXX4345
Farfanqoron SOXX1007
Farkeerow SOXX3915
Farkiyeerow SOXX3916
Farmalagial SOXX1611
Farsooley SOXX3917
Farta SOXX1008
Farxaan SOXX2163
Faylogooye SOXX3390
Fed Guduud SOXX3918
Feddo SOXX3014
Ferdi Gab SOXX3132
Ferigle SOXX3015
Ferlibah SOXX4741
Fidlabey SOXX3919
Fido SOXX3391
Fiila SOXX2521
Fiilley SOXX3920
Fiinka SOXX0240
Fiinka SOXX1009
Fiinka Weera SOXX2164
Fiinka Weere SOXX1010
Fiirfiirisa SOXX2522
Fikiro SOXX2523
Fiqi Ayuub SOXX3133
Fiqi Fuliye SOXX3134
Fiqishinni SOXX4346
Firfir SOXX2888
Fodel SOXX3921
Fooda SOXX4742
Foole SOXX2524
Foorsa SOXX2165
Foosi SOXX3922
Fulaaley SOXX3923
Fulaayka SOXX1011
Fulaydheer SOXX3924
Fulayley SOXX3925
Fulla SOXX0090
Fullaay SOXX3926
Fungamuunyo SOXX2166
Furuqleey SOXX3927
Furuqley SOXX3928
Futuug SOXX0241
Fuud Dooro SOXX1012
Fuud Saqaar SOXX1013
Fuule SOXX2889
Fuuma SOXX2525
Fuur SOXX1773
Gaabaha SOXX2526
Gaabaney SOXX3392
Gaafaay SOXX3393
Gaaguura SOXX2167
Gaaguure SOXX2168
Gaal SOXX2527
Gaal Dheere SOXX0242
Gaal Dheere SOXX3929
Gaal Goble SOXX0507
Gaal Guuris SOXX1014
Gaal Looge SOXX1015
Gaal Madoobe SOXX0243
Gaal Somaal SOXX1016
Gaalacoodday SOXX3016
Gaalgube SOXX3930
Gaalkacyo SOXX2890
Gaaloolow SOXX1017
Gaalsomale SOXX1018
Gaaroodi SOXX4743
Gaarrisa SOXX0091
Gaashaanle SOXX3394
Gaatir Oodan SOXX0508
Gaawanley SOXX0509
Gaay Cadde SOXX3931
Gaay Dhiigaale SOXX3932
Gaaywarrow SOXX3933
Gaba Gabo SOXX4509
Gabaal SOXX1019
Gabaane SOXX1612
Gabaanis SOXX3934
Gabaariyole SOXX1952
Gaban Hurudo SOXX4744
Gabanhurdo SOXX4745
Gabayaba SOXX3135
Gabiushaale SOXX1020
Gaboobe SOXX4746
Gabri Sero Ali SOXX1774
Gabxanlow SOXX1953
Gacan SOXX4747
Gacan Maroodi SOXX2528
Gadaburs SOXX0092
Gadabursi SOXX0093
Gadabursi SOXX4748
Gadhka Carmada SOXX4749
Gadhyogol SOXX4750
Gadiisaay SOXX1021
Gadiisey SOXX1022
Gadoon SOXX1954
Gadoon SOXX1613
Gaduud SOXX1023
Gaduud SOXX2529
Gaduud SOXX2169
Gaduudey SOXX1024
Gafer SOXX2530
Gagsoy SOXX1025
Gahedle SOXX3136
Gahood Weeyn SOXX1614
Gaider Ai Boran SOXX0244
Gajawa SOXX2170
Gal Adole SOXX1615
Gal Amur SOXX1955
Gal Cad SOXX4510
Gal Caro SOXX3137
Gal Gaafow SOXX1616
Gal Gal Onlay SOXX1026
Gal Goof SOXX3395
Gal Gorum SOXX2891
Gal Gub SOXX3396
Gal Hareeri SOXX1617
Gal Laageed SOXX1618
Gal Madoobe SOXX4511
Gal Madowle SOXX1027
Gal Shiikh SOXX3138
Galaame SOXX2171
Galaangale SOXX3935
Galabuala SOXX2531
Galad Ley SOXX2532
Galamo SOXX1028
Galangulle SOXX2892
Galbooy SOXX3936
Galbow SOXX1029
Galboy SOXX1030
Galcad SOXX1619
Galda SOXX1031
Galdhabo SOXX1620
Gale Bussi SOXX2533
Galeisa SOXX2534
Galgal SOXX0510
Galgalo SOXX0511
Galgaloleh SOXX0512
Galgalow SOXX1032
Galgial SOXX1956
Galhareeri SOXX3937
Galiyo Guubow SOXX2172
Galjaw SOXX3938
Galkhudal SOXX4347
Gallool SOXX1033
Gallow SOXX1034
Galol SOXX0245
Galol Dable SOXX3139
Galolca SOXX2173
Galole SOXX4512
Galool SOXX0246
Galool Dheer SOXX1035
Galool Dheere SOXX3939
Galool Dheere SOXX1036
Galool Guushan SOXX3940
Galool Oomane SOXX1037
Galool Tuure SOXX1038
Galool Yar SOXX1039
Galoolay SOXX4751
Galoole SOXX1040
Galooleey SOXX3941
Galooley SOXX2174
Galooley SOXX0026
Galooley SOXX4752
Galoolkaa SOXX3942
Galoolley SOXX4513
Galoollo SOXX1042
Galoolow SOXX1044
Galoshe SOXX1045
Galuen SOXX0513
Galweel SOXX1046
Galxagar SOXX2893
Galxagarre SOXX1621
Galxodayo SOXX1622
Gamaanya SOXX2535
Gamarey SOXX1047
Gamber SOXX1048
Gambolayo SOXX2536
Gammedin SOXX0514
Gamodere SOXX4514
Gana Weyne SOXX3397
Ganbar SOXX3943
Ganber SOXX1049
Gandaabey SOXX3944
Gandarshe SOXX3945
Gannana SOXX1050
Gansagur SOXX2537
Gansha Biyo Hale SOXX4753
Ganta SOXX1051
Gantamaa SOXX1775
Ganug SOXX0247
Garab Cadde SOXX3398
Garab Ciise SOXX3946
Garab Haggaro SOXX4348
Garabcad SOXX3140
Garabis SOXX4754
Garable SOXX1623
Garabxagato SOXX4349
Garacad SOXX2894
Garadag SOXX3141
Garahule SOXX0515
Garal-Duure SOXX1052
Garan Dhuub SOXX4350
Garan Koof SOXX0516
Garangarow SOXX1053
Garap Den SOXX1957
Garas SOXX2538
Garas Afra Iere SOXX1624
Garas Balley SOXX0354
Garas Bandiiro SOXX3947
Garas Barqo SOXX3399
Garas Bintow SOXX3400
Garas Buule SOXX3948
Garas Buulle SOXX3949
Garas Dhaay SOXX3950
Garas Guudle SOXX3951
Garas Herei SOXX3952
Garas Jeereed SOXX3953
Garas Mankey SOXX1054
Garas Moqorrey SOXX3954
Garas Qalooc SOXX3955
Garas Shaare SOXX3956
Garas Uusle SOXX2175
Garas Weyne SOXX0248
Garas Weyne SOXX3957
Garas-ca Damo SOXX1958
Garascad SOXX3958
Garasdeele SOXX3401
Garaska Shabada SOXX1055
Garasley SOXX3959
Garasley SOXX3403
Garasraadi SOXX3960
Garasuuley SOXX3961
Garasweynow SOXX3962
Garavadde SOXX2895
Garba Dheer SOXX1056
Garbahaarrey SOXX1776
Garbahale SOXX0517
Garbo Qabad SOXX3142
Garbodadar SOXX4755
Garbooley SOXX4756
Garesiyaani SOXX1959
Garfaale Weyne SOXX3963
Garfaale Yarey SOXX3964
Gargaar SOXX3404
Gargaara SOXX0094
Gargaro SOXX4515
Gariiley SOXX3965
Gariire SOXX1057
Gariirow SOXX3405
Gariirra Caddey SOXX3406
Gariro SOXX1058
Garmagal SOXX1059
Garooreey SOXX3966
Garoowe SOXX3017
Garowle SOXX3967
Garrasleey SOXX2539
Garriida SOXX1060
Garsa SOXX0518
Garsaale SOXX3407
Garsaale SOXX1777
Garsaale Gaab SOXX3408
Garsaalley SOXX3409
Garsala Avascia SOXX1625
Garsaley SOXX0249
Garsay Kuusa SOXX2540
Garshiin SOXX3968
Garso SOXX1960
Garweyn SOXX1626
Garyaale SOXX1627
Gasar Gudda SOXX1778
Gasarta SOXX1061
Gasiile SOXX2176
Gawaan SOXX2896
Gawaan SOXX1062
Gawaanis SOXX3969
Gawaanka SOXX1961
Gaxabdho SOXX2897
Geba Gebah SOXX1064
Gebia SOXX1779
Gebiley SOXX0027
Ged Debta SOXX4757
Ged Deeble SOXX4758
Ged Nugul SOXX3018
Gedeys SOXX0028
Gedgoralyu SOXX4516
Gedo SOXX2177
Gedobeh SOXX4517
Gedwabane SOXX4518
Geed Abeerah SOXX4759
Geed Abokor SOXX4519
Geed Buureed SOXX0250
Geed Diqsi SOXX4760
Geed Ful SOXX2178
Geed Saar SOXX3143
Geeda Mirale SOXX4351
Geedaley SOXX2898
Geedey SOXX1065
Geedfaqay SOXX3410
Geedgoi SOXX3970
Geedgoy SOXX2179
Geedlarifay SOXX3144
Geedo Berkaan SOXX3411
Geedweyne SOXX1780
Geel Geel Gaab SOXX1066
Geel Wanaaje SOXX4352
Geele SOXX2180
Geelhareen SOXX0519
Geelle SOXX3972
Geeri SOXX0029
Gees SOXX3973
Geesa Riyo SOXX3019
Geesaley SOXX0520
Geha Addi SOXX2899
Geid Hammareh SOXX4353
Geida Debabo SOXX4354
Gelai SOXX4761
Gelay SOXX1781
Gelgaris SOXX2900
Geli SOXX4762
Geli-Darxumo SOXX4520
Gelkado SOXX4763
Gellinsoor SOXX2901
Genyu Ado SOXX3145
Gerarey SOXX2181
Gerba Abdi SOXX1782
Gerberli SOXX4521
Gerigoan Yer SOXX4764
Gerisa SOXX0096
Gesareeb SOXX1067
Gesira SOXX0030
Getiitaley SOXX4522
Geydho SOXX0251
Geygor SOXX4523
Gharreg SOXX0521
Ghed Raran SOXX3412
Ghedgoi SOXX2182
Ghel Ghel SOXX2541
Ghel Ghel Gudut SOXX1068
Ghel Magal SOXX1962
Ghel Medoi SOXX1963
Ghelai SOXX1069
Gheldezza SOXX2542
Ghelidle SOXX1070
Gherbo Gherbo SOXX1964
Gherille SOXX2183
Gherir Aman SOXX1071
Gherra SOXX3974
Gherrogh SOXX1072
Ghersei Molatti SOXX2543
Ghescud SOXX2544
Ghesso SOXX2184
Ghet Barsce SOXX1628
Ghidir SOXX3020
Gholka-Wein SOXX4765
Ghoriale SOXX3146
Giallo SOXX2545
Giambari SOXX2546
Gian Der SOXX1629
Giara Abarou SOXX0253
Giara El SOXX2547
Gibil-ku-Dirir SOXX4766
Giddan San Gilbo SOXX0522
Giddu SOXX3975
Gidhees SOXX1630
Giha Dere SOXX3413
Giir Weyne SOXX3414
Gilible SOXX0254
Gillab Rugis SOXX2902
Gir SOXX1073
Gira SOXX2548
Gire SOXX2903
Girma SOXX2549
Girta SOXX1783
Giu SOXX2550
Giuarei SOXX1074
Giuba SOXX2551
Giumba SOXX0031
Giumea Giliole SOXX3976
Giumea Sce Maio SOXX1784
Goan Hamur SOXX4355
Goba SOXX2552
Gobanimo SOXX2553
Gobato SOXX2185
Gobdah SOXX3147
Gobdheere SOXX4527
Goberreh SOXX0255
Goble Hodan SOXX2904
Gobley SOXX1075
Gobo Gobo SOXX3148
Gobo Kibir SOXX2554
Gobrou SOXX0523
Gobto SOXX2186
Gobweyne SOXX1076
God Ad SOXX0524
God Cabobe SOXX0525
God Cad SOXX3021
God Lagodei SOXX0526
Godaalo SOXX4356
Godama Dera SOXX4528
Godanka-Tuuyo SOXX4767
Godeia SOXX2555
Godey SOXX0256
Godgal SOXX4768
Godinlabe SOXX1631
Godka SOXX1077
Godob Addon SOXX3022
Godob Jiraan SOXX2905
Godobay SOXX1785
Godobay SOXX1078
Godobey SOXX3977
Godoboy SOXX1079
Godod SOXX2906
Godomei SOXX0355
Godova Govede SOXX1080
Goduen SOXX1081
Gof Caddey SOXX1082
Gof Gorioueine SOXX1632
Gofei SOXX2907
Gofka SOXX4769
Gogaysa SOXX4770
Gogaysi SOXX4771
Goghl SOXX1786
Gogol Wanaak SOXX4772
Gogolis SOXX1083
Gol SOXX1084
Gol Ladda SOXX1085
Gol Wangaiyu SOXX4773
Gola SOXX2187
Gola Fardod SOXX4529
Golaai SOXX1086
Golasciumbi SOXX2556
Golay SOXX1087
Goldhow SOXX1088
Golgol SOXX0527
Golgolsceval SOXX1787
Golgoole SOXX3978
Golja SOXX2557
Goljano SOXX2188
Gollay SOXX1089
Golmallab SOXX1090
Golo Giacaro SOXX2558
Goloda SOXX1091
Golol SOXX2559
Golol SOXX2908
Golol Dheere SOXX1092
Gololey SOXX3415
Gololka SOXX1093
Gololki Masarey SOXX2189
Gololley Jawhar SOXX3416
Goloole Bar SOXX1094
Golooley SOXX1095
Goloonle SOXX1096
Golweyn SOXX0032
Golwiin SOXX1097
Gomeeni SOXX2560
Gomei SOXX3417
Gommarey SOXX1098
Gomor SOXX1099
Gon Weyne SOXX4774
Gonaaf SOXX2190
Gondere SOXX3418
Gondoli SOXX0528
Gonownog SOXX1100
Gonreh SOXX0257
Goob SOXX3023
Goob Weyn SOXX2561
Goodallow SOXX1101
Goodey SOXX1102
Goof SOXX1103
Goof Abaaley SOXX1104
Goof Ganaan SOXX1633
Goof Guduud SOXX1105
Goof-Maaday SOXX1106
Goofado SOXX1965
Gool Weeyne SOXX0529
Goomare SOXX3979
Goombir SOXX1107
Goomuur SOXX1108
Goonlagonle SOXX1966
Goonle SOXX4775
Goonle SOXX4530
Goorka SOXX2191
Goormay SOXX1109
Gopsor SOXX2909
Goragiahor SOXX1634
Goraileh SOXX4357
Goranlega SOXX2562
Gorayacowl SOXX0097
Gorayaood SOXX4531
Gorayeryaal SOXX2910
Gorayo Humeh SOXX4532
Gorbu Belesc SOXX2563
Gordan SOXX1110
Gorer Weyn SOXX1111
Gorey SOXX1112
Gorgaal SOXX2192
Gorgaal SOXX3980
Gorgor SOXX1113
Gorgor SOXX0530
Gori Rit SOXX3024
Goriai SOXX1114
Gorisane SOXX1115
Goro Jacawe SOXX0098
Gorou SOXX1116
Gorrog SOXX1117
Goryaale SOXX1788
Goryo SOXX4776
Gosol SOXX4533
Gosolka SOXX4777
Gotton-Wein SOXX4778
Gourar Ganana SOXX1789
Gousa Weeyn SOXX3150
Goween SOXX2911
Gowlallo SOXX2912
Gowraar SOXX2193
Gowsaweyne SOXX4358
Goxoo SOXX1635
Goyta SOXX4534
Grangrasle SOXX1118
Grunlow SOXX1119
Guba Arar SOXX2913
Guba Geeriya SOXX2564
Guba Madaro SOXX2565
Guba Sala SOXX2566
Gubad Caano SOXX1790
Gubad Lafole SOXX1636
Gubade SOXX4535
Gubadi SOXX1120
Gubane SOXX3419
Gubat Genou SOXX3420
Gubat Ghaha Wein SOXX4536
Gubat Sanyare SOXX4537
Gubat Warabalay SOXX4538
Gubataxil SOXX4539
Gubato SOXX0531
Gubbet Uasasa SOXX1791
Gubei SOXX1792
Gubet Fara SOXX1637
Gubi Coude SOXX3981
Gud Ado SOXX4540
Guda Caddo SOXX3151
Gudale SOXX0258
Guddama SOXX1793
Guddo SOXX0356
Gudero SOXX1121
Gudgawobeh SOXX3025
Gudma Dagah SOXX3152
Gudmo Afaf SOXX3153
Gudmo Biyo Cas SOXX3154
Gudolaab SOXX1122
Gudoqor SOXX0259
Gudub SOXX3155
Gudut SOXX3156
Guduud SOXX2194
Guduudo SOXX1124
Guduudo Dhunte SOXX1125
Gufo Xundubey SOXX1638
Gugumaale SOXX1126
Gugux SOXX4541
Gul Cali SOXX2567
Gulaanle SOXX4779
Gulan Madoobe SOXX1967
Guled Hale SOXX1639
Gulelei SOXX0033
Gulki Labkale SOXX4780
Gumar SOXX2914
Gumar Gaalo SOXX3421
Gumarrey SOXX3982
Gumarrey SOXX3422
Gumarta SOXX3983
Gumbah SOXX0532
Gumbi SOXX1127
Gumbi Barsa SOXX2568
Gumbura SOXX4781
Gumburlaawe SOXX1969
Gumburlibaax SOXX4542
Gumerrei SOXX3423
Gumur SOXX3984
Gumuurta SOXX0260
Gura Arba SOXX2569
Gura Taktak SOXX4543
Gura Wanagsan SOXX4359
Gurabow SOXX0261
Gurahi SOXX0533
Gurahl SOXX0534
Guraladig SOXX2915
Guramay SOXX1128
Gurara SOXX2570
Gurayar SOXX4783
Gurbub SOXX3424
Gurdaan SOXX3985
Gureer SOXX3157
Gurgura SOXX3158
Guri Ceel SOXX1640
Guri Gaal SOXX1129
Guriasamo SOXX0535
Guridamei SOXX0536
Gurimayle SOXX3026
Gurinlow SOXX1130
Gurmeyso SOXX2195
Gurracan SOXX4544
Gurtimaley SOXX1132
Gurubay SOXX1133
Gurur SOXX0537
Guubatii SOXX1134
Guubey SOXX0262
Guud Caanood SOXX3159
Guud Cad SOXX0538
Guudaanto SOXX2196
Guudka SOXX1135
Guulma Waydo SOXX4784
Guumarey SOXX2197
Guumays SOXX4360
Guumba SOXX1136
Guumeysle SOXX3425
Guumisole SOXX1137
Guumisow SOXX1138
Guunyo Rooble SOXX1139
Guuraay SOXX1140
Guwela SOXX1141
Haabsooy SOXX3986
Haadweyn SOXX2571
Haaf SOXX1142
Haaji Maxaad SOXX3987
Haan Gale SOXX3426
Haarbar Galad SOXX1143
Haarow SOXX1144
Haatko SOXX2572
Haaway SOXX3988
Habaabshe SOXX3989
Habaasweyne SOXX4785
Habab Git SOXX0539
Habad SOXX2916
Habajo Oguuda SOXX2573
Habal Reren SOXX3160
Habala Tomaloh SOXX4786
Habar Ghidir SOXX1641
Habar Kabaale SOXX3161
Habare SOXX1145
Habareh SOXX4787
Habariheshay SOXX4361
Habas Weyn SOXX1970
Habay Gare SOXX1146
Habi SOXX0540
Habo Culo SOXX2574
Habr Awal SOXX4545
Habr Gerhajis SOXX4546
Habr Shero SOXX3162
Habr Toljaala SOXX3163
Habr Toljaala SOXX4547
Habr Yunis SOXX4548
Habr Yunis SOXX3164
Habr-Ghidir-Aer SOXX1642
Hacaca SOXX2198
Hadaaftimo SOXX3165
Hadeytacawl SOXX0099
Hadeytaweyne SOXX0100
Hadhwanaag SOXX4362
Hadili SOXX2918
Hadlah SOXX3166
Hadle SOXX1971
Haduuman SOXX3990
Haf SOXX2575
Haf Gudud Mahan SOXX2919
Hagar Agola SOXX4363
Hagarbawdle SOXX4364
Hagarrow SOXX1147
Hagi Ali SOXX2576
Hagia El SOXX0541
Hagooga SOXX0101
Hais SOXX0542
Hal Yeelo SOXX4365
Halgen SOXX1972
Hallaye SOXX4788
Halle SOXX4789
Halluuq SOXX3991
Halule SOXX1148
Haluod SOXX0543
Haluul SOXX1149
Hama SOXX3992
Hamas SOXX3167
Hammet SOXX0544
Hamug SOXX0545
Han Daraaf SOXX2577
Handeis SOXX3168
Hanfalel SOXX3169
Hangar Gare SOXX0102
Hanghei SOXX0546
Hangoodle SOXX2199
Hangut SOXX2920
Hanoole SOXX2200
Hantiwadaag SOXX3993
Hantiwadaaq SOXX3994
Haqayo Malaasle SOXX4549
Har SOXX4790
Har Cadaad SOXX4791
Hara Buti SOXX1794
Hara Cadera SOXX2201
Hara Fara SOXX1795
Hara Ghersi SOXX1796
Hara Halhala SOXX1797
Hara Ilka SOXX2578
Hara Madheera SOXX1798
Harag Jiid SOXX0103
Hararai Iere SOXX0034
Hararec SOXX1150
Hararta Geeljira SOXX3995
Hare SOXX0263
Hare SOXX1151
Hareeri SOXX0547
Hareeri SOXX2202
Hareeri SOXX1152
Hareeri Caadle SOXX3427
Hareeri Kalle SOXX1643
Haren SOXX0104
Hareri Falaq SOXX1153
Hareryo SOXX3170
Harganta Enow SOXX1154
Hargeisa SOXX0003
Hargeysa SOXX2203
Hargiama Malalio SOXX2204
Hargo SOXX3171
Hargoleh SOXX4793
Harisso SOXX2921
Hariyo SOXX1645
Hariz SOXX3027
Haro SOXX2922
Haro Buyo SOXX1799
Haro-Lugoole SOXX3428
Haro-Shiik SOXX0036
Haro-Shiikh SOXX4550
Haroris SOXX2205
Harraa SOXX3996
Harrow SOXX0264
Harti SOXX2579
Haruuqooy SOXX3997
Haryere-Libah SOXX3028
Hasbowein SOXX4794
Haskul SOXX4551
Haud SOXX2923
Hawa Oonlow SOXX3998
Hawanley SOXX1155
Hayaaqle SOXX3172
Haydabale SOXX1156
Hebadow SOXX1157
Hebateh SOXX4552
Heded SOXX2924
Hedfindale SOXX4795
Hedi SOXX0548
Hedidale SOXX4796
Heebooy SOXX1158
Heenso SOXX3029
Heer Aw Ciise SOXX1159
Heer Aw Eeden SOXX1160
Heer Aw Madow SOXX1161
Heer Faqi SOXX1163
Heer Isaaq SOXX1164
Heer Macalim SOXX1165
Heer Mataan SOXX1166
Heero SOXX4000
Heilacabo SOXX3429
Heima SOXX1167
Helashiid SOXX2206
Helem Bahaila SOXX3173
Heli Madu SOXX4366
Helo SOXX4001
Hem Auare SOXX2925
Hemal SOXX0105
Heman SOXX3174
Hemanle SOXX0549
Hemin Gurei SOXX1168
Hen Daier SOXX2926
Hendheysa SOXX0106
Heno SOXX2207
Her Ay Casha SOXX1169
Hera Mata Gooy SOXX1170
Herajeeran SOXX3430
Here SOXX4553
Hereerra Jiifa SOXX1171
Hero Caralei SOXX2927
Hesin SOXX1973
Heudooliyow SOXX1172
Heydabta SOXX3431
Heylin SOXX4003
Hida Haro Mare SOXX2580
Hidweyne SOXX3432
Higlaale SOXX2928
Higleh Gorder SOXX4554
Higlofilgin SOXX4367
Hiil Buraan SOXX3175
Hiinfaal SOXX4004
Hiiraan SOXX1974
Hilakalio SOXX1975
Hilashiid SOXX2581
Hilfato SOXX2208
Hilla Bacaad SOXX1976
Hillo Aw Mahad SOXX3433
Hilo Ari SOXX1800
Hilo Axmadey SOXX3434
Hilo Shiid SOXX1801
Hilo Shiid SOXX2209
Hilobannaah SOXX1977
Hilow Gurbaanle SOXX4005
Hobinshe SOXX0265
Hobishole SOXX1174
Hobyo SOXX2929
Hodlei SOXX1978
Hodol Dabab SOXX3030
Hodooy SOXX2210
Hogat SOXX0550
Hogfaras SOXX0107
Hoja Wajeer SOXX2582
Holhol SOXX4368
Hollis SOXX0551
Holoqtiirag SOXX4006
Homboy SOXX2211
Homisso SOXX0552
Hooday SOXX1175
Hoohoble SOXX3435
Hoore SOXX0108
Hoosingo SOXX2583
Hoosow SOXX1176
Horahaadley SOXX4798
Hordaia SOXX4556
Horgooy SOXX4008
Horma SOXX0266
Horma Liibaan SOXX1802
Hormsoor SOXX0553
Horoflillo SOXX1177
Horseed SOXX4009
Horu SOXX4799
Horufadhi SOXX4557
Howlwadaag SOXX2584
Hubaar SOXX2212
Hubsaay SOXX1178
Huddis SOXX4558
Huddisa SOXX4559
Hudi SOXX0267
Hufay SOXX1803
Hul Gerry SOXX0554
Hul Gubtay SOXX0555
Huley SOXX4010
Hulluuq SOXX4800
Huluul SOXX3176
Humbaale SOXX1804
Humbawe SOXX1179
Humbow SOXX1180
Hundegal SOXX3177
Hundhorgaal SOXX4560
Hundulli SOXX4801
Hunshalo SOXX3031
Huran Hur SOXX3178
Hurdiyo SOXX0556
Hureen SOXX1805
Hurway SOXX3436
Hymah SOXX3179
Iabel Bon SOXX0268
Iach Amado SOXX2585
Iach Ari SOXX2586
Iach Bulle SOXX2587
Iach Scimo Moghe SOXX1806
Iacle SOXX1807
Iasup SOXX0557
Ibdow SOXX0269
Ibooto SOXX1181
Ibrahim Gurban SOXX1182
Ibrahim Haafo SOXX4012
Ibrahim Mursal SOXX4013
Idaada SOXX1183
Idaaloow SOXX1185
Idaaw Madow SOXX1186
Idaaw Madow SOXX3437
Idad Geeri SOXX1187
Idada SOXX1188
Idadlow SOXX1189
Idannug SOXX0270
Iddeed Wanle SOXX1190
Ideedley SOXX1191
Idhan SOXX4802
Idinta SOXX1192
Idoole SOXX1646
Idow Guudow SOXX4014
Iedo SOXX1808
Ifante SOXX1193
Igeysi SOXX1194
Iidow SOXX2213
Iidow Liibaan SOXX4015
Iidow Qudoow SOXX4016
Iimaan SOXX4017
Ijaara SOXX4803
Ikirray SOXX1195
Il Marodi SOXX3032
Ilad SOXX3180
Ilalo SOXX1809
Ilbir SOXX2930
Ilduc Uein SOXX3438
Iled Godir SOXX4804
Ilemo SOXX4561
Ilie Nogalet SOXX3033
Ilik Madoobe SOXX3439
Ilka Cadeys SOXX4369
Ilka Weyne SOXX4805
Illay SOXX0271
Illigh SOXX3034
Illinta Bacaado SOXX4806
Illinta Dhexe SOXX4807
Illinta Qoryaale SOXX4808
Illivi SOXX3440
Illow Antow SOXX1196
Ilma Shiikh SOXX4562
Ilmadade SOXX4809
Ilooyi SOXX0272
Imaud SOXX2931
Ina Irman Ad SOXX3035
Inaafmadow SOXX4563
Inadadan SOXX4564
Inadigu SOXX0109
Inasoogsatu SOXX0273
Injineeri SOXX4018
Inkaar SOXX4019
Iongali SOXX0558
Ionte SOXX0037
Irole SOXX4020
Irrwar SOXX1198
Irwarka SOXX1199
Isaaq SOXX2588
Isbiil SOXX1200
Iscora SOXX2589
Isgaad SOXX3441
Isgagoonaweyn SOXX1201
Isgeed SOXX1202
Isghibil SOXX0559
Isgow SOXX1203
Isgoy SOXX1204
Isguuled SOXX1205
Isha Gugban SOXX4810
Iska-Reh SOXX1206
Iskudar SOXX4565
Iskudhoon SOXX4566
Iskushub SOXX0560
Iskushub SOXX1979
Iskushuban SOXX0561
Islaaw SOXX4021
Islan Wiyn SOXX1207
Islan Yaray SOXX1208
Islow Geedi SOXX4022
Ismaaciil SOXX1209
Ismaaciil SOXX4023
Isomareey SOXX4024
Istaduuto SOXX4025
Istanbuul SOXX4026
Istanbuul SOXX2590
Istanbuul SOXX2214
Itiile SOXX2591
Iumbis Garre SOXX4027
Iyax SOXX0562
Iyeleh SOXX4567
Jaag Ura SOXX1210
Jaakumow SOXX4028
Jaamac Liibaan SOXX4568
Jaanjow SOXX4029
Jaaraahorato SOXX0110
Jabdhurwaa SOXX4811
Jabi SOXX2215
Jable SOXX3181
Jacar SOXX1647
Jadan SOXX0563
Jadiid SOXX4030
Jafoole SOXX1980
Jaglaleh SOXX0111
Jalalaqsi SOXX1981
Jaleefan SOXX4370
Jaleelo SOXX4371
Jaleelo SOXX4569
Jaleelo SOXX4812
Jallam SOXX3036
Jamaame SOXX0038
Jambaluul SOXX4031
Jambarow SOXX2592
Jambeel SOXX1982
Jameeca SOXX1211
Jameecada Aabow SOXX4032
Jameecada Dooxa SOXX4033
Jameeco SOXX3442
Jameeco SOXX4034
Jameeco Aaminey SOXX1214
Jameeco Misra SOXX3443
Jameeco Mubaarak SOXX1983
Jameeco Mukhtaar SOXX4035
Jameycada SOXX4813
Jami Gaban SOXX4570
Jan SOXX0564
Jana Cabdalle SOXX2593
Janaale SOXX2594
Janiino SOXX4036
Jannaale SOXX4037
Jannaay SOXX4038
Jannai SOXX0274
Janteela SOXX3037
Jarad SOXX1648
Jarra SOXX2595
Jasiira SOXX0357
Jasiira SOXX4039
Jawhar SOXX4040
Jawhar SOXX3444
Jebel SOXX0275
Jeda SOXX3445
Jeer Baasoole SOXX4041
Jeeran SOXX4042
Jeerrow SOXX4043
Jemeecada SOXX1215
Jeni Gabo SOXX0112
Jibagalle SOXX3038
Jibalei SOXX0565
Jibiley SOXX1984
Jicibow SOXX1985
Jidali SOXX3182
Jidbaale SOXX3183
Jiddo SOXX4044
Jidhi SOXX0114
Jidoow SOXX3446
Jidow SOXX1217
Jif SOXX0115
Jiibey SOXX2596
Jiif Yarey SOXX3447
Jiiga SOXX2216
Jiilaale SOXX3448
Jiima SOXX2217
Jiingadda SOXX0566
Jiinis SOXX2597
Jiiq SOXX3449
Jiiqley SOXX1986
Jiir SOXX1218
Jiirfa SOXX2218
Jilaalow SOXX2219
Jilib SOXX2220
Jilib SOXX4045
Jilibey SOXX0276
Jillalliimo SOXX2598
Jilyaale SOXX4046
Jilyaale SOXX3450
Jimaboota SOXX2599
Jimbac SOXX4571
Jimcaale Eenow SOXX4047
Jimcada Dheen SOXX1220
Jimeesi SOXX4048
Jinaleh SOXX4572
Jinnaleh SOXX4372
Jinni SOXX4049
Jirkaah SOXX1222
Jirma SOXX2221
Jiroole SOXX2600
Jirow SOXX0277
Jirridweeyn SOXX1649
Jirriiban SOXX2932
Jiumcaale SOXX0278
Ji`le SOXX0113
Jofay SOXX2601
Joofley SOXX4050
Joorre SOXX2602
Jorje SOXX4051
Jubba SOXX2222
Juftan SOXX4814
Jumba SOXX2603
Juula SOXX2604
Juura SOXX2605
Juurile SOXX0567
Juwa SOXX1223
Juwaaley SOXX2606
Juwaarey SOXX1224
Kaabsiini SOXX2607
Kaadheerey SOXX3451
Kaambooni SOXX2608
Kaay Sanay SOXX1225
Kaaysiney SOXX1226
Kaba Khabe SOXX4573
Kabalaye SOXX0568
Kaban Jife SOXX1227
Kaban Weyn SOXX4052
Kabasamo SOXX4815
Kabauarr SOXX2933
Kabaxweyn SOXX1650
Kablaandi SOXX2223
Kabxanley SOXX2609
Kabxanlow SOXX1987
Kadaarow SOXX2224
Kadiga Dhanaan SOXX4816
Kadyow SOXX1228
Kafiinge SOXX2225
Kaiin SOXX0279
Kain Galoleh SOXX4574
Kaiya SOXX4373
Kal Dhilo SOXX3184
Kal Qaliifo SOXX4575
Kala Hargo SOXX3039
Kala Weyne SOXX3452
Kalabaydh SOXX4817
Kalabaydh SOXX4374
Kalagud SOXX0569
Kalaguur SOXX2226
Kalamad SOXX4818
Kalarog SOXX4576
Kalawle SOXX0116
Kalbarre SOXX4577
Kaldabin SOXX3185
Kaldaray SOXX3186
Kalgaraf SOXX3187
Kalgaro SOXX4375
Kali Dheenle SOXX1988
Kalikooka SOXX2227
Kalis SOXX3040
Kalmasso SOXX0570
Kalmedi SOXX3188
Kaluundi SOXX3453
Kalxoor SOXX4376
Kalyaxeed SOXX0571
Kamad SOXX4053
Kamiiro SOXX4054
Kamsuuma SOXX0039
Kansane SOXX4055
Kariamo SOXX1810
Karin SOXX0040
Karin Tuurwa SOXX3189
Karingorfood SOXX4378
Karinkarin SOXX0117
Karinta Toore SOXX0573
Karkaar SOXX0574
Karmale SOXX1989
Karre SOXX1229
Karrow SOXX1230
Karuure SOXX0118
Kashid SOXX1231
Kashida SOXX0280
Kaskaare SOXX4056
Kaskey SOXX2228
Kawaaloow SOXX4057
Kaxarey SOXX3454
Kaxarow SOXX3455
Kaxarow SOXX2229
Kaxarrow SOXX4058
Kaxyalo SOXX3456
Kaynaan SOXX1651
Kaysaney SOXX4059
Kaysaney SOXX3457
Kaysannay SOXX1232
Kaytooy SOXX2230
Kaytoy SOXX4060
Keeroy SOXX4061
Khadzhi-Bare SOXX1811
Khajafey SOXX3458
Khaliif SOXX4062
Khamiisey SOXX3459
Kibiile SOXX4063
Kidi Faani SOXX2610
Kiisuro SOXX1233
Kiridh SOXX4379
Kismaayo SOXX2611
Kismayo SOXX0001
Kitale SOXX4819
Kiyaan SOXX1234
Kiyaanno SOXX1235
Kob Dhexaad SOXX0575
Kob Faradod SOXX4380
Koban Kow Kow SOXX1236
Kobon SOXX2612
Kobonle SOXX1237
Koboogobta SOXX1238
Koday SOXX2613
Kolba SOXX2614
Kolonyaale SOXX2231
Kombareere SOXX4065
Kombeyo SOXX4381
Konkorey SOXX1239
Konye SOXX2615
Koofirey SOXX4066
Koolo SOXX3190
Koonya Gaduud SOXX1240
Kooreeba SOXX3460
Kootin SOXX4067
Kor Cad SOXX3461
Kor Kaamar SOXX2616
Koranbod SOXX1241
Korar SOXX0281
Koreey SOXX2232
Korey SOXX0282
Korio Adi SOXX1812
Koriso SOXX3462
Korisow SOXX2617
Korisow SOXX2233
Korji SOXX4820
Korkaa Maray SOXX4068
Korkaamaray SOXX2234
Korkaamaray SOXX4069
Korkoor SOXX0283
Korkor SOXX0284
Kormarey SOXX1243
Kormari SOXX1244
Kormey SOXX1245
Korooy SOXX1246
Korow SOXX1247
Korrow Shidleey SOXX1248
Korudheer SOXX1249
Korunbod SOXX1250
Koyaama SOXX2618
Krow SOXX1251
Krow Ay Dhuubay SOXX1252
Kubcadoy SOXX1253
Kubo SOXX0576
Kud SOXX2235
Kudaadsheen SOXX0577
Kuddo SOXX0578
Kudkudaale SOXX2619
Kukate SOXX2236
Kukay SOXX0285
Kul Aamiir SOXX4070
Kulaameny SOXX3463
Kulaas SOXX4071
Kulan Xagay SOXX3464
Kulanta Shancawo SOXX4072
Kulmis SOXX3465
Kulmisyerow SOXX3466
Kumbareere SOXX2237
Kumeyda SOXX2238
Kumnamba SOXX2239
Kundulah SOXX4578
Kuniyo SOXX1254
Kuniyo Warabe SOXX1255
Kunyabuurow SOXX1256
Kunyoaw Guure SOXX4073
Kunyogo SOXX1257
Kur Mared SOXX3191
Kura Dere SOXX4382
Kuraaw SOXX2240
Kuraawo SOXX2241
Kurankuro SOXX1258
Kuranuh SOXX4821
Kurar SOXX0286
Kurgaraad SOXX4383
Kurkurmeysa SOXX2620
Kurmaan SOXX1813
Kurman SOXX1259
Kuro Mudoba SOXX4579
Kurta SOXX0287
Kurtimo SOXX4384
Kurtunwaarey SOXX4074
Kut Barrey SOXX2242
Kut Kapan SOXX4075
Kuudud SOXX2621
Kuun Shabeelle SOXX1260
Kuuniyo SOXX1261
Kuunya SOXX1262
Kuunya Dheetle SOXX1263
Kuunyada Boodh SOXX1264
Kuunyo SOXX1265
Kuunyo Gaydhay SOXX4076
Kuunyow Qorrow SOXX1266
Kuursi SOXX1814
Kuus SOXX1267
Kuusley SOXX1268
Kuusow SOXX1991
Kuusow SOXX2622
La Dolbohanta SOXX2623
La Fole SOXX0579
Laab Kaban SOXX4077
Laab Mardha SOXX4078
Laabaas SOXX4079
Laabey SOXX1269
Laag SOXX0580
Laag Bisiqley SOXX0288
Laagmaraa SOXX4822
Laaleys SOXX0042
Laambuul SOXX1270
Laan Garas SOXX1271
Laandhi SOXX0289
Laangalool SOXX4080
Laanle SOXX4385
Laanley SOXX0119
Laantabuur SOXX4081
Laas Buureed SOXX3041
Laas Dalabshaan SOXX0581
Laas Dhuure SOXX3193
Laas Doomaare SOXX3194
Laas Magugle SOXX4386
Laas Xuliya SOXX3195
Laasa Carro SOXX0582
Laasa Jaddad SOXX0583
Laasadhaar SOXX4387
Laascaanood SOXX4388
Laaso Dawaco SOXX0584
Laaso Dawaco SOXX4825
Laasqoray SOXX3196
Laaw Nasarow SOXX1272
Laazchi Rahaman SOXX0290
Laba Cariish SOXX2624
Laba Duley SOXX3042
Laba Garas SOXX4082
Labaajo SOXX4083
Lababaar SOXX2625
Lababulscio SOXX2934
Labadaad SOXX2243
Labagaras SOXX4084
Labamudul SOXX4085
Labatan Jirow SOXX1273
Labawaab SOXX3467
Labi Buul SOXX2244
Labi Cade SOXX1815
Labiguun SOXX4580
Labiileey SOXX2245
Lac Bissiglei SOXX0291
Laf Axmed SOXX4581
Laf Maakada SOXX1816
Lafa SOXX1274
Lafa Gheri SOXX1817
Lafaale SOXX0292
Lafagaal SOXX4086
Lafaha Mariyaal SOXX4582
Lafaruug SOXX4826
Lafoole SOXX4087
Lafowacayis SOXX1992
Lafta-Boqorka SOXX4827
Lafweyne SOXX4389
Lagazz SOXX0585
Laheleey SOXX4088
Laheley SOXX2626
Lalofto SOXX2627
Lamalamaale SOXX4089
Lambar Konton SOXX4090
Lamma Dad SOXX4091
Lanbulle SOXX1818
Lanbuule SOXX1275
Lander SOXX3043
Lap Dere SOXX1993
Laqaadi Waay SOXX4092
Laqlaajis SOXX3044
Las Anelot SOXX3045
Las Bahai SOXX3046
Las Chi Bohol SOXX0586
Las Dauo SOXX3047
Las Dauo SOXX0587
Las Eldit SOXX1652
Las Gal SOXX0588
Las Inedigh SOXX2935
Las Mahan SOXX3197
Las Mehien SOXX3198
Lasgoriga SOXX0589
Lauraar SOXX1276
Lava Rugodle SOXX0590
Lawblanga SOXX4093
Laweyti SOXX2246
Lawiilay SOXX1277
Lawiiley SOXX1278
Laz Adale SOXX2936
Laz Aer SOXX2937
Laz Meleden SOXX0591
Laz-i-Naio SOXX0592
Lebe Bos SOXX4583
Lebe Dana SOXX4584
Lebe Rare SOXX4585
Lebed SOXX2938
Lebi SOXX3468
Lebi Addi SOXX1819
Lebi Daloola SOXX4586
Lebi Dawoco SOXX4390
Lebi Duule SOXX1653
Lebi Faayo SOXX4587
Lebi Gambeh SOXX2247
Lebi Ou SOXX2248
Lebiley SOXX1279
Leebo Xeero SOXX3469
Leebow SOXX1994
Leego SOXX1280
Leeska SOXX1281
Legunle SOXX0593
Leked SOXX1282
Lele Scido SOXX1820
Leuhomene SOXX1821
Levi Aliale SOXX2939
Levi Fartag SOXX1654
Levi Musse Adde SOXX3470
Lhomo SOXX2940
Libaanga SOXX2249
Libaaxle SOXX3471
Libaaxley SOXX4588
Libah Hale SOXX4589
Liban Esa SOXX4590
Libayle SOXX1283
Libe Oomane SOXX1822
Libi Buul SOXX1284
Libi Buul SOXX2250
Libimaay SOXX2941
Libow SOXX0594
Licchitore SOXX2628
Liimaale SOXX1285
Limoole SOXX2251
Lissan Orsi SOXX1286
Lixmoore SOXX4094
Lo Gaduud SOXX1287
Lojir SOXX0293
Lolabussi SOXX1823
Lolisc`e SOXX1289
Loowiloy SOXX1290
Low Buulo SOXX1291
Lowa Isku Rogow SOXX1292
Lowiga SOXX1293
Loyada SOXX0043
Lug Sangudle SOXX4095
Luga Dheere SOXX1294
Lugabaro SOXX0044
Luggod SOXX4096
Lughaye SOXX0120
Luglaaw SOXX2629
Lugnale SOXX0045
Lugo SOXX3048
Luguraagsey SOXX2942
Luk Haiyah SOXX0121
Lumi SOXX1295
Lumich SOXX1296
Lusoluso SOXX1297
Luug SOXX0046
Luuq SOXX1824
Luusi SOXX4097
Luvai SOXX0294
Maaga SOXX4829
Maagey SOXX3472
Maajiyow SOXX4099
Maalin Nugur SOXX1655
Maama SOXX2630
Maama Sundha SOXX2631
Maamboy SOXX2632
Maamoow SOXX3473
Maandheere SOXX3474
Maanjoor SOXX4100
Maanyagaabo SOXX2252
Maanyomurug SOXX4101
Maar SOXX1298
Maarey SOXX0295
Mabaarag SOXX2253
Mabaax SOXX3475
Mabuungo SOXX2633
Macai SOXX3476
Macalim Iman SOXX2254
Macalim Midan SOXX1299
Macalim Weyn SOXX2255
Macalin Idle SOXX4102
Macaqal SOXX1995
Macaruufa SOXX1300
Mach SOXX0595
Macow Dhuldiid SOXX3477
Mad Caraale SOXX2634
Mada Addomat SOXX2256
Mada Barodi SOXX1301
Mada Uarsisa SOXX2635
Madax Maroodi SOXX1302
Madax Maroodi SOXX0296
Madax Maroodi SOXX2636
Madax Maroodi SOXX2257
Madax Waraabe SOXX0297
Madaxa Xaydun SOXX3200
Maddiina SOXX4103
Maddoile SOXX1825
Madero SOXX2637
Madhaamey SOXX2638
Madhakaji SOXX2258
Madhooka SOXX2259
Madige Madishe SOXX1303
Madiina SOXX2260
Madiina SOXX4104
Madiina Cad SOXX3478
Madina SOXX1304
Mado SOXX2639
Madoda SOXX1305
Madooda SOXX0298
Madow SOXX4105
Madow Burre SOXX1306
Madulow SOXX4106
Maduulow SOXX4107
Mafardiini SOXX4108
Mafoqi SOXX4109
Maftan SOXX4110
Magaalayar SOXX4591
Magaalo SOXX4830
Magaaloyar SOXX0596
Magaay Muuse SOXX1307
Magalo Ier SOXX0597
Magar SOXX2640
Magdad SOXX0299
Magla SOXX4111
Maglal SOXX0598
Magna Gab SOXX4112
Maguurto SOXX1308
Maguurto SOXX4113
Mahad Caadow SOXX4115
Mahaddayweyne SOXX3479
Mahadoy SOXX1309
Mahamudo SOXX1310
Mahueleh SOXX4391
Mairelle SOXX4392
Majabto SOXX4116
Majiir SOXX2641
Majiyohan SOXX0599
Maka Yarey SOXX1311
Makaay Edde SOXX1312
Makalaangow SOXX2642
Makanyaaga SOXX2261
Makaraan Muudey SOXX3480
Makuboy SOXX1313
Makungo SOXX2262
Makuungo SOXX2263
Makuuni SOXX2264
Malaag SOXX1314
Malaasle SOXX4592
Malaayka SOXX1315
Malable SOXX1316
Malableey SOXX4118
Malakaroor SOXX3481
Malayle SOXX2643
Malayleey SOXX4119
Maleel SOXX1317
Malenda SOXX2265
Malkaaray SOXX1827
Malluukta SOXX4831
Malmal SOXX2644
Malmalle SOXX4120
Malowle SOXX4832
Mana Moofi SOXX2645
Manaane SOXX2266
Manaaraani SOXX2646
Manaas SOXX1318
Manaur SOXX1319
Mandheera SOXX4833
Mangab SOXX2647
Manqo SOXX4393
Mansuur SOXX2267
Mansuur SOXX1320
Mansuur SOXX3482
Mansuura SOXX2268
Mansuura Yar SOXX2269
Manyiika SOXX2648
Maqdas SOXX3483
Maqdas SOXX2270
Maquudaale SOXX4121
Maraaga SOXX4834
Maraaley SOXX4394
Maragale SOXX0122
Maraje SOXX0600
Maranga SOXX0300
Maranka SOXX1321
Maraqoorox SOXX4593
Marayley SOXX1828
Marda SOXX3201
Mardha SOXX1829
Mardhabaan SOXX4122
Mareer SOXX4123
Mareer SOXX2649
Mareer-Gur SOXX1657
Mareere SOXX4124
Mareere SOXX1322
Mareerey SOXX2272
Mareero SOXX3049
Mareerre SOXX4125
Mareerrey SOXX4126
Mareerrey SOXX3484
Mareroo SOXX0601
Marerrey SOXX4127
Margub SOXX0123
Marian Guwaay SOXX4128
Marile SOXX1830
Marjaan SOXX1658
Marka SOXX0047
Marmarkaa SOXX1323
Marmuus SOXX2273
Maro Daltu SOXX2650
Marobey SOXX0301
Marode Lamot SOXX4594
Maromadobeye SOXX4595
Maroodey SOXX1324
Maroodile SOXX1325
Maroodle SOXX4596
Maroodmadi SOXX1326
Marre SOXX1831
Marreer Bugle SOXX1327
Marrehan SOXX1832
Marsaan SOXX4129
Masaagiro SOXX2651
Masagaale SOXX1328
Masagan SOXX3202
Masagaweyn SOXX1659
Masalaha SOXX4835
Maserka SOXX1329
Mashaaga SOXX2652
Mashalaay SOXX4130
Mashane SOXX2274
Mashemba SOXX2275
Masiireey SOXX4131
Masuadde SOXX0602
Masuusu SOXX1330
Mataanyaha SOXX1331
Matabaan SOXX1996
Matirikow SOXX4132
Matuuti SOXX1332
Mawgley SOXX2276
Mawunde SOXX2277
Maxaas SOXX1997
Maxad SOXX2278
Maxamed Axmed SOXX4837
Maxamed Saciid SOXX3487
Maxamed Xasan SOXX1998
Maxamuudow SOXX1333
Maxatiifow SOXX3488
Maydh SOXX3203
Mayenda SOXX2279
Mayfuurre SOXX1334
Maygaag Laf Weyn SOXX0603
Maykoo Guuraaw SOXX1335
Mayoongaale SOXX3489
Mayrood SOXX0604
Mcheruale SOXX2653
Meama SOXX2654
Med Cerba SOXX1336
Mediina SOXX1337
Medlehe SOXX0605
Meeladeen SOXX0606
Meene Karron SOXX1338
Meesa SOXX2655
Meeyd SOXX4133
Megag Wein SOXX4838
Megagle SOXX4597
Megedley SOXX3490
Mehey SOXX1339
Meida SOXX2656
Meigach Mada SOXX1833
Mejendaro SOXX2657
Melha SOXX0607
Melled SOXX4134
Mereeg SOXX1660
Merefle Gumerr SOXX4135
Mesaar SOXX0302
Messer SOXX2658
Meydha SOXX2659
Meygaak SOXX1834
Meykoofuurey SOXX1340
Meytah SOXX1341
Midey SOXX2660
Midhisho SOXX3204
Migiurtin SOXX3050
Miidaay SOXX1342
Miido SOXX2661
Miigwa SOXX2662
Miir Toqwo SOXX3491
Miire SOXX1343
Miisra SOXX1344
Mijacaseeye SOXX4839
Miliqo SOXX2943
Miniasa SOXX2280
Minshaan SOXX1345
Mintaal Amiin SOXX1346
Mintaan SOXX1347
Mintalamiin SOXX1348
Mirimiri SOXX4136
Miriqlay SOXX1349
Miriye SOXX4598
Mirole SOXX4395
Mirriq SOXX1662
Mirroon SOXX2944
Mirta Cali Axmed SOXX3492
Mishaani SOXX4137
Miski Roon SOXX1350
Misnaqate SOXX1351
Misra SOXX2281
Mitaaniya SOXX2282
Miudila Slida SOXX1352
Mobilen SOXX3493
Mobileyn SOXX2283
Moccoidumis SOXX4138
Moccoscidedei SOXX2284
Modoh SOXX0609
Mogaambo SOXX2663
Mogadishu SOXX0002
Mohallim Uein SOXX1835
Mohamed Zubier SOXX2664
Mokoyjaalle SOXX4139
Mola As SOXX1999
Mola Borale SOXX3494
Mola Gersey SOXX2665
Molimat SOXX1353
Molmad Weyne SOXX1354
Moloolow SOXX2285
Mombaasa SOXX2666
Mood Mooda SOXX1355
Moofa SOXX2667
Moorajiiddo SOXX3495
Moordiinle SOXX4140
Moorogarable SOXX1663
Moorqoloole SOXX1356
Mooyo SOXX1836
Moq Dor SOXX1357
Moqor SOXX2945
Morbus SOXX1358
Moremereer SOXX4141
Morgawaan SOXX1359
Moro Bullei SOXX2000
Moro Buri SOXX4142
Moro Goloole SOXX1360
Moro Idda SOXX0303
Moro Uaniale SOXX0304
Morogavi SOXX0305
Moroligoy SOXX1361
Mowkubow SOXX1362
Moxamed Cumar SOXX4143
Moxamed Macalim SOXX4144
Moxamed Nurow SOXX4145
Moyka SOXX3496
Moyle SOXX4146
Mubaarak SOXX3497
Mubaarak SOXX2286
Mubaarak SOXX4147
Mubarak SOXX0306
Mudawa SOXX2668
Muddule SOXX1363
Mudul SOXX4148
Mudun SOXX4149
Mugdile SOXX1837
Mugdile SOXX1364
Mugdimarro SOXX2669
Mugtaar SOXX2001
Mukayle SOXX2002
Mukey Gaamila SOXX2670
Mukiyo SOXX4150
Mukiyoow SOXX2671
Mukiyow SOXX4151
Mukubo SOXX1365
Mukudheere SOXX3498
Mukulaal SOXX3499
Mukuley SOXX3500
Mukumaani SOXX2672
Mulaax Beyle SOXX3205
Muluqey SOXX3501
Mundila Bayi SOXX3206
Mundul SOXX3502
Munfuudhi SOXX2287
Munggiya SOXX4152
Mungheio SOXX1838
Munghia SOXX2673
Munyow SOXX1366
Muqakoori SOXX2003
Muqla Axmed SOXX1664
Muqtaar SOXX3503
Muriole SOXX2674
Murjaan SOXX2675
Muro SOXX2288
Mursal SOXX4153
Mursal SOXX1367
Murugeey SOXX4154
Muruqow SOXX4155
Muryaale SOXX3504
Muryoole SOXX2676
Muudey SOXX2289
Muudey Qalaf SOXX2677
Muuna SOXX2290
Muuno SOXX4156
Muunya SOXX1368
Muusa Makuba SOXX2678
Muusa Xaaji SOXX2679
Muuse SOXX4157
Muuto SOXX4158
Naanini SOXX4159
Naar SOXX3051
Nabadid SOXX4840
Nadariis SOXX2291
Naftaa Quur SOXX2680
Naftaquur SOXX2292
Nagaadweyne SOXX4160
Nagadwein SOXX4396
Naqdhabijo SOXX4599
Nargohet SOXX0125
Nasara SOXX2004
Nasib SOXX1369
Nasiib SOXX2681
Nasiib SOXX2293
Nasiib Buundo SOXX2682
Nasiib Dheer SOXX2294
Nasiye SOXX4600
Nasiyeh Kado SOXX4841
Nasseeye SOXX4842
Nassib Mohallim SOXX2295
Navava SOXX2683
Naweytu SOXX2296
Nawir SOXX3506
Nebso SOXX2684
Nebsooy SOXX2297
Niirey SOXX2685
Nimcan SOXX2298
Nimoow SOXX0358
Niriq SOXX0610
Nogal Oman SOXX3052
Noi SOXX2005
Noobir SOXX0611
Nooleeye SOXX1665
Noriya SOXX4161
Nugaal SOXX3207
Nugaal Gibin SOXX3053
Nugaal Kasoobba SOXX0612
Nun Garre SOXX4162
Nunei SOXX1370
Nuria SOXX4163
Nus Duniya SOXX2299
Nuukay SOXX3507
Nuunnaay SOXX4164
Nuur Fanax SOXX2006
Nuurdaaq SOXX4397
Nuurwaadhowr SOXX0126
Obbe SOXX2686
Oc Scillin SOXX1666
Odanleh SOXX4601
Oddur Uein SOXX4165
Odleh SOXX3208
Odomow SOXX0307
Offan SOXX0308
Ofidow SOXX0309
Ogaden SOXX2300
Oisame SOXX0613
Oktoobar Afgooye SOXX4166
Okueleh SOXX4398
Olog SOXX0614
Olomal SOXX2007
Olondow SOXX0310
Onaybo SOXX1371
Oobale SOXX3508
Oodadheere SOXX2008
Oodan SOXX1372
Ooddan SOXX1667
Ooddo SOXX2687
Oodlay SOXX4167
Oodweyne SOXX4602
Oog SOXX4399
Oomboole SOXX4168
Oondheere SOXX2688
Oonley SOXX2689
Ooro SOXX1373
Oorof SOXX2301
Or Ghielleis SOXX2946
Oraxley SOXX2690
Orfur SOXX4400
Orgaafan SOXX0311
Orgeg SOXX4401
Oriale SOXX4169
Ormale SOXX1374
Oromo SOXX4843
Orostolo SOXX1375
Orow SOXX1376
Orraxley SOXX4170
Ortalis SOXX2947
Orugley SOXX0312
Osboda SOXX2691
Osboola SOXX1377
Osolih SOXX0127
Ou Jesow SOXX1378
Owrboogeys SOXX3209
Pietro Verri SOXX2009
Qaan Dhoole SOXX4171
Qaaramey SOXX4172
Qabadka SOXX4173
Qaboobe SOXX1668
Qabri Baxar SOXX0128
Qabri Dhaweyd SOXX4844
Qabura SOXX4845
Qacdo SOXX3509
Qadhoonweyn SOXX0615
Qadiidle SOXX1379
Qadiidle Xarey SOXX1380
Qaidarre SOXX2948
Qajawlaha SOXX2010
Qalaaliyow SOXX2303
Qalaangalley SOXX2692
Qalaanqale SOXX2949
Qalaanqay SOXX4174
Qalanja SOXX2304
Qalaqol SOXX1381
Qalawiley SOXX2693
Qalemoow SOXX0313
Qalimow SOXX3510
Qallad SOXX2950
Qalley SOXX2694
Qallocato SOXX4603
Qalloocan SOXX4402
Qalmoow SOXX0314
Qaloocan SOXX4846
Qaloocato SOXX4403
Qalooliyow SOXX2305
Qandal SOXX2695
Qandala SOXX0049
Qansax Sheb SOXX1382
Qansaxdheere SOXX1383
Qansaxley SOXX4175
Qara SOXX0616
Qaradhi SOXX0617
Qaradhi SOXX1669
Qaranka SOXX1384
Qarankaa SOXX1385
Qarar Soor SOXX0618
Qarareey SOXX2306
Qararro SOXX4404
Qardhaale SOXX2307
Qardhaalo SOXX1386
Qardho SOXX1387
Qardho SOXX0619
Qarxis SOXX3054
Qasaaleey SOXX2308
Qasallow SOXX1388
Qasalow SOXX2309
Qataa Qori SOXX2310
Qawiti SOXX2696
Qawl SOXX4405
Qayaadsame SOXX0620
Qaydarrey SOXX2951
Qayder Fallay SOXX1839
Qayjawa SOXX0621
Qayla Dheere SOXX1840
Qeed Cajuuso SOXX2311
Qeedi Haan SOXX4604
Qeycad SOXX2952
Qeyoloweyne SOXX3511
Qod-Qod SOXX2697
Qodqod SOXX3210
Qol SOXX3211
Qolqol SOXX3055
Qonle SOXX0315
Qool Cadday SOXX4847
Qoolka SOXX4848
Qooney SOXX1841
Qoori SOXX0622
Qoorlugud SOXX4606
Qoort SOXX0623
Qoow SOXX0624
Qori SOXX4176
Qori Jabley SOXX4849
Qoridheere SOXX4406
Qoriley SOXX2011
Qoriley SOXX4407
Qormari SOXX0316
Qormo Buur Cad SOXX0625
Qorontoola SOXX1389
Qorowle SOXX4177
Qoroxo SOXX0626
Qorriile SOXX1390
Qoryale SOXX4607
Qoryaleh SOXX4608
Qoryole SOXX3512
Qoryooley SOXX2312
Qoryooley SOXX0050
Qotiileey SOXX2313
Qotiiley SOXX2314
Qoton-Dabo SOXX4850
Qotonweyn SOXX4851
Qoyaan SOXX2012
Quaratagtag SOXX4609
Qudhacley SOXX2013
Qudhacsafar SOXX4610
Qulcaaley SOXX2698
Qulumbaax SOXX4611
Qumbe SOXX3513
Qummayo SOXX4178
Qumtiirrey SOXX2699
Qundalle SOXX4612
Qunjaale SOXX2315
Qunyo Barrow SOXX4179
Quraan Googoo SOXX1842
Qurac Jafle SOXX3514
Qurac Kudle SOXX4613
Qurac Madoobe SOXX3515
Qurac Odiwaa SOXX3516
Quracdheer SOXX2014
Quracii Tallal SOXX2015
Quracley SOXX2016
Quracley SOXX3517
Qural SOXX0627
Qurdhuuba SOXX2316
Qurqura SOXX1843
Qurunlow SOXX1391
Qurunlow SOXX3518
Quuf SOXX2700
Quuley SOXX2701
Quuloole SOXX2702
Quunya Harraagow SOXX1392
Raabey SOXX2703
Raama Boorto SOXX4180
Raama Shariif SOXX4181
Raama-Caddey SOXX2704
Raarka SOXX1393
Raas Wed SOXX3212
Raaudoole SOXX1844
Raaxole SOXX2705
Raaxoole SOXX2706
Raaxoole SOXX4182
Raaydaboo SOXX1394
Rabaable SOXX3056
Rabanaggi SOXX1845
Rad SOXX3213
Radiile SOXX2317
Raga Ceel SOXX3519
Ragazz SOXX0628
Raguuda SOXX3214
Raimog SOXX4183
Rakafiida SOXX2707
Rako Raaxo SOXX0629
Rama SOXX1395
Rama Caddey SOXX1396
Ramate SOXX2708
Ramiiro SOXX4184
Ramo Bayo SOXX2318
Ramo Derti SOXX1846
Ramo Dheer SOXX1397
Ramudle SOXX1398
Raqayle SOXX4185
Ras Cadde SOXX1399
Ras Caddey SOXX1400
Rassini SOXX2709
Raxmo SOXX4186
Raxoole SOXX2319
Raxoole SOXX1401
Rayaare SOXX4614
Raydabow SOXX1403
Rebay SOXX1404
Redab Dhuub SOXX4615
Redabmadobe SOXX4616
Reebaay SOXX2320
Reebbay SOXX1405
Reeboy SOXX4187
Reehalas SOXX4852
Regione Lubad Ca SOXX1406
Reidab Dere SOXX2321
Reidab Khatumo SOXX4617
Reidaba SOXX1847
Reidabal SOXX0317
Rer Hagar SOXX4618
Reydab SOXX4188
Reydab SOXX0318
Reydaba SOXX1407
Reydabale SOXX1408
Reydabley SOXX4189
Reydabley SOXX4619
Riaduble SOXX4620
Ridale SOXX0129
Rigato SOXX2710
Rii Xaanle SOXX4190
Riinow SOXX4191
Riiqata SOXX2711
Rio Culul SOXX0630
Ris SOXX3522
Riyohedo SOXX4621
Robay Guduud SOXX1409
Robodi SOXX1410
Roccafida SOXX0051
Rognog SOXX4192
Rooble SOXX1411
Rooble Shiikh SOXX1412
Ror SOXX3215
Roti Dumus SOXX0319
Rubei SOXX1413
Rugay SOXX3216
Runhio SOXX0631
Runungod SOXX3523
Ruqi SOXX0130
Ruqiya SOXX1414
Ruqruqa SOXX2712
Ruruch SOXX2017
Ruudah SOXX1415
Saabid SOXX4193
Saaca Mooja SOXX2713
Saacow SOXX2322
Saagle SOXX0632
Saalixiya SOXX4194
Saamogia SOXX2714
Saamooley SOXX0320
Saangadaale SOXX3524
Saarey SOXX4195
Saarey SOXX4854
Saarsaaray SOXX3525
Saato SOXX2715
Saaxaguduud SOXX1848
Sabacad SOXX2953
Sabatuuni SOXX2716
Sabawanaag SOXX0131
Sabbiyo SOXX4196
Sabbuun SOXX3526
Sabdoow SOXX3527
Sabid SOXX1416
Sabiyo SOXX1417
Sabuun SOXX4197
Sada Kabad SOXX1418
Saddeh Ged SOXX4408
Saddex Higle SOXX2954
Sadiiq SOXX4198
Saforrei SOXX0633
Safsaaf SOXX1671
Sagaar Oole SOXX4199
Sagaaroda SOXX2955
Sagaarow SOXX2018
Sagalad SOXX4200
Sagarey SOXX2323
Saha Uen SOXX1419
Sahader SOXX4409
Sakhiiro SOXX3528
Sal Misge SOXX1420
Sala SOXX2324
Sala Gon SOXX0634
Saladegh SOXX0635
Salagle SOXX2325
Salahly SOXX4855
Salam Maroodi SOXX1421
Salamo SOXX2717
Salawa SOXX4856
Salax Darandoole SOXX2956
Salaxdhadhaab SOXX1672
Salaxin SOXX3529
Salbuko SOXX1422
Salcudoble SOXX0321
Saleban Odey SOXX4622
Saley SOXX4857
Salley SOXX3530
Samafara SOXX4858
Samakaya SOXX1423
Samaysa Dheer SOXX0636
Samriyo SOXX1424
Sanaag SOXX2957
Sangurmo SOXX3057
Sankii Jicibow SOXX2019
Sankor SOXX2020
Sanlaawaha SOXX4859
Sanyare SOXX4623
Saoow SOXX1425
Sara SOXX2718
Saraar Goobo SOXX1426
Sarar SOXX0637
Sarcade SOXX4201
Sareyaha SOXX4860
Sariirle SOXX2719
Sariirrow SOXX2720
Sarmaan-Dheer SOXX1427
Sarmaanley SOXX1428
Sarmaantuqo SOXX4624
Sarmaanyo SOXX3217
Sarman SOXX0322
Sarmangaju SOXX4625
Sarsar SOXX0323
Sattawa SOXX0132
Savaro SOXX4202
Saydey SOXX2721
Saydheelow SOXX1429
Saylac SOXX0133
Scec Avicher SOXX3531
Scecal SOXX2722
Scef Garas SOXX3058
Scemiz SOXX0638
Scentescioule SOXX2021
Scerfole SOXX1430
Scialambod SOXX0052
Sciam Cu SOXX2723
Sciander SOXX2958
Sciani Uagio SOXX2724
Scianlei SOXX2326
Sciaule SOXX1431
Sciaule Ali Mai SOXX2022
Scidle SOXX2327
Scidle SOXX3532
Scidle SOXX0359
Scidle Bari SOXX3533
Scidlei SOXX2725
Sciech Camis SOXX4203
Scillale Hodmane SOXX0640
Scima SOXX1432
Scimberrei SOXX2726
Scionde SOXX2328
Sciouli Uarder SOXX2023
Seel Buraale SOXX4861
Seemade SOXX2959
Seen Weyn SOXX0641
Seen Yar SOXX0642
Seia SOXX2727
Seiemmogh SOXX0643
Seiera SOXX2728
Semudde SOXX2960
Sencar Aveggio SOXX2729
Sencor Gherbic SOXX2730
Sencor Melbe SOXX2731
Senilow SOXX1433
Sermanle SOXX2961
Seylac SOXX2329
Sgoi SOXX1434
Shaab SOXX4862
Shaamburow SOXX1435
Shaan SOXX4204
Shaan SOXX3534
Shaangaani SOXX4205
Shabeelle SOXX1436
Shabeelley SOXX2024
Shabeelley SOXX2732
Shabeelley SOXX4863
Shahda SOXX4410
Shakab SOXX0134
Shalaamboot SOXX4206
Shalleeday SOXX4207
Shaman SOXX4208
Shambacayno SOXX4864
Shameento SOXX3535
Shamento SOXX3536
Shan Hagar SOXX1437
Shangaani SOXX2330
Shangal Duniya SOXX2331
Shanle Cisse SOXX2025
Shanlow SOXX3537
Shanshacade SOXX4626
Shantakulan SOXX4209
Sharaaw SOXX2332
Shariif SOXX4865
Shariifa SOXX4211
Sharijisaaq SOXX2333
Sharmaarke SOXX4866
Shaway SOXX1673
Shawey SOXX1849
Shawgah SOXX1438
Sheebaab SOXX0644
Sheeble SOXX1439
Sheek Xuseen SOXX2733
Sheeka Lasaay SOXX2734
Sheikh Ali Idris SOXX4867
Shelao SOXX3218
Shelombot SOXX4212
Sheybow SOXX2026
Shidaad SOXX2334
Shiidaalow SOXX1440
Shiidlay SOXX1850
Shiidlow SOXX1441
Shiidole SOXX1442
Shiik Abdaal SOXX0053
Shiikh SOXX4627
Shiikh SOXX2736
Shiikh SOXX4213
Shiikh SOXX3538
Shiikh Abdaal SOXX4868
Shiikh Adan SOXX4214
Shiikh Awaare SOXX0135
Shiikh Cabdi SOXX4215
Shiikh Maldha SOXX4869
Shiikh Ooyaaye SOXX3539
Shiikh Siidow SOXX4216
Shiikhxintir SOXX3540
Shiima SOXX1443
Shiin SOXX2027
Shilinweyne SOXX4628
Shillow SOXX1444
Shilmaale SOXX4629
Shimbiraale SOXX4217
Shimbiraale SOXX4870
Shimbiraaley SOXX4412
Shimbiro SOXX0324
Shimbirole SOXX4218
Shimbiroole SOXX1851
Shinbir SOXX1445
Shiniile SOXX2028
Shirfoole SOXX1446
Shongolou SOXX1447
Shoongole SOXX2336
Showle SOXX1448
Shuffeeri SOXX4219
Shungul Mafuula SOXX2737
Shuun Qaayle SOXX1449
Sifaar SOXX0645
Sigaalow SOXX2029
Siiba SOXX4220
Siiboy SOXX2030
Siicow SOXX3541
Siidimo SOXX1852
Siidow SOXX4221
Siidow SOXX1450
Siidow Cumar SOXX4222
Siigolay SOXX1451
Siigole SOXX2337
Siimow SOXX4224
Siinaay SOXX4225
Siiqaale SOXX4226
Siisab SOXX4227
Sije SOXX0325
Silaata SOXX1452
Silmow SOXX4228
Sin Qorraxeed SOXX2962
Sina Dhaqa SOXX1674
Sindassi SOXX4229
Singibaar SOXX2738
Singo SOXX1453
Sinnar SOXX3219
Sinujiif SOXX3059
Siqaale SOXX4230
Sireis SOXX0646
Sirman Ghado SOXX4630
Sitey SOXX3542
Siyaara SOXX4871
Siyada SOXX2338
Skowrae SOXX2963
Sneeb SOXX1454
Sobaad SOXX4872
Soblaale SOXX4231
Sodoan SOXX2739
Sodori SOXX1455
Sojiido SOXX2339
Sojilow SOXX4232
Sol Hawd SOXX3220
Sol Senit SOXX4413
Somadu SOXX0136
Soodac SOXX2964
Soohane SOXX4233
Soohinreeb SOXX3543
Soojiida SOXX2340
Sool SOXX3221
Sool SOXX1456
Sool Midgaan SOXX4873
Sooldoqon SOXX3222
Soolqorijbab SOXX4414
Soomba SOXX2341
Soomis SOXX0326
Soomow SOXX2342
Sooni SOXX4234
Soorogley SOXX2031
Steefal SOXX4235
Subai SOXX0327
Subbay SOXX2740
Sudh SOXX0647
Suge Weyne SOXX1457
Suge Yarre SOXX1458
Sugow SOXX2032
Sugsade SOXX4631
Sugure SOXX0648
Sukeyla SOXX2343
Suleymaan SOXX4236
Sunguuni SOXX2741
Suntay SOXX1459
Suradle SOXX4874
Surat SOXX0649
Surkos SOXX1853
Surkun SOXX1460
Surma Daaraye SOXX1461
Surriyo SOXX4237
Suruqle SOXX1462
Surweyn SOXX1463
Suryo SOXX2965
Suryo Qansax SOXX4632
Sut SOXX4875
Tabaraqle SOXX4238
Tabataa SOXX2742
Tabin SOXX0650
Tacfile SOXX1854
Tafanyo SOXX2344
Tagaal SOXX1464
Tagabeye SOXX4415
Taia SOXX2743
Tajego SOXX1465
Takow SOXX1466
Talabur SOXX4633
Talcex SOXX4239
Taleex SOXX4416
Taliissa SOXX1467
Tambo SOXX2744
Tansaani SOXX2345
Tara Cassoh SOXX2966
Tarba SOXX2346
Tarmoghe SOXX2033
Tassin SOXX4240
Tateey SOXX2347
Tawakal SOXX4241
Taxa Wuungu SOXX2745
Taxliil SOXX4242
Tayaag SOXX3060
Tayeeglow SOXX0328
Teesiyow SOXX4243
Teiega SOXX0651
Teltel SOXX2348
Teysa SOXX4876
Thon SOXX4417
Tifow SOXX1468
Tiin SOXX4877
Tiiroow SOXX4244
Tile SOXX3544
Timirre SOXX3545
Tinguduud SOXX2746
Tinjiroow SOXX1469
Tirrka SOXX1470
Tirroon SOXX1471
Tisinaar SOXX4245
Tita SOXX2747
Tiyeegle SOXX4246
Tobanka Buundo SOXX4247
Tog Wajaale SOXX4878
Tokhoshi SOXX0137
Tolmo SOXX0652
Toon SOXX4879
Toorey SOXX2349
Toosweyne SOXX1472
Tooxin SOXX0653
Torda SOXX0054
Toro SOXX2748
Tortoroow SOXX4248
Tosiley SOXX2350
Totiyas SOXX0330
Totoorow SOXX1473
Towfiiq SOXX2749
Tubaako SOXX2351
Tubai SOXX1855
Tubooy SOXX0331
Tug Dere SOXX2967
Tugaarrey SOXX4249
Tugeer SOXX1474
Tugeeral SOXX1475
Tugeere SOXX1476
Tukub SOXX4418
Tulicagaagto SOXX0138
Tulida SOXX4250
Tulo Dibijo SOXX4880
Tunni-Doi SOXX4251
Tunni-Torre SOXX4252
Tur Demerrei SOXX1477
Turar SOXX3223
Turbahalad SOXX4634
Turdho SOXX2751
Turgan SOXX0332
Turgodut SOXX1478
Turkarey SOXX1479
Tuugar SOXX1480
Tuunni Toorre SOXX2752
Tuur SOXX0654
Tuur Qaylo SOXX0139
Tuurar SOXX3224
Tuursubag SOXX4419
Tuuwaarey SOXX3546
Tuweer Dama SOXX2753
Uacab SOXX0055
Uacavo Bilal SOXX4253
Uadagsin SOXX2968
Uadan SOXX4254
Uadessa SOXX2754
Uagoscia SOXX2755
Uagoscia SOXX2352
Uaha Ier SOXX1675
Uandid SOXX2353
Uangheolle SOXX2756
Uar Bunle SOXX4255
Uar Dalado SOXX2757
Uar Dicse SOXX0333
Uar Esgudud SOXX2758
Uar Galangal SOXX4256
Uar Girgirin SOXX4257
Uar Lebi God SOXX1856
Uar Lechin SOXX1481
Uar Libah Lou SOXX2354
Uar Matano SOXX1857
Uarah SOXX2969
Uarandi SOXX2970
Uarrach SOXX2759
Uashen SOXX0334
Ubaare SOXX1482
Ubag SOXX0655
Ubbuli SOXX4259
Ubor Uuma SOXX1483
Ubudi SOXX0335
Ubulr SOXX4420
Udaan SOXX4881
Udgashan SOXX1484
Uel Biad SOXX1485
Uel Cobon SOXX1486
Uel Doden SOXX4260
Uel Merer SOXX2760
Uel Mur SOXX2761
Uel Mur Corche SOXX2762
Uenti Digo SOXX1858
Uera SOXX2763
Ufeyn SOXX0656
Ufurow SOXX1487
Ugaadhyahay SOXX4882
Ugaari SOXX1488
Ugaarow SOXX1489
Ugaso SOXX4883
Ugunji SOXX4261
Uiliiqata SOXX2034
Ulaaul SOXX2764
Ulla San SOXX4421
Ultuk SOXX4422
Unramade SOXX0336
Ununley SOXX4635
Unuun SOXX0657
Unzi Guddo SOXX1859
Uocobar SOXX0658
Uqoonta SOXX1490
Uragab SOXX4636
Ureenow SOXX4262
Urkut SOXX1860
Uro Urow SOXX4263
Uruai SOXX2355
Urufle SOXX2356
Urughei SOXX1491
Urungo SOXX2765
Urungu SOXX2766
Ururdere SOXX2971
Urvein SOXX0337
Usjifah SOXX3225
Uskure SOXX0659
Uubale SOXX4884
Uullad SOXX3226
Uur Caleed SOXX0660
Uusla SOXX2357
Waaba SOXX2358
Waabo SOXX1676
Waabo SOXX2359
Waaboole SOXX1492
Waaciye SOXX0661
Waadi SOXX1861
Waado SOXX2767
Waagle SOXX1493
Waajid SOXX0338
Waama SOXX1494
Waambato SOXX1495
Waamo SOXX2768
Waamo Yarey SOXX1862
Waandhay SOXX1863
Waayeel Diinle SOXX4264
Wab Dooro SOXX1496
Wabioh SOXX4885
Wabiyow SOXX1497
Wabo SOXX0662
Wabxo SOXX2035
Wabxo SOXX1677
Wacays Oodane SOXX4637
Wadaba SOXX4886
Wadabariis SOXX4887
Wadajir SOXX4265
Wadajir SOXX2769
Wadamago SOXX4423
Waday Roma SOXX0339
Wadh SOXX4424
Wadhan SOXX4638
Wafdhey Weyn SOXX1498
Waga SOXX3227
Wagaaday SOXX4266
Wagadey SOXX2360
Wagadoy SOXX1499
Wagalow SOXX1500
Wagar SOXX4639
Wailo SOXX3228
Wakaala Weyn SOXX2361
Walaalgo SOXX0140
Walamooy SOXX3547
Walburre SOXX4267
Walwalle SOXX2770
Wanamog SOXX4268
Wanay SOXX1501
Waney SOXX1502
Waney SOXX0340
Wanlaweyn SOXX4269
War Aaw Kheero SOXX1503
War Caanno SOXX4270
War Caasha SOXX1504
War Calanle SOXX1505
War Cimraan SOXX4640
War Cumar SOXX1506
War Dhagax SOXX3548
War Dugsi SOXX1507
War Gaab SOXX3549
War Gaduud SOXX1508
War Galoh SOXX2972
War Garasle SOXX1509
War Goof SOXX1510
War Hara Caii SOXX2362
War Hawen SOXX1511
War Idaad SOXX4425
War Isho SOXX1512
War Maxan SOXX4271
War Mursal SOXX4272
War Muusow SOXX4273
War Riigow SOXX2771
War Shariif SOXX0341
War Umurrow SOXX1513
War Weyn SOXX0342
War Weytan SOXX3061
Waraabaley SOXX4888
Waraabalow SOXX1514
Waraabo SOXX4274
Waraabo Dodow SOXX1515
Waraaboole SOXX4275
Waraabow SOXX1516
Waraaley SOXX1517
Warabale SOXX1518
Warabale Weyn SOXX1519
Warabale Yar SOXX1520
Warabeye SOXX4641
Warabiis SOXX2772
Warabo Jiif SOXX3550
Warabood SOXX0141
Waraf SOXX2973
Waraji SOXX1521
Waran Weis SOXX0142
Waranle SOXX1522
Waraq SOXX2773
Waraqadhigta SOXX4889
Waraxley SOXX3551
Wareeg SOXX3229
Wareegsimo SOXX0663
Wareegto SOXX2363
Warermaleh SOXX4276
Warfaa SOXX1523
Wargaadhi SOXX3552
Wargarasle SOXX1524
Wariin SOXX2364
Wariir SOXX4426
Warirei SOXX1525
Wariyala SOXX1526
Warmadoow SOXX0664
Waroos Maal SOXX4277
Warqa Elan SOXX0143
Warqaday SOXX1527
Warrey SOXX3553
Warsangeleh SOXX3230
Warsangeli SOXX3231
Warshiikh SOXX3554
Warshubo SOXX1678
Waryaryoyi SOXX1528
Washaan SOXX2365
Washaaq SOXX2774
Washaaq SOXX2366
Washaaqle SOXX1529
Washaaqo SOXX4278
Washiir SOXX2974
Watariiriya SOXX1530
Waxaralis SOXX4890
Wayaama SOXX2367
Waylawadle SOXX4891
Wayoow SOXX2368
Wayshacad SOXX0144
Webi Nuurow SOXX4279
Weedhirr SOXX1531
Weel Dink SOXX1532
Weel Harere SOXX1533
Weel Mereed SOXX2775
Weel Shimbir SOXX2369
Weel Tugar SOXX1534
Weelbisigle SOXX1535
Weeltuwecr SOXX2776
Weeraar SOXX0145
Weeyl Daage SOXX1536
Weheloow SOXX2370
Wehelow SOXX4280
Wehlahed SOXX4427
Welade SOXX3232
Wereg SOXX1537
Weriri SOXX1538
Weyla SOXX0665
Widhwidh SOXX4642
Wisil SOXX4643
Wisil SOXX2975
Xaabley SOXX3555
Xaafuun SOXX0666
Xaaji Abuukar SOXX4281
Xaaji Cali SOXX3556
Xaaji Cali SOXX2777
Xaaji Faarax SOXX4282
Xaaji Mad SOXX4283
Xaaji Rooble SOXX4284
Xaaji Tumaal SOXX2371
Xaaji Xasan SOXX4285
Xaanooley SOXX3557
Xaar SOXX2372
Xaar-Xaar SOXX2778
Xaarbiyow SOXX1539
Xaarxaar SOXX2976
Xaaxi SOXX4644
Xabaal Reer SOXX0667
Xabaal Suran SOXX1864
Xabaalo Barbar SOXX1540
Xabaalo Camare SOXX3233
Xabaalo Fiile SOXX4286
Xabibayal SOXX1541
Xabo SOXX0668
Xabo SOXX2977
Xabsac SOXX1542
Xadhig Xadhig SOXX4892
Xafata SOXX1543
Xagaay Deg SOXX3558
Xagai SOXX1544
Xagal SOXX4893
Xagar SOXX0669
Xagar SOXX2779
Xagar Geel SOXX2780
Xagarka SOXX1545
Xagarow SOXX1546
Xagarow SOXX3559
Xagarrey SOXX2036
Xako SOXX4287
Xalag SOXX4288
Xaliima Caddey SOXX2781
Xaliimay SOXX1547
Xalimeey SOXX1548
Xalimolibaax SOXX2782
Xalin SOXX0056
Xamaal SOXX2037
Xamaali SOXX4289
Xamaas SOXX4894
Xamarta SOXX0146
Xamiir Gaabo SOXX2038
Xamuudi Shiyaani SOXX2783
Xanlaay SOXX4290
Xanshaar SOXX4291
Xansuuqa SOXX4428
Xanyaaleey SOXX2373
Xanyayi SOXX1549
Xaraar SOXX1550
Xaraaw SOXX2374
Xaraf SOXX2978
Xaraf SOXX4895
Xarago SOXX0670
Xaramka SOXX2375
Xarardheere SOXX2979
Xarbiga SOXX4292
Xareed SOXX4896
Xarerte SOXX0343
Xarianta SOXX1865
Xariir SOXX2980
Xas Bahale SOXX3062
Xaskulle SOXX3560
Xasno-Yusuf SOXX1552
Xasow SOXX2376
Xatal Baraka SOXX2377
Xawaadley SOXX3561
Xawaal Arundi SOXX1553
Xawaal Barrey SOXX3562
Xawaal Gedow SOXX2378
Xawaal Jawhar SOXX1679
Xawaal Shaawacle SOXX3234
Xaydhducaale SOXX4645
Xayo SOXX2784
Xeego SOXX0147
Xerada Karaashka SOXX2786
Xeyd Diiriye SOXX4646
Xidda SOXX0671
Xidhinta SOXX4897
Xidhxidh SOXX4429
Xidid SOXX3235
Xididaale SOXX2787
Xiinweyni SOXX4898
Xiis SOXX3236
Xijijle SOXX0672
Xilliibaax SOXX0148
Ximan SOXX4647
Ximigaablow SOXX3563
Xin Biyaale SOXX0673
Xin Dhanaane SOXX1681
Xingalool SOXX3237
Xingi SOXX0674
Xingod SOXX2981
Xingomod SOXX2982
Xinji Labay SOXX1682
Xinka Oommane SOXX4293
Xiriiro SOXX0675
Xirsi SOXX4294
Xirsi Jiciir SOXX4899
Xirxir SOXX0676
Xiyaad Yerey SOXX1554
Xologof SOXX4295
Xonqorre SOXX2788
Xoofow SOXX2039
Xoorey SOXX0149
Xoorwadde SOXX2040
Xoran Hiskul SOXX0344
Xuddur SOXX0345
Xuddur SOXX3564
Xudow SOXX1555
Xudun SOXX4430
Xumaan Diid SOXX4296
Xumey-Samey SOXX4297
Xun Turrey SOXX1683
Xunbaweyne SOXX4900
Xuseen SOXX0150
Xuseen Xamar SOXX4648
Xuseyn Cawaale SOXX4298
Xuunshaley SOXX4901
Yaag Jile SOXX4299
Yaaheel SOXX4431
Yaaq SOXX1556
Yaaq SOXX2789
Yaaq Bari Weyne SOXX4300
Yaaq Braawe SOXX1557
Yaaq Buulle SOXX2790
Yaaq Dhoob SOXX4301
Yaaq Kunto SOXX4302
Yaaq Shiniile SOXX2791
Yaaq Tiiri SOXX2792
Yaaqle SOXX2379
Yaaqle SOXX3565
Yaaqtoole SOXX2380
Yafeyi SOXX0346
Yageg SOXX1558
Yagoomas SOXX3238
Yagoori SOXX4432
Yaka SOXX0677
Yalaho SOXX0678
Yaldo SOXX4902
Yaman SOXX2793
Yaqle SOXX1559
Yar Bogad SOXX3239
Yarey SOXX4303
Yasoomman SOXX2041
Yataan SOXX4304
Yedi SOXX2794
Yeed SOXX0347
Yeyle SOXX4649
Yibaayil SOXX4433
Yoma Balaaw SOXX1560
Yoniis SOXX1561
Yoontoy SOXX2795
Yoontoy SOXX2381
Yoontoy Yarey SOXX2796
Yos SOXX4903
Yube SOXX3240
Yufle SOXX3241
Yuubka SOXX1562
Zauel SOXX0348
Zeco SOXX2983