Weather Codes for Rwanda

Find Weather Codes or Weather Zip Codes for states and cities in Rwanda. Weather Codes references a specified Location and is used to get weather of that place accurately. They are used by The Weather Channel( by IBM), Yahoo! Weather, AOL Weather and many such weather forecasting platforms. It is similar to Yahoo's WOEID(Where On the Earth ID) that is used to represent each place uniquely.

You can know the weather of any place precisely with the help of weather codes. Find the current weather of your state or city by clicking on it. You will be redirected to The Weather Channel site with your weather code for accurate weather forecast.

Abakina RWXX0010
Abarasa RWXX0011
Abiyahuzi RWXX0012
Agahabwa RWXX4104
Agahabwe RWXX4105
Agahanga RWXX4106
Agahora RWXX4107
Agakenyeri RWXX4108
Agakera RWXX4109
Agakili RWXX0013
Agakindo RWXX4110
Agakomansyo RWXX4111
Agakomeye RWXX4112
Agakomeye RWXX0014
Agasharu RWXX4113
Agasharu RWXX1233
Agasugi RWXX4114
Agateko RWXX1234
Agateko RWXX4115
Agatongati RWXX4116
Agatwi RWXX1235
Akabacura RWXX4117
Akabacuzi RWXX4118
Akabaharara RWXX4119
Akabakobwa RWXX4120
Akabande RWXX0015
Akabanga RWXX4121
Akabare RWXX0016
Akabavomo RWXX4122
Akabeza RWXX5786
Akabira RWXX0017
Akabuga RWXX0018
Akabukamba RWXX1236
Akadogo RWXX4123
Akagarama RWXX4124
Akajonge RWXX4125
Akakarehe RWXX4126
Akamabuye RWXX5787
Akamaheshi RWXX2650
Akamanyana RWXX1237
Akamashya RWXX0019
Akamatamu RWXX1238
Akamatamu RWXX0020
Akamunana RWXX0021
Akamuzerwa RWXX4127
Akanakashyira RWXX2651
Akanduga RWXX1239
Akaniga RWXX4128
Akankuba RWXX4129
Akanogo RWXX0022
Akanyaga RWXX0023
Akanyagahungu RWXX4130
Akanyege RWXX4131
Akanyirarebe RWXX1240
Akanzu RWXX0024
Akara RWXX1241
Akarambo RWXX0025
Akarehe RWXX4132
Akarwishyura RWXX4133
Akasengore RWXX2652
Akavumu RWXX0026
Akayange RWXX4134
Akayenzi RWXX0027
Akazi RWXX1242
Akeza RWXX4135
Akibiraro RWXX4136
Akimisugi RWXX1243
Akingondo RWXX0028
Akinkubitano RWXX0029
Akinyambo RWXX0030
Akirabo RWXX4137
Akishali RWXX1244
Akumunigo RWXX5788
Akuruheshyi RWXX1245
Amahoro RWXX2653
Amarabya RWXX4138
Amaraga RWXX2654
Amazinga RWXX0031
Andawanda RWXX2655
Ayabaraya RWXX5789
Babasha RWXX0032
Bacyoro RWXX0033
Bafatampundu RWXX2656
Bagarama RWXX2657
Bagaramantare RWXX2658
Bagisha RWXX2659
Bagondo RWXX2660
Baha RWXX2661
Bahemba RWXX2662
Bahimba RWXX4139
Bahimba RWXX2663
Bahuhuli RWXX4140
Bajunjuguzi RWXX1246
Bakannyi RWXX0034
Bakende RWXX4141
Baliza RWXX1247
Bambiro RWXX4142
Bambiro RWXX2664
Bambiro RWXX1248
Banda RWXX4143
Bandamiko RWXX2665
Bandazi RWXX5790
Bande RWXX4144
Banga RWXX4145
Bannyahe RWXX2666
Bannyisogo RWXX1249
Bannyisuka RWXX1250
Banyamuliro RWXX0035
Bara RWXX0036
Baramba RWXX4146
Baramba RWXX1251
Barayi RWXX1252
Barihi RWXX1253
Basa RWXX2667
Basengo RWXX1254
Bashanga RWXX2668
Batero RWXX2669
Batikoti RWXX2670
Batima RWXX0037
Batsinda RWXX5791
Batura RWXX2671
Bavungira RWXX2672
Bayi RWXX4147
Bayumbo RWXX2673
Bazankuru RWXX4148
Bazenga RWXX4149
Bazirete RWXX2674
Baziro RWXX4150
Bganga RWXX0038
Bibale RWXX0039
Bibare RWXX5792
Bibare RWXX0040
Bibungo RWXX4151
Bibungo RWXX1255
Bibungu RWXX0041
Bicaca RWXX0042
Biculi RWXX4152
Bicumbi RWXX0043
Bidudu RWXX0044
Bigabiro RWXX2675
Bigangara RWXX4153
Bigazi RWXX4154
Bigo RWXX5793
Bigoga RWXX2676
Bigomba RWXX0045
Bigugu RWXX2677
Biguhu RWXX2678
Bigumira RWXX4155
Bigurube RWXX4156
Bigutu RWXX2679
Biguzi RWXX2680
Bihandagara RWXX2681
Bihanga RWXX4157
Bihanga RWXX1256
Biharagu RWXX0046
Bihe RWXX2682
Bihembe RWXX0047
Bihembe RWXX2683
Bihenga RWXX4158
Bihinga RWXX0048
Bihinga RWXX1257
Bihumbe RWXX2684
Bihungwe RWXX2685
Bijunde RWXX1258
Bijyojyo RWXX2686
Bikamba RWXX1259
Bikene RWXX1260
Bikenke RWXX2687
Bikereli RWXX2688
Bikomero RWXX2689
Bikono RWXX2690
Bikoro RWXX2691
Bikumba RWXX1261
Bikunda RWXX2692
Bilinganga RWXX4159
Bilira RWXX1262
Bilyogo RWXX5794
Bimba RWXX4160
Bimomwe RWXX4161
Binaga RWXX1263
Binana RWXX2693
Biniga RWXX0049
Binogo RWXX2694
Binunga RWXX5795
Binyoni RWXX4162
Binyoni RWXX2695
Binyozwe RWXX0050
Binyugwe RWXX2696
Bipfura RWXX2697
Birambi RWXX2698
Birambo RWXX2699
Birambo RWXX5796
Biraro RWXX4163
Birayi RWXX0051
Birembo RWXX4164
Birembo RWXX1264
Birenga RWXX0002
Birenga RWXX2700
Biroro RWXX4165
Biru RWXX2701
Birumba RWXX1265
Birwa RWXX1266
Bisaga RWXX1267
Bisambu RWXX4166
Bisanganira RWXX2702
Bisate I RWXX1268
Bisate II RWXX1269
Bisate III RWXX1270
Bisereganya RWXX4167
Biserero RWXX2703
Bisesero RWXX2704
Bisharara RWXX2705
Bishenyi RWXX0053
Bishike RWXX4168
Bishinge RWXX0054
Bishweshwe RWXX0055
Bishya RWXX4169
Bishyiga RWXX4170
Bisika RWXX4171
Bisika RWXX1271
Bisizi RWXX2706
Bisoro RWXX2707
Bisukiro RWXX2708
Bisumo RWXX2709
Bisusa RWXX2710
Bisyo RWXX2711
Bitaba RWXX4172
Bitaba RWXX1272
Bitabire RWXX4173
Bitagata RWXX1273
Bitandara RWXX4174
Bitare RWXX0056
Bitare RWXX4175
Bitebo RWXX4176
Bitega RWXX2712
Bitendezi RWXX2713
Bitenga RWXX2714
Biti-Neti RWXX4177
Bitimbu RWXX4178
Bitoma RWXX0057
Bitongo RWXX2715
Bitsibo RWXX4179
Bitsibo Yose RWXX0058
Bitunda RWXX1274
Bivumu RWXX4180
Biyanga RWXX0059
Biyuzi RWXX2716
Bizenga RWXX2717
Biziba RWXX1275
Bizigiro RWXX4181
Bizitiro RWXX2718
Bizu RWXX2719
Boli RWXX2720
Bonde RWXX2721
Bubandi RWXX1276
Bubangu RWXX1277
Bubare RWXX0060
Bubazi RWXX4182
Bubazi RWXX2722
Bubiro RWXX1278
Buburankwi RWXX0061
Bucaya RWXX4183
Bucondi RWXX2723
Bucyaba RWXX1279
Bucyo RWXX4184
Budaha RWXX1280
Budahamagarwa RWXX2724
Budahanda RWXX0062
Budelideli RWXX2725
Budogo RWXX1281
Bufunda RWXX0063
Bugaba RWXX4185
Bugabira RWXX1282
Bugabo RWXX2726
Bugabuli RWXX1283
Bugagiro RWXX4186
Bugali RWXX1284
Bugamba RWXX0064
Bugambira RWXX0065
Bugambogambo RWXX2727
Buganji RWXX1285
Buganza RWXX2728
Bugaragara RWXX1286
Bugaragara RWXX4187
Bugarama RWXX0066
Bugarama RWXX2729
Bugarama RWXX4188
Bugaramatare RWXX4189
Bugarura RWXX1287
Bugarura RWXX2730
Bugasha RWXX2731
Bugatura RWXX4190
Bugayi RWXX2732
Bugeni RWXX2733
Bugera RWXX0067
Bugerera RWXX1288
Bugerero RWXX1289
Bugese RWXX1290
Bugesera RWXX2734
Bugeshi RWXX1291
Bugeyo RWXX1292
Bugeza RWXX2735
Bugili RWXX1293
Bugina RWXX1294
Bugina RWXX2736
Bugina RWXX4191
Bugindi RWXX1295
Bugira RWXX2737
Bugizi RWXX4192
Bugoba RWXX4193
Bugoboka RWXX1296
Bugoboli RWXX1297
Bugogo RWXX1298
Bugoma RWXX2738
Bugomba RWXX2739
Bugombe RWXX1299
Bugonde RWXX2740
Bugorozi RWXX1300
Bugoyi RWXX2741
Bugu RWXX2742
Bugufi RWXX4194
Bugugu RWXX1301
Buguli RWXX4195
Buguma RWXX0068
Bugumba RWXX2743
Bugumira RWXX2744
Bugumya RWXX2745
Bugunga RWXX1302
Bugura RWXX4196
Buha RWXX4197
Buha RWXX2746
Buhabanzi RWXX2747
Buhaji RWXX2748
Buhali RWXX2749
Buhama RWXX1303
Buhambe RWXX1304
Buhamo RWXX1305
Buhana RWXX4198
Buhanda RWXX4199
Buhande RWXX1306
Buhanga RWXX0069
Buhanga RWXX1307
Buhanga RWXX2750
Buhangamo RWXX1308
Buhangwa RWXX4200
Buhanika RWXX4201
Buhanya RWXX0070
Buhanzi RWXX4202
Buhara RWXX0071
Buhara RWXX1309
Buharabuye RWXX1310
Buharankara RWXX4203
Buharara RWXX1311
Buhayo RWXX1312
Buhaza RWXX2751
Buheke RWXX1313
Buhembe RWXX1314
Buhenge RWXX2752
Buhengeri RWXX2753
Buheta RWXX1315
Buhidure RWXX2754
Buhiga RWXX4204
Buhigiro RWXX4205
Buhimba RWXX4206
Buhinda RWXX2755
Buhinya RWXX1316
Buhita RWXX1317
Buhiza RWXX1318
Buhiza RWXX4207
Buhogo RWXX2756
Buhoko RWXX2757
Buhokoro RWXX2758
Buhome RWXX1319
Buhondi RWXX0072
Buhonongo RWXX2759
Buhoro RWXX1320
Buhoro RWXX4208
Buhororo RWXX2761
Buhuga RWXX1321
Buhuli RWXX1322
Buhunda RWXX4209
Buhunde RWXX1323
Buhunde RWXX2762
Buhundo RWXX1324
Buhunga RWXX1325
Buhunge RWXX1326
Buhunu RWXX1327
Buhura RWXX1328
Buhurambuga RWXX4210
Buhuru RWXX2763
Buhurura RWXX4211
Buhwaga RWXX0073
Bujinja RWXX4212
Bujoka RWXX2764
Bujyujyu RWXX0074
Bukamba RWXX0075
Bukamba RWXX1329
Bukamira RWXX4213
Bukamyi RWXX1330
Bukane RWXX1331
Bukango RWXX1332
Bukaragata RWXX1333
Bukazi RWXX1334
Bukekele RWXX0076
Bukerera RWXX1335
Bukeye RWXX4214
Bukezi RWXX1336
Bukimba RWXX4215
Bukinankwavu RWXX4216
Bukinanyana RWXX2765
Bukinanyana RWXX4217
Bukinga RWXX4218
Bukinga I RWXX1337
Bukinga II RWXX1338
Bukingo RWXX1339
Bukira RWXX0077
Bukire RWXX0078
Bukiza RWXX1340
Bukoko RWXX1341
Bukokora RWXX4219
Bukokoza RWXX0079
Bukondjo RWXX2766
Bukongi RWXX1342
Bukonje RWXX0080
Bukoro RWXX1343
Bukuba RWXX1344
Bukumba RWXX0081
Bukumbi RWXX1345
Bukumbya RWXX0082
Bukumu RWXX2767
Bukunda RWXX2768
Bukungu RWXX2769
Bukure RWXX1346
Bukurura RWXX1347
Bukwashuli RWXX1348
Bulenga RWXX1349
Bulengera RWXX2770
Buliba RWXX2771
Bulikoma RWXX0083
Bulima RWXX2772
Bulima RWXX1350
Bulimba RWXX1351
Bulimbi RWXX1352
Bulinda RWXX2773
Bulinga RWXX1353
Bulinga RWXX4220
Bulingo RWXX2774
Bulinyobe RWXX0084
Bumasa RWXX1354
Bumazi RWXX2775
Bumba RWXX1355
Bumba RWXX2776
Bumbogo RWXX1356
Bumoli RWXX1357
Bumonyo RWXX1358
Bumyali RWXX2777
Bunahi RWXX1359
Bunge RWXX4221
Bungeshi Mukuru RWXX2778
Bungwe RWXX2779
Bunigi RWXX2780
Bunigo RWXX1360
Buninda RWXX2781
Bunjuli RWXX2782
Bunungu RWXX4222
Bunyago RWXX2783
Bunyamanza RWXX2784
Bunyambilili RWXX4223
Bunyampeta RWXX1361
Bunyana RWXX1362
Bunyangezi RWXX1363
Bunyangurube RWXX2785
Bunyangurwe RWXX2786
Bunyempombo RWXX1364
Bunyenga RWXX2787
Bunyenyezi RWXX2788
Bunyesha RWXX2789
Bunyetongo RWXX0085
Bunyironko RWXX1365
Bunyogombe RWXX4224
Bunyoma RWXX1366
Bunyoma RWXX4225
Bunyombe RWXX1367
Bunyonga RWXX4226
Bunyoni RWXX2790
Bunyove RWXX2791
Bunyunju RWXX2792
Bunyunyu RWXX4227
Bunzazi RWXX4228
Bupfubya RWXX2793
Burabwa RWXX1368
Buraga RWXX0086
Burali RWXX1369
Burama RWXX4229
Buramba RWXX4230
Buramba RWXX1370
Burambi RWXX1371
Burambira RWXX0087
Buramira RWXX1372
Buramira I RWXX1373
Buramira II RWXX1374
Buranga RWXX4231
Buranga RWXX1375
Burango RWXX2794
Buraza RWXX1376
Burega RWXX2795
Burehe RWXX1377
Bureka RWXX4232
Bureke RWXX2796
Burema RWXX5798
Burembo RWXX1378
Buremeli RWXX1379
Buremera RWXX4233
Burenga RWXX1380
Burenge RWXX0088
Burengo RWXX4234
Burengo RWXX1381
Burera RWXX1382
Burera RWXX0089
Burera RWXX2797
Burere RWXX2798
Burevu RWXX2799
Burika RWXX1383
Buronga RWXX2800
Burorandi RWXX1384
Buruba RWXX4235
Buruhukiro RWXX2801
Burumbo RWXX1385
Burunga RWXX2802
Burushya RWXX1386
Burwi RWXX2803
Busa RWXX1387
Busake RWXX1388
Busanane RWXX1389
Busanganya RWXX2804
Busanza RWXX4236
Busanza RWXX2805
Busanza RWXX0090
Busanza RWXX5799
Busanze RWXX1390
Busanze RWXX4237
Busaro RWXX1391
Busasamana RWXX4238
Busasamana RWXX2806
Busego RWXX4239
Busekanka RWXX2807
Buseke RWXX1392
Busekera RWXX2808
Busekera RWXX4240
Busenge RWXX1393
Busengo RWXX1394
Busengo II RWXX1395
Busenyeye RWXX4241
Busenyi RWXX4242
Busesa RWXX4243
Buseso RWXX2809
Busetsa RWXX0091
Bushagashi RWXX1396
Bushagi RWXX2810
Bushamba RWXX2811
Bushanga RWXX2812
Bushara RWXX0092
Bushara RWXX1397
Busheke RWXX2813
Bushekeri RWXX2814
Bushenge RWXX2815
Bushenya RWXX1398
Bushenyi RWXX0093
Bushenyi RWXX4244
Busheshi RWXX4245
Busheshi I RWXX4246
Busheshi Il RWXX4247
Bushiga RWXX1399
Bushigishigi RWXX4248
Bushikali RWXX1400
Bushinga RWXX1401
Bushingamohetu RWXX1402
Bushiranyota RWXX1403
Bushobora RWXX0094
Bushoga RWXX0095
Bushoka RWXX1404
Bushoki RWXX1405
Bushokoro RWXX1406
Bushozi RWXX1407
Bushunga RWXX2816
Bushwagara RWXX0096
Bushyama RWXX4249
Bushyanguhe RWXX0097
Bushyantobo RWXX5800
Bushyiga RWXX1408
Busigali RWXX2817
Businde RWXX0098
Busindu RWXX0099
Businga RWXX2818
Busizi RWXX1409
Busoga RWXX1410
Busogi RWXX1411
Busogo RWXX1412
Busoro RWXX2819
Busoro RWXX4250
Busororo RWXX1413
Busubizo RWXX1414
Busuku RWXX2820
Busumba RWXX2821
Busura RWXX1415
Busura I RWXX1416
Busura II RWXX1417
Busuti RWXX2822
Butabangira RWXX4251
Butaka RWXX0100
Butaka RWXX2823
Butakanyundo RWXX1418
Butale RWXX1419
Butambamo RWXX2824
Butambara RWXX2825
Butambwe RWXX1420
Butamwa RWXX5801
Butanda RWXX2826
Butandi RWXX1421
Butanebwa RWXX1422
Butanga RWXX0101
Butanga RWXX1423
Butangampundu RWXX1424
Butangi RWXX2827
Butansinda RWXX4252
Butara RWXX4253
Butare RWXX1425
Butare RWXX2828
Butare RWXX4254
Butare-Ville RWXX4255
Butareme RWXX1426
Butaro RWXX1427
Butazigurwa RWXX2829
Butegano RWXX4256
Butembo RWXX2830
Butera RWXX1428
Butera RWXX4257
Butereli RWXX0102
Butereli RWXX1429
Buterera RWXX1430
Butete RWXX1431
Buteteli RWXX4258
Buteyera RWXX0103
Butezi RWXX2831
Butezi RWXX4259
Butinsa RWXX0104
Butiruka RWXX0105
Butobagire RWXX0106
Butonde RWXX2832
Butondwe RWXX1432
Butozo RWXX1433
Butunda RWXX0107
Buva RWXX1434
Buvali RWXX0108
Buvano RWXX2833
Buvumo RWXX4260
Buyaga RWXX1435
Buyanga RWXX1436
Buyanja RWXX1437
Buye RWXX2834
Buye RWXX4261
Buyoga RWXX1438
Buyoga RWXX0109
Buyogoma RWXX1439
Buyonza RWXX0110
Buyora RWXX1440
Buyungwe RWXX2835
Buzi RWXX2836
Buzigi RWXX1441
Buzimba RWXX4262
Buzinganjwili RWXX1442
Buzuru RWXX2837
Buzuta RWXX2838
Bwakira RWXX2839
Bwama RWXX4263
Bwambi RWXX1443
Bwana RWXX0111
Bwanama RWXX2840
Bwanamo RWXX1444
Bwanamwali RWXX2841
Bwangacumi RWXX4264
Bwanika RWXX1445
Bwankeli RWXX2842
Bwanzu RWXX1446
Bwenda RWXX2843
Bwenda RWXX1447
Bwenda RWXX4265
Bweramvura RWXX4266
Bweranka RWXX0112
Bwerankoli RWXX2844
Bwerankori RWXX4267
Bweranyange RWXX2845
Bweranyange RWXX1449
Bweranyange RWXX0113
Bwereli RWXX4268
Bweremana RWXX4269
Bweya RWXX0114
Bweya RWXX4270
Bweza RWXX2846
Bwikurure RWXX2847
Bwili RWXX1450
Bwilika-Mpenge RWXX4271
Bwindi RWXX1451
Bwingeyo RWXX1452
Bwingeyo RWXX0115
Bwinihire RWXX2848
Bwinyambo RWXX4272
Bwinza RWXX0116
Bwirabo RWXX4273
Bwiru RWXX2849
Bwisanga RWXX0117
Bwisha RWXX1453
Bwishya RWXX0118
Bwishya RWXX1454
Bwishyura RWXX2850
Bwisige RWXX0119
Bwitereke RWXX2851
Bwiyando RWXX1455
Bwiyorere RWXX0120
Bwiza RWXX2852
Bwocya RWXX1456
Bwuhira RWXX1457
Bwumbo RWXX1458
Bwumvangoma RWXX2853
Bwuzuli RWXX1459
Byahi RWXX2854
Byahi RWXX0121
Byamugina RWXX0122
Byangabo RWXX1460
Byange RWXX0123
Byanone RWXX4274
Byenene RWXX4275
Byerwa RWXX4276
Byimana RWXX4277
Byiniro RWXX2855
Byintare RWXX4278
Byiza RWXX4279
Byobo RWXX0124
Byogo RWXX2856
Byumba Ville RWXX1461
Cinq-Juillet RWXX2857
Coko RWXX4280
Coko RWXX1462
Colline Muramba RWXX2858
Congoli RWXX1463
Cubi-Gitwa RWXX4281
Cukiro RWXX4282
Cukwe RWXX4283
Cura RWXX1464
Curazo RWXX0125
Curugusi RWXX1465
Curusi RWXX4284
Cyabagomba RWXX4285
Cyabahanga RWXX2859
Cyabajwa RWXX0126
Cyabakamyi RWXX4286
Cyabasana RWXX4287
Cyabasigi RWXX1466
Cyabasonga RWXX0127
Cyabatanzi RWXX5802
Cyabayumbu RWXX4288
Cyabingo RWXX1467
Cyabirumba RWXX1468
Cyabusheshe RWXX0128
Cyabute I RWXX4289
Cyabute Il RWXX4290
Cyabwana RWXX0129
Cyabwinba RWXX4291
Cyabyi RWXX4292
Cyafurwe RWXX4293
Cyagaju RWXX0130
Cyago RWXX1469
Cyahafi RWXX5803
Cyahi RWXX1470
Cyahinda RWXX4294
Cyakabili RWXX4295
Cyamabano RWXX1471
Cyamabuye RWXX2860
Cyamaraba RWXX2861
Cyamashya RWXX4296
Cyamatabura RWXX1472
Cyamatare RWXX2862
Cyambambuzi RWXX2863
Cyambara RWXX2864
Cyambogo RWXX2865
Cyambure RWXX4297
Cyambwe RWXX0131
Cyamuganga RWXX0132
Cyamugani RWXX4298
Cyamuhinda RWXX1473
Cyamukanya RWXX1474
Cyamukuza RWXX4299
Cyamura RWXX2866
Cyamuti RWXX2867
Cyamutumba RWXX4300
Cyamvumba RWXX2868
Cyanama RWXX0133
Cyandago RWXX1475
Cyandaramo RWXX2869
Cyandwanyi RWXX0134
Cyange RWXX1476
Cyangugu RWXX2870
Cyangwe RWXX1477
Cyanika RWXX2871
Cyanika RWXX4301
Cyanika I RWXX1478
Cyanika II RWXX1479
Cyanjuma RWXX0135
Cyankaranka RWXX1480
Cyankongi RWXX5804
Cyankwanzi RWXX0136
Cyanshoro RWXX0137
Cyansi RWXX1481
Cyanturo RWXX1482
Cyanwa RWXX4302
Cyanya RWXX4303
Cyanya RWXX2872
Cyanyabugahe RWXX0138
Cyanyandago RWXX0139
Cyanyanza RWXX2873
Cyanyirankora RWXX4304
Cyanza RWXX4305
Cyarubare RWXX0140
Cyarubazi RWXX0141
Cyarugaju RWXX0142
Cyarugira RWXX0143
Cyaruhinda RWXX0144
Cyarukamba RWXX0145
Cyarukobora RWXX4306
Cyarumbo RWXX4307
Cyarusambu RWXX0146
Cyarutabire RWXX0147
Cyaruvunge RWXX4308
Cyaruzinge RWXX5805
Cyarwa RWXX4309
Cyarwa RWXX2874
Cyarwoganangabo RWXX1483
Cyasemakamba RWXX0148
Cyashenge RWXX2875
Cyasuli RWXX1484
Cyata RWXX1485
Cyato RWXX2876
Cyave RWXX1486
Cyavumu RWXX2877
Cyayi RWXX4310
Cyayove RWXX4311
Cyegera RWXX4312
Cyemu RWXX0149
Cyenda RWXX1487
Cyendajura RWXX4313
Cyendajuru RWXX2878
Cyendajuru RWXX4314
Cyenene RWXX4315
Cyenjojo RWXX0150
Cyenya RWXX1488
Cyeru RWXX0151
Cyeru RWXX4316
Cyeru RWXX1489
Cyerwa RWXX0152
Cyesero RWXX0153
Cyesha RWXX2879
Cyeshero RWXX2880
Cyete RWXX2881
Cyetete RWXX4317
Cyeya RWXX1490
Cyeyere RWXX1491
Cyeza RWXX4318
Cyibumba RWXX4319
Cyibumba RWXX1492
Cyibumba RWXX2882
Cyiciro RWXX4320
Cyifuzo RWXX1493
Cyiganwa RWXX0154
Cyijiji RWXX0155
Cyijima RWXX2883
Cyika RWXX2884
Cyikera RWXX1494
Cyili RWXX1495
Cyimana RWXX2885
Cyimanzovu RWXX2886
Cyimba RWXX2887
Cyimbande RWXX4321
Cyimbazi RWXX0156
Cyimbili RWXX2888
Cyimbogo RWXX1496
Cyimbogo RWXX2889
Cyimbugu RWXX0157
Cyiminazi RWXX4322
Cyimo RWXX5806
Cyimvuzo RWXX4323
Cyindimiro RWXX4324
Cyinengwe RWXX2890
Cyingabo RWXX0158
Cyingwa RWXX2891
Cyinjira RWXX2892
Cyintare RWXX1497
Cyinyo RWXX0159
Cyinyonzwe RWXX4325
Cyinzovu RWXX0160
Cyinzovu RWXX2893
Cyinzuzi RWXX1498
Cyirabyo RWXX2894
Cyirembwa RWXX4326
Cyiri RWXX1499
Cyisenge RWXX2895
Cyivugiza RWXX2896
Cyivugiza RWXX4327
Cyiyambo RWXX2897
Cyizihira RWXX0161
Cyoga RWXX0162
Cyogamuyaga RWXX0163
Cyoganyoni RWXX1500
Cyogo RWXX1501
Cyondo RWXX0164
Cyondo RWXX1502
Cyondo RWXX2898
Cyotamakara RWXX4328
Cyufe RWXX1503
Cyuga RWXX1504
Cyugaro RWXX4329
Cyugi RWXX2899
Cyuliro RWXX4330
Cyumba RWXX4331
Cyumba RWXX1505
Cyumuganza RWXX4332
Cyumushyika RWXX4333
Cyumuzi RWXX4334
Cyuna RWXX4335
Cyungeri RWXX2900
Cyungo RWXX1506
Cyungulira RWXX2901
Cyunuzi RWXX0165
Cyuru RWXX1507
Cyurukore RWXX4336
Cyurwufe RWXX4337
Cyuve RWXX1508
Dahwe RWXX4338
Dihiro RWXX0166
Doga RWXX2902
Ducundura RWXX2903
Duha RWXX0167
Duhati RWXX2904
Dukinga RWXX4339
Dukore RWXX2905
Dutwe RWXX2906
Duwane RWXX4340
Etiru RWXX1509
Fatinkanda RWXX0168
Fugi RWXX4341
Fukwe RWXX4342
Fukwe RWXX0169
Fumba RWXX2907
Fumbwe RWXX0170
Gabegi RWXX4343
Gabiro RWXX2908
Gabiro RWXX1510
Gabiro RWXX4344
Gabiti RWXX0171
Gacaca RWXX2909
Gacaca RWXX1511
Gacambwa RWXX1512
Gacao RWXX4346
Gacinyiro RWXX1513
Gacondo RWXX1514
Gacu RWXX4347
Gacuba RWXX2910
Gacuba RWXX1515
Gacucu RWXX1516
Gacukiro RWXX4348
Gaculiro RWXX4349
Gaculiro RWXX2911
Gacumbi RWXX2912
Gacumbi RWXX4350
Gacumu RWXX0173
Gacundura RWXX1517
Gacundura RWXX4351
Gacunshu RWXX0174
Gacurabwenge RWXX2913
Gacurabwenge RWXX4352
Gacuriro RWXX5807
Gafonogo RWXX4353
Gafu RWXX2914
Gafuba RWXX2915
Gafuhisha RWXX4354
Gafuka RWXX1518
Gafuku RWXX2916
Gafumba RWXX4355
Gafumba RWXX1519
Gafumba RWXX2917
Gafumba I RWXX1520
Gafumba II RWXX1521
Gafunzo RWXX2918
Gafunzo RWXX0175
Gafunzo RWXX4356
Gafuruguto RWXX2919
Gahabo RWXX0176
Gahabwa RWXX4357
Gahabwa RWXX2920
Gahabwa RWXX1522
Gahama RWXX0177
Gahana RWXX4358
Gahanda RWXX2921
Gahanda RWXX4359
Gahande RWXX4360
Gahanga RWXX5808
Gahanga RWXX2922
Gahanga RWXX4361
Gahanga II RWXX1523
Gahanika RWXX2923
Gahara RWXX0178
Gahara I RWXX0179
Gahara II RWXX0180
Gaharanyonga RWXX4362
Gaharo RWXX4363
Gaharo RWXX1524
Gaharwa RWXX0181
Gahati RWXX2924
Gahe RWXX1525
Gaheke RWXX2925
Gahembe RWXX4364
Gahembe RWXX0182
Gahenerezo RWXX2926
Gahengeli RWXX1526
Gahengeli RWXX2927
Gahererezo RWXX2928
Gaheto RWXX1527
Gahigiro RWXX2929
Gahilikiro RWXX2930
Gahinga RWXX2931
Gahinga RWXX1528
Gahinga RWXX0183
Gahini RWXX1529
Gahini RWXX0184
Gahira RWXX2932
Gahisi RWXX2933
Gahisi RWXX4365
Gahogo RWXX4366
Gahoko RWXX4367
Gahoko RWXX0185
Gahombo RWXX5809
Gahombo RWXX4368
Gahombo RWXX1530
Gahondo RWXX1531
Gahondo RWXX0186
Gahondogo RWXX1532
Gahonga RWXX4369
Gahongo RWXX2934
Gahonyo RWXX0187
Gahora RWXX4370
Gahororo RWXX1533
Gahosha RWXX0188
Gahotora RWXX4371
Gahulire RWXX0189
Gahulizo RWXX4372
Gahumbi RWXX1534
Gahumiro RWXX2935
Gahunga RWXX4373
Gahunga RWXX1535
Gahungeli RWXX2936
Gahungeri RWXX2937
Gahungeri RWXX4374
Gahurubuka RWXX2938
Gahurura RWXX2939
Gahwazi RWXX2940
Gaji RWXX4375
Gakamba RWXX0190
Gakangaga RWXX4376
Gakaranka RWXX4377
Gakarara RWXX2941
Gakeli RWXX2942
Gakenke RWXX2943
Gakenke RWXX0191
Gakenyeli RWXX0192
Gakenyeri RWXX4378
Gakereko RWXX4379
Gakeri RWXX2944
Gakikira RWXX1536
Gakindo RWXX0193
Gakirage RWXX0194
Gakizi RWXX1537
Gako RWXX5810
Gakoko RWXX4380
Gakoma RWXX1539
Gakoma RWXX0195
Gakoma RWXX4381
Gakomeye RWXX5811
Gakomeye RWXX4382
Gakoni RWXX2945
Gakoni RWXX4383
Gakoni RWXX0196
Gakoni RWXX5812
Gakoro RWXX2946
Gakoro RWXX1540
Gakorokombe RWXX5813
Gakorokombe RWXX0197
Gakubo RWXX1541
Gakuku RWXX1542
Gakungugu RWXX4384
Gakurazo RWXX4385
Gakuta RWXX4386
Gakuta RWXX2947
Gakuyu RWXX1543
Gakwisi RWXX2948
Gambiliro RWXX4387
Gamurizo RWXX4388
Gangura RWXX2949
Gapfundo RWXX4389
Gapfunsi RWXX1544
Gapfura RWXX1545
Gapfuro RWXX1546
Gasabeya RWXX1547
Gasabo RWXX1548
Gasagara RWXX4390
Gasagara RWXX1549
Gasaka RWXX4391
Gasali RWXX1550
Gasama RWXX1551
Gasamba RWXX4392
Gasambu RWXX2951
Gasambya I RWXX1552
Gasambya II RWXX1553
Gasana RWXX0198
Gasando RWXX4393
Gasangwa RWXX1554
Gasanze RWXX1555
Gasarabuye RWXX4394
Gasarabwayi RWXX0199
Gasarasi RWXX0200
Gasare RWXX4395
Gasarenda RWXX4396
Gasarinda RWXX2952
Gasarwe RWXX0201
Gasasa RWXX4397
Gasasamuhororo RWXX4398
Gasasane RWXX2953
Gasaso RWXX1556
Gasata RWXX2954
Gasave RWXX0202
Gasave RWXX5814
Gasayo RWXX4399
Gasebeya RWXX4400
Gasebeya RWXX2955
Gasekabuye RWXX1557
Gaseke RWXX0203
Gaseke RWXX1558
Gaseke RWXX2956
Gasekebuye RWXX4401
Gasenga RWXX1559
Gasenge RWXX4402
Gasenyi RWXX2957
Gaserege RWXX4403
Gasesero RWXX2958
Gasetsa RWXX0204
Gashahi RWXX1560
Gashaka RWXX2959
Gashaki RWXX1561
Gashali RWXX2960
Gashana RWXX1562
Gashanda RWXX0205
Gashanga RWXX0206
Gashanga RWXX2961
Gashangiro RWXX1563
Gasharara RWXX4404
Gasharu RWXX1564
Gasharu RWXX2962
Gasharu RWXX4405
Gasharu RWXX0207
Gasharu RWXX5815
Gashasha RWXX4406
Gashekasheke RWXX0208
Gashenyi RWXX4407
Gashenyi RWXX0209
Gashenyi RWXX2963
Gashenyi RWXX1565
Gashiha RWXX2964
Gashiha RWXX4408
Gashikili RWXX4409
Gashikiri RWXX4410
Gashinga RWXX0210
Gashingamutwe RWXX2965
Gashinge RWXX1566
Gashinge RWXX4411
Gashinya RWXX1567
Gashirabwoba RWXX2966
Gashirabwoba RWXX4412
Gashiru RWXX2967
Gashiru RWXX0211
Gashirwe RWXX1568
Gashoba RWXX4413
Gashoko RWXX2968
Gashokoro RWXX1569
Gashonga RWXX2969
Gashongora RWXX0212
Gashora RWXX0213
Gashore RWXX1570
Gashoro RWXX1571
Gashoyi RWXX0214
Gashubi RWXX1572
Gashubi RWXX2970
Gashubi RWXX4414
Gashubi RWXX0215
Gashunga RWXX1573
Gashunguru RWXX2971
Gashura RWXX0216
Gashure RWXX5816
Gashwati RWXX4415
Gashwi RWXX2972
Gashya RWXX0217
Gashya RWXX2973
Gashya RWXX4416
Gashyamba RWXX1574
Gashyirwe RWXX1575
Gashyuha RWXX2974
Gashyushya RWXX1576
Gashyushya RWXX4417
Gasiga RWXX1577
Gasinga RWXX0218
Gasiza RWXX4418
Gasiza RWXX2975
Gasiza I RWXX1578
Gasiza II RWXX1579
Gasizi RWXX4419
Gasizi RWXX1580
Gasogi RWXX0219
Gasogi RWXX5817
Gasogororo RWXX0220
Gasora RWXX2976
Gasoro RWXX0221
Gasoro RWXX4420
Gasumba RWXX4421
Gasumo RWXX4422
Gasuna RWXX4423
Gasundwe RWXX2977
Gasura RWXX0222
Gasura RWXX1581
Gasuta RWXX4424
Gasyo RWXX1582
Gataba RWXX4425
Gatabi RWXX4426
Gatagara RWXX2978
Gatagara RWXX0223
Gataka RWXX1584
Gatamba RWXX0224
Gataraga RWXX4427
Gataraga RWXX1585
Gataraga I RWXX1586
Gataraga II RWXX1587
Gatarama RWXX0225
Gataramo RWXX2979
Gatarange RWXX2980
Gatare RWXX4428
Gatare RWXX1588
Gatare RWXX2981
Gatatara RWXX2982
Gatebe RWXX2983
Gatebe RWXX1589
Gateketeke RWXX4429
Gateki RWXX4430
Gateko RWXX0227
Gateko RWXX2984
Gatema RWXX2985
Gatembe RWXX4431
Gatenga RWXX5818
Gatengerane RWXX1590
Gatentwe RWXX4432
Gatenzi RWXX4433
Gatereli RWXX2986
Gatete RWXX0228
Gatete RWXX4434
Gati RWXX0229
Gati RWXX4435
Gatiba RWXX1591
Gatika RWXX0230
Gatikabisi RWXX2987
Gatikabisi RWXX4436
Gatiti RWXX4437
Gatizo RWXX4438
Gatobotobo RWXX0231
Gatobotobo RWXX1592
Gatobotobo RWXX2988
Gatoke RWXX2989
Gatoki RWXX4439
Gatonde RWXX4440
Gatonde RWXX1593
Gatonde RWXX0232
Gatongo RWXX0233
Gatongo RWXX1594
Gatora RWXX0234
Gatore RWXX0235
Gatorove RWXX4441
Gatorwa RWXX1595
Gatovu RWXX4442
Gatovu RWXX1596
Gatsata RWXX1597
Gatsibo RWXX0236
Gatsilima RWXX0237
Gatsima RWXX4443
Gatsinsino RWXX4444
Gatsiro RWXX2990
Gatsitsi RWXX4445
Gatugunda RWXX0238
Gatugunguru RWXX4446
Gatumba RWXX2991
Gatumbazi RWXX4447
Gatunda RWXX0239
Gatunga RWXX1598
Gatungo RWXX1599
Gatungo RWXX0240
Gatunguru RWXX4448
Gatura RWXX0241
Gaturo RWXX2992
Gaturo RWXX1600
Gatuza RWXX0242
Gatwa RWXX4449
Gatwaro RWXX2993
Gatwe RWXX4450
Gatyazo RWXX4451
Geceka RWXX4452
Gedecos RWXX1601
Genda RWXX1602
Geyo RWXX1603
Gicaca RWXX0243
Gicaca RWXX4453
Gicaca RWXX1604
Gicubuko RWXX4454
Giculi-Cyungwe RWXX4455
Gicumbo RWXX1605
Gicuregenya RWXX1606
Gicye RWXX2994
Gifumba RWXX4456
Gifurwe RWXX4457
Gihama RWXX4458
Gihambo RWXX4459
Gihanama RWXX0244
Gihanda RWXX4460
Gihande RWXX1607
Gihanga RWXX5819
Gihanga RWXX2995
Gihangara RWXX1608
Gihango RWXX4461
Gihango RWXX1609
Giharabuge RWXX1610
Giharayumbo RWXX4462
Gihari RWXX2996
Gihaya RWXX2997
Gihe RWXX2998
Giheke RWXX2999
Gihemba RWXX1611
Gihembe RWXX4463
Gihembe RWXX0245
Gihemvu RWXX4464
Gihengeli RWXX0246
Giheta RWXX4465
Gihigano RWXX3000
Gihimbi RWXX4466
Gihindamuyaga RWXX4467
Gihinga RWXX0247
Gihinga RWXX1612
Gihinga RWXX3001
Gihira RWXX1613
Gihira RWXX4468
Gihisi RWXX4469
Gihita RWXX1614
Gihogwe RWXX1615
Gihogwe RWXX4470
Gihombo RWXX3002
Gihonga RWXX1616
Gihora RWXX1617
Gihororo RWXX4471
Gihororo RWXX1618
Gihorwe RWXX3003
Gihoshi RWXX0248
Gihubuke RWXX5820
Gihuli RWXX1619
Gihuma RWXX4472
Gihumba RWXX3004
Gihumo RWXX4473
Gihumuza RWXX0249
Gihundwe RWXX3005
Gihunga RWXX4474
Gihungwe RWXX3006
Gihuno RWXX4475
Gihura RWXX1620
Gihushi RWXX0250
Gihusi RWXX3007
Gihuta RWXX0251
Gikagata RWXX0252
Gikana RWXX0253
Gikanda RWXX1621
Gikarabiro RWXX4476
Gikararanka RWXX3008
Gikazi RWXX1622
Gikeli RWXX1623
Gikenke RWXX0254
Gikingi RWXX1624
Gikingo RWXX1625
Gikirambwa RWXX4477
Giko RWXX4478
Gikoba RWXX0255
Gikoma RWXX4479
Gikombe RWXX4480
Gikomero RWXX1626
Gikomero RWXX3009
Gikomero RWXX0256
Gikomero RWXX4481
Gikomo RWXX1627
Gikondo RWXX5821
Gikongo RWXX1628
Gikonko RWXX4482
Gikore RWXX4483
Gikoro RWXX0257
Gikoro RWXX3010
Gikoro RWXX1629
Gikoro I RWXX1630
Gikoro II RWXX1631
Gikubi RWXX1632
Gikumba RWXX1633
Gikumba RWXX4485
Gikumba RWXX0258
Gikundamvura RWXX0259
Gikundamvura RWXX3011
Gikungu RWXX3012
Gikungwe RWXX3013
Gikunku RWXX3014
Gikunzi RWXX4486
Gikuyu RWXX5822
Gikuyu RWXX3015
Ginga RWXX1634
Gisa RWXX3016
Gisagara RWXX4488
Gisagara RWXX3017
Gisaka RWXX0260
Gisake RWXX4489
Gisakura RWXX4490
Gisakura RWXX3018
Gisali RWXX4491
Gisando RWXX4492
Gisanga RWXX4493
Gisanza RWXX0261
Gisanze RWXX3019
Gisanze RWXX4494
Gisarenda RWXX4495
Gisari RWXX4496
Gisasa RWXX4497
Gisasa RWXX1635
Gisayura RWXX4498
Gisayura RWXX3020
Giseke RWXX4499
Gisekuru RWXX1636
Giseli RWXX0262
Gisenga RWXX0263
Gisenga RWXX1637
Gisenga RWXX5823
Gisenyi RWXX1638
Gisenyi RWXX3021
Gisenyi RWXX4500
Gisera RWXX0264
Gisesero RWXX3022
Gisha RWXX1639
Gishagara RWXX3023
Gishaka RWXX1640
Gishaka RWXX0265
Gishali RWXX0266
Gishambashayo RWXX1641
Gishamvu RWXX4501
Gishanda RWXX0267
Gishandaro RWXX0268
Gisharu RWXX4502
Gishenge RWXX4503
Gishenyi RWXX1642
Gishike RWXX3024
Gishike RWXX0269
Gishikili RWXX0270
Gishiru RWXX3025
Gishita RWXX1643
Gisholi RWXX0271
Gishoma RWXX3026
Gishoro RWXX0272
Gishororo RWXX0273
Gishubi RWXX1644
Gishubi RWXX4504
Gishure RWXX5824
Gishute RWXX5825
Gishwaki RWXX3027
Gishwati RWXX3028
Gishwati RWXX4505
Gishyambenge RWXX4506
Gishyeshye RWXX4507
Gishyiguro RWXX1645
Gishyita RWXX3029
Gishyita RWXX4508
Gisiliri RWXX1646
Gisitwe RWXX4509
Gisiza RWXX4510
Gisiza RWXX3030
Gisiza RWXX0274
Gisizi RWXX4511
Gisoke RWXX3031
Gisoko RWXX0275
Gisongwe RWXX3032
Gisoro RWXX4512
Gisoro RWXX0276
Gisoro RWXX3033
Gisorora RWXX1648
Gisorora RWXX4513
Gisororo RWXX0277
Gisororo RWXX4514
Gisovu RWXX3034
Gisozi RWXX0278
Gisozi RWXX1649
Gisozi RWXX4515
Gisozi RWXX5826
Gisozi III RWXX1650
Gisuma RWXX4516
Gisuma RWXX0279
Gisuma RWXX3035
Gisunyu RWXX3036
Gisunzu RWXX4517
Gisunzu RWXX5827
Gisunzu RWXX0280
Gisura RWXX3037
Gisura RWXX4518
Gisuro RWXX1651
Gitaba RWXX4519
Gitaba RWXX3038
Gitabage RWXX1652
Gitabage RWXX4520
Gitabi RWXX3039
Gitabo RWXX1653
Gitabura RWXX1654
Gitabura RWXX4521
Gitabura RWXX3040
Gitagata RWXX0281
Gitaka RWXX3041
Gitaka RWXX5828
Gitake RWXX4522
Gitambi RWXX1655
Gitanda RWXX1656
Gitandi RWXX1657
Gitantu RWXX4523
Gitanwa RWXX1658
Gitara RWXX4524
Gitara RWXX0282
Gitaraga RWXX5829
Gitaraga RWXX1659
Gitaraga RWXX0283
Gitaraga I RWXX0284
Gitaraga II RWXX0285
Gitarama RWXX4525
Gitare RWXX4526
Gitatsa RWXX1660
Gitazi RWXX0286
Gitebe RWXX3042
Gitebwe RWXX0287
Gitega RWXX3043
Gitega RWXX4527
Gitega RWXX5830
Gitega-Kilico RWXX4528
Gitema RWXX1661
Giteme RWXX1662
Giteme RWXX0288
Gitenga RWXX0289
Gitengure RWXX0290
Gitera RWXX0291
Gitesi RWXX3044
Gitete RWXX1663
Giti RWXX3045
Giti RWXX1664
Gitikirema RWXX4529
Gitimba RWXX3046
Gitinda RWXX4530
Gitinda RWXX1665
Gitinda RWXX0292
Gitinyuma RWXX4531
Gitita RWXX4532
Gititi RWXX3047
Gititi RWXX4533
Gitobe RWXX0293
Gitoke RWXX1666
Gitoke RWXX0294
Gitoma RWXX1667
Gitonde RWXX1668
Gitondorero RWXX4534
Gitonya RWXX1669
Gitorwa RWXX1670
Gitovu RWXX3048
Gitovu RWXX4535
Gitovu RWXX1671
Gitozi RWXX0295
Gitozo RWXX4536
Gitshatsha RWXX0296
Gitsimba RWXX0297
Gitsimbwe RWXX3049
Gitsinduka RWXX4537
Gituba RWXX1672
Gituku RWXX0298
Gitumba RWXX1673
Gitunda RWXX3050
Gitunginka RWXX0299
Gituramigina RWXX4538
Gituro RWXX0300
Gituruka RWXX3051
Gituza RWXX0301
Gitwa RWXX3052
Gitwa RWXX4539
Gitwa I RWXX4540
Gitwa Il RWXX4541
Gitwe RWXX3053
Gitwe RWXX4542
Gitwe RWXX0302
Gitwiko RWXX4543
Goma RWXX3054
Gomba RWXX3055
Gombaniro RWXX3056
Gora RWXX3057
Gorora RWXX0303
Gorwe RWXX4544
Grenarwa RWXX4545
Gukiro RWXX4546
Guliro RWXX3058
Hakasiru RWXX1674
Hangabashi RWXX3059
Hanika RWXX3060
Hanika RWXX1675
Haniro RWXX3061
Hehu RWXX3062
Hemba RWXX4547
Henene RWXX4548
Hepfu RWXX3063
Hesha RWXX1676
Hindiro RWXX3064
Hubingo RWXX1677
Humure RWXX3065
Hungiro RWXX1678
Huro RWXX1679
Huye RWXX4549
Ibanda RWXX0304
Ibare RWXX0305
Ibiza RWXX0306
Ibyeza RWXX0307
Icyeru RWXX4550
Icyili RWXX4551
Idagaza RWXX0308
Igitwa RWXX4552
Igitwa RWXX0309
Igomezo RWXX0310
Ihanika RWXX0311
Ihurulizo RWXX4553
Ikigarama RWXX4554
Imanga RWXX0312
Impanzi RWXX0313
Impinga RWXX1680
Ingeyo RWXX0314
Inunga RWXX0315
Iperu RWXX3067
Irama RWXX0316
Irango RWXX4555
Irango RWXX0317
Iryanyirakanani RWXX4556
Isar Tamira RWXX3068
Isha RWXX1681
Isha RWXX4557
Isha RWXX3069
Ishara RWXX3070
Ishasha RWXX1682
Itaba RWXX0318
Itambiro RWXX0319
Itangure RWXX0320
Itara RWXX3071
Itonero RWXX0321
Iviro RWXX0322
Izinga RWXX0323
Jaba RWXX1683
Jabana RWXX1684
Jagi RWXX1685
Jali RWXX1686
Jamba RWXX1687
Jandali RWXX4558
Janja RWXX1688
Janjagiro RWXX0324
Jarama RWXX0325
Jarama RWXX3072
Jari RWXX1689
Jenda RWXX4559
Jenda RWXX1690
Jimbu RWXX4560
Joma RWXX4561
Joma RWXX1691
Jomba RWXX1692
Jomba RWXX3073
Josi RWXX3074
Jote RWXX3075
Juga RWXX0326
Juru RWXX0327
Juru RWXX1693
Jurwe RWXX3076
Jurwe RWXX4562
Jurwe RWXX1694
Ka RWXX4563
Kababaji RWXX4564
Kababero RWXX0328
Kababito RWXX1695
Kababito RWXX0329
Kabacuzi RWXX0330
Kabacuzi RWXX1696
Kabadende RWXX4565
Kabagabaga RWXX1697
Kabagabo RWXX0331
Kabagabo RWXX4566
Kabagali RWXX1698
Kabagenzi RWXX4567
Kabagera RWXX0332
Kabagesera RWXX4568
Kabagina RWXX3077
Kabagoyi RWXX3078
Kabagugo RWXX0333
Kabaguma RWXX1699
Kabaha RWXX3079
Kabaha RWXX4569
Kabahaho RWXX3080
Kabahande RWXX3081
Kabahara RWXX1700
Kabahaya RWXX0334
Kabahazi RWXX4570
Kabaheshi RWXX3082
Kabahiga RWXX3083
Kabahigi RWXX3084
Kabahima RWXX3085
Kabahima RWXX5831
Kabahimba RWXX1701
Kabahinyuza RWXX3086
Kabahizi RWXX3087
Kabahushi RWXX0335
Kabajoba RWXX3088
Kabajogo RWXX4571
Kabaka RWXX4572
Kabakannyi RWXX4573
Kabakaraza RWXX4574
Kabakemba RWXX0336
Kabakene RWXX4575
Kabakobwa RWXX3089
Kabakoco RWXX4576
Kabakono RWXX4577
Kabakora RWXX3090
Kabakunzi RWXX3091
Kabalele RWXX0337
Kabali RWXX4578
Kabali RWXX3092
Kabalima RWXX1702
Kabalima RWXX4579
Kabaliza RWXX4580
Kabaliza RWXX1703
Kabambati RWXX4581
Kabana RWXX4582
Kabanda RWXX4583
Kabanda RWXX1704
Kabanga RWXX3093
Kabangu RWXX4584
Kabanoza RWXX4585
Kabara RWXX1705
Kabaraga RWXX1706
Kabarama RWXX4586
Kabare RWXX0338
Kabare RWXX4587
Kabare I RWXX0339
Kabarera RWXX1707
Kabari RWXX1708
Kabarima RWXX0340
Kabarondo RWXX0341
Kabarora RWXX3094
Kabarore RWXX0342
Kabasaku RWXX3095
Kabasanza RWXX4588
Kabasanzu RWXX4589
Kabasare RWXX3096
Kabasasa RWXX3097
Kabasaza RWXX1709
Kabasazi RWXX4591
Kabaseke RWXX4592
Kabashumba RWXX0343
Kabasigirira RWXX3098
Kabasore RWXX0344
Kabatare RWXX3099
Kabatembagara RWXX1710
Kabatezi RWXX1711
Kabati RWXX4593
Kabatima RWXX1712
Kabatwa RWXX3100
Kabatwa RWXX4594
Kabavu RWXX4595
Kabaya RWXX1713
Kabaya RWXX0003
Kabaya RWXX4596
Kabayego RWXX3101
Kabazeyi RWXX0345
Kabazi RWXX1714
Kabaziro RWXX4597
Kabekera RWXX3102
Kabera RWXX1715
Kaberamo RWXX3103
Kaberangwe RWXX0346
Kaberano RWXX1716
Kabere RWXX3104
Kabere RWXX1717
Kabere I RWXX1718
Kabere I RWXX0347
Kabere II RWXX1719
Kabere II RWXX0348
Kabeza RWXX1720
Kabeza RWXX0349
Kabeza RWXX4598
Kabeza RWXX3105
Kabgayi RWXX4599
Kabicuki RWXX4600
Kabiguzi RWXX3106
Kabihogo RWXX3107
Kabilizi RWXX3108
Kabilizi RWXX1721
Kabilizi I RWXX0350
Kabilizi II RWXX0351
Kabindi RWXX4601
Kabindi RWXX0352
Kabingo RWXX1722
Kabingo RWXX0353
Kabingo RWXX3109
Kabira RWXX0354
Kabira RWXX1723
Kabiraho RWXX3110
Kabirizi RWXX3111
Kabiro RWXX1724
Kabisheshe RWXX3112
Kabitoki RWXX4602
Kabitovu RWXX3113
Kabitozi RWXX3114
Kabogo RWXX1725
Kabona RWXX1726
Kabona RWXX3115
Kabona RWXX4603
Kabongoya RWXX0355
Kabonobono RWXX0356
Kabonobono RWXX4604
Kaboza RWXX3116
Kabuba RWXX4605
Kabuburu RWXX4606
Kabucuzi RWXX4607
Kabuga RWXX5832
Kabuga RWXX3117
Kabuga RWXX0357
Kabuga RWXX1727
Kabuga RWXX4608
Kabugabo RWXX4609
Kabugarama RWXX3118
Kabugili RWXX0358
Kabugomba RWXX1728
Kabugondo RWXX4610
Kabugore RWXX1729
Kabugusu RWXX4611
Kabuguzo RWXX3119
Kabuhanga RWXX3120
Kabuhembe RWXX4612
Kabuhoma RWXX1730
Kabuhoro RWXX3121
Kabujenje RWXX3122
Kabukende RWXX1731
Kabukoko RWXX1732
Kabukoma RWXX3123
Kabukuba RWXX0359
Kabuliro RWXX3124
Kabumba RWXX3125
Kabumbwe RWXX3126
Kabumbwe RWXX4613
Kabungo RWXX4614
Kabungwe RWXX1734
Kabunigu RWXX1735
Kabunoni RWXX3127
Kaburamba RWXX3128
Kaburamira RWXX3129
Kaburemera RWXX4615
Kaburengero RWXX4616
Kaburi RWXX0360
Kaburuba RWXX4617
Kaburuburu RWXX1736
Kaburundi RWXX4618
Kabusanza RWXX4619
Kabushara RWXX1737
Kabushingwe RWXX4620
Kabushongo RWXX3130
Kabusoro RWXX1738
Kabusozo RWXX1739
Kabusunzu RWXX5833
Kabutare RWXX5834
Kabutembo RWXX3131
Kabutindi RWXX1740
Kabuturika RWXX4621
Kabuya RWXX0361
Kabuyaga RWXX3132
Kabuyange RWXX3133
Kabuye RWXX4622
Kabuye RWXX1741
Kabuyekera RWXX3134
Kabuyenzi RWXX3135
Kabuzuru RWXX4623
Kabwacya RWXX3136
Kabweja RWXX0363
Kabwema RWXX0364
Kabwende RWXX1742
Kabwende II RWXX1743
Kabwenge RWXX4624
Kabwika RWXX1744
Kabyaza RWXX1745
Kabyo RWXX0365
Kabyuma RWXX4625
Kacyiru RWXX5835
Kacyiyama RWXX3137
Kacyuma RWXX3138
Kacyuma RWXX0366
Kadaho RWXX4626
Kadendegeli RWXX1746
Kadobogo RWXX3139
Kadodo RWXX3140
Kadogeri RWXX4627
Kadoma RWXX4628
Kaduha RWXX0367
Kaduha RWXX1747
Kaduha RWXX4629
Kadunduguru RWXX1748
Kadurumba RWXX4630
Kadusenyi RWXX4631
Kagabiro RWXX0368
Kagabiro RWXX3141
Kagali RWXX3142
Kagali RWXX1749
Kagamba RWXX1750
Kaganda RWXX3143
Kagandu RWXX1752
Kagangare RWXX3144
Kagangayire RWXX4632
Kagano RWXX1753
Kagano RWXX3145
Kaganza RWXX3146
Kaganzo RWXX1754
Kagara RWXX3147
Kagarama RWXX3148
Kagarama RWXX1755
Kagarama RWXX4633
Kagarama RWXX5836
Kagaramira RWXX1756
Kagasa RWXX4634
Kagasa RWXX1757
Kagasa I RWXX0369
Kagasa Il RWXX0370
Kagasha RWXX0371
Kagashi RWXX0372
Kagatama RWXX3149
Kagazi RWXX4635
Kageje RWXX1758
Kageli RWXX1759
Kagenge RWXX3150
Kagera RWXX3151
Kagerero RWXX1760
Kagesa RWXX4636
Kagese RWXX0374
Kagesera RWXX0375
Kagesera RWXX1761
Kageshi RWXX1762
Kageshi RWXX3152
Kageyo RWXX0376
Kageyo RWXX1763
Kagezi RWXX0377
Kagezi RWXX1764
Kagikongoro RWXX3153
Kagina RWXX0378
Kagina RWXX4637
Kagirazina RWXX0379
Kagitega RWXX1765
Kagitumba RWXX0380
Kago RWXX1766
Kagobe RWXX1767
Kagobore RWXX4638
Kagogo RWXX3154
Kagogwe RWXX4639
Kagoma RWXX0381
Kagomasi RWXX0382
Kagombero RWXX1768
Kagombwa RWXX3155
Kagombyi RWXX3156
Kagomero RWXX3157
Kagomora RWXX0383
Kagongi RWXX0384
Kagongo RWXX1769
Kagora RWXX1770
Kagorogoro RWXX1771
Kagote RWXX4640
Kagozi RWXX1772
Kagugu RWXX0385
Kagugu RWXX5837
Kagugu RWXX4641
Kagugu RWXX1773
Kaguhu-Buliza RWXX4642
Kaguliro RWXX1774
Kagunda RWXX4643
Kagunda RWXX1775
Kagunga RWXX0386
Kagunga RWXX3159
Kagunga RWXX4644
Kaguraka RWXX0387
Kagwa RWXX4645
Kagwa RWXX1776
Kahi RWXX0388
Kajagi RWXX4646
Kaje RWXX1777
Kajebeshi RWXX3160
Kajereli RWXX1778
Kajwi RWXX1779
Kajyanama RWXX4647
Kakabaga RWXX3161
Kakayoga RWXX4648
Kakigoro RWXX3162
Kakilinda RWXX3163
Kakinyoni RWXX3164
Kakirenzi RWXX4649
Kakole RWXX0389
Kaliba RWXX3165
Kalihira RWXX1780
Kalika RWXX1781
Kalilisi RWXX4650
Kalilisi RWXX0390
Kalima RWXX4651
Kalimba RWXX4652
Kalingorera RWXX1782
Kalinzi RWXX1783
Kalitutu RWXX0391
Kaluba RWXX1784
Kalyango RWXX1785
Kamabara RWXX0392
Kamabare RWXX0393
Kamabuye RWXX4653
Kamabuye RWXX0394
Kamagare RWXX1787
Kamagasa RWXX4654
Kamagimbo RWXX3166
Kamagonde RWXX4655
Kamahongo RWXX3167
Kamajeli RWXX0395
Kamajoro RWXX4656
Kamakara RWXX4657
Kamaliba RWXX3168
Kamamana RWXX0396
Kamana RWXX4658
Kamananga RWXX3169
Kamanga RWXX4659
Kamanyana RWXX1788
Kamanyundo RWXX1789
Kamararyi RWXX1790
Kamarebe RWXX3170
Kamasambu RWXX4660
Kamasambu RWXX3171
Kamasanze RWXX1791
Kamasera RWXX3172
Kamashanyi RWXX3173
Kamashashi RWXX4661
Kamashashi RWXX5838
Kamashaza RWXX0397
Kamashya RWXX0398
Kamasine RWXX0399
Kamasonga RWXX0400
Kamatamu RWXX4662
Kamatanda RWXX1792
Kamatare RWXX3174
Kamatene RWXX3175
Kamatita RWXX3176
Kamatongo RWXX4663
Kamatoro RWXX0401
Kamatsira RWXX3177
Kamayanja RWXX4664
Kamazuru RWXX4665
Kambabara RWXX3178
Kambiyeyi RWXX4666
Kambogo RWXX3179
Kambonyi RWXX3180
Kamegeli RWXX4667
Kamegeri RWXX4668
Kamegeri RWXX1793
Kamembe RWXX3181
Kamenamutwe RWXX4669
Kameya RWXX0402
Kami RWXX5840
Kamicaca RWXX4670
Kamina RWXX1794
Kamisave RWXX1795
Kamitsinga RWXX1796
Kamombo RWXX0403
Kamomo RWXX0404
Kamonyi RWXX4671
Kamonyi RWXX3182
Kampeka RWXX0405
Kamubuga I RWXX1797
Kamubuga II RWXX1798
Kamucyamo RWXX3183
Kamudahunga RWXX4672
Kamugani RWXX4673
Kamuganza RWXX4674
Kamugarura RWXX0406
Kamugasa RWXX0407
Kamugera RWXX0408
Kamugongo RWXX3184
Kamugundu RWXX0409
Kamuhana RWXX3185
Kamuhinga RWXX4675
Kamuhirwa RWXX3186
Kamuhoza RWXX4676
Kamuhoza RWXX5841
Kamuhoza RWXX3187
Kamujisho RWXX4677
Kamukina RWXX5842
Kamukobwa RWXX5843
Kamukubu RWXX4678
Kamulemete RWXX0410
Kamuliza RWXX3188
Kamundongo RWXX0411
Kamupfumpfu RWXX1799
Kamurama RWXX0412
Kamurambi RWXX0413
Kamuramira RWXX3189
Kamurazo RWXX4679
Kamurehe RWXX3190
Kamurenzi RWXX4680
Kamurera RWXX3191
Kamurondo RWXX1800
Kamurwa RWXX4681
Kamusambi RWXX3192
Kamusanganya RWXX3193
Kamusare RWXX1801
Kamusengo RWXX1802
Kamusenyi RWXX4682
Kamushenyi RWXX1803
Kamushuli RWXX1804
Kamutongo RWXX3194
Kamuvunyi RWXX3195
Kamuvunyi RWXX1805
Kamuvunyi RWXX4683
Kamuyenzi RWXX3196
Kamuyumbo RWXX4684
Kamuzamuzi RWXX3197
Kamwambi RWXX4685
Kamwaro RWXX4686
Kamweru RWXX4687
Kamwumba RWXX1806
Kanaba RWXX1807
Kanabuye RWXX0414
Kanage RWXX4688
Kanama RWXX3198
Kanango RWXX0415
Kanaze RWXX0416
Kanazi RWXX0417
Kanazi RWXX4689
Kandabalinzi RWXX4690
Kandamira RWXX1808
Kanege RWXX0418
Kaneke RWXX0419
Kaneke RWXX3199
Kaneli RWXX3200
Kanembwe RWXX3201
Kanenge RWXX3202
Kangabo RWXX0420
Kangamba RWXX0421
Kanganwa RWXX1809
Kangazi RWXX3203
Kangoma RWXX0422
Kangwandi RWXX3204
Kaniga RWXX1810
Kaninda RWXX3206
Kaninga RWXX0423
Kanjongo RWXX3207
Kanjugu RWXX1811
Kanka RWXX4692
Kanka RWXX1812
Kankamba RWXX1813
Kankima RWXX4693
Kankobwa RWXX0424
Kankoni RWXX3208
Kankoronko RWXX3209
Kankuba RWXX5844
Kankuliyingoma RWXX0425
Kankuri RWXX4694
Kannyogo RWXX1814
Kannyogo RWXX3210
Kannywilili RWXX0426
Kanogo RWXX3211
Kanogo RWXX4695
Kanombe RWXX5845
Kansana RWXX0427
Kanserege RWXX1815
Kanshenge RWXX1816
Kanshili RWXX4696
Kanshongwe RWXX0428
Kansi RWXX4697
Kansoro RWXX4698
Kantare RWXX4699
Kanteri RWXX0429
Kantwali RWXX3212
Kanunda RWXX3213
Kanunga RWXX1817
Kanvumba RWXX0430
Kanyabami RWXX5846
Kanyabihombo RWXX3214
Kanyabijumba RWXX3215
Kanyabirayi RWXX1818
Kanyabiryo RWXX4700
Kanyahene RWXX3216
Kanyamagasho RWXX3217
Kanyamasha RWXX0431
Kanyamasiga RWXX3218
Kanyamatembe RWXX3219
Kanyamende RWXX3220
Kanyami RWXX0432
Kanyamiheto RWXX1819
Kanyaminaba RWXX1820
Kanyamisuku RWXX3221
Kanyamitana RWXX3222
Kanyamizinga RWXX3223
Kanyampereli RWXX1821
Kanyamugira RWXX3224
Kanyandago RWXX3225
Kanyandaro RWXX1822
Kanyangezi RWXX1823
Kanyangore RWXX4701
Kanyankondo RWXX3226
Kanyansyo RWXX1824
Kanyanza RWXX1825
Kanyanzige RWXX3227
Kanyarira RWXX4702
Kanyaru RWXX1827
Kanyaruhinda RWXX4703
Kanyegenyege RWXX3228
Kanyegera RWXX0433
Kanyegera RWXX4704
Kanyentambi RWXX3229
Kanyerere RWXX1828
Kanyetabi RWXX5847
Kanyete RWXX4705
Kanyinya RWXX1829
Kanyirabigogo RWXX3230
Kanyirabugoyi RWXX3231
Kanyirabukima RWXX3232
Kanyirantiba RWXX4706
Kanyirumukina RWXX3233
Kanyoga RWXX4707
Kanyogote RWXX1830
Kanyonga RWXX3234
Kanyoni RWXX4708
Kanyoni RWXX3235
Kanyonyera RWXX0435
Kanyove RWXX1831
Kanyukiro RWXX3236
Kanyundo RWXX3237
Kanywamagana RWXX0436
Kanywiliri RWXX4709
Kanza RWXX1832
Kanzanze RWXX3238
Kanzenze RWXX0004
Kanzenze RWXX3239
Kanzu RWXX3240
Kanzuki RWXX3241
Kara RWXX1833
Karaba RWXX4710
Karagali RWXX1834
Karagali RWXX0437
Karago RWXX3242
Karama RWXX0438
Karama RWXX5848
Karama RWXX4711
Karamba RWXX4712
Karambarara RWXX0439
Karambi RWXX1835
Karambi RWXX3243
Karambira RWXX3244
Karambo RWXX4714
Karambo RWXX1836
Karamirabagenzi RWXX4715
Karandalyi RWXX1837
Karandarye RWXX3245
Karandaryi RWXX3246
Karandaryi RWXX1838
Karangara RWXX4716
Karangara RWXX3247
Karangara RWXX1839
Karange RWXX3248
Karangiro RWXX3249
Karango RWXX3250
Karango RWXX1840
Karanjwa RWXX3251
Karanka RWXX4717
Karavumba RWXX4718
Kareba RWXX4719
Karehe RWXX0441
Karehe II RWXX3252
Karehe III RWXX3253
Karekare RWXX1841
Karembera RWXX1842
Karembo RWXX0442
Karembure RWXX5849
Karemereye RWXX3254
Karenda RWXX1843
Karenge RWXX0443
Karenge RWXX4720
Karenge RWXX3255
Karengera RWXX3256
Karengere RWXX1844
Karengo RWXX1845
Karera RWXX0444
Karera RWXX1846
Kareshya RWXX1847
Karibu RWXX0445
Karindi RWXX1848
Karizinge RWXX0446
Karobabeza RWXX3257
Karobagire RWXX1849
Karobagize RWXX1850
Karokora RWXX0447
Karoli RWXX1851
Karongi RWXX3258
Karonkano RWXX4722
Karora-Rubona RWXX4723
Karorabose RWXX3259
Karorero RWXX3260
Karotshyo RWXX0448
Karubanda RWXX4724
Karubisha RWXX0449
Karubomboza RWXX4725
Karubumba RWXX4726
Karubuyenge RWXX4727
Karucumo RWXX4728
Karudigi RWXX4729
Karugabanya RWXX1852
Karugiranka RWXX4730
Karugo RWXX3261
Karugondo RWXX0450
Karugumya RWXX4731
Karuhayi RWXX0451
Karuhayi RWXX4732
Karuhiza RWXX4733
Karujumba RWXX0452
Karukamba RWXX3262
Karukoma RWXX4734
Karukoranya RWXX4735
Karukungu RWXX1853
Karuliza RWXX1854
Karumuli RWXX1855
Karumuna RWXX0453
Karundi RWXX1856
Karundo RWXX4736
Karunga RWXX3263
Karunyerera RWXX3264
Karuranga RWXX1857
Karurara RWXX4737
Karuri RWXX4738
Karuruma RWXX3265
Karurunga RWXX1858
Karusake RWXX3266
Karusha RWXX3267
Karushaka RWXX5850
Karushya RWXX1859
Karusimbi RWXX3268
Karusimbi RWXX4739
Karutabana RWXX4740
Karutembo RWXX0454
Karutete RWXX0455
Karutsindo RWXX4741
Karutsobe RWXX4742
Karutuga RWXX4743
Karuvenya RWXX4744
Karuyenzi RWXX4745
Karuyumbu RWXX4746
Karwana RWXX0456
Karwanira RWXX1860
Karwasa RWXX1861
Karwema RWXX1862
Karwiru RWXX4747
Karwiru RWXX0457
Karwiru RWXX1863
Karwiru RWXX3269
Karwoga RWXX0458
Kasebasengo RWXX4748
Kasebonyeri RWXX3270
Kasedogo RWXX4749
Kaseke RWXX3271
Kasemazi RWXX4750
Kasenjara RWXX3272
Kaserukerenke RWXX1864
Kaseruzi RWXX3273
Kashango RWXX0459
Kasheshe RWXX1865
Kashyaka RWXX4751
Kasonga RWXX3274
Katabaro RWXX3275
Katabaro RWXX5851
Katalinzira RWXX4752
Katarara RWXX4753
Katarara RWXX0460
Kataretare RWXX3276
Kato RWXX4754
Katshuriro RWXX5852
Kavomo RWXX3277
Kavumbu RWXX1866
Kavumu RWXX1867
Kavumu RWXX3278
Kavumu RWXX4755
Kavumu RWXX0461
Kavumu-Gihuma RWXX4756
Kavumwe RWXX0462
Kavune RWXX3279
Kavuya RWXX3280
Kavuza RWXX1868
Kavuzo RWXX0463
Kawangire RWXX0464
Kayanga RWXX1869
Kayanja RWXX0465
Kayanza RWXX4757
Kayanza RWXX1870
Kayebe RWXX1871
Kayenzi RWXX4758
Kayenzi RWXX3281
Kayibanda RWXX0466
Kayigi RWXX0467
Kayita RWXX0468
Kayitabagema RWXX0469
Kayonza RWXX1872
Kayonza RWXX4759
Kayonza RWXX0470
Kayove RWXX3282
Kayovu RWXX0471
Kayumba RWXX5853
Kayumbo RWXX0473
Kayungwe RWXX1873
Kazabagarura RWXX0474
Kazana RWXX3283
Kazanyi RWXX0475
Kazaza RWXX0476
Kazenga RWXX3284
Kazenga RWXX4760
Kazenzo RWXX3285
Kazi RWXX1874
Kaziba RWXX4761
Kazibaziba RWXX3286
Kazibo RWXX3287
Kaziga RWXX0477
Kazigo RWXX1875
Kaziguro RWXX1876
Kazinda RWXX3288
Kazinga RWXX4762
Kazirabonde RWXX4763
Kazirabwayi RWXX0478
Kazirandimwe RWXX3289
Kazizi RWXX3290
Kazo RWXX0479
Kazo RWXX3291
Kazongorero RWXX3292
Kazungu RWXX3293
Kebero RWXX4764
Kebero RWXX1877
Kendale RWXX0480
Kerezo RWXX4765
Keru RWXX4766
Keya RWXX3294
Kibabara RWXX4767
Kibagabaga RWXX5854
Kibali RWXX1878
Kibamba RWXX1879
Kibanda RWXX3296
Kibanda RWXX4768
Kibande RWXX1880
Kibande RWXX3297
Kibandirwa RWXX4769
Kibangira RWXX3298
Kibangu RWXX4770
Kibanza RWXX4771
Kibara RWXX0482
Kibara RWXX1881
Kibara RWXX4772
Kibare RWXX3299
Kibari RWXX3300
Kibati RWXX3301
Kibatsi RWXX4773
Kibaya RWXX4774
Kibaya I RWXX0483
Kibaya Il RWXX0484
Kibayi RWXX4775
Kibaza RWXX4776
Kibeho RWXX0005
Kibenga RWXX3302
Kibenga I RWXX0485
Kibenga II RWXX0486
Kiberege I RWXX1882
Kiberege II RWXX1883
Kibereka RWXX1884
Kiberezi RWXX3303
Kiberinka RWXX4777
Kibijumba RWXX3304
Kibika RWXX4778
Kibilira RWXX3305
Kibilizi RWXX4779
Kibilizi RWXX1885
Kibilizi RWXX3306
Kibilizi RWXX0487
Kibilizi I RWXX4780
Kibingo RWXX3307
Kibinja RWXX4782
Kibirizi RWXX3308
Kibizi RWXX0488
Kibobo RWXX1886
Kiboga RWXX1887
Kiboga RWXX4783
Kibogora RWXX3309
Kiboha RWXX0489
Kibonde RWXX4784
Kibonwa RWXX1888
Kibonwa RWXX4785
Kibuburo RWXX4786
Kibuga RWXX4787
Kibugabuga RWXX1889
Kibumbwe RWXX3310
Kibumbwe RWXX4788
Kibungo RWXX0490
Kiburara RWXX0491
Kibuye RWXX0492
Kibwa RWXX1890
Kibwije RWXX4789
Kibyagira RWXX4790
Kibyibushye RWXX4791
Kicukiro RWXX5855
Kidahe RWXX1891
Kidahe RWXX3311
Kidahike RWXX4792
Kidaho RWXX1892
Kidahwe RWXX4793
Kidakama RWXX4794
Kidakama RWXX1893
Kidashira RWXX3312
Kidashya RWXX1894
Kidendezi RWXX1895
Kidimbizi RWXX0493
Kidogo RWXX0494
Kidomo RWXX1896
Kidomo RWXX3313
Kiduha RWXX1897
Kiduha RWXX4795
Kidwange RWXX4796
Kigabiro RWXX0495
Kigabiro RWXX4797
Kigabiro RWXX3314
Kigaga RWXX3315
Kigaga I RWXX1898
Kigaga II RWXX1899
Kigali RWXX3316
Kigali RWXX0001
Kigali RWXX4798
Kigamba RWXX3317
Kigamba RWXX1900
Kiganda RWXX1901
Kigandaro RWXX3318
Kigandi RWXX3319
Kigara RWXX5856
Kigara RWXX3320
Kigarama RWXX0496
Kigarama RWXX3321
Kigarama RWXX1902
Kigasa RWXX1903
Kigasha RWXX0497
Kigasha RWXX1904
Kigembe RWXX4799
Kigeme RWXX4800
Kigese RWXX0498
Kigese RWXX4801
Kigeyo RWXX3322
Kigezi RWXX3323
Kigimbu RWXX3324
Kigimbu RWXX4802
Kigina RWXX4803
Kigina RWXX0499
Kigogo RWXX0500
Kigogo RWXX3325
Kigohe RWXX4804
Kigoma RWXX4805
Kigoma RWXX3326
Kigoma RWXX0501
Kigombe RWXX1905
Kigona RWXX4806
Kigongi RWXX0502
Kigoroba RWXX0503
Kigorora RWXX4807
Kigote RWXX1906
Kigote RWXX3327
Kigoyi RWXX4808
Kigufi RWXX3328
Kigufi RWXX0504
Kigugu RWXX1907
Kigugu RWXX5857
Kiguhu RWXX3329
Kiguli RWXX3330
Kigunga RWXX4809
Kigurube RWXX4810
Kigurwe RWXX3331
Kigusa RWXX4811
Kigusa RWXX1908
Kigusa RWXX0505
Kigwa RWXX3332
Kigwaguro RWXX4812
Kigwene RWXX0506
Kihubi RWXX3333
Kijabagwe RWXX1909
Kijibamba RWXX3334
Kijojo RWXX0507
Kijote RWXX3335
Kilambi RWXX0508
Kiliba RWXX1910
Kilibata RWXX1911
Kilibata RWXX3336
Kilimahwa RWXX4813
Kilimbi RWXX3337
Kilinda RWXX3338
Kilinga RWXX3339
Kilinga RWXX0509
Kilinga I RWXX1912
Kilinga II RWXX1913
Kilinja RWXX3340
Kilira RWXX0510
Kilyamo RWXX1914
Kilyi RWXX1915
Kimana RWXX0511
Kimanama RWXX0512
Kimandwa RWXX4814
Kimanu RWXX3341
Kimara RWXX0513
Kimba RWXX3342
Kimbogo RWXX4815
Kimbwebwe RWXX0514
Kimegeli RWXX4816
Kimena RWXX4817
Kimesho RWXX0515
Kimfizi RWXX4818
Kimiduha RWXX0516
Kimigenge RWXX3343
Kimigo RWXX4819
Kimihurura RWXX5858
Kimina RWXX3344
Kimirama RWXX4820
Kimiramba RWXX0517
Kimirehe RWXX4821
Kimironko RWXX5859
Kimiryi RWXX1916
Kimisagara RWXX5860
Kimisange RWXX5861
Kimisave RWXX1917
Kimishibu RWXX4822
Kimiyovu RWXX4823
Kimiyumbu RWXX4824
Kimonyi RWXX1918
Kimpongo RWXX0519
Kimpuga RWXX4825
Kimpundu RWXX1919
Kimpunga RWXX4826
Kimpungu RWXX1920
Kimpyisi RWXX4827
Kinaba RWXX4828
Kinaba RWXX3345
Kinama RWXX4829
Kinama RWXX3346
Kinama RWXX1921
Kinani RWXX4830
Kinanira RWXX0520
Kinanira RWXX4831
Kinazi RWXX4832
Kindama RWXX0521
Kindoyi RWXX0522
Kinege RWXX1923
Kinene RWXX4833
Kinga RWXX4834
Kingaju RWXX0523
Kinganzi RWXX1924
Kinganzo RWXX4835
Kinganzwa RWXX0524
Kingogo RWXX3347
Kingoma RWXX4836
Kingoma RWXX1925
Kingoma RWXX3348
Kiniga RWXX4837
Kinigi RWXX1926
Kinigi RWXX3349
Kiniha RWXX3350
Kinihira RWXX0526
Kinimba RWXX0527
Kinjojo RWXX1928
Kinkanga RWXX4838
Kinkoronko RWXX0528
Kinkuba RWXX3351
Kinkware RWXX1929
Kinogi RWXX4839
Kinombe RWXX4840
Kinombe RWXX3352
Kinsanga RWXX4841
Kintambwe RWXX0529
Kintare RWXX4842
Kintarure RWXX3353
Kintarure RWXX1930
Kinteko RWXX0530
Kinteko RWXX4843
Kinteko RWXX1931
Kintobo RWXX4844
Kintobo RWXX1932
Kintu RWXX0531
Kinuka RWXX4845
Kinunga RWXX1933
Kinunga RWXX4846
Kinunga RWXX5862
Kinungu RWXX0532
Kinunu RWXX3354
Kinyababa RWXX1934
Kinyafurwe RWXX3355
Kinyaga RWXX5863
Kinyamakara RWXX4847
Kinyamavuta RWXX3357
Kinyambi RWXX4848
Kinyambo RWXX0533
Kinyami RWXX4849
Kinyami RWXX1935
Kinyamuhanga RWXX3358
Kinyamukubi RWXX1936
Kinyana RWXX0534
Kinyana RWXX4850
Kinyana-nord RWXX4851
Kinyangage RWXX1937
Kinyangwe RWXX3359
Kinyanja RWXX1938
Kinyantozi RWXX3360
Kinyanzovu RWXX3361
Kinyata RWXX4852
Kinyemera RWXX0535
Kinyenkanda RWXX4853
Kinyereri RWXX4854
Kinyinya RWXX3362
Kinyinya RWXX5864
Kinyo RWXX1939
Kinyogoto RWXX4855
Kinyoma RWXX1940
Kinyoni RWXX4856
Kinyonyo RWXX4857
Kinyonza RWXX4858
Kinyonzo RWXX0536
Kinyonzwe RWXX4859
Kinyove RWXX0537
Kinyovi RWXX0538
Kinyovu RWXX3363
Kinzizi RWXX0539
Kinzu RWXX4860
Kinzuzi RWXX1941
Kirabacuta RWXX3364
Kirabo RWXX3365
Kiraga RWXX3366
Kirago RWXX1942
Kirama RWXX4861
Kirambi RWXX3367
Kirambi RWXX4862
Kirambira RWXX3368
Kirambo RWXX1943
Kirambo RWXX0541
Kiramuruzi RWXX0542
Kiramutse RWXX4863
Kiranga RWXX3369
Kirara RWXX0543
Kirarambogo RWXX4864
Kirarangombe RWXX4865
Kiraritsi RWXX0544
Kiraro RWXX3370
Kirasaniro RWXX0545
Kirase RWXX4866
Kiravumba RWXX4867
Kiravumba RWXX3371
Kiraza RWXX3372
Kirebe RWXX0546
Kirebe RWXX4868
Kirega RWXX4869
Kirehe RWXX3373
Kirehe RWXX4870
Kireka RWXX4871
Kirema RWXX3374
Kiremeli RWXX4872
Kiremera RWXX0547
Kiremereye RWXX3375
Kiremya RWXX1945
Kirene RWXX3376
Kirenga RWXX4873
Kirenge RWXX4874
Kirengeri RWXX4875
Kirengo RWXX3377
Kirengo RWXX1946
Kirerema RWXX1947
Kirerema RWXX3378
Kiroba RWXX1948
Kirombozi RWXX4876
Kirorero RWXX3379
Kiruhuha RWXX1949
Kiruhura RWXX4877
Kiruhura RWXX1950
Kiruhura RWXX0548
Kiruku RWXX1951
Kiruli RWXX4878
Kiruli RWXX1952
Kiruma RWXX3380
Kirundo RWXX4879
Kirundo RWXX0549
Kirungu RWXX1953
Kirwa RWXX1954
Kirwa RWXX4880
Kirwa-Gitwa RWXX4881
Kiryama RWXX0550
Kiryamo RWXX1955
Kiryi RWXX1956
Kisenge RWXX4882
Kisenge RWXX3381
Kisigiro RWXX1957
Kisiguro RWXX0551
Kitabaye RWXX4883
Kitabi RWXX4884
Kitabura RWXX3382
Kitabura RWXX1958
Kitagabwa RWXX3383
Kitalitwa RWXX3384
Kitazigurwa RWXX3385
Kitazigurwa RWXX1959
Kitazigurwa RWXX0552
Kityazo RWXX1960
Kivogo RWXX3386
Kivu RWXX4886
Kivuba RWXX1961
Kivuba RWXX0553
Kivugangoma I RWXX0554
Kivugangoma II RWXX0555
Kivugiza RWXX0556
Kivugiza RWXX4887
Kivugiza RWXX3387
Kivumbwe RWXX1962
Kivumo RWXX1963
Kivumu RWXX0557
Kivumu RWXX1964
Kivumu RWXX4888
Kivumu RWXX3388
Kivumu-Nyerenga RWXX4889
Kivune RWXX1965
Kivune I RWXX1966
Kivune II RWXX1967
Kivuru RWXX4890
Kivuruga RWXX4891
Kivuruga RWXX3389
Kivusha RWXX0558
Kivuye RWXX1968
Kivuye I RWXX1969
Kiyaga RWXX4892
Kiyagara RWXX1970
Kiyagara RWXX0559
Kiyanja RWXX5865
Kiyanza RWXX1971
Kiyanza I RWXX1972
Kiyanza II RWXX1973
Kiyanzi RWXX0560
Kiyaya RWXX0561
Kiyenzi RWXX0562
Kiyogoma RWXX0563
Kiyombe RWXX0564
Kiyonza RWXX0565
Kiyonza RWXX4893
Kiyoro RWXX1974
Kiyorwa RWXX1975
Kiyovu RWXX0566
Kiyumba RWXX0567
Kizanganga RWXX3390
Kizenga RWXX3391
Kizenga RWXX4894
Kizi RWXX3392
Kiziba RWXX1977
Kiziba RWXX3393
Kizibaziba RWXX3394
Kizibere RWXX4895
Kiziguro RWXX4896
Kiziguro RWXX0568
Kiziguro RWXX3395
Kiziho RWXX3396
Kizika RWXX4897
Kizimba RWXX4898
Kizinga RWXX0569
Kizinga RWXX3397
Kiziramuhindo RWXX4899
Kiziranyenzi RWXX1978
Kizura RWXX3398
Koko RWXX3399
Kome RWXX0570
Kona RWXX4900
Kora RWXX3400
Korwe RWXX3401
Kubagiramenyo RWXX3402
Kugali RWXX3403
Kugatsi RWXX0571
Kugihembe RWXX4901
Kukabuye RWXX0572
Kukana RWXX0573
Kukarambi RWXX0574
Kukarenge RWXX0575
Kukinkuba RWXX0576
Kumana RWXX1979
Kumana RWXX0577
Kumana RWXX3404
Kumburu RWXX4902
Kumukenke RWXX5866
Kumukenke RWXX4903
Kumumeya RWXX0578
Kumunini RWXX0579
Kumunini RWXX1980
Kumunyinya RWXX4904
Kumurambo RWXX0580
Kumusenyi RWXX3405
Kumutaka RWXX3406
Kumutsindo RWXX0581
Kumuyange RWXX4905
Kumwiga RWXX0582
Kunga RWXX3407
Kunini RWXX3408
Kununya RWXX3409
Kurugalika RWXX3410
Kurugari RWXX0583
Kuruhira RWXX4906
Kurukara RWXX4907
Kurunuka RWXX4908
Kurusizi RWXX0584
Kuruyaga RWXX4909
Kuruyenzi RWXX0585
Kuwimana RWXX0586
Kuwingugu RWXX4910
Kuwinkingi RWXX4911
Kwibanda RWXX1981
Kwihanika RWXX0587
Kwiraro RWXX1982
Kwitaba RWXX4912
Liba RWXX4913
Limbanya RWXX4914
Linda RWXX4915
Linganwe RWXX4916
Liryi RWXX1983
Lolenge RWXX0588
Lubindi RWXX0589
Lugarama RWXX0590
Luhigiro RWXX3411
Luhonge RWXX3412
Luhunga RWXX3413
Lutendele RWXX0591
Luzizi RWXX4917
Lyagahoro RWXX0592
Lyagashabali RWXX5867
Lyagashaka RWXX0593
Lyakabaka RWXX5868
Lyakabwebwe RWXX3414
Lyakayumbu RWXX3415
Lyakigaju RWXX3416
Lyamwana RWXX3417
Lyandinzi RWXX1984
Lyango RWXX1985
Lyankana RWXX3418
Lyanyagahangara RWXX3419
Lyaruganzu RWXX1986
Lyasagahara RWXX3420
Mabago RWXX1987
Mabanza RWXX3421
Mabara RWXX4918
Mabare RWXX1988
Mabare RWXX0594
Mabende RWXX4919
Mabuga RWXX0595
Mabuga I RWXX0596
Mabuga Il RWXX0597
Maburane RWXX0598
Mabwa RWXX0599
Macuba RWXX3422
Macuba RWXX0600
Macubi RWXX4920
Mafumirwa RWXX1989
Mafurebo RWXX1990
Magaba RWXX3423
Magarama RWXX3424
Mageregere RWXX5869
Magezi RWXX1991
Magi RWXX4921
Magondo RWXX4922
Mahaha RWXX1992
Mahama RWXX0601
Mahango RWXX0602
Mahaza RWXX1993
Maho RWXX1994
Mahoko-Centre RWXX3425
Mahungubuye RWXX3426
Mahura RWXX1995
Majanja RWXX0603
Makoko RWXX3427
Makoma RWXX0604
Makoro RWXX3428
Makurizo RWXX3429
Makwandi RWXX0605
Maliba RWXX1996
Malimba RWXX4923
Malinga RWXX4924
Maliza RWXX4925
Mamba RWXX4926
Mameresho RWXX4927
Mamfu RWXX0606
Manama RWXX4928
Manene RWXX0607
Mangarama RWXX0608
Manihira RWXX3430
Manishya RWXX0609
Manjali I RWXX1997
Manjali II RWXX1998
Manwali RWXX4929
Manyagiro RWXX1999
Manyana RWXX4930
Manyera RWXX4931
Manyinya RWXX4932
Manzi RWXX3431
Mapfundo RWXX4933
Mara RWXX3432
Maraba RWXX4934
Maraba RWXX3433
Marabuye RWXX3434
Maragwe RWXX2000
Marambo RWXX4935
Marangara RWXX2001
Marangi RWXX4936
Maraniro RWXX3435
Maranyundo RWXX0610
Mararo RWXX2002
Mare RWXX4937
Mareba RWXX0611
Marebe RWXX3436
Marembo RWXX2003
Marenga RWXX4938
Marenge RWXX2004
Mareru RWXX3437
Mariba RWXX4939
Marimba RWXX0612
Marora RWXX3438
Maryoha RWXX2005
Maryohe RWXX3439
Maryohe RWXX4940
Masaka RWXX5870
Masama RWXX4941
Masambo RWXX4942
Masambu RWXX4943
Masandi RWXX0613
Masangano RWXX0614
Masango RWXX4944
Masango RWXX3440
Masara RWXX4945
Maseka RWXX3441
Masenga I RWXX0615
Masenga Il RWXX0616
Masetsa RWXX2006
Masha RWXX3442
Mashenyi RWXX4946
Mashesha RWXX3443
Mashetsa RWXX4947
Mashoza RWXX3444
Mashuhera RWXX3445
Mashya RWXX4948
Mashya RWXX0617
Mashya RWXX5871
Mashyiga RWXX3446
Mashyoza RWXX0618
Mashyuza RWXX3447
Masiga RWXX4949
Masinde RWXX4950
Masiza RWXX3448
Masizi RWXX5872
Maso RWXX4951
Masogwe RWXX2007
Masogwe RWXX4952
Masoro RWXX2008
Masoro RWXX5873
Masumo RWXX4953
Masunzu RWXX4954
Maswa RWXX0619
Maswa RWXX4955
Mata RWXX4956
Mata RWXX2009
Matahiro RWXX0620
Matanda RWXX2010
Matare RWXX3449
Matavu RWXX2011
Matereza RWXX3450
Matsinda RWXX4957
Matsinsi RWXX4958
Matunguru RWXX0621
Matyazo RWXX4959
Maya RWXX0622
Maya RWXX5874
Mayabakiza RWXX0623
Mayaga RWXX4960
Mayange RWXX0624
Mayizi RWXX0625
Mayogi RWXX0626
Mayora RWXX0627
Mayumba RWXX2012
Mayunzwe RWXX4961
Maza RWXX4962
Mazane RWXX0628
Mazinga RWXX0629
Mbabe RWXX5875
Mbagabaga RWXX4963
Mbali RWXX4964
Mbanda RWXX3451
Mbare RWXX0630
Mbare RWXX4965
Mbasa RWXX4966
Mbati RWXX4967
Mbayaya RWXX4968
Mbayo RWXX0631
Mbeba RWXX4969
Mbeho RWXX4970
Mbeli RWXX3452
Mbilili RWXX4971
Mbilima RWXX2013
Mbilizi RWXX0632
Mbizi RWXX4972
Mbogo RWXX3453
Mbogo RWXX2014
Mbogo RWXX0633
Mbonabose RWXX2015
Mboneko RWXX3454
Mboza RWXX2016
Mbuga RWXX0634
Mbuga RWXX4974
Mbuga RWXX2017
Mbuga RWXX3455
Mbuli RWXX4975
Mburabuturo RWXX2018
Mburabuturo RWXX0635
Mburane RWXX2019
Mbuye RWXX3456
Mbyo RWXX0637
Merezo RWXX2020
Meru RWXX4977
Meshero RWXX2021
Mfune RWXX0638
Mhanzi RWXX3457
Mibilizi RWXX4978
Mibina RWXX4979
Mibinzi RWXX3458
Mibirizi RWXX3459
Micanzigo RWXX0639
Micinyiro RWXX3460
Micyamu RWXX3461
Migamba RWXX0640
Migendezo RWXX2022
Migendo RWXX4980
Migera RWXX0641
Migina RWXX4981
Migongo RWXX3462
Miko RWXX0642
Miko RWXX3463
Miko RWXX4982
Milindi RWXX3464
Minaga RWXX4983
Minazi RWXX2023
Mirama RWXX4984
Mirambi RWXX2024
Mirambi RWXX4985
Mirara RWXX3465
Miraramo RWXX3466
Mirayi RWXX4986
Mirehe RWXX4987
Miruku RWXX2025
Misatsi RWXX0643
Misave RWXX4988
Mishungero RWXX4989
Misilimbo RWXX3467
Mitako RWXX0644
Mitali RWXX0645
Mitsimbi RWXX4990
Mitungu RWXX0646
Miyange RWXX2026
Miyove RWXX2027
Mizibili RWXX0647
Mizingo RWXX3468
Mohororo RWXX3469
Mpabe RWXX3470
Mpabwa RWXX2028
Mpama RWXX0648
Mpamo RWXX2029
Mpanda RWXX4991
Mpandu RWXX0649
Mpanga RWXX0650
Mpanga RWXX5876
Mpanguhe RWXX0651
Mpare RWXX4992
Mparo RWXX4993
Mparwe RWXX3471
Mpashani RWXX0652
Mpatsi RWXX3472
Mpatswe RWXX4994
Mpaza RWXX4995
Mpemba RWXX4996
Mpembe RWXX3473
Mpembwe RWXX0653
Mpenge RWXX4997
Mpiga RWXX0654
Mpinga RWXX0655
Mpishyi RWXX3474
Mpombo RWXX3475
Mpondwa RWXX0656
Mpongora RWXX3476
Mpumbu RWXX3477
Mpunge RWXX4998
Mpungwe RWXX0657
Mpungwe RWXX4999
Mpushi RWXX5000
Mpushi RWXX3478
Mubago RWXX0658
Mubaha RWXX0659
Mubahore RWXX2030
Mubajuguli RWXX0660
Mubanga RWXX2031
Mubasa RWXX5001
Mubera RWXX3479
Mubezi RWXX5002
Mubimbi RWXX2032
Mubombo RWXX3480
Mubona RWXX2033
Mubona RWXX3481
Mubona I RWXX2034
Mubona II RWXX2035
Mubongi RWXX3482
Muboni RWXX5003
Mubori RWXX3483
Mububa RWXX0661
Mubuga RWXX5004
Mubuga RWXX3484
Mubuga RWXX2036
Mubugu RWXX3485
Mubumbano RWXX5005
Mubumbwe RWXX0662
Mubura RWXX5877
Mubura RWXX2037
Mubyiza RWXX5006
Mucaca RWXX3487
Mucaca RWXX2038
Mucubira RWXX5007
Mucumazo RWXX2039
Mucuzi RWXX3488
Mucyamo RWXX5008
Mucyili RWXX0663
Mudahanwa RWXX0664
Mudasomwa RWXX5009
Mudende RWXX3489
Mudoboli RWXX5010
Mudondi RWXX5011
Mudugali RWXX2040
Muduha RWXX5012
Muduha RWXX3490
Mufukuro RWXX2041
Mufumba RWXX3491
Mufumbezi RWXX3492
Mugacekeli RWXX0665
Mugakindu RWXX0666
Mugali RWXX5013
Mugali RWXX2042
Mugamba RWXX5014
Mugamba RWXX2043
Mugambazi RWXX2044
Muganda RWXX3493
Mugandamure RWXX5015
Mugandu RWXX2045
Mugano RWXX3494
Mugano RWXX5016
Muganwa RWXX2046
Muganza RWXX5017
Muganza RWXX0667
Mugara RWXX2047
Mugara RWXX3496
Mugaragara RWXX5018
Mugarama RWXX2048
Mugasekera RWXX0668
Mugatara RWXX0669
Mugatare RWXX0670
Mugateke RWXX5019
Mugatoki RWXX0671
Mugenda RWXX2049
Mugenda I RWXX2050
Mugenda II RWXX2051
Mugenge RWXX3497
Mugenyiwanga RWXX2052
Mugera RWXX3498
Mugera RWXX0672
Mugereke RWXX5020
Mugerero RWXX3499
Mugesera RWXX0673
Mugeyo RWXX5021
Mugina RWXX5022
Mugina RWXX3500
Muginga RWXX5023
Mugirampeke RWXX5024
Mugobe RWXX5025
Mugobero RWXX3501
Mugogo RWXX0674
Mugogo RWXX2053
Mugogwe RWXX5026
Mugogwe RWXX2054
Mugohe RWXX3502
Mugomba RWXX3503
Mugombo RWXX3504
Mugombwa RWXX2055
Mugombwa RWXX5027
Mugomero RWXX2056
Mugomero RWXX0675
Mugonzi RWXX5028
Mugorore RWXX2057
Mugote RWXX5029
Mugozi RWXX3505
Muguguli RWXX2058
Muguha RWXX0676
Muguli RWXX2059
Muguli RWXX3506
Mugunda RWXX3507
Mugunda RWXX5030
Mugunga RWXX2060
Mugunga RWXX5031
Mugusa RWXX5032
Mugusha RWXX0677
Muguta RWXX2061
Mugwati RWXX2062
Mugwato RWXX2063
Mugwe RWXX5033
Mugwira RWXX2064
Muhaga RWXX5034
Muhama RWXX2065
Muhamba RWXX0678
Muhambara RWXX5035
Muhambo RWXX0679
Muhanda RWXX3509
Muhanga RWXX3510
Muhare RWXX3511
Muhari RWXX3512
Muhato RWXX3513
Muhavu RWXX3514
Muhayasugu RWXX2067
Muhaza RWXX2068
Muhazi RWXX0680
Muhembe RWXX5036
Muhendu RWXX2069
Muhero RWXX2070
Muheta RWXX2071
Muhigi RWXX3515
Muhihi RWXX2072
Muhihi RWXX3516
Muhima RWXX5878
Muhindo RWXX3517
Muhindo RWXX0681
Muhindo RWXX5037
Muhingo RWXX2073
Muhingu RWXX0682
Muhira RWXX3518
Muhombo RWXX5039
Muhora RWXX2074
Muhora RWXX5040
Muhoroho RWXX2075
Muhorore RWXX2076
Muhororo RWXX3519
Muhororo RWXX2077
Muhororo I RWXX5042
Muhororo II RWXX5043
Muhotora RWXX2078
Muhoza RWXX2079
Muhoza RWXX5044
Muhozi RWXX0683
Muhulire RWXX0684
Muhumyo RWXX3520
Muhungwe RWXX3521
Muhura RWXX2080
Muhura RWXX0685
Mujahu RWXX5045
Mujerenge RWXX5046
Mujuga RWXX5047
Mujyeruru RWXX5048
Mujyojyo RWXX3522
Mukaka RWXX3523
Mukamira RWXX2081
Mukande RWXX5049
Mukarambo RWXX2082
Mukarange RWXX2083
Mukarange RWXX3524
Mukarange RWXX0686
Mukebera RWXX3525
Mukeli RWXX2084
Mukenke RWXX0687
Mukenke RWXX2085
Mukibangiro RWXX3526
Mukiha RWXX0688
Mukimba RWXX5050
Mukimbagiro RWXX3527
Mukindo RWXX5051
Mukinga RWXX5052
Mukingi RWXX5053
Mukingo RWXX5054
Mukingo RWXX2086
Mukinja RWXX3529
Mukira RWXX5055
Mukira RWXX2087
Mukirangwe RWXX2088
Mukiza RWXX5056
Muko RWXX2089
Muko RWXX0689
Muko RWXX3530
Mukoma RWXX3531
Mukoma RWXX5058
Mukomacara RWXX5059
Mukondo RWXX3532
Mukongoro RWXX5060
Mukoni RWXX5061
Mukono RWXX2090
Mukore RWXX3533
Mukoyoyo RWXX0691
Mukuge RWXX5062
Mukumba RWXX2091
Mukungu RWXX5063
Mukunguri RWXX5064
Mukura RWXX3535
Mukuyi RWXX2092
Mukuyu RWXX2093
Mukuyu RWXX5879
Mukwiza RWXX0692
Mulamoi RWXX0693
Mulico RWXX5065
Mulihi RWXX2094
Mulindi RWXX2095
Mulindi RWXX3536
Mulinga RWXX3537
Muliniga RWXX3538
Mulinja RWXX5066
Mulinja RWXX0694
Mulinja RWXX5880
Muliza RWXX0695
Muliza RWXX2096
Muliza RWXX5067
Mumataba RWXX5068
Mumirambi RWXX0696
Mumuli RWXX0697
Munaba RWXX3539
Munamira RWXX3540
Munanira RWXX3541
Munanira RWXX5881
Munanira RWXX5069
Munanira RWXX2097
Munanira II RWXX2098
Munazi RWXX0698
Munazi RWXX5070
Mundekwe RWXX0699
Munege RWXX5071
Munege RWXX0700
Munege RWXX3542
Munguzi RWXX3543
Munigane RWXX5072
Munihi RWXX2099
Munimi RWXX5073
Munini RWXX3544
Munini RWXX5074
Munini RWXX2100
Munini I RWXX0701
Munini II RWXX0702
Munkoma RWXX0703
Munnyangali RWXX5075
Munoga RWXX5076
Munombe RWXX5077
Munopfu RWXX5078
Munsheke RWXX0704
Muntwali RWXX5079
Mununi RWXX0705
Mununu RWXX0706
Munyaga RWXX0707
Munyana RWXX2101
Munyana RWXX3545
Munyange RWXX3546
Munyege RWXX5080
Munyenyeli RWXX5081
Munyiginya RWXX0708
Munyinya RWXX5082
Munyinye RWXX2102
Munyove RWXX3547
Munyururu RWXX0709
Munzanga RWXX3548
Mupfundo RWXX2103
Muraba RWXX5083
Murago RWXX0710
Murakazaneza RWXX3549
Murama RWXX5084
Murama RWXX3550
Murama RWXX2104
Muramba RWXX2105
Muramba RWXX3551
Muramba I RWXX3552
Murambi RWXX0712
Murambi RWXX3553
Murambi RWXX5085
Murambi RWXX2106
Murambi I RWXX2107
Murambi II RWXX2108
Murambo RWXX2109
Murambo RWXX0713
Murandaryi RWXX5086
Murangara RWXX0714
Murangara RWXX3554
Murangi RWXX3555
Muranzi RWXX2110
Murara RWXX3556
Muraza RWXX3557
Murehe RWXX0715
Murehe RWXX2111
Murehe-Nord RWXX5087
Mureherwa RWXX5088
Murembo RWXX5089
Muremera RWXX5090
Muremera RWXX3558
Muremure RWXX5091
Murenda RWXX5092
Murende RWXX5093
Murengeli RWXX3559
Murengezo RWXX3560
Murenzi RWXX2112
Murera RWXX5094
Murira RWXX3561
Muroli RWXX2113
Murondwe RWXX3562
Murongozi RWXX2114
Muronzi RWXX3563
Murora RWXX2115
Murore RWXX2116
Murubumba RWXX0716
Murugagi RWXX0717
Murugando RWXX0718
Murukamba RWXX0719
Murukizi RWXX0720
Murukore RWXX0721
Murundi RWXX3564
Murundi RWXX0722
Murundo RWXX3565
Murungu RWXX2117
Mururu RWXX3566
Muruvumu RWXX0723
Murwa RWXX0724
Murya RWXX3567
Muryorera RWXX2118
Musaga RWXX2119
Musagara RWXX2120
Musagara RWXX5095
Musaho RWXX3568
Musama RWXX2121
Musambagiro RWXX5096
Musambi RWXX5097
Musambira RWXX5098
Musamo RWXX5099
Musamvu RWXX0725
Musangati RWXX3569
Musange RWXX5100
Musango RWXX3570
Musanze RWXX2122
Musanzu RWXX2123
Musaraba RWXX5101
Musarara RWXX5102
Musasa RWXX2124
Musasa RWXX3571
Musasa RWXX5103
Musasu RWXX5104
Musatsi RWXX5105
Musave RWXX5882
Musave RWXX5106
Musave RWXX2125
Musaza RWXX0726
Muse RWXX5107
Musebeya RWXX5108
Musekera RWXX2126
Musembe RWXX2127
Musenda RWXX2128
Musengese RWXX3572
Musengo RWXX5109
Musenyi RWXX5110
Musenyi RWXX2129
Musenyi RWXX0727
Musetsa RWXX2130
Musezero RWXX5883
Musezero RWXX5111
Musha RWXX5112
Musha RWXX0728
Mushali RWXX2131
Mushegesho RWXX5113
Musheke RWXX2132
Musheli RWXX0730
Mushike RWXX2133
Mushingshiro RWXX5114
Mushirabwoba RWXX2134
Mushirarungu RWXX5115
Mushishiro RWXX3573
Mushongi RWXX2135
Mushongi RWXX5116
Mushonyi RWXX3574
Mushubati RWXX3575
Mushubati RWXX5117
Mushubi RWXX5118
Mushubi RWXX2136
Mushunga RWXX2137
Mushwati RWXX5119
Mushyitsi RWXX5120
Musiga RWXX5884
Musimba RWXX5885
Muskera RWXX2138
Musonga RWXX2139
Musonga RWXX3576
Musongati RWXX5121
Musongati RWXX3577
Musoro RWXX3578
Musovu RWXX0731
Musumba RWXX3579
Musumba RWXX0732
Musumba RWXX5122
Musumule RWXX0733
Musya RWXX0734
Mutaba RWXX3580
Mutagata RWXX2140
Mutakara RWXX5123
Mutakwa RWXX5124
Mutambiko RWXX2141
Mutamo RWXX3581
Mutamwa RWXX0735
Mutanda RWXX3582
Mutandi RWXX2142
Mutara RWXX3583
Mutego RWXX2143
Mutembe RWXX3584
Mutende RWXX5126
Mutendeli RWXX0737
Mutengeli RWXX5127
Mutete RWXX2144
Mutete RWXX0738
Muti RWXX0739
Mutima RWXX5128
Mutimasi RWXX3585
Mutobo RWXX5129
Mutobwe RWXX5130
Mutojo RWXX0740
Mutokerezwa RWXX2145
Mutoli RWXX5131
Mutonga RWXX2146
Mutongo RWXX3586
Mutongo RWXX2147
Mutovu RWXX5132
Mutovu RWXX3587
Mutovu RWXX2148
Mutubuye RWXX5133
Mutulirwa RWXX5134
Mutumasi RWXX2149
Mutumba RWXX5135
Mutumba RWXX0741
Mutunda RWXX5136
Mutungo RWXX2150
Mutuntu RWXX3588
Mutuntu RWXX5137
Mutura RWXX3589
Muturagaza RWXX3590
Muturama RWXX5138
Muture RWXX2151
Muturiro RWXX5139
Muturirwa RWXX5140
Mutusa RWXX3591
Mutwa RWXX3592
Muva RWXX3593
Muvebwa RWXX3594
Muvumba RWXX0742
Muvumbu RWXX3595
Muyabaranda RWXX0743
Muyaga RWXX5141
Muyaga II RWXX5142
Muyange RWXX5886
Muyange RWXX3596
Muyange RWXX2152
Muyange RWXX5143
Muyantende RWXX0744
Muyebe RWXX5144
Muyenje RWXX0745
Muyenzi RWXX0746
Muyira RWXX5145
Muyira RWXX3597
Muyogoro RWXX5146
Muyoka RWXX0747
Muyongwe RWXX2153
Muyumbu RWXX0748
Muyumbu II RWXX2154
Muyunzwe RWXX5147
Muza RWXX5148
Muzenga RWXX5149
Muzi RWXX3598
Muzingira RWXX0749
Muzirangegera RWXX0750
Muzizi RWXX0751
Muzo RWXX2155
Mvumba RWXX0752
Mvuzo RWXX2156
Mwagiro RWXX2157
Mwaka RWXX5150
Mwali RWXX5151
Mwali RWXX3599
Mwambaro RWXX0753
Mwambi RWXX2158
Mwambu RWXX3600
Mwana RWXX2159
Mwanabili RWXX5152
Mwanganshuro RWXX5153
Mwange RWXX2160
Mwango RWXX3601
Mwanza RWXX2161
Mwanzo RWXX2162
Mwaro RWXX3602
Mwaro RWXX5154
Mwaryi RWXX5155
Mwasa RWXX3603
Mwasha RWXX2163
Mwega RWXX3604
Mwegera RWXX3605
Mwendo RWXX5887
Mwendo RWXX3606
Mwendo RWXX5156
Mwendo RWXX0754
Mwendo RWXX2164
Mwenya RWXX0755
Mwenyi RWXX2165
Mweru RWXX2166
Mwesa RWXX0756
Mweya RWXX3607
Mwezi RWXX3608
Mwiha RWXX5157
Mwijanda RWXX5158
Mwiko RWXX2167
Mwili RWXX0757
Mwilika RWXX2168
Mwima RWXX5159
Mwiramba RWXX5160
Mwirongi RWXX2169
Mwirute RWXX5161
Mwisha RWXX2170
Mwishogwe RWXX5162
Mwishya RWXX2171
Mwite RWXX2172
Mwitegero RWXX5163
Mwito RWXX3609
Mwiyando RWXX2173
Mwiyanike RWXX3610
Mwizinga RWXX0758
Mwoga RWXX0759
Mwogo RWXX0760
Mwokora RWXX5164
Mwoya RWXX5165
Mwuba RWXX3611
Mwulire RWXX0761
Mwulire RWXX5166
Mwulire RWXX2174
Mwuma RWXX0762
Mwumba RWXX2175
Namankurwe RWXX5167
Nanga RWXX2176
Nawe RWXX0763
Nburabuturo RWXX0764
Ncelima RWXX3612
Nculi RWXX5168
Ndaba RWXX3613
Ndago RWXX0765
Ndago RWXX3614
Ndago RWXX5169
Ndago RWXX2177
Ndama RWXX0766
Ndamira RWXX0767
Ndarage RWXX2178
Ndarage RWXX0768
Ndarama RWXX2179
Ndaro RWXX3615
Ndatemwa RWXX0769
Ndatemwa RWXX5170
Ndayabana RWXX2180
Ndego RWXX0770
Ndengamire RWXX2181
Ndengwa RWXX3616
Ndera RWXX2182
Ndimiro RWXX2183
Ndiza RWXX5171
Ndobogo RWXX5172
Ndobogo RWXX3617
Ndogomba RWXX3618
Ndora RWXX5173
Ndorahe RWXX2184
Ndorandi RWXX2185
Ndoranyi RWXX3619
Ndorwa RWXX3620
Nduba RWXX3621
Nduba RWXX0771
Nduba RWXX2186
Ndubi RWXX2187
Nduruma RWXX2188
Ndusu RWXX2189
Nduzi RWXX5174
Neke RWXX0772
Nemba RWXX2190
Nemba RWXX5175
Nemba RWXX0773
Nemba RWXX3622
Nengo RWXX3623
Ngabira RWXX0774
Ngabitsinze RWXX2191
Ngabo RWXX3624
Ngamba RWXX5176
Ngamba RWXX3625
Ngambi RWXX5177
Ngando RWXX3626
Ngango RWXX2192
Nganwa RWXX2193
Nganwa RWXX0775
Nganzo RWXX3627
Ngara RWXX0776
Ngara RWXX2194
Ngarama RWXX5178
Ngarama RWXX0777
Ngarama RWXX2195
Ngaru RWXX2196
Ngaru RWXX5179
Ngarulira RWXX5180
Ngaryi RWXX5181
Ngayake RWXX2197
Ngazo RWXX3628
Ngege RWXX3629
Ngeli RWXX5182
Ngendo RWXX2198
Ngera RWXX5183
Ngeruka RWXX0778
Ngeso RWXX5184
Ngezi RWXX2199
Ngiga RWXX3630
Ngilyi RWXX5185
Ngiryi RWXX2200
Ngobagoba RWXX3631
Ngoboka RWXX3632
Ngobyi RWXX5186
Ngoma RWXX0779
Ngoma RWXX5187
Ngoma RWXX3633
Ngomwa RWXX3634
Ngondore RWXX2201
Ngoro RWXX3635
Ngorore RWXX3636
Ngororero RWXX5188
Ngororero RWXX3637
Nguba RWXX2202
Ngugo RWXX3638
Ngugu RWXX0780
Nguli RWXX2203
Ngumeri I RWXX0781
Ngumeri II RWXX0782
Ngundusi RWXX3639
Ngurunguzu RWXX3640
Nguzi RWXX0007
Ngwa RWXX5189
Niboye RWXX5889
Nindo RWXX2204
Njambwe RWXX3641
Nkakwa RWXX5190
Nkakwa RWXX0783
Nkama RWXX3642
Nkamba RWXX0784
Nkamba RWXX5191
Nkambi RWXX5192
Nkana RWXX0785
Nkanda RWXX5193
Nkanda Il RWXX5194
Nkanga RWXX2205
Nkanga RWXX3643
Nkanga RWXX0786
Nkara RWXX2206
Nkelima RWXX3644
Nkenke RWXX2207
Nkenzi RWXX2208
Nketsi RWXX2209
Nkiko RWXX5195
Nkiliza RWXX2210
Nkima RWXX5196
Nkimbili RWXX5197
Nkingo RWXX5198
Nkoma RWXX5199
Nkomane RWXX2211
Nkomane RWXX3645
Nkomangwa RWXX0787
Nkomero RWXX5200
Nkondo RWXX0788
Nkongi RWXX0789
Nkongi RWXX2213
Nkora RWXX2214
Nkoragaheto RWXX2215
Nkore RWXX5201
Nkoronko RWXX0790
Nkorwe RWXX5202
Nkoto RWXX2216
Nkoto RWXX5203
Nkoto RWXX3646
Nkotsi RWXX2217
Nkuba RWXX0791
Nkubankari RWXX2218
Nkubi RWXX5204
Nkuli RWXX2219
Nkuli RWXX3647
Nkumba RWXX2220
Nkumbure RWXX5206
Nkuna RWXX3649
Nkungu RWXX0792
Nkurazo RWXX2221
Nkurubuye RWXX3650
Nkurukuru RWXX3651
Nkurungwe RWXX2222
Nkurura RWXX2223
Nkusi RWXX2224
Nkuzuzu RWXX2225
Nkwali RWXX5207
Nkwandi RWXX0793
Nombe RWXX2226
Nombe RWXX5208
Nonko RWXX5890
Nsangabuza RWXX2227
Nshenyi RWXX5209
Nshili RWXX5210
Nshili RWXX0794
Nshili I RWXX0795
Nshili Il RWXX0796
Nshoro RWXX0797
Nshure RWXX0798
Nsinda RWXX0799
Ntaba RWXX2228
Ntabangira RWXX2229
Ntabo RWXX3652
Ntaga RWXX0800
Ntaganzwa RWXX0801
Ntagati RWXX0802
Ntamiziro RWXX2230
Ntanda RWXX5211
Ntanga RWXX3654
Ntango RWXX3655
Ntara RWXX0803
Ntarabana RWXX3656
Ntarabana RWXX2231
Ntaraga RWXX2232
Ntarama RWXX0804
Ntarama RWXX3657
Ntare RWXX5212
Ntaremba RWXX2233
Ntaremba RWXX0805
Ntaruka RWXX0806
Ntebe RWXX5213
Ntebe RWXX0807
Ntebeyimandwa RWXX2234
Nteko RWXX5214
Nteko RWXX3658
Ntenda RWXX3659
Ntenderi RWXX5215
Ntenyi RWXX3660
Ntenyo RWXX5216
Nterere RWXX0808
Ntereti RWXX3661
Ntete RWXX0809
Ntikarama RWXX5217
Ntimbili RWXX5218
Ntimbo RWXX3662
Ntindo RWXX5219
Ntintyi RWXX0810
Ntobwe RWXX3663
Ntobwe RWXX2235
Ntomyu RWXX2236
Ntonde RWXX2237
Ntonde RWXX5221
Ntongwe RWXX5222
Ntonyanga RWXX2238
Ntora RWXX5891
Ntosho RWXX5223
Ntovi I RWXX0811
Ntovi II RWXX0812
Ntsinduka RWXX3664
Ntumba RWXX3665
Ntunga RWXX0813
Ntungamo RWXX5224
Ntunguru RWXX2239
Ntuntu RWXX5225
Ntura RWXX3666
Nturo RWXX3667
Ntwana RWXX2240
Ntyaba RWXX2241
Ntyazo RWXX5226
Ntyinyinshi RWXX5227
Nulambi RWXX3668
Nunga RWXX5228
Nunga RWXX5893
Nyabagaza RWXX0815
Nyabageni RWXX2242
Nyabageni RWXX3669
Nyabaguma RWXX0816
Nyabantu RWXX3670
Nyabaranga RWXX0817
Nyabayama RWXX0818
Nyabibugu RWXX5229
Nyabicuma RWXX5230
Nyabicwamba RWXX0819
Nyabiduha RWXX5231
Nyabigega RWXX0820
Nyabigoma RWXX2243
Nyabigugu RWXX5894
Nyabigugu RWXX3671
Nyabiguli RWXX3672
Nyabihanga RWXX3673
Nyabiheke RWXX5232
Nyabiheke RWXX0821
Nyabihu RWXX2244
Nyabijya RWXX5233
Nyabikeli RWXX5234
Nyabikenke RWXX5235
Nyabikenke RWXX3675
Nyabikenke I RWXX0822
Nyabikenke Il RWXX0823
Nyabikili RWXX0824
Nyabikokora RWXX0825
Nyabikoni RWXX5236
Nyabiku RWXX0826
Nyabilyo RWXX5237
Nyabimata RWXX5238
Nyabimuli RWXX0827
Nyabinaga RWXX3676
Nyabinombe RWXX3677
Nyabintare RWXX3678
Nyabinyenga RWXX5239
Nyabinyenga RWXX3679
Nyabiranga RWXX3680
Nyabirege RWXX2245
Nyabirehe RWXX2246
Nyabirondo RWXX5240
Nyabirondo RWXX5895
Nyabiruli RWXX5241
Nyabisagara RWXX5242
Nyabisambu RWXX5243
Nyabisasa RWXX2247
Nyabisazi RWXX5244
Nyabisenga RWXX0828
Nyabishambi RWXX2248
Nyabishike RWXX5245
Nyabishongo RWXX3681
Nyabishuli RWXX0829
Nyabishungu RWXX3682
Nyabishunzi RWXX0830
Nyabisiga RWXX3683
Nyabisiga RWXX2249
Nyabisika RWXX2250
Nyabisindu RWXX5246
Nyabisindu RWXX2251
Nyabisindu RWXX0831
Nyabisindu RWXX5896
Nyabisusa RWXX3684
Nyabitare RWXX5247
Nyabitare RWXX2252
Nyabitare RWXX0832
Nyabitegero RWXX2253
Nyabiteli RWXX0833
Nyabitenderi RWXX0834
Nyabitimbo RWXX3686
Nyabitunda RWXX3687
Nyabivumu RWXX5248
Nyabiyogo RWXX5249
Nyabizi RWXX2254
Nyabombe RWXX0835
Nyabubara RWXX0836
Nyabubare RWXX2255
Nyabubare RWXX3688
Nyabugogo RWXX5897
Nyabugona RWXX5250
Nyabugondo RWXX0837
Nyabugoro RWXX3689
Nyabugusa RWXX3690
Nyabuhoro RWXX0838
Nyabuhuzu RWXX5251
Nyabujengwe RWXX5252
Nyabukingi RWXX0839
Nyabuko RWXX2256
Nyabukobero RWXX0840
Nyabuliba RWXX2257
Nyabumera RWXX3691
Nyaburaro RWXX3692
Nyaburoro RWXX2258
Nyabusamba RWXX3693
Nyabusange RWXX5253
Nyabushi RWXX5254
Nyabushingitwa RWXX2259
Nyabushishili RWXX2260
Nyabusunzu RWXX5255
Nyabututsi RWXX3694
Nyabutwa RWXX3695
Nyabuvomo RWXX5256
Nyabwinshi RWXX3696
Nyabwishongwezi RWXX0841
Nyabwoma RWXX3697
Nyabwoma RWXX5257
Nyabyambu RWXX2261
Nyabyondo RWXX2262
Nyabyumba RWXX3698
Nyabyumba RWXX5258
Nyabyunyu RWXX5259
Nyacyoma RWXX5260
Nyacyondo RWXX5261
Nyacyonga RWXX2263
Nyacyonga RWXX0842
Nyagabinga RWXX5262
Nyagacaca RWXX3699
Nyagacaca RWXX5263
Nyagacekeli RWXX0843
Nyagacyamo RWXX0844
Nyagacyamu RWXX5264
Nyagafumberi RWXX3700
Nyagafunzo RWXX3701
Nyagafunzo RWXX2264
Nyagafurwe RWXX3702
Nyagahama RWXX0845
Nyagahama RWXX5265
Nyagahandagazi RWXX0846
Nyagahanga RWXX0847
Nyagahanga RWXX3703
Nyagahangara RWXX2265
Nyagahima RWXX3704
Nyagahinga RWXX2266
Nyagahinga RWXX0848
Nyagahinga RWXX3705
Nyagahinga RWXX5898
Nyagahinika RWXX3706
Nyagahita RWXX0849
Nyagahondo RWXX2267
Nyagahuru RWXX2268
Nyagahuru RWXX5266
Nyagakizi RWXX2269
Nyagakizi RWXX5267
Nyagakoma RWXX2270
Nyagakombe RWXX0850
Nyagakombe RWXX5268
Nyagane RWXX5269
Nyagasa RWXX0851
Nyagasambu RWXX5270
Nyagasambu RWXX2271
Nyagasani RWXX0852
Nyagasave RWXX0853
Nyagasenyi RWXX0854
Nyagashamba RWXX0855
Nyagashenyi RWXX0856
Nyagashikura RWXX3707
Nyagashurushuru RWXX5271
Nyagasigati RWXX0857
Nyagasozi RWXX5272
Nyagataba RWXX0858
Nyagatama RWXX3708
Nyagatama RWXX2272
Nyagatare RWXX5273
Nyagatare RWXX0859
Nyagatare RWXX3709
Nyagateme RWXX0860
Nyagatero RWXX3710
Nyagato RWXX3711
Nyagatojo RWXX2273
Nyagatoma RWXX2274
Nyagatongo RWXX3712
Nyagatovu RWXX2275
Nyagatovu RWXX3713
Nyagatugunda RWXX0861
Nyagatugunda RWXX2276
Nyagatwa RWXX3714
Nyagatwaba RWXX5274
Nyagihamba RWXX3715
Nyagihanga RWXX0862
Nyagihima RWXX5275
Nyagihinga RWXX5276
Nyagihunika RWXX0863
Nyagisanze RWXX5277
Nyagisasa RWXX3716
Nyagisasa RWXX5278
Nyagisenyi RWXX2277
Nyagishayo RWXX5279
Nyagishumbu RWXX5280
Nyagisozi RWXX5281
Nyagisumo RWXX5282
Nyagitabire RWXX3717
Nyagitabire RWXX2278
Nyagitongwe RWXX5283
Nyagotovu RWXX5284
Nyaguragura RWXX3718
Nyakabanda RWXX5285
Nyakabanda RWXX5899
Nyakabande RWXX0864
Nyakabande RWXX3719
Nyakabande RWXX2279
Nyakabanga RWXX0865
Nyakabanga RWXX2280
Nyakabare RWXX0866
Nyakabaya RWXX2281
Nyakabazi RWXX5286
Nyakabembe RWXX2282
Nyakabingo RWXX0867
Nyakabingo RWXX2283
Nyakabingo RWXX3720
Nyakabogo RWXX2284
Nyakabongo RWXX2285
Nyakabota RWXX0868
Nyakabungo RWXX3721
Nyakabungo RWXX5288
Nyakabungo RWXX0869
Nyakabuye RWXX3722
Nyakabuye RWXX5289
Nyakabuye RWXX2286
Nyakagano RWXX3723
Nyakagarama RWXX0870
Nyakagera RWXX2287
Nyakagezi RWXX2288
Nyakago RWXX5290
Nyakagoma RWXX3724
Nyakaguhu RWXX5291
Nyakajuri RWXX0871
Nyakaliba RWXX0872
Nyakaliro RWXX0873
Nyakamira RWXX3725
Nyakanoni RWXX0874
Nyakanyinya RWXX3726
Nyakarambi RWXX0875
Nyakarekare RWXX5292
Nyakarekare RWXX2289
Nyakarenzo RWXX3727
Nyakarera RWXX3728
Nyakarungera RWXX2290
Nyakatabire RWXX0876
Nyakavumu RWXX5293
Nyakayenzi RWXX0877
Nyakayira RWXX2291
Nyakayogera RWXX2292
Nyakazana RWXX5294
Nyakazinga RWXX0878
Nyakerera RWXX0879
Nyakesha RWXX2293
Nyakibanda RWXX5295
Nyakibande RWXX5296
Nyakibande RWXX3729
Nyakibande RWXX2294
Nyakibingo RWXX0880
Nyakibyeyi RWXX5297
Nyakiga RWXX0881
Nyakigando RWXX0882
Nyakigezi RWXX2296
Nyakiliba RWXX0883
Nyakiliba RWXX3730
Nyakiliba RWXX2297
Nyakimanga RWXX2298
Nyakina RWXX2299
Nyakinama RWXX2300
Nyakirambi RWXX3731
Nyakirehe RWXX2301
Nyakiyabo RWXX3732
Nyakiyaga RWXX3733
Nyakiza RWXX5298
Nyakizu RWXX5299
Nyakuguma RWXX5900
Nyakwibereka RWXX5901
Nyamabare RWXX5300
Nyamaberi RWXX5301
Nyamabuno RWXX2302
Nyamabuye RWXX5302
Nyamabuye RWXX3734
Nyamagabe RWXX5303
Nyamagana RWXX0884
Nyamagana RWXX3735
Nyamaganda RWXX5304
Nyamaganda RWXX3736
Nyamahinga RWXX5305
Nyamahora RWXX2303
Nyamahuru RWXX3737
Nyamahwa RWXX5306
Nyamakara RWXX3738
Nyamapfunda RWXX5307
Nyamaraba RWXX5308
Nyamarebe RWXX3739
Nyamaronko RWXX3740
Nyamasheke RWXX3741
Nyamata RWXX5309
Nyamatama RWXX5310
Nyamateka RWXX3742
Nyamateke RWXX0885
Nyamateme RWXX3743
Nyamatsinda RWXX3744
Nyamavugo RWXX3745
Nyamayaga RWXX5311
Nyamazi RWXX5312
Nyambaragasa RWXX5313
Nyambare RWXX2304
Nyambuye RWXX3746
Nyamenge RWXX0886
Nyamengo RWXX0887
Nyamenyo RWXX0888
Nyamifumba RWXX5314
Nyamigango RWXX5315
Nyamigende RWXX5316
Nyamigina RWXX2305
Nyamigina RWXX3747
Nyamigogo RWXX2306
Nyamihanda RWXX3748
Nyamihatsi RWXX5317
Nyamiheha RWXX3749
Nyamiheto RWXX5318
Nyamikaba RWXX5319
Nyamikama RWXX0889
Nyamikamba RWXX0890
Nyamikingo RWXX2307
Nyamikoni RWXX0891
Nyamilindi RWXX0892
Nyaminaga RWXX0893
Nyaminazi RWXX5320
Nyamirama RWXX3750
Nyamirama RWXX0894
Nyamirama RWXX5321
Nyamirambi RWXX2308
Nyamirambo RWXX2309
Nyamirambo RWXX5322
Nyamirambo RWXX5902
Nyamirembe RWXX0895
Nyamirembe RWXX5323
Nyamirembe RWXX2310
Nyamirunde RWXX5324
Nyamiryango RWXX0896
Nyamisare RWXX2311
Nyamisave RWXX5325
Nyamise RWXX2312
Nyamishaba RWXX3751
Nyamishinya RWXX2313
Nyamitanga RWXX2314
Nyamitanzi RWXX3752
Nyamitobo RWXX5326
Nyamivumu RWXX5327
Nyamiyaga RWXX5328
Nyamiyaga RWXX0897
Nyamiyaga I RWXX0898
Nyamiyonga RWXX5329
Nyamizi RWXX5330
Nyampanga RWXX3753
Nyampundu RWXX0899
Nyamuduha RWXX0900
Nyamugali RWXX2315
Nyamugali RWXX5331
Nyamugari RWXX3755
Nyamugeyo RWXX3756
Nyamuguli RWXX2316
Nyamugwagwa RWXX3757
Nyamuhunga RWXX3758
Nyamukingo RWXX3759
Nyamuli RWXX5332
Nyamulimirwa RWXX2317
Nyamulira RWXX3760
Nyamunindi RWXX3761
Nyamunini RWXX2318
Nyamurambanya RWXX5333
Nyamurambi RWXX2319
Nyamure RWXX5334
Nyamurembe RWXX3762
Nyamusongati RWXX2320
Nyamutarama RWXX3763
Nyamutera RWXX2321
Nyamutoko RWXX2322
Nyamuzi RWXX3764
Nyamvumba RWXX5335
Nyamvumvu RWXX2323
Nyamwinshi RWXX3765
Nyamwumba RWXX0902
Nyamyijima RWXX0903
Nyamyijima RWXX5903
Nyamyumba RWXX5336
Nyamyumba RWXX3766
Nyandama RWXX0904
Nyande RWXX2324
Nyandiga RWXX3767
Nyanga RWXX2325
Nyangara RWXX0905
Nyangazi RWXX5337
Nyange RWXX5338
Nyange I RWXX0906
Nyange II RWXX0907
Nyangobe RWXX0908
Nyangwe RWXX2326
Nyankenke RWXX2327
Nyankira RWXX3768
Nyankokomo RWXX2328
Nyansenge RWXX2329
Nyantaba RWXX3769
Nyantanga RWXX5339
Nyantange RWXX3770
Nyantarure RWXX2330
Nyantende RWXX5340
Nyantoki RWXX0909
Nyantomvu RWXX3771
Nyanunda RWXX3772
Nyanyungo RWXX3773
Nyanza RWXX0910
Nyanza RWXX2331
Nyanza RWXX0008
Nyanza RWXX5904
Nyanza I RWXX5342
Nyanza Il RWXX5343
Nyanzamura RWXX5344
Nyanzoga RWXX5345
Nyarabuye RWXX3775
Nyarigina RWXX5346
Nyarubaka RWXX5347
Nyarubande RWXX3776
Nyarubande RWXX5348
Nyarubande RWXX2332
Nyarubara RWXX2333
Nyarubare RWXX2334
Nyarubare RWXX0911
Nyarubasha RWXX3777
Nyarubingo RWXX2335
Nyarubungo RWXX0912
Nyarubuye RWXX3778
Nyarubuye RWXX5349
Nyarubuye RWXX0913
Nyarubuye RWXX2336
Nyarucundura RWXX3779
Nyarucundura I RWXX3780
Nyarucundura II RWXX3781
Nyarucyamo RWXX5350
Nyarufunzo RWXX5905
Nyarugali RWXX0914
Nyarugando RWXX2337
Nyaruganzu RWXX0915
Nyarugati RWXX0916
Nyarugati RWXX3782
Nyarugenge RWXX3783
Nyarugenge RWXX0917
Nyarugenge RWXX5351
Nyarugenge RWXX5906
Nyarugeshi RWXX2338
Nyarugina RWXX2339
Nyarugote RWXX5352
Nyarugugu RWXX5907
Nyarugumba RWXX0009
Nyarugumba RWXX5353
Nyarugunga RWXX5908
Nyaruhamba RWXX5354
Nyaruhanga RWXX2340
Nyaruhangwa RWXX0918
Nyaruhinga RWXX0919
Nyaruhoko RWXX5355
Nyaruhombo RWXX5356
Nyaruhondo RWXX3784
Nyaruhura RWXX5357
Nyaruhyinya RWXX5358
Nyaruka RWXX0920
Nyarukangaga RWXX2341
Nyarukeli RWXX5359
Nyarukeri RWXX3785
Nyarukoni RWXX0921
Nyarukore RWXX2342
Nyarumba RWXX2343
Nyarungu RWXX2344
Nyarunyinya RWXX3786
Nyarurama RWXX0922
Nyaruramba RWXX5360
Nyarurambe RWXX2345
Nyarurambi RWXX5361
Nyarure RWXX5362
Nyarurembo RWXX5363
Nyarurenda RWXX5364
Nyarurenzi RWXX5909
Nyarurumbi RWXX5365
Nyaruryango RWXX5366
Nyarusambu RWXX0923
Nyarusange RWXX2346
Nyarusange RWXX5367
Nyarusave RWXX3787
Nyarusave RWXX5368
Nyarusazi RWXX5369
Nyarusekera RWXX2347
Nyarusekera RWXX3788
Nyarusengesi RWXX5370
Nyarusharara RWXX5371
Nyarushike RWXX5372
Nyarushishati RWXX3789
Nyarushishi RWXX5373
Nyarushubi RWXX3791
Nyarushyamba RWXX3792
Nyarusiza RWXX5374
Nyarusizi RWXX2348
Nyarusovu RWXX5375
Nyarusozi RWXX0924
Nyarusunga RWXX3794
Nyarutarama RWXX2349
Nyarutarama RWXX5910
Nyaruteja RWXX5376
Nyaruteja RWXX0925
Nyarutembe RWXX3795
Nyarutembe RWXX2350
Nyaruteme RWXX3796
Nyarutoja RWXX5377
Nyarutovu RWXX5378
Nyarutovu RWXX2351
Nyarutovu RWXX0926
Nyarutovu RWXX3797
Nyarutugara RWXX3798
Nyarutunga RWXX0927
Nyaruvumu RWXX2352
Nyaruvumu RWXX3799
Nyaruyaga RWXX3800
Nyaruyaga RWXX2353
Nyaruyege RWXX3801
Nyaruyonga RWXX5379
Nyaruzi RWXX5380
Nyarwambu RWXX2354
Nyarwamura RWXX0928
Nyarwanya RWXX0929
Nyarwayu RWXX2355
Nyarwina RWXX0930
Nyarwishwa RWXX2356
Nyarwumba RWXX5381
Nyarwungo RWXX3802
Nyasagahara RWXX3803
Nyashenge RWXX3804
Nyavuvu RWXX3805
Nyawera RWXX0931
Nyembuga RWXX5382
Nyenge RWXX5383
Nyenji RWXX3806
Nyeranzi RWXX5384
Nyerenga RWXX5385
Nyesayo RWXX5386
Nyesumo RWXX5387
Nyimbyi RWXX0932
Nyinja RWXX0933
Nyinya RWXX5388
Nyirabagume RWXX2357
Nyirabihanya RWXX5389
Nyirabihigi RWXX0934
Nyirabuhene RWXX0935
Nyirabujali RWXX0936
Nyirabununu RWXX3807
Nyiragapfunsi RWXX2358
Nyiragiseke RWXX0937
Nyirakadongo RWXX0938
Nyirakagamba RWXX2359
Nyirakanywero RWXX5390
Nyiramatuntu RWXX0939
Nyiramikore RWXX2360
Nyirankona RWXX2361
Nyiranzabona RWXX0940
Nyirarukobwa RWXX0941
Nyirarukore RWXX2362
Nyirarwiru RWXX3808
Nyirashyushya RWXX3809
Nyombe RWXX0942
Nyongwe RWXX2363
Nyonilima RWXX2364
Nyumba RWXX5391
Nyundo RWXX3810
Nyundo RWXX5392
Nyundo RWXX2365
Nyungu RWXX0943
Nyungu RWXX3811
Nyura RWXX2366
Nzagwa RWXX5393
Nzahaha RWXX3812
Nzangwa RWXX0944
Nzaratsi RWXX3813
Nzebwe RWXX5394
Nzega RWXX5395
Nzige RWXX0945
Nziranziza RWXX0946
Nzoga RWXX5396
Nzoga-Runyinya RWXX3814
Nzove RWXX2367
Nzovi RWXX5397
Nzuki RWXX5398
Opyrwa RWXX2368
Paysannat A RWXX0947
Paysannat B RWXX0948
Paysannat C RWXX0949
Paysannat E RWXX0950
Paysannat G RWXX0951
Paysannat H RWXX0952
Paysannat K RWXX0953
Paysannat L RWXX0954
Paysannat M RWXX0955
Pera RWXX3815
Pfunda RWXX3816
Ramba RWXX5399
Ramba RWXX3817
Ramba RWXX2369
Rambira RWXX3818
Rambo RWXX3819
Rambura RWXX3820
Rambura RWXX2370
Rambyanyana RWXX5400
Rangi RWXX5401
Rangiro RWXX3821
Rango RWXX5402
Rango RWXX0956
Rango RWXX3822
Ranzi RWXX2371
Ranzi II RWXX2372
Raranzige RWXX5403
Raro RWXX5404
Raro RWXX2373
Rasamiro RWXX3823
Rasaniro RWXX5405
Rasano RWXX3824
Rayebe RWXX3825
Razi RWXX2374
Rebe RWXX2375
Rebe RWXX5406
Rebero RWXX0957
Rebo RWXX5407
Rega RWXX3826
Rekisugi RWXX0958
Rembero RWXX2377
Remera RWXX3827
Remera RWXX5408
Remera RWXX2378
Remera RWXX5912
Remera Il RWXX0959
Remera-Rukoma RWXX5409
Ribiha RWXX3828
Rigimbu RWXX2379
Rigumbu RWXX2380
Rilima RWXX0960
Rimwe RWXX2381
Rindimura RWXX5410
Ringaniza RWXX3829
Rohero RWXX5411
Rokohore RWXX5412
Rokoji RWXX2382
Rongi RWXX3830
Rongi RWXX5413
Rorero RWXX5414
Rubaba RWXX5415
Rubabi RWXX2383
Rubaga RWXX2384
Rubaga RWXX5416
Rubaka RWXX2385
Rubaliro RWXX0961
Rubambantare RWXX0962
Rubanda RWXX3831
Rubanda RWXX2386
Rubanga RWXX5417
Rubangali RWXX2387
Rubange RWXX2388
Rubango RWXX2389
Rubare RWXX5418
Rubatura RWXX3832
Rubavu RWXX3833
Rubaya RWXX2390
Rubayi RWXX3834
Rubayo RWXX2391
Rubayu RWXX2392
Rubazo RWXX3835
Rubeja RWXX2393
Rubenga RWXX3836
Rubengera RWXX3837
Rubete RWXX5913
Rubiha RWXX0963
Rubikiro RWXX3838
Rubilizi RWXX0964
Rubilizi RWXX2394
Rubimba RWXX0965
Rubimba RWXX5419
Rubindi RWXX5420
Rubingo RWXX2395
Rubira RWXX0966
Rubobo RWXX5421
Rubomborana RWXX0967
Rubona RWXX0968
Rubona RWXX5422
Rubonal RWXX3839
Rubondo RWXX3840
Ruboreza RWXX3841
Ruboza RWXX2397
Rububa RWXX3842
Rubuga RWXX2398
Rubugu RWXX3843
Rubumba RWXX5423
Rubumba RWXX3844
Rubungo RWXX5914
Ruburanwa RWXX2399
Rubwirwa RWXX0969
Rubyinira RWXX3845
Rubyiniro RWXX3846
Rubyiro RWXX0970
Rubyiro RWXX3847
Rucantege RWXX3848
Ruconsho RWXX2400
Rucumu RWXX2401
Rucunda RWXX5424
Rucunshu RWXX5425
Rucura RWXX3849
Rucyamu RWXX3850
Rucyurankero RWXX5426
Rudaga RWXX3851
Rudahigwa RWXX0971
Rudashya RWXX5915
Rudashya RWXX2402
Rudasuma RWXX0972
Rudehero RWXX3852
Rudogo RWXX2403
Ruduba RWXX5427
Rufuha RWXX2404
Rufunika RWXX3853
Rugabano RWXX3854
Rugabano RWXX0973
Rugabiro RWXX3855
Rugali RWXX2405
Rugali RWXX5428
Rugali RWXX3856
Rugalika RWXX3857
Rugalika RWXX2406
Rugamba RWXX3858
Rugamba RWXX2407
Rugamba I RWXX3859
Rugambira RWXX0974
Ruganda RWXX3860
Ruganda RWXX2408
Ruganda RWXX0975
Rugando RWXX5916
Rugando RWXX5430
Rugando RWXX2409
Rugandu RWXX2410
Rugango RWXX5431
Rugano RWXX3861
Rugano RWXX5432
Rugaragara RWXX0976
Rugaragara RWXX3862
Rugarama RWXX3863
Rugarama RWXX2411
Rugarama RWXX5433
Rugasa RWXX2412
Rugasa RWXX3864
Rugasali RWXX5434
Rugazi RWXX2413
Rugazi RWXX5435
Rugazi I RWXX0978
Rugazi Il RWXX0979
Rugege RWXX0980
Rugenda RWXX0981
Rugendabali RWXX0982
Rugendabali RWXX2414
Rugendabali RWXX5917
Rugende RWXX0983
Rugendo RWXX0984
Rugenge RWXX5436
Rugenge RWXX5918
Rugeragere RWXX5437
Rugeregere RWXX3865
Rugerero RWXX5438
Rugese RWXX0985
Rugese RWXX5439
Rugeshi RWXX2415
Rugeyo RWXX5440
Rugeyo RWXX0986
Rugina RWXX0987
Ruginga RWXX2416
Ruginga RWXX3866
Rugobagoba RWXX3867
Rugobagoba RWXX0988
Rugobagoba RWXX5441
Rugogwe RWXX5442
Rugogwe RWXX0989
Rugoligondi RWXX0990
Rugoma RWXX5443
Rugote RWXX3868
Rugote RWXX2418
Rugumira RWXX2419
Rugunga RWXX5444
Ruguti RWXX3869
Rugwagwa RWXX0991
Rugwe RWXX5445
Rugwiza RWXX2420
Ruhabwa RWXX3870
Ruhamagaliro RWXX5447
Ruhamagaliro RWXX3871
Ruhamiro RWXX2421
Ruhande RWXX5448
Ruhande I RWXX3872
Ruhande II RWXX3873
Ruhando RWXX3874
Ruhanga RWXX3875
Ruhanga I RWXX2422
Ruhanga II RWXX2423
Ruhangali RWXX2424
Ruhangaye RWXX5449
Ruhangiro RWXX2425
Ruhangiro RWXX3876
Ruhango RWXX5919
Ruhanika RWXX0992
Ruhanura RWXX0993
Ruhanya RWXX2426
Ruhara RWXX3877
Ruharabuge RWXX5920
Ruhare RWXX5450
Ruhashya RWXX5451
Ruhehe RWXX2427
Ruheka RWXX5452
Ruhembe RWXX0994
Ruhenda RWXX0995
Ruhenda RWXX2428
Ruhene RWXX0996
Ruhengeri RWXX2429
Ruhengeri RWXX3878
Ruheru RWXX5453
Ruheru RWXX3879
Ruhezankono RWXX5454
Ruhigiro RWXX3880
Ruhilima RWXX0997
Ruhimbi RWXX5455
Ruhimbi RWXX3881
Ruhimbi RWXX2430
Ruhina RWXX5456
Ruhinamavi RWXX3882
Ruhinamayi RWXX3883
Ruhinga RWXX2431
Ruhinga RWXX5457
Ruhinga I RWXX2432
Ruhinga II RWXX2433
Ruhingo RWXX3884
Ruhira RWXX5458
Ruhita RWXX0998
Ruhogo RWXX5459
Ruhoko RWXX0999
Ruhoko RWXX2434
Ruhombo RWXX2435
Ruhondo RWXX2436
Ruhondo RWXX3885
Ruhongore RWXX5460
Ruhoro RWXX5461
Ruhorobero RWXX2437
Ruhororo RWXX1000
Ruhororo RWXX5462
Ruhosha RWXX5463
Ruhozankanda RWXX5464
Ruhuga RWXX5465
Ruhuha RWXX1001
Ruhuha RWXX2438
Ruhuha RWXX5466
Ruhuheli RWXX3886
Ruhuma RWXX5467
Ruhunda RWXX1002
Ruhunde RWXX2439
Ruhunde RWXX3887
Ruhunga RWXX3888
Ruhungamiaga RWXX5468
Ruhura RWXX5469
Ruinihingo RWXX1003
Rujambara RWXX1004
Rujebeli RWXX3889
Rujumbura RWXX1005
Rukambura RWXX5470
Rukamiro RWXX5471
Rukandiro RWXX5472
Rukanka RWXX3890
Rukankama RWXX1006
Rukanu RWXX3891
Rukara RWXX1007
Rukara RWXX5473
Rukaragata RWXX5474
Rukaragata RWXX3892
Rukarakara RWXX5475
Rukaranka RWXX2440
Rukaranka RWXX5476
Rukatsa RWXX5921
Rukaza RWXX5477
Rukazire RWXX2441
Rukeli RWXX2442
Rukeli RWXX5478
Rukendu RWXX5479
Rukenesha RWXX3894
Rukenke RWXX5480
Rukeri RWXX5481
Rukesha RWXX1008
Rukili RWXX5922
Rukiliro RWXX5482
Rukiliza RWXX5483
Rukina RWXX5484
Rukinanyana RWXX5485
Rukindo RWXX1009
Rukinga RWXX5486
Rukingo RWXX3895
Rukingo I RWXX2443
Rukingo II RWXX2444
Rukingu RWXX2445
Rukiniro RWXX2446
Rukira RWXX5487
Rukira RWXX1010
Rukiri RWXX1011
Rukizi RWXX1012
Rukizi RWXX2447
Ruko RWXX2448
Rukohwa RWXX3896
Rukoko RWXX3897
Rukokwa RWXX3898
Rukoli RWXX1013
Rukoma RWXX2449
Rukoma Il RWXX1014
Rukomero RWXX3899
Rukomo RWXX2450
Rukondo RWXX2451
Rukondo RWXX5488
Rukongi RWXX1015
Rukoni RWXX5489
Rukora RWXX1016
Rukorakore RWXX3900
Rukore RWXX2452
Rukore RWXX5490
Rukoro RWXX3901
Rukoro III RWXX2453
Rukoronko RWXX1017
Rukorota RWXX1018
Rukoyoyo RWXX1019
Rukozo RWXX2454
Rukubankanda RWXX2455
Rukukumbo RWXX5491
Rukukumbo RWXX3902
Rukumbeli RWXX1020
Rukumbo RWXX1021
Rukungeli RWXX2456
Rukungu RWXX1022
Rukungu RWXX5492
Rukura RWXX2457
Rukuraza RWXX3903
Rukurazo RWXX1023
Rukuro RWXX5493
Rukurura RWXX3904
Rukwandu RWXX5494
Rukwavu RWXX2458
Rukwi RWXX3905
Ruli RWXX2459
Ruli RWXX5495
Ruli RWXX1024
Ruliba RWXX5923
Ruliba RWXX2460
Rulimba RWXX3906
Rulindimura RWXX1025
Rulindo RWXX1026
Rulindo RWXX2461
Rulyango RWXX5496
Ruma RWXX2462
Rumamfu RWXX3907
Rumarampamba RWXX3908
Rumaranyoni RWXX3909
Rumuli RWXX2463
Rumuri RWXX1027
Runaba RWXX3910
Runandi RWXX3911
Runanga RWXX2464
Runda RWXX5497
Rundoyi RWXX3912
Rundu RWXX1028
Rundwe RWXX3913
Runeka RWXX3914
Runga RWXX5498
Rungu RWXX3915
Rungu RWXX2465
Runigi RWXX2466
Runoga RWXX2467
Runombe RWXX5499
Runono RWXX5500
Runyami RWXX5501
Runyangando RWXX5502
Runyangwe RWXX2468
Runyanja RWXX2469
Runyankungo RWXX5503
Runyanzovu RWXX3916
Runyenga RWXX3917
Runyinya RWXX5504
Runyinya RWXX3918
Runyinya RWXX2470
Runyombyi RWXX5505
Runyonza RWXX5924
Runyovi RWXX2471
Runywamazi RWXX5506
Runzenze RWXX5925
Rupango RWXX3919
Rurabwe RWXX5507
Ruragwe RWXX3920
Ruraje RWXX2472
Rurama RWXX3921
Rurambi RWXX2473
Rurambi RWXX1029
Rurambo RWXX2474
Rurambo RWXX5508
Ruramira RWXX1030
Rurara RWXX3922
Rurebe RWXX2475
Rurebo RWXX2476
Rurembo RWXX2477
Ruremera RWXX2478
Rurenge RWXX2479
Rurengeri RWXX2480
Ruroji RWXX3923
Ruronzi RWXX5509
Rurumbu RWXX3924
Rurumbya RWXX2481
Ruruyumba RWXX2482
Rusabira RWXX2483
Rusagara RWXX1031
Rusagara RWXX5510
Rusagara I RWXX1032
Rusagara II RWXX1033
Rusagara III RWXX1034
Rusagara IV RWXX1035
Rusagara V RWXX1036
Rusake RWXX2484
Rusamanzuki RWXX2485
Rusamaza RWXX3925
Rusamaza RWXX1037
Rusambu RWXX2486
Rusambya RWXX2487
Rusangati RWXX3926
Rusaniro RWXX5511
Rusanza RWXX1038
Rusarabaga RWXX1039
Rusarabuge RWXX2488
Rusarasi RWXX5512
Rusaro I RWXX1040
Rusaro Il RWXX1041
Rusasa RWXX5513
Rusasa RWXX2489
Rusasa I RWXX2490
Rusasa II RWXX2491
Rusatira RWXX5514
Rusatira RWXX3927
Rusave RWXX2492
Rusayo RWXX2493
Rusebeya RWXX3928
Ruseke RWXX1042
Rusekera RWXX2494
Rusekera RWXX3929
Rusekera RWXX1043
Rusenge RWXX2495
Rusenge RWXX1044
Rusenge RWXX5515
Rusengese RWXX3930
Rusengesi RWXX3931
Rusenyi RWXX2496
Rusera RWXX1045
Rushabarara RWXX3932
Rushagara RWXX3933
Rushahaga RWXX3934
Rushaka RWXX3935
Rushali RWXX2497
Rushangara RWXX1046
Rushara RWXX5516
Rushara RWXX2498
Rusharu RWXX5517
Rushasha RWXX2499
Rushashi RWXX1047
Rushashi RWXX2500
Rushasho RWXX3936
Rusheshe RWXX1048
Rusheshe RWXX5926
Rusheshi RWXX3937
Rushibi RWXX2501
Rushikili RWXX5518
Rushikili RWXX3938
Rushishi RWXX3939
Rushondi RWXX3940
Rushorezo RWXX1049
Rushubi RWXX3941
Rushubi RWXX1050
Rushubi I RWXX2502
Rushubi II RWXX2503
Rushunguliro RWXX5519
Rushura RWXX3942
Rushwati RWXX3943
Rusibya RWXX1051
Rusiga RWXX2504
Rusiga RWXX3944
Rusine RWXX2505
Rusingi RWXX3945
Rusiza RWXX2506
Rusizi RWXX5520
Rusongati RWXX3946
Rusoro RWXX2507
Rusororo RWXX5521
Rusororo RWXX2508
Rusororo RWXX5928
Rusororo RWXX3947
Rusoyo RWXX5522
Rusozi RWXX1052
Rusozi RWXX3948
Rusumo RWXX1053
Rusunga RWXX5523
Rusunyu RWXX3950
Rusura RWXX2509
Rusuri RWXX2510
Rususa RWXX3951
Rususa RWXX1054
Rusuzumiro RWXX5524
Ruta RWXX2511
Rutabagu RWXX1055
Rutabi RWXX1056
Rutabo RWXX5525
Rutabo RWXX3954
Rutabo-Byejwe RWXX5526
Rutabu RWXX3955
Rutagara RWXX2512
Rutagara RWXX1057
Rutagara RWXX5527
Rutagara RWXX3956
Rutaka RWXX5528
Rutaka RWXX1058
Rutake RWXX2513
Rutangaza RWXX3957
Rutangira RWXX2514
Rutango RWXX2515
Rutarabana RWXX2516
Rutarabana RWXX5529
Rutaraga RWXX2517
Rutare RWXX2518
Rutare RWXX3958
Rutarure RWXX3959
Rutebe RWXX1059
Rutemba RWXX2519
Rutembe RWXX2520
Ruteme RWXX5530
Rutendeli RWXX2521
Rutenga RWXX5531
Rutete RWXX5532
Rutete RWXX2522
Ruti RWXX2523
Rutiti RWXX5533
Rutobotobo RWXX1060
Rutobwe RWXX5534
Rutomvu RWXX2524
Rutonde RWXX5535
Rutonde RWXX2525
Rutonde RWXX1061
Rutondwe RWXX2526
Rutongo RWXX2527
Rutoro RWXX2528
Rutovu RWXX5537
Rutovu RWXX3960
Rutovu I RWXX2529
Rutovu II RWXX2530
Rutoyi RWXX5538
Rutoyi RWXX2531
Rutsiro RWXX3961
Rutu RWXX3962
Rutukura RWXX1062
Rutumbwe RWXX1063
Rutuna RWXX3963
Rutunga RWXX2532
Rutungura RWXX3964
Rutuntu RWXX5539
Ruvomo RWXX1064
Ruvugize RWXX5540
Ruvugizo RWXX5541
Ruvumba RWXX3965
Ruvumbu RWXX3966
Ruvumu RWXX3967
Ruvune RWXX2533
Ruvuru RWXX5542
Ruvuruga RWXX3968
Ruvuzananga RWXX3969
Ruvuzi I RWXX1065
Ruvuzi Il RWXX1066
Ruvuzo RWXX5543
Ruyaga RWXX5929
Ruyange RWXX2534
Ruyaraka RWXX1067
Ruyema RWXX1068
Ruyema I RWXX1069
Ruyema II RWXX1070
Ruyenzi RWXX1071
Ruyenzi RWXX2535
Ruyenzi RWXX5544
Ruyenzi RWXX3970
Ruyenzi I RWXX1072
Ruyenzi II RWXX1073
Ruyigi RWXX5545
Ruyogoro RWXX5546
Ruyogoro RWXX3971
Ruyonga RWXX3972
Ruyove RWXX2536
Ruyumba RWXX1074
Ruyumba RWXX2537
Ruzege RWXX5548
Ruziko RWXX2538
Ruzinga Il RWXX1075
Ruzinge RWXX1076
Ruzirabatutsi RWXX5930
Ruziranyoni RWXX5549
Ruzizi RWXX2539
Ruzo RWXX2540
Ruzuru RWXX5550
Rwa RWXX2541
Rwabagoyi RWXX3973
Rwabatwa RWXX5551
Rwabavuvu RWXX5552
Rwabicuma RWXX5553
Rwabidege RWXX3974
Rwabihira RWXX5554
Rwabikwano RWXX1077
Rwabirembo RWXX3975
Rwabisheshe RWXX1078
Rwabisindu RWXX3976
Rwabitazi RWXX1079
Rwabugengeri RWXX1080
Rwabutenge RWXX5931
Rwagacece RWXX3977
Rwagahago RWXX5555
Rwagahaya RWXX1081
Rwagakobe RWXX1082
Rwagapfizi RWXX5556
Rwagitima RWXX1083
Rwagitura RWXX1084
Rwahambi RWXX5557
Rwahi RWXX2542
Rwahi RWXX3978
Rwahombo RWXX2543
Rwajembe RWXX1085
Rwakabanda RWXX1086
Rwakamonyo RWXX5558
Rwakayango RWXX1087
Rwakibilizi I RWXX1088
Rwakibilizi II RWXX1089
Rwakigorati RWXX3979
Rwakirali RWXX2544
Rwakivumu RWXX2545
Rwamabare RWXX5559
Rwamabuye RWXX3980
Rwamagambo RWXX5560
Rwamagana RWXX1090
Rwamahoro RWXX2546
Rwamahwa RWXX3981
Rwamakara RWXX5561
Rwamambe RWXX2547
Rwamanyoni RWXX1091
Rwamaraba RWXX5562
Rwamashyongoshyo RWXX1092
Rwamatabaro RWXX2548
Rwamatamu RWXX3982
Rwamateke RWXX3983
Rwambika RWXX5563
Rwambogo RWXX3984
Rwambohero RWXX1094
Rwambona RWXX2549
Rwambulira RWXX5564
Rwamibabi RWXX1095
Rwamikeli RWXX2550
Rwamiko RWXX3986
Rwamiko RWXX5565
Rwamiko-Kabuye RWXX3987
Rwamikore RWXX2551
Rwamikore RWXX5566
Rwamishiba RWXX1096
Rwamitembe RWXX2552
Rwampaka RWXX2553
Rwampali RWXX2554
Rwamubugu RWXX1097
Rwamuhilima RWXX1098
Rwamuhimbura RWXX1099
Rwamukimba RWXX5567
Rwamukobwa RWXX1100
Rwamulinzi RWXX5568
Rwamuramira RWXX3988
Rwamurema RWXX5569
Rwamusoro RWXX1101
Rwamuswa RWXX1102
Rwamuyaga RWXX3989
Rwamuyaga RWXX1103
Rwamwata RWXX5570
Rwamweru RWXX5571
Rwanamiza RWXX5572
Rwandarugali RWXX3990
Rwangabo RWXX1104
Rwangambibi RWXX5573
Rwangambuto RWXX3991
Rwangamwamda RWXX2555
Rwangara RWXX3992
Rwangara RWXX1105
Rwanira RWXX1106
Rwaniro RWXX3993
Rwaniro RWXX5574
Rwankango RWXX5575
Rwankenke RWXX3994
Rwankeri RWXX2556
Rwankikungu RWXX3995
Rwankogoto RWXX1107
Rwankomo RWXX3996
Rwankoni RWXX5576
Rwankonjo RWXX2557
Rwankuba RWXX1108
Rwankuba RWXX5577
Rwanshuro RWXX1109
Rwansoro RWXX1110
Rwantare RWXX2558
Rwanteru RWXX1111
Rwantobo RWXX3997
Rwantonde RWXX1112
Rwanya RWXX3998
Rwanyakayaga RWXX3999
Rwanyamigono RWXX1113
Rwanyanza RWXX2559
Rwanyanza RWXX5578
Rwanyundo RWXX4000
Rwanza RWXX5579
Rwanza RWXX1114
Rwanzana RWXX5580
Rwanzekuma RWXX4001
Rwara RWXX5581
Rwaramba RWXX4002
Rwarenga RWXX1115
Rwarenga RWXX2560
Rwariro RWXX4003
Rwaromba RWXX1116
Rwarugaju RWXX1117
Rwasa RWXX2561
Rwasa I RWXX2562
Rwasa II RWXX2563
Rwasaburo RWXX1118
Rwasama RWXX1119
Rwasama RWXX2564
Rwasama II RWXX1120
Rwasankuba RWXX4004
Rwasare RWXX5582
Rwaseka RWXX2565
Rwata RWXX2566
Rwatano RWXX5583
Rwatsi RWXX5584
Rwavuningoma RWXX1121
Rwavuningoma RWXX5585
Rwayikoni RWXX1122
Rwaza RWXX4005
Rwazana RWXX1123
Rwebare RWXX1124
Rwega RWXX4006
Rwegenya RWXX1125
Rwemalika RWXX2567
Rwempasha RWXX1126
Rwengero RWXX4007
Rwenje RWXX4008
Rwenkeke RWXX5587
Rwensheke RWXX1127
Rwera RWXX4009
Rwerere RWXX5588
Rwerere RWXX4010
Rwerere RWXX2568
Rweru RWXX4011
Rweru RWXX1128
Rwesero RWXX5589
Rwesero RWXX4012
Rwesero RWXX2570
Rwesero RWXX5932
Rweteto RWXX1129
Rweya RWXX4013
Rweza RWXX1130
Rweza RWXX5933
Rweza I RWXX1131
Rweza II RWXX1132
Rwezamenyo RWXX4014
Rwibikara RWXX1133
Rwibikona RWXX1134
Rwibisheke RWXX2571
Rwibumba RWXX1135
Rwigerero RWXX5590
Rwihene RWXX4015
Rwikubo RWXX1136
Rwili RWXX2572
Rwimbazi RWXX5591
Rwimbirwa RWXX1137
Rwimbogo RWXX4016
Rwimbogo RWXX2573
Rwimbogo RWXX5934
Rwimbogo RWXX1138
Rwimikoni RWXX1139
Rwiminsi RWXX2574
Rwimirama RWXX1140
Rwimishinya RWXX1141
Rwimitereri RWXX1142
Rwimondo RWXX5592
Rwimondo RWXX1143
Rwimpara RWXX1144
Rwimpili RWXX4017
Rwimpiri RWXX4018
Rwimpogo RWXX1145
Rwimpongo RWXX4019
Rwimpongo RWXX1146
Rwimpyisi RWXX1147
Rwimpyisi RWXX5593
Rwina RWXX5594
Rwingoma RWXX5595
Rwingwe RWXX2575
Rwinka RWXX1148
Rwinkingi RWXX4020
Rwinkoko RWXX5596
Rwinkuba RWXX4021
Rwinkwavu RWXX1149
Rwinkwavu RWXX4022
Rwinsanga RWXX1150
Rwinsheke RWXX1151
Rwintama RWXX5597
Rwintare RWXX1152
Rwintare RWXX2576
Rwintare RWXX5935
Rwintashya RWXX1153
Rwintembe RWXX5599
Rwinuma RWXX5600
Rwinume RWXX1154
Rwinyana RWXX1155
Rwinyege RWXX5601
Rwinyoni RWXX4023
Rwinzovu RWXX2577
Rwinzovu RWXX1156
Rwinzuki RWXX4024
Rwishwima RWXX5602
Rwishywa RWXX5603
Rwisibo RWXX5604
Rwisirabo RWXX1157
Rwisovu RWXX4025
Rwitema RWXX2578
Rwobe RWXX2579
Rwobe RWXX1158
Rwomeka RWXX5605
Rwondo RWXX2580
Rwoserezo RWXX5606
Rwotso RWXX5607
Rwozamenyo RWXX2581
Rwufi RWXX5608
Rwumanuka RWXX4026
Rwumba RWXX1159
Rwumuya RWXX4027
Rwungo RWXX2582
Rwungo RWXX4028
Rwuya RWXX4029
Ryabaheshwa RWXX1160
Ryabidandi RWXX5609
Ryabisine RWXX4030
Ryabizige RWXX4031
Ryabushogoro RWXX1161
Ryabutsinzi RWXX1162
Ryagahindiro RWXX4032
Ryagashitsi RWXX4033
Ryakirenzi RWXX1163
Ryamakaza RWXX1164
Ryamanyoni RWXX1165
Ryamaraza RWXX4034
Ryamayaya RWXX2583
Ryamirenge RWXX1166
Ryampunga RWXX1167
Ryamugabo RWXX1168
Ryamuganza RWXX5610
Ryamugeni RWXX2584
Ryamugunga RWXX5611
Ryamuhirwa RWXX4035
Ryamuhumbi RWXX5612
Ryamurera RWXX4036
Ryandinzi RWXX2585
Ryango RWXX2586
Ryankora RWXX5613
Ryanyagapfumu RWXX1169
Ryanyaruja RWXX5614
Ryanyirarwevu RWXX5615
Ryanza RWXX5616
Ryarubondo RWXX5617
Ryarugora RWXX5618
Ryarusaro RWXX4037
Sabiro RWXX2587
Sabudali RWXX5619
Sabunuge RWXX5620
Sabununga RWXX5621
Saburume RWXX4038
Saburunduru RWXX5622
Sabyinyo RWXX5623
Saga RWXX5624
Sagahara RWXX5625
Sahera RWXX5626
Sakara RWXX1170
Sakara RWXX5627
Sakara RWXX2588
Sakara Il RWXX1171
Sake RWXX1172
Sakinnyaga RWXX4039
Samba RWXX5628
Sambure RWXX1173
Samiyonga RWXX5629
Samuduha RWXX1174
Samuramba RWXX1175
Sangaza RWXX1176
Sanza RWXX4040
Sanzare RWXX2589
Sanzare RWXX4041
Sanzu RWXX5630
Sarabuye RWXX2590
Sarambwe RWXX2591
Sarambwe RWXX4042
Sarazi RWXX2592
Sare RWXX5631
Saruduha RWXX5632
Saruhembe RWXX1177
Saruheshyi RWXX5633
Sasa RWXX4043
Sasabirago RWXX1178
Sasangabo RWXX2593
Satinsyi RWXX4044
Save RWXX4045
Save RWXX5634
Sayo RWXX2594
Sazange RWXX5635
Sekera RWXX5636
Senga RWXX1179
Sereli RWXX2595
Serugeme RWXX5637
Seta RWXX2596
Sha RWXX2597
Shaba RWXX5638
Shabana RWXX1180
Shaburondo RWXX1181
Shaga RWXX2598
Shagasha RWXX4046
Shaka RWXX5639
Shaki RWXX5640
Shali-Murambi RWXX5641
Shalita RWXX1182
Shamba RWXX5642
Shami RWXX1183
Shanga RWXX5643
Shanga RWXX2599
Shangaro RWXX2600
Shangasha RWXX2601
Shangi RWXX4047
Shango RWXX5644
Shango RWXX2602
Shanja RWXX2603
Shara RWXX4048
Shara RWXX1184
Shashi RWXX2604
Sheli RWXX5645
Shenga RWXX1185
Shenga RWXX5646
Shengampuli RWXX2605
Sheshi RWXX5647
Shinga RWXX5648
Shingangabo RWXX5649
Shiru RWXX2606
Shita RWXX4049
Shitwe RWXX1186
Shoba RWXX4050
Sholi RWXX1187
Shonga RWXX1188
Shororo RWXX5650
Shota RWXX4051
Shunga RWXX5651
Shuwemu RWXX4052
Shwima RWXX5652
Shya RWXX4053
Shyanda RWXX5653
Shyanda RWXX1189
Shyangiro RWXX2607
Shyara RWXX1190
Shyara RWXX5654
Shyembe RWXX1191
Shyembe RWXX5655
Shyembe RWXX4054
Shyinga RWXX5656
Shyira RWXX4055
Shyira RWXX5657
Shyito RWXX5658
Shyogo RWXX1192
Shyogwe RWXX5659
Shyoko RWXX5660
Shyombwe RWXX2608
Shyorongi RWXX2609
Shyunga RWXX2610
Shyunga RWXX5661
Shywa RWXX1193
Sibagire RWXX1194
Simbi RWXX4056
Sinabyaye RWXX2611
Sinduka RWXX5663
Sitwe RWXX2612
Sogwe RWXX5664
Soha RWXX2613
Songorero RWXX2614
Sovu RWXX5665
Sovu RWXX1195
Sovu RWXX4057
Sozi RWXX4058
Sozi RWXX2615
Sumba RWXX5666
Sunika RWXX2616
Sunzu RWXX2617
Sure RWXX4059
Suro RWXX4060
Susa RWXX5667
Suti RWXX4061
Taba RWXX2618
Taba RWXX1196
Taba RWXX5668
Tabagwe RWXX1197
Tabarali RWXX1198
Tabyuka RWXX2619
Tagaza RWXX4062
Takwe RWXX5669
Tamba RWXX5670
Tambananga RWXX5671
Tambi RWXX4063
Tambwe RWXX5672
Tamira RWXX4064
Tanda RWXX2620
Tandagura RWXX2621
Tandalukara RWXX2622
Tando RWXX4065
Tane RWXX2623
Tangabo RWXX5673
Tangabo RWXX4066
Tangata RWXX2624
Tango RWXX2625
Tarasi RWXX4067
Taraye RWXX1199
Tare RWXX2626
Tare RWXX5674
Tare I RWXX5675
Tare Il RWXX5676
Teba RWXX4068
Tema RWXX4069
Teme RWXX1200
Tenda RWXX5677
Teranzara RWXX2627
Terimbere RWXX4070
Tero RWXX2628
Titi RWXX5678
Tonero RWXX1201
Tonga RWXX5679
Tongati RWXX4071
Tonguburo RWXX2629
Toraniro RWXX5680
Toransyo RWXX1202
Tovu RWXX1203
Tshanzozo RWXX1204
Tshungo RWXX5681
Tshyugaro RWXX1205
Tsima RWXX1206
Tsindiro RWXX4072
Tubindi RWXX5682
Tubindi RWXX1207
Tububuru RWXX5683
Tubungo RWXX2630
Tubuye RWXX5684
Tugogo RWXX5685
Tumba RWXX5686
Tunani RWXX5687
Tunda RWXX1208
Tunduti RWXX1209
Tundwe RWXX4074
Tunza RWXX5688
Turambi RWXX4075
Turonzi RWXX5689
Turyango RWXX5690
Tuvunasogi RWXX4076
Tuzana RWXX4077
Twabagarama RWXX1210
Twabugezi RWXX4078
Twalizo RWXX4079
Twamashira RWXX5691
Twina RWXX2632
Twiya RWXX5692
Twumba RWXX4080
Twumba RWXX5693
Twuruziramire RWXX1211
Ubutamenwa RWXX5694
Ubwankusi RWXX5695
Ubwanyakabwa RWXX5696
Ubwiza RWXX1212
Udutare RWXX5697
Umubanga RWXX2633
Umubuga RWXX1213
Umufu RWXX5698
Umuganda RWXX4081
Umuhama RWXX5699
Umukubo RWXX5700
Umulinga RWXX1214
Umulinzi RWXX5701
Umunini RWXX2634
Umurambi RWXX1215
Umurehe RWXX5702
Umurema RWXX2635
Umuremure RWXX2636
Umusezero RWXX2637
Umutulirwa RWXX2638
Umuyange RWXX5703
Umwiga RWXX1216
Umwige RWXX1217
Urubanda RWXX5936
Urubare RWXX1218
Uruhuha RWXX1219
Urukerereza RWXX2639
Urunanira RWXX1220
Ururenda RWXX5704
Urusambu RWXX5705
Urushubi RWXX5706
Urutanga RWXX5707
Uruyenzi RWXX1221
Urwendo RWXX1222
Uwababanda RWXX5708
Uwabahima RWXX5709
Uwabarashi RWXX5710
Uwabasengo RWXX5711
Uwabisonga RWXX5712
Uwabumenyi RWXX5713
Uwagafu RWXX5714
Uwagahilima RWXX5715
Uwagatare RWXX5716
Uwagisozi RWXX5717
Uwakibaba RWXX4082
Uwamakumba RWXX5718
Uwamarumba RWXX5719
Uwamasata RWXX5720
Uwamataba RWXX5721
Uwamuhizi RWXX5722
Uwamunungu RWXX5723
Uwankihye RWXX5724
Uwanyakanyeli RWXX5725
Uwanyange RWXX2640
Uwanyangura RWXX4083
Uwanyiramaliza RWXX5726
Uwarugina RWXX5727
Uwarugondo RWXX5728
Uwarugwagwa RWXX5729
Uwaruhigi RWXX5730
Uwarukara RWXX5731
Uwarurayi RWXX5732
Uwarwubatsi RWXX5733
Uwibiraro RWXX1223
Uwicurangiro RWXX5734
Uwifuro RWXX5735
Uwigisura RWXX5736
Uwigitaka RWXX5737
Uwikamiro RWXX5738
Uwimana RWXX4084
Uwimbaragasa RWXX5739
Uwimbogo RWXX1224
Uwimbogo RWXX5740
Uwimbuga RWXX4085
Uwimfizi RWXX5741
Uwimisigati RWXX5742
Uwimituza RWXX5743
Uwimpundu RWXX5744
Uwimpunga RWXX1225
Uwimpura RWXX5745
Uwinanka RWXX5746
Uwinbogo RWXX5747
Uwindava RWXX5748
Uwindekezi RWXX5749
Uwingabe RWXX4086
Uwingabo RWXX4087
Uwingando RWXX5750
Uwingondo RWXX1226
Uwinguge RWXX5751
Uwingugu RWXX5752
Uwinkingi RWXX5753
Uwinkinko RWXX1227
Uwinkomo RWXX5754
Uwintabire RWXX5755
Uwinteko RWXX5756
Uwintobo RWXX5757
Uwintobo RWXX4088
Uwintozo RWXX5758
Uwinyana RWXX5759
Uwinzira RWXX5760
Uwinzuki RWXX5761
Uwisaga RWXX5762
Uwisasu RWXX5763
Uwisuli RWXX5764
Uwumuko RWXX5765
Uwumusave RWXX1228
Uwumusebeya RWXX5766
Uwuranuzi RWXX5767
Uwurugenge RWXX5937
Uwurunazi RWXX5768
Uwurusugi RWXX5769
Va RWXX2641
Va II RWXX2642
Viro RWXX5770
Viro RWXX1229
Viro RWXX4089
Vuga RWXX4090
Vugangoma RWXX2643
Vuganyana RWXX5938
Vugavuge RWXX2644
Vugiza RWXX5771
Vugiza RWXX4092
Vugo RWXX5772
Vumandi RWXX2645
Vumbi RWXX4093
Vumwe RWXX1230
Vuna RWXX4094
Vunga RWXX5775
Vunga RWXX4095
Vungu RWXX2646
Vungu RWXX4096
Wabuhili RWXX4097
Wibungo RWXX4098
Wimana RWXX4099
Winteko RWXX4100
Witongo RWXX4101
Yaramba RWXX5776
Yaramba RWXX2647
Yeri RWXX1231
Yonde RWXX5777
Yungwe RWXX4102
Zaga RWXX5778
Zamwe RWXX5779
Zaza RWXX1232
Zigati RWXX5780
Zige RWXX5781
Zihare RWXX5782
Zihare RWXX4103
Zimba RWXX5783
Zindiro RWXX2648
Zirambi RWXX5784
Zivu RWXX5785
Zoko RWXX2649