Weather Codes for Sao Tome and Principe

Find Weather Codes or Weather Zip Codes for states and cities in Sao Tome and Principe. Weather Codes references a specified Location and is used to get weather of that place accurately. They are used by The Weather Channel( by IBM), Yahoo! Weather, AOL Weather and many such weather forecasting platforms. It is similar to Yahoo's WOEID(Where On the Earth ID) that is used to represent each place uniquely.

You can know the weather of any place precisely with the help of weather codes. Find the current weather of your state or city by clicking on it. You will be redirected to The Weather Channel site with your weather code for accurate weather forecast.

A. Andrade TPXX0062
Abade TPXX0003
Agua Ize TPXX0063
Agua-Coco TPXX0064
Alto Douro TPXX0065
Amparo TPXX0066
Amparo II TPXX0067
Antonio Dias TPXX0068
Atalaia TPXX0005
B. Faro TPXX0069
Babudo TPXX0006
Bela Vista TPXX0007
Bela Vista TPXX0070
Belmonte TPXX0071
Belo Monte TPXX0008
Bemfica TPXX0072
Bemposta TPXX0073
Binda TPXX0074
Blublu TPXX0075
Boa Entrada TPXX0076
Boa Esperanca TPXX0077
Bombaim TPXX0078
Bombom TPXX0009
Bombon TPXX0079
Buenos Aires TPXX0080
Cadao TPXX0081
Caixao Grande TPXX0082
Caldeiras TPXX0083
Campainha TPXX0010
Canavial TPXX0084
Cantagalo TPXX0085
Caridade TPXX0086
Cascalheira TPXX0011
Catumbela TPXX0087
Chamico TPXX0088
Colonia Acoreana TPXX0089
Costa e Silva TPXX0012
Diana TPXX0090
Diogo Vaz TPXX0091
Dona Augusta TPXX0092
Dona Eugenia TPXX0093
Enjale TPXX0094
Ermelinda TPXX0095
Esperanca TPXX0013
Esprainha TPXX0096
F. Mantero TPXX0097
Fernao Dias TPXX0098
Formiga TPXX0099
Futuro TPXX0014
General Fonseca TPXX0015
Germinia Antonia TPXX0016
Graca TPXX0100
Granja TPXX0101
Gratidao TPXX0102
Guadalupe TPXX0103
Guarda TPXX0104
Guayaquil TPXX0105
Guegue Novo TPXX0106
Gumbela TPXX0107
Henrique TPXX0108
Io Grande TPXX0109
Iola TPXX0018
Java TPXX0110
Laura TPXX0111
Lemba TPXX0112
Lemos TPXX0113
M. Alice TPXX0114
M. Peixe TPXX0115
M. Vilela TPXX0116
Macambrara TPXX0117
Madalena TPXX0118
Mantero TPXX0019
Manuel Gomes TPXX0020
Maquina TPXX0021
Matocana TPXX0119
Milagrosa TPXX0120
Mirante TPXX0121
Montalegre TPXX0022
Montalvao TPXX0023
Monte Cafe TPXX0122
Monte Carmo TPXX0123
Monte Pedra TPXX0024
Monte Raul TPXX0124
Monte Rosa TPXX0125
Montebelo TPXX0126
Monteforte TPXX0127
Montes Herminios TPXX0128
Morro Vigia TPXX0129
Mulondo TPXX0130
N. Ceilao TPXX0132
Nazare TPXX0133
Neves TPXX0134
Neves Ferreira TPXX0025
Nitreira TPXX0026
Nova Cuba TPXX0027
Nova Estrela TPXX0028
Nova Moca TPXX0135
Nova Olinda TPXX0136
Novo Brasil TPXX0137
Novo Destino TPXX0138
Oque Gaspar TPXX0029
Oque Rosario TPXX0030
Oque Tres TPXX0031
Paciencia TPXX0032
Paris TPXX0139
Pau Cavalo TPXX0033
Paufita TPXX0034
Periquito TPXX0035
Perseveranca TPXX0140
Piedade TPXX0036
Pinheira TPXX0141
Planca Primeira TPXX0142
Planca Segunda TPXX0143
Plancas TPXX0144
Plato Cafe TPXX0145
Poiso Alto TPXX0146
Ponta do Sol TPXX0038
Ponta Figo TPXX0147
Ponta Forte TPXX0037
Ponta Furada TPXX0148
Portinho TPXX0149
Porto Alegre TPXX0150
Praia da Rosema TPXX0152
Praia Grande TPXX0151
Praia Inhame TPXX0039
Queluz TPXX0154
Quimpo TPXX0155
Quinas TPXX0156
Quingue TPXX0157
Ribeira Afonso TPXX0158
Ribeira Fria TPXX0040
Ribeira Funda TPXX0159
Ribeira Ize TPXX0041
Ribeira Palma TPXX0160
Rio Ave TPXX0161
Rio do Ouro TPXX0164
Rio Leca TPXX0162
Rio Vouga TPXX0163
Rosema TPXX0165
Salomao TPXX0042
Santa Adelaide TPXX0167
Santa Catarina TPXX0168
Santa Cecilia TPXX0169
Santa Clara TPXX0170
Santa Clotilde TPXX0171
Santa Cruz TPXX0002
Santa Elvira TPXX0173
Santa Irene TPXX0174
Santa Isabel TPXX0043
Santa Joaquina TPXX0044
Santa Josefina TPXX0175
Santa Luzia TPXX0176
Santa Margarida TPXX0177
Santa Maria TPXX0178
Santa Rita TPXX0045
Santa Trindade TPXX0046
Santana TPXX0047
Santarem TPXX0180
Santo Amaro TPXX0181
Santo Andre TPXX0182
Santo Antonio TPXX0048
Santo Antonio TPXX0183
Santo Cristo TPXX0049
Sao Francisco TPXX0184
Sao Januario TPXX0185
Sao Jeronimo TPXX0051
Sao Jeronimo TPXX0186
Sao Joao TPXX0187
Sao Joao TPXX0052
Sao Joaquim TPXX0053
Sao Jorge TPXX0054
Sao Jose TPXX0188
Sao Jose Picate TPXX0055
Sao Luis TPXX0189
Sao Manuel TPXX0190
Sao Mateus TPXX0056
Sao Miguel TPXX0191
Sao Nicolau TPXX0192
Sao Paulo TPXX0193
Sao Pedro TPXX0194
Sao Tome TPXX0001
Saudade TPXX0195
Sequeira TPXX0057
Soledade TPXX0196
Sundi TPXX0058
Terra Firme TPXX0059
Tras os Montes TPXX0197
Trindade TPXX0198
Triunfo TPXX0199
Uba TPXX0060
Ubabudo TPXX0200
Urzelina TPXX0201
Val Carmo TPXX0202
Vila Conceicao TPXX0203
Vila Moura TPXX0204
Vila Rosa TPXX0061
Vila Sara TPXX0205
Vila Verde TPXX0206
Vista Alegre TPXX0207