Weather Codes for Russia

Find Weather Codes or Weather Zip Codes for states and cities in Russia. Weather Codes references a specified Location and is used to get weather of that place accurately. They are used by The Weather Channel( by IBM), Yahoo! Weather, AOL Weather and many such weather forecasting platforms. It is similar to Yahoo's WOEID(Where On the Earth ID) that is used to represent each place uniquely.

You can know the weather of any place precisely with the help of weather codes. Find the current weather of your state or city by clicking on it. You will be redirected to The Weather Channel site with your weather code for accurate weather forecast.

A. Osenina RSXX8248
Aba RSXX8249
Abach RSXX8250
Abadzekhskaya RSXX1642
Abagur RSXX1645
Abakan RSXX1349
Abaksha RSXX8251
Abakshata RSXX8252
Abakshino RSXX8253
Abakumovka RSXX8254
Abakumovo RSXX8255
Abalak RSXX1646
Abalakovo RSXX8256
Aban RSXX1647
Abasheyevskiy RSXX8257
Abatskoye RSXX1648
Abay RSXX1650
Abaykan RSXX1651
Abaza RSXX1652
Abbakumovo RSXX8258
Abdreyevo RSXX8259
Abdul-Gazy RSXX8260
Abdulino RSXX8261
Abdulovo RSXX8262
Abinsk RSXX1409
Abkhay RSXX8264
Abo RSXX8265
Abram-Tyube RSXX8266
Abramichi RSXX8267
Abramkovo RSXX8268
Abramova RSXX8269
Abramovka RSXX1655
Abramovka RSXX8270
Abramovka RSXX1656
Abramovka RSXX1657
Abramovo RSXX8271
Abramovskaya RSXX8272
Abramovskiy RSXX8273
Abrau-Dyurso RSXX1660
Abrazheyevka RSXX8274
Abrosimyata RSXX8275
Abrosy RSXX8276
Abryutino RSXX8277
Abzakovo RSXX1662
Achan RSXX8278
Achas RSXX8279
Achas Pervyy RSXX8280
Achas Vtoroy RSXX8281
Achchen RSXX8282
Achikulak RSXX8283
Achimovy RSXX8284
Achimovy Pervyye RSXX8285
Achimovy Vtoryye RSXX8286
Achinsk RSXX1385
Achinsk Pervyy RSXX8288
Achinsk Vtoroy RSXX8289
Achinskiy RSXX8290
Achit RSXX1663
Achkhay-Martan RSXX1664
Achkhoy-Martan RSXX1665
Adadym RSXX8291
Adak RSXX1666
Adamovka RSXX8292
Adamovka RSXX1667
Adamovo RSXX8293
Adamovskiy RSXX8294
Adarka RSXX8295
Adasheva RSXX8296
Adayevka RSXX8297
Adelino RSXX8298
Aderpayeta RSXX8299
Adileva RSXX8300
Adishchevo RSXX8301
Adler RSXX0446
Ado-Tymovo RSXX1669
Adoyevshchina RSXX8302
Adrikha RSXX8303
Ady RSXX8304
Adyge-Khabl RSXX1670
Adygeysk RSXX1672
Adyk RSXX1673
Adyk RSXX8305
Adzhamki RSXX8306
Adzhamovka RSXX8307
Adzhima RSXX8308
Adzvavom RSXX1674
Aeroport RSXX8309
Afanasovka RSXX8312
Afanasovskaya RSXX8313
Afimina RSXX1675
Afipskiy RSXX1676
Afonikha RSXX8315
Afonina RSXX8316
Afonino RSXX1677
Afonino RSXX8317
Afoninskaya RSXX8318
Afonovskaya RSXX8319
Afrikanda RSXX1678
Aga RSXX8320
Aga-Batyr RSXX8321
Aga-Khangil RSXX8322
Agafonkovo RSXX8323
Agafonovo RSXX8324
Agafy RSXX8325
Agalatovo RSXX1679
Agan RSXX8326
Aganty RSXX8327
Agapa RSXX8328
Agapitovo RSXX1680
Agapovka RSXX0002
Agapovo RSXX8329
Agarevka RSXX8330
Agarzinskiy RSXX8331
Agarzya RSXX8332
Agashkina RSXX8333
Agata RSXX1347
Agdary RSXX1682
Ageyevo RSXX8334
Ageyevo RSXX1683
Aginskoe RSXX0342
Aginskoye RSXX1685
Agirish RSXX1686
Agishevo RSXX8335
Agnesevskiy RSXX8336
Agnichnoye RSXX8337
Agonyu-Ulyani RSXX8339
Agoy RSXX1687
Agronom RSXX8340
Agronom RSXX1688
Agrosvet RSXX8341
Agryz RSXX1689
Agul RSXX8342
Agvali RSXX1690
Agzu RSXX0383
Aibga RSXX1691
Ail RSXX8343
Aim RSXX8344
Aimchan RSXX8345
Aitkovo RSXX8346
Aitomari RSXX1692
Ak'yar RSXX1641
Ak-Erik RSXX1693
Akademgorodok RSXX1694
Akan RSXX8347
Akanatkhyrgyn RSXX1695
Akatek RSXX1696
Akbash RSXX1697
Akbulak RSXX1698
Akcha RSXX8349
Akchim RSXX8350
Akchurinskiy RSXX8351
Akhiny RSXX1699
Akhmetley RSXX8353
Akhmetovskaya RSXX1700
Akhmetovskiy RSXX8354
Akhobe RSXX8355
Akhtanizovskaya RSXX1701
Akhtubinsk RSXX1310
Akhty RSXX1702
Akhtyrskiy RSXX1703
Akhunovo RSXX1704
Aki-Yurtovskiy RSXX8356
Akilovka RSXX8358
Akilovo RSXX8359
Akim RSXX1705
Akimovka RSXX8360
Akis RSXX1706
Akkani RSXX8362
Aklushi RSXX8363
Aknada RSXX1707
Akol RSXX8364
Aksa RSXX0348
Aksakovo RSXX8365
Aksakovo RSXX1708
Aksarayskiy RSXX1709
Aksarka RSXX8366
Aksaur RSXX8367
Aksay RSXX1710
Aksenov RSXX1711
Aksenovskaya RSXX8369
Aksenovy RSXX8370
Akshuat RSXX8371
Aksubayevo RSXX1713
Aksyan RSXX8373
Aktanysh RSXX1715
Aktash RSXX1716
Aktykan RSXX8374
Aktyubinskiy RSXX1717
Akulova RSXX8377
Akulovka RSXX8378
Akulovo RSXX8379
Akulovskaya RSXX8380
Akusha RSXX1718
Akutikha RSXX1719
Akuyevskiy RSXX8381
Akyya RSXX8382
Alabino RSXX1721
Alabushevo RSXX1722
Alachakh RSXX8387
Alagir RSXX1563
Alagirka RSXX8388
Alambay RSXX8390
Alanap RSXX8391
Alapayevka RSXX8392
Alapayevsk RSXX1572
Alar RSXX1723
Alatyr RSXX0191
Alaya Roza RSXX8394
Alaykovo RSXX8395
Albazino RSXX8396
Albin RSXX1724
Alchan RSXX8397
Aldan RSXX0352
Aldarak RSXX8398
Aldoma RSXX1725
Aldzhamyt RSXX1726
Alebastrovo RSXX8400
Alega RSXX8401
Alejskaja RSXX0297
Alekayevo RSXX8402
Alekhino RSXX8403
Alekhino RSXX1727
Alekhovshchina RSXX1728
Alekina RSXX8404
Alekino RSXX8405
Alekova RSXX8406
Aleksandrinskiy RSXX8407
Aleksandriya RSXX1729
Aleksandriya RSXX8408
Aleksandriyskaya RSXX1731
Aleksandriyskaya RSXX1730
Aleksandrov RSXX1734
Aleksandrov-Gaj RSXX0421
Aleksandrovka RSXX1737
Aleksandrovka RSXX1736
Aleksandrovka RSXX1735
Aleksandrovka RSXX1738
Aleksandrovka RSXX1739
Aleksandrovka RSXX8414
Aleksandrovo RSXX8415
Aleksandrovsk RSXX8416
Aleksandrovsk RSXX1740
Aleksandrovskaya RSXX8417
Aleksandrovskaya RSXX1741
Aleksandrovskoe RSXX1237
Aleksandrovskoye RSXX8421
Aleksandrovskoye RSXX1743
Aleksandrovskoye RSXX1742
Aleksandrow RSXX1744
Aleksandrowka RSXX1757
Alekseyenka RSXX8423
Alekseyevka RSXX1750
Alekseyevka RSXX1749
Alekseyevka RSXX1746
Alekseyevka RSXX8424
Alekseyevka RSXX1745
Alekseyevskaya RSXX1751
Alekseyevskaya RSXX1752
Alekseyevskiy RSXX8426
Alekseyevskoye RSXX1753
Aleksiki RSXX8429
Aleksin RSXX1592
Aleksino RSXX1754
Aleksino RSXX8430
Aleksintsevo RSXX8431
Alermaut RSXX8432
Aleshichi RSXX8433
Aleshikha RSXX8434
Aleshino RSXX8435
Aleshinskaya RSXX8436
Aleshki RSXX8437
Aleshkin Mys RSXX8438
Aleshkino RSXX8439
Aleshkiny RSXX8440
Aleshkovo RSXX8441
Aleshkovskaya RSXX8442
Aleshnya RSXX8443
Alesovo RSXX8444
Aleyevka RSXX8445
Aleykino RSXX8446
Aleysk RSXX1758
Aleyskiy RSXX8447
Alferovo RSXX8449
Alferovskaya RSXX8450
Alga RSXX8451
Alganskaya RSXX8452
Algashtyk RSXX8453
Algasovo RSXX1759
Algasy RSXX8454
Algatino RSXX8455
Algaysk RSXX8456
Algazeya RSXX8457
Ali-Berdukovskiy RSXX1760
Ali-Yurt RSXX1761
Alikonovka RSXX8458
Alikuyu RSXX8459
Alinkino RSXX8460
Alinskoye RSXX8461
Aliskerovo RSXX1762
Alkhan-Churt RSXX1763
Alkhan-Kala RSXX1764
Alkhan-Yurt RSXX1765
Alkhanay RSXX8462
Alkhazurovo RSXX1766
Allagunovka RSXX8463
Allak RSXX8464
Alleroy RSXX1768
Almaz RSXX8465
Almaznyy RSXX1769
Almaznyy RSXX8466
Almazovo RSXX8467
Almenevo RSXX1770
Almetyevsk RSXX1771
Almezh RSXX1772
Almukhamedovo RSXX1773
Alnashi RSXX1774
Alonka RSXX8468
Alovo RSXX1775
Alpatovo RSXX1776
Alski RSXX8469
Altabayevo RSXX8470
Altan RSXX1777
Altarik RSXX8471
Altat RSXX8472
Altatskiy RSXX8473
Altatump RSXX8474
Altay RSXX1778
Altay RSXX8475
Altayskaya RSXX8476
Altayskiv RSXX1779
Altayskiy RSXX8477
Altayskoye RSXX1780
Altud RSXX1781
Altukhov RSXX8480
Altukhovo RSXX8481
Altukhovo RSXX1782
Altynay RSXX1783
Altynnoye RSXX8482
Altynnyy RSXX8483
Altynovka RSXX1784
Aluzhina RSXX8484
Alyamovo RSXX8486
Alyarmaut RSXX1785
Alyatki RSXX8487
Alyaty RSXX1786
Alyayevo RSXX8488
Alymovka RSXX1787
Alysardakh RSXX1788
Alyunino RSXX8490
Alzobey RSXX8491
Amaama RSXX8492
Amaneyevo RSXX8493
Amanino RSXX1789
Amaranka RSXX1790
Ambar RSXX8494
Ambarchik RSXX8495
Ambarnyy RSXX1791
Ambor RSXX8496
Amburskoye RSXX8497
Amderma RSXX1518
Amen RSXX8498
Amerikanka RSXX8499
Amga RSXX0145
Amgu RSXX8500
Amguema RSXX1792
Amgun RSXX1793
Amirovka RSXX8505
Amirovskiy RSXX8506
Amka RSXX8507
Ammala RSXX8508
Amo RSXX8509
Amonash RSXX8510
Amonova RSXX8511
Amosovka RSXX8512
Amosovo RSXX8513
Amosovskaya RSXX8514
Amur RSXX1794
Amursk RSXX1350
Amurskiy RSXX8516
Amurzet RSXX8518
Amutna RSXX8519
Amzya RSXX1797
Anabyrka RSXX8521
Anamas RSXX8522
Ananichi RSXX8527
Ananskoye RSXX8528
Anapa RSXX1410
Anapskaya RSXX1798
Anash RSXX8529
Anashkino RSXX8530
Anastasino RSXX8533
Anastasiyevka RSXX1799
Anastasiyevskaya RSXX1800
Anastasovo RSXX8534
Anatoliya RSXX8535
Ancha RSXX8536
Anchul RSXX1801
Anda RSXX8537
Andeg RSXX1802
Anderes RSXX8538
Andozero RSXX1803
Andra RSXX1804
Andrey Kurgan RSXX8539
Andreychishchevo RSXX8540
Andreyev Klyuch RSXX8541
Andreyeva RSXX8544
Andreyevka RSXX1808
Andreyevka RSXX8545
Andreyevo RSXX1809
Andreyevo RSXX8546
Andreyevsk RSXX1810
Andreyevskaya RSXX8547
Andreyevskaya RSXX1811
Andreyevskiy RSXX8548
Andreyevskoye RSXX1812
Andreykovskaya RSXX8550
Andrianovichi RSXX1813
Andrianovka RSXX8551
Andrianovo RSXX8552
Andriyanova RSXX8553
Andriyanovka RSXX8554
Andriyanovskaya RSXX8555
Andriyata RSXX8556
Andronovo RSXX8557
Andronovo RSXX1814
Andronovskaya RSXX8558
Andronovskiy RSXX1815
Androsovka RSXX1816
Andrusovka RSXX8559
Andryukovo RSXX8560
Andryushevskaya RSXX8561
Andryushin RSXX8562
Andryushino RSXX1817
Andryushkovo RSXX8564
Andzhiyevskiy RSXX1818
Aneyevo RSXX8565
Anfeltsevo RSXX1819
Anferovo RSXX8566
Anfimovka RSXX8567
Anfimovskaya RSXX8568
Anfimovtsy RSXX8569
Anga RSXX1820
Angallo RSXX8570
Angaloy RSXX8571
Angarka RSXX8572
Angarsk RSXX0004
Angarskiy RSXX8573
Angul RSXX8574
Angutikha RSXX8575
Anichata RSXX8576
Anikina RSXX8578
Anikinskiy RSXX1821
Anikiyevskaya RSXX1822
Anikovka RSXX8580
Anikovskaya RSXX8581
Anishino RSXX8582
Anisimovka RSXX8583
Anisimovo RSXX8584
Anisimovskaya RSXX8585
Aniva RSXX1823
Ankudinovka RSXX8586
Ankushina RSXX8587
Anna RSXX1824
Annenka RSXX8589
Annenki RSXX8590
Annenkovo RSXX8591
Annenskiy Most RSXX1825
Annenskoye RSXX1826
Annino RSXX8592
Annino RSXX1827
Anninsk RSXX1828
Anninskiy RSXX8593
Annovka RSXX8595
Anopino RSXX1830
Anoshata RSXX8598
Anosovo RSXX1831
Ansalta RSXX1832
Ansan RSXX8599
Antashikha RSXX8600
Antipayuta RSXX1833
Antipino RSXX1834
Antipinskaya RSXX8603
Antipovka RSXX1835
Antipovskaya RSXX8604
Antokhina RSXX1836
Antonkovo RSXX8607
Antonova RSXX8608
Antonovka RSXX1837
Antonovka RSXX8609
Antonovo RSXX8610
Antonovskaya RSXX8611
Antonovtsy RSXX8612
Antoshikha RSXX8613
Antropova RSXX8614
Antropovo RSXX1838
Antropovo RSXX8615
Antroshevskaya RSXX8616
Antsekurovo RSXX8617
Antsiferovo RSXX1839
Antsiferovo RSXX8618
Antsiferovskaya RSXX8619
Antukhina RSXX8624
Antybary RSXX8626
Antykan RSXX8627
Anuchino RSXX1840
Anucino RSXX0393
Anufriyevo RSXX8628
Anufriyevskiy RSXX8629
Anuyskiy RSXX8630
Anuyskoye RSXX8631
Anyshtaikha RSXX8632
Anyusha RSXX8633
Anyutino RSXX8634
Anyuy RSXX8635
Anyuysk RSXX1841
Anzhevka RSXX8636
Anzhigort RSXX8637
Apalikha RSXX8638
Apanasenko RSXX8639
Apanasenkovskoye RSXX1842
Apano-Klyuchi RSXX8640
Apapelkhin RSXX1843
Aparinskiy RSXX1844
Aparki RSXX8643
Apastovo RSXX1845
Apatity RSXX1507
Apkhayta RSXX8644
Apkoroshi RSXX8645
Aprelevka RSXX1465
Aprelskiy RSXX1847
Apsheronsk RSXX1411
Aptekarskiy RSXX8646
Aptryakova RSXX1661
Apuka RSXX1848
Ara-Bulak RSXX8648
Ara-Ilya RSXX8649
Arabach RSXX1849
Arabkayevo RSXX8650
Aradan RSXX8651
Aramili RSXX8652
Arangash RSXX8653
Arangastakh RSXX1850
Arantur RSXX8654
Arany RSXX8655
Arapovka RSXX8656
Arapovo RSXX8657
Ararat RSXX8658
Arazayeva RSXX8659
Arbagar RSXX1851
Arbali RSXX8660
Arbazh RSXX1852
Arbuzovka RSXX8661
Arbuzovskiy RSXX8662
Arda RSXX1853
Ardagon RSXX8663
Ardatov RSXX1855
Ardatov RSXX1854
Ardon RSXX1856
Arendovka RSXX8667
Arenskiye RSXX8668
Arestanka RSXX8669
Arey RSXX8670
Areyskoye RSXX8671
Argaley RSXX8672
Argash RSXX1857
Argayash RSXX1858
Argaza RSXX8673
Argudan RSXX1859
Argun RSXX1860
Argunovo RSXX8674
Argunovskaya RSXX8675
Argunovskiy RSXX8676
Argunskoye RSXX8677
Ariadnoye RSXX8678
Arinkino RSXX8679
Aristov RSXX8680
Aristovka RSXX8681
Arka RSXX0148
Arkadak RSXX1861
Arkayevo RSXX8684
Arkhangelo RSXX8688
Arkhangelovka RSXX8690
Arkhangelsk RSXX0194
Arkhangelskaya RSXX1864
Arkhangelskoye RSXX1865
Arkhangelskoye RSXX1866
Arkhangelskoye RSXX1867
Arkhangelskoye RSXX1868
Arkhangelsoye RSXX1869
Arkhara RSXX1870
Arkharovka RSXX8691
Arkharovo RSXX8692
Arkhipo-Osipovka RSXX1871
Arkhipova RSXX8693
Arkhipovka RSXX1872
Arkhipovka RSXX8694
Arkhipovo RSXX8695
Arkhipovskiy RSXX8696
Arkhiyereyka RSXX8699
Arkhonskaya RSXX1873
Arkhyz RSXX1874
Arkovo RSXX1875
Arkovo-Bereg RSXX1876
Arkul RSXX1877
Armavir RSXX0441
Armavirchik RSXX8700
Armino RSXX8701
Arpavla RSXX8702
Arsaki RSXX1879
Arsenovka RSXX8706
Arsenyev RSXX1880
Arsenyevo RSXX1881
Arshan RSXX8707
Arshantuy RSXX1883
Arshantuy RSXX8708
Arshinovo RSXX8709
Arsinskiy RSXX1884
Arskoye RSXX8710
Arta RSXX1885
Artakovo RSXX8711
Artamonova RSXX8712
Artem RSXX0007
Artemkovskaya RSXX8717
Artemov RSXX1886
Artemovka RSXX8718
Artemovo RSXX8719
Artemovsk RSXX8720
Artemovskaya RSXX8721
Artemovskiy RSXX1888
Artemovskiy RSXX8722
Artemovskiy RSXX1887
Artezian-Mangit RSXX8723
Artezianskiy RSXX8724
Arti RSXX1889
Artumey RSXX1891
Artybash RSXX1892
Artyk RSXX1893
Artyshta RSXX1890
Artyugino RSXX8725
Artyukhovskiy RSXX8726
Artyukovskaya RSXX8727
Artyushinskaya RSXX8728
Artyushkino RSXX8729
Artyuzhata RSXX8730
Artzaton RSXX8731
Ary-Bykovskoye RSXX1895
Arya RSXX1896
Aryazh RSXX8732
Arzamas RSXX1515
Arzamasikha RSXX8733
Arzamastsevka RSXX1897
Arzgir RSXX1898
Arzgirskiy RSXX8734
Arzya RSXX8735
Asanil RSXX8737
Asanovo RSXX1899
Asanovo RSXX8738
Asansk RSXX8739
Asbest RSXX1573
Asbestovskiy RSXX1900
Asekeyevo RSXX1901
Ashap RSXX1902
Ashcherino RSXX8741
Ashchibutak RSXX1903
Ashikan RSXX8742
Ashinga RSXX8743
Ashitkovo RSXX1905
Ashkaul RSXX8744
Ashpan RSXX8745
Ashpatsk RSXX8746
Ashsha RSXX8747
Ashukino RSXX1906
Asino RSXX1907
Askarovo RSXX1908
Askino RSXX1909
Asmanovy RSXX8749
Asomkiny RSXX8750
Asovo RSXX8751
Aspa RSXX1912
Aspinskiy RSXX8752
Aspogash RSXX8753
Astakhovo RSXX8756
Astapovo RSXX8757
Astashino RSXX8758
Astradamovka RSXX8759
Astrahanka RSXX0390
Astrakhanovka RSXX8760
Astrakhanskiy RSXX8761
Asyamovka RSXX8762
Asyul RSXX8763
Atagash RSXX8764
Atagay RSXX1913
Atamanovka RSXX1914
Atamanovo RSXX8765
Atamanskaya RSXX1915
Atemar RSXX1916
Ateptsevo RSXX1917
Atero-Klyuch RSXX8766
Aterskiy RSXX8767
Ateskiy Klyuch RSXX8768
Atig RSXX1918
Atirka RSXX1919
Atkarsk RSXX1920
Atlashevo RSXX1921
Atlasovo RSXX1922
Atnyaguzi RSXX8769
Atnyashka RSXX8770
Atryashka RSXX8771
Atsikyak RSXX1923
Atyashevo RSXX1924
Atyashkino RSXX8772
Atyuryevo RSXX1925
Aur RSXX8773
Auri RSXX8774
Aurovka RSXX8775
Aushiger RSXX1926
Aushtrov RSXX8776
Avakha RSXX8777
Avalov RSXX8778
Avan RSXX1927
Avan RSXX8779
Avangard RSXX8781
Avariynyy RSXX8782
Avda RSXX8784
Avdeyevka RSXX1928
Avdeyevo RSXX1929
Avdinka RSXX8786
Averin Pochinok RSXX8789
Averiny RSXX8790
Avgustovka RSXX1930
Aviagorodok RSXX8791
Avlayakan RSXX8792
Avnyugskiy RSXX8793
Avri RSXX8796
Avrora RSXX8797
Avsyunino RSXX1931
Avtomonovskaya RSXX8798
Avtovo RSXX8799
Avtury RSXX1932
Avvakumovskaya RSXX8800
Ay RSXX1933
Aya RSXX1934
Ayan RSXX8802
Ayan RSXX1936
Ayan RSXX1935
Ayatokova RSXX8803
Ayatskoye RSXX1938
Ayava RSXX8804
Ayaya RSXX1939
Aybashi RSXX8805
Aydara RSXX8806
Aydarovo RSXX8807
Ayeshka RSXX8808
Aygur RSXX1940
Aygurskiy RSXX8809
Aykhal RSXX1941
Aykino RSXX1942
Aynak RSXX8810
Aynova RSXX8811
Aynskoye RSXX1943
Aypin R. RSXX8812
Aysha RSXX1944
Aytat RSXX8813
Azanka RSXX1945
Azanovo RSXX8814
Azarovka RSXX8816
Azat RSXX8817
Azeyevo RSXX1946
Azhbayevo RSXX8818
Azhinskoye RSXX8819
Azhovka RSXX8820
Azimovka RSXX8821
Azinozero RSXX8822
Azinskiy RSXX8823
Azov RSXX1550
Azovo RSXX8824
Azovo RSXX1949
Azovskiye RSXX8825
Azovy RSXX1950
Azy RSXX1951
Azyal-Gort RSXX8828
Babaevo RSXX0169
Babanegovo RSXX8829
Babanino RSXX8830
Babaninskiy RSXX8831
Babay RSXX8832
Babayevo RSXX1952
Babayevo RSXX1953
Babayurt RSXX1954
Babina Gora RSXX8834
Babinka RSXX8835
Babino RSXX1955
Babino RSXX8836
Babinovo RSXX8837
Babinskaya RSXX8838
Babiy Tabor RSXX8839
Babka RSXX1956
Babkin RSXX8840
Babkino RSXX8841
Baboshino RSXX8842
Babstovo RSXX8844
Baburino RSXX8845
Babushi RSXX8846
Babushkin RSXX8847
Babushkino RSXX8848
Babushkino RSXX1958
Babuskin RSXX0335
Babyata RSXX8849
Babynino RSXX8850
Babynino RSXX1959
Bachatskiy RSXX1960
Bachi-Yurt RSXX1961
Bachiny RSXX8851
Bachizevo RSXX8852
Bachmanovo RSXX8853
Bachury RSXX8854
Bada RSXX1962
Badaguy RSXX8857
Badalozhnaya RSXX8858
Badalyk RSXX8859
Badanovskiy RSXX8860
Badarkhon RSXX8861
Badashka RSXX8862
Badayevka RSXX8863
Badazhata RSXX8864
Badzhal RSXX8865
Baevo RSXX0292
Bagan RSXX1963
Bagaryak RSXX1964
Bagay RSXX8866
Bagayevskaya RSXX1966
Bagdanova RSXX1967
Bagdarin RSXX0317
Bagovskaya RSXX1968
Bagras RSXX8867
Bagrationovsk RSXX1969
Bagrova RSXX8868
Bagul RSXX8869
Baikha RSXX8870
Baim RSXX8871
Baimka RSXX8872
Bain RSXX8873
Bait RSXX8874
Bakal RSXX1970
Bakaly RSXX1242
Bakaritsa RSXX8875
Bakay RSXX8876
Bakchar RSXX0254
Bakchet RSXX8877
Bakhan RSXX8878
Bakharev RSXX8879
Bakharevka RSXX8880
Bakhari RSXX8881
Bakharyata RSXX8882
Bakhay Pervyy RSXX8883
Bakhay Vtoroy RSXX8884
Bakhirevo RSXX1971
Bakhta RSXX8887
Bakhtay RSXX1972
Bakhteyevka RSXX8888
Bakhtinki RSXX8889
Bakhtino-Fomino RSXX8890
Bakhtinskaya RSXX8891
Bakino RSXX8892
Bakirka RSXX8893
Baklanikha RSXX8894
Baklanka RSXX1973
Baklanovskaya RSXX8895
Baklushi RSXX8896
Bakovskaya RSXX8897
Bakres RSXX8898
Baksan RSXX1974
Baksanenok RSXX1975
Baksheyevo RSXX1976
Bakspay RSXX8899
Bakulinskaya RSXX8900
Bala RSXX1977
Bala RSXX8902
Balabanovo RSXX8903
Balabanovo RSXX1978
Balabayevka RSXX8904
Balagan RSXX1979
Balagan RSXX8905
Balagannakh RSXX1980
Balagansk RSXX1981
Balagany RSXX1982
Balagury RSXX8906
Balakhcha RSXX8907
Balakhna RSXX8908
Balakhna RSXX1983
Balakhnin RSXX8909
Balakhninskiy RSXX1984
Balakhonovskoye RSXX1985
Balakhontsy RSXX8910
Balakhta RSXX1986
Balakhtinskiy RSXX8911
Balakhton RSXX8912
Balakirevo RSXX1987
Balakirovo RSXX8913
Balakovo RSXX1988
Balaly RSXX8914
Balamutovskaya RSXX8915
Balandino RSXX8916
Balandzhok RSXX8917
Balanikha RSXX8918
Balasheyka RSXX1989
Balashi RSXX8919
Balashi RSXX1990
Balashikha RSXX1991
Balasiha RSXX1466
Balasov RSXX0413
Balatovo RSXX8921
Balay RSXX1993
Balda RSXX8923
Baldashtyk RSXX8924
Baldzhikan RSXX1994
Balevo RSXX8925
Baley RSXX1995
Balezino RSXX1996
Balgazyn RSXX1997
Balikha RSXX8926
Balka Vodyanaya RSXX8927
Balkachi RSXX8928
Balkany RSXX1998
Balki RSXX8929
Balkovskiy RSXX8930
Balmoshnyy RSXX8931
Baltay RSXX2000
Baltiysk RSXX1369
Baltiyskiy RSXX8932
Baltiyskiy Flot RSXX8933
Baltuy RSXX8934
Balui RSXX8935
Baluyevo RSXX8936
Balyaga RSXX2001
Balyakovka RSXX8937
Balyasy RSXX8938
Balyksa RSXX8939
Bamburovo RSXX2002
Bammatyurt RSXX2003
Bamut RSXX2004
Bandiki RSXX8940
Banevurovo RSXX8941
Banket RSXX8942
Bannaya Gora RSXX8943
Bannikovo RSXX8944
Bannoye RSXX8945
Bannoye RSXX2005
Bannyy RSXX8946
Banya-Yag RSXX2006
Banyukovo RSXX8947
Bar-Emtor RSXX8948
Baraban RSXX8949
Barabanovo RSXX8951
Barabash RSXX2007
Barabash-Levada RSXX2008
Barabinsk RSXX0273
Barait RSXX8952
Baraki RSXX8953
Baranchinovo RSXX8954
Baranchinskiy RSXX2009
Baranikha RSXX8955
Baraniy Log RSXX8956
Barankino RSXX8957
Baranova RSXX8958
Baranovka RSXX8959
Baranovo RSXX8960
Baranovskaya RSXX8961
Barantsevo RSXX8965
Baranyata RSXX8966
Barashek RSXX8967
Barashevo RSXX2011
Barashevo RSXX8968
Baratayevka RSXX8969
Barbautovo RSXX8970
Barchikha RSXX8971
Barda RSXX2012
Barda RSXX8972
Barguzin RSXX2013
Barkhatnaya RSXX8975
Barkhatnyy RSXX8976
Barkhatova RSXX8977
Barkhatovo RSXX8978
Barkhotnoye RSXX8979
Barkina RSXX8980
Barluk RSXX2014
Barma RSXX8982
Barmino RSXX8983
Barnaul RSXX0009
Baronskiy RSXX8985
Barsai RSXX8986
Barski RSXX8987
Barsovo RSXX2017
Barsovyy RSXX8988
Barsuki RSXX2018
Barsukovskaya RSXX2019
Barsukovskiy RSXX8991
Barsukovskoye RSXX8994
Bartanas RSXX8995
Bartat RSXX2020
Bartovo RSXX8996
Bartym RSXX8997
Barulina Gora RSXX8998
Barun-Orongoy RSXX5420
Barun-Undur RSXX8999
Barun-Zakhody RSXX9000
Barvikha RSXX2021
Barvishevka RSXX9001
Barybinka RSXX9002
Barybino RSXX9003
Barybino RSXX2022
Barykovka RSXX9004
Barykovo RSXX9005
Barysh RSXX9006
Barysheva RSXX9007
Baryshevka RSXX9008
Baryshevo RSXX2023
Baryshi RSXX9009
Barzas RSXX2024
Basalgino RSXX9012
Basandayka RSXX2015
Basarei RSXX9013
Basargino RSXX9014
Bashanta RSXX9016
Basharino RSXX9017
Bashev RSXX9018
Bashevo RSXX9019
Bashino RSXX9020
Bashkino RSXX9021
Bashkultayevo RSXX9022
Bashmachnyy RSXX9023
Bashmak RSXX2025
Bashmaki RSXX9024
Bashmakovo RSXX2026
Bashurovo RSXX2027
Basim RSXX9025
Basino RSXX9026
Baskakovo RSXX9027
Baskaya RSXX9028
Baskiye RSXX9029
Baskovo RSXX9030
Baskovskiy RSXX9031
Baskoyeva RSXX9032
Basmanovo RSXX9033
Basmanovskoye RSXX2028
Basmasovo RSXX2029
Basovo RSXX2030
Basseg RSXX9034
Bastan RSXX9035
Basyanovskiy RSXX2031
Bataikha RSXX9037
Batalovo RSXX9038
Batamaj RSXX0136
Batashata RSXX9039
Batashi RSXX9040
Batayevka RSXX2032
Bataysk RSXX0011
Batayurt RSXX2033
Bateni RSXX9041
Bateriki RSXX9042
Batetskiy RSXX2034
Batina RSXX9043
Batino RSXX9044
Batishchevo RSXX9045
Batishchi RSXX9046
Batkak RSXX9047
Batkhay RSXX9048
Batlakhatli RSXX2035
Batmany RSXX2036
Batnikovo RSXX9049
Batov RSXX2037
Batovo RSXX9050
Batui RSXX9051
Batun RSXX9052
Batunnaya RSXX9053
Batunnyy RSXX9054
Baturino RSXX2038
Baturinskaya RSXX2039
Baturovo RSXX9055
Batury RSXX9056
Baturyata RSXX9057
Batyrbay RSXX9058
Batyukovo RSXX9059
Batyunino RSXX9060
Baunt RSXX2040
Bavleny RSXX2041
Bavly RSXX1585
Bavtugay RSXX2042
Bay-Dag RSXX2043
Bay-Khaak RSXX2044
Bayan-Gol RSXX2045
Bayanday RSXX2046
Bayandina RSXX9061
Bayangazuy RSXX9062
Bayas RSXX9063
Baybolovka RSXX9064
Baydach RSXX9065
Baydany RSXX9066
Baydarovo RSXX2047
Baydary RSXX9067
Baydary RSXX2048
Baydiki RSXX9068
Baydino RSXX9069
Baydon RSXX9070
Baydovo RSXX9071
Baydukovo RSXX9072
Baydulino RSXX9073
Baydyachka RSXX9074
Bayevka RSXX9075
Bayevo RSXX2049
Baygamut RSXX9076
Baygan RSXX9077
Baykal RSXX2050
Baykal RSXX9078
Baykalovo RSXX2051
Baykalovo RSXX9079
Baykalovsk RSXX9080
Baykalovskiy RSXX9081
Baykalsk RSXX2052
Baykan RSXX9082
Baykhanova RSXX9083
Baykibashevo RSXX2053
Baykino RSXX9084
Baykit RSXX2054
Baykitskiy RSXX2055
Baymak RSXX2056
Baymanbet RSXX9086
Baymura RSXX9087
Baymurzina RSXX9088
Bayronovka RSXX9089
Baysa RSXX2057
Baysha RSXX9090
Baytog RSXX9091
Bayuki RSXX9092
Bayunovo RSXX9093
Baza RSXX9096
Baza Drofa RSXX9097
Baza Kruglaya RSXX9098
Baza Urak RSXX9100
Bazaikha RSXX9101
Bazan RSXX9102
Bazarnaya Kensha RSXX2058
Bazarnyy Syzgan RSXX2060
Bazarnyye Mataki RSXX2062
Bazdrevo RSXX9104
Bazdyrevo RSXX9105
Bazhenovka RSXX9106
Bazhenovo RSXX2063
Bazhenovo RSXX9107
Bazhevo RSXX9108
Bazhino RSXX9109
Bazhovo RSXX9110
Bazhuki RSXX9111
Bazovyy RSXX9112
Bazoy RSXX9113
Bazuyevo RSXX9114
Bazyr RSXX9115
Bechencha RSXX2064
Bechevinka RSXX2191
Bedinka RSXX9116
Bedkazh RSXX9117
Bednodemyanovsk RSXX2065
Bednyak RSXX9118
Bedoba RSXX2066
Bedovoye RSXX9119
Bedrep RSXX9120
Bedrintsy RSXX9121
Bedryazh RSXX9122
Bedzhime RSXX2067
Begichevo RSXX9123
Begichevskiy RSXX2068
Begino RSXX9125
Begunitsy RSXX2069
Beja RSXX0300
Bekeni RSXX9126
Bekeshevskaya RSXX2070
Beket RSXX9127
Beketovka RSXX9128
Beketovo RSXX9129
Bekhovo RSXX9130
Bekhteyevka RSXX2071
Bekkerdinovka RSXX9132
Beklemishevo RSXX9133
Beklemyshevo RSXX9134
Bekovo RSXX2072
Belasovka RSXX2073
Belaya RSXX9148
Belaya RSXX2075
Belaya RSXX2074
Belaya Berezka RSXX9149
Belaya Dubrava RSXX9150
Belaya Glina RSXX2076
Belaya Gora RSXX2077
Belaya Gora RSXX9151
Belaya Gorka RSXX9152
Belaya Kalitva RSXX2078
Belaya Pashnya RSXX9153
Belaya Rechka RSXX2080
Belaya Rechka RSXX9154
Belaya Rechka RSXX2079
Belaya Roshcha RSXX9155
Belaya Tayezhka RSXX9156
Belebelka RSXX2081
Belembe RSXX9158
Belengut RSXX9162
Belenina RSXX9163
Belenki RSXX9164
Belenkiy RSXX2082
Belenkovicha RSXX9165
Beletskiy RSXX9166
Belev RSXX2083
Belevka RSXX9167
Belevo RSXX0012
Belgachi RSXX9168
Belgatoy RSXX2084
Belgorod RSXX1323
Belgorodskoye RSXX9169
Belichan RSXX2085
Belichi RSXX9170
Belidzhi RSXX2086
Belikovo RSXX9171
Belino RSXX9172
Belinskiy RSXX2087
Belinskoye RSXX2088
Beliy Skaz RSXX9173
Belka RSXX2089
Belkany RSXX9174
Belkina RSXX9175
Belkino RSXX2090
Belkino RSXX9176
Bellyk RSXX9177
Beloborodovo RSXX9178
Beloglinka RSXX9180
Beloglinki RSXX9181
Beloglinnaya RSXX9182
Belogorka RSXX9183
Belogornovka RSXX9184
Belogornoye RSXX2091
Belogorodskiy RSXX9185
Belogorovka RSXX9186
Belogorsk RSXX1307
Belogorskiy RSXX9187
Belogorskoye RSXX9188
Belogradka RSXX9189
Belokamenka RSXX9190
Belokamennoye RSXX9191
Belokopanskiye RSXX9193
Belokopytovka RSXX9194
Belokurikha RSXX1302
Belolipki RSXX9196
Belomechetskaya RSXX2094
Belomestnoye RSXX9197
Belomorsk RSXX1391
Belomutovo RSXX9199
Beloomut RSXX2095
Beloostrov RSXX9200
Beloozerka RSXX9201
Beloozero RSXX9202
Beloozerskiy RSXX2096
Belopashino RSXX9203
Belorechensk RSXX1412
Belorechenskiy RSXX9206
Belorechka RSXX2098
Beloretsk RSXX1319
Beloretskiy RSXX9207
Belorusskaya RSXX9208
Belorybka RSXX9209
Belosludskiy RSXX9211
Belotserkovka RSXX9212
Belousov RSXX9213
Belousovka RSXX9214
Belousovo RSXX2100
Belousovskaya RSXX9215
Belov RSXX9216
Belovka RSXX9217
Belovo RSXX2101
Belovo RSXX2102
Belovodskaya RSXX9220
Belovskaya RSXX9221
Belovskiy RSXX9222
Beloyarka RSXX9223
Beloyarsk RSXX9224
Beloyarskiy RSXX9225
Beloyarskiy RSXX2103
Beloye RSXX2104
Beloye RSXX9226
Beloye Ozero RSXX9227
Beloyevo RSXX2105
Belozerki RSXX9229
Belozernyy RSXX2106
Belozernyy RSXX9230
Belozero RSXX9231
Belozersk RSXX0223
Belozerskoye RSXX2107
Belskoye RSXX2109
Belskoye RSXX2108
Beltir RSXX2110
Beltyrskiy RSXX2111
Belugino RSXX9233
Belukhino RSXX9234
Belyaki RSXX9237
Belyaninskiy RSXX9238
Belyanskiy RSXX2113
Belyashi RSXX2114
Belyayev RSXX9239
Belyayev RSXX2115
Belyayevka RSXX9241
Belyayevo RSXX9242
Belyayevskaya RSXX9244
Belyayevskiy RSXX9245
Belyj RSXX0163
Belyshevo RSXX2116
Belyukovo RSXX9246
Belyy RSXX9247
Belyy Gorodok RSXX2118
Belyy Klyuch RSXX2119
Belyy Les RSXX9250
Belyy Nos RSXX9251
Belyy Ruchey RSXX2120
Belyy Yar RSXX2122
Belyy Yar RSXX2121
Belyy Yar RSXX2123
Belyy-Yu RSXX2124
Belyye Berega RSXX2125
Belyye Kopani RSXX9254
Belyye Stolby RSXX2126
Bemyzh RSXX2127
Benevskoye RSXX2128
Benoy-Yurt RSXX2129
Bepoyrsk RSXX9255
Berdinki RSXX9257
Berdnikovshchina RSXX9258
Berdsk RSXX0013
Berdyaush RSXX2130
Berdykayevo RSXX9259
Berdyshevo RSXX9260
Berdyshikha RSXX9261
Bere RSXX2131
Bereg RSXX9262
Bereg Kamy RSXX9263
Bereg Taskino RSXX9264
Beregovaya RSXX9265
Beregovoy RSXX9267
Beregovoy RSXX2132
Beregovoye RSXX9268
Berendeyevo RSXX2133
Berendzha RSXX9269
Beresh RSXX9270
Bereslavka RSXX2134
Berestennikova RSXX9271
Berestovets RSXX9272
Bereya RSXX2135
Bereza RSXX2136
Berezanskaya RSXX2137
Berezayka RSXX2138
Berezh RSXX9275
Berezhki RSXX9276
Berezhnaya RSXX9277
Berezino RSXX2139
Berezinskaya RSXX9278
Berezkin RSXX9279
Berezkina RSXX9280
Berezkino RSXX2140
Bereznik RSXX2141
Berezniki RSXX0014
Bereznikovskiy RSXX9283
Bereznyak RSXX9284
Bereznyaki RSXX2142
Bereznyaki RSXX9285
Berezonavolok RSXX9286
Berezova RSXX9287
Berezovaya RSXX9288
Berezovaya Gora RSXX9289
Berezovaya Gorka RSXX9290
Berezovets RSXX9293
Berezovets Gorki RSXX9294
Berezovitsa RSXX9296
Berezovka RSXX2145
Berezovka RSXX2147
Berezovka RSXX2149
Berezovka RSXX2151
Berezovka RSXX2150
Berezovo RSXX0234
Berezovo RSXX2143
Berezovoye RSXX9299
Berezovskaya RSXX9300
Berezovskaya RSXX2152
Berezovskiy RSXX2154
Berezovskiy RSXX2155
Berezovskiy RSXX2156
Berezovskiy RSXX9301
Berezovskoye RSXX2157
Berezovyy RSXX9303
Berezovyy RSXX2158
Berezovyy Klyuch RSXX9304
Berezovyy Log RSXX9305
Berezy RSXX9306
Beringovskiy RSXX0016
Berjesowo RSXX9307
Berkakit RSXX2159
Berkha RSXX9308
Berkuleyka RSXX9309
Berkutovo RSXX9310
Berniki RSXX9311
Bernovo RSXX2160
Bernyazhka RSXX2161
Bert-Dag RSXX2163
Besedino RSXX9313
Beshentsevo RSXX9314
Beshpagir RSXX2164
Beshtaunit RSXX9316
Beskish RSXX9317
Beskudnikovo RSXX9318
Beslan RSXX2165
Besleney RSXX2166
Besmelyata RSXX9319
Besov Nos RSXX2167
Besovo RSXX9320
Bespalovka RSXX2168
Bespalovo RSXX9321
Bespalovskiy RSXX2169
Bespalovskiy RSXX9322
Bessarabiya RSXX9323
Bessarabskiy RSXX9324
Besskorbnaya RSXX2170
Bessonovka RSXX2171
Bestuzhevka RSXX9326
Bestuzhevo RSXX9327
Bestuzhevskiy RSXX9328
Betlitsa RSXX2174
Betyung RSXX2175
Betyuntsy RSXX2176
Beya RSXX2177
Beysheva RSXX2178
Bezbozhnoye RSXX9330
Bezenchuk RSXX2179
Bezgodova RSXX9331
Bezgodovo RSXX9332
Bezgolosovo RSXX9333
Bezhanitsy RSXX2180
Bezhin Lug RSXX9334
Bezhitsa RSXX2181
Bezhka RSXX9335
Bezhta RSXX2182
Bezivanovka RSXX9336
Bezlepkino RSXX9337
Bezlesnyy RSXX9338
Bezmaternyy RSXX9339
Bezobrazova RSXX9340
Bezopasnoye RSXX2183
Bezorukiy RSXX9341
Bezozernoye RSXX2184
Bezrechnaya RSXX2185
Bezrechnyy RSXX9342
Bezrodnaya RSXX9343
Bezrucheyka RSXX9344
Bezrukavka RSXX9345
Bezva RSXX2186
Bezverkhovo RSXX9346
Bezvodnaya RSXX9347
Bezvodnyy RSXX9348
Bezvodovka RSXX9349
Bezvodovskiy RSXX9350
Bezymyanka RSXX9351
Bezymyannaya RSXX2187
Bezymyannyy RSXX9352
Bezymyannyy RSXX2188
Biaza RSXX2194
Bibikovo RSXX9354
Bibikovo RSXX2189
Bibirevo RSXX9355
Bichevaya RSXX2190
Bichezhnyy RSXX9356
Bichi RSXX9357
Bichurina RSXX9358
Bichurino RSXX2193
Bideya RSXX9359
Bidzhan RSXX9360
Bigichi RSXX9362
Bikarda RSXX9363
Bikbarda RSXX9364
Bikbay RSXX9365
Bikhan RSXX9366
Bikin RSXX0017
Biktimirovka RSXX9367
Biktulka RSXX9368
Bikulka RSXX9369
Bilibino RSXX1335
Bilimbaikha RSXX9372
Bilimbay RSXX2196
Billings RSXX9373
Bilyarsk RSXX2197
Bilyutay RSXX2198
Binovskiy RSXX2199
Bira RSXX2200
Birakan RSXX9374
Birakan RSXX2201
Birandzha RSXX9375
Birevo RSXX9376
Birichevo RSXX9377
Birilyussy RSXX9379
Birina RSXX9380
Birit RSXX2204
Birlya RSXX9381
Birma RSXX2205
Birobidzan RSXX0018
Birobidzhan RSXX0379
Birsk RSXX1243
Birskoye RSXX9382
Birushka RSXX9383
Biryuchevo RSXX9386
Biryukovka RSXX9387
Biryukovskiy RSXX9388
Biryuksa RSXX9389
Biryulevo RSXX9390
Biryulka RSXX2207
Biryusa RSXX2208
Biryusa RSXX9392
Biryusinsk RSXX2209
Biryusuk RSXX9393
Birzha RSXX9394
Bisekera RSXX9395
Biser RSXX2210
Bitenevka RSXX9396
Bitrokhi RSXX9397
Biyash RSXX9398
Biyavash RSXX9399
Biyka RSXX2212
Biysey RSXX9400
Biysk RSXX2213
Bizyar RSXX9402
Blagodarnoye RSXX2214
Blagodarnyy RSXX2215
Blagodarovo RSXX9403
Blagodatka RSXX9405
Blagodatnenskiy RSXX9406
Blagodatnoye RSXX9407
Blagodatnoye RSXX2217
Blagodatnyy RSXX2218
Blagodatnyy RSXX9408
Blagonadezhnyy RSXX9409
Blagoslovennoye RSXX2219
Blagovescensk RSXX0372
Blagoveshchenka RSXX9410
Blagoveshchenka RSXX2221
Blagoveshchenka RSXX2220
Blagoveshchensk RSXX2222
Blagoyevo RSXX2223
Blechepsin RSXX2224
Blinova RSXX9413
Blinovo RSXX9414
Bliny RSXX9415
Blizhniy RSXX9417
Bliznevka RSXX9420
Bludovka RSXX9421
Bluzhnyy RSXX9422
Blyukherovo RSXX9423
Boatasyn RSXX2225
Bobarykino RSXX2226
Bobki RSXX9425
Bobkovo RSXX9426
Bobrik RSXX9427
Bobrik-Gora RSXX9428
Bobrinka RSXX2227
Bobrov RSXX2228
Bobrova RSXX9429
Bobrovka RSXX2232
Bobrovka RSXX9430
Bobrovka RSXX2231
Bobrovo RSXX9431
Bobrovo RSXX2234
Bobrovo RSXX2233
Bobrovskaya RSXX9432
Bobrovskiy RSXX9434
Bobrovskiy RSXX2235
Bobrovskoye RSXX2236
Bobuneva RSXX9436
Bobya-Ucha RSXX2237
Bobyka RSXX9437
Bobyli RSXX9438
Bochaga RSXX9439
Bochkan RSXX9440
Bochkari RSXX9441
Bochkina RSXX2238
Bodajbo RSXX0305
Bodanovskiy RSXX9442
Bodaybo RSXX2239
Bogachevka RSXX9443
Bogachevo RSXX9444
Bogachevskiy RSXX9445
Bogana RSXX2240
Bogandinskiy RSXX2241
Boganida RSXX9446
Bogateyevo RSXX9448
Bogatka RSXX9450
Bogatovka RSXX9451
Bogatoye RSXX2242
Bogatskoye RSXX9453
Bogatyrevka RSXX2244
Bogatyrevo RSXX9454
Bogatyri RSXX9455
Bogatyrka RSXX9456
Bogatyy RSXX9457
Bogdanovich RSXX2245
Bogdanovka RSXX9458
Bogdanovo RSXX9459
Bogdanovskiy RSXX9460
Bogdany RSXX9461
Bogdashka RSXX9462
Bogdashkino RSXX9463
Bogolyubovka RSXX9464
Bogolyubovo RSXX2360
Bogolyubovo RSXX9465
Bogolyubovo RSXX2246
Bogolyuby RSXX9466
Bogomolov RSXX9467
Bogomolovka RSXX9468
Bogomyagkovo RSXX9469
Bogonday RSXX9470
Bogoroditsk RSXX2247
Bogoroditskoye RSXX2248
Bogoroditskoye RSXX9472
Bogorodsk RSXX9473
Bogorodsk RSXX2249
Bogorodskiy RSXX9475
Bogorodskoe RSXX0366
Bogorodskoye RSXX2251
Bogorodskoye RSXX2250
Bogorodskoye RSXX9476
Bogoslovka RSXX9477
Bogoslovka RSXX2252
Bogoslovo RSXX2253
Bogoslovskiy RSXX9478
Bogotol RSXX0265
Bogovo RSXX9481
Bogoy RSXX9482
Bogoyavlenka RSXX9483
Bogoyavlensk RSXX9484
Bogoyavlenskaya RSXX9485
Bograd RSXX2254
Bogucany RSXX0252
Bogucar RSXX0418
Bogucharovo RSXX9487
Boguslavets RSXX9488
Boguslavka RSXX9489
Boguslovskaya RSXX9490
Bokhan RSXX2258
Bokhino RSXX9491
Bokholdoy RSXX9492
Bokino RSXX2259
Bokovaya RSXX9493
Bokovoye RSXX9494
Boksitogorsk RSXX2260
Boktor RSXX9495
Bolbrik Donskoy RSXX9806
Bolchary RSXX2272
Boldino RSXX9808
Boldovo RSXX9809
Boldyrevka RSXX2273
Bolen RSXX9811
Bolgary RSXX9812
Bolgary RSXX2274
Bolgovo RSXX9813
Bolkachevskaya RSXX9814
Bolkhov RSXX2275
Bolodek RSXX9815
Bologoe RSXX0160
Bologovo RSXX2276
Bolokhovo RSXX2277
Bolokhovskiy RSXX9816
Bolon RSXX2278
Bolotnoye RSXX2279
Bolotovka RSXX9819
Bolotovo RSXX9820
Bolotovskiy RSXX9821
Bolotskoye RSXX9822
Bolshahya Yerba RSXX2280
Bolshakovo RSXX2281
Bolshay Vyass RSXX2283
Bolshaya Atnya RSXX2284
Bolshaya Bicha RSXX2285
Bolshaya Dzhalga RSXX2289
Bolshaya Galka RSXX2290
Bolshaya Gora RSXX2292
Bolshaya Khalan RSXX2293
Bolshaya Khatyma RSXX2294
Bolshaya Kudara RSXX2295
Bolshaya Mulanda RSXX2297
Bolshaya Murta RSXX2298
Bolshaya Pikovka RSXX2299
Bolshaya Rechka RSXX2300
Bolshaya Sarovka RSXX2301
Bolshaya Sosnova RSXX2302
Bolshaya Tava RSXX2303
Bolshaya Urya RSXX2304
Bolshaya Usa RSXX2305
Bolshaya Vishera RSXX2306
Bolshaya Zaimka RSXX2307
Bolshe-Ploskoye RSXX2308
Bolshenikolskoye RSXX2310
Bolsheokinskoye RSXX2311
Bolshepeschanka RSXX2312
Bolsherechye RSXX2313
Bolshetarkhovo RSXX2314
Bolshetroitskoye RSXX2315
Bolshevik RSXX2317
Bolshevik RSXX2316
Bolshiye Berezki RSXX2318
Bolshiye Doldy RSXX2319
Bolshiye Klyuchi RSXX2323
Bolshiye Klyuchi RSXX2321
Bolshiye Klyuchi RSXX2322
Bolshiye Kozly RSXX2324
Bolshiye Kuchki RSXX2325
Bolshiye Uki RSXX2327
Bolshoy Atmas RSXX2328
Bolshoy Barandat RSXX2329
Bolshoy Chigas RSXX2330
Bolshoy Dvor RSXX2331
Bolshoy Gondyr RSXX2332
Bolshoy Iver RSXX2333
Bolshoy Kamen RSXX2334
Bolshoy Kamen RSXX2335
Bolshoy Kuyash RSXX2337
Bolshoy Lug RSXX2338
Bolshoy Melik RSXX2339
Bolshoy Mishkin RSXX2340
Bolshoy Nimnyr RSXX2341
Bolshoy Pashib RSXX2342
Bolshoy Skit RSXX2343
Bolshoy Turysh RSXX2344
Bolshoy Uluy RSXX2345
Bolshoy Zerentuy RSXX2346
Bolshoye Pole RSXX2353
Bolshoye Selo RSXX2355
Boltayevka RSXX9823
Boltenki RSXX9824
Bolturino RSXX9825
Bolyntovo RSXX9826
Bomina RSXX9827
Bomnak RSXX0356
Bondarenko RSXX9828
Bondarevo RSXX2358
Bondarevskiy RSXX9829
Bondarka RSXX9830
Bondyug RSXX2359
Boni RSXX9831
Bonyakovo RSXX9832
Bor RSXX1224
Bor RSXX9833
Bor-Kosobulat RSXX9834
Bor-Lenva RSXX9835
Bordyanovskiy RSXX9836
Borets RSXX9837
Boreykovo RSXX9838
Borgan RSXX9839
Borgustanskaya RSXX2361
Borikha RSXX9841
Borino RSXX9842
Borinskoye RSXX2362
Borisoglebsk RSXX2363
Borisoglebskiy RSXX2364
Borisova RSXX9843
Borisova Polyana RSXX9844
Borisovka RSXX2365
Borisovka RSXX9845
Borisovka RSXX2366
Borisovo RSXX9846
Borisovska RSXX9847
Borisovskaya RSXX9848
Borisovskiy RSXX9850
Borki RSXX9852
Borkmos RSXX9853
Borkovka RSXX9854
Borkovo RSXX9855
Borkovskaya RSXX9856
Borkovskoye RSXX9857
Borlok RSXX9858
Bormotova RSXX9859
Bornovo RSXX9860
Borodina RSXX9861
Borodino RSXX2368
Borodino RSXX9862
Borodinskaya RSXX9863
Borodinskiy RSXX2369
Borodkino RSXX9864
Borodulino RSXX9865
Borodulyata RSXX9866
Borodynovka RSXX9867
Borok RSXX9868
Borok RSXX2370
Borokhal RSXX9869
Boronduki RSXX9870
Boronniki RSXX9871
Boronuk RSXX2371
Borovaya RSXX9872
Borovchata RSXX9873
Borovichi RSXX2372
Borovikha RSXX2373
Borovikovo RSXX9874
Borovinka RSXX9876
Borovka RSXX9877
Borovkovo RSXX9878
Borovkovskiy RSXX9879
Borovlyanka RSXX2374
Borovlyanka RSXX2375
Borovlyanskiy RSXX9881
Borovoy RSXX2376
Borovoy RSXX9882
Borovoy Forpost RSXX9883
Borovoye RSXX9884
Borovoye RSXX2377
Borovshaya RSXX2378
Borovsk RSXX9885
Borovsk RSXX1381
Borovskaya RSXX9886
Borovskaya RSXX2379
Borovskiy RSXX2380
Borovskoye RSXX9887
Borovskoye RSXX2381
Borovukha RSXX9888
Borozdenki RSXX9889
Borozdinka RSXX2382
Borozdino RSXX9890
Borshchevka RSXX9891
Borshchevoye RSXX9892
Borshchovo RSXX9893
Borsk RSXX9894
Borskoye RSXX2383
Bortnoye RSXX9895
Bortoy RSXX9896
Bortsy RSXX9897
Bory RSXX9898
Boryatino RSXX2384
Borzhigantay RSXX9899
Borzja RSXX0350
Borzovaya Zaimka RSXX9900
Borzovka RSXX9901
Borzoy RSXX2385
Borzunovo RSXX9902
Borzya RSXX2386
Boshnyakovo RSXX9903
Boshnyakovo RSXX2387
Botanikha RSXX9904
Botashovka RSXX9905
Botashyurt RSXX2388
Botayurt RSXX2389
Botlikh RSXX2390
Botnya RSXX9906
Botovo RSXX9907
Bovina RSXX9909
Boyanovo RSXX9910
Boyarka RSXX2391
Boyarka RSXX9911
Boyarkino RSXX9912
Boyarkovo RSXX9913
Boyarskaya RSXX2392
Boyarskaya RSXX9914
Boyarskiye RSXX9915
Boyets RSXX9916
Boyets Kuznetsov RSXX9917
Boykoye RSXX9919
Boytsovo RSXX9921
Bozhekhan RSXX9923
Bozheninovo RSXX9924
Bozoy RSXX9925
Bragina RSXX9926
Bragino RSXX2393
Bragino RSXX9927
Brateyevo RSXX9930
Bratolyubovka RSXX2394
Bratsk RSXX0306
Bratskiy RSXX9931
Bratskiy RSXX2395
Bratskiy Soyuz RSXX9932
Bratslavka RSXX9933
Brattsevo RSXX9935
Brazhata RSXX9936
Brazhkina RSXX9937
Brazhniki RSXX9938
Brazhnikova RSXX9939
Brazhnoye RSXX9940
Braziliya RSXX9941
Brediklino RSXX9945
Bredy RSXX2396
Brekhovo RSXX9946
Breslavskiy RSXX9947
Brevennik RSXX9948
Brevno RSXX9949
Brevnovskaya RSXX9950
Briakan RSXX2397
Brigadirovka RSXX9951
Brin-Navolok RSXX9952
Brinerovka RSXX9953
Britvino RSXX9954
Brjansk RSXX0167
Brod RSXX9955
Brodenki RSXX9956
Brodilovka RSXX9957
Brodokalmak RSXX2398
Brody RSXX9958
Bronevo RSXX9959
Bronnicy RSXX1467
Bronniki RSXX9960
Bronnikovo RSXX2399
Brosachikha RSXX9961
Brovki RSXX9962
Brovnichi RSXX9963
Brusenitsa RSXX9964
Brusentsevo RSXX9965
Brusilovskoye RSXX9966
Bruski RSXX9967
Brusna RSXX9968
Brusnichnyy RSXX9969
Brusovo RSXX2400
Brusovo RSXX9970
Brusovoye RSXX9971
Brusun RSXX9972
Brusyana RSXX9973
Brusyanka RSXX9974
Brusyanovka RSXX9975
Bryandino RSXX9978
Bryanka RSXX9979
Bryansk RSXX2401
Bryansk Lgovskiy RSXX2402
Bryanskiy RSXX9980
Brykovo RSXX2403
Brynkovskaya RSXX2404
Bryukhanova RSXX9982
Bryukhanovskoya RSXX9983
Bryukhovetskaya RSXX2405
Bryukhovo RSXX9984
Bryumka RSXX2406
Bryushinina RSXX9985
Bryuzli RSXX9986
Bub RSXX9987
Bubnov Nos RSXX9988
Bubnova RSXX9989
Bubnovka RSXX9990
Bubnovskaya RSXX9991
Buchalki RSXX9992
Bucharova RSXX9993
Buchnevo RSXX9994
Budagovishchi RSXX9995
Budagovo RSXX2407
Budayki RSXX9996
Budennogo RSXX9997
Budennovka RSXX9998
Budennovsk RSXX0443
Budennovskaya RSXX9999
Budennovskaya RSXX2408
Budulan RSXX2411
Bugry RSXX2412
Buguruslan RSXX1523
Buguzun RSXX2414
Buhta Providenja RSXX0150
Buinsk RSXX2415
Buinsk RSXX2416
Buj RSXX0176
Bukrovo RSXX2417
Bulagansk RSXX2418
Bulanash RSXX2419
Bulanovo RSXX2420
Bulatnikovo RSXX2421
Bulgunnyakhtakh RSXX2422
Bulus RSXX2425
Bulygta RSXX2427
Bulyk RSXX2426
Buor-Sysy RSXX2428
Buotama RSXX2429
Burannoye RSXX2430
Buratinskiy RSXX2431
Burayevo RSXX2432
Burevestnik RSXX2433
Bureya RSXX2434
Bureyo RSXX2435
Burgen RSXX2436
Buribay RSXX2437
Burkhala RSXX2438
Burkhun RSXX2439
Burla RSXX2440
Burlatskoye RSXX2441
Burmakino RSXX2442
Burmantovo RSXX2443
Burtunay RSXX2447
Buruk RSXX2448
Burukan RSXX0360
Burulyatuy RSXX2449
Buruny RSXX2450
Bushuley RSXX2451
Busly RSXX2452
Busse RSXX2453
Butka RSXX2454
Buturlino RSXX2455
Buturlinovka RSXX2456
Butusovo RSXX2457
Buy RSXX2458
Buynaksk RSXX1342
Buyskoye RSXX2459
Buzuluk RSXX0021
Byakovo RSXX2460
Bychki RSXX2461
Byk RSXX2462
Bykov RSXX2463
Bykovo RSXX2464
Bykovo Airport RSXX1468
Bykovskiy RSXX2465
Bylino RSXX2466
Bylym RSXX2467
Bym RSXX2468
Byran-Urde RSXX2469
Byrka RSXX2470
Bystraya RSXX2471
Bystrogorskiy RSXX2472
Bystrovka RSXX2473
Bystrukha RSXX2474
Bystryy Istok RSXX2475
Byvaltsevo RSXX2478
Cehov RSXX1469
Cekunda RSXX0373
Cemal RSXX0438
Cerepovec RSXX0174
Cerlak RSXX1252
Cerusti RSXX1470
Chaadayevka RSXX2479
Chagay RSXX2480
Chagda RSXX2481
Chagdayy RSXX2482
Chagoda RSXX2483
Chagoyan RSXX2484
Chal-Kezhig RSXX2485
Chalbyshevo RSXX2486
Chalna RSXX2487
Chalpy RSXX2488
Chamgu RSXX2490
Chamlykskaya RSXX2491
Chamzinka RSXX2492
Chanovskiy RSXX2493
Chantyrya RSXX2494
Chany RSXX0271
Chapayevo RSXX2495
Chapayevsk RSXX0023
Chapchachi RSXX2496
Chaplanovo RSXX2497
Chaplygin RSXX2498
Chapo-Orogo RSXX2499
Chara RSXX0308
Charan RSXX2500
Chardaty RSXX2501
Charkov RSXX2502
Chary RSXX2503
Chashi RSXX2504
Chashnikovo RSXX2505
Chasovenskaya RSXX2506
Chastyye RSXX2507
Chaykovskaya RSXX2508
Chaykovskiy RSXX1536
Chayvo RSXX2509
Chazhemto RSXX2510
Chazhenga RSXX2511
Chebakly RSXX2512
Chebenki RSXX2515
Cheboksary RSXX1341
Cheburda RSXX2516
Chechen-Aul RSXX2517
Cheder RSXX2518
Chegdomyn RSXX2519
Chegem RSXX2520
Chegem Pervyy RSXX2521
Chegem Vtoroy RSXX2522
Chekalin RSXX2523
Chekanovskiy RSXX2524
Chekhlomey RSXX2525
Chekhov RSXX2526
Chekhov RSXX2527
Chekurovka RSXX2528
Chekurovskiy RSXX2529
Chelbasskaya RSXX2530
Chelno-Vershiny RSXX2531
Chelva RSXX2532
Chelyabinsk RSXX0024
Chelyuskin RSXX1594
Chemal RSXX2533
Chembiley RSXX2534
Chemodanovka RSXX2535
Cherbi RSXX2536
Cherdakly RSXX2537
Cherdyn RSXX1229
Cheremisinovo RSXX2538
Cheremnoye RSXX2539
Cheremshan RSXX2540
Cheremshanka RSXX2541
Cheremshany RSXX2542
Cheremukhovo RSXX2544
Cheremushka RSXX2545
Cheremushki RSXX2546
Cheremushskiy RSXX2547
Cherepanikha RSXX2548
Cherepanovo RSXX2550
Cherepanovo RSXX2549
Cherepovets RSXX2552
Cherkesovskiy RSXX2553
Cherkessk RSXX1374
Cherkizovo RSXX2554
Cherlak RSXX2555
Chermen RSXX2556
Chermoz RSXX1537
Chern RSXX2557
Chernava RSXX2559
Chernava RSXX2560
Chernetsovka RSXX2562
Chernevo RSXX2563
Chernigovka RSXX2566
Chernigovskoye RSXX2567
Chernitsyno RSXX2568
Chernjaevo RSXX0362
Cherno RSXX2569
Chernoborskaya RSXX2570
Chernogolovka RSXX2571
Chernogorsk RSXX2572
Chernogorskaya RSXX2573
Chernoistochinsk RSXX2574
Chernolesskoye RSXX2575
Chernomorskaya RSXX2576
Chernomorskiy RSXX2577
Chernorechenskiy RSXX2578
Chernousovo RSXX2579
Chernovka RSXX2580
Chernovskoye RSXX2582
Chernovskoye RSXX2581
Chernukha RSXX2584
Chernushka RSXX2585
Chernutyevo RSXX2586
Chernyakhovsk RSXX1370
Chernyanka RSXX2587
Chernyayevka RSXX2589
Chernyshevka RSXX2590
Chernyshevsk RSXX2591
Chernyshevskiy RSXX2593
Chernyshkovskiy RSXX2594
Chernyshovka RSXX2592
Chernyy Miss RSXX2595
Chernyy Mys RSXX2596
Chernyy Ruchey RSXX2597
Chernyy Rynok RSXX2598
Chernyy Yar RSXX2599
Chernyy Yar RSXX2600
Cherskiy RSXX1621
Chertkovo RSXX2601
Chertkovskaya RSXX2602
Cherusti RSXX2603
Cherva RSXX2604
Chervishevo RSXX2605
Chervlennaya RSXX2606
Chervlenoye RSXX2607
Chesma RSXX2608
Chesnok RSXX2609
Chesnokovo RSXX2610
Chetkarino RSXX2611
Chibizhek RSXX2612
Chichatka RSXX2613
Chickan RSXX2614
Chidvozero RSXX2615
Chikhachevo RSXX2616
Chikola RSXX2617
Chikoy RSXX2618
Chikshino RSXX2619
Chilgir RSXX2620
Chilino RSXX2621
Chinar RSXX2622
Chindaley RSXX2623
Chindant Pervyy RSXX2624
Chingisy RSXX2625
Chirag RSXX2626
Chirichkasy RSXX2660
Chirineyveyem RSXX2627
Chishmy RSXX2628
Chistogorskiy RSXX2629
Chistoozernoye RSXX2630
Chistoye RSXX2632
Chistyakovo RSXX2633
Chistyye Bory RSXX2635
Chita RSXX0025
Chitkan RSXX2636
Chkalovo RSXX2637
Chkalovsk RSXX2638
Chkalovskoye RSXX2639
Chlya RSXX2640
Chokurdakh RSXX1622
Chontaul RSXX2641
Choya RSXX2642
Chuchkovo RSXX2643
Chudo RSXX2644
Chudovo RSXX2645
Chugumey RSXX2646
Chugunash RSXX2647
Chugunayevo RSXX2648
Chugunly RSXX2649
Chuguyevka RSXX2650
Chukhloma RSXX2651
Chulkovo RSXX2654
Chulkovo RSXX2653
Chulman RSXX2655
Chulym RSXX2656
Chumay RSXX2657
Chupa RSXX2658
Chur RSXX2659
Churan RSXX2661
Churapcha RSXX2662
Churayevo RSXX2663
Churki RSXX2664
Churkin-Yag RSXX2665
Churtan RSXX2666
Chushevitsy RSXX2667
Chusovoy RSXX0026
Chusovoye RSXX2668
Chuvanskoye RSXX2669
Chuya RSXX2671
Chyulbe RSXX2672
Culym RSXX0274
Curapca RSXX0140
Dachnoye RSXX2673
Dagomys RSXX1413
Dakhovskaya RSXX2675
Daktuy RSXX2676
Dalakovo RSXX2679
Dalmatovo RSXX2680
Dalnegorsk RSXX2681
Dalnerechensk RSXX2682
Dalneye RSXX2683
Dalniy RSXX2684
Dalnyaya RSXX2685
Danilkino RSXX2686
Danilov RSXX2687
Danilovka RSXX2688
Danki RSXX2689
Dankov RSXX1458
Darasun RSXX0027
Darovskoy RSXX2690
Dauriya RSXX2691
Dautu RSXX2692
Davenda RSXX2693
Davydovka RSXX2694
Davydovo RSXX2695
Davydovskoye RSXX2696
Debesy RSXX2697
Dedenevo RSXX2698
Dedovichi RSXX2699
Dedovsk RSXX2700
Defanovka RSXX2701
Degtyarsk RSXX2702
Deledino RSXX2703
Demenevo RSXX2705
Dementyevskaya RSXX2706
Demikhovo RSXX2707
Demyas RSXX2708
Denisovka RSXX2709
Denisovo RSXX2710
Denisovskiy RSXX2711
Deputatskiy RSXX2712
Derbe Shkinskiy RSXX2713
Derbent RSXX1343
Derbetovka RSXX2714
Derevkovo RSXX2715
Derevyanka RSXX2716
Derevyansk RSXX2717
Dergachi RSXX2718
Desnogorsk RSXX2719
Detchino RSXX2720
Devitsa RSXX2721
Devlezerkino RSXX2722
Deyevo RSXX2723
Deyskoye RSXX2724
Dezhnevo RSXX2725
Digora RSXX2726
Dikimdya RSXX2727
Dikson RSXX1595
Dimitrovgrad RSXX0028
Dinskaya RSXX2728
Divenskaya RSXX2729
Divnoe RSXX0428
Divnogorsk RSXX1386
Divnomorskoye RSXX2730
Divya RSXX2732
Diyur RSXX2733
Dmitriyevka RSXX2735
Dmitriyevka RSXX2736
Dmitriyevskaya RSXX2737
Dmitriyevskoye RSXX2738
Dmitriyevy Gory RSXX2739
Dmitrov RSXX1471
Dno RSXX1543
Dobchur RSXX2742
Dobrinka RSXX2743
Dobrinskiy RSXX2744
Dobromino RSXX2745
Dobrovolsk RSXX2746
Dobroye RSXX2748
Dobroye RSXX2747
Dobruchi RSXX2749
Dobryanka RSXX0029
Dobryatino RSXX2751
Dodonovo RSXX2752
Dokshukino RSXX2753
Dolganka RSXX2754
Dolgaya Kurya RSXX2755
Dolgiy RSXX2756
Dolgoprudnyy RSXX2758
Dolgorukovo RSXX2759
Dolgovskoye RSXX2760
Dolinsk RSXX0030
Dolmatovskiy RSXX2761
Dolmi RSXX2762
Dolzhanskaya RSXX2763
Dombarovka RSXX2764
Dombarovskiy RSXX2765
Dombay RSXX1375
Domna RSXX2766
Don RSXX2767
Dondukovskaya RSXX2768
Donetsk RSXX2769
Dono RSXX2770
Donskoy RSXX2771
Donskoye RSXX2774
Donskoye RSXX2773
Donskoye RSXX2772
Dorogino RSXX2775
Dorogorskoye RSXX2776
Dorokhovo RSXX2777
Doroninskoye RSXX2778
Dorozhnyy RSXX2779
Doruokha RSXX2780
Dosatuy RSXX2781
Doschatoye RSXX2782
Dostoyevka RSXX2783
Dovolnoye RSXX2784
Drakino RSXX2785
Drezna RSXX2786
Drovyanaya RSXX2787
Druzhba RSXX2789
Druzhba RSXX2791
Druzhba RSXX2790
Druzhinino RSXX2792
Druzhnaya Gorka RSXX2793
Dryutskovo RSXX2788
Dubenki RSXX2794
Dubenskiy RSXX2795
Dubentsovskaya RSXX2796
Dubinino RSXX2797
Dubki RSXX2798
Dubki RSXX2799
Dubki RSXX2800
Dublikan RSXX2801
Dubna RSXX1603
Dubovka RSXX2802
Dubovoye RSXX2803
Dubovskiy RSXX2804
Dubovskoye RSXX2805
Dubovyy Mys RSXX2806
Dubovyy Ovrag RSXX2807
Dubovyy Umet RSXX2808
Dubrovitsy RSXX2809
Dubrovka RSXX2810
Dubrovnoye RSXX2811
Dubyazy RSXX2812
Dubynino RSXX2813
Dudi RSXX2814
Dudinka RSXX1596
Due RSXX2815
Dugna RSXX2816
Dukat RSXX2817
Dukhovnitskoye RSXX2818
Dukhovo RSXX2819
Dukhovshchina RSXX2820
Duki RSXX2823
Dulyapino RSXX2825
Duminichi RSXX2826
Dunay RSXX2827
Dunayevo RSXX2828
Dunilovskiy RSXX2829
Durdur RSXX2830
Durgeli RSXX2831
Durovka RSXX2832
Duvan RSXX1231
Dvadtsatyy RSXX2833
Dve Viski RSXX2834
Dvinskoy RSXX2835
Dvoryanka RSXX2836
Dvubratskiy RSXX2837
Dvurechensk RSXX2838
Dvurechenskoye RSXX2839
Dyatkovo RSXX2840
Dydyldino RSXX2841
Dylym RSXX2842
Dyrestuy RSXX2843
Dyshne-Vedeno RSXX2844
Dyurtyuli RSXX2845
Dzalinda RSXX0325
Dzerzhinsk RSXX1516
Dzerzhinskiy RSXX2846
Dzerzhinskoye RSXX2847
Dzhabyk RSXX2848
Dzhalinda RSXX2850
Dzhalka RSXX2851
Dzhankhot RSXX2852
Dzhaore RSXX2853
Dzhardzhan RSXX2854
Dzhayrakh RSXX2855
Dzhekonda RSXX2856
Dzherzhinskoe RSXX0262
Dzhida RSXX2857
Dzhigda RSXX2858
Dzhiginka RSXX2859
Dzhirim RSXX2860
Dzhogino RSXX2861
Dzhonka RSXX2862
Dzhubga RSXX1414
Ebergard RSXX2863
Edissiya RSXX2865
Egvekinot RSXX2866
Ekaterinburg RSXX1219
Ekazhevo RSXX2867
Ekhabi RSXX2868
Ekimchan RSXX0359
Elabuga RSXX1228
Elban RSXX2869
Elec RSXX0207
Elegest RSXX2870
Elektrogorsk RSXX2871
Elektrostal RSXX2872
Elektrougli RSXX2874
Elga RSXX2875
Elgen RSXX2876
Elgyay RSXX2877
Elin-Yurt RSXX2878
Elisenvaara RSXX2879
Elista RSXX1396
Elton RSXX2880
Emmaus RSXX2881
Endirey RSXX2882
Energetik RSXX2883
Engolzha RSXX2885
Engorok RSXX2886
Enisejsk RSXX0251
Ergazhimo RSXX2887
Erivanskaya RSXX2888
Ermakovskoe RSXX0295
Erofej Pavlovic RSXX0322
Erpeli RSXX2889
Ersov RSXX0415
Ertil RSXX2890
Ertom RSXX7997
Erzin RSXX2892
Eselyakhskaya RSXX2893
Essoyla RSXX2894
Etoka RSXX2895
Evoron RSXX2896
Ezhva RSXX2897
Fakel RSXX2898
Fastovetskaya RSXX2899
Fatezh RSXX1439
Fedorovka RSXX2903
Fedorovka RSXX2902
Fedorovka RSXX2901
Fedorovka RSXX2900
Fedorovskaya RSXX2904
Fedorovskoye RSXX2905
Fedoseyevka RSXX2907
Fedoseyevka RSXX2906
Fedoseyevskaya RSXX2908
Fedosikha RSXX2909
Fefelovo RSXX2910
Ferapontovo RSXX2911
Ferma RSXX2912
Fershampenuaz RSXX2913
Ferzikovo RSXX2914
Filimonovo RSXX2915
Firovo RSXX2916
Firsanovka RSXX2917
Firsovo RSXX2918
Flippova Gora RSXX2919
Fofonovo RSXX2920
Foki RSXX2921
Fokino RSXX2922
Fomin RSXX2923
Fominskaya RSXX2924
Fominskoye RSXX2925
Fornosovo RSXX2926
Forpost RSXX2927
Frantsevo RSXX2928
Frolishchi RSXX2929
Frolovo RSXX0032
Fryanovo RSXX2930
Fryazevo RSXX2931
Fryazino RSXX2932
Furao RSXX2933
Furmanov RSXX2934
Gabovo RSXX2935
Gadaley RSXX2936
Gadzhiyevo RSXX2937
Gagarin RSXX1561
Gagarye RSXX2938
Gagatli RSXX2939
Gagino RSXX2940
Gajny RSXX1226
Gakhany RSXX2941
Gakugsa RSXX2942
Galashki RSXX2943
Galenki RSXX2944
Galiakberovo RSXX2945
Galich RSXX1435
Galimyy RSXX2946
Galitskoye RSXX2947
Galitsy RSXX2948
Galkino RSXX2949
Gamovo RSXX2950
Garbolovo RSXX2951
Gargana RSXX2952
Gari RSXX2953
Garshino RSXX2954
Gartovka RSXX2955
Gastello RSXX2956
Gatchina RSXX1446
Gautino RSXX2957
Gavan RSXX2958
Gavrilov Posad RSXX2959
Gavrilov-Yam RSXX1634
Gavrilovo RSXX2961
Gavrlov Yam RSXX2962
Gay RSXX2963
Gayduk RSXX2964
Gayny RSXX2965
Gdov RSXX1544
Gedzhukh RSXX2966
Gekhi RSXX2967
Gelendzhik RSXX1415
Georgiyevsk RSXX2968
Georgiyevskoye RSXX2969
Gerga RSXX2970
Germenchik RSXX2972
Germenchuk RSXX2973
Gersteno RSXX2974
Giaginskaya RSXX2976
Gidrotorf RSXX2977
Gigant RSXX2978
Gilev Log RSXX2979
Gilmimyl RSXX2980
Girey RSXX2981
Glafirovka RSXX2983
Glazkovka RSXX2984
Glazok RSXX2985
Glazov RSXX0033
Glazunovka RSXX2986
Glebychevo RSXX2987
Glinishchevo RSXX2988
Glinka RSXX2989
Glotovka RSXX2990
Glubinnoye RSXX2991
Glubokoye RSXX2994
Glukharnyy RSXX2995
Glukhovo RSXX2996
Glushkovo RSXX2997
Glyadyanskoye RSXX2998
Godovo RSXX2999
Gofitskoye RSXX3000
Golitsino RSXX3003
Golitsyno RSXX3002
Golitsyno RSXX3004
Golovchino RSXX3005
Golovino RSXX3006
Golubichnyy RSXX3007
Golubkovskoye RSXX3008
Goluboye RSXX3009
Golyany RSXX3010
Golynki RSXX3011
Gonam RSXX3012
Goncharovka RSXX3013
Gonokhovo RSXX3014
Gora RSXX3016
Gorbachevo RSXX3017
Gorbatov RSXX3018
Gorbunki RSXX3019
Gorchukha RSXX3020
Gordeyevka RSXX3021
Gordovo RSXX3022
Gorekatsan RSXX3023
Goreloye RSXX3024
Gorin RSXX0371
Goritsy RSXX3025
Gorjacinsk RSXX0327
Gorki RSXX3026
Gorki RSXX3027
Gorki RSXX3028
Gorki-Leninskiye RSXX3029
Gorkovskoye RSXX3030
Gorlichevskaya RSXX3031
Gorlovo RSXX3032
Gornaya Proleyka RSXX3033
Gorno-Altaysk RSXX1317
Gornorechenskiy RSXX3034
Gornoslinkino RSXX3035
Gornoye Loo RSXX3036
Gornozavodsk RSXX3037
Gornozavodsk RSXX3038
Gornyak RSXX3039
Gornyatskiy RSXX3040
Gornyy RSXX3041
Gornyy RSXX3042
Gornyy Balykley RSXX3043
Gornyy Shchit RSXX3044
Gornyy Zerentuy RSXX3045
Gornyye Klyuchi RSXX3046
Gorodets RSXX0034
Gorodetsk RSXX3047
Gorodishche RSXX3048
Gorodishche RSXX3049
Gorodishche RSXX3050
Gorodki RSXX3051
Gorodok RSXX3052
Gorodovikovsk RSXX3053
Gorokhovets RSXX3054
Gorshechnoye RSXX3055
Gorskaya RSXX3056
Gory RSXX3057
Goryachegorsk RSXX3058
Goryachevodskiy RSXX3059
Goryachiy klyuch RSXX1416
Gostagayevskaya RSXX3060
Gostilitsy RSXX3061
Gostovskiy RSXX3062
Gotoputovo RSXX3063
Goyty RSXX3064
Grabovo RSXX3066
Grachevka RSXX3067
Grakhovo RSXX3068
Gramoteino RSXX3069
Grayvoron RSXX3070
Grazhdanka RSXX3071
Grazhdanskoye RSXX3072
Grebenskaya RSXX3073
Grecheskoye RSXX3074
Gremikha RSXX3075
Gremyachev RSXX3077
Gremyachevo RSXX3076
Gremyachinsk RSXX3078
Gribanovskiy RSXX3079
Grigoropolisskiy RSXX3081
Grigoryevka RSXX3082
Grigoryevskaya RSXX3083
Gritsovskiy RSXX3084
Griva RSXX3085
Grivenskaya RSXX3086
Grivki RSXX3087
Gromoslavka RSXX3088
Grotava RSXX3089
Groznyj RSXX0448
Grushevka RSXX3090
Grushevskaya RSXX3091
Grushevskoye RSXX3092
Gruznovka RSXX3093
Gryazi RSXX3094
Gryaznoye RSXX3095
Gryaznukha RSXX3096
Gryazovets RSXX3097
Gubakha RSXX1538
Gubden RSXX3098
Gubino RSXX3099
Gubkin RSXX1324
Gubskaya RSXX3100
Gudermes RSXX3101
Gukovo RSXX3102
Gulkevichi RSXX3103
Gulyay-Borisovka RSXX3104
Gulynki RSXX3105
Gumrak RSXX3106
Gundorovskiy RSXX3107
Guney RSXX3108
Gunib RSXX3109
Gunikha RSXX3110
Guran RSXX3113
Guran RSXX3114
Gurbuki RSXX3115
Guryevsk RSXX3116
Gus-Khrustalnyy RSXX3118
Gus-Zheleznyy RSXX3119
Gusanikha RSXX3120
Gusev RSXX3121
Gusevskiy RSXX3122
Gusinoozersk RSXX3123
Gusinoye Ozero RSXX3124
Guzhevo RSXX3065
Gvardeysk RSXX3125
Gvardeyskoye RSXX3126
Gvasjugi RSXX0382
Gyrshelun RSXX3128
Hakasskaja RSXX0293
Hanty-Mansijsk RSXX1234
Hilok RSXX0340
Himki RSXX1474
Holmsk RSXX0402
Horinsk RSXX0328
Hularin RSXX0370
Ibresi RSXX3130
Icha RSXX3131
Ichinskiy RSXX3132
Ichkino RSXX3133
Idel RSXX3134
Idrinskoe RSXX0289
Idritsa RSXX3135
Igarka RSXX1387
Iglino RSXX0036
Ignasino RSXX0323
Ignatovo RSXX3137
Ignatyevka RSXX3138
Ignatyevo RSXX3139
Igorevskaya RSXX3140
Igoshevo RSXX3141
Igra RSXX3142
Ika RSXX3143
Ikey RSXX3144
Ikhrek RSXX3145
Iki-Burul RSXX3146
Ikon-Khalk RSXX3147
Ikovka RSXX3148
Ikryanoye RSXX3149
Iksha RSXX3150
Ilanskiy RSXX3158
Ilaskhan-Yurt RSXX3159
Ilem-Selga RSXX3160
Ileza RSXX3161
Ilicha RSXX3162
Ilimnir RSXX3163
Ilinka RSXX3164
Ilinka RSXX3165
Ilinka RSXX3166
Ilinskaya RSXX3167
Ilinskiy RSXX3168
Ilinskiy RSXX3169
Ilir RSXX3171
Ilka RSXX3172
Ilkhetan RSXX3173
Ilovatka RSXX3174
Ilovayskiy RSXX3175
Ilovka RSXX3177
Ilovka RSXX3176
Ilovlya RSXX3178
Ilskiy RSXX3179
Ilyinskiy RSXX0401
Ima RSXX3180
Imandra RSXX3181
Imeni Babushkina RSXX3182
Imeni Morozova RSXX3184
Imeni Sverdlova RSXX3188
Imeni Tsyurupy RSXX3189
Imeni Vorovskogo RSXX3192
Imeni Vorovskogo RSXX3191
Imeni Zhelyabova RSXX3193
Impilakhti RSXX3195
Imshegal RSXX3196
Inagli RSXX3197
Inchoun RSXX3198
Inderka RSXX3199
Indiga RSXX3200
Ingaly RSXX3202
Ingisoim RSXX3203
Inkino RSXX3204
Innokentyevskiy RSXX3207
Inokovka RSXX3208
Inozemtsevo RSXX3209
Insar RSXX3210
Inta RSXX1399
Intsiss RSXX3211
Inza RSXX3212
Inzhavino RSXX3213
Iokanga RSXX3214
Iorik RSXX3215
Ipat RSXX3216
Ipatovo RSXX3217
Irbejskoe RSXX0270
Irbeyskoye RSXX3218
Irbit RSXX1574
Irboska RSXX3219
Iret RSXX3220
Irgakly RSXX3221
Irinovka RSXX3222
Irkineyevo RSXX3223
Irkir RSXX3224
Irkliyevskaya RSXX3225
Irkutsk RSXX0038
Irsha RSXX3227
Irta RSXX3228
Irtysh RSXX3229
Irtyshskiy RSXX3230
Irtyshskiy RSXX3231
Is RSXX3232
Isakly RSXX3233
Isakovo RSXX3234
Isenbayevo RSXX3235
Isetskoye RSXX3237
Ishcherskaya RSXX3238
Isheyevka RSXX3239
Ishim RSXX3240
Ishimbay RSXX3241
Ishkhoy-Yurt RSXX3242
Ishkulka RSXX3243
Ishley RSXX3244
Ishnya RSXX3245
Isilkul RSXX3246
Isim RSXX1236
Isinga RSXX3247
Isit RSXX0144
Isivozero RSXX3248
Iska RSXX3249
Iskateley RSXX3250
Iskitim RSXX3253
Iskup RSXX3254
Ispravnaya RSXX3255
Issa RSXX3256
Istok RSXX3258
Istok RSXX3257
Istra RSXX0039
Isyangulovo RSXX3259
Itaka RSXX3260
Itatskiy RSXX3261
Iterik RSXX3262
Itum-Kali RSXX3263
Iv RSXX3264
Ivanchug RSXX3265
Ivangorod RSXX1253
Ivanishchi RSXX3266
Ivano-Kuvalat RSXX3267
Ivanovka RSXX3273
Ivanovka RSXX3272
Ivanovka RSXX3271
Ivanovka RSXX3270
Ivanovo RSXX1366
Ivanovskaya RSXX3274
Ivanovskoye RSXX3275
Ivanteyevka RSXX3276
Ivanteyevo RSXX3277
Ivdel RSXX1230
Ivnya RSXX3279
Ivolginsk RSXX3280
Ivot RSXX3281
Iyus RSXX3282
Izberbash RSXX3284
Izborsk RSXX3285
Izhevsk RSXX0237
Izhevskoye RSXX3286
Izhma RSXX3287
Izhma RSXX3288
Izluchinsk RSXX3289
Izmalkovo RSXX3290
Izmaylovo RSXX3292
Iznoski RSXX3293
Izumrud RSXX3295
Izvestkovyy RSXX3296
Jahroma RSXX1475
Janaul RSXX0239
Jarcevo RSXX0131
Jaskul RSXX0429
Jyemskiy RSXX3297
Kaa-Khem RSXX3298
Kabakovo RSXX3299
Kabansk RSXX3300
Kabardinka RSXX3301
Kaburly RSXX3302
Kabyrdak RSXX3303
Kacha RSXX3304
Kachalinskaya RSXX3305
Kachkanar RSXX1575
Kachug RSXX3306
Kacug RSXX0318
Kadaya RSXX3308
Kadom RSXX3309
Kadoshkino RSXX3310
Kadykchan RSXX3311
Kadyy RSXX3312
Kafen RSXX3313
Kafyr-Kumukh RSXX3314
Kagalnitskaya RSXX3316
Kagyy RSXX3317
Kaip RSXX3318
Kakhtana RSXX3320
Kakhun RSXX3321
Kakmozh RSXX3322
Kaksat RSXX3763
Kaktolga RSXX3319
Kalac RSXX0417
Kalach-na-Donu RSXX1608
Kalachinsk RSXX1529
Kaladzhinskaya RSXX3325
Kalanguy RSXX3326
Kalevala RSXX1392
Kalga RSXX3327
Kalikino RSXX3328
Kalinin RSXX3329
Kalininaul RSXX3330
Kaliningrad RSXX0040
Kalinino RSXX3334
Kalinino RSXX3333
Kalinino RSXX3332
Kalinino RSXX3331
Kalininskaya RSXX3335
Kalino RSXX3336
Kalinovka RSXX3337
Kalinovo RSXX3338
Kalinovoye Ozero RSXX3339
Kalinovskaya RSXX3340
Kalinovskoye RSXX3341
Kalmanka RSXX3342
Kaltagay RSXX3343
Kaltan RSXX3344
Kaltasy RSXX3345
Kaltay RSXX3346
Kaluga RSXX0192
Kalvazin RSXX3347
Kalyarik RSXX3348
Kalyazin RSXX3349
Kama RSXX3350
Kamaki RSXX3351
Kamarchaga RSXX3352
Kambarka RSXX3353
Kambileyevskoye RSXX3354
Kambulat RSXX3355
Kamchatka RSXX3356
Kamen RSXX3357
Kamen RSXX3358
Kamen-Rybolov RSXX3360
Kamenetskiy RSXX3361
Kamenistyy RSXX3362
Kamenka RSXX3368
Kamenka RSXX3365
Kamenka RSXX3363
Kamenka RSXX3367
Kamenka RSXX3366
Kamenka RSXX3364
Kamenka RSXX3369
Kamennaya RSXX3371
Kamennobrodskaya RSXX3374
Kamennogorsk RSXX3375
Kamennomostskiy RSXX3376
Kamennomostskoye RSXX3377
Kamennyy Yar RSXX3378
Kamenolomni RSXX3379
Kamenomostskiy RSXX1300
Kamenskoye RSXX3381
Kameshkovo RSXX3382
Kaminskiy RSXX3383
Kamskiy RSXX3384
Kamskoye Ustye RSXX3385
Kamyshev RSXX3387
Kamyshevatskaya RSXX3388
Kamyshevo RSXX3389
Kamyshinskaya RSXX3386
Kamyshla RSXX3391
Kamysin RSXX0420
Kamyslov RSXX1220
Kamyzyak RSXX3393
Kananikolskoye RSXX3394
Kanash RSXX3395
Kanashevo RSXX3396
Kandalaksha RSXX1508
Kandry RSXX3397
Kanelovskaya RSXX3398
Kanevka RSXX3399
Kangalassy RSXX3400
Kangly RSXX3401
Kangotovo RSXX3402
Kanin Nos RSXX3403
Kansk RSXX0269
Kantaurovo RSXX3404
Kants RSXX3405
Kantyshevo RSXX3406
Kapitonovka RSXX3407
Kapustin Yar RSXX3408
Kapustnoye RSXX3409
Karabanovka RSXX3410
Karabanovo RSXX3411
Karabash RSXX3412
Karabash RSXX3413
Karabashka RSXX3414
Karabudakhkent RSXX3415
Karabula RSXX3416
Karabulak RSXX3417
Karachagovo RSXX3418
Karachayevsk RSXX3419
Karachev RSXX3420
Karaftit RSXX0316
Karagach RSXX3421
Karagay RSXX3422
Karagayeva RSXX3423
Karagayla RSXX3424
Karakulino RSXX3426
Karalat RSXX3427
Karalvaam RSXX3428
Karamakhi RSXX3429
Karamken RSXX3430
Karamyshevo RSXX3431
Karasi RSXX3432
Karasino RSXX3433
Karasuk RSXX0291
Karata RSXX3434
Karatuzskoye RSXX3435
Karaulnoye RSXX3436
Kardailovo RSXX3437
Kardonikskaya RSXX3438
Kardymovo RSXX3439
Kardzhin RSXX3440
Kargala RSXX3441
Kargasok RSXX0247
Kargat RSXX3443
Kargopol RSXX0217
Karino RSXX3444
Karmanovo RSXX3445
Karmanovo RSXX3446
Karmaskaly RSXX3447
Karpalinskaya RSXX3442
Karpenkovo RSXX3448
Karpinsk RSXX1577
Karpiselkya RSXX3449
Karpushikha RSXX3450
Karsovay RSXX3451
Karsun RSXX3452
Kartaly RSXX1329
Kartayel RSXX3453
Karvoshi RSXX3454
Karyegan RSXX3455
Karyepolye RSXX3456
Karymkary Mys RSXX3457
Karymsk RSXX3458
Karymskaya RSXX3459
Karymskoye RSXX0041
Karza RSXX3460
Kasatkino RSXX3461
Kashary RSXX3462
Kashin RSXX3463
Kashira RSXX3464
Kashirskoye RSXX3465
Kashkarantsy RSXX3466
Kashkhatau RSXX3467
Kashpir RSXX3468
Kasimov RSXX1546
Kasli RSXX3469
Kaspiysk RSXX1344
Kasplya RSXX3470
Kastornoye RSXX3471
Kasumkent RSXX3472
Kasyanovka RSXX3473
Kata RSXX3474
Katangli RSXX3475
Katav-Ivanovsk RSXX1330
Kataysk RSXX3476
Katen RSXX3477
Katino RSXX3478
Katravozh RSXX3479
Katrichev RSXX3480
Katunino RSXX3481
Katunki RSXX3482
Katyr-Yurt RSXX3484
Kavkazskaya RSXX3485
Kavkazskiy RSXX3487
Kayakent RSXX3488
Kayasula RSXX3489
Kaylastuy RSXX3491
Kaysatskoye RSXX3492
Kayyerkan RSXX3493
Kazachinskoye RSXX3494
Kazachiy RSXX3495
Kazachiy Mys RSXX3496
Kazachye RSXX3497
Kazakevichevo RSXX3498
Kazaki RSXX3499
Kazakova RSXX3500
Kazanda RSXX3501
Kazanka RSXX3503
Kazanka RSXX3502
Kazanovka RSXX3504
Kazanovo RSXX3505
Kazanskaya RSXX3506
Kazanskaya RSXX3507
Kazanskoye RSXX3508
Kazantsevo RSXX3509
Kazenshchina RSXX3925
Kazgulak RSXX3510
Kazhim RSXX1400
Kazhym RSXX3511
Kazinka RSXX3512
Kazminskaye RSXX3513
Kaznacheyevskiy RSXX3514
Kebraty RSXX3515
Kedon RSXX0151
Kedrovoye RSXX3516
Kedrovyy RSXX3517
Kedrovyy Mys RSXX3518
Kedrovyy Shor RSXX3519
Kega RSXX3520
Kelora RSXX3521
Kem RSXX3522
Kemerovo RSXX0277
Kemlya RSXX3523
Kemskoye RSXX3524
Kemyar RSXX3525
Kenada RSXX3526
Kendzhekulak RSXX3527
Kenzhe RSXX3528
Keperveyem RSXX3529
Kepina RSXX3530
Kerchevskiy RSXX3531
Kerchomya RSXX3532
Kerdyugen RSXX3533
Kerki RSXX3534
Kerva RSXX3535
Kerzhenets RSXX3536
Kesova Gora RSXX3537
Ketovo RSXX3538
Keul RSXX3539
Kevsala RSXX3540
Kezhma RSXX1388
Khabarovsk RSXX0044
Khabary RSXX3541
Khabez RSXX3542
Khachykat RSXX3543
Khada-Bulak RSXX3544
Khadyzhensk RSXX3545
Khadzhalmakhi RSXX3546
Khalan RSXX3547
Khalgannakh RSXX3548
Khalilovo RSXX3549
Khalturin RSXX3550
Khamamatyurt RSXX3551
Khambi-Irze RSXX3552
Khamketinskaya RSXX3553
Khamyshki RSXX3554
Khamzayurt RSXX3555
Khandagayty RSXX3556
Khani RSXX3557
Khanino RSXX3558
Khankala RSXX3559
Khanlazin RSXX3560
Khannakh RSXX3561
Khanovey RSXX3562
Khanskaya RSXX3563
Khapcheranga RSXX3564
Kharankhoy RSXX3618
Kharanor RSXX3565
Kharat RSXX3566
Kharauz RSXX3567
Kharazargay RSXX3568
Kharbalakh RSXX3569
Kharik RSXX3570
Kharino RSXX3571
Kharkovka RSXX3572
Kharkulya RSXX3573
Kharlovskoye RSXX3574
Kharlu RSXX3575
Kharovsk RSXX3576
Kharyya RSXX3577
Khasan RSXX1534
Khasaut RSXX3578
Khasavyurt RSXX1345
Khatanga RSXX0453
Khatassy RSXX3579
Khatukay RSXX3581
Khaty RSXX3582
Khatystyr RSXX3580
Khayryuzovo RSXX3583
Khazar RSXX3584
Khebda RSXX3585
Khelyulya RSXX3586
Kheyta RSXX3587
Khingansk RSXX3588
Khinguy RSXX3589
Khislavichi RSXX3590
Khiv RSXX3591
Khlevnoye RSXX3592
Khmelevitsy RSXX3593
Khoe RSXX3595
Khokhloma RSXX3596
Khokholskiy RSXX3597
Khokhryaki RSXX3598
Kholbolokh RSXX3600
Kholbon RSXX3601
Kholm RSXX0451
Kholmanka RSXX3599
Kholmogory RSXX1312
Kholmskiy RSXX3603
Kholodnyy RSXX3604
Kholst RSXX3605
Kholtoson RSXX3606
Kholuy RSXX3607
Khomichev RSXX3608
Khomutovka RSXX3609
Khomutovo RSXX3610
Khomutovo RSXX3611
Khonkholoy RSXX3612
Khonuu RSXX3613
Khor RSXX3614
Khorlovo RSXX3615
Khorol RSXX3616
Khorosheye RSXX3619
Khoroy RSXX3620
Khosedakhard RSXX3621
Khosedavom RSXX3622
Khoshlog RSXX3623
Khosta (Sochi) RSXX1417
Khotlokh RSXX3625
Khotynets RSXX3626
Khovanshchina RSXX3627
Khrebtovaya RSXX3628
Khristinovka RSXX3630
Khristoforovo RSXX3631
Khryashchevka RSXX3632
Khryug RSXX3633
Khuchni RSXX3634
Khudoyelanskoye RSXX3635
Khulimsunt RSXX3636
Khunzakh RSXX3637
Khurba RSXX3638
Khurmuli RSXX3639
Khushenga RSXX3640
Khuzhir RSXX3641
Khvalynsk RSXX3642
Khvastovichi RSXX3643
Khvatovka RSXX3644
Khvorostyanka RSXX3645
Kibirevskiy RSXX3646
Kichanovo RSXX3647
Kichera RSXX3648
Kideksha RSXX3650
Kidero RSXX3651
Kievskij RSXX3652
Kika RSXX3653
Kikerino RSXX3654
Kikkiakki RSXX3655
Kiknur RSXX3656
Kil Dinstroy RSXX3657
Kilemary RSXX3658
Kilenki RSXX3659
Kiltse RSXX3660
Kimasozero RSXX3661
Kimovaara RSXX3662
Kimovsk RSXX3663
Kimry RSXX1604
Kimzha RSXX3664
Kindal RSXX3665
Kinel RSXX3666
Kineshma RSXX1367
Kingisepp RSXX0154
Kiparisovo RSXX3668
Kipo-kulary RSXX3670
Kiprino RSXX3671
Kirensk RSXX0304
Kireyevsk RSXX3672
Kirgiz-Miyaki RSXX3673
Kirillov RSXX3674
Kirillovo RSXX3675
Kirillovo RSXX3676
Kirillovskoye RSXX3677
Kirishi RSXX1447
Kirov RSXX0175
Kirov-Yurt RSXX3678
Kirovgrad RSXX3679
Kirovo RSXX3680
Kirovo RSXX3681
Kirovo RSXX3682
Kirovo-Chepetsk RSXX1384
Kirovsk RSXX1509
Kirovskaya RSXX3683
Kirovskij RSXX0387
Kirovskiy RSXX3684
Kirovskiy RSXX3685
Kirovskiy RSXX3686
Kirovskiy RSXX3687
Kirovskoye RSXX3688
Kirs RSXX0215
Kirsanova RSXX3690
Kirsanovka RSXX3689
Kirya RSXX3691
Kirza RSXX3692
Kirzhach RSXX1610
Kiselevsk RSXX0047
Kishcha RSXX3693
Kishpek RSXX3694
Kiskelovo RSXX3695
Kislokan RSXX3696
Kislovo RSXX3697
Kislovodsk RSXX1567
Kislyakovskaya RSXX3698
Kislyanskoye RSXX3699
Kislyy Klyuch RSXX3700
Kitoy RSXX3701
Kivak RSXX3702
Kiya RSXX3703
Kiyasovo RSXX3704
Kiyaspinskiy RSXX3705
Kiyay RSXX3706
Kiyevka RSXX3707
Kiyevka RSXX3708
Kiyevskoye RSXX3709
Kizel RSXX3710
Kizhevatovo RSXX3711
Kizhi RSXX3712
Kizhinga RSXX3713
Kizilskoye RSXX3714
Kizilyurt RSXX3715
Kizlyar RSXX1346
Kizner RSXX3716
Kizva RSXX3717
Kjahta RSXX0345
Kletnya RSXX3718
Kletskaya RSXX3720
Klevenka RSXX3721
Klichka RSXX3722
Klimov Zavod RSXX3723
Klimovsk RSXX3724
Klin RSXX1476
Klintsovka RSXX3725
Klintsy RSXX3726
Kljuchi RSXX0405
Kljuci RSXX0434
Klyuchevka RSXX3727
Klyuchevsk RSXX3728
Klyuchevskiy RSXX3729
Klyuchevskoye RSXX3730
Klyuchi RSXX3732
Klyuchi RSXX3734
Klyuchi RSXX3735
Klyuchi RSXX3733
Klyuchi RSXX3731
Klyuchi-Bulak RSXX3738
Klyuchiki RSXX3739
Knevichi RSXX3740
Knyazevka RSXX3742
Kob RSXX3743
Koblyakovo RSXX3744
Koboldo RSXX3745
Kobra RSXX3746
Kobrinskoye RSXX3747
Kochenevo RSXX3748
Kochetovka RSXX3749
Kochevo RSXX3750
Kochki RSXX0284
Kochkurovo RSXX3751
Kochmas RSXX3752
Kochmes RSXX3753
Kochnevskoye RSXX3754
Kochubeyevskoye RSXX3755
Kocubej RSXX0444
Kodinsk RSXX3756
Kogalym RSXX1352
Kogunek RSXX3757
Kojnas RSXX0196
Kokhma RSXX3758
Kokorevka RSXX3759
Kokorya RSXX3760
Kokoshkino RSXX3761
Kokrek RSXX3762
Kokshaysk RSXX3764
Koksovyy RSXX3765
Kokuy RSXX3766
Kola RSXX3769
Kolba RSXX0280
Kolbikha RSXX3770
Kolbochi RSXX3771
Kolchug RSXX3772
Kolchugino RSXX3773
Kolendo RSXX3774
Kolesnikovo RSXX3775
Koleul RSXX3776
Kolobovo RSXX3777
Kolobovskaya RSXX3778
Kolodeznyy RSXX3779
Kolomna RSXX1477
Kolon RSXX3781
Kolotovka RSXX3782
Koloyar RSXX3783
Kolpakovka RSXX3784
Kolpakovskiy RSXX3785
Kolpasevo RSXX0249
Kolpino RSXX0049
Kolshevo RSXX3786
Koltubanovskiy RSXX3787
Koltushi RSXX3788
Kolva RSXX3789
Kolyon RSXX3790
Kolyshley RSXX3791
Kolyubeyevo RSXX3792
Kolyvan RSXX0275
Kolyvanskoye RSXX3793
Koma RSXX3794
Komarichi RSXX3795
Komarikha RSXX3796
Komarikhinskiy RSXX3797
Komarovo RSXX3798
Komarovo RSXX3799
Komarye RSXX3800
Kommunar RSXX0288
Kommunarka RSXX3801
Komsomolsk RSXX3806
Komsomolsk RSXX3807
Komsomolsk RSXX3808
Komsomolsk RSXX3805
Komsomolskiy RSXX3815
Komsomolskiy RSXX3814
Komsomolskiy RSXX3813
Komsomolskiy RSXX3812
Komsomolskiy RSXX3811
Komsomolskove RSXX3816
Komsomolskoye RSXX3817
Konakova RSXX3818
Konakovo RSXX3819
Kondas RSXX3821
Kondo RSXX3822
Kondoka RSXX3823
Kondopoga RSXX1393
Kondratenovka RSXX3826
Kondratovo RSXX3827
Kondratovskaya RSXX3828
Kondrovo RSXX3829
Konergino RSXX3830
Konevitsa RSXX3832
Konevo RSXX3833
Konobeyevo RSXX3834
Konokovo RSXX3835
Konosha RSXX3836
Konoshanovo RSXX3837
Konovalovo RSXX3838
Konstantinovka RSXX3840
Konstantinovka RSXX3841
Konstantinovka RSXX3839
Konstantinovo RSXX3842
Konstantinovskiy RSXX3844
Kontenko RSXX3846
Konyshevka RSXX3847
Konyukhovo RSXX3848
Kopanskaya RSXX3849
Kopeysk RSXX3850
Koptelka RSXX3851
Koptelovo RSXX3852
Kopyevo RSXX3853
Kopyevo RSXX3854
Kopylova RSXX3855
Kopylova RSXX3856
Korablino RSXX3857
Korchino RSXX3858
Kordon RSXX3859
Korenevo RSXX3860
Korenovsk RSXX3861
Korepino RSXX3862
Korf RSXX0153
Korfovskiy RSXX0050
Korkino RSXX0051
Korkmaskala RSXX3863
Korkodon RSXX3864
Kormezhka RSXX3865
Kormilovka RSXX3866
Kormovishche RSXX3867
Kormovoye RSXX3868
Korn RSXX3869
Kornilovo RSXX3870
Korocha RSXX3873
Korolev RSXX1478
Korostino RSXX3874
Korotkovo RSXX3875
Korovyakovka RSXX3876
Korsakov RSXX1557
Kortkeros RSXX3877
Kortuchlevkovo RSXX3878
Koryazhma RSXX3882
Korzhevskiy RSXX3883
Kosaya Step RSXX3884
Kosh-Agach RSXX1318
Koshegochek RSXX3886
Koshevoy RSXX3888
Koshki RSXX3889
Koshurnikovo RSXX3890
Koslan RSXX0204
Kosmynino RSXX3891
Kosolapovo RSXX3892
Kosorzha RSXX3893
Kostarevo RSXX3894
Kostek RSXX3895
Kosterevo RSXX3896
Kostino RSXX3897
Kostomuksha RSXX1394
Kostroma RSXX1436
Kostromskoye RSXX3898
Kostrovo RSXX3899
Kosya RSXX3900
Kotenko RSXX3904
Kotikovo RSXX3905
Kotlas RSXX0052
Kotly RSXX3907
Kotlyarevskaya RSXX3908
Kotovka RSXX3909
Kotovo RSXX3910
Kotovo RSXX3911
Kotovsk RSXX3912
Kovalevskoye RSXX3913
Kovda RSXX3914
Kovernino RSXX3915
Kovlyuneskin RSXX3916
Kovran RSXX3917
Kovrov RSXX1611
Koy RSXX3918
Koyda RSXX3919
Koyelga RSXX3920
Koygorodok RSXX3921
Koynas RSXX3922
Koysug RSXX3923
Kozelsk RSXX3924
Kozhim RSXX3926
Kozhura RSXX3927
Kozhva RSXX3928
Kozhym RSXX3929
Kozlovka RSXX3930
Kozlovo RSXX3931
Kozmo-Demyanovka RSXX3932
Kozmodemyanovka RSXX3933
Kozmodemyansk RSXX3935
Kozmodemyansk RSXX3934
Kozulka RSXX3936
Krakov RSXX3937
Krapivinskiy RSXX3940
Krapivna RSXX3941
Krasavino RSXX3942
Krasitskoye RSXX3943
Krasivoye RSXX3944
Kraskino RSXX3945
Kraskovo RSXX3946
Krasnaya Gora RSXX3948
Krasnaya Gorka RSXX3950
Krasnaya Gorka RSXX3951
Krasnaya Polyana RSXX1418
Krasnaya Poyma RSXX3952
Krasnaya Rechka RSXX3953
Krasnaya Sopka RSXX3954
Krasnaya Yaruga RSXX3955
Krasnaya Zarya RSXX3956
Krasnaya Zvezda RSXX3957
Krasnoarmeysk RSXX3960
Krasnoarmeysk RSXX3959
Krasnoarmeysk RSXX3961
Krasnoarmeyskaya RSXX3962
Krasnoarmeyskiy RSXX3963
Krasnobor RSXX3964
Krasnoborsk RSXX3965
Krasnoborsk RSXX3966
Krasnobrodskiy RSXX3967
Krasnodar RSXX0430
Krasnofarfornyy RSXX3968
Krasnogorodskoye RSXX3969
Krasnogorsk RSXX3970
Krasnogorskaya RSXX3971
Krasnogorskiy RSXX3972
Krasnogorskoye RSXX3974
Krasnogorskoye RSXX3973
Krasnogvardeyets RSXX3975
Krasnokamensk RSXX3979
Krasnokamsk RSXX0053
Krasnokholm RSXX3980
Krasnokholmskiy RSXX3981
Krasnokumskoye RSXX3982
Krasnolesnyy RSXX3983
Krasnomayskiy RSXX3985
Krasnoobsk RSXX3986
Krasnoostrovskiy RSXX3988
Krasnoozersk RSXX0290
Krasnorechenskiy RSXX3989
Krasnoselets RSXX3990
Krasnoshchekovo RSXX3991
Krasnoslobodsk RSXX3992
Krasnoslobodsk RSXX3993
Krasnoturansk RSXX3995
Krasnoturinsk RSXX3996
Krasnoufimsk RSXX1217
Krasnovishersk RSXX1539
Krasnovka RSXX3998
Krasnovostochnyy RSXX3958
Krasnoyarka RSXX4001
Krasnoyarka RSXX4000
Krasnoyarka RSXX3999
Krasnoyarovo RSXX4002
Krasnoyarsk RSXX0267
Krasnoyarskiy RSXX4005
Krasnoyarskiy RSXX4006
Krasnoye RSXX4007
Krasnoye RSXX4009
Krasnoye RSXX4010
Krasnoye RSXX4016
Krasnozatonskiy RSXX4012
Krasnozavodsk RSXX3938
Krasnozerskoye RSXX4014
Krasnyanskiy RSXX4015
Krasnye Baki RSXX0181
Krasnyj Chikoj RSXX0346
Krasnyj Jar RSXX0385
Krasnyy RSXX4008
Krasnyy Bor RSXX4018
Krasnyy Bor RSXX4019
Krasnyy Gulyay RSXX4020
Krasnyy Kommunar RSXX4021
Krasnyy Kut RSXX4022
Krasnyy Liman RSXX4023
Krasnyy Luch RSXX4024
Krasnyy Manych RSXX4025
Krasnyy Mayak RSXX4026
Krasnyy Oktyabr RSXX4028
Krasnyy Oktyabr RSXX4027
Krasnyy Sever RSXX4033
Krasnyy Sulin RSXX4035
Krasnyy Velikan RSXX4037
Krasnyy Yar RSXX4038
Krasnyy Yar RSXX4043
Krasnyy Yar RSXX4041
Krasnyy Yar RSXX4040
Krasnyy Yar RSXX4039
Krasnyye Chetai RSXX4046
Krasnyye Gory RSXX4047
Krasnyye Orly RSXX4048
Krasnyye Prudy RSXX4049
Krasnyye Tkachi RSXX4050
Krasyukovskaya RSXX4051
Kratovo RSXX4052
Kray Lesov RSXX4053
Krayeva RSXX4054
Kraynovka RSXX4055
Krechetovo RSXX4056
Krechevitsy RSXX4057
Kremenki RSXX4058
Kreml RSXX4059
Kremovo RSXX4060
Krepost RSXX4061
Kreschenka RSXX0263
Krestovaya RSXX4062
Kresttsy RSXX4063
Kresty RSXX4065
Kresty RSXX4064
Krinitsa RSXX4066
Kritovo RSXX4067
Krivlyak RSXX4068
Krivodanovka RSXX4069
Krivoshlykovskiy RSXX4070
Krivtsy RSXX4071
Krivyanskaya RSXX4072
Krokhino RSXX4073
Kromy RSXX4074
Kronshtadt RSXX4075
Kropachevo RSXX4076
Kropotkin RSXX1419
Krosnoye Selo RSXX4077
Krotovka RSXX4079
Krounovka RSXX4080
Kruglikovo RSXX4081
Kruglolesskoye RSXX4082
Kruglovo RSXX4083
Krugloye RSXX4084
Krugloye RSXX4085
Kruglyzhi RSXX4086
Krutaya Gorka RSXX4087
Krutets RSXX4088
Krutikha RSXX4089
Krutinka RSXX4090
Krutoberegovo RSXX4091
Krutogorovo RSXX4092
Krutogorovskiy RSXX4093
Krutoyar RSXX4094
Krylovka RSXX4095
Krylovka RSXX4096
Krylovo RSXX4097
Krym RSXX4100
Krymsk RSXX1420
Kryuchkovka RSXX4101
Kshenskiy RSXX4102
Kstovo RSXX4103
Kuanda RSXX4104
Kuba-Taba RSXX4105
Kubachi RSXX4106
Kubalakh RSXX4107
Kubanskiy RSXX4108
Kubayka RSXX4109
Kubenskoye RSXX4110
Kubinka RSXX4111
Kubovskaya RSXX4112
Kubrino RSXX4113
Kubukhay RSXX4114
Kucherla RSXX4115
Kuchugury RSXX4116
Kudara RSXX4117
Kudara-Somon RSXX4118
Kudeyevskiy RSXX4120
Kudinovo RSXX4121
Kudryashovskiy RSXX4122
Kudu-Kyuyel RSXX4123
Kudymkar RSXX0218
Kugalki RSXX4124
Kugarchi RSXX4182
Kugoyeyskaya RSXX4125
Kukan RSXX4127
Kukhtuy RSXX4128
Kukoboy RSXX4129
Kukushki RSXX4130
Kukushtan RSXX4131
Kuldur RSXX4133
Kulebaki RSXX4134
Kuleshovka RSXX4135
Kuliki RSXX4136
Kulikovo RSXX4137
Kulikovskiy RSXX4138
Kulikovy Kopani RSXX4139
Kulinda RSXX4140
Kulmuksa RSXX4141
Kulosega RSXX4142
Kultayevo RSXX4145
Kultuk RSXX4147
Kultuk RSXX4146
Kultushino RSXX4148
Kulu RSXX1462
Kulun-yelbyut RSXX4149
Kulunda RSXX1304
Kulyaba RSXX4150
Kumak RSXX4151
Kumara RSXX4152
Kumeny RSXX4153
Kumertau RSXX4154
Kuminskiy RSXX4155
Kumli RSXX4156
Kumukh RSXX4157
Kumysh RSXX4158
Kunashak RSXX4159
Kunashiri RSXX4160
Kundravy RSXX4161
Kundur RSXX4162
Kundustug RSXX4163
Kunerma RSXX4164
Kungak RSXX4165
Kungur RSXX0054
Kunya RSXX4166
Kunzhik RSXX4167
Kuoloyarvi RSXX4168
Kupchik RSXX4169
Kupino RSXX0283
Kupriyanovka RSXX4170
Kupriyanovo RSXX4171
Kupros RSXX4172
Kur RSXX0376
Kuragino RSXX4173
Kurakh RSXX4174
Kuralovo RSXX4175
Kuranakh RSXX4176
Kuratovo RSXX4177
Kurba RSXX4178
Kurchaloy RSXX4179
Kurchanskaya RSXX4180
Kurchatov RSXX1440
Kurdzhinovo RSXX4181
Kurgan RSXX1245
Kurganinsk RSXX1421
Kurganovka RSXX4183
Kurgolovo RSXX4184
Kurilovka RSXX4186
Kurilovo RSXX4187
Kurkino RSXX4188
Kurkiyoki RSXX4189
Kurlovo RSXX4190
Kurlovskiy RSXX4191
Kurmanayevka RSXX4192
Kurort-Darasun RSXX4193
Kurovskoye RSXX4194
Kurovskoye RSXX4195
Kursavka RSXX4196
Kursk RSXX0410
Kurskaya RSXX4197
Kurtamysh RSXX1397
Kurtun RSXX4198
Kurumoch RSXX4199
Kurush RSXX4200
Kurya RSXX4201
Kurya RSXX4202
Kusa RSXX4203
Kushchevskaya RSXX1422
Kushkushara RSXX4204
Kushnarenkovo RSXX4205
Kushshor RSXX4206
Kushva RSXX4207
Kuskachka RSXX4208
Kustarevka RSXX4209
Kutana RSXX4211
Kutarey RSXX4212
Kutima RSXX4213
Kutino RSXX4214
Kutulik RSXX4216
Kutuzovka RSXX4217
Kuva RSXX4218
Kuvandyk RSXX4219
Kuya RSXX4220
Kuyagan RSXX4221
Kuybyshev RSXX4222
Kuybyshev RSXX4223
Kuybyshevo RSXX4224
Kuybyshey RSXX4226
Kuyeda RSXX4227
Kuytun RSXX4228
Kuyus RSXX4229
Kuzedeyevo RSXX4230
Kuzema RSXX4231
Kuzhener RSXX4232
Kuzhenkino RSXX4233
Kuzhmara RSXX4234
Kuzhorskaya RSXX4235
Kuzino RSXX4236
Kuznechikha RSXX4237
Kuznechnoye RSXX4238
Kuznetsk RSXX1531
Kuznetsovo RSXX4239
Kuznetsovo RSXX4240
Kuzomen RSXX4241
Kuzomen RSXX4242
Kuzya RSXX4244
Kvarkeno RSXX4245
Kvartsitnyy RSXX4246
Kvitok RSXX4247
Kyafar-Bashi RSXX4248
Kyakhta RSXX4249
Kyakhulay RSXX4250
Kyanda RSXX4251
Kyatchi RSXX4253
Kyeken RSXX4254
Kyker RSXX4255
Kylasovo RSXX4256
Kyllakh RSXX4257
Kyn RSXX4258
Kyra RSXX0347
Kyrchany RSXX4259
Kyren RSXX4260
Kyrta RSXX4261
Kyshik RSXX4262
Kyshtovka RSXX4263
Kyshtym RSXX1331
Kystovka RSXX0256
Kysyl-Syr RSXX4264
Kytyl-Zhura RSXX4265
Kyundyade RSXX4266
Kyust-Kemda RSXX4267
Kyusyur RSXX4268
Kyzburun Pervyy RSXX4269
Kyzlas RSXX4270
Kyzyl RSXX1602
Kyzyl-Khaya RSXX4271
Kyzylpokun RSXX4274
Labinsk RSXX1423
Laborovaya RSXX4277
Labytnangi RSXX4278
Ladovskaya Balka RSXX4279
Ladozhskaya RSXX4280
Ladushkin RSXX4281
Ladva RSXX4282
Ladva-Vetka RSXX4283
Laishevo RSXX4285
Lakedemonovka RSXX4286
Lakha Nevre RSXX4287
Lakinsk RSXX4289
Lakkha Nevre RSXX4291
Langepas RSXX4293
Langeri RSXX4294
Lapominka RSXX4296
Lapri RSXX4297
Larino RSXX4298
Laryak RSXX4299
Lasta RSXX4300
Latnaya RSXX4301
Latonovo RSXX4302
Latskoye RSXX4303
Latyshskiy RSXX4304
Lavry RSXX4305
Layga RSXX4306
Layskaya RSXX4307
Lazarev RSXX4308
Lazareva RSXX4309
Lazarevka RSXX4310
Lazarevo RSXX4311
Lazarevskaya RSXX1424
Lebedevka RSXX4314
Lebedevo RSXX4315
Lebedinyy RSXX4316
Leboter RSXX4319
Lebskoye RSXX4320
Ledengsk RSXX4326
Lek-Vorkuta RSXX4327
Lekarevo RSXX4328
Lemtybozh RSXX4329
Lena RSXX4330
Lendery RSXX4331
Lenina RSXX4332
Leningrad RSXX4333
Leningradskaya RSXX4334
Leningradskiy RSXX4335
Leninka RSXX4336
Leninkent RSXX4337
Leninogorsk RSXX4338
Leninsk RSXX4340
Leninsk RSXX4339
Leninskiy RSXX4345
Leninskiy RSXX4344
Leninskiy RSXX4343
Lenki RSXX4346
Lensk RSXX0142
Leonidovo RSXX4347
Leonovo RSXX4348
Leontyevka RSXX4349
Leontyevo RSXX4350
Leontyevo RSXX4351
Lepley RSXX4352
Lermontov RSXX4353
Lermontovka RSXX4354
Lermontovka RSXX4355
Lermontovo RSXX4356
Lesken RSXX4357
Leskolovo RSXX4358
Lesnikovo RSXX4360
Lesnoy RSXX4361
Lesnoy RSXX4362
Lesnoy Gorodok RSXX4363
Lesnoye RSXX4364
Lesnyye Polyany RSXX4365
Lesogorsk RSXX4366
Lesogorskiy RSXX4367
Lesopilnoye RSXX4368
Lesosibirsk RSXX4369
Lesozavodsk RSXX4370
Lesozavodskiy RSXX4371
Letka RSXX4372
Letnik RSXX4373
Letniy Navolok RSXX4374
Letnyaya Stavka RSXX4375
Lev Tolstoy RSXX4377
Levashi RSXX4378
Levashovo RSXX4379
Levikha RSXX4380
Levinskiye Peski RSXX4381
Levokumka RSXX4382
Levokumskoye RSXX4383
Leymin RSXX4384
Lezhnevo RSXX4385
Lidoga RSXX4387
Likhovskoy RSXX4390
Likhoy RSXX4391
Likino-Dulevo RSXX4392
Limezh RSXX4393
Linda RSXX4394
Lipetsk RSXX1459
Lipin Bor RSXX4395
Lipki RSXX4396
Lipnaya Gorka RSXX4397
Lipovka RSXX4398
Lipovskoye RSXX4399
Lipovtsy RSXX4400
Lisavy RSXX4401
Lisiy Nos RSXX4402
Liski RSXX4403
Listopadovka RSXX4404
Listvyagi RSXX4405
Listvyanka RSXX4406
Listvyanka RSXX4407
Listvyanskiy RSXX4408
Listvyazhnoye RSXX4409
Lisya RSXX4410
Litovko RSXX4411
Livadiya RSXX4412
Livenka RSXX4413
Ljuberzy RSXX0056
Lleykino RSXX4414
Llirney RSXX4415
Llval RSXX4416
Lobanovo RSXX4417
Lobnya RSXX4418
Lobva RSXX4419
Lodeyka RSXX4420
Lodeynoye Pole RSXX1449
Log RSXX4421
Logachevka RSXX4422
Logovskiy RSXX4423
Loknya RSXX4424
Lokomotivnyy RSXX4425
Lokosovo RSXX4426
Lokot RSXX4427
Lomintsevskiy RSXX4429
Lomonosov RSXX4430
Lomovatka RSXX4431
Lomtuka RSXX4432
Londoko RSXX4433
Loo RSXX4434
Lopandino RSXX4435
Lopanka RSXX4436
Loparskaya RSXX4437
Lopatino RSXX4438
Lopatino RSXX4439
Lopatinskiy RSXX4440
Lopatka RSXX4441
Lopatkovo RSXX4442
Lopyal RSXX4443
Loshkalakh RSXX4444
Losinoborskoe RSXX0250
Losinyy RSXX4446
Lososina RSXX4447
Lotosino RSXX1479
Loukhi RSXX4449
Lovlinskaya RSXX4450
Lovozero RSXX4451
Loyno RSXX4452
Lozhnikovo RSXX4453
Loznoye RSXX4454
Lubyaniki RSXX4455
Lubyany RSXX4456
Luchegorsk RSXX4457
Luchki RSXX4458
Luga RSXX1450
Luganskoye RSXX4459
Lugovaya RSXX4460
Lugovaya Subbota RSXX4461
Lugovoy RSXX4462
Lugovskiy RSXX4463
Lugovskoy RSXX4464
Luhovicy RSXX1480
Lukachek RSXX4466
Lukashkin Yar RSXX4467
Lukerino RSXX4468
Lukh RSXX4469
Lukhovitsy RSXX4470
Lukhovka RSXX4471
Lukino RSXX4472
Luknovo RSXX4473
Lukojanov RSXX0190
Lukovetskiy RSXX4474
Lukovnikovo RSXX4475
Lukoyanov RSXX4476
Lunino RSXX4477
Lutkun RSXX4478
Luzhki RSXX4479
Luzino RSXX4480
Lyalichi RSXX4482
Lyamino RSXX4484
Lyangasovo RSXX4485
Lyantor RSXX4486
Lyaskelya RSXX4487
Lyavdinka RSXX4488
Lybimoye RSXX4489
Lymva RSXX4490
Lynga RSXX4491
Lyshtanka RSXX4492
Lysmanovo RSXX4493
Lysogorka RSXX4494
Lysogorskaya RSXX4495
Lysva RSXX4496
Lysyye Gory RSXX4497
Lytkarino RSXX4498
Lyubertsy RSXX4499
Lyubim RSXX4500
Lyubinskiy RSXX4502
Lyubokhna RSXX4503
Lyubuchany RSXX4504
Lyudinovo RSXX4505
Lyudkovo RSXX4506
Lyuk RSXX4507
Lyuymas RSXX4508
Lyzha RSXX4509
Machakh RSXX4511
Madzha RSXX4512
Madzhalis RSXX4513
Magadan RSXX0057
Magan RSXX4514
Magaramkent RSXX4515
Magdagaci RSXX0357
Magnitka RSXX4517
Magnitogorsk RSXX0058
Mago RSXX4518
Mahackala RSXX0449
Majsk RSXX0248
Makarakskiy RSXX4522
Makarov RSXX4523
Makarovo RSXX4525
Makarovo RSXX4524
Makarovo RSXX4526
Makarye RSXX4527
Makaryev RSXX4528
Makaryevka RSXX4529
Makashevka RSXX4530
Makeyevo RSXX4531
Makhachkala RSXX4532
Makhalino RSXX4533
Makhnevo RSXX4534
Makhnovka RSXX4535
Makkaveyevo RSXX4536
Maksatikha RSXX4537
Maksimikha RSXX4538
Maksimovka RSXX4539
Maksimovka RSXX4540
Maksimovka RSXX4541
Maksimovo RSXX4542
Makushino RSXX1398
Malakeyevo RSXX4543
Malakhovka RSXX4544
Malaya Kamala RSXX4545
Malaya Kamemka RSXX4546
Malaya Purga RSXX4547
Malaya Serdoba RSXX4548
Malaya Sidima RSXX4549
Malaya Usa RSXX4550
Malaya Vishera RSXX1521
Malchevskaya RSXX4551
Maleta RSXX4552
Malevka RSXX4553
Malgobek RSXX4554
Malino RSXX4555
Malinovka RSXX4556
Malinovka RSXX4557
Malinovoye Ozero RSXX4558
Malinovskiy RSXX4559
Malka RSXX4560
Malmikha RSXX4561
Malobragino RSXX4564
Malopeschanka RSXX4565
Malovsk RSXX4566
Maloyaroslavets RSXX1382
Maloye Verevo RSXX4568
Malykan RSXX4569
Malysheva RSXX4570
Malyshevka RSXX4571
Malyshevo RSXX4572
Malyy Anyuy RSXX4573
Malyy Gashun RSXX4574
Malyy Shuduguzn RSXX4575
Malyy Utrish RSXX4576
Malyye Karmakuly RSXX4577
Malyye Kizeli RSXX4578
Malyye Knyshi RSXX4579
Malyye Konki RSXX4580
Malyye Vyazemy RSXX4581
Malyye Yagury RSXX4582
Mama RSXX0303
Mamadysh RSXX4583
Mamakan RSXX4584
Mamedkala RSXX4585
Mamonovo RSXX4586
Mamontovka RSXX4587
Mamykovo RSXX4590
Mamyri RSXX4591
Manas RSXX4592
Manaskent RSXX4593
Manino RSXX4594
Manoma RSXX4595
Manturovo RSXX4596
Manuylovo RSXX4597
Manychskoye RSXX4598
Manzurka RSXX4599
Mara RSXX4600
Maralakh RSXX4601
Maralikha RSXX4602
Marfino RSXX4603
Marfino RSXX4604
Margaritovo RSXX4605
Mariinsk RSXX0264
Mariinskiy Posad RSXX4606
Marinovka RSXX4607
Marinskaya RSXX4609
Markino RSXX4610
Markovo RSXX0149
Marks RSXX4611
Maroisa RSXX4612
Maromitsa RSXX4613
Marresale RSXX4614
Marsyaty RSXX4615
Martan-Chu RSXX4617
Martynovskiy RSXX4618
Martyush RSXX4619
Marukha RSXX4620
Maryanovka RSXX4621
Mas-Bulgunnyakh RSXX4622
Masalovka RSXX4623
Maselskaya RSXX4624
Masha-Gort RSXX4625
Masljanino RSXX0286
Maslovo RSXX4628
Maslovo RSXX4629
Maslyanino RSXX4626
Maslyanogorsk RSXX4630
Maslyanskiy RSXX4631
Matrosovo RSXX4632
Matveyev-Kurgan RSXX4633
Matveyevka RSXX4634
Mayak RSXX4636
Mayak RSXX4635
Maykop RSXX1301
Maykopskoye RSXX4637
Maykor RSXX4638
Mayma RSXX4639
Mayna RSXX4640
Mayrtup RSXX4641
Maysk RSXX4642
Mayskiy RSXX4643
Mayskiy RSXX4644
Mayskiy RSXX4645
Mayya RSXX0061
Maza RSXX4646
Mazheninovka RSXX4647
Mednogorsk RSXX1524
Mednogorskiy RSXX4648
Mednoye RSXX4649
Medvedchikovo RSXX4650
Medvedevka RSXX4651
Medvedevo RSXX4652
Medveditskiy RSXX4653
Medvedka RSXX4654
Medvedok RSXX4655
Medvedovskaya RSXX4656
Medvenka RSXX4657
Medvezegorsk RSXX0206
Medvzhyegorsk RSXX4658
Medyakovo RSXX4659
Medyn RSXX4660
Mega RSXX4662
Meget RSXX4663
Megion RSXX4664
Megrega RSXX4665
Melekhovo RSXX4668
Melenki RSXX4669
Melentyevo RSXX4670
Meletsk RSXX4671
Meleuz RSXX0243
Melikhovskaya RSXX4672
Melioratorov RSXX4673
Melnichnoye RSXX4674
Melnikovo RSXX4675
Melovoye RSXX4676
Menaputsy RSXX4677
Mendeleyevo RSXX4678
Mendeleyevsk RSXX4679
Mendeleyevskiy RSXX4680
Menzelinsk RSXX4681
Merenga RSXX1463
Meshcherino RSXX4682
Meshchovsk RSXX4683
Meshkovskaya RSXX4684
Mesker-Yurt RSXX4685
Messo RSXX4686
Mestechko Raifa RSXX4687
Mesyagutovo RSXX4688
Metallostroy RSXX4689
Mezhdurechenskiy RSXX1353
Mezhevoy RSXX4691
Mezinovskiy RSXX4692
Mezmay RSXX4693
Mga RSXX4694
Mgachi RSXX4695
Mgat RSXX4696
Miass RSXX0062
Miasskoye RSXX4697
Miatli RSXX4698
Michabichevnik RSXX4699
Michurinsk RSXX1589
Michurinskoye RSXX4700
Migulinskaya RSXX4701
Mikhaleva RSXX4702
Mikhalkavo RSXX4703
Mikhaylov RSXX4704
Mikhaylovka RSXX4712
Mikhaylovka RSXX4710
Mikhaylovka RSXX4709
Mikhaylovka RSXX4708
Mikhaylovka RSXX4707
Mikhaylovka RSXX4706
Mikhaylovka RSXX4705
Mikhaylovka RSXX4713
Mikhaylovka RSXX4711
Mikhaylovskaya RSXX4714
Mikhnevo RSXX4719
Mikhninskaya RSXX4666
Mikryakovo RSXX4720
Mikulino RSXX4721
Millerovo RSXX1551
Miloslavskoye RSXX4723
Milyutino RSXX4724
Milyutinskaya RSXX4725
Mindyak RSXX4726
Mingrelskaya RSXX4727
Mingshan RSXX4728
Minozhnaya RSXX4729
Minusinsk RSXX1389
Mirnaya RSXX4730
Mirnoye Ozero RSXX4731
Mirny RSXX1425
Mirnyy RSXX4733
Mirnyy RSXX4732
Mironovo RSXX4734
Miroyedikha RSXX4735
Mirskoy RSXX4736
Mishelevka RSXX4737
Misheronskiy RSXX4738
Mishino RSXX4739
Mishkino RSXX4740
Miskindzha RSXX4741
Mitrofanovka RSXX4742
Mitrofanovka RSXX4743
Mizonovo RSXX4744
Mizur RSXX4745
Mlelino RSXX4746
Mnogovershinnyy RSXX4747
Mochaleyevka RSXX4748
Mochalishche RSXX4749
Mogoca RSXX0321
Mogot RSXX4751
Mogoytuy RSXX4753
Mogoytuy RSXX4752
Mogsokhon RSXX4754
Mogutovskiy RSXX4755
Mogzon RSXX4756
Mohe RSXX4757
Mokhcha RSXX4758
Mokhovoye RSXX4759
Mokiaya Olkhovka RSXX4760
Mokrous RSXX4761
Mokrusha RSXX4762
Mokrushinskoye RSXX4763
Mokshan RSXX1532
Molchanovka RSXX4764
Molka RSXX4765
Molochnoye RSXX4766
Molochnyy RSXX4767
Molodezhnoye RSXX4768
Molodezhnyy RSXX4769
Molodoy Tud RSXX4770
Molto RSXX4771
Monakhovo RSXX4772
Monastyrishche RSXX4773
Monastyrshchina RSXX4774
Monchegorsk RSXX1510
Mondy RSXX0333
Monetnyy RSXX4775
Monino RSXX4776
Mordovo RSXX4777
Mordoy RSXX4778
Morgaushi RSXX4779
Morlka RSXX4780
Morozovo RSXX4781
Morozovsk RSXX0422
Morshansk RSXX1590
Morshikha RSXX4783
Morskaya Maselga RSXX4785
Morskoye RSXX4786
Mortka RSXX4787
Moscow RSXX0063
Moseyevo RSXX8244
Moshok RSXX4792
Moshyuga RSXX4793
Moskalenki RSXX4794
Moskalvo RSXX4795
Moskovskiy RSXX4796
Moskovskiy RSXX4797
Moskovskoye RSXX4798
Moskvino RSXX4799
Mosolovo RSXX4800
Mosrentgen RSXX4801
Mosta RSXX4802
Mostovskoy RSXX1426
Motokhovo RSXX4803
Motorovo RSXX4804
Motorskoye RSXX4805
Moyka RSXX4806
Mozajsk RSXX1481
Mozdok RSXX0445
Mozharov Maydan RSXX4807
Mozhaysk RSXX4808
Mozhga RSXX1606
Mrakovo RSXX4809
Msta RSXX4810
Mstera RSXX4811
Mstikhino RSXX4812
Mstinskiv Most RSXX4813
Mtsensk RSXX1530
Muchkapskiy RSXX4814
Mugi RSXX4815
Mugreyevskiy RSXX4816
Mukhanovo RSXX4817
Mukhen RSXX4818
Mukhino RSXX4819
Mukhomornoye RSXX4820
Mukhor-Konduy RSXX4821
Mukhtolovo RSXX4823
Mulda RSXX4824
Mulino RSXX4825
Mullovka RSXX4826
Multa RSXX4827
Mulyanka RSXX4828
Mumra RSXX4830
Muna RSXX4831
Munguy RSXX4832
Murali RSXX4833
Muranovo RSXX4834
Murashi RSXX1378
Muravlenko RSXX4835
Muravyevka RSXX4836
Murgl RSXX4837
Murino RSXX4838
Murmansk RSXX0452
Murmashi RSXX4839
Murmino RSXX4840
Murom RSXX1612
Muromtsevo RSXX4841
Murygino RSXX4842
Muslyumovo RSXX4843
Mustayevo RSXX4844
Mutsalaul RSXX4845
Muyezerskiy RSXX4846
Muzhi RSXX4847
Muzhichkovskaya RSXX4848
Muzma RSXX4849
Myaksa RSXX4850
Myatlevo RSXX4851
Myldzhino RSXX4852
Mys RSXX4853
Mys Shmidta RSXX1336
Mys Zhelaniya RSXX4854
Mys-Kamennyy RSXX4855
Myshkin RSXX4856
Myskhako RSXX4858
Myski RSXX4859
Mysovka RSXX4860
Mysovka RSXX4861
Mysy RSXX4862
Mytishchi RSXX0065
Mytnik RSXX4863
Myurego RSXX4864
Myza RSXX4865
Nachalovo RSXX4867
Nadezhda RSXX4868
Nadezhdinka RSXX4869
Nadterechnaya RSXX4870
Nadvoitsy RSXX4871
Nadym RSXX1629
Nagibino RSXX4873
Nagornoye RSXX4874
Nagornoye RSXX4875
Nagornskiy RSXX4876
Nagornyj RSXX0313
Nagorskoye RSXX4877
Nagutskoye RSXX4878
Nahodka RSXX0066
Nakhabino RSXX4879
Nakhodka RSXX4880
Nakhon RSXX4881
Nakhvalskoye RSXX4882
Nalimskoye RSXX4883
Nalobikha RSXX4884
Nalychevo RSXX4885
Namechennyy RSXX4886
Naminga RSXX4887
Namtsy RSXX0067
Napas RSXX0244
Narasun RSXX4888
Naratay RSXX4889
Narimanov RSXX4890
Naro-Fominsk RSXX1482
Narovchat RSXX4891
Nartan RSXX4892
Nartkala RSXX4893
Naruksovo RSXX4894
Narva RSXX4895
Naryga RSXX4896
Narym RSXX1601
Naryn RSXX4897
Naryshkino RSXX4898
Nasva RSXX4899
Natukhayevskaya RSXX4900
Natyrbovo RSXX4901
Nauchnyy Gorodok RSXX4902
Naukan RSXX4903
Naurskaya RSXX4904
Naushki RSXX4905
Navashino RSXX4906
Navlya RSXX4907
Navolok RSXX4908
Navoloki RSXX4909
Naykhin RSXX4910
Nazarovo RSXX4911
Nazarovo RSXX4912
Nazimovo RSXX0245
Naziya RSXX4913
Nazyvoevsk RSXX1240
Nebolchi RSXX4915
Nebug RSXX4916
Nebykov RSXX4917
Nechayevka RSXX4918
Neftegorsk RSXX4919
Neftekamsk RSXX1320
Neftekumsk RSXX4920
Nefteyugansk RSXX1354
Nekhayevskiy RSXX4921
Neklyudovo RSXX4922
Nekrasovka RSXX4924
Nekrasovka RSXX4923
Nekrasovo RSXX4925
Nekrasovskaya RSXX4926
Nekrasovskoye RSXX4927
Neksikan RSXX4928
Nelemnoye RSXX4929
Nelidovo RSXX4930
Nelkan RSXX4931
Nelma RSXX4932
Nelmach RSXX4933
Nelyubino RSXX4934
Nema RSXX4935
Neman RSXX4936
Nemchinovka RSXX4937
Nemkin RSXX4938
Nemun RSXX4939
Nenoksa RSXX4940
Nerchinsk RSXX1339
Nerdva RSXX4941
Nerekhta RSXX4942
Neritsa RSXX4943
Nerl RSXX4944
Nerpa RSXX4946
Neryungri RSXX4947
Nesterov RSXX4948
Nesterovka RSXX4949
Never RSXX4952
Neverkino RSXX4953
Nevezhkino RSXX4954
Nevezhkino RSXX4955
Nevinnomyssk RSXX1568
Nevskoye RSXX4956
Nevyansk RSXX4957
Neya RSXX4958
Neyvo-Rudyanka RSXX4959
Nezamayevskaya RSXX4961
Nezhdaninskoe RSXX4962
Nezhinka RSXX4963
Nezhino RSXX4964
Nezhinskiy RSXX4965
Nezlobnaya RSXX4966
Nidym RSXX4968
Nikel RSXX4969
Nikhvor RSXX4971
Nikiforovskaya RSXX4973
Nikitinskiy RSXX4972
Nikolaevskoe RSXX0156
Nikolayevka RSXX4983
Nikolayevka RSXX4982
Nikolayevka RSXX4981
Nikolayevka RSXX4980
Nikolayevka RSXX4979
Nikolayevka RSXX4978
Nikolayevka RSXX4977
Nikolayevka RSXX4976
Nikolayevka RSXX4975
Nikolayevo RSXX4984
Nikolayevsk RSXX4985
Nikolayevskaya RSXX4986
Nikolayevskiy RSXX4988
Nikolayevskiy RSXX4987
Nikoliskoye RSXX5003
Nikolo-Berezovka RSXX4992
Nikolo-Lenivets RSXX4993
Nikolo-Lvovskoye RSXX4994
Nikolo-Poloma RSXX0177
Nikologory RSXX4996
Nikolsk RSXX4999
Nikolsk RSXX4998
Nikolskiy RSXX5001
Nikolskiy RSXX5002
Nikolskoye RSXX5004
Nikolskoye RSXX5005
Nikulino RSXX5007
Nimenga RSXX5008
Niny RSXX5009
Nivastroy RSXX5010
Nivnoye RSXX5011
Nivskiy RSXX5012
Nizhmozero RSXX5014
Nizhneangarsk RSXX0311
Nizhnebakanskiy RSXX5015
Nizhnedevitsk RSXX5016
Nizhnedolgovskiy RSXX5017
Nizhnegnutov RSXX5018
Nizhnekamchatsk RSXX5019
Nizhnekamenka RSXX5020
Nizhnekamsk RSXX1587
Nizhnekarelina RSXX5021
Nizhnekolymsk RSXX5022
Nizhnepavlovka RSXX5023
Nizhnepoltavka RSXX5064
Nizhneshadrino RSXX5024
Nizhnesortymskiy RSXX5025
Nizhnetroitskiy RSXX5026
Nizhneudinsk RSXX0282
Nizhnevartovsk RSXX1355
Nizhnevolzhsk RSXX5027
Nizhneyansk RSXX5028
Nizhneye Pronge RSXX5030
Nizhniy RSXX5031
Nizhniy Arkhyz RSXX5032
Nizhniy Bestyakh RSXX5034
Nizhniy Chir RSXX5035
Nizhniy Kalgukan RSXX5037
Nizhniy Karachan RSXX5038
Nizhniy Kislyay RSXX5039
Nizhniy Kuchuk RSXX5040
Nizhniy Kuranakh RSXX5041
Nizhniy Lomov RSXX5043
Nizhniy Novgorod RSXX0069
Nizhniy Shkaft RSXX5044
Nizhniy Tagil RSXX5045
Nizhniy Turunyu RSXX5047
Nizhniy Ufaley RSXX5048
Nizhniy Unal RSXX5049
Nizhniy-Tanguy RSXX5050
Nizhniye Buzuh RSXX5052
Nizhniye Gari RSXX5053
Nizhnyaya Gavan RSXX5058
Nizhnyaya Irga RSXX5059
Nizhnyaya Mgla RSXX5061
Nizhnyaya Omka RSXX5062
Nizhnyaya Pesha RSXX5063
Nizhnyaya Salda RSXX5065
Nizhnyaya Tavda RSXX5067
Nizhnyaya Tura RSXX5069
Nizhnyaya Usva RSXX5070
Nizhnyaya Zaimka RSXX5071
Niznij Novgorod RSXX0185
Niznij Tagil RSXX0070
Nizyamy RSXX5073
Njandoma RSXX0219
Njurba RSXX0133
Nogamirzin-Yurt RSXX5074
Noginsk RSXX0071
Noginsk-9 RSXX5075
Nogir RSXX5076
Nogliki RSXX0396
Nolinsk RSXX0183
Nori RSXX5077
Noril`sk RSXX5078
Norsk RSXX0363
Norskoye RSXX5080
Noskinskiye RSXX5082
Nosovaya RSXX5084
Nosovka RSXX5083
Novara Taltiya RSXX5085
Novaya Besovka RSXX5086
Novaya Bryan RSXX5087
Novaya Chara RSXX5089
Novaya Derevnya RSXX5090
Novaya Igirma RSXX1359
Novaya Kalami RSXX5091
Novaya Kalitva RSXX5092
Novaya Kriusha RSXX5093
Novaya Ladoga RSXX5094
Novaya Lyada RSXX5095
Novaya Lyalya RSXX5096
Novaya Maka RSXX5097
Novaya Malykla RSXX5098
Novaya Mayna RSXX5099
Novaya Shomokhta RSXX5100
Novaya Titovka RSXX7030
Novaya Uda RSXX5101
Novaya Usman RSXX5102
Novaya Zaimka RSXX5104
Novaya Zarya RSXX5105
Novgorod RSXX0157
Novikovo RSXX5107
Novki RSXX5108
Novlenskoye RSXX5109
Novoagansk RSXX5110
Novoaksayskiy RSXX5111
Novoalekseyevka RSXX5114
Novoaltaysk RSXX5116
Novoatyalovo RSXX5117
Novobataysk RSXX5118
Novobelmanovka RSXX5119
Novobeysugskaya RSXX5121
Novobezhanov RSXX5122
Novobirilyussy RSXX5123
Novoblagodarnoye RSXX5124
Novobureyskiy RSXX5125
Novocheboksarsk RSXX5126
Novocheremshansk RSXX5127
Novocherkassk RSXX0073
Novodevitsa RSXX5131
Novodonetskaya RSXX5133
Novodugino RSXX5134
Novodvinsk RSXX5135
Novogagatli RSXX5137
Novogeorgiyevka RSXX5139
Novogornyy RSXX5140
Novogurovskiy RSXX5142
Novoilinsk RSXX5143
Novoilinsk RSXX5144
Novoilinskiy RSXX5145
Novokamenka RSXX5146
Novokarasuk RSXX5147
Novokartsevo RSXX5148
Novokashirovo RSXX5149
Novokayakent RSXX5150
Novokazanka RSXX5151
Novokharitonovo RSXX5153
Novokhopersk RSXX5152
Novokizhinginsk RSXX5154
Novokorsunskaya RSXX5155
Novokrasnoye RSXX5156
Novokreshchenka RSXX5157
Novokubansk RSXX5159
Novokuybyshevsk RSXX0075
Novokuznetsk RSXX0076
Novolabinskaya RSXX5160
Novolakskoye RSXX5161
Novolugovoye RSXX5163
Novoluzino RSXX5164
Novomayzass RSXX5165
Novomelovatka RSXX5166
Novomichurinsk RSXX1547
Novominskaya RSXX5169
Novomoskovsk RSXX1593
Novomoskovskoye RSXX5170
Novonezhino RSXX5172
Novonikolayevka RSXX5173
Novonikolayevka RSXX5174
Novonikolsk RSXX5177
Novoomskiy RSXX5179
Novoorsk RSXX5180
Novopavlovka RSXX5181
Novopavlovsk RSXX5182
Novopavloyka RSXX5184
Novopesterevo RSXX5185
Novopetrovskoye RSXX5186
Novopistsovo RSXX5187
Novopodrezkovo RSXX5190
Novopokrovka RSXX5191
Novopokrovka RSXX5192
Novopokrovskaya RSXX5193
Novopokrovskoye RSXX5194
Novopovalikha RSXX5195
Novoraychikhinsk RSXX5196
Novorepnoye RSXX5197
Novoromanovka RSXX5198
Novoromanovskoye RSXX5199
Novorossiyka RSXX1308
Novorossiysk RSXX1427
Novorudnyy RSXX5201
Novoryazhsk RSXX5202
Novorzhev RSXX5203
Novoselenginsk RSXX0338
Novoselishche RSXX5204
Novoselitskoye RSXX5205
Novoselovo RSXX5206
Novoselovo RSXX5207
Novoselovo RSXX5208
Novosemeykino RSXX5210
Novosergiyevka RSXX5211
Novoshakhtinsk RSXX5212
Novoshakhtinskiy RSXX5213
Novosheshminsk RSXX5215
Novosibirsk RSXX0077
Novosilikatnyy RSXX5217
Novosmolinskiy RSXX5219
Novosokolniki RSXX5221
Novosotrino RSXX5222
Novospassk RSXX5224
Novospassk RSXX5223
Novospasskoye RSXX5225
Novotambovskoye RSXX5226
Novoterskiy RSXX5227
Novotitarovskaya RSXX5228
Novotroitsk RSXX5229
Novotroitsk RSXX5230
Novotroitskaya RSXX5231
Novotroitskoye RSXX5232
Novotroitskoye RSXX5234
Novotulka RSXX5235
Novoukrainskiy RSXX5236
Novoukrainskoye RSXX5237
Novouralskiy RSXX5240
Novoutkinsk RSXX5241
Novouzensk RSXX5242
Novovarshavka RSXX5243
Novovoronezh RSXX5245
Novovyatsk RSXX5247
Novovyazniki RSXX5248
Novoyablonovka RSXX5249
Novoyarki RSXX5250
Novoye RSXX5251
Novoye Almetyevo RSXX5252
Novoye Dubovoye RSXX5254
Novoye Leushino RSXX5255
Novoyeniseysk RSXX5257
Novoyerudinskiy RSXX5258
Novoyugino RSXX5259
Novozavedennoye RSXX5260
Novozavidovskiy RSXX5261
Novozhatkovo RSXX5262
Novozybkov RSXX5263
Novy Oskol RSXX1325
Novy Urengoy RSXX1630
Novyy RSXX5264
Novyy Bakhtemir RSXX5265
Novyy Biryuzyak RSXX5266
Novyy Buyan RSXX5267
Novyy Chechen RSXX5268
Novyy Chirkey RSXX5269
Novyy Karachay RSXX5270
Novyy Kostek RSXX5271
Novyy Nekouz RSXX5272
Novyy Oskol RSXX5273
Novyy Port RSXX5274
Novyy Rogachik RSXX5275
Novyy Sulak RSXX5276
Novyy Tuzukley RSXX5277
Novyy Uoyan RSXX5278
Novyy Urengoy RSXX5279
Novyy Urgal RSXX5280
Novyy Yegorlyk RSXX5281
Novyye Atagi RSXX5282
Novyye Burasy RSXX5283
Novyye Gorki RSXX5284
Novyye Lapsary RSXX5285
Novyye Lyady RSXX5286
Nozhay-Yurt RSXX5287
Nozhovka RSXX5288
Nozovka RSXX0227
Nudol Sharino RSXX5289
Nukuty RSXX5290
Nur-Tukhum RSXX5291
Nuradilovo RSXX5292
Nurlat RSXX1588
Nurlaty RSXX5293
Nurma RSXX5294
Nuzhyaly RSXX5295
Nyacha RSXX5296
Nyalinskoye RSXX5298
Nyandoma RSXX5299
Nyashabozh RSXX5300
Nyasma RSXX5301
Nyazepetrovsk RSXX5302
Nylga RSXX5303
Nyrob RSXX5304
Nysh RSXX5305
Nytva RSXX5306
Nyukzha RSXX5307
Nyurba RSXX5308
Obilnoye RSXX5310
Obkhod RSXX5311
Oblivskaya RSXX5312
Obninsk RSXX1383
Obolensk RSXX5314
Obor RSXX5315
Oboyanovka RSXX5316
Obraztsovoye RSXX5318
Obruchevka RSXX5319
Obryvistoye RSXX5320
Obsharovka RSXX5321
Obskoy RSXX5322
Obzha RSXX5323
Ocher RSXX5324
Ochury RSXX5325
Odesskoe RSXX1251
Odincovo RSXX1639
Odintsovo RSXX5326
Odoyev RSXX5327
Oglukhino RSXX5328
Ogni RSXX5329
Ogodzha RSXX5330
Ogorodtakh RSXX5331
Ohansk RSXX0228
Ojmjakon RSXX0138
Okha RSXX1559
Okhansk RSXX5332
Okhll RSXX5333
Okhotsk RSXX1560
Okhotskoye RSXX5334
Okino-Klyuchi RSXX5335
Oklan RSXX5336
Okoneshnikovo RSXX5337
Oktemtsy RSXX5338
Oktyabrskiy RSXX5348
Oktyabrskiy RSXX5347
Oktyabrskiy RSXX5346
Oktyabrskiy RSXX5345
Oktyabrskiy RSXX5343
Oktyabrskiy RSXX5344
Oktyabrskoye RSXX5351
Oktyabrskoye RSXX5350
Oktyabrskoye RSXX5349
Okulovka RSXX5352
Okulovka RSXX5353
Okulovo RSXX5354
Ola RSXX5361
Oldongdo RSXX5362
Olekan RSXX5363
Olekhovskaya RSXX5364
Olekminsk RSXX0143
Olenegorsk RSXX1511
Olenek RSXX1623
Olenevod RSXX5365
Olenino RSXX5366
Olgino RSXX5368
Olginsk RSXX5369
Olginskaya RSXX5370
Olginskaya RSXX5371
Olinsk RSXX5372
Olkhovatk RSXX5373
Olochi RSXX5374
Olonets RSXX5375
Olovjannaja RSXX0349
Olovyannaya RSXX5376
Olovyannaya RSXX5377
Oloy RSXX5378
Olya RSXX5379
Olym RSXX5380
Olyutorka RSXX5381
Olyutorskiy RSXX5382
Olzony RSXX5383
Omchak RSXX5384
Omega RSXX5385
Omoloy RSXX5386
Omsk RSXX0080
Omsukchan RSXX5387
Omutninsk RSXX5388
Onega RSXX0201
Onguday RSXX5389
Onkuchakh RSXX5390
Onokhino RSXX5391
Onokhoy RSXX5392
Onor RSXX5393
Opalikha RSXX5394
Oparino RSXX0173
Opochka RSXX5396
Oranzherei RSXX5397
Orda RSXX5398
Ordynskoe RSXX0285
Ordzhonikidze RSXX5399
Oredezh RSXX5402
Orehovo-Zuevo RSXX1483
Orekhovo-Zuyevo RSXX5403
Orel RSXX0205
Orel-Izumrud RSXX5404
Orenburg RSXX0433
Orgtrud RSXX5405
Orichi RSXX5406
Orikovo RSXX5407
Orinodorskaya RSXX5408
Orletsy RSXX5409
Orlik RSXX0301
Orlinga RSXX5410
Orlov RSXX5411
Orlov Gay RSXX5412
Orlovka RSXX5418
Orlovka RSXX5416
Orlovka RSXX5414
Orlovka RSXX5413
Orlovskiy RSXX5419
Orondoy RSXX5421
Orotukan RSXX5422
Orsha RSXX5423
Orshanka RSXX5424
Orsk RSXX1525
Orto-Nakhara RSXX5425
Ortolyk RSXX5426
Osa RSXX1540
Oselkino RSXX5428
Oseredok RSXX5429
Oshchepkovo RSXX5430
Oshya RSXX5431
Osinki RSXX5432
Osinniki RSXX5433
Osinovka RSXX5435
Osinovka RSXX5434
Osinovo RSXX5436
Osintsevo RSXX5437
Oskino RSXX5438
Osmino RSXX5439
Ostafyevo RSXX5440
Ostaninka RSXX5441
Ostankino RSXX5442
Ostashevo RSXX5444
Ostaskov RSXX0161
Oster RSXX5445
Ostromysovka RSXX5446
Ostrov RSXX5447
Ostrov Kharlov RSXX5448
Ostrovnoye RSXX5449
Ostrovskoye RSXX5450
Ostrovtsy RSXX5451
Ostrozhka RSXX5452
Otkaznoye RSXX5453
Otrada RSXX5454
Otradnaya RSXX5455
Otradnoye RSXX5456
Otradnyy RSXX5457
Ottokh RSXX5459
Otvazhnoye RSXX5460
Otyassy RSXX5461
Overyata RSXX5462
Ovoshchi RSXX5463
Ovsino RSXX5464
Ovsyanka RSXX5465
Ovsyannikova RSXX5466
Oybont RSXX5467
Oyek RSXX5468
Oymur RSXX5469
Oymyakon RSXX5470
Oyskhara RSXX5471
Ozerki RSXX5472
Ozerki RSXX5473
Ozerki RSXX5475
Ozernaja RSXX0409
Ozernyy RSXX5480
Ozernyy RSXX5479
Ozernyy RSXX5478
Ozerpakh RSXX5481
Ozersk RSXX5482
Ozerskiy RSXX5483
Ozery RSXX1484
Ozinki RSXX5486
Pachelma RSXX5487
Padovka RSXX5488
Pagodinskiy RSXX5489
Pagyndeno RSXX5490
Paitovo RSXX5491
Pakhachi RSXX5493
Pakhotnyy Ugol RSXX5494
Paklino RSXX5495
Palana RSXX5496
Palatka RSXX5497
Palatkanda RSXX5498
Palekh RSXX5499
Palema RSXX5500
Palevo RSXX5501
Palkino RSXX5502
Palkino RSXX5503
Panfilovo RSXX5506
Pangody RSXX5507
Pankovka RSXX5508
Pankrushikha RSXX5509
Panovo RSXX5512
Panovo RSXX5510
Panovo RSXX5511
Panovy Kusty RSXX5513
Panshino RSXX5514
Panteleikha RSXX5515
Panteleymonovka RSXX5516
Paratunka RSXX5520
Parbig RSXX5521
Parfenovo RSXX5523
Parfenyevo RSXX5524
Pargolovo RSXX5525
Parizh RSXX5526
Parkata RSXX5527
Parkovyy RSXX5528
Parma RSXX5529
Parnaya RSXX5530
Partizan RSXX5531
Partizansk RSXX0394
Partizanskoye RSXX5532
Partsa RSXX5533
Parusnaya RSXX5534
Parusovyy RSXX5535
Pashiya RSXX5537
Pashkiy Perevoz RSXX5538
Pashkovo RSXX5540
Pashkovo RSXX5539
Pashkovskiy RSXX5541
Pashnya RSXX5542
Patrakovo RSXX5543
Patrikha RSXX5544
Pauzhetka RSXX5546
Pavda RSXX5547
Pavelec RSXX0202
Pavlenkovo RSXX5548
Pavlodolskaya RSXX5550
Pavlogradka RSXX5551
Pavlovka RSXX5554
Pavlovka RSXX5553
Pavlovo RSXX5555
Pavlovsk RSXX5552
Pavlovsk RSXX5556
Pavlovskaya RSXX5558
Pavlovskaya RSXX5557
Pavlovskij Posad RSXX1485
Pavlovskiy RSXX5560
Pavy RSXX5561
Pay RSXX5562
Pazhga RSXX5563
Pchegatlukay RSXX5564
Pchevzha RSXX5565
Pechenga RSXX1512
Pechkovo RSXX5566
Pechora RSXX1401
Pechory RSXX5567
Pelagiada RSXX5568
Peleduy RSXX5569
Peles RSXX5570
Pelym RSXX5571
Pelyushnya RSXX5572
Penino RSXX5573
Penkigney RSXX5574
Peno RSXX5575
Penza RSXX0211
Peredel RSXX5576
Perednyaya Byrka RSXX5577
Peredovaya RSXX5578
Perelazovskiy RSXX5579
Perelazy RSXX5580
Pereleshino RSXX5581
Pereleshinskiy RSXX5582
Perelyub RSXX5583
Peremskoye RSXX5584
Peremyshl RSXX5585
Perepravnaya RSXX5587
Peresvet RSXX5589
Perevalnaya RSXX5591
Perevoz RSXX5593
Perevoz RSXX5592
Pereyaslavka RSXX5594
Pereyaslovka RSXX5596
Pereyaslovskaya RSXX5597
Perfilovo RSXX5598
Perlevka RSXX5599
Pershino RSXX5600
Pershino RSXX5601
Pershkovo RSXX5602
Persianovka RSXX5603
Perty RSXX5604
Pervomaysk RSXX5606
Pervomaysk RSXX5607
Pervomayskiy RSXX5609
Pervomayskiy RSXX5610
Pervomayskiy RSXX5615
Pervomayskiy RSXX5613
Pervomayskiy RSXX5612
Pervomayskiy RSXX5614
Pervomayskiy RSXX5611
Pervomayskoye RSXX5619
Pervomayskoye RSXX5618
Pervomayskoye RSXX5617
Pervomayskoye RSXX5616
Pervomayskoye RSXX5608
Pervouralsk RSXX5620
Pervoye Maya RSXX5621
Pervyy RSXX5622
Peschanka RSXX5623
Peschanokopskoye RSXX5624
Peshkovo RSXX5625
Peski RSXX5626
Peskovka RSXX5627
Peskovskiy RSXX5628
Pesochenskiy RSXX5629
Pesochnoye RSXX5630
Pesochnyy RSXX5631
Pesok RSXX5632
Pestovo RSXX5633
Pestravka RSXX5634
Pestraya Dresva RSXX5635
Pestretsy RSXX5636
Petretsovo RSXX5637
Petrodvorets RSXX5638
Petrokamenskoye RSXX5639
Petropavlovka RSXX5642
Petropavlovka RSXX5640
Petropavlovka RSXX5641
Petropavlovskaya RSXX5643
Petropavlovskoye RSXX5644
Petrov Val RSXX5645
Petrovichi RSXX5646
Petrovka RSXX5647
Petrovsk RSXX5649
Petrovskaya RSXX5650
Petrovskij Zavod RSXX0339
Petrovskiy RSXX5651
Petrovskoye RSXX5652
Petrovskoye RSXX5656
Petrovskoye RSXX5655
Petrovskoye RSXX5654
Petrovskoye RSXX5653
Petrozavodsk RSXX0212
Petukhova RSXX5657
Petukhovo RSXX5658
Petushki RSXX5660
Petushki RSXX1614
Petushkova RSXX5659
Pevek RSXX1337
Pevk RSXX5661
Pichayevo RSXX5662
Pichugino RSXX5663
Pikalevo RSXX5664
Pikhtovka RSXX5665
Pikhtovka RSXX5666
Pil-Yegor RSXX5668
Pilna RSXX5669
Pilva RSXX5670
Pilvo RSXX5672
Pilyugino RSXX5673
Pimeno-Cherni RSXX5674
Pindushi RSXX5675
Pinega RSXX1314
Pinerovka RSXX5676
Pinyug RSXX5677
Pioner RSXX5678
Pionerskiy RSXX5679
Pirogovka RSXX5680
Pirogovo RSXX5681
Pirogovskiy RSXX5682
Pirovskoe RSXX0255
Pistsovo RSXX5683
Pitelino RSXX5684
Piterka RSXX5685
Pivovarikha RSXX5686
Pizhanka RSXX5687
Pizhma RSXX5688
Plakhino RSXX5689
Plast RSXX5690
Plastun RSXX5691
Plastunovskaya RSXX5692
Platonovka RSXX5694
Plavsk RSXX5695
Ples RSXX5696
Plesetsk RSXX1315
Pleshanovo RSXX5697
Pleso RSXX5698
Ploskoye RSXX5700
Plotnikovo RSXX5703
Plyussa RSXX5704
Pnvlovskiy Posad RSXX5705
Pobeda RSXX5706
Pobedino RSXX5707
Pobochino RSXX5708
Pochep RSXX5709
Pochepskoye RSXX5710
Pochinki RSXX5711
Pochinok RSXX5712
Pochinok RSXX5713
Pod-Ikat RSXX5714
Podgorenskiy RSXX5720
Podgornaya RSXX5721
Podgornoye RSXX5724
Podgornoye RSXX5723
Podgornoye RSXX5722
Podgornyy RSXX5725
Podkamennaya RSXX5727
Podkletnoye RSXX5729
Podkumskiy RSXX5730
Podlesnoye RSXX5731
Podlesnyy RSXX5732
Podlopatki RSXX5733
Podporozhye RSXX5736
Podsineye RSXX5737
Podsosenye RSXX5738
Podstepki RSXX5739
Podtesovo RSXX5740
Podymakhino RSXX5741
Podyuga RSXX5742
Poganyy-Nos RSXX5743
Pogar RSXX5744
Pogibi RSXX0395
Pogorelskoye RSXX5746
Poim RSXX5747
Poisevo RSXX5748
Pokachi RSXX5749
Pokanayevka RSXX5750
Pokcha RSXX5751
Pokhodsk RSXX5752
Pokhvistnevo RSXX5753
Pokosnoye RSXX5754
Pokoynoye RSXX5755
Pokrov RSXX5756
Pokrovka RSXX5761
Pokrovka RSXX5760
Pokrovka RSXX5758
Pokrovsk RSXX5763
Pokrovskaja RSXX0141
Pokrovskoye RSXX5765
Pokrovskoye RSXX5766
Pokrovskoye RSXX5767
Pokrovskoye RSXX5764
Pola RSXX5768
Polazna RSXX5769
Poldnevaya RSXX5770
Polessk RSXX5771
Poletayevo RSXX5772
Poletnoye RSXX5773
Polevoye RSXX5774
Polevskoy RSXX5775
Polkanovo RSXX5776
Pologrudovo RSXX5778
Polovinka RSXX5780
Polovinnaya RSXX5781
Polovinnoye RSXX5782
Polozovo RSXX5783
Poltakov RSXX5784
Poltavka RSXX1249
Polunochnoye RSXX5785
Polutornik RSXX5786
Polyana RSXX5787
Polyany RSXX5788
Polyarnyy RSXX5789
Polyarnyye Zori RSXX5790
Polysayevo RSXX5807
Pomary RSXX5792
Pompeyevka RSXX5793
Ponazyrevo RSXX5794
Ponezhukay RSXX5795
Ponomarevo RSXX5796
Pontonnyy RSXX5797
Ponyri RSXX5798
Ponyri Vtoryye RSXX5799
Poperechnyy RSXX5800
Poplevinskiy RSXX5801
Popov Porog RSXX5802
Popova RSXX5803
Popovka RSXX5804
Poputnaya RSXX5805
Poputnyy RSXX5806
Porechye-Rybnoye RSXX5812
Poretskoye RSXX5813
Porkhov RSXX5814
Porog RSXX5815
Porog RSXX5816
Poronajsk RSXX0400
Porozhsk RSXX5817
Porozhskiy RSXX5818
Port-Katon RSXX5820
Port-Vladimir RSXX5819
Poryaguba RSXX5821
Poselki RSXX5822
Posevnaya RSXX5823
Potanino RSXX5826
Potapovo RSXX5827
Povarovo RSXX5828
Povenets RSXX5829
Povolzhskiy RSXX5830
Povorino RSXX5831
Povoro RSXX5832
Poyakonda RSXX5833
Poyarkovo RSXX1309
Poykovskiy RSXX5834
Pozdeyevka RSXX5835
Pozharskoye RSXX5836
Pozherevitsy RSXX5837
Pozhva RSXX5838
Praskoveya RSXX5916
Praskoveyevka RSXX5839
Pravda RSXX5840
Pravdinsk RSXX5842
Pravdinsk RSXX5841
Pravdinskiy RSXX5843
Pravokubanskiy RSXX5846
Pravokumskoye RSXX5847
Predgornoye RSXX5848
Predivinsk RSXX5849
Pregradnaya RSXX5850
Pregradnoye RSXX5851
Prelaya RSXX5852
Preobrazheniye RSXX5853
Preobrazhenka RSXX5854
Priamurskiy RSXX5855
Priargunsk RSXX0351
Priazovskaya RSXX5856
Pribrezhnyy RSXX5857
Pridonskoy RSXX5858
Prigorodka RSXX5859
Prigorodnoye RSXX5860
Prigorodnyy RSXX5861
Priiskovyy RSXX5862
Priiskovyy RSXX5863
Prikubanskiy RSXX5864
Prikumsk RSXX5865
Priladozhskiy RSXX5866
Primorka RSXX5867
Primorsk RSXX5870
Primorsk RSXX5869
Primorsk RSXX5868
Primorskiy RSXX5871
Priozersk RSXX1452
Prirechnyy RSXX5874
Prisalskiy RSXX5876
Prishib RSXX5877
Pristanskoye RSXX5878
Pristen RSXX5879
Pritomskiy RSXX5881
Priupskiy RSXX5882
Privodino RSXX0088
Privokzalryy RSXX5883
Privolnaya RSXX5884
Privolnoye RSXX5886
Privolnoye RSXX5885
Privolzhsk RSXX5887
Privolzhskiy RSXX5888
Privolzhskoye RSXX5889
Privorot RSXX5891
Priyutnoye RSXX5892
Prochnookopskaya RSXX5893
Progranichnoe RSXX0399
Progranichnyj RSXX0389
Progress RSXX5894
Prokhladnyy RSXX5895
Prokhorovka RSXX5896
Prokhory RSXX5897
Prokopyevsk RSXX5899
Prokshino RSXX5900
Prokudskoye RSXX5901
Prokutkino RSXX5902
Proletariy RSXX5903
Proletarsk RSXX5904
Proletarskiy RSXX5905
Promyshlennaya RSXX5906
Promyshlennyy RSXX5908
Promysla RSXX5910
Promyslovaya RSXX5911
Pronkino RSXX5913
Pronsk RSXX5914
Prosnitsa RSXX5917
Prostornoye RSXX5918
Prosvet RSXX5919
Protvino RSXX5920
Provideniya RSXX5921
Prudovyy RSXX5922
Prudy RSXX5923
Prutnyak RSXX5924
Pryamitsyno RSXX5925
Pryamukhino RSXX5926
Pryazha RSXX5927
Psebay RSXX1428
Psedakh RSXX5928
Pshada RSXX5929
Pshicho RSXX5930
Pskov RSXX0158
Psygansu RSXX5931
Psyzh RSXX5932
Puchezh RSXX5935
Pudem RSXX5936
Pudino RSXX0253
Pudoz RSXX0214
Pugachev RSXX5938
Pugachevo RSXX5939
Puksa RSXX5940
Puksoozero RSXX5941
Pulkovo RSXX5942
Pulozero RSXX5943
Punduga RSXX5944
Purpe RSXX5945
Pushkin RSXX0089
Pushkino RSXX5946
Pushkino RSXX5947
Pushlakhta RSXX5951
Pushma RSXX5952
Puskino RSXX1486
Put Pravdy RSXX5953
Putevka RSXX5954
Puteyets RSXX5955
Putyatin RSXX5956
Putyatino RSXX5957
Pyalitsa RSXX5958
Pyaozerskiy RSXX5959
Pyatigorsk RSXX1569
Pyatkovo RSXX5960
Pyatovskiy RSXX5961
Pyazhiyeva Salga RSXX5962
Pychas RSXX5963
Pymta RSXX5964
Pynovka RSXX5965
Pyra RSXX5966
Pyshchug RSXX5967
Pyshma RSXX5968
Pyt-Yakh RSXX5969
Pyya RSXX5970
Rabocheostrovsk RSXX5972
Rabotki RSXX5973
Radchenko RSXX5976
Radchenskoye RSXX5977
Radde RSXX5978
Radishchevo RSXX5979
Raditsa-Krylovka RSXX5980
Radovitskiy RSXX5981
Raduzhny RSXX1356
Raduzhnyy RSXX5984
Raduzhnyy RSXX5983
Raduzhnyy RSXX5982
Raguli RSXX5985
Rakhinka RSXX5986
Rakhmanovka RSXX5987
Rakitnoye RSXX5989
Rakitnoye RSXX5988
Rakity RSXX5990
Rakovka RSXX5991
Raksakiny RSXX5992
Ramenskoe RSXX1487
Ramenskoye RSXX5993
Rameshki RSXX5994
Ramon RSXX5995
Raskatikha RSXX5997
Rasshevatskaya RSXX5998
Rasskazovo RSXX5999
Rassokha RSXX6000
Rassvet RSXX6001
Rassvet RSXX6002
Ratcha RSXX6003
Ratchino RSXX6004
Raychikhinsk RSXX5975
Rayevskaya RSXX6006
Raysemenovskoye RSXX6007
Razdolnoye RSXX6008
Razdolnoye RSXX6009
Razgon RSXX6011
Razgort RSXX6012
Razvilnoye RSXX6013
Razyezzheye RSXX6014
Reboly RSXX0197
Rebriha RSXX0296
Rechitsy RSXX6016
Rechka-Vydrino RSXX6017
Redkino RSXX6018
Reftinskiy RSXX6019
Regozero RSXX6020
Remontnoe RSXX0425
Rene RSXX6021
Repino RSXX6022
Repnoye RSXX6023
Reshetikha RSXX6024
Reshetnikovo RSXX6025
Reshety RSXX6026
Rettikhovka RSXX6027
Reutov RSXX6028
Revazh RSXX6029
Revda RSXX6030
Revyakino RSXX6031
Rezh RSXX6032
Riga RSXX6033
Rigol RSXX6034
Ristikent RSXX6036
Ritlyab RSXX6037
Rivsavoda RSXX6038
Rjazan RSXX0198
Rochegda RSXX6039
Rochevo RSXX6040
Rodchevo RSXX6041
Rodino RSXX6042
Rodionovka RSXX6043
Rodionovo RSXX6044
Rodnichok RSXX6048
Rodniki RSXX6049
Rodovoye RSXX6050
Rodovskiy RSXX6051
Rogachevka RSXX6052
Rogachevo RSXX6053
Rogataya Balka RSXX6054
Rognedino RSXX6055
Rogovatoye RSXX6056
Rogovskaya RSXX6057
Rogozikha RSXX6058
Romaniyevka RSXX6059
Romanovka RSXX0320
Romanovka RSXX6061
Romanovskaya RSXX6060
Romny RSXX6062
Romodanovo RSXX6063
Ropsha RSXX6064
Roshchino RSXX6069
Roshchino RSXX6068
Roshni-Chu RSXX6070
Roslavl RSXX0166
Rossolovo RSXX6071
Rostoshi RSXX6075
Rostov RSXX0179
Rostov-na-Donu RSXX0090
Rostovka RSXX6074
Rovdino RSXX6076
Rovenki RSXX6077
Rovkuly RSXX6078
Rovnoye RSXX6079
Rovnoye RSXX6080
Rozhdestvenka RSXX6081
Rozhdestveno RSXX6082
Rozhdestvenskoye RSXX6084
Rozhdestvenskoye RSXX6083
Rozhdestvenskoye RSXX6085
Rtishchevo RSXX6087
Rubcovsk RSXX0436
Rubtsovsk RSXX6088
Ruchi RSXX6089
Rudnaja Pristan RSXX0391
Rudnichnyy RSXX6092
Rudnichnyy RSXX6093
Rudnogorsk RSXX6094
Rudnya RSXX6095
Rudovka RSXX6096
Rudovka RSXX6097
Rumyantsevo RSXX6098
Rusanovka RSXX6099
Ruskeala RSXX6100
Russka RSXX6101
Russkiy RSXX6108
Russkiy Aktash RSXX6104
Russkiy Angasyak RSXX6105
Rustay RSXX6109
Rutul RSXX6110
Ruza RSXX1488
Ruzayevka RSXX6111
Ryabovo RSXX6112
Ryazan RSXX6113
Ryazanovskiy RSXX6115
Ryazanskaya RSXX6116
Ryazantsevo RSXX6117
Ryazhsk RSXX1548
Rybachiy RSXX6118
Rybinsk RSXX1635
Rybnaya Sloboda RSXX6119
Rybnoye RSXX6121
Rybnoye RSXX6120
Rycha RSXX6122
Rylsk RSXX6123
Ryrkaypiy RSXX6124
Rysya RSXX6125
Ryzdvyanyy RSXX6126
Rzhaksa RSXX6127
Rzhanitsa RSXX6128
Rzhavki RSXX6129
Rzhev RSXX1605
Sabayevo RSXX6130
Sablinskoye RSXX6131
Sabnova RSXX6132
Sabo RSXX6133
Sadki RSXX6134
Sadon RSXX6135
Sadrinsk RSXX1235
Sagopshi RSXX6136
Sahovskaja RSXX1489
Saim RSXX1232
Saint Petersburg RSXX0091
Sakharovo RSXX6137
Sakmara RSXX6138
Salair RSXX6139
Salauli RSXX6140
Salavat RSXX0092
Salba RSXX6141
Salekhard RSXX1632
Saleta RSXX6142
Salkany RSXX6143
Salparovo RSXX6144
Saltykovka RSXX6146
Salym RSXX6147
Samagaltay RSXX6148
Samara RSXX0094
Samarovka RSXX6149
Samarskoye RSXX6150
Samary RSXX0230
Samashki RSXX6151
Sambek RSXX6152
Samburg RSXX6153
Samofalovka RSXX6154
Samoylovka RSXX6156
Samoylovka RSXX6155
Sampur RSXX6157
Samur RSXX6158
Samus RSXX6159
Sanchursk RSXX6161
Sandata RSXX6162
Sandovo RSXX6163
Sangary RSXX0135
Sapernoye RSXX6164
Sapernyy RSXX6165
Sapozhok RSXX6166
Sapronovo RSXX6167
Sara RSXX6168
Sarana RSXX6169
Saranpaul RSXX6170
Saransk RSXX1460
Saransuy RSXX6172
Sarany RSXX6173
Sarapul RSXX0095
Sarapulka RSXX6174
Sarashi RSXX6175
Saratan RSXX6176
Saratov RSXX0414
Saratovskaya RSXX6177
Sarayevo RSXX6178
Sarevnado RSXX6179
Sareyevo RSXX6180
Sargatskoye RSXX6181
Sarmanovo RSXX6182
Sarov RSXX1461
Sarovka RSXX6184
Sarozha RSXX6185
Sars RSXX6186
Sary-Chumysh RSXX6187
Sary-Tyuz RSXX6188
Sarylakh RSXX6189
Saskylakh RSXX6190
Sasovo RSXX1549
Sasykoli RSXX6191
Satinka RSXX6192
Satis RSXX6193
Satka RSXX6194
Satura RSXX1490
Saurgach RSXX6195
Saushkino RSXX6196
Savasleyka RSXX6197
Savino RSXX6198
Savinskaya RSXX6199
Sayanogorsk RSXX6200
Sayansk RSXX1360
Sayylyk RSXX6201
Sazhino RSXX6202
Sazonovo RSXX6203
Scelkovo RSXX1491
Sebezh RSXX6204
Sebrovo RSXX6205
Sechenovo RSXX6206
Sedelnikova RSXX6207
Sedkyrkeshch RSXX6208
Sedtim RSXX6209
Sedyu RSXX6210
Segeza RSXX0200
Segezha RSXX6246
Segyan-Kyuyel RSXX6212
Sejmchan RSXX0152
Sektagli RSXX0374
Selenduma RSXX6213
Seletkan RSXX6214
Selezneva RSXX6215
Seleznevo RSXX6216
Selezni RSXX6217
Selikhino RSXX6218
Selishche RSXX6219
Selishche RSXX6220
Selishchi RSXX6221
Selizharovo RSXX6222
Selsta RSXX6223
Seltso RSXX6224
Seltsy RSXX6225
Selveykino RSXX6226
Selyanka RSXX6227
Selyatino RSXX6228
Semenov RSXX6229
Semenovka RSXX6230
Semenovskoye RSXX6231
Semibratovo RSXX6232
Semikarakorsk RSXX6233
Semiletka RSXX6234
Semilova RSXX6235
Semiluki RSXX6236
Semirechye RSXX6237
Semkhoz RSXX6238
Semyachiki RSXX1437
Semzha RSXX6239
Sengiley RSXX6240
Senkina RSXX6241
Senkursk RSXX0208
Senno RSXX6242
Sennoy RSXX6244
Sennoy RSXX6243
Sentyabrskiy RSXX6245
Serafimovic RSXX0419
Serafimovskiy RSXX6247
Serafimovskoye RSXX6248
Serbakul RSXX1250
Serdobsk RSXX6249
Serebryanka RSXX6250
Serebryanyy Bor RSXX6251
Sereda RSXX6252
Seredeyskiy RSXX6253
Seredka RSXX6254
Serednikovo RSXX1493
Seregovo RSXX6255
Serga RSXX6256
Sergeyeva RSXX6263
Sergeyevka RSXX6258
Sergeyevka RSXX6261
Sergeyevo RSXX6262
Sergeyevskiy RSXX6265
Sergeyevskiy RSXX6264
Sergeytsevo RSXX6266
Sergiyev Posad RSXX0096
Sergiyevka RSXX6267
Sergiyevsk RSXX6268
Sergokala RSXX6269
Sergozero RSXX6270
Sernovodsk RSXX6271
Serov RSXX1581
Serovo RSXX6272
Serpeysk RSXX6273
Serpuhov RSXX1495
Sertolovo RSXX6275
Seryshevo RSXX6276
Seserlig RSXX6278
Seshcha RSXX6279
Sestroretsk RSXX6280
Setigory RSXX6281
Setraki RSXX6282
Sever RSXX6283
Severa RSXX6284
Severka RSXX6285
Severnoe RSXX0257
Severnoye RSXX6288
Severnoye RSXX6287
Severnyy RSXX6289
Severnyy RSXX6290
Severnyy Mayak RSXX6291
Severo-Zadonsk RSXX6294
Severodvinsk RSXX1316
Severomorsk RSXX1513
Severomorsk-3 RSXX6295
Severomuysk RSXX6296
Seversk RSXX6299
Severskaya RSXX6300
Sevsk RSXX6301
Seyakha RSXX6302
Seymchan RSXX6303
Seyva RSXX6304
Shaami-Yurt RSXX6305
Shablykino RSXX6307
Shabrovskiy RSXX6308
Shaburovo RSXX6309
Shadrino RSXX6310
Shadrinsk RSXX6311
Shakhi RSXX6312
Shakhovskaya RSXX6313
Shakhta RSXX6314
Shakhterskiy RSXX0099
Shakhtinskiy RSXX6315