Weather Codes for Singapore

Find Weather Codes or Weather Zip Codes for states and cities in Singapore. Weather Codes references a specified Location and is used to get weather of that place accurately. They are used by The Weather Channel( by IBM), Yahoo! Weather, AOL Weather and many such weather forecasting platforms. It is similar to Yahoo's WOEID(Where On the Earth ID) that is used to represent each place uniquely.

You can know the weather of any place precisely with the help of weather codes. Find the current weather of your state or city by clicking on it. You will be redirected to The Weather Channel site with your weather code for accurate weather forecast.

Bajau Estate SNXX0044
Ban Guan Park SNXX0046
Banta Tengeh SNXX0047
Bedok Garden SNXX0048
Bedok New Town SNXX0049
Bedok Village SNXX0050
Bedok Ville SNXX0051
Bena Park SNXX0052
Bin Tong Park SNXX0053
Bishan New Town SNXX0054
Boon Lay SNXX0055
Brizay Park SNXX0059
Bugis SNXX0060
Bukit Panjang SNXX0001
Bukit Timah SNXX0002
Bulim SNXX0068
Buona Vista SNXX0069
Camden Park SNXX0071
Chai Chee Estate SNXX0072
Changi SNXX0003
Changi Village SNXX0073
Charlton Park SNXX0074
Chia Keng SNXX0075
Chinese Gardens SNXX0077
Chip Hock Garden SNXX0078
Chong Pang SNXX0080
Chye Kay SNXX0081
Delta Estate SNXX0084
Delta Road SNXX0085
Dragon View Park SNXX0086
Dunearn Estate SNXX0087
East View Garden SNXX0088
Eastern Gardens SNXX0089
Eden Hall SNXX0090
Eden Park SNXX0091
Eunos SNXX0093
Ewart Park SNXX0094
Faber Garden SNXX0095
Faber Hills SNXX0096
Fernhill Gardens SNXX0097
Frankel Estate SNXX0099
Fuyong Estate SNXX0100
Gay World Park SNXX0101
Geylang SNXX0102
Ghim Moh SNXX0103
Goldhill Gardens SNXX0104
Hai Sing Park SNXX0105
Happy Gardens SNXX0106
HarbourFront SNXX0107
Henderson Estate SNXX0109
Hillcrest Park SNXX0110
Holland Village SNXX0112
Hong Kah SNXX0113
Hong Kong Park SNXX0114
Hougang New Town SNXX0116
Huat Choe SNXX0117
Hume Heights SNXX0118
Hun Yeang SNXX0119
Jalan Kayu SNXX0121
Jurong Island SNXX0342
Jurong Town SNXX0123
Kalang SNXX0126
Kam Wak Hassan SNXX0127
Kampong Amber SNXX0128
Kampong Baharu SNXX0345
Kampong Bahru SNXX0010
Kampong Bereh SNXX0133
Kampong Beremban SNXX0134
Kampong Blukang SNXX0135
Kampong Bugis SNXX0346
Kampong Changi SNXX0138
Kampong Cutforth SNXX0140
Kampong Eunos SNXX0142
Kampong Harvey SNXX0143
Kampong Jagoh SNXX0145
Kampong Jelutong SNXX0013
Kampong Kitin SNXX0148
Kampong Kopit SNXX0149
Kampong Kranji SNXX0150
Kampong Kuchai SNXX0151
Kampong Ladang SNXX0152
Kampong Lew Lian SNXX0153
Kampong Loyang SNXX0154
Kampong Mak Baok SNXX0347
Kampong Mamam SNXX0015
Kampong Melayu SNXX0016
Kampong Noordin SNXX0017
Kampong Pachitan SNXX0157
Kampong Pahang SNXX0018
Kampong Pasir SNXX0019
Kampong Pesek SNXX0349
Kampong Pinang SNXX0162
Kampong Punggol SNXX0164
Kampong Reteh SNXX0165
Kampong Saigon SNXX0351
Kampong Sakeng SNXX0352
Kampong Salabin SNXX0023
Kampong San Teng SNXX0166
Kampong Sek Lim SNXX0167
Kampong Seminei SNXX0026
Kampong Seraya SNXX0353
Kampong Sireh SNXX0170
Kampong Siren SNXX0171
Kampong Soopoo SNXX0172
Kampong Sudong SNXX0354
Kampong Sultan SNXX0173
Kampong Tampines SNXX0178
Kampong Teban SNXX0182
Kampong Todak SNXX0028
Kampong Tulloch SNXX0185
Kampong Ubi SNXX0186
Kampong Unum SNXX0029
Kangkar SNXX0194
Kembangan SNXX0196
Kent Ridge SNXX0197
Kian Hong Estate SNXX0198
Kilburn Estate SNXX0200
Kim Chuan SNXX0201
Kimlin Park SNXX0202
King Albert Park SNXX0203
Kingsmead Hall SNXX0204
Lam Kiong Estate SNXX0205
Lam San Village SNXX0206
Lavender SNXX0207
Leedon Park SNXX0208
Lim Chu Kang SNXX0209
Lokyang SNXX0211
Lower Delta Road SNXX0213
Lucky Hills SNXX0214
Lucky Park SNXX0215
MacPherson SNXX0216
Marina Bay SNXX0217
Marine Parade SNXX0218
Marsiling SNXX0219
Marsiling Estate SNXX0220
Maryland Estate SNXX0221
Mata Ikan SNXX0222
Matilda Estate SNXX0223
Mayflower Estate SNXX0224
McMahon Park SNXX0225
Medway Park SNXX0226
Mount Emily Park SNXX0228
Mount Pleasant SNXX0229
Mount Rosie SNXX0230
Mount Vernon SNXX0231
Namazie Estate SNXX0232
Nee Soon Estate SNXX0233
Nepal Park SNXX0234
Newton SNXX0235
Night Safari SNXX0237
Novena SNXX0238
Ong Lee SNXX0241
Opera Estate SNXX0242
Orchard SNXX0243
Outram Park SNXX0244
Quemoy Park SNXX0261
Radin Mas SNXX0263
Raffles Park SNXX0264
Raffles Place SNXX0265
Raya Garden SNXX0266
Rebecca Park SNXX0267
Rochester Park SNXX0268
Rose Garden SNXX0269
Tai Hwan Gardens SNXX0297
Tai Seng SNXX0299
Tampines Estate SNXX0300
Tanglin SNXX0303
Tanglin Halt SNXX0304
Tanglin Hill SNXX0305
Tanjong Pagar SNXX0306
Teck Hock SNXX0310
Tengah SNXX0312
Thomson SNXX0313
Thomson Park SNXX0315
Tian Guan Estate SNXX0318
Tua Kang Lye SNXX0322
Tuas SNXX0323
Tyersall Park SNXX0324
Ulu Bedok SNXX0325
Victoria Park SNXX0326
Watten Estate SNXX0327
Watten Park SNXX0328
Wessex Estate SNXX0329
Woodleigh Park SNXX0333
Woollerton Park SNXX0334
Xilin Estate SNXX0335
Yan Kit SNXX0336
Yew Tee SNXX0337
Yio Chu Kang SNXX0338
Yishun New Town SNXX0340
York Hill Estate SNXX0341