Weather Codes for Senegal

Find Weather Codes or Weather Zip Codes for states and cities in Senegal. Weather Codes references a specified Location and is used to get weather of that place accurately. They are used by The Weather Channel( by IBM), Yahoo! Weather, AOL Weather and many such weather forecasting platforms. It is similar to Yahoo's WOEID(Where On the Earth ID) that is used to represent each place uniquely.

You can know the weather of any place precisely with the help of weather codes. Find the current weather of your state or city by clicking on it. You will be redirected to The Weather Channel site with your weather code for accurate weather forecast.

Abattoirs SGXX0763
Abdallah SGXX5657
Abdou SGXX0178
Abdou Dao SGXX3953
Abekouta SGXX1717
Abeme SGXX8406
Abirane Gaye SGXX3954
Acare SGXX5264
Adabere SGXX5265
Adeane SGXX0010
Adiana SGXX1718
Adioufa SGXX1719
Adjing SGXX1720
Adoune Bram SGXX8407
Afe SGXX0179
Afe SGXX3955
Afe Niang SGXX3956
Affe SGXX3957
Affiniam SGXX0011
Afia SGXX6155
Afia II SGXX6156
Aga SGXX7471
Aga Babou SGXX7472
Agnak Grand SGXX8408
Agnak Petit SGXX8409
Agnam Goli SGXX5266
Agnam Lidoube SGXX5267
Aguior SGXX8410
Ahabetou Talap SGXX3958
Aher SGXX8411
Ahibdia SGXX3959
Ahinga SGXX8412
Ai SGXX7473
Aidra SGXX0963
Aikoun SGXX6157
Aine Madi SGXX1721
Ainoumadi SGXX5268
Ainoumal SGXX2961
Ainoumane SGXX8413
Aitia SGXX0764
Akal SGXX1722
Akintou SGXX1723
Akounde SGXX1724
Aladji Omar SGXX3961
Alahina SGXX6158
Alahina Boucar SGXX6159
Alakounda SGXX8414
Alaleri SGXX6160
Alali SGXX6161
Alalon SGXX1725
Alana SGXX5269
Alanbato SGXX1726
Alarba SGXX5658
Albadar SGXX8415
Alfa Sadou SGXX1727
Ali Gane SGXX2962
Ali Ndene SGXX3962
Ali Ouri SGXX5270
Ali Yoro Ndero SGXX3963
Alie SGXX0180
Alika SGXX0964
Alikali SGXX1728
Alinnguel SGXX6162
Alinnkane SGXX6163
Alkalikounda SGXX1729
Alla Gaouri SGXX2963
Allague SGXX6164
Allouki SGXX2964
Alo SGXX5659
Alouki SGXX2965
Aloulaye SGXX3964
Alouniang SGXX3965
Aloute SGXX1730
Amadji SGXX6165
Amadra SGXX1731
Amady Ounare SGXX5271
Amali SGXX3966
Amama SGXX0181
Amanatoulaye SGXX1732
Amat Ba SGXX3967
Amat Ouwarou SGXX0182
Amdalaye SGXX6166
Amet Niavel SGXX0183
Amoura SGXX5660
Anabiko SGXX6167
Anambe SGXX1733
Andal SGXX7474
Andiare SGXX5272
Andioume SGXX1734
Anene SGXX7475
Angoussaka SGXX6168
Angueniapissa SGXX6169
Aniam Lrlabe SGXX5273
Aniam-Touguel SGXX5661
Anisse SGXX1735
Ankobiri SGXX1736
Anpountoum SGXX1737
Antou Mane SGXX0184
Aorane SGXX5274
Aoure SGXX5275
Aourou SGXX6170
Ape Dembagourou SGXX5276
Ape Dialoube SGXX5277
Ape Diaoube SGXX5278
Ape Sakobe SGXX5279
Apol Peul SGXX3968
Arafa SGXX2966
Aralde SGXX0965
Aram SGXX5662
Aramine SGXX7476
Ardo Mademba SGXX3969
Ardoulaye SGXX6171
Arigabo SGXX6172
Aroundou SGXX6173
As SGXX5663
Asnde Balla SGXX5280
Assere SGXX5281
Assoumoune SGXX1738
Atadialama SGXX8416
Atak SGXX6174
Ate Ndiaye SGXX0966
Atiou SGXX0967
Atioum SGXX8417
Atoure SGXX8418
Awataba SGXX1739
Aye Noumad SGXX2967
Aye Noumane SGXX2968
Ayenemadi SGXX1740
Aymeroua SGXX3970
Aynoumal SGXX3971
Aynoumane SGXX7477
Ayoum SGXX8419
Ba Bleul SGXX0185
Bab Sar SGXX2969
Baba Gale SGXX6175
Baba Gaye SGXX0186
Baba-Garage SGXX0012
Bababe SGXX6176
Babadi SGXX1741
Babak SGXX7482
Babali SGXX0968
Babanem SGXX2970
Babar SGXX0187
Babate SGXX0188
Babel SGXX6177
Babel Fera SGXX0189
Babine Tiakre SGXX7483
Babinguel SGXX5282
Babira SGXX1742
Babonda SGXX8421
Babongoulou SGXX5283
Babou SGXX2971
Babou SGXX7484
Babou Naim SGXX0969
Baboucar Toumbou SGXX0970
Babouni SGXX0971
Badagar SGXX8422
Badam SGXX7485
Badar SGXX7486
Badar Diaye SGXX3973
Badar Ndaye SGXX3974
Badem SGXX3975
Badi SGXX6178
Badiana SGXX8424
Badiandian SGXX1743
Badiandoum SGXX1744
Badiane SGXX0190
Badiane SGXX3976
Badiane Nem SGXX0972
Badiara SGXX1745
Badiari SGXX1746
Badiat SGXX8425
Badie SGXX6179
Badie Kad SGXX0191
Badieleli SGXX8426
Badiene SGXX2972
Badimbour SGXX1747
Badindin SGXX1748
Badinnding SGXX1749
Badioal SGXX8427
Badion SGXX1750
Badiongo SGXX8428
Badionkoto SGXX8429
Badionkoton SGXX8430
Badiou Batan SGXX1751
Badioula SGXX6180
Badioure SGXX8431
Badji SGXX0973
Badji Boko Roko SGXX3977
Badjikounda SGXX1752
Badjimor SGXX1753
Badobar SGXX1754
Badogor Boki SGXX5664
Badogor Doune SGXX3978
Badon SGXX6181
Badouga SGXX1755
Badoumba Diae SGXX1756
Badoumba Mamadou SGXX1758
Bae SGXX0974
Bafabantan SGXX1759
Bafara Diala SGXX2973
Bafata SGXX1760
Bafaye SGXX0192
Bafaye SGXX0975
Bafel SGXX0976
Bafikane SGXX8432
Bafoundou SGXX6182
Bag Dobe SGXX5665
Bagadadji SGXX6183
Bagadadji SGXX1761
Bagadadji SGXX0977
Bagaga SGXX8433
Bagame SGXX8434
Bagana SGXX7487
Baganha SGXX8435
Bagata SGXX6184
Bagaya SGXX8436
Bagayogo SGXX6185
Baghanga SGXX1762
Bagni-Bagni SGXX6186
Bagone SGXX5284
Bahanga SGXX8437
Bahare SGXX6187
Bahire Foula SGXX6188
Bahis Sek SGXX3979
Baila SGXX0978
Bailar SGXX2975
Baili-Ouamedaka SGXX6189
Bainak SGXX3980
Baipoum SGXX8439
Bairat SGXX3981
Baisso SGXX6190
Baiti SGXX2976
Baiti SGXX3982
Baiti SGXX0193
Baiti Bakar SGXX7488
Baiti Dia SGXX0194
Baiti Dieye SGXX5666
Baiti Diouf SGXX7489
Baiti Gaye SGXX7490
Baiti Gueye SGXX7491
Baiti Ndiaye SGXX3983
Baiti Sali SGXX7492
Baiti Tiokene SGXX3984
Baitilaye SGXX6191
Baitit SGXX2977
Bajiran SGXX8440
Bak SGXX0979
Bak Dior SGXX0980
Bakadadji SGXX6192
Bakadaji SGXX1763
Bakao SGXX5667
Bakaouka SGXX6193
Bakayoko SGXX1764
Bakbous SGXX0195
Bakel SGXX6194
Bakem SGXX0981
Bakeri SGXX6195
Bakesaloum SGXX2978
Bakhalou SGXX0982
Bakhda SGXX3985
Bakhere SGXX3986
Bakhes SGXX3987
Baki SGXX0196
Baki Baki SGXX6196
Bakindik SGXX0983
Bako SGXX2979
Bakopone SGXX0197
Bakor SGXX1765
Bakoudiem SGXX0984
Bakoum SGXX1766
Bakoundi SGXX1767
Bakounou SGXX8441
Bakoure SGXX0198
Bakous SGXX0985
Bal Gaye SGXX7493
Bal Mayata SGXX6197
Bala SGXX0013
Bala Bassene SGXX8442
Bala Diaye SGXX0199
Bala Diobene SGXX3988
Bala Foulbe SGXX6198
Bala Guirene SGXX8443
Bala Meretaol SGXX6199
Bala Ougonor SGXX8444
Bala Palene SGXX0200
Balabougou SGXX7494
Balakonko SGXX6200
Balakounda SGXX1768
Balal Penda SGXX3989
Balala SGXX1769
Balam Boulou SGXX6201
Balande SGXX3990
Balandine SGXX8445
Balankine SGXX8446
Balboto SGXX3991
Baldi Kadjole SGXX6202
Balel SGXX5285
Balel Cisse SGXX3992
Balel Pathe SGXX5286
Balel Sall SGXX3993
Balenia SGXX8447
Balenian SGXX8448
Baleou SGXX8449
Bali SGXX2980
Bali Gueli SGXX3994
Bali Roto SGXX3995
Balian SGXX8450
Balib SGXX8451
Baliga SGXX7495
Baline SGXX8452
Balingor SGXX8453
Balkam SGXX7496
Balkamissa SGXX1770
Balla Ndiaye SGXX3996
Balmadou SGXX1771
Balo Kounda SGXX1772
Balodji SGXX3997
Balokounda SGXX1773
Balol SGXX0986
Balonguine SGXX8454
Balori SGXX6203
Balou SGXX6204
Balta SGXX3998
Bam Bare SGXX0201
Bam Djigane SGXX0987
Bamadoukounda SGXX6205
Bamaki SGXX6206
Bamako SGXX1774
Bamakounda SGXX1775
Bamb SGXX0202
Bamba SGXX2981
Bamba Mamadou SGXX2982
Bamba Moussa SGXX2983
Bambadala SGXX6207
Bambadala SGXX1776
Bambadala Tiako SGXX0989
Bambadji SGXX6208
Bambako SGXX6209
Bambali SGXX1777
Bambali SGXX2984
Bambara SGXX7497
Bambarakounda SGXX1778
Bambaraya SGXX6210
Bambato SGXX1779
Bambe SGXX0203
Bambey SGXX0014
Bambilor SGXX0765
Bambli SGXX0205
Bamboung SGXX0990
Bamboya SGXX6211
Bamgol SGXX3999
Bamhouame SGXX4000
Bampana SGXX7498
Bana Daniedo SGXX6212
Banadie SGXX5287
Banane SGXX0991
Banane SGXX0206
Banankourou SGXX1780
Banba SGXX6213
Banbadala SGXX1781
Banbadinnka SGXX1782
Banbadinnka SGXX8455
Banbadion SGXX1783
Band SGXX2985
Bandafassi SGXX6214
Bandafassi Tenda SGXX6215
Bandandar SGXX0992
Bandemba SGXX6216
Bandia Bambara SGXX7499
Bandia Sessene SGXX7500
Bandial SGXX8456
Bandiala SGXX0993
Bandio SGXX0994
Bandioul Bante SGXX2986
Bandji SGXX4001
Bandjikaki SGXX8457
Bandoulou SGXX0995
Bane SGXX2987
Bane SGXX0996
Baneba SGXX1785
Banfara SGXX6217
Banfara II SGXX6219
Banfarato SGXX6220
Banfaroto SGXX6221
Bangadj SGXX7501
Bangadj SGXX0997
Banganga SGXX8458
Bangare SGXX2988
Bangaye SGXX0207
Bangaye Sambo SGXX0998
Bangol SGXX4002
Bangounam SGXX8459
Bangoye SGXX4003
Banhar SGXX1786
Bani SGXX6222
Bani SGXX1787
Bani SGXX0999
Bani Tapirde SGXX6223
Banianol SGXX5288
Baniaye SGXX7502
Baniere SGXX1788
Banima SGXX1789
Baniomba SGXX6224
Baniou SGXX1790
Banipeli SGXX6225
Bankassouk SGXX8460
Bankou SGXX6226
Bankouba SGXX6227
Bankouma SGXX2989
Bannbadinnka SGXX6228
Banou SGXX1000
Banoungoune SGXX1791
Bantakokouta SGXX6229
Bantambali SGXX6230
Bantanani SGXX6231
Bantandiang SGXX1794
Bantanguel SGXX1795
Bantangueul SGXX6232
Bantaniel SGXX1797
Bantankho SGXX6233
Bantanki Doulo SGXX1798
Bantankoli SGXX6234
Bantankountou SGXX1799
Bantankountou SGXX6235
Bantankountouyel SGXX1800
Bantantinnting SGXX6236
Bantanto SGXX1801
Bantata SGXX6237
Bantigniel SGXX1802
Baode SGXX0208
Baou SGXX1001
Baoul SGXX1002
Bapalel Koliabe SGXX5289
Bapedj SGXX4004
Bapedji SGXX4005
Bara SGXX6238
Bara SGXX4006
Baraberi SGXX6239
Baraboye SGXX6240
Baraf SGXX8461
Barafoute SGXX6241
Baraglou SGXX7503
Baragues SGXX8462
Baraka Bounao SGXX8463
Baraka Poukao SGXX8464
Barakounda SGXX2990
Barakounda SGXX6242
Baral SGXX4007
Baralak SGXX8465
Barale Ndiaye SGXX4008
Barandama SGXX1803
Barandao SGXX0209
Barandoufari SGXX6243
Barantir SGXX8466
Barbaouane SGXX1003
Bardial SGXX7504
Bardiol SGXX4009
Bare SGXX4010
BareBanta SGXX4011
Bareguessin SGXX8467
Baret SGXX7505
Barga SGXX5290
Bargny SGXX0766
Bargny Guedj SGXX0767
Bargny Ngoude SGXX0768
Bargue SGXX4012
Bari SGXX5668
Bari SGXX4013
Bari SGXX1804
Bari Diame SGXX4014
Bari Diame Cisse SGXX4015
Bari Diamm SGXX5669
Baria SGXX1004
Baridiane SGXX7506
Barindondol SGXX1005
Barkatou SGXX5291
Barkayel SGXX6244
Barkedji SGXX0210
Barkedji SGXX2991
Barkedji SGXX0015
Barkedji Mboul SGXX0211
Barkiel SGXX6245
Barkjewel SGXX2992
Barmetial SGXX5292
Barobe SGXX5670
Barokounda SGXX6246
Barone SGXX2993
Barouk SGXX8468
Barsafa SGXX6247
Barsine SGXX1006
Bassabou SGXX2994
Bassada SGXX1805
Bassaf SGXX1806
Bassafa SGXX1807
Bassanbea SGXX8469
Bassar SGXX1007
Bassem Mondouar SGXX8470
Bassene SGXX8471
Bassere SGXX8472
Bassinkil SGXX8473
Bassoul SGXX1008
Bassoum SGXX1808
Batabout SGXX8474
Batal SGXX4017
Batal SGXX0212
Batan Gnima SGXX1809
Batankigne SGXX8475
Bateguele SGXX1810
Batekel SGXX8476
Batimba SGXX6248
Batindie SGXX8477
Batinding Dieme SGXX8478
Batinier SGXX8479
Batodji SGXX4018
Batoulane SGXX2996
Batranke SGXX6249
Battal SGXX4019
Baya SGXX1811
Bayakh SGXX4020
Bayakh SGXX7507
Bayakh Gaye SGXX4021
Bayamba SGXX1812
Bayandour SGXX2997
Bayanka SGXX1813
Baye Diang SGXX4022
Baye Yar SGXX4023
Bayene SGXX0213
Bayene Diak SGXX7508
Bayer SGXX7509
Bayfora SGXX1814
Bayti SGXX5672
Baytilaye SGXX6250
Bede SGXX4024
Bedetiole SGXX1815
Beel SGXX5293
Beela SGXX5294
Begaye Ardo SGXX4025
Begaye Samb SGXX4026
Begne Pinda SGXX4027
Beguel SGXX7510
Bel Tiaski SGXX4028
Bel Tiaski Boki SGXX4029
Bel-Air SGXX0769
Bela SGXX2998
Belal SGXX1816
Belal Soumaila SGXX1817
Belan SGXX1818
Belaye SGXX8480
Beldjimbara SGXX6251
Bele SGXX2999
Bele SGXX6252
Belel SGXX5295
Belel SGXX6253
Belel Babo SGXX3000
Belel Bandia SGXX4030
Belel Baouami SGXX4031
Belel Baoude SGXX4032
Belel Beloki SGXX4033
Belel Bobori SGXX5673
Belel Boulbi SGXX4034
Belel Davo SGXX5674
Belel Diabi SGXX0214
Belel Diamala SGXX6254
Belel Doba SGXX4035
Belel Doulo SGXX4036
Belel Fando SGXX4037
Belel Goloki SGXX4038
Belel Mbodi SGXX5675
Belel Namari SGXX4039
Belel Ndiobo SGXX4040
Belel Otonde SGXX4041
Belel Sirod SGXX4042
Belel Tiaski SGXX4043
Belel-Boukar SGXX5296
Belel-Tiodo SGXX5297
Belene Boulbi SGXX4044
Belfadak SGXX1009
Belgarki SGXX4045
Beli Diori SGXX4046
Beli Koyali SGXX4047
Beli-Oli SGXX5676
Beli-Pouri SGXX6255
Beli-Tiovi SGXX5677
Beliguel SGXX4048
Belil Nelbi SGXX4049
Belimaounde SGXX1819
Belkagne SGXX4050
Belkhor SGXX1010
Belki SGXX0215
Belkoum SGXX5678
Belle SGXX6256
Belli SGXX7511
Belnaibe Mbaila SGXX5298
Belogne SGXX3001
Belongui SGXX3002
Belrout SGXX7512
Beltiasde SGXX4051
Bem-Bem SGXX5299
Bema SGXX6257
Bema SGXX8481
Bembou SGXX6258
Bemete Djimande SGXX1821
Bemete Vouti SGXX1822
Bene Barak SGXX0770
Bene Djouma SGXX3003
Bene Mamour SGXX3004
Bene Tali SGXX0771
Bengadji SGXX4052
Benndiguirailo SGXX6259
Bennguene SGXX0216
Benntingui SGXX3005
Benntingui SGXX4053
Ber Tialane SGXX7513
Berdiouga SGXX4054
Bereup SGXX7514
Bereup Sow SGXX7515
Beri Diagne SGXX0217
Beriou SGXX1823
Berkom SGXX4055
Bernal SGXX8482
Berola SGXX6260
Berola Madina SGXX6261
Bessire SGXX8483
Bessoloum SGXX8484
Betanti SGXX1011
Beteou SGXX1012
Bethio SGXX4056
Betiou SGXX5679
Beto SGXX0218
Beul Gueye SGXX4057
Beuno Mboro SGXX7516
Beurleup SGXX7517
Beye Madji SGXX5680
Bezel SGXX1824
Biarou SGXX1825
Biba SGXX4058
Bibi SGXX4059
Bichiri SGXX5300
Bidal SGXX5301
Bidem SGXX4060
Bidiam SGXX5681
Bidiam SGXX3006
Bidjika SGXX1013
Bignona SGXX0016
Bikol SGXX1014
Bil SGXX3007
Bil SGXX1015
Bilassar SGXX1826
Bilel SGXX6262
Bilore SGXX7518
Binako SGXX1827
Binandar SGXX1016
Binbaba SGXX1828
Binbou SGXX0017
Bindiguea SGXX6263
Bine Abdou Gueye SGXX1017
Binguil SGXX6264
Binndago SGXX8485
Binndiou SGXX4061
Binndiou SGXX1018
Binngel SGXX3008
Binnguel SGXX6266
Binnguel SGXX5302
Binnguel Dadhi SGXX5303
Binnguer SGXX1019
Binnkine SGXX8486
Birahim Seye SGXX4062
Biram Aouagali SGXX4063
Biram Bodel SGXX4064
Biram Diate SGXX3009
Biram Fal SGXX7519
Biram Gueye SGXX4065
Birama Kelle SGXX4066
Birane Gaye SGXX5682
Birataba SGXX6267
Birfal SGXX6268
Birkamanding SGXX8487
Birkelane SGXX3010
Birkelane SGXX0018
Bissakal SGXX1829
Bissar SGXX1830
Bissari SGXX1831
Bissari Diosson SGXX1832
Bissari Dioub SGXX1833
Bissari Missira SGXX1834
Bissarou SGXX1835
Bissassou Douma SGXX1836
Bisset I SGXX5683
Bisset II SGXX5684
Bissinabes SGXX5685
Bissine SGXX8488
Bitibiti SGXX8489
Bitiou SGXX7520
Bito SGXX5686
Blaze SGXX8490
Bloug SGXX5304
Boba SGXX0219
Boba SGXX6269
Bobi SGXX0220
Bobi SGXX5305
Bobodigoula SGXX4067
Bobori SGXX4068
Bobori SGXX5687
Boboti SGXX6270
Bodade SGXX4069
Bode SGXX3012
Bode SGXX8491
Bode SGXX5688
Bode SGXX6271
Bode Dieng SGXX0221
Bodedji SGXX5306
Bodegne SGXX4070
Bodeyel SGXX1837
Bodia SGXX8492
Bodibato SGXX6272
Bododji SGXX5307
Bofa SGXX8493
Bofaye SGXX7521
Bofe SGXX0223
Bofeto SGXX6273
Boffel Alassane SGXX4071
Bofi SGXX3013
Bofoulou SGXX6274
Bogal SGXX4072
Bogal Diaouli SGXX6275
Bogalar SGXX3014
Bogguel SGXX5689
Bogol SGXX4073
Boguel SGXX3015
Boguel SGXX1838
Boguel Gaye SGXX4074
Boguelbar SGXX4075
Boguene Goli SGXX4076
Boguessa Boudou SGXX4077
Bohe Baledie SGXX6276
Bohene SGXX0224
Bohodi-Gobel SGXX4078
Bohof SGXX1020
Bohou SGXX5308
Boingal SGXX6277
Boinguel SGXX6278
Boissedou SGXX8494
Boiti SGXX4079
Bokar Diakanke SGXX6279
Boke SGXX6280
Boke Namadi SGXX5690
Bokeladji SGXX5309
Bokhogne SGXX7522
Boki SGXX0019
Boki Baga Pui SGXX3016
Boki Bagou SGXX5310
Boki Diave SGXX5311
Boki Dior SGXX3017
Boki Dive SGXX4080
Boki Kekki SGXX5691
Boki Lotchi SGXX1021
Boki Maboube SGXX6281
Boki Mbonon SGXX5312
Boki Saboudo SGXX5313
Boki Saboundou SGXX5314
Boki Sada SGXX6282
Boki Tiedo SGXX4081
Boki Toudoune SGXX4082
Bokidou lki SGXX6283
Bokie Sintian SGXX1839
Bokiguile SGXX6284
Bokinedo SGXX4083
Bokke Dialloube SGXX5692
Bokke Fafabe SGXX5693
Bokke Mbaibe SGXX5694
Boko SGXX8495
Boko SGXX6285
Bokobof SGXX1022
Bokodi SGXX6286
Bokolako SGXX6287
Bokondine SGXX0225
Bokoul SGXX5695
Boktol SGXX7523
Bola Kho SGXX4084
Bolel Gari SGXX0226
Boleyel SGXX5315
Boli SGXX1023
Boliboguel SGXX4085
Boliegue Ardo SGXX4086
Bolo SGXX0227
Bolonas SGXX1024
Bombali SGXX1840
Bona SGXX1841
Bonboye SGXX7524
Bonboye SGXX0228
Bondala SGXX6288
Bondali SGXX1842
Bondie SGXX3018
Bondie Peul SGXX3019
Bondie Tiamene SGXX3020
Bondie Tiarene SGXX3021
Bondji SGXX5316
Bonkonto SGXX1843
Bonmadigui SGXX6289
Bop SGXX0772
Bop Tior SGXX5696
Borde SGXX6290
Borhosem SGXX7525
Boro Deunde SGXX7526
Boro Tirel SGXX6291
Borodene SGXX0229
Borofaye SGXX8496
Borofaye Bayot SGXX8497
Borofaye Diola SGXX8498
Boroya SGXX1844
Bos SGXX3022
Bossedji Bara SGXX3023
Bossinnka SGXX1025
Boto SGXX6292
Botou SGXX6293
Boubak SGXX4087
Boubane SGXX3025
Boubene SGXX1026
Bouborel SGXX1845
Bouboudieme SGXX3026
Bouboukounda SGXX1846
Boubouya SGXX6294
Boudaye SGXX3027
Boudhie Samine SGXX1847
Boudi SGXX0020
Boudi Senetie SGXX4088
Boudiangate SGXX8499
Boudieguel SGXX3028
Boudiemar SGXX1848
Boudok SGXX8500
Boudone SGXX8501
Boudouk SGXX1849
Boudoura SGXX5317
Boufanto SGXX1850
Boufara Gor SGXX1851
Boufou SGXX8502
Boufoudj SGXX7527
Bougari SGXX1852
Bougnadou SGXX1853
Bougnousse SGXX1854
Bougolo SGXX8503
Bougolor SGXX8504
Bougoutoum SGXX8505
Bouhinor SGXX8506
Bouhouyoume SGXX8507
Bouingeul Bamba SGXX6296
Bouinguel Boubou SGXX6297
Boukaour SGXX1855
Boukarkounda SGXX1856
Boukhou SGXX7528
Bouki Dioulki SGXX5318
Boukirlou SGXX4089
Boukitimgo SGXX8508
Boukiyak SGXX8509
Boukot Ouolof SGXX8510
Boukote Diola SGXX8511
Boukoul SGXX4090
Boukounto SGXX1857
Boul Peul SGXX3029
Boula SGXX6298
Boulal SGXX4091
Boulal SGXX5319
Boulalo SGXX8512
Boulana SGXX8513
Boulandor SGXX8514
Boulayot SGXX0021
Boulbi SGXX5320
Bouldiabe SGXX3030
Boulel SGXX6299
Boulel SGXX0023
Boulel SGXX0022
Boulel Babori SGXX0230
Bouleye Dia SGXX3032
Bouli SGXX4093
Bouli SGXX3033
Bouli Birane SGXX1027
Bouli Bogueul SGXX5321
Bouli Bokel SGXX5322
Bouli Manga SGXX6300
Bouli Soutoura SGXX3034
Bouli-Boguel SGXX4094
Boulibani SGXX5323
Boulidow SGXX5324
Boulieri SGXX1028
Boulierobe SGXX4095
Boulimbou SGXX1858
Boulinaye SGXX5697
Boulingue SGXX8515
Boulingue Toria SGXX8516
Boulo Seano SGXX5325
Boulon Kadie SGXX5326
Boulone SGXX5327
Boulonp SGXX8517
Boulou Boki SGXX3036
Boulou Sambou SGXX1859
Boulouaye SGXX8518
Bouloukounda SGXX6301
Bouma SGXX3037
Boumane SGXX8519
Boumbali SGXX1029
Boumboa SGXX6302
Boumbouni SGXX3038
Boume SGXX0231
Boumi SGXX4096
Boun SGXX0773
Bounar SGXX4097
Boundialoum SGXX8520
Boundou Bali SGXX4098
Boundou Boki SGXX4099
Boundou Dioe SGXX6303
Boundou Poutchou SGXX4100
Boundoukondi SGXX6304
Boune SGXX8521
Bounga SGXX0774
Boungoye SGXX0232
Bounguel SGXX1861
Bouniak SGXX8522
Bounieye SGXX8523
Bounkambara SGXX1862
Bounkili SGXX6305
Bounkili Diola SGXX1864
Bounkiling SGXX1865
Bouno SGXX1866
Bounsankhoba SGXX6306
Bountou SGXX6307
Bountou Mbar SGXX1030
Bountou Ndour SGXX5698
Bountou Pole SGXX7529
Bountoum SGXX3039
Bountounko SGXX6308
Bourassik SGXX8525
Bourdiop SGXX3040
Boure SGXX1031
Bourek SGXX8526
Boureya SGXX6309
Bouria SGXX1867
Bouria SGXX6310
Bourkadie SGXX8527
Bourle SGXX1032
Bouroubourou SGXX6311
Bourouhou SGXX8528
Bourouko SGXX8529
Bouroukounda SGXX0024
Bouroun SGXX8530
Bourounkoune SGXX1868
Bourvaye SGXX7530
Boussankili SGXX1869
Boussankili Ba SGXX1870
Boussimballo SGXX0025
Boussinki SGXX1871
Boussoura SGXX1872
Boussoura SGXX3041
Boussoura SGXX7531
Boussoura SGXX0233
Boussoura SGXX6312
Boussoura Lo SGXX4101
Boustane SGXX0234
Boutboul SGXX0235
Boutdate Karanba SGXX8531
Boutegol SGXX8532
Bouteme SGXX8533
Bouteyni SGXX4102
Boutie SGXX3042
Bouto SGXX8534
Boutogoul SGXX1873
Boutolate SGXX8535
Boutomale SGXX8536
Boutougou Fara SGXX6313
Boutoupa SGXX8537
Boutoute SGXX8538
Bouyague SGXX6314
Bouye Dia SGXX4103
Bouyem SGXX8539
Bouyouye SGXX8540
Bouyti SGXX5699
Bove SGXX3043
Bowde Doudal SGXX0026
Boya SGXX1874
Boyar SGXX1033
Boyberol SGXX4104
Boye SGXX7532
Boye Gnibi SGXX3044
Boyo SGXX4105
Boyo Seki SGXX4106
Boyti SGXX5700
Bransan SGXX0027
Brar SGXX4107
Brikama SGXX1875
Brikamandine SGXX8541
Brin SGXX8542
Brinndiago SGXX8543
Brosso SGXX1876
Builders SGXX0775
Camberene SGXX0776
Camp Peuls SGXX7533
Cap Skirring SGXX8544
Carrefour SGXX6316
Castors SGXX0777
Central Dakar SGXX0778
Cerf-Volant SGXX0779
Cherif SGXX4108
Cherif Lo SGXX7534
Chirif SGXX7535
Coki SGXX0028
Corniche SGXX5702
Coupe SGXX3045
Daba Mamadou SGXX1877
Dabala SGXX6317
Dabali SGXX3046
Dabane SGXX3047
Dabane Ouolof SGXX3048
Dabaye SGXX4109
Dabel SGXX4110
Dabel Bara SGXX0236
Dabenel SGXX4111
Dabi SGXX6318
Dabia SGXX5328
Dabo SGXX1878
Dadi Daoude SGXX5329
Dadj SGXX0237
Dado SGXX5703
Daetangel SGXX6319
Daf SGXX7538
Dafar SGXX3049
Dafinia SGXX1879
Daga SGXX7539
Daga SGXX1034
Daga SGXX0238
Daga SGXX3050
Daga SGXX4113
Daga Ali Bouri SGXX3051
Daga Bani SGXX3052
Daga Daoud SGXX1035
Daga Diala SGXX3053
Daga Diouf SGXX0239
Daga Gouye SGXX3054
Daga Guirene SGXX1036
Daga Ndoup SGXX1037
Daga Sambou SGXX3055
Daga Sangare SGXX1038
Daga Sangaye SGXX3056
Daga Youdoum SGXX3057
Dagaballa SGXX3058
Dagabiram SGXX3059
Dagagne SGXX1039
Dagait SGXX4115
Dagana SGXX0029
Daganabe SGXX4116
Daganabe SGXX0240
Dagassou Koum SGXX1040
Dagdam SGXX1041
Dagne SGXX4117
Dagoudane Pikine SGXX0783
Daguel Marou SGXX1880
Daharatou SGXX6320
Dahra SGXX0030
Dahu SGXX4118
Daibatou SGXX1881
Dak SGXX1042
Dakaba SGXX6321
Dakabantang SGXX1882
Dakadougal SGXX6322
Dakan SGXX6323
Dakar SGXX0001
Dakar Dodj SGXX7540
Dakar-Bango SGXX5705
Dakar-Marine SGXX0784
Dakateli SGXX6324
Dakha Diagne SGXX4119
Dakhma SGXX7541
Dala SGXX0241
Dala SGXX4120
Dalaba SGXX6325
Dalaba SGXX1883
Dalafi SGXX6326
Dalafing SGXX6327
Dalaoule SGXX6328
Dalar SGXX4121
Dalifor SGXX0785
Daloto SGXX6329
Dam SGXX1043
Dam Dabaye SGXX0242
Dam Diop SGXX0243
Dam Toure SGXX1044
Damade SGXX1884
Damadji SGXX3060
Damantan SGXX6330
Damaradji SGXX5330
Damba SGXX6331
Dan Tiadi SGXX3061
Danbangoye SGXX7542
Danbol SGXX5331
Dande SGXX6332
Dandialat SGXX8545
Dandone SGXX1885
Dandou SGXX1886
Dane SGXX6333
Dangalma SGXX0244
Dangane SGXX3062
Dangol SGXX0245
Dangou SGXX0786
Dangourou SGXX4122
Daniete SGXX1887
Dank SGXX1045
Dank SGXX0246
Danko SGXX4124
Dantiadi SGXX5332
Dantilia SGXX6334
Dao SGXX4125
Daog SGXX4126
Daorala SGXX6335
Daouakh Sourang SGXX7543
Daoude Sisse SGXX7544
Daoudi SGXX6336
Dar el Salam SGXX6338
Dar Ould Rhaire SGXX8546
Dar Salam SGXX5333
Dar Salam SGXX1888
Dar Salam SGXX8547
Dar Salam SGXX5706
Dar Salam SGXX0032
Dar Silame SGXX1890
Dara SGXX7545
Dara SGXX3064
Dara SGXX0247
Dara SGXX1046
Dara Andal SGXX4128
Dara Diebo SGXX0248
Dara Halaibe SGXX5707
Dara Idi SGXX1047
Dara Motar Diop SGXX0249
Dara Ndiakhou SGXX4129
Dara Nimane SGXX1049
Dara Ser Mbake SGXX0250
Dara Sidi SGXX1050
Dara Sine SGXX0251
Dara Tiele SGXX1051
Dara Yeral SGXX4130
Daradji SGXX0787
Daraye Imbar SGXX1052
Dare Diagal SGXX0252
Dare Sermake SGXX4131
Dare Tiouli SGXX4132
Daregne SGXX7546
Dargouye SGXX1053
Darni SGXX4133
Daro SGXX3065
Daro Koudous SGXX3066
Daro Marnane SGXX3067
Daro Salam SGXX3068
Darou SGXX1891
Darou SGXX4134
Darou SGXX5708
Darou SGXX1054
Darou SGXX0253
Darou Alem SGXX7548
Darou Alfa SGXX7549
Darou Badem SGXX0254
Darou Baila SGXX3070
Darou Bak SGXX1055
Darou Bamane SGXX0255
Darou Bane SGXX3071
Darou Battel SGXX4135
Darou Beul SGXX7551
Darou Bil SGXX1056
Darou Dem Lene SGXX3072
Darou Dia SGXX7552
Darou Dia SGXX4136
Darou Dia SGXX0256
Darou Dieng SGXX1057
Darou Dieng SGXX0257
Darou Diop SGXX4137
Darou Diop SGXX0258
Darou Fal SGXX7553
Darou Fal SGXX4138
Darou Gaye SGXX7554
Darou Gueye SGXX7555
Darou Hidjiratou SGXX1892
Darou Kadene SGXX0259
Darou Kadim SGXX0260
Darou Karim SGXX0261
Darou Kebe SGXX4139
Darou Khara SGXX4140
Darou Khoudos SGXX7556
Darou Koudous SGXX3073
Darou Koutros SGXX6339
Darou Malam SGXX0262
Darou Marnane SGXX3074
Darou Marnane SGXX4141
Darou Marnane SGXX0264
Darou Mayaye SGXX1059
Darou Mbake SGXX0265
Darou Mbao SGXX0266
Darou Mbaye SGXX7557
Darou Mbaye SGXX4142
Darou Mbeye SGXX0267
Darou Mboumbaye SGXX5709
Darou Meoundou SGXX7558
Darou Mina SGXX1060
Darou Moussa SGXX3075
Darou Mousti SGXX4143
Darou Mousti SGXX3076
Darou Moye SGXX7559
Darou Naim SGXX0268
Darou Ndassine SGXX3077
Darou Ndayene SGXX6340
Darou Ndiagne SGXX4144
Darou Ndiar SGXX7560
Darou Ndiaye SGXX0269
Darou Ndoye SGXX7561
Darou Nem SGXX6341
Darou Nguer SGXX0270
Darou Niass SGXX4146
Darou Niaye SGXX0271
Darou Pakatiar SGXX3078
Darou Pal SGXX3079
Darou Pam SGXX7562
Darou Parba SGXX4147
Darou Ragmane SGXX0272
Darou Rahmane SGXX0788
Darou Rahmane SGXX0273
Darou Ramane SGXX7563
Darou Rhamane SGXX7564
Darou Rhamane SGXX6342
Darou Sager SGXX1061
Darou Salam SGXX4148
Darou Salam SGXX0274
Darou Salam SGXX3080
Darou Salam SGXX1893
Darou Salam SGXX5334
Darou Salam SGXX1062
Darou Salam SGXX6343
Darou Sale SGXX4149
Darou Sam SGXX7565
Darou Sam SGXX1063
Darou Sambo SGXX1064
Darou Sar SGXX7566
Darou Sek SGXX7567
Darou Seye SGXX0276
Darou Seye SGXX7569
Darou Sourane SGXX1065
Darou Sow SGXX7570
Darou Tiam SGXX1066
Darou Tiar SGXX4150
Darou Tieguene SGXX3081
Darou Tioum SGXX0277
Darou Toure SGXX7571
Darou-Mousty SGXX0033
Darou-Salam SGXX5335
Darsalam SGXX6344
Darsalam SGXX1894
Darsilam SGXX1896
Darsilame SGXX1897
Das Ngrou SGXX4151
Dassilame SGXX1898
Dassilame Ba SGXX1067
Datel SGXX1068
Datiele SGXX3082
Datiemi SGXX6345
Dator SGXX1899
Datorkouta SGXX1900
Davadi SGXX6346
Davedia SGXX4152
Davene SGXX3083
Dayam SGXX1069
Dayamber SGXX7572
Dayane Guelode SGXX5336
Dayane Kodiole SGXX5338
Dayane Laoniandi SGXX5339
Dayar SGXX6347
Daymane SGXX5710
Deali SGXX0034
Debi SGXX5711
Debolate SGXX4153
Debou Diaoube SGXX6348
Debou Fadela SGXX6349
Dedali SGXX4154
Dediorou SGXX5340
Dedji SGXX6350
Degou Niaye SGXX4155
Deguere SGXX1070
Dei Semmbou SGXX4156
Deiba SGXX5341
Dek Do SGXX0035
Dek Les SGXX4157
Dek Reye SGXX4158
Deka SGXX0278
Dekebre SGXX4159
Dekheule SGXX4160
Dekhlet SGXX4161
Dekmodi SGXX4162
Delbi SGXX3084
Dem SGXX0279
Demadiou SGXX4163
Demadou SGXX4164
Demba Ba SGXX6351
Demba Badiane SGXX4165
Demba Boiro SGXX1902
Demba Dia SGXX0280
Demba Koli SGXX6352
Demba Koura SGXX1071
Demba Ngom Faye SGXX1072
Demba Tilal SGXX4166
Demba Tilo SGXX5712
Dembala Berola SGXX6353
Dembankane SGXX5342
Dembari SGXX6354
Dembe SGXX5713
Demboube SGXX6355
Demet SGXX5714
Demissira SGXX3085
Demizine SGXX5715
Demou SGXX6356
Demousso Kounda SGXX1904
Dendifa SGXX6357
Dendoudi SGXX0036
Deni Biram Ndaw SGXX0790
Deni Demba Kodou SGXX0791
Deni Guedj SGXX0792
Deni Malik Gueye SGXX0793
Deni Ndiarkheth SGXX0794
Deni Niaye SGXX0795
Deni Youssou SGXX0796
Denndoudi SGXX5343
Dentiadi SGXX5344
Dentiali SGXX5716
Depenndakounda SGXX6358
Derep SGXX0281
Derhaye SGXX1073
Derkle SGXX0797
Derlet SGXX4167
Deroudji SGXX5717
Derr SGXX4168
Dertadi SGXX3086
Detali SGXX4169
Detie Djone SGXX4170
Deuk Bourey SGXX4171
Deye Koit SGXX4172
Deye Songo SGXX0282
Dia SGXX3087
Dia SGXX0283
Dia Nioum SGXX5718
Diaba SGXX5719
Diaba Dekle SGXX5720
Diaba Maounde SGXX5721
Diaba-Senegal SGXX1905
Diabakounda SGXX1906
Diabal SGXX6359
Diabal SGXX4173
Diabane SGXX8549
Diabarki SGXX4174
Diabaye SGXX5722
Diabe SGXX1074
Diabel SGXX1075
Diabel SGXX3088
Diabel Sambou SGXX1907
Diaberi SGXX6360
Diabi SGXX3089
Diabi SGXX6361
Diaboudior SGXX8550
Diabougou SGXX6362
Diabougou SGXX7573
Diabougou Koli SGXX1909
Diabougou Mossi SGXX6363
Diabougou Pate SGXX1911
Diabrikindiong SGXX8552
Diacopere SGXX8553
Diad Ndiaye SGXX4175
Diadala SGXX6364
Diadiagne SGXX0284
Diadiak SGXX1076
Diadie SGXX1077
Diadier SGXX4176
Diadj SGXX4177
Diaene Kade SGXX3090
Diaene Parba SGXX4178
Diaene Tioto SGXX4179
Diaeri SGXX6365
Diafar SGXX1912
Diafe Diafe SGXX1078
Diafe Ndofongor SGXX1079
Diafilon SGXX1913
Diaga SGXX0285
Diaga SGXX5723
Diaga Diari SGXX6366
Diagle SGXX3091
Diagle SGXX0038
Diagle SGXX1080
Diagne Kahone SGXX1081
Diagnon SGXX8554
Diago SGXX1082
Diagon SGXX8555
Diagoubel SGXX8556
Diagour SGXX8557
Diagueli SGXX4180
Diahene Dioubene SGXX3092
Diahene Siente SGXX3093
Diaiga Tioubalo SGXX5724
Diak SGXX1083
Diak Bodokhane SGXX7574
Diak Sao SGXX7575
Diakaba SGXX6367
Diakael SGXX0286
Diakali SGXX1914
Diake SGXX3094
Diakene SGXX8558
Diakene Ouolof SGXX8559
Diakha SGXX4181
Diakha Madina SGXX6368
Diakhaba SGXX6369
Diakhaling SGXX6370
Diakhanor SGXX1084
Diakhao SGXX1085
Diakhaslene SGXX4182
Diakhate SGXX7576
Diakhate SGXX4183
Diakhate Ndalom SGXX4184
Diakhere SGXX1086
Diakine SGXX8560
Diakle SGXX3095
Diakoulane SGXX6371
Diakounda SGXX6372
Diakounda SGXX1915
Diakoundare SGXX3096
Diakoye SGXX8561
Diakoye Banga SGXX8562
Diaksaw SGXX7577
Diaksaw SGXX0798
Diaksaw Peul SGXX0799
Dial Diop SGXX0800
Dial Foulbe SGXX5345
Dial Soubalbe SGXX5346
Diala SGXX6373
Diala Amadou SGXX6374
Diala Maka SGXX6375
Dialaba SGXX1087
Dialaba SGXX1916
Dialaba Dieri SGXX1917
Dialaba Santie SGXX1088
Dialadian SGXX1918
Dialakani SGXX1919
Dialakar SGXX0287
Dialakatoba SGXX6376
Dialakoto SGXX0039
Dialakoumbi SGXX1920
Dialali Alisso SGXX6377
Dialam SGXX1089
Dialambere SGXX1921
Dialang SGXX8563
Dialankine SGXX1922
Dialap SGXX0288
Dialassaba SGXX6378
Dialassabakounda SGXX6379
Dialata SGXX1923
Dialatoye SGXX6380
Dialene Mbaye SGXX1090
Dialgane Guedji SGXX4185
Dialgane Kane SGXX4186
Diali SGXX4187
Dialiko SGXX6381
Dialinkine SGXX1924
Dialit SGXX0289
Dialka SGXX7578
Diallo SGXX4188
Dialo SGXX0290
Dialo Kouna SGXX3097
Dialokounda SGXX6382
Dialoube SGXX5347
Diam Bougou SGXX1091
Diam Diam SGXX6383
Diam Diam SGXX3098
Diam Lali SGXX5348
Diam Niadia SGXX0801
Diam Oury SGXX5725
Diam Seli SGXX0291
Diam Sine SGXX0292
Diama SGXX5726
Diama SGXX4189
Diama SGXX0293
Diama Gadio SGXX3099
Diama Guene SGXX3100
Diama Palene SGXX3101
Diama Tiene SGXX7579
Diama Tievi SGXX3102
Diama Toube SGXX5727
Diamadi SGXX6384
Diamafara SGXX3103
Diamaguene SGXX6385
Diamaguene SGXX1092
Diamaguene SGXX7580
Diamaguene SGXX5728
Diamakolon SGXX3105
Diamakouta SGXX1925
Diamal SGXX5729
Diamal SGXX3106
Diamalatiel SGXX1926
Diamane SGXX0294
Diamar SGXX5730
Diamaye Inor SGXX8564
Diamaye Kadialon SGXX8565
Diamaye Kankande SGXX0040
Diambadina SGXX6386
Diambal SGXX4190
Diambale SGXX4191
Diambalo SGXX7581
Diambaloye SGXX6387
Diambati SGXX1927
Diambe Dali SGXX1093
Diambeli SGXX1928
Diambo SGXX5731
Diambour SGXX3107
Diamboye SGXX1094
Diamedioko SGXX6388
Diamel SGXX3108
Diamel SGXX6389
Diamel SGXX5349
Diamel Diayat SGXX5732
Diamenar SGXX4192
Diamene SGXX0295
Diamkoulori SGXX6390
Diamm Bougoum SGXX7582
Diammagueun SGXX7583
Diammagueun SGXX0802
Diammel Sire SGXX5733
Diamniadio SGXX1095
Diamotil SGXX7584
Diamounguel SGXX0041
Diamourdala SGXX6391
Diamveli SGXX5350
Diamveli SGXX6392
Diamweli SGXX5351
Diana SGXX6393
Diana SGXX1929
Diana SGXX8567
Diana Malari SGXX1930
Diana Sonkodou SGXX1931
Dianafou SGXX1932
Dianag SGXX8568
Dianah Ba SGXX1933
Dianban SGXX1096
Dianbour SGXX6394
Diandian SGXX1934
Diandiaye SGXX1935
Diandieme SGXX1936
Diandioli SGXX5352
Diandoume SGXX1097
Diane SGXX1098
Dianekounda SGXX6395
Dianete Tierno SGXX1937
Dianga SGXX5353
Diangho SGXX8569
Diango SGXX8570
Diangueli SGXX1938
Dianiene SGXX3109
Dianioundi SGXX1939
Diankadjoul SGXX8571
Diankankounda SGXX1940
Dianke Makam SGXX6396
Dianke Souf SGXX3110
Diankekow SGXX3111
Dianki SGXX8572
Diankobinni SGXX6397
Diano Kam SGXX7585
Dianori SGXX1099
Dianoube SGXX8573
Dianoundio SGXX8574
Dianrhar SGXX7586
Dianveli SGXX1943
Dianveli SGXX6398
Dianveli Morsek SGXX3112
Diao SGXX1944
Diaore SGXX0296
Diaorel SGXX6399
Diaorel SGXX3113
Diaoualdi SGXX0297
Diaouar SGXX5734
Diaoube SGXX1945
Diaoule SGXX1101
Diaounar Doumou SGXX1946
Diaoune Ndiane SGXX4193
Diaoure SGXX0298
Diaourou SGXX1947
Diapto SGXX3114
Diara SGXX5735
Diarab SGXX1102
Diaranguel SGXX5736
Diarante SGXX6400
Diarao SGXX7587
Diarate SGXX7588
Diaraye SGXX0299
Diare Mamadou SGXX3115
Diare Mbolo SGXX6401
Diareng SGXX1948
Diarfa SGXX1949
Diarga SGXX7589
Diarga Ka SGXX3116
Diarhao SGXX3117
Diarhaye SGXX0300
Diari SGXX7590
Diarno SGXX0301
Diaro SGXX6402
Diarone SGXX8575
Diaroume SGXX1950
Diassap SGXX7591
Diassarnabes SGXX5738
Diassi SGXX8576
Diassina SGXX1951
Diassoum SGXX3118
Diatadaokounda SGXX1952
Diatafaka SGXX3119
Diatal SGXX5739
Diatandingkounda SGXX1953
Diatang SGXX8577
Diatara SGXX0302
Diatassaba SGXX6403
Diatbe Niade SGXX4194
Diatem SGXX8578
Diati Mbaye SGXX7592
Diatmel Dam SGXX3120
Diatmi SGXX4195
Diatok SGXX8579
Diatouma SGXX1954
Diatourou Kounda SGXX1955
Diattakounda SGXX1956
Diattamine SGXX1957
Diave SGXX0303
Diavele SGXX0304
Diavene SGXX0305
Diavene SGXX1103
Diavrigne Amari SGXX4196
Diaw Ba SGXX1958
Diawara SGXX6404
Diawara Alkali SGXX3121
Diaweli SGXX6405
Diayane SGXX4197
Diayane SGXX7593
Diayanga SGXX0803
Diaye SGXX3122
Diaye Nianbagaye SGXX7594
Diayene SGXX3123
Diayene SGXX1105
Diayene SGXX0306
Diayene Vali SGXX3124
Dibane SGXX1106
Dibia SGXX6406
Dibiko SGXX6407
Dibito SGXX1959
Dide SGXX6408
Didiore SGXX1960
Dieba SGXX1961
Diebel Loro SGXX4198
Diedegne SGXX0307
Diedeli SGXX1962
Diedieng SGXX3125
Diegoun SGXX8580
Diegue SGXX8581
Diela SGXX5354
Dielani SGXX6409
Diele SGXX4199
Dielekenoum SGXX8582
Dieleuk SGXX7595
Dieleuk Peul SGXX7596
Dieling SGXX7597
Dielinkine SGXX8583
Dielmo SGXX1107
Diemballa SGXX3126
Diembereng SGXX8584
Diembes SGXX7598
Diembo SGXX0308
Diemekounda SGXX1963
Diemi SGXX8585
Dieminguike SGXX1964
Diemoul SGXX7599
Diende SGXX1965
Diender SGXX7600
Diender SGXX1108
Diene SGXX7601
Diene Lagane SGXX1109
Diengi SGXX8586
Diennbar SGXX4200
Diennde SGXX6410
Dienne SGXX7602
Dienne Rat SGXX7603
Dienoun Diala SGXX6411
Diere SGXX0309
Dieri SGXX5740
Dieri SGXX3127
Dieri Birane SGXX4201
Dieri Douga SGXX5741
Dieri Kao SGXX3128
Dietkougne SGXX7604
Dieule Mbam SGXX5742
Dieuleuk SGXX5743
Dieyene SGXX7605
Difourou SGXX6412
Digane SGXX0310
Digne SGXX7606
Diguel SGXX0311
Diguel SGXX4202
Diguet SGXX8587
Diguimar SGXX3129
Diguine SGXX0312
Dik Do SGXX4203
Dika SGXX5355
Dikes SGXX8588
Dikounta SGXX8589
Dilapao SGXX8590
Dili Loum SGXX1110
Dilie SGXX3130
Dimar SGXX5744
Dimassane SGXX8591
Dimba Siriel SGXX1966
Dimbadidere SGXX1967
Dimbaya SGXX8592
Dimbe Korki SGXX3131
Dimbere SGXX3132
Dimboli SGXX6413
Dimborde SGXX4204
Dimbou SGXX0313
Dimessira SGXX1111
Dindedie SGXX0042
Dindefello SGXX6414
Dindi Anene SGXX7607
Dindiari SGXX6415
Dindjeli SGXX4205
Dindoudi SGXX5356
Dindoudi Doka SGXX6416
Dindoudi Seydi SGXX6417
Dingala SGXX6418
Dingler SGXX7608
Dingleri SGXX1112
Dinguiraye SGXX1968
Dinguiraye SGXX3133
Dinguiraye SGXX0314
Dinkokono SGXX6419
Dinndi Bala SGXX0315
Dinndoudi SGXX6420
Dinndoudi Chedi SGXX6421
Dinnguier SGXX3134
Dinnguiraye SGXX3135
Dinnguiraye SGXX1969
Dinouar SGXX1113
Diob Ndiafene SGXX1114
Diobe SGXX5745
Diobene SGXX1970
Diobene SGXX0316
Diobene SGXX3136
Diobene SGXX7609
Diobene SGXX1115
Diobene Banane SGXX1116
Diobili Foulbe SGXX6422
Dioere SGXX8593
Diofandor SGXX1117
Diofior SGXX1118
Diogane SGXX1119
Diogane Sosse SGXX1120
Diogaye SGXX1121
Diognere SGXX1971
Diogo SGXX7610
Diogo SGXX3137
Diogoma SGXX6423
Diogone Bambara SGXX1122
Diogop SGXX4206
Diogop SGXX5357
Diogoula SGXX6424
Diogoye SGXX7611
Diogue SGXX0043
Diohine SGXX0044
Diokadou SGXX8594
Diokara SGXX4207
Diokdou SGXX6425
Diokoul SGXX0317
Diokoul SGXX7612
Diokoul SGXX3138
Diokoul SGXX0804
Diokoul SGXX1123
Diokoul SGXX4208
Diokoul Mbaye SGXX7613
Diokoul Ndiaye SGXX4210
Diokoul Sob SGXX3139
Diokour SGXX0318
Diol SGXX0319
Diol Baba SGXX7614
Diola SGXX8595
Diolakounda SGXX1972
Dioldiolete SGXX4211
Dioli SGXX3140
Dioli Mbaba SGXX3141
Diolofene SGXX1124
Diolol SGXX5358
Diolotene SGXX3142
Diom SGXX4212
Diom Bassatakh SGXX4213
Diomandou SGXX5746
Diomb I SGXX0320
Diomb II SGXX0321
Diombouri SGXX1125
Diomegueul SGXX1126
Diomgandou-Dieri SGXX5747
Diomoye SGXX4214
Diondene SGXX8596
Diondiguel SGXX1127
Dionfana SGXX1973
Diongo SGXX0322
Diongol SGXX8597
Diongolor SGXX1128
Dionguer SGXX1974
Diongueul SGXX3143
Diongui SGXX5748
Dionvelli SGXX3144
Diop SGXX7615
Diop Diofene SGXX1129
Diop Kounda SGXX1975
Diop Tiarene SGXX1130
Diopam SGXX0323
Dior SGXX7616
Dioral SGXX1131
Diorbivol SGXX5749
Diorel SGXX0324
Diorel Assana SGXX6426
Diorene SGXX1976
Diorhar SGXX7617
Diorhor SGXX5751
Diorhoul SGXX1132
Diori SGXX4215
Diorno SGXX5752
Dioro SGXX4216
Dios Peul SGXX5753
Diosmone SGXX1133
Diosson SGXX1134
Diote Kelbiram SGXX3145
Diote Sayane SGXX3146
Diouane SGXX7618
Dioubela SGXX6427
Dioubene Diakle SGXX3147
Dioubene Taiba SGXX3148
Dioubour SGXX8598
Dioude SGXX5754
Dioude Diabe SGXX5755
Dioudian Kalou SGXX8599
Dioudiouf SGXX1135
Dioudiouf SGXX0325
Dioudiourinnde SGXX1977
Dioudoubou SGXX1978
Dioufana SGXX1979
Dioufene SGXX1136
Dioufougne Pal SGXX7619
Diougol SGXX6428
Diougol Diara SGXX6429
Diougop Peul SGXX5756
Diouguel SGXX6430
Diouguene SGXX4217
Diouk SGXX5757
Diouka Tiaro SGXX7620
Diouking SGXX1980
Diouko Essel SGXX7621
Dioukoul Sob SGXX3149
Dioulacolon SGXX1981
Dioulafoundou SGXX6431
Dioulangueul SGXX6432
Dioulmake Diabel SGXX3150
Dioulou Kogne SGXX4218
Dioulouf Doundou SGXX1137
Diouloulou SGXX0045
Dioum SGXX3151
Dioum Diare SGXX6433
Dioum Samba Diao SGXX3152
Diouma SGXX0326
Diouma Ndiaguel SGXX4219
Dioumanan SGXX4220
Dioumanegar SGXX1138
Dioundia SGXX3153
Dioung SGXX7622
Diouni Guel SGXX3154
Diounkore SGXX6434
Diounkore Dutou SGXX6435
Diounouge SGXX8601
Diountou Gueyene SGXX3155
Diouragon SGXX1985
Dioural SGXX4221
Diourane SGXX0327
Diourbel SGXX3156
Diourbel SGXX0328
Diourbel Sine SGXX1139
Dioure SGXX1140
Diourki SGXX4222
Diourmel SGXX7623
Diourou SGXX8602
Diouroule SGXX0329
Diouroup SGXX1141
Diourourou SGXX1986
Dioutabassi SGXX6436
Diowguel SGXX5758
Dioyal SGXX1987
Dirimaro SGXX1988
Dirimbodial SGXX5759
Dirime SGXX6437
Divane SGXX0330
Djambou SGXX1142
Djegou SGXX6438
Djendji SGXX6439
Djene SGXX1143
Djeuleus SGXX5760
Djibabouya SGXX1989
Djibakene SGXX1990
Djibakounda SGXX6440
Djibanar SGXX8603
Djibanar SGXX1991
Djibayala SGXX1144
Djibelor SGXX8604
Djibelor Bainouk SGXX8605
Djibidione SGXX0046
Djibiem SGXX8606
Djibohere SGXX8607
Djibonker SGXX8608
Djida SGXX3157
Djida SGXX1992
Djidadji SGXX1993
Djidje Kounda SGXX6441
Djieye SGXX8609
Djifanga SGXX8610
Djifangor SGXX8611
Djifere SGXX0047
Djifine Teko SGXX1994
Djigane SGXX3158
Djigirone SGXX8612
Djigne SGXX7624
Djigoyer SGXX8613
Djigui SGXX3159
Djiguinoume SGXX8614
Djiguipoum SGXX8615
Djiguirone SGXX8616
Djihaba SGXX1995
Djike SGXX4223
Djilakh SGXX7625
Djilakounda SGXX8617
Djilakoune SGXX8618
Djilanfale SGXX8620
Djilas SGXX1145
Djilassene SGXX1146
Djililo SGXX8621
Djilondine SGXX8622
Djilonguea SGXX8623
Djilor SGXX1147
Djimakakor SGXX8624
Djimande SGXX8625
Djimassar SGXX1996
Djimbaba SGXX6442
Djimbana SGXX1997
Djimbe SGXX6443
Djinak SGXX1148
Djinak Bara SGXX1149
Djinake SGXX8626
Djinakh SGXX4224
Djinani I SGXX1998
Djinani II SGXX1999
Djinde SGXX2000
Djinimine SGXX8627
Djiniper SGXX2001
Djinnthiang SGXX5360
Djinokouna SGXX8628
Djinonaye SGXX8629
Djioundji SGXX8630
Djipakoum SGXX8631
Djirak SGXX8632
Djiredi SGXX2002
Djirine SGXX6444
Djirnda SGXX1150
Djiromait SGXX8633
Djita SGXX6445
Djitoukoubon SGXX8634
Djiva SGXX8635
Djoumbel SGXX8636
Djowel Ouorgo SGXX5361
Djringoumane SGXX8637
Dobour SGXX7626
Dodel SGXX5761
Dodji SGXX4225
Dofane Masseri SGXX1151
Dofaye SGXX1152
Doga SGXX6446
Dogade SGXX4226
Dogake SGXX4227
Dogol SGXX4228
Doguene SGXX0331
Dogui Dombi SGXX5762
Dok SGXX1153
Dok SGXX0332
Dok Boure SGXX0333
Dok Sare SGXX1154
Doka SGXX0334
Dokhali SGXX4229
Doladji SGXX4230
Doli SGXX0335
Dom SGXX7627
Domak SGXX4231
Donaye SGXX5763
Donbol SGXX3160
Donbondir SGXX8638
Dondol SGXX0336
Dondou SGXX5362
Dongo SGXX4232
Dongol Nialbi SGXX6447
Dongoli SGXX5363
Dongoro SGXX2003
Dongoro SGXX3161
Doni Djolof SGXX4233
Doni Saloum SGXX4234
Doni Taif SGXX4235
Donkade SGXX0337
Doro SGXX4236
Dotor SGXX7628
Doubel SGXX3162
Doubel Badiel SGXX6448
Doubi SGXX6450
Doubirou SGXX2004
Doubourou SGXX3163
Doudame SGXX8639
Doudame SGXX1155
Dougal SGXX2005
Dougar SGXX0805
Dougar II SGXX0806
Dougar Peul SGXX0807
Dougar-Ouest SGXX0808
Dougnane SGXX7629
Dougou SGXX5764
Dougoubene SGXX3164
Dougoul SGXX0338
Dougoune SGXX8640
Dougue SGXX6451
Doulayel SGXX2006
Douloubal SGXX5364
Doulouyabe SGXX6452
Doumakhia SGXX6453
Doumbe SGXX0339
Doumga SGXX5765
Doumga Ouro Alfa SGXX5365
Doumgo Bossere SGXX5366
Doun SGXX5766
Dounde SGXX6454
Dounde Bague SGXX5368
Dounde Koussem SGXX5369
Doundodji SGXX4237
Doundodji Tiako SGXX4240
Doundoun Latie SGXX4241
Doundoun-Djolof SGXX4242
Dounguel SGXX7630
Dounguel SGXX5767
Dounkita SGXX6455
Dounoubel SGXX5370
Doupi Doro SGXX5371
Dourou SGXX8641
Douroubalefoutou SGXX2007
Doussoudi SGXX5372
Douta SGXX6456
Doutoto SGXX6457
Doyal SGXX7631
Doyoli SGXX1156
Doyonbot SGXX7632
Drame Dimbou SGXX3165
Drame Matar SGXX1157
Duambouti SGXX0340
Eau Claire SGXX5768
Ebarakh SGXX6458
Ebato SGXX8642
Ebinako SGXX8643
Edale SGXX6459
Edane SGXX6460
Ede SGXX4243
Ediamat SGXX8644
Edine SGXX6461
Ediouma SGXX8645
Efok SGXX8646
Efok Etouta SGXX8647
Efrane Elinkine SGXX8648
Egatye SGXX6462
Eguienor SGXX8650
Eguilaye SGXX8651
Ehidj SGXX8652
Ekess SGXX6463
Ekonete SGXX8653
El Hadj Ali SGXX4244
Elana SGXX8654
Elinkinde SGXX8655
Eloaye SGXX8656
Elol SGXX8657
Elora SGXX8658
Emaye SGXX8659
Enanpor SGXX8660
Enyissara SGXX6464
Epengue SGXX6465
Eramakono SGXX2009
Eremokono SGXX6466
Ering SGXX8661
Erinndian SGXX8662
Eroane SGXX6467
Essanholou SGXX8663
Essaoul SGXX8664
Essil SGXX8665
Essofol SGXX8666
Essom SGXX8667
Essoukoudiak SGXX8668
Etafoune SGXX8669
Etama SGXX8670
Etekome SGXX8671
Eties SGXX6468
Etiolo SGXX6469
Etome SGXX8672
Etouta SGXX8673
Faboli SGXX5373
Fadanga SGXX2010
Fademe SGXX4245
Fadia SGXX6470
Fadial SGXX7633
Fadiara SGXX5374
Fadiga SGXX6471
Fadiounkar SGXX2011
Fadiout SGXX7634
Fadiyakounda SGXX6472
Fafa Kourou SGXX0048
Fahor SGXX7635
Failar SGXX7636
Fal Dioung SGXX5769
Falia SGXX1158
Falifa SGXX3166
Falmere SGXX8674
Falombo SGXX6473
Famara SGXX6474
Fambine SGXX1159
Fana Keur Abdou SGXX3167
Fanaye Dieri SGXX5770
Fanaye Oualo SGXX5771
Fanda SGXX8675
Fandane SGXX1160
Fandane SGXX7637
Fandene SGXX7638
Faneye SGXX0341
Fanghote SGXX8676
Fangoume SGXX8678
Fanie SGXX4246
Fanira SGXX6475
Fanka Bantan SGXX2012
Fann-Hok SGXX0809
Fao SGXX7639
Faoune Kainako SGXX2013
Faoye SGXX1161
Faraba SGXX6476
Farabougou SGXX1162
Faragnima SGXX2015
Faramba SGXX2016
Farandi SGXX6477
Farandiang SGXX2017
Farankounda SGXX8679
Farankounda SGXX2018
Farao SGXX5772
Farar SGXX1163
Farato SGXX3168
Farikounda SGXX6478
Fas SGXX4247
Fas SGXX3169
Fas SGXX7640
Fas SGXX1164
Fas Boye SGXX7641
Fas Diayene SGXX3170
Fas Dieye SGXX5773
Fas Kael SGXX0342
Fass SGXX2019
Fass SGXX3171
Fass Thiam SGXX4248
Fass Toure SGXX7642
Fassada SGXX2020
Fassane SGXX2021
Fasse Oumar SGXX2022
Fassel SGXX0343
Fataia SGXX6480
Fataniabe SGXX5375
Fatick SGXX1165
Fatie SGXX6481
Fayako SGXX1166
Fayil SGXX1167
Fazane SGXX1168
Felane SGXX1169
Felou SGXX5775
Femboul SGXX4249
Fenetre Mermoz SGXX0810
Ferala SGXX4250
Feralo SGXX4251
Fergo SGXX6482
Ferlo Tyikkite SGXX5776
Fessene SGXX6483
Fete Bowal SGXX5376
Fete Bowe SGXX5377
Fete Fovrou SGXX5378
Fete Galambi SGXX6484
Fete Niarval SGXX5379
Feto SGXX0344
Feto Diami SGXX5380
Feto Niebe SGXX6485
Feto Pate SGXX6486
Fetodji SGXX0345
Fetou Kodioli SGXX5381
Fetto SGXX3172
Fiarine Diana SGXX0346
Fide Diakhate SGXX4252
Fidiobidji SGXX6487
Figo SGXX5777
Figrome SGXX8680
Filene SGXX7643
Fimela SGXX1170
Finessanga SGXX6488
Finntel SGXX0347
Finntiok SGXX8681
Firdaossi SGXX4253
Firgui SGXX3173
Fissa SGXX6489
Fissa II SGXX6490
Fissel SGXX7644
Fitaba SGXX6491
Fode Bayo SGXX2023
Fode Bineya SGXX6492
Fode Kounda SGXX6493
Fodekounda SGXX6494
Fofi SGXX4254
Fogni SGXX8682
Fogni SGXX4255
Fogolou Pate SGXX6495
Fogoulou Opa SGXX6496
Fonde Diarangel SGXX5778
Fonde Elimane SGXX5779
Fonde Gande SGXX5780
Fonde Ngouri SGXX5781
Fonde Thiewo SGXX5782
Fongolembi SGXX6497
Fontama SGXX8683
Fora SGXX5382
Fora Galoya SGXX5383
Forbote SGXX7645
Fordiok SGXX4256
Forou SGXX3174
Fos SGXX4257
Fos Ndiarhaye SGXX5783
Fotnari SGXX7646
Foua SGXX7647
Foua Fassane SGXX7648
Foua Ta SGXX7649
Fouial Sinndi SGXX1171
Fouk SGXX7650
Foula Mori SGXX2024
Fouladou Samba SGXX2025
Fouladou Yero SGXX2026
Foulakounda SGXX8684
Foulde SGXX6498
Foulo SGXX8685
Fouloum SGXX7651
Foume Hara Diobe SGXX5385
Foundiougne SGXX0049
Foura SGXX1172
Fourdou SGXX5386
Fout SGXX7652
Foutayel SGXX3175
Foutouka SGXX7653
Franding SGXX6499
Fufo SGXX8686
Gababe SGXX5387
Gabane SGXX4258
Gabane Peul II SGXX4259
Gabar SGXX4260
Gabasse SGXX5388
Gabou SGXX6500
Gabou SGXX5389
Gad SGXX4261
Gad Afe SGXX4262
Gad Bitiou SGXX7654
Gad Brama SGXX4263
Gad Dior SGXX7655
Gad Gomene SGXX7656
Gad Kebe SGXX4264
Gad Nar SGXX4265
Gad Niakhar SGXX7657
Gad Peul SGXX4266
Gad Tiende SGXX0348
Gadada SGXX1173
Gadan Kaye SGXX7658
Gadapara SGXX6501
Gade SGXX0349
Gade Yelle SGXX7659
Gadi SGXX4267
Gadiaga SGXX3176
Gadiak SGXX1174
Gadiali SGXX0350
Gadiobe SGXX5785
Gadjedji SGXX0351
Gadji SGXX1175
Gadoguene SGXX1176
Gae SGXX5786
Gaegui SGXX6502
Gagnabougou SGXX7660
Gagnar SGXX4268
Gagnar Fal SGXX4269
Gaide SGXX2027
Gailbandoa SGXX6503
Gaima Tapsir SGXX1177
Gaina SGXX1178
Gal Beut SGXX4270
Gala Mbingue SGXX4271
Galadi SGXX6504
Galague SGXX1179
Galandou SGXX2028
Galane SGXX7661
Galangal SGXX5390
Galayabe Foulbe SGXX5391
Galayabe Torobe SGXX5392
Galbe SGXX0352
Galdadi SGXX5787
Gale SGXX5393
Gale SGXX6505
Galeabe SGXX6506
Gali Ndiang SGXX4273
Galinding SGXX6507
Galle Mamadou SGXX2029
Gallo Koye SGXX6508
Galmbas SGXX6509
Galo SGXX6510
Galo Marou SGXX2030
Galoule SGXX3177
Galoya SGXX0050
Galoya Foulbe SGXX5788
Galoya Torobbe SGXX5789
Gam SGXX4274
Gama SGXX3178
Gamadji SGXX5791
Gambaya SGXX6511
Gambi SGXX6512
Gambi Diaoube SGXX6513
Gambissa Aldouma SGXX2031
Gambissara SGXX2032
Gamboulem SGXX7662
Gamlaye SGXX7663
Gamon SGXX6514
Gana Balo SGXX5394
Ganao SGXX4275
Ganbou SGXX3179
Ganboul Escale SGXX3180
Ganboul Kedo SGXX3181
Ganboul Moctar SGXX3182
Ganda SGXX3183
Gandal SGXX0353
Gande SGXX6515
Gande SGXX4276
Gande Ko SGXX4277
Gandek SGXX7664
Gandiaye SGXX3184
Gandigal SGXX7665
Gandio SGXX0354
Gandiol SGXX5792
Gandji SGXX6516
Gandjiri SGXX6517
Gandon SGXX5793
Gandoul SGXX7666
Gandoul Bambara SGXX7667
Gandoul Serere SGXX7668
Gane SGXX3185
Gangala SGXX6518
Gangali SGXX6519
Gangara SGXX6520
Gangounaye SGXX0355
Ganguel SGXX5794
Ganguel Maka SGXX5395
Ganguel-Soule SGXX5396
Ganiek SGXX1180
Ganina SGXX4278
Ganiniel SGXX4279
Ganket SGXX4280
Ganket Guent SGXX4281
Ganki SGXX3186
Ganki Boubouyel SGXX5397
Ganki Doumbodje SGXX5398
Gantour SGXX5795
Gaolamboura SGXX1181
Gaouane SGXX6521
Gap SGXX0356
Gap Ndioufene SGXX7670
Gapas SGXX0357
Gapassel SGXX1182
Gapo SGXX0358
Gara Mbaye SGXX4282
Garala SGXX6522
Garam Fal SGXX0359
Garan SGXX3187
Garas SGXX7671
Garas Daligue SGXX7672
Garas Peul SGXX7673
Gareboureya SGXX6523
Garhane SGXX0360
Garuel SGXX6524
Gas SGXX7674
Gasikitt SGXX6525
Gaskor SGXX7675
Gassamberi SGXX5399
Gassane SGXX0051
Gasse SGXX4283
Gasse Diabe SGXX5400
Gassel SGXX5796
Gassel SGXX4284
Gassel SGXX5401
Gassel SGXX1183
Gassel Doro SGXX5402
Gassel Doulo SGXX4285
Gat SGXX0361
Gati SGXX4286
Gati SGXX0362
Gati SGXX7676
Gati Baba Ndiaye SGXX4287
Gati II SGXX4288
Gati Loumene SGXX4289
Gati Mori SGXX4290
Gati Ndiongo SGXX7677
Gati Ngaraf SGXX7678
Gati Ngaye SGXX4291
Gati Oumar SGXX4292
Gati Pakha SGXX4293
Gati Rat SGXX4294
Gati Sake SGXX7679
Gati Sir Ndiaye SGXX0363
Gati Tila SGXX7680
Gati Toye SGXX4296
Gati-Tef SGXX5797
Gatiari SGXX0052
Gatie SGXX1184
Gatie Peulh SGXX1185
Gatile SGXX4297
Gattegne SGXX7681
Gavane SGXX3188
Gawane SGXX0364
Gawdal I SGXX5403
Gawdal II SGXX5404
Gawol SGXX5405
Gaye SGXX0365
Gaye SGXX1186
Gaye Bode SGXX0366
Gaye Paradji SGXX6526
Gaye Tiali SGXX6527
Gayene SGXX2033
Gayene SGXX3189
Gazel SGXX1187
Genoto SGXX6528
Gewel SGXX5406
Gheune SGXX5798
Gibraltar SGXX0811
Girigara SGXX6529
Gnaba SGXX3190
Gnayam SGXX4298
Gnibi SGXX3191
Gnibi Lambaye SGXX3192
Gniguene SGXX0367
Gniguene SGXX4299
Gnongnoya SGXX6530
Goane SGXX0368
Gobak SGXX5799
Gobak SGXX3193
Gobak Soukoum SGXX3194
Gobar SGXX5800
Gobarene SGXX4300
Gobe SGXX0369
Gobi SGXX7682
God Demba Ouolof SGXX4301
Godaguene SGXX7683
Godiba SGXX3195
Godio SGXX0370
Godiovel SGXX5407
Godiyel SGXX6531
Godj SGXX3196
Godjil SGXX0371
Godo SGXX5408
Godofel SGXX7684
Gohe SGXX0372
Gohe SGXX7685
Goidiama SGXX4302
Gokare Sao SGXX0373
Gokh Mbath SGXX5801
Gol SGXX0374
Gola SGXX0812
Golam SGXX7686
Golbe SGXX7687
Gold Gainde SGXX7688
Golere SGXX0053
Golfangning SGXX7689
Golmi SGXX6532
Golon SGXX4303
Golon SGXX5802
Gombol SGXX2034
Gomene SGXX7690
Gomone SGXX3198
Gonado SGXX6533
Gonake SGXX4304
Gondiaye SGXX3199
Gondiourou SGXX6534
Gonedom SGXX4305
Gonene SGXX7691
Gongane SGXX3200
Gongoulou SGXX8687
Goniam SGXX8688
Goniedji SGXX6535
Gonio SGXX5803
Gonkol SGXX5804
Gonoum SGXX8689
Gope SGXX2035
Gor Tiongo SGXX4306
Gor Yi SGXX7692
Gorba SGXX7693
Gorbel SGXX4307
Gordilene SGXX3201
Goree SGXX0813
Gorgui Diouf SGXX1189
Gori SGXX2036
Goria SGXX3202
Goria Band SGXX3203
Gorko Goto SGXX5805
Gorou Diob SGXX7694
Gorou Ndiarem SGXX7695
Gorum Deux SGXX0814
Gorum Trois SGXX0815
Gorum Un SGXX0816
Gossas SGXX0055
Gossas Village SGXX1190
Gote SGXX7696
Gotou Malik SGXX3204
Gotou Peul SGXX3205
Gouba Samba Loum SGXX2037
Goubanba SGXX2038
Goubi SGXX6536
Goubi SGXX3206
Goubi SGXX4308
Goude SGXX0375
Goudem SGXX1191
Goudiane SGXX7697
Goudie SGXX3207
Goudinseini SGXX6537
Goudiri Foulbe SGXX6538
Goudiry SGXX6539
Goudomp SGXX0056
Goudoume SGXX8690
Goufo SGXX7698
Goui Bang SGXX3208
Goui Leum SGXX3209
Goui Madi Bouri SGXX3210
Gouidak SGXX4309
Gouidi SGXX6540
Gouigal SGXX4310
Gouima SGXX4311
Gouindiaye SGXX7699
Gouk SGXX1192
Gouli SGXX7700
Goulo Koum SGXX3211
Goulouguina SGXX6541
Gouloum SGXX4312
Gouloumbou SGXX6542
Gouloungua SGXX6543
Goumbambere SGXX6544
Goumbayel SGXX0057
Goumbo SGXX6545
Goumbo SGXX2039
Goumel SGXX6546
Goumel SGXX5806
Goumiela SGXX5807
Goumo SGXX6547
Goumpeni SGXX6548
Goundafa SGXX6549
Goundaga SGXX2040
Goundaga Diro SGXX2041
Goundi SGXX3212
Goundier Diop SGXX4313
Goundiogou SGXX0376
Goundiogue SGXX0377
Goundiour SGXX6550
Goundioura SGXX4314
Goundoude Diobe SGXX5411
Gounia SGXX6551
Gounta Diayer SGXX6552
Goupe Koupe SGXX1193
Goura Sadiegal SGXX4315
Gouraf SGXX8691
Gourel Ari Khara SGXX6556
Gourel Babadar SGXX5808
Gourel Badi SGXX5412
Gourel Bamba SGXX5413
Gourel Bey SGXX5809
Gourel Bink SGXX5414
Gourel Bokari SGXX6557
Gourel Bouli SGXX5415
Gourel Bouli SGXX6558
Gourel Bouna SGXX6559
Gourel Dani SGXX5810
Gourel Dara SGXX5416
Gourel Dialoude SGXX6560
Gourel Diawambe SGXX6561
Gourel Gueda SGXX5417
Gourel Guireye SGXX6562
Gourel Kea SGXX6563
Gourel Maka SGXX6564
Gourel Mandiou SGXX6567
Gourel Matioudo SGXX6568
Gourel Omar SGXX6569
Gourel Sada Lile SGXX6570
Gourel Sadio SGXX6571
Gourel Sakedji SGXX5811
Gourel Seliki SGXX6576
Gourel Tiama SGXX6579
Gourel Yoba SGXX6580
Gourenetere SGXX6581
Gourgourene SGXX0378
Gouriki Koliabe SGXX5420
Gourkel SGXX4316
Gouro Matulde SGXX5812
Gouta SGXX6582
Goutou Dimba Ba SGXX2042
Gouyanabe SGXX0379
Gouyar SGXX7701
Gouyar SGXX4317
Gouyar Sar SGXX4318
Gouyare SGXX3213
Gouye Bam SGXX0380
Gouye Bara SGXX4319
Gouye Diallo SGXX4320
Gouye Gal SGXX4321
Gouye Guewel SGXX0817
Gouye Mbaye SGXX4322
Gouye Mbeute SGXX4323
Gouye Meo SGXX4324
Gouye Meo SGXX1194
Gouye Ndioro SGXX7702
Gouye Poulo SGXX4325
Gouye Rene SGXX5813
Gouye Sambabane SGXX1195
Gouye Seg SGXX4326
Gouye Sor SGXX0818
Gouye Teude SGXX4327
Gouye Tiebe SGXX3214
Gouye Toure SGXX5814
Gove SGXX3215
Govedji SGXX1196
Gowane SGXX0381
Graf SGXX1197
Grand Dakar SGXX0819
Grand Medine SGXX0820
Grand Yof SGXX0821
Gravadior SGXX0382
Griniel SGXX0383
Guague Bokar SGXX1198
Guague Cherif SGXX1199
Guague Modi SGXX1200
Gueb SGXX0384
Gueb Fal SGXX0385
Gueda SGXX6583
Guede SGXX0386
Guede SGXX0058
Guede Chantiers SGXX5815
Guede Ouro SGXX5816
Guedekou SGXX6584
Guediane SGXX7703
Guediawaye SGXX0822
Guedioumane SGXX4328
Gueene SGXX0387
Guehene SGXX3216
Guele SGXX0388
Gueli SGXX4329
Guelode SGXX0389
Guelode SGXX6585
Guelor SGXX7704
Guembe SGXX7705
Guembeul SGXX5817
Guemedji SGXX6586
Guemessoutou SGXX6587
Guendel SGXX0823
Guene Goudi SGXX4330
Guenes SGXX0390
Guengue SGXX5818
Guennguer SGXX4331
Guennte Boye SGXX3217
Guennte Gouye SGXX3218
Guenntieli SGXX4332
Guente Pate SGXX3219
Guente Tielenka SGXX5819
Guente Velingara SGXX6588
Guentou SGXX5820
Gueoul SGXX4333
Guer SGXX1201
Guer SGXX7706
Guerane SGXX3220
Guerew SGXX7707
Guerew Serere SGXX7708
Guerina SGXX8692
Gueringoumane SGXX8693
Guerki SGXX4334
Guerle Ouolof SGXX4335
Guesdiam SGXX4336
Guessebove SGXX6589
Guessel SGXX4337
Guet SGXX4338
Guet Ardo SGXX4339
Guet Ndar SGXX5821
Guete SGXX0391
Guethie SGXX5822
Guetie SGXX6590
Gueto SGXX4340
Gueule Tapee SGXX0824
Gueumbeung SGXX5823
Gueut SGXX0392
Guevol SGXX6591
Gueye Kadar SGXX5824
Guibara SGXX8694
Guibolate SGXX4341
Guida SGXX2043
Guidakar SGXX5825
Guidel SGXX8695
Guidine SGXX1202
Guidinnki SGXX2044
Guidowol SGXX6592
Guieki Pinkiou SGXX0393
Guiente Kaye SGXX3221
Guiguiankounda SGXX2045
Guikes Kankamba SGXX8696
Guilafaguene SGXX8697
Guilakounda SGXX8698
Guilankoumou SGXX8699
Guilikhar SGXX3222
Guilo Peul SGXX4342
Guilor SGXX1203
Guima SGXX6593
Guimel SGXX8700
Guimsam SGXX1204
Guinal SGXX8701
Guinaw-Rails SGXX0825
Guine SGXX3223
Guine SGXX0394
Guinea SGXX8702
Guinea Djiadibe SGXX8703
Guingueneo SGXX6594
Guinguineo SGXX0059
Guinipe SGXX8704
Guinongue SGXX8705
Guira SGXX1205
Guiragor SGXX8706
Guiral SGXX8707
Guiraye Ouorgo SGXX5421
Guirde SGXX5422
Guirem SGXX8708
Guirinnhol SGXX8709
Guirio SGXX8710
Guirnda SGXX1206
Guiro SGXX8711
Guiro Bokari SGXX2046
Guiro Mandou SGXX2047
Guiro Nandou SGXX4343
Guiro Samba SGXX2048
Guiro Yoro SGXX2050
Guirobe SGXX6595
Guirvas SGXX0060
Guissam SGXX3224
Guiter SGXX8712
Guitir SGXX7709
Guitire SGXX0395
Guitonhat SGXX8713
Guizo SGXX8714
Guyia SGXX5826
H.L.M. Cinq SGXX0826
H.L.M. Deux SGXX0827
H.L.M. Quatre SGXX0828
H.L.M. Trois SGXX0830
H.L.M. Un SGXX0831
Habibou SGXX6596
Haere Lao SGXX0061
Hafe SGXX7710
Hafe SGXX0062
Hafe SGXX3225
Hafel SGXX4344
Haire SGXX5827
Haire Diamal SGXX5828
Haire Gaoudi SGXX4345
Haire Golere SGXX0063
Haire Lao SGXX5829
Halvar SGXX5830
Hamarabe SGXX5423
Hamdalaye SGXX6597
Hamdalaye SGXX3226
Hamdalaye SGXX2051
Hamdalaye Abiou SGXX2052
Hamdalaye Alfa SGXX2053
Hamdalaye I SGXX2054
Hamdalaye II SGXX2055
Hamdalaye Malang SGXX2056
Hamdalaye Yero SGXX2057
Hamdallai SGXX6598
Hamdallai SGXX1207
Hamdallai Amadou SGXX2058
Hamdallai Tessan SGXX6600
Hamdallaye SGXX2059
Hamdallaye SGXX6601
Hame Korga SGXX5831
Hanem SGXX3227
Hanene SGXX3228
Hann-Montagne SGXX0832
Hann-Pecheur SGXX0833
Hann-Plage SGXX0834
Hann-Village SGXX0835
Hari Vele SGXX5832
Hilol SGXX8715
Hine SGXX7711
Hobel SGXX5833
Hodio SGXX5424
Hokar SGXX3229
Hontorbe SGXX6602
Hore Bova SGXX6603
Hore Fonde SGXX5834
Houga SGXX5835
Houro Imadou SGXX6604
Iako Ouolof SGXX2060
Iako Peul SGXX2061
Iba SGXX4346
Iba Balla SGXX5836
Ibel SGXX6605
Ibra Fal SGXX3230
Ibrahima Gueye SGXX0396
Ida SGXX3231
Ida SGXX2062
Ida Mouride SGXX3232
Idakoto SGXX6606
Idaoa SGXX1208
Idite SGXX5425
Ierovalo SGXX2063
Ifra Kounda SGXX6607
Ihimba SGXX8716
Iliassa SGXX3233
Inana SGXX6608
Inor SGXX2064
Irassoli SGXX2065
Itato SGXX6609
Itou SGXX8717
Jevel SGXX2066
Joal SGXX0064
Joal-Fadiout SGXX7712
Joncto SGXX5426
Jongsharr SGXX1210
Jowangkerr SGXX8718
Ka SGXX7713
Kaba SGXX0397
Kaba SGXX6610
Kabadio SGXX8719
Kabakoto SGXX3235
Kabalane SGXX8720
Kabalang SGXX8721
Kabaline SGXX8722
Kabatekenda SGXX6611
Kabaye SGXX1211
Kabdou SGXX4347
Kabe Gaye SGXX4348
Kabendou SGXX2067
Kabiline SGXX8723
Kabiliron SGXX6612
Kabilo SGXX5427
Kabobokani SGXX8724
Kaboel SGXX2068
Kabokoto SGXX6613
Kaboudiara SGXX6614
Kaboukout SGXX8725
Kaboune SGXX8726
Kabounkout SGXX8727
Kabrousse SGXX0007
Kachiouane SGXX8728
Kad SGXX4349
Kad Ndiayene SGXX4350
Kadane SGXX0398
Kadanga SGXX2069
Kadao SGXX3236
Kadaodao SGXX3237
Kadia SGXX5837
Kadialin SGXX2070
Kadiamari SGXX2071
Kadiar SGXX4351
Kadiar Peul SGXX4352
Kadiel SGXX2072
Kadiel SGXX3238
Kadiel SGXX6615
Kadiel SGXX1212
Kadiel Seoudou SGXX6616
Kadiene SGXX8729
Kadiolo SGXX8730
Kadiore SGXX6617
Kadjinol SGXX8731
Kadre Pavi SGXX5428
Kaduyene SGXX0399
Kaduyet SGXX0400
Kael SGXX2073
Kael SGXX6618
Kael Bobo SGXX1213
Kafafi SGXX6619
Kafar SGXX8732
Kafaye SGXX8733
Kafesse SGXX8734
Kaffrine SGXX0066
Kafinke SGXX8735
Kafori SGXX6620
Kafoulou SGXX2074
Kafounda SGXX8736
Kafountine SGXX0067
Kagnarou SGXX8737
Kagnobon SGXX8738
Kagnoube SGXX6621
Kagnout SGXX8739
Kaguil SGXX8740
Kaguite SGXX8741
Kaguite Douma SGXX8742
Kahane Fal SGXX0836
Kahane Oun SGXX0837
Kahe SGXX6622
Kahem SGXX8743
Kahene SGXX6623
Kahinda SGXX8744
Kahing SGXX8745
Kaho SGXX6624
Kahone SGXX3239
Kai SGXX3240
Kaibe SGXX4354
Kaifara SGXX3241
Kaiga SGXX1214
Kaiga SGXX0402
Kailen SGXX8746
Kaili SGXX1215
Kailou SGXX8747
Kaipongal SGXX6625
Kak SGXX5429
Kakanba SGXX6626
Kakare SGXX8748
Kakene SGXX8749
Kakoat SGXX3242
Kakono SGXX8750
Kakounda SGXX3243
Kaladji Dembani SGXX4355
Kalamine SGXX4356
Kalane SGXX4357
Kalap SGXX8751
Kalbirone SGXX6627
Kaldem SGXX6628
Kale SGXX8752
Kaleane SGXX8753
Kalebe SGXX6629
Kalene SGXX7714
Kalenene SGXX7715
Kaleo SGXX8754
Kaleya SGXX6630
Kalial SGXX3244
Kalifourou SGXX2075
Kalinguene SGXX8755
Kalom SGXX0403
Kalom SGXX6631
Kalom SGXX1216
Kalom SGXX7716
Kalom SGXX4358
Kalossi SGXX4359
Kalou Maboube SGXX5839
Kaloubalou SGXX8756
Kaloye SGXX5430
Kalsane SGXX4360
Kama SGXX8757
Kama SGXX5431
Kamadou SGXX0404
Kamagouba SGXX2076
Kamahone SGXX2077
Kamako Sanssan SGXX2078
Kamara SGXX4361
Kamarakounda SGXX8758
Kamatane SGXX1217
Kamb SGXX4362
Kamba SGXX4363
Kambasse SGXX2079
Kambedare SGXX2080
Kambel SGXX1218
Kambila SGXX2081
Kambou SGXX4364
Kamboua SGXX2082
Kamboudione SGXX2083
Kambounar SGXX4365
Kambounde SGXX2084
Kamiak SGXX1219
Kamobeul SGXX8759
Kamoya SGXX2085
Kampila SGXX2086
Kampissa SGXX2087
Kampoto SGXX2088
Kananpar SGXX2089
Kanao SGXX8760
Kanape SGXX6632
Kanapetoko SGXX6633
Kanaye SGXX0405
Kanbinnta SGXX8761
Kanboundan SGXX2090
Kandam SGXX7717
Kandam SGXX0839
Kandaye SGXX2091
Kande SGXX3245
Kande SGXX8762
Kandekounda SGXX6634
Kanderi Niana SGXX6635
Kandi Sada SGXX0406
Kandia SGXX2092
Kandiadiou SGXX2093
Kandiadiou SGXX8763
Kandiala SGXX2094
Kandialon SGXX2095
Kandiama SGXX2096
Kandiankoum SGXX8764
Kandiar SGXX0407
Kandiatong SGXX8765
Kandiator SGXX2097
Kandiaye SGXX2098
Kandienoug SGXX2099
Kandii SGXX4366
Kandimba SGXX2100
Kandio Kamako SGXX2101
Kandion SGXX2102
Kandion Mangana SGXX2104
Kandiou SGXX8766
Kandiou SGXX1220
Kandiounkou SGXX2105
Kandji SGXX7718
Kandji Tala SGXX2106
Kandong SGXX8767
Kandoniema SGXX6636
Kandounie SGXX8768
Kanekare SGXX6637
Kanel SGXX2107
Kanel SGXX5432
Kanema SGXX2108
Kanene SGXX4367
Kanene SGXX7719
Kanene Al SGXX4368
Kanene Khar SGXX4369
Kanene Ndiob SGXX4370
Kaner SGXX5433
Kangal SGXX5434
Kangian SGXX7720
Kangodi SGXX2109
Kanhanbe SGXX6638
Kanho SGXX8769
Kaniak SGXX7721
Kaniaka SGXX8770
Kaniako SGXX2110
Kanianbali SGXX6639
Kanibo SGXX8771
Kaniene SGXX5840
Kaniko SGXX2111
Kanikoro SGXX2112
Kanimoussaya SGXX6640
Kanka SGXX3246
Kanka SGXX0408
Kankande SGXX8772
Kankane SGXX0409
Kankelefa SGXX2113
Kankoudron SGXX2114
Kankoulerou SGXX2115
Kankoulountou SGXX2116
Kanouma SGXX6641
Kanoumering SGXX6642
Kansata SGXX2117
Kansola SGXX8773
Kantar SGXX6643
Kantare SGXX4371
Kantayene SGXX4372
Kantiakh SGXX4373
Kantor SGXX3247
Kaolack SGXX0002
Kaolakat SGXX3249
Kaone SGXX7722
Kaone SGXX2118
Kaossa SGXX1221
Kaossara SGXX0410
Kaouadir SGXX8774
Kaouel SGXX5435
Kaoul SGXX7723
Kaoulou SGXX7724
Kaour SGXX2119
Kaourou SGXX6644
Kaoutou SGXX6645
Kaparan SGXX8775
Kaparok SGXX7725
Kapeiel SGXX2120
Kaporta SGXX6646
Kapote SGXX2121
Kapoundoune SGXX2122
Kara SGXX4374
Kara Vendou SGXX5841
Karabane SGXX8776
Karakaene SGXX6647
Karamoko SGXX7726
Karane SGXX1222
Karang SGXX1223
Karang Ba SGXX1224
Karanko SGXX8777
Karantaba SGXX1225
Karantaba SGXX8778
Karantaba SGXX2123
Karatchel SGXX4375
Karatchel-Ouolof SGXX4376
Kare SGXX6649
Kare Ndiane SGXX3250
Kare Sisse SGXX0411
Karegne SGXX4377
Karenaye SGXX8779
Kariaye SGXX8780
Karonko SGXX8781
Karoumbou SGXX2124
Karounat SGXX8782
Karounor SGXX8783
Karounor Narang SGXX8784
Karsia SGXX2125
Kartelo SGXX4378
Kartiack SGXX8785
Kas SGXX0412
Kasi SGXX2126
Kaskas SGXX5842
Kassagueri SGXX6650
Kassankili SGXX8786
Kassas SGXX3251
Kassassa SGXX3252
Kasse Dimmbo SGXX4379
Kasse Medina SGXX1226
Kassel SGXX8787
Kassepol SGXX2127
Kassila SGXX8788
Kassili SGXX8789
Kassis SGXX8790
Kassou SGXX8791
Kataba SGXX2128
Kataba Guidima SGXX2129
Kataba Mouniane SGXX8793
Kataba Samba SGXX2130
Katabina SGXX2131
Katakel SGXX3253
Katama SGXX8794
Kateumteum SGXX8795
Kati SGXX3254
Katia SGXX2132
Katial SGXX3255
Katialik SGXX7727
Katiaouane SGXX3256
Katim Gueye SGXX1227
Katinong SGXX8796
Katio SGXX8797
Katior SGXX1228
Katiot SGXX3257
Katipa SGXX8798
Katipo SGXX8799
Katob SGXX6651
Katonfara SGXX2133
Katote SGXX5436
Katoudie SGXX8800
Katounor SGXX8801
Kavel SGXX5437
Kavel Rangal SGXX5438
Kavel Sintian SGXX5439
Kavil SGXX3258
Kawal SGXX5440
Kawane SGXX6652
Kaya Koussan SGXX6653
Kayan SGXX6654
Kayane SGXX1229
Kayar SGXX0069
Kaye SGXX3259
Kaye Boubou SGXX3260
Kayelo SGXX8802
Kayere Hal SGXX7728
Kaymor SGXX3261
Kayol SGXX7729
Kazamanse SGXX7730
Kbombole SGXX7731
Kebe SGXX1230
Kebe SGXX4380
Kebe Ansou SGXX1231
Kebe Gouye SGXX3262
Kebe Keur Babou SGXX3263
Kebe Khakham SGXX4381
Kebe Lanim SGXX3264
Kebe Ndeute SGXX4382
Kebe Sam SGXX4383
Kebemer SGXX0070
Kebeum SGXX2134
Kebiline SGXX8803
Keboum SGXX8804
Kedieo SGXX0413
Kedieto SGXX8805
Kedio SGXX6655
Kedougou SGXX0071
Kekokoto SGXX6657
Kekreti SGXX6658
Kel SGXX0840
Kel Gueye SGXX4384
Kele SGXX4385
Kele SGXX1232
Kelekounda SGXX6659
Kelel SGXX0414
Kelel SGXX4386
Kelel Diop SGXX4387
Kelel Peul SGXX0415
Kelema Kiri SGXX8806
Kelemel SGXX0416
Keleouteoual SGXX0417
Kelimane SGXX4388
Kelimbou SGXX6660
Kelin Boulidiaro SGXX6661
Kelkome SGXX3265
Kelle SGXX7732
Kellere SGXX4389
Kellol SGXX5441
Kemaye SGXX7733
Kemet SGXX1233
Keneba SGXX2135
Keneba Dimba SGXX2136
Kenewa SGXX2138
Keniassou SGXX6662
Kenieba SGXX6663
Kenieko SGXX6665
Kenngor SGXX4390
Ker Alhaji Jein SGXX1234
Ker Daga SGXX1235
Ker Lamin Jammeh SGXX1236
Ker Momat Juli SGXX1237
Ker Mot Fatou SGXX1238
Kerakounda SGXX2139
Keravane SGXX6666
Kere SGXX1239
Kere Daga Ndiaye SGXX0418
Kere Ndiaye SGXX4391
Kerekounda SGXX6667
Kerel SGXX2140
Kerevandialo SGXX2141
Kerevane SGXX6668
Kerevane SGXX2142
Kerewane SGXX2143
Kerfari SGXX4392
Keri SGXX7734
Keri Ibromane SGXX4393
Keri Ndiobene SGXX7735
Keri Ngakou SGXX7736
Kerkete SGXX6669
Kerma Fass SGXX3266
Kermesamba SGXX4394
Keroual SGXX3267
Kerouane SGXX8807
Kerouane SGXX6670
Kessema SGXX6671
Kessoukhat SGXX7737
Ketou SGXX4396
Keur Abdou SGXX3268
Keur Abdou Bouri SGXX3269
Keur Abdou Diafe SGXX3270
Keur Abdou Mbaye SGXX3271
Keur Abdou Ndoye SGXX7738
Keur Abdou Sakor SGXX0419
Keur Abdou Seye SGXX4397
Keur Abdou Siri SGXX4398
Keur Abibou SGXX3274
Keur Abla Diao SGXX7739
Keur Abou Diane SGXX3275
Keur Aboudou SGXX3276
Keur Adiana SGXX0421
Keur Aip Ka SGXX1240
Keur Ala Sal SGXX5843
Keur Albe SGXX3280
Keur Ale SGXX0422
Keur Alfa SGXX3281
Keur Ali Bat SGXX3282
Keur Ali Diangou SGXX3283
Keur Ali Drame SGXX3284
Keur Ali Gassam SGXX3285
Keur Ali Gueye SGXX3286
Keur Ali Gueye SGXX1242
Keur Ali Koumba SGXX4400
Keur Ali Maram SGXX3287
Keur Ali Ndiaye SGXX1243
Keur Ali Pate SGXX3288
Keur Ali Samba SGXX3289
Keur Ali Sow SGXX7740
Keur Ali Yeral SGXX4401
Keur Aliou Diop SGXX1244
Keur Aliou Fal SGXX7741
Keur Aliou Gueye SGXX1245
Keur Aliou Seye SGXX1246
Keur Aliou Sisse SGXX3290
Keur Aliou Toure SGXX0423
Keur Alissar SGXX3291
Keur Ama Ngone SGXX3292
Keur Amadi SGXX4402
Keur Amado SGXX4403
Keur Amat Fal SGXX3293
Keur Amat Rasta SGXX3294
Keur Amat Sene SGXX1247
Keur Amat Seydou SGXX3295
Keur Assane SGXX7746
Keur Assane Lo SGXX7747
Keur Ayip SGXX3296
Keur Baba Alima SGXX7749
Keur Baba Ngom SGXX7750
Keur Baba Seck SGXX4404
Keur Babam SGXX3297
Keur Babou SGXX3298
Keur Babou Dio SGXX3299
Keur Babou Fadi SGXX3300
Keur Babou Nditi SGXX8808
Keur Babou Ngone SGXX3301
Keur Badel SGXX4405
Keur Bailo SGXX4406
Keur Baka SGXX3302
Keur Baka Diao SGXX1250
Keur Bakar SGXX7752
Keur Bakar SGXX4407
Keur Bakar SGXX3303
Keur Bakari SGXX3304
Keur Bakari Diop SGXX4408
Keur Bakari Sal SGXX4409
Keur Bala SGXX1253
Keur Balla SGXX4410
Keur Balla Seye SGXX4411
Keur Bamba SGXX3306
Keur Bambou SGXX3307
Keur Banda Niang SGXX7753
Keur Banda Samb SGXX7754
Keur Bandiougou SGXX3308
Keur Bangou SGXX1254
Keur Bano SGXX1255
Keur Bara SGXX5845
Keur Bara SGXX4412
Keur Bara SGXX3309
Keur Barka SGXX5846
Keur Bassine SGXX4413
Keur Baye Diop SGXX3310
Keur Bempi SGXX0424
Keur Bernard SGXX5847
Keur Bidi Aoua SGXX3311
Keur Bidji Ouri SGXX3312
Keur Biedi SGXX3313
Keur Binnte SGXX4414
Keur Biram SGXX5848
Keur Biram SGXX3314
Keur Biram Mata SGXX3315
Keur Biram Pate SGXX3316
Keur Biram Pinda SGXX6672
Keur Bodie SGXX3317
Keur Bouboa SGXX3318
Keur Boubou SGXX6673
Keur Boukar SGXX4415
Keur Bouki SGXX3319
Keur Bragui SGXX4416
Keur Braham Fall SGXX4417
Keur Brahim SGXX3320
Keur Dadi Mboul SGXX3321
Keur Dali SGXX7756
Keur Dali Sisse SGXX7757
Keur Dam SGXX3322
Keur Dam SGXX4418
Keur Danba SGXX3323
Keur Dangane SGXX3324
Keur Dao SGXX3325
Keur Dao Beye SGXX4419
Keur Daouda SGXX1257
Keur Daouda Sar SGXX0841
Keur Daour Diong SGXX0425
Keur Dawour Sis SGXX7758
Keur Demba SGXX4420
Keur Demba Anta SGXX7759
Keur Demba Ba SGXX3326
Keur Demba Diabi SGXX3327
Keur Demba Kebe SGXX7760
Keur Demba Sene SGXX7761
Keur Demba Sira SGXX4421
Keur Demmba SGXX0426
Keur Demmba SGXX7762
Keur Detie SGXX4422
Keur Deuri SGXX3329
Keur Diabel SGXX0427
Keur Diabel SGXX3330
Keur Diaka SGXX3331
Keur Dialo Sene SGXX0428
Keur Diam SGXX3332
Keur Diambar SGXX7763
Keur Diang SGXX3334
Keur Diangane SGXX3335
Keur Diangaris SGXX7764
Keur Diankole SGXX3336
Keur Diao Fall SGXX5850
Keur Diaouli SGXX4423
Keur Diara SGXX3337
Keur Diata SGXX3338
Keur Dib SGXX7765
Keur Diegane SGXX1259
Keur Dieme SGXX3339
Keur Dimbou SGXX3340
Keur Dinguere SGXX3341
Keur Diogou SGXX7766
Keur Djibi SGXX3342
Keur Djita SGXX7767
Keur Dogo SGXX3343
Keur Dongo SGXX3344
Keur Doudi SGXX3345
Keur Douka Sisse SGXX7768
Keur Doungou SGXX4424
Keur Elimane SGXX1261
Keur Essar SGXX3347
Keur Farba SGXX1262
Keur Fode SGXX3348
Keur Fole SGXX7770
Keur G. Diagne SGXX5852
Keur Galadio SGXX3349
Keur Galgou SGXX0429
Keur Galo SGXX3350
Keur Galo Kante SGXX3351
Keur Gamon SGXX3352
Keur Gane SGXX1263
Keur Ganou Ndoye SGXX7771
Keur Gata SGXX3353
Keur Gaye SGXX0430
Keur Gaye SGXX3354
Keur Godasam SGXX7772
Keur Goli SGXX3355
Keur Gonde SGXX7773
Keur Gora Ndiaye SGXX0431
Keur Gora Ndong SGXX7774
Keur Gouli SGXX6674
Keur Guilaye SGXX7775
Keur Guiri SGXX4427
Keur Ibou Kane SGXX1265
Keur Ibra SGXX4428
Keur Ibra Dia SGXX7776
Keur Ibra Fal SGXX7777
Keur Ibra Gueye SGXX7778
Keur Ibra Kane SGXX7779
Keur Ibra Maram SGXX4429
Keur Ibra Massar SGXX3357
Keur Ibra Sako SGXX3358
Keur Ibra Sek SGXX0432
Keur Ibrata SGXX3359
Keur Joseph SGXX7781
Keur Kali SGXX1266
Keur Kalo SGXX3360
Keur Kardiop SGXX7782
Keur Katim Diema SGXX3361
Keur Kekouta SGXX3362
Keur Khali Rhone SGXX0434
Keur Khali Sar SGXX1267
Keur Khar Mbaye SGXX7783
Keur Kibari SGXX3363
Keur Kolibilo SGXX4431
Keur Konkoudia SGXX3364
Keur Kora SGXX4432
Keur Koumba SGXX7784
Keur Kouni SGXX3365
Keur Koura SGXX4433
Keur Koutch SGXX4434
Keur Lahine Sako SGXX3366
Keur Lali SGXX3367
Keur Lamine SGXX3368
Keur Layene SGXX3369
Keur Layene Soce SGXX1272
Keur Mademba SGXX3371
Keur Madi Assine SGXX3372
Keur Madi Touet SGXX3373
Keur Madia SGXX0435
Keur Madiabel SGXX3374
Keur Madiagne SGXX7786
Keur Madiaka SGXX1273
Keur Madiale SGXX4435
Keur Madiana SGXX7787
Keur Madiebel SGXX3375
Keur Madiengue SGXX1274
Keur Madiop SGXX0436
Keur Madiouf SGXX3376
Keur Madou Dia SGXX4436
Keur Madoumbe SGXX7788
Keur Mafal SGXX4437
Keur Magamo SGXX4438
Keur Magat Ba SGXX0438
Keur Magaye SGXX3377
Keur Magnao Sila SGXX7791
Keur Magueye SGXX7792
Keur Mahanta SGXX4439
Keur Maignane SGXX0439
Keur Maissa SGXX0440
Keur Maka SGXX3379
Keur Makala SGXX7793
Keur Makam SGXX3380
Keur Makar SGXX3381
Keur Makhari SGXX4440
Keur Makoumoa SGXX7795
Keur Mala SGXX3382
Keur Malahine SGXX3383
Keur Malal SGXX7796
Keur Male SGXX3384
Keur Maleye SGXX4442
Keur Mali Makham SGXX3385
Keur Malik Diao SGXX3386
Keur Malik Faye SGXX4443
Keur Malindiaye SGXX1275
Keur Malo SGXX4444
Keur Malo SGXX1276
Keur Mam Awa SGXX7797
Keur Mama Lamine SGXX1277
Keur Mamar Anta SGXX1281
Keur Mamaram SGXX7798
Keur Mamour Lo SGXX3389
Keur Mamout SGXX3390
Keur Mandao SGXX1282
Keur Mandaye SGXX3391
Keur Mandiaye SGXX1283
Keur Mandiaye SGXX0442
Keur Mandiaye SGXX4446
Keur Mandiol SGXX4447
Keur Mandongo SGXX3392
Keur Mandoumbe SGXX7799
Keur Maniabe SGXX3393
Keur Manndiaye SGXX1284
Keur Manoumbe SGXX6675
Keur Manyane SGXX7800
Keur Maoual SGXX7801
Keur Mari SGXX3394
Keur Maridiaye SGXX7802
Keur Markari SGXX4449
Keur Marsala SGXX1285
Keur Massamba SGXX7803
Keur Massamba SGXX4450
Keur Massar SGXX0842
Keur Massar SGXX3395
Keur Massar Ba SGXX3396
Keur Massemba SGXX7807
Keur Massemba SGXX3397
Keur Masser SGXX0443
Keur Masseye SGXX1286
Keur Massila SGXX1287
Keur Masson SGXX7808
Keur Massongo SGXX7809
Keur Massouko SGXX7810
Keur Matar SGXX3398
Keur Matar SGXX7811
Keur Matar Diop SGXX4453
Keur Matar Gueye SGXX7812
Keur Matar Mbaye SGXX4454
Keur Matar Mbaye SGXX0444
Keur Matar Souna SGXX3399
Keur Matialene SGXX7813
Keur Matioro SGXX1288
Keur Mayoro SGXX4455
Keur Mbalagaye SGXX4456
Keur Mballo SGXX7814
Keur Mballo SGXX4457
Keur Mbarik SGXX4458
Keur Mbata SGXX7815
Keur Mbaye SGXX5853
Keur Mbaye SGXX3400
Keur Mbaye Mati SGXX7816
Keur Mbaye Ndao SGXX4459
Keur Mbaye Ndiap SGXX4460
Keur Mbaye Ndonk SGXX3401
Keur Mbaye Seck SGXX4461
Keur Mbaye Seri SGXX7817
Keur Mbeikou SGXX3402
Keur Mbir Ndaw SGXX7818
Keur Mbissane SGXX4462
Keur Mbogue SGXX4463
Keur Mbouki SGXX3403
Keur Mboussi SGXX3404
Keur Medou SGXX4464
Keur Meissa SGXX4466
Keur Memba SGXX7820
Keur Meodiouf SGXX1290
Keur Mgata Drame SGXX3405
Keur Miniane SGXX1291
Keur Moda SGXX1292
Keur Mode Seye SGXX1293
Keur Modi Sala SGXX3406
Keur Modi Sala SGXX1294
Keur Modi Yoro SGXX4467
Keur Modiagne SGXX1295
Keur Modj SGXX1296
Keur Modou SGXX3407
Keur Modou SGXX4468
Keur Modou Be SGXX0445
Keur Modou Diba SGXX6676
Keur Modou Diop SGXX4469
Keur Modou Ngom SGXX4471
Keur Modou Seye SGXX4472
Keur Modouba SGXX0446
Keur Mody Beye SGXX4473
Keur Mogoram SGXX7822
Keur Mogorso SGXX7823
Keur Mokhari SGXX4474
Keur Moktar Ba SGXX0843
Keur Momar SGXX3409
Keur Momar SGXX1297
Keur Momar Sar SGXX4475
Keur Momar Sona SGXX1298
Keur Mor Barama SGXX4476
Keur Mor Beye SGXX4477
Keur Mor Ibra SGXX0072
Keur Mor Sorona SGXX3410
Keur Morbake SGXX4478
Keur Morfal SGXX7824
Keur Morgone SGXX1301
Keur Mori SGXX1302
Keur Mori Fal SGXX7825
Keur Mori Ndiaye SGXX7826
Keur Morlissa SGXX0448
Keur Mormagat SGXX0449
Keur Mortal SGXX0450
Keur Mour SGXX5855
Keur Moussa SGXX7827
Keur Moussa Naye SGXX3412
Keur Moussa Seni SGXX1305
Keur Moutou SGXX3414
Keur Nadiene SGXX0451
Keur Nakoumba SGXX3415
Keur Nala SGXX3416
Keur Nari SGXX1306
Keur Nasseurde SGXX4479
Keur Ndam SGXX4480
Keur Ndame SGXX3417
Keur Ndari SGXX3418
Keur Ndari SGXX4481
Keur Ndene SGXX7828
Keur Ndene Ndao SGXX3419
Keur Ndiaga SGXX0452
Keur Ndiaga SGXX3420
Keur Ndiagne SGXX4482
Keur Ndiago Seck SGXX4483
Keur Ndiak SGXX0453
Keur Ndiankou SGXX3421
Keur Ndiaw Ba SGXX7830
Keur Ndiaye SGXX0454
Keur Ndiaye SGXX4484
Keur Ndiaye Lo SGXX0844
Keur Ndiougo SGXX4486
Keur Ndongo SGXX3422
Keur Ngatane SGXX3423
Keur Ngaye SGXX3424
Keur Ngoura SGXX4487
Keur Niagaraki SGXX7831
Keur Niamakore SGXX1308
Keur Niang SGXX0455
Keur Niegne SGXX3425
Keur Omar SGXX1309
Keur Omar Diehe SGXX0456
Keur Omar Koudia SGXX3426
Keur Omar Oumi SGXX3427
Keur Ossene SGXX3428
Keur Ouak SGXX3429
Keur Ouak Batio SGXX3430
Keur Ouar SGXX3431
Keur Oumar SGXX1310
Keur Oumar Mbaye SGXX1311
Keur Ousmane SGXX4488
Keur Pari SGXX7832
Keur Passik SGXX4490
Keur Pate SGXX4491
Keur Pate SGXX3433
Keur Pate SGXX1313
Keur Pate Deye SGXX7833
Keur Pate Ndiaye SGXX7834
Keur Pate Rheri SGXX7835
Keur Pathe SGXX4492
Keur Rhar SGXX7837
Keur Rhare Dieye SGXX7838
Keur Rigal Sek SGXX0457
Keur Sa Koki SGXX4493
Keur Saafadi SGXX3434
Keur Saafatime SGXX3435
Keur Saaloumbel SGXX3436
Keur Sabatine SGXX1314
Keur Sadarou Fam SGXX7839
Keur Sader SGXX3437
Keur Sadia SGXX1315
Keur Sadiouka SGXX0458
Keur Saer Gom SGXX0459
Keur Safadi SGXX3438
Keur Saidou SGXX3439
Keur Saidou Sow SGXX5856
Keur Sako Ndiaye SGXX3440
Keur Sala SGXX7840
Keur Samagne SGXX3441
Keur Samba SGXX4494
Keur Samba SGXX0460
Keur Samba SGXX3442
Keur Samba Amat SGXX3443
Keur Samba Dia SGXX1319
Keur Samba Gaye SGXX0461
Keur Samba Ka SGXX3446
Keur Samba Kala SGXX1320
Keur Samba Kane SGXX0462
Keur Samba Kouta SGXX3448
Keur Samba Laobe SGXX4496
Keur Samba Lello SGXX4497
Keur Samba Ndom SGXX6677
Keur Samba Rei SGXX4498
Keur Samba Sadio SGXX4499
Keur Sambadiate SGXX3450
Keur Sambaram SGXX4500
Keur Sambare SGXX1321
Keur Sambou SGXX4501
Keur Sambowole SGXX1322
Keur Samboye SGXX1323
Keur Samka SGXX0464
Keur Sandao SGXX3451
Keur Sandoua SGXX7842
Keur Sanou SGXX1324
Keur Sanou SGXX4502
Keur Sao SGXX0465
Keur Saouili SGXX3452
Keur Satiako SGXX7843
Keur Saveli SGXX3453
Keur Sega Ware SGXX7844
Keur Sek Fal SGXX0466
Keur Sel SGXX0467
Keur Seni SGXX1325
Keur Seri Niane SGXX0468
Keur Serigne Die SGXX1329
Keur Sering Aoua SGXX3455
Keur Set SGXX3459
Keur Set Koumba SGXX1336
Keur Seuridan SGXX3460
Keur Seya SGXX5858
Keur Seydou SGXX7846
Keur Sidi Tale SGXX3461
Keur Siet SGXX3462
Keur Siet Diop SGXX3463
Keur Simbing SGXX4503
Keur Sine SGXX4504
Keur Sini SGXX6678
Keur Sini Diao SGXX7847
Keur Sir Diop SGXX1337
Keur Sir Mbaye SGXX1338
Keur Sosse SGXX3465
Keur Soule SGXX3466
Keur Soule Ka SGXX7848
Keur Souleye SGXX4505
Keur Sountou SGXX3467
Keur Soutoura SGXX3468
Keur Taibe SGXX3469
Keur Tamba SGXX3470
Keur Thiam Ba SGXX4506
Keur Tianderi SGXX3471
Keur Tiedossa SGXX4507
Keur Tiem Savare SGXX7850
Keur Tierno Tala SGXX3472
Keur Timak SGXX7851
Keur Timbi SGXX3473
Keur Tjidi SGXX3474
Keur Toumba Daga SGXX3475
Keur Wore Gor SGXX7852
Keur Yabi SGXX1339
Keur Yelnak SGXX7854
Keur Yeri SGXX3476
Keur Yoro Assita SGXX7855
Keur Yoro Barou SGXX3477
Keur Yoro Koudie SGXX3478
Keur Yoro Sadio SGXX7856
Keur Yoro Safi SGXX7857
Keur Yorodou SGXX3479
Keur Yougo SGXX3480
Keur Youngar SGXX7858
Keur Youssou SGXX7859
Keur Youssou Fal SGXX1340
KeurAlvatiam SGXX5859
Keuri Kaw SGXX7860
Keuri Souf SGXX0845
Kevar SGXX4509
Kewe SGXX6679
Kewoye SGXX6680
Keze Pakane SGXX2144
Khabane SGXX7861
Khadiaouane SGXX7862
Khadji SGXX4510
Khalil SGXX4511
Khamadj SGXX4512
Khamane SGXX7864
Khambala SGXX4513
Khanda Diop SGXX4514
Khandane SGXX7865
Khar Yalla SGXX0846
Khar Yalla SGXX7866
Khara Ndiak SGXX4515
Kharane SGXX4516
Khassab SGXX7867
Khassine SGXX7868
Khat SGXX7869
Khatali SGXX4517
Khatali I SGXX5860
Khaye SGXX3481
Khaye SGXX7870
Khaye Ouolof SGXX7871
Khaye Serere SGXX7872
Khelkom SGXX4518
Khelkom Diaw SGXX5861
Khelkom Diop SGXX5862
Khelli SGXX4519
Khenene SGXX7873
Kheouar SGXX7874
Kheouer SGXX7875
Khete Diao SGXX4520
Khetet Gaye SGXX5863
Kheye SGXX7876
Kheye Goudienne SGXX7877
Khimbakh SGXX4521
Khobi SGXX0847
Khodeba SGXX7878
Khogue Tobene SGXX4522
Khol-Khol SGXX4523
Kholpe SGXX7879
Khombole SGXX7880
Khongolane SGXX7881
Khor SGXX5864
Khotane SGXX0848
Khoubit SGXX7882
Khoutane Serere SGXX7883
Kibik SGXX7884
Kibik Koutie SGXX7885
Kibo SGXX2145
Kideli Dimbel SGXX2146
Kidiba SGXX6681
Kidira SGXX6682
Kier Sambo SGXX4524
Kignine SGXX2147
Kilif Dek SGXX4525
Kilimane SGXX4526
Kilimane SGXX3482
Killene SGXX4527
Killi SGXX7886
Kilometre Six SGXX3483
Kindiene SGXX8809
Kindiong SGXX8810
Kinemmba SGXX6683
Kiniabour I SGXX7887
Kiniabour II SGXX7888
Kiniending SGXX8811
Kinndiane SGXX3484
Kinndiri SGXX2148
Kintingourou SGXX2149
Kinto SGXX2150
Kip Kip SGXX0849
Kipe Carriere SGXX0850
Kipi SGXX6684
Kipo SGXX4528
Kipou Kossedi SGXX6685
Kipou Sissongo SGXX6686
Kipounigali SGXX6687
Kipoussouleye SGXX6688
Kirang SGXX1341
Kirene SGXX7889
Kirili SGXX2151
Kirir SGXX5442
Kirma Ham Kore SGXX4529
Kirpa SGXX1342
Kis SGXX4530
Kissan SGXX6689
Kissane SGXX7890
Kitimbo SGXX8813
Koar SGXX6690
Koba SGXX0469
Koba SGXX8814
Koba Katiou SGXX8815
Kobel SGXX4531
Kobo Toki SGXX3486
Koboel SGXX2152
Kobokoto SGXX6692
Koboye SGXX6693
Kodang SGXX7892
Kodena SGXX2153
Kodi Kouroubama SGXX6694
Kodi Kourouma SGXX6695
Kodiadian SGXX6696
Kodiam SGXX6697
Kodiamo SGXX6698
Kodieri SGXX1345
Kodiole SGXX0470
Kodiolel SGXX0471
Kodiolo SGXX2154
Kodjele SGXX4532
Kodji SGXX2155
Kodjinnguina SGXX2156
Koe SGXX4533
Koel SGXX2157
Koel SGXX3487
Koel SGXX0472
Koeli SGXX4534
Koetiao SGXX1346
Kofadou SGXX6699
Kofie SGXX4535
Koga SGXX5865
Koguiane SGXX7893
Kohel SGXX2158
Koho Peul SGXX3488
Koho Sosse SGXX3489
Koilal SGXX3490
Koilel SGXX5866
Koili SGXX6700
Koki SGXX4536
Koki SGXX7894
Koki SGXX3491
Koki Dakar SGXX4537
Koki Dakhar SGXX0473
Koki Gouye SGXX0474
Koki Kad SGXX4538
Kokole Dimba SGXX2159
Kokonba SGXX2160
Kokoum Doulo SGXX2161
Kokoum Samba SGXX2162
Kokoung Sobali SGXX2163
Kokounto SGXX2164
Kol SGXX7895
Kolane SGXX2165
Kolda SGXX2166
Kole SGXX1347
Koli SGXX5443
Kolia Dongon SGXX7896
Kolibantan SGXX6701
Kolibantang SGXX2167
Kolikounda SGXX2168
Koling SGXX2169
Koliya SGXX6702
Kolma Diordior SGXX3492
Kolma Peul SGXX3493
Kolo SGXX2170
Kolobane SGXX7897
Kolobane SGXX1348
Kolobane SGXX8816
Kolodinnto Fouta SGXX2171
Kolomba SGXX6703
Kolomba SGXX3494
Kolomba SGXX8817
Kolonba SGXX8818
Kolondine SGXX6704
Kolondonse SGXX6705
Kolonto SGXX6706
Kolor SGXX0475
Komatia SGXX2173
Komboli SGXX8819
Komoti SGXX6707
Komouda SGXX8820
Kona SGXX8821
Kondie SGXX0476
Kondiene SGXX8822
Kondokhou SGXX6708
Kone SGXX3495
Kone Kogne SGXX4539
Konem SGXX1349
Konga SGXX3496
Kongoli SGXX8823
Kongoli SGXX1350
Koniari SGXX2174
Konkoma SGXX7898
Konkotou SGXX6709
Konkoudia SGXX8824
Konkouli SGXX6710
Konte SGXX6711
Kontekounda SGXX2175
Kontor SGXX0477
Kopara SGXX2176
Kope SGXX5867
Kope SGXX2177
Kopgoyane SGXX7899
Koral SGXX1351
Koram SGXX8825
Korane Ndiaye SGXX4540
Kordiali SGXX7900
Koredia SGXX1352
Koredia Diaka SGXX6712
Korekoro SGXX6713
Korera SGXX6714
Korkadie SGXX5868
Korkadiel SGXX5869
Korki SGXX3497
Korkol SGXX5444
Korolo SGXX6715
Koromadi SGXX6716
Korop Maounde SGXX2178
Kortiel SGXX1353
Kossanki SGXX2179
Kossanto SGXX0073
Kossar SGXX1354
Kossas SGXX5445
Kossi SGXX2180
Kossi SGXX3498
Kossi Tiamene SGXX3499
Kosso SGXX4541
Kote SGXX6717
Kotiar SGXX3500
Kotiari SGXX6718
Kotiari Naoude SGXX0074
Kotie SGXX6719
Kotie Nord SGXX6720
Kotiedia SGXX4542
Kotiedia Maure SGXX4543
Kotinete SGXX3501
Kotior SGXX1355
Kotoum SGXX8826
Kouadi Bainouk SGXX2181
Kouak SGXX3502
Kouare SGXX3503
Koubalan SGXX8827
Koubalar SGXX8828
Koubanak SGXX8829
Koubanao SGXX8830
Koubone SGXX2182
Koubone SGXX8831
Koude SGXX4544
Koudi SGXX6721
Koudibekounda SGXX2183
Koudioube SGXX8832
Koudioundou SGXX8833
Koudj SGXX7901
Koudjini SGXX2184
Koudom SGXX3504
Koudora SGXX2185
Koudoureyel SGXX2186
Kougne SGXX2187
Kouinar SGXX4545
Kouini SGXX8834
Koukadi SGXX5446
Koukari SGXX6722
Koukoma SGXX6723
Koukoto SGXX3505
Koukou SGXX6724
Koukoukolo SGXX6725
Koukouyel SGXX6726
Koul SGXX7902
Koular SGXX0075
Koular SGXX6727
Koulare SGXX6728
Koulaye SGXX8836
Koulegna SGXX3506
Kouli SGXX0478
Koulia Ba SGXX0076
Koulikan SGXX8837
Koulinndiara SGXX2188
Koulinnto SGXX2189
Koulkoulto SGXX2190
Koulobori SGXX8838
Koulor SGXX6729
Koulouk SGXX7903
Kouloumbodou SGXX3507
Koumafele SGXX6730
Koumare SGXX6731
Koumbadiouma SGXX2192
Koumbakara SGXX2193
Koumbakiri SGXX2194
Koumbakoulou SGXX6732
Koumbal SGXX3508
Koumbamo SGXX2195
Koumbidia SGXX3509
Koumbidjan SGXX2196
Koumbin SGXX1356
Koumbiya SGXX6733
Koumboutourou SGXX6734
Koumera SGXX2197
Koumpal SGXX3510
Koumpentoum SGXX0077
Koumpepe SGXX2198
Koumperto SGXX8839
Kounar SGXX3511
Kounatouba SGXX8840
Kounayan SGXX2199
Koundan SGXX6735
Koundane SGXX7904
Koundaya SGXX6736
Koundel SGXX6737
Koundi Boki SGXX5447
Koundiao SGXX6738
Koundiougor SGXX8841
Koundo SGXX3512
Koung Koung SGXX3513
Koungala SGXX6739
Koungani SGXX6740
Koungheul SGXX0078
Koungneul Sosse SGXX3515
Koungoun SGXX0479
Kouniara Santo SGXX2200
Kounias SGXX3516
Kounkali SGXX2201
Kounkane SGXX0079
Kounoudoki SGXX4546
Kounoun SGXX0851
Kounounding Dioe SGXX2202
Kounsi SGXX6741
Kountaba SGXX2203
Kountiakolo SGXX6742
Kountiao Souare SGXX6743
Kountouata SGXX6744
Kouonko Doua SGXX6745
Koupar SGXX3517
Kour Nbelgor SGXX4547
Koura Mouride SGXX3518
Koura Rhaye SGXX3519
Koura Tioberi SGXX3520
Kourbol SGXX5448
Koure SGXX7905
Koure SGXX4548
Koure SGXX0480
Koure Dialamane SGXX4549
Koure Kountou SGXX6746
Koure Loukouk SGXX7906
Kouring SGXX8842
Kourkadji SGXX1357
Kourkour SGXX2204
Kourou SGXX4550
Kourou Diobene SGXX3521
Kourou Karane SGXX5449
Kourou Loumbol SGXX3522
Kouroubambe SGXX2205
Kourouk SGXX8843
Kouroukoukana SGXX6747
Kouroundi SGXX6748
Kourtara SGXX4551
Koussabel SGXX8844
Koussalam SGXX5870
Koussalan SGXX6749
Koussalang SGXX6750
Koussanar SGXX0080
Koussanar Ndi SGXX6751
Koussane SGXX6752
Koussaor SGXX2206
Koussi SGXX2207
Koussola SGXX6753
Koussous SGXX5450
Kouta SGXX1358
Koutadala SGXX2208
Koutal SGXX3523
Koutango SGXX3525
Koutanto SGXX2209
Koutchouch SGXX0481
Koutenabe SGXX6754
Koutia SGXX3526
Koutia SGXX6755
Koutia Ba SGXX6756
Koutia Gaidi SGXX0081
Koutiake SGXX2210
Koutiakoto SGXX6757
Koutiara SGXX2211
Koutingor SGXX8845
Koutoubo SGXX8846
Koutoukounda SGXX2212
Koutourfa SGXX1359
Kouyane SGXX3527
Kouyane Kandji SGXX3528
Kouyane Ndiaene SGXX3529
Koyelol SGXX4552
Koylel SGXX5871
Koyli Pegna SGXX4553
Koyll Diao SGXX5872
Koylogne SGXX4554
Koyniguel SGXX5451
Krapsou SGXX0482
Kratchinn SGXX4555
Krissime SGXX2214
La SGXX0483
Laba Tiadao SGXX4556
Labat SGXX4557
Labissinti SGXX8847
Ladongol SGXX0484
Lagane SGXX0485
Lagbar SGXX0082
Lagnar SGXX0486
Lago SGXX6758
Lagorde SGXX6759
Lague SGXX3530
Laguene SGXX3531
Lahel SGXX5873
Lahim Lobe SGXX3532
Lakanta SGXX6760
Lakhfous SGXX7907
Lalam SGXX7908
Lalane SGXX7909
Lalli SGXX6761
Laloye SGXX1360
Lam Sar SGXX0487
Lam-Lam SGXX7910
Lama SGXX6762
Lama Kibel SGXX6763
Lama Peul SGXX6764
Lamane SGXX1361
Lamaran SGXX3533
Lambadje SGXX4558
Lambane Toure SGXX4559
Lambane Vilane SGXX4560
Lambango SGXX5452
Lambatara SGXX2215
Lambaye SGXX0488
Lambaye SGXX1362
Lamina SGXX6765
Laminia SGXX6766
Lamoueye SGXX6767
Lamoye SGXX2216
Lamoye Badara SGXX6768
Lampado SGXX4561
Lampsar SGXX5874
Lamsar Peul SGXX5875
Lanbanem SGXX1363
Lanbayene SGXX7911
Landang SGXX1364
Lande Baytil SGXX6769
Landieni SGXX6770
Landou SGXX7912
Laneane SGXX1365
Lanel SGXX3534
Langar SGXX0489
Langar Deune SGXX0490
Langomak SGXX7913
Languene SGXX1366
Lanpour SGXX3535
Lanta SGXX3536
Laredji SGXX6771
Lati SGXX8848
Latir SGXX1367
Latmingue SGXX3537
Lavassor SGXX7914
Layabe SGXX0491
Layam SGXX0492
Laye SGXX4562
Layene SGXX0852
Layene Boumak SGXX1368
Layene Koredia SGXX3538
Layeyana SGXX4563
Le Plateau SGXX0853
Leba SGXX2218
Leba Aliou SGXX6772
Lebare Tiannieto SGXX6773
Leboudi SGXX5876
Leclerc SGXX0854
Lefakho SGXX6774
Lefeu SGXX8849
Legnanene SGXX4564
Leguet SGXX4565
Legui SGXX5453
Leibar SGXX5877
Lela SGXX2219
Lela SGXX0855
Leldi SGXX1369
Lelo Ouolof SGXX7915
Lelo Serere SGXX7916
Lelou SGXX6775
Lem Dam SGXX1370
Lemdou SGXX4566
Lene SGXX7917
Lenguedie SGXX2220
Lenguekoto SGXX6776
Lengueto SGXX2221
Leoba SGXX6777
Leona SGXX3539
Leona SGXX5878
Leona SGXX0083
Leona Ndiaye SGXX4568
Lerabe SGXX5879
Lerane Koli SGXX1371
Lerane Sambou SGXX1372
Lerene SGXX0493
Lerovalo SGXX2222
Lerra SGXX7919
Les Almadies SGXX0856
Lesfello SGXX6778
Leti Kobra SGXX4569
Leva Amat SGXX6779
Leve SGXX1373
Leve SGXX3540
Leve Ngaou SGXX4570
Leve Pobi SGXX5880
Lewa SGXX6780
Lewa Diafoulbe SGXX6781
Lewa Diawandele SGXX6782
Lewe Damga SGXX5454
Lewe Nguenar SGXX5455
Leyene SGXX7920
Leyene SGXX3541
Leyene SGXX0494
Li Kounda SGXX2223
Liane SGXX5881
Likeringto SGXX2224
Likounda SGXX6783
Limane SGXX2225
Linde SGXX4571
Lingokoto SGXX6784
Linguedie Ngotam SGXX2226
Linguere SGXX0084
Lingueyel SGXX2227
Linkedian SGXX2228
Linkieto SGXX2229
Linkole SGXX6785
Linkone SGXX6786
Linnde SGXX0495
Linndiane SGXX3542
Linngueoual SGXX2230
Linnguewal SGXX2231
Linnguewal Tobo SGXX2232
Linnkering SGXX2233
Linnkiring SGXX0085
Liou SGXX0086
Lista SGXX5456
Lite SGXX4572
Live SGXX3543
Lobali SGXX5457
Lobor Ngoko SGXX7921
Lofe SGXX6787
Lohene SGXX3544
Lol Lol Peul SGXX4573
Lombel SGXX6788
Lompoul SGXX7922
Lonbi SGXX6789
Lonbol SGXX6790
Longkane SGXX3545
Longor SGXX4574
Lordodj SGXX4575
Lordouga SGXX5458
Loridji SGXX6791
Loro SGXX4576
Los SGXX7923
Los SGXX0857
Lossa SGXX0858
Lote SGXX4577
Lotoke SGXX5459
Lotye Diamboye SGXX4578
Louba SGXX3546
Loubougal SGXX5460
Loudia Diola SGXX8850
Loudia Ouolof SGXX8851
Louf SGXX7924
Louga SGXX4579
Lougayama SGXX3547
Louggue Foulbe SGXX5882
Louggue Sebbe SGXX5883
Louggue Tiekodie SGXX5461
Louggue Torobbe SGXX5884
Lougol SGXX3548
Lougou-Fourodi SGXX5885
Lougoul SGXX0496
Lougoundo SGXX6792
Lougre SGXX4580
Lougue SGXX6793
Lougue SGXX3549
Lougue Nodi SGXX5462
Lougueniani SGXX6794
Louguere SGXX6795
Louguere Baba SGXX5886
Louguere Mbaba SGXX5887
Louguere Tioli SGXX5464
Lougui Ouolof SGXX4581
Lougui Peul SGXX4582
Loukoukou SGXX1374
Loukoureye SGXX0497
Loul Sessene SGXX1375
Louli SGXX7925
Louli Mbafaye SGXX7926
Louli Mboudaye SGXX7927
Louli Ndoundour SGXX1376
Louli Niar SGXX7928
Loum Ferbe SGXX5888
Loumatir SGXX7929
Loumbal SGXX4583
Loumbal SGXX5889
Loumbel SGXX0498
Loumbel SGXX4584
Loumbel Boki SGXX4587
Loumbel Deba SGXX4588
Loumbel Djibi SGXX4589
Loumbel Douki SGXX4590
Loumbel Gaoudi SGXX4591
Loumbel Keli SGXX1378
Loumbel Koral SGXX4592
Loumbel Lade SGXX4593
Loumbel Lana SGXX4594
Loumbel Mbatma SGXX5890
Loumbel Saye SGXX0499
Loumbel Tedou SGXX4596
Loumbeoro SGXX4597
Loumbi SGXX6796
Loumbi SGXX4598
Loumbi SGXX5465
Loumbi Abobe SGXX5466
Loumbi Arabobe SGXX4599
Loumbi Diabi SGXX4600
Loumbi Diaoube SGXX3550
Loumbi Dienguel SGXX5891
Loumbi Guido SGXX4601
Loumbi Nialbi SGXX5467
Loumbi Sadio SGXX6797
Loumbi-Laoube SGXX4602
Loumbinol SGXX5468
Loumbodo Fodji SGXX4603
Loumbol SGXX4604
Loumbol SGXX5469
Loumbol SGXX3551
Loumbol SGXX6798
Loumbol Alessek SGXX6799
Loumbol Amar SGXX5470
Loumbol Baraguel SGXX4605
Loumboul Tobito SGXX6800
Loumene SGXX4606
Loumene SGXX0500
Loumene SGXX3552
Lountyi SGXX0087
Lour Gaode SGXX5892
Lour Harao SGXX5893
Lour Ouolof SGXX5894
Lour-Escale SGXX3553
Lourous SGXX7930
Loyene SGXX4607
Loyene Bar SGXX7931
Loyene Nierou SGXX7932
Lyndiane SGXX6801
Ma Samba SGXX0501
Mabo SGXX3554
Madayana SGXX4608
Madene SGXX4609
Madiali SGXX6802
Madianke SGXX2234
Madiedia SGXX8852
Madieri SGXX6803
Madifatouma SGXX6804
Madina SGXX6805
Madina SGXX3555
Madina SGXX8853
Madina SGXX2235
Madina Abdou SGXX2236
Madina Alfa SGXX2237
Madina Arsas SGXX6808
Madina Bafe SGXX6809
Madina Bayene SGXX2238
Madina Beye SGXX0088
Madina Birane SGXX2239
Madina Dahaba SGXX2241
Madina Dantilia SGXX6810
Madina Diaka SGXX6811
Madina Diam SGXX6812
Madina Diamboye SGXX2242
Madina Dianbere SGXX2244
Madina Djikoye SGXX1379
Madina Faroto SGXX6813
Madina Fofana SGXX2246
Madina Kodiolani SGXX6814
Madina Kokoun SGXX2247
Madina Ladji SGXX2248
Madina Maboule SGXX6815
Madina Mamadou SGXX2249
Madina Mandingue SGXX2250
Madina Manfinn SGXX6816
Madina Mari SGXX2251
Madina Maye SGXX2252
Madina Ndiatebe SGXX5895
Madina Niana SGXX6817
Madina Ouli SGXX6818
Madina Pate SGXX2253
Madina Ponssan SGXX2254
Madina Samba SGXX2255
Madina Sayindi SGXX2256
Madina Sibikili SGXX6819
Madina Tiacol SGXX6820
Madina Torobe SGXX5472
Madina Torodo SGXX2257
Madina Yero SGXX6822
Madina-Diaka SGXX6823
Madina-Foulbe SGXX6824
Madinatou SGXX6825
Madiou SGXX6826
Madje SGXX6827
Maeli Dibi SGXX0089
Maelkadie SGXX5473
Mafonko SGXX2258
Magana Boubakar SGXX2259
Mahafar SGXX4610
Mahamouda II SGXX8854
Mahmouda SGXX8855
Mahmouda II SGXX8856
Mahon SGXX2260
Mahon Oussamara SGXX2261
Maik SGXX7933
Mail SGXX6828
Maina SGXX6829
Maka SGXX3556
Maka SGXX4611
Maka SGXX5896
Maka SGXX2262
Maka SGXX7934
Maka SGXX0090
Maka Baye SGXX1380
Maka Bella SGXX3557
Maka Diagne SGXX4612
Maka Fal SGXX4613
Maka Fall SGXX4614
Maka Fas SGXX3558
Maka Gaye SGXX4615
Maka Handalla SGXX3559
Maka Kahone SGXX1381
Maka Kalle SGXX4616
Maka Katal SGXX3560
Maka Mboubene SGXX4617
Maka Mop Khari SGXX7935
Maka Mor SGXX4618
Maka Mor Madike SGXX4619
Maka Ndiaye SGXX4620
Maka Sar SGXX1382
Maka Tioune SGXX7936
Maka Toure SGXX4621
Maka Yop SGXX3561
Makabe Koniadji SGXX6830
Makabe Sidi SGXX6831
Makabing SGXX6832
Makadou SGXX4622
Makagni SGXX2263
Makagoui SGXX3562
Makakoto SGXX6833
Makali SGXX4623
Makana SGXX6834
Makandi SGXX6835
MakaToube SGXX5897
Makayaya SGXX6836
Makayel SGXX2264
Makhana SGXX5898
Makine SGXX4624
Mako SGXX0091
Makou Abdou Sal SGXX2265
Makouda SGXX8857
Makoumba Souna SGXX1383
Mal SGXX5899
Mal SGXX4625
Mala Diop SGXX0502
Malandiankounda SGXX2266
Maleko SGXX6837
Malem SGXX4626
Malem SGXX6838
Malem Ba SGXX6839
Malem-Niani SGXX0092
Maleme SGXX3563
Maleme Hodar SGXX3564
Malene SGXX3565
Mali Keur Koumba SGXX7937
Malifara SGXX2267
Malifara Brassou SGXX2268
Malika SGXX0859
Malika-Mer SGXX0860
Malikounda SGXX7938
Malikounda Sas SGXX7940
Malinda SGXX6840
Malka SGXX1384
Mama Ndao SGXX6841
Mamadou Boundou SGXX6842
Mamadou Kinnsi SGXX2269
Mamadou Kouba SGXX3566
Mamadou Koupa SGXX6843
Mamakono SGXX6844
Mamankanti SGXX6845
Mamari SGXX5474
Mambounkou SGXX2270
Mamboya SGXX6846
Mamboya SGXX2271
Mamoussoule SGXX6847
Mampalago SGXX8858
Mampatim SGXX2272
Mampatim Maounde SGXX0093
Mana SGXX6848
Manael SGXX6849
Manato SGXX2273
Manbigne SGXX2274
Manboua SGXX2275
Manbourouk SGXX8860
Manda SGXX2276
Mandaguie SGXX7941
Mandah SGXX3567
Mandak SGXX2277
Mandakoli SGXX6850
Mandankholi SGXX6851
Mande SGXX3568
Mandegana SGXX8861
Mandian Kounda SGXX2278
Mandiankounda SGXX6852
Mandiaye SGXX0503
Mandina SGXX8862
Mandina-Maro SGXX8863
Mandioumba SGXX5475
Mandjak SGXX8864
Mandouar SGXX8865
Mandoufou Fode SGXX2280
Mandoufou Kali SGXX2281
Manekounda SGXX2282
Manemane SGXX8866
Mangagoulak SGXX8867
Mangakounda SGXX2283
Manganem SGXX3569
Mangara SGXX4627
Mangassara SGXX2285
Mangoule SGXX8868
Mangoule Oubeme SGXX8869
Maniare SGXX2286
Manigui SGXX6853
Manka SGXX3570
Mankakounda SGXX3571
Mankolikounda SGXX2288
Mankono Ba SGXX2289
Mankonondine SGXX2290
Mankonton SGXX2291
Manpatariel SGXX2292
Mansa Dala SGXX6854
Mansaba SGXX2293
Mantat SGXX8870
Mantiabou SGXX6855
Mantiankani SGXX2294
Maodo SGXX3572
Maoua SGXX8871
Maoum SGXX2295
Mapagne SGXX6856
Mar Fafako SGXX1385
Mar Lodj SGXX1386
Mar Souloum SGXX1387
Mara SGXX3573
Marakissa SGXX2296
Maram Tiame SGXX0504
Maramasita SGXX6857
Marandan SGXX2297
Mararam SGXX8872
Maraye SGXX4628
Marda SGXX5900
Marefou Lo SGXX4629
Marekounda SGXX6858
Marene SGXX7942
Mareoua SGXX6859
Mareve Boure SGXX2298
Margou SGXX6860
Maribe Patimkibo SGXX2299
Marive Samba SGXX2300
Marleme Hodar SGXX3574
Maro Koumba SGXX4630
Maronem SGXX1388
Maronkounda SGXX2301
Marougou SGXX6861
Marougou SGXX8873
Marougoukoto SGXX6862
Marougoundi SGXX6863
Maroutte SGXX1389
Marsa SGXX6864
Marsassoum SGXX0094
Massadala SGXX6865
Massakounda SGXX6866
Massar SGXX7943
Massar SGXX5901
Massar SGXX4631
Massar Diop SGXX4632
Massar Teug SGXX4633
Massara SGXX4634
Massara SGXX2302
Massara Gabou SGXX5902
Massaran SGXX8874
Massaria SGXX2303
Massembe SGXX6867
Massina Sene SGXX2304
Matal SGXX4635
Matam SGXX0008
Matel Bante SGXX4636
Matour SGXX1390
Mauw SGXX5476
Maya SGXX1391
Mayaye SGXX1392
Mayaye SGXX4637
Maye Goumel SGXX4638
Maye Landan SGXX0505
Mayel SGXX0506
Mayel Bao SGXX2305
Mayel Dibi SGXX6868
Mayel Iesso SGXX2306
Mayel Mangatamba SGXX2307
Mayel Ndangam SGXX5477
Mayel Vanibabe SGXX6869
Mayor SGXX2308
Mayoro SGXX4639
Mba SGXX7944
Mba Aissa SGXX0507
Mbaba SGXX7945
Mbabane SGXX3575
Mbabou SGXX4640
Mbacke Diolof SGXX4641
Mbadal SGXX1393
Mbadar SGXX4642
Mbadarhour SGXX1394
Mbadate SGXX1395
Mbadep SGXX7946
Mbadiane SGXX3576
Mbadie SGXX0508
Mbadiene SGXX4643
Mbadio SGXX3577
Mbaene SGXX4644
Mbafaye SGXX7947
Mbafaye SGXX1396
Mbagam SGXX5903
Mbagne Seo SGXX0509
Mbahdi SGXX4645
Mbai Diop SGXX4646
Mbailadji SGXX6870
Mbailar SGXX7948
Mbailo SGXX4647
Mbaiseri SGXX7949
Mbaiti SGXX6871
Mbaiti Massamba SGXX4648
Mbaka Lo SGXX4649
Mbakakak SGXX0510
Mbake Bari SGXX4650
Mbake Djouroul SGXX0511
Mbake Kayor SGXX4651
Mbake Nabe SGXX6872
Mbake Salao SGXX3578
Mbake Yege SGXX0512
Mbakhas SGXX5904
Mbakhis SGXX7950
Mbakna SGXX5478
Mbal Fal SGXX7951
Mbalamezone SGXX7952
Mbalarhate SGXX7953
Mbalene SGXX7954
Mbalkane SGXX1397
Mballing SGXX7955
Mbam SGXX1398
Mbam SGXX4652
Mbamane SGXX1399
Mbambara SGXX5905
Mbanane SGXX5479
Mbanar SGXX4653
Mbande SGXX4654
Mbane SGXX1400
Mbane Eleana SGXX5907
Mbaniou SGXX6873
Mbanpana SGXX3579
Mbantou SGXX5908
Mbaouane SGXX7956
Mbap SGXX3580
Mbap Peul SGXX4655
Mbar SGXX0097
Mbar Peul SGXX1401
Mbaraglou SGXX7957
Mbarak SGXX5909
Mbarama SGXX4656
Mbare SGXX4657
Mbarene SGXX7958
Mbari SGXX4658
Mbarigo SGXX5910
Mbaro SGXX4659
Mbaro SGXX6874
Mbarom SGXX4660
MbarouBof SGXX5911
Mbass SGXX6875
Mbassis SGXX1402
Mbatar SGXX4661
Mbatias Dieye SGXX5912
Mbaubene SGXX5913
Mbaw SGXX4662
Mbaw SGXX0861
Mbaw Gou Ndaw SGXX0862
Mbayar SGXX0514
Mbayar SGXX7959
Mbaye SGXX4663
Mbaye SGXX1403
Mbaye SGXX0515
Mbaye Bakar SGXX7960
Mbaye Bayou SGXX7961
Mbaye Dialo SGXX7962
Mbaye Fal SGXX0863
Mbaye Faye Fafa SGXX3581
Mbaye Mbaye SGXX7963
Mbaye Mbaye SGXX4664
Mbaye Mbaye SGXX5914
Mbaye Mbaye SGXX3583
Mbaye Mbaye Peul SGXX5916
Mbaye Mbaye Tout SGXX5917
Mbaye Minke SGXX1404
Mbaye Njinakh SGXX4665
Mbaye Seo SGXX0516
Mbayene SGXX7964
Mbayene SGXX1405
Mbayene SGXX4666
Mbayene Ndakhar SGXX3584
Mbayene Ndjoudam SGXX4667
Mbedape SGXX1406
Mbediegne SGXX4668
Mbediene SGXX4669
Mbeeda SGXX5480
Mbefel SGXX7965
Mbegaye SGXX5918
Mbegue SGXX3585
Mbeguere SGXX4670
Mbelakadio SGXX1407
Mbelane SGXX1408
Mbelbouk SGXX3586
Mbelegne SGXX4671
Mbelegne Kodiole SGXX4672
Mbeli SGXX4673
Mbelk SGXX0518
Mbelkmor SGXX1409
Mbelogne SGXX5481
Mbelogne SGXX0519
Mbelogne Bali SGXX5482
Mbelogne Bayedi SGXX5919
Mbelogne Goude SGXX5920
Mbelone SGXX5483
Mbelongout SGXX1410
Mbema SGXX6876
Mbemene SGXX4674
Mbendi SGXX7966
Mbene SGXX1411
Mbenguene SGXX0520
Mbenguene Diavar SGXX4675
Mbep SGXX1412
Mber SGXX4676
Mber SGXX7967
Mberaye SGXX5921
Mbess SGXX4677
Mbetchi SGXX1413
Mbetet SGXX4678
Mbetet SGXX3587
Mbetit Gouye SGXX1414
Mbeuksine SGXX4679
Mbeuleukhe SGXX4680
Mbeute SGXX0864
Mbewane SGXX7968
Mbeye SGXX0521
Mbeyelogne SGXX4681
Mbeyene SGXX1415
Mbeyene SGXX4682
Mbidiam Lebou SGXX7969
Mbidiam Ouolof SGXX7970
Mbil SGXX1416
Mbilor SGXX5922
Mbilor Dieri SGXX5923
Mbindi SGXX5924
Mbinguene SGXX4683
Mbinguene Diouar SGXX4684
Mbinndiouga SGXX1417
Mbirakam SGXX4685
Mbirama SGXX4686
Mbirane Gaye SGXX5925
Mbirdiamm SGXX7971
Mbirine SGXX7972
Mbirk SGXX1418
Mbissaw SGXX7973
Mbissel SGXX1419
Mbississ SGXX4687
Mbit SGXX0522
Mbiteyene SGXX3588
Mboba SGXX4688
Mbobene SGXX0523
Mbobou SGXX4689
Mbodie SGXX4690
Mbodiene SGXX0524
Mbodjene SGXX3589
Mbodogne SGXX0525
Mbollop SGXX3590
Mbolo Ali SGXX5926
Mbolo Birane SGXX5927
Mboltagne Nar SGXX4691
Mboltogne SGXX5928
Mbon Bassari SGXX6877
Mbon Peul SGXX6878
Mbondane SGXX1420
Mborhodofe SGXX3591
Mborine SGXX7975
Mboro SGXX0098
Mboro Kandio SGXX7976
Mboro-sur-Mer SGXX7977
Mbos SGXX0099
Mbos Bal SGXX3592
Mbos Bal Peul SGXX3593
Mbos Nadiour SGXX3594
Mbos Ngogne SGXX7978
Mbos Niomboul SGXX1421
Mbot SGXX0865
Mbouba SGXX0100
Mboubane SGXX0526
Mboubene Mbatar SGXX4692
Mboudaye SGXX1422
Mboudaye Sek SGXX7979
Mboufta SGXX7980
Mbouka SGXX7981
Mbouka Peul SGXX0866
Mbouki SGXX4693
Mboukoutour SGXX1423
Mboul SGXX5484
Mboul SGXX4694
Mboul SGXX3595
Mboul SGXX0867
Mboul SGXX6879
Mboul SGXX0527
Mboul SGXX7982
Mboul Larhar SGXX1424
Mboula SGXX4695
Mboule SGXX7983
Mboulem SGXX1425
Mboulem SGXX7984
Mboulkane SGXX4696
Mboulouk SGXX5929
Mbouloum Seno SGXX3596
Mboume Niel SGXX5485
Mboundi SGXX5930
Mboundou Mbaba SGXX5486
Mboune SGXX5487
Mbounka Bambara SGXX0868
Mboup SGXX4697
Mbour SGXX0003
Mboure SGXX3597
Mbouro SGXX6880
Mbouromassi SGXX6881
Mbouror SGXX7985
Mbouroukh Serere SGXX7987
Mbousnar SGXX7988
Mboussali SGXX1426
Mbousso SGXX0528
Mboussobe SGXX4698
Mboussobe SGXX0529
Mboye SGXX5931
Mboye Diom SGXX4699
Mboyenak SGXX7989
Mboyene SGXX0530
Mboynane SGXX4700
Mboyo SGXX5932
Mbram SGXX0531
Mbrama Rat SGXX4701
Mbrar SGXX0102
Mbress SGXX5933
Mdifif SGXX7990
Mdogone SGXX0532
Medina SGXX5934
Medina SGXX0533
Medina SGXX0869
Medina SGXX3598
Medina Abolou SGXX6882
Medina Babou SGXX3599
Medina Bobo SGXX1427
Medina Boeni SGXX6883
Medina Cherif SGXX2309
Medina Dakhar SGXX7991
Medina Diognik SGXX3600
Medina el Hadji SGXX2313
Medina Fas SGXX3601
Medina Gonasse SGXX0103
Medina Gounas SGXX0870
Medina Gounas SGXX2310
Medina Kel SGXX0871
Medina Koli SGXX3604
Medina Mbayene SGXX3606
Medina Ndiayene SGXX3607
Medina Ndovene SGXX3608
Medina Pakane SGXX2311
Medina Sali SGXX3609
Medina Sambene SGXX3610
Medina Sar SGXX0534
Medina Tiarene SGXX3612
Medina Tioub SGXX0872
Medina Tobene SGXX3613
Medina Toure SGXX0535
Medina Yelour SGXX0104
Medina Yogue SGXX2312
Medina-Sabak SGXX3614
Medina-Yorofoula SGXX2314
Medinassi SGXX4702
Medine SGXX7993
Meguieg SGXX8875
Mekhe SGXX0106
Mekhe Village SGXX7994
Melakh SGXX4703
Memedou Komba SGXX4704
Mene SGXX5935
Menguegne Boye SGXX5936
Menguegne Peul SGXX5937
Menguele SGXX4705
Mengueye SGXX0107
Meo SGXX3615
Meo Meo SGXX1428
Meo Ndiayene SGXX3616
Meo Ndioubene SGXX3617
Meou Diobene SGXX2315
Meouane SGXX7995
Meoudou Kane SGXX0536
Meoundou SGXX7996
Merekoto SGXX6885
Mereto SGXX6886
Mereve SGXX2316
Meri SGXX5938
Meri Mbake SGXX0096
Merina SGXX0873
Merina SGXX4706
Merina Asta SGXX7997
Merina Bara SGXX5939
Merina Bebe SGXX4707
Merina Dakar SGXX4708
Merina Dia SGXX4709
Merina Diop SGXX7998
Merina Diop SGXX4710
Merina Fal SGXX7999
Merina Gueye SGXX8000
Merina Ndiaye SGXX0538
Merina Ndiaye SGXX4711
Merina Ndiegne SGXX4712
Merina Ndiol SGXX4713
Merina Palem SGXX4714
Merina Sal SGXX5940
Merina Sambe SGXX8001
Merina Santie SGXX4715
Merina Sar SGXX4716
Merina Sek SGXX4717
Merina Simong SGXX4718
Merinaguene SGXX4719
Mermoz Boabab SGXX0874
Messere SGXX8002
Messere Guibel SGXX3618
Messere Mbabon SGXX4720
Messere Teug SGXX4721
Messere Tiakel SGXX3619
Met SGXX0539
Meumou SGXX8003
Mevel SGXX4722
Mguene SGXX4723
Miga Roto SGXX4724
Miliou SGXX6887
Mina SGXX3620
Minal SGXX6888
Minal SGXX3621
Minam SGXX0875
Missira SGXX1430
Missira SGXX3622
Missira SGXX0109
Missira SGXX0540
Missira SGXX2317
Missira SGXX8876
Missira Bokoda SGXX2319
Missira Bourbon SGXX2320
Missira Boyene SGXX2321
Missira Damantan SGXX6890
Missira Dantilia SGXX0108
Missira Diaka SGXX6891
Missira Dinai SGXX3623
Missira Doro SGXX2322
Missira Kouba SGXX2323
Missira Loene SGXX0541
Missira Sirimana SGXX6893
Missira Tioyene SGXX3624
Missirah SGXX0110
Mlomp SGXX8877
Modi Boula SGXX5488
Modi Koko SGXX0542
Modiane SGXX8004
Modiane Ehaye SGXX1431
Modikelol SGXX5489
Modji SGXX4725
Modou Tal SGXX4726
Mofoti SGXX6894
Mogo Yalalbe SGXX5490
Mogre SGXX4727
Mokane SGXX1432
Moki SGXX2325
Molle Wala SGXX5491
Molor SGXX8005
Moltaba SGXX2326
Mongona SGXX8878
Moniam SGXX8879
Moniam SGXX2327
Monorop SGXX1433
Mont Rolland SGXX8006
Mordam Gueye SGXX4728
Mori SGXX6895
Mori Kounda SGXX2328
Moribougou SGXX6896
Morikounda SGXX8880
Morlo SGXX0543
Moro Ndiaye SGXX0544
Moroiafara SGXX6897
Morou SGXX5941
Moroye SGXX6898
Mosguee SGXX2329
Mosladji I SGXX0545
Mosladji II SGXX0546
Mossor SGXX8881
Mouderi SGXX6899
Mougnini SGXX2330
Moui SGXX3625
Moui Ndiobone SGXX4729
Mouit SGXX5942
Mouitaba SGXX2331
Moukh Moukh SGXX4730
Moukhoume SGXX3626
Moulaye SGXX2332
Moulessi SGXX6900
Moulounga SGXX6901
Mounavara SGXX3627
Moundai Orgo SGXX5943
Mounde SGXX1434
Moundo Sankoule SGXX2333
Mountabou SGXX6902
Mounti SGXX2334
Moura Mal SGXX4731
Mouran SGXX6903
Mourdioujene SGXX8007
Moure SGXX1435
Mouril SGXX4732
Mourkadie SGXX5944
Mouro SGXX4733
Mourteki SGXX0547
Mousdalifa SGXX3628
Moussa Gaye SGXX1436
Moussa Pennda SGXX1437
Moussala SGXX6904
Moutina SGXX8882
Mouye SGXX0111
Moyafara SGXX2335
Mpak SGXX8883
Mpal SGXX0112
Mpal Keli SGXX4734
Mpas SGXX6905
Naba SGXX6907
Nabadji SGXX5492
Naban SGXX0549
Nabar SGXX1438
Nadioto SGXX8884
Naere SGXX5945
Nafadji SGXX6908
Naide SGXX0550
Naide SGXX4735
Naide Boussa SGXX0551
Naifa SGXX2336
Nake SGXX0552
Nalal Daou SGXX5493
Namanderi SGXX5494
Namara SGXX2337
Namari SGXX0113
Nameko SGXX2338
Namel SGXX6909
Namene SGXX4736
Namo SGXX2339
Namoun SGXX8885
Nandjigui SGXX3629
Nandoumari SGXX6910
Nane SGXX2340
Naneko SGXX2341
Nangadi SGXX4737
Nanganam SGXX6911
Nangango SGXX5946
Nangar SGXX6912
Nango SGXX6913
Nanine Koye SGXX6914
Nankilan SGXX6915
Naolerou SGXX3630
Naoni SGXX3631
Naoude SGXX6916
Naoudourou SGXX3632
Naoure SGXX5495
Narga SGXX0553
Narga SGXX1439
Narkokal SGXX8008
Nass SGXX8009
Nassine SGXX6917
Natchilati SGXX2342
Natia SGXX6918
Natol SGXX1440
Navarene SGXX3633
Navel SGXX4738
Navel SGXX5496
Nayde SGXX4739
Naye SGXX0554
Naye SGXX6919
Naye Boyal SGXX1441
Naye Guedi SGXX0555
Nayobe SGXX4740
Nayon Diam Poulo SGXX6920
Nayon Keur Kadi SGXX6921
Nayon Madou SGXX6922
Nbamba SGXX8010
Nbanar SGXX4741
Nbela SGXX5947
Nboutembou SGXX6923
Ndabe Sow SGXX5948
Ndabe Tal SGXX5949
Ndadafar SGXX8011
Ndafene SGXX1442
Ndagam SGXX1443
Ndakar SGXX3634
Ndakar SGXX0556
Ndakhar SGXX3635
Ndakhar SGXX5950
Ndakhar SGXX4742
Ndakhar SGXX8012
Ndakhar Birima SGXX4743
Ndakhar Koba SGXX4744
Ndakhar Lamane SGXX4745
Ndakhar-Poste SGXX3636
Ndalarlo SGXX4746
Ndaldali SGXX0876
Ndalinguer SGXX8013
Ndalla SGXX4747
Ndam SGXX6924
Ndam SGXX4748
Ndam Gott SGXX4749
Ndam Guinop SGXX4750
Ndam Khab SGXX4751
Ndam Khalil SGXX4752
Ndam Lo SGXX1444
Ndam Lo SGXX8014
Ndam Matakh SGXX4753
Ndam Ndam SGXX4754
Ndama SGXX3638
Ndame SGXX0558
Ndame SGXX4755
Ndamio SGXX4756
Ndamlo SGXX8016
Ndandantou SGXX8017
Ndande SGXX0114
Ndang SGXX8018
Ndanga SGXX3639
Ndangane SGXX8019
Ndangane SGXX1445
Ndangane Touti SGXX1446
Ndangar SGXX8020
Ndangour Fal SGXX4757
Ndanka SGXX3640
Ndankou SGXX3641
Ndaouere SGXX4758
Ndar Sall SGXX8021
Ndar Tout SGXX5951
Ndarame SGXX4759
Ndarami SGXX4760
Ndari SGXX8022
Ndari SGXX0559
Ndaring Serere SGXX8023
Ndaro SGXX3642
Ndarou Diobene SGXX6925
Ndarou Matar SGXX3643
Ndat Diokoul SGXX4761
Ndatou SGXX6926
Ndavene SGXX4762
Ndawas Diagne SGXX4763
Ndayane SGXX1447
Ndayane SGXX8024
Ndebou SGXX6927
Ndeftili SGXX5952
Ndeguene Fal SGXX4764
Ndek SGXX1448
Ndekene SGXX8025
Ndekou SGXX8026
Ndelle Boye SGXX5953
Ndellere SGXX4765
Ndem SGXX8027
Ndem SGXX4766
Ndematou SGXX4767
Ndemebelegne SGXX4768
Ndemene SGXX3644
Ndemene SGXX4769
Ndemene SGXX8028
Ndemgom SGXX1449
Ndenak SGXX4770
Ndendoury SGXX5497
Ndeng SGXX8029
Nder SGXX8030
Nder SGXX5954
Nder SGXX4771
Nderi SGXX3645
Ndeuguet SGXX5955
Ndeukta SGXX4772
Ndeune SGXX8031
Ndeur SGXX8032
Ndeye SGXX8033
Ndia SGXX0560
Ndia SGXX6928
Ndia SGXX4773
Ndia Gondiol SGXX4774
Ndia Sam SGXX0561
Ndia Tako SGXX0562
Ndiabak SGXX6929
Ndiabane Lamine SGXX4775
Ndiabani SGXX4776
Ndiabi SGXX8034
Ndiabi Fal SGXX4777
Ndiabo SGXX3646
Ndiademe SGXX8035
Ndiadieu SGXX8036
Ndiaene SGXX4778
Ndiafat Sorokoum SGXX5499
Ndiafate SGXX3647
Ndiaga SGXX3648
Ndiagamba SGXX1450
Ndiagane SGXX8037
Ndiaganiao SGXX0037
Ndiagne SGXX0563
Ndiagne SGXX1451
Ndiagne SGXX8886
Ndiagne SGXX4779
Ndiagne SGXX8038
Ndiagne Fal SGXX4780
Ndiagne Tali SGXX4781
Ndiagne Tiouli SGXX4782
Ndiague SGXX0564
Ndiaguenbal SGXX5956
Ndiaguene SGXX4783
Ndiaguene Isoup SGXX1452
Ndiaguene Ouolof SGXX4784
Ndiaguene Peul SGXX4785
Ndiahene SGXX3649
Ndiainar SGXX1453
Ndiak SGXX4786
Ndiak Fall SGXX5957
Ndiakala SGXX0565
Ndiakel SGXX3650
Ndiakha Fal SGXX4787
Ndiakhal SGXX4788
Ndiakhalam SGXX8039
Ndiakhar SGXX4789
Ndiakhate SGXX4790
Ndiakhate Sar SGXX8041
Ndiakhaye SGXX4791
Ndiakher SGXX5958
Ndiakhete SGXX8042
Ndiakhip I SGXX5959
Ndiakhip II SGXX5960
Ndiakhoumbo SGXX4792
Ndiakir SGXX5500
Ndiakone SGXX6930
Ndialak SGXX4793
Ndialakhar SGXX5961
Ndialal SGXX1454
Ndialam SGXX5962
Ndialbe SGXX8043
Ndialber SGXX8044
Ndialene SGXX5963
Ndialigue SGXX0566
Ndiallakhar SGXX4794
Ndiallakhar Peul SGXX5964
Ndialo SGXX4795
Ndialouye SGXX4796
Ndiam SGXX3651
Ndiama SGXX2343
Ndiamadj SGXX4797
Ndiamaguene SGXX4798
Ndiamakouta SGXX2344
Ndiamane SGXX4799
Ndiambor SGXX4800
Ndiambou SGXX4801
Ndiamsil SGXX1455
Ndianaour SGXX4802
Ndianbour SGXX1456
Ndianda SGXX8046
Ndiande SGXX0567
Ndiane SGXX8047
Ndiane SGXX0568
Ndiane SGXX1457
Ndiane SGXX4803
Ndiane Ndiaye SGXX4804
Ndiane Sabo SGXX4805
Ndiang SGXX4806
Ndianghal SGXX0877
Ndiangue SGXX5965
Ndianguene SGXX3652
Ndianiene SGXX3653
Ndianiene Babori SGXX3654
Ndianke SGXX4807
Ndiankot SGXX3655
Ndianrhene SGXX0569
Ndiao SGXX5966
Ndiao SGXX0115
Ndiao SGXX4808
Ndiao Bambali SGXX3656
Ndiao Boudi SGXX4809
Ndiao Ndiao SGXX4810
Ndiaobe Ede SGXX4811
Ndiaor SGXX4812
Ndiaossir Dieye SGXX5967
Ndiaou SGXX4813
Ndiaou Ndiaou SGXX8048
Ndiaouara SGXX3657
Ndiaouara-Torobe SGXX5968
Ndiaoudi SGXX4814
Ndiaoudoun SGXX5969
Ndiaoue SGXX4815
Ndiaouta SGXX5970
Ndiaovene SGXX4816
Ndiar Tidiane SGXX8049
Ndiarato SGXX1458
Ndiaraye SGXX0570
Ndiarde SGXX8050
Ndiare SGXX4817
Ndiare SGXX6931
Ndiare Bayel SGXX4818
Ndiare Dieri SGXX4819
Ndiareme SGXX5971
Ndiarene SGXX4820
Ndiargue SGXX8051
Ndiarhao SGXX8052
Ndiarhate SGXX8053
Ndiarhaye SGXX5972
Ndiari SGXX8055
Ndiari Diofe SGXX1459
Ndiarno SGXX4822
Ndiarno Diop SGXX4823
Ndiarno Ouade SGXX4824
Ndiarogne SGXX8056
Ndiass SGXX8057
Ndiassane SGXX8058
Ndiassane SGXX0878
Ndiassi SGXX4825
Ndiatakh SGXX4826
Ndiatiane SGXX1460
Ndiavene SGXX4827
Ndiavene SGXX2345
Ndiavene SGXX3658
Ndiavrigne SGXX8059
Ndiavrigne Fal SGXX4829
Ndiavrigne Ilo SGXX4830
Ndiavrigne Pate SGXX4832
Ndiayala SGXX0571
Ndiaye SGXX0572
Ndiaye SGXX5973
Ndiaye Bop SGXX8060
Ndiaye Boumi SGXX4835
Ndiaye Kounda SGXX3659
Ndiaye Ndiangou SGXX4836
Ndiaye Ndiangoul SGXX4837
Ndiaye Ndiaye SGXX8061
Ndiaye Nguent SGXX5974
Ndiaye Tioro SGXX4838
Ndiayekounda SGXX1462
Ndiayel SGXX6933
Ndiayene SGXX3660
Ndiayene SGXX5501
Ndiayene SGXX0573
Ndiayene SGXX6934
Ndiayene SGXX4839
Ndiayene SGXX8062
Ndiayene SGXX1463
Ndiayene Bagana SGXX3661
Ndiayene Bamba SGXX6935
Ndiayene Doulel SGXX4840
Ndiayene Fode SGXX1464
Ndiayene Guirene SGXX4841
Ndiayene Lour SGXX3662
Ndiba SGXX3663
Ndiba Ndiayene SGXX3664
Ndibe SGXX4842
Ndibene Dahra SGXX4843
Ndidiene SGXX8063
Ndidor SGXX1465
Ndieba SGXX8887
Ndieba SGXX3665
Ndiebel SGXX3666
Ndiebene Toube SGXX5976
Ndiedene SGXX5977
Ndiedieng SGXX3667
Ndiefer SGXX8064
Ndiegue SGXX8065
Ndieguedj SGXX8066
Ndieguene SGXX8067
Ndieguiene SGXX3668
Ndiekhirat Digue SGXX0879
Ndiekhirat Peul SGXX0881
Ndiekinane SGXX4844
Ndielber SGXX0574
Ndielem Farha SGXX1466
Ndieleye SGXX5978
Ndielkougne Diol SGXX8068
Ndiem Bakol SGXX8069
Ndieme SGXX3669
Ndiemou SGXX1467
Ndiene SGXX4845
Ndiene SGXX1468
Ndieng SGXX1469
Ndieng SGXX0575
Ndieng Madior SGXX4846
Ndiengue SGXX0576
Ndier SGXX8070
Ndierba SGXX5979
Ndiere SGXX4847
Ndieri SGXX4848
Ndieri SGXX3670
Ndieuk SGXX4849
Ndievene SGXX1470
Ndieye SGXX4850
Ndieye Sefour SGXX4851
Ndigal SGXX0577
Ndigo Mai Al SGXX8071
Ndigue SGXX8072
Ndikaye SGXX8073
Ndikion SGXX4852
Ndiladokine SGXX8074
Ndilar SGXX8075
Ndiliki SGXX0578
Ndilla SGXX4853
Ndimb SGXX0579
Ndimbou Touba SGXX3671
Ndinat SGXX0882
Ndinbou SGXX4854
Ndinde SGXX4855
Ndindi SGXX0580
Ndindi Abdou SGXX0581
Ndine SGXX8076
Ndinngui SGXX1472
Ndiobene SGXX0116
Ndiobene SGXX3672
Ndiobene SGXX8077
Ndiobene SGXX0582
Ndiobene SGXX6937
Ndiobene Mbatar SGXX4857
Ndiobene Taye SGXX8078
Ndiobiene SGXX3673
Ndiobo SGXX4858
Ndiodeme SGXX4859
Ndiodori SGXX3674
Ndiognik SGXX3675
Ndiogol Dieng SGXX4860
Ndiogop SGXX0583
Ndiogueye SGXX4861
Ndioili SGXX3676
Ndiok SGXX3677
Ndiok Gadou Pane SGXX4862
Ndiok Sal SGXX4863
Ndiok Thiam SGXX8079
Ndiol SGXX1474
Ndiol Peul SGXX5983
Ndiol Sek SGXX8080
Ndiolbe SGXX8081
Ndiolofene SGXX2346
Ndiolofene SGXX5984
Ndiolrhos SGXX3678
Ndiom Gaye SGXX0584
Ndiombass SGXX8082
Ndiomdi SGXX1475
Ndiompi SGXX8083
Ndione Guel SGXX0585
Ndione Kad SGXX0586
Ndione Tigom SGXX1476
Ndionene SGXX8084
Ndiongarane SGXX0883
Ndiongo SGXX5985
Ndionguene SGXX3679
Ndionguene SGXX8085
Ndiop SGXX5986
Ndiop SGXX1477
Ndiop Sisse SGXX8086
Ndiorhoba SGXX0587
Ndiorokh Mbot SGXX8087
Ndiossi SGXX4864
Ndiot SGXX5502
Ndiot Khol SGXX8089
Ndioub Nane Peul SGXX5988
Ndioubene SGXX3680
Ndioubene Galo SGXX3681
Ndioudiouf SGXX8090
Ndioufene SGXX3682
Ndiouga Drame SGXX3683
Ndiougoup SGXX4865
Ndiougouye SGXX0884
Ndiougue Bress SGXX5989
Ndiouguene SGXX0588
Ndiouli SGXX0589
Ndioum SGXX0117
Ndioum SGXX3684
Ndioum Guent SGXX3685
Ndioumane SGXX0590
Ndioundioukh SGXX1478
Ndiourki SGXX4866
Ndiouss Dieye SGXX5990
Ndioyene SGXX4867
Ndirene SGXX1479
Ndirene SGXX0591
Ndirene SGXX8091
Nditakh SGXX0885
Nditi SGXX5991
Ndiyene SGXX5992
Ndjarno SGXX4868
Ndjibokh SGXX0886
Ndjiling SGXX4869
Ndjima SGXX4870
Ndjiw SGXX8092
Ndjouki SGXX4871
Ndodj SGXX1480
Ndodj SGXX3686
Ndodj SGXX4872
Ndof SGXX1481
Ndofane SGXX3687
Ndofane SGXX1482
Ndofane SGXX8093
Ndofane Latir SGXX1483
Ndofene SGXX1484
Ndofene SGXX0592
Ndofongon SGXX1485
Ndoga SGXX6938
Ndogadou SGXX4873
Ndogka SGXX1486
Ndogor SGXX4874
Ndoguene SGXX8094
Ndoitse SGXX4875
Ndolor SGXX8095
Ndom SGXX8096
Ndombil SGXX8097
Ndombolokh SGXX8098
Ndomor SGXX8099
Ndonbo SGXX5993
Ndondol SGXX8100
Ndong SGXX8101
Ndop Gadiaga SGXX8102
Ndorbos SGXX5994
Ndorhle SGXX1487
Ndorna SGXX2347
Ndorobe SGXX4876
Ndorong SGXX8103
Ndorong Log SGXX1489
Ndosse Mbadiok SGXX1490
Ndouf SGXX8104
Ndoufene SGXX4877
Ndougossine SGXX6939
Ndougour SGXX8105
Ndoukhoura Peul SGXX0888
Ndoukoumane SGXX8106
Ndoukoura SGXX8107
Ndouli SGXX4878
Ndoulo SGXX0593
Ndoulo Malka SGXX1491
Ndouloum SGXX1492
Ndoumbil SGXX8108
Ndoumbout SGXX1493
Ndoun SGXX3688
Ndoune SGXX4879
Ndour Ndour SGXX1494
Ndourene SGXX8109
Ndourene SGXX4880
Ndourene Batal SGXX8110
Ndoussoua SGXX6940
Ndoye SGXX5995
Ndoye Dione SGXX1495
Ndoye Ouolof SGXX5996
Ndoye Peul SGXX5997
Ndoyene SGXX1496
Ndoyene SGXX0594
Ndoyene Dakhar SGXX4881
Ndoyene Deux SGXX0889
Ndoyene Peul SGXX8111
Ndoyene Un SGXX0890
Ndrame SGXX4882
Ndrame Escale SGXX3689
Ndunkou SGXX0891
Ndurki SGXX8112
Nebe SGXX0595
Nebodji SGXX4883
Negodie SGXX6941
Negue SGXX0118
Neguebakho SGXX6942
Nekhe SGXX8113
Nekoum SGXX4884
Nelbi SGXX5505
Nema SGXX8888
Nema SGXX1497
Nema SGXX6943
Nema SGXX3690
Nema SGXX2348
Nema Diassor SGXX2349
Nema Dimbel SGXX2350
Nema Ding SGXX1498
Nemataba SGXX6944
Nemataba SGXX2351
Nemourato SGXX2353
Nenet SGXX5998
Neouatar SGXX8114
Nepen Diakha SGXX6945
Nepen Peul SGXX6946
Nerane SGXX1499
Nessenngueye SGXX4886
Nesseona SGXX3691
Neteboulou SGXX0119
Neti Daga SGXX3692
Neto SGXX2354
Ngabitol SGXX6947
Ngabou SGXX5506
Ngabou SGXX0596
Ngabou Fal SGXX0597
Ngabou Mourid SGXX0598
Ngad Ngourane SGXX5999
Ngadiaga SGXX8115
Ngadialam SGXX4887
Ngadialam Selle SGXX4888
Ngadide SGXX0599
Ngadieu SGXX4889
Ngadj SGXX8116
Ngadj SGXX1500
Ngadj Sar SGXX4890
Ngaina SGXX6000
Ngaina Lebou SGXX6001
Ngakham I SGXX8117
Ngakham II SGXX8118
Ngalagna Diaraf SGXX1501
Ngalagne SGXX1502
Ngalangue SGXX1503
Ngalap SGXX0892
Ngalel SGXX6002
Ngalik SGXX8119
Ngalop SGXX8120
Ngalou Sam Sam SGXX1504
Ngalou Sessene SGXX1505
Ngam SGXX3693
Ngambi SGXX3694
Nganado Boguel SGXX4891
Nganda SGXX0120
Ngandek SGXX8121
Ngander SGXX0600
Ngandiouf SGXX8122
Ngane SGXX8123
Ngane Alassane SGXX3695
Ngane Fissel SGXX1506
Ngane Saer SGXX1507
Ngangaram SGXX1508
Ngankal SGXX8124
Ngano SGXX5507
Ngaou SGXX4892
Ngap SGXX4893
Ngapar SGXX3696
Ngaparou SGXX0893
Ngar SGXX4894
Ngar Diagne SGXX4895
Ngar Gueye SGXX1509
Ngaraf SGXX0601
Ngaraf SGXX4896
Ngarafe SGXX4897
Ngarane SGXX6003
Ngari SGXX6948
Ngari Ali SGXX6949
Ngaring SGXX8126
Ngassama SGXX8127
Ngassaman SGXX1510
Ngassane SGXX4898
Ngassemane SGXX4899
Ngassiak SGXX8128
Ngassinirou SGXX0602
Ngat SGXX4900
Ngat Peul SGXX4901
Ngatye Naoude SGXX1511
Ngawal SGXX2355
Ngayaf SGXX8129
Ngaye SGXX4902
Ngaye Diagne SGXX8130
Ngaye Diavar SGXX4903
Ngaye Gaye SGXX8131
Ngaye Ndiaye SGXX4904
Ngaye Ngaye SGXX8132
Ngaye Ngaye SGXX6004
Ngayene SGXX3697
Ngayene SGXX8133
Ngayene SGXX4905
Ngayene SGXX0603
Ngayene Sar SGXX4906
Ngayene Tiebo SGXX1512
Ngayokhem SGXX1513
Ngazobil SGXX8134
Ngekor SGXX1514
Ngembe SGXX8135
Ngeoul SGXX4907
Nghadior SGXX1515
Ngham SGXX8136
Nghass SGXX8137
Ngnitigaye SGXX4908
Ngobe SGXX4909
Ngodile SGXX8138
Ngodjelem SGXX1516
Ngodom SGXX4910
Ngogo SGXX8139
Ngogom SGXX0604
Ngohe SGXX0605
Ngokare SGXX1517
Ngoki SGXX2356
Ngokine SGXX0606
Ngoko SGXX0607
Ngol SGXX4911
Ngolar SGXX8140
Ngold SGXX1518
Ngolo SGXX4912
Ngolomone SGXX0608
Ngolotie SGXX3698
Ngoloum SGXX1519
Ngom SGXX4913
Ngom SGXX1520
Ngom Latri SGXX3699
Ngomane SGXX0609
Ngombol SGXX8141
Ngomene SGXX4914
Ngomene SGXX8142
Ngonda SGXX8143
Ngonine SGXX0610
Ngonor SGXX5508
Ngop SGXX8144
Ngoppou SGXX6951
Ngor SGXX0894
Ngor SGXX8145
Ngor SGXX3700
Ngore Yop SGXX8146
Ngossekh SGXX8147
Ngotie SGXX3701
Ngoudouro SGXX2357
Ngoufat SGXX4915
Ngoui SGXX6005
Ngoui SGXX3702
Ngouissi SGXX4916
Ngouke Diama SGXX3703
Ngouke Kouke SGXX3704
Ngoule SGXX3705
Ngoule SGXX0611
Ngouloul SGXX3706
Ngouloum SGXX5509
Ngouloum Teugue SGXX4917
Ngoult SGXX0612
Ngoultoune SGXX8148
Ngoumba Ngueoul SGXX4919