Weather Codes for Philippines

Find Weather Codes or Weather Zip Codes for states and cities in Philippines. Weather Codes references a specified Location and is used to get weather of that place accurately. They are used by The Weather Channel( by IBM), Yahoo! Weather, AOL Weather and many such weather forecasting platforms. It is similar to Yahoo's WOEID(Where On the Earth ID) that is used to represent each place uniquely.

You can know the weather of any place precisely with the help of weather codes. Find the current weather of your state or city by clicking on it. You will be redirected to The Weather Channel site with your weather code for accurate weather forecast.

Aanislag RPXX1851
Aba RPXX7620
Ababeng RPXX1259
Abaca RPXX2494
Abaca RPXX5130
Abaca RPXX0071
Abaca RPXX7621
Abachanan RPXX5131
Abacjanan RPXX5132
Abagao RPXX7622
Abahid RPXX4706
Abaka RPXX0072
Abang RPXX1260
Abangan Norte RPXX6173
Abangan Sur RPXX6174
Abangay RPXX8895
Abaquid RPXX1261
Abarriongan RPXX7623
Abas RPXX1262
Abas River RPXX1263
Abat RPXX4043
Abaya RPXX4045
Abayan RPXX4046
Abbagao RPXX7624
Abbangueran RPXX7625
Abbao RPXX4047
Abbeg RPXX7626
Abbey RPXX1264
Abbey Sur RPXX7627
Abel RPXX3663
Abella RPXX1852
Abelo RPXX6871
Abiacao RPXX6872
Abiang RPXX4048
Abibling RPXX1853
Abiera RPXX2495
Abihid RPXX5133
Abihilan RPXX5134
Abijilan RPXX5135
Abio RPXX6175
Ableg RPXX1265
Abocay RPXX8896
Abognan RPXX1854
Abolo RPXX7628
Abong-Abong RPXX4567
Aborlan RPXX0073
Abri RPXX1855
Abualan RPXX1266
Abuanan RPXX0074
Abuaya RPXX5136
Abubo RPXX9371
Abucay RPXX0075
Abucay RPXX7629
Abucay Hacienda RPXX3863
Abucay Norte RPXX5137
Abucay Sur RPXX5138
Abucayan RPXX9372
Abucayan RPXX5139
Abucot RPXX4049
Abulalas RPXX6176
Abuleg RPXX3406
Abulug RPXX0076
Abung RPXX6873
Abut RPXX1267
Abuyog RPXX8544
Abuyog RPXX0078
Abuyog RPXX9373
Abuyog RPXX0077
Abyang RPXX4050
Acaban RPXX5033
Acacia RPXX6177
Acala RPXX1856
Acben RPXX4051
Acbo RPXX8897
Acero RPXX3546
Achila RPXX5140
Acilip RPXX1268
Acito RPXX1269
Aclan RPXX2361
Acle RPXX6874
Acnal RPXX4052
Acops Place RPXX4053
Actangao RPXX1270
Acupan RPXX4054
Acustilan RPXX7630
Ad-adan RPXX2496
Adabong RPXX4055
Adala RPXX4056
Adaoag RPXX7631
Adaoay RPXX4057
Adereg RPXX4058
Adgawan RPXX3074
Adia RPXX6178
Adiagnao RPXX9374
Adinaonao RPXX4059
Adlauan RPXX8898
Adlawan RPXX5141
Adlawan RPXX8899
Adlay RPXX0079
Adlusan RPXX2497
Adoyunan RPXX4060
Adtugan RPXX4707
Adud RPXX4061
Adugao RPXX1271
Adviento RPXX7632
Advincula RPXX8900
Adya RPXX6875
Afga RPXX3075
Afunan RPXX7633
Afusing Batu RPXX7634
Afusing Centro RPXX7635
Afusing Daga RPXX7636
Afusing Norte RPXX7637
Afusing Sur RPXX7638
Ag-agat RPXX4062
Ag-ambulong RPXX8901
Aga RPXX9375
Aga RPXX6876
Agaban RPXX5034
Agahay RPXX5142
Agaman RPXX7639
Agani RPXX7640
Agape RPXX5143
Agar RPXX9376
Agas RPXX1272
Agasasan RPXX1273
Agat RPXX4063
Agay RPXX2362
Agbabadiang RPXX8902
Agbading RPXX3076
Agbago RPXX3077
Agbalili RPXX8903
Agbalo RPXX8904
Agbalogo RPXX3078
Agbanawan RPXX3079
Agbanban RPXX8905
Agbanug RPXX8906
Agbao-ud RPXX3080
Agbatiti RPXX3081
Agbobolo RPXX8907
Agbonan RPXX5144
Agbuaya RPXX5145
Agbulacan RPXX3082
Agbulu RPXX3664
Agbulugo RPXX3083
Agbunud RPXX8908
Agcagawan RPXX8909
Agcagay RPXX8910
Agcanni RPXX7641
Agcawilan RPXX3084
Agcococ RPXX8911
Agdabon RPXX8912
Agdalipi RPXX8913
Agdugayan RPXX3085
Aggugaddan RPXX7642
Agguirit RPXX7643
Aggunetan RPXX7644
Aggungan RPXX7645
Aghao RPXX5146
Agioloma RPXX3864
Agkilo RPXX8914
Aglalana RPXX8915
Aglayan RPXX4708
Aglibacao RPXX8916
Aglibacoa RPXX8917
Aglimocan RPXX8918
Aglimocon RPXX8919
Aglinob RPXX8920
Agloloway RPXX8921
Agma-ilig RPXX3086
Agmalobo RPXX8922
Agna RPXX1857
Agnas RPXX1858
Agnaya RPXX6179
Agnayon RPXX3547
Agno RPXX0080
Agnos RPXX6877
Agoho RPXX8472
Agojo RPXX1859
Agol RPXX1860
Agomanay RPXX1274
Agoncillo RPXX6878
Agong-ong RPXX2363
Agoponga RPXX8924
Agora RPXX3665
Agos RPXX1861
Agpangi RPXX5035
Agpano-an RPXX8925
Agrupacion RPXX9378
Agsalay RPXX8926
Agsidan RPXX4064
Agsilab RPXX8927
Agsimao RPXX1275
Agsoso RPXX5147
Agtalos RPXX3087
Agtambi RPXX8928
Agtanguay RPXX8929
Agtatacay Norte RPXX3088
Agtatacay Sur RPXX8930
Agtoc RPXX9379
Agtopgop RPXX8931
Aguanta RPXX7646
Aguet Norte RPXX1276
Aguet Sur RPXX1277
Aguiguican RPXX7647
Aguila RPXX2498
Aguilar RPXX9380
Aguilisin RPXX6180
Aguining RPXX0081
Agumingan RPXX3666
Agupit RPXX9381
Aguren RPXX8473
Agusan Pequeno RPXX2364
Agusi RPXX7648
Agustin RPXX5148
Agutan RPXX7649
Agutay RPXX5036
Aguzzao RPXX7650
Aisado RPXX6181
Ajjao RPXX7651
Ajuy RPXX0082
Akey RPXX4065
Akiki RPXX4066
Akle RPXX6182
Akmi RPXX4067
Aknib RPXX4068
Al-lay RPXX4069
Alabang Puro RPXX1862
Alabat RPXX0058
Alabiao RPXX7652
Alabug East RPXX7653
Alabug West RPXX7654
Alae RPXX0084
Alagao RPXX6183
Alagao RPXX6879
Alaguia RPXX7655
Alaludig RPXX1278
Alam RPXX3667
Alaminos RPXX3089
Alaminos RPXX0085
Alaminos RPXX0086
Alangalang RPXX0087
Alangan RPXX2499
Alangan RPXX3865
Alangilan RPXX6880
Alangilan RPXX8474
Alanib RPXX4709
Alannay RPXX7656
Alaoa RPXX1279
Alapang RPXX4070
Alasaguing RPXX8932
Alasas RPXX3090
Alasasin RPXX3866
Alaum RPXX6881
Alawang RPXX6184
Alawihaw RPXX8545
Alayao RPXX8546
Alayo RPXX1280
Alayonan RPXX8933
Alba RPXX7657
Albian RPXX4071
Album RPXX3867
Albuna RPXX3548
Alburquerque RPXX5149
Alcala RPXX7658
Alcala RPXX3407
Alcala RPXX1863
Alcantara RPXX8934
Alcantara RPXX0088
Ale RPXX4710
Alegles RPXX2500
Alegre RPXX2501
Alegria RPXX2502
Alegria RPXX5150
Alegria RPXX3549
Alegria RPXX0090
Alegria RPXX0089
Alegria RPXX3091
Alegria Norte RPXX5151
Alegria Sur RPXX5152
Alejawan RPXX5153
Alem RPXX3668
Alemania RPXX5154
Aleon RPXX3868
Alfonso XII RPXX3092
Alga RPXX8475
Alianza RPXX9382
Alibago RPXX7659
Alibagon RPXX3093
Alibangbang RPXX6882
Alicia RPXX0091
Alicia RPXX0092
Alicia RPXX6185
Aliguay RPXX5155
Alijauan RPXX5156
Alilintao RPXX3669
Alilinu RPXX7660
Alimannao RPXX7661
Alimoan RPXX7662
Alimodian RPXX0093
Alimosgan RPXX1281
Alimsog RPXX1864
Alimudong RPXX1282
Alinao RPXX8547
Alinasan RPXX3670
Alingay RPXX4072
Alinunu RPXX7663
Alipasapas RPXX1283
Alipasiowan RPXX8935
Aliplo RPXX8936
Alipoon RPXX1284
Aliputos RPXX3094
Alisit RPXX3671
Alitagtag RPXX6883
Alitagtay RPXX6884
Alitap RPXX6885
Alitongtong RPXX7664
Aliuniun RPXX3672
Allacapan RPXX7665
Allang RPXX1865
Allappangan RPXX7666
Allasitan RPXX7667
Allen RPXX0094
Allig RPXX3673
Allotan RPXX7668
Almacen RPXX6186
Almacen RPXX3869
Almagro RPXX0095
Almeria RPXX5037
Alno RPXX4073
Alocao RPXX7669
Aloguinsan RPXX0096
Aloja RPXX5157
Alojipan RPXX2503
Altavas RPXX3095
Alteza RPXX9383
Altura RPXX6886
Altura Bata RPXX6887
Altura Matanda RPXX6888
Altura South RPXX6889
Alubijid RPXX2365
Alugan RPXX0097
Alumani RPXX3674
Alupay RPXX6890
Amaga RPXX8937
Amahit RPXX9384
Amaloy RPXX4568
Amambahag RPXX5038
Amas RPXX0098
Amat RPXX9385
Ambacan RPXX5158
Ambacon RPXX2366
Ambago RPXX2367
Ambagon RPXX2368
Ambakon RPXX2369
Ambangeg RPXX4074
Ambasador RPXX4075
Ambayat RPXX4076
Ambayek RPXX4077
Ambekdet RPXX4078
Ambilay RPXX8938
Ambongdolan RPXX4079
Ambuadia RPXX4080
Ambuan RPXX5159
Ambuclao RPXX4081
Ambulong RPXX0056
America RPXX9386
Amgaleyley RPXX4082
Amica RPXX4083
Amiligan RPXX8939
Amlimay RPXX4084
Amluagan RPXX1285
Ammagacan RPXX7670
Ammubuan RPXX7671
Amontay RPXX2370
Ampalang RPXX4085
Ampalioh RPXX1286
Amparo RPXX2504
Ampayoc RPXX1287
Ampayon RPXX0100
Ampegoc RPXX4086
Amper RPXX3408
Ampucao RPXX4087
Ampulan RPXX4088
Ampusungan RPXX4089
Amsalsal RPXX4090
Amsuling RPXX4091
Amtaki RPXX4092
Amti RPXX1288
Amtic RPXX1866
Amugao RPXX3675
Amulung RPXX7672
Amunitan RPXX7673
Amutag RPXX0101
Anajao RPXX5160
Anajaon RPXX9387
Ananaao RPXX1289
Anangca RPXX7674
Anao RPXX3097
Anap RPXX1290
Anas RPXX0102
Anas RPXX3409
Anas RPXX5161
Anas RPXX5039
Anastacia RPXX6891
Anawan RPXX9388
Anayan RPXX1291
Anayan RPXX9389
Anchoke RPXX4094
Anchokey RPXX4095
Anda RPXX5162
Anepahan RPXX0103
Angad RPXX1292
Angagan RPXX7676
Angang RPXX7677
Angao RPXX3098
Angapat RPXX4096
Angas RPXX8548
Angas RPXX3099
Angat RPXX0104
Angeles RPXX6892
Angeles RPXX3100
Angeles RPXX0001
Angeles RPXX2505
Angeles RPXX3550
Anghit RPXX8549
Anginan RPXX6187
Angub RPXX8940
Anguiling RPXX1293
Angustia RPXX9390
Anhawon RPXX8941
Anib RPXX9391
Aniban RPXX6188
Anibongan RPXX5164
Anibongan RPXX3551
Anilao RPXX0106
Anilao RPXX6893
Anilauan RPXX2506
Anini-y RPXX2507
Aniog RPXX9392
Anipan RPXX7678
Anislag RPXX5165
Anitit RPXX4097
Anito RPXX8476
Annabatan RPXX7679
Annabuculan RPXX7680
Annafatan RPXX7681
Annafunan RPXX7682
Annayatan RPXX7683
Anneng RPXX4098
Anog RPXX5040
Anoling RPXX5166
Anoling RPXX3552
Anolingan RPXX2508
Anonang RPXX9393
Anonang RPXX5167
Anopol RPXX1294
Anoyon RPXX5168
Anquiray RPXX7684
Antamok RPXX4099
Antequera RPXX0107
Anticala RPXX2372
Antihon RPXX5169
Antipolo RPXX5170
Antipolo RPXX0108
Antipolo RPXX0109
Antipolo RPXX3553
Antipolo RPXX6894
Antipolo RPXX3101
Antipolo RPXX9394
Antipolo Old RPXX9395
Antipona RPXX6190
Antolon RPXX9396
Antonio Luna RPXX2373
Antuagan RPXX1295
Anuling RPXX1867
Anuling RPXX6191
Anumari RPXX3676
Anurtutu RPXX7685
Anus RPXX6895
Anyatam RPXX6192
Aola RPXX1868
Aom RPXX5171
Apa-apaya RPXX1296
Apacay RPXX6896
Apad RPXX9397
Apad RPXX1869
Apadi RPXX3677
Apaguen RPXX3678
Apali RPXX9398
Apao RPXX1297
Apapaya RPXX1298
Apar RPXX6897
Aparicio RPXX3102
Aparri RPXX0042
Apavas RPXX4100
Apayao RPXX7686
Apdo RPXX2509
Apero RPXX8942
Apgahan RPXX2510
Apganan RPXX2511
Apitong RPXX0111
Aplaya RPXX6898
Aplaya RPXX3410
Apolonio Samson RPXX6193
Apud RPXX1870
Apugan RPXX6194
Apunan RPXX4101
Apurawan RPXX0112
Aputan RPXX3679
Apwao RPXX8550
Aquada RPXX9399
Aquib Norte RPXX7687
Aquib Sur RPXX7688
Aquilar RPXX0113
Aquiliquilao RPXX7689
Aquino RPXX3103
Aquipo RPXX5172
Aquisan RPXX0114
Aquiting RPXX0115
Arab RPXX1299
Aracat RPXX7690
Aragao RPXX7691
Araiat RPXX7692
Aran RPXX4102
Aran RPXX9400
Aranas East RPXX3104
Aranas Sur RPXX3105
Aranguel RPXX8943
Arap RPXX1871
Araposip RPXX1300
Aras-Asan RPXX2512
Aras-asun RPXX2513
Arbili RPXX3106
Arcangel RPXX3107
Arenaya RPXX7693
Argao RPXX0116
Aridawen RPXX7694
Arimbay RPXX1872
Aringay RPXX0117
Aripip RPXX3680
Ariquen RPXX5041
Aristog RPXX5042
Aroaldao RPXX9401
Arobo RPXX2514
Aropong RPXX4103
Arteche RPXX0118
Artuz RPXX8944
Arubub RPXX4105
Arumahan RPXX6899
As-Is RPXX6900
Asassi RPXX7695
Asban RPXX1301
Asdam RPXX8551
Asgad RPXX0119
Asilang RPXX7696
Asin RPXX4106
Asinan RPXX0120
Asinga-Via RPXX7697
Asingan RPXX0121
Asis RPXX6901
Aslom RPXX5043
Aslong RPXX9402
Aslum RPXX3108
Asluman RPXX2515
Asluman RPXX5044
Ason RPXX9403
Asset RPXX3681
Asterga RPXX0122
Asturga RPXX8945
Asuncion RPXX3554
Asuyan RPXX2516
Ata-atahon RPXX2374
Atabay RPXX2517
Atanangiunit RPXX7698
Atapuan RPXX4107
Atatiawa RPXX1302
Atayao RPXX7699
Atga RPXX3555
Atimonan RPXX0123
Ating RPXX4108
Atiotis RPXX2518
Atip RPXX1303
Atiplo RPXX8946
Atipolo RPXX5045
Atlag RPXX6195
Atok RPXX3682
Atong-Atong RPXX4569
Atulayan RPXX7700
Atulayan RPXX9404
Atulut RPXX7701
Aumbay RPXX0124
Aupagan RPXX2375
Aurelliana RPXX2519
Aurora RPXX0125
Aurora RPXX3556
Aurora RPXX5173
Auyan RPXX5174
Auyaoyao RPXX9405
Ava RPXX9406
Avila RPXX0126
Awa RPXX3557
Awallan RPXX7702
Awan RPXX3683
Awang RPXX1873
Away RPXX8552
Awayan RPXX9407
Awijao RPXX5175
Awitan RPXX8553
Aya RPXX6902
Ayagao RPXX9408
Ayam RPXX3870
Ayan RPXX9409
Ayao-iyao RPXX6904
Ayugan RPXX9410
Ayungon RPXX0127
Ayusan Dos RPXX6905
Ayutay RPXX2520
Azagra RPXX0128
Azpitia RPXX3558
Ba-an RPXX2376
Ba-barit RPXX4109
Ba-y RPXX1304
Baaba RPXX4570
Baang RPXX5176
Baao RPXX0129
Baay RPXX8554
Baay RPXX1305
Baay RPXX4110
Baayan RPXX4111
Babag RPXX5177
Babagiohan RPXX4711
Babangan RPXX2521
Babatgon RPXX8555
Babatngon RPXX0130
Babatnin RPXX6197
Babatuan RPXX6198
Babawan RPXX7703
Babayongan RPXX5178
Babayuan RPXX7704
Babuyan RPXX3871
Bacacay RPXX1874
Bacagan RPXX7705
Bacal RPXX8556
Bacalan RPXX2522
Bacalayon RPXX1875
Bacaloa RPXX7706
Bacan RPXX3109
Bacangbang RPXX2523
Bacani RPXX5180
Bacao RPXX6906
Bacarra RPXX0132
Bacasanon RPXX4712
Baccuit RPXX7707
Baclas RPXX6907
Baclayan RPXX2524
Baclayon RPXX0133
Baclion RPXX4713
Bacnit RPXX8477
Bacolod RPXX0002
Bacolod RPXX9411
Bacolod RPXX1876
Bacolod RPXX2525
Bacong RPXX2526
Bacong RPXX4112
Bacong RPXX3411
Bacong RPXX0136
Bacong RPXX0135
Bacongan RPXX0131
Bacooc RPXX1306
Bacoor RPXX0003
Bacoy RPXX3559
Bacoyo RPXX4113
Bacring RPXX7708
Bacsan RPXX5183
Bacsay RPXX3684
Bacsil RPXX1307
Bactacang RPXX9412
Bactalan RPXX7711
Bactas RPXX8557
Bactol RPXX1878
Baculod RPXX7712
Baculongan RPXX4114
Baculud RPXX7713
Bacungan RPXX0138
Badap RPXX7714
Badas RPXX1308
Badas RPXX8558
Badayan RPXX4115
Badbad RPXX1879
Badbad RPXX5184
Badbaranan RPXX8947
Badeo RPXX4116
Badi RPXX9413
Badia RPXX7715
Badia RPXX4571
Badiagan RPXX2527
Badian RPXX5185
Badian RPXX1880
Badian RPXX0139
Badian RPXX4117
Badiang RPXX2377
Badiang RPXX2528
Badiang RPXX5186
Badiangan RPXX2529
Badiangan RPXX3110
Badiangan RPXX8948
Bading RPXX2378
Badlan Hills RPXX8949
Badoc RPXX0140
Badognoy RPXX1881
Baduat RPXX0141
Badutol RPXX4118
Badyang RPXX5187
Badyongon RPXX8950
Baesa RPXX6199
Bag-ong-Barrio RPXX8951
Bagabag RPXX0142
Bagac RPXX0143
Bagacay RPXX5188
Bagacay RPXX0144
Bagacay RPXX0145
Bagacay RPXX0146
Bagacay RPXX1882
Bagacay RPXX3111
Bagacay RPXX8559
Bagacay RPXX2530
Bagacay RPXX9414
Bagacay RPXX0147
Bagacay RPXX8952
Bagacay Cawayan RPXX5190
Bagacay Saong RPXX5191
Bagadion RPXX9415
Bagagnan RPXX9416
Bagahupi RPXX0148
Bagalangit RPXX0149
Bagalay RPXX1309
Bagamilon RPXX9417
Baganito RPXX9418
Baganot RPXX9419
Bagaobauan RPXX1883
Bagaong RPXX1310
Bagas RPXX9420
Bagaubauan RPXX1884
Bagay RPXX7716
Bagaycay RPXX9421
Bagbag RPXX6200
Bagbag RPXX6908
Bagbaguin RPXX6201
Baggao RPXX0150
Bagja RPXX9422
Bagna RPXX6202
Bagna Caves RPXX9423
Bagnabong RPXX1885
Bago RPXX4119
Bago RPXX8953
Bago Bantay RPXX6203
Bago Chiquito RPXX8954
Bago Grande RPXX8955
Bagoladio RPXX9424
Bagolatao RPXX9425
Bagonbayan RPXX1886
Bagonbon RPXX5192
Bagong RPXX6204
Bagong Barrio RPXX6205
Bagong Barrio RPXX3112
Bagong Bayan RPXX6206
Bagong Buhay RPXX6207
Bagong Cambangay RPXX5193
Bagong Nayon RPXX6208
Bagong Pagasa RPXX6209
Bagong Paraiso RPXX3872
Bagong Pook RPXX6910
Bagong Silang RPXX6911
Bagong Silang RPXX6210
Bagong Tubig RPXX6912
Bagongbong RPXX9426
Bagongpooc RPXX6913
Bagongpook RPXX6914
Bagongsirang RPXX9427
Bagor RPXX4714
Bagosbas RPXX8560
Bagotong RPXX3685
Bagsa RPXX1887
Bagtang RPXX4120
Bagtangan RPXX4121
Bagtason RPXX2531
Bagtiag RPXX6211
Bagtic RPXX5195
Bagtingon RPXX9428
Bagto RPXX2379
Bagto RPXX3412
Bagto RPXX3113
Bagtu RPXX3413
Bagu RPXX4122
Baguang RPXX3686
Baguhan RPXX5196
Baguihag RPXX7719
Baguilawa RPXX6915
Baguingey RPXX4123
Baguio RPXX0046
Baguioro RPXX2532
Bagulaizo RPXX9429
Bagum Bayan RPXX3873
Bagumbayan RPXX9430
Bagumbayan RPXX2533
Bagumbayan RPXX6212
Bagumbayan RPXX7720
Bagumbayan RPXX3874
Bagumbayan RPXX6916
Bagumbayan RPXX1888
Bagumbayon RPXX5197
Bagumbong RPXX3687
Bagumbong RPXX6213
Bagun Sirang RPXX9431
Bagunot RPXX7721
Baguntaas RPXX4715
Bah-Bah RPXX3560
Baha RPXX6917
Bahan RPXX5198
Bahao RPXX0152
Bahay RPXX9433
Bahay Toro RPXX6215
Bahaybahay RPXX5199
Baheli RPXX0153
Bahi RPXX9434
Bahi RPXX5200
Bahian RPXX5201
Bahisan RPXX3561
Bahit RPXX8956
Bahud RPXX0154
Bahugan RPXX4716
Bahyan RPXX4124
Bai RPXX1311
Baiguian RPXX9435
Bailan RPXX8957
Bailat RPXX0155
Bais RPXX0156
Bajit RPXX8958
Bajuyan RPXX2534
Bakag RPXX1312
Bakang RPXX4125
Bakhaw RPXX8561
Bakiad RPXX8562
Bakian RPXX4126
Bakiang RPXX3114
Bakilid RPXX5202
Bakingking RPXX2380
Bakong RPXX4572
Bakong RPXX3875
Bakul RPXX3688
Bakun RPXX4127
Balaat RPXX1313
Balabag RPXX3115
Balabalat RPXX7722
Balabalayan RPXX4717
Balacbac RPXX4128
Balacbalac RPXX1889
Balacbalac RPXX2535
Balacnono RPXX1314
Balacson RPXX5046
Balactasan RPXX4573
Balading RPXX1890
Balagan RPXX7723
Balagbag RPXX9436
Balagbag RPXX6918
Balagtas RPXX6216
Balagtasin RPXX6919
Balagubag RPXX7724
Balagui RPXX5047
Balakbak RPXX4129
Balakinunu RPXX1315
Balakit RPXX6920
Balaktasan RPXX3116
Balamban RPXX0157
Balambato RPXX6921
Balang RPXX4130
Balanga RPXX6922
Balanga RPXX0158
Balangabang RPXX4131
Balangan RPXX1316
Balangbalang RPXX2381
Balangbang RPXX4132
Balangiban RPXX1891
Balangiga RPXX0159
Balangigay RPXX4718
Balangkas RPXX6217
Balangon RPXX6923
Balanni RPXX7725
Balanoc RPXX1892
Balanoy RPXX6924
Balantay RPXX1317
Balante RPXX8959
Balantian RPXX2536
Balantugan RPXX1318
Balao RPXX5203
Balaoang RPXX1319
Balaobalite RPXX9437
Balaogan RPXX9438
Balaong RPXX6218
Balaquid RPXX5048
Balaquilong RPXX6925
Balaring RPXX8960
Balas RPXX4574
Balas RPXX6926
Balasan RPXX0160
Balasbas RPXX1893
Balasbas RPXX4133
Balasing RPXX6219
Balat-an RPXX8961
Balatan RPXX0161
Balatanai RPXX4575
Balatbat RPXX6927
Balatoc RPXX4134
Balaton RPXX9439
Balatong A RPXX6220
Balatukan RPXX4719
Balatuuan RPXX8962
Balauini RPXX7726
Balawarte RPXX1320
Balay RPXX8963
Balayan RPXX0162
Balayon RPXX3876
Balayong RPXX6928
Balayong RPXX6221
Balaytigui RPXX6929
Balbagon RPXX8478
Balbalan RPXX5204
Balbalit RPXX4135
Balbatayang RPXX1321
Balcon RPXX8964
Baldugan RPXX3877
Baleguian RPXX2382
Balele RPXX6930
Balentiouac RPXX6931
Baler RPXX3414
Baler Radar Site RPXX0049
Balete RPXX6222
Balete RPXX1894
Balete RPXX0165
Balete RPXX0164
Balete RPXX3562
Baliangao RPXX0166
Baliaog RPXX1322
Baliaut RPXX5205
Balibago RPXX6933
Balibaguhan RPXX6934
Balic-Balic RPXX6223
Balicasag Island RPXX5206
Balicuing RPXX5207
Baliga RPXX1323
Baligang RPXX1895
Baligbag RPXX6935
Balighot RPXX8965
Baliguian RPXX9440
Balijuagan RPXX8966
Balila RPXX4720
Balili RPXX5208
Balilihan RPXX0167
Balimbing RPXX5209
Balinad RPXX1896
Baling Cupang RPXX6224
Balingasag RPXX0168
Balingasao RPXX5210
Balingit RPXX7727
Balinguay RPXX4136
Balinit RPXX4137
Balintad RPXX4721
Balintawak RPXX6936
Balintawak RPXX5211
Balintawak RPXX6225
Balintugon RPXX1324
Balio RPXX7728
Balisi RPXX7729
Balisong RPXX4138
Balit RPXX6938
Balite RPXX6939
Balite RPXX0169
Balite RPXX8479
Balite RPXX6226
Balitkiao RPXX8563
Balitoc RPXX6940
Balittua RPXX7730
Baliuag RPXX0170
Baliuag RPXX7731
Baliuag Nuevo RPXX9441
Baliuag Viejo RPXX9442
Baliwanan RPXX3689
Ballais RPXX1325
Ballang RPXX7732
Ballay RPXX4139
Ballescas RPXX2537
Ballesteros RPXX7733
Balluay RPXX4140
Baload RPXX4141
Balobago RPXX2538
Balobo RPXX4576
Balocawehay RPXX0171
Balocbaloc RPXX6941
Balococ RPXX4142
Balocuan RPXX8968
Balogalon RPXX4722
Balogo RPXX8564
Balogo RPXX1897
Balogo RPXX8969
Balogo RPXX0172
Balombon RPXX8565
Balong-Anito RPXX3878
Balongabong RPXX4143
Balongbato RPXX6227
Balonnay RPXX9444
Baloy RPXX4144
Balsic RPXX3879
Balsik RPXX3880
Balsman RPXX8970
Baluarte RPXX6228
Balubad RPXX6229
Balucuan RPXX8971
Balud RPXX3881
Balud RPXX0173
Balud RPXX2539
Balugo RPXX0174
Balukbaluk RPXX4577
Balumbato RPXX6230
Balun RPXX4145
Baluncanag RPXX7734
Balungao RPXX6231
Balut RPXX3882
Balutubat RPXX7735
Balza RPXX1898
Bamban RPXX3883
Bamban RPXX1899
Bamban RPXX0175
Bambang RPXX7736
Bambang RPXX6232
Bambang RPXX0176
Bana-ao RPXX1326
Banaaw RPXX4146
Banaba RPXX6943
Banaba RPXX4147
Banaba RPXX6233
Banaba Bauan RPXX6944
Banaban RPXX6234
Banacao RPXX4723
Banacboc RPXX8566
Banacon RPXX5213
Banadero RPXX6945
Banag RPXX1900
Banahao RPXX5214
Banahaw RPXX6235
Banahoy RPXX8972
Banalo RPXX6946
Banan RPXX3690
Banangan RPXX4148
Banao RPXX4149
Banao RPXX1901
Banao RPXX9445
Banasi RPXX8567
Banate RPXX0177
Banate RPXX8973
Banaue RPXX1328
Banaum RPXX7737
Banawan RPXX1902
Banawang RPXX3884
Banawon RPXX2540
Banay RPXX1329
Banayacuo RPXX4150
Banayan RPXX0178
Banaybanay RPXX6947
Banban RPXX5215
Banban RPXX1903
Banbanilag RPXX1330
Banbanuag RPXX3691
Bancal RPXX4724
Bancalan RPXX6948
Bancasi RPXX2383
Bancoro RPXX6949
Bancud RPXX0179
Bandala RPXX7738
Banday RPXX0180
Banderahan RPXX5217
Bandi RPXX1331
Banenbeng RPXX4151
Banga RPXX0182
Banga RPXX0181
Banga RPXX6950
Banga RPXX6236
Banga RPXX9446
Banga RPXX1904
Banga RPXX7739
Banga Dos RPXX6237
Banga Uno RPXX6238
Bangaan RPXX7740
Bangaan RPXX8974
Bangad RPXX3885
Bangad RPXX0183
Bangag RPXX7741
Bangahan RPXX4725
Bangan RPXX0184
Bangao RPXX4152
Bangatan RPXX7742
Bangawan RPXX4153
Bangbagar RPXX1332
Bangbangar RPXX1334
Bangbangcag RPXX1335
Bangcagan RPXX1336
Bangcayao RPXX5218
Bangcuan RPXX2541
Bangculasi RPXX6239
Bangel RPXX1337
Banggalao RPXX7743
Bangho RPXX4154
Bangian RPXX7744
Bangian RPXX4578
Bangilo RPXX1338
Bangin RPXX6951
Bangkagan RPXX1339
Bangkal RPXX6240
Bangkirohan RPXX1905
Bangko RPXX3415
Bangkud RPXX4726
Banglolao RPXX1340
Bango RPXX9447
Bangoc RPXX7745
Bangon RPXX9448
Bangonay RPXX0185
Bangonbangon RPXX8975
Bangong RPXX1341
Bangualog RPXX5219
Bangued RPXX0186
Bangui RPXX0187
Bangwalog RPXX5220
Bangwang Daan RPXX0188
Bangyawon RPXX1906
Bani RPXX9449
Banica RPXX8976
Banit RPXX8568
Banjo East RPXX6953
Banjo West RPXX6954
Bankerohan RPXX0190
Bankerohan RPXX3119
Banlas RPXX5049
Banlasan RPXX5221
Banlat RPXX6241
Banligui RPXX9450
Banna RPXX0191
Bannag RPXX7746
Bannaoag RPXX3416
Banoanilog RPXX1342
Banocboc RPXX8569
Banog RPXX1907
Banos RPXX2542
Banoyo RPXX6955
Banquerohan RPXX8570
Bansud RPXX0192
Bantan RPXX3886
Bantaoay RPXX1343
Bantay RPXX1344
Bantay RPXX7747
Bantayan RPXX0193
Bantayan RPXX5222
Bantayan RPXX1908
Bantigue RPXX8977
Bantigue RPXX9451
Bantigui RPXX9452
Bantigui RPXX8978
Bantog RPXX1909
Bantogan RPXX9453
Bantogo RPXX1345
Bantolinao RPXX5223
Bantonan RPXX1910
Bantuanon RPXX4727
Bantug RPXX0194
Banua RPXX7748
Banyaga RPXX6956
Banza RPXX2384
Bao RPXX9454
Bao RPXX3692
Baoanyan RPXX1346
Baobaowan RPXX2385
Baoc RPXX1347
Baohugan RPXX5224
Baoy RPXX9455
Baoyan RPXX1348
Baquilao RPXX7749
Baquiling RPXX7750
Baraka RPXX6243
Barakawit RPXX7751
Baran RPXX7752
Barana RPXX0195
Barandias RPXX4728
Barangay RPXX7753
Barangay Lapogan RPXX7754
Barangbang RPXX2543
Barangca RPXX6244
Barangcot RPXX4729
Baranghauon RPXX1911
Barangka RPXX6245
Barangobong RPXX1349
Baranoy RPXX1350
Baras RPXX9456
Baras RPXX0197
Baras RPXX0196
Baras RPXX5050
Barasanan A RPXX2544
Barasoain RPXX6246
Barayong RPXX1912
Barbarit RPXX0198
Barbarit RPXX7755
Barbaza RPXX2545
Barbo RPXX8571
Barcelona RPXX0199
Barcelona RPXX0200
Bardias RPXX6247
Bari RPXX2546
Barian RPXX4730
Baribarit RPXX1352
Barihan RPXX6248
Bariis RPXX1913
Bariis RPXX5051
Barilan RPXX6249
Bariohan RPXX8979
Bariri RPXX2547
Barisbis RPXX1353
Barit RPXX1354
Barit RPXX6250
Baritagan RPXX7756
Baritan RPXX6251
Baritbanit RPXX1355
Bariw RPXX9457
Bariw RPXX1914
Baro-oy RPXX4155
Baroc RPXX5052
Barogan RPXX7757
Barotac Nuevo RPXX0201
Barotac Viejo RPXX0202
Baroy RPXX0203
Barra RPXX8980
Barrera RPXX9458
Barrio RPXX4156
Barrit RPXX1356
Barsat Norte RPXX7758
Barsat West RPXX7759
Barualte RPXX6957
Barucbuc RPXX3693
Barugbug Creek RPXX7760
Barugo RPXX0204
Barung RPXX7761
Basa RPXX3563
Basac RPXX5225
Basag RPXX1915
Basag RPXX2386
Basak RPXX4731
Basak RPXX0205
Basak Daku RPXX5226
Basao RPXX7762
Basay RPXX0206
Basay RPXX7763
Basbas RPXX5227
Basbasa RPXX1357
Basca RPXX4157
Bascaron RPXX1916
Basco RPXX0039
Basdio RPXX5228
Basey RPXX0208
Bashoy RPXX4158
Basi RPXX7764
Basiad RPXX8572
Basiao RPXX8981
Basiao RPXX8480
Basiao RPXX0209
Basicao Coastal RPXX1917
Basil RPXX4159
Basilan RPXX0210
Basod RPXX9459
Bassat RPXX1918
Basud RPXX1919
Basud RPXX0211
Baswit RPXX6252
Basyo RPXX6253
Bataan RPXX6958
Bataan RPXX1358
Bataan RPXX3564
Batabat RPXX8982
Batac RPXX4160
Batac RPXX0212
Batan RPXX3120
Batan RPXX4161
Batan RPXX1921
Batana RPXX1922
Batang RPXX4732
Batang RPXX9460
Batang RPXX1923
Batang RPXX7765
Batangan RPXX7766
Batangas RPXX3887
Batangas RPXX0213
Batangon RPXX4733
Batanto RPXX4162
Batasan RPXX6254
Batasan RPXX5230
Batasan-A RPXX6255
Batasan-B RPXX6256
Batasang RPXX3888
Batbat RPXX3889
Batbat RPXX1924
Batbatan RPXX2548
Bateng RPXX0214
Batia RPXX6257
Batiano RPXX8983
Baticong RPXX1359
Batingan RPXX3890
Batis RPXX6258
Batitgao RPXX7767
Bato RPXX1925
Bato RPXX4163
Bato RPXX0216
Bato RPXX0215
Bato RPXX8985
Bato RPXX5053
Bato RPXX7768
Bato RPXX1360
Bato-bato RPXX3121
Bato-Bato RPXX4164
Batoan RPXX5232
Batobalane RPXX8573
Batobalani RPXX0217
Batobato RPXX3122
Batobato RPXX8986
Batog RPXX3123
Batogo RPXX6959
Batonan RPXX2549
Batonbaton RPXX0218
Batong RPXX0219
Batong RPXX9461
Batong Bato RPXX3124
Batong-Uling RPXX6259
Battuguit RPXX7769
Battung RPXX3694
Battut RPXX7770
Batu RPXX7771
Batuan RPXX5233
Batuan RPXX0220
Batuan RPXX1926
Batuang RPXX4165
Batubatu RPXX7772
Batulaki RPXX0221
Batungal RPXX4580
Batuon RPXX5234
Batutitik RPXX0222
Baua RPXX7773
Bauag RPXX3891
Bauan RPXX7774
Bauan RPXX0223
Bauang RPXX0224
Bauang RPXX2550
Baubo RPXX3417
Baucan Norte RPXX5235
Baug RPXX1361
Baugan RPXX4166
Bauhugon RPXX5236
Baulilio RPXX1362
Bautista RPXX1927
Bawa RPXX9462
Bawa RPXX0225
Bawang RPXX7775
Bawi RPXX6960
Bay RPXX0226
Bay-ang RPXX5237
Bay-ang RPXX2387
Baya Brook RPXX2551
Baya-an RPXX1363
Bayaao RPXX9463
Bayabas RPXX0227
Bayabas RPXX3418
Bayabas RPXX6260
Bayabas RPXX4167
Bayabas RPXX2388
Bayabas RPXX1364
Bayabat RPXX7776
Bayacabac RPXX5238
Bayag RPXX1928
Bayagan RPXX4168
Bayahawan RPXX0228
Bayambang RPXX0229
Bayan RPXX6261
Bayanan RPXX6961
Bayanbayanan RPXX6262
Bayandong RPXX1929
Bayang RPXX3125
Bayanihan RPXX3419
Bayausen RPXX1365
Bayawan RPXX0230
Bayawang RPXX6962
Baybay RPXX0231
Baybay RPXX6263
Baybay RPXX2552
Baybay RPXX1930
Baybay RPXX8987
Baybay RPXX3126
Baybayatin RPXX1366
Baybayin RPXX6963
Baybayog RPXX7777
Baybayog RPXX1367
Baye RPXX8988
Baye-baye RPXX8989
Bayen RPXX4169
Baygabor RPXX7778
Bayhay RPXX1931
Baylanan RPXX4734
Baylanon RPXX2389
Baylao RPXX8481
Baylo RPXX3565
Bayo RPXX9465
Bayo Grande RPXX2553
Bayo Pequeno RPXX2554
Bayog RPXX8990
Bayombang RPXX0232
Bayong RPXX5239
Bayongan RPXX5240
Bayongpooc RPXX6964
Bayorbor RPXX6965
Bayoyo RPXX4170
Bayudbud RPXX6966
Bayugo RPXX6264
Bayuya RPXX1368
Bayuyan RPXX8991
Bayuyungan RPXX0233
Bazal RPXX3420
Bazar RPXX1369
Beberao RPXX8574
Beberon RPXX9466
Bebiac RPXX1370
Bedad RPXX4171
Beday RPXX8575
Begang RPXX4581
Beilon RPXX0234
Beke RPXX4172
Bekes RPXX4173
Belaat RPXX1371
Belen RPXX2555
Belen RPXX3127
Belen RPXX9467
Beleng RPXX4174
Belete RPXX6967
Belison RPXX0235
Bell RPXX9468
Bellang RPXX4175
Bemben RPXX1372
Beniay RPXX5054
Bergante RPXX8992
Bermarekbec RPXX1373
Berong RPXX0236
Besal RPXX4176
Besang RPXX4177
Besdang RPXX4178
Betongal RPXX8576
Betwag RPXX4179
Bia-an RPXX2556
Bia-An RPXX3892
Biabas RPXX0237
Biac na Bato RPXX6265
Bial RPXX3421
Bical RPXX9469
Bical RPXX7781
Bicao RPXX5243
Biclat RPXX6266
Bidal RPXX1374
Bidduang RPXX7782
Bidlayo RPXX9470
Bien Unido RPXX0238
Biga RPXX7783
Biga RPXX6968
Biga-a RPXX2557
Bigaa RPXX5055
Bigaa RPXX3128
Bigaa RPXX2558
Bigaa ng Matanda RPXX6267
Bigaan RPXX9471
Bigaho Norte RPXX9472
Bigaho Sur RPXX9473
Bigao RPXX1933
Bignay RPXX6969
Bignay RPXX6268
Bigot RPXX5244
Bigtasan RPXX5245
Bigte RPXX6269
Biguito RPXX8577
Bihis RPXX6970
Bikal RPXX0239
Biking RPXX5246
Bil-isan RPXX5247
Bila RPXX4180
Bilabila RPXX1375
Bilao RPXX8993
Bilaong RPXX3893
Bilar RPXX0240
Bilaran RPXX6971
Bilat RPXX5249
Bilay RPXX0241
Bilbao RPXX1934
Bilbila RPXX1376
Bileng-Belis RPXX4181
Bili-isan RPXX5250
Bilibigao RPXX7784
Bilibinwang RPXX6972
Bilid RPXX1377
Bilina RPXX7785
Biliran RPXX0242
Bilog-Bilog RPXX6973
Bilogo RPXX6974
Bilolo RPXX3894
Biluang RPXX5056
Bimgan RPXX1378
Bimmanias RPXX1379
Bimsan RPXX7786
Bina Francia RPXX1935
Binabbangan RPXX7787
Binacalan RPXX1936
Binag RPXX7788
Binagasbasan RPXX9474
Binagbag RPXX6270
Binagbangan RPXX1937
Binaglumang RPXX6975
Binago RPXX7789
Binahan RPXX9475
Binahian RPXX0243
Binakayan RPXX0244
Binakod RPXX6271
Binalan RPXX7790
Binalayan RPXX5057
Binalbagan RPXX0245
Binalio RPXX5251
Binaliwan RPXX8482
Binallan RPXX4182
Binalonan RPXX0246
Binan RPXX0247
Binanauan RPXX1938
Binang Primero RPXX6272
Binang Segundo RPXX6273
Binangbagnan RPXX9476
Binangbang RPXX2559
Binangig RPXX8994
Binangonan RPXX0248
Binano-an RPXX2560
Binantalon RPXX4735
Binantocan RPXX8995
Binanuaan RPXX8578
Binanuaanan RPXX9477
Binanuan RPXX9478
Binanugan RPXX2561
Binanwanaan RPXX9479
Binao-bauan RPXX8996
Binapon RPXX2390
Binaritan RPXX3895
Binasaran RPXX1380
Binatagan RPXX8579
Binatagan RPXX1939
Binatanga RPXX8997
Binawangan RPXX8580
Binayoyo RPXX1381
Bincagao RPXX1940
Bincalon RPXX1941
Bineng RPXX4183
Binga RPXX4184
Bingag RPXX5252
Binibitinan RPXX0249
Binicuil RPXX0250
Binimbingan RPXX4582
Binitayan RPXX1942
Binmaley RPXX0251
Binobon RPXX0252
Binodegahan RPXX1943
Binogsacan RPXX1944
Binohangan RPXX5058
Binon-an RPXX0253
Binondo RPXX6274
Binongan RPXX3567
Binorocbasocan RPXX8581
Binosauan RPXX1945
Binosong RPXX9480
Binoyoan RPXX9481
Bintawan RPXX0254
Bintog RPXX6275
Binuangan RPXX4583
Binuangan RPXX2391
Binuangan RPXX6276
Binuangan RPXX3896
Binubungan RPXX7791
Binubusan RPXX0255
Binucayan RPXX3568
Binukawan RPXX3897
Binuksuk RPXX6277
Binutocan RPXX8998
Binuyan RPXX6278
Biog RPXX1382
Birac RPXX4185
Birinayan RPXX6976
Birucang RPXX7792
Bisagu RPXX7793
Bisliang RPXX0256
Bislig RPXX0257
Bisokol RPXX4186
Bita RPXX3898
Bitadton RPXX2562
Bitag RPXX7794
Bitag Pequeno RPXX7795
Bitaog RPXX3129
Bitaogan RPXX0258
Bitas RPXX2563
Bitas RPXX6279
Bitaug RPXX4736
Bitayan RPXX8999
Bitbit RPXX6280
Bitik RPXX6281
Biting Bayan RPXX6977
Bito RPXX4187
Bitoan RPXX4188
Bitoon RPXX9000
Bituca RPXX6978
Bitulok RPXX0259
Bitungol RPXX6282
Biwag RPXX3695
Biweng RPXX1383
Blasco RPXX9001
Blaza RPXX7796
BMA Balagtas RPXX6196
Bo-ac RPXX9002
Boac RPXX0260
Boadan RPXX0261
Boal RPXX6979
Boayahan RPXX5253
Boboan RPXX9483
Bobog RPXX7797
Bobok RPXX4189
Bobon RPXX0262
Bobon RPXX2392
Bobonsoran RPXX1946
Bobosawen RPXX0263
Boboy RPXX6980
Boboyan RPXX6981
Bobuatan RPXX9484
Bocal RPXX8582
Bocale RPXX7798
Bocao RPXX4190
Bocaue RPXX6283
Boclod RPXX9485
Boctol RPXX5254
Boctonadoc RPXX3130
Bodeogan RPXX9486
Bodo RPXX4191
Boduiang RPXX2564
Bog Bog RPXX1384
Bogicao Interior RPXX1947
Bognabong RPXX1948
Bognalon RPXX1949
Bogo RPXX5255
Bogonong RPXX6982
Bogtong RPXX1950
Bogtong RPXX3696
Bohelebong RPXX0264
Bohesegag RPXX4584
Bohol RPXX5059
Bohot RPXX8583
Bokbok RPXX8484
Boklaoan RPXX4192
Bokod RPXX4193
Bolac RPXX6284
Bolakan RPXX6285
Bolanao RPXX2565
Bolano RPXX1951
Bolay RPXX7799
Bolboc RPXX6983
Bolbok RPXX6984
Bolbolala RPXX1385
Bolbolo RPXX1386
Bolho RPXX2566
Bolilacao RPXX9487
Bolinao RPXX0265
Bolinao RPXX1952
Boliney RPXX1387
Bollilising RPXX1388
Bolo RPXX9488
Bolo RPXX0266
Bolo RPXX9003
Bolo RPXX1953
Bolo RPXX6985
Bolo Proper RPXX4194
Bolo Sapat RPXX4195
Bolobolo RPXX2393
Bolod RPXX5256
Bolod RPXX4196
Bolok RPXX4197
Bololo RPXX1954
Bolong RPXX0267
Bolongay RPXX9489
Bolos RPXX1955
Bombon RPXX6986
Bombon RPXX9490
Bonacan RPXX9491
Bonacan RPXX5257
Bonagan RPXX4198
Bonbon RPXX1956
Bonbon RPXX2394
Bonbon RPXX5258
Bonbon RPXX2567
Bonbon RPXX8485
Bonbonon RPXX5259
Bonbonon RPXX0268
Bonco RPXX5260
Bonducan RPXX6987
Bonga RPXX1957
Bonga Mayor RPXX6286
Bonga Menor RPXX6287
Bongabon RPXX0269
Bongabong RPXX0270
Bongabongan RPXX2568
Bongahan RPXX5261
Bongbong RPXX5262
Bongbong RPXX1389
Bongbongan RPXX2569
Bongbongon RPXX2570
Bonglo RPXX1390
Bongol RPXX9004
Bongoran RPXX1958
Bongsod RPXX2571
Bongsuan RPXX2572
Bonifacio RPXX5263
Bonijiagon RPXX8584
Bonjol RPXX1959
Bonkaan RPXX8486
Bonlio RPXX6988
Bonliw RPXX0271
Bonod RPXX9005
Bonot RPXX1960
Bontogon RPXX4737
Bontol RPXX2573
Bontongan RPXX4738
Bontud RPXX5264
Bonza RPXX3131
Bood RPXX5265
Bool RPXX5266
Boot RPXX6989
Bootin RPXX6990
Booy RPXX5267
Borabod RPXX9492
Borabod RPXX1961
Borad RPXX1962
Borbon RPXX0272
Borbon RPXX3569
Boribud RPXX4739
Boring RPXX1963
Borlongan RPXX3422
Borocbaroc RPXX2574
Borocboroc RPXX2575
Borol Primero RPXX6288
Borol Segundo RPXX6289
Borongan RPXX0274
Borongan RPXX0273
Borongborognan RPXX9493
Bosok RPXX4200
Bosongon RPXX5268
Boston RPXX0275
Botac RPXX3133
Botbot RPXX2576
Botbot RPXX9494
Botoc Occidental RPXX5269
Botoc Oriental RPXX5270
Botocan RPXX6991
Botol RPXX6992
Botolan RPXX0276
Boton RPXX9495
Boton RPXX1964
Botong RPXX5271
Botong RPXX6993
Boy Rivera RPXX6290
Boyan RPXX1391
Boyo- an RPXX5272
Boyong RPXX5274
Briones RPXX6994
Bua RPXX4201
Buacao RPXX5275
Buadtasan RPXX0277
Buajan RPXX4585
Bual RPXX9496
Buanan RPXX9497
Buang RPXX2577
Buangan RPXX5276
Buaya RPXX1393
Buaya RPXX0278
Buayan RPXX0279
Buayan RPXX4740
Bubag RPXX3697
Bublusan RPXX1966
Buboan RPXX9498
Bubuayongan RPXX3570
Bubulayan RPXX3698
Bubulong Malaki RPXX6291
Bubulong Munti RPXX6292
Bucal RPXX6293
Bucal RPXX0280
Bucana RPXX6996
Bucaobucao RPXX2578
Bucay RPXX1394
Bucbuc RPXX4586
Bucloc RPXX1395
Buclod RPXX9499
Buco RPXX6997
Bucug RPXX1396
Budac RPXX1397
Budbudan RPXX2579
Budiao RPXX1967
Budiong RPXX2580
Buebue RPXX4202
Buena Fortuna RPXX3134
Buena Gracia RPXX3571
Buena Suerte RPXX9500
Buenasuerte RPXX5277
Buenavista RPXX0283
Buenavista RPXX0282
Buenavista RPXX4741
Buenavista RPXX3136
Buenavista RPXX5278
Buenavista RPXX6294
Buenavista RPXX0284
Buenavista RPXX3423
Buenavista RPXX0285
Buenavista RPXX2395
Buenavista RPXX7800
Buenavista RPXX0286
Buenavista RPXX8585
Buenavista RPXX1968
Buenavista RPXX9501
Buenavista RPXX0287
Buenavista Sur RPXX5279
Buenos Aires RPXX9503
Bug-ang RPXX8487
Buga RPXX1969
Bugaan RPXX6998
Bugabus RPXX2396
Bugallon RPXX0288
Bugang RPXX5281
Bugang Norte RPXX5282
Bugang Sur RPXX5283
Bugarot RPXX2582
Bugasong RPXX0289
Bugasongon RPXX3137
Bugatay RPXX7801
Bugawas RPXX4203
Bugbog RPXX1398
Bugcaon RPXX4742
Bughayan RPXX5284
Bugho RPXX5285
Bugis RPXX0290
Bugnag RPXX2583
Bugno RPXX5286
Bugo RPXX0291
Bugo RPXX2584
Bugsoc RPXX5287
Bugton RPXX1970
Bugtongbood RPXX5288
Bugtongnapulo RPXX6999
Buguey RPXX7802
Buguias RPXX4204
Buguion RPXX6295
Buguitis RPXX9504
Buhang RPXX2585
Buhangin RPXX3424
Buhangin Mahabo RPXX0292
Buhangin Mahaha RPXX0293
Buhangon RPXX5289
Buhatan RPXX1971
Buhaton RPXX9505
Buhaynasapa RPXX7000
Buhesapa RPXX4587
Buhi RPXX0294
Buhian RPXX5290
Buisan RPXX6296
Bujang RPXX2586
Bukal RPXX3899
Bukal RPXX7001
Bukig RPXX7803
Buklayin RPXX3425
Bukol RPXX6297
Bula RPXX9006
Bula RPXX9506
Bula RPXX7002
Bulabud RPXX3138
Bulabud RPXX9008
Bulac RPXX6298
Bulacan RPXX8586
Bulacanon RPXX0295
Bulacnin RPXX7003
Bulagang RPXX7004
Bulagao RPXX7804
Bulajan RPXX3139
Bulala RPXX7805
Bulala Norte RPXX7806
Bulala Sur RPXX7807
Bulalacao RPXX5060
Bulalacao RPXX2587
Bulalacao RPXX9507
Bulalacao RPXX4205
Bulalacao RPXX0296
Bulalakao RPXX5061
Bulan RPXX9508
Bulan RPXX0297
Bulansa RPXX4588
Bulate RPXX3900
Bulawan RPXX9509
Bulawan RPXX5291
Bulbolala RPXX1399
Bulbul RPXX4206
Bulbulala RPXX1400
Bulbulala RPXX7808
Bulhao RPXX8587
Buli RPXX1401
Buli RPXX3901
Bulian RPXX7006
Bulibuli RPXX4589
Bulihan RPXX7007
Bulihan RPXX6299
Bulilacao RPXX9510
Bulilis RPXX5292
Bulingan RPXX4590
Buliran RPXX7008
Buliran RPXX6300
Bulo RPXX7809
Bulos Point RPXX7810
Bulsa RPXX7009
Bulu RPXX3699
Bulualto RPXX6301
Buluan RPXX0298
Buluan RPXX3700
Buluang RPXX9511
Buluangan First RPXX2588
Buluangan Second RPXX2589
Buluarte RPXX6302
Buludan RPXX9512
Bulungcanag RPXX0299
Bulusan RPXX1972
Bulusan RPXX0300
Bulusan RPXX6303
Bulwagan RPXX8588
Bumagcat RPXX1402
Bumalaylay RPXX3140
Bunaguit RPXX3572
Bunat RPXX6304
Bunawan RPXX0301
Bunbun RPXX5293
Bunducan RPXX6305
Buneg RPXX3701
Buneg RPXX1403
Bunelon RPXX4207
Bunes RPXX2590
Bunga RPXX9513
Bunga RPXX2397
Bunga RPXX9009
Bunga RPXX5062
Bunga RPXX2591
Bunga RPXX1973
Bunga-Ilaya RPXX5294
Bunga-Mar RPXX5295
Bungabungan RPXX9010
Bungad RPXX6306
Bungad RPXX9514
Bungahan RPXX6307
Bungahan RPXX7010
Bungalog RPXX2592
Bungao RPXX1974
Bungbungan RPXX9011
Bungcalot RPXX7011
Bungkalot RPXX7012
Bunglio RPXX7013
Bungo RPXX7014
Bungod RPXX9012
Bungsi RPXX9013
Bungsod RPXX2593
Bungsuan RPXX9014
Bungtlo RPXX1975
Bunicaucau RPXX4208
Bunicua RPXX3702
Bunig RPXX2594
Bunig RPXX7811
Bunkokan Ilaya RPXX5296
Bunkoyan Ubos RPXX5297
Bunlo RPXX6308
Bunnayan RPXX7812
Bunot RPXX3703
Bunotan RPXX6309
Bunsaran RPXX9515
Bunsuran Dos RPXX6310
Bunsuran Tres RPXX6311
Bunsuran Uno RPXX6312
Buntod RPXX9015
Bunton RPXX7813
Buntuan RPXX3704
Bunugan RPXX7814
Bura RPXX8489
Buraan RPXX0302
Buraboa RPXX5063
Burabod RPXX9516
Burabod RPXX5064
Burabud RPXX5065
Burabud RPXX9517
Buracan RPXX9518
Burauen RPXX0303
Burgos RPXX0306
Burgos RPXX0305
Burgos RPXX0304
Burgos RPXX4743
Burgos RPXX1977
Buri RPXX9519
Buri RPXX2595
Buri RPXX9016
Burias RPXX0307
Burias RPXX9017
Buriasan RPXX0308
Burnay RPXX6313
Burobod RPXX9520
Burot RPXX7815
Burtarog RPXX2596
Burualte RPXX7015
Buruanga RPXX3141
Busac RPXX1978
Busaing RPXX9521
Busak RPXX9522
Busali RPXX5066
Busalian RPXX5298
Busao RPXX5299
Busay RPXX4591
Busay RPXX1979
Busay RPXX2597
Busdac RPXX1980
Busdi RPXX4744
Buso RPXX0309
Busobuso RPXX7016
Busoc RPXX4209
Busog RPXX2598
Busokbusok RPXX3426
Bustos RPXX6314
Bustrac RPXX9523
Busuanga RPXX0310
Buta RPXX3142
Butacal RPXX9018
Butag RPXX0311
Butan RPXX9524
Butao RPXX3705
Butarero RPXX3902
Butas Na Bato RPXX3427
Butauanan RPXX9525
Butay RPXX8490
Buteg RPXX3706
Butic RPXX4592
Butoyon RPXX5300
Butuan RPXX0004
Butuan RPXX2600
Butucan RPXX7017
Buwang RPXX1981
Buyacaoan RPXX4210
Buyo RPXX2601
Buyo RPXX1982
Buyo RPXX9526
Buyoan RPXX5301
Buyog RPXX5302
Buyog RPXX1983
Buyog Norte RPXX5303
Buyog Sur RPXX5304
Buyon RPXX7816
Buyuan RPXX9527
Buyuhan RPXX1984
Buyun RPXX7817
Caacob RPXX2602
Caagol RPXX9528
Caamghauan RPXX9529
Caang RPXX4211
Caasinan RPXX2398
Caatu-an RPXX0313
Caawigan RPXX8589
Cababaan RPXX7818
Cabacanan Proper RPXX2603
Cabacnitan RPXX5305
Cabacongan RPXX5306
Cabad RPXX5307
Cabadbaran RPXX0314
Cabadiangan RPXX5308
Cabadog RPXX5309
Cabadogan RPXX4745
Cabagahan RPXX5310
Cabagakian RPXX5311
Cabagan RPXX0315
Cabagangan RPXX2604
Cabaggaoan RPXX7819
Cabagnajan RPXX9530
Cabagsay RPXX1985
Cabaguan RPXX1404
Cabaguan RPXX2605
Cabainetan RPXX5312
Cabalangan RPXX9531
Cabali RPXX4212
Caballyal RPXX7820
Cabaloba RPXX9532
Cabalwan RPXX7821
Caban RPXX5313
Cabanatuan RPXX0048
Cabanbanan RPXX7822
Cabanbanan RPXX5314
Cabanbanan RPXX8590
Cabanbanan RPXX2606
Cabanbanan RPXX9533
Cabangahan RPXX3143
Cabangahan RPXX9019
Cabangahan RPXX5315
Cabangahan RPXX4746
Cabangajan RPXX9534
Cabangan RPXX0317
Cabangcalan RPXX5316
Cabangila RPXX9020
Cabangila RPXX3144
Cabangkalan RPXX5317
Cabangtohan RPXX2607
Cabangusan RPXX3145
Cabanog RPXX1986
Cabanogan RPXX5318
Cabantao RPXX3573
Cabaoan RPXX7823
Cabardan RPXX1405
Cabarian RPXX1987
Cabaritan RPXX7824
Cabaritan RPXX4213
Cabariuan RPXX2608
Cabaroan RPXX7825
Cabaroan RPXX1406
Cabarritan RPXX7826
Cabaruan RPXX7827
Cabaruyan RPXX1407
Cabasan RPXX7828
Cabasan RPXX1988
Cabascan RPXX5320
Cabatang RPXX5321
Cabatanga RPXX3146
Cabatbatan RPXX9535
Cabatoan RPXX0318
Cabatuan RPXX9536
Cabatuan RPXX5322
Cabatuen RPXX0319
Cabatugan RPXX9537
Cabauan RPXX5323
Cabaugao RPXX3147
Cabausa RPXX5324
Cabawan RPXX5325
Cabayawa RPXX2399
Cabayo RPXX7829
Cabayo RPXX4214
Cabayo RPXX5326
Cabayugan RPXX5327
Cabayugan RPXX3148
Cabbagan RPXX7830
Cabbo RPXX7831
Cabcaben RPXX3903
Cabcabin RPXX8591
Cabcabon RPXX2400
Cabcaborao RPXX1408
Caberuyan RPXX1409
Cabiao RPXX0320
Cabiawan RPXX2609
Cabidian RPXX5328
Cabilagalin RPXX8592
Cabilauan RPXX3149
Cabilawan RPXX3150
Cabilisan RPXX4215
Cabinggaman RPXX5329
Cabinong RPXX5330
Cabio RPXX6315
Cabiraoan RPXX7832
Cabitin RPXX4216
Cabittaogan RPXX7833
Cabituculan RPXX3428
Cablalan RPXX9021
Cabog RPXX3429
Cabog RPXX0321
Cabogao RPXX9022
Cabognon RPXX1989
Cabonan RPXX5332
Cabonturan RPXX1990
Caboy RPXX5333
Cabraran RPXX1991
Cabu RPXX0322
Cabuan RPXX8491
Cabuasa RPXX5334
Cabucgayan RPXX0323
Cabudadan RPXX7834
Cabudburan RPXX5335
Cabug-Cabug RPXX9023
Cabugao RPXX0324
Cabugao RPXX9024
Cabugao RPXX0325
Cabugao RPXX9538
Cabugao RPXX3151
Cabugao Este RPXX9025
Cabugao Oeste RPXX9026
Cabugcabug RPXX9027
Cabugo RPXX9539
Cabul-an RPXX5337
Cabulao RPXX5338
Cabulihan RPXX5339
Cabulihan RPXX3152
Cabuluan RPXX7835
Cabuluan RPXX1410
Cabunga RPXX9540
Cabunga-an RPXX5340
Cabungaan RPXX5067
Cabungahan RPXX9028
Cabungalan RPXX9541
Caburacanan RPXX4747
Caburao RPXX1411
Caburcanan RPXX4748
Cabusao RPXX9542
Cabusay RPXX8593
Cabuyao RPXX9543
Cacalan RPXX7836
Cacaluan RPXX7837
Cacanan Loloto RPXX8594
Cacao RPXX2610
Cacarong Bata RPXX6316
Cacarong Matanda RPXX6317
Caccag RPXX7838
Cadaanan RPXX7839
Cadactigan RPXX1412
Cadadalman RPXX7840
Cadagatan RPXX7841
Cadahon RPXX5341
Cadajug RPXX2611
Cadalagan RPXX7842
Cadap-agan RPXX5342
Cadapdapan RPXX5343
Cadatan RPXX7843
Cadatnan RPXX4217
Cadawag RPXX1992
Cadayacan RPXX3430
Cadcadir RPXX7844
Cadian RPXX4218
Cadingilan RPXX4749
Cadio RPXX9029
Cadiz RPXX0005
Cadlan RPXX9544
Cadlum RPXX5344
Cadoldolan RPXX2612
Cadolonan RPXX2613
Cadongdongan RPXX7845
Cadu-Olan RPXX9030
Caeoga RPXX3153
Cagabae RPXX1993
Cagaman RPXX7846
Cagan RPXX1994
Caganayan RPXX1413
Cagas RPXX8595
Cagaut RPXX0328
Cagawasan RPXX5345
Cagawitan RPXX5346
Cagay RPXX9031
Cagaya RPXX5347
Cagayan De Oro RPXX0329
Cagaycay RPXX9545
Cagayuan RPXX7018
Cagbalogo RPXX8596
Cagbibi RPXX9546
Cagboga RPXX9547
Cagbulacao RPXX1995
Cagdianao RPXX0326
Cagew RPXX4219
Caggay RPXX7847
Caghumampas RPXX5348
Cagmanaba RPXX9548
Cagmanaba RPXX1996
Cagnipa RPXX9549
Cagongcagong RPXX5349
Cagongcognan RPXX1997
Cagoran RPXX7848
Cagraray RPXX1998
Cagsao RPXX9550
Cagtalaba RPXX8597
Cagting RPXX5350
Cagugauran RPXX9032
Caguib RPXX1999
Cagumitan RPXX7849
Caguscos RPXX2000
Cagutungan RPXX1414
Cagwait RPXX0330
Cagwang RPXX5351
Cahabaan RPXX8598
Cahaluan RPXX9551
Cahayag RPXX5352
Cahayagan RPXX0331
Cahicong RPXX5353
Cahigam RPXX7019
Cahilan RPXX7020
Cahoring RPXX5354
Caiaguid RPXX9033
Caibigan RPXX9552
Caibiran RPXX0332
Caigangan RPXX3574
Cailig RPXX5355
Caima RPXX9553
Caimbang RPXX5356
Caimpuogan RPXX3575
Caingin RPXX6318
Caingin RPXX9034
Cainsican RPXX5357
Cairauan RPXX2614
Caiyang RPXX3154
Cajelo RPXX3155
Cajidiocan RPXX0334
Cajugutan RPXX2001
Cala-agus RPXX9035
Cala-am RPXX9036
Calaanan RPXX6319
Calaba RPXX1415
Calabaca RPXX8599
Calabacita RPXX5358
Calabagas RPXX8600
Calabanga RPXX0335
Calabgan RPXX3431
Calabidognan RPXX2002
Calabihon RPXX4750
Calabingcoho RPXX6320
Calabornay RPXX8602
Calabuanan RPXX3432
Calabugao RPXX4751
Calaca RPXX0336
Calacja I RPXX2615
Calacja II RPXX2616
Calading RPXX1416
Calagitan RPXX2617
Calaguas RPXX8603
Calaguimit RPXX2003
Calakabian RPXX3156
Calala RPXX2618
Calalahan RPXX9555
Calalanan RPXX9556
Calamagui RPXX7850
Calamangan RPXX9037
Calamba RPXX0338
Calamba RPXX0337
Calamba RPXX2401
Calambat RPXX1417
Calamcan RPXX3157
Calamias RPXX7021
Calamitas RPXX9557
Calampan RPXX7022
Calampinay RPXX9558
Calan RPXX7023
Calanaga RPXX2004
Calanasan RPXX3707
Calancaan RPXX9559
Calancawan Sur RPXX8604
Calancuasan RPXX3433
Calangay RPXX7024
Calangcawan RPXX8605
Calanian RPXX3708
Calansayan RPXX7025
Calantac RPXX7851
Calantas RPXX3434
Calantas RPXX7026
Calantigao RPXX2005
Calantipay RPXX6321
Calao RPXX7852
Calaoagan RPXX7853
Calaoagan Bassit RPXX7854
Calaoaoan RPXX7855
Calaocan RPXX7027
Calapagan Dackel RPXX7856
Calapan RPXX0055
Calapangan RPXX7857
Calapangan Sur RPXX7858
Calapaoan RPXX9038
Calapauan RPXX9039
Calapawan RPXX7859
Calapian RPXX5359
Calapian RPXX7860
Calapiuan RPXX3709
Calasgasan RPXX8607
Calatagan RPXX0340
Calatrava RPXX0341
Calatrava RPXX0342
Calatrava RPXX5360
Calauag RPXX0343
Calauag RPXX9560
Calauit RPXX9561
Calavario RPXX4593
Calawag RPXX0344
Calawang RPXX7028
Calawat RPXX9562
Calawihao RPXX8608
Calawongan RPXX5361
Calayaan RPXX7029
Calayan RPXX7861
Calayo RPXX7030
Calayucay RPXX2006
Calayugan RPXX5362
Calayugan Norte RPXX5363
Calayugan Sur RPXX5364
Calbani RPXX5068
Calbaryo RPXX6322
Calbayog City RPXX0345
Cale RPXX7031
Calenao RPXX7862
Caleo RPXX4220
Calero RPXX7032
Calero RPXX6323
Cali RPXX9563
Cali RPXX2007
Caliaban RPXX1418
Calibayan RPXX9564
Calibunan RPXX2402
Calicangan RPXX7033
Calicanto RPXX7034
California RPXX5365
Calihan RPXX7035
Caliking RPXX4221
Caliligawan RPXX6324
Caliling RPXX0346
Calimbahan RPXX3159
Calimban RPXX4222
Calinan RPXX0347
Caling RPXX4223
Calinga-an RPXX5366
Calingatan RPXX7036
Calinginan RPXX5367
Calinginan Norte RPXX5368
Calinginan Sur RPXX5369
Calintaan RPXX7863
Calintaan RPXX0348
Calipahan RPXX0349
Calitan RPXX9040
Calitcalit RPXX7037
Calituban RPXX5370
Calizo RPXX3160
Calizon RPXX6325
Callagan RPXX7038
Callan RPXX2619
Callao RPXX7864
Callao Caves RPXX7865
Callungan RPXX7866
Calma RPXX5371
Calmanoc RPXX5372
Calo RPXX7039
Caloag RPXX1420
Caloc-an RPXX2403
Calog RPXX2620
Calolbon RPXX0333
Caloocan RPXX7040
Caloocan RPXX1257
Calot RPXX2404
Calot RPXX1421
Calpi RPXX2008
Calpuan RPXX3904
Caluasan RPXX5373
Calub RPXX7867
Calubcub Dos RPXX7041
Calubcub Uno RPXX7042
Calubian RPXX0350
Calug Norte RPXX7868
Calug Sur RPXX7869
Calumala RPXX7043
Calumbaya RPXX1422
Calumbuyan RPXX7044
Calumpang RPXX7045
Calumpang RPXX6326
Calumpit RPXX7046
Calunangan RPXX0351
Calunasan RPXX5374
Calunasan Norte RPXX5375
Calunasan Sur RPXX5376
Calungusan RPXX3905
Caluwasan RPXX5377
Caluya RPXX2621
Caluyahan RPXX2622
Calvario RPXX5378
Cama RPXX7870
Camachile RPXX3906
Camachile RPXX6327
Camachilihan RPXX7048
Camachilihan RPXX6328
Camacho RPXX3907
Camagong RPXX9565
Camagong RPXX2009
Camagsaan RPXX8609
Camalaniugan RPXX7871
Camali-an RPXX5379
Camalia RPXX2010
Camalig RPXX2011
Camalig RPXX6329
Camaligan RPXX9566
Camaligan RPXX3161
Camambugan RPXX5380
Camanaga RPXX5381
Camanbugan RPXX8610
Camance RPXX3162
Camandagan RPXX2623
Camanga-an RPXX4225
Camangahan RPXX2624
Camangcamang RPXX0352
Camangui RPXX9567
Camangyanan RPXX6330
Camanibogan RPXX9568
Camannauan RPXX7872
Camannawan RPXX7873
Camansinan RPXX2625
Camarenes RPXX4752
Camarobalan RPXX9569
Camarugan RPXX7874
Camasi RPXX7875
Camastilisan RPXX7049
Camaya-an RPXX5382
Camayan RPXX5383
Camayo RPXX5384
Camba-og RPXX5385
Cambabangan RPXX7876
Cambacay RPXX5386
Cambacol RPXX5387
Cambagui RPXX5388
Cambailan RPXX5389
Cambaling RPXX5390
Cambalion RPXX0353
Cambanac RPXX5391
Cambane RPXX5392
Cambangay Norte RPXX5393
Cambani RPXX5394
Cambanse RPXX5395
Cambaog RPXX6331
Cambaol RPXX5396
Cambaquiz RPXX5397
Cambayaon RPXX5398
Cambitaon RPXX5399
Cambohat RPXX5400
Cambuac Norte RPXX5401
Cambuac Sur RPXX5402
Cambug RPXX4594
Cambugason RPXX5403
Camburanan RPXX9041
Camburanan RPXX2626
Cambuyao RPXX5404
Cambuyo RPXX5405
Camias RPXX5406
Camiling RPXX0354
Camisan RPXX5407
Camota RPXX3576
Camp Arega RPXX2405
Camp Holmes RPXX4227
Camp Isarog RPXX9570
Camp John Hay RPXX4228
Camp Kabaritan RPXX4753
Camp Kibaitan RPXX4754
Camp McGrath RPXX7050
Camp Philips RPXX0355
Camp Phillips RPXX4755
Camp Seven RPXX4229
Camp Six RPXX4230
Camp Three RPXX4231
Camp Two RPXX4232
Campagao RPXX5408
Campalanas RPXX0356
Campanario RPXX6332
Campao RPXX5409
Campatic RPXX5410
Campatok RPXX5411
Campatud RPXX5412
Campicot RPXX5413
Campiyawan RPXX5414
Campo RPXX7051
Campo RPXX7877
Campoding RPXX5069
Campoot RPXX5415
Camugaoan RPXX7878
Camugon RPXX7879
Camun RPXX5416
Camutihan RPXX7052
Can-awan RPXX3163
Can-ipol RPXX5417
Can-oling RPXX5418
Can-uba RPXX5419
Can-upao RPXX5420
Canabungan RPXX4595
Canaganan RPXX2012
Canagatan RPXX7880
Canagong RPXX5421
Canal RPXX3435
Canal RPXX9571
Canalate RPXX6333
Canaman RPXX9572
Canamnan RPXX9573
Canan RPXX1423
Cananaman RPXX2627
Cananga-An RPXX4756
Canangahan RPXX2628
Canangca-an RPXX5422
Canangcaan RPXX8611
Canangcanan RPXX8492
Canapian RPXX9042
Canapnapan RPXX5423
Canarom RPXX2013
Canas RPXX4596
Canatuan RPXX9574
Canawa RPXX5424
Canawan RPXX3164
Canayan RPXX4757
Canayaon RPXX5425
Canayon RPXX7881
Canayonan RPXX9575
Canayun RPXX7882
Canbanoy RPXX5426
Canbanyao RPXX5427
Canbigsi RPXX5428
Canboac RPXX6334
Cancamay RPXX5429
Cancamey RPXX5430
Cancandong RPXX1424
Cancatac RPXX5431
Canda RPXX7053
Candaba RPXX0358
Candabong RPXX5432
Candagas RPXX5433
Candaigan RPXX5434
Candajec RPXX5435
Candanas RPXX5436
Candangtang RPXX5437
Candapog RPXX5438
Candarog RPXX5439
Candasag RPXX5440
Candasig RPXX5441
Candatag RPXX0359
Candato RPXX9576
Candavid RPXX5442
Canday RPXX5070
Candelaria RPXX0360
Candelaria RPXX3165
Candelaria RPXX5443
Candijay RPXX5444
Cando RPXX5445
Candocdoc RPXX5446
Candon RPXX0361
Candual RPXX9044
Canduao RPXX5447
Canduao Gamay RPXX5448
Candulang RPXX5449
Candulao RPXX5450
Candumayao RPXX5451
Candungae RPXX5452
Candungao RPXX5453
Cang Iras RPXX5454
Cangalwang RPXX0362
Cangawa RPXX5455
Cangbukag RPXX5456
Cangilayan RPXX2629
Canglasid RPXX5457
Cangmangao RPXX5458
Cangmundo RPXX5459
Cangomagong RPXX5460
Cangtacio RPXX5461
Cangugon RPXX5462
Canguming RPXX5463
Canhaway RPXX5465
Canhayupon RPXX5466
Canhilbus RPXX5467
Canibong RPXX4233
Caningay RPXX0363
Caniogan RPXX6335
Canipay RPXX0364
Canituan RPXX2630
Caniwaan RPXX7883
Canjulao RPXX5468
Canlaas RPXX5469
Canlambong RPXX5470
Canlangit RPXX5471
Canlauan RPXX5472
Canlimpong RPXX5473
Canlubang RPXX0365
Canlusong RPXX5474
Canmaag RPXX5475
Canmanico RPXX5476
Canmano RPXX5477
Canmaya Centro RPXX5478
Canmaya Dacu RPXX5479
Canmaya Diot RPXX5480
Canmuga RPXX5481
Cannao RPXX4597
Canoc-oc RPXX5482
Canoganit Pari RPXX2631
Canogon RPXX5483
Canoling RPXX5484
Canpa RPXX5485
Cansabel RPXX9577
Cansambag RPXX5486
Cansibao RPXX5487
Cansiwang RPXX5488
Cansluang RPXX9578
Cansoso RPXX5489
Cansuaguit RPXX5490
Cansubayon RPXX5491
Cansudlao RPXX5492
Cansuhay RPXX5493
Cansumbol RPXX5494
Cansunagay RPXX5495
Canta-ub RPXX5496
Cantaan RPXX8493
Cantagay RPXX5497
Cantalid RPXX5498
Cantam-is RPXX5499
Cantam-is Baslay RPXX5500
Canteng RPXX1425
Cantera RPXX9579
Cantigdas RPXX5501
Cantiguib RPXX5502
Cantilan RPXX0366
Canto-mucad RPXX5503
Cantobod RPXX5504
Cantomangag RPXX5505
Cantores RPXX5506
Cantubod RPXX5507
Cantulot RPXX6336
Cantuyoc RPXX5508
Canubig RPXX9580
Canugan RPXX1426
Canumay RPXX6337
Canuong RPXX5509
Caoayan RPXX1427
Caocabayo RPXX1428
Caodangao RPXX7884
Caodiocan RPXX9581
Caognan RPXX9582
Caorasan RPXX0367
Capacuan RPXX7885
Capaga RPXX9045
Capagaypayan RPXX3710
Capalian RPXX7886
Capalis RPXX5071
Capalonga RPXX0368
Capanian RPXX2632
Capanikian RPXX7887
Capanniquian RPXX7888
Caparangan RPXX3908
Capas RPXX0369
Capataga RPXX3166
Capatan RPXX7889
Capautan RPXX8612
Capayas RPXX5510
Capiddigan RPXX7890
Capihan RPXX4758
Capihan RPXX6338
Capila RPXX5511
Capinonan RPXX4759
Capissayan RPXX7891
Capitan RPXX7892
Capitan Angel RPXX4760
Capitan Bayong RPXX4761
Capitan Juan RPXX4762
Capitangan RPXX3909
Capito RPXX7054
Capolangan RPXX6339
Caponga RPXX4234
Capoocan RPXX0370
Capot RPXX3910
Capoyuan RPXX2633
Cappuian RPXX7893
Capri RPXX6340
Capucnasan RPXX9583
Capudlasan RPXX2406
Capul RPXX0371
Capuyhan RPXX9046
Capuyuan RPXX2634
Caracaran RPXX2014
Caragsakan RPXX3436
Carahan RPXX5512
Caralangan RPXX7894
Caramoan RPXX0372
Caranan RPXX9584
Carang Cang RPXX9585
Carao RPXX4235
Carapunan RPXX2635
Cararayan RPXX9586
Cararayon RPXX2015
Carasuche RPXX7055
Caratacat RPXX7895
Caratagan RPXX2016
Carataya RPXX9047
Carawisan RPXX2636
Carayauan RPXX2637
Caraycaray RPXX5072
Caraycayon RPXX9587
Carbasana RPXX9048
Carbon RPXX5513
Carcar RPXX0373
Carcariskis RPXX1429
Cardona RPXX1430
Caribue RPXX1431
Caridad RPXX0375
Caridad RPXX3577
Caridad RPXX2638
Caridad RPXX0374
Caridad RPXX9049
Carig RPXX7896
Carigara RPXX0376
Carillo RPXX6341
Carilucud RPXX7897
Caringo RPXX8613
Carinogan RPXX9588
Carit-an RPXX2639
Caritan RPXX7898
Caritunan RPXX7056
Carles RPXX0377
Carlo RPXX7057
Carlosa RPXX7058
Carmen RPXX0378
Carmen RPXX0379
Carmen RPXX0380
Carmen RPXX9050
Carmen RPXX0381
Carmencita RPXX9051
Carmona RPXX0382
Caroan RPXX7899
Carolinas RPXX9589
Caromangay RPXX2641
Caroroy RPXX9590
Carpenito RPXX0383
Carranglan RPXX0384
Carsuan RPXX1432
Caruhatan RPXX6342
Carumpit RPXX8614
Carunuan RPXX7900
Carupian RPXX7901
Caruray RPXX0385
Casadan-Tubudan RPXX2642
Casagan RPXX7902
Casalat RPXX6343
Casalngan RPXX2643
Casalugan RPXX8615
Casaluran RPXX7903
Casambalangan RPXX7904
Casamluan RPXX3911
Casapa RPXX3578
Casate RPXX5514
Casay RPXX9591
Casay RPXX2644
Casay Viejo RPXX2645
Casayan RPXX7905
Casbu RPXX5515
Cashet RPXX4236
Casibong RPXX5073
Casica RPXX5516
Casicallan RPXX7906
Casicallan Norte RPXX7907
Casicallan Sur RPXX7908
Casiguran RPXX0050
Casiitan RPXX7909
Casilay RPXX5517
Casili RPXX7910
Casinagan RPXX2017
Casingan RPXX5518
Casinsingan RPXX7911
Casipitan RPXX8616
Casipitan RPXX0387
Casisang RPXX4763
Casit-an RPXX3167
Casit-an RPXX2646
Casitan RPXX7912
Cassanayan RPXX9052
Cassap RPXX7913
Castillejos RPXX0388
Castillo RPXX2647
Castillo RPXX3168
Castillo RPXX7059
Casuco RPXX7914
Casugad RPXX9593
Casul RPXX0389
Casuray RPXX9594
Casuriawan RPXX7915
Cata-an RPXX2648
Cataan RPXX8494
Cataban RPXX5519
Catabangan RPXX0390
Catabano RPXX3169
Catacte RPXX6344
Catagbacan RPXX9595
Catagbacan RPXX5520
Catagbacan Norte RPXX5521
Catagbacan Sur RPXX5522
Catagbacon RPXX5523
Catagda-an RPXX5524
Catagdaan RPXX5525
Cataggaman Nuevo RPXX7916
Cataggaman Viejo RPXX7917
Catague RPXX5526
Catagui RPXX5527
Cataingan RPXX0391
Cataja RPXX0392
Catan-agan RPXX2649
Catanagan RPXX9596
Catandaan RPXX7060
Catandala RPXX7061
Catandunganon RPXX8617
Catangawan RPXX7918
Cataraoan RPXX7919
Cataratan RPXX7920
Catarauan RPXX7921
Catarman RPXX5528
Catarman RPXX8495
Catarman RPXX0067
Catayuan RPXX7922
Catbalogan RPXX0395
Catburawan RPXX2018
Catcati RPXX1433
Catcut RPXX3170
Catedac RPXX4237
Catibac RPXX8496
Caticlan RPXX3171
Catigauan RPXX2650
Catigbian RPXX5529
Catihan RPXX8497
Catijana RPXX5530
Catinawan RPXX9053
Catipayan RPXX9054
Catipohan RPXX5531
Catlubong RPXX4238
Catmanan RPXX5532
Catmon RPXX2651
Catmon RPXX0396
Catmon RPXX6345
Catmon RPXX3172
Catmon RPXX5533
Catmon RPXX9055
Catmon RPXX5074
Catmon RPXX7062
Cato-ogan RPXX2652
Catohugan RPXX8498
Catoogan RPXX5534
Catotoran RPXX7923
Catsa RPXX1434
Cattanamman RPXX7924
Cattaran RPXX7925
Catubig RPXX0397
Catug-an RPXX5535
Catugan Norte RPXX7926
Catugan Sur RPXX7927
Catugasan RPXX5536
Catugay RPXX7928
Catuguran RPXX7929
Catulayan RPXX7930
Catulinan RPXX6346
Catungan RPXX2653
Catungawan Norte RPXX5537
Catungawan Sur RPXX5538
Cauayan RPXX9597
Cauayan RPXX2019
Cauayan RPXX0398
Cauayan RPXX0399
Caucauayan RPXX7931
Cauggan RPXX1436
Cauit RPXX2020
Caukab RPXX5075
Caupasan RPXX1437
Causip RPXX9598
Causwagan RPXX3579
Causwagan Norte RPXX5539
Cautit RPXX1438
Cauyan RPXX9599
Cavasi RPXX2021
Cavayan RPXX0400
Cavit RPXX2022
Cavite RPXX0006
Cawacagan RPXX9600
Cawag RPXX5540
Cawayan RPXX5541
Cawayan RPXX3173
Cawayan RPXX4764
Cawayan RPXX2023
Cawayanan RPXX5542
Cawayanan RPXX4765
Cawayjan RPXX4239
Cawilihan RPXX4766
Cawit RPXX7063
Cayaan RPXX8618
Cayabayan RPXX4240
Cayabes RPXX4241
Cayacay RPXX5543
Cayago RPXX4767
Cayam RPXX5544
Cayanguan RPXX3174
Cayapa RPXX1439
Caybunga RPXX7064
Caylaway RPXX7065
Cayohoson RPXX9601
Cayoog RPXX9602
Cayponce RPXX7066
Caysasay RPXX7067
Cayucyucan RPXX8619
Cayueycan RPXX8620
Cayupo RPXX5545
Cayus RPXX9056
Cebu City RPXX0007
Cegata RPXX7068
Cementerio RPXX5546
Cemento RPXX3438
Central RPXX9057
Central RPXX0403
Central RPXX4242
Central RPXX6347
Central RPXX3913
Centrala RPXX0404
Centro RPXX9058
Centro RPXX7932
Centro Oriental RPXX2025
Centromargo RPXX7933
Cerrudo RPXX3175
Cervantes RPXX0405
Chanom RPXX4243
Chapus RPXX4244
Chavayan RPXX0406
Chicao RPXX4245
Cipac RPXX3176
Citrus RPXX6348
Cituinan RPXX2026
City of Isabela RPXX4598
Clarin RPXX5547
Clarin RPXX0407
Claveria RPXX7934
Claveria RPXX0408
Coalicion RPXX3580
Coalicoan RPXX3581
Cobacognan RPXX9604
Cobang RPXX4246
Cobiado RPXX2654
Cobo RPXX4247
Cocambo RPXX3177
Coco RPXX9605
Coco RPXX4599
Cogan RPXX2655
Cogon RPXX1440
Cogon RPXX3178
Cogon RPXX2027
Cogon RPXX9059
Cogon RPXX5548
Cogon RPXX9606
Cogon Norte RPXX5549
Cogonan RPXX7069
Cogonon RPXX4768
Cogtong RPXX0409
Cojit RPXX5550
Colabaoan RPXX1441
Colacog RPXX9607
Colapnit RPXX9608
Colbong RPXX4248
Coliat RPXX7070
Coliong RPXX1442
Collago RPXX1443
Colliatan RPXX2656
Colong RPXX4249
Colongan RPXX7071
Colongcogong RPXX0410
Colonia RPXX4600
Colonia RPXX5551
Colonia RPXX6349
Colonia RPXX7935
Colorado RPXX2407
Colos RPXX4250
Colvo RPXX7072
Comaang RPXX5552
Comablam RPXX7936
Comagascas RPXX2408
Comagaycay RPXX9609
Comallwat RPXX4769
Comon RPXX2028
Compol RPXX8499
Compostela RPXX0411
Comun RPXX2029
Concepcion RPXX9610
Concepcion RPXX6350
Concepcion RPXX7937
Concepcion RPXX5553
Concepcion RPXX9060
Concepcion RPXX2657
Conciencia RPXX9061
Concong RPXX7938
Concordia RPXX3582
Concordia RPXX7073
Concosep RPXX9611
Conde RPXX7074
Conde Labac RPXX7075
Condez RPXX2658
Condinaaw RPXX5554
Condong RPXX3179
Confradia RPXX6351
Conner RPXX3711
Consolacion RPXX9062
Consuegra RPXX0416
Consuelo RPXX0417
Contod RPXX9612
Cooswogon RPXX5555
Copa RPXX5556
Copias RPXX4251
Coplow RPXX4252
Coral RPXX6352
Coral na Bato RPXX6353
Coral Na Munti RPXX7076
Corazon RPXX6354
Corazon RPXX7077
Corazon RPXX5557
Cordinian RPXX7939
Cordova RPXX0418
Cordova RPXX7940
Cordray RPXX5558
Corella RPXX5559
Corinto RPXX2410
Cornago RPXX5560
Corocoro RPXX2030
Coron RPXX0063
Corona RPXX7078
Corral RPXX4253
Corte-Baud RPXX5561
Cortes RPXX0420
Cortez RPXX3180
Cosili East RPXX1444
Cosili West RPXX1445
Cosina RPXX4770
Cota RPXX7079
Cotaba RPXX8622
Cotcot RPXX4254
Cotcot RPXX2659
Cotmo RPXX9613
Cotmon RPXX2031
Cotmon RPXX9614
Cotnogan RPXX2032
Couguiat RPXX9063
Covey RPXX4255
Coyaoyao RPXX9615
Cristina RPXX9064
Cristo Rey RPXX9616
Crucero RPXX8623
Cruz RPXX6355
Cruz RPXX7941
Cruz RPXX5562
Cruz Nadaan RPXX6356
Cruzao RPXX2033
Cu RPXX5563
Cuac RPXX5564
Cuaming Island RPXX5565
Cuartero RPXX9065
Cuasi RPXX5566
Cuay RPXX4256
Cuayan-Bugtung RPXX6357
Cubamba RPXX7080
Cubasaan RPXX5567
Cubay RPXX9066
Cubay RPXX3181
Cubay RPXX2660
Cubi RPXX9067
Cudian RPXX9068
Cudingle RPXX9069
Cuenca RPXX0421
Cueva RPXX7081
Cuevas RPXX0422
Cuevas RPXX3914
Culaba RPXX0423
Culabao RPXX2661
Culacling RPXX9617
Culajao RPXX9070
Culambug RPXX4773
Culao RPXX7942
Culasi RPXX8624
Culasi RPXX0425
Culasi RPXX9071
Culasi RPXX0424
Culat RPXX3439
Culiag RPXX8625
Culianan RPXX0426
Culianin RPXX6358
Culilang RPXX9072
Culinos RPXX2662
Culis RPXX3915
Culit RPXX2411
Culliat RPXX2034
Culling RPXX7943
Cullit RPXX7944
Cullit Norte RPXX7945
Cullit Sur RPXX7946
Culmes RPXX2663
Cultihan RPXX7082
Culungan RPXX7083
Culut RPXX7084
Cumao RPXX0427
Cumba RPXX7085
Cumun RPXX2035
Cuna RPXX8500
Cupang RPXX3183
Cupang RPXX7086
Cupang RPXX6360
Cupayo RPXX7947
Curong RPXX1446
Curry RPXX9618
Curuan RPXX0428
Curva RPXX7948
Cut-cot RPXX6361
Cuta RPXX7087
Cutad RPXX7088
Cutangcawayan RPXX7089
Cutcut RPXX6362
Cuyaoyao RPXX2036
Cuyapi RPXX9619
Cuyapiao RPXX2664
Cuyapo RPXX0429
Cvac RPXX7949
Cwiong RPXX1447
Da-an Banwa RPXX9073
Da-an Norte RPXX9074
Da-an Sur RPXX9075
Daan RPXX3917
Daan Pari RPXX3918
Daan-lli RPXX7950
Daangbago RPXX3919
Daanghari RPXX6363
Dabba RPXX7951
Dabbac Grande RPXX7952
Dabganob RPXX7953
Dacal RPXX7954
Dacal Fugu RPXX7955
Dacanlao RPXX7090
Daclan RPXX4258
Daco RPXX4774
Dacong Cog RPXX5569
Dacuag RPXX1448
Daculangbolo RPXX8626
Dadao RPXX7956
Dadaotan RPXX0430
Dadatagan RPXX1449
Dadda RPXX7957
Daddo RPXX7958
Daet RPXX0059
Dafunganay RPXX7959
Dag-Ao RPXX4259
Daga RPXX9076
Dagami RPXX0432
Dagana RPXX3712
Dagang RPXX8627
Dagao RPXX4775
Dagao RPXX7960
Dagara RPXX3713
Dagat RPXX1450
Dagatan RPXX7091
Dagatdagatan RPXX6364
Daggat RPXX1451
Dagnawan RPXX5570
Dagohoy RPXX0433
Dagonsoy RPXX4260
Dagsan RPXX7961
Dagueray RPXX7962
Daguioman RPXX1452
Daguit RPXX8628
Daguitan RPXX3184
Dagumba-an RPXX4776
Dagumbaan RPXX0434
Dagundalahon RPXX4777
Dagupan RPXX3714
Dagupan RPXX0045
Dagupan RPXX7963
Dahican RPXX8629
Dahican RPXX2412
Dahilayan RPXX4778
Dahilig RPXX9620
Daigan RPXX9621
Dairudu RPXX7092
Dait Norte RPXX5572
Dait Sur RPXX5573
Daja RPXX3185
Dajat RPXX9622
Dakdagan RPXX1453
Dakila RPXX6365
Dakoid RPXX3440
Dakolang-Bulo RPXX8630
Dal Pilar RPXX5574
Dalagsa-an RPXX3186
Dalaguete RPXX0436
Dalaguisen RPXX1454
Dalandanan RPXX6366
Dalaoig RPXX7964
Dalas RPXX8631
Dalauana RPXX9623
Dalauig RPXX7965
Dalaya RPXX7966
Dalayop RPXX1455
Daldagon RPXX9624
Daldalao RPXX1456
Daldalican RPXX1457
Dalhogan RPXX9625
Dalig RPXX6367
Dalig RPXX7093
Daligan RPXX3715
Dalima RPXX7094
Dalimag Central RPXX1458
Dalimag Norte RPXX1459
Dalimag Sur RPXX1460
Daliman RPXX4261
Dalimona RPXX4262
Dalimono RPXX1461
Dalin RPXX7967
Dalingoan RPXX4263
Dalipay RPXX9626
Dalipay RPXX8632
Dalipdip RPXX3187
Dalipey RPXX4264
Dalipit RPXX7095
Dalipit Cuence RPXX7096
Dalirig RPXX0437
Dalla RPXX7968
Dallawas RPXX3716
Dalnac RPXX8633
Dalorong RPXX4779
Daluman RPXX9077
Dalupaon RPXX9627
Dalupingan RPXX5076
Dalupirip RPXX4265
Dalwangan RPXX4780
Damayan RPXX9078
Damayang Lagi RPXX6368
Damayao RPXX6369
Damayco RPXX1463
Damilag RPXX4781
Damlog RPXX3920
Dammang Norte RPXX7969
Dammang Sur RPXX7970
Damognay RPXX2413
Damolog RPXX1464
Dampagey RPXX4266
Dampalan RPXX0438
Dampalan RPXX4782
Dampalit RPXX6370
Dampas RPXX5575
Dampol RPXX6371
Dampol Primero RPXX6372
Dampol Segundo-A RPXX6373
Damulog RPXX4783
Damulpot RPXX4267
Damurog RPXX7971
Dana-ili RPXX7972
Danaa RPXX9628
Danac RPXX1465
Danahao RPXX5576
Danao RPXX0440
Danao RPXX0439
Danao RPXX1466
Danao RPXX5077
Danao RPXX5577
Danao RPXX9629
Danao RPXX4601
Danao RPXX8634
Danao Igas RPXX2665
Danatog RPXX4784
Danauan RPXX2666
Danawan RPXX2667
Danawin RPXX9630
Dancagan RPXX0442
Dancalan RPXX8635
Dancalan RPXX0441
Dancalan RPXX9631
Dandangla RPXX1467
Dangay RPXX5578
Dangayo RPXX9632
Dangcalan RPXX2668
Dangcalan RPXX4602
Dangcol RPXX3921
Dangdangla RPXX1468
Dangiay RPXX4268
Dangkalan RPXX4603
Dangla RPXX3717
Dangla RPXX9633
Danglas RPXX1469
Danglayan RPXX7097
Danguid RPXX9079
Dangula RPXX2669
Danicop RPXX5579
Dankias RPXX2414
Danla RPXX9634
Danlagan RPXX2037
Danlog RPXX2038
Danlog Mayor RPXX9635
Danlog Menor RPXX9636
Dansuli RPXX3922
Dao RPXX7098
Dao RPXX0443
Daoangan RPXX1470
Daoidao RPXX1471
Dapa RPXX0444
Dapdap RPXX2039
Dapdap Makato RPXX3189
Dapdapan RPXX9080
Dapitan RPXX0445
Daplas RPXX9081
Daraga RPXX0447
Daraga RPXX0446
Daram RPXX0448
Darasa RPXX7099
Dares RPXX7973
Darras RPXX3718
Das-ag RPXX9082
Dasilig RPXX7974
Dasitam RPXX5582
Dasol RPXX0449
Dassalan RPXX4604
Dassun RPXX7975
Datac RPXX4269
Datag RPXX5583
Datag Norte RPXX5584
Datakan RPXX4270
Datu Gibung RPXX3583
Datu-Mamandus RPXX4786
Datutumansan RPXX0450
Dauilican RPXX3441
Dauin RPXX0451
Dauis RPXX2670
Dauis RPXX0452
Daungan RPXX6374
Daungangpare RPXX6375
Dauu RPXX9637
Davao RPXX0008
Davildavilan RPXX3442
Dawo RPXX0454
Dayaka RPXX4271
Dayangan RPXX1472
Dayao RPXX9083
Dayap RPXX7100
Dayapan RPXX7101
Dayas RPXX3190
Dayhagan RPXX9084
Dayhagon RPXX9085
Dayong RPXX2671
Dayun RPXX7976
De la Fe RPXX9638
De La Paz RPXX2040
De la Paz RPXX7102
De la Paz RPXX5585
De la Paz Polot RPXX7103
De la Pe RPXX6376
De Leon RPXX8636
De Los Angeles RPXX2041
Decabasan South RPXX3443
Decabason RPXX3444
Decoliat RPXX3445
Deet RPXX1473
Degui RPXX8637
Del Carmen RPXX8638
Del Carmen RPXX9639
Del Carmen Sur RPXX5586
Del Gallego RPXX9640
Del Monte RPXX4787
Del Monte RPXX6377
Del Monte RPXX5587
Del Pilar RPXX8639
Del Pilar RPXX0455
Del Pilar RPXX9641
Del Pilar RPXX2415
Del Rosario RPXX9642
Del Rosario RPXX5588
Del Rosario RPXX2042
Demabuno RPXX3446
Demegiay RPXX1474
Denden RPXX1475
Desamparados RPXX5589
Detailen RPXX3447
Deti RPXX7104
Diaat RPXX3448
Diabuyo RPXX3449
Diaman RPXX3450
Diamlognan RPXX9643
Dianawan RPXX3451
Dibagat RPXX3719
Dibalio RPXX7977
Dibang RPXX4272
Dibarabad RPXX3452
Dibaraybay RPXX3453
Dibay RPXX7978
Dibayabay RPXX3454
Dibet RPXX3455
Dibnong RPXX7979
Dibo Kong RPXX3456
Dibucao RPXX3457
Dibut RPXX3458
Dibutonan RPXX3459
Dicalayo RPXX3460
Dicapanikian RPXX3461
Diclum RPXX2672
Digos RPXX0456
Dikapinisan RPXX3462
Dikildit RPXX3463
Diklom RPXX4788
Dilad RPXX4273
Dilagoes RPXX3464
Dilam RPXX7980
Dilao RPXX7105
Dilasag RPXX3465
Dilebsong RPXX3466
Dilema RPXX2673
Dili RPXX0457
Dilig RPXX7981
Dilong RPXX1476
Dimampudso RPXX3467
Dimanayat RPXX3468
Dimankin RPXX3469
Dimataling RPXX0458
Dimawet RPXX3470
Dimiao RPXX0459
Dimiurug RPXX4789
Dinacpan RPXX3720
Dinaga RPXX9644
Dinajawan RPXX3471
Dinalongan RPXX3472
Dinalupihan RPXX0460
Dinanlayao RPXX8641
Dinasayan RPXX4274
Dingalan RPXX0461
Dingle RPXX0462
Dingle RPXX3191
Dingli RPXX1477
Dingras RPXX0463
Diniginan RPXX9086
Dinili RPXX7982
Dinipan RPXX3473
Diniyog RPXX3474
Dinogmaan RPXX9087
Dinrika RPXX9645
Dintan RPXX1478
Diome RPXX3475
Dionella RPXX2674
Diora RPXX7983
Dipaculao RPXX3476
Dipalali RPXX3477
Dipatlong RPXX5590
Dipdipon RPXX8642
Dipolog RPXX0009
Dirdiran RPXX1479
Disacan RPXX0465
Disdis RPXX4275
Dit-ana RPXX3192
Dita RPXX7106
Dita RPXX5591
Ditale RPXX3478
Ditawini RPXX3479
Ditinagyan RPXX3480
Divina Pastora RPXX9646
Divisoria RPXX7984
Do-ongan RPXX2417
Do-Ongon RPXX2416
Dodah RPXX7985
Dodan RPXX7986
Dogahong RPXX5592
Dogo RPXX8643
Dogong Daya RPXX1480
Dogong Laud RPXX1481
Dohinog RPXX0466
Doklingan RPXX1482
Dola RPXX9647
Doljo RPXX5593
Dologon RPXX0473
Dolores RPXX9088
Dolores RPXX1483
Dolorosa RPXX9648
Dolos RPXX2043
Domagas RPXX1484
Domican RPXX2044
Dominador RPXX7107
Domolay RPXX1485
Domolpot RPXX4276
Domorog RPXX0468
Domuclay RPXX7108
Domyoyan RPXX4277
Don Carlos RPXX4790
Don Manuel RPXX6379
Dona Aurora RPXX6380
Dona Imelda RPXX6382
Dona Josefa RPXX6383
Donacion RPXX6385
Dongon RPXX4278
Donsol RPXX0469
Donsolan RPXX8644
Dontoc RPXX4279
Dorol RPXX5595
Doublon RPXX7987
Dowag RPXX4280
Duacan RPXX4281
Duancalao RPXX8645
Duang RPXX4282
Duang-pura RPXX9649
Duangniog RPXX9650
Duangon RPXX5596
Duay RPXX5597
Ducal RPXX3923
Ducan RPXX7988
Ducaur RPXX4283
Duenas RPXX0470
Duero RPXX5598
Dugaa RPXX4605
Dugayong RPXX7989
Dugayung RPXX7990
Dugcal RPXX9651
Duggil RPXX7991
Dugo RPXX7992
Dugongan RPXX8646
Duhatan RPXX7109
Dulag RPXX0471
Dulangan RPXX7110
Dulangan RPXX3585
Dulangan RPXX9089
Dulao RPXX1486
Dulcat RPXX9652
Duldulao RPXX1487
Dullidin RPXX0472
Dulong Bayan RPXX6386
Dulong Malabon RPXX6387
Duluan RPXX9090
Dumagadag RPXX1488
Dumagas RPXX1489
Dumagat RPXX2675
Dumaguete RPXX0474
Dumagut RPXX3193
Dumalag RPXX0475
Dumalagan RPXX2418
Dumalaguing RPXX4791
Dumalano RPXX3721
Dumanjog RPXX0476
Dumantay RPXX7111
Dumarao RPXX9091
Dumatud RPXX3194
Dumayag RPXX9092
Dumayco RPXX1490
Dumga RPXX3195
Duminglay RPXX1491
Duminit RPXX7993
Dumog RPXX3481
Dumolog RPXX9093
Dumpao RPXX7995
Dungao RPXX0477
Dungeg RPXX7997
Dungolan RPXX7998
Dungon RPXX7999
Dungon RPXX3196
Dunque RPXX2676
Duplagan RPXX3722
Duran RPXX9094
Duran Nierva RPXX9653
Durog RPXX2677
Durungao RPXX7112
Dusita RPXX5599
Eas RPXX4284
East Carisac RPXX2045
East Triangle RPXX6388
Ebro RPXX3586
Eddet RPXX4285
Egana RPXX2678
Egnia RPXX0478
Ekip RPXX4286
El Pimentel RPXX3482
El Progreso RPXX5600
El Rosario RPXX9654
El Salvador RPXX0479
El Salvador RPXX5601
Ellet RPXX4287
Emanao RPXX7114
Embrangga-an RPXX2679
Emmanuel RPXX7115
Encanto RPXX6389
Encarnacion RPXX7116
Enchino RPXX6390
Endatawihon RPXX4792
Engango RPXX3723
Enrile RPXX8000
Ensinagan RPXX9095
Entablado RPXX0481
Ermitano RPXX6391
Esbeng RPXX4288
Escalante RPXX0482
Escribano RPXX7117
Espana RPXX0483
Esparagosa RPXX2680
Esparagoza RPXX2681
Esparar RPXX2682
Esperanza RPXX3483
Esperanza RPXX0485
Esperanza RPXX9096
Esperanza RPXX0484
Esperanza RPXX8501
Estaca RPXX5602
Estacahan RPXX5603
Estancia RPXX2046
Estancia RPXX3197
Estancia RPXX0486
Estanjuan RPXX9655
Estanza RPXX8647
Estefania RPXX8001
Estela RPXX0487
Estonilo RPXX3484
Estrada RPXX8002
Estrella RPXX7118
Estrella RPXX2047
Estria RPXX3198
Etub-Etub RPXX4606
Ewon RPXX5604
Fabrica RPXX9656
Fabrica RPXX2684
Fabrica RPXX8003
Fabrica RPXX0488
Fabrica RPXX7119
Fabrica RPXX8648
Faraon RPXX5605
Farrol RPXX8502
Fatima RPXX2685
Fatima RPXX5606
Fatima RPXX6392
Fe RPXX9097
Fe RPXX2686
Feliciano RPXX3199
Fernandez RPXX9098
Filomena RPXX8004
Finugu RPXX8005
Flora RPXX3724
Flordeliz RPXX9657
Flores RPXX2687
Flores RPXX2048
Florida RPXX3485
Floridablanca RPXX0489
Florista RPXX2049
Focan RPXX8649
Fomodoc RPXX1492
Fragante RPXX2688
Frances RPXX6394
Francia RPXX9658
Francia RPXX2050
Francia RPXX8650
Freedom RPXX4793
Fuga Island RPXX8006
Fugayo RPXX8007
Fugosa RPXX6395
Fugu RPXX8008
Fugue RPXX8009
Fula RPXX8010
Funda RPXX2689
Funda RPXX9099
Fundado RPXX9659
Fundado RPXX8651
Furagui RPXX8011
Fusian RPXX8012
Fusina RPXX8013
Gaang RPXX1493
Gaba RPXX0490
Gabaoan RPXX8014
Gabgab RPXX3486
Gabi RPXX5607
Gaboc RPXX8652
Gaboc RPXX5608
Gabon RPXX8653
Gabon RPXX2051
Gabuan RPXX9100
Gabut RPXX8015
Gacab RPXX1494
Gadang RPXX4289
Gaddang RPXX8016
Gaddangan RPXX8017
Gaddangao RPXX8018
Gaddani RPXX1495
Gadu RPXX8019
Gaftug RPXX4290
Gagabutan RPXX8020
Gagadangan RPXX8021
Gaggabutan RPXX8022
Gahagahagan RPXX8654
Gahonon RPXX8655
Gainza RPXX9660
Gajo RPXX2052
Galamayamo RPXX7120
Galantuja RPXX3487
Galao RPXX1496
Galap RPXX1497
Galas RPXX6396
Galecia RPXX3200
Galicia RPXX3201
Galicia RPXX2053
Galicias RPXX7121
Gallido RPXX2690
Gamad RPXX2691
Gamao RPXX0491
Gamat RPXX4291
Gamay RPXX0492
Gambalidio RPXX9661
Gambang RPXX4292
Gammad RPXX8023
Gammaro RPXX8024
Ganaba RPXX4293
Ganao RPXX1498
Ganaud RPXX1499
Gangal RPXX1500
Gangit RPXX8025
Gango RPXX8026
Ganlang RPXX6397
Ganzon RPXX9101
Gao-nao RPXX1501
Gaoayan RPXX1502
Gaogan RPXX9662
Gaongan RPXX9663
Gaos RPXX5609
Gapan RPXX0493
Gapang RPXX1503
Gapo RPXX2054
Gapus RPXX0494
Garab RPXX8027
Garaune RPXX6398
Garchitorena RPXX0495
Garcia RPXX9102
Garcia RPXX5610
Garcia Hernandez RPXX0496
Garet RPXX2692
Garlang RPXX6399
Garreta RPXX1504
Gasak RPXX6400
Gasan RPXX0497
Gasang RPXX7122
Gata RPXX4794
Gata RPXX9664
Gatbo RPXX9665
Gatbo RPXX8656
Gattaran RPXX8028
Gatto RPXX8029
Gawaan RPXX4294
Gaya-gaya RPXX6401
Gayaman RPXX1505
Gelerangcawayan RPXX7123
Gella RPXX2693
General Fullon RPXX2694
General Luna RPXX0499
General Luna RPXX0498
General Luna RPXX2695
General Santos RPXX0010
General Trias RPXX0502
Genoveva RPXX5611
Giawang RPXX5612
Gibato RPXX9103
Gibgos RPXX9666
Gibong RPXX3202
Gigaquit RPXX0503
Gignaroy RPXX9667
Gigoso RPXX0504
Gimaga RPXX9668
Gimagtocon RPXX9669
Gimalas RPXX7124
Gimunu RPXX8030
Ginamoan RPXX5613
Ginarogan RPXX2696
Gindi RPXX2055
Gingad RPXX1506
Gingoog RPXX0505
Ginicton RPXX3203
Ginipaan RPXX8657
Ginonocan RPXX5614
Ginopolan RPXX5615
Ginoragnan RPXX9670
Giporlos RPXX0506
Gitom RPXX4607
Gitoma RPXX0507
Giwacloy RPXX9671
Giwanon RPXX5616
Glan RPXX0508
Gnaragnara RPXX9672
Goa RPXX0509
Gobasan RPXX4295
Gobernador RPXX9673
Gobgob RPXX0510
Gogon RPXX9674
Gogon RPXX2056
Gomonot RPXX1507
Gon-ob RPXX5617
Gongonan RPXX9675
Gongunot RPXX1508
Gonzaga RPXX0511
Goran RPXX8031
Gordonan RPXX9676
Gorong-gorong RPXX9677
Gotab RPXX2057
Gotob RPXX2058
Gotosan RPXX9104
Gotoson RPXX5618
Governor Boyles RPXX5619
Goyudan RPXX9678
Grace Park RPXX6402
Gracia RPXX0512
Granada RPXX0513
Gravelinas RPXX1509
Greater Lagro RPXX6403
Grijalvo RPXX9679
Gua RPXX2698
Guadalupe RPXX5620
Guadalupe RPXX0515
Guadalupe RPXX0514
Guadalupe RPXX3204
Guagua RPXX0516
Guanco RPXX3205
Guaran RPXX9680
Guba RPXX9105
Gubano RPXX4296
Gubat RPXX9681
Gubat RPXX2059
Gubat RPXX0517
Gubu RPXX8032
Gubus RPXX3725
Gueddan RPXX8033
Guenned RPXX3726
Gueweng RPXX4297
Gugo RPXX6404
Guia RPXX9106
Guia RPXX2699
Guiamon RPXX2700
Guibacag RPXX2060
Guibauan RPXX4608
Guibauang RPXX4609
Guibuangan RPXX9107
Guiddam RPXX8034
Guiguinto RPXX6405
Guiguyoran RPXX5621
Guihean RPXX4795
Guihian RPXX4796
Guihulngan RPXX0518
Guijalo RPXX0519
Guilao RPXX5622
Guimba RPXX0520
Guimba RPXX1510
Guimbal RPXX9682
Guimbanga-an RPXX2701
Guimbialan RPXX9108
Guinaang RPXX3727
Guinaban RPXX9683
Guinabon RPXX3728
Guinabsan RPXX2419
Guinacot RPXX5623
Guinacotan RPXX8659
Guinaoang RPXX4298
Guinatos RPXX9109
Guinatu-an RPXX3206
Guinbanga-an RPXX2702
Guinbila-an RPXX9110
Guindacpan RPXX5624
Guindaguitan RPXX5625
Guindahap RPXX0521
Guindulangan RPXX5078
Guindulman RPXX0522
Guinguinabang RPXX1511
Guinguyuran RPXX5626
Guinhawa RPXX6406
Guinhawa RPXX7125
Guinimbalan RPXX2061
Guinisiliban RPXX8503
Guinlapaan RPXX2703
Guinoaliuan RPXX3207
Guinobatan RPXX0523
Guinobatan RPXX5628
Guinonocan RPXX5629
Guinoyoran RPXX4797
Guinsaugon RPXX0524
Guinsularan RPXX5630
Guintas RPXX9111
Guintas RPXX2704
Guinting RPXX7126
Guinto Guinto RPXX6407
Guioeng RPXX4299
Guiong RPXX4610
Guisi RPXX3208
Guisijan RPXX2705
Guising Norte RPXX8035
Guising Sur RPXX8036
Guisoc RPXX9684
Guiuan RPXX0525
Guiwanon RPXX5631
Gulibay RPXX7127
Gulod RPXX6408
Gulod RPXX7128
Gulod Itaas RPXX7129
Gulod Labac RPXX7130
Gulud RPXX7131
Gumaca RPXX0526
Gumalarang RPXX4611
Gumamela RPXX7132
Gumang RPXX3729
Gumanining RPXX3488
Gumarueng RPXX8037
Gumatdang RPXX4300
Gumaus RPXX8660
Gumbaluran RPXX4798
Gumian RPXX2062
Gumihan RPXX8661
Gun-ob RPXX5632
Gupa RPXX3489
Gural RPXX4301
Gusa RPXX0527
Gusadan RPXX4302
Gusaran RPXX4303
Gusi RPXX8038
Gusi RPXX9112
Gusoon Daku RPXX2420
Gusoon Gamay RPXX2421
Gutusan RPXX9685
Guyabal RPXX8039
Guyen RPXX1512
Guyong RPXX6409
Habana RPXX3209
Habingan RPXX7133
Habuhab RPXX5079
Hacienda RPXX8040
Hag Bulo RPXX6410
Hagbuyo RPXX5633
Hagnaya RPXX9113
Hagpa RPXX4799
Hagunoy RPXX0528
Haights Place RPXX4304
Halabang Baybay RPXX9686
Halang RPXX7134
Halapitan RPXX4800
Halapitan RPXX3588
Halawig Gogon RPXX9687
Halazaan RPXX2063
Haligue RPXX7135
Halubangao RPXX4612
Hamabad RPXX9114
Hambabauran RPXX5634
Hamboyanan RPXX2706
Hamilo RPXX7136
Hamoraon RPXX8662
Hamorauon RPXX2064
Hamtic RPXX0529
Hamuraon RPXX9688
Hanawan RPXX9689
Handong RPXX9690
Hangga RPXX6411
Hanhan RPXX3730
Hanib RPXX6150
Hanopol RPXX5635
Haponan RPXX9691
Harasan RPXX8504
Harigue RPXX2065
Haring RPXX9692
Haya Ivisan RPXX9115
Hebale RPXX5636
Hermosa RPXX0530
Hernani RPXX0531
Herrera RPXX2066
Hibaca RPXX9116
Hibale RPXX5637
Hibaya RPXX9694
Hibunawan RPXX5638
Hidalgo RPXX7137
Hiju RPXX0532
Hilerang Cauayan RPXX7138
Himaao RPXX9695
Himamaylan RPXX0533
Himanag RPXX9696
Himbangan RPXX0534
Himbres RPXX3210
Himongan RPXX0543
Hinabangan RPXX0535
Hinagdanan RPXX5639
Hinapalanan RPXX0536
Hinatuan RPXX0537
Hinawanan RPXX5640
Hindang RPXX0538
Hindug RPXX9697
Hindug RPXX5641
Hinica-an RPXX0539
Hinigaran RPXX0011
Hiningaan RPXX2707
Hinipaan RPXX8663
Hinlayagan Ilaud RPXX5643
Hinornohan RPXX9698
Hinunangan RPXX0542
Hinundayan RPXX0541
Hipadpad RPXX0580
Hipit RPXX7139
Hipona RPXX0544
Hiuacloy RPXX9699
Hiwalayan RPXX3490
Hobangan RPXX5644
Hobo RPXX9700
Holongahog RPXX9117
Holotan RPXX3211
Homonhon RPXX0545
Hosa RPXX6412
Hubangon RPXX8505
Hugpa RPXX5080
Hukay RPXX7140
Hulip RPXX0546
Hulo RPXX6413
Humagikhik RPXX9118
Humayhumay RPXX5645
Humilog RPXX2422
Huyonhuyon RPXX9701
Iba RPXX6414
Iba RPXX7141
Iba RPXX0044
Iba RPXX9702
Iba RPXX2708
Iba RPXX8664
Iba RPXX4801
Iba Este RPXX6415
Iba Oeste RPXX6416
Ibaan RPXX7142
Ibaba RPXX3925
Ibaba RPXX6417
Ibabao RPXX7143
Ibajay RPXX0548
Ibao RPXX3212
Ibaogan RPXX2067
Ibayo RPXX3926
Ibayo RPXX6418
Ibit RPXX9703
Ibong-Potot RPXX9704
Ibulo RPXX8041
Ibuna RPXX3491
Icot RPXX4305
Idamacio RPXX2709
Idao RPXX2710
Idiacacan RPXX2711
Idiayan RPXX2712
Idio RPXX2713
Idioc RPXX8665
Idjang RPXX3492
Igang RPXX9119
Igang RPXX2068
Igay RPXX6419
Igbalangao RPXX2714
Igbalansag RPXX2715
Igbalogo RPXX2716
Igbangcal B RPXX2717
Igbangto RPXX2718
Igbanig RPXX2719
Igbarabatuan RPXX2720
Igbaras RPXX0549
Igbarauan RPXX2721
Igbical RPXX2722
Igbobolo RPXX2723
Igbobon RPXX2724
Igbobon Creek RPXX2725
Igbobong RPXX2726
Igbobong Viejo RPXX2727
Igbocagay RPXX2728
Igbonglo RPXX2729
Igburi RPXX2731
Igcabuad RPXX2732
Igcadac RPXX2733
Igcado RPXX2734
Igcalawagan RPXX2735
Igcapuyas RPXX2736
Igcarahig RPXX2737
Igcaratong RPXX2738
Igcasicad RPXX2739
Igdagmay RPXX2740
Igdalaguit RPXX2741
Igdanlog RPXX2742
Igdurarog RPXX2743
Igkolibao RPXX2744
Iglanot RPXX2745
Iglinab RPXX2746
Iglugsad RPXX4802
Igmasandig RPXX2747
Igmatinao RPXX2748
Igoigo RPXX7144
Igolot RPXX6420
Igpajo RPXX2749
Igpalanog RPXX2750
Igpalge RPXX2751
Igpanolong RPXX2752
Igparas RPXX2753
Igridon RPXX2754
Igrindon RPXX2755
Igsaro RPXX2756
Igsoro RPXX2757
Igtadiao RPXX2758
Igtaluto RPXX2759
Igtara RPXX2760
Igtotono RPXX2761
Igtugas RPXX2762
Igtumarom RPXX2763
Igtunarum RPXX2764
Iguican RPXX8042
Iguig RPXX8043
Iguirindon RPXX2765
Ihit RPXX9705
IIihan RPXX5646
Ik-ik RPXX7145
Ilabas RPXX2766
Ilagan RPXX0550
Ilagan RPXX6421
Ilamnay RPXX9120
Ilang-Ilang RPXX6422
Ilangilang RPXX6423
Ilaores RPXX2767
Ilas RPXX9121
Ilat RPXX7146
Ilaud RPXX5647
Ilaya Sur RPXX8666
Ilayaivisan RPXX9123
Ile RPXX5648
Ilihan RPXX7147
Ilihan RPXX5649
Ilihan RPXX0551
Ilihan RPXX5081
Ilihan Norte RPXX5650
Ilihan Sur RPXX5651
Illuru RPXX8044
Ilog RPXX7148
Ilog RPXX0552
Ilog Bulog RPXX6424
Iloilo RPXX0012
Iluluan RPXX2069
Imaao RPXX9706
Imacoto RPXX2070
Imamao RPXX7149
Imanlod RPXX2071
Imba RPXX0554
Imbaga RPXX5652
Imbarcahan RPXX9124
Imbatug RPXX4803
Imbayawa RPXX4804
Imelda RPXX8667
Imelda RPXX6425
Imelda RPXX5653
Imnaijbu RPXX6151
Impalambong RPXX4805
Impalutao RPXX4806
Impalutau RPXX4807
Impasugong RPXX0555
Impidno RPXX3927
Impig RPXX9707
Importante RPXX2768
Imurong RPXX8045
Imus RPXX0556
Inabanga RPXX5654
Inabasan RPXX2769
Inaclagan RPXX7150
Inad RPXX6426
Inagauan RPXX0557
Inaghuban RPXX5655
Inagnayon RPXX8668
Inagusan RPXX5082
Inalahan RPXX9708
Inalapid RPXX6427
Inamiag RPXX8669
Inapatan RPXX9709
Inarado RPXX2072
Inascan RPXX2073
Inasuyan RPXX5083
Inayauan RPXX0558
Inbalabagan RPXX9125
Inbangaan RPXX2770
Indalasa RPXX4808
Indayagan RPXX9126
Indulang RPXX4809
Induyong RPXX1513
Infanta RPXX0057
Inga RPXX8046
Ingles RPXX3928
Inguinan RPXX9710
Ingwan-Batangan RPXX2771
Inicbulan RPXX7151
Inipit RPXX3493
Initan RPXX2772
Initan RPXX9127
Inolgan RPXX9711
Inoman RPXX4306
Inopacan RPXX0560
Inosloban RPXX7152
Insarayan RPXX2773
Intal RPXX8047
Intampilan RPXX9128
Intangisan RPXX2774
Intao RPXX2775
Intavas RPXX4810
Inticak RPXX4307
Intoncan RPXX9129
Intugasan RPXX2776
Inuan RPXX8048
Inuman RPXX4308
Ipil RPXX0562
Ipil RPXX0561
Ipil RPXX5656
Ipil RPXX3494
Ipo RPXX6429
Iquin RPXX9712
Iraga RPXX8050
Iraya Norte RPXX8670
Iriga RPXX0563
Iriga City RPXX9713
Iringan RPXX8051
Irisan RPXX4309
Irosin RPXX0564
Irucan RPXX7154
Iruhin RPXX7155
Isabela RPXX0013
Isabela Central RPXX0566
Isaub RPXX0567
Isca RPXX8052
Isit RPXX4310
Isit RPXX1514
Isla RPXX6430
Isla de Linungan RPXX4614
Isla de Sibago RPXX4615
Isla de Ubay RPXX5657
Itagnon RPXX9714
Itbayat RPXX0038
Itbud RPXX6152
Itik RPXX3213
Itlogan RPXX7156
Itoc RPXX8671
Itogon RPXX4311
Itomang RPXX8672
Itulan RPXX9715
Itum RPXX5658
Itum RPXX8506
Ivana RPXX6153
Ivisan RPXX9130
Jabonga RPXX2423
Jaboyana RPXX9131
Jaena RPXX9132
Jaena Norte RPXX9133
Jaena Sur RPXX9134
Jagbuaya RPXX5659
Jagna RPXX0569
Jagnoya RPXX9135
Jaguikican RPXX2778
Jagupit RPXX2424
Jalajala RPXX0570
Jalandoni RPXX2779
Jalang RPXX7157
Jalas RPXX3214
Jalaud RPXX0571
Jalavig RPXX9136
Jaliobong RPXX2425
Jambawan RPXX5660
Jamindan RPXX9137
Jamoraon RPXX5084
Jamul-Awon RPXX9138
Janaojanao RPXX7158
Jandayan RPXX5661
Jandig RPXX9716
Jandig RPXX5662
Janguslab RPXX9139
Janiuay RPXX0572
Janlud RPXX5663
Janlud RPXX3215
Janopol RPXX7159
Janopol Oriental RPXX7160
Jao Island RPXX5664
Japa RPXX4312
Jaquequican RPXX2780
Jaquimitan RPXX0573
Jarigue RPXX2781
Jaro RPXX0575
Jaro RPXX0574
Jasaan RPXX4811
Jasaan RPXX0576
Jawili RPXX3216
Jaybanga RPXX7161
Jerusalem RPXX8053
Jetafe RPXX0577
Jimalalud RPXX0578
Jimenez RPXX0579
Jimeno RPXX3217
Jimilian RPXX5665
Jinalinan RPXX2782
Jinosan RPXX9717
Johnson RPXX3589
Jolo RPXX0014
Jologan RPXX9718
Jomalig RPXX0582
Jomapon RPXX2075
Jonop RPXX2076
Jordan RPXX0583
Joroan RPXX2077
Jose Panganiban RPXX0584
Jovellar RPXX0585
Joyaojoyao RPXX3218
Juagdan RPXX5666
Juangon RPXX0586
Juliana RPXX2783
Julita RPXX3219
Julita RPXX0587
Julita RPXX5085
Julong Duhat RPXX6431
Julong Flores RPXX6432
Jumarap RPXX3220
Jungao RPXX2784
Jurisdiccion RPXX8054
Jurisdiction RPXX8055
Kaambi RPXX5667
Kaatoan RPXX4812
Kaatuan RPXX4813
Kabahian RPXX2426
Kabaknan RPXX3731
Kabalian RPXX3929
Kabanbanan RPXX9719
Kabangahan RPXX3221
Kabankalan RPXX0588
Kabantao RPXX3590
Kabaong RPXX7162
Kabasalan RPXX0589
Kabawan RPXX5668
Kabayanan RPXX6433
Kabayo RPXX3930
Kabbut RPXX3732
Kabinday RPXX5669
Kabingbing RPXX4616
Kabog Kabog RPXX3931
Kabuan RPXX8673
Kabugao RPXX3733
Kabugaoan RPXX3734
Kabuguisan RPXX4313
Kabul RPXX4814
Kabulohan RPXX4815
Kaburacanan RPXX4816
Kabuyao RPXX4314
Kabyo Creek RPXX6434
Kadagul RPXX5670
Kadimahan RPXX9140
Kadingilan RPXX4817
Kadugmayan RPXX4818
Kagawasan RPXX5671
Kagewad RPXX3495
Kagosit RPXX4315
Kagsao RPXX9720
Kaguilanan RPXX5672
Kaingin RPXX6435
Kaislay RPXX5673
Kakandungan RPXX3735
Kakaon RPXX4819
Kalabasita RPXX5674
Kalabioan RPXX3736
Kalafug RPXX3737
Kalaguiman RPXX3932
Kalagutay RPXX4820
Kalanaga RPXX2078
Kalaniogan RPXX4821
Kalaocalawan RPXX2079
Kalaokalao RPXX4822
Kalaong RPXX0590
Kalapotan RPXX4823
Kalasungay RPXX4824
Kalaugan RPXX4825
Kalayakan RPXX6436
Kalibao RPXX0591
Kalibayan RPXX3591
Kalibigaho RPXX8674
Kalibo RPXX0592
Kaligayahan RPXX6437
Kalilangan RPXX4826
Kaliliog RPXX9721
Kalinga RPXX0593
Kaliusan RPXX4827
Kaloongan RPXX7163
Kaltoblangan RPXX3738
Kalubihon RPXX4828
Kalugmanan RPXX4829
Kaluk RPXX9722
Kalusugan RPXX6438
Kamalian RPXX0594
Kamanoyo RPXX6439
Kamansi RPXX3222
Kambakay RPXX5675
Kambayong RPXX5676
Kambingay RPXX5677
Kamias RPXX6440
Kampokpok RPXX0357
Kamuning RPXX6441
Kananga RPXX0595
Kanangkaan RPXX8056
Kanapauan RPXX8675
Kanapawan RPXX8057
Kanawan RPXX8058
Kandiis RPXX0596
Kang iras RPXX5678
Kangcuas RPXX5679
Kangisitan RPXX3739
Kangkong RPXX6442
Kaniwalaan RPXX8059
Kankanay RPXX4316
Kanmbakan RPXX6154
Kanoling RPXX5680
Kansungay RPXX5681
Kantnog RPXX4317
Kapago RPXX4617
Kapakuhan RPXX8676
Kapalutan RPXX8060
Kapangan RPXX4318
Kapanikian RPXX8061
Kapatagan RPXX0597
Kapilihan RPXX3223
Kapinatan RPXX0598
Kapinunan RPXX4830
Kapitangan RPXX6443
Kapualan RPXX1515
Kapunitan RPXX3933
Karagawan RPXX3740
Karao RPXX4319
Karetonan RPXX7164
Kariapay RPXX6444
Karigsa RPXX9723
Karikitan RPXX3741
Karogcog RPXX9724
Karogkog RPXX2080
Karugdug RPXX3224
Kasao RPXX3742
Kasilion RPXX5682
Kataasan RPXX3934
Katabau RPXX0599
Katablangan RPXX3743
Katangalan RPXX6445
Kataringan RPXX0600
Kataruinan RPXX8062
Katarungan RPXX5683
Katinger RPXX4320
Katipuan RPXX0601
Katipunan RPXX0602
Katipunan RPXX6446
Katipunan RPXX5684
Katipunan RPXX2427
Katmon RPXX6447
Katubtagan RPXX9725
Kauit Kauit RPXX0603
Kaulayanan RPXX4831
Kaunayan RPXX0604
Kauswagan RPXX3592
Kauswagan RPXX2428
Kawayan RPXX4321
Kawayan RPXX0605
Kawayan RPXX4832
Kay Bamban RPXX6448
Kay Biga RPXX6449
Kay Luya RPXX6450
Kay Pandac RPXX6451
Kay Pian RPXX6452
Kay Pombo RPXX6453
Kay Sio RPXX6454
Kay Tianac RPXX6455
Kayaja RPXX4833
Kayang RPXX1516
Kayapa RPXX4322
Kaybagal RPXX7165
Kaybiga RPXX6456
Kaylongon RPXX7166
Kayogyog RPXX0606
Kayumanggi RPXX7167
Kebasacan RPXX5686
Kewayan RPXX4834
Ki-eto RPXX4835
Kiamba RPXX0607
Kiangan RPXX0608
Kiapas RPXX4323
Kiapo Ilio RPXX3496
Kibagan RPXX7168
Kibalabag RPXX4836
Kibalat RPXX1517
Kibangay RPXX4837
Kibawe RPXX0609
Kibungan RPXX4324
Kibureau RPXX4838
Kibuya RPXX4839
Kidaco RPXX2081
Kidapawan RPXX0610
Kiharong RPXX4840
Kilambon RPXX8507
Kilbay RPXX9726
Kili RPXX4325
Kiliat RPXX1518
Kilib RPXX7169
Kiliog RPXX4841
Kilkiling RPXX8063
Kilomaon RPXX9727
Kiloya RPXX4842
Kimanuit RPXX4843
Kimasen RPXX4326
Kimate RPXX6457
Kimmalasag RPXX1519
Kinaba RPXX9728
Kinabag-an RPXX5687
Kinabhangan RPXX2429
Kinabiti RPXX1520
Kinabkaban RPXX9141
Kinablangan RPXX0611
Kinagba-an RPXX5688
Kinagbaan RPXX5689
Kinahilo-an RPXX2430
Kinalaglagan RPXX7170
Kinalangan RPXX9729
Kinalansan RPXX9730
Kinale RPXX2082
Kinaludan RPXX3593
Kinamayan RPXX0612
Kinan-oan RPXX5690
Kinastillohan RPXX2083
Kinatoog RPXX2431
Kinawitan RPXX2084
Kindyuya RPXX9142
Kingis RPXX4327
Kiokab RPXX4844
Kirmay RPXX1521
Kisawa RPXX4845
Kisawi RPXX4846
Kiskis RPXX4328
Kisolon RPXX4847
Kitab RPXX8064
Kitago RPXX2085
Kitaihon RPXX4848
Kitang RPXX3935
Kitang Primero RPXX3936
Kitangat RPXX4849
Kitaotao RPXX0613
Kitcharao RPXX0614
Kitobo RPXX4850
Kiulayo RPXX0615
Kiwalo RPXX2086
Kiwas RPXX1522
Kling RPXX0616
Klondikes RPXX4329
Knabaclasan RPXX7171
Kolambugan RPXX0617
Kolasi RPXX4851
Kolasihan RPXX0618
Kolongkolong RPXX3225
Koloong RPXX6459
Kolumbug RPXX0622
Komadog Kadog RPXX9731
Komaguingking RPXX9732
Kompol RPXX8508
Koronadal RPXX0619
Koso RPXX3497
Kotipinan RPXX0620
Kristong Hari RPXX6460
Kubo RPXX2432
Kubuyao RPXX6461
Kugan RPXX4852
Kuguita RPXX8509
Kulagsing RPXX0621
Kulaman RPXX4853
Kulawingon RPXX4854
Kulay-Kulay RPXX0623
Kulian RPXX2087
Kulidao RPXX3744
Kulisig RPXX3937
Kulo RPXX3938
Kumalarang RPXX0624
Kumanga RPXX1523
Kumao RPXX3745
Kumintang Ibaba RPXX7172
Kumintang Ilaya RPXX7173
Kuring RPXX3939
La Anunciacion RPXX9733
La Carlota RPXX0625
La Fortuna RPXX4855
La Fortuna RPXX5691
La Fraternidad RPXX2433
La Furtuna RPXX4856
La Hacienda RPXX5692
La Libertad RPXX0626
La Loma RPXX6462
La Medalla RPXX9734
La Medalla RPXX2088
La Mesa RPXX6463
La Opinion RPXX9735
La Paz RPXX2785
La Paz RPXX5693
La Paz RPXX1524
La Paz RPXX0628
La Paz RPXX8065
La Paz RPXX0627
La Purisima RPXX2089
La Purisima RPXX9736
La Roxas RPXX4857
La Salvacion RPXX5694
La Suerte RPXX8066
La Suerte RPXX5695
La Trinidad RPXX0629
La Trinidad RPXX4330
La Trinidad RPXX9737
La Union RPXX2434
La Union RPXX5696
La Union RPXX0630
La Union RPXX2786
La Victoria RPXX5697
Laang RPXX1525
Labaan RPXX1526
Labac RPXX7174
Labang RPXX4331
Labasan RPXX0631
Labauon RPXX2090
Labben RPXX8067
Labeng RPXX8068
Labian RPXX4332
Labinay RPXX0632
Lablabinag RPXX1527
Labnig RPXX8677
Labnig RPXX3594
Labnig RPXX2091
Labno RPXX6464
Labnogan RPXX2787
Labo RPXX0633
Laboy RPXX3498
Laboy RPXX4333
Labu-on RPXX5698
Labueg RPXX4334
Laca RPXX5699
Lacaan RPXX4858
Lacab RPXX3746
Lacag RPXX2092
Lacaron RPXX2788
Lacaron RPXX9143
Lacayen RPXX2789
Lacbayon RPXX1529
Lacolac RPXX4859
Lacub RPXX1530
Ladang RPXX4860
Lafu RPXX8069
Lagadlarin RPXX7175
Laganac RPXX9739
Laganap RPXX9740
Lagangilag RPXX1531
Lagangilang RPXX1532
Lagaosian RPXX1533
Lagayan RPXX0634
Lagben RPXX1534
Lagdo RPXX2790
Lagha RPXX9741
Laging Handa RPXX6465
Laglogan RPXX1535
Lagnas RPXX7176
Lagnaton RPXX2093
Lagnay RPXX9742
Lagolago RPXX0635
Lagon RPXX8678
Lagonglong RPXX0636
Lagonoy RPXX0637
Lagoyod RPXX3226
Lagpa RPXX8679
Lagtangan RPXX5700
Lagtangon RPXX5701
Laguili RPXX7177
Laguingbanua RPXX3227
Laguio RPXX9743
Laguitas RPXX4861
Lagum RPXX8070
Lagundi RPXX8680
Lagundi RPXX6466
Lagungbanua RPXX3228
Lahilahi RPXX4618
Lahong Interior RPXX0638
Laing RPXX7178
Lais RPXX0639
Laiya RPXX0640
Lajog RPXX5702
Laka RPXX5086
Laku RPXX4619
Lal-layug RPXX3747
Lal-Lo RPXX0641
Lalab RPXX3229
Lalachan RPXX6467
Lalaguna RPXX9744
Lalaken RPXX6468
Lalakhan RPXX6469
Lalangan RPXX3748
Lalangan RPXX6470
Lalapugan RPXX8071
Lalat RPXX0642
Lalauigan RPXX0643
Lalawigan RPXX3940
Lalayat RPXX7179
Lalev RPXX4620
Lalombon RPXX2094
Lalud RPXX9745
Lalun RPXX3749
Lam-ag RPXX1536
Lam-agan RPXX1537
Lamak RPXX5703
Lamangan RPXX4335
Lamao RPXX3941
Lamba RPXX2095
Lambagan RPXX4862
Lambakin RPXX6471
Lambunao RPXX0644
Lamitan RPXX0645
Lamitan RPXX0646
Lamodias RPXX2791
Lamon RPXX9746
Lampayang RPXX9747
Lamtang RPXX4336
Lamunan RPXX9144
Lamut RPXX4337
Lan-as RPXX2792
Lana RPXX8072
Lanag RPXX2793
Lanas RPXX4621
Lanatan RPXX7180
Lanay RPXX9145
Landas RPXX1538
Landican RPXX5704
Landing RPXX3942
Lanec RPXX1539
Lang-Ayan RPXX1540
Langa RPXX8682
Langagan RPXX0648
Langagan RPXX8073
Langaon RPXX4863
Langaray RPXX4622
Langas RPXX8683
Langasian RPXX0647
Langasihan RPXX4864
Langauon RPXX2794
Langaw RPXX5087
Langbaban RPXX1541
Langden RPXX1542
Langgangan RPXX7181
Langiden RPXX1543
Langka RPXX6472
Langkis RPXX5705
Langnao RPXX3750
Langod RPXX6473
Langtad RPXX5706
Lanigay RPXX2096
Lanipga RPXX9146
Lanipga RPXX3230
Laniton RPXX8684
Lankayan RPXX6474
Lanna RPXX8074
Lannig RPXX8075
Lanot RPXX9147
Lanot RPXX8685
Lanote RPXX4623
Lantang RPXX5707
Lantangan RPXX9148
Lantapan RPXX4865
Lanupa RPXX9149
Lanuza RPXX0649
Laoag RPXX0041
Laoagena RPXX8076
Laoang RPXX0651
Laoangan RPXX4338
Laog RPXX6475
Laon RPXX9748
Lap-Labog RPXX1544
Lapacan Norte RPXX5708
Lapacan Sur RPXX5709
Lapacianan RPXX2795
Lapad RPXX5710
Lapas RPXX9150
Lapat RPXX1545
Lapay RPXX5711
Lapaz RPXX0652
Lapga RPXX1546
Lapi RPXX8077
Lapinig RPXX0653
Lapinigan RPXX4624
Lapinigan RPXX3595
Lapnag RPXX3231
Lapolapo RPXX7182
Lappa RPXX3751
Lapsaon RPXX5713
Lapu First RPXX3752
Lapu Segundo RPXX3753
Lapuguin RPXX8686
Lapurap RPXX4625
Larap RPXX8687
Larapan RPXX5714
Larawan RPXX9749
Larena RPXX0654
Larioja RPXX2796
Larion Altu RPXX8078
Laris RPXX6476
Las Esperanzas RPXX5715
Las Navas RPXX3596
Las Navas RPXX0655
Las Nieves RPXX0656
Las Salinas Sur RPXX5717
Lasam RPXX8079
Lasang RPXX5718
Lasang RPXX0657
Lasila RPXX8080
Lasilat RPXX8081
Lasub RPXX2797
Lat-Asan RPXX9151
Lataban RPXX5719
Lataban RPXX0658
Latag RPXX7183
Latanauan RPXX7184
Latason RPXX2798
Latey RPXX1547
Lattac RPXX8082
Lattut RPXX3754
Latuan RPXX4626
Latuban RPXX3755
Laua-an RPXX2799
Lauaan RPXX3232
Lauc RPXX1548
Laugan RPXX4866
Lauigan South RPXX2800
Lauingan RPXX0659
Lauis RPXX5720
Laur RPXX0660
Laurel RPXX7185
Lausan RPXX8688
Lavezares RPXX0661
Lawa RPXX6477
Lawa-an RPXX0662
Lawa-an RPXX0663
Lawa-an RPXX0664
Lawa-an RPXX9152
Lawaan RPXX3233
Lawang Bato RPXX6478
Lawigan RPXX2801
Lawigan RPXX0665
Lawigan RPXX2435
Lawigan RPXX8510
Lawinon RPXX2097
Lawog RPXX8083
Laya RPXX5721
Laya RPXX8084
Layac RPXX3943
Layon RPXX7186
Layugan RPXX1549
Lazi RPXX0666
Lebeng RPXX4339
Leg Leg RPXX4340
Legaspi RPXX0060
Legaspi Port RPXX2098
Lemery RPXX7187
Lemowa RPXX4627
Lemu RPXX8085
Len-neng RPXX1550
Lenneng RPXX3756
Leon RPXX0668
Leon RPXX2802
Leron RPXX8086
Leso RPXX3234
Let-ey RPXX1551
Leticheria RPXX6479
Letug RPXX4342
Leyte RPXX0669
Lian RPXX0670
Lianga RPXX0671
Lias RPXX6480
Libag RPXX8087
Libagon RPXX0015
Libak RPXX4628
Libanan RPXX9750
Libang RPXX3235
Libaong RPXX5722
Libas RPXX5723
Libas RPXX3236
Libas RPXX9153
Libato RPXX7188
Libbuag RPXX8088
Liberato RPXX2803
Libertad RPXX2804
Libertad RPXX5724
Libertad RPXX2436
Libertad RPXX0673
Libertad Norte RPXX5725
Libertad Sur RPXX5726
Liberty RPXX5727
Libho RPXX7189
Libis RPXX6481
Libjo RPXX8689
Libjo RPXX5728
Libjo RPXX0674
Libjo RPXX2099
Libmanan RPXX0675
Libo RPXX4343
Libo RPXX6482
Libo-o RPXX9155
Libo-ong RPXX4344
Libog RPXX0676
Libon RPXX9156
Libon RPXX2101
Libona RPXX4867
Liboran RPXX4868
Liboro RPXX0677
Liboron RPXX5729
Libtong RPXX6483
Libtong RPXX4345
Libtong RPXX2102
Libug RPXX4629
Licheria RPXX6484
Liciada RPXX6485
Lico RPXX6486
Lico RPXX8690
Licoan RPXX4869
Licolico RPXX5730
Licuan RPXX1552
Licumu RPXX0678
Lidom RPXX9157
Lidong RPXX9751
Ligao RPXX0679
Ligaya RPXX7190
Ligpit RPXX9752
Ligpo RPXX7191
Liguan RPXX2103
Liguian RPXX0680
Liguis RPXX1553
Lila RPXX5731
Lilibdon RPXX2104
Lilimbon RPXX3944
Lilo-an RPXX0681
Liloan RPXX8511
Liloan RPXX3237
Liloan RPXX5732
Limay RPXX0682
Limbag RPXX9158
Limbag Junction RPXX9159
Limbos RPXX8089
Limbungahan RPXX0683
Limbutan RPXX5733
Limocon RPXX5734
Limokon Ilaud RPXX5735
Limokon Ilaya RPXX5736
Limot RPXX0684
Limousan RPXX0685
Limu RPXX4346
Linaban RPXX2805
Linabanga RPXX3238
Linabo RPXX0686
Linabuan RPXX3239
Linabuan Sur RPXX3240
Linaga RPXX9753
Linambasan RPXX9160
Linampongan RPXX9161
Linangit RPXX6488
Linangpaca RPXX3241
Linao RPXX0688
Linao RPXX0687
Linao RPXX9162
Linateran RPXX9163
Linawan RPXX4630
Linay RPXX4870
Linayasan RPXX3242
Lincod RPXX5738
Lindaban RPXX4871
Lindero RPXX2806
Lindon RPXX2106
Lingagin RPXX2807
Lingapan RPXX8090
Lingating RPXX4872
Lingayen RPXX0689
Lingey RPXX1554
Lingig RPXX0690
Lingion RPXX4873
Lingsad RPXX1555
Lingtan RPXX1556
Lingu RPXX8091
Lingunan RPXX6489
Liniaga RPXX9754
Linisna Malaki RPXX6490
Liniun RPXX3757
Linsagan RPXX4874
Lintuan RPXX5739
Lioang RPXX4347
Liogan RPXX1557
Liong RPXX8512
Liong RPXX9164
Lipa RPXX0691
Lipa City RPXX7192
Lipahan RPXX7193
Lipata RPXX2107
Lipata RPXX9755
Lipata RPXX2808
Lipata RPXX8692
Lipatan RPXX8092
Lipatan RPXX7194
Lipcan RPXX1558
Lipid RPXX4631
Lipilip RPXX9756
Lipoten RPXX1559
Lipoton RPXX5740
Lipsong RPXX2108
Liput RPXX9757
Liputan RPXX6491
Lisub A RPXX2809
Litlitac RPXX4348
Litpungsod RPXX4632
Little Lun RPXX0692
Litto RPXX8093
Littuacan RPXX3758
Liwan RPXX8094
Liyaliya RPXX2810
Liyang RPXX3945
Liyang RPXX6492
Liyongon RPXX4876
Llaga RPXX8095
Llagan RPXX1560
Llano RPXX6493
Llaya RPXX3500
Lli RPXX3759
Llorente RPXX0693
Lo-o RPXX4349
Lo-oc RPXX5089
Loacan RPXX4350
Loay RPXX0694
Lobaloba RPXX9758
Lobgob RPXX5742
Lobigan RPXX9759
Loblob RPXX5743
Lobo RPXX4351
Lobo RPXX0695
Loboc RPXX2109
Lobogon RPXX5745
Lobong RPXX9760
Locawon RPXX4877
Locloc RPXX7195
Locot RPXX4352
Locsoon RPXX5090
Loctuga RPXX3243
Loctugan RPXX9165
Lodlod RPXX7196
Logoan RPXX9761
Logohon RPXX3244
Logom RPXX3597
Logongon RPXX4878
Logung RPXX8096
Lokabang RPXX4633
Lokanin RPXX3946
Lokbon Gan RPXX2437
Loksapi RPXX4634
Lollin RPXX8097
Lolomboy RPXX6494
Loma de Gato RPXX6495
Lomadegato RPXX6496
Lomanoy RPXX5747
Lombayagan RPXX2811
Lombocan RPXX2438
Lombog RPXX5748
Lomboy RPXX0696
Lomboy RPXX9166
Lomismo RPXX8098
Lomobang RPXX1561
Lompaagon RPXX4879
Longbao RPXX1562
Longos RPXX6497
Lono RPXX9167
Lonoy RPXX5750
Lonoy RPXX9168
Loob RPXX5751
Loob RPXX7197
Loob RPXX9762
Loob Calingatan RPXX7198
Looc RPXX0699
Looc RPXX9169
Looc RPXX5091
Looc RPXX0697
Looc RPXX0698
Look RPXX5092
Look RPXX7200
Look Primero RPXX6498
Look Segundo RPXX6499
Loon RPXX0700
Lope de Vega RPXX0701
Lopez RPXX0702
Lopez Jaen RPXX0703
Lopez Jaena RPXX0704
Loreto RPXX0705
Loreto RPXX3598
Los Angeles RPXX5754
Los Angeles RPXX2439
Los Arcos RPXX3599
Los Martires RPXX3600
Losonan RPXX9170
Lotason RPXX2812
Lotot RPXX1563
Lourdes RPXX6500
Lourdes RPXX5755
Lourdes RPXX9763
Lourdes Old RPXX9764
Lowal RPXX3501
Lower Bonbon RPXX5756
Loyow RPXX5757
Loyowaig RPXX5758
Luakan RPXX3947
Luan RPXX5759
Luan RPXX3948
Luawan RPXX9765
Luba RPXX1564
Lubang RPXX9766
Lubang RPXX5760
Lubas RPXX8693
Lubigan RPXX9767
Lubing RPXX0706
Lublu-Bnoc RPXX1565
Lublub RPXX0707
Lublubba RPXX1566
Lubo RPXX8099
Lubong RPXX1567
Lubuagan RPXX0708
Lubung RPXX3760
Lucban RPXX4354
Lucban RPXX0709
Lucban RPXX8100
Lucban RPXX2110
Lucban RPXX7201
Lucboc RPXX4635
Lucbong RPXX1568
Lucbuban RPXX4355
Lucena RPXX0710
Lucero RPXX9171
Lucob RPXX5761
Lucsaran RPXX8694
Lucsuhin RPXX7202
Luctudan RPXX2813
Luctuga RPXX3245
Luga RPXX8101
Lugam RPXX6501
Lugirao RPXX8102
Lugta RPXX2814
Lugui RPXX8695
Luho RPXX9768
Luhong RPXX9769
Luig RPXX8103
Luisiana RPXX0711
Lukey RPXX1569
Luklukan RPXX8696
Lul-Lono RPXX1570
Lumaba RPXX1571
Lumang RPXX7203
Lumang Bayan RPXX6502
Lumang Bayan RPXX7204
Lumangbayan RPXX7205
Lumangog RPXX5762
Lumanoy RPXX5763
Lumaynay RPXX3246
Lumbac RPXX6503
Lumban RPXX0712
Lumbang RPXX7206
Lumbang Calzada RPXX7207
Lumbangan RPXX7208
Lumbatan RPXX4880
Lumbay RPXX5764
Lumbayao RPXX4881
Lumbayau RPXX4882
Lumbayawa RPXX4883
Lumbuyan RPXX2815
Lumil RPXX7209
Lumintao RPXX4884
Lumittung RPXX8104
Lumog RPXX4356
Lumoguans RPXX4885
Lumpatan RPXX2816
Luna RPXX0713
Luna RPXX3761
Luna RPXX2817
Lunac RPXX8697
Lundag RPXX5766
Lungan RPXX1572
Lungaw RPXX4357
Lungsoda-an RPXX5767
Lungsoda-an East RPXX5768
Lungsoda-an West RPXX5769
Lungsodaan RPXX5770
Luntal RPXX7210
Lupa RPXX1573
Lupa-an RPXX2818
Lupao RPXX0714
Lupi RPXX0715
Lupi Nuevo RPXX9771
Lupi Viejo RPXX9772
Lupiagan RPXX4886
Lupigui RPXX8105
Lupit RPXX3247
Lupo RPXX3248
Lupon RPXX0716
Lurugan RPXX4887
Lusang RPXX8106
Lusod RPXX4358
Lusod RPXX0717
Lusong RPXX3949
Lusong RPXX5771
Lusong RPXX1574
Lusuac RPXX1575
Luta Del Norte RPXX7211
Luta Del Sur RPXX7212
Lutaan RPXX4359
Lutak RPXX4360
Lutao RPXX5772
Luuk RPXX4636
Luuk RPXX0718
Luuk Pansil RPXX4637
Luya RPXX7213
Luyahan RPXX7214
Luyang RPXX2819
Luyo RPXX5773
Luyon RPXX3762
Luyos RPXX7215
Luzong RPXX5774
Luzong RPXX1576
Ma-alan RPXX9172
Ma-antol RPXX9173
Ma-ao Barrio RPXX0719
Maabayan RPXX3763
Maabud RPXX7216
Maac RPXX8514
Maagnas RPXX9773
Maagonlong RPXX7217
Maalan RPXX2821
Maalasas RPXX7218
Maapag RPXX4888
Maapas RPXX7219
Maasim RPXX6504
Maasin RPXX0720
Maasin RPXX0721
Maasin RPXX6505
Maasin RPXX2440
Maayon RPXX9174
Mabacong RPXX7220
Mabaganqui RPXX8698
Mabago RPXX5775
Mabalanoy RPXX7221
Mabaling RPXX3950
Mabalodbalod RPXX9774
Mabalor RPXX7222
Mabanguc RPXX8107
Mabannag RPXX8108
Mabanot RPXX7223
Mabasa RPXX2822
Mabatang RPXX3951
Mabato RPXX7224
Mabato RPXX8699
Mabatobato RPXX9775
Mabayabas RPXX7225
Mabayag RPXX5776
Mabayawas RPXX2111
Mabayo RPXX3952
Mabaza RPXX2823
Mabbayugan RPXX8109
Mabbut RPXX3764
Mabca RPXX9776
Mabi RPXX4638
Mabigao RPXX2112
Mabilo RPXX8700
Mabilong RPXX1577
Mabingad RPXX1578
Mabini RPXX0722
Mabini RPXX0723
Mabini RPXX2824
Mabini RPXX2441
Mabini RPXX9175
Mabini RPXX6506
Mabini RPXX8701
Mabitbitnong RPXX8110
Mablad RPXX2825
Mablang Bulod RPXX2114
Mabnung RPXX8111
Mabolo RPXX6507
Mabolo RPXX9777
Mabolo RPXX5777
Mabosao RPXX3249
Mabtay RPXX3601
Mabucayan RPXX8112
Mabuhay RPXX4889
Mabuhay RPXX5778
Mabunga RPXX2115
Mabunga RPXX4890
Mabunga RPXX7228
Mabungtat RPXX1579
Mabungtot RPXX1580
Mabuno RPXX8113
Mabuntayo RPXX4891
Maburao RPXX8114
Mabuttal East RPXX8115
Mabuttal West RPXX8116
Mabuyon RPXX2826
Mabuyong RPXX2827
Macaas RPXX5780
Macababalo RPXX8702
Macabbungao RPXX8117
Macabugos RPXX2116
Macabulian RPXX2117
Macad RPXX9778
Macadom RPXX4361
Macahilo RPXX9779
Macajambos RPXX4892
Macalamcam A RPXX7229
Macalang RPXX2442
Macalaya RPXX0724
Macalimas RPXX9780
Macalingan RPXX5781
Macanaya RPXX8118
Macangan RPXX4362
Macansalug RPXX4639
Macapay RPXX1581
Macapil RPXX8119
Macapilapil RPXX6508
Macara RPXX8120
Macarcarmay RPXX1582
Macarena RPXX2828
Macarthur RPXX0725
Macatabang RPXX8121
Macate RPXX8122
Macatel RPXX3765
Macatel RPXX8123
Maco RPXX0726
Macogon RPXX8703
Macote RPXX4893
Macray RPXX1583
Macrohon RPXX0727
Macsillo RPXX8124
Mactang RPXX8704
Macua RPXX6509
Macupa RPXX4894
Macupao RPXX3602
Macusi RPXX8125
Madago RPXX1584
Madaklan RPXX4363
Madaliday RPXX1585
Madalunot RPXX7230
Madangdangla RPXX1586
Madao RPXX1587
Madatag RPXX3766
Madaymen RPXX4364
Maddalero RPXX8126
Maddarulog RPXX8127
Maddarulug RPXX8128
Madiang RPXX3250
Madita RPXX2118
Madlum RPXX6510
Madocay RPXX1588
Madranca RPXX2829
Madrid RPXX0729
Madrileno RPXX0728
Madua Norte RPXX5782
Madua Sur RPXX5783
Madugo RPXX9781
Madulano RPXX9176
Mag-asawang Sapa RPXX6511
Magaba RPXX2830
Magabay RPXX2831
Magabe RPXX6512
Magabe RPXX7231
Magabubun RPXX3767
Magadap RPXX9782
Magagalin RPXX7232
Magahis RPXX7233
Magalalag RPXX8129
Magalan RPXX9177
Magalangalang RPXX7234
Magalis RPXX9784
Magallanes RPXX2832
Magallanes RPXX0731
Magallanes RPXX0732
Magallanes RPXX0733
Magallang RPXX2119
Magallon Cadre RPXX0734
Magallungon RPXX8130
Magalolong RPXX2833
Magaloyao RPXX8131
Magalsin RPXX0751
Magang RPXX8705
Magang RPXX1589
Magapit RPXX8132
Magapta RPXX3768
Magarang RPXX2834
Magarao RPXX9785
Magaras RPXX8706
Magaring RPXX9786
Magatiling RPXX8133
Magatol RPXX2120
Magayama RPXX1590
Magbangon RPXX5094
Magbingac RPXX1591
Magcalon RPXX2835
Magdaguup RPXX2443
Magdalena RPXX8134
Magdalena RPXX0735
Magdalena RPXX0736
Magdalo RPXX0737
Magdiwang RPXX0738
Magdua RPXX8707
Magdua RPXX9787
Maghari RPXX2837
Maghilot RPXX3603
Magim RPXX8135
Magisa RPXX8708
Magkadugyong RPXX8709
Maglamin RPXX4895
Maglige RPXX5784
Magmagey RPXX1592
Magmarale RPXX6513
Magna RPXX3953
Magnesia RPXX0739
Magobilan RPXX9178
Magogod RPXX8136
Magon RPXX2121
Magoon RPXX2444
Magpanambo RPXX2122
Magradongdong RPXX2123
Magsalongi RPXX8710
Magsaysay RPXX0740
Magsaysay RPXX7235
Magsaysay RPXX3954
Magsidel RPXX8137
Magsija RPXX5786
Magsimalo RPXX8711
Magtago RPXX7236
Magtaguingting RPXX2124
Magtang RPXX2838
Magtang RPXX0741
Magtangtang RPXX5787
Magtaring RPXX2839
Magtica RPXX5788
Magting RPXX8515
Magtongtong RPXX5789
Magtulis RPXX2840
Magubahay RPXX3251
Magugba RPXX3252
Maguiling RPXX8138
Maguinao RPXX6514
Maguing RPXX8139
Maguininango RPXX8140
Maguirig RPXX8141
Magurang RPXX2125
Maguyepyep RPXX1593
Mahaba RPXX2126
Mahabang Dahalig RPXX7238
Mahabang Dahilig RPXX7239
Mahabang Lodlod RPXX7240
Mahabang Parang RPXX6515
Mahabang Parang RPXX7241
Mahabang-gubat RPXX6516
Mahabangparang RPXX7242
Mahabangsapa RPXX3253
Mahacot RPXX7243
Mahagbu RPXX5790
Mahanadiong RPXX7244
Mahanay RPXX5791
Mahangin RPXX5792
Mahatao RPXX6155
Mahay RPXX2445
Mahayag RPXX5793
Mahayag Norte RPXX5794
Mahayag Sur RPXX5795
Mahayahay RPXX7245
Mahayahay RPXX4640
Mahebal RPXX4641
Mahindang RPXX4896
Mahing RPXX7246
Mahinog RPXX8516
Mahulana Bato RPXX2127
Maigpait RPXX4897
Maigtang RPXX4898
Mailag RPXX4899
Mainaga RPXX7247
Maindang RPXX9180
Mainit RPXX7248
Mainit RPXX8517
Mainit RPXX0743
Mainit RPXX9788
Mainit RPXX0742
Maipalig RPXX1594
Maisan RPXX6517
Maisit RPXX6518
Maisog RPXX8712
Maitim Segundo RPXX7249
Maitum RPXX5796
Majabra RPXX3769
Majon RPXX5797
Makabanban RPXX6519
Makahadok RPXX8713
Makati City RPXX1258
Makato RPXX3254
Makawayan RPXX7250
Makibo RPXX3955
Makidot RPXX4365
Makina RPXX6520
Makina RPXX7251
Makinabang RPXX6521
Makiri RPXX4642
Mala RPXX8142
Mala-Anak RPXX4366
Malabagat RPXX3956
Malabalan RPXX8143
Malabanan RPXX7252
Malabbac RPXX8144
Malabbaga RPXX1595
Malabibit RPXX3770
Malabiga RPXX2128
Malabnig RPXX7253
Malabnig RPXX2129
Malabning RPXX2130
Malabo RPXX3957
Malabo RPXX7254
Malabog RPXX2131
Malabon RPXX6522
Malabonot RPXX3255
Malabor RPXX2841
Malabrigo RPXX7255
Malacabang RPXX8714
Malacabbibi RPXX8145
Malacad RPXX2842
Malacanang RPXX2843
Malag RPXX2844
Malaga RPXX0744
Malagab RPXX9181
Malagabi RPXX9182
Malagonot RPXX8715
Malaguit RPXX9183
Malaiba RPXX2845
Malainin RPXX7256
Malaki RPXX1596
Malaking Pulo RPXX7257
Malakingpooc RPXX7258
Malalag RPXX0748
Malalam RPXX8146
Malalan RPXX0745
Malalatan RPXX8147
Malalay RPXX7259
Malalimnalodlod RPXX7260
Malalimnasanog RPXX7261
Malallabo RPXX8148
Malama RPXX0746
Malama RPXX3771
Malamag RPXX8149
Malamaui RPXX4643
Malambago RPXX0747
Malamig RPXX6523
Malamig RPXX3502
Malampay RPXX4901
Malamsit RPXX1597
Malanao RPXX8150
Malandavon RPXX3256
Malanday RPXX6524
Malandog RPXX2846
Malangas RPXX0749
Malangcao-Basud RPXX8716
Malanglang RPXX8717
Malanon RPXX9184
Malanoog RPXX1598
Malansad RPXX9789
Malapad Na Bato RPXX7262
Malapadnaparang RPXX7263
Malapatan RPXX0750
Malapay RPXX2132
Malape RPXX8718
Malapoc RPXX5798
Malaquit RPXX8719
Malaruhatan RPXX7264
Malasbolos RPXX2133
Malasin RPXX3503
Malasiqui RPXX0752
Malasugui RPXX8720
Malatag RPXX8721
Malatao RPXX8151
Malatap RPXX8722
Malatigbi RPXX9790
Malauan RPXX3958
Malaue RPXX7265
Malawag RPXX9791
Malawak RPXX6525
Malay RPXX3257
Malaybalay RPXX0753
Malaylay RPXX1599
Malayo Norte RPXX5799
Malayo Sur RPXX5800
Malbel RPXX0792
Malbog RPXX5801
Malbogan RPXX9792
Malbogon RPXX9793
Malbong RPXX9794
Malbug RPXX0754
Malbug RPXX2847
Maldica RPXX3959
Malhakan RPXX6526
Mali-ao RPXX9185
Malibabag RPXX8152
Malibcong RPXX1600
Malibong Bata RPXX6528
Malibong Matanda RPXX6529
Malibu RPXX7266
Malicapan RPXX4902
Malidong RPXX2134
Malidugay RPXX1601
Malig RPXX0755
Maligaya RPXX7267
Maligaya RPXX3504
Maligaya RPXX8723
Maligue RPXX4644
Maliit RPXX8724
Malilipot RPXX0756
Malimatoc RPXX7268
Malimatok RPXX7269
Malimono RPXX0757
Malina RPXX8725
Malinao RPXX4903
Malinao RPXX5802
Malinao RPXX0759
Malinao RPXX9795
Malinao RPXX0758
Malinao East RPXX5803
Malindig RPXX7270
Malindog RPXX3258
Malinis RPXX7271
Malinis RPXX6530
Malinta RPXX6531
Malipamgang RPXX6532
Malipipit Oeste RPXX1602
Maliplinit RPXX1603
Malipo RPXX2135
Malis RPXX6533
Malita RPXX1604
Malita RPXX0760
Malitam RPXX7272
Malitao RPXX3772
Malitbog RPXX4904
Malitbog RPXX5804
Malitbog RPXX9796
Malitlit RPXX6534
Maloan RPXX3960
Malobago RPXX9797
Malobago RPXX0761
Malobago RPXX2136
Malobo RPXX9798
Malocloc RPXX9186
Malocloc Sur RPXX9187
Maloco RPXX3259
Malolos RPXX0016
Maloma RPXX0763
Malonoy RPXX9188
Malpoc RPXX2446
Malta RPXX3961
Malubago RPXX0764
Malubog RPXX2848
Maludlud RPXX9189
Malue RPXX7273
Maluko RPXX4905
Malummin RPXX8153
Malumot RPXX6535
Malunog RPXX3773
Malunong RPXX4906
Maluso RPXX0765
Maluya RPXX3962
Maluyo RPXX8154
Malvar RPXX0766
Malyeng RPXX4367
Mama-on RPXX4907
Mamara RPXX2849
Mamarang Panay RPXX9191
Mamba RPXX3260
Mambahayan RPXX5095
Mambajao RPXX8518
Mambalili RPXX3604
Mambaling RPXX0767
Mambalite RPXX9799
Mambatangan RPXX4908
Mambato RPXX9800
Mambayao RPXX4909
Mambit RPXX8155
Mambog RPXX6536
Mambolo RPXX4368
Mambool RPXX5805
Mambudan RPXX2851
Mambug RPXX3261
Mambulaga RPXX8726
Mambulo RPXX9801
Mambulo Nuevo RPXX9802
Mambulo Viejo RPXX9803
Mambuquiao RPXX3262
Mamburao RPXX0768
Mambusao RPXX0769
Mambutua RPXX2447
Mambuyo RPXX6537
Mamhot RPXX8727
Mamlad RPXX2137
Mamnam RPXX4910
Mampahubog RPXX0770
Mampaniki RPXX8728
Mampayag RPXX4911
Mampili RPXX8729
Mampinas RPXX8730
Mampinsahan RPXX3605
Mampirao RPXX9804
Mampungo RPXX8731
Mampurog RPXX8732
Mamuat RPXX9805
Man-an RPXX2852
Man-Ogob RPXX8733
Mana RPXX3774
Manaa RPXX4369
Manabo RPXX1605
Manaet RPXX2138
Managay RPXX2139
Managbo RPXX5806
Managok RPXX4912
Managun RPXX8157
Manakota RPXX3775
Manalaw RPXX7274
Manaling RPXX2853
Manalo RPXX8158
Manalog RPXX4913
Manalupang RPXX7275
Manamoc RPXX9806
Manamrag RPXX0771
Mananao RPXX2140
Manangduan RPXX1606
Manangod RPXX3263
Mananle RPXX9807
Mananos RPXX8734
Manaoag RPXX0772
Manaoag RPXX8159
Manapa RPXX2448
Manapao RPXX9192
Manapnap RPXX1608
Manarang RPXX2141
Manasahan RPXX6538
Manatal RPXX6539
Manayday RPXX1609
Manayupit RPXX9193
Manbalete RPXX8735
Manbaliti RPXX8736
Manbiga RPXX8737
Manbulaga RPXX8738
Manbungalon RPXX8739
Mancalpi RPXX8740
Mancamagong RPXX8741
Mancanda RPXX9809
Mancao RPXX2142
Mancasay RPXX8742
Mancawayan RPXX9810
Manci RPXX8743
Mancruz RPXX8744
Mancu RPXX3776
Mandacanan RPXX9811
Mandaing RPXX4914
Mandalig RPXX8745
Mandalupang RPXX5807
Mandamo RPXX2449
Mandangog RPXX5808
Mandao RPXX0773
Mandaon RPXX0774
Mandaug RPXX5809
Mandawa RPXX5810
Mandazo RPXX8746
Manding RPXX3777
Mandong RPXX3264
Mandurriao RPXX0775
Manela RPXX2143
Manga RPXX9812
Manga RPXX5811
Manga RPXX8160
Manga RPXX2144
Manga RPXX4370
Mangagoy RPXX0776
Mangahan RPXX4915
Mangahan RPXX6540
Mangal RPXX0777
Mangalinan RPXX8161
Mangan RPXX3265
Mangangpico RPXX6541
Mangarip RPXX1610
Mangas RPXX4645
Mangatarem RPXX0778
Mangatbo RPXX9813
Mangcawayan RPXX8747
Mangcutabing RPXX8748
Manges RPXX0779
Manghinao RPXX7276
Manginta-as RPXX2854
Mangit RPXX8162
Mangitkiran RPXX4371
Manglangit RPXX5812
Mangogon RPXX9814
Mangonbas RPXX5813
Mangool RPXX5814
Mangoso RPXX9194
Mangta RPXX4372
Manguibo RPXX2855
Manguigao RPXX3606
Manguirin RPXX9815
Manguisoc RPXX8749
Manhanip RPXX3266
Manibad RPXX9195
Manicahan RPXX0780
Manican RPXX4646
Manicang RPXX2145
Manika RPXX3267
Manila RPXX0017
Manilao RPXX2146
Maninang RPXX9196
Maning RPXX8750
Maning-ning RPXX2856
Maninila RPXX2147
Manipis RPXX3607
Manise RPXX2857
Manito RPXX0782
Manjogay RPXX9197
Manjoy RPXX9198
Manjuyod RPXX0783
Mankawayan RPXX8751
Mankayan RPXX4373
Manlabang RPXX5096
Manlacbo RPXX2858
Manlamonay RPXX4916
Manlato RPXX2148
Manlubang RPXX8752
Manlutay RPXX8753
Manmanoc RPXX1611
Mannarian RPXX8163
Manoc-Manoc RPXX3268
Manokna RPXX4374
Manolo Fortich RPXX0784
Manono RPXX9816
Manpili RPXX8754
Manquiring RPXX9817
Manresa RPXX6542
Manromiras RPXX9818
Mansacul RPXX9199
Mansalay RPXX0785
Mansalaya RPXX9819
Mansasa RPXX5815
Mansua RPXX8755
Mantabog RPXX8756
Mantagbac RPXX8757
Mantak RPXX3778
Mantalisay RPXX9820
Mantanguid RPXX8758
Mantasida RPXX5816
Mantata-o RPXX5817
Manterao RPXX2859
Mantigbi RPXX3963
Mantiguib RPXX3269
Mantubig RPXX9821
Mantugawe RPXX8759
Manuel M. Roxas RPXX5818
Manukan RPXX0786
Manup RPXX3270
Manup Norte RPXX3271
Manup Sur RPXX3272
Manuyog RPXX8519
Manyapit RPXX9200
Manzana RPXX9822
Manzanilla RPXX2860
Maoay South RPXX1612
Maonon RPXX2149
Mapaga RPXX3608
Mapait RPXX4917
Mapait RPXX5819
Mapalad RPXX3505
Mapanas RPXX0787
Mapatag RPXX2861
Mapayog RPXX4918
Mapga RPXX1613
Mapid RPXX9823
Mapisela RPXX1614
Mapitpita RPXX3779
Mapola RPXX4919
Mapon RPXX7278
Mapueda RPXX9824
Mapulang Lupa RPXX6543
Mapulangbato RPXX9201
Mapulanglupa RPXX6544
Mapulo RPXX0788
Mapulo RPXX7279
Maputingbato RPXX9825
Maputingkahoy RPXX9826
Mapuyo RPXX5097
Mara Cury RPXX8164
Marabilla RPXX8760
Maraburab RPXX8165
Marabut RPXX0789
Maradiona RPXX2862
Marag RPXX3780
Maragaclac RPXX7280
Maragat RPXX3781
Maragnat RPXX3782
Maragni RPXX9827
Maragondon RPXX0790
Maragubdub RPXX2863
Maraguing RPXX4920
Maralag RPXX9202
Maramag RPXX0791
Maramara RPXX8166
Maramba RPXX2150
Maranding RPXX8520
Marapinas RPXX0800
Mararison RPXX2864
Maraudy RPXX7281
Marawag RPXX3964
Maray RPXX2865
Marayag RPXX2151
Marayeni RPXX3506
Maraykit RPXX7282
Marayon RPXX4921
Marco RPXX8167
Marcote RPXX4922
Marede RPXX8168
Margaod RPXX4923
Margosatubig RPXX0793
Margus-Pequeno RPXX0794
Maria RPXX2866
Maria RPXX3965
Maria RPXX0795
Maria Aurora RPXX3507
Maria Cristina RPXX3273
Maria Mercedes RPXX3274
Maria Paz RPXX7283
Maria Rosario RPXX5820
Mariana RPXX6545
Marianos RPXX3275
Mariawa RPXX2152
Mariblo RPXX6546
Maribojoc RPXX5821
Maricaban RPXX0796
Marigne RPXX2867
Marihatag RPXX0797
Marikaban RPXX7284
Marikina RPXX0798
Marikit RPXX3508
Marilao RPXX3966
Maripipi RPXX5098
Marita RPXX9204
Mariveles RPXX5822
Mariveles RPXX3967
Marmag RPXX0799
Marobbob RPXX8169
Marongco RPXX6547
Maronquillo RPXX6548
Marorao RPXX2153
Marowad RPXX6549
Martinez RPXX2868
Marulao RPXX6550
Marulas RPXX6551
Marupit RPXX9828
Masag RPXX3276
Masaga RPXX2154
Masagana RPXX6552
Masagana RPXX3968
Masagapa RPXX4375
Masaging RPXX7285
Masagongsong RPXX5099
Masaguimsim RPXX2155
Masaguitsit RPXX7286
Masalipit RPXX6553
Masalisi RPXX7287
Masalong RPXX8761
Masalong-salong RPXX8762
Masambong RPXX6554
Masao RPXX2450
Masaraway RPXX2156
Masayo RPXX2869
Masbate RPXX0018
Masera Malapit RPXX3969
Masgad RPXX0802
Masgarao RPXX9205
Masi RPXX8170
Masi RPXX3783
Masical RPXX8171
Masiit Na Bato RPXX7288
Masile RPXX6555
Masimut RPXX3784
Masin RPXX8172
Masingin RPXX5823
Masinloc RPXX0803
Masisit RPXX8173
Maslit RPXX7289
Maslog RPXX2451
Maslog RPXX9829
Maslog RPXX5824
Maslog RPXX2157
Masnang RPXX9206
Masoli RPXX9830
Masolong RPXX8763
Masombong RPXX6556
Masonogan RPXX9207
Maspok RPXX9831
Massera Malayo RPXX3970
Masukol RPXX6557
Masuso RPXX6558