Weather Codes for Papua New Guinea

Find Weather Codes or Weather Zip Codes for states and cities in Papua New Guinea. Weather Codes references a specified Location and is used to get weather of that place accurately. They are used by The Weather Channel( by IBM), Yahoo! Weather, AOL Weather and many such weather forecasting platforms. It is similar to Yahoo's WOEID(Where On the Earth ID) that is used to represent each place uniquely.

You can know the weather of any place precisely with the help of weather codes. Find the current weather of your state or city by clicking on it. You will be redirected to The Weather Channel site with your weather code for accurate weather forecast.

Ababe PPXX1471
Ababigab PPXX4100
Abadi PPXX5112
Abam PPXX9670
Abap PPXX4101
Abar PPXX4102
Abarabofi PPXX1472
Abaro PPXX0738
Abaru PPXX7876
Abau PPXX7877
Abau PPXX0739
Abegani PPXX4103
Abegu PPXX2654
Abel PPXX5113
Aber PPXX4104
Aberagerema PPXX9671
Abiagerima PPXX1473
Abiera PPXX1474
Abigu PPXX7878
Abigusa PPXX1475
Abikal PPXX4105
Abinakenu PPXX1476
Abiontem PPXX7879
Abisan PPXX4106
Ablatak PPXX2655
Ablingi PPXX9305
Aboba PPXX8545
Abomotasa PPXX1477
Abonamo PPXX1478
Abopisa PPXX1479
Abouia PPXX7880
Abouma PPXX8546
Abrame PPXX2656
Abrau PPXX7881
Abua PPXX8547
Abuari PPXX7397
Abuaro PPXX5114
Abuipi PPXX3619
Abunkamun PPXX7882
Abwaia PPXX5115
Adapa PPXX4107
Adau River PPXX7398
Adiabo PPXX7399
Adiba PPXX9672
Adjmari PPXX9673
Adjora PPXX2657
Adjum PPXX4108
Adu PPXX9674
Aduai PPXX0740
Aduap PPXX9306
Adulu PPXX9675
Adumo PPXX0210
Aeba PPXX9676
Aepukl PPXX9141
Aewa PPXX9677
Afamatuna PPXX5116
Afamonofi PPXX1480
Afanal PPXX9678
Afoia PPXX1481
Afoiyufa PPXX1482
Afong PPXX5787
Afore PPXX7400
Afua PPXX7883
Afwo PPXX7884
Aga PPXX1483
Agafintegu PPXX1484
Agaganda PPXX5788
Agaigau PPXX0211
Agamoia PPXX5117
Agandagu PPXX0212
Agarauna PPXX5118
Agare PPXX8548
Agenahombo PPXX7401
Agevairu PPXX0741
Agi PPXX5119
Agiba PPXX1485
Agibu PPXX1486
Agieina PPXX5120
Agiliga PPXX9142
Agilimka PPXX0213
Agilimup PPXX4109
Agingun PPXX2658
Aginimu PPXX8549
Agitana PPXX0742
Ago PPXX5789
Agobara PPXX9679
Agomonofi PPXX1487
Agonimiaba PPXX1488
Agotami PPXX7402
Agrant PPXX2659
Agrumara PPXX2660
Agu PPXX1489
Agulupella PPXX9307
Agunku PPXX4110
Agunumura PPXX1490
Aguru PPXX4111
Ahamadi PPXX4112
Ahea PPXX1491
Aheri PPXX7885
Ahi PPXX9308
Ahia PPXX3620
Ahiglium PPXX2661
Ahioma PPXX5121
Ahora PPXX7403
Ahukavi PPXX1492
Aiambak PPXX9680
Aiambi PPXX4113
Aiamina PPXX7886
Aiamontina PPXX1493
Aiandok PPXX4114
Aiangat PPXX4115
Aiare PPXX7404
Aiasa PPXX5122
Aiba PPXX8552
Aibigai PPXX3622
Aibigi PPXX3623
Aibinio PPXX9681
Aibom PPXX2662
Aibrum PPXX2663
Aidadami PPXX7887
Aiendami PPXX7888
Aigubu PPXX5123
Aigut PPXX4116
Aiguwa PPXX1494
Aiha PPXX4117
Aijagaiba PPXX8553
Aijagate PPXX8554
Aikamun PPXX7889
Aikavaravi PPXX3624
Aikon PPXX9309
Aiku PPXX9310
Ailo PPXX2247
Ailulai PPXX5124
Aimaga PPXX9311
Aimahe PPXX3625
Aimare PPXX7405
Aimei PPXX0006
Aimola PPXX9312
Aimolau PPXX5790
Aimukili PPXX7890
Ainagu PPXX1495
Ainan PPXX4118
Ainbai PPXX7891
Ainbul PPXX2248
Aingdai PPXX4119
Ainsi PPXX7406
Ainsi PPXX5791
Aiobi PPXX3626
Aiogi PPXX5792
Aiogwei PPXX5793
Aiome PPXX4120
Aipeana PPXX0743
Airiauka PPXX0744
Airu PPXX7892
Airua PPXX9682
Aisaisa PPXX8555
Aisega PPXX9313
Aita PPXX9683
Aitape PPXX7893
Aitara PPXX7224
Aiterap PPXX7894
Aiuwo PPXX5794
Aivau PPXX3627
Aivebadina PPXX0745
Aivei PPXX3628
Aivet PPXX9314
Aivosuana PPXX1496
Aiwaku PPXX0214
Aiwamba PPXX5795
Aiwo PPXX9315
Aiyamonte PPXX1497
Aiyap PPXX4121
Aiyau PPXX4122
Aiyawa PPXX4123
Aiyawou PPXX7895
Aiyulities PPXX1389
Aiyura PPXX1498
Ajase PPXX7407
Ajeka PPXX7408
Ajom PPXX4124
Aka PPXX9316
Akabenga PPXX3629
Akaian PPXX2664
Akam PPXX9317
Akameku PPXX1499
Akandang PPXX5796
Akari PPXX1500
Akavangu PPXX4125
Aketa PPXX9684
Akimasusukera PPXX5125
Akinum PPXX9318
Akiuli PPXX9319
Akiwok PPXX9320
Ako PPXX7409
Akoma PPXX3630
Akonga PPXX9321
Akraminag PPXX7896
Akrani PPXX7897
Aku PPXX7225
Akuarikai PPXX4126
Akuku PPXX0746
Akul PPXX2249
Akuna PPXX1501
Akur PPXX9322
Akuran PPXX2665
Akwangi PPXX5797
Akwanje PPXX5798
Akwiemkom PPXX7898
Akwom PPXX7899
Ala-Ala PPXX0747
Alai PPXX7900
Alaido PPXX9323
Alairo PPXX5799
Alakai PPXX2666
Alamanda PPXX8556
Alauk PPXX4127
Albulum PPXX2667
Alebagiu PPXX0748
Alepa PPXX0749
Alewai PPXX0750
Alexishafen PPXX4128
Alhoga PPXX5126
Ali PPXX7901
Alibu PPXX4129
Aligaiyufa PPXX1502
Alimbit PPXX9324
Alisu PPXX2668
Alivetti PPXX4130
Aliwo PPXX9325
Alkasam PPXX2250
Alkula PPXX7902
Alo Aloia PPXX5127
Aloalo PPXX5128
Alokuk PPXX6581
Alola PPXX7410
Alomarupu PPXX0751
Alor PPXX2251
Alotau PPXX5129
Alu PPXX9326
Aluki PPXX5800
Alumi PPXX2669
Aluwatkolemgo PPXX9685
Aluwingei PPXX2670
Ama PPXX9327
Amada PPXX7411
Amagoa PPXX9686
Amaimon PPXX4131
Amaitem PPXX7903
Amaiyufa PPXX1503
Amamonta PPXX1504
Aman PPXX2671
Amanab PPXX7904
Amandan PPXX7905
Amanetu-Mane PPXX1505
Amapo PPXX7226
Amaraika PPXX0752
Amare PPXX9687
Amarsar PPXX4132
Amasau PPXX4133
Amasei PPXX2672
Amau PPXX0753
Amayuho PPXX1506
Ambaba PPXX6725
Ambaga PPXX9688
Ambambindo PPXX2673
Ambana PPXX4135
Ambang PPXX9143
Ambasi PPXX7412
Ambasoli PPXX2674
Ambeni PPXX7413
Ambiliseyufo PPXX1507
Ambisumne PPXX6726
Ambogo PPXX7414
Amboin PPXX2675
Ambok PPXX4136
Ambonwari PPXX2676
Ambreimaki PPXX7906
Ambua PPXX7415
Ambukanja PPXX2677
Ambuken PPXX2678
Ambukwon PPXX2679
Ambung PPXX4137
Ambungi PPXX9328
Ambunti PPXX2680
Ambuyan PPXX7907
Amegeau PPXX3631
Ameika PPXX0754
Amele PPXX4138
Amelingan PPXX5801
Amena PPXX0755
Amenamo PPXX1508
Amenetu PPXX1509
Ameni PPXX7908
Amenpa PPXX9329
Amenu PPXX0756
Amer PPXX7909
Amfa PPXX6727
Amgal PPXX9144
Amgoreng PPXX9330
Ami PPXX2681
Ami PPXX9331
Amiagour PPXX0215
Amien PPXX5802
Amini PPXX7910
Aminten PPXX4139
Amio PPXX2252
Amipoke PPXX3632
Amjaibibu PPXX4140
Amjenuwa PPXX1510
Amoa PPXX5803
Amoamo PPXX0757
Amoi PPXX7911
Amoiboa PPXX5130
Amongabi PPXX2682
Amora PPXX1511
Amrae PPXX9689
Amsuku PPXX7912
Amto PPXX7913
Amufi PPXX1512
Amuioan PPXX7416
Amuk PPXX4141
Amulibanth PPXX9145
Amun PPXX7227
Amuraika PPXX0758
Amuraisa PPXX1513
Amuraisa-Toroto PPXX1514
Amusa PPXX1515
Amusi PPXX1516
Amuyei PPXX1517
Ana PPXX5804
Ana PPXX7914
Analo PPXX9332
Anamaro PPXX0759
Anandea PPXX5805
Anandor PPXX5806
Anang PPXX2683
Anapayufa PPXX1518
Anato PPXX9333
Andafugan PPXX2684
Andakombe PPXX3633
Andamil PPXX8557
Andandora PPXX5807
Andarandagum PPXX2685
Andari PPXX8558
Andarila PPXX1519
Andavaiyufa PPXX1520
Andaviyufa PPXX1521
Andeamarup PPXX4142
Andenggaumo PPXX0216
Andimorana PPXX0217
Andinggaumo PPXX0218
Andorora PPXX5808
Andowari PPXX8559
Andua PPXX2686
Andubi PPXX9146
Andumosom PPXX9690
Andumout PPXX2687
Aneiga PPXX9691
Anepmete PPXX9334
Angabena PPXX5809
Angabu PPXX5810
Angaifu PPXX0760
Angal PPXX9335
Angamanda PPXX8560
Angamarut PPXX9692
Anganamei PPXX2688
Angang PPXX2689
Angar Olye PPXX1390
Angara PPXX7417
Angaruyle PPXX1391
Angau PPXX5811
Angeiwunga PPXX5812
Angel PPXX7915
Angelek PPXX9336
Anggaie PPXX5813
Angger PPXX4143
Angi PPXX1392
Angisi PPXX2690
Angna PPXX7916
Angobio PPXX5814
Angora PPXX8561
Angoram PPXX0007
Angoram Village PPXX2691
Angorogo PPXX7418
Angriman PPXX2692
Anguganak PPXX7917
Angweta PPXX5815
Anhabak PPXX4144
Ania PPXX3634
Aniado PPXX0761
Anieru PPXX1522
Aniesi PPXX5131
Anilabip PPXX7918
Anima PPXX1523
Aningi PPXX5816
Aninofi PPXX1524
Anjibal PPXX9147
Anjo PPXX2693
Anminik PPXX4145
Annanberg PPXX4146
Anokafa PPXX1525
Ansawe PPXX6728
Antiguran PPXX5817
Antiragin PPXX5818
Antriemsomae PPXX9693
Anunggabam PPXX0219
Apaeva PPXX0762
Apalap PPXX5819
Apambi PPXX2694
Apanaipi PPXX0763
Apangai PPXX2695
Apari PPXX4147
Apateparus PPXX1393
Apeawa PPXX3635
Apenam PPXX4148
Apenda PPXX8562
Aperinga PPXX2696
Apiapi PPXX3636
Apinega PPXX1526
Apiope PPXX0008
Apkomrae PPXX9694
Apo PPXX5820
Aporota PPXX0764
Apos PPXX2697
Apram PPXX9695
Apuapu PPXX0009
Apugi PPXX9337
Apumaka PPXX1527
Apwambo PPXX7919
Araaira PPXX1528
Arabuka PPXX5821
Aragaingina PPXX4149
Aragipa PPXX5132
Arai PPXX2698
Araining PPXX2699
Aramasu PPXX1529
Aramundi PPXX2700
Aramut PPXX2701
Aran PPXX6582
Aran PPXX0220
Aranantu PPXX1530
Arango PPXX2702
Arangunam PPXX2703
Aranora PPXX7420
Arar PPXX4150
Arat PPXX9338
Aratuguyufa PPXX1531
Arau PPXX0765
Aravan PPXX9148
Aravia PPXX7228
Arawa PPXX7229
Arawan PPXX4151
Arawe PPXX9339
Arawia PPXX8563
Arawum PPXX4152
Are PPXX0221
Aregenang PPXX5822
Areibunkra PPXX1532
Aremaka PPXX0766
Aremaku PPXX0222
Aria PPXX8564
Ariaka PPXX8565
Ariangon PPXX4153
Ariap PPXX4154
Ariapan PPXX2704
Arifiran PPXX5823
Arifogo PPXX5824
Arigo PPXX7421
Arik PPXX9696
Arikiyufa PPXX1533
Arimanda PPXX8566
Arimbugor PPXX4155
Arimori PPXX4156
Arinafa PPXX1534
Aringen PPXX4157
Aringi PPXX5825
Aringlo PPXX9340
Aringona PPXX5826
Ario PPXX4158
Ario PPXX3638
Ariome PPXX0767
Arione PPXX0768
Arisili PPXX2705
Aritapu PPXX5133
Aro PPXX5827
Aro PPXX8567
Aroa PPXX0769
Aroana PPXX0770
Aroaro PPXX3639
Arohemi PPXX2706
Arokara PPXX1535
Aroma PPXX0771
Aromaitsi PPXX0772
Aromei PPXX8568
Arona PPXX1536
Arop Villages PPXX7920
Aropokina PPXX0773
Arora PPXX1537
Arorata PPXX1538
Arou PPXX4159
Arovaraisa PPXX1539
Aru PPXX8569
Aru PPXX3640
Arufa PPXX9149
Arukawaun PPXX7230
Arulai PPXX1540
Arumabai PPXX7422
Arumanda PPXX1394
Arumbum PPXX2253
Arung PPXX4160
Arunggam PPXX0223
Arupi PPXX8570
Aruruhu PPXX3641
Aruway PPXX1541
Aruwini PPXX1542
Arymei PPXX7921
Asako PPXX5134
Asalibi PPXX9697
Asaloka PPXX1543
Asam PPXX4161
Asama PPXX7423
Asanakor PPXX2707
Asang PPXX4162
Asangamui PPXX2708
Asapa PPXX7424
Asapi PPXX4163
Asara PPXX1544
Asaramio PPXX9698
Asariyufa PPXX1545
Asarozuha PPXX1546
Asas PPXX4164
Asasapas PPXX7922
Asatupi PPXX5135
Asau PPXX4165
Asau Camp PPXX4166
Aseki PPXX5828
Asepsep PPXX9341
Asiam PPXX9342
Asier PPXX7923
Asikan PPXX4167
Asikouei PPXX5136
Asilimapua PPXX9343
Asiling PPXX2709
Asimba PPXX7425
Asini PPXX5829
Asiopoana PPXX9699
Asipuia PPXX1547
Asirangka PPXX1548
Asisi PPXX7426
Asit PPXX9344
Askam PPXX8571
Aslingpun PPXX9345
Asoatutuma PPXX9700
Asolani PPXX5830
Asor PPXX7924
Assalau PPXX9346
Asui PPXX4168
Asumawi PPXX8572
Asuramba PPXX4169
Asuwint PPXX4170
Ata PPXX3642
Ata Ata PPXX5137
Atabu PPXX2710
Atakara PPXX1549
Atalum PPXX7925
Atamo PPXX7231
Atangato PPXX7232
Atapao PPXX4171
Atapaura PPXX5831
Atare PPXX8573
Atbalmin PPXX7926
Atbine PPXX7927
Atbit PPXX9701
Atebin PPXX7928
Atembip PPXX9702
Atemble PPXX4172
Atemin PPXX9703
Atemkismin PPXX7929
Atemtaman PPXX7930
Aterum PPXX7931
Atiapi PPXX4173
Atiera PPXX1550
Atit PPXX9347
Atitau PPXX4174
Atlamau PPXX6729
Atle PPXX6730
Ato PPXX4175
Atsinima PPXX7233
Atsuk PPXX5832
Atsunas PPXX1551
Atsuvatapi PPXX4176
Atu PPXX2254
Atui PPXX9348
Atuo PPXX9349
Atwara PPXX5833
Au PPXX6731
Au PPXX9350
Auang PPXX7932
Audi PPXX9351
Augana PPXX1552
Augitni PPXX9352
Augu PPXX8574
Auguwana PPXX5139
Aukopmin PPXX9704
Auli PPXX7933
Auma PPXX3643
Aumi PPXX9705
Aumo PPXX9353
Aumo PPXX3644
Aumuna PPXX1553
Auna Village PPXX6583
Auneri PPXX5140
Auni PPXX1554
Auno PPXX5835
Aunyelim PPXX2711
Auom PPXX2712
Aupia PPXX4177
Aupik PPXX2713
Aupwel PPXX5836
Aura PPXX0224
Auragu PPXX0225
Aure PPXX7427
Aure PPXX3645
Aure PPXX9354
Aure PPXX0226
Auri PPXX0010
Aurimbit PPXX2714
Auro PPXX7428
Aurui PPXX7234
Auruku PPXX9355
Aurump PPXX9706
Ausaub PPXX4178
Ausini PPXX7934
Autabak PPXX4179
Auti PPXX9707
Autogi PPXX2715
Auwaiabaiwa PPXX0776
Auwali PPXX5141
Auwei PPXX3646
Auwi PPXX2716
Auwihu PPXX0227
Auwin PPXX2717
Auya PPXX7935
Auyana PPXX1555
Avabadina PPXX0777
Avaira-Waima PPXX0778
Avana PPXX5142
Avanamapase PPXX1556
Avangumba PPXX2718
Avatip PPXX2719
Avei PPXX4180
Avelus PPXX6732
Aven PPXX5837
Avenggu PPXX5838
Aveni PPXX0779
Aveta PPXX0780
Aveve PPXX0781
Avia PPXX1557
Aviamp PPXX9150
Aviara-Oreke PPXX0782
Avieme PPXX2720
Avihain PPXX9356
Avihasa PPXX7429
Avikara PPXX1558
Aviklo PPXX9357
Avioua PPXX3647
Avovu PPXX3648
Avunkum PPXX4181
Awadi PPXX5839
Awaiama PPXX5143
Awaiepa PPXX5840
Awakane PPXX0228
Awaluta PPXX0783
Awam PPXX4182
Awanato PPXX5144
Awande PPXX1559
Awangalimin PPXX9708
Awangibinna PPXX9709
Awanglo PPXX9358
Awar PPXX4183
Awar PPXX5841
Awara PPXX5145
Awaraguragu PPXX5146
Awari PPXX8575
Awaro PPXX7430
Awasa-Busama PPXX5842
Awat PPXX9359
Awatowatowa PPXX5147
Awaula PPXX5148
Aweaka PPXX5843
Awes PPXX7936
Awiko PPXX0229
Awio PPXX9360
Awirin PPXX9361
Awobi PPXX9710
Awol PPXX7937
Awoma PPXX7431
Aworro PPXX9711
Awowoto PPXX7432
Awun PPXX4184
Awungi PPXX2256
Awutit PPXX9712
Azidoro PPXX9713
Baai PPXX2257
Bababagu PPXX0784
Babaga PPXX0785
Babagai PPXX5149
Babagarubu PPXX0786
Babaguina PPXX3649
Babai PPXX0011
Babangaua PPXX4185
Babanongo PPXX0787
Babari PPXX1560
Babata PPXX9362
Babiang PPXX7938
Babiko PPXX0788
Babunga PPXX2721
Badaide PPXX7433
Badaika PPXX0789
Badby PPXX2722
Badia PPXX7939
Badibo PPXX5844
Badilai PPXX5150
Badili PPXX6683
Badilu PPXX4186
Badlock PPXX6584
Badubadu PPXX0790
Badzuluo PPXX5845
Bafa PPXX1561
Bafalu PPXX4187
Bafor PPXX4188
Bafumbil PPXX7940
Baga PPXX7434
Bagaga PPXX9151
Bagai PPXX9363
Bagail PPXX6733
Bagalawa PPXX4189
Bagamp PPXX0230
Bagaram PPXX2723
Bagasin PPXX4190
Bagatavi PPXX2258
Bagatere PPXX6734
Bagela PPXX9364
Bagen PPXX4191
Bagibobi PPXX0791
Bagildik PPXX4192
Bagina PPXX9152
Baglam PPXX2724
Baglgauma PPXX0231
Bagonda PPXX4193
Bagubara PPXX0792
Bagum PPXX9365
Bagupi PPXX4194
Bahang PPXX7941
Bahia PPXX3650
Bahor PPXX4195
Bai PPXX4196
Baia PPXX9366
Baiani PPXX8576
Baiaule PPXX5151
Baiawa PPXX5152
Baibai PPXX7942
Baiberi PPXX7943
Baibesika PPXX5153
Baibi PPXX4197
Baidani PPXX0793
Bailai PPXX5154
Baimak PPXX4198
Baime PPXX5846
Baimuru PPXX0012
Baina PPXX3651
Bainanoum PPXX5155
Bainings PPXX2259
Bainyik PPXX2725
Bainyik Villages PPXX2726
Baio PPXX7944
Baio PPXX5156
Baiobo PPXX0794
Baipa PPXX4199
Baira PPXX1563
Bairaiu PPXX3652
Bairiman PPXX2260
Baisarik PPXX4200
Baisop PPXX4201
Baiteta PPXX4202
Baiune PPXX5848
Baiuwai PPXX7945
Baiwapa PPXX5157
Baiyer River PPXX9153
Bak PPXX4203
Bakago PPXX6735
Bakaman PPXX0233
Bakan PPXX6736
Bakane PPXX0234
Bakaram PPXX7235
Bakdak PPXX7946
Bakia PPXX5849
Bakirua PPXX2261
Bakobi PPXX0235
Bakoda PPXX3653
Bakoiudu PPXX0795
Bakokono PPXX5850
Bakon PPXX5851
Bakop PPXX6737
Baktamin PPXX9714
Baku PPXX5158
Bakum PPXX6738
Bakumbari PPXX7435
Bakumpa PPXX1564
Balada PPXX2262
Balai PPXX6739
Balaia PPXX4204
Balam Villages PPXX2727
Balampta PPXX2728
Balamula PPXX9715
Balanataman PPXX2263
Balangabadanga PPXX2729
Balangdeng PPXX9716
Balangit PPXX6740
Balangko PPXX5852
Balankolon PPXX6741
Balanwaransau PPXX6742
Baldan PPXX9154
Baldirau PPXX0236
Balgai PPXX6743
Balgau PPXX0237
Balgauma PPXX0238
Baliau PPXX4205
Balif PPXX2730
Balik PPXX2731
Balil PPXX7236
Balilaua PPXX5853
Balima PPXX4206
Balimo PPXX9717
Balmo PPXX2732
Balmo Villages PPXX2733
Balnik PPXX6744
Balogwil PPXX2734
Balopwini PPXX2735
Balum PPXX5854
Balum PPXX6745
Balup PPXX7947
Balus PPXX6746
Bam PPXX2736
Bam PPXX0796
Bamahal PPXX4207
Bamba PPXX9367
Bambak PPXX9368
Bambiran PPXX9718
Bambiti PPXX7436
Bambol PPXX7948
Bambu PPXX4208
Bamin PPXX0239
Bamina PPXX9155
Bamio PPXX9719
Bamun PPXX0240
Bamurufto PPXX5855
Bana PPXX2737
Banak Villages PPXX2738
Banakin PPXX6747
Banam PPXX6748
Banam PPXX4209
Banang PPXX4210
Banapa PPXX5159
Banaranda PPXX1565
Banaro PPXX3654
Bandaber PPXX9720
Bandi PPXX0241
Bandit PPXX4211
Bandonge PPXX2739
Banesa PPXX6749
Bang PPXX4212
Bangalum Bridge PPXX5856
Bangame PPXX4213
Bangapela PPXX2740
Bangasav PPXX4214
Bangatang PPXX6750
Bangdap PPXX5857
Banglego PPXX2741
Bangri PPXX4215
Banguito PPXX7437
Bangwis PPXX2742
Baniara PPXX5160
Baniku PPXX0242
Banima PPXX0243
Baninofi PPXX1566
Bank PPXX4216
Bankim PPXX9721
Bankin PPXX9722
Bantamu PPXX5858
Banwingei PPXX2743
Banz PPXX9156
Bapa PPXX7949
Bapandu PPXX2744
Bapi PPXX5859
Bara PPXX3655
Barabara PPXX5161
Barabara PPXX7438
Baradari PPXX7439
Baraga PPXX5162
Barahaim PPXX4217
Barakau PPXX0013
Baralmabu PPXX3656
Baranapi PPXX9723
Barang PPXX5860
Baranga PPXX2745
Baranis PPXX4218
Barapa PPXX1567
Barapina PPXX7237
Barara PPXX0014
Bararat PPXX2746
Barataka PPXX0797
Baratun PPXX0798
Barau PPXX6751
Baravaturu PPXX7440
Baravi PPXX3657
Barawon PPXX2264
Barbarlau PPXX6752
Barea PPXX3658
Barekane PPXX0244
Barena PPXX8577
Barene PPXX7950
Barengigl PPXX0245
Bargam PPXX4219
Baribari PPXX7951
Barik PPXX4220
Barim PPXX5861
Baripen PPXX2747
Baripidjin PPXX2748
Barira PPXX7952
Barisa PPXX3659
Barisari PPXX7441
Barit PPXX4221
Bariwa PPXX3660
Baro PPXX0015
Baroevi PPXX0799
Barosira PPXX0016
Barowoi PPXX8578
Baru PPXX2749
Baru PPXX7442
Baru PPXX4222
Barua Group PPXX1568
Barum PPXX4223
Baruni PPXX6684
Barutage PPXX8579
Basada PPXX7443
Basakata PPXX6753
Basangka PPXX1569
Basima PPXX5163
Baskan PPXX4224
Basor PPXX4225
Bassis PPXX5862
Basuwi PPXX2750
Bata PPXX8580
Batada PPXX9369
Batari PPXX7444
Batinabura PPXX1570
Batiuling PPXX9370
Batoro PPXX5863
Batra PPXX1571
Batua PPXX5164
Baturu PPXX7445
Bau PPXX5864
Bau PPXX4226
Bauak PPXX4227
Baubo PPXX4228
Baue PPXX6754
Baui PPXX4229
Bauk PPXX4230
Bauku PPXX0246
Baungung PPXX6755
Baup PPXX4231
Bauwame PPXX7446
Bawi PPXX3661
Beada PPXX5165
Beama PPXX7447
Beara PPXX3662
Bebegwi PPXX5166
Bebelubi PPXX9724
Bebem PPXX5167
Bebeo PPXX0800
Bebewa PPXX7448
Bebisa PPXX9725
Bedauna PPXX5168
Bederina PPXX9726
Beding PPXX5865
Beeagawaga PPXX0801
Begara PPXX7449
Beha PPXX1572
Bei PPXX7238
Bei-iata PPXX7450
Beiamp PPXX4232
Beido PPXX7953
Beidup PPXX4233
Beikut PPXX7239
Beimap PPXX7954
Beipa PPXX0802
Beire PPXX4234
Beiuru PPXX7451
Beiyanofi PPXX1573
Bek PPXX8582
Bekabari PPXX7452
Bekoiana PPXX7453
Bekoro PPXX3663
Bekun PPXX4235
Bela PPXX8583
Belagel PPXX2751
Belambu PPXX5866
Belavista PPXX0803
Belepa PPXX0017
Belesana Slipway PPXX5169
Belevi PPXX9727
Belfamfal PPXX6756
Belik PPXX6757
Beliwaia PPXX6758
Bellan PPXX4236
Belombibi PPXX5867
Beluok PPXX5868
Bema PPXX4237
Bemal PPXX0247
Bemari PPXX4238
Bembainyeng PPXX2752
Bembei PPXX4239
Bemberi PPXX5170
Ben PPXX2753
Benabena PPXX1574
Benaga PPXX1575
Benaule PPXX9371
Bendoroda PPXX7454
Bengaragum PPXX2754
Benggandi PPXX0248
Bengil PPXX2755
Beni PPXX5869
Benim PPXX9372
Benimeto PPXX1576
Benkuta PPXX9728
Benkwim PPXX9729
Benna PPXX9730
Bensim PPXX2756
Benula PPXX5870
Bepandu PPXX2757
Beporo PPXX7455
Ber PPXX9731
Berakwaiyu PPXX5871
Berare PPXX3664
Beravesa PPXX0804
Bereina PPXX0805
Berema PPXX5171
Bereme PPXX9373
Berere PPXX0806
Berewogo PPXX9732
Beri PPXX9733
Berin PPXX4240
Beringei PPXX4241
Beriota PPXX6759
Berisa PPXX8584
Bes PPXX7955
Besibong PPXX5872
Betelvip PPXX7956
Betu PPXX5172
Bewabewa PPXX5173
Bewan PPXX7957
Bewani PPXX7958
Biaboli PPXX5873
Biadekane PPXX0249
Biaga PPXX2758
Biaka PPXX7959
Biaka PPXX1395
Biakane PPXX0250
Bialla PPXX9374
Biambod PPXX9734
Biananambu PPXX2759
Bianggau PPXX0251
Biapiarata PPXX1578
Biatava PPXX3665
Biauwa PPXX5174
Biauwa PPXX5874
Biawaria PPXX5875
Biaweng PPXX5876
Bibera PPXX5877
Bibi PPXX4242
Bibia PPXX7960
Bibira PPXX7456
Bibisi PPXX9375
Bibitan PPXX5175
Bibiwa PPXX5176
Bibyun PPXX7961
Bidiesi PPXX5177
Bidonagobu PPXX0807
Bidua PPXX4243
Bien PPXX2760
Bieng PPXX4244
Biengagaro PPXX0252
Biga Biga PPXX5178
Bigagu PPXX9157
Bigairuka PPXX0808
Bigei PPXX4245
Biglmeku PPXX4246
Bikanggau PPXX0253
Bikim PPXX9735
Bil PPXX4247
Bil PPXX6760
Bil Bil PPXX4248
Bilaga PPXX0809
Bilami PPXX6761
Bilau PPXX4249
Bilga PPXX5878
Biliau Mission PPXX4250
Bilimang PPXX5879
Bilimoia PPXX1580
Bilong PPXX4251
Bilril PPXX4252
Bilur PPXX2265
Bima PPXX0018
Biman PPXX5179
Bimat PPXX4253
Bimat PPXX5180
Bimbienye PPXX8585
Bimbiniu PPXX8586
Bimedebun PPXX9736
Bimeri PPXX1581
Bimin PPXX9737
Bimun PPXX6762
Bin PPXX7962
Binamarien PPXX1582
Binara PPXX7963
Binaugori PPXX1583
Bindapuna PPXX2266
Bindari PPXX7457
Bindekane PPXX0254
Binduta PPXX7458
Bingo PPXX2761
Binibinihali PPXX0019
Biniga PPXX0810
Binigigoro PPXX0811
Biniguni PPXX5181
Binoa PPXX5182
Binouri PPXX3666
Binzkhu PPXX9158
Bioka PPXX1584
Biomote PPXX1585
Bioto PPXX0812
Bipan PPXX7964
Bira PPXX2267
Birap PPXX4254
Birar PPXX2268
Birat PPXX5183
Bire PPXX0255
Biri PPXX4255
Biria PPXX3667
Birik PPXX5880
Birimai PPXX4256
Birimei PPXX7965
Birimkamba PPXX9738
Biring PPXX5881
Birioi PPXX7240
Biriri PPXX7459
Birop PPXX8587
Biros PPXX7241
Biruku PPXX0256
Bisapu PPXX6763
Bisianumu PPXX0813
Bisorio PPXX2762
Bitagalip PPXX2269
Bitalobo PPXX2270
Bitam PPXX9159
Bitapukpuk PPXX2271
Bitara PPXX2763
Bitarebarebe PPXX2272
Bitebe PPXX1586
Bitoi PPXX5882
Bitokara PPXX9376
Bitro PPXX7966
Biu PPXX4257
Biuingen PPXX5883
Bium PPXX4258
Bivaro PPXX3668
Biwa PPXX5184
Biwat PPXX2764
Bizigi PPXX9739
Black Cat PPXX5884
Blaga Camp PPXX7967
Blebil PPXX9740
Bo PPXX6764
Boagis PPXX5185
Boana PPXX5885
Bobadu PPXX0021
Bobaten PPXX2765
Bobmagum PPXX2766
Bobogoro PPXX0815
Boboni PPXX5186
Bobsie PPXX6765
Bobten PPXX2767
Boda PPXX0816
Bodela PPXX5187
Bodinumu PPXX0817
Bodoimi PPXX7460
Bodoka PPXX0818
Boera PPXX0819
Boete PPXX9741
Bofu PPXX7461
Boga Bank PPXX9742
Bogabuang PPXX5886
Bogadjim PPXX4259
Bogala PPXX5188
Bogala Baubau PPXX5189
Boganon PPXX4260
Bogaramaka PPXX0820
Bogasip PPXX7968
Bogasu PPXX5887
Bogeba PPXX5888
Bogia PPXX4261
Bogilabaubua PPXX5190
Bogisago PPXX7242
Bogolis PPXX6766
Bogut PPXX7969
Boibienggauwa PPXX0257
Boieta PPXX9743
Boif PPXX6767
Boig PPXX2769
Boiken PPXX0022
Boikmava PPXX9744
Boiku PPXX0258
Boilavi PPXX5191
Boimbalavu PPXX9745
Boimbi PPXX4262
Boinamu PPXX0023
Boine PPXX0821
Boini PPXX7970
Boira PPXX7243
Boisi PPXX5889
Boitalu PPXX5192
Boitoi PPXX5193
Boiwah PPXX9746
Bok PPXX4263
Bokapap PPXX9160
Bokasu PPXX5890
Boke PPXX0024
Bokongtata PPXX2273
Boku PPXX7244
Boku PPXX0822
Bokukomana PPXX0823
Bokuku PPXX0824
Bokure PPXX4264
Bol PPXX6768
Bola PPXX9377
Bolakomana PPXX0825
Bolburo PPXX9747
Bolim PPXX9748
Bolimang PPXX5891
Bolingbongen PPXX5892
Boliu PPXX6769
Bolivip PPXX9749
Bolo PPXX9378
Bolpua PPXX6770
Bolubolu PPXX5194
Bom PPXX6771
Bom PPXX4265
Bomana PPXX6685
Bomasa PPXX4266
Bomasea PPXX5195
Bombita PPXX2770
Bome PPXX0826
Bomegoro PPXX0827
Bomguina PPXX0828
Bomua PPXX0829
Bona PPXX8589
Bonagai PPXX5196
Bonahoi PPXX2771
Bonahoitum PPXX2772
Bonam PPXX2773
Bonanamo PPXX0830
Bonando PPXX7462
Bonaputa PPXX4267
Bonarava PPXX5197
Bonarua PPXX5198
Bonei PPXX1587
Boneia PPXX5893
Bonenau PPXX5199
Bonenepi PPXX5200
Bonga PPXX4268
Bonga PPXX5894
Bonga PPXX9161
Bongabun PPXX9750
Bongganko PPXX5895
Bonggi PPXX5896
Bonggogu PPXX0260
Bongimasi PPXX2774
Bongiora PPXX2775
Bongmabil PPXX7971
Bongoi PPXX2776
Bongos PPXX2777
Bongu PPXX4269
Bongugl PPXX0261
Boniao PPXX5201
Bonivat PPXX5202
Bonkembil PPXX7972
Bonkiman PPXX4270
Bononi PPXX4271
Bonta PPXX1588
Bonua PPXX6772
Bopa PPXX1589
Bopinapi PPXX1590
Bopirumpum PPXX5897
Bora PPXX3669
Borabi PPXX9751
Borakagere PPXX0831
Borakapu PPXX0832
Boram PPXX2778
Borbuga PPXX9752
Borda PPXX4272
Bore PPXX0833
Bore PPXX0262
Boreara PPXX7463
Boreberi PPXX0834
Borebo PPXX0835
Boregaina PPXX0025
Bori Bori PPXX0836
Boria PPXX9753
Boridi PPXX0837
Borikiba PPXX0263
Borisubi PPXX9754
Borkwa PPXX4273
Bornbilr PPXX9755
Boro PPXX4274
Boro PPXX7464
Boroai PPXX5203
Boroi PPXX4275
Boroke PPXX5898
Boroko PPXX6686
Boroman PPXX4276
Borona PPXX8590
Borou PPXX7465
Borovia PPXX5204
Borowai PPXX9379
Borsi PPXX9756
Boru PPXX7466
Borugasusu PPXX7467
Borvi PPXX7245
Bosabi PPXX9757
Bosabura PPXX8591
Bosadidi PPXX5205
Boset PPXX9758
Boskombo PPXX7246
Bosman PPXX4277
Bospaira PPXX5899
Botana PPXX7468
Botar PPXX0026
Botbot PPXX4278
Boteka PPXX6687
Bothu PPXX7469
Bototo PPXX4279
Botue PPXX7470
Bou PPXX5206
Bou PPXX2779
Bouleia PPXX5207
Bovalpun PPXX2274
Bovera PPXX7471
Bowabu PPXX5208
Bowadi PPXX5209
Bowami Mission PPXX2780
Boze PPXX9759
Brag PPXX4280
Bramfto PPXX4281
Bramik PPXX2781
Branda PPXX2782
Brandi PPXX2783
Brauniak PPXX2784
Briompene PPXX9760
Brugap PPXX7973
Brugnowi PPXX2785
Brunai PPXX9761
Bua PPXX7472
Bua PPXX5900
Buaikulu PPXX4282
Buakup PPXX0027
Buali Waibula PPXX5210
Buangi PPXX5901
Buansing PPXX5902
Buaroro PPXX7473
Buberin PPXX5211
Bublsanga PPXX9162
Bubno PPXX4283
Bubu PPXX5212
Bubu PPXX9380
Bubua PPXX9762
Bubuamo PPXX2786
Bububi PPXX7474
Bubuji PPXX9763
Bubuleta PPXX5213
Bubum PPXX4284
Bubuni PPXX5214
Buburia PPXX5215
Bubusamabi PPXX9764
Bubwai PPXX6585
Budamu PPXX4285
Budanga PPXX9765
Budiai PPXX5216
Budip PPXX4286
Budua PPXX4287
Buduk PPXX4288
Budum PPXX4289
Budup PPXX4290
Buengim PPXX5903
Bueri PPXX6773
Bugaim PPXX5904
Bugamute PPXX2787
Buganbang PPXX4291
Bugang PPXX5905
Bugarum PPXX2788
Bugatabin PPXX7974
Bugiaui PPXX2789
Bugitu PPXX2790
Buguhai PPXX9766
Bugwer PPXX5906
Buharu PPXX5907
Bui Bui PPXX5217
Bui-Iebi PPXX8592
Buiambum PPXX0028
Buiane PPXX5908
Buim PPXX4292
Buin PPXX0029
Buja PPXX9767
Buji PPXX9768
Buk PPXX9163
Buk PPXX9769
Buka PPXX2275
Buka PPXX5218
Bukaua PPXX5909
Bukauasip PPXX5910
Buke PPXX0030
Buki PPXX5911
Bukienduan PPXX2791
Bukinaru PPXX2792
Buko PPXX5912
Bukul PPXX9164
Bukum PPXX5913
Bula PPXX9770
Bula-A PPXX3670
Bulamanong PPXX5914
Bulamita PPXX2793
Bulantim PPXX5915
Bulawa PPXX7975
Bulawate PPXX9381
Bulayang PPXX2276
Bulcara PPXX5916
Bulekia PPXX1591
Bulgebi PPXX4293
Bulidobu PPXX0839
Bulidobura PPXX0840
Bulihan PPXX6586
Bulihat PPXX6587
Buliva PPXX4294
Bulldoburu PPXX0841
Bulldog PPXX3671
Buloleng PPXX9771
Bulolo PPXX0031
Bultem PPXX9772
Bulu PPXX6774
Bulu PPXX5917
Buludava PPXX9382
Buluma PPXX9383
Bulumuri PPXX9384
Buluwara PPXX9385
Bulwat PPXX5918
Bumayong PPXX5919
Bumba PPXX5920
Bumbera PPXX4295
Bumbin PPXX9773
Bumbu PPXX5921
Bumbum PPXX0032
Bumburata PPXX7475
Bun PPXX2794
Bun PPXX5922
Buna PPXX7976
Buna PPXX7476
Bunabun PPXX4296
Bunai PPXX6588
Bunam PPXX2795
Bunama PPXX5219
Bunama Mission PPXX0033
Bunapae PPXX4297
Bundi PPXX4298
Bundikara PPXX4299
Bundo PPXX0264
Bundrahei PPXX6589
Bundun PPXX0034
Bungain PPXX2796
Bungalamba PPXX5923
Bungaripma PPXX2797
Bungbune PPXX6775
Buni-I PPXX5220
Bunigi PPXX9774
Buniki PPXX9775
Bunima PPXX8593
Bunoguna PPXX4300
Bunu PPXX4301
Bunungom PPXX4302
Buobuo PPXX5221
Bupon PPXX9386
Bupu PPXX5924
Bura PPXX6776
Burbura PPXX4303
Burema PPXX9776
Burevi PPXX0842
Buri PPXX7477
Buri PPXX0843
Buri PPXX3672
Buri PPXX0265
Buroa PPXX4304
Burowei PPXX2277
Burtemvip PPXX9777
Buru PPXX0844
Buru PPXX4305
Burui Villages PPXX2798
Burumai PPXX2799
Burume PPXX0266
Busa PPXX7978
Busaka PPXX4306
Busalamaga PPXX0845
Busama PPXX5925
Busega PPXX7478
Buseki PPXX9778
Buseng PPXX5926
Busian PPXX5927
Busiga PPXX5928
Busip PPXX4307
Buso PPXX5929
Buson PPXX4308
Busung PPXX5930
But PPXX0035
Butala PPXX5931
Butaweng PPXX5932
Butei PPXX6777
Buteilung PPXX6778
Butelkud PPXX4309
Butemu PPXX4310
Buten PPXX2800
Butika PPXX2801
Butiolo PPXX9387
Butipkawok PPXX9779
Butlivuan PPXX2278
Butultman PPXX7979
Buwai PPXX5933
Buwarame PPXX4311
Buyang PPXX6590
Bwada Bwada PPXX5222
Bwagaoia PPXX5223
Bwakim PPXX9780
Bwakugu PPXX5934
Bwambi PPXX5935
Bwana PPXX4312
Bwanayab PPXX4313
Bwasia PPXX5936
Bwasiaia PPXX5224
Bwasiununa PPXX5225
Bweiuse PPXX9781
Bworokwang PPXX1592
Bwussi PPXX5937
Cardomom Farm PPXX7479
Catalina PPXX0846
Chabai PPXX7247
Chakol PPXX6591
Chama PPXX3673
Chambri Mission PPXX2802
Changriman PPXX2804
Changriwa PPXX2805
Charapa PPXX2806
Charok PPXX7980
Chauche PPXX2807
Chaulagunem PPXX2808
Chehovia PPXX2809
Chemago PPXX1593
Chenapian PPXX2810
Cheragum PPXX2811
Cherokoro PPXX1594
Cherpmel PPXX2812
Chigiangu PPXX2813
Chiginambu PPXX2814
Chimberonga PPXX2815
Chimbian PPXX2816
Chimbuluk PPXX0036
Chimbut PPXX2817
Chinapelli PPXX7981
Chivasing PPXX0037
Cholossa PPXX7982
Chordillera PPXX7480
Chuave PPXX0267
Chuimondo PPXX2818
Chuinambu PPXX2819
Chuinimbu PPXX2820
Chungrebu PPXX4314
Cigaregare PPXX6779
Crocku PPXX8594
Dabali PPXX5226
Dabero PPXX2821
Dabi PPXX5227
Dabinot PPXX6780
Dabora PPXX5228
Dabunari PPXX0847
Daburaik PPXX0848
Dabutu PPXX0849
Dadalibi PPXX9782
Dadbia PPXX9783
Dadebi PPXX3674
Dadi PPXX9784
Dadimfok PPXX4315
Dadimiak PPXX4316
Dadul PPXX2279
Dagadaga PPXX5229
Dagawat PPXX2822
Dagi PPXX9388
Dagobo PPXX0850
Dagoda PPXX0038
Dagoi PPXX4317
Dagua PPXX0039
Daguala PPXX5230
Dahana PPXX6781
Dahgo PPXX9785
Dahidahina PPXX5231
Dahu PPXX5938
Dahungai PPXX2824
Dahuni PPXX5232
Daia PPXX5939
Daidem PPXX4318
Dail PPXX2825
Daina PPXX2826
Daio PPXX5233
Dakamenai PPXX5234
Dakar PPXX2827
Dakevakomana PPXX0851
Dakfanbil PPXX7983
Dakit PPXX4319
Daku PPXX5940
Dakum PPXX5941
Dalam PPXX4320
Dali PPXX5942
Dalua PPXX4321
Dalugilomon PPXX5943
Damadumane PPXX0268
Damagauma PPXX0269
Damaibari PPXX3675
Damanti PPXX4322
Damanum PPXX0852
Damapamo PPXX1595
Dambakane PPXX0270
Damberode PPXX5944
Dambi PPXX0040
Damera PPXX9786
Dameratamu PPXX9787
Dami PPXX9389
Damoin PPXX4323
Dampit PPXX6782
Damur PPXX4324
Dana PPXX4325
Danal PPXX0271
Danapai PPXX0853
Danaru PPXX4326
Danatum PPXX5945
Danawan PPXX5235
Dande PPXX9788
Danfu PPXX6783
Dangakane PPXX0272
Dangale PPXX4327
Dangsai PPXX4328
Dangurum PPXX9789
Danip PPXX4329
Danobu PPXX5236
Dantutu PPXX7481
Danu PPXX6784
Danyig PPXX2828
Daonda PPXX7984
Dara PPXX5237
Daraia PPXX9790
Darapap PPXX0041
Daratui PPXX7248
Darava PPXX0854
Darfentakin PPXX7985
Daroakomana PPXX0855
Daru PPXX9791
Darubia PPXX5238
Dasi PPXX7986
Daskigi PPXX6785
Datama PPXX7482
Datava PPXX6786
Dauchendi PPXX7987
Daud PPXX5239
Daudau PPXX5240
Daudoro PPXX5946
Dauli PPXX9390
Daumagini School PPXX0042
Daumoina PPXX4330
Daup PPXX4331
Daura PPXX0273
Davaon PPXX2280
Davaun PPXX2281
Daviravi PPXX8595
Dawa PPXX5241
Dawabil PPXX7988
Dawadawa PPXX5242
Dawadua PPXX7483
Dawangiona PPXX5243
Dawari PPXX9792
Dawi PPXX4332
Dawong PPXX5947
Dawot PPXX5948
Dea PPXX7484
Dead Chinaman PPXX3676
Deba PPXX0856
Debadegoro PPXX0857
Debagoma PPXX5244
Debbatana PPXX9793
Debionne PPXX9794
Deboin PPXX7485
Deboin Mission PPXX0043
Debonefue PPXX5245
Deborena PPXX9795
Debromosom PPXX9796
Deda PPXX4333
Dede PPXX9797
Defakbil PPXX7989
Degama PPXX0858
Dege PPXX0274
Degola PPXX5246
Deia PPXX7990
Deikwi PPXX9798
Dein PPXX4334
Delama PPXX5247
Delbangat PPXX4335
Delena PPXX0859
Delina PPXX5248
Deltigu PPXX4336
Demasuka PPXX9799
Deme PPXX9800
Demeri PPXX9801
Demgalu PPXX9391
Denga PPXX9392
Dengalu PPXX0044
Dengando PPXX5949
Derebai PPXX0860
Dereperengwa PPXX0276
Deri PPXX0277
Derideri PPXX9802
Derim PPXX5950
Derimbat PPXX6592
Derongge PPXX5951
Derongo PPXX9803
Detau PPXX9804
Deunia PPXX7486
Dibiri PPXX9805
Diborina PPXX5249
Did PPXX4337
Didi PPXX5250
Didia PPXX5251
Didiga PPXX0861
Dierange PPXX2829
Dieru PPXX7991
Digaigaia PPXX5252
Digakani PPXX0278
Digumbara PPXX1596
Digurenda PPXX0862
Digutu PPXX5952
Dikiamtambip PPXX7992
Dikoias PPXX5253
Dil Dil PPXX5254
Dila PPXX7993
Dilan PPXX4338
Dimabi PPXX9806
Diman PPXX4339
Dimansigan PPXX7994
Dimarifi PPXX9807
Dimer PPXX4340
Dimifa PPXX8596
Dimina PPXX9808
Dimir PPXX4341
Dimiri PPXX9809
Dimiri PPXX2830
Dimitemabip PPXX7995
Dimsibi PPXX9810
Dimu PPXX8597
Dimu PPXX9811
Dimugu PPXX9812
Dimuk PPXX4342
Dinam PPXX4343
Dindinogoi PPXX4344
Dinggigu PPXX0279
Dinogo PPXX0280
Dinogobie PPXX0281
Dintembil PPXX7996
Dio PPXX7997
Diodio PPXX5255
Dioro PPXX0863
Dios PPXX7249
Dire PPXX9393
Dirigolo PPXX0864
Dirikomana PPXX0865
Dirima PPXX0282
Dirinomu PPXX0866
Dirou PPXX7487
Disina PPXX9813
Diugumbi PPXX4345
Diumana PPXX0867
Divari PPXX5256
Divinai PPXX5257
Divinikoiari PPXX7488
Diwami PPXX9814
Diwara PPXX5258
Diwawap PPXX5259
Djam PPXX4346
Dme PPXX9815
Doba PPXX5260
Dobei PPXX9165
Dobu Dobu PPXX5261
Dobuduru PPXX7489
Dobug PPXX9166
Dobukopu PPXX5262
Dodo PPXX5263
Dofasu PPXX8598
Dogabari PPXX8599
Dogara PPXX4347
Dogbun PPXX0283
Dogia PPXX4348
Dogingo PPXX4349
Dogona PPXX9816
Dogonabip PPXX7998
Dogora PPXX9817
Dogowan PPXX4350
Dogumbagu PPXX0284
Dogura PPXX5264
Dogwa PPXX9818
Doibo PPXX3677
Doida PPXX5265
Doing PPXX5953
Doita PPXX7490
Dokalang PPXX5954
Dokura PPXX6688
Dokuta PPXX3678
Dol PPXX8600
Dolo PPXX5955
Dolonu PPXX4351
Dom PPXX0868
Doma PPXX7491
Doma PPXX0869
Doma PPXX8601
Domara PPXX7492
Domara PPXX0870
Dombada PPXX7493
Dombasaina PPXX5266
Dombia PPXX0285
Domil PPXX9167
Dominu PPXX5267
Domkane PPXX0286
Domut PPXX5956
Dona PPXX5957
Donea PPXX0871
Donegan PPXX9819
Dongwanam PPXX4352
Donito PPXX1597
Dopima PPXX3679
Doponendi PPXX7999
Dor PPXX4353
Doramusa PPXX7494
Dorenaup PPXX9168
Dorime PPXX0287
Doriomo PPXX3680
Dorogodam PPXX4354
Dorogor PPXX9820
Dorogori PPXX9821
Doropo PPXX9822
Douramoku PPXX0872
Dove PPXX7495
Dowaia PPXX7496
Dowaning PPXX2831
Dragele PPXX9823
Drano PPXX6593
Drehet PPXX0045
Dreikikir PPXX2832
Drimdemasuk PPXX9824
Drimgas PPXX9825
Driwata PPXX2282
Drogaka PPXX9169
Droia PPXX6594
Drome PPXX8000
Drong PPXX5958
Drowra PPXX1598
Duaba PPXX9827
Duabadi PPXX8602
Duade PPXX5268
Duana PPXX9828
Duanggauwom PPXX0288
Duapmang PPXX4355
Duau PPXX7497
Dubanatoboa PPXX0873
Dubi PPXX5959
Dubumba PPXX3681
Dudaie PPXX4356
Duduela PPXX4357
Dudula PPXX4358
Dueiya PPXX8603
Dugudamobi PPXX9829
Dugumur PPXX4359
Duia PPXX5269
Duiauna PPXX5270
Duinne PPXX9830
Dulagoa PPXX9394
Dulia PPXX5271
Dumad PPXX4360
Dumadum PPXX4361
Dumaguna PPXX9831
Dumakane PPXX0289
Dumara PPXX9832
Dumoakarifei PPXX5272
Dumpu PPXX4362
Dumun PPXX4363
Duna PPXX8604
Dunami PPXX9833
Dungatung PPXX5960
Dunggaulum PPXX0290
Dungge PPXX0291
Dunigi PPXX2833
Dunumbiangguna PPXX0292
Dunung PPXX6787
Duombonkim PPXX9834
Durar PPXX9835
Duru PPXX9836
Duru Duru PPXX5273
Dutiu PPXX6595
Duto PPXX1599
Duve PPXX7498
Duwar PPXX2834
Dwelamba PPXX2835
Dyane PPXX0293
Dzange PPXX1600
Eabeuri PPXX5274
Eaea PPXX9395
Earoga PPXX5275
East Baien PPXX2283
East Cape PPXX5276
Eaus PPXX5277
Ebabang PPXX5961
Ebala PPXX3682
Ebapini PPXX8605
Ebenan PPXX4364
Eberum PPXX4365
Ebil PPXX8606
Eboa PPXX0874
Eboiyo PPXX1601
Ebora PPXX5278
Eddiguna PPXX9837
Edebu PPXX0875
Edie Creek PPXX5962
Edu PPXX0876
Edwaki PPXX8001
Efafan PPXX5963
Efaika PPXX0877
Efu PPXX4366
Egalauna PPXX0878
Egari PPXX8607
Egauwi PPXX8608
Egenda PPXX8609
Egiro PPXX3683
Ehenabasusu PPXX7499
Ehi PPXX1602
Eho PPXX0879
Ehu PPXX7500
Eia PPXX7501
Eiatoto-Unu PPXX5279
Eiau PPXX0880
Eiba PPXX5964
Eibura PPXX8610
Eifa PPXX0881
Eikil PPXX8002
Einokneri PPXX8003
Eipa PPXX5965
Eiru PPXX4367
Ejaro PPXX7502
Ekailoa PPXX8611
Ekas PPXX8004
Ekeirau PPXX3684
Ekela PPXX8612
Ekoukane PPXX0882
Ekrek PPXX9396
Elamkane PPXX0294
Elano PPXX1603
Elasi PPXX5280
Elau PPXX8005
Elava PPXX3685
Elava PPXX0883
Elebe PPXX0884
Eleoa PPXX6788
Elevala PPXX6689
Elis PPXX8006
Elmagle PPXX0295
Elobe PPXX9397
Elolian PPXX6789
Elukane PPXX0296
Emagari PPXX4368
Embessa PPXX7503
Embetali PPXX8613
Embewanang PPXX5966
Embogo PPXX7504
Embor PPXX4369
Emegari PPXX4370
Emengwaning PPXX5967
Emerum PPXX4371
Emesa PPXX1605
Emeti PPXX9838
Emewai PPXX3686
Emigi PPXX0297
Emimi PPXX0298
Emmissuna PPXX9839
Emo PPXX1606
Emo PPXX7505
Emu Village PPXX3687
Emul PPXX2836
Enam PPXX4372
Endaka PPXX4373
Endawa PPXX2837
Endewinggauma PPXX0299
Endowa PPXX8614
Endugakane PPXX0300
Endugwakane PPXX0301
Enende PPXX0885
Engawagl PPXX9170
Engefa PPXX0886
Engiep PPXX8007
Enip PPXX8615
Enivilogo PPXX0887
Enjora PPXX7506
Enkaiakmin PPXX9840
Ensagobu PPXX4374
Ensaru PPXX4375
Entibi PPXX8008
Entua PPXX8616
Enuk PPXX6790
Eoro PPXX7507
Epa PPXX0888
Epa PPXX7508
Epebiamo PPXX3688
Epegau PPXX3689
Epmi PPXX8009
Era Maipua PPXX3690
Erakana PPXX0302
Eram PPXX2838
Erambo PPXX9841
Erap PPXX5968
Erarisu PPXX7509
Erave PPXX8617
Ere-Ere PPXX0889
Erehe PPXX3691
Ereivanun PPXX4376
Erekta PPXX9842
Eremare PPXX3692
Erendengan PPXX5969
Erenog PPXX2839
Erepone PPXX0303
Erikos PPXX4377
Erima PPXX4378
Erimaienggaglma PPXX0304
Ero PPXX3693
Eroro PPXX7510
Errittau PPXX3694
Eruma PPXX0305
Erumelavava PPXX0890
Eseli PPXX9398
Esianda PPXX5970
Eskamp PPXX8618
Etaba PPXX1608
Etabi PPXX1609
Etaitno PPXX5971
Etau PPXX5282
Etep PPXX5972
Etere PPXX9843
Etesena PPXX1610
Eteve PPXX1611
Etobanga PPXX5973
Eunuoro PPXX0891
Euopina PPXX9844
Eutao PPXX6791
Evaga PPXX8619
Evara PPXX3695
Evasusu PPXX7511
Evechi PPXX4379
Everupu PPXX0892
Evesa PPXX7512
Evese PPXX0893
Eviauwa PPXX5283
Evore PPXX3696
Ewa PPXX3697
Ewai-Udidanga PPXX3698
Ewanagia PPXX0894
Eware PPXX5974
Ewasse PPXX9399
Eweiwa PPXX4380
Ewena PPXX5284
Ewinya PPXX3699
Ewok PPXX5975
Ewore PPXX7513
Ezagave PPXX1612
Ezanko PPXX5976
Fabi PPXX9845
Fagamajiu PPXX8620
Fagaminofi PPXX1613
Faia PPXX3700
Faiga PPXX3701
Faigurup PPXX4381
Faita PPXX4382
Faiya PPXX0306
Faiyu PPXX1614
Fakonama PPXX0895
Fakreptuebib PPXX9846
Famili PPXX1615
Famonogu PPXX1616
Famu PPXX1617
Famunde-Afomani PPXX1618
Fanaiyufa PPXX1619
Fang PPXX6792
Fangalawa PPXX6793
Fangwel PPXX6794
Fanuma PPXX0896
Farangot PPXX6795
Faseu PPXX5977
Fasubaisa PPXX8621
Fatima PPXX8010
Fatkarson PPXX6796
Fatmilak PPXX6797
Favane PPXX0897
Feramin PPXX9847
Feriso PPXX8622
Fern PPXX5285
Fiamuk PPXX8011
Fifiobi PPXX9848
Figamgoa PPXX3702
Fimane PPXX1620
Fimoa PPXX1621
Finamoi PPXX8012
Finintegu PPXX1622
Finschhafen PPXX5978
Finungwa PPXX5979
Fior PPXX5980
Firigano PPXX1623
Firmotavi PPXX1624
Fisi PPXX8013
Fissoa PPXX6798
Flobum PPXX8014
Fo PPXX1625
Fodu PPXX0898
Foduma PPXX7514
Fofo Fofo PPXX0899
Fofoma PPXX7515
Fofragen PPXX5981
Fogimove PPXX1627
Fokoi PPXX1628
Fologaia PPXX5286
Fondengko PPXX5982
Fondiwei PPXX1629
Fongwinam PPXX8015
Fonibaru PPXX7516
Fonli PPXX6799
Foraga PPXX1630
Fore PPXX4383
Fore PPXX1631
Fore PPXX0307
Forguan PPXX4384
Foro PPXX0900
Foru PPXX7517
Forusio PPXX9849
Fou PPXX4385
Founa PPXX7518
Foyufa PPXX1632
Fuanevu PPXX9850
Fuar PPXX7519
Fufuda PPXX7520
Fugari PPXX8016
Fugasagumo PPXX1633
Fugiavip PPXX8017
Fulele PPXX0308
Fulimuti PPXX0901
Fulis PPXX6800
Fulleborn PPXX9400
Fulsa PPXX1634
Fumatambu PPXX2840
Fumulu PPXX4386
Funabip PPXX8018
Fundugwa PPXX2841
Fungal PPXX8019
Fungobi PPXX9851
Funyende PPXX4387
Furimutu PPXX0902
Fusa PPXX1635
Gabagaba PPXX0046
Gabagata PPXX0903
Gabensis PPXX5983
Gabiomosom PPXX9852
Gabitaeu PPXX5287
Gabmatzung PPXX0047
Gabone PPXX0904
Gabsonkek PPXX5984
Gabugabuna PPXX5288
Gabumi PPXX4388
Gabun PPXX4389
Gaburu PPXX0905
Gabutaia PPXX5289
Gabutamon PPXX4390
Gabutawa PPXX5290
Gabutu PPXX6690
Gadaisu PPXX5291
Gadio PPXX2842
Gadoa PPXX5292
Gadogadoa PPXX5293
Gadovisu PPXX5294
Gadubak PPXX4391
Gaduda PPXX0048
Gafaruga PPXX1636
Gafo PPXX1637
Gagan PPXX7250
Gagari PPXX5295
Gagave PPXX0906
Gagiea PPXX3703
Gagoro PPXX9853
Gagrea PPXX9171
Gahi PPXX3704
Gaho PPXX9401
Gahom PPXX2843
Gahuku PPXX1638
Gaiari PPXX7521
Gaieng PPXX5985
Gaiewa PPXX5296
Gaigoro PPXX0907
Gaikarobi PPXX2844
Gaile PPXX0908
Gaima PPXX9854
Gain PPXX0049
Gaiogaiokawasi PPXX5297
Gaire No 1 PPXX0050
Gaivakala PPXX0909
Gaiwonaki PPXX5298
Gal PPXX4392
Galawo PPXX5986
Galek PPXX4393
Galgatu PPXX8020
Gali PPXX4394
Galilo PPXX9402
Galisakan PPXX4395
Galoale PPXX9403
Galodamlu PPXX9855
Galovit PPXX2284
Galowe PPXX2285
Galusu PPXX6801
Gamadoudou PPXX5299
Gamaeve PPXX9856
Gamarok PPXX5987
Gamayufa PPXX1639
Gambumanaweia PPXX5300
Gamei PPXX4396
Gamenkin PPXX4397
Gameyufa PPXX1640
Gamila PPXX0910
Gamise PPXX9857
Gamkane PPXX0309
Gamo PPXX8021
Gamo PPXX9858
Gamog PPXX4398
Gamoga PPXX0911
Ganai PPXX2286
Ganai PPXX0912
Ganana PPXX7522
Ganbagu PPXX0310
Gandiglnem PPXX0311
Gandin PPXX0312
Gane PPXX0913
Ganemboku PPXX9404
Gangamba PPXX2845
Ganglau PPXX4399
Ganiawai PPXX0914
Ganimwala PPXX5301
Ganjiga PPXX7523
Ganma PPXX5988
Ganna PPXX2287
Gantisap PPXX5989
Ganzegan PPXX5990
Gar PPXX2288
Gara PPXX8022
Garagaradi PPXX5302
Garagaras PPXX5303
Garahonota PPXX1641
Garaina PPXX0051
Garaligut PPXX4400
Garambon PPXX5991
Garamokogena PPXX0915
Garandimok PPXX9859
Garara PPXX7524
Gararal PPXX7525
Garari PPXX7526
Garawaria PPXX5992
Garawna PPXX9860
Garduowai PPXX5304
Gargaris PPXX6802
Garigut PPXX4401
Garili PPXX9405
Garima PPXX0916
Garimati PPXX9406
Garinam PPXX4402
Garinggagu PPXX0314
Garipa PPXX0917
Garli PPXX5993
Garombi PPXX7527
Garu PPXX9407
Garu PPXX9861
Garua PPXX5994
Garuahi PPXX0052
Garuai PPXX5305
Garum PPXX4403
Garup PPXX4404
Garuro PPXX7528
Gasam PPXX5995
Gasmata PPXX9408
Gastobi PPXX9862
Gasua PPXX4405
Gasual PPXX4406
Gatnigum PPXX2846
Gatseng PPXX5996
Gatu PPXX5306
Gatumsan PPXX9863
Gaugutmin PPXX8023
Gauiaku PPXX0315
Gauinlabu PPXX5997
Gaulim PPXX2289
Gaum PPXX4407
Gaunani PPXX5307
Gaungo PPXX9409
Gaunomu PPXX0918
Gauora PPXX7529
Gauri PPXX3705
Gauro PPXX3706
Gauru PPXX5998
Gausepa PPXX5308
Gauwa PPXX5309
Gavagora PPXX0919
Gavaiva PPXX9410
Gavaliba PPXX1642
Gaven PPXX4408
Gavi PPXX5310
Gavida PPXX7530
Gavien PPXX2847
Gavuone PPXX0920
Gavuvu PPXX9411
Gawa PPXX9864
Gawan PPXX5999
Gea PPXX0921
Gea Gea PPXX0922
Geakwab PPXX1643
Gealwi PPXX2848
Geavi PPXX9865
Gebal PPXX9172
Gefeyufo PPXX1644
Geg PPXX9173
Gegadali PPXX5311
Gegerau PPXX7531
Gegeri PPXX4409
Gegoasi PPXX5312
Gegofi PPXX0923
Gehamozuha PPXX1645
Gehan PPXX6000
Gehua PPXX5313
Geiegia PPXX1646
Geigemmada PPXX9866
Geite PPXX7532
Gelahamutuna PPXX5314
Gelawadedena PPXX5315
Gelbikaumo PPXX0316
Geleharia PPXX5316
Gelei PPXX9412
Gelemalia PPXX5317
Gemaheng PPXX6001
Gemantua PPXX3707
Gembogl PPXX0317
Gemembiyuhei PPXX1647
Gemo PPXX0924
Gena PPXX0318
Gena PPXX6002
Genabona PPXX0319
Genakane PPXX0320
Genaku PPXX0321
Genari PPXX4410
Gendagu PPXX0322
Gendega PPXX1648
Gendua PPXX0323
Gene PPXX6003
Genera PPXX0925
Genetisarobe PPXX1649
Geomi PPXX8024
Gepahina PPXX1650
Gera Gera Sina PPXX5318
Geraun PPXX6004
Gere PPXX0324
Geregagea PPXX0926
Gereglkane PPXX0325
Gerehu PPXX6691
Gereka PPXX6692
Geremundari PPXX9867
Gerepo PPXX0053
Geresi PPXX0927
Gerevaudi PPXX5319
Gerimana PPXX1651
Gerimani PPXX0326
Geroro PPXX8623
Gerup PPXX6005
Gesai PPXX1652
Gesoa PPXX9868
Gesuama PPXX9869
Getmata PPXX9413
Geveragoro PPXX0928
Gewa PPXX7533
Gewak PPXX6006
Gewoia PPXX7534
Gewoto PPXX7535
Gi PPXX9870
Gia PPXX8624
Gial PPXX4411
Giar PPXX4412
Gibara PPXX5320
Gibidai PPXX3708
Gibu PPXX0054
Gidalu PPXX2290
Gidobada PPXX0929
Gigantok PPXX2849
Gigarakwaia PPXX5321
Gige PPXX9871
Gigina PPXX9414
Gigipuna PPXX9415
Giglkane PPXX0327
Gigori PPXX3709
Gigori PPXX7536
Gigowa PPXX5322
Gihiteri PPXX3710
Gilang PPXX6007
Gilau PPXX9416
Gili Gili PPXX5323
Giliato PPXX8025
Gilibwa PPXX5324
Gilinit PPXX9417
Gilmaibianggau PPXX0328
Gilolo PPXX4413
Gimena PPXX9872
Gimgimta PPXX5325
Gimina PPXX5326
Gimiseiyufo PPXX1653
Gimisevi PPXX1654
Gimogimowo PPXX5327
Ginada PPXX5328
Ginaivuna PPXX5329
Ginam PPXX4414
Ginanala PPXX0930
Gindiniwaifo PPXX1655
Ginewa PPXX5330
Gingala PPXX6008
Gingaulum PPXX0329
Gingora PPXX6009
Ginibi PPXX1656
Ginigolo PPXX0931
Gipi PPXX3711
Giporibi PPXX9873
Girabu PPXX0932
Girebi PPXX0933
Girekori PPXX1657
Giri PPXX4415
Girigirita PPXX7537
Girimai PPXX0330
Giring PPXX9418
Giringarede PPXX9874
Giringiri PPXX4416
Girio PPXX0331
Giriwa PPXX7538
Gisamolo PPXX9419
Gisatarau PPXX9875
Gisem PPXX5331
Gitarut PPXX6803
Gitua PPXX6010
Gitukia PPXX6011
Gitunuha PPXX1658
Giuge PPXX0332
Giunakane PPXX0333
Givena PPXX0934
Giwa PPXX5332
Giwafi PPXX9876
Giwaretore PPXX0056
Giwiniba PPXX8026
Giwobi PPXX9877
Glabi PPXX9878
Gloucester PPXX9420
Gnalala PPXX2291
Gnao PPXX9879
Goada PPXX0935
Goari PPXX0057
Gobadik PPXX6012
Gobara PPXX1659
Gobe PPXX7539
Gobemoge PPXX9174
Gobera PPXX7540
Gobo PPXX3712
Gobuia PPXX0936
Godi PPXX0937
Godowa PPXX6013
Godumuri PPXX5333
Goe PPXX9880
Goenge PPXX2850
Gofan PPXX6014
Gofonga PPXX1660
Gogime PPXX0334
Gogkane PPXX0335
Gogo PPXX0336
Gogo PPXX6804
Gogola PPXX9421
Gogolabia PPXX5334
Gogonbagu PPXX4417
Gogosi PPXX9422
Gogou PPXX4418
Gogoum PPXX4419
Gogsiba PPXX5335
Gogumkanum PPXX0337
Gogumkanun PPXX0338
Gohenayuno PPXX1661
Gohikave PPXX1662
Gohoyfa PPXX1663
Goi PPXX0339
Goiantagnum PPXX5336
Goilala PPXX0938
Goilanai PPXX5337
Goilawalika PPXX5338
Goilo PPXX4420
Goiom PPXX0340
Goivari PPXX0059
Goiyobom PPXX9881
Gokane PPXX0341
Gokogu PPXX0342
Gokto PPXX4421
Golangke PPXX6015
Golgubip PPXX9882
Golmante PPXX4422
Golo PPXX0939
Golumkane PPXX0343
Gom PPXX6016
Goma PPXX0344
Gomagamana PPXX5339
Gomando PPXX6017
Gomaru PPXX4423
Gombara PPXX7541
Gombwato PPXX6018
Gomeda PPXX0940
Gomeguve PPXX1664
Gomena PPXX6019
Gomgale PPXX0345
Gomina PPXX0941
Gomlongon PPXX6020
Gomo PPXX4424
Gomore PPXX0942
Gomskai PPXX9883
Gomu PPXX9423
Gomunu PPXX4425
Gona PPXX7542
Gonabudo PPXX1665
Gondomokane PPXX0346
Gongeia PPXX4426
Goni PPXX2292
Gonopiyufa PPXX1666
Gonua PPXX4427
Gopia PPXX5340
Gora PPXX7543
Gorabuna PPXX7544
Goragwanga PPXX1667
Goraita PPXX9884
Gorak PPXX4428
Gorangauma PPXX0347
Gorarove PPXX1668
Gordon PPXX6693
Gorendo PPXX4429
Gorgiok PPXX0060
Gori PPXX6021
Gorin PPXX8625
Goro PPXX0348
Gorogorova PPXX5341
Gorogoruna PPXX0943
Gorohu PPXX0944
Goroka PPXX1669
Gorokabugam PPXX0349
Gorokuran PPXX0350
Goromaugo PPXX0351
Gorua PPXX0945
Gosisi PPXX0946
Gosmaium PPXX6805
Gotai PPXX5342
Gotegemazuha PPXX1670
Goteia PPXX5343
Gotet PPXX6022
Gotobe PPXX1671
Gotomi PPXX1672
Goulupu PPXX0947
Gouwo PPXX0948
Gowa PPXX6023
Gre PPXX9885
Grebike PPXX9886
Gredemasuk PPXX9887
Green River PPXX8027
Grehorsorae PPXX9888
Grenai PPXX9889
Grengabu PPXX4430
Griengas PPXX9890
Grimm Point PPXX3713
Groli PPXX4431
Grumena PPXX9891
Grumepu PPXX9892
Gua PPXX4432
Guabagusal PPXX6024
Guamari PPXX9893
Guari PPXX0949
Guasingi PPXX4433
Guasopa PPXX5344
Guaugurina PPXX5345
Gubam PPXX9894
Gubiatta PPXX9895
Gubu PPXX6025
Guburu PPXX0950
Gueibi PPXX4434
Gueretmin PPXX9896
Guga PPXX5346
Guga PPXX9175
Gugubor PPXX4435
Guguepo PPXX5347
Gugui PPXX5348
Gugumi PPXX6026
Gugumu PPXX7545
Guhi PPXX9424
Guhu PPXX4436
Guhungor PPXX4437
Guiaro PPXX8626
Guidariba PPXX0352
Guirak PPXX4438
Gulakim PPXX2852
Guleguleu PPXX5349
Gulei PPXX9425
Gulewa PPXX5350
Gum PPXX4439
Guma PPXX2293
Gumaiuane PPXX0353
Gumalu PPXX4440
Guman PPXX4441
Gumana PPXX6027
Gumanjui PPXX2853
Gumbaion PPXX4442
Gumbamango PPXX9176
Gumbi PPXX4443
Gumbuiong PPXX4444
Gumgubai PPXX4445
Gumi PPXX6028
Gumine PPXX0354
Gumini PPXX5351
Gumun PPXX6029
Gumus PPXX4446
Gun PPXX0355
Gunabosing PPXX6030
Gunaia PPXX0951
Gunakane PPXX0356
Gunanba PPXX2294
Gunanur PPXX2295
Gunari PPXX6806
Gunazaking PPXX6031
Gunim PPXX0952
Gunoanai PPXX5352
Gunts PPXX4447
Gunu PPXX4448
Gunuamarime PPXX0357
Gunugau PPXX0953
Gur PPXX4449
Guraima PPXX5353
Gurap PPXX9177
Gurawaia PPXX5354
Gurema PPXX0358
Gurewa PPXX5355
Guria PPXX4450
Guriaso PPXX8028
Gurimatu PPXX3714
Gurissi PPXX9426
Gurney PPXX5356
Gurohoiyufa PPXX1674
Guru PPXX5357
Gurual PPXX0359
Gurube PPXX4451
Guruf PPXX0061
Gurugum PPXX4452
Guruguru PPXX7546
Guruguruma PPXX5358
Guruka PPXX1675
Gurukor PPXX6032
Gurumai PPXX9897
Gurumbu PPXX4453
Gurumunumu PPXX0954
Gurunkor PPXX6033
Guruwai PPXX4454
Gusa PPXX1676
Gusak PPXX6034
Gusap PPXX6035
Guselevi PPXX1677
Guseri PPXX1678
Gusi PPXX9427
Gusiore PPXX9898
Guswei PPXX6036
Gutaiya PPXX8029
Guteb PPXX4455
Guti PPXX4456
Gutoiz PPXX0955
Guwasa PPXX1679
Gwada Gwada PPXX5359
Gwadagwada PPXX5360
Gwadede PPXX5361
Gwado PPXX6037
Gwagu PPXX0360
Gwagut PPXX5362
Gwaia PPXX2854
Gwaku PPXX9899
Gwaloik PPXX6038
Gwalyu PPXX1680
Gwammwa PPXX9900
Gwamuse PPXX9901
Gwang PPXX6039
Gwanigwam PPXX5363
Gwarawon PPXX4457
Gwaringiri PPXX4458
Gwarumemase PPXX6694
Gwawi PPXX5364
Gwawili PPXX5365
Gweligum PPXX2855
Gwenagwenalina PPXX5366
Gwiabinna PPXX9902
Gwibaku PPXX9903
Gwidami PPXX8030
Gwikata PPXX9904
Gwinlankor PPXX6040
Gwinyingi PPXX2856
Gwiraro PPXX5367
Gwiribiana PPXX9905
Gwoiegauma PPXX0361
Gwoingwoin PPXX2857
Gwoiraru PPXX2858
Hababa PPXX1681
Habagabena PPXX1682
Habagabeta PPXX1683
Habagatena PPXX1684
Habani PPXX5368
Habara PPXX5369
Habaru PPXX1685
Habelbibeia PPXX1686
Habi PPXX1687
Habiraka PPXX2859
Haeobi PPXX9906
Hafiami PPXX9907
Hafimi PPXX9908
Haga PPXX1690
Hagana PPXX1691
Hagaulo PPXX1692
Hagero PPXX1693
Hagis PPXX7251
Haguarota PPXX3715
Hagutawa PPXX7547
Hagvalif PPXX2860
Hahai PPXX0062
Hahalis PPXX7252
Hahei PPXX6596
Haia PPXX0363
Haiara PPXX0063
Haidauwogam PPXX9909
Haidurem PPXX4459
Haihuhu PPXX3716
Hailogo PPXX0956
Haima PPXX6695
Haimo PPXX4460
Hairo PPXX1694
Haisi PPXX7253
Haita PPXX5370
Haivaro PPXX3717
Haiya PPXX4461
Haiyaru PPXX1695
Hakhak PPXX9428
Haki PPXX7548
Hakura PPXX8627
Hakwoi PPXX1696
Halahalawuwu PPXX5371
Halai PPXX3718
Halalinja PPXX8628
Halei PPXX8629
Halimobi PPXX9910
Halopa PPXX4462
Hamama PPXX5372
Hamara PPXX7549
Hamaronong PPXX6041
Hambangri PPXX8031
Hambasamba PPXX8032
Hamberauri PPXX2861
Hambia PPXX3719
Hambini PPXX2862
Hamburata PPXX7550
Hamdahi PPXX3720
Hamdingnan PPXX6042
Hameta PPXX5373
Hamlet of Togo PPXX9911
Hamoronong PPXX6043
Hamu PPXX1697
Hamuhamu PPXX3721
Hamuni PPXX6044
Hanahan PPXX7254
Hanaiyufa PPXX1698
Hanakajala PPXX5374
Hanakiro PPXX7551
Hanau PPXX7552
Handara PPXX2863
Handaragum PPXX2864
Handarituru PPXX7553
Hanemo PPXX7255
Hanjiri PPXX7554
Hanoi PPXX8630
Hanpan PPXX7256
Hanuabada PPXX6696
Hanyerara PPXX2865
Hapahondong PPXX6045
Hapaitamanga PPXX3722
Hapan PPXX7257
Hapange PPXX2866
Hapataewa PPXX3723
Hapseim PPXX8033
Hapurpi PPXX4463
Haragomi PPXX9912
Haragu PPXX3724
Haregin PPXX2868
Harengan PPXX6597
Haretu PPXX1699
Harevavo PPXX3725
Harigo PPXX7555
Haringer PPXX2869
Haripmor PPXX2870
Harisuku PPXX3726
Haroro PPXX3727
Haruape PPXX3728
Haruwa PPXX2871
Hatulawalai PPXX5375
Hatzfeldthafen PPXX4464
Hauai PPXX3729
Hauakampka PPXX3730
Haugata PPXX7556
Haulo PPXX2296
Haumavu PPXX3731
Haumo PPXX5376
Haununamu PPXX1700
Haupagauwam PPXX0364
Haupoe PPXX3732
Hauramiri PPXX0957
Hauwambanga PPXX3733
Hauwei PPXX6598
Haven PPXX4465
Hawanisi PPXX9913
Hawapa PPXX5377
Hawata PPXX6046
Hawauisi PPXX9914
Hawaweto PPXX6047
Hawenai PPXX9915
Hawoibobo PPXX3734
Heabo PPXX8631
Headubi PPXX9916
Heatoare PPXX3735
Heavala PPXX3736
Heawa PPXX3737
Hebinja PPXX8632
Hedamabi PPXX9917
Hedamari PPXX8633
Hedina PPXX8634
Hedoa PPXX0958
Hegelo PPXX1701
Hegeteru PPXX1702
Hegeturu PPXX1703
Hegiso PPXX8635
Hehego PPXX5378
Hehego Mission PPXX0064
Hekara PPXX8636
Hekwangi PPXX6048
Hem PPXX6049
Hemang PPXX6050
Hembi PPXX8637
Hemieta PPXX3738
Hendeneng PPXX6051
Henegaru PPXX1704
Henep PPXX8638
Henganofi PPXX1705
Henggifano PPXX1706
Hengkai PPXX1707
Hengune PPXX6052
Heoka PPXX8639
Hepa PPXX3739
Hepavina PPXX1708
Hepe PPXX3740
Hepea PPXX3741
Heperi PPXX3742
Herabi PPXX1709
Herabulo PPXX8640
Herekera PPXX3743
Hereng PPXX2873
Herenge PPXX2874
Hereparu PPXX0959
Heribu PPXX8641
Heroana PPXX0365
Heroane PPXX0366
Hewiia PPXX5379
Hiakwata PPXX6053
Hiakwoto PPXX6054
Hibaling PPXX6807
Hibo PPXX1710
Hidawa PPXX5380
Hier PPXX8642
Higataru PPXX1711
Higiabin PPXX2875
Higibabi PPXX1712
Hikwak PPXX6055
Hila PPXX8034
Hilalon PPXX6808
Hildawralya PPXX1713
Hiliganai PPXX5381
Hiligoa PPXX5382
Hiliki PPXX5383
Hilimoi PPXX5384
Hiliwau PPXX5385
Hilobi PPXX9918
Hiloi PPXX3744
Hilomai PPXX5386
Hilu PPXX4466
Himai-Ai PPXX0960
Himarata PPXX1714
Himau PPXX6809
Himburu PPXX2876
Himerka PPXX6056
Himitove PPXX1715
Himpo PPXX1716
Hinauta PPXX5387
Hindowei PPXX3745
Hinihon PPXX4467
Hinongabe PPXX4468
Hintagarufi PPXX1717
Hioge Hioge PPXX5388
Hiorenkia PPXX9919
Hioveli Villages PPXX5389
Hipagat PPXX6811
Hipondik PPXX4469
Hiru PPXX3746
Hiru Hiru PPXX7258
Hisiu PPXX0961
Hitung PPXX6812
Hiviku PPXX3747
Hiwabri PPXX6057
Hiwchiwe PPXX5390
Hoai PPXX8643
Hofakafenofi PPXX1719
Hoforona PPXX1720
Hogabi PPXX1721
Hogateru PPXX1722
Hogoteru PPXX1723
Hohola PPXX6697
Hohoro PPXX3748
Hohota PPXX7557
Hoiaiyo PPXX0367
Hoianurenda PPXX0962
Hoieti PPXX3749
Hoiya PPXX2297
Hojaki PPXX7558
Hojavohambo PPXX7559
Hokalelei PPXX5391
Homa PPXX8644
Homaip PPXX8645
Homan PPXX8646
Homayai PPXX1724
Homenomu PPXX0963
Homobawi PPXX3750
Hompua PPXX6058
Homuri PPXX1725
Hones PPXX8647
Hongo PPXX6059
Honinabi PPXX9920
Honla PPXX5392
Honobi PPXX9921
Honpato PPXX6060
Hont PPXX8648
Honziuknan PPXX6061
Hoop Pine PPXX8649
Hoperang PPXX6062
Horanda PPXX7560
Horare PPXX8650
Horau PPXX7561
Horigi PPXX0964
Horihori PPXX9922
Horohomrae PPXX9923
Hosamrai PPXX9924
Hosanai PPXX9925
Hoskins PPXX9429
Hosokomgu PPXX9926
Hota PPXX6063
Hote PPXX6064
House Kiape PPXX7259
Hovea PPXX7562
Howaja PPXX7563
Howaniaum PPXX8035
Hualil PPXX9430
Huau PPXX6065
Hubegong PPXX6066
Hucheil PPXX2877
Hudewa PPXX6067
Hudini PPXX4470
Huembo PPXX7564
Huen PPXX1396
Hugufinai PPXX8036
Hugumon PPXX8037
Huhuna PPXX5393
Huhunobi PPXX9927
Huhuru PPXX7565
Huhwalubi PPXX9928
Hujavasusu PPXX7566
Hukim PPXX9929
Hukularo PPXX3751
Hula PPXX0965
Hulem PPXX9431
Hum PPXX8651
Hunabore PPXX6813
Hunanangeu PPXX6814
Hungiri PPXX7567
Huniho PPXX6815
Hupagabeya PPXX1726
Hurata PPXX7568
Huri PPXX3752
Huris PPXX6816
Hus PPXX6599
Husurutae PPXX8652
Hutjena PPXX7260
Huvivi PPXX7569
Huwa PPXX1727
Huwawia PPXX3753
Huwegeti PPXX3754
Iabagl PPXX9178
Iabaranga PPXX4471
Iabim PPXX8653
Iabugini PPXX8654
Iabwiari PPXX1728
Iagamabi PPXX9930
Iagen PPXX8655
Iagi PPXX4472
Iagirua PPXX7570
Iagobei PPXX6068
Iahotegabi PPXX1729
Iak PPXX1397
Iakao PPXX5394
Iakas PPXX9433
Iakini PPXX5395
Iakrimas PPXX9931
Ialaka PPXX5396
Ialakua PPXX2298
Ialal PPXX8656
Ialibu PPXX8657
Ialindubip PPXX8038
Ialohia PPXX5397
Iamagu PPXX8658
Iamala PPXX8659
Iamamuk PPXX4473
Iamanda PPXX8660
Iamara PPXX9932
Iame PPXX8661
Iamega PPXX9933
Iami-Iami PPXX8662
Iamiga PPXX9934
Iamjami PPXX8663
Iamurabegi PPXX8664
Iamutuna PPXX5398
Iande PPXX8665
Iandine PPXX0368
Iangapo PPXX9935
Iangaret PPXX4474
Iangari PPXX8666
Iani PPXX0369
Ianianini PPXX5399
Ianowabi PPXX9936
Ianu PPXX0966
Iapi PPXX8667
Iapoa PPXX5400
Iapsiginabip PPXX8039
Iaptabinabip PPXX8040
Iaptun PPXX9937
Iarame PPXX5401
Iarbedu PPXX0967
Iare PPXX0968
Iarena PPXX8668
Iari PPXX3755
Iaria PPXX8669
Iarivill PPXX3756
Iaro PPXX8670
Iaru PPXX8671
Iarumenomu PPXX0969
Iasa PPXX9938
Iate PPXX8672
Iau PPXX7571
Iaudari PPXX7572
Iaudobu PPXX0970
Iauibari PPXX3757
Iaupolo PPXX5402
Iaura PPXX0971
Iaure PPXX7573
Iaviau PPXX5403
Iavire PPXX8673
Iawakaka PPXX2299
Iawarere PPXX0972
Iawi PPXX8674
Iawobo PPXX7574
Iawon PPXX0973
Iba PPXX3758
Ibaai PPXX3759
Ibagei PPXX6069
Ibagum PPXX8041
Ibakoda PPXX3760
Ibaradoku PPXX0974
Ibarfornbek PPXX8042
Ibari PPXX1730
Ibi PPXX8675
Ibiac PPXX8043
Ibiduwa PPXX5404
Ibinibi PPXX1731
Ibinoro PPXX4475
Ibitida PPXX9939
Iboi PPXX6070
Ibou PPXX9940
Ibu PPXX7261
Ibubue PPXX4476
Ibuhu PPXX8044
Ibuka PPXX8676
Ibulai PPXX5405
Iburu PPXX8045
Ibusa PPXX1732
Ibwananio PPXX5406
Icoe PPXX3761
Idiena PPXX9941
Idoli PPXX8046
Idubada PPXX6698
Idula PPXX0975
Idumava PPXX6699
Iegiea PPXX9942
Iekenai PPXX9943
Iema PPXX7575
Iemdan PPXX9944
Iemepango PPXX3762
Iemombui PPXX2878
Ieran PPXX9945
Iessa PPXX9946
Ieta PPXX7262
Ifigeri PPXX8047
Ifkindu PPXX8048
Ifobe PPXX0976
Igamuk PPXX4477
Igana PPXX4478
Iganofi PPXX1734
Igasi PPXX8049
Igasira PPXX9947
Igerua PPXX6071
Igfibia PPXX9948
Igibira PPXX9949
Igid PPXX0977
Igisowe PPXX1735
Igoi PPXX4479
Igom PPXX4480
Igomuti PPXX0978
Igonamo PPXX0979
Igopiji PPXX1736
Iguai PPXX0980
Iguam PPXX4481
Igud PPXX0981
Iguni PPXX9950
Igup PPXX5407
Igurobi PPXX9951
Iharu PPXX3763
Ihore PPXX9952
Ihu PPXX0065
Ika PPXX9179
Ikana PPXX1737
Ikara PPXX5408
Ikinu PPXX3764
Ikoheawansun PPXX3765
Ikongo Spring PPXX2300
Iku PPXX4482
Ikueiya PPXX3766
Ikundum PPXX4483
Ikyaua PPXX6072
Ilafaiyufa PPXX1738
Ilafo PPXX1739
Ilahita Villages PPXX2879
Ilahop PPXX2880
Ilai PPXX0982
Ilai-Unage PPXX0370
Ilakai PPXX5409
Ilal PPXX0983
Ilamororo PPXX7576
Ilapaura PPXX0371
Ilavu PPXX6073
Ilesa PPXX1740
Ili PPXX2301
Ilifalim PPXX2881
Ililip PPXX2882
Ilimo PPXX7577
Ilimorupu PPXX0984
Ilipaiem PPXX2883
Iloilo PPXX5410
Iloko PPXX6074
Ilovapare PPXX3767
Iltopan PPXX7263
Ilunuma PPXX8677
Ilup PPXX8050
Ilup Camp PPXX8051
Imairu PPXX0985
Imane PPXX0066
Imani PPXX8678
Imankabus PPXX1398
Imanmeri PPXX2884
Imapiaka PPXX8679
Imarri PPXX1741
Imbabi PPXX4484
Imbear PPXX4485
Imbia PPXX2885
Imbiyip PPXX8052
Imboin PPXX2886
Imbrinis PPXX8053
Imbuando PPXX2887
Imeme PPXX1742
Imera PPXX3768
Imi PPXX8680
Imidiru PPXX0986
Imigabip PPXX9953
Imila PPXX0987
Imilhama PPXX8681
Immera PPXX5411
Imon PPXX6075
Imonda PPXX8054
Imounga PPXX0988
Imtamatasa PPXX1743
Imuagoro PPXX0989
Imuna PPXX8682
Imuruwake PPXX7578
Imwauna PPXX5412
Ina PPXX7579
Inabaie PPXX1744
Inagombi PPXX2888
Inahele PPXX2302
Inakor PPXX2889
Inamtop PPXX4486
Inaorena PPXX0990
Inaro PPXX2890
Inarunggunavi PPXX0372
Inaukane PPXX0373
Inaukina PPXX0991
Inawabui PPXX0992
Inawae PPXX0993
Inawai PPXX9954
Inawaia PPXX0994
Inawauni PPXX0995
Inawi PPXX0996
Indabu PPXX2891
Indagen PPXX6076
Indarakwangari PPXX1746
Indibi PPXX2892
Indingai PPXX2893
Indorodoro PPXX9955
Indugwagane PPXX0374
Indum PPXX6077
Inebu PPXX8056
Ineina PPXX0997
Ingambas PPXX2894
Ingi PPXX7580
Ingin PPXX8683
Ingirip PPXX8684
Ingis PPXX9956
Iniai PPXX2895
Inibi PPXX1748
Inigam PPXX4487
Inigi PPXX1749
Inika PPXX0067
Iniok PPXX2896
Inja PPXX8685
Injedl PPXX8686
Injip PPXX8687
Inlimut PPXX2303
Inonda PPXX7581
Inrim PPXX6600
Insinsibi PPXX4488
Intoap PPXX6078
Ioburegaun PPXX0375
Iogi PPXX9957
Ioi PPXX0998
Ioiok PPXX0999
Iok PPXX9434
Iokea PPXX3769
Iokwa PPXX9958
Ioma PPXX0068
Iomai PPXX3770
Iomba PPXX3771
Iombon PPXX9435
Iomegi PPXX8688
Iongai PPXX1000
Iongitabu PPXX4489
Iongoromgo PPXX9959
Ionuwai PPXX0376
Iopara PPXX1001
Iora Creek PPXX7582
Iore PPXX8689
Iori PPXX3772
Ioromakomana PPXX1002
Iosiko PPXX3773
Iou PPXX9960
Iou PPXX5413
Ioup PPXX5414
Iovei PPXX1003
Iowa PPXX9961
Iowa PPXX3774
Iowi PPXX9962
Iowiteda PPXX9963
Ipiai PPXX3775
Ipigi PPXX8691
Ipigo PPXX0069
Ipisi PPXX3776
Ipisia PPXX9964
Ipoknai PPXX9965
Ipongador PPXX4490
Ipouli PPXX5415
Ipsuli PPXX5416
Ipuk PPXX9436
Ipulai PPXX5417
Irana PPXX9966
Irarapi PPXX4491
Irawara PPXX8692
Irena PPXX2304
Iriba PPXX1399
Iribumkiak PPXX8057
Irigrat PPXX4492
Irimuku PPXX3777
Irinauwa PPXX5418
Irinkwi PPXX9967
Irivas PPXX4493
Irobo PPXX1004
Iroronomu PPXX1005
Iruone PPXX1006
Irupara PPXX1007
Irupi PPXX9968
Iruru PPXX6601
Isagu PPXX9969
Isaguam PPXX8058
Isan PPXX6079
Isapeape PPXX3778
Isara PPXX9970
Isariga PPXX4494
Isarikan PPXX4495
Ise PPXX1750
Isenga PPXX9180
Isi PPXX8059
Isiani PPXX3779
Isibi PPXX9971
Isina PPXX7264
Isoge PPXX7583
Isogum PPXX2897
Isontenu PPXX1751
Isosargan PPXX6080
Isuai PPXX5419
Isuisu PPXX5420
Isumdimaiu PPXX5421
Isung PPXX4496
Isurava PPXX7584
Ita PPXX1008
Ita PPXX8693
Itapi PPXX4497
Itaranku PPXX4498
Itingos PPXX4499
Ititi PPXX7585
Itogama PPXX7586
Itomi PPXX8060
Itonomata PPXX7587
Itoto PPXX7588
Itubma PPXX9972
Itumsigin PPXX8061
Itutang PPXX4500
Iu-ai-u PPXX7589
Iualbit PPXX8062
Iubadi PPXX7590
Iuku PPXX3780
Iumbi Island PPXX1400
Iumielo PPXX9437
Iumora PPXX9973
Iumorito PPXX3781
Iungpun PPXX9438
Iuwane PPXX1752
Iva PPXX1753
Ivagripi PPXX4501
Ivagu PPXX1754
Ivana PPXX3782
Ivandu PPXX3783
Ivani PPXX1755
Ivara PPXX1009
Ivarai PPXX4502
Ivere PPXX2305
Ivieg PPXX8063
Ivira PPXX3784
Ivirupu PPXX1010
Ivisusu PPXX7591
Ivorika PPXX3785
Ivum Villages PPXX2898
Iwa PPXX1756
Iwai PPXX5422
Iwai PPXX2306
Iwaia PPXX7592
Iwaia PPXX3786
Iwambe PPXX3787
Iwame PPXX5423
Iwani PPXX8064
Iwapu PPXX3788
Iwatara PPXX5424
Iwatebu PPXX8694
Iwatimna PPXX6081
Iwau PPXX2899
Iwewe PPXX9974
Iwewi PPXX3789
Iworamon PPXX9181
Iwore PPXX7593
Iwuji PPXX7594
Iwuribi PPXX9182
Jajau PPXX7595
Jake PPXX1011
Jal PPXX4503
Jama PPXX2900
Jamalavava PPXX1012
Jambitanga PPXX2901
Jame PPXX2902
Jamenki PPXX4504
Jamjam PPXX4505
Jamuruk PPXX1757
Jangimut PPXX2903
Jangit PPXX2904
Jani PPXX7596
Jao PPXX1013
Japanaut PPXX2905
Japandai PPXX2906
Japaraka 3 PPXX0070
Jappa PPXX4506
Japuain PPXX2907
Jarai PPXX9975
Jari PPXX7597
Javeneri PPXX7598
Javier PPXX1014
Jebo PPXX7599
Jegarata PPXX7600
Jegowi PPXX2908
Jesubaibua PPXX1015
Jeta PPXX2909
Jgapa PPXX4507
Jibako PPXX2910
Jibirogo PPXX4508
Jibu PPXX9976
Jibulger PPXX9183
Jikuataia PPXX7601
Jilim PPXX4509
Jimbakum PPXX2911
Jinena PPXX7602
Jinjo PPXX5425
Jipmago PPXX2912
Jirikin PPXX4510
Jitami PPXX7603
Jitibu PPXX4511
Jivevaneng PPXX6082
Jiwari PPXX7604
Joari PPXX1758
Jobto PPXX4512
Jogoi PPXX4513
Johan PPXX6602
Jonita PPXX7605
Jorara PPXX7606
Josephstaal PPXX4514
Jugana PPXX9184
Kababiai PPXX2307
Kabagap PPXX2308
Kabaineri PPXX8065
Kabaira PPXX2309
Kabakabiui PPXX2310
Kabakada PPXX2311
Kabakadas PPXX6817
Kabakaul PPXX2312
Kabakini PPXX6083
Kabaman PPXX6818
Kabamwuk PPXX1759
Kabana PPXX8695
Kabanga PPXX2313
Kabanil PPXX0377
Kabapuko PPXX2314
Kabari PPXX0378
Kabari PPXX5426
Kabet PPXX8696
Kabiatarai PPXX2315
Kabilomu PPXX2316
Kabin PPXX6819
Kabiyu PPXX1760
Kableman PPXX6820
Kablifi PPXX9977
Kaboibus PPXX2913
Kabomdan PPXX9978
Kabona PPXX1761
Kabonas PPXX4515
Kabong PPXX6084
Kaborei PPXX8697
Kabrenmin PPXX9979
Kabriman PPXX2914
Kabubinie PPXX8698
Kabubu PPXX7607
Kabuk PPXX4516
Kabuli PPXX6603
Kabum PPXX6085
Kabuni PPXX7608
Kabunut PPXX6821
Kabutine PPXX0379
Kabwum PPXX6086
Kadelik PPXX6822
Kadir PPXX9980
Kaduwaga PPXX5427
Kaevaga PPXX6700
Kafa PPXX8699
Kafe PPXX1762
Kafegoruga PPXX1763
Kafetegu PPXX1764
Kafetugu PPXX1765
Kafiagane PPXX1766
Kafkaf PPXX6823
Kafle PPXX8066
Kafonaga PPXX1767
Kaga PPXX1768
Kagaku PPXX0380
Kagamuga PPXX9185
Kageta PPXX5428
Kagi PPXX1016
Kagiru PPXX2915
Kago PPXX1017
Kagop PPXX9186
Kagu PPXX0381
Kagu PPXX1769
Kagua PPXX8700
Kahei PPXX9439
Kai PPXX9440
Kai-Imi PPXX3790
Kaiafit PPXX4517
Kaiam PPXX0071
Kaiamu PPXX9441
Kaiangabip PPXX9981
Kaiapit PPXX0072
Kaiaravi PPXX3791
Kaiau PPXX1018
Kaibola PPXX5429
Kaibugu PPXX4518
Kaid PPXX9187
Kaidagoyin PPXX8067
Kaiep PPXX2916
Kaieri PPXX1019
Kaifo PPXX0382
Kaigulan PPXX1770
Kaiheto PPXX1771
Kaihovu PPXX4519
Kaik PPXX2917
Kaiko PPXX2317
Kaikona PPXX9188
Kailakunumu PPXX1020
Kailape PPXX1021
Kaile PPXX7609
Kailoma PPXX2318
Kaimari PPXX3792
Kaimba PPXX2918
Kaimbiam PPXX2919
Kaimurumako PPXX3793
Kainagunan PPXX2319
Kainako PPXX5430
Kainantu PPXX1772
Kainde PPXX2920
Kainde PPXX7610
Kainggunua PPXX0383
Kaingo PPXX3794
Kaininantu PPXX1773
Kaintiba PPXX3795
Kainye PPXX6087
Kaipu PPXX8701
Kairava PPXX3796
Kairimai PPXX3797
Kairiravi PPXX3798
Kairuku PPXX1022
Kairuru PPXX2921
Kaisava PPXX3799
Kaisenik PPXX6088
Kaisia PPXX6089
Kait PPXX6824
Kaiteba PPXX1023
Kaiton PPXX2320
Kaitoto PPXX2321
Kaiumevim PPXX9982
Kaiumguim PPXX9983
Kaivu PPXX3800
Kaiwaria PPXX2922
Kaiwaupi PPXX7611
Kaiyabi PPXX1774
Kaiye PPXX8068
Kaiyufa PPXX1775
Kakaia PPXX5431
Kakalo PPXX6090
Kakandetta PPXX7612
Kakarravi PPXX3801
Kakasa PPXX7613
Kakaweadiaeia PPXX5432
Kakeipo PPXX1024
Kakima PPXX4520
Kakiva PPXX3802
Kakoi PPXX8069
Kakopi PPXX1776
Kakoro PPXX1025
Kaku PPXX8702
Kakumo PPXX9442
Kakuruai PPXX7265
Kala PPXX9984
Kalabeli PPXX8703
Kalabinie PPXX8704
Kalagen PPXX9443
Kalagu-Kagagu PPXX0384
Kalagu-Munumbugu PPXX0385
Kalagukane PPXX0386
Kalagunan PPXX6825
Kalai PPXX3803
Kalal PPXX6091
Kalalin PPXX4521
Kalamadau PPXX5433
Kalampun PPXX2322
Kalapa PPXX1026
Kalapiai PPXX9444
Kalasu PPXX6092
Kalau PPXX8070
Kalaveng PPXX6826
Kalawanamugu PPXX6827
Kalawida PPXX8705
Kalem PPXX8071
Kaletta PPXX6093
Kali PPXX6604
Kaliei PPXX1777
Kalifilum PPXX4522
Kaliku PPXX4523
Kalil PPXX6828
Kalingu PPXX0387
Kalingum PPXX8072
Kalip PPXX2323
Kalo PPXX1027
Kalo Kalo PPXX5434
Kaloi PPXX5435
Kalom PPXX6829
Kaloweri PPXX0388
Kalpinya PPXX8706
Kalu PPXX5436
Kalu PPXX1778
Kalumbianggo PPXX0389
Kam PPXX4524
Kama PPXX6830
Kama PPXX4525
Kama PPXX0390
Kamabun PPXX7614
Kamagakane PPXX0391
Kamagaulum PPXX0392
Kamaigu PPXX0393
Kamakamar PPXX2324
Kamakane PPXX0394
Kamaku PPXX0395
Kamalakane PPXX0396
Kamali PPXX1028
Kamambu PPXX4526
Kamanahai PPXX6094
Kamanakam PPXX2325
Kamanakera PPXX1779
Kamanaro PPXX8707
Kamangaui PPXX0074
Kamanjan PPXX2924
Kamari PPXX6095
Kamariumba PPXX1780
Kamasau PPXX2925
Kamasina PPXX4527
Kamatai PPXX1781
Kamatami PPXX2326
Kamati PPXX1782
Kamaua PPXX6096
Kamavalo PPXX2327
Kamb PPXX8708
Kamba PPXX4528
Kambaira PPXX1783
Kambal PPXX8709
Kambampi PPXX2926
Kambaramba PPXX0075
Kambasakuyufa PPXX1784
Kambegibu PPXX8710
Kambelyi PPXX2927
Kambiangge PPXX0397
Kambienggwi PPXX1785
Kambilal PPXX6831
Kambili PPXX9445
Kambirara PPXX6832
Kambirip PPXX8711
Kambirombi PPXX8712
Kambisi PPXX1029
Kambot PPXX2928
Kambot Mission PPXX2929
Kambriap PPXX8073
Kambrindo PPXX2930
Kambrok PPXX2931
Kambuku PPXX2932
Kambuku Village PPXX2933
Kamburade PPXX7615
Kamdega PPXX9189
Kamensiba PPXX9190
Kamge PPXX2934
Kami PPXX1786
Kami PPXX9191
Kamiang PPXX6833
Kamiaturn PPXX6097
Kamindibit PPXX2935
Kamira PPXX1787
Kamloa PPXX6098
Kamnum PPXX8074
Kamol PPXX2936
Kamondo PPXX7616
Kamor PPXX2937
Kampalap PPXX6099
Kampepe PPXX6100
Kampupu PPXX2938
Kamus PPXX1788
Kana PPXX7266
Kana Kopa PPXX5437
Kanabea PPXX3804
Kanabu PPXX6834
Kanakamdi PPXX3805
Kanam PPXX6835
Kanamarandan PPXX6836
Kananam PPXX4529
Kanandara PPXX7617
Kanani PPXX5438
Kanapit PPXX6837
Kanari PPXX7618
Kanatura PPXX5439
Kanawetu PPXX7619
Kanda PPXX8713
Kandai PPXX2939
Kandan PPXX6838
Kandangai PPXX2940
Kandarisa PPXX9985
Kandep PPXX1401
Kandi PPXX8714
Kandi PPXX2941
Kandimbro PPXX2942
Kandoba PPXX8715
Kandoka PPXX9446
Kandrian PPXX9447
Kanebak PPXX4530
Kanel PPXX9986
Kanga PPXX7620
Kangal PPXX9192
Kanganaman PPXX2943
Kangarangate PPXX4531
Kangarua PPXX6101
Kanggri PPXX0398
Kangguma PPXX0399
Kangilona PPXX2328
Kanglo PPXX9448
Kangulat PPXX4532
Kaniana PPXX1402
Kaniangua PPXX2944
Kanidigi PPXX8716
Kanigitaga PPXX1789
Kaningara PPXX2945
Kanomi PPXX6102
Kanongusngus PPXX6839
Kansimei PPXX2946
Kantagu PPXX1790
Kantebu PPXX6840
Kanudi PPXX6701
Kanukabu PPXX3806
Kanum PPXX9987
Kanumpanaga PPXX1791
Kanunu PPXX2329
Kanunum PPXX4533
Kanzarua PPXX6103
Kapai PPXX3807
Kapal PPXX9988
Kapana PPXX7267
Kapari PPXX1030
Kaparoko PPXX1031
Kaparura PPXX7621
Kapasaliao PPXX6841
Kapemoku PPXX1032
Kapikavi PPXX7268
Kapiri PPXX3808
Kapiso PPXX6104
Kapitamena PPXX9989
Kapitdang PPXX8075
Kapo PPXX6605
Kapo PPXX9449
Kapoam PPXX8076
Kapogere PPXX1033
Kapogu PPXX1792
Kapokapobil PPXX8717
Kapsel PPXX6842
Kapsipau PPXX6843
Kapsu PPXX6844
Kapugam PPXX4534
Kapugumarigi PPXX1793
Kapuna PPXX3809
Kapungapang PPXX4535
Kapuri PPXX0077
Kar PPXX8718
Kara-Ausi PPXX8077
Karaeta PPXX3810
Karagautu PPXX5440
Karagora PPXX2947
Karahasafa PPXX1794
Karaiai PPXX9450
Karaikomana PPXX1034
Karaisa PPXX7622
Karaite PPXX8078
Karaitei PPXX8079
Karaitem PPXX8080
Karaiworo PPXX1035
Karakara PPXX4536
Karakung PPXX7269
Karakwa PPXX6105
Karamagu PPXX2948
Karamanofi PPXX1795
Karamera PPXX8719
Karamsarik PPXX4537
Karamukei PPXX4538
Karanara PPXX8720
Karanda PPXX8721
Karandu PPXX8081
Karangae PPXX3811
Karangan PPXX6106
Karani PPXX8722
Karap PPXX4539
Karapia PPXX2949
Kararau PPXX2950
Kararua PPXX3812
Karasusi PPXX7623
Karatiowa PPXX3813
Karau PPXX1036
Karauto PPXX1037
Karauwi PPXX0078
Karavi PPXX2330
Karavia PPXX2331
Karawop PPXX2952
Karboni PPXX8082
Karedek PPXX9451
Karegari PPXX1403
Karekodobu PPXX1038
Karekopa PPXX7270
Karema PPXX1039
Karemgu PPXX9990
Karemmin PPXX8083
Karep PPXX9193
Kari PPXX2953
Kari PPXX8723
Karia PPXX6845
Karian PPXX4540
Kariava PPXX3814
Karigogup PPXX0400
Karim PPXX4541
Karimabu PPXX8724
Karimia PPXX3815
Karimui PPXX0401
Karisoa PPXX7624
Karisokera PPXX4542
Kariwiri PPXX0402
Karkum PPXX4543
Karo PPXX2332
Karokaro PPXX3816
Karong PPXX2333
Karp PPXX9991
Karron PPXX6606
Kartituka PPXX9992
Karu PPXX2334
Karu PPXX6846
Karuama PPXX1040
Karuasi PPXX5441
Karue PPXX8725
Karukaru PPXX7625
Kasabanalua PPXX5442
Kasana PPXX1796
Kasanga PPXX6107
Kasangari PPXX6108
Kasanmin PPXX9993
Kasanombe PPXX0079
Kasarai PPXX1797
Kase PPXX1041
Kaseiru PPXX8084
Kaselock PPXX6847
Kasia PPXX9452
Kasiawa PPXX7626
Kasikasi PPXX5443
Kasim PPXX2954
Kasiman PPXX2955
Kasin PPXX6109
Kaskas PPXX9453
Kasogu PPXX1798
Kasokasa PPXX1799
Kasoru PPXX1800
Kasrenai PPXX9994
Kassam PPXX1801
Kasu PPXX4544
Kasua PPXX9995
Kasuma PPXX6111
Kasumi PPXX8726
Katabil PPXX8085
Kataipa PPXX6112
Katakatai PPXX2335
Katalusa PPXX6848
Katamun PPXX2956
Katanga PPXX3817
Katapa PPXX1042
Kataramupinti PPXX1802
Katatai PPXX9996
Katatar PPXX6849
Katendan PPXX6850
Katepa PPXX8727
Katiapa PPXX1043
Katiati PPXX4545
Katigi PPXX1803
Katika PPXX6113
Katingan PPXX6851
Katobip PPXX9997
Katokato PPXX7627
Katom PPXX4546
Katumani Hamlet PPXX0080
Katuna PPXX7628
Kau PPXX4547
Kauaina PPXX1804
Kaualagu PPXX0403
Kaubabiangauma PPXX0404
Kaubademki PPXX2336
Kaubari PPXX2957
Kauberau PPXX3818
Kaubi PPXX2337
Kaubwaga PPXX5444
Kauganggiku PPXX0405
Kaugere PPXX6702
Kaugiak PPXX2958
Kauil PPXX9194
Kauilikau PPXX6852
Kauimbei PPXX2959
Kauk PPXX4548
Kauk PPXX2960
Kaukari PPXX3819
Kaukauai PPXX7271
Kaukomba PPXX4549
Kaukum PPXX2338
Kaukwi PPXX9998
Kaulo PPXX1805
Kaumanga PPXX6114
Kaunangisi PPXX6115
Kaungava PPXX4550
Kaungko PPXX6116
Kaunkiol PPXX6117
Kaup PPXX0081
Kaupa PPXX0406
Kaupabienggaua PPXX0407
Kaupena PPXX8730
Kauptimete PPXX9454
Kaura PPXX7629
Kaura PPXX6118
Kaurai PPXX5445
Kaurau PPXX6119
Kauravi PPXX3820
Kauri PPXX1404
Kauris PPXX4551
Kaurona PPXX1806
Kauruku PPXX0408
Kauruti PPXX9999
Kausi PPXX4552
Kausimbi PPXX2961
Kaut PPXX6853
Kauwa PPXX2339
Kauwo PPXX8731
Kavailo PPXX4553
Kavak PPXX4554
Kavaleka PPXX3821
Kavali PPXX2340
Kaveng PPXX9455
Kaveve PPXX1807
Kaviak PPXX4555
Kavieng PPXX6854
Kaviki PPXX7272
Kaviroro PPXX7273
Kavu PPXX2341
Kavutu PPXX9456
Kawa PPXX8732
Kawaka PPXX2962
Kawaliap PPXX6607
Kawalolo PPXX5446
Kawambu PPXX6855
Kawangglauma PPXX0409
Kaware PPXX8733
Kawaren PPXX6120
Kawari PPXX8734
Kawawoki PPXX7630
Kawbenaberi PPXX9195
Kawe PPXX4556
Kawga PPXX9196
Kawoia PPXX7631
Kawulikiau PPXX6856
Kea Kea PPXX0082
Keabada PPXX1044
Keagolo PPXX1045
Keakalo PPXX1046
Keauna Hills PPXX3822
Keba PPXX8735
Kebaiela PPXX0410
Kebaimeri PPXX0411
Kebakabi PPXX0412
Kebamiankani PPXX0413
Kebatura PPXX5447
Kebei PPXX1047
Kebigi PPXX8736
Keglsugl PPXX0414
Keia PPXX8737
Keia PPXX5448
Keiakasa PPXX1808
Keiakaso PPXX1809
Keibam PPXX8086
Keiboda PPXX5449
Keifile PPXX1810
Keila PPXX6121
Keili PPXX6122
Keiya PPXX1811
Keka PPXX1812
Keka PPXX3823
Keke PPXX1048
Kekei PPXX7632
Kekelina PPXX5450
Kekemona PPXX7274
Keketa PPXX8738
Kekewana PPXX6123
Kekitaka PPXX5451
Kekten PPXX2963
Kela PPXX8739
Kelanoa PPXX6124
Kelekapana PPXX1049
Kelerakwa PPXX1050
Kelkel PPXX6125
Kelta PPXX8740
Kema PPXX1813
Kema PPXX8741
Kemabolo PPXX1051
Kemaea PPXX1052
Kemakomana PPXX1053
Keman PPXX2964
Kemasi PPXX1814
Kemb PPXX6126
Kembakn PPXX6127
Kembeng PPXX6857
Kembien PPXX8087
Kembul PPXX2342
Kemburum PPXX6128
Kemei PPXX3824
Kemerua PPXX3825
Kemilga PPXX1815
Kemina PPXX1816
Kemiu PPXX1817
Kemiuyagusa PPXX1818
Kempeni PPXX4557
Kempenkobia PPXX4558
Kenangi PPXX0415
Kendagl PPXX8742
Kendata PPXX7633
Kendeng PPXX9197
Kendu PPXX9198
Kenemba PPXX1819
Kenemote PPXX1820
Keneri PPXX0416
Keng PPXX4559
Kengawi PPXX8743
Kenggaku-Kuruku PPXX0418
Kengramei PPXX2965
Kenminings PPXX2343
Kenmungger PPXX4560
Kenolia PPXX5452
Kentib PPXX9199
Kenyari PPXX2966
Keougu PPXX0420
Kepafinaga PPXX1821
Kepara PPXX7634
Kepilum PPXX1405
Kepoiak PPXX4561
Kepsau PPXX4562
Kerabari PPXX8744
Kerame PPXX1054
Kerangge PPXX0421
Kerapi PPXX9457
Kerau PPXX1055
Keravat PPXX2344
Kerawara PPXX2345
Kerea PPXX1056
Kerebabi PPXX1822
Keregera PPXX1823
Kerema PPXX0001
Keremahaua PPXX0084
Kerepuna PPXX1057
Kerewa PPXX3826
Keri PPXX8745
Keria PPXX1058
Kerikane PPXX0422
Kerilku PPXX0423
Kerisa PPXX8746
Kernam PPXX8088
Kero PPXX8747
Kero PPXX7635
Kerora PPXX5453
Kerorogea PPXX5454
Kerowagi PPXX0424
Kerowil PPXX9200
Kerranggi PPXX0425
Kerum PPXX0426
Kerungili PPXX8748
Kesa PPXX4563
Kesawai PPXX4564
Kesawaka PPXX1824
Kese PPXX8749
Keseke PPXX8750
Kesemubu PPXX3827
Kesin PPXX6129
Kesu PPXX8751
Kesup PPXX4565
Kesura PPXX3828
Ketabi PPXX1825
Ketarobo PPXX1826
Ketenge PPXX9458
Keteraufa PPXX0427
Keti PPXX1827
Ketskets PPXX7275
Ketuba PPXX4566
Kevaiwa PPXX3829
Kevasop PPXX4567
Keveamakana PPXX1059
Keveona PPXX1060
Kevim PPXX2967
Kewamugl PPXX0429
Kewandegukane PPXX0430
Kewansasap PPXX7636
Kewibun PPXX9201
Keyonosa PPXX1828
Kia Rae PPXX7276
Kiagigauwom PPXX0431
Kiago PPXX5455
Kiakau PPXX1406
Kiam PPXX6858
Kiambaui PPXX4568
Kiara PPXX7637
Kiari PPXX1829
Kiari PPXX6130
Kiarivu PPXX2968
Kiata PPXX6859
Kiava PPXX9459
Kibandi PPXX4569
Kibeni PPXX3830
Kibi PPXX0432
Kibi PPXX1830
Kibil PPXX2346
Kibogu PPXX0433
Kibou PPXX5456
Kiburu PPXX8752
Kidala PPXX5457
Kido PPXX1061
Kiep PPXX2347
Kieta PPXX7277
Kieta PPXX6131
Kiga PPXX4570
Kigabah PPXX9202
Kigin PPXX0434
Kigupa PPXX1831
Kihakihaderi PPXX3831
Kikabim PPXX8089
Kikerei PPXX4571
Kikibiti PPXX5458
Kikinonda PPXX7638
Kikipei PPXX4572
Kikita PPXX7639
Kikitambu PPXX2348
Kikori PPXX1062
Kikori PPXX0002
Kila PPXX6703
Kilabau PPXX5459
Kilaikane PPXX0435
Kilalum PPXX2349
Kilamala PPXX5460
Kilau PPXX0436
Kilave PPXX0087
Kilden PPXX4573
Kileipi PPXX1063
Kiletu PPXX1064
Kilia PPXX5461
Kilibimi PPXX8753
Kilifas PPXX8090
Kiliga PPXX9203
Kilikilana PPXX5462
Kilimbit PPXX2969
Kilipau PPXX8091
Kiliwas PPXX8092
Kiliwis PPXX8093
Killavava PPXX1065
Kilmanglen PPXX2970
Kilu PPXX9460
Kimadan PPXX6860
Kimaku PPXX7278
Kimbe PPXX9461
Kimigomo PPXX1832
Kimil PPXX9204
Kiminggenagau PPXX0437
Kimoe PPXX0438
Kinakaten PPXX2971
Kinalakna PPXX6132
Kinami PPXX6861
Kinbangwa PPXX2972
Kindarib PPXX1407
Kindarupa PPXX4574
Kindeimorofa PPXX1833
Kindinggauma PPXX0439
Kindogokevi PPXX4575
Kinduli PPXX8754
Kindupu PPXX6133
Kine PPXX2973
Kinegi PPXX8755
King PPXX6862
Kingaui PPXX2974
Kingfaringau PPXX6134
Kingu PPXX4576
Kiniambu PPXX2975
Kinim PPXX4577
Kinimsogy PPXX2976
Kininimbogu PPXX2977
Kininyari PPXX2978
Kinipo PPXX3832
Kinjaki PPXX7640
Kinjibi PPXX9205
Kinkio PPXX1834
Kinomere PPXX3833
Kinsena PPXX2350
Kiolivi PPXX1066
Kiorota PPXX7641
Kiosa PPXX1835
Kip PPXX9206
Kip PPXX6135
Kip PPXX8756
Kipa PPXX2351
Kipu PPXX6136
Kira PPXX8757
Kira PPXX7642
Kiragu PPXX0440
Kiraigu PPXX0441
Kiraiku PPXX0442
Kirarigu PPXX1836
Kireni PPXX8758
Kiriai PPXX1067
Kiriginabi PPXX1837
Kirikavi PPXX3834
Kirikire PPXX2352
Kirima PPXX0443
Kirino PPXX0444
Kiririba PPXX1068
Kiriwana PPXX5463
Kirop PPXX2979
Kiru PPXX1069
Kis PPXX2980
Kise PPXX1838
Kisela PPXX6863
Kisengam PPXX6137
Kisenpoi PPXX8759
Kisi PPXX1839
Kisikude PPXX3835
Kisila PPXX4578
Kisituen PPXX6138
Kisiu PPXX6864
Kitchikan PPXX2981
Kitikaini PPXX3836
Kitkita PPXX6865
Kitomave PPXX0088
Kiton PPXX6866
Kivori Poe PPXX1070
Kivori-Kui PPXX1071
Kiwakane PPXX0445
Kiwarai PPXX5464
Kiwsawa PPXX6139
Kiwuruga PPXX1840
Kiyo PPXX1841
Klareg PPXX8760
Klelbuf PPXX8094
Ko PPXX8761
Koabij PPXX9207
Koanumbo PPXX2982
Koaru PPXX3837
Koba PPXX4579
Kobalaiva PPXX1842
Koban PPXX9208
Koban PPXX0446
Kobanibu PPXX2983
Kobararu PPXX8095
Kobaroka PPXX1072
Kobau PPXX6140
Kobeinan PPXX7279
Koben PPXX4580
Kobi PPXX6867
Kobia PPXX0089
Kobiak PPXX6141
Kobilinye PPXX8762
Kobio PPXX6142
Kobiri PPXX8763
Kobo PPXX6143
Kobobwa PPXX1843
Kobokane PPXX0447
Kobolga PPXX8764
Koboru PPXX3838
Kobula PPXX0448
Koderika PPXX1073
Kodige PPXX1074
Kodogera PPXX1075
Koep PPXX4581
Kofa PPXX1076
Kofena PPXX1844
Kofi PPXX2984
Kofomuga PPXX1845
Kofunorobi PPXX1846
Koge PPXX0449
Kogi PPXX9209
Kogiki PPXX3839
Kogo PPXX6608
Kogo PPXX1077
Kogoga PPXX8765
Koguman PPXX4582
Kogup PPXX0450
Kohu PPXX6704
Koi PPXX0451
Koi Iavi PPXX6144
Koi Iopo PPXX6145
Koia PPXX8766
Koiabagiri PPXX5465
Koiaku PPXX4583
Koiala PPXX5466
Koialahu PPXX3840
Koiana PPXX1078
Koianaki PPXX5467
Koiara PPXX3841
Koiare PPXX7280
Koiasi PPXX7643
Koibaga PPXX9210
Koibi PPXX1847
Koibori PPXX0452
Koifa PPXX1079
Koiken PPXX2985
Koilil PPXX6147
Koimba PPXX9211
Koimumu PPXX9462
Koinambi PPXX9212
Koinei PPXX1848
Koinggam PPXX0453
Koinjinaba PPXX1849
Koiomkane PPXX0454
Koipa PPXX7644
Koipuku PPXX1080
Koirapusi PPXX7645
Koiravi PPXX3842
Koisipa PPXX1850
Koiwat PPXX2986
Koiyan PPXX6148
Koje PPXX7646
Kokalugureinaga PPXX1851
Kokane PPXX0455
Kokas PPXX1408
Koki PPXX6149
Koki-Mobap PPXX4584
Kokiakomana PPXX1081
Kokinaga PPXX1852
Koko PPXX6868
Koko PPXX1853
Kokoda PPXX7647
Kokoda PPXX1082
Kokoda Village PPXX7648
Kokola PPXX6869
Kokopo PPXX2353
Kokopo PPXX9463
Kokopogasa PPXX4585
Kokora PPXX7649
Kokorogoro PPXX1083
Kokun PPXX4586
Kokun Camp PPXX4587
Kol PPXX9213
Kola PPXX2354
Kolang PPXX4588
Kolaum PPXX9464
Kolem PPXX6150
Kolimiogo PPXX1854
Kololo PPXX9465
Kolonoboi PPXX6870
Kolosa PPXX8096
Kolt PPXX9214
Kolube PPXX6871
Koma PPXX5468
Komagam PPXX0456
Komagowatta PPXX6151
Komaiba PPXX1855
Komainde PPXX0458
Komaio PPXX3844
Komako PPXX3845
Komalabu PPXX6872
Komalakatcha PPXX6152
Komalu PPXX6873
Komap PPXX8767
Komaraga PPXX4589
Komaraki PPXX9466
Komasun PPXX2987
Komat PPXX6874
Kombaku PPXX0459
Komban PPXX6153
Kombati PPXX3846
Kombemi PPXX8768
Kombenobo PPXX2988
Kombianika PPXX2989
Kombila PPXX8769
Kombio PPXX2990
Kombobari PPXX4590
Komboga PPXX9215
Kombon PPXX6875
Komboro PPXX1856
Komboro PPXX8770
Kombugal PPXX9216
Kombuglkane PPXX0460
Kombuglpugl PPXX0461
Kombukane PPXX0462
Komia PPXX8771
Komiatum PPXX6154
Kominasaeo PPXX6876
Komingaglma PPXX0463
Kominge PPXX8772
Kominimung PPXX4591
Kominiparai PPXX0464
Kominung PPXX4592
Komo PPXX7650
Komo PPXX8773
Komoina PPXX1857
Komon PPXX0465
Komonokane PPXX0466
Komonum PPXX0467
Kompia PPXX9217
Kompiam PPXX1409
Komsu PPXX2991
Komu PPXX1858
Komum PPXX9218
Komun PPXX0468
Komunga PPXX8774
Komungam PPXX0469
Komunggam PPXX0470
Komunkane PPXX0471
Komutu PPXX6155
Kona PPXX2992
Konabasi PPXX8097
Konakane PPXX0472
Konako PPXX1084
Konana PPXX7281
Kondabi PPXX9219
Kondagaku PPXX0473
Kondagu PPXX0474
Kondaku PPXX0475
Kondari PPXX8775
Kondipi PPXX9220
Kondiu PPXX0476
Kondolop PPXX6156
Kondu PPXX5469
Kondugu PPXX0477
Kone PPXX1085
Konebada PPXX6706
Konedobu PPXX7651
Konedobu PPXX6707
Konemaiava PPXX5470
Konematalik PPXX6877
Konga PPXX7282
Konger PPXX9221
Konggimbugl PPXX8776
Kongi PPXX2355
Kongibugl PPXX8777
Kongon PPXX8098
Kongrum PPXX2993
Kongu PPXX8778
Kongumbug PPXX9222
Konimbo PPXX6157
Konimeigulavoko PPXX1859
Konimeigulele PPXX1860
Konininda PPXX7652
Koniware PPXX0478
Konkonbira PPXX1861
Konmakio PPXX6878
Konmavul PPXX6879
Konmei PPXX2994
Konmiap PPXX6880
Konobin PPXX6881
Konoboyufa PPXX1862
Konogogo PPXX6882
Konogonggiva PPXX1863
Konoka PPXX8779
Konos PPXX6883
Kontu PPXX6884
Konupala PPXX0479
Kopa PPXX6158
Kopafu PPXX1864
Kopani PPXX7283
Kopar PPXX2995
Koparaka PPXX6159
Kopenilavava PPXX1086
Kopi PPXX0090
Kopikirio PPXX7284
Kopuana PPXX1087
Kopure PPXX7653
Kopurilavava PPXX1088
Kor PPXX6160
Kora PPXX1865
Kora PPXX2356
Kora Liborei PPXX1866
Korafalavoko PPXX1867
Korafinabi PPXX1868
Koragul PPXX2996
Korai PPXX2357
Korak PPXX4593
Koraku PPXX0480
Korala PPXX7654
Koram PPXX4594
Korangka PPXX1869
Korap PPXX4595
Koratul PPXX2358
Koravaki PPXX0091
Korbanka PPXX4596
Korbau PPXX6161
Kore PPXX1089
Koreaf PPXX7655
Koreipa PPXX1870
Korendiu PPXX9223
Korenga PPXX6162
Korenggore PPXX0481
Korepa PPXX6163
Korere PPXX2359
Korewal PPXX8780
Korgua PPXX9224
Korigei PPXX4597
Korigu PPXX0482
Korikup PPXX0483
Korinogobu PPXX4598
Korisata PPXX7656
Koritafa PPXX1871
Korium PPXX9225
Korn PPXX8781
Korn PPXX9226
Kornade PPXX6164
Koro PPXX1872
Koro-Aiara PPXX1090
Koroba PPXX8782
Korobabag PPXX0484
Korobosea PPXX6708
Korobugap PPXX0485
Korogi PPXX4599
Korogo PPXX7657
Korogo PPXX2997
Korogopa PPXX2998
Korokoa PPXX0486
Koromangi PPXX2999
Korona PPXX4600
Koropa PPXX4601
Koropak PPXX4602
Koropata PPXX7658
Korova PPXX1873
Korpe PPXX7285
Korpun PPXX2360
Korteio PPXX6165
Koru PPXX1091
Koru PPXX6166
Koru PPXX6609
Koru-Oru PPXX1092
Koruakomana PPXX1093
Korufa PPXX8783
Koruku PPXX0487
Korul PPXX0488
Korumba PPXX6167
Korumbo PPXX6885
Koruniat PPXX6610
Koruvanio PPXX1874
Koruwagu PPXX0489
Koruwe PPXX7659
Korvasi PPXX9467
Kos PPXX8784
Kosairo PPXX1875
Kosami PPXX3849
Kosimbi Mission PPXX0092
Kosinabagu PPXX0490
Kosipe PPXX1094
Kositaru PPXX1876
Kotai PPXX3850
Kotaure PPXX7660
Kotidanga PPXX3851
Kotkin PPXX6168
Kotna PPXX9227
Kotombaiwa PPXX3852
Kou PPXX0491
Koumaio PPXX0093
Koupem PPXX3000
Kovio PPXX7661
Kovu PPXX3853
Kowamarara PPXX6886
Kowat PPXX4603
Kowiro PPXX3001
Kraimbit PPXX3002
Kranket PPXX4604
Kreer PPXX3003
Kremending PPXX3004
Krinjambi PPXX3005
Krisa PPXX8099
Kru Kru PPXX8100
Krupier PPXX3006
Krututa PPXX1877
Kua PPXX0492
Kuabini PPXX8785
Kuai PPXX7662
Kuamala Villages PPXX3007
Kuamegu PPXX0493
Kuamu PPXX1878
Kuande PPXX0494
Kuare PPXX8786
Kuari-Lombo PPXX8787
Kuatengisi PPXX3008
Kuatim PPXX8101
Kuauk Baru PPXX8102
Kubalia PPXX3009
Kubam PPXX4605
Kubi PPXX5471
Kubienmin PPXX8103
Kubka PPXX3010
Kubkain PPXX3011
Kubriwat PPXX3012
Kubuga PPXX8788
Kubuk PPXX4606
Kubung PPXX0094
Kuburne PPXX4607
Kuda PPXX1095
Kudjeru PPXX6169
Kudjip PPXX9228
Kuduk PPXX4608
Kudukudu PPXX6887
Kueigam PPXX4609
Kuelam PPXX6888
Kuengu PPXX1410
Kufiagane PPXX1879
Kugagu PPXX0495
Kugaku PPXX0496
Kugame PPXX0497
Kugeto PPXX1880
Kugl PPXX0498
Kui PPXX6170
Kui PPXX1881
Kuianda PPXX8789
Kuiawa PPXX0499
Kukihe PPXX3854
Kukipi PPXX0095
Kukora PPXX3855
Kukuei PPXX3856
Kukuli PPXX1096
Kukulu PPXX2361
Kukuya PPXX6171
Kukwal PPXX3013
Kul PPXX4610
Kula-Kula PPXX1882
Kulami PPXX6172
Kulangit PPXX6889
Kulaunus PPXX6890
Kulavi PPXX6173
Kulbenin PPXX9229
Kulekane PPXX0500
Kulel PPXX4611
Kulele PPXX1097
Kuleligum PPXX3014
Kuli PPXX9230
Kulibang PPXX6891
Kulil PPXX2362
Kulilau PPXX4612
Kulimp PPXX9231
Kulis PPXX7286
Kulkul PPXX4613
Kulon PPXX2363
Kulpetau PPXX6892
Kuluguma PPXX4614
Kulumadau PPXX5472
Kulungat PPXX6893
Kulunge PPXX3015
Kulungei PPXX6894
Kulungi PPXX9468
Kulungu PPXX3016
Kuluvitu PPXX5473
Kulwango PPXX9469
Kumai PPXX0501
Kumaina PPXX2364
Kumalip PPXX1411
Kumalvu PPXX8104
Kuman PPXX0502
Kumani PPXX0503
Kumankaiye PPXX0504
Kumapau PPXX5474
Kumarabip PPXX8105
Kumari PPXX1883
Kumavavu PPXX9470
Kumbagora PPXX3017
Kumbarami PPXX4615
Kumbaro PPXX0505
Kumbiandia PPXX8790
Kumbianggau PPXX0506
Kumbinggaumo PPXX0507
Kumbip PPXX6174
Kumbirepa PPXX8791
Kumbiwingei PPXX0096
Kumbu PPXX4616
Kumbuhum PPXX3018
Kumbulatnama PPXX1884
Kumbum PPXX3019
Kumbumba PPXX4617
Kumbun PPXX9471
Kumbuna PPXX4618
Kumburraga PPXX3020
Kumburunko PPXX4619
Kumdarong PPXX6175
Kumdi PPXX9232
Kume PPXX1885
Kumgawa PPXX0508
Kumgot PPXX6895
Kumi PPXX9233
Kumi PPXX8793
Kumia PPXX8794
Kumiava PPXX1886
Kumien PPXX8795
Kumiki PPXX7287
Kumikuku PPXX5475
Kuminge PPXX8796
Kuminim PPXX3021
Kumisanger PPXX4620
Kumisi PPXX6176
Kumlakor PPXX2365
Kumnatei PPXX8106
Kumo PPXX1887
Kumo PPXX0509
Kumogere PPXX0510
Kumon PPXX0511
Kumorian PPXX4621
Kumotemi PPXX0512
Kumparum PPXX6896
Kumudu PPXX3022
Kumukio PPXX6177
Kumun PPXX3023
Kumuno PPXX0513
Kunabau PPXX0514
Kunaiya PPXX6897
Kunakunai PPXX2366
Kunambu PPXX3024
Kunaunagaumo PPXX0517
Kunaunaku PPXX0518
Kunbagoira PPXX3025
Kundaga PPXX8797
Kundiawa PPXX0519
Kundima PPXX0097
Kundiman PPXX3026
Kunduga PPXX9234
Kunduk PPXX4622
Kundumbo PPXX9235
Kung PPXX6898
Kungars PPXX9236
Kunggamakane PPXX0520
Kungriambun PPXX3027
Kungu PPXX8798
Kunikunira PPXX5476
Kunima PPXX1098
Kunjingini PPXX0098
Kunjura PPXX8799
Kuno PPXX0521
Kunua PPXX7288
Kunubalia PPXX5477
Kunugu PPXX1888
Kup PPXX0522
Kupano PPXX6611
Kupei PPXX7289
Kupgen PPXX2367
Kupiano PPXX1099
Kupindal PPXX2368
Kupmabit PPXX3028
Kupoam PPXX8107
Kupova PPXX1100
Kuputaivi PPXX0099
Kura PPXX7663
Kura PPXX0523
Kuraba PPXX5478
Kurada PPXX5479
Kuraguri PPXX0524
Kuraip PPXX2369
Kurakakaul PPXX2370
Kurama PPXX1101
Kuranumbuara PPXX1889
Kurau PPXX4623
Kurei PPXX4624
Kurem PPXX3030
Kurereda PPXX7664
Kuri PPXX0525
Kurigaglma PPXX0526
Kurin PPXX6178
Kuriri PPXX0527
Kuririka PPXX7665
Kurkur PPXX6899
Kurou PPXX7666
Kuru PPXX5480
Kuru PPXX1890
Kuruaku PPXX7667
Kurubandi PPXX0528
Kuruku PPXX0529
Kurukumbutei PPXX8800
Kurum PPXX4625
Kurumdek PPXX4626
Kurumlang PPXX4627
Kurumugl PPXX0530
Kurumuil PPXX9237
Kurumuna PPXX0531
Kurumut PPXX6900
Kurungunam PPXX3031
Kurupama PPXX3857
Kurupoikanum PPXX0532
Kurur PPXX7290
Kuruwagu PPXX0533
Kusa PPXX8801
Kusan PPXX3032
Kusanabu PPXX3033
Kusanun PPXX3034
Kusauga PPXX3035
Kusi PPXX8802
Kusi PPXX6179
Kusi PPXX1891
Kusing PPXX0100
Kuskusmin PPXX8803
Kutigum PPXX3036
Kutne PPXX0534
Kutu PPXX5481
Kutumarava PPXX1102
Kuvanmas PPXX3037
Kuvari PPXX3038
Kuwi PPXX8804
Kuyahapa PPXX1892
Kuyonbon PPXX4628
Kuyor PPXX3039
Kwabun Villages PPXX3040
Kwabunaki PPXX5482
Kwadewalai PPXX5483
Kwadungwi PPXX6180
Kwagaga PPXX6181
Kwagama PPXX3041
Kwagila PPXX5484
Kwagwi PPXX3042
Kwahae PPXX3858
Kwahaula PPXX5485
Kwai PPXX2371
Kwai Motu Motu PPXX5486
Kwaiakum PPXX3043
Kwaian PPXX3044
Kwaibo PPXX1103
Kwaibwaga PPXX5487
Kwaio Kwaio PPXX5488
Kwaioa PPXX5489
Kwaipea PPXX3860
Kwaiyu PPXX3861
Kwako PPXX9472
Kwakwala PPXX5490
Kwalakesi PPXX9473
Kwalansam PPXX6182
Kwale School PPXX0101
Kwalegun PPXX3045
Kwaliangwa PPXX0102
Kwalimurubu PPXX1104
Kwalosai PPXX5491
Kwambega PPXX3862
Kwambu PPXX6183
Kwamererega PPXX5492
Kwampiang PPXX6184
Kwamu PPXX6185
Kwandagogi PPXX6186
Kwangen PPXX3047
Kwangiriumuba PPXX1893
Kwanje PPXX4629
Kwapeupa PPXX1105
Kwapoule PPXX3863
Kwapsanek PPXX6187
Kwapulina PPXX7668
Kwaramun PPXX8108
Kware PPXX8805
Kwareibo PPXX5493
Kwarengu PPXX3048
Kwaringia PPXX3049
Kwarue PPXX7669
Kwasang PPXX6188
Kwasimerga PPXX6189
Kwatakwatala PPXX5494
Kwatit PPXX3050
Kwatmagum PPXX3051
Kwatnanje PPXX3864
Kwato PPXX5495
Kwato PPXX4630
Kwatomane PPXX6190
Kwave PPXX7670
Kwawa PPXX3052
Kwekwendangu PPXX6191
Kwembu PPXX6192
Kwembung PPXX6193
Kwena PPXX7671
Kwenkiau PPXX4631
Kwenliki PPXX6194
Kwenzenzeng PPXX6195
Kwia Kia PPXX1412
Kwibin PPXX9238
Kwibingil PPXX9239
Kwieftim PPXX8109
Kwiena PPXX9240
Kwietta PPXX6196
Kwikane PPXX0535
Kwikila PPXX0103
Kwikila Village PPXX1106
Kwil PPXX4632
Kwim PPXX8806
Kwima PPXX9241
Kwima PPXX0536
Kwimba PPXX3053
Kwinegu PPXX0537
Kwiop PPXX9242
Kwofinau PPXX8110
Kwoikane PPXX0538
Kwoiruo PPXX3054
Kwomtari PPXX8111
Kwongam PPXX4633
Kwongi PPXX1894
Kwongo PPXX4634
Kworabi PPXX3055
Kworo PPXX0104
Kwotai PPXX3056
Kwowi PPXX3057
Kwumtun PPXX8112
Lababia PPXX6197
Labahan PPXX0105
Labelabe PPXX5496
Labinsarik PPXX4635
Labisap PPXX6198
Laboa PPXX2372
Labrubut PPXX6901
Labu PPXX6199
Labu PPXX1107
Labu Labu PPXX5497
Labuain PPXX3058
Labugino PPXX1895
Labuka PPXX0154
Labur PPXX6902
Lada PPXX1413
Ladava PPXX5498
Lae PPXX6200
Laefu PPXX6903
Laeko PPXX8113
Lagaha PPXX4636
Lagai PPXX3866
Lagifuago PPXX8807
Lagira PPXX5499
Lagira PPXX8808
Lago PPXX6612
Lagomisi PPXX1896
Laguai PPXX7291
Lahan PPXX6613
Lahimoina PPXX5500
Lahoposa PPXX3867
Laiagam PPXX1414
Laiama PPXX9474
Laimodo PPXX5501
Laitate PPXX1108
Laite PPXX8809
Laiwai-Ia PPXX5502
Lajeasa PPXX1415
Lakala PPXX6201
Lakarol PPXX6904
Lake Kopiago PPXX8810
Lake Kutubu PPXX8811
Lakiri PPXX2373
Lakobodena PPXX5503
Lakomiufa PPXX1897
Lakona PPXX6202
Lakungkung PPXX9475
Lakurafanga PPXX6905
Lakuramau PPXX6906
Lala PPXX6614
Lalako PPXX5504
Lalama PPXX5505
Lalang PPXX6203
Lalapipi PPXX3868
Lalau PPXX3869
Lalaura PPXX1109
Lali PPXX3870
Lalikar PPXX2374
Lalofa PPXX1110
Lalok PPXX4637
Laloki PPXX1111
Laluoro PPXX1112
Lalwi PPXX8114
Lama PPXX9476
Lamaga PPXX5506
Lamakanauru PPXX6907
Lamalaua PPXX6908
Lamanaipa PPXX1113
Lamassa PPXX6909
Lamassa Hamlets PPXX6910
Lamassong PPXX6911
Lambau PPXX0539
Lambe PPXX9477
Lamboa PPXX6912
Lambom PPXX6913
Lambu PPXX6914
Lambur PPXX6915
Lambuso PPXX6916
Lamerain PPXX2375
Lamerien PPXX2376
Lamhaga PPXX5507
Lamina PPXX1114
Lamogai PPXX9478
Lamoran PPXX6917
Lamoro PPXX1115
Lampo PPXX1898
Lampu PPXX8115
Lamtus PPXX4638
Langa PPXX6205
Langadis PPXX6918
Langalanga PPXX9479
Langam PPXX3059
Langela PPXX9480
Langenia PPXX6919
Langgamut PPXX6920
Langlang PPXX4639
Laninguap PPXX3060
Lanitzera PPXX6206
Lapai PPXX6921
Lapalam PPXX9481
Lapate PPXX1416
Lapau PPXX9482
Lapeka PPXX1116
Lapting PPXX4640
Laptu PPXX4641
Lapun PPXX4642
Lapunum PPXX9483
Laramaita PPXX1117
Lariabina PPXX6922
Lariau PPXX3871
Laril PPXX1118
Larislaba PPXX6923
Lasibu PPXX9484
Lasigi PPXX6924
Lassul PPXX2377
Lasu PPXX6925
Lat PPXX2378
Lataul PPXX6926
Latep PPXX6207
Latlat PPXX2379
Lau PPXX2380
Lau-Uhina PPXX5508
Laua PPXX1119
Lauan PPXX6927
Lauapul PPXX6928
Laue PPXX8813
Laugaita PPXX1120
Lauhuring PPXX9485
Lauis PPXX6615
Lauli PPXX0540
Laumgei PPXX6208
Laun PPXX2381
Laundi PPXX6209
Launumu PPXX1121
Laurepo PPXX6210
Lausis PPXX2382
Laut PPXX9486
Lautakomana PPXX1122
Lauvore PPXX9487
Lauwela PPXX5509
Lavalai PPXX6929
Lavasuong PPXX6930
Lavavai PPXX1123
Lavege PPXX9488
Laviam PPXX5510
Lavilelo PPXX9489
Lavoku PPXX3872
Lavongai PPXX6931
Lavongararum PPXX6932
Lavora PPXX5511
Lavugi PPXX2383
Lawa PPXX6933
Lawadi PPXX5512
Lawes College PPXX0106
Laye PPXX1899
Lea-Lea PPXX0107
Leaga PPXX7672
Leapwaapwa PPXX5513
Lebagolo PPXX1124
Lebangande PPXX6211
Lebera PPXX8814
Lega PPXX6212
Lega PPXX8815
Legani PPXX4643
Leihwa PPXX6616
Leileiafa PPXX5514
Leileiape PPXX5515
Leion PPXX6934
Leipla PPXX5516
Leitre PPXX8117
Leiya PPXX0541
Leklu PPXX6213
Leko PPXX6214
Lekwanwamuhuwa PPXX5517
Lele PPXX5518
Lelebada PPXX5519
Lelefiru PPXX3873
Lelehoa PPXX5520
Lelehudi PPXX5521
Leleneck PPXX3874
Leli PPXX2384
Lemakot PPXX6935
Lemankoa PPXX7292
Lemanmanu PPXX7293
Lemau PPXX6936
Lembun PPXX3061
Lemeris PPXX6937
Lemieng PPXX8118
Lemingi PPXX2385
Lemkamin PPXX6938
Lempata PPXX6939
Lenai PPXX6940
Lengbati PPXX6215
Lenkau PPXX0108
Lentanfan PPXX6941
Lentevegu PPXX0542
Leongai PPXX3062
Lepokera PPXX3875
Lese-Avirara PPXX3876
Lese-Ilava PPXX3877
Lese-Kavora PPXX3878
Lese-Oalai PPXX3879
Lessau PPXX6617
Letty PPXX6216
Levei PPXX6618
Lewamon PPXX6217
Leyalam PPXX1417
Liahane PPXX5522
Liak PPXX5523
Liamu PPXX7673
Liandan PPXX6942
Liap PPXX6619
Liapo PPXX9490
Libba PPXX6943
Liborei PPXX1900
Libuat PPXX8119
Libuko PPXX6944
Libunakomana PPXX1126
Lienbil PPXX6945
Liguan PPXX2386
Lihona PPXX1901
Likas PPXX6946
Liksal PPXX4644
Likum PPXX0109
Lilal PPXX8120
Lilau PPXX4645
Liliki PPXX5524
Lililigin PPXX6947
Lilioa PPXX7674
Liloi PPXX4646
Liloka PPXX1902
Limbiali PPXX8816
Limbiek PPXX4647
Limbin PPXX6948
Limbubu PPXX4648
Lingi PPXX8121
Linmel PPXX6949
Lioni PPXX1903
Lipoam PPXX8122
Lisel PPXX6950
Litibu PPXX4649
Litipinaga PPXX1904
Little Upoia PPXX3880
Liuliu PPXX5525
Livinco PPXX6951
Livitua PPXX6952
Livuan PPXX2387
Loamat PPXX6620
Loan PPXX2388
Loani PPXX5526
Loawa PPXX6953
Lobudon PPXX1127
Loga Loga PPXX5527
Logagon PPXX6954
Logui PPXX6218
Lohan PPXX6621
Lohiki PPXX3881
Loi PPXX6622
Loisa PPXX6623
Lokanu PPXX6219
Lokon PPXX6955
Lokono PPXX6956
Lol PPXX3063
Lolehairu PPXX3882
Loliang PPXX6957
Lolo PPXX6624
Loloba PPXX6958
Lolu PPXX1905
Loluapu PPXX8817
Lomalam PPXX6220
Lombrum PPXX0110
Lomeletepena PPXX2389
Lomsis PPXX7294
Lona PPXX3064
Lonahan PPXX7295
Lonboasa PPXX1906
Londip PPXX2390
Londo PPXX1418
Londol PPXX1419
Londolovit PPXX6959
Londru PPXX6625
Loneim PPXX3065
Long PPXX2391
Longap PPXX1420
Longar PPXX4650
Longmon PPXX6221
Lonidairi PPXX1128
Loniu PPXX6626
Lonk PPXX8818
Lonofoguwei PPXX1907
Lontis PPXX7296
Lopun PPXX2392
Lorengau PPXX6627
Losave PPXX1908
Lossuk PPXX6960
Losuia PPXX5528
Lotuava PPXX1129
Lou PPXX3883
Lovela PPXX3884
Lovera PPXX3885
Lowa PPXX6628
Lowai PPXX1909
Lowaia PPXX6629
Lowakai PPXX6630
Lowan PPXX3066
Lowat Kang PPXX6961
Lowo PPXX4651
Lualu PPXX9491
Luanke PPXX6962
Lubun PPXX6963
Luburua PPXX6964
Ludak PPXX3067
Lufa PPXX1910
Lufikave PPXX1911
Lugalup PPXX1421
Lugei PPXX2393
Lugitama PPXX3068
Lui PPXX3886
Lukluk PPXX3069
Lukua PPXX8123
Lukus PPXX6965
Lulakevi PPXX9492
Luluabo PPXX8819
Luluapo PPXX3887
Lumaobu PPXX5529
Lumbaip PPXX6222
Lumbi PPXX8820
Lumburu PPXX6966
Lumi PPXX8124
Lumis PPXX1422
Lumufalele PPXX1912
Lundret PPXX6631
Lungalunga PPXX2394
Lunua PPXX9493
Lunungu PPXX1913
Luonglil PPXX9494
Lupabe PPXX1914
Lupai PPXX8125
Lupon PPXX9495
Luwaite Villages PPXX3070
Lyakote PPXX1423
Mabeluku PPXX4652
Mabet PPXX4653
Mabirei PPXX8821
Mabua PPXX6967
Mabuanda PPXX8822
Mabul PPXX8126
Mabulga PPXX9243
Mabuwa PPXX5530
Machendi PPXX8127
Madabaira PPXX1130
Madagowa PPXX5531
Madang PPXX4654
Madau PPXX5532
Madaua PPXX5533
Madidua PPXX9496
Madikora PPXX3889
Madilogo PPXX1131
Madungai PPXX3072
Maera PPXX1132
Maeva PPXX1133
Mafoka PPXX8128
Mafuara PPXX8129
Mafuia PPXX7675
Magabara PPXX5534
Magadu PPXX8130
Magahiyufa PPXX1915
Magaleri PPXX8131
Magalkalona PPXX5535
Magam PPXX6968
Magamagi PPXX1134
Magamizuha PPXX1916
Magapita PPXX3073
Magarida PPXX1135
Magaubo PPXX1136
Magazain PPXX6223
Mage PPXX1917
Magedzetzu PPXX6224
Mageiwa PPXX3890
Magesina PPXX5536
Magiaburu PPXX5537
Magidjai PPXX3074
Magien PPXX9497
Magila PPXX4655
Magila PPXX8823
Magleri PPXX3075
Magofen PPXX3076
Magom PPXX3077
Magori PPXX1137
Magredi PPXX8132
Magunewa PPXX3891
Magungu PPXX3078
Magura PPXX8824
Mahani PPXX8133
Mahbak PPXX4656
Mahdemu PPXX1918
Mai PPXX9498
Mai PPXX0543
Mai-Ama PPXX6225
Maia PPXX8825
Maiaki PPXX3892
Maiam PPXX3079
Maiana PPXX1138
Maiara PPXX3893
Maibang PPXX4657
Maiberi PPXX1139
Maibetali PPXX3894
Maigbivl PPXX9244
Maigwanga PPXX1919
Maihuna PPXX2395
Maika PPXX7297
Mailivuan PPXX2396
Mailoloi PPXX5538
Mailu PPXX1140
Maimafu PPXX1920
Maimagu PPXX0544
Maimai PPXX1141
Maimanggauma PPXX0545
Maimari PPXX3895
Maimbei PPXX3080
Maimbel PPXX8135
Maina PPXX0546
Mainakoru PPXX0547
Mainaua PPXX5539
Maingugu PPXX3081
Maini PPXX1142
Mainis PPXX9245
Mainjok PPXX3082
Mainuki PPXX7298
Mainyanda PPXX6226
Maio PPXX3083
Maioki PPXX7676
Maiom PPXX6969
Maipa PPXX1143
Maipenaru PPXX3896
Maipika PPXX1144
Mair PPXX4658
Maito PPXX2397
Maituri PPXX7299
Maiu PPXX8136
Maiv PPXX8826
Maiva PPXX3897
Maiva PPXX1921
Maiwara South PPXX5540
Maiwata PPXX8137
Maiwetum PPXX8138
Maiwi PPXX3084
Maiya PPXX0548
Maiyeve PPXX1922
Majom PPXX3085
Majop Hamlet PPXX3086
Mak PPXX8827
Makabweabweau PPXX5541
Makafim PPXX8139
Makafu PPXX8140
Makaka PPXX7300
Makambu PPXX3087
Makapeka PPXX7301
Makaratama PPXX4659
Makarup Villages PPXX4660
Makasangno PPXX9500
Makasili PPXX9501
Makaton PPXX3088
Makawi PPXX0549
Makia PPXX1923
Makianofi PPXX1924
Makiri PPXX9502
Makirupu PPXX1145
Maklo PPXX9503
Maklongmerang PPXX9504
Makmak PPXX2398
Makubene PPXX9246
Makumba PPXX8141
Makurapau PPXX2399
Mala PPXX9247
Mala PPXX5542
Mala PPXX1925
Malabang PPXX6632
Malabunga PPXX2400
Malaga PPXX4661
Malaguna PPXX2401
Malahang Mission PPXX6227
Malakata PPXX6970
Malakuna PPXX2402
Malakur PPXX2403
Malal PPXX6971
Malala PPXX4662
Malalamai PPXX4663
Malalaua PPXX3898
Malamal PPXX4664
Malangata PPXX0111
Malanpipi PPXX6228
Malapaiem PPXX3089
Malaria Group PPXX1926
Malas PPXX4665
Malasait PPXX2404
Malasang PPXX7302
Malasanga PPXX6229
Malasi PPXX9505
Malasiga PPXX6230
Malava PPXX1146
Male PPXX4666
Malei PPXX6633
Malekolon PPXX6972
Malenglo PPXX9506
Malgi PPXX9248
Malimbo PPXX3090
Malin PPXX8142
Malingai PPXX3091
Maliom PPXX6973
Malipa PPXX3092
Malipali PPXX3093
Malmal PPXX2405
Malmalu PPXX2406
Malmaluan PPXX2407
Malol Villages PPXX8143
Malolo PPXX4667
Malu PPXX3094
Mama PPXX6231
Mamadaborg PPXX7677
Mamagota PPXX7303
Mamai PPXX1147
Mamaisum PPXX3095
Mamalo PPXX1148
Mamambra PPXX8144
Mamaringan PPXX6232
Mamayegu PPXX7304
Mambainya PPXX3899
Mambatutu PPXX7678
Mambauro PPXX3096
Mambe PPXX0112
Mambel PPXX8145
Mambel PPXX0113
Mambi PPXX8828
Mambit PPXX4668
Mambu PPXX8146
Mambuk PPXX3097
Mambump PPXX6233
Mamerain PPXX1927
Mamguk PPXX4669
Mami PPXX6234
Mamion PPXX6974
Mamuane PPXX8829
Mamuf PPXX8147
Mamukwa PPXX3098
Mamura PPXX3900
Mamusi PPXX2408
Man PPXX5543
Managa PPXX7679
Managube PPXX7680
Manamang PPXX4670
Manari PPXX1149
Manatagoro PPXX1150
Manau PPXX0114
Mandefehufo PPXX1928
Mandi PPXX3099
Mandria PPXX2409
Mandugar PPXX4671
Mane PPXX1929
Maneku PPXX0550
Manemong PPXX3100
Manep PPXX4672
Manetai PPXX7305
Mang PPXX1424
Mang PPXX9507
Mang-Gawur PPXX6975
Manga PPXX0115
Mangabu PPXX3101
Mangai PPXX3102
Mangailapua PPXX9508
Mangam PPXX6235
Manganjangut PPXX3103
Mangarara PPXX3104
Mange PPXX4673
Mange PPXX6236
Mangen PPXX3105
Mangga PPXX6237
Manghuna PPXX5544
Mangi PPXX3106
Mangigim PPXX4674
Manginjamgif PPXX3107
Manginuna PPXX2410
Mangkibi PPXX0551
Mango PPXX8148
Mango Mango PPXX4675
Mangul PPXX3108
Mangumbu PPXX3109
Mani PPXX1930
Mani-Hurai PPXX1931
Maniag PPXX6238
Maninga PPXX9249
Manirum PPXX6977
Maniyun PPXX8149
Manja PPXX3110
Manjamai PPXX3111
Mankera PPXX8830
Manki PPXX6239
Manopo PPXX9509
Mansarik PPXX4676
Mansep PPXX3112
Manten PPXX2411
Mantoia PPXX7306
Mantsuku PPXX8150
Mantukwan PPXX3113
Manu PPXX3114
Manu Manu PPXX1151
Manuai PPXX6634
Manubada PPXX5545
Manugoro PPXX0116
Manugwar PPXX4677
Manugwor PPXX4678
Manumu PPXX1152
Manunguruk PPXX1932
Manurinumu PPXX1153
Map PPXX8831
Mapaio PPXX3901
Mapamoiwa PPXX5546
Mapamutuna PPXX5547
Mape PPXX6240
Maperinga PPXX3115
Mapiri PPXX7307
Mapkebol PPXX8832
Mapo PPXX5548
Mapona PPXX5549
Mapor PPXX4679
Mapos PPXX6241
Mapos No.1 PPXX0117
Maprik PPXX0118
Mapua PPXX9510
Mapui PPXX3116
Mapuna PPXX2412
Maputma PPXX3117
Maputu PPXX9511
Mara PPXX2413
Mara Yiri PPXX6635
Marabin PPXX8833
Maragat PPXX6978
Maragin PPXX8151
Maragon PPXX6979
Maragsaik PPXX2414
Maragum PPXX5550
Marai PPXX6980
Marai PPXX3118
Maraia PPXX5551
Marakum PPXX4680
Marakwini PPXX8152
Maral PPXX8834
Maramba PPXX3119
Marambanja PPXX3120
Marambu PPXX2415
Maramda PPXX3121
Maran PPXX6242
Maranagi PPXX2416
Maranget PPXX4681
Marangis PPXX4682
Mararamu PPXX6243
Mararong PPXX9250
Mararoum PPXX1154
Mararuo PPXX6244
Marasa PPXX7681
Marasebu PPXX8835
Marasi PPXX7682
Marawa PPXX2417
Marawaka PPXX1933
Marawaka Group PPXX1934
Marawassa PPXX1935
Marawat PPXX3122
Marawop PPXX2418
Marbuk PPXX3123
Marea PPXX0119
Mareka PPXX9512
Mareke PPXX3903
Marekea PPXX3904
Maremuen PPXX3124
Maren PPXX2419
Marengal PPXX9251
Marepa PPXX0552
Margarima PPXX8836
Mari PPXX3125
Mari PPXX0120
Mari PPXX4683
Mari Hamlet PPXX3126
Mariamei PPXX3127
Maribu PPXX8837
Marik PPXX3128
Mariki PPXX3905
Marila Hill PPXX8838
Marilinan PPXX6246
Marimbi PPXX0553
Marime PPXX8839
Marime PPXX0554
Marimegu PPXX0555
Maringei PPXX3129
Marinyam PPXX3130
Maripepea PPXX3906
Marisere PPXX8840
Maritambu PPXX4684
Marli PPXX6247
Marmar PPXX2420
Marok PPXX8153
Maru PPXX8841
Maru PPXX4685
Marua PPXX7683
Marui PPXX3131
Marum PPXX4686
Marume PPXX0556
Marunga PPXX2421
Marunomu PPXX1155
Marva PPXX3132
Masa PPXX6248
Masalaga PPXX3133
Masame PPXX3134
Masan PPXX3135
Masandenai PPXX3136
Masangko PPXX6249
Masarida PPXX1156
Masawara PPXX4687
Masehi PPXX3137
Masele PPXX6250
Masi PPXX6981
Masi PPXX4688
Masiagana PPXX3138
Masianum Hufi PPXX8154
Masigi PPXX8842
Masineri PPXX8155
Maskikilir PPXX2422
Maso PPXX2423
Massis PPXX6636
Masso PPXX6637
Massua PPXX2424
Masuam PPXX3139
Masul PPXX0557
Masumabe PPXX1936
Masumadobu PPXX1157
Masusu PPXX3907
Mataburu PPXX9513
Matafum PPXX4689
Matahausa PPXX1937
Matahei PPXX6638
Matailanga PPXX6982
Matairuka PPXX1158
Matakan PPXX6983
Matakaput PPXX6984
Matakues PPXX6985
Matalau PPXX2425
Matalilu PPXX9514
Mataloi PPXX4690
Matamei PPXX6986
Matanakunai PPXX2426
Matandiduk PPXX6987
Matanfadum PPXX6988
Mataniu PPXX6989
Matanuru PPXX7684
Matapau PPXX8156
Matapupu PPXX9515
Matatai PPXX6990
Matatukuen PPXX6991
Mataupa PPXX5552
Matausa PPXX1938
Matawan PPXX2427
Matepi PPXX4691
Mater PPXX4692
Mati PPXX3908
Matirogo PPXX6709
Matkumlagir PPXX6992
Matlik PPXX6993
Mato PPXX8843
Matoko PPXX4693
Matong PPXX2428
Matsialavava PPXX1159
Matsika PPXX1160
Matsunkei PPXX7308
Matukar PPXX4694
Maua PPXX1161
Maubadi PPXX1162
Maubi PPXX3909
Maubin PPXX8844
Maui PPXX8157
Maum PPXX9516
Maunda PPXX3140
Maure PPXX3141
Maurom PPXX8158
Mauwere PPXX4695
Mauwil PPXX8159
Mava PPXX1163
Mavara Wairana PPXX5553
Mave PPXX1164
Mavundi PPXX4696
Mawak PPXX4697
Mawan PPXX4698
Mawaning PPXX6251
Mawaraka PPXX7309
McDonalds Corner PPXX1165
Meagio PPXX3911
Meagoma PPXX3912
Meakambut PPXX3142
Mebu PPXX4699
Medeme PPXX1166
Medesoat PPXX8845
Medibur PPXX4700
Medina PPXX6994
Megenagu PPXX1939
Megi PPXX8846
Megiar PPXX4701
Meginam PPXX4702
Meginro PPXX9252
Megis PPXX3143
Megusanofi PPXX1940
Megusayafa PPXX1941
Meiauna PPXX1943
Meiawa PPXX6252
Meibu PPXX4703
Meihenavi PPXX1944
Meikerobi PPXX3144
Meingenda PPXX3145
Meingi PPXX2430
Meirobu PPXX1167
Meis PPXX2431
Meitapana PPXX5554
Meiu PPXX5555
Meiuia PPXX5556
Meiwari PPXX3913
Meiwhak PPXX3146
Meiwok PPXX4704
Mek PPXX6253
Mekera PPXX4705
Mekini PPXX6254
Mela PPXX8847
Melamu PPXX4706
Melandum PPXX6255
Melawei PPXX3147
Mele PPXX8848
Melei PPXX9517
Meleto PPXX4707
Meleton PPXX2432
Memekakomana PPXX1168
Menapi PPXX5557
Mendam PPXX0122
Mendamen PPXX3148
Mende PPXX0558
Mendi PPXX8849
Mendi PPXX4708
Mendo PPXX8850
Menebonbon PPXX2433
Meneimbi PPXX9253
Mengan PPXX6256
Menggau PPXX8160
Menggau Stone PPXX8161
Mengino PPXX1945
Menilo PPXX1946
Meninga PPXX2434
Menjim PPXX9254
Mensit PPXX3149
Mensuat PPXX3150
Menwan PPXX3914
Menwan Menwan PPXX0123
Menya PPXX6257
Menyamya PPXX6258
Menyi PPXX6259
Mepaita PPXX8851
Merabaubau PPXX6995
Merabu PPXX8162
Merai PPXX2435
Merani PPXX1169
Merapo PPXX3915
Merar PPXX3151
Merewe PPXX8163
Meri Creek PPXX6260
Meriani PPXX1170
Merikeo PPXX6261
Meriman PPXX4709
Meringe PPXX3152
Merioi PPXX4710
Merosuwana PPXX1947
Mesan PPXX8164
Mesekor PPXX4711
Meselia PPXX9518
Mesiyufa PPXX1948
Meskia PPXX3153
Metanangas PPXX6996
Metarala PPXX9519
Metawari PPXX6639
Meteiai PPXX6997
Metekavil PPXX6999
Metemana PPXX7000
Metemin PPXX7001
Metemulai PPXX7002
Meteran PPXX7003
Meterankan PPXX7004
Metesalan PPXX7005
Metewoi PPXX7006
Meu PPXX3916
Mi PPXX1949
Miadeba PPXX5558
Miae PPXX3917
Miak PPXX4712
Miankane PPXX0559
Miarasa PPXX1950
Miaru PPXX3918
Middletown PPXX3919
Midino PPXX5559
Mielelek PPXX9520
Mihak PPXX9521
Mihet PPXX3154
Mikafiru PPXX3920
Mikau PPXX3155
Miku PPXX1171
Mil PPXX8852
Mila PPXX5560
Milagi PPXX3156
Milak PPXX3157
Milanbaule PPXX0560
Milant PPXX8853
Milbil PPXX8165
Mili PPXX2436
Mili PPXX1172
Miliga PPXX9255
Mililamuda PPXX4714
Milim PPXX2437
Milima PPXX0561
Milingbangabip PPXX8166
Miliom PPXX8167
Mimbiok PPXX3158
Mimbitei PPXX8168
Mimi PPXX6262
Mimia PPXX1173
Mimias PPXX7007
Min PPXX7008
Minagoiravi PPXX3921
Minamisil PPXX3159
Minaru PPXX1174
Minawake PPXX7685
Minda PPXX9522
Mindiete PPXX8854
Mindik PPXX6263
Mindimbit PPXX3160
Mindiri PPXX4715
Mindivi PPXX4716
Mindumbo PPXX3161
Mineen PPXX4717
Ming Ming PPXX4718
Minga PPXX3162
Mingende PPXX0562
Mingia PPXX3922
Mingili PPXX8855
Miniaburu PPXX8169
Minina PPXX1951
Minj PPXX9256
Minjip PPXX1425
Mink PPXX8170
Mino PPXX1952
Minoi PPXX0563
Minoiu PPXX3163
Mintima PPXX0564
Minu PPXX4719
Minyamba PPXX1426
Minyima PPXX9257
Mioko PPXX2438
Mior PPXX4720
Miori PPXX1953
Mipil PPXX3164
Mira PPXX3923
Mirakera PPXX3924
Miramira PPXX5561
Mirap PPXX4721
Mirapo PPXX3925
Mirapu PPXX9523
Mirhanak PPXX4722
Miri PPXX1954
Mirimairau PPXX3926
Mirivase PPXX3927
Miriyami PPXX8171
Mirkuk PPXX4723
Miruma PPXX1955
Mis PPXX4724
Misabura PPXX4725
Misamgai PPXX3165
Misapi PPXX1956
Misenten PPXX8172
Misiki PPXX0124
Misim PPXX3166
Misinki PPXX4726
Misiraka PPXX1175
Mismis PPXX6264
Missim PPXX6265
Miulebundu PPXX0565
Miulemunum PPXX0566
Miuritigi PPXX8173
Miwaiaukana PPXX5562
Miwautei PPXX8174
Mo PPXX0567
Mo PPXX6266
Moam PPXX4727
Moap PPXX4728
Moari PPXX8175
Moban PPXX4729
Mobei PPXX1957
Mobi PPXX1958
Mobuma PPXX0568
Modeas PPXX4730
Modeni PPXX5563
Modewa PPXX5564
Modnem PPXX0569
Moduala PPXX1176
Moem PPXX3167
Moga PPXX8856
Mogobena PPXX1959
Mogomane PPXX0570
Mogum PPXX3168
Moguta PPXX8857
Mohiwa PPXX5565
Mohoweto PPXX1960
Moi PPXX3169
Moiavi PPXX7686
Moikisung PPXX6267
Moikodi PPXX7687
Moilsehu PPXX4731
Moim PPXX3170
Moimoi PPXX9525
Moinamu PPXX3929
Moisa PPXX8858
Moisuru PPXX7310
Moiwatu PPXX3930
Moiwo PPXX0571
Moiyo PPXX0572
Mok PPXX6640
Moka PPXX3931
Mokai PPXX8176
Mokara PPXX6641
Moke PPXX1961
Mokera PPXX0125
Mokerang PPXX6642
Mokokolio PPXX7311
Mokoruwa PPXX5566
Mokukli PPXX9526
Moli PPXX3171
Moligilagi PPXX5567
Molinguai PPXX3172
Molio PPXX3173
Molmo PPXX8177
Molo PPXX9527
Moloi PPXX2439
Molopun PPXX9528
Moluor PPXX9529
Mom PPXX4732
Mom PPXX7312
Momalili PPXX6268
Mombago PPXX1962
Mombasop PPXX4733
Momento PPXX1963
Momoiogo PPXX7688
Momonga PPXX7689
Momongol PPXX3174
Momonkari PPXX0574
Momote PPXX6643
Momua PPXX3932
Monandin PPXX8178
Monara PPXX4734
Monari PPXX5568
Mondanda PPXX8859
Mondo PPXX1964
Mondo PPXX4735
Mondo PPXX1177
Mondomil PPXX0575
Mondrabet PPXX2440
Mondumap PPXX8860
Monga PPXX8179
Monger PPXX9258
Mongi PPXX7690
Mongna PPXX7691
Mongo PPXX8180
Mongol PPXX3175
Mongol PPXX7009
Mongonimbo PPXX3176
Mongontoro PPXX7313
Mongrovei PPXX8181
Mongu PPXX2441
Monjitok PPXX3177
Monogiyufa PPXX1965
Monoitu PPXX7314
Mononi PPXX3933
Monu PPXX8861
Monun PPXX7010
Monuna PPXX5569
Monuvi PPXX2442
Morago PPXX6269
Morai PPXX7011
Moralona PPXX2443
Morang PPXX3178
Morasapa PPXX4736
Morata PPXX6710
Moratau PPXX5570
Moravamu PPXX0126
Moravi PPXX8862
Moreguipa PPXX1178
Morei PPXX3934
Morena PPXX2444
Moreng PPXX6270
Moresada PPXX4737
Mori PPXX8182
Moria PPXX8863
Morinangi PPXX4738
Morisime PPXX0576
Moriu PPXX8183
Mornmaul PPXX0577
Moro PPXX8864
Moro PPXX4739
Moro PPXX7692
Moro PPXX9530
Morobe PPXX0003
Morokaimoro PPXX7315
Morokia PPXX9531
Moromambuno PPXX0578
Moronei PPXX7316
Moronggauma PPXX0579
Mororo PPXX1179
Moru PPXX4740
Moru PPXX0128
Morukon PPXX7012
Mosa PPXX9532
Mosigetta PPXX7317
Mosou PPXX7693
Mosuang PPXX7013
Motete PPXX6271
Motokara PPXX1966
Motumotu PPXX1180
Motuo PPXX1967
Mou PPXX1181
Mouini PPXX6272
Mount Ambra PPXX9259
Mount Hagen PPXX9260
Mouri PPXX8184
Movasi PPXX9533
Moveave PPXX3935
Movei PPXX1968
Movi PPXX0580
Mowapa PPXX5571
Mowi PPXX3179
Mu PPXX2445
Mua PPXX5572
Muadul PPXX4741
Mualim PPXX2446
Mubagoa PPXX3936
Mudi PPXX7694
Muela PPXX2447
Mugaiamuti PPXX1969
Mugali PPXX0581
Mugami PPXX9261
Muguai PPXX7318
Mugumat PPXX4742
Muhiwo PPXX3180
Muhuhum PPXX3181
Mui PPXX4743
Muiamagoro PPXX1182
Muianomu PPXX1183
Mujish PPXX8865
Mukawa PPXX5574
Mukili PPXX8185
Muku PPXX8186
Mukuasi PPXX8187
Mukul PPXX2448
Mukunaroka PPXX1184
Mukuru PPXX4744
Mul PPXX3182
Mula PPXX6273
Mulau PPXX6274
Mulefagu PPXX1970
Mulengai PPXX3183
Muliagani PPXX9534
Muliama PPXX7014
Mulim PPXX8866
Muliro PPXX6644
Muluk PPXX4745
Mulumia PPXX1971