Weather Codes for Sierra Leone

Find Weather Codes or Weather Zip Codes for states and cities in Sierra Leone. Weather Codes references a specified Location and is used to get weather of that place accurately. They are used by The Weather Channel( by IBM), Yahoo! Weather, AOL Weather and many such weather forecasting platforms. It is similar to Yahoo's WOEID(Where On the Earth ID) that is used to represent each place uniquely.

You can know the weather of any place precisely with the help of weather codes. Find the current weather of your state or city by clicking on it. You will be redirected to The Weather Channel site with your weather code for accurate weather forecast.

Aberdeen SLXX4880
Adonkia SLXX4881
Aku Town SLXX1350
Alikalia SLXX1351
Allen Town SLXX4882
Amaria SLXX1352
Angola Town SLXX4883
Baama SLXX3426
Baama SLXX0020
Baba SLXX3427
Babahun SLXX0021
Babakalia SLXX1353
Babalahun SLXX0022
Babu SLXX3428
Babura SLXX1354
Baburo SLXX1355
Bachalo SLXX3429
Bada SLXX0023
Badi SLXX1356
Badja SLXX0024
Bado SLXX0025
Badugula SLXX1357
Bafawahun SLXX0026
Bafehun SLXX0027
Bafodia SLXX1358
Bafodu SLXX0028
Baga SLXX1359
Bagahun SLXX1360
Bagayima SLXX0029
Bagbamma SLXX4884
Bagbe SLXX0030
Bagbema SLXX0031
Bagbwema SLXX3430
Baha SLXX3431
Bahama SLXX3432
Bahama SLXX0032
Bahol SLXX3433
Baia SLXX1361
Baiama SLXX0033
Baiama SLXX3434
Baiawaindu SLXX0034
Baibunda SLXX1362
Baidu SLXX0035
Baiima SLXX0036
Baiima SLXX3435
Bainaru SLXX0037
Baine SLXX1363
Baiwala SLXX0038
Bajibo SLXX0039
Baka SLXX0040
Baka SLXX3436
Baka SLXX1364
Bakando SLXX1365
Bake SLXX1366
Bake Loko SLXX1367
Bake Mamule SLXX1368
Bakebana SLXX1369
Bakedu SLXX0041
Bakelimri SLXX1370
Bakinia SLXX1371
Bakodu SLXX0042
Bakolo SLXX1372
Bakuidu SLXX0043
Bakuya SLXX0044
Balahun SLXX0045
Balahun SLXX3437
Balalo SLXX3438
Balamuya SLXX1373
Balandugu SLXX1374
Balansera SLXX1375
Balantin SLXX3439
Bale SLXX1376
Bale SLXX3440
Balea SLXX1377
Balentakura SLXX1378
Bali SLXX1379
Balia SLXX1380
Balinia SLXX1381
Balo SLXX3441
Balu SLXX0046
Bama SLXX3442
Bamabalia SLXX1382
Bamaia SLXX1383
Bamandu SLXX0047
Bamanjama SLXX3443
Bamata SLXX3444
Bamayama SLXX0048
Bamba SLXX3445
Bamba SLXX0049
Bambaia SLXX1384
Bambakalia SLXX1385
Bambako SLXX3446
Bambali SLXX1386
Bambara SLXX0050
Bambara SLXX3447
Bambarakalima SLXX0051
Bambawo SLXX0052
Bambaworo SLXX3448
Bambayiraia SLXX1387
Bambe SLXX3449
Bambisu SLXX0053
Bamboria SLXX1388
Bambu SLXX1389
Bambugu SLXX1390
Bambuibu SLXX3450
Bambukoro SLXX1391
Bambuya SLXX1392
Bamfira SLXX1393
Bammbatuk SLXX4885
Banahu SLXX0054
Banahun SLXX3451
Banahun SLXX0055
Banale SLXX3452
Banbut SLXX1394
Banda SLXX3453
Banda SLXX0056
Banda Bulima SLXX0057
Banda-Karafaia SLXX1395
Bandaia SLXX0058
Bandaia SLXX1396
Bandajuma SLXX0059
Bandakarafaia SLXX1397
Bandako SLXX0060
Bandako SLXX3455
Bandakoro SLXX0061
Bandalahun SLXX0062
Bandama SLXX0063
Bandankoro SLXX1398
Bandankunduma SLXX1399
Bandaru SLXX0064
Bandasa SLXX3458
Bandasuma SLXX3459
Bandasuma SLXX0065
Bandawa SLXX3460
Bandi SLXX0066
Bandivulahun SLXX0067
Bandiworo SLXX0068
Bandko SLXX0069
Bandoma SLXX0070
Bane SLXX1400
Banfele SLXX1401
Banga Ground SLXX4886
Bangabu SLXX3462
Bangabu SLXX0071
Bangagolehun SLXX3463
Bangahun SLXX1402
Bangawilli SLXX4887
Bangba SLXX3464
Bangbalia SLXX3465
Bangbema SLXX3466
Bangema SLXX0072
Bangema SLXX3467
Bango SLXX3468
Bangoma SLXX3469
Bangulihun SLXX3470
Banguru SLXX1403
Bangwama SLXX0073
Bani SLXX1404
Banjema SLXX0074
Banjuguya SLXX1405
Banka SLXX1406
Bankafu SLXX3471
Bankanbaia SLXX0075
Bankoro SLXX1407
Bantantia SLXX1408
Bantoro SLXX1409
Banyamahun SLXX3472
Baoma SLXX3473
Baoma SLXX0076
Baoma SLXX4888
Baomahun SLXX0077
Baomahun SLXX3474
Baomo SLXX3475
Bapi SLXX0078
Baponto SLXX4889
Bapuya SLXX1410
Bar SLXX3476
Barabara SLXX1411
Baradu SLXX0079
Baraka SLXX0080
Baraka SLXX3477
Barawakomoia SLXX1412
Barbara SLXX1413
Bare SLXX1414
Barema SLXX3478
Baremakha SLXX1415
Bareta SLXX1416
Bari SLXX3479
Bari SLXX1417
Barimbe SLXX1418
Barimbi SLXX1419
Barinyin SLXX1420
Barlo SLXX1421
Barlo Wharf SLXX1422
Barma SLXX0081
Barmoi SLXX1423
Barmouth SLXX3480
Barve SLXX0082
Basa SLXX1424
Basaiya SLXX1425
Basale SLXX3482
Basama SLXX3483
Basaya SLXX1426
Basea SLXX0083
Basia SLXX1427
Bassa SLXX4890
Bassu Town SLXX4891
Batahol SLXX3484
Batama SLXX4892
Batbai SLXX4893
Batbai SLXX3485
Batbana SLXX1428
Bate SLXX0084
Batema SLXX3486
Bathurst SLXX4894
Batiema SLXX3487
Batiyema SLXX0085
Batiyema SLXX3488
Batkanu SLXX1429
Batoma SLXX3489
Batoma SLXX0086
Batoru SLXX0087
Batpela SLXX1430
Batpo SLXX3490
Batpulun SLXX1431
Batsint SLXX1432
Battam Town SLXX4895
Batwoma SLXX0088
Baudu SLXX0089
Baula SLXX3491
Bauya SLXX3492
Baw-o-bu SLXX4896
Bawa SLXX0090
Bawahun SLXX0091
Bawbaw SLXX4897
Bawura SLXX3493
Bedu SLXX0092
Bejorma SLXX0093
Beki SLXX1433
Beko SLXX0094
Bekoro SLXX0095
Belbul SLXX3494
Bele SLXX3495
Belebu SLXX3496
Belebu SLXX0096
Belibap SLXX1434
Belihu SLXX0097
Belihun SLXX3497
Beliya SLXX0098
Belor SLXX3498
Belu SLXX0099
Bembe SLXX3499
Bembebu SLXX3500
Bembelo Glema SLXX3501
Bembelo Njala SLXX3502
Bembeyema SLXX0100
Bemebu SLXX3503
Bempa SLXX3504
Bena SLXX1435
Benalu SLXX0101
Bendehun SLXX3505
Bendia SLXX1436
Bendu SLXX1437
Bendu SLXX3506
Bendu SLXX0102
Bendugu SLXX1438
Benduhun SLXX0103
Benduma SLXX3507
Benduma SLXX0104
Benekoro SLXX1439
Benga SLXX3508
Bengani SLXX3509
Bengberia SLXX1440
Benge SLXX3510
Bengelo SLXX3511
Bengi SLXX3512
Bengomaia SLXX0105
Benguema SLXX4898
Benia SLXX1441
Benikoro SLXX1442
Benke SLXX1443
Benkeh SLXX3513
Benkia SLXX1444
Benkisa SLXX3514
Benkisi SLXX0106
Benoko SLXX0107
Benti SLXX3515
Benyama SLXX3516
Beobu SLXX0108
Bepi SLXX3517
Bepon SLXX3518
Berebu SLXX0109
Berekhuri SLXX1445
Berembe SLXX0110
Besane SLXX1446
Besebu SLXX0111
Besenia SLXX1447
Beshebu SLXX0112
Betesu SLXX0113
Betesu SLXX3519
Bevehun SLXX3520
Bewobu SLXX3521
Bewobu SLXX0114
Beyama SLXX0115
Beyambu SLXX1448
Beyima SLXX0116
Biama SLXX0117
Bibodu SLXX0118
Bikidu SLXX0119
Bilafu SLXX1449
Bilasilaia SLXX1450
Bilo SLXX3522
Bimaso SLXX3523
Bimbaia SLXX1451
Bimbaiya SLXX1452
Bina SLXX1453
Bindalahun SLXX0120
Bindi SLXX1454
Bindika SLXX0121
Binkolo SLXX1455
Binni SLXX4899
Biradu SLXX1456
Biribaia SLXX1457
Birimba SLXX1458
Birun SLXX1459
Bisao SLXX3524
Bisawo SLXX3525
Bisibu SLXX3526
Bith SLXX3527
Bitima SLXX3528
Blama SLXX0122
Bo SLXX0123
Bo SLXX3530
Bo Ngieha SLXX0124
Boaboabu SLXX0125
Boabu SLXX0126
Boabu SLXX3531
Boaia SLXX0127
Boajibu SLXX0128
Boalakarafaia SLXX1460
Bobe SLXX3532
Bobo Gieya SLXX0129
Bobobu SLXX3533
Bobobu SLXX0130
Bodu SLXX0131
Bogboabu SLXX0132
Bogema SLXX0133
Bohehun SLXX3534
Bohekema SLXX0134
Bohoi SLXX3535
Bohol SLXX3536
Bohun SLXX3537
Bohun SLXX0135
Boikandu SLXX4900
Boisawlaw SLXX1461
Bokari Town SLXX4901
Bokaria SLXX1462
Bokarikondea SLXX1463
Bokeni SLXX3538
Boko SLXX0136
Bokolu SLXX0137
Bokuma SLXX3539
Boleyama SLXX0138
Bolia SLXX1464
Bolilahun SLXX0139
Bololo SLXX0140
Boloma SLXX3540
Bolota SLXX1465
Bom SLXX1466
Boma SLXX0141
Boma SLXX4902
Boma SLXX3541
Bomahun SLXX3542
Bomaru SLXX0142
Bomatok SLXX3543
Bombadu SLXX0143
Bombalibana SLXX1467
Bombe SLXX1468
Bombe SLXX3544
Bombo SLXX1469
Bomboafuidu SLXX0144
Bombohun SLXX3545
Bombohun SLXX0145
Bomboima SLXX0146
Bomboma SLXX0147
Bomboma SLXX3546
Bomboru SLXX0148
Bomdei SLXX3547
Bomemahun SLXX3548
Bomi SLXX3549
Bomia SLXX1470
Bomna SLXX1471
Bomodia SLXX1472
Bomotoke SLXX3550
Bompeworo SLXX3551
Bomu SLXX3552
Bomuvulahun SLXX3553
Bonaia SLXX1473
Bondal SLXX3554
Bondam SLXX3555
Bondayilahun SLXX3556
Bondayirahun SLXX3557
Bonde SLXX0149
Bondebu SLXX3558
Bondehun SLXX0150
Bondodu SLXX0151
Bondoma SLXX0152
Bondoma SLXX3559
Bondua SLXX1474
Bonekune SLXX0153
Bonga SLXX1475
Bongama SLXX0154
Bonganema SLXX3560
Bongboma SLXX3561
Bongboru SLXX0155
Bongbu SLXX0156
Bonge SLXX3562
Bonge SLXX1476
Bongema SLXX0157
Bongere SLXX3563
Bongka SLXX1477
Bongo SLXX0158
Bongoadu SLXX0159
Bongoia SLXX0160
Bongoma SLXX0161
Bongoya SLXX3564
Boni SLXX0162
Bonjema SLXX0163
Bonjema SLXX3565
Bonjeya SLXX0164
Bonka SLXX1478
Bonkamataka SLXX1479
Bonkiri SLXX1480
Bonkofoton SLXX1481
Bonkohun SLXX1482
Bonoyema SLXX0165
Bonthe SLXX3566
Bontiwo SLXX3567
Bontiworo SLXX3568
Bopan SLXX3569
Bopo SLXX3570
Bopon SLXX3571
Borbana SLXX1483
Boria SLXX1484
Borobofu SLXX1485
Borokonko SLXX0166
Boronka SLXX1486
Boroso SLXX1487
Borwaila SLXX4903
Bosadu SLXX0167
Bosaia SLXX0168
Bosodu SLXX0169
Bosudu SLXX0170
Botima SLXX3572
Botiwa SLXX0171
Boto SLXX3573
Bouria SLXX1488
Bowama SLXX3574
Bowo SLXX0172
Bowobu SLXX0173
Boyago SLXX0174
Boyama SLXX0175
Boyipie SLXX3575
Bradali SLXX1489
Bradford SLXX0002
Braia SLXX0176
Brama SLXX4904
Buabu SLXX3576
Buawola SLXX3577
Bubama SLXX0177
Bubania SLXX1490
Bubu Town SLXX4905
Bubuya SLXX1491
Buelu SLXX0178
Bugami SLXX1492
Buguma SLXX0179
Buia SLXX1493
Bukema SLXX0180
Bukuya SLXX0181
Bullom SLXX1494
Bululaminaia SLXX1495
Bum SLXX3578
Buma SLXX3579
Buma SLXX0182
Bumba SLXX1496
Bumban SLXX1497
Bumbanjia SLXX0183
Bumbe SLXX3580
Bumbe SLXX1498
Bumbe SLXX0184
Bumbeworo SLXX1499
Bumbeworo SLXX3581
Bumbo SLXX1500
Bumbolo SLXX0185
Bumbuna SLXX1501
Bumbunkoro SLXX1502
Bumbunkura SLXX1503
Bumpe SLXX3582
Bumpe SLXX0186
Bumpetok SLXX3583
Bumpetoke SLXX3584
Bumplol SLXX1504
Bunabu SLXX3585
Bunbande SLXX1505
Bundayirahun SLXX0187
Bunde SLXX3586
Bundema SLXX0188
Bundima SLXX1506
Bundobu SLXX3587
Bundobu SLXX0189
Bundoia SLXX1507
Bundukaw SLXX3588
Bundundo SLXX0190
Bunga SLXX1508
Bunge SLXX3589
Bungema SLXX1509
Bunguema SLXX1510
Bunjema SLXX3590
Bunjema SLXX0191
Bunka SLXX1511
Bunkababi SLXX1512
Bunti SLXX3591
Bunumbu SLXX0192
Buobobu SLXX0193
Burahun SLXX1513
Buraia SLXX1514
Bure SLXX1515
Bure SLXX3592
Bure Town SLXX4906
Buru SLXX1516
Busu SLXX3593
Butehun SLXX0194
Buvehun SLXX4907
Buya SLXX3594
Buya SLXX1517
Buyama SLXX0195
Buyebu SLXX3596
Buyehun SLXX3597
Bwaia SLXX0196
Bwango Town SLXX4908
Bwedu SLXX0197
Bwema SLXX0198
Calaba Town SLXX4909
Campbell Town SLXX4910
Charlotte SLXX4911
Chembu SLXX1518
Cher SLXX3598
Chesuadu SLXX1519
Chokolo SLXX3599
Cline Town SLXX4912
Coldbath Town SLXX4913
Cole Town SLXX4914
Congo SLXX4915
Cotton Tree SLXX1520
Daambu SLXX1521
Dablama SLXX0199
Dablama SLXX3600
Dabu SLXX3601
Dada SLXX1522
Dagbu SLXX0200
Dagure SLXX1523
Dahama SLXX0201
Dakadu SLXX0202
Dakaia SLXX1524
Dakanene SLXX1525
Dakaro SLXX0203
Dakaw SLXX0204
Dakokalia SLXX1526
Dakunaia SLXX1527
Dalmusaia SLXX1528
Dama SLXX3602
Damando SLXX0205
Damawuro SLXX0206
Dambadu SLXX0207
Dambalu SLXX0208
Dambara SLXX0209
Dambo SLXX0210
Dambu SLXX0211
Dambu SLXX3604
Danda SLXX3605
Danda SLXX1529
Dandabu SLXX0212
Dandabu SLXX3606
Dandafara SLXX1530
Dandaia SLXX1531
Dandando SLXX0213
Dandaya SLXX1532
Dandegahun SLXX3607
Dandu SLXX0214
Dandu SLXX1533
Dangbwidu SLXX0215
Dankan SLXX1534
Dankankuma SLXX1535
Dankawali SLXX1536
Dankowolia SLXX1537
Dansadia SLXX1538
Dansaia SLXX1539
Dar-es-Salaam SLXX1540
Dar-es-Salaam SLXX3608
Dar-es-Salaam SLXX0216
Darakuru SLXX1541
Dare SLXX1542
Darina SLXX1543
Daru SLXX0217
Dawambu SLXX3609
Dawambu SLXX1544
Dawia SLXX1545
Dawule SLXX1546
Deadu SLXX0218
Deili SLXX1547
Deima SLXX0219
Delken SLXX3610
Dema SLXX3611
Dema SLXX0220
Demaboa SLXX3612
Demba SLXX1548
Dembema SLXX0221
Dendehun SLXX1549
Dengedu SLXX0222
Denibe SLXX3613
Dentema SLXX1550
Denti SLXX1551
Depea Water SLXX4916
Devil Hole SLXX4917
Dewadu SLXX0223
Deyaw SLXX0224
Dia SLXX3614
Dia SLXX0225
Diama SLXX0226
Diamani SLXX3615
Diame SLXX0227
Diamei SLXX3616
Dian Sokurela SLXX1552
Dibia SLXX1553
Dibo SLXX1554
Didia SLXX1555
Dige SLXX0228
Dikpaya SLXX3618
Dina SLXX3619
Dindi SLXX0229
Dinga SLXX3620
Dintilipan SLXX1556
Dipala SLXX3621
Disa SLXX0230
Disalami SLXX3622
Diwa SLXX0231
Diyange SLXX3623
Dodo SLXX3624
Dodo SLXX0232
Dogema SLXX3625
Dombadu SLXX0233
Domboma SLXX3626
Dombu SLXX3627
Domingo Farm SLXX4918
Domliyan SLXX1557
Domo SLXX3628
Dongowa SLXX0234
Donia SLXX1558
Dowoju SLXX0235
Dowoma SLXX3629
Duago SLXX1559
Duako SLXX0236
Duako SLXX1560
Dubaia SLXX1561
Dublin SLXX4919
Dudia SLXX3630
Dugaia SLXX1562
Dugbema SLXX0237
Dugbudu SLXX0238
Dugulama SLXX1563
Dukono SLXX0239
Dukono SLXX1564
Dulema SLXX1565
Dulipuibu SLXX3631
Dumagbe SLXX3632
Dumbaia SLXX1566
Dumbilibu SLXX0240
Dunamaro SLXX0241
Dunamaro SLXX1567
Dunamo SLXX0242
Dunduko SLXX1568
Dunduwa SLXX0243
Dunemaro SLXX0244
Durukoro SLXX1569
Duvubu SLXX3633
Duvubu SLXX0245
Duwulema SLXX0246
Duya SLXX0247
Duyamahun SLXX0248
Eneya SLXX1570
Fa-iya SLXX1571
Faabu SLXX3634
Fabaina SLXX3635
Fabaina SLXX0249
Fabaina SLXX4920
Fabu SLXX3636
Factri SLXX3637
Fada SLXX0250
Fadugu SLXX1572
Fafo SLXX0251
Fagoia SLXX0252
Fagona SLXX0253
Fagoya SLXX0254
Faiama SLXX3638
Faiama SLXX0255
Faikundo SLXX3639
Failahun SLXX3640
Faima SLXX3641
Faindu SLXX0256
Fairo SLXX3642
Fajkundo SLXX3643
Fakabai SLXX3644
Fakai SLXX1573
Fakai SLXX3645
Fakai SLXX4921
Fakaisana SLXX3646
Fakina SLXX4922
Fakono SLXX3647
Fakor SLXX1574
Fakoro SLXX0257
Fakoya SLXX0258
Fakundija SLXX1575
Fakunding-ya SLXX1576
Fala SLXX3648
Fala SLXX0259
Falaba SLXX0260
Falaba SLXX1577
Falaba SLXX3649
Falabadi SLXX1578
Falabu SLXX3650
Falahun SLXX0261
Falo SLXX0262
Falu SLXX3651
Fana SLXX1579
Fanama SLXX0263
Fanda SLXX0264
Fandala SLXX1580
Fandehun SLXX0265
Fandu SLXX0266
Fangamadu SLXX0267
Fangoia SLXX1581
Fanima SLXX3652
Fankaia SLXX1582
Fankama SLXX1583
Fankoya SLXX1584
Fanta SLXX1585
Fanye SLXX1586
Faragbema SLXX1587
Farakoro SLXX1588
Farama SLXX1589
Farandu SLXX0268
Farandugu SLXX1590
Farangbaya SLXX1591
Faransula SLXX1592
Farataw SLXX1593
Farawaro SLXX1594
Fasinaia SLXX1595
Fasonkodu SLXX0269
Fatio SLXX0270
Fauia SLXX0271
Fawaneemaa SLXX3653
Fayama SLXX3654
Fayima SLXX0272
Feba SLXX3655
Febena SLXX3656
Feja SLXX0273
Felnabalia SLXX1596
Fembedu SLXX0274
Fengehun SLXX3657
Fengka SLXX1597
Fenkembaia SLXX1598
Fensedu SLXX0275
Fentikhuri SLXX1599
Feremabalia SLXX1600
Fernando Po SLXX1601
Fero SLXX0276
Fiama SLXX0277
Fiawo SLXX0278
Figi SLXX1602
Filina SLXX1603
Fimbadu SLXX0279
Fimbaia SLXX0280
Finabania SLXX1604
Fintibaia SLXX1605
Fintonia SLXX1606
Firawa SLXX1607
Firikaia SLXX1608
Fisher Lane SLXX4923
Fo-gbo SLXX4924
Foau SLXX0281
Fobu SLXX0282
Fodi Town SLXX4925
Fodia SLXX1609
Fogbanjo SLXX3658
Fogbo SLXX3659
Fogbodu SLXX0283
Fogo SLXX1610
Foiboma SLXX0284
Foidu SLXX0285
Foimangadu SLXX1611
Foinba SLXX0286
Foinda SLXX3660
Foindu SLXX3661
Foindu SLXX0287
Foiya SLXX4926
Fokaw SLXX1612
Fola SLXX0288
Folima SLXX0289
Folima SLXX3662
Folodu SLXX0290
Folu SLXX3663
Folu SLXX0291
Fomadu SLXX0292
Fomaia SLXX0293
Fomaia SLXX3664
Fomaya SLXX0294
Fonaia SLXX1613
Fonayama SLXX0295
Fondokhuri SLXX1614
Fondu SLXX1615
Fonima SLXX4927
Fonima SLXX0296
Fore SLXX1616
Foredugu SLXX1617
Foremoria SLXX1618
Foremusaia SLXX1619
Foria SLXX1620
Forikolo SLXX1621
Forobine SLXX1622
Forodugu SLXX1623
Forokoia SLXX1624
Fotani SLXX1625
Fotingaia SLXX0297
Foto SLXX1626
Fotori SLXX1627
Fowa SLXX0298
Fowaya SLXX0299
Foya SLXX0300
Foya SLXX3665
Fransa SLXX1628
Freetown SLXX0001
Fuendo SLXX3666
Fuendu SLXX3667
Fuendu SLXX1629
Fuendu SLXX0301
Fuero SLXX0302
Fuhiko SLXX3668
Fuidu SLXX0303
Fukunba SLXX1630
Fula SLXX3669
Fula Town SLXX1631
Fulahun SLXX0304
Fulako SLXX0305
Fulaninahun SLXX3670
Fulatown SLXX1632
Fulawahun SLXX0306
Fulawahun SLXX3671
Fulewama SLXX3672
Fuliwama SLXX3673
Fulun SLXX1633
Fumbala SLXX0307
Fundu SLXX1634
Fundusuma SLXX1635
Funehun SLXX3674
Funemba SLXX1636
Fungia SLXX3675
Funiko SLXX3676
Funima SLXX0308
Funkia SLXX3677
Funkin SLXX1637
Funkio SLXX3678
Funkuya SLXX1638
Furia SLXX1639
Furibalia SLXX1640
Furikaria SLXX1641
Fusia SLXX1642
Futa SLXX1643
Futa SLXX3679
Futani SLXX1644
Futawoma SLXX3680
Fuyero SLXX0309
Gaahun SLXX0310
Gabweba SLXX3681
Gahun SLXX0311
Gaidehun SLXX3682
Gaigba SLXX0312
Gaigo SLXX0313
Gaioura SLXX3683
Gaivolu SLXX0314
Gajubaoma SLXX3684
Galahun SLXX0315
Galema SLXX0316
Galu SLXX3685
Galu SLXX0317
Gama SLXX0318
Gamayama SLXX3686
Gambia SLXX3687
Gando SLXX0319
Gandohun SLXX3688
Gandohun SLXX0320
Gandorhun SLXX3689
Gandorhun SLXX0321
Gangama SLXX0322
Gangama SLXX3690
Gangodu SLXX0323
Ganguhun SLXX3691
Ganjama SLXX3692
Ganya SLXX1645
Garahun SLXX4928
Garahun SLXX3693
Garama SLXX0324
Garinga SLXX3694
Garwama SLXX0325
Gaugba SLXX3695
Gavuyema SLXX0326
Gawmbu SLXX0327
Gawura SLXX3696
Gba SLXX3697
Gbaama SLXX3698
Gbaan SLXX3699
Gbabai SLXX0004
Gbahama SLXX3700
Gbahun SLXX3701
Gbaidu SLXX0328
Gbaikiya SLXX0329
Gbailo SLXX1647
Gbain SLXX1648
Gbaiya SLXX0330
Gbakilo SLXX0331
Gbakio SLXX0332
Gbalan SLXX1649
Gbale SLXX3702
Gbalehun SLXX3703
Gbali SLXX3704
Gbaligbali SLXX1650
Gbama SLXX3705
Gbamani SLXX3706
Gbambaia SLXX1651
Gbambiadu SLXX0334
Gbamundu SLXX0335
Gbamusa SLXX3707
Gbamusu SLXX3708
Gbana SLXX3709
Gbana SLXX1652
Gbanahun SLXX3710
Gbanbalo SLXX0336
Gbandawo SLXX0337
Gbandi SLXX3711
Gbandi SLXX0338
Gbandidu SLXX0339
Gbandoma SLXX1653
Gbandorma SLXX0340
Gbandu SLXX0341
Gbane SLXX1654
Gbane Loko SLXX1655
Gbanelol SLXX1656
Gbanfalo SLXX0342
Gbangadu SLXX0343
Gbangan SLXX1657
Gbangba SLXX3713
Gbangbaia SLXX1659
Gbangbaia SLXX3714
Gbangbama SLXX3715
Gbangbama SLXX1660
Gbangbanfira SLXX1661
Gbangbaro SLXX0344
Gbangbatok SLXX3716
Gbangbima SLXX3717
Gbangema SLXX0345
Gbangidu SLXX0346
Gbanguria SLXX1662
Gbaninga SLXX3718
Gbanjauma SLXX0347
Gbanka SLXX1663
Gbankan SLXX1664
Gbankona SLXX1665
Gbanti SLXX3719
Gbap SLXX1666
Gbap SLXX3720
Gbara SLXX1667
Gbarama SLXX0348
Gbaran SLXX1668
Gbaru SLXX0349
Gbasati SLXX3722
Gbashama SLXX3723
Gbasiakonke SLXX0350
Gbatawoma SLXX0351
Gbatema SLXX3724
Gbatema SLXX0352
Gbatodu SLXX0353
Gbawima SLXX0354
Gbawula SLXX0355
Gbeaia SLXX1669
Gbeaia SLXX0356
Gbeha SLXX3725
Gbehan SLXX3726
Gbeka SLXX0357
Gbekawraw SLXX0358
Gbekedu SLXX0359
Gbeko SLXX0360
Gbekpe SLXX0361
Gbela SLXX1670
Gbeli SLXX3727
Gbema SLXX0362
Gbema SLXX3728
Gbemaia SLXX0363
Gbematambadu SLXX0364
Gbembo SLXX3729
Gbembu SLXX3730
Gbencha SLXX3731
Gbendela SLXX0365
Gbendema SLXX0366
Gbenderu SLXX0367
Gbenega SLXX3732
Gbengbebu SLXX3733
Gbensendo SLXX0368
Gbenti SLXX0005
Gbeorbu SLXX0369
Gberefi SLXX1671
Gberi SLXX1672
Gberi SLXX3734
Gberia SLXX1673
Gberia Fotombu SLXX1674
Gberia Timbako SLXX1675
Gberikoro SLXX1676
Gberu SLXX3735
Gbese SLXX3736
Gbese SLXX1677
Gbese SLXX0370
Gbesebu SLXX3737
Gbeseya SLXX1678
Gbesibu SLXX3738
Gbetema SLXX0371
Gbeteoma SLXX3739
Gbetewama SLXX0372
Gbetuma SLXX1679
Gbewama SLXX3740
Gbewebu SLXX3741
Gbiabu SLXX1680
Gbie SLXX3742
Gbiidala SLXX0373
Gbikundu SLXX0374
Gbilmoko SLXX3743
Gbin SLXX3744
Gbingbangordu SLXX0375
Gbinti SLXX1681
Gbitima SLXX3745
Gbiton SLXX1682
Gbodu SLXX0376
Gbogboma SLXX0377
Gbogoboyan SLXX1683
Gbogonma SLXX3746
Gbogoroma SLXX1684
Gboidu SLXX0378
Gboifira SLXX1685
Gbokadu SLXX0379
Gbokulahun SLXX0380
Gbolia SLXX0381
Gbombana SLXX1686
Gbombo SLXX0382
Gbomei SLXX3747
Gbomuko SLXX3748
Gbonbomba SLXX1687
Gbonbondo SLXX1688
Gbondama SLXX3749
Gbondoru SLXX0383
Gbondu SLXX0384
Gbongba SLXX1689
Gbongboma SLXX0385
Gbongboma SLXX3750
Gbongboru SLXX0386
Gbongboto SLXX3751
Gbonge SLXX3752
Gbonge SLXX1690
Gbongonko SLXX0387
Gbongoya SLXX3753
Gbonima SLXX3754
Gbonko SLXX1691
Gbonko SLXX3755
Gbonko Talia SLXX3756
Gbonkobankala SLXX1692
Gbonkobe SLXX3757
Gbonkobon SLXX1693
Gbonkolah SLXX1694
Gbonkomakent SLXX1695
Gbonkomaria SLXX1696
Gbonkomayemi SLXX1697
Gbonkomayira SLXX1698
Gbonkomipere SLXX1699
Gbonkopil SLXX1700
Gbonkopila SLXX1701
Gbonkowili SLXX1702
Gbonumbu SLXX3758
Gboro SLXX1703
Gboyama SLXX3759
Gboyama SLXX0388
Gboyeiya SLXX3760
Gbuahun SLXX0389
Gbulia SLXX1704
Gbulun SLXX1705
Gbundapi SLXX3761
Gbungbuna SLXX1706
Gbunkuia SLXX1707
Gbuyama SLXX3762
Geblama SLXX0390
Gega SLXX0391
Gegbadu SLXX0392
Gegbwema SLXX0393
Gegwema SLXX0394
Gehama SLXX0395
Geiawahun SLXX3763
Gelahun SLXX0396
Gelehun SLXX0397
Gembo SLXX3764
Gendema SLXX0398
Gendema SLXX1708
Gendema SLXX3765
Gendemwolo SLXX3766
Gendima SLXX4929
Gengema SLXX0399
Gerehun SLXX0400
Gerehun SLXX3767
Gerema SLXX0401
Gerihun SLXX3768
Geringa SLXX0402
Gerlo SLXX3769
Geseihun SLXX3770
Gewojahun SLXX0403
Gewojahun SLXX3771
Giawama SLXX3772
Gibiabehun SLXX3773
Gibina SLXX3774
Gidani SLXX0404
Gieboya SLXX3775
Giebu SLXX0405
Giebu SLXX3776
Giegboia SLXX3777
Giegbolia SLXX3778
Gieha SLXX0406
Giehun SLXX0407
Giehun SLXX3779
Giema SLXX3780
Giema SLXX0408
Giero SLXX0409
Gieumbu SLXX0410
Giewabu SLXX3781
Giewahun SLXX0411
Giewoma SLXX0412
Gieya SLXX3782
Gigbema SLXX0413
Gigbema SLXX3783
Giima SLXX0414
Gikon SLXX0415
Gilehun SLXX0416
Gilima SLXX0417
Gisiwulo SLXX3784
Giwahun SLXX0418
Giyahun SLXX3785
Glaya SLXX3786
Glima SLXX0419
Gloucester SLXX4930
Gnanyahun SLXX0420
Gnanyahun Bulima SLXX0421
Go SLXX3787
Go SLXX0423
Goabu SLXX0424
Goabu SLXX3788
Goahun SLXX3789
Goala SLXX0425
Gobahun SLXX3790
Gobi SLXX0426
Gobioma SLXX0427
Godi SLXX3791
Godi SLXX0428
Godiama SLXX3792
Godiwa SLXX0429
Gofo SLXX3793
Gofor SLXX0430
Gogbebu SLXX3794
Gogehun SLXX0431
Gogwema SLXX3795
Gohuma SLXX0432
Gohun SLXX0433
Gokodu SLXX0434
Gokoma SLXX0435
Gokoro SLXX1709
Gokoru SLXX0436
Gola SLXX3796
Golala SLXX3797
Golala SLXX0437
Golalo SLXX3798
Golawahun SLXX3799
Golawoma SLXX3800
Golawoma SLXX0438
Golu SLXX3801
Goma SLXX0439
Gomahun SLXX3802
Gombahun SLXX3803
Gombohun SLXX0440
Gombu SLXX3804
Gomnaw Sembehun SLXX3805
Gomsua SLXX0441
Gondama SLXX3806
Gondama SLXX0442
Gondima SLXX0443
Gondoma SLXX3807
Gonghu SLXX3808
Gongolo SLXX1710
Gongwa SLXX3809
Gonohun SLXX3810
Gonorhun SLXX3811
Goomadu SLXX0444
Gorahun SLXX3812
Gorahun SLXX0445
Gorahun Vaama SLXX0446
Gorahunwa SLXX0447
Gorala SLXX0448
Gorama SLXX0449
Gorapo SLXX3813
Gore SLXX1711
Gorehun SLXX3814
Gorewoma SLXX0450
Goriama SLXX0451
Gorokura SLXX1712
Goroya SLXX0452
Govokpahun SLXX0453
Goyama SLXX0454
Goyo SLXX1713
Gpa SLXX3815
Gpamgbauahun SLXX0455
Gpendeima SLXX0456
Gpoijaima SLXX0457
Gpowama SLXX3816
Gpowobu SLXX0458
Grafton SLXX4931
Great Scarcies SLXX1714
Grilahun SLXX0459
Grima SLXX3817
Grima SLXX1715
Guabu SLXX3818
Guabu SLXX0461
Guagoma SLXX0462
Guala SLXX0463
Guama SLXX0464
Gubaru SLXX3819
Gubehun SLXX3820
Gugbebu SLXX3821
Guhao SLXX1716
Gumahun SLXX3822
Gumasa SLXX3823
Gumbukeima SLXX0465
Gurala SLXX0466
Gurubu SLXX3824
Guwobu SLXX0467
Hagbahun SLXX3825
Hagbantama SLXX1717
Hahun SLXX3826
Haila SLXX0468
Hake Town SLXX4932
Hamilton SLXX4933
Hangha SLXX0469
Hangiri SLXX1718
Hanjama SLXX0470
Hastings SLXX4934
Hegbema SLXX3827
Hegbwema SLXX0471
Helawa SLXX3828
Helegonba SLXX0472
Heligohun SLXX0473
Hemabu SLXX3829
Hendo SLXX3830
Hendobu SLXX3831
Herako SLXX1719
Herebu SLXX3832
Heremakono SLXX1720
Heremankono SLXX1721
Heviko SLXX1722
Hewebu SLXX3833
Hill Station SLXX4935
Hima SLXX3834
Hinan SLXX3835
Honayema SLXX0474
Hoya SLXX3836
Humalahun SLXX0475
Hunkan SLXX3837
Igaia SLXX1723
Imperi SLXX3838
Irua SLXX4936
Jabama SLXX3839
Jabama SLXX0476
Jabama SLXX1724
Jabu SLXX0477
Jafuya SLXX0478
Jagbahun SLXX3840
Jagbahun SLXX0479
Jagbaihun SLXX3841
Jagbaka SLXX0480
Jagbakahun SLXX3842
Jagbea SLXX3843
Jagbwema SLXX3844
Jagbwema SLXX1725
Jagbwemu SLXX3845
Jago SLXX0482
Jago SLXX3846
Jagundoma SLXX0483
Jahandama SLXX3847
Jahun SLXX3848
Jahun SLXX0484
Jaiahun SLXX3849
Jaiahun SLXX0485
Jaiama SLXX3850
Jaiama SLXX0486
Jaigbahun SLXX0487
Jaiwulo SLXX3851
Jajubu SLXX3852
Jakama SLXX3853
Jala SLXX3854
Jalahun SLXX3855
Jalandama SLXX3856
Jalia SLXX0488
Jalihun SLXX3857
Jalihun SLXX0489
Jalu SLXX0490
Jaluahon SLXX0491
Jaluahun SLXX0492
Jalwala SLXX3859
Jama SLXX3860
Jama SLXX0493
Jambailu SLXX0494
Jambohun SLXX3861
Jamboma SLXX3862
Jamesi SLXX0495
Jamiru SLXX0496
Jande SLXX3863
Jangalo SLXX3864
Janja SLXX1726
Jaomahun SLXX0497
Jarbarma SLXX0498
Jaro SLXX3865
Jawabundeima SLXX3866
Jawe SLXX0499
Jawe SLXX3867
Jawi SLXX0500
Jawor SLXX3868
Jawu SLXX0501
Jayahun SLXX3869
Jembe SLXX0502
Jene SLXX3871
Jene SLXX0503
Jeneh SLXX0504
Jeoma SLXX3872
Jeoma SLXX0505
Jeoma Jago SLXX3873
Jerihun SLXX3874
Jeru SLXX3875
Jibima SLXX3876
Jibima SLXX4937
Jijama SLXX3877
Jimi SLXX3878
Jioma SLXX3879
Jiyahun SLXX3880
Joborhu SLXX0507
Jobu SLXX0508
Joe Town SLXX4938
Joei SLXX0509
John Obey SLXX4939
Johntop SLXX4940
Jojohun SLXX3881
Jojohun SLXX0510
Jojoima SLXX0511
Jokibu SLXX0512
Jokibu SLXX3882
Jolohun SLXX3883
Jolomei SLXX0513
Jolu SLXX0514
Jombehun SLXX0515
Jombohun SLXX0516
Jombohun SLXX3884
Jombosin SLXX3885
Jomoihun SLXX0517
Jomu SLXX0518
Jonbaba SLXX3886
Jopowahun SLXX3887
Jopowahun SLXX0519
Joru SLXX0520
Jowi SLXX0521
Juhun SLXX3888
Jui SLXX4941
Juite Town SLXX4942
Jujuma SLXX0522
Juma SLXX0523
Juma SLXX3889
Jumbu SLXX3890
Jummu Town SLXX4943
Jumu SLXX3891
Junctuela SLXX3892
Jungalau SLXX4944
Juring SLXX3893
Jurma SLXX3894
Juwema SLXX0524
Kaba SLXX1727
Kabaia SLXX1728
Kabaidu SLXX0525
Kabaima SLXX3895
Kabaka SLXX3896
Kabake SLXX1729
Kabala SLXX1730
Kabanka SLXX3897
Kabara SLXX1731
Kabari SLXX1732
Kabat SLXX1733
Kabate SLXX1734
Kabati SLXX3898
Kabawana SLXX3899
Kabawana SLXX0526
Kabenda SLXX1735
Kabengu SLXX0527
Kabere SLXX1736
Kabiama SLXX3900
Kabo SLXX1737
Kabonka SLXX1738
Kabu SLXX1739
Kabuita SLXX1740
Kabunga SLXX1741
Kabuya SLXX1742
Kadagbana SLXX1743
Kadaina SLXX1744
Kadala SLXX1745
Kadanda SLXX1746
Kadankan SLXX1747
Kadanso SLXX1748
Kadansu SLXX1749
Kadina SLXX0528
Kadu SLXX0529
Kafa SLXX1750
Kafaidu SLXX0530
Kafogo SLXX1751
Kafu SLXX1752
Kafukuta SLXX1753
Kafunka SLXX1754
Kagbadu SLXX0531
Kagbane SLXX1755
Kagbanga SLXX1756
Kagbangona SLXX1757
Kagbanka SLXX1758
Kagbanlama SLXX1759
Kagbeden SLXX1760
Kagbeia SLXX1761
Kagbeli SLXX1762
Kagbema SLXX0532
Kagberi SLXX1763
Kagbete SLXX1764
Kagbeti SLXX1765
Kagbindi SLXX3901
Kagbo SLXX1766
Kagbodo SLXX1767
Kagboma SLXX3902
Kagbonka SLXX1768
Kagboto SLXX1769
Kagbulo SLXX1770
Kagbumbo SLXX1771
Kagbungbaw SLXX1772
Kagbunko SLXX1773
Kagbwama SLXX0533
Kai SLXX3903
Kaia SLXX1774
Kaifindu SLXX0534
Kaikudu SLXX0535
Kailahun SLXX3904
Kailahun SLXX0536
Kailankoro SLXX1775
Kaimbadu SLXX0537
Kaimbaitohun SLXX0538
Kaimblama SLXX0539
Kaimbo SLXX1776
Kaina SLXX3905
Kaine SLXX0540
Kainfodu SLXX0541
Kainke SLXX3906
Kainkordu SLXX0542
Kaipo SLXX3907
Kaito SLXX1777
Kaiya SLXX0543
Kajalu SLXX0544
Kaka SLXX1778
Kakama SLXX3908
Kakanda Town SLXX4945
Kakande SLXX1779
Kakanu SLXX1780
Kakaratamba SLXX1781
Kakarima SLXX1782
Kakayu SLXX1783
Kakeako SLXX1784
Kakeko SLXX1785
Kakhei SLXX3909
Kakia SLXX1786
Kakogboma SLXX0545
Kakonta SLXX1787
Kakonti SLXX1788
Kakoya SLXX1789
Kakoyiehun SLXX0546
Kakpadu SLXX0547
Kakpwema SLXX3910
Kakutan SLXX1790
Kalahun SLXX0548
Kalamaro SLXX1791
Kalanga SLXX1792
Kalangba SLXX1793
Kale SLXX3911
Kalenke SLXX1794
Kali Town SLXX4946
Kalia SLXX1795
Kalia SLXX3912
Kalia SLXX0549
Kaliere SLXX1796
Kalifaiya SLXX1797
Kalikhuri SLXX1798
Kalimaia SLXX1799
Kalimata SLXX1800
Kaliyiri SLXX1801
Kalkoia SLXX1802
Kalmoro SLXX1803
Kalu SLXX0550
Kalu SLXX3913
Kalumbi SLXX1804
Kama SLXX1805
Kamaba SLXX1806
Kamabai SLXX1807
Kamadonkea SLXX0551
Kamadu SLXX0552
Kamadugu SLXX1808
Kamaharin SLXX1810
Kamaima SLXX0553
Kamakonta SLXX1811
Kamakwie SLXX1812
Kamalan SLXX1813
Kamalo SLXX1814
Kamalon SLXX1815
Kamalu SLXX1816
Kamalu SLXX0554
Kamandi SLXX1817
Kamange SLXX1818
Kamanka SLXX1819
Kamapodu SLXX0555
Kamaranka SLXX1820
Kamareki SLXX1821
Kamaro SLXX1822
Kamaron SLXX1823
Kamasapi SLXX1824
Kamasiki SLXX1825
Kamaso SLXX0556
Kamasori SLXX1826
Kamasu SLXX0557
Kamasu SLXX3915
Kamasu-Tanineba SLXX0558
Kamasundo SLXX1827
Kamasundu SLXX3916
Kamasundu SLXX1828
Kamata SLXX1829
Kamatereh SLXX1830
Kamatipa SLXX3917
Kamato SLXX3918
Kamato SLXX1831
Kamatogu SLXX1832
Kamayen SLXX1833
Kamba SLXX1834
Kambaia SLXX0559
Kambaia SLXX1835
Kambalia SLXX1836
Kambalo SLXX3919
Kambalu SLXX0560
Kambama SLXX3920
Kambama SLXX0561
Kambana SLXX1837
Kambaya SLXX1838
Kambema SLXX0562
Kambeyama SLXX0563
Kambia SLXX3921
Kambia SLXX0006
Kambiadi SLXX1840
Kambitambaia SLXX1841
Kambodu SLXX0564
Kamboli SLXX0565
Kamboma SLXX0566
Kamboma-Mamayema SLXX0567
Kambotok SLXX3922
Kamem SLXX1842
Kamendugu SLXX1843
Kamengodu SLXX0568
Kamera SLXX1844
Kamero SLXX1845
Kamiendo SLXX0569
Kamirindugu SLXX1846
Kampan SLXX1847
Kampudi SLXX1848
Kamrabai SLXX1849
Kanama SLXX0570
Kandagbe SLXX3923
Kandaia SLXX0571
Kandambaya SLXX1850
Kanderena SLXX1851
Kandilo SLXX0572
Kando SLXX3924
Kandu SLXX3925
Kanebo SLXX1852
Kaneia SLXX1853
Kanga SLXX0573
Kanga SLXX3926
Kangahun SLXX3927
Kangahunworo SLXX3928
Kangama SLXX0574
Kangama SLXX3929
Kangasa SLXX3930
Kangatoto SLXX1854
Kangbaro SLXX0575
Kangbwema SLXX0576
Kangordu SLXX0577
Kani SLXX4947
Kania SLXX0578
Kania SLXX3931
Kanigba SLXX1856
Kanike SLXX1857
Kanipo SLXX1858
Kaniva SLXX0579
Kanjadu SLXX0580
Kanjahun SLXX3932
Kanjalu SLXX0581
Kanjowola SLXX0582
Kanka SLXX1859
Kankaia SLXX1860
Kankorobaia SLXX1861
Kankr SLXX1862
Kankwia SLXX1863
Kansabalia SLXX1864
Kantaia SLXX1865
Kantia SLXX1866
Kantine SLXX3933
Kantiri SLXX1867
Kantirina SLXX1868
Kanwaya SLXX0583
Kapaira SLXX0584
Kapete SLXX1869
Kapeti SLXX1870
Kapitel SLXX1871
Kapoto SLXX1872
Kaprsanka SLXX1873
Kaprsira SLXX1874
Karafafinaia SLXX1875
Karafaia SLXX1876
Karafasani SLXX1877
Karafili SLXX1878
Karakana SLXX1879
Karakawa SLXX1880
Karamon SLXX1881
Karandugu SLXX1882
Karangawa SLXX1883
Karasa SLXX1884
Karima SLXX1885
Karimbu SLXX1886
Karina SLXX1887
Karine SLXX1888
Karinta SLXX1889
Karvuama SLXX0585
Kasadu SLXX0586
Kasafoni SLXX1890
Kasakundi SLXX1891
Kasama SLXX3934
Kasan SLXX1892
Kasanko SLXX1893
Kasansa SLXX1894
Kasasi SLXX1895
Kase SLXX3935
Kasema SLXX3936
Kasengbe SLXX1896
Kasenpon SLXX1897
Kasi SLXX3937
Kasikhuri SLXX1898
Kasikoia SLXX0587
Kasikoro SLXX1899
Kasine SLXX1900
Kasipota SLXX3938
Kaso SLXX1901
Kasokira SLXX1902
Kasompona SLXX1903
Kasongha SLXX1904
Kasse SLXX3939
Kassiri SLXX1905
Kasuan SLXX1906
Kasunia SLXX1907
Kataiama SLXX3940
Kataiku SLXX1908
Katakera SLXX1909
Katala SLXX1910
Katamban SLXX1911
Katankina SLXX1912
Katanta SLXX1913
Kate SLXX1914
Kategian SLXX1915
Katema SLXX3941
Katene SLXX1916
Katengbe SLXX1917
Kathin SLXX3942
Katik SLXX1918
Katikin SLXX1919
Katima SLXX1920
Katima SLXX0588
Katimbo SLXX1921
Katinta SLXX1922
Katiri SLXX1923
Katoina SLXX1924
Katoma SLXX1925
Katombo SLXX1926
Katonga SLXX1927
Katribana SLXX1928
Katta SLXX3943
Katu Town SLXX4948
Katumpu SLXX1929
Kawa SLXX1930
Kawala SLXX3944
Kawama SLXX0589
Kawana SLXX1931
Kawaya SLXX3945
Kawbana SLXX1932
Kawboli SLXX3425
Kawere SLXX1933
Kawla SLXX1934
Kawoma SLXX3946
Kawono SLXX1935
Kawria SLXX1936
Kawungulu SLXX1937
Kayako SLXX1938
Kayasi SLXX1939
Kayele SLXX1940
Kayenge SLXX1941
Kayima SLXX0590
Kayimbo SLXX1942
Kayinda SLXX1943
Kayonkuya SLXX1944
Kayungbula SLXX1945
Keama SLXX1946
Keama SLXX0591
Keba SLXX3947
Kebaluahun SLXX0592
Kebawana SLXX0593
Kebbie Town SLXX4949
Keche SLXX1947
Kegbema SLXX1948
Kegbolia SLXX0594
Keiga SLXX3949
Keimadugu SLXX1949
Kekeya SLXX0595
Kelei SLXX3950
Kemaia SLXX1950
Kemasoko SLXX1951
Kembadu SLXX0596
Kemoru SLXX0597
Kemosaia SLXX1952
Kena SLXX1953
Kendea SLXX0598
Kendembia SLXX1954
Kendiama SLXX3951
Kendima SLXX1955
Kenema SLXX3952
Kenema SLXX0599
Kenema SLXX1956
Kenenday SLXX1957
Kenewa SLXX0600
Kenewa SLXX1958
Kengesi SLXX3953
Kengudu SLXX0601
Kenjama SLXX0602
Kenkeli SLXX1959
Kensekoro SLXX1960
Kensuya SLXX1961
Kent SLXX4950
Kente SLXX3954
Kenyema SLXX3955
Kenyema SLXX0603
Kepu SLXX1962
Keradugu SLXX1963
Kerebu SLXX3956
Keredu SLXX0604
Kerife SLXX1964
Kerry Town SLXX4951
Ketar SLXX1965
Ketelle SLXX1966
Ketuma SLXX3957
Ketuma SLXX0605
Kewulia SLXX1967
Keyehun SLXX3958
Kiagbasima SLXX0606
Kiambe SLXX3959
Kiampudi SLXX1968
Kianfil SLXX1969
Kiehuk SLXX1970
Kigba SLXX0607
Kigbai SLXX3960
Kigbal SLXX3961
Kigbal SLXX1971
Kigbie SLXX0608
Kikina SLXX1972
Kila SLXX1973
Kilela SLXX1974
Kilitewondi SLXX1975
Kimbima SLXX3962
Kindea SLXX0609
Kindea SLXX1976
Kindema SLXX3963
Kindia SLXX0610
Kingimadu SLXX0611
Kingtom SLXX4952
Kinse SLXX0612
Kipimp SLXX1978
Kipulun SLXX1979
Kiragba SLXX1980
Kiriborodugu SLXX1981
Kiridu SLXX1982
Kirima SLXX1983
Kisama SLXX1984
Kisewa SLXX3964
Kisi SLXX1985
Kisia SLXX1986
Kisiwuru SLXX3965
Kisoni SLXX1987
Kissi Town SLXX4953
Kissy SLXX4954
Kita SLXX1988
Kitenti SLXX1989
Kitite SLXX1990
Kitoma SLXX3966
Kitonki SLXX1991
Kitori SLXX1992
Koadima SLXX3967
Koafuni SLXX0613
Koardu SLXX0614
Koba SLXX4955
Koba SLXX1993
Kobaia SLXX1994
Kobali SLXX1995
Kobo SLXX3968
Koboia SLXX1996
Kobotu SLXX3969
Kobu SLXX3970
Kobumpe SLXX3971
Kobundala SLXX3972
Kodibu SLXX0615
Koema SLXX0616
Kofima SLXX3973
Kogboma SLXX0617
Kogbotima SLXX3974
Kogbwendehun SLXX0618
Koidu SLXX0619
Koijei SLXX3975
Koila SLXX0620
Koinadugu SLXX1997
Koindu SLXX3976
Koindu SLXX0621
Koining SLXX0622
Koiva SLXX3977
Koiyima SLXX0623
Koker Town SLXX4956
Kokero SLXX0624
Kokoma SLXX0625
Kokoru SLXX0626
Kola Town SLXX4957
Kola Tree SLXX4958
Koleine SLXX0627
Kolia SLXX1998
Koliayama SLXX0628
Kolifa SLXX1999
Kolima SLXX3978
Kolisoko SLXX2000
Kolobengu SLXX0629
Kolujehun SLXX0630
Koma SLXX3979
Komadu SLXX0631
Komaia SLXX2001
Komando SLXX0632
Komandu SLXX0633
Komao SLXX0634
Komaru SLXX0635
Komau SLXX0636
Kombadugu SLXX2002
Kombaia SLXX2003
Kombandu SLXX0637
Kombema SLXX0638
Kombile SLXX2004
Kombolkaya SLXX2005
Komboma SLXX0639
Komboria SLXX2006
Komboya SLXX3980
Komende SLXX3981
Komende SLXX0640
Komende Luyama SLXX0641
Komende-Luyama SLXX0642
Komendi SLXX3982
Komendinja SLXX0643
Komiyehun SLXX0644
Komoia SLXX2007
Komolu SLXX3983
Konabe SLXX0645
Konabu SLXX0646
Konabu SLXX3984
Konakri SLXX2008
Konakridee SLXX2009
Konbilima SLXX3985
Kondama SLXX0647
Kondea SLXX0648
Kondea SLXX2010
Kondebotihun SLXX3987
Kondebu SLXX0649
Kondelema SLXX2011
Kondema SLXX0650
Kondembaia SLXX2012
Kondewakoro SLXX0651
Kondia SLXX3988
Kondiama SLXX3989
Kondibu SLXX4959
Kondibu SLXX0652
Kondiea SLXX2013
Kondigbama SLXX3990
Kondita SLXX2014
Kondokuba SLXX2015
Kondoma SLXX0653
Kondoma SLXX3991
Konehun SLXX0654
Konehun SLXX3992
Konela SLXX3993
Konelo SLXX0655
Konendu SLXX0656
Kongabahun SLXX3994
Kongama SLXX3995
Kongbama SLXX0657
Kongboma SLXX0658
Kongo SLXX0659
Kongo SLXX3996
Kongodako SLXX0660
Kongoife SLXX0661
Kongoma SLXX0662
Kongopa SLXX3997
Kongorma SLXX0663
Kongowakoro SLXX0664
Koni SLXX3998
Konia SLXX3999
Konia SLXX2016
Konia SLXX0665
Konima SLXX2017
Konima SLXX4000
Konja SLXX0667
Konjo SLXX0668
Konjokehun SLXX4001
Konkan SLXX2018
Konko SLXX4002
Konkoako SLXX0669
Konkoba SLXX2019
Konkofinja SLXX0670
Konkohun SLXX0671
Konkoia SLXX0672
Konkombadu SLXX0673
Konkonani SLXX0674
Konkor SLXX2020
Konkorako SLXX0675
Konkowakoro SLXX2021
Konkoworo SLXX0676
Konkoya SLXX2022
Konno Town SLXX4960
Kono Town SLXX4961
Konokude SLXX2023
Konolo SLXX4003
Konovulahun SLXX0677
Konovulahun SLXX4004
Konsirefe SLXX2024
Konsoya SLXX0678
Konta SLXX0679
Konta SLXX4005
Konta SLXX2025
Kontabana SLXX2026
Kontakuma SLXX2027
Konte SLXX2028
Konte SLXX4962
Konto SLXX2029
Konyeko SLXX2030
Kopama SLXX4006
Koribundu SLXX4007
Korjehun SLXX0680
Korkorti SLXX4008
Korma SLXX0681
Korodiakoro SLXX2031
Korodu SLXX0682
Koroma SLXX0683
Korosa SLXX0684
Korrata SLXX2032
Kortimaw SLXX2033
Kortright SLXX4963
Kosima SLXX0685
Kosongudu SLXX0686
Kosso Town SLXX4964
Kossoh Town SLXX4965
Kotela SLXX2034
Kotia SLXX4009
Kotifon SLXX2035
Koto SLXX2036
Kotobu SLXX0687
Kotohun SLXX0688
Kotohun SLXX2037
Kotohun SLXX4010
Kotolon SLXX2038
Kotomahun SLXX4011
Kotomahun SLXX0689
Kottopema SLXX4966
Kotuma SLXX0690
Kotumahun SLXX4012
Kotuyama SLXX4013
Kouma SLXX4014
Kovehun SLXX4015
Kowa SLXX4016
Kowama SLXX4017
Kowehun SLXX4018
Kowubu SLXX4019
Koya SLXX0691
Koya SLXX2039
Koyama SLXX4020
Koyama SLXX0692
Koyama Bulima SLXX0693
Koyama Jego SLXX0694
Koyandu SLXX0695
Koye SLXX4021
Koye SLXX0696
Koyehun SLXX0697
Koyema SLXX4022
Kpadu SLXX0698
Kpafaia SLXX2040
Kpakabu SLXX0699
Kpakadu SLXX0700
Kpakayema SLXX4023
Kpakru SLXX4024
Kpaku SLXX4025
Kpakuma SLXX4026
Kpakuyama SLXX0701
Kpama SLXX0702
Kpandakadu SLXX0703
Kpandebu SLXX4027
Kpandema SLXX0704
Kpandobu SLXX4028
Kpandobu SLXX0705
Kpandoma SLXX0706
Kpandu SLXX0707
Kpangba SLXX4029
Kpangbani SLXX0708
Kpangiema SLXX0709
Kpanjala SLXX4030
Kpanpanbu SLXX0710
Kpanyoma SLXX0711
Kpaoga SLXX4031
Kpasabu SLXX0712
Kpasumba SLXX4032
Kpatadu SLXX0713
Kpatewoma SLXX0714
Kpatobu SLXX4033
Kpawula SLXX4034
Kpawura SLXX0715
Kpaye SLXX0716
Kpefe SLXX0717
Kpeima SLXX0718
Kpeko SLXX0719
Kpekoro SLXX0720
Kpema SLXX0721
Kpemadu SLXX0722
Kpemalu SLXX0723
Kpendema SLXX0724
Kpendima SLXX0725
Kpetema SLXX4035
Kpeyama SLXX0726
Kpeyima SLXX4036
Kpolia SLXX0727
Kpombu SLXX4037
Kponkpona SLXX2041
Kponkponto SLXX2042
Kponporu SLXX0728
Kposso SLXX4038
Kpou SLXX2043
Kpowubu SLXX4039
Kpowuibu SLXX4040
Kpuawala SLXX4041
Kpubu SLXX0729
Kpukema SLXX0730
Kpumbu SLXX4042
Kpuwuta SLXX4043
Kruto SLXX2044
Kubake SLXX2045
Kubong SLXX4044
Kudu SLXX0731
Kufkaw SLXX2046
Kufune SLXX2047
Kufuru SLXX2048
Kugbahun SLXX4045
Kugbao SLXX0732
Kugbun SLXX2049
Kuidu SLXX0733
Kuikonki SLXX2050
Kuiva SLXX0734
Kukubu SLXX0735
Kukudu SLXX0736
Kukuna SLXX2051
Kulako SLXX4046
Kulakoya SLXX2052
Kulanko SLXX2053
Kulawulia SLXX2054
Kulero SLXX2055
Kulia SLXX2056
Kuligbe SLXX2057
Kulioia SLXX2058
Kulkos SLXX2059
Kulubema SLXX0737
Kulufaga SLXX2060
Kumala SLXX2061
Kumandu SLXX0738
Kumantandu SLXX0739
Kumba SLXX2062
Kumbavulahun SLXX4047
Kumbuma SLXX0740
Kumbwema SLXX0741
Kumende SLXX4048
Kumidagi SLXX2063
Kumnabai SLXX2064
Kumrabai SLXX4049
Kumrabai SLXX0007
Kumrabai Mamila SLXX2066
Kumrabai Matuko SLXX2067
Kumrabai Yoni SLXX2068
Kumunkalia SLXX2069
Kumunkhuri SLXX2070
Kumuntambaia SLXX2071
Kunaka SLXX2072
Kunao SLXX2073
Kundaia SLXX2074
Kundaima SLXX0742
Kundakura SLXX2075
Kundawma SLXX4050
Kundehun SLXX0743
Kundima SLXX0744
Kundiu SLXX0745
Kundiyama SLXX4051
Kundo SLXX0746
Kundobi SLXX4052
Kundoma SLXX0747
Kundorwahun SLXX0748
Kundowahun SLXX0749
Kundowahun SLXX4053
Kundubi SLXX4054
Kundudu SLXX2076
Kunduko SLXX0750
Kunduma SLXX0751
Kundundu SLXX0752
Kundunkonko SLXX2077
Kungamadu SLXX0753
Kungbania SLXX2078
Kunia SLXX2079
Kuniki SLXX2080
Kunjo SLXX0754
Kunjogiehun SLXX4055
Kunjondoma SLXX4056
Kunju SLXX4057
Kunkura SLXX2081
Kunkuwaraw SLXX0755
Kunshu SLXX2082
Kunsuta SLXX2083
Kuntaia SLXX2084
Kunte SLXX0756
Kunuyema SLXX0757
Kunya SLXX2085
Kunyindo SLXX0758
Kupr SLXX2086
Kupru SLXX2087
Kuradara SLXX2088
Kuraka SLXX4058
Kurako SLXX4059
Kurako SLXX0759
Kurakoro SLXX2089
Kuranko SLXX4060
Kuranko SLXX0760
Kurankoya SLXX2090
Kuratuyila SLXX2091
Kurekunema SLXX2092
Kuria SLXX2093
Kuru SLXX2094
Kurubonla SLXX2095
Kurukuru SLXX2096
Kurumando SLXX2097
Kurumbaia SLXX0761
Kurun SLXX2098
Kurundo SLXX0762
Kutakalia SLXX2099
Kutala SLXX2100
Kutan SLXX2101
Kutima SLXX0763
Kutohun SLXX0764
Kutr SLXX2102
Kuyadu SLXX0765
Kuyi SLXX2103
Kwako SLXX4061
Kwakuma SLXX0766
Kwalu SLXX0767
Kwama SLXX2104
Kwango SLXX0768
Kwaoma SLXX0769
Kweko SLXX0770
Kwelo SLXX0771
Kwelu SLXX0772
Kwelu SLXX4062
Kweo SLXX0773
Kwidadu SLXX0774
Kwiko SLXX0775
Kwikuma SLXX0776
Kwiva SLXX4063
Kychom SLXX2105
Laa SLXX0777
Lablama SLXX4064
Lagbalu SLXX0778
Lago SLXX2106
Lago Junction SLXX4066
Lah SLXX4067
Lahun SLXX4068
Lahun SLXX0780
Laia SLXX2107
Laiama SLXX0781
Laimbema SLXX0782
Lajelahun SLXX4069
Lakka SLXX4967
Lalehun SLXX0783
Lambo SLXX0784
Laminaia SLXX2108
Laminia SLXX2109
Lanakoro SLXX2110
Langrama SLXX0785
Lankono SLXX2111
Lansanabalia SLXX2112
Lansetee SLXX2113
Lantibul SLXX4070
Laoma SLXX0786
Laoma SLXX4071
Laowa SLXX0787
Lasaru SLXX0788
Lat SLXX2114
Latu SLXX4072
Lawa SLXX4073
Lawalu SLXX0789
Lawana SLXX4074
Lawmpa SLXX2115
Lebema SLXX2116
Legbela SLXX0790
Leicester SLXX4075
Leicester SLXX4968
Lekpeyama SLXX0791
Lembema SLXX4076
Lembilema SLXX4077
Lembima SLXX4078
Lenbo SLXX4079
Leng SLXX4080
Lengekoro SLXX2117
Leni SLXX2118
Lenkenboli SLXX2119
Leobengu SLXX0793
Lepallu SLXX0794
Lero SLXX0795
Levuma SLXX4081
Levuma SLXX0796
Levumu SLXX0797
Libi SLXX4082
Likono SLXX4083
Lileima SLXX0798
Lilema SLXX0799
Lilia SLXX2120
Limayema SLXX4085
Limayema SLXX0800
Limba SLXX4086
Lime SLXX0801
Litia SLXX2121
Logbana SLXX4087
Logbana SLXX0802
Lokaju SLXX0803
Loko SLXX2122
Loko Fakai SLXX4969
Lokomasama SLXX2123
Lolu SLXX0804
Loma SLXX2124
Lomabu SLXX0805
Lomboko SLXX4088
Londoma SLXX4089
Londoma SLXX0806
Lopa SLXX0807
Lopa SLXX4090
Loponga SLXX4091
Lorlu SLXX0808
Lotahun SLXX0809
Lotu SLXX4092
Lower Allen Town SLXX4970
Lower Moyamba SLXX4093
Lower Saama SLXX4094
Loweya SLXX0810
Luawa SLXX4095
Luguema SLXX4096
Lumbelebu SLXX4097
Lumgba SLXX2125
Lumley SLXX4971
Lumpa SLXX4972
Lundila SLXX4098
Lungai SLXX0811
Lungi SLXX0008
Lungi SLXX4099
Lungi-Lol SLXX2127
Lunguri SLXX2128
Lunsar SLXX0009
Lunseni SLXX2129
Luria SLXX2130
Luseni SLXX4973
Luvulu SLXX4100
Luwulu SLXX0812
Ma-bala SLXX4974
Ma-bampo SLXX4975
Ma-bangba SLXX4976
Ma-baola SLXX4977
Ma-bekke SLXX4978
Ma-fola SLXX4979
Ma-gbafti SLXX4980
Ma-karrifon SLXX4981
Ma-kimba SLXX4982
Ma-koi Lunga SLXX4983
Ma-koko SLXX4984
Ma-komba SLXX4985
Ma-kombi SLXX4986
Ma-konkwe SLXX4987
Ma-konte SLXX4988
Ma-lumbe SLXX4989
Ma-mange SLXX4990
Ma-mari SLXX4991
Ma-nalo SLXX4992
Ma-paira SLXX4993
Ma-pumpuni SLXX4994
Ma-samana SLXX4995
Ma-selo SLXX4996
Ma-shewore SLXX4997
Ma-suri SLXX4998
Ma-swar SLXX4999
Ma-tindi SLXX5000
Ma-Uzni SLXX2131
Mabafet SLXX2132
Mabai SLXX2133
Mabaikuli SLXX2134
Mabaime SLXX2135
Mabaine SLXX2136
Mabaio SLXX2137
Mabake SLXX4101
Mabaki SLXX2138
Mabala SLXX2139
Mabama SLXX2140
Mabamba SLXX2141
Mabambi SLXX4102
Mabamp SLXX2142
Mabanda SLXX2143
Mabang SLXX2144
Mabange SLXX2145
Mabanglol SLXX2146
Mabangura SLXX2147
Mabankara SLXX2148
Mabankra SLXX2149
Mabansa SLXX2150
Mabansi SLXX2151
Mabanta SLXX2152
Mabar SLXX2153
Mabasi SLXX2154
Mabasia SLXX2155
Mabata SLXX2156
Mabaya SLXX2157
Mabebana SLXX2158
Mabeki SLXX2159
Mabeko SLXX2160
Mabembadama SLXX2161
Mabendi SLXX2162
Mabendo SLXX2163
Mabendu SLXX2164
Mabente SLXX2165
Maberi SLXX2166
Mabero SLXX2167
Mabete SLXX2168
Mabidungung SLXX2169
Mabilebana SLXX2170
Mabin SLXX2171
Mabing SLXX2172
Mabinti SLXX2173
Mabireka SLXX2174
Mabiri SLXX5001
Maboala SLXX2175
Maboana SLXX4103
Mabobo SLXX4104
Mabobo SLXX2176
Maboboi SLXX2177
Maboima SLXX2178
Maboka SLXX2179
Mabokari SLXX2180
Mabole SLXX2181
Mabolu SLXX2182
Mabom SLXX2183
Mabombo SLXX4105
Mabombo SLXX2184
Mabompa SLXX4106
Mabona SLXX2185
Mabonde SLXX2186
Mabonge SLXX2187
Maboni SLXX4108
Maboni SLXX2188
Mabonka SLXX2189
Mabonkai SLXX2190
Mabonkaw SLXX2191
Mabonkise SLXX4109
Mabonto SLXX2192
Mabora SLXX2193
Mabore SLXX2194
Maboro SLXX2195
Mabot SLXX2196
Mabourka SLXX2197
Mabua SLXX2198
Mabua SLXX4110
Mabugoli SLXX2199
Mabum SLXX2200
Mabundu SLXX2201
Mabundulai SLXX2202
Mabundunga SLXX2203
Mabunko SLXX2204
Mabunsa SLXX4111
Mabunt SLXX2205
Mabunyele SLXX2206
Mabura SLXX2207
Maburagwa SLXX2208
Mabure SLXX2209
Mabuya SLXX2210
Macdonald SLXX5002
Macdonald Wharf SLXX5003
Machan SLXX4112
Machugu SLXX2211
Madala SLXX2212
Madama SLXX2213
Madeira SLXX4113
Mademokai SLXX2214
Madete SLXX2215
Madibi SLXX2216
Madik SLXX2217
Madina SLXX0813
Madina SLXX4114
Madina SLXX2218
Madina Taninahun SLXX4115
Madine SLXX2219
Madogbo SLXX2220
Madonke SLXX2221
Madu SLXX2222
Madura SLXX2223
Mafabani SLXX2224
Mafala SLXX2225
Mafan SLXX2226
Mafanta SLXX2227
Mafare SLXX2228
Mafari SLXX2229
Mafe SLXX2230
Mafemgbe SLXX4116
Mafenda SLXX2231
Mafengeri SLXX2232
Mafenti SLXX2233
Mafidu SLXX0814
Mafila SLXX2234
Mafilaferiya SLXX2235
Mafile SLXX2236
Mafina SLXX2237
Mafindo SLXX0815
Mafinta SLXX2238
Mafokoya SLXX2239
Mafonike SLXX5004
Mafore SLXX2241
Mafori SLXX2242
Maforika SLXX2243
Mafoye SLXX2244
Mafufie SLXX2245
Mafufune SLXX2246
Mafufure SLXX2247
Mafuis SLXX2248
Mafulaka SLXX2249
Mafulata SLXX2250
Mafulumu SLXX4117
Mafumgbe SLXX4118
Mafunde SLXX2251
Mafurabi SLXX2252
Mafure SLXX2253
Mafuri SLXX4119
Mafuri SLXX2254
Mafurifi SLXX2255
Mafutike SLXX2256
Magbadu SLXX0816
Magbafat SLXX2257
Magbakan SLXX4120
Magbakre SLXX2258
Magbala SLXX2259
Magbama SLXX2260
Magbambo SLXX2261
Magbanabum SLXX2262
Magbanapoli SLXX2263
Magbanasatia SLXX4121
Magbanawil SLXX4122
Magbane SLXX2264
Magbankita SLXX2265
Magbankori SLXX2266
Magbanku SLXX2267
Magbanonko SLXX2268
Magbansaw SLXX2269
Magbant SLXX2270
Magbanto SLXX2271
Magbapsa SLXX2272
Magbare SLXX2273
Magbas SLXX2274
Magbasia SLXX2275
Magbema SLXX2276
Magbende SLXX2277
Magbengba SLXX2278
Magbengbe SLXX2279
Magbeni SLXX2280
Magbenka SLXX4123
Magbenkebe SLXX2281
Magbenki SLXX2282
Magbenkiti SLXX2283
Magbenta SLXX2284
Magbese SLXX2285
Magbese SLXX4124
Magbesebana SLXX2286
Magbeti SLXX2287
Magbeu SLXX2288
Magbila SLXX2289
Magbile SLXX2290
Magbili SLXX2291
Magbingbi SLXX2292
Magbiti SLXX2293
Magbogba SLXX2294
Magboima SLXX0817
Magbokai SLXX2295
Magboke SLXX2296
Magboki SLXX2297
Magboko SLXX2298
Magbokwaw SLXX2299
Magbolo SLXX2300
Magboloko SLXX2301
Magbolonto SLXX2302
Magbondo SLXX2303
Magbonka SLXX2304
Magbonto SLXX2305
Magboronga SLXX2306
Magbosi SLXX2307
Magbugu SLXX2308
Magbuna SLXX2309
Magbundo SLXX2310
Magbune SLXX2311
Magbung SLXX2312
Magbungi SLXX2313
Magbuntubana SLXX2314
Magbuntukali SLXX2315
Magbuntuso SLXX2316
Magburaka SLXX2317
Magburkise SLXX4125
Magbuyu SLXX2318
Magbwama SLXX4126
Magbwema SLXX2319
Magbwema SLXX4127
Magbwema SLXX0818
Maghere SLXX2320
Magihun SLXX4128
Magoma SLXX0819
Magona SLXX4129
Magonda SLXX4130
Maha SLXX2321
Mahai SLXX2322
Mahakoi SLXX2323
Mahari SLXX2324
Mahela SLXX2325
Mahera SLXX2326
Mahia SLXX2327
Mahinti SLXX2328
Mahoma SLXX2329
Mahoni SLXX2330
Mahumbu SLXX2331
Mahun SLXX0820
Mahun SLXX2332
Mai SLXX4131
Maiafuri SLXX2333
Maidu SLXX0821
Maike SLXX4132
Maikodu SLXX0822
Maima SLXX0823
Maiogbo SLXX2334
Maipeko SLXX4133
Maiyamba SLXX2335
Maiyanko SLXX2336
Maiyata SLXX2337
Maiyemberi SLXX2338
Maiyinde SLXX2339
Majackson SLXX2340
Majebu SLXX0824
Majehun SLXX2341
Majiebu SLXX4134
Majihun SLXX0825
Majihun SLXX4135
Majundu SLXX0826
Majundu SLXX4136
Maka SLXX0827
Maka SLXX4137
Maka SLXX2342
Makaba SLXX2343
Makabi SLXX2344
Makabi SLXX4138
Makabo SLXX2345
Makabu SLXX2346
Makadu SLXX2347
Makagbo SLXX2348
Makago SLXX2349
Makai SLXX2350
Makaia SLXX2351
Makaiba SLXX2352
Makaima SLXX2353
Makaimaia SLXX2354
Makaita SLXX2355
Makakamor SLXX4139
Makako SLXX2356
Makakura SLXX2357
Makala SLXX2358
Makalanka SLXX2359
Makali SLXX4140
Makali SLXX2360
Makalimu SLXX2361
Makalkump SLXX2362
Makalpati SLXX2363
Makama SLXX2364
Makamba SLXX2365
Makambi SLXX2366
Makambisa SLXX2367
Makambo SLXX2368
Makambori SLXX4141
Makambri SLXX2369
Makanbu SLXX4142
Makande SLXX2370
Makane SLXX2371
Makani SLXX2372
Makanigba SLXX2373
Makaniko SLXX2374
Makankoi SLXX2375
Makanre SLXX2376
Makanshan SLXX2377
Makanshu SLXX2378
Makapr SLXX2379
Makarabai SLXX2380
Makarambe SLXX4143
Makaranki SLXX2381
Makari SLXX2382
Makasa SLXX2383
Makasi SLXX4144
Makawgo SLXX2384
Makawmok SLXX2385
Makawta SLXX2386
Makayoni SLXX4145
Makeh SLXX2387
Makeha SLXX2388
Makehe SLXX2389
Makekaw SLXX2390
Makeku SLXX2391
Makekura SLXX2392
Makele SLXX2393
Makelfa SLXX2394
Makelma SLXX2395
Makema SLXX2396
Makemoko SLXX2397
Makena SLXX2398
Makende SLXX2399
Makenendi SLXX2400
Makeni SLXX0010
Makenke SLXX2402
Makenkin SLXX2403
Makent SLXX2404
Makenti SLXX2405
Makera SLXX2406
Makeri SLXX2407
Makerifi SLXX2408
Makerimbe SLXX2409
Makeson SLXX2410
Maketane SLXX2411
Makete SLXX2412
Maketi SLXX2413
Maketika SLXX2414
Makiabin SLXX2415
Makihe SLXX2416
Makimo SLXX2417
Making SLXX2418
Makinki SLXX2419
Makire SLXX2420
Makiribo SLXX2421
Makite SLXX2422
Makoande SLXX4146
Makoba SLXX2423
Makoba SLXX4147
Makobabana SLXX2424
Makobi SLXX2425
Makobo SLXX4148
Makobolo SLXX2426
Makobonko SLXX2427
Makoen SLXX2428
Makoi SLXX2429
Makoini SLXX2430
Makokoi SLXX2431
Makola SLXX4149
Makoli SLXX2432
Makolio SLXX2433
Makolo SLXX4150
Makolo SLXX2434
Makoma SLXX2435
Makomba SLXX2436
Makombaw SLXX2437
Makombe SLXX2438
Makombi SLXX2439
Makombo SLXX4152
Makombo SLXX0828
Makombom SLXX2440
Makombon SLXX2441
Makomo SLXX2442
Makona SLXX2443
Makondo SLXX4153
Makondu SLXX2444
Makong SLXX2445
Makongbi SLXX2446
Makoni SLXX2447
Makonkari SLXX2448
Makonko SLXX0829
Makonko SLXX2449
Makonkodu SLXX0830
Makonkoma SLXX2450
Makonkubo SLXX2451
Makonkuri SLXX2452
Makonon SLXX2453
Makonta SLXX2454
Makonte SLXX2455
Makontebana SLXX2456
Makonti SLXX2457
Makonto SLXX2458
Makor SLXX0831
Makore SLXX4154
Makoro SLXX0832
Makoro SLXX4155
Makorogbo SLXX2459
Makot SLXX2460
Makoto SLXX2461
Makoya SLXX2462
Makpele SLXX2463
Makpintaw SLXX2464
Makrombo SLXX2465
Makrombom SLXX2466
Makrugba SLXX2467
Makrugbe SLXX2468
Makuful SLXX2469
Makuli SLXX2470
Makulon SLXX2471
Makuma SLXX2472
Makumba SLXX2473
Makumba SLXX4156
Makumbo SLXX2474
Makumbolol SLXX2475
Makumine SLXX2476
Makump SLXX2477
Makumpa SLXX4157
Makumpan SLXX2478
Makumpan Tadi SLXX2479
Makumre SLXX2480
Makumri SLXX2481
Makuna SLXX2482
Makundi SLXX2483
Makundu SLXX2484
Makunto SLXX2485
Makure SLXX2486
Makurubulai SLXX2487
Makuseri SLXX2488
Makut SLXX2489
Makwali SLXX2490
Malaforia SLXX2491
Malahaisoko SLXX2492
Malahiri SLXX2493
Malai SLXX2494
Malako SLXX2495
Malal SLXX2496
Malama SLXX2497
Malambe SLXX2498
Malamina SLXX2499
Malancho SLXX2500
Malanga SLXX2501
Malanko SLXX2502
Malap SLXX2503
Male SLXX0833
Malegbe SLXX2504
Malehun SLXX0834
Malema SLXX4159
Malema SLXX0835
Malempeh SLXX2505
Malengben SLXX2506
Maleni SLXX2507
Mali SLXX4160
Malia SLXX0836
Malie SLXX2508
Maligia SLXX2509
Malima SLXX4161
Malimba SLXX2510
Malimp SLXX2511
Malogo SLXX2512
Maloko SLXX2513
Maloma SLXX0837
Malomei SLXX4162
Malon SLXX2514
Malonta SLXX0838
Malua SLXX2515
Malulom SLXX4163
Malumpa SLXX2516
Malumpo SLXX2517
Mama Town SLXX5005
Mamabu SLXX0839
Mamah SLXX5006
Mamaha SLXX2518
Mamaka SLXX2519
Mamaliki SLXX2520
Mamana SLXX2521
Mamanki SLXX2522
Mamankuro SLXX2523
Mamano SLXX2524
Mamansu SLXX2525
Mamara SLXX4164
Mamara SLXX2526
Mamaria SLXX2527
Mamasa SLXX2528
Mamaso SLXX2529
Mamawa SLXX2530
Mamawa SLXX0840
Mamaya SLXX2531
Mambadia SLXX2532
Mambayema SLXX4165
Mambia SLXX2533
Mambo SLXX0011
Mambo SLXX4166
Mambodu SLXX0841
Mamboi SLXX2534
Mamboima SLXX4167
Mamboima SLXX2535
Mambolo SLXX2536
Mamboma SLXX4168
Mamboma SLXX0842
Mambuya SLXX4169
Mambwema SLXX4170
Mamela SLXX2537
Mamentia SLXX2538
Mamesefe SLXX2539
Mami SLXX4171
Mamina SLXX2540
Mamiri SLXX2541
Mamonda SLXX2542
Mamu SLXX4172
Mamu SLXX2543
Mamudia SLXX2544
Mamunde SLXX2545
Mamunta SLXX2546
Mamunta Kasete SLXX2547
Mamuri SLXX2548
Mamuria SLXX2549
Mamusa SLXX2550
Mamuta SLXX0843
Manahun SLXX4173
Manahun SLXX2551
Manaiyepe SLXX2552
Manami SLXX2553
Manandi SLXX2554
Manane SLXX2555
Manangbe SLXX2556
Manangpe SLXX2557
Mananki SLXX2558
Manankon SLXX2559
Manasi SLXX2560
Mandahun SLXX0844
Mandehun SLXX4174
Mandema SLXX4175
Mandia SLXX2561
Mando SLXX4176
Mando SLXX2562
Mandoworo SLXX0845
Mandu SLXX4177
Mandu SLXX0846
Mandulawahun SLXX0847
Manduvulahun SLXX0848
Mane SLXX2563
Manere SLXX4178
Manewa SLXX2564
Manfi SLXX2565
Mang-aibe SLXX2566
Mang-ata SLXX2567
Manga Tambaia SLXX2568
Mangadantilia SLXX2569
Mangadu SLXX0849
Mangama SLXX4179
Mangara SLXX2570
Mange SLXX4180
Mange SLXX0012
Mangeme SLXX4181
Mangi SLXX2572
Mango SLXX2573
Mangobo SLXX4182
Mangobu SLXX2574
Mangoni SLXX4183
Mangowka SLXX2575
Manguama SLXX4184
Mangugbe SLXX2576
Mani SLXX0850
Mani SLXX4185
Mania SLXX4186
Manihun SLXX0852
Manika SLXX2577
Manina SLXX0853
Maninki SLXX2578
Manjabai SLXX4187
Manjama SLXX0854
Manjama SLXX4188
Manjamadu SLXX0855
Manjawo SLXX4189
Manjehun SLXX0856
Manjehun SLXX4190
Manjema SLXX4191
Manjulu SLXX0857
Mankaia SLXX2579
Mankaia Wharf SLXX2580
Mankala SLXX2581
Mankane SLXX2582
Mankara SLXX2583
Mankaw SLXX2584
Manke SLXX2585
Mankene SLXX2586
Manki SLXX2587
Mankibana SLXX2588
Mankomba SLXX2589
Mankore SLXX2590
Mankorokoro SLXX2591
Manlokoko SLXX2592
Mano SLXX2593
Mano SLXX5007
Mano SLXX4192
Mano Bunjema SLXX4193
Mano Pendobu SLXX4194
Mano Salija SLXX4195
Mano-Gieha SLXX0859
Mano-Kotuhun SLXX0860
Mano-Kpende SLXX4196
Manomenima SLXX0861
Manomoia SLXX2594
Manonko SLXX2595
Manowa SLXX0862
Manowa SLXX4197
Manoworo SLXX0863
Manoworo SLXX4198
Manowuro SLXX2596
Mansiraia SLXX2597
Mansofinia SLXX2598
Manson SLXX2599
Mansonia SLXX2600
Manta SLXX2601
Manteremu SLXX2602
Manyaga SLXX2603
Manyako SLXX2604
Manye SLXX2605
Manyoro SLXX2606
Mapagbo SLXX2607
Mapaki SLXX2608
Mapamant SLXX2609
Mapankili SLXX2610
Mapansan SLXX2611
Mapanwom SLXX2612
Mape SLXX2613
Mapeki SLXX2614
Mapeles SLXX2615
Mapella SLXX2616
Mapema SLXX2617
Mapila SLXX2618
Mapiret SLXX2619
Mapita SLXX2620
Mapite SLXX2621
Mapoli SLXX2622
Mapoli SLXX4199
Mapololon SLXX2623
Mapoma SLXX4200
Mapore SLXX2624
Maposo SLXX2625
Mapota SLXX2626
Mapotee SLXX2627
Maprakuri SLXX2628
Maproto SLXX2629
Mapumanobuma SLXX0864
Mapuntu SLXX4201
Maputi SLXX2630
Mara SLXX0865
Mara SLXX2631
Maraka SLXX2632
Marako SLXX2633
Marampa SLXX2634
Maramu SLXX4202
Mareke SLXX2635
Marena SLXX2636
Marenka SLXX2637
Marenkaw SLXX2638
Marepe SLXX2639
Maria SLXX2640
Marifa SLXX2641
Marilia SLXX2642
Marima SLXX0866
Marimaia SLXX2643
Marimbi SLXX2644
Marimbu SLXX2645
Marko SLXX0867
Maron SLXX2646
Maronko SLXX2647
Maroto SLXX2648
Martin SLXX4203
Maruba SLXX2649
Marunia SLXX2650
Marunku SLXX2651
Marusia SLXX2652
Mary Wharf SLXX5008
Masa SLXX4204
Masaba SLXX2653
Masabangpil SLXX2654
Masabi SLXX2655
Masabom SLXX2656
Masabong SLXX2657
Masadukoro SLXX2658
Masadukura SLXX2659
Masafita SLXX2660
Masagbe SLXX2661
Masagbul SLXX2662
Masagpa SLXX0868
Masahi SLXX2663
Masahun SLXX0869
Masahun SLXX4205
Masaka SLXX2664
Masakon SLXX2665
Masakpa SLXX4206
Masaktaba SLXX2666
Masakundu SLXX0870
Masalpe SLXX2667
Masalu SLXX0871
Masalun SLXX2668
Masam SLXX4207
Masama SLXX2669
Masamboi SLXX2670
Masampa SLXX2671
Masamu SLXX2672
Masamwa SLXX4208
Masan SLXX4209
Masana SLXX2673
Masanasi SLXX2674
Masanda SLXX4210
Masandi SLXX2675
Masang SLXX2676
Masanka SLXX2677
Masankere SLXX2678
Masanki SLXX4211
Masanki SLXX2679
Masankin SLXX2680
Masankori SLXX2681
Masankoro SLXX2682
Masantigi SLXX5009
Masantigi SLXX2683
Masao SLXX4212
Masapi SLXX2684
Masaru SLXX0872
Masasa SLXX2685
Masati SLXX2686
Masatjamama SLXX4213
Masau SLXX4214
Masauur SLXX2687
Masayama SLXX0873
Masebali SLXX2688
Masebe SLXX2689
Masegea SLXX2690
Masei SLXX2691
Maseka SLXX2692
Masekere SLXX2693
Maseki SLXX2694
Maseku SLXX2695
Masele SLXX2696
Maseli SLXX2697
Masembe SLXX2698
Masena SLXX2699
Masene SLXX2700
Masengbe SLXX2701
Masenkan SLXX2702
Masenkeni SLXX2703
Masepena SLXX2704
Masepina SLXX2705
Maseri SLXX2706
Masesay SLXX2707
Masesebe SLXX2708
Masete SLXX2709
Masetle SLXX2710
Masewa SLXX2711
Mashebra SLXX2712
Masibi SLXX4215
Maside SLXX2713
Masimaw SLXX2714
Masimbara SLXX2715
Masimera SLXX2716
Masimo SLXX2717
Masimo-Kani SLXX2718
Masimora SLXX2719
Masindi SLXX2720
Masindugu SLXX2721
Masine SLXX2722
Masine SLXX5010
Masingbe SLXX2723
Masingbi SLXX2724
Masinka SLXX2725
Masinkotaw SLXX2726
Masinkpi SLXX2727
Masint SLXX2728
Masipema SLXX4216
Masipo SLXX2729
Masipr SLXX2730
Masira SLXX2731
Masire SLXX2732
Masisa SLXX2733
Masisi SLXX2734
Masitaha SLXX2735
Maso SLXX2736
Masobai SLXX2737
Masogo SLXX2738
Masoko SLXX2739
Masokobi SLXX4217
Masokori SLXX2740
Masom SLXX2741
Masong-a SLXX2742
Masongo SLXX2743
Masori SLXX2744
Masosingbi SLXX2745
Masoya SLXX2746
Masoyila SLXX2747
Masu SLXX2748
Masuba SLXX2749
Masugbe SLXX2750
Masulimani SLXX2751
Masulinki SLXX2752
Masumana SLXX2753
Masumanakole SLXX2754
Masumarandugu SLXX2755
Masumba SLXX2756
Masumbala SLXX2757
Masumbiri SLXX2758
Masunbum SLXX2759
Masundu SLXX2760
Masundu SLXX0874
Masungbo SLXX2761
Masungbun SLXX2762
Masunkari SLXX2763
Masunku SLXX2764
Masuntu SLXX2765
Masurakata SLXX2766
Masuri SLXX2767
Masuri SLXX5011
Masurite SLXX2768
Mata SLXX2769
Matadi SLXX2770
Matagema SLXX4218
Matai SLXX2771
Mataine SLXX2772
Mataine SLXX4219
Matak SLXX2773
Mataka SLXX2774
Matakahun SLXX0875
Matakan SLXX4220
Matal SLXX2775
Matale SLXX2776
Matam SLXX2777
Matama SLXX0876
Matama SLXX4221
Matamba SLXX2778
Matambakonte SLXX2779
Matamp SLXX2780
Matandoko SLXX2781
Matankaw SLXX2782
Matanko SLXX2783
Matanok SLXX2784
Matanta SLXX2785
Matapi SLXX2786
Matara SLXX2787
Mataska SLXX2788
Matawn SLXX2789
Mate SLXX2790
Matebe SLXX2791
Mateboi SLXX2792
Matedi SLXX2793
Mategbema SLXX4222
Matehun SLXX2794
Matei SLXX2795
Mateima SLXX4223
Matekere SLXX2796
Mateli SLXX2797
Matempe SLXX2798
Maten SLXX2799
Matene SLXX2800
Matenemoi SLXX2801
Matenki SLXX2802
Matepoma SLXX4224
Mateti SLXX2803
Matibo SLXX2804
Matidinga SLXX2805
Matikili SLXX2806
Matim SLXX2807
Matimba SLXX2808
Matimeli SLXX2809
Matinka SLXX2810
Matinke SLXX2811
Matinta SLXX2812
Matiri SLXX2813
Matisaw SLXX2814
Mato SLXX2815
Matobon SLXX4225
Matogo SLXX2816
Matoi SLXX2817
Matoir SLXX2818
Matoko SLXX2819
Matoli SLXX2820
Matombo SLXX2821
Maton SLXX2822
Matongbai SLXX2823
Matongu SLXX4226
Matonko SLXX4227
Matope SLXX2824
Matopi SLXX2825
Matorgo SLXX2826
Matotaka SLXX2827
Matoto SLXX2828
Matru SLXX4228
Mattru SLXX0877
Mattru SLXX4229
Matufuri SLXX2829
Matugutera SLXX2830
Matui SLXX2831
Matuk SLXX2832
Matuka SLXX2833
Matukin SLXX2834
Matula SLXX2835
Matula SLXX4230
Matumbu SLXX2836
Matumkara SLXX2837
Matunka SLXX2838
Matunkara SLXX2839
Matunkaraboi SLXX2840
Matunko SLXX2841
Matura SLXX2842
Matwa SLXX2843
Maundu SLXX4231
Mawabul SLXX2844
Mawaia SLXX2845
Mawala Katante SLXX2846
Mawanka SLXX2847
Mawdia SLXX2848
Mawduku SLXX2849
Mawil SLXX2850
Mawono SLXX2851
Mawor SLXX2852
Mawore SLXX2853
Maworna SLXX2854
Maworoko SLXX2855
Mawoso SLXX2856
Mawoto SLXX4232
Mawoto SLXX2857
Mawria SLXX2858
Mawruku SLXX2859
Mawujo SLXX4233
Mawuluman SLXX2860
Mawure SLXX2861
Mayafendi SLXX2862
Mayagba SLXX2863
Mayaia SLXX2864
Mayaki SLXX2865
Mayalunka SLXX2866
Mayamba SLXX2867
Mayambafona SLXX2868
Mayan SLXX2869
Mayanki SLXX2870
Mayanku SLXX2871
Mayarakabi SLXX2872
Mayarebo SLXX2873
Mayaso SLXX2874
Mayata SLXX2875
Mayawke SLXX2876
Mayawlaw SLXX2877
Mayawma SLXX2878
Mayawso SLXX2879
Mayehe SLXX2880
Mayela SLXX2881
Mayemberi SLXX2882
Mayemberi SLXX4234
Mayemi SLXX2884
Mayengbe SLXX2885
Mayengema SLXX0878
Mayenkineh SLXX5012
Mayeno SLXX2886
Mayera SLXX2887
Mayeriba SLXX2888
Mayesl SLXX2889
Mayetedi SLXX2890
Mayimbo SLXX2891
Mayinda SLXX2892
Mayine SLXX2893
Mayinka SLXX2894
Mayira SLXX2895
Mayirima SLXX2896
Mayobi SLXX2897
Mayogbo SLXX2898
Mayoko SLXX2899
Mayola SLXX2900
Mayom SLXX2901
Mayoma SLXX2902
Mayombo SLXX2903
Mayomra SLXX2904
Mayongoba SLXX2905
Mayonkoli SLXX2906
Mayopo SLXX2907
Mayora SLXX2908
Mayorba SLXX2909
Mayoro SLXX2910
Mayototo SLXX2911
Mayubu SLXX0879
Mayumbo SLXX2912
Mayunto SLXX2913
Mayutai SLXX4235
Mbaoma SLXX4236
Mbaoma SLXX0880
Mbelebu SLXX4237
Meama SLXX0881
Meboyama SLXX4238
Medu SLXX0882
Meema SLXX0883
Megi SLXX4239
Meilo SLXX0884
Melama SLXX0885
Melebum SLXX2914
Melikhuri SLXX2915
Meliko SLXX2916
Melikuru SLXX2917
Melima SLXX4240
Mema SLXX4241
Memesea SLXX0886
Mendama SLXX0887
Mende SLXX2918
Mende SLXX0888
Mende SLXX4242
Mende Kelema SLXX4243
Mendegerem SLXX4244
Mendekelema SLXX0889
Mendetown SLXX4245
Mendewa SLXX4246
Menima SLXX0890
Mesa SLXX2919
Mesandankude SLXX2920
Mesima SLXX0891
Mesima SLXX4247
Meyama SLXX4248
Miami SLXX5013
Middle Town SLXX5014
Mieta SLXX2921
Miligi SLXX2922
Miliki SLXX2923
Mina SLXX4249
Mindia SLXX2924
Mindohun SLXX4250
Minti SLXX2925
Mintomo SLXX2926
Mirahun SLXX0892
Mirimboe SLXX5015
Mishon SLXX4251
Misiba SLXX4252
Misila SLXX2927
Misila SLXX4253
Misila SLXX0893
Misilaia SLXX2928
Mo-bokari SLXX5016
Mo-konkodu SLXX5017
Mo-morlai SLXX5018
Mobai SLXX0894
Mobai SLXX4254
Mobaikura SLXX4255
Mobaiwa SLXX2929
Mobang SLXX4256
Mobasi SLXX4257
Mobavi SLXX4258
Mobe SLXX4259
Mobeki SLXX4260
Mobela SLXX4261
Mobele SLXX4262
Mobiakefi SLXX4263
Mobiko SLXX4264
Mobin SLXX4265
Mobobu SLXX4266
Mobonda SLXX4267
Moboso SLXX4268
Mobunji SLXX4269
Mobunu SLXX4270
Mobure SLXX4271
Moburi SLXX4272
Mocharch SLXX4273
Mochas SLXX4274
Mochebil SLXX4275
Modagba SLXX4276
Modavis SLXX4277
Modenkema SLXX4278
Modiya SLXX2930
Modogbo SLXX4279
Modrisa SLXX4280
Modukkor SLXX5019
Mofanthane SLXX4281
Mofengeri SLXX4282
Mofindo SLXX0895
Mofindo SLXX4283
Mofino SLXX4284
Mofombu SLXX4285
Mofos SLXX4286
Mofoyo SLXX4287
Mofure SLXX4288
Mofwe SLXX4289
Mogbago SLXX4290
Mogbaihita SLXX2931
Mogbaiima SLXX0896
Mogbain SLXX4291
Mogbambo SLXX4292
Mogbamu SLXX4293
Mogbanaboi SLXX4294
Mogbandi SLXX4295
Mogbando SLXX4296
Mogbangumba SLXX4297
Mogbap SLXX4298
Mogbasike SLXX4299
Mogbei SLXX4300
Mogbem SLXX4301
Mogben SLXX4302
Mogbencha SLXX4303
Mogbende SLXX4304
Mogbendu SLXX4305
Mogbenje SLXX4306
Mogbese SLXX4307
Mogbetu SLXX4308
Mogbevo SLXX4309
Mogbewa SLXX4310
Mogbintimi SLXX4311
Mogbisi SLXX4312
Mogbodo SLXX4313
Mogbomo SLXX4314
Mogbovu SLXX4315
Mogbowu SLXX4316
Mogbum SLXX4317
Mogbun SLXX4318
Mogbundu SLXX4319
Mogbuya SLXX4320
Mogbwe SLXX4321
Mogbwemo SLXX4322
Mogongbe SLXX4323
Mogoviwa SLXX4324
Mohera SLXX4325
Mohite SLXX4326
Mohuwa SLXX4327
Moi SLXX2932
Moia SLXX4328
Moimadu SLXX0897
Moimardu SLXX0898
Moindema SLXX0899
Moindu SLXX2933
Moindu SLXX0900
Mojajua SLXX4329
Mojohnson SLXX4330
Mojoka SLXX4331
Mojombo SLXX4332
Mojusu SLXX2934
Mokaba SLXX4333
Mokabanda SLXX4334
Mokabi SLXX5020
Mokaima SLXX2935
Mokaipi SLXX4335
Mokaisumana SLXX4336
Mokalikut SLXX4337
Mokamba SLXX4338
Mokambebome SLXX4339
Mokana SLXX4340
Mokanagbo SLXX4341
Mokanasi SLXX4342
Mokande SLXX4343
Mokande SLXX2936
Mokando SLXX4344
Mokango SLXX4345
Mokankre SLXX2937
Mokasi SLXX4346
Mokawa SLXX4347
Mokea SLXX4348
Mokebe SLXX4349
Mokebi SLXX4350
Mokebi SLXX2938
Mokegbe SLXX4351
Mokehe SLXX4352
Mokele SLXX2939
Mokele SLXX4353
Mokende SLXX4354
Mokenewa SLXX4355
Mokengi SLXX4356
Mokeni SLXX4357
Mokepi SLXX4358
Mokera SLXX2940
Mokerifuma SLXX4359
Mokewa SLXX4360
Mokime SLXX4361
Mokiri SLXX4362
Mokit SLXX4363
Moko SLXX4364
Mokobo SLXX4365
Mokohun SLXX4366
Mokoli SLXX4367
Mokolo SLXX4368
Mokombe SLXX4369
Mokombi SLXX4370
Mokombo SLXX4371
Mokonbeti SLXX4372
Mokonde SLXX4373
Mokone SLXX4374
Mokonia SLXX4375
Mokonowa SLXX4376
Mokonvandi SLXX4377
Mokori SLXX4378
Mokota SLXX4379
Mokoti SLXX4380
Mokpandimo SLXX4381
Mokumbara SLXX4382
Mokurigbe SLXX4383
Mokus SLXX4384
Mokusi SLXX4385
Molaga SLXX4386
Molain SLXX4387
Molakul SLXX4388
Molamina SLXX4389
Molango SLXX4390
Molankono SLXX4391
Molemu SLXX4392
Molunia SLXX4393
Momaia SLXX4394
Momajo SLXX4395
Momal SLXX2941
Momaligi SLXX4396
Momana SLXX4397
Momange SLXX4398
Mombawa SLXX4399
Momengi SLXX4400
Momi SLXX2942
Momodumaria SLXX2943
Momoria SLXX2944
Momoria Badela SLXX2945
Momorimaria SLXX2946
Monaia SLXX4401
Mondema SLXX4402
Mondema SLXX0901
Mondo SLXX4403
Mondo SLXX2947
Mondoko SLXX4404
Mondoya SLXX2948
Monga SLXX4405
Mongawo SLXX4406
Mongeri SLXX0902
Mongeri SLXX4407
Mongeriwo SLXX4408
Mongokiri SLXX2949
Mongonbuh SLXX5021
Mongongon SLXX4409
Mongoro SLXX4410
Mongutu SLXX4411
Moniambe SLXX4412
Monjalo SLXX4413
Monjama SLXX4414
Monjema SLXX0903
Monjigba SLXX4415
Monjobo SLXX4416
Monjobu SLXX4417
Monkoi SLXX2950
Monunk SLXX4418
Monyan SLXX2951
Moogiba SLXX4419
Mopalma SLXX4420
Mopani SLXX4421
Mopende SLXX4422
Mopile SLXX4423
Mopiye SLXX4424
Morbigema SLXX2952
Mordia SLXX2953
Moria SLXX2954
Moria Sokurela SLXX2955
Moribaia SLXX2956
Moribia SLXX2957
Morigbaia SLXX2958
Morigbedu SLXX0904
Morikpandidu SLXX0905
Moritown SLXX4425
Moriya SLXX0906
Morka SLXX2959
Moroso SLXX4426
Mortema SLXX5022
Mosadugu SLXX4427
Mosagbe SLXX4428
Mosago SLXX4429
Mosako SLXX4430
Mosala SLXX4431
Mosampo SLXX4432
Mosan SLXX4433
Mosanasi SLXX4434
Mosanda SLXX4435
Mosandi SLXX4436
Mosando SLXX4437
Mosangawo SLXX4438
Mosanjo SLXX4439
Mosankon SLXX4440
Mosapo SLXX4441
Mosavi SLXX4442
Mosawa SLXX4443
Moseba SLXX4444
Mosebana SLXX4445
Mosebonkane SLXX4446
Moseki SLXX4447
Moselime SLXX4448
Moselolo SLXX4449
Mosendema SLXX4450
Mosenengo SLXX4451
Mosenge SLXX4452
Mosengo SLXX4453
Mosepi SLXX4454
Mosimbara SLXX4455
Mosimbo SLXX4456
Mosine SLXX4457
Mosisiworo SLXX4458
Mosogbo SLXX4459
Mosogbul SLXX5023
Mosundu SLXX4460
Mosunga SLXX4461
Mosungi SLXX4462
Mosungo SLXX4463
Mosunkara SLXX4464
Mosuri SLXX4465
Motabe SLXX4466
Motaiko SLXX2960
Motail SLXX4467
Motainkil SLXX4468
Motami SLXX4469
Motanga SLXX4470
Motaso SLXX4471
Motehun SLXX0907
Motema SLXX0908
Motema SLXX2961
Moteva SLXX4472
Motia SLXX2962
Motifu SLXX4473
Motimbo SLXX4474
Motinga SLXX4475
Motoko SLXX4476
Motopi SLXX4477
Motuakoi SLXX4478
Motumbo SLXX4479
Motuo SLXX4480
Mount Aureol SLXX5024
Movahun SLXX4481
Movaudi SLXX4482
Movembe SLXX4483
Movia SLXX4484
Movugba SLXX4485
Movunde SLXX4486
Mowago SLXX4487
Mowanga SLXX4488
Mowe SLXX4489
Mowil SLXX4490
Mowuto SLXX4491
Moya SLXX4492
Moyagba SLXX4493
Moyah SLXX5025
Moyamba SLXX0909
Moyamba SLXX4494
Moyamba Junction SLXX4495
Moyambabasi SLXX4496
Moyambaworo SLXX4497
Moyavita SLXX4498
Moyegbe SLXX4499
Moyema SLXX4500
Moyemi SLXX4501
Moyengi SLXX4502
Moyenken SLXX4503
Moyeve SLXX4504
Moyia SLXX4505
Moyibo SLXX4506
Moyirasa SLXX4507
Moyogbo SLXX4508
Moyogbu SLXX4509
Moyoli SLXX4510
Moyolo SLXX4511
Moyombo SLXX4512
Moyomboma SLXX4513
Moyongolo SLXX4514
Moyoro SLXX4515
Moyowa SLXX4516
Moyoworo SLXX4517
Moyumbo SLXX4518
Mufiahun SLXX0910
Mulikia SLXX2963
Murray Town SLXX5026
Musaia SLXX2964
Musala SLXX0911
Naba SLXX4520
Naboi SLXX2967
Nafudu SLXX0912
Nagbema SLXX4521
Nagbena SLXX4522
Nagbena SLXX0913
Nagbwema SLXX4523
Naiagolehun SLXX4524
Naiagolehun SLXX0914
Naiaguehun SLXX4525
Naiahun SLXX0915
Naiahun SLXX4526
Naiawama SLXX0916
Naiyama SLXX0917
Naji SLXX4527
Nalagolehun SLXX0918
Nalfomoria SLXX2968
Namasaidu SLXX0919
Namema SLXX0920
Nanfayi SLXX2969
Navali SLXX4528
Navuro SLXX0921
Nayema SLXX4529
Ndablama SLXX0922
Ndambadu SLXX0923
Ndarobu SLXX0924
Ndema SLXX0925
Ndendemoia SLXX4530
Ndogbogoma SLXX4531
Neama SLXX0926
Negbema SLXX4532
Nekabu SLXX0927
Nekoro SLXX0928
Nelikoro SLXX2970
Nema SLXX0929
Nemahugoima SLXX0930
Nenehun SLXX0931
Nerekoro SLXX2971
New England SLXX5027
New Fakai SLXX5028
Newton SLXX5029
Ngaiagoehun SLXX0932
Ngathun SLXX4533
Ngawama SLXX0933
Ngawla SLXX2972
Ngeihehun SLXX4534
Ngeihun SLXX0934
Ngelehun SLXX4535
Ngerehun SLXX0935
Ngesehun SLXX4536
Ngiehun SLXX0936
Ngiyebu SLXX4537
Ngiyema SLXX4538
Ngogahun SLXX0937
Ngokolu SLXX0938
Ngokoma SLXX4539
Ngorgo SLXX4540
Ngukpabu SLXX4541
Niagulahun SLXX0939
Niahalahun SLXX4542
Niama SLXX4543
Niayama SLXX4544
Nikihun SLXX4545
Nimia SLXX2973
Nine Miles SLXX5030
Niti SLXX4546
Nja-Ijia SLXX0940
Njafidu SLXX0941
Njafoia SLXX0942
Njagbema SLXX0943
Njala SLXX0944
Njala SLXX4547
Njama SLXX0945
Njama SLXX4548
Njaunwulo SLXX0946
Njawama SLXX0947
Njaweworo SLXX0948
Njewote SLXX0949
Njopoia SLXX0950
Njorahun SLXX0951
Nomiama SLXX4549
Nomogoya SLXX2974
Nongoba SLXX0952
Nongoko SLXX0953
Nongowa SLXX0954
Nongowa SLXX4550
Nonkoba SLXX2975
Nonkoba SLXX4551
Nonkosobia SLXX2976
Nosenti SLXX2977
Nuala SLXX0955
Numula SLXX2978
Nunkekoro SLXX2979
Nwala SLXX2980
Nyadehun SLXX4552
Nyadehun SLXX0956
Nyalahun SLXX4553
Nyalema SLXX4554
Nyamaina SLXX4555
Nyamawabu SLXX4556
Nyamba SLXX2981
Nyamoima SLXX0957
Nyamundu SLXX0958
Nyandankolia SLXX2982
Nyandeama SLXX0959
Nyandeama SLXX4557
Nyandehun SLXX0960
Nyandehun SLXX4558
Nyandeworo SLXX0962
Nyandoworo SLXX0963
Nyehun SLXX0964
Nyeldu SLXX2983
Nyeleme SLXX0965
Nyeminga SLXX0966
Nyenya SLXX2984
Nyeyama SLXX0967
Nyeyama SLXX4559
Nyondehun SLXX4560
Ogue Farm SLXX5032
Old Songo SLXX5033
Pa Lokko SLXX5035
Pahundu SLXX0968
Paimu SLXX0969
Pakandi SLXX4561
Pakibu SLXX4562
Pakidu SLXX0970
Pakpakia SLXX0971
Paku SLXX4563
Palahai SLXX4564
Palima SLXX4565
Pamaro SLXX2985
Pamboko SLXX2986
Pamelap SLXX2987
Pampanko SLXX2988
Pamuronko SLXX5036
Pandebu SLXX0973
Panderu SLXX0974
Pandobu SLXX0975
Pangbalia SLXX0976
Panguima SLXX0977
Panguma SLXX0978
Panguma SLXX4566
Paninga SLXX0979
Panlap SLXX2989
Papwema SLXX0980
Patama SLXX0981
Patema SLXX4567
Pateya SLXX4568
Pati SLXX4569
Patobu SLXX4570
Patolu SLXX0983
Paw paw SLXX5037
Pawama SLXX4571
Pawulay SLXX2990
Pebul SLXX2991
Pegama SLXX0984
Pehala SLXX4572
Pehun SLXX4573
Peiya SLXX0985
Peje SLXX4574
Pejebu SLXX4575
Pejevulahun SLXX0986
Pejewa SLXX0987
Pejeworo SLXX0988
Pejewulu SLXX4576
Pekam SLXX4577
Pekebobu SLXX0989
Pelawahun SLXX4578
Pelewa SLXX4579
Pelewahun SLXX4580
Peli SLXX0990
Pemdembu SLXX4581
Pendabu SLXX0991
Pende SLXX4582
Pendehun SLXX0992
Pendembu SLXX0993
Pendembu SLXX2992
Pendembu SLXX5038
Pendembu SLXX4583
Pepaw SLXX4584
Pepel SLXX0013
Perankoro SLXX2993
Perewahun SLXX4585
Perewama SLXX0994
Peri SLXX0995
Periwahun SLXX0996
Periwahun SLXX4586
Periwahun SLXX2994
Periwama SLXX4587
Periwehun SLXX4588
Petaw SLXX2995
Petbana SLXX2996
Pete SLXX2997
Petebu SLXX4589
Petema SLXX4590
Petema SLXX0998
Petemo SLXX4591
Peteoma SLXX0999
Peteoma SLXX4592
Petewama SLXX4593
Petewoma SLXX4594
Petifu SLXX4595
Petifu Junction SLXX2999
Pewahun SLXX4596
Pewama SLXX4597
Pewama SLXX1000
Peyama SLXX1001
Peyama SLXX4598
Peyima SLXX1002
Pidu SLXX1003
Pindegumahun SLXX4599
Pinto SLXX4600
Pipiwahun SLXX3000
Pipo SLXX4601
Piri Town SLXX5039
Piriwara SLXX3001
Piti SLXX3002
Piwoli SLXX3003
Piwoma SLXX1004
Plain Town SLXX5040
Poima SLXX4602
Polbo SLXX4603
Poliye SLXX1005
Polo SLXX3004
Polot SLXX3005
Polubu SLXX1006
Pomwalal SLXX3006
Pondonga SLXX4604
Ponima SLXX4605
Ponka SLXX4606
Ponka SLXX3007
Popalahun SLXX1007
Popo SLXX3008
Popoma SLXX1008
Porebalia SLXX3009
Porpon SLXX3010
Port Loko SLXX0014
Poruma SLXX1009
Potehun SLXX4607
Potobu SLXX4608
Potok SLXX4609
Potolu SLXX1010
Potoru SLXX4610
Powubu SLXX4611
Poyama SLXX1011
Poyama-poya SLXX4612
Probo SLXX3011
Puabu SLXX1012
Puidu SLXX1013
Pujehun SLXX1014
Pujehun SLXX4613
Pujeyima SLXX1015
Pulongwe SLXX5041
Pulun SLXX3012
Pulun SLXX4614
Pulunmant SLXX3013
Puluntawt SLXX3014
Pulunye SLXX4615
Pundung SLXX3015
Punduru SLXX1016
Pungi SLXX4616
Puntun SLXX3016
Putahun SLXX1017
Raboli SLXX3017
Raka SLXX3018
Regent SLXX5042
Rembi SLXX4617
Ribi SLXX3019
Ribi SLXX4618
Ribimakeni SLXX4619
Ribimen SLXX3020
Ricketts SLXX5043
Ro-bunga SLXX5044
Ro-bungba SLXX5045
Ro-gberri SLXX5046
Ro-kundu SLXX5047
Ro-poti SLXX5048
Ro-Yema SLXX3021
Roban SLXX3022
Robani SLXX3023
Robat SLXX3024
Robe SLXX3025
Robek SLXX3026
Robia SLXX3027
Robis SLXX3028
Robis Bana SLXX3029
Robisbana SLXX3030
Roboaf SLXX3031
Robros SLXX3032
Robump SLXX3033
Robumpah SLXX3034
Robun SLXX3035
Robunt SLXX3036
Rochen SLXX3037
Rochin SLXX3038
Roching SLXX3039
Rocky SLXX5049
Rofunk SLXX3040
Rogap SLXX3041
Rogbane SLXX3042
Rogbane Bana SLXX3043
Rogbanti SLXX3044
Rogbaray SLXX3045
Rogberay SLXX3046
Rogberi SLXX3047
Rogbese SLXX3048
Rogbom SLXX3049
Rogbombali SLXX3050
Rokai SLXX3051
Rokamp SLXX3052
Rokawlon SLXX3053
Rokel SLXX5050
Rokel SLXX0015
Rokon SLXX3055
Rokon SLXX4621
Rokonbana SLXX3056
Rokrot SLXX3057
Rokumbi SLXX3058
Rokupa SLXX5051
Rokupr SLXX3059
Rokure SLXX3060
Rolal SLXX3061
Rolunk SLXX3062
Rolup SLXX3063
Rombe SLXX3064
Romeni SLXX3065
Rongohun SLXX3066
Ronieta SLXX3067
Rontok SLXX4622
Rontoke SLXX4623
Rontuk SLXX4624
Ronuri SLXX3068
Ropat SLXX3069
Ropet SLXX3070
Ropoint SLXX3071
Roruks SLXX3072
Rosanda SLXX3073
Rosar SLXX3074
Rosint SLXX3075
Rosint SLXX4625
Rosos SLXX3076
Roten SLXX3077
Rotifunk SLXX0016
Rotifunk SLXX3078
Rotung SLXX3079
Rowal SLXX4627
Rowal SLXX3080
Rowala SLXX3081
Royanka SLXX3082
Royel SLXX3083
Royema SLXX3084
Royenkala SLXX3085
Ruko SLXX4628
Rupapa SLXX3086
Russel SLXX5052
Sa SLXX4629
Saama SLXX1018
Saama SLXX4630
Saba SLXX4631
Sabama SLXX1019
Sabi SLXX4632
Sadu SLXX1020
Sadupompo SLXX1021
Safinia SLXX3087
Sagait SLXX4633
Sagbawa SLXX1022
Sagbe SLXX1023
Sagboihun SLXX1024
Sagpati SLXX1025
Sagwehun SLXX4634
Sagwehun SLXX1026
Sahafaria SLXX3088
Sahama SLXX4635
Sahawa SLXX4636
Sahia SLXX1027
Sahun SLXX4637
Sahun SLXX1028
Saiama SLXX1029
Saiela SLXX3089
Saima SLXX1030
Sainya SLXX3090
Saka SLXX3091
Sakasakala SLXX3092
Sakiema SLXX1031
Sakosaria SLXX3093
Sakpe SLXX1032
Sakua SLXX1033
Sakuma SLXX3094
Sakura SLXX3095
Sakuta SLXX3096
Sakutan SLXX3097
Salakunda SLXX3098
Salema SLXX4638
Salifula SLXX3099
Salifuya SLXX3100
Salima SLXX4639
Salina SLXX4640
Salina SLXX1034
Salinga SLXX1035
Salon SLXX1036
Salt Pan SLXX5053
Salu SLXX1037
Samabobu SLXX4641
Samadu SLXX1038
Samahun SLXX5054
Samaia SLXX3101
Samakuidu SLXX1039
Samakun SLXX3102
Samani SLXX4642
Samarank SLXX3103
Samatia SLXX1040
Sambalu SLXX1041
Samgbamba SLXX3104
Sami SLXX1042
Sami SLXX4643
Sami SLXX3105
Samiya SLXX3106
Sampo SLXX4644
Samu SLXX4645
Samuel Town SLXX5055
Samuya SLXX3107
San SLXX4646
Sanama SLXX3108
Sanankoreko SLXX1043
Sanbengu SLXX4647
Sanboria SLXX3109
Sanda SLXX3110
Sandahun SLXX1044
Sandaru SLXX1045
Sandea SLXX1046
Sandi SLXX3111
Sandia SLXX1047
Sandia SLXX3112
Sandialu SLXX1048
Sandikoro SLXX3113
Sandima SLXX1049
Sandokoro SLXX1050
Sandu SLXX1051
Sanfaia SLXX3114
Sang SLXX1052
Sanga SLXX1053
Sangara SLXX4648
Sangbalima SLXX3115
Sangbamba SLXX3116
Sangban SLXX3117
Sangbanbaro SLXX1054
Sangbando SLXX1055
Sangbania SLXX3118
Sangbaya SLXX3119
Sange SLXX1056
Sangoya SLXX3120
Sanguia SLXX3121
Sania SLXX3122
Saniria SLXX3123
Sanjama SLXX1057
Sankarama SLXX3124
Sankori SLXX3125
Sankpamba SLXX3126
Sansankama SLXX3127
Santigiyadodi SLXX3128
Santigiyanene SLXX3129
Saokoro SLXX1058
Sar SLXX3130
Sarako SLXX3131
Sargolehun SLXX1059
Sasa SLXX3132
Sasahun SLXX1060
Satamodia SLXX3133
Sattia Town SLXX5056
Sauhun SLXX3134
Saura SLXX4649
Sauria SLXX3135
Sawi SLXX1061
Sawkta SLXX3136
Sawoko SLXX1062
Sawula SLXX4650
Sawula SLXX1063
Sawuria SLXX3137
Sayima SLXX1064
Se-a-du SLXX3138
Seama SLXX1065
Sebengu SLXX4651
Seberandu SLXX3139
Sedu SLXX1066
Sedukonkoma SLXX1067
Sefadu SLXX1068
Segbwema SLXX4652
Sehun SLXX3140
Sei SLXX4653
Seidu SLXX1070
Seima SLXX4654
Sekenema SLXX1071
Sekodeko SLXX3141
Sekuya SLXX3142
Selabu SLXX4655
Selabu SLXX1072
Sele SLXX3143
Selekoro SLXX3144
Selu SLXX4656
Selu SLXX1073
Semabu SLXX4657
Semabu SLXX1074
Sembehun SLXX1075
Sembehun SLXX4658
Sembehunworo SLXX4659
Sembema SLXX1076
Semeibu SLXX1077
Semisedu SLXX3145
Sendakha SLXX3146
Sendema SLXX1078
Sendia SLXX3147
Sendugu SLXX3148
Senduma SLXX1079
Senehun SLXX4660
Senehun Bulema SLXX4661
Senga SLXX1081
Sengbe SLXX3149
Sengeko SLXX1082
Sengema SLXX4662
Sengema SLXX1083
Sengima SLXX4663
Sengisengi SLXX1085
Senguinya SLXX3150
Seniehun SLXX4664
Senikedugu SLXX3151
Senita SLXX3152
Senki SLXX3153
Senkuya SLXX3154
Sentai SLXX3155
Senyekhuri SLXX3156
Sepena SLXX3157
Sera SLXX3158
Serabu SLXX1086
Serabu SLXX4665
Seradu SLXX3159
Serafaia SLXX3160
Serafilaia SLXX3161
Serafula SLXX3162
Serania SLXX3163
Sereadu SLXX3164
Seredugu SLXX3165
Serekolia SLXX3166
Seremodu SLXX3167
Seria SLXX3168
Setema SLXX1087
Setnyin SLXX3169
Sewaia SLXX1088
Sewaia SLXX3170
Sewaoma SLXX1089
Shangaima SLXX1090
Sheakaia SLXX3171
Shengama SLXX4666
Shengboma SLXX1091
Shenge SLXX4667
Shengeputu SLXX4668
Sherbro Town SLXX5057
Shimbek SLXX3172
Shimbekihun SLXX4669
Shorema SLXX1092
Shunge SLXX4670
Siabu SLXX1093
Siama SLXX1094
Siamamaia SLXX3173
Siamandu SLXX1095
Sidu SLXX1096
Siena SLXX4671
Sigi SLXX4672
Sihun SLXX3174
Sikidia SLXX3175
Sikindidu SLXX3176
Silema SLXX1097
Simabu SLXX1098
Simabu SLXX4673
Simbabu SLXX1099
Simbaia SLXX3177
Simbakoro SLXX1100
Simbaria SLXX3178
Simbaru SLXX1101
Simbriyan SLXX3179
Simi SLXX3180
Simria SLXX3181
Sindadu SLXX1102
Sindeya SLXX3182
Sindugu SLXX3183
Sinegal SLXX3184
Sinekoro SLXX3185
Singbinia SLXX3186
Singbinja SLXX1103
Singeko SLXX1104
Singema SLXX1105
Sini SLXX4674
Siniye SLXX4675
Sinjo SLXX4676
Sinkimbadu SLXX3187
Sinkunia SLXX3188
Sinkuya SLXX3189
Sino SLXX3190
Sint SLXX3191
Sioma SLXX4677
Sipahun SLXX1106
Sipayema SLXX1107
Sirabu SLXX1108
Siraia SLXX3192
Siraninkoro SLXX3193
Sirekude SLXX3194
Sisawema SLXX4678
Sitafaia SLXX3195
Siwal SLXX4679
Skola-In SLXX1109
Soaworo SLXX4680
Sobo SLXX3196
Sodokorobendu SLXX1110
Sogbehun SLXX4681
Sogoma SLXX4682
Soia SLXX3197
Sokohana SLXX3198
Sokoma SLXX1112
Sokoria SLXX3199
Sokoya SLXX3200
Sokurela SLXX3201
Sokurila SLXX3202
Sola SLXX4683
Solema SLXX1113
Soli SLXX3203
Solindo SLXX1114
Solon SLXX4684
Soma SLXX1115
Somafema SLXX1116
Somtabaka SLXX4685
Somu SLXX4686
Somwe SLXX4687
Sondodu SLXX1117
Sonfo SLXX4688
Sonfondu SLXX1118
Songo SLXX3204
Sonigiema SLXX1119
Sonkonia SLXX3205
Sorekoro SLXX3206
Soron SLXX3207
Soronkura SLXX3208
Soru SLXX1120
Soso SLXX4689
Sowaia SLXX1121
Sowlia SLXX3209
Soya SLXX3210
Soyema SLXX1122
Stones Town SLXX5058
Suagolu SLXX1123
Suako SLXX4690
Subu SLXX4691
Sufidu SLXX1124
Sugbale SLXX4692
Sugeta SLXX3211
Suinkonkoma SLXX1125
Suinya SLXX3212
Sukebu SLXX1126
Sukudu SLXX1127
Sukuma Town SLXX5059
Sulehun SLXX4693
Sulima SLXX4694
Sulima SLXX1128
Sulimania SLXX3213
Sulpon SLXX5060
Sumana SLXX1129
Sumanferikia SLXX3214
Sumata SLXX3215
Sumaworia SLXX3216
Sumbadu SLXX1130
Sumbaidu SLXX1131
Sumbaria SLXX3217
Sumbaru SLXX1132
Sumbedu SLXX1133
Sumbidu SLXX1134
Sumbuya SLXX3218
Sumbuya SLXX4695
Sumoya SLXX1135
Sundodu SLXX3219
Sundu SLXX4696
Sundukuni SLXX3220
Sundulukoro SLXX3221
Sunga SLXX4697
Sungaru SLXX4698
Sungaru SLXX1136
Sungiema SLXX1137
Sunkoni SLXX3222
Sunya SLXX4699
Suri SLXX3223
Suria SLXX3224
Suribulomia SLXX3225
Suriburaia SLXX3226
Surie SLXX3227
Surikamara SLXX4700
Sussex SLXX5061
Susu Town SLXX5062
Susudara SLXX3228
Susuwalia SLXX3229
Susuworo SLXX4701
Suwadu SLXX1138
Swaku SLXX1139
Tabadu SLXX3230
Tabe SLXX4702
Tabema SLXX4703
Tabema SLXX1140
Tabila SLXX3231
Tabuna SLXX3232
Tabuna Tanene SLXX3233
Tadi SLXX3234
Tadisuria SLXX3235
Tagbehun SLXX4704
Tagboima SLXX1141
Tagbwema SLXX1142
Tagrin SLXX3236
Taia SLXX1143
Taiama SLXX3237
Taiama SLXX4705
Taiamaworo SLXX4706
Taiandu SLXX3238
Taigbe SLXX4707
Taiko SLXX1144
Taima SLXX3239
Taimbela SLXX1145
Tajoma SLXX1146
Takadakura SLXX3240
Takasa SLXX3241
Takpanga SLXX4708
Takpoima SLXX1147
Tala SLXX4709
Talai SLXX4710
Talani SLXX3242
Talayin SLXX4711
Taldale SLXX4712
Talia SLXX1148
Talia SLXX4713
Taliyi SLXX3243
Taluke SLXX1149
Tama SLXX1150
Tambaia SLXX3244
Tambakura SLXX3245
Tambateko SLXX1151
Tambi SLXX3246
Tambiama SLXX1152
Tambianu SLXX3247
Tambiyama SLXX4714
Tamboya SLXX1153
Tamful SLXX4715
Tamnahun SLXX4716
Tana SLXX3248
Tanehun SLXX3249
Tanene SLXX3250
Tanful SLXX4717
Tangaba SLXX1154
Tangabu SLXX4718
Tangabu SLXX1155
Tangahun SLXX4719
Tangahun SLXX1156
Tanganema SLXX4720
Tangeima SLXX4721
Tanima SLXX1157
Taninahun SLXX4722
Taninahun SLXX1158
Tansakoro SLXX1159
Tanta SLXX3251
Tantini SLXX3252
Tara SLXX3253
Taso SLXX4723
Tasoku SLXX3254
Tasso SLXX3255
Tata SLXX3256
Tatama SLXX4724
Taua SLXX4725
Taua SLXX3257
Tauya SLXX3258
Tauyia SLXX3259
Tawahun SLXX1160
Tawamahehun SLXX4726
Tawi SLXX1161
Tawnkawnba SLXX3260
Taworo SLXX1162
Tayehun SLXX1163
Taylor Town SLXX3261
Tebo SLXX4727
Tedu SLXX1164
Teema SLXX1165
Tefea SLXX1166
Tegbadu SLXX1167
Tei SLXX4728
Teibo SLXX1168
Tekaw SLXX3262
Tekea SLXX3263
Tekeya SLXX3264
Tekibe SLXX4729
Tekuyema SLXX1169
Tekwiama SLXX1170
Tekwiyama SLXX1171
Teleia SLXX3265
Telu SLXX1172
Telu SLXX4730
Temajadu SLXX1173
Tembedu SLXX1174
Tembu SLXX3266
Tenbana SLXX3267
Tendehun SLXX4731
Tendokom SLXX3268
Tenehun SLXX1175
Tenentilia SLXX3269
Tengbele SLXX4732
Tengeden SLXX3270
Tengeya SLXX3271
Tenkere SLXX3272
Tenkisan SLXX4733
Teoma SLXX1176
Tepron SLXX4734
Teso SLXX4735
Tevulahun SLXX4736
Tewema SLXX1177
Tewo SLXX1178
Tewo SLXX4737
Teyama SLXX1179
Teyama SLXX4738
Teyema SLXX1180
Thunman SLXX4739
Tiama SLXX1181
Tiandu SLXX1182
Tifin SLXX3273
Tigbema SLXX1183
Tihun SLXX4740
Tijoema SLXX1184
Tike SLXX4741
Tikonko SLXX1185
Tikonko SLXX4742
Tikonkoworo SLXX4743
Tikump SLXX3274
Tilikoro SLXX3275
Tiloma SLXX1186
Tim SLXX4744
Timbaidu SLXX1187
Timbira SLXX3276
Timbo SLXX3277
Timbo SLXX4745
Timidi SLXX4746
Timindi SLXX4747
Timmani Town SLXX5063
Tinduina SLXX3278
Tinehun SLXX1188
Tingibu SLXX3279
Tingipira SLXX3280
Tinsiko SLXX1189
Tintafol SLXX3281
Tintafor SLXX3282
Tintambaia SLXX1190
Tirero SLXX3283
Tiria SLXX1191
Tiria SLXX3284
Tisana SLXX4748
Tisana Point SLXX4749
Tissana SLXX5064
Titambaia SLXX1192
Titibul SLXX4750
Tiwalan SLXX4751
Tobanda SLXX1193
Tobanda SLXX4752
Togboie SLXX1194
Togobana SLXX3285
Tohobu SLXX1195
Toke SLXX5065
Tokoma SLXX4753
Tokoroba SLXX3286
Tokpombu SLXX4754
Tokpombu SLXX1196
Tolo SLXX1197
Tolobu SLXX4755
Tom SLXX4756
Tomaia SLXX3287
Tomania SLXX3288
Tombalu SLXX4757
Tombe SLXX4758
Tombodu SLXX1199
Tomboma SLXX1200
Tombu SLXX1201
Tomiyama SLXX1202
Tondoya SLXX4759
Tongbai SLXX3289
Tongbai SLXX4760
Tongbodu SLXX1203
Tongiama SLXX4761
Tongima SLXX4762
Tongkomba SLXX3290
Tongole SLXX4763
Tongolo SLXX4764
Tongolu SLXX1204
Tongoma SLXX1205
Tongorma SLXX1206
Tongwebu SLXX4765
Tonhe SLXX4766
Tonia SLXX3291
Toniama SLXX1207
Tonko SLXX3292
Tonkolele SLXX3293
Tonkoli SLXX3294
Tonkoya SLXX3295
Tonsu SLXX4767
Topan SLXX4768
Toppogehun SLXX5066
Toria SLXX3296
Torma SLXX4769
Tormabum SLXX4770
Tormandi SLXX4771
Torobu SLXX1208
Toroko SLXX4772
Torrugehun SLXX5067
Toso SLXX1209
Tosser SLXX4773
Toto SLXX1210
Tovulahun SLXX1211
Towala SLXX1212
Towama SLXX4774
Toyama SLXX1213
Trowaia SLXX3297
Tuakam SLXX4775
Tuba SLXX4776
Tudu SLXX1214
Tuelo SLXX4777
Tufoyim SLXX3298
Tuicotte SLXX5068
Tuk SLXX4778
Tukoyema SLXX1215
Tulomasaw SLXX3299
Tuludansaia SLXX3300
Tulun SLXX3301
Tulurma SLXX1216
Tumba SLXX3302
Tumbo SLXX4779
Tumbodu SLXX1217
Tumbonwa SLXX1218
Tumbu SLXX0017
Tumbu SLXX3303
Tumbu Bana SLXX3304
Tumbu Lol SLXX3305
Tumbubana SLXX3306
Tumbudu SLXX1220
Tunfuya SLXX3307
Tungbibu SLXX1221
Tungie SLXX1222
Tungie SLXX4780
Tungoro SLXX1223
Tunisi SLXX3308
Tuobu SLXX3309
Turadu SLXX1224
Tuso SLXX4781
Twasu SLXX4782
Twema SLXX4783
Twilo SLXX1225
Twiyo SLXX1226
Upper Benduma SLXX4784
Upper Saama SLXX4785
Vaahun SLXX1227
Vaama SLXX4786
Vaama SLXX1228
Vaama SLXX3310
Vahun SLXX4787
Valama SLXX1229
Vandima SLXX1230
Vanima SLXX1231
Varama SLXX1232
Varma SLXX1233
Vawahun SLXX4788
Vengema SLXX4789
Venima SLXX1234
Venima SLXX4790
Victoria SLXX4791
Victoria SLXX1235
Vile SLXX4792
Vingima SLXX1236
Vokoma SLXX4793
Volima SLXX4794
Wa SLXX4795
Wabengu SLXX1237
Wadu SLXX1238
Wai SLXX4796
Waia SLXX3312
Waiawayehun SLXX1239
Waidu SLXX1240
Waima SLXX1241
Waima SLXX4797
Waima Tokpombu SLXX1242
Wairaw SLXX1243
Waiya SLXX1244
Waka SLXX3313
Wake SLXX3314
Walbai SLXX4798
Wale SLXX4799
Walia SLXX3315
Walibana SLXX3316
Walihun SLXX4800
Walima SLXX1245
Walima SLXX4801
Walsas SLXX4802
Wami SLXX1246
Wandobu SLXX1247
Wangele SLXX3317
Wanjama SLXX1248
Wanjama SLXX4803
Wanjiela SLXX1249
Wankako SLXX3318
Wankobaw SLXX3319
Warakasona SLXX3320
Wari SLXX3321
Wari Bana SLXX3322
Wari Lol SLXX3323
Wari-Masia SLXX3324
Waribana SLXX3325
Waridala SLXX3326
Warkpakpa SLXX3327
Watai SLXX4804
Waterloo SLXX4805
Waterloo SLXX0018
Weba SLXX4806
Wehun SLXX3328
Wei SLXX1250
Weilo SLXX1251
Weima SLXX1252
Wellington SLXX5069
Welma SLXX1253
Wembadu SLXX1254
Werikenda SLXX4807
Wesima SLXX3329
Wiande SLXX3330
Widaro SLXX4808
Wilberforce SLXX5071
Wilima SLXX1255
Wilo SLXX1256
Wima SLXX1257
Windi SLXX4809
Wingifi SLXX1258
Winsa SLXX3331
Woama SLXX1259
Wogondo SLXX1260
Wojema SLXX4810
Woko SLXX1261
Wokoro SLXX1262
Wokoya SLXX4811
Wolabahun SLXX4812
Wolaw SLXX3332
Wole SLXX4813
Woloma SLXX1263
Woma SLXX1264
Wombe SLXX4814
Wonde SLXX4815
Wonela SLXX1265
Wongifo SLXX4816
Wongkifu SLXX3333
Wongoma SLXX1266
Wonkifu SLXX4817
Wonkoma SLXX1267
Wonyomo SLXX4818
Wopo SLXX4819
Worodu SLXX1268
Worokaw SLXX1269
Worokoro SLXX3334
Woroma SLXX1270
Woroma SLXX4820
Worombaia SLXX3335
Worowaia SLXX3336
Woyama SLXX4821
Wuade SLXX1271
Wubange SLXX4822
Wubunge SLXX4823
Wugbadu SLXX1272
Wula SLXX3337
Wulai SLXX4824
Wulia SLXX3338
Wulumbu SLXX3339
Wumoima SLXX1273
Wunde SLXX1274
Wunde SLXX4825
Wundefili SLXX3340
Wundidu SLXX1275
Wungulo SLXX4826
Wusia SLXX3341
Wusubengu SLXX1276
Yabaia SLXX1277
Yabaima SLXX1278
Yabaima SLXX4827
Yabema SLXX1279
Yadusinero SLXX1280
Yagala SLXX3342
Yaganto SLXX3343
Yagbea SLXX1281
Yago SLXX4828
Yahama SLXX1282
Yaiamba SLXX1283
Yakagi SLXX4829
Yakaji SLXX4830
Yakala SLXX3344
Yakama SLXX1284
Yakgban SLXX3345
Yakobi SLXX3346
Yakoi SLXX1285
Yakunda SLXX1286
Yalefudia SLXX3347
Yalia SLXX3348
Yalima SLXX1287
Yaliwandu SLXX1288
Yalo SLXX4831
Yalu SLXX4832
Yama SLXX3349
Yama SLXX1289
Yamadu SLXX1290
Yamanda SLXX3350
Yamandu SLXX4833
Yamandu SLXX1291
Yamanigbunti SLXX3351
Yamaro SLXX1292
Yamba Town SLXX5072
Yambalu SLXX1293
Yambama SLXX1294
Yambaro SLXX1295
Yameama SLXX4834
Yamehun SLXX1296
Yamfaka SLXX3352
Yamoria SLXX3353
Yams Farm SLXX5073
Yana SLXX3354
Yandahu SLXX5074
Yandahun SLXX1297
Yandama SLXX4835
Yandaworo SLXX1298
Yandehu SLXX1299
Yandehun SLXX4836
Yandema SLXX1301
Yandihun SLXX4837
Yandohun SLXX1302
Yandu SLXX1303
Yandu SLXX3355
Yandugu SLXX3356
Yangahun SLXX1304
Yangahun SLXX4838
Yangisei SLXX4839
Yangua SLXX3357
Yanka SLXX3358
Yankabu SLXX4840
Yankalol SLXX3359
Yankambu SLXX3360
Yankone SLXX3361
Yanleia SLXX3362
Yanwulia SLXX3363
Yapoma SLXX4841
Yara SLXX3364
Yaradu SLXX1305
Yaraia SLXX1306
Yarakonko SLXX3365
Yarando SLXX3366
Yarawadogu SLXX3367
Yarawaia SLXX3368
Yarbuma SLXX1307
Yase SLXX3369
Yasi SLXX3370
Yataia SLXX3371
Yawaju SLXX4842
Yawando SLXX1308
Yawe SLXX4843
Yawe SLXX1309
Yawei SLXX4844
Yawema SLXX4845
Yawuema SLXX1310
Yayima SLXX1311
Yebana SLXX4846
Yegele SLXX4847
Yegile SLXX4848
Yeibana SLXX4849
Yekilo SLXX1312
Yele SLXX3372
Yelelol SLXX3373
Yeliba SLXX3374
Yelibaba Town SLXX3375
Yeligban SLXX3376
Yelim SLXX3377
Yelkakrom SLXX3378
Yema SLXX3379
Yema SLXX4851
Yemahun SLXX1313
Yeman SLXX4852
Yembama SLXX3380
Yemberu SLXX1314
Yemere SLXX3381
Yemeri SLXX3382
Yemiya SLXX3383
Yendama SLXX1315
Yende SLXX1316
Yendeh SLXX1317
Yendehun SLXX4853
Yendema SLXX4854
Yendema SLXX1318
Yendibengu SLXX1319
Yendu SLXX1320
Yenga SLXX1321
Yengbelahun SLXX1322
Yenge SLXX4855
Yengema SLXX1323
Yengema SLXX4856
Yengemaworo SLXX4857
Yengeme SLXX4858
Yengeveni SLXX4859
Yengima SLXX1324
Yengkisa SLXX3384
Yeni SLXX4860
Yenkin SLXX4861
Yenkisa SLXX3385
Yenkisa SLXX4862
Yerendu SLXX1325
Yerima SLXX4863
Yesa SLXX4864
Yesa SLXX3386
Yesan SLXX4865
Yibaia SLXX3387
Yibaima SLXX1326
Yibe SLXX3388
Yibema SLXX1327
Yiben SLXX3389
Yifin SLXX3390
Yikandaw SLXX4866
Yikando SLXX1328
Yilandu SLXX1329
Yile SLXX4867
Yilogo SLXX3391
Yima SLXX1330
Yima SLXX3392
Yinaiya SLXX3393
Yindia SLXX3394
Yirafilaia SLXX3395
Yiraia SLXX3396
Yiralaia SLXX3397
Yirendu SLXX3398
Yiriki SLXX3399
Yisaia SLXX3400
Yisimaia SLXX3401
Yituma SLXX1331
Yiwadu SLXX1332
Yiwaye SLXX4868
Yo SLXX4869
Yoabu SLXX1333
Yobohun SLXX4870
Yof SLXX3402
Yogbofo SLXX4871
Yogomaia SLXX3403
Yogomusaia SLXX3404
Yoka SLXX1334
Yoka-iri SLXX3405
Yoke SLXX4872
Yokodu SLXX1335
Yomadu SLXX1336
Yomadugu SLXX3406
Yomanja SLXX1337
Yomankoro SLXX3407
Yombohun SLXX1338
Yomboia SLXX1339
Yomboro Duladi SLXX3408
Yomforia SLXX3409
Yomolo SLXX3410
Yondu SLXX4873
Yonfon SLXX3411
Yongaro SLXX3412
Yongoima SLXX1340
Yongro SLXX3413
Yoni SLXX3414
Yoni SLXX1341
Yoni SLXX4874
Yonibana SLXX3415
Yonkonia SLXX3416
Yoombarmo SLXX1342
Yoria SLXX3417
York SLXX4875
York SLXX0019
Yorondo SLXX3418
Yovohun SLXX1343
Yowema SLXX1344
Yoya SLXX1345
Yoyema SLXX4876
Yuabu SLXX1346
Yuabu SLXX4877
Yumawusudu SLXX3419
Yumbukoro SLXX3420
Yumbuma SLXX1347
Yundunduyi SLXX1348
Yungula SLXX3421
Yuria SLXX3422
Yurika SLXX3423
Yurika Wharf SLXX3424
Yuya SLXX1349
Zimmi SLXX4878
Zozo SLXX4879