Weather Codes for Slovakia

Find Weather Codes or Weather Zip Codes for states and cities in Slovakia. Weather Codes references a specified Location and is used to get weather of that place accurately. They are used by The Weather Channel( by IBM), Yahoo! Weather, AOL Weather and many such weather forecasting platforms. It is similar to Yahoo's WOEID(Where On the Earth ID) that is used to represent each place uniquely.

You can know the weather of any place precisely with the help of weather codes. Find the current weather of your state or city by clicking on it. You will be redirected to The Weather Channel site with your weather code for accurate weather forecast.

Abelova LOXX0211
Abovce LOXX0212
Abraham LOXX0213
Abrahamovce LOXX2503
Abramova LOXX4299
Abranovce LOXX2504
Adamov LOXX3281
Adamovce LOXX3701
Adidovce LOXX2505
Aggerdo Pusta LOXX3282
Agota Majer LOXX1855
Agov LOXX1856
Albertinsky Dvor LOXX3703
Albin LOXX1272
Aleksince LOXX1857
Almas LOXX1858
Ambrusovce LOXX2506
Anala LOXX1859
Andac LOXX1860
Andelek LOXX1861
Andice LOXX4300
Andovce LOXX1862
Andrasova LOXX3704
Andrejova LOXX2507
Andrejovka LOXX2508
Anna Majer LOXX1863
Antalova Pusta LOXX0214
Antonia LOXX3283
Apollo Majer LOXX1864
Ardanovce LOXX1867
Ardocska LOXX1273
Ardovo LOXX1274
Arnutovce LOXX1275
Aszodpuszta LOXX3284
Bab LOXX1868
Bab Majer LOXX1869
Babie LOXX2509
Babin LOXX4301
Babin Potok LOXX2510
Babina LOXX0215
Babindol LOXX1870
Babinec LOXX0216
Babisis LOXX4302
Babkov LOXX4303
Babolici LOXX3705
Bac LOXX3285
Bacala Majer LOXX1871
Bacin LOXX4304
Backa LOXX1276
Backov LOXX1277
Backovik LOXX1278
Bacovce LOXX0217
Bacovna LOXX2511
Bacuch LOXX0218
Bacurov LOXX0219
Badice LOXX1872
Badin LOXX0221
Bahon LOXX1152
Bajany LOXX1279
Bajc LOXX1873
Bajerov LOXX2512
Bajerovce LOXX2513
Bajka LOXX1874
Bajtava LOXX1875
Baka LOXX3286
Bakohaza LOXX0222
Bakta LOXX0223
Balazstag LOXX1876
Baldovce LOXX2514
Balince LOXX0224
Baloghpuszta LOXX1877
Balon LOXX3287
Balovia LOXX4305
Balvany LOXX1878
Bana LOXX1280
Bana Lucia LOXX1281
Banka LOXX3288
Bankov LOXX1282
Banky LOXX0225
Banky LOXX3706
Banov LOXX1879
Banova LOXX4306
Banska Bela LOXX0226
Banska Bystrica LOXX0029
Banska Stiavnica LOXX0013
Banske LOXX2515
Bansky Studenec LOXX0227
Barak Majer LOXX1880
Baranie LOXX2516
Barca LOXX1284
Barca LOXX0228
Bardejov LOXX0017
Bardonovo LOXX1881
Baromut LOXX0229
Bartik LOXX0230
Bartosovce LOXX2519
Baska LOXX1285
Baskovce LOXX1286
Baskovce LOXX2520
Basnari LOXX3708
Basovce LOXX3289
Bastin LOXX3709
Batahaza LOXX0232
Batizovce LOXX2521
Batka LOXX0233
Batona LOXX1882
Batorova LOXX0234
Batorove Kosihy LOXX1883
Batovce LOXX1884
Battonya LOXX1885
Bauhovci LOXX3710
Becherov LOXX2522
Beckov LOXX3711
Beckovska Vieska LOXX3712
Becov LOXX0235
Begovci LOXX0236
Beharovce LOXX2523
Behynce LOXX1887
Behynce LOXX0237
Bela LOXX4307
Bela LOXX3713
Bela LOXX1888
Bela-Dulice LOXX4308
Beladice LOXX1889
Belajky LOXX4309
Belatanya LOXX1287
Belejovce LOXX2525
Belek LOXX1890
Belin LOXX0238
Belina LOXX0239
Belince LOXX1891
Bellova Ves LOXX3290
Belonia LOXX4310
Beloveza LOXX2526
Beluj LOXX0240
Beluja LOXX0241
Belusa LOXX3714
Belza LOXX1288
Benadikova LOXX4311
Benadikovce LOXX2527
Benadovo LOXX4312
Benatina LOXX1289
Bencleje LOXX3715
Bendopuszta LOXX3291
Beniakovce LOXX1290
Benice LOXX4313
Beniky LOXX4314
Benkova Poton LOXX3292
Benkovce LOXX2528
Benov LOXX4315
Benov Vrch LOXX0242
Benova Lehota LOXX4316
Benus LOXX0243
Benusovce LOXX4317
Benyovski Majer LOXX3293
Berchtold Majer LOXX1892
Bernatov Dvor LOXX1291
Bernatovce LOXX1292
Bernolakovo LOXX1153
Bertotovce LOXX2529
Besa LOXX1293
Besenov LOXX1894
Besenova LOXX4318
Besne LOXX3716
Betlanovce LOXX1294
Betlehem LOXX3717
Betlenovce LOXX1295
Betliar LOXX1296
Beznakovejsa LOXX3718
Bezovce LOXX1297
Bidovce LOXX1298
Biel LOXX1299
Biela LOXX4319
Biela Bukovina LOXX1896
Biela Voda LOXX3719
Biele Vody LOXX1300
Biele Vody LOXX0244
Bielovce LOXX1897
Biely Kostol LOXX3294
Biely Potok LOXX4320
Biely Vrch LOXX0245
Biescari LOXX4321
Bijacovce LOXX2530
Bilkove Humence LOXX3295
Bimbula LOXX1898
Bina LOXX1899
Bindt LOXX1301
Binovce LOXX3296
Biskupice LOXX3720
Biskupova LOXX1900
Bistava LOXX3297
Bitarova LOXX4322
Blanka LOXX3298
Blatna Polianka LOXX1302
Blatne LOXX1154
Blatne Remety LOXX1303
Blatne Revistia LOXX1304
Blatnica LOXX4323
Blatnicky Hrad LOXX4324
Blato LOXX0246
Blaze LOXX0247
Blazice LOXX1305
Blazkov LOXX0248
Blazov LOXX2531
Blazov LOXX3300
Blazovce LOXX4325
Blesovce LOXX1901
Blhovce LOXX0250
Blyskavica LOXX0251
Bobek LOXX0252
Bobici LOXX4326
Bobot LOXX3721
Bobotska Lehota LOXX3722
Bobrov LOXX4327
Bobrovcek LOXX4328
Bobrovec LOXX4329
Bobrovnik LOXX4330
Bociar LOXX1306
Bodice LOXX4331
Bodiky LOXX3301
Bodina LOXX3723
Bodoka LOXX1307
Bodorova LOXX4332
Bodovce LOXX2532
Bodovice LOXX4333
Bodovka LOXX3724
Bodza LOXX1902
Bogliarka LOXX2534
Bogyaret LOXX1903
Bohata LOXX1904
Bohdanovce LOXX1308
Bohunice LOXX1905
Bohunice LOXX3304
Bohunvo LOXX1309
Bojna LOXX1906
Bojnice LOXX0030
Bojnicky LOXX3305
Bokros LOXX1907
Boksa LOXX2535
Boleraz LOXX3306
Bolesov LOXX3726
Boliarov LOXX1311
Bolmuth LOXX3307
Borcany LOXX3727
Borcice LOXX3728
Borcova LOXX4334
Borda LOXX1312
Borinka LOXX1155
Borisko LOXX1908
Borka LOXX1313
Borov LOXX2536
Borova LOXX3308
Borova Hora LOXX0254
Borovce LOXX3309
Boroviny LOXX0255
Borsa LOXX1314
Borsky Svaty Jur LOXX3310
Bory LOXX1909
Bosaca LOXX3729
Bosany LOXX3730
Bosenovo LOXX0256
Bottovo LOXX0257
Bozcice LOXX1316
Bozetechovo LOXX3313
Bracovce LOXX1317
Bradno LOXX0258
Brakon LOXX3314
Branc LOXX1910
Branica LOXX4335
Branovo LOXX1911
Bratislava LOXX0001
Bratkovica LOXX0259
Bravacov LOXX0260
Brazinov LOXX4336
Brdarka LOXX1318
Brehov LOXX1319
Brehy LOXX0261
Brekov LOXX2537
Brenner LOXX1158
Brestov LOXX2538
Brestove LOXX3315
Brestovec LOXX3732
Brestovec LOXX1912
Bretejovce LOXX2539
Bretka LOXX1320
Breza LOXX4337
Brezany LOXX3733
Brezany LOXX4338
Brezina LOXX1321
Brezina LOXX1913
Brezina LOXX4339
Breziny LOXX0262
Breznica LOXX2540
Breznicka LOXX0263
Breznicka LOXX2541
Brezno LOXX0028
Breznovci LOXX4340
Brezolupy LOXX3734
Brezov LOXX2542
Brezova LOXX3735
Brezova LOXX0264
Brezovec LOXX2543
Brezovica LOXX4341
Brezovicka LOXX2545
Brezovka LOXX2546
Brezovo LOXX1914
Brezovy Dvor LOXX4342
Briac LOXX0266
Briestene LOXX3737
Briestie LOXX4343
Brnice LOXX4344
Brodno LOXX4345
Brodske LOXX3317
Brodzany LOXX3738
Brslica LOXX4346
Brtalovce LOXX4347
Brunovce LOXX3739
Brusne LOXX3740
Brusnica LOXX2547
Brusnik LOXX0267
Brusno LOXX0268
Brusno LOXX3741
Brutovce LOXX2548
Bruty LOXX1915
Brvniste LOXX3742
Brzotin LOXX1322
Buc LOXX1916
Bucany LOXX3318
Buclovany LOXX2549
Bucsi Majer LOXX1917
Bucsuhaza LOXX3319
Budatin LOXX4348
Budca LOXX0269
Budicka LOXX0270
Budikovany LOXX0271
Budimir LOXX1323
Budin LOXX3320
Budina LOXX0272
Budince LOXX1324
Budis LOXX4350
Budkovce LOXX1325
Budmerice LOXX1159
Budulov LOXX1326
Budzova LOXX2550
Bufa LOXX1918
Buglovce LOXX2551
Bujakov LOXX2552
Bujakovo LOXX0273
Bukova LOXX4351
Bukova LOXX3321
Bukovec LOXX3743
Bukovec LOXX1327
Bukovec LOXX0274
Bukovina LOXX0275
Bukovina LOXX4352
Bukovinka LOXX2553
Bulhary LOXX0276
Bunde LOXX2554
Bunetice LOXX1328
Bunkovce LOXX1329
Busince LOXX0277
Busovce LOXX2555
Buzica LOXX0278
Buzica LOXX1330
Buzice LOXX1331
Buzinka LOXX1332
Bysta LOXX1333
Byste LOXX1334
Byster LOXX1335
Bystra LOXX2556
Bystra LOXX0279
Bystrany LOXX1336
Bystre LOXX2557
Bystricany LOXX3744
Bystricka LOXX0280
Bystricka LOXX4353
Bytca LOXX0031
Bytcica LOXX4355
Bzany LOXX2558
Bzenica LOXX0281
Bzenov LOXX2559
Bzince LOXX1919
Bziny LOXX4356
Bzovik LOXX0282
Bzovska Lehotka LOXX0283
Cab LOXX1920
Cabaj LOXX1921
Cabalovce LOXX2560
Cabov LOXX2561
Cabrad LOXX0284
Cachtice LOXX0032
Cacin LOXX0286
Cacov LOXX3322
Cadca LOXX0019
Cajakovo LOXX1922
Cajkov LOXX1923
Cajla LOXX1160
Caka LOXX1924
Cakajovce LOXX1925
Cakanovce LOXX1337
Cakanovce LOXX0287
Cakany LOXX3323
Caklov LOXX2562
Cakov LOXX0288
Caloka LOXX1338
Calovec LOXX1926
Calovo LOXX0108
Caltice LOXX3746
Cambalovci LOXX4357
Camovce LOXX0289
Cana LOXX1339
Canadsky Dvor LOXX3324
Canier LOXX0290
Cankov LOXX1927
Capor LOXX1928
Caradice LOXX1929
Cary LOXX3325
Casta LOXX1161
Castkov LOXX3326
Castkovce LOXX3747
Cata LOXX1930
Cataj LOXX1162
Cavoj LOXX3748
Cebovce LOXX0291
Cecehov LOXX1340
Cecejovce LOXX1341
Cechanky LOXX0292
Cechova LOXX3327
Cechy LOXX1931
Cechynce LOXX1932
Cecinska Poton LOXX3328
Cegrit LOXX1933
Cejkov LOXX1342
Cekovce LOXX0293
Celary LOXX0294
Celkova Lehota LOXX3749
Celovce LOXX2563
Celovce LOXX0295
Cemerne LOXX0109
Cemice LOXX4358
Cemjata LOXX2564
Cencice LOXX2565
Cenkov LOXX1936
Cenkovce LOXX3329
Cerenany LOXX3750
Cerencany LOXX0296
Cerhov LOXX1345
Ceriaky LOXX1346
Cerin LOXX0297
Cermany LOXX1937
Cernic LOXX0298
Cernik LOXX1938
Cernina LOXX2566
Cernochov LOXX1347
Cerova LOXX3751
Cerova-Lieskove LOXX3330
Cerovo LOXX0299
Certizne LOXX2568
Certov LOXX3752
Cervena Skala LOXX0302
Cervenany LOXX0303
Cervene LOXX4359
Cervenica LOXX2569
Cervenik LOXX3331
Cerveny Dvor LOXX1939
Cerveny Hradok LOXX1940
Cerveny Kamen LOXX3753
Cerveny Klastor LOXX2570
Ceske Brezovo LOXX0304
Cestice LOXX1348
Chabzany LOXX2571
Chalmova LOXX3754
Chalupy LOXX3755
Chanava LOXX0305
Chladna Studna LOXX0306
Chladno LOXX1942
Chlebnice LOXX4360
Chlmec LOXX0033
Chlmok LOXX0307
Chmelince LOXX4361
Chmelisko LOXX3756
Chminany LOXX2576
Chmola LOXX0309
Chmura LOXX4362
Choca LOXX1943
Chonkovce LOXX1349
Chopok LOXX0210
Chorvatice LOXX1944
Chorvatsky Grob LOXX1163
Chorvaty LOXX1350
Chotca LOXX2579
Chotin LOXX1945
Chovanci LOXX3757
Chovancovci LOXX4363
Chrabrany LOXX1946
Chramec LOXX0310
Chrastince LOXX0311
Chrastkova LOXX3758
Chrastne LOXX1352
Chrcek LOXX1947
Chrenova LOXX1948
Chrenovec-Brusno LOXX3759
Chrib LOXX0312
Chromov LOXX4364
Chropov LOXX3332
Chtelnica LOXX3333
Chuda Lehota LOXX3760
Chudy Laz LOXX1353
Chvalov LOXX1164
Chvalova LOXX0314
Chvojnica LOXX3761
Chynorany LOXX3762
Chyzerovce LOXX1949
Chyzne LOXX0315
Chyznianska Voda LOXX0316
Cibajka LOXX3763
Cicarovce LOXX1354
Cicava LOXX2580
Cicmany LOXX4365
Cicov LOXX1950
Cieger LOXX0317
Cierna Lehota LOXX3764
Cierna Lehota LOXX1355
Cierna nad Tisou LOXX1356
Cierna Voda LOXX3334
Ciernavy LOXX4366
Cierne LOXX4367
Cierne Pole LOXX1357
Cierne Pole LOXX3335
Cierny Balog LOXX0318
Cierny Brod LOXX3336
Cierny Haj LOXX3337
Cierny Potok LOXX0319
Cifare LOXX1951
Cifer LOXX3338
Cigelka LOXX2582
Cigla LOXX2583
Ciglad LOXX3339
Cilistov LOXX3340
Cilizska Radvan LOXX3341
Cimany LOXX4368
Cimenna LOXX3766
Cimhova LOXX0035
Cinobana LOXX0320
Circ LOXX2584
Cisarovci LOXX0321
Cisarsko LOXX0322
Ciz LOXX0323
Cizatice LOXX1358
Coltovo LOXX1359
Covekfalva LOXX0324
Cremos LOXX0325
Cremosne LOXX4369
Csenke Pusta LOXX3342
Csente LOXX0327
Csergo LOXX1952
Cserhatpuszta LOXX1953
Cucma LOXX1360
Cukalovce LOXX2585
Cukarska Paka LOXX3343
Cuklasovce LOXX3767
Cunovo LOXX1165
Cure LOXX0328
Curgov LOXX1954
Dacov LOXX2586
Dacov Lom LOXX0329
Daletice LOXX2587
Damasska Pusta LOXX1955
Dancov Potok LOXX1361
Danisovce LOXX1362
Danova LOXX4370
Dapalovce LOXX2588
Dara LOXX2589
Dargov LOXX1363
Dargovik LOXX1364
Davidov LOXX2590
Deba LOXX4371
Debnarov LOXX0330
Dec LOXX3344
Dechtare LOXX4372
Dechtice LOXX3345
Dedacov LOXX2591
Dedinka LOXX1956
Dedinky LOXX1366
Dekys LOXX0331
Demaenova LOXX4373
Demandice LOXX1957
Demanova LOXX4375
Demecser LOXX0332
Demjata LOXX2592
Desna LOXX3769
Detrik LOXX2593
Detva LOXX0333
Detvianska Huta LOXX0334
Detvianske Lazy LOXX0335
Devicany LOXX1958
Devicie LOXX0336
Devin LOXX1167
Dezerice LOXX3770
Diakova LOXX4376
Diakovce LOXX1959
Diel LOXX3771
Diel LOXX0337
Diva LOXX1960
Diviaky LOXX4377
Divin LOXX0338
Divina LOXX4378
Divinka LOXX4379
Dlha LOXX4380
Dlha LOXX3346
Dlha Luka LOXX4381
Dlha Luka LOXX2594
Dlha nad Oravou LOXX4382
Dlha nad Vahom LOXX1961
Dlha Ves LOXX1367
Dlhe LOXX3774
Dlhe Klcovo LOXX2595
Dlhe Luky LOXX3347
Dlhe Pole LOXX4383
Dlhe Straze LOXX2596
Dlhona LOXX2598
Dlhovsky Majer LOXX3348
Dlzin LOXX3775
Do Belesa LOXX4384
Do Buchy LOXX4385
Do Drndoch LOXX4386
Do Fedora LOXX4387
Do Holuba LOXX0339
Do Vranikov LOXX3777
Dobogo LOXX1962
Dobra LOXX3778
Dobra LOXX1368
Dobra Niva LOXX0341
Dobra Voda LOXX3349
Dobroc LOXX0342
Dobrocna LOXX3779
Dobroslava LOXX2600
Dobrosta LOXX0343
Dobry Potok LOXX0344
Dobsina LOXX1370
Dogabari LOXX4388
Dogosi Majer LOXX3351
Dohnany LOXX3780
Dojazove LOXX4389
Dojc LOXX3352
Dola Pusta LOXX0345
Dolina LOXX4390
Dolina LOXX2602
Dolina Baba LOXX0347
Dolinka LOXX0348
Dolinky LOXX3781
Dolna Arma LOXX1963
Dolna Brestina LOXX0349
Dolna Breznica LOXX3782
Dolna Bzova LOXX0350
Dolna Gedra LOXX1964
Dolna Krupa LOXX3353
Dolna Lehota LOXX0351
Dolna Lehota LOXX4391
Dolna Malanta LOXX1965
Dolna Marikova LOXX3783
Dolna Micina LOXX0352
Dolna Molca LOXX0353
Dolna Poruba LOXX3784
Dolna Poton LOXX3354
Dolna Prievrana LOXX0354
Dolna Sec LOXX1966
Dolna Streda LOXX3355
Dolna Strednia LOXX3785
Dolna Strehova LOXX0355
Dolna Stubna LOXX4392
Dolna Suca LOXX3786
Dolna Tizina LOXX4393
Dolna Trnavka LOXX0356
Dolna Turecka LOXX0357
Dolna Ves LOXX0358
Dolna Zavrska LOXX3787
Dolna Zdana LOXX0359
Dolna-Polianka LOXX3788
Dolne Breziny LOXX0360
Dolne Brhlovce LOXX1968
Dolne Bzince LOXX3789
Dolne Chlebany LOXX1969
Dolne Devicany LOXX1970
Dolne Drzkovce LOXX3790
Dolne Dubove LOXX3356
Dolne Hamre LOXX0362
Dolne Hlboke LOXX4394
Dolne Jaseno LOXX4395
Dolne Kockovce LOXX3791
Dolne Kopince LOXX1971
Dolne Kostoliste LOXX4396
Dolne Krskany LOXX1972
Dolne Lefantovce LOXX1973
Dolne Lelovce LOXX3792
Dolne Lovcice LOXX3357
Dolne Mladonice LOXX0364
Dolne Motesice LOXX3793
Dolne Nastice LOXX3794
Dolne Obdokovce LOXX1974
Dolne Orechove LOXX3795
Dolne Oresany LOXX3358
Dolne Otrokovce LOXX3359
Dolne Ozorovce LOXX3796
Dolne Paseky LOXX3360
Dolne Peserany LOXX0365
Dolne Plachtince LOXX0366
Dolne Podvazie LOXX3797
Dolne Pribelce LOXX0367
Dolne Prsany LOXX0368
Dolne Rakytovce LOXX0369
Dolne Risnovce LOXX1975
Dolne Rykyncice LOXX0370
Dolne Saliby LOXX3361
Dolne Semerovce LOXX1976
Dolne Sipice LOXX0371
Dolne Srnie LOXX3798
Dolne Staliky LOXX0372
Dolne Stitare LOXX1978
Dolne Strhare LOXX0373
Dolne Terany LOXX0374
Dolne Trhoviste LOXX3362
Dolne Turovce LOXX1979
Dolne Vestenice LOXX3799
Dolne Voderady LOXX3363
Dolne Zahorany LOXX0375
Dolne Zariecie LOXX3800
Dolne Zaturcie LOXX4397
Dolne Zelenice LOXX3364
Dolne Zemberovce LOXX1980
Dolni Jelenec LOXX0376
Dolny LOXX0377
Dolny And LOXX1981
Dolny Badin LOXX0378
Dolny Bar LOXX3365
Dolny Cepen LOXX3366
Dolny Dacov Lom LOXX0379
Dolny Dur LOXX1982
Dolny Fizik LOXX1983
Dolny Hricov LOXX4398
Dolny Jalsovik LOXX0380
Dolny Jatov LOXX1984
Dolny Kalnik LOXX4399
Dolny Kamenec LOXX3801
Dolny Keblov LOXX4400
Dolny Kerestur LOXX1985
Dolny Kubin LOXX4401
Dolny Lieskov LOXX3802
Dolny Lopasov LOXX3367
Dolny Mackskas LOXX1986
Dolny Majer LOXX1987
Dolny Mostenec LOXX3803
Dolny Ohaj LOXX1988
Dolny Pial LOXX1989
Dolny Riadok LOXX3804
Dolny Smokovec LOXX2603
Dolny Stal LOXX3369
Dolny Stefanov LOXX4402
Dolny Tisovnik LOXX0381
Dolny Turcek LOXX4403
Dolny Vadicov LOXX4404
Dolny Vinodol LOXX1990
Dolny Vyhon LOXX3805
Domadice LOXX1991
Domaniky LOXX0382
Domaniza LOXX3806
Domanovce LOXX2604
Domasa LOXX1992
Domcikov LOXX3808
Donovaly LOXX0383
Doscana LOXX2605
Dovalovo LOXX4405
Drabsko LOXX0385
Drahnov LOXX1371
Drahosanka LOXX4406
Drahovce LOXX3370
Dravce LOXX2606
Drazice LOXX0386
Drazkovce LOXX4407
Drazovce LOXX0387
Drazovce LOXX1993
Drgonova Dolina LOXX3810
Drha LOXX3811
Driencany LOXX0388
Drienica LOXX2607
Drienov LOXX2608
Drienove LOXX3812
Drienovec LOXX1372
Drienovo LOXX0389
Drietoma LOXX3813
Dringac LOXX1373
Drna LOXX0390
Drnava LOXX1374
Druzgalov LOXX4408
Drzenice LOXX1994
Drzkovce LOXX0391
Dubakovo LOXX0392
Dubie LOXX4409
Dubinne LOXX2610
Dubkova LOXX3814
Dubnica LOXX3815
Dubnicka LOXX3817
Dubnik LOXX1995
Dubnik LOXX2611
Dubnik LOXX1376
Dubno LOXX0393
Dubodiel LOXX3818
Dubova LOXX1170
Dubova LOXX2612
Dubova LOXX0394
Dubovany LOXX3371
Dubove LOXX4410
Dubove LOXX0395
Dubovec LOXX0396
Dubovica LOXX2613
Dubrava LOXX3372
Dubrava LOXX2614
Dubrava LOXX0397
Dubrava LOXX4411
Dubravica LOXX0398
Dubravka LOXX1377
Dubravka LOXX1171
Dubravy LOXX0399
Duchenec LOXX0400
Duchonka LOXX1996
Ducove LOXX3373
Dudince LOXX0036
Dukovce LOXX2615
Dulov LOXX3819
Dulov Dvor LOXX1997
Dulova Ves LOXX2616
Dulovce LOXX1998
Dulovo LOXX0401
Dunajov LOXX4412
Dunajska Streda LOXX3374
Dunajsky Klatov LOXX3375
Duplin LOXX2617
Durcina LOXX4413
Durenda Pusta LOXX0402
Durica LOXX0403
Durisove Stale LOXX3821
Durkov LOXX2619
Durkov LOXX1379
Durkova Dolina LOXX0404
Durkovce LOXX0405
Durkovka LOXX0406
Duzava LOXX0407
Dverniky LOXX1999
Dvor Borova LOXX4414
Dvor Dubnik LOXX2000
Dvor Jatov LOXX3377
Dvor Jozef LOXX0408
Dvor Kamenec LOXX3378
Dvor Karlov LOXX0409
Dvor Keresztur LOXX1380
Dvor Maria LOXX2001
Dvor Maria LOXX1381
Dvor Nandin LOXX2002
Dvor Palffyho LOXX3379
Dvor Perkovce LOXX2003
Dvor Prebosek LOXX1172
Dvor Rakovskeho LOXX2004
Dvor Siroka LOXX4415
Dvor Viliam LOXX2005
Dvor Vilma LOXX2006
Dvorce LOXX2620
Dvorce Svarin LOXX4416
Dvorec LOXX4417
Dvorec LOXX3823
Dvorianky LOXX1382
Dvorniky LOXX0410
Dvorniky LOXX3380
Dvorniky LOXX1383
Dvorsky Majer LOXX2008
Dycka LOXX2010
Egres LOXX1384
Eliasovce LOXX3381
Etreove Kracany LOXX3382
Fackov LOXX4418
Fafaky LOXX0411
Fajnoraci LOXX3383
Fajtov LOXX0412
Falkusovce LOXX1385
Faluka LOXX4419
Farna LOXX2011
Fekisovce LOXX1386
Fenek Pusta LOXX2012
Fiacice LOXX4420
Figa LOXX0413
Fijas LOXX2621
Filice LOXX0038
Filier LOXX0416
Filipovo LOXX0417
Fintice LOXX2622
Flajsova LOXX4421
Flora LOXX2013
Folkusova LOXX4422
Foltan LOXX0418
Forbasy LOXX2623
Francovce LOXX2624
Frantiskov Dvor LOXX1387
Fricka LOXX2625
Frickovce LOXX2626
Fricovce LOXX2627
Fuezes LOXX2014
Fulianka LOXX2628
Furcanka LOXX2629
Furmanici LOXX4423
Gabcikovo LOXX0116
Gaboltov LOXX2630
Gajary LOXX1173
Gajdos LOXX1388
Galanta LOXX3384
Galovany LOXX4424
Gan LOXX3385
Gancshaza LOXX3386
Ganovce LOXX0039
Gapel LOXX3825
Gasparovo LOXX0419
Gbelany LOXX4425
Gbelce LOXX2015
Gbely LOXX3387
Geca LOXX1389
Gelnica LOXX0040
Gelnicka Huta LOXX1390
Gemer LOXX0420
Gemercek LOXX0421
Gemerska Horka LOXX1391
Gemerska Panica LOXX1392
Gena LOXX2016
Genciovsky Dvor LOXX1393
Geraltov LOXX2631
Gerlachov LOXX2632
Giglovce LOXX2633
Giraltovce LOXX0041
Girovce LOXX2634
Glabusovce LOXX0426
Gocaltovo LOXX1394
Gocovo LOXX1395
Goldfuss LOXX0427
Golianovo LOXX2017
Golyasmajor LOXX3388
Gombasek LOXX1396
Gombospuszta LOXX1397
Gondovo LOXX2018
Gorazdov LOXX2019
Gortva LOXX0428
Gotovany LOXX4427
Granc-Petrovce LOXX2635
Gregorova Vieska LOXX0429
Gregorovce LOXX0430
Gregorovce LOXX2636
Gregusi LOXX4428
Grellenseif LOXX1398
Gribov LOXX2637
Grnc LOXX3389
Grodin LOXX2638
Gruzovce LOXX2639
Guban LOXX0431
Gug LOXX2020
Gunda LOXX0432
Gurinovce LOXX3826
Gynov LOXX1399
Habovka LOXX4429
Habura LOXX2640
Hacava LOXX0433
Hadasovec LOXX3827
Hadovce LOXX2021
Hadusovce LOXX1401
Hadviga LOXX4430
Hagy LOXX2641
Haj LOXX1402
Haj LOXX4431
Hajasovia LOXX4432
Hajna Nova Ves LOXX2022
Hajnacka LOXX0434
Hajnalvolgypusta LOXX0435
Hajnikova LOXX0436
Hajniky LOXX0437
Hajoldal LOXX0438
Hajtovka LOXX2642
Halabrine LOXX3390
Halacovce LOXX3828
Halaksinec LOXX4433
Halic LOXX0439
Haligovce LOXX2643
Halny LOXX0440
Halomszel LOXX3391
Haluzice LOXX3829
Hamor LOXX0441
Hamor Mexiko LOXX1403
Hamricky LOXX4434
Hamry LOXX3830
Hamry LOXX2644
Hamuliakovo LOXX1174
Hamusad LOXX2023
Hanci LOXX3831
Handersik LOXX3832
Handlova LOXX0012
Hanesy LOXX0442
Hangyas Majer LOXX2024
Hanigovce LOXX2645
Haniska LOXX2646
Haniska LOXX1404
Hanka LOXX0443
Hankova LOXX1405
Hankovce LOXX2647
Hantianske Nemce LOXX0121
Harakovce LOXX2649
Harhaj LOXX2650
Harichovce LOXX1406
Harmonia LOXX1175
Hastrgan LOXX2025
Hatalov LOXX1407
Hatne LOXX3833
Havaj LOXX2651
Havka LOXX2652
Havran LOXX3392
Havranec LOXX2653
Havrania LOXX4435
Havrania Dolina LOXX1408
Havrilov LOXX0444
Hazin LOXX1409
Hazlin LOXX2655
Hegyalja LOXX1410
Helcmanovce LOXX1411
Helenin Dvor LOXX2656
Henckovce LOXX1412
Henclova LOXX1413
Hencovce LOXX2657
Hendrichovce LOXX2658
Herman LOXX0446
Hermanovce LOXX2659
Hertnik LOXX2660
Hervartov LOXX2661
Hideghet LOXX1176
Hidvezska Pusta LOXX0448
Hincovce LOXX1416
Hladovka LOXX4436
Hlaskonka LOXX4437
Hlbocky Dvor LOXX3393
Hlboke LOXX3834
Hlboke LOXX3394
Hlinanov LOXX4438
Hlinik LOXX0042
Hlinik LOXX4439
Hlinik nad Vahom LOXX4440
Hliniky LOXX2026
Hlinka LOXX0450
Hlinne LOXX2662
Hlivistia LOXX1417
Hlohovec LOXX3835
Hlohovec LOXX0043
Hloza LOXX3836
Hlusak LOXX4441
Hniezdne LOXX2663
Hnilcik LOXX1418
Hnilec LOXX1419
Hnojne LOXX1420
Hodejov LOXX0452
Hodejovec LOXX0453
Hodkovce LOXX1421
Hodrusa LOXX0454
Hody LOXX3395
Hokovce LOXX0044
Holadeji LOXX4442
Holanovo LOXX2027
Holcikovce LOXX2664
Holiare LOXX2028
Holic LOXX3396
Holice LOXX3397
Holisa LOXX0455
Holumnica LOXX2665
Honce LOXX1422
Hontianske Nemce LOXX0457
Hora LOXX4443
Horanske LOXX2666
Horaren LOXX4444
Horelica LOXX4445
Horenice LOXX3837
Horka LOXX3838
Horka LOXX2667
Horka nad Vahom LOXX3839
Horky LOXX4446
Horna LOXX1423
Horna Arma LOXX2030
Horna Brestina LOXX0459
Horna Breznica LOXX3840
Horna Bzova LOXX0460
Horna Cobanka LOXX0461
Horna Gedra LOXX2031
Horna Krupa LOXX3398
Horna Lehota LOXX0462
Horna Lehota LOXX4447
Horna Malanta LOXX2033
Horna Marikova LOXX3841
Horna Micina LOXX0463
Horna Molca LOXX0464
Horna Polianka LOXX3842
Horna Poruba LOXX3843
Horna Poton LOXX3399
Horna Prievrana LOXX0465
Horna Riecka LOXX0466
Horna Roven LOXX0467
Horna Sec LOXX2034
Horna Streda LOXX3844
Horna Strednia LOXX3845
Horna Strehova LOXX0468
Horna Stubna LOXX4448
Horna Suca LOXX3846
Horna Tizina LOXX4449
Horna Trnavka LOXX0469
Horna Turecka LOXX0470
Horna Ves LOXX3847
Horna Ves LOXX0471
Horna Zdana LOXX0472
Horna Zlatna LOXX2036
Hornaci LOXX3848
Hornany LOXX3850
Horne Baby LOXX0473
Horne Breziny LOXX0474
Horne Brhlovce LOXX2037
Horne Bzince LOXX3851
Horne Chlebany LOXX2038
Horne Deviccany LOXX2039
Horne Drzkovce LOXX3852
Horne Dubove LOXX3400
Horne Hamre LOXX0475
Horne Hlboke LOXX4450
Horne Jaseno LOXX4451
Horne Kockovce LOXX3853
Horne Kopanice LOXX0476
Horne Kopince LOXX2040
Horne Kostoliste LOXX4452
Horne Krskany LOXX2041
Horne Lefantovce LOXX2042
Horne Lelovce LOXX3854
Horne Lovcice LOXX3401
Horne Mladonice LOXX0478
Horne Motesice LOXX3855
Horne Myto LOXX3402
Horne Nastice LOXX3856
Horne Opatovce LOXX0479
Horne Orechove LOXX3857
Horne Oresany LOXX3403
Horne Otrokovce LOXX3404
Horne Ozorovce LOXX3858
Horne Plachtince LOXX0480
Horne Pribelce LOXX0481
Horne Prsany LOXX0482
Horne Rakytovce LOXX0483
Horne Risnovce LOXX2043
Horne Rykyncice LOXX0484
Horne Saliby LOXX3405
Horne Semerovce LOXX2044
Horne Sipice LOXX0485
Horne Srnie LOXX3859
Horne Staliky LOXX0486
Horne Stitare LOXX2046
Horne Strhare LOXX0487
Horne Suroviny LOXX3406
Horne Terany LOXX0488
Horne Trhoviste LOXX3407
Horne Turovce LOXX2047
Horne Vestenice LOXX3860
Horne Zahorany LOXX0489
Horne Zaturcie LOXX4453
Horne Zelenice LOXX3408
Horne Zemberovce LOXX2048
Horni Jelenec LOXX0490
Horny And LOXX2049
Horny Badin LOXX0491
Horny Bar LOXX3409
Horny Cepen LOXX3410
Horny Cizovec LOXX2050
Horny Dacov Lom LOXX0492
Horny Dvor LOXX1177
Horny Fizik LOXX2052
Horny Harmanec LOXX0493
Horny Hricov LOXX4454
Horny Jalsovik LOXX0494
Horny Jatov LOXX2053
Horny Kalnik LOXX4455
Horny Kamenec LOXX3861
Horny Keblov LOXX4456
Horny Kerestur LOXX2054
Horny Lieskov LOXX3862
Horny Macskas LOXX2055
Horny Mostenec LOXX3863
Horny Ohaj LOXX2056
Horny Pial LOXX2057
Horny Riadok LOXX3864
Horny Smokovec LOXX0045
Horny Stal LOXX3411
Horny Stefanov LOXX4457
Horny Tisovnik LOXX0495
Horny Turcek LOXX4458
Horny Vadicov LOXX4459
Horny Vinodol LOXX2058
Horny Vyhon LOXX3865
Horovce LOXX3866
Horovce LOXX1424
Horsa LOXX2059
Hoste LOXX3412
Hostice LOXX0496
Hostie LOXX2061
Hostina LOXX3867
Hostinec Klin LOXX3868
Hostisovce LOXX0497
Hostova LOXX0046
Hostovice LOXX2668
Hozelec LOXX2669
Hrabicov LOXX0498
Hrabiny LOXX0499
Hrabkov LOXX2670
Hrabov LOXX1426
Hrabova LOXX0500
Hrabova Roztoka LOXX2671
Hrabovcik LOXX2672
Hrabove LOXX4460
Hrabove LOXX3869
Hrabovec LOXX2673
Hrabovka LOXX3870
Hrabovo LOXX0501
Hrabske LOXX2675
Hrabusice LOXX1427
Hrachoviste LOXX3871
Hrachovo LOXX0502
Hrachovy Dvor LOXX2062
Hradec LOXX3872
Hradisko LOXX2676
Hradiste LOXX3873
Hradiste LOXX0503
Hradna LOXX4461
Hradok LOXX3874
Hran LOXX1429
Hranicne LOXX2677
Hranovnica LOXX2678
Hrasovci LOXX0504
Hrasovik LOXX1430
Hrboltova LOXX4462
Hrhov LOXX1432
Hriadky LOXX1433
Hrinova LOXX0505
Hrisovce LOXX1434
Hrkac LOXX0506
Hrkovce LOXX2063
Hrlica LOXX0507
Hromos LOXX2679
Hromy LOXX4464
Hroncok LOXX0510
Hronec LOXX0511
Hroniakova LOXX0512
Hronsek LOXX0513
Hronska Breznica LOXX0514
Hronska Dubrava LOXX0515
Hronske Kosihy LOXX2065
Hrosi LOXX4465
Hrozinovo LOXX0516
Hruba Borsa LOXX1178
Hrubov LOXX2680
Hruby Sur LOXX1179
Hrudkova LOXX0517
Hrusov LOXX1435
Hrusov LOXX3415
Hrusov LOXX0518
Hrusovany LOXX2066
Hrusove LOXX3876
Hrusovo LOXX0519
Hrustin LOXX4466
Hubacov LOXX0520
Hubice LOXX3416
Hubina LOXX3417
Hubosovce LOXX2681
Hubova LOXX4467
Hubovo LOXX0521
Hucin LOXX0522
Hudcovce LOXX2682
Hul LOXX2067
Hulvaci LOXX3877
Hulvinky LOXX2068
Humenne LOXX0025
Humensky Rokytov LOXX2683
Huncovce LOXX2684
Hungary LOXX0128
Hunisky LOXX3878
Hunkovce LOXX2685
Hunkovce LOXX1436
Hurbanova Ves LOXX1180
Hurbanovce LOXX2069
Hurbanovo LOXX2070
Husak LOXX1437
Husarovsko LOXX0523
Husek LOXX3418
Husin LOXX0524
Husina LOXX0525
Husova LOXX0526
Huta LOXX1438
Huta LOXX0527
Huta Maria LOXX1439
Huta Matilda LOXX1440
Hutisko LOXX2686
Hutka LOXX2687
Huty LOXX4468
Huty LOXX2688
Hviezdoslavov LOXX3419
Hvozdnica LOXX4469
Hybe LOXX4470
Ifjusagfalva LOXX2071
Igram LOXX1181
Ihrac LOXX0528
Ihriste LOXX3879
Iklad Tanya LOXX2072
Ilava LOXX3880
Ilavka LOXX3881
Ilianovo LOXX4471
Ilias LOXX0529
Iliasovce LOXX1442
Iliasovo LOXX0530
Ilija LOXX0531
Ilma LOXX2689
Ilona LOXX3420
Ilonahalma LOXX0532
Imrichov Kopec LOXX0533
Imrovka LOXX0534
Ina LOXX2075
Inacovce LOXX1443
Inovce LOXX1444
Isla LOXX2690
Istebne LOXX4472
Istebnik LOXX3882
Istok LOXX0537
Ivachnova LOXX4473
Ivancina LOXX4474
Ivanic LOXX0538
Ivanice LOXX0539
Ivanka Majer LOXX2078
Ivanka pri Nitre LOXX2079
Ivanov LOXX2080
Ivanovce LOXX3883
Iviny LOXX0540
Iza LOXX2081
Izapska samota LOXX3421
Izbice LOXX3884
Izipovce LOXX4475
Izkovce LOXX1445
Izop LOXX3422
Jablon LOXX2691
Jablonec LOXX1182
Jablonica LOXX3423
Jablonov LOXX2692
Jablonovce LOXX2082
Jablonove LOXX1183
Jablonove LOXX4476
Jablonovsky Dvor LOXX4477
Jabrikova LOXX0541
Jacovce LOXX2083
Jahodna LOXX3424
Jahodniky LOXX4478
Jakabhaza LOXX1447
Jaklovce LOXX1448
Jakovany LOXX2693
Jakubany LOXX2694
Jakubov LOXX1184
Jakubovany LOXX2696
Jakusovce LOXX2697
Jalaksova LOXX2084
Jalna LOXX0542
Jalova LOXX2698
Jalovec LOXX3885
Jalovec LOXX4480
Jalsove LOXX3425
Jamnik LOXX1449
Jamnik LOXX4481
Janculy LOXX4482
Janecek LOXX3426
Janice LOXX0543
Janik LOXX1450
Janikov LOXX1185
Janiky LOXX3427
Jankovce LOXX2699
Janoshaza LOXX2085
Janoshaza LOXX1186
Janosikova LOXX1187
Janosovce LOXX4483
Janosovka LOXX0544
Janostelek Majer LOXX3429
Janov LOXX2700
Janov Dvor LOXX2086
Janova Lehota LOXX0545
Janova Ves LOXX3886
Janovce LOXX2701
Janovik LOXX2702
Jaraba LOXX0546
Jarabina LOXX2703
Jarky LOXX3887
Jarman LOXX0547
Jarok LOXX2087
Jarosov LOXX2088
Jarovce LOXX1188
Jarovnice LOXX2704
Jasenica LOXX4484
Jasenica LOXX3888
Jasenie LOXX0548
Jasenov LOXX1451
Jasenov LOXX2705
Jasenova LOXX4485
Jasenova LOXX0549
Jasenovce LOXX2706
Jasenove LOXX4486
Jasenovo LOXX4487
Jasenovska LOXX4488
Jasienka LOXX0550
Jaslovce LOXX3431
Jasov LOXX1452
Jasova LOXX2089
Jasovci LOXX4489
Jastraba LOXX0551
Jastrabie LOXX1453
Jastrabie LOXX2707
Jastrabie LOXX4490
Javor Stal LOXX2090
Javorina LOXX2708
Jazernica LOXX4491
Jazero LOXX0552
Jedlinka LOXX2709
Jelene LOXX0553
Jelene Jamy LOXX3434
Jelenec LOXX2092
Jelenova LOXX3435
Jelka LOXX3436
Jelsava LOXX4492
Jelsovce LOXX2093
Jelsovec LOXX0556
Jenkovce LOXX1454
Jergov LOXX0557
Jeruzalem LOXX3889
Jesenske LOXX2094
Jesenske LOXX0558
Jeskova Ves LOXX3890
Jestice LOXX0559
Jezersko LOXX2710
Jezici LOXX4493
Jovice LOXX1455
Jovsa LOXX1456
Jozefova Pusta LOXX1457
Jozi LOXX3437
Jurakovce LOXX3892
Juraskovia LOXX4494
Jurcatari LOXX3893
Jurci LOXX3894
Juriga LOXX3895
Jurik LOXX4495
Jurka LOXX3896
Jurova LOXX3438
Jurske LOXX2712
Kabancova LOXX4496
Kacago LOXX0560
Kacanov LOXX1458
Kace LOXX2714
Kadlecici LOXX3897
Kajal LOXX3439
Kalameny LOXX4498
Kalinciakovo LOXX2095
Kalinka LOXX0561
Kalinkovo LOXX1189
Kalinov LOXX2715
Kalinovo LOXX0562
Kaliste LOXX0563
Kalman LOXX1460
Kalna LOXX2096
Kalna Roztoka LOXX2716
Kalnica LOXX3898
Kalnica LOXX2097
Kalniste LOXX2717
Kalonda LOXX0564
Kalsa LOXX1461
Kaluza LOXX1462
Kamanova LOXX2098
Kamen LOXX4499
Kamenany LOXX0565
Kamenec LOXX2100
Kamenica LOXX2718
Kameniccany LOXX3899
Kamenicka LOXX2102
Kamenicna LOXX2103
Kamenin LOXX2104
Kamenna Poruba LOXX2719
Kamenna Poruba LOXX4500
Kamenne Kosihy LOXX0566
Kamenny Most LOXX2105
Kamienka LOXX2720
Kanas LOXX2721
Kanianka LOXX3900
Kapisova LOXX2722
Kaplna LOXX1190
Kapona LOXX1463
Kapovna LOXX1464
Kapusany LOXX2723
Kapusany LOXX1465
Kardosova Vieska LOXX3901
Karkusz Pusta LOXX0567
Karlova LOXX4501
Karlova Ves LOXX1191
Karlubek LOXX1192
Karna LOXX2724
Karol LOXX0568
Karolina LOXX2106
Kasov LOXX1467
Kasova Lehotka LOXX0569
Kastania LOXX4502
Kasubove LOXX4503
Katarinin Dvor LOXX2107
Katarinska Huta LOXX0570
Katlovce LOXX3440
Katov LOXX3441
Katun LOXX2726
Kava LOXX2108
Kavecany LOXX1468
Kechnec LOXX1472
Keckovce LOXX2728
Kecovo LOXX1473
Kekito Pusta LOXX2109
Kelca LOXX2729
Kelcanky LOXX2730
Kele Majer LOXX3442
Kenderes Majer LOXX2110
Kendice LOXX2731
Kesovce LOXX0571
Kevice LOXX4504
Kezmarok LOXX2732
Kezmarske Zleby LOXX2733
Kiarov LOXX0572
Kingyes LOXX2112
Kiralyneret LOXX2113
Kis Somlyo Pusta LOXX2114
Kisharcsas LOXX2115
Kisizsa LOXX2116
Kiskora LOXX4505
Kisnyitrahat LOXX2117
Kistata Pusta LOXX2118
Kisueles LOXX0573
Kladivikovo LOXX0576
Kladivovci LOXX4507
Kladzany LOXX2736
Klasov LOXX2120
Klastava LOXX0577
Klatova Nova Ves LOXX3905
Klcov LOXX2737
Klcovany LOXX3446
Klenany LOXX0578
Klenov LOXX2738
Klenova LOXX2739
Klenovec LOXX0579
Kliestina LOXX3906
Klimackech LOXX3907
Klin LOXX4509
Kliz LOXX3908
Klizska Nema LOXX2121
Klizske Hradiste LOXX3909
Klobucna LOXX4510
Klobusice LOXX3910
Klokoc LOXX0580
Klokocov LOXX1476
Klokocov LOXX4511
Klubina LOXX4512
Klubinsky Dvor LOXX4513
Klukania LOXX4514
Kluknava LOXX1477
Klukovia LOXX4515
Klvace LOXX3911
Knazia LOXX4516
Knazice LOXX2124
Knazov Vrch LOXX0581
Knezova Lehota LOXX4517
Kobeliarovo LOXX1478
Kobylnice LOXX2740
Kobyly LOXX2741
Kochanovce LOXX1480
Kochanovce LOXX2742
Kociha LOXX0582
Kocin LOXX3447
Kociny LOXX4518
Kocisske LOXX3448
Kocovce LOXX3912
Kocurany LOXX3913
Kocurice LOXX3449
Koevesagy LOXX2125
Kojatice LOXX2743
Kojaticka Dolina LOXX2744
Kojsov LOXX1481
Kojsovska Hola LOXX0096
Kokosova LOXX2126
Kokosovce LOXX2745
Koksov-Baksa LOXX1482
Kolackov LOXX2746
Kolacno LOXX3914
Kolarici LOXX3915
Kolarovice LOXX4519
Kolarovo LOXX0048
Kolbach LOXX2747
Kolbasov LOXX2748
Kolbovce LOXX2749
Kolenianky LOXX4520
Kolenovia LOXX4521
Koliba LOXX1193
Kolibabovce LOXX1483
Kolinany LOXX2127
Kolinovce LOXX1484
Kolonia LOXX0133
Kolonica LOXX2750
Kolonie Alzbeta LOXX1194
Kolta LOXX2129
Komanica LOXX1485
Komarany LOXX2751
Komarno LOXX0584
Komarno LOXX0049
Komarno LOXX3916
Komarov LOXX2752
Komarov LOXX1195
Komarovce LOXX1486
Komjatice LOXX2131
Komjatna LOXX4522
Komoca LOXX2132
Komov LOXX0585
Konci Diel LOXX0586
Koniarovce LOXX2133
Konopkovo LOXX0587
Konradovce LOXX0588
Konska LOXX4523
Konske LOXX4524
Konus LOXX1487
Kopacno LOXX0589
Kopanica LOXX2134
Kopanica LOXX4525
Kopanica LOXX3917
Kopanica Dolina LOXX3919
Kopanice LOXX0590
Kopanky LOXX3921
Kopcany LOXX1488
Kopcany LOXX3450
Kopec LOXX3922
Kopernica LOXX0591
Koplotovce LOXX3451
Kopras LOXX0592
Koprivnica LOXX2753
Kordiky LOXX0593
Kordisi LOXX4526
Korejovce LOXX2754
Kormanci LOXX4527
Kornica LOXX4528
Korytne LOXX3924
Korytne LOXX2755
Korytnica LOXX4529
Kos LOXX3926
Kosarovce LOXX2756
Koseca LOXX3928
Kosecke Rovne LOXX3929
Kosice LOXX0003
Kosicka Bela LOXX1490
Kosicka Nova Ves LOXX1491
Kosicke Hamre LOXX1492
Kosicke Kupele LOXX1493
Kosicke Olsany LOXX1494
Kosicky Klecenov LOXX1495
Kosihovce LOXX0594
Koskovce LOXX2757
Kosolna LOXX3452
Kosorin LOXX0596
Kostikovce LOXX4531
Kostiviarska LOXX0597
Kostolec LOXX3930
Kostoliste LOXX1196
Kostolna LOXX3931
Kostolna Basta LOXX0598
Kostolna Ves LOXX3932
Kostolne LOXX0599
Kostolne LOXX3933
Kostolne Kracany LOXX3453
Kostolne Mitice LOXX3934
Kostolne Moravce LOXX0600
Kostolny Sek LOXX2136
Kosuty LOXX4532
Kosuty LOXX3454
Kotelnica LOXX2137
Kotelszer Pusta LOXX1198
Kotesova LOXX4533
Kotmanova LOXX0601
Kotrcina Lucka LOXX4534
Kovacova LOXX1497
Kovacova LOXX0602
Kovacova LOXX2138
Kovacovce LOXX4535
Kovacovce LOXX0603
Kovacspuszta LOXX2139
Kovagopuszta LOXX2140
Kovalov LOXX3455
Kovalovec LOXX3456
Kovarce LOXX2141
Kozany LOXX2758
Kozarovce LOXX2142
Kozelec LOXX2759
Kozelnik LOXX0604
Kozi Vrbovok LOXX0606
Kozinska LOXX4536
Kozuchov LOXX1498
Kozuchovce LOXX2760
Kracunovce LOXX2761
Krahule LOXX0607
Krajek LOXX3935
Krajna Bystra LOXX2762
Krajna Porubka LOXX2764
Krajne LOXX3936
Krajne Cierno LOXX2765
Krakovany LOXX3457
Kralik LOXX0610
Kraliky LOXX0611
Kram LOXX0612
Kramliste LOXX0613
Kraskovo LOXX0614
Krasna LOXX0615
Krasna Horka LOXX4539
Krasna Luka LOXX2767
Krasna Ves LOXX3937
Krasnany LOXX4540
Krasno LOXX3938
Krasnovce LOXX1504
Krasny Brod LOXX2768
Krasok LOXX1505
Kratke Kesy LOXX2144
Kratky LOXX3939
Kravany LOXX2769
Kravany LOXX1506
Krcava LOXX1507
Kremeni LOXX3940
Kremna LOXX2770
Kremnica LOXX0050
Kremnicka LOXX0616
Kremnicke Bane LOXX0617
Krendzelovka LOXX2771
Kresanie LOXX3941
Krislovce LOXX2772
Kristofsky LOXX4542
Kristy LOXX1508
Kriva LOXX4543
Krivan LOXX0618
Krivany LOXX2774
Krive LOXX2775
Krivoklat LOXX3943
Krivosud LOXX3944
Krizani LOXX3945
Krizany LOXX1510
Krize LOXX2776
Krizna LOXX0619
Krizova Ves LOXX2777
Krizovany LOXX2778
Krmes LOXX4544
Krmes LOXX1200
Krna LOXX0620
Krnca LOXX2146
Krnisov LOXX0621
Krno LOXX0622
Krokava LOXX0623
Krompachy LOXX1511
Krskov Laz LOXX3946
Krtovce LOXX2147
Krucov LOXX2779
Krupina LOXX0624
Krusetnica LOXX4546
Krusinec LOXX2780
Krusovce LOXX2148
Kruzlov LOXX2781
Kruzlova LOXX2782
Kruzlovska Huta LOXX2783
Kruzna LOXX1512
Krzel LOXX3947
Krzle LOXX3948
Ksinna LOXX3949
Ku Kyslej LOXX0625
Kubanovo LOXX2149
Kubinska LOXX4547
Kubra LOXX3950
Kubrica LOXX3951
Kubusi LOXX4548
Kucany LOXX1513
Kucejovci LOXX3952
Kucera LOXX3953
Kuchari LOXX3954
Kuchyna LOXX1201
Kucin LOXX2784
Kudlovce LOXX2785
Kuklov LOXX3462
Kukova LOXX2786
Kukucinov LOXX2150
Kunerad LOXX4549
Kunesov LOXX0626
Kunov LOXX3463
Kunova Teplica LOXX1514
Kunovec LOXX3955
Kupele LOXX1515
Kupele Lucivna LOXX2788
Kupele Stos LOXX1516
Kuricovci LOXX0628
Kurima LOXX2790
Kurimany LOXX2791
Kurimka LOXX2792
Kurinc LOXX0629
Kurov LOXX2793
Kusin LOXX1517
Kutnarie LOXX3956
Kutniky LOXX3464
Kuty LOXX3465
Kuzmice LOXX1518
Kuzmice LOXX2152
Kvacany LOXX4550
Kvacany LOXX2794
Kvakovce LOXX2795
Kvarty LOXX4551
Kvasna Voda LOXX2796
Kvasov LOXX3957
Kvetnica LOXX2797
Kvetoslavov LOXX3466
Kycerka LOXX4552
Kyjatice LOXX0630
Kyjov LOXX2798
Kynek LOXX2153
Kysak LOXX1519
Kysela Voda LOXX0632
Kyselica LOXX3468
Kyselka LOXX3958
Kysla LOXX0633
Kysta LOXX1520
Lackov LOXX0634
Lackovce LOXX2800
Laclava LOXX4554
Lacnov LOXX2801
Lada LOXX2802
Ladce LOXX3960
Ladice LOXX2154
Ladmovce LOXX1521
Ladno LOXX0635
Ladomer LOXX0636
Ladomirov LOXX2803
Ladomirova LOXX2804
Ladzany LOXX0637
Lajoshaza LOXX1522
Lalinek LOXX4555
Lamac LOXX1202
Lancar LOXX3470
Lanciovsky Dvor LOXX1523
Landor LOXX2155
Lanyiho Huta LOXX1524
Lapsa LOXX0638
Lapsovci LOXX3961
Lascov LOXX2805
Laskar LOXX4556
Laskar LOXX3962
Laskovce LOXX1525
Lastomir LOXX1526
Lastovce LOXX1527
Laszlomuve LOXX2156
Latkovce LOXX3963
Latky LOXX0640
Lavkovo LOXX4557
Lavovce LOXX3964
Lazany LOXX4558
Lazany LOXX3965
Lazany LOXX2806
Lazik LOXX3966
Lazisko LOXX4559
Laznany LOXX1528
Lazy LOXX2807
Lazy LOXX4560
Lazy LOXX3967
Lazy LOXX0641
Lazy pod Makytou LOXX3968
Lechnica LOXX2808
Lecsenypuszta LOXX0642
Lednica LOXX3969
Lednicka Lehota LOXX3970
Lednicke Rovne LOXX3971
Legnava LOXX2809
Lehnice LOXX3471
Lehota LOXX2157
Lehotka LOXX4561
Lehotka LOXX0643
Lehotska LOXX4562
Lekarovce LOXX1529
Leklinec LOXX0645
Lelasi LOXX3972
Leles LOXX1530
Lemesany LOXX2810
Lenartov LOXX2811
Lenartovce LOXX0646
Lendak LOXX2812
Lenka LOXX0647
Lentvora LOXX0648
Leopoldov LOXX0052
Lesenice LOXX0649
Lesicek LOXX2813
Lesne LOXX1531
Lesne Kracany LOXX3472
Lesnica LOXX2814
Lestiny LOXX4563
Letanovce LOXX1532
Leteskovie LOXX3973
Letnicie LOXX3473
Levare LOXX0651
Levcici LOXX3974
Levice LOXX0022
Levkuska LOXX0652
Levoca LOXX0140
Leziachov LOXX4564
Libichava LOXX3975
Licartovce LOXX2815
Licince LOXX0653
Liesek LOXX0053
Lieskova LOXX1533
Lieskova LOXX2159
Lieskovany LOXX1534
Lieskovec LOXX3976
Lieskovec LOXX0654
Lieskovec LOXX2816
Liesno LOXX4565
Lietava LOXX4566
Lietavska Lucka LOXX4567
Lietavska Svinna LOXX4568
Ligasovci LOXX3978
Likavka LOXX4570
Likier LOXX0655
Lindava LOXX1203
Lipany LOXX2817
Lipnik LOXX3979
Lipniky LOXX2818
Lipova LOXX2819
Lipovce LOXX2820
Lipove LOXX2160
Lipovec LOXX4571
Lipovec LOXX0657
Lipovnik LOXX1535
Lipovnik LOXX2161
Liptovska Anna LOXX4572
Liptovska Kokava LOXX4573
Liptovska Luzna LOXX4574
Liptovska Mara LOXX4575
Liptovska Osada LOXX4577
Liptovska Tepla LOXX4581
Liptovske Revuce LOXX4585
Liptovsky Hradok LOXX0054
Liptovsky Jan LOXX4586
Liptovsky Michal LOXX4587
Liptovsky Ondrej LOXX4588
Liskova LOXX4591
Liskovo LOXX4592
Lisov LOXX0658
Litava LOXX0659
Litmanova LOXX2822
Livina LOXX3980
Lodno LOXX4593
Logorretitanyak LOXX2162
Lohot LOXX2163
Lok LOXX2164
Lokca LOXX4594
Lomna LOXX4595
Lomne LOXX2823
Lomnica LOXX3982
Lomnica LOXX2824
Lomnicka LOXX2825
Lomnicky Stit LOXX0095
Lomno LOXX0661
Lonec LOXX0662
Lontov LOXX2165
Lopasov LOXX3474
Lopaty LOXX0663
Lopej LOXX0664
Lopuchov LOXX2826
Lopusna LOXX4596
Lopusne Pazite LOXX4597
Lorincik LOXX1536
Losonec LOXX3475
Lovca LOXX0665
Lovce LOXX2166
Lovcica LOXX0666
Lovinobana LOXX0667
Lozin LOXX1537
Lozorno LOXX1204
Lubenik LOXX0668
Lubica LOXX0056
Lubina LOXX3983
Lubochna LOXX4598
Lubovec LOXX2827
Luby LOXX4599
Lucatin LOXX0669
Lucenec LOXX0024
Lucina LOXX2828
Lucivna LOXX2829
Lucka LOXX1538
Lucka LOXX2830
Luckovce LOXX1539
Lucky LOXX1540
Lucky LOXX4600
Lucky LOXX0670
Ludanice LOXX2167
Ludrova LOXX4601
Luhyna LOXX1541
Luka LOXX3984
Lukacov Stal LOXX2168
Lukacovce LOXX2169
Lukacovce LOXX2831
Lukacovci LOXX4602
Lukavica LOXX0671
Lukavica LOXX2832
Lukov LOXX2833
Lukove LOXX0672
Lukovistia LOXX0673
Luky LOXX3985
Luky LOXX4603
Lula LOXX2170
Lupoc LOXX0674
Lutila LOXX0675
Lutise LOXX4604
Luzany LOXX2171
Luzany pri Topli LOXX2834
Luzianky LOXX2172
Lysa pod Makytou LOXX3986
Lysica LOXX4605
Lyukva LOXX0676
Machalovce LOXX2836
Machara LOXX3987
Machulince LOXX2173
Mackov LOXX0677
Macov LOXX3476
Macov LOXX3988
Macse LOXX2174
Mad LOXX3477
Madacka LOXX0678
Maderet LOXX2176
Madocany LOXX4606
Madunice LOXX3478
Madzin LOXX4607
Magale LOXX4608
Magura LOXX0679
Magurka LOXX4609
Majcichov LOXX3479
Majdan LOXX2837
Majer LOXX0680
Majere LOXX2838
Majericky LOXX3480
Majerka LOXX2839
Majerovce LOXX2840
Majtani LOXX3989
Majtanky LOXX4610
Makov LOXX4611
Makovce LOXX2841
Mala LOXX1542
Mala Bara LOXX1543
Mala Bela LOXX2177
Mala Borsa LOXX1205
Mala Bytca LOXX4612
Mala Calomija LOXX0681
Mala Causa LOXX3990
Mala Cierna LOXX4613
Mala Domasa LOXX2842
Mala Driecna LOXX2843
Mala Frankova LOXX2844
Mala Hradna LOXX3991
Mala Ida LOXX1544
Mala Lehota LOXX0682
Mala Lehota LOXX3992
Mala Lehotka LOXX3993
Mala Lodina LOXX1545
Mala Luc LOXX3481
Mala Maca LOXX3482
Mala Mana LOXX2178
Mala Muzla LOXX2179
Mala nad Hronom LOXX2181
Mala Paka LOXX3483
Mala Poloma LOXX1546
Mala Romhan LOXX0683
Mala Trna LOXX1547
Mala Tura LOXX2180
Mala Udica LOXX3994
Mala Vieska LOXX1548
Malachov LOXX0684
Malacky LOXX0147
Malas LOXX2182
Malatina LOXX4614
Malcice LOXX1549
Malcov LOXX2846
Male Bedzany LOXX2183
Male Bielice LOXX3995
Male Bierovce LOXX3996
Male Blahovo LOXX3484
Male Borove LOXX4615
Male Bosany LOXX3997
Male Brestovany LOXX3485
Male Bukovce LOXX2847
Male Canikovce LOXX1206
Male Chlievany LOXX3998
Male Chyndice LOXX2185
Male Dvorany LOXX2186
Male Dvorniky LOXX3486
Male Hadovce LOXX2187
Male Hoste LOXX3999
Male Jastrabie LOXX4000
Male Kapusany LOXX1550
Male Kosihy LOXX2188
Male Kozmalovce LOXX2189
Male Krskany LOXX2190
Male Krstenany LOXX4002
Male Lednice LOXX4003
Male Levare LOXX1207
Male Ludince LOXX2191
Male Orviste LOXX3487
Male Ostratice LOXX4004
Male Ozorovce LOXX1551
Male Raskovce LOXX1552
Male Rastice LOXX3488
Male Ripnany LOXX2192
Male Stankovce LOXX4005
Male Staskovce LOXX2848
Male Straciny LOXX0686
Male Teriakovce LOXX0687
Male Trakany LOXX1553
Male Trnie LOXX1208
Male Uherce LOXX4006
Male Vozokany LOXX2193
Male Vranie LOXX3489
Male Zablatie LOXX4007
Male Zaluzice LOXX1554
Male Zaluzie LOXX2194
Male Zlievce LOXX0688
Malinec LOXX0689
Malinova LOXX4008
Malinovec LOXX2195
Malinovo LOXX1209
Maluzina LOXX4616
Maly Bab LOXX2196
Maly Biel LOXX1210
Maly Bysterec LOXX4617
Maly Cepcin LOXX4618
Maly Cetin LOXX2197
Maly Dvor LOXX2198
Maly Folkmar LOXX1555
Maly Haj LOXX3490
Maly Hores LOXX1556
Maly Jatov LOXX2199
Maly Javornik LOXX0097
Maly Kamenec LOXX1557
Maly Kazimir LOXX1558
Maly Kiar LOXX2200
Maly Kolacin LOXX4009
Maly Krtis LOXX0690
Maly Kyr LOXX2201
Maly Lapas LOXX2202
Maly Lipnik LOXX2849
Maly Madaras LOXX1211
Maly Malas LOXX2203
Maly Ostrov LOXX2204
Maly Pesek LOXX2205
Maly Ruskov LOXX1559
Maly Saris LOXX2850
Maly Slavkov LOXX2851
Maly Slivnik LOXX2852
Maly Sur LOXX1212
Maly Valkaz LOXX2206
Malzenice LOXX3491
Mankovce LOXX2207
Marcek LOXX4619
Marcelova LOXX2208
Margecany LOXX1560
Margit LOXX3492
Marhan LOXX2853
Maria LOXX1561
Maria LOXX2209
Marianka LOXX1213
Markovce LOXX1562
Markovec LOXX4010
Markuska LOXX1563
Markusovce LOXX1564
Marova LOXX4620
Martin LOXX0010
Martincek LOXX4621
Martinova LOXX2211
Martinova LOXX0691
Martovce LOXX2212
Marusova LOXX2213
Maskova LOXX0692
Maskovce LOXX2854
Maslovce LOXX3493
Masnikovo LOXX3494
Mast LOXX1214
Mastinec LOXX0693
Matejovce LOXX1566
Matejovce LOXX2855
Matejovec LOXX4011
Matek LOXX4012
Mathilden Dvor LOXX3495
Matiaska LOXX2856
Matiasovce LOXX2857
Matka Bozia LOXX1215
Matliary LOXX2858
Matovce LOXX2859
Matuskovo LOXX3496
Matysova LOXX2860
Max LOXX4013
Mazgutovia LOXX4622
Mazur LOXX4014
Mazuria LOXX4623
Mecedelovce LOXX2861
Mechenice LOXX2214
Medne LOXX4015
Medovarce LOXX0694
Medvecke LOXX2215
Medvedzie LOXX4624
Medvedzie LOXX2862
Medzany LOXX2863
Medzev LOXX0057
Medzianky LOXX2864
Medzibrod LOXX0695
Medzibrodie LOXX2865
Medzihradne LOXX4626
Medzilaborce LOXX2866
Mehes Pusta LOXX2216
Melcice LOXX4016
Melecky Dvor LOXX2217
Melek LOXX2218
Meliata LOXX1567
Mengusovce LOXX2867
Merasice LOXX3498
Meretice LOXX2868
Mernik LOXX2869
Merovce LOXX0696
Mesovka LOXX0697
Mestecko LOXX4018
Mestisko LOXX2870
Mesto LOXX4019
Micakovce LOXX2871
Mice LOXX3499
Michajlov LOXX2872
Michalie LOXX4020
Michalkova LOXX0698
Michalok LOXX2873
Michalov LOXX2874
Michalova LOXX0699
Michalovce LOXX0151
Michalovo LOXX2219
Michalsky Majer LOXX2220
Micianovia LOXX4627
Miezgovce LOXX4021
Mihalfai Majer LOXX3500
Mihalyhaza LOXX1569
Mikluse LOXX4022
Miklusovce LOXX2875
Mikolcany LOXX0700
Mikov Dvorec LOXX0701
Mikova LOXX2876
Mikova Ves LOXX2221
Miksova LOXX4628
Mikula LOXX2222
Mikulasov LOXX3501
Mikulasov Sad LOXX2223
Mikulasova LOXX2877
Mikusovce LOXX0702
Mikusovce LOXX4023
Milcici LOXX3502
Milhostov LOXX0058
Milochov LOXX4024
Miloslavov LOXX1216
Milosova LOXX4629
Milpos LOXX2878
Minarovci LOXX4025
Minovce LOXX2879
Mirkovce LOXX2880
Mistriky LOXX0703
Misuty LOXX0704
Mlada Hora LOXX0705
Mladonov LOXX4026
Mlady Haj LOXX2224
Mladzovo LOXX0706
Mlaky LOXX0707
Mliecany LOXX3503
Mliecno LOXX3504
Mlincan LOXX4630
Mlynany LOXX2225
Mlynarce LOXX2226
Mlynarovce LOXX2882
Mlynceky LOXX2883
Mlynica LOXX2884
Mlynky LOXX1571
Mlynsky Sek LOXX2227
Mnesice LOXX4027
Mnichova Lehota LOXX4028
Mnisany LOXX0708
Moca LOXX2228
Mocarany LOXX1573
Mocarmany LOXX2886
Mocenok LOXX2229
Mochovce LOXX2230
Mociar LOXX0709
Mocidlany LOXX3505
Moderstolna LOXX0710
Modlatin LOXX4029
Modra LOXX0059
Modra LOXX2888
Modranka LOXX3506
Modrany LOXX2231
Modrova LOXX4030
Modrovka LOXX4031
Modry Kamen LOXX0711
Mogdove LOXX0712
Mojin LOXX0713
Mojmirovce LOXX2232
Mojs LOXX4631
Mojsova Lucka LOXX4632
Mojtin LOXX4032
Mojzesovo LOXX2233
Mokra Luka LOXX0714
Mokrance LOXX1574
Mokroluh LOXX2889
Mokry Haj LOXX3507
Molnarov Dvor LOXX1577
Monosza LOXX0715
Moravany LOXX1578
Moravske Kracany LOXX3509
Morovno LOXX4034
Moskovec LOXX4634
Mosovce LOXX4635
Mostenica LOXX0716
Mostiste LOXX4036
Mostova LOXX3511
Mosurov LOXX2890
Motycky LOXX0718
Mozolovci LOXX0719
Mrackov LOXX4636
Mranov LOXX4637
Mraznica LOXX4037
Mrazovce LOXX2891
Mrzacka LOXX4638
Mucin LOXX0720
Mudronovo LOXX2234
Mudrovce LOXX1579
Muller LOXX0723
Muran LOXX0724
Muranska Huta LOXX0726
Muranska Lehota LOXX0727
Mutne LOXX4639
Muzla LOXX2235
Myjava LOXX4038
Myslava LOXX1580
Myslenice LOXX1218
Myslina LOXX2892
Mytna LOXX0729
Mytna Nova Ves LOXX2236
Mytne Ludany LOXX2237
Na Breh LOXX4640
Na Dolinkach LOXX0731
Na Frantisku LOXX3512
Na Haj LOXX4039
Na Hrazi LOXX3513
Na Ostrove LOXX3514
Na Starom Majeri LOXX4040
Nacina Ves LOXX1581
Nad Mlynmi LOXX3515
Nadabula LOXX1582
Nadas LOXX2238
Nadlice LOXX4041
Nadomlin LOXX4641
Nagov LOXX2893
Nagyszegpuszta LOXX3516
Nagysziget LOXX2240
Nahac LOXX3517
Nalepkovo LOXX1583
Namestovo LOXX0060
Nana LOXX2241
Nandraz LOXX0732
Narad LOXX3518
Navojovce LOXX4042
Nebojsa LOXX3519
Necpaly LOXX4642
Nedanovce LOXX4044
Nedasovce LOXX4045
Neded LOXX2242
Nededza LOXX4643
Nedeliste LOXX0733
Neklen LOXX0734
Nemcanka LOXX3520
Nemcice LOXX2243
Nemcinany LOXX2244
Nemcovce LOXX2894
Nemcovo LOXX4644
Nemecka LOXX0735
Nemecka Huta LOXX2245
Nemecky LOXX2246
Nemecky Sok LOXX3521
Nemecky Svodin LOXX2247
Nemesany LOXX2895
Nemsova LOXX4047
Nenince LOXX0736
Neporadza LOXX0737
Neresnica LOXX0738
Neslusa LOXX4645
Nestich LOXX1219
Nesvady LOXX2248
Neverice LOXX2249
Nevidzany LOXX4048
Nevidzany LOXX2250
Nezbudska Lucka LOXX4646
Nezitovce LOXX4647
Nierese LOXX2896
Nikelberg LOXX0740
Nimnica LOXX4049
Nitra LOXX0021
Nitrianske Rudno LOXX4051
Nivy LOXX1220
Nizna LOXX3522
Nizna LOXX4648
Nizna Boca LOXX4649
Nizna Hutka LOXX1584
Nizna Jablonka LOXX2897
Nizna Kalosa LOXX0742
Nizna Kamenica LOXX1585
Nizna Korna LOXX4650
Nizna Labaja LOXX4651
Nizna Olsava LOXX2900
Nizna Pisana LOXX2901
Nizna Pokoradz LOXX0743
Nizna Polianka LOXX2902
Nizna Radvan LOXX2903
Nizna Revuca LOXX4652
Nizna Rybnica LOXX1587
Nizna Sebastova LOXX2904
Nizna Sitnica LOXX2905
Nizna Slana LOXX1588
Nizna Sunava LOXX2906
Nizna Vladica LOXX2907
Nizne Cabiny LOXX2909
Nizne Hagy LOXX2910
Nizne Ladickovce LOXX2911
Nizne Malatiny LOXX4653
Nizne Matiasovce LOXX4654
Nizne Nemecke LOXX1589
Nizne Raslavice LOXX2912
Nizne Raztoky LOXX4655
Nizne Repase LOXX2913
Nizne Ruzbachy LOXX2914
Nizne Slovinky LOXX1590
Nizne Valice LOXX0744
Nizne Zbojne LOXX2915
Nizny Blh LOXX0745
Nizny Caj LOXX1591
Nizny Hrabovec LOXX2916
Nizny Hrusov LOXX2917
Nizny Kelcov LOXX4656
Nizny Klatov LOXX1592
Nizny Komarnik LOXX2918
Nizny Krucov LOXX2919
Nizny Lanec LOXX1593
Nizny Mirosov LOXX2920
Nizny Orlik LOXX2921
Nizny Petrovec LOXX0746
Nizny Skalnik LOXX0747
Nizny Slavkov LOXX2922
Nizny Sliac LOXX4657
Nizny Tvarozec LOXX2923
Nizny Zipov LOXX1594
Nolcovo LOXX4658
Norovce LOXX2255
Nosice LOXX4053
Nova Bana LOXX0748
Nova Bohata LOXX2256
Nova Bystrica LOXX4659
Nova Dubnica LOXX4054
Nova Jelka LOXX3523
Nova Lehota LOXX4055
Nova Lesna LOXX0061
Nova Lipnica LOXX1221
Nova Masa LOXX0749
Nova Osada LOXX2257
Nova Polianka LOXX2924
Nova Sedlica LOXX2925
Nova Straz LOXX2258
Nova Trstena LOXX2259
Nova Ves LOXX4056
Nova Ves LOXX0750
Nova Vieska LOXX2261
Novacany LOXX0751
Novacany LOXX1596
Novaky LOXX0062
Nove Kosariska LOXX1223
Nove Mesto LOXX1224
Nove Mlyny LOXX2262
Nove Sady LOXX2264
Nove Zamky LOXX0004
Novosad LOXX1597
Novoveske Kupele LOXX1598
Novy Diel LOXX2265
Novy Dvor LOXX2266
Novy Dvor LOXX3524
Novy Dvor LOXX1225
Novy Dvor LOXX0752
Novy Koronc LOXX1599
Novy Majer LOXX1600
Novy Majer LOXX2267
Novy Sad LOXX0753
Novy Salas LOXX1601
Novy Smokovec LOXX2927
Novy Svet LOXX0754
Novy Svet LOXX2268
Novy Tekov LOXX2269
Novy Vadalmas LOXX2270
Nozdrkovce LOXX4058
Nozdrovice LOXX4059
Nyrovce LOXX2271
Obeckov LOXX0755
Obid LOXX2274
Obisovce LOXX1602
Oborin LOXX1603
Obracanikovia LOXX4661
Obrucne LOXX2928
Obsolovce LOXX2275
Obyce LOXX2276
Ochodnica LOXX4662
Ochtina LOXX1604
Ockov LOXX4060
Ocova LOXX0756
Odorin LOXX1605
OElvedipuszta LOXX2272
OErteny LOXX2273
Ohrady LOXX3525
Ohradzany LOXX2929
Okanikovo LOXX2277
Okoc LOXX3526
Okruhle LOXX2930
Okrut LOXX4061
Okruzna LOXX2931
Olcnava LOXX1607
Olejnikov LOXX2937
Olesna LOXX4663
Oleta LOXX4664
Olovary LOXX0757
Ols LOXX1608
Olsavka LOXX2938
Olsina LOXX1609
Olsovany LOXX1610
Omastina LOXX4062
Omlas LOXX1611
Omsenie LOXX4063
Ondavka LOXX2939
Ondrasova LOXX4665
Ondrasovce LOXX2941
Ondrejkov LOXX4666
Ondrejovce LOXX2279
Ondrochov LOXX2280
Ontopa LOXX2281
Opatka LOXX1612
Opatova LOXX4064
Opatova LOXX0758
Opatovce LOXX4065
Opatove Moravce LOXX0759
Opatska LOXX1613
Opava LOXX0762
Opina LOXX1614
Opoj LOXX3529
Oponice LOXX2284
Oravce LOXX0763
Oravica LOXX4667
Oravice LOXX4668
Oravska Lesna LOXX4669
Oravska Polhora LOXX4670
Oravske Hamre LOXX4671
Oravske Vesele LOXX4672
Oravsky Podzamok LOXX4674
Ordzoviany LOXX2942
Orechova LOXX1615
Orechova Poton LOXX3530
Oremov Laz LOXX0764
Oresany LOXX2285
Oreske LOXX1616
Oreske LOXX3531
Orgonovci LOXX4067
Orkucany LOXX2943
Orlov LOXX2944
Orlove LOXX4068
Orlovsky Dvor LOXX4069
Orovnica LOXX0765
Ortase LOXX1617
Ortov LOXX1618
Osada LOXX4675
Osadka LOXX4676
Osadne LOXX2946
Oscadnica LOXX4677
Oselnica LOXX4678
Osikov LOXX2947
Oskerda LOXX4679
Oslany LOXX4070
Osrblie LOXX0766
Ostra Luka LOXX0767
Ostrany LOXX0768
Ostre LOXX4680
Ostrica LOXX4681
Ostrov LOXX3532
Ostrov LOXX1619
Ostrovany LOXX2948
Ostroznica LOXX2949
Ostry Grun LOXX0769
Osturna LOXX2950
Osuchov LOXX1620
Osuske LOXX3533
Otilia LOXX0770
Otrhanky LOXX4071
Otrocok LOXX0771
Ovciarsko LOXX4682
Ovcie LOXX2951
Ovsiste LOXX1226
Ozdin LOXX0773
Pac LOXX3534
Paca LOXX1621
Pacato LOXX2952
Pacserok LOXX2286
Padan LOXX3535
Padanyretimajor LOXX3536
Padarovce LOXX0774
Paderovce LOXX3537
Paganovce LOXX4072
Pajty LOXX0775
Pakostov LOXX2953
Palarikovo LOXX2287
Palcmanska Masa LOXX1622
Palenciaren LOXX1623
Palhaza LOXX0776
Palin LOXX1624
Palkovicovo LOXX3538
Palota LOXX2954
Palova Pusta LOXX2288
Palovce LOXX3539
Paludza LOXX4683
Paludzka LOXX4684
Pana LOXX2289
Panici LOXX4073
Panicke Dravce LOXX0777
Panisie LOXX4074
Panovce LOXX1625
Panska Pusta LOXX0778
Panske Pole LOXX3540
Papajci LOXX4685
Papca LOXX0779
Papin LOXX2955
Paprad LOXX4075
Papradno LOXX4076
Parchovany LOXX1626
Paricov LOXX1627
Parihuzovce LOXX2956
Parizovce LOXX4686
Parnica LOXX4687
Parovske Haje LOXX2290
Partizanske LOXX4077
Paseka LOXX1628
Paseky LOXX2957
Paseky LOXX0780
Pasienka LOXX3541
Paskova LOXX1629
Pastina Zavada LOXX4689
Pastovce LOXX2291
Pastuchov LOXX3542
Pata LOXX3543
Patas LOXX3544
Patasska Kolonie LOXX3545
Patince LOXX2292
Patkos LOXX0781
Paucica LOXX4078
Paulo LOXX0782
Pavcina Lehota LOXX4690
Pavel LOXX2293
Pavlice LOXX3546
Pavlov dvor LOXX2294
Pavlova LOXX2295
Pavlova Ves LOXX4691
Pavlovce LOXX0783
Pavlovce LOXX2959
Pavlovo LOXX1631
Pavlusi LOXX4692
Pavuci LOXX4079
Pcoline LOXX2960
Pecenady LOXX3547
Pecenany LOXX4081
Pecenice LOXX2296
Pecho v Laze LOXX4082
Peder LOXX1632
Peklina LOXX4693
Peklo LOXX2962
Peklo LOXX0784
Peres LOXX2297
Peres Majer LOXX2298
Peres Pusta LOXX2299
Perin LOXX1633
Pernek LOXX1227
Petejovce LOXX2963
Petercovo LOXX0786
Petkovce LOXX2964
Petrespusta LOXX0787
Petrikovce LOXX1634
Petrova LOXX2965
Petrova LOXX0788
Petrova Lehota LOXX4084
Petrova Ves LOXX3548
Petrovany LOXX2966
Petrovce LOXX0789
Petrovce LOXX1635
Petrovce LOXX2967
Petrovenec LOXX2968
Petrovice LOXX4694
Petrovo LOXX1637
Petrzalka LOXX1228
Pezerne LOXX2300
Pezinok LOXX0064
Pichne LOXX2969
Piechov LOXX4085
Piesky LOXX1638
Piesky LOXX2301
Piesky LOXX1229
Piesky LOXX0790
Piesok LOXX1230
Piesok LOXX0791
Piestany LOXX0008
Pikova LOXX2302
Pikovce LOXX2970
Pila LOXX1639
Pila LOXX1231
Pilhov LOXX2971
Pincina LOXX0794
Pinczek LOXX2303
Pinkovce LOXX1640
Pinkove Kracany LOXX3549
Piskorovce LOXX2972
Pisovci LOXX0795
Pitelova LOXX0796
Pivnice LOXX0797
Plachtinske Lazy LOXX0798
Plane LOXX1641
Plave Vozokany LOXX2305
Plavec LOXX2973
Plavecky Stvrtok LOXX1233
Plavnica LOXX2974
Plechotice LOXX1642
Ples LOXX0799
Plesiva LOXX4696
Plesivec LOXX1644
Plevnik LOXX4087
Pliesovce LOXX0800
Pliesovske Lazy LOXX0801
Ploske LOXX0802
Ploske LOXX1645
Plostin LOXX4697
Pobedim LOXX4088
Pobisov LOXX0803
Pocarova LOXX4089
Pochabany LOXX4090
Pocuvadlo LOXX0804
Pod Dielom LOXX0805
Pod Skalku LOXX0806
Pod Stenami LOXX4698
Podbanske LOXX2975
Podbiel LOXX4699
Podbranc LOXX3551
Podbrezova LOXX0807
Podcicva LOXX2976
Podhaj LOXX3552
Podhajska LOXX2306
Podholie LOXX0808
Podhorany LOXX2977
Podhorie LOXX4091
Podhorie LOXX4700
Podhorskovia LOXX4701
Podhradie LOXX2307
Podhradie LOXX4702
Podhradie LOXX4092
Podhradik LOXX2978
Podhradisko LOXX2979
Podhradok LOXX2980
Podjaskov LOXX4093
Podkanova LOXX0809
Podkonice LOXX0810
Podkrivan LOXX0811
Podkylava LOXX4094
Podlavice LOXX0812
Podlipniky LOXX2981
Podluzany LOXX2308
Podluzany LOXX0813
Podluzany LOXX4095
Podlysec LOXX0814
Podmanin LOXX4096
Podolie LOXX4097
Podolinec LOXX2982
Podpila LOXX2983
Podproc LOXX2984
Podrecany LOXX0815
Podsadek LOXX2985
Podskalie LOXX4098
Podskalka LOXX0816
Podskalka LOXX2986
Podspady LOXX2987
Podturen LOXX4703
Podvazie LOXX4099
Podvysoka LOXX4704
Podzamcok LOXX0817
Podzamok LOXX0818
Podzavoz LOXX4705
Podziar LOXX4100
Pohorela LOXX0819
Pohorelska Masa LOXX0820
Pohranice LOXX2309
Pohronsky Ruskov LOXX2310
Pokryvac LOXX4706
Polacek LOXX4102
Polerieka LOXX4707
Polgrun LOXX4708
Poliakovce LOXX2989
Polianka LOXX1649
Polianka LOXX0822
Polianky LOXX0823
Polichno LOXX0824
Polievkovia LOXX4709
Polina LOXX0825
Polocare LOXX4710
Polom LOXX0826
Poloma LOXX0827
Poloma LOXX2990
Polomka LOXX0828
Poltar LOXX0829
Poluvsie LOXX4103
Poluvsie LOXX4711
Pominovec LOXX4104
Pondelok LOXX0830
Pongracovce LOXX2991
Ponicka Huta LOXX0831
Poniky LOXX0832
Poprad LOXX0005
Poprad LOXX2992
Poproc LOXX1650
Poproc LOXX0833
Popudiny LOXX3553
Porac LOXX1651
Poradie LOXX4105
Porecia LOXX4712
Porostov LOXX1652
Poruba LOXX4106
Porubka LOXX2993
Porubka LOXX4714
Porubka LOXX1654
Posa LOXX2994
Posadka LOXX3554
Potocky LOXX2995
Potocky LOXX3555
Potok LOXX0834
Potok LOXX4715
Potok LOXX2996
Potoky LOXX2997
Potor LOXX0835
Potvorice LOXX4107
Povazan LOXX0836
Povazska Tepla LOXX4109
Povazsky Chlmec LOXX4716
Povina LOXX4717
Povoda LOXX3556
Povraznik LOXX0837
Pozba LOXX2312
Pozdisovce LOXX1655
Pozehy LOXX4718
Praha LOXX0838
Prakovce LOXX1656
Pramen Salvator LOXX2998
Prasice LOXX2313
Prasnica LOXX0839
Prasnik LOXX3557
Pravenec LOXX4111
Pravica LOXX0840
Pravotice LOXX4112
Pravrovce LOXX2999
Praznov LOXX4113
Praznovce LOXX2314
Precin LOXX4114
Predajna LOXX0841
Predhorie LOXX4115
Predmerska LOXX4719
Predmier LOXX4720
Predpoloma LOXX4116
Prejta LOXX4117
Prekazka LOXX3558
Prelac LOXX4721
Prencov LOXX0842
Presov LOXX0065
Presoven LOXX3559
Prestavlky LOXX0843
Pri Haji LOXX1236
Pribenik LOXX1657
Pribeta LOXX2317
Pribis LOXX4722
Pribisovia LOXX4118
Priboj LOXX0844
Pribovce LOXX4723
Pribsska LOXX4724
Pribylina LOXX4725
Priechod LOXX0845
Priecne LOXX1237
Priekopa LOXX1658
Priekopa LOXX4726
Prieloh LOXX0846
Prietrz LOXX3560
Prievaly LOXX3561
Prievidza LOXX0011
Prievoz LOXX1238
Prihondra LOXX0847
Prikra LOXX3000
Prilepy LOXX2318
Priles LOXX4119
Prilesie LOXX4120
Prilohy LOXX3562
Prislop LOXX4727
Prislop LOXX3001
Proc LOXX3003
Prochot LOXX0848
Pronayovska LOXX0849
Prosacov LOXX3004
Prosiek LOXX4728
Prosne LOXX4121
Prostredna Boca LOXX4729
Prostredna Molca LOXX0850
Prsa LOXX0852
Pruske LOXX4122
Prusy LOXX4123
Pruzina LOXX4124
Psiare LOXX0853
Pstrina LOXX3005
Pstrusa LOXX0854
Psurnovice LOXX4731
Pticie LOXX3006
Ptruksa LOXX1659
Pucak LOXX3007
Puchov LOXX0165
Pucov LOXX4732
Pukanec LOXX2319
Pupeovci LOXX4125
Pusovce LOXX3008
Pusta Dapsa LOXX0855
Pusta Karab LOXX3563
Pusta Kinces LOXX1660
Pusta Pariz LOXX2320
Pusta Paula LOXX2321
Pusta Potok LOXX2322
Pusta Sakalos LOXX0856
Pusta Silard LOXX1239
Pusta Veres LOXX0857
Pusta Ves LOXX3564
Pustatina Bab LOXX2323
Pustatina Cuda LOXX2324
Pustatina Jager LOXX2325
Puste LOXX0858
Puste Cemerne LOXX1661
Puste Pole LOXX3009
Puste Pole LOXX0859
Puste Sady LOXX3565
Putnov LOXX3010
Rabca LOXX4733
Rabcice LOXX4734
Racaklai tanyak LOXX2328
Racice LOXX4126
Rad LOXX1662
Radacov LOXX3011
Radava LOXX2329
Radimov LOXX3567
Radisa LOXX4127
Radnovce LOXX0860
Radobica LOXX4128
Radola LOXX4735
Radoma LOXX3012
Radosina LOXX2330
Radosovce LOXX3568
Radostka LOXX4736
Radvan LOXX0861
Radvanovce LOXX3013
Radzovce LOXX0862
Rafjovce LOXX3014
Rajcany LOXX2332
Rajec LOXX0066
Rajecka Lesna LOXX4737
Rajecke Teplice LOXX4738
Rajnohov Stal LOXX0863
Rakoluby LOXX4129
Rakos LOXX1663
Rakosska Bana LOXX0865
Rakottyas LOXX2333
Rakova LOXX4739
Rakovcik LOXX3015
Rakovec LOXX0866
Rakovec LOXX1664
Rakovec LOXX4130
Rakovice LOXX3569
Rakovnica LOXX1666
Rakovo LOXX4740
Raksa LOXX4741
Rakusy LOXX3016
Rankovce LOXX1667
Rapovce LOXX0867
Rarospuszta LOXX0868
Rasice LOXX0869
Rasov LOXX4742
Rastice LOXX3570
Ratkova LOXX0870
Ratkovce LOXX3571
Ratkovo LOXX4743
Ratkovska Lehota LOXX0871
Ratkovska Sucha LOXX0872
Ratkovske Bystre LOXX0874
Ratnovce LOXX3572
Ratvaj LOXX3017
Raznany LOXX3018
Raztocno LOXX4131
Raztoka LOXX4132
Raztoka LOXX0875
Raztoka LOXX4744
Raztoky LOXX1668
Raztoky LOXX4745
Rebrin LOXX1669
Reca LOXX1240
Regete LOXX1670
Regetovka LOXX3019
Rejdova LOXX1671
Reksale LOXX4746
Remeniny LOXX3021
Remetske Hamre LOXX1672
Rencisov LOXX3022
Repejov LOXX3023
Repisko LOXX0876
Repiste LOXX0877
Repistia LOXX0878
Resica LOXX1673
Resov LOXX3024
Revisne LOXX4747
Revuca LOXX0880
Revucka LOXX0881
Revucka Lehota LOXX0882
Reznaci LOXX4133
Richnava LOXX1674
Richvald LOXX3025
Riecka LOXX0883
Riecky LOXX1675
Riecky LOXX0884
Riecnica LOXX4748
Riegler Majer LOXX2334
Rieka LOXX4134
Rigo Tanya LOXX2335
Rimavica LOXX0885
Rimavska Bana LOXX0886
Rimavska Lehota LOXX0887
Rimavska Pila LOXX0888
Rimavska Sec LOXX0889
Rimavska Sobota LOXX0015
Rimavske Brezovo LOXX0890
Rimavske Janovce LOXX0891
Risnovce LOXX2336
Rochovce LOXX1676
Rohov LOXX3573
Rohovce LOXX3574
Rohoznica LOXX2337
Rohoznik LOXX1241
Rohoznik LOXX3026
Rokycany LOXX3027
Rokytnik LOXX0893
Rokytov LOXX3028
Rokytovce LOXX3029
Rolova Huta LOXX1677
Ronka LOXX2338
Rosina LOXX4749
Roskovce LOXX3030
Rostar LOXX1678
Rosuchov LOXX3575
Rovensko LOXX3576
Rovinka LOXX1242
Rovna LOXX0894
Rovnajovna LOXX4750
Rovnany LOXX0895
Rovne LOXX0896
Rovne LOXX3031
Rozbehy LOXX3577
Rozhanovce LOXX1679
Rozina LOXX2339
Rozkovany LOXX3032
Rozlozna LOXX1680
Roznava LOXX0014
Roznavske Bystre LOXX1681
Roznove Mitice LOXX4136
Roztoky LOXX3033
Rozvadze LOXX4137
Ruban LOXX2340
Rubanica LOXX4138
Rudica LOXX4139
Rudina LOXX4752
Rudinka LOXX4753
Rudinska LOXX4754
Rudlov LOXX3034
Rudlova LOXX0897
Rudna LOXX1682
Rudnany LOXX1683
Rudnik LOXX4141
Rudnik LOXX1685
Rudno LOXX4755
Rudno nad Hronom LOXX0898
Rudolfove Lazy LOXX1686
Rumanova LOXX2341
Rumince LOXX0899
Runina LOXX3035
Ruska LOXX1687
Ruska Bystra LOXX1688
Ruska Kajna LOXX3036
Ruska Nova Ves LOXX3037
Ruska Poruba LOXX3038
Ruska Volova LOXX3040
Ruske LOXX3041
Ruskinovce LOXX3043
Ruskov LOXX1689
Ruskovce LOXX1690
Ruskovce LOXX4142
Rusky Hrabovec LOXX1691
Rusky Potok LOXX3044
Rusnaci LOXX4143
Rusniak LOXX0900
Rusovce LOXX1243
Ruzin LOXX1692
Ruzina LOXX0901
Ruzindol LOXX3578
Ruzomberok LOXX0169
Ruzovy Dvor LOXX2342
Ruzovy Dvor LOXX1693
Rybany LOXX4144
Rybare LOXX0902
Rybarpole LOXX4756
Rybky LOXX3579
Rybnik LOXX2343
Rybove LOXX4757
Rychtarova LOXX0904
Rychtarovce LOXX4145
Sabinov LOXX3045
Sabinovske Dvory LOXX3046
Saca LOXX1694
Sacurov LOXX3047
Sadocne LOXX4146
Sadok LOXX4147
Sady LOXX1695
Safarikovo LOXX0170
Sahy LOXX0067
Sajbov LOXX0905
Salajka LOXX0906
Salatin LOXX4758
Salgocka LOXX3581
Salgovce LOXX2344
Salgovik LOXX3048
Salka LOXX2345
Salkova LOXX0907
Salov LOXX2346
Sambron LOXX3049
Samorin LOXX3582
Samot Pusta LOXX3583
Sampor LOXX0908
Samudovce LOXX1696
Sandal LOXX3050
Sandor LOXX2347
Sandorhalma LOXX2348
Sankovce LOXX0909
Santovka LOXX2349
Sapinec LOXX3051
Sarbov LOXX3052
Sarisska Poruba LOXX3053
Sarisska Trstena LOXX3054
Sarisske Cierne LOXX3056
Sarisske Dravce LOXX3057
Sarisske Luky LOXX3059
Sarkan LOXX2350
Sarkanyto Pusta LOXX3585
Sarkozytanya LOXX0910
Sarolta LOXX3586
Sarovce LOXX2351
Sarvasovci LOXX0911
Sasa LOXX0912
Sasa LOXX3587
Sasinkovo LOXX3588
Sasova LOXX3064
Sasova LOXX0913
Sastin LOXX3589
Satina LOXX4759
Savcina LOXX4148
Sazdice LOXX2352
Schwarzenberg LOXX1697
Sebastovce LOXX1698
Sebechleby LOXX0916
Sebedin LOXX0917
Sebedrazie LOXX4149
Sebeslavce LOXX4760
Sec LOXX4152
Secianky LOXX0918
Secnova LOXX4761
Secovce LOXX0172
Sedin LOXX3590
Sedliacka Dubova LOXX4762
Sedlice LOXX3066
Sedlicna LOXX4153
Sedliska LOXX3067
Sedmerovce LOXX2353
Sedmerovec LOXX4154
Sejkov LOXX1699
Sekule LOXX3591
Selany LOXX0919
Selce LOXX0920
Selec LOXX4155
Seleska LOXX1700
Selice LOXX2354
Sellye LOXX2355
Selpice LOXX3592
Semerovo LOXX2356
Semetes LOXX4763
Semetkovce LOXX3068
Semsa LOXX1701
Sena LOXX1702
Senec LOXX0006
Sengetov LOXX3069
Seniakovce LOXX3070
Senica LOXX0922
Senica LOXX0020
Senne LOXX1703
Senne LOXX0923
Senohrad LOXX0924
Senohradske Lazy LOXX0925
Sered LOXX0175
Setechov LOXX4764
Siba LOXX3071
Sichli LOXX4765
Sid LOXX0926
Sielnica LOXX0927
Sihelne LOXX4766
Sihla LOXX0928
Sikenicka LOXX2357
Sila LOXX2358
Siladice LOXX3594
Silica LOXX1704
Silicka Brezova LOXX1705
Simaskovia LOXX4768
Simonovce LOXX0929
Simova Samota LOXX0930
Sindliar LOXX3072
Sintava LOXX3595
Sipkov LOXX4156
Sipkova LOXX4770
Sipkove LOXX3596
Sipok LOXX4157
Sirakov LOXX0931
Sircky Zeleznik LOXX0932
Siriny LOXX0933
Sirk LOXX0934
Sirkovce LOXX0935
Sirnik LOXX1707
Siroka LOXX0936
Siroka Luka LOXX0937
Siroke LOXX3073
Siroke Luky LOXX0938
Sirotov LOXX4771
Sisci LOXX3598
Sisov LOXX4158
Sisulakov Mlyn LOXX1244
Sisulaky LOXX3599
Sitnianska LOXX0939
Sitnik LOXX3074
Sitno LOXX0941
Sivaci LOXX4159
Sivetice LOXX0942
Sizrovna LOXX4772
Skacany LOXX4160
Skala LOXX4161
Skalica LOXX3600
Skalisko LOXX0943
Skalite LOXX4773
Skalska Nova Ves LOXX4162
Skarbov Dvor LOXX0944
Skaros LOXX1708
Skeresovo LOXX0945
Sklabina LOXX0946
Sklabina LOXX4774
Sklena Huta LOXX0947
Sklenarovo LOXX3601
Sklene LOXX4776
Sklene Teplice LOXX0948
Skliarovo LOXX0949
Skodak LOXX4163
Skorinsko LOXX0950
Skrabske LOXX3075
Skriavnik LOXX0951
Skubin LOXX0952
Skurova LOXX4777
Skycov LOXX2359
Sladkovicovo LOXX3602
Slana Lehota LOXX0953
Slancik LOXX1709
Slanec LOXX0954
Slanec LOXX1710
Slanica LOXX4778
Slanska Huta LOXX1711
Slaska LOXX0955
Slatina LOXX2360
Slatinka LOXX0956
Slatinne Kupele LOXX0957
Slatinske Lazy LOXX0958
Slatvina LOXX1713
Slavec LOXX1714
Slavikovo LOXX0959
Slavkovce LOXX1715
Slavnica LOXX4166
Slavoska LOXX1716
Slavosovce LOXX1717
Slepcany LOXX2361
Slesarovia LOXX4779
Slezina LOXX4780
Sliac LOXX0009
Sliacany LOXX0960
Sliace LOXX4781
Sliackova LOXX0961
Sliepkovce LOXX1718
Slivnik LOXX1719
Slizke LOXX0962
Sloboda LOXX0963
Slopna LOXX4167
Slovakov LOXX0964
Slovany LOXX4782
Slovenska Kajna LOXX3076
Slovenska Ves LOXX3077
Slovenska Volova LOXX3078
Slovenske Krive LOXX3079
Slovenske Pravno LOXX4783
Slovensky Grob LOXX1245
Smelakovci LOXX0968
Smigovec LOXX3080
Smilno LOXX3081
Smizany LOXX1721
Smolenice LOXX3604
Smolinske LOXX3606
Smolnicka Huta LOXX1722
Smolnik LOXX3082
Smolnik LOXX1723
Smrdaky LOXX3607
Smrecany LOXX4784
Snakov LOXX3083
Sneznica LOXX4785
Snina LOXX0018
Snohy LOXX0969
Soblahov LOXX4169
Sobos LOXX3084
Sobotiste LOXX3608
Sobotka LOXX0970
Sobrance LOXX0068
Socovce LOXX4786
Sok LOXX2362
Sokol LOXX4170
Sokolce LOXX2363
Sokolce LOXX4787
Sokolniky LOXX2364
Sokolovce LOXX3609
Solcany LOXX2365
Solcianky LOXX2366
Solivar LOXX3087
Solka LOXX4171
Solnicka LOXX1726
Solnik LOXX3088
Solosnica LOXX1246
Soltyska LOXX0971
Somorovejsa LOXX4172
Somotor LOXX1727
Sopkovce LOXX3089
Soporna LOXX3610
Sorjakmajor LOXX3611
Sosovsky Ostrov LOXX3612
Sotina LOXX3613
Sovikovsky Dvor LOXX3614
Spacince LOXX3615
Spania Dolina LOXX0972
Spanie Pole LOXX0973
Spisska Bela LOXX3090
Spisska Nova Ves LOXX0179
Spisska Sobota LOXX3091
Spisska Teplica LOXX3093
Spisske Bystre LOXX3094
Spisske Vlachy LOXX1729
Spissky Hrhov LOXX3097
Spissky Hrusov LOXX1730
Spissky Stiavnik LOXX3098
Spissky Stvrtok LOXX3099
Sramkovci LOXX4173
Srnacie LOXX4788
Srnkovo LOXX0974
Srnosiete LOXX0975
Srobarova LOXX2367
Stakcin LOXX3101
Stampoch LOXX0976
Stanca LOXX1731
Stankovany LOXX4789
Stankovce LOXX1732
Stara Basta LOXX0977
Stara Bystrica LOXX4790
Stara Cernova LOXX4791
Stara dedina LOXX2369
Stara Guta LOXX2368
Stara Huta LOXX0978
Stara Huta LOXX4174
Stara Kremnicka LOXX0979
Stara Lehota LOXX4175
Stara Lesna LOXX3102
Stara Lubovna LOXX0180
Stara Myjava LOXX4176
Stara Tura LOXX4177
Stara Voda LOXX1733
Stare LOXX1734
Stare Hory LOXX0980
Stare Mesto LOXX1247
Starina LOXX3103
Starna LOXX0981
Starovec LOXX4792
Stary Dvor LOXX4793
Stary Dvor LOXX1248
Stary Hajnik LOXX2370
Stary Hradok LOXX2371
Stary Koronc LOXX1735
Stary Smokovec LOXX0069
Stary Tekov LOXX2372
Staskov LOXX4794
Stavanie LOXX4178
Stavinovia LOXX4795
Stebnicka Huta LOXX3104
Stebnik LOXX3105
Stefanikovo LOXX3616
Stefankov LOXX0982
Stefanov LOXX3617
Stefanova LOXX4796
Stefanova LOXX1249
Stefanovce LOXX3106
Stefultov LOXX0983
Stefurov LOXX3107
Stehlici LOXX4179
Sterkovce LOXX3108
Sterusy LOXX3618
Stiavnicka LOXX4797
Stiavnicka LOXX0984
Stiavnicke Bane LOXX0985
Stiavnik LOXX4798
Stitnik LOXX1737
Stola LOXX3109
Stoliansko LOXX0986
Stos LOXX1738
Stosice LOXX4799
Stotince LOXX3110
Stozok LOXX0987
Stranany LOXX1739
Stranany LOXX3111
Stranavy LOXX4800
Stranska LOXX0988
Stranske LOXX4801
Stratena LOXX1740
Straza LOXX4802
Straze LOXX3619
Strazisko LOXX4180
Strazky LOXX3114
Strazne LOXX1741
Strazov LOXX4803
Strazske LOXX0070
Strba LOXX0071
Strbkovci LOXX4181
Strbske Pleso LOXX0072
Strecno LOXX4804
Stredna Revuca LOXX4805
Stredne Malatiny LOXX4806
Stredne Turovce LOXX2373
Stredny And LOXX2374
Stredny Cepen LOXX3621
Stredny Sliac LOXX4807
Strekov LOXX2375
Strelenka LOXX4182
Strelniky LOXX0990
Stretava LOXX1743
Stretavka LOXX1744
Strezenice LOXX4183
Striebornica LOXX4184
Striezovce LOXX0991
Strihovce LOXX3115
Strkovec LOXX3622
Strkovec LOXX0992
Strme LOXX0993
Strocin LOXX3116
Stropkov LOXX0016
Studena LOXX0994
Studenec LOXX3117
Studienka LOXX2376
Studienka LOXX1250
Studnicna LOXX4808
Stukove LOXX4809
Stupava LOXX0073
Stupne LOXX4185
Sturova LOXX2377
Sturovo LOXX2378
Stverna LOXX4186
Stvrtok LOXX4187
Sucany LOXX4810
Sucha LOXX4811
Sucha LOXX3119
Sucha Dolina LOXX3120
Sucha Hora LOXX4812
Sucha nad Parnou LOXX3624
Suchan LOXX0995
Suche LOXX1745
Suche Brezovo LOXX0996
Suchohrad LOXX1251
Sudince LOXX0997
Sudovce LOXX0998
Sudovsky Dvor LOXX2379
Suja LOXX4813
Sukov LOXX3121
Sula LOXX1000
Sulanovci LOXX1001
Sulany LOXX2380
Sulci LOXX4816
Sulekovo LOXX3626
Sulov LOXX4817
Sulovce LOXX2381
Sulyk Puszta LOXX1002
Sumiac LOXX0074
Surany LOXX0075
Surianky LOXX2382
Surice LOXX1003
Susany LOXX1004
Susty LOXX4188
Sutor LOXX1005
Sutovce LOXX4189
Sutovo LOXX4818
Svab LOXX1006
Svabovce LOXX3122
Svaby LOXX3123
Svarin LOXX4819
Svata Helena LOXX4820
Svata Maria LOXX1747
Svata Turen LOXX1007
Svate Krize LOXX1008
Svatojursky Dvor LOXX2384
Svatoplukovo LOXX2385
Svatus LOXX1748
Svatusa LOXX2386
Svaty Anton LOXX1009
Svaty Benadik LOXX1010
Svaty Dimitrij LOXX1011
Svaty Frantisek LOXX3627
Svaty Jakub LOXX1012
Svaty Jur LOXX0076
Svaty Kriz LOXX4821
Svaty Kriz LOXX2388
Svaty Martin LOXX2389
Svaty Michal LOXX3628
Svaty Mikulas LOXX2391
Svaty Peter LOXX2392
Svaty Urban LOXX2393
Svedernik LOXX4823
Svedlar LOXX1749
Sverepec LOXX4192
Sverzov LOXX3125
Svetla LOXX1750
Svetla LOXX1015
Svetlice LOXX3126
Svidnicka LOXX3127
Svidnik LOXX0077
Svinarky LOXX4193
Svinia LOXX3128
Svinica LOXX1751
Svinice LOXX1752
Svinna LOXX4194
Svinsky Dvor LOXX2394
Svit LOXX0078
Svodin LOXX0192
Svodov LOXX2395
Svosov LOXX4824
Svrbice LOXX2396
Svrcinovec LOXX4825
Sykoria LOXX4826
Szentes LOXX1753
Szepbokor LOXX1016
Szeszelyes LOXX2397
Sziget Pusta LOXX1017
Szihony Majer LOXX3630
Szolos LOXX2398
Tabernaus LOXX1018
Tachty LOXX1019
Tajna LOXX2399
Tajov LOXX1020
Tanovo LOXX1021
Tarabovec LOXX4195
Tarabuc LOXX4196
Tarnok LOXX3631
Tarnov LOXX3130
Tataria LOXX4827
Tatranska Strba LOXX3133
Tauszova Samota LOXX1022
Tehla LOXX2400
Tejke LOXX3632
Tekovske Luzany LOXX2402
Tekovske Nemce LOXX2404
Tekovsky Hradok LOXX2406
Telgart LOXX1024
Telince LOXX2407
Telke LOXX3634
Temes LOXX4197
Tepla LOXX1025
Teplicany LOXX1755
Teplicka LOXX1756
Teplicky LOXX3635
Teply Vrch LOXX1026
Terany LOXX1027
Terchova LOXX4829
Teren LOXX1028
Teriakovce LOXX3134
Terna LOXX3135
Tesare LOXX2408
Tesedikovo LOXX2410
Teske LOXX1029
Tesmak LOXX2411
Tiba LOXX1758
Tibava LOXX1759
Ticha Voda LOXX1760
Tichy Potok LOXX3136
Timoradza LOXX4198
Tisinec LOXX3137
Tisove LOXX4199
Tisovec LOXX1030
Tisovnik LOXX1031
Tlachacovia LOXX4830
Tlmac LOXX2412
Tlmace LOXX0080
Tocnica LOXX1032
Tokajik LOXX3138
Toma LOXX1033
Tomasikovo LOXX3636
Tomasov LOXX1252
Tomasova LOXX1034
Tomasovce LOXX1035
Tomcany LOXX4831
Tomek LOXX3637
Ton LOXX2413
Tone LOXX3638
Tonkovce LOXX3639
Topolcany LOXX0023
Toporec LOXX3141
Torkos LOXX1762
Torysa LOXX3142
Torysky LOXX3143
Tovarne LOXX3144
Tovarniky LOXX2416
Trakovice LOXX3642
Trautenberger LOXX4200
Travnica LOXX2417
Travnik LOXX2418
Trebatice LOXX3643
Trebejov LOXX1763
Trebichava LOXX4201
Trebien LOXX4202
Trebisov LOXX0081
Trebostovo LOXX4832
Trebule LOXX4833
Trebusovce LOXX1039
Trenc LOXX1040
Trencin LOXX0027
Trepec LOXX3146
Trhanova LOXX4834
Trhova Hradska LOXX3644
Trhoviste LOXX1764
Trhyna LOXX2419
Tri Duby LOXX1041
Tri Vody LOXX1042
Trnava LOXX0007
Trnava Hora LOXX1043
Trnavka LOXX1253
Trnavy LOXX1044
Trnie LOXX1045
Trnkov LOXX3147
Trnove LOXX4835
Trnovec LOXX3646
Trnovo LOXX4836
Trocany LOXX3148
Trpin LOXX1046
Trstena LOXX4837
Trstene LOXX4838
Trstice LOXX3648
Trstie LOXX4209
Trstin LOXX3649
Trubiansky LOXX2421
Trubin LOXX1047
Tryznovsky LOXX4210
Tuchyna LOXX4211
Tuhar LOXX1048
Tuhrina LOXX3149
Tulcik LOXX3150
Tunezice LOXX4212
Tupa LOXX2422
Tura Luka LOXX4213
Turany LOXX4839
Turcianky LOXX4214
Turcok LOXX1049
Turcovce LOXX3152
Turen LOXX1254
Turicky LOXX1050
Turie LOXX4844
Turie Pole LOXX1051
Turiepolske Lazy LOXX1052
Turik LOXX4845
Turkov LOXX4846
Turna nad Bodvou LOXX1769
Turova LOXX1053
Turzovka LOXX4847
Tusice LOXX1771
Tusicka Nova Ves LOXX1772
Tuzina LOXX4215
Tuzokpuszta LOXX3650
Tvarozna LOXX3153
Tvarozna LOXX4848
Tvrdomestice LOXX2423
Tvrdosin LOXX0082
Tvrdosovce LOXX2424
U Blahov LOXX4216
U Blanaru LOXX4217
U Blazkov LOXX4849
U Bozkov LOXX3651
U Capkov LOXX4850
U Galjeri LOXX4851
U Gavlasov LOXX4852
U Hazov LOXX4853
U Jergalov LOXX1054
U Kavickych LOXX4218
U Kotyrov LOXX4854
U Koziku LOXX4219
U Krizkov LOXX4220
U Matiska LOXX4855
U Mikulcov LOXX4221
U Mocov LOXX1056
U Paniku LOXX4222
U Potkana LOXX4856
U Privary LOXX4857
U Rovnanov LOXX4858
U Simciska LOXX4859
U Sojakov LOXX1255
U Svinky LOXX4860
U Sykory LOXX4861
U Zatkov LOXX4223
U Zelenaku LOXX4224
Ubrez LOXX1773
Udavske LOXX3155
Uderina LOXX1057
Udol LOXX3156
Uhelne LOXX4862
Uhliska LOXX4225
Uhliska LOXX2425
Uhorna LOXX1774
Uhorska Ves LOXX4863
Uhorske LOXX1058
Uhrovec LOXX4226
Ujazd LOXX4228
Ujhely LOXX3652
Ujvasar Pusta LOXX3653
Ulic LOXX3157
Ulicske Krive LOXX3158
Uloza LOXX3159
Unatin LOXX1060
Unin LOXX3654
Upohlav LOXX4229
Upor LOXX1775
Urban LOXX1061
Urbanova LOXX1062
Urmince LOXX2427
Urminsky Majer LOXX2428
Ustie LOXX4864
Utekac LOXX1063
Uzovce LOXX3160
Uzovska Panica LOXX1064
Uzovsky Salgov LOXX3162
V Oraviciach LOXX4865
Vagfuezes LOXX0083
Vagrinec LOXX3163
Vahovce LOXX3655
Vajkovce LOXX1776
Vajskova LOXX1065
Vajsov LOXX1066
Valach LOXX1069
Valacheje LOXX4231
Valaliky LOXX1777
Valaska LOXX1070
Valaska Bela LOXX4232
Valaska Dubova LOXX4866
Valaskovce LOXX3164
Valca LOXX4867
Valcha LOXX3656
Valenga LOXX4868
Valentova LOXX4869
Valentovce LOXX3165
Valkov LOXX3166
Valkovce LOXX3167
Valovna LOXX1072
Valtov Sur LOXX3657
Vaniskovce LOXX3168
Vanovka LOXX4870
Vapenik LOXX3169
Varadka LOXX3170
Varechovce LOXX3171
Varhanovce LOXX3172
Varin LOXX4871
Varov Sur LOXX3658
Vavrecka LOXX4873
Vavrinec LOXX3173
Vavrisovo LOXX4874
Vazec LOXX4875
Vcelare LOXX1778
Vcelince LOXX1073
Veca LOXX2430
Vecelkov LOXX1074
Vechec LOXX3174
Vecs LOXX1779
Vek LOXX2431
Velcice LOXX2460
Velcice LOXX4253
Velicna LOXX4884
Velke Kapusany LOXX0201
Velusovce LOXX2461
Venecia LOXX3191
Vermes LOXX3672
Vernar LOXX3192
Versendtanya LOXX3673
Vesele LOXX3674
Vesele LOXX2462
Veselka LOXX4885
Veskovce LOXX1798
Veterna Poruba LOXX4886
Veternik LOXX1092
Viboch LOXX1093
Vidina LOXX1094
Vidosza LOXX1095
Vidova LOXX1799
Vidovany LOXX3675
Vieska LOXX1096
Vieska LOXX3676
Vieska LOXX4254
Vieska LOXX4887
Vieska nad Blhom LOXX1097
Vieska-Bezdedov LOXX4255
Vikartovce LOXX3193
Vilmos Majer LOXX3677
Vinica LOXX1100
Vinice LOXX2464
Vinicka LOXX1800
Vinicky LOXX1801
Vinicne LOXX1260
Vinne LOXX0084
Vinohradok LOXX1261
Vinohrady LOXX1262
Violinpuszta LOXX2465
Virt LOXX2466
Vislanka LOXX3194
Vislava LOXX3195
Visnov LOXX1802
Visnove LOXX4888
Visnove LOXX4256
Visnove LOXX1101
Visolaje LOXX4257
Vistuk LOXX1263
Vitalisovce LOXX4889
Vitanova LOXX4890
Vitkovce LOXX2467
Vitkovce LOXX1803
Vkotline LOXX3198
Vlaca LOXX3199
Vlachovo LOXX1804
Vlachy LOXX4891
Vlasky LOXX4892
Vlcany LOXX2468
Vlci Vrch LOXX4258
Vlckovany LOXX3678
Vlckovce LOXX3679
Vlckovia LOXX4259
Vlckovo LOXX4260
Vlcovo LOXX1102
Vlkanova LOXX1103
Vlkanovo LOXX2469
Vlkas LOXX2470
Vlkolinec LOXX4893
Vlkova LOXX3200
Vlkovce LOXX3201
Vlky LOXX1264
Vlkyna LOXX1104
Voderady LOXX3680
Vojany LOXX1805
Vojcice LOXX0085
Vojka LOXX1806
Vojkovce LOXX1807
Vojnany LOXX3202
Vojnatina LOXX1808
Vojtechovce LOXX3682
Vojtovce LOXX3203
Volavec LOXX3683
Volica LOXX3204
Volkovce LOXX2471
Votrubova Chata LOXX3205
Voznica LOXX1105
Vozokany LOXX2472
Vozokany LOXX3684
Vrable LOXX0086
Vradiste LOXX3685
Vrakun LOXX3686
Vrakuna LOXX1265
Vranie LOXX4894
Vranovske Dlhe LOXX3207
Vrbany LOXX4261
Vrbica LOXX4895
Vrbie LOXX4896
Vrbina LOXX3687
Vrbnica LOXX1810
Vrbov LOXX3208
Vrbovce LOXX4262
Vrbovce LOXX1811
Vrbove LOXX3688
Vrbovec LOXX1812
Vrbovka LOXX1107
Vrch Predmer LOXX4897
Vrchovany LOXX4263
Vrchrieka LOXX4898
Vrchtepla LOXX4264
Vricko LOXX4899
Vrsek LOXX4266
Vrtizer LOXX4267
Vrutky LOXX4900
Vrzavka LOXX4268
Vsechsvatych LOXX1813
Vtackovce LOXX1814
Vyborna LOXX3209
Vybuchanec LOXX1815
Vycapky LOXX2474
Vycapy-Opatovce LOXX2475
Vychodna LOXX4901
Vydran LOXX3210
Vydrany LOXX3689
Vydrna LOXX4269
Vydrnik LOXX3211
Vydrovo LOXX1108
Vyduma LOXX3212
Vydumanec LOXX3213
Vygoda LOXX3214
Vyhne LOXX1109
Vyrava LOXX3215
Vysehradne LOXX4270
Vyskovce LOXX3216
Vysna Bakta LOXX1110
Vysna Boca LOXX4902
Vysna Hutka LOXX1816
Vysna Jablonka LOXX3217
Vysna Kalosa LOXX1111
Vysna Kamenica LOXX1817
Vysna Korna LOXX4903
Vysna Labaja LOXX4904
Vysna Olsava LOXX3220
Vysna Pisana LOXX3221
Vysna Pokoradz LOXX1112
Vysna Polianka LOXX3222
Vysna Radvan LOXX3223
Vysna Revuca LOXX4905
Vysna Rybnica LOXX1819
Vysna Sebastova LOXX3224
Vysna Sitnica LOXX3225
Vysna Slana LOXX1820
Vysna Sunava LOXX3226
Vysna Vladica LOXX3227
Vysne Cabiny LOXX3229
Vysne Hagy LOXX0087
Vysne Hrable LOXX1821
Vysne Ladickovce LOXX3230
Vysne Malatiny LOXX4906
Vysne Matiasovce LOXX4907
Vysne nad Hronom LOXX2477
Vysne Nemecke LOXX1822
Vysne Opatske LOXX1823
Vysne Raslavice LOXX3231
Vysne Raztoky LOXX4908
Vysne Remety LOXX1824
Vysne Repase LOXX3232
Vysne Revistia LOXX1825
Vysne Ruzbachy LOXX3233
Vysne Valice LOXX1113
Vysne Vane LOXX4909
Vysne Zbojne LOXX3234
Vysny Blh LOXX1114
Vysny Caj LOXX1826
Vysny Dvor LOXX1827
Vysny Hamor LOXX1828
Vysny Hrabovec LOXX3235
Vysny Hrusov LOXX3236
Vysny Kazimir LOXX3237
Vysny Klatov LOXX1829
Vysny Komarnik LOXX3238
Vysny Krucov LOXX3239
Vysny Kubin LOXX4910
Vysny Lanec LOXX1830
Vysny Medzev LOXX1831
Vysny Mirosov LOXX3240
Vysny Orlik LOXX3241
Vysny Skalnik LOXX1115
Vysny Slavkov LOXX3242
Vysny Sliac LOXX4911
Vysny Tarbaj LOXX3243
Vysny Tvarozec LOXX3244
Vysny Zadiel LOXX4912
Vysny Zipov LOXX3245
Vysocany LOXX4271
Vysocky Dvor LOXX1832
Vysoka LOXX3246
Vysoka LOXX1116
Vysoka nad Uhom LOXX1833
Vysoke Tatry LOXX0088
Vystrkov LOXX2478
Vystrkov LOXX4272
Zabava LOXX1834
Zabava LOXX1117
Zabi Potok LOXX3690
Zabica LOXX1118
Zabiedovo LOXX4914
Zabokreky LOXX4915
Zaborie LOXX4916
Zaborske LOXX3247
Zabrez LOXX4917
Zabzo LOXX1119
Zacharovce LOXX1120
Zadiel LOXX1835
Zador LOXX1121
Zadovica LOXX4275
Zadubnie LOXX4918
Zahor LOXX1836
Zahorce LOXX1122
Zahorcie LOXX1123
Zahorie LOXX3691
Zahrabova LOXX4919
Zahradne LOXX3248
Zahradnictvo LOXX2479
Zahrb LOXX1124
Zajacice LOXX4276
Zakamenne LOXX4920
Zakarovce LOXX1837
Zaklepsky Dvor LOXX4277
Zakopcie LOXX4921
Zakostolany LOXX3692
Zakovce LOXX3249
Zalaba LOXX2480
Zalesie LOXX3250
Zalesie LOXX1268
Zalobin LOXX3251
Zalogos LOXX2481
Zalubie LOXX4922
Zamarovce LOXX4278
Zamostie LOXX1125
Zamutov LOXX3252
Zanska Luka LOXX3693
Zariec-Keblov LOXX4923
Zariecie LOXX4279
Zarnov LOXX1838
Zarnovica LOXX0089
Zarnovicka Huta LOXX1126
Zaskalie LOXX4280
Zaskalie LOXX4924
Zaskov LOXX4925
Zastranie LOXX4926
Zatin LOXX1839
Zatkovce LOXX3253
Zaturcie LOXX4927
Zavada LOXX1128
Zavada LOXX4281
Zavada LOXX2482
Zavada LOXX3254
Zavadka LOXX1840
Zavadka LOXX3255
Zavar LOXX3694
Zavazna Poruba LOXX4928
Zavod LOXX1269
Zavodie LOXX4282
Zavodie LOXX3256
Zavodie LOXX4929
Zazriva LOXX4930
Zbehnov LOXX1841
Zbehy LOXX2483
Zbehy LOXX4283
Zbince LOXX1842
Zboj LOXX3257
Zbora LOXX4284
Zborov LOXX3258
Zbrojniky LOXX2484
Zbudska Bela LOXX3259
Zbudske Dlhe LOXX3260
Zbudsky Rokytov LOXX3261
Zbudza LOXX1843
Zbynov LOXX4932
Zdana LOXX1844
Zdiar LOXX0090
Zdiarik LOXX1130
Zdoba LOXX1845
Zdolzavina LOXX1131
Zehna LOXX3262
Zehra LOXX1846
Zelene LOXX1132
Zelenec LOXX3695
Zeleny Haj LOXX2485
Zelezna LOXX1270
Zelezna Breznica LOXX1133
Zelezne LOXX4933
Zeleznik LOXX3263
Zeliezovce LOXX0209
Zelince LOXX4934
Zelmanovce LOXX3264
Zelovce LOXX1134
Zemania LOXX4285
Zemberovce LOXX2486
Zemianska Dedina LOXX4935
Zemianska Olca LOXX2487
Zemianska Zavada LOXX4286
Zemianske Mitice LOXX4289
Zemianske Sady LOXX3696
Zemiansky Kvasov LOXX4291
Zemliare LOXX2488
Zemne LOXX2489
Zemplin LOXX1847
Zemplinsky Branc LOXX1850
Ziar LOXX4938
Ziar LOXX1136
Ziar nad Hronom LOXX0091
Zibritov LOXX1137
Zidovska Veca LOXX2490
Zigov Olvar LOXX2491
Zigovci LOXX4292
Ziharec LOXX2492
Zikava LOXX2493
Zilina LOXX0026
Zimaci LOXX3697
Zimna Studna LOXX3265
Zip LOXX1139
Zipov LOXX3266
Zirany LOXX2494
Zirovce LOXX1852
Zitava LOXX2495
Zitavce LOXX2496
Zitna LOXX4293
Zlata Bana LOXX3267
Zlata Idka LOXX0092
Zlate LOXX3268
Zlate Moravce LOXX0093
Zlatna LOXX1140
Zlatnik LOXX3269
Zlatniky LOXX4294
Zlatno LOXX1141
Zlatno LOXX2498
Zlatovce LOXX4295
Zliechov LOXX4296
Zlien LOXX4939
Zlkovce LOXX3698
Zofia LOXX2499
Zohor LOXX1271
Zolna LOXX1142
Zombor LOXX1143
Zorkovce LOXX4940
Zubak LOXX4297
Zuberec LOXX4941
Zubne LOXX3270
Zubrohlava LOXX4942
Zupcany LOXX3271
Zupkov LOXX1144
Zvala LOXX3272
Zverin LOXX4943
Zvolen LOXX0094
Zvolenske Nemce LOXX1146
Zvoncin LOXX3699