Weather Codes for Republic of the Congo

Find Weather Codes or Weather Zip Codes for states and cities in Republic of the Congo. Weather Codes references a specified Location and is used to get weather of that place accurately. They are used by The Weather Channel( by IBM), Yahoo! Weather, AOL Weather and many such weather forecasting platforms. It is similar to Yahoo's WOEID(Where On the Earth ID) that is used to represent each place uniquely.

You can know the weather of any place precisely with the help of weather codes. Find the current weather of your state or city by clicking on it. You will be redirected to The Weather Channel site with your weather code for accurate weather forecast.

Aba CFXX0405
Aba I CFXX3960
Abala CFXX2884
Abala CFXX3961
Abala-Ndolo CFXX3962
Abalaka CFXX0989
Abam CFXX4617
Abana CFXX0990
Abankima CFXX2885
Abatsambi CFXX3963
Abea CFXX0406
Abeke CFXX0991
Abela CFXX0992
Abela CFXX3964
Abela CFXX0407
Abeya CFXX0408
Abi CFXX3965
Abila CFXX3966
Abili CFXX3967
Abinga CFXX0409
Abo CFXX3968
Abogo CFXX3969
Aboko CFXX0411
Aboko II CFXX0412
Abolo CFXX0413
Abolo I CFXX0993
Abolo II CFXX0994
Aboua CFXX0414
Abouma CFXX0415
Aboundji CFXX0416
Aboundji CFXX0995
Abvounougou CFXX1665
Abvoura CFXX0996
Adiala CFXX4618
Adiba CFXX0417
Adinagayenes CFXX4619
Adinga CFXX0418
Adinga CFXX0997
Adjipo CFXX2886
Adzi CFXX3970
Adzie CFXX0419
Adzie II CFXX0420
Aeko CFXX0421
Afou CFXX3971
Afou-Moke CFXX3972
Afoudou CFXX0422
Ahouma CFXX0423
Akabandele CFXX0424
Akabi CFXX3973
Akala CFXX3974
Akalamba CFXX0998
Akamou CFXX0999
Akana CFXX3975
Akana CFXX1000
Akana I CFXX1001
Akana II CFXX1002
Akao CFXX3976
Akara CFXX0425
Akaya CFXX1003
Akele CFXX0426
Akele CFXX3977
Akeokoue CFXX3978
Akiele CFXX3979
Akombo CFXX4620
Akombo CFXX1004
Akomou CFXX1005
Akongo CFXX3980
Akongo CFXX1006
Akou CFXX3981
Akoua CFXX1008
Akoualebango CFXX1009
Akounda CFXX0427
Akouo CFXX3982
Akousika CFXX3983
Ala CFXX3984
Alad CFXX4621
Alangon CFXX4622
Alangong CFXX4623
Alat CFXX4624
Alebo CFXX0428
Alege Pira CFXX3985
Aleki CFXX3986
Alemba CFXX3987
Alembe CFXX3988
Aleme CFXX1010
Alieme CFXX1011
Alieni CFXX1012
Alieni I CFXX1013
Allembe CFXX0429
Allion CFXX3989
Ambangui CFXX0430
Ambende CFXX1014
Ambimi CFXX1015
Ambimi CFXX0431
Amboangue CFXX0432
Ambomi CFXX1016
Ambomo CFXX1666
Ambomo CFXX0433
Ambosso CFXX0434
Amboto CFXX1667
Amboue CFXX3990
Amiele CFXX3991
Amina CFXX0435
Amo CFXX1017
Amosabo CFXX2887
Ampaka CFXX3992
Ampo CFXX2888
Ampo CFXX3993
Anbabou CFXX3994
Anbala CFXX3995
Anbela CFXX1018
Anbiele CFXX3996
Anbombongo CFXX3997
Ancien Bibaya CFXX1019
Ancien Chimpeze CFXX1285
Ancien Diambola CFXX2045
Ancien Diangala CFXX2239
Ancien Dola CFXX1286
Ancien Kivoko CFXX1287
Ancien Mabanzi CFXX2240
Ancien Meme CFXX1288
Ancien Ngonbe CFXX4625
Ancien Nioungui CFXX1289
Ancien Otala CFXX1020
Ancien Vouvou CFXX2241
Andebe CFXX0436
Andeko CFXX1021
Andjala CFXX0437
Andjoko CFXX1022
Andjoko II CFXX1023
Ando CFXX0438
Andouma CFXX1024
Andoumou CFXX3998
Andounou CFXX3999
Andzieme CFXX4000
Andzion CFXX4001
Andzogo CFXX1668
Andzoko CFXX1025
Andzounou CFXX4002
Angale CFXX0439
Angama CFXX4003
Angao CFXX4004
Angieme CFXX4005
Ango CFXX4006
Angomo CFXX1026
Angomon CFXX1027
Angomon II CFXX1028
Angoue CFXX4007
Angoueli CFXX4008
Angouere CFXX4009
Angoulou I CFXX4010
Angoulou II CFXX4011
Anikou CFXX2046
Anka CFXX2889
Ankan CFXX4013
Anki CFXX4014
Ankono CFXX4015
Ankou CFXX4016
Ankouadzia CFXX4017
Ankouandzion CFXX1669
Ankouokari CFXX4018
Ansene CFXX4019
Antande CFXX4020
Antangi CFXX1670
Antchoko CFXX1029
Antsui CFXX4021
Antzieme CFXX4022
Anzian CFXX4023
Apoko CFXX0441
Apombo CFXX0442
Apoto CFXX0443
Asa CFXX4024
Asale CFXX4025
Asene CFXX4026
Asenge CFXX4027
Asigi CFXX0444
Asina CFXX4028
Asingo CFXX4029
Asombo CFXX1293
Asoumani CFXX4030
Assaki CFXX0445
Assaki-Moke CFXX0446
Assala CFXX0447
Assegbout CFXX4626
Assengue CFXX4031
Assiene CFXX0448
Assina CFXX4032
Assoko CFXX0449
Assouangui CFXX0450
Assoukou CFXX0451
Assoumoundele CFXX4627
Atali CFXX4033
Atali CFXX0452
Atekou CFXX0453
Atekou I CFXX0454
Atekou II CFXX0455
Atekou III CFXX0456
Atelier Robin CFXX1294
Ati-Ati CFXX4034
Attention CFXX4628
Aubeville CFXX0042
Ayali CFXX0457
Ayandza CFXX1030
Ayari CFXX0458
Ayina CFXX0459
Azombo CFXX4629
Babali CFXX0005
Babela CFXX2890
Babinga CFXX4035
Bacongo CFXX2891
Bad CFXX4630
Bademousi CFXX2892
Badimo CFXX2893
Badimossi CFXX2894
Badoungou CFXX1671
Bagamba CFXX1672
Bakala CFXX2242
Bakelo CFXX0460
Bakendje CFXX4631
Bakouengo CFXX0461
Bakoula CFXX2895
Balabiletsi CFXX2243
Balanganba CFXX4036
Balemon CFXX4037
Balhois CFXX2047
Bali CFXX4038
Balimo CFXX4039
Balouro CFXX2896
Bam CFXX4632
Bama CFXX1673
Bamagod II CFXX4633
Bamanganienze CFXX2244
Bamanganzo CFXX0043
Bamba CFXX2897
Bamba CFXX4040
Bamba CFXX1295
Bambabamba CFXX2898
Bambala CFXX1296
Bambala CFXX2899
Bambama CFXX1674
Bambembe CFXX0044
Bamboma CFXX2900
Bambou CFXX4041
Bambouyi CFXX0045
Bamegod CFXX4634
Banbama II CFXX1675
Banbami CFXX0046
Banbidi CFXX1676
Banda CFXX4635
Banda-Kayes CFXX2245
Bandakoumou CFXX2246
Bandeko CFXX2048
Bandi CFXX2901
Bandjila CFXX1297
Bandjoko CFXX1677
Bandoye CFXX1678
Bandza CFXX4042
Bandza CFXX1031
Bandza Moke CFXX0462
Bandzali CFXX1679
Bandzibikie CFXX2902
Bandzie CFXX1680
Bandzieme CFXX1681
Bandzieme CFXX4043
Bandzoko CFXX2247
Bandzoko CFXX1682
Bandzounou CFXX4044
Banga CFXX0006
Bangadi CFXX2248
Bangama CFXX1683
Bangasou CFXX4045
Bangi CFXX2049
Bangi CFXX2903
Bango CFXX2904
Bango CFXX2249
Bangolo CFXX2250
Bangondo CFXX2251
Bangou CFXX2905
Bangui-Motaba CFXX2050
Bangui-Sale CFXX1032
Banguila CFXX1299
Bangwene CFXX4046
Banianda CFXX2906
Bankousou CFXX1684
Banpakasa CFXX2907
Bantsielissi CFXX0047
Bantsoussou CFXX1685
Banyanba CFXX0463
Banzamboma CFXX2908
Banzana-Gouende CFXX0464
Banzangoun CFXX2909
Banzangueri CFXX2910
Banziele CFXX0048
Banziemo CFXX2911
Baobab de Brazza CFXX2252
Baoundele CFXX4636
Baponbo CFXX2051
Bara I CFXX0465
Bara II CFXX0466
Baratier CFXX0007
Bas-Kouilou CFXX1300
Basongila CFXX2912
Basoupoulawawou CFXX2253
Bassela CFXX2052
Bata Louango CFXX2254
Batekok CFXX4637
Batsiessi CFXX2256
Batsingou CFXX2257
Baya CFXX4047
Baya CFXX1033
Baya CFXX0467
Baye-Loango CFXX1686
Bayombe CFXX2258
Bazam CFXX2913
Beaba CFXX4048
Beabea CFXX4638
Beantsion CFXX4049
Bebezi CFXX2914
Behentsio CFXX4050
Beinge CFXX1687
Bekanga I CFXX4051
Bekanga II CFXX4052
Bekonmbo CFXX2053
Bela CFXX2915
Bela CFXX1034
Bele CFXX4053
Bellelo CFXX1301
Bellevue CFXX4639
Belo CFXX0049
Bemba CFXX2916
Bemba-Loisa CFXX2917
Bembe CFXX4640
Bembe CFXX1035
Bembike CFXX0050
Bembo Mbote CFXX2259
Bempo CFXX4054
Bena I CFXX1302
Bena II CFXX1303
Bendza CFXX1036
Bene CFXX0468
Bene CFXX4055
Bene CFXX2054
Bengeko CFXX4056
Benseke CFXX2918
Benza CFXX4641
Benze CFXX0469
Berandjokou CFXX2055
Besio CFXX2919
Bessie CFXX4642
Betou CFXX2056
Betoukoumba CFXX2058
Bia CFXX1037
Biabiel CFXX4643
Biala CFXX0470
Bibaka CFXX2260
Bibanga CFXX1688
Bibay CFXX2261
Bibaya CFXX1038
Bibondo CFXX0051
Biboua CFXX2920
Biboubou CFXX2921
Bibroua CFXX2922
Bidoua CFXX1689
Bidoumo I CFXX4644
Bidzaka CFXX1690
Bidzaka Bakota CFXX1691
Biessi CFXX4645
Bifousa CFXX2262
Bihongo CFXX2263
Bihoua CFXX1692
Bikabisende I CFXX2264
Bikabisseme CFXX2265
Bikabissende II CFXX2266
Bikakala CFXX2267
Bikala CFXX1693
Bikata CFXX2923
Bikeke CFXX2924
Bikie CFXX1694
Bikoka CFXX0052
Bikondolo CFXX1304
Bikonga CFXX2925
Bikongo CFXX2268
Bikouka CFXX0053
Bikoulou CFXX2926
Bikoumbi CFXX0054
Bikoumou CFXX2269
Bilala CFXX1305
Bilembe CFXX0471
Biliki CFXX2927
Bilinga CFXX1306
Bilolo CFXX2928
Bilongo CFXX2929
Bilouboudi CFXX2930
Biloungou CFXX2270
Bimanakassa CFXX2059
Bimba CFXX1307
Bimba CFXX2271
Bimbakassa CFXX1308
Bimbe CFXX0472
Bimbo CFXX2060
Bimbouloulou CFXX2931
Bime CFXX2932
Bimsialoulou CFXX2272
Bindama CFXX4646
Binga CFXX1309
Binkota CFXX2933
Binnsounga CFXX2934
Binnsounsou CFXX2935
Binoue CFXX2936
Binzou CFXX4647
Binzou CFXX0473
Bio CFXX4648
Bioko CFXX1310
Biokono CFXX4057
Bipoye CFXX2273
Bisai CFXX0055
Bisala CFXX1695
Bisambi II CFXX2061
Bisel CFXX0474
Bisinza CFXX0056
Bissambi CFXX2062
Bissele CFXX2937
Bissengui CFXX2274
Bissindji I CFXX1311
Bissinja CFXX2938
Bissinnza CFXX2939
Bissongo CFXX1312
Bitala CFXX2940
Bitanbala CFXX2941
Bitata CFXX1313
Bitatolo CFXX2942
Biteke CFXX1696
Bitelomono CFXX2943
Bitobianoka CFXX2944
Bitolo CFXX2275
Bitono CFXX1697
Bitsandou CFXX2276
Bitsika I CFXX2945
Bitsiki CFXX2946
Bitsoumani CFXX2947
Bivenzo CFXX1314
Bivoumbi CFXX1315
Bivoundoulou CFXX1316
Biyamba CFXX2277
Bizoua CFXX0057
Boa CFXX4058
Boa CFXX2063
Boali CFXX2278
Bobana CFXX4059
Bobanda CFXX4060
Bobele CFXX2064
Bobi CFXX4061
Bobo CFXX2065
Bobongo CFXX0475
Bobousa CFXX0476
Bobueta CFXX0477
Bodjata CFXX4649
Bodouango CFXX4062
Bodouango II CFXX4063
Bodouango III CFXX4064
Bodzeka CFXX4065
Bodzendzo CFXX2066
Bogi CFXX0478
Bohoulou CFXX0479
Boka CFXX4066
Boka CFXX0480
Bokaba CFXX2948
Bokale CFXX2067
Bokanda CFXX0481
Bokanga CFXX2068
Bokangue CFXX0482
Bokania CFXX0483
Bokatola CFXX2069
Boketa CFXX2070
Boko CFXX0484
Boko CFXX2071
Boko CFXX2949
Boko Songho CFXX0058
Boko Village CFXX2950
Bokodzi CFXX2072
Bokokoto CFXX2073
Bokola CFXX0485
Bokolo CFXX2951
Bokoma CFXX0486
Bokombo CFXX0487
Bokonko CFXX0488
Bokoso CFXX0489
Bokoso II CFXX0490
Bokoso III CFXX0491
Bokouanbolo CFXX4067
Bokouele CFXX0492
Bokwele CFXX0493
Bola CFXX4650
Boleke CFXX2074
Boleko CFXX0494
Bolo CFXX2952
Bolomo CFXX2075
Boloso CFXX4651
Bolozo CFXX4652
Bomadjokou CFXX1039
Bomalinga CFXX4653
Bomassa CFXX4654
Bomassingue CFXX0495
Bombala CFXX4068
Bombo CFXX2076
Bomboa CFXX4655
Bombongo CFXX4656
Bomioko CFXX0496
Bomo CFXX1040
Bomo II CFXX0059
Bonanga CFXX0497
Bonbe CFXX0498
Bonbokouta CFXX0499
Bonbongo CFXX4657
Bondi CFXX1317
Bondjodjouala CFXX1041
Bondo CFXX1318
Bondo CFXX2953
Bondo I CFXX2954
Bondo II CFXX2955
Bondoki CFXX2077
Bondomako CFXX2078
Bondzale CFXX0008
Bondzoumbe CFXX2079
Bonekak CFXX4658
Bonga CFXX0500
Bonga CFXX4659
Bongandzi CFXX2080
Bongoi CFXX2081
Bongolo CFXX2279
Bongombele CFXX2082
Bongondo-Foret CFXX2280
Boniala CFXX0501
Boniola-Boundja CFXX4660
Bonza CFXX2956
Bonzonda CFXX0503
Bop CFXX4661
Bop II CFXX4662
Bordo CFXX2957
Bosalo CFXX0504
Boseka CFXX2083
Bosemba CFXX2084
Bosende CFXX4663
Boso CFXX0060
Bosobatele CFXX2281
Bosomba CFXX4069
Bossaka CFXX4664
Bossaki CFXX0505
Bossere CFXX4070
Bosso II CFXX0061
Bossouaka CFXX1042
Bossoungui CFXX0506
Botala CFXX2085
Botando CFXX0507
Botanga CFXX2086
Botchebe CFXX0508
Bote Sounga CFXX1319
Botechiami CFXX1043
Botena CFXX0509
Boto-Babinga CFXX4665
Botobo CFXX4666
Botongo CFXX2087
Botonou CFXX0510
Botouali CFXX0511
Botouali CFXX2088
Boua CFXX2089
Boua-Boua CFXX0062
Bouaboua CFXX2958
Bouadi CFXX0063
Bouaki CFXX2959
Bouali CFXX2282
Bouali Gouli CFXX1320
Bouambe CFXX4071
Bouanga CFXX4072
Bouanila CFXX2090
Bouanissa CFXX2960
Bouansa CFXX0064
Bouanza CFXX0065
Bouba CFXX1698
Bouba CFXX2091
Boubangui CFXX2092
Boube CFXX4073
Boubisi CFXX1321
Boubou CFXX4074
Bouboue CFXX2283
Boucy-Boucy CFXX2093
Bouda CFXX1322
Boudel CFXX4667
Boudianga CFXX2284
Boudinga CFXX2285
Boudou CFXX2286
Boudouhou CFXX1699
Boudzouka CFXX2961
Boudzouka I CFXX2287
Boudzouka II CFXX2288
Boudzoumou CFXX2962
Bouegni CFXX0513
Bouemba CFXX4075
Bouende CFXX0066
Bouende Nkombo CFXX2963
Bouengue CFXX2964
Bouenze CFXX2965
Boui CFXX0514
Bouka-Oussango CFXX1323
Boukabene CFXX2289
Boukagni Dilou CFXX1324
Boukakata CFXX1326
Boukala CFXX2966
Boukanzi CFXX2967
Boukeni CFXX2968
Boukiero CFXX2969
Boukolo CFXX1700
Boukondjo CFXX2970
Boukonzo CFXX2971
Boukou Paka CFXX0009
Boukou Pambou CFXX1327
Boukoulibouali CFXX1328
Boukoumoukongo CFXX2290
Boukouni-Favre CFXX2291
Boulamaletchi CFXX1329
Boulania CFXX4076
Boulankio CFXX2972
Boulankio I CFXX2973
Boulankio II CFXX2974
Boulapessa CFXX2292
Boulemo CFXX4077
Bouli CFXX1330
Bouligi CFXX0515
Boulingi CFXX1331
Bouloka CFXX4078
Boulolo CFXX1701
Boulotombi CFXX1332
Boulou CFXX1044
Boulou CFXX4079
Boulou Nguimbi CFXX2293
Bouloumounoua CFXX0067
Bouma CFXX0010
Bouma CFXX4080
Bouma CFXX2094
Boumakaba CFXX4668
Boumba CFXX0516
Boumba CFXX4081
Boumbi CFXX0068
Boumbou I CFXX0069
Boumbou II CFXX0070
Boumogni CFXX1333
Boumou CFXX0071
Bounda CFXX4669
Bounda CFXX4082
Boundji CFXX0517
Boundji CFXX4083
Boundou CFXX2294
Boundoukou CFXX2295
Boundoula CFXX2296
Boundzele CFXX4670
Bounga CFXX4084
Boungalou CFXX2297
Boungolo CFXX1334
Boungono CFXX1702
Boungoto CFXX2298
Boungou CFXX0072
Boungou CFXX2299
Boungou-Lesouka CFXX2300
Bouniangoulou CFXX0518
Bouninnga CFXX2975
Bounkassi CFXX2976
Bounsana CFXX2977
Bouomo CFXX4671
Boupanda CFXX2301
Bourou Moukouti CFXX2302
Bousamba CFXX2303
Bousoumouna CFXX0073
Boussieli CFXX2304
Boussissi CFXX2305
Boutaba CFXX1703
Boutama CFXX2306
Boutanoka CFXX2095
Boutazab CFXX4672
Boutembi CFXX2307
Boutila CFXX1335
Boutili CFXX1336
Boutobo CFXX4673
Boutsana CFXX2978
Boutsari CFXX2979
Boutsouka CFXX2980
Bouvandji CFXX1337
Bouyala CFXX2981
Bouyala I CFXX2982
Bouyala II CFXX2983
Bouyanou CFXX2984
Bouyi CFXX2308
Bouyougou CFXX1704
Bowando CFXX4085
Boya CFXX0519
Boyaka CFXX0520
Boyelle CFXX2096
Boyenngue CFXX0521
Boyeye CFXX4086
Boyoko CFXX0522
Boyoko-Biri CFXX0523
Bozongo CFXX0524
Brazzaville CFXX0001
Bvi CFXX4087
Bwali CFXX2309
Bwanlanga CFXX4088
Cabosse CFXX4674
Camp Avoine CFXX2310
Campement Inion CFXX2986
Case Barnier CFXX2987
Cayo CFXX1338
Cimassissa CFXX1339
Comba CFXX2988
Como CFXX4675
Condji CFXX1340
Conkouati CFXX1341
Cote-Mateve CFXX1342
Cotivindou CFXX1343
Dakar CFXX0074
Dakar-Komo CFXX4676
Dalat CFXX2989
Dandi CFXX2311
Dchitou Bouala CFXX2312
Debrouille CFXX4677
Dembo CFXX2313
Dembouanou CFXX1344
Demeyong CFXX4678
Dendaba CFXX4089
Dia CFXX4679
Diambala CFXX2314
Diambo Lounga CFXX2315
Diamboufana CFXX2316
Dianga CFXX1705
Diangala CFXX2317
Diba CFXX1045
Dibaba CFXX2097
Dibaguil CFXX4680
Dibangou CFXX2318
Dibengui CFXX2990
Dibeni CFXX2319
Diboueta CFXX2320
Diboumba CFXX2321
Didsandou CFXX2322
Dienga CFXX0012
Difounda CFXX2323
Dighondzy CFXX2324
Dihetso CFXX0075
Dihetso CFXX2325
Diki CFXX0525
Dikokele CFXX2991
Dikota CFXX2326
Dilou-Mamba CFXX2327
Dimba CFXX1345
Dimba CFXX2992
Dimbeko CFXX2328
Dimi CFXX4090
Dimina CFXX2329
Dimonika CFXX1346
Dimou CFXX4091
Dinda CFXX4092
Dinga CFXX0526
Dinga Ndoki CFXX2330
Dingi CFXX0076
Dingi-Malembe CFXX2331
Dingui CFXX1706
Diosso CFXX0013
Diousala CFXX2332
Disiala CFXX2333
Disiala-Dikana CFXX2334
Disinga CFXX2335
Dissadikana CFXX2336
Dissandou CFXX2337
Ditadi CFXX2338
Ditendolo CFXX2339
Ditouadila CFXX2340
Ditouga CFXX2341
Ditsandou CFXX2342
Divenie CFXX2343
Divevi CFXX2344
Djadaka CFXX0527
Djambala CFXX4093
Djampono CFXX4681
Djanbala CFXX4094
Djanga CFXX1046
Djeba CFXX1347
Djemba CFXX2098
Djemi CFXX1707
Djeno CFXX1348
Djilampoutou CFXX1349
Djinji CFXX1350
Djio CFXX0528
Djitoye CFXX2099
Djoabouri CFXX4095
Djoko CFXX2993
Djoko CFXX0529
Djokoumatoumbi CFXX4682
Djona Wele CFXX4683
Djongo CFXX0530
Djou CFXX4096
Djoua CFXX2994
Djouama CFXX0531
Djouama CFXX1047
Djoube CFXX2100
Djoumbele CFXX2101
Djouo CFXX4097
Doba CFXX2995
Dola CFXX1351
Dolisie CFXX2345
Dombando CFXX2102
Don CFXX4684
Done CFXX4685
Dongo CFXX4098
Dongo-Moke CFXX4099
Dongo-Niama CFXX0532
Dongou CFXX0014
Doua CFXX0533
Douakani CFXX1708
Douane CFXX1352
Douari CFXX1709
Doubandjo CFXX1048
Doubila CFXX2346
Doudou CFXX1710
Douengue CFXX0534
Douka CFXX1049
Doukabakoutala CFXX2996
Doukanga CFXX2347
Doulou CFXX1050
Douma CFXX1051
Douma CFXX4686
Douma I CFXX1052
Douma II CFXX1053
Doumakenia CFXX4687
Doumanga CFXX2348
Doumanga CFXX1353
Doumanga III CFXX1354
Doumani CFXX2349
Doumay CFXX1711
Doumaya CFXX1712
Doumbi CFXX2350
Dounengue CFXX0535
Doungila CFXX2351
Doungou CFXX1355
Doungou CFXX0077
Doungou I CFXX0078
Doungou II CFXX0079
Dounguila CFXX2352
Douodjina CFXX4688
Douvolo CFXX1356
Douvoye CFXX2353
Dzabi CFXX4100
Dzaka CFXX0536
Dzandza CFXX1054
Dzandza CFXX4689
Dzanga CFXX2103
Dzanga CFXX0080
Dzanga CFXX1713
Dzani CFXX4101
Dzanza CFXX0081
Dzatakola CFXX2354
Dzeke CFXX2104
Dziba CFXX2997
Dziba CFXX1714
Dziba Dziba CFXX2355
Dziba Dziba CFXX1715
Dziba-Dziba CFXX2356
Dziele CFXX0537
Dziengele CFXX0082
Dziengo CFXX2357
Dziengoue Bakota CFXX1716
Dzikou CFXX0538
Dzinga CFXX2358
Dzingou CFXX2359
Dzio-Dzio CFXX2998
Dzogo I CFXX0539
Dzogo II CFXX0540
Dzokotro CFXX2999
Dzolokonzo CFXX4102
Dzouala CFXX3000
Dzoukoumioko CFXX2360
Dzoula CFXX1717
Dzoumbou CFXX3001
Eba CFXX4103
Ebala CFXX4104
Ebalad CFXX4690
Ebalo Yeke CFXX0541
Ebambi CFXX2105
Ebana CFXX1055
Ebani CFXX4105
Ebani CFXX2361
Ebelima CFXX4691
Ebembe CFXX2106
Ebeyi CFXX1718
Ebi CFXX4106
Ebiamboma CFXX4107
Ebiese CFXX4108
Ebila CFXX2107
Ebili CFXX1056
Ebondamore CFXX4692
Ebonga CFXX1057
Ebongo CFXX0542
Ebongo CFXX4109
Ebongui CFXX0543
Eboro CFXX4110
Ebosso CFXX0544
Ebou CFXX4111
Ebou CFXX1058
Eboua CFXX0545
Ebouie CFXX4112
Ebouli CFXX4113
Eboumadanga CFXX4693
Eboundji CFXX0546
Eboungou CFXX0547
Ebouo CFXX4114
Eboyo CFXX4115
Ebvoura CFXX4116
Edigui CFXX1059
Edikangoue CFXX0548
Ediki CFXX1060
Edola CFXX4694
Edou CFXX0549
Edzama CFXX2108
Edzeo CFXX4117
Edzouanseke CFXX4118
Edzouga CFXX0550
Edzounou CFXX4119
Eere CFXX4120
Efoundou CFXX4121
Eghui CFXX4695
Egoual-Gouol CFXX4696
Eguinndi CFXX0551
Eka CFXX0552
Eka CFXX1061
Ekadouma CFXX4697
Ekagna CFXX0553
Ekaka CFXX1062
Ekami CFXX0554
Ekanda CFXX0555
Ekari CFXX4122
Ekasa CFXX4123
Ekassa CFXX4124
Ekebe CFXX4698
Ekelaki CFXX0556
Ekele CFXX4125
Ekeri CFXX1063
Ekeyi CFXX1064
Ekie CFXX4126
Ekiembe CFXX0557
Ekiesse CFXX0558
Ekimou CFXX0559
Eko CFXX4127
Ekob I CFXX4699
Ekogo CFXX0560
Ekoli CFXX0561
Ekolo CFXX4128
Ekombebana CFXX1065
Ekomo CFXX3002
Ekondjo CFXX4700
Ekondzo CFXX0562
Ekongo CFXX0563
Ekongo CFXX4129
Ekongo I CFXX0564
Ekongo II CFXX0565
Ekorokoro CFXX4130
Ekoso CFXX4131
Ekosso CFXX4132
Ekouamou CFXX4701
Ekouanguila CFXX2109
Ekouassende CFXX4133
Ekouele CFXX0566
Ekouembe CFXX0567
Ekouili CFXX4134
Ekouli CFXX0568
Ekoum CFXX4702
Ekouma CFXX2362
Ekoumani CFXX0569
Ekoumoukou CFXX1066
Ekounda CFXX0570
Ekouya CFXX1067
Ekovamou CFXX0571
Ekwasende-Moke CFXX4135
Elama CFXX4703
Elanga CFXX0572
Elen CFXX4704
Elen I CFXX4705
Elen II CFXX4706
Elielie CFXX4136
Elima Otoko CFXX0573
Elingossayo CFXX0574
Elion CFXX4137
Elissalde CFXX2363
Elo I CFXX4138
Elo II CFXX4139
Elo III CFXX4140
Elogo CFXX4707
Elolo CFXX4141
Elombe CFXX0575
Elondi CFXX4142
Elonga I CFXX4143
Elonga II CFXX4144
Elongo CFXX0576
Elonzi CFXX0577
Elouna CFXX4145
Eloundi CFXX4146
Eloundji CFXX0578
Elouo CFXX4147
Elouongwala CFXX4148
Emania CFXX0579
Emanika CFXX3003
Embene CFXX4149
Embouli CFXX4150
Embouma CFXX4151
Embouon CFXX4152
Emonpibi CFXX4153
Empoura CFXX0580
Endagui CFXX1068
Endeke CFXX0581
Endigui CFXX1069
Endike CFXX1070
Endoulou CFXX4154
Endouo CFXX1071
Eneinkwere CFXX4155
Engali CFXX0582
Engali CFXX4156
Engana CFXX0583
Enganga CFXX4157
Engankou CFXX4158
Engie CFXX4159
Engobe CFXX1072
Engonda CFXX1073
Engondo CFXX0584
Engouete CFXX0585
Engouma CFXX4160
Eniangamba CFXX4161
Enieme CFXX4708
Eniemie CFXX4709
Enkandziana I CFXX4162
Enkatsiana CFXX4163
Enkeya CFXX1074
Enkosso CFXX1075
Enkoulou CFXX4164
Enta CFXX4165
Entou CFXX4166
Entsele CFXX4167
Entsiami CFXX1076
Entsiele CFXX4168
Entsiele-Moke CFXX4169
Enyelle CFXX2110
Eoura CFXX0586
Epa CFXX4170
Epal CFXX4710
Epari CFXX4171
Epele CFXX2111
Epena CFXX0015
Epete CFXX0587
Epinatsa CFXX4172
Epinge CFXX4173
Epoma CFXX4711
Epou CFXX4174
Epounou CFXX4175
Esagi CFXX4176
Esala CFXX4177
Esami CFXX4178
Esan CFXX4179
Esanga CFXX4180
Esasaka CFXX0588
Esasiba CFXX3004
Esi CFXX4181
Esial CFXX4182
Esiala CFXX4183
Esibili CFXX4184
Esimbi CFXX0589
Essa CFXX0590
Essi CFXX0591
Essimbi CFXX0592
Essombi CFXX0593
Essoura CFXX1077
Etaba CFXX4185
Etaba I CFXX1078
Etaba II CFXX1079
Etandi CFXX4186
Etdjama CFXX0594
Ete CFXX4712
Etebe II CFXX1719
Eti CFXX0595
Eti CFXX1080
Etiele CFXX3005
Etiene CFXX4187
Etiouk-Mindele CFXX4713
Etogo Tsami CFXX4188
Etoka CFXX1081
Etolo CFXX4189
Etono CFXX4190
Etono CFXX1720
Etonton CFXX4191
Etoro CFXX4192
Etoro II CFXX4193
Etoumbi CFXX1082
Etoumbi CFXX0596
Etoumi CFXX1083
Etsi CFXX4194
Etsouali CFXX4195
Etzouese CFXX4196
Ewasi CFXX4197
Ewo CFXX1084
Eyoka CFXX1085
Eyongo CFXX0597
Eyouga CFXX1721
Eyoulou CFXX4198
Faraka CFXX2112
Fia CFXX3006
Fila CFXX2364
Fobo CFXX4199
Foota CFXX3007
Foret de Malaka CFXX2365
Fouari CFXX2366
Fouatou CFXX3008
Foumbou CFXX3009
Foundiba CFXX3010
Foundou-Foundou CFXX3011
Founfoundou CFXX3012
Founvou CFXX0083
Foura CFXX1086
Fouta CFXX0016
Fouta CFXX0598
Gabangola CFXX3013
Gabanoue CFXX3014
Gabanpakassa CFXX3015
Gabou CFXX1722
Gaboumi CFXX3016
Gakonde CFXX1723
Gala CFXX2367
Galoumboma CFXX3017
Gama CFXX4714
Gamakala CFXX3018
Gamalie CFXX3019
Gamawolo CFXX3020
Gambari CFXX3021
Gambi-Sissi CFXX2368
Gambo CFXX4200
Gamboma CFXX4201
Gambou-Dimani CFXX1357
Gamboulou CFXX3022
Gambouomo CFXX3023
Gamibakou CFXX3024
Gamikole CFXX3025
Gamissakou CFXX3026
Gamissami CFXX3027
Gamissiba CFXX3028
Gamobale CFXX0084
Gamotala CFXX3029
Gampoko CFXX3030
Ganba CFXX4202
Ganbie CFXX4203
Ganda CFXX3031
Ganda Chimpeze CFXX1358
Gandabinda CFXX2369
Gandou CFXX3032
Gandou CFXX2113
Gandou Makanda CFXX1359
Ganfou CFXX3033
Gangania CFXX2114
Gangasa CFXX4715
Ganguebongui CFXX1087
Gania CFXX4204
Gankiele CFXX4205
Gankoma CFXX4206
Gankourou CFXX3034
Gantala CFXX4207
Gantchou CFXX3035
Gantchou Moke CFXX3036
Gantsankie CFXX4208
Ganzikolo CFXX4716
Garabinzam CFXX4717
Gatondo CFXX4718
Gatsou CFXX3038
Gayikay CFXX4209
Gele-Okasa CFXX4210
Gelibi CFXX4211
Gengi CFXX2370
Gien CFXX4212
Gingidi CFXX2371
Giraud CFXX2372
Giri CFXX0085
Gite CFXX1088
Goa CFXX4719
Gola CFXX4720
Gola II CFXX4721
Golo CFXX4722
Goma CFXX2373
Goma J.B. CFXX3039
Goma-Tchilounga CFXX1360
Gomansoussou CFXX3040
Gombe CFXX3041
Gomeche CFXX3042
Gonaka CFXX2374
Gonaka CFXX1724
Gonambila CFXX1725
Gondzo CFXX2375
Gonga CFXX2115
Gongo CFXX2376
Gosi-Gosi CFXX4213
Gouali-Pesso CFXX1361
Gouaneboum CFXX4723
Gouanga CFXX2377
Goubangoye CFXX2116
Gouende CFXX4214
Gouga CFXX2117
Goui CFXX4215
Goulanbali CFXX4216
Goulanganpini CFXX4217
Goulanpika CFXX4218
Goulianza CFXX3043
Goulmenen CFXX4724
Gouma CFXX3044
Goumb CFXX0017
Goumbi CFXX1362
Goumina CFXX1363
Gounantsio CFXX4219
Gounda CFXX2118
Goundji CFXX1364
Goungou CFXX3046
Grand Bois CFXX1726
Grand Village CFXX2378
Guela CFXX3047
Guela-Como CFXX4220
Guele CFXX4221
Guena CFXX1365
Guenzie CFXX3048
Hapilo CFXX0086
Haute Djouari CFXX3049
Hidi CFXX0087
Hikolo CFXX0088
Hinda CFXX1366
Holle CFXX1367
Hollemoni CFXX1368
Houtziongo CFXX2379
Ibabi CFXX0599
Ibaka CFXX3050
Ibaki CFXX2119
Ibamba CFXX2380
Ibanga CFXX2120
Ibe CFXX4222
Ibea CFXX0600
Ibeke CFXX0601
Ibeke I CFXX0602
Ibele Bobianka CFXX4726
Ibenga CFXX2121
Ibeni CFXX2381
Ibenide CFXX2382
Ibinda CFXX4223
Ibindouka CFXX2383
Iboboli CFXX4224
Iboko CFXX0603
Ibolo CFXX2122
Ibonga CFXX0604
Ibonga CFXX1089
Ibongo CFXX0605
Ibonima CFXX0606
Ibouma CFXX0607
Ibouna CFXX0608
Ibounga CFXX4225
Idenga CFXX0609
Idienguele CFXX2384
Idjalatchinge CFXX0610
Idjima CFXX1727
Idoubi CFXX1728
Idoumi CFXX2385
Idzendi CFXX2386
Iedike CFXX2387
Ielo CFXX2388
Ifouga CFXX2389
Ifouka CFXX2390
Ifoundaka CFXX0611
Ifourou CFXX3051
Ifouta CFXX0612
Ifouta CFXX4727
Igela CFXX2391
Igomi CFXX2392
Igouda CFXX0613
Igoyo CFXX2393
Ihimbou CFXX0614
Ihoura CFXX0615
Ikai CFXX0616
Ikalou CFXX1369
Ikamba CFXX4728
Ikamou CFXX0617
Ikasinde CFXX4729
Ikaya CFXX1729
Ikelemba CFXX4730
Ikengbegbele CFXX2123
Ikinnga Ouassa CFXX0618
Iko CFXX0619
Iko CFXX4226
Ikoko CFXX4731
Ikolomoye CFXX4732
Ikomi CFXX3052
Ikonda CFXX4733
Ikongounou CFXX0620
Ikossa CFXX0621
Ikou CFXX0622
Ikouanga CFXX0623
Ikouangala CFXX2124
Ikouele CFXX4227
Ikoumou CFXX0624
Ikoumou-Okohoko CFXX0625
Ikounda CFXX0626
Ikouri CFXX3053
Ilala CFXX2394
Ilanda CFXX0627
Ilanga CFXX2125
Ilanga CFXX0628
Ilanga CFXX4228
Ilebou CFXX0629
Ilembou CFXX1090
Ilendo CFXX2395
Ilenga CFXX0630
Illanga CFXX0631
Illanga Djongo CFXX0632
Ilokolangoue CFXX0633
Ilokoyo CFXX1091
Ilolo CFXX3054
Ilongo CFXX4734
Ilongue CFXX4735
Ilou Panga CFXX2396
Ilou-Madoungou CFXX1370
Ilounga CFXX2397
Iloungou CFXX2398
Ilouo CFXX3055
Imagna CFXX0634
Imbali CFXX3056
Imbama CFXX3057
Imbana CFXX4229
Imbassa CFXX2399
Imbou CFXX4230
Imboula CFXX1730
Imbouli CFXX3058
Imboulo CFXX3059
Imbouri CFXX4231
Imfono CFXX3060
Imfoumbi CFXX3061
Imfouna CFXX3062
Impani CFXX3063
Impe CFXX4232
Impfini Ntaso CFXX3064
Impfondo CFXX0004
Impfouba CFXX3065
Impini CFXX4233
Impo CFXX1731
Impo CFXX3066
Impo CFXX4234
Imporo CFXX4235
Impoumbi CFXX3067
Imvouba CFXX3068
Indo CFXX1732
Indoula CFXX3069
Indoulou CFXX4236
Indouma I CFXX4736
Indouna CFXX3070
Indzie CFXX4237
Indzomoko CFXX1092
Inga CFXX3071
Inga CFXX1733
Inga CFXX4238
Inga Dihika CFXX2400
Ingama CFXX1734
Ingambe CFXX3072
Ingana CFXX4239
Inganga CFXX0635
Ingangouon CFXX4240
Ingebi CFXX2401
Ingele CFXX2402
Ingolo CFXX3073
Ingolo I CFXX1735
Ingolo II CFXX1736
Ingondo CFXX0636
Ingou CFXX4241
Ingouanzami CFXX3074
Ingouele CFXX4242
Ingouene CFXX4243
Ingouli CFXX3075
Ingoumina CFXX1737
Ingouna CFXX4244
Ingouomo CFXX2403
Ingouoni-Moke CFXX4245
Ingue CFXX0637
Inguena-Oyako CFXX0638
Ingwene CFXX4246
Inieon CFXX3076
Iniounga CFXX2404
Inka CFXX4247
Inkala-Matiba CFXX3077
Inkan CFXX4248
Inkia CFXX1738
Inkie CFXX3078
Inkieno CFXX3079
Inkolo CFXX3080
Inkouara CFXX4249
Inkoubi CFXX3081
Inkouele CFXX4250
Inkoui CFXX3082
Inkouo CFXX3083
Inkousou CFXX4251
Inkoyo CFXX3084
Innguegue CFXX0639
Inngueke CFXX0640
Inokou CFXX2126
Inoni CFXX3085
Inpini CFXX4252
Inpwene CFXX4253
Insa CFXX4254
Insianva CFXX4255
Insini CFXX3086
Insouni CFXX3087
Intala CFXX4256
Intese CFXX4257
Intiele CFXX3088
Intou I CFXX4258
Intou II CFXX4259
Intsiala CFXX4260
Intsiele CFXX4261
Invoua CFXX4262
Invouni CFXX1739
Iokama CFXX3089
Ipenda CFXX0641
Ipini CFXX2405
Ipongi CFXX2127
Iposso CFXX0642
Ipoungo CFXX2406
Irebou CFXX0643
Irogo CFXX2407
Isala CFXX4263
Isanga CFXX2408
Isemba CFXX4264
Isiele CFXX1740
Isiengi CFXX2409
Isiolo CFXX4265
Isira CFXX2410
Isombo CFXX2411
Isongo CFXX2128
Issabi CFXX0644
Issami CFXX0645
Issanga CFXX0646
Isseki CFXX0647
Issemba CFXX0648
Issengue CFXX0649
Issoko CFXX1093
Issongo CFXX0650
Itabi CFXX2412
Itandi CFXX4737
Ite CFXX0651
Itebe CFXX1741
Ito CFXX4266
Itoumba CFXX4267
Itoumba CFXX0652
Itounou CFXX1742
Itsany CFXX3090
Itsotsou CFXX2413
Itzouese CFXX4268
Ivaro CFXX2414
Ivarou CFXX2415
Ivosi CFXX2416
Ivouema CFXX3091
Izoubi CFXX3092
Jeudi CFXX3093
Kaba CFXX1371
Kaba CFXX3094
Kabadisou CFXX0089
Kabala CFXX1743
Kabaniama CFXX1094
Kabasibinda CFXX1372
Kabi CFXX3095
Kabo CFXX4738
Kadjouni CFXX4270
Kaganbanzi CFXX3096
Kaibinda CFXX2417
Kailzoumbi CFXX3097
Kaka CFXX3098
Kakamani CFXX3099
Kakamoeka CFXX1373
Kakatielo CFXX1374
Kakouma CFXX1744
Kalambote CFXX2418
Kalanga CFXX4271
Kalebakota CFXX2419
Kali Otoko CFXX0653
Kamabangala CFXX3100
Kamba CFXX2420
Kamba Makonko CFXX3101
Kamba-Kibinda CFXX2421
Kamba-Ntete CFXX0090
Kambala CFXX2422
Kambo CFXX0091
Kami CFXX1095
Kamou CFXX3102
Kana CFXX3103
Kana CFXX4272
Kanandji CFXX1375
Kananianga CFXX2423
Kanda CFXX0092
Kandeko CFXX4739
Kandi CFXX2424
Kandobo CFXX0654
Kandou CFXX0093
Kandsi CFXX2425
Kanga CFXX1376
Kanga CFXX2129
Kanga-Litoko CFXX4740
Kangala CFXX1377
Kangamatoko CFXX4741
Kangatema CFXX4742
Kangatima CFXX2426
Kangouono CFXX4273
Kanguini CFXX0655
Kani CFXX4274
Kani Bakota CFXX1746
Kanio CFXX2130
Kankata CFXX3104
Kankouara CFXX4275
Kanpama CFXX3105
Kantala CFXX1378
Kantse CFXX0656
Kanzi CFXX3106
Kaon CFXX4276
Kaonga CFXX3107
Kaounga CFXX3108
Kaounga CFXX1747
Kaounga Dounga CFXX3110
Kaounga Sita CFXX3113
Kari CFXX1748
Kari-Zoungou CFXX2427
Karikari CFXX3114
Katanbouka CFXX1749
Katara CFXX1096
Katsoko CFXX0657
Katy-Katy CFXX4743
Kay CFXX3115
Kay Doumanga CFXX1379
Kay Mboukou CFXX3116
Kaye CFXX4277
Kaye-Bonda CFXX2428
Kaye-Mbakou CFXX2429
Kayes CFXX0094
Kayes CFXX2430
Kayes-Boungou CFXX2431
Kayi CFXX1750
Kayi CFXX2432
Keba CFXX1097
Kebala CFXX4278
Kebana CFXX1751
Kebara CFXX4279
Kebili CFXX1098
Kebouli CFXX1099
Kebouya CFXX1100
Kebouya CFXX0658
Kekele CFXX1101
Kekoumou CFXX0659
Kele CFXX0660
Kele CFXX2433
Kelekele CFXX3117
Kelema CFXX1380
Kelembele CFXX4744
Kelemie CFXX4280
Kelle CFXX1102
Kema CFXX3118
Kempaka CFXX1103
Kenabouma CFXX0661
Kenabouna CFXX0662
Kendi CFXX1752
Kendouo CFXX4281
Kenge CFXX0095
Kenge CFXX1381
Kengele CFXX4282
Kengue CFXX1753
Kengwani CFXX4283
Kentsele CFXX0663
Kenvouani CFXX1104
Kenvouomo CFXX1105
Kepouya CFXX0664
Kerikeri CFXX1106
Kessala CFXX1107
Ketia CFXX1754
Ketougou CFXX1108
Ketouna CFXX1755
Ketta CFXX4745
Ketzoua CFXX4284
Kevou CFXX0665
Kiaba CFXX1756
Kiakouo CFXX4285
Kiale CFXX4286
Kialo CFXX3119
Kiama CFXX4287
Kiambi CFXX0666
Kiango CFXX1382
Kiani CFXX3120
Kiasala CFXX3121
Kiasi CFXX3122
Kiazi CFXX3123
Kibaka CFXX0096
Kibamba CFXX0097
Kibambatetsi CFXX2434
Kibana CFXX2435
Kibangi CFXX0098
Kibangou CFXX3124
Kibangou CFXX2436
Kibangou CFXX1383
Kibati CFXX1384
Kibendo CFXX3125
Kibidi CFXX2437
Kibiti CFXX0099
Kibiti Bakota CFXX1757
Kibiti Bateke CFXX1758
Kibongou CFXX1759
Kibossi CFXX3126
Kibouari CFXX0100
Kibouende CFXX3127
Kibouende I CFXX3128
Kibouende II CFXX3129
Kibouende VIII CFXX3130
Kibouende X CFXX3131
Kibouenze CFXX2438
Kibouilou CFXX3132
Kiboumbou CFXX3133
Kibounda CFXX0101
Kiboungama CFXX3134
Kiboungou CFXX0102
Kiboutou CFXX2439
Kidamba Ngosi CFXX0103
Kidiba CFXX1760
Kidounga CFXX2440
Kidzoumba CFXX0104
Kiebo CFXX3135
Kiele CFXX0105
Kiengopolo CFXX1385
Kifimba CFXX2441
Kifoubou CFXX1761
Kifoulou CFXX0106
Kifouma CFXX1386
Kifouma I CFXX2442
Kifouma II CFXX2443
Kigama CFXX2444
Kigandou CFXX3136
Kihidi CFXX0107
Kihinnda CFXX3137
Kiinnda CFXX3138
Kikanda CFXX3139
Kikanga CFXX0108
Kikanou CFXX2445
Kikaya I CFXX0109
Kikaya II CFXX0110
Kikaye CFXX3140
Kikiemou CFXX0111
Kikoba CFXX1387
Kikolo CFXX1762
Kikombo CFXX3141
Kikombolo CFXX3142
Kikompa I CFXX3143
Kikondi CFXX2446
Kikondo CFXX0112
Kikongo CFXX2447
Kikotokoto CFXX3144
Kikouangou CFXX3145
Kikouangou CFXX0113
Kikouimba CFXX3146
Kikoukou CFXX2448
Kikounga CFXX2449
Kilanga CFXX3147
Kileba CFXX3148
Kilebe-Moussia CFXX3149
Kilemba CFXX0114
Kilemba CFXX3150
Kiloba CFXX3151
Kilonga CFXX0115
Kilouanba CFXX3152
Kiloubi CFXX3153
Kiloumbou CFXX3154
Kilounga CFXX0116
Kiloungou CFXX0117
Kilouoni CFXX3155
Kiloutou CFXX3156
Kimalou CFXX0118
Kimandou CFXX1763
Kimanika CFXX3157
Kimanza CFXX0119
Kimanza Ikongo CFXX0120
Kimanza Panga CFXX0121
Kimba CFXX3158
Kimbaka CFXX0122
Kimbala CFXX3159
Kimbama CFXX3160
Kimbana CFXX0123
Kimbanda CFXX3161
Kimbanda CFXX0124
Kimbanza CFXX3162
Kimbanze CFXX3163
Kimbaoka CFXX0125
Kimbaoka II CFXX2450
Kimbasssi CFXX3164
Kimbedi CFXX3165
Kimbedi CFXX0126
Kimbele CFXX3166
Kimbele I CFXX3167
Kimbele II CFXX3168
Kimbembe CFXX3169
Kimbenza CFXX0127
Kimbenza-Ndiba CFXX0129
Kimbenza-Panzou CFXX0130
Kimbenze CFXX0131
Kimbeti CFXX3170
Kimbimi CFXX3171
Kimbimi CFXX0132
Kimbinda CFXX0133
Kimboaka I CFXX2451
Kimbobe CFXX0135
Kimbonga CFXX0136
Kimbonga-Louamba CFXX0137
Kimbossi CFXX3172
Kimboto CFXX0138
Kimboto CFXX1764
Kimboua CFXX3173
Kimbouala CFXX3174
Kimbouandi CFXX2452
Kimboukou CFXX0139
Kimboukou CFXX3175
Kimboungou I CFXX3176
Kimboungou II CFXX3177
Kimbouni CFXX1765
Kimbousi CFXX0140
Kimbouta CFXX3178
Kimdambou-Kaye CFXX0141
Kimengele CFXX0667
Kimfikou CFXX0142
Kimfoula CFXX3179
Kimfoutila CFXX3180
Kimfoutou CFXX3181
Kimi Indzouala CFXX1766
Kimoanda CFXX0143
Kimoanza CFXX3182
Kimongo CFXX2453
Kimouanda CFXX2454
Kimouele CFXX2455
Kimpakasa CFXX3183
Kimpala CFXX3184
Kimpalala CFXX3185
Kimpalanga CFXX0144
Kimpambou CFXX0145
Kimpandzou CFXX3186
Kimpandzou CFXX2456
Kimpanza CFXX3187
Kimpanzou CFXX0147
Kimpele CFXX0148
Kimpelo CFXX3189
Kimpenga CFXX3190
Kimpeni CFXX0149
Kimpesse CFXX1388
Kimpezi CFXX3191
Kimpika CFXX3192
Kimpila CFXX3193
Kimpila IV CFXX3194
Kimpolo CFXX0150
Kimpolo I CFXX0151
Kimpolo II CFXX0152
Kimpombo CFXX0153
Kimpombo CFXX3195
Kimpongi CFXX0154
Kimponzi CFXX3196
Kimpoungui CFXX3197
Kimpouo CFXX3198
Kimsembo CFXX3199
Kimvembe CFXX0155
Kimvimba CFXX3200
Kimwami CFXX0668
Kinami CFXX2131
Kinanga CFXX0156
Kinanga-Kenge CFXX0158
Kinanga-Londe CFXX0159
Kinanga-Makasa CFXX0160
Kinani CFXX1767
Kinbanba CFXX3201
Kindala CFXX0161
Kindamba CFXX0162
Kindamba CFXX2457
Kindamba CFXX3202
Kindamba I CFXX0163
Kindamba-Ngouedi CFXX3203
Kindanba CFXX3204
Kindanba Mayela CFXX3205
Kindanba Poto CFXX3206
Kindiangou CFXX2458
Kindingandoki CFXX2459
Kindongo CFXX3207
Kindongo II CFXX3208
Kindou CFXX2460
Kindoulanou CFXX2461
Kindoulou CFXX0164
Kindouoga CFXX3209
Kindouta CFXX3210
Kindzaka CFXX0165
Kinfikou CFXX0166
Kinga CFXX0167
Kingala CFXX3211
Kingama CFXX1768
Kingambini CFXX4288
Kinganboma CFXX3212
Kingandou CFXX3213
Kinganga CFXX0168
Kingani CFXX1769
Kingebe CFXX2462
Kingembo CFXX0169
Kingibi CFXX0170
Kingimi CFXX3214
Kingoi CFXX3215
Kingola CFXX0171
Kingolo CFXX1770
Kingolo CFXX4289
Kingoma CFXX3216
Kingoma I CFXX3217
Kingomo CFXX0173
Kingonda CFXX0174
Kingondala CFXX0175
Kingonongo CFXX3218
Kingouala CFXX3219
Kingouala CFXX0177
Kingouala Mbola CFXX3220
Kingouansine CFXX1771
Kingoue CFXX0181
Kingoye CFXX0182
Kingoye-Loukala CFXX0183
Kingue CFXX3221
Kinguele CFXX3222
Kinguimbi CFXX0184
Kiniadi CFXX0185
Kinianbi CFXX3223
Kiniangi CFXX0186
Kiniati CFXX2463
Kiniati CFXX3224
Kinimbi CFXX3225
Kinimbi Nzouala CFXX3226
Kinkakasa CFXX3227
Kinkala CFXX3228
Kinkala II CFXX3229
Kinkembo CFXX3230
Kinkengue CFXX0187
Kinkolesa CFXX3231
Kinkouambala CFXX0188
Kinkoula CFXX0189
Kinkoumba CFXX0190
Kinkoumba-Nkamba CFXX0191
Kinkoumba-Tanga CFXX0192
Kinkousou I CFXX3232
Kinkousou II CFXX3233
Kinkozo CFXX3234
Kinndamba CFXX3235
Kinndibou CFXX3238
Kinndounga CFXX3239
Kinndouta CFXX3240
Kinngandou CFXX3241
Kinngola CFXX3242
Kinngoli CFXX3243
Kinngoma CFXX3244
Kinngouala CFXX3245
Kinngouanga CFXX3246
Kinngoudi CFXX3247
Kinnguembo CFXX3248
Kinnguila CFXX3249
Kinnkakassa CFXX3250
Kinnkanda CFXX3251
Kinnkaya CFXX3252
Kinnkie CFXX3253
Kinnkila CFXX3254
Kinnkoumba CFXX3255
Kinnkoussou CFXX3256
Kinnsakou CFXX3257
Kinnsambo CFXX3258
Kinnsassa CFXX3259
Kinnsatou CFXX3260
Kinnsele CFXX3261
Kinnsoumi CFXX3262
Kinnsoundi CFXX3263
Kinnsoundi IV CFXX3264
Kinnssassa CFXX3265
Kinntaba CFXX3266
Kinntouari CFXX0193
Kinntoumba CFXX3267
Kinnzamba CFXX3268
Kinnzemba CFXX3269
Kinnzoumba CFXX0194
Kinnzoumi CFXX3270
Kinnzoundi CFXX3271
Kinnzoundou CFXX3272
Kinouani CFXX3273
Kinsaka CFXX0195
Kinsana CFXX3274
Kinshassa CFXX4746
Kinsimba CFXX0196
Kinsoko CFXX0197
Kinsouari CFXX0198
Kinsoundi CFXX3275
Kinsoundi CFXX0199
Kinsounga CFXX3277
Kinsoungui CFXX1389
Kintaba CFXX3278
Kintamba CFXX0200
Kintamou CFXX3279
Kintangoma CFXX3280
Kintari CFXX1772
Kintele CFXX3281
Kintibi CFXX0201
Kintoua CFXX3282
Kintouari CFXX0202
Kintounga CFXX3283
Kintsaka CFXX3284
Kintsembo CFXX3285
Kintsimba CFXX0203
Kintsoko CFXX0204
Kintsoundi CFXX3286
Kintsoundi II CFXX3287
Kinzaba CFXX0205
Kinzambi CFXX0206
Kinzele CFXX0207
Kinzie CFXX1773
Kinzieri CFXX0208
Kinziete CFXX2464
Kinzoundou CFXX0209
Kiosi CFXX0210
Kioua CFXX3288
Kipanda I CFXX2465
Kipanda II CFXX2466
Kipele CFXX2467
Kipessi CFXX2468
Kiri CFXX4290
Kisanga CFXX3289
Kisasa CFXX1774
Kisende CFXX0211
Kisenga CFXX0212
Kisengele CFXX3290
Kisengele Mayela CFXX3291
Kisiambi CFXX1775
Kisiami CFXX1776
Kisinga CFXX2469
Kisisi CFXX2470
Kisonga CFXX3292
Kissanga CFXX3293
Kissenguele CFXX3294
Kissiele CFXX2471
Kitadi CFXX3295
Kitamba I CFXX2472
Kitamba II CFXX2473
Kitanzi CFXX1390
Kitembe CFXX3296
Kitengui CFXX3297
Kitidi-Tounga CFXX0213
Kitiomo CFXX0214
Kitoko CFXX3298
Kitouma CFXX3299
Kitoumba CFXX0215
Kitoumba CFXX2474
Kitoundou CFXX3300
Kitounga CFXX3301
Kitouwo CFXX0216
Kitsakou CFXX2475
Kitsakou I CFXX2476
Kitsindi CFXX2477
Kitsitsidi CFXX2478
Kitsonga CFXX3302
Kitsoumbou CFXX2479
Kitsounga CFXX3303
Kitza CFXX1777
Kitzoa CFXX0217
Kitzoa CFXX3304
Kivala CFXX1391
Kivandza CFXX1392
Kivangani CFXX1393
Kivanzi CFXX1394
Kiveve CFXX1395
Kivimba CFXX3305
Kivoula CFXX1396
Kivouti CFXX3306
Kiyala CFXX2480
Kiyala CFXX3307
Kiynda CFXX3308
Kiyndou CFXX3309
Knanga Ntaki CFXX0218
Koal CFXX4747
Kobi CFXX3310
Kodia CFXX3311
Kogni-Kogni CFXX0669
Koka CFXX2132
Kokabikoulou CFXX3312
Koko CFXX2481
Kokoloungou CFXX1397
Kokoua CFXX4748
Kola CFXX2482
Kolo CFXX0219
Kololo CFXX3313
Koma CFXX1398
Komba CFXX0670
Kombana CFXX3314
Kombo-Kombo CFXX4749
Komo CFXX4291
Komono CFXX1778
Konde CFXX0220
Konde CFXX1399
Konde-Mbaka CFXX1400
Kondi CFXX1401
Kondi-Plage CFXX1402
Kondso CFXX2133
Konga CFXX0671
Kongalikou CFXX4292
Kongho CFXX1109
Kongo CFXX1403
Kongo CFXX1110
Kongo CFXX4293
Kongo CFXX3315
Kongokivounda CFXX2483
Kongotali CFXX1404
Kongoulou CFXX1779
Kongozoba CFXX0221
Koni-Koni CFXX4294
Konpanyi CFXX3316
Konziolo CFXX0672
Korogo I CFXX1111
Korogo II CFXX1112
Koso CFXX0222
Kosouna CFXX4295
Kotchi CFXX1405
Koto CFXX4750
Kotondi CFXX1406
Kou CFXX4751
Kouai CFXX4296
Kouaka CFXX3317
Kouaka CFXX2134
Kouali CFXX1780
Kouamba CFXX3318
Kouamou CFXX0673
Kouanga CFXX1781
Kouani CFXX1407
Kouanze CFXX0674
Koubansaki CFXX3319
Koubemba CFXX3320
Koubotchi CFXX1408
Koubou CFXX0675
Koubou CFXX1409
Kouboua CFXX2484
Kouboulankoutou CFXX3321
Koudou CFXX4752
Koudoulou CFXX2485
Koue CFXX4297
Kouedika CFXX2486
Kouele CFXX0676
Koufoli CFXX1410
Koui CFXX1113
Kouilou CFXX2488
Kouimba CFXX3322
Kouka CFXX2135
Kouka Loko CFXX3323
Koukebena CFXX1411
Koukebesene CFXX2489
Kouko CFXX4753
Koukoua CFXX4754
Koukouala CFXX1412
Koulengene CFXX0223
Koulmelen CFXX4755
Koulombo CFXX1413
Koulou CFXX3324
Koulouo CFXX3325
Koumba CFXX1414
Koumbi Touzou CFXX3326
Koumbou CFXX1415
Koumbou-Liambou CFXX1416
Koumeya CFXX1114
Koumina CFXX2490
Koumou CFXX4756
Koumounene CFXX0224
Kounda CFXX4757
Kounda Katikati CFXX0677
Kounda Nord CFXX0678
Kounda Sud CFXX0679
Kounda-Moliba CFXX0680
Koundi CFXX1417
Koundoumou CFXX2136
Koundoutaba CFXX0681
Kounga CFXX3328
Koungama CFXX2491
Koungou CFXX2492
Koungou CFXX1418
Koungoulou CFXX1782
Kouni CFXX2493
Kouni CFXX4298
Kouni CFXX1419
Kounzoulou Moke CFXX3332
Kouolo CFXX1783
Kouomi CFXX1115
Koura CFXX3333
Kousombi CFXX1420
Kousou CFXX2494
Kousou Kanbana CFXX2495
Koussanga CFXX2496
Kouta CFXX3334
Kouti CFXX4299
Koutina CFXX2497
Koutina-Nzambi CFXX0225
Koutou CFXX1421
Kouya CFXX0682
Kouya CFXX3336
Kouyi CFXX2498
Kouyou CFXX1116
Kouyou-Gandza CFXX0683
Koyo CFXX2137
La Mission CFXX0684
Laga CFXX1784
Lambi CFXX1422
Landamambou CFXX3337
Langa-Bouennza CFXX2138
Langa-Langa CFXX2139
Langalanga CFXX4300
Lango CFXX4758
Lanza CFXX2140
Lari CFXX3338
Layiki CFXX1785
Le Ferik CFXX3339
Le Temps Passe CFXX2499
Lebala CFXX1117
Lebala CFXX0685
Lebala CFXX4301
Lebango CFXX0686
Lebango CFXX1118
Lebango II CFXX1119
Lebangui CFXX4302
Lebani Lenkala CFXX1786
Lebanyi CFXX2500
Lebaye CFXX1120
Lebayi CFXX1787
Lebiga CFXX2501
Lebili CFXX1121
Lebolo CFXX2502
Lebomo CFXX2503
Lebou CFXX4303
Lecouna CFXX1122
Lefini CFXX3340
Lefounou CFXX4304
Lefourou CFXX4305
Lefoutou CFXX1788
Leka CFXX3341
Lekana CFXX3342
Lekana CFXX1789
Lekana CFXX4306
Lekana CFXX2504
Lekangi CFXX1790
Lekati I CFXX1791
Lekati II CFXX1792
Lekele CFXX1793
Lekendze CFXX0687
Leketi CFXX0688
Lekoli CFXX1794
Lekoli CFXX1123
Lekondji CFXX4307
Lekori CFXX1124
Lekouala CFXX4308
Lekouala CFXX1795
Lekouga CFXX1796
Lekoupe CFXX0690
Lekwon CFXX4309
Lemba CFXX1423
Lemba CFXX3343
Lembe CFXX1797
Lembo CFXX1125
Lemboumbou CFXX2505
Leme CFXX4759
Lemigi CFXX1798
Lemvouri CFXX1126
Lenge CFXX0987
Lengo CFXX3344
Lengo CFXX0691
Lengoue CFXX0019
Lengui CFXX0692
Lengui-Lengui CFXX1127
Lenzi CFXX1424
Lepoua CFXX4760
Lepouba CFXX1799
Lerepanda CFXX3345
Les Bandas CFXX2506
Lesanga CFXX4310
Lesia CFXX4311
Lesia-Tsounou CFXX4312
Lessanga CFXX4313
Lessia CFXX3346
Lessia CFXX1128
Lessio CFXX3347
Leto CFXX4314
Letoumbou CFXX1129
Lewala CFXX1800
Leyomi CFXX0693
Lezou CFXX3348
Liambou-Nene CFXX1425
Libala CFXX0694
Libengue CFXX0695
Liboka CFXX0696
Liboko CFXX1130
Liboko CFXX0697
Libonga CFXX1131
Libonga I CFXX4761
Libonga II CFXX4762
Liboua CFXX0698
Liboumbou CFXX1801
Libounga CFXX1132
Lidouma CFXX2141
Lieme CFXX3349
Lien CFXX4315
Lifoula CFXX3350
Lihahi CFXX2507
Likaya CFXX2142
Like CFXX3351
Likendze CFXX0699
Liko CFXX3352
Likombo CFXX2143
Likome CFXX2508
Likouakoua CFXX3353
Likouala CFXX4316
Likouka CFXX0700
Likounda CFXX2144
Lilanga CFXX0701
Lima CFXX4317
Linganga CFXX2145
Lingo CFXX3354
Lingue Naoue CFXX0702
Lingue-Ongali CFXX0703
Lingue-Ongoyo CFXX0704
Linkouala CFXX0705
Linyanga CFXX0706
Linzolo CFXX3355
Liouesso CFXX2146
Liouesso CFXX0020
Liouesso-Nord CFXX4763
Liouesso-Sud CFXX4764
Lipendja CFXX2147
Lipounou CFXX0707
Liranga CFXX2148
Lisalangomba CFXX4318
Lisandja CFXX2509
Lisanga CFXX2510
Lisanga CFXX1802
Lisiemi CFXX0226
Lisoukou CFXX2511
Lissengue CFXX1803
Lissielo CFXX3356
Loaka CFXX1426
Loandjili CFXX1427
Loango CFXX2512
Loango CFXX1428
Lobo CFXX4765
Lobo-Moke CFXX4766
Lobok CFXX4767
Loboko CFXX0708
Loboko CFXX2149
Lobomo CFXX0709
Lobonga CFXX2150
Loemba CFXX4319
Lokakoua CFXX0710
Lokanda CFXX2513
Lokanga CFXX0711
Loko CFXX4320
Lokomo CFXX2514
Lokwele CFXX0712
Lombe CFXX0713
Lombe-Kombila CFXX2515
Lombo CFXX1429
Lombolo CFXX3357
Londa-Mataba CFXX0227
Londe Boundou CFXX3358
Londela-Kayes CFXX2516
Londela-Mpoukou CFXX2517
Longa-Seize CFXX4768
Longo CFXX2151
Longo I CFXX2518
Longo-Bapou CFXX2519
Longoli CFXX3359
Lonmbo CFXX2152
Lopembe CFXX4769
Lopo CFXX4770
Losange CFXX1430
Loso-Ngele CFXX2153
Lossi CFXX1133
Lossy CFXX1134
Loto CFXX4321
Louanba CFXX3360
Louanga CFXX3361
Louango CFXX2520
Louba CFXX1431
Loubamba CFXX2521
Loubanguila CFXX1432
Loubebezi CFXX3362
Loubetsi CFXX2522
Loubindou CFXX1433
Loubitoukou CFXX3363
Loubomo CFXX0041
Loubota CFXX3364
Louboto CFXX0228
Loubou CFXX1434
Louboukou CFXX3365
Louboulou CFXX0229
Louboulou CFXX2523
Loubumbou CFXX2524
Loudima CFXX0230
Loudima Gare CFXX0231
Loudima Poste CFXX0021
Loudjenvo CFXX1435
Louende CFXX3366
Louenga CFXX3367
Louengo CFXX3368
Louessi CFXX1436
Loufoula I CFXX2525
Loufouyou CFXX1437
Louguemo CFXX3369
Louhoumou CFXX3370
Louila CFXX3371
Louingui CFXX3372
Loukakou CFXX3373
Loukana CFXX1804
Loukanga CFXX3374
Loukanyi CFXX1438
Loukelo CFXX1805
Loukengo CFXX3375
Loukenini CFXX2526
Loukessi CFXX3376
Loukoko CFXX3377
Loukolela CFXX0714
Loukonga CFXX3378
Loukosi CFXX0232
Loukouala CFXX1439
Loukoulou CFXX3379
Loukounga CFXX3380
Loukouni CFXX3381
Loukouo CFXX3382
Loukouta CFXX3383
Loulema CFXX1440
Loulimba CFXX2527
Loulimba CFXX1441
Loulombo CFXX3384
Loumbia CFXX0715
Loumbia I CFXX0716
Loumbia II CFXX0717
Loumbia III CFXX0718
Loumiki CFXX2528
Loumingou CFXX3385
Loumo CFXX3386
Loumou CFXX3387
Loundala CFXX3388
Loundou CFXX1806
Loundou CFXX3389
Loungou CFXX1807
Lounoua CFXX3390
Louo CFXX3391
Louolo CFXX3392
Louomi CFXX1135
Loussa CFXX0719
Loussala CFXX1442
Lousseka CFXX3393
Loussouogou CFXX2529
Loutembo CFXX1443
Loutete CFXX0233
Louvakou CFXX2530
Louvenza CFXX1444
Louvila CFXX2531
Louvouiti CFXX1445
Louvoulou CFXX1446
Louza CFXX3394
Louzouri CFXX3395
Loyakou CFXX3396
Loyo CFXX1808
Loyotcho CFXX3397
Ma CFXX3398
Mababa CFXX3399
Mabafi CFXX2532
Mabahassa CFXX3400
Mabalam CFXX4771
Mabanga CFXX2533
Mabangui CFXX2154
Mabaya CFXX3401
Mabelou CFXX2155
Mabenda CFXX2534
Mabengo CFXX3402
Mabima CFXX3403
Mabimba CFXX2535
Mabinda CFXX2536
Mabindou CFXX1447
Mabirou CFXX4323
Mabiti CFXX3404
Maboko CFXX4772
Maboko CFXX4324
Maboko CFXX0720
Maboko I CFXX4773
Maboko II CFXX4774
Mabombe CFXX3405
Mabombo CFXX0234
Mabombo CFXX2537
Maboudou CFXX2538
Maboukou CFXX2539
Maboulou CFXX3406
Mabounda CFXX1809
Mabounda Bakota CFXX1810
Mabounda Bateke CFXX1811
Mabwa CFXX4325
Madeba CFXX3407
Madiamilina CFXX3408
Madiba CFXX4775
Madibou CFXX3409
Madidi CFXX3410
Madimba CFXX0235
Madingo-Kayes CFXX0002
Madingou CFXX2540
Madiongo CFXX2541
Madjingo CFXX4776
Madjondo CFXX4777
Madoko CFXX1812
Madouma CFXX2542
Madouma CFXX1813
Madoungou CFXX0237
Madzaka CFXX3411
Madzia CFXX3412
Madzila CFXX1814
Madzili CFXX1815
Madzouka CFXX1816
Madzounou CFXX1817
Mafamba CFXX3413
Mafoubou CFXX2543
Mafouka CFXX3414
Mafoula CFXX1818
Mafoussi CFXX3415
Magabia CFXX2544
Magabiga CFXX2545
Magambomana CFXX0238
Magila CFXX1819
Magne Scirina CFXX1448
Magneli-Dimba CFXX1449
Magobe CFXX4778
Mah CFXX3416
Mah CFXX4326
Mahantsa CFXX3417
Mahitoutou CFXX3418
Mahoukou CFXX3419
Mahounda CFXX4779
Maidombe CFXX3420
Mainama CFXX3421
Maipili CFXX3422
Maisa CFXX2546
Maita CFXX3423
Maka CFXX0239
Maka I CFXX4780
Maka II CFXX4781
Makaba CFXX1450
Makabala CFXX1820
Makabana CFXX2547
Makabandilou CFXX2548
Makaga CFXX1821
Makaga CFXX2549
Makaga I CFXX2550
Makagadzoumou CFXX1822
Makak CFXX4782
Makaka CFXX2551
Makaka CFXX1823
Makaka CFXX0240
Makala CFXX0241
Makam CFXX4783
Makamou CFXX1136
Makana CFXX3424
Makana I CFXX3425
Makana II CFXX3426
Makanade CFXX3427
Makanda CFXX1824
Makanga CFXX2552
Makangala CFXX3428
Makansala CFXX3429
Makaou CFXX2156
Makasa CFXX2157
Makasou Kola CFXX1451
Makassou Makola CFXX1452
Makaya CFXX3430
Makebe CFXX1137
Makeko CFXX4784
Makela CFXX3431
Makele CFXX1825
Makeliem CFXX4785
Makenenge CFXX0721
Makengo CFXX2158
Makeninga CFXX3432
Makie CFXX1826
Makoko CFXX2553
Makokossa CFXX3433
Makola CFXX1453
Makolondanbo CFXX0722
Makondo-Mabenge CFXX0242
Makongo CFXX0723
Makotipoko CFXX4327
Makoto CFXX1827
Makoto II CFXX1828
Makou CFXX3434
Makou CFXX1829
Makoua CFXX0724
Makouango CFXX4328
Makoubi CFXX1830
Makouekoue CFXX3435
Makouhou CFXX3436
Makouma-Sanmbo CFXX2159
Makounbou CFXX3437
Makoundi CFXX3438
Makoungou CFXX0725
Makoungou CFXX0243
Makouti CFXX3439
Malaba CFXX3440
Malala CFXX3441
Malala CFXX2160
Malambani CFXX2554
Malamouloura CFXX3442
Malanta CFXX3443
Malebe CFXX3444
Maleke CFXX0244
Malela Bombe CFXX3445
Malele CFXX1454
Malemba CFXX1455
Malembe CFXX2555
Malembe I CFXX2556
Malembe II CFXX2557
Malembo CFXX1456
Malenge CFXX1831
Malenge CFXX2558
Malengo CFXX3446
Mali CFXX1832
Malibela CFXX1833
Malie CFXX1138
Malima CFXX0245
Malima CFXX3447
Malima CFXX1834
Malimba CFXX1457
Malimba CFXX2559
Malimbo CFXX2560
Mallembe CFXX2561
Malolo CFXX2562
Malolo-Sinistre CFXX2563
Malolo-Village CFXX2564
Malonga CFXX3448
Malou CFXX2565
Maloukou CFXX3449
Maloukou-Bambou CFXX3450
Maloukou-Trechot CFXX3451
Maloulou CFXX0726
Malouna CFXX1835
Mama CFXX4786
Mamba CFXX3452
Mamba CFXX1836
Mamba-Ma-Ilou CFXX1458
Mambanailou CFXX2566
Mambangue CFXX2161
Mambenge CFXX2567
Mambio CFXX3453
Mambomo CFXX2568
Mambouana CFXX2569
Mambouana CFXX1837
Mamele CFXX3454
Mamouanda CFXX0246
Mampe CFXX4329
Mampoutou CFXX0727
Mampouya CFXX3455
Mamwana CFXX1838
Mana CFXX3456
Manamie CFXX3457
Manbanailou CFXX2571
Manboumole CFXX3458
Manda CFXX2572
Manda CFXX1839
Manda I CFXX1840
Manda II CFXX1841
Mandaka CFXX3459
Mandiele CFXX3460
Mandili CFXX1842
Mandjandja CFXX4787
Mandombe CFXX3461
Mandou CFXX0248
Mandou Kitoto CFXX1460
Mandoundou CFXX3462
Mandzala CFXX4788
Mandzala CFXX1139
Mandzi CFXX1461
Mandzoko CFXX1843
Manenga CFXX1462
Manenge CFXX1844
Manfouete CFXX2162
Manfoutou CFXX3463
Manga CFXX3464
Manga CFXX0728
Manga Kala CFXX1463
Manga Kala CFXX0023
Manga Misou CFXX2573
Manga-Fili CFXX1464
Mangala CFXX2574
Mangala CFXX3465
Mangandza CFXX2575
Mangandza CFXX0249
Mangandzi CFXX2576
Mangele CFXX4330
Mango CFXX0729
Mango-Tandou CFXX1465
Mangola CFXX3466
Mangola I CFXX3467
Mangola II CFXX3468
Mangome CFXX1140
Mangongo CFXX1466
Mangori CFXX1845
Mangoufou CFXX0250
Mangouma CFXX4789
Mangoungou CFXX1467
Mangoungou CFXX3469
Mangue CFXX0730
Manguiri CFXX3470
Manianga CFXX3471
Manianga CFXX4331
Maniangou CFXX0251
Manieto CFXX3472
Maniolo CFXX4790
Maniyonzi CFXX3473
Mankala CFXX0252
Mankami CFXX3474
Mankesi CFXX1846
Mankisa CFXX3475
Mankondi CFXX3476
Mankondo CFXX3477
Mankonongo CFXX3478
Mankoukou CFXX1847
Mankoussou CFXX3479
Manpimpa CFXX3480
Manpounou CFXX3481
Mansekesse CFXX3482
Mansiedi CFXX3483
Mansoulou CFXX3484
Mansoumba CFXX0253
Mantaba CFXX3485
Mantari CFXX3486
Mantebe CFXX3487
Manteke CFXX3488
Mantelo CFXX3489
Mantsanira CFXX3490
Manyanga CFXX3491
Manzakala CFXX0254
Manzaou CFXX0255
Maouila CFXX3492
Maounda CFXX2163
Maouno CFXX3493
Maoutani CFXX3494
Mapakou CFXX3495
Mapangoy CFXX1848
Mapati CFXX1849
Mapela CFXX2164
Mapeme CFXX4332
Mapinda CFXX2577
Mapinda CFXX1850
Mapinda I CFXX1851
Mapinda II CFXX1852
Mapondja CFXX2165
Marala CFXX2578
Maramba CFXX2579
Marata CFXX2580
Marcel CFXX4791
Marchand CFXX3496
Mardi CFXX3497
Mari CFXX0256
Masa CFXX0024
Masabi CFXX1468
Masaka CFXX1853
Masala CFXX1854
Masala CFXX4333
Masali CFXX4334
Masamasa CFXX3498
Masamvo CFXX1469
Masanba CFXX3499
Masangou I CFXX2581
Masangou II CFXX2582
Masege CFXX2583
Maseke CFXX3501
Masende CFXX1470
Masengo CFXX3502
Masia CFXX0257
Masina CFXX1855
Masina CFXX3503
Masinjo CFXX1856
Masisa I CFXX1471
Masoete CFXX2584
Masoumou CFXX3504
Massa CFXX3505
Massala CFXX0025
Massala CFXX3506
Massambi CFXX0026
Massamou CFXX2585
Massangui CFXX0258
Massassa-Leweme CFXX1857
Massela CFXX1472
Massembo-Loubaki CFXX3507
Massesse CFXX3508
Massiambi CFXX2586
Massina CFXX3509
Massissia CFXX3510
Massouka CFXX2587
Matadi CFXX3511
Matadi I CFXX2588
Matadi II CFXX2589
Mataka CFXX3512
Matakall CFXX3513
Matakani CFXX3514
Matala CFXX3515
Matali CFXX4792
Matalila CFXX1473
Matandala CFXX1474
Matangi CFXX1858
Matchi-Koye CFXX0259
Mateba CFXX2590
Matela CFXX3516
Matele I CFXX4793
Matemba CFXX2591
Matembo CFXX2592
Matembo I CFXX2593
Matensama CFXX3517
Matentsama CFXX3518
Matinsama CFXX3519
Matiti CFXX0260
Matoko CFXX2166
Matoko CFXX0731
Matolo CFXX0261
Matombe CFXX1475
Matombe I CFXX2594
Matombe II CFXX2595
Matondo CFXX3520
Matoto CFXX1859
Matoto CFXX2596
Matoulou CFXX2597
Matoumbi CFXX2598
Matoumbou CFXX3521
Matouridi CFXX3522
Matoutou CFXX3523
Matsanga CFXX2599
Matsende CFXX2600
Matsiene CFXX1860
Maty-Centre CFXX3524
Matzili CFXX1861
Matzouele CFXX3525
Mavambou CFXX1476
Mavindza CFXX2601
Mavouadi CFXX2602
Mavouela CFXX3526
Mavoula CFXX2603
Mavounogo CFXX2604
Mavounou CFXX1862
Mavounoungou CFXX1863
Mawatena CFXX1864
Mayala CFXX3527
Mayala CFXX2605
Mayalama CFXX0262
Mayama CFXX0263
Mayama CFXX0027
Mayamboula CFXX3529
Mayanama CFXX0264
Mayanga CFXX0265
Maye CFXX3531
Mayeguele CFXX2606
Mayekou CFXX0266
Mayela CFXX3532
Mayenani CFXX3533
Mayeye CFXX1865
Mayinga CFXX2607
Mayogo CFXX2608
Mayoko CFXX3534
Mayoko CFXX2609
Mayoko-Bakota CFXX2610
Mayola CFXX3535
Mayom CFXX1866
Mayombe CFXX3536
Mayombo CFXX0267
Mayome CFXX2611
Mayos CFXX4794
Mayouka CFXX4335
Mayouka CFXX4795
Mayoulou CFXX0268
Mazi CFXX3537
Mazinga CFXX2612
Mba CFXX3538
Mba CFXX0732
Mba CFXX4336
Mbaamba CFXX0269
Mbadi CFXX2613
Mbaeso CFXX4337
Mbaka CFXX1867
Mbaka CFXX1477
Mbaka CFXX2614
Mbakidi CFXX3539
Mbakou CFXX3540
Mbakou II CFXX3541
Mbala CFXX2167
Mbala CFXX0733
Mbali CFXX4338
Mbali CFXX0734
Mbalouma CFXX4796
Mbama CFXX3542
Mbama CFXX1868
Mbama Diari CFXX3543
Mbamba CFXX3544
Mbami CFXX3545
Mbamou CFXX0735
Mbamou CFXX3546
Mban CFXX4339
Mbanba CFXX3547
Mbanba CFXX4340
Mbanba I CFXX3548
Mbanba II CFXX3549
Mbandza CFXX4341
Mbandza CFXX0736
Mbandza-Nkaka CFXX3550
Mbandza-Sanda CFXX3551
Mbanga CFXX1478
Mbantounga CFXX3552
Mbantse CFXX4342
Mbanza CFXX0270
Mbanza Baka CFXX3553
Mbanza Bangou CFXX3554
Mbanza Bembe CFXX3555
Mbanza Galangala CFXX3556
Mbanza Gounga CFXX3557
Mbanza Gueri CFXX3558
Mbanza II CFXX2168
Mbanza Kimoukou CFXX3559
Mbanza Kolo CFXX3560
Mbanza Loukaya CFXX3561
Mbanza Mankondi CFXX3562
Mbanza Mikengue CFXX3563
Mbanza Nganga CFXX3564
Mbanza Ouamba CFXX3565
Mbanza Poudi CFXX3566
Mbanza Tombo CFXX3567
Mbanza Zanga CFXX3568
Mbanza-Kiniati CFXX0271
Mbanza-Ndounga CFXX3569
Mbanzangeri X CFXX3570
Mbaya CFXX1479
Mbaya CFXX1869
Mbaya CFXX2615
Mbaya CFXX4343
Mbaya CFXX0737
Mbazok CFXX4798
Mbe CFXX3571
Mbebagandou CFXX3572
Mbeha CFXX3573
Mbeho CFXX3574
Mbelo CFXX3575
Mbemba CFXX3576
Mbemba CFXX1143
Mbemba Ndouala CFXX3577
Mbembe CFXX3578
Mbena CFXX1480
Mbende CFXX1144
Mbendza CFXX1145
Mbengo CFXX2616
Mbengue-Nyanga CFXX2617
Mbengui-Mamagui CFXX2618
Mbenguimamba CFXX2619
Mbenza CFXX1146
Mbenza CFXX0738
Mbesse CFXX0739
Mbesso Ouambi CFXX0740
Mbesso-Ouambi CFXX0741
Mbeti CFXX2169
Mbey Seke CFXX2170
Mbeyi-Mbola CFXX1147
Mbie CFXX0742
Mbiedi I CFXX3579
Mbiedi II CFXX3580
Mbiga CFXX2620
Mbila CFXX1870
Mbina CFXX3581
Mbina-Monsiba CFXX3582
Mbinda CFXX2621
Mbiongo CFXX2622
Mbirou CFXX4799
Mbobo CFXX0743
Mbobo CFXX4345
Mbogi CFXX1871
Mbogo CFXX4346
Mboko CFXX0744
Mboko CFXX0028
Mbokou CFXX1481
Mbokou I CFXX3583
Mboli CFXX0745
Mboli-Ebaka CFXX1148
Mboli-Yandza CFXX1149
Mboma CFXX1482
Mboma CFXX0272
Mboma CFXX0746
Mboma CFXX4800
Mboma CFXX1150
Mboma-Ollembe CFXX0747
Mbomo CFXX2623
Mbomo CFXX0748
Mbomo CFXX4347
Mbomo CFXX1151
Mbomo CFXX1872
Mbomo I CFXX0273
Mbomo II CFXX0274
Mbomo III CFXX2624
Mbon CFXX4348
Mbondo CFXX2171
Mbonza CFXX3584
Mbota CFXX1483
Mbote CFXX0275
Mbote Moukando CFXX2625
Mbote-Kola CFXX2626
Mbotikandou CFXX1484
Mbou CFXX1152
Mbou CFXX3585
Mbouala Maouolo CFXX3586
Mbouambe CFXX3587
Mboube CFXX4349
Mboube-Ondzala CFXX4350
Mbouda CFXX1485
Mboudzi CFXX2627
Mboueya CFXX3588
Mboui CFXX1873
Mbouisi CFXX2628
Mbouki CFXX0276
Mboukou CFXX1486
Mboukoumassi CFXX1487
Mboulemo CFXX4351
Mbouli CFXX1153
Mboulou CFXX1488
Mboulou CFXX2172
Mboulou CFXX3589
Mbouma CFXX3590
Mboumou CFXX1154
Mbounda I CFXX3591
Mbounda II CFXX3592
Mbounda IV CFXX3593
Mboungou CFXX1874
Mbounou CFXX0277
Mbouomo CFXX0750
Mboutou CFXX1875
Mboutoutou CFXX3594
Mbouza CFXX3595
Mboya CFXX4801
Mediao CFXX4802
Mekakala CFXX1155
Mekala CFXX4352
Mekam CFXX4803
Mekana CFXX1876
Mekouka CFXX4804
Mekoum CFXX4805
Melen CFXX4806
Meleze CFXX3596
Melibou CFXX4353
Menanguela CFXX3597
Menboua CFXX4354
Mendiong CFXX4807
Mengo CFXX1489
Mepabe CFXX3598
Meragna CFXX4356
Mesoukound CFXX1490
Messouk CFXX4808
Meya CFXX3599
Mfagui CFXX0751
Mfilou CFXX1491
Mfou CFXX4357
Mfoua CFXX4358
Mfouati CFXX0278
Mfouomo CFXX1156
Mfoura CFXX4359
Miambi CFXX0279
Miami CFXX3600
Mianga CFXX2629
Miango CFXX3601
Mibami CFXX1877
Mibilou CFXX3602
Mibimba CFXX2630
Miboti CFXX3603
Mibouba CFXX3604
Micourou CFXX1492
Midimba CFXX0280
Midoumba CFXX1493
Midzaka CFXX1878
Miele CFXX4360
Miele-Kouka CFXX4809
Miele-Makouya CFXX4810
Mielekouka CFXX4811
Mienanzambi CFXX3606
Mienge-Mienge CFXX0281
Mieni CFXX3607
Mifouma CFXX3608
Mifoumou CFXX1879
Mifoutamba CFXX1880
Migoumbi CFXX2631
Miguengue CFXX3609
Miguete CFXX3610
Mihanda CFXX2632
Mihete CFXX3611
Mikakaya CFXX1881
Mikamba CFXX1882
Mikamba II CFXX1883
Mikatou CFXX3612
Mikel CFXX4812
Mikendama CFXX1494
Mikila CFXX1884
Mikinndou CFXX3613
Mikizou CFXX3614
Mikokoto CFXX0282
Mikome CFXX4813
Mikondo CFXX2633
Mikoua CFXX3615
Mikouania CFXX2634
Mikoubo CFXX2635
Mikoudi CFXX3616
Mikouimba CFXX3617
Milamila CFXX2636
Milele CFXX3618
Mileleke CFXX4814
Milimba CFXX1495
Milimba CFXX1885
Millongi CFXX3619
Milolo CFXX1496
Milombo CFXX3620
Milou CFXX3621
Miloundou CFXX0283
Mimbelly CFXX2173
Mimpala II CFXX3622
Mimpousa CFXX1886
Mimpoutou CFXX2174
Minanga CFXX2637
Minda CFXX2638
Mindjala CFXX4815
Mindou CFXX1497
Mindou CFXX3623
Mindouli CFXX2175
Mindzo Dzoulou CFXX3624
Mindzoukou CFXX2176
Minga CFXX0284
Mingali CFXX0285
Mingali CFXX0029
Mingananga CFXX2639
Minganga CFXX2177
Mingaya CFXX2640
Mingele CFXX1887
Mingenge CFXX0286
Minguelakoum CFXX4816
Minguia CFXX4817
Minguila CFXX4818
Minnguele CFXX3626
Minnkamou CFXX3627
Minouka CFXX1498
Minsa Minsa CFXX3628
Mintoubou I CFXX4819
Mintoubou II CFXX4820
Minzere CFXX3629
Minzila CFXX4821
Minziti CFXX1888
Miongo CFXX0752
Mipoundi CFXX2641
Misa CFXX4361
Misafou CFXX3630
Misama CFXX1889
Misamou CFXX3631
Misanga CFXX2642
Misanvi Banda CFXX3632
Misasa CFXX0287
Misasa Bakota CFXX1890
Misasa Bateke CFXX1891
Misenge CFXX1892
Misimaniole CFXX2643
Misimba CFXX2644
Misio CFXX3633
Misousounbi CFXX3634
Missa CFXX0288
Missafou CFXX3635
Missanda CFXX3636
Missassa CFXX1893
Missenga CFXX3637
Missongo CFXX2178
Mite Mite CFXX4362
Mitele CFXX2645
Mitiene CFXX1894
Mitimiele CFXX3638
Mitoko CFXX3639
Mitolo CFXX3640
Mitolo Bakota CFXX1895
Mitolo Bateke CFXX1896
Mitoto CFXX0289
Mitouba CFXX2646
Mitoula CFXX0753
Mitoungou CFXX2647
Mitoya CFXX3641
Mitsiba CFXX1897
Mituomi CFXX3642
Mivoka CFXX1499
Miyamba CFXX0290
Miyaya I CFXX3643
Miyaya II CFXX3644
Mkasou CFXX3645
Mkisimbi CFXX1500
Mo CFXX0754
Moa CFXX4363
Moabi CFXX1501
Moake CFXX0755
Moalou CFXX3646
Moandangoma CFXX0291
Moanga Mapita CFXX3647
Moanga Moungoro CFXX3648
Moanga Ngouba CFXX3649
Moangangoba CFXX3650
Moangui CFXX0756
Moazenge CFXX0292
Mobaka CFXX2179
Mobala CFXX4822
Mobanga CFXX1898
Mobangui Matele CFXX4823
Mobangui-Epoyo CFXX4824
Mobembo CFXX4364
Mobenga CFXX0757
Mobeyou CFXX1899
Mobia CFXX0758
Mobilangomo CFXX2648
Mobilangomo CFXX1900
Mobili CFXX1901
Mobili CFXX0293
Mobindza CFXX1902
Mobiri CFXX1903
Mocaboula CFXX2180
Mocacoula CFXX2181
Modiba CFXX2649
Modokou CFXX0294
Modounou CFXX2650
Modzaka CFXX2182
Moembe CFXX0759
Moetche CFXX1904
Mogangouele CFXX2651
Mogou CFXX4825
Mohali CFXX0760
Mohitou CFXX2183
Moindje CFXX0761
Mokana CFXX4365
Mokania CFXX4826
Mokania-Babinga CFXX4827
Mokatsou I CFXX2652
Moke CFXX1905
Mokeko CFXX4828
Mokendo CFXX2184
Mokengui CFXX2185
Mokila CFXX1906
Mokili-Dembe CFXX2186
Mokina CFXX1907
Mokinda CFXX2187
Mokoko CFXX4829
Mokolebili CFXX1908
Mokonda CFXX0762
Mokondo CFXX0763
Mokongoulou CFXX2653
Mokouango CFXX4830
Mokouangounda CFXX4831
Mokoubidi CFXX2654
Mokouma CFXX1909
Mokoungou CFXX0764
Mokoyo CFXX2188
Mokpetene CFXX2189
Molebo CFXX0765
Molembe CFXX2190
Molembe Kombe CFXX0766
Molenda CFXX4832
Molinge-Nzalatoa CFXX4833
Moloko CFXX4366
Molomo CFXX4367
Molongo CFXX4834
Moloundou CFXX0295
Mombanga CFXX4835
Mombellou CFXX2191
Mombenzele CFXX2192
Mombili CFXX2655
Monbele CFXX2193
Monco-Poukou CFXX1502
Mondeko CFXX4836
Mondomassoko I CFXX1157
Mondzangui CFXX4837
Mongale CFXX2194
Mongandjo CFXX4838
Mongania CFXX4368
Mongo CFXX4839
Mongo CFXX0767
Mongolo CFXX4369
Mongomo CFXX1910
Mongopoukou CFXX1503
Mongouala CFXX2195
Mongouma CFXX2196
Mongouma Bali CFXX2197
Monguelemba CFXX4840
Monkasa CFXX1911
Mont Belo CFXX0296
Montzonolo CFXX0768
Mopembe CFXX4841
Mopepa-Lobo CFXX4842
Mopombo CFXX4370
Mopouma CFXX4843
Mopounga CFXX1912
Mosambo CFXX2656
Mosana CFXX2657
Mosandjoko CFXX3652
Mosasako CFXX0769
Mosege CFXX1913
Mosembe CFXX2198
Mosete CFXX1914
Moshue CFXX0770
Mosinde CFXX4371
Mosingi CFXX3653
Mossaba CFXX2199
Mossaka CFXX0771
Mossaka II CFXX0772
Mossendjo CFXX2658
Mossengue CFXX2200
Mossokoula CFXX2201
Motaba CFXX2202
Motala CFXX2203
Motala CFXX1915
Motaniba CFXX2659
Motanpa CFXX3654
Motemabiongo CFXX0773
Motendzi CFXX4372
Motete CFXX0774
Motoko CFXX0775
Motokoumba CFXX4373
Motoli CFXX4844
Motoumongonde CFXX0776
Motsouembe CFXX0777
Mouabi CFXX3655
Mouala CFXX3656
Mouali Gbangba CFXX2204
Moualokali CFXX1158
Moualou CFXX0297
Mouanda CFXX2660
Mouanda CFXX3657
Mouangui CFXX1159
Mouangui CFXX0778
Mouarri CFXX4374
Moubangoudougou CFXX2661
Moubanza CFXX3658
Moubidi CFXX3659
Moubiri CFXX0298
Moubirie CFXX3660
Moubiya CFXX2662
Mouboma CFXX3661
Moubotsi CFXX2663
Moubouyou CFXX2664
Moudamba CFXX1916
Moudiengila CFXX2665
Moudilou CFXX0299
Moudilou CFXX2666
Moudouma CFXX2667
Moudoumou CFXX1917
Moudoundou CFXX2668
Moudounga CFXX2669
Moudzanga I CFXX0300
Moudzanga II CFXX0301
Moue CFXX1918
Mouengue CFXX0779
Moufilou CFXX1919
Moufoubou CFXX2670
Moufougou CFXX2671
Moufouma CFXX1920
Mougala CFXX2672
Mougnamou CFXX2673
Mougnigou CFXX2674
Mougongo CFXX2675
Mougoudi CFXX2676
Mougoumi CFXX3662
Mougoundou CFXX2677
Mougoutou CFXX2678
Moui CFXX4375
Mouindi CFXX0302
Moukaba CFXX2679
Moukaba-Itsaka CFXX2680
Moukala CFXX2681
Moukala CFXX1921
Moukambou CFXX0303
Moukanda CFXX0304
Moukanda CFXX1922
Moukasa CFXX0305
Moukassi CFXX1923
Moukatsou II CFXX2682
Moukeke CFXX2683
Moukilingomo CFXX2684
Moukodi CFXX2685
Moukogo CFXX1924
Moukombitsi CFXX0306
Moukombo CFXX3663
Moukomo CFXX0307
Moukomokadi CFXX2686
Moukondo CFXX2687
Moukondo CFXX1925
Moukondzi CFXX2688
Moukonzi CFXX2689
Moukoso CFXX0308
Moukossi CFXX3664
Moukoualou CFXX2690
Moukouanya I CFXX2691
Moukouanya II CFXX2692
Moukouka CFXX2693
Moukoulakenzo CFXX3665
Moukoulou CFXX2694
Moukouma CFXX1926
Moukouma CFXX2695
Moukoungoulou CFXX2696
Moukounkou CFXX3666
Moukounkou II CFXX3667
Moukourounzenne CFXX2697
Moukousouna CFXX3668
Moulala CFXX3669
Moulamba CFXX2698
Moulamba I CFXX2699
Moulamba II CFXX2700
Moulandou CFXX3670
Moulanga CFXX0309
Moule CFXX1927
Mouleke CFXX0310
Moulenda CFXX3671
Moulengo CFXX3672
Mouleri CFXX3673
Mouliene CFXX0311
Mouliengere CFXX1928
Moulimba CFXX2702
Moulondo CFXX1929
Mouloundou CFXX2703
Mouloundou CFXX1930
Moumanga CFXX3674
Moumbili CFXX1931
Moumene CFXX3675
Moumeni CFXX3676
Moumpourou CFXX2205
Mounama CFXX2704
Mounda CFXX1932
Moundjeli CFXX0780
Mounembe CFXX2705
Moungembe CFXX2706
Moungenge CFXX2707
Moungoueri CFXX3677
Moungouma Moke CFXX2206
Moungoumi CFXX3678
Moungoundi CFXX2708
Moungoundou-sud CFXX2709
Mounienge CFXX2710
Mounkala CFXX3679
Mounkassa CFXX3680
Mounkomo I CFXX3681
Mounkomo II CFXX3682
Mounkouono CFXX1933
Mounoko CFXX3683
Mounombo CFXX2711
Mounou CFXX2712
Mounoufoukou CFXX2713
Mounoumbouba CFXX2714
Mounpoko CFXX3684
Mounsene CFXX3685
Mounsouele CFXX3686
Mounsounsou CFXX3687
Mountele CFXX3688
Mountenbesa CFXX3689
Mountissa CFXX3690
Mountoko CFXX3691
Mountota CFXX3692
Mounzaba CFXX3693
Mouossouele CFXX3694
Moupanou CFXX3695
Moupata CFXX2715
Moupepe CFXX0312
Moupitou CFXX2716
Moupou CFXX3696
Moupouonou CFXX1934
Moupoupa CFXX2717
Mouragni CFXX2718
Mourima CFXX2719
Mouroumba CFXX2720
Mourounzouengue CFXX2721
Mousabou CFXX2722
Mousahou CFXX1935
Mousanda CFXX0313
Mousandzou CFXX1936
Mousanga-Mayaka CFXX0314
Mousangi CFXX1937
Mousaou CFXX2723
Mousaou II CFXX2724
Mousasi CFXX0315
Mousele CFXX3697
Mousenga CFXX3698
Mousenge CFXX0316
Mousete CFXX2725
Mousiengo CFXX3699
Mousinga CFXX3700
Mousinga CFXX2726
Mousondzi CFXX2727
Mousoumo CFXX1938
Moussabou CFXX2728
Moussamou Bouila CFXX2729
Moussamou Igoyo CFXX2730
Moussanda CFXX0317
Moussaou CFXX1939
Moussenga CFXX3701
Moussengue CFXX2731
Moussenongo CFXX3702
Moussia CFXX2732
Moussogo CFXX2733
Moussolo Dakar CFXX3703
Moussoubou CFXX0318
Moutalango CFXX3704
Moutamba CFXX2734
Moutambou CFXX2735
Moutampa CFXX0030
Moutebe CFXX2736
Mouteki-Holo CFXX0319
Moutela CFXX2737
Moutela CFXX0320
Moutele CFXX0321
Moutele CFXX3706
Moutelembani CFXX2738
Moutembesa CFXX0322
Moutembese CFXX0323
Moutembessa CFXX3707
Moutenbissa CFXX3708
Moutessi CFXX3709
Moutete CFXX3710
Mouti CFXX2739
Moutiene CFXX1940
Moutikouboua II CFXX2740
Moutimasoungou CFXX1941
Moutimatitsi CFXX0324
Moutimatitsi CFXX2741
Moutimoulou CFXX3711
Moutimoutiri CFXX1942
Moutoko CFXX3712
Moutombo CFXX1943
Moutoua CFXX3713
Moutouala CFXX1944
Moutouasala CFXX3714
Moutoumou CFXX1945
Moutoumounou CFXX1946
Moutsandou CFXX2742
Moutsene Bakota CFXX1947
Moutsene Bateke CFXX1948
Moutsengani CFXX2743
Moutsiege CFXX2744
Moutsila CFXX3715
Mouvendza CFXX2745
Mouvendze CFXX2746
Mouvimba CFXX3716
Mouyabi CFXX1949
Mouyabi CFXX2747
Mouyala CFXX1950
Mouyala CFXX2748
Mouyali CFXX4376
Mouyali CFXX1951
Mouyamba CFXX2749
Mouyamba Dakar CFXX2750
Mouyami CFXX3717
Mouyani CFXX3718
Mouyantse CFXX2751
Mouye CFXX3719
Mouyenzoko CFXX1952
Mouyombi CFXX2752
Mouyondzi CFXX0325
Mouyougou CFXX1160
Mouzenbalala CFXX3720
Mouzenze CFXX3721
Mouzieto CFXX3722
Mouzini CFXX2753
Movimba CFXX3723
Movisi CFXX2754
Movoumba CFXX1504
Movouto CFXX1953
Moyo CFXX0781
Moyoy II CFXX4845
Moyoye CFXX4846
Mozolonmba CFXX0782
Mpagui CFXX1161
Mpaka CFXX1505
Mpaka CFXX3724
Mpakamatadi I CFXX3725
Mpakamatadi II CFXX3726
Mpala CFXX4377
Mpala-Lefini CFXX4378
Mpalaka CFXX1162
Mpaleke CFXX1954
Mpalou CFXX0326
Mpama CFXX4379
Mpan CFXX4380
Mpana CFXX4381
Mpanga CFXX0327
Mpasa CFXX4382
Mpasa CFXX3727
Mpasa CFXX0328
Mpasitolo CFXX3728
Mpassa CFXX3729
Mpassa-Village CFXX3730
Mpayaka CFXX3731
Mpe CFXX4847
Mpe CFXX3732
Mpeho CFXX3733
Mpelo CFXX3734
Mpembe CFXX0329
Mpemo CFXX3735
Mpeoula CFXX3736
Mpika CFXX3737
Mpili CFXX1506
Mpini CFXX4383
Mpini CFXX0330
Mpita CFXX3738
Mpita CFXX1507
Mpo CFXX4384
Mpoka CFXX3739
Mpombo CFXX3740
Mpon CFXX4385
Mpono I CFXX0331
Mposso CFXX4848
Mpouandzio CFXX4386
Mpouaya CFXX4387
Mpougui CFXX0783
Mpoukou CFXX4388
Mpouli CFXX3741
Mpoumako CFXX3742
Mpoumou CFXX3743
Mpounga CFXX1508
Mpounou CFXX4389
Mpouo CFXX3744
Mpouomo CFXX3745
Mpouya CFXX4390
Mpouya CFXX1163
Mpouya Moke CFXX4391
Mtima CFXX0031
Mvagui CFXX0784
Mveso CFXX1509
Mvillila CFXX1510
Mvou CFXX1511
Mvouaka CFXX3746
Mvouara CFXX1955
Mvoula CFXX1164
Mvoula CFXX0785
Mvouma CFXX1165
Mvounda CFXX3747
Mvoungouti CFXX1512
Mvouoma CFXX1166
Mvouta CFXX3748
Mvouta CFXX0332
Mvouti CFXX1513
Mvoutou CFXX1514
Mwa CFXX4392
Mwapwata CFXX4849
Mwenbe CFXX0786
Mwoni CFXX4393
Nakaoka CFXX4850
Nakolede CFXX4851
Namobessie CFXX4852
Namoukemba CFXX1515
Nanga Loango CFXX1516
Ncesse CFXX1517
Ndaba CFXX4394
Ndallo II CFXX4853
Ndalo CFXX4854
Ndama CFXX2207
Ndamba CFXX3750
Ndandou CFXX3751
Ndeba CFXX3752
Ndeleke CFXX2208
Ndelo CFXX2755
Ndemba CFXX1167
Ndembo CFXX3753
Ndende CFXX2756
Ndiba CFXX1168
Ndili CFXX1518
Ndjo CFXX1169
Ndjokesseba CFXX1170
Ndjoundou CFXX2209
Ndoba CFXX3754
Ndole CFXX2210
Ndole CFXX0787
Ndollo CFXX0333
Ndolo CFXX4395
Ndoma CFXX3755
Ndongo CFXX0032
Ndongo CFXX0788
Ndongo CFXX4856
Ndouba CFXX1171
Ndoulou CFXX3756
Ndoumba CFXX4857
Ndoumbi CFXX1172
Ndoumou CFXX2757
Ndounga CFXX0789
Ndouo CFXX3757
Ndouo CFXX1956
Ndouomi CFXX4396
Ndzanga CFXX1173
Ndziege CFXX4397
Nemayoug CFXX4858
Nembe CFXX1957
Nemeyon CFXX4859
Nemeyong CFXX4860
Ngabe CFXX3758
Ngabe Moke CFXX3759
Ngakili CFXX4398
Ngakoma CFXX4399
Ngale-Babinga CFXX4861
Ngali CFXX4862
Ngamanbou CFXX3760
Ngame CFXX0790
Ngami CFXX1174
Ngami CFXX0791
Ngamiboulou CFXX3761
Ngamississa CFXX3762
Ngamoueri CFXX3763
Ngamoulouoni CFXX3764
Ngan CFXX4400
Ngana CFXX1958
Nganba CFXX3765
Nganba CFXX4401
Nganbaka CFXX3766
Nganda CFXX0792
Nganda CFXX0334
Nganda Simba CFXX2758
Ngandja CFXX0793
Ngandou CFXX3767
Ngandoulou CFXX3768
Nganga-Lingolo CFXX3769
Ngango CFXX2759
Ngani CFXX1959
Ngani CFXX4402
Ngania CFXX4403
Ngantoko CFXX3770
Ngapimi CFXX3771
Ngasa CFXX2760
Ngasala CFXX3772
Ngayi CFXX1175
Ngbaka CFXX2211
Ngbondo CFXX2212
Ngeke CFXX4404
Ngele CFXX2761
Ngele CFXX4405
Ngele Okasa CFXX4406
Ngenge CFXX0335
Ngiabombe CFXX4407
Ngila CFXX3773
Nginge CFXX1960
Ngo CFXX4408
Ngo II CFXX4409
Ngobana CFXX4410
Ngobe CFXX4863
Ngobounda CFXX1961
Ngodivoua CFXX3774
Ngoemouma CFXX1176
Ngoka CFXX2213
Ngoko CFXX0794
Ngola CFXX3775
Ngole CFXX3776
Ngole CFXX0336
Ngole CFXX2214
Ngoloubondo CFXX0337
Ngoma CFXX1177
Ngoma Loupesi CFXX3777
Ngoma Tse-Tse CFXX3778
Ngombe CFXX4864
Ngombe CFXX0795
Ngomo CFXX3779
Ngomoutcha CFXX0033
Ngona Maloaongo CFXX1519
Ngonaka CFXX1962
Ngonakamina CFXX1963
Ngonda CFXX3780
Ngongo CFXX1520
Ngongo CFXX2762
Ngono CFXX2763
Ngonogo CFXX2764
Ngoua CFXX1178
Ngoua I CFXX2765
Ngoua II CFXX2766
Ngoua Sandji CFXX1521
Ngouaboumou CFXX4865
Ngouakandi CFXX0796
Ngouala CFXX0797
Ngouala CFXX4866
Ngouananka CFXX4411
Ngouane CFXX0798
Ngouanga CFXX2767
Ngouangala CFXX4867
Ngouba CFXX2768
Ngoubili CFXX1964
Ngoubou CFXX2769
Ngoubou-Ngoubou CFXX2770
Ngoudi CFXX0799
Ngouedi CFXX0338
Ngouele CFXX0339
Ngouele CFXX2771
Ngouene CFXX4412
Ngouene CFXX0800
Ngouinde CFXX4413
Ngoukou CFXX0340
Ngoulonkila CFXX4414
Ngoulou CFXX3781
Ngouma CFXX1965
Ngouma CFXX4868
Ngoumbi CFXX0801
Ngoumbou CFXX3782
Ngounda CFXX1522
Ngoundiba CFXX2215
Ngoundzia I CFXX2216
Ngounga CFXX0341
Ngoungou CFXX4869
Ngoungou CFXX3783
Ngoungui CFXX1523
Ngouni CFXX3784
Ngouomi CFXX3785
Ngouoni CFXX0802
Ngouoni CFXX1179
Ngoyboma CFXX1180
Ngoyeboma CFXX1181
Ngoyo CFXX1524
Nguele CFXX1182
Nguengue CFXX1966
Nguima CFXX1183
Nguina CFXX3786
Nguio CFXX0803
Nguiri CFXX0342
Niaba CFXX0804
Niague CFXX4870
Niali CFXX1525
Niandji CFXX1526
Nianga CFXX3787
Nianga CFXX2773
Niangalele CFXX2774
Niari CFXX0343
Niengo CFXX2775
Niete Boumba CFXX0805
Nimbakou CFXX2776
Nina CFXX1184
Nionzi CFXX1527
Niossoka CFXX0806
Nioungi CFXX1528
Nitoumbi CFXX0344
Njoundou II CFXX1185
Nka CFXX0345
Nkala CFXX3788
Nkala CFXX4415
Nkama CFXX3789
Nkan CFXX4416
Nkana CFXX3790
Nkana CFXX1186
Nkana CFXX4417
Nkanan CFXX4418
Nkangakanga CFXX4419
Nkasa CFXX4420
Nkasou CFXX1529
Nke CFXX3791
Nke I CFXX3792
Nke II CFXX3793
Nkenge-Mandou CFXX0346
Nkenzo CFXX3794
Nkewa Mpemo CFXX3795
Nkieni CFXX0347
Nkila-Ntari CFXX0348
Nkitebe CFXX3796
Nko CFXX3797
Nko CFXX4421
Nkode CFXX3798
Nkodia CFXX3799
Nkodia Nzanzi CFXX3800
Nkoki CFXX3801
Nkola CFXX1530
Nkola CFXX3802
Nkolbota CFXX2777
Nkolo CFXX4422
Nkombo CFXX3804
Nkomo CFXX0807
Nkonga CFXX4423
Nkono CFXX4424
Nkonou CFXX4425
Nkori CFXX0808
Nkoto CFXX0349
Nkou CFXX3805
Nkoua CFXX0809
Nkoua CFXX2217
Nkoua CFXX0350
Nkoua CFXX4426
Nkoudi CFXX3806
Nkoue CFXX3807
Nkoul I CFXX4871
Nkoulou CFXX4427
Nkoumou CFXX4428
Nkounda CFXX4429
Nkounga CFXX3808
Nkouo CFXX3809
Nkouta CFXX3810
Nkoy CFXX3811
Nkoye CFXX3812
Nkoyi CFXX0351
Nokili-Ngongo CFXX2218
Nola-Moke CFXX4872
Nongue CFXX2778
Noumbou CFXX2779
Nounouka CFXX3813
Npoumou CFXX4430
Nsa CFXX4431
Nsaka CFXX3814
Nsamouna CFXX3815
Nsanga CFXX0352
Nsiaki CFXX0353
Nsomo CFXX3816
Nsouele CFXX3817
Nsounde CFXX3818
Nsoundi CFXX3819
Nsounsou Moana CFXX3820
Ntala CFXX4432
Ntalla CFXX4433
Ntam CFXX4873
Ntandou CFXX0354
Ntari CFXX3821
Ntari Binnzemba CFXX3822
Ntchoumou CFXX4434
Ntchouo CFXX1187
Ntele CFXX1531
Ntembo CFXX3823
Ntete CFXX1532
Ntokossiala CFXX1533
Ntokou CFXX0810
Ntokou Aime CFXX0811
Ntokou-Fago CFXX0812
Ntokou-Otolou CFXX0813
Ntombo CFXX1534
Ntombo-Manyanga CFXX3824
Ntongo-Atani CFXX0815
Ntoni CFXX3825
Ntou CFXX4435
Ntou II CFXX4436
Ntoupou CFXX1535
Ntsakabilou CFXX3826
Ntsama CFXX1188
Ntsami CFXX3827
Ntsatointoto CFXX3828
Ntsiami CFXX1189
Ntsimou CFXX3829
Ntsinankio CFXX3830
Ntsiri CFXX0816
Ntsou CFXX4437
Ntsoukou CFXX1190
Ntswankan CFXX4438
Nvoui CFXX0817
Nyali CFXX2780
Nyanga CFXX2781
Nzabi CFXX3831
Nzabi CFXX4439
Nzagamani CFXX3832
Nzakame CFXX0818
Nzaki CFXX0355
Nzala CFXX3833
Nzalamoni CFXX2783
Nzali CFXX1967
Nzalokwe CFXX4440
Nzambi CFXX1536
Nzambi-na CFXX2785
Nzambi-Pogou CFXX2784
Nzambisisi CFXX2786
Nzangi CFXX0356
Nzao I CFXX0357
Nzaon CFXX3834
Nzaou CFXX0358
Nzasi CFXX0359
Nzassi CFXX1537
Nzaza I CFXX3835
Nzaza II CFXX3836
Nzede CFXX2787
Nzende CFXX3837
Nzieke CFXX1968
Nzienzili CFXX2788
Nzieto CFXX3838
Nzila CFXX3839
Nzima CFXX2789
Nzombo CFXX1538
Nzombo CFXX0360
Nzomo CFXX3840
Nzomosi CFXX0361
Nzonzo CFXX3841
Nzou-Tari CFXX0362
Nzouala CFXX1969
Nzoulou CFXX3842
Nzoungui CFXX3843
Nzoyo CFXX0819
Oandzi CFXX1970
Obaba CFXX4441
Obaba II CFXX4442
Obaba III CFXX4443
Obako CFXX1191
Obala CFXX1192
Obala CFXX4444
Obala II CFXX4445
Oban CFXX4446
Obana CFXX4447
Obana CFXX1193
Obana CFXX0820
Obanda CFXX0821
Obanga CFXX0822
Obasene CFXX4448
Obea CFXX4449
Obeke CFXX4450
Obele CFXX1194
Obele CFXX0823
Obelingo CFXX4451
Obemba CFXX1195
Obeme CFXX4452
Obenza CFXX4453
Obere CFXX0824
Obessi CFXX0825
Obey CFXX1196
Obeya CFXX1197
Obeya CFXX0826
Obeye CFXX0827
Obia CFXX0828
Obilaboma CFXX4454
Obilanboma CFXX4455
Obilanboma II CFXX4456
Obili CFXX4457
Obili CFXX1971
Obili CFXX1198
Obo CFXX4458
Oboko CFXX1199
Oboko I CFXX1200
Oboko II CFXX1201
Oboli CFXX1202
Oboli CFXX4459
Obomba CFXX0829
Obondjo CFXX0830
Obondo CFXX1203
Oboo CFXX4460
Oboti CFXX4461
Obouala CFXX0831
Oboumba CFXX0832
Oboumi CFXX0833
Obouya CFXX4462
Obouya CFXX0834
Ochende CFXX4463
Odia CFXX1204
Odikango CFXX0835
Odinnga CFXX0836
Odio CFXX0837
Odjouli CFXX4464
Odongo CFXX0838
Odoua CFXX3844
Odouka CFXX0839
Odoumina CFXX1205
Odzandongo CFXX4465
Odzatoni CFXX4466
Odzia CFXX0840
Odzianti CFXX4467
Odziba CFXX3845
Odzika CFXX4468
Odzion CFXX4469
Ofou CFXX0841
Ofounou CFXX4470
Ogooue CFXX1972
Ohembe CFXX0842
Ohoudi CFXX0843
Ohoue CFXX3846
Oka CFXX0844
Oka CFXX1206
Oka CFXX4471
Oka-Bambou CFXX1207
Okaga CFXX4472
Okali CFXX4473
Okamamoue CFXX4474
Okamamwe CFXX4475
Okamoue CFXX4476
Okamwe CFXX4477
Okana CFXX0845
Okanabota CFXX1208
Okanda Penda CFXX0846
Okangamwe CFXX0847
Okari CFXX4478
Okasa CFXX4479
Okassa CFXX4480
Okaye CFXX4481
Okeka CFXX1209
Okelataka CFXX1210
Okele CFXX0849
Okele CFXX4482
Okia CFXX0850
Okia CFXX1211
Okiala CFXX4483
Okieke CFXX4484
Okiele CFXX4485
Okiene CFXX3848
Okiene CFXX4486
Okila CFXX0851
Okila CFXX1212
Okilandzouli CFXX4487
Okilandzouli CFXX1973
Oko CFXX0852
Oko CFXX4488
Okoba CFXX1213
Okogo CFXX1214
Okoko CFXX0853
Okolo CFXX0854
Okombe CFXX0855
Okona CFXX0856
Okondji CFXX0857
Okondo CFXX0858
Okondo CFXX1215
Okondo CFXX4489
Okonga CFXX4490
Okongo CFXX1216
Okongo CFXX4491
Okonkiou CFXX4492
Okonmwe CFXX4493
Okouasse CFXX0859
Okouba CFXX1217
Okoubi CFXX4494
Okoue CFXX0860
Okouesse CFXX0861
Okoulou CFXX1218
Okoulou CFXX0862
Okouma CFXX4495
Okouma CFXX0863
Okoumbili CFXX1975
Okouna CFXX0864
Okounda CFXX4496
Okounda CFXX1219
Okoundou I CFXX4497
Okoundou II CFXX4498
Okounga CFXX4499
Okoungou CFXX0865
Okoungou CFXX4500
Okouniou CFXX0866
Okouon CFXX4501
Okoura CFXX4502
Okouya CFXX0867
Okoyo CFXX0868
Okwanpi CFXX4503
Olana CFXX4504
Ole CFXX0869
Olebe CFXX0870
Olele CFXX4505
Olele CFXX1220
Olembe CFXX4506
Oleme CFXX4507
Oleme CFXX1221
Oli CFXX4508
Oliemi CFXX0871
Oliri CFXX0872
Ollebi CFXX0873
Ollende CFXX0874
Ollombo CFXX4509
Ollou CFXX1222
Olloua CFXX1223
Ololi CFXX1224
Ololi I CFXX1225
Olombo CFXX0875
Olonga CFXX1226
Olongo CFXX1227
Olongone CFXX0876
Olono CFXX4511
Oloua CFXX1228
Olouma CFXX1229
Olounou CFXX4512
Olounou I CFXX4513
Olouo CFXX1976
Olouo CFXX4514
Ombala CFXX1230
Ombebo CFXX4874
Ombeke CFXX1231
Ombele CFXX0877
Ombima CFXX4515
Ombo CFXX1232
Omboye CFXX1233
Omeinkouere CFXX4516
Omekingo CFXX0878
Omouandja CFXX1234
Omoy CFXX2790
Omoy Bayombe CFXX2791
Omoy Bayombe II CFXX2792
Omoy Gouenge CFXX1978
Omoy Mokanda CFXX1979
Omoy Ngala CFXX1980
Omoy Wusu CFXX1981
Omoy-Gadzita CFXX1982
Omoytsani CFXX1983
Ompoho CFXX1984
Omtchouomo CFXX1235
Omvoula CFXX0879
Onan CFXX4517
Onanga CFXX0880
Onchouondjoko CFXX1236
Ondaba CFXX4518
Ondaka CFXX0881
Ondama CFXX1985
Ondama I CFXX1986
Ondingi CFXX0882
Ondjouba CFXX1237
Ondzala CFXX4519
Ondzela CFXX4520
Ondzio CFXX4521
Onfounou CFXX4522
Ongali CFXX0883
Ongali CFXX4523
Onganaka CFXX0884
Ongende CFXX4524
Ongene CFXX3849
Ongia CFXX4525
Ongo CFXX4526
Ongo III CFXX4527
Ongomo CFXX0885
Ongondza I CFXX0886
Ongondza II CFXX0887
Ongonyi CFXX4528
Ongouba CFXX1238
Ongoueme CFXX0888
Ongouli CFXX4529
Ongounda CFXX1239
Ongoy CFXX4530
Ongoye CFXX4531
Onguia CFXX0889
Onguia CFXX1240
Onguia-Endeli CFXX1241
Onguinda CFXX0890
Ongwala CFXX4532
Onia CFXX0891
Onianva CFXX4533
Onienguele CFXX0892
Onionbe CFXX4875
Onkala CFXX4534
Onkasa CFXX1987
Onkasa II CFXX1988
Onkey CFXX4535
Onkonoso CFXX4536
Onkouma CFXX1989
Onnzelo CFXX0893
Onoabi CFXX4537
Onouengue CFXX0894
Onpouana CFXX4538
Onsi CFXX4539
Ontabi CFXX4540
Ontchouo CFXX4541
Ontchouo CFXX1990
Ontchouomo CFXX1242
Onto CFXX4542
Ontogo CFXX1243
Ontolo CFXX0895
Ontourou CFXX4543
Ontsay CFXX1991
Onzele CFXX4544
Ooua CFXX3850
Oouando CFXX1244
Opa CFXX4545
Opagui CFXX0896
Opaka CFXX0897
Opari CFXX1245
Opi CFXX0898
Opigui CFXX1246
Opokania CFXX0899
Oponga CFXX1247
Oponga CFXX0900
Opounga CFXX1248
Opoungou CFXX1992
Osa CFXX4546
Osaga CFXX4547
Osao CFXX4548
Osele II CFXX4549
Osele-Moke CFXX4550
Osia CFXX4551
Osianka CFXX4552
Osiba CFXX1993
Osio CFXX4553
Ossa CFXX0901
Ossa CFXX4554
Ossaga CFXX1249
Ossaga CFXX0902
Ossake CFXX0903
Ossaki CFXX0904
Ossambou CFXX0905
Ossanga CFXX0906
Ossangui CFXX4555
Ossangui CFXX0907
Ossao CFXX4556
Ossegue CFXX0908
Ossele CFXX1250
Ossele CFXX4557
Ossia CFXX0909
Ossiele CFXX0910
Ossindo CFXX0911
Ossomba CFXX0912
Ossoue CFXX0913
Ossounga CFXX0914
Otala CFXX1994
Otala CFXX1251
Otala CFXX0915
Otala CFXX4558
Otali CFXX4559
Otama CFXX0916
Otambo CFXX0917
Otamboko CFXX0918
Otana CFXX4560
Otando CFXX0919
Otari CFXX1252
Otchetche CFXX0920
Otchouanoa CFXX4561
Otchulaka CFXX4562
Oteke CFXX4563
Otogo CFXX4564
Otogo Ollibi CFXX1253
Otouene CFXX4565
Otsalaka CFXX4566
Otsato CFXX4567
Otsende CFXX0921
Otsenie CFXX0922
Otsiende CFXX4568
Otsinde CFXX4569
Otsini CFXX4570
Otsouanta CFXX4571
Ottende CFXX0923
Otui CFXX4572
Otzia CFXX4573
Ouaka CFXX1995
Oualala CFXX3851
Ouanda CFXX3852
Ouanda-Mpassa CFXX3853
Ouandotanda CFXX0924
Ouaoua CFXX3854
Oubouesse CFXX2793
Oudiomakobo CFXX2794
Oudji CFXX1254
Oudzima CFXX0925
Oueka CFXX1539
Ouennza CFXX2219
Ouenze CFXX0926
Ouenzia CFXX3855
Ouesso CFXX4876
Ouesso-Mbila CFXX4877
Ouesso-Moke CFXX4878
Oukebene CFXX2795
Oundjadoumou CFXX1255
Ounza CFXX0927
Ourombi CFXX0928
Oussi CFXX2220
Outa Ingama CFXX1996
Ovansoki CFXX4574
Ovounigui CFXX1256
Owando CFXX0929
Owe CFXX4575
Owogui CFXX1257
Oya CFXX0930
Oyaba CFXX4576
Oyabi CFXX1258
Oyabi-Boula CFXX1259
Oyali CFXX4577
Oyana CFXX4578
Oyananga CFXX4579
Oye CFXX3856
Oyeba CFXX0931
Oyembe CFXX0932
Oyendze CFXX1260
Oyendze CFXX0933
Oyenze II CFXX0934
Oyima CFXX0935
Oyo CFXX4580
Oyo CFXX0936
Oyombo CFXX1998
Oyomi CFXX0937
Oyonfoula CFXX4581
Oyongo CFXX0938
Oyongo CFXX4582
Oyou-Gamboma CFXX1261
Oyoue CFXX0939
Oyoue II CFXX0940
Ozala CFXX0941
Ozala CFXX1262
Padi CFXX2796
Paka CFXX2797
Paka CFXX0363
Pakandjako CFXX0942
Pakende CFXX2221
Pakou CFXX4879
Palabaka CFXX1263
Pali CFXX2798
Palmeraie CFXX1264
Pama CFXX4583
Pamba CFXX1540
Pamba CFXX0943
Pamba I CFXX0944
Pamba II CFXX0945
Pamba-Odzaka CFXX0946
Pampoko CFXX4584
Pana CFXX4585
Panda CFXX1999
Pandi CFXX0364
Pandi I CFXX0365
Pandi Mamba CFXX0366
Pandji Boueti CFXX1541
Panga CFXX1542
Panga CFXX0367
Panga CFXX2799
Pangala CFXX2222
Pangala CFXX0368
Pangala CFXX3857
Pangi CFXX2800
Pango CFXX0947
Pangondamou CFXX0948
Pangou CFXX3858
Pangui CFXX2801
Pangui-Boulou CFXX1543
Papaye CFXX1265
Paris CFXX4880
Paris CFXX3859
Pasipe CFXX0369
Passa CFXX2802
Passi-Passi CFXX2803
Passimoni CFXX1544
Passitolo CFXX3860
Pati CFXX3861
Patra CFXX1545
Pemo CFXX2804
Penda CFXX0949
Pengi CFXX0370
Peola CFXX3862
Pesamoto CFXX4881
Petit Bois CFXX2805
Petit Dandi CFXX2806
Petit Kimoele CFXX2807
Petit Yandza CFXX2809
Pie CFXX3863
Pieme CFXX3864
Pika-Songho CFXX0371
Pikamandela CFXX3865
Pikounda CFXX4882
Pilikondi CFXX1546
Pina CFXX2000
Pinda-Mbigou CFXX2810
Pindi CFXX0372
Pingouama CFXX0373
Pini CFXX2001
Placongo CFXX2002
Pointe Noire CFXX4883
Pointe Noire CFXX0034
Pointe-Noire CFXX0003
Pokola CFXX4884
Pombo CFXX0950
Pombosso CFXX0951
Ponbo CFXX4586
Ponga CFXX4885
Pono CFXX2003
Pont du Niari CFXX2811
Popo CFXX2812
Pora Pama CFXX2813
Pori CFXX0952
Posi CFXX4587
Pote CFXX3866
Poto Poto CFXX3867
Poto Poto II CFXX4887
Poto-Poto CFXX1266
Poto-Poto CFXX2814
Poto-Poto CFXX2223
Poudi CFXX2815
Pouere CFXX0953
Pouere-Essengue CFXX0954
Pouka CFXX2816
Poukoulou CFXX3868
Poulani CFXX4888
Poumako CFXX3869
Poumba CFXX4889
Poumba CFXX1547
Poumba Ekoum CFXX4890
Poumba-Ekok CFXX4891
Poumba-Ekoum II CFXX4892
Poumbou CFXX1548
Poumbou CFXX2817
Poumou CFXX0374
Pounamoue CFXX4588
Poundzou CFXX2004
Poungou CFXX2818
Poungou-Poungou CFXX2819
Pounou CFXX4589
Pousamay CFXX2224
Pousou CFXX4590
Ptso CFXX2820
Ranzi CFXX2821
Reneville CFXX3870
Route Eta CFXX4893
Saba CFXX0955
Safou CFXX1550
Saint Pierre CFXX2005
Saint-Benoit CFXX0956
Saint-Francois CFXX0957
Saint-Paul CFXX0036
Sainte Radegonde CFXX0958
Sainte-Marie CFXX1551
Sakala CFXX3871
Sakamesso CFXX3872
Sako CFXX4591
Sala CFXX3873
Sala CFXX2822
Salabiakou CFXX3874
Salambama CFXX2006
Salambe CFXX3875
Samba CFXX3876
Sambala CFXX2225
Sambitsou CFXX4592
Sandzou CFXX2007
Sanfil CFXX4894
Sanga Vila CFXX3877
Sangamvila CFXX3878
Sangavimba I CFXX3879
Sangavimba II CFXX3880
Sango CFXX4895
Sango Bayoua CFXX1552
Sansfil CFXX3881
Sanza CFXX1553
Sedek CFXX3882
Seka CFXX4896
Seleke CFXX3883
Sembe CFXX0959
Sembe CFXX4897
Sembe CFXX1267
Semo CFXX3884
Sengo CFXX3885
Sengolo CFXX0960
Sere CFXX1268
Sesse CFXX3886
Sexcello CFXX1554
Sexo CFXX1555
Sia CFXX0961
Siafoumou CFXX1556
Siala CFXX1557
Sialivakou CFXX1558
Sibibamba CFXX1559
Sibiti CFXX2008
Sibititi CFXX1560
Sibitou-Kouenda CFXX1561
Siese CFXX2009
Sietamapoto CFXX3887
Sikama-Kamba CFXX1562
Sima CFXX2010
Simba CFXX2824
Simon CFXX4898
Simonbondo CFXX2011
Sinabatsoa CFXX3888
Sinansinga CFXX0037
Sinda CFXX1563
Sinda CFXX0375
Sindela CFXX2825
Sine Bamba CFXX1564
Singa CFXX4899
Sinkaba CFXX1565
Sinngabanana CFXX3889
Sintou CFXX1566
Soasoa CFXX4900
Sonel-Louamba CFXX0376
Songa CFXX3890
Songho CFXX2826
Songo CFXX0962
Songo CFXX1567
Sossolo CFXX0963
Souaka CFXX3891
Souangi CFXX2827
Souangui CFXX1568
Souanke CFXX4901
Souanke Maniane CFXX4902
Souki CFXX3892
Soukissa-Balloys CFXX2226
Soukomoyo CFXX1569
Soukou CFXX3893
Soukou CFXX4903
Soukou-Bouadi CFXX0377
Soukou-Madingou CFXX0378
Soukoumonie CFXX1570
Soulou CFXX1571
Soulou CFXX0379
Soumale Koyo CFXX1572
Soumba CFXX1573
Sounda CFXX1574
Soundi CFXX0380
Soungou CFXX0381
Souou CFXX3894
Stenege CFXX2012
Taba CFXX3895
Tadi CFXX3896
Tadimosi CFXX2828
Tala CFXX2013
Tala-Ngai CFXX2227
Tala-Tala CFXX4904
Talamich CFXX4593
Talangai CFXX4594
Talangai-Balloys CFXX2228
Talas CFXX1269
Talinga CFXX3897
Tama CFXX2014
Tandou CFXX1575
Tandou Bivenze CFXX1576
Tandou Bizenze CFXX1577
Tandou Matombe CFXX1578
Tandou Mboma CFXX1579
Tandou Mboukou CFXX2829
Tandou Mboulou CFXX1580
Tandou-Bende CFXX1581
Tandou-Bengo CFXX0038
Tandou-Youmbi CFXX1582
Tanga CFXX0382
Tatoukila CFXX2830
Tchaba CFXX3898
Tchambitcho CFXX0964
Tcherre CFXX1270
Tchibadika CFXX1583
Tchibala CFXX1584
Tchibanda CFXX1585
Tchibangou CFXX1586
Tchibondji CFXX1587
Tchibota CFXX1588
Tchiboula CFXX1589
Tchiendjili CFXX1590
Tchikapika CFXX0965
Tchikissaloko CFXX2831
Tchikoudouma CFXX2832
Tchikouimba CFXX3899
Tchikoundou CFXX1591
Tchilala CFXX2833
Tchilamana CFXX3900
Tchilimbi CFXX1592
Tchilou CFXX1593
Tchilounga CFXX2834
Tchilounga CFXX0039
Tchimagni CFXX1594
Tchimbanbouka CFXX1595
Tchimbanmba CFXX1596
Tchimbanmbouka CFXX1597
Tchimossi CFXX2835
Tchimpassi CFXX1598
Tchimpila CFXX1599
Tchingoli CFXX1600
Tchinguembere CFXX1601
Tchiniambi CFXX1602
Tchiniambi-Loeme CFXX1603
Tchiniambiloeme CFXX1604
Tchinianmbiloeme CFXX1605
Tchinimi CFXX1606
Tchinionzi CFXX1607
Tchiobo CFXX1608
Tchipouka CFXX3901
Tchisafou CFXX1609
Tchisakata CFXX1610
Tchissakata CFXX1611
Tchissamanou CFXX1612
Tchissanga CFXX1613
Tchisseka CFXX1614
Tchitanga CFXX1615
Tchitchounga CFXX3902
Tchitondi CFXX1616
Tchivoula CFXX1617
Tchiyendji CFXX1618
Tchizalamou CFXX1619
Tchizondi CFXX1620
Tchono CFXX0966
Tchouanke CFXX4595
Tebele CFXX0383
Telemono CFXX3903
Tembe CFXX4905
Tembe CFXX2836
Tembele CFXX0384
Tembele CFXX0967
Tendou Bengo CFXX1621
Tension CFXX3904
Tenta CFXX3905
Tiamba CFXX1622
Tie-Tie CFXX1623
Tieli CFXX1624
Tienza CFXX1625
Tienzolo CFXX1626
Tikonzi CFXX2837
Tilala CFXX1627
Tililou CFXX1628
Tilouemba CFXX1629
Timana CFXX1630
Timoukatsou CFXX2838
Tingoy CFXX3906
Tinkoussou CFXX1631
Tionzo CFXX1632
Tipoy CFXX4906
Titi CFXX2839
Tokou-Hola CFXX1633
Tolo CFXX1271
Tomba CFXX1634
Tombi CFXX3907
Tombo Kolo CFXX3908
Tonato CFXX3909
Tondo CFXX2840
Tongo CFXX2015
Tongo CFXX0968
Tongo Moke CFXX0969
Tonkama CFXX3910
Totodombi CFXX3911
Touakama CFXX4907
Toual CFXX3912
Touala CFXX3913
Touboula CFXX3914
Toukakata CFXX1635
Toukoulaka CFXX2230
Toumbi CFXX1636
Toundou CFXX3915
Toundou Siana CFXX1637
Touo CFXX3916
Tourne CFXX4596
Traversbanc CFXX3917
Tsaba CFXX3918
Tsabou-Tsabou CFXX0970
Tsabouka CFXX3919
Tsali CFXX4597
Tsama CFXX1273
Tsama CFXX2016
Tsama CFXX0971
Tsama I CFXX1274
Tsama II CFXX1275
Tsampoko CFXX4598
Tsanda CFXX2841
Tsanga CFXX2842
Tsanga CFXX2017
Tsangi CFXX2843
Tsangi CFXX4599
Tsangou CFXX0385
Tsani CFXX4600
Tsatou CFXX2844
Tseganpika CFXX2018
Tseka CFXX0972
Tseke-Mpembe CFXX0386
Tsembo CFXX2845
Tsenguenabiela CFXX2846
Tsetse CFXX0973
Tsetseke CFXX3920
Tsiaki CFXX0387
Tsiaki II CFXX0388
Tsiako CFXX0974
Tsiangi I CFXX0389
Tsiangi II CFXX0390
Tsibakala CFXX2847
Tsibititi CFXX2848
Tsieke CFXX2019
Tsielele CFXX2849
Tsiemayo CFXX2020
Tsieme-Mandiele CFXX3921
Tsikanou CFXX1638
Tsimba CFXX2850
Tsimboukou CFXX2851
Tsinene CFXX2852
Tsinguidi CFXX2853
Tsitsa CFXX2021
Tsokadoum CFXX4908
Tsokia CFXX4601
Tsomono CFXX0391
Tsongapa CFXX0975
Tsongo CFXX0976
Tsongo II CFXX0977
Tsongo-Otama CFXX0978
Tsotsokoumou CFXX2855
Tsouengi CFXX2856
Tsoulookasa CFXX4602
Tsouma CFXX3922
Tsoumbou CFXX0392
Tsoumbou CFXX1639
Tsoundi CFXX2857
Tsouo CFXX4603
Tzambisisi CFXX0393
Tzodzo CFXX4604
Uoussoundzi CFXX2858
Vaga CFXX0979
Vaga CFXX1276
Vaka CFXX0980
Vandji CFXX1640
Vanga CFXX2859
Vela CFXX1641
Vila CFXX4605
Vilikagni CFXX1642
Village Babinga CFXX4606
Vindoulou CFXX1643
Vinnza CFXX3923
Vinza CFXX3924
Vista CFXX1644
Vivario CFXX4909
Voka CFXX3925
Vondza CFXX2860
Vono CFXX4607
Vouala CFXX2022
Vouali CFXX2023
Vouanza CFXX3926
Vouga CFXX2861
Vouga CFXX2024
Vouga Itounou CFXX2025
Vouka CFXX2862
Vouka CFXX2026
Voula CFXX2027
Voula CFXX3927
Voulalikonde CFXX2863
Voulaniangou CFXX2864
Voule CFXX2028
Voulou CFXX3928
Vouloumamba CFXX3929
Vouloumanba CFXX3930
Vouma CFXX0981
Vounda CFXX2865
Vounda I CFXX2866
Vounda Ii CFXX0040
Voundala CFXX2867
Voungouta CFXX3931
Vouvou CFXX3932
Wala CFXX0394
Wanda Kouni CFXX1645
Wandakousombi CFXX1646
Wendze CFXX4608
Yaba CFXX1277
Yaba CFXX4609
Yaba I CFXX1278
Yaba II CFXX1279
Yaba II CFXX4610
Yaba Mbeti CFXX1280
Yabongo CFXX3933
Yaka-yaka CFXX3934
Yakou CFXX3935
Yala CFXX4611
Yalala CFXX3936
Yalalakissi CFXX3937
Yalavounga CFXX3938
Yama CFXX2029
Yama CFXX2868
Yama CFXX1281
Yama CFXX4612
Yama-Moukondo CFXX2869
Yamadjele CFXX2030
Yamamba CFXX2231
Yamba CFXX0395
Yambiko CFXX2232
Yambo CFXX1647
Yambo II CFXX1648
Yana CFXX3939
Yanana CFXX0982
Yananga CFXX2031
Yanba CFXX2032
Yandza CFXX2870
Yandzila CFXX1649
Yanebout CFXX4910
Yanga CFXX2033
Yanga CFXX1650
Yanga CFXX3940
Yanga CFXX2871
Yanga Dzala CFXX3941
Yangala CFXX1651
Yango CFXX4911
Yangui CFXX3942
Yanika CFXX1652
Yanou CFXX3943
Yaya CFXX2034
Yaya CFXX1653
Ye CFXX3944
Yedeke CFXX0396
Yedike CFXX0397
Yelma CFXX1654
Yembelangoy CFXX1282
Yembelangoye CFXX1283
Yende CFXX2233
Yeneganou CFXX2874
Yenenganou CFXX2875
Yenga CFXX4912
Yengo CFXX0983
Yengo CFXX4913
Yengo Moke CFXX0984
Yengo Monenn CFXX0985
Yengo-Babinga CFXX4914
Yetila CFXX3945
Yili CFXX4613
Yima CFXX4614
Yloumata CFXX1655
Yoka CFXX2035
Yokama CFXX3946
Yoko CFXX2036
Yombe CFXX0986
Yombo CFXX2876
Yongolo CFXX4915
Yonon CFXX4615
Youbi CFXX1656
Youiounkoye CFXX0398
Youkoy CFXX0399
Youlambali CFXX4616
Youlandzami CFXX2877
Youlandzami CFXX2037
Youlandziami CFXX2878
Youlanziami CFXX2879
Youlou Biengue CFXX3947
Youlou Mayekou CFXX0400
Youlou Mokila CFXX3948
Youloukoye CFXX0401
Youloukoyi CFXX2880
Youmba CFXX2234
Youmbe CFXX2235
Youngou CFXX1657
Youngou-Zassi CFXX1658
Yoyo CFXX2038
Yuomi CFXX2039
Zabata CFXX0402
Zabi CFXX2236
Zabi CFXX3949
Zalangoy CFXX1284
Zalangoye CFXX4916
Zalon CFXX4917
Zamba CFXX3950
Zambi Sissi CFXX2881
Zambi-Kala CFXX2882
Zanaga CFXX2040
Zanaga Bakota CFXX2041
Zanaga Bateke CFXX2042
Zanzi CFXX2043
Zatchi CFXX1659
Zavanga I CFXX1660
Zavanga II CFXX1661
Zedimba CFXX3951
Zegabou CFXX4918
Zembe Tchecosso CFXX1662
Zevenge CFXX1663
Zialaba CFXX4919
Zilala CFXX2883
Zingo CFXX2237
Zinnga CFXX3952
Zolabantou CFXX3953
Zolle CFXX4920
Zoloum CFXX4921
Zonde CFXX1664
Zonzo CFXX0403
Zou CFXX3954
Zoul CFXX4922
Zoula CFXX4923
Zoulabout CFXX4924
Zoulabouth CFXX4925
Zoulou CFXX3955
Zouloukabi CFXX3956
Zouloumongo CFXX3957
Zoumbou CFXX3958
Zoumboulaye CFXX2238
Zouno Pena CFXX3959
Zouoba CFXX4926