Weather Codes for Romania

Find Weather Codes or Weather Zip Codes for states and cities in Romania. Weather Codes references a specified Location and is used to get weather of that place accurately. They are used by The Weather Channel( by IBM), Yahoo! Weather, AOL Weather and many such weather forecasting platforms. It is similar to Yahoo's WOEID(Where On the Earth ID) that is used to represent each place uniquely.

You can know the weather of any place precisely with the help of weather codes. Find the current weather of your state or city by clicking on it. You will be redirected to The Weather Channel site with your weather code for accurate weather forecast.

Abram ROXX3571
Abramut ROXX3572
Abrud ROXX6787
Abrud ROXX0434
Abrud-Sat ROXX1195
Abucea ROXX9083
Acatari ROXX0048
Acbasi ROXX6788
Achimetesti ROXX1196
Aciuta ROXX2648
Acmariu ROXX1197
Acris ROXX4906
Adam ROXX8628
Adamclisi ROXX0436
Adamesti ROXX5767
Adanca ROXX7172
Adancata ROXX7594
Adancata ROXX6789
Adaseni ROXX4490
Adea ROXX2649
Adincata ROXX0433
Adjud ROXX0438
Adoni ROXX3573
Adunati ROXX7173
Adunati ROXX1974
Afrimesti ROXX1975
Afumati ROXX7595
Afumati ROXX2919
Afumati ROXX0050
Agafton ROXX4491
Agarbiciu ROXX5768
Agas ROXX2920
Agastin ROXX2921
Agaua ROXX4321
Aghiresu ROXX0440
Agigea ROXX0441
Agries ROXX4041
Agries-Lunca ROXX4042
Agriesel ROXX4043
Agris ROXX5770
Agrisu de Jos ROXX4044
Agrisu de Sus ROXX4045
Agrisu Mare ROXX2650
Agrisu Mic ROXX2651
Agudu ROXX5093
Aita Mare ROXX7015
Aita Medie ROXX7016
Aita Seaca ROXX7017
Aiton ROXX5771
Aiud ROXX0442
Aiudu de Sus ROXX1198
Alba ROXX4492
Alba Iulia ROXX1199
Alba Lulia ROXX0443
Albac ROXX0444
Albeasca ROXX1976
Albele ROXX2922
Albeni ROXX2923
Albeni ROXX8044
Albesti ROXX7596
Albesti ROXX5094
Albesti ROXX6790
Albesti ROXX1977
Albesti ROXX4493
Albesti-Ungureni ROXX1978
Albina ROXX6791
Albina ROXX4322
Albis ROXX7018
Albis ROXX3575
Albota de Jos ROXX0051
Albota de Sus ROXX1981
Albotesti ROXX2924
Albutele ROXX1982
Aldamas ROXX2925
Aldea ROXX9660
Aldeni ROXX5095
Aldesti ROXX8629
Aldesti ROXX2652
Alecus ROXX1200
Alesd ROXX3576
Alesi ROXX7174
Alexandrina ROXX2926
Alexandrita ROXX9661
Alexeni ROXX8045
Aliceni ROXX5097
Aliman ROXX6792
Alimpesti ROXX8046
Alios ROXX2653
Almajelu ROXX7597
Almaju ROXX7598
Almalau ROXX0052
Almas ROXX2654
Almas-Saliste ROXX9084
Almasel ROXX9085
Almasu de Mijloc ROXX1203
Almasu Mare ROXX3577
Almasu Mare ROXX1201
Almasu Mic ROXX9086
Almasu Mic ROXX3578
Almasu-Sec ROXX9087
Alpare ROXX3579
Altdorf ROXX4047
Altina ROXX0447
Alun ROXX9088
Alungeni ROXX7019
Alunis ROXX1984
Alunis ROXX8047
Alunis ROXX5772
Alunis ROXX7175
Alunis ROXX0053
Alunisu ROXX1985
Alunisu ROXX7176
Alunisu ROXX5773
Alunisu ROXX9962
Alunisul ROXX4048
Alunu ROXX9089
Amara ROXX5099
Amara ROXX0054
Amara Noua ROXX5100
Amarasti ROXX7599
Amarastii De Jos ROXX0450
Amarastii de Sus ROXX7600
Amaru ROXX5101
Ambru ROXX1204
Ampoita ROXX1205
Amzacea ROXX6793
Andacs ROXX3580
Andici ROXX5774
Andolina ROXX6238
Andreeni ROXX9662
Andreesti ROXX8048
Andrei Saguna ROXX2655
Andriesesti ROXX2927
Androeni ROXX9090
Andronache ROXX4878
Anghelesti ROXX8860
Anghelesti ROXX1206
Anghelus ROXX7020
Anghinesti ROXX1986
Anies ROXX4049
Anina ROXX0451
Anini ROXX5102
Aninisu din Deal ROXX8049
Aninisu din Vale ROXX8050
Aninoasa ROXX1987
Aninoasa ROXX7177
Aninoasa ROXX9091
Aninoasa ROXX7021
Aninosani ROXX7178
Ant ROXX3581
Antas ROXX5775
Antohesti ROXX2928
Antonesti ROXX8052
Apa Asau ROXX2929
Apa Neagra ROXX8053
Apa Sarata ROXX1988
Apadia ROXX6432
Apahida ROXX0055
Apata ROXX0453
Apateu ROXX2656
Apateu ROXX3582
Apatiu ROXX4050
Apele Vii ROXX7601
Apostari ROXX5103
Aprozi ROXX6239
Araci ROXX7022
Arad ROXX0024
Arada ROXX1207
Aradu Nou ROXX2657
Araneag ROXX2658
Aranies ROXX9092
Arborea ROXX4494
Arcalia ROXX4051
Arcani ROXX8054
Arcanu ROXX5104
Archia ROXX9093
Archis ROXX2659
Archiud ROXX4052
Arcuda ROXX8861
Arcus ROXX7023
Ardan ROXX4053
Ardeleni ROXX8862
Ardeoani ROXX2930
Ardeova ROXX5776
Arderea ROXX8055
Ardeu ROXX1208
Ardud ROXX0056
Arefu ROXX1989
Argasilesti ROXX5105
Argeaua ROXX8630
Argesani ROXX1990
Argeselu ROXX1991
Argesul ROXX8863
Argetoaia ROXX7602
Argetoaia de Jos ROXX7603
Ariciu ROXX4323
Arieseni ROXX1209
Arini ROXX4495
Arini ROXX4907
Ariusd ROXX7024
Arjoci ROXX8056
Armaseni ROXX9663
Armasenii Noi ROXX9664
Armenis ROXX6433
Arnota ROXX1992
Aromesti ROXX1210
Aroneanu ROXX0058
Arpasel ROXX3583
Arsa ROXX6794
Arsele ROXX5106
Arseni ROXX8058
Arsita ROXX4054
Arsuri ROXX6434
Arsuri ROXX9094
Arsurile ROXX8059
Artanu ROXX8060
Artaru ROXX8061
Arti ROXX1211
Aruncuta ROXX5777
Arvateni ROXX9665
Asan ROXX8864
Asau ROXX9666
Asau ROXX2931
Aschileu Dorna ROXX5778
Aschileu Mare ROXX5779
Ascio ROXX9667
Asinip ROXX1212
Aslanesti ROXX9095
Astileu ROXX3584
Astra ROXX4908
Atarnati ROXX9963
Atarnati ROXX4324
Atarnati ROXX8631
Ateas ROXX3585
Atia ROXX9668
Atias ROXX4909
Atid ROXX9669
Augustin ROXX4910
Aurei ROXX1993
Aurel Vlaicu ROXX4496
Aurora Banatului ROXX6435
Auseu ROXX3586
Avantu ROXX4325
Avram Iancu ROXX4497
Avram Iancu ROXX1213
Avram Iancu ROXX2660
Avram Iancu ROXX3587
Avrameni ROXX4498
Avramesti ROXX9670
Avramesti ROXX1214
Azaclau ROXX8632
Azuga ROXX0059
Babadag ROXX0459
Babana ROXX0060
Babaroaga ROXX1995
Babarunca ROXX4911
Babdiu ROXX5780
Babeni ROXX5107
Babeni ROXX7604
Babeti ROXX5108
Babiceni ROXX4499
Baboasa ROXX4055
Babutiu ROXX5781
Bacaia ROXX1216
Bacainti ROXX1217
Bacanu ROXX8865
Bacau ROXX0023
Bacau de Mijloc ROXX2661
Bacea ROXX9097
Bacel ROXX7025
Bacesti ROXX8062
Bacesti ROXX1996
Bacesti ROXX7179
Bacesti ROXX1218
Bacia ROXX0061
Bacioiu ROXX2932
Baciu ROXX0062
Baclesti ROXX2933
Bacu ROXX9964
Badai ROXX1219
Badarlegiu ROXX5110
Badarlegiu Mare ROXX5111
Badarlegiu Mic ROXX5112
Badeni ROXX9671
Badeni ROXX5113
Badeni ROXX7180
Badeni ROXX1997
Badeni ROXX5782
Badeni-Pamanteni ROXX1998
Badesti ROXX5783
Badesti ROXX1999
Badesti ROXX8063
Badicea ROXX2000
Badiceni ROXX2001
Badila ROXX5114
Badila ROXX2002
Badina ROXX6436
Badinesti ROXX5115
Badiut ROXX4500
Badosi ROXX7605
Badulesti ROXX7181
Badulesti ROXX2003
Baesti ROXX5116
Baesti ROXX9098
Bagaciu ROXX5784
Bagara ROXX5785
Bagau ROXX1220
Bagdad ROXX4326
Bagesti ROXX2004
Bagina ROXX6437
Bahna ROXX2934
Bahnaseni ROXX2935
Bahneni ROXX2005
Bai ROXX1221
Baia ROXX9099
Baia ROXX2662
Baia Craiului ROXX9100
Baia de Aries ROXX1222
Baia de Cris ROXX9101
Baia de Fier ROXX8064
Baia de Petrol ROXX2936
Baia Mare ROXX0047
Baicani ROXX2006
Baicani-Deal ROXX2937
Baicani-Vale ROXX2938
Baicanu ROXX7606
Baiceni ROXX4501
Baicoi ROXX0063
Baiculesti ROXX2007
Baiesi ROXX1223
Baila ROXX2008
Baile ROXX5117
Baile Balvanyos ROXX7026
Baile Chirui ROXX9673
Baile Codlea ROXX4912
Baile Dranceni ROXX0690
Baile Felix ROXX3588
Baile Govora ROXX0064
Baile Herculane ROXX6438
Baile Homorod ROXX4913
Baile Homorod ROXX9674
Baile Lacu Sarat ROXX4327
Baile Lipova ROXX2663
Baile Olanesti ROXX0065
Baile Pucioasa ROXX7182
Baile Rodbav ROXX4914
Baile Siriu ROXX5118
Baile Tusnad ROXX9675
Bailesti ROXX0468
Bailesti ROXX7027
Baimac ROXX2939
Baisa ROXX4502
Baisoara ROXX5786
Baita ROXX9102
Baita ROXX5787
Baita ROXX3589
Baita-Plai ROXX3590
Baiut ROXX0066
Bajani ROXX5119
Bajenesti ROXX2009
Bajenestii Mari ROXX2010
Bajenestii Mici ROXX2011
Bajesti ROXX7183
Bajesti ROXX2012
Bajestii Mari ROXX2013
Bajestii Mici ROXX2014
Bajura ROXX4503
Balabanesti ROXX8633
Balabani ROXX2015
Balaceanca ROXX9965
Balaceanu ROXX5120
Balacesti ROXX8065
Balacia ROXX9103
Balacita ROXX0470
Balaesti ROXX7607
Balaia ROXX3591
Balaia ROXX2940
Balan ROXX9104
Balan ROXX0471
Balan ROXX9676
Balana ROXX9105
Balanca Grosi ROXX3592
Balaneasa ROXX2941
Balanesti ROXX7184
Balanesti ROXX5121
Balanesti ROXX8066
Balanesti ROXX2942
Balani ROXX8067
Balanoaia ROXX8866
Balanu ROXX8867
Balasan ROXX7608
Balasesti ROXX8634
Balasoeni ROXX8868
Balata ROXX9106
Balc ROXX3593
Balca ROXX2943
Balcaciu ROXX1224
Balcani ROXX2944
Balcani Marginea ROXX2945
Balcesti ROXX8068
Balcesti ROXX5788
Balcuta ROXX2946
Baldana ROXX7185
Baldovin ROXX9107
Baldovinesti ROXX0067
Baldovinesti ROXX4328
Baleni ROXX3594
Baleni ROXX0473
Baleni ROXX5122
Baleni Romani ROXX7186
Baleni Sarbi ROXX7187
Balesti ROXX8069
Balesti ROXX1225
Balesti-Catun ROXX1226
Balhacu ROXX5123
Balilesti ROXX2016
Balintesti ROXX8635
Balinti ROXX4504
Balitesti ROXX9108
Balmosesti ROXX1227
Balnaca ROXX3595
Balomir ROXX9109
Balomiru de Camp ROXX1228
Balosani ROXX8070
Balota de Jos ROXX7609
Balota de Sus ROXX7610
Baloteasca ROXX2017
Balotesti ROXX0068
Balotesti ROXX2947
Balsa ROXX1229
Balta ROXX8071
Balta Alba ROXX4880
Balta Alba ROXX5124
Balta Albina ROXX6240
Balta Arsa ROXX4505
Balta Doamnei ROXX9966
Balta Plopului ROXX5125
Balta Tocila ROXX5126
Balta Verde ROXX7612
Baltagari ROXX5127
Baltagesti ROXX6795
Baltareti ROXX8636
Baltareti ROXX5128
Baltata ROXX2018
Baltata de Jos ROXX2948
Baltata de Sus ROXX2949
Balteni ROXX5129
Balteni ROXX8072
Balteni ROXX2019
Balteni ROXX7188
Baltesti ROXX1230
Balticel Andrei ROXX8073
Baltisoara ROXX8074
Baltoci ROXX8075
Balttata ROXX2950
Balusa ROXX2951
Baluseni ROXX0069
Balusenii Noi ROXX4506
Bananai ROXX2020
Banaresti ROXX2021
Banca ROXX2952
Banceasca ROXX5130
Bancu ROXX9677
Band ROXX0070
Bandoiu ROXX4329
Baneasa ROXX8637
Baneasa ROXX0071
Baneasa ROXX6796
Banesti ROXX0072
Banesti ROXX7189
Banesti ROXX2664
Banesti ROXX8869
Bania ROXX6439
Banicel ROXX4915
Banicesti ROXX2022
Banita ROXX0073
Banita ROXX5131
Baniu ROXX8076
Banpotoc ROXX9110
Bantau ROXX2023
Bara ROXX2953
Barabant ROXX1231
Baraceni ROXX7190
Baraganu ROXX0480
Baraganul ROXX4330
Baragini ROXX2024
Barai ROXX5789
Baranca ROXX4507
Baranesti ROXX2025
Baranu ROXX7613
Baraolt ROXX7028
Barasti ROXX2026
Barasti ROXX5132
Barastii Iliei ROXX9111
Baratca ROXX2665
Baratcos ROXX9678
Barati ROXX2954
Barbalani ROXX2027
Barbalatesti ROXX2028
Barbatesti ROXX2029
Barbesti ROXX1233
Barboasa ROXX2955
Barboi ROXX7614
Barbosi ROXX8638
Barbosi-Cartier ROXX8639
Barbosu ROXX6440
Barbuceanu ROXX7191
Barbuletu ROXX7192
Barbuncesti ROXX5133
Barbura ROXX9114
Barbusa ROXX2030
Barca ROXX7615
Barcaciu ROXX8078
Barcana ROXX2956
Barcanesti ROXX0074
Barcani ROXX7029
Barcea ROXX8640
Barcea Mare ROXX9115
Barcea Mica ROXX9116
Barcea Noua ROXX8641
Barcea Veche ROXX8642
Barcia ROXX9679
Barcut ROXX4916
Bardesti ROXX1234
Bariera Valcii ROXX7616
Barla ROXX2031
Barla ROXX4056
Barlea ROXX5790
Barlesti ROXX1235
Barlesti-Catun ROXX1236
Barlogu ROXX2032
Barloiu ROXX2033
Barnesti ROXX2957
Baroianu ROXX5134
Baroianu Mlacile ROXX5135
Barsa ROXX2666
Barsana ROXX1237
Barsanesti ROXX2958
Barsanesti ROXX4508
Barsau ROXX9117
Barsesti ROXX8080
Barsestii de Jos ROXX2034
Barsestii de Sus ROXX2035
Bartalusi-Razesi ROXX2959
Bartasesti ROXX2960
Bartostana ROXX9680
Baru ROXX9118
Baru Mic ROXX9119
Barz ROXX6441
Barza ROXX8081
Barza ROXX6442
Barza ROXX9120
Barzan ROXX1238
Barzava ROXX9681
Barzava ROXX2667
Barze ROXX3596
Barzeiu ROXX8082
Barzesti ROXX2036
Barzulesti ROXX2961
Basangesti ROXX2037
Basarabasa ROXX9121
Basarabi ROXX7617
Basarabita ROXX9122
Basasti ROXX2962
Basca Chiojdului ROXX5136
Basca Rozilei ROXX5137
Basca-Colti ROXX5138
Basceni ROXX5139
Bascenii de Jos ROXX5140
Bascenii de Sus ROXX5141
Bascou ROXX7618
Bascov ROXX0075
Bascovelu ROXX2038
Baseu ROXX4509
Basnegi ROXX8084
Bastea ROXX9123
Baston ROXX8643
Bata ROXX4057
Bata ROXX2669
Batalar ROXX9124
Batanii Mari ROXX7030
Batanii Mici ROXX7031
Batar ROXX3597
Batiesti ROXX2039
Batin ROXX5791
Batiz ROXX9125
Batogu ROXX4331
Batogu ROXX5142
Batogu Nou ROXX4332
Batrana ROXX9126
Batranesti ROXX4510
Batrani ROXX2040
Batuta ROXX2670
Bautar ROXX6443
Bautaru Inferior ROXX6444
Bautori ROXX7193
Bazavani ROXX8085
Bazdana ROXX7619
Bazesti ROXX1239
Bazga ROXX2963
Bazga de Jos ROXX2964
Bazga de Sus ROXX2965
Bazias ROXX6445
Baznoasa ROXX4511
Bazogani ROXX1240
Beba-Veche ROXX0483
Beceni ROXX5143
Becheni ROXX8086
Bechet ROXX0076
Bechet Nou ROXX7620
Bechetu ROXX7621
Beciu ROXX5144
Beclean ROXX0485
Beclean ROXX4917
Beclenut ROXX4058
Beculesti ROXX2041
Bedeciu ROXX5792
Beghinesti ROXX7194
Begu ROXX5145
Beharca ROXX7622
Beia ROXX4918
Beilic ROXX5146
Beius ROXX0486
Beiusele ROXX3598
Bejan ROXX9127
Bejan-Tarnovita ROXX9128
Belani ROXX7032
Belcea ROXX4512
Belcinu ROXX7623
Belciu ROXX2042
Belciugatele ROXX6241
Belciuneasa ROXX2966
Beldiu ROXX1241
Beleghet ROXX2967
Belejeni ROXX3599
Belesti ROXX9129
Beleti ROXX2043
Belfir ROXX3600
Belin ROXX7033
Belin Vale ROXX7034
Belioara ROXX1242
Belis ROXX5793
Beliu ROXX2671
Belobresca ROXX6446
Belotint ROXX2672
Belotu ROXX7624
Bendesti ROXX1243
Benesti ROXX7625
Benesti ROXX2673
Benesti ROXX2968
Bengestii de Jos ROXX8087
Bengestii de Sus ROXX8089
Benic ROXX1244
Bentid ROXX9683
Bentu ROXX5147
Berbeci ROXX5148
Berbesu ROXX7626
Berbiceni ROXX2969
Berca ROXX9130
Berca ROXX5149
Berceni ROXX9968
Berceni ROXX9131
Berceni ROXX0077
Berceni ROXX8870
Bercesti ROXX8090
Berchiesu ROXX5794
Bercioaia ROXX5151
Berechiu ROXX3601
Bereoni ROXX9132
Beresti ROXX0488
Beresti ROXX8091
Beresti ROXX2970
Beresti-Bistrita ROXX2971
Beresti-Sat ROXX8644
Beresti-Targ ROXX8645
Beresti-Tazlau ROXX2972
Berevoesti ROXX7195
Berevoesti ROXX2044
Berghin ROXX1245
Berindei ROXX2046
Berindesti ROXX2047
Berindesti ROXX2973
Berindia ROXX2674
Berindu ROXX5795
Beriu ROXX9133
Berivoii Mari ROXX4919
Berivoii Mici ROXX4920
Berlesti ROXX8092
Berlesti ROXX4333
Berliste ROXX6447
Bertea ROXX0078
Bertestii de Jos ROXX4334
Berza ROXX4513
Berzasca ROXX6448
Berzovia ROXX0490
Berzunti ROXX2974
Besenova Veche ROXX0491
Beslii ROXX5152
Bestepe ROXX0492
Beta ROXX1246
Betesti ROXX9685
Betfia ROXX3602
Beudiu ROXX4059
Bezdead ROXX7196
Bezdeadu de Jos ROXX7197
Bezdeadu de Sus ROXX7198
Bibesti ROXX8093
Bibiresti ROXX2975
Biborteni ROXX7035
Bibulesti ROXX8094
Bica ROXX5796
Bicacel ROXX3603
Bicaciu ROXX3604
Bicas ROXX5797
Bicasu ROXX4060
Bicaz ROXX0079
Bicaz Chei ROXX0080
Bicazu Ardelean ROXX0081
Bicesti ROXX1247
Bicfalau ROXX7036
Bichigiu ROXX4061
Bicsad ROXX7037
Bicu Mic ROXX9686
Bidigesti ROXX1248
Bidiu ROXX4062
Bigar ROXX6450
Biharea ROXX0082
Biharia ROXX1249
Biia ROXX1250
Bila ROXX8871
Bilanesti ROXX1251
Bilboceni ROXX2976
Bilbor ROXX9687
Bilcesti ROXX2048
Bilciuresti ROXX7199
Biled ROXX0497
Binis ROXX0498
Birca ROXX0499
Birceii ROXX8095
Birchis ROXX2675
Birlad ROXX0500
Birnova ROXX0083
Birsana ROXX0084
Birtin ROXX9134
Birtin ROXX3605
Biruinta ROXX6797
Birza ROXX0503
Biscoria ROXX9135
Bisericani ROXX9688
Bisericani ROXX1252
Bisoca ROXX5153
Bisocuta ROXX2977
Bistra ROXX0504
Bistra ROXX3606
Bistretu ROXX0505
Bistretu Nou ROXX7627
Bistrita ROXX4063
Bita ROXX7038
Biteni ROXX0506
Bivaoani ROXX9136
Bivolari ROXX4514
Blaga ROXX2978
Blagesti ROXX2979
Blahnita de Jos ROXX8096
Blahnita de Sus ROXX8097
Blaj ROXX0507
Blaj-Sat ROXX1253
Blajani ROXX5154
Blajeni ROXX9137
Blajeni-Vulcan ROXX9138
Blajenii de Jos ROXX4065
Blajenii de Sus ROXX4066
Blajerii de Jos ROXX8646
Blajerii de Sus ROXX8647
Blaju ROXX2049
Blandesti ROXX4515
Blandiana ROXX1254
Blandulesti ROXX8098
Blanzi ROXX8648
Blasova ROXX4335
Blehani ROXX8649
Blejani ROXX2050
Blejesti ROXX0508
Blejoiu ROXX0085
Blidaresti ROXX1255
Blidari ROXX7200
Blidari ROXX2980
Blidesti ROXX1256
Boanca ROXX6244
Boanta ROXX2981
Boarca ROXX4336
Boasca ROXX8100
Bobaia ROXX9139
Bobaia ROXX8101
Bobalna ROXX9140
Bobalna ROXX5798
Bobaresti ROXX1257
Bobasa ROXX4067
Bobesti ROXX9969
Boboc ROXX5155
Bobocea ROXX7039
Boboiesti ROXX8102
Boborasti ROXX1258
Bobos ROXX2982
Bobu ROXX8103
Bobulesti ROXX4516
Boc ROXX5799
Boca ROXX8104
Boca ROXX7628
Bocanita ROXX2051
Bocesti ROXX1259
Bochia ROXX2676
Bocicoiu Mare ROXX0086
Bociu ROXX5800
Bocsa ROXX0511
Bocsa Mare ROXX9141
Bocsa Mica ROXX9142
Bocsa Noua ROXX6451
Bocsa Vasioviei ROXX6452
Bocsig ROXX2677
Bod ROXX0512
Bodaesti ROXX7629
Bodeasa ROXX2983
Bodeasa ROXX4517
Bodesti ROXX0087
Bodesti ROXX1260
Bodesti ROXX2678
Bodoc ROXX7040
Bodogaia ROXX9689
Bodos ROXX7041
Bodresti ROXX1261
Bodrog ROXX5801
Bodrogu Nou ROXX2679
Bodrogu Vechi ROXX2680
Bodromiresti ROXX5156
Boeresti ROXX2052
Bogata ROXX2984
Bogata ROXX6245
Bogata de Jos ROXX5802
Bogata de Sus ROXX5803
Bogata Olteana ROXX4921
Bogatesti ROXX2053
Bogati ROXX0514
Bogdan ROXX7631
Bogdan Voda ROXX2985
Bogdana ROXX6246
Bogdanesti ROXX2987
Bogdanesti ROXX1262
Bogdanesti ROXX4518
Bogea ROXX7632
Bogeiu ROXX3607
Boghi ROXX8650
Boghicesti ROXX8105
Boglesti ROXX1263
Bogodinti ROXX6453
Bogoltin ROXX6454
Bogomirea ROXX5804
Bogzeni ROXX5157
Bohari ROXX2054
Bohoghina ROXX4519
Boholt ROXX9143
Boholt ROXX4922
Bohorelu ROXX8106
Boia ROXX8107
Boia-Barzii ROXX9144
Boian ROXX5805
Boian ROXX6455
Boianita ROXX6456
Boisoara ROXX0088
Boistea ROXX2988
Boistea de Jos ROXX2989
Boistea-Galin ROXX2991
Boistea-Razesi ROXX2992
Boita ROXX9145
Boiu ROXX3608
Boiu ROXX9146
Boiu de Jos ROXX9147
Boiu de Sus ROXX9148
Bojdani ROXX9970
Bojenesti ROXX2055
Bojia ROXX6457
Bojinu ROXX8108
Bojoiu ROXX7633
Boju ROXX5806
Boju-Catun ROXX5807
Bolatau ROXX2994
Bolbocesti ROXX8109
Bolbosi ROXX8110
Bolculesti ROXX2056
Boldesti ROXX1264
Boldesti-Scaeni ROXX0089
Boldu ROXX5158
Boldu Nou ROXX5159
Boldut ROXX5808
Boli ROXX9149
Bolintin Deal ROXX8872
Bolintin Vale ROXX8873
Bolintin-Baleanu ROXX8874
Bologa ROXX5809
Bolovanesti ROXX1265
Bolovanesti ROXX2057
Bolovani ROXX8875
Bolovani ROXX7202
Bolovanis ROXX2995
Boltasi ROXX9971
Bolvasnita ROXX6458
Boncesti ROXX1266
Bont ROXX5810
Bontesti ROXX2681
Bontu ROXX5160
Borascu ROXX8111
Borcea ROXX6247
Bordeeni ROXX2058
Bordei ROXX1267
Bordei Verde ROXX4337
Bordeiu ROXX7634
Bordesti-Gaesti ROXX1268
Bordosani Tufele ROXX5161
Bordusani ROXX5162
Borea ROXX9150
Borleanu ROXX2996
Borleasa ROXX4068
Borlesti ROXX2059
Borlesti ROXX1270
Borlova ROXX6459
Borlovenii Noi ROXX6460
Borlovenii Vechi ROXX6461
Borobanesti ROXX2060
Borod ROXX3609
Borolea ROXX4520
Boroslo ROXX9690
Borosneu Mare ROXX7042
Borosneu Mic ROXX7043
Borosoaia ROXX5811
Borosteni ROXX8112
Borovinesti ROXX2061
Borozel ROXX3610
Bors ROXX0090
Borsa ROXX0518
Borsa ROXX5812
Borsa ROXX3611
Borsa-Catun ROXX5813
Borsa-Crestaia ROXX5814
Borsani ROXX2997
Borsec ROXX9691
Borta ROXX1271
Boru ROXX5163
Borugi ROXX6462
Borumlaca ROXX3612
Borz ROXX3613
Borzesti ROXX2998
Borzesti ROXX5815
Borzesti ROXX4521
Borzesti-Razesi ROXX2999
Borzont ROXX9692
Bos ROXX9151
Bosanceni ROXX4522
Boscoteni ROXX4523
Bosia ROXX3001
Bosneag ROXX6463
Bosneagu ROXX6248
Bosorod ROXX9152
Bosoteni ROXX3002
Bostanesti ROXX3003
Bota ROXX3004
Botana ROXX9153
Botani ROXX9154
Botani ROXX1272
Botanu ROXX5164
Botarcani ROXX2062
Botean ROXX3614
Botele ROXX5165
Boteni ROXX5816
Boteni ROXX7203
Boteni ROXX2063
Boteni ROXX9693
Botesti ROXX1273
Botesti ROXX3005
Botesti ROXX2064
Botfei ROXX2682
Botiz ROXX0091
Botorogi ROXX8113
Botos ROXX5817
Botosani ROXX0018
Botosesti-Paia ROXX7635
Bou ROXX4338
Bou de Sus ROXX8114
Boureni ROXX7636
Bouveni ROXX7637
Boz ROXX1274
Boz ROXX9155
Bozes ROXX9156
Boziana ROXX8115
Bozieni ROXX4524
Bozies ROXX4069
Bozioru ROXX5166
Bozovici ROXX6464
Brabeti ROXX7638
Brabeti ROXX2065
Brabova ROXX7639
Braceni ROXX7640
Brad ROXX3006
Brad ROXX0521
Bradatel ROXX9157
Bradatel ROXX7204
Bradeana ROXX1275
Bradeanca ROXX5167
Bradeanu ROXX5168
Bradesti ROXX7641
Bradesti ROXX9694
Bradesti-Batrani ROXX7642
Bradestii de Jos ROXX7643
Bradestii de Sus ROXX7644
Bradet ROXX4923
Bradet ROXX9158
Bradet ROXX3615
Bradetu ROXX2066
Bradetu ROXX8117
Bradetul ROXX4924
Bradiceni ROXX8118
Bradinesti ROXX9159
Bradisoru de Jos ROXX6465
Bradu ROXX0092
Bradu ROXX3007
Bradu de Sus ROXX2067
Bradulet ROXX2068
Bradut ROXX7044
Braesti ROXX0523
Bragadiru ROXX8876
Bragadiru ROXX0524
Bragadiru ROXX9972
Bragareasa ROXX5170
Braia ROXX9160
Braiasa ROXX9161
Braila ROXX0001
Braileni ROXX2069
Braisor ROXX5818
Bralostita ROXX7646
Bran ROXX0093
Brancoveanu ROXX7205
Brandusa ROXX7647
Branesti ROXX8653
Branesti ROXX8119
Branesti ROXX7206
Branesti ROXX9973
Branesti ROXX3008
Branisca ROXX0094
Branistari ROXX8877
Braniste ROXX0527
Branistea ROXX4070
Branistea ROXX7207
Branistea ROXX2070
Branistea ROXX7648
Branistea ROXX0095
Branistea ROXX8878
Branzari ROXX2071
Braseu ROXX9162
Brasov ROXX0002
Bratca ROXX3616
Brateasca ROXX2072
Brateni ROXX4071
Brates ROXX7045
Bratesti ROXX3617
Bratesti ROXX8120
Bratesti ROXX2073
Bratesti ROXX7208
Bratesti ROXX3010
Bratestii de Jos ROXX7209
Bratestii de Sus ROXX7210
Bratesu Nou ROXX4339
Bratesu Vechi ROXX4340
Bratia ROXX2074
Bratila ROXX3011
Bratila de Jos ROXX3012
Bratila de Sus ROXX3013
Bratilesti ROXX5171
Bratisa ROXX9163
Bratova ROXX6466
Bratovesti ROXX7649
Bratuia ROXX8121
Bratulesti ROXX3014
Bratulesti ROXX8655
Bratulesti ROXX9974
Brazesti ROXX1276
Brazi ROXX9164
Brazii ROXX9695
Brazii de Sus ROXX0096
Braznic ROXX9165
Breasta ROXX0097
Breaza ROXX4925
Breaza ROXX0098
Breaza ROXX4072
Breaza ROXX5172
Breazova ROXX9166
Brebeanca ROXX5173
Brebenei ROXX8122
Brebenesti ROXX2075
Brebeni ROXX6798
Brebeni ROXX0099
Brebu ROXX7211
Brebu ROXX5174
Brebu ROXX6467
Brebu Minastirei ROXX0100
Brebu Nou ROXX6468
Brehuesti ROXX4525
Brestelnic ROXX6469
Bretcu ROXX7046
Bretea ROXX4073
Bretea Muresana ROXX9168
Bretea Romana ROXX9169
Bretea Streiului ROXX9170
Bretelin ROXX9171
Breteni ROXX9172
Breznita Ocol ROXX0101
Brezoaia ROXX8879
Brezoaia Crucesu ROXX8880
Brezoaiele ROXX7212
Brezoi ROXX0537
Brezon ROXX6470
Bricesti ROXX1277
Briheni ROXX3618
Brincoveni ROXX0102
Broasca ROXX5175
Broscauti ROXX4526
Brosteni ROXX0103
Brosteni ROXX1278
Brosteni ROXX6471
Brosteni ROXX2076
Brosteni ROXX8123
Brosteni ROXX4527
Brosteni ROXX7213
Brosteni Deal ROXX7214
Brostenii de Sus ROXX8124
Brotuna ROXX9173
Brusturasu ROXX5176
Brusturei ROXX1279
Brusturi ROXX3619
Brusturoasa ROXX3015
Bruznic ROXX2684
Bucea ROXX5819
Buceava-Soimus ROXX2685
Bucecea ROXX4528
Bucecea-Sat ROXX4529
Bucecea-Targ ROXX4530
Bucerdea-Vinoasa ROXX1281
Buces ROXX9174
Buces-Vulcan ROXX1282
Bucesti ROXX8656
Bucharest ROXX0003
Buchila ROXX3016
Buchin ROXX6472
Bucicani ROXX7650
Bucin ROXX9696
Bucium ROXX3620
Bucium ROXX4926
Bucium ROXX9175
Bucium ROXX1283
Bucium-Orlea ROXX9176
Bucium-Sat ROXX1284
Buciumeni ROXX8657
Buciumeni ROXX8881
Buciumeni ROXX9975
Buciumeni ROXX7215
Buciumi-Precista ROXX3018
Bucosnita ROXX0104
Bucov ROXX0105
Bucov ROXX2077
Bucova ROXX6473
Bucovat ROXX7651
Bucoveni ROXX9976
Bucovenii ROXX9977
Bucovicioara ROXX7652
Bucovina ROXX4531
Bucovineni ROXX4532
Bucsa ROXX3019
Bucsana ROXX8125
Bucsani ROXX8882
Bucsani ROXX7216
Bucsanii de Jos ROXX8883
Bucsanii de Sus ROXX8884
Bucsenesti ROXX2078
Bucsesti ROXX3020
Bucsitura ROXX1285
Bucura ROXX1286
Bucureasa ROXX8126
Bucuresci ROXX9177
Bucuresti ROXX4881
Bucurestii Noi ROXX4882
Bucuroaia ROXX7217
Bucuroaia ROXX3621
Buda ROXX3021
Buda ROXX4533
Buda ROXX5177
Buda ROXX9978
Buda-Craciunesti ROXX5178
Budaca ROXX3022
Budacu de Jos ROXX4074
Budacu de Sus ROXX4075
Budaiesti ROXX1287
Budeasa ROXX2080
Budeasa Mare ROXX2081
Budeasa Mica ROXX0106
Budeni ROXX1288
Budeni ROXX8885
Budesti ROXX3023
Budesti ROXX5179
Budesti ROXX4076
Budesti ROXX2686
Budesti ROXX6249
Budesti ROXX1289
Budesti ROXX0107
Budesti-Fanate ROXX4077
Budestii-Buhusi ROXX3024
Budieni ROXX8127
Budila ROXX4927
Budisteni ROXX5180
Budisteni ROXX2082
Budoi ROXX3622
Budoi-Colonie ROXX3623
Budrea ROXX5181
Buduhala ROXX8128
Buduile ROXX5182
Buduleasa ROXX9979
Budureasa ROXX3624
Budurleni ROXX4078
Budurleni-Case ROXX4079
Budus ROXX4080
Buduslau ROXX3625
Buftea ROXX0108
Bugeac ROXX6799
Bughea de Jos ROXX2083
Bughea de Sus ROXX2084
Bughenii-Miluiti ROXX5183
Buhaceni ROXX4534
Buhani ROXX2687
Buhocel ROXX3025
Buhoci ROXX0109
Buhusi ROXX3026
Buimaceni ROXX4535
Buituri ROXX9178
Bujac ROXX2688
Bujoiu ROXX2085
Bujor ROXX8658
Bujor-Sat ROXX8659
Bujoreanca ROXX7218
Bujoreni ROXX2086
Bujoreni ROXX0110
Bujoru ROXX9179
Bujoru ROXX7653
Bulbuc ROXX1290
Bulbucata ROXX8886
Bulbuceni ROXX8130
Bulci ROXX2689
Buleni ROXX3027
Bulgareni ROXX9697
Bulgaru ROXX9980
Buliga ROXX6250
Bulz ROXX5820
Bulzani ROXX9180
Bulzesti ROXX7654
Bulzesti ROXX9181
Bulzesti de Jos ROXX9182
Bulzi ROXX1291
Bulzu ROXX9183
Bumbesti ROXX8131
Bumbesti-Galbenu ROXX8132
Bumbesti-Jiu ROXX0548
Bumbueni ROXX2087
Bumbuia ROXX7219
Buneni ROXX4536
Bunesti ROXX5821
Bunesti ROXX0111
Bunesti ROXX9184
Bungetu ROXX7220
Bunguri ROXX4082
Bunila ROXX9185
Buninginea ROXX1292
Bunta ROXX1293
Buntesti ROXX3626
Burda ROXX3627
Burdea ROXX2089
Burdesti ROXX2090
Burduca ROXX7221
Burdusaci ROXX3028
Burdusani ROXX7222
Burias ROXX9981
Burjuc ROXX9186
Burla ROXX4537
Burlanesti ROXX7223
Burlani ROXX8133
Burlesti ROXX4538
Burlug ROXX3029
Burlusi ROXX2091
Bursuc ROXX5822
Bursucani ROXX8660
Burtesti ROXX2092
Burtuca ROXX9187
Buru ROXX5823
Buruenis ROXX3030
Buruenis de Sus ROXX3031
Burzesti ROXX1294
Burzonesti ROXX1295
Burzuc ROXX3628
Busaga ROXX2093
Bustea ROXX5184
Busteni ROXX0112
Busteni ROXX7655
Bustuchin ROXX8134
Busu ROXX7656
Busuiocenii-Vale ROXX4540
Busuioci ROXX8135
Busuletu ROXX7657
Buta ROXX2094
Butani ROXX3629
Buteni ROXX2690
Buteni ROXX5824
Butesti ROXX1296
Butimanu ROXX7224
Butimanu Mic ROXX7225
Butoiu de Jos ROXX7227
Butoiu de Sus ROXX7228
Butucari ROXX3032
Butura ROXX1297
Buturugari ROXX8887
Buturugeni ROXX8888
Buturugeni-Uzunu ROXX6251
Buza ROXX5825
Buza Turcului ROXX6474
Buza-Catun ROXX5826
Buzau ROXX0004
Buzduc ROXX7658
Buzeni ROXX4541
Buzescu ROXX0552
Buzesti ROXX8136
Buzias ROXX0553
Buzoel ROXX4929
Buzoeni ROXX6252
Buzoesti ROXX2095
Buzoianu ROXX7229
C.A. Rosetti ROXX5185
Cabausesti ROXX1298
Cabesti ROXX9188
Cabesti ROXX3033
Cabesti ROXX3630
Cacaleti ROXX2096
Caceamac ROXX6800
Caciulatesti ROXX7659
Caciulati ROXX9982
Caciulati ROXX6801
Caciulatu ROXX7660
Cacova Ierii ROXX5827
Cacuciu Nou ROXX3631
Cacuciu Vechi ROXX3632
Cadaci ROXX9698
Cadaciu Mare ROXX9699
Cadaciu Mic ROXX9700
Cadaresti ROXX3034
Cadea ROXX3633
Cadiseni ROXX9701
Caianu ROXX5828
Caianu Mare ROXX4083
Caianu Mic ROXX5829
Caianu Mic ROXX4084
Caianu Vama ROXX5830
Caicaliu ROXX0554
Caila ROXX4085
Cainele ROXX9189
Cainelu de Jos ROXX9190
Cainelu de Sus ROXX9191
Caineni ROXX4341
Caineni ROXX8137
Caineni Bai ROXX4342
Cainenii Noi ROXX4343
Cainenii Vechi ROXX4344
Caiuti ROXX3035
Caiuti-Sat ROXX3036
Calacea ROXX3634
Calafat ROXX0042
Calamaresti ROXX9192
Calan ROXX9193
Calanu Mic ROXX9194
Calaparu de Jos ROXX8138
Calaparu de Sus ROXX8139
Calapodesti ROXX3037
Calarasi ROXX5831
Calarasi ROXX4542
Calarasi ROXX0032
Calarasi ROXX7661
Calarasi-Gara ROXX5832
Calarasii Vechi ROXX6253
Calareti ROXX6254
Calata ROXX5833
Calata Mare ROXX5834
Calatani ROXX3635
Calatea ROXX3636
Calatele ROXX0557
Calbor ROXX4930
Calcaiu ROXX3038
Calcesti ROXX8140
Caldararu ROXX4883
Caldararu ROXX2097
Caldarasti ROXX5186
Caldarusa ROXX5187
Caldarusa ROXX4345
Caldarusanca ROXX5188
Caldarusani ROXX9983
Calea Chiojdului ROXX5189
Calea Lata ROXX5835
Calea Mare ROXX3637
Calene ROXX1299
Calesti ROXX8141
Caligi ROXX2098
Calimanel ROXX9702
Calimanesti ROXX0113
Calina ROXX6475
Calinesti ROXX3039
Calinesti ROXX4543
Calinesti ROXX2099
Calini ROXX3040
Calmatui ROXX8661
Calna ROXX5836
Calnaci ROXX9703
Calnau de Jos ROXX6255
Calnau de Sus ROXX6256
Calnic ROXX7047
Calnic ROXX1300
Calnic ROXX6476
Calnicu ROXX8142
Calnicu de Sus ROXX8143
Caloparu ROXX7662
Calotesti ROXX2100
Caltesti ROXX5190
Caltuna ROXX9984
Calugareasa ROXX8144
Calugarei ROXX7663
Calugareni ROXX6802
Calugareni ROXX8145
Calugareni ROXX2691
Calugareni ROXX8889
Calugareni ROXX0559
Calugareni ROXX9704
Calugareni ROXX3041
Calugareni ROXX7230
Calugareni ROXX4544
Calugarenii Noi ROXX4545
Calugaresti ROXX1301
Calugari ROXX5192
Calugaritele ROXX5193
Calugaru ROXX7231
Calvini ROXX5194
Camanca ROXX3042
Camarasu ROXX8890
Camburu ROXX5195
Camenita ROXX6477
Camineasca ROXX8891
Camna ROXX6478
Camna ROXX2692
Camp ROXX3638
Camp ROXX4086
Campani ROXX3639
Campenesti ROXX1302
Campeni ROXX7664
Campeni ROXX4546
Campeni ROXX3043
Campeni ROXX5196
Campia ROXX6479
Campia Turzii ROXX5837
Campina ROXX0005
Campofeni ROXX8146
Campu Crucii ROXX7665
Campu Gobii ROXX1304
Campu lui Neag ROXX9196
Campu Mare ROXX8147
Campu Motii ROXX3641
Campulung ROXX2101
Campulungeanca ROXX5197
Campurelu ROXX8892
Campuri de Sus ROXX9197
Campuri-Surduc ROXX9198
Camuiesti ROXX8148
Canalu ROXX7666
Candeasca ROXX6257
Candesti ROXX1305
Candesti ROXX5198
Candesti ROXX4547
Candesti ROXX2102
Candesti Deal ROXX7232
Candesti Vale ROXX7233
Candesti-Radauti ROXX4548
Candestii de Jos ROXX5199
Candresti ROXX1306
Canela ROXX9985
Canepesti ROXX8149
Canesti ROXX5200
Canicea ROXX6480
Canlia ROXX6803
Cantacuzu ROXX2103
Cantonu-Garii ROXX5838
Caoiu ROXX9199
Capalna ROXX1307
Capalna de Jos ROXX1308
Capalnas ROXX2693
Capalnita ROXX9705
Capata ROXX3044
Capatanesti ROXX5201
Capatina ROXX3045
Capeni ROXX4931
Capidava ROXX6804
Capilnas ROXX0561
Capistere ROXX7667
Capiteni ROXX8150
Caplaresti ROXX9200
Caporal Alexa ROXX2694
Capotesti ROXX3046
Capraresti ROXX9201
Capreni ROXX8151
Caprenii de Sus ROXX8152
Caprioara ROXX2695
Caprioara ROXX5839
Caprioru ROXX7234
Capruta ROXX2696
Capsuna ROXX7235
Captalan ROXX1309
Captalani ROXX3047
Capu Coastei ROXX7236
Capu Corbului ROXX9706
Capu Dealului ROXX4087
Capu Dealului ROXX8153
Capu Dealului ROXX1310
Capu Piscului ROXX2106
Capu Satului ROXX5202
Capud ROXX1311
Capul Plaiului ROXX7237
Capusu Mare ROXX5840
Capusu Mic ROXX5841
Cara ROXX5842
Caracal ROXX0562
Caracal ROXX2107
Caraciu ROXX9202
Caraclau ROXX3048
Caragelele ROXX5203
Caraiman ROXX7668
Caraiman ROXX4549
Carand ROXX2697
Carandeni ROXX3643
Caransebes ROXX0026
Caransebesu Nou ROXX6481
Caranzel ROXX3644
Carapancea ROXX8893
Carapcesti ROXX8662
Carasa ROXX4550
Carasau ROXX3645
Carasova ROXX6482
Carastau ROXX9203
Carasti ROXX1312
Caratnau de Jos ROXX5204
Caratnau de Sus ROXX5205
Caraula ROXX7669
Carbesti ROXX8154
Carbunari ROXX0564
Carbunesti-Sat ROXX8155
Carcea ROXX7670
Carcesti ROXX2108
Carciu ROXX8156
Carciumaresti ROXX2109
Carei ROXX0565
Carlanesti ROXX7238
Carligei ROXX7671
Carligei ROXX8157
Carligi ROXX3049
Carligu Mare ROXX5206
Carligu Mic ROXX5207
Carlomanesti ROXX5208
Carlomanesti ROXX8663
Carlovoaia ROXX5209
Carmazinesti ROXX9204
Carnecea ROXX6483
Carnesti ROXX9205
Carpen ROXX1313
Carpen ROXX7672
Carpenii de Sus ROXX1314
Carpenis ROXX2110
Carpenisu ROXX8894
Carpinenii ROXX7048
Carpinet ROXX3646
Carpinis ROXX6805
Carpinis ROXX1315
Carpinis ROXX4932
Carpinis-Sat ROXX1316
Carpinistea ROXX5210
Carpinisu ROXX8158
Carpitus ROXX9708
Carsa Rosie ROXX6484
Carstieni ROXX2111
Carstovani ROXX7673
Carta ROXX9709
Cartianu ROXX4884
Cartieru Viilor ROXX6485
Cartierul Baston ROXX8665
Cartiu ROXX8159
Cartulesti ROXX1317
Caruia ROXX7674
Carvan ROXX6806
Carvanu Mare ROXX6807
Casa de Piatra ROXX1318
Cascioarele ROXX8895
Cascioarele ROXX6258
Cascioarele ROXX6808
Caseiu ROXX5843
Casele Baicalata ROXX5844
Casele Micesti ROXX5845
Casesti ROXX1319
Casian ROXX6809
Casicea ROXX6810
Casicea-Gara ROXX6811
Casimcea ROXX0566
Casin ROXX3050
Casinu Mic ROXX7049
Casinu Nou ROXX9710
Casoaia ROXX1320
Casoasa ROXX3051
Casoca ROXX5211
Casota ROXX5212
Castau ROXX9206
Castelu ROXX6812
Castra-Nova ROXX7675
Castrele Traiane ROXX7676
Cata ROXX4933
Catalina ROXX5846
Catalina ROXX7050
Catamaresti ROXX4551
Catamaresti-Deal ROXX4552
Catane ROXX2112
Catane ROXX7677
Catanele ROXX9986
Catanele ROXX2113
Catanele ROXX7239
Catanele Noi ROXX7678
Catcau ROXX5847
Cateasca ROXX2114
Catelu ROXX4885
Catiasu ROXX5213
Catiasu-Plescari ROXX5214
Catichea ROXX9987
Catina ROXX0567
Catina ROXX5215
Catulesti ROXX2115
Catunas ROXX2116
Catunele ROXX8160
Catunu ROXX5216
Catunu ROXX7240
Catunu din Camp ROXX2117
Catunu-Sesuri ROXX3052
Cauaceu ROXX3647
Cauasd ROXX3648
Cauesti ROXX8666
Cauia ROXX3053
Cauia de Sus ROXX3054
Cavadinesti ROXX8667
Cavgagi ROXX6813
Cavnic ROXX0114
Cazaci ROXX7241
Cazanesti ROXX9207
Cazanesti ROXX3055
Cazasu ROXX4346
Ceaba ROXX5848
Ceacu ROXX6259
Ceahlau ROXX0115
Ceahlau Toaca ROXX0021
Ceairu ROXX5217
Ceanu Mare ROXX5849
Ceanu Mic ROXX5850
Ceatalchioi ROXX0116
Ceatmalar ROXX6814
Ceauresti ROXX2118
Ceauru ROXX8161
Ceausesti ROXX2119
Ceausu ROXX5218
Cechesti ROXX9711
Cefa ROXX3649
Cehetel ROXX9712
Cehu-Silvaniei ROXX0572
Ceica ROXX3650
Ceisoara ROXX3651
Celaru ROXX0573
Celei ROXX8162
Cenade ROXX1321
Cenalos ROXX3652
Cepari ROXX2120
Cepari Pamanteni ROXX2121
Cepari Ungureni ROXX2122
Ceplea ROXX8163
Cepturasu ROXX5219
Ceratu ROXX7679
Cerbal ROXX9208
Cerbesti ROXX5851
Cerbia ROXX9209
Cerboaia ROXX9210
Cerbu ROXX4553
Cerbu ROXX1322
Cerbu ROXX2123
Cerbureni ROXX2124
Cerc ROXX5852
Cercelesti ROXX5853
Cerchejeni ROXX4554
Cerchezu ROXX6815
Cergau Mare ROXX1323
Cergau Mic ROXX1324
Cerisor ROXX9211
Cermei ROXX0574
Cerna ROXX6486
Cerna ROXX0575
Cerna ROXX9212
Cerna-Sat ROXX8166
Cernadia ROXX8167
Cernahora ROXX3653
Cernaia ROXX0576
Cernat ROXX7051
Cernat ROXX7680
Cernatesti ROXX7681
Cernatu ROXX4934
Cernatu de Sus ROXX7052
Cernavoda ROXX0577
Cernele ROXX7682
Cernelele de Sus ROXX7683
Cernesti ROXX4555
Cernica ROXX0117
Cernicari ROXX8668
Cernita ROXX1325
Cernu ROXX3057
Cersani ROXX2125
Certege ROXX1326
Certeju de Jos ROXX9214
Certeju de Sus ROXX0118
Certesti ROXX8669
Ceru-Bacainti ROXX1327
Cervicesti ROXX4556
Cervicesti-Deal ROXX4557
Cesariu ROXX5854
Cetan ROXX5855
Cetariu ROXX0119
Cetate ROXX0581
Cetate ROXX4886
Cetatea ROXX8168
Cetatea ROXX6816
Cetatea ROXX8896
Cetatea De Balta ROXX0582
Cetatea Veche ROXX6261
Cetateni ROXX2126
Cetateni Vale ROXX2127
Cetatuia ROXX7242
Cetatuia ROXX7685
Cetatuia ROXX8897
Cetatuia ROXX3058
Cetatuia ROXX9713
Cetea ROXX3654
Cetea ROXX1328
Chedia Mare ROXX9714
Chedia Mica ROXX9715
Cheia ROXX5221
Cheia ROXX5856
Cheia ROXX6817
Cheia ROXX4935
Cheile Cibului ROXX1329
Cheile Rasnoavei ROXX4936
Cheletin ROXX1330
Chelis ROXX4558
Chelmac ROXX2698
Chepet ROXX4937
Cherechiu ROXX3655
Cherelus ROXX2699
Cheresig ROXX3656
Cherghes ROXX9215
Cheriu ROXX3657
Cherpenet ROXX3658
Chesa ROXX3659
Chesau ROXX5857
Chesereu ROXX3660
Chesint ROXX2700
Chesnoiu ROXX7053
Chet ROXX3661
Chetiu ROXX4089
Chetreni ROXX3059
Chetris ROXX3060
Chetrosu ROXX3061
Chiajna ROXX0120
Chiasu ROXX7686
Chicera ROXX3062
Chichirau ROXX7054
Chichis ROXX7055
Chicioara ROXX8169
Chidea ROXX5858
Chier ROXX2701
Chigic ROXX3662
Chileni ROXX9716
Chilia Benei ROXX3063
Chilieni ROXX7056
Chilii ROXX2128
Chiliile ROXX5222
Chiliile de Jos ROXX3064
Chiliile de Sus ROXX3065
Chilimenti ROXX2129
Chiliu ROXX8170
Chimindia ROXX9216
Chintelnic ROXX4090
Chinteni ROXX0121
Chinusu ROXX9717
Chioag ROXX3663
Chiochis ROXX4091
Chioibasesti ROXX4347
Chiojdu ROXX5223
Chiorasti ROXX2130
Chioveanu ROXX4348
Chiperu ROXX5224
Chirales ROXX4092
Chiraleu ROXX3664
Chirani ROXX5225
Chirca ROXX7243
Chirculesti ROXX8898
Chircuta ROXX6262
Chiriac ROXX0585
Chiriacu ROXX8899
Chiribis ROXX3665
Chiricel ROXX3066
Chiris ROXX5859
Chiritesti ROXX2131
Chiritesti ROXX8900
Chirlesti ROXX5226
Chirnogeni ROXX6818
Chirnogi ROXX6263
Chirui ROXX9718
Chiscadaga ROXX9217
Chiscani ROXX4349
Chiscareni ROXX4559
Chiscau ROXX3666
Chiscovata ROXX4560
Chiselet ROXX6264
Chiseta ROXX3067
Chisindia ROXX2702
Chisineu-Cris ROXX0586
Chisirid ROXX3667
Chislaca ROXX2703
Chislaz ROXX3668
Chistag ROXX3669
Chita ROXX8901
Chitani ROXX2132
Chitesti ROXX2133
Chiticeni ROXX3068
Chitid ROXX9218
Chitila ROXX0122
Chitoveni ROXX4561
Chiuesti ROXX5860
Chiughiu ROXX3670
Chiurus ROXX7057
Chiuza ROXX4093
Ciala ROXX2704
Ciangai ROXX9719
Ciaracio ROXX9720
Cib ROXX1331
Cica ROXX9721
Cicarda ROXX1332
Cicau ROXX1333
Ciceu ROXX9722
Ciceu-Corabia ROXX4094
Ciceu-Giurgesti ROXX4095
Ciceu-Mihaiesti ROXX4096
Ciceu-Poeni ROXX4097
Cicir ROXX2705
Cicleni ROXX6487
Ciclova-Montana ROXX6488
Ciclova-Romana ROXX6489
Ciesti ROXX2134
Cigmau ROXX9219
Cihanos ROXX9723
Ciheiu ROXX3671
Cil ROXX2706
Cilibia ROXX5227
Cilibiu ROXX8171
Cimpa ROXX9220
Cimpeni ROXX0588
Cimpia-Turzil ROXX0589
Cimpulung ROXX0590
Cincis ROXX9221
Cincsor ROXX4938
Cincu ROXX4939
Cinghine ROXX4562
Cinod ROXX9724
Cintei ROXX2707
Cioara ROXX0591
Cioara de Sus ROXX1334
Ciobanesti ROXX2135
Ciobani ROXX2136
Ciobanis ROXX9725
Ciobanita ROXX6819
Ciobanoaia ROXX5228
Ciobanu ROXX6820
Ciobanus ROXX3069
Ciobotarasti ROXX8670
Ciobotea ROXX2137
Cioc ROXX9989
Ciocadia ROXX8173
Ciocaia ROXX3672
Ciocanai ROXX2138
Ciocanari ROXX9990
Ciocanele ROXX7687
Ciocanesti ROXX5229
Ciocanesti ROXX0592
Ciocanesti ROXX7688
Ciocanesti ROXX2139
Ciocani ROXX3070
Ciocanu ROXX2140
Ciocarlia ROXX5230
Ciocarlia de Sus ROXX6822
Ciocarlia-Gara ROXX6823
Ciocasu ROXX1335
Ciocesti ROXX2141
Ciocile ROXX4350
Cioclovina ROXX9222
Ciocoveni ROXX8902
Cioflec ROXX7245
Ciofliceni ROXX9991
Ciofringeni ROXX0123
Cioinagi ROXX8671
Ciolcesti ROXX7246
Ciolpani ROXX3071
Ciolpani ROXX9992
Ciomagesti ROXX2142
Cionesti ROXX1336
Ciontesti ROXX8174
Cionti ROXX8175
Ciopea ROXX9223
Cioperci ROXX3072
Cioranca ROXX5231
Ciorani ROXX0595
Ciorari ROXX8176
Ciorasti ROXX8177
Ciorasti ROXX8672
Cioreni Vale ROXX4563
Ciornei-Deal ROXX4564
Ciornei-Vale ROXX4565
Ciorobesti ROXX7689
Cioroeni ROXX7690
Ciorogarla ROXX0596
Cioroiasu ROXX7691
Cioroiasu Nou ROXX7692
Cioroiu Nou ROXX7693
Cioromela ROXX7694
Ciortea ROXX3073
Cioruselu ROXX6265
Ciosa ROXX4098
Ciovei ROXX8178
Cireasi ROXX4099
Ciresa ROXX6491
Cireseni ROXX9726
Ciresoaia ROXX3074
Ciresoaia ROXX4100
Ciresu ROXX6492
Ciresu ROXX4351
Ciresu ROXX2143
Ciresu ROXX5232
Ciritei ROXX4566
Cirjiti ROXX0125
Cirligele ROXX0126
Cirsie ROXX6493
Cislau ROXX5233
Cismanesti ROXX4567
Cismea ROXX2144
Cismea ROXX4568
Cismele ROXX8673
Cisnadie ROXX0127
Cisteiu ROXX1337
Cisteiu de Mures ROXX1338
Ciucani ROXX9727
Ciucea ROXX5861
Ciuchici ROXX6494
Ciuciurile ROXX5234
Ciucsangeorgiu ROXX9728
Ciuculesti ROXX1339
Ciucuresti ROXX8179
Ciudanovita ROXX6495
Ciughes ROXX3075
Ciugud ROXX1340
Ciugudu de Jos ROXX1341
Ciugudu de Sus ROXX1342
Ciuguzel ROXX1343
Ciuhoiu ROXX3673
Ciuhoiu ROXX5235
Ciula Mare ROXX9224
Ciula Mica ROXX9225
Ciulava ROXX8180
Ciuldesti ROXX1344
Ciuleni ROXX5862
Ciuleni ROXX9226
Ciulesti ROXX3674
Ciulnita ROXX4352
Ciulnita ROXX2145
Ciulnita ROXX0128
Ciulpaz ROXX9227
Ciumafaia ROXX5863
Ciumani ROXX0129
Ciumasi ROXX3076
Ciumbrud ROXX1345
Ciumeghiu ROXX0603
Ciumernic ROXX7058
Ciumita ROXX9228
Ciunei ROXX7695
Ciungani ROXX9229
Ciungi ROXX9230
Ciungu Mare ROXX9231
Ciuntesti ROXX3675
Ciupagea ROXX8903
Ciuperceni ROXX8181
Ciupercenii Noi ROXX0130
Ciupuria ROXX7697
Ciurari ROXX7247
Ciurari ROXX9993
Ciurari ROXX8904
Ciurea ROXX0131
Ciurel ROXX4887
Ciuresti ROXX8674
Ciuresti ROXX2147
Ciurestii Noi ROXX8675
Ciurgau ROXX5864
Ciuri ROXX8184
Ciurila ROXX9232
Ciurila ROXX0132
Ciuruleasa ROXX1346
Ciuta ROXX6496
Ciuta ROXX5236
Ciutac ROXX9729
Ciutaci ROXX9994
Ciutelec ROXX3676
Ciutesti ROXX2148
Ciutura ROXX7698
Ciuturesti ROXX3077
Cladova ROXX2708
Clatesti ROXX6266
Cleanovu ROXX7699
Cleja ROXX0133
Clejani ROXX0608
Clesnesti ROXX8185
Climesti ROXX3078
Clinceanca ROXX9995
Clinceni ROXX9996
Clinciu ROXX5237
Clinciu ROXX6267
Clisoasa ROXX1347
Clit ROXX2709
Clocotici ROXX6497
Clondiru ROXX5238
Clondiru de Jos ROXX5239
Clondiru de Sus ROXX5240
Clopotiva ROXX9233
Closani ROXX8186
Closca ROXX6824
Closca ROXX9997
Closcaru ROXX7248
Clucereasa ROXX2149
Cluj-Napoca ROXX0022
Coace ROXX6268
Coada Izvorului ROXX7250
Coaja ROXX9234
Coasta ROXX4101
Coasta ROXX5865
Coasta Cucuteni ROXX4569
Coasta Hentii ROXX1348
Coasta Lesului ROXX1349
Coasta Lupei ROXX8676
Coasta Podului ROXX6498
Coasta Vascului ROXX1351
Coastea ROXX3677
Cobadin ROXX0610
Cobala ROXX4570
Cobatesti ROXX9730
Cobiuta ROXX7251
Cobles ROXX1352
Cobor ROXX4940
Coborasu ROXX7252
Coca Antimiresti ROXX5241
Coca Seaca ROXX5242
Cocani ROXX7253
Cocarasti ROXX8677
Cocarceni ROXX5243
Cocargeaua ROXX0611
Cocargeaua Noua ROXX6269
Cocenesti ROXX2150
Cocesti ROXX1353
Cochinesti ROXX2151
Cochirleanca ROXX5244
Cochirleni ROXX6825
Cocina ROXX7700
Cociobesti ROXX5245
Cocioc ROXX9998
Cociu ROXX4102
Cociu ROXX3079
Cociuba ROXX2710
Cociuba Mare ROXX3678
Cociuba Mica ROXX3679
Coconari ROXX5246
Coconi ROXX6270
Cocora ROXX0612
Cocorastii-Misli ROXX0134
Cocoreni ROXX8188
Cocorova ROXX8189
Cocosesti ROXX1354
Cocosesti ROXX5247
Cocu ROXX0135
Codaesti ROXX0615
Codlea ROXX0136
Codor ROXX5866
Codreanu ROXX3080
Codreni ROXX6271
Codreni ROXX4571
Codrisoru ROXX3680
Codru ROXX3681
Codru ROXX9235
Cogealac ROXX0617
Cogealia Gara ROXX6826
Cohani ROXX3682
Cojani ROXX8190
Cojanu ROXX5248
Cojasca ROXX7254
Cojesti ROXX6272
Cojmanesti ROXX8191
Cojocani ROXX1355
Cojocaru ROXX4353
Cojocaru ROXX7255
Cojocna ROXX0618
Cojoiu ROXX7256
Colacu ROXX7257
Colanu ROXX7258
Coldau ROXX4103
Coldau-Vale ROXX4104
Colelia ROXX6827
Colentina ROXX4888
Coleseni ROXX1356
Colesti ROXX3683
Colibasi ROXX0137
Colibasi ROXX2152
Colibasi ROXX8192
Colibasi ROXX5249
Colibasi ROXX7259
Colibi ROXX1357
Colibita ROXX4105
Colnic ROXX2153
Colonda ROXX9731
Colonesti ROXX3081
Colonia ROXX5867
Colonia Bercuta ROXX7059
Colonia Bod ROXX4941
Colonia Covasna ROXX7060
Colonia Fagaras ROXX0699
Colonia Noua ROXX2711
Coltan ROXX6499
Coltaneni ROXX5250
Coltea ROXX4354
Colteni ROXX5251
Coltesti ROXX8193
Coltesti ROXX5868
Colti ROXX5253
Coltii de Jos ROXX5254
Coltii de Sus ROXX5255
Coltu ROXX2154
Coltu Pietrii ROXX5256
Coman ROXX3082
Comana ROXX6828
Comana ROXX0138
Comana de Jos ROXX4945
Comana de Sus ROXX4946
Comandau ROXX7062
Comaneasca ROXX4355
Comanesti ROXX8678
Comanesti ROXX0621
Comanesti ROXX8194
Comanesti ROXX4572
Comanesti ROXX2712
Comanicea ROXX7701
Comarna ROXX0622
Comarnic ROXX0139
Comarnici ROXX5257
Comasca ROXX8907
Comiat ROXX9733
Comisani ROXX7260
Comlaus ROXX2713
Comlod ROXX4106
Comlosu Mare ROXX0140
Comolau ROXX7063
Comoriste ROXX6500
Comosteni ROXX7702
Comsesti ROXX5869
Conacu ROXX6829
Concesti ROXX4573
Condeesti ROXX8195
Condrache ROXX3083
Condrea ROXX8679
Conop ROXX2714
Constanta ROXX0034
Constantinesti ROXX4357
Contesti ROXX3084
Contesti ROXX2155
Contesti ROXX7261
Contestii de Jos ROXX2156
Continitu ROXX5870
Copacel ROXX4947
Copacel ROXX3684
Copacele ROXX0141
Copaceni ROXX2157
Copaceni ROXX5871
Copaceni ROXX3685
Copaceni ROXX8196
Copacenii de Jos ROXX8910
Copaci ROXX9237
Copacioasa ROXX8197
Copaciu ROXX8911
Copalau ROXX0142
Coplean ROXX5872
Copru ROXX5873
Copsa-Mica ROXX0628
Corabia ROXX0629
Corbabu ROXX7703
Corbasca ROXX3085
Corbasca Noua ROXX3086
Corbeanca ROXX0143
Corbeanca ROXX8912
Corbeni ROXX4358
Corbeni ROXX2158
Corbesti ROXX2715
Corbesti ROXX3686
Corbi ROXX4948
Corbi ROXX2159
Corbii Mari ROXX7262
Corboaia ROXX3687
Corbsori ROXX2160
Corbu ROXX5258
Corbu ROXX0144
Corbu ROXX3087
Corbu ROXX9734
Corbu de Sus ROXX6830
Corbu Nou ROXX4359
Corbu Vechi ROXX4360
Corcanu ROXX4361
Corcioveni ROXX8680
Corcoianu ROXX5259
Cordareni ROXX4574
Cordarenii Noi ROXX4575
Cordau ROXX3688
Cordun ROXX4576
Coresti ROXX9238
Corhana ROXX3088
Corinesti ROXX9239
Corjauti ROXX4577
Corlata ROXX7064
Corlatele ROXX7704
Corlateni ROXX4578
Cormaia ROXX4107
Cormos ROXX9735
Corn ROXX3689
Corna ROXX1358
Cornatel ROXX3089
Cornatel ROXX2161
Cornatelu ROXX7263
Cornatelu ROXX3090
Cornea ROXX0632
Corneanu ROXX5260
Corneni ROXX5874
Cornereva ROXX6502
Cornesti ROXX5875
Cornesti ROXX3091
Cornesti ROXX7264
Cornesti ROXX1359
Cornesti ROXX8198
Cornesti ROXX4579
Cornet ROXX3092
Cornetelu ROXX3093
Cornetu ROXX7705
Cornetu ROXX8199
Cornetu ROXX5261
Cornetu ROXX9999
Corni ROXX7265
Corni ROXX0145
Corni ROXX8681
Corni ROXX3094
Cornii de Jos ROXX3095
Cornii de Sus ROXX3096
Cornisani ROXX8200
Cornisesti ROXX3690
Cornisoru ROXX6503
Cornita ROXX7706
Cornitel ROXX3691
Cornu ROXX7707
Cornu ROXX1360
Cornu de Sus ROXX0146
Cornu Malului ROXX4362
Cornutel ROXX6504
Coroana ROXX6831
Corobaile ROXX8201
Corobesti ROXX8202
Corobeti ROXX8203
Corod ROXX0635
Coroesti ROXX1361
Coroiesti ROXX1362
Coroisinmartin ROXX0147
Coroiu ROXX2716
Corpadea ROXX5876
Corsconi ROXX9240
Corsoru ROXX8204
Corund ROXX9736
Corusu ROXX5877
Corvinesti ROXX4108
Cosaci ROXX2162
Cosbuc ROXX4109
Cosdeni ROXX3692
Coseni ROXX7065
Cosereni ROXX7708
Coseriile ROXX2163
Coseriu ROXX4110
Cosesti ROXX9241
Cositeni ROXX8682
Coslariu ROXX1363
Coslariu Nou ROXX1364
Coslogeni ROXX6273
Coslugea ROXX6832
Cosmesti ROXX8683
Cosmesti-Vale ROXX8684
Cosnea ROXX3097
Cosoba ROXX8913
Cosoba Cristea ROXX8914
Cosoba Golescu ROXX8915
Cosoveni ROXX0148
Cosovenii de Jos ROXX7709
Costache Negri ROXX8685
Costani ROXX5878
Costeasca ROXX4111
Costei ROXX3098
Costeni ROXX8205
Costesti ROXX5879
Costesti ROXX0149
Costesti ROXX8206
Costesti ROXX1365
Costesti ROXX9242
Costesti ROXX4580
Costesti ROXX7266
Costesti ROXX2164
Costesti-Deal ROXX9243
Costesti-Valsan ROXX2165
Costi ROXX8686
Costieni ROXX5262
Costieni ROXX8687
Costieni ROXX8916
Costinesti ROXX4581
Costinesti ROXX6833
Costis ROXX6505
Costisata ROXX7269
Costita ROXX2166
Costiugeni ROXX4582
Costomiru ROXX5263
Cosula ROXX4583
Cosuleni ROXX4584
Cosurile ROXX5264
Cot ROXX2167
Cotargaci ROXX4585
Cotatcu ROXX5265
Coteasca ROXX2168
Cotenesti ROXX2169
Coteni ROXX3099
Coteni ROXX8917
Cotesti ROXX9244
Cotesti ROXX0150
Cotiglet ROXX3693
Cotina ROXX7710
Cotina Schitu ROXX7711
Cotmeana ROXX2171
Cotmenita ROXX2172
Cotoci ROXX1366
Cotofanca ROXX6274
Cotofanesti ROXX3100
Cotofenii de Sus ROXX7712
Cotorasti ROXX1367
Cotorca ROXX5266
Cotormani ROXX9737
Cotoroaia ROXX0640
Cotroceni ROXX2173
Cotros ROXX8688
Cotu ROXX2174
Cotu ROXX7715
Cotu ROXX4586
Cotu Bibescu ROXX7716
Cotu Ciorii ROXX5267
Cotu Grosului ROXX3101
Cotu Lung ROXX4363
Cotu Maluri ROXX2175
Cotu Mihalea ROXX8689
Cotu Paliu ROXX7717
Cotu Siretului ROXX3102
Cotu Vaii ROXX6834
Cotumba ROXX3103
Cotusca ROXX4587
Covacipeter ROXX9738
Covasint ROXX2717
Covasna ROXX0641
Coveiu ROXX7718
Covragiu ROXX9245
Covrigi ROXX8207
Cozbertaia ROXX9739
Cozia ROXX6506
Cozia ROXX9246
Cozieni ROXX5268
Cozla ROXX6507
Cozmeni ROXX9740
Cracalia ROXX4588
Craciunel ROXX9741
Craciunesti ROXX0151
Craciunesti ROXX1370
Craciunesti ROXX7270
Cracu Almai ROXX6508
Cracu Almaj ROXX6509
Cracu Cheii ROXX6510
Cracu Mare ROXX6511
Cracu Pesterii ROXX6512
Craesti ROXX5880
Craesti ROXX3104
Craguis ROXX9247
Crainiceni ROXX4589
Crainimat ROXX4112
Craiova ROXX0007
Craiova ROXX2718
Craiovita ROXX7719
Crairat ROXX5881
Craiva ROXX1371
Cram ROXX9248
Crampoteni ROXX2176
Crancesti ROXX3694
Crangasi ROXX7271
Crangeni ROXX8691
Crangu ROXX6275
Crangu ROXX6835
Crangu ROXX5269
Cranguri ROXX8918
Crasie ROXX6513
Crasna ROXX7066
Crasna ROXX0644
Crasna din Deal ROXX8209
Crasna din Vale ROXX8210
Crasnaleuca ROXX4590
Credinta ROXX6836
Cremenea ROXX5882
Cremenea ROXX7067
Cremenea ROXX5270
Crestia ROXX5883
Crestur ROXX3695
Cresuia ROXX3696
Cretesti ROXX7720
Cretesti ROXX1372
Cretesti ROXX8211
Cretu ROXX7274
Cretulesti ROXX7275
Crevedia de Sus ROXX7276
Crevedia Mare ROXX8920
Crevedia Mica ROXX8921
Crevedia-Lac ROXX7277
Crevilesti ROXX5271
Cricau ROXX1373
Cricovu Dulce ROXX7278
Crihalma ROXX4949
Crihan ROXX3105
Crintesti ROXX2177
Cris ROXX9249
Crisan ROXX9250
Crisan ROXX6837
Crisana ROXX3697
Criscior ROXX0645
Criseni ROXX9251
Criseni ROXX1374
Criseni ROXX5884
Crison ROXX3106
Cristea ROXX1375
Cristeanca ROXX7279
Cristesti ROXX0152
Cristesti ROXX2719
Cristesti ROXX8692
Cristesti ROXX1376
Cristian ROXX0153
Cristinesti ROXX4592
Cristinesti ROXX5272
Cristioru de Jos ROXX3698
Cristioru de Sus ROXX3699
Cristorel ROXX5885
Cristur ROXX9252
Cristur-Sieu ROXX4114
Crit ROXX4950
Criva ROXX7721
Criva ROXX9253
Crivadia ROXX9254
Crivat ROXX8922
Crivatu ROXX2178
Crivina ROXX0648
Crivina ROXX4951
Crivina ROXX8923
Crivina Mare ROXX7068
Crivina Mica ROXX7069
Crivineni ROXX5273
Criviteni ROXX8693
Crizbav ROXX4952
Crocna ROXX2720
Croici ROXX8212
Croitori ROXX7280
Crovna ROXX7722
Crovu ROXX7281
Crovu ROXX8924
Crucea ROXX0649
Crucea ROXX6838
Crucea de Piatra ROXX8925
Crucea de Piatra ROXX3107
Crucea Giurca ROXX6276
Cruceanu ROXX8694
Cruceni ROXX2721
Cruceru ROXX8926
Cruceru ROXX8695
Crucisoara ROXX2179
Crusetelu ROXX8213
Crusetu ROXX8214
Crusovat ROXX6515
Crusovita ROXX6516
Cselye ROXX9744
Cublesu Somesan ROXX5886
Cubulcut ROXX3700
Cuca ROXX2180
Cuca ROXX8696
Cuchinisu ROXX3108
Cuciulata ROXX4953
Cucorani ROXX4593
Cucova ROXX3109
Cucuceni ROXX3701
Cucueti ROXX3110
Cucuieti ROXX6277
Cucuieti-Moara ROXX6278
Cucuis ROXX9255
Cuculeasa ROXX5274
Cucuruz ROXX6839
Cucuruzu ROXX8927
Cucuta ROXX1377
Cucuteni ROXX7282
Cucuteni ROXX4594
Cucuteni-Razesi ROXX4595
Cudalbi ROXX0650
Cufuritu ROXX5275
Cugir ROXX0651
Cuias ROXX2722
Cuied ROXX2723
Cuies ROXX9256
Cuiesd ROXX3702
Cuiungiuc ROXX6840
Cujbic ROXX3111
Cula ROXX8215
Culciu Mic ROXX0154
Culdesti ROXX1378
Cumpana ROXX2181
Cumpana ROXX6841
Cunesti ROXX6279
Cungrea ROXX2182
Cunta ROXX1379
Cuparu ROXX7283
Cupele ROXX8929
Cuptoare ROXX6517
Curatele ROXX3703
Curatesti ROXX6280
Curaturi ROXX1380
Curcanesti ROXX5276
Curcani ROXX6842
Curcani ROXX0653
Cureaua ROXX7723
Curechiu ROXX9257
Curete ROXX4115
Curita ROXX3112
Curlea ROXX0654
Curmatura ROXX5277
Curmatura ROXX6518
Curmatura ROXX1381
Curmatura ROXX7724
Curmetea ROXX1382
Curpenelu ROXX8216
Curpeni ROXX1383
Curpenu ROXX8217
Cursaru ROXX8218
Curtea de Arges ROXX2183
Curteana ROXX8219
Curteanca ROXX2184
Curtesti ROXX4596
Curtici ROXX0655
Curtisoara ROXX8220
Curtisoara ROXX0155
Curtuiuseni ROXX3704
Curva ROXX8221
Cusdrioara ROXX5887
Cusma ROXX4116
Cusmed ROXX9745
Custura ROXX4364
Custura ROXX5888
Cusuius ROXX3705
Cut ROXX1384
Cutca ROXX5889
Cutin ROXX9259
Cutus ROXX4954
Cuvesdia ROXX2724
Cuvin ROXX2725
Cuza Voda ROXX4597
Cuza Voda ROXX4365
Cuza Voda ROXX6843
Cuza Voda ROXX0156
Cuza Voda ROXX7284
Cuzap ROXX3706
Cuzlau ROXX4598
Cuznita ROXX6519
Dabaca ROXX5890
Dabuleni ROXX0658
Dacia ROXX4955
Dacindea ROXX7285
Dadesti ROXX3113
Daeni ROXX0659
Daia ROXX9746
Daia ROXX8930
Daia ROXX8222
Daia Romana ROXX1385
Daisoara ROXX4956
Daita ROXX8931
Dalboset ROXX6520
Dalci ROXX6521
Dalga ROXX7725
Dalga ROXX6281
Dalghiu ROXX4957
Dalina ROXX6522
Dalja Mare ROXX9260
Dalja Mica ROXX9261
Dalma ROXX5278
Dalnic ROXX7070
Damacusa ROXX3114
Damaroaia ROXX4889
Dambau Mic ROXX5891
Dambova ROXX8223
Dambovana ROXX9262
Dambovicioara ROXX2185
Dambovicioara ROXX7286
Dambroca ROXX5279
Dambu Mare ROXX5892
Dambureni ROXX1386
Damburile ROXX5893
Damian ROXX7726
Damideni ROXX4600
Damienesti ROXX3115
Damienesti-Sat ROXX3116
Damienesti-Targ ROXX3117
Damileni ROXX4601
Damis ROXX3707
Damoc ROXX3118
Damuc ROXX0157
Danaila ROXX3119
Danceni ROXX3120
Danciulesti ROXX8224
Dancu ROXX5894
Dancu Mare ROXX9263
Dancu Mic ROXX9264
Danduti ROXX1387
Danesti ROXX8225
Danesti ROXX6282
Danesti ROXX9747
Danesti ROXX5280
Daneti ROXX7727
Dangau Mare ROXX5895
Dangau Mic ROXX5896
Dangeni ROXX4602
Danilesti ROXX1388
Danulesti ROXX9265
Danulesti ROXX5281
Dara ROXX5282
Darabani ROXX6844
Darabani ROXX4603
Daranesti ROXX9266
Darasti-Ilfov ROXX0661
Darja ROXX5897
Darjana ROXX9267
Darjiu ROXX9748
Darlesti ROXX1389
Darmaneasca ROXX3121
Darmanesti ROXX7287
Darmanesti ROXX3122
Darmanesti ROXX0158
Darmanesti ROXX2186
Darot ROXX5898
Darste ROXX4958
Darvari ROXX6283
Dascalesti ROXX5283
Dascalu ROXX0159
Datcu ROXX2187
Davidesti ROXX2188
Davidesti ROXX1390
Davidoaia ROXX4604
Deagu de Jos ROXX2189
Deagu de Sus ROXX2190
Deal ROXX1391
Dealu ROXX9749
Dealu ROXX2191
Dealu ROXX8932
Dealu Ariei ROXX3123
Dealu Armanului ROXX9750
Dealu Babii ROXX9268
Dealu Bajului ROXX1393
Dealu Barei ROXX2192
Dealu Bisericii ROXX2193
Dealu Bistrii ROXX1394
Dealu Bogdanului ROXX2194
Dealu Botii ROXX5899
Dealu Boului ROXX2195
Dealu Bradului ROXX2196
Dealu Bunesti ROXX9269
Dealu Capsei ROXX1395
Dealu Caselor ROXX1396
Dealu Catusii ROXX2197
Dealu Ciungii ROXX1397
Dealu Cotmenitei ROXX2198
Dealu Cretului ROXX4959
Dealu Crisului ROXX1398
Dealu Crucii ROXX4605
Dealu Dienet ROXX3124
Dealu Doamnei ROXX1399
Dealu Dostatului ROXX1400
Dealu Farcasoaia ROXX2199
Dealu Ferului ROXX1401
Dealu Frumos ROXX7288
Dealu Frumos ROXX2200
Dealu Frumos ROXX1402
Dealu Geoagiului ROXX1403
Dealu Goesti ROXX1404
Dealu Lamosoi ROXX1405
Dealu Leului ROXX8226
Dealu Mare ROXX1406
Dealu Mare ROXX9270
Dealu Mare ROXX5900
Dealu Mare ROXX7289
Dealu Mare ROXX3125
Dealu Matesti ROXX9271
Dealu Mic ROXX9272
Dealu Morii ROXX3126
Dealu Muntelui ROXX1407
Dealu Negru ROXX7071
Dealu Negru ROXX5901
Dealu Nou ROXX3127
Dealu Orasului ROXX2202
Dealu Ordancusii ROXX5902
Dealu Padurii ROXX2203
Dealu Perilor ROXX7728
Dealu Perjului ROXX3128
Dealu Poenii ROXX1408
Dealu Pomilor ROXX8227
Dealu Presecii ROXX1409
Dealu Racovei ROXX9273
Dealu Roatei ROXX1410
Dealu Scroafei ROXX2204
Dealu Spirei ROXX8228
Dealu Stefanitei ROXX4117
Dealu Taului ROXX9274
Dealu Tolesti ROXX2205
Dealu Tonesti ROXX2206
Dealu Viei ROXX8229
Dealu Viilor ROXX2207
Dealul Frumos ROXX5284
Dealul Viei ROXX5285
Debeli Lug ROXX6524
Decea ROXX1411
Decindeni ROXX7290
Dediulesti ROXX5286
Dedulesti ROXX2208
Dedulesti ROXX4366
Dej ROXX0664
Dejani ROXX4960
Dejutiu ROXX9751
Delani ROXX3708
Deleni ROXX8933
Deleni ROXX5903
Deleni ROXX8230
Deleni ROXX3129
Deleni ROXX6845
Deleni ROXX1412
Deleni ROXX7729
Deleni ROXX5287
Deleni ROXX9275
Deleni-Obarsie ROXX1413
Delinesti ROXX6525
Delnita ROXX9752
Delureni ROXX4118
Delureni ROXX3709
Demetertana ROXX9753
Densus ROXX9276
Deoncesti ROXX1414
Derna ROXX3710
Dernisoara ROXX3711
Dersca ROXX4606
Desa ROXX0160
Desag ROXX9754
Desesti ROXX0161
Desirati ROXX4367
Desnatui ROXX7730
Deusu ROXX5904
Deva ROXX9277
Deve ROXX1415
Dezesti ROXX6526
Dezmir ROXX5905
Dezna ROXX2726
Diaconesti ROXX8231
Diaconesti ROXX3130
Diaconi ROXX8698
Dianca ROXX3131
Dicanesti ROXX3712
Dicaras ROXX9278
Dichiseni ROXX6284
Diculesti ROXX5288
Didilesti ROXX8232
Diecheni ROXX8699
Dieci ROXX2727
Dienet-Vale ROXX3132
Dijir ROXX3713
Dilimanesti ROXX1416
Dimacheni ROXX4607
Dimitrie Sturza ROXX8935
Dimoiu ROXX7291
Dincani ROXX2210
Dinculesti ROXX2211
Diosti ROXX7731
Dioszeg ROXX3714
Dipsa ROXX4119
Dirjui ROXX0667
Distina ROXX1417
Ditrau ROXX0162
Divici ROXX6527
Diviciorii Mari ROXX5906
Diviciorii Mici ROXX5907
Doba ROXX0163
Dobaca ROXX9279
Dobarceni ROXX4609
Dobarlau ROXX7072
Dobeni ROXX9755
Doblea ROXX2212
Dobolii de Jos ROXX7073
Dobolii de Sus ROXX7074
Doboseni ROXX7075
Dobra ROXX9280
Dobra ROXX7292
Dobraia ROXX6528
Dobrana ROXX8233
Dobresti ROXX2213
Dobresti ROXX7293
Dobresti ROXX3715
Dobresti ROXX7732
Dobresti ROXX1418
Dobric ROXX4120
Dobricel ROXX4121
Dobricionesti ROXX3716
Dobridor ROXX7733
Dobrilesti ROXX5289
Dobrinesti ROXX8700
Dobrita ROXX8234
Dobroesti ROXX0164
Dobromir ROXX6846
Dobromira ROXX7734
Dobrot ROXX9281
Dobrot ROXX1419
Dobrotesti ROXX7735
Dobrotu ROXX2214
Dochia ROXX0671
Doclin ROXX6529
Doda Pilii ROXX5908
Dodanesti ROXX5290
Dodocani ROXX9282
Doftana ROXX0165
Dofteana ROXX3133
Dogaresti ROXX1420
Dogari ROXX7294
Dogari ROXX5291
Dogari ROXX2215
Dognecea ROXX6530
Doicesti ROXX0166
Doina ROXX4610
Dolani ROXX7295
Dolcesti ROXX8235
Dolea ROXX3718
Dolea ROXX1421
Dolesti ROXX1422
Dolhasca ROXX0674
Dolina ROXX4611
Doman ROXX6531
Domasnea ROXX6532
Domnesti ROXX0675
Domnu Tudor ROXX7736
Domosu ROXX5909
Dona ROXX6285
Donceni ROXX2728
Dopca ROXX4961
Doptau ROXX1423
Dor Marunt ROXX6286
Dorasti ROXX8701
Dorgos ROXX2729
Dorna ROXX5910
Dorneni ROXX3134
Dornisoara ROXX0676
Dorobanti ROXX2730
Dorobanti ROXX4612
Dorobantu ROXX6848
Dorobantu ROXX6287
Dorofei ROXX3135
Dorohoi ROXX4613
Dorolea ROXX4123
Doroltu ROXX5911
Dos ROXX1424
Doseni ROXX8236
Dospinesti ROXX7296
Dospinesti ROXX3136
Dostat ROXX1425
Dostina ROXX4124
Dosu Biricii ROXX5912
Dosu Glodului ROXX5913
Dosu Napului ROXX5914
Dosu Salciei ROXX4125
Dosu Urdesului ROXX1426
Dosu Vasesti ROXX1427
Dosul Luncii ROXX1428
Doua Mai ROXX6849
Dracsani ROXX4614
Dracsani ROXX0167
Dracsini ROXX4615
Draculesti ROXX8702
Draga ROXX4126
Dragaici ROXX5292
Dragalina ROXX7737
Dragalina ROXX0168
Dragalina ROXX4616
Draganeasa ROXX8937
Draganescu ROXX8938
Draganesti ROXX3719
Draganesti ROXX8703
Draganesti ROXX1429
Draganesti ROXX0679
Draganesti-Olt ROXX0681
Draganu-Olteni ROXX0170
Dragasani ROXX0684
Dragesti ROXX3720
Dragesti ROXX3137
Dragheasa ROXX7299
Draghescu ROXX2216
Draghesti ROXX5293
Draghiceanu ROXX8939
Draghicesti ROXX2217
Draghici ROXX2218
Draghiesti ROXX7300
Draghineasa ROXX7301
Dragoaia ROXX7738
Dragodana ROXX7302
Dragodanesti ROXX0685
Dragoeni ROXX8237
Dragoesti ROXX0171
Dragoesti ROXX8238
Dragoesti ROXX1430
Dragoesti-Lunca ROXX1431
Dragolesti ROXX2219
Dragomir ROXX3138
Dragomiresti ROXX0172
Dragoteni ROXX3721
Dragotesti ROXX7739
Dragu-Brad ROXX9283
Dragugesti ROXX3139
Dragus ROXX4962
Draguseni ROXX8704
Draguseni ROXX4617
Draguseni ROXX3140
Dragutesti ROXX8242
Draja ROXX3141
Drajna Noua ROXX6288
Drajova ROXX6534
Drambar ROXX1432
Dranicu ROXX7740
Drasov ROXX1433
Drauseni ROXX4963
Draut ROXX2731
Drencova ROXX0689
Dretea ROXX5916
Drevedeni ROXX1434
Dric ROXX1435
Dricu Certejii ROXX1436
Dridif ROXX4964
Drislea ROXX4620
Dristie ROXX6535
Drogu ROXX3142
Drogu ROXX4368
Dropia ROXX6851
Druganesti ROXX8940
Drumu Carului ROXX4965
Drumu Mare ROXX8243
Dubasu ROXX3143
Duculesti ROXX8244
Dud ROXX2732
Duda ROXX9756
Dudescu ROXX4369
Dudesti ROXX4370
Dudovicesti ROXX7741
Duduieni ROXX1437
Dulbanu ROXX5294
Dulcele ROXX2733
Dulcesti ROXX6852
Dulcesti ROXX5295
Duleu ROXX6536
Dumbrava ROXX5917
Dumbrava ROXX3722
Dumbrava ROXX3144
Dumbrava ROXX7304
Dumbrava ROXX2734
Dumbrava ROXX9284
Dumbrava ROXX1438
Dumbrava ROXX6537
Dumbrava ROXX4128
Dumbrava de Jos ROXX9285
Dumbrava de Sus ROXX9286
Dumbrava Rosie ROXX0175
Dumbravani ROXX3723
Dumbraveni ROXX0176
Dumbraveni ROXX2220
Dumbraveni ROXX8245
Dumbraveni ROXX5918
Dumbraveni ROXX6853
Dumbravesti ROXX2221
Dumbravesti ROXX0177
Dumbravita ROXX2735
Dumbravita ROXX4966
Dumbravita ROXX4621
Dumbravita ROXX4129
Dumbravita ROXX3724
Dumbravita ROXX9287
Dumbravita Mica ROXX3725
Dumeni ROXX4622
Dumesti ROXX1440
Dumestii Vechi ROXX0695
Dumitra ROXX4130
Dumitra ROXX1441
Dumitrita ROXX4131
Dunacesti ROXX1442
Dunarea ROXX6854
Dunareni ROXX6855
Dunareni ROXX7742
Dupa Bulz ROXX9289
Dupa Deal ROXX4132
Dupa Deal ROXX7305
Dupa Deal ROXX1443
Dupa Piatra ROXX9290
Dupa Plese ROXX1444
Dupa Vale ROXX4133
Durasti ROXX1445
Durnesti ROXX4623
Dusesti ROXX3727
Dutesti ROXX8246
Dutulesti ROXX7743
Edera de Jos ROXX0178
Eforie ROXX6856
Eforie Nord ROXX6857
Eforie Sud ROXX6858
Eftimie Murgu ROXX6538
Egernita ROXX9757
Eghersec ROXX9758
Elciu ROXX5919
Electroprecizia ROXX4967
Eliade antre Vii ROXX4890
Eliseni ROXX9759
Enachesti ROXX3145
Enciu ROXX4134
Enculesti ROXX2223
Ende-Carachioi ROXX6859
Epureni ROXX4624
Epuroaia ROXX8247
Erculesti ROXX5297
Eresteghin ROXX7076
Ernei ROXX0179
Ersig ROXX6539
Esanca ROXX4625
Escu ROXX5920
Esechioi ROXX6860
Eseneu ROXX9760
Esna ROXX4371
Estelnic ROXX7077
Ezer ROXX4626
Ezeris ROXX6540
Facaeni ROXX0698
Facai ROXX7744
Facaletesti ROXX2224
Facau ROXX8941
Faclia ROXX6861
Faget ROXX3146
Faget ROXX7745
Faget ROXX1446
Faget ROXX0700
Fagetel ROXX9291
Fagetel ROXX3147
Fagetel ROXX9761
Fagetelu ROXX7306
Fagetu ROXX7307
Fagetu de Jos ROXX1447
Fagetu de Sus ROXX1448
Fagetu Ierii ROXX5921
Faghieni ROXX3149
Falastoaca ROXX8942
Falciu ROXX0701
Faleza Constanta ROXX6862
Falfani ROXX2225
Fanate ROXX4135
Fanate ROXX5922
Fanate ROXX3729
Fancel ROXX9762
Fantana ROXX9292
Fantana ROXX4968
Fantana Banului ROXX7746
Fantana Brazilor ROXX9763
Fantana Doamnei ROXX6289
Fantana Mare ROXX6863
Fantanea ROXX2226
Fantaneanu ROXX3150
Fantanele ROXX4138
Fantanele ROXX0180
Fantanele ROXX7308
Fantanele ROXX3151
Fantanele ROXX8705
Fantanele ROXX5298
Fantanele ROXX7747
Fantanele ROXX5923
Fantanele ROXX8248
Fantanele ROXX1449
Fantanele ROXX6864
Fantani ROXX8706
Fantanita ROXX7748
Faraoani ROXX0181
Farau ROXX1450
Farca ROXX5924
Farcadin ROXX9293
Farcadinu de Jos ROXX9294
Farcadinu de Sus ROXX9295
Farcasa ROXX3152
Farcasa ROXX0182
Farcasa Tau ROXX4140
Farcasanca ROXX7749
Farcasesti ROXX8249
Farcasu ROXX7750
Farliug ROXX6541
Fartanesti ROXX8707
Fasca ROXX3730
Fascaraiu ROXX5925
Fata ROXX9764
Fata ROXX2227
Fata ROXX1451
Fata Abrudului ROXX1452
Fata Campului ROXX2228
Fata Cristestii ROXX1453
Fata Lapusului ROXX1454
Fata Lazesti ROXX1455
Fata lui Nan ROXX6290
Fata Malului ROXX5299
Fata Pantestilor ROXX1456
Fata Pietrii ROXX1457
Fata Racovitei ROXX7751
Fata Rosie ROXX9296
Fata Seocului ROXX6542
Fatana ROXX2229
Faurei ROXX6865
Faurei ROXX6291
Faurei ROXX4372
Faurei-Sat ROXX4373
Faureni ROXX5926
Fedelesoiu ROXX2230
Federi ROXX9297
Fegernic ROXX3731
Fegernicu Nou ROXX3732
Feisa ROXX1458
Feiurdeni ROXX5927
Felcheriu ROXX3733
Feldioara ROXX5928
Feldioara ROXX0705
Feldru ROXX4141
Feleac ROXX4142
Feleacu ROXX0183
Feliceni ROXX9765
Felmer ROXX4970
Felnac ROXX0184
Feneris ROXX3734
Fenes ROXX6543
Fenes ROXX1459
Fenis ROXX2736
Ferastrau Oituz ROXX3153
Fereceti ROXX1460
Feregi ROXX9298
Feresti ROXX1461
Ferestrau ROXX3154
Ferestre ROXX7309
Ferice ROXX3735
Fericet ROXX1462
Ferma Ocolna ROXX7752
Feteni ROXX7310
Feteni ROXX1463
Fetesti ROXX0708
Fiad ROXX4143
Fibis ROXX0709
Ficaresti ROXX1464
Fichitesti ROXX3155
Fieni ROXX7311
Fierbinti ROXX7312
Figa ROXX4144
Figiresti ROXX5300
Filaret ROXX7753
Filea de Jos ROXX5929
Filea de Sus ROXX5930
Filesti ROXX8708
Filia ROXX7078
Filias ROXX9766
Filiasi ROXX0710
Filipeni ROXX3156
Filipescu ROXX8943
Filipesti ROXX3157
Filipesti ROXX4374
Filitesti ROXX1465
Filiu ROXX4375
Filpea ROXX9767
Finciu ROXX5931
Finis ROXX3736
Finisel ROXX5932
Finta Mare ROXX7313
Finta Veche ROXX7314
Fintesti ROXX5301
Fintinele ROXX0186
Fintoaga ROXX9299
Firiteaz ROXX2737
Firizoni ROXX9300
Firma ROXX9301
Firtanus ROXX9768
Firtusu ROXX9769
Fiscut ROXX2738
Fiser ROXX4971
Fisici ROXX5302
Fistaresti ROXX1466
Fitod ROXX9770
Fizes ROXX6544
Fizes ROXX9302
Fizesti ROXX9303
Fizesu Gherlii ROXX5933
Fizis ROXX3737
Flamanda ROXX8944
Flamanzesti ROXX2231
Flamanzi ROXX4627
Floarea ROXX2232
Flondora ROXX4628
Floranu ROXX7754
Floresteni ROXX8251
Floresti ROXX4145
Floresti ROXX5303
Floresti ROXX1467
Floresti ROXX7755
Floresti ROXX3158
Floresti ROXX8252
Floresti ROXX4629
Floresti ROXX8945
Floresti ROXX5934
Florestii de Jos ROXX8946
Florica ROXX4376
Florica ROXX5304
Florieni ROXX2233
Floriile ROXX6866
Floroaia ROXX7079
Floroaia Mica ROXX7080
Floroaica ROXX6292
Flutarasti ROXX1468
Focsanei ROXX5305
Focsanei Noi ROXX5306
Focsani ROXX0008
Focuri ROXX0714
Fodora ROXX5935
Fodori ROXX9304
Fofaza ROXX3159
Fogarasch ROXX4972
Foglas ROXX3738
Foisoru ROXX7756
Folt ROXX9305
Foltana ROXX8709
Foltesti ROXX8710
Fonau ROXX3739
Forau ROXX3740
Fornadia ROXX9306
Forosig ROXX3741
Forotic ROXX6545
Forteni ROXX9771
Fotin ROXX5307
Fotos ROXX7081
Francesti ROXX8253
Frasancea ROXX6546
Frasin-Deal ROXX7315
Frasin-Vale ROXX7316
Frasinei ROXX7317
Frasinet ROXX6293
Frasinet ROXX5936
Frasinet ROXX5308
Frasinetu de Jos ROXX6294
Frasinis ROXX6547
Frasinoaia ROXX3160
Frasinu ROXX7757
Frasinu ROXX8947
Frasinu ROXX6867
Frasinu ROXX8254
Frasinu ROXX7318
Frata ROXX0715
Fratesti ROXX0187
Fratesti ROXX2234
Fratesti-Birnici ROXX8255
Fratesti-Mosteni ROXX8256
Fratia ROXX3161
Fratici ROXX2235
Fratila ROXX7758
Fratostita ROXX7759
Frecatei ROXX4377
Frecatei ROXX0188
Frumoasa ROXX0718
Frumoasa ROXX3162
Frumusani ROXX6295
Frumusei ROXX8257
Frumuselu ROXX3163
Frumuseni ROXX2739
Frumusica ROXX4630
Frumusita ROXX8711
Fruntea ROXX6548
Fruntesti ROXX3164
Frunza ROXX8258
Frunza Verde ROXX9308
Frunzanesti ROXX6296
Frunzeasca ROXX8712
Frunzi ROXX4146
Fughiu ROXX3742
Fulga ROXX5309
Fulgeris ROXX3165
Fulgu ROXX3166
Fundata ROXX0189
Fundata ROXX7319
Fundatica ROXX4973
Fundatura ROXX3167
Fundatura ROXX5937
Fundaturile ROXX5311
Fundeanu ROXX8713
Fundeni ROXX3170
Fundeni ROXX5312
Fundeni ROXX0190
Fundeni ROXX8714
Fundeni ROXX6297
Fundenii Noi ROXX8715
Fundenii Vechi ROXX8716
Fundoaia ROXX3171
Fundoaia ROXX9772
Fundu Armeanului ROXX3172
Fundu Budei ROXX5313
Fundu Catinei ROXX5314
Fundu Crangasi ROXX4891
Fundu Hertii ROXX4631
Fundu Nehoiului ROXX5315
Fundu Parului ROXX7320
Fundu Racaciuni ROXX3173
Fundu Tutovei ROXX3174
Fundu Vaii ROXX3175
Fundulea ROXX6298
Funduri ROXX7321
Furaj ROXX4892
Furca ROXX6868
Furcenii Noi ROXX8717
Furcenii Vechi ROXX8718
Furcsoara ROXX9309
Furdesti ROXX1469
Furduesti ROXX2236
Furduesti ROXX1470
Furduica ROXX5938
Furdulesti ROXX8259
Furesti ROXX2237
Furnica ROXX6869
Furnicari ROXX3176
Furnicosi ROXX2238
Furtunesti ROXX5316
Fusea ROXX7322
Gabriesti ROXX2239
Gabru ROXX7760
Gabud ROXX1471
Gadalin ROXX5939
Gaesti ROXX0721
Gagaiu ROXX8260
Gagenii de Jos ROXX5317
Gagenii de Sus ROXX5318
Gaia ROXX7761
Gaia de Sus ROXX7762
Gaiceana ROXX3177
Gaidaru ROXX3178
Gainesti ROXX7323
Gainusa ROXX2240
Gaiseni ROXX8948
Galaseni ROXX3743
Galasesti ROXX2241
Galati ROXX9310
Galati ROXX0009
Galati ROXX1472
Galatui ROXX6299
Galautas ROXX9773
Galautas-Parau ROXX9774
Galbana ROXX1473
Galbeni ROXX4632
Galbeni ROXX3179
Galbenu ROXX4378
Galbina ROXX9311
Galbinasi ROXX6300
Galbinasi ROXX0191
Galbiori ROXX6870
Galcesti ROXX2242
Galcesti ROXX8261
Galda de Jos ROXX1474
Galda de Sus ROXX1475
Galdau ROXX6301
Galdisoara ROXX1476
Galeri ROXX3180
Galesesti ROXX2243
Galesoaia ROXX8262
Galesti ROXX1477
Galesu ROXX2244
Galeteanu ROXX2245
Galicea-Mare ROXX0724
Galiciuica ROXX7763
Galin ROXX3181
Galita ROXX6871
Galma ROXX7324
Galospetreu ROXX3744
Galsa ROXX2740
Galtiu ROXX1478
Gamacesti ROXX2246
Gamanesti ROXX7325
Gambas ROXX1479
Ganesti ROXX1480
Ganesti ROXX2247
Ganesti ROXX8719
Gangiova ROXX7764
Gangiova Noua ROXX7765
Gantaga ROXX9312
Gara Berheci ROXX8720
Gara Bobocu ROXX5319
Gara Cilibia ROXX5320
Gara Coslariu ROXX1481
Gara Dalga ROXX6302
Gara Frunzeasca ROXX8721
Gara Ghidigeni ROXX8722
Gara Iacomi ROXX8723
Gara Ianca ROXX4379
Gara Patroaia ROXX7326
Gara Rosetti ROXX5321
Garana ROXX6549
Garbau ROXX5940
Garbau Dejului ROXX5941
Garbeni ROXX4633
Garbesti ROXX4634
Garbo-Leorda ROXX5942
Garboiu ROXX5322
Garbova ROXX1482
Garbova de Jos ROXX1483
Garbova de Sus ROXX1484
Garbovana ROXX3182
Garbovat ROXX6550
Garbovat ROXX8724
Garbovita ROXX1485
Garbovu ROXX8263
Garcica ROXX2248
Garcina ROXX4974
Garda ROXX1486
Garda de Sus ROXX1487
Garda-Barbulesti ROXX1488
Garda-Seaca ROXX5943
Garde ROXX1489
Garleasca ROXX8725
Garleni ROXX3183
Garleni ROXX7327
Garlesti ROXX7766
Garlestii de Jos ROXX7767
Garlestii de Sus ROXX7768
Garliciu ROXX6872
Garliste ROXX6551
Garlita ROXX6873
Garnic ROXX6552
Garoafa ROXX0192
Gasteni ROXX3184
Gataia ROXX0726
Gaujani ROXX2249
Gaujani ROXX8949
Gavanele ROXX5323
Gavanesti ROXX8264
Gavanesti ROXX5324
Gavani ROXX4380
Gavojdia ROXX0727
Gazarie ROXX3185
Geaca ROXX5944
Geamana ROXX0728
Geamana ROXX2250
Geangoesti ROXX7328
Geblesti ROXX7769
Gefu ROXX8726
Gelmar ROXX9313
Gelu ROXX2741
Gemenele ROXX4381
Gemes ROXX4148
General Popescu ROXX6303
Geoagiu ROXX9314
Geoagiu Bai ROXX9315
Geoagiu de Jos ROXX9316
Geoagiu de Sus ROXX1491
Geogel ROXX1492
Geogel-Bucur ROXX1493
Geogel-Sat ROXX1494
Geomal ROXX1495
George Enescu ROXX4635
Georocu Mare ROXX7770
Geoseni ROXX3186
Gepis ROXX3745
Gepiu ROXX0729
Gera ROXX5945
Gersa ROXX4149
Gersa a Doua ROXX4150
Gersa a Patra ROXX4151
Gersa a Treia ROXX4152
Ghebani ROXX8265
Gheboaia ROXX7330
Gheboieni ROXX7331
Ghedulesti ROXX1496
Gheghie ROXX3746
Ghelar ROXX9317
Ghelinta ROXX7082
Ghemalau ROXX7332
Ghencea ROXX4893
Ghenetea ROXX3747
Gheorghe Cosbuc ROXX4636
Gheorghe Doja ROXX0193
Gheorghe Doja ROXX3187
Gheorghe Lazar ROXX9318
Gheorghe Lazar ROXX0194
Gheorghe Razoare ROXX6304
Gheorgheni ROXX5946
Gheorgheni ROXX0035
Gheraesti ROXX0734
Gheraseni ROXX5325
Ghercestii Noi ROXX7771
Gherdana ROXX3188
Gherea ROXX5947
Gheresti ROXX7773
Ghergani ROXX7333
Ghergheasa ROXX5326
Ghergheasa Noua ROXX5327
Gherghesti ROXX7334
Gherghina ROXX6875
Gherghitesti ROXX7335
Gherla ROXX0735
Ghertenis ROXX6553
Ghetari ROXX1497
Ghibarteni ROXX8727
Ghida ROXX3748
Ghidfalau ROXX7083
Ghidici ROXX7774
Ghidigeni ROXX8728
Ghidionu ROXX3189
Ghidut ROXX9775
Ghighiseni ROXX3749
Ghilad ROXX0736
Ghilanesti ROXX4637
Ghilavesti ROXX3190
Ghilea ROXX3191
Ghimbav ROXX4975
Ghimes ROXX3192
Ghimes-Faget ROXX3193
Ghimpati ROXX7336
Ghinda ROXX4153
Ghindaresti ROXX6876
Ghindeni ROXX7775
Ghinesti ROXX7337
Ghinghesti ROXX8729
Ghiocari ROXX5328
Ghiocu ROXX5329
Ghioldum ROXX7084
Ghiolt ROXX5948
Ghionani ROXX1498
Ghionea ROXX8951
Ghionoaia ROXX3194
Ghiorac ROXX3750
Ghioracu Nou ROXX3751
Ghioroc ROXX2742
Ghiortani ROXX4638
Ghipes ROXX9776
Ghirbom ROXX1499
Ghirdoveni ROXX7338
Ghireni ROXX4639
Ghiris ROXX5949
Ghiris-Sancraiu ROXX5950
Ghirisu Roma ROXX5951
Ghiroda ROXX0195
Ghirolt ROXX5952
Ghitcauti ROXX4640
Ghiurche ROXX9777
Ghizdaru ROXX8952
Ghizdavesti ROXX7776
Ghizdita ROXX5330
Ghozuri ROXX1500
Gialacuta ROXX9319
Gighera ROXX7777
Gilau ROXX5953
Gilortu ROXX8266
Ginta ROXX3752
Giorocel ROXX7778
Girbovi ROXX0738
Girisu Negru ROXX3753
Giroc ROXX0197
Girov ROXX0198
Giubega ROXX0742
Giuclani ROXX2251
Giula ROXX5954
Giulesti ROXX0199
Giulesti ROXX3754
Giurcu ROXX8267
Giurcuesti ROXX1501
Giurcuta de Jos ROXX5955
Giurcuta de Sus ROXX5956
Giurgeni ROXX3195
Giurgesti ROXX1502
Giurgioaia ROXX3196
Giurgiova ROXX6554
Giurgita ROXX7779
Giurgiu ROXX0010
Giurgiu ROXX1503
Giurgiut ROXX1504
Glambocata ROXX2252
Glambocata-Deal ROXX2253
Glambocelu ROXX2254
Glambocu ROXX2255
Glavacioc ROXX2256
Glavanesti ROXX3197
Glavani ROXX8268
Gledin ROXX4154
Gliganu de Jos ROXX2257
Gliganu de Sus ROXX2258
Gligoresti ROXX1505
Glimboca ROXX6555
Globu Craiovei ROXX6556
Globurau ROXX6557
Glod ROXX1506
Glod ROXX7339
Glodeanu-Sarat ROXX0745
Glodeni ROXX7340
Glodeni ROXX8269
Glodghilesti ROXX9320
Glodisoarele ROXX3198
Glodosu ROXX3199
Glodu ROXX7780
Glodu Petcari ROXX5332
Gloduri ROXX3200
Glodurile ROXX5333
Glodut ROXX7781
Glogova ROXX8270
Glogovet ROXX1507
Goagiu ROXX9778
Goasele ROXX1508
Godeni ROXX2260
Godeni ROXX7782
Godinesti ROXX8271
Godinesti ROXX9321
Goeni ROXX9322
Goesti ROXX7783
Goetz ROXX5334
Gogesti ROXX1510
Gogora ROXX8953
Gogosari ROXX8954
Gogosesti ROXX7784
Gogosita ROXX7785
Gogosu ROXX7786
Gohor ROXX8730
Goia ROXX2261
Goicea ROXX7787
Goicea Mare ROXX0746
Goicea Mica ROXX7788
Goicelu ROXX5335
Goidesti ROXX5336
Goila ROXX3755
Goioasa ROXX3203
Golaesti ROXX0200
Golasei ROXX0748
Goleasca ROXX8955
Goleasca ROXX2262
Goleasca ROXX7341
Golenti ROXX7789
Goles ROXX9323
Golesti ROXX2263
Golestii Badii ROXX2264
Golet ROXX6558
Golfinu ROXX7790
Golu Grabecina ROXX5337
Golumbelu ROXX7791
Golumbu ROXX7792
Gomoesti ROXX5338
Gontesti ROXX5339
Goranesti ROXX2266
Gorani ROXX5340
Gorani ROXX2267
Gorbanesti ROXX4641
Gorgan ROXX1511
Gorganu ROXX2268
Gorganu de Jos ROXX2269
Gorganu de Sus ROXX2270
Gorghesti ROXX3204
Gorgoteni ROXX7343
Gornacel ROXX8272
Gornea ROXX6559
Gorneni ROXX8956
Gornetu ROXX5341
Gornovita ROXX8273
Gorovei ROXX4642
Goruia ROXX6560
Goruni ROXX6877
Gosa ROXX9324
Gosoiu ROXX7344
Gospodaria ROXX8731
Gostilele ROXX6305
Gostinari-Belu ROXX8957
Gostinu ROXX0202
Gotescu ROXX5342
Goteshty ROXX0751
Gotesti ROXX9325
Gothatea ROXX9326
Govasdia ROXX9327
Grabicina de Jos ROXX5343
Grabicina de Sus ROXX5344
Gradesti ROXX3205
Gradina ROXX6878
Gradinaresti ROXX7793
Gradinari ROXX8958
Gradinari ROXX6561
Gradinari ROXX3756
Gradinesti ROXX2271
Gradistea ROXX4383
Gradistea ROXX8959
Gradistea ROXX0203
Gradistea ROXX7794
Gradistea de Jos ROXX4384
Grajdana ROXX5345
Grajdanesti ROXX8960
Gramensca ROXX6562
Granari ROXX4976
Graniceri ROXX2743
Graniceru ROXX6879
Granolea ROXX8274
Grapeni ROXX8732
Grauri ROXX6563
Greabanu ROXX2272
Greabanu ROXX5346
Greabanu de Jos ROXX2273
Greabanu de Sus ROXX2274
Greaca ROXX0204
Greceanca ROXX5347
Grecesti ROXX7795
Greci ROXX7345
Grefoaicele ROXX4894
Greoni ROXX6564
Gresia ROXX5348
Grid ROXX9329
Grid ROXX4977
Grigoreni ROXX3206
Grind ROXX9330
Grindeni ROXX7796
Grindu ROXX0754
Grinties ROXX0205
Grivita ROXX8733
Grivita ROXX4643
Grivita Noua ROXX4644
Grivita Veche ROXX4645
Grivitele ROXX4646
Groapa ROXX6565
Groapa Aries ROXX4155
Groapa Rea ROXX2275
Groapele ROXX2276
Grohot ROXX9331
Grohotele ROXX1512
Groi ROXX3757
Gropanele ROXX7797
Grosani ROXX5349
Grosani ROXX2277
Groseni ROXX2744
Groserea ROXX8275
Grosi ROXX3758
Grosi ROXX1513
Grosi ROXX0206
Grosi ROXX2278
Grosii Noi ROXX2745
Grosuri ROXX1514
Grozavesti ROXX7346
Grozavesti ROXX7798
Grozavesti ROXX8734
Gruelaci ROXX9332
Gruesti ROXX2279
Gruilung ROXX3759
Gruita ROXX7799
Gruiu ROXX2280
Gruiu ROXX8276
Gruiu ROXX8961
Gruiu Marului ROXX9333
Gruni ROXX6566
Grunji ROXX5350
Grusanat ROXX6567
Gubandru ROXX7800
Gubaucea ROXX7801
Guga ROXX5957
Gulia ROXX8962
Gulianca ROXX4385
Gura Aninoasei ROXX5351
Gura Arazii ROXX1515
Gura Badicului ROXX5352
Gura Bascei ROXX5353
Gura Bordului ROXX9334
Gura Bujorascu ROXX8277
Gura Calmatui ROXX4386
Gura Calnaului ROXX5354
Gura Catiasului ROXX5355
Gura Cernului ROXX3207
Gura Ciobanus ROXX3208
Gura Corni ROXX6880
Gura Craesti ROXX3209
Gura Cutului ROXX1516
Gura Dimienii ROXX5356
Gura Dobrogei ROXX6881
Gura Fagetului ROXX5357
Gura Foii ROXX7348
Gura Garlutei ROXX4387
Gura Garzii ROXX1517
Gura Hulubei ROXX2281
Gura Iutii ROXX6568
Gura Izbitei ROXX1518
Gura Lumezii ROXX8278
Gura Luncii ROXX9335
Gura Mentii ROXX8279
Gura Mijlociului ROXX7802
Gura Negrii ROXX1519
Gura Ocii ROXX5358
Gura Ocnitei ROXX7349
Gura Ondului ROXX1520
Gura Plopului ROXX3210
Gura Pravat ROXX2282
Gura Putinilor ROXX9336
Gura Racului ROXX7803
Gura Rastii ROXX5958
Gura Raului ROXX0207
Gura Rosiei ROXX1521
Gura Ruzii ROXX9337
Gura Saratii ROXX5360
Gura Siriului ROXX5361
Gura Slanicului ROXX3211
Gura Sohodol ROXX1522
Gura Sohodol ROXX3212
Gura Susitei ROXX8280
Gura Sutii ROXX7350
Gura Tarcovului ROXX5362
Gura Teghii ROXX5363
Gura Vacii ROXX2283
Gura Vaii ROXX7804
Gura Vaii ROXX3213
Gura Vaii ROXX4978
Gura Vaii ROXX5364
Gura Vaii ROXX2284
Gura Vaii ROXX2746
Gura Vulcanei ROXX7351
Gura Zlataresii ROXX3214
Gura-Humorului ROXX0758
Gurahont ROXX2747
Guranda ROXX4647
Gurani ROXX8281
Gurani ROXX3760
Gurba ROXX2748
Gurbanesti ROXX6307
Gurbanesti Noi ROXX6308
Gurbediu ROXX3761
Gurbesti ROXX3762
Gureni ROXX8282
Gurgueti ROXX4388
Gustureni ROXX6309
Gutinas ROXX3215
Gutri ROXX1523
Habeni ROXX7352
Hadarau ROXX1524
Hadau ROXX9779
Haesti ROXX8283
Hagau ROXX4156
Haghiac ROXX3216
Haghig ROXX7085
Hagioaica ROXX7353
Hagota ROXX9780
Haiducesti ROXX1525
Haiesti ROXX8284
Haieu ROXX3763
Haimanalele ROXX7354
Haineala ROXX3217
Halalai ROXX7805
Halalis ROXX2749
Halangesti ROXX8285
Halaucesti ROXX0759
Halchiu ROXX0208
Haldea ROXX9338
Hales ROXX5365
Halmacioaia ROXX3218
Halmagel ROXX2750
Halmagiu ROXX0761
Halmeag ROXX4979
Halos ROXX3219
Hanasesti ROXX1526
Hanesti ROXX4648
Hanganesti ROXX3220
Hangani ROXX3221
Hangu ROXX0209
Hantesti ROXX8736
Hanu Conache ROXX8737
Hanu de Pamanta ROXX7355
Hanu lui Pala ROXX7356
Hapria ROXX1527
Harale ROXX7086
Harau ROXX0210
Harboca ROXX5366
Harghita-Bai ROXX9781
Harhadau ROXX5367
Harja ROXX3222
Harlesti ROXX3223
Harman ROXX0211
Harnea ROXX8286
Harseni ROXX4980
Harsesti ROXX2285
Harsesti ROXX3764
Harsova ROXX6883
Hartagani ROXX9339
Hartiesti ROXX2286
Hasdat ROXX9340
Hasdate ROXX5960
Hasdau ROXX9341
Hasmasu Ciceului ROXX4157
Hatagel ROXX9342
Hateg ROXX6884
Hateg ROXX9343
Hategana ROXX1528
Hatmani ROXX3224
Hatuica ROXX7087
Hatzmas ROXX2751
Haucesti ROXX3765
Havarna ROXX4649
Helegiu ROXX3226
Heler ROXX5961
Heleresti ROXX1529
Helesteu ROXX7357
Helesti ROXX1530
Heltiu ROXX3227
Hemeeni ROXX3228
Hemeiusi ROXX3229
Henig ROXX1531
Herasti ROXX8963
Herasti ROXX5369
Herastrau ROXX4895
Herculian ROXX7088
Herepeia ROXX9344
Heresti ROXX1532
Heria ROXX1533
Herina ROXX4158
Herisani ROXX2287
Hertesti ROXX9345
Hertioana de Jos ROXX3230
Hertioana-Razesi ROXX3231
Hetea ROXX7089
Heveder ROXX9782
Hideaga ROXX0765
Hidis ROXX3766
Hidisel ROXX3767
Hidiselu de Jos ROXX3768
Hidiselu de Sus ROXX0212
Highisoaia ROXX5962
Higiesti ROXX1534
Hilib ROXX7090
Hiliseu-Closca ROXX4650
Hiliseu-Crisan ROXX4651
Hiliseu-Horia ROXX4652
Hinchiris ROXX3769
Hintesti ROXX2288
Hirean ROXX4159
Hirisesti ROXX8287
Hirlau ROXX0767
Hirsesti ROXX0768
Hlipiceni ROXX4653
Hoanca ROXX1535
Hobaia ROXX8964
Hobita ROXX8288
Hobita ROXX9346
Hobita Gradiste ROXX9347
Hobita Mica ROXX9348
Hodac ROXX0769
Hodai ROXX1536
Hodai-Boian ROXX5963
Hodai-Lupu ROXX1537
Hodaia ROXX4160
Hodarasti ROXX7358
Hodis ROXX2752
Hodis ROXX3770
Hodisel ROXX3771
Hodisesti ROXX1538
Hodivoaia ROXX8965
Hodobana ROXX1539
Hodoreasca ROXX8289
Hodos ROXX3772
Hodosa ROXX9783
Hoghia ROXX9784
Hoghiz ROXX4981
Holbav ROXX4982
Holobani ROXX1540
Holod ROXX3773
Holt ROXX3232
Homesti ROXX5370
Homorod ROXX9349
Homorodu de Jos ROXX0213
Homorog ROXX3774
Hondol ROXX9350
Hontisor ROXX2753
Hoparta ROXX1541
Hora Mare ROXX6569
Hora Mica ROXX6570
Horasti ROXX8290
Horea ROXX1542
Horezu ROXX8291
Horezu Poenari ROXX7806
Horgesti ROXX3233
Horgesti ROXX1543
Horia ROXX6885
Horia ROXX2754
Horia ROXX4389
Horia ROXX4654
Horjani ROXX5371
Horlacea ROXX5964
Horlaceni ROXX4655
Horodistea ROXX5372
Horodniceni ROXX0214
Hosasau ROXX9785
Hoscadin ROXX6886
Hotar ROXX3775
Hotar Maracineni ROXX5965
Hotarel ROXX3776
Hotarele ROXX0215
Hotaroasa ROXX8292
Hotin ROXX8293
Hriscani ROXX4656
Hriteni ROXX4657
Huci ROXX5966
Huda ROXX5967
Hudesti ROXX4658
Hudricesti ROXX1544
Hudum ROXX4659
Huedin ROXX0773
Hulesti ROXX8738
Hulub ROXX4660
Huluba ROXX8294
Huluba ROXX2289
Hulubesti ROXX7359
Hulubesti ROXX4661
Humele ROXX2290
Hunedoara ROXX0774
Hunia ROXX7807
Hurez ROXX4984
Hurezani ROXX8295
Hurezanii de Jos ROXX8296
Huruesti ROXX3234
Husasau de Cris ROXX3777
Husasau de Tinca ROXX3778
Husi ROXX0775
Huta Voivozi ROXX3780
Hutan ROXX4662
Hutu ROXX3235
Huzaresti ROXX1545
I.C. Bratianu ROXX6887
I.C. Frimu ROXX0776
Iabalcea ROXX6571
Iablanita ROXX6572
Iacobeni ROXX4663
Iacobeni ROXX9786
Iacobesti ROXX1546
Iacobini ROXX2756
Iam ROXX6573
Ianca ROXX3781
Ianca ROXX0777
Ianco ROXX9787
Ianculesti ROXX2291
Ianculesti ROXX8966
Ianilesti ROXX9351
Ianosda ROXX3782
Iapa ROXX4390
Iara ROXX5969
Iaras ROXX7091
Iasi ROXX4985
Iasi ROXX0020
Iasi-Gorj ROXX8297
Iasu ROXX9788
Iaz ROXX6574
Iazu ROXX7360
Iazu ROXX3236
Iazul ROXX3237
Ibaneasa ROXX4664
Ibanesti ROXX4665
Ibrianu ROXX4391
Ibrieanu ROXX7361
Ibru ROXX1547
Icafalau ROXX7092
Ichimeni ROXX4666
Ichimeni de Sus ROXX4667
Iclod ROXX5970
Iclod ROXX1548
Iclozel ROXX5971
Icoana ROXX8967
Icuseni ROXX4668
Iedera de Sus ROXX7362
Iercoseni ROXX2757
Iermata ROXX2758
Iermata Neagra ROXX3783
Iertof ROXX6575
Iezeru ROXX6310
Iezureni ROXX8298
Ighiel ROXX1549
Ighiu ROXX9789
Ighiu ROXX1550
Igirosu ROXX8299
Iglita ROXX4392
Ignatesti ROXX1551
Ignesti ROXX2759
Igrita ROXX5972
Ijdileni ROXX8739
Ilancu ROXX3784
Ileana ROXX5373
Ileni ROXX4986
Ilfoveni ROXX7363
Ilia ROXX9352
Ilidia ROXX6576
Ilieni ROXX7093
Iliesi ROXX3238
Iliesti ROXX8300
Iliesti ROXX3239
Iliesti ROXX1552
Iliseni ROXX4669
Ilisua ROXX4161
Ilova ROXX6577
Ilteu ROXX2760
Ilva Mare ROXX4162
Ilva Mica ROXX4163
Imeni ROXX7094
Imper ROXX9790
In Tabla ROXX4164
Inand ROXX3785
Incesti ROXX1553
Incesti ROXX3786
Inculesti ROXX3787
Independenta ROXX8740
Independenta ROXX6311
Independenta ROXX6888
Inelet ROXX6578
Ineu ROXX3788
Ineu ROXX9791
Ineu ROXX0779
Infratirea ROXX7808
Infratirea ROXX6312
Inlaceni ROXX9792
Inoc ROXX1554
Insuratei ROXX8301
Insuratei ROXX0780
Intorsura ROXX7809
Intre Basci ROXX5374
Intre Dealuri ROXX7364
Intre Paduri ROXX4165
Intregalde ROXX1555
Intresugag ROXX1556
Inucu ROXX5973
Inuri ROXX1557
Inuri ROXX2292
Ioanicesti ROXX2293
Ioanis ROXX3789
Ion Corvin ROXX6889
Ion Iacomi ROXX8741
Ionaseni ROXX4670
Ionasesti ROXX8742
Ionelele ROXX7810
Ionesti ROXX2761
Ionesti ROXX4393
Ionesti ROXX7366
Ionesti ROXX2294
Ionesti ROXX8302
Ionesti ROXX4987
Iordachesti ROXX7811
Iorga ROXX4671
Iorgulesti ROXX5375
Iosa ROXX8303
Iosas ROXX2762
Iosasel ROXX2763
Iosia ROXX3790
Ipotesti ROXX4672
Ipotesti ROXX0216
Iratosu ROXX2764
Ireasca ROXX8743
Isalnita ROXX0782
Isbasesti ROXX2295
Isca ROXX1558
Iscroni ROXX9353
Islaz ROXX3240
Islaz ROXX6313
Islazu ROXX4394
Istria ROXX6890
Istrita de Jos ROXX5376
Isvarna ROXX8304
Italieni ROXX7812
Itcani ROXX3241
Itesti ROXX3242
Iteu ROXX3791
Iteu Nou ROXX3792
Iuda ROXX4166
Iustin Georgescu ROXX4395
Ivancauti ROXX4673
Ivaneasa ROXX4167
Ivanetu ROXX5377
Ivanis ROXX1559
Ivesti ROXX8744
Ivrinezu Mare ROXX6891
Ivrinezu Mic ROXX6892
Izbicioara ROXX1560
Izbita ROXX1561
Izbuc ROXX3793
Izgar ROXX6579
Izlaz ROXX1562
Izvoare ROXX7813
Izvoare ROXX9793
Izvoarele ROXX8969
Izvoarele ROXX7367
Izvoarele ROXX6893
Izvoarele ROXX8305
Izvoarele ROXX0217
Izvoarele ROXX9354
Izvoarele ROXX1563
Izvoarele ROXX8745
Izvoarele ROXX5378
Izvoarele de Jos ROXX3243
Izvoarele de Sus ROXX3244
Izvor ROXX6580
Izvorani ROXX2296
Izvoranu ROXX5379
Izvoru ROXX7368
Izvoru ROXX5380
Izvoru ROXX8970
Izvoru Ampoiului ROXX1564
Izvoru Barzii ROXX0218
Izvoru de Jos ROXX2299
Izvoru de Sus ROXX0219
Izvoru Dulce ROXX5381
Izvoru Jos ROXX2298
Izvoru Mare ROXX6894
Izvoru Muresului ROXX9794
Izvoru Pietrii ROXX4168
Izvorul ROXX5382
Izvorul Rece ROXX7815
Jamu-Mare ROXX0786
Jardasita ROXX6581
Jaristea ROXX0220
Jebel ROXX0788
Jeflesti ROXX1565
Jegalia ROXX6314
Jeica ROXX4169
Jeledinti ROXX9355
Jelna ROXX4170
Jeristea ROXX8306
Jetu ROXX5383
Jghiab ROXX5384
Jghiaburi ROXX2300
Jibert ROXX4988
Jibou ROXX0789
Jichisu de Jos ROXX5974
Jichisu de Sus ROXX5975
Jidovita ROXX4171
Jidveiu ROXX1566
Jieni ROXX7816
Jiet ROXX9356
Jigodin Bai ROXX9796
Jigodinu ROXX9797
Jigoreasa ROXX9357
Jijia ROXX4674
Jijila ROXX0221
Jiltu ROXX8307
Jimbor ROXX4172
Jimbor ROXX4989
Jimbor Fanate ROXX5976
Jirlau ROXX0791
Jitani ROXX9358
Jitin ROXX6582
Jitoni ROXX9359
Jiu Coroesti ROXX9360
Jiu Paroseni ROXX9361
Jiu-Paroseni ROXX9362
Jiul ROXX7817
Joia Mare ROXX2765
Joita ROXX8971
Joita ROXX5385
Joita Gara ROXX5386
Jojei ROXX1567
Joldesti ROXX4675
Joldisesti ROXX1568
Jolotca ROXX9798
Jorasti ROXX8746
Jormanesti ROXX8308
Jos ROXX9799
Josani ROXX3794
Josani ROXX9363
Joseni ROXX3246
Joseni ROXX0222
Joseni ROXX5387
Jucu de Jos ROXX5978
Jucu de Mijloc ROXX5979
Jucu de Sus ROXX5980
Jucu Herghelia ROXX5977
Judesti ROXX9364
Jugulesti ROXX7369
Jugur ROXX2301
Jugureanu ROXX4396
Jugureni ROXX5388
Jugureni ROXX7370
Juguri ROXX5389
Julita ROXX2766
Jupa ROXX6583
Jupanesti ROXX8309
Jupiter ROXX6895
Jurca ROXX5981
Juresti ROXX4676
Juriu de Campie ROXX5982
Jurubesti ROXX5390
Kostuleny ROXX0793
La Cruce ROXX5983
La Curatura ROXX5984
La Curte ROXX4174
La Hodai ROXX1569
La Patrut ROXX1570
La Verut ROXX6584
Labasint ROXX2767
Laceni ROXX2303
Lacrita Mare ROXX7818
Lacrita Mica ROXX7819
Lacu ROXX5985
Lacu ROXX5391
Lacu Cocorului ROXX6315
Lacu cu Anini ROXX5393
Lacu Rezi ROXX4397
Lacu Rosu ROXX9800
Lacu Sarat ROXX3795
Lacu Sarat ROXX4398
Lacu Sinaia ROXX5392
Laculete ROXX7371
Laculete-Gara ROXX7372
Lacurile ROXX2304
Lacurile ROXX5394
Ladauti ROXX7096
Laicai ROXX2305
Lalasint ROXX2768
Laloaia ROXX3247
Lamotesti ROXX6316
Lancram ROXX1571
Langa ROXX7820
Langesti ROXX2306
Lanurile ROXX6896
Lanurile ROXX4399
Lanurile ROXX5395
Lapos ROXX3248
Lapugiu de Jos ROXX9365
Lapugiu de Sus ROXX9366
Lapusari ROXX2307
Lapusna ROXX0794
Lapusnicel ROXX6585
Lapusnicu Mare ROXX6586
Lapustesti ROXX5986
Larga ROXX8310
Larga ROXX5987
Larga ROXX3249
Largaseni ROXX3250
Largu ROXX5396
Larguta ROXX3251
Lasau ROXX9368
Latinu ROXX4400
Latoi ROXX2308
Laz ROXX2769
Laz ROXX1572
Laz-Firtanus ROXX9801
Laz-Soimus ROXX9802
Lazarea ROXX0223
Lazareni ROXX3796
Lazaresti ROXX8311
Lazaresti ROXX2309
Lazaresti ROXX9803
Lazesti ROXX1573
Lazu ROXX7821
Lazu ROXX6897
Lazuri ROXX1574
Lazuri ROXX7373
Lazuri ROXX3797
Lazuri de Beius ROXX3798
Leahu-Nacu ROXX4677
Leamna de Jos ROXX7822
Leamna de Sus ROXX7823
Leasa ROXX2770
Lechinta ROXX4175
Legii ROXX5988
Lehancea ROXX3252
Leheceni ROXX3799
Lehesti ROXX1575
Lehliu ROXX6317
Lehliu-Gara ROXX6318
Lehnesti ROXX4678
Leicesti ROXX2310
Leiculesti ROXX5397
Lelese ROXX9369
Lelesti ROXX3800
Lelesti ROXX8313
Lelesti ROXX4176
Leliceni ROXX9804
Lemnia ROXX7097
Lentea ROXX2311
Leontinesti ROXX3253
Leorda ROXX4679
Leorda ROXX8314
Leordeasa ROXX7824
Leordeni ROXX2312
Leorint ROXX1576
Leorzeni ROXX3254
Lera ROXX5398
Lereni ROXX3255
Leresti ROXX2313
Les ROXX3801
Lescovita ROXX6587
Lesile ROXX2314
Lesile ROXX7825
Lesnic ROXX9370
Lespezi ROXX2315
Lespezi ROXX6898
Lespezi ROXX0796
Lespezi ROXX1577
Lespezi ROXX3256
Lesu ROXX4177
Let ROXX7098
Letca Noua ROXX8972
Letca Veche ROXX8973
Letcani ROXX3257
Letea Veche ROXX0224
Leu ROXX0798
Leu de Sus ROXX7826
Leurda ROXX5989
Leurda ROXX8315
Liban ROXX9805
Libertatea ROXX6319
Libertatea ROXX4680
Liborajdea ROXX6588
Licari ROXX5399
Lichitiseni ROXX3258
Licuriciu ROXX8316
Licuriciu de Sus ROXX8317
Liebling ROXX0799
Liesti ROXX8747
Ligatu ROXX9806
Lihulesti ROXX8318
Lilieci ROXX3259
Limanu ROXX6899
Limba ROXX1578
Limpezisu ROXX5400
Lindenfeld ROXX6589
Linguresti ROXX5401
Linia ROXX7374
Linia Ciolanului ROXX5402
Linia de Jos ROXX8319
Linia Richitele ROXX2316
Linia Zisului ROXX2317
Lintea ROXX8320
Lintesti ROXX2318
Lipanesti ROXX0225
Lipanesti ROXX5403
Lipia ROXX1579
Lipia ROXX5404
Lipia ROXX2319
Lipieni ROXX5405
Lipnita ROXX6900
Lipova ROXX3260
Lipova ROXX0801
Lipovu ROXX0802
Lipovu de Sus ROXX7827
Lisa ROXX4990
Liscoteanca ROXX4401
Lisna ROXX4681
Lisnau ROXX7099
Lisnau Vale ROXX7100
Listeava ROXX7828
Lita ROXX5990
Liteni ROXX0226
Litenii de Sus ROXX5991
Liubcova ROXX6590
Livada ROXX3261
Livada ROXX5406
Livada ROXX4682
Livada ROXX0227
Livada ROXX5992
Livada Beiusului ROXX3802
Livada de Bihor ROXX3803
Livada Mica ROXX5407
Livadia ROXX9372
Liveni ROXX4683
Liveni Loturi ROXX4684
Livenii Sat ROXX4685
Livezeni ROXX9374
Livezeni ROXX2320
Livezeni ROXX0228
Livezi ROXX9375
Livezi ROXX7829
Livezi ROXX3262
Livezi ROXX9807
Livezi-Vale ROXX3263
Livezile ROXX4178
Livezile ROXX1580
Loamnes ROXX0229
Lobodas ROXX5993
Locodeni ROXX9808
Locu Pierzarii ROXX2772
Locusteni ROXX7830
Lodroman ROXX1581
Logresti ROXX8321
Logresti-Mosteni ROXX8322
Loloesti ROXX7831
Loman ROXX1582
Lonea ROXX9376
Lopadea Noua ROXX1583
Lopadea Veche ROXX1584
Lopata ROXX7101
Lopatareasa ROXX5408
Lopatari ROXX5409
Loranta ROXX3804
Lorau ROXX3805
Lotasi ROXX5410
Lotosi ROXX2321
Loturi ROXX4686
Loturi ROXX2322
Loturi Enescu ROXX4687
Loturi Ungureanu ROXX4688
Lovnic ROXX4991
Lovrin ROXX0807
Lozinca ROXX3264
Lozna ROXX4689
Lozna-Plesi ROXX6591
Loznicioara ROXX6592
Lozova ROXX8748
Lubirnea ROXX9377
Lucacevat ROXX6593
Luceanca ROXX7376
Lucieni ROXX0230
Lucieni ROXX2323
Luciu ROXX5411
Luculesti ROXX8323
Ludasi ROXX3265
Ludesti ROXX7377
Ludestii de Jos ROXX9378
Ludestii de Sus ROXX9379
Ludisor ROXX4992
Ludos ROXX0809
Ludovita ROXX6594
Lueta ROXX9809
Lugasu de Jos ROXX3806
Lugasu de Sus ROXX3807
Lugoj ROXX0810
Luguzau ROXX2773
Luica ROXX6320
Luica Mihai Voda ROXX6321
Luizi-Calugara ROXX0231
Luizoaia ROXX4690
Lujerdiu ROXX5994
Lumina ROXX0232
Luminesti ROXX1585
Luminile ROXX2324
Luminita ROXX6901
Luna de Jos ROXX5995
Luna de Sus ROXX5996
Lunca ROXX5412
Lunca ROXX1586
Lunca ROXX4179
Lunca ROXX6322
Lunca ROXX2325
Lunca ROXX7378
Lunca ROXX3808
Lunca ROXX8749
Lunca ROXX3266
Lunca ROXX8324
Lunca ROXX4691
Lunca ROXX9380
Lunca Ampoitei ROXX1587
Lunca Asau ROXX3267
Lunca Bisericii ROXX1588
Lunca Bontului ROXX5997
Lunca Borlesei ROXX4180
Lunca Brad ROXX9381
Lunca Calnicului ROXX7102
Lunca Corbului ROXX2326
Lunca de Jos ROXX1595
Lunca de Jos ROXX9810
Lunca de Sus ROXX1596
Lunca Dochiei ROXX3268
Lunca Florii ROXX6595
Lunca Frumoasa ROXX5413
Lunca Gantei ROXX5414
Lunca Gartii ROXX2327
Lunca Goesti ROXX1589
Lunca Guestilor ROXX1590
Lunca Ilvei ROXX4181
Lunca Jaristei ROXX5415
Lunca Jiului ROXX7832
Lunca Larga ROXX5998
Lunca Larga ROXX1591
Lunca Lesului ROXX4182
Lunca Maramesti ROXX5416
Lunca Marcusului ROXX7103
Lunca Merilor ROXX1592
Lunca Metesului ROXX1593
Lunca Murei ROXX5417
Lunca Muresului ROXX5999
Lunca Ozunului ROXX7104
Lunca Priporului ROXX5419
Lunca Putului ROXX5420
Lunca Sasului ROXX5421
Lunca Sateasca ROXX4183
Lunca Tarnavei ROXX1594
Lunca Teuzului ROXX2774
Lunca Vascului ROXX5422
Lunca Visagului ROXX6000
Lunca Zoicii ROXX6596
Luncani ROXX3269
Luncani ROXX9384
Luncani-Marginea ROXX3270
Luncanii ROXX9812
Luncasi ROXX5423
Luncasprie ROXX3809
Luncavita ROXX6597
Luncavita ROXX0813
Lunceni ROXX5424
Luncile ROXX5425
Luncoiu de Jos ROXX9385
Luncoiu de Sus ROXX9386
Luncsoara ROXX2328
Luncsoara ROXX3810
Luncsoara ROXX9387
Luncsoara ROXX2775
Luncusoru ROXX7833
Lungani ROXX2329
Lungeni ROXX6902
Lungesti ROXX5426
Lungesti ROXX6001
Lungesti ROXX8750
Lungesti ROXX2330
Lungoci ROXX8751
Lungulesti ROXX2331
Lunguletu ROXX7379
Lupac ROXX6598
Lupaiesti ROXX1597
Lupancesti ROXX7834
Luparia ROXX4692
Lupeasca ROXX4896
Lupele ROXX8752
Lupeni ROXX0233
Lupeni ROXX9813
Lupesti ROXX2776
Lupesti ROXX8325
Lupestii Carjei ROXX3271
Lupoaia ROXX3811
Lupoaia ROXX8326
Lupoita ROXX8327
Lupoiu ROXX5427
Lupsa ROXX1598
Lupsa ROXX4993
Lupsanu ROXX6323
Lupseni ROXX1599
Luptatori ROXX6324
Luptesti ROXX9388
Lupu ROXX1600
Lupueni ROXX2332
Lupulesti ROXX1601
Lusca ROXX4184
Luta ROXX4994
Lutita ROXX9814
Lutoasa ROXX7106
Macai ROXX2333
Macau ROXX6003
Macea ROXX7835
Macea ROXX2777
Macelaru ROXX6325
Macesti ROXX6599
Macesu ROXX8328
Macesu de Jos ROXX7836
Macesu de Sus ROXX7837
Maceu ROXX9389
Macicasu ROXX6004
Macin ROXX0234
Maciova ROXX6600
Maciseni ROXX8753
Macoviste ROXX6601
Macresti ROXX1602
Macrina ROXX5428
Mada ROXX9390
Madaras ROXX3812
Madaras ROXX9815
Maderat ROXX2778
Madrigesti ROXX2779
Magadan ROXX5429
Magazia ROXX3272
Magesti ROXX3813
Magharus ROXX3814
Maghera ROXX4693
Magheresti ROXX8329
Magherus ROXX7107
Maghierat ROXX1603
Magina ROXX1604
Magiresti ROXX3273
Magla ROXX3274
Maglavit ROXX0235
Magulicea ROXX2780
Magura ROXX5430
Magura ROXX6903
Magura ROXX3275
Magura ROXX8331
Magura ROXX4995
Magura ROXX9391
Magura ROXX3815
Magura ROXX7380
Magura ROXX6602
Magura Ierii ROXX6005
Magura Ilvei ROXX4185
Magura Toplita ROXX9392
Maguran ROXX3816
Magureanu ROXX9393
Magurele ROXX4186
Magureni ROXX6326
Magureni ROXX4402
Magureni ROXX0236
Maguri ROXX6006
Maguri-Racatau ROXX6007
Maguricea ROXX5431
Mahaceni ROXX6008
Mahal ROXX6009
Mahalaua Brates ROXX8754
Mahalaua Marinei ROXX2334
Mahalaua Postei ROXX2335
Mahalaua Sarbi ROXX7381
Maia ROXX6010
Maiag ROXX8333
Maidan ROXX4694
Maieru ROXX4187
Maierus ROXX4996
Mailat ROXX9395
Mailat ROXX2781
Mal ROXX6603
Malaesti ROXX5432
Malaesti ROXX7838
Malaesti ROXX9396
Malaica ROXX7839
Maldaeni ROXX0237
Maldaresti ROXX4695
Maldaresti ROXX3276
Maleia ROXX9397
Malin ROXX4188
Malinis ROXX4997
Malnas ROXX7108
Malnas Bai ROXX7109
Malosu ROXX3277
Malovat ROXX0238
Malu ROXX8974
Malu ROXX2336
Malu Alb ROXX8755
Malu cu Flori ROXX7383
Malu Mare ROXX0239
Malu Mic ROXX7840
Malu Mierii ROXX7382
Malu Spart ROXX8975
Malu Vanat ROXX2337
Malumnicu ROXX7841
Malureni ROXX2338
Malureni ROXX8756
Maluri-Catun ROXX7384
Malurile ROXX7385
Malut ROXX4189
Mamaia ROXX6904
Mamaligani ROXX1606
Manarade ROXX1607
Manasia ROXX5433
Manastioara ROXX7386
Manastirea ROXX1608
Manastirea ROXX8757
Manastirea ROXX5434
Manastirea ROXX7387
Manastirea ROXX6327
Manastirea ROXX6011
Manastirea Casin ROXX3278
Manastireni ROXX6012
Manastireni ROXX4698
Manastur ROXX2782
Manasturel ROXX4190
Mancesti ROXX1609
Mancioiu ROXX2339
Mandra ROXX4998
Mandra ROXX2340
Mandresti ROXX8758
Mandresti ROXX4699
Mandrisca ROXX3279
Mandruloc ROXX2783
Manerau ROXX2784
Manerau ROXX9398
Manesti ROXX7388
Manesti ROXX2341
Manga ROXX7389
Mangalia ROXX0821
Manic ROXX4191
Manicesti ROXX2342
Manjina ROXX7390
Manoleasa ROXX4700
Manoleasa-Prut ROXX4701
Manolesti ROXX4702
Manu ROXX9399
Manzalesti ROXX5437
Manzu ROXX5438
Maracinele ROXX7842
Maracineni ROXX2343
Maracineni ROXX5439
Maraloiu ROXX4403
Marascu ROXX3280
Marasti ROXX3281
Marasu ROXX4404
Marcesti ROXX7391
Marcesti ROXX6014
Marcesti ROXX3282
Marculesti-Gara ROXX6328
Marcus ROXX7110
Marcusa ROXX7111
Marcusesti ROXX9400
Marcusi ROXX2344
Marcuta ROXX4898
Mardaloescu ROXX6329
Mares ROXX2345
Marga ROXX6604
Margaia ROXX1610
Margaritesti ROXX5440
Margariti ROXX5441
Margau ROXX0822
Marghia de Jos ROXX2346
Marghia de Sus ROXX2347
Marghita ROXX0823
Margine ROXX3817
Marginea ROXX3283
Margineanca ROXX7392
Margineanu ROXX5442
Margineni ROXX1611
Margineni ROXX3284
Margineni ROXX4999
Margita ROXX3818
Marinesti ROXX8334
Marinesti ROXX1612
Marisel ROXX6015
Mariselu ROXX4192
Mariuta ROXX6330
Marotinu de Jos ROXX7843
Marotinu de Sus ROXX7844
Marsa ROXX8977
Marsani ROXX7845
Martacesti ROXX4405
Martalogi ROXX2348
Martanus ROXX7112
Martesti ROXX1613
Martesti ROXX2349
Martihaz ROXX3819
Martineni ROXX7113
Martinesti ROXX6016
Martinesti ROXX9401
Martinic ROXX1614
Martinis ROXX9816
Martinovat ROXX6605
Martonca ROXX9817
Maru ROXX8335
Maru ROXX6606
Maru Rosu ROXX4406
Maruntisu ROXX5443
Marvila ROXX3285
Marza ROXX7846
Marzanesti ROXX3286
Masca ROXX4703
Masca ROXX6017
Masca ROXX2785
Mascateni ROXX4704
Mastacani ROXX8759
Mataoana ROXX2350
Mataru ROXX5444
Matasari ROXX8336
Matasarii de Jos ROXX8337
Matasarii de Sus ROXX8338
Matasaru ROXX7395
Matasoaia ROXX7847
Matau ROXX2351
Matca ROXX0825
Mateesti ROXX3287
Matei ROXX4193
Matei ROXX1615
Matei Voevod ROXX7396
Mateias ROXX5000
Mateieni ROXX4705
Matesti ROXX1616
Matesti ROXX5445
Matiseni ROXX9818
Matisesti ROXX1617
Matnicu Mare ROXX6607
Matracaua ROXX7397
Maureni ROXX6608
Mavrodin ROXX7398
Mavrodolu ROXX2352
Maxenu ROXX5446
Maxineni ROXX4407
Mazaroi ROXX8339
Medeleni ROXX3288
Medgidia ROXX6905
Medias ROXX0826
Medisoru Mare ROXX9819
Medisoru Mic ROXX9820
Medresti ROXX1618
Medved ROXX6609
Medves ROXX1619
Megyes ROXX2786
Mehadia ROXX6610
Mehadica ROXX6611
Meisoarele ROXX7399
Melcesti ROXX2353
Melescani ROXX3289
Meletie ROXX8978
Melinesti ROXX7848
Mentii din Dos ROXX8340
Mera ROXX6018
Mercheasa ROXX5001
Mercina ROXX6612
Mercurea ROXX0827
Merei ROXX0241
Mereni ROXX7400
Mereni ROXX6906
Mereni ROXX7114
Mereteu ROXX1620
Merfulesti ROXX8341
Meria ROXX9402
Mericeaua ROXX8342
Merii ROXX7401
Meris ROXX7402
Merisani ROXX0242
Merisor ROXX9403
Merisor ROXX7115
Merisoru ROXX7403
Mermesti ROXX2787
Mermezeu Valeni ROXX9405
Mescreac ROXX1621
Mesendorf ROXX5002
Mesentea ROXX1622
Mesteacan ROXX6613
Mesteacan ROXX7404
Mesteacan ROXX4706
Mesteacan ROXX9406
Metes ROXX1623
Meteu ROXX7849
Metofu ROXX2354
Meziad ROXX3820
Mezindin ROXX6614
Mica ROXX2355
Mica ROXX6019
Micanesti ROXX9407
Micesti ROXX0243
Micesti ROXX1624
Micesti ROXX6020
Micfalau ROXX7116
Miclauseni ROXX4707
Miclausoaia ROXX3290
Miclosani ROXX2356
Miclosanii Mari ROXX7405
Miclosanii Mici ROXX7406
Miclosoara ROXX5003
Miclosu ROXX8343
Micoslaca ROXX1625
Micudia ROXX1626
Miculesti ROXX8344
Mielusei ROXX8345
Mierag ROXX3821
Miercani ROXX2357
Miercurea-Ciuc ROXX0245
Mierea ROXX8346
Mierea ROXX5448
Mierea Mosneni ROXX8347
Mierlau ROXX3822
Miersig ROXX3823
Mihaesti ROXX9408
Mihaesti ROXX0246
Mihaesti ROXX6021
Mihaesti ROXX1627
Mihaesti ROXX2358
Mihai Bravu ROXX3824
Mihai Bravu ROXX8979
Mihai Viteazu ROXX6907
Mihai Viteazu ROXX6331
Mihai Viteazu ROXX6022
Mihai Viteazu ROXX4708
Mihai Voda ROXX8980
Mihail Eminescu ROXX4709
Mihaileni ROXX9822
Mihaileni ROXX4711
Mihaileni ROXX9409
Mihailesti ROXX8981
Mihaita ROXX7850
Mihalaseni ROXX4712
Mihalcesti ROXX5451
Mihalt ROXX1628
Miheleu ROXX3825
Mihoesti ROXX1629
Mija ROXX7407
Milas ROXX4196
Milcesti ROXX2359
Milcoiu ROXX0247
Milcovatu ROXX8983
Milcovul ROXX0248
Mileanca ROXX4713
Milesti ROXX7851
Milestii de Jos ROXX3291
Milestii de Sus ROXX3292
Miletin ROXX4714
Militari ROXX4899
Milosesti ROXX8984
Milosesti ROXX7408
Milotina ROXX6332
Milova ROXX2788
Milovan ROXX7852
Miluiti ROXX5452
Miluta ROXX8348
Mina Chepet ROXX7117
Minead ROXX2789
Minele Lueta ROXX9823
Minereni ROXX9824
Minis ROXX2790
Minisel ROXX2791
Minisu de Sus ROXX2792
Mintia ROXX9410
Mintiu ROXX4197
Mintiu Gherlii ROXX6023
Mioarele ROXX2360
Mionesti ROXX8985
Miorcani ROXX4715
Miorica ROXX5453
Miorita ROXX6909
Mioveni ROXX2361
Miraslau ROXX1630
Mirau ROXX8986
Mircea ROXX5454
Mircea Voda ROXX6910
Mircea Voda ROXX4409
Mircea Voda ROXX7409
Mircea Voda-Gara ROXX6911
Mircesti ROXX6912
Mireasa ROXX6913
Mirenasi ROXX3293
Mires ROXX4198
Miristea ROXX6914
Miron Costin ROXX4716
Mirosi ROXX2362
Mirosi Miluiti ROXX5455
Miroslava ROXX0249
Mirosloveni ROXX8349
Misca ROXX2793
Misca ROXX3826
Mischieni ROXX6024
Mischii ROXX0250
Misentea ROXX9825
Misihanesti ROXX3294
Mislea ROXX7410
Mititei ROXX4199
Mitoc ROXX4717
Mitreni ROXX6333
Mitropolia ROXX5456
Mitrutesti ROXX1631
Miulesti ROXX7411
Mizies ROXX3827
Mizil ROXX0839
Mlacele ROXX5457
Mlacile ROXX7412
Mlajet ROXX5458
Mlecanesti ROXX7853
Mlenauti ROXX4718
Moacsa ROXX7118
Moara Crovului ROXX7413
Moara de Padure ROXX6025
Moara din Groapa ROXX7415
Moara Enica ROXX5459
Moara Jorii ROXX4719
Moara Mocanului ROXX2363
Moara Noua ROXX7414
Moara Noua ROXX6334
Moara Ungurului ROXX9411
Mocani ROXX5460
Moceris ROXX6616
Mociu ROXX0840
Mocod ROXX4200
Mocrea ROXX2794
Modelu ROXX0252
Modolesti ROXX1632
Modreni ROXX5461
Moeciu de Jos ROXX0253
Moeciu de Sus ROXX0254
Mofleni ROXX7855
Moflesti ROXX7856
Moglanesti ROXX9826
Mogos ROXX1633
Mogos ROXX8762
Mogosani ROXX8350
Mogosani ROXX7416
Mogoseni ROXX4201
Mogosesti ROXX7417
Mogosesti ROXX0844
Mogosesti ROXX7857
Mogosesti ROXX2364
Mogosesti ROXX8987
Mogosoaia ROXX0255
Mohreanu ROXX4410
Moii ROXX8351
Moinesti ROXX0846
Moisica ROXX5462
Moldova Noua ROXX0256
Moldova Veche ROXX6617
Moldovenesti ROXX6026
Moldovita ROXX6618
Moldovita ROXX0848
Moliset ROXX4202
Monaila ROXX1634
Monariu ROXX4203
Moneasa ROXX2795
Monesti ROXX8352
Moniom ROXX6619
Monor ROXX4204
Monorostia ROXX2796
Morareni ROXX9827
Moraresti ROXX1635
Moraresti ROXX2365
Morasti ROXX2366
Morau ROXX6027
Moravita ROXX0257
Morcanesti ROXX1636
Mordana ROXX5463
Moreni ROXX7858
Moreni ROXX3295
Moreni ROXX7418
Moriste ROXX6028
Morlaca ROXX6029
Moroda ROXX2797
Moroeni ROXX7419
Moroesti ROXX2367
Morotesti ROXX4411
Morteni ROXX7420
Mortesti ROXX6030
Morut ROXX4205
Moscu ROXX8763
Mosesti ROXX5464
Mosestii Noi ROXX5465
Mosestii Vechi ROXX5466
Mosia Mica ROXX7421
Mosici ROXX9412
Mosna ROXX0850
Mosna ROXX7859
Mosneni ROXX7860
Mosneni ROXX6915
Mosnita Noua ROXX0258
Mosoaia ROXX0259
Mosoarele ROXX3296
Mosora ROXX9413
Mosoru ROXX9414
Mosteni Greci ROXX2368
Mostercut ROXX6031
Mosternic ROXX6620
Motaeni ROXX7422
Motatei ROXX7861
Motatei Gara ROXX7862
Motesti ROXX3828
Motesti ROXX8353
Motiori ROXX3829
Motoc ROXX3297
Motocesti ROXX3298
Motoci ROXX7863
Motohani ROXX5467
Motorasti ROXX1637
Motorgi ROXX8354
Motoseni ROXX3299
Motostiti ROXX8355
Motru ROXX8356
Motru Sec ROXX8357
Motruna ROXX5468
Movila ROXX7423
Movila ROXX4720
Movila Banului ROXX5469
Movila Miresei ROXX4412
Movila Oii ROXX5470
Movila Rupta ROXX4721
Movila Verde ROXX6916
Movila-Miresii ROXX0853
Movilele ROXX4413
Movileni ROXX8764
Movileni ROXX4414
Movilita ROXX6917
Movilita ROXX5471
Movilita ROXX3300
Mozaceni ROXX2369
Mucesti ROXX5472
Muchea ROXX4415
Mucheni ROXX4416
Muereasca ROXX0260
Muereni ROXX7864
Mugeni ROXX9828
Mugesti ROXX1638
Mugesti-Recea ROXX1639
Muierusu ROXX7865
Mujna ROXX9829
Munar ROXX2798
Muncel ROXX1640
Muncelu ROXX3301
Muncelu Mare ROXX9415
Muncelu Mic ROXX9416
Muntari ROXX1641
Muntele Baisorii ROXX6033
Muntele Bocului ROXX6034
Muntele Cacovei ROXX6035
Muntele Filii ROXX6036
Muntele Mic ROXX0261
Muntele Rece ROXX6037
Muntenesti ROXX1642
Munteni ROXX7866
Munteni ROXX3830
Munteni ROXX8765
Mununa ROXX1643
Muratan ROXX6918
Muratanu Mare ROXX6919
Muratanu Mic ROXX6920
Muratoarea ROXX5474
Muraturile ROXX5475
Mures-Sat ROXX9830
Murfatlar ROXX6921
Murgasu ROXX7867
Murgesti ROXX8358
Murgesti ROXX5476
Murgilesti ROXX8359
Murguta ROXX4722
Murta ROXX7868
Musa-Mare ROXX5477
Musatesti ROXX2370
Musca ROXX1644
Muscani ROXX5478
Muscel ROXX7424
Muscel ROXX5479
Muscelu ROXX5480
Muscelu Darei ROXX5481
Muscelusa ROXX5482
Musculesti ROXX8360
Musetesti ROXX8361
Mustatesti ROXX2372
Mustesti ROXX2799
Musuroaie ROXX5006
Musuroiu ROXX9417
Mutesti ROXX6040
Nadab ROXX2800
Nadalbesti ROXX2801
Nadar ROXX3831
Nadas ROXX2802
Nadaselu ROXX6041
Nadastia ROXX1645
Nadastia de Jos ROXX9418
Nadastia de Sus ROXX9419
Nadejdea ROXX9831
Nadisa ROXX3302
Nadlac ROXX0856
Naeni ROXX5483
Nagy-Marus ROXX2803
Naidas ROXX6621
Naipu ROXX8990
Nalativad ROXX9420
Nalbant ROXX0262
Namaesti ROXX2373
Namas ROXX1646
Nametele ROXX8362
Namoloasa ROXX8766
Namoloasa-Sat ROXX8767
Namoloasa-Tirg ROXX0858
Nana ROXX0859
Nandru ROXX9421
Nanesti ROXX3303
Nanesti-Vale ROXX3304
Naoiu ROXX6042
Napaesti ROXX1647
Napiros ROXX9832
Nartesti ROXX8768
Nartestii de Jos ROXX8769
Nasal ROXX6043
Nasaloaia ROXX6044
Nasaud ROXX0860
Nastase ROXX4723
Nastaseni ROXX3305
Nasturelu ROXX0263
Natarai ROXX7869
Navodari ROXX0264
Nazarcea ROXX6922
Nazaroaia ROXX3306
Nazaru Nou ROXX4417
Neagra ROXX2804
Neagra de Jos ROXX1648
Neagra de Sus ROXX1649
Neajlovu ROXX7425
Neajlovu ROXX8991
Nearsova ROXX6045
Necrilesti ROXX1650
Nedeia ROXX7870
Nedelcu ROXX4418
Nedelcu ROXX3307
Nedelcu Chercea ROXX4419
Negel ROXX3308
Negesti ROXX1652
Negesti ROXX2374
Negoaia ROXX3309
Negoesti ROXX8363
Negoesti ROXX0863
Negoi ROXX9422
Negoiu ROXX9423
Negomiru ROXX8364
Negosina ROXX5484
Negrasi ROXX2375
Negrea ROXX8770
Negreni ROXX2376
Negreni ROXX4724
Negreni ROXX3311
Negreni ROXX8365
Negreni ROXX6046
Negresti ROXX6923
Negresti ROXX2377
Negresti ROXX4725
Negresti ROXX1653
Negresti ROXX0864
Negri ROXX3312
Negrilesti ROXX4207
Negrilesti ROXX8771
Negru-Voda ROXX0865
Negulesti ROXX3313
Negureni ROXX6924
Neguseni ROXX3314
Nehoiasu ROXX5485
Nehoiu ROXX5486
Nejlovelu ROXX2378
Nelegesti ROXX1654
Nemertea ROXX5487
Nemes ROXX1655
Nenciu ROXX5488
Nenciulesti ROXX5489
Nepos ROXX4208
Neptun ROXX6925
Nermed ROXX6622
Nermis ROXX2805
Neteni ROXX4209
Neudorf ROXX2806
Nichiteni ROXX4726
Nichitoaia ROXX7872
Nicolae Balcescu ROXX2807
Nicolae Balcescu ROXX4727
Nicolae Balcescu ROXX0265
Nicolae Balcescu ROXX6336
Nicolae Balcescu ROXX6926
Nicolae Balcescu ROXX4420
Nicolaesti ROXX7426
Nicoleni ROXX9833
Nicolesti ROXX4421
Nicolesti ROXX9834
Nicolesti ROXX5490
Nicolint ROXX6623
Nicopole ROXX8772
Nicoresti ROXX1656
Nicoresti ROXX8773
Nicoresti ROXX3315
Nicseni ROXX0266
Nicula ROXX6047
Niculcea ROXX4728
Niculesti ROXX1657
Niculesti ROXX5491
Niculesti ROXX7427
Niculitel ROXX0867
Nigrisoara ROXX2379
Nima ROXX6048
Nima-Catun ROXX6049
Nimaesti ROXX3832
Nimigea de Jos ROXX4210
Nimigea de Sus ROXX4211
Nires ROXX6050
Nires ROXX4212
Niscov ROXX5492
Nisip ROXX5494
Nisipari ROXX6927
Nisipuri ROXX7873
Nisipurile ROXX7428
Nisipurile-Noi ROXX4422
Nistoiu ROXX7874
Nistoresti ROXX5495
Nistoresti ROXX6928
Niuved ROXX3833
Noaptes ROXX2380
Noghirez ROXX9835
Nojag ROXX9424
Nojorid ROXX0267
Noslac ROXX1658
Noua ROXX5007
Novacesti ROXX1659
Novaci ROXX8992
Novaci-Romani ROXX8366
Novaci-Straini ROXX8367
Novacu ROXX7875
Nucet ROXX3834
Nucet ROXX7430
Nucetu ROXX6337
Nucetu ROXX8368
Nuci ROXX6338
Nucsoara ROXX9425
Nucsoara ROXX2381
Nucu ROXX5496
Nuntasi ROXX6929
Nuseni ROXX4213
Nusfalau ROXX0870
Nuteni ROXX9836
Oanca ROXX8774
Oancea ROXX4423
Oancea ROXX8775
Oarda de Jos ROXX1660
Oarda de Sus ROXX1661
Oarja ROXX0268
Oasa ROXX6051
Oasu ROXX6052
Obarsia ROXX8369
Obarsia ROXX2808
Obarsia ROXX3316
Obarsia Tiurului ROXX1662
Obedeni ROXX8993
Obedinu ROXX7876
Obilestii Vechi ROXX6339
Obislav ROXX7431
Obita ROXX6624
Oblesti ROXX2382
Obranesti ROXX9837
Obreja ROXX0269
Obreja ROXX8370
Obreja ROXX1663
Obrejeni ROXX8371
Oceale ROXX1664
Ocha-Mures ROXX0873
Ocheni ROXX3317
Ochisoru ROXX7877
Ochiu Boului ROXX7432
Ochiuri ROXX7433
Ocisor ROXX2809
Ociu ROXX2810
Ocland ROXX9838
Ocna de Fier ROXX6625
Ocna de Jos ROXX9839
Ocna de Sus ROXX9840
Ocna Dejului ROXX6053
Ocna Mures ROXX1665
Ocna Sibiului ROXX0270
Ocna Sugatag ROXX0271
Ocnele Mari ROXX0272
Ocnisoara ROXX1666
Ocnita ROXX0273
Ocnita ROXX4214
Ocoale ROXX6054
Ocolis ROXX6055
Ocolis ROXX9427
Ocolisel ROXX6056
Ocolisu Mic ROXX9428
Odaeni ROXX2383
Odai ROXX6626
Odai ROXX4424
Odaia ROXX7878
Odaia Banului ROXX5497
Odaia Manolache ROXX8776
Odaia Turcului ROXX7434
Odaia Vladichii ROXX6340
Odaile ROXX5498
Odobesti ROXX7435
Odobesti ROXX0274
Odobesti ROXX3318
Odoleni ROXX7879
Odoreu ROXX0275
Odverem ROXX1667
Odvos ROXX2811
Oesti-Pamanteni ROXX2384
Oesti-Ungureni ROXX2385
Ogasu Podului ROXX6627
Ogesti ROXX3835
Ogoru ROXX6341
Ograzile ROXX5499
Ogrezea ROXX2386
Ogrezeni ROXX8994
Ohaba ROXX1668
Ohaba ROXX9429
Ohaba ROXX5008
Ohaba ROXX8372
Ohaba Matnic ROXX6628
Ohaba-Bistra ROXX6629
Ohaba-Jiu ROXX8373
Ohaba-Ponor ROXX9432
Ohaba-Romina ROXX0881
Ohaba-Sibisel ROXX9433
Ohaba-Streiului ROXX9434
Ohabita ROXX6630
Oidesti ROXX1669
Oiejdea ROXX1670
Oinacu ROXX0276
Oinesti ROXX8995
Oiseanu ROXX5500
Oituz ROXX3319
Oituz ROXX6930
Ojasca ROXX5501
Ojdula ROXX7120
Olaneasca ROXX4425
Olari ROXX8374
Olari ROXX2812
Olari ROXX5502
Olariu ROXX6057
Olcea ROXX3836
Olesesti ROXX5503
Olimp ROXX6931
Ologeni ROXX7436
Olosig ROXX3837
Olteanca ROXX2387
Olteanu ROXX8375
Olteni ROXX7437
Olteni ROXX6932
Olteni ROXX7121
Oltenita ROXX6342
Oltenita Rurala ROXX6343
Oltet ROXX5009
Oltina ROXX0883
Oltina ROXX6344
Oncesti ROXX3320
Oncesti ROXX1671
Oncesti ROXX8996
Oncesti ROXX2388
Oncesti ROXX7438
Oncestii Vechi ROXX3321
Onciu ROXX8777
Oneaga ROXX0884
Onesti ROXX3322
Oniscani ROXX3323
Oniscani-Sat ROXX3324
Oniscani-Targ ROXX3325
Opresti ROXX1672
Opresti ROXX2389
Oprisani ROXX6058
Oprisenesti ROXX4426
Oprisesti ROXX3326
Oprisesti ROXX1673
Oradea ROXX0019
Orasa ROXX3327
Orasa-Avram ROXX3328
Orasani ROXX7880
Orasca ROXX6345
Oraseni ROXX9841
Oraseni-Deal ROXX4729
Oraseni-Vale ROXX4730
Orasti ROXX1674
Orastie ROXX0886
Orastinile ROXX6059
Oratia ROXX5504
Oravita ROXX0887
Oravita Montana ROXX6631
Oravita Romana ROXX6632
Orazina ROXX4215
Orbari ROXX5505
Orbeni ROXX8376
Orbeni ROXX3329
Orbenii de Sus ROXX3330
Orbicu ROXX3331
Orbu ROXX8778
Ordoreanu ROXX8997
Oreasca ROXX7439
Oreavul ROXX5506
Orevita ROXX0888
Orezaria Brates ROXX8779
Orgesti ROXX1675
Orheiu Bistritei ROXX4216
Orlat ROXX0277
Orlea ROXX1676
Orman ROXX6060
Ormenis ROXX5010
Ormenis ROXX1677
Ormindea ROXX9437
Orodel ROXX2390
Orodelu ROXX0890
Oroftiana ROXX4731
Oroftiana de Jos ROXX4732
Orosfaia ROXX4217
Orsova ROXX0891
Ortiteag ROXX3838
Orvisele ROXX3839
Orzaneasca ROXX5507
Orzari ROXX6933
Orzesti ROXX8377
Orzu ROXX8378
Osand ROXX3840
Osebiti ROXX3332
Osmancea ROXX6934
Osorheiu ROXX0278
Osorhel ROXX6061
Ostrov ROXX6935
Ostrov ROXX2813
Ostrov ROXX9438
Ostrovel ROXX9439
Ostroveni ROXX0279
Ostrovu ROXX6347
Ostrovu Azaclau ROXX8780
Ostrovu Mic ROXX9440
Oteleni ROXX0894
Otelesti ROXX3333
Otelu ROXX2391
Otelu Rosu ROXX0280
Oteni ROXX9842
Otomani ROXX3841
Otopeni ROXX0281
Ovidiu ROXX6936
Ozun ROXX7122
Ozunca-Bai ROXX7123
Pacalesti ROXX3842
Pachia ROXX7124
Pacioiu ROXX2392
Paclele ROXX5508
Paclisa ROXX9441
Paclisa ROXX1678
Pacura ROXX5509
Pacurele ROXX3334
Pacurile ROXX5510
Padea ROXX7881
Pades ROXX8379
Padina ROXX5511
Padina ROXX1679
Padina Matei ROXX6633
Padis ROXX3843
Padure ROXX1680
Padurea ROXX1681
Padurea Iacobeni ROXX6062
Padurea Neagra ROXX3844
Padureni ROXX5512
Padureni ROXX4733
Padureni ROXX2393
Padureni ROXX3845
Padureni ROXX7440
Padureni ROXX6063
Padureni ROXX6937
Padureni ROXX3335
Padureni ROXX8998
Padurenii ROXX6064
Padurenii ROXX5513
Padureti ROXX2394
Padurisu ROXX6348
Pagida ROXX1682
Paglisa ROXX6065
Pagubeni ROXX3336
Paicu ROXX6349
Paisani ROXX8380
Paius ROXX3846
Paiuseni ROXX2814
Pajistea ROXX3337
Pajistele ROXX8381
Palade ROXX7441
Paladesti ROXX3338
Palamida ROXX3339
Palanca ROXX8999
Palanca ROXX3340
Palanga ROXX2397
Palanguta ROXX9000
Palas ROXX6938
Palatca ROXX6066
Palazu Mare ROXX6939
Palazu Mic ROXX6940
Paleu ROXX3847
Palevin ROXX6634
Paliciu ROXX5514
Palilula ROXX7882
Palos ROXX5011
Palota ROXX3848
Paltenu ROXX2398
Paltin ROXX5012
Paltinata ROXX3341
Paltinata de Jos ROXX3342
Paltineasa ROXX4218
Paltineni ROXX5515
Paltinis ROXX3343
Paltinis ROXX4734
Paltinis ROXX5516
Paltinis ROXX9843
Paltinis-Ciuc ROXX9844
Paltinoasa ROXX0897
Paltinu ROXX8382
Panade ROXX1683
Panaghia ROXX7883
Panaitoaia ROXX4735
Panatau ROXX5517
Panc ROXX9442
Panc Seliste ROXX9443
Panca ROXX1684
Pancesti ROXX3344
Panciu ROXX0898
Pancota ROXX2815
Panesti ROXX7442
Panet ROXX0282
Paniceni ROXX6067
Pantasesti ROXX3849
Pantea ROXX4427
Pantecani ROXX4428
Pantelimon ROXX6941
Pantelimon ROXX0283
Pantesti ROXX1685
Panticeu ROXX6068
Papiesti ROXX6636
Papolcz ROXX7125
Papuci ROXX5518
Para Runcu ROXX3345
Paraiasul ROXX7126
Parani ROXX9445
Paraschivesti ROXX2399
Parau ROXX5013
Parau ROXX1686
Parau Agas ROXX3346
Parau Asodului ROXX9845
Parau Boghii ROXX3347
Parau Boia ROXX8384
Parau Carbunari ROXX1687
Parau de Pripor ROXX8386
Parau de Vale ROXX8387
Parau Gruiului ROXX1688
Parau Iovului ROXX1689
Parau Negru ROXX4736
Parau Noghirez ROXX9846
Parau Rece ROXX5014
Parau Rosu ROXX2400
Parau Sumuleu ROXX9847
Parau Ursului ROXX3348
Parau Viu ROXX8385
Parava ROXX3349
Pardina ROXX0284
Pardosi ROXX5519
Pargaresti ROXX3350
Parhida ROXX3850
Parincea ROXX0285
Parincea-Sat ROXX3351
Parjol ROXX3352
Parjolesti ROXX5520
Parligeni ROXX7884
Parneaura ROXX6637
Parnesti ROXX2816
Paroaia ROXX6350
Paroasa ROXX9446
Paros ROXX9447
Parsani ROXX7885
Parsanii Nou ROXX7886
Parsanii Vechi ROXX7887
Parscov ROXX5521
Parscov de Jos ROXX5522
Parscov de Sus ROXX5523
Parscovelu ROXX5524
Parva ROXX4219
Parvanesti ROXX8388
Parvova ROXX6638
Parvulesti ROXX3353
Parvulesti ROXX7443
Parvulesti ROXX1690
Parvulesti ROXX8389
Pasarani ROXX8390
Pasarea ROXX9001
Pasareni ROXX0286
Pasaroiu ROXX5525
Pasateni ROXX4737
Pascaneanca ROXX7444
Pascani ROXX0904
Pascareni ROXX3354
Paschii ROXX8391
Paslari ROXX9002
Pastarnacu ROXX7445
Pastesti ROXX1691
Pata ROXX6069
Patarlagele ROXX5526
Patas ROXX6639
Patrahaitesti ROXX1692
Patrangeni ROXX1693
Patrascani ROXX3355
Patrauti ROXX0287
Patroaia Deal ROXX7446
Patroaia Vale ROXX7447
Patru Case ROXX4738
Patrusesti ROXX6070
Patrutesti ROXX1694
Patuleni ROXX2401
Patusesti ROXX1695
Pauca ROXX1696
Paucinesti ROXX9448
Pauleasa ROXX2402
Pauleasca ROXX2403
Pauleni ROXX9848
Pauleni ROXX2404
Pauleni-Ciuc ROXX0288
Paulesti ROXX3851
Paulesti ROXX1697
Paulis ROXX9449
Paun ROXX4739
Paunei ROXX7448
Paunesti ROXX0907
Paunesti ROXX2405
Pausa ROXX3852
Pausesti-Maglasi ROXX0289
Pava ROXX7127
Pe Podirei ROXX4220
Pe Vale ROXX5527
Peceneaga ROXX0909
Pechea ROXX0910
Pecica ROXX0911
Pecineaga ROXX0912
Pecinisca ROXX6640
Pegeni ROXX8392
Peles ROXX1698
Peletucii de Jos ROXX3356
Peletucii de Sus ROXX3357
Pelinu ROXX6943
Pelinu ROXX6351
Penes ROXX9003
Pepiniera Ceala ROXX2818
Perchiu ROXX3358
Peregu Mare ROXX2819
Peregu Mic ROXX2820
Pereni ROXX7888
Peresti ROXX8393
Peretu ROXX0290
Pereveciori ROXX9450
Peris ROXX6944
Perisor ROXX4221
Perisoru ROXX6352
Perisoru ROXX7889
Perisoru Nou ROXX7890
Perjesti ROXX1699
Persani ROXX5015
Persicani ROXX2821
Persinari ROXX7449
Persunari ROXX7128
Pescari ROXX6641
Pescari ROXX7891
Pescari ROXX2822
Pesteana ROXX9451
Pesteana Jiu ROXX8394
Pesteana Vulcan ROXX8395
Pesteana-de-Jos ROXX0914
Pestenita ROXX9452
Pestera ROXX5016
Pestera ROXX6945
Pestera ROXX9453
Pestere ROXX3853
Pesterea ROXX9454
Pesterea ROXX6642
Pestis ROXX3854
Pestisani ROXX8396
Pestisu Mare ROXX9455
Pestisu Mic ROXX9456
Pestritu ROXX5529
Petchi ROXX3359
Petea ROXX6071
Petecu ROXX9849
Petelca ROXX1701
Petelei ROXX1702
Peteni ROXX7129
Petercse ROXX2823
Petid ROXX3855
Petnic ROXX6643
Petrachei ROXX7892
Petrachesti ROXX5530
Petrachioaia ROXX0291
Petrani ROXX3856
Petreasa ROXX1703
Petreasa ROXX3857
Petreni ROXX9850
Petreni ROXX1704
Petreni ROXX9457
Petresti ROXX8397
Petresti ROXX6072
Petresti ROXX9458
Petresti ROXX2406
Petresti ROXX7450
Petresti ROXX1705
Petrestii de Jos ROXX6073
Petrestii de Sus ROXX6075
Petreu ROXX3858
Petricani ROXX4740
Petriceni ROXX7130
Petricheni ROXX3361
Petrici ROXX1706
Petricica ROXX3362
Petrila ROXX0292
Petrileni ROXX3859
Petrilova ROXX6644
Petris ROXX2824
Petris ROXX4222
Petrisat ROXX1707
Petrisoru ROXX5531