Weather Codes for Serbia

Find Weather Codes or Weather Zip Codes for states and cities in Serbia. Weather Codes references a specified Location and is used to get weather of that place accurately. They are used by The Weather Channel( by IBM), Yahoo! Weather, AOL Weather and many such weather forecasting platforms. It is similar to Yahoo's WOEID(Where On the Earth ID) that is used to represent each place uniquely.

You can know the weather of any place precisely with the help of weather codes. Find the current weather of your state or city by clicking on it. You will be redirected to The Weather Channel site with your weather code for accurate weather forecast.

Acimija SRXX7201
Acimovici SRXX2301
Acimovici SRXX7202
Ackovici SRXX5260
Ada SRXX6573
Ada Ciganlija SRXX8547
Ada Huja SRXX8548
Ada Medica SRXX8549
Adasevci SRXX6574
Adimovci SRXX7203
Adorjan SRXX6575
Adrani SRXX5261
Adrovac SRXX4746
Adrovici SRXX7204
Adzici SRXX2302
Adzici SRXX1456
Adzine Livade SRXX5948
Adzovice SRXX6176
Adzt SRXX1411
Ahmote SRXX1412
Ajdacici SRXX1827
Akmacici SRXX7205
Alabana SRXX6177
Alakince SRXX3525
Alavandici SRXX7206
Albanci SRXX3526
Albanija SRXX7000
Albanija SRXX4835
Aldina Reka SRXX7001
Aldinac SRXX7002
Aleksa Santic SRXX6576
Aleksandrovac SRXX0759
Aleksandrovac SRXX3527
Aleksandrovac SRXX0163
Aleksandrovo SRXX6577
Aleksandrovo SRXX2976
Aleksici SRXX7207
Aleksici SRXX6178
Aleksinac SRXX0164
Aleksine SRXX1082
Aleksino SRXX6179
Alibunar SRXX0035
Aliderce SRXX3528
Alija SRXX0987
Alin Potok SRXX7208
Aliverovice SRXX7209
Aljinovici SRXX7210
Aljudovo SRXX0760
Alovlje SRXX2303
Altina SRXX8551
Aluga SRXX2304
Aluga SRXX7211
Aluge SRXX5262
Aluge SRXX7212
Alulovice SRXX5263
Amajic SRXX2305
Amarevi SRXX3529
Ambariste SRXX2306
Americ SRXX0473
Andelici SRXX1457
Andelici SRXX1828
Andelinkovci SRXX3530
Andici SRXX7213
Andraca SRXX2307
Andricev Venac SRXX8552
Andrici SRXX1458
Andrici SRXX2308
Andrici SRXX7214
Andrici SRXX5264
Angelince SRXX3532
Anicici SRXX7215
Anicici SRXX2309
Antici SRXX4836
Antici SRXX6180
Antonica Mala SRXX2310
Antonici SRXX2311
Anzici SRXX7216
Apatin SRXX0166
Aradac SRXX6578
Arangelovac SRXX0167
Arapovac SRXX0474
Arapovice SRXX5265
Arbanasce SRXX2978
Arbanaska SRXX6181
Arbulici SRXX5266
Arilje SRXX1829
Arnajevo SRXX0475
Arnaut Polje SRXX7217
Arnautovici SRXX7218
Arnautska Mahala SRXX3533
Arsenovici SRXX2312
Arsici SRXX7219
Arsici SRXX1459
Arsici SRXX4837
Asani SRXX3534
Asanja SRXX6579
Asanovac SRXX6182
Asanovo Selo SRXX5267
Asmanska Mahala SRXX3535
Ategan Mahala SRXX3536
Atenica SRXX1830
Autokomanda SRXX8553
Avala SRXX1460
Avdovi SRXX7220
Avramovica Mala SRXX2313
Avramovici SRXX2314
Avramovici SRXX0476
Azanja SRXX0168
Azbresnica SRXX2979
Ba SRXX1461
Baba Karinci SRXX3537
Babac SRXX7221
Babajic SRXX1462
Babanici SRXX4747
Babatrenci SRXX3538
Babe SRXX0477
Babica SRXX4838
Babicevi SRXX1083
Babici SRXX7222
Babicko SRXX2980
Babin SRXX2315
Babin Dol SRXX3539
Babin Kal SRXX4543
Babin Potok SRXX2981
Babina Luka SRXX1463
Babina Poljana SRXX3540
Babotinac SRXX6183
Babrez SRXX5268
Babusnica SRXX4544
Bac SRXX6580
Bacaklija SRXX2316
Bace SRXX6184
Bacetici SRXX7223
Bacevac SRXX0478
Bacevac SRXX7224
Bacevci SRXX1464
Bacevci SRXX7225
Bacevci SRXX4839
Bacevica SRXX7003
Bacevina SRXX1084
Baceviste SRXX3541
Baceviste SRXX5269
Bacevo SRXX4545
Bacice SRXX7226
Bacice SRXX6185
Bacija SRXX7227
Bacije SRXX6186
Bacijevce SRXX3542
Bacilovina SRXX7228
Bacina SRXX4840
Bacinac SRXX4748
Bacinci SRXX6581
Bacine SRXX7229
Backa Palanka SRXX0169
Backa Topola SRXX0170
Backi Breg SRXX6582
Backi Brestovac SRXX6583
Backi Gracac SRXX6584
Backi Jarak SRXX6585
Backi Monostor SRXX6586
Backi Petrovac SRXX0171
Backi Sokolac SRXX6587
Backi Vinogradi SRXX6588
Backo Dusanovo SRXX6590
Backo Gradiste SRXX6591
Backo Novo Selo SRXX6592
Bacoglava SRXX6187
Bacviste SRXX3543
Badanj SRXX5270
Badince SRXX1085
Badisici SRXX2317
Badljevica SRXX4749
Badnjevac SRXX5949
Badnjevac SRXX2982
Badnjevo SRXX0036
Badovinci SRXX2318
Bagacice SRXX7230
Bagrdan SRXX3302
Bagremovo SRXX6594
Bainovska Mahala SRXX3544
Bajcetina SRXX5950
Bajcince SRXX2983
Bajevac SRXX1465
Bajevica SRXX5271
Bajica Kraj SRXX0479
Bajica Mala SRXX2319
Bajici SRXX7231
Bajina Basta SRXX0037
Bajinci SRXX1086
Bajinova Mahala SRXX3545
Bajir SRXX2320
Bajmok SRXX0174
Bajnovace SRXX7232
Bajnovici SRXX7233
Bajovica Lazovi SRXX6188
Bajovici SRXX1832
Bajsa SRXX6595
Bakalovina SRXX7234
Bakici SRXX7235
Bakionica SRXX7236
Bakovici SRXX1833
Bakraclici SRXX7237
Balacka SRXX1466
Balajinac SRXX2984
Balajnac SRXX3303
Balanovac SRXX7004
Balcak SRXX6189
Balej Pivnica SRXX0988
Baletice SRXX5272
Balicevac SRXX2985
Balici SRXX7238
Balinac SRXX7005
Balinovac SRXX3546
Balinovac SRXX2986
Balinovce SRXX3547
Balinovic SRXX1467
Baljen SRXX5273
Baljen SRXX7239
Baljevac SRXX0480
Baljkovac SRXX5951
Balosave SRXX5952
Balta Berilovac SRXX7006
Baltijance SRXX3548
Baluga Ljubicka SRXX1834
Baluga Trnavska SRXX1835
Bambaci SRXX7240
Banatska Dubica SRXX6596
Banatska Palanka SRXX6597
Banatska Topola SRXX6599
Banatski Dvor SRXX6603
Banatski Sokolac SRXX6605
Bancarevo SRXX2987
Banicina SRXX4750
Banja SRXX5275
Banja SRXX1836
Banja SRXX5953
Banja SRXX2321
Banja SRXX7241
Banja Koviljaca SRXX0039
Banjanci SRXX5276
Banjani SRXX1468
Banjevac SRXX2322
Banjica SRXX7242
Banjica SRXX1837
Banjica SRXX8554
Banjska SRXX5277
Banjski Dol SRXX4546
Bankovac SRXX2988
Bankovci SRXX6610
Bankovci SRXX1087
Banostor SRXX6611
Banovo Brdo SRXX8555
Banovo Polje SRXX2323
Bapsko Polje SRXX5278
Bar SRXX0162
Bara SRXX3549
Bara SRXX1469
Bara SRXX7243
Bara Venecija SRXX8556
Barajevo SRXX0482
Barakovici SRXX5279
Baralici SRXX1838
Baraljevac SRXX3550
Baranda SRXX6612
Baranje SRXX2324
Baratarci SRXX3551
Barati SRXX7244
Barbace SRXX3553
Barbarusince SRXX3554
Barbatovac SRXX6190
Bardanski Kraj SRXX0483
Bare SRXX3304
Bare SRXX5280
Bare SRXX5954
Bare SRXX0761
Bare SRXX7245
Bare SRXX1839
Barelic SRXX3555
Bares SRXX2325
Baric SRXX0762
Baric SRXX0484
Barica SRXX3556
Barice SRXX7246
Barice SRXX0040
Barice SRXX5281
Barjaktarevici SRXX7247
Barje SRXX4547
Barje SRXX1088
Barje SRXX3557
Barje Ciflik SRXX4548
Barkovo SRXX5282
Barlovo SRXX6191
Barosevac SRXX0485
Barzilovica SRXX0486
Basaid SRXX6613
Basara SRXX4549
Basceluci SRXX2326
Basejci SRXX3558
Basici SRXX7248
Basin SRXX4751
Bastav SRXX1470
Bastovanska Mala SRXX2327
Batajnica SRXX0033
Batalage SRXX1471
Batar SRXX2328
Batina SRXX5283
Batinac SRXX3305
Batinici SRXX5284
Batkovici SRXX7249
Batnjik SRXX5285
Batocina SRXX5955
Batote SRXX4841
Batovac SRXX0763
Batrage SRXX5286
Batrovci SRXX6614
Batulovce SRXX1089
Batusa SRXX0764
Batusinac SRXX2989
Baulovici SRXX1840
Bavane SRXX7250
Bavaniste SRXX0180
Bazovica SRXX3559
Bazovik SRXX4550
Beanija SRXX8557
Bebici SRXX1472
Becanj SRXX5956
Becej SRXX0181
Becevica SRXX5957
Becirovici SRXX7251
Becirovina SRXX7252
Becmen SRXX0041
Becvari SRXX5287
Bedina Varos SRXX1841
Begaljica SRXX0487
Begec SRXX6615
Begejci SRXX0183
Begova Luka SRXX7253
Begovi SRXX3560
Begovici SRXX1473
Beke SRXX1842
Bekrici SRXX3561
Bela SRXX4551
Bela Crkva SRXX1474
Bela Crkva SRXX0184
Bela Klada SRXX2329
Bela Palanka SRXX0185
Bela Reka SRXX2330
Bela Stena SRXX1843
Bela Voda SRXX6192
Bela Voda SRXX3562
Bela Voda SRXX4842
Bela Zemlja SRXX7254
Belanovce SRXX1090
Belanovce SRXX3563
Belanovica SRXX1475
Belanska SRXX5288
Belasica SRXX4843
Belbradic SRXX7007
Belcevici SRXX1844
Bele Vode SRXX0488
Belegis SRXX6616
Belgrade SRXX0005
Beli Breg SRXX3564
Beli Breg SRXX2990
Beli Gaj SRXX7255
Beli Kamen SRXX6193
Beli Potok SRXX1091
Beli Potok SRXX7008
Beli Potok SRXX5290
Belic SRXX1476
Belica SRXX3306
Belica Sor SRXX2331
Belisevo SRXX3565
Beljajka SRXX3307
Beljak SRXX5291
Beljevac SRXX0490
Beljevina SRXX0989
Beljin SRXX0491
Beljina SRXX0492
Beljina SRXX1846
Belo Blato SRXX0042
Belo Polje SRXX6194
Belo Polje SRXX5292
Belo Polje SRXX1847
Belo Polje SRXX0493
Belo Polje SRXX4844
Belo Polje SRXX1477
Belobrace SRXX5293
Belobrdani SRXX5294
Belogos SRXX6195
Beloinje SRXX2991
Beloljin SRXX6196
Belosavci SRXX5958
Belosevac SRXX1478
Belotic SRXX2332
Belotinac SRXX2992
Belovodic SRXX1479
Belusic SRXX3308
Belut SRXX3566
Belville SRXX8559
Bena SRXX6617
Bent SRXX1848
Beoci SRXX5295
Beocic SRXX3309
Beocin SRXX0188
Beomuzevic SRXX1480
Beranje SRXX0765
Berava SRXX6618
Berbatovo SRXX2993
Bercevac SRXX1413
Bercinac SRXX2994
Bercinovac SRXX7009
Berduj SRXX4552
Berilje SRXX2995
Berilovac SRXX4553
Berin Izvor SRXX4554
Berisane SRXX6197
Berisici SRXX1849
Berkovac SRXX1481
Berlovci SRXX2333
Berlovine SRXX2334
Berovica SRXX4555
Bersici SRXX1850
Besenovo SRXX6620
Beserovina SRXX7256
Beska SRXX0189
Beslici SRXX7257
Besni Fok SRXX0494
Besolica SRXX6198
Bezanija SRXX0495
Bezdan SRXX6621
Beziste SRXX4556
Biberovici SRXX7258
Bicani SRXX4845
Bigla SRXX3567
Biglar SRXX3568
Bigrenica SRXX3310
Bijela SRXX2335
Bijela Voda SRXX7259
Bijelina SRXX2336
Bijelo Polje SRXX3569
Bikac SRXX6622
Bikinje SRXX0766
Bikovo SRXX6623
Bilici SRXX6624
Biljaca SRXX3570
Biljanica SRXX3571
Biljanovac SRXX5296
Biljeg SRXX2996
Biljega SRXX7260
Bilo SRXX4557
Bilo SRXX1092
Bingula SRXX6625
Binice SRXX5297
Binovac SRXX4752
Binovce SRXX3572
Bioc SRXX7261
Biocin SRXX5298
Biohane SRXX5299
Bioska SRXX7262
Bircani SRXX1482
Biserske Kuce SRXX5300
Bisini SRXX1093
Biskupici SRXX7263
Biskuplje SRXX0767
Bistar SRXX3573
Bistrica SRXX1094
Bistrica SRXX0768
Bistrica SRXX7264
Bitvrda SRXX3574
Bivolice SRXX7265
Bizaci SRXX3575
Bjecani SRXX7266
Bjelaci SRXX7267
Bjelicici SRXX7268
Bjelik SRXX7269
Bjelis SRXX7270
Bjelobabe SRXX7271
Bjelohova SRXX7272
Bjeloperica SRXX7273
Bjelosica SRXX7274
Bjelotici SRXX7275
Bjelusa SRXX7276
Blaca SRXX5301
Blace SRXX6199
Blagojev Kamen SRXX0769
Blagojevici SRXX2337
Blagojevici SRXX7277
Blagojevici SRXX5959
Blagojevici SRXX6200
Blagun SRXX3576
Blato SRXX7278
Blato SRXX4558
Blazevo SRXX4846
Blazici SRXX4847
Blendija SRXX7010
Bliznaci SRXX3577
Bliznacka Mahala SRXX3578
Bliznak SRXX0770
Blizonje SRXX1483
Blokovi SRXX8560
Bobajaninci SRXX3579
Bobarina Buka SRXX3580
Bobici SRXX1484
Bobija SRXX2338
Bobiste SRXX1095
Bobote SRXX4848
Bobova SRXX1485
Bobovac SRXX7279
Bobovik SRXX5302
Bobovik SRXX2339
Boboviste SRXX2997
Bobovo SRXX3311
Bocar SRXX6626
Boce SRXX4849
Bocevica SRXX1096
Bodani SRXX6627
Bodus Mala SRXX1486
Bogalinac SRXX3312
Bogaras SRXX6628
Bogaros SRXX6629
Bogatic SRXX2340
Bogatic SRXX1487
Bogava SRXX3313
Bogdanica SRXX1851
Bogdanje SRXX4850
Bogdanova Mahala SRXX3581
Bogdanovac SRXX4559
Bogdanovci SRXX3582
Bogdanovica SRXX1488
Bogdanovici SRXX7280
Bogdanska Mahala SRXX3583
Bogdinac SRXX7011
Bogicevici SRXX1852
Bogicevici SRXX5303
Bogise SRXX4851
Bogojevac SRXX6201
Bogojevce SRXX1097
Bogojevici SRXX7281
Bogojevo SRXX6630
Bogosavac SRXX2341
Bogosevo SRXX3584
Bogoslovija SRXX8561
Bogoslovtrad SRXX3585
Bogostica SRXX2342
Bogovada SRXX0497
Bogovina SRXX7012
Bogucani SRXX7282
Bogujevac SRXX6202
Bogunovac SRXX1098
Boguti SRXX7283
Bogutovac SRXX5304
Bogutovo SRXX7284
Bojadzici SRXX3586
Bojanici SRXX5305
Bojcici SRXX1489
Bojcici SRXX2343
Bojic SRXX2344
Bojici SRXX2345
Bojin Del SRXX3587
Bojince SRXX2998
Bojinska Mahala SRXX3588
Bojisina SRXX1099
Bojkova Mahala SRXX3589
Bojnik SRXX1100
Bojnik SRXX3590
Bojovici SRXX1853
Bojra SRXX7285
Boka SRXX6631
Bokare SRXX7286
Bolec SRXX0498
Boljani SRXX7287
Boljare SRXX1101
Boljare SRXX7288
Boljavina SRXX2346
Boljetin SRXX0990
Boljev Dol SRXX4560
Boljevac SRXX7013
Boljevci SRXX0043
Boljkovac SRXX0044
Boljkovci SRXX1854
Bondzacka Mahala SRXX3591
Bondzici SRXX4853
Bor SRXX0045
Borac SRXX5960
Boranci SRXX4854
Boranja SRXX7289
Borca SRXX0499
Borcanska Mala SRXX4855
Boricka Mahala SRXX3592
Borika SRXX5306
Borikovac SRXX7290
Borikovac SRXX5307
Borin Dol SRXX1102
Borince SRXX1103
Boris Novkov SRXX3593
Borja SRXX1855
Borjanice SRXX7291
Borkovac SRXX2347
Borkovo SRXX5308
Borostica SRXX5309
Borovac SRXX7292
Borovac SRXX3594
Borovak SRXX5310
Borovci SRXX5311
Borovec SRXX3595
Borovice SRXX7293
Borovice SRXX5312
Borovo SRXX4856
Borovski Dol SRXX3596
Bosacka Mahala SRXX3597
Bosance SRXX6203
Bosicane SRXX4857
Bosilegrad SRXX0193
Boskovici SRXX4858
Boskovici SRXX1856
Boskovici SRXX1490
Boskovici SRXX2348
Boskovici SRXX5313
Boskovici SRXX7294
Boskovina SRXX7295
Bosnjace SRXX1104
Bosnjaci SRXX0500
Bosnjaci SRXX0046
Bosnjaci SRXX7296
Bosnjak SRXX7297
Bosnjak SRXX0771
Bosnjane SRXX3314
Bosnjane SRXX0047
Bosnjane SRXX4753
Bosnjanovic SRXX1491
Bostajnci SRXX3598
Bosut SRXX6632
Bosuta SRXX5961
Botorsko Brdo SRXX1857
Botos SRXX6633
Botunja SRXX4859
Botunje SRXX5962
Boturici SRXX4860
Boturovina SRXX5314
Bovan SRXX4861
Bozanici SRXX0501
Bozdarevac SRXX0502
Bozetici SRXX7298
Bozevac SRXX0772
Bozica SRXX0196
Bozica Mala SRXX2349
Bozici SRXX7299
Bozici SRXX5315
Bozilovi SRXX3599
Bozinjevac SRXX3600
Bozinovac SRXX7015
Bozoljin SRXX4862
Bozov Potok SRXX7300
Bozovici SRXX5316
Bozovici SRXX7301
Bozovici SRXX1858
Bozurevac SRXX3315
Bozurnja SRXX5963
Bracak SRXX5317
Brace Jerkovic SRXX8562
Bracevac SRXX0991
Bracin SRXX2999
Bradanski Kraj SRXX0503
Bradarac SRXX3000
Bradarac SRXX0773
Bradic SRXX2350
Brainovac SRXX3316
Brajanovici SRXX7302
Brajici SRXX1492
Brajici SRXX1859
Brajkovac SRXX7303
Brajkovac SRXX4863
Brajkovac SRXX1493
Brajkovici SRXX7304
Brajsalica SRXX7305
Brajsor SRXX6204
Braljina SRXX3001
Brancic SRXX1494
Brancici SRXX7306
Branesca SRXX7307
Branesci SRXX7308
Brangovic SRXX1495
Branicevo SRXX0774
Branisevo SRXX5318
Branjevac SRXX2351
Branjovica SRXX3601
Brankovci SRXX3602
Brankovina SRXX1496
Branosevac SRXX7309
Brasansko Brdo SRXX7310
Brasina SRXX2352
Brasma SRXX2353
Brastcska Mala SRXX3317
Braticevici SRXX7311
Bratici SRXX4864
Bratinac SRXX0775
Bratisevac SRXX4561
Bratljevo SRXX1860
Bratmilovce SRXX1105
Bratoselce SRXX3603
Bratuljevici SRXX1861
Brazda SRXX1497
Brazilija SRXX6634
Brda SRXX2354
Brdanci SRXX4865
Brdani SRXX1862
Brdani SRXX4866
Brdani SRXX2355
Brdani SRXX0504
Brdani SRXX7312
Brdanska Mala SRXX2356
Brdarica SRXX2357
Brdo SRXX7313
Brebevnica SRXX4562
Breg SRXX6205
Breg SRXX7314
Bregovina SRXX6206
Brejanovce SRXX1106
Brekovo SRXX7315
Brenica SRXX3002
Bresje SRXX4754
Bresje SRXX3318
Breska SRXX0505
Bresnica SRXX5964
Bresnica SRXX2358
Bresnicic SRXX6207
Bresnik SRXX6208
Bresno Polje SRXX4867
Brest SRXX3003
Brestac SRXX6635
Brestov Dol SRXX4563
Brestovac SRXX0198
Brestovac SRXX1863
Brestovac SRXX3604
Brestovac SRXX1107
Brestovi SRXX0506
Brestovik SRXX0507
Brestovo SRXX3605
Breza SRXX3606
Brezak SRXX7316
Brezane SRXX0776
Brezani SRXX6209
Brezde SRXX5319
Brezde SRXX7317
Brezde SRXX1498
Brezjak SRXX2359
Brezje SRXX2360
Brezna SRXX1864
Breznica SRXX1414
Breznica SRXX0777
Brezov Breg SRXX7318
Brezova SRXX5320
Brezovac SRXX5965
Brezovac SRXX7319
Brezovcani SRXX3607
Brezovec SRXX3608
Brezovica SRXX1108
Brezovica SRXX0049
Brezovica SRXX1499
Brezovica SRXX5321
Brezovica SRXX0778
Brgule SRXX0508
Brgulice SRXX0509
Bricevlje SRXX1109
Bricko SRXX3609
Brisic SRXX1415
Brizici SRXX7320
Brkat SRXX7321
Brkici SRXX2361
Brkovici SRXX7322
Brlog SRXX1500
Brlog SRXX4564
Brnjac SRXX2362
Brnjare SRXX3610
Brnjas SRXX7323
Brnjica SRXX0779
Brnjica SRXX7324
Brocare Mahala SRXX3611
Brod SRXX1110
Brodarevo SRXX7325
Brodica SRXX0780
Brojaci SRXX5322
Bronjska Mahala SRXX7326
Brovic SRXX0510
Brstica SRXX2363
Brus SRXX4868
Brusnica SRXX1865
Brusnik SRXX7016
Brvenik SRXX5323
Brvenik SRXX6210
Brvine SRXX7327
Brza SRXX1111
Brza Palanka SRXX0993
Brzaci SRXX3612
Brzan SRXX0201
Brzece SRXX4869
Brzi Brod SRXX3005
Brzina Mahala SRXX3613
Brzohode SRXX0781
Buar SRXX7328
Buban SRXX5324
Bubanj SRXX6211
Bubanj SRXX3006
Bubanj Potok SRXX0511
Bubanje SRXX7329
Bubetici SRXX7330
Bubevci SRXX3614
Bublica SRXX6212
Bubnjava SRXX2364
Bubusinac SRXX0782
Bucanji SRXX0994
Bucar SRXX3320
Buce SRXX5325
Buci SRXX4870
Bucic SRXX6213
Bucici SRXX4871
Bucince SRXX6214
Bucje SRXX0995
Bucje SRXX7017
Bucje SRXX2365
Bucje SRXX7331
Bucje SRXX4872
Bucum SRXX7018
Bucure SRXX1501
Budakovac SRXX6215
Budakovac SRXX7332
Budanovci SRXX6636
Budevo SRXX7333
Budice SRXX5326
Budilovina SRXX4873
Budimlija SRXX2366
Budisava SRXX6637
Budisic SRXX2367
Budozelja SRXX1866
Bugarci SRXX4874
Bugare SRXX6216
Bujacic SRXX1502
Bujanovac SRXX0202
Bujca SRXX5327
Bujic SRXX1416
Bujkovac SRXX3615
Bujkovice SRXX5328
Bujmir SRXX3007
Bujosi SRXX1867
Bukarci SRXX3616
Bukare SRXX5329
Bukin SRXX0203
Bukoloram SRXX6217
Bukor SRXX2368
Bukorovac SRXX5966
Bukova Glava SRXX1112
Bukova Padina SRXX3617
Bukova Ravan SRXX7334
Bukovac SRXX3618
Bukovac SRXX6638
Bukovac SRXX1503
Bukovac SRXX7335
Bukovac SRXX3321
Bukovce SRXX3322
Bukovce SRXX0996
Bukovce SRXX5330
Bukovci SRXX4875
Bukovica SRXX2369
Bukovica SRXX1868
Bukovica SRXX4876
Bukovica SRXX1504
Bukovik SRXX5331
Bukovik SRXX5967
Bukovik SRXX4877
Bukovik SRXX2370
Bukovik SRXX7336
Bukovska SRXX0783
Bukres SRXX6218
Bukurevac SRXX3619
Bukurovac SRXX4565
Bukvica Mehana SRXX7337
Bukvicka Mala SRXX2371
Bulatovac SRXX6219
Bulatovici SRXX7338
Bulbulder SRXX8563
Bulici SRXX7339
Bulije SRXX1869
Bulinovac SRXX7019
Buljan SRXX3323
Buljesovce SRXX3621
Bumbarevo Brdo SRXX5968
Bumbarska Mahala SRXX3623
Bumbule SRXX3624
Bumburek SRXX3008
Bunar SRXX3324
Bunar SRXX5332
Bunetic SRXX0784
Bunjcevi SRXX3625
Bunusa SRXX1113
Bunusevce SRXX3626
Bunuski Cifluk SRXX1114
Burada SRXX7340
Burdimo SRXX3009
Burgici SRXX4878
Burgionji SRXX0785
Burince SRXX6220
Burmazi SRXX5333
Burmazi SRXX7341
Burmazi SRXX2372
Burovac SRXX0786
Burovo SRXX0512
Busara SRXX7342
Busenje SRXX6639
Busici SRXX5334
Busilovac SRXX3325
Busnica SRXX2373
Bustranje SRXX3627
Busur SRXX0787
Butkovo SRXX1870
Buvce SRXX1115
Bzenice SRXX4879
Bzovik SRXX5335
Cacak SRXX0032
Cadinje SRXX7343
Caganje SRXX1871
Cagljevo SRXX4755
Cagrovac SRXX3010
Cairi SRXX4880
Cairovici SRXX5969
Cajetina SRXX5336
Cajetina SRXX0050
Cajici SRXX2374
Cajici SRXX5337
Cakanovac SRXX3628
Cakina Bara SRXX3629
Cakina Mahala SRXX3630
Cakinci Mahala SRXX3631
Caldovici SRXX7344
Calja SRXX5338
Calma SRXX6640
Camici SRXX7345
Camurlija SRXX3011
Cantavir SRXX0206
Caparic SRXX2375
Caplinci SRXX3012
Capljak SRXX0051
Capljinac SRXX3013
Caprici SRXX6221
Caprici SRXX1872
Car SRXX1417
Carapici SRXX1873
Carci SRXX3632
Cardinci SRXX3633
Carev Del SRXX4566
Careva Cuprija SRXX8564
Carevac SRXX0788
Caric SRXX2376
Caric Mala SRXX2377
Carica SRXX3634
Caricina SRXX7346
Carina SRXX7347
Carkovica SRXX3635
Carkovici SRXX7348
Carovina SRXX5339
Casic-Dolac SRXX5340
Causevici SRXX7349
Causevska Mahala SRXX3636
Cavadarci SRXX3637
Cavina SRXX1505
Cebapovi SRXX3638
Cebici SRXX7350
Cebrisonj SRXX0789
Cecina SRXX3014
Cecina SRXX5341
Cedovo SRXX7351
Cekarci SRXX3639
Cekmin SRXX1116
Celarevo SRXX6641
Celice SRXX7352
Celija SRXX7353
Celije SRXX2378
Celije SRXX3015
Celije SRXX0513
Celije SRXX4881
Celiste SRXX3640
Celovci SRXX2379
Cemerikovci SRXX7354
Cendici SRXX1874
Cenej SRXX6642
Cengovska Mahala SRXX3641
Cenovac SRXX1117
Centa SRXX6643
Cepalije SRXX7355
Cepelje SRXX5342
Ceperkovici SRXX4882
Cepilova Mahala SRXX3642
Cepovo SRXX7356
Cepure SRXX3326
Cer SRXX3643
Cerak SRXX8565
Cerak SRXX3644
Cerak Vinogradi SRXX8566
Cerana SRXX6222
Ceranici SRXX7357
Ceranska Mala SRXX2380
Ceremosnja SRXX0790
Cerevajka SRXX1418
Cerevic SRXX6644
Cerga SRXX2381
Cerjani SRXX5970
Cerjanska Mala SRXX4883
Cerje SRXX5343
Cerje SRXX3016
Cerje SRXX2382
Cerje SRXX7358
Cerkeska Mala SRXX3017
Cernica SRXX4884
Cerova SRXX4567
Cerova SRXX1875
Cerova SRXX2383
Cerovac SRXX2384
Cerovac SRXX3645
Cerovac SRXX5971
Cerovac SRXX4756
Cerovaca SRXX7359
Cerovak SRXX0791
Cerovak SRXX5344
Cerovica SRXX7020
Cerovik SRXX5345
Cerovik SRXX3327
Cerovo SRXX3018
Ceruvica SRXX6224
Cesko Selo SRXX6645
Cesljeva Bara SRXX0792
Cesta SRXX3019
Cestereg SRXX6646
Cestin SRXX5972
Cestobrodica SRXX7360
Cetanje SRXX7361
Cetanovice SRXX7362
Ceteniste SRXX2385
Cetenovici SRXX1876
Cetereze SRXX0793
Cetkovina SRXX7363
Cetvorski Kraj SRXX5973
Cibukovac SRXX5346
Cibutkovica SRXX0514
Cicevac SRXX4885
Cicina SRXX3020
Cickovac SRXX7021
Cickovica SRXX3646
Cicovi SRXX6647
Ciflik SRXX4568
Cigan-Mala SRXX0515
Ciganlija SRXX2386
Ciganska Brodica SRXX0794
Ciganska Mahala SRXX7364
Ciganska Mala SRXX2387
Ciganska Mala SRXX0516
Ciganske Kuce SRXX0517
Cigla SRXX7365
Ciglanske Kuce SRXX0518
Cikarici SRXX2388
Cikiljevina SRXX7366
Ciklanje SRXX3647
Cikosevina SRXX5347
Cikot SRXX3328
Cikote SRXX7367
Cincar Mahala SRXX3648
Ciniglavci SRXX4569
Cipaci SRXX3649
Cipalji SRXX7368
Cirikovac SRXX0795
Cirinci SRXX4570
Cirjanici SRXX7369
Cirkovici SRXX7370
Cirljo SRXX1877
Cirova Mehana SRXX1878
Citici SRXX7371
Citluk SRXX1879
Citluk SRXX7372
Citluk SRXX2390
Citluk SRXX0052
Civcici SRXX3650
Civlaci SRXX3651
Civlak SRXX3652
Civljani SRXX1506
Civtici SRXX2391
Ckanje SRXX7373
Ckuljevici SRXX5348
Cmanjke SRXX5349
Cocinci SRXX3653
Cojbasici SRXX1880
Coka SRXX6648
Cokesina SRXX2392
Cokljanci SRXX3654
Cokonjar SRXX7023
Cokot SRXX3021
Cokotar SRXX4886
Cokotin SRXX1118
Cokovice SRXX5350
Colakovica Potok SRXX0519
Colanici SRXX7374
Colica Mala SRXX2393
Colici SRXX4887
Colici SRXX2394
Colici SRXX7375
Colicka Mala SRXX2395
Colovici SRXX1881
Colovino SRXX7376
Comage SRXX5351
Conoplja SRXX6649
Corbanova Mahala SRXX3655
Corbici SRXX5352
Corda SRXX3656
Corovici SRXX7377
Cortanovci SRXX6650
Cosici SRXX1507
Cosici SRXX7378
Cosici SRXX6225
Cosina Mahala SRXX3657
Cosinci SRXX3658
Cosine Kolibe SRXX0520
Covdin SRXX0796
Crcevo SRXX1882
Crepaja SRXX6651
Crepinova Mahala SRXX3659
Cresnevo SRXX3660
Crkovnica SRXX3022
Crkvena Mala SRXX4757
Crkvenac SRXX3329
Crkveni Toci SRXX7379
Crkvica SRXX1119
Crkvina SRXX7380
Crkvina SRXX4888
Crkvine SRXX2396
Crkvine SRXX0521
Crkvine SRXX5353
Crkviste SRXX6226
Crljenac SRXX0797
Crna Bara SRXX6652
Crna Bara SRXX1120
Crna Bara SRXX7024
Crna Bara SRXX2397
Crna Glava SRXX4889
Crna Reka SRXX1883
Crna Trava SRXX0209
Crnac SRXX5355
Crnajka SRXX0997
Crnatovo SRXX1121
Crnca SRXX2398
Crnce SRXX3330
Crnce SRXX4571
Crnetici SRXX7381
Crni Kao SRXX5974
Crni Kao SRXX3023
Crni Lug SRXX3661
Crni Vrh SRXX5356
Crni Vrh SRXX1122
Crni Vrh SRXX3662
Crni Vrh SRXX0019
Crni Vrh SRXX7025
Crnjevo SRXX1884
Crnoce SRXX5357
Crnokliste SRXX4572
Crnoljevica SRXX3024
Crnomasnica SRXX0998
Crnostica SRXX3663
Crnotince SRXX3664
Crnotravci SRXX3665
Crnovce SRXX3666
Crnovrsam SRXX5358
Crnugovici SRXX7382
Crnuzi SRXX7383
Crtenj SRXX5359
Crvanj SRXX4890
Crvena Crkva SRXX6653
Crvena Jabuka SRXX4573
Crvena Jabuka SRXX1508
Crvena Reka SRXX4574
Crvencevo SRXX4575
Crveni Breg SRXX4576
Crveni Breg SRXX1123
Crveni Breg SRXX1509
Crveni Grad SRXX3667
Crveni Krst SRXX8567
Crvenje SRXX7026
Crvenka SRXX0211
Crvenka SRXX0522
Crvenkovci SRXX1124
Cubra SRXX0999
Cubraci SRXX7384
Cubura SRXX3025
Cubura SRXX8568
Cucage SRXX4758
Cucale SRXX6227
Cucuge SRXX1510
Cucunje SRXX7027
Cudak SRXX5360
Cudovo SRXX7385
Cugurovska Mala SRXX2399
Cuka SRXX4891
Cukar SRXX3668
Cukarci SRXX3669
Cukarica SRXX0523
Cukaricka Padina SRXX8569
Cukarka SRXX3670
Cukavci SRXX7386
Cukinska Mahala SRXX3671
Cukljenik SRXX3026
Cukljenik SRXX1125
Cukojevac SRXX5361
Cukote SRXX5362
Cukovac SRXX1126
Cukovac SRXX8570
Cukovac SRXX1885
Cukovac SRXX6228
Cukovine SRXX2400
Cukurovac SRXX3027
Culici SRXX7387
Culije SRXX5363
Culine SRXX2401
Culjkovic SRXX2402
Cumic SRXX0212
Cumici SRXX7388
Cundrak SRXX6229
Cungula SRXX6230
Cuprija SRXX0026
Curcici SRXX3672
Curcije SRXX1887
Curcijska Mahala SRXX3673
Curciska Mahala SRXX3674
Curkovica SRXX3675
Curlina SRXX3028
Curug SRXX6654
Custica SRXX7028
Cvalikari SRXX3676
Cvejica Sokak SRXX2403
Cvejina Mahala SRXX3677
Cvetanovac SRXX1511
Cvetanovci SRXX3678
Cvetici SRXX7389
Cvetke SRXX5975
Cvetkova Pijaca SRXX8571
Cvetkovac SRXX7390
Cvetni trg SRXX8572
Cvetojevac SRXX5976
Cvetovac SRXX0524
Cvetulja SRXX2404
Cvijanovici SRXX2405
Cvijetnje SRXX5364
Cvorovici SRXX7391
Cvrnje SRXX5365
D. Panjirac SRXX5977
Dabici SRXX7392
Dabinovac SRXX6231
Dabje SRXX3679
Dabovici SRXX1888
Dacevici SRXX5978
Dacovici SRXX7393
Dadince SRXX1127
Dajici SRXX1889
Dake SRXX6232
Dakovici SRXX1512
Dakovo SRXX5366
Dakovska Mahala SRXX3680
Dakus SRXX6233
Dala SRXX6655
Dalamici SRXX2406
Damljanovici SRXX1890
Damnjanicovi SRXX3681
Dancina Mahala SRXX3682
Danicina Mahala SRXX3683
Danilivoci SRXX1891
Danjino Selo SRXX3684
Dankovice SRXX6234
Darkovce SRXX1128
Darosava SRXX5979
Dasnica SRXX3029
Davidovac SRXX1000
Davidovac SRXX3030
Davidovac SRXX3685
Davidovica SRXX1892
Davolci SRXX3686
Debeli Jasen SRXX5367
Debeli Lug SRXX1001
Debeli Lug SRXX6235
Debeli Rid SRXX3687
Debelica SRXX7029
Debelja SRXX7394
Debeljaca SRXX6656
Debeljaci SRXX4893
Debeljak SRXX5368
Debrc SRXX2407
Dec SRXX6657
Decevo SRXX7395
Deda Bogdanovci SRXX3688
Deda Ilinci SRXX3690
Deda Krstinci SRXX3691
Deda Mladenovci SRXX3692
Deda Ristinci SRXX3693
Deda Stanojkovci SRXX3694
Deda Stojanovci SRXX3695
Deda Stojkovci SRXX3696
Deda-Dorinci SRXX3697
Deda-Ilinci SRXX3698
Dedevci SRXX5369
Dedica Sokak SRXX2408
Dedici SRXX6658
Dedilovo SRXX5370
Dedina SRXX0053
Dedina Bara SRXX1129
Dedinac SRXX6236
Dedinje SRXX0525
Dedkovska Mahala SRXX3699
Dedovac SRXX7396
Dedovici SRXX7397
Dedovska Mahala SRXX3700
Degrmen SRXX6237
Deguric SRXX1513
Dejance SRXX3701
Dejanova Mahala SRXX3702
Dejanovac SRXX7030
Dejanovici SRXX2409
Dekutince SRXX3703
Delci SRXX2410
Deliblato SRXX0215
Delici SRXX7398
Delici SRXX2411
Deligrad SRXX3031
Delimede SRXX5371
Delinci SRXX3704
Delinovica SRXX3705
Deljanice SRXX3706
Delkape SRXX1893
Denadici SRXX7399
Dencina Mahala SRXX3707
Deonica SRXX3333
Depce SRXX1419
Derad SRXX1894
Derekarce SRXX3708
Derekare SRXX5372
Derekari SRXX4894
Derencani SRXX3709
Deretin SRXX1895
Derici SRXX2412
Dermanovici SRXX1514
Deronje SRXX6659
Derovici SRXX5373
Dertevci SRXX4895
Derven SRXX1130
Dervis SRXX1420
Desic SRXX2413
Desilovo SRXX3032
Desimirovac SRXX5980
Desina SRXX0798
Desiska SRXX6238
Despici SRXX2414
Despotovac SRXX3334
Despotovica SRXX5374
Despotovici SRXX2415
Despotovici SRXX7401
Despotovo SRXX6660
Detane SRXX5375
Devca SRXX3033
Devici SRXX5376
Devrec SRXX5377
Dezeva SRXX5378
Dezuje SRXX7402
Dici SRXX1515
Didici SRXX1896
Dikava SRXX3711
Dikici SRXX1516
Dimici SRXX2416
Diminci SRXX3712
Dimitrijevici SRXX2417
Dimitrijevici SRXX7403
Dimitrovgrad SRXX0029
Dindusa SRXX1131
Dininci SRXX3713
Dinovica Sokak SRXX2418
Dipsa SRXX6661
Disici SRXX1897
Divcevici SRXX7404
Divci SRXX1517
Divcibare SRXX1518
Divljaca SRXX3335
Divljaci SRXX7405
Divljacki Kraj SRXX5379
Divljaka SRXX7406
Divljaka SRXX1898
Divljakovici SRXX2419
Divljana SRXX4577
Divos SRXX6662
Divostin SRXX5981
Dljin SRXX1899
Dlugojnica SRXX3714
Dobajic SRXX6663
Dobanovci SRXX0054
Dobra SRXX0799
Dobra Bukva SRXX5380
Dobra Voda SRXX3336
Dobraca SRXX5982
Dobrace SRXX0218
Dobrejance SRXX3715
Dobri Do SRXX6239
Dobri Do SRXX4759
Dobri Do SRXX4578
Dobri Dol SRXX3716
Dobri Dub SRXX5381
Dobric SRXX2420
Dobrica SRXX6664
Dobricani SRXX6240
Dobricevo SRXX6665
Dobrilovici SRXX2421
Dobrinci SRXX6666
Dobrinja SRXX5382
Dobrnje SRXX0800
Dobro Brdo SRXX6241
Dobro Polje SRXX1132
Dobro Polje SRXX7031
Dobrodo SRXX7408
Dobrodol SRXX6667
Dobroila SRXX7409
Dobroljupci SRXX4896
Dobromir SRXX4897
Dobros SRXX5983
Dobroselica SRXX3337
Dobrosin SRXX1421
Dobrotic SRXX6242
Dobrotin SRXX1133
Dobrovis SRXX1134
Dobrovodica SRXX5984
Dobrujevac SRXX3034
Dobrujevac SRXX7032
Dodinska Mala SRXX3717
Dodolarci SRXX3718
Doganci SRXX3719
Doganica SRXX3720
Doganovci SRXX3721
Dojevice SRXX5383
Dojinovice SRXX5384
Dojkinci SRXX4579
Dojovi SRXX5385
Dokica Mala SRXX2422
Dokici SRXX7410
Dokici SRXX5985
Dokici SRXX2423
Dokici SRXX4898
Dokici SRXX1900
Dokinica SRXX3722
Dokmir SRXX1519
Dokovici SRXX7411
Dokovici SRXX5386
Dol SRXX4580
Dolac SRXX5387
Dolac SRXX4581
Dolarci SRXX3723
Dolarska Mahala SRXX3724
Dolenja Bistrica SRXX1135
Dolevi SRXX5388
Dolice SRXX7412
Dolina SRXX3725
Dolina SRXX7413
Dolinarci SRXX3726
Dolinci SRXX3728
Doline SRXX6668
Dolinska Mahala SRXX3729
Doljane SRXX4899
Doljani SRXX5389
Doljasnica SRXX0801
Doljevac SRXX3035
Dolovi SRXX5390
Dolovi SRXX7414
Dolovici SRXX6243
Dolovo SRXX0219
Domisevina SRXX4900
Domuskela SRXX6669
Dona SRXX2424
Doninci SRXX3731
Donja Badanja SRXX2425
Donja Batocina SRXX5987
Donja Bejasnica SRXX6244
Donja Bekova SRXX5391
Donja Bela Reka SRXX1002
Donja Borina SRXX2426
Donja Bresnica SRXX5988
Donja Brvenica SRXX5392
Donja Bukovica SRXX1520
Donja Crnisava SRXX4901
Donja Crnuca SRXX5989
Donja Crvica SRXX7415
Donja Cungula SRXX6246
Donja Devca SRXX3036
Donja Dobrinja SRXX7416
Donja Dragusa SRXX6247
Donja Dubona SRXX4760
Donja Erakovina SRXX1521
Donja Glama SRXX4582
Donja Gledica SRXX1902
Donja Gorevnica SRXX0055
Donja Grabovica SRXX1522
Donja Grabovnica SRXX6248
Donja Jablanica SRXX7417
Donja Jajina SRXX1136
Donja Jezevica SRXX1903
Donja Josanica SRXX6249
Donja Kamenica SRXX7033
Donja Kapija SRXX0526
Donja Katrga SRXX5393
Donja Kokorava SRXX1523
Donja Konjusa SRXX6250
Donja Koprivna SRXX7418
Donja Koritnica SRXX4583
Donja Kosatica SRXX7419
Donja Kravarica SRXX1904
Donja Kruscica SRXX7420
Donja Krusevica SRXX0802
Donja Kupinovica SRXX1137
Donja Lakosnica SRXX1138
Donja Lisina SRXX3732
Donja Livadica SRXX0803
Donja Ljubata SRXX0221
Donja Ljubovida SRXX2427
Donja Lomnica SRXX1139
Donja Lopusnja SRXX1140
Donja Maala SRXX3733
Donja Macina SRXX6251
Donja Mahala SRXX3734
Donja Mala SRXX1525
Donja Mala SRXX0527
Donja Mala SRXX5394
Donja Mala SRXX3735
Donja Mala SRXX2428
Donja Mala SRXX6252
Donja Mikuljana SRXX6253
Donja Mutnica SRXX3338
Donja Nevlja SRXX4584
Donja Omasnica SRXX4902
Donja Orovica SRXX2429
Donja Otulja SRXX3737
Donja Paljina SRXX3037
Donja Pescanica SRXX3038
Donja Pocekovina SRXX4903
Donja Polosnica SRXX7421
Donja Pora SRXX7422
Donja Prebreza SRXX6254
Donja Raca SRXX4761
Donja Rakova SRXX1905
Donja Rasica SRXX6255
Donja Rasovaca SRXX6256
Donja Recica SRXX6257
Donja Reka SRXX5395
Donja Rzana SRXX3738
Donja Sabanta SRXX5990
Donja Sandija SRXX3739
Donja Satornja SRXX5991
Donja Sibnica SRXX3339
Donja Sipulja SRXX2430
Donja Sirca SRXX5396
Donja Slatina SRXX1141
Donja Sokolovica SRXX7034
Donja Strazava SRXX3039
Donja Studena SRXX3040
Donja Sugubina SRXX7423
Donja Susaja SRXX3740
Donja Tisovica SRXX1906
Donja Toplica SRXX1526
Donja Toponica SRXX3041
Donja Trepca SRXX1907
Donja Tresnjica SRXX2431
Donja Trnava SRXX6258
Donja Trnava SRXX5397
Donja Trnava SRXX3042
Donja Trnava SRXX5993
Donja Trnica SRXX3741
Donja Tusimlja SRXX5398
Donja Vapa SRXX7424
Donja Vranjaca SRXX2432
Donja Vrba SRXX3340
Donja Vrbava SRXX1908
Donja Vrezina SRXX3043
Donja Zavlaka SRXX2433
Donja Zleginja SRXX4904
Donjaka SRXX2434
Donjani SRXX1527
Donje Babine SRXX7425
Donje Brijanje SRXX1142
Donje Buce SRXX5399
Donje Buceljevo SRXX3743
Donje Camage SRXX5400
Donje Crnatovo SRXX3044
Donje Crniljevo SRXX2435
Donje Dragovlje SRXX3045
Donje Gare SRXX1422
Donje Gare SRXX1143
Donje Gladnice SRXX5401
Donje Goracice SRXX7426
Donje Grbice SRXX5994
Donje Grgure SRXX6259
Donje Jabukovo SRXX3744
Donje Jarusice SRXX5995
Donje Karaklije SRXX7427
Donje Kaznovice SRXX5402
Donje Kocine SRXX4905
Donje Komarice SRXX3341
Donje Konjuvce SRXX1144
Donje Kordince SRXX3046
Donje Koslje SRXX2436
Donje Krajince SRXX1145
Donje Krcmare SRXX6260
Donje Krnjino SRXX4585
Donje Leskovice SRXX1528
Donje Levice SRXX4906
Donje Lopize SRXX7428
Donje Medare SRXX3342
Donje Medurovo SRXX3047
Donje Nedeljice SRXX2437
Donje Radaljevo SRXX7429
Donje Rataje SRXX4907
Donje Romanovce SRXX3745
Donje Rzinje SRXX1909
Donje Sebecevo SRXX5403
Donje Selo SRXX6261
Donje Selo SRXX5404
Donje Selo SRXX7430
Donje Selo SRXX3746
Donje Sezemce SRXX4908
Donje Sinkovce SRXX1146
Donje Stiplje SRXX3343
Donje Stopanje SRXX1147
Donje Suhotno SRXX3048
Donje Svarce SRXX6262
Donje Tlamino SRXX3747
Donje Tocane SRXX6263
Donje Trebesinje SRXX3748
Donje Trebinje SRXX6264
Donje Trnjane SRXX1148
Donje Trudovo SRXX1910
Donje Vidovo SRXX3344
Donje Vlase SRXX3049
Donje Vranje SRXX3749
Donje Vranovce SRXX1149
Donje Zapsko SRXX3750
Donje Zarce SRXX5405
Donje Zaselje SRXX7431
Donje Zdravinje SRXX6265
Donje Zunice SRXX7035
Donji Adrovac SRXX3050
Donji Bacevci SRXX1529
Donji Banjani SRXX1530
Donji Barbatovac SRXX6266
Donji Barbes SRXX3051
Donji Bliznaci SRXX3751
Donji Branesci SRXX7432
Donji Branetici SRXX1911
Donji Bratacic SRXX1531
Donji Bucumet SRXX1150
Donji Bunibrod SRXX1151
Donji Cagalj SRXX2438
Donji Cerimani SRXX1912
Donji Citluk SRXX2439
Donji Crnis SRXX5406
Donji Dejan SRXX1152
Donji Dobric SRXX0056
Donji Dragovici SRXX7433
Donji Drajici SRXX1532
Donji Drenovac SRXX1153
Donji Dubac SRXX1913
Donji Dubic SRXX4909
Donji Dukici SRXX1914
Donji Durkovici SRXX4910
Donji Dusnik SRXX3052
Donji Erici SRXX2440
Donji Gajtan SRXX1154
Donji Grad SRXX8574
Donji Gradac SRXX5407
Donji Jovac SRXX3345
Donji Juncevici SRXX7434
Donji Karanci SRXX1915
Donji Kasevar SRXX6267
Donji Katun SRXX3346
Donji Komren SRXX3053
Donji Kostajnik SRXX2441
Donji Kovacevici SRXX1533
Donji Kovilj SRXX6670
Donji Kozji Dol SRXX3752
Donji Kraj SRXX5996
Donji Kraj SRXX2442
Donji Krcin SRXX4911
Donji Krivodol SRXX4586
Donji Krupac SRXX3054
Donji Kutovac SRXX6268
Donji Lajkovac SRXX0529
Donji Lelici SRXX7436
Donji Lipovac SRXX4912
Donji Ljubes SRXX3055
Donji Ljubis SRXX7437
Donji Majur SRXX3347
Donji Majur SRXX6671
Donji Malici SRXX4913
Donji Matejevac SRXX3056
Donji Milanova SRXX0223
Donji Milanovac SRXX1003
Donji Misevic SRXX3348
Donji Mrcici SRXX7438
Donji Music SRXX1534
Donji Neradovac SRXX3753
Donji Panjik SRXX6672
Donji Pavlovac SRXX3754
Donji Perisici SRXX5408
Donji Petrovci SRXX6673
Donji Plazinici SRXX1916
Donji Popovici SRXX2443
Donji Prisjan SRXX3057
Donji Puljezi SRXX1535
Donji Racnik SRXX3349
Donji Radici SRXX2444
Donji Ramni Del SRXX3755
Donji Ribnik SRXX4914
Donji Rinj SRXX4587
Donji Runjani SRXX2445
Donji Ruzici SRXX1536
Donji Sakar SRXX2446
Donji Savkovici SRXX2447
Donji Skakavci SRXX7439
Donji Stajevac SRXX3756
Donji Starac SRXX3757
Donji Statovac SRXX6269
Donji Stepos SRXX4915
Donji Stranjani SRXX7440
Donji Strizevac SRXX4588
Donji Stupanj SRXX4916
Donji Tovarnik SRXX6674
Donji Vratari SRXX4917
Donji Vrtogos SRXX3758
Donji Vukovici SRXX7443
Donji Zvijezd SRXX7444
Donkovci SRXX3759
Donlije SRXX5409
Dorcol SRXX8575
Dordevac SRXX1423
Dordevici SRXX0804
Dordevici SRXX5997
Dordevici SRXX2448
Dordici SRXX1537
Dordinci SRXX3761
Dordinska Mahala SRXX3762
Dorinci SRXX3763
Dormovica SRXX1538
Doroslovo SRXX6675
Dorovici SRXX4919
Dorovici SRXX6270
Dosici SRXX5410
Dosinci SRXX3764
Dosini SRXX3765
Dosljaci SRXX3766
Dostanici SRXX1917
Dosudovici SRXX7445
Dovraski Sor SRXX2449
Dozici SRXX7446
Dpolje SRXX0530
Dr Ivan Ribar SRXX8576
Draca SRXX5998
Dracic SRXX1539
Dracinovci SRXX7447
Draga SRXX5411
Dragacica SRXX1918
Dragaljevina SRXX5412
Draganici SRXX5413
Draganova Mahala SRXX3767
Dragasi SRXX7448
Dragaski Krs SRXX7449
Dragi Deo SRXX6271
Dragicevici SRXX5414
Dragicevici SRXX2450
Dragijevica SRXX1540
Draginac SRXX2451
Draginac SRXX4589
Draginje SRXX0224
Draglica SRXX7450
Dragobraca SRXX5999
Dragobuzde SRXX3768
Dragocevo SRXX5415
Dragocvet SRXX3350
Dragodanje SRXX5416
Dragodol SRXX1541
Dragojevac SRXX2452
Dragojevac SRXX1919
Dragojlovice SRXX7451
Dragojlovici SRXX5417
Dragolj SRXX6000
Dragosevac SRXX3351
Dragosinjci SRXX5418
Dragovac SRXX1155
Dragovac SRXX0805
Dragovita SRXX4590
Dragovo SRXX3352
Dragucinovici SRXX7452
Dragunac SRXX5419
Dragusica SRXX6001
Dragutinovici SRXX7453
Dragutinovici SRXX1920
Drainac SRXX7036
Drainovice SRXX5420
Drajcina Mahala SRXX3770
Drajici SRXX7454
Drajinci SRXX1156
Drakcici SRXX5421
Drake SRXX4920
Draksin SRXX7455
Dramice SRXX5422
Dramlici SRXX1921
Drasinica SRXX3771
Draskovac SRXX1157
Draskovici SRXX7456
Drazan SRXX7457
Drazanj SRXX0531
Drazanovac SRXX0532
Drazevac SRXX7458
Drazevac SRXX0533
Drazevice SRXX7459
Drazevici SRXX7460
Drazevo SRXX4591
Drazina Mahala SRXX3772
Drazinice SRXX5423
Drazinovici SRXX7461
Drazmirovac SRXX3353
Drcevac SRXX1158
Drcinci SRXX3773
Drecinovac SRXX7037
Dren SRXX0534
Drenajic SRXX1542
Drenak SRXX6002
Drenca SRXX4921
Drenca SRXX4762
Drence SRXX6272
Drenik SRXX2453
Drenjak SRXX6273
Drenjanski Kraj SRXX0535
Drenje SRXX4922
Drenje SRXX3774
Drenova SRXX7462
Drenova SRXX4923
Drenova SRXX1922
Drenovac SRXX2454
Drenovac SRXX3354
Drenovac SRXX7463
Drenovac SRXX3775
Drenovac SRXX6274
Drenovac SRXX0536
Drenovac SRXX7038
Drenovaca SRXX4924
Drenovak SRXX3059
Drenovci SRXX7464
Drenovic SRXX1543
Drenovo SRXX3776
Dresnica SRXX6275
Dreznica SRXX3777
Dreznik SRXX7465
Drijetanj SRXX7466
Driskulje SRXX3778
Drislja SRXX3779
Drlace SRXX2455
Drljan SRXX6676
Drlupa SRXX0537
Drmanovici SRXX7467
Drmanovina SRXX7468
Drmnik SRXX2456
Drmno SRXX0806
Drnosoje SRXX3780
Drobez SRXX0807
Drobnjaci SRXX6276
Druglici SRXX7469
Drugovac SRXX4763
Drumine SRXX0538
Druzetic SRXX1544
Druzetici SRXX1923
Druzinice SRXX7470
Drvnik SRXX7039
Drvodelj SRXX1159
Drvodelja SRXX1160
Drzanovac SRXX3060
Drzina SRXX4592
Duanovac SRXX8577
Dub SRXX7471
Dubac SRXX0225
Dubak SRXX3781
Dubci SRXX3782
Dubci SRXX7472
Dubljani SRXX7473
Dubljani SRXX1545
Dublje SRXX1546
Dublje SRXX3355
Dublje SRXX4925
Dublje SRXX2457
Dubnica SRXX3783
Dubnica SRXX0808
Dubocane SRXX7040
Dubocica SRXX5424
Dubocka SRXX0809
Duboka SRXX6677
Duboka SRXX3356
Duboka Dolina SRXX6277
Duboka Mala SRXX6678
Duboke SRXX4926
Duboki SRXX0057
Duboko SRXX2458
Duboko Selo SRXX2459
Dubovac SRXX6679
Dubovci SRXX4927
Dubovica SRXX7475
Dubovo SRXX5425
Dubovo SRXX6278
Dubrava SRXX4928
Dubrava SRXX3061
Dubrava SRXX2460
Dubrava SRXX3784
Dubrava SRXX7476
Dubrava SRXX6003
Dubrava SRXX7041
Dubrava SRXX1161
Dubrava SRXX6279
Dubrava SRXX3357
Dubravcici SRXX7477
Dubrave SRXX2461
Dubrave SRXX7478
Dubravica SRXX0810
Ducalovici SRXX1924
Ducevac SRXX4593
Ducevci SRXX7479
Ducevo SRXX7480
Ducic SRXX1548
Ducici SRXX7481
Ducina SRXX0539
Dudina Mahala SRXX3785
Dudinjska Mahala SRXX3786
Dudovica SRXX0540
Dudulajce SRXX3062
Duga SRXX7482
Duga Luka SRXX7483
Duga Luka SRXX6280
Duga Mala SRXX2462
Duga Niva SRXX3787
Duga Poljana SRXX3063
Duga Poljana SRXX0227
Duga Rudina SRXX7042
Dugalici SRXX5426
Dugandzije SRXX7484
Duge Njive SRXX7485
Dugi Del SRXX3788
Dugi Sor SRXX2463
Duginja SRXX7486
Dugo Polje SRXX7043
Dugo Prisoje SRXX3789
Dugonjici SRXX2464
Dujke SRXX7487
Dujkina Padina SRXX3790
Dukanci SRXX5427
Dukanici SRXX7488
Dukanovici SRXX2465
Dukat SRXX3064
Dukat Mahala SRXX3791
Dukatski Javor SRXX3792
Dukica Mala SRXX2466
Dukici SRXX7489
Dukici SRXX2467
Dukici SRXX1925
Duknici SRXX2468
Dukovici SRXX7490
Dulaci SRXX3793
Dulan SRXX3794
Dulebe SRXX5428
Dulekare SRXX1162
Dulene SRXX6004
Duljaci SRXX3795
Duljinci SRXX3796
Dumaca SRXX2469
Dumak SRXX4929
Dumani SRXX1549
Dumbija SRXX3797
Dumljane SRXX7491
Dunarina Mala SRXX2470
Dunderci SRXX3798
Dunderska Mahala SRXX3799
Dunis SRXX3065
Dunis-Mala SRXX3358
Dunisice SRXX7492
Dupci SRXX4930
Dupeljevo SRXX1163
Dupljaj SRXX1550
Dupljaja SRXX6680
Dupljane SRXX1004
Duraci SRXX7493
Durakovo SRXX0811
Durasi SRXX1926
Durasici SRXX7494
Duraskovici SRXX1164
Durdevici SRXX2471
Durdevici SRXX1551
Durdevici SRXX7495
Durdevo SRXX6005
Durdici SRXX7496
Durdici SRXX4931
Durdin SRXX6682
Durevac SRXX6281
Durevac SRXX3066
Durice SRXX5429
Durici SRXX1552
Durici SRXX7497
Durici SRXX2472
Durici SRXX6282
Duricici SRXX7498
Duricici SRXX1553
Duricici SRXX2473
Durinac SRXX3067
Durinac SRXX0812
Durinci SRXX0541
Durinci SRXX3800
Durinovici SRXX7499
Duriselo SRXX6006
Durisici SRXX1927
Durovac SRXX7500
Durovici SRXX5430
Durovici SRXX7501
Durovici SRXX1928
Durovo Brdo SRXX7502
Dusanovac SRXX0058
Dusanovo SRXX1165
Duska Mala SRXX3801
Duskovci SRXX1929
Dusmanic SRXX0813
Dusmanici SRXX7503
Dusnica SRXX6283
Duvaniste SRXX2474
Duvarine SRXX7504
Duzani SRXX7505
Duzine SRXX6683
Dvorane SRXX4932
Dvorica SRXX3359
Dvoriste SRXX3360
Dvoriste SRXX0814
Dvoriste SRXX5431
Dvoriste SRXX7506
Dvorska SRXX2475
Dzavarci SRXX3802
Dzaveri SRXX1554
Dzelati SRXX1555
Dzelebdzici SRXX7507
Dzelep SRXX5432
Dzep SRXX3803
Dzepare SRXX6007
Dzepnica SRXX6284
Dzeverija SRXX1930
Dzigolj SRXX3068
Dzin SRXX1424
Dzinici SRXX6684
Dzode SRXX5433
Dzopalici SRXX4933
Dzukeline SRXX3804
Dzurovo SRXX7508
Ecka SRXX0059
Elahcane SRXX6285
Elemir SRXX6685
Elenica SRXX3805
Eleskovice SRXX5434
Emilijin Dvor SRXX6686
Emrici SRXX2476
Englezovac SRXX8578
Erakovici SRXX7509
Erakovici SRXX2477
Ercani SRXX0542
Ercege SRXX1931
Erci SRXX4934
Ercica Mala SRXX2478
Erdec SRXX6008
Erdevik SRXX6687
Erici SRXX1932
Erici SRXX1556
Erici SRXX7510
Erici SRXX2479
Erovska Mahala SRXX3806
Ervenice SRXX5435
Ezerina Mahala SRXX3807
Faca SRXX1005
Farkazdin SRXX6688
Feketic SRXX0230
Ferize SRXX1425
Fernbah SRXX6689
Fijulj SRXX7511
Fijulje SRXX7512
Filimonovici SRXX4935
Filipovci SRXX3808
Filipovici SRXX7513
Filipovici SRXX2480
Filipovici SRXX1933
Filmski Grad SRXX0543
Funjduri SRXX0815
Futog SRXX6690
Gaber SRXX3809
Gabrice SRXX3810
Gabrika SRXX3811
Gabrovac SRXX3069
Gabrovnica SRXX7044
Gadzin Han SRXX3070
Gadzina Mahala SRXX1166
Gagince SRXX1167
Gaglovo SRXX0544
Gaglovo SRXX4936
Gaj SRXX0545
Gaj SRXX2481
Gaj SRXX6691
Gaj SRXX1934
Gaj SRXX7514
Gaj Polje SRXX2482
Gajcani SRXX5436
Gajcani SRXX6009
Gajcani SRXX7515
Gajdobra SRXX6692
Gajevi SRXX7516
Gajic SRXX1557
Gajici SRXX1558
Gajici SRXX4937
Gajici SRXX2483
Gajovici SRXX5437
Gakovo SRXX6693
Galenika SRXX8579
Galibabinac SRXX3071
Galibare SRXX6286
Galina Reka SRXX7517
Galine SRXX7518
Galjici SRXX2484
Galovic SRXX2485
Galovici SRXX7519
Gamzigrad SRXX7045
Ganici SRXX5439
Gaocici SRXX7520
Garasi SRXX6010
Garcinci SRXX3812
Gardici SRXX7521
Gardinovci SRXX6694
Gardo SRXX8580
Gare SRXX3072
Garejska Mahala SRXX3813
Garesnica SRXX5440
Garevina SRXX4938
Garevine SRXX2486
Garevo SRXX0816
Gari SRXX4939
Garibovica Sor SRXX2487
Garic SRXX3073
Garina SRXX5441
Garina SRXX3814
Garina Mahala SRXX3815
Garinarci SRXX3816
Garinje SRXX3817
Garska Maala SRXX3818
Garvanica SRXX3819
Gastavica SRXX3820
Gavez SRXX4940
Gavranska Mahala SRXX3821
Gavrilova Greda SRXX0546
Gazdare SRXX1168
Geglja SRXX1169
Gibarac SRXX6695
Gijici SRXX2488
Gizdavici SRXX1935
Gizela SRXX0547
Gladovici SRXX7522
Glasince SRXX6287
Glasovik SRXX6288
Glavacici SRXX7523
Glavaj SRXX1936
Glavica SRXX1937
Glavica SRXX3361
Glavinci SRXX3362
Glavinici SRXX1938
Glavo SRXX5442
Glavonjici SRXX7524
Gledece SRXX2489
Gledic SRXX5443
Gledica SRXX1939
Glibovac SRXX4764
Gligorici SRXX2490
Glijeca SRXX1940
Glisici SRXX7525
Globare SRXX4941
Globoder SRXX0060
Glog SRXX7526
Gloginjici SRXX7527
Glogonj SRXX6696
Glogonjski Rit SRXX0548
Glogovac SRXX7046
Glogovac SRXX4594
Glogovac SRXX2491
Glogovac SRXX0061
Glogovecki Dol SRXX3823
Glogovica SRXX7047
Glogovica SRXX3074
Glogovik SRXX5444
Glosanska Mahala SRXX3824
Gloska Lipa SRXX3825
Glozan SRXX0233
Glozane SRXX3363
Glozane SRXX1170
Glozde SRXX2492
Glozje SRXX3827
Gluhavica SRXX5445
Glumac SRXX7528
Glumcevo Brdo SRXX0549
Glumci SRXX7529
Glusci SRXX0234
Glusci SRXX5446
Gluvaci SRXX7530
Gnila SRXX5447
Gniliste SRXX3828
Gnjevine SRXX7531
Gnjilan SRXX4595
Gnjilane SRXX0235
Gnjilica SRXX5448
Gnojiska Mahala SRXX3829
Gnojiste SRXX3830
Gobate SRXX7532
Goc SRXX5449
Gocmanci SRXX4942
Gocobici SRXX3831
Godacica SRXX5450
Godecevo SRXX7533
Godesina SRXX7534
Godljevo SRXX7535
Godovic SRXX5451
Godovik SRXX7536
Godovo SRXX5452
Godusa SRXX7537
Goge Salasi SRXX6697
Gogici SRXX1941
Gojakovici SRXX7538
Gojanova Maala SRXX3832
Gojanovac SRXX3833
Gojgici SRXX7539
Gojin Dol SRXX4596
Gojinovac SRXX6289
Gojkova Mahala SRXX3834
Gojmanovac SRXX3075
Gojna Gora SRXX1942
Gojsalica SRXX2493
Gokcanica SRXX5453
Gola Cuka SRXX3835
Gola Glava SRXX1559
Golak SRXX3836
Golema Glava SRXX3837
Golema Livada SRXX3838
Golema Njiva SRXX1171
Golema Padina SRXX3839
Golema Reka SRXX3840
Golemi Dol SRXX3841
Golemo Rujiste SRXX7048
Golemo Selo SRXX3842
Golesnica SRXX3076
Golf Naselje SRXX8581
Goli Rid SRXX1172
Golijska Reka SRXX1943
Golo Brdo SRXX7540
Golo Brdo SRXX5454
Golobok SRXX4765
Golocevac SRXX3843
Golocevina SRXX7541
Golovo SRXX7542
Golovsa SRXX5455
Golubac SRXX1560
Golubac SRXX0817
Goluban SRXX7543
Golubinci SRXX0062
Golubinje SRXX1006
Golubovac SRXX3364
Gonje SRXX7544
Goracici SRXX1944
Gorcince SRXX4597
Gordici SRXX7545
Goric SRXX1561
Goricani SRXX5456
Gorice SRXX2494
Gorina SRXX1173
Gorjani SRXX7546
Gornja Badanja SRXX2495
Gornja Batocina SRXX6011
Gornja Bejasnica SRXX6290
Gornja Bekova SRXX5457
Gornja Bela Reka SRXX7049
Gornja Borina SRXX2496
Gornja Bresnica SRXX6012
Gornja Bresnica SRXX6291
Gornja Brvenica SRXX5458
Gornja Bukovica SRXX0063
Gornja Congula SRXX6292
Gornja Crnisava SRXX4944
Gornja Crnuca SRXX6013
Gornja Crvica SRXX7547
Gornja Devca SRXX3077
Gornja Dobrinja SRXX1945
Gornja Dragusa SRXX6293
Gornja Drenova SRXX7548
Gornja Drzina SRXX4598
Gornja Dubona SRXX4766
Gornja Erakovina SRXX1562
Gornja Glama SRXX4599
Gornja Gledica SRXX1946
Gornja Gorevnica SRXX1947
Gornja Grabovica SRXX1563
Gornja Jablanica SRXX7549
Gornja Jajina SRXX1174
Gornja Josanica SRXX6295
Gornja Kamenica SRXX7050
Gornja Kapija SRXX0550
Gornja Katrga SRXX1948
Gornja Kokorava SRXX1564
Gornja Konjusa SRXX6296
Gornja Koprivna SRXX7550
Gornja Koritnica SRXX4600
Gornja Kosatica SRXX7551
Gornja Koviljaca SRXX2497
Gornja Kravarica SRXX1949
Gornja Kruscica SRXX7552
Gornja Lakosnica SRXX1176
Gornja Lapastica SRXX1177
Gornja Lesnica SRXX3844
Gornja Lisina SRXX3845
Gornja Ljubata SRXX3846
Gornja Lopusnja SRXX1178
Gornja Macina SRXX6297
Gornja Mahala SRXX3847
Gornja Mahala SRXX5459
Gornja Mahala SRXX7553
Gornja Mahala SRXX1179
Gornja Mala SRXX7051
Gornja Mala SRXX6014
Gornja Mala SRXX6298
Gornja Mala SRXX0551
Gornja Mala SRXX2498
Gornja Mala SRXX3848
Gornja Mala SRXX5460
Gornja Mikuljana SRXX6299
Gornja Mirnica SRXX6300
Gornja Mutnica SRXX3365
Gornja Nevlja SRXX4601
Gornja Omasnica SRXX4945
Gornja Orovica SRXX2499
Gornja Otulja SRXX3850
Gornja Padina SRXX3851
Gornja Pakasnica SRXX4946
Gornja Paljina SRXX3078
Gornja Pescanica SRXX3079
Gornja Polosnica SRXX7554
Gornja Pora SRXX7555
Gornja Prebreza SRXX6301
Gornja Rasovaca SRXX6302
Gornja Recica SRXX6303
Gornja Rogatica SRXX6698
Gornja Rudnica SRXX5461
Gornja Rzana SRXX3852
Gornja Sabanta SRXX3366
Gornja Sandija SRXX3853
Gornja Satornja SRXX6015
Gornja Sibnica SRXX3367
Gornja Sipulja SRXX2500
Gornja Sirca SRXX5462
Gornja Slatina SRXX1180
Gornja Strazava SRXX3080
Gornja Studena SRXX3081
Gornja Sugubina SRXX1950
Gornja Susaja SRXX3854
Gornja Tmava SRXX6304
Gornja Toplica SRXX1566
Gornja Toponica SRXX6305
Gornja Toponica SRXX3082
Gornja Trepca SRXX1951
Gornja Tresnjica SRXX2501
Gornja Trnava SRXX6306
Gornja Trnava SRXX3083
Gornja Trnava SRXX6017
Gornja Trnava SRXX5463
Gornja Trnica SRXX3855
Gornja Tusimlja SRXX5464
Gornja Vapa SRXX7556
Gornja Vranjaca SRXX2502
Gornja Vranjska SRXX2503
Gornja Vrba SRXX3368
Gornja Vrbava SRXX1952
Gornja Vrezina SRXX3084
Gornja Zleginja SRXX4948
Gornjane SRXX1007
Gornje Babine SRXX7557
Gornje Balice SRXX1953
Gornje Brijanje SRXX1181
Gornje Buce SRXX5465
Gornje Buceljevo SRXX3856
Gornje Camage SRXX5466
Gornje Crnatovo SRXX6307
Gornje Crniljevo SRXX1567
Gornje Derekare SRXX5467
Gornje Dragovlje SRXX3085
Gornje Gare SRXX1426
Gornje Gare SRXX1182
Gornje Gonje SRXX7558
Gornje Goracice SRXX7559
Gornje Grbice SRXX6018
Gornje Jabukovo SRXX3857
Gornje Jarusice SRXX6019
Gornje Karaklije SRXX7560
Gornje Kocine SRXX4949
Gornje Komarice SRXX6020
Gornje Konjuvce SRXX1183
Gornje Kordince SRXX3086
Gornje Koslje SRXX2504
Gornje Krajince SRXX1184
Gornje Krcmare SRXX6308
Gornje Krnjino SRXX4602
Gornje Leskovice SRXX1568
Gornje Levice SRXX4950
Gornje Lopize SRXX7561
Gornje Lozno SRXX5468
Gornje Medare SRXX3369
Gornje Medurovo SRXX3087
Gornje Nedeljice SRXX0064
Gornje Pravosevo SRXX7562
Gornje Radaljevo SRXX1954
Gornje Rataje SRXX4951
Gornje Romanovce SRXX3858
Gornje Rzinje SRXX1955
Gornje Sebecevo SRXX5469
Gornje Selo SRXX6309
Gornje Selo SRXX5470
Gornje Selo SRXX7563
Gornje Severovo SRXX7564
Gornje Sinkovce SRXX1185
Gornje Stiplje SRXX3370
Gornje Stopanje SRXX1186
Gornje Suhotno SRXX3088
Gornje Svarce SRXX6310
Gornje Tlamino SRXX3859
Gornje Tocane SRXX6311
Gornje Trnjane SRXX0065
Gornje Trudovo SRXX1956
Gornje Vidovo SRXX3371
Gornje Vlase SRXX3089
Gornje Vlasovo SRXX5471
Gornje Vranovce SRXX1187
Gornje Zapsko SRXX3861
Gornje Zarce SRXX5472
Gornje Zaselje SRXX7565
Gornje Zunice SRXX7053
Gornji Adrani SRXX5473
Gornji Adrovac SRXX3090
Gornji Babici SRXX1957
Gornji Balice SRXX1958
Gornji Banjani SRXX1959
Gornji Barbes SRXX3091
Gornji Bliznaci SRXX3862
Gornji Branesci SRXX7566
Gornji Branetici SRXX1960
Gornji Bratacic SRXX1569
Gornji Breg SRXX6699
Gornji Bucumet SRXX1188
Gornji Bunibrod SRXX1189
Gornji Cagalj SRXX2505
Gornji Caparic SRXX2506
Gornji Cerimani SRXX1961
Gornji Citluk SRXX2507
Gornji Crnis SRXX5474
Gornji Dejan SRXX1190
Gornji Dejanovac SRXX7054
Gornji Dobric SRXX2508
Gornji Dragovici SRXX7567
Gornji Drajici SRXX1570
Gornji Drenovac SRXX1191
Gornji Dubac SRXX1962
Gornji Dubic SRXX3372
Gornji Durkovici SRXX4952
Gornji Dusnik SRXX3092
Gornji Erici SRXX2509
Gornji Gajtan SRXX6313
Gornji Gladnice SRXX5475
Gornji Grad SRXX8582
Gornji Gradac SRXX5476
Gornji Grgure SRXX6314
Gornji Jovac SRXX3373
Gornji Juncevici SRXX7568
Gornji Karanci SRXX1963
Gornji Kasevar SRXX6315
Gornji Katun SRXX3374
Gornji Komren SRXX3093
Gornji Kovilj SRXX6700
Gornji Kozji Dol SRXX3863
Gornji Kraj SRXX1572
Gornji Kraj SRXX0552
Gornji Krcin SRXX3375
Gornji Krivodol SRXX4603
Gornji Krupac SRXX3094
Gornji Lajkovac SRXX1573
Gornji Lelici SRXX7570
Gornji Lipovac SRXX4953
Gornji Ljubes SRXX3095
Gornji Ljubis SRXX7571
Gornji Majur SRXX6701
Gornji Malici SRXX4954
Gornji Matejevac SRXX3096
Gornji Milanovac SRXX0240
Gornji Misevic SRXX3376
Gornji Music SRXX1575
Gornji Neradovac SRXX3864
Gornji Parlog SRXX3377
Gornji Pavlovac SRXX3865
Gornji Perisici SRXX5477
Gornji Petrovac SRXX3097
Gornji Popovici SRXX2511
Gornji Prisjan SRXX4604
Gornji Puljezi SRXX1576
Gornji Racnik SRXX3378
Gornji Radici SRXX2512
Gornji Ribnik SRXX4955
Gornji Rinj SRXX4605
Gornji Ristovac SRXX3866
Gornji Runjani SRXX2513
Gornji Sakar SRXX2514
Gornji Savkovici SRXX2515
Gornji Skakavci SRXX7572
Gornji Starac SRXX3867
Gornji Statovac SRXX6316
Gornji Stepos SRXX4956
Gornji Stranjani SRXX7573
Gornji Strizevac SRXX4606
Gornji Stupanj SRXX4957
Gornji Vratari SRXX4958
Gornji Vrtogos SRXX3868
Gornji Vujetinci SRXX6021
Gornji Zvijezd SRXX7576
Gornovac SRXX3870
Gorobilje SRXX1964
Goronjici SRXX7577
Gorovic SRXX6022
Gosevo SRXX5478
Gosici SRXX2516
Gospodince SRXX1427
Gospodinci SRXX6702
Gostak SRXX1577
Gostilje SRXX7578
Gostinica SRXX7579
Gostiradice SRXX5479
Gostun SRXX7580
Gostusa SRXX4607
Gotovac SRXX5480
Grab SRXX7581
Grab SRXX1965
Grabak SRXX5481
Grabik SRXX2517
Grabljanska Mala SRXX1578
Grablje SRXX7582
Grabovac SRXX4959
Grabovac SRXX0553
Grabovac SRXX3379
Grabovac SRXX6317
Grabovac SRXX2518
Grabovci SRXX6703
Grabovica SRXX2519
Grabovica SRXX7583
Grabovik SRXX5482
Grabovnica SRXX6318
Grabovo SRXX6704
Grabovska Mala SRXX5483
Gracac SRXX5484
Gracane SRXX5485
Gracanica SRXX7585
Gracanica SRXX2520
Gracanica SRXX1579
Grad SRXX4960
Gradac SRXX5486
Gradac SRXX1967
Gradac SRXX0819
Gradac SRXX6023
Gradac SRXX4961
Gradac SRXX7586
Gradanovice SRXX5487
Gradasnica SRXX4608
Gradasnica SRXX1192
Gradi SRXX5488
Gradiberine SRXX7587
Gradilovina SRXX7588
Gradina SRXX6705
Gradina SRXX7589
Gradine SRXX7055
Gradinje SRXX4609
Gradisce SRXX4610
Gradiste SRXX3099
Gradiste SRXX4611
Gradiste SRXX1193
Gradiste SRXX7056
Gradiste Mahala SRXX3871
Gradnja SRXX3872
Gradojevic SRXX2521
Gradska SRXX1194
Gradskovo SRXX7057
Graici SRXX5489
Grajevce SRXX1195
Gramada SRXX3873
Gramade SRXX1196
Gramade SRXX3875
Grancarevo SRXX7590
Grandzina Mahala SRXX3876
Granica SRXX1197
Granica SRXX7591
Graoviste SRXX3877
Graovo SRXX1198
Graovska Mahala SRXX3878
Grapa SRXX4612
Grasevci SRXX4962
Graslovici SRXX7592
Grbavce SRXX3100
Grbici SRXX2522
Grbici SRXX1968
Grbovici SRXX7593
Grcac SRXX4767
Grcaci SRXX4963
Grcak SRXX4964
Grcani SRXX1580
Grcic SRXX2523
Grcka Mahala SRXX3879
Grcka Mala SRXX3101
Grdan SRXX5490
Grdanica SRXX1199
Grdelica SRXX0241
Grdovici SRXX7594
Grebacevici SRXX7595
Greben SRXX7596
Grebenac SRXX6706
Grebenova SRXX5491
Gredetin SRXX3102
Gredica SRXX7597
Gredine SRXX2524
Gredljevici SRXX7598
Grejac SRXX3103
Grevci SRXX3104
Grezna SRXX7058
Grgeteg SRXX6707
Grgurevci SRXX6708
Grgurovce SRXX1200
Grivac SRXX6024
Grivska SRXX7599
Grizici SRXX1969
Grkinja SRXX3105
Grkljane SRXX4965
Grkova SRXX0554
Grkovica Mala SRXX2525
Grkunovec SRXX3880
Grliste SRXX7059
Grljan SRXX7060
Grncar SRXX4613
Grncara SRXX0066
Grncari SRXX3881
Grncarica SRXX6025
Grncarska Mahala SRXX3882
Grobljanska Mala SRXX2526
Grobnice SRXX7600
Grocka SRXX0555
Grosnica SRXX6026
Groznatovci SRXX1201
Grualija Mahala SRXX3883
Grubetice SRXX5492
Grubetici SRXX7601
Grubina Mahala SRXX3884
Grudas SRXX6319
Gruicici SRXX7602
Gruinci SRXX3885
Grujcici SRXX7603
Grujica Mahala SRXX1581
Grujici SRXX7604
Grujici SRXX2527
Grujicica Mala SRXX2528
Grujicici SRXX2529
Grujinci SRXX3886
Grujovici SRXX1970
Grusic SRXX2530
Gruza SRXX6027
Gubavce SRXX1428
Guberevac SRXX0556
Guberevac SRXX6028
Guberevce SRXX1202
Guberevci SRXX1971
Guberevo SRXX5493
Gubetin SRXX6320
Gubin Do SRXX7605
Guca SRXX1972
Gucevice SRXX5494
Gucevo SRXX2531
Gudurica SRXX0067
Gudurici SRXX7606
Gugalj SRXX7607
Gujanicka Mala SRXX7608
Gujice SRXX5495
Gukos SRXX1582
Gulenovci SRXX4614
Gulijan SRXX3106
Gumeriste SRXX3887
Gumniska Mahala SRXX3888
Gunaros SRXX6709
Guncati SRXX6029
Gunjaci SRXX1583
Gunjacka Mala SRXX1584
Gunjetina SRXX3107
Gunjevac SRXX1585
Gunjica SRXX1586
Gurdici SRXX7609
Gurdijelje SRXX5496
Guresi SRXX7610
Gurisevci SRXX6030
Gusavac SRXX1973
Gusevac SRXX3108
Gusta Meda SRXX1974
Gusterice SRXX5497
Guzobiska Mahala SRXX3889
Guzvici SRXX5498
Gvozd SRXX7611
Gvozdac SRXX7612
Gvozdacko Polje SRXX7613
Gvozdenovic SRXX1587
Gvozdenovici SRXX6321
Gvozdenovici SRXX5499
Hadzica Mala SRXX7614
Hajdarska Mahala SRXX3890
Hajducica SRXX6710
Halovo SRXX7061
Haluge SRXX7616
Hasici SRXX7617
Hetin SRXX6711
Hisardzik SRXX7619
Horgos SRXX0244
Hrta SRXX7620
Hrtkovci SRXX6712
Hum SRXX3109
Ibrici SRXX2532
Icelici SRXX1975
Idrina Mahala SRXX3891
Idvor SRXX6713
Iglici SRXX7621
Ignjatovici SRXX7622
Ignjatovici SRXX2533
Igriste SRXX1203
Igriste SRXX6322
Igros SRXX4966
Ilandza SRXX0068
Ilica Mala SRXX2534
Ilica Mala SRXX6031
Ilici SRXX7623
Ilici SRXX1976
Ilici SRXX2535
Ilijak SRXX6032
Ilijasevici SRXX7624
Ilijinska Mala SRXX3892
Ilince SRXX1429
Ilinci SRXX4615
Ilinci SRXX3893
Ilinci SRXX6714
Ilincici SRXX1977
Ilino SRXX7062
Ingija SRXX0246
Inovo SRXX7063
Iricani SRXX4967
Iricici SRXX4968
Irig SRXX0247
Isailova Mala SRXX4969
Isakovo SRXX3380
Isarci SRXX3894
Isevuk SRXX1430
Isevuk Mahala SRXX1431
Iskrovci SRXX4616
Isor SRXX3895
Istocni Mojstir SRXX5500
Istok SRXX0248
Ivan Kula SRXX6323
Ivanca SRXX5501
Ivanjci SRXX6324
Ivanje SRXX5502
Ivanje SRXX1204
Ivanjica SRXX0249
Ivankovac SRXX3381
Ivankovci SRXX3896
Ivanovci SRXX3897
Ivanovci SRXX1588
Ivanovici SRXX7625
Ivanovici SRXX4970
Ivanovo SRXX6715
Ivezici SRXX7626
Ivje SRXX3898
Ivkovci SRXX3899
Ivljani SRXX4971
Ivovik SRXX3900
Izamno SRXX3901
Izatovci SRXX4617
Izbeg SRXX5503
Izbenica SRXX4972
Izbicanj SRXX7627
Izbice SRXX5504
Izbiste SRXX0069
Izrok SRXX5505
Izvarica SRXX0820
Izvor SRXX3902
Izvor SRXX4618
Izvor SRXX3382
Izvor SRXX0821
Izvor SRXX3110
Jablanica SRXX5506
Jablanica SRXX1978
Jablanica SRXX4973
Jablanica SRXX7064
Jablanka SRXX0070
Jablanovik SRXX5507
Jabuce SRXX3903
Jabucevo SRXX6325
Jabucje SRXX0559
Jabuka SRXX6716
Jabuka SRXX5508
Jabuka SRXX7628
Jabuke SRXX7629
Jabukov Dol SRXX3904
Jabukovac SRXX0252
Jabukovik SRXX1205
Jabukovo SRXX3905
Jacimluk SRXX7630
Jackovici SRXX4768
Jacovac SRXX5509
Jacovici SRXX1979
Jadrani SRXX2536
Jadranska Mala SRXX2537
Jaglicje SRXX3111
Jagnjilo SRXX4769
Jagodici SRXX7631
Jagodina SRXX0072
Jagodnjak SRXX6717
Jagostica SRXX7632
Jajcic SRXX1589
Jajinci SRXX0560
Jakalj SRXX7633
Jakovac SRXX7065
Jakovac SRXX7634
Jakovic SRXX3383
Jakovlje SRXX3112
Jakovljevici SRXX1590
Jakovljevo SRXX1206
Jakovo SRXX0561
Jaksici SRXX2538
Jaksinac SRXX7635
Jalbotina SRXX4619
Jalovik SRXX2539
Jalovik SRXX1591
Jalovik Izvor SRXX7066
Jalucki Rit SRXX0562
Jamena SRXX6718
Janacko Polje SRXX1980
Janca SRXX5510
Jancici SRXX1981
Janicare SRXX5511
Janici SRXX7636
Janici SRXX4974
Janja SRXX7067
Janjcici SRXX1593
Janjevo SRXX0255
Janjici SRXX2540
Jankerovci SRXX3906
Jankov Most SRXX0073
Jankova Klisura SRXX6326
Jankova Mahala SRXX3907
Jankovci SRXX3908
Jankovici SRXX7637
Jankovici SRXX1982
Jankovici SRXX0563
Jankovici SRXX2541
Jankovici SRXX4975
Janosik SRXX0074
Japanci SRXX3909
Jarak SRXX6719
Jarando SRXX5512
Jarceva Mahala SRXX3910
Jarcujak SRXX5513
Jardanski Kraj SRXX0564
Jarebice SRXX0075
Jarebice SRXX5514
Jaresnik SRXX3911
Jarevici SRXX7638
Jarkovac SRXX0259
Jarkovce SRXX6720
Jarkovci SRXX6721
Jarmenovci SRXX6033
Jarsenovo SRXX1207
Jaruge SRXX4976
Jasa Tomic SRXX0260
Jasen SRXX3912
Jasenak SRXX0565
Jasenica SRXX1594
Jasenica SRXX1009
Jasenica SRXX3113
Jasenje SRXX3114
Jasenov Del SRXX4620
Jasenovica SRXX1983
Jasenovik SRXX3115
Jasenovik SRXX5515
Jasenovo SRXX3384
Jasenovo SRXX6723
Jasik SRXX7639
Jasika SRXX4977
Jasikarnik SRXX3913
Jasike SRXX5516
Jasikovac SRXX3914
Jasikovac SRXX2542
Jasikovaca SRXX7640
Jasikovce SRXX2543
Jasikovice SRXX7641
Jasikovo SRXX1010
Jastrebac SRXX3915
Jastrebac SRXX1208
Jastrebica SRXX7642
Jastrebovac SRXX7643
Jasunja SRXX1209
Jaudici SRXX3916
Javor SRXX3917
Javor SRXX0566
Javor SRXX2544
Javor SRXX5517
Javorce SRXX7644
Javorje SRXX1210
Javorje SRXX7645
Javorska Mahala SRXX3918
Javorsko Osoje SRXX1595
Jaza SRXX5518
Jazak SRXX6724
Jazavnik SRXX1596
Jazbine SRXX3919
Jazovnik SRXX2545
Jazovo SRXX6725
Jecmenice SRXX1984
Jedini Bor SRXX7646
Jeftici SRXX2546
Jeftovici SRXX7647
Jekici SRXX1985
Jelab SRXX7648
Jelaca SRXX7649
Jelacice SRXX5519
Jelakci SRXX4978
Jelasine SRXX2547
Jelasje SRXX7650
Jelasnica SRXX3116
Jelasnica SRXX7068
Jelasnica SRXX3920
Jelav SRXX2548
Jelav SRXX7651
Jelen Do SRXX1986
Jelenac SRXX0567
Jelenca SRXX2549
Jelenje SRXX4979
Jelice SRXX5520
Jelici SRXX6327
Jelici SRXX2550
Jelici SRXX7652
Jelimirovci SRXX3921
Jelisavcici SRXX7653
Jelje SRXX1597
Jelova SRXX5521
Jelovac SRXX2551
Jelovac SRXX3385
Jelovak SRXX6034
Jelovci SRXX2552
Jelovica SRXX4621
Jelovik SRXX6035
Jelovik SRXX7654
Jendza SRXX6726
Jeremici SRXX2553
Jeremici SRXX7655
Jereska Mala SRXX2554
Jerinci SRXX3922
Jerinica Mala SRXX2555
Jermenovci SRXX6727
Jerotijevici SRXX1987
Jevac SRXX1988
Jevac SRXX2556
Jeverice SRXX7656
Jevik SRXX1989
Jevremci SRXX1990
Jevremovac SRXX2557
Jevremovac SRXX8583
Jevremovici SRXX7657
Jevrenka SRXX7658
Jevtici SRXX1598
Jevtici SRXX2558
Jevtovici SRXX1599
Jevtovici SRXX7659
Jezdici SRXX7660
Jezdimirovici SRXX2559
Jezdimirovici SRXX7661
Jezdina SRXX1991
Jezdine SRXX1212
Jezdinovac SRXX7662
Jezero SRXX3386
Jezero SRXX7663
Jezerski Kraj SRXX0568
Jezevica SRXX7664
Jezevica SRXX4981
Jezgrovice SRXX5522
Jojci SRXX7665
Jokica Kolibe SRXX2560
Jokici SRXX2561
Jokici SRXX1600
Jokici SRXX7666
Jokonji SRXX0822
Jokovici SRXX5523
Jokovici SRXX7667
Joksici SRXX7668
Joksimovici SRXX7669
Jolovici SRXX1992
Josanica SRXX7070
Josanica SRXX0823
Josanicka Banja SRXX4982
Jose SRXX1993
Joseva SRXX0076
Joseva SRXX1601
Josici SRXX4983
Josipovici SRXX7670
Josipovici SRXX2562
Josje SRXX3117
Josovici SRXX6036
Jova SRXX5524
Jovac SRXX7671
Jovancevici SRXX1994
Jovancicevici SRXX7672
Jovanovac SRXX6037
Jovanovac SRXX3118
Jovanovci SRXX3923
Jovanovci SRXX1213
Jovanovici SRXX7673
Jovanovici SRXX2563
Jovar SRXX5525
Jovasevici SRXX1995
Jovicevici SRXX1996
Jovici SRXX2564
Jovici SRXX1602
Jovicici SRXX2565
Jovicina Maala SRXX3924
Jovinci SRXX3925
Jovinciki SRXX3926
Jovine Livade SRXX6328
Jug-Bogdanovac SRXX3119
Jugovac SRXX3120
Juncevici SRXX7674
Junkovac SRXX6038
Junkovac SRXX0569
Jurucka Mahala SRXX3927
Jusovica Kula SRXX7675
Juzni Kocarnik SRXX5526
Juzno Pomoravlje SRXX3121
Kac SRXX0262
Kacabac SRXX1214
Kacamak SRXX6329
Kacanik i Vjeter SRXX0263
Kacapa SRXX1603
Kacapor SRXX6330
Kacapun SRXX3928
Kacarci SRXX3929
Kacareva Mahala SRXX3930
Kacarevo SRXX6728
Kacer SRXX7676
Kacevo SRXX7677
Kaculice SRXX1997
Kadina Luka SRXX1604
Kadiska Mahala SRXX3931
Kajcinci SRXX3932
Kajevici SRXX7678
Kajnici SRXX3933
Kajstorci SRXX3934
Kajtasovo SRXX6729
Kalabovce SRXX3935
Kalafati SRXX7679
Kalamci SRXX3936
Kalanjevci SRXX1605
Kalcinska Mahala SRXX3937
Kaldrmici SRXX2566
Kalemi SRXX2567
Kalenic SRXX0570
Kalenici SRXX7680
Kalenovac SRXX3388
Kaletinac SRXX3122
Kalicani SRXX7681
Kalicani SRXX6331
Kalicina SRXX7071
Kalimance SRXX3938
Kalimanci SRXX6332
Kalimanici SRXX1998
Kalinovac SRXX1606
Kaliste SRXX0824
Kaljevici SRXX7682
Kalna SRXX1215
Kalna SRXX7072
Kalovat SRXX7073
Kalovo SRXX3939
Kalovska Mahala SRXX3940
Kaluderce SRXX1216
Kaluderica SRXX0571
Kaluderovici SRXX7683
Kaluderovo SRXX4622
Kaluderovo SRXX6730
Kaludra SRXX6333
Kaludra SRXX5527
Kaludre SRXX7684
Kaludrice SRXX5528
Kalunderi SRXX5529
Kalusevici SRXX1999
Kalvarija SRXX8584
Kambelevac SRXX4623
Kamena Gora SRXX7685
Kamenac SRXX4770
Kamenar SRXX6039
Kamenare SRXX4984
Kamencka Mala SRXX5530
Kamendin SRXX0572
Kamendol SRXX0573
Kamenica SRXX0077
Kamenica SRXX6040
Kamenica SRXX5531
Kamenica SRXX1217
Kamenica SRXX2000
Kamenica SRXX4624
Kamenica SRXX3123
Kamenica SRXX2568
Kamenica SRXX6334
Kamenjaca SRXX7686
Kamenjaca SRXX4985
Kamenjace SRXX2569
Kamenjani SRXX5532
Kamenjarci SRXX7074
Kamenjska SRXX5533
Kamenovo SRXX0825
Kamesnica SRXX7687
Kamicak SRXX2570
Kamidzora SRXX5534
Kamijevo SRXX0826
Kamik SRXX4625
Kanarevo Brdo SRXX8585
Kandalica SRXX7075
Kandici SRXX7688
Kanjevina SRXX7689
Kanjiza SRXX0265
Kaona SRXX2571
Kaonik SRXX3124
Kaonik SRXX5535
Kapidzija SRXX4986
Kapit SRXX1218
Kaplari SRXX2001
Karaburma SRXX0574
Karadaci SRXX3941
Karadacka Maala SRXX3942
Karadacka Mahala SRXX3943
Karadak SRXX2002
Karadak SRXX5536
Karadince SRXX3944
Karadnik SRXX3946
Karadordev Park SRXX8586
Karadordevac SRXX1219
Karadordevo SRXX6731
Karadze SRXX2003
Karadzina Mahala SRXX3948
Karajanci SRXX3950
Karakasi SRXX1220
Karakondica SRXX3951
Karalici SRXX2004
Karamanica SRXX3952
Karan SRXX7691
Karanovac SRXX4987
Karanovici SRXX7692
Karaula SRXX0575
Karaula SRXX7693
Karavukovo SRXX0266
Karbulovo SRXX1011
Kardanova Mahala SRXX3954
Kare SRXX1221
Karlovcic SRXX6732
Karosevina SRXX7694
Kasalj SRXX5537
Kasevar SRXX6335
Kasice SRXX7695
Kasidol SRXX0827
Kasidoli SRXX7696
Kastavar SRXX1222
Kastrat SRXX6336
Katalenac SRXX3955
Katanici SRXX6041
Katanici SRXX2572
Katici SRXX7697
Katrandzici SRXX3956
Katrga SRXX2005
Katun SRXX3957
Kavadar SRXX3389
Kave SRXX7698
Kaznovice SRXX5538
Kcilatovac SRXX1012
Keja Lakuluji SRXX6733
Kekerinci SRXX3958
Kelepolje SRXX5539
Keljevici SRXX5540
Keserovina SRXX7699
Kevi SRXX6734
Kialovac SRXX7700
Kicerci SRXX3959
Kijanovici SRXX7701
Kijevac SRXX4626
Kijevac SRXX3960
Kijevci SRXX7702
Kijevo SRXX0576
Kijevo SRXX6042
Kijevska Mahala SRXX3961
Kikanovici SRXX2573
Kikinda SRXX0013
Kikojevac SRXX6043
Kilsura SRXX3390
Kinstarsor SRXX6735
Kisac SRXX0078
Kisela Banja SRXX0269
Kiselicka Mahala SRXX3962
Kiseljevo SRXX0828
Kisinske Trle SRXX3963
Kitanova Koliba SRXX3964
Kitanova Mahala SRXX3965
Kitarci SRXX3966
Kitinci SRXX3967
Kitka SRXX3968
Kitog SRXX2574
Klacevica SRXX3391
Klade SRXX7703
Klade SRXX3969
Kladnica SRXX7704
Kladovo SRXX1013
Kladurovo SRXX0829
Kladuse SRXX2575
Kladusnica SRXX1014
Klajic SRXX1223
Klak SRXX7705
Klanica SRXX1607
Klasnic SRXX1608
Klasnice SRXX3970
Klaticevo SRXX2006
Klecanka SRXX5541
Klece SRXX5542
Klece SRXX7706
Klecovci SRXX3971
Klek SRXX0079
Klekova SRXX7707
Klenak SRXX6736
Klenike SRXX3972
Klenje SRXX0830
Klenje SRXX4627
Klenje SRXX2576
Klenovac SRXX1015
Klenovnik SRXX0831
Klepacici SRXX6337
Klepani SRXX7708
Klicevac SRXX0832
Klicevak SRXX1609
Klik SRXX2007
Klincari SRXX3973
Klinci SRXX1610
Klinovac SRXX3975
Klisura SRXX0271
Klisura SRXX3126
Klisura SRXX3976
Klisurci SRXX4988
Klisurica SRXX3977
Klisurica SRXX3127
Kljajicevo SRXX6737
Kljajici SRXX7709
Kljestevica SRXX6738
Kljuc SRXX1611
Kljucata SRXX0833
Kljunovici SRXX5543
Kloka SRXX4771
Klokocevac SRXX1016
Klupci SRXX7710
Klupci SRXX2577
Kneevac SRXX8587
Knez-Selo SRXX3128
Knezeva Rijeka SRXX7711
Knezevac SRXX0577
Knezevac SRXX7712
Knezevac SRXX6044
Knezevici SRXX4989
Knezevici SRXX2008
Knezevici SRXX1612
Knezevici SRXX5544
Knezevici SRXX7713
Knezevo SRXX4990
Knezica SRXX3129
Knezovi SRXX7714
Knic SRXX6045
Knicanin SRXX6739
Knjazevac SRXX0004
Knjezevici SRXX7715
Koara SRXX8588
Kobilje SRXX0835
Kobilje SRXX4991
Kobisnica SRXX0080
Kocane SRXX3130
Kocanska Mahala SRXX3978
Kocarnik SRXX5545
Koceljeva SRXX0274
Kocetin SRXX0836
Kocevci SRXX3979
Kocicevo SRXX6740
Kocinci SRXX4992
Kocine SRXX4993
Kocino Selo SRXX3392
Kocura SRXX3980
Kojadinovici SRXX7716
Kojica Sor SRXX2578
Kojici SRXX2579
Kojici SRXX7717
Kojinovici SRXX5546
Kokanovici SRXX6338
Kokanovici SRXX2009
Kokica Kraj SRXX6046
Kokin Brod SRXX7718
Kokosica SRXX7719
Kokosice SRXX7720
Kolaci SRXX6339
Kolare SRXX3393
Kolarevici SRXX2010
Kolari SRXX7721
Kolari SRXX4772
Kolari SRXX2011
Kolarska Mahala SRXX3981
Kolasinci SRXX7722
Kolcina Garina SRXX3982
Kolenac SRXX3394
Kolesnica SRXX2012
Kolibe SRXX7723
Kolibje SRXX3983
Kolisevica SRXX7724
Koliste SRXX3984
Koljibabici SRXX2580
Kolonija SRXX0578
Kolonija SRXX4834
Kolonija SRXX2013
Kolonije SRXX3395
Kolovici SRXX7725
Kolovici SRXX5547
Kolovrat SRXX7726
Kolunica SRXX3985
Kolut SRXX6741
Kolvilje SRXX2014
Kom SRXX7727
Komadine SRXX7728
Komanice SRXX1613
Komaran SRXX7729
Komarane SRXX3396
Komarani SRXX7730
Komarica SRXX3131
Komasacije SRXX0579
Komiric SRXX1614
Komorane SRXX4994
Komusine SRXX7731
Konak SRXX6742
Konarevo SRXX0081
Konatice SRXX0580
Koncarevo SRXX3397
Koncic SRXX6340
Konculice SRXX5548
Konculj SRXX1432
Konder SRXX7732
Kondzelj SRXX6341
Konice SRXX5549
Konik SRXX3986
Konjarci SRXX3987
Konjari SRXX3988
Konjarnik SRXX6342
Konjarnik SRXX8589
Konjevici SRXX2015
Konji -Rid SRXX3989
Konjic SRXX1615
Konjicka Reka SRXX3990
Konjska Reka SRXX7733
Konjski Del SRXX7076
Konjuh SRXX4995
Konjusa SRXX6047
Konjuva SRXX6343
Konopljarci SRXX3991
Konopnica SRXX1224
Kopajkosara SRXX3132
Kopanici SRXX3992
Kopanjane SRXX3993
Kopaonik SRXX0024
Kopiste SRXX3994
Kopitarce SRXX3995
Kopljare SRXX0581
Kopljevic SRXX2581
Kopran SRXX1225
Koprcane SRXX2582
Koprica Kolibe SRXX2583
Koprivice SRXX6344
Koprivna SRXX7734
Koprivnica SRXX4996
Koprivnica SRXX7077
Koprivnica SRXX2016
Koprivnica SRXX3133
Koprivstica SRXX4629
Koracevac SRXX1226
Koraci SRXX7735
Koracica SRXX0582
Koralica SRXX2584
Korbevac SRXX3996
Korbovo SRXX0277
Korbska Maala SRXX3997
Korbul SRXX3998
Koren SRXX2585
Korenita SRXX2586
Koricani SRXX6048
Koricani SRXX2017
Korijaska Mahala SRXX3999
Korisici SRXX7736
Koriska Mahala SRXX4000
Korita SRXX2018
Koritnica SRXX7737
Koritnik SRXX3134
Koritnik SRXX5550
Korlace SRXX5551
Korman SRXX2587
Korman SRXX3135
Korman SRXX6049
Kosancic SRXX1227
Kosarno SRXX4001
Kosarska Mahala SRXX4002
Kosevi SRXX4997
Kosevina SRXX2588
Kosevine SRXX7738
Kosici SRXX7739
Kosjeric SRXX7740
Koskovo SRXX2019
Kosmaca SRXX6345
Kosmaj SRXX0583
Kosmovac SRXX4630
Kosnice SRXX7741
Kosovac SRXX4998
Kosovica SRXX2020
Kosovina SRXX5552
Kostadinovac SRXX6346
Kostajnik SRXX2589
Kostan Polje SRXX5553
Kostenec SRXX4004
Kostenica SRXX3136
Kostica SRXX7742
Kostici SRXX2021
Kostici SRXX6347
Kostici SRXX2590
Kostici SRXX7743
Kostinska Mahala SRXX4005
Kostojevici SRXX7744
Kostol SRXX1017
Kostolac SRXX0837
Kostolac SRXX0279
Kostomlatica SRXX4006
Kostrosevci SRXX4007
Kostunici SRXX2022
Kostur SRXX4631
Kosurice SRXX5554
Kosurici SRXX5555
Kosutica SRXX4999
Kotarci SRXX1616
Kotarno SRXX2023
Kote SRXX8591
Kotesica SRXX1617
Kotiljevac SRXX5556
Kotline SRXX7745
Kotline SRXX1618
Kotraza SRXX5557
Koutnjak SRXX8592
Kovacani SRXX5558
Kovace SRXX5559
Kovaceva Bara SRXX1228
Kovaceva Kruska SRXX4773
Kovaceva Mahala SRXX4008
Kovacevac SRXX7746
Kovacevac SRXX1619
Kovacevac SRXX3398
Kovacevac SRXX0584
Kovacevci SRXX4009
Kovacevica Mala SRXX2591
Kovacevici SRXX7747
Kovacevici SRXX2592
Kovacevici SRXX5000
Kovacevici SRXX2024
Kovacevo SRXX5560
Kovaci SRXX5001
Kovacic SRXX2593
Kovacica SRXX0280
Kovacice SRXX1620
Kovacici SRXX6743
Kovacka Mahala SRXX4011
Kovandzici SRXX5002
Kovanica SRXX3399
Kovanluk SRXX1229
Kovanluk SRXX5561
Kovilj SRXX0082
Kovilovo SRXX1018
Kovilovo SRXX0585
Kovin SRXX0083
Kovioci SRXX5003
Kovizla SRXX5004
Kovucevic SRXX7748
Kozal SRXX4012
Kozare SRXX1230
Kozarevo SRXX5562
Kozarica SRXX2594
Kozarska Mahala SRXX4013
Kozelj SRXX7078
Kozelj SRXX1621
Kozelj SRXX7749
Kozetin SRXX5005
Kozilo SRXX1231
Kozince SRXX6348
Kozja SRXX4632
Kozjak SRXX6744
Kozjak SRXX0084
Kozjak SRXX7750
Kozji Dol SRXX4014
Kozla SRXX7751
Kozlicic SRXX1622
Kozlje SRXX5563
Koznica SRXX5006
Koznica SRXX4015
Koznik SRXX5564
Kozoder SRXX4016
Kozuar SRXX1623
Kragujevac SRXX0085
Kraguljevcici SRXX5007
Kraj SRXX2026
Kraj SRXX7752
Krajcinovici SRXX7753
Krajevi SRXX5565
Krajina Mahala SRXX4017
Krajine SRXX2027
Krajini SRXX4018
Krajinovice SRXX7754
Krajisnici SRXX2595
Krajisnik SRXX6745
Krajiste SRXX7755
Krajkovac SRXX3138
Krajmirovac SRXX4019
Kraljeva Kuca SRXX4020
Kraljevac SRXX7756
Kraljevac SRXX5566
Kraljevci SRXX6746
Kraljevo SRXX0023
Kraljevo SRXX3139
Kralji SRXX5567
Krasava SRXX2596
Krasici SRXX6349
Krasino Brdo SRXX5568
Krasljevici SRXX7757
Krastavce SRXX3140
Krastine SRXX7758
Kratovo SRXX7759
Kravarnik SRXX4021
Kravice SRXX5569
Kravlje SRXX3141
Kravlji Do SRXX0838
Krcaci SRXX5008
Krcagovo SRXX7760
Krce SRXX2028
Krce SRXX7761
Krcedin SRXX6747
Krceta SRXX7079
Krcevac SRXX6050
Krcevine SRXX7762
Krcmar SRXX1624
Krdzici SRXX5570
Krdzici SRXX2029
Krejovici SRXX7763
Kremenac SRXX0586
Kremenica SRXX4633
Kremice SRXX5571
Kremici SRXX7764
Kremna SRXX7765
Krenta SRXX7080
Krepoljin SRXX0839
Kresevine SRXX7766
Krezbinac SRXX3400
Kriva Feja SRXX4022
Kriva Reka SRXX2030
Krivaca SRXX1232
Krivaca SRXX0840
Krivaja SRXX7767
Krivaja SRXX6350
Krivajica SRXX2597
Krivelj SRXX1019
Krivi Brod SRXX5009
Krivi Del SRXX1233
Krivi Vir SRXX7081
Krivo Brdo SRXX1625
Krivo Drvo SRXX6351
Krizanji SRXX6748
Krizevac SRXX5572
Krizevac SRXX7768
Krizevac SRXX2598
Krljani SRXX5573
Krnic SRXX2599
Krnja Jela SRXX7769
Krnjaca SRXX0587
Krnjaca SRXX7770
Krnjci SRXX5010
Krnjesevci SRXX6749
Krnjevo SRXX4774
Krnjigrad SRXX6352
Krnovac SRXX4023
Krnule SRXX2600
Krompiriste SRXX6353
Krona SRXX5574
Krpejice SRXX1234
Krsanje SRXX7771
Krseljska Mahala SRXX4024
Krsevica SRXX4025
Krsmanovici SRXX2601
Krsmanovici SRXX7772
Krsna Glava SRXX1626
Krstac SRXX2031
Krstace SRXX7773
Krstari SRXX4026
Krstica Mala SRXX2602
Krsticevo SRXX1235
Krstici SRXX7774
Krstici SRXX2603
Krstici SRXX1627
Krstinci SRXX4027
Krstinska Mahala SRXX4028
Krstonjevici SRXX7775
Krstur SRXX6750
Krtinska SRXX0588
Krtok SRXX6354
Krunici SRXX5575
Krupac SRXX4634
Krupaja SRXX0841
Krupanj SRXX0286
Krupina SRXX2604
Krusar SRXX3401
Krusce SRXX3142
Kruscica SRXX7776
Kruscica SRXX1236
Kruscica SRXX6751
Krusedol SRXX6752
Kruseva Glava SRXX4029
Krusevac SRXX0025
Krusevica SRXX1237
Krusevica SRXX5011
Krusevica SRXX3402
Krusevica SRXX0086
Krusevica SRXX6051
Krusevlje SRXX7777
Krusevlje SRXX6753
Krusevo SRXX4775
Krusje SRXX3143
Kruska Mahala SRXX4030
Kruskar SRXX6355
Krvavci SRXX7778
Krvavica SRXX5012
Krvije SRXX0842
Krzava SRXX2605
Krzavci SRXX2606
Krzince SRXX4031
Kucajna SRXX0843
Kucane SRXX5576
Kucani SRXX7779
Kucerine SRXX7780
Kucevici SRXX5577
Kucevo SRXX0844
Kucevska Mahala SRXX5578
Kucici SRXX2032
Kucin SRXX7781
Kucine SRXX1628
Kucisnjak SRXX1238
Kuciste SRXX7782
Kuciste SRXX4032
Kucul SRXX4033
Kucura SRXX6754
Kudelja SRXX6755
Kudres SRXX0845
Kujavica SRXX2607
Kukanj SRXX7783
Kukavica SRXX1239
Kukavice SRXX7784
Kukavice SRXX5579
Kukicarci SRXX4034
Kukici SRXX2033
Kukis SRXX3144
Kuklica SRXX4035
Kukljin SRXX0087
Kukoljane SRXX7785
Kukorovici SRXX7786
Kukujevci SRXX6756
Kukulovce SRXX1240
Kula SRXX7787
Kula SRXX0846
Kula SRXX4036
Kulina SRXX7788
Kuline SRXX5580
Kulinovci SRXX2034
Kulize SRXX7789
Kulizice SRXX5581
Kulizino Selo SRXX2035
Kulpin SRXX6758
Kumane SRXX0847
Kumane SRXX6759
Kumanica SRXX2036
Kumanovica SRXX7790
Kumanovo SRXX4635
Kumarevo SRXX4037
Kumarevo SRXX1241
Kumica SRXX4038
Kumicina Mahala SRXX4039
Kumicini SRXX4040
Kumodra SRXX8593
Kumodraz SRXX0589
Kun SRXX4041
Kunice SRXX1629
Kunovica SRXX3146
Kunovo SRXX4042
Kupinik SRXX6760
Kupinince SRXX4043
Kupinovac SRXX3403
Kupinovo SRXX6761
Kupinovo SRXX6356
Kupusina SRXX4776
Kupusina SRXX0088
Kupuziste SRXX1020
Kuranovica SRXX4044
Kurbalija SRXX4045
Kurcube SRXX2037
Kurici SRXX5582
Kurilovo Brdo SRXX6357
Kurjace SRXX0848
Kursumlija SRXX0291
Kurtina Mahala SRXX4046
Kusa Vrana SRXX4636
Kusaca SRXX3404
Kusadak SRXX4777
Kusic SRXX6762
Kusice SRXX0849
Kusici SRXX2038
Kusiljevo SRXX0850
Kusinci SRXX4047
Kusjak SRXX0089
Kusovac SRXX6052
Kustica SRXX4048
Kustilj SRXX0090
Kut SRXX7791
Kutles SRXX3147
Kutlinci SRXX4049
Kutlovac SRXX6358
Kutlovo SRXX6053
Kuvelici SRXX7792
Kuzmanci SRXX5583
Kuzmanci SRXX7793
Kuzmanovici SRXX7794
Kuzmicevo SRXX5584
Kuzmici SRXX7795
Kuzmin SRXX6763
Labovici SRXX6359
Labudnjaca SRXX6764
Labudovo Brdo SRXX8594
Labukovo SRXX3148
Lacarak SRXX6765
Lacisled SRXX5013
Lackovici SRXX2608
Ladevci SRXX5585
Ladovica SRXX1242
Ladovici SRXX5586
Lajkovac SRXX0294
Laksinovici SRXX5587
Lalic SRXX6766
Lalina Mahala SRXX4050
Lalinac SRXX3149
Lalince SRXX1243
Lalinci SRXX1630
Lalinovac SRXX1244
Landol SRXX4778
Lanici SRXX7796
Laniste SRXX4051
Laniste SRXX3150
Laniste SRXX1245
Lapcevici SRXX5014
Lapotince SRXX1246
Lapovici SRXX7797
Lapovo SRXX3405
Lasovo SRXX7082
Latkovac SRXX5015
Latkovic SRXX0590
Latkovici SRXX2609
Latvica SRXX7798
Laudanovac SRXX0091
Lausi SRXX2039
Lavra SRXX4052
Laz SRXX5588
Lazac SRXX5589
Lazani SRXX1631
Lazarcevci SRXX1247
Lazarevac SRXX6360
Lazarevac SRXX0296
Lazarevica Kraj SRXX0591
Lazarevici SRXX5016
Lazarevici SRXX2610
Lazarevici SRXX7799
Lazarevo SRXX0092
Lazarevo Dublje SRXX4053
Lazarevo Selo SRXX3151
Lazarova Mahala SRXX4054
Lazarovci SRXX4055
Laze SRXX2611
Lazi SRXX5590
Lazica Mala SRXX2612
Lazice SRXX7800
Lazici SRXX2613
Lazici SRXX7801
Lazici SRXX6361
Lazine SRXX7802
Laznica SRXX0851
Lazovici SRXX7803
Lazovici SRXX5017
Lazovina SRXX7804
Lebane SRXX0298
Lebed SRXX4056
Lebet SRXX4057
Lebina SRXX3406
Leca SRXX5591
Lece SRXX1248
Lecici SRXX7805
Lecici SRXX6054
Ledinci SRXX6767
Ledinci SRXX7806
Ledine SRXX0592
Ledinke SRXX7807
Lekici SRXX2614
Lekici SRXX6362
Lekici SRXX7808
Leleci SRXX1632
Leletice SRXX5592
Lelic SRXX1633
Lenci SRXX4058
Lenovac SRXX7083
Lepa Ravan SRXX7809
Lepaja SRXX3152
Lepcince SRXX4059
Lepena SRXX7084
Lepenac SRXX5018
Lepenica SRXX2615
Lepenica SRXX4060
Lepojevic SRXX3407
Lepojevici SRXX2040
Leposavici SRXX2041
Lepterija SRXX7085
Lescarci SRXX4061
Lesendrici SRXX5019
Lesenovci SRXX5020
Lesevici SRXX7810
Lesevo SRXX3408
Lesje SRXX3409
Leska SRXX4062
Leskova SRXX5593
Leskova Bara SRXX4063
Leskova Ravan SRXX2616
Leskova Rtina SRXX4064
Leskovac SRXX0028
Leskovac SRXX0593
Leskovac SRXX0852
Leskovica SRXX5021
Leskovica SRXX5594
Leskovica SRXX4637
Leskovik SRXX3153
Leskovik SRXX4638
Leskovo SRXX1021
Lesnica SRXX0093
Lestane SRXX0594
Lestansko SRXX7811
Letovica SRXX4065
Letoviste SRXX4066
Leusici SRXX2042
Leva Reka SRXX4067
Levorecani SRXX4068
Levosoje SRXX4069
Levovik SRXX7087
Lezbalija Mahala SRXX4070
Lezimir SRXX6768
Licarova Mahala SRXX4071
Lice SRXX2617
Licevac SRXX4072
Licin Dol SRXX1249
Licje SRXX3154
Lido SRXX8595
Lijesca SRXX7812
Lijesce SRXX5595
Lijeva Reka SRXX2043
Likodra SRXX2618
Linadica SRXX5596
Linca Mahala SRXX4073
Lingurci SRXX4074
Linguri SRXX4075
Linovo SRXX4639
Lion SRXX8596
Lipa SRXX1022
Lipa SRXX7813
Lipac SRXX6769
Lipar SRXX6770
Lipar SRXX6055
Lipe SRXX4779
Lipenovic SRXX2619
Lipica SRXX5597
Lipik SRXX1634
Lipljan SRXX0301
Liplje SRXX1635
Lipnica SRXX2620
Lipnicki Sor SRXX0094
Lipnik SRXX2621
Lipolist SRXX2622
Lipova SRXX5598
Lipovac SRXX7814
Lipovac SRXX5599
Lipovac SRXX4076
Lipovac SRXX5022
Lipovac SRXX3155
Lipovac SRXX6056
Lipovaca SRXX2623
Lipovica SRXX0595
Lipovica SRXX2624
Lipovica SRXX3156
Lipovica Suma SRXX0596
Lipovicka Mehana SRXX0597
Lipovnik SRXX4077
Lipovo Brdo SRXX2625
Lis SRXX2044
Lisa SRXX2045
Lisac SRXX4078
Lisani SRXX0095
Lisice SRXX2046
Lisicina SRXX7815
Lisicji Potok SRXX8597
Lisina SRXX5600
Lisine SRXX7816
Liso Polje SRXX0598
Lisovic SRXX0599
Livada SRXX4079
Livada Mahala SRXX4080
Livade SRXX2626
Livade SRXX5601
Livade SRXX5023
Ljafet SRXX1433
Ljeljen Do SRXX7817
Ljeljenica SRXX7818
Ljeskovac SRXX7819
Ljesnica SRXX0854
Ljestanci SRXX7820
Ljevaja SRXX2047
Ljig SRXX1636
Ljiljance SRXX4081
Ljiljci SRXX7821
Ljobojevici SRXX7822
Ljuba SRXX6771
Ljubaca SRXX2627
Ljubanci SRXX4082
Ljubanje SRXX7823
Ljubatovica SRXX4640
Ljubatovici SRXX7824
Ljubava SRXX5024
Ljube Selo SRXX6057
Ljubenkovici SRXX7825
Ljuberada SRXX4641
Ljubic SRXX6058
Ljubic SRXX2048
Ljubicevac SRXX1023
Ljubicevac SRXX6059
Ljubici SRXX7826
Ljubicici SRXX2049
Ljubicici SRXX7827
Ljubinci SRXX4083
Ljubinci SRXX5025
Ljubinic SRXX0600
Ljubinje SRXX0855
Ljubis SRXX7828
Ljubojevici SRXX7829
Ljubojevina SRXX7830
Ljubos SRXX7831
Ljubovija SRXX2628
Ljukovo SRXX6772
Ljulac SRXX5602
Ljuljaci SRXX6060
Ljupten SRXX3157
Ljusa SRXX6363
Ljutaca SRXX1637
Ljutaje SRXX5603
Ljutena SRXX6364
Ljutez SRXX1250
Ljuti Dol SRXX4084
Ljutice SRXX7832
Ljutova SRXX6365
Ljutovnica SRXX2050
Loboder SRXX3410
Loboder SRXX2629
Locevci SRXX2051
Locika SRXX3411
Locika SRXX3158
Lojanice SRXX2630
Lok SRXX6773
Lokva SRXX7089
Lokva SRXX4085
Lokva SRXX7833
Lokva SRXX2052
Lokve SRXX0096
Lokvice SRXX7834
Lomje SRXX4086
Lomnica SRXX3412
Loncanik SRXX0601
Lonjin SRXX2631
Lopardince SRXX4087
Lopas SRXX5026
Lopatanj SRXX1638
Lopatnica SRXX5604
Lopusnik SRXX0856
Lopuznje SRXX5605
Loret SRXX7835
Lose Bukurovce SRXX1434
Lovcenac SRXX6774
Lovci SRXX3413
Lovnica SRXX7836
Lozan SRXX3159
Lozane SRXX1251
Lozanj SRXX7837
Lozanj SRXX2054
Lozna SRXX5027
Loznac SRXX3160
Loznica SRXX6366
Loznica SRXX0015
Loznica SRXX2055
Loznica SRXX6061
Loznica SRXX1639
Loznicko Polje SRXX2632
Loznjak SRXX6367
Lozno SRXX5606
Lozovik SRXX4780
Lozovik SRXX3414
Lubnica SRXX7090
Lucane SRXX1435
Lucani SRXX2056
Lucani SRXX4088
Lucica SRXX0857
Lucica SRXX5028
Lucice SRXX7838
Lucici SRXX7839
Lucina SRXX5029
Lucno SRXX5607
Lug SRXX7840
Lug SRXX2633
Lug SRXX6775
Lugare SRXX1252
Lugavcina SRXX4781
Lugomerci SRXX6776
Lugovi SRXX7841
Lujinci SRXX1253
Luka SRXX7842
Luka SRXX1024
Lukacevo SRXX1254
Lukar SRXX3415
Lukarce SRXX4089
Lukare SRXX5608
Lukarici SRXX1640
Lukavac SRXX1641
Lukavac SRXX5030
Lukavica SRXX7843
Lukavica SRXX0602
Lukavica SRXX5609
Lukavica SRXX4642
Luke SRXX3161
Luke SRXX2634
Luke SRXX5610
Luke SRXX7844
Lukica Mala SRXX2635
Lukicevo SRXX0097
Lukici SRXX7845
Lukici SRXX2636
Lukici SRXX6368
Lukin Sokak SRXX2637
Lukino Selo SRXX0098
Lukocrevo SRXX5611
Lukomir SRXX6369
Lukov Do SRXX5612
Lukova Glava SRXX7846
Lukovac SRXX7847
Lukovci SRXX4090
Lukovica SRXX3416
Lukovici SRXX7848
Lukovik SRXX5613
Lukovo SRXX6370
Lukovo SRXX3162
Lukovo SRXX7849
Lukovo SRXX7091
Lunice SRXX7850
Lunjevac SRXX4782
Lunjevica SRXX2057
Lunovo Selo SRXX7851
Luzane SRXX3163
Luzani SRXX6371
Luzani SRXX2058
Luzanski Kraj SRXX0603
Luzina SRXX7852
Luznice SRXX6062
Luznjani SRXX5031
Maala Simsir SRXX4091
Macan SRXX6372
Macanci SRXX4092
Macani SRXX2059
Mace SRXX2060
Macedonce SRXX1255
Macevac SRXX3417
Macevine SRXX7853
Macici SRXX2061
Macja SRXX3164
Macja Stena SRXX6373
Mackari SRXX5032
Mackat SRXX7854
Mackatica SRXX4093
Mackovac SRXX6374
Mackovac SRXX5033
Mackovac SRXX7855
Maconik SRXX7856
Macuzici SRXX5614
Madarsko Selo SRXX6777
Mader SRXX7857
Madere SRXX3165
Madere SRXX6375
Madzari SRXX1642
Madzunovici SRXX6376
Magarinje SRXX6377
Magas SRXX1257
Maglic SRXX5615
Maglic SRXX6778
Magnohrom SRXX0100
Magovo SRXX5034
Magura SRXX4094
Mahala SRXX7858
Mahanjici SRXX7859
Mailovici SRXX0858
Majdaci SRXX5616
Majdan SRXX2062
Majdan SRXX6779
Majdanpek SRXX1025
Majdevo SRXX5035
Majilovac SRXX0859
Majinovic SRXX1643
Majkovac SRXX1258
Majstorovici SRXX1644
Majstorovici SRXX0101
Majur SRXX3418
Majur SRXX2638
Makce SRXX0860
Makevici SRXX2639
Maki SRXX8598
Makina Mahala SRXX4096
Makis SRXX0604
Makoviste SRXX1645
Makresane SRXX5036
Maksici SRXX5037
Maksimovici SRXX2640
Maksimovici SRXX1646
Maksimovici SRXX5617
Maksimovici SRXX7860
Makviste SRXX3419
Mala SRXX7861
Mala SRXX2063
Mala Biljanica SRXX1259
Mala Bosna SRXX6780
Mala Braina SRXX1436
Mala Bresnica SRXX6064
Mala Bresnica SRXX0861
Mala Ciganti SRXX0605
Mala Dragusa SRXX6378
Mala Drenova SRXX5038
Mala Drenova SRXX7862
Mala Grabovnica SRXX1260
Mala Grabovnica SRXX5039
Mala Ivanca SRXX0606
Mala Jasikova SRXX7092
Mala Jasikovica SRXX5040
Mala Kaludra SRXX3420
Mala Kamenica SRXX1026
Mala Klacevica SRXX3421
Mala Kopasnica SRXX1261
Mala Kosanica SRXX6379
Mala Krsna SRXX4783
Mala Krusevica SRXX5041
Mala Lavra SRXX4097
Mala Lomnica SRXX1262
Mala Lubnica SRXX6380
Mala Lukanja SRXX4643
Mala Mlaka SRXX0607
Mala Mostanica SRXX0608
Mala Plana SRXX6381
Mala Plana SRXX4784
Mala Polja SRXX0609
Mala Popina SRXX5042
Mala Preseka SRXX2641
Mala Pupavica SRXX6382
Mala Rasnica SRXX7863
Mala Ravna Reka SRXX3422
Mala Razbojna SRXX5043
Mala Reka SRXX7864
Mala Reka SRXX5044
Mala Reka SRXX4098
Mala Remeta SRXX6781
Mala Satra SRXX6383
Mala Sibnica SRXX6384
Mala Stana SRXX0862
Mala Sugubina SRXX5045
Mala Tresnjevica SRXX3423
Mala Trnava SRXX5618
Mala Vlasa SRXX6385
Mala Vranjska SRXX2642
Mala Vrbica SRXX1027
Mala Vrbica SRXX6065
Mala Vrbnica SRXX5046
Malajnica SRXX1028
Malca SRXX3166
Malci SRXX4099
Male Njive SRXX7865
Male Pcelice SRXX6066
Male Pijace SRXX6782
Male Rajince SRXX4100
Malesevici SRXX2643
Malesevo SRXX3424
Malesevo SRXX0863
Malesevo SRXX5619
Maletina SRXX3167
Mali Bac SRXX6783
Mali Bec SRXX6784
Mali Beograd SRXX6785
Mali Borak SRXX0610
Mali Bosnjak SRXX2644
Mali Crljeni SRXX0611
Mali Drenovac SRXX3168
Mali Igos SRXX6786
Mali Izvor SRXX7093
Mali Jaras SRXX6787
Mali Jasenovac SRXX7094
Mali Jovanovac SRXX4644
Mali Krcimir SRXX3169
Mali Krivelj SRXX1029
Mali Kupci SRXX5047
Mali Mokri Lug SRXX0612
Mali Pesak SRXX6788
Mali Ploscari SRXX7866
Mali Popovic SRXX0362
Mali Pozarevac SRXX0613
Mali Prnjavor SRXX2645
Mali Radinci SRXX6789
Mali Ribari SRXX5048
Mali Sarak SRXX6790
Mali Senj SRXX6067
Mali Siljegovac SRXX5049
Mali Stapar SRXX6791
Mali Suvodol SRXX4645
Mali Trnovac SRXX1437
Mali Vrtop SRXX3170
Mali Vujetinci SRXX6068
Mali Zam SRXX0102
Mali Zvornik SRXX2646
Malijes SRXX7867
Malikina Mahala SRXX4101
Malisici SRXX7868
Maljevce SRXX5620
Maljevic SRXX1647
Maljurevac SRXX0864
Malo Bonjince SRXX4646
Malo Borje SRXX5050
Malo Crnice SRXX0865
Malo Golovode SRXX5051
Malo Gradiste SRXX0866
Malo Krcmare SRXX6069
Malo Krusince SRXX3171
Malo Laole SRXX0867
Malo Lukare SRXX5621
Malo Orasje SRXX4785
Malo Pacadzije SRXX7869
Malo Polje SRXX0614
Malo Polje SRXX7870
Malo Polje SRXX2647
Malo Srediste SRXX0103
Malo Vojlovce SRXX1263
Malosiste SRXX3172
Mamince SRXX4102
Mamutovac SRXX6070
Mana SRXX2064
Manajle SRXX4103
Manastir SRXX3173
Manastirci SRXX6386
Manastirica SRXX0868
Manastirica SRXX1030
Mancina Mahala SRXX4104
Mandelica SRXX2065
Mandelos SRXX6792
Mandici SRXX7871
Mandzina Mahala SRXX4105
Mandzina Mahala SRXX1264
Mangura SRXX7872
Manic SRXX0615
Manjak SRXX4106
Manjinac SRXX7095
Manojlica SRXX3174
Manojlovce SRXX1265
Manojlovci SRXX6071
Manojlovici SRXX6387
Manovska Mahala SRXX4107
Mantese SRXX7873
Maovi SRXX2648
Maradik SRXX6793
Marcici SRXX2066
Marenovo SRXX5052
Margance SRXX4108
Margetici SRXX2649
Margita SRXX0104
Marica SRXX0869
Mariceva Mahala SRXX4109
Marici SRXX7874
Marici SRXX1648
Marici SRXX2067
Maricice SRXX6388
Maricici SRXX1649
Marina Kutina SRXX3175
Marinci SRXX4110
Marinkova Bara SRXX8600
Marinkovci SRXX4111
Marinkovici SRXX7875
Marinkovici SRXX2650
Marinkovici SRXX5053
Marinkovici SRXX5622
Marino Kale SRXX6389
Marinovac SRXX1650
Marinovac SRXX7096
Marinovac SRXX6072
Marjanci SRXX1266
Marjanica SRXX4113
Marjanovici SRXX1651
Markicevic SRXX2068
Markov Rid SRXX4114
Markova Crkva SRXX1652
Markovac SRXX4786
Markovac SRXX0616
Markovac SRXX6794
Markovci SRXX4115
Markovic SRXX2651
Markovica SRXX2069
Markovica Mala SRXX2652
Markovice SRXX6390
Markovicevo SRXX6795
Markovici SRXX2070
Markovici SRXX1653
Markovici SRXX5623
Markovici SRXX7876
Markovici SRXX5054
Markovina SRXX5055
Markovska Mahala SRXX4116
Maros SRXX6391
Marovce SRXX1267
Marsic SRXX6073
Martinci SRXX6796
Martinica SRXX4117
Martinovici SRXX2071
Martonos SRXX6797
Masici SRXX2654
Masinci SRXX4118
Maskar SRXX0617
Maskare SRXX5056
Maskova SRXX2072
Maslaci SRXX6392
Maslaci SRXX7877
Maslarci SRXX4119
Maslosevo SRXX6074
Masnice SRXX7878
Masovice SRXX7879
Masovici SRXX5624
Masurica SRXX4120
Masurovci SRXX4647
Matarici SRXX6798
Matarova SRXX6393
Mataruge SRXX7880
Mataruge SRXX5625
Mataruska Banja SRXX0105
Matici SRXX7881
Matici SRXX1654
Matici SRXX2655
Matijevac SRXX2656
Matinci SRXX7097
Matovici SRXX5626
Matovici SRXX7882
Mazarac SRXX4121
Mazgos SRXX4648
Mazici SRXX6394
Meandzici SRXX4122
Mecak SRXX0618
Meceljevo Brdo SRXX7883
Meci Do SRXX3176
Mecja Jama SRXX5627
Mecka SRXX4123
Meckari SRXX4124
Meckari SRXX5057
Meckarnik SRXX4125
Mecke SRXX2073
Meckovac SRXX4126
Meckovac SRXX6075
Meda SRXX1268
Meda SRXX6799
Medakovic SRXX8601
Medare SRXX7884
Medari SRXX4127
Medenac SRXX7885
Medevce SRXX1269
Medjak SRXX4128
Mednik SRXX7886
Mednjica SRXX7887
Medojevac SRXX3425
Medosevac SRXX0619
Medovine SRXX2074
Medugora SRXX5628
Medugorje SRXX7888
Medugorsko Polje SRXX5629
Meduhana SRXX6395
Meduluzje SRXX0620
Medurac SRXX7889
Medurec SRXX3426
Medurecje SRXX2075
Medurecje SRXX5630
Meduvrsje SRXX2076
Medveda SRXX3427
Medveda SRXX0315
Medvedica SRXX0870
Medvednjak SRXX4787
Medvega SRXX1270
Mehaj SRXX1438
Mehane SRXX6396
Mehovine SRXX2657
Meinici SRXX7890
Mejatica SRXX4129
Mejici SRXX2658
Mekinje SRXX5631
Mekis SRXX3178
Melaje SRXX5632
Melenci SRXX0316
Meljak SRXX0621
Meljanica SRXX5633
Melnica SRXX0871
Melovo SRXX1271
Mercez SRXX5058
Merdare SRXX6397
Merdzelat SRXX3179
Merdzici SRXX4130
Merosina SRXX3180
Merovac SRXX6398
Mesarci SRXX2659
Mesevo SRXX5059
Mesic SRXX0106
Mesnik SRXX7891
Metaljka SRXX7892
Metezevci SRXX4131
Metikosi SRXX5634
Metkovic SRXX2660
Metlic SRXX2661
Metovnica SRXX1031
Metris SRXX7098
Mezdraja SRXX4132
Mezgraja SRXX3181
Micanovici SRXX2662
Micici SRXX7893
Micici SRXX2663
Micici SRXX1655
Micunovo SRXX6800
Mihailovoci SRXX6399
Mihajlovac SRXX4788
Mihajlovac SRXX1032
Mihajlovici SRXX2664
Mihajlovici SRXX2077
Mihajlovo SRXX0107
Mijaci SRXX1656
Mijacici SRXX6400
Mijacinovici SRXX7894
Mijailovici SRXX2665
Mijajlica SRXX1272
Mijajlince SRXX4133
Mijajlovac SRXX5060
Mijakovce SRXX1273
Mijani SRXX7895
Mijatovac SRXX3428
Mijatovici SRXX2666
Mijovce SRXX1274
Mijovci SRXX4134
Mikanovici SRXX2078
Mikulajanci SRXX5061
Mikulovac SRXX6401
Milacka Mala SRXX2667
Milakovac SRXX5635
Milakovici SRXX7896
Milandza SRXX2079
Milanovac SRXX0872
Milanovici SRXX7897
Milanovo SRXX1275
Milatkovice SRXX5636
Milatovac SRXX6076
Milatovac SRXX0873
Milatovici SRXX7898
Milavac SRXX1657
Milavcici SRXX5637
Milcic SRXX6801
Milcovska Mahala SRXX4136
Milekici SRXX2080
Milenkovcani SRXX4137
Milenkovici SRXX2081
Milenovci SRXX4138
Milentija SRXX5063
Milesevo SRXX0319
Miletakovici SRXX5064
Mileticevo SRXX6802
Miletici SRXX7900
Miletin Do SRXX7901
Miletina SRXX1658
Milevci SRXX4139
Milice SRXX5638
Milice SRXX2082
Milicevci SRXX2083
Milicevici SRXX7902
Milicevici SRXX2084
Milicevici SRXX5065
Milicevo Selo SRXX2085
Milici SRXX7903
Milici SRXX2086
Milicici SRXX2668
Milicinica SRXX1659
Milina SRXX2669
Milinkovice SRXX7904
Milinkovici SRXX2670
Milinkovici SRXX1660
Milistanska Mala SRXX2671
Miliva SRXX3429
Milivojce SRXX4140
Miljakovac SRXX8602
Miljakovina SRXX7905
Miljevic SRXX0320
Miljevici SRXX7906
Miljevina SRXX7907
Miljine SRXX1276
Miljkovac SRXX7099
Miljkovac SRXX3182
Miljkovica SRXX6402
Miljkovici SRXX7908
Milkovce SRXX4141
Milocaji SRXX5639
Milojkovac SRXX4650
Miloradovici SRXX7909
Milorci SRXX1661
Milosavljevici SRXX7910
Milosavljevici SRXX2087
Milosev Do SRXX7911
Milosevac SRXX4789
Milosevac SRXX2672
Milosevac SRXX0622
Milosevica SRXX7912
Milosevici SRXX1662
Milosevici SRXX7913
Milosevici SRXX5066
Milosevo SRXX3430
Milosevo SRXX1033
Milosici SRXX7914
Milovac SRXX1663
Milovancevici SRXX5067
Milovanovici SRXX7915
Milovici SRXX5640
Milovici SRXX7916
Milunovici SRXX5641
Milusinac SRXX7100
Milutinovac SRXX1034
Milutinovici SRXX2673
Milutinovici SRXX2088
Milutinovici SRXX4790
Milutinovici SRXX7917
Milutovac SRXX5068
Minica Kraj SRXX3431
Minica Mala SRXX6077
Minicevo SRXX7101
Minici SRXX7918
Miodragovici SRXX5069
Miokovci SRXX2089
Miokus SRXX2674
Mionica SRXX0321
Mioska SRXX7919
Miranovac SRXX7102
Mirasevac SRXX6078
Miratovac SRXX4143
Mircinci SRXX4144
Mirdzinci SRXX4145
Mirici SRXX1664
Mirijevo SRXX0623
Mirijevo SRXX0874
Mirilovac SRXX3432
Mirkovac SRXX5642
Mirkovci SRXX4651
Mirkovici SRXX2090
Mirkovici SRXX1665
Mirnica SRXX6403
Miroc SRXX1035
Mironic SRXX6079
Miros SRXX2675
Mirosaljci SRXX6080
Mirosaljici SRXX2091
Mirosevce SRXX1277
Mirovo SRXX7103
Misaca SRXX6081
Misar SRXX2676
Miscice SRXX5643
Misevici SRXX7920
Misicevo SRXX6803
Misina SRXX4147
Misinci SRXX4148
Misinska Mahala SRXX4149
Miskovci SRXX2677
Miskovici SRXX1666
Misljenovac SRXX0875
Mislodin SRXX0624
Mislopolje SRXX5644
Mitina Mahala SRXX4150
Mitrasinovici SRXX7921
Mitrici SRXX2678
Mitrici SRXX7922
Mitrina Mehanna SRXX2679
Mitrova SRXX5645
Mitrova Reka SRXX5646
Mitrovac SRXX7923
Mitrovica Mala SRXX2680
Mitrovici SRXX7924
Mitrovici SRXX2681
Mitrovici SRXX1667
Mitrovicka Mala SRXX3433
Mlaciste SRXX1278
Mladenovac SRXX0625
Mladenovac SRXX4151
Mladenovici SRXX2092
Mladenovici SRXX1668
Mladenovici SRXX7925
Mladenovo SRXX6804
Mladini SRXX4152
Mladovo SRXX7926
Mlanca SRXX5647
Mlasinska Mahala SRXX4153
Mlekominci SRXX4154
Mocioci SRXX7927
Modra Stena SRXX4652
Modrica SRXX5070
Mogila SRXX4155
Mojici SRXX1669
Mojinci SRXX4653
Mojkovic SRXX1670
Mojsinje SRXX3183
Mojsinje SRXX2093
Mokliste SRXX4654
Mokra SRXX4655
Mokra Gora SRXX7928
Mokranje SRXX1036
Mokric SRXX7929
Mokrin SRXX0108
Mol SRXX0323
Mol-Obornjaca SRXX6805
Molin SRXX6806
Moljkovici SRXX7930
Momcilova Mahala SRXX4156
Moracane SRXX6404
Morani SRXX5648
Moravac SRXX3184
Moravca SRXX7931
Moravcevica Sor SRXX2682
Moravci SRXX1671
Moravski Bujmir SRXX3185
Morovic SRXX0324
Mosna SRXX1037
Mosorin SRXX6808
Mostanica SRXX4157
Mosurovina SRXX7932
Mosute SRXX5071
Motina SRXX4158
Motric SRXX3434
Mozgovo SRXX3186
Mracanje SRXX5649
Mramor SRXX7933
Mramor SRXX5072
Mramor SRXX3187
Mramorac SRXX4791
Mramorak SRXX6809
Mramorski Potok SRXX3188
Mrarovac SRXX7934
Mratisic SRXX1672
Mravinci SRXX1673
Mrcajevci SRXX0325
Mrce SRXX6405
Mrcici SRXX7935
Mrckovac SRXX0876
Mrckovina SRXX7936
Mrdace SRXX7937
Mrdenovac SRXX2683
Mrkica Ograda SRXX7938
Mrkonje SRXX5650
Mrkovica SRXX4159
Mrljaci SRXX7939
Mrljak SRXX6406
Mrmonje SRXX5651
Mrmos SRXX5073
Mrovska SRXX2684
Mrsac SRXX5652
Mrselj SRXX6407
Mrselji SRXX2094
Mrsinci SRXX2095
Mrstane SRXX1279
Mrtvica SRXX1280
Mrves SRXX1281
Mrzenica SRXX5074
Muadziri SRXX1439
Mucibaba SRXX7104
Mudrakovac SRXX5075
Mudrovo SRXX0626
Muhar SRXX8603
Muhovac SRXX1440
Muhovo SRXX2096
Muljevice SRXX6408
Mumikole SRXX7940
Mundica Mala SRXX2685
Munitlaci SRXX7941
Munjici SRXX2097
Mur SRXX5653
Mure SRXX5654
Murgas SRXX1674
Murgas SRXX6810
Murici SRXX7942
Murinci SRXX2686
Murovce SRXX5655
Music SRXX1675
Musici SRXX7943
Musina Mahala SRXX4160
Musina Reka SRXX5656
Musinci SRXX4161
Muskovina SRXX7944
Mustapic SRXX0877
Musulj SRXX4162
Musvete SRXX7945
Mutandzici SRXX7946
Mutanj SRXX2098
Mutapovici SRXX2099
Mutavdzici SRXX4163
Mutavina Mahala SRXX4164
Muzace SRXX6409
Muzinac SRXX7105
Muzlja SRXX6811
Naboje SRXX5657
Nabrde SRXX5076
Nabrde SRXX0878
Nadalj SRXX6812
Nadpolje SRXX2687
Nadrlje SRXX3435
Nadumce SRXX5658
Nakovo SRXX0109
Nakrajnica SRXX7947
Nakrivanj SRXX1282
Nakucani SRXX2100
Namga SRXX5659
Nanadici SRXX6813
Nanomir SRXX1676
Narancici SRXX7948
Nascenje SRXX7949
Nastavce SRXX4166
Nasuskovica SRXX4656
Natalinci SRXX6082
Naupara SRXX5077
Navalija SRXX2688
Navalin SRXX1283
Navosela SRXX2101
Nazarica SRXX4167
Nedeljkovici SRXX6083
Nedeljkovici SRXX2102
Nedici SRXX7950
Negbina SRXX7951
Negotin SRXX0020
Negotinac SRXX5660
Negovac SRXX4168
Negrisori SRXX2103
Nemcevici SRXX2689
Nemenikuce SRXX0627
Nenadovac SRXX0628
Nenadovci SRXX7106
Nenadovici SRXX2690
Nenedica SRXX7107
Nepricava SRXX1677
Neradin SRXX6814
Neresnica SRXX0879
Nesalce SRXX1441
Nesevici SRXX7952
Nesi Rid SRXX4169
Neskovici SRXX2104
Nesovici SRXX2105
Nestin SRXX6815
Nestorovici SRXX2691
Nesvrta SRXX4170
Nesvrta SRXX1284
Netvrde SRXX5661
Neuzina SRXX6816
Nevada SRXX6410
Nevade SRXX2106
Nikace SRXX7953
Nikinci SRXX6817
Nikojevici SRXX7954
Nikola Tesla SRXX3189
Nikolcina Mahala SRXX4171
Nikolica Kraj SRXX0629
Nikolicevo SRXX7108
Nikolici SRXX2107
Nikolici SRXX0110
Nikolici SRXX7955
Nikolici SRXX2692
Nikolinac SRXX7109
Nikolinci SRXX4172
Niksic SRXX6084
Niksici SRXX2108
Niksici SRXX7956
Nincici SRXX7957
Nis SRXX5663
Nis SRXX0027
Nisevac SRXX3190
Niska Banja SRXX3191
Nisor SRXX4657
Njegosevo SRXX6819
Nocaj SRXX0330
Nocaje SRXX5664
Nomanica SRXX1285
Norca SRXX4174
Nosoljin SRXX5665
Nova Bozurna SRXX3192
Nova Brezovica SRXX4176
Nova Cetvorka SRXX0630
Nova Crnja SRXX6820
Nova Crvenka SRXX6821
Nova Gajdobra SRXX6822
Nova Kolonija SRXX4177
Nova Maala SRXX4178
Nova Topola SRXX1286
Nova Varos SRXX0331
Novaci SRXX5078
Novaci SRXX1678
Novakovaca SRXX1679
Novakovica Mala SRXX1680
Novakovici SRXX2109
Novakovici SRXX2693
Novakovici SRXX7958
Novi Banovci SRXX0111
Novi Becej SRXX0333
Novi Beograd SRXX0631
Novi Bracin SRXX3193
Novi Durevac SRXX6411
Novi Dvor SRXX6823
Novi Glog SRXX4179
Novi Grad SRXX0632
Novi Itebej SRXX6824
Novi Karlovci SRXX6825
Novi Kisac SRXX6826
Novi Knezevac SRXX0334
Novi Kozarci SRXX0112
Novi Majur SRXX6827
Novi Milanovac SRXX6085
Novi Pazar SRXX0001
Novi Sad SRXX0006
Novi Sip SRXX1038
Novi Slankamen SRXX0339
Novi Sor SRXX2694
Novi Stan SRXX6829
Novi Varos SRXX7959
Novi Zednik SRXX6830
Novici SRXX5079
Novkovci SRXX1287
Novo Korito SRXX7110
Novo Laniste SRXX3436
Novo Milosevo SRXX0341
Novo Momcilovo SRXX6412
Novo Naselje SRXX2695
Novo Naselje SRXX6831
Novo Naselje SRXX3194
Novo Orahovo SRXX6832
Novo Selo SRXX5080
Novo Selo SRXX3195
Novo Selo SRXX2696
Novo Selo SRXX1288
Novo Selo SRXX4658
Novo Selo SRXX7111
Novo Selo SRXX5666
Novo Selo SRXX6413
Novo Selo SRXX3437
Novo Selo SRXX6833
Novo Selo SRXX1039
Novoselci SRXX4181
Novoselo SRXX7960
Novovici SRXX2110
Nozrina SRXX3196
Nuiska Mahala SRXX4182
Obajgora SRXX7961
Obarak SRXX5667
Obarak SRXX2697
Obilic SRXX1289
Obilicevi Salasi SRXX6834
Obiliq SRXX0342
Objanovica SRXX1681
Oblacina SRXX3197
Oblicka Sena SRXX4183
Oblik SRXX7962
Obodine SRXX5668
Obodnik SRXX7963
Obodnja SRXX7964
Oborci SRXX7965
Obornjaca SRXX6835
Obradova Stolica SRXX7112
Obradovci SRXX1290
Obradovici SRXX2111
Obradovici SRXX2698
Obradovici SRXX5081
Obradovici SRXX7966
Obrazda SRXX1291
Obrenovac SRXX0343
Obrenovac SRXX4659
Obrenovici SRXX7967
Obrenovici SRXX2112
Obrez SRXX3438
Obrovac SRXX6837
Obrsina SRXX4184
Obrtince SRXX6414
Obrva SRXX5669
Obucini SRXX7968
Obunice SRXX5670
Obzir SRXX6838
Ocage SRXX2700
Ocka Gora SRXX7969
Ocokoljici SRXX2113
Ocrkavlje SRXX7970
Odaje SRXX6086
Odmejie SRXX5671
Odojevice SRXX5672
Odojevici SRXX5673
Odorovci SRXX4660
Odzaci SRXX6839
Odzaci SRXX5083
Odzacki Kraj SRXX4792
Odzici SRXX2114
Ogar SRXX6840
Ogladenovac SRXX1682
Ogoreljina SRXX4185
Ograde SRXX7971
Ograde SRXX6415
Ogradenica SRXX7972
Ogradenik SRXX2115
Ogrenja SRXX6416
Oholje SRXX5674
Ojkovica SRXX7973
Okletac SRXX7974
Okletacko Polje SRXX7975
Okoliste SRXX3198
Okose SRXX5675
Okrajak SRXX7976
Okrajcane SRXX2116
Okrugla SRXX7977
Okruglica SRXX4186
Okruglica SRXX7978
Okruglica SRXX5084
Okruglica SRXX3199
Omanje SRXX0880
Omar SRXX7979
Omatica SRXX4187
Omladak SRXX7980
Omoljica SRXX6841
Onamnji bliznaci SRXX4188
Onice SRXX7981
Opaljenik SRXX2117
Opancarci SRXX4189
Opancine SRXX7982
Oparic SRXX3439
Opave SRXX5677
Opitra Stena SRXX7983
Oplanic SRXX6087
Oplatnici SRXX5678
Oporac SRXX2118
Opornica SRXX6088
Opovo SRXX6842
Orahovac SRXX0344
Orahovica SRXX1292
Orahovo SRXX5679
Orahovo Brdo SRXX5680
Orane SRXX1293
Oraovac SRXX6417
Oraovica SRXX1294
Oraovica SRXX4190
Orasac SRXX7984
Orasac SRXX1295
Orasac SRXX6089
Orasac SRXX2701
Orasce SRXX1683
Orase SRXX5681
Orasje SRXX7985
Orasje SRXX1296
Orasje SRXX0881
Orasje SRXX6090
Orasje SRXX5085
Oreovac SRXX3200
Oreovac SRXX4661
Oreovica SRXX4662
Oreovica SRXX0882
Oresac SRXX6843
Oresac SRXX7113
Oreskovic SRXX6844
Oreskovica SRXX0883
Orid SRXX2702
Orlja SRXX4663
Orlja Glava SRXX5682
Orljane SRXX3201
Orlje SRXX5683
Orljevo SRXX0345
Orlovac SRXX2703
Orlovac SRXX5086
Orlovaca SRXX8605
Orlovat SRXX6845
Orlovica SRXX4191
Ornica SRXX4192
Ornice SRXX4193
Ornice SRXX5684
Orom SRXX6846
Orom Breg SRXX6847
Orovac SRXX7986
Orovcani SRXX2704
Orovicka Planina SRXX1684
Oruglica SRXX1297
Osanica SRXX0884
Osatica SRXX4194
Osecenica SRXX1685
Osecina SRXX1686
Osipaonica SRXX4793
Osjecenik SRXX7987
Osladic SRXX1687
Oslarci SRXX4195
Oslare SRXX4196
Osljane SRXX7114
Osmakovo SRXX4664
Osnic SRXX1040
Osnic Bukova SRXX7115
Osoje SRXX7116
Osoje SRXX7988
Osonica SRXX5685
Osredak SRXX7989
Osredak SRXX2119
Osredci SRXX5087
Ostatija SRXX5686
Ostatovica SRXX4665
Ostojica Sor SRXX2705
Ostojicevo SRXX6848
Ostojici SRXX2706
Ostojici SRXX7990
Ostra SRXX2120
Ostra Glava SRXX1298
Ostra Stijena SRXX7991
Ostrelj SRXX1041
Ostrelj SRXX7992
Ostres SRXX1688
Ostrik SRXX7993
Ostrikovac SRXX3440
Ostrovica SRXX5687
Ostrovica SRXX3202
Ostrovo SRXX0885
Ostrozub SRXX1299
Ostruzanj SRXX1689
Ostruznica SRXX0114
Ostrvo SRXX0886
Otanj SRXX7994
Otes SRXX5688
Otroci SRXX5689
Ovca SRXX0115
Ovcar Banja SRXX2121
Ovcenica SRXX7995
Ovcinja SRXX7996
Ovcinjsko Polje SRXX7997
Ovsinjinac SRXX3203
Ovsiste SRXX6091
Ozalj SRXX7998
Ozegovici SRXX7999
Ozorci SRXX2707
Ozrem SRXX2122
Pacarada SRXX6420
Pacarizi SRXX6092
Pacavrici SRXX5690
Pacevina SRXX2123
Pacir SRXX6849
Pacukovi SRXX1300
Padaliste SRXX4197
Padej SRXX6850
Padez SRXX5088
Padez SRXX8000
Padina SRXX4198
Padina SRXX6851
Padina SRXX8606
Padinari SRXX4199
Padine SRXX4200
Padinska Skela SRXX0634
Padiste SRXX4201
Paestorci SRXX4202
Paijka SRXX8001
Paino Brdo SRXX8607
Paitljivci SRXX4203
Pajazitovo SRXX6093
Pajez SRXX4666
Pajici SRXX8002
Pajici SRXX2708
Pajkovac SRXX5089
Pajkovaca SRXX2709
Pajovici SRXX2124
Pajovici SRXX5691
Pajsak SRXX5090
Pajsi Potok SRXX5692
Pajsijevic SRXX6094
Pakasnica SRXX5091
Paklenik SRXX5693
Paklestica SRXX4667
Pakline SRXX8003
Paklje SRXX1690
Pakovrace SRXX2125
Palancanje SRXX4204
Palanka SRXX0635
Palez SRXX2710
Palez SRXX2126
Palez SRXX5694
Paleznica SRXX1691
Pali SRXX1692
Palibrci SRXX2127
Palic SRXX0031
Paligrace SRXX3204
Palikuca SRXX1301
Palilula SRXX0636
Palilula SRXX3205
Palilula SRXX7117
Palisat SRXX8004
Palja SRXX4205
Paljane SRXX3441
Paljestica SRXX5695
Paljevine SRXX8005
Paljevo SRXX6421
Paljevstica SRXX5092
Paljuvi SRXX1693
Palojce SRXX1302
Pambukovica SRXX1694
Pametina SRXX5696
Panarija SRXX0887
Pancevo SRXX5697
Pancevo SRXX0003
Panici SRXX8006
Panici SRXX1695
Panici SRXX2711
Panjak SRXX5093
Panjevac SRXX3442
Panjevac SRXX5094
Panjevica SRXX4206
Panjevlje SRXX4207
Panjkonac SRXX3206
Pankovo SRXX0888
Panojevice SRXX5698
Panovici SRXX2712
Panovici SRXX5699
Pantelici SRXX8007
Pantelici SRXX2713
Pantelici SRXX1696
Pantica Mala SRXX2714
Pantici SRXX8008
Pantici SRXX2715
Pantici SRXX2128
Panticka Mala SRXX5095
Pantovici SRXX2129
Pantovici SRXX8009
Papice SRXX8010
Papici SRXX8011
Papratiste SRXX2130
Papratna SRXX7118
Paprikonji SRXX0889
Papulje SRXX2131
Paraci SRXX8012
Paracin SRXX0116
Parada SRXX6422
Paradani SRXX5096
Parage SRXX6852
Paralovac SRXX8013
Paramun SRXX8014
Parcane SRXX5097
Parcani SRXX0637
Parcin SRXX5098
Pardik SRXX3207
Parduse SRXX6423
Paresije SRXX5700
Parezani SRXX2132
Parlog SRXX8015
Parmenac SRXX2133
Parta SRXX6853
Partljevica SRXX4208
Parunovac SRXX0117
Pasinac SRXX6424
Pasino Polje SRXX7119
Pasipoljana SRXX3208
Pasjac SRXX4668
Pasjaca SRXX3209
Pasjaca SRXX6425
Pasjak SRXX5099
Paskas SRXX5701
Paskasija SRXX4669
Paskovac SRXX2716
Pastric SRXX1697
Pasuljiste SRXX6854
Paucina SRXX4794
Paune SRXX1698
Paunkovci SRXX4209
Paunovici SRXX8016
Paunovici SRXX2134
Pavastica SRXX5100
Pavicevac SRXX0638
Paviljoni SRXX8608
Pavitnjaci SRXX2717
Pavlica SRXX5702
Pavlicina SRXX1303
Pavlis SRXX0118
Pavlje SRXX5703
Pavlovac SRXX6855
Pavlovac SRXX6095
Pavlovci SRXX6856
Pavlovci SRXX4210
Pavlovica Brod SRXX8017
Pavlovica Sokak SRXX2718
Pavlovica Sor SRXX2719
Pavlovici SRXX8018
Pavlovici SRXX3210
Pavlovici SRXX2720
Pavlovici SRXX2135
Pavlovo Brdo SRXX5101
Pavlovska Mala SRXX7120
Pavunkovci SRXX4211
Pazar SRXX1304
Pear SRXX8019
Pecanci SRXX6426
Pecani SRXX0639
Pecanica SRXX0890
Pecarani SRXX6427
Pecari SRXX1305
Pecenice SRXX8020
Pecenjevce SRXX0353
Peceno SRXX1442
Pecenog SRXX5704
Pecina SRXX8021
Pecinari SRXX8022
Pecinci SRXX6857
Pecine SRXX0640
Pecini SRXX4212
Pecinovci SRXX1306
Pecka SRXX1699
Pejici SRXX8023
Pejina Mahala SRXX4213
Pejinovic SRXX2721
Pejkovac SRXX3211
Pejovici SRXX5705
Pekanovici SRXX6858
Pekcanica SRXX5706
Pekedanci SRXX4214
Pekmezovici SRXX2722
Pekovici SRXX6428
Penezi SRXX8024
Penezici SRXX8025
Pepelarci SRXX4215
Pepelj SRXX8026
Pepeljaci SRXX4216
Pepeljevac SRXX0641
Perica Kraj SRXX0642
Perici SRXX2723
Peris SRXX3212
Perisici SRXX8027
Perlez SRXX0354
Perose SRXX5707
Perovica Mala SRXX6096
Perovici SRXX5708
Perovici SRXX2136
Perovici SRXX6429
Pertate SRXX1307
Perucac SRXX8028
Perunici SRXX2137
Perunika SRXX6430
Perusici SRXX8029
Perutina SRXX3213
Peselje SRXX8030
Pesetinovci SRXX4217
Pesici SRXX8031
Pesici SRXX2724
Peskopeja SRXX5709
Pestenje SRXX8032
Pesterci SRXX8033
Pestis SRXX6431
Peta SRXX8034
Petacinci SRXX4670
Petakovici SRXX2725
Petibor SRXX8035
Petina SRXX5102
Petine SRXX8036
Petka SRXX0891
Petka SRXX4218
Petka SRXX0643
Petkova Pad SRXX4219
Petkova Padina SRXX4220
Petkovac SRXX6859
Petkovci SRXX4221
Petkovciki SRXX4222
Petkovica SRXX2726
Petkovici SRXX5103
Petkovici SRXX1700
Petkovici SRXX2727
Petkovska Mahala SRXX4223
Petlovaca SRXX2728
Petnica SRXX1701
Petrici SRXX2729
Petrijevo SRXX4795
Petrilje SRXX1308
Petrlas SRXX4671
Petronijevici SRXX6432
Petronijevici SRXX8037
Petropolje SRXX6097
Petrova Niva SRXX1309
Petrovac SRXX4224
Petrovac SRXX0892
Petrovac SRXX4796
Petrovac SRXX3214
Petrovac SRXX6098
Petrovac SRXX1310
Petrovac SRXX4672
Petrovac SRXX5710
Petrovaradin SRXX0119
Petrovici SRXX2730
Petrovici SRXX1702
Petrovici SRXX8038
Petrovici SRXX2138
Petrovici SRXX6433
Petrovicic SRXX0644
Petrovo Selo SRXX1042
Petrusa SRXX7121
Petrze SRXX0893
Peule SRXX8039
Pijuci SRXX8040
Pikavci SRXX4225
Pilareta SRXX5711
Pilatovac SRXX8041
Pilatovici SRXX2139
Pilci SRXX8042
Pilica SRXX8043
Pilonji SRXX0894
Pindzici SRXX8044
Pinjaz Do SRXX5712
Pinosava SRXX0645
Pinosava SRXX4797
Piperkova Mahala SRXX4226
Pirkovac SRXX3215
Piroman SRXX0646
Pirot SRXX0356
Piskalj SRXX6434
Piskanja SRXX5713
Piskopovce SRXX5714
Piskupovo SRXX1311
Pisljak SRXX3443
Pistinac SRXX6860
Pisuklinci SRXX4227
Pivnice SRXX6861
Plac SRXX6435
Plana SRXX8045
Plana SRXX3444
Plana SRXX5104
Plandiste SRXX0357
Planici SRXX8046
Planina SRXX2731
Planinci SRXX2140
Planinica SRXX4673
Planinica SRXX2141
Planinica SRXX1703
Planinica SRXX0358
Planojevici SRXX2142
Plasce SRXX8047
Plaskovac SRXX6099
Platicevo SRXX6863
Plavanj SRXX1704
Plavanja SRXX2732
Plavce SRXX8048
Plavce SRXX1312
Plavcevo Brdo SRXX6436
Plavci SRXX5716
Plavi Horizonti SRXX8609
Plavilo SRXX4229
Plavkovo SRXX5717
Plavna SRXX1043
Plavsici SRXX1705
Plazane SRXX3445
Plecici SRXX1706
Plenibabe SRXX5718
Ples SRXX5105
Plesin SRXX5719
Pleskici SRXX8049
Plijeskovo SRXX8050
Pljackovica SRXX4230
Pljakovo SRXX6437
Pljescicanji SRXX0895
Pljesevci SRXX6100
Pljesivac SRXX8051
Pljevljani SRXX5720
Pljostara SRXX0647
Ploca SRXX5106
Ploca SRXX2733
Plocarci SRXX4231
Plocarska Mahala SRXX4232
Plocica SRXX6865
Plocnik SRXX5721
Plocnik SRXX6438
Plocnik SRXX3216
Ploscari SRXX8052
Ploska SRXX8053
Pluzac SRXX1707
Pluzina SRXX3217
Pnuc SRXX5722
Poblace SRXX8054
Pobrdalj SRXX2734
Pobrdani SRXX0648
Poceca SRXX8055
Pocerina SRXX2735
Pocesje SRXX5723
Pocevica SRXX4798
Pocuta SRXX1708
Pod SRXX8056
Pod Dulom SRXX0896
Pod Velez SRXX1709
Poda SRXX8057
Poda SRXX5724
Podbor SRXX8058
Podborak SRXX8059
Podgaj SRXX2738
Podgorac SRXX0359
Podgorac SRXX3218
Podgorci SRXX5725
Podgorica SRXX8060
Podgorje SRXX8061
Podgrad SRXX8062
Podina SRXX6439
Podjasen SRXX8063
Podjavor SRXX2143
Podjavorje SRXX8064
Podjevac SRXX8065
Podkonik SRXX8066
Podkovilje SRXX2144
Podkraj SRXX8067
Podkrs SRXX8068
Podlipnik SRXX2739
Podlokanj SRXX6866
Podlug SRXX2740
Podmalic SRXX8069
Podnemic SRXX2741
Podosoje SRXX8070
Podozalj SRXX8071
Podozren SRXX8072
Podrebelj SRXX2742
Podrid SRXX2743
Podrimce SRXX1313
Podstene SRXX8073
Podstenje SRXX8074
Podstenjica SRXX8075
Podstolac SRXX8076
Podunavci SRXX5726
Podurvine SRXX8077
Podvinje SRXX8078
Podvis SRXX7122
Podvrska SRXX1044
Poganovo SRXX4674
Pogarevac SRXX1710
Pogled SRXX8079
Pojate SRXX3446
Pokajnica SRXX4799
Pokrevenik SRXX4675
Pokrvenik SRXX5727
Polakovina SRXX8080
Polatna SRXX0897
Polazi SRXX5728
Poledice SRXX2145
Polici SRXX2744
Poljaci SRXX5107
Poljana SRXX8081
Poljana SRXX0360
Poljanak SRXX8082
Poljane SRXX2745
Poljane SRXX0649
Poljane SRXX1711
Poljanice SRXX6867
Polje SRXX8083
Poljica SRXX8084
Poljice SRXX2146
Poljna SRXX5108
Poljska Rzana SRXX4676
Polokce SRXX5729
Polom SRXX4233
Polom SRXX1314
Polom SRXX2147
Polomarci SRXX4234
Polumir SRXX5730
Pomijaca SRXX2746
Ponikovica SRXX8085
Ponikve SRXX0898
Ponjavici SRXX8086
Ponor SRXX4677
Ponor SRXX7123
Ponorac SRXX8087
Ponori SRXX5731
Popadic SRXX1712
Popadica Mala SRXX2747
Popare SRXX1713
Pope SRXX5109
Pope SRXX5732
Popice SRXX5733
Popina SRXX5110
Popinci SRXX6868
Popov Dol SRXX4235
Popov Sor SRXX2748
Popova SRXX6440
Popova Mahala SRXX4236
Popova Reka SRXX5734
Popovac SRXX0899
Popovac SRXX0361
Popovac SRXX3220
Popovce SRXX1315
Popovci SRXX5111
Popovci SRXX4237
Popovic SRXX0650
Popovica SRXX1045
Popovici SRXX8088
Popovici SRXX6101
Popovici SRXX6441
Popovici SRXX2749
Popovina SRXX1715
Popovnjak SRXX3447
Popovo Brdo SRXX8089
Popovska Mahala SRXX4238
Popsica SRXX3221
Popucke SRXX1716
Porede SRXX0120
Porodin SRXX0364
Porodin SRXX3222
Porosanica SRXX0900
Poruznica SRXX7124
Posare SRXX1717
Posilovina SRXX8090
Poskurice SRXX6102
Poslon SRXX3223
Postalica SRXX4239
Postenje SRXX5735
Postenje SRXX2750
Potkrs SRXX8091
Potkula SRXX8092
Potnjak SRXX2751
Potocac SRXX3448
Potocani SRXX2752
Potocanje SRXX8093
Potocare SRXX2753
Potocari SRXX2754
Potocari SRXX8094
Potocari SRXX3449
Potocari SRXX6442
Potocarska Mala SRXX2755
Potoci SRXX8095
Potoci SRXX5736
Potocic SRXX6443
Potok SRXX8096
Potok Mala SRXX5737
Potokovici SRXX2756
Potpec SRXX8097
Potpece SRXX8098
Potporanj SRXX0121
Potreb SRXX5738
Potresje SRXX4240
Potrkanje SRXX7125
Poturcaja SRXX6444
Poyice SRXX8099
Pozar SRXX8100
Pozarevac SRXX0366
Pozega SRXX5739
Pozega SRXX0367
Pozegrmac SRXX8101
Pozezeno SRXX0901
Pozezina SRXX5740
Pozlata SRXX5112
Praca SRXX4678
Prahovo SRXX0122
Pralja SRXX8102
Pranjani SRXX0369
Pranjci SRXX8103
Praskovce SRXX3224
Prasovici SRXX8104
Prastevina SRXX5741
Pravorada SRXX6445
Pravosevo SRXX8105
Prcani SRXX5742
Prcenova SRXX5743
Prcilovica SRXX3225
Prdonjice SRXX5744
Prebreza SRXX6446
Predejane SRXX1316
Predole SRXX5745
Predvorica SRXX2757
Prekadin SRXX6447
Prekasnica SRXX6448
Preki Sor SRXX2758
Prekodolce SRXX4241
Prekonoga SRXX3226
Prekonozi SRXX7126
Prekopcelica SRXX1317
Prekopeca SRXX6103
Prekopuce SRXX6449
Prekorade SRXX6450
Prekorecka Mala SRXX2759
Prekoridanci SRXX4244
Preljina SRXX0370
Premeca SRXX2149
Preobrazenje SRXX4245
Preoil SRXX8106
Prepeliste SRXX8107
Presecina SRXX1318
Presedo SRXX8108
Preseka SRXX2760
Preseka SRXX4679
Presevo SRXX0371
Presjeka SRXX2150
Preskoce SRXX6451
Preslap SRXX1319
Preslap SRXX4246
Preslo SRXX5746
Pretezana SRXX6452
Pretina SRXX4248
Pretoke SRXX6104
Pretresnja SRXX6453
Pretrkovac SRXX3227
Prevalac SRXX4249
Prevalija SRXX8109
Prevest SRXX3450
Prevetica SRXX6454
Prevoj SRXX6455
Prhovo SRXX6869
Priboj SRXX1321
Priboj SRXX0372
Priboj Vranjski SRXX4250
Pribojska Banja SRXX8110
Pribojske Celice SRXX8111
Pribojskecelice SRXX8112
Pribovce SRXX1443
Pricevac SRXX7127
Pricevic SRXX1718
Pricinovic SRXX2761
Pridol Mahala SRXX4251
Pridoli SRXX8113
Pridolska Mahala SRXX4252
Pridvorica SRXX5748
Pridvorica SRXX1322
Pridvorica SRXX1719
Pridvorica SRXX6456
Pridvorice SRXX4800
Prigrevica SRXX0123
Prijanovici SRXX8114
Prijepolje SRXX8115
Prijevici SRXX8116
Prijevor SRXX2151
Prijevori SRXX8117
Prijezdic SRXX1720
Prilepac SRXX1323
Prilike SRXX8118
Prilipac SRXX2152
Priljevska Crkva SRXX2762
Pripor SRXX4253
Prisevici SRXX5749
Prisjan SRXX4680
Prislonica SRXX2153
Prisoj SRXX0902
Prisoje SRXX8119
Prisoje SRXX5750
Prisoje SRXX4254
Prisojnica SRXX5751
Prisojska Mahala SRXX4255
Privina Glava SRXX6870
Privoje SRXX5752
Prkosava SRXX6105
Prlita SRXX7128
Prljci SRXX8120
Prljevac SRXX8121
Prljevine SRXX8122
Prljuse SRXX6106
Prlo SRXX8123
Prnjavor SRXX0651
Prnjavor SRXX6107
Prnjavor SRXX6871
Prnjavor SRXX2763
Prnjavor Jazacki SRXX6872
Procavci SRXX4256
Procovalci SRXX1324
Procovci SRXX4257
Prodica SRXX8124
Progar SRXX0652
Progorelica SRXX0124
Progoreoci SRXX6108
Prokici SRXX1721
Prokopova Kutina SRXX3228
Prokuplje SRXX0375
Prolesje SRXX4258
Prolici SRXX2154
Prolom SRXX6457
Prolomska Banja SRXX6458
Proplanci SRXX8125
Propljenica SRXX5753
Prorecane SRXX8126
Prosce SRXX8127
Prosek SRXX3229
Prosivalci SRXX5754
Prostinac SRXX0903
Protopopinci SRXX4681
Provalija SRXX5113
Provalija SRXX2764
Provaljenik SRXX4682
Provo SRXX2765
Prozorak SRXX4259
Prsini SRXX4260
Prtenjaci SRXX2155
Prugovac SRXX3230
Prugovo SRXX0904
Pruzanj SRXX5755
Pruzatovac SRXX0653
Pruznjaja SRXX5756
Prva Kutina SRXX3231
Prvenovice SRXX5757
Prvonek SRXX4261
Przinci SRXX4262
Przojne SRXX1325
Psanik SRXX2156
Puanci SRXX2157
Pudarci SRXX0654
Puhovac SRXX5114
Puhovo SRXX2158
Pujgeri SRXX6873
Pukovac SRXX3232
Puljezi SRXX2766
Puljinci SRXX4263
Punderci SRXX4264
Punisevce SRXX4265
Punosevici SRXX5115
Purce SRXX5758
Purici SRXX1722
Purici SRXX8128
Pusine SRXX8129
Puskici SRXX8130
Pusta Tusimlja SRXX5759
Pusto Silovo SRXX1326
Pustovlah SRXX5760
Putinci SRXX6874
Putnikovo SRXX6875
Puzovici SRXX8131
R. Uglja SRXX0905
Rabas SRXX1723
Rabasovici SRXX8132
Rabe SRXX6876
Rabenovac SRXX3451
Rabrenovac SRXX8133
Rabrovac SRXX4801
Rabrovo SRXX0906
Raca SRXX4802
Raca SRXX6459
Radaje SRXX8134
Radalj SRXX2767
Radaljevo SRXX2159
Radaljica SRXX2160
Radaljska Banja SRXX2768
Radanovci SRXX8135
Radanovici SRXX2769
Radanovici SRXX8136
Radava SRXX8137
Radejna SRXX4683
Radelici SRXX8138
Radenka SRXX0907
Radenkovac SRXX7129
Radenkovic SRXX6877
Radenovici SRXX2161
Radevce SRXX3233
Radevci SRXX2770
Radevo Selo SRXX1724
Radibratovici SRXX8139
Radicevac SRXX7130
Radicevci SRXX4266
Radicevici SRXX2771
Radici SRXX2772
Radijevici SRXX8140
Radikina Bara SRXX3234
Radikovac SRXX2773
Radinac SRXX4803
Radinjince SRXX4684
Radinkovaca SRXX2774
Radinovac SRXX1327
Radisici SRXX8141
Radivojevici SRXX2775
Radljevo SRXX1725
Radmanovci SRXX5116
Radmanovo SRXX5117
Radmilovici SRXX6109
Radmirovac SRXX3235
Radobic SRXX1726
Radobuda SRXX8142
Radoinja SRXX8143
Radojcici SRXX2776
Radojcici SRXX8144
Radojcini SRXX4267
Radojevici SRXX8145
Radojevici SRXX5761
Radojevici SRXX6878
Radojevo SRXX6879
Radojici SRXX8146
Radojicici SRXX2162
Radojkovici SRXX5118
Radonjica SRXX1328
Radonjina Mahala SRXX4268
Radosevac SRXX0908
Radosevac SRXX4685
Radosevo SRXX8147
Radosice SRXX5762
Radosin SRXX4686
Radosin SRXX3452
Radosljavci SRXX4269
Radovanje SRXX4804
Radovanovici SRXX2777
Radovanovici SRXX6460
Radovasnica SRXX2778
Radovci SRXX8148
Radovice SRXX8149
Radovici SRXX5763
Radovici SRXX8150
Radovici SRXX5119
Radovici SRXX6461
Radovici SRXX1329
Radovinci SRXX1330
Radovnica SRXX4270
Raducica Mala SRXX2779
Raduhovce SRXX5764
Radujevac SRXX0376
Radulovici SRXX2163
Radunje SRXX5120
Radusa SRXX1727
Radusa SRXX5765
Rafuna SRXX1331
Ragodes SRXX4687
Raicevice SRXX8152
Rajac SRXX1046
Rajca SRXX8153
Rajcetina SRXX1332
Rajcevce SRXX4271
Rajcevici SRXX8154
Rajcilovci SRXX4272
Rajcinovice SRXX5766
Rajevci SRXX8155
Rajic Brdo SRXX8156
Rajici SRXX8157
Rajici SRXX6880
Rajici SRXX2164
Rajicici SRXX2165
Rajinac SRXX5121
Rajince SRXX4273
Rajinovac SRXX8158
Rajkinac SRXX3453
Rajkovac SRXX0655
Rajkovac SRXX4805
Rajkovic SRXX1728
Rajkovica SRXX4274
Rajkovice SRXX5767
Rajkovici SRXX2780
Rajno Polje SRXX1333
Rajnovici SRXX8159
Rakari SRXX1729
Rakasi SRXX2166
Rakica Mala SRXX2781
Rakicevici SRXX2167
Rakicevici SRXX5122
Rakici SRXX6462
Rakici SRXX5123
Rakici SRXX8160
Rakici SRXX5768
Rakicka Mala SRXX5124
Rakinac SRXX4806
Rakita SRXX8161
Rakita SRXX4688
Rakitovo SRXX3454
Rakitska Mahala SRXX4275
Raklja SRXX5125
Rakonjci SRXX8162
Rakov Dol SRXX4689
Rakov Dol SRXX4276
Rakova SRXX2168
Rakova Bara SRXX0909
Rakovac SRXX5126
Rakovac SRXX0656
Rakovac SRXX4277
Rakovac SRXX5769
Rakovac SRXX6881
Rakovica SRXX6463
Rakovica SRXX2783
Rakovica SRXX0657
Rakovica SRXX0910
Rakovici SRXX1730
Rakovici SRXX8163
Rakusa SRXX8164
Ralenovici SRXX5770
Raletici SRXX8165
Ralja SRXX0658
Ralja SRXX0377
Raljin SRXX4690
Ram SRXX0911
Ramaca SRXX6110
Ramazanci SRXX4278
Ramici SRXX2784
Ramna Artina SRXX4279
Ramni Del SRXX4280
Ramniste SRXX0912
Ramosevo SRXX5771
Ramovina SRXX8166
Ranatovce SRXX1444
Rancevo SRXX6882
Rancin Dol SRXX4281
Randzici SRXX5772
Rangina Mala SRXX6464
Ranici SRXX8167
Ranilovic SRXX6111
Raninci SRXX4282
Rankova Reka SRXX6465
Rankovici SRXX2785
Rankovici SRXX6112
Ranovac SRXX0913
Ranovici SRXX8168
Ranutovac SRXX4283
Rapavica SRXX4284
Rapcevica SRXX5127
Rasadnik SRXX8169
Rasanac SRXX0914
Rasce SRXX8170
Rascepenica SRXX4285
Rascici SRXX2169
Rasevac SRXX6466
Rasevac SRXX8171
Rasevica SRXX3455
Rasevica SRXX6467
Rasica SRXX6468
Rasicev Kraj SRXX0659
Rasina SRXX5128
Rasince SRXX4286
Rasje SRXX5129
Raska SRXX0125
Raskovice SRXX8172
Raskovici SRXX6113
Raskrsce SRXX2786
Raskrsje SRXX7131
Raskrsnica SRXX8173
Rasna SRXX8174
Rasnica SRXX2787
Rasnica SRXX4691
Rasno SRXX8175
Rasovac SRXX2170
Rasovici SRXX5774
Raspogance SRXX8176
Rast SRXX2171
Rastelica SRXX6469
Rastenovice SRXX8177
Rastina SRXX8178
Rastina SRXX6883
Rastiste SRXX5775
Rastovnica SRXX6470
Rataj Mala SRXX5130
Rataje SRXX5131