Weather Codes for Saint Lucia

Find Weather Codes or Weather Zip Codes for states and cities in Saint Lucia. Weather Codes references a specified Location and is used to get weather of that place accurately. They are used by The Weather Channel( by IBM), Yahoo! Weather, AOL Weather and many such weather forecasting platforms. It is similar to Yahoo's WOEID(Where On the Earth ID) that is used to represent each place uniquely.

You can know the weather of any place precisely with the help of weather codes. Find the current weather of your state or city by clicking on it. You will be redirected to The Weather Channel site with your weather code for accurate weather forecast.

Anbre STXX0128
Angere STXX0129
Annus STXX0107
Anse Canot STXX0071
Anse Ger STXX0130
Anse La Raye STXX0010
Anse La Verdure STXX0011
Anse Noir STXX0108
Au Tabor STXX0012
Augier STXX0171
Babonneau STXX0083
Balata STXX0038
Balca STXX0109
Balembouche STXX0110
Banse STXX0111
Beauchamp STXX0131
Beausejour STXX0172
Beausejour STXX0152
Belair STXX0039
Belle Plaine STXX0025
Belle Vue STXX0153
Belle Vue STXX0173
Belmont STXX0072
Belvedere STXX0154
Berre Denis STXX0040
Bexon STXX0041
Bisee STXX0042
Black Bay STXX0112
Blanchard STXX0132
Bois Joli STXX0073
Bon Air STXX0100
Bongalo STXX0113
Bouton STXX0155
Cabiche STXX0084
Cafeiere STXX0026
Canaries STXX0013
Cantonement STXX0174
Cap Estate STXX0101
Carriee STXX0175
Castries STXX0001
Charlotte STXX0043
Chassin STXX0085
Chateau Belair STXX0027
Choc STXX0044
Choiseul STXX0028
Ciceron STXX0045
Colombette STXX0156
Corinthe STXX0102
Cresslands STXX0157
Crown Lands STXX0046
Cul De Sac STXX0006
Dauphin STXX0086
De Mailly STXX0176
Debreuil STXX0114
Deglos STXX0047
Delcer STXX0029
Dennery STXX0002
Derniere Riviere STXX0075
Derriere Lagoon STXX0015
Derriere Morne STXX0177
Desbarra STXX0087
Descatieres STXX0030
Despinoze STXX0076
Desruisseaux STXX0133
Diamond STXX0158
Dugard STXX0031
Dugard STXX0134
Durandeau STXX0016
Eau Piquant STXX0178
Ferrand STXX0048
Fiette STXX0032
Floissac STXX0049
Fond Assor STXX0088
Fond Devaux STXX0145
Fond Doux STXX0159
Forestiere STXX0050
Garrand STXX0089
Gentil STXX0115
Girard STXX0051
Grace STXX0179
Grand Anse STXX0090
Grande Ravine STXX0077
Grande Riviere STXX0078
Gros Islet STXX0103
Guesneau STXX0052
Hellene STXX0136
Incommode STXX0053
Jacmel STXX0017
Jalousie STXX0161
Jean Baptiste STXX0018
La Borne STXX0092
La Cour Ville STXX0137
La Croix Maingot STXX0019
La Fargue STXX0033
La Feuillet STXX0093
La Haut STXX0117
La Pearle STXX0163
La Point STXX0055
La Pointe STXX0147
La Pointe STXX0034
La Resource STXX0180
La Ressource STXX0079
La Retraite STXX0181
La Tourney STXX0182
Laborie STXX0118
Londonderry STXX0119
Lumiere STXX0080
Mahaut STXX0138
Mahaut STXX0164
Malgretoute STXX0165
Mamin STXX0166
Marc Marc STXX0056
Marchand STXX0057
Marigot STXX0058
Marigot Bay STXX0020
Marisule Estate STXX0059
Marquis STXX0094
Massacre STXX0021
Micoud STXX0003
Migny STXX0167
Millet STXX0060
Mon Repos STXX0148
Monchy STXX0095
Mondesir STXX0120
Mongiraud STXX0104
Mongouge STXX0035
Monier STXX0096
Morne Caillandre STXX0183
Morne Doudon STXX0061
Morne Fortune STXX0062
Morne Panache STXX0081
Morne Paul STXX0121
Morne Serpent STXX0105
Morne Sion STXX0036
Motete STXX0122
Moule a Chique STXX0184
Old Settlement STXX0149
Palmiste STXX0168
Patience STXX0150
Perou STXX0023
Piaye STXX0123
Planard STXX0139
Pointe Sable STXX0185
Pomme STXX0186
Praslin STXX0151
Ravine Poisson STXX0063
Reduit STXX0106
Resinard STXX0097
Riche Fond STXX0082
River Doree STXX0124
Roblot STXX0125
Rouarne STXX0140
Ruby STXX0169
Saint Phillip STXX0170
Saint Urbain STXX0187
Saltibus STXX0126
Sans Souci STXX0064
Sapphire STXX0127
Sarot STXX0066
Savannes STXX0188
Savannes Estate STXX0141
Soucis STXX0067
Soufriere STXX0009
Theodorine STXX0024
Troumasse STXX0142
Union STXX0068
Union Vale STXX0037
Vanard STXX0069
Vieux Fort STXX0004
Vieux Sucreic STXX0098
Vige STXX0143
Vigie STXX0070