Weather Codes for Oman

Find Weather Codes or Weather Zip Codes for states and cities in Oman. Weather Codes references a specified Location and is used to get weather of that place accurately. They are used by The Weather Channel( by IBM), Yahoo! Weather, AOL Weather and many such weather forecasting platforms. It is similar to Yahoo's WOEID(Where On the Earth ID) that is used to represent each place uniquely.

You can know the weather of any place precisely with the help of weather codes. Find the current weather of your state or city by clicking on it. You will be redirected to The Weather Channel site with your weather code for accurate weather forecast.

Abat MUXX1908
Abu al Hisn MUXX0146
Abu Durus MUXX0145
Abu Nukhayl MUXX1218
Abu Qal`ah MUXX1674
Abu Qarayt MUXX1444
Abu Rumaylah MUXX0961
Abu Tan MUXX1909
Abu `Ukayshah MUXX1675
Abyad MUXX0147
Ad Dab`ani MUXX1219
Ad Daffah MUXX1676
Ad Dar MUXX0148
Ad Dariz MUXX1952
Ad Dariz MUXX1677
Ad Das MUXX0149
Ad Dawaniq MUXX0150
Ad Da`nah MUXX1445
Ad Duqm MUXX1910
Ad Duss MUXX1446
Ad Duwaykah MUXX1220
Adaakham MUXX0962
Adam MUXX0013
Adanham MUXX0963
Adhjoord MUXX0965
Adh`eet MUXX0964
Afi MUXX0151
Aflaj MUXX1678
Afranji MUXX1953
Aged MUXX1679
Agyaan MUXX0966
Ahyawf MUXX0967
Aini MUXX1447
Ajma` MUXX1680
Ajran MUXX1954
Ajrizi MUXX0968
Akrunt MUXX0969
Aktam MUXX0152
Al Ababah MUXX0720
Al Abyad MUXX0153
Al Abyad MUXX0721
Al Afrad MUXX0154
Al Ahjal MUXX1955
Al Ahmadi MUXX0024
Al Ahramiyah MUXX1956
Al Ahyl MUXX0722
Al Ajal MUXX0155
Al Akhdar MUXX1957
Al Akhri MUXX0156
Al Amarat MUXX1222
Al Ambah MUXX0157
Al Ansab MUXX1223
Al Aqariyah MUXX1958
Al Aqli MUXX0158
Al Ashkhar MUXX1682
Al Ashkharah MUXX0025
Al Ashqar MUXX1959
Al Awiyah MUXX0970
Al Ayshah MUXX0026
Al Bajriyah MUXX1224
Al Banah MUXX1960
Al Barah MUXX1911
Al Barmiyah MUXX0159
Al Basatin MUXX1961
Al Bataykhi MUXX1448
Al Batin MUXX1683
Al Bayd MUXX0160
Al Bidayah MUXX0163
Al Bid`ah MUXX0162
Al Bilad MUXX1449
Al Birak MUXX1450
Al Birayn MUXX1225
Al Budayah MUXX0164
Al Buda`ah MUXX0723
Al Bulaydah MUXX1684
Al Burayk MUXX0166
Al Buraymi MUXX1962
Al Burj MUXX0971
Al Burr MUXX0167
Al Bustan MUXX1226
Al But MUXX1451
Al Buwayt MUXX1452
Al Buwayza MUXX0724
Al Darai MUXX1453
Al Fala MUXX1227
Al Farfarah MUXX1228
Al Fath MUXX1229
Al Fayy MUXX0168
Al Fayyad MUXX1230
Al Fiduk MUXX1454
Al Frian MUXX1455
Al Fulayj MUXX1231
Al Ghaba MUXX0169
Al Ghabah MUXX0725
Al Ghabbi MUXX1685
Al Ghabbi MUXX1963
Al Ghabirah MUXX0170
Al Ghadifah MUXX0171
Al Ghafat MUXX0726
Al Ghala`il MUXX0172
Al Ghalil MUXX1456
Al Ghalilah MUXX1686
Al Ghashbah MUXX0175
Al Ghawr MUXX0176
Al Ghayl MUXX0177
Al Ghayl MUXX1687
Al Ghayyah MUXX0973
Al Ghomb MUXX1688
Al Ghu MUXX0178
Al Ghubar MUXX1912
Al Ghuf MUXX0179
Al Ghulaylah MUXX0180
Al Ghushayn MUXX0181
Al Ghuwaysah MUXX0182
Al Ghuwayz MUXX0183
Al Ghuzayfah MUXX0184
Al Habalayn MUXX1457
Al Habubiyah MUXX1232
Al Habur MUXX1913
Al Hadd MUXX1689
Al Hadd MUXX0185
Al Haffah MUXX0974
Al Hajar MUXX0727
Al Hajir MUXX0186
Al Hajir MUXX1233
Al Haju MUXX1690
Al Hajul MUXX0187
Al Hamiliyah MUXX0188
Al Hamra MUXX0027
Al Hamriyah MUXX1234
Al Haqq MUXX0729
Al Haqt MUXX1459
Al Harat MUXX1460
Al Harf MUXX1914
Al Harfiyah MUXX1461
Al Hashimi MUXX1964
Al Hasilah MUXX0975
Al Hasin MUXX0189
Al Hatm MUXX1691
Al Hawf MUXX0976
Al Hawmaniyah MUXX1965
Al Hawz MUXX0190
Al Haybah MUXX1462
Al Hayl MUXX0191
Al Hayl MUXX1966
Al Hayma MUXX0028
Al Hayr MUXX1463
Al Hazm MUXX1692
Al Hijal MUXX1967
Al Hijar MUXX1968
Al Hijir MUXX0192
Al Hijr MUXX1969
Al Hijrah MUXX1970
Al Hillah MUXX1464
Al Hilyah MUXX0730
Al Himdi MUXX1237
Al Hin MUXX1238
Al Hishayyah MUXX1239
Al Hishmah MUXX1971
Al Hisn MUXX1693
Al Hisn MUXX1240
Al Hiyal MUXX0193
Al Hub MUXX0194
Al Hubayl MUXX1465
Al Hubi MUXX0731
Al Hufrah MUXX0977
Al Hujayrimat MUXX1972
Al Humr MUXX1694
Al Hunaynah MUXX0195
Al Hurah MUXX0196
Al Huwayl MUXX0197
Al Huwaylayn MUXX1973
Al Huwib MUXX0198
Al Huwir MUXX0199
Al Huyul MUXX1974
Al Ima MUXX1466
Al Islat MUXX0200
Al Jabat MUXX0732
Al Jadi MUXX1467
Al Jafnayn MUXX1241
Al Jahliyah MUXX0201
Al Jawabi MUXX1695
Al Jaylah MUXX0202
Al Jazir MUXX1242
Al Jibal MUXX1975
Al Jiba`i MUXX1696
Al Jifaynah MUXX1243
Al Jil MUXX1976
Al Jinah MUXX0733
Al Jirayfat MUXX1244
Al Jirri MUXX1468
Al Jissah MUXX1245
Al Jufar MUXX0203
Al Jull MUXX1977
Al Juwar MUXX1469
Al Juwayf MUXX1978
Al Kamil MUXX0029
Al Karbi MUXX0204
Al Karshah MUXX1470
Al Kasab MUXX0030
Al Khabat MUXX0205
Al Khabbah MUXX1697
Al Khaburah MUXX0031
Al Khaddah MUXX0206
Al Khaddah MUXX1698
Al Khadirah MUXX0207
Al Khadra MUXX0208
Al Khadra MUXX1980
Al Khadrawayn MUXX0210
Al Khaisa MUXX0032
Al Khalw MUXX0211
Al Khan MUXX0212
Al Khatam MUXX1471
Al Khatmah MUXX1472
Al Khawd MUXX1246
Al Khawiyah MUXX1473
Al Khayr MUXX0213
Al Khaysah MUXX1699
Al Khiran MUXX1247
Al Khitaym MUXX0734
Al Khubayb MUXX1981
Al Khudayrah MUXX1982
Al Khudrah MUXX0215
Al Khufayqi MUXX1248
Al Khulli MUXX1983
Al Khur MUXX0735
Al Khurays MUXX0216
Al Khusayt MUXX0217
Al Khutaym MUXX0218
Al Khutaymi MUXX0219
Al Khutum MUXX1700
Al Khuwayr MUXX1984
Al Khuwayrat MUXX0220
Al Khuwayriyah MUXX0221
Al Lawb MUXX0978
Al Liwa MUXX0033
Al Luwayz MUXX1251
Al Mabrak MUXX1474
Al Madinah MUXX0224
Al Mahadin MUXX1252
Al Mahall MUXX1475
Al Mahall MUXX0736
Al Mahalli MUXX1476
Al Mahattah MUXX1701
Al Mahyul MUXX1253
Al Majnab MUXX0225
Al Makhamarah MUXX0226
Al Maksuriyah MUXX1477
Al Malqamah MUXX0979
Al Mal`ab MUXX0227
Al Mamlahah MUXX1985
Al Mandur MUXX0228
Al Manumah MUXX1254
Al Manzariyah MUXX1255
Al Maqayaw MUXX1478
Al Markaz MUXX1256
Al Masharta MUXX1479
Al Masna`ah MUXX0229
Al Mays MUXX1986
Al Mazarah MUXX0230
Al Mazari` MUXX1257
Al Mazra` MUXX0737
Al Mazra`ah MUXX0231
Al Ma`qul MUXX0223
Al Mibu MUXX0232
Al Mintarah MUXX1481
Al Mintirib MUXX0034
Al Minzifah MUXX0233
Al Misar MUXX1482
Al Misfah MUXX1258
Al Mudaybi MUXX0095
Al Mudayli MUXX1987
Al Mudayrib MUXX1703
Al Mudirah MUXX0738
Al Muhram MUXX1483
Al Muhtariq MUXX0234
Al Mukhadah MUXX1262
Al Muladdah MUXX0235
Al Mulayyanah MUXX1263
Al Multaqa MUXX1264
Al Murayr MUXX0236
Al Murtafa`ah MUXX1265
Al Musayh MUXX0237
Al Musayqah MUXX0238
Al Musin MUXX0239
Al Mutib Muqsad MUXX0739
Al Muwaylihat MUXX0240
Al Mu`tarid MUXX1702
Al Mu`walah MUXX1261
Al Qabil MUXX1704
Al Qabil MUXX1266
Al Qahlah MUXX1705
Al Qala` MUXX0241
Al Qal`ah MUXX0740
Al Qal`i MUXX1989
Al Qanfar MUXX1484
Al Qanhah MUXX1485
Al Qarah MUXX0242
Al Qarihah MUXX0243
Al Qarin MUXX1706
Al Qaryah MUXX1707
Al Qaryah MUXX0741
Al Qaryatayn MUXX0742
Al Qasabiyat MUXX0035
Al Qashar MUXX0244
Al Qashi` MUXX0245
Al Qash`ah MUXX1486
Al Qasmitayn MUXX0246
Al Qawasim MUXX0743
Al Qawf MUXX0980
Al Qubayyil MUXX1990
Al Qufays MUXX0247
Al Qunnah MUXX1991
Al Qurayyat MUXX0248
Al Qurt MUXX0249
Al Qurti MUXX0250
Al Qusayr MUXX0251
Al Qutaytirah MUXX1708
Al Rustaq MUXX0015
Al Sahayn MUXX1487
Al Salhaymis MUXX1488
Al Sawadi MUXX0252
Al Shuwara MUXX1489
Al Sohar MUXX0253
Al Sufayrat MUXX1490
Al Ulya MUXX0037
Al Usaylah MUXX1992
Al Uthrat MUXX1993
Al Wadi MUXX0981
Al Wadi al Kabir MUXX1267
Al Wadiyat MUXX0254
Al Wafi MUXX0744
Al Wafi MUXX1709
Al Wahah MUXX0745
Al Wahrah MUXX1994
Al Waqaybah MUXX0255
Al Warr MUXX1710
Al Wasfiyah MUXX1491
Al Wasib MUXX1492
Al Wasil MUXX0038
Al Wasit MUXX1995
Al Wasit MUXX0746
Al Wasit MUXX0256
Al Wuqbah MUXX1996
Al Wutayyah MUXX1268
Al Yalba MUXX1493
Al Yemit MUXX1494
Al `Abbasah MUXX0257
Al `Ablah MUXX0258
Al `Adan MUXX0259
Al `Adhfayn MUXX1711
Al `Afifah MUXX0260
Al `Afyah MUXX1270
Al `Ajal MUXX0261
Al `Ala MUXX0747
Al `Alayah MUXX0263
Al `Aliyah MUXX0748
Al `Amirah MUXX0264
Al `Aqabah MUXX1495
Al `Aqar MUXX0265
Al `Aqir MUXX0266
Al `Aqud MUXX0267
Al `Araqi MUXX1997
Al `Arid MUXX1998
Al `Arqub MUXX1496
Al `Asansar MUXX0268
Al `Atkiyah MUXX1271
Al `Awaynat MUXX0269
Al `Awhi MUXX0270
Al `Ayinah MUXX0749
Al `Ayn MUXX0982
Al `Ayn MUXX0271
Al `Ayn MUXX0750
Al `Aynayn MUXX0751
Al `Ayr MUXX0272
Al `Ayshah MUXX0752
Al `Izz MUXX1712
Al `Ubaylah MUXX2000
Al `Ulya MUXX0753
Al `Ulyah MUXX0273
Al `Umani MUXX0274
Al `Umqah MUXX0275
Al `Uqaybah MUXX1497
Al `Uqmayrah MUXX0276
Al `Uwayd MUXX0277
Al `Uwaynat MUXX0278
Al `Uwayridi MUXX2001
Alfton MUXX0983
Algema MUXX1498
Allam MUXX0984
Allish MUXX0985
Altaf MUXX2002
Am Atafa MUXX0986
Amal MUXX0039
Amlah MUXX2003
Amnot MUXX0987
Amqat MUXX1274
Amti MUXX0279
An Nabrah MUXX0280
An Naqdah MUXX0281
An Nid MUXX0282
An Nujayd MUXX2004
An Nuqdah MUXX1714
Anadraflat MUXX0988
Anfinity MUXX0989
Anoothook MUXX0990
Ansham MUXX0991
Antha Arr MUXX0992
Anthakak MUXX0993
Anthok MUXX0994
Anthraytat MUXX0995
Anzawr MUXX0996
Aqbut al Bayut MUXX0283
Ar Rabi MUXX2005
Ar Radidah MUXX2006
Ar Rahbah MUXX0284
Ar Rajmi MUXX0285
Ar Rakakiyah MUXX1715
Ar Ramyah MUXX1499
Ar Raqq MUXX1500
Ar Rawdah MUXX1501
Ar Rayhani MUXX2007
Ar Rubat MUXX0997
Ar Rudaydah MUXX0286
Ar Ruju` MUXX1275
Ar Rumayh MUXX1502
Ar Rustaq MUXX0287
Araft MUXX0998
Arajfiniti MUXX0999
Aram MUXX1000
Arfit MUXX1001
Arja MUXX0288
Arkam MUXX1002
Arkibayt MUXX1003
Arkut MUXX1004
Arraida MUXX1005
Arryop MUXX1006
Arthaban MUXX1503
Arzat MUXX1007
Arzayrot MUXX1008
Arzoom MUXX1009
As Sabal MUXX1717
As Safiq MUXX1915
As Sahm MUXX0040
As Salutiyat MUXX0041
As Samidah MUXX0290
As Sarhat MUXX0291
As Sarm MUXX1718
As Sarrayn MUXX1277
As Saruwi MUXX1719
As Sawaqim MUXX1278
As Sayh MUXX0292
As Sayrsah MUXX0293
As Sa`adi MUXX1276
As Sa`af MUXX0289
As Sa`arah MUXX2008
As Sib MUXX0001
As Sidafi MUXX1720
As Sifah MUXX0043
As Sifiyah MUXX0294
As Silil MUXX1280
As Sir MUXX0295
As Sirab MUXX0044
As Subarah MUXX0296
As Subaykhi MUXX2009
As Sudayrah MUXX1721
As Sudiyah MUXX2010
As Sukhnah MUXX1281
As Sulayb MUXX1722
As Sulayf MUXX2011
As Sumayni MUXX2012
As Sumayr MUXX1282
As Suraymah MUXX0297
As Suwayb MUXX0298
As Suwayh MUXX1723
As Suwayq MUXX0045
As Suwayr MUXX0299
Asam MUXX1283
Asaqat Bilarb MUXX0300
Asayh MUXX1284
Ash Shab MUXX1724
Ash Sharadi MUXX1286
Ash Shariyah MUXX1504
Ash Sharjah MUXX0301
Ash Sharm MUXX2013
Ash Shawr MUXX1011
Ash Shays MUXX1505
Ash Sha`biyah MUXX1285
Ash Shihbari MUXX1287
Ash Shirs MUXX0302
Ash Shizaw MUXX0303
Ash Shubaykah MUXX1725
Ash Shutayfi MUXX1288
Ash Shuwayhah MUXX2015
Ash Shu`iyah MUXX0304
Ashinhaib MUXX0046
Ashinkhorr MUXX1012
Ashtanah MUXX1506
Asjudi MUXX2016
Asrar Bani Sa`d MUXX0305
Asrar Bani `Umar MUXX0306
Assitat MUXX1013
Aswad MUXX0307
Aswad MUXX0754
At Tab MUXX1507
At Tawayb MUXX1726
At Tawiyan MUXX1727
At Tawqah MUXX1508
At Tayi MUXX1728
At Tikhah MUXX0308
At Toyan MUXX0309
At Tukhakh MUXX1916
At Turayf MUXX1289
At Tuwayyah MUXX0310
At Tuwiyan MUXX1290
Ath Thaybat MUXX0311
Ath Thuqbah MUXX0312
Autuch MUXX1015
Awabi MUXX0047
Awartakh MUXX1016
Awbi MUXX0313
Awqad MUXX1017
Aydawr MUXX1020
Ayn Jarziz MUXX1021
Aynayn MUXX2017
Ayrditkawn MUXX1022
Aytin MUXX1023
Ayun MUXX0048
Az Zahir MUXX1291
Az Zahir MUXX1729
Az Zahiriyah MUXX1730
Az Zahrayn MUXX1509
Az Zawiyah MUXX1024
Az Zawliyah MUXX1917
Az Zuwayhir MUXX0314
Azeyrenawt MUXX1025
A`bal MUXX1951
A`tayr MUXX0960
Badi MUXX0755
Badiyah MUXX1731
Badi`ah MUXX0756
Badi`at `Ud MUXX0315
Bahla MUXX0020
Bait Rathawt MUXX1026
Bakhabi MUXX2018
Bakhah MUXX0758
Bal Ghaylan MUXX0759
Balad Shabus MUXX1510
Bandah Jadidah MUXX1732
Bani Habib MUXX0316
Bani Ka`b MUXX2019
Bari MUXX0317
Baridah MUXX0318
Barik MUXX1918
Barka MUXX0050
Barsit MUXX0320
Barut MUXX2020
Barzaman MUXX0051
Bat MUXX2021
Bat MUXX0321
Batin MUXX1733
Bawshar MUXX1293
Baynunah MUXX0325
Bayt al Buwaydh MUXX1513
Bayt al Falaj MUXX1294
Bayt al `Awabi MUXX0326
Bayt ash Shaykh MUXX1514
Bayt Fiqayt MUXX1027
Bayt Ghudub MUXX1028
Bayt Jabal MUXX0761
Bayt Khawr MUXX1512
Bayyid MUXX1734
Bay`ah MUXX0760
Bay`ah MUXX1511
Ba`i MUXX1292
Biban MUXX0327
Biban MUXX0763
Bidbid MUXX1295
Biddi MUXX0328
Bidi MUXX1515
Bidit MUXX0329
Bid`ah MUXX1737
Bilad MUXX1296
Bilad as Sur MUXX1740
Bilad Manah MUXX0764
Bilad Sayt MUXX0330
Bilad Sayt MUXX0765
Bilad Shahum MUXX0331
Billah MUXX0332
Bilt MUXX2023
Bimah MUXX0333
Bimmah MUXX0053
Bin `Umran MUXX1297
Birkat al Mawz MUXX0767
Birkat al Nuss MUXX1517
Birkat Khaldiyah MUXX1516
Bisaftir MUXX1029
Bisyah MUXX0054
Biyad MUXX0768
Bu Baqarah MUXX0334
Bu Baqarah MUXX2024
Bu Fashiqah MUXX1741
Bu Qal`ah MUXX2025
Bu Sayli MUXX2026
Bu `Abali MUXX0335
Bu `Asim MUXX0336
Bubadi MUXX2027
Buba`irah MUXX0769
Buday`ah MUXX0338
Bukha MUXX0055
Bulaydah MUXX2028
Bulaydah MUXX1743
Bulaytah MUXX0339
Buldan al Hirth MUXX1744
Buraimi MUXX0005
Buri MUXX0770
Busayliyat MUXX1298
Busayr MUXX0340
Buwah MUXX1299
Buwayrid MUXX1746
Buwayrik MUXX0341
Buwaytin MUXX0771
Buyut Aram MUXX1030
Bu`ayd MUXX1742
Bu`ayq MUXX0337
Camp MUXX1747
Chashawfi MUXX1518
Dabarayn MUXX1519
Dabbagh MUXX0342
Dafiyat MUXX1748
Daghali MUXX0772
Daghmar MUXX1300
Dahful MUXX1520
Dahir MUXX0343
Dahir MUXX2029
Dahit MUXX1521
Dahiyah MUXX0773
Dahiz MUXX0344
Dahr MUXX2030
Dallah MUXX0345
Dalqut MUXX1031
Dalut MUXX1522
Dank MUXX2031
Dankor MUXX1032
Dann MUXX2032
Dansaf MUXX1523
Daqiq MUXX2033
Daquq Maghadhi MUXX1033
Dar al Qal`ah MUXX0774
Darbat MUXX1034
Daris MUXX0347
Darsayt MUXX1301
Dasir MUXX0775
Dat Hayl MUXX0776
Daw Sunni MUXX1524
Dawkah MUXX1035
Dawwah MUXX1749
Dayni MUXX1525
Dazzah MUXX1036
Deema MUXX1037
Dhahib MUXX1750
Dhaliaatat MUXX1038
Dhanajir MUXX1039
Dhayd Rasm MUXX1040
Dhinab Khant MUXX1526
Dhiqdah MUXX1302
Dib Dibba MUXX1527
Diba al Bay`ah MUXX1528
Dibab MUXX1303
Difa MUXX1041
Difa` MUXX0348
Dihan MUXX1042
Dihan Khanat MUXX1043
Dihas MUXX0349
Dikkah MUXX1304
Dil Yal Burayk MUXX0351
Dim MUXX1305
Din ar Rukayb MUXX1529
Diqal MUXX0352
Dirhi MUXX1530
Diriz MUXX1044
Disli MUXX0353
Distah MUXX1751
Diyan MUXX0354
Diyan al Buwarah MUXX0356
Dubah MUXX1045
Dubayshi MUXX2035
Dubiyah MUXX0357
Dumi MUXX1752
Dumm MUXX2036
Duqm MUXX0057
Durrah MUXX2037
Dut MUXX2038
Duwaykhilah MUXX0358
Easmome MUXX1046
Eerdeent MUXX1047
Enhorelah MUXX1048
Erdit MUXX1049
Erigfien MUXX1050
Erikob MUXX1051
Erqoot Daham MUXX1052
Erqut Daham MUXX1053
Eshto MUXX1054
Fadhi MUXX1055
Fahud MUXX0007
Faiqaitha MUXX1056
Fajrah MUXX2039
Falaj MUXX1306
Falaj MUXX2040
Falaj MUXX0777
Falaj al Harth MUXX0365
Falaj al Khawr MUXX0366
Falaj as Sa`idi MUXX0368
Falaj ash Sham MUXX1307
Falaj at Turayf MUXX1308
Falaj Milli MUXX0361
Falaj Shirah MUXX0362
Falaj Wustah MUXX0363
Falaj `Ali MUXX0364
Falara MUXX0369
Falbirah MUXX0370
Faljat MUXX0778
Fanakhah MUXX1531
Fanjah MUXX1309
Fararah MUXX0059
Fardah MUXX0372
Farfar MUXX0373
Farfarah MUXX0374
Far` MUXX0371
Fasad MUXX1057
Fashah MUXX0375
Fasiqah MUXX0376
Fath MUXX1753
Fathi MUXX0060
Fawfalah MUXX1532
Fayq MUXX1311
Fayraq MUXX1058
Fayyad MUXX2042
Fayyah MUXX0377
Fazayih MUXX1059
Fijri MUXX0378
Filim MUXX1920
Fill MUXX0779
Film MUXX1533
Fins MUXX0061
Fiq MUXX0379
Fiqayn MUXX0780
Firam MUXX1060
Fira`ah MUXX0380
Firokht MUXX1061
Firq MUXX0781
Firq MUXX1312
Firq az Zamiyan MUXX1314
Fizh MUXX0381
Fudgha MUXX1534
Fujayj MUXX0382
Fujayrah MUXX0782
Fulayj MUXX0783
Fulayj MUXX1755
Fulayj MUXX0383
Fuluj Sayghah MUXX0784
Furfar MUXX0384
Geamawt MUXX1062
Ghab MUXX0062
Ghabarah MUXX0785
Ghabib MUXX1535
Ghabina MUXX1536
Ghadfan MUXX0385
Ghadhiya MUXX2044
Ghadir Qadhrah MUXX1064
Ghadw MUXX1921
Ghafdi MUXX0386
Ghala MUXX1316
Ghalat MUXX0063
Ghamd MUXX1757
Ghamsah MUXX1758
Ghar Milah MUXX1065
Gharam MUXX1537
Gharanaytay Burq MUXX1066
Gharayfah MUXX1759
Gharb al Mahaj MUXX1319
Gharbah MUXX1320
Gharbi Hafit MUXX2045
Gharnawt MUXX1067
Gharnut MUXX1068
Gharwah MUXX0390
Gharyan MUXX0064
Ghassah MUXX1538
Ghatt MUXX1539
Ghayl MUXX1760
Ghayl ad Dakk MUXX0787
Ghayl Sarm MUXX0391
Ghayl Shabul MUXX0392
Ghayyan MUXX1761
Ghiyazah MUXX0788
Ghoff MUXX1069
Ghubayrah MUXX0789
Ghubaytah MUXX2046
Ghubb `Ali MUXX1540
Ghubbah MUXX1541
Ghubbat Qadimah MUXX1542
Ghubirah MUXX1762
Ghubn Hamad MUXX1543
Ghubrah MUXX0393
Ghubrah MUXX0790
Ghubrah MUXX1321
Ghubrat at Tam MUXX1763
Ghubrat Tanuf MUXX0791
Ghudayy MUXX1070
Ghul MUXX0792
Ghulay MUXX1764
Ghumar MUXX0793
Ghumda MUXX1545
Ghumrah MUXX0794
Ghurah MUXX0394
Ghursheba MUXX1322
Ghuzayfi MUXX0795
Ghuzayn MUXX0395
Ghuzayyil MUXX0396
Gilaal MUXX1071
Glaet MUXX1072
Habab MUXX1923
Habarut MUXX1073
Habdoomer MUXX1074
Habkah MUXX1075
Habkayt MUXX1076
Habl MUXX1323
Habl Hadid MUXX0796
Habqut MUXX1077
Habus MUXX2047
Hadbaram MUXX1078
Haddis MUXX0397
Hadf MUXX2048
Hadi Thabil MUXX1765
Hadib MUXX0398
Hadirah MUXX0399
Hadsh MUXX0400
Hadsha`ab MUXX1079
Haffah MUXX1546
Hafit MUXX2049
Haima MUXX0017
Hajar MUXX0402
Hajarir MUXX1080
Hajir MUXX0403
Hajir MUXX1766
Hajir MUXX1324
Hajir Rakah MUXX0797
Hajirah MUXX0404
Hajlat al Yahi MUXX1081
Hajlat Harad MUXX1924
Hajz MUXX0405
Hakkan MUXX1767
Halahil MUXX0406
Halban MUXX1325
Halfah MUXX1768
Halhal MUXX0067
Hall MUXX1547
Hall Samasim MUXX1548
Haluf MUXX1082
Halut MUXX1083
Hamad MUXX2050
Hamadiyin MUXX0798
Hamah MUXX2051
Hamah MUXX1326
Hamim MUXX1327
Hamitah MUXX0799
Hamizah MUXX0408
Hamma MUXX0800
Hammam MUXX1769
Hammam al `Ali MUXX1328
Hamrat ad Duru` MUXX0801
Hamsi MUXX1549
Hana MUXX1550
Hanfit MUXX1084
Hanhawd MUXX1085
Hansi MUXX0409
Haqabat Arokub MUXX1086
Haqabit MUXX1087
Haradi MUXX0410
Haramil MUXX1329
Harat al Balush MUXX0412
Harat al Hisn MUXX2052
Harat al Ju` MUXX0413
Harat al Khatwah MUXX2053
Harat al Marakah MUXX0414
Harat al Nadd MUXX2054
Harat ash Shaykh MUXX0415
Harat Bani `Isa MUXX1770
Harat Bidih MUXX1771
Harat Raha MUXX0802
Harat Rumran MUXX0411
Hardhi MUXX2055
Harf MUXX1551
Harf Bani Hamud MUXX1552
Harf Ghabi MUXX1553
Harim MUXX2056
Harim MUXX0416
Harimah MUXX0417
Harimah MUXX1772
Harmali MUXX0418
Harmuzi MUXX2057
Harrah MUXX1773
Hasam MUXX2058
Hasha MUXX0419
Hasik MUXX0068
Hassas MUXX0803
Hat MUXX0420
Hawiyah MUXX0069
Hawl MUXX1774
Hawqayn MUXX0421
Hawshak MUXX1555
Hayawt MUXX1088
Haybah MUXX1556
Haybi MUXX0422
Hayfaz MUXX1330
Hayi MUXX0423
Hayjar MUXX0424
Hayjari MUXX1089
Hayl MUXX0425
Hayl MUXX1775
Hayl MUXX2060
Hayl al Farfar MUXX2063
Hayl al Ghaf MUXX1332
Hayl al Ghafar MUXX0431
Hayl al Kabir MUXX1333
Hayl Al `Umayr MUXX1331
Hayl as Safil MUXX2065
Hayl Bani Kathir MUXX0426
Hayl el Kahuf MUXX0433
Hayl Hamiyah MUXX0427
Hayl Juwari MUXX0428
Hayl Manadhirah MUXX2061
Hayl Ra`sah MUXX0429
Hayl Sulayman MUXX2062
Hayl Yaman MUXX0430
Hayla MUXX0070
Haylah MUXX2066
Haylar Rass MUXX2067
Haylashi MUXX0434
Haylat Bin `Anuz MUXX1925
Haylat Bin `Aruq MUXX1926
Haylat Harashif MUXX1927
Haylayn MUXX0435
Hayli MUXX0805
Haymiliyah MUXX0436
Hayr Khazinaw MUXX1557
Hayr Salam MUXX1558
Hayrun MUXX1090
Hayy al Wizarat MUXX1334
Hayy as Saruj MUXX1335
Hayy as Sifarat MUXX1336
Hayy ash Shati MUXX1091
Hayy az Zahir MUXX1337
Hayyal MUXX2068
Hayzan MUXX1338
Hazm MUXX0071
Hezar MUXX1092
Hibb MUXX1559
Hibra MUXX0437
Hida MUXX1776
Hifri MUXX0438
Hijal MUXX0440
Hijar MUXX0441
Hijari MUXX0442
Hil MUXX1560
Hilf MUXX1777
Hillat al Balush MUXX0444
Hillat al Hisn MUXX1778
Hillat Burj MUXX0443
Hilm MUXX1779
Hindarut MUXX0807
Hiql MUXX0072
Hirmut MUXX0808
Hisn Mazyad MUXX2069
Hubat MUXX0809
Hubi MUXX0447
Hudniyah MUXX0448
Huffi MUXX0449
Hulayfah MUXX1780
Hulayhil MUXX0450
Hulaylat MUXX0451
Hulw MUXX1339
Humaydah MUXX0452
Humayrah MUXX0453
Humer MUXX1781
Huqayf MUXX1093
Husayfin MUXX0454
Huwayl MUXX0455
Huwayl MUXX2070
Huwaylat MUXX2071
Huwayniyah MUXX1561
Huzayn MUXX0456
Ibra MUXX0016
Ibri MUXX0074
Ina MUXX1094
Indaf MUXX1095
Inkeyzeti MUXX1096
Insaid MUXX2072
Inshaf MUXX1097
Irowk MUXX1098
Irqat MUXX1099
Istal MUXX0457
Ithaff MUXX1100
Ithi MUXX1101
Izki MUXX0075
Jabal Ghawil MUXX2073
Jabal Khasbar MUXX1103
Jabrin MUXX0812
Jadayrat MUXX1104
Jadid MUXX1783
Jahaneen MUXX0076
Jahfiyah MUXX0813
Jahilah MUXX0814
Jahis MUXX1784
Jahl MUXX1785
Jahlut MUXX1340
Jal MUXX1341
Jalah MUXX0815
Jalidah MUXX1105
Jammah MUXX0459
Janub ad Dahariz MUXX1107
Jarbayb MUXX1108
Jardamanah MUXX0816
Jardum MUXX1109
Jarziz MUXX1110
Jawdah MUXX1786
Jaylah MUXX0817
Jaylah MUXX1787
Ja`arah MUXX0458
Ja`fariyah MUXX0810
Ja`man MUXX1102
Jibjat MUXX0077
Jifar MUXX1342
Jifrah MUXX2074
Jill ar Raddah MUXX0818
Jimah MUXX0819
Jinah MUXX0820
Jinan Bin Watash MUXX1111
Jinnah MUXX1343
Jizwah MUXX0821
Jubaylat MUXX0822
Jufayf MUXX2075
Jumarah MUXX0823
Junawl MUXX1112
Junayz al Janubi MUXX1788
Jurakh MUXX0824
Jurayd MUXX0460
Jurayf MUXX1790
Juraym MUXX0461
Juwaybi MUXX1791
Juwibiyat MUXX0825
Kabiyah MUXX0826
Kabkab MUXX1344
Kahal MUXX2076
Kahanat MUXX0462
Kahf al Humayr MUXX0463
Kalban MUXX1792
Kalbuh MUXX1345
Kamah MUXX0827
Kamfarah MUXX0464
Kanamt MUXX1562
Kanit MUXX0465
Karku MUXX0828
Karshayt MUXX1113
Kartlayt MUXX1114
Kebka MUXX1115
Kerral MUXX1116
Khabbah MUXX0466
Khabban MUXX1931
Khabbayn MUXX2077
Khabr Hay MUXX1563
Khabt MUXX0467
Khaburat Yanqul MUXX2078
Khadfier MUXX0468
Khadhil MUXX2079
Khadhra MUXX0469
Khadirah MUXX0829
Khadrakoor MUXX1117
Khafifah MUXX1794
Khaftawt MUXX1118
Khahil MUXX1932
Khalaghal MUXX1564
Khalil MUXX0473
Khalli MUXX2080
Khaluf MUXX1933
Khamid MUXX1565
Khan MUXX0078
Kharishn MUXX1119
Khasaf MUXX0474
Khashbah MUXX0832
Khashub MUXX0476
Khassab MUXX0004
Khasur MUXX1120
Khatm Kabir MUXX1566
Khatmat Malahah MUXX0477
Khatr MUXX1567
Khatum MUXX0478
Khatwah MUXX2081
Khawbi MUXX1346
Khawr al Asrah MUXX0483
Khawr al Jaramah MUXX1795
Khawr al Milh MUXX0484
Khawr Hammam MUXX0479
Khawr Hulw MUXX0480
Khawr Ma`la MUXX1568
Khawr Rawri MUXX1121
Khawr Siyabi MUXX0481
Khawr Zammah MUXX0482
Khawriyah MUXX1796
Khayfiyah MUXX0833
Khaysat MUXX1122
Khazar MUXX0834
Khedit MUXX1123
Khejeen MUXX1124
Khidr Marghuth MUXX1125
Khilah MUXX0835
Khishdah MUXX0485
Khlayhawr MUXX1126
Khorr MUXX1127
Khubar MUXX0836
Khubaytah MUXX0486
Khubrah MUXX0487
Khudar MUXX0837
Khulaybah MUXX0488
Khuldah MUXX2082
Khush MUXX0838
Khuwaylah MUXX2083
Khuzinah MUXX0839
Kibdiyah MUXX1797
Kibrit MUXX1934
Kinhat MUXX1128
Kirshah MUXX0840
Kirub MUXX0489
Kitheort MUXX1129
Kitnah MUXX2084
Kizetakhayf MUXX1130
Kizit MUXX1131
Kubarah MUXX0080
Kumza MUXX0081
Kumzar MUXX1569
Kusat MUXX1132
Lahayay MUXX1571
Lakabi MUXX0082
Lakayym MUXX1572
Lakbah MUXX1935
Lali Laynah MUXX0490
Lamehos MUXX1573
Lasmu MUXX1347
Lawqaybawt MUXX1574
Layh MUXX1798
Layjah MUXX0491
Lekfayir MUXX1575
Lihban MUXX0492
Limah MUXX0083
Limhas MUXX1576
Liqbi MUXX1936
Lizq MUXX1799
Lushil MUXX0493
Luwayb MUXX1577
Luzugh MUXX0841
Maart MUXX1135
Mabrah MUXX0494
Macula MUXX1800
Madabbah MUXX2087
Madam MUXX1349
Madarah MUXX0846
Madinat al Haqq MUXX1136
Madinat al I`lam MUXX1350
Madruj MUXX0495
Magam MUXX1579
Maghdar MUXX1801
Maghsat MUXX1802
Maghsil MUXX0496
Maghyuth MUXX0847
Mahadat MUXX0497
Mahalil MUXX0498
Mahaliyah MUXX0848
Mahall MUXX1137
Mahani MUXX0499
Mahaniyah MUXX2088
Mahatt MUXX1803
Mahbab MUXX0500
Mahbat MUXX0501
Mahbub MUXX0849
Mahdah MUXX0085
Mahdus MUXX0502
Mahlah MUXX1804
Mahmum MUXX0503
Mahram MUXX0850
Mahyul MUXX2089
Mahyul MUXX0851
Mahyul MUXX0504
Majan MUXX0505
Majaz al Kubra MUXX0506
Majaz as Sughra MUXX0507
Majazah MUXX0852
Majhal MUXX0508
Majis MUXX0509
Majrirah MUXX0853
Majzi MUXX2090
Majzi MUXX0510
Makhibiyah MUXX0854
Makhsain MUXX1939
Manakhir MUXX0855
Manazif MUXX1940
Manithirah MUXX0856
Manjurin MUXX2091
Mansal MUXX1580
Mansur MUXX0511
Maqammah MUXX0513
Maqaqah MUXX1581
Maqa`isah MUXX0512
Maqdawrawt MUXX1138
Maqham MUXX0514
Maqlab MUXX1582
Maqniyat MUXX0086
Maqta`ah MUXX1805
Maqyubi MUXX0515
Marbat MUXX0087
Marboosh MUXX0088
Marmul MUXX0010
Marwani MUXX1583
Masah MUXX2093
Masakin Shabiyah MUXX2094
Masharub MUXX2095
Mashin MUXX0516
Mashuq MUXX0517
Masil MUXX2096
Masirah MUXX0009
Masirat Nakhr MUXX0857
Masirat Ruwajih MUXX0518
Maskin MUXX2097
Masnaah MUXX0091
Masqab MUXX1353
Masrun MUXX1806
Matbat as Safil MUXX2098
Matid MUXX0519
Matla`ah MUXX1139
Matrah MUXX0002
Mawalih MUXX1354
Mawi MUXX1584
Mawiyah MUXX0520
Mawrid Sidwi MUXX1585
Mayat MUXX1586
Maydal MUXX1587
Maydan MUXX2099
Mayhah MUXX0522
Maysar MUXX0858
Mazahit MUXX0523
Mazim MUXX0093
Mazra` MUXX0859
Mazra` MUXX0524
Mazra` MUXX1807
Mazra` al Ghaf MUXX0860
Mazra` al Hadri MUXX1357
Mazra` Ghulaylah MUXX1355
Mazra` Khusayyin MUXX1356
Mazra` Zarka` MUXX1808
Mazra`at al Qasf MUXX0526
Mazra`at Qayd MUXX1358
Mazub MUXX2100
Ma`amir MUXX0842
Ma`bar MUXX1938
Ma`idin MUXX0843
Ma`mad MUXX0844
Ma`mur MUXX2086
Ma`murah MUXX0845
Ma`murah MUXX1134
Ma`ul MUXX1348
Mibam MUXX1809
Midah MUXX1588
Miji MUXX0094
Milah MUXX1810
Minabak MUXX0529
Minsift MUXX1361
Mintaf MUXX1590
Minthar MUXX2102
Mintirib MUXX1811
Min`a MUXX0528
Mirah MUXX0864
Mirbat MUXX1140
Misfah MUXX0530
Misfah MUXX1812
Misfah MUXX0865
Misfah MUXX2103
Misfah al `Ali MUXX1364
Misfah as Safil MUXX1365
Misin MUXX0532
Misliq MUXX1813
Miss MUXX0867
Mithqub MUXX1366
Mizbar MUXX0868
Mi`wal MUXX2101
Mubayq MUXX1591
Mudaybi MUXX0871
Mudayrah MUXX0872
Mudayy MUXX0096
Mudbugha MUXX1814
Mudrah MUXX0873
Mudri MUXX0874
Mughbariyah MUXX0875
Mughrah MUXX1367
Mughsayl MUXX0097
Mughshin MUXX1141
Muhaydith MUXX1368
Muhya MUXX1369
Mukaysah MUXX0876
Mukhaylif MUXX0533
Mukhaysirah MUXX1370
Mukhayti MUXX0534
Mukhi MUXX1592
Mukhsayr MUXX0098
Mukhtari` MUXX0877
Multaqa Hadriyah MUXX1371
Multaqa Sharak MUXX1815
Multaqa `Alwiyah MUXX0878
Munayzif MUXX1372
Munjarid MUXX0099
Munqas MUXX1816
Muntayfah MUXX0535
Muqal MUXX0100
Muqasarit MUXX0101
Muqaydan MUXX2105
Muqayhfah MUXX0879
Muqaz MUXX0536
Muqraymatayn MUXX1817
Muqshur MUXX0537
Muqur MUXX0538
Murarah MUXX0539
Murayfi` MUXX2106
Murayjat MUXX0540
Murayrat MUXX0102
Muraysi MUXX0541
Murih MUXX0880
Murihah MUXX0542
Murji MUXX0543
Murrah MUXX1373
Murri MUXX2107
Murri MUXX0544
Murtafa`at Saham MUXX0545
Musalla MUXX1818
Musawa MUXX1819
Musayb MUXX1820
Musaydirah MUXX2108
Musayfiyah MUXX0546
Musayna`ah MUXX0547
Musayni`iyah MUXX2109
Muscat MUXX0003
Mushabbah MUXX0549
Mushaqasah MUXX2110
Mushayq MUXX0550
Mushir MUXX2111
Musibit MUXX0881
Muslaf MUXX0551
Muslimat MUXX0552
Mutayli` MUXX1821
Mutayrah MUXX1375
Muti MUXX0882
Mutrah MUXX1376
Muwaffaq MUXX1142
Muwaybin MUXX0553
Muzaynah MUXX2112
Mu` askar `Ibri MUXX2104
Mu`aydin MUXX0869
Mu`tamar MUXX0870
Nabr MUXX0554
Nadan MUXX2113
Nadhifi MUXX1593
Naft MUXX1822
Nafun MUXX1941
Naf`ah MUXX1377
Nagur Jarziz MUXX1143
Nahdah MUXX0883
Nahiz MUXX1144
Nahur MUXX1145
Naid MUXX1146
Najd MUXX2114
Najd MUXX0555
Najid MUXX0884
Nakhl MUXX0556
Nakhr MUXX0885
Nakhshah MUXX0557
Naqsi MUXX0104
Nasab MUXX1147
Nattalah MUXX0105
Nawah MUXX1594
Nazab MUXX1148
Nazwa MUXX0558
Niad MUXX1595
Nibah MUXX1596
Nida MUXX0106
Nidab MUXX0886
Nigrit MUXX1149
Nimr MUXX1942
Nizwa MUXX0018
Nujum MUXX1378
Numan MUXX0559
Nura MUXX1597
Nuway MUXX0108
Owtar MUXX1150
Qabbah MUXX1598
Qadah MUXX1599
Qadhait MUXX1152
Qafa MUXX1153
Qafis MUXX1825
Qaftat MUXX1154
Qairoon Hairiti MUXX0014
Qairoon Hairitti MUXX1155
Qalhat MUXX1826
Qanah MUXX1600
Qanatir MUXX1827
Qandeen MUXX1156
Qantab MUXX1380
Qar Khul Qabal MUXX1601
Qarat al Milh MUXX1157
Qarat az Zunji MUXX1602
Qardayt MUXX1158
Qarib MUXX1381
Qarn MUXX1382
Qarn Sawadiyah MUXX0888
Qarr MUXX1828
Qarr Shamis MUXX0560
Qarthit MUXX1159
Qarut al `Ulya MUXX0889
Qarut as Sufla MUXX0890
Qarutah MUXX2117
Qaryah MUXX1383
Qaryah MUXX2118
Qaryat al Firay MUXX1832
Qaryat al `Ayjah MUXX1833
Qaryat as Samar MUXX1834
Qaryat Dafiyat MUXX1829
Qaryat Maghilah MUXX0084
Qaryat Shi`inzi MUXX1830
Qaryat `Umq MUXX1831
Qasah MUXX1836
Qasa`ah MUXX1835
Qashah MUXX0565
Qasini MUXX0566
Qatan MUXX1160
Qatar MUXX1384
Qata`ah MUXX1837
Qayd MUXX1385
Qaysad MUXX0110
Qayut MUXX0567
Qa`b MUXX1823
Qa`idi MUXX2116
Qibah MUXX0891
Qitbit MUXX1161
Qitqawt MUXX1162
Qizmi MUXX0569
Qubiyat MUXX0570
Quff MUXX1838
Qulayyah MUXX0571
Qumaylah MUXX1839
Qumayrah MUXX2119
Qurah MUXX0572
Qurayyah MUXX0573
Qurayyat MUXX1387
Qurayyih al Qata MUXX1840
Quri MUXX0892
Qurm MUXX1388
Qurta MUXX1389
Qurtah MUXX0893
Qusaydat MUXX1603
Quwayrah MUXX0111
Qu` Wisham MUXX1943
Qu`ayd MUXX1386
Rabiyat al Qurm MUXX1390
Raddah MUXX0575
Rafsah MUXX1842
Raf`ah MUXX2120
Rahab MUXX0576
Rahbah MUXX0577
Rahn MUXX1163
Rakabi MUXX0578
Rakhbah MUXX0894
Rakhyut MUXX1164
Rakzah MUXX2121
Ramlah MUXX0112
Ramlah MUXX1843
Raqi MUXX1944
Rasibah MUXX0895
Rasin MUXX0896
Rasis MUXX0897
Rassah MUXX2122
Rassier MUXX1844
Rawdah MUXX0579
Rawdah MUXX0898
Rayda.h MUXX1165
Rayibah MUXX2123
Raysut MUXX1166
Raythathey MUXX1167
Rayy MUXX2124
Reoob MUXX1168
Rihani MUXX0900
Rija` MUXX1391
Rijlah MUXX0580
Rikab ash Shibb MUXX1607
Rimthah MUXX2125
Riqqah MUXX0581
Rism MUXX1169
Rissah MUXX0901
Rissah MUXX2126
Riyam MUXX1392
Rubat MUXX1608
Rubiyah MUXX1609
Rubkah MUXX0902
Ruddah MUXX1845
Rudha MUXX1170
Ruhaybah MUXX1610
Rukab ash Shabb MUXX1611
Rukhdayn MUXX0583
Rumaylah MUXX0113
Rumays MUXX1393
Ruqqah MUXX0585
Rusayl MUXX1394
Rushayd MUXX0586
Ruwaydah MUXX1846
Ruwaylah MUXX0587
Ruwaylat Badw MUXX0588
Ruways MUXX1612
Ruwi MUXX1395
Ruwi Gharbi MUXX1396
Sabakh MUXX0592
Sabkhat MUXX0907
Sabt MUXX1847
Sad MUXX1398
Sadadib MUXX2127
Sadah MUXX1171
Sadam MUXX0593
Sadan MUXX0594
Sadh MUXX0114
Safah MUXX0908
Safaij MUXX1848
Safil MUXX0909
Safqut MUXX1172
Safwan MUXX2128
Sahalnawt MUXX1173
Saham MUXX0596
Sahayli MUXX1849
Sahb an Nun MUXX1613
Sahban MUXX2129
Sahil MUXX1399
Sahil Harmul MUXX0597
Sahsaha MUXX1614
Sahsahan MUXX1615
Said MUXX0115
Sailal MUXX1174
Saiq MUXX0021
Saitaw MUXX1175
Sakum MUXX1176
Sal MUXX1850
Salalah MUXX0012
Salalah al Wusta MUXX1178
Salam MUXX0598
Salayah MUXX1616
Salaylah MUXX0599
Salfi MUXX1400
Salh MUXX0600
Salhad MUXX1617
Salib MUXX1618
Salifah MUXX1401
Salil MUXX1619
Sall al A`la MUXX1624
Sall al Kabir MUXX1625
Sall Hamdan MUXX1620
Sall Istam MUXX1621
Sall Khawr MUXX1622
Sall Malik MUXX1623
Sallan MUXX0601
Sallan MUXX1402
Sallat Ashaba MUXX1626
Salma.h MUXX1851
Salmah MUXX0602
Salmiyah MUXX1852
Salut MUXX0603
Samad MUXX0118
Samail MUXX0019
Samakt MUXX1403
Saman MUXX1853
Samhan MUXX0604
Samud MUXX1854
Sanat MUXX1627
Sanaw MUXX0120
Sanhiyat MUXX0605
Sanqar MUXX0606
Sant MUXX2130
Saqah MUXX0607
Saqilah MUXX2131
Saqlah MUXX0608
Saqrah MUXX0609
Sarbih MUXX2132
Sarfanah MUXX2133
Sarid MUXX2134
Sarin MUXX1404
Sarkhar MUXX1179
Sarur MUXX0121
Sawqirah MUXX0122
Sawt MUXX1628
Sawt MUXX1855
Saybah MUXX0610
Saydah MUXX1856
Sayfam MUXX0911
Sayfayr MUXX1180
Sayh MUXX0912
Sayh adh Dhabi MUXX1406
Sayh al Asfal MUXX1629
Sayh al Malih MUXX1407
Sayh at Tamam MUXX1408
Sayh Ramdah MUXX1405
Sayhakil MUXX1630
Sayjah MUXX0913
Sayjani MUXX0914
Saynah MUXX0611
Sayq MUXX1858
Sayq MUXX0612
Sayr MUXX0613
Sayyah MUXX2135
Sa`ab MUXX0590
Sa`al MUXX1397
Sa`dah MUXX0904
Sa`id MUXX0905
Sa`id Bin Sahran MUXX0906
Sa`idah MUXX0591
Sehab MUXX1181
Sehaff MUXX1182
Shafa MUXX0123
Shafi` MUXX0916
Shafya MUXX1183
Shaghaf MUXX1859
Shahiq MUXX1860
Shakhakhit MUXX1409
Shakhbut MUXX0614
Shalim MUXX0124
Sham MUXX0615
Shamm MUXX1631
Shanitah MUXX2136
Shanut MUXX0616
Shaq MUXX0917
Sharbithat MUXX1186
Sharik MUXX0919
Shariq MUXX1861
Shariyah MUXX0617
Shari`ah MUXX0918
Sharjah MUXX0618
Sharjat Saqabah MUXX0619
Sharkh MUXX0125
Sharmilah MUXX1632
Sharq al Mahaj MUXX1411
Sharqatayn MUXX0920
Sharqi Hafit MUXX2137
Sharyah MUXX1633
Sharyat Ayqal MUXX1634
Sharyatayn MUXX1862
Shat MUXX1863
Shawah MUXX1635
Shaww MUXX0620
Shibith MUXX1188
Shibob MUXX1189
Shidah MUXX0621
Shidaq MUXX1945
Shiinzi MUXX0126
Shijah MUXX1864
Shinas MUXX0127
Shiqqat al `Awd MUXX1946
Shirs Yal Burayk MUXX0622
Shisah MUXX1636
Shisar MUXX1190
Shi`b Nahiz MUXX1187
Shubaykah MUXX0623
Shufi MUXX1866
Shufrah MUXX1637
Shuhayt MUXX1192
Shukayli MUXX1412
Shumayt MUXX2138
Shurayjah MUXX0624
Shurayjah MUXX0921
Shurayjat MUXX0922
Shuwah MUXX0625
Shuwaymirah MUXX0626
Shuwayr MUXX0128
Shuway`i MUXX0923
Shu`aymiyah MUXX1191
Sib MUXX0924
Sibi MUXX1638
Sidab MUXX1413
Sidaq MUXX0628
Sihah MUXX0629
Sihlat MUXX0630
Sikun Shikfainot MUXX1193
Silad MUXX1639
Silay MUXX1414
Silhi MUXX1640
Sima MUXX1641
Sinaf MUXX1868
Sinni MUXX0631
Sinsilah MUXX0925
Sint MUXX2139
Siqattah MUXX1642
Sir MUXX2140
Sirab MUXX0632
Sirqan MUXX0926
Siserun MUXX1194
Siyaq MUXX0633
Siyudin MUXX0927
Siyyah MUXX0928
Si` MUXX0627
Smoor MUXX1195
Sohar Majis MUXX0006
Subakh MUXX0634
Subat al `Awd MUXX0929
Subayb MUXX2141
Subaykhah MUXX2142
Subaykhah MUXX0635
Subtan MUXX1643
Sudamah MUXX2143
Sudh MUXX1196
Sudi MUXX0636
Sufalat Dank MUXX2145
Sufalat Misfah MUXX0930
Sufun MUXX1870
Suhal MUXX0637
Suhar MUXX0130
Suhaylah MUXX0638
Suhayrah MUXX0639
Sulawah MUXX0640
Sulayb MUXX1644
Sulaymi MUXX0932
Sultiyah MUXX0933
Sumaysim MUXX0641
Sumayyah MUXX1872
Sumayyan MUXX0131
Sumhuran MUXX1197
Sumrah MUXX0934
Sumut MUXX1873
Sunaybah MUXX0642
Sunaynah MUXX2146
Sunaysilah MUXX1874
Sunnar MUXX0132
Sunub MUXX1416
Sur MUXX0008
Sur ad Dawahinah MUXX0652
Sur al Balush MUXX0653
Sur Al Bu Khamis MUXX0643
Sur Al Hadid MUXX1417
Sur al Mazari` MUXX0654
Sur al `Abri MUXX0655
Sur ash Shiyadi MUXX0656
Sur Bani Hammad MUXX0644
Sur Khusaybi MUXX0646
Sur Laqtayt MUXX0647
Sur Maghabishah MUXX0649
Sur Masirah MUXX0134
Sur Ma`awil MUXX0648
Sur Yal Hillal MUXX0651
Suraj MUXX1418
Suraymah MUXX1875
Surayr MUXX1947
Suri MUXX0657
Suwadi `Alwa MUXX0658
Suwar MUXX0660
Suwayah MUXX1645
Suwayd MUXX0661
Suwayh MUXX1419
Suwayhirah MUXX0662
Suwaykimi MUXX1876
Suwayyah MUXX0663
Suwiqah MUXX0935
Tabaqah MUXX0664
Taburah MUXX1646
Taf al Qarha MUXX1647
Taff ar Rakhm MUXX1648
Tafif MUXX1649
Tahwah MUXX1878
Takham MUXX0665
Talh MUXX0666
Tanuf MUXX0135
Tan`am MUXX2147
Taqah MUXX0022
Taqub MUXX0667
Tarif MUXX0668
Tasah MUXX1650
Tasawir MUXX1421
Tawi al Badu MUXX0671
Tawi al Hayl MUXX0672
Tawi al Qarinat MUXX0673
Tawi Bedi Guish MUXX0669
Tawi Harim MUXX2148
Tawi Khuzayriyah MUXX2149
Tawi Kuraysh MUXX0936
Tawi Mansur MUXX1422
Tawi Muqayriyah MUXX2150
Tawi Nawimiya MUXX2151
Tawi Nuss MUXX0937
Tawi Rumayih MUXX2152
Tawi Sadh MUXX0938
Tawi Sih MUXX0670
Tawi Sulaym MUXX1879
Tawi `Aqdah MUXX2153
Tawi `Ubayd MUXX2154
Tawidah MUXX0939
Tawiyah MUXX0940
Tawiyah MUXX0674
Tawiyan MUXX1423
Tawiyan Yiti MUXX1424
Tawj MUXX1651
Tawqs MUXX1198
Taww MUXX1425
Taww MUXX0675
Taymissah MUXX0941
Taywah MUXX1881
Tayyib MUXX0137
Ta`ab MUXX1877
Ta`n MUXX1420
Teetaan MUXX1199
Teyq MUXX1200
Thabiti MUXX1882
Thaloot MUXX1201
Thaqib MUXX0676
Tharfait MUXX1202
Tharmad MUXX0677
Theb MUXX1426
Thinqayr MUXX1203
Thissor MUXX1204
Thumayd MUXX1427
Thumrait MUXX0011
Tikhah MUXX0678
Tiwi MUXX0139
Tubbah MUXX0679
Tul MUXX1883
Tumayt MUXX0680
Tunis MUXX1428
Turayf MUXX0681
Tuwaybah MUXX0682
Ukhaydir MUXX0943
Ulyah MUXX0140
Umbarawf MUXX1205
Umm Adailan MUXX0141
Umm al Ja`arif MUXX0683
Umm al `Unnah MUXX0684
Umm Rusays MUXX1884
Umm Salib MUXX2155
Unkulth MUXX1206
Uqdah MUXX1885
Urzuq MUXX1207
Wab al Sebil MUXX1657
Wabal MUXX0685
Wabal MUXX0944
Wadd MUXX0142
Wadi al Lawami MUXX1431
Wadi al Mayh MUXX1432
Wadi al `Arbiyin MUXX1433
Wadi al `Ayn MUXX1434
Wadi Bani Jabir MUXX1886
Wadi Bawshar MUXX1429
Wadi Hatat MUXX1430
Wadi Khasbar MUXX1208
Wadi Shirs MUXX0686
Wadi `Andam MUXX0945
Wadim MUXX0946
Wadiyayn MUXX2156
Waghlah MUXX1435
Wajmah MUXX0689
Wakan MUXX0690
Waljah MUXX1887
Waqbah MUXX2157
Waqif az Zabrah MUXX0691
Wariyah MUXX0947
Washihi MUXX1888
Washihi MUXX0948
Washil MUXX0949
Wasi MUXX1889
Wasit MUXX0143
Wasit MUXX1890
Wasit MUXX0950
Watif MUXX1948
Wayt MUXX0692
Wa`ab al Lif MUXX1655
Wa`ab Mubarak MUXX1653
Wa`ab `Ali MUXX1654
Wa`b al Fahl MUXX1656
Werrsaar MUXX1209
Wihi al Murr MUXX0951
Wishal MUXX0693
Wughlah MUXX0952
Wukabah MUXX0695
Yahi Risakh MUXX1210
Yankit MUXX1436
Yanqul MUXX0144
Yawiyah MUXX0696
Yidah MUXX1658
Yidiyah al Bahr MUXX1660
Yidiyah Safiyah MUXX1659
Yimah MUXX1661
Yistin MUXX1891
Yiti MUXX1437
Yiyailah MUXX1662
Zab MUXX2158
Zabyah MUXX0700
Zab`in MUXX0699
Zaghi MUXX1663
Zahr MUXX1949
Zahr Sidrah MUXX1438
Zahrayn MUXX1664
Zahur MUXX0701
Zammah MUXX0702
Zawajah MUXX0703
Zawliyah MUXX1950
Zaybah MUXX0704
Zaydi MUXX1892
Zaymi MUXX0705
Za`faran MUXX0698
Zghiu MUXX2159
Zibarah MUXX1893
Zikt MUXX0953
Zilaft MUXX1894
Ziyan MUXX0706
Zukayt MUXX0954
Zuwayhir MUXX0707
`Abat MUXX1895
`Abayah MUXX1439
`Abbasah MUXX0708
`Ablah MUXX2161
`Addah MUXX1896
`Addas MUXX1665
`Ajib MUXX0709
`Akur MUXX0710
`Alayah MUXX0711
`Alayat Dank MUXX2162
`Alayat Misfah MUXX0955
`Ali Khamis MUXX1666
`Amis MUXX1667
`Amq MUXX0712
`Amqah MUXX2163
`Aqabat MUXX1668
`Aqabat `Asu MUXX1669
`Aqbiyah MUXX1440
`Aqil MUXX0957
`Aqr MUXX1897
`Aqr MUXX0713
`Arfit MUXX1211
`Arqabat MUXX1671
`Arqi MUXX1441
`Ashub MUXX1672
`Awabi MUXX1442
`Awf MUXX1898
`Aybut MUXX1214
`Aydum MUXX1215
`Ayja MUXX1899
`Ayn MUXX0958
`Ayn al Mahab MUXX0715
`Ayn as Si MUXX1673
`Ayn `Amq MUXX0714
`Aynayn MUXX1901
`Aynayn MUXX1443
`Ayniyah MUXX0716
`Ayun MUXX1902
`Ibri MUXX2164
`Ubaylah MUXX2165
`Ulub MUXX1216
`Ulyah MUXX1903
`Umq ar Rabakh MUXX1905
`Uqdah MUXX0717
`Uqdat Haishbad MUXX2166
`Urf MUXX1906
`Uwaydat MUXX0718
`Uwaynah MUXX0959
`Uyun MUXX1217
`Uyun MUXX1907
`Uyun MUXX0719