Weather Codes for Saudi Arabia

Find Weather Codes or Weather Zip Codes for states and cities in Saudi Arabia. Weather Codes references a specified Location and is used to get weather of that place accurately. They are used by The Weather Channel( by IBM), Yahoo! Weather, AOL Weather and many such weather forecasting platforms. It is similar to Yahoo's WOEID(Where On the Earth ID) that is used to represent each place uniquely.

You can know the weather of any place precisely with the help of weather codes. Find the current weather of your state or city by clicking on it. You will be redirected to The Weather Channel site with your weather code for accurate weather forecast.

A `Utayfah SAXX0390
Aba ad Dud SAXX0045
Aba al Hiran SAXX2150
Aba al Kibash SAXX1237
Aba ar Ruwath SAXX0323
Aba as Su`ud SAXX3103
Abab SAXX1238
Abalah SAXX0391
Abha SAXX0036
Abqaiq SAXX1898
Abraqiyah SAXX1240
Abu an Na`am SAXX0830
Abu Arish SAXX0047
Abu as Suwadi SAXX2627
Abu at Tuyur SAXX2379
Abu Dhiba SAXX0825
Abu Dudah SAXX2618
Abu Hadriyah SAXX1899
Abu Hajar Ula SAXX2373
Abu Hanash SAXX2619
Abu Hasani SAXX0048
Abu Hathrah SAXX0392
Abu Hisani SAXX2620
Abu Jifan SAXX1900
Abu Jilal SAXX1241
Abu Jissah SAXX0989
Abu Jusaysah SAXX0990
Abu Kirsh SAXX2375
Abu Maragh SAXX2621
Abu Markhah SAXX0826
Abu Marwah SAXX0991
Abu Ma`raj SAXX2376
Abu Nakhlah SAXX1243
Abu Qa`ar SAXX1901
Abu Qirfah SAXX2622
Abu Rijum SAXX1244
Abu Rubayq SAXX0049
Abu Rukab SAXX1245
Abu Salma SAXX3122
Abu Sawr SAXX0324
Abu Shawk SAXX0393
Abu Shawk SAXX2623
Abu Shaytanah SAXX0828
Abu Shu`ayb SAXX2624
Abu Sidayrah SAXX1246
Abu Sulal SAXX2625
Abu Talh SAXX0992
Abu Tutah SAXX0325
Abu `Alaq SAXX0829
Abu `Arish SAXX2377
Abu `Ashirah SAXX1247
Abu `Urwah SAXX2626
Abumnura SAXX2380
Abyar Ali SAXX0001
Abyar `Ali SAXX0831
Ad Dabbah SAXX0993
Ad Dabbah SAXX2628
Ad Dab`iyah SAXX0741
Ad Dadiyah SAXX1250
Ad Daff SAXX2629
Ad Dafinah SAXX2630
Ad Dahinah SAXX1251
Ad Dahlah SAXX0994
Ad Dahw SAXX0394
Ad Dakhilah SAXX1252
Ad Dalfa`ah SAXX0996
Ad Dal`ah SAXX0995
Ad Dammam SAXX0002
Ad Damthi SAXX1253
Ad Dar as Sufla SAXX0395
Ad Darah SAXX2151
Ad Darb SAXX0396
Ad Darb SAXX0052
Ad Dath SAXX0997
Ad Dathir SAXX0832
Ad Dawadimi SAXX0042
Ad Dawh SAXX2633
Ad Dawh al Kabir SAXX2634
Ad Dawqah SAXX2636
Ad Dhid SAXX0397
Ad Digayik SAXX0398
Ad Dihalah SAXX0998
Ad Dihasiyah SAXX2637
Ad Dihwah SAXX1255
Ad Dikakah SAXX1903
Ad Dilam SAXX1256
Ad Dilaymiyah SAXX0999
Ad Dimasah SAXX2152
Ad Dirah SAXX1258
Ad Diriyah SAXX1259
Ad Dirs SAXX2638
Ad Dir`iyah SAXX1000
Ad Dir`iyah SAXX1257
Ad Dubayjah SAXX1261
Ad Dubay`ah SAXX1260
Ad Dubbat SAXX1262
Ad Dubiyah SAXX1263
Ad Duhu SAXX0833
Ad Dulaymiyah SAXX0054
Ad Dulu` SAXX0834
Ad Dumayriyah SAXX0835
Ad Dur SAXX2639
Ad Duraydi SAXX1904
Ad Durayhamiyah SAXX1264
Ad Dur`iyah SAXX2381
Ad Duwayd SAXX0326
Ad Duwayyah SAXX2153
Ad Du`abah SAXX0248
Adaim SAXX1001
Adan SAXX1002
Adaya SAXX2382
Adh Dhagharir SAXX2383
Adh Dhanbah SAXX0399
Adh Dhibah SAXX2640
Adh Dhibiyah SAXX1265
Adh Dhibiyah SAXX1003
Aftara SAXX1266
Ahad Marrat SAXX0400
Ahl Hunaysh SAXX1267
Ahl Sufran SAXX0401
Ajyad SAXX2641
Al Abanat SAXX1004
Al Abar SAXX2642
Al ad Dahis SAXX0531
Al ad Daramah SAXX0532
Al ad Duwayh SAXX0533
Al Ahsa SAXX0031
Al Ajfar SAXX2154
Al Akhal SAXX0836
Al Akhdar SAXX1268
Al Amghar SAXX0742
Al Amiriyah SAXX1269
Al Amlah SAXX2643
Al Amnah SAXX0327
Al an Nanisah SAXX0534
Al Andalus SAXX1270
Al Aqiq SAXX0041
Al Arin SAXX0057
Al Artawi SAXX1271
Al Artawiyah SAXX1272
Al as Sawat SAXX0535
Al Asamilah SAXX2385
Al Asamir SAXX1005
Al ash Shaykh SAXX0536
Al Ashraf SAXX0402
Al Ashraf SAXX2644
Al Ashram SAXX0403
Al Ash`ariyah SAXX1273
Al Assan SAXX0404
Al Astral SAXX2645
Al at Tafilah SAXX0537
Al at Tawil SAXX0538
Al Athamah SAXX0249
Al Athlah SAXX2156
Al Athlah SAXX1274
Al Athlah SAXX2386
Al Awjam SAXX1905
Al Awsat SAXX1275
Al Aziziyah SAXX0058
Al Bad SAXX0059
Al Badawi SAXX2388
Al Badiriyah SAXX2646
Al Badiyah SAXX1906
Al Badiyi` SAXX0743
Al Badi` SAXX2389
Al Badi` SAXX1279
Al Badi`ah SAXX1280
Al Badr SAXX2647
Al Bad` SAXX3123
Al Bad` SAXX1276
Al Bad` al Qadim SAXX1277
Al Bahadah SAXX0405
Al Bahah SAXX0250
Al Baharah SAXX2648
Al Bakrah SAXX1009
Al Balad SAXX2649
Al Bani Thawr SAXX0406
Al Baqaq SAXX0251
Al Barabir SAXX2650
Al Bardiyah SAXX0837
Al Barjasiyah SAXX1010
Al Barkah SAXX0252
Al Barrah SAXX1282
Al Barraq SAXX2651
Al Barraqiyah SAXX0838
Al Barud SAXX1011
Al Basam SAXX0407
Al Basar SAXX1012
Al Bashir SAXX0253
Al Basirah SAXX0839
Al Basiri SAXX1013
Al Bathah SAXX0408
Al Battaliyah SAXX1907
Al Bawathil SAXX1283
Al Bayad SAXX1284
Al Bayda` SAXX2652
Al Bazazah SAXX1285
Al Ba`id SAXX2387
Al Biar SAXX0060
Al Bidayyi`ah SAXX1015
Al Bid` SAXX2159
Al Bijadiyah SAXX1286
Al Bikah SAXX2654
Al Biqa` SAXX0840
Al Bir SAXX2160
Al Bir SAXX0061
Al Birk SAXX2655
Al Biyad SAXX1289
Al Biyadi SAXX2161
Al Buhrah SAXX2390
Al Bujaydi SAXX2656
Al Bukayriyah SAXX0062
Al Burayk SAXX1291
Al Buraykah SAXX2657
Al Burud SAXX1292
Al Bustan SAXX0841
Al Buwatah SAXX0409
Al Buwaybiyah SAXX1908
Al Buwayridah SAXX1294
Al Bu`aythiyah SAXX1290
Al Dahrah SAXX0410
Al Dalham SAXX0411
Al Dawdaf SAXX0412
Al Dibah SAXX0413
Al Duwayh SAXX1295
Al Fadili SAXX1909
Al Fahd SAXX0414
Al Fakhiriyah SAXX1297
Al Falah SAXX1298
Al Falt SAXX0416
Al Fanatir SAXX1910
Al Faqirah SAXX0842
Al Farah SAXX0063
Al Farah SAXX0419
Al Farah SAXX0254
Al Fara` SAXX0843
Al Farhah SAXX1911
Al Farhan SAXX0420
Al Farhaniyah SAXX2163
Al Farridah SAXX1912
Al Farsah SAXX0255
Al Farshah SAXX2660
Al Farshah SAXX2391
Al Faruq SAXX1300
Al Farwan SAXX0421
Al Far`ah SAXX2162
Al Far`ah SAXX1299
Al Far`ah SAXX2659
Al Far`ayn SAXX0418
Al Fasl SAXX1913
Al Fatat SAXX2661
Al Fatihah SAXX2392
Al Fawwarah SAXX1016
Al Fawwarah SAXX2662
Al Fawwaz SAXX1301
Al Fayd SAXX0422
Al Fayd SAXX2663
Al Faydah SAXX2164
Al Faydah SAXX1017
Al Faydah SAXX2664
Al Faydah SAXX0064
Al Faysaliyah SAXX0746
Al Faysaliyah SAXX0328
Al Faysaliyah SAXX2665
Al Faysaliyah SAXX1914
Al Faysaliyah SAXX1304
Al Fazz SAXX2666
Al Firqah SAXX2667
Al Fiwan SAXX1915
Al Fiyad SAXX0747
Al Fudul SAXX1916
Al Fukah SAXX0423
Al Furaysh SAXX0845
Al Furay` SAXX0844
Al Furaz SAXX1917
Al Furuq SAXX1918
Al Furuthi SAXX1305
Al Futah SAXX1306
Al Fuwayliq SAXX1307
Al Fuwayliq SAXX1018
Al Gaback SAXX0424
Al Gattan SAXX0425
Al Ghabib SAXX2669
Al Ghadir SAXX1308
Al Ghafah SAXX1919
Al Ghafiyah SAXX3104
Al Ghanam SAXX2671
Al Ghanamiyah SAXX1309
Al Ghananim SAXX2672
Al Ghar SAXX2166
Al Gharif SAXX2673
Al Gharith SAXX2674
Al Gharrah SAXX0426
Al Ghassalah SAXX2675
Al Ghat SAXX1310
Al Ghat SAXX0427
Al Ghat SAXX1020
Al Ghatghat SAXX1311
Al Ghawar SAXX1920
Al Ghaydaniyah SAXX1312
Al Ghayl SAXX0428
Al Ghayl SAXX1313
Al Ghaylan SAXX0429
Al Ghaylanah SAXX1314
Al Ghulah SAXX2676
Al Ghumayyisah SAXX2167
Al Ghurabah SAXX1315
Al Ghurayri SAXX1316
Al Ghutamiyah SAXX0256
Al Ghutghut SAXX1317
Al Ghuzayz SAXX1318
Al Habashi SAXX0257
Al habil SAXX0539
Al Habl SAXX1921
Al Hada SAXX1320
Al Hada SAXX2677
Al Hadaq SAXX0329
Al Hadaqah SAXX0330
Al Hadbah SAXX0431
Al Haddadah SAXX3105
Al Haddar SAXX1321
Al Hadidiyah SAXX1021
Al hadilah SAXX0540
Al Hadithah SAXX0065
Al Hadrur SAXX2393
Al Hafayir SAXX2679
Al Haffafat SAXX1922
Al Hafirah SAXX0846
Al Hafnah SAXX2680
Al Hafr SAXX0847
Al Hair SAXX0066
Al Hajar SAXX2681
Al Hajnawi SAXX0067
Al Hajrah SAXX2682
Al Hajye SAXX0432
Al Halaliyah SAXX1022
Al Halami SAXX0433
Al Halaqah SAXX2683
Al Hamad SAXX0748
Al Hamadah SAXX1322
Al Hamadah SAXX2684
Al Hamadah SAXX1023
Al Hamal SAXX1923
Al Hamar SAXX1323
Al Hamd SAXX0258
Al Hamdah SAXX0259
Al Hamidah SAXX2685
Al Hamimah SAXX2686
Al Hamiriyah SAXX2168
Al Hamjah SAXX2169
Al Hamjah SAXX1324
Al Hamjah SAXX1024
Al Hammad SAXX0848
Al Hammah SAXX0434
Al Hanakiyah SAXX0850
Al Hanashah SAXX2394
Al Hani SAXX1326
Al Haqw SAXX2395
Al Haqw SAXX0435
Al Harani SAXX2396
Al Hararah SAXX1327
Al Haras SAXX0436
Al Harasa SAXX0437
Al Harayr SAXX0438
Al Harf SAXX0439
Al Harijan SAXX0440
Al Hariq SAXX0003
Al Harmaliyah SAXX1328
Al Harrah SAXX0331
Al Hasamah SAXX2397
Al Hasan SAXX2398
Al Hasan SAXX0260
Al Hasaniyah SAXX2689
Al Hasar SAXX0261
Al Hasasinah SAXX2690
Al Hasherij SAXX0262
Al Hati SAXX2170
Al Hawatimah SAXX2691
Al Hawiyah SAXX2692
Al Hawmah SAXX0851
Al Hawtah SAXX1025
Al Hawtah SAXX1329
Al Hayathim SAXX1330
Al Hayd SAXX1331
Al Hayit SAXX2171
Al Hayra SAXX1924
Al Haysam SAXX0442
Al Hayyaniyah SAXX2172
Al Hazimi SAXX0443
Al Hazm SAXX2693
Al Hazm SAXX1026
Al Hidn SAXX2694
Al Hifnah SAXX1333
Al Hijaj SAXX1334
Al Hijanbah SAXX2399
Al Hijfar SAXX2400
Al Hijriyah SAXX0852
Al Hijun SAXX2695
Al Hillah SAXX1335
Al Hillah SAXX1027
Al Hilwah SAXX0069
Al Himliyah SAXX1028
Al Hinayniyah SAXX1029
Al Hindawiyah SAXX2696
Al Hindiyah SAXX0853
Al Hinnah SAXX1925
Al Hinnah SAXX1336
Al Hishah SAXX1030
Al Hisi SAXX1337
Al Hisn al Ala SAXX0445
Al Hissu SAXX0854
Al Hisyan SAXX1338
Al Hofuf SAXX0070
Al Hubayriyah SAXX1031
Al Hudaylah SAXX0446
Al Hudb SAXX1926
Al Hufayr SAXX2173
Al Hufayyirah SAXX0071
Al Hufrah SAXX0750
Al Hufrah SAXX0855
Al Hufuf SAXX1927
Al Hulaylah SAXX1928
Al Hulaysiyah SAXX1929
Al Hulwah SAXX0004
Al Humaydah SAXX0073
Al Humaymah SAXX1032
Al Humil SAXX0447
Al Hunayy SAXX1930
Al Hurayr SAXX0074
Al Hurayyiq SAXX1339
Al Hurm SAXX2401
Al Husayni SAXX2402
Al Husayniyah SAXX2697
Al Husayniyah SAXX2403
Al Husayy SAXX1931
Al Husun SAXX1340
Al Huwah SAXX1341
Al Huwaydi SAXX2175
Al Huwaymidah SAXX0856
Al Huwayrah SAXX1342
Al Huwayyit SAXX2176
Al Huzaym SAXX1932
Al Huzul SAXX0332
Al Ifayhid SAXX1033
Al Ishay`il SAXX1034
Al Iskan SAXX2698
Al Izdihar SAXX1343
Al Jabiriyah SAXX1933
Al Jabiriyah SAXX2177
Al Jabriyah SAXX2178
Al Jabriyah SAXX0857
Al Jadi SAXX2405
Al Jadidah SAXX2699
Al Jadidah SAXX1934
Al Jadyah SAXX0263
Al Jafa SAXX3106
Al Jafr SAXX1935
Al Jalad SAXX1345
Al Jami`ah SAXX2700
Al Janadiriyah SAXX1346
Al Jandaliyah SAXX1347
Al Jarad SAXX0448
Al Jaradah SAXX0449
Al Jaradiyah SAXX2406
Al Jarawi SAXX0751
Al Jardhawiyah SAXX1036
Al Jariyah SAXX2407
Al Jarradiyah SAXX1348
Al Jawah SAXX2408
Al Jawb SAXX1936
Al Jawf SAXX0005
Al Jawf SAXX0450
Al Jaww SAXX1349
Al Jazirah SAXX1351
Al Jaz`ah SAXX1350
Al Ja`diyah SAXX2404
Al Ja`lah SAXX1035
Al Jiban SAXX1937
Al Jidi` SAXX1938
Al Jid` SAXX2701
Al Jifarah SAXX1352
Al Jifayrat SAXX0753
Al Jilf SAXX2180
Al Jilh SAXX1353
Al Jimah SAXX0451
Al Jirbah SAXX2409
Al Jirthamiyah SAXX2702
Al Jishshah SAXX1939
Al Jisimah SAXX0264
Al Jissah SAXX0858
Al Jith SAXX0265
Al Jithamiyah SAXX2181
Al Jithyathah SAXX2182
Al Jubah SAXX1940
Al Jubayl SAXX0076
Al Jubaylah SAXX1354
Al Jubb SAXX0077
Al Judayyidah SAXX0333
Al Jufaydiriyah SAXX1355
Al Jufayfah SAXX2184
Al Jufayr SAXX0078
Al Juhfah SAXX2185
Al Juhu SAXX2410
Al Jullab SAXX2705
Al Jumaymah SAXX0334
Al Jummayzah SAXX2706
Al Jumum SAXX2707
Al Jum`ah SAXX0452
Al Junayfah SAXX1356
Al Junayfi SAXX1357
Al Junaynah SAXX0453
Al Junibah SAXX0454
Al Juraniyat SAXX0335
Al Jurayfah SAXX1358
Al Juraysah SAXX0455
Al Jurayyir SAXX1038
Al Jurubbah SAXX1943
Al Juwayfah SAXX1359
Al Ju`aydah SAXX2703
Al Ju`ranah SAXX2704
Al Kabrit SAXX1944
Al Kahafah SAXX1945
Al Kamil SAXX2708
Al Karbah SAXX2709
Al Karbus SAXX2411
Al Kasib SAXX0337
Al Kawahilah SAXX2412
Al Khabbah SAXX2186
Al Khabra SAXX0079
Al Khafji SAXX1946
Al Khalaf SAXX0456
Al Khalas SAXX2711
Al Khalf SAXX0859
Al Khalidiyah SAXX1364
Al Khalidiyah SAXX2712
Al Khalij SAXX1365
Al Khaliqah SAXX2187
Al Khamasin SAXX1366
Al Khamrah SAXX2713
Al Khaniq SAXX3107
Al Khansak SAXX2714
Al Kharabah SAXX2416
Al Kharadilah SAXX2417
Al Kharayij SAXX1367
Al Kharfah SAXX1368
Al Kharj SAXX1369
Al Kharjah SAXX2715
Al Kharkhayr SAXX1947
Al Khars SAXX1948
Al Khashabiyah SAXX2418
Al Khasirah SAXX1372
Al Khatayshiyah SAXX1949
Al Khatilah SAXX1373
Al Khawsh SAXX0457
Al Khawwari SAXX1950
Al Khaydar SAXX2716
Al Khayf SAXX0080
Al Khayt SAXX2188
Al Khis SAXX1374
Al Khisah SAXX0338
Al Khishaybi SAXX1041
Al Khubar SAXX0006
Al Khubrah SAXX1951
Al Khufayfah SAXX1375
Al Khufaysat SAXX1376
Al Khulafiyah SAXX1377
Al Khulasah SAXX2717
Al Khunayqiyah SAXX1378
Al Khunn SAXX1952
Al Khuraybah SAXX3124
Al Khuraymi SAXX2189
Al Khurmah SAXX2718
Al Khushaybi SAXX0339
Al Khutamah SAXX1379
Al Khutaym SAXX1043
Al Khuttah SAXX2190
Al Khuwayjiyah SAXX0861
Al Khuways SAXX1953
Al Khuwayshat SAXX1044
Al Khuzama SAXX1380
Al Kidadiyah SAXX1954
Al Kidn SAXX1955
Al Kidwah SAXX2719
Al Kihafah SAXX2191
Al Kihayfiyah SAXX2192
Al Kilabiyah SAXX1956
Al Kirs SAXX2419
Al Kitimah SAXX0862
Al Kuds SAXX0459
Al Kulakhiyah SAXX2720
Al Kulla SAXX0460
Al Kumah SAXX2721
Al Kura SAXX0082
Al Kura` SAXX2722
Al Kuttah SAXX0083
Al Labbah SAXX0340
Al Labbah SAXX2723
Al Laghfah SAXX1381
Al Lahabah SAXX1957
Al Laqayit SAXX0754
Al Laqitah SAXX2193
Al Lasafah SAXX2724
Al Lidam SAXX1382
Al Lisafah SAXX1960
Al Lith SAXX0007
Al Lughfiyah SAXX1384
Al Lughfiyah SAXX1045
Al Luqiyah SAXX2420
Al Luwaybidah SAXX2194
Al Luwaymi SAXX2195
Al Mabda` SAXX2198
Al Mabiyah SAXX0342
Al Mabna SAXX2729
Al Mab`uthah SAXX2197
Al Mad SAXX0267
Al Madabi` SAXX2199
Al Madarah SAXX1389
Al Madaya SAXX0085
Al Maddah SAXX0464
Al Madhah SAXX0465
Al Madinah SAXX1390
Al Madiq SAXX2730
Al Madiq SAXX0863
Al Mafraq SAXX3125
Al Maghal SAXX2731
Al Magharibah SAXX2732
Al Maghrafiyah SAXX1392
Al Mahabbah SAXX1393
Al Mahalani SAXX1046
Al Mahallah SAXX2422
Al Mahamid SAXX0268
Al Mahani SAXX2733
Al Mahash SAXX0087
Al Mahattah SAXX2423
Al Mahawiyah SAXX0088
Al Mahdam SAXX2734
Al Mahjar SAXX2735
Al Mahruqat SAXX0343
Al Mahshush SAXX0467
Al Majaridah SAXX0468
Al Majarish SAXX2736
Al Majma SAXX0469
Al Majma`ah SAXX1394
Al Makhlutah SAXX0470
Al Makhul SAXX2200
Al Makhwah SAXX0269
Al Makzam SAXX2201
Al Makzum SAXX2202
Al Malahah SAXX0471
Al Malbanah SAXX0864
Al Mali SAXX2424
Al Mallah SAXX0270
Al Manakh SAXX1396
Al Manifiyah SAXX1398
Al Mani` SAXX0472
Al Mani`iyah SAXX1397
Al Manjarah SAXX2425
Al Mansurah SAXX1399
Al Mansuriyah SAXX1400
Al Maqrah SAXX2737
Al Marabi SAXX2426
Al Maraghah SAXX0473
Al Marah SAXX0089
Al Markaz SAXX1961
Al Markuz SAXX0344
Al Marma SAXX2203
Al Marqab SAXX1401
Al Marwa SAXX0271
Al Marwah SAXX2427
Al Marwah SAXX1402
Al Masani` SAXX1403
Al Masarrah SAXX2738
Al Masbar SAXX1404
Al Masfalah SAXX2739
Al Mashaer SAXX0474
Al Mashayikh SAXX2741
Al Masha`ilah SAXX1405
Al Mashramiyah SAXX2428
Al Masif SAXX1406
Al Masna`ah SAXX0272
Al Massarah SAXX2742
Al Matayih SAXX1962
Al Matayih SAXX2204
Al Mathnah SAXX2743
Al Mayasam SAXX2429
Al Maysari SAXX0755
Al Mazahir SAXX0756
Al Mazri` SAXX2744
Al Ma`abidah SAXX2726
Al Ma`arid SAXX1385
Al Ma`arif SAXX0463
Al Ma`ashbah SAXX1386
Al Ma`azil SAXX2196
Al Ma`dhar SAXX1387
Al Ma`qas SAXX2727
Al Ma`rash SAXX2728
Al Ma`shuqah SAXX0266
Al Ma`yuf SAXX2421
Al Midhab SAXX0090
Al Midhnab SAXX1048
Al Mighzal SAXX1407
Al Mihayniyah SAXX2205
Al Mihrad SAXX1963
Al Mijann SAXX1964
Al Mijazah SAXX0475
Al Mikhlaf SAXX3108
Al Milhah SAXX0865
Al Minashbiyat SAXX0345
Al Mindak SAXX0273
Al Mish ab SAXX0091
Al Mishash SAXX0092
Al Mishash SAXX1049
Al Mish`ab SAXX1965
Al Miski SAXX0476
Al Mislanah SAXX0477
Al Mistannah SAXX1966
Al Mistawi SAXX1410
Al Mith`ab SAXX1411
Al Mubarak SAXX2746
Al Mubarakiyah SAXX1967
Al Mubarraz SAXX0093
Al Mubarraz SAXX1413
Al Mubaydi` SAXX2210
Al Mudarraj SAXX0866
Al Mudarra`ah SAXX1414
Al Mudawwarah SAXX2747
Al Mudayfinah SAXX1968
Al Mudayyih SAXX2211
Al Mufajah SAXX3109
Al Mufrihat SAXX0867
Al Mugharah SAXX1415
Al Mughaydir SAXX1416
Al Muhammad SAXX1417
Al Muhammadi SAXX1418
Al Muhammadiyah SAXX1419
Al Muharraqah SAXX2430
Al Muhassin SAXX1969
Al Muhawal SAXX1420
Al Muhaydiyah SAXX0757
Al Muhtaraqah SAXX1970
Al Mujammah SAXX2431
Al Mujamma` SAXX2748
Al Mujassas SAXX2432
Al Mukahhal SAXX2749
Al Mukayli SAXX1050
Al Mukhallad SAXX0479
Al Mukharim SAXX1051
Al Mukhtalif SAXX2212
Al Mulaydah SAXX1052
Al Mulayh SAXX1421
Al Mulayh SAXX2213
Al Mulayhiyah SAXX1422
Al Mulaylih SAXX0868
Al Mulayniyah SAXX1423
Al Multasa SAXX0869
Al Munayzilah SAXX1971
Al Mundassah SAXX2751
Al Mundassah SAXX0870
Al Muqayti` SAXX2752
Al Muqr SAXX2753
Al Murabba` SAXX1053
Al Murabba` SAXX1424
Al Murayba SAXX0480
Al Murayr SAXX0758
Al Muraysiyah SAXX2754
Al Mursilat SAXX1425
Al Muruj SAXX1426
Al Musa SAXX0274
Al Musallamiyah SAXX1972
Al Musandaq SAXX0346
Al Musaybir SAXX1427
Al Musayjid SAXX0094
Al Mushash SAXX1054
Al Mushash SAXX1428
Al Mushaytiyah SAXX2214
Al Mushazzib SAXX0481
Al Mushirah SAXX0482
Al Mustajidah SAXX1429
Al Mustajiddah SAXX2215
Al Mustawi SAXX1055
Al Mutarrifiyah SAXX2216
Al Mutayniyat SAXX1056
Al Mutayrifi SAXX1973
Al Mutaywi SAXX1057
Al Mutaywiyah SAXX1430
Al Muthab SAXX0483
Al Mutrif SAXX2755
Al Muwanisiyah SAXX1431
Al Muwayh SAXX0095
Al Muwaykir SAXX2217
Al Muwaylih SAXX3126
Al Muyyah SAXX2218
Al Muzahimiyah SAXX0096
Al Muzaylif SAXX0275
Al Muzayri` SAXX1432
Al Muzdalifah SAXX2757
Al Mu`ayqilat SAXX2209
Al Mu`aysim SAXX2745
Al Mu`ayzilah SAXX1412
Al Mu`taridah SAXX0478
Al Nadir SAXX0484
Al Naman SAXX0485
Al Nawariyah SAXX2758
Al Ola SAXX0247
Al Qa SAXX0097
Al Qabiyah SAXX0008
Al Qadab SAXX2435
Al Qadhf SAXX0486
Al Qadimah SAXX0192
Al Qadisiyah SAXX1434
Al Qahab SAXX0487
Al Qahmah SAXX2436
Al Qaiyah SAXX0099
Al Qalibah SAXX3127
Al Qalt SAXX0488
Al Qaltah SAXX1435
Al Qal`ah SAXX0760
Al Qamri SAXX2437
Al Qara SAXX0100
Al Qarah SAXX1976
Al Qarah SAXX0490
Al Qarahin SAXX2761
Al Qararah SAXX2762
Al Qararah SAXX1437
Al Qarawayn SAXX0491
Al Qari SAXX1438
Al Qarinah SAXX1439
Al Qarn SAXX0276
Al Qarn SAXX0493
Al Qarn SAXX1977
Al Qarqar SAXX0762
Al Qaryat SAXX2763
Al Qar`ah SAXX1975
Al Qasab SAXX1440
Al Qasab SAXX0494
Al Qasara SAXX2222
Al Qashashiyah SAXX2764
Al Qashshah SAXX2438
Al Qasr SAXX2765
Al Qasr SAXX1441
Al Qatif SAXX0101
Al Qawba`iyah SAXX2766
Al Qawnas SAXX1442
Al Qawsah SAXX2223
Al Qawsah SAXX1443
Al Qawzayn SAXX2767
Al Qaw`i SAXX1061
Al Qaym SAXX2768
Al Qaysumah SAXX1062
Al Qaysumah SAXX0026
Al Qazzahah SAXX0277
Al Qa` SAXX2759
Al Qa` SAXX2434
Al Qa`ar al A`la SAXX2760
Al Qa`id SAXX2219
Al Qa`iyah SAXX1433
Al Qa`rah SAXX0759
Al Qidrawiyah SAXX1444
Al Qifaf SAXX0871
Al Qirshan SAXX2769
Al Qirw SAXX2770
Al Qisamah SAXX0278
Al Qubsah SAXX2772
Al Qudayh SAXX1978
Al Qudayh SAXX0496
Al Quds SAXX1445
Al Qufayf SAXX2773
Al Qufayfah SAXX2224
Al Qulaybayn SAXX2225
Al Qulayyib SAXX1979
Al Qulayyibah SAXX2226
Al Qunaytirah SAXX0763
Al Qunfudhah SAXX2774
Al Qurayb SAXX2439
Al Quraymisah SAXX2227
Al Qurayn SAXX2775
Al Qurayn SAXX1980
Al Qurayn SAXX1064
Al Qurayn SAXX0103
Al Qurayyah SAXX1446
Al Qurayyat SAXX0764
Al Qusaybi SAXX1981
Al Qusayr SAXX1982
Al Qusayr SAXX2228
Al Qushashiyah SAXX2776
Al Qusuriyah SAXX1447
Al Qutb SAXX0765
Al Quwam SAXX2440
Al Quwarah SAXX0104
Al Quwayz SAXX0105
Al Quway` SAXX1448
Al Quway`iyah SAXX1449
Al Quway`iyah SAXX1065
Al Qu`ayyir SAXX1063
Al Qu`tubah SAXX2771
Al Salma SAXX0497
Al Satan SAXX2777
Al Shayban SAXX0498
Al Sirhan SAXX0499
Al Tamam SAXX0500
Al Tawilah SAXX0106
Al Udayliyah SAXX0107
Al Ukhaydir SAXX2778
Al Ula SAXX0108
Al Umla`aya SAXX0501
Al Uqayr SAXX0109
Al Uqlah SAXX2779
Al Wadi SAXX0110
Al Wadi SAXX1450
Al Wadiyayn SAXX0502
Al Wahbah SAXX0503
Al Wahlah SAXX2441
Al Waht SAXX2780
Al Wajh SAXX0111
Al Wandiyat SAXX2229
Al Wannan SAXX1983
Al Waqid SAXX2230
Al Wasat SAXX0504
Al Washam SAXX1451
Al Washm SAXX2442
Al Washqah SAXX2781
Al Washwash SAXX0767
Al Wasili SAXX2443
Al Wasitah SAXX2444
Al Wasi`ah SAXX1452
Al Watah SAXX1453
Al Watyah SAXX0872
Al Wayiliyah SAXX1984
Al Waziyah SAXX1985
Al Widyan SAXX0347
Al Wishh SAXX0348
Al Wizarat SAXX1454
Al Wubayriyah SAXX2232
Al Wuday SAXX0873
Al Wuday SAXX1455
Al Wudayy SAXX1456
Al Wudayy SAXX2233
Al Wuday`ah SAXX3110
Al Wudiyah SAXX2782
Al Wuhayt SAXX2783
Al Wurud SAXX1457
Al Wusayl SAXX1458
Al Wusayyi`ah SAXX1460
Al Wusta SAXX1461
Al Wutah SAXX1068
Al Wu`ayli SAXX2231
Al Yamamah SAXX1462
Al Yamaniyah SAXX2784
Al Yaqutiyah SAXX2785
Al Yarmuk SAXX1463
Al Yasmin SAXX1464
Al Yazid SAXX0505
Al Yunis SAXX0506
Al Zabyah SAXX2445
Al Zahrah SAXX1465
Al Zarib SAXX0507
Al Zuhrah SAXX0508
Al `Aba SAXX1986
Al `Ababid SAXX2786
Al `Abbas SAXX0510
Al `Abbasiyah SAXX1466
Al `Abdaliyah SAXX1069
Al `Abidiyah SAXX0511
Al `Abis SAXX0512
Al `Adamah SAXX1987
Al `Adan SAXX1070
Al `Adhabah SAXX0513
Al `Adhar SAXX1467
Al `Adhiriyah SAXX1988
Al `Adl SAXX2787
Al `Afus SAXX0279
Al `Ajjabat SAXX1468
Al `Ajrumiyah SAXX0349
Al `Akarah SAXX2446
Al `Alawah SAXX1469
Al `Alyan SAXX0280
Al `Amal SAXX1470
Al `Amar SAXX1471
Al `Amir SAXX0515
Al `Amirah SAXX0281
Al `Ammaj SAXX1472
Al `Ammariyah SAXX1473
Al `Amrah SAXX0516
Al `Amudah SAXX1071
Al `Aqiq SAXX1474
Al `Aqiq SAXX0282
Al `Aqir SAXX0350
Al `Aqir SAXX1072
Al `Aqrabiyah SAXX1989
Al `Arf SAXX2788
Al `Arfajiyah SAXX2235
Al `Arin SAXX0517
Al `Ariziyah SAXX2236
Al `Asibat SAXX0874
Al `Assafiyah SAXX0768
Al `Ateefah SAXX0518
Al `Attar SAXX1475
Al `Atyan SAXX1476
Al `Awajiyah SAXX2789
Al `Awali SAXX0875
Al `Awali SAXX2790
Al `Awamiyah SAXX1990
Al `Awazim SAXX2791
Al `Awd SAXX1477
Al `Awran SAXX0519
Al `Awsajiyah SAXX1074
Al `Awsajiyah SAXX2237
Al `Awshaziyah SAXX1478
Al `Aydah SAXX0520
Al `Ayfah SAXX0521
Al `Ayinah SAXX2792
Al `Ayn SAXX0522
Al `Ayn SAXX0876
Al `Ayn SAXX1479
Al `Ays SAXX0877
Al `Aysh SAXX0523
Al `Aytaliyah SAXX1991
Al `Azamiyah SAXX1480
Al `Azazah SAXX0524
Al `Aziziyah SAXX2793
Al `Aziziyah SAXX1481
Al `Aziziyah SAXX1992
Al `Ididi SAXX2238
Al `Idwah SAXX2239
Al `Irfan SAXX0525
Al `Irjayn SAXX2447
Al `Irq SAXX0526
Al `Isam SAXX1483
Al `Isawiyah SAXX0770
Al `Ishash SAXX2794
Al `Ishsh SAXX2240
Al `Iyaynah SAXX2795
Al `Orosh SAXX0527
Al `Ubaylah SAXX1993
Al `Ubaylah SAXX1485
Al `Ud SAXX1486
Al `Udayliyah SAXX1994
Al `Ukayshah SAXX1487
Al `Ula SAXX0878
Al `Ulayya SAXX1488
Al `Ulayyah SAXX0528
Al `Ulu SAXX1490
Al `Ulya SAXX0529
Al `Ulya SAXX1491
Al `Umran SAXX1995
Al `Unaybat SAXX1492
Al `Uqaylah SAXX0771
Al `Uqaylat SAXX2241
Al `Uqayr SAXX1996
Al `Uqdah SAXX2448
Al `Uqlah SAXX1493
Al `Uqlah SAXX1075
Al `Uqlah SAXX2242
Al `Uqul SAXX0879
Al `Uraydiyah SAXX1494
Al `Urumah SAXX1497
Al `Usaylah SAXX2449
Al `Ushayr SAXX0530
Al `Ushwah SAXX2450
Al `Utaybiyah SAXX2796
Al `Uthmaniyah SAXX1997
Al `Uwaynid SAXX1498
Al `Uwayqilah SAXX0351
Al `Uwayrid SAXX1499
Al `Uyaynah SAXX1500
Al `Uyaynah SAXX1998
Al `Uyun SAXX0880
Al `Uyun SAXX1076
Al `Uyun SAXX1501
Al `Uzaym SAXX2243
Al-Balad SAXX3150
Alabwa SAXX3102
Alista SAXX0541
Alowa SAXX1077
Altammah SAXX0881
Alya SAXX0112
Al`Aridah SAXX2451
An Nabhaniyah SAXX1080
An Nabk Abu Qasr SAXX0772
An Nadi SAXX1504
An Nafal SAXX1505
An Naghabiq SAXX1081
An Nahdah SAXX1506
An Najamiyah SAXX2452
An Nakhil SAXX1507
An Nakhlah SAXX2001
An Namudhajiyah SAXX1508
An Naqa SAXX2798
An Narjas SAXX1509
An Nasifah SAXX0773
An Nasim SAXX1510
An Nasiriyah SAXX2244
An Nasiriyah SAXX1513
An Nazayim SAXX0774
An Nazim SAXX1514
An Nazim SAXX0352
An Na`alah SAXX2000
An Na`am SAXX1502
An Na`amah SAXX0284
An Na`ayim SAXX1078
An Na`imah SAXX1503
An Na`imah SAXX1079
An Nibaj SAXX0775
An Nijibah SAXX1082
An Nikashah SAXX2799
An Nimas SAXX0542
An Nimriyah SAXX2246
An Nisiyah SAXX2247
An Niswan SAXX0543
An Nizim SAXX2248
An Ni`ayy SAXX2245
An Nubqiyah SAXX1083
An Nufud SAXX2249
An Nughayq SAXX1515
An Nukhayl SAXX1516
An Numaniyah SAXX1084
An Nuqay`ah SAXX1517
An Nuqrah SAXX2250
An Nur SAXX1518
An Nuwaytah SAXX1519
An Nuzhah SAXX1520
An Nu`ayriyah SAXX2002
An Nu`man SAXX2800
Anda SAXX2802
Aniker SAXX2803
Ank SAXX0113
Ar Rabad SAXX0882
Ar Rabbah SAXX0544
Ar Rabi` SAXX1521
Ar Rabi`iyah SAXX2003
Ar Rabwah SAXX2804
Ar Rabwah SAXX1523
Ar Radah SAXX1524
Ar Radayif SAXX2004
Ar Radifah SAXX1525
Ar Radi`i SAXX2807
Ar Rafah SAXX2808
Ar Rafi`ah SAXX1527
Ar Rafi`ah SAXX0776
Ar Rafi`ah SAXX1085
Ar Raghib SAXX0285
Ar Raghib SAXX1528
Ar Raghiyah SAXX0883
Ar Rahali SAXX0353
Ar Rahmaniyah SAXX1529
Ar Rahwah SAXX0546
Ar Rakah SAXX2005
Ar Ramadah SAXX2453
Ar Ramadiyat SAXX0114
Ar Rashawiyah SAXX1530
Ar Rass SAXX0115
Ar Rawabi SAXX1531
Ar Rawamah SAXX1532
Ar Rawd SAXX0116
Ar Rawd SAXX2252
Ar Rawdah SAXX1533
Ar Rawdah SAXX2809
Ar Rawdah SAXX0117
Ar Rawgh SAXX1534
Ar Rawshan SAXX0547
Ar Rayhah SAXX0286
Ar Rayn SAXX1535
Ar Raysh SAXX0548
Ar Rayth SAXX2454
Ar Rayyan SAXX2811
Ar Rayyanah SAXX0884
Ar Ridifah SAXX0777
Ar Rihab SAXX2813
Ar Rimayah SAXX1536
Ar Rishawiyah SAXX2254
Ar Ri` SAXX2812
Ar Rubaythah SAXX0354
Ar Rubay`ah SAXX0885
Ar Rubian SAXX0287
Ar Rudaymah SAXX2815
Ar Ruhaymiyah SAXX1088
Ar Rukbah SAXX0288
Ar Rukhman SAXX2007
Ar Ruknah SAXX1089
Ar Rukubah SAXX2455
Ar Rumayhiyah SAXX2816
Ar Rumhiyah SAXX1537
Ar Rumi SAXX0289
Ar Ruqayyiqah SAXX2009
Ar Ruqtah SAXX2010
Ar Ruq`i SAXX2008
Ar Rusayfah SAXX2817
Ar Rushda SAXX0549
Ar Ruwan SAXX2456
Ar Ruwanah SAXX0550
Ar Ruwaq SAXX2255
Ar Ruwaydah SAXX1090
Ar Ruwaydah SAXX1538
Ar Ruwaydat SAXX1091
Ar Ruwayhan SAXX0551
Ar Ruway` SAXX2256
Arar SAXX0023
Arbal Allah SAXX0290
Ard Muqbil SAXX3129
Arjah SAXX0120
Arquiya SAXX1092
Artawi ar Raqqas SAXX1539
Arya` SAXX2818
As Sabahani SAXX2819
As Saban SAXX0121
As Sabarin SAXX0552
As Sabat SAXX2011
As Sab`an SAXX2257
As Sadah SAXX3130
As Sadar SAXX2820
As Sadawi SAXX2012
As Sadayir SAXX0887
As Saddah SAXX0355
As Sadr SAXX2821
As Safa SAXX2822
As Safa SAXX1541
As Saffaniyah SAXX2013
As Safhah SAXX2823
As Safrah SAXX0553
As Safsafah SAXX2825
As Sahan SAXX0889
As Sahanah SAXX1542
As Sahwah SAXX2259
As Sakran SAXX1544
As Salam SAXX1545
As Salamah SAXX1546
As Salamiyah SAXX1547
As Salihiyah SAXX1548
As Salwa SAXX0122
As Sam`uriyah SAXX1093
As Sanam SAXX2014
As Saqiyah SAXX2260
As Saqrah SAXX1549
As Sarbah SAXX2827
As Sarif SAXX1094
As Sarrar SAXX2015
As Sawad SAXX2828
As Sawadah SAXX1550
As Sawr SAXX0356
As Sawrah SAXX3131
As Sayh SAXX1551
As Sayh SAXX1095
As Sayhad SAXX1552
As Sayl al Kabir SAXX2829
As Sayyariyat SAXX1553
As Sa`adah SAXX1540
As Sa`biyah SAXX0886
As Sibakh SAXX1096
As Sidawi SAXX0357
As Sidr SAXX0890
As Sifyani SAXX2831
As Sighawa SAXX2262
As Sihhal SAXX2263
As Sikak SAXX2016
As Silayyil SAXX2264
As Sina`iyah SAXX1554
As Sinnariyah SAXX1555
As Sirar SAXX2832
As Sirr SAXX1556
As Sirr SAXX2457
As Sitarah SAXX1557
As Siwaytiyah SAXX1097
As Si`ayyirah SAXX2261
As Subayhiyah SAXX2265
As Subayhiyah SAXX1558
As Subaykhah SAXX0555
As Sudah SAXX2018
As Sudayrah SAXX2019
As Sudayrah SAXX0891
As Sudayrah SAXX2833
As Sufay SAXX2834
As Sufayri SAXX2020
As Sufayy SAXX2021
As Sufh SAXX0291
As Sufun SAXX2266
As Suh SAXX1559
As Suhaylat SAXX0892
As Suhaymi SAXX1560
As Suka`a SAXX0292
As Sulaybi SAXX1098
As Sulaymaniyah SAXX2835
As Sulaymaniyah SAXX0009
As Sulaymaniyah SAXX0778
As Sulaymi SAXX2268
As Sulayy SAXX1561
As Sulayyil SAXX0124
As Sulhaniyah SAXX0893
As Sulubiyah SAXX2269
As Sumariyah SAXX0894
As Sumayrah SAXX1563
As Sunayna SAXX2270
As Sunay` SAXX2836
As Suq SAXX0125
As Sur SAXX2837
As Surayhah SAXX2271
As Sururiyah SAXX2838
As Suwadah SAXX2839
As Suwaydi SAXX1564
As Suwaydiyah SAXX2458
As Suwayfilah SAXX2272
As Suwayriqiyah SAXX0895
As Su`ayyirah SAXX2017
Asalan SAXX0556
Asfal al Batin SAXX1566
Asfalah SAXX2840
Ash Shabariqah SAXX0560
Ash Shabbakiyah SAXX1099
Ash Shafa SAXX2842
Ash Shafirah SAXX0561
Ash Shaharin SAXX2022
Ash Shahmah SAXX1568
Ash Shajwah SAXX2843
Ash Shamah SAXX2275
Ash Shamah SAXX0779
Ash Shamiyah SAXX2844
Ash Shamiyah SAXX2023
Ash Shaqrah SAXX0897
Ash Shara SAXX0126
Ash Sharafa SAXX0127
Ash Sharafiyah SAXX1569
Ash Sharif SAXX2849
Ash Sharikhiyah SAXX1570
Ash Sharmah SAXX3132
Ash Sharqi SAXX2850
Ash Shashi SAXX0294
Ash Shatlaniyah SAXX1571
Ash Shatt SAXX0563
Ash Shawraqiyah SAXX1100
Ash Shaybi SAXX2851
Ash Shayhiyah SAXX1101
Ash Shaykh SAXX0564
Ash Shayyit SAXX2024
Ash Sha`af SAXX0293
Ash Sha`afah SAXX2273
Ash Sha`ar SAXX2459
Ash Sha`ar SAXX0558
Ash Sha`bayn SAXX0559
Ash Sha`fuliyah SAXX2460
Ash Sha`laniyah SAXX2274
Ash Shebark SAXX0565
Ash Shifa SAXX1573
Ash Shifayyah SAXX0898
Ash Shihiyah SAXX1102
Ash Shihiyah SAXX2027
Ash Shimashil SAXX2028
Ash Shimasiyah SAXX1103
Ash Shinan SAXX2277
Ash Shinanah SAXX1104
Ash Shiqq SAXX2029
Ash Shiqqah SAXX1105
Ash Shirthah SAXX2278
Ash Shishah SAXX2853
Ash Shi`ab SAXX2025
Ash Shi`b SAXX2852
Ash Shi`b SAXX1572
Ash Shi`bah SAXX2026
Ash Shubaykah SAXX2854
Ash Shubaykah SAXX2280
Ash Shubaykiyah SAXX1106
Ash Shubayrimah SAXX0128
Ash Shubramiyah SAXX1577
Ash Shufayyah SAXX0899
Ash Shukayyirah SAXX1578
Ash Shukrah SAXX1579
Ash Shumaysi SAXX1580
Ash Shumaysi SAXX2857
Ash Shuqayq SAXX2281
Ash Shuqayq SAXX2461
Ash Shuqayq SAXX2032
Ash Shuqayri SAXX2462
Ash Shuqqan SAXX2033
Ash Shuqra SAXX0295
Ash Shuqran SAXX0900
Ash Shurayf SAXX0901
Ash Shurayhiyah SAXX2282
Ash Shurufah SAXX1107
Ash Shuwamin SAXX0902
Ash Shuwatah SAXX2858
Ash Shuwaybit SAXX0129
Ash Shuyukh SAXX2859
Ash Shu`aybah SAXX2030
Ash Shu`aybah SAXX2279
Ash Shu`bah SAXX0358
Ashavaghira SAXX2463
Ashburma SAXX0566
Asira SAXX0903
Asnad SAXX1581
At Tahiriyah SAXX2464
At Taif SAXX0130
At Tananir SAXX0359
At Tandabiyah SAXX2861
At Tannumah SAXX1108
At Tan`im SAXX2860
At Taraf SAXX2034
At Tarafiyah SAXX1109
At Tarfawi SAXX2283
At Tarif SAXX2863
At Tasrir SAXX1583
At Tawdihiyah SAXX1584
At Tawilah SAXX1585
At Tawilah SAXX1110
At Ta`awun SAXX1582
At Tibah SAXX0781
At Timyat SAXX0360
At Tiraq SAXX2284
At Tiraq SAXX0361
At Tiraq SAXX1111
At Tubayq SAXX0782
At Tubi SAXX2035
At Tuhaymiyah SAXX2036
At Tulayhah SAXX2285
At Tundubawi SAXX2865
At Turbaibil SAXX2037
At Turbiyah SAXX2286
At Turmus SAXX2287
At Turqi SAXX2866
At Tuwal SAXX2288
At Tuwal SAXX1113
At Tuwal SAXX2465
At Tuwaym SAXX1586
At Tuwayr SAXX0783
At Tuwayyah SAXX2289
Ath Thabitiyah SAXX1114
Ath Thamamiyah SAXX1587
Ath Thamiriyah SAXX1115
Ath Thanduwah SAXX1588
Ath Thinayyan SAXX2290
Ath Thumamah SAXX1589
Ath Thuqbah SAXX2038
Ath Thu`aylibi SAXX2291
Athfalah SAXX2868
Ayn Dar SAXX0131
Ayn Ibn Fuhayd SAXX0132
Az Zabirah SAXX2292
Az Zafir SAXX0296
Az Zafrah SAXX2039
Az Zahariyah SAXX2869
Az Zahir SAXX2870
Az Zahiriyah SAXX1116
Az Zahr SAXX0568
Az Zahran SAXX0133
Az Zandi SAXX2872
Az Zawiyah SAXX0569
Az Zawr SAXX2040
Az Zaymah SAXX0244
Az Za`ir SAXX0567
Az Zihayriyah SAXX1117
Az Zilal SAXX2873
Az Zinan SAXX2874
Az Zirab SAXX2875
Az Zughayn SAXX2041
Az Zughbah SAXX2876
Az Zuharah SAXX0570
Az Zulfi SAXX1591
Az Zuluzal SAXX2293
Az Zumamiyah SAXX1592
Az Zurra` SAXX2877
Az Zuwayb SAXX2878
Az Zuwaydiyah SAXX1593
A`dhabi SAXX2372
Badanah SAXX0362
Badayi Bin Najm SAXX1595
Badr SAXX1597
Badr SAXX3111
Badr Hunayn SAXX0904
Bahban SAXX0134
Bahrah SAXX0010
Bahrah SAXX2466
Bahwah SAXX0571
Bahwil SAXX2880
Bakha SAXX2042
Bakhshat Yamani SAXX2467
Baljurashi SAXX0298
Ballaliyat SAXX2043
Banban SAXX1599
Bani Bishr SAXX0572
Bani Hamim SAXX3112
Bani Hayf SAXX0573
Bani Malik SAXX2881
Bani Malik SAXX0574
Bani Ma`arid SAXX1600
Bani Ma`n SAXX2044
Bani Muraykis SAXX1601
Bani Ruhayyah SAXX1602
Bani Sar SAXX0136
Bani Thawr SAXX0575
Bani `Awad SAXX2045
Bani `Isa SAXX2882
Bani `Ubayd SAXX0300
Baqiri SAXX0577
Baqran SAXX0137
Baranah SAXX2883
Barjisiyah SAXX1120
Barka SAXX0906
Bartiyah SAXX0907
Barzah SAXX2884
Barzayn SAXX0138
Bashm SAXX2885
Basra SAXX0578
Bawdah SAXX1604
Bayad ad Dathir SAXX0908
Baydayn SAXX2886
Baysari SAXX2468
Baysh SAXX2469
Bayt Maqbul SAXX2470
Baytariyah SAXX2471
Beniruh SAXX0579
Bida SAXX1608
Bijadiyah SAXX1609
Bil Hasbil SAXX0581
Bilad Bani `Amr SAXX0582
Bilad Hanabijah SAXX1611
Bilad Mishwal SAXX0583
Bilad Zahran SAXX0301
Bilad `Awf SAXX2888
Biljurshi SAXX0139
Bin Gamarsh SAXX1612
Bin Hadi SAXX2473
Bin Hashbal SAXX0584
Bin Shefefani SAXX1613
Bin `Umar SAXX1614
Birkah SAXX0911
Birkah SAXX1615
Birzayn SAXX0585
Bisha SAXX0035
Bishat Mushayt SAXX0586
Bu Khayr SAXX0302
Bu Tawq SAXX2474
Bughayli SAXX1616
Buhayrah SAXX2889
Bulaydah SAXX1617
Bulaysah SAXX1618
Bul`um SAXX1122
Buqayq SAXX0141
Buraydah SAXX0142
Buraykah SAXX2890
Burayman SAXX2891
Burqah SAXX2892
Busal SAXX2893
Busaytah SAXX0588
Chuwaitir SAXX1126
Dabbah SAXX1620
Dabyah SAXX0143
Daff Khuza`ah SAXX2894
Daff Zayni SAXX2895
Daghabij SAXX0912
Daghbaj SAXX2896
Dahis SAXX1621
Dahl Hit SAXX1622
Dahmah SAXX2475
Dahu SAXX0145
Dakhilah SAXX1623
Dalham SAXX0589
Dalqan SAXX1624
Damad SAXX0146
Dammari SAXX2476
Damrur SAXX2897
Damthi SAXX1625
Dar al Husayn SAXX0590
Dar al Jabal SAXX0303
Dar al Wadi SAXX2898
Dar al `Arq SAXX0591
Darah SAXX0913
Darb al Ibl SAXX0363
Darin SAXX2046
Dariyah SAXX1127
Dawbah SAXX1128
Dawmat al Jandal SAXX0784
Daylami SAXX0593
Da`kah SAXX1619
Dhabhah SAXX2047
Dhahban SAXX0144
Dhahran SAXX2048
Dharbin SAXX0594
Dheib SAXX0304
Dhi al Munash SAXX0595
Dighnun SAXX2303
Dil` al Kharwa` SAXX0914
Diqalah SAXX1626
Dirab SAXX1627
Diraybis SAXX0915
Diraymihah SAXX1129
Diri SAXX2900
Dirs SAXX0596
Domot SAXX2477
Dubaylah SAXX2901
Dubay`ah SAXX2304
Dudah SAXX2478
Dughaybjah SAXX2902
Dughaymiyah SAXX2903
Duhayqah SAXX2479
Dukhnah SAXX1131
Dulaydilah SAXX2904
Dulayhan SAXX2305
Dulaym SAXX0597
Durm SAXX2905
Durma SAXX0147
Duruma SAXX1628
Dwarah SAXX1629
Fajhaniya SAXX1132
Falas SAXX2480
Fanudah SAXX0916
Faqarah SAXX1630
Farasan SAXX0148
Fara` SAXX0918
Farwan SAXX0598
Far` SAXX0917
Far`ah SAXX1631
Faya SAXX0149
Fayd SAXX2906
Fayd SAXX2306
Faydat al Mislah SAXX2907
Faydat Yaklib SAXX2308
Fayyadah SAXX1133
Fihan SAXX1633
Fiji SAXX0919
Firzan SAXX1634
Fudah SAXX2049
Fugwa SAXX2482
Gassim SAXX0030
Ghafqiyah SAXX2484
Ghalfah SAXX2485
Ghammash SAXX1134
Ghamr SAXX2486
Ghamrah SAXX2309
Ghanam SAXX0599
Ghanamiyah SAXX1635
Ghanwa SAXX2051
Ghar `Ishah SAXX0305
Ghasibah SAXX1636
Ghawan SAXX2488
Ghawar Shadqam SAXX2052
Ghaya SAXX2489
Ghazwar SAXX2310
Ghazzalah SAXX2311
Ghirnatah SAXX1638
Ghisil SAXX2312
Ghiyanah SAXX1639
Ghizlan SAXX2053
Ghumayd SAXX2054
Ghumayqah SAXX2908
Ghunan SAXX2055
Ghurabah SAXX0151
Ghurayrah SAXX0152
Ghuslah SAXX1640
Ghutti SAXX0787
Ghuwaymid SAXX1135
Ghuziyyat SAXX2909
Gizan SAXX0040
Gran SAXX0600
Guntan SAXX0601
Guriat SAXX0024
Habil SAXX2910
Hadabah SAXX2313
Hadbah SAXX2913
Hadban SAXX0788
Haddad SAXX2915
Haddat ash Sham SAXX2916
Hadh al Mahaqiq SAXX2057
Hadh Sabhah SAXX2056
Hadhah SAXX2917
Hadhirah SAXX0602
Hadiyah SAXX0920
Hadjumbah SAXX2490
Hadrah SAXX0603
Hadram SAXX0306
Hadri SAXX1641
Hafa SAXX1136
Hafafah SAXX2491
Hafar al Batin SAXX2058
Hafar al `Atk SAXX1642
Hafar Al-Batin SAXX0043
Hafir SAXX0604
Hafir Kishb SAXX2918
Hafirat al `Ayda SAXX0921
Hafirat Nisah SAXX1643
Hail SAXX0028
Haima SAXX2492
Haitan SAXX1644
Hajambar SAXX2493
Hajar SAXX0157
Hajir ash Shih SAXX1645
Hajlah SAXX0605
Hajr SAXX2919
Hajrah SAXX0158
Hajrat al Bushuk SAXX0364
Hajrufah SAXX1646
Hajur SAXX2920
Hakimah SAXX2494
Hala al `Abd SAXX0606
Halaban SAXX1647
Halamah SAXX2921
Halat `Ammar SAXX0789
Halb SAXX2922
Halqat al `Afraj SAXX1649
Hamamah SAXX2923
Hamdah SAXX2495
Hamdah SAXX3114
Hamdah SAXX0607
Hamdanah SAXX0159
Hamdiyah SAXX1650
Hamidh SAXX0608
Hammah SAXX2924
Hamrurah SAXX1651
Hanak SAXX3134
Hanidh SAXX2060
Haql SAXX0790
Haqqaq SAXX2925
Haqw SAXX0609
Harad SAXX2061
Harad SAXX2926
Harahha SAXX1652
Harajah SAXX0610
Harajah SAXX2496
Harat al Bab SAXX2927
Harf SAXX2497
Harf SAXX2928
Harfayn SAXX0611
Harithi SAXX2929
Harkat SAXX2930
Harmah SAXX1653
Harshaf SAXX3115
Harthiyah SAXX0922
Harub SAXX2498
Hasa SAXX0923
Hashash SAXX0613
Hasim SAXX2499
Hasy SAXX2931
Hatifat az Zaqi` SAXX2063
Haut SAXX0614
Hawalah SAXX2932
Hawaya SAXX2933
Hawtat Sudayr SAXX1654
Hayil SAXX2315
Hayit SAXX2316
Hayjah Muraqqah SAXX2500
Haylah SAXX2501
Hayy al Mahattah SAXX1655
Hazlulah SAXX1659
Hazm al Jalamid SAXX0365
Hazmiyah SAXX1660
Hijrat Laban SAXX1661
Hillat Abu Hizam SAXX1662
Hillat Muhish SAXX2064
Hinayah SAXX2502
Hirmah SAXX0925
Hishash SAXX2936
Hisn al Quhayb SAXX0160
Hittin SAXX1663
Hizwa SAXX1664
Hizwah SAXX2065
Huberis SAXX2937
Hudayb SAXX0791
Hudayb SAXX0615
Hudayrah SAXX0926
Hudayrah SAXX3135
Hufayrah SAXX1665
Hufnah SAXX2317
Hujayrah SAXX2503
Hujrah SAXX2318
Hujrah SAXX2939
Hujrat al Baydah SAXX1137
Hulayfah SAXX1666
Humr SAXX2504
Humran SAXX0307
Hunayzil SAXX1138
Huraira SAXX0616
Huraysan SAXX1667
Husayniyah SAXX0927
Husnah SAXX2940
Huwaymidah SAXX1668
Huwaytah SAXX1669
Huwayyan SAXX2321
Huwayyinah SAXX1670
Huzaymiyah SAXX2941
Ibdah SAXX2322
Ibn Khaldun SAXX2066
Ibn Lughaysim SAXX0367
Ibn Sa`dan SAXX1671
Ibn Sharar SAXX2067
Ibn Shuraym SAXX0368
Ibn Suqi SAXX0370
Ibn Su`ayyid SAXX0369
Ibn Tuwalah SAXX0371
Ibn `Isa SAXX1139
Ilbaras SAXX1140
Imhaish SAXX2068
Istabl Antar SAXX0928
Ithnayn SAXX0617
Ithrah SAXX0792
Jabal al Qawm SAXX2069
Jabrah SAXX1673
Jada`ah SAXX0929
Jaddalah SAXX1674
Jadid SAXX1141
Jadidah SAXX0930
Jadmah SAXX2942
Jafn SAXX1675
Jafn Dabb SAXX1676
Jalajil SAXX1677
Jallal SAXX0618
Jallat al Mawt SAXX2505
Jama SAXX0619
Jammah SAXX2506
Jammalah SAXX2507
Janib Sharah SAXX2943
Janubiyat Sudayr SAXX1678
Jara SAXX2508
Jarha SAXX2944
Jarir SAXX1679
Jarrar SAXX1143
Jarrarah SAXX2071
Jarudiyah SAXX2072
Jarwal SAXX2945
Jash SAXX0621
Jasr SAXX1144
Jaww SAXX1680
Jaww al Hasah SAXX1145
Jawz SAXX0622
Jawzan SAXX0623
Jazirah SAXX0624
Jibalah SAXX0373
Jibila SAXX0625
Jidanah SAXX2946
Jidarah SAXX0308
Jiddah SAXX0012
Jidhdhanah SAXX2947
Jifin SAXX1681
Jilhayah SAXX0309
Jimajim SAXX0793
Jirab SAXX1682
Jirubah SAXX2948
Jish SAXX2073
Jizan SAXX2510
Jubah SAXX1683
Jubbah SAXX2324
Judah SAXX2074
Judayrah SAXX2949
Juha SAXX0164
Juhayrah SAXX2511
Julayjilah SAXX2075
Julaylah SAXX2950
Julayyil SAXX2951
Junai SAXX0626
Jundiyah SAXX2512
Jurayban SAXX0374
Juraydah SAXX1146
Jurumah SAXX2326
Jush SAXX2952
Juwayy SAXX1684
Kabkabiyah SAXX0165
Kabshan SAXX1685
Kadara SAXX2514
Kaf SAXX0166
Kamb ad Dulu` SAXX2327
Karim SAXX0375
Karinah SAXX0310
Kasavia Shami SAXX2515
Kayyat SAXX2953
Ka`lul SAXX2513
Khabath Sa`id SAXX2516
Khabra Halwah SAXX1686
Khadar SAXX1147
Khadaran SAXX3116
Khadrah SAXX0627
Khafaq SAXX0628
Khafs Daghrah SAXX0167
Khalah SAXX1687
Khamam SAXX2076
Khamdan SAXX0311
Khamis al Bahr SAXX0631
Khamis as Sahil SAXX0632
Khamis Mushait SAXX0037
Khamis Mushayt SAXX0629
Khamis Mutayr SAXX0630
Khanuqah SAXX1688
Khasa SAXX2517
Khashran SAXX0633
Khatib SAXX2518
Khawajiyah SAXX2519
Khawlah SAXX2520
Khaybar SAXX0634
Khayf Fadil SAXX0931
Khayr SAXX2954
Khillah SAXX2521
Khubayb ar Rim SAXX1690
Khubb al Khuttah SAXX2328
Khubb al Mazhur SAXX2329
Khubb al Qabr SAXX1150
Khubb al Zhatada SAXX2330
Khubb ar Radm SAXX2331
Khudayrah SAXX2522
Khuff SAXX3136
Khuff SAXX1691
Khulays SAXX2955
Khullat Adraj SAXX2078
Khumrah SAXX2956
Khumsiyah SAXX2523
Khunayfisan SAXX1692
Khunayfsah SAXX1693
Khunduq Nadqan SAXX2080
Khuraybah SAXX2957
Khurayman SAXX1694
Khurays SAXX2081
Khuraysah SAXX1696
Khurma SAXX2524
Khush`ah SAXX2525
Khuwaylidiyah SAXX2082
Kidan SAXX2958
Kidwat al A`waj SAXX2959
Kihlah SAXX2332
Kihlah SAXX1151
Krom SAXX0635
Kudayd SAXX2961
Kufayrah SAXX2962
Kuff SAXX2963
Kulakh SAXX2964
Kulayyah SAXX0169
Kullat az Zawr SAXX2084
Kulwah SAXX0795
Kumdah SAXX0170
Kurma SAXX2965
Kutnah SAXX0636
Labkhah SAXX1697
Lahbey SAXX0637
Lamma`ah SAXX1698
Lawqah SAXX0376
Layla SAXX1699
Lihaf SAXX0638
Linah SAXX0377
Li`li` SAXX1700
Lughaf SAXX1701
Mabda SAXX0640
Madain Salih SAXX0171
Madha SAXX0172
Madrakah SAXX0173
Madsus SAXX0934
Mafraq SAXX0935
Mafraq Thadiq SAXX1704
Mafruq SAXX2967
Maghabb SAXX0641
Maghati SAXX2088
Maghib SAXX1705
Maghrabah SAXX1706
Mahadid SAXX2968
Maham SAXX0936
Mahbubah SAXX2527
Mahd adh Dhahab SAXX0938
Mahdumah SAXX1152
Mahdumah SAXX2528
Mahinbah SAXX2969
Mahla SAXX2529
Mahlal SAXX0642
Majaba SAXX0643
Majma` SAXX0644
Majra Hudbah SAXX2089
Makasir SAXX2970
Makhshushah SAXX2971
Maksanah SAXX0645
Malakan SAXX2972
Malakiyah SAXX0174
Malawi Jidarah SAXX2973
Malgocta SAXX2531
Malha SAXX2974
Malhah SAXX2532
Malham SAXX0175
Mallahah SAXX2090
Malqa SAXX1154
Manakh SAXX2091
Manfuhah SAXX1708
Manjamah SAXX2975
Mansiyah SAXX2533
Mansur SAXX2093
Manzilah SAXX1710
Maqab SAXX2534
Maqnah SAXX3138
Maqrah SAXX0939
Maqshush SAXX0940
Maqta` ar Rujmah SAXX2976
Marabah SAXX0646
Maraghan SAXX1156
Marah SAXX2535
Marat SAXX1711
Marjan SAXX1712
Marran SAXX2977
Marterel SAXX2536
Marwah SAXX2537
Marwan SAXX1713
Masaddah SAXX1714
Masahili SAXX0941
Masawi SAXX1715
Mashajji SAXX2978
Mashquq SAXX1157
Mashrufah SAXX0176
Masil SAXX1716
Maskar SAXX2980
Maslum SAXX1717
Masqarah SAXX0647
Mastabah SAXX0177
Masturah SAXX0178
Matan SAXX0179
Matirith SAXX2539
Matiyah SAXX2981
Mat`an SAXX2538
Mawan SAXX1718
Mawarah SAXX0943
Mawqaq SAXX0180
Maydah SAXX1719
Mayzah SAXX0648
Mazari` Sajir SAXX1720
Mazma` SAXX0649
Ma`aniq SAXX1702
Ma`jar SAXX2526
Ma`qala SAXX2085
Ma`raj as Suban SAXX2086
Ma`riyah SAXX0639
Ma`shi SAXX2966
Ma`talah SAXX1703
Mecca SAXX0013
Medina SAXX0014
Mekik SAXX2540
Mibari SAXX1158
Midhal SAXX2982
Midrikah SAXX2095
Mifah SAXX0650
Mihayyidah SAXX1159
Mijannah SAXX0183
Milhah SAXX0944
Mina SAXX2983
Minjarah SAXX2541
Minsafa SAXX1721
Minshar SAXX2333
Minwa SAXX0800
Mishash as Suhul SAXX1722
Mishash Jurud SAXX1160
Mishash Rukayyan SAXX1161
Mishlah SAXX1723
Mishrifah SAXX1724
Miskah SAXX1162
Misliyah SAXX2542
Mismah SAXX2543
Misna SAXX2984
Mizhirah SAXX2544
Miz`il SAXX1725
Mubarriz SAXX2334
Mubayid SAXX1726
Mudaysis SAXX1163
Mudhnib SAXX1164
Mudiq SAXX0184
Mugharah SAXX1727
Mugharrizat SAXX1728
Mugharrzat SAXX1729
Muhashwila SAXX2985
Muhayil SAXX0651
Muhayriqah SAXX1731
Muhayyidah SAXX1732
Muhrah SAXX0652
Mukambal SAXX2547
Mukaylah SAXX0185
Mukhaykiran SAXX1733
Mukhtarah SAXX2548
Mulayh SAXX1734
Mulayjah SAXX2096
Mulaykah SAXX0313
Munaydhir SAXX0653
Munaysif SAXX1735
Munayzilah SAXX1165
Mundaraq SAXX2549
Munifah SAXX2097
Munifat al Qa`id SAXX2335
Munifat Jalwah SAXX1736
Muqabil SAXX2986
Muqabil SAXX1737
Muqammar SAXX0654
Muqbilah SAXX1738
Murayfiq SAXX2336
Murshidiyah SAXX2987
Murukhiyah SAXX2098
Musabih SAXX0655
Musaghir SAXX0314
Musaykah SAXX2550
Musaylah SAXX0315
Musaylim SAXX2988
Mushallahah SAXX2551
Mushash al Baqar SAXX1739
Mushrif SAXX1740
Mushrif SAXX2989
Mushrif SAXX1166
Mushrifah SAXX0656
Mushrifah SAXX1741
Musiddah SAXX1742
Muti`ah SAXX1743
Mutribah SAXX1167
Mutribah SAXX2099
Muwassam SAXX2552
Muwaysil SAXX1744
Muzallalah SAXX2990
Muzayfir SAXX1168
Muzdalifah SAXX2991
Mu`arran SAXX2545
Mu`jar SAXX2546
Na jan SAXX0186
Nabwan SAXX1746
Nadinah SAXX2100
Nafi SAXX0187
Nafjah SAXX1169
Naghbi SAXX2553
Najik SAXX1747
Naji`ah SAXX0657
Najmah SAXX0188
Najmah SAXX2554
Najran SAXX0038
Nakhalat SAXX1171
Nakhl an Nilah SAXX2992
Nakhl Shahbah SAXX0190
Nakhl U`aywij SAXX2337
Namar SAXX1748
Namasiyah SAXX1172
Namirah SAXX2993
Naq`a SAXX1749
Nashir SAXX0658
Nawasif SAXX2101
Nawdan SAXX0804
Nazwa SAXX1750
Na`jan SAXX1745
Nibak SAXX2102
Nifi SAXX1751
Nikhb SAXX2994
Nimran SAXX0659
Nisab SAXX0378
Nizlah SAXX2995
Nta SAXX2103
Nubayha SAXX1173
Nughaylah SAXX0660
Nughayshiyah SAXX2996
Nuhud SAXX2997
Nujayl SAXX0946
Nukhayl al `Abd SAXX1754
Nukhayl Mashan SAXX1753
Nukhaylan SAXX1755
Nuzlat al Faqin SAXX2999
Nu`aymah SAXX1752
Okadz SAXX3000
Qadab SAXX2557
Qadah SAXX0191
Qadhdha SAXX0662
Qahr SAXX1756
Qalbiyah SAXX2558
Qalib Bulayhi SAXX1175
Qal`at Bishah SAXX0663
Qanziyah SAXX0193
Qara SAXX0015
Qaraqir SAXX0805
Qarar SAXX2559
Qararah SAXX0664
Qarn SAXX0665
Qarn Ahad Yubah SAXX0666
Qarn Hadhil SAXX3002
Qarn Muzabbar SAXX2560
Qartabah SAXX1759
Qartaniya SAXX1176
Qarwat SAXX0668
Qaryah SAXX1177
Qaryah al `Ulya SAXX2106
Qar`at Mudayris SAXX2105
Qasr al Ballaji SAXX1182
Qasr al Battah SAXX1183
Qasr al Quraynah SAXX1770
Qasr an Nasriyah SAXX1771
Qasr Badawi SAXX1760
Qasr Fayhaq SAXX1761
Qasr Hamam SAXX1762
Qasr Hilliyah SAXX1763
Qasr Ibn Shuhayl SAXX1766
Qasr Ihmam SAXX0196
Qasr Khalid SAXX0197
Qasr Lahiya SAXX1767
Qasr Mulayh SAXX1768
Qasr Sunaydi SAXX1769
Qasr Umayyah SAXX1179
Qasr Zarah SAXX1180
Qasr `Ali SAXX1181
Qawz SAXX3003
Qaysumat Fayhan SAXX0379
Qa` Ghari SAXX1174
Qa`ariyah SAXX2555
Qa`ima SAXX2556
Qa`iya SAXX3001
Qiran SAXX0948
Qirbish SAXX3004
Qiri at Tuwaym SAXX1772
Qitan al Qadimah SAXX1184
Qiya SAXX3005
Qiyal SAXX0806
Qizana SAXX3006
Quai SAXX1773
Qudayd SAXX3007
Qudayh SAXX2107
Quday`an SAXX1774
Qufar SAXX2341
Qufayfah SAXX1185
Qulayyib Khudr SAXX0807
Qunayfidhah SAXX1775
Qura SAXX0198
Quraynah SAXX0669
Qurayyah SAXX2108
Qura` SAXX2562
Qusayr Matruk SAXX2342
Qusayriyat SAXX2343
Qushayya SAXX3118
Qusur al Muqbil SAXX1777
Qusur al `Abd SAXX1778
Qusur Mayy SAXX1187
Qutayn SAXX1779
Qutuf al Misri SAXX2563
Quwaybil SAXX1782
Quwayz SAXX1783
Quwayzah SAXX3008
Quway` SAXX1780
Quway`ah SAXX2564
Quway`an SAXX1781
Rabigh SAXX0016
Rad-hah SAXX3009
Radum SAXX2567
Radwa SAXX2112
Radwan SAXX3010
Rafha SAXX0025
Rafia Uwadah SAXX1785
Rafi`ah SAXX1784
Raghabah SAXX1786
Raghdan SAXX0201
Raghwan SAXX3011
Raha SAXX0670
Rahimah SAXX2113
Rahman SAXX3012
Rahwat al Barr SAXX0316
Raka SAXX3013
Rakah SAXX3014
Rakk SAXX2344
Ramah SAXX1189
Ramdah SAXX2568
Ramlan SAXX2569
Raqhwah SAXX0671
Raqiyah SAXX3015
Ras all Khafji SAXX0202
Ras Tanura SAXX2115
Rawdat al Faras SAXX1790
Rawdat al Hisu SAXX1193
Rawdat al Lawwaf SAXX1194
Rawdat az Zar` SAXX1196
Rawdat Du`ayj SAXX1787
Rawdat Habbas SAXX0380
Rawdat Qiradan SAXX1191
Rawdat Sudayr SAXX1788
Rawdat Wuthaylan SAXX1789
Rawdat `Utayyiq SAXX1192
Rawhah SAXX3016
Rawkhah SAXX2570
Rawshaniyah SAXX1791
Raynibah SAXX2345
Rayyan SAXX2571
Rayyis SAXX0949
Ra`shah SAXX2566
Ri Harshah SAXX0204
Rifa` SAXX1792
Righlah SAXX1793
Riyad SAXX3018
Riyadh SAXX0017
Riyadh/Khaled SAXX0018
Rizhan SAXX2116
Ri` Harshah SAXX3017
Ri` Taqrib SAXX2346
Rodes SAXX2572
Ruayli SAXX0207
Rubayq SAXX1197
Rubua al Quraysh SAXX0317
Rudaymah SAXX0208
Rufay`ah SAXX2117
Rujm ash Shuyukh SAXX1201
Rumah SAXX1795
Rumahi SAXX1796
Ruqayqah SAXX0672
Rusibah SAXX0318
Ruwak SAXX1202
Ruwaydah SAXX1797
Ruwayghib SAXX1799
Ruwayqah SAXX1800
Ru`ayli SAXX2573
Sabakh SAXX0950
Sabhah SAXX1803
Sabihah SAXX0319
Sabihi SAXX0673
Sabil SAXX0951
Sabuhah SAXX3020
Sabya SAXX0209
Sadiliyah SAXX2575
Sadyan SAXX2347
Safajah SAXX0952
Saffaqah SAXX0210
Safwa SAXX2119
Sagrit SAXX0674
Sahaf SAXX2120
Sahayy SAXX2348
Sahil SAXX3021
Sahl Sha`irah SAXX3022
Sahlah SAXX1805
Sahwah SAXX3023
Sahwah SAXX0676
Sajid SAXX2576
Sajir SAXX1806
Sakakah SAXX0019
Salah ad Din SAXX1807
Salam SAXX1808
Salamah SAXX2577
Salamah SAXX3024
Salasil SAXX2121
Salayah SAXX0677
Salhabah SAXX2578
Salwa SAXX2122
Samah SAXX0381
Samakh SAXX0678
Sambah SAXX2579
Samhan SAXX1809
Samitah SAXX0212
Samnan SAXX1810
Samudah SAXX1204
Samur SAXX0953
Sanabis SAXX2123
Sanad SAXX3120
Sanam SAXX1811
Sandaliyah SAXX2580
Sarum SAXX3025
Saula SAXX3026
Sawi SAXX0680
Sayh SAXX1812
Sayhat SAXX2124
Sayr SAXX2581
Sayyabah SAXX2582
Sa`ab SAXX1801
Sa`afidah SAXX2118
Sa`aibi SAXX1802
Sa`di SAXX2574
Sa`diyah SAXX3019
Serom SAXX3028
Shaban SAXX3139
Shabibiyah SAXX1205
Shadanah SAXX3030
Shafalla SAXX1815
Shaghar SAXX0810
Shahar SAXX3031
Shajwa SAXX0955
Shakhir SAXX2583
Shaqiq SAXX0683
Shaqiqah SAXX0684
Shaqsan SAXX3032
Shararah SAXX1817
Shari SAXX2350
Shari SAXX0213
Shariyah SAXX2584
Shari` SAXX2125
Sharqah SAXX3034
Sharqah SAXX1818
Sharurah SAXX0039
Shawyah SAXX2126
Shaybah SAXX2127
Shaybah SAXX0811
Shaybani SAXX0812
Shayil SAXX3035
Sha`bah SAXX3029
Sha`bah SAXX0681
Sha`ib al Malqah SAXX1814
Sha`ya SAXX0682
Shidad SAXX3037
Shifiyah SAXX2128
Shihah SAXX1206
Shimas SAXX1207
Shira`ayn SAXX3038
Shi`b `Amir SAXX3036
Shokhaib SAXX1897
Shubra SAXX1819
Shudayq SAXX0685
Shuhaybun SAXX0382
Shukhur SAXX2351
Shumran SAXX0686
Shuqayq SAXX0215
Shuqqan al Arati SAXX3121
Shuwayyah SAXX2586
Shu`aybah SAXX3039
Shu`ayr SAXX3040
Sidi Hamzah SAXX0956
Sidis SAXX2352
Sidi` SAXX0813
Sihmah SAXX2129
Sinnariyah SAXX1820
Sirr SAXX0687
Sirr Al Ghaliz SAXX0688
Siyah SAXX1821
Smiraa SAXX2371
Subayhah SAXX0814
Subh SAXX0689
Sudus SAXX1822
Sufah SAXX3041
Sufan SAXX0690
Sufaylah SAXX1209
Sufaynah SAXX0957
Sufayyan SAXX2355
Sukhaybarah SAXX0958
Sulaba SAXX3042
Sulaym SAXX3043
Sulayman SAXX0691
Sulaymiyah SAXX0216
Sulayyimah SAXX1823
Sulbukh SAXX1824
Sultanah SAXX0959
Sultanah SAXX1825
Sumaymah SAXX3044
Sumayriyah SAXX1210
Sumlah SAXX1826
Sum`ah SAXX0692
Sunqur SAXX1211
Suq al Ahad SAXX3046
Suq al Ahad SAXX0219
Suq al Ahad SAXX0693
Suq al Ithnayn SAXX0694
Suq al Ithnayn SAXX0320
Suq al Jum`ah SAXX3047
Suq al Khamis SAXX0696
Suq al Layl SAXX3048
Suq al Layl SAXX2588
Suq al `Ajamah SAXX0697
Suq ar Rab SAXX0698
Suq ar Rubu` SAXX3049
Suq ar Rub` SAXX0699
Suq as Sabt SAXX0700
Suq ath Thalut SAXX0321
Suq Ayban SAXX0217
Suq Mashkal SAXX3045
Suq Suwayq SAXX0218
Suq `Ayban SAXX2587
Suqah SAXX0220
Suqubiya SAXX0960
Sur SAXX3051
Sur Bin Mizbil SAXX1827
Surrah SAXX3052
Sururah SAXX1828
Suwadah SAXX0961
Suwayd SAXX0701
Suwaydan SAXX1829
Suwaydarah SAXX0962
Suwayr SAXX0815
Suways SAXX3053
Suwayyid SAXX3054
Suwid SAXX0702
Su`aydan SAXX2354
Su`aynin SAXX1208
Tabah SAXX0221
Tabalah SAXX0703
Tabuk SAXX0027
Tahiriyah SAXX2590
Taif SAXX0033
Taitad SAXX0963
Talhah SAXX0704
Tali` SAXX0705
Tal`at `Ammar SAXX0816
Tamiya SAXX1212
Tamrah SAXX0224
Tanumah SAXX1213
Tanumah SAXX0706
Tarqhasha SAXX1830
Tarut SAXX0225
Tathlith SAXX0707
Tawala SAXX3141
Tawil SAXX0708
Tawqi SAXX1831
Tayyib al Ism SAXX3143
Ta`ashshar SAXX2589
Tehelan SAXX1832
Thadij SAXX1214
Thadiq SAXX1833
Thaj SAXX2131
Thalakah SAXX3056
Thammah SAXX0709
Thaniyah SAXX0710
Tharwah SAXX3057
Thiral SAXX2357
Thulaym SAXX1835
Thulaymah SAXX1215
Thumayn SAXX1836
Thummah SAXX1216
Thuraybah SAXX3058
Thurayban SAXX3059
Thurb SAXX0964
Thuwal SAXX0228
Thuwayr SAXX1837
Tibrak SAXX1838
Timriyah SAXX1839
Tindahah SAXX0712
Tubarjal SAXX0818
Tuhamah SAXX3060
Tuhayyi SAXX1840
Tumayr SAXX1841
Turabah SAXX3061
Turaif SAXX0022
Turayf SAXX0227
Turayf SAXX1217
Turayfah SAXX1842
Turghush SAXX0713
Turubah SAXX2358
Tuwarin SAXX2359
Tuwaym al `Abd SAXX1843
Tuwayq SAXX1844
Tuwayrah SAXX0965
Tuwayriq SAXX3062
Tuwaythir SAXX2132
Tuwayyah SAXX2360
Ubayr SAXX1845
Udakh SAXX1846
Ukadh SAXX3063
Umm ad Diyan SAXX0386
Umm ad Dubbah SAXX2598
Umm al Arad SAXX0968
Umm al Bikar SAXX3071
Umm al Birak SAXX0970
Umm al Ghiran SAXX0971
Umm al Hamam SAXX1858
Umm al Hamam SAXX2138
Umm al Haram SAXX3072
Umm al Hawd SAXX0231
Umm al Hawshat SAXX2139
Umm al Hisn SAXX3073
Umm al Jamajim SAXX1859
Umm al Jud SAXX3074
Umm al Jurm SAXX3075
Umm al Kharasi` SAXX1223
Umm al Khashab SAXX0232
Umm al Milh SAXX3076
Umm al Qasariyah SAXX2599
Umm al Qulban SAXX0233
Umm al `Amayir SAXX2362
Umm al `Arad SAXX1224
Umm al `Iyal SAXX0972
Umm ar Rakah SAXX3077
Umm as Sahik SAXX2140
Umm as Salam SAXX2601
Umm as Salam SAXX3078
Umm as Sala` SAXX2600
Umm as Siba` SAXX1860
Umm ash Shunin SAXX0819
Umm Athlah SAXX1847
Umm Athlah SAXX1218
Umm Dharb SAXX0966
Umm Ghawr SAXX2133
Umm Hamla SAXX0229
Umm Hazm SAXX1219
Umm Hubaytir SAXX3064
Umm Kharaq SAXX2592
Umm Khashabah SAXX2361
Umm Khunsur SAXX0384
Umm Lajj SAXX3144
Umm Malissa SAXX2134
Umm Marjah SAXX2593
Umm Nashm SAXX2594
Umm Qabr SAXX3145
Umm Qanburah SAXX2595
Umm Qawshiyah SAXX3146
Umm Qulayb SAXX0230
Umm Radamah SAXX0385
Umm Radmah SAXX1848
Umm Rakhkh SAXX3147
Umm Rubay`ah SAXX2135
Umm Rujum SAXX1849
Umm Salim SAXX1850
Umm Sarahah SAXX1851
Umm Shutayfiyah SAXX2596
Umm Sidrah SAXX1220
Umm Sidrah SAXX3066
Umm Sudayrah SAXX1852
Umm Sulaym SAXX1853
Umm Surayhah SAXX3067
Umm Talhah SAXX1854
Umm Tali` SAXX2136
Umm Thalwiwah SAXX3068
Umm Tukhrur SAXX3069
Umm Tulayh SAXX1855
Umm Tulayhah SAXX1221
Umm Zumu` SAXX1857
Umm `Amayin SAXX0967
Umm `Araj SAXX2597
Umm `Irq SAXX3070
Umm `Ishar SAXX2137
Umm `Ushayrah SAXX1222
Uruj SAXX3079
Usfan SAXX0235
Ushayqir SAXX1861
Ushayrah SAXX0236
Uthaithi SAXX3080
Uthaythiyah SAXX1862
Uwais SAXX0973
Uwaysit SAXX0820
U`aywij SAXX0383
Wadi al Fajr SAXX0821
Wadi al Jalil SAXX3081
Wadi `Arwaj SAXX2603
Wasit SAXX1863
Wasit SAXX0716
Wasitah SAXX0974
Wathal SAXX1225
Wayban SAXX0975
Waybani SAXX3082
Wa`ir SAXX0715
Wa`lan SAXX2602
Wejh SAXX0029
Western Asia SAXX1226
Whatan SAXX1227
Widan SAXX2604
Wurayniyah SAXX1228
Wusayta al Hafan SAXX0239
Wushayy SAXX1864
Wuthaylan SAXX1865
Wutidah SAXX2363
Yanbu Al Bahr SAXX0240
Yanbu` al Bahr SAXX0976
Yanbu` an Nakhl SAXX0977
Yanif SAXX0718
Yarfa` SAXX0978
Yasirah SAXX0979
Ya`ud SAXX0717
Yenbo SAXX0032
Yuhan SAXX0719
Zahir SAXX0720
Zahran SAXX0721
Zahran SAXX0021
Zahrat Laban SAXX1867
Zahwah SAXX0387
Zakhmiyah SAXX2605
Zalim SAXX0243
Zallum SAXX0822
Zalmawi SAXX1870
Zamrat `Aqabah SAXX3084
Zarghat SAXX2364
Zarqan SAXX0722
Za`faran SAXX3083
Za`faranah SAXX1866
Zbe SAXX3148
Zibala SAXX0388
Zikhrit SAXX3085
Zubarat Rashid SAXX2606
Zubayyat SAXX2142
Zumayqah SAXX0245
Zurayb SAXX0246
Zurayghit SAXX2365
Zuwaydah SAXX0980
`Abassah SAXX3086
`Abd al Mutliq SAXX1871
`Absiyah SAXX2607
`Afif SAXX1872
`Ainah SAXX0724
`Ajaj SAXX1873
`Ajibah SAXX0725
`Ajjah SAXX3087
`Ajmiyah SAXX0981
`Akar SAXX3088
`Alabah SAXX0726
`Alaqan SAXX0823
`Ali Bin Zuhayr SAXX3089
`Ali Hamad SAXX0727
`Ali Huwayl SAXX3090
`Amdah SAXX0728
`Ammar SAXX1874
`Amq SAXX3092
`Ank SAXX2143
`Anqarah SAXX0729
`Antutah SAXX2609
`Aqabah SAXX2610
`Aqabat al `Alb SAXX0730
`Arab SAXX0732
`Arafat SAXX3093
`Ardah SAXX2611
`Arfah SAXX0322
`Arid SAXX2612
`Arish SAXX2613
`Arjah SAXX1875
`Aryam SAXX0733
`Ar`ar SAXX0389
`Ar`arah SAXX0731
`Ata SAXX1231
`Atf SAXX0734
`Atf al Jabbarah SAXX0735
`Atf Wuzran SAXX3094
`Atraban SAXX0736
`Awdah SAXX1877
`Awdat Sudayr SAXX1878
`Ayn al Hawwasi SAXX0824
`Ayn al Khufayji SAXX3097
`Ayn al Qannur SAXX1880
`Ayn al `Uqayli SAXX1232
`Ayn as Suwayni` SAXX1881
`Ayn ash Shaqab SAXX2146
`Ayn Dar SAXX2144
`Ayn Lebdah SAXX1879
`Ayn Shams SAXX3096
`Ayn Sulayman SAXX0984
`Aynunah SAXX3149
`Aythursh SAXX0737
`Azizah SAXX0738
`Esh Sad SAXX0739
`Ifriyah SAXX1882
`Ilb SAXX1883
`Iqdah SAXX2366
`Irqah SAXX1884
`Itwad SAXX2614
`Ukaz SAXX1886
`Ulayshah SAXX1887
`Ulayyah SAXX1888
`Umayr SAXX2615
`Umayr SAXX3098
`Umayriyah SAXX1889
`Unayzah SAXX0234
`Uqdah SAXX0985
`Uqdah SAXX2616
`Uqdah SAXX1890
`Uqlah SAXX1891
`Uqlat as Suqur SAXX1233
`Uqlat Ibn Dani SAXX2368
`Uraydah SAXX1892
`Urayfijan SAXX1893
`Urayfjan Sahuq SAXX1234
`Uray`irah SAXX2147
`Urwah SAXX0986
`Usayfirat SAXX2148
`Usaylah SAXX1235
`Usaylah SAXX1894
`Usfan SAXX3099
`Usharah SAXX3100
`Ushash SAXX0987
`Ushayrah SAXX0988
`Ushayrah SAXX1895
`Ushayrah SAXX3101
`Usran SAXX0740
`Utayqah SAXX1896
`Utayy SAXX1236
`Utayyiq SAXX2149