Weather Codes for Pakistan

Find Weather Codes or Weather Zip Codes for states and cities in Pakistan. Weather Codes references a specified Location and is used to get weather of that place accurately. They are used by The Weather Channel( by IBM), Yahoo! Weather, AOL Weather and many such weather forecasting platforms. It is similar to Yahoo's WOEID(Where On the Earth ID) that is used to represent each place uniquely.

You can know the weather of any place precisely with the help of weather codes. Find the current weather of your state or city by clicking on it. You will be redirected to The Weather Channel site with your weather code for accurate weather forecast.

Ab-i- Gum Kili PKXX0341
Ab-i- Sar PKXX0342
Ab-i-Gul PKXX0343
Ababaki PKXX0344
Ababki PKXX0345
Abad PKXX0346
Aban Chak PKXX8872
Abbas Khel PKXX0347
Abbawala PKXX9459
Abbottabad PKXX0025
Abdakai PKXX0348
Abdakai Bala PKXX0349
Abdakai Bostan PKXX0350
Abdakai Koza PKXX0351
Abdal PKXX0352
Abdar Mash PKXX0353
Abdol Aziz PKXX0354
Abdui PKXX0355
Abdul Buqi Kior PKXX0356
Abdul Feteh Rind PKXX0358
Abdul Hakim Kili PKXX0361
Abdul Hamid PKXX0362
Abdul Haq Brahui PKXX0363
Abdul Karim PKXX0364
Abdul Karim Halq PKXX0368
Abdul Khalid PKXX0369
Abdul Khaliq PKXX0370
Abdul Khan PKXX0371
Abdul Nabi PKXX0374
Abdul Rahim PKXX0376
Abdul Rahim Khan PKXX0377
Abdul Rahman PKXX0378
Abdul Rahmanzai PKXX0379
Abdul Rasul PKXX0381
Abdul Salam PKXX0383
Abdul Salam Kili PKXX0384
Abdul Wahid PKXX0386
Abdullah PKXX0387
Abdullah Halq PKXX0388
Abdullah Jan PKXX0389
Abdullah Khan PKXX0390
Abdullah Shah PKXX0393
Abdullahpur PKXX9460
Abdur Rahim Kili PKXX0394
Abdur Rahman PKXX0395
Abdur Rahmanzai PKXX0397
Abdur Rashid PKXX0398
Abdur Rehman PKXX0399
Abe Neghar PKXX0400
Abgir PKXX0401
Abhal PKXX9461
Abkakai Mian PKXX0402
Ablo PKXX0403
Abra PKXX0404
Abra Wand PKXX0405
Abrah PKXX0406
Abro PKXX0407
Abu China PKXX0408
Abusidah PKXX0409
Abzai PKXX0410
Achakzai PKXX0411
Achhimunda PKXX9462
Achhina PKXX9463
Achhril PKXX9464
Achrani PKXX0412
Adaga Hadira PKXX0413
Adam Khan Kili PKXX0414
Adam Khan Magsi PKXX0415
Adam Kili PKXX0416
Adam Pir PKXX0417
Adampur PKXX0418
Adamser PKXX9465
Adamzai PKXX0419
Adamzai Kili PKXX0420
Adanzai PKXX0421
Adarlona PKXX9466
Adi PKXX0422
Adiana Gala PKXX9467
Admal PKXX8873
Admani Noh PKXX0423
Ado PKXX0424
Adori PKXX0425
Adosh PKXX0426
Adozai PKXX0427
Adozai Kili PKXX0428
Adozo Zrandah PKXX0429
Adrahimzai PKXX0430
Adu PKXX0431
Aduzai Kili PKXX0432
Afghan Kili PKXX0433
Afzal Khan PKXX0434
Agha Gul PKXX0435
Agha Khan PKXX0436
Agha Muhammad PKXX0437
Aghar PKXX9468
Aghbarg PKXX0439
Aghbarg Maghzai PKXX0440
Aghbarg Nishpa PKXX0441
Aghbargai PKXX0442
Aghbargai Kach PKXX0443
Aghbargai Kili PKXX0444
Aghor PKXX0445
Agiwas PKXX9469
Agor Bent PKXX0446
Agwand PKXX9470
Ahad PKXX0447
Ahad Ali PKXX0448
Ahari PKXX0449
Ahbdupur PKXX9471
Ahdekai PKXX0450
Ahmad PKXX0451
Ahmad Hara PKXX0452
Ahmad Khan PKXX0453
Ahmad Khan Goth PKXX0454
Ahmad Khel PKXX0456
Ahmad Shah Kili PKXX0458
Ahmad Tsah PKXX0460
Ahmad Tunia PKXX0461
Ahmad Wal PKXX0462
Ahmad Zai PKXX0463
Ahmadabad PKXX0464
Ahmadan PKXX0465
Ahmadi Dirga PKXX0466
Ahmadpur PKXX0467
Ahmadpur East PKXX0026
Ahmadpur Sial PKXX0027
Ahmadun PKXX0468
Ahmaqzai Kili PKXX0469
Ahmuk PKXX0470
Ahorha PKXX0471
Ahsan Colony PKXX0472
Aihal PKXX9473
Aihar PKXX9474
Ain Ban PKXX9475
Ainti PKXX9476
Ainu PKXX0028
Ainzai Kili PKXX0473
Aitebar Brohi PKXX0474
Ajab ka Wajab PKXX0475
Ajaibzai PKXX0476
Ajarora PKXX9477
Ajnianwala PKXX0029
Ajob Tangi PKXX0477
Akalgarh PKXX9478
Akalgarh PKXX0030
Akara PKXX0478
Akara Khan PKXX0479
Akaru PKXX0480
Akbar Khan PKXX0481
Akbari PKXX0482
Akbruta PKXX9479
Akhari PKXX9480
Akhazai PKXX0483
Akhezai Tangai PKXX0484
Akhmadkhan PKXX0485
Akhor Ban PKXX9481
Akhriala PKXX9482
Akhruk PKXX0486
Akhtar Kili PKXX0487
Akhtar Shah PKXX0490
Akhtarai PKXX0491
Akhtari PKXX0492
Akhtarwal PKXX0493
Akhtarzai PKXX0494
Akhtarzai Kili PKXX0495
Akhtmar PKXX0496
Akhund Karez PKXX0497
Akhund Sahib PKXX0498
Akhundani PKXX0499
Akhunzada PKXX0500
Akil Iomak PKXX0501
Aklas Zaregai PKXX0502
Akoza PKXX0503
Akozai Kili PKXX0504
Akrabai Kili PKXX0505
Akrala PKXX8875
Akram PKXX0506
Akram Kach PKXX0507
Akram Khan PKXX0508
Akram Khan Kili PKXX0509
Akri PKXX0510
Akruti PKXX9483
Akuri PKXX0511
Ala Damb PKXX0512
Alai PKXX0513
Alakar PKXX9484
Alam Chinasi PKXX9485
Alam ka Ker PKXX9486
Alam Khan PKXX0514
Alam Khan Shahr PKXX0515
Alam Shaikh PKXX0516
Alamdar But PKXX0517
Alamgul Kili PKXX0518
Alanan PKXX0519
Alandur PKXX0520
Alangi PKXX0521
Alat PKXX0031
Algar PKXX9487
Algazai PKXX0522
Ali PKXX0524
Ali Abad PKXX0525
Ali Ahmad PKXX0526
Ali Bakhsh PKXX0527
Ali Band Kili PKXX0529
Ali Beg PKXX9488
Ali Dasht PKXX0530
Ali Dost Kili PKXX0531
Ali Gharh PKXX0532
Ali Gohar PKXX0533
Ali Gul Kili PKXX0534
Ali Hasan Jamali PKXX0535
Ali Hasan Khosa PKXX0536
Ali Jan PKXX0537
Ali Khan PKXX0538
Ali Khan Kili PKXX0539
Ali Khan Lashari PKXX0540
Ali Khan Rind PKXX0541
Ali Khanzai Kili PKXX0542
Ali Khel PKXX0543
Ali Ki Basti PKXX0544
Ali Koh PKXX9489
Ali Muhammad PKXX0548
Ali Murad PKXX0551
Ali Nawaz PKXX0552
Ali Saujal PKXX9490
Ali Shah PKXX9491
Ali Sher Bugti PKXX0556
Ali Sher Kili PKXX0557
Ali Zai PKXX0558
Aliabad PKXX9492
Aliabad PKXX8870
Aliani PKXX0560
Alif Kili PKXX0562
Alif Mirjanzai PKXX0563
Aligai PKXX0564
Alik Ghund PKXX0565
Alimin PKXX9493
Aliot PKXX8876
Alipur PKXX8877
Alizai PKXX0566
Alizai Kili PKXX0567
Alizo Zrandah PKXX0568
Alladad Rahuja PKXX0569
Alladadzai PKXX0570
Allah Abad PKXX0571
Allah Bakhsh PKXX0574
Allah Bakhsh Jet PKXX0576
Allah Dad Bazar PKXX0577
Allah Dad Khan PKXX9494
Allah Dinna PKXX0578
Allah Ditta PKXX0579
Allah Rakhia PKXX0581
Allah Rakhio PKXX0582
Allah Yar Khan PKXX0583
Allahabad PKXX0584
Allahabad Karyal PKXX0585
Allahdad PKXX0586
Allahdad Halq PKXX0587
Allahdad Khan PKXX0588
Allahdina Rind PKXX0589
Allahubad PKXX0590
Allahwala PKXX0591
Allahyar Zai PKXX0592
Allahzai PKXX0593
Allan PKXX0594
Allian PKXX9495
Allu PKXX0595
Allui PKXX0596
Alluliabad PKXX0597
Almas PKXX0598
Alo Dasht PKXX0599
Alozai PKXX0601
Alra PKXX0602
Alu Khan PKXX0603
Alu Khan Kach PKXX0604
Aluda PKXX0605
Alwarani PKXX0606
Amad Chah PKXX0607
Amalani PKXX0608
Amanu PKXX0609
Amar PKXX0610
Ambagai PKXX9496
Ambagh PKXX0611
Amban PKXX9497
Ambani PKXX8878
Ambar Garang PKXX0613
Ambara PKXX0614
Ambargari PKXX9498
Amber PKXX9499
Ambi PKXX0615
Ambo Kili PKXX0616
Ambor PKXX9500
Ambreal PKXX9501
Ambri jo Pani PKXX0617
Amga PKXX9502
Aminabad PKXX0618
Amir PKXX0619
Amir Abad PKXX0620
Amir Ali Khan PKXX0621
Amir Bakhah PKXX0622
Amir Chah PKXX0032
Amir Gul Jattak PKXX0623
Amir Khan PKXX0624
Amir Kili PKXX0626
Amir Muhammad PKXX0627
Amir Shah PKXX0628
Amirpur PKXX0629
Amlaf PKXX0630
Amo Kach PKXX0631
Amra Sanwari PKXX9503
Amrai PKXX0632
Amral PKXX9504
Amranzai PKXX0633
Amrat PKXX0634
Amrutta PKXX9505
Amun Kor PKXX0635
Amuri PKXX0636
Amzarai PKXX0637
Anagai PKXX0638
Anakzai PKXX0639
Anam Bostan PKXX0640
Anamat Wal PKXX0641
Anar PKXX0642
Anari PKXX0643
Anawal PKXX0644
Anb PKXX9506
Anbar PKXX9507
Andar Kachh PKXX0645
Andaral PKXX9508
Andarwali PKXX9509
Andeh PKXX9510
Andorag PKXX0646
Andra Ser PKXX9511
Andra Seri PKXX9512
Andrah Kalan PKXX9513
Andral PKXX9514
Andran PKXX0647
Androb PKXX0648
Androt PKXX9515
Androt Gali PKXX9516
Andrut PKXX9517
Andruth PKXX9518
Aner Bela PKXX9519
Angra PKXX9520
Anjalkor PKXX9521
Anjanai PKXX0649
Anjira PKXX0033
Anjiri PKXX0650
Anjiri Kunj PKXX0651
Ankar PKXX9522
Annawali PKXX9523
Anoi Sarhota PKXX9524
Anshunbi PKXX9525
Antanian PKXX9526
Anwar PKXX0652
Aoghani PKXX0653
Aozhwan PKXX0654
Apsi Bazar PKXX0655
Aqil Jagirani PKXX0656
Aqubani PKXX0657
Ara PKXX8879
Arain PKXX0658
Arak PKXX9527
Aram PKXX0659
Arambi PKXX0660
Arambi Masezai PKXX0661
Arangkel PKXX9528
Arapa PKXX0662
Arazi Gujral PKXX8880
Arazi Khas PKXX8881
Arbab PKXX0663
Arbab Khan PKXX0664
Arbab Kili PKXX0665
Arbani Sharfi PKXX0666
Arbsin PKXX0667
Archina PKXX0668
Archino PKXX0669
Ardarat PKXX9529
Arhat PKXX0670
Ari Dhok PKXX9530
Ari Saiyidan PKXX8882
Arial PKXX9531
Arif Kolaizi PKXX0671
Arifwala PKXX0034
Arja PKXX9532
Arkasi PKXX9533
Arno PKXX9534
Arri PKXX0672
Artawi PKXX0673
Arun Khetar PKXX9535
Arus PKXX0674
Arz Muhammad PKXX0675
Arzanko PKXX0676
Arzanzai Kili PKXX0677
Arzi Jhal PKXX0678
Arzonan PKXX0679
As Tangi PKXX0680
Asad PKXX0681
Asami Bula PKXX8883
Asanzai Shaikhan PKXX0683
Asdi Bazar PKXX0684
Ashal PKXX0685
Ashezai PKXX0686
Ashik PKXX0687
Ashkot PKXX9536
Ashori PKXX0688
Ashraf Khan PKXX0689
Ashrog PKXX9537
Asia Abad PKXX0690
Askan PKXX0691
Askani Dasht PKXX0692
Aslam PKXX0693
Aslam Skobi PKXX0694
Aslamabad PKXX9538
Asloha PKXX8884
Asman Baihk PKXX9539
Aso Kunary PKXX0695
Aspani PKXX0696
Aspid Kumb PKXX0697
Aspila Lam PKXX0698
Aspila Sar PKXX0699
Asreli Chauki PKXX0700
Assot Post Wam PKXX0701
Astarabad PKXX0702
Astashai PKXX0703
Asuzai Tlerai PKXX0704
Asyabi PKXX0705
Ata Muhammad PKXX0706
Atakzai PKXX0708
Atal Kach PKXX0709
Atar Kach PKXX0710
Atar Khan PKXX0711
Athal PKXX8885
Athala PKXX0712
Athar Khan Rind PKXX0713
Atharan Hazari PKXX0035
Athmuqam PKXX9540
Athruin PKXX9541
Atian PKXX9542
Atkora PKXX9543
Atlarai PKXX0714
Atozai PKXX0715
Atrap PKXX0716
Atshala PKXX9544
Atzalpur PKXX9545
Aukha Shai PKXX0718
Aunrum PKXX0719
Autak PKXX0720
Auzdan Kili PKXX0721
Avub Goth PKXX0722
Awak PKXX0724
Awal Shah PKXX0725
Awan PKXX0726
Awan Salawat PKXX0727
Awanan di Ker PKXX9546
Awani Bhun PKXX9547
Awera PKXX9548
Awera Umar Khan PKXX9549
Ayub PKXX0729
Az Murgo PKXX0730
Azad PKXX0731
Azad Shahr PKXX0732
Azadzai PKXX0733
Azam Khan PKXX0734
Azam Khan Shahr PKXX0735
Azboti PKXX0736
Azgharlun PKXX0737
Azghumai PKXX0738
Aziim Kor PKXX0739
Azim PKXX0740
Azim Khan PKXX0741
Azim Khan Kili PKXX0742
Azim Kili PKXX0743
Aziz Abad PKXX0744
Azizullah PKXX0745
Azizullah Jamali PKXX0746
Azmat Pur PKXX0747
Azo Kili PKXX0748
Baad PKXX0749
Bab-i-Alamgir PKXX9550
Babakarzai Kili PKXX0751
Babakr PKXX0752
Babal Khan Rid PKXX0753
Babar PKXX0754
Babar Kach PKXX0755
Babbar PKXX0756
Babek PKXX0758
Babel PKXX9551
Babkari PKXX0759
Babli PKXX0760
Babot PKXX9552
Babozai PKXX0761
Babrai PKXX0762
Babre Shol PKXX0763
Babri PKXX0764
Babu PKXX0765
Babu China PKXX0766
Babu Kili PKXX0767
Babu Muhallah PKXX9553
Babul PKXX0768
Babun Baihk PKXX9554
Babyam PKXX9555
Bacha Kili PKXX0769
Bachak PKXX0770
Bachal Khan PKXX0771
Bachal Shah PKXX0772
Bachawat PKXX0773
Bachhar PKXX9556
Bad-i-Dramand PKXX0774
Bada na Pail PKXX9557
Badail Kili PKXX0776
Badal Khan PKXX0777
Badal Khan Goth PKXX0778
Badal Khan Kili PKXX0779
Badal Palai PKXX0780
Badalzai PKXX0781
Badani PKXX0782
Badar PKXX0783
Badar Chakul PKXX0784
Badda PKXX0785
Badda Gura PKXX9558
Baddi Bari PKXX9559
Baddu Kili PKXX0786
Badduzai PKXX0036
Badezai PKXX0788
Badhaf PKXX9560
Badhar PKXX9561
Badheri Khatras PKXX9562
Badiala PKXX9563
Badihara PKXX9564
Badill PKXX9565
Badin Bund PKXX0789
Badin Chah PKXX0790
Badin Zai PKXX0791
Badini PKXX0792
Badinzai PKXX0793
Badinzai Kili PKXX0794
Badizai PKXX0795
Badneri PKXX9566
Badozai PKXX0796
Badra PKXX0797
Badram Tunia PKXX0798
Badrang PKXX0799
Badrawale Kili PKXX0800
Badshahpur PKXX9567
Badulwah PKXX0801
Badwan PKXX0802
Bagah PKXX9568
Bagar PKXX0037
Bagar Khan PKXX0804
Bagarzai PKXX0805
Bagat Katta Khel PKXX0806
Bagdar PKXX0807
Bagdar Pisi PKXX0808
Bagel PKXX9569
Bagga Miana PKXX8886
Bagga Sangral PKXX8887
Bagga Shekhan PKXX8888
Baggan PKXX9570
Baggar PKXX0809
Bagh PKXX9571
Bagh Bhattan PKXX8889
Bagh Buta PKXX8890
Bagh Head PKXX0811
Bagh Kalan PKXX8891
Bagh Kardala PKXX9572
Bagh Rahim Dad PKXX0813
Bagh Sanjari PKXX0814
Bagh Toba PKXX0816
Baghai PKXX9573
Baghak PKXX0817
Baghak Kili PKXX0818
Baghali PKXX9574
Baghar PKXX8892
Baghari PKXX0819
Baghbani PKXX0820
Baghdar PKXX0821
Baghdari Nakka PKXX9575
Baghera PKXX9576
Baghgai PKXX0822
Baghicha Guldar PKXX0823
Baghizai PKXX0824
Baghwala Mohra PKXX8893
Baghwana PKXX0825
Bagilan PKXX9577
Bagla PKXX9578
Bagla Sikhan PKXX9579
Bagle PKXX9580
Baglota PKXX9581
Bagluta PKXX9582
Bagna PKXX9583
Bagnad PKXX9584
Bagnu PKXX9585
Bagnuwali Sari PKXX9586
Bagothi PKXX9587
Bagra Kulachi PKXX0826
Bagra Machhi PKXX0827
Bagran PKXX9588
Bagsai PKXX9589
Bagsar PKXX0828
Bagu Hara PKXX0829
Bahadakot PKXX9590
Bahadur PKXX0830
Bahadur PKXX9591
Bahadur Khan PKXX0831
Bahadurai PKXX0832
Bahanrero PKXX0833
Bahar China PKXX0834
Bahar Kili PKXX0835
Bahar Mandau PKXX0836
Bahawal Khan PKXX0838
Bahawal Shahr PKXX0839
Bahawalnagar PKXX0038
Bahawalpur PKXX0039
Bahin PKXX0840
Bahli Dilawar PKXX0040
Bahlol PKXX0841
Bahlol Basti PKXX0842
Bahlolzai Kili PKXX0843
Bahndi PKXX9592
Bahndi Namb PKXX9593
Bahram Khan PKXX0844
Bahram Shahi PKXX0847
Bahramshi PKXX0849
Bahramzai PKXX0850
Bahrgran PKXX8894
Bahri PKXX0851
Bahrwal Kili PKXX0852
Bahunth Kohna PKXX9594
Bahut Chat PKXX0853
Bai PKXX0854
Baian PKXX0855
Baidarah PKXX0856
Baih PKXX9595
Baihk PKXX8895
Baihkan PKXX9597
Baij PKXX0857
Bain PKXX9598
Bain di Dhok PKXX9599
Bainsar PKXX9600
Baint Johar PKXX0858
Baint Nizamani PKXX0859
Bairkal PKXX0860
Baith PKXX9601
Bajar PKXX9602
Bajar ki Bandi PKXX9603
Baji PKXX0861
Bajiki PKXX0862
Bajiri PKXX0863
Bajla PKXX9604
Bajodai Khurd PKXX0864
Bajorai PKXX0865
Bajui PKXX0866
Bajul PKXX0867
Bakan PKXX9605
Bakea Darbar PKXX0868
Bakhal PKXX9606
Bakhra PKXX0869
Bakhra Pazh PKXX0870
Bakhtar PKXX0871
Bakhtarzai PKXX0872
Bakhtiar Khan PKXX0874
Bakhtiyar Khu PKXX0876
Bakka PKXX9607
Bakra Landi PKXX0877
Bakri PKXX0878
Bakshozai PKXX0879
Bal PKXX0880
Bal PKXX9608
Bala PKXX0881
Bala Chungi PKXX0882
Bala Dhaka PKXX0883
Bala Gala PKXX9609
Bala Khan PKXX0884
Bala Paliat PKXX9610
Bala Sethu PKXX9611
Balach PKXX0885
Balachah PKXX0886
Balak PKXX0887
Balak Bhanna PKXX9612
Balal Khan Kili PKXX0888
Balan PKXX9613
Balan PKXX0889
Balani PKXX9614
Balanosh Ziarat PKXX0891
Balao Kili PKXX0892
Balapir PKXX9615
Balaru PKXX0893
Balatar PKXX0894
Balauri PKXX0895
Balawal PKXX9616
Balbal PKXX0897
Bale PKXX0898
Baleli PKXX0899
Balgatar PKXX0900
Balgattar PKXX0901
Balgiran PKXX9617
Bali Ba PKXX0902
Baliala PKXX9618
Baliar Potha PKXX9619
Ball PKXX0903
Balla PKXX9620
Ballan PKXX9621
Ballen PKXX0904
Balnara PKXX9622
Balnigore PKXX0905
Baloch PKXX9623
Baloch Khan PKXX0906
Balochabad PKXX0908
Balochani PKXX0909
Baloh PKXX9624
Balor PKXX0910
Balozai PKXX0911
Balseri PKXX9625
Baluha PKXX9626
Balwara PKXX9627
Bamai PKXX0912
Bamh PKXX9628
Bamkazai PKXX0913
Bamkot PKXX9629
Bamlot PKXX8896
Bamma ni Dhanni PKXX9630
Ban PKXX8897
Ban PKXX9631
Ban Bagia PKXX9632
Ban Chiran PKXX9633
Ban Mohra PKXX8898
Ban Rahim Bakhsh PKXX0914
Banabona PKXX9634
Banala PKXX9635
Banamula PKXX9636
Banar ki Dhok PKXX9637
Banari PKXX0915
Banaya Shanaya PKXX9638
Banchhatar PKXX9639
Band PKXX0916
Band Ka Shahr PKXX0917
Band Kili PKXX0918
Banda PKXX9640
Bandakai Kili PKXX0919
Bandali PKXX9641
Bandaro PKXX0920
Bandbar PKXX0921
Bandbeh PKXX9643
Bandgah PKXX0922
Bandi PKXX9644
Bandi PKXX0923
Bandi Badhan PKXX9645
Bandi Bakalan PKXX9646
Bandi Bala PKXX9647
Bandi Bata PKXX9648
Bandi Chakkan PKXX9649
Bandi Gopalpur PKXX9651
Bandi Gorsian PKXX9652
Bandi Hafiz PKXX9653
Bandi Hajam PKXX9654
Bandi Jamadaran PKXX9655
Bandi Kashbian PKXX9656
Bandi Kokyal PKXX9657
Bandi Muhri PKXX9659
Bandi Saiyidan PKXX9660
Bandi Saman PKXX9661
Bandi Shoran PKXX9662
Bandi Siftu PKXX9663
Bandi Sochian PKXX9664
Bandi Tagian PKXX9665
Bandian Khalsa PKXX9666
Bandijoki PKXX0924
Bandiwan Pathra PKXX9667
Bandor PKXX9668
Bandral PKXX9669
Bandu PKXX0925
Bandwali PKXX0926
Bang PKXX9670
Bangal PKXX0927
Bangalzai PKXX0928
Bangang PKXX9671
Bangara PKXX0929
Bangas Baihk PKXX9672
Bangi Karez PKXX0930
Bangiran PKXX9673
Bangloni PKXX0931
Bangora PKXX9674
Bangrila PKXX9675
Bangul Daro PKXX0932
Banhatar PKXX9676
Banhdor PKXX9677
Banhera PKXX9678
Bani PKXX0933
Bani PKXX9679
Bani Hafiz PKXX9680
Bani Lungrialan PKXX9681
Bani Manhasan PKXX9682
Bani Pasar PKXX9683
Banian PKXX9684
Banikhetar PKXX9685
Banin Baihk PKXX9686
Baniyas Shop PKXX0934
Banj PKXX0935
Banjan PKXX9687
Banjaunsa PKXX9688
Banjpathra PKXX9689
Bankhador PKXX9690
Bankhor Baihk PKXX9691
Bankhorwali PKXX9692
Bankot PKXX9693
Bankoth PKXX8900
Bann na Mohra PKXX8901
Banni PKXX9694
Banniwala Mohra PKXX8902
Bano Shori PKXX0936
Banora PKXX9695
Banri PKXX0937
Bansar PKXX0938
Bantar Dhok PKXX9696
Banthai PKXX9697
Bantil PKXX9698
Banudi PKXX0939
Banwah Baihk PKXX9699
Banwali Nag PKXX9700
Banwar PKXX8903
Baot PKXX0940
Bapao PKXX0941
Baqar Khan PKXX0942
Baqar Thola PKXX8904
Baqi PKXX0943
Baqirzai PKXX0944
Bar PKXX0945
Bar Khanzada PKXX8905
Bar Shori PKXX0946
Bar Tamma PKXX8906
Bar Wali PKXX0947
Bara PKXX8907
Bara PKXX0948
Bara PKXX9701
Bara Shet PKXX9702
Bara-wala Khu PKXX9703
Barab Chah PKXX0949
Barad PKXX0950
Barah PKXX9704
Baraho PKXX0951
Barai PKXX0952
Baraich Colony PKXX0953
Barak PKXX0954
Barak Kili PKXX0955
Barakki PKXX0956
Barakwal Kili PKXX0957
Baral PKXX9705
Barala PKXX9706
Barala Chappar PKXX9707
Barali PKXX9708
Baram PKXX0958
Barambah PKXX0959
Baramdi PKXX0960
Baran PKXX0961
Baran Kahwa PKXX0962
Baran Karez PKXX0963
Baran Kili PKXX0964
Baranai PKXX0965
Barani PKXX9709
Barani PKXX0966
Barani Bent PKXX0967
Barantal PKXX0968
Baranzo Zrandah PKXX0969
Barari PKXX0970
Bararwam PKXX0971
Barat PKXX0972
Barat Khel Kili PKXX0973
Baratla PKXX9710
Barawali PKXX9711
Barban PKXX9712
Barbenj PKXX0974
Bardi PKXX9713
Bare Zai PKXX0975
Barean PKXX9714
Barean Simar PKXX9715
Bareor PKXX0976
Barezai PKXX0977
Barghwalai Kili PKXX0978
Bargiai PKXX0979
Barhad PKXX9716
Barhan PKXX9717
Barhima PKXX0980
Bari PKXX9718
Bari Baihk PKXX9719
Bari Bakhi PKXX9720
Bari Gora PKXX9721
Bari Kot PKXX9722
Bari Sultanwala PKXX0041
Bari Wala PKXX0981
Bariara PKXX9723
Bariari PKXX9724
Barida Mohra PKXX9725
Barihar PKXX9726
Barija PKXX0982
Barithnar PKXX9727
Barj Khetar PKXX9728
Barjah PKXX9729
Barjun PKXX9730
Barjur PKXX9731
Bark PKXX0983
Bark Kili PKXX0984
Barkat Kili PKXX0985
Barkhan PKXX0986
Barki PKXX0988
Barmang Kalan PKXX9732
Barmang Khurd PKXX9733
Barmiar PKXX9734
Barmoch PKXX9735
Barnala PKXX9736
Barni PKXX9737
Barnlali PKXX8908
Baroha PKXX8909
Barot Gaz PKXX0989
Barotian PKXX9738
Barozai PKXX0990
Barra China PKXX0991
Barri Imam PKXX8910
Barsa PKXX9739
Barsala PKXX9740
Barsali PKXX9741
Barshonki PKXX0992
Barshonki Kili PKXX0993
Barshor PKXX0994
Barsoli Kalat PKXX0995
Barth Dhok PKXX9742
Barthi PKXX9743
Baruta PKXX8911
Baruth PKXX9744
Baruthian PKXX9745
Barutian PKXX9746
Barwala PKXX8912
Barwalai Kili PKXX0996
Basan PKXX9747
Basana PKXX0997
Basanta PKXX8913
Basantkot PKXX9748
Basar PKXX9749
Bashah PKXX0999
Bashai PKXX1000
Basham PKXX1001
Basham Chil PKXX1002
Bashe PKXX1003
Bashir PKXX1004
Bashir Muhammad PKXX1006
Bashirabad PKXX1007
Bashkia PKXX1008
Bashu Bagh PKXX1009
Bashur PKXX1010
Baski Chah PKXX1011
Basnara PKXX9750
Basol PKXX1012
Basol PKXX8914
Basti PKXX9751
Basti Alam Khan PKXX1015
Basti Ali Khan PKXX1016
Basti Azam Khan PKXX1017
Basti Baghi PKXX1018
Basti Bolach PKXX1019
Basti Dad Ali PKXX1020
Basti Dara Shah PKXX1021
Basti Garka PKXX1023
Basti Ishani PKXX1029
Basti Juma PKXX1031
Basti Kamal PKXX1032
Basti Khamis PKXX1033
Basti Lalla PKXX1034
Basti Lashar PKXX1035
Basti Maluk PKXX0042
Basti Margiani PKXX1036
Basti Mir PKXX1038
Basti Mir Azad PKXX1039
Basti Muhammad PKXX1040
Basti Nazarli PKXX1041
Basti Nazir Khan PKXX1042
Basti Panahu PKXX1043
Basti Rehman PKXX1045
Basti Rillo PKXX1046
Basti Shaikh PKXX1048
Basti Shaikhan PKXX1049
Basti Sharbat PKXX1051
Basti Sharif PKXX1052
Basti Sikandar PKXX1053
Basti Somaro PKXX1054
Basti Waga PKXX1056
Basti Yaqub PKXX1057
Basti Zain PKXX1058
Basuta PKXX9752
Basuti PKXX9753
Bat Bini PKXX9754
Bat Dhara PKXX9755
Bat Khela PKXX0043
Bata PKXX9756
Bataknala PKXX9757
Batal PKXX9758
Batala PKXX8915
Batang PKXX9759
Batangi PKXX9760
Batangi Chikar PKXX9761
Batar PKXX1059
Bate PKXX9763
Batezai PKXX1060
Batgiran PKXX9764
Bathar PKXX9765
Batiarwala PKXX9766
Batkanali PKXX9767
Batkut PKXX9768
Batli PKXX9769
Batlian PKXX9770
Batmang PKXX9771
Batnara PKXX9772
Batoars PKXX9773
Batori PKXX1061
Batozai PKXX1062
Batsir PKXX9774
Batta Halan PKXX9775
Battal PKXX9776
Battal Bari PKXX9777
Battedhari PKXX9778
Bavot PKXX9779
Bawaki Dhok PKXX9780
Bawarpaji PKXX9781
Bayan PKXX9782
Bayanzai PKXX1063
Baz PKXX1064
Baz Khan PKXX1065
Baz Kili PKXX1066
Baz Muhammad PKXX1067
Bazai PKXX1068
Bazar PKXX9783
Bazar PKXX1069
Bazar Ali Jan PKXX1071
Bazar Kada Musa PKXX1075
Bazar Kahol PKXX1076
Bazar Simsuri PKXX1079
Bazar Usman PKXX1080
Bazari PKXX1081
Bazdan PKXX1082
Bazdar PKXX1083
Bazgir PKXX1084
Bazi PKXX1085
Bazwaja PKXX1086
Beani Kili PKXX1087
Beari PKXX9784
Bedar PKXX1088
Bedar China PKXX1089
Bedara PKXX1090
Bedi PKXX1091
Bedi Dat PKXX1092
Bedrim Anjira PKXX1093
Bedring PKXX1094
Bega Balama PKXX9785
Begar Kili PKXX1096
Beharo PKXX1097
Behla Nur Shah PKXX9786
Behra PKXX9787
Behram Khan PKXX1098
Behramzai PKXX1099
Beia Chenar PKXX9788
Bel PKXX9789
Bel Brahmanan PKXX9790
Bela PKXX9791
Bela PKXX1100
Bela Barkuti PKXX9793
Bela Nur Shah PKXX9794
Beladarkuti PKXX9795
Belar PKXX1101
Beli PKXX9796
Beli Badnar PKXX9797
Bellpat PKXX1102
Bembhar PKXX1103
Benap PKXX1104
Bendhar PKXX9798
Beng PKXX9799
Beni PKXX9800
Benn Chah PKXX1105
Bens PKXX9801
Bent PKXX1106
Benth PKXX1107
Ber PKXX1108
Bera Tunia PKXX1109
Berawa PKXX1110
Berut PKXX1111
Berwala PKXX0044
Besh PKXX1112
Besima PKXX1113
Besri PKXX9802
Bet PKXX1114
Betanian PKXX9803
Beth PKXX1115
Betha PKXX8916
Betran PKXX9804
Bewatta PKXX1116
Bezenpur PKXX1117
Bhabani PKXX1118
Bhabban PKXX9805
Bhabra PKXX9806
Bhadiani PKXX1119
Bhag PKXX0045
Bhagal Chak PKXX9807
Bhagiana PKXX9808
Bhaglur PKXX9809
Bhagsar PKXX9810
Bhai Khan Jamali PKXX1120
Bhai Mehr Ali PKXX8917
Bhajowal PKXX9811
Bhakat PKXX1121
Bhakejo PKXX1122
Bhal PKXX8918
Bhal PKXX1123
Bhal Gajan PKXX9812
Bhalasa PKXX9813
Bhalla Jo PKXX1124
Bhalot PKXX9814
Bhalwal PKXX0046
Bhamb PKXX0047
Bhambartrar PKXX8919
Bhamnal PKXX9815
Bhamrot PKXX8920
Bhanakha PKXX9816
Bhand PKXX1125
Bhandan PKXX1126
Bhangar Jo Goth PKXX1127
Bhangi Shah PKXX1128
Bhango PKXX9817
Bhangril PKXX8921
Bhanguin PKXX9818
Bhanna PKXX9819
Bhantini PKXX9820
Bharakao PKXX8922
Bharan Gala PKXX9821
Bhararian PKXX9822
Bharatan PKXX9823
Bhariot PKXX9824
Bharro PKXX1129
Bhart PKXX9825
Bharthan PKXX9826
Bharu PKXX1130
Bharuhian PKXX9827
Bharyala PKXX1131
Bhata PKXX9828
Bhata Dhara PKXX9829
Bhata Maliar PKXX8923
Bhatamber Reg PKXX1132
Bhatar PKXX1133
Bhatea PKXX9830
Bhatean PKXX9831
Bhatguchha PKXX9832
Bhati PKXX9833
Bhati Mohra PKXX9834
Bhatruhi PKXX9835
Bhattian PKXX9836
Bhattika PKXX9837
Bhaun PKXX8924
Bhawan PKXX9838
Bhebbar PKXX9839
Bhed PKXX9840
Bhedi PKXX9841
Bhedian PKXX9842
Bheli PKXX9843
Bhemia Ganora PKXX9844
Bhemla PKXX9845
Bhengar Bagi PKXX9846
Bhent PKXX9847
Bheri PKXX9849
Bheri PKXX1134
Bheth PKXX9850
Bhijarani PKXX1135
Bhimbar PKXX0048
Bhimbar District PKXX9851
Bhint PKXX1136
Bhiri PKXX9852
Bhirian PKXX9853
Bhit PKXX1137
Bhit Mari PKXX1138
Bhitian PKXX9854
Bhittian PKXX9855
Bhokar PKXX8925
Bhoral Khan PKXX1139
Bhoria PKXX9856
Bhoroke PKXX0049
Bhugor PKXX9857
Bhulwari PKXX1140
Bhun PKXX9858
Bhura Hayat PKXX8926
Bhura Kibli PKXX8927
Bhura Nasib PKXX8928
Bhura Nauroz PKXX8929
Bhuria Mohri PKXX9859
Bhurjali PKXX9860
Bhurjanwali PKXX9861
Bhurka PKXX9862
Bhurota PKXX9863
Bhurzi PKXX9864
Bhutti PKXX9865
Bhutti PKXX1141
Bhutto PKXX1142
Biabash PKXX1143
Biabastizai Kili PKXX1144
Biani PKXX1145
Bianzai PKXX1146
Biari PKXX9866
Biash PKXX1147
Bib Dori PKXX9867
Bibargi PKXX1148
Bibbartak PKXX1149
Bibbur PKXX9868
Bibi PKXX1150
Bibi Lor PKXX1151
Bibi Mailanz PKXX1152
Bibi Nani PKXX0050
Bich Kund PKXX1153
Bicho PKXX8930
Bidar PKXX9869
Bidda PKXX1154
Bidda Jhal PKXX1155
Bidrang PKXX1156
Biga Bazar PKXX9870
Bigam PKXX9871
Bihari PKXX9872
Biijar PKXX1157
Bijeri PKXX1158
Bilal Kach PKXX1159
Bilal Town PKXX8931
Bilanda PKXX1160
Bilanda Tobai PKXX1161
Bimma Gangal PKXX8932
Binap PKXX1162
Bindh PKXX9873
Bindi PKXX9874
Bindian PKXX9875
Binga Kalat PKXX1163
Binsa PKXX9876
Bir Kanthi Baihk PKXX9877
Biranwali Mohri PKXX9878
Birao PKXX1164
Birin da Kas PKXX9879
Biroli PKXX9880
Birpani PKXX9881
Bisa PKXX9882
Bisari PKXX9883
Bisewali Baihk PKXX9884
Bishandot PKXX8933
Bishash PKXX9885
Bishnai PKXX9886
Bisholi Bazar PKXX1165
Bismillah PKXX1166
Bisuta PKXX9887
Bisuti PKXX9888
Bit PKXX1167
Bitagu PKXX1168
Bizhban Chah PKXX1169
Bizhgai Ragha PKXX1170
Bizinjau Kasar PKXX1171
Bizni PKXX1172
Boarli Hillan PKXX9889
Bobar Gazi PKXX1173
Bobara PKXX9890
Boha PKXX9891
Bohargul Khan PKXX1174
Bohil PKXX9892
Bohram Khan PKXX1175
Bohri PKXX1176
Bojhi PKXX1177
Bola PKXX9893
Bonap PKXX1178
Bor PKXX9894
Bor Bhat PKXX1179
Bor Kili PKXX1180
Bora Shah PKXX1181
Boragai PKXX1182
Borani PKXX1183
Borbala PKXX9895
Bore PKXX1184
Borko PKXX1185
Borri PKXX1186
Bostan PKXX0051
Bostan Kili PKXX1188
Braham khan PKXX1189
Brahampura PKXX9896
Brahim Baran PKXX1190
Brahim Khan PKXX1191
Brahim Tok PKXX1192
Brahimzai PKXX1193
Brahmad PKXX1194
Brahmani PKXX1195
Brahmini PKXX1196
Brahui PKXX1197
Brahui Kot PKXX1198
Brahuzai Kili PKXX1199
Brambia PKXX9897
Brhing PKXX9898
Bringhan PKXX9899
Britat PKXX1200
Brunj Kili PKXX1201
Bubbanyan PKXX9900
Buchha PKXX9901
Buchi PKXX9902
Buddilat PKXX9903
Budha Zai PKXX1202
Budhapur PKXX0052
Budhia PKXX9904
Budhyal PKXX9905
Budla PKXX1203
Bug PKXX1204
Bughia PKXX1205
Bughwal PKXX9906
Bugina PKXX9907
Bugti PKXX1206
Buh Bent PKXX1207
Buhair Damb PKXX1208
Bula PKXX9908
Bulbasi PKXX1209
Bulbul PKXX1210
Buleda PKXX1211
Buli PKXX1212
Bulo PKXX1213
Bun Dhar PKXX9909
Buna Nala PKXX9910
Bunap PKXX1214
Bunau PKXX9911
Bundi Bazar PKXX1215
Bundkhi PKXX1216
Bunga Hayat PKXX0053
Bunhar Kili PKXX1217
Bunji Salijji PKXX9912
Bunla Dara PKXX9913
Bunna PKXX8935
Buno Gura PKXX9914
Bunri PKXX1218
Bur Dash PKXX1219
Bura Bangial PKXX8936
Burbaruk PKXX1220
Burbur PKXX1221
Burbura PKXX1222
Burhada PKXX9915
Burhia PKXX1223
Buri Biala PKXX1224
Buria PKXX1225
Burial PKXX9916
Buriya PKXX9917
Burj Aziz Khan PKXX1226
Burj Kili PKXX1227
Burjanwala PKXX9918
Burjun PKXX9919
Burkran Tangi PKXX1228
Burotian PKXX9920
Burra PKXX1229
Buruha PKXX9921
Burutianwala PKXX9922
Burzi PKXX9923
Burzil PKXX9924
Busa Jee PKXX1230
Busheri PKXX1231
Butak PKXX0054
Buttar PKXX8937
Buzheri PKXX1232
Buzi PKXX1233
Buzurg Gaz PKXX1234
Buzwar PKXX1235
Bwaki PKXX1236
Camp Pisibent PKXX1237
Campbellpore PKXX0055
Canoiwala Mohra PKXX8939
Cantonment PKXX1238
Cantt PKXX1239
CDA Colony PKXX8938
Cehi Sachche PKXX9925
Chab PKXX1240
Chabar PKXX1241
Chabi PKXX1242
Chabrian PKXX9926
Chabrian Gujran PKXX9927
Chacha PKXX1243
Chachar PKXX1244
Chachlar PKXX9928
Chachobi PKXX1245
Chack Gang PKXX9929
Chad PKXX1246
Chad Kaur PKXX1247
Chad Mal PKXX1248
Chad Sher Ali PKXX1249
Chadarhun PKXX9930
Chafloti PKXX9931
Chagai PKXX1250
Chaghardi PKXX1251
Chagirdi Bazar PKXX1252
Chagot PKXX9932
Chagrianda PKXX9933
Chah Alam Khan PKXX1253
Chah Bali PKXX1255
Chah Haji Azim PKXX1256
Chah Libani PKXX8941
Chah Nur Bakhsh PKXX1258
Chah Sar PKXX1259
Chah-i-Mast PKXX1260
Chahar Sar PKXX1261
Chahar Shambo PKXX1263
Chaharji PKXX1264
Chahgai PKXX1265
Chahkohan Razzi PKXX1266
Chahot PKXX9934
Chai PKXX1267
Chair PKXX9935
Chak Andrar PKXX9937
Chak Bahan PKXX1268
Chak Bali PKXX9938
Chak Bhakhral PKXX8942
Chak Bira Singh PKXX8943
Chak Dhar PKXX9939
Chak Dilu PKXX9940
Chak Fourteen PKXX1269
Chak Ganchor PKXX9941
Chak Ghian PKXX9942
Chak Hariam PKXX9943
Chak Kamdar PKXX8944
Chak Kotla PKXX9944
Chak Langa PKXX9945
Chak Madad Khan PKXX8945
Chak Mirza PKXX8946
Chak Mughlani PKXX9946
Chak Namb PKXX9947
Chak Nari PKXX9948
Chak Nur PKXX9949
Chak Paddar PKXX9950
Chak Pathanan PKXX9951
Chak Qazi PKXX9952
Chak Raja PKXX9953
Chak Saghar PKXX9954
Chak Sarian PKXX9955
Chak Sawari PKXX9956
Chak Shahdad PKXX8947
Chak Shahzad PKXX8948
Chak Sixteen PKXX1270
Chakal PKXX1271
Chakali PKXX9957
Chakar PKXX1272
Chakar Bazar PKXX1273
Chakar Landi PKXX1274
Chakar Mari PKXX1275
Chakarkheli PKXX1276
Chakhai Tizha PKXX1277
Chakhama PKXX9958
Chaki Bagh Town PKXX8949
Chakki Noghai PKXX1278
Chakku PKXX1279
Chakothi PKXX9960
Chakra PKXX8950
Chakrai PKXX9961
Chakria PKXX9962
Chakul PKXX1280
Chakuli PKXX1282
Chal Gaon PKXX1283
Chaledi PKXX1284
Chalhar PKXX9963
Chaliki Kand PKXX1285
Chalmari PKXX9964
Chalo PKXX1286
Chamag PKXX1287
Chamalang PKXX1288
Chamamzai Kili PKXX1289
Chaman PKXX1290
Chamari PKXX9965
Chamat PKXX9966
Chamba PKXX9967
Chamba Kirpal PKXX8951
Chambalkot PKXX9969
Chamhatta PKXX9970
Chamiati PKXX9971
Chamir PKXX9972
Chamkhar PKXX9973
Chamkot PKXX9974
Chamoz PKXX1292
Chamror PKXX9977
Chamta PKXX9978
Chamuz PKXX1293
Chan Kara PKXX1294
Chan ki Dhok PKXX9979
Chana PKXX9980
Chanal PKXX1295
Chanalbang PKXX9981
Chanam PKXX8952
Chanan Seri PKXX9982
Chanba Gali PKXX9983
Chandera PKXX9985
Chandia PKXX1296
Chandkot PKXX9986
Chandral PKXX9987
Chanezai Kili PKXX1297
Chang PKXX1298
Chang PKXX9988
Changa PKXX1299
Changai PKXX1300
Changal PKXX9989
Changan PKXX9990
Changdabar PKXX9991
Changhalan PKXX1301
Changhar PKXX9992
Changi Karez PKXX1302
Chanheri PKXX8953
Chaniot PKXX8954
Chanjat PKXX9993
Chanpathra PKXX9994
Chao Gaz PKXX1303
Chaok PKXX1304
Chaomukh PKXX9995
Chap PKXX1305
Chaper PKXX9996
Chapera Okhi PKXX9997
Chapera Sari PKXX9998
Chaphra PKXX9999
Chaplai PKXX1306
Chappar PKXX1307
Chappar Rift PKXX1308
Chaprar PKXX0056
Char Pat Sind PKXX1309
Charari PKXX1311
Charchakuli PKXX1312
Chareh PKXX1313
Charg Ghwazhai PKXX1314
Chargal PKXX1315
Chargul Bunarani PKXX1316
Charjan PKXX1317
Charkhewara Goth PKXX1318
Charkhi PKXX1319
Charkundai Kili PKXX1320
Charpan PKXX1321
Charpani Kalag PKXX1322
Charsadda PKXX0057
Charzo PKXX1323
Chashani PKXX1324
Chashi PKXX1325
Chashma PKXX1326
Chashma Raghah PKXX1327
Chat PKXX1328
Chat Kach PKXX1329
Chatani Bal PKXX1330
Chatanpati PKXX1331
Chati PKXX1332
Chati Nagore PKXX1333
Chatkan Kalag PKXX1334
Chatroh PKXX8955
Chattar PKXX8956
Chatti PKXX1335
Chatti-i-Chah PKXX1336
Chau Kach PKXX1337
Chaubara PKXX0058
Chauka PKXX1338
Chaukai PKXX1339
Chaukal Garjabad PKXX1340
Chauki PKXX1341
Chauki PKXX8958
Chauki Chacha PKXX1342
Chauki Sakran PKXX1343
Chauntra PKXX8959
Chauter PKXX1344
Chautra PKXX1345
Chawinda PKXX0059
Chedgi PKXX1346
Chehdai PKXX1348
Chenga PKXX1349
Chengai PKXX1350
Cherah PKXX8960
Cherat PKXX0060
Chero Bazar PKXX1351
Cheru PKXX1352
Chhabi PKXX1353
Chhad PKXX1354
Chhad Bazar PKXX1355
Chhajra PKXX1356
Chhala PKXX8961
Chhalgari PKXX1357
Chhamb PKXX1358
Chhandan PKXX1359
Chhani PKXX8962
Chhani Alam Sher PKXX8963
Chhanni PKXX8964
Chhapar PKXX8965
Chhappar PKXX8966
Chhapri Akku PKXX8967
Chhapri Kili PKXX1360
Chhapur PKXX8968
Chharari Khuant PKXX1361
Chharra Pani PKXX8969
Chhata Khan PKXX1362
Chhatak PKXX1363
Chhatawal PKXX1364
Chhati PKXX1365
Chhato Kapoto PKXX1366
Chhatr PKXX1367
Chhatta PKXX1368
Chhatti Rahdani PKXX1369
Chhatto Wahorah PKXX1370
Chhawar PKXX1372
Chhib PKXX1373
Chhib Wari PKXX1374
Chhiri Potani PKXX1375
Chhiri Tallan PKXX1376
Chhohala Pottan PKXX8970
Chhondak PKXX1377
Chhor PKXX1378
Chhoto PKXX1379
Chhuri PKXX1380
Chhuttalabad PKXX1381
Chhuttok PKXX1382
Chib PKXX1383
Chibwari PKXX1384
Chichawatni PKXX0061
Chichezai PKXX1385
Chicho Gali PKXX8971
Chil PKXX1386
Chil-i-Daf PKXX1387
Chilani PKXX1388
Chilari PKXX1389
Chilbaghu PKXX1390
Chili PKXX1391
Chill Dasht PKXX1392
China PKXX1393
China Alizai PKXX1395
China Karez PKXX1396
China Kili PKXX1397
Chinali PKXX1398
Chinar PKXX1399
Chingai PKXX1400
Chini Khezai PKXX1401
Chiniot PKXX0001
Chinjan Kili PKXX1402
Chinjni PKXX1403
Chinjni Ghauspur PKXX1404
Chinjwal PKXX1405
Chir Kili PKXX1406
Chiridurbon PKXX1407
Chirkin PKXX1408
Chirman PKXX1409
Chishti Garrani PKXX1410
Chishti Jano PKXX1411
Chishti Shahwani PKXX1413
Chizar PKXX1414
Chodha PKXX1415
Chodi Rahmani PKXX1416
Chohai Khula PKXX1417
Chohil PKXX1418
Chongi PKXX1419
Chongi Mangu PKXX1420
Chongi Sultanzai PKXX1421
Chorga PKXX1422
Chori PKXX1423
Chortu PKXX1424
Chot PKXX1425
Chot Jo PKXX1426
Chota Zai PKXX1427
Chotara Goth PKXX1428
Choti PKXX1429
Chotiali PKXX1430
Chowki Jamali PKXX1431
Chucha PKXX8972
Chuchkal PKXX8973
Chuchra PKXX0063
Chuhar Chak PKXX8974
Chuharzai PKXX1432
Chuhr Kot PKXX1433
Chukhru PKXX1434
Chukhur PKXX1435
Chukyan PKXX1436
Chulam Shah PKXX1437
Chunian PKXX0064
Chunjan PKXX1438
Chunri Nahar PKXX1440
Chur PKXX1441
Chur Masezai PKXX1442
Churbuk PKXX1443
Churgai Kili PKXX1444
Churiani Basti PKXX1445
Churma PKXX1446
Churma Wala PKXX1447
Churmawalai Kili PKXX1448
Churmian PKXX1449
Churrak PKXX1450
Churzai PKXX1451
Chutok PKXX1453
Company Bagh PKXX8975
Dab PKXX1455
Dab Khanzai PKXX1456
Dab Kili PKXX1457
Dab Thana PKXX1458
Dabak PKXX1459
Dabak Karez PKXX1460
Dabak Kili PKXX1461
Daband PKXX1462
Dabar PKXX1463
Dabar Kili PKXX1464
Dabar Wahan PKXX0065
Dabarai Kili PKXX1465
Dabba PKXX1466
Dabbak PKXX1467
Dabo PKXX1468
Dabri Karez PKXX1469
Dad PKXX1470
Dad Ali PKXX1471
Dad Ali Shekh PKXX1472
Dad Chhalgari PKXX1473
Dad Gul PKXX1474
Dad Khan Brohi PKXX1475
Dad Muhammad PKXX1476
Dad Rahman PKXX1480
Dada Jiwand Pir PKXX1481
Dadai Shaikh PKXX1482
Dadan PKXX1483
Dadan Khan PKXX1484
Dadar PKXX1485
Dadar Landi PKXX1486
Dadde PKXX1487
Dade Sar PKXX1488
Dadhanr PKXX1489
Dadhar PKXX0066
Dadhochha PKXX8976
Dadiya PKXX8977
Dadmir PKXX1490
Dado Zai PKXX1491
Dadwani PKXX1493
Dag PKXX1495
Dag Khusti PKXX1496
Dag Lora PKXX1497
Dag Sulaimanzai PKXX1498
Dagaro PKXX1499
Daghari PKXX1500
Dah Daryab PKXX1501
Daha PKXX1502
Dahi Dak PKXX1503
Dahman PKXX1504
Dahoja PKXX1505
Daira Din Panah PKXX0067
Dajo PKXX8978
Dak PKXX1506
Dak Bazar PKXX1507
Dak Chauki PKXX1508
Dakai Hadira PKXX1509
Dake Chah PKXX1510
Dakhain PKXX8979
Dakhali PKXX8980
Dako PKXX1511
Dakoyano Kili PKXX1512
Dal PKXX1513
Dal Rao PKXX1515
Dalan di Basti PKXX1516
Dalbandin PKXX1517
Daleh PKXX8981
Dalgi Basti PKXX1518
Dalhor PKXX8982
Dalla PKXX8983
Dalle Kor PKXX1519
Dallo PKXX1520
Dalor PKXX1521
Dalor Viala PKXX1522
Dalsar Bazar PKXX1523
Dalwat Khan PKXX1524
Dalwat Shah PKXX1525
Dam Kili PKXX1526
Daman Basti PKXX1527
Damb PKXX1528
Dambri PKXX1529
Damdam PKXX1530
Damri PKXX1531
Damsoro PKXX1532
Dan PKXX1533
Dand PKXX1534
Dand-e-Dan PKXX1535
Dandah PKXX1536
Dandai PKXX1537
Dandar PKXX1538
Dandel PKXX1539
Dando PKXX1540
Dane Sar PKXX1541
Dangor Saiyidan PKXX8984
Dangwal PKXX1542
Danna Hardo PKXX8985
Danne Sar PKXX1543
Danno PKXX1544
Danra Kili PKXX1545
Dantar PKXX8986
Danzi PKXX1546
Dara PKXX1547
Darag PKXX1548
Daragi Daf PKXX1549
Darah PKXX1550
Darakht Kach PKXX1551
Darambeh PKXX1552
Darankot PKXX8987
Darapkan Badui PKXX1553
Daraz Kaur Dat PKXX1554
Darazanda Kili PKXX1555
Darban Chah PKXX1556
Darband PKXX1557
Dardan PKXX1559
Darga PKXX1560
Dargai PKXX1562
Dargai Kili PKXX1563
Dargo PKXX1564
Darhe PKXX1565
Dari Mal PKXX1566
Daria Khan PKXX1567
Dariazai PKXX1568
Daricha PKXX1569
Darioha PKXX8988
Dariot Waris PKXX8989
Darkala PKXX8990
Darkan PKXX1570
Darkhan PKXX1571
Darkhanzai Kili PKXX1572
Darkhwast Khan PKXX1573
Darkund PKXX1574
Darra PKXX1575
Darra Wal PKXX1576
Darreh Baleh PKXX1577
Darri PKXX1578
Darshan PKXX1579
Darso PKXX1580
Daru PKXX1581
Daru Chah PKXX1582
Daru Kucha PKXX1583
Daruzai Kili PKXX1584
Darwala PKXX8992
Darwar PKXX1585
Darwazai PKXX1586
Darwazo PKXX1587
Darya Khan PKXX1588
Dasht PKXX1589
Dasht Ambo PKXX1590
Dashtak PKXX1591
Dashtak Dagar PKXX1592
Dashti PKXX1593
Dashtok PKXX1594
Dashu PKXX1595
Daska PKXX0068
Dastin PKXX1596
Dat PKXX1597
Dato PKXX1598
Dattakai PKXX1599
Daud PKXX1600
Daud Band PKXX1601
Daud Bazar PKXX1602
Daud Khel PKXX0069
Daulat PKXX1603
Daulat Kachhi PKXX1604
Daulat Khan PKXX1605
Daulat Nagar PKXX0071
Daulatabad PKXX1606
Daulatpur PKXX0072
Daulatpur PKXX1607
Daulatzai PKXX1608
Daulatzai Kili PKXX1609
Dauli Dinari PKXX1610
Dauran Tangi PKXX1611
Davi PKXX1612
Dawegira PKXX1613
Dawian PKXX1614
Dazan PKXX1615
Dazawar Nishpa PKXX1616
Dazhraiband Kili PKXX1617
Dazi PKXX1618
Dazin PKXX1619
Daznak Chah PKXX1620
Degan PKXX1621
Deghari PKXX1622
Deh PKXX1623
Deh Sial PKXX1624
Dehar PKXX8993
Dehpal PKXX1625
Dehpal Bostan PKXX1626
Dehzari PKXX1627
Delai Viala PKXX1628
Deli Kalagan PKXX1629
Dembu Ka Karir PKXX1630
Den Sar PKXX1631
Dera Bugti PKXX1632
Dera Khalsa PKXX8994
Dera Mirza Khan PKXX1634
Deraghasar PKXX1638
Desal PKXX1639
Dewal PKXX1640
Dewal Kili PKXX1641
Dhad PKXX1642
Dhakala PKXX8995
Dhakki PKXX8996
Dhali PKXX1643
Dhallewali PKXX0073
Dhaloi PKXX1644
Dhalok Landi PKXX1645
Dhamali PKXX8997
Dhamthal PKXX0074
Dhana PKXX1646
Dhanchhek PKXX8998
Dhani Bakhsh PKXX1648
Dharpali PKXX1649
Dhat PKXX1650
Dheli PKXX1651
Dhereja PKXX1652
Dheri PKXX8999
Dheri Madhu PKXX9000
Dheri Qila PKXX9001
Dhianpur PKXX9002
Dhilar PKXX1653
Dhin PKXX1654
Dhok Ashraf PKXX9003
Dhok Babu Irfan PKXX9004
Dhok Badar PKXX9005
Dhok Baggar PKXX9006
Dhok Chak Jabba PKXX9007
Dhok Ghazni PKXX9008
Dhok Ghulam Ali PKXX9009
Dhok Gohra PKXX9010
Dhok Gurha PKXX9011
Dhok Jiwan PKXX9012
Dhok Machian PKXX9013
Dhok Madad Khan PKXX9014
Dhok Mai Nawab PKXX9015
Dhok Maira PKXX9016
Dhok Mangtal PKXX9017
Dhok Matkal PKXX9018
Dhok Mochian PKXX9019
Dhok Mohra Malal PKXX9020
Dhok Najju PKXX9022
Dhok Pari PKXX9023
Dhok Saffu PKXX9024
Dhok Sher Zaman PKXX9025
Dhok Tapialian PKXX9026
Dhok Thala PKXX9027
Dhok Waris PKXX9028
Dhok Zakri PKXX9029
Dhor Pishak PKXX1656
Dhora Khan PKXX1657
Dhori PKXX1659
Dhrun PKXX1660
Dhudo PKXX1661
Dhum PKXX1662
Dhuni PKXX1663
Diani PKXX1664
Dil Mudia PKXX1665
Dilai PKXX1666
Dilbar PKXX1667
Dilbar Mat PKXX1668
Dilbar Milan PKXX1669
Dilezai Shabozai PKXX1670
Dili Jan PKXX1671
Dilijan Jamali PKXX1672
Dilmurad PKXX1673
Dilshad Zai PKXX1674
Dilsora PKXX1675
Dilwa Khan PKXX1676
Dilwani PKXX1677
Dilwash Shirani PKXX1678
Din Muhammad PKXX1679
Din Pur PKXX1682
Dinak Kili PKXX1683
Dinar PKXX1685
Dinari Goth PKXX1686
Dinari Halq PKXX1687
Dinarzai PKXX1688
Dinboh Kalag PKXX1689
Dinga PKXX1690
Dinga PKXX0075
Dingarh PKXX0076
Dinna Khan PKXX1691
Dino PKXX1692
Dino Jo Goth PKXX1693
Dinu PKXX1694
Dir Haji Kech PKXX1695
Dirao PKXX0077
Dirgai PKXX1696
Dirgai Shabozai PKXX1697
Dirgi PKXX0078
Dirgi Kudezai PKXX1699
Dirgi Shabozai PKXX1700
Diwan PKXX1701
Diwana PKXX1702
Diwana Khan PKXX1703
Diwana Kot PKXX1704
Diwani PKXX1705
Doberan PKXX9030
Doctor Kili PKXX1706
Doda Khan PKXX1707
Doda Shahr PKXX1708
Dodaki PKXX1709
Dodar Ab PKXX1710
Dodazai PKXX1711
Dodazai Kili PKXX1712
Dodehli PKXX9031
Dodo Sial PKXX1713
Dograi PKXX1714
Dohala PKXX9032
Dohar Bakezai PKXX1715
Dohara PKXX1716
Dojhampk PKXX1717
Doki PKXX1718
Dol PKXX1719
Dolak Chah PKXX1720
Doleji Daf PKXX1721
Doleji Joh PKXX1722
Dom Pashari PKXX1723
Domandai PKXX1724
Domari PKXX1725
Domeli PKXX1726
Domli Chad PKXX1727
Donali PKXX1728
Dong PKXX1729
Doni Brahui PKXX1730
Dor PKXX1731
Dorai PKXX1732
Dores PKXX1733
Dori PKXX1734
Dori Bianzai PKXX1735
Doro Bent PKXX1736
Dosa PKXX1737
Doshanba PKXX1738
Dost Muhammad PKXX1740
Dosten PKXX1742
Dostinzai PKXX1743
Douran PKXX1744
Dozan PKXX1745
Drab PKXX1746
Drab Koh PKXX1747
Drabbi PKXX1748
Drachko PKXX1749
Drakalo PKXX1751
Dram Kol PKXX1752
Drangi PKXX1753
Dranjan PKXX1754
Drazanda PKXX1755
Drazinda PKXX1756
Dreneli PKXX1757
Drib jo Goth PKXX1758
Drug PKXX1759
Drug Pura PKXX1760
Druggi PKXX1761
Duba Pul PKXX1762
Dubba PKXX1763
Duddar PKXX1764
Dudhar Mirza PKXX9033
Dudhar Najar PKXX9034
Duggan PKXX1765
Duki PKXX1766
Dulai PKXX1767
Dulluan PKXX0079
Duls PKXX1768
Dum Kach PKXX1769
Dumag PKXX1770
Duman Khezai PKXX1771
Dumar Kach PKXX1772
Dumb Bazar PKXX1773
Dumbal PKXX9035
Dummah PKXX9036
Dumran PKXX1774
Duna PKXX1775
Dund Karez PKXX1776
Dundhor PKXX1777
Dunga Bunga PKXX0080
Dungar PKXX1778
Duni PKXX1779
Dunia Khan PKXX1780
Duniya PKXX1781
Dunri Wazir Khan PKXX1782
Dunyapur PKXX0081
Dur Muhammad PKXX1784
Durakju PKXX1788
Duran Kili PKXX1789
Duray PKXX1790
Dureji PKXX1791
Durgzai PKXX1792
Durra PKXX1793
Durra Goth PKXX1794
Dushai PKXX1795
Duzab PKXX1796
Dwa Manda Kili PKXX1797
Dwara PKXX1798
Easib PKXX1799
Edil Khan PKXX1800
Ehsanabad PKXX1801
Eidu PKXX1802
Eisao Habibani PKXX1803
Ek Tai PKXX1804
Ekhay PKXX1805
Elahi Bakhsh PKXX1806
Eldgah PKXX1807
Eminabad PKXX0082
Eri PKXX1808
Eri Kalag PKXX1809
Eskhobi PKXX1810
Essa PKXX1811
Etbar Khan Karez PKXX1812
Faiaz Kach PKXX1813
Faisalabad PKXX0002
Faiz Bakhsh PKXX1814
Faiz Kili PKXX1815
Faizabad PKXX1819
Faizabad Karya PKXX1820
Faizu Kili PKXX1821
Faizullah Shahr PKXX1822
Faki PKXX1823
Faqir Abad PKXX1824
Faqir Lorhani PKXX1825
Faqir Muhammad PKXX1826
Faqirabad PKXX1830
Faqiran PKXX1831
Faqirl PKXX1832
Faqiro PKXX1833
Faqirwali Masjid PKXX1834
Faqirzai Kili PKXX1835
Farakhi PKXX1836
Farakhi Toba PKXX1837
Farash PKXX9037
Fateanri PKXX1838
Fateh PKXX1839
Fateh Khan PKXX1841
Fateh Kili PKXX1844
Fateh Muhammad PKXX1845
Fateh Pur PKXX1847
Fateh Tlerai PKXX1848
Fatehani PKXX1849
Fatehjang PKXX0084
Fatehpur PKXX1850
Fauj Ali PKXX1851
Fauj Ali Ka Loh PKXX1852
Fauj Ali Rind PKXX1853
Fauji Colony PKXX9038
Fazal PKXX1854
Fazal Faqir PKXX1855
Fazal Karim PKXX1856
Fazal Khan PKXX1857
Fazal Muhammad PKXX1859
Fazalband PKXX1861
Fazil Shamezai PKXX1862
Fazilabad PKXX1863
Feroz Baloch PKXX1865
Feroz Khan PKXX1866
Feroz Khan Kili PKXX1867
Feroz-i-Kan PKXX1868
Firoz Khan PKXX1869
Firoz-i-Kan PKXX1870
Fozi Kach PKXX1871
Fusai PKXX1872
G A Khan PKXX1873
Gabar PKXX1874
Gabd PKXX1875
Gabol PKXX1876
Gachanuri PKXX1877
Gachina PKXX1878
Gada Gharo PKXX1879
Gadai Khel Kili PKXX1880
Gadani PKXX1881
Gadap PKXX1882
Gadap PKXX0085
Gadgi PKXX1883
Gadhi PKXX1884
Gadi PKXX1885
Gadi Aurang Shah PKXX1886
Gadi Badal PKXX1887
Gadi Dinar Khan PKXX1888
Gadi Ghar PKXX1889
Gadi Maddad Khan PKXX1890
Gadi Saring PKXX1892
Gadir Bakhsh PKXX1893
Gado PKXX1894
Gador PKXX1895
Gagari PKXX9039
Gagra PKXX1896
Gagu PKXX1897
Gahafur Talab PKXX1898
Gahi Kili PKXX1899
Gahraket PKXX1900
Gahurani PKXX1901
Gai PKXX1902
Gainkio PKXX1903
Gait PKXX1904
Gaizedgan PKXX1905
Gajan PKXX1906
Gajar PKXX1907
Gaji PKXX1908
Gaji Bhutti PKXX1909
Gajikhanzai PKXX1910
Gajjo PKXX1911
Gajli PKXX1912
Gajozai PKXX1913
Gaju Kili PKXX1914
Gajwani PKXX1915
Gakina PKXX9040
Gakkhar Suna PKXX9041
Galak PKXX1916
Galangur PKXX1917
Galochi PKXX1919
Galor PKXX9042
Galtaj PKXX1920
Galugah PKXX1921
Gaman Katsai PKXX1922
Gamaro PKXX1923
Gamb PKXX1924
Gambat PKXX0086
Gambat PKXX1925
Gambodi PKXX1926
Gambola PKXX1927
Gamboli PKXX0087
Gameshi PKXX1928
Gamun PKXX1929
Ganar Khan PKXX1930
Gand ain Iud PKXX1931
Ganda Chah PKXX1932
Ganda Ghwazhe PKXX1933
Gandab PKXX1934
Gandagen Kot PKXX1935
Gandagor PKXX1936
Gandai Kili PKXX1937
Gandakha PKXX1938
Gandan PKXX1939
Gandanami PKXX1940
Gandava PKXX1941
Gandbo PKXX1942
Gande Nagar PKXX1943
Ganderi PKXX1944
Gandha PKXX1945
Gandhera PKXX1946
Gandoi PKXX1948
Gandoi Chauki PKXX1949
Gandozai PKXX1950
Gangalzai PKXX1951
Gangehut PKXX1952
Gangothi PKXX9043
Ganjabad PKXX1953
Ganjaik PKXX1954
Ganjlu PKXX1955
Ganki Jhal PKXX1956
Gano PKXX1957
Ganre Wune PKXX1958
Ganz PKXX1959
Ganzif PKXX1960
Gaondhar PKXX1961
Gar PKXX9045
Gar PKXX1962
Gar Gand PKXX1963
Gara Kili PKXX1964
Garabanddi War PKXX1965
Garaganda PKXX1966
Garahi PKXX1967
Garai PKXX1968
Garambawad PKXX1969
Garanda PKXX9046
Garandi Wad PKXX1970
Garang Kili PKXX1971
Garangai PKXX1972
Garari PKXX1973
Garata Saiyidan PKXX9047
Gardanai Kili PKXX1974
Gargai PKXX1975
Gargan Gorgej PKXX1976
Gargand PKXX1977
Gargat PKXX1978
Gargush PKXX1979
Garh Maharaja PKXX0088
Garhi Khairo PKXX1981
Garhi Rehman PKXX1983
Garhi Yasin PKXX0089
Gari PKXX1984
Garkal PKXX1985
Garo PKXX1986
Garoki PKXX1987
Garoki Dasht PKXX1988
Garrari PKXX1989
Garruk PKXX1990
Garuk PKXX1991
Garuki Dat PKXX1992
Garuki Sund PKXX1993
Gasota PKXX9048
Gat PKXX1994
Gat Kanrai PKXX1995
Gat Kili PKXX1996
Gatai Kili PKXX1997
Gatte Daf PKXX1998
Gatti PKXX1999
Gauhar Kats PKXX2000
Gauhar Khan PKXX2001
Gaurean na Mohra PKXX9049
Gausabad PKXX2002
Gawak PKXX2003
Gawala Colony PKXX9050
Gayar PKXX2004
Gaz Mar PKXX2005
Gaza Chah PKXX2006
Gazai Kaur PKXX2007
Gazan PKXX0090
Gazdan PKXX2009
Gazdanbal PKXX2010
Gazdegan PKXX2011
Gazg PKXX2012
Gazgi PKXX2013
Gazi PKXX2014
Gazi Chah PKXX2015
Gazki PKXX2016
Gazlun PKXX2017
Gazme PKXX2018
Gazo PKXX0091
Gazzi Kalat PKXX2019
Gazzi Zai PKXX2020
Gedan Landhi PKXX2021
Gehwargari PKXX2022
Geshtrani PKXX2023
Geti PKXX2024
Gewari PKXX2025
Gezh PKXX2026
Ghabargai Kili PKXX2027
Ghabru PKXX2028
Ghabutra PKXX9051
Ghaffurabad PKXX2029
Ghafur Kot PKXX2030
Ghagriot PKXX9052
Ghahar PKXX2031
Ghaibi Ziarat PKXX2032
Ghaibizai PKXX2033
Ghaibizai Kili PKXX2034
Ghair Abad PKXX2035
Ghaiz PKXX2036
Ghakhar PKXX0092
Ghalbi PKXX2037
Ghalla PKXX2038
Ghandai PKXX2039
Ghanjarai Kili PKXX2040
Ghar PKXX2041
Gharamb PKXX9053
Gharbai PKXX2042
Gharbaj PKXX2043
Gharbassa PKXX2044
Ghardai PKXX2045
Ghargai PKXX2046
Ghari PKXX2047
Gharian PKXX2048
Gharib Abad PKXX2049
Gharibabad PKXX2050
Gharita Abad PKXX2051
Gharki PKXX2052
Gharmap PKXX2053
Gharo PKXX2054
Gharosai Kili PKXX2055
Gharun PKXX2056
Ghat PKXX2057
Ghat Katari PKXX2058
Ghat Tizha PKXX2059
Ghata Teza PKXX2060
Ghatar Sik PKXX2061
Ghati Pul PKXX2063
Ghaus Bakhsh PKXX2064
Ghausabad PKXX2066
Ghauspur PKXX2067
Ghauspur PKXX0093
Ghawagi PKXX2069
Ghaz PKXX2070
Ghaz Ab PKXX2071
Ghaz China PKXX2072
Ghaza Kili PKXX2073
Ghazanabad PKXX9054
Ghazgai PKXX2074
Ghazgi PKXX2075
Ghazi PKXX2076
Ghazi Abad PKXX2077
Ghazi Bagh PKXX2078
Ghazi Fatwani PKXX2079
Ghazi Nau PKXX2080
Ghazi Shamozai PKXX2081
Ghazlana PKXX2082
Ghazluna PKXX2083
Ghazni PKXX2084
Gherkhwa PKXX2085
Ghez PKXX2086
Ghhanni PKXX9055
Ghial PKXX2087
Ghianda Shep PKXX2088
Ghichak PKXX2089
Ghilzai PKXX2090
Ghlo China PKXX2091
Ghonchan PKXX2092
Ghora Gali PKXX9056
Ghorabaz PKXX9057
Ghorghejani PKXX2093
Ghorshai Kili PKXX2094
Ghotai PKXX2095
Ghous Abad PKXX2096
Ghous Bakhsh PKXX2097
Ghous Pur PKXX2098
Ghoush Pishma PKXX2099
Ghowar PKXX2100
Ghulam Haidar PKXX2102
Ghulam Hussain PKXX2105
Ghulam Jan PKXX2108
Ghulam Jan Kili PKXX2109
Ghulam Muhammad PKXX2110
Ghulam Mustafa PKXX2112
Ghulam Nabi PKXX2114
Ghulam Nabi Goth PKXX2115
Ghulam Parez PKXX2116
Ghulam Qadir PKXX2117
Ghulam Rasul PKXX2118
Ghulam Sarwar PKXX2122
Ghulam Shah PKXX2123
Ghulaman-i-Bent PKXX0094
Ghulamani PKXX2124
Ghulpna PKXX2125
Ghund PKXX2126
Ghunda Manra PKXX2127
Ghundai PKXX2128
Ghundai Kili PKXX2129
Ghundak PKXX2130
Ghundarai Kili PKXX2131
Ghunz PKXX2133
Ghunza PKXX2134
Ghunza Manaza PKXX2135
Ghunzagai PKXX2136
Ghur Lamah PKXX2137
Ghuriasa PKXX2138
Ghurmi PKXX2139
Ghurshnan PKXX2140
Ghuzgai PKXX2141
Ghwanza PKXX2142
Ghwanzakai PKXX2143
Ghwarani PKXX2144
Ghwazha PKXX2145
Ghwazhe PKXX2146
Ghwazhe Kili PKXX2147
Ghwazhurai Kili PKXX2148
Giawan PKXX2149
Giawandara PKXX2150
Giawanko PKXX2151
Gidar PKXX2152
Gidar Aghbarg PKXX2153
Gidar Gala PKXX9058
Gidarwah PKXX2154
Giddar PKXX2155
Giddar Kotha PKXX9059
Gidgar PKXX2156
Gidri PKXX2157
Gil Kand PKXX2158
Gili PKXX2159
Gilli PKXX2160
Gilwandai PKXX2161
Gimi PKXX2162
Girbai Kili PKXX2163
Gird PKXX2164
Girdai PKXX2165
Girdai Kach PKXX2166
Girdai Kili PKXX2167
Girdao PKXX2168
Girdao Kili PKXX2169
Girdawai PKXX2170
Girdi Jangal PKXX2171
Girdi Talao PKXX2172
Girkan PKXX2173
Girkdan PKXX2174
Girok PKXX2175
Giroshki Khand PKXX2176
Gish PKXX2177
Gishardan PKXX2178
Gishkori PKXX2179
Giso PKXX2180
Glo Kala PKXX2181
Goamag PKXX2182
Goand Sarin PKXX2183
Goarkki PKXX2184
Godah Chah PKXX2185
Godano PKXX2186
Godar PKXX2187
Godari PKXX2188
Goethan Kili PKXX2189
Gogai PKXX2190
Gogdan PKXX2191
Goghtiati PKXX9060
Gogra Mari PKXX2192
Gogra Qutab Khan PKXX2193
Gogra Raisani PKXX2194
Gogra Sarparra PKXX2195
Gohrag Shahani PKXX2196
Gohrag-i-Daf PKXX2197
Gohrizai PKXX2198
Gojra PKXX0095
Gokina PKXX9061
Gokurt PKXX2199
Gola PKXX2200
Golah Long PKXX2201
Golai PKXX2203
Golani PKXX2204
Goli PKXX2205
Gom PKXX2206
Gomazgi PKXX2207
Gonanari PKXX2208
Gonap PKXX2209
Gondi PKXX2210
Goni PKXX2211
Gor PKXX2212
Gora PKXX2213
Gorandani PKXX2214
Gorawa PKXX2215
Gorbandi PKXX2216
Gorcop PKXX2217
Gordanzai PKXX2218
Gorgej Kili PKXX2219
Gorgul PKXX2220
Gori Singh PKXX2221
Gorian PKXX2222
Goristani PKXX2223
Gorithal PKXX2224
Gorkai PKXX2225
Gorkhai PKXX2226
Goroad PKXX2227
Gorop PKXX2228
Gosa PKXX2229
Goshanik PKXX2230
Got Sher Khan PKXX2231
Goth Abad Magsi PKXX2232
Goth Abbas PKXX2233
Goth Abbasi PKXX2234
Goth Abbu PKXX2235
Goth Abdu PKXX2236
Goth Abdul Ghani PKXX2238
Goth Abdul Karim PKXX2239
Goth Abdul Majid PKXX2240
Goth Abdul Qadar PKXX2242
Goth Abdul Rahim PKXX2243
Goth Abdullah PKXX2251
Goth Abdur Rahim PKXX2252
Goth Achar PKXX2255
Goth Achhri PKXX2257
Goth Adam PKXX2258
Goth Adam Khan PKXX2259
Goth Aesho PKXX2261
Goth Ahmad PKXX2262
Goth Ahmad Ali PKXX2263
Goth Ahmad Jamot PKXX2265
Goth Ahmed PKXX2266
Goth Aihjar Khan PKXX2268
Goth Ajam PKXX2269
Goth Ak PKXX2270
Goth Akbar Shah PKXX2272
Goth Ali Dost PKXX2276
Goth Ali Gul PKXX2277
Goth Ali Jan PKXX2279
Goth Ali Khan PKXX2280
Goth Ali Marad PKXX2281
Goth Ali Murad PKXX2284
Goth Ali Sher PKXX2287
Goth Ali Wali PKXX2288
Goth Aliabad PKXX2289
Goth Aliyar PKXX2290
Goth Allah Abad PKXX2291
Goth Allah Dino PKXX2295
Goth Allahabad PKXX2303
Goth Allahdad PKXX2304
Goth Allahdina PKXX2305
Goth Allana PKXX2307
Goth Allu PKXX2308
Goth Almas PKXX2309
Goth Alu PKXX2310
Goth Amin PKXX2311
Goth Amir Bakhsh PKXX2312
Goth Amir Jan PKXX2314
Goth Amun PKXX2315
Goth Angaria PKXX2316
Goth Arab PKXX2317
Goth Arain PKXX2318
Goth Arbah Khan PKXX2320
Goth Arif PKXX2321
Goth Arshad Khan PKXX2322
Goth Aru PKXX2323
Goth Arzi PKXX2326
Goth Awal Khan PKXX2331
Goth Ayub Khan PKXX2333
Goth Azad Khan PKXX2335
Goth Azam Khan PKXX2337
Goth Azim Khan PKXX2338
Goth Babbar PKXX2339
Goth Babry PKXX2340
Goth Babu PKXX2341
Goth Bachahal PKXX2343
Goth Bachaio PKXX2344
Goth Bachal PKXX2346
Goth Bachchel PKXX2347
Goth Bachhal PKXX2348
Goth Bachu PKXX2349
Goth Bachu Khan PKXX2350
Goth Badal Khan PKXX2351
Goth Badar PKXX2353
Goth Baddo PKXX2354
Goth Bagar PKXX2355
Goth Bagari PKXX2356
Goth Bagga Khan PKXX2357
Goth Baghai PKXX2358
Goth Baghdar PKXX2359
Goth Bahadur PKXX2361
Goth Bajhi Faqir PKXX2365
Goth Bakar PKXX2366
Goth Bakhar Khan PKXX2367
Goth Bakhsh PKXX2369
Goth Bakhshan PKXX2370
Goth Balach PKXX2373
Goth Balu Khan PKXX2374
Goth Bangal Khan PKXX2375
Goth Bano PKXX2376
Goth Bar Khan PKXX2377
Goth Barkhordar PKXX2378
Goth Barro PKXX2379
Goth Basham PKXX2380
Goth Bashkan PKXX2381
Goth Basil PKXX2382
Goth Baza PKXX2383
Goth Behram Khan PKXX2384
Goth Berani Khan PKXX2385
Goth Bhand PKXX2386
Goth Bhangani PKXX2389
Goth Bharo PKXX2390
Goth Bhawani PKXX2391
Goth Bhoro PKXX2392
Goth Bira Khan PKXX2393
Goth Bittai PKXX2394
Goth Bokhor PKXX2395
Goth Bolar PKXX2396
Goth Brahi PKXX2397
Goth Budda PKXX2398
Goth Budha PKXX2399
Goth Budha Burra PKXX2400
Goth Bugra PKXX2401
Goth Burra PKXX2402
Goth Chabar PKXX2403
Goth Chachar PKXX2404
Goth Chaglo PKXX2405
Goth Chakar PKXX2406
Goth Chakar Khan PKXX2407
Goth Chana Khan PKXX2409
Goth Chandar PKXX2410
Goth Chandey jo PKXX2411
Goth Chandiawal PKXX2414
Goth Chatamulla PKXX2415
Goth Chatla PKXX2416
Goth Chhota PKXX2418
Goth Chhutta PKXX2419
Goth Chishti PKXX2420
Goth Chotai PKXX2421
Goth Chotani PKXX2422
Goth Chote PKXX2423
Goth Chukhra PKXX2424
Goth Dad PKXX2425
Goth Dad Khan PKXX2426
Goth Dadah PKXX2428
Goth Dadu PKXX2429
Goth Dagari PKXX2430
Goth Daro Khan PKXX2433
Goth Darozai PKXX2434
Goth Darya Khan PKXX2435
Goth Data Khan PKXX2438
Goth Daud PKXX2439
Goth Daupahi PKXX2440
Goth Dedrani PKXX2441
Goth Degani PKXX2442
Goth Deru PKXX2443
Goth Dhamnan PKXX2444
Goth Dil Murad PKXX2448
Goth Dilawar PKXX2449
Goth Dildar PKXX2452
Goth Dili Jadid PKXX2453
Goth Dilmurad PKXX2454
Goth Dilphul PKXX2455
Goth Dilshad PKXX2456
Goth Dinar PKXX2458
Goth Dinari PKXX2460
Goth Dino PKXX2461
Goth Dittu PKXX2463
Goth Doda PKXX2465
Goth Dodo PKXX2467
Goth Dodo Khan PKXX2468
Goth Doko Rindi PKXX2469
Goth Dongar PKXX2470
Goth Dosu PKXX2472
Goth Drib Bagh PKXX2473
Goth Duiwesh PKXX2474
Goth Dumbh PKXX2475
Goth Eisa PKXX2478
Goth Faqira PKXX2483
Goth Faraz Khan PKXX2484
Goth Farid Khan PKXX2485
Goth Fateh Din PKXX2486
Goth Fazil PKXX2489
Goth Firoz Khan PKXX2491
Goth Gabol PKXX2492
Goth Gadrah PKXX2493
Goth Gaggoo PKXX2494
Goth Gajjar Khan PKXX2495
Goth Gario PKXX2496
Goth Gauhar Khan PKXX2497
Goth Ghabban PKXX2498
Goth Ghangu PKXX2499
Goth Ghatta PKXX2501
Goth Ghouspur PKXX2504
Goth Ghulam PKXX2505
Goth Ghulam Nabi PKXX2518
Goth Ghulam Shah PKXX2522
Goth Ghulamun PKXX2524
Goth Gichki PKXX2525
Goth Gohram PKXX0096
Goth Gola PKXX2527
Goth Golawer PKXX2528
Goth Gole PKXX2530
Goth Golo PKXX2531
Goth Gondi PKXX2532
Goth Gorgej PKXX2534
Goth Gorshani PKXX2535
Goth Gul Beg PKXX2536
Goth Gul Hasan PKXX2537
Goth Gul Hassan PKXX2538
Goth Gul Khan PKXX2539
Goth Gullan Khan PKXX2543
Goth Gullu PKXX2544
Goth Gulu PKXX2545
Goth Habib PKXX2546
Goth Habib Khan PKXX2548
Goth Haibatzai PKXX2551
Goth Haidar PKXX2552
Goth Haidarzai PKXX2553
Goth Hair Din PKXX2554
Goth Haiur PKXX2555
Goth Hajam PKXX2556
Goth Hajan PKXX2557
Goth Haji PKXX2558
Goth Haji Ahmad PKXX2564
Goth Haji Ahmed PKXX2565
Goth Haji Allu PKXX2570
Goth Haji Ashraf PKXX2571
Goth Haji Brahi PKXX2578
Goth Haji Chakar PKXX2579
Goth Haji Denda PKXX2582
Goth Haji Dosu PKXX2585
Goth Haji Hamza PKXX2594
Goth Haji Harun PKXX2596
Goth Haji Iqbal PKXX2599
Goth Haji Ishaq PKXX2600
Goth Haji Ismail PKXX2601
Goth Haji Jafar PKXX2602
Goth Haji Kabru PKXX2603
Goth Haji Kalati PKXX2604
Goth Haji Karimi PKXX2606
Goth Haji Karo PKXX2607
Goth Haji Khan PKXX2608
Goth Haji Limo PKXX2611
Goth Haji Mir PKXX2613
Goth Haji Miran PKXX2615
Goth Haji Miro PKXX2616
Goth Haji Murad PKXX2620
Goth Haji Musa PKXX2622
Goth Haji Nasari PKXX2623
Goth Haji Paria PKXX2625
Goth Haji Pinnun PKXX2626
Goth Haji Ramzan PKXX2628
Goth Haji Sakiah PKXX2629
Goth Haji Sangar PKXX2630
Goth Haji Sawan PKXX2631
Goth Haji Shaikh PKXX2634
Goth Haji Shaikl PKXX2635
Goth Haji Shamba PKXX2636
Goth Haji Sumbak PKXX2639
Goth Haji Thuhar PKXX2640
Goth Haji Usman PKXX2642
Goth Haji Yaaub PKXX2645
Goth Haji Yusuf PKXX2646
Goth Hamal PKXX2648
Goth Hambi PKXX2649
Goth Hamid Ali PKXX2650
Goth Hamza PKXX2651
Goth Hamzo PKXX2652
Goth Hara PKXX2653
Goth Harof PKXX2654
Goth Harun PKXX2655
Goth Hasan PKXX2656
Goth Hasan Khan PKXX2657
Goth Hashim PKXX2658
Goth Hashim Budh PKXX2659
Goth Hashrik PKXX2661
Goth Hassan PKXX2662
Goth Hinidan PKXX2668
Goth Hot PKXX2669
Goth Hotkani PKXX2670
Goth Husain PKXX2671
Goth Hussain PKXX2672
Goth Ibban PKXX2675
Goth Ibbu PKXX2676
Goth Ibrahim PKXX2677
Goth Id Muhammad PKXX2684
Goth Idu PKXX2685
Goth Illyas PKXX2688
Goth Ilyas PKXX2689
Goth Imam Bakhsh PKXX2690
Goth Imran Ali PKXX2691
Goth Inayat Khan PKXX2692
Goth Isa PKXX2695
Goth Isa Khan PKXX2696
Goth Isa Wadera PKXX2697
Goth Ishaq PKXX2698
Goth Ishaque PKXX2699
Goth Ismail PKXX2700
Goth Izzat PKXX2702
Goth Jafar PKXX2704
Goth Jagirani PKXX2705
Goth Jaiso PKXX2706
Goth Jalal Khan PKXX2707
Goth Jallu PKXX2708
Goth Jam PKXX2709
Goth Jam Machhi PKXX2710
Goth Jamal Khan PKXX2711
Goth Janda Khan PKXX2714
Goth Jang Dost PKXX2715
Goth Jangal Rais PKXX2716
Goth Jangu PKXX2717
Goth Jani Beg PKXX2718
Goth Jani Khan PKXX2719
Goth Janu PKXX2720
Goth Jaro Khan PKXX2721
Goth Jat PKXX2723
Goth Jezan PKXX2724
Goth Jhanda Khan PKXX2725
Goth Jia PKXX2727
Goth Jiya Khan PKXX2728
Goth Jonsa PKXX2729
Goth Juma Faqir PKXX2730
Goth Juma Khan PKXX2731
Goth Juma Solra PKXX2732
Goth Jumal PKXX2733
Goth Jumma PKXX2734
Goth Jumma Khan PKXX2736
Goth Kairo PKXX2737
Goth Kalandarani PKXX2738
Goth Kale Abad PKXX2739
Goth Kalu Khan PKXX2740
Goth Kamal PKXX2741
Goth Kamal Khan PKXX2742
Goth Kamal Shah PKXX2744
Goth Kamani PKXX2745
Goth Kamber Khan PKXX2746
Goth Kanda PKXX2747
Goth Kandewari PKXX2748
Goth Kandha Khan PKXX2749
Goth Kandri PKXX2750
Goth Kandu PKXX2751
Goth Karam Ali PKXX2752
Goth Karim Dad PKXX2755
Goth Karim Khan PKXX2756
Goth Karmun Khan PKXX2757
Goth Karohar PKXX2758
Goth Karu Jamot PKXX2759
Goth Katohar PKXX2760
Goth Kechu PKXX2761
Goth Khairpur PKXX2765
Goth Khalani PKXX2766
Goth Khalid PKXX2767
Goth Khaliq Dad PKXX2769
Goth Khammu PKXX2771
Goth Khan PKXX2772
Goth Khandu PKXX2776
Goth Khanwah PKXX2777
Goth Khosa PKXX2780
Goth Khudadinna PKXX2782
Goth Khudur PKXX2783
Goth Koi PKXX2784
Goth Kora Hara PKXX2785
Goth Kori PKXX2786
Goth Kund PKXX2787
Goth Kurd PKXX2788
Goth Lahra Khan PKXX2790
Goth Lahri PKXX2791
Goth Lai Bakhsh PKXX2792
Goth Lakha PKXX2793
Goth Lakhu PKXX2795
Goth Lalo PKXX2796
Goth Lange PKXX2797
Goth Lashari PKXX2798
Goth Lashkari PKXX0097
Goth Laskani PKXX2800
Goth Lawang PKXX2801
Goth Lawang Khan PKXX2802
Goth Lolai PKXX2803
Goth Machi PKXX2806
Goth Madad Khan PKXX2808
Goth Magsi PKXX2810
Goth Mahim Khan PKXX2812
Goth Mahmud PKXX2814
Goth Mahmudani PKXX2815
Goth Majhi PKXX2816
Goth Majid Khan PKXX2817
Goth Mal PKXX2818
Goth Malhar Khan PKXX2819
Goth Mallan PKXX2821
Goth Mandar PKXX2822
Goth Mandara PKXX2823
Goth Mandost PKXX2824
Goth Mandu PKXX2825
Goth Mangia PKXX2826
Goth Manmua PKXX2827
Goth Maru PKXX2828
Goth Masum Shah PKXX2830
Goth Mataro PKXX2831
Goth Matha PKXX2832
Goth Mawal PKXX2833
Goth Mazar Gola PKXX2835
Goth Mazar Khan PKXX2836
Goth Mazar Kore PKXX2837
Goth Mazim Khan PKXX2838
Goth Mehrab PKXX2841
Goth Mehrab Khan PKXX2842
Goth Mehram Khan PKXX2844
Goth Mehrullah PKXX2845
Goth Mengal PKXX2847
Goth Meth PKXX2848
Goth Methu PKXX2849
Goth Mewa Bugti PKXX2851
Goth Mian PKXX2852
Goth Mian Bakhsh PKXX2853
Goth Mian Khan PKXX2856
Goth Miaosa PKXX2858
Goth Mir Dost PKXX2862
Goth Mir Husain PKXX2866
Goth Mir Khan PKXX2867
Goth Mir Pathan PKXX2870
Goth Mir Saheb PKXX2871
Goth Miran Khan PKXX2873
Goth Miro Khan PKXX2874
Goth Miroi PKXX2875
Goth Mirza PKXX2877
Goth Mirza Detha PKXX2878
Goth Mirzai PKXX2879
Goth Missir PKXX2881
Goth Mitha Khan PKXX2884
Goth Mithari PKXX2885
Goth Mittha PKXX2886
Goth Mob Ali PKXX2887
Goth Mochi PKXX2888
Goth Mochian PKXX2889
Goth Mohabatpur PKXX2891
Goth Moro PKXX2893
Goth Motia PKXX2894
Goth Moujai PKXX2895
Goth Mubarak PKXX2898
Goth Mughal PKXX2900
Goth Mugheri PKXX2901
Goth Muhammad PKXX2903
Goth Muhammadpur PKXX2944
Goth Mulla Maluk PKXX2947
Goth Mundra PKXX2952
Goth Munga PKXX2953
Goth Munir Ahmad PKXX2954
Goth Murad PKXX2955
Goth Murad Ali PKXX2956
Goth Musa PKXX2959
Goth Musa Doda PKXX2960
Goth Musa Jamot PKXX2961
Goth Musa Khan PKXX2962
Goth Mutkani PKXX2963
Goth Nabbidad PKXX2964
Goth Nabi Bakhsh PKXX2965
Goth Nabi Murad PKXX2966
Goth Nabidad PKXX2967
Goth Nabipur PKXX2968
Goth Nadhan PKXX2969
Goth Nanarani PKXX2971
Goth Nandani PKXX2972
Goth Nanga PKXX2973
Goth Nasib PKXX2974
Goth Nasir PKXX2975
Goth Naubat PKXX2978
Goth Naubatpur PKXX2979
Goth Nauker Khan PKXX2981
Goth Naukhab PKXX2982
Goth Nawa PKXX2983
Goth Nawab Khan PKXX2984
Goth Nawari Khan PKXX2985
Goth Nawra PKXX2986
Goth Neku PKXX2988
Goth Nihal PKXX2989
Goth Nihal Faqir PKXX2990
Goth Nihal Khan PKXX2991
Goth Nozband PKXX2993
Goth Nua PKXX2994
Goth Nuh Runjha PKXX2995
Goth Nuru PKXX3001
Goth Nuruddin PKXX3002
Goth Oazi PKXX3003
Goth Orand Faqir PKXX3004
Goth Oso PKXX3005
Goth Paind Khan PKXX3006
Goth Pair PKXX3007
Goth Pandu PKXX3008
Goth Pania Khan PKXX3009
Goth Parat PKXX3010
Goth Paria PKXX3011
Goth Pathan PKXX3012
Goth Pechu PKXX3013
Goth Pehlwan PKXX3014
Goth Peri Khan PKXX3016
Goth Peshan Khan PKXX3017
Goth Phuleji PKXX3018
Goth Piara PKXX3019
Goth Piara Hara PKXX3020
Goth Pindo PKXX3022
Goth Pinhun PKXX3023
Goth Pir Bakhsh PKXX3024
Goth Pir Jan PKXX3026
Goth Pir Khan PKXX3027
Goth Pir Perdesi PKXX3028
Goth Pir Wani PKXX3029
Goth Pira PKXX3030
Goth Pirak PKXX3031
Goth Piro PKXX3032
Goth Piru PKXX3033
Goth Punal Khan PKXX3035
Goth Punno PKXX3037
Goth Punnu PKXX3038
Goth Qadar Jamot PKXX3039
Goth Qaisar PKXX3043
Goth Qaisar Khan PKXX3044
Goth Qalati PKXX3046
Goth Qamar PKXX3047
Goth Qambir Khan PKXX3048
Goth Qamruddin PKXX3049
Goth Qasim PKXX3050
Goth Qasimanj PKXX3051
Goth Qasu PKXX3052
Goth Qatar PKXX3053
Goth Qazi PKXX3054
Goth Qualandar PKXX3055
Goth Rabbani PKXX3056
Goth Rabbu PKXX3057
Goth Radhia PKXX3059
Goth Rahail PKXX3060
Goth Raheja PKXX3061
Goth Rahim Khan PKXX3063
Goth Rahimabad PKXX3064
Goth Rahman PKXX3065
Goth Rahman Khan PKXX3066
Goth Rais Arab PKXX3069
Goth Rais Bakht PKXX3070
Goth Rais Khan PKXX3074
Goth Rais Mian PKXX3075
Goth Rakhia PKXX3079
Goth Ramzan PKXX3080
Goth Rashid PKXX3081
Goth Rasulabad PKXX3083
Goth Rawat Khan PKXX3084
Goth Razi PKXX3087
Goth Relo PKXX3089
Goth Roshan PKXX3090
Goth Roshan Khan PKXX3091
Goth Rouddin PKXX3093
Goth Rozi PKXX3094
Goth Rozu PKXX3095
Goth Rustam PKXX3096
Goth Sabagah PKXX3097
Goth Sabri PKXX3098
Goth Sabu PKXX3099
Goth Sadiq PKXX3100
Goth Safar PKXX3101
Goth Safar Khan PKXX3102
Goth Safra PKXX3103
Goth Safrani PKXX3104
Goth Sahib Dad PKXX3105
Goth Saidani PKXX3107
Goth Saidu PKXX3108
Goth Saifabad PKXX3109
Goth Saifal PKXX3110
Goth Sain Dad PKXX3111
Goth Saiyid PKXX3113
Goth Sajjan PKXX3119
Goth Sajjan Khan PKXX3120
Goth Sakhi Dad PKXX3121
Goth Sakhnani PKXX3124
Goth Salar PKXX3126
Goth Saleh PKXX3128
Goth Salehani PKXX3132
Goth Salim PKXX3133
Goth Salo PKXX3134
Goth Salo Khani PKXX3135
Goth Salo Khhani PKXX3136
Goth Salu Khan PKXX3137
Goth Saman Khan PKXX3138
Goth Samana PKXX3139
Goth Samar PKXX3140
Goth Sand PKXX3142
Goth Sarang PKXX3145
Goth Sardar Khan PKXX3147
Goth Sathi PKXX3150
Goth Sattar PKXX3151
Goth Sawal PKXX3152
Goth Sawali PKXX3153
Goth Sehar PKXX3155
Goth Sewa Khan PKXX3156
Goth Shabkor PKXX3157
Goth Shabu PKXX3158
Goth Shadihar PKXX3159
Goth Shah Belan PKXX3161
Goth Shah Dost PKXX3162
Goth Shah Haq PKXX3163
Goth Shah Murad PKXX3166
Goth Shah Nawaz PKXX3167
Goth Shah Post PKXX3168
Goth Shahmir PKXX3170
Goth Shahok PKXX3171
Goth Shahu Khan PKXX3172
Goth Shahwali PKXX3173
Goth Shalu PKXX3176
Goth Sham PKXX3177
Goth Shambu PKXX3178
Goth Sharif PKXX3181
Goth Sher Dil PKXX3183
Goth Sher Khan PKXX3184
Goth Shera PKXX3186
Goth Sheru PKXX3188
Goth Shirani PKXX3189
Goth Shukar Khan PKXX3190
Goth Siahpad PKXX3191
Goth Siddiq PKXX3192
Goth Siddique PKXX3193
Goth Sihar PKXX3194
Goth Siryal PKXX3195
Goth Sithar PKXX3196
Goth Sohali PKXX3198
Goth Sohbdar PKXX3199
Goth Sohrab Khan PKXX3200
Goth Sona PKXX3202
Goth Sona Gabol PKXX3203
Goth Sorab Khan PKXX3204
Goth Subah Khan PKXX3205
Goth Sulaiman PKXX3206
Goth Suleman PKXX3207
Goth Sultan PKXX3208
Goth Sumar PKXX3209
Goth Sumar Khan PKXX3210
Goth Sundrani PKXX3211
Goth Sundroni PKXX3212
Goth Suri PKXX3215
Goth Taj Faqir PKXX3216
Goth Tajal Fagir PKXX3220
Goth Tajo PKXX3221
Goth Tallu PKXX3222
Goth Tanu Khan PKXX3223
Goth Tarkuly PKXX3224
Goth Tharazai PKXX3226
Goth Tharo PKXX3227
Goth Tila Khan PKXX3229
Goth Tote Khan PKXX3230
Goth Trappa PKXX3231
Goth Umar PKXX3232
Goth Umar Khan PKXX3233
Goth Umed Ali PKXX3235
Goth Una PKXX3236
Goth Unar PKXX3237
Goth Usman PKXX3238
Goth Usman Jamot PKXX3239
Goth Varya PKXX3242
Goth Viriam PKXX3243
Goth Wabi Bakhsh PKXX3244
Goth Wadal PKXX3245
Goth Waddo Khan PKXX3246
Goth Walhari PKXX3248
Goth Wali Khan PKXX3249
Goth Waliawah PKXX3253
Goth Wand PKXX3255
Goth Warai PKXX3256
Goth Warayo PKXX3257
Goth Waro PKXX3258
Goth Waryani PKXX3259
Goth Wasand PKXX3260
Goth Wasu PKXX3261
Goth Wazdani PKXX3262
Goth Wazir Khan PKXX3263
Goth Waziran PKXX3264
Goth Yaqub PKXX3265
Goth Yar Ali PKXX3267
Goth Yaru PKXX3270
Goth Yusaf PKXX3272
Goth Yusof PKXX3273
Goth Yusuf PKXX3274
Goth Yusuf Khan PKXX3275
Goth Yusufabad PKXX3276
Goth Yusul PKXX3277
Goth Zafar Khan PKXX3278
Goth Zahur Khan PKXX3279
Goth Zalira PKXX3280
Goth Zuar PKXX3282
Gowarast PKXX3285
Gozani PKXX3286
Gozgi PKXX3287
Granb Bazar PKXX3288
Grawag PKXX3289
Greshag Kalat PKXX3290
Greshak PKXX3291
Gudam PKXX3292
Gudan PKXX3293
Gudu Colony PKXX3294
Guf PKXX9062
Gug Ka Khabbar PKXX3295
Gugal Pani PKXX9063
Gugi PKXX3296
Guia PKXX3297
Gujar PKXX3298
Gujar Khan PKXX0098
Gujaran na Mohra PKXX9064
Gujarpur PKXX0101
Gujranwala PKXX0003
Gujrat PKXX0004
Gul PKXX3300
Gul Abad PKXX3301
Gul Bhit PKXX3302
Gul Bit PKXX3303
Gul Hasan Bano PKXX3304
Gul ka Zai PKXX3311
Gul Khair PKXX3305
Gul Khan Kili PKXX3306
Gul Muhammad PKXX3308
Gul Sher PKXX3310
Gulab Khan PKXX3312
Gulak PKXX3313
Gulan PKXX3314
Gulan Bagh PKXX3315
Guld PKXX3316
Guldad kili PKXX3317
Guldak PKXX3318
Gulghazi PKXX3319
Gulistan PKXX0102
Gulistan Kili PKXX3320
Gulla Jahanani PKXX3321
Gullan PKXX3322
Gullani PKXX3323
Gulli PKXX3324
Gulmir PKXX3325
Gulrani PKXX3326
Gulshan PKXX3327
Gulsilni PKXX3328
Gulu Daman PKXX3329
Gulu Shahr Jadid PKXX3330
Guluzai PKXX3332
Gulwandai PKXX3333
Gulzar PKXX3334
Gulzar Khan PKXX3335
Gumazgi PKXX3336
Gumbad PKXX3337
Gumbad Nuruddin PKXX3338
Gumbaz PKXX3340
Gumbola PKXX3341
Gunga Kach PKXX3343
Gunge PKXX3344
Guni PKXX3345
Gura Mast PKXX9065
Gurad PKXX3346
Gurandani PKXX3347
Gurani PKXX3348
Guraspi PKXX3349
Gurdano PKXX3350
Gurg Sechi PKXX3351
Gurgejani PKXX3352
Gurha PKXX9066
Gurha Bhartha PKXX9067
Gurha Sardar PKXX9068
Gurhat PKXX9069
Gurk PKXX3353
Gurk Dat Scheme PKXX3354
Gurmai PKXX3355
Gursunt PKXX3356
Guru Chela PKXX3357
Gush Tang PKXX3358
Guzai PKXX3359
Guzarzai PKXX3360
Gwad Kapt PKXX3361
Gwadar PKXX3362
Gwal PKXX0103
Gwal Bagh PKXX0104
Gwal Haidarzai PKXX3364
Gwal Mandi PKXX3365
Gwal Marozai PKXX3366
Gwalishtap PKXX3367
Gwand Bent PKXX3368
Gwani PKXX3369
Gwani Kalat PKXX3370
Gwar Manzil PKXX3371
Gwargi Sunt PKXX3372
Gwargo PKXX3373
Gwatgi PKXX3374
Gwaz Bol PKXX3375
Hab Chauki PKXX0105
Habib PKXX3377
Habib Kandwali PKXX3378
Habib Khan PKXX3379
Habib Kili PKXX3380
Habibkot PKXX3381
Habibzai PKXX3382
Habmullah PKXX3384
Had PKXX3385
Haddu PKXX3386
Hader PKXX3387
Hadi Islam PKXX3388
Hadi Zehri PKXX3389
Hadira Kach PKXX3390
Hadira Pul PKXX3391
Haduki PKXX3392
Haduki Bal PKXX3393
Hadwala Gujaran PKXX9070
Hadwar PKXX3394
Haegani PKXX3395
Hafizabad PKXX0106
Hafizwala PKXX0107
Haft Wali PKXX3396
Haft Wali Ziarat PKXX3397
Haftari PKXX3398
Hah PKXX9071
Haibat Kalai PKXX3399
Haidar PKXX3400
Haidarabad PKXX0108
Haider Zai PKXX3401
Haikal PKXX3402
Haikalzai PKXX3403
Hajam PKXX3404
Haji PKXX0109
Haji Abad PKXX3405
Haji Abdul PKXX3406
Haji Adam Khan PKXX3408
Haji Afzani PKXX3409
Haji Agha Gul PKXX3410
Haji Ahmad Khan PKXX3411
Haji Akbar Kili PKXX3412
Haji Akhtar Kili PKXX3413
Haji Ali Nawaz PKXX3416
Haji Allahdad PKXX3417
Haji Amir Jan PKXX3419
Haji Amir Khan PKXX3421
Haji Bahadur PKXX3422
Haji Balo PKXX3424
Haji Baz Khan PKXX3425
Haji Bismillah PKXX3427
Haji Chhatta PKXX3429
Haji Dad PKXX3430
Haji Faizu Kili PKXX3435
Haji Ghulam Nabi PKXX3438
Haji Gola PKXX3441
Haji Gul Hasan PKXX3442
Haji Guzar Khan PKXX3443
Haji Hayat Khan PKXX3444
Haji Ismail Khan PKXX3452
Haji Jah PKXX3453
Haji Jan PKXX3454
Haji Jhok PKXX3455
Haji Jumma PKXX3456
Haji Kach PKXX3457
Haji Kalati Kili PKXX3458
Haji Karam Khan PKXX0110
Haji Kech PKXX3459
Haji Khairo PKXX3460
Haji Khan PKXX3461
Haji Khan Jattak PKXX3462
Haji Kherak Kili PKXX3464
Haji Khush Dad PKXX3465
Haji Kor Khan PKXX3466
Haji Kotan PKXX3467
Haji Ladak PKXX3468
Haji Ladha PKXX3469
Haji Lanjani PKXX3471
Haji Madad PKXX3472
Haji Marwand PKXX3474
Haji Mazhar Khan PKXX3475
Haji Meva Khan PKXX3477
Haji Mihrab PKXX3478
Haji Miran PKXX3479
Haji Murad Khan PKXX3492
Haji Murtuza PKXX3494
Haji Nawab Qila PKXX3496
Haji Nidah PKXX3497
Haji Nika PKXX3498
Haji Pir Bakhsh PKXX3502
Haji Piral PKXX3503
Haji Qutab Khan PKXX3505
Haji Rahim Khan PKXX3506
Haji Rasul Khan PKXX3508
Haji Sahib PKXX3510
Haji Sanwala PKXX3512
Haji Sarwar Kior PKXX3513
Haji Sattar Kili PKXX3514
Haji Shah Murad PKXX3516
Haji Shahil PKXX3518
Haji Shahr PKXX3519
Haji Sulaimanzai PKXX3525
Haji Taimur Kili PKXX3526
Haji Tawakkal PKXX3527
Haji Twano PKXX3528
Haji Umaid Ali PKXX3529
Haji Upa Kili PKXX3530
Haji Wado PKXX3531
Haji Wazir Kili PKXX3533
Haji Yasin PKXX3534
Haji Zabto PKXX3535
Haji Zarif Kili PKXX3536
Haji-na-shaher PKXX3537
Hajiabad PKXX3538
Hajian ki Dhok PKXX9072
Hajijah Balina PKXX3539
Hajijah Zerina PKXX3540
Hajike PKXX3541
Hajiwal PKXX3542
Hajizai PKXX3543
Hakim Dad PKXX3544
Hakim Khan Kili PKXX3545
Hakim Pahlai PKXX3546
Hakim Rudgai PKXX3547
Hakimani PKXX3548
Hakkili Kalag PKXX3549
Hala PKXX0111
Hala Karan PKXX3550
Halad PKXX3551
Halal PKXX3552
Halalzai PKXX3553
Halim Khan PKXX3554
Halim Rudgai PKXX3555
Halim Shah PKXX3556
Halim Shah Nia PKXX3557
Halkai PKXX3558
Halkai Ghazlana PKXX3560
Halkai Kili PKXX3561
Halqa Adam PKXX3566
Halqa Gul Beg PKXX3567
Haman Na Mujr PKXX3568
Hamayun Kili PKXX3569
Hambarg PKXX3570
Hambi PKXX3571
Hamida PKXX3572
Hamidullah Kili PKXX3573
Hamidullah Takri PKXX3574
Hamoi PKXX3575
Hamrag PKXX3576
Hamrani PKXX3577
Hamun-i-Pat PKXX3578
Hamzah PKXX3579
Hamzazai PKXX3580
Hangu PKXX0112
Hanifai War PKXX3581
Hanjiri PKXX3582
Hanna PKXX3583
Hansur PKXX3584
Hanzala Kili PKXX3585
Haodak PKXX3586
Haptai Bazar PKXX3587
Hapursi PKXX3588
Hapursi Dun PKXX3589
Haq Abad PKXX3590
Harambu PKXX3591
Haramzai Kili PKXX3592
Harani Beth PKXX3593
Harar PKXX0113
Harari PKXX3594
Harboi PKXX3595
Hardan PKXX3596
Hardi PKXX3597
Hardozai Karez PKXX3598
Hardozo Zrandah PKXX3599
Haretrak PKXX3600
Harfi PKXX3601
Harian Haidarzai PKXX3603
Haripur PKXX0114
Harlahin Kili PKXX3604
Harnai PKXX0115
Harno PKXX9073
Harozai PKXX3605
Harri PKXX3606
Harun Khan PKXX3607
Haruni Wal PKXX3608
Haruntharri PKXX0116
Harwaz Khan PKXX3609
Hasadi PKXX3610
Hasan PKXX3612
Hasan Goth PKXX3613
Hasan Khan PKXX3614
Hasan Khan Khuh PKXX3615
Hasan Khan Kili PKXX3616
Hasanabad PKXX3618
Hasani PKXX3619
Hasanzai PKXX3620
Hasanzai Kili PKXX3621
Hashim PKXX3622
Hasil Khan PKXX3623
Hasnai PKXX3624
Hasu Band PKXX3625
Hasu Band Chaman PKXX3626
Hasunzai PKXX3627
Hatachi PKXX0117
Hatari PKXX3628
Hathiari PKXX3629
Hatkari PKXX3630
Haudakai China PKXX3631
Haveli PKXX3632
Haveli PKXX0118
Haveli Ahmad PKXX3633
Haveli Haidar PKXX3634
Hawat PKXX3635
Hayat Chakul PKXX3636
Hayat Khan PKXX3637
Hayat Khan Kili PKXX3638
Hayat Kili PKXX3640
Hayeli Mehrban PKXX3641
Hazar Khan PKXX3642
Hazar Shahr PKXX3643
Hazarganji PKXX3644
Hazoor Bakhsh PKXX3645
Hazrai PKXX3646
Hazrat Khan Kach PKXX3647
Hazrewala Bhira PKXX0119
Hazro PKXX0120
Hel PKXX3649
Heran Chauki PKXX3650
Herizai PKXX3651
Hermandar PKXX3652
Hezai PKXX3653
Hider PKXX3654
Hijo Khan PKXX3655
Hilal PKXX3656
Himu PKXX3657
Hinar Noghai PKXX3658
Hinari PKXX3659
Hindu Karez PKXX3660
Hindu Narai PKXX3661
Hinezai PKXX3662
Hingol PKXX3663
Hingorja PKXX0121
Hirok PKXX3664
Hisara PKXX3665
Hissar PKXX3666
HMH Colony PKXX3376
Hok Chah PKXX3667
Hokar PKXX3668
Hoke PKXX3669
Hol PKXX3670
Homzari PKXX3671
Hor PKXX3672
Hor Jarobah PKXX3673
Horkai Kili PKXX3674
Hortal PKXX3675
Hoshab PKXX3676
Hoshangi PKXX3677
Hosri Kili PKXX3678
Hot Chat Sarri PKXX3679
Hot Khan PKXX3680
Hothla PKXX9074
Hoti Chil PKXX3681
Hotizai PKXX3682
Hotizal PKXX3683
Hubzai PKXX3684
Huchhu Bagia PKXX9075
Hudda PKXX3685
Huddazai PKXX3686
Hudishi PKXX3687
Hujjat Bazar PKXX3688
Hujra PKXX0122
Huki PKXX3689
Hukmi PKXX3690
Hulmarg PKXX3691
Humai PKXX3692
Humak PKXX9076
Humbidar PKXX3693
Hun Dhamial PKXX9077
Hunarko PKXX3694
Hunaro PKXX3695
Hur Ab PKXX3696
Hur Bazar PKXX3697
Huramzai PKXX3698
Huramzai Kili PKXX3699
Hurmagai PKXX3700
Hurri PKXX3701
Hurro PKXX3702
Husain Khan PKXX3704
Husaini Chah PKXX3705
Hush Bandi PKXX3706
Hussain PKXX3707
Hussain Abad PKXX3708
Hussain Bakhsh PKXX3709
Hussain Khan PKXX3710
Hussainzai PKXX3712
Hussenani PKXX3713
Hyderabad PKXX0005
Ian Muhammad PKXX3714
Iangar Sarai PKXX0124
Ibrahim PKXX3715
Ibrahim Jee PKXX3716
Ibrahim Kats PKXX3717
Ibrahim Khel PKXX3719
Ibrahim Kili PKXX3720
Ibrahimzai PKXX3722
Idgah PKXX3724
Idris Tailra PKXX3725
Idu PKXX3726
Iftikhar PKXX3727
Ikhtiar Jat PKXX3728
Ikhtiar Karez PKXX3729
Ikram PKXX3730
Imam akhsh Takri PKXX3733
Imam Bara PKXX9078
Imamdad Khan PKXX3734
Imamu Chandia PKXX3735
Inam Eskhobi PKXX3736
Inda PKXX3738
Indar Bes PKXX3739
Indar Ghat PKXX3740
Indrach PKXX3741
Inzai Kili PKXX3742
Inzar PKXX3743
Inzar Kas PKXX3744
Inzar Kili PKXX3745
Inzarai Khel PKXX3746
Inzargai PKXX3747
Inzargai Melan PKXX3748
Inzargat PKXX3749
Iqbal Khan PKXX3750
Irshad Khosa PKXX3751
Isa PKXX0125
Isa Goth PKXX3752
Isa Jo Goth PKXX3753
Isa Karez PKXX3754
Isa Khan PKXX3755
Isa Khan Baloch PKXX3756
Isa Khan Kili PKXX3757
Isa Khan Rind PKXX3758
Isa Khel PKXX3759
Isachamak PKXX3760
Isawal PKXX3761
Isazai PKXX3762
Isazai Kili PKXX3763
Isfai PKXX3764
Ishking PKXX3765
Iskalku PKXX3766
Islamabad PKXX0006
Islamabad PKXX3767
Islamabad Juri PKXX3768
Ismail PKXX3769
Ismail Chhalgari PKXX3770
Ismail Goth PKXX3771
Ismail Kach PKXX3772
Ismail Khan PKXX3773
Ismail Shahr PKXX3774
Ismailabad PKXX3775
Ismailani PKXX3776
Ismailzai PKXX3777
Isot Kili PKXX3778
Ispethatar PKXX3779
Ispihak PKXX3780
Ispikan PKXX3781
Ispirhuna PKXX3783
Isplezai PKXX3784
Istaghli PKXX3785
Istawai Kili PKXX3786
Itabar Ali Shah PKXX3787
Izzat Chakul PKXX3788
Jab PKXX9079
Jabal PKXX3790
Jabal Khan PKXX3791
Jabba PKXX9080
Jabba Tal PKXX9081
Jabbi Kot PKXX9082
Jabboke PKXX0127
Jabrai PKXX3793
Jacobabad PKXX0128
Jadai Kalat PKXX3794
Jafambari PKXX3795
Jafarabad PKXX3796
Jafri PKXX3797
Jagai Sra PKXX3798
Jaggi PKXX3799
Jagiot PKXX9083
Jagirani PKXX3800
Jagrot Khalsa PKXX9084
Jagsur PKXX3801
Jahan PKXX3802
Jahania PKXX0129
Jaibo PKXX3805
Jain Khan Jamali PKXX3806
Jajar PKXX9085
Jaki Kalag PKXX3807
Jakiawal PKXX3808
Jal Gah PKXX3809
Jalab Gandan PKXX3810
Jalaie PKXX3811
Jalak PKXX3812
Jalak Brahui PKXX3813
Jalal Din Jamali PKXX3814
Jalal Khan PKXX3815
Jalalan PKXX3816
Jalalpur PKXX0130
Jalalzai PKXX3817
Jalambi PKXX3818
Jalapur Pirwala PKXX0131
Jalat Kili PKXX3819
Jalbani PKXX3820
Jalezai PKXX3821
Jalkhah PKXX3822
Jalsar PKXX3823
Jalu PKXX3824
Jam PKXX3825
Jam Gwang PKXX3826
Jam Nida PKXX3827
Jam Sahib PKXX0132
Jamak PKXX3829
Jamal PKXX3830
Jamal Dari PKXX3831
Jamal Khan Kili PKXX3832
Jamal Zai Kili PKXX3833
Jamalan PKXX3834
Jamali PKXX3835
Jamaluddin Kili PKXX3836
Jamalwal PKXX3837
Jamand PKXX3838
Jamanzai PKXX3839
Jamat PKXX3840
Jamat Melan PKXX3841
Jambhiri PKXX9086
Jamkai PKXX3842
Jamman PKXX9087
Jamrah PKXX3843
Jamrao Head PKXX0133
Jan Abad PKXX3846
Jan Beg PKXX3847
Jan Muhammad PKXX3848
Janab Jagirani PKXX3852
Janai Kili PKXX3853
Janan PKXX3854
Janar PKXX3855
Jand PKXX0134
Jandala PKXX9088
Jandari PKXX3856
Jandgran PKXX9089
Jandi PKXX9090
Jandro Bagh PKXX3857
Jang Jump PKXX3858
Jangal PKXX3859
Jangal Khan PKXX3860
Jangan PKXX3861
Jangi PKXX3862
Jangi Shaban PKXX3864
Jangu PKXX3865
Jani War PKXX3866
Janizai PKXX3867
Janjur PKXX9091
Janon Khan Kili PKXX3868
Jant Ali PKXX3869
Jaranwala PKXX0135
Jari PKXX3870
Jark PKXX3871
Jaro Khan PKXX3872
Jaro Zai PKXX3873
Jaruki Chah PKXX3874
Jarwar PKXX3875
Jat PKXX3876
Jatabad PKXX3877
Jatak PKXX3878
Jath PKXX3879
Jati PKXX0136
Jattak PKXX3880
Jaunthal PKXX3881
Jaurakin Kili PKXX3882
Jauri PKXX3883
Jawa PKXX9092
Jawar Kach PKXX3884
Jawar Karoga PKXX3885
Jawaraji PKXX3886
Jawarji PKXX3887
Jazghai PKXX3888
Ja`far Khan PKXX3789
Jea Chah PKXX3889
Jebri PKXX3890
Jerai PKXX3891
Jerpanr PKXX3892
Jerruck PKXX0137
Jetak PKXX3893
Jezan PKXX3894
Jezhan PKXX3895
Jhak Sahibdad PKXX3896
Jhal PKXX3897
Jhal Jhao PKXX3898
Jhalar Kalan PKXX3899
Jhalar Khurd PKXX3900
Jhalara PKXX3901
Jhalarat PKXX9093
Jhali PKXX3902
Jhalwani Kili PKXX3903
Jhalwari PKXX3904
Jhambarra PKXX3905
Jhammat Teli PKXX9094
Jhanda Khan PKXX3906
Jhandi PKXX3907
Jhang Bagial PKXX9095
Jhang Rakho PKXX3909
Jhang Sadar PKXX0007
Jhang Saiyidan PKXX9096
Jhao PKXX3910
Jhar PKXX3911
Jharain Log PKXX3912
Jhat Ghari PKXX3913
Jhato PKXX3914
Jhatpat PKXX3915
Jhawarian PKXX0139
Jhelum PKXX0140
Jhikko PKXX3916
Jhok Arbab PKXX3917
Jhok Inam PKXX3919
Jhok Sabzal PKXX3920
Jhol PKXX0141
Jhujha PKXX3922
Jhuri PKXX3923
Jiapur Magbulpur PKXX0142
Jigda PKXX3924
Jilga PKXX3925
Jilga Hadira PKXX3926
Jio PKXX3927
Jisub PKXX3928
Jiwa PKXX3929
Jiwani PKXX3930
Jo PKXX3931
Jochha Mamdot PKXX9097
Jochhala PKXX9098
Joewash Chah PKXX3932
Jogi PKXX3933
Jogian PKXX3934
Jogian Bhagh PKXX9099
Jogizai PKXX3935
Johak PKXX3936
Johan PKXX0143
Joher Khan PKXX3937
Johri PKXX3938
Joi PKXX3939
Jor Nura PKXX3940
Jorakzai PKXX3941
Jori PKXX3942
Jori Reki PKXX3943
Jorkan PKXX3944
Jorki PKXX3945
Jorkin PKXX3946
Josak PKXX3947
Jotoi Arif Khan PKXX3948
Judicial Colony PKXX9100
Jug PKXX3950
Jugri PKXX3951
Jujurai Kili PKXX3952
Jullab Kahkir PKXX3953
Juma Khan PKXX3954
Juma Kili PKXX3955
Jumak PKXX3956
Jumazai PKXX3957
Jumma Khan PKXX3958
Jumma Khan Marri PKXX3962
Jungle Bangla PKXX3963
Junid Khan PKXX3964
Jusib PKXX3965
Juzzak PKXX3966
Juzzak Landi PKXX3967
Kabal Karwanda PKXX3968
Kabbar PKXX3969
Kabir PKXX3970
Kabo PKXX3971
Kabreta PKXX3972
Kabri PKXX3973
Kabul Kili PKXX3974
Kabul Muhammad PKXX3975
Kabuni Bandlani PKXX3976
Kabutar PKXX3977
Kach PKXX3978
Kach Allahyar PKXX3979
Kach Basti PKXX3980
Kach Hasan Zai PKXX3981
Kach Kili PKXX3982
Kach Koda PKXX3983
Kach Lamona PKXX3984
Kach Lundi PKXX3985
Kach Roshan PKXX3987
Kach Sabzal PKXX3988
Kach Walhari PKXX3989
Kacha PKXX3990
Kacha Daman PKXX3991
Kachahri PKXX3992
Kachai Kili PKXX3994
Kachau PKXX3995
Kachehri PKXX3996
Kachhai PKXX3997
Kachhi PKXX3998
Kachhi Alizai PKXX3999
Kachki Mehla PKXX4000
Kacho PKXX4001
Kad PKXX4002
Kadai Kach PKXX4003
Kadani PKXX4005
Kadar PKXX4006
Kaetha PKXX9101
Kafir Toi Kili PKXX4007
Kaftari PKXX4008
Kaghzi Kot PKXX4009
Kahai Ghar Kili PKXX4010
Kahan PKXX4011
Kahanan PKXX4012
Kahirin PKXX4013
Kahn PKXX4014
Kahna PKXX0144
Kahnak PKXX4015
Kahoda Mauladad PKXX4016
Kahori PKXX4017
Kahror Pakka PKXX0145
Kahur Khan PKXX4018
Kahurdan PKXX4019
Kahuta PKXX9102
Kai Chotak PKXX4020
Kaidan PKXX4021
Kaisar Khan PKXX4022
Kajar Kili PKXX4023
Kajir PKXX4024
Kaka PKXX9103
Kakahir PKXX4026
Kakar PKXX4027
Kakar Colony PKXX4028
Kakari PKXX4029
Kakari Kili PKXX4030
Kakarza PKXX4031
Kakaza PKXX4032
Kakhor PKXX4033
Kakianwala PKXX0157
Kako Kili PKXX4034
Kakshai Kili PKXX4035
Kal Chat PKXX4036
Kal Kani PKXX4037
Kal Khan PKXX9104
Kala PKXX4038
Kala China PKXX4039
Kala Kach PKXX4040
Kalabagh PKXX0146
Kalade PKXX4041
Kalag PKXX4042
Kalag Bazar PKXX4043
Kalagan Kalat PKXX4044
Kalaghzai PKXX4045
Kalai PKXX4046
Kalakhu PKXX4047
Kalana PKXX9105
Kalandar Khan PKXX4048
Kalang PKXX4049
Kalanger PKXX9106
Kalar PKXX9107
Kalari PKXX9108
Kalarkot PKXX4050
Kalat PKXX0147
Kalat Koh PKXX4052
Kalato PKXX4053
Kalatuk PKXX4054
Kaleah PKXX9109
Kalesar Bazar PKXX4055
Kalgaldani PKXX4056
Kalgali PKXX4057
Kalghalo Than PKXX4058
Kalhora PKXX4059
Kali na Bagh PKXX9110
Kali Pith PKXX4060
Kalial PKXX9111
Kaliam Teli PKXX9112
Kalikab PKXX4061
Kaliri PKXX4062
Kaliro PKXX4063
Kalkani PKXX4064
Kalla Bent PKXX4065
Kallag PKXX4066
Kallandar PKXX4067
Kallane Kani PKXX4068
Kallar PKXX9113
Kalo Wal PKXX4069
Kaloni PKXX4070
Kalot PKXX9114
Kalra PKXX4071
Kalran PKXX9115
Kalri PKXX4072
Kalro PKXX4073
Kals PKXX4074
Kaltach PKXX4075
Kaltaok PKXX4076
Kalu PKXX4077
Kalu Khan PKXX4078
Kalu Khuar PKXX0148
Kalu Tangi PKXX4079
Kaluk PKXX4080
Kaluzai PKXX4081
Kalwar PKXX4082
Kam Gustoi PKXX4083
Kam Kachhi PKXX4084
Kam Karez PKXX4085
Kam Muhammadzai PKXX4086
Kam Murtat PKXX4087
Kam Nishpa Kili PKXX4088
Kam Ziaba PKXX4089
Kamacha PKXX4090
Kamal PKXX4091
Kamal Halq PKXX4092
Kamal Kach PKXX4093
Kamal Khan PKXX4094
Kamal Qaimani PKXX4097
Kamalan Shah PKXX4098
Kamalia PKXX0149
Kamalu PKXX4099
Kamalzai PKXX4100
Kamarod PKXX4101
Kamarzai PKXX4102
Kambai Kili PKXX4103
Kambarani PKXX4104
Kambli PKXX4105
Kambran PKXX4106
Kami Kili PKXX4107
Kamilani PKXX4108
Kamili Sadiq PKXX9116
Kamoke PKXX0150
Kamran PKXX4109
Kamran Kaul PKXX4110
Kamund PKXX4111
Kan PKXX4112
Kan Mehtarzai PKXX4113
Kanai PKXX4114
Kanak PKXX4115
Kanar PKXX4116
Kanaz PKXX4117
Kand Kargosh PKXX4118
Kand Shaip PKXX4119
Kanda PKXX4120
Kanda Changal PKXX4121
Kandagin Chauki PKXX4122
Kandai PKXX4123
Kandani PKXX4124
Kandar Pir PKXX4125
Kandasol PKXX4126
Kandasole PKXX0151
Kandasul PKXX4127
Kandava PKXX4128
Kandelak Dagar PKXX4129
Kanderi PKXX4131
Kandh PKXX4132
Kandhar PKXX4133
Kandhkot PKXX0152
Kandhor Bazar PKXX4134
Kandi PKXX0153
Kandil PKXX4136
Kandor PKXX4137
Kandora PKXX4138
Kandori PKXX4139
Kandrach PKXX4140
Kandrani PKXX4141
Kanero PKXX4142
Kaneti PKXX0154
Kanganpur PKXX0155
Kangoro Jhur PKXX4143
Kangota Gujaran PKXX9117
Kangota Saiyidan PKXX9118
Kangran PKXX9119
Kani PKXX4144
Kani Kachai PKXX4145
Kanian PKXX4146
Kanian Kili PKXX4147
Kanik PKXX4148
Kanjar PKXX4149
Kano PKXX4150
Kanoji PKXX4151
Kanoki PKXX4152
Kanr Adniazai PKXX4153
Kanrach Maidan PKXX4154
Kanrach Thano PKXX4155
Kanrai Kili PKXX4156
Kanroki PKXX4157
Kantdar Kalan PKXX4158
Kanurabad PKXX4159
Kanwi PKXX4160
Kapip PKXX4161
Kapip Kili PKXX4162
Kapkapar PKXX4164
Kapok PKXX4165
Kappar PKXX4166
Kaprani Abad PKXX4167
Kaput Kum PKXX4168
Kar PKXX4169
Kar Bagh PKXX4170
Kara Goth PKXX4171
Karachi PKXX0008
Karachi Jadid PKXX4172
Karahi PKXX4173
Karak PKXX4174
Karakki PKXX4175
Karam PKXX4176
Karam Khan PKXX4177
Karam Khan Shahr PKXX4179
Karam Shah Zai PKXX4180
Karam Singh PKXX9120
Karan PKXX4181
Karang PKXX4182
Karani Kach PKXX4183
Karappala PKXX4184
Karawai PKXX4185
Karaz PKXX4186
Karbala PKXX4187
Karbori Saghrai PKXX4188
Karchhap PKXX4189
Kardagap PKXX4190
Karez PKXX4191
Karez Amanullah PKXX4192
Karez Kadi Kili PKXX4194
Karez Pumba PKXX4195
Karez Viala PKXX4197
Karez Zarkum PKXX4198
Karez-i-Sultan PKXX4199
Karezgai PKXX4200
Karezgi PKXX4201
Karg Rekh PKXX4202
Karga PKXX4203
Kargah PKXX4204
Kargari PKXX4205
Kargoshki PKXX4206
Karh PKXX4207
Karher PKXX4208
Kari PKXX4209
Kari Noth PKXX4210
Karia Pir PKXX4211
Karigar Bhaint PKXX4212
Karigaran PKXX4213
Karim Bakhsh PKXX4214
Karim Dad Kili PKXX4217
Karim Jan PKXX4218
Karim Kach PKXX4219
Karimdad PKXX4220
Karimdad Kili PKXX4221
Karimzai Kach PKXX4222
Karitasabad PKXX4223
Kariwari PKXX4224
Kark PKXX4225
Karkak PKXX4226
Karkan PKXX4227
Karkarain Sar PKXX4228
Karkh PKXX0158
Karki PKXX8871
Karki Bent PKXX4231
Karkiabdar PKXX4232
Karku PKXX4233
Karkun Kili PKXX4234
Karlot PKXX9121
Karm PKXX4235
Karmachi Kili PKXX4236
Karmali Thal PKXX4237
Karmanzai Kili PKXX4238
Karna PKXX4239
Karoba PKXX4240
Karochi Tangi PKXX0159
Karodak PKXX4241
Karodak Landi PKXX4242
Karorai PKXX4243
Karpai PKXX4244
Karpasi PKXX4245
Karpasi Dak PKXX4246
Karrak PKXX4247
Karsani PKXX4248
Kartal Pakhrat PKXX9122
Karuchi PKXX4249
Karuski War PKXX4250
Karwai Kili PKXX4251
Karwan Tlerai PKXX4253
Karwanda PKXX4254
Karwara PKXX4255
Kasag PKXX4256
Kasai PKXX4257
Kasai Firdus PKXX4258
Kasar PKXX4260
Kash PKXX4261
Kash Khule Kili PKXX4262
Kashi PKXX4263
Kashkai PKXX4264
Kashkai Kili PKXX4265
Kashmi PKXX4266
Kashmir PKXX4267
Kashmir Kahul PKXX4268
Kasi PKXX4269
Kasinag PKXX4270
Kassi PKXX4272
Kasur PKXX0009
Kata Bagh PKXX4273
Katarian PKXX9123
Katawal PKXX4274
Katha PKXX4275
Kathan PKXX4276
Kathar PKXX9124
Kathe China PKXX4277
Katho Dasht PKXX4278
Kathor PKXX0161
Kathrach PKXX4279
Kathril PKXX9125
Kathur PKXX4280
Katir PKXX4281
Katkai PKXX4282
Katke Kalat PKXX4283
Katohai PKXX4284
Katohar PKXX4285
Katorai Kili PKXX4286
Katpar PKXX4287
Katra Bel PKXX4288
Kats PKXX4289
Katsai Kili PKXX4290
Katsezai PKXX4291
Kattik PKXX4292
Kauar PKXX4293
Kaucha PKXX4294
Kaudinge PKXX4295
Kaur Fateh PKXX4296
Kauri PKXX4298
Kauru Khan PKXX4299
Kawas PKXX4300
Kaz Chah PKXX4301
Kaza Kach PKXX4302
Kazah Kach PKXX4303
Kazha PKXX4304
Kazha Bina PKXX4305
Kazha China PKXX4306
Kazha Ghar PKXX4307
Kazha Kala PKXX4308
Kazha Kili PKXX4309
Kazha Viala PKXX4310
Kazhaghara Kili PKXX4311
Kazhbun PKXX4312
Kazzak PKXX4313
Kechan PKXX4314
Kechi PKXX4315
Kechi Beg PKXX4316
Kechi Chah PKXX4317
Kechi Kalat PKXX4318
Kechri PKXX4319
Kentdar PKXX4320
Kerardor Khan PKXX4321
Keriabad PKXX4322
Kesak PKXX4323
Ketran PKXX4324
Kewa PKXX4325
Khachai PKXX4326
Khad Jam PKXX4327
Khadai PKXX4328
Khadakzo Zrandah PKXX4329
Khadan Khak PKXX4331
Khadar Zai Kili PKXX4334
Khadarnai Karez PKXX4335
Khadarzai PKXX4336
Khadarzai Kili PKXX4337
Khaderpur PKXX9127
Khadim Kharotri PKXX4338
Khadiot PKXX9128
Khadkarari PKXX4339
Khadozai PKXX4340
Khadozai Kili PKXX4341
Khadrani PKXX4342
Khai PKXX4343
Khair Abad PKXX4344
Khair Muhammad PKXX4346
Khairab PKXX4348
Khairpur PKXX0162
Khairpur PKXX0163
Khairpur PKXX4350
Khairu PKXX4351
Khairwah PKXX0164
Khaizi PKXX4352
Khajir PKXX4354
Khajjak PKXX0165
Khajuri PKXX4355
Khakan Shah PKXX4357
Khakho PKXX4358
Khala Shahr PKXX4359
Khalabat PKXX9129
Khalasa PKXX4360
Khaleghai PKXX4361
Khalewat PKXX4362
Khalghati PKXX4363
Khali PKXX4364
Khalia Abad PKXX4365
Khalil PKXX4366
Khalil Kach PKXX4367
Khalil Kahol PKXX4368
Khalil Kili PKXX4369
Khalil Mill PKXX4370
Khalili PKXX4371
Khaliq Abad PKXX4372
Khaliqabad PKXX4374
Khaliqdad Kili PKXX4375
Khalkhati PKXX4376
Khalwanri PKXX4377
Khamat PKXX4378
Khamisa PKXX4379
Khamu Tlerai PKXX4380
Khan Akbar Town PKXX9130
Khan Alam Kili PKXX4381
Khan Jahan PKXX4382
Khan Jahan Bagh PKXX4383
Khan Khosa PKXX4384
Khan Khwara PKXX4385
Khan Kili PKXX4386
Khan Muhammad PKXX4387
Khan Wah PKXX4390
Khana PKXX4391
Khana Murgha PKXX4392
Khanada PKXX9131
Khanai PKXX4393
Khanai Kili PKXX4394
Khanan PKXX4395
Khanan Ka Shahr PKXX4396
Khand PKXX4397
Khande Lado Kili PKXX4398
Khando Zai PKXX4399
Khandrhi PKXX4400
Khandu PKXX0166
Khanewal PKXX0167
Khanezai PKXX4401
Khangah Dogran PKXX0168
Khangarh PKXX4402
Khangi PKXX4403
Khani PKXX4404
Khankai PKXX4405
Khanna Dak PKXX9132
Khano China PKXX4406
Khanozai PKXX4407
Khanpur PKXX4408
Khanpur PKXX0169
Khanpur PKXX9133
Khanu Goth PKXX4409
Khanun PKXX4410
Khanwah PKXX4411
Khanwal PKXX4412
Khanzai Kili PKXX4413
Khaprezai Kili PKXX4414
Khaprezai Tarin PKXX4415
Khar Kachho PKXX4416
Khar Tanga Kili PKXX4418
Khara PKXX4419
Khara Shang PKXX4420
Kharaba PKXX4421
Kharan PKXX4422
Kharan na Maira PKXX9134
Kharang Kalan PKXX9135
Kharang Khurd PKXX9136
Kharara Tezhi PKXX4423
Kharat Kili PKXX4424
Kharatian PKXX9137
Kharawaia Kili PKXX4425
Khargoshi PKXX4426
Khari PKXX4427
Kharian PKXX0170
Kharkachha PKXX4428
Kharma PKXX4429
Kharma Chakul PKXX4430
Kharo Pasha PKXX4431
Kharoswha PKXX4432
Kharoti Kili PKXX4433
Kharra Basti PKXX4435
Khartana PKXX9138
Kharwandai Kili PKXX4436
Kharzai PKXX4437
Kharzun PKXX4438
Khas Mughal PKXX9139
Khashang PKXX4439
Khashe PKXX4440
Khaskheli PKXX4441
Khaskheli Lund PKXX4442
Khasorgi PKXX4443
Khast PKXX4444
Khasunkai PKXX4445
Khasunki PKXX4446
Khat PKXX4447
Khatan Goth PKXX4448
Khate Kili PKXX4449
Khati PKXX4450
Khatizai PKXX4451
Khaton Balina PKXX4452
Khaton Zarina PKXX4453
Khatonki PKXX4454
Khattan PKXX4455
Khawaja Wai PKXX4457
Khawajazor PKXX4458
Khawakuna PKXX4459
Khawand Bakhsh PKXX4460
Khawara PKXX4461
Khawarz Kili PKXX4462
Khawazha China PKXX4463
Khawazha Kili PKXX4465
Khazho Bai PKXX4466
Khazina PKXX4467
Khazinal PKXX4468
Khazini PKXX4469
Khazmi PKXX4470
Khdar Zai Kili PKXX4471
Khearu Kili PKXX4472
Kheaza Kili PKXX4473
Khel PKXX9140
Khelala PKXX4474
Kheper PKXX4475
Kher Dhori PKXX4476
Kherawa PKXX4477
Kherozi PKXX4478
Khewari PKXX0171
Khewra PKXX0172
Khezai PKXX4479
Khia PKXX4480
Khiddar Dadwani PKXX4481
Khidi PKXX4482
Khidrani PKXX4483
Khilji Colony PKXX4484
Khilwatzai PKXX4485
Khinjani PKXX4486
Khir Chara PKXX4487
Khirni PKXX4488
Khironi PKXX4489
Khisun Dastari PKXX4490
Khisun Dun PKXX4491
Khizr Ka Loh PKXX4492
Khoid PKXX4493
Khojakzai Kili PKXX4494
Khojian ka Mohra PKXX9141
Khokhar PKXX4495
Khokhar Lahri PKXX4497
Khona PKXX4498
Khor PKXX4499
Khoraniah PKXX4500
Khorewah PKXX0173
Khori PKXX4501
Khorloho PKXX4502
Khorpai Kili PKXX4503
Khosa PKXX4504
Khosai PKXX4505
Khozh Tsah PKXX4507
Khozhband Korun PKXX4508
Khozhe Oba Kili PKXX4509
Khrarlat Kili PKXX4510
Khu PKXX4511
Khuda Bakhsh PKXX4512
Khuda-i-Noor PKXX4514
Khudadad PKXX4515
Khudadad Kili PKXX4516
Khudadad Shahr PKXX4517
Khudadadzai PKXX4518
Khudai PKXX0174
Khudai Ka Kanda PKXX4519
Khudaidad PKXX4520
Khudar PKXX4521
Khudarani PKXX4522
Khudd Hakimdao PKXX4523
Khuddi Haji PKXX4527
Khuddi Jaurak PKXX4531
Khuddi Kosh PKXX4532
Khuddi Mir Khan PKXX4533
Khudezai PKXX4537
Khudi PKXX4538
Khuewala Mohra PKXX9142
Khukan PKXX4540
Khulgai PKXX4541
Khulgai Kili PKXX4542
Khulgi Ali Khel PKXX4543
Khulkun PKXX4544
Khumb PKXX4545
Khumrastan PKXX4546
Khundai Kili PKXX4547
Khundi PKXX4548
Khunghwazhe PKXX4549
Khuni PKXX4550
Khuni Burj PKXX4551
Khuni Parao PKXX4552
Khuranai PKXX4553
Khuranko PKXX4554
Khurasani PKXX4555
Khurd Munara PKXX4556
Khurgi PKXX4557
Khurli PKXX4558
Khurramzai Kili PKXX4559
Khusa PKXX4560
Khusai PKXX4561
Khusan PKXX4562
Khusan Gat PKXX4563
Khusanna PKXX4564
Khush PKXX4565
Khushab PKXX0175
Khushang PKXX4566
Khushdil PKXX4567
Khushdil Khan PKXX4568
Khushkai PKXX4569
Khushnob PKXX4570
Khusia PKXX4571
Khusro PKXX4572
Khute PKXX4573
Khutkandai PKXX4574
Khuzdar PKXX0176
Khwai Muhammad PKXX4576
Khwaja Amran PKXX4577
Khwaja Bari Kili PKXX4578
Khwaja Ibrahim PKXX4579
Khwaja Khidr PKXX4580
Khwaja Maddud PKXX4581
Khwaju PKXX4582
Khwandai PKXX4583
Khwarai PKXX4584
Khwargai PKXX4585
Khwasam PKXX4586
Khwaza PKXX4587
Khwazakzai Kili PKXX4588
Khwazhai Kili PKXX4589
Khwaznai Kili PKXX4590
Kichi PKXX4591
Kichul PKXX4592
Kijnah PKXX9143
Kikkan PKXX4593
Kikki PKXX4594
Kikri PKXX4595
Kili PKXX4596
Kili Abdul Ghani PKXX4597
Kili Abdul Hakim PKXX4598
Kili Abdul Haq PKXX4599
Kili Abdul Karim PKXX4600
Kili Abdul Maiza PKXX4601
Kili Abdul Majid PKXX4602
Kili Abdul Nabi PKXX4603
Kili Abdul Rahim PKXX4604
Kili Abdul Samad PKXX4607
Kili Abdul Wahab PKXX4608
Kili Abdul Wahid PKXX4609
Kili Abdur Hab PKXX4610
Kili Abdur Rahim PKXX4611
Kili Abid PKXX4615
Kili Aghbergai PKXX4616
Kili Akbar PKXX4618
Kili Alam Khan PKXX4619
Kili Ali Haidar PKXX4620
Kili Alizai PKXX4622
Kili Almo PKXX4625
Kili Amanullah PKXX4626
Kili Amir Bakhsh PKXX4627
Kili Anwar PKXX4628
Kili Azad Gaz PKXX4631
Kili Azghal PKXX4632
Kili Azim Khan PKXX4633
Kili Badrang PKXX4634
Kili Baig PKXX4637
Kili Bakrai PKXX4639
Kili Balach Khan PKXX4640
Kili Bangal Zai PKXX4642
Kili Baran PKXX4644
Kili Barat PKXX4645
Kili Barwal PKXX4646
Kili Betani PKXX4648
Kili Bolanzai PKXX4649
Kili Chakor PKXX4651
Kili Charmai PKXX4652
Kili Chilbaghu PKXX4653
Kili Churmian PKXX4654
Kili Dan PKXX4655
Kili Dansai Jo PKXX4656
Kili Daruabad PKXX4658
Kili Deba PKXX4659
Kili Dewal PKXX4660
Kili Dinarzai PKXX4662
Kili Doda PKXX4663
Kili Dur Khan PKXX4664
Kili Faqir PKXX4665
Kili Fateh Jan PKXX4667
Kili Garbaij PKXX4669
Kili Garduk PKXX4670
Kili Ghabargah PKXX4671
Kili Ghafar PKXX4672
Kili Ghaffar PKXX4673
Kili Ghamai PKXX4674
Kili Gharibabad PKXX4675
Kili Ghbarg PKXX4676
Kili Ghulam Jan PKXX4678
Kili Ghulam Nabi PKXX4679
Kili Gidar PKXX4682
Kili Gograi PKXX4683
Kili Gohar Khan PKXX4684
Kili Goranl PKXX4685
Kili Grang PKXX4686
Kili Gul Baran PKXX4687
Kili Gulab Khan PKXX4689
Kili Gulsher PKXX4690
Kili Hadi Islam PKXX4691
Kili Haji PKXX4692
Kili Haji Hayat PKXX4716
Kili Haji Jalal PKXX4717
Kili Haji Khan PKXX4720
Kili Haji Khawar PKXX4721
Kili Haji Lalu PKXX4723
Kili Haji Maluk PKXX4724
Kili Haji Sher PKXX4747
Kili Harun PKXX4751
Kili Hasham PKXX4752
Kili Hashlu PKXX4753
Kili Hazrat Nur PKXX4754
Kili Hussain PKXX4756
Kili Ibrahim PKXX4757
Kili Ibrahim Zai PKXX4758
Kili Id Muhammad PKXX4759
Kili Inam PKXX4760
Kili Inzar PKXX4761
Kili Jahangir PKXX4763
Kili Jalal Shah PKXX4764
Kili Jamal Khan PKXX4765
Kili Jamaldini PKXX4766
Kili Jangi Khan PKXX4768
Kili Jangian PKXX4769
Kili Jangli PKXX4770
Kili Jatak Zal PKXX4771
Kili Jezhraghah PKXX4772
Kili Juma Khar PKXX4773
Kili Jumma Din PKXX4774
Kili Jumma Khan PKXX4775
Kili Jungle Bagh PKXX4776
Kili Kabir PKXX4777
Kili Kalati PKXX4778
Kili Kanri PKXX4779
Kili Karam Khan PKXX4780
Kili Karang PKXX4781
Kili Karez PKXX4782
Kili Kasai PKXX4784
Kili Kashmir PKXX4785
Kili Khaif Baksh PKXX4786
Kili Khairati PKXX4788
Kili Khaliqdad PKXX4790
Kili Khamlos PKXX4791
Kili Khan PKXX4792
Kili Khatkandi PKXX4794
Kili Khazhobi PKXX4795
Kili Khiazai PKXX4797
Kili Khuda Abad PKXX4798
Kili Khuda-i-Mir PKXX4802
Kili Khudadad PKXX4803
Kili Kia Zai PKXX4805
Kili Kirgi PKXX4806
Kili Koda PKXX4807
Kili Kot PKXX4808
Kili Kotwal PKXX4809
Kili Kuchalzai PKXX4811
Kili Kulli PKXX4812
Kili Lahor PKXX4813
Kili Lahore PKXX4814
Kili Lahr PKXX4815
Kili Lakar Khan PKXX4816
Kili Lameran PKXX4818
Kili Landai PKXX4819
Kili Lango PKXX4820
Kili Machhi PKXX4822
Kili Madad Khan PKXX4823
Kili Mahboob Ali PKXX4824
Kili Mahbub PKXX4825
Kili Maiangi PKXX4826
Kili Malak Kabir PKXX4827
Kili Malik Isu PKXX4833
Kili Malik Kalo PKXX4835
Kili Malik Khamt PKXX4836
Kili Malik Ruza PKXX4844
Kili Malik Tahir PKXX4846
Kili Mamai PKXX4848
Kili Mandan PKXX4849
Kili Mandozai PKXX4850
Kili Manezai PKXX4851
Kili Manrah PKXX4852
Kili Masti Khan PKXX4853
Kili Maula Dad PKXX4854
Kili Mehrab PKXX4856
Kili Mehrab Khan PKXX4857
Kili Mengal PKXX4858
Kili Mil Baig PKXX4859
Kili Mir Baz PKXX4862
Kili Mir Hasan PKXX4866
Kili Mir Pindok PKXX4869
Kili Mirza Khan PKXX4873
Kili Mubarik PKXX4875
Kili Muhammad PKXX4876
Kili Mukhira PKXX4893
Kili Mulla Shada PKXX4901
Kili Mullazai PKXX4906
Kili Multani PKXX4907
Kili Murad Khan PKXX4908
Kili Musa Khan PKXX4909
Kili Nabi Dad PKXX4911
Kili Nadir Khan PKXX4912
Kili Nag Kalag PKXX4913
Kili Nakhar PKXX4915
Kili Nashk PKXX4917
Kili Nazar PKXX4919
Kili Nazar Gul PKXX4920
Kili Nazar Khan PKXX4921
Kili Nihal Khan PKXX4924
Kili Nikko PKXX4925
Kili Nurullah PKXX4929
Kili Obashtkai PKXX4930
Kili Olangi PKXX4931
Kili Orgharai PKXX4932
Kili Paindai PKXX4933
Kili Pasand Khan PKXX4934
Kili Pesha PKXX4936
Kili Pindo Khan PKXX4937
Kili Pir Jan PKXX4938
Kili Raghah PKXX4940
Kili Rahim Dad PKXX4942
Kili Rahmatullah PKXX4943
Kili Rajab PKXX4945
Kili Rasana PKXX4946
Kili Sadiq PKXX4950
Kili Sadullah PKXX4951
Kili Safar Khan PKXX4952
Kili Saghzai PKXX4953
Kili Sahib Khan PKXX4954
Kili Said Khan PKXX4955
Kili Saiyidan PKXX4958
Kili Sajid PKXX4959
Kili Sakhi Mazar PKXX4961
Kili Salambek PKXX4962
Kili Salar PKXX4963
Kili Saleh Din PKXX4964
Kili Samiza PKXX4966
Kili Sarap PKXX4967
Kili Sardar PKXX4968
Kili Sarnai PKXX4970
Kili Sarrai PKXX4971
Kili Satakzai PKXX4972
Kili Satowai PKXX4973
Kili Sattara PKXX4974
Kili Sepa Ruke PKXX4975
Kili Sera Dola PKXX4976
Kili Seragara PKXX4977
Kili Shabak PKXX4978
Kili Shabo PKXX4979
Kili Shad Ban PKXX4980
Kili Shadar Khan PKXX4981
Kili Shadi Khan PKXX4982
Kili Shah Murad PKXX4984
Kili Shaho Zai PKXX4985
Kili Shahu PKXX4986
Kili Shahwani PKXX4987
Kili Shaighalu PKXX4988
Kili Shaikh Daud PKXX4989
Kili Shaikhan PKXX4990
Kili Shakardin PKXX4992
Kili Shamak PKXX4993
Kili Shamamzai PKXX4994
Kili Shas PKXX4995
Kili Sheikh PKXX4996
Kili Sheikhan PKXX4997
Kili Sher Din PKXX4998
Kili Sheyan PKXX5000
Kili Shina PKXX5001
Kili Shorang PKXX5002
Kili Sibbi PKXX5004
Kili Sohbat Khan PKXX5005
Kili Soro PKXX5006
Kili Sufi Hasan PKXX5007
Kili Sultan PKXX5009
Kili Surgazo PKXX5011
Kili Surkh PKXX5012
Kili Tabai Khan PKXX5013
Kili Takhoi PKXX5015
Kili Takri Raza PKXX5016
Kili Tamaz Khan PKXX5017
Kili Tanak PKXX5018
Kili Tarakai PKXX5019
Kili Tarkha PKXX5020
Kili Tarkhan PKXX5021
Kili Tegak PKXX5022
Kili Umar PKXX5024
Kili Umar Jan PKXX5025
Kili Wazir PKXX5027
Kili Wazir Khan PKXX5028
Kili Yaaub PKXX5029
Kili Yaqub PKXX5030
Kili Yaquba PKXX5031
Kili Zabir Khan PKXX5032
Kili Zafram PKXX5033
Kili Zaik PKXX5035
Kili Zamglari PKXX5036
Kili Zehri PKXX5037
Kili Zor PKXX5038
Kinchu PKXX5043
Kingri PKXX5044
Kinjar Khas PKXX0177
Kiralabad PKXX5045
Kirani PKXX5046
Kirmani PKXX5047
Kirpa PKXX9144
Kirpal PKXX9145
Kirta PKXX5048
Kirtaka PKXX5049
Kishan PKXX5050
Kishari PKXX5051
Kishari Bagh PKXX5052
Kishari Bent PKXX5053
Kishingi PKXX5054
Kissan PKXX5055
Kitak PKXX5056
Kithagi PKXX5057
Kito PKXX5058
Kiu Gwandan PKXX5059
Kiya Kalat PKXX5060
Klair Kuchh PKXX5061
Klak PKXX5062
Klazal PKXX5063
Klont PKXX5064
Koar PKXX5065
Kochah PKXX5067
Kochau PKXX5068
Kodak PKXX5069
Kodarav PKXX5070
Kodi PKXX5071
Kodin PKXX5072
Koghai Tsah PKXX5073
Koh Bun PKXX5074
Koh-i Dalil PKXX0178
Koh-i-Bal PKXX5075
Koh-i-Nur Kili PKXX5076
Kohai PKXX5077
Kohak PKXX5078
Kohaluien Bent PKXX5079
Kohat PKXX0010
Kohi PKXX5080
Kohing PKXX5081
Kohna Kalat PKXX5082
Kohna Manju PKXX5083
Kohsar PKXX5084
Kohuribal PKXX5085
Koi PKXX5086
Koiaru PKXX5087
Koibar PKXX5088
Koka PKXX9146
Kolai PKXX5089
Kolenj PKXX5090
Koli China PKXX5091
Kolian PKXX9147
Kolpur PKXX0180
Kolwa PKXX5092
Kondi PKXX5093
Kongarh PKXX5094
Kongoro PKXX5095
Kontran PKXX5096
Kor Melan PKXX5097
Kor Viala PKXX5098
Kor Zamin PKXX5099
Kora Chhalgarhi PKXX5100
Korachao PKXX5101
Korak PKXX5102
Korani PKXX5103
Korar PKXX5104
Korask PKXX5105
Korej Bazar PKXX5106
Koreja PKXX5107
Korezai Kili PKXX5108
Kori PKXX5109
Kori Dan PKXX5110
Kori Kata PKXX5111
Korkadal PKXX5112
Korkanj PKXX5113
Koro Shah PKXX5114
Kosgo PKXX5115
Kosh Kalat PKXX5116
Koshak PKXX5117
Koshk PKXX5118
Koshkan PKXX5119
Kosk PKXX5120
Kot PKXX9148
Kot PKXX5121
Kot Addu PKXX0181
Kot Ali Khan PKXX5122
Kot Bachal Shah PKXX5123
Kot Barozai PKXX5124
Kot Diji PKXX0182
Kot Faiz Bakhsh PKXX5125
Kot Ganwar Khan PKXX5126
Kot Hambi PKXX5129
Kot Hathial PKXX9149
Kot Jan Muhammad PKXX5130
Kot Kahi PKXX5131
Kot Kili PKXX5133
Kot Lashari PKXX5134
Kot Malik PKXX5135
Kot Mengal PKXX5136
Kot Raisani PKXX5137
Kot Yusuf Ali PKXX5138
Kotan Kili PKXX5139
Kote Shahr PKXX5140
Kote Shahr Tambu PKXX5141
Koti PKXX5142
Kotiro PKXX5143
Kotiya PKXX5144
Kotkai PKXX5145
Kotori PKXX5146
Kotra PKXX5147
Kotran Dal PKXX5148
Kotri PKXX0183
Kotwal PKXX5149
Kotwali PKXX5150
Kozh Kach PKXX5151
Kuan Mori PKXX5152
Kubharo PKXX5153
Kubri PKXX5154
Kuch PKXX5155
Kucha PKXX5156
Kuchak-o-Mar Gar PKXX5158
Kuchh PKXX5159
Kuchhar PKXX5160
Kuchlagh PKXX5161
Kuchmina PKXX5162
Kuchnai Dobandi PKXX5163
Kud PKXX5164
Kudam PKXX5165
Kuddan PKXX5166
Kuddi PKXX5167
Kuhad PKXX5168
Kuhai PKXX5169
Kuhak PKXX5170
Kuhan PKXX5171
Kuhi PKXX5172
Kuhli PKXX5173
Kujha Basti PKXX5174
Kujug PKXX5175
Kuk PKXX5176
Kuk Shakhi PKXX5177
Kukari Bent PKXX5178
Kul Kaur Bazar PKXX5179
Kulahu PKXX5181
Kulak PKXX5182
Kulalzai PKXX5183
Kuldan PKXX5184
Kuli Camp PKXX5185
Kulki PKXX5186
Kulli PKXX5187
Kulmir Sunt PKXX5188
Kulozai PKXX5189
Kumb Bazar PKXX5190
Kumbhar PKXX5191
Kumbhi PKXX5192
Kumbi PKXX5193
Kumbil PKXX5194
Kunal PKXX5195
Kunar PKXX5196
Kunar Bazar PKXX5197
Kunar Kumb PKXX5198
Kunara PKXX5199
Kunchti PKXX5200
Kund PKXX5201
Kund Kili PKXX5202
Kund Malir PKXX5203
Kund Mas PKXX5204
Kundal PKXX5205
Kundalan PKXX5206
Kundalo PKXX5207
Kundeli PKXX5208
Kundi PKXX5209
Kundian PKXX9150
Kundri PKXX5210
Kungihar PKXX5211
Kungu Shah PKXX5212
Kunj PKXX5213
Kunjah PKXX0184
Kunri PKXX5214
Kunsat PKXX5215
Kuntani PKXX5216
Kuntdar PKXX5217
Kura PKXX5218
Kurak PKXX5219
Kural PKXX9151
Kuram PKXX5220
Kurang Town PKXX9152
Kurduna PKXX5221
Kuri PKXX9153
Kuria Wasta PKXX5222
Kurk PKXX5224
Kurk Sang PKXX5225
Kurki PKXX5226
Kurmani PKXX5227
Kurmin PKXX5228
Kurram PKXX0185
Kurram Kili PKXX5230
Kurumb PKXX5231
Kushu Kalat PKXX5232
Kutan PKXX5233
Kutkay PKXX5234
Kuto PKXX5235
Kuwat PKXX5236
Kuz Kach PKXX5237
Kuz Shasa PKXX5238
Kuzbagh PKXX5239
Kwat PKXX5240
Kwath PKXX5241
Labach PKXX5242
Lachar PKXX5243
Lad PKXX5244
Ladha Saiyid PKXX5245
Ladiot PKXX9154
Ladu Khan PKXX5246
Laekar PKXX5247
Lagai Manda PKXX5249
Laghai PKXX5250
Laghar Kili PKXX5251
Laghari Kot PKXX5253
Laghi Chah PKXX5254
Laghonai PKXX5255
Laghoreni War PKXX5256
Laghoshkai Kili PKXX5257
Laghri Wal Burj PKXX5258
Laghrin Kahur PKXX5259
Laghundi Kuna PKXX5260
Laguni PKXX5261
Lahath PKXX9155
Lahere PKXX5262
Lahna PKXX5264
Lahor PKXX5265
Lahore PKXX0011
Lahr Hadar Kash PKXX5266
Lahri PKXX0187
Lahri Kili PKXX5268
Lai Jan PKXX5270
Laian PKXX0188
Laidi PKXX5271
Lailangali Thal PKXX5272
Laiq PKXX5273
Laiq Khan Jamali PKXX5274
Lairwani PKXX5275
Laje PKXX5276
Lajetok PKXX5277
Lajwari Kili PKXX5278
Laka PKXX5279
Laka Shawi PKXX5281
Laka Shawi War PKXX5282
Lakaband Kili PKXX5283
Lakanzai PKXX5284
Lakar PKXX5285
Lakarai PKXX5286
Lakarai Qila PKXX5287
Lakare Kalag PKXX5288
Lakator PKXX5289
Lakha PKXX5290
Lakhani PKXX5291
Lakhara Binzai PKXX5292
Lakhmir Waris PKXX5294
Lakhra PKXX5295
Lakhsar PKXX5296
Lakhurian PKXX5297
Lakhwal PKXX9156
Lakkhu PKXX5298
Lakthi PKXX5299
Lal Gando PKXX5300
Lal Han Kili PKXX5301
Lal Jan PKXX5302
Lal Jan Basti PKXX5303
Lal Khan PKXX5304
Lal Khan Kili PKXX5305
Lal Khanzai Wat PKXX5306
Lal Muhammad PKXX5307
Lal Mundar PKXX5308
Lalakzai PKXX5309
Lalakzai Kili PKXX5310
Lalanan PKXX5311
Lalandari Camp PKXX5312
Lalbeg PKXX5313
Lale PKXX5314
Lalo Qila PKXX5315
Lalu PKXX5316
Lalu Kili PKXX5317
Lalu Wains PKXX5318
Laluzai PKXX5319
Laluzai Karez PKXX5320
Lamai Tormurgha PKXX5321
Lamar PKXX5322
Lambi PKXX5323
Lamboj PKXX5324
Lamchak PKXX5325
Landa PKXX5326
Landa Balina PKXX5327
Landa Zerina PKXX5328
Landai PKXX5329
Landai Aghbargai PKXX5330
Landai Kili PKXX5332
Landai Mina PKXX5333
Landai Shah PKXX5334
Landai Shahr PKXX5335
Landai Shorai PKXX5336
Landaibor PKXX5337
Landi PKXX5339
Landi Faqir PKXX5340
Landi Fifty PKXX5341
Landi Fifty-two PKXX5342
Landi Isa Tahir PKXX5343
Landi Kili PKXX5344
Landi Kotal PKXX0189
Landian PKXX5354
Landinai PKXX5355
Lang Loharani PKXX5356
Langar Shah PKXX5357
Langargi PKXX5358
Langari PKXX5359
Langav PKXX5360
Langluna PKXX5361
Langra PKXX5362
Langrah PKXX9157
Lanjani PKXX5363
Lanjar PKXX5364
Lanji PKXX5365
Lari PKXX0190
Larkana PKXX0191
Las Bent PKXX5366
Lasezai PKXX5367
Lashar PKXX5368
Lashari PKXX5369
Lashgo PKXX5370
Lashkari Halq PKXX5372
Lashkian PKXX5374
Lasht PKXX5375
Lashtai PKXX5376
Lashti PKXX5377
Latida PKXX5378
Laung Khan PKXX5379
Laura PKXX5380
Lawana PKXX5381
Lawang Khan PKXX5382
Lawang Kili PKXX5383
Lazad PKXX5384
Lazagh Kili PKXX5385
Lehri Afzal Khan PKXX5387
Lel Gat PKXX5389
Lendi Gazzi PKXX5390
Leni PKXX5391
Les PKXX5392
Levy Thana PKXX5393
Lewaghwazh PKXX5394
Lewanai Kawar PKXX5395
Liari PKXX5396
Liddi PKXX5397
Lidi PKXX5398
Liji Karez PKXX5399
Lijji PKXX5400
Linju PKXX5401
Liran PKXX9158
Lissu PKXX5402
Liwane Kili PKXX5403
Loap PKXX5404
Loar Kori Kach PKXX5405
Lodhra PKXX9159
Lodhran PKXX0192
Loe PKXX5406
Loe Aghbarg PKXX5407
Loe Band PKXX5408
Loe Bashar PKXX5409
Loe Kach PKXX5410
Loe Karez PKXX5411
Loe Kili PKXX5412
Loe Mena PKXX5413
Loe Murtat PKXX5414
Loe Nishpa Kili PKXX5415
Loe Shin Magh PKXX5416
Loe Sraz PKXX5417
Loe Urmazh PKXX5418
Loghai PKXX5420
Loghur Zard PKXX5421
Lohar PKXX5422
Lohi PKXX5423
Lohi Bher PKXX9160
Lohi Hafiz PKXX5424