Weather Codes for Peru

Find Weather Codes or Weather Zip Codes for states and cities in Peru. Weather Codes references a specified Location and is used to get weather of that place accurately. They are used by The Weather Channel( by IBM), Yahoo! Weather, AOL Weather and many such weather forecasting platforms. It is similar to Yahoo's WOEID(Where On the Earth ID) that is used to represent each place uniquely.

You can know the weather of any place precisely with the help of weather codes. Find the current weather of your state or city by clicking on it. You will be redirected to The Weather Channel site with your weather code for accurate weather forecast.

Aaycha PEXX2292
Abancay PEXX7492
Abas Chacra PEXX4638
Abra Rumi Cruz PEXX2293
Abracala PEXX4639
Acabara PEXX2294
Acalcane PEXX4640
Acallario PEXX2295
Acari PEXX0050
Acas PEXX0601
Accepata PEXX4641
Accha PEXX0051
Acchanca PEXX4642
Acchapuna PEXX4643
Acchimachay PEXX2296
Acchupata PEXX9493
Accitinquina PEXX4644
Accmay PEXX2297
Acco PEXX4645
Acco PEXX0602
Acco PEXX7493
Acco Rana PEXX4646
Accobambas PEXX7494
Accocunca PEXX2299
Accocunta PEXX4647
Accohuaycco PEXX2300
Accoma PEXX4648
Accomarca PEXX2301
Accomocco PEXX2302
Accomocco PEXX7495
Accontana PEXX4649
Accopata PEXX2303
Accopata PEXX4650
Accopinata PEXX4651
Accopuquio PEXX2304
Accorane PEXX4652
Accoro PEXX2305
Accos Puquio PEXX7496
Accosanqui PEXX2306
Accositanga PEXX2307
Accosora PEXX4653
Accota PEXX4654
Accotana PEXX4655
Accotira PEXX4656
Accoytanca PEXX4657
Aceitepampa PEXX0603
Acejar Punta PEXX0604
Acequia Alta PEXX4658
Acero PEXX7497
Aceroccocha PEXX7498
Aceropata PEXX7499
Achacco PEXX4659
Achachorcro PEXX4660
Achaco PEXX4661
Achacota PEXX4662
Achacuas PEXX0605
Achacune PEXX4663
Achacutana PEXX4664
Achaguay Alto PEXX8816
Achaguay Bajo PEXX8817
Achaguay Medio PEXX8818
Achalaca PEXX4665
Achancayra PEXX7500
Achanchi PEXX7501
Achanizo PEXX4666
Achao PEXX0606
Acharrape PEXX4667
Achatayhua PEXX4668
Achcacorral PEXX7502
Ache PEXX0607
Achipina PEXX4669
Achiras PEXX0052
Acho PEXX4670
Achoacorral PEXX2308
Achoma PEXX0053
Achombi PEXX4671
Achotalo PEXX7503
Achucala PEXX9494
Achuchata PEXX2309
Achumane PEXX4672
Achupallane PEXX4673
Achupapata PEXX2310
Achupas PEXX8819
Achuranja PEXX4674
Achutana PEXX4675
Achuyo PEXX4676
Aclla PEXX0608
Acllacancha PEXX2311
Acllahuasi PEXX2312
Aco PEXX4677
Aco Pucro PEXX4678
Acobamba PEXX0054
Acobamba PEXX0609
Acobambilla PEXX0055
Acochaca PEXX4679
Acocoto PEXX0056
Acocra PEXX4680
Acocro PEXX2313
Acohuito PEXX4681
Acoicha PEXX7504
Acola PEXX2314
Acomani PEXX4682
Acomayo PEXX0057
Acomayo PEXX0058
Acomayo PEXX4683
Acomayopata PEXX2315
Acopallpa PEXX4684
Acopampa PEXX0610
Acopecho PEXX4685
Acopinata PEXX4686
Acopucllo PEXX4687
Acopunco PEXX4688
Acoquipa PEXX2316
Acora PEXX0059
Acoragra PEXX7505
Acoria PEXX0060
Acos PEXX0061
Acos PEXX2317
Acospampa PEXX2318
Acosvinchos PEXX2319
Acotera PEXX4689
Acotira PEXX4690
Acoy PEXX0062
Acoya PEXX2320
Acoyo PEXX0611
Acoyra PEXX7506
Acpitan PEXX7507
Acsamachay PEXX2321
Actapata PEXX4691
Acuchapampa PEXX0612
Acumayo PEXX2322
Acusha PEXX0613
Acyahuasi PEXX7508
Aczo PEXX0063
Adope PEXX9495
Afilayocc PEXX2323
Agchi PEXX2324
Agocancha PEXX0614
Agopampa PEXX9496
Agran PEXX0615
Agrio PEXX2325
Agua Blanca PEXX8820
Agua Blanca PEXX9497
Agua Buena PEXX4692
Agua Caliente PEXX4693
Agua Colorada PEXX9498
Agua Dulce PEXX4694
Agua Dulce PEXX9499
Agua Salada PEXX4695
Agua Santa PEXX4696
Agua Santa PEXX8821
Aguada PEXX2326
Aguada PEXX4697
Aguada de Lomas PEXX4698
Aguairo PEXX7509
Aguajal PEXX0064
Agualegua PEXX4700
Agualima PEXX4701
Agualoca PEXX8822
Aguaquita PEXX0616
Aguas Blanca PEXX9500
Aguasalada PEXX4702
Aguashcocha PEXX0617
Aguaylla PEXX2327
Aguaytane PEXX7510
Agupuquio PEXX0618
Ahuajo PEXX2328
Ahuayan PEXX0619
Aichamarca PEXX2329
Aichune PEXX2330
Aiguay PEXX0620
Aihuarinca PEXX4703
Aija PEXX0065
Aiparipa PEXX4704
Airabamba PEXX2331
Airampuycco PEXX4705
Airoca PEXX4706
Ajalle PEXX2332
Ajana PEXX4707
Ajepata PEXX4708
Ajicata PEXX4709
Ajlahuito PEXX2333
Ajo PEXX2334
Ajoccasa PEXX2335
Ajolla PEXX2336
Ajomachay PEXX2337
Ajonicio PEXX2338
Ajopata PEXX4710
Ajopita PEXX2339
Ajopujro PEXX4711
Ajoscca PEXX2340
Ajoscca PEXX7511
Ajosmayo PEXX9501
Ajospampa PEXX2341
Ajoyane PEXX4712
Ajpi PEXX4713
Ajtapa PEXX2342
Ajuyoccota PEXX4714
Alacyacu PEXX0621
Alalac Machay PEXX0622
Alan PEXX9502
Alancana PEXX2343
Alanya PEXX9503
Alanya PEXX2344
Alarco PEXX2345
Alata PEXX4715
Alaypampa PEXX0623
Albaja PEXX4716
Alca PEXX4717
Alcahuito PEXX4718
Alcamarini PEXX4719
Alcamenca PEXX2346
Alcana PEXX4720
Alcania PEXX4721
Alcata PEXX4722
Alcayan PEXX0624
Alco-Llacta PEXX4723
Aldabas PEXX4724
Alejo Pata PEXX7512
Alenya PEXX8823
Alenya Palacios PEXX8824
Alfachayoc PEXX2347
Alfalfia PEXX9504
Alfalfilla PEXX9505
Alfayoc PEXX2348
Algalasi PEXX7513
Algamarca PEXX9506
Algarrobal PEXX0625
Algarrobal PEXX9507
Algarrobito PEXX9508
Alhacone PEXX7514
Alianza PEXX8825
Alisal PEXX9509
Aliso PEXX9510
Aliso PEXX8826
Alisopat PEXX9511
Alisopata PEXX9512
Alizal PEXX9513
Alizo PEXX0626
Allacas PEXX2349
Allachay PEXX4725
Allacoracca PEXX2350
Allacro PEXX7515
Allactaocpata PEXX4726
Allahuay PEXX4727
Allancay PEXX4728
Allapata PEXX2351
Allasura PEXX4729
Allate PEXX2352
Allauca PEXX0066
Allauca PEXX4730
Allauca PEXX0627
Allauca PEXX7516
Allay Cori PEXX0628
Allaymucha PEXX0629
Allccahuiri PEXX7517
Allcuhuilcca PEXX2353
Allhuire PEXX4731
Allhuiscca PEXX2354
Allipachaca PEXX2355
Allmay PEXX0630
Allpachaca PEXX2356
Allpaquita PEXX0631
Allpaspina PEXX2357
Allpaurccuna PEXX2358
Almajasa PEXX2359
Almendral PEXX8827
Almendral PEXX9514
Almendro PEXX8828
Aloacocha PEXX9515
Alonso PEXX0632
Alpaluce PEXX2360
Alpas PEXX0633
Alpasca PEXX2361
Alpayoc PEXX2362
Alpechin PEXX4732
Altamina PEXX9516
Altamisa PEXX9517
Altarane PEXX4733
Altarccacca PEXX7518
Altarnioc PEXX2363
Altaruma PEXX4734
Alterpampa PEXX2364
Alto Calera PEXX2365
Alto de la Luna PEXX4737
Alto del Molino PEXX4738
Alto Grande PEXX4735
Alto Huarangal PEXX8830
Alto Machay PEXX9518
Alto Pacuy PEXX8831
Alto Peru PEXX0634
Alto Peru PEXX4736
Altos de Amado PEXX4739
Alumbre PEXX9519
Alvabamba PEXX2366
Amailaca PEXX4740
Amancaes PEXX7519
Amarani PEXX4741
Amargoso PEXX4742
Amaroucho PEXX9520
Amaruyoc PEXX7520
Amaruyoc PEXX2367
Amaruyocc PEXX2368
Amashca PEXX0635
Amayamaya PEXX4743
Amayane PEXX4744
Amayaque PEXX4745
Amayrumi PEXX7521
Amboraccay PEXX2369
Americas Unidas PEXX4746
Amoquinto PEXX4747
Ampama PEXX8832
Ampanu PEXX0636
Ampaspampa PEXX2370
Ampi PEXX7522
Ampi PEXX2371
Amponhuay PEXX0637
Ampu PEXX0638
Ampu PEXX2372
Ampuccasa PEXX2373
Anac Ccoponeta PEXX4749
Anac-Huito PEXX4750
Anacana PEXX4751
Anaccocha PEXX2374
Anadiaz PEXX9521
Analachayoc PEXX2375
Analayoc PEXX2376
Anama PEXX2377
Ananpunta PEXX0639
Anansalla PEXX4752
Ananta PEXX4753
Anapan PEXX0640
Anarqui PEXX7523
Anas Orco PEXX9522
Anascipina PEXX2378
Anascocha PEXX2379
Anaspampa PEXX0641
Anatoyoc PEXX4754
Anavlli Hacienda PEXX0067
Anaycancha PEXX2380
Anaycha PEXX2381
Anaypampa PEXX2382
Ancahuachana PEXX7524
Ancahuachanan PEXX0642
Ancahuachanan PEXX7525
Ancallachi PEXX4756
Ancamani PEXX4757
Ancamarca PEXX2383
Ancaro PEXX4758
Ancas PEXX4759
Ancasccocha PEXX2384
Ancasi PEXX4760
Ancauran PEXX7526
Ancaypahua PEXX7527
Anccaraylla PEXX7528
Anccase PEXX4761
Anccasilla PEXX2385
Anccasuyo PEXX4762
Anccatira PEXX7529
Anccocancha PEXX7530
Anccoccahua PEXX4763
Anccoccota PEXX4764
Anccocha PEXX7531
Anccochoco PEXX4765
Anccontana PEXX4766
Ancha Palca PEXX4767
Anchaca PEXX4768
Anchacahuasi PEXX2386
Anchacalla PEXX4769
Anchapalla PEXX4770
Anchapilla PEXX2387
Anchapillay PEXX7532
Anchaqui PEXX4771
Anchicha PEXX7533
Anchiguay PEXX2388
Anchihuay PEXX2389
Anchin PEXX0643
Anco PEXX2390
Anco PEXX0644
Anco PEXX4772
Anco Anco PEXX4773
Anco Marca PEXX4774
Anco Pachana PEXX7534
Ancobamba PEXX7535
Ancocahua PEXX4775
Ancochuco PEXX4776
Ancocullo PEXX4777
Ancolacaya PEXX4778
Ancolaccaya PEXX4779
Ancollagua PEXX4780
Ancon PEXX0068
Ancon PEXX0645
Ancos PEXX0646
Ancosh PEXX0647
Ancoyo PEXX4781
Ancuylla PEXX2392
Andabamba PEXX2393
Andahua PEXX4782
Andahuaylas PEXX0025
Andalaca PEXX4783
Andalucia PEXX9523
Andamarca PEXX2394
Andamarca PEXX0071
Andamarca PEXX4784
Andamayo PEXX4785
Andapicho PEXX4786
Andarajay PEXX2395
Andarapa PEXX7536
Andarapa PEXX4787
Andaray PEXX4788
Andaymarca PEXX0070
Andaymayo PEXX0072
Andenes PEXX4789
Andresillo PEXX7537
Anduma PEXX4790
Anduyu PEXX4791
Angana PEXX2396
Angas PEXX2397
Angasha PEXX9524
Angasjucha PEXX7538
Angasjuclia PEXX7539
Angasmayo PEXX2398
Angelo Tiana PEXX9525
Angiay PEXX2399
Angostura PEXX4792
Angostura PEXX2400
Anguia PEXX9526
Anguia PEXX2401
Angulis PEXX9527
Anguy PEXX0648
Animas PEXX4793
Aniso PEXX2402
Aniuma PEXX4794
Anjolla PEXX2403
Annatira PEXX4795
Ano Pirhua PEXX7540
Anocalla PEXX7541
Anoccalla PEXX7542
Anoccara Pampa PEXX2404
Anosmarca PEXX2405
Anqui PEXX4796
Anquicha PEXX4797
Anra PEXX0649
Anta PEXX7543
Anta PEXX2406
Anta PEXX0026
Anta PEXX4798
Anta Anta PEXX7544
Anta Huaico PEXX2407
Anta Palca PEXX4799
Anta Picho PEXX4800
Antabamba PEXX4801
Antabamba PEXX7545
Antacarca PEXX4802
Antacata PEXX7546
Antaccahua PEXX4803
Antaccasa PEXX7547
Antaccollo PEXX4804
Antacocha PEXX7548
Antacollo PEXX4805
Antacorral PEXX2408
Antahuanco PEXX2409
Antajaja PEXX2410
Antajocha PEXX7549
Antallane PEXX2411
Antamarca PEXX0651
Antamina PEXX0652
Antanahui PEXX2413
Antanaiso PEXX4806
Antanta PEXX4807
Antap PEXX0653
Antapampa PEXX4808
Antapata PEXX2414
Antaraca PEXX0654
Antarana PEXX4809
Antarraga PEXX0655
Antasco PEXX7550
Antasgo PEXX7551
Antash PEXX0656
Antasuma PEXX4810
Antasura PEXX4811
Antayacce PEXX4812
Antayaque PEXX4813
Antaypuquio PEXX2415
Antemasa PEXX4814
Antilla PEXX7552
Antio PEXX7553
Antioquia PEXX0074
Antircan PEXX0657
Antiyo PEXX7554
Antotana PEXX4815
Antoyo PEXX4816
Antune PEXX4817
Anuro PEXX4818
Anyay PEXX2416
Anyo PEXX7555
Apac PEXX0658
Apacheta PEXX4819
Apacheta PEXX2417
Apachita PEXX2418
Apalampa PEXX4821
Aparej PEXX4822
Aparina PEXX2419
Apartadero PEXX0659
Apata PEXX0075
Apayhuana PEXX7556
Aplao PEXX0076
Apo PEXX2420
Apo PEXX4823
Apocco PEXX4824
Apongo PEXX2421
Apopata PEXX7557
Aprapunta PEXX0660
Apucancha PEXX2422
Apuhuaijo PEXX7558
Apumarca PEXX7559
Apune PEXX4825
Aputane PEXX4826
Aquenta PEXX4827
Aquerana PEXX4828
Aquia PEXX0661
Aquil PEXX0662
Aquilayoc PEXX4829
Aquilla PEXX2423
Aquira PEXX4830
Arabiaca PEXX9528
Arahuante PEXX0077
Arahuay PEXX4831
Aramango PEXX8833
Arambaya PEXX4832
Aranjuez PEXX7560
Aranjuez PEXX8834
Arantas PEXX4833
Arapa PEXX0078
Arapachi PEXX7561
Arapampa PEXX2424
Arapoto PEXX7562
Araqueda PEXX9529
Araujos PEXX9530
Arayquipa PEXX4834
Arca PEXX4835
Arcahua PEXX7563
Arcata PEXX4836
Arco PEXX4837
Arcomayo PEXX9531
Ardenes PEXX4838
Arejocha PEXX4839
Arenal PEXX9532
Arenal PEXX0663
Arenales PEXX4840
Arequipa PEXX0001
Arequipilla PEXX4841
Argama PEXX7564
Arguay PEXX2425
Arhuacancha PEXX0664
Arhuay PEXX0665
Arhuin PEXX4842
Arica PEXX7565
Arica PEXX4843
Arica PEXX0080
Arirahua PEXX4844
Arjac PEXX2426
Arma PEXX2427
Arma PEXX4845
Armaycancha PEXX2428
Arosita PEXX4846
Arpatimplana PEXX7566
Arrayan PEXX8835
Arrozal PEXX4847
Artana PEXX4848
Artilleria PEXX7567
Artizayoc PEXX2429
Aruchullo PEXX4849
Arunquipa PEXX4850
Asabamba PEXX2430
Asacasi PEXX7568
Asadin PEXX9533
Asahueje PEXX2431
Aserillo PEXX8837
Aserredero PEXX8838
Ashquita PEXX8839
Ashua PEXX4851
Asiac PEXX0667
Asiento PEXX2432
Asil PEXX7569
Asillo PEXX0081
Asilo PEXX4852
Asnaccocha PEXX2433
Asnacpampa PEXX2434
Asno Pacana PEXX2435
Asno Puquio PEXX2436
Asquipata PEXX2437
Astania PEXX2438
Astayoj PEXX4853
Asto PEXX2439
Astobamba PEXX0082
Asua Chacra PEXX0668
Asuncion PEXX9534
Asuncion PEXX8840
Asuy PEXX0669
Ataccara PEXX2440
Ataccara PEXX7570
Ataco Pampa PEXX0670
Atacocha PEXX2441
Atacopata PEXX2442
Atacori PEXX7571
Atago PEXX9535
Atahualpa PEXX2443
Atajara PEXX7572
Atalaya PEXX0036
Atancama PEXX2444
Ataquero PEXX0671
Atasha PEXX0672
Ataucusi PEXX4854
Atcate PEXX4855
Atico PEXX4856
Atihuara PEXX2445
Atijta PEXX4857
Atinane PEXX4858
Atiniani PEXX4859
Atiquipa PEXX2446
Atiquipa PEXX4860
Atirero PEXX2447
Atna PEXX0673
Atoc Huaccachi PEXX2448
Atoc Huain PEXX0674
Atoc Saico PEXX7573
Atocc Huachana PEXX7574
Atochuachanan PEXX2449
Atocsayco PEXX0084
Atocshayco PEXX9536
Atohachana PEXX2450
Atojocha PEXX2451
Atongana PEXX2452
Atucmachay PEXX2453
Atuen PEXX8841
Atumpampa PEXX7575
Atumpujio PEXX4861
Atun Pampa PEXX2454
Atun Tocrarana PEXX4862
Atun Tranca PEXX0675
Atuncolla PEXX0085
Atunhuasi PEXX2455
Atunpucro PEXX2456
Atunsalla PEXX2457
Atunsuya PEXX2458
Atupa PEXX0676
Aucaico PEXX0677
Aucallama PEXX0086
Aucara PEXX2459
Aucasaya PEXX4863
Aucayacu PEXX0087
Auccinamayo PEXX4864
Auchaca PEXX4865
Auchilca PEXX4866
Augua Caliente PEXX0088
Aulla PEXX2460
Auqui PEXX0678
Auquilla PEXX2461
Auquillama PEXX2462
Auquillapata PEXX7576
Auquimarca PEXX7577
Auquipampa PEXX0679
Auquiraccay PEXX2463
Auquisama PEXX2464
Aura PEXX0680
Aurahua PEXX0089
Ausahuache PEXX4867
Ausantapa PEXX4868
Autama PEXX2465
Autauran PEXX0681
Aviacion PEXX8842
Ayabamba PEXX9537
Ayaccasi PEXX7578
Ayacollpa PEXX2466
Ayacucho PEXX2467
Ayagua PEXX7579
Ayahuacas PEXX9538
Ayahuala PEXX4869
Ayahuaque PEXX4870
Ayahuay PEXX7580
Ayahuischuna PEXX7581
Ayalca PEXX2468
Ayamachay PEXX2469
Ayambla PEXX9539
Ayanca PEXX4872
Ayaorca PEXX2470
Ayaorjo PEXX2471
Ayapampa PEXX7582
Ayapata PEXX4873
Ayapata PEXX7583
Ayapata PEXX2472
Ayapuno PEXX0682
Ayar PEXX0683
Ayatacsana PEXX7584
Ayauran PEXX0684
Ayavaquita PEXX9540
Ayaverine PEXX4874
Ayavi PEXX0090
Ayay PEXX2473
Aycara PEXX2474
Aycata PEXX4875
Aychamayo PEXX4876
Ayhuani PEXX2475
Ayna PEXX0091
Ayo PEXX4877
Ayou PEXX2476
Ayrabamba PEXX2477
Ayrampal PEXX4878
Ayrihuanca PEXX7585
Aysanca PEXX2478
Aysayhuana PEXX7586
Aysha PEXX0685
Ayumaqui PEXX7587
Ayuta PEXX2479
Azangaro PEXX0092
Azocaya PEXX4879
Azul Rumi PEXX0686
Azulrangra PEXX0687
Bacahuasi PEXX2480
Bagazan PEXX8843
Bagua PEXX8844
Bagua Grande PEXX8845
Bailandera PEXX4880
Bajo Canal PEXX0688
Balbora PEXX2481
Balcon PEXX9541
Balcon PEXX2482
Balcon PEXX7588
Balconcillo PEXX8846
Balcones PEXX4881
Balsahuayco PEXX8847
Balsal PEXX9542
Balsapampa PEXX9543
Balsas PEXX8849
Bambamarca PEXX0093
Bambas PEXX0689
Banco PEXX2483
Banda PEXX8850
Banda PEXX4882
Bandurrias PEXX4883
Banguar PEXX8851
Banico PEXX2484
Banos PEXX0690
Banos PEXX4884
Banos de Chancos PEXX0692
Banos Monterrey PEXX0691
Barbacay PEXX0693
Barbacora PEXX9544
Barbasco PEXX9545
Barcela PEXX4885
Barracoa PEXX4886
Barranca PEXX0037
Barranco PEXX9546
Barranco PEXX8852
Barriendos PEXX7589
Barriendosnioc PEXX2485
Barrio Supalta PEXX4887
Barro Alto PEXX9547
Barro Negro PEXX9548
Barro Pampa PEXX7590
Bashmaya PEXX9549
Batan PEXX9550
Bateas PEXX4888
Baulihausi PEXX4889
Bebedero PEXX9551
Becerra PEXX4890
Belen PEXX2486
Bella Holanda PEXX2487
Bella Pampa PEXX4891
Bella Union PEXX0095
Bella Vista PEXX4892
Bella Vista PEXX0694
Bellavista PEXX2488
Bellavista PEXX4893
Bellavista PEXX0695
Bellavista PEXX9552
Bellavista PEXX0096
Bellavista PEXX8854
Bellevista PEXX0097
Benita Lazo PEXX4894
Bermejo PEXX0696
Biacha PEXX4895
Bingorata PEXX4896
Bisbicha PEXX2489
Biseca PEXX2490
Bitama PEXX2491
Blanca Florida PEXX9553
Blanco Blanco PEXX4897
Bocabamba PEXX7592
Bocon PEXX0697
Bodega PEXX2492
Bodegayoc PEXX4898
Bodoque PEXX8855
Bolivar PEXX0098
Bolivar PEXX8856
Bolognesi PEXX0099
Bombon PEXX7593
Bombon PEXX4899
Bomboquillo PEXX9555
Bonaparte PEXX4900
Boqueron PEXX4901
Botijane PEXX4902
Botuayoc PEXX9556
Boveda PEXX2493
Boyadero PEXX4903
Boyshayana PEXX8857
Bozo PEXX8858
Brena PEXX0699
Brujo Pata PEXX8859
Buena Esperanza PEXX9557
Buena Vista PEXX0700
Buena Vista PEXX4904
Buena Vista PEXX7594
Buena Vista PEXX2494
Buena Vista Baja PEXX0701
Buenaparte PEXX8860
Buenavista PEXX8861
Buenavista PEXX2495
Buenes Aires PEXX9558
Buenevista PEXX0703
Buenos Aires PEXX4906
Buenos Aires PEXX2496
Buenos Aires PEXX8862
Buenos Aires PEXX0704
Buenos Aires PEXX9559
Bujao PEXX9560
Butaje PEXX2497
C.P. Huanja PEXX0705
Cabana PEXX0100
Cabana PEXX0101
Cabana PEXX2498
Cabana PEXX0706
Cabana PEXX7595
Cabana Pujio PEXX4908
Cabanaconde PEXX4909
Cabanacoyo PEXX4910
Cabildo PEXX2499
Cabildo PEXX4911
Cabo Inga PEXX0102
Cabo Pantoja PEXX0103
Cabra Chico PEXX4912
Cabra Grande PEXX4913
Cabracancha PEXX7596
Cabracancha PEXX2500
Cabreria PEXX4914
Cabrillas PEXX0707
Cabuyal PEXX9561
Cacacha PEXX2501
Cacahuacho PEXX4915
Cacahuara PEXX4916
Cacahuasi PEXX4917
Cacahuasi PEXX2502
Cacana PEXX7597
Cacao PEXX9562
Cacapaqui PEXX0708
Cacapata PEXX4918
Cacapuyuna PEXX4919
Cacayaco PEXX4920
Cacchu PEXX0709
Cacha PEXX0710
Cachachi PEXX9563
Cachana PEXX4921
Cachap PEXX0711
Cachendo PEXX4922
Cachi PEXX0712
Cachi PEXX2503
Cachica PEXX4923
Cachiccasa PEXX7598
Cachichayoc PEXX2504
Cachicurana PEXX0714
Cachihuancaray PEXX7599
Cachil PEXX9564
Cachina Pampa PEXX0715
Cachipampa PEXX9565
Cachipascana PEXX4925
Cachipujo PEXX4926
Cachiragra PEXX0717
Cachirpayoc PEXX0718
Cachisama PEXX2505
Cachitarina PEXX2506
Cachiyaurej PEXX7600
Cachocacho PEXX4927
Cachora PEXX7601
Cachus PEXX0719
Cachuycho PEXX4928
Caclic PEXX8864
Cactuy PEXX0720
Cahua PEXX0721
Cahuacho PEXX4929
Cahuachupan PEXX0722
Cahuacta PEXX4930
Cahuacucho PEXX0723
Cahuana PEXX4931
Cahuanota PEXX4932
Cahuara PEXX4933
Cahuayna PEXX7602
Cahuaypampa PEXX9566
Cahuintala PEXX4934
Cahuish PEXX0724
Caicor PEXX0725
Caihuanchahua PEXX7603
Cailloma PEXX4935
Caimito PEXX8865
Caira PEXX4936
Cairahuiri PEXX4937
Caishbamba PEXX0726
Caitanuyoc PEXX4938
Caja PEXX4939
Caja Potrero PEXX9567
Cajabamba PEXX0104
Cajabamba Alta PEXX0727
Cajabamba Baja PEXX0728
Cajacay PEXX0729
Cajahuara PEXX2508
Cajahuasi PEXX2509
Cajamala PEXX0730
Cajamarca PEXX7604
Cajamarca PEXX0002
Cajamarcana PEXX4940
Cajamarquilla PEXX0106
Cajapalla PEXX4941
Cajapampa PEXX0732
Cajaquis PEXX9568
Cajaruro PEXX8866
Cajatambo PEXX4942
Cajay PEXX0733
Cajimarca PEXX7605
Cajon PEXX0734
Cajon del Horno PEXX4944
Cajon Grande PEXX4943
Cajones PEXX9569
Cala Cala PEXX4945
Calabozo PEXX8867
Calabozo PEXX9570
Calacala PEXX4946
Calacato PEXX2510
Calachane PEXX4947
Calahuangara PEXX4948
Calandrada PEXX0735
Calane PEXX2511
Calango PEXX0107
Calapalla PEXX2512
Calapampa PEXX2513
Calapampa PEXX4949
Calaparca PEXX4950
Calash PEXX0736
Calasuyo PEXX7606
Calavera Grande PEXX0737
Calca PEXX0108
Calcabamba PEXX0738
Calcape PEXX4951
Calcauso PEXX7607
Calcha PEXX4952
Calconga PEXX9571
Caldera PEXX2514
Caldera PEXX8868
Calera PEXX4954
Calera PEXX0739
Calera PEXX2515
Caleta Cocotea PEXX4955
Calhua PEXX4956
Calhuas PEXX0740
Cali PEXX4957
Calicanto PEXX2516
Calihuayoc PEXX4958
Calimarca PEXX4959
Calinca PEXX0741
Calla PEXX0742
Calla Bamba PEXX2517
Calla Calla PEXX4960
Callacazal PEXX4961
Callahuaro PEXX7608
Callaja PEXX4962
Callalli PEXX4963
Callampure PEXX4964
Callan PEXX4965
Callanca PEXX7609
Callango PEXX0109
Callanja PEXX4966
Callao PEXX0743
Callao PEXX0003
Callapampa PEXX9572
Callara PEXX2518
Callasoque PEXX7610
Callayuc PEXX9573
Callcabamba PEXX2519
Callchi PEXX4967
Callebamba PEXX7611
Callhuas PEXX0744
Callicalli PEXX4968
Callpa PEXX4969
Calluan PEXX9574
Callutana PEXX4970
Calmal PEXX8869
Calo Huayco PEXX8870
Calomoroco PEXX4971
Calorno PEXX2520
Calpana PEXX2521
Calpilon PEXX8871
Calpoc PEXX0745
Calshango PEXX8872
Caluncate PEXX9575
Calvario PEXX2522
Calvario PEXX9576
Calvario PEXX4972
Calviche PEXX8873
Calzada PEXX2523
Calzada PEXX7612
Calzada PEXX0111
Camacollo PEXX4973
Camana PEXX0004
Camapuichqui PEXX0746
Camball PEXX0747
Cambio Puente PEXX0748
Camellon PEXX9577
Camiara PEXX0113
Campa Mancos PEXX0749
Campamento PEXX9578
Campana PEXX2524
Campana Orcco PEXX9582
Campanario PEXX0750
Campanario PEXX2525
Campanayoc PEXX7613
Campanayoc PEXX4974
Campanayoc PEXX0751
Campanillas PEXX9583
Campaniyayocc PEXX2526
Camparero PEXX9584
Campo Alegre PEXX8877
Campo Santo PEXX2527
Campo Seis PEXX8878
Campo Verde PEXX9585
Camporredondo PEXX8879
Cana Brava PEXX9586
Cana-Cana PEXX2528
Canabamba PEXX7614
Canacota PEXX4975
Canahuas PEXX4976
Canal PEXX4977
Canal Huasi PEXX2529
Canaria PEXX2530
Canaris PEXX9587
Canas PEXX0752
Canayaque PEXX4978
Canaypata PEXX2531
Canazeta PEXX4979
Cancahuane PEXX4980
Cancahue PEXX4981
Cancahuine PEXX4982
Cancha PEXX4983
Cancha Cancha PEXX2532
Cancha Cancha PEXX4984
Canchacaca PEXX4985
Canchan Pampa PEXX0753
Canchapampa PEXX0754
Canchapata PEXX2533
Canchas PEXX0755
Canchayllo PEXX0115
Canchitao PEXX0756
Canchup PEXX0757
Cancino PEXX4986
Cancusane Chico PEXX4987
Candillayoj PEXX4988
Cangalle Chico PEXX4989
Cangalle Grande PEXX4990
Cangallo PEXX2534
Cangallo Grande PEXX4991
Cangaza PEXX8880
Cangrejo PEXX9588
Canguar PEXX0758
Canihuane PEXX4992
Canillo PEXX4993
Canipaco PEXX4994
Canis PEXX0759
Canispaya PEXX4995
Canlisenja PEXX4996
Canlla Pampa PEXX2535
Canllahuaycco PEXX2536
Canllapampa PEXX2537
Canllutana PEXX4997
Cano PEXX0760
Canoma PEXX4998
Canonecco PEXX2538
Canta PEXX0117
Canta Gallo PEXX0761
Cantar PEXX0762
Canteron PEXX7615
Cantina PEXX0763
Canto PEXX0764
Canto Corral PEXX0765
Canto Cuta PEXX0766
Cantunio PEXX2539
Cantuyoc PEXX7616
Canuma PEXX4999
Canuma Hacienda PEXX5000
Canusan PEXX9589
Capacaico PEXX5001
Capachica PEXX0118
Capacmarka PEXX0119
Capan PEXX0767
Capapujro PEXX7617
Capara PEXX7618
Caparrosa PEXX9590
Capaya PEXX7619
Capiacashca PEXX0768
Capica PEXX5002
Capichaca PEXX5003
Capicollo PEXX5004
Capilia PEXX5005
Capilla PEXX5006
Capilla PEXX2540
Capillacata PEXX5007
Capillanca PEXX0769
Capillania PEXX0770
Capillapampa PEXX0771
Capillas PEXX5008
Capillayocc PEXX2541
Capillayoj PEXX2542
Capillyocc PEXX2543
Capiza PEXX5009
Capoc Grande PEXX2544
Captuy Alto PEXX0772
Captuy Bajo PEXX0773
Capusa PEXX0774
Caque PEXX5010
Caquiabamba PEXX7620
Caquincora PEXX5011
Cara Cara PEXX5012
Carabamba PEXX0120
Carabamba PEXX2545
Caracara PEXX5013
Caracara PEXX2546
Caracha PEXX0775
Caracha PEXX2547
Carachayo PEXX5014
Carachuyoc PEXX5015
Caracoles PEXX5016
Caracollo PEXX5017
Caracollo PEXX0121
Caracoto PEXX0122
Carahuasi PEXX7621
Carahuasi PEXX9592
Carahuay PEXX0776
Caralla PEXX5018
Carampa PEXX0777
Carampa PEXX2548
Carana PEXX0778
Caranahui PEXX5019
Carancayoc PEXX0779
Caranche PEXX0780
Carapampa PEXX5020
Carapatay PEXX0781
Carapo PEXX2549
Carapo PEXX0782
Caraquen PEXX5021
Caras PEXX0783
Carash PEXX0784
Caraspampa PEXX0785
Caraveli PEXX5022
Caravelimocco PEXX5023
Caraybamba PEXX0123
Carayoc PEXX0786
Caraz PEXX0124
Carbajales PEXX8881
Carbon PEXX7622
Carboncancha PEXX2550
Carboncillo PEXX9593
Carbonera PEXX5024
Carcapampa PEXX2551
Carcapellana PEXX2552
Carcarrillo PEXX0787
Carcas PEXX0788
Carcatane PEXX5025
Carcatera PEXX7623
Carcone PEXX5026
Carda PEXX9594
Carenga PEXX2553
Carhua PEXX7624
Carhua Quincha PEXX0789
Carhua Shirca PEXX0790
Carhuac PEXX0791
Carhuac PEXX2554
Carhuaconga PEXX9595
Carhuacpampa PEXX7625
Carhuacucho PEXX2555
Carhuajara PEXX0792
Carhuamarca PEXX0793
Carhuamayo PEXX0126
Carhuan PEXX0794
Carhuanayre PEXX2556
Carhuanca PEXX0127
Carhuanta PEXX2557
Carhuanune PEXX5027
Carhuapampa PEXX0795
Carhuaquero PEXX9596
Carhuasanta PEXX5028
Carhuatera PEXX5029
Carhuaz PEXX0125
Caria PEXX0796
Carihuito PEXX5030
Carirpo PEXX9597
Carman PEXX0797
Carmelo PEXX8882
Carmen PEXX7626
Carmen Alto PEXX2558
Carmen Alto PEXX5031
Carmen Pampa PEXX5032
Carmona PEXX5033
Carniche Alto PEXX9598
Carnuanilla PEXX2559
Carocapaso PEXX5034
Carpa PEXX5035
Carpa PEXX0798
Carpa Sencca PEXX5036
Carpiza Calle PEXX5037
Carqueque PEXX7627
Carrascuyocc PEXX5038
Carricillo PEXX0799
Carrizal PEXX9599
Carrizal PEXX5039
Carrizal PEXX0186
Carrizal PEXX2560
Carrizal PEXX0800
Carrizal-Chico PEXX2561
Carrizales PEXX8883
Carsala PEXX2562
Cartuta PEXX0801
Caruyo PEXX5040
Casa Blanca PEXX0802
Casa Blanca PEXX5041
Casa Blanca PEXX2563
Casa de Torta PEXX9602
Casa Grande PEXX5042
Casa Quemada PEXX9600
Casa Verde PEXX2564
Casa Vieja PEXX0803
Casa Vieja PEXX9601
Casabamba PEXX7628
Casacancha PEXX2565
Casacancha PEXX7629
Casacancho PEXX2566
Casacc PEXX2567
Casahuasa PEXX7630
Casahuasi PEXX5043
Casahusi PEXX5044
Casanca PEXX7631
Casapampa PEXX9603
Casapampa PEXX2568
Casapata PEXX0128
Casas Quemadas PEXX9604
Casca PEXX0804
Cascabamba PEXX9605
Cascabambilla PEXX7632
Cascada PEXX8884
Cascaden PEXX9606
Cascajal PEXX5045
Cascajal Alto PEXX0805
Cascajal Bajo PEXX0806
Cascajal Derecho PEXX0807
Cascajo PEXX5046
Cascane PEXX7633
Cascapara PEXX0808
Cascarilla PEXX9607
Cascas PEXX9608
Cascay PEXX0809
Cascay Alto PEXX0810
Caschicane PEXX2569
Casconsa PEXX5047
Cascora PEXX0811
Caseron PEXX0812
Casgabamba PEXX9609
Cashacorral PEXX0813
Cashacoto PEXX0814
Cashamano PEXX9611
Cashannamo PEXX9612
Cashapampa PEXX0815
Cashapata PEXX8885
Cashgalon PEXX8886
Cashuahuay PEXX0816
Casillo PEXX5048
Casinchia PEXX7634
Casinchichua PEXX7635
Casingas PEXX8887
Casire PEXX2571
Casiri PEXX2572
Casma PEXX0129
Casmal PEXX8888
Casman PEXX9613
Casmollo PEXX5049
Casone PEXX2573
Caspaya PEXX5050
Caspe PEXX5051
Caspicutana PEXX5052
Castillapata PEXX7636
Castillo PEXX5053
Castrovirreyna PEXX0130
Casual PEXX8889
Casupe PEXX9614
Cata Huitana PEXX5054
Catac PEXX0818
Catache PEXX9615
Catacollo PEXX5055
Catahua PEXX5056
Catahuasi PEXX2574
Catahue Pampa PEXX5057
Catahui PEXX5058
Catala PEXX9616
Catalina Huanca PEXX2575
Catamarca PEXX5059
Catan PEXX9617
Catapampa PEXX5060
Cataque Puquio PEXX5061
Catarani PEXX5062
Catas PEXX5063
Catasuma PEXX5064
Cataucancha PEXX5065
Catchu PEXX0819
Catina PEXX7637
Catita PEXX5066
Catorce Incas PEXX0820
Catsa PEXX0131
Catu Cancha PEXX0821
Catumarca PEXX0822
Catur PEXX0823
Cauca PEXX5067
Caucato PEXX5068
Caucau PEXX9618
Caucaya PEXX8890
Caucho PEXX0824
Caucho Pampa PEXX2576
Cauday PEXX9619
Caulla PEXX0825
Caullacollo PEXX5069
Caupacunga PEXX0826
Causian Llanjoc PEXX0827
Cauta PEXX5070
Cautia PEXX7638
Cauyac PEXX0828
Cavache PEXX9620
Cavalca PEXX5071
Cavalti PEXX8891
Cavira PEXX7639
Cayan PEXX0829
Cayapaque PEXX0830
Cayapo PEXX0831
Cayar Punco PEXX0832
Cayara PEXX2577
Cayarani PEXX5072
Caychina PEXX5073
Cayepampa PEXX0833
Cayghuari PEXX2578
Cayhua PEXX2579
Cayhuapata PEXX7641
Cayhuayoc PEXX7642
Caylla PEXX5074
Cayllume PEXX5075
Cayma PEXX5076
Cayoloma PEXX9621
Caypanapampa PEXX2580
Cayranca PEXX7643
Caytape PEXX5077
Ccacca Punco PEXX5078
Ccaccachupa PEXX5079
Ccaccaha PEXX7644
Ccaccahuasan PEXX2581
Ccaccahuasi PEXX5080
Ccaccahuasi PEXX2582
Ccaccancho PEXX2583
Ccaccansa PEXX5081
Ccaccanza PEXX5082
Ccaccapaqui PEXX7645
Ccaccapata PEXX7646
Ccaccapunco PEXX5083
Ccaccarisha PEXX5084
Ccacce PEXX7647
Ccaccenccolla PEXX5085
Ccaccilla PEXX2584
Ccachahuiri PEXX7648
Ccachcarumi PEXX2585
Ccachisora PEXX5086
Ccachubamba PEXX2586
Ccagrehuasi PEXX2587
Ccahuaasno PEXX2588
Ccahuecca PEXX5087
Ccaji PEXX2589
Ccalaccala PEXX5088
Ccallaccalla PEXX5089
Ccallaspuquio PEXX7649
Ccallhuajoto PEXX5090
Ccallo Occa PEXX7650
Ccallucha PEXX2590
Ccalluta PEXX5091
Ccalluyo PEXX5092
Ccampatuyocc PEXX2591
Ccana PEXX7651
Ccanana PEXX2592
Ccanasata PEXX5093
Ccanaseta PEXX5094
Ccanccahua PEXX2593
Ccanccahue PEXX5095
Ccanccayllo PEXX7652
Ccanchacc PEXX7653
Ccancho PEXX7654
Ccanchupata PEXX7655
Ccangorida PEXX2594
Ccantoyocc PEXX7656
Ccantuyoc PEXX7657
Ccapacc Puquio PEXX2595
Ccapaccalla PEXX7658
Ccaparic PEXX7659
Ccaparincho PEXX2596
Ccapcca PEXX7660
Ccapi PEXX0132
Ccapo PEXX7661
Ccaputilla PEXX5096
Ccaraccasa PEXX7662
Ccarachihuaca PEXX2597
Ccarancalla PEXX7663
Ccaraputa PEXX5097
Ccararahue PEXX5098
Ccarcarquina PEXX2598
Ccarcca PEXX5099
Ccarcca PEXX2599
Ccareconi PEXX2600
Ccarhuaccota PEXX5100
Ccarhuraccocco PEXX2601
Ccarpiza PEXX5101
Ccasa PEXX5102
Ccasa Pata PEXX5103
Ccasaccasa PEXX2602
Ccasahuasi PEXX5104
Ccasahuasi PEXX2603
Ccasapata PEXX5105
Ccasau PEXX5106
Ccascana PEXX5107
Ccascca PEXX5108
Ccasccabamba PEXX7664
Ccashapata PEXX7665
Ccasimam PEXX7666
Ccatacancha PEXX2604
Ccatahuasi PEXX7667
Ccatahuasi PEXX2605
Ccatahue PEXX5109
Ccatapata PEXX2606
Ccatumpampa PEXX2607
Ccatun Pallcca PEXX2608
Ccatunmachay PEXX2609
Ccatunorcco PEXX2610
Ccatunpampa PEXX2611
Ccatunsora PEXX2612
Ccauccalla PEXX2613
Ccayachape PEXX5110
Ccayanto PEXX2614
Ccayhua Cancha PEXX2615
Ccayutana PEXX5111
Cceccaccasa PEXX2616
Ccechca PEXX2617
Ccechuapata PEXX7668
Ccellccay PEXX2618
Ccellocancha PEXX5112
Ccelloy PEXX2619
Ccellupate PEXX7669
Ccena PEXX5113
Ccenahuaran PEXX7670
Ccencco PEXX5114
Ccencha Ccencha PEXX2620
Ccenocco PEXX2621
Ccentimachay PEXX2622
Ccenuacata PEXX2623
Cceranccata PEXX7671
Ccerccuyoc PEXX2624
Cceroccoto PEXX2625
Ccerohuasi PEXX7672
Cceronilla PEXX2626
Ccerulla PEXX2627
Ccesacce PEXX2628
Ccescca PEXX5115
Cceuquicho PEXX2629
Cchaccarayoc PEXX7673
Ccicaucha PEXX2630
Ccillaccilla PEXX5116
Ccirincha PEXX2631
Ccitosi PEXX5117
Ccocha PEXX7674
Ccocha PEXX2632
Ccocha PEXX5118
Ccochalla PEXX2633
Ccochani PEXX7675
Ccochaorcco PEXX2634
Ccochapampa PEXX7676
Ccochapata PEXX7677
Ccochapucro PEXX2635
Ccochapucro PEXX7678
Ccochayoc PEXX2636
Ccohuiyoc PEXX2637
Ccolcca PEXX2638
Ccollahuacho PEXX5119
Ccollata PEXX7679
Ccollcca PEXX5120
Ccollo PEXX7680
Ccollorccocha PEXX2639
Ccollota PEXX2640
Ccollpa PEXX7681
Ccollpa PEXX5121
Ccollpamocco PEXX2642
Ccollpapampa PEXX2643
Ccolo PEXX5122
Ccomerococha PEXX7682
Ccomorumi PEXX2644
Cconas Puquio PEXX7683
Cconicucho PEXX2645
Ccontac PEXX2646
Ccopa PEXX7684
Ccoponeta PEXX5123
Ccorccampamin PEXX7685
Ccoreray Pampa PEXX2647
Ccosccupe PEXX2648
Ccosme PEXX5124
Ccotalaca PEXX5125
Ccotameza PEXX2649
Ccotana PEXX5126
Ccotancaire PEXX7686
Ccotaocco PEXX5127
Ccotapampa PEXX2650
Ccoto Pisquio PEXX7687
Ccoto Puquio PEXX2651
Ccoyaccoya PEXX2652
Ccoyahuacho PEXX7688
Ccoyllullu PEXX7689
Ccoypana PEXX2653
Ccuchuhuasi PEXX7690
Ccullco PEXX7691
Ccumpicancha PEXX7692
Ccuychumpe PEXX7693
Ccuycucho PEXX7694
Cebadin PEXX9622
Cedro PEXX2654
Cedro PEXX9623
Cedro PEXX8892
Celendin PEXX9624
Cencuyo PEXX5128
Ceneguilla PEXX5129
Ceneguillas PEXX5130
Ceniceros PEXX5131
Cento-cocha PEXX7695
Cepo PEXX9625
Cequiapampa PEXX8893
Cerca Huayco PEXX8894
Cercas PEXX7696
Cerco PEXX5132
Cercomayo PEXX5133
Cercopampa PEXX2655
Cerenayoc PEXX2656
Cerezo PEXX8895
Cerrillo PEXX5134
Cerrillo PEXX9626
Cerro Azul PEXX0133
Cerro Blanco PEXX0834
Cerro Colorado PEXX0835
Cerro de Arena PEXX0134
Cerro Filablanca PEXX8896
Cerro Huilachiri PEXX5136
Cerro Surapata PEXX7697
Cesele PEXX2657
Chaca PEXX5138
Chaca PEXX2658
Chaca Chaca PEXX2659
Chacabamba PEXX2660
Chacabamba PEXX7698
Chacachimpa PEXX2661
Chacahuayoc PEXX7699
Chacala PEXX5139
Chacalaca PEXX5140
Chacalaque Chico PEXX5141
Chacalla PEXX7700
Chacamachay PEXX7701
Chacamarca PEXX5143
Chacana PEXX0836
Chacaocco PEXX7702
Chacapampa PEXX0837
Chacapampa PEXX9627
Chacapampa PEXX2662
Chacapampa PEXX7703
Chacapata PEXX2663
Chacapata PEXX8897
Chacapuquio PEXX2664
Chacaraya PEXX2665
Chacari PEXX2666
Chacaro PEXX7704
Chacarume PEXX7705
Chacas PEXX0135
Chacasma PEXX2667
Chacatani PEXX5145
Chacato PEXX9628
Chacayacu PEXX0838
Chacayo PEXX7706
Chaccarpata PEXX7707
Chaccella PEXX5147
Chacchahua PEXX7708
Chaccllane PEXX5148
Chaccna PEXX7709
Chacco PEXX2668
Chaccobamba PEXX7710
Chaccochacco PEXX5149
Chaccrampa PEXX7711
Chaccuallune PEXX5150
Chaccuille PEXX5151
Chachacomani PEXX5152
Chachani PEXX5153
Chachapoyas PEXX0027
Chachara PEXX2669
Chachas PEXX0839
Chachas PEXX5154
Chachayllo PEXX5155
Chachue PEXX5156
Chaclacayo PEXX0137
Chaclamachay PEXX9629
Chaclancayo PEXX0840
Chaclanizo PEXX5157
Chaclayo PEXX5158
Chaclla PEXX0841
Chacma PEXX9630
Chacma PEXX2670
Chacnillayoj PEXX7712
Chaco PEXX8898
Chacocancha PEXX0842
Chacochi PEXX7713
Chacoma PEXX5159
Chacona PEXX2671
Chacra Nueva PEXX5160
Chacrahuasi PEXX7714
Chacralla PEXX2672
Chacrapeti PEXX0843
Chactasja PEXX2673
Chacuar Alto PEXX0844
Chacula PEXX2674
Chaculle PEXX2675
Chacuspampa PEXX0845
Chacyapata PEXX0846
Chadin PEXX9631
Chaelhue PEXX5161
Chageriyoc PEXX5162
Chagrahuayjo PEXX5163
Chahuana PEXX5164
Chahuar PEXX8899
Chahuarpampa PEXX9632
Chahuarqui PEXX7715
Chahuay PEXX7716
Chahuinitana PEXX5165
Chaicha PEXX2676
Chailhuagan PEXX9633
Chailhuamayo PEXX2677
Chailhuani PEXX2678
Chaipi PEXX2679
Chajacancha PEXX2680
Chajo PEXX2681
Chajtillo PEXX5166
Chala PEXX5167
Chala Viejo PEXX5168
Chalamarca PEXX9634
Chalan PEXX0847
Chalan PEXX0138
Chalana PEXX2682
Chalaorcco PEXX2683
Chalcos PEXX0139
Chalcoyo PEXX5169
Chalhuanca PEXX0140
Chalhuanca PEXX5170
Chalhuani PEXX7717
Chalhuioc PEXX2684
Chaliacc PEXX2685
Chalimpuquio PEXX9635
Challa PEXX5171
Challabamba PEXX0141
Challahuasi PEXX7718
Challahuire PEXX5172
Challanca PEXX5173
Challascapa PEXX5175
Challhua PEXX2686
Challhuacascana PEXX5176
Challhuacha PEXX2687
Challhuahuacho PEXX7719
Challhuane PEXX7720
Challhuapuquio PEXX7721
Challhuas PEXX2688
Challhuayacu PEXX8900
Challio PEXX7722
Challpo PEXX5177
Challuapujo PEXX7723
Challuapunta PEXX8901
Challuta PEXX5178
Chalpollo PEXX5179
Chaman PEXX7724
Chaman PEXX9636
Chamana PEXX0848
Chamana PEXX9637
Chamani PEXX9638
Chamas PEXX0849
Chamaya PEXX8902
Chamayo PEXX7725
Chambara PEXX0850
Chambruco PEXX0851
Chamillo PEXX5180
Champa PEXX0852
Champac PEXX0853
Champacocha PEXX7726
Champeque PEXX5181
Champi Bajo PEXX5182
Champini PEXX2689
Champioc PEXX2690
Champutana PEXX5183
Chanahuas PEXX0854
Chanapampa PEXX8903
Chanca PEXX5184
Chancacha PEXX5185
Chancacollo PEXX5186
Chancallique PEXX7727
Chancan PEXX5187
Chancap PEXX0855
Chancara PEXX2691
Chancarane PEXX5188
Chancarapucro PEXX7728
Chancas PEXX9639
Chancay PEXX0038
Chancay Banos PEXX9640
Chancayoc PEXX0856
Chanchaillo PEXX2692
Chanchallay PEXX5189
Chanchara PEXX2693
Chanche PEXX9641
Chancure PEXX2694
Changachanga PEXX5190
Changarane PEXX5191
Changuillo PEXX0143
Chani PEXX5192
Chanin PEXX2695
Chaninpata PEXX2696
Chanique PEXX5193
Chanquillo PEXX0857
Chantane PEXX2697
Chantri PEXX0858
Chanyo PEXX2698
Chao PEXX0144
Chapacoco PEXX5194
Chapajalla PEXX2699
Chaparra PEXX5195
Chapccara PEXX2700
Chape Occo PEXX5196
Chapeoco PEXX5197
Chapi PEXX5198
Chapi PEXX2701
Chapi Chapi PEXX5199
Chapimarca PEXX7729
Chapimarca PEXX2702
Chapine PEXX5200
Chapioc PEXX5201
Chapiocco PEXX5202
Chapiojo PEXX5203
Chapipampa PEXX2703
Chapolan PEXX9642
Chapun Huijo PEXX7730
Chapunis PEXX9643
Chaquella PEXX5204
Chaquiacyaco PEXX0859
Chaquiccocha PEXX2704
Chaquicocha PEXX5205
Chaquicocha PEXX0145
Chaquicrumi PEXX7731
Chaquihuaico PEXX5206
Chaquil PEXX8904
Chaquil PEXX9644
Chaquipampa PEXX2705
Chaquipata PEXX7732
Chaquipuquio PEXX5207
Chaquipuyno PEXX7733
Chaquirca PEXX5208
Chaquis PEXX0860
Characato PEXX5209
Characta PEXX5210
Charamarca PEXX2706
Charan PEXX0861
Charanuta PEXX5211
Charapura PEXX5212
Charat PEXX0146
Charcana PEXX5213
Charcani Chico PEXX5214
Charcani Grande PEXX5215
Charcantaya PEXX5216
Charcarilla PEXX0147
Charco PEXX5217
Chascha PEXX2707
Chaschane PEXX2708
Chasquiccasa PEXX2709
Chasquitambo PEXX0862
Chasuta PEXX0148
Chaucalla PEXX5218
Chaucavilca PEXX5219
Chaucayan PEXX0863
Chaucco PEXX2710
Chaucha PEXX0149
Chauchura PEXX2711
Chauirara PEXX2712
Chaulla PEXX5220
Chauna PEXX9645
Chaupe PEXX9646
Chaupe PEXX8905
Chaupi Huasi PEXX2713
Chaupi Orcco PEXX7735
Chaupi-loma PEXX9647
Chaupic PEXX7736
Chaupichana PEXX9648
Chaupihuasi PEXX2714
Chaupihuasina PEXX7737
Chaupijocha PEXX2715
Chaupimonte PEXX8906
Chaupinorcco PEXX2716
Chaupiorcco PEXX7739
Chaupiorj PEXX7740
Chaupiorjo PEXX7741
Chaupipununa PEXX5221
Chaupo PEXX5222
Chavarria PEXX5223
Chavez Valdivia PEXX8907
Chavin PEXX0864
Chavina PEXX0150
Chavina PEXX2717
Chavincha PEXX2718
Chayallita PEXX5224
Chayansa PEXX7742
Chayaraje PEXX5225
Chayaya PEXX5226
Chayco PEXX5227
Chaylla PEXX2719
Chayuta PEXX5228
Chearanca PEXX5229
Checa Alta PEXX5230
Checa Bajo PEXX5231
Checacupe PEXX0151
Checahuas PEXX0866
Checcahuancana PEXX5232
Checcasaya PEXX5233
Checche PEXX7743
Checchipampa PEXX7744
Checlloca PEXX2720
Chejo Cruz PEXX2721
Chejosno PEXX2722
Cheque PEXX9649
Chequello PEXX7745
Cheques PEXX0867
Chequil PEXX0868
Chequio PEXX0869
Chequis PEXX0870
Chetilla PEXX9650
Cheto PEXX8908
Chiaca PEXX7746
Chiara PEXX2723
Chiara PEXX7747
Chiaranca PEXX5234
Chiaraque PEXX5235
Chiayullo PEXX5236
Chibulyaco PEXX8909
Chica Loma PEXX2724
Chicahua PEXX2725
Chicalle PEXX2726
Chicchehuayjo PEXX7748
Chicchepata PEXX2727
Chicchilla PEXX5237
Chicchimichina PEXX2728
Chicchipampa PEXX0871
Chicchipata PEXX2729
Chicha PEXX2730
Chichas PEXX5238
Chichihuiri PEXX5239
Chichimicuncan PEXX0872
Chichirayoc PEXX2731
Chichirpuquio PEXX9651
Chichuacancha PEXX7749
Chichubamba PEXX7750
Chichucancha PEXX0873
Chichurumi PEXX7751
Chiclayo PEXX0005
Chicllarazo PEXX2732
Chicmo PEXX5240
Chico PEXX2733
Chicopata PEXX2734
Chicopon PEXX9652
Chicorjollo PEXX5241
Chicoro PEXX5242
Chicraipun PEXX0874
Chiculete PEXX2735
Chicullata PEXX5243
Chiculluta PEXX5244
Chicuro PEXX7752
Chifra PEXX5245
Chigchipampa PEXX2736
Chigney PEXX0875
Chiguas PEXX5246
Chiguata PEXX5247
Chiguay PEXX5248
Chiguirip PEXX9653
Chihua PEXX2737
Chihuacnipata PEXX2738
Chihuacorara PEXX2739
Chihuain PEXX0876
Chihuampata PEXX7753
Chihuanay PEXX7754
Chihuillopampa PEXX2740
Chihuinsa PEXX2741
Chihuri PEXX2742
Chila PEXX5249
Chila PEXX7755
Chila-Chila PEXX5250
Chilac PEXX9654
Chilaccasa PEXX2743
Chilachila PEXX5251
Chilal PEXX8910
Chilamayo PEXX5252
Chilan PEXX0877
Chilanilla PEXX5253
Chilapampa PEXX5254
Chilasque PEXX9655
Chilca PEXX0878
Chilca PEXX5255
Chilca PEXX2744
Chilca PEXX0153
Chilcabamba PEXX7756
Chilcaimarca PEXX5256
Chilcal PEXX0879
Chilcane PEXX5257
Chilcapampa PEXX9656
Chilcapampa PEXX7757
Chilcapata PEXX7758
Chilcapata PEXX2745
Chilcaragra PEXX7759
Chilcas PEXX0154
Chilcayoc PEXX2746
Chilcayoc PEXX5258
Chilche PEXX5259
Chilchique PEXX5260
Chile PEXX5261
Chileapata PEXX9657
Chilete PEXX0155
Chilhua PEXX7760
Chilhua PEXX2747
Chilhuajisja PEXX2748
Chilhuapampa PEXX7761
Chilhuas PEXX2749
Chilia PEXX0880
Chilina PEXX5262
Chilinga PEXX2750
Chilingote PEXX8911
Chiliquini PEXX8912
Chilitia PEXX5263
Chillahua PEXX7762
Chillahuata PEXX5264
Chillan PEXX8913
Chillanjay PEXX2751
Chillapucropampa PEXX2752
Chillautira PEXX5265
Chillca PEXX2753
Chillcapucro PEXX2754
Chille PEXX0881
Chillgo Pata PEXX2755
Chillhuaranca PEXX5266
Chillhuatira PEXX5267
Chillico PEXX7763
Chilligua PEXX5268
Chillihuay PEXX5270
Chillo PEXX8914
Chillotira PEXX5271
Chillpa PEXX5272
Chilluani PEXX2756
Chillutera PEXX5273
Chilluyo PEXX5274
Chilluyoc PEXX5275
Chilmay PEXX7764
Chilon PEXX0882
Chilpe PEXX5276
Chilpipata PEXX5277
Chilque PEXX7765
Chilques PEXX2757
Chiluma PEXX5278
Chiluyo PEXX5279
Chimba PEXX0883
Chimbalimon PEXX9658
Chimban PEXX9659
Chimbote PEXX0006
Chimia PEXX2758
Chimpahuasi PEXX5280
Chimu PEXX0884
Chimuch PEXX9660
China Linda PEXX9661
Chincha PEXX0885
Chincha Alta PEXX0007
Chinchahua PEXX9662
Chinchani PEXX2759
Chinchas Marca PEXX0886
Chinchaychupa PEXX7766
Chinchaypujio PEXX0158
Chinchaysuyo PEXX2760
Chinche PEXX2761
Chincherco PEXX5281
Chinchero PEXX5282
Chincheros PEXX5283
Chincheros PEXX0159
Chincheros PEXX2762
Chinchi PEXX2763
Chinchilpaynioj PEXX7767
Chinchilpayniyoc PEXX7768
Chinchimayo PEXX7769
Chinchinga PEXX2764
Chinchipi PEXX0887
Chinchique Bajo PEXX9664
Chinchiquipe PEXX9665
Chinchircuna PEXX2765
Chinchiuran PEXX0888
Chincho PEXX0889
Chinchobamba PEXX0890
Chinchu Ucro PEXX0891
Chinchupuquio PEXX0892
Chinehahual PEXX9666
Chinga PEXX0893
Chingalpa PEXX0894
Chingama PEXX9667
Chinganaza PEXX8915
Chingane PEXX5284
Chingansa PEXX8916
Chingaray PEXX7770
Chingas PEXX0895
Chingo PEXX5285
Chingozales PEXX9668
Chinihuaya PEXX5286
Chinini PEXX5287
Chinipampa PEXX2766
Chinosire PEXX5288
Chinpaccechua PEXX7771
Chinquene PEXX2767
Chinquillape PEXX5289
Chinquiray PEXX2768
Chinta PEXX2769
Chiocco PEXX5290
Chiora PEXX0160
Chipalloma PEXX2770
Chipana PEXX7772
Chipana PEXX5291
Chipane PEXX5292
Chipao PEXX2771
Chipchane PEXX5293
Chipche PEXX9669
Chipchipa PEXX5294
Chipcoma PEXX5295
Chipe PEXX8917
Chipianga PEXX9670
Chipilupampa PEXX2772
Chipingura PEXX2773
Chipitane PEXX5296
Chiple PEXX9671
Chipre PEXX0896
Chiquiahuanca PEXX0897
Chiquian PEXX0898
Chiquilio PEXX5297
Chiquinda PEXX9672
Chiquintirca PEXX2774
Chiquiquiri PEXX7773
Chiquisiri PEXX5298
Chiquiten PEXX9673
Chiranay PEXX7774
Chiriaco PEXX2775
Chiriaco PEXX8918
Chiribamba PEXX2776
Chirigri PEXX2777
Chirihual PEXX9674
Chirihuasi PEXX7775
Chirimachay PEXX2778
Chirimoto PEXX8919
Chirimoya PEXX9675
Chirimoyo PEXX9676
Chiringay PEXX5299
Chirinos PEXX9677
Chirinuevo PEXX5300
Chiripampa PEXX2779
Chiripampa PEXX5301
Chiripampa PEXX0900
Chiripascana PEXX5302
Chiriquipe PEXX9678
Chirisco PEXX5303
Chiriviejo PEXX5304
Chirrihuinco PEXX2780
Chiscabrava PEXX8920
Chiscahuaya PEXX7776
Chisje PEXX2781
Chisquilla PEXX8921
Chita PEXX5305
Chitccasa PEXX2782
Chitje PEXX9679
Chitua PEXX9680
Chiuchi PEXX2783
Chiuchilla PEXX2784
Chiuchine PEXX5306
Chiuchunlaya PEXX5307
Chiusa PEXX2785
Chivaco Huachana PEXX7777
Chivay PEXX0161
Chiyataca PEXX5308
Choa PEXX5309
Chocan PEXX2786
Chocanitayoc PEXX5310
Chocavento PEXX5311
Choccecancha PEXX7778
Choccenahue PEXX7779
Choccepuquio PEXX2787
Chocchi PEXX0901
Choccho PEXX0902
Choccocco PEXX2788
Choccollo PEXX7780
Choccopata PEXX2789
Chochiri PEXX2790
Chochoccapuccro PEXX7781
Chocllampa PEXX7782
Choclocorantayoc PEXX5312
Choclosure PEXX2791
Chocna PEXX5313
Choco PEXX5314
Chococco PEXX5315
Chocone PEXX5316
Chocopata PEXX5317
Chocope PEXX0162
Chocotira PEXX5318
Chocoton PEXX9681
Chocpallo PEXX5319
Chocpe PEXX2792
Chocsa PEXX0903
Choctamal PEXX8922
Chocto PEXX0904
Chogna PEXX5320
Chognacota PEXX7783
Chogo PEXX9682
Chogo Pampa PEXX9683
Chojena PEXX5321
Chojepuquio PEXX7784
Chojo PEXX5322
Chojo Ruyoc PEXX2793
Chojocra PEXX7785
Chojona PEXX5323
Chojopuquio PEXX2794
Chojorana PEXX5324
Chollomccota PEXX5325
Cholocal PEXX9684
Cholol PEXX9685
Choloque PEXX0905
Choloque PEXX8923
Choloque PEXX9686
Chongoyape PEXX0163
Chonia PEXX8924
Chonta PEXX0906
Chonta PEXX9687
Chonta PEXX5326
Chonta PEXX2795
Chonta Cruz PEXX9688
Chonta Ucro PEXX0907
Chontabamba PEXX9689
Chontaca PEXX7786
Chontaclla PEXX7787
Chontahuaicco PEXX2796
Chontali PEXX9690
Chontana PEXX5327
Chontapampa PEXX8925
Chontapampa PEXX2797
Chontas PEXX9691
Chontaurco PEXX9692
Chontay PEXX2798
Chontayoc PEXX0908
Chopac PEXX0909
Choque PEXX5328
Choque PEXX0910
Choquebamba PEXX0911
Choqueca PEXX7788
Choqueccocha PEXX2799
Choquechaca PEXX7789
Choquemarca PEXX7790
Choquepata PEXX2800
Choquesanta PEXX5329
Choquesisa PEXX5330
Chorobamba PEXX2801
Choroccasa PEXX7791
Choropampa PEXX9693
Choros PEXX9694
Chorrera PEXX8926
Chorrera PEXX9695
Chorrillos PEXX0912
Chorrillos PEXX5331
Chorro PEXX9696
Chorro PEXX2802
Chorrocancha PEXX2803
Chosgon PEXX8927
Chosica PEXX0913
Chosica PEXX9697
Chosica PEXX0164
Chota PEXX8928
Chota PEXX5332
Chota PEXX9698
Chozapampa PEXX2804
Chua PEXX0914
Chuana PEXX5333
Chuanuma PEXX5334
Chuaranca PEXX5335
Chuay Chico PEXX2805
Chuay Grande PEXX2806
Chucacala PEXX0915
Chucamayo PEXX5336
Chucanito PEXX5337
Chucantito PEXX5338
Chucara PEXX2807
Chucarapi PEXX5339
Chucay PEXX2808
Chucchin PEXX0916
Chucchulla PEXX5340
Chucchun PEXX0917
Chucchupe PEXX5341
Chucchurumi PEXX5342
Chucen PEXX9699
Chuchaiccasa PEXX7793
Chuchan PEXX8929
Chuchana PEXX5343
Chuchuhuasi PEXX9700
Chuchun PEXX9701
Chuchupon PEXX9702
Chuchupuyo PEXX2809
Chuchurras PEXX0165
Chucllacucho PEXX5344
Chucman PEXX0918
Chucni PEXX2810
Chuco PEXX9703
Chuco PEXX7794
Chucucerca PEXX9704
Chucullurco PEXX8930
Chucupalla PEXX2811
Chucura PEXX5345
Chucurana PEXX5346
Chuguaquere PEXX5347
Chugur PEXX0166
Chugurmayo PEXX9706
Chugurpata PEXX9707
Chuhuad PEXX9708
Chuicane PEXX5348
Chuicune PEXX7795
Chuiri PEXX5349
Chujacancha PEXX2812
Chujomolle PEXX5350
Chujuna PEXX2813
Chujunacucho PEXX2814
Chulbe PEXX2815
Chulca PEXX5351
Chulcuisa PEXX7796
Chule PEXX5352
Chuli PEXX5353
Chulla PEXX2816
Chullana PEXX7797
Chullcopampa PEXX2817
Chullcuhuaja PEXX2818
Chullhua PEXX2819
Chullhuay PEXX0919
Chullipata PEXX7798
Chullizana PEXX7799
Chullo PEXX5355
Chullo Huiri PEXX5356
Chullos PEXX2820
Chulluca PEXX5357
Chulluhuire PEXX5358
Chulluhuiri PEXX5359
Chulluillo PEXX7800
Chullumpi PEXX2821
Chulluncane PEXX5360
Chulluncaya PEXX5361
Chullune PEXX5362
Chullunjia PEXX5363
Chullutira PEXX5364
Chulpane PEXX5365
Chulpi PEXX7801
Chulucanas PEXX0167
Chuma PEXX2822
Chumbao Pallca PEXX7802
Chumbe PEXX8931
Chumbes PEXX2823
Chumbibamba PEXX7803
Chumbiereque PEXX9709
Chumbol PEXX8932
Chumille PEXX7804
Chumpi PEXX2824
Chumpipampa PEXX7805
Chumuch PEXX9710
Chumulle PEXX7806
Chuna PEXX2825
Chuncallque PEXX7807
Chuncho PEXX5366
Chunchuca PEXX9711
Chunchuca Puente PEXX9712
Chunchuccasa PEXX2826
Chunchuna PEXX7808
Chundaoro PEXX5367
Chungrypampa PEXX9713
Chungui PEXX2827
Chunguina PEXX8933
Chunigan PEXX9714
Chuniruri PEXX9715
Chunis PEXX9716
Chuno Pata PEXX7809
Chunta Puntani PEXX2828
Chuntaca PEXX2829
Chunte PEXX5368
Chunucancha PEXX2830
Chununa PEXX2831
Chununa Pampa PEXX7810
Chunune PEXX5369
Chununo PEXX5370
Chunya PEXX0920
Chunya PEXX9717
Chunyac PEXX2832
Chunyay PEXX0921
Chuochuna PEXX7811
Chupa PEXX0922
Chupa PEXX0168
Chupa Uran PEXX0923
Chupacea PEXX5371
Chupacra PEXX5372
Chupahuaijo PEXX2833
Chupan PEXX5373
Chupancallan PEXX0924
Chupega PEXX2834
Chupicapirca PEXX9718
Chupicarumi PEXX9719
Chupon PEXX2835
Chuqui PEXX5374
Chuquibamba PEXX2836
Chuquibamba PEXX5375
Chuquibamba PEXX8934
Chuquibamba PEXX0925
Chuquibamba PEXX9720
Chuquibambilla PEXX7813
Chuquicara PEXX0169
Chuquichin PEXX8935
Chuquil PEXX9721
Chuquimal PEXX8936
Chuquimaran PEXX2837
Chuquiquillan PEXX0926
Chura PEXX7814
Churajon PEXX5376
Churama PEXX7815
Churamaray PEXX2838
Churana PEXX5377
Churap PEXX0927
Churca PEXX9722
Churca PEXX2839
Churcapa PEXX7816
Churia PEXX2840
Churiac PEXX2841
Churiaccsa PEXX2842
Churo Huarca PEXX0928
Churoc PEXX7817
Churquina PEXX5378
Churrupallana PEXX7818
Churubamba PEXX7819
Churuja PEXX0170
Churupampa PEXX9723
Chururo PEXX0929
Chusacay PEXX5379
Chuschama PEXX2843
Chuschi PEXX2844
Chusgon PEXX9724
Chusicani PEXX5380
Chusicani PEXX7820
Chusipampa PEXX2845
Chusna PEXX5381
Chuspi PEXX7821
Chuspicuchu PEXX2846
Chuspipuquio PEXX2847
Chuspirca PEXX7822
Chutapa PEXX2848
Chuya PEXX2849
Chuyllullu PEXX7823
Chuyllurpampa PEXX7824
Chuymala PEXX2850
Chuymay PEXX2851
Chuypan PEXX9725
Cicani PEXX5382
Cielache PEXX8937
Cielo Orco PEXX7825
Cieneguilla PEXX5383
Cieneguilla PEXX2852
Cincha PEXX5384
Cinco Esquinas PEXX8938
Circa PEXX7826
Circamarca PEXX2853
Circo PEXX7827
Circuyo PEXX5385
Ciruelar PEXX0930
Clauca PEXX2854
Cliche PEXX8939
Coajraga PEXX2855
Coarqui PEXX7828
Coata PEXX0172
Coayllo PEXX0171
Cobamires PEXX0931
Cobarrubias PEXX7829
Cocabal PEXX0932
Cocabamba PEXX8940
Cocabamba PEXX0933
Cocachacra PEXX5387
Cocachimba PEXX8941
Cocahasique PEXX5388
Cocas PEXX7830
Cocas PEXX2856
Cocha PEXX0934
Cocha PEXX8942
Cocha PEXX2857
Cocha PEXX7831
Cocha Cochay PEXX0935
Cocha Pampa PEXX9726
Cocha Pampa PEXX0936
Cocha Peti PEXX0937
Cochabamba PEXX8943
Cochabamba PEXX0938
Cochacaca PEXX0939
Cochacisa PEXX2858
Cochacochayoc PEXX7832
Cochahuain PEXX0940
Cochahuasa PEXX5389
Cochahuiri PEXX5390
Cochamal PEXX8944
Cochamarca PEXX2859
Cochan PEXX0941
Cochancay PEXX7833
Cochane PEXX5391
Cochapampa PEXX9728
Cochapampa PEXX5392
Cochapampa PEXX0942
Cochapata PEXX0943
Cochapata PEXX2860
Cochapeti PEXX0944
Cochapucro PEXX7834
Cocharca PEXX5394
Cocharcas PEXX2861
Cocharcas PEXX0173
Cocharquina PEXX7835
Cocharuri PEXX0945
Cochas PEXX0946
Cochas PEXX2862
Cochasasi PEXX7836
Cochasayhuas PEXX7837
Cochatanca PEXX0947
Cochate PEXX5395
Cochayo PEXX0948
Cochayoc PEXX0949
Cochayoj PEXX2863
Cochco Nani PEXX0950
Cochco Pampa PEXX0951
Coco PEXX9729
Cococho PEXX8945
Cocopoto PEXX0952
Cocotea PEXX5396
Cofradia PEXX2864
Cohechan PEXX8946
Cointa PEXX7838
Coiroshco PEXX0953
Coishco PEXX0954
Cojitambo PEXX9730
Cojopara PEXX0955
Colahuay PEXX9731
Colambay PEXX9732
Colasay PEXX9733
Colca PEXX0956
Colca PEXX0174
Colca PEXX9734
Colca PEXX2865
Colca PEXX7839
Colca PEXX5397
Colca Pampa PEXX0957
Colcabamba PEXX7840
Colcabamba PEXX0958
Colcahuate PEXX7841
Colcalon PEXX8947
Colcamar PEXX8948
Colcancha PEXX2866
Colcap PEXX0959
Colcas PEXX0960
Colihuiri PEXX5398
Colisuran PEXX0961
Colla Huacho PEXX2867
Collaccasa PEXX2868
Collacruz PEXX8949
Collahua PEXX2869
Collan PEXX9735
Collana PEXX2870
Collanco PEXX2871
Collantayo PEXX7842
Collauro PEXX7843
Collca PEXX5399
Collo Collo PEXX5400
Collo Collo Allo PEXX0963
Collogya PEXX5401
Collon PEXX0964
Collona PEXX9736
Collonce PEXX8950
Colloni PEXX2872
Collopampa PEXX5402
Collosh PEXX0965
Collota PEXX0966
Collotan PEXX9737
Collpa PEXX5403
Collpa PEXX9738
Collpa PEXX0967
Collpa PEXX2873
Collpa Capilla PEXX5404
Collpa Chimpa PEXX5405
Collpa Grande PEXX9739
Collpa Palca PEXX5406
Collpa Pampa PEXX7844
Collpa Puro PEXX5407
Collpa Tambo PEXX5408
Collpaccasa PEXX2874
Collpahuasi PEXX2875
Collpanecucho PEXX2876
Collpapampa PEXX7845
Collpapampa PEXX0968
Collpata PEXX2877
Colmata PEXX8951
Colmina PEXX2878
Colorado PEXX9740
Colpa PEXX9741
Colpa Huayco PEXX7846
Colpac PEXX0969
Colpacasa PEXX5409
Colpacocha PEXX5410
Colpamayo PEXX2879
Colpapampa PEXX7847
Colque Cancha PEXX0970
Colquecancha PEXX2880
Colquepata PEXX0176
Colquimarca PEXX9742
Colquioc PEXX0971
Colquipucro PEXX0972
Colto PEXX0973
Comas PEXX0177
Combate PEXX5411
Comepan PEXX5412
Comespucro PEXX2882
Cometero PEXX2883
Como Quisauar PEXX7848
Comolla PEXX2884
Comorumi PEXX7849
Compapata PEXX2885
Comporta PEXX5413
Comuche PEXX9743
Comugan PEXX9744
Comunpampa PEXX7850
Conagmarca PEXX7851
Conash PEXX0974
Conashe PEXX0975
Concacha PEXX7852
Concachaca PEXX5414
Concejo PEXX5415
Concepcion PEXX2886
Concepcion PEXX0976
Conchacota PEXX7853
Conchan PEXX9745
Conchas PEXX0977
Conchipampa PEXX0978
Conchoc PEXX0979
Conchoyacu PEXX0980
Conchu PEXX9746
Conchua PEXX9747
Conchucos PEXX0981
Concoma PEXX2887
Concorpata PEXX2888
Condao PEXX5416
Condicion PEXX0982
Condona PEXX5417
Condonya PEXX0179
Condor Arma PEXX0983
Condor Cerro PEXX0984
Condor Paccha PEXX2889
Condor Pununa PEXX7854
Condor Pununa PEXX2890
Condorane PEXX5418
Condorani PEXX5419
Condorarma PEXX2891
Condorayccata PEXX2893
Condorbamba PEXX7855
Condorbamba PEXX2894
Condorcocha PEXX2895
Condorcoto PEXX5420
Condorcullo PEXX5421
Condorcuyo PEXX5422
Condoreja PEXX2896
Condori PEXX5423
Condorillo PEXX2897
Condorillo PEXX5424
Condorillo PEXX7856
Condorjojo PEXX2898
Condormaca PEXX9748
Condormarca PEXX2899
Condoroma PEXX5425
Condoromana PEXX5426
Condorpata PEXX7857
Condorsencca PEXX2900
Condortanan PEXX0985
Condortiana PEXX5427
Conga PEXX9749
Conga de Patino PEXX9752
Congar PEXX0986
Congas PEXX0987
Congata PEXX5428
Congoma PEXX7858
Congomarca PEXX2901
Congon PEXX8952
Congon PEXX0988
Congona PEXX9753
Congoncillo PEXX0989
Congonza PEXX2902
Congonza PEXX5429
Congota PEXX7859
Congrao PEXX2903
Conica PEXX5430
Conicorque PEXX9754
Conima PEXX0180
Conjul PEXX8953
Conjuro PEXX9755
Conoc PEXX2904
Conoc PEXX7860
Conoc PEXX0990
Conococha PEXX0991
Conocuarmi PEXX0992
Conohi PEXX0993
Conojane PEXX5431
Cononaca PEXX5432
Conopa PEXX0994
Conopa Chico PEXX0995
Conor PEXX9756
Conorconga PEXX9757
Consar PEXX0996
Consayaque PEXX5433
Contadera PEXX0997
Contan PEXX0998
Contay PEXX2905
Conte PEXX5434
Conticancha PEXX5435
Conto PEXX5436
Contra Corral PEXX2906
Contugna PEXX7861
Contumaza PEXX0181
Conur PEXX9758
Convento PEXX0182
Convento PEXX2907
Copa PEXX0183
Copa Chico PEXX0999
Copa Copa PEXX2908
Copa Grande PEXX1000
Copallin PEXX8954
Copavilca PEXX1001
Coporaque PEXX5437
Copray PEXX1002
Coptac PEXX1003
Coquimbo PEXX5438
Coraca PEXX2909
Coracora PEXX2910
Corahuata PEXX5439
Corasa PEXX5440
Corazon de Jesus PEXX8955
Corculla PEXX2911
Cordorccacca PEXX2912
Cordova PEXX5441
Cordova PEXX0184
Corichichina PEXX7862
Coricotana PEXX5442
Coricoto PEXX1004
Corimanta PEXX1005
Corinta PEXX5443
Corio PEXX5444
Corioc PEXX1006
Coripampa PEXX2913
Corire PEXX0185
Coris PEXX7863
Coris PEXX1007
Corma PEXX2914
Cormana PEXX2915
Cornejo PEXX5445
Corobamba PEXX8956
Coronca PEXX7864
Coronga PEXX9759
Corongo PEXX1008
Corontilla PEXX8957
Corontorio PEXX5446
Corosha PEXX8958
Corpamachay PEXX2916
Corpanqui PEXX1009
Corracorral PEXX2917
Corral Cancha PEXX2918
Corral de Apuaca PEXX5447
Corral Pampa PEXX9760
Corral Pata PEXX2919
Corral Quemado PEXX8959
Corral Viejo PEXX9761
Corrales PEXX5448
Corralhuayco PEXX8960
Corralito PEXX9762
Corralnioc PEXX5449
Corralones PEXX5450
Corralpata PEXX7865
Corralpata PEXX2920
Corredor PEXX9763
Cortadera PEXX2921
Cortaderas PEXX5451
Corte PEXX1010
Corte Pacheco PEXX5452
Coscopunta PEXX1011
Cose PEXX9764
Coshac PEXX8961
Cosma PEXX1012
Cosme PEXX5453
Cosme PEXX0187
Cosnihua PEXX5454
Cosos PEXX5455
Cospan PEXX0188
Costal de Arena PEXX1013
Cota Cota PEXX5456
Cota Rara PEXX2922
Cotabamba PEXX7866
Cotabambas PEXX7867
Cotacota PEXX5457
Cotahuacho PEXX7868
Cotahuasi PEXX5458
Cotalla PEXX5459
Cotana PEXX5460
Cotaparaco PEXX0189
Cotapujio PEXX5461
Cotaruse PEXX7869
Cotcota PEXX5462
Coterna PEXX7870
Coto PEXX1014
Coto PEXX5463
Coto Coto PEXX1015
Cotocancha PEXX1016
Cotocorral PEXX1017
Cotohuain PEXX1018
Cotopalla PEXX5464
Cotoraca PEXX1019
Cotorca PEXX5465
Cotos PEXX7871
Cotulaca PEXX5466
Cotumarca PEXX1020
Coy-coy PEXX1021
Coya Coya PEXX5467
Coycotera PEXX5468
Coyllarpaccha PEXX1022
Coyllurqui PEXX0190
Coyori PEXX2923
Coyto PEXX5469
Coyuna PEXX5470
Cristo Rey PEXX1023
Cristobal PEXX5471
Cruce Cayalti PEXX8962
Cruce Chalhuanca PEXX5472
Cruce de Sumbay PEXX5473
Crucero PEXX5474
Crucero Alto PEXX5475
Crucero Chico PEXX5476
Cruz Cancha PEXX1024
Cruz Catac PEXX1025
Cruz Ccasa PEXX7872
Cruz Coasa PEXX2924
Cruz de Madera PEXX5480
Cruz Grande PEXX9765
Cruz Huasi PEXX2925
Cruz Jata PEXX7873
Cruz Negra PEXX2926
Cruz Pampa PEXX7874
Cruz Pampa PEXX5477
Cruz Pampa PEXX9767
Cruz Pampa PEXX1026
Cruz Pampa PEXX2927
Cruz Pata PEXX7875
Cruz Pata PEXX5478
Cruz Pata PEXX2928
Cruz Punta PEXX1027
Cruz Viva PEXX1028
Cruz Vuelta PEXX5479
Cruzccasa PEXX7876
Cruzconga PEXX9768
Cruzloma PEXX8963
Cruzniyocc PEXX2929
Cruzpa Huesi PEXX9769
Cruzpampa PEXX7877
Cruzpata PEXX2930
Cruzpujio PEXX5481
Cruzpunta PEXX1029
Cuartel Corral PEXX1030
Cuatro Cercos PEXX5482
Cuatro Esquinas PEXX5483
Cuay PEXX7878
Cucahuain PEXX1031
Cucco PEXX1032
Cuchaca PEXX5484
Cuchalla PEXX2931
Cuchapampa PEXX8964
Cuchayocc PEXX2932
Cuchicancha PEXX0197
Cuchicancha PEXX2933
Cuchicancha PEXX1034
Cuchicorral PEXX1035
Cuchihuasi PEXX2934
Cuchihuasi PEXX5485
Cuchillas PEXX1036
Cuchillayoc PEXX1037
Cuchimachay PEXX7879
Cuchimachi PEXX7880
Cuchipampa PEXX1038
Cuchipampa PEXX2935
Cuchipuro PEXX1039
Cuchirajay PEXX2936
Cuchituy PEXX1040
Cucho PEXX2937
Cucho Cancha PEXX5486
Cuchopalca PEXX5487
Cuchoquesera PEXX2938
Cuchpa PEXX1041
Cuchu PEXX1042
Cuchu Pampa PEXX2939
Cuchuase PEXX2940
Cuchuasi PEXX2941
Cuchucancha PEXX2942
Cuchuhuasi PEXX2943
Cuchuhuiri PEXX5488
Cuchupunta PEXX1043
Cuchurancho PEXX5489
Cuchus PEXX1044
Cuculi PEXX5490
Cuculi Punco PEXX2944
Cuculioc PEXX7881
Cuculiyoc PEXX2945
Cucungara PEXX0191
Cuelap PEXX8965
Cuelcacha PEXX8966
Cuelcho PEXX8967
Cuello PEXX5491
Cuemal PEXX8968
Cuena PEXX0192
Cuensol PEXX8969
Cuequeta PEXX8970
Cuesta Chagul PEXX2946
Cuesta Colorado PEXX2947
Cuesta Gloria PEXX5492
Cuesta Macache PEXX2948
Cuestachaque PEXX5493
Cueva Nueva PEXX9770
Cuichi PEXX7882
Cuije PEXX2949
Cuille PEXX2950
Cuipe PEXX8971
Cuispes PEXX8972
Cuitapa PEXX2951
Cujan PEXX5494
Cujillo PEXX9771
Cula PEXX7883
Culebras PEXX9772
Culebras PEXX1045
Culebron PEXX9773
Culi PEXX5495
Culihuire PEXX5496
Culipugro PEXX5497
Cullahuane PEXX5498
Cullahuare PEXX7884
Cullashpampa PEXX1046
Cullay PEXX2952
Cullco PEXX5499
Cullcuchara PEXX5500
Cullisen PEXX8973
Cullmay PEXX5501
Cullo PEXX2953
Cullocullo PEXX7885
Cullpa PEXX5502
Culluanayjo PEXX2954
Culluhuasi PEXX7886
Cullujane PEXX5503
Cullumani PEXX7887
Culluni PEXX7888
Culluni Pampa PEXX7889
Cullusayhua PEXX7890
Cullusqui PEXX7891
Culomayoc PEXX2955
Culuchaca PEXX1048
Cululuc PEXX8974
Cumahuasi PEXX5504
Cumanaylla PEXX7892
Cumba PEXX8975
Cumbicus PEXX9774
Cumco PEXX1049
Cunaclo PEXX9775
Cunacuna PEXX5505
Cunamuro PEXX7893
Cunca PEXX1050
Cunca Huayllo PEXX2956
Cuncaccasa PEXX7894
Cuncacha PEXX2957
Cuncaicha PEXX5506
Cuncan PEXX1051
Cuncanaycha PEXX5507
Cuncapata PEXX1052
Cuncashca PEXX1053
Cuncataca PEXX7895
Cuncaya PEXX2958
Cuncayuc PEXX7896
Cunchus PEXX1054
Cuncus PEXX2959
Cuncush PEXX1055
Cuncutacunan PEXX1056
Cundayhuara PEXX1057
Cunirca PEXX5508
Cunoc PEXX1058
Cunocuno PEXX5509
Cunsipampa PEXX5510
Cunte PEXX2960
Cunucapampa PEXX2961
Cunya PEXX1059
Cunyac PEXX7897
Cunyac PEXX1060
Cupacha PEXX8976
Cupe PEXX5511
Cupiarniyoc PEXX5512
Cupina PEXX9776
Cupisa PEXX7898
Cupsi PEXX1061
Cura Pampa PEXX9777
Curahuasi PEXX7899
Curahuassi PEXX0193
Curahuatani PEXX5513
Curampa PEXX7900
Curasco PEXX7901
Curcuhuas PEXX1062
Curcuy PEXX1063
Curhaus PEXX1064
Curiaco PEXX9778
Curibampa PEXX7902
Curicocha PEXX0194
Curita PEXX2962
Curiyacu PEXX8977
Curopampa PEXX1065
Curpahuasi PEXX7903
Curpampa PEXX8978
Curtiduria PEXX2963
Curumasi PEXX2964
Cururuc PEXX1066
Curva PEXX1067
Cusca PEXX1068
Cusco PEXX0008
Cusco Puquio PEXX5514
Cushi PEXX0196
Cushillo PEXX8979
Cushipampa PEXX1069
Cushipata PEXX7904
Cushuro Bamba PEXX9780
Cusibamba PEXX2965
Cusilhuan PEXX9781
Cusilluhuir PEXX5515
Cusipampa PEXX1070
Cusipata PEXX2966
Cusis PEXX2967
Cusmo PEXX1071
Cuspi PEXX2968
Cuspon PEXX1072
Cusu Chico PEXX8980
Cusu Grande PEXX8981
Cusuin PEXX8982
Cusullo PEXX5516
Cuta Huain PEXX1073
Cuta Huayi PEXX1074
Cuta Puquio PEXX1075
Cutacancha PEXX1076
Cutacarcas PEXX1077
Cutahuayi PEXX1078
Cutapi PEXX7905
Cutatinya PEXX1079
Cute PEXX2969
Cutervo PEXX9782
Cutihuasi PEXX5517
Cutirca PEXX7906
Cutucotay PEXX7907
Cuyanca PEXX5518
Cuyanehuasi PEXX2970
Cuyash Cunca PEXX1080
Cuyay PEXX5519
Cuyllamal PEXX8983
Cuyo PEXX0198
Cuyoclla PEXX2971
Cuyorpampa PEXX1081
Cuyto PEXX2972
Cuytullane PEXX5520
Cuyuni PEXX2973
Cuyupita PEXX5521
Cuzcuz PEXX1082
Cuzmo PEXX1083
Daguas PEXX8984
Danja PEXX8985
Delanteruyoc PEXX5522
Delo PEXX8986
Desague PEXX1084
Desamparados PEXX5523
Desmotadora PEXX1085
Deuro PEXX5524
Diamante PEXX9783
Diamante Alto PEXX8987
Diez de Agosto PEXX9784
Dindurbamba PEXX7908
Dique Paccha PEXX2974
Dismocancha PEXX5525
Dispensilla PEXX5526
Djrabamba PEXX7909
Don Melchor PEXX2975
Dos de Enero PEXX1086
Dos de Mayo PEXX8989
Dos de Mayo PEXX0200
Dos Vidas PEXX8988
Durand PEXX8990
Durasnioc PEXX7910
Duraznopampa PEXX8991
Ecana PEXX1087
Echahuan PEXX1088
Ecnayo PEXX7911
Edelmira PEXX9785
Egaga PEXX2976
Egnone PEXX2977
Eknay PEXX7912
El Alamo PEXX9786
El Alicon PEXX8992
El Aliso PEXX5527
El Alto PEXX1089
El Alto PEXX0201
El Alto PEXX9787
El Alvarado PEXX9788
El Amunta PEXX1090
El Anis PEXX9789
El Arenal PEXX5528
El Arenal PEXX9790
El Arenal PEXX1091
El Arrozal PEXX1092
El Bacon PEXX9791
El Cafe PEXX9792
El Camello PEXX1093
El Camon PEXX1094
El Campamento PEXX9793
El Canto PEXX5529
El Carbon PEXX9794
El Cardo PEXX0202
El Carmen PEXX8994
El Carmen PEXX1095
El Cascajal PEXX2978
El Castillo PEXX1096
El Castillo PEXX5531
El Cedro PEXX9795
El Cerillo PEXX1097
El Cerrillo PEXX9796
El Cerro PEXX5532
El Challo PEXX8995
El Chanal PEXX5533
El Chaupe PEXX8996
El Chorro PEXX9797
El Chorro PEXX5534
El Conde PEXX9798
El Convento PEXX5535
El Corral PEXX9799
El Corte PEXX5536
El Coto PEXX9800
El Cruce PEXX5537
El Cruce PEXX9801
El Cumbil PEXX9802
El Cunve PEXX9803
El Desaire PEXX5538
El Descanso PEXX9804
El Doce PEXX1098
El Dorado PEXX9805
El Dorado PEXX1099
El Enterrador PEXX9806
El Espejo PEXX9807
El Espino PEXX9808
El Filtro PEXX5539
El Fiscal PEXX5540
El Frisco PEXX5541
El Gallito PEXX9809
El Gramadal PEXX5542
El Gringo PEXX5543
El Guayabo PEXX9810
El Horno PEXX9811
El Huabal PEXX9812
El Huayco PEXX5544
El Huayo PEXX8997
El Huayo PEXX9813
El Ingenio PEXX0204
El Ingenio PEXX1100
El Jaguay PEXX0205
El Lavadero PEXX5545
El Lirio PEXX9814
El Lloque PEXX9815
El Mango PEXX9816
El Marco PEXX9817
El Meadero PEXX9818
El Medio PEXX5546
El Milagro PEXX1101
El Milagro PEXX2979
El Mirador PEXX1102
El Mito PEXX8998
El Molino PEXX2980
El Molino PEXX9819
El Molino PEXX5548
El Monte PEXX9820
El Monte PEXX5549
El Morrillo PEXX5550
El Muyo PEXX8999
El Nino PEXX5551
El Ochantaiuno PEXX9821
El Oriente PEXX9822
El Pacay PEXX1103
El Palmito PEXX9823
El Palmo PEXX9824
El Palto PEXX9000
El Palto PEXX9825
El Paraiso PEXX9826
El Paraiso PEXX5552
El Parco PEXX9001
El Pargo PEXX9827
El Pasaje PEXX5554
El Pasto PEXX5555
El Peligro PEXX9828
El Perol PEXX9829
El Pinar PEXX1104
El Pongo PEXX9830
El Portugues PEXX1105
El Porvenir PEXX9831
El Porvenir PEXX1106
El Porvenir PEXX9002
El Porvenir PEXX5557
El Potrero PEXX9832
El Potrero PEXX1107
El Prado PEXX9833
El Progresso PEXX9834
El Puente PEXX5558
El Puquio PEXX9835
El Quema PEXX5559
El Real PEXX9836
El Rejo PEXX9837
El Rejo PEXX9003
El Reposo PEXX9004
El Retiro PEXX5560
El Rincon PEXX9838
El Rollo PEXX9839
El Sapo PEXX9840
El Sauce PEXX9841
El Sauce PEXX9005
El Silencio PEXX9842
El Socorro PEXX5561
El Solitario PEXX9843
El Suro PEXX9844
El Suso PEXX9845
El Tajo PEXX2981
El Tallal PEXX9846
El Tambo PEXX9847
El Tambo PEXX5562
El Tesoro PEXX9006
El Tingo PEXX9848
El Tingo PEXX9007
El Torno PEXX9849
El Toro PEXX0206
El Trabajo PEXX7913
El Tragadero PEXX9850
El Triunfo PEXX5563
El Triunfo PEXX9008
El Triunifo PEXX9851
El Tumbo PEXX9852
El Tunel PEXX5564
El Turral PEXX9853
El Vado PEXX2982
Elenita PEXX9854
Ella Pata PEXX2983
Embon PEXX9009
Emita PEXX9010
Encanada PEXX9855
Encanto PEXX2984
Encayoc PEXX1108
Encocancha PEXX5566
Ensenada PEXX5567
Epichaya PEXX5569
Equiparco PEXX1109
Eranja PEXX2985
Erapata PEXX2986
Erapata PEXX1110
Erapata PEXX7914
Ercomarca PEXX2987
Ereza PEXX1111
Erhuarayo PEXX5570
Erocollo PEXX5571
Erpa Pampa PEXX9856
Erracorral PEXX2988
Erune PEXX5572
Erusco PEXX2989
Esbilla PEXX5573
Escalera PEXX5574
Escalera PEXX2990
Escalerayoc PEXX2991
Escalon PEXX1112
Esccana PEXX2992
Escorsonera PEXX1113
Escorsonera Pata PEXX1114
Esmeralda PEXX7915
Espanja PEXX5575
Espenca PEXX2993
Espera PEXX2994
Esperanza PEXX9011
Esperanza PEXX9857
Esperanza Alta PEXX1115
Esperanza Baja PEXX1116
Espinal PEXX9858
Espine PEXX9859
Espingo PEXX2995
Espinozayoc PEXX2996
Espital PEXX9012
Espite PEXX2997
Esquera PEXX5576
Esquina PEXX7916
Esquinahuasi PEXX2999
Esquiruanuyoj PEXX7917
Estancia PEXX9860
Estango PEXX5578
Estanque PEXX7918
Estanque PEXX3000
Estanque Pampa PEXX1117
Estique PEXX0208
Eston Sumbay PEXX0209
Estribillo PEXX7919
Eucalipto Pampa PEXX3001
Eucalliptuyo PEXX5579
Facu PEXX7920
Facundo PEXX9861
Faique PEXX9862
Falchaca PEXX7921
Faro PEXX9863
Fasan PEXX7922
Fatima PEXX9013
Felita Ucro PEXX1118
Fichanuyo PEXX5580
Fieracocha PEXX9864
Fierropunco PEXX7923
Fila Alta PEXX9865
Filpia PEXX5581
Finaya PEXX5582
Firucca PEXX3002
Flaires PEXX5583
Flor de Vaivilla PEXX5584
Flor del Mundo PEXX5585
Florida PEXX7924
Florida PEXX1119
Florida PEXX9015
Florida PEXX5586
Florida Alta PEXX1120
Florpatibamba PEXX3003
Fraile PEXX9866
Franco PEXX5587
Frayles PEXX5588
Frontera PEXX5589
Frutal PEXX9017
Fuera PEXX5590
Fugonique PEXX9867
Fundicion PEXX7926
Fundo Bellavista PEXX9868
Fundo Chilanlan PEXX9869
Fundo Las Juntas PEXX9870
Fundo Monasi PEXX5592
Fundo Quimana PEXX5594
Fundo Tashaca PEXX9872
Fundo Venteadero PEXX5596
Fuructaya PEXX5597
Fusia PEXX5598
Gacmal PEXX9018
Galeras PEXX5599
Galeras PEXX9019
Galgada PEXX1121
Galluyoc Chico PEXX3004
Galpon PEXX9020
Gangaylla PEXX3005
Gansha PEXX1122
Garangote PEXX9021
Garay PEXX1123
Garbanzopampa PEXX1124
Garuhuagaga PEXX1125
Gaugochuca PEXX3006
Gavilan PEXX9873
Gegeriscacucho PEXX3007
Gencha PEXX5600
Generosa PEXX7927
Gentegente PEXX7928
Gentilar PEXX5601
Gerguera PEXX3008
Gesguehuasi PEXX3009
Ginuacuesta PEXX3010
Giro PEXX5602
Gloria PEXX5603
Gloriahuasi PEXX5604
Golac PEXX9022
Gollicate PEXX9023
Gollon PEXX9024
Gomez Pata PEXX3011
Goncha PEXX9025
Gonzalez PEXX5605
Gorgor PEXX1126
Gorgorillo PEXX1127
Gorgorrillo PEXX1128
Gotabamba PEXX7929
Goyoneche PEXX5606
Gracgrasja PEXX7930
Gramadal PEXX1129
Gramadal PEXX5607
Gramalote PEXX9026
Granada PEXX9027
Grande PEXX5608
Graneros PEXX9028
Granja Porcon PEXX9875
Guadalupe PEXX1130
Guadalupe PEXX9029
Guadalupe PEXX0210
Guagamarca PEXX9876
Guagarish PEXX9877
Guajraja PEXX3012
Gualingas PEXX9878
Guallaque PEXX5609
Guan Pata PEXX3013
Guanagal PEXX9879
Guante PEXX5610
Guarango PEXX3014
Guarangos PEXX9880
Guardalapa PEXX9881
Guardiania PEXX5611
Guardiola PEXX5612
Guayabo PEXX9882
Guayape PEXX9883
Guayaquil PEXX9884
Guerra Valle PEXX0211
Guraran PEXX9030
Guyuche PEXX9031
Guzmango PEXX9885
Hacer Huacho PEXX3015
Hacienda Agchapa PEXX3016
Hacienda Alpacay PEXX5613
Hacienda Anadiaz PEXX9886
Hacienda Ancha PEXX5615
Hacienda Antane PEXX5618
Hacienda Arasqui PEXX5619
Hacienda Asilio PEXX5620
Hacienda Asillo PEXX5621
Hacienda Aurora PEXX7931
Hacienda Beringa PEXX5624
Hacienda Bilbao PEXX5625
Hacienda Callpay PEXX5628
Hacienda Canahua PEXX5629
Hacienda Canco PEXX5630
Hacienda Cangari PEXX3019
Hacienda Cantas PEXX5631
Hacienda Caramba PEXX5632
Hacienda Ccencco PEXX5638
Hacienda Ccocha PEXX5639
Hacienda Chanana PEXX5642
Hacienda Chavez PEXX5644
Hacienda Chugur PEXX9890
Hacienda Chupas PEXX3021
Hacienda Colca PEXX5648
Hacienda Collon PEXX5649
Hacienda Collpa PEXX3022
Hacienda Colpa PEXX9891
Hacienda Corral PEXX7932
Hacienda Cuculi PEXX5650
Hacienda Escoya PEXX5654
Hacienda Farrat PEXX9893
Hacienda Huambo PEXX5657
Hacienda Huana PEXX5658
Hacienda Huarca PEXX5660
Hacienda Icanuma PEXX5661
Hacienda Ispaca PEXX5662
Hacienda Japo PEXX5663
Hacienda Jaraba PEXX5664
Hacienda Jasmin PEXX5665
Hacienda Jerez PEXX9895
Hacienda Kenco PEXX5666
Hacienda La Real PEXX5670
Hacienda La Vega PEXX3030
Hacienda La Vina PEXX9900
Hacienda Lavina PEXX9902
Hacienda Liza PEXX5674
Hacienda Llamaja PEXX3032
Hacienda Llutis PEXX5675
Hacienda Lozada PEXX5678
Hacienda Mallco PEXX5679
Hacienda Ocoruro PEXX5683
Hacienda Ojora PEXX3036
Hacienda Olleria PEXX5685
Hacienda Ongoro PEXX5686
Hacienda Pachan PEXX3037
Hacienda Pallar PEXX9907
Hacienda Pallcca PEXX3038
Hacienda Palmira PEXX9908
Hacienda Pampa PEXX3039
Hacienda Parcco PEXX3041
Hacienda Parcoy PEXX5688
Hacienda Patacon PEXX9909
Hacienda Paucho PEXX3042
Hacienda Peru PEXX5689
Hacienda Ponce PEXX5693
Hacienda Porcon PEXX9911
Hacienda Pucara PEXX3045
Hacienda Pucara PEXX5695
Hacienda Pulpera PEXX5696
Hacienda Punrre PEXX9912
Hacienda Pusa PEXX5698
Hacienda Quenche PEXX5699
Hacienda Quinua PEXX9914
Hacienda Raimina PEXX3046
Hacienda Rauca PEXX9916
Hacienda Sacraca PEXX3048
Hacienda Saitina PEXX5705
Hacienda Salitre PEXX1134
Hacienda Sarcas PEXX5714
Hacienda Sondor PEXX9918
Hacienda Suro PEXX9919
Hacienda Sutanay PEXX5716
Hacienda Talta PEXX5717
Hacienda Tauca PEXX5718
Hacienda Toccece PEXX5720
Hacienda Tomaca PEXX5721
Hacienda Tomate PEXX9921
Hacienda Toncoro PEXX5723
Hacienda Toran PEXX5724
Hacienda Tunad PEXX9922
Hacienda Udima PEXX9923
Hacienda Urpay PEXX3053
Hacienda Vasquez PEXX5727
Hacienda Vieja PEXX9924
Hacienda Vinchos PEXX3055
Hacienda Yanama PEXX3056
Hacienda Yumare PEXX5730
Haciendita PEXX5732
Hanahuallcco PEXX3057
Haquira PEXX0212
Hato PEXX3058
Hatumpampa PEXX3059
Hatun Pate PEXX7934
Haya Haya PEXX7935
Herhuaca PEXX3060
Herocollo PEXX5734
Herohuito PEXX5735
Hicho Horco PEXX3061
Hichoccollo PEXX5736
Hichuhichu PEXX5738
Hidalgo PEXX9032
Hierba Buena PEXX9926
Higosnioc PEXX3062
Higosurco PEXX9033
Higueron PEXX1139
Higuerones PEXX9927
Hilcaccasa PEXX3063
Hiruytalla PEXX5740
Hogo Pampa PEXX9928
Homo PEXX5741
Homopampa PEXX9034
Honda PEXX9929
Hongo PEXX1140
Hornamo PEXX9930
Hornillo PEXX5742
Hornillos PEXX9931
Hornillos PEXX1141
Horno Chico PEXX5743
Horno Pahuana PEXX5744
Hornopampa PEXX9932
Hornopampa PEXX1142
Hornopampa PEXX7936
Hornuchayoc PEXX5745
Horquilla PEXX3064
Hospicio PEXX5746
Huabal PEXX9933
Huac Huas PEXX3065
Huac-Huas PEXX3066
Huaca PEXX9935
Huaca Grande PEXX1143
Huaca Huanusca PEXX7937
Huaca Puquio PEXX3067
Huaca Rumi PEXX1144
Huacaca PEXX5747
Huacache PEXX9936
Huacachi PEXX1145
Huacachiguero PEXX5748
Huacachipa PEXX3068
Huacahuachac PEXX1146
Huacaisiqui PEXX7938
Huacama PEXX3069
Huacamayo PEXX0213
Huacamis PEXX7939
Huacan PEXX5749
Huacana PEXX3070
Huacana PEXX5750
Huacap PEXX1147
Huacapampa PEXX9937
Huacapampa PEXX1148
Huacapampa PEXX9035
Huacapata PEXX3071
Huacapistana PEXX0214
Huacapuy PEXX5751
Huacarcia PEXX7940
Huacaschuque PEXX1150
Huacatambo PEXX1151
Huacaua PEXX3072
Huacay PEXX1152
Huacay PEXX5752
Huacayani PEXX3073
Huaccalluma PEXX7941
Huaccana PEXX7942
Huaccana PEXX3074
Huaccata PEXX3075
Huaccempampa PEXX3076
Huacchane PEXX5753
Huacchis PEXX1153
Huacco Ruma PEXX7943
Huaccota PEXX5754
Huaccoto PEXX3077
Huaccoto PEXX5755
Huaccuto PEXX3078
Huacgra Huacgra PEXX3079
Huach Hualla PEXX7944
Huachac PEXX1154
Huachag PEXX5756
Huachahuacha PEXX3080
Huachana PEXX5757
Huachhualla PEXX7945
Huachi Quechua PEXX1155
Huachihuayllo PEXX7946
Huachinga PEXX3081
Huachipa PEXX5758
Huachis PEXX1156
Huacho PEXX0039
Huacho PEXX1157
Huachoajasa PEXX3082
Huachochioc PEXX3083
Huachoco PEXX3084
Huachocolpa PEXX0216
Huachos PEXX0217
Huachuapampa PEXX3085
Huachuy PEXX5759
Huacjrahuilca PEXX3086
Huaclla Huayjo PEXX3087
Huaclla Punco PEXX5760
Huacllan PEXX1158
Huacllay PEXX5761
Huaclli PEXX7947
Huaco PEXX5762
Huaco Cocha PEXX1159
Huacollo PEXX7948
Huacon PEXX7949
Huacon-Pampa PEXX5763
Huacota PEXX5764
Huacoto PEXX7950
Huacoto PEXX5765
Huacracoto PEXX1160
Huacran PEXX1161
Huacrapi PEXX3089
Huacrooco PEXX5766
Huaculla PEXX3090
Huaculluyo PEXX5767
Huacuy PEXX1162
Huacuya PEXX3091
Huacuyo PEXX5768
Huagamullo PEXX9938
Huagapalca PEXX5769
Huagra Quichca PEXX3092
Huagrallane PEXX5770
Huagri PEXX5771
Huahuane PEXX5772
Huahuapuquio PEXX3093
Huahuas PEXX9036
Huahuin PEXX9037
Huaicarumi PEXX3094
Huaichau PEXX3095
Huaihua PEXX3096
Huaihuas PEXX3097
Huaija Huaijo PEXX3098
Huaijo Huasi PEXX7951
Huailla PEXX3099
Huaillabamba PEXX7952
Huaillac PEXX7953
Huaillacucho PEXX5773
Huaillapucro PEXX7954
Huaillati PEXX7955
Huainiache PEXX3100
Huaipon PEXX7956
Huairahuasi PEXX3101
Huairanga PEXX7957
Huaishcana PEXX1163
Huaito PEXX0219
Huajaja PEXX5774
Huajalla PEXX5775
Huajancho PEXX5776
Huajlos PEXX1164
Huajones PEXX3102
Huajoro PEXX3103
Huajoto PEXX3104
Huajra PEXX3105
Huajra Pata PEXX7958
Huajrahuate PEXX7959
Huajuma PEXX3106
Hualahuarcco PEXX3107
Hualahuarco PEXX3108
Hualalache PEXX7960
Hualango PEXX9038
Hualcan PEXX1165
Hualchanga PEXX3109
Hualgayoc PEXX9939
Hualhuash PEXX1166
Hualhuayoc PEXX1167
Hualla PEXX5777
Hualla PEXX3110
Hualla Chica PEXX0220
Hualla Pucro PEXX5778
Huallac PEXX1168
Huallaco PEXX5779
Huallaja PEXX5780
Huallamoco PEXX7961
Huallan PEXX1169
Huallanca PEXX3111
Huallanca PEXX1170
Huallanca PEXX7962
Huallancane PEXX3112
Huallane PEXX5781
Huallane Occo PEXX5782
Huallanocco PEXX5783
Huallapampa PEXX3113
Huallape PEXX1171
Huallapucro PEXX7963
Huallaquita PEXX3114
Huallay PEXX3115
Huallcapampa PEXX5784
Huallconta PEXX7964
Huallegan PEXX9940
Huallgua PEXX3116
Huallhua PEXX0221
Huallhuac PEXX7965
Huallhuac PEXX3118
Huallhuane PEXX5785
Huallhuasi PEXX3119
Huallhuay PEXX7966
Huallhuayoc PEXX7967
Hualli PEXX3120
Huallintan PEXX9039
Huallio PEXX7968
Huallme PEXX1172
Huallobamba PEXX1173
Huallocancha PEXX7969
Huallpahuasi PEXX3121
Huallpamayo PEXX7970
Huallpane PEXX5786
Huallucane PEXX3122
Huallullo PEXX5787
Hualluyoc PEXX5788
Hualshua PEXX3123
Huamaccaya PEXX5789
Huamaicca PEXX7971
Huamancate PEXX1174
Huamancay PEXX1175
Huamancayan PEXX1176
Huamanccasa PEXX7972
Huamanccasa PEXX3124
Huamancuri PEXX5790
Huamanguay PEXX1177
Huamanguilla PEXX3125
Huamanhuacho PEXX7973
Huamanhuanco PEXX1178
Huamanhuiri PEXX7974
Huamani Pata PEXX3126
Huamanirar PEXX7975
Huamanllacta PEXX5791
Huamanmarca PEXX3127
Huamanmillo PEXX7977
Huamanpampa PEXX3128
Huamanpata PEXX1179
Huamanquiquia PEXX0222
Huamanripa PEXX7978
Huamantirca PEXX5792
Huamanzana PEXX0223
Huamaraccasa PEXX7979
Huamas PEXX7980
Huamba PEXX1180
Huambacho Nuevo PEXX1181
Huambacho Viejo PEXX1182
Huambalpa PEXX3129
Huambara PEXX9941
Huambo PEXX3130
Huambo PEXX7981
Huambo PEXX1183
Huambo PEXX9040
Huambo PEXX5793
Huambo Musho PEXX1184
Huambos PEXX9942
Huamboy PEXX5794
Huamboya PEXX9041
Huambrimba PEXX5795
Huamburqui PEXX7982
Huami PEXX5796
Huampam PEXX9042
Huampo PEXX1185
Huampo PEXX7983
Huampo PEXX5797
Huampon PEXX7984
Huampu PEXX1186
Huampurmay PEXX1187
Huan Huash PEXX1188
Huana Sora PEXX5798
Huanabamba PEXX9043
Huanacalla PEXX5799
Huanacauri PEXX3131
Huanaccota PEXX5800
Huanaco PEXX3132
Huanacomarca PEXX3133
Huanacopampa PEXX7985
Huanaisirca PEXX7986
Huanajahua PEXX5801
Huanal PEXX5802
Huanamarca PEXX5803
Huanambo PEXX1189
Huanapalca PEXX5804
Huanatira PEXX5805
Huanayoc PEXX1190
Huanca PEXX1191
Huanca PEXX5806
Huanca PEXX9943
Huanca PEXX3134
Huanca PEXX7987
Huanca Huacho PEXX7988
Huanca Huanca PEXX3135
Huanca Huanca PEXX7989
Huanca Huasi PEXX1192
Huanca Pampa PEXX3136
Huanca Sancos PEXX3137
Huanca Santos PEXX3138
Huancabamba PEXX7990
Huancabamba PEXX0225
Huancachacra PEXX1193
Huancachata PEXX3140
Huancacollca PEXX3141
Huancalle PEXX3142
Huancallo PEXX7991
Huancalpa PEXX5807
Huancamara PEXX7992
Huancamuna PEXX1194
Huancana PEXX7993
Huancanayoc PEXX5808
Huancane PEXX7994
Huancane PEXX0226
Huancane PEXX5809
Huancanero PEXX9944
Huancani PEXX3143
Huancanicha PEXX3144
Huancano PEXX0227
Huancanpoco PEXX1195
Huancapallac PEXX0228
Huancapampa PEXX3145
Huancapata PEXX7995
Huancapi PEXX0229
Huancapuquio PEXX3146
Huancar Alto PEXX1196
Huancara PEXX3147
Huancarache PEXX5810
Huancarama PEXX5811
Huancarama PEXX0230
Huancarane PEXX0231
Huancarap PEXX1197
Huancaray PEXX0232
Huancaray PEXX3148
Huancaraylla PEXX3149
Huancarirca PEXX7998
Huancarire PEXX7999
Huancarire PEXX5812
Huancarlao PEXX5813
Huancarpiata PEXX3150
Huancarpon PEXX1198
Huancarpuquio PEXX8000
Huancarqui PEXX5814
Huancas PEXX8001
Huancas PEXX9044
Huancasea PEXX5815
Huancavelica PEXX0046
Huancayane PEXX5816
Huancayani PEXX5817
Huancayo PEXX8002
Huancayo PEXX0044
Huancayo PEXX1199
Huancayoc PEXX1200
Huanchaco PEXX0235
Huanchaquito PEXX1201
Huanchay PEXX0236
Huanchor PEXX8003
Huanchos PEXX3151
Huanchucha PEXX8004
Huanchuillo PEXX8005
Huanchulla PEXX8006
Huancor PEXX5818
Huancorane PEXX5819
Huancote PEXX1204
Huancra Huilca PEXX8007
Huancuato PEXX1205
Huando PEXX0237
Huandoval PEXX1206
Huandoy PEXX1207
Huanga Shanga PEXX9946
Huangamaca PEXX1208
Huangamarquilla PEXX9947
Huangane PEXX5821
Huangapampa PEXX9948
Huangarajte PEXX3152
Huangarilla PEXX9045
Huangashanga PEXX9949
Huanguillo PEXX9046
Huania PEXX1209
Huanicapampa PEXX3153
Huanioc PEXX5822
Huanipa PEXX8008
Huanipaca PEXX0238
Huanipayaurecc PEXX8009
Huanjo PEXX5823
Huanllapata PEXX8010
Huano Huano PEXX3154
Huanpuiri PEXX5824
Huanquere PEXX8011
Huanquin PEXX1210
Huanquine PEXX3155
Huanquipa PEXX3156
Huanri PEXX1211
Huanroc PEXX1212
Huanso PEXX5825
Huanta PEXX0239
Huanta Occo PEXX5826
Huantallon PEXX1213
Huantana PEXX8012
Huantapara PEXX0240
Huantar PEXX1214
Huantarmas PEXX1215
Huantaro PEXX1216
Huantaullo PEXX1217
Huantay PEXX5827
Huantayon PEXX1218
Huantorma PEXX1219
Huanu Huanu PEXX3157
Huanuara PEXX0224
Huanuca PEXX5828
Huanuco PEXX0035
Huanucucho PEXX3158
Huanuhuanu PEXX5829
Huanuhuara PEXX5830
Huanupampa PEXX3159
Huanutana PEXX5831
Huanya PEXX5832
Huanzo PEXX3160
Huapra PEXX1220
Huaquere PEXX8013
Huaquia PEXX1221
Huaquilla PEXX1222
Huaquion PEXX1223
Huaquirca PEXX8014
Huaquis PEXX1224
Huara PEXX5833
Huara Grande PEXX5834
Huara Huito PEXX5835
Huaraca Pampa PEXX3161
Huaracco PEXX3162
Huaracco Pata PEXX8015
Huaraccocco PEXX8016
Huaraccochayoc PEXX8017
Huaraccopata PEXX8018
Huaraccoyoc PEXX3163
Huaraco PEXX1225
Huaraco PEXX0242
Huaraco PEXX8019
Huaracocuto PEXX5836
Huaracone PEXX5837
Huaracopa PEXX8020
Huaracpampa PEXX1226
Huaracuran PEXX1227
Huaraiuito PEXX8021
Huaraja Pallja PEXX3164
Huarajo PEXX3165
Huarajo PEXX5838
Huarajo PEXX8022
Huarajo Huaijo PEXX3166
Huarajoccasa PEXX5839
Huarajuyoc PEXX5840
Huarajuyoc PEXX3167
Huaral PEXX0040
Huarallalla PEXX5841
Huarallane PEXX5842
Huarampampa PEXX8023
Huarampasi PEXX8024
Huarampuro PEXX1228
Huaran PEXX1229
Huaranca PEXX8025
Huarancallo PEXX1230
Huarancante PEXX5843
Huarancayoc PEXX1231
Huaranccayoc PEXX3168
Huarangal PEXX5844
Huarangal PEXX1232
Huarangal PEXX3169
Huarangal PEXX9047
Huarango PEXX5846
Huarango Pampa PEXX9950
Huarango Pata PEXX8026
Huarangopampa PEXX3170
Huaranguil PEXX5847
Huaranguillo PEXX5848
Huaranguillo PEXX3171
Huaranguillo PEXX9048
Huaranguitoyoc PEXX5849
Huaranhuay PEXX8027
Huaranhuma PEXX5850
Huaranpatay PEXX1233
Huaraquere PEXX8028
Huarasa PEXX3172
Huarasaca PEXX3173
Huarataca PEXX8029
Huaratina PEXX5851
Huarato PEXX0244
Huaray Huaray PEXX5852
Huaraya PEXX5853
Huaraya Pata PEXX5854
Huarayacce PEXX5855
Huarayane PEXX5856
Huaraylaca PEXX5857
Huarayocc PEXX3174
Huaraz PEXX1234
Huarca PEXX1235
Huarcao PEXX5858
Huarcas PEXX3175
Huarcaya PEXX3176
Huarcca PEXX3177
Huarco PEXX1236
Huarco Lucre PEXX8030
Huarcos PEXX1237
Huarcoyo PEXX8031
Huarecache PEXX5859
Huargo Pampa PEXX1238
Huarhua PEXX5860
Huarhua PEXX3178
Huarhuarco PEXX5861
Huari PEXX0245
Huari PEXX0246
Huaribamba PEXX8032
Huarichancara PEXX5862
Huariguro PEXX9951
Huario PEXX5863
Huaripampa PEXX1240
Huarjia PEXX5864
Huarmey PEXX1241
Huarnata PEXX5865
Huaroc PEXX9049
Huarochiri PEXX0247
Huarocondo PEXX0248
Huarocopata PEXX8033
Huarocoy PEXX8034
Huaroma PEXX1242
Huaros PEXX0249
Huarosimpa PEXX1243
Huaruchaca PEXX8035
Huaruna PEXX5866
Huarurune PEXX5867
Huaruyo PEXX5868
Huasacapo PEXX3179
Huasaccotana PEXX5869
Huasahuasi PEXX5870
Huasamayo PEXX0250
Huasamayoc PEXX5871
Huasanallanoco PEXX5872
Huasapampa PEXX3180
Huasapampa PEXX5873
Huasaquilla PEXX3181
Huasca PEXX5874
Huascapampa PEXX1244
Huascaran PEXX1245
Huascasala PEXX9050
Huascasca PEXX5875
Huascatay PEXX8036
Huasco PEXX3182
Huascoto PEXX3183
Huasgo PEXX1246
Huashaticra PEXX1247
Huashau PEXX1248
Huashca PEXX1249
Huashcapara PEXX1250
Huashcau PEXX1251
Huashcayan PEXX1252
Huashno PEXX9952
Huashuacasa PEXX3184
Huashuacha PEXX3185
Huashuachani PEXX5876
Huashualla PEXX3186
Huashuapujuna PEXX3187
Huasi Occo PEXX5877
Huasi Rupi PEXX9953
Huasinacha PEXX3188
Huasipampa PEXX8037
Huasipara PEXX8038
Huasipata PEXX3189
Huasipata PEXX9954
Huasipucro PEXX3190
Huasmin PEXX0251
Huaspec PEXX1253
Huasquicha PEXX8039
Huasquil PEXX1254
Huasta PEXX1255
Huastaca PEXX5879
Huata PEXX5880
Huata PEXX1256
Huata PEXX0252
Huata PEXX8040
Huata Occo PEXX5881
Huataca PEXX3191
Huatajocha PEXX3192
Huatani PEXX5882
Huatanosa PEXX3193
Huatanuma PEXX5883
Huataspampa PEXX1257
Huataya PEXX0253
Huatiapilla PEXX5884
Huatoruyo PEXX5885
Huaturo PEXX8041
Huatuscalla PEXX3194
Huauya PEXX1258
Huauyan PEXX1259
Huauyanga PEXX3195
Huay Haura PEXX3196
Huaya PEXX5886
Huayacan PEXX9956
Huayacocha PEXX1260
Huayahanga PEXX5887
Huayalla PEXX9957
Huayan PEXX0255
Huayana PEXX8042
Huayanan PEXX3197
Huayapon PEXX1261
Huayaso PEXX9958
Huaycahaopata PEXX8043
Huaycahuana PEXX8044
Huaycahuaycho PEXX3198
Huaycaya PEXX5888
Huayccellane PEXX5889
Huayccoase PEXX3199
Huaychahuaque PEXX5890
Huaychao PEXX8045
Huaychao PEXX3200
Huaychoco PEXX5891
Huaychumachay PEXX1262
Huaychupata PEXX8046
Huayco PEXX5892
Huaycotito PEXX9959
Huaycucho PEXX8047
Huayculla PEXX3201
Huaygohuasi PEXX3202
Huayhua Chana PEXX5893
Huayhuaca PEXX8048
Huayhuaccata PEXX3203
Huayhuacco PEXX3204
Huayhuachuma PEXX5894
Huayhuanca PEXX8049
Huayhuane PEXX3205
Huayhuantaya PEXX5895
Huayi PEXX1263
Huayjo Huasi PEXX3206
Huaylas PEXX0256
Huaylas PEXX3207
Huaylillos Chico PEXX1264
Huaylla PEXX3208
Huaylla Chimpa PEXX5896
Huaylla Pampa PEXX3209
Huaylla Pata PEXX3210
Huayllacayan PEXX0218
Huayllacha PEXX3212
Huayllacha PEXX5897
Huayllacho PEXX5898
Huayllacucho PEXX3213
Huayllahuara PEXX3214
Huayllahuarmi PEXX3215
Huayllampa PEXX3216
Huayllampo PEXX1265
Huayllane PEXX3217
Huayllane PEXX5899
Huayllani PEXX3218
Huayllanpata PEXX3219
Huayllaocco PEXX8051
Huayllapa PEXX1266
Huayllapampa PEXX8052
Huayllapampa PEXX5900
Huayllapampa PEXX1267
Huayllapata PEXX3220
Huayllapinto PEXX3221
Huayllapucro PEXX8054
Huayllaquita PEXX8055
Huayllaraccra PEXX8056
Huayllarane PEXX5901
Huayllarhuaycco PEXX3222
Huayllati PEXX8057
Huayllaura PEXX5902
Huayllaura PEXX3223
Huayllay PEXX0258
Huayllo PEXX8058
Huayllo PEXX1268
Huayllura PEXX5904
Huaynacotas PEXX5905
Huaynalen PEXX5906
Huaynamarca PEXX9961
Huaynioc PEXX8059
Huayo PEXX9962
Huayo PEXX3224
Huaypan PEXX1269
Huaypune PEXX5908
Huayraccasa PEXX3225
Huayramocco PEXX8060
Huayrana PEXX3226
Huayranca PEXX5909
Huayrapata PEXX3227
Huayrapata PEXX8061
Huayras PEXX8062
Huayraticra PEXX9051
Huayrinca PEXX3228
Huayrorupashga PEXX1270
Huayrurumi PEXX5910
Huayta Huerta PEXX3229
Huaytane PEXX5911
Huaytapalca PEXX5912
Huaytapampa PEXX5913
Huaytapata PEXX5914
Huaytara PEXX0260
Huaytara PEXX8063
Huaytulla PEXX3230
Huayup PEXX1271
Huayure PEXX8064
Huayurune PEXX5915
Huccha PEXX5916
Hucchar PEXX5917
Huchapata PEXX8065
Huchara PEXX5918
Hueco PEXX1272
Hueco Grande PEXX9963
Huejro Pampa PEXX3231
Huellap PEXX1273
Huellapo PEXX1274
Huepesh PEXX1275
Huequeron PEXX1276
Huequesh PEXX1277
Huerta PEXX5919
Huerta PEXX0261
Huerta Cancha PEXX5920
Huertacaca PEXX5921
Huertahuayjo PEXX3232
Huertas PEXX9964
Huertas PEXX1278
Hueylla PEXX1279
Huicana PEXX3233
Huicchuna PEXX5922
Huicco PEXX8066
Huiccoc PEXX3234
Huiccocho PEXX3235
Huich-Huiri PEXX5923
Huichay PEXX1280
Huichihua PEXX8067
Huichincalla PEXX3236
Huichinga PEXX3237
Huicho PEXX5924
Huicho PEXX3238
Huichucancha PEXX8068
Huicoshpachan PEXX1281
Huicsi PEXX3239
Huicso PEXX1282
Huicullo PEXX3240
Huijip PEXX1283
Huijopampa PEXX3241
Huila Huila PEXX5925
Huilaccacca PEXX5926
Huilachanca PEXX5927
Huilaconcore PEXX5928
Huilacucho PEXX5929
Huilahuaraya PEXX5930
Huilasaya PEXX5931
Huilauro PEXX3242
Huilayacce PEXX5932
Huilca PEXX3243
Huilcacollo PEXX8069
Huilcana PEXX5933
Huilcane PEXX5934
Huilcaya PEXX3244
Huilculo PEXX3245
Huilla PEXX5935
Huillac PEXX1284
Huillaoco PEXX5936
Huillatambo PEXX3246
Huillcaihua PEXX8070
Huilluchupa PEXX5937
Huilluco PEXX5938
Huilluma PEXX5939
Huiloma PEXX3247
Huilqui PEXX3248
Huilsca PEXX9965
Huiluma PEXX5940
Huiluyo PEXX5941
Huinac PEXX1285
Huinanquire PEXX5942
Huincaya PEXX5943
Huincayllo PEXX5944
Huinches PEXX3249
Huincho PEXX3250
Huinchos PEXX8071
Huinchu PEXX8072
Huinchuclo PEXX3251
Huinco PEXX5945
Huincocau PEXX5946
Huincon PEXX1287
Huincup PEXX1288
Huincuruta PEXX5947
Huininguiri PEXX5948
Huinllo PEXX5949
Huinton PEXX8073
Huinvilca PEXX5950
Huiquil PEXX9052
Huirabamba PEXX8074
Huiracochan PEXX8075
Huirapampa PEXX3252
Huiruipagna PEXX3253
Huirunay PEXX8076
Huiruro PEXX5951
Huisalluyo PEXX5952
Huisca PEXX3254
Huisca Chacra PEXX1289
Huisca Huayoc PEXX3255
Huisca Orco PEXX5953
Huiscaccocha PEXX3256
Huiscachani PEXX5954
Huiscajasa PEXX3257
Huischunizo PEXX3258
Huisco PEXX1290
Huiscurpampa PEXX1291
Huishcapampa PEXX1292
Huishllacpampa PEXX1293
Huishoro PEXX5955
Huishuina PEXX3259
Huishuipampa PEXX5956
Huisiapuco PEXX5957
Huisipara PEXX5958
Huisjo PEXX3260
Huislay PEXX1294
Huitco PEXX1295
Huito PEXX8077
Huito PEXX3261
Huito PEXX5959
Huitopicho PEXX5960
Huitoto PEXX5961
Huituhuasi PEXX5962
Huituto PEXX5963
Huiyash PEXX1296
Hujuyo PEXX5964
Huma Sana PEXX5965
Humacala PEXX5966
Humaccala PEXX5967
Humajala PEXX5968
Humala PEXX5969
Humanilla PEXX3262
Humanripa PEXX3263
Humapalca PEXX8078
Humaracce PEXX5970
Humaroco PEXX5971
Humarutana PEXX5972
Humaruyo PEXX5973
Humasi PEXX3264
Humauro PEXX5974
Humay PEXX0262
Humpaica PEXX5975
Humuito PEXX8079
Hunahuatana PEXX3265
Huncaya PEXX8080
Hunter PEXX5976
Hupana PEXX5977
Huranmarca PEXX8081
Hurasara PEXX5978
Huripercca PEXX3266
Husjucancha PEXX3267
Husuiniso PEXX3268
Huyllane PEXX3269
Huypara PEXX8082
Huyshuta PEXX5979
Iallmine PEXX5980
Iamcita PEXX9053
Ibarrapampa PEXX5981
Iberia PEXX5982
Ibias PEXX3270
Ica PEXX0009
Icatita PEXX3271
Icchuurcco PEXX8083
Ichic Huaylas PEXX1297
Ichic Peras PEXX1298
Ichichuanuco PEXX1299
Ichirana PEXX5983
Ichoca PEXX1300
Ichocahua PEXX5984
Ichocan PEXX9966
Ichocollo PEXX5985
Ichojollo PEXX5986
Ichubamba PEXX3272
Ichucana PEXX5987
Ichucruz PEXX3273
Ichumayo PEXX8084
Ichun PEXX1301
Ichupampa PEXX5988
Ichupampa PEXX3274
Ichuparco PEXX3275
Ichupata PEXX8085
Ichupucro PEXX3276
Ichuraya PEXX5989
Ichurita PEXX5990
Ichuruta PEXX5991
Ichurutuna PEXX3277
Ichusuyo PEXX5992
Ichutana PEXX5993
Idolo PEXX9967
Iglesia Huasi PEXX3278
Iglesia Mocco PEXX5994
Iglisuyo PEXX5995
Igmata PEXX5996
Igosnioc PEXX5997
Igospampa PEXX3279
Ilcococha PEXX3280
Illabamba PEXX9054
Illacha PEXX3281
Illachayoc PEXX8086
Illachayoc PEXX3282
Illahuasi PEXX3283
Illahuasi PEXX1302
Illahuasi PEXX8087
Illapacancha PEXX8088
Illapampa PEXX3284
Illapascca PEXX3285
Illapata PEXX3286
Illarumiccata PEXX3287
Illaura PEXX3288
Illayoj Huasi PEXX8089
Illcay PEXX3289
Illgay PEXX3290
Illigua PEXX5998
Illihuaya Chico PEXX5999
Illihuaya Grande PEXX6000
Illimo PEXX0264
Illio PEXX8090
Illuca PEXX9968
Illuta PEXX6001
Ilo PEXX0048
Ilpailpa PEXX6002
Ilustuyo PEXX6003
Imahuay PEXX3291
Imata PEXX0267
Imoca PEXX3292
Inambari PEXX0266
Inapata PEXX6004
Inca Pincullone PEXX8091
Incacancha PEXX3293
Incahuasi PEXX8092
Incamaqui PEXX3295
Incan de Huayco PEXX9055
Incapampa PEXX3296
Incapirja PEXX6005
Incarajay PEXX8093
Incaya PEXX1303
Inccancha PEXX3297
Inchispampa PEXX8094
Inchupalla PEXX0268
Inclan PEXX6006
Incuyo PEXX3298
Incuyo PEXX6007
Independencia PEXX0269
India Muerta PEXX6008
Indio Muerto PEXX6009
Indio Nashipa PEXX9056
Indio Nayami PEXX9057
Indio Zenobio PEXX9058
Indios PEXX9059
Infernillo PEXX6010
Infiernillo PEXX6011
Infiernillo PEXX9969
Ingatambo PEXX9970
Ingenio PEXX1304
Ingenio PEXX8095
Ingenio PEXX9060
Ingenio Viejo PEXX1305
Ingles PEXX8096
Inguer PEXX9971
Inguilpata PEXX9061
Inguino PEXX8097
Inguro PEXX9972
Inqui PEXX3299
Intihuatana PEXX3300
Inuhuani PEXX3301
Ipara PEXX3302
Ipina PEXX6012
Iquin Pahuas PEXX1306
Iquipi PEXX6013
Iquitos PEXX0010
Irachamoc PEXX8098
Iran PEXX1307
Irapata PEXX8099
Iray PEXX6014
Ircahuay PEXX1308
Irhua PEXX1309
Irhuaya PEXX6015
Iropucro PEXX6016
Iructa PEXX3303
Irullallahua PEXX6018
Irupampa PEXX6019
Irupata PEXX6020
Irupujo PEXX6021
Iscahuaijo PEXX3304
Iscay Cruz PEXX3305
Iscaycacha PEXX6022
Iscaycancha PEXX6023
Iscaycocha PEXX3306
Iscayhuanca PEXX8100
Iscayocco PEXX6024
Ischujahua PEXX8101
Isco PEXX3307
Isco Pata PEXX1310
Iscomalca PEXX9973
Iscu Rumi PEXX3308
Iscuchaca PEXX9063
Iscucucho PEXX6025
Iscupampa PEXX1311
Ishana PEXX9064
Ishua PEXX3309
Isiccocha PEXX3310
Isjana PEXX3311
Isjana PEXX8102
Isla PEXX6026
Islay PEXX0271
Islayhuasi PEXX6027
Ismayjoto PEXX3313
Isocoto PEXX1312
Ispaca PEXX6028
Ispacas PEXX6029
Ispacca PEXX3314
Itac PEXX6030
Itana PEXX3315
Itanama PEXX9974
Itocasi PEXX6031
Itushi PEXX6032
Ivinoc PEXX1313
Jaboncillo PEXX6033
Jaboneria PEXX3316
Jaca Huasi PEXX1314
Jacayural PEXX1315
Jaccahuasi PEXX3317
Jacce PEXX6034
Jachapujro PEXX6035
Jachatira PEXX6036
Jachcaroma PEXX3318
Jachicala PEXX6037
Jachiri Pampa PEXX3319
Jachiri Potrero PEXX3320
Jachuma PEXX6038
Jachuy PEXX6039
Jacos PEXX9975
Jacoso PEXX6040
Jactay PEXX1316
Jacyac PEXX6041
Jaen PEXX9976
Jagahuara PEXX1317
Jagua PEXX1318
Jaguay PEXX6042
Jaguaysenca PEXX6043
Jaguey PEXX6044
Jahuaccocha PEXX1319
Jahuanga PEXX9065
Jahuanhuire PEXX8103
Jahuay PEXX6045
Jahuica PEXX6046
Jahuilca PEXX3321
Jahuina PEXX3322
Jaigua Baja PEXX1320
Jaihuiche PEXX6047
Jaja PEXX9066
Jajacorral PEXX8104
Jajahueco PEXX6048
Jajamarca PEXX3323
Jajaya PEXX3324
Jajuani PEXX6049
Jala Orjo PEXX3325
Jalachupa PEXX3326
Jalacpampa PEXX3327
Jalajala PEXX6050
Jalamoco PEXX3328
Jalapampa PEXX3329
Jalaro PEXX6051
Jalcapampa PEXX9977
Jallac PEXX3330
Jallmine PEXX6052
Jallo PEXX3331
Jallojo PEXX8105
Jallolliguacucho PEXX3332
Jallpapata PEXX8106
Jallua PEXX6053
Jallune PEXX6054
Jalun-Orco PEXX3333
Jamache PEXX3334
Jamalca PEXX0272
Jana Sura PEXX3335
Jana Tarccacca PEXX8107
Janapuquio PEXX3336
Jancaja PEXX6055
Jancala PEXX9978
Jancamilla PEXX6056
Janchapara PEXX6057
Janchijasa PEXX3337
Janchis PEXX3338
Janchisconcha PEXX3339
Janco Amani PEXX6058
Jancoa PEXX8108
Jancoccota PEXX6059
Jancococha PEXX6060
Jancojahua PEXX6061
Jancore PEXX6062
Jancullo PEXX6063
Jangas PEXX1321
Janjana PEXX3340
Janjaocucho PEXX3341
Janone PEXX3342
Janque PEXX1322
Jantina PEXX6064
Jantune PEXX3343
Japacca PEXX8109
Japllac PEXX8110
Japo PEXX6065
Japoocco PEXX6066
Japu PEXX6067
Japumala PEXX6068
Japupata PEXX8111
Japusura PEXX6069
Japuta PEXX3344
Japutame PEXX6070
Japutana PEXX6071
Japutane PEXX6072
Jaquay Grande PEXX6073
Jaqui PEXX6074
Jaquina PEXX6075
Jaquire PEXX8112
Jarachacra PEXX1323
Jarachahuaca PEXX3345
Jarahuanca PEXX3346
Jarajali PEXX6076
Jarampa PEXX6077
Jaran PEXX6078
Jarana PEXX6079
Jararanca PEXX6080
Jarasuco PEXX1324
Jardin Sacaco PEXX6081
Jarhuajata PEXX3347
Jarhuarcco PEXX3348
Jarhuay PEXX3349
Jarhuayacu PEXX3350
Jarin PEXX3351
Jarocllo PEXX6082
Jarpa PEXX0273
Jasahuasi PEXX3352
Jasanca PEXX3353
Jasanjay PEXX3354
Jasapata PEXX8113
Jatahua PEXX8114
Jatarana PEXX6083
Jatum Huerta PEXX3355
Jatumpampa PEXX8115
Jatun Chapi PEXX6084
Jatun Conina PEXX6085
Jatun Iscu PEXX1325
Jatun Jarhuay PEXX3356
Jatun Marco PEXX3357
Jatun Orcochiri PEXX6086
Jatun Pampa PEXX3358
Jatun Pucro PEXX8116
Jatun Pununa PEXX6087
Jatun Rumi PEXX3359
Jatun Zapato PEXX6088
Jatunccasa PEXX8117
Jatunccuayccoc PEXX6089
Jatuncondire PEXX6090
Jatunhuasi PEXX3360
Jatunmocco PEXX6091
Jatunojo PEXX3361
Jatunsora PEXX8118
Jatuntranca PEXX3362
Jatupata PEXX8119
Jatuyoc PEXX6092
Jauja PEXX0043
Jaurillane PEXX6093
Jauro PEXX3363
Jautapampa PEXX3364
Jayalli PEXX6094
Jayan Cancha PEXX1326
Jayarane PEXX6095
Jayco PEXX6096
Jayhuiri PEXX6097
Jayo Chico PEXX6098
Jayuma PEXX6099
Jayune PEXX6100
Jayuni PEXX6101
Jayunuma PEXX6102
Jayutira PEXX6103
Jebil PEXX9067
Jecanca PEXX1327
Jecanga PEXX1328
Jechalle PEXX6104
Jechimcha PEXX6105
Jechjaypampa PEXX3365
Jegay PEXX1329
Jehue PEXX3366
Jeljata PEXX6106
Jellaccha PEXX3367
Jello PEXX3368
Jello Huasi PEXX8120
Jello Jello PEXX6107
Jello Pata PEXX8121
Jellocoise PEXX8122
Jellohuasi PEXX3369
Jellopata PEXX3370
Jellua Jocha PEXX8123
Jelluyhuayjo PEXX3371
Jelpuyo PEXX6108
Jenay PEXX3372
Jengohuase PEXX3373
Jenhua PEXX8124
Jenhua Jocha PEXX3374
Jenhuapata PEXX3375
Jenta PEXX3376
Jenua PEXX8125
Jepahuasi PEXX3377
Jeracro PEXX3378
Jerenda PEXX6109
Jes-Hue PEXX8126
Jeshua PEXX8127
Jesjenioc PEXX8128
Jesus PEXX9979
Jesus PEXX6110
Jesus Maria PEXX8129
Jetnayapata PEXX3379
Jeulla PEXX3380
Jibillos PEXX3381
Jichcorral PEXX8130
Jichua PEXX3382
Jigos Pucro PEXX3383
Jihuane PEXX3384
Jilla Jilla PEXX6111
Jimbe PEXX0275
Jimenez Banda PEXX9068
Jimpalla PEXX3385
Jinbue Pampa PEXX3386
Jines PEXX9069
Jirapata PEXX3387
Jirca Cancha PEXX1330
Jirias PEXX1331
Jirpihuani PEXX3388
Jiruicha PEXX3389
Jitara PEXX3390
Jocana PEXX1332
Jocca PEXX6112
Joccarina PEXX8131
Joccena PEXX6113
Jocha PEXX3391
Jochacalla PEXX8132
Jochajocha PEXX3392
Jochapampa PEXX6114
Jochapampa PEXX3393
Jochapampa PEXX8133
Jochapata PEXX3394
Jochapuma PEXX3395
Jochupucro PEXX8134
Jojoncca PEXX6115
Jojua PEXX8135
Joka PEXX6116
Jolchuscha PEXX3396
Jollpa PEXX3397
Jollpacucho PEXX3398
Jollpani PEXX6117
Jollpas PEXX3399
Jolpapalca PEXX6118
Jolque PEXX6119
Joma PEXX6120
Jonac PEXX8136
Jonash PEXX1333
Jonay PEXX6121
Jonoruni PEXX3400
Jopa PEXX1334
Jopalloja PEXX3401
Jorcon Cancha PEXX1335
Jorge Chavez PEXX1336
Jorianan PEXX3402
Joriraya PEXX8137
Jornada PEXX3403
Jornada Pampa PEXX6122
Jorobamba PEXX9070
Jose Paccari PEXX3404
Josefita PEXX6123
Joshjapampa PEXX3405
Josjosa PEXX3406
Jota Huati PEXX3407
Jotahuani PEXX8138
Jotaquite PEXX8139
Jotjolla PEXX3408
Jotjote PEXX6124
Joto Marca PEXX8140
Jotomolle PEXX3409
Jotopuquio PEXX3410
Joya PEXX9072
Joyama PEXX3411
Joymi PEXX3412
Joyo PEXX3413
Joypana PEXX3414
Juan Diaz PEXX9980
Juan Flores PEXX9981
Juanjui PEXX0028
Juano Juano PEXX3415
Jube PEXX9982
Jucho PEXX3416
Juchu PEXX6125
Jugo PEXX9073
Juitococha PEXX1337
Jujumayo PEXX6126
Julca PEXX1338
Julcatambo PEXX0277
Juliaca PEXX0049
Jullalli Chico PEXX6127
Jullana PEXX3417
Jullo PEXX8141
Jullpahuasi PEXX3418
Jullucasa PEXX6128
Jullurmana PEXX3419
Julquillas PEXX1339
Jumbilla PEXX0279
Junane PEXX3420
Junimata PEXX6129
Junin PEXX0280
Junin PEXX6130
Juntas PEXX9074
Juntotana PEXX6131
Juque PEXX9983
Jurado PEXX3421
Jurahuina PEXX3422
Jurajaca PEXX3423
Jurnuyoc PEXX1340
Juro Changara PEXX6132
Juta PEXX8142
Jutachina PEXX6133
Jutanchipampa PEXX3424
Jutca PEXX3425
Jutupata PEXX8143
Juypon PEXX1341
Juyuqui PEXX8144
Kajilla PEXX3426
Kakencolla PEXX6134
Kamish PEXX9984
Kcaira-Pampa PEXX6135
Kcoyajo PEXX6136
Kello PEXX8145
Kencho PEXX6137
Kenco Ccasa PEXX0281
Kenjollo PEXX6138
Killocona PEXX6139
Kinsachata PEXX6140
Kinsahuarane PEXX6141
Kishuara PEXX8146
Kopapampa PEXX8147
Kucuaza PEXX9075
La Aguada PEXX3427
La Aguada PEXX1342
La Aguita PEXX9985
La Andina PEXX8148
La Angostura PEXX6143
La Apacheta PEXX6144
La Arenita PEXX9986
La Ayanquera PEXX6145
La Banda PEXX6146
La Barbacoa PEXX1343
La Barranca PEXX6147
La Barreda PEXX6148
La Bella Union PEXX6149
La Bocana PEXX0282
La Bodega PEXX6151
La Boquita PEXX1344
La Buena Suerte PEXX6152
La Cabra PEXX9076
La Calera PEXX6153
La Caleta PEXX6154
La Campina PEXX1346
La Cangana PEXX3428
La Cano PEXX6155
La Cantera PEXX6156
La Capilla PEXX1347
La Capilla PEXX8149
La Capilla PEXX0283
La Capilla PEXX9987
La Capilla PEXX6158
La Carpa PEXX9988
La Castillo PEXX6160
La Cebada PEXX9989
La Cental PEXX9990
La Centinela PEXX6161
La Cerma PEXX9991
La Chalco PEXX6162
La Chapa PEXX9992
La Charpa PEXX3429
La Charpa PEXX6163
La Chimiba PEXX6164
La Clara PEXX9993
La Coca PEXX9077
La Cocha PEXX9994
La Coipa PEXX9995
La Confradia PEXX6165
La Conga PEXX9996
La Corona PEXX9997
La Cosio PEXX6166
La Cruz PEXX1348
La Cruz del Gato PEXX9998
La Cueva PEXX9999
La Cumbre PEXX1349
La Curva PEXX6168
La Curva PEXX3430
La Deheza PEXX6169
La Deza PEXX6170
La Empedrada PEXX1350
La Encanada PEXX6171
La Encanada PEXX0284
La Esmeralda PEXX0207
La Esperanza PEXX0285
La Esperanza PEXX1351
La Estaca PEXX1352
La Fila PEXX9078
La Florida PEXX8150
La Florida PEXX9079
La Granja PEXX8151
La Hacienda PEXX1353
La Horca PEXX6176
La Hoyada PEXX1354
La Huaca PEXX6177
La Huaca PEXX0286
La Huaca PEXX1355
La Huanguera PEXX9080
La Huarca PEXX6178
La Ibanez PEXX6179
La Iguana PEXX9081
La Irrigacion PEXX6180
La Isla PEXX6181
La Jalca PEXX9082
La Joya PEXX0287
La Laguna PEXX8152
La Laguna PEXX1356
La Laja Hacienda PEXX6183
La Legua PEXX6184
La Libertad PEXX6185
La Libertad PEXX9083
La Lloclla PEXX6186
La Lloza PEXX6187
La Loja PEXX9084
La Maquine PEXX1357
La Merced PEXX1358
La Merced PEXX3431
La Mesa PEXX6188
La Mina PEXX6189
La Miseria PEXX6190
La Mora PEXX1359
La Morante PEXX6191
La Oroya PEXX0045
La Palma PEXX1360
La Pampa PEXX6193
La Pampa PEXX1361
La Pampilla PEXX6194
La Pascana PEXX6195
La Patera PEXX6196
La Peca PEXX9085
La Pena PEXX6197
La Perla PEXX9086
La Pirca PEXX9087
La Planchada PEXX6198
La Playa PEXX9088
La Ponderosa PEXX1362
La Posa PEXX6199
La Punta PEXX6200
La Puntilla PEXX9089
La Puntilla PEXX6201
La Quebrada PEXX6202
La Quina PEXX3432
La Ramada PEXX6203
La Retama PEXX9090
La Rinconada PEXX6204
La Salada PEXX6205
La Sierpe PEXX6206
La Sorda PEXX6207
La Tabla PEXX9091
La Tasta PEXX6208
La Toma PEXX1363
La Tomilla PEXX6209
La Tranca PEXX9092
La Travada PEXX6210
La Union PEXX1364
La Union PEXX9093
La Versalla PEXX9094
La Victoria PEXX1365
La Victoria PEXX9095
La Victoria PEXX6211
La Vina PEXX1366
La Yapana PEXX0289
La Yesera PEXX6214
La Yunguilla PEXX9096
La Yunta PEXX6215
La Zorra PEXX1367
Labor PEXX1368
Labramani PEXX3433
Labrapuquio PEXX6216
Lacabamba PEXX1369
Lacacache PEXX6217
Lacaitira PEXX6218
Lacalla PEXX3434
Lacaya PEXX3435
Lacaycasa PEXX6219
Lacaymarca PEXX8153
Lacaymayo PEXX6220
Lacaytira PEXX6221
Lacchas PEXX1370
Laccoco PEXX6222
Laccora PEXX3436
Lachaca PEXX6223
Lachaqui PEXX0290
Lachiguas PEXX1371
Lachocmayo PEXX3437
Lachuclla PEXX6224
Lachuhuani PEXX6225
Lacinia PEXX8154
Lacmaigrande PEXX6226
Lacra PEXX6227
Lacrahunca PEXX6228
Lacramarca PEXX0291
Lacrapara PEXX1372
Lacrapucro PEXX8155
Lacrimpa PEXX6229
Lacsapampa PEXX1373
Lacuoco PEXX6230
Lacuyo PEXX6231
Ladera del Norte PEXX1374
Laerutana PEXX6232
Lagma PEXX6233
Lagrampampa PEXX6234
Laguna PEXX1375
Laguna PEXX9097
Laguna El Pato PEXX9098
Laguna Grande PEXX0292
Lagunilla PEXX3438
Lahua Lahua PEXX8156
Lahuaccenia PEXX8157
Lahuaccenta PEXX8158
Lahualahua PEXX8159
Lahuanqui PEXX8160
Laihuire PEXX6235
Laiminja PEXX3439
Laitarumi PEXX6236
Lajore PEXX6237
Lajtu Cancha PEXX1376
Lalaja PEXX3440
Lama Mayo PEXX6238
Lamas PEXX0293
Lamay Pampa PEXX8161
Lambayeque PEXX0294
Lamblamayo PEXX8162
Lamblas PEXX3441
Lambrama PEXX0295
Lambras Monte PEXX3442
Lambras Puquio PEXX8163
Lambrasnioc PEXX3443
Lambrasnioj PEXX3444
Lambraspata PEXX8164
Lambraspuquio PEXX3445
Lampa PEXX0296
Lampa PEXX3446
Lampanin PEXX1377
Lampas PEXX1378
Lampaya PEXX3447
Lampi PEXX1379
Lampilla PEXX6239
Lamud PEXX9099
Lanbrama PEXX8165
Lancani PEXX3448
Lancarolla PEXX6240
Lancarpi PEXX6241
Lanche PEXX9100
Languiri PEXX3449
Lapalaca PEXX6242
Laputana PEXX6243
Lara PEXX6244
Larahuito PEXX6245
Laramaro PEXX8166
Laramate PEXX0297
Larameta PEXX6246
Larampuquio PEXX3451
Laraos PEXX0298
Larata PEXX8167
Larata PEXX6247
Laraycho PEXX6248
Larca PEXX6249
Larcapa PEXX3452
Larccacata PEXX6250
Larea PEXX1380
Lari PEXX6251
Larillacucho PEXX8168
Las Aguadas PEXX6252
Las Cabras PEXX1381
Las Calaveritas PEXX6253
Las Caseras PEXX6254
Las Chacras PEXX3453
Las Chavez PEXX9101
Las Conchas PEXX6255
Las Cruces PEXX1382
Las Cruces PEXX6256
Las Escobas PEXX9102
Las Flores PEXX9103
Las Higueritas PEXX6257
Las Huertas PEXX6258
Las Ineas PEXX9104
Las Islas PEXX6259
Las Laderas PEXX6260
Las Lomas PEXX0299
Las Menores PEXX6261
Las Mercedes PEXX3454
Las Minas PEXX6262
Las Minas PEXX2291
Las Naranjas PEXX9106
Las Pampitas PEXX6263
Las Penas PEXX6264
Las Piedras PEXX0411
Las Pircas PEXX9107
Las Tapias PEXX3455
Las Trancas PEXX6265
Latahuay PEXX8169
Latiguena PEXX6267
Latoma PEXX6268
Lauje PEXX3456
Lauman PEXX9108
Laupay PEXX3457
Laupay PEXX8170
Laura PEXX6269
Laurana PEXX6270
Lavadero Secseca PEXX3458
Lavaderos PEXX3459
Lavandero PEXX1383
Layampampa PEXX8171
Layan PEXX8172
Layanpata PEXX8173
Laycuna PEXX6271
Laymine PEXX8174
Layo PEXX3460
Layo PEXX6272
Layuntacucho PEXX6273
Lecambe PEXX3461
Leccesire PEXX6274
Lecheral Alto PEXX1384
Lecheria PEXX6275
Lecleca PEXX6276
Leclecayoc PEXX8175
Lecleja PEXX3462
Leclesh PEXX1385
Lehuine PEXX6277
Lejoja PEXX3463
Len PEXX6278
Lentataque PEXX6279
Leon Pampa PEXX6280
Lepechille PEXX6281
Lerjona PEXX3464
Leticia PEXX9109
Levanto PEXX9110
Levantuyoc PEXX8176
Levapucro PEXX3465
Leymebamba PEXX9111
Licapa PEXX3466
Licchivilca PEXX8177
Lichospampa PEXX1386
Licincha PEXX9112
Lima PEXX0011
Lima PEXX6282
Lima Bamba PEXX9113
Lima Cota PEXX6283
Lima Huire PEXX6284
Limacota PEXX6285
Limahuiri PEXX6286
Limapampa PEXX6287
Limatambo PEXX0301
Limatambo PEXX9114
Limena PEXX1387
Limon PEXX9115
Limon Grande PEXX9116
Limon Yacu Alto PEXX9117
Limon Yacu Bajo PEXX9118
Limoncillo PEXX3467
Limoncillo PEXX9119
Limones PEXX9120
Limonyacu Alto PEXX9121
Limpin PEXX1388
Lindamachay PEXX3468
Linderopata PEXX3469
Linliyoc PEXX8178
Linqui PEXX6288
Lipa PEXX6289
Liquirca PEXX6290
Lircay PEXX0302
Lirio PEXX8179
Lirio Pata PEXX3470
Lirpanga PEXX3471
Lisahuajche PEXX3472
Lisera PEXX6291
Litan Pampa PEXX8180
Liza PEXX6292
Llabaya PEXX0303
Llac Huarma PEXX3473
Llacahuanca PEXX1389
Llacanora PEXX0304
Llacas PEXX0306
Llacclle PEXX6293
Llaccua PEXX3474
Llachas PEXX6294
Llaclla PEXX0305
Llacllac PEXX1390
Llacllin PEXX1391
Llacmapampa PEXX6296
Llacmapucro PEXX1392
Llacnapucro PEXX1393
Llacolla PEXX3475
Llacsho PEXX1394
Llacta PEXX1395
Llactabamba PEXX8181
Llactaccasa PEXX6297
Llactacha PEXX3476
Llactacunca PEXX8182
Llactahua PEXX8183
Llactahuasi PEXX6298
Llactahue PEXX8184
Llactani PEXX3477
Llactapampa PEXX9122
Llactarqui PEXX8185
Llactatuyo PEXX6299
Llactauran PEXX3479
Llacto PEXX6300
Llacto Huiri PEXX6301
Llactovire PEXX6302
Llactu PEXX6303
Llactuchayoc PEXX3480
Llactus PEXX1396
Lladquiri PEXX8186
Llahuac PEXX1397
Llahuancho PEXX3481
Llahuane PEXX8187
Llahuayoc PEXX6304
Llahuin PEXX1398
Llahuispa PEXX3482
Llaico PEXX6305
Llajua PEXX3483
Llajuapampa PEXX3484
Llallahue PEXX6306
Llallahui PEXX3485
Llallahui PEXX6307
Llallapampa PEXX6308
Llallihua PEXX6309
Llama PEXX1399
Llama Cancha PEXX1400
Llama Huashan PEXX1401
Llama Huasi PEXX3486
Llama Rumi PEXX1402
Llamac PEXX1403
Llamachupan PEXX1404
Llamacorral PEXX8188
Llamahuilca PEXX3487
Llamarumi PEXX8189
Llamarumioc PEXX8190
Llamaso PEXX3488
Llamayso PEXX3489
Llamellin PEXX0307
Llaminuyoc PEXX6310
Llamlla PEXX3490
Llamllo PEXX3491
Llamoc PEXX1405
Llampa PEXX1406
Llampopampa PEXX3492
Llanca PEXX6311
Llanca PEXX1407
Llancara PEXX3493
Llanganuco PEXX1408
Llango PEXX6312
Llanjay PEXX3494
Llanqui PEXX1409
Llantallaccta PEXX3495
Llantapallana PEXX3496
Llantapata PEXX8191
Llapa Collo PEXX6313
Llapacasa PEXX6314
Llapahuasi PEXX6315
Llapallapa PEXX6316
Llapanhuyo PEXX6317
Llapapata PEXX3497
Llapatera PEXX6318
Llapatira PEXX6319
Llapayanahuara PEXX6320
Llapcheclla PEXX6321
Llapo PEXX1410
Llapuma PEXX6322
Llaspapampa PEXX3498
Llatacca PEXX6323
Llatica PEXX6324
Llato PEXX6325
Llatuyo PEXX6326
Llauce PEXX6327
Llaullap PEXX1411
Llaullipata PEXX8192
Llauragra PEXX1412
Llausa PEXX3499
Llauta PEXX3500
Llautucocha PEXX3501
Llave PEXX0308
Llavepampa PEXX6328
Llavisca PEXX6329
Llaype PEXX1413
Llecclle PEXX1414
Llehuacucho PEXX3502
Llehuecclla PEXX3503
Llifllisja PEXX6330
Llihapampa PEXX3504
Llihua Corral PEXX3505
Llimpamacay PEXX1415
Llinquihuiri PEXX6331
Llipa PEXX1416
Llipa PEXX3506
Lliplipa PEXX1417
Llipta PEXX1418
Llirccona PEXX3507
Lliuja PEXX3508
Llmonyacu PEXX9124
Llocalla PEXX3509
Llocce PEXX8193
Llocceta PEXX6332
Lloccopunto PEXX3510
Llocllasca PEXX6333
Llocllasja PEXX3511
Llocllata PEXX3512
Lloco-Iloco PEXX8194
Llocococha PEXX6334
Llojeoj PEXX3513
Llojepata PEXX8195
Llojepata PEXX3514
Llojeta PEXX6335
Llojllay PEXX1419
Llojoita PEXX6336
Llonchiqui PEXX3515
Llongasora PEXX6337
Lloque Lloque PEXX6338
Lloquepampa PEXX3516
Lloquepata PEXX3517
Lloqueta PEXX6339
Llotarane PEXX6340
Lluchaojo PEXX6341
Lluchcanta PEXX3518
Lluclla PEXX6342
Lluclluc PEXX1420
Lluco PEXX1421
Lluipapuquio PEXX8196
Llullhuasilla PEXX6343
Llullucha PEXX3519
Llulluchapampa PEXX3520
Llulluhuacu PEXX8197
Llumpa PEXX1422
Llumpe PEXX9125
Llunchi PEXX3521
Lluncuma PEXX6344
Lluncuyo PEXX6345
Llunga Llunga PEXX6346
Llupac PEXX1423
Lluscallusca PEXX6347
Lluscaymarca PEXX3522
Llusita PEXX3523
Lluy PEXX9126
Lluyco Lluyco PEXX6348
Lluypotrero PEXX9127
Loasaya PEXX6349
Lobelauisin PEXX3524
Loberia PEXX6350
Lobitos PEXX0012
Locce PEXX6351
Locclonsa PEXX8198
Loclocsa PEXX3525
Locroja PEXX0310
Locumba PEXX0311
Logen PEXX6352
Loma PEXX1424
Loma Surau PEXX3526
Lomapata PEXX3527
Lomas PEXX6353
Lomas Punta PEXX3528
Lomaspata PEXX3529
Longar PEXX9128
Longerutana PEXX6354
Longuita PEXX9129
Lontojolla PEXX6355
Lonya Chico PEXX9130
Lonya Grande PEXX0312
Loqueta PEXX6356
Lorensaya PEXX8199
Lorenzayoc PEXX8200
Lorituyoc PEXX6357
Lorochayoc PEXX3530
Lorococha PEXX6358
Los Alamos PEXX1425
Los Blancos PEXX6359
Los Callejones PEXX1426
Los Cerrillos PEXX6360
Los Chimus PEXX1427
Los Conchales PEXX6361
Los Hormigas PEXX0313
Los Incas PEXX3531
Los Maquics PEXX1428
Los Medanos PEXX6362
Los Medanos PEXX1429
Los Mogotes PEXX6363
Los Molinos PEXX0314
Los Morrillos PEXX6364
Los Pacaecitos PEXX6365
Los Patos PEXX9131
Los Pedrones PEXX1430
Los Pinos PEXX9132
Los Puquios PEXX6366
Los Puquios PEXX9133
Los Resbalones PEXX6367
Los Sauces PEXX6368
Losetana PEXX6369
Loyacpacha PEXX1431
Lucamanta PEXX3532
Lucanamarca PEXX3533
Lucanas PEXX3534
Lucas PEXX3535
Lucas Pupiana PEXX3536
Lucasi PEXX6370
Lucaspata PEXX3537
Luceria PEXX3538
Lucerna PEXX0315
Lucero PEXX8201
Lucha PEXX6371
Luchaca PEXX1432
Luchaune PEXX6372
Luchea PEXX6373
Lucia Pampa PEXX3539
Luclo PEXX3540
Lucma PEXX0316
Lucma PEXX1433
Lucmallo PEXX3541
Lucmani PEXX3542
Lucmapampa PEXX1434
Lucmayo PEXX3543
Lucmayoj PEXX3544
Lucmilla PEXX6374
Lucmo PEXX8202
Lucre PEXX3545
Lucre PEXX8203
Lucuchanga PEXX8204
Luicho PEXX6375
Luichococha PEXX3546
Luichupampa PEXX3547
Luisiana PEXX0317
Lumastana PEXX6376
Lumba PEXX9134
Lunahuana PEXX0318
Lungumari PEXX6377
Lupahuari PEXX1435
Lupinilla PEXX6378
Lurcocha PEXX1436
Lure PEXX3548
Luren PEXX3549
Luricocha PEXX3550
Lurimayo PEXX6379
Lurin PEXX0041
Lusga PEXX1437
Luya PEXX9135
Luya Viejo PEXX9136
Luzmirca PEXX6381
Maca PEXX6382
Macabalaca PEXX1438
Macacona PEXX6383
Macalle PEXX6384
Macara PEXX0320
Macate PEXX1439
Maccoro PEXX3551
Macetinya PEXX6385
Machac PEXX1440
Machacane PEXX6386
Machacoyo PEXX6387
Machacuyo PEXX6388
Machacuyoc PEXX3552
Machahuay PEXX6389
Machahuay PEXX1441
Machaipata PEXX3553
Machane PEXX6390
Machay PEXX3554
Machay Punco PEXX3555
Machaycucho PEXX3556
Machaypampa PEXX3557
Machaypata PEXX8205
Machaypata PEXX3558
Macho Cancha PEXX3559
Macho Corral PEXX3560
Machocorral PEXX3561
Machopachahuana PEXX3562
Machu PEXX3563
Machu Huasi PEXX3564
Machuancca PEXX6391
Machulen PEXX6392
Machupicchu PEXX0321
Maclopampa PEXX3565
Macma PEXX3566
Macmajocha PEXX8206
Macna PEXX1442
Macon PEXX1443
Macray PEXX1444
Macu PEXX1445
Macurilla PEXX3567
Madrigal PEXX6393
Magallan PEXX1446
Magdalena PEXX6394
Magdalena PEXX3568
Magdalena PEXX9137
Mahuay PEXX1447
Maino PEXX9138
Majana PEXX3569
Mal Paso PEXX1448
Mala PEXX0322
Mala Suerte PEXX6395
Malapampa PEXX6396
Malar Pampa PEXX3570
Malata PEXX6397
Malco PEXX3571
Malley PEXX1449
Mallocancha PEXX3572
Mallquipata PEXX8207
Malpaso PEXX3573
Malpaso PEXX6398
Malpaso PEXX1450
Malquiphuasi PEXX3574
Maltaraquina PEXX8208
Malvas PEXX1451
Mamallihuasi PEXX3575
Mamanahuina PEXX6400
Mamapampa PEXX1452
Mamara PEXX8209
Mamas PEXX6401
Mampiri PEXX3576
Mamuyta PEXX6402
Manache PEXX1453
Managuatuy PEXX3577
Manaipata PEXX3578
Manascaycho PEXX6403
Manasqui PEXX8210
Manca Pascana PEXX6404
Mancahuara PEXX8211
Mancalojro PEXX6405
Manchacoraya PEXX6406
Manchaybamba PEXX8212
Manchire PEXX3579
Mancia PEXX3580
Manco Jarash PEXX1454
Manco Joniche PEXX3581
Mancora PEXX0323
Mancos PEXX1455
Mandinga PEXX1456
Mangalpa PEXX9139
Mangas PEXX1457
Mano Pata PEXX8213
Manquere PEXX6407
Mantancorral PEXX8214
Mantarhuyo PEXX6408
Mantarpo PEXX6409
Mantarpollo PEXX6410
Mantarpujo PEXX6411
Manumal PEXX9140
Manzanaccacca PEXX3582
Manzanapata PEXX8215
Manzanayoc PEXX3583
Manzanayoc PEXX8216
Manzanayocc PEXX3584
Mapun PEXX1459
Maqueruyo PEXX6412
Maquia PEXX1460
Mara PEXX0324
Mara Mara PEXX8217
Maraccaipina PEXX6413
Marahuas PEXX1461
Marainiyocc PEXX8218
Maran PEXX6414
Marancito PEXX6415
Marangalle PEXX8219
Maranserayoc PEXX8220
Marap PEXX1462
Marapampa PEXX1463
Maravilla PEXX1464
Maray PEXX8221
Maraycancha PEXX1465
Maraycasa PEXX6416
Maraycerayoc PEXX3585
Marayhioc PEXX3586
Marayniocc PEXX8222
Maraynioj PEXX3587
Marayniyoc PEXX1466
Maraypampa PEXX8223
Maraypampa PEXX1467
Maraypata PEXX9142
Maraypata PEXX3588
Marca PEXX1468
Marca PEXX3589
Marca Marca PEXX6417
Marca Pampa PEXX1469
Marca Pampa PEXX6418
Marcabamba PEXX3590
Marcachata PEXX6419
Marcaconga PEXX0325
Marcahui PEXX6420
Marcal PEXX9143
Marcalla PEXX6421
Marcamachay PEXX3591
Marcane PEXX6423
Marcapampa PEXX1470
Marcapata PEXX3592
Marcapomacocha PEXX0326
Marcara PEXX1471
Marcarani PEXX6424
Marcarinccayo PEXX8225
Marcash PEXX1472
Marcat PEXX1473
Marcata PEXX3593
Marcella PEXX6425
Marchante Jasa PEXX3594
Marco PEXX1474
Marco Pampa PEXX1475
Marcobamba PEXX8226
Marcocancha PEXX1476
Marcolla PEXX3595
Marconi PEXX3596
Marcopata PEXX8227
Marcopata PEXX1477
Marcoruri PEXX1478
Marcupata PEXX8228
Marcura PEXX8229
Mareccota PEXX6426
Marepampa PEXX1479
Maria PEXX0327
Mariahuachac PEXX1480
Maribamba PEXX1481
Marihuire PEXX6427
Marimar Alto PEXX1482
Maripujio PEXX6428
Marquichahue PEXX6430
Marroquin Pampa PEXX6431
Maruacatac PEXX1483
Masac PEXX1484
Masapuquio PEXX1485
Mascapampa PEXX6432
Mascash PEXX1486
Mashcus PEXX1487
Mashra PEXX1488
Mata Caballo PEXX1489
Matacancha PEXX3597
Matacancha PEXX1490
Matacoto PEXX1491
Matagrayo PEXX6433
Matalla PEXX8230
Matamata PEXX3598
Matapuquio PEXX8231
Mataquita PEXX1492
Matara PEXX3599
Matara PEXX1493
Matara PEXX8232
Matarani PEXX6434
Matarani PEXX3600
Mataya PEXX3601
Matcor PEXX1494
Mateclla PEXX8233
Matecllopata PEXX8234
Materpo PEXX3602
Materpo Chico PEXX3603
Materpo Grande PEXX3604
Matiaza Rimachi PEXX9146
Matibamba PEXX1495
Matibamba PEXX8235
Matinca PEXX8236
Matoma PEXX3605
Maton Collpa PEXX1496
Matucana PEXX0013
Matuyo PEXX3606
Matuyoc PEXX3607
Mauca Llacta PEXX6435
Maucallacta PEXX3608
Maucallacta PEXX8237
Maucallacta PEXX6436
Maucan PEXX1497
Maucanacta PEXX3609
Maukkallaccta PEXX6437
Mavila PEXX0329
Maya PEXX1498
Mayabamba PEXX3610
Mayagto PEXX3611
Mayane PEXX6438
Mayanecocha PEXX3612
Mayas PEXX1499
Mayhua PEXX1500
Mayo Pampa PEXX3613
Mayo Tingo PEXX8238
Mayo Tuyoc PEXX6439
Mayobamba PEXX3614
Mayocancha PEXX1501
Mayopampa PEXX3615
Mayorgas PEXX6440
Mayorocco PEXX6441
Mayoyoc PEXX1502
Mayura PEXX3616
Mazana Huayco PEXX8239
Mazocaca PEXX8240
Mecombeoni PEXX0330
Media La Yunta PEXX6442
Media Luna PEXX6443
Media Noche PEXX6444
Medina PEXX6445
Mejia PEXX6446
Mejorada PEXX3617
Mellizo PEXX6447
Membrillo PEXX1503
Membrillo PEXX9147
Mendoza PEXX0331
Mercantil PEXX6448
Mercedes PEXX9148
Merencia PEXX9149
Mesa Pata PEXX1504
Mesana PEXX0332
Mesapampa PEXX1505
Mesapuquio PEXX1506
Mesaray PEXX3618
Mesones Muro PEXX9150
Mestisas PEXX8241
Micaya PEXX6449
Michaca PEXX6450
Michihuasi PEXX6451
Micran Alto PEXX1507
Milagro PEXX9151
Millcay PEXX3619
Millo PEXX6452
Millocasa PEXX8242
Millpo PEXX6453
Millpo Pampa PEXX3620
Millpoc PEXX1508
Millpupampa PEXX3621
Millupampa PEXX3622
Milpo PEXX3623
Milpo PEXX8243
Milpuc PEXX9152
Milpuna PEXX3624
Mina PEXX6454
Mina Acari PEXX6455
Mina San Juan PEXX6456
Mina Santa Rosa PEXX6457
Minas PEXX3625
Minas PEXX9153
Minas Tucu PEXX1509
Minascucho PEXX3626
Minca PEXX6458
Minuna PEXX3627
Minune PEXX8244
Mio PEXX1510
Mirabamba PEXX1511
Mirador PEXX1512
Mirador PEXX9154
Miraflores PEXX6459
Miraflores PEXX1513
Miraflores PEXX9155
Miraflores PEXX3628
Miraflores PEXX8245
Miraflores Alto PEXX1514
Miramar PEXX1515
Mirara PEXX9156
Mirata PEXX3629
Mirmaca PEXX3630
Misaga PEXX3631
Misahuanca PEXX6461
Misapacancha PEXX3632
Miscca PEXX8246
Mishqui PEXX1516
Mishua PEXX1517
Misionera PEXX1518
Misquiacu PEXX3633
Misquibamba PEXX3634
Misquihuayoc PEXX3635
Misquiyacu PEXX9157
Misquiyacu PEXX3636
Mita PEXX1519
Mitobamba PEXX1520
Mitoccasa PEXX3637
Mitulla PEXX3638
Mitupampa PEXX8247
Mitupata PEXX3639
Mocca PEXX6462
Mocco PEXX0334
Moche PEXX6463
Mochica PEXX6464
Mochilco PEXX6465
Mochumi PEXX0335
Mococancha PEXX6466
Mocopata PEXX6467
Mocoro PEXX6468
Mocyasoco PEXX3640
Mogote PEXX1521
Moho PEXX0336
Moila PEXX3641
Mojanza PEXX8248
Mojeque PEXX1522
Mojon PEXX1523
Mojonnioc PEXX6469
Molino PEXX1524
Molino PEXX9158
Molino PEXX3642
Molino Punco PEXX8249
Molinopampa PEXX9159
Molinopampa PEXX8250
Molinuyoc PEXX6470
Mollabamba PEXX8251
Mollacata PEXX3643
Molle Bamba PEXX8252
Molle Bamba PEXX3644
Molle Molle PEXX8253
Mollebamba PEXX3645
Mollebamba PEXX8254
Mollebamba PEXX6471
Mollebambita PEXX1525
Mollebaya PEXX6472
Mollebaya Chico PEXX6473
Mollebaya Grande PEXX6474
Molleccasa PEXX3646
Mollechayoc PEXX3647
Mollehuaca PEXX6475
Mollehuaca PEXX3648
Mollejasa PEXX8255
Mollejin PEXX1526
Mollendito PEXX6476
Mollendo PEXX6477
Molleojo PEXX3649
Molleorjo PEXX3650
Mollepampa PEXX3651
Mollepata PEXX8256
Mollepata PEXX3652
Molles PEXX3653
Molles PEXX0337
Molletambo PEXX0338
Mollo Mollo PEXX8257
Molloc PEXX6478
Molloco PEXX6479
Mollopata PEXX8258
Monasi PEXX6480
Monigotes PEXX6481
Monjas PEXX1527
Monobamba PEXX0339
Monsefu PEXX0340
Monte Campo PEXX1528
Monte Comun PEXX6482
Monte Grande PEXX1529
Monte Grande PEXX6483
Monte Libre PEXX9160
Monte Pallaucha PEXX3654
Monte Redondo PEXX6484
Monte Rivera PEXX3655
Monte Shugos PEXX1530
Montealegre PEXX9161
Montecucho PEXX8259
Montecunga PEXX9162
Montegrande PEXX0341
Montemar PEXX6485
Montenegro PEXX3656
Montenegro PEXX9163
Monterrey PEXX1531
Monterrico PEXX9164
Montes Nuevos PEXX6486
Monzon PEXX0342
Moquegua PEXX0014
Moraschayoc PEXX8261
Morcolla PEXX3657
Morerilla PEXX9166
Moriolla PEXX3658
Moro PEXX1532
Morocancha PEXX6487
Morocaque PEXX6488
Morocaqui PEXX6489
Moroccace PEXX6490
Moroccose PEXX8262
Morocha PEXX9167
Morocolla PEXX3659
Morocucho PEXX8263
Morokake PEXX6491
Moroncancha PEXX3660
Morotana PEXX6492
Morrillos PEXX6493
Morro PEXX6494
Morrope PEXX0344
Morropon PEXX9168
Morropon PEXX0345
Mosobamba PEXX8264
Mosoc-Cancha PEXX6495
Mosocllacta PEXX8265
Mosocpucyo PEXX6496
Mota PEXX1533
Motocache PEXX1534
Motupe PEXX9169
Motupe PEXX0346
Moya Cancha PEXX1535
Moylahuasi PEXX3662
Moyobamba PEXX3663
Moyoc PEXX3664
Moyocc PEXX3665
Moyopampa PEXX6497
Moyopampa PEXX1536
Moyopampa PEXX3666
Moyorina PEXX3667
Moyta PEXX3668
Muca PEXX1537
Muccha PEXX1538
Mucha Pampa PEXX3669
Mucharan PEXX1539
Muja PEXX9170
Mulacancha PEXX8266
Mulachaca PEXX6498
Mullahuata PEXX6499
Mullipata PEXX3670
Mullo Mullo PEXX3671
Mullojpampa PEXX3672
Mulluurco PEXX8267
Muna PEXX6500
Muna Or PEXX6501
Munahuayccoc PEXX8268
Munapucro PEXX8269
Mungui PEXX6502
Muqui PEXX0347
Muqui PEXX3673
Murayoc PEXX1540
Murco PEXX6503
Murupata PEXX8270
Murutana PEXX6504
Musho PEXX1541
Musia PEXX6505
Musti PEXX6506
Musujalpa PEXX3674
Mutca PEXX8271
Mutuynioc PEXX8272
Mutuynioj PEXX3675
Mutuyo PEXX3676
Mutuypata PEXX3677
Muyacpata PEXX3678
Muyacuta PEXX1542
Muyapunta PEXX1543
Muycay PEXX3679
Muyoc PEXX3680
Muyurina PEXX3681
Nacalla PEXX3682
Nagua PEXX3683
Naguapampa PEXX3684
Nahuicucho PEXX3685
Nahuimpuquio PEXX8273
Nahuin PEXX1544
Nahuincocha PEXX1545
Nahuincucho PEXX8274
Nahuinlla PEXX8275
Nahuinpuquio PEXX3686
Nahuira PEXX6508
Namuta PEXX6509
Nanis PEXX1546