Weather Codes for North Korea

Find Weather Codes or Weather Zip Codes for states and cities in North Korea. Weather Codes references a specified Location and is used to get weather of that place accurately. They are used by The Weather Channel( by IBM), Yahoo! Weather, AOL Weather and many such weather forecasting platforms. It is similar to Yahoo's WOEID(Where On the Earth ID) that is used to represent each place uniquely.

You can know the weather of any place precisely with the help of weather codes. Find the current weather of your state or city by clicking on it. You will be redirected to The Weather Channel site with your weather code for accurate weather forecast.

A-dong KNXX1879
Adong-ni KNXX6695
Aejong KNXX9461
Aeng-gol KNXX6696
Aengdang-dong KNXX9462
Aengga-ri KNXX9463
Aengjong-ni KNXX9464
Aesan-dong KNXX9465
Aeu-dong KNXX9466
Aho-dong KNXX9467
Ahomiha-dong KNXX0191
Ahomisang-dong KNXX0192
Ahopkubul KNXX9468
Ahundogi KNXX6697
Ahyon-dong KNXX9469
Ahyon-ni KNXX9470
Aijin KNXX0193
Al-li KNXX9471
Allang-ni KNXX9472
Allyang-ni KNXX9473
Allye-gol KNXX4486
Alme-gol KNXX1883
Ambang-dong KNXX4487
Amgi-dong KNXX4489
Amhoe-dong KNXX4490
Ami-gol KNXX0194
Ami-ri KNXX9476
Amja-dong KNXX0195
Amjo KNXX9477
Amjo KNXX4491
Amjo-dong KNXX1885
Amjon-dong KNXX9478
Amjong KNXX1886
Amnae KNXX9479
Amnam-dong KNXX9480
Amsa-ri KNXX1887
An-dong KNXX9486
An-dong KNXX0197
An-gol KNXX6705
An-gol KNXX1890
An-gol KNXX0198
An-gol KNXX4496
An-gol KNXX9487
Anak KNXX0021
Anansimi KNXX9488
Anbak-kol KNXX6706
Anban KNXX9489
Anbomsan KNXX9490
Anbong-dong KNXX9491
Anbong-ni KNXX1891
Anbyon KNXX0022
Andae-gol KNXX1893
Andaesang-gol KNXX6707
Andari KNXX9494
Ando-dong KNXX0201
Ando-ri KNXX6708
Ando-ri KNXX0202
Andok-tong KNXX9495
Andol KNXX4498
Andol KNXX0203
Andol-gol KNXX9496
Andol-li KNXX0204
Andol-tong KNXX4499
Andong-dong KNXX1894
Andong-ni KNXX6709
Andore KNXX4500
Andumu KNXX9497
Angol-maul KNXX6710
Angsidong-ni KNXX6711
Angwol-tong KNXX9498
Anha-dong KNXX0206
Anha-ri KNXX0207
Anhoui-dong KNXX4501
Anhul-tong KNXX9499
Anhung-dong KNXX4502
Anhung-ni KNXX6712
Anhyol-li KNXX9500
Anhyon-dong KNXX4503
Anhyop-tong KNXX9501
Anjaegae KNXX1895
Anji-dong KNXX9502
Anjin-dong KNXX4504
Anjonjang KNXX4505
Anju KNXX0018
Anju-dong KNXX4506
Anjung-ni KNXX0208
Anjunul-li KNXX1896
Ankkonmi KNXX9503
Ankkotchol-gol KNXX1897
Anmal KNXX6713
Anme-dong KNXX9504
Anmin-dong KNXX4507
Annam-gol KNXX1898
Ansaemal KNXX1900
Ansan KNXX9505
Ansan KNXX6715
Ansan KNXX1901
Ansan-dong KNXX9506
Ansang-dong KNXX0211
Ansang-ni KNXX0212
Ansi-ri KNXX6716
Ansidongniyangji KNXX6717
Ansim-ni KNXX6718
Ansin-dong KNXX1903
Ansogun KNXX6719
Ansolgogae KNXX9507
Ansommal KNXX1904
Ansong KNXX1905
Ansong-gol KNXX9508
Anwol-li KNXX4509
Anyang-dong KNXX9512
Anyongmi-ri KNXX6721
Aoji-ri KNXX4510
Ap-maul KNXX4512
Apkang-dong KNXX4513
Apso-dong KNXX1909
Apsoman KNXX6722
Apsu-dong KNXX9513
Arae-tokchang KNXX9514
Araebangganmal KNXX9515
Araebuhung-ni KNXX9516
Araedambau KNXX1911
Araegalchom-ni KNXX0214
Araegandam-dong KNXX9518
Araegapsan-gol KNXX6723
Araegomul KNXX1912
Araegosinun KNXX1913
Araegubi KNXX4515
Araeguji KNXX6724
Araehaksa KNXX4517
Araejang-gol KNXX1914
Araejol-gol KNXX6726
Araejollung KNXX1915
Araek-kol KNXX4518
Araekama-gol KNXX6727
Araemoru-gol KNXX1916
Araen-mal KNXX4519
Araenaemak KNXX0216
Araenamju KNXX0217
Araenung-gol KNXX9519
Araesabong KNXX9520
Araesoksok-kol KNXX6728
Araesong-gol KNXX9521
Araessaji KNXX4521
Araessuk-kol KNXX6729
Araesumijong KNXX1918
Araeun-gol KNXX1919
Araeyomsu-gol KNXX9522
Arang-dong KNXX9523
Arongsong-ni KNXX0218
Asan-dong KNXX4522
Asong-dong KNXX9525
Ayang-dong KNXX4523
Ayang-Ni KNXX0024
Cha-dong KNXX9690
Cha-dong KNXX4637
Cha-gol KNXX9691
Cha-ri KNXX2022
Chaa-dong KNXX6848
Chaa-ri KNXX6849
Chabok KNXX9692
Chabong-ni KNXX9693
Chadal-li KNXX9694
Chadan KNXX9695
Chadang-ni KNXX0295
Chadong-ni KNXX6850
Chadoragi KNXX2024
Chae-dong KNXX9696
Chae-gol KNXX2026
Chaea-ri KNXX0296
Chaeal-li KNXX6851
Chaeam KNXX4639
Chaeammol KNXX9697
Chaebong-dong KNXX2027
Chaebong-gol KNXX2028
Chaebong-gol KNXX4640
Chaedogi KNXX4643
Chaedok KNXX4644
Chaedong-ni KNXX2029
Chaegae-gol KNXX4645
Chaegung KNXX9700
Chaegung KNXX6852
Chaegung-dong KNXX4646
Chaegung-dong KNXX2030
Chaegung-dong KNXX6853
Chaegung-gol KNXX6854
Chaegung-ni KNXX9702
Chaegung-ni KNXX2031
Chaegyong-gol KNXX9703
Chaehu-dong KNXX9704
Chaehwan-gol KNXX0297
Chaehyon KNXX2032
Chaein KNXX6856
Chaek-kol KNXX2033
Chaekbau KNXX2034
Chaemal KNXX6857
Chaemyong-ni KNXX2035
Chaenamu KNXX9705
Chaeryong KNXX0026
Chaeryong-up KNXX9706
Chaesin-dong KNXX0299
Chaewon-ni KNXX6858
Chaeyang KNXX2036
Chaeyang-dong KNXX2037
Chaeyang-dong KNXX0300
Chaeyang-gol KNXX2038
Chaeyom KNXX9707
Chaeyong-dong KNXX4652
Chaga-ri KNXX4653
Chagabol KNXX0301
Chagae-dong KNXX0302
Chagaedung KNXX6859
Chagn-dong KNXX2040
Chagun-dong KNXX6861
Chagun-gol KNXX4656
Chagun-gol KNXX0303
Chagunan-gol KNXX6862
Chagunbaek-kol KNXX6863
Chagundadan KNXX4657
Chagundaek-kol KNXX0304
Chagundok-kol KNXX6864
Chagundu-gol KNXX2042
Chagunhan KNXX2043
Chagunjik-kol KNXX6866
Chagunjonggae KNXX6867
Chagunmalgundam KNXX6868
Chagunmok KNXX9709
Chagunoryu-gol KNXX2044
Chagunsaedegi KNXX9710
Chagunsakkol KNXX4659
Chagunsandu-gol KNXX2045
Chaguntalmedogi KNXX6871
Chaha-ri KNXX9713
Chahung-dong KNXX6872
Chahyon-dong KNXX9714
Chail-li KNXX0306
Chain-dong KNXX6873
Chajae-gol KNXX2046
Chajak KNXX2047
Chajak-kol KNXX2048
Chajak-kol KNXX9716
Chajak-tong KNXX9717
Chajak-tong KNXX4660
Chajak-tong KNXX6874
Chajak-tong KNXX0307
Chajang-ni KNXX2049
Chajil-li KNXX6875
Chajin-dong KNXX9718
Chajong-dong KNXX4661
Chak-kol KNXX2050
Chak-tong KNXX6876
Chakdo KNXX9720
Chakpak-kol KNXX2052
Chaksi-ri KNXX2053
Chakso-dong KNXX4662
Chaktal-gol KNXX4663
Chakto-dong KNXX6877
Chaktong-ni KNXX6878
Cham-dong KNXX6879
Cham-dong KNXX0309
Chambang-gol KNXX9721
Chamdu-dong KNXX2055
Chamhye-dong KNXX4664
Chami-dong KNXX9722
Chamsong-ni KNXX2056
Chan-gol KNXX9723
Chanda-ri KNXX9724
Chang-dong KNXX2057
Chang-dong KNXX6881
Chang-dong KNXX9725
Chang-dong KNXX0312
Chang-gol KNXX2058
Chang-gol KNXX4666
Chang-gol KNXX6882
Chang-gol KNXX0313
Chang-gol KNXX9726
Chang-ni KNXX0314
Chang-ni KNXX2059
Changae-gol KNXX2060
Changam KNXX2061
Changam-ni KNXX2062
Changam-ni KNXX9727
Changbak-kol KNXX4667
Changbang KNXX9728
Changbang-dong KNXX6884
Changbang-dong KNXX9729
Changbang-ni KNXX9730
Changbau KNXX2064
Changbau-dong KNXX9731
Changbok-tong KNXX2065
Changbu-dong KNXX0316
Changbu-dong KNXX2066
Changbul KNXX6885
Changdae KNXX9734
Changdae-dong KNXX2070
Changdaegi-dong KNXX9735
Changdogi KNXX4668
Changdok KNXX6889
Changdok KNXX4669
Changdokpau KNXX2071
Changdong-dong KNXX6891
Changdong-ni KNXX9736
Changdong-ni KNXX6892
Changdong-ni KNXX2072
Changdong-ni KNXX4670
Changdorijae KNXX9737
Changdul KNXX6893
Changdul-li KNXX9738
Changdung-dong KNXX9739
Changga-dong KNXX2073
Changgae KNXX4671
Changgae-gol KNXX9740
Changgaedok KNXX4672
Changgang KNXX0317
Changgi KNXX4673
Changgi-dong KNXX2074
Changgil KNXX9741
Changgogae KNXX2075
Changgok KNXX2076
Changgoltok KNXX4675
Changgong KNXX9742
Changgong-gol KNXX4676
Changgong-ni KNXX9743
Changgotchi KNXX9744
Changgu KNXX9745
Changgujae KNXX6895
Changgum-ni KNXX9746
Changgume KNXX9747
Changgumoe KNXX9748
Changgumol KNXX9749
Changgun-dong KNXX0318
Changgunbau KNXX2077
Changgung-ni KNXX9750
Changgunmae KNXX9751
Changgunmoe KNXX9752
Changgunsok KNXX9753
Changgyo-dong KNXX9754
Changgyong KNXX9755
Changha KNXX0320
Changha-ri KNXX9756
Changhae KNXX9757
Changhak-tong KNXX0321
Changhang KNXX4678
Changhang KNXX6896
Changhang-dong KNXX4679
Changhang-dong KNXX6898
Changhang-dong KNXX9758
Changhang-gol KNXX0323
Changhang-ni KNXX0324
Changho-ri KNXX6901
Changhudok KNXX6902
Changhung KNXX4680
Changhung KNXX9760
Changhung-dong KNXX4681
Changhung-dong KNXX2079
Changhung-dong KNXX0326
Changhung-ni KNXX0027
Changhung-ni KNXX0327
Changhwa-dong KNXX2080
Changhyol-li KNXX9761
Changhyon KNXX9762
Changhyon KNXX4682
Changhyon-dong KNXX4683
Changhyon-dong KNXX9763
Changhyon-dong KNXX0329
Changhyon-gol KNXX9764
Changhyon-ni KNXX9765
Changin-ni KNXX0028
Changja-dong KNXX0330
Changja-ri KNXX6906
Changjae KNXX6907
Changjae KNXX9766
Changjae-dong KNXX9767
Changjae-dong KNXX6908
Changjae-dong KNXX2081
Changjae-dong KNXX0331
Changjae-gol KNXX2082
Changjae-gol KNXX0332
Changjae-gol KNXX9768
Changjae-ri KNXX9769
Changjae-ri KNXX6909
Changjak-kol KNXX9770
Changji-dong KNXX2084
Changji-ri KNXX2085
Changjin KNXX0015
Changjok-tong KNXX0334
Changjol-li KNXX2086
Changjon KNXX0030
Changjon KNXX9771
Changjon-dong KNXX4684
Changjon-ni KNXX6911
Changjong-ni KNXX6912
Changjungmok KNXX4685
Changjwa-dong KNXX2087
Changjwa-gol KNXX2088
Changkoldok KNXX4686
Changmae-dong KNXX0335
Changmak KNXX0336
Changmigae KNXX6913
Changmugae KNXX9772
Changmuk-kol KNXX6914
Changmul-li KNXX6915
Changmul-li KNXX2090
Changmun-ni KNXX6916
Changmunanogwi KNXX4687
Changmyong-dong KNXX6917
Changnae KNXX9773
Changnae-ri KNXX6918
Changnam-ni KNXX6919
Changnim-dong KNXX9774
Changnim-ni KNXX0337
Changno-dong KNXX4688
Changnyang-ni KNXX6920
Changnyol-li KNXX9775
Changnyon-dong KNXX9776
Changnyonggae KNXX6921
Changnyuktang-ni KNXX2091
Chango-ri KNXX9777
Changpyong-ni KNXX0031
Changsa-dong KNXX9781
Changsa-ri KNXX2094
Changsadae KNXX6927
Changsaeng-dong KNXX4696
Changsaeng-gol KNXX9782
Changsal-li KNXX9783
Changsan KNXX6929
Changsan KNXX4698
Changsan-dong KNXX2095
Changsan-dong KNXX4699
Changsang-dong KNXX6930
Changsang-dong KNXX0342
Changse-dong KNXX2096
Changsokkyo KNXX9784
Changson-dong KNXX9785
Changsong-dong KNXX2097
Changsong-dong KNXX9786
Changsong-mal KNXX9787
Changsong-ni KNXX6931
Changsong-ni KNXX9788
Changsong-ni KNXX0343
Changsongdok KNXX0344
Changsongmun KNXX0345
Changsu-dong KNXX2098
Changsu-ri KNXX9789
Changsung-dong KNXX0346
Changsung-dong KNXX9790
Changul-li KNXX2099
Changwol-li KNXX9794
Changwol-tong KNXX9795
Changwolmae KNXX9796
Changyami KNXX9797
Changyang KNXX9798
Changyang KNXX2100
Changyang-dong KNXX2101
Changyang-dong KNXX9799
Changyang-ni KNXX2102
Changyangji KNXX0352
Changyon KNXX0032
Changyon-dong KNXX4700
Changyon-dong KNXX0353
Changyon-gol KNXX4701
Chanmagi KNXX0354
Channamu-gol KNXX6933
Chappat-kol KNXX9800
Charahyon KNXX9801
Charame KNXX9802
Charume KNXX9803
Chasan KNXX9804
Chasan-dong KNXX4704
Chasong KNXX0033
Chassan-dong KNXX2109
Chatchae KNXX2110
Chaui-ri KNXX2111
Chawon-dong KNXX9805
Chayang KNXX9806
Chayang-dong KNXX2112
Chayang-ni KNXX9807
Chayangji KNXX6936
Chayon-gol KNXX2113
Che-dong KNXX2114
Che-dong KNXX9808
Che-gol KNXX9809
Cheam-ni KNXX2115
Chebik-kol KNXX6937
Chebinae KNXX6938
Chebiul KNXX9810
Chedang KNXX9811
Chedang-dong KNXX2116
Chedang-dong KNXX9812
Chedo-ri KNXX9813
Chedok-tong KNXX9814
Chegang-dong KNXX2117
Chegung KNXX9815
Chegung-dong KNXX2118
Chegung-dong KNXX9816
Cheha-dong KNXX9817
Cheil-gol KNXX6940
Chejang-ni KNXX9818
Chejung-ni KNXX6941
Chejung-ni KNXX9819
Chemi-dong KNXX0355
Cheon-eul KNXX9444
Cheryang-ni KNXX9820
Chesal-li KNXX9821
Chi-dong KNXX4709
Chi-dong KNXX9823
Chi-dong KNXX2119
Chi-gol KNXX9824
Chiam KNXX9826
Chiam-dong KNXX9827
Chibang-gol KNXX9829
Chibang-ni KNXX4710
Chibong-ni KNXX9830
Chidae-dong KNXX2122
Chidang-ni KNXX2123
Chido-dong KNXX9832
Chidogi KNXX4713
Chidok KNXX4714
Chidong-ni KNXX9833
Chidong-ni KNXX2124
Chidunji KNXX6946
Chigan-dong KNXX9834
Chigun-gol KNXX0361
Chigye-dong KNXX2125
Chigyong KNXX4715
Chigyong KNXX0034
Chigyong KNXX2126
Chigyong-dong KNXX9835
Chigyong-dong KNXX4716
Chigyong-ni KNXX2127
Chigyong-ni KNXX9836
Chigyongam KNXX4717
Chigyongdonggu KNXX4718
Chigyonggubi KNXX0362
Chigyongjang KNXX9838
Chihyon-dong KNXX9839
Chihyon-dong KNXX2128
Chiil-li KNXX0363
Chiil-li KNXX6947
Chiin-dong KNXX2129
Chijang-dong KNXX2130
Chijong-dong KNXX9840
Chik-kol KNXX2131
Chik-kol KNXX9841
Chik-kol KNXX0364
Chik-kol KNXX4719
Chik-kol KNXX6948
Chik-tong KNXX6949
Chik-tong KNXX4720
Chik-tong KNXX0365
Chik-tong KNXX2132
Chik-tong KNXX9842
Chikcho KNXX4721
Chikchol-li KNXX9844
Chikchol-li KNXX0366
Chikchol-tong KNXX6950
Chikha-ri KNXX2133
Chikha-ri KNXX4722
Chikhyon-dong KNXX2134
Chikkae KNXX6951
Chikkok KNXX4723
Chikkolmaul KNXX0367
Chikpat-ni KNXX0368
Chiksang-ni KNXX6952
Chikso-dong KNXX4724
Chikso-ri KNXX6953
Chiktong-ni KNXX2135
Chiktong-ni KNXX6954
Chiktong-nyong KNXX6955
Chiktu-dong KNXX4725
Chiktun-dong KNXX6956
Chiktunji KNXX0370
Chimak-kol KNXX2136
Chimal-li KNXX6958
Chimnong-ni KNXX0371
Chimyong-dong KNXX4726
Chin-dong KNXX4727
Chin-gol KNXX9847
Chinam-dong KNXX0373
Chinam-ni KNXX9848
Chinbat KNXX2138
Chinbo-ri KNXX9849
Chinbom-dong KNXX4728
Chinbong KNXX4729
Chinbong-dong KNXX6960
Chindae-dong KNXX2140
Chindap-kol KNXX2141
Chindul KNXX6962
Ching-ni KNXX0374
Chingol KNXX4731
Chinhae-ri KNXX9853
Chinho KNXX6963
Chinhung-ni KNXX6964
Chinhwa-dong KNXX4732
Chinja-dong KNXX4733
Chinjae-ri KNXX9854
Chinjanggae KNXX6965
Chinjo KNXX2142
Chinjon KNXX4734
Chinjon-dong KNXX9855
Chinju-dong KNXX6966
Chinmi-dong KNXX9856
Chinminmal KNXX6967
Chinmok-tong KNXX9857
Chinmok-tong KNXX2143
Chinnae-dong KNXX0375
Chinsa-ri KNXX6968
Chinsadorigi KNXX0035
Chinsong-ni KNXX0379
Chinsong-ni KNXX6969
Chinsu-ri KNXX6970
Chinu KNXX9859
Chinwon-dong KNXX9860
Chirenemi KNXX2146
Chiroe-dong KNXX9861
Chiryong-dong KNXX0380
Chisa-dong KNXX2147
Chisa-gol KNXX4735
Chisal-li KNXX0381
Chisam-dong KNXX6971
Chisawol KNXX2148
Chisin-dong KNXX0382
Chiso KNXX2149
Chisogumi KNXX4736
Chisok-tong KNXX9862
Chisong-ni KNXX6972
Chisong-ni KNXX2150
Chiu-ri KNXX9863
Chiuji KNXX9864
Chiyabol KNXX6973
Chiyang-ni KNXX6974
Cho-dong KNXX2154
Cho-dong KNXX4737
Cho-dong KNXX9866
Choam-dong KNXX2155
Chobak-kol KNXX2156
Chobausgol KNXX9445
Chobwang-dong KNXX4738
Chodang-dong KNXX4739
Chodeog KNXX9446
Chodo-ri KNXX9868
Chodo-ri KNXX6975
Chodok KNXX6976
Choga-gol KNXX6977
Chogae KNXX2157
Chogae-dong KNXX6978
Chogaedemi KNXX9869
Chogaedul-li KNXX9870
Chogaenae KNXX9871
Chogagumi KNXX6979
Chogam KNXX4740
Chogi KNXX9872
Chogul-li KNXX0384
Chogun-dong KNXX2159
Chogun-gol KNXX0385
Chogunbaemuri KNXX6980
Chogwang-dong KNXX9874
Chohang-dong KNXX2160
Chohang-ni KNXX9875
Chohung-ni KNXX6982
Chohyon KNXX9876
Choinbong KNXX0386
Chojak-tong KNXX9877
Choji-gol KNXX9879
Chojon-dong KNXX2162
Chojong-dong KNXX2163
Chok-kol KNXX6983
Chokchi-ding KNXX9880
Chokchi-gol KNXX2165
Chokpyoru KNXX0388
Choksong-ni KNXX2166
Choksong-ni KNXX9882
Choksu-dong KNXX9883
Choksu-ri KNXX6985
Choktae KNXX9884
Choktaedok KNXX6986
Choktong-ni KNXX6987
Choktul-li KNXX9885
Chol-gol KNXX2167
Chol-gol KNXX0389
Chol-gol KNXX9886
Chol-gol KNXX6988
Chol-kol KNXX6989
Chol-li KNXX6990
Cholgorogu KNXX6991
Cholgu-gol KNXX4742
Chollong-dong KNXX2168
Chollung-gol KNXX2169
Cholma-gol KNXX6992
Cholmogi KNXX4743
Cholsal-li KNXX2170
Choltogi KNXX4744
Chom-dong KNXX0390
Chomaksan KNXX4745
Chomam-ni KNXX9888
Chombau KNXX0391
Chomdae KNXX9891
Chomjom-dong KNXX2174
Chommal KNXX9892
Chomok-tong KNXX2176
Chon-dong KNXX9894
Chon-Up KNXX0036
Chonbung-ni KNXX9895
Chondae KNXX9898
Chondan-dong KNXX4748
Chondang-ni KNXX9899
Chondo-gol KNXX9900
Chondo-ri KNXX2178
Chondok KNXX6995
Chondong-dong KNXX9901
Chondong-ni KNXX6996
Chondongmal KNXX6997
Chondul KNXX2179
Chong-dong KNXX9903
Chong-dong KNXX2181
Chong-dong KNXX4749
Chong-gol KNXX4750
Chong-gol KNXX2182
Chongal-li KNXX9904
Chongam-dong KNXX4751
Chongbang-ni KNXX2183
Chongbong-ni KNXX2184
Chongbudogi KNXX6998
Chongbuk-tong KNXX2185
Chongdal-kol KNXX7000
Chongdal-tong KNXX2186
Chongdan-dong KNXX2187
Chongdang-gol KNXX7001
Chongdong-ni KNXX9911
Chongdong-ni KNXX7002
Chongdongnae KNXX9912
Chonggae-gol KNXX7004
Chonggae-ri KNXX2188
Chonggaesan KNXX0397
Chonggak-tong KNXX0398
Chonggi-dong KNXX9913
Chonggodae KNXX7005
Chonggok KNXX7006
Chonggong-ni KNXX9914
Chonggye-gol KNXX2189
Chongho KNXX4752
Chonghwaul KNXX9915
Chongil-li KNXX0400
Chongiul KNXX2190
Chongja-dong KNXX9916
Chongja-dong KNXX2191
Chongja-dong KNXX0401
Chongja-ri KNXX2192
Chongja-ri KNXX7007
Chongjaeji KNXX9917
Chongjamori KNXX9918
Chongjik-kol KNXX4753
Chongjin KNXX0012
Chongju KNXX0038
Chongmo-ri KNXX9919
Chongmokkogae KNXX7008
Chongmong-dong KNXX0402
Chongmul-li KNXX2193
Chongmul-li KNXX4754
Chongmun KNXX9920
Chongmun-dong KNXX2194
Chongnim-dong KNXX2195
Chongnye-ri KNXX9921
Chongnyul-gol KNXX7010
Chongsal-li KNXX7012
Chongsal-li KNXX4755
Chongsan-dong KNXX9923
Chongsang KNXX9924
Chongsang-dong KNXX0405
Chongsirang KNXX9925
Chongso-ri KNXX7013
Chongsokchin KNXX7014
Chongsong-dong KNXX4756
Chongsongdogi KNXX4758
Chongsu-dong KNXX0406
Chongsu-dong KNXX4759
Chongsuam KNXX4760
Chongsung-dong KNXX7015
Chongsung-gol KNXX7016
Chongu KNXX9926
Chongyang-ni KNXX7017
Chonhu-dong KNXX2196
Chonhung-dong KNXX9927
Chonhyongje KNXX2197
Choni-dong KNXX9928
Chonjang KNXX7018
Chonjang KNXX4763
Chonjang-dong KNXX0407
Chonjin-dong KNXX7019
Chonjok-kol KNXX2198
Chonjol-li KNXX9929
Chonjung-dong KNXX9930
Chonmal KNXX2199
Chonman-dong KNXX4764
Chonmangdogi KNXX4765
Chonmun-ni KNXX9931
Chonnae KNXX0039
Chonsal-li KNXX9932
Chonsan KNXX9933
Chonsan KNXX4766
Chonsan-dong KNXX9934
Chonsanum-dong KNXX0410
Chonsanyang-dong KNXX0411
Chonso-ri KNXX7021
Chonsongsong KNXX9935
Chonssang KNXX9936
Chonui-dong KNXX4767
Chonwol-tong KNXX9939
Chopsam-dong KNXX4768
Chorha KNXX9942
Choryom-gol KNXX9944
Choryong-dong KNXX9945
Choryong-ni KNXX9946
Chosa-dong KNXX9947
Chosal-li KNXX4769
Chosal-li KNXX9948
Chosal-li KNXX7023
Chosan KNXX7024
Chosan KNXX0040
Chosan-dong KNXX2201
Chosan-maul KNXX0414
Chosanmal KNXX9949
Chosin-dong KNXX4770
Choso-dong KNXX2202
Chossi-dong KNXX7025
Chosu-dong KNXX2203
Chou-dong KNXX2206
Chou-ri KNXX9951
Chowang-gol KNXX2207
Choyang-dong KNXX9952
Choyong-dong KNXX9953
Chu-dong KNXX9954
Chuam-dong KNXX9955
Chuam-ni KNXX2208
Chuam-ni KNXX9956
Chubau-dong KNXX7028
Chubong KNXX2209
Chubong-dong KNXX2210
Chudam-ni KNXX2213
Chudam-ni KNXX9959
Chudang-ni KNXX7029
Chuga-dong KNXX0416
Chugam KNXX9960
Chugam-dong KNXX0417
Chugamdonggu KNXX0418
Chugu-dong KNXX9961
Chugyo-ri KNXX2214
Chugyong-ni KNXX2215
Chuhung-ni KNXX7032
Chujangmaktok KNXX0419
Chuji-ri KNXX9962
Chujon-dong KNXX2216
Chuju-ri KNXX9963
Chuk-kol KNXX7033
Chuk-kol KNXX9964
Chuk-tong KNXX2217
Chuk-tong KNXX9965
Chukchol-li KNXX7034
Chukchon-dong KNXX7035
Chukchon-ni KNXX7036
Chukki-dong KNXX4774
Chukki-ri KNXX4775
Chukkyo-ri KNXX9967
Chuksan-dong KNXX7038
Chuksan-dong KNXX9968
Chuksan-dong KNXX2218
Chuksang-ni KNXX7039
Chuktae-dong KNXX7040
Chuktae-gol KNXX2219
Chuktam KNXX9969
Chuktong-ni KNXX9970
Chulbau KNXX4777
Chulmal KNXX9971
Chulmal KNXX2221
Chumak-kol KNXX7041
Chumak-tong KNXX0421
Chumak-tong KNXX2222
Chumakko-ri KNXX0422
Chumakko-ri KNXX4778
Chumakkol KNXX0423
Chumakkori KNXX4779
Chumaul KNXX9972
Chunam-ni KNXX7042
Chunamu-dong KNXX2223
Chundok-tong KNXX4781
Chung-dong KNXX2224
Chung-dong KNXX7044
Chung-dong KNXX0426
Chung-dong KNXX9973
Chung-gol KNXX0427
Chung-gol KNXX7045
Chung-gol KNXX2225
Chung-kwangam KNXX9974
Chung-mal KNXX4782
Chung-ni KNXX7046
Chung-ni KNXX4783
Chungam KNXX9976
Chungam-dong KNXX9977
Chungang KNXX9978
Chungang-gol KNXX9979
Chungang-mal KNXX9980
Chungang-ni KNXX7047
Chungbaemi KNXX2226
Chungban-dong KNXX9981
Chungbang-dong KNXX2227
Chungbang-dong KNXX9982
Chungbau-gol KNXX0428
Chungbi-dong KNXX2228
Chungbo-dong KNXX7048
Chungboju-ri KNXX7049
Chungbok-tong KNXX2229
Chungbong KNXX7050
Chungbong KNXX4784
Chungbong-dong KNXX2230
Chungbong-dong KNXX4785
Chungbong-ni KNXX7051
Chungbong-ni KNXX4786
Chungbugun KNXX4787
Chungbuk-tong KNXX2231
Chungbung-dong KNXX4788
Chungbung-ni KNXX7052
Chungdal-li KNXX0430
Chungdan-dong KNXX0431
Chungdang KNXX7054
Chungdang-dong KNXX2235
Chungdap-tong KNXX9988
Chungdegi KNXX7055
Chungdo KNXX4794
Chungdo-ri KNXX4795
Chungdogi KNXX7056
Chungdok KNXX4796
Chungdok-tong KNXX4797
Chungdol-li KNXX7057
Chungdoma KNXX9989
Chungdonggo KNXX9991
Chungdonggok KNXX9992
Chungdongsal-li KNXX7059
Chungdu-dong KNXX9993
Chungduru KNXX0433
Chungga-dong KNXX9994
Chunggalmora KNXX2236
Chunggalmou KNXX2237
Chunggan KNXX9995
Chunggan-dong KNXX9996
Chunggan-gol KNXX9997
Chunggandam-dong KNXX9998
Chunggang KNXX0435
Chunggang-dong KNXX0436
Chunggang-ni KNXX0437
Chungganjae KNXX7060
Chungganmol KNXX9999
Chunggogae KNXX2238
Chunggu-dong KNXX2239
Chungha-ri KNXX7061
Chunghae-ri KNXX7062
Chungham-dong KNXX2240
Chunghap-tong KNXX2241
Chungho-ri KNXX7063
Chunghung KNXX7065
Chunghung-dong KNXX7067
Chunghung-dong KNXX2242
Chunghung-dong KNXX0438
Chunghung-ni KNXX0439
Chunghung-ni KNXX7068
Chunghungjang KNXX7069
Chunghwa KNXX0041
Chunghwa KNXX4800
Chunghwa-dong KNXX2243
Chunghwa-dong KNXX7070
Chunghyang-dong KNXX4801
Chungi-dong KNXX4803
Chungil-tong KNXX4804
Chungjang KNXX7071
Chungjang-ni KNXX7072
Chungjangnae KNXX7073
Chungjingmo-ri KNXX4805
Chungjonsan KNXX2244
Chungjwa-dong KNXX2245
Chungmae-dong KNXX2246
Chungmok-tong KNXX2247
Chungmoksong KNXX4806
Chungmyon-dong KNXX7074
Chungmyon-dong KNXX4807
Chungnang-ni KNXX2248
Chungnim-dong KNXX4808
Chungno-gol KNXX2249
Chungnu-ri KNXX2250
Chungnyanggang KNXX0442
Chungnyo-dong KNXX7076
Chungnyong-dong KNXX4809
Chungnyongjon KNXX4810
Chungo-dong KNXX4811
Chungo-dong KNXX2251
Chungsabung-ni KNXX7080
Chungsal-li KNXX7081
Chungsal-li KNXX4815
Chungsal-li KNXX2253
Chungsan KNXX0042
Chungsan-dong KNXX4817
Chungsan-dong KNXX2255
Chungsan-ni KNXX2256
Chungsang-ni KNXX7082
Chungsang-ni KNXX0447
Chungsin-dong KNXX2257
Chungsogyol-li KNXX7085
Chungsohak-tong KNXX2258
Chungsom KNXX7086
Chungsom-dong KNXX4819
Chungsonggan KNXX0448
Chungsu-ri KNXX7087
Chungsungji KNXX7088
Chungul-li KNXX7089
Chungun KNXX2261
Chungwol KNXX4820
Chungwon-dong KNXX2262
Chungyang-ni KNXX7091
Chungyon KNXX4821
Chungyong-ni KNXX4822
Chungyong-ni KNXX2263
Chunun-dong KNXX2264
Chura-dong KNXX2266
Churodae-ri KNXX7093
Churyol-li KNXX2267
Chusa-gol KNXX0450
Chusal-li KNXX2268
Chusang-ni KNXX2269
Chuso-ri KNXX7095
Chusong-dong KNXX2270
Chusoran KNXX7096
Chuui-ri KNXX4824
Chuuidong-ni KNXX7097
Chuul-li KNXX4825
Chuum KNXX2272
Chuum-gol KNXX2273
Chuuronbo-ri KNXX4826
Chuwon KNXX0451
Chuwon-dong KNXX4828
Chuyang-ni KNXX7098
Chwadong-ni KNXX7099
Chwaha-ri KNXX7100
Chwaho-ri KNXX7101
Chwajung-ni KNXX7102
Chwasang-ni KNXX7103
Chwawol-li KNXX7104
Chwayong-ni KNXX7105
Chwi-gol KNXX7107
Chwiri-dong KNXX2274
Dojang-gol KNXX9447
Gandong KNXX9448
Gilheung KNXX9449
Gogae-dong KNXX7108
Gwaejeongol KNXX9450
Ha-dong KNXX7110
Ha-dong KNXX2275
Ha-dong KNXX0453
Ha-dong KNXX4830
Ha-gol KNXX4831
Haae-dong KNXX2276
Haam-dong KNXX2277
Habang-dong KNXX2278
Habarha KNXX4833
Habi-dong KNXX2279
Habo-dong KNXX2280
Habok-tong KNXX2281
Habong-dong KNXX2282
Habongbu KNXX4834
Habuji-dong KNXX0454
Habyol-tong KNXX0456
Hada-gol KNXX7115
Hada-ri KNXX7116
Hadae-dong KNXX4841
Hadae-gol KNXX2286
Hadae-ri KNXX2287
Hadaebau-gol KNXX0461
Hadaejong KNXX2288
Hadan-dong KNXX0462
Hadang-dong KNXX4842
Hadang-dong KNXX2289
Hadangu KNXX7117
Hado-dong KNXX4843
Hadohung-dong KNXX0463
Hadok-kol KNXX7118
Hadok-tong KNXX7119
Hadok-tong KNXX2290
Hadol-li KNXX7121
Hadong-ni KNXX7122
Hadong-ni KNXX0464
Hadonghung-ni KNXX7123
Haeam-ni KNXX7125
Haeanil-tong KNXX7126
Haebau KNXX2291
Haedang-ni KNXX2292
Haejong KNXX2293
Haeju KNXX0002
Haejung-ni KNXX7129
Haenam KNXX0466
Haeng-dong KNXX4844
Haengam KNXX4845
Haengjong-dong KNXX2294
Haengyong-ni KNXX4847
Haesang-dong KNXX4850
Haesanggumi KNXX4851
Haeso-ri KNXX2295
Haesu-ri KNXX2296
Haewol-li KNXX2297
Haeyoul KNXX2298
Hagadok KNXX7131
Hagaek-tong KNXX4852
Hagaesong KNXX2299
Hagak-tong KNXX2300
Hagam-dong KNXX4853
Hagama-gol KNXX0471
Haganam-ni KNXX7132
Hagandae KNXX0473
Hagang-dong KNXX4854
Hagap KNXX0474
Hagaru-ri KNXX7133
Hago KNXX2302
Hago-dong KNXX2303
Hago-dong KNXX4855
Hago-ri KNXX4856
Hagodo-ri KNXX7134
Hagok KNXX4857
Hagomdae KNXX2304
Hagomdang KNXX2305
Hagomun KNXX4858
Hagonemi KNXX2306
Hagoun-ni KNXX7138
Hagu KNXX2307
Hagu-dong KNXX2308
Hagu-dong KNXX4859
Hagu-ri KNXX7139
Haguksa KNXX7140
Hagum-dong KNXX2309
Hagumsaeng-dong KNXX4861
Hagumul KNXX2310
Hagyo-dong KNXX4862
Hagyongdul-li KNXX7141
Haham-dong KNXX2311
Hahamjon KNXX7142
Hahap-tong KNXX2313
Haho-ri KNXX7143
Hahoe-ri KNXX2314
Hahul-tong KNXX2315
Hahungdong-ni KNXX7144
Hahwa-kol KNXX0475
Hahwadok KNXX7145
Hahwasan KNXX7146
Hainsan KNXX7148
Haja-dong KNXX2316
Hajang KNXX7149
Hajang-dong KNXX4863
Hajang-ni KNXX0476
Hajangdok KNXX4864
Hajangnae KNXX7152
Hajikchol-li KNXX7153
Hajol-li KNXX7154
Hajomogu KNXX7155
Hajon-dong KNXX2318
Hajugam-dong KNXX0478
Hajung-dong KNXX2319
Hajung-ni KNXX7156
Hajunghung-ni KNXX7157
Hajungsan KNXX7158
Hajwa-dong KNXX2320
Hak-tong KNXX2321
Hakama-kol KNXX0044
Hakchong-ni KNXX0479
Hakhyon KNXX4866
Hakhyon-dong KNXX2323
Hakkyo-dong KNXX0480
Hakkyo-maul KNXX7159
Haksadae-ri KNXX7160
Haksal-li KNXX2324
Haksol-li KNXX7162
Haksong-dong KNXX4870
Haksong-ni KNXX7164
Haktari KNXX2325
Haktong-ni KNXX4872
Haktunji KNXX4873
Halmi-gol KNXX2326
Hamadae-ri KNXX7165
Hamae-dong KNXX2328
Hamaeumul KNXX2329
Hamahyon-dong KNXX4874
Hamal KNXX7166
Hamalgundam KNXX7167
Hambak-kol KNXX2330
Hambak-tong KNXX4875
Hambak-tong KNXX2331
Hambu-ri KNXX0482
Hamdae-gol KNXX7170
Hamdong-ni KNXX7171
Hamhung KNXX0003
Hamiruk-tong KNXX2332
Hamji-gol KNXX0483
Hamjil-li KNXX4876
Hamjiwon KNXX0046
Hamjon KNXX7172
Hamjong KNXX2333
Hamjong-dong KNXX2334
Hamju KNXX7173
Hamnung-ni KNXX2335
Hamyo-dong KNXX0485
Hamyol-li KNXX4877
Hamyon KNXX7174
Hamyon-dong KNXX4880
Hanae-dong KNXX2338
Hanaeng-dong KNXX2339
Hanam KNXX4883
Hanam-dong KNXX4885
Hanam-ni KNXX7177
Hanam-ni KNXX2340
Hanamsok KNXX4887
Hanbat KNXX7178
Handae-dong KNXX2343
Handae-ri KNXX7180
Handal-li KNXX2344
Handang-ni KNXX7181
Handari-gol KNXX2345
Hando-gol KNXX0486
Handong-ni KNXX7182
Hangguil-tong KNXX7184
Hangmun KNXX2347
Hangmyong-dong KNXX4890
Hangsu-ri KNXX7185
Hanha-dong KNXX7186
Hanhung-ni KNXX0488
Hanjae-dong KNXX2348
Hanjae-gol KNXX7187
Hanjang KNXX0489
Hanjong-dong KNXX2349
Hanjong-ni KNXX2350
Hankkut KNXX4891
Hanmok-tong KNXX2352
Hanmung-ni KNXX7188
Hannamun KNXX7189
Hanong-ni KNXX7190
Hansa-dong KNXX4893
Hansae-gol KNXX7191
Hansan-dong KNXX2354
Hansang-gol KNXX4894
Hansonsu KNXX0491
Hanumul KNXX2356
Hanyongsu-dong KNXX7192
Hao-dong KNXX2357
Hao-ri KNXX2358
Haobong KNXX4898
Haom-dong KNXX4899
Haosang KNXX7193
Harak-tong KNXX2362
Hariman KNXX4907
Haripsong-ni KNXX7196
Haro-dong KNXX0499
Haryanggang-dong KNXX0500
Haryegumi KNXX4910
Haryon-dong KNXX4912
Haryong KNXX4913
Haryongjon KNXX4916
Haryu-dong KNXX2363
Haryuk-tong KNXX4917
Hasaemal KNXX2364
Hasagu-dong KNXX4918
Hasajang-ni KNXX0501
Hasam-dong KNXX0502
Hasam-dong KNXX4919
Hasam-gol KNXX4920
Hasambong-ni KNXX4921
Hasamhak-tong KNXX4922
Hasang-ni KNXX7199
Hasanwoltong KNXX4923
Hasaryoul KNXX2366
Hasedong-ni KNXX7201
Hasin-dong KNXX2368
Hasinhung-dong KNXX7202
Hasinwon-yok KNXX0505
Haso KNXX2369
Haso KNXX4924
Haso-dong KNXX2370
Hasobu-dong KNXX7204
Hasodok KNXX0506
Hasoegol KNXX4925
Hasogyol-li KNXX7205
Hasok-tong KNXX2371
Hasong-dong KNXX2372
Hasongbuk KNXX2373
Hasu-dong KNXX2374
Hasu-dong KNXX7206
Hasu-gol KNXX7207
Hasungji KNXX7208
Hasusang-dong KNXX4927
Hasusong KNXX4928
Hau-dong KNXX4930
Hau-ri KNXX4931
Haum-dong KNXX2378
Haun KNXX2379
Hawa-dong KNXX2380
Hawang-dong KNXX2381
Hawol KNXX7211
Hawol-li KNXX4932
Hawon-dong KNXX2383
Hayang KNXX4933
Hayang-dong KNXX2384
Hayang-dong KNXX0508
Hayang-ni KNXX7214
Hayon-dong KNXX7217
Hayon-dong KNXX4934
Hayujong-ni KNXX7218
Heoryongoe-dong KNXX0509
Ho-gol KNXX2386
Hoam KNXX2387
Hoam-ni KNXX2388
Hoban-ni KNXX7219
Hoban-nodabgjagu KNXX7220
Hobangdok KNXX4936
Hodo-ri KNXX7222
Hoe-dong KNXX4939
Hoe-dong KNXX2389
Hoe-dong KNXX7223
Hoe-dong KNXX0510
Hoe-gol KNXX4940
Hoeam KNXX4941
Hoeam-dong KNXX0511
Hoeam-dong KNXX4942
Hoedong-ni KNXX7224
Hoedong-ni KNXX0512
Hoedong-ni KNXX2390
Hoedongogu KNXX7225
Hoehang-dong KNXX7226
Hoehung-ni KNXX7227
Hoehwa-dong KNXX2392
Hoehyang-ni KNXX4943
Hoehyon-dong KNXX2393
Hoejon-dong KNXX4944
Hoejung-ni KNXX0513
Hoemok-tong KNXX4945
Hoemok-tong KNXX7228
Hoemok-tong KNXX0514
Hoemong-ni KNXX0515
Hoemong-ni KNXX7229
Hoemul-li KNXX0047
Hoenamu-dong KNXX7230
Hoeng-dong KNXX4946
Hoengbyong-dong KNXX4947
Hoeru-ri KNXX2395
Hoeryong KNXX0048
Hoeryong KNXX2396
Hoeryong-dong KNXX4950
Hoeryongnae-dong KNXX0516
Hoesan KNXX7231
Hoesan KNXX2397
Hoesang-dong KNXX7232
Hoesangil-tong KNXX7233
Hoesong-ni KNXX2398
Hoesu-dong KNXX0518
Hoesujong KNXX2399
Hoeyang KNXX0049
Hoeyang-dong KNXX7234
Hoeyang-dong KNXX0519
Hoeyang-ni KNXX7235
Hoeyang-ni KNXX0520
Hoeyong-dong KNXX0521
Hoga-dong KNXX4951
Hogowon KNXX4952
Hogyo KNXX2401
Hoha-ri KNXX7236
Hoha-rodongjagu KNXX0522
Hohang KNXX7237
Hohung-ni KNXX7238
Hoin-dong KNXX7239
Hojang-dong KNXX2402
Hojung-ni KNXX7240
Homak-tong KNXX0524
Homangnyong KNXX4953
Homiyoul KNXX2404
Homsu KNXX7243
Homsu-dong KNXX0525
Honam-dong KNXX7244
Honam-ni KNXX0526
Honam-ni KNXX7245
Honam-ni KNXX4955
Hondok-kol KNXX2405
Hondok-tong KNXX2406
Hong-dong KNXX0527
Hong-gol KNXX2408
Hong-ni KNXX2409
Honganbol KNXX7247
Hongdo-dong KNXX0529
Hongga-gol KNXX4957
Honggul-li KNXX7249
Honghung-ni KNXX7250
Hongjin KNXX7251
Hongmul-li KNXX7252
Hongmyo-ri KNXX2410
Hongnae-dong KNXX0530
Hongnidok KNXX4958
Hongnyong-dong KNXX2411
Hongsaeng-dong KNXX2413
Hongsang-ni KNXX7254
Hongso-ri KNXX7255
Hongsu-dong KNXX0532
Hongsu-gol KNXX4962
Hongui-gol KNXX7256
Hongui-ri KNXX4963
Hongwon KNXX0050
Hool-li KNXX4964
Horye KNXX4965
Horye-ri KNXX0533
Horyedonggu KNXX0534
Hosa-dong KNXX0535
Hosa-ri KNXX2414
Hosal-li KNXX4967
Hosang-ni KNXX0536
Hosang-ni KNXX7257
Hoso-dong KNXX0537
Hoso-ri KNXX7258
Hosong-ni KNXX7259
Houi-ri KNXX4970
Houm-dong KNXX0539
Houron KNXX4971
Hoyang-dong KNXX4972
Hu-dong KNXX2415
Hu-dong KNXX7260
Hu-gol KNXX7261
Hu-ri KNXX4974
Huam-dong KNXX2416
Hubyon-dong KNXX4975
Hugam KNXX2417
Hugyo-dong KNXX2418
Huial-li KNXX0541
Huibang-dong KNXX4977
Huichon KNXX0016
Huin-dong KNXX4978
Huison-dong KNXX0543
Huji-dong KNXX0544
Huju-ri KNXX7263
Hujugoup KNXX0052
Hujuk-tong KNXX4979
Huk-tong KNXX7264
Hukkyo-ri KNXX2420
Huksok KNXX2421
Huksong-gol KNXX0546
Huksu KNXX7265
Huksu-ri KNXX0547
Hukta-ri KNXX2422
Huktari KNXX7266
Huktogi KNXX4980
Hullyong-dong KNXX2423
Hulmi-gol KNXX7268
Hung-dong KNXX2424
Hung-dong KNXX7269
Hung-dong-ni KNXX7270
Hungam-ni KNXX4982
Hungam-ni KNXX7271
Hungbo-ri KNXX7272
Hungbong-ni KNXX7273
Hungdae-ri KNXX7276
Hungdo-dong KNXX7277
Hungdogil-tong KNXX7278
Hungdok-tong KNXX2425
Hungdong-ni KNXX7279
Hungguok KNXX7280
Hunggyong-ni KNXX7281
Hungju-dong KNXX0548
Hungmul-li KNXX2426
Hungnam KNXX7282
Hungsal-li KNXX4985
Hungsang-ni KNXX7286
Hungso-dong KNXX4986
Hungso-ri KNXX7287
Hungsong-ni KNXX7288
Hungsu-ri KNXX0053
Hungsu-ri KNXX4987
Hungul-li KNXX0553
Hungun-dong KNXX4988
Hunong-dong KNXX7290
Hunso-dong KNXX4989
Hunyung-ni KNXX4990
Hurijin KNXX4991
Huryang-dong KNXX7292
Husong-ni KNXX4992
Husu-dong KNXX4993
Hwa-dong KNXX4994
Hwa-gol KNXX0556
Hwa-gol KNXX2428
Hwaam KNXX4995
Hwaam-ni KNXX2430
Hwaam-nodongjagu KNXX0557
Hwaan-dong KNXX7294
Hwabong-ni KNXX2431
Hwabuk-tong KNXX4996
Hwadae KNXX0054
Hwadae-dong KNXX0562
Hwado-ri KNXX7295
Hwadong-ni KNXX0055
Hwadongmaul KNXX0563
Hwagae-dong KNXX2434
Hwagae-ri KNXX2435
Hwagal-li KNXX2436
Hwagok KNXX0564
Hwagok-tong KNXX2437
Hwagok-tong KNXX4998
Hwagol-li KNXX0565
Hwagong-ni KNXX2438
Hwagye-dong KNXX2439
Hwaha-ri KNXX4999
Hwahung-ni KNXX7297
Hwain-dong KNXX0566
Hwajan KNXX2440
Hwajang-ni KNXX7298
Hwajin-ni KNXX0056
Hwajo-gol KNXX2441
Hwajol-li KNXX2442
Hwajol-li KNXX0567
Hwajol-li KNXX7299
Hwajon-dong KNXX7300
Hwajon-dong KNXX2443
Hwajon-gol KNXX2444
Hwajung KNXX5001
Hwajusongji KNXX7301
Hwalbak-kol KNXX5002
Hwamal KNXX2445
Hwamyong-ni KNXX2446
Hwanam-ni KNXX7302
Hwang-gol KNXX2447
Hwangam-dong KNXX5003
Hwangbyondok KNXX5004
Hwangdae KNXX2449
Hwangdae-dong KNXX2450
Hwangdok-tong KNXX5006
Hwangdurongi KNXX0571
Hwanggadok KNXX7309
Hwanggae-gol KNXX0572
Hwanggong-ni KNXX5007
Hwanggong-ni KNXX7311
Hwanggyonggae KNXX2452
Hwanghak-tong KNXX2454
Hwangho KNXX5009
Hwanghu-dong KNXX0574
Hwangjae KNXX2455
Hwangjil-li KNXX5010
Hwangju KNXX7312
Hwangju-up KNXX0057
Hwangman-dong KNXX5011
Hwangmyong-ni KNXX7313
Hwangnin-dong KNXX0575
Hwangnung KNXX2457
Hwango-dong KNXX5012
Hwango-ri KNXX2458
Hwangogae KNXX5013
Hwangsa-ri KNXX7314
Hwangsaeng KNXX7315
Hwangsan-dong KNXX2459
Hwangsanjom KNXX2460
Hwangsong-dong KNXX2462
Hwangsong-ni KNXX7316
Hwangsuwol-li KNXX7317
Hwangun-dong KNXX7321
Hwangyon-dong KNXX2464
Hwangyong-dong KNXX5018
Hwara-dong KNXX0581
Hwaram-ni KNXX2465
Hwarang-ni KNXX2466
Hwaryong-ni KNXX5020
Hwaryong-ni KNXX0583
Hwasan KNXX2467
Hwasan-dong KNXX5021
Hwasang-dong KNXX5022
Hwasil-li KNXX0584
Hwaso-dong KNXX2468
Hwasok KNXX2469
Hwasok-tong KNXX5023
Hwasong KNXX5024
Hwasong-ni KNXX2470
Hwasong-ni KNXX7324
Hwau-dong KNXX5025
Hwaum-ni KNXX2471
Hwaun-dong KNXX5026
Hwawol-li KNXX2472
Hwaya-ri KNXX2473
Hwayak-tong KNXX0587
Hwayang-dong KNXX0588
Hwayang-dong KNXX7325
Hwayang-ni KNXX2474
Hwayok KNXX2475
Hwidae-gol KNXX5027
Hwidogi KNXX7326
Hyangbong-ni KNXX7327
Hyangdang-ni KNXX5028
Hyangdong-ni KNXX7328
Hyanggyo KNXX5029
Hyanggyo-dong KNXX0592
Hyanggyo-gol KNXX2477
Hyanggyo-ri KNXX2478
Hyangha-ri KNXX0593
Hyangnam-gol KNXX5030
Hyangnamubaegi KNXX2480
Hyangno-dong KNXX0594
Hyangsal-li KNXX7329
Hyangsan KNXX7330
Hyangyak-tong KNXX7332
Hyangyang-ni KNXX0596
Hyangyong-dong KNXX0599
Hyesan KNXX0013
Hyo-gol KNXX7334
Hyodal-li KNXX7335
Hyodong-ni KNXX7336
Hyogyong-gol KNXX7337
Hyoja-dong KNXX2481
Hyojamun KNXX2482
Hyoksil-li KNXX0600
Hyon-ni KNXX0059
Hyonam KNXX5033
Hyonam-ni KNXX2483
Hyondong-mal KNXX5035
Hyongha-ri KNXX0602
Hyongje-dong KNXX2484
Hyongje-ri KNXX5036
Hyongje-ri KNXX0603
Hyongjeso-dong KNXX0606
Hyongjeumul KNXX2485
Hyongsang-ni KNXX0607
Hyonhung-ni KNXX7339
Hyonmal KNXX0608
Hyonnae-ri KNXX2486
Hyonsudok KNXX5038
Hyonyomun KNXX0609
Hyoryo-dong KNXX0610
Hyuam KNXX2487
I-dong KNXX2488
I-dong KNXX0611
I-dong KNXX0060
I-gol KNXX7342
I-ri KNXX7343
Iam-dong KNXX2489
Iam-dong KNXX5040
Ibae-dong KNXX5042
Ibam-ni KNXX2490
Ibang-dong KNXX7344
Ibudok KNXX0612
Ibyang-dong KNXX2491
Ido-dong KNXX5045
Idok KNXX7347
Idok KNXX5046
Idong-ni KNXX7348
Idukka-gol KNXX5047
Iduksong-gol KNXX5048
Igabong KNXX5049
Igijong KNXX2492
Igoe-ri KNXX2493
Igok KNXX5050
Igung-dong KNXX2494
Igyo-dong KNXX5051
Iha-ri KNXX7349
Ihonok KNXX5052
Ihwa-dong KNXX2495
Ihwa-dong KNXX7351
Ihwajong-ni KNXX7353
Ihyang-ni KNXX5053
Ijin KNXX7354
Ijin-dong KNXX0061
Ijin-gol KNXX5055
Ijol-li KNXX7355
Ijondogi KNXX7356
Ijong-gol KNXX2496
Il-gol KNXX5056
Il-li KNXX5057
Il-tong KNXX0614
Il-tong KNXX5058
Ilgoe-dong KNXX2498
Ilgon KNXX7357
Ilgon-dong KNXX7358
Ilgon-dong KNXX5059
Ilgot-tong KNXX2499
Illi-dong KNXX5060
Ilsil-lodongjagu KNXX5061
Ilso KNXX5062
Ilsongjong KNXX2500
Im-ni KNXX0615
Im-yeon KNXX9451
Imal-li KNXX0616
Imam-dong KNXX2501
Iman KNXX5064
Iman-dong KNXX5065
Imbak-kol KNXX7359
Imdong-ni KNXX7360
Imdongjol-gol KNXX5069
Imdowon KNXX7361
Imgang-ni KNXX5070
Imgye-ri KNXX2503
Imjadong-ni KNXX7363
Imjon-dong KNXX0618
Imjon-gol KNXX7364
Immyong-ni KNXX5071
Imnang-gol KNXX5072
Imok-tong KNXX0619
Imok-tong KNXX2504
Imsal-li KNXX7365
Imsal-li KNXX2505
Imsan KNXX0620
Imsan-ni KNXX7366
Imsungdok KNXX5074
Imudok KNXX5075
Imun-dong KNXX2506
Imyon KNXX7367
Imyong-dong KNXX5076
Imyong-dong KNXX0623
Imyonsu-dong KNXX5077
Imyonsu-gol KNXX5078
In-dong KNXX7368
Inam-ni KNXX0625
Inbong KNXX2507
Inbong-dong KNXX5082
Inda-ri KNXX7370
Indong-ni KNXX7371
Inha-ri KNXX7372
Inhung-dong KNXX7373
Inhung-ni KNXX7374
Inhwa-ri KNXX7376
Injaebong KNXX0626
Injoltogi KNXX5083
Injong-gol KNXX7377
Inmi-ri KNXX0627
Insal-li KNXX0630
Insal-li KNXX7380
Insan KNXX2509
Insang-ni KNXX7382
Insong-ni KNXX7383
Inui-dong KNXX0631
Inyong-dong KNXX2510
Io-dong KNXX2511
Io-ri KNXX2512
Iom-ni KNXX5084
Ippong-ni KNXX2513
Ipsang-ni KNXX0637
Ipsokchang KNXX5087
Ipsong-ni KNXX0638
Ipsong-ni KNXX7388
Ipsong-ni KNXX5088
Irak KNXX7389
Iram-dong KNXX5089
Irha KNXX5090
Irhyang-Dong KNXX0062
Irhyang-ni KNXX5091
Iri-dong KNXX5092
Iron-gol KNXX5093
Irung-gol KNXX7390
Irwon-dong KNXX2515
Irwon-gol KNXX2516
Iryang-dong KNXX7391
Iryangdegi KNXX7392
Iryangdok KNXX7393
Iryong-dong KNXX0639
Isa-dong KNXX5097
Isal-li KNXX0640
Isan-dong KNXX2517
Isang-ni KNXX7394
Isangdok KNXX7395
Iso KNXX5098
Iso-dong KNXX5099
Isolgae KNXX5100
Issi-gol KNXX7396
Isudok KNXX5101
Iu-dong KNXX5102
Iwon-up KNXX7397
Iwonji-dong KNXX5103
Jangjaedong KNXX9452
Jinguji KNXX9453
Jung-ganjae KNXX9454
Ka-dong KNXX5113
Ka-dong KNXX7413
Kaam KNXX7414
Kada-dong KNXX7416
Kadae-dong KNXX2533
Kadagot KNXX0646
Kadok-kol KNXX2534
Kadokchong KNXX2536
Kadong-ni KNXX2537
Kadongsal-li KNXX7417
Kaeamsom KNXX7418
Kaedong-gol KNXX7420
Kaego-dong KNXX0647
Kaego-ri KNXX5117
Kaehung KNXX7421
Kaehwa-gol KNXX5118
Kaehwa-ri KNXX7422
Kaehwasan KNXX7423
Kaejang-ni KNXX7424
Kaeji-dong KNXX5119
Kaejong-dong KNXX7425
Kaejong-dong KNXX2538
Kaemal KNXX2539
Kaembat KNXX2540
Kaemok-tong KNXX5120
Kaemori-gol KNXX2541
Kaenmal KNXX7426
Kaenol-li KNXX2542
Kaesam-gol KNXX7427
Kaeson-dong KNXX7428
Kaesong KNXX0004
Kaesong-dong KNXX2543
Kaesong-ni KNXX0649
Kaewol-li KNXX5121
Kaewol-li KNXX0650
Kaewon KNXX5122
Kaeya-gol KNXX2544
Kaeyangbol KNXX0651
Kaeyonmal KNXX7429
Kaha-gol KNXX7430
Kaha-ri KNXX7431
Kaha-ri KNXX0653
Kaho KNXX5123
Kahung-ni KNXX7432
Kahyon-dong KNXX5124
Kaishantun KNXX0065
Kaja-gol KNXX5125
Kajang-dong KNXX2545
Kajang-dong KNXX5126
Kajanggok KNXX5127
Kajaryol KNXX7433
Kaji-dong KNXX0654
Kajibong KNXX0655
Kajil-lodongjagu KNXX7434
Kajin-dong KNXX5128
Kajin-dong KNXX2546
Kajon KNXX5129
Kajong-dong KNXX2547
Kajung-ni KNXX0656
Kajwa KNXX2549
Kakchong-ni KNXX7435
Kakki-bong KNXX7436
Kaksiam KNXX5130
Kaktam-dong KNXX0657
Kal-gol KNXX7437
Kal-gol KNXX2550
Kal-tong KNXX7438
Kalbak-kol KNXX0658
Kalbak-kol KNXX2551
Kalbat-kol KNXX0659
Kalbat-ni KNXX0660
Kalchae-ri KNXX2552
Kalchol-li KNXX7439
Kalchom-ni KNXX0662
Kalgae KNXX2553
Kalgae-dong KNXX2554
Kalgol-tong KNXX0663
Kalgum KNXX7442
Kalgumi KNXX7443
Kallim KNXX5134
Kallinyoul KNXX2555
Kalma KNXX5135
Kalma-dong KNXX2556
Kalmadok KNXX5136
Kalmae-dong KNXX2557
Kalmae-gol KNXX5137
Kalmaegi KNXX0664
Kalmaegi KNXX7444
Kalmaji KNXX2558
Kalmi KNXX2559
Kalmo KNXX0066
Kalso-gol KNXX2560
Kaltam KNXX2562
Kam-ni KNXX0665
Kama-dong KNXX0666
Kama-gol KNXX2563
Kamabu-ri KNXX5138
Kamadogi KNXX7445
Kamaewon KNXX5139
Kamaungdongi KNXX7446
Kambaksan-gol KNXX2564
Kamdang-ni KNXX2565
Kamdogi KNXX0669
Kami-gol KNXX2566
Kamidae KNXX2567
Kamjang-gol KNXX5140
Kamjang-kol KNXX7448
Kamni-dong KNXX2568
Kamnyong-dong KNXX0670
Kamsang-dong KNXX2569
Kamsong-gol KNXX0671
Kamu-ri KNXX2570
Kamul-gol KNXX7449
Kamulgu-dong KNXX0673
Kamuwon KNXX5141
Kan-dong KNXX5144
Kan-dong KNXX0067
Kan-dong KNXX2572
Kan-gol KNXX7452
Kanbu KNXX5145
Kanbyorha KNXX0675
Kando KNXX7454
Kandongjang-ni KNXX0068
Kang-gol KNXX7456
Kangal-li KNXX5147
Kangam-dong KNXX2577
Kangbyon KNXX7457
Kangbyon-dong KNXX2578
Kangbyon-mal KNXX5148
Kangbyonmaul KNXX5149
Kangdo-ri KNXX7460
Kangdogi KNXX5150
Kangdok-tong KNXX5151
Kangdong KNXX0069
Kangdu-kol KNXX5152
Kangga-gol KNXX5153
Kangga-gol KNXX7461
Kanggaul KNXX2579
Kanggon-dong KNXX5154
Kanggung KNXX7462
Kanggye KNXX0014
Kanggye-gol KNXX7463
Kanggye-si KNXX0677
Kanggyong-dong KNXX2580
Kangja KNXX5155
Kangjang-ni KNXX0678
Kangjin KNXX2581
Kangjong-ni KNXX2582
Kangmigi KNXX7464
Kangnung KNXX2583
Kangnung-dong KNXX5156
Kangnyang-dong KNXX5157
Kangnyon-dong KNXX7465
Kangsan-dong KNXX5158
Kangsang-dong KNXX7466
Kangsanmal KNXX7468
Kangso KNXX0071
Kangso-dong KNXX0681
Kangson-dong KNXX5160
Kangsong-ni KNXX2585
Kangu KNXX5161
Kangyang-dong KNXX5162
Kanjang KNXX2586
Kanji-dong KNXX7469
Kanji-maul KNXX7470
Kanjin KNXX5163
Kanjin KNXX7471
Kanjin-dong KNXX5164
Kannong-dong KNXX5165
Kanso KNXX5167
Kansong-dong KNXX2587
Kanui-dong KNXX5168
Kanun-gol KNXX5170
Kanun-gol KNXX2590
Kanun-gol KNXX7473
Kanunda-ri KNXX2591
Kanundae-gol KNXX7474
Kanunmul KNXX7475
Kapchin-dong KNXX0684
Kaphyol-li KNXX2593
Kaphyon-dong KNXX0685
Kapkogae-dong KNXX0686
Kapkogae-ri KNXX0687
Kappong-dong KNXX2594
Kapsan KNXX0072
Kapsan-gol KNXX7476
Karae-dong KNXX0688
Karae-gol KNXX7477
Karae-gol KNXX2595
Karaebak-kol KNXX5172
Karaenaru KNXX5173
Karaeryong-maul KNXX0689
Karaesom KNXX7478
Karagi KNXX0690
Karaji-dong KNXX0691
Karam-dong KNXX2596
Karhon-dong KNXX0692
Karhyol-li KNXX2597
Karhyon-dong KNXX0693
Karhyon-dong KNXX2598
Kari-dong KNXX5174
Kari-gol KNXX7479
Karidok KNXX5176
Karim KNXX7480
Karim-ni KNXX0694
Karugorum KNXX7481
Karuk-kol KNXX7482
Karul-li KNXX2599
Karum KNXX5177
Karumjang KNXX5178
Karumul-tong KNXX2600
Karun-dong KNXX7483
Karundan KNXX5179
Karyoul KNXX2601
Kasa-dong KNXX0695
Kasal-li KNXX7484
Kasal-li KNXX2602
Kasal-lodongjagu KNXX0696
Kasan-dong KNXX5180
Kasang-gol KNXX5181
Kasang-ni KNXX0697
Kasu-ri KNXX7487
Kaumi KNXX2603
Kaunde-gol KNXX7489
Kaung-dong KNXX2604
Kaung-ni KNXX7490
Kawol-li KNXX7493
Kebau KNXX2605
Ki-dong KNXX5184
Ki-dong KNXX7495
Kiam-ni KNXX7496
Kibong-dong KNXX2606
Kihoe-ri KNXX7500
Kijangnae KNXX2609
Kil-gol KNXX2610
Kil-li KNXX0699
Kil-li KNXX7501
Kil-tong KNXX0700
Kilbong-ni KNXX7502
Kilbuk-tong KNXX5185
Kilchae KNXX7503
Kilju KNXX0073
Killam-dong KNXX5186
Killi-dong KNXX7504
Kiltong-ni KNXX0701
Kimchaek KNXX0074
Kimdan-gol KNXX0702
Kimssi-gol KNXX7505
Kin-gol KNXX0703
Kinae-ri KNXX2613
Kinbappol KNXX5188
Kindul KNXX0704
Kinjae-ri KNXX7506
Kinme KNXX2614
Kiraraemal KNXX7510
Kirhang-dong KNXX2617
Kirhung KNXX7511
Kirhung-ni KNXX7512
Kirhyang-dong KNXX0708
Kiril-li KNXX7513
Kiril-li KNXX2618
Kisal-li KNXX7515
Kisal-li KNXX2619
Kisang-ni KNXX7516
Kisok-tong KNXX2620
Kisung-dong KNXX5190
Kiwa-gol KNXX7517
Kiwa-gol KNXX2622
Kiwadogi KNXX7518
Kiyang-dong KNXX5193
Kiyang-ni KNXX7519
Kkaebat KNXX5194
Kkamagwibawi KNXX5195
Kkamagwidul KNXX0712
Kkamagwigogae KNXX2624
Kkamagwimi KNXX5196
Kkamgwikogae KNXX2625
Kkok-kol KNXX2626
Kkok-kol KNXX7522
Kkoppat KNXX2627
Koal-li KNXX0714
Koam-dong KNXX0715
Koam-dong KNXX2628
Koam-ni KNXX0716
Koam-ni KNXX7524
Koan-ni KNXX0717
Kobakkol-maul KNXX0718
Kobang-dong KNXX7525
Kobau-gol KNXX0719
Kobawi KNXX7526
Kobi-dong KNXX2629
Kobi-dong KNXX0720
Kobo KNXX5197
Kobo-ri KNXX0721
Kobul-tong KNXX2630
Kobyoru-ri KNXX7527
Kodae-dong KNXX2632
Kodal-gol KNXX2633
Kodang-dong KNXX0722
Kodap-tong KNXX2634
Kodo-dong KNXX2635
Kodok KNXX5203
Kodun-gol KNXX7529
Kodun-gol KNXX0723
Koe-dong KNXX2636
Koegol KNXX5204
Koehak-kol KNXX2637
Koemok-tong KNXX2638
Koendolmal KNXX7530
Koeryun-dong KNXX2639
Koeyom-ni KNXX2640
Koga-dong KNXX7531
Kogae KNXX7532
Kogae-dong KNXX0724
Kogae-dong KNXX7533
Kogae-gol KNXX7534
Kogae-ri KNXX0726
Kogaean KNXX7535
Kogaedong-ryong KNXX7536
Kogaemit KNXX5205
Kogaenomo-maul KNXX5206
Kogam-dong KNXX2641
Kogon-dong KNXX5207
Koguhyon KNXX5209
Kogum-dong KNXX2642
Kohan-dong KNXX2643
Koho KNXX7537
Kohung-ni KNXX7538
Kohyon KNXX2644
Koido KNXX5210
Koil-lodongjagu KNXX0728
Koinjong KNXX2645
Kojae-gol KNXX2646
Kojaemal KNXX7539
Kojak-tong KNXX5211
Kojan-dong KNXX2647
Kojan-ni KNXX5212
Kojang KNXX0729
Kojang-dong KNXX2648
Kojanjom KNXX2649
Kojin KNXX5213
Kojong-dong KNXX2650
Kojonggae KNXX0730
Kojung-gol KNXX7541
Kok-kol KNXX2651
Kok-tong KNXX2652
Kokchanggogae KNXX7545
Kokha KNXX0731
Kokku-ri KNXX7546
Koksan KNXX0075
Koktol-gol KNXX7547
Kol-mal KNXX7548
Kol-tong KNXX7549
Kolbang-gol KNXX5214
Kolbangjae KNXX7550
Kolmal KNXX2655
Kolnae-dong KNXX7551
Kolsang-dong KNXX0732
Kolsangha-dong KNXX0733
Kolsangjung-dong KNXX0734
Kolsangsang-dong KNXX0735
Kolto-gol KNXX2656
Kom-dong KNXX0736
Komamdok KNXX5217
Koman-dong KNXX7552
Koman-dong KNXX0737
Kombak-kol KNXX2657
Kombau-gol KNXX2658
Komdok KNXX5218
Komdok KNXX7553
Komhyol-li KNXX2660
Komhyon-ni KNXX2661
Komil-tong KNXX2662
Komit KNXX7554
Kommori-dong KNXX2663
Komnan-gol KNXX2664
Komok-tong KNXX7555
Komoru KNXX5219
Komsal-li KNXX2666
Komsan-dong KNXX2667
Komsanni KNXX7556
Komsom-dong KNXX2668
Komsong-ni KNXX7557
Komsu-dong KNXX2669
Komu-dong KNXX0738
Komul-li KNXX2670
Komul-li KNXX0739
Komun-dong KNXX0740
Komun-dong KNXX2671
Komun-dong KNXX5220
Komun-dong KNXX7558
Komun-gol KNXX2672
Komunsu-dong KNXX5221
Komunu KNXX5222
Komunyoul KNXX7559
Komusan 1-tong KNXX5224
Komusan Dong KNXX0076
Kon-dong KNXX7560
Konap KNXX2673
Kongdok KNXX0743
Kongdong-ni KNXX7563
Konggwi-dong KNXX0744
Kongin-dong KNXX0745
Kongja-dong KNXX5227
Kongjon-gol KNXX5228
Kongsim KNXX5229
Kongsim-dong KNXX5230
Kongsu-dong KNXX2679
Kongyek-kol KNXX5231
Konha-ri KNXX0746
Konhadongha-dong KNXX0747
Konharyong-dong KNXX0749
Konja-ri KNXX7564
Konjagae KNXX7565
Konjagae KNXX0750
Konju-dong KNXX2680
Konjung-ni KNXX0751
Konsan-dong KNXX0753
Konsang-dong KNXX2681
Konsang-ni KNXX0754
Koraedul KNXX5235
Koraegukki KNXX7568
Koraegumi KNXX5236
Koraemaegi KNXX2682
Koran KNXX7569
Korang-dong KNXX2683
Koranha-dong KNXX0756
Koransang-dong KNXX0757
Kori-dong KNXX0758
Korijang KNXX7570
Korim KNXX7571
Korimal KNXX7572
Korimal-tong KNXX2684
Korip KNXX7573
Koriso-ri KNXX2685
Korodunji KNXX7574
Korogu KNXX5237
Korung-ni KNXX2686
Koryo-ri KNXX2687
Koryong-dong KNXX2688
Koryong-ni KNXX7575
Kosa-dong KNXX5238
Kosa-gol KNXX7577
Kosal-li KNXX7578
Kosal-li KNXX0759
Kosal-li KNXX2689
Kosam-dong KNXX5239
Kosam-dong KNXX2690
Kosamoru KNXX5240
Kosan KNXX0077
Kosandu KNXX7579
Koso-dong KNXX5242
Kosok-tong KNXX2691
Kosong KNXX5243
Kosong-dong KNXX0760
Kosong-dong KNXX5244
Kosong-dong KNXX2692
Kosong-Ni KNXX0078
Kosong-ni KNXX0761
Kosong-ni KNXX2693
Kosongil-tong KNXX5246
Kosu-dong KNXX0762
Kotun-maul KNXX0764
Koum-dong KNXX0765
Koum-dong KNXX2694
Koum-gol KNXX2695
Koum-ni KNXX7585
Koum-ni KNXX2696
Koundol KNXX7586
Koup-tong KNXX2697
Koup-tong KNXX7587
Kowon KNXX0079
Kowon-up KNXX7588
Koyang-dong KNXX7589
Koyang-ni KNXX7590
Koyok KNXX7591
Koyol-li KNXX2698
Ku-dong KNXX2699
Ku-dong KNXX0766
Ku-dong KNXX5248
Kuam KNXX5249
Kuam KNXX7592
Kuam KNXX2700
Kuam-dong KNXX5250
Kuam-ni KNXX2701
Kubal-li KNXX0768
Kubat-tong KNXX0769
Kubidulgi KNXX0770
Kubo KNXX7593
Kubo-dong KNXX0771
Kubong-dong KNXX0772
Kubong-dong KNXX7594
Kubual-li KNXX7595
Kubyondo-ri KNXX7596
Kudam-dong KNXX2705
Kudan KNXX2706
Kudan-dong KNXX7599
Kudogi KNXX7600
Kudong-ni KNXX7601
Kudong-ni KNXX5251
Kugae KNXX2707
Kugwangsan KNXX5252
Kuha-ri KNXX7602
Kuhung-dong KNXX5253
Kuhung-dong KNXX7603
Kuhyang KNXX5254
Kuhyang-dong KNXX2709
Kuhyol-li KNXX2710
Kuhyon-dong KNXX2711
Kuil-tong KNXX2712
Kujaek-kol KNXX0777
Kujang-up KNXX0080
Kujin KNXX2713
Kujol-gol KNXX0778
Kujom-dong KNXX0779
Kujom-dong KNXX2715
Kujong-dong KNXX5255
Kujong-ni KNXX2716
Kujong-ni KNXX0780
Kujung-ni KNXX7605
Kujung-ni KNXX0781
Kujungbi KNXX7606
Kujungyong-ni KNXX0782
Kuk-kol KNXX5256
Kuk-kol KNXX2717
Kukchi KNXX7607
Kukhwa-dong KNXX2718
Kukhwa-dong KNXX5257
Kukpong-ni KNXX7608
Kuksa-dong KNXX7609
Kuksa-ri KNXX0785
Kuksa-ri KNXX2719
Kuksadang KNXX7610
Kuksarangi KNXX2720
Kuksong-ni KNXX0787
Kuksumul KNXX0788
Kuktae-ri KNXX2721
Kul-gol KNXX2722
Kulbanggae KNXX7611
Kulbawi KNXX7612
Kulchong-dong KNXX2723
Kullyang KNXX2724
Kullyang-dong KNXX2725
Kullyang-gol KNXX2726
Kulmak-tong KNXX5260
Kulmol KNXX2728
Kulsal-li KNXX5263
Kum-dong KNXX5264
Kum-dong KNXX2729
Kum-gol KNXX2730
Kum-gol KNXX0790
Kumal-li KNXX7614
Kumal-li KNXX2731
Kuman-ni KNXX7615
Kumbawi-dong KNXX5266
Kumbong-ni KNXX0791
Kumbong-ni KNXX2732
Kumbudogi KNXX7616
Kumdae-ri KNXX2734
Kumdok-kol KNXX7621
Kumdong-ni KNXX5272
Kumgang-ni KNXX5273
Kumganggoji KNXX7622
Kumgye-ri KNXX2737
Kumha-ri KNXX0793
Kumhang-ni KNXX2738
Kumho-ri KNXX7623
Kumhui-dong KNXX5274
Kumhwa KNXX2739
Kumi KNXX7624
Kumja-dong KNXX5275
Kumjang-gol KNXX2740
Kumjin-dong KNXX0794
Kumjong-dong KNXX2741
Kumjong-gol KNXX2742
Kumjong-gol KNXX5277
Kumjung-ni KNXX0795
Kumnim-ni KNXX0796
Kumnung-ni KNXX2743
Kumsa-ri KNXX7628
Kumsajung-dong KNXX0801
Kumsan KNXX2744
Kumsan-dong KNXX0802
Kumsan-dong KNXX7629
Kumsan-dong KNXX5279
Kumsang-gol KNXX7633
Kumsasang-dong KNXX0803
Kumso-dong KNXX5280
Kumso-gol KNXX5281
Kumsodongogu KNXX5282
Kumsong-dong KNXX2745
Kumsong-dong KNXX0804
Kumsong-gol KNXX7634
Kumsong-ni KNXX2746
Kumsong-ni KNXX5283
Kumsong-ni KNXX0805
Kumsu-dong KNXX2747
Kumsu-gol KNXX2748
Kumsu-ri KNXX7635
Kumul-li KNXX2749
Kumulgae KNXX2750
Kumulmok KNXX5284
Kumun-dong KNXX2751
Kumunsong KNXX2752
Kumwol-tong KNXX5285
Kumya KNXX7636
Kumyang-ni KNXX0806
Kun-gol KNXX7637
Kun-gol KNXX2754
Kunan-gol KNXX2755
Kundap KNXX2756
Kundong-ni KNXX5286
Kung-dong KNXX2758
Kung-kol KNXX2760
Kungam-ni KNXX2761
Kungdae-ri KNXX2763
Kungduhang KNXX5287
Kungnae-dong KNXX2764
Kungno-dong KNXX0807
Kungsim-dong KNXX5288
Kungso-dong KNXX7638
Kunjang KNXX2765
Kunmak-tong KNXX7639
Kunnae-ri KNXX7640
Kunsa-dong KNXX2766
Kuo-dong KNXX0808
Kuok-tong KNXX5291
Kuok-tong KNXX7643
Kuong-ni KNXX5293
Kuong-ni KNXX7644
Kuppyoru KNXX0811
Kurak KNXX7646
Kurak-kol KNXX0812
Kural-li KNXX2769
Kurang-ni KNXX2770
Kurap-tong KNXX2771
Kurim-ni KNXX0813
Kurong-mal KNXX7647
Kurum-gol KNXX0814
Kurumogu KNXX7648
Kurwol-li KNXX2772
Kuryang-ni KNXX2773
Kuryol-li KNXX2774
Kuryong KNXX7649
Kuryong-dong KNXX0815
Kuryong-dong KNXX5294
Kuryong-dong KNXX2775
Kuryong-ni KNXX7650
Kuryong-ni KNXX2776
Kuryong-ni KNXX0816
Kuryongbol KNXX2777
Kuryongso KNXX7651
Kusa-dong KNXX2778
Kusade KNXX5298
Kusal-li KNXX2779
Kusan-dong KNXX0818
Kusang-ni KNXX7652
Kusinhyon KNXX7653
Kuso KNXX5299
Kusodang KNXX5300
Kusok-tong KNXX2780
Kusok-tong KNXX0819
Kusol-li KNXX2782
Kusong KNXX0082
Kusong-dong KNXX0820
Kusong-ni KNXX0821
Kusumi KNXX2783
Kusungda-ri KNXX7654
Kuum-ni KNXX2784
Kuum-ni KNXX7656
Kuyol-li KNXX2785
Kuyon-dong KNXX2786
Kuyong-dong KNXX2787
Kwaam-dong KNXX5301
Kwaejon KNXX2789
Kwaejon-gol KNXX7658
Kwakchibong KNXX5302
Kwakpau KNXX2790
Kwaksong KNXX7659
Kwallogok KNXX5303
Kwallyu-dong KNXX5304
Kwan-dong KNXX0822
Kwan-dong KNXX7660
Kwan-dong KNXX5306
Kwan-gol KNXX0823
Kwanam-dong KNXX2792
Kwanam-dong KNXX5307
Kwandae-dong KNXX2793
Kwandae-ri KNXX2794
Kwandae-ri KNXX0825
Kwandong-ni KNXX7661
Kwang-dong KNXX2795
Kwangam KNXX5308
Kwangam-ni KNXX5309
Kwangbok-tong KNXX2796
Kwangdae-dong KNXX0829
Kwangdae-dong KNXX7664
Kwangdae-ri KNXX7665
Kwangdaeam KNXX5310
Kwangdogi KNXX7667
Kwangdok KNXX5311
Kwangdok-tong KNXX2798
Kwangdol-tong KNXX2799
Kwangdong-ni KNXX7668
Kwangdongmu KNXX5312
Kwanggogae KNXX2800
Kwangha-dong KNXX5313
Kwanghae-dong KNXX2801
Kwanghung KNXX5314
Kwanghung-ni KNXX7669
Kwanghyon KNXX5315
Kwanghyon-dong KNXX2802
Kwangmyong-ni KNXX0831
Kwangmyong-ni KNXX7670
Kwangsan KNXX2805
Kwangsang-dong KNXX5316
Kwangsok KNXX2806
Kwangsong KNXX7673
Kwangsong-dong KNXX7674
Kwangsong-dong KNXX2807
Kwangsong-ni KNXX2808
Kwangsong-ni KNXX0833
Kwangsu-ri KNXX2809
Kwangu-dong KNXX5317
Kwangu-dong KNXX2811
Kwangyang-dong KNXX5318
Kwangyang-ni KNXX5319
Kwangyon-gol KNXX5320
Kwanhae-dong KNXX5321
Kwanhung-ni KNXX7677
Kwanhye-dong KNXX2812
Kwanjin-dong KNXX0835
Kwanjok-tong KNXX2813
Kwanjong-ni KNXX2814
Kwanjung-ni KNXX0836
Kwanjung-ni KNXX7678
Kwanmak-tong KNXX0837
Kwanmo KNXX2815
Kwanmo-ri KNXX5322
Kwanmul-li KNXX2816
Kwanmun-dong KNXX2817
Kwannae-dong KNXX2818
Kwano-ri KNXX2819
Kwansan-dong KNXX5323
Kwanso-ri KNXX7681
Kwansongjon KNXX7682
Kwansu-ri KNXX2820
Kwansu-ri KNXX7683
Kwanum-dong KNXX2822
Kwasal-li KNXX7684
Kwihyang-dong KNXX5324
Kwihyu-dong KNXX2823
Kwiik-kol KNXX2824
Kwiik-tong KNXX0839
Kwirae-dong KNXX2825
Kwirak-kol KNXX5325
Kwirak-tong KNXX5326
Kwirunggae KNXX2826
Kwondogi KNXX7686
Kye-dong KNXX2828
Kyebangdurugori KNXX0841
Kyedong-ni KNXX2830
Kyehwa-dong KNXX2831
Kyehwa-dong KNXX5330
Kyehwa-dong KNXX0842
Kyejong-dong KNXX2832
Kyejong-ni KNXX2833
Kyemae-dong KNXX2834
Kyemyong-gol KNXX0843
Kyenam-ni KNXX7687
Kyerim-ni KNXX2835
Kyesan-gol KNXX7688
Kyesang-ni KNXX5331
Kyesu-ri KNXX2836
Kyo-dong KNXX2837
Kyo-dong KNXX5332
Kyobang-gol KNXX2838
Kyodong-maul KNXX7689
Kyoha-dong KNXX5333
Kyoha-dong KNXX0846
Kyohang-dong KNXX0847
Kyohang-ni KNXX7690
Kyohung-ni KNXX7691
Kyohyang-ni KNXX5334
Kyolsu KNXX5335
Kyoltong-ni KNXX0848
Kyongam-dong KNXX5336
Kyongam-ni KNXX7692
Kyongandae-ri KNXX7693
Kyongbong-ni KNXX7694
Kyongchung KNXX0085
Kyonggumi KNXX5337
Kyongho-ri KNXX7695
Kyonghung-dong KNXX7696
Kyonghung-ni KNXX0849
Kyonghung-ni KNXX7697
Kyonghungjon KNXX7698
Kyongsa-gol KNXX2840
Kyongsong KNXX0086
Kyongsu-dong KNXX2841
Kyongwon KNXX5338
Kyorul-li KNXX2842
Kyosang KNXX0851
Kyosang-dong KNXX5339
Kyowol-li KNXX5340
Kyu-dong KNXX5341
Kyungha-ri KNXX7700
L-kol KNXX9455
Llgon-dong KNXX6694
Ma-dong KNXX2843
Ma-dong KNXX7701
Maa-dong KNXX7702
Maam-dong KNXX5342
Madae-dong KNXX2844
Madang-gol KNXX0853
Madogijang KNXX7703
Madong-gol KNXX2845
Maduk KNXX7704
Madung KNXX7705
Madung-gol KNXX5343
Madung-gol KNXX2846
Madung-ni KNXX0854
Mae-dong KNXX5344
Mae-gol KNXX0855
Mae-gol KNXX2847
Maebak-kol KNXX7706
Maebat KNXX7707
Maebau-dong KNXX7708
Maebawi KNXX5345
Maebawi KNXX7709
Maebong-ni KNXX2848
Maedong-ni KNXX7710
Maegok-tong KNXX2850
Maegol-maul KNXX0857
Maegon-ni KNXX7711
Maegorogu KNXX5346
Maehang-dong KNXX7712
Maehwa-dong KNXX2851
Maehyang-ni KNXX5347
Maejang KNXX7713
Maejang-dong KNXX2852
Maejang-gol KNXX2853
Maek-tong KNXX0859
Maemil-gol KNXX0860
Maemoru KNXX7714
Maen-gol KNXX2854
Maeng-dong KNXX7715
Maeng-gol KNXX2855
Maengjang-dong KNXX0862
Maengsandok KNXX5348
Maengsong-gol KNXX2856
Maengyang-dong KNXX5349
Maenuni KNXX0863
Maesang KNXX0864
Maesanggol-maul KNXX0865
Maeso-ri KNXX2857
Maeyang-dong KNXX2858
Magadunji KNXX7717
Magamdok KNXX5350
Magori KNXX0866
Magundam KNXX2859
Majakkok KNXX5352
Majangdok KNXX7720
Majol-li KNXX2860
Majol-li KNXX7721
Majon KNXX5353
Majon KNXX7722
Majon-dong KNXX5354
Majon-dong KNXX7723
Majon-dong KNXX0868
Majot-kol KNXX5355
Mak-kol KNXX2861
Mak-kol KNXX7725
Mak-kol KNXX5356
Mak-tong KNXX0869
Mak-tong KNXX2862
Mak-tong KNXX5357
Maksil-tong KNXX2863
Makson-dong KNXX5358
Maksung KNXX7726
Malgadok KNXX5360
Malgori KNXX2866
Malgul-li KNXX5361
Malgundami KNXX0870
Malgunmot KNXX2867
Malguri-gol KNXX2868
Malmegu-ri KNXX2869
Malmo-ri KNXX2870
Malmok-tong KNXX2871
Maltarak KNXX2872
Malttongbaegi KNXX2873
Mamyong-gol KNXX2874
Mamyong-ni KNXX2875
Man-dong KNXX2878
Manbu-gol KNXX2879
Mando-dong KNXX5366
Mandong-ni KNXX7728
Mang-dong KNXX2880
Mangajang KNXX2881
Mangdan-dong KNXX5367
Mangdo-ri KNXX2882
Mangdok-tong KNXX5368
Manggyong-dong KNXX5369
Mangjang-gol KNXX2883
Mangjol-li KNXX2884
Mangsang-dong KNXX7730
Mangson-dong KNXX2885
Mangyang-dong KNXX5371
Mangyanggumi KNXX5372
Manhang-ni KNXX0087
Manho-dong KNXX0873
Manho-dong KNXX5373
Manho-dong KNXX2886
Manho-ri KNXX5374
Manhung-dong KNXX0874
Manhung-ni KNXX0875
Manhwa-ri KNXX2887
Manhyang-dong KNXX5375
Manji-dong KNXX2888
Mannung-dong KNXX0876
Mannyon KNXX2891
Mannyon-gol KNXX7732
Manpo KNXX0088
Mansallijungjang KNXX7735
Mansallisangjang KNXX7736
Mansin-dong KNXX5376
Mansong KNXX2892
Mansu-dong KNXX0878
Manulbong KNXX5377
Marak KNXX2895
Marho-ri KNXX7737
Mari-dong KNXX5378
Maru-ri KNXX7738
Maruk-kol KNXX5380
Maryoul KNXX2896
Masa-dong KNXX2897
Masajae KNXX2898
Masal-li KNXX7739
Masal-li KNXX2899
Masan-dong KNXX5381
Masan-dong KNXX2900
Masan-dong KNXX0880
Masan-gol KNXX2901
Masang KNXX7740
Masang-dong KNXX0881
Masang-dong KNXX7741
Masang-ni KNXX7742
Masanmal KNXX2902
Masi-dong KNXX0882
Masol-li KNXX0883
Mason-gol KNXX0884
Masong-dong KNXX0885
Mau-ri KNXX2903
Mawidogi KNXX7745
Mawol-tong KNXX2904
Mayang-dong KNXX7746
Mayo-dong KNXX7747
Mayu-dong KNXX5383
Mayu-dong KNXX2905
Mayu-dong KNXX7748
Mayu-ri KNXX2906
Memul-li KNXX7749
Menari-gol KNXX2907
Meogae KNXX2908
Mi-dong KNXX7750
Midang-ni KNXX2909
Midong KNXX9456
Midul-li KNXX7751
Mihung-ni KNXX7752
Mijaa-ri KNXX7753
Mijang-gol KNXX2910
Minari-gol KNXX5384
Minari-gol KNXX2911
Minarik-kol KNXX2912
Minbong-ni KNXX5385
Mindunbu KNXX5387
Minmak-kol KNXX5388
Miram-dong KNXX2913
Miro-ri KNXX2914
Mirok-kol KNXX2915
Miruk-tong KNXX2916
Miruktangmal KNXX7755
Miryol-gol KNXX2917
Misal-li KNXX2918
Misal-li KNXX5389
Misam-ni KNXX7756
Misan-gol KNXX2920
Misan-ni KNXX2921
Misong-ni KNXX2922
Miu-dong KNXX2923
Miya-gol KNXX2924
Miyang-ni KNXX7757
Miyok KNXX2925
Miyok-tong KNXX2926
Mo-dong KNXX2927
Mobong-ni KNXX7758
Mobong-ni KNXX0888
Modae KNXX7759
Modegi KNXX7760
Modok-tong KNXX5391
Modong-ni KNXX0889
Moduregi KNXX7761
Mohyon-dong KNXX0890
Mojong KNXX2928
Mok-kol KNXX7762
Mok-kol KNXX2929
Mok-tong KNXX2930
Mok-tong KNXX5392
Mokchil-li KNXX5393
Mokchok-tong KNXX5394
Mokchol-li KNXX2933
Mokchon-dong KNXX2934
Mokhwa-dong KNXX2935
Mokkae-gol KNXX2936
Mokpang-dong KNXX2937
Mokpol-li KNXX2938
Moksong-ni KNXX5395
Moktogi-dong KNXX0892
Mol-gol KNXX0893
Mol-mal KNXX2939
Molgae KNXX2940
Molmul KNXX2941
Mongdang-gol KNXX7764
Mongnindae KNXX7765
Mongnyong KNXX7766
Mongsang-ni KNXX7767
Mongso-dong KNXX7768
Monjok-kol KNXX2942
Monttul-gol KNXX7769
Morae-gol KNXX7770
Moraedul-li KNXX7772
Moraemal KNXX7773
Moraeso KNXX7774
Moro-ri KNXX7776
Moro-ri KNXX0894
Morumal KNXX0895
Moryoul KNXX2943
Mosan-dong KNXX2944
Mosongbang KNXX2945
Mottul KNXX2946
Mou KNXX2947
Mou-dong KNXX0896
Mu-dong KNXX2948
Mu-dong KNXX7778
Mudong-ni KNXX0900
Mugal-li KNXX2950
Mugo-ri KNXX2951
Mugum-dong KNXX2952
Mugye-ri KNXX5398
Mugye-ri KNXX7780
Mugyegok KNXX5399
Muhak-tong KNXX7781
Muimnae KNXX0901
Muja-dong KNXX5400
Mujaemok KNXX7782
Mujong-dong KNXX2953
Muk-tong KNXX5401
Muk-tong KNXX2954
Mukhung-dong KNXX7783
Mul-gol KNXX2956
Mul-li KNXX7785
Mulbang-dong KNXX2957
Mulbang-dong KNXX7786
Mulbang-gol KNXX2958
Mulbang-kol KNXX7787
Mulbanga KNXX5402
Mulbanga-gol KNXX0903
Mulbanga-gol KNXX7788
Mulbanga-gol KNXX5403
Mulbangakkol KNXX5404
Mulbong KNXX5405
Mulbyon KNXX7789
Mulgae-ri KNXX2959
Mulgubi-dong KNXX2960
Mulgum-ni KNXX7790
Mullim-ni KNXX2961
Mulmegi-gol KNXX7792
Mulmol KNXX2962
Multang KNXX2963
Mun-dong KNXX7795
Munak KNXX0904
Munak-tong KNXX0905
Munak-tong KNXX2965
Munam KNXX2966
Munam-dong KNXX7796
Munam-dong KNXX2967
Munam-dong KNXX0906
Munam-ni KNXX7797
Munam-ni KNXX5406
Munam-ni KNXX2968
Munam-ni KNXX0907
Munamnae KNXX7798
Munan KNXX2969
Munang-ni KNXX0909
Munang-ni KNXX7800
Munbau KNXX0910
Munbau-gol KNXX0911
Munbong KNXX2970
Munbong-ni KNXX7801
Mundal-tong KNXX5407
Mundam-dong KNXX2972
Mundok-tong KNXX2973
Mundong-ni KNXX7804
Mundong-ni KNXX0912
Munemi KNXX2974
Munemiogu KNXX7805
Munha-ri KNXX7806
Munho-ri KNXX7807
Munhoe-dong KNXX5408
Munhung-ni KNXX7808
Munhwa-dong KNXX7809
Munhwa-ri KNXX0913
Munhwa-ri KNXX2975
Munhyol-li KNXX2976
Munhyon-dong KNXX2977
Munjae-dong KNXX2978
Munjin-ni KNXX7810
Munjong-dong KNXX2979
Munmu-ri KNXX2980
Munmyong-dong KNXX0914
Munmyong-maul KNXX0915
Munmyong-ni KNXX2981
Munnae KNXX2982
Munnae-dong KNXX0916
Munso KNXX2983
Munso-dong KNXX7812
Munsong-ni KNXX7813
Munsong-ni KNXX2984
Munsongjang KNXX2985
Munsu-ri KNXX2987
Munung-gol KNXX2989
Munyang-dong KNXX2990
Munyang-ni KNXX2991
Mural-li KNXX2992
Murogi KNXX2993
Murung-dong KNXX5409
Murung-ni KNXX2994
Murungdae KNXX5410
Muryok KNXX7815
Muryongmal KNXX0917
Muryoul KNXX2995
Musal-li KNXX5411
Musan KNXX0089
Musan-dong KNXX5412
Musan-up KNXX5413
Musang-dong KNXX7816
Musirang-ni KNXX2996
Musol-li KNXX0918
Muson-dong KNXX0919
Musong-dong KNXX2997
Musu-gol KNXX2998
Musu-rodongjagu KNXX5414
Musudal-li KNXX5415
Musudogi KNXX5416
Muudae KNXX7817
Muwang-dong KNXX2999
Myemulchung-ni KNXX7818
Myo-gol KNXX3001
Myoam-ni KNXX3002
Myogak-tong KNXX3003
Myokkogae KNXX3004
Myoksa-dong KNXX5417
Myong-dong KNXX3007
Myongan-dong KNXX7819
Myongdae-ri KNXX0920
Myongdal-gol KNXX0921
Myongdang-dong KNXX0922
Myongdang-gol KNXX3009
Myongdangjin KNXX0923
Myongdangmol KNXX3010
Myongdangu KNXX5420
Myonggan-dong KNXX5421
Myonghak-tong KNXX3011
Myongho KNXX5422
Myongho-dong KNXX5423
Myongho-ri KNXX7820
Myongjang-gol KNXX5424
Myongjang-ni KNXX7821
Myongjong-dong KNXX3012
Myongmun-dong KNXX0924
Myongmunmaul KNXX0925
Myongnam-ni KNXX5425
Myongnyu-ri KNXX3014
Myongsil-li KNXX5427
Myongsogi KNXX7823
Myongsong-dong KNXX3015
Myongsu-dong KNXX3016
Myongsudok KNXX5428
Myosan KNXX5430
Myosong-ni KNXX3018
Nabuk-tong KNXX5431
Nadan-dong KNXX5432
Nae-dong KNXX5434
Nae-dong KNXX7826
Nae-gol KNXX0928
Nae-gol KNXX5435
Naebyol-tong KNXX0929
Naedae KNXX3023
Naedae-dong KNXX3024
Naedo-dong KNXX5437
Naedoha KNXX3025
Naedong-ni KNXX3026
Naedong-ni KNXX7829
Naedong-ni KNXX0930
Naedumugae KNXX5438
Naegoi KNXX7830
Naegul-tong KNXX3027
Naegum-ni KNXX3028
Naegun KNXX3029
Naeho-dong KNXX7831
Naehung-dong KNXX0933
Naejik-tong KNXX5439
Naejin KNXX7832
Naejung-ni KNXX7833
Naemajang KNXX3030
Naemul-li KNXX7834
Naemunnemi KNXX3031
Naenam-dong KNXX3032
Naenam-ni KNXX7835
Naengjong-dong KNXX3034
Naengjong-dong KNXX0935
Naengjong-gol KNXX3035
Naengjong-ni KNXX3036
Naengsang-ni KNXX0936
Naeoe-ri KNXX3037
Naero-ri KNXX3039
Naeryong-dong KNXX0938
Naeryu-dong KNXX0939
Naesal-li KNXX0940
Naesang-ni KNXX7838
Naesimnijong KNXX5441
Naesindok KNXX7839
Naesokkamun KNXX3040
Naesong KNXX7840
Naesong-ni KNXX3041
Naesong-ni KNXX0942
Naesu-dong KNXX5442
Naewol KNXX3043
Naewol-li KNXX7841
Naewon-dong KNXX5443
Naeyang-ni KNXX7842
Naeyon-dong KNXX0943
Naeyongmi-ri KNXX7843
Nagam-dong KNXX3045
Nagan-dong KNXX0944
Nagwol-li KNXX7844
Nagwon KNXX7845
Nagyu-dong KNXX3046
Nahadae-ri KNXX7846
Nahaha-dong KNXX0945
Nahajung-dong KNXX0946
Nahasang-dong KNXX0947
Naho-ri KNXX7847
Nahul-li KNXX7848
Nahung-ni KNXX7849
Nahung-ni KNXX0091
Najin KNXX0092
Nak-tong KNXX7851
Nak-tong KNXX3048
Nakchik-kol KNXX3051
Naksan KNXX5445
Naksan-dong KNXX5446
Naksongjong KNXX3053
Nakto-dong KNXX0948
Naktong-ni KNXX5447
Nam-gol KNXX7853
Nam-ni KNXX0949
Nam-ni KNXX7854
Namam KNXX5450
Namandae-ri KNXX7855
Nambangi KNXX7856
Nambol KNXX5451
Nambong KNXX5453
Namdal KNXX3055
Namdan KNXX7861
Namdang-ni KNXX7862
Namdong-ni KNXX7863
Namdonghuk-tong KNXX0952
Namga-dong KNXX7864
Namgoji KNXX7865
Namgok KNXX5458
Namgwan-dong KNXX5459
Namgyong KNXX5460
Namha-ri KNXX0954
Namha-ri KNXX5461
Namhal-li KNXX3056
Namhang-ni KNXX7866
Namhaso KNXX5462
Namhojong KNXX7868
Namhung-dong KNXX7869
Namhung-ni KNXX7870
Namhung-ni KNXX0956
Nami-dong KNXX5463
Namjak-kol KNXX5465
Namjang KNXX5466
Namjang-dong KNXX7871
Namjang-ni KNXX5467
Namjigyong KNXX7872
Namjik KNXX5468
Namjik-tong KNXX0957
Namjolsu KNXX7873
Namjong-dong KNXX3057
Namjong-ni KNXX3058
Namju-dong KNXX5469
Namjung-ni KNXX3060
Namjungsan-dong KNXX0093
Namkkum-dong KNXX3061
Nammal KNXX7874
Nammang-gol KNXX7875
Nammun-dong KNXX0958
Nammyon-dong KNXX5470
Namnang-dong KNXX5471
Namnyang-dong KNXX5472
Namnyanggae KNXX5473
Nampo KNXX0019
Namsa-dong KNXX3062
Namsal-li KNXX7881
Namsal-li KNXX3063
Namsal-li KNXX5477
Namsan KNXX5479
Namsan-dong KNXX5480
Namsan-dong KNXX3064
Namsan-dong KNXX7882
Namsan-gol KNXX0963
Namsan-gol KNXX7883
Namsandok KNXX7884
Namsang KNXX5481
Namsang-dong KNXX0964
Namsang-ni KNXX0965
Namse-ri KNXX7885
Namsil-li KNXX0966
Namsinhung-dong KNXX7886
Namso-dong KNXX0967
Namso-ri KNXX7887
Namsoha-dong KNXX0968
Namsok KNXX5482
Namsok KNXX7888
Namsok-kol KNXX7889
Namsok-tong KNXX7890
Namsok-tong KNXX5483
Namsokkubi KNXX5485
Namsokkyot KNXX5486
Namsong-dong KNXX5487
Namsong-ni KNXX7891
Namsong-ni KNXX0969
Namsongam-ni KNXX7892
Namsongmal KNXX7894
Namsu-dong KNXX7895
Namsung KNXX7896
Namun-dong KNXX5488
Namunmal KNXX7897
Namusok KNXX7898
Namwon-dong KNXX5489
Namyang KNXX5490
Namyang-dong KNXX5491
Namyang-dong KNXX3065
Namyang-ni KNXX7899
Namyang-ni KNXX5492
Nan-dong KNXX5495
Nanam KNXX0096
Nandok KNXX5497
Nandong-ni KNXX7900
Nang-dong KNXX3066
Nangmal KNXX3067
Nangmil-li KNXX0970
Nangnim KNXX0097
Nanjol-li KNXX3068
Naok-tong KNXX3070
Naridok KNXX5498
Naruam KNXX5499
Naruan KNXX7901
Nasang-ni KNXX7902
Nasok-tong KNXX5501
Nattari-dong KNXX3072
No-dong KNXX0973
No-dong KNXX5502
No-dong KNXX3073
No-gol KNXX5503
Noam KNXX5504
Nobau KNXX7904
Nobong-ni KNXX7905
Nodok KNXX5506
Nodoksowon KNXX7906
Nodong-gol KNXX0974
Nodong-ni KNXX3074
Nodong-ni KNXX7907
Nodongjang KNXX7908
Nodu KNXX5507
Nodubong KNXX7909
Noedong-ni KNXX7910
Noemak-tong KNXX0975
Noga-dong KNXX3075
Nogajae KNXX7911
Nogal-li KNXX3076
Nogan-dong KNXX5508
Nogya-dong KNXX5509
Nogya-ri KNXX5510
Noha KNXX5511
Noha-dong KNXX5512
Noha-ri KNXX7913
Noil-tong KNXX3077
Nojang-ni KNXX0976
Nojok-tong KNXX5513
Nojok-tong KNXX3078
Nojokpau KNXX7915
Nojol-li KNXX7916
Nojon-dong KNXX3079
Nojon-dong KNXX0977
Nojon-dong KNXX5514
Nojon-gol KNXX5515
Nojong-ni KNXX7918
Nok-tong KNXX5516
Nokpon-dong KNXX0978
Noksaengdogi KNXX5517
Noksal-li KNXX7919
Noktol-gol KNXX7920
Nol-gol KNXX7921
Nolbau-gol KNXX3081
Nolbundol KNXX3082
Nolmaegi-maul KNXX0979
Nolmak KNXX7922
Nolta-ri KNXX3084
Nomun-gol KNXX5520
Non-dong KNXX3085
Non-gol KNXX3086
Nonam-ni KNXX0981
Nonamudunji KNXX7923
Nonduk KNXX3087
Nondul KNXX5521
Nondulgori KNXX3088
Nongdok KNXX7926
Nonggyong-dong KNXX5522
Nongjang-gol KNXX3090
Nongmak-kol KNXX5523
Nongsa-dong KNXX3091
Nongsa-dong KNXX5529
Nongsa-gol KNXX5530
Nongsagol KNXX5531
Nongsak-kol KNXX5532
Nongsang-dong KNXX7927
Nongsong-dong KNXX5533
Nongsu-gol KNXX7928
Nongul-li KNXX3092
Nongun-dong KNXX5534
Nongwol-li KNXX7929
Nongyang-ni KNXX7930
Nonsol KNXX7932
Nonttuk KNXX3094
Noo-dong KNXX3095
Nopkogae KNXX3097
Norubau-gol KNXX0984
Norumegi KNXX0985
Norumogi KNXX5537
Norumogi-gol KNXX5538
Norumogi-ri KNXX0987
Norumok KNXX7936
Norumong-ni KNXX7937
Nosadok KNXX7938
Nosal-li KNXX3098
Nosang KNXX5540
Nosang-dong KNXX3099
Nosang-dong KNXX5541
Noso-dong KNXX3100
Nosong KNXX7939
Nosongdok KNXX5542
Nou-mol KNXX3101
Noul-li KNXX7940
Noyabu KNXX5543
Nudae KNXX7941
Nugo-dong KNXX7942
Nuhang-ni KNXX7943
Nujimegi KNXX3103
Nujinmok KNXX7944
Numbau KNXX3104
Nung-dong KNXX3107
Nung-dong KNXX7945
Nung-gol KNXX7946
Nung-gol KNXX3108
Nung-ni KNXX0098
Nungan KNXX3109
Nungbau-kol KNXX7947
Nungdae-dong KNXX0988
Nungdong-ni KNXX7949
Nunggok KNXX5545
Nunggu-ri KNXX7950
Nungji-maul KNXX0989
Nungjiam KNXX5546
Nungjol-li KNXX7951
Nungnae-gol KNXX3110
Nungnam KNXX7952
Nungniyoul KNXX7953
Nungsan-dong KNXX5547
Nungsan-ni KNXX3111
Nungsu-ri KNXX3112
Nunjae-ri KNXX0990
Nup-kol KNXX7954
Nup-kol KNXX0991
Nup-tong KNXX0992
Nupchae-ri KNXX0993
Nupching-ni KNXX7957
Nupkae KNXX7958
Nupsang KNXX7960
Nupsu-ri KNXX7961
Nuptogi KNXX7962
Nuptok KNXX5549
Nuro-ri KNXX3113
Nurukpau KNXX3114
Nurunji KNXX3115
Nurup-kol KNXX0994
O-dong KNXX7963
O-dong KNXX5551
O-dong KNXX3117
O-ri KNXX7964
Oa-dong KNXX3118
Oam KNXX3119
Obal-tong KNXX0997
Obok-tong KNXX5552
Obong KNXX0998
Obong KNXX7965
Obong-dok KNXX7966
Obong-dong KNXX5553
Obong-gol KNXX7967
Obong-ni KNXX3120
Obong-ni KNXX5554
Obong-nodongjagu KNXX5555
Odong-dong KNXX1000
Odong-ni KNXX3123
Odu KNXX3124
Odu-dong KNXX3125
Oduk-tong KNXX3126
Odung KNXX3127
Oe-dong KNXX7971
Oeam-dong KNXX3128
Oeam-ni KNXX3129
Oebyol-tong KNXX1001
Oedogi-gol KNXX7972
Oegajong-dong KNXX3132
Oegosan KNXX3133
Oegum-dong KNXX3134
Oegun KNXX3135
Oegwijin KNXX1002
Oejong-ni KNXX3136
Oejung-dong KNXX1003
Oemajang KNXX3137
Oemul-li KNXX7973
Oemunnemi KNXX3138
Oenam-dong KNXX3139
Oeryu-dong KNXX1006
Oesaemal KNXX3140
Oesam-ni KNXX1007
Oesang-ni KNXX3141
Oesil-li KNXX1009
Oesimnijong KNXX5559
Oeso-ri KNXX1010
Oesolmal KNXX7974
Oesong KNXX7975
Oga-ri KNXX7976
Ogae-dong KNXX1011
Ogasan-dong KNXX1012
Ogong-ni KNXX1014
Ogu KNXX7977
Ogu-dong KNXX3142
Ogu-dong KNXX1015
Ogu-dong KNXX7979
Ogujang-ni KNXX7981
Ogum-ni KNXX7982
Ogwol-li KNXX3143
Oha-dong KNXX5561
Oha-ri KNXX1017
Ohang-dong KNXX5562
Ohon-dong KNXX1018
Ohwa-dong KNXX1019
Ohyon-dong KNXX1020
Oibang KNXX7983
Oil KNXX1021
Oil-li KNXX7984
Oil-lodongjagu KNXX1022
Oin-dong KNXX7985
Oin-dong KNXX3144
Ojaeng-gol KNXX5566
Ojibau KNXX5567
Ojo-ri KNXX1023
Ojong-dong KNXX3145
Ojong-ni KNXX3146
Ojung-dong KNXX1024
Ok-kol KNXX3147
Ok-tong KNXX3148
Ok-tong KNXX1025
Ok-tong KNXX5568
Okho KNXX5570
Okho-dong KNXX3151
Okhodogi KNXX7988
Okhyol-li KNXX3152
Okkan-dong KNXX7990
Okkogae KNXX3153
Okpyong-Ni KNXX0100
Oksadok KNXX1026
Oksan-dong KNXX5572
Oksodogi KNXX5573
Oksong-dong KNXX5574
Oksu-dong KNXX5575
Oktang-dong KNXX5577
Oktong-ni KNXX3154
Oktong-ni KNXX7994
Olchong-ni KNXX7995
Oman-dong KNXX1027
Ombang-dong KNXX7997
Omdong-ni KNXX7999
Omgwang-ni KNXX5578
Omjong-gol KNXX8000
Omo-dong KNXX5579
Omok-tong KNXX3155
Omong-ni KNXX8001
Omoro-ri KNXX1029
Omso-ri KNXX8002
Omsu KNXX3156
Omul-li KNXX8003
Omyon-dong KNXX1030
Onae-ri KNXX8004
Ondaejil-li KNXX5582
Ondogarae KNXX8005
Ong-gol KNXX3158
Ongam-dong KNXX3159
Ongbuk-tong KNXX1034
Ongdo-dong KNXX5583
Onggi-dong KNXX8006
Onggijom KNXX8007
Onghuidong KNXX5584
Ongjang-dong KNXX1035
Ongjidok KNXX1036
Ongjin KNXX0101
Ongjom-dong KNXX3161
Ongju-gol KNXX3162
Ongnarugaek-kol KNXX5585
Ongnyol-li KNXX3163
Ongnyon-dong KNXX5586
Ongnyon-dong KNXX8008
Ongsan-dong KNXX5588
Onjong-ni KNXX8009
Onmol KNXX3164
Onsa-ri KNXX1042
Onsong KNXX5589
Ook-tong KNXX5593
Oon-gol KNXX8010
Oppau KNXX3165
Opsal-li KNXX1045
Orang KNXX5594
Ori-dong KNXX3166
Oribol KNXX8015
Orim KNXX3167
Orimok KNXX3168
Orumdol KNXX3170
Orun-gol KNXX8019
Oryong KNXX8020
Oryong-dong KNXX3171
Oryu-dong KNXX5597
Oryu-dong KNXX8021
Oryu-dong KNXX3172
Oryu-gol KNXX3173
Oryu-ri KNXX3174
Oryu-ri KNXX1046
Oryu-ri KNXX5598
Oryujong KNXX3175
Oryujong KNXX5599
Oryul-li KNXX3176
Osa-ri KNXX3177
Osan-dong KNXX5600
Osang-dong KNXX5601
Osang-ni KNXX8022
Osang-ni KNXX5602
Osang-ni KNXX1047
Osin-dong KNXX1048
Oso KNXX5603
Oso-dong KNXX3179
Osong KNXX5604
Osu-dong KNXX3180
Osu-ri KNXX1049
Osudok KNXX1050
Oul-li KNXX1051
Oul-li KNXX8023
Oun KNXX3183
Oun-dong KNXX3184
Oun-dong KNXX8024
Oun-dong KNXX5606
Oun-gol KNXX8025
Oun-gol KNXX1052
Ounjang-dong KNXX8027
Oya-dong KNXX3185
Oyami KNXX3186
Oyang-dong KNXX3187
Oyommal KNXX8028
Oyong-dong KNXX5607
Oyong-dong KNXX1053
Oyu-dong KNXX3189
Oyu-ri KNXX5608
Pabal-Gyo KNXX0103
Pae-dong KNXX3234
Pae-gol KNXX8105
Pae-gol KNXX3235
Paea-dong KNXX8106
Paeam-gol KNXX3236
Paean KNXX8107
Paeda-ri KNXX3238
Paedogi KNXX5659
Paedok KNXX8108
Paedok-tong KNXX5660
Paega-dong KNXX3240
Paegal-li KNXX8109
Paegam KNXX8110
Paegam-dong KNXX1093
Paegam-dong KNXX8111
Paegam-dong KNXX5661
Paegam-gol KNXX1094
Paegam-ni KNXX1095
Paegam-ni KNXX8112
Paegam-ni KNXX3241
Paegamha-dong KNXX3242
Paegamjung-dong KNXX3243
Paegamsang-gol KNXX3244
Paegan-dong KNXX5662
Paegi-dong KNXX5663
Paegiltok KNXX5664
Paegjon-dong KNXX5665
Paego-ri KNXX3245
Paegok-tong KNXX3246
Paegumi KNXX8113
Paegun-dong KNXX8114
Paegyang-dong KNXX3247
Paegyang-ni KNXX3248
Paek-kol KNXX8117
Paek-kol KNXX3250
Paek-tong KNXX5670
Paek-tong KNXX8118
Paek-tong KNXX3251
Paekcha-dong KNXX3255
Paekcha-dong KNXX1098
Paekcha-ri KNXX1099
Paekchon KNXX8119
Paekha-ri KNXX1101
Paekhang-ni KNXX5671
Paekho-dong KNXX3256
Paekhwa-ri KNXX3257
Paekhyon-ni KNXX1102
Paekkong-ni KNXX3258
Paekkumsan-dong KNXX8121
Paekkun KNXX3259
Paekpan-dong KNXX1104
Paekpin-dong KNXX3260
Paekpyok-kol KNXX1105
Paeksa-dong KNXX5673
Paeksa-gol KNXX5674
Paeksal-li KNXX1106
Paeksal-li KNXX8122
Paeksam KNXX5675
Paeksan-dong KNXX8124
Paeksan-dong KNXX1107
Paeksan-gol KNXX1108
Paeksan-ni KNXX8125
Paeksang-ni KNXX1109
Paeksaul KNXX3261
Paekse-ri KNXX1110
Paeksok-tong KNXX3262
Paeksudae KNXX3263
Paekto KNXX8127
Paektok KNXX5679
Paemang-dong KNXX1112
Paemosi KNXX8129
Paemyong-dong KNXX8130
Paenamu KNXX8131
Paenamu KNXX3264
Paenamu-gol KNXX8132
Paenamu-gol KNXX3265
Paenamu-gol KNXX5680
Paenamugol KNXX5681
Paenamukogae KNXX8133
Paenamumal KNXX8134
Paenamuyoul KNXX3266
Paengma-ri KNXX3267
Paengmak-tong KNXX1113
Paengmi-gol KNXX8136
Paengmok-tong KNXX3268
Paengnak-tong KNXX3269
Paengnam-ni KNXX8137
Paengnim-dong KNXX1114
Paengnong-ni KNXX5683
Paengnyon-dong KNXX5684
Paengnyong-dong KNXX5685
Paeryong-dong KNXX5686
Pak-kogae KNXX3271
Pak-tong KNXX5688
Pakchoktogi KNXX1115
Pakchon-dong KNXX8139
Pakchonjang KNXX5691
Pakchukkol-maul KNXX1116
Pakha-dong KNXX5692
Pakkadae KNXX8140
Pakkatchaege KNXX3273
Pakkegodun-gol KNXX3275
Pakkumi KNXX8141
Pakkyongmi-ri KNXX8142
Paksa KNXX5693
Paksa-gol KNXX3276
Paksadok KNXX1117
Paksan-dong KNXX1118
Paksan-dong KNXX5694
Paksandogi KNXX5695
Paksandu KNXX8143
Paksang-dong KNXX5696
Paksang-ni KNXX5697
Paksanmak KNXX3277
Paksok KNXX1119
Paksong-dong KNXX5698
Paksu-gol KNXX3278
Paksun-dong KNXX5699
Paktal-gol KNXX1120
Paktogi KNXX8144
Paktong-ni KNXX8145
Paktu-dong KNXX5700
Paktumugae KNXX5701
Pallyong-ni KNXX3280
Pallyongam KNXX8147
Pam-gogae KNXX3281
Pamgasi KNXX8148
Pamgasi-dong KNXX3282
Pamgogae KNXX3283
Pamjol-tong KNXX3284
Pamnamu KNXX8149
Pamnamu-gol KNXX8150
Pamnamu-gol KNXX3285
Pamnamubol KNXX8151
Pandal-gol KNXX3287
Pandu-gol KNXX5704
Pang-dong KNXX8152
Pang-dong KNXX5705
Pang-gol KNXX8153
Pangada-ri KNXX3288
Pangamoe KNXX3289
Pangamol KNXX3290
Pangbu-dong KNXX1122
Pangdong-ni KNXX8159
Pangdong-ni KNXX3294
Pangga-ri KNXX8160
Panggaesan KNXX1123
Panggdae-ri KNXX8161
Panggil KNXX3295
Panggumi KNXX5708
Panggye-ri KNXX8163
Pangha-ri KNXX8164
Panghak-tong KNXX8165
Panghang-ni KNXX5709
Pangho-dong KNXX5710
Panghwa KNXX8166
Panghwa-ri KNXX3296
Panghyang-dong KNXX1124
Pangjin-dong KNXX5711
Pangjong-ni KNXX3297
Pangjung-ni KNXX8167
Pangmuk-tong KNXX5712
Pangnae KNXX3298
Pangnak-kol KNXX1125
Pangnam-ni KNXX8168
Pangnan-dong KNXX1126
Pangnang-dong KNXX8169
Pangnuptogi KNXX8170
Pangonaru KNXX8171
Pangsan-dong KNXX3299
Pangsang-ni KNXX8173
Pangso-ri KNXX8174
Pangsong-ni KNXX1127
Panguidogi KNXX5715
Pangun-dong KNXX3300
Pangwol-li KNXX5717
Pangwon-dong KNXX5718
Pangya KNXX3301
Panhung-dong KNXX3302
Panhwa-dong KNXX3303
Panjuk-tong KNXX5719
Pannam-gol KNXX3304
Pansi-ri KNXX3305
Pansok-tong KNXX3306
Pansong-dong KNXX3307
Pansong-ni KNXX8175
Panwol-li KNXX3308
Papchae KNXX3309
Paramnaegi KNXX8176
Parha-dong KNXX5720
Parhung-dong KNXX3310
Parhung-dong KNXX1128
Parul-lodongjagu KNXX1129
Parun KNXX1130
Parun-dong KNXX3311
Parun-ni KNXX1131
Parunji KNXX3312
Patho-ri KNXX8177
Pathorimal KNXX8178
Patkori KNXX3313
Pattok KNXX8179
Pattul KNXX8180
Pawian KNXX5721
Perakpawi-gol KNXX5722
Pia-ri KNXX1132
Pidal-li KNXX8184
Pidolgibau KNXX5723
Pidong-ni KNXX8185
Pidukpau-gol KNXX8186
Pigum-dong KNXX3316
Pijon-dong KNXX3317
Pijong-ni KNXX3318
Pingdam-dong KNXX3319
Pirang-dong KNXX3321
Pirye-dong KNXX3322
Piryu-dong KNXX3323
Pisaek-tong KNXX5726
Pisok-dong KNXX5727
Pisok-kol KNXX5728
Pisokkol KNXX5729
Piyok-kol KNXX8189
Po-dong KNXX1133
Poam KNXX5730
Podul-gol KNXX1134
Podulbat KNXX1135
Podultae KNXX3325
Podultonggu KNXX1136
Pogil-li KNXX1137
Pogo-dong KNXX8193
Pogolbau KNXX5733
Pogwang-dong KNXX3326
Pohang KNXX8194
Pohujang KNXX8196
Pohung-ni KNXX8197
Pohwabo KNXX5734
Pohyol-li KNXX8198
Pohyon-dong KNXX5735
Poilmi KNXX3327
Pojagumi KNXX8199
Pojang KNXX8200
Pojol-li KNXX3328
Pojon KNXX5736
Pojong KNXX3329
Poju-ri KNXX8201
Pojung-ni KNXX8202
Pok-tong KNXX3330
Pokchak-tong KNXX8203
Pokchang-dong KNXX5737
Pokchang-gol KNXX3331
Pokho-dong KNXX1139
Pokhu-gol KNXX1140
Pokhung-dong KNXX5738
Pokhung-ni KNXX8204
Pokkae-dong KNXX5739
Pokko-ri KNXX8205
Poksa-dong KNXX8207
Poktaeha-dong KNXX3334
Poktaesang-gol KNXX3335
Poktok-tong KNXX3336
Poktokkumi KNXX8208
Poktong-ni KNXX8209
Pol-mal KNXX8210
Pol-mol KNXX3337
Pol-tong KNXX1142
Polgo-ri KNXX3338
Polgogae KNXX3339
Polgye KNXX8212
Polmal KNXX8213
Poltang-dong KNXX8214
Poltok-tong KNXX1143
Pom-dong KNXX8215
Pom-gol KNXX8216
Pomak KNXX8217
Pomak-tong KNXX5741
Pomak-tong KNXX3340
Pomal-li KNXX3341
Pombau KNXX3342
Pomgolmaul KNXX1144
Pomja-ri KNXX8218
Pomnae KNXX3343
Pomsok-tong KNXX8220
Ponamu-dong KNXX3344
Pong-gol KNXX3345
Pongam KNXX5743
Pongam-dong KNXX5744
Pongam-dong KNXX3346
Pongam-ni KNXX5745
Pongam-ni KNXX3347
Pongbul-li KNXX3348
Pongdang-dong KNXX3350
Pongdun-dong KNXX8226
Pongga-dong KNXX3351
Ponggang-ni KNXX5746
Ponggok-tong KNXX3352
Ponggong-ni KNXX3353
Pongha-ri KNXX8227
Pongha-ri KNXX3354
Ponghung KNXX8228
Ponghung-ni KNXX8229
Ponghwa KNXX3355
Ponghwa-dong KNXX3356
Ponghwa-ri KNXX8230
Ponghwang-dong KNXX3357
Ponghwangdok KNXX8231
Ponghyol-li KNXX8232
Ponghyon-dong KNXX3358
Pongjae-ri KNXX3359
Pongjil-li KNXX3360
Pongjon-dong KNXX5747
Pongmyong-ni KNXX8233
Pongnam-gol KNXX5748
Pongnim-ni KNXX8234
Pongo-dong KNXX5749
Pongsal-li KNXX8236
Pongsal-li KNXX5751
Pongsan-dong KNXX3361
Pongsan-up KNXX3362
Pongso-ri KNXX8237
Pongson-gol KNXX3363
Pongsu KNXX8238
Pongsu-dong KNXX8239
Pongsu-gol KNXX8240
Pongui-ri KNXX3365
Pongui-ri KNXX8241
Ponguijae KNXX3366
Ponguimit KNXX5753
Pongwang-dong KNXX3367
Pongwijae KNXX3368
Pongyang KNXX3369
Pongyang-ni KNXX3370
Pongyang-ni KNXX8242
Pongyong-dong KNXX1147
Pongyu-ri KNXX1148
Ponji-ri KNXX3371
Ponkaeyok KNXX8243
Ponsan-dong KNXX8245
Poppat-kol KNXX8246
Popsu-dong KNXX3373
Poptong-ni KNXX1150
Pora-gol KNXX8247
Porae-dong KNXX5756
Porok KNXX3374
Poryon-dong KNXX3375
Posal-li KNXX3376
Posang-dong KNXX5757
Posang-ni KNXX8248
Posi-dong KNXX8249
Posong-ni KNXX8250
Posu KNXX8251
Posu-gol KNXX5758
Pota-Ri KNXX0106
Potae-ri KNXX0107
Potpat-kol KNXX8252
Pottok KNXX5759
Poul-li KNXX1152
Poum-gol KNXX8253
Pu-dong KNXX3377
Pu-dong KNXX8254
Pu-dong KNXX5760
Puam KNXX3378
Puam-dong KNXX5761
Puam-ni KNXX8255
Puam-ni KNXX3379
Pubi-gol KNXX3380
Pudae-dong KNXX3381
Pudong-ni KNXX8259
Pugam KNXX5762
Pugi-dong KNXX3382
Pugil-tong KNXX3383
Pugo-dong KNXX3384
Pugo-ri KNXX5763
Pugye-dong KNXX5764
Puhung KNXX3385
Puhung-dong KNXX5765
Puhung-dong KNXX3386
Puhung-dong KNXX1154
Puhung-gol KNXX1155
Puhung-ni KNXX8260
Puhung-ni KNXX1156
Puhungbau KNXX5766
Puhungbawi KNXX5767
Puhuwon KNXX8262
Puhwa-ri KNXX5768
Puhyang KNXX5769
Pujadok KNXX8263
Pujang-dong KNXX1157
Puji-ri KNXX1159
Pujo-dong KNXX3387
Pujol-li KNXX8264
Pujon KNXX8265
Pujong-ni KNXX3388
Puk-kol KNXX8266
Puk-kol KNXX5770
Puk-tong KNXX1160
Puk-tong KNXX3389
Pukchak-kol KNXX5772
Pukchak-tong KNXX5773
Pukchindok KNXX8269
Pukchong KNXX0109
Pukchong-gol KNXX5774
Pukchong-ni KNXX3391
Pukha-ri KNXX1161
Pukhaso KNXX5775
Pukkan-dong KNXX5776
Pukkau KNXX3392
Pukpu KNXX3394
Puksa-dong KNXX3395
Puksang-ni KNXX1163
Pukse-ri KNXX8273
Puksong-dong KNXX1164
Puksu KNXX5777
Puksu-dong KNXX1165
Puksu-ri KNXX8275
Puksung-gol KNXX8276
Puktal KNXX3396
Puktu-dong KNXX8277
Pul-gol KNXX3397
Pulgak KNXX3399
Pulgunbau KNXX3400
Pulgundunji KNXX5780
Pullo-ri KNXX5781
Pullogi KNXX8278
Pultang-dong KNXX3401
Pultang-gol KNXX8279
Pultang-gol KNXX1166
Pultang-gol KNXX3402
Pultari-dong KNXX3403
Pumak-tong KNXX1167
Pumil-li KNXX8280
Pumin-dong KNXX8281
Punae-dong KNXX1168
Punam-ni KNXX1169
Pung-dong KNXX5782
Pung-ni KNXX8283
Pung-ni KNXX1170
Pungchon KNXX0110
Punghyol-li KNXX8284
Pungjon-dong KNXX1171
Pungmal KNXX8285
Pungmal-li KNXX8286
Pungnaesin KNXX8287
Puram-ni KNXX3406
Purhung-dong KNXX8292
Purin-dong KNXX3407
Purong-dong KNXX5786
Purong-ni KNXX3408
Puru-dong KNXX3409
Puryon-dong KNXX3410
Puryong KNXX5787
Puryong-Dong KNXX0112
Pusagyon-dong KNXX5788
Pusang-ni KNXX8293
Pusong KNXX1176
Pusong-dong KNXX1177
Pusong-ni KNXX1178
Pusong-ni KNXX8294
Pusuhyon KNXX3411
Pusung-dong KNXX1180
Puyo-dong KNXX3412
Puyol-li KNXX8296
Puyon-dong KNXX3413
Puyun KNXX5790
Puyun-dong KNXX5791
Puyunil-tong KNXX5792
Pyoksong-ni KNXX5794
Pyoksong-up KNXX0113
Pyolsang-ni KNXX1183
Pyongbau-dong KNXX3416
Pyongma-gol KNXX5796
Pyongnamjin KNXX0115
Pyongsul-li KNXX3418
Pyongyang KNXX0006
Pyonju-ri KNXX5798
Pyorandae KNXX5799
Pyorang-maul KNXX1184
Pyorha-Dong KNXX0120
Pyorha-ri KNXX1185
Pyorhang-nyong KNXX8303
Pyoro-dong KNXX1186
Pyorojung-dong KNXX1187
Pyoru-gol KNXX1188
Sa-dong KNXX8304
Sa-dong KNXX1189
Sa-dong KNXX5800
Sa-dong KNXX3419
Sa-gol KNXX5801
Sa-kol KNXX8306
Sa-ri KNXX5802
Sa-ri KNXX8307
Saaejungji KNXX8308
Saajae KNXX1190
Saam-ni KNXX3421
Saap KNXX3422
Sabudok KNXX8311
Sabujin KNXX8312
Sadam-dong KNXX3425
Sadang-gol KNXX3426
Sadok KNXX5805
Sadok-tong KNXX5806
Sadong-ni KNXX1192
Sadong-ni KNXX8315
Sadu-dong KNXX8316
Saduk KNXX5807
Sadukkori KNXX8317
Sadung-ni KNXX8318
Sadunji KNXX5810
Sae-dong KNXX8319
Sae-dong KNXX5811
Sae-dong KNXX3428
Sae-gol KNXX3429
Sae-gol KNXX5812
Sae-gol KNXX8320
Sae-kol KNXX8321
Sae-mal KNXX5813
Sae-mal KNXX8322
Sae-mal KNXX3430
Sae-maul KNXX3431
Saebat KNXX8323
Saebattogi KNXX5815
Saebau KNXX3432
Saebawi-gol KNXX5816
Saebol KNXX8324
Saebyol KNXX5817
Saedok-kol KNXX3433
Saedolsu KNXX5818
Saedong-ni KNXX8326
Saedongnae KNXX1194
Saegogae KNXX3434
Saegol KNXX5819
Saegol-li KNXX5820
Saegubi KNXX1195
Saeirwon KNXX5822
Saejang-gol KNXX3435
Saejol-gol KNXX3436
Saek-kol KNXX3437
Saek-kol KNXX5823
Saek-kol KNXX8329
Saekkae KNXX5824
Saekko-dong KNXX3438
Saem-gol KNXX3439
Saem-gol KNXX8330
Saemal KNXX8331
Saemal KNXX3440
Saemaul KNXX1196
Saemaul-li KNXX8332
Saemaul-tong KNXX1197
Saemdogi KNXX8333
Saemmul-gol KNXX8334
Saemol KNXX3441
Saemol-tong KNXX3442
Saemttul KNXX8335
Saen-gol KNXX3443
Saenaru KNXX5825
Saeng-ni KNXX1198
Saengbyol KNXX8336
Saengdoraji KNXX3444
Saengga-ri KNXX3445
Saenggolgae KNXX3446
Saenggum-ni KNXX3447
Saenggye-dong KNXX1200
Saengyang-dong KNXX8337
Saengyang-gol KNXX8338
Saengyang-ni KNXX3449
Saengyonggangogu KNXX5827
Saenmal KNXX8339
Saenmal KNXX3450
Saeondok KNXX5828
Saesa KNXX8340
Saesulmak KNXX3451
Saetchanggo-ri KNXX8342
Saewon KNXX1201
Sagi-dong KNXX8344
Sagi-dong KNXX3455
Sagi-dong KNXX1202
Sagi-dong KNXX5829
Sagi-gol KNXX3456
Sagijom KNXX8346
Sagijom KNXX5830
Sagijom-gol KNXX8347
Sagimak KNXX3457
Sagimak KNXX5831
Sagimak-kol KNXX5832
Sagimak-kol KNXX3458
Sagodok KNXX8348
Sagogae KNXX8349
Sagu KNXX8350
Sagu-ri KNXX5834
Sagumgwang KNXX0121
Sagye-dong KNXX5835
Sagyeul KNXX3459
Saha-ri KNXX5837
Sahak-kol KNXX5838
Sahoe-ri KNXX5839
Sahyol-li KNXX8351
Sahyol-li KNXX3461
Sai-gol KNXX3462
Saigae KNXX8352
Sain-mal KNXX8353
Saiwol KNXX8354
Sajae-dong KNXX3464
Sajamegi KNXX3465
Sajamori KNXX3466
Sajang-gol KNXX3467
Saji-dong KNXX5840
Saji-ri KNXX1204
Sajimok KNXX8355
Sajimok KNXX5842
Sajin-dong KNXX5843
Sajom KNXX1206
Sajon-dong KNXX3468
Sajong-dong KNXX3469
Sajong-gol KNXX3470
Sajong-ni KNXX3471
Sajong-ni KNXX5844
Saju-dong KNXX3472
Saju-mal KNXX8356
Saju-ri KNXX3473
Sajuri-kogae KNXX3474
Sakchu KNXX0122
Sakkanmol KNXX3475
Sakkujong-gol KNXX3476
Salbau KNXX5845
Sallo-dong KNXX3477
Sallo-dong KNXX1207
Sallo-gol KNXX3478
Sallyok-tong KNXX8357
Sam-dong KNXX1208
Sam-dong KNXX8358
Sam-ni KNXX5847
Sam-ni KNXX8359
Samae KNXX3479
Samal-tong KNXX8360
Samam-ni KNXX8361
Sambak-kol KNXX5848
Sambak-kol KNXX8362
Sambakkae KNXX5849
Sambkkae KNXX8364
Sambo-dong KNXX5850
Sambong KNXX5851
Sambong KNXX3480
Sambong-dong KNXX3481
Sambong-dong KNXX5852
Sambong-ni KNXX8365
Sambonggok KNXX5854
Sambu-ri KNXX1209
Samdal KNXX5857
Samdang KNXX5858
Samdang-ni KNXX8366
Samdo-gol KNXX8367
Samdo-ri KNXX8368
Samdok KNXX5859
Samga-dong KNXX1215
Samga-ri KNXX3485
Samgae KNXX5860
Samgak-kol KNXX3486
Samgak-tong KNXX3487
Samgang-ni KNXX1216
Samgi KNXX5861
Samgi-dong KNXX8370
Samgi-ri KNXX8371
Samgi-ri KNXX1217
Samgidong-maul KNXX1218
Samgil-li KNXX8372
Samgo-dong KNXX1219
Samgo-ri KNXX1220
Samgo-ri KNXX5862
Samgo-ri KNXX8373
Samgok-tong KNXX3489
Samgol-tong KNXX1221
Samgori KNXX3490
Samgori KNXX5864
Samgori KNXX8375
Samgunjin KNXX5865
Samgyong-dong KNXX1222
Samha-dong KNXX1223
Samhae-dong KNXX5866
Samho-rodongjagu KNXX8376
Samhun-ni KNXX3491
Samhung-ni KNXX8377
Samhung-ni KNXX1224
Samhyang-ni KNXX5867
Samhyon-dong KNXX3492
Samhyongje-dong KNXX1226
Samil KNXX1228
Samin-dong KNXX3493
Samji KNXX3494
Samjibang KNXX5869
Samjiyon KNXX0011
Samjol-li KNXX3495
Samjong-dong KNXX1229
Samjong-ni KNXX3496
Sammi-ri KNXX3497
Sammul-li KNXX8378
Samnang-ni KNXX1230
Samniya KNXX8379
Samno KNXX5870
Samnyong KNXX8380
Samnyong-ni KNXX3498
Samnyong-san KNXX5871
Sampat-kol KNXX3501
Sampo-Ri KNXX0124
Samsal-li KNXX3502
Samsan-dong KNXX3503
Samsan-dong KNXX5877
Samsang-ni KNXX8385
Samso KNXX5878
Samsong-ni KNXX8386
Samsu KNXX0125
Samsu-dong KNXX8387
Samsu-dong KNXX5879
Samundok KNXX3505
San-dong KNXX8390
San-dong KNXX5883
San-dong KNXX3507
Sanbon-dong KNXX3509
Sanbong KNXX5884
Sanbung-ni KNXX3510
Sandae KNXX5886
Sandang-gol KNXX8391
Sandangbu KNXX5887
Sandwijumak KNXX3511
Sang-dong KNXX8393
Sang-dong KNXX5889
Sang-dong KNXX3512
Sang-dong KNXX0126
Sang-gol KNXX3513
Sang-ni KNXX8394
Sang-ni KNXX5890
Sang-ni KNXX3514
Sanga-dong KNXX5891
Sanga-dong KNXX8395
Sangae-dong KNXX3515
Sangam-dong KNXX3516
Sangam-ni KNXX3517
Sangbaek-tong KNXX3518
Sangbal-li KNXX8396
Sangbang-dong KNXX5894
Sangbang-ni KNXX8397
Sangbi-dong KNXX3519
Sangbi-ri KNXX3520
Sangbo-dong KNXX8398
Sangbo-ri KNXX8399
Sangboju-ri KNXX8400
Sangbok KNXX3521
Sangbol KNXX1236
Sangbong-ni KNXX8401
Sangbu KNXX5895
Sangbu-ri KNXX8403
Sangbugun KNXX5896
Sangbuji-dong KNXX1237
Sangdaejong KNXX3527
Sangdaeyul KNXX3528
Sangdambau KNXX3529
Sangdan-dong KNXX1244
Sangdang-dong KNXX3530
Sangdang-gol KNXX5900
Sangdangu KNXX8406
Sangdo-dong KNXX5901
Sangdogop KNXX3531
Sangdok-tong KNXX3532
Sangdok-tong KNXX5902
Sangdol-li KNXX8407
Sangdonae KNXX8408
Sangdong-ni KNXX3533
Sangdongmak KNXX3534
Sangdongsal-li KNXX8411
Sangdu-gol KNXX3535
Sanggadok KNXX8413
Sanggaesong KNXX3536
Sanggak-tong KNXX3537
Sanggal-tong KNXX3538
Sanggamul KNXX8414
Sangganam-ni KNXX8415
Sanggandae KNXX1247
Sanggap KNXX1248
Sanggaru-ri KNXX8416
Sanggo KNXX3540
Sanggo-dong KNXX5903
Sanggo-dong KNXX3541
Sanggo-ri KNXX5904
Sanggodo-ri KNXX8417
Sanggol-maul KNXX1249
Sanggom KNXX3542
Sanggombau-gol KNXX3543
Sanggonemi KNXX3544
Sanggong-ni KNXX8419
Sanggong-ni KNXX3545
Sanggosinun KNXX3546
Sanggu KNXX3547
Sanggu-dong KNXX5905
Sanggu-ri KNXX8422
Sanggubae KNXX1250
Sanggul KNXX3548
Sanggum-ni KNXX3549
Sanggumdang KNXX3550
Sanggusa KNXX5908
Sanggwan-dong KNXX3551
Sanggwang-dong KNXX3552
Sanggyo-dong KNXX5909
Sanggyongdul-li KNXX8423
Sangha-dong KNXX3553
Sangha-ri KNXX3554
Sangha-ri KNXX5910
Sanghadae KNXX5911
Sanghae-ri KNXX3555
Sanghagu-dong KNXX1251
Sanghal-li KNXX8424
Sangham-dong KNXX3556
Sanghamjon KNXX8425
Sanghap-tong KNXX3558
Sanghoe-gol KNXX5912
Sanghul-tong KNXX3559
Sanghung-ni KNXX8426
Sanghwadok KNXX8427
Sanghwasan KNXX8428
Sanghyon-dong KNXX3560
Sanghyon-dong KNXX5914
Sangi-dong KNXX5915
Sangi-ri KNXX8430
Sangiang KNXX8431
Sangil KNXX5916
Sangil-li KNXX8432
Sangil-tong KNXX5917
Sangja-dong KNXX3561
Sangjae-dong KNXX8434
Sangjaenggubi KNXX5918
Sangjang KNXX8435
Sangjang-dong KNXX1252
Sangjang-dong KNXX3562
Sangjang-gol KNXX5920
Sangjang-ni KNXX8437
Sangjang-ni KNXX1253
Sangjang-ni KNXX5921
Sangjangdok KNXX5922
Sangjangnae KNXX8438
Sangji-dong KNXX8439
Sangjik-Tong KNXX0127
Sangjik-tong KNXX3563
Sangjikchol-li KNXX8440
Sangjil-li KNXX8441
Sangjin-dong KNXX5923
Sangjing-ni KNXX8442
Sangjon-dong KNXX3564
Sangjonsan KNXX3565
Sangjoyang-ni KNXX3566
Sangjuam KNXX3567
Sangjugam-dong KNXX1255
Sangjukchol-li KNXX8443
Sangjukkae KNXX5924
Sangjung-dong KNXX3568
Sangjung-ni KNXX8444
Sangjungsan KNXX8445
Sangjungyon KNXX5926
Sangjuui-dong KNXX8446
Sangjwa-dong KNXX3569
Sangmae-dong KNXX3570
Sangmi-gol KNXX8447
Sangmidun KNXX8448
Sangmok-tong KNXX1256
Sangmoksong KNXX5927
Sangmung-ni KNXX8449
Sangmyon-dong KNXX8450
Sangmyong-gol KNXX5928
Sangnaeam KNXX8451
Sangnaemak KNXX1259
Sangnaeng-dong KNXX3572
Sangnak-tong KNXX5929
Sangnak-tong KNXX3573
Sangnam-dong KNXX3574
Sangnam-ni KNXX8452
Sangnamsok KNXX5930
Sangnim-ni KNXX8453
Sangnipsong-ni KNXX8454
Sangnung-dong KNXX3575
Sangnupchae KNXX8456
Sangnyegumi KNXX5932
Sangnyon-dong KNXX5934
Sangnyong-ni KNXX3576
Sangnyong-ni KNXX0129
Sangnyongsan KNXX5936
Sangnyongsu-dong KNXX8457
Sangnyu-dong KNXX3577
Sangnyuk-tong KNXX5937
Sangnyul-li KNXX3578
Sango-dong KNXX5938
Sango-dong KNXX3579
Sango-ri KNXX3580
Sangom KNXX5939
Sangsa KNXX5945
Sangsa-ri KNXX3582
Sangsaeng-gol KNXX3583
Sangsagu-dong KNXX5947
Sangsajang-ni KNXX1264
Sangsal-li KNXX8462
Sangsam-dong KNXX5948
Sangsam-gol KNXX5949
Sangsambong KNXX5950
Sangsamhak-tong KNXX5951
Sangsan KNXX3586
Sangsan-dong KNXX8464
Sangsan-dong KNXX3587
Sangsapyong KNXX5953
Sangse-dong KNXX5954
Sangsedong-ni KNXX8467
Sangsejung-ni KNXX8468
Sangserim-dong KNXX3588
Sangsinhung-ni KNXX8469
Sangsinjon KNXX5955
Sangsinwon KNXX1267
Sangso KNXX5956
Sangso KNXX3590
Sangso-ri KNXX8471
Sangso-ri KNXX1268
Sangsobu-dong KNXX8472
Sangsohak-tong KNXX3591
Sangsohung KNXX8473
Sangsok-tong KNXX3592
Sangsol-li KNXX8474
Sangsong-dong KNXX1269
Sangsong-ni KNXX8475
Sangsongbuk KNXX3594
Sangsonggan KNXX1271
Sangsorhyon KNXX3595
Sangsoyo KNXX5958
Sangsu-dong KNXX8476
Sangsu-dong KNXX3596
Sangsu-dong KNXX5959
Sangsuho KNXX5960
Sangsuma KNXX3598
Sangsungji KNXX8478
Sangsusang-dong KNXX5961
Sangul-li KNXX8482
Sangum-dong KNXX3601
Sangun KNXX3602
Sangun-dong KNXX3603
Sangung-dong KNXX3604
Sangunhung-ni KNXX8483
Sangwang-dong KNXX3605
Sangwo-dong KNXX3606
Sangwol KNXX8484
Sangwol-li KNXX3607
Sangwol-tong KNXX5964
Sangwon-dong KNXX8486
Sangwon-dong KNXX3609
Sangwon-dong KNXX1273
Sangyang-dong KNXX3610
Sangyang-dong KNXX1274
Sangyang-gol KNXX1275
Sangyon KNXX5965
Sangyon-dong KNXX8489
Sangyon-dong KNXX5966
Sangyu-dong KNXX3611
Sanhu-ri KNXX3612
Sani-ri KNXX3613
Sanjae-dong KNXX3614
Sanjaedok KNXX5967
Sanjin-dong KNXX5968
Sanjo-dong KNXX1276
Sanmak KNXX3615
Sanmak-tong KNXX8491
Sanmak-tong KNXX1277
Sanmang-ni KNXX1279
Sanmang-ni KNXX3616
Sanmegi KNXX8492
Sanmyong-dong KNXX3617
Sanso-dong KNXX5969
Sanso-ri KNXX8493
Sansokkok KNXX5970
Sansong-dong KNXX5971
Sansong-ni KNXX8494
Sansong-ni KNXX3618
Sansu-ri KNXX8495
Sansungmal KNXX8497
Sanu KNXX3619
Sanum-dong KNXX3620
Sanyang KNXX8500
Sanyang-dong KNXX1280
Sanyang-dong KNXX3621
Sanyang-gol KNXX1281
Sanyang-ni KNXX8502
Sanyang-ni KNXX1282
Sanyang-ni KNXX3622
Sanyangam KNXX3623
Sanyangbau KNXX5977
Sanyongbyol-li KNXX8503
Sao-dong KNXX8504
Sao-dong KNXX3625
Saogae KNXX3626
Saok-tong KNXX3627
Sapyongji KNXX1288
Sarang-dong KNXX1289
Sariwon KNXX0020
Saryong-dong KNXX1290
Sasil-gol KNXX8509
Saso-dong KNXX1291
Sasu-dong KNXX8510
Sasu-gol KNXX8511
Sasu-ri KNXX5983
Sasu-ri KNXX8512
Sasum-gol KNXX1293
Saswimoro KNXX8514
Saurhyon KNXX5986
Sawol-li KNXX3635
Sayang KNXX3636
Sayang-dong KNXX1295
Se-dong KNXX5987
Se-dong KNXX8517
Se-gol KNXX8518
Se-gol KNXX3637
Sechon-Dong KNXX0131
Sedol-gol KNXX3639
Sedong KNXX5991
Segok-tong KNXX3640
Segok-tong KNXX5992
Segori KNXX1296
Segori KNXX3641
Segyong KNXX8519
Seha-dong KNXX3642
Sei-dong KNXX5993
Senbong KNXX0010
Serim-ni KNXX3644
Seryu KNXX3645
Seryu-ri KNXX3646
Sesang-dong KNXX3647
Sesol-li KNXX5994
Sibi-dong KNXX5995
Sibi-dong KNXX8523
Sibil-li KNXX5996
Sibo-dong KNXX5997
Sibyol-li KNXX3649
Sidam-ni KNXX3650
Sigok-kol KNXX3651
Sigok-tong KNXX1299
Sigyo-ri KNXX0133
Siha-ri KNXX1300
Sihung-ni KNXX8524
Sijon-gol KNXX5998
Sijong-dong KNXX3652
Sijung KNXX1301
Siksong KNXX3653
Siksong-dong KNXX3654
Siktang-dong KNXX3655
Sil-li KNXX8526
Sil-li KNXX3656
Silla-dong KNXX3657
Sillang-ni KNXX3658
Sillung-dong KNXX3659
Sillyang-ni KNXX3660
Sillyonggung KNXX3661
Sillyu-dong KNXX1302
Simbong-gol KNXX5999
Simdong-ni KNXX8528
Simgadok KNXX6002
Simgwi-ri KNXX1303
Simgye KNXX3662
Simnidong-ni KNXX1304
Simnijong KNXX6003
Simnyong-dong KNXX6005
Simnyuk-tong KNXX6006
Simo-dong KNXX3663
Simsan-dong KNXX3664
Simun-dong KNXX6009
Simwon KNXX6010
Simwon-dong KNXX1309
Simyu-dong KNXX6011
Sin-dong KNXX6018
Sin-dong KNXX3672
Sin-dong KNXX1314
Sin-dong KNXX8534
Sinal-li KNXX8535
Sinam-dong KNXX6020
Sinasan KNXX6021
Sinbae KNXX3674
Sinbae-gol KNXX3675
Sinbang-gol KNXX6022
Sinbang-ni KNXX3676
Sinbang-ni KNXX1315
Sinbo-dong KNXX8537
Sinbo-ri KNXX8538
Sinbok KNXX8539
Sinbokchang KNXX0134
Sinbol-li KNXX8540
Sinbong-dong KNXX3677
Sinbong-maul KNXX8541
Sinbung-ni KNXX3678
Sinbung-ni KNXX6023
Sinbyok KNXX1316
Sinbyok KNXX8543
Sincham KNXX0135
Sinchang-Ni KNXX0136
Sinchon KNXX0137
Sindae KNXX3684
Sindae-dong KNXX3685
Sindae-ri KNXX8550
Sindae-ri KNXX3686
Sindang KNXX3687
Sindang-dong KNXX8551
Sindang-ni KNXX8552
Sindang-ni KNXX3688
Sindogi KNXX8553
Sindok KNXX8554
Sindok-tong KNXX3689
Sindok-tong KNXX1321
Sindong-ni KNXX8557
Sindong-ni KNXX6028
Sindong-ni KNXX1322
Sindul-gogae KNXX3690
Singhang KNXX0138
Singye KNXX0139
Sinha-dong KNXX1323
Sinha-ri KNXX8559
Sinhae-dong KNXX6029
Sinhal-li KNXX8560
Sinhang-ni KNXX1324
Sinho KNXX8561
Sinho-dong KNXX8562
Sinho-ri KNXX8563
Sinhung KNXX0140
Sinhung-dong KNXX8565
Sinhung-dong KNXX6030
Sinhung-dong KNXX3691
Sinhung-dong KNXX1325
Sinhung-ni KNXX3692
Sinhung-Ni KNXX0141
Sinhung-ni KNXX1326
Sinhung-ni KNXX0162
Sinhungdogi KNXX8568
Sinhungdong-ni KNXX8569
Sinhungjang KNXX8570
Sinhyang-dong KNXX6033
Sinjaeryong KNXX8571
Sinjang-dong KNXX3693
Sinjang-ni KNXX6034
Sinjang-ni KNXX8572
Sinjangdae KNXX3694
Sinjin KNXX6035
Sinjok KNXX1328
Sinjok-kol KNXX8574
Sinjol-li KNXX3695
Sinjol-li KNXX1329
Sinjon-dong KNXX8576
Sinjong-dong KNXX3696
Sinjong-gol KNXX3697
Sinjong-ni KNXX8577
Sinjuk-tong KNXX1331
Sinjung-ni KNXX8578
Sinjung-ni KNXX1332
Sinjungsan KNXX8579
Sinma-dong KNXX3698
Sinmak KNXX0142
Sinmal-tong KNXX1333
Sinmun-dong KNXX1334
Sinmyong-dong KNXX1335
Sinnam-ni KNXX8580
Sinni-dong KNXX1336
Sino KNXX8581
Sinpo KNXX0017
Sinpyong KNXX8590
Sinsa-dong KNXX3700
Sinsan KNXX8591
Sinsang KNXX0144
Sinsang-dong KNXX8592
Sinsang-ni KNXX1344
Sinsang-ni KNXX8593
Sinsang-ni KNXX3701
Sinse-dong KNXX3703
Sinsinhyon KNXX8595
Sinso-ri KNXX8596
Sinsol-tong KNXX6040
Sinsonbawi KNXX3704
Sinsondae KNXX3705
Sinsong-ni KNXX0145
Sinsong-ni KNXX1345
Sinsong-ni KNXX3706
Sinsong-ni KNXX8597
Sinsu-dong KNXX6041
Sinuidogi KNXX6044
Sinuiju KNXX0007
Sinun-dong KNXX6045
Sinwol-li KNXX3707
Sinwon-dong KNXX1347
Sinya-dong KNXX3708
Sinyang KNXX3709
Sinyang-dong KNXX3710
Sinyang-ni KNXX8599
Sinyang-ni KNXX6046
Sinyangsong-ni KNXX1348
Sinyol-li KNXX1349
Sinyong-dong KNXX8600
Sip-tong KNXX6048
Sirae-ri KNXX3711
Siriwol-li KNXX3712
Siro-ri KNXX3713
Sirubau KNXX8601
Sirubau KNXX3714
Sirubol KNXX6050
Sirubong KNXX8602
Sirubongdogi KNXX8603
Sirume KNXX3715
Sirungsan KNXX3716
Siryoul KNXX3717
Sisan-ni KNXX3718
Sisang-ni KNXX1350
Siumul KNXX3720
So-dong KNXX6052
So-dong KNXX3721
So-dong KNXX1352
So-dong KNXX8605
So-gol KNXX8606
So-gol KNXX1353
So-hang KNXX6053
So-ri KNXX8607
So-ri KNXX6054
Soal-li KNXX1354
Soamju KNXX1355
Soan-dong KNXX6055
Sobaek-tong KNXX1356
Sobaekka-dong KNXX1357
Sobak-kol KNXX8608
Sobakha KNXX6057
Sobandok KNXX1358
Sobandok-tong KNXX1359
Sobok-tong KNXX6058
Sobokki KNXX6059
Sobong-ni KNXX3722
Sobugun KNXX6060
Sobung-ni KNXX1360
Sobyon-dong KNXX3724
Sobyoru KNXX8609
Sodabang KNXX1364
Sodal-tong KNXX3728
Sodang KNXX8614
Sodang-dong KNXX3729
Sodang-dong KNXX8616
Sodang-dong KNXX1365
Sodang-gol KNXX1366
Sodang-gol KNXX8617
Sodang-ni KNXX8618
Sodangmal KNXX8619
Sodap-tong KNXX3730
Sodaraje KNXX8620
Sodo-ri KNXX8621
Sodok KNXX8622
Sodok-tong KNXX8623
Sodong-ni KNXX1367
Sodongam KNXX6069
Sodonggok KNXX1369
Sodongjungjang KNXX1370
Sodongso-dong KNXX1371
Sodul-li KNXX8624
Sodunji KNXX8625
Soe-gol KNXX8626
Soegol KNXX6070
Soejom-gol KNXX6071
Soek-kol KNXX8627
Soeul KNXX3732
Sogae-dong KNXX3733
Sogalmora KNXX3734
Sogam-ni KNXX3735
Sogamul-tong KNXX1372
Sogan-gol KNXX6073
Sogang-ni KNXX0147
Sogap KNXX3736
Sogaphyon KNXX3737
Sogi KNXX3738
Sogi-dong KNXX1373
Sogi-gol KNXX6074
Sogin-dong KNXX8628
Sogogae KNXX6075
Sogol KNXX1374
Sogong-ni KNXX8629
Sogong-ni KNXX3740
Sogotchi KNXX3741
Sogu-dong KNXX6076
Sogu-dong KNXX3742
Sogu-ri KNXX3743
Sogu-ri KNXX1375
Sogu-ri KNXX8630
Sogun-dong KNXX3744
Sogwan-dong KNXX1376
Sogwang-dong KNXX3745
Sogye KNXX1377
Sogye-dong KNXX3746
Sogyon-dong KNXX1378
Sogyong-ni KNXX8631
Soha-dong KNXX1379
Soha-dong KNXX6077
Soha-ri KNXX8632
Sohae-dong KNXX1380
Sohae-ri KNXX1381
Sohak-tong KNXX3747
Soham-dong KNXX1382
Sohandae KNXX8633
Sohang-dong KNXX6078
Sohang-ni KNXX8634
Soho-dong KNXX1383
Soho-Ri KNXX0148
Sohododun KNXX6079
Sohoe-dong KNXX1384
Sohoil-tong KNXX8637
Sohomi-dong KNXX6080
Sohung KNXX0149
Sohung-dong KNXX8639
Sohung-dong KNXX6081
Sohung-ni KNXX8640
Sohung-up KNXX3748
Sohwa-dong KNXX3749
Sohwadogi KNXX6082
Sohwadok KNXX6083
Sohwanghak KNXX8641
Sohwangso-dong KNXX6084
Sohwayang-dong KNXX8642
Sohyon KNXX6085
Sojae-dong KNXX3750
Sojae-gol KNXX3751
Sojae-maul KNXX8643
Sojang KNXX8644
Sojang KNXX1387
Sojang-dong KNXX1388
Sojangnae-ri KNXX8645
Sojigol KNXX6086
Sojong-gol KNXX3752
Sojongsu KNXX3753
Sojung-dong KNXX3754
Sojung-maul KNXX8646
Sojung-ni KNXX8647
Sojung-ni KNXX1389
Sojunggang KNXX1390
Sok-kol KNXX3755
Sok-kol KNXX1391
Sok-tong KNXX3756
Sokchaegung-gol KNXX8650
Sokchang KNXX3758
Sokchang KNXX8651
Sokchang-dong KNXX8652
Sokchi-dong KNXX3759
Sokchin-dong KNXX8653
Sokchong-dong KNXX3760
Sokchong-ni KNXX3761
Sokha-dong KNXX1394
Sokho-ri KNXX6087
Sokhu-ri KNXX8655
Sokhwa-dong KNXX3762
Sokhyol-li KNXX3763
Sokhyol-li KNXX6088
Sokhyon-dong KNXX6089
Sokhyon-dong KNXX1395
Sokkae KNXX6090
Sokkamun KNXX3765
Sokkang-ni KNXX1396
Sokki KNXX6091
Sokko-dong KNXX1397
Sokkon-dong KNXX6092
Sokkunda-ri KNXX6093
Sokkye-dong KNXX3766
Sokkyo-ri KNXX3767
Soknam-ni KNXX8658
Sokpae-dong KNXX3769
Sokpang-gol KNXX3770
Sokpo KNXX8659
Sokpong-ni KNXX6095
Sokpong-ni KNXX3771
Sokpung-ni KNXX8660
Sokpyong-dong KNXX3772
Soksa KNXX3773
Soksa-dong KNXX3774
Soksa-dong KNXX8661
Soksa-ri KNXX8662
Soksa-ri KNXX1401
Soksae-gol KNXX8663
Soksal-li KNXX3775
Soksan-dong KNXX1403
Soksang-dong KNXX1405
Soksang-ni KNXX1406
Soksil-li KNXX3776
Soksim-dong KNXX8665
Soksindok KNXX8667
Soksong-dong KNXX3777
Soksong-ni KNXX6096
Sokssiru KNXX6097
Soksu-dong KNXX6098
Soksu-ri KNXX6099
Soksung-dong KNXX6100
Sokta-ri KNXX3779
Soktae KNXX8669
Soktal KNXX3780
Soktal-li KNXX3781
Soktam-ni KNXX0150
Soktu-ri KNXX3782
Sol-gol KNXX8670
Sol-gol KNXX6101
Solban-ni KNXX8671
Solbau-dong KNXX3783
Solbol KNXX8672
Solgae KNXX3784
Solgwan-ni KNXX1408
Sollanmol KNXX3785
Solmae-gol KNXX1409
Solmegimok KNXX6102
Solmu-dong KNXX3786
Solsam-dong KNXX6103
Solsom KNXX8674
Som-ni KNXX8675
Somae-gol KNXX1411
Somaebong KNXX6104
Somak-tong KNXX3787
Somam KNXX8676
Soman KNXX6105
Soman KNXX8677
Sombau KNXX8678
Somnae KNXX6106
Somnae KNXX8681
Somo-dong KNXX6107
Somong-ni KNXX8682
Somsa-gol KNXX3789
Somul KNXX3790
Somusu KNXX6108
Somyon KNXX8683
Somyon KNXX6109
Son-dong KNXX6110
Son-gol KNXX6111
Son-iggol KNXX9457
Sonaji KNXX8686
Sonam-gol KNXX1412
Sonam-kol KNXX0151
Sonam-ni KNXX1413
Sonam-ni KNXX3791
Sonam-ni KNXX8687
Sonamsok-tong KNXX6112
Sonbau KNXX3792
Sonbau KNXX6113
Sonbau-gol KNXX6114
Sonbong KNXX6115
Sonbong-ni KNXX3793
Sonbul-li KNXX8688
Sonchon KNXX0152
Sondo-gol KNXX3794
Sondol KNXX8689
Sondol KNXX3795
Sondol KNXX1414
Sondong-ni KNXX8690
Song-dong KNXX3797
Song-dong KNXX8691
Song-dong KNXX6117
Song-dong KNXX1415
Song-gol KNXX6118
Song-gol KNXX3798
Song-gol KNXX8692
Song-ni KNXX8693
Songal-li KNXX8694
Songam KNXX3799
Songam-dong KNXX6119
Songam-ni KNXX1416
Songan-dong KNXX1417
Songanmal KNXX8695
Songbil-li KNXX8696
Songbong KNXX6120
Songbuk-tong KNXX6122
Songbuk-tong KNXX1418
Songbung-ni KNXX8697
Songbung-ni KNXX3800
Songbung-ni KNXX6123
Songdae KNXX8701
Songdae-dong KNXX8702
Songdae-ri KNXX8703
Songdan KNXX6125
Songdang KNXX3803
Songdo-ri KNXX8704
Songdok KNXX1420
Songdok KNXX6126
Songdok-tong KNXX8705
Songdondae KNXX8706
Songdong-ni KNXX1422
Songdong-ni KNXX8707
Songdong-ni KNXX6128
Songdun KNXX8708
Songga-dong KNXX8709
Songgae-gol KNXX8710
Songgan-up KNXX1423
Songgi KNXX8711
Songgi KNXX6130
Songgok KNXX8712
Songgol KNXX6131
Songgolmaul KNXX1424
Songgong-ni KNXX8713
Songgong-ni KNXX6132
Songgotchi-dong KNXX1425
Songgu-dong KNXX6133
Songguman KNXX8714
Songgwal-li KNXX1426
Songgye KNXX8715
Songgye-dong KNXX1427
Songgyo-ri KNXX3805
Songha-dong KNXX8716
Songha-ri KNXX1429
Songha-ri KNXX8717
Songha-ri KNXX6134
Songhae-ri KNXX8718
Songhang KNXX6135
Songhang KNXX8719
Songhang-ni KNXX6136
Songhang-ni KNXX1431
Songhang-ni KNXX3806
Songho-dong KNXX6137
Songho-gol KNXX0153
Songho-ri KNXX8720
Songhung-dong KNXX6138
Songhung-ni KNXX0154
Songhung-ni KNXX6139
Songhwa KNXX0155
Songhwa-dong KNXX3807
Songhwa-ri KNXX3808
Songhyang-dong KNXX6140
Songhyol-li KNXX3809
Songhyol-li KNXX8723
Songhyon KNXX6141
Songhyon-dong KNXX6142
Songhyon-dong KNXX3810
Songi-dong KNXX8724
Songik-kol KNXX8725
Songin-dong KNXX1433
Songjae KNXX3811
Songjae-dong KNXX3812
Songjae-ri KNXX8726
Songjae-ri KNXX3813
Songjang-dong KNXX1434
Songjang-ni KNXX1435
Songji-dong KNXX1436
Songji-dong KNXX6143
Songji-ri KNXX1437
Songjil-li KNXX1438
Songjin-dong KNXX1439
Songjo KNXX6144
Songjo-dong KNXX6145
Songjo-dong KNXX1440
Songjol-li KNXX8727
Songjol-li KNXX3814
Songjon KNXX3815
Songjon KNXX6147
Songjon-dong KNXX8729
Songjon-dong KNXX3816
Songjon-dong KNXX1441
Songjong KNXX8730
Songjong KNXX3817
Songjong KNXX6148
Songjong-dong KNXX6149
Songjong-dong KNXX1442
Songjong-dong KNXX3818
Songjong-ni KNXX8732
Songjong-ni KNXX3819
Songjong-ni KNXX6150
Songjong-ni KNXX1443
Songjonggol-maul KNXX1444
Songjongmal KNXX8733
Songjonmogi KNXX6151
Songju-gol KNXX3820
Songjugae KNXX8735
Songjung-ni KNXX8736
Songjung-ni KNXX3821
Songma-dong KNXX3822
Songma-ri KNXX8737
Songmae-ri KNXX3823
Songmak-tong KNXX1445
Songmakchang KNXX6153
Songmal-tong KNXX8738
Songmang-ni KNXX1446
Songmit KNXX8739
Songmoe KNXX1447
Songmok-kol KNXX1448
Songmol-tong KNXX8740
Songmori KNXX3824
Songmu-dong KNXX3825
Songmul-li KNXX8741
Songmun KNXX3826
Songmunnae KNXX8742
Songmyo-ri KNXX1449
Songmyong-dong KNXX3827
Songnae KNXX6157
Songnae KNXX8743
Songnae-dong KNXX1450
Songnae-dong KNXX3828
Songnae-dong KNXX6158
Songnae-ri KNXX8744
Songnae-ri KNXX6159
Songnae-ri KNXX3829
Songnak-tong KNXX8745
Songnam-dong KNXX3830
Songnam-dong KNXX1451
Songnam-ni KNXX8746
Songnang-ni KNXX3831
Songni-dong KNXX8747
Songnim KNXX0008
Songnim-dong KNXX6161
Songnim-ni KNXX3832
Songnim-ni KNXX6162
Songnimsa KNXX6163
Songno-gol KNXX6164
Songnodaeri KNXX8748
Songnung-ni KNXX3834
Songnyol-li KNXX3835
Songnyong KNXX6165
Songnyong-ni KNXX8749
Songo-dong KNXX8751
Songo-dong KNXX3836
Songo-gol KNXX6166
Songo-ri KNXX8752
Songoe-dong KNXX1453
Songogok KNXX6167
Songoji KNXX3837
Songojik KNXX8753
Songojik KNXX6168
Songsal-li KNXX3839
Songsal-li KNXX6173
Songsam-dong KNXX1457
Songsan KNXX6174
Songsan-dong KNXX3840
Songsan-ni KNXX3841
Songsang-dong KNXX6175
Songsang-dong KNXX1458
Songsang-ni KNXX8760
Songsang-ni KNXX6176
Songsang-ni KNXX1459
Songse-ri KNXX3842
Songsin KNXX3843
Songsin-dong KNXX1460
Songso-dong KNXX1461
Songso-dong KNXX6177
Songsong-dong KNXX1462
Songu-dong KNXX3846
Songwol-li KNXX8761
Songwol-li KNXX3847
Songwon KNXX1464
Songwon KNXX8762
Songwon-up KNXX1465
Songyang-dong KNXX8763
Sonhang-dong KNXX3848
Sonhung-ni KNXX8764
Sonhwangdang KNXX1466
Soni-dong KNXX3849
Soni-dong KNXX1467
Sonijom KNXX3850
Sonik-kol KNXX8765
Sonjam-dong KNXX3851
Sonjok KNXX3852
Sonjong-ni KNXX3853
Sonnyoo-gol KNXX3854
Sonomi KNXX3855
Sonong-dong KNXX1469
Sonsondong-ni KNXX8766
Sontnae KNXX8767
Sonum-ni KNXX8768
Sonwon-dong KNXX1470
Soo-dong KNXX6180
Soosu-ri KNXX8769
Sopchin KNXX8771
Soptang KNXX8772
Sora-gol KNXX3857
Sora-ri KNXX8773
Soram KNXX6183
Soram KNXX3858
Soran KNXX8774
Sorang-dong KNXX6184
Sorhyol-li KNXX3859
Sori-dong KNXX3860
Sori-dong KNXX6185
Sorim-dong KNXX8775
Sorimsang-ni KNXX8776
Soro-dong KNXX1473
Soro-dong KNXX3861
Soro-gol KNXX3862
Sorun-dong KNXX3863
Sorung-dong KNXX3864
Soryanghwa KNXX6187
Sorye-dong KNXX8777
Soryudong KNXX6188
Sosae-gol KNXX6189
Sosal-li KNXX8778
Sosan KNXX6190
Sosan KNXX3865
Sosan-dong KNXX1474
Sosan-dong KNXX6191
Sosan-kol KNXX8779
Sosang-dong KNXX8780
Sosang-ni KNXX8781
Sosang-ni KNXX1475
Sosik-tong KNXX3866
Sosim-dong KNXX1476
Sosinjom KNXX8783
Soso-gol KNXX8784
Sosok-tong KNXX3867
Sosoksung-dong KNXX6192
Sosong-ni KNXX8785
Sosong-ni KNXX3868
Sosongnae KNXX8786
Sosu-gol KNXX6193
Sosudok KNXX1477
Sosura-ri KNXX0157
Sotchak-kol KNXX6195
Soui-gol KNXX6196
Souibong KNXX6197
Soujon KNXX3872
Soum-dong KNXX8791
Soum-dong KNXX1479
Soumul KNXX3873
Soun-dong KNXX3874
Soungjil-li KNXX8792
Sowi KNXX3875
Sowol-li KNXX8793
Sowon KNXX8794
Sowon-dong KNXX3876
Sowon-dong KNXX6198
Sowon-gol KNXX6199
Sowon-ni KNXX8795
Soya KNXX3877
Soyang-dong KNXX3878
Soyang-ni KNXX8796
Soyang-ni KNXX1481
Soyangdang KNXX6201
Soyo-ri KNXX6202
Soyohang-dong KNXX1482
Soyoksu-ri KNXX1483
Soyoul KNXX3879
Soyusam-ni KNXX1484
Ssangbong-dong KNXX6203
Ssangbong-ni KNXX8798
Ssangbu-ri KNXX1485
Ssangbujae KNXX6205
Ssanghung-ni KNXX8801
Ssangnyong-ni KNXX1488
Ssangnyong-ni KNXX8802
Ssangnyongjin KNXX6207
Ssango KNXX8803
Ssangpoi-Dong KNXX0158
Ssangsang-ni KNXX8804
Ssangsil-li KNXX1489
Ssangsong-ni KNXX8805
Ssari-gol KNXX8806
Ssaribat KNXX6210
Ssarigubi-maul KNXX1491
Ssarijae KNXX3880
Ssarimok-kol KNXX8807
Ssogunda-ri KNXX6211
Ssukkogae KNXX3881
Ssukpat KNXX6212
Ssukpatkubi KNXX1493
Ssungmul KNXX3882
Su-dong KNXX3883
Su-dong KNXX6213
Su-gol KNXX8810
Su-gol KNXX3884
Suam-dong KNXX1494
Suan KNXX3885
Subok KNXX6214
Subok-tong KNXX3886
Subon-dong KNXX3887
Subuk-tong KNXX6217
Subyol-li KNXX8812
Sudae-dong KNXX8820
Sudo-ri KNXX8821
Sudong KNXX8822
Sudong-ni KNXX6223
Sudong-ni KNXX8823
Sudong-ni KNXX3892
Sugak-tong KNXX3893
Sugok KNXX6224
Sugok-tong KNXX3894
Sugok-tong KNXX1504
Sugong-ni KNXX3895
Sugori KNXX6225
Sugu-dong KNXX3896
Sugu-ri KNXX3897
Sugunae KNXX8824
Suhal-li KNXX8825
Suham-ni KNXX3899
Suhang-ni KNXX8826
Suho KNXX6228
Suhoe-ri KNXX3900
Suhung-dong KNXX8827
Suhung-ni KNXX8828
Suhwa-dong KNXX6230
Suhwak-tong KNXX6231
Suhyol-li KNXX3901
Suhyon-dong KNXX3902
Suin-dong KNXX3903
Suip-tong KNXX3904
Sujae-gol KNXX8829
Sujae-ri KNXX3905
Sujikkol KNXX6232
Sujol-li KNXX1506
Sujon-nodongjagu KNXX8831
Sujong-dong KNXX6233
Sujong-dong KNXX3906
Sujung-dong KNXX6234
Suk-kol KNXX8832
Suk-kol KNXX3907
Sukkama-gol KNXX8833
Suksodok KNXX8834
Sul-li KNXX8835
Sullyolcho-ri KNXX8836
Sulmol KNXX3908
Suma-ri KNXX3909
Suman-gol KNXX6235
Sumok-tong KNXX3910
Sumulchong KNXX3911
Sumun-dong KNXX6236
Sumun-dong KNXX3912
Sumunan KNXX6237
Sumunan-dong KNXX6238
Sumunnae KNXX0160
Sumyo-dong KNXX6239
Sumyo-gol KNXX8837
Sun-dong KNXX3913
Sun-gol KNXX3914
Sunae-dong KNXX3915
Sunam KNXX6241
Sunam-dong KNXX6243
Sunam-ni KNXX6244
Sunan KNXX0161
Sunan-ni KNXX8840
Sunbak-tong KNXX3916
Sung-dong KNXX6246
Sungam-ni KNXX0163
Sungbang-dong KNXX8842
Sungbang-dong KNXX3918
Sungdong-ni KNXX8843
Sungganggok KNXX6248
Sungho-dong KNXX0164
Sungji KNXX8844
Sungji KNXX6249
Sungjidok KNXX8846
Sungjondae KNXX6250
Sungni-dong KNXX8847
Sungwang-dong KNXX1511
Sunhung-ni KNXX8849
Sunyong-dong KNXX3920
Suogi KNXX3921
Supung-Dong KNXX0165
Sura-dong KNXX3922
Suraejom KNXX3923
Suraenomi KNXX8850
Suram-ni KNXX8851
Suran-dong KNXX6253
Suregi KNXX8852
Surenemik-kol KNXX3924
Suribaerae KNXX3925
Surimi KNXX3926
Surogok KNXX6254
Surubong KNXX1513
Suryon-dong KNXX8853
Suryu-gol KNXX6255
Suryu-ri KNXX3927
Susa-gol KNXX3928
Susal-li KNXX8854
Susan-dong KNXX6256
Susang-dong KNXX6257
Suso-dong KNXX6258
Suso-ri KNXX8856
Susong-dong KNXX6259
Susong-ni KNXX6260
Suui-ri KNXX8858
Suunjang KNXX8859
Suwang-dong KNXX3930
Suwi-ri KNXX8860
Suwol-li KNXX8861
Suwolbong KNXX3931
Suwon-dong KNXX6261
Ta-dong KNXX3964
Ta-dong KNXX6287
Tabo-ri KNXX8885
Tadae-gol KNXX8887
Tae-dong KNXX6288
Tae-dong KNXX8888
Tae-dong KNXX3965
Tae-gol KNXX8889
Tae-gol KNXX3966
Taeam KNXX3967
Taeam-dong KNXX6289
Taean-dong KNXX1534
Taean-gol KNXX8892
Taebaegi KNXX3968
Taebaek-tong KNXX1535
Taebak-kol KNXX8893
Taebom-gol KNXX1536
Taebong KNXX8894
Taebosin KNXX1537
Taech on KNXX0166
Taedabang KNXX1539
Taedaemol KNXX3977
Taedal-gol KNXX6292
Taedal-gol KNXX8898
Taedang-dong KNXX3978
Taedap-tong KNXX3979
Taedapchang-dong KNXX1540
Taedok-ni KNXX6293
Taedok-tong KNXX3980
Taedok-tong KNXX6294
Taedokchang KNXX8899
Taedolsu KNXX6295
Taedong-ni KNXX6296
Taedong-ni KNXX1541
Taedong-ni KNXX3981
Taedong-ni KNXX8900
Taegan KNXX3982
Taego-dong KNXX3983
Taegok KNXX6298
Taegombak-kol KNXX3984
Taegu-ri KNXX3985
Taegul-li KNXX3986
Taegul-tong KNXX8903
Taegwan KNXX0167
Taegwan KNXX6299
Taegwan-dong KNXX6300
Taegwang-dong KNXX3988
Taegyegan KNXX1544
Taegyo-dong KNXX3990
Taegyo-ri KNXX3991
Taeha-dong KNXX1545
Taehal-li KNXX3992
Taeham-dong KNXX1546
Taeho-dong KNXX6301
Taehoedonggu KNXX1547
Taehuksong-ni KNXX8905
Taehung KNXX8906
Taehung-dong KNXX1548
Taehung-dong KNXX8907
Taehung-dong KNXX3993
Taehung-gol KNXX8908
Taehung-maul KNXX8909
Taehung-ni KNXX1549
Taehung-ni KNXX8910
Taehwa KNXX3994
Taehwa-ri KNXX3995
Taehwanghak KNXX8912
Taehyang-dong KNXX6302
Taehyang-ni KNXX6303
Taein-dong KNXX6306
Taejak-kol KNXX8914
Taejang-dong KNXX3997
Taejang-dong KNXX6307
Taejang-dong KNXX1550
Taeji-ri KNXX3998
Taejin KNXX6308
Taejin-gol KNXX8915
Taejodo KNXX8916
Taejong-kol KNXX3999
Taejong-ni KNXX4000
Taejongsu KNXX4001
Taemi-dong KNXX4002
Taemi-ri KNXX4003
Taemijin KNXX4004
Taemu-gol KNXX4005
Taemun-dong KNXX6310
Taenam-dong KNXX1551
Taenam-dong KNXX8919
Taenam-ni KNXX8920
Taenam-ni KNXX1552
Taenamsok-kol KNXX6311
Taeo-dong KNXX4006
Taeo-ri KNXX4007
Taeo-ri KNXX8921
Taeodaebong KNXX8922
Taepuksu-dong KNXX1556
Taeri-dong KNXX6315
Taero-dong KNXX1557
Taerodong-ni KNXX8926
Taeryanghwa KNXX6316
Taeryong-ni KNXX4010
Taesa-dong KNXX1558
Taesaduk-tong KNXX6317
Taesal-li KNXX4011
Taesan-dong KNXX4012
Taesan-ni KNXX1560
Taesandu-gol KNXX4013
Taesang KNXX1561
Taesang-gol KNXX8927
Taesasu-dong KNXX8928
Taesil-li KNXX8929
Taesin-dong KNXX8930
Taeso-dong KNXX4014
Taesok-tong KNXX4015
Taesong-ni KNXX4016
Taesu-dong KNXX1562
Taesugong-ni KNXX8931
Taesung-ni KNXX8932
Taetan KNXX0168
Taetonggi-ri KNXX0169
Taeujon KNXX4018
Taeun-gol KNXX4019
Taeung-dong KNXX1563
Taeung-ni KNXX8935
Taewang-ni KNXX1564
Taewol-li KNXX4020
Taewol-tong KNXX4021
Taeya-ri KNXX1565
Taeyoksu-ri KNXX1566
Taeyongso-gol KNXX1567
Taeyu-dong KNXX6318
Tagal-tong KNXX6319
Taho-ri KNXX8937
Taho-ri KNXX6320
Tajae-dong KNXX1568
Tajae-ri KNXX1569
Tajin-dong KNXX6321
Tajol-li KNXX4023
Tajon-li KNXX8938
Takpak-kol KNXX8939
Takpanmal KNXX4025
Takpat KNXX4026
Tal-gol KNXX1570
Tala-ri KNXX8940
Talchol-li KNXX8941
Talchon-dong KNXX6322
Talchong-dong KNXX8942
Talchong-ni KNXX4029
Talgot-tong KNXX4030
Talgu-gol KNXX4031
Talli-dong KNXX4032
Talli-ri KNXX6323
Tam-dong KNXX8943
Tam-gol KNXX4033
Taman-gol KNXX4034
Tamjok-tong KNXX4035
Tammal KNXX4036
Tamnae-dong KNXX4037
Tamun-dong KNXX4038
Tan-dong KNXX6326
Tanbau KNXX6327
Tandul KNXX8944
Tang-dong KNXX4041
Tang-dong KNXX6328
Tang-gol KNXX8945
Tang-gol KNXX4042
Tang-gol KNXX6329
Tang-ni KNXX4043
Tangbo-dong KNXX8946
Tangbong-ni KNXX8947
Tangbuk-tong KNXX8948
Tanggogae KNXX4047
Tanggok KNXX8951
Tanggol KNXX4048
Tangha-dong KNXX4049
Tangha-ri KNXX8952
Tangha-ri KNXX4050
Tanghung-dong KNXX8953
Tanghyon KNXX4051
Tangil-li KNXX4052
Tangjo-dong KNXX4053
Tangmal KNXX4054
Tangmol KNXX4055
Tangmoru KNXX6331
Tangsal-li KNXX8957
Tangsal-li KNXX4058
Tangsan KNXX6332
Tangsan KNXX8958
Tangu-dong KNXX6334
Tangu-dong KNXX1573
Tangu-dong KNXX4059
Tangu-ri KNXX8959
Tangu-ri KNXX4060
Tangwal-li KNXX4061
Tangwol-li KNXX4062
Tanjang-ni KNXX4063
Tap-tong KNXX8960
Tap-tong KNXX4065
Taptong-ni KNXX8961
Tarae-gol KNXX8962
Tarak-kol KNXX4067
Tarak-tong KNXX1576
Taraktae KNXX4069
Tarangsan KNXX1577
Taratchi KNXX4070
Tarha-gol KNXX4071
Tarhung-ni KNXX1578
Tari-gol KNXX1579
Tari-gol KNXX6337
Tari-maul KNXX1580
Tarigol-li KNXX1581
Tarik-kol KNXX1582
Tarimok KNXX6338
Tarumdol KNXX8964
Taryang-gol KNXX1583
Taryon-dong KNXX4072
Tasal-li KNXX4073
To-dong KNXX6341
To-dong KNXX1584
To-dong KNXX8967
To-gol KNXX8968
To-gol KNXX6342
To-ri KNXX4075
Toal-li KNXX8969
Toam-dong KNXX6343
Toandonggu KNXX8971
Tobi KNXX8972
Todang KNXX4081
Todok-tong KNXX6344
Todok-tong KNXX4082
Todong-ni KNXX4083
Toe-gol KNXX1588
Toga-ri KNXX1589
Togakurong KNXX8977
Togam KNXX4084
Togam-ni KNXX8978
Togam-ni KNXX1591
Togam-ni KNXX4085
Togama-gol KNXX8979
Togil-li KNXX6345
Togo-ri KNXX4087
Togudae-ri KNXX8980
Togum-ni KNXX8981
Togung-ni KNXX8982
Togung-ni KNXX4088
Togyang-ni KNXX8983
Togyeso KNXX6346
Togyol-li KNXX6347
Togyongdong-ni KNXX8984
Toha-dong KNXX6348
Toha-ri KNXX4089
Tohung-dong KNXX1593
Tohung-ni KNXX8985
Tohwa-dong KNXX4090
Tohwadae KNXX8986
Tohwasu KNXX8987
Tohyang-dong KNXX6350
Tojang KNXX4091
Tojang-dong KNXX6351
Tojang-gol KNXX8988
Tojang-gol KNXX6352
Tojanggumi KNXX8989
Tojigu KNXX6353
Tojik KNXX4092
Tojik-tong KNXX6354
Tojin KNXX8990
Tojingmoru KNXX6355
Tojol-li KNXX4093
Tojom KNXX6356
Tojong KNXX6357
Tojungam KNXX8992
Tok-kol KNXX4094
Tok-kol KNXX8994
Tok-kol KNXX1595
Tok-kol KNXX6359
Tok-tong KNXX1596
Tok-tong KNXX6360
Tok-tong KNXX4095
Tok-tong KNXX8995
Tokchaek-kol KNXX4098
Tokchang KNXX6364
Tokchang KNXX4099
Tokchang-dong KNXX4100
Tokchang-gol KNXX9000
Tokchanggae KNXX6365
Tokchi KNXX9001
Tokchi-ri KNXX9002
Tokchin KNXX6367
Tokcho KNXX9003
Tokcho KNXX6368
Tokcho-dong KNXX4101
Tokchom KNXX9004
Tokchom KNXX4102
Tokchomgori KNXX9005
Tokchon-dong KNXX4103
Tokchong-gol KNXX4104
Tokchong-ni KNXX4105
Tokchu-ri KNXX9006
Tokchung-ni KNXX9007
Tokha-ri KNXX9010
Tokho-ri KNXX9011
Tokhung-ni KNXX6369
Tokhung-ni KNXX9012
Tokhwa-gol KNXX9013
Tokhwa-ri KNXX9014
Tokki-kol KNXX9015
Tokkil KNXX6370
Tokko-ri KNXX6371
Tokkogae-ri KNXX9017
Tokkumi-ri KNXX9018
Tokkumigi-mal KNXX6373
Tokkwibu KNXX1597
Tokpak-kol KNXX1599
Tokpau KNXX4106
Tokpau-gol KNXX1600
Tokpau-gol KNXX4107
Tokpawi-maul KNXX1601
Tokpong-ni KNXX9024
Tokpuk-tong KNXX6376
Tokpyoru KNXX1602
Toksa KNXX9025
Toksa-dong KNXX9026
Toksal-li KNXX4108
Toksal-li KNXX9027
Toksalgu KNXX9028
Toksam KNXX1603
Toksam-ni KNXX1604
Toksan KNXX9029
Toksan KNXX6377
Toksan-dong KNXX1605
Toksan-dong KNXX4109
Toksan-dong KNXX9031
Toksan-gol KNXX4110
Toksan-maul KNXX1606
Toksang-gol KNXX4111
Toksang-maul KNXX1607
Toksannae KNXX6379
Toksannae KNXX9033
Toksil-li KNXX6380
Toksil-li KNXX1608
Tokso-ri KNXX6381
Toksong KNXX9034
Toksong-ni KNXX9035
Toksong-ni KNXX4112
Toksu-dong KNXX4113
Tokswalgwi KNXX9036
Toktan KNXX6382
Toktan-gol KNXX6383
Toktang-dong KNXX1609
Toktok KNXX6384
Toktong-ni KNXX9038
Tolbanmal KNXX9039
Tolbau KNXX4114
Tolchagap KNXX1610
Tolchigi KNXX4115
Tolchok-kol KNXX4116
Tolchong-dong KNXX4117
Tolgae KNXX6385
Tolgo KNXX6386
Tolgogae KNXX9040
Tolgogae-gol KNXX9041
Tolgoji KNXX4118
Tolgot KNXX9042
Tolmadang KNXX9043
Tolmae KNXX4119
Tolmak-kol KNXX1611
Tolmak-tong KNXX1612
Tolme KNXX1613
Tolme KNXX4120
Tolmol KNXX4121
Tolmol KNXX1614
Tolsal-li KNXX9045
Toltari KNXX6389
Toltari KNXX4123
Toltari-ri KNXX4124
Toltarijumak KNXX4125
Toltegi KNXX4126
Tom-gol KNXX6390
Tomabong KNXX1615
Tomae-dong KNXX4127
Tomak-tong KNXX6391
Tomok-tong KNXX6392
Tomok-tong KNXX1616
Ton-gol KNXX4128
Tonae KNXX4129
Tonae KNXX6393
Tonae-ri KNXX9046
Tondul KNXX1617
Tong-dong KNXX1618
Tong-gol KNXX9048
Tong-gol KNXX4130
Tong-gol KNXX1619
Tong-gol KNXX6395
Tong-maul KNXX1620
Tong-ni KNXX4131
Tong-ni KNXX9049
Tongal-li KNXX1621
Tongam-dong KNXX9050
Tongam-ni KNXX9051
Tongan-dong KNXX9052
Tongbaek KNXX1622
Tongbaek-tong KNXX4133
Tongbong KNXX6396
Tongbong-ni KNXX9053
Tongbu-dong KNXX1623
Tongbyol-li KNXX9054
Tongbyon-dong KNXX1624
Tongbyon-dong KNXX4135
Tongdae KNXX9058
Tongdae KNXX6398
Tongdae-dong KNXX1628
Tongdaemal KNXX9059
Tongdo-ri KNXX9060
Tongdo-ri KNXX1629
Tongdok-tong KNXX6401
Tongdong-ni KNXX9061
Tonggae-dong KNXX9062
Tonggakchang KNXX1631
Tonggalmou KNXX4139
Tonggang KNXX4140
Tonggo-ri KNXX4141
Tonggoji KNXX4142
Tonggokchang KNXX1632
Tonggol-gol KNXX6402
Tonggong-ni KNXX1633
Tonggong-ni KNXX9063
Tonggu KNXX1634
Tonggu-dong KNXX1635
Tonggu-ri KNXX1636
Tonggumi KNXX9064
Tonggwan-ni KNXX6403
Tonggye-ri KNXX9065
Tonggyemal KNXX4143
Tongha-ri KNXX9067
Tongho-dong KNXX6405
Tongho-dong KNXX9069
Tongho-ri KNXX9070
Tonghung-dong KNXX9071
Tonghung-ni KNXX6406
Tonghung-ni KNXX1638
Tonghung-ni KNXX0184
Tonghyol-li KNXX9073
Tonghyon-dong KNXX4144
Tongi-dong KNXX4145
Tongil-tong KNXX4146
Tongjak KNXX4147
Tongjak-kol KNXX9074
Tongjami KNXX4148
Tongjang KNXX1639
Tongjangnae-ri KNXX9075
Tongjil-li KNXX9076
Tongjin KNXX6407
Tongjom KNXX1640
Tongjom KNXX4149
Tongjong KNXX9077
Tongjong-dong KNXX4150
Tongjong-gol KNXX9078
Tongjong-ni KNXX0171
Tongjung-ni KNXX9079
Tongma-dong KNXX4151
Tongmak KNXX4152
Tongmak-kol KNXX4153
Tongmak-kol KNXX6408
Tongmak-tong KNXX4154
Tongmak-tong KNXX9080
Tongmal KNXX9081
Tongman-ni KNXX6409
Tongmang-ni KNXX4155
Tongmok-tong KNXX4156
Tongmol KNXX4157
Tongmoru KNXX4158
Tongmul-li KNXX1641
Tongmul-li KNXX4159
Tongmun-dong KNXX1642
Tongmun-ni KNXX1643
Tongmyon KNXX9082
Tongmyon-dong KNXX9083
Tongnim-dong KNXX4160
Tongnim-ni KNXX6410
Tongnugae KNXX1644
Tongnum-ni KNXX9084
Tongnyong KNXX9085
Tongnyong-dong KNXX6412
Tongo-ri KNXX9086
Tongsa-ri KNXX4163
Tongsal-li KNXX9090
Tongsal-li KNXX4164
Tongsan KNXX4165
Tongsan KNXX9091
Tongsan-dong KNXX1646
Tongsan-dong KNXX4167
Tongsang KNXX6414
Tongsanjin KNXX4168
Tongsanmal KNXX4169
Tongse-ri KNXX9093
Tongsibil-li KNXX9094
Tongsin KNXX1648
Tongso KNXX1649
Tongsojae-ri KNXX9095
Tongsom KNXX6416
Tongsom KNXX1650
Tongson KNXX4171
Tongsong-dong KNXX4172
Tongsong-ni KNXX9096
Tongsosura-dong KNXX6417
Tongsosura-ri KNXX6418
Tongsu-gol KNXX6419
Tongu-dong KNXX4173
Tongwol-li KNXX9097
Tongyok-kol KNXX6420
Tongyok-tong KNXX4174
Tongyom-dong KNXX1651
Tonji-dong KNXX4175
Tonsan-dong KNXX9099
Toragi KNXX1652
Torak KNXX4178
Torang-dong KNXX4179
Toranganmal KNXX9101
Toranjae KNXX6422
Tori-ri KNXX4180
Torim-ni KNXX4181
Torinnup KNXX9102
Toryongbong KNXX6424
Toryoul KNXX9103
Toryoul-gol KNXX4182
Tosan KNXX0172
Tosang-ni KNXX9104
Toso-ri KNXX9105
Tossanggae KNXX1653
Totchap-tong KNXX4184
Toum-ni KNXX4185
Towon-dong KNXX4186
Towon-maul KNXX1654
Toyang-ni KNXX1655
Ttokchom-gol KNXX4187
Tuandae KNXX9108
Tudae-dong KNXX4188
Tudongmal KNXX4189
Tugok-tong KNXX4190
Tuhang KNXX9109
Tuhung-ni KNXX1656
Tuhyon-dong KNXX4192
Tuji-dong KNXX4193
Tukchung-ni KNXX1658
Tukki KNXX6426
Tul-gol KNXX9110
Tultol-gol KNXX4194
Tumu-dong KNXX9111
Tumu-dong KNXX4195
Tumu-gol KNXX4196
Tumu-ri KNXX9112
Tumu-ri KNXX4197
Tumudok KNXX9113
Tumul-li KNXX1659
Tumun-dong KNXX4198
Tumun-gol KNXX4199
Tumuri Kuam KNXX4200
Tumusan-dong KNXX4201
Tumuso KNXX9115
Tumuyol KNXX9116
Tun-dong KNXX9117
Tunam-ni KNXX6428
Tunam-ni KNXX9118
Tungdae KNXX6429
Tunggong-ni KNXX1660
Tunggwang-dong KNXX1661
Tunggyong-dong KNXX6430
Tungjaegoi KNXX6431
Tungnyong-dong KNXX4203
Tungsang KNXX6432
Tungyon-dong KNXX6433
Tunji KNXX6434
Tunji KNXX9120
Tunji-dong KNXX6435
Tunjol-gol KNXX4204
Tunjol-li KNXX1662
Tunjon-dong KNXX6437
Tunjon-gol KNXX9121
Tunjonmal KNXX9122
Tunung-gol KNXX4205
Turi-dong KNXX4206
Turi-gol KNXX4207
Turianji KNXX6438
Turobagi KNXX1663
Turong-gol KNXX6439
Turubong-dong KNXX6440
Turume KNXX4208
Turung-gol KNXX4209
Turung-ni KNXX1664
Turungbong KNXX9126
Turungdong KNXX6441
Turyong-gol KNXX6442
Tusal-li KNXX9127
Tusong-ni KNXX4210
Tuun-gol KNXX9128
Tuuptogi KNXX9129
Tuwa-dong KNXX1666
Tuyol-li KNXX9131
Twi-gol KNXX4212
Twi-gol KNXX6444
Twidogi KNXX9132
Twik-kol KNXX4213
Twik-kol KNXX9133
Twikkae KNXX9134
Twimaul KNXX6445
Twira-dong KNXX4214
Twithyongje KNXX4215
U-dong KNXX6447
Uam-ni KNXX4216
Uam-ni KNXX6448
Ubong-gol KNXX1667
Udan KNXX6453
Udang-ni KNXX9136
Udong-dong KNXX6454
Udun-gol KNXX4217
Ugae-dong KNXX4218
Uganjung-ni KNXX9137
Ugansang-ni KNXX9138
Uganso-ri KNXX9139
Ugok-tong KNXX4219
Ugumol KNXX4220
Uha KNXX6455
Uha-dong KNXX1668
Uha-ri KNXX9140
Uha-ri KNXX1669
Uhyonjin KNXX1670
Uiho-ri KNXX9141
Uijin-dong KNXX1671
Uinae KNXX4221
Uisong-ni KNXX9142
Uiyo-ri KNXX4223
Ujang KNXX1673
Ujang-dong KNXX6456
Ujang-gol KNXX9143
Ujong-dong KNXX4224
Ujung-ni KNXX9144
Ujung-ni KNXX1674
Uk-kol KNXX9145
Uk-kol KNXX6457
Ukkama-gol KNXX9146
Ukkomul KNXX4225
Ukkuok KNXX9147