Weather Codes for Qatar

Find Weather Codes or Weather Zip Codes for states and cities in Qatar. Weather Codes references a specified Location and is used to get weather of that place accurately. They are used by The Weather Channel( by IBM), Yahoo! Weather, AOL Weather and many such weather forecasting platforms. It is similar to Yahoo's WOEID(Where On the Earth ID) that is used to represent each place uniquely.

You can know the weather of any place precisely with the help of weather codes. Find the current weather of your state or city by clicking on it. You will be redirected to The Weather Channel site with your weather code for accurate weather forecast.

Abu az Zuluf QAXX0133
Abu Hamur QAXX0181
Abu Husayyah QAXX0204
Abu Kharab QAXX0115
Abu Nakhlah QAXX0182
Abu Qarn QAXX0086
Abu Samrah QAXX0061
Abu Sidrah QAXX0087
Abu Sudayrah QAXX0023
Abu Suwayy QAXX0116
Abu Thaylah QAXX0004
Abu Turayfah QAXX0062
Ad Darb QAXX0088
Ad Dawhah QAXX0005
Ad Da`udiyah QAXX0134
Adh Dhakhirah QAXX0117
Al Buraydat QAXX0089
Al Busayyir QAXX0006
Al Fuhayhil QAXX0135
Al Ghaf QAXX0118
Al Ghafah QAXX0050
Al Ghanim QAXX0027
Al Ghariyah QAXX0136
Al Gharrafah QAXX0183
Al Ghashshamiyah QAXX0137
Al Ghuwayriyah QAXX0007
Al Hitmi QAXX0030
Al Huriyah QAXX0063
Al Husayniyah QAXX0185
Al Huwaylah QAXX0119
Al Jabar QAXX0031
Al Jasrah QAXX0032
Al Jubayl QAXX0120
Al Judhay` QAXX0138
Al Jumayl QAXX0139
Al Jumayliyah QAXX0090
Al Ka`ban QAXX0140
Al Ka`biyah QAXX0141
Al Khalifat QAXX0033
Al Kharitiyat QAXX0205
Al Kharrarah QAXX0008
Al Khattiyah QAXX0091
Al Khawr QAXX0009
Al Khisah QAXX0206
Al Khisah QAXX0142
Al Khor QAXX0022
Al Khurayb QAXX0186
Al Khurayj QAXX0064
Al Khurays QAXX0121
Al Khuraytiyat QAXX0207
Al Khursa`ah QAXX0092
Al Khuwayr QAXX0143
Al Kir anah QAXX0010
Al Kir`anah QAXX0065
Al Mafjar QAXX0144
Al Majidah QAXX0051
Al Mansurah QAXX0034
Al Maqran QAXX0187
Al Markhiyah QAXX0035
Al Mashrab QAXX0145
Al Muntazah QAXX0036
Al Muraydah QAXX0146
Al Murqab QAXX0037
Al Qa`abiyah QAXX0147
Al Qa`iyah QAXX0093
Al Qusayrah QAXX0066
Al Wabrah QAXX0189
Al Wakrah QAXX0001
Al Waqbah QAXX0190
Al Wa`b QAXX0122
Al Wa`b QAXX0188
Al Wa`b QAXX0148
Al Wukayr QAXX0220
Al Wusayl QAXX0208
Al `Adhbah QAXX0149
Al `Amiriyah QAXX0067
Al `Arish QAXX0150
Al `Uqdah QAXX0123
Al `Uwaynah QAXX0094
An Najmah QAXX0038
An Nashamiyah QAXX0095
An Nasraniyah QAXX0096
An Nuhaydayn QAXX0068
An Nuqayyah QAXX0053
An Nuqay`ah QAXX0052
An Nu`man QAXX0151
Ar Rakiyat QAXX0152
Ar Rayyan QAXX0002
Ar Rufayq QAXX0013
Ar Rukayyah QAXX0069
Ar Rumaylah QAXX0039
Ar Ruwaydah QAXX0154
As Sadd QAXX0040
As Sahlah QAXX0070
As Salatah QAXX0041
As Samiriyah QAXX0097
As Samiriyah QAXX0191
As Sani` QAXX0209
As Sawq QAXX0043
As Sayliyah QAXX0192
As Sidrah QAXX0193
As Sidriyah QAXX0155
As Sun` QAXX0098
As Suwayhiliyah QAXX0058
As Su`lukiyah QAXX0156
Ash Shahaniyah QAXX0014
At Tawil QAXX0099
At Tuwaym QAXX0158
Ath Thaqab QAXX0159
Az Za`ayin QAXX0125
Bu Sidrah QAXX0102
Doha QAXX0003
Dukhan QAXX0016
Fashshakh QAXX0103
Fuhayhil QAXX0160
Fuwayrit QAXX0161
Ghaf Makin QAXX0162
Halwan QAXX0163
Julayhah QAXX0071
Khawzan QAXX0104
Lisha QAXX0164
Madinat Khalifah QAXX0044
Mazra at Turayna QAXX0019
Mazra`at Turayna QAXX0072
Muhayriqah QAXX0059
Mukaynis QAXX0073
Muraykh QAXX0198
Musaykah QAXX0166
Mu`aydhir QAXX0222
Nabat al Usayl QAXX0223
Nu`ayjah QAXX0045
Qahahil QAXX0105
Rawdat al Arnab QAXX0075
Rawdat al `Ajuz QAXX0210
Rawdat Rashid QAXX0074
Sa`lukiyah QAXX0167
Sidriyat Makin QAXX0168
Simsimah QAXX0126
Sumaysimah QAXX0127
Tinbak QAXX0128
Umm al Abariq QAXX0217
Umm al Afa`i QAXX0200
Umm al Ghaylam QAXX0172
Umm al Jawlaq QAXX0081
Umm al Kharq QAXX0060
Umm al Kilab QAXX0174
Umm al Ma` QAXX0175
Umm al Qaridi QAXX0107
Umm al Qubur QAXX0218
Umm al Qubur QAXX0176
Umm al Quhab QAXX0201
Umm al Quhab QAXX0132
Umm al Quraydi QAXX0110
Umm al `Amad QAXX0219
Umm al `Izam QAXX0111
Umm as Suf QAXX0177
Umm as Suwab QAXX0082
Umm ash Shubrum QAXX0083
Umm az Zubar QAXX0084
Umm Bab QAXX0020
Umm Birkah QAXX0129
Umm Ghuwaylinah QAXX0106
Umm Ghuwaylinah QAXX0046
Umm Jarrah QAXX0078
Umm Jurn QAXX0211
Umm Juwaydah QAXX0170
Umm Ju`ayd QAXX0169
Umm Qarn QAXX0212
Umm Qayn QAXX0130
Umm Qurun QAXX0199
Umm Sabbah QAXX0171
Umm Said QAXX0021
Umm Salal `Ali QAXX0214
Umm Sa`id QAXX0225
Umm Shamim QAXX0079
Umm Suwayjah QAXX0131
Umm Wishah QAXX0080
Umm `Abiriyah QAXX0215
Umm `Ubayriyah QAXX0216
Ummahat al `Anz QAXX0112
Wadi as Sayl QAXX0047
Wadi Jallal QAXX0085
Zaghab QAXX0178
Zar` al `Atiyah QAXX0202
Zughayn al Bahth QAXX0113
`Abd al `Aziz QAXX0048
`Afjan QAXX0114
`Asmiyah QAXX0179
`Ayn Khalid QAXX0203
`Ayn Sinan QAXX0180
`Unayzah QAXX0049