Weather Codes for Nigeria

Find Weather Codes or Weather Zip Codes for states and cities in Nigeria. Weather Codes references a specified Location and is used to get weather of that place accurately. They are used by The Weather Channel( by IBM), Yahoo! Weather, AOL Weather and many such weather forecasting platforms. It is similar to Yahoo's WOEID(Where On the Earth ID) that is used to represent each place uniquely.

You can know the weather of any place precisely with the help of weather codes. Find the current weather of your state or city by clicking on it. You will be redirected to The Weather Channel site with your weather code for accurate weather forecast.

Aakaa NIXX5971
Aakyor NIXX5972
Aangel NIXX5973
Aayongu NIXX5974
Aayonso Ndoor NIXX5975
Aba NIXX0896
Aba NIXX5976
Aba NIXX0001
Aba Ala NIXX0330
Aba Ekpe NIXX3286
Aba Goderi NIXX8648
Aba Khalli NIXX8649
Aba Nkomini NIXX0331
Aba Ukpo NIXX3287
Aba-Isu NIXX0332
Abaa NIXX5977
Abaal NIXX5978
Abaamo NIXX5979
Abachariri NIXX8650
Abadan NIXX8651
Abagana NIXX4539
Abaganya NIXX5980
Abagi NIXX5981
Abagu NIXX0897
Abagwu NIXX0333
Abahwange NIXX5982
Abak NIXX3288
Abak Ifia NIXX3289
Abak Isiet NIXX3290
Abak Oko NIXX3291
Abak Ukpum NIXX3292
Abakaliki NIXX0024
Abaki NIXX0334
Abala NIXX0335
Abalam NIXX8652
Abama NIXX3294
Aban NIXX5983
Abana NIXX8653
Abangel NIXX5984
Abankwa NIXX5985
Abantagari NIXX8654
Abanwan NIXX3295
Abapia NIXX3296
Abar NIXX5986
Abara Dugu NIXX8655
Abarchari NIXX4815
Abari NIXX8656
Abarijang NIXX3297
Abat NIXX3298
Abata NIXX5987
Abatete NIXX4540
Abaver NIXX5988
Abayi NIXX4816
Abayi Nchokoro NIXX0337
Abayi Ohanze NIXX0338
Abayo NIXX5989
Abayon NIXX5990
Abayono NIXX3299
Abba Jabari NIXX8657
Abba Kumbo NIXX0898
Abba Nunami NIXX4817
Abbari NIXX8658
Abbas NIXX4818
Abdu NIXX0899
Abduri NIXX8659
Abe NIXX5991
Abee NIXX5992
Abejo NIXX0900
Abela NIXX5993
Abenga NIXX5994
Abeokuta NIXX0002
Abezer NIXX5995
Abi NIXX5996
Abia NIXX0339
Abia Okpo NIXX3300
Abia Okpo Otoro NIXX3301
Abia-Okpo NIXX3302
Abiak Owo NIXX3303
Abiaka NIXX0340
Abiakana NIXX3304
Abiakpa NIXX3305
Abiakpo NIXX3306
Abiakpo Idiaha NIXX3307
Abiakpo-Alacha NIXX0341
Abiakpo-Ibo NIXX3312
Abiala NIXX5998
Abian NIXX5999
Abida NIXX6000
Abiin NIXX6001
Abiji NIXX6002
Abini NIXX3313
Abinsi NIXX6003
Abiriba NIXX0342
Abiskata NIXX8660
Abo NIXX6004
Abo Manga NIXX0901
Abodari NIXX8661
Abogbe NIXX6005
Abondo NIXX6006
Abonji NIXX6007
Abor NIXX6008
Abore NIXX4819
Abori NIXX8662
Aboru NIXX0343
Abosha NIXX6009
Aboshin NIXX6010
Abriski NIXX8663
Abu NIXX6011
Abube-Nando NIXX4541
Abudeya NIXX8664
Abuga NIXX6012
Abuja NIXX0022
Abul NIXX6013
Abul Ivur NIXX6014
Abulam NIXX8665
Abulkuri NIXX8666
Abulu NIXX6015
Abum NIXX6016
Abuma NIXX0344
Abun Hali NIXX8667
Abunde NIXX6017
Abur NIXX6018
Abura NIXX6019
Aburu NIXX6020
Aburu NIXX3314
Abusta NIXX4820
Abuu NIXX6021
Abwa NIXX6022
Abwar NIXX6023
Acha NIXX6024
Achaa NIXX6025
Achaku NIXX6026
Achal NIXX6027
Achale NIXX6028
Achalla NIXX4542
Achambe NIXX6029
Achan Ika NIXX3315
Achara NIXX0345
Acheche NIXX6030
Achi NIXX0346
Achia NIXX6031
Achil NIXX6032
Achila NIXX6033
Achilgbenda NIXX6034
Achin NIXX6035
Achina NIXX4543
Achiogh NIXX6036
Achitar NIXX6037
Achoho NIXX6038
Achongh NIXX6039
Achough NIXX6040
Achu NIXX6041
Achuwa NIXX6042
Acka NIXX6043
Ada NIXX8668
Ada NIXX6044
Adaa NIXX6045
Adaba NIXX4544
Adadia NIXX3316
Adagbo NIXX6047
Adago NIXX6048
Adam NIXX8669
Adama NIXX8670
Adamani NIXX4821
Adamari NIXX8671
Adambaki NIXX0902
Adamu Jimi NIXX0903
Adan NIXX3317
Adana NIXX6049
Adanyi NIXX6050
Adar NIXX6051
Adashi NIXX6052
Adat Atak NIXX3318
Adaye NIXX6053
Adazi NIXX4545
Addo NIXX0027
Adecha Atologh NIXX6054
Adee NIXX6055
Adeega NIXX6056
Adeen NIXX6057
Adega NIXX6058
Adehwagh NIXX6059
Adekule NIXX6060
Adem NIXX6061
Adesanga NIXX6062
Adi NIXX6063
Adiasim NIXX3319
Adiga NIXX8673
Adigena NIXX6064
Adighi NIXX6065
Adikpo NIXX6066
Adim NIXX3320
Adima NIXX6067
Adinya NIXX6068
Adishe NIXX8674
Adiya NIXX6069
Ado NIXX6070
Ado NIXX0028
Adoka NIXX6071
Adoo NIXX6072
Adooji NIXX6073
Adou NIXX6074
Aduba NIXX8675
Adudu NIXX6075
Adugbe NIXX6076
Adugh NIXX6077
Adum NIXX6078
Adum East NIXX6079
Adum West NIXX6080
Adzegegbor NIXX6081
Adzunge NIXX8676
Aemberga NIXX6082
Aernan NIXX6083
Afa NIXX8677
Afaha NIXX3322
Afaha NIXX0347
Afaha Abia NIXX3323
Afaha Atai NIXX3324
Afaha Eduok NIXX3325
Afaha Eket NIXX3326
Afaha Ekpene Edi NIXX3327
Afaha Esang NIXX3328
Afaha Ibesikpo NIXX3329
Afaha Ikot NIXX3330
Afaha Ikot Adaha NIXX3331
Afaha Ikot Udoe NIXX3332
Afaha Itam NIXX3333
Afaha Itiat NIXX3334
Afaha Offot NIXX3336
Afaha Oku NIXX3337
Afaha Ube NIXX3338
Afaha Udo Eyod NIXX3339
Afaha Udo Oko NIXX3340
Afaha Ukwa NIXX3341
Afaha-Ise NIXX3342
Afaha-Nsai NIXX3343
Afahan Obong NIXX3344
Afahana Itak NIXX3345
Afara NIXX0348
Afata NIXX6084
Afel NIXX6085
Afgha NIXX6086
Afia Isong NIXX0349
Afia Isong NIXX3346
Afia Nsit NIXX3347
Afia Usu NIXX0350
Afikpo NIXX0029
Afnori NIXX8678
Afo-Ukwu NIXX0351
Afoegbu NIXX4546
Afono NIXX3348
Afoto NIXX4822
Afoye NIXX8679
Aftaka NIXX4823
Afua NIXX3349
Afurangu NIXX6087
Aga NIXX6088
Aga NIXX0352
Aga NIXX8680
Agabura NIXX8681
Agade NIXX0353
Agaga NIXX6089
Agagbe NIXX6090
Agaku NIXX6091
Agal NIXX6092
Agala NIXX6093
Agamede NIXX6094
Agamgbe NIXX6095
Agan NIXX6096
Agana NIXX6097
Agana Num NIXX6098
Aganadoa NIXX8682
Agani NIXX3350
Agano NIXX6099
Aganyi NIXX6100
Agarubo NIXX3351
Agasha NIXX6101
Agashi NIXX6102
Agaym NIXX6103
Agba NIXX0354
Agba NIXX6104
Agbaa NIXX6105
Agbadi NIXX6106
Agbadumo NIXX6107
Agbahia NIXX6108
Agbaki NIXX6109
Agbakwa NIXX6110
Agbalagba NIXX6111
Agbalum NIXX6112
Agbangana NIXX3352
Agbara NIXX6113
Agbatso NIXX6114
Agbeede NIXX6115
Agbeji NIXX6116
Agbel NIXX6117
Agbelagba NIXX6118
Agbenda NIXX6119
Agbenga NIXX6120
Agber NIXX6121
Agbide NIXX6122
Agbinda NIXX6123
Agbodo NIXX6124
Agbogbo NIXX6125
Agboikyor NIXX6126
Agboke NIXX6127
Agboko NIXX6128
Agbor NIXX0030
Agbua NIXX0355
Agbudu NIXX4547
Agbul NIXX6129
Agbum NIXX6130
Agburu Uke NIXX0356
Agburu-Uke NIXX0357
Age NIXX6131
Agel NIXX6132
Agelaga NIXX6133
Agema NIXX6134
Agen NIXX6135
Agen-Ako NIXX6136
Agena NIXX6137
Agenor NIXX6138
Ager NIXX6139
Ageri NIXX0031
Agernor NIXX6140
Ageva NIXX6141
Agi NIXX6142
Agia NIXX6143
Agidi NIXX6144
Agigbe NIXX6145
Aginde NIXX6146
Agire NIXX6147
Agiri NIXX8683
Agirigi NIXX6148
Ago-Owu NIXX0032
Agoi Efut NIXX3353
Agoji NIXX6149
Agom NIXX6150
Agon NIXX6151
Agondo NIXX6152
Agoom NIXX6153
Agor NIXX6154
Agoyo NIXX6155
Agrigbe NIXX6156
Agu NIXX6157
Agu-Eze NIXX0358
Aguata NIXX4548
Agudungu NIXX6158
Agugu NIXX6159
Aguji NIXX6160
Agujiriri NIXX8684
Agukwu Nri NIXX4549
Agula NIXX6161
Agule NIXX6162
Aguleri NIXX4550
Agulezechuku NIXX4551
Agulu NIXX4552
Agum NIXX8685
Agundugba NIXX6163
Agungu NIXX6164
Agur NIXX6165
Agusha NIXX4824
Aguyi NIXX6166
Agwata NIXX6167
Agwe NIXX4553
Agwu NIXX6168
Agwu Agwuna NIXX3354
Agya NIXX6169
Agye NIXX6170
Agyo NIXX6171
Ahaba NIXX0359
Ahemba NIXX6172
Ahen NIXX6173
Ahi NIXX6174
Ahia Aba NIXX0360
Ahia Ukwu NIXX0361
Ahiaeke Ndume NIXX0362
Ahile NIXX6175
Ahisari NIXX8686
Ahmadu NIXX8687
Aho NIXX6176
Ahongba Nwave NIXX6177
Ahonge NIXX6178
Ahoukia NIXX6179
Ahu NIXX6180
Ahua NIXX6181
Ahula NIXX6182
Ahule NIXX6183
Ahuma NIXX3355
Ahungana NIXX6184
Ahute NIXX6185
Ahuwo NIXX0363
Ai NIXX8688
Aifam NIXX6186
Aigaji NIXX6187
Aije NIXX6188
Aila NIXX6189
Ainu NIXX6190
Ainu Ogbogwu NIXX6191
Aiwe NIXX0904
Aiye NIXX6192
Aiyetoro NIXX0033
Aja Obiakpa NIXX3356
Ajai NIXX6193
Ajalli NIXX4554
Ajangara NIXX4825
Ajanku NIXX6194
Ajanta NIXX6195
Ajasse Ipo NIXX0034
Ajata-Isieke NIXX0364
Ajata-Okwuru NIXX0365
Ajav NIXX6196
Ajaver NIXX6197
Aje NIXX6198
Ajebe NIXX6199
Ajebo NIXX0035
Ajekwe NIXX6200
Ajer NIXX6201
Ajia NIXX6203
Ajia Abo NIXX6204
Ajibaji NIXX6205
Ajide NIXX6206
Ajigin NIXX8689
Ajili NIXX4826
Ajio NIXX6207
Ajir NIXX8690
Ajiri NIXX8691
Ajiya NIXX0905
Ajiyongu NIXX6208
Ajo NIXX6209
Ajoraku NIXX6210
Ajua NIXX6211
Ajukum NIXX6212
Ajum NIXX6213
Aka NIXX8692
Aka NIXX3357
Aka Dabanga NIXX8693
Aka Ekpeme NIXX3358
Aka Elu-Lodu NIXX0366
Aka Ofot NIXX3359
Aka-Ikot Udo-Eno NIXX3360
Akaa NIXX6214
Akaan NIXX6216
Akaangel NIXX6217
Akaatio NIXX6218
Akaazar NIXX6219
Akaba NIXX4555
Akabam NIXX6220
Akahan NIXX6221
Akahana NIXX6222
Akai NIXX3361
Akai Ate NIXX3362
Akai Awu NIXX3363
Akai Udo NIXX3364
Akai Uso NIXX3365
Akajima NIXX6223
Akalo NIXX4556
Akam NIXX6224
Akange NIXX6225
Akani-Obio NIXX3366
Akanjor NIXX6226
Akankpa NIXX3367
Akannu NIXX0367
Akansoka NIXX3368
Akanu Okpulo NIXX0369
Akanu-Nchara NIXX0370
Akarim NIXX3369
Akase NIXX6227
Akata NIXX4557
Akauer NIXX6228
Akawa NIXX4558
Akawe NIXX6229
Akel NIXX6230
Akem NIXX6231
Akemya NIXX6232
Aken NIXX6233
Akende NIXX6234
Akenyo NIXX6235
Akergba NIXX6236
Akerhiev NIXX6237
Akerre NIXX0036
Akesa NIXX6238
Aketa NIXX6239
Akighil NIXX6240
Akiki NIXX6241
Akikya NIXX6242
Akil NIXX6243
Akile NIXX6244
Akili-Ozizor NIXX4559
Akiri NIXX4560
Akiri-Ogidi NIXX4561
Akirika Obu NIXX0371
Akiti-Ogidi NIXX4562
Akko NIXX4827
Aknum NIXX6245
Ako NIXX6246
Akokwa NIXX4563
Akol NIXX6247
Akoli NIXX0372
Akoli-Imenyi NIXX0373
Akombo NIXX6248
Akombu NIXX6249
Akondonyou NIXX6250
Akongu NIXX6251
Akoon NIXX6252
Akor NIXX6253
Akoro NIXX6254
Akosu NIXX6255
Akough NIXX6256
Akov NIXX6257
Akowe NIXX0037
Akpa NIXX6258
Akpa NIXX0374
Akpa Uton NIXX3370
Akpa Utong NIXX3371
Akpabio NIXX3372
Akpachi NIXX6259
Akpagher NIXX6260
Akpaidem NIXX3373
Akpaita NIXX3374
Akpaka NIXX4564
Akpala NIXX3375
Akpam NIXX6261
Akpara Ika NIXX6262
Akpararuni NIXX3376
Akpasip NIXX3377
Akpayak NIXX3378
Akpeel NIXX6263
Akpegedde NIXX6264
Akpeghel NIXX6265
Akpegher NIXX6266
Akpela NIXX6267
Akpele NIXX6268
Akpeme NIXX6269
Akpenembel NIXX6270
Akper NIXX6271
Akpera Igben NIXX6272
Akpila NIXX6273
Akpo NIXX6274
Akpo NIXX4565
Akpo-Ogwu NIXX4566
Akpoyghor NIXX6275
Akptse NIXX6276
Akpu NIXX4567
Akpu NIXX6277
Akpughul NIXX6278
Akpugo NIXX4568
Akpugo-Abo NIXX4569
Akpunabo NIXX3379
Akpuneje NIXX6279
Akpur NIXX6280
Akpurtyough NIXX6281
Akpuru NIXX4570
Aku NIXX4571
Akuamande NIXX6283
Akudu NIXX6284
Akul NIXX6285
Akule NIXX6286
Akumba NIXX6287
Akumbul NIXX6288
Akume NIXX6289
Akumu NIXX6290
Akunakuna NIXX3380
Akungwe NIXX6291
Akuraigb NIXX6292
Akure NIXX6293
Akurengba NIXX6294
Akurungu NIXX6295
Akusa NIXX6296
Akuse NIXX6297
Akutsa NIXX6298
Akuva NIXX6299
Akuve NIXX6300
Akwa NIXX4572
Akwa-Etiti NIXX4573
Akwaeze NIXX4574
Akwaga NIXX6301
Akwana NIXX6302
Akwanta NIXX6303
Akwarra NIXX6304
Akwe NIXX6305
Akweje NIXX6306
Akwete NIXX0375
Akwiam NIXX4828
Akwu NIXX6307
Akya NIXX6308
Akyangba NIXX6309
Ala NIXX6310
Ala NIXX8694
Ala Oji NIXX0376
Alabusa NIXX6311
Alafa NIXX8695
Alagarno NIXX8696
Alagarno I NIXX8697
Alagarno II NIXX8698
Alahoke NIXX0906
Alakalh NIXX6312
Alakali NIXX6313
Alakuka NIXX0038
Alala-Ariam NIXX0377
Alam NIXX6314
Alarge NIXX8699
Alayidi NIXX4829
Alayo NIXX6315
Albinebu NIXX8700
Alemen NIXX6316
Alev NIXX6317
Aleyar NIXX8701
Algeta NIXX0907
Alhajiri NIXX4830
Alhajiri NIXX8702
Alhamsa NIXX8703
Ali NIXX0908
Ali NIXX6318
Ali Karumiri NIXX8704
Ali Kauri NIXX8705
Ali Kurmiri NIXX8706
Ali-Jilamari NIXX8707
Ali-Ukwa NIXX0378
Aliade NIXX6319
Aligba NIXX6320
Alime NIXX6321
Aliutsa NIXX6322
Aliya NIXX6323
Aljie NIXX8708
Alkalere NIXX4831
Alkalimanga NIXX0909
Alkamsa NIXX8709
Alkirenik NIXX8710
Allagarno NIXX8711
Allaguerno NIXX8712
Allah Karrim NIXX8713
Allan NIXX6324
Alom NIXX6325
Aloma NIXX6326
Aloura NIXX8714
Alumche NIXX6327
Alumo NIXX6328
Aluntse NIXX6329
Alwei NIXX6330
Ama NIXX6331
Ama Aji NIXX0379
Ama Akama NIXX0380
Ama Anyam NIXX3381
Ama Apu NIXX0381
Ama Apu Ife NIXX0382
Ama Ekpu NIXX0383
Ama Igbo NIXX0384
Ama Izi NIXX0385
Ama Ogbu NIXX0386
Ama Ogugu NIXX0387
Ama Oji NIXX0388
Ama Okpu NIXX0389
Ama-Achara NIXX0390
Ama-Achi NIXX0391
Ama-Ekpu NIXX0392
Ama-Inyi NIXX0393
Ama-Oji NIXX0394
Ama-Uke NIXX0395
Ama-Ukwu NIXX0396
Ama-Uru NIXX0397
Amaatimin NIXX6332
Amaba NIXX0398
Amaba Ime NIXX0399
Amaba-Ubibia NIXX3382
Amabia-Ala NIXX0400
Amabia-Elu NIXX0401
Amachi NIXX0402
Amadu NIXX0910
Amaduri NIXX8715
Amaebe NIXX0403
Amaeke Abam NIXX0404
Amaekwulu NIXX4575
Amaeshi NIXX4576
Amaetiti NIXX0405
Amagamari NIXX8716
Amagbo NIXX0406
Amagu NIXX4577
Amakalu NIXX0407
Amakofia NIXX0408
Amakoroma NIXX0409
Amakpo NIXX0410
Amaku NIXX0411
Amala NIXX6333
Amalango NIXX6334
Amamba NIXX0412
Amamputu-Uli NIXX4578
Amanagwu NIXX0414
Amange NIXX6335
Amangwu NIXX0415
Amanini NIXX0416
Amankalu NIXX0417
Amankwu NIXX0418
Amansee NIXX4579
Amanta NIXX0419
Amanuke NIXX4580
Amaoji Lodu NIXX0420
Amaokwe NIXX0421
Amaokwe-Elu NIXX0422
Amapu NIXX0423
Amapunta NIXX0424
Amaruran NIXX3383
Amasa NIXX0425
Amasu NIXX0426
Amauzu NIXX0427
Amavo NIXX0428
Amawom NIXX0429
Amayi NIXX0430
Amazu NIXX0431
Ambe NIXX6336
Ambia NIXX8717
Ambiya NIXX8718
Ambudu NIXX8719
Amcigo NIXX8720
Amckuka NIXX8721
Amdaga NIXX8722
Amdewe NIXX0911
Amduru NIXX0912
Amduru Babba NIXX0913
Amduru Karemi NIXX0914
Ameche NIXX6337
Amedukwe NIXX0432
Ameka NIXX6338
Ameke NIXX0433
Ameke Isiegbu NIXX0434
Ameke-Abiriba NIXX0435
Amelu-Abam NIXX0436
Amemga NIXX6339
Amen NIXX6340
Amena NIXX6341
Amengel NIXX6342
Amenger NIXX6343
Amgbaye NIXX6344
Amgbegha NIXX6345
Ami NIXX4581
Amichi NIXX4582
Amide NIXX6346
Amindoli NIXX8723
Amise NIXX6347
Amiyi NIXX0437
Amiza NIXX6348
Amizu NIXX0438
Amja NIXX8724
Amkilange NIXX0915
Amkov NIXX6349
Amkwaha NIXX0916
Ammaman NIXX0439
Amobia NIXX4583
Amoda NIXX6350
Amodu NIXX0440
Amoebo NIXX4584
Amoior NIXX6351
Amoji NIXX0441
Amokaha NIXX6352
Amokwa NIXX4585
Amokwu NIXX0442
Amolor NIXX6353
Amoor NIXX6354
Amtasa NIXX0917
Amufu NIXX6355
Amukabi NIXX0443
Amula NIXX6356
Amuma NIXX0444
Amuor NIXX6357
Amuro NIXX0445
Amuvi NIXX0446
Amuzukwu NIXX0447
Amuzuoro NIXX0448
Anaambe NIXX6358
Anacha NIXX6359
Anafari NIXX4832
Anagbe NIXX6360
Anagonumogba NIXX6361
Anakar NIXX6362
Anakha NIXX6363
Anakpa NIXX3384
Anaku NIXX4586
Anar NIXX6364
Ande NIXX6365
Andekyo NIXX6366
Andelewa NIXX4833
Anderai NIXX0039
Anderi NIXX8725
Andial NIXX6367
Andkari NIXX6368
Ando Akaa NIXX6369
Andolo NIXX8726
Andoor NIXX6370
Andubu NIXX4834
Andwe NIXX6371
Andwhel NIXX6372
Anem NIXX6373
Anema NIXX6374
Anenge NIXX6375
Anewe NIXX6376
Angawan Kutari NIXX4835
Angbagh NIXX6377
Angbunka NIXX6378
Angighe NIXX6379
Angii NIXX6380
Angitso NIXX6381
Ango NIXX6382
Angula NIXX6383
Angule NIXX6384
Angumuldi NIXX8727
Angur NIXX6385
Anguwan Ari NIXX4836
Anguwan Dabo NIXX4837
Anguwan Digawa NIXX4838
Anguwan Dirti NIXX4839
Anguwan Galadima NIXX4840
Anguwan Gumeru NIXX4841
Anguwan Gwaldabu NIXX4842
Anguwan Wawa NIXX4845
Angyu NIXX6386
Anhwange NIXX6387
Ani-Nkwa-Anam NIXX4587
Ania NIXX0449
Anike NIXX6388
Aninger NIXX6389
Anjawa NIXX0918
Anjie NIXX6390
Anjiegh NIXX6391
Anjighe NIXX6392
Anjo NIXX6393
Anjogh NIXX6394
Anjoryoo NIXX6395
Ankange NIXX6396
Ankegh NIXX6397
Ankema NIXX6398
Ankpan NIXX6399
Ankpechi NIXX6400
Ankye NIXX6401
Ankyegh NIXX6402
Anna-Abam NIXX0450
Annyinya NIXX6403
Anogu NIXX6404
Anolom NIXX6405
Anom NIXX6406
Anomo NIXX8728
Anongo NIXX6407
Anongu NIXX6408
Anoru NIXX4588
Anou NIXX6409
Anshiva NIXX6410
Anshwa NIXX6411
Ansule NIXX6412
Antam NIXX6413
Antenan NIXX6414
Antine NIXX6415
Antor NIXX6416
Antsa NIXX6417
Antse NIXX6418
Antsum NIXX6419
Antul NIXX8729
Antum NIXX6420
Anu NIXX6421
Anua NIXX3385
Anua Ebio NIXX3386
Anula NIXX6422
Anule NIXX6423
Anum NIXX6424
Anuma NIXX6425
Anume NIXX6426
Anun NIXX4847
Anuuka NIXX6427
Anvogh NIXX6428
Anwag NIXX6429
Anwuna NIXX6430
Anyagwa NIXX6431
Anyagwe NIXX6432
Anyam NIXX6433
Anyamhul NIXX6434
Anyamile NIXX6435
Anyan NIXX6436
Anyana NIXX6437
Anyanwua NIXX6438
Anye NIXX6439
Anyeagbade NIXX6440
Anyi NIXX3387
Anyia NIXX6441
Anyiman NIXX6442
Anyiough NIXX6443
Anyo NIXX6444
Anyoko NIXX6445
Anyor NIXX6446
Anzamala NIXX8730
Anzenge NIXX6447
Anzughul NIXX6448
Anzuku NIXX6449
Anzum NIXX6450
Aokyor NIXX6451
Aonbuga NIXX6452
Aonde NIXX6453
Aondo NIXX6454
Aondo-Ana NIXX6455
Aondoakaa NIXX6456
Aoryi NIXX6457
Aosu NIXX6458
Aove NIXX6459
Apaa NIXX6460
Apagu Hamlets NIXX8731
Apahar NIXX6461
Aparai NIXX6462
Ape NIXX6463
Apebo NIXX6464
Apeka NIXX6465
Apenje NIXX6466
Apeogh NIXX6467
Apertar NIXX6468
Apeuule NIXX6469
Api NIXX6470
Apine NIXX6471
Apir NIXX6472
Apuagwu NIXX0451
Apuu NIXX6473
Aqua Obio Effiat NIXX3388
Arabana NIXX4848
Arawa NIXX4849
Arawane NIXX8732
Ardimini NIXX8733
Ardo Rumeila NIXX8734
Ardo Sambo NIXX0919
Ardoram NIXX8735
Ardoya NIXX0920
Arege NIXX0040
Argungu NIXX0041
Ari NIXX4850
Aria NIXX4851
Ariam NIXX0452
Ariaria NIXX0453
Aricingori NIXX8736
Arim NIXX4852
Ariwuzumari NIXX8737
Arna Jatau NIXX0921
Arnado Debbo NIXX0922
Arnado Dogo NIXX0923
Arnado Furu NIXX0924
Arnado Nyiri NIXX0925
Arne da Bako NIXX0926
Aro Ajatakiri NIXX0454
Arochukwu NIXX0455
Aroipa NIXX4589
Arra NIXX8738
Arriam-Eluelu NIXX0456
Artano NIXX8739
Aru NIXX4853
Aru-Okporoenyi NIXX0457
Asa NIXX6474
Asa NIXX0458
Asadari NIXX8740
Asaga NIXX0459
Asagar NIXX8741
Asagh NIXX6475
Asaka NIXX6476
Asakaya NIXX3389
Asala Fura NIXX8742
Asamakaha NIXX6477
Asamari NIXX8743
Asan NIXX6478
Asana NIXX0460
Asana Ikang NIXX3390
Asande NIXX6479
Asang NIXX3391
Asanga NIXX3392
Asantin NIXX3393
Asanting NIXX3394
Asari NIXX8744
Asawa-Uzel NIXX6480
Asawe NIXX6481
Aseazaga NIXX4590
Asema NIXX6482
Asen NIXX6483
Asenya NIXX0927
Asha NIXX6484
Asham NIXX6485
Ashar NIXX6486
Ashie NIXX6487
Ashigashiya NIXX8745
Ashimbe NIXX6488
Ashomo NIXX6489
Ashwe NIXX6490
Asia Amanhie NIXX0461
Asia Nnentu NIXX0462
Asia Umu Nka NIXX0463
Askira NIXX8746
Aso NIXX6491
Asoke NIXX4854
Asom NIXX6492
Asong NIXX3395
Asongu NIXX6493
Asor NIXX6494
Asortal NIXX6495
Asou NIXX6496
Asough NIXX6497
Assa NIXX4591
Asue NIXX6498
Asugh NIXX6499
Asuir NIXX6500
Asuk-Ekpo NIXX3396
Asukurubia NIXX3397
Asunda NIXX6501
Asundu NIXX6502
Asurbum NIXX4855
Ataata NIXX6503
Atabong NIXX3398
Atabrikang Ekeme NIXX3400
Atachia NIXX6504
Ataha NIXX3401
Atai Obio Ediene NIXX3402
Ataibang NIXX3403
Atamba NIXX6505
Atan NIXX3404
Atan Akpan NIXX3405
Atan Aya NIXX3406
Atan Eka Eko NIXX3407
Atan Eki NIXX3408
Atan Ibong NIXX3409
Atan Ikpe NIXX3410
Atan Nsai NIXX3411
Atan Onoyom NIXX3412
Atani NIXX4592
Atani NIXX3413
Atani NIXX0464
Atani Aro NIXX0465
Atanturi NIXX3414
Atanuk NIXX3415
Atar NIXX6506
Atawa NIXX6507
Ate NIXX3416
Ate NIXX6508
Atem NIXX6509
Atemaga NIXX6510
Atengel NIXX6511
Ater NIXX6512
Atev NIXX6513
Ati NIXX6514
Atiamkpat NIXX3417
Atighil NIXX6515
Atii NIXX6516
Atijere NIXX0042
Atile NIXX6517
Atim NIXX6518
Atime NIXX6519
Atimenya NIXX6520
Atlo NIXX6521
Ato NIXX6522
Atokpot NIXX3418
Atokyaa NIXX6523
Atom NIXX6524
Atongo NIXX6525
Atorkaan NIXX6526
Atov NIXX6527
Atsa NIXX6528
Atsaha NIXX6529
Atsaka NIXX6530
Atsegba NIXX6531
Atsegha NIXX6532
Atsehe NIXX6533
Atsele NIXX6534
Atsenga NIXX6535
Atsenge NIXX6536
Atser NIXX6537
Atsor NIXX6538
Atsumbau NIXX6539
Atsusa NIXX6540
Attagara NIXX8747
Atue NIXX6541
Atughobi NIXX4593
Atule NIXX6542
Atum NIXX6543
Atuma NIXX0043
Atume NIXX6544
Atunku NIXX6545
Aturukpo NIXX6546
Atwee NIXX6547
Audu NIXX6548
Augi NIXX0044
Aukpa NIXX6549
Aule NIXX6550
Aune NIXX6551
Auno NIXX0045
Auro Jamari NIXX8748
Ausa NIXX6552
Autugh NIXX6553
Auul NIXX6554
Avakaa NIXX6555
Avela NIXX6556
Avende NIXX6557
Avenkaan NIXX6558
Averkaan Ayem NIXX6559
Aviaga NIXX6560
Aviagee NIXX6561
Avo NIXX0466
Avodim NIXX0467
Avonkwu NIXX0468
Avule NIXX6562
Avur NIXX6563
Awa NIXX3419
Awa Ndon NIXX3420
Awaji NIXX6564
Awajir NIXX6565
Awarge NIXX6566
Awase NIXX6567
Awat Nkang NIXX3421
Awaua NIXX8749
Awgu NIXX0046
Awja Awdaw NIXX0047
Awka NIXX4594
Awka-Agbobu NIXX4595
Awkuzu NIXX4596
Awo Idemiri NIXX4597
Awomuku NIXX0469
Awu NIXX0470
Awua NIXX6568
Awuhe NIXX6569
Awule NIXX6570
Awulu NIXX4598
Awure NIXX6571
Awusu NIXX6572
Ayaakaa NIXX6573
Ayaba NIXX8750
Ayaba NIXX3422
Ayadeghe NIXX3423
Ayaghel NIXX6575
Ayaisi NIXX6576
Ayaka NIXX6577
Ayakpa NIXX6578
Ayama NIXX6579
Ayamfaga NIXX6580
Ayange NIXX6581
Ayangor NIXX6582
Aye NIXX6583
Ayeeshio NIXX6584
Ayele NIXX6585
Ayem NIXX6586
Ayer NIXX6587
Ayertyo NIXX6588
Ayev NIXX6589
Ayila NIXX6590
Ayimta NIXX6591
Ayinneji NIXX4599
Ayisa NIXX6592
Ayisa Gwegwe NIXX6593
Ayo NIXX6594
Ayolave NIXX6595
Ayom NIXX6596
Ayongo NIXX6597
Ayoo NIXX6598
Ayoosu NIXX6599
Ayua NIXX6600
Ayuwa NIXX6601
Ayuwu NIXX6602
Azaage NIXX6603
Azabo NIXX6604
Azaga NIXX6605
Azahan NIXX6606
Azaho NIXX6607
Azande NIXX6608
Azare NIXX4856
Azare NIXX8751
Azel NIXX6609
Azem NIXX6610
Azenda NIXX6611
Azenke NIXX6612
Azer NIXX6613
Azia NIXX4600
Azogba NIXX4601
Azongo NIXX6614
Azool NIXX6615
Azu Owuchele NIXX6616
Azu-Iyi NIXX0471
Azua NIXX6617
Azumini NIXX3424
Azungur NIXX6618
Baagira NIXX0929
Baagire NIXX6619
Baba NIXX6620
Babaa NIXX4857
Babakwa NIXX6621
Babal Midilla NIXX0930
Babalwada NIXX8752
Babalya NIXX0931
Babanana NIXX4858
Babani NIXX4859
Babau NIXX0932
Babayaya NIXX0933
Babaye NIXX4860
Babbikoi NIXX0934
Babeleta NIXX0935
Babidi NIXX0936
Babidi Esagel NIXX0937
Babige NIXX0938
Babindi NIXX0939
Babuba NIXX0940
Babul NIXX8753
Babuli NIXX0941
Babura NIXX0048
Baccure Kofare NIXX0942
Bachieri NIXX0943
Badagari NIXX4861
Badagry NIXX0049
Badakoshi NIXX4862
Badara NIXX4863
Badawari NIXX4864
Badayeso NIXX4865
Badev NIXX6622
Badi NIXX0944
Badijara NIXX0945
Badikko NIXX4866
Badiri NIXX8754
Badni NIXX4867
Badsweni NIXX4868
Badu NIXX0946
Badu NIXX8755
Badum NIXX0947
Badungu NIXX4869
Bafere NIXX0948
Baga NIXX8756
Bagajau NIXX8757
Bagaji NIXX6623
Bagale NIXX0949
Bagali NIXX4870
Bagam NIXX4871
Bagani NIXX3425
Bagau NIXX4872
Bagel NIXX4873
Bagga NIXX0950
Baggawo NIXX4874
Bagizza NIXX0050
Bagon Dare NIXX0951
Bagu NIXX6624
Bagudu NIXX0952
Bagum NIXX8758
Bahai NIXX8759
Bahi NIXX0953
Bahijan NIXX8760
Bahuli NIXX0954
Bahunya NIXX0955
Bai NIXX0956
Baima NIXX4875
Baino NIXX4876
Baiya NIXX4877
Bajabure NIXX0957
Bajaga NIXX0958
Bajala NIXX4878
Bajama NIXX0959
Baje NIXX8761
Bajeri NIXX8762
Bajoga NIXX4879
Baka NIXX0960
Bakaina NIXX8763
Bakam NIXX6625
Bakanti NIXX0961
Bakari Goso NIXX0962
Bakata NIXX4880
Bakawo NIXX0963
Bakawo Majeken NIXX0964
Bakigbe NIXX6626
Bakin Diwe NIXX0965
Bakin Dutse NIXX4881
Bakin Kasuwa NIXX8764
Bakin Kogi NIXX4882
Bakla NIXX0966
Bakobi NIXX0967
Bakodak NIXX4883
Bakori NIXX0051
Bakta NIXX0968
Bakunawa NIXX4884
Bakuno NIXX6627
Bakurehi NIXX0969
Bakwari NIXX4885
Bala NIXX4886
Balade NIXX0970
Balaigaje NIXX8765
Balajan NIXX8766
Balanga NIXX0971
Balazola NIXX8768
Balazuwe NIXX8769
Balbiya NIXX8770
Balda NIXX0972
Balda NIXX8771
Balde NIXX4887
Bale NIXX8772
Balgare NIXX0973
Balhana NIXX0974
Balhona NIXX0975
Bali NIXX0976
Balijan NIXX4888
Balile NIXX8773
Balkari NIXX0977
Balma NIXX0978
Bam NIXX8774
Bam Ybiri NIXX8775
Bama NIXX0052
Bambala NIXX0979
Bambiyo NIXX4889
Bameun NIXX6628
Bamgi NIXX0053
Bamio NIXX6629
Bamjigil NIXX8776
Bams NIXX6630
Bamuna NIXX0980
Bamzur NIXX8777
Bana NIXX8778
Banari NIXX8779
Banche Leko NIXX0981
Bandamari NIXX8780
Bandawaki NIXX0982
Bandegi NIXX0054
Bandoma NIXX4890
Bang NIXX0983
Banga NIXX4891
Banga NIXX0984
Banga Luri NIXX4892
Bangarati NIXX4893
Bangdi NIXX8781
Bange NIXX0985
Bangnda NIXX0986
Bango NIXX0987
Bango Yite NIXX0988
Bangontama NIXX4894
Bangshika NIXX0989
Bangwelli NIXX4895
Bani NIXX0055
Bani NIXX4896
Banja NIXX0990
Banjiram NIXX0991
Banki NIXX8782
Bankureni NIXX0992
Banmanma NIXX0993
Banoram NIXX8783
Banowa NIXX8784
Banshe NIXX0994
Bantahi NIXX0995
Bantai NIXX0996
Bantaje NIXX0997
Bantale NIXX0998
Bantali NIXX8785
Bantari NIXX8786
Bantini NIXX8787
Banya NIXX6631
Bapa NIXX6632
Bapari NIXX0999
Bapola NIXX1000
Bappa NIXX8788
Bar NIXX4897
Bara NIXX8789
Bara NIXX1001
Bara NIXX4898
Baraje NIXX1002
Baraji NIXX1003
Barakin Dawa NIXX4899
Barakin French NIXX4900
Barakin Wundi NIXX4901
Baram NIXX4903
Barama NIXX1004
Barama Lokuwa NIXX1005
Barambu NIXX4904
Baranga NIXX1006
Bararam Gana NIXX8790
Bararam Kura NIXX8791
Barasi NIXX1007
Barawe NIXX8792
Barayi NIXX4905
Barbarwa NIXX8793
Barda NIXX1008
Bardafiti NIXX4906
Barde NIXX1009
Barde NIXX4907
Barderi NIXX8794
Barduguma NIXX1010
Bare NIXX1011
Bareke NIXX1012
Bargar NIXX4908
Bargare NIXX1013
Barguma NIXX8795
Bari Koraram NIXX8796
Bariel NIXX1014
Barjino NIXX8797
Barkala NIXX1015
Barkam NIXX8798
Barkari NIXX8799
Barkari NIXX1016
Barkaya NIXX4909
Barkeje NIXX1017
Barnawa NIXX4910
Barnesu NIXX8800
Barni NIXX1018
Baro NIXX0056
Barre NIXX8801
Barri NIXX4911
Bartingo NIXX1019
Baru Babba NIXX4912
Barum NIXX8803
Barwati NIXX8804
Barwoshe NIXX8805
Basara Baba NIXX1020
Bashikbi NIXX1021
Bashinda NIXX1022
Basulum NIXX1023
Basuvani NIXX1024
Batal NIXX4913
Batal Chamba NIXX1025
Batal Fulani NIXX1026
Batal Sama NIXX4914
Batande NIXX1027
Batara NIXX8807
Batel NIXX1028
Bati NIXX1029
Bati Manga NIXX1030
Batisu NIXX1031
Batoba NIXX1032
Batsa NIXX6633
Batu NIXX4915
Batul NIXX6634
Bauchi NIXX4916
Bauchi Gusga NIXX1034
Bauda NIXX1035
Bauna NIXX4917
Baure NIXX0057
Bausumanu NIXX1036
Bawa NIXX4918
Bawari NIXX4919
Bawuro NIXX1037
Bawurumbe NIXX1038
Bayami NIXX1039
Bayara NIXX4920
Bayare NIXX1040
Bayasi NIXX1041
Bayawo NIXX4921
Bazamri NIXX8808
Bazaya NIXX8809
Bazza NIXX1042
Beaku NIXX6635
Beba NIXX6636
Bebe NIXX1043
Bebeji NIXX0058
Bebel NIXX1044
Beche NIXX3426
Bedan NIXX8810
Bedda Sanda NIXX1045
Bedenu NIXX1046
Befera NIXX1047
Begere Duba NIXX1048
Bego NIXX8811
Beke NIXX6637
Belako NIXX4923
Belamar NIXX1049
Beldin NIXX8812
Bele NIXX1050
Belel NIXX1051
Beli Kadiyel NIXX4924
Bella Tappare NIXX1052
Bellam NIXX8813
Belle NIXX8814
Bello Barkwasa NIXX1053
Bellotungba NIXX1054
Belwa NIXX8815
Bembem NIXX8816
Bende NIXX0472
Bende NIXX6638
Bendirba NIXX1055
Benge NIXX6639
Bengilan NIXX8817
Bengni NIXX1056
Bengo NIXX1057
Beni NIXX4925
Beni NIXX0059
Benisheik NIXX8818
Benjengen NIXX1058
Ber Kaa NIXX6640
Bera NIXX1059
Beram NIXX6641
Berekpe NIXX3427
Berka NIXX6642
Bermandi NIXX8819
Bero NIXX1060
Berukpa NIXX3428
Bete NIXX6643
Betem NIXX3429
Beti NIXX4926
Beti Bappawo NIXX1061
Biakpan NIXX3430
Biakpan Beach NIXX3431
Biang NIXX1062
Bibalkui NIXX8820
Bibarkui NIXX8821
Biche NIXX1063
Bichi NIXX0060
Bida NIXX0061
Bida NIXX0062
Bidawa NIXX8822
Biekpe NIXX3432
Biem NIXX6644
Bigi NIXX4927
Bigir NIXX8823
Bigoro NIXX8824
Bijibiji NIXX1064
Bijim NIXX4928
Bijimi NIXX4929
Bikuka NIXX8825
Bila NIXX8826
Bila Azi NIXX8827
Bila Malabu NIXX1065
Bilachi NIXX0063
Bilahazi NIXX8828
Bilahima NIXX8829
Bilakirde NIXX8830
Bilanpija NIXX8831
Bilatum NIXX8832
Bilazi NIXX8833
Bilel NIXX1067
Bilite NIXX1068
Bille NIXX1069
Bima NIXX8834
Bimi NIXX8835
Binda NIXX1070
Binda Beli NIXX1071
Bindi NIXX1072
Bindim NIXX1073
Bindirim NIXX8836
Binduldul NIXX8837
Bingi NIXX4930
Bingi NIXX1074
Binowi NIXX8838
Binowo NIXX1075
Binyu NIXX8839
Biradawa NIXX8840
Birakondo NIXX1076
Birgi NIXX4931
Biri NIXX8841
Biri NIXX1077
Biribai NIXX8842
Biriji NIXX1078
Birikincha NIXX4932
Birim NIXX4933
Birizi NIXX4934
Birjin Gwanki NIXX4935
Birna NIXX1079
Birni NIXX8843
Birnin Kebbi NIXX0003
Birnin Mailafia NIXX4936
Birri NIXX8844
Birshi NIXX4937
Bisagana NIXX8845
Bisgi NIXX8846
Bishe NIXX8847
Bishi NIXX4938
Bishigh NIXX6645
Bishiki NIXX8848
Bishiwai NIXX4939
Biske NIXX1080
Bisku NIXX8849
Bisugua NIXX8850
Bitel Karemi NIXX1081
Bitelbe NIXX8851
Bitirhuya NIXX1082
Bitirldumbwal NIXX1083
Bitta NIXX8852
Biu NIXX8853
Bivor NIXX6646
Bize NIXX8854
Bizgi NIXX8855
Bizigu NIXX1084
Boagundu NIXX6647
Bobbini NIXX8856
Bobo NIXX6648
Bobore NIXX1085
Bodanyi NIXX6649
Bodenu NIXX8857
Bodere NIXX1086
Bodinga NIXX4940
Bodinga NIXX1087
Bodo Kouda NIXX8858
Bodwai NIXX1088
Boga NIXX1089
Bogalere NIXX1090
Bogashiri NIXX8859
Boggare NIXX1091
Bogo NIXX6650
Bogoro NIXX4941
Bogoro NIXX8860
Bogumari NIXX8861
Bogundu NIXX8862
Bogurum NIXX4942
Boi NIXX4943
Boigo NIXX6651
Bojov NIXX6652
Boju NIXX6653
Boju-Ega NIXX6654
Bokiau NIXX6655
Bokken NIXX1092
Bokkiru NIXX4944
Bokoki NIXX4945
Bokolori NIXX8863
Bokwari NIXX8864
Bokyaa NIXX6656
Bola NIXX8865
Bolabunji NIXX1094
Bolakel Villages NIXX8866
Bolama NIXX1095
Bole NIXX1096
Boli NIXX4946
Boli NIXX1097
Bolki NIXX1098
Bolobolore NIXX1099
Boloko NIXX1100
Bolori NIXX8867
Bolowa NIXX8868
Bolunga NIXX8869
Bomala NIXX4947
Bombata NIXX4948
Bomu NIXX1101
Bonamari NIXX4949
Bonani NIXX1102
Bonga NIXX4950
Bongara NIXX1103
Bongladi NIXX1104
Bongni NIXX1105
Bongo NIXX1106
Bonongo NIXX6657
Bonta NIXX1107
Bonu NIXX4951
Bonwan NIXX8872
Boo NIXX6658
Boor NIXX6659
Bopo NIXX6660
Boragu NIXX8873
Borgomi NIXX1108
Bornesu NIXX4952
Borno NIXX1109
Bornu Yassu NIXX8874
Bornukice NIXX8875
Boro NIXX1110
Borowandu NIXX1111
Borozo NIXX8876
Borrong NIXX1112
Bosheri NIXX8877
Boskeri NIXX1113
Boso Charkari NIXX8878
Bosomari NIXX8879
Bosombarari NIXX8880
Botala NIXX1114
Boto NIXX4953
Botwer NIXX6661
Boube NIXX1115
Boudamanga NIXX1116
Boudjouma NIXX1117
Bouva NIXX8881
Bovtari NIXX8882
Bowari NIXX8883
Boyu NIXX1118
Boza NIXX8884
Brangaville NIXX3433
Bre NIXX8885
Brigisam NIXX8886
Bryel NIXX8887
Bu NIXX1119
Bua NIXX6662
Buabunde NIXX6663
Bubila NIXX1120
Bubu NIXX4954
Buchi NIXX6664
Buda NIXX4955
Budda NIXX1122
Budo-Ago NIXX0065
Budumri NIXX8888
Buduwa NIXX8889
Bufejuma NIXX8890
Bugadam NIXX8891
Bugathal NIXX8892
Bugh NIXX6665
Bughta NIXX6666
Bugila NIXX1123
Bugirdi NIXX4956
Bugorari NIXX8893
Bugum NIXX1124
Bugun NIXX4957
Bui NIXX0066
Buk NIXX8894
Buka NIXX1125
Bukaje NIXX1126
Bukaji NIXX1127
Bukar Kwareri NIXX8895
Bukar Thlawur NIXX8896
Bukarti NIXX8897
Bukem NIXX6667
Bukr Kimeri NIXX8898
Bukul NIXX4958
Bula NIXX4959
Bula NIXX1128
Bula NIXX8899
Bula Alita NIXX8900
Bula Andimibe NIXX8901
Bula Birin NIXX8902
Bula Boyebe NIXX8903
Bula Bulin NIXX8904
Bula Bundibe NIXX8905
Bula Butube NIXX8906
Bula Buzuguwa NIXX8907
Bula Chesabe NIXX8908
Bula Chirabe NIXX8909
Bula Daburu NIXX8910
Bula Dilima NIXX8911
Bula Ganna Chiri NIXX8912
Bula Ganna Keisa NIXX8913
Bula Ganna Kura NIXX8914
Bula Gonibe NIXX8915
Bula Julta NIXX8916
Bula Kafie NIXX8917
Bula Karabi NIXX8918
Bula Karebe NIXX8919
Bula Korege NIXX8920
Bula Kursoye NIXX8921
Bula Makoama NIXX8922
Bula Manga NIXX8923
Bula Mastafa NIXX8924
Bula Mel NIXX8925
Bula Morube NIXX8926
Bula Muge NIXX8927
Bula Munjari NIXX8928
Bula Musa NIXX8929
Bula Ngubdoye NIXX8930
Bula Nkyaki NIXX8931
Bula Umar NIXX8932
Bula Yagujabala NIXX8933
Bula-Dabube NIXX8934
Bula-Mallambe NIXX8935
Bula-Pogu NIXX8936
Bulabam Hamlets NIXX8937
Bulabulin NIXX8938
Buladega NIXX1129
Buladiama NIXX8939
Bulagambari NIXX8940
Bulagana NIXX8941
Bulagarga I NIXX8942
Bulagarga II NIXX8943
Bulagarga III NIXX8944
Bulali NIXX8945
Bulam Bodi NIXX8946
Bulama NIXX4960
Bulamakori NIXX8947
Bulamalum NIXX8948
Bulamare NIXX1130
Bulamari NIXX4961
Bulanjilim NIXX8949
Bulanna NIXX4962
Bulanubwa NIXX8950
Bulasamtari NIXX8951
Bulaudo NIXX4963
Bulawa NIXX4964
Bulbul NIXX4965
Bulgajiri NIXX8952
Bulkachuwa NIXX4966
Bulla NIXX4967
Bulo NIXX1131
Bulo NIXX4968
Bulofa NIXX0067
Bulongu NIXX8953
Bulonguwa NIXX8954
Bulu NIXX8956
Buluk Buluk NIXX0068
Buluka NIXX6668
Bululi NIXX1132
Bulum NIXX4969
Bulus NIXX4970
Bulyital NIXX4971
Bum NIXX8957
Buma NIXX8958
Bumbul NIXX6669
Bumbulum NIXX8959
Bumlar NIXX4972
Bumnid NIXX4973
Bumsa NIXX8960
Bumta NIXX8961
Bundi NIXX0069
Bundiai NIXX4974
Bundila NIXX4975
Bundukia NIXX8963
Bunduli NIXX4976
Bundun NIXX4977
Bundur NIXX8964
Bundura NIXX4978
Bunga NIXX4979
Bunga NIXX1133
Bungal NIXX1134
Bungan Bauchi NIXX4980
Bungan Ningi NIXX4981
Bungel NIXX1135
Bungudu NIXX1136
Buningil NIXX8965
Bunkari NIXX0070
Bunto NIXX1137
Bununu NIXX4982
Bununu Dass NIXX4983
Bununu Kasa NIXX4984
Buptan NIXX1138
Burako NIXX4985
Burakum NIXX8966
Burama NIXX1139
Burari NIXX8967
Burari NIXX4986
Burashika NIXX8968
Buratai NIXX8969
Burdinga NIXX4987
Bure NIXX1140
Bure NIXX4988
Buren Duguri NIXX4989
Burga NIXX4990
Buri NIXX4991
Buri Buri NIXX4992
Burimari NIXX8970
Burka NIXX1141
Burkono NIXX1142
Buro Lawal NIXX4993
Burom NIXX1143
Burra NIXX1144
Bursari NIXX4995
Burugwi NIXX8971
Buruku NIXX4996
Buruku NIXX0071
Buruluk NIXX8972
Burum NIXX1145
Burumburum NIXX0072
Busai NIXX4997
Busangi NIXX1146
Buso NIXX1147
Busugu NIXX8973
Busuku NIXX8974
Bususu NIXX4998
Buta NIXX6670
Buter NIXX6671
Butuka NIXX1148
Butuku NIXX8975
Buweti NIXX1149
Buwu NIXX8976
Buzawa NIXX4999
Buzawa NIXX8977
Buzinda NIXX8978
Buzuku NIXX8979
Bwakar NIXX1150
Bwal-Pakla NIXX8980
Bwalokoja NIXX8981
Bwangwar Kubaje NIXX1151
Bwara NIXX1152
Bwola NIXX8982
Byaku NIXX6672
Byamegh NIXX6673
Byer NIXX6674
Byuan NIXX6675
Calabar NIXX0004
Camp NIXX6676
Cara NIXX8983
Cerakala NIXX8984
Chaba NIXX1153
Chabatta NIXX1154
Chabbal NIXX1155
Chacha NIXX8986
Chachile NIXX8987
Chaeh NIXX6677
Chagdamari NIXX8988
Chagu NIXX6678
Chahul NIXX6679
Chakawa NIXX8989
Chakuli NIXX1156
Chakum NIXX8990
Chali NIXX5000
Chambi NIXX1157
Chambula NIXX1158
Chanatagi NIXX1159
Changala NIXX1160
Change NIXX6680
Changul NIXX8993
Chani NIXX8994
Chanyi NIXX1161
Chapta NIXX1162
Chapu NIXX8995
Charati NIXX0074
Charenji NIXX8996
Charfa NIXX1163
Chase NIXX6681
Chata NIXX8997
Chavkar NIXX6682
Chawa NIXX1164
Che NIXX6683
Chea NIXX6684
Cheagba NIXX6685
Cheaklyne NIXX6686
Chediya NIXX5001
Chehu NIXX6687
Chejipa NIXX1165
Chekaparau NIXX1166
Chekyam NIXX6688
Cheledi NIXX5002
Chelen NIXX6689
Chemba NIXX8998
Chembal NIXX1167
Chemi Moda NIXX8999
Chenda NIXX6690
Cherawa NIXX9000
Cheren NIXX6691
Chetiv NIXX6692
Cheunger NIXX6693
Chi NIXX6694
Chia NIXX6695
Chia NIXX1168
Chiase NIXX6696
Chiata NIXX6697
Chibakur NIXX9001
Chibiyayi NIXX5003
Chibok NIXX9002
Chichi NIXX6698
Chiga NIXX6699
Chigarker NIXX9003
Chiha NIXX9005
Chiha NIXX6700
Chihichani NIXX6701
Chikale NIXX1169
Chikauje NIXX5004
Chikile NIXX1170
Chikito NIXX1171
Chikito Jubawo NIXX1172
Chikol NIXX1173
Chikol Fulani NIXX1174
Chila NIXX6702
Chile NIXX6703
Chimabulu NIXX9006
Chimbo NIXX6704
Chimi NIXX1175
Chimoyam NIXX6705
Chinade NIXX5005
Chinbir NIXX6706
Chindam NIXX1176
Chingabe NIXX1177
Chinghuna NIXX1178
Chingokiri NIXX9007
Chingwande NIXX6707
Chinka NIXX6708
Chinta NIXX6709
Chir NIXX6710
Chirawa NIXX0075
Chirebo NIXX6711
Chirekayi NIXX9008
Chiroma NIXX9009
Chiromari NIXX5006
Chita NIXX1179
Chiv NIXX6712
Chivi NIXX1180
Chivir NIXX6713
Chiyam NIXX6714
Chobol NIXX9010
Chofa Jaule NIXX1181
Chokkin NIXX1182
Chokom NIXX6715
Chokutaku NIXX9011
Cholli NIXX1183
Chondugh NIXX6716
Chongke NIXX6717
Chongolo Kura NIXX9012
Chongu NIXX6718
Chongwom Daji NIXX5007
Chonita NIXX1184
Chooma NIXX6719
Chorogh NIXX6720
Chorun NIXX6721
Chowalta NIXX9013
Chuadi NIXX6722
Chukum NIXX6723
Chul NIXX9014
Chumun NIXX1185
Chungrimi NIXX9015
Chur NIXX6724
Cilimada NIXX9016
Cingoa NIXX9017
Daama NIXX1186
Daba NIXX5008
Daba Alhaji Musa NIXX9018
Daba Magaji NIXX9019
Dababe NIXX5009
Dabagetu NIXX1187
Dabala NIXX1188
Dabar NIXX6725
Dabara NIXX1189
Dabbo NIXX5010
Dabbo Sarari NIXX5011
Dabbolungu NIXX5012
Dabega NIXX1190
Dabeki NIXX1191
Dabewa NIXX1192
Dabira NIXX9020
Dabna NIXX1193
Dabo NIXX9021
Daboma NIXX1194
Dabore NIXX1195
Dabudum NIXX1196
Dabuu NIXX6726
Dadangu NIXX5013
Dadawoloji NIXX1197
Dade NIXX1198
Dadegal NIXX1199
Dadga NIXX1200
Dadiglon NIXX1201
Dadin Kowa NIXX1202
Dadin Kowa NIXX5014
Dadin Kowa NIXX9022
Dadinga NIXX5015
Dadinkowa NIXX1203
Dadowari NIXX1204
Dadwari NIXX1205
Dafa NIXX6727
Dafon NIXX1206
Dafura NIXX1207
Dagalang NIXX9023
Dagale NIXX1208
Dagana Kanem NIXX9024
Dagarau NIXX5016
Dagaudu NIXX5017
Dagel Sere NIXX9025
Dagere NIXX0076
Daggu NIXX9026
Dagi NIXX6728
Dagiyo NIXX1209
Dagla NIXX1210
Dagli NIXX5018
Dagon Jaji NIXX5019
Dagu NIXX5020
Dagu NIXX1211
Dagudang NIXX1212
Dagudi NIXX5021
Daguni NIXX1213
Dagza NIXX1214
Dahai NIXX1215
Dahara NIXX1216
Dahimi NIXX1217
Dahle Arab NIXX9027
Daike NIXX6729
Daima NIXX9028
Dainort NIXX1218
Dajami NIXX1219
Dajim NIXX5022
Daju NIXX6730
Daka NIXX1220
Dakari NIXX9029
Dakere NIXX1221
Dakingari NIXX0077
Dakiti NIXX5023
Daku NIXX1222
Dakwa NIXX9030
Dakwama Mussa NIXX9031
Dakwima NIXX9032
Dala NIXX9033
Daladi NIXX1223
Dalahi NIXX1224
Dalakaleri NIXX9034
Dalame NIXX9035
Dalami NIXX1226
Dalehi NIXX1227
Dalguba NIXX1228
Dalhat NIXX1229
Dalhat Fulani NIXX1230
Dali NIXX9036
Dalijam NIXX0078
Daljiwa NIXX9037
Dallari NIXX5024
Dalleri NIXX9038
Dalli NIXX5025
Dallok NIXX1231
Dallol Aisha NIXX5026
Dalori NIXX9039
Daluwa NIXX1232
Dalwa NIXX9040
Dalwa East NIXX9041
Dalwa West NIXX0079
Dam NIXX9042
Dam NIXX1233
Dama NIXX9043
Damachi NIXX1234
Damadi NIXX5027
Damago NIXX9044
Damai NIXX1235
Damakar NIXX9045
Damakodo NIXX9046
Damakuli NIXX9047
Damare NIXX1236
Damare NIXX9048
Damasak NIXX9049
Damba NIXX5028
Dambakare NIXX1237
Dambam NIXX5029
Dambara NIXX1238
Dambarkata NIXX1239
Dambarta NIXX0080
Dambazau NIXX5030
Dambi NIXX9050
Dambia NIXX9051
Damboa NIXX9052
Dambowa NIXX9053
Dambulam NIXX9054
Dambuwa NIXX9055
Damewa NIXX5031
Damigya NIXX5032
Damkar NIXX6732
Damkor NIXX6733
Damnyor NIXX6734
Damola NIXX0081
Dampire NIXX1240
Dampitan NIXX9056
Damsor NIXX1241
Damudanaka NIXX9057
Dan NIXX5033
Dan Alhaji NIXX5034
Dan Dume NIXX0082
Dan Gummai NIXX5035
Dan Kariwa NIXX9058
Dan Kurma NIXX5036
Danaba NIXX1242
Danbrum NIXX9059
Dandalmari NIXX5037
Dandang NIXX9060
Dandire NIXX1243
Daneel NIXX1244
Daneji NIXX1245
Daneski NIXX9061
Danfura NIXX1246
Dang NIXX1247
Dangara NIXX0083
Dangara NIXX1248
Dange NIXX0005
Dangha NIXX9062
Dangisa NIXX9063
Dangra NIXX1249
Dangusha NIXX9064
Dangwara NIXX1250
Dangzam NIXX1251
Daniski NIXX9065
Danja NIXX0085
Danji NIXX6735
Danka NIXX5038
Dankakare NIXX1252
Danwara NIXX1253
Danyin NIXX6736
Dapen NIXX1254
Dar el Jamal NIXX9066
Daram NIXX1255
Daramushe NIXX5039
Daranji NIXX5040
Darazau NIXX9067
Darazo NIXX5041
Dare NIXX9068
Dare Keisa NIXX9069
Dargazu NIXX5043
Dari NIXX5044
Darma Galadima NIXX0086
Darolara NIXX9070
Darpi NIXX9071
Darrari NIXX5045
Dasha NIXX5046
Dashi NIXX5047
Dasin Hausa NIXX1256
Dass NIXX5048
Dasu NIXX1257
Dasu Ubi NIXX1258
Dasuu NIXX1259
Datan Okpa NIXX3434
Datingo NIXX1260
Daudo NIXX6737
Dauduwo NIXX5049
Daura NIXX5050
Daura NIXX0087
Daure NIXX9072
Dauya Ziriyaku NIXX1261
Dauzhi NIXX9073
Dawa NIXX9074
Dawaluwa NIXX9075
Daware NIXX1262
Daweri NIXX9076
Dawoma NIXX9077
Daya NIXX9078
Daya NIXX5051
Dayar NIXX9079
Dayi NIXX9080
Dayiri NIXX1264
Dazal NIXX1265
Dazala NIXX1266
Deba NIXX9081
Debe Mai Kasuwa NIXX5052
Debeel NIXX6739
Deben Kasa NIXX5053
Debia NIXX9082
Deburau NIXX9083
Dedaro NIXX6740
Dede NIXX1267
Deede NIXX6741
Deeorteo NIXX6742
Deeti NIXX6743
Dega NIXX9084
Degagu NIXX9085
Degele NIXX5054
Degema NIXX6744
Degema NIXX0088
Degemba NIXX9086
Degemram NIXX9087
Degevi NIXX1268
Deggi NIXX1269
Degri NIXX9088
Deja NIXX1270
Dejir NIXX6745
Dekbara NIXX1271
Deke NIXX6746
Dekuku NIXX6747
Dela NIXX5055
Deli NIXX1272
Demakaa NIXX6748
Dematu NIXX9090
Dembori NIXX5056
Demekaa NIXX6749
Demet NIXX9091
Demsa NIXX1273
Denangu NIXX6750
Dendali NIXX5057
Dengeshi NIXX1274
Denji NIXX6751
Deno NIXX5058
Dera NIXX6752
Dera NIXX9092
Deriko NIXX5059
Desel NIXX1275
Deubara NIXX1276
Deva NIXX1277
Dewen NIXX1278
Dewu NIXX5060
Diba NIXX9093
Dibbiri NIXX9094
Dibra NIXX1279
Did NIXX5061
Didango NIXX1280
Didango Kofa NIXX1281
Didif NIXX1282
Didiku NIXX1283
Didiri NIXX9095
Dieb NIXX6753
Diehiki NIXX5062
Difekir NIXX9096
Digamari NIXX9097
Digaskeri NIXX9098
Digerjiri NIXX9099
Digil NIXX1284
Digira NIXX9100
Digisa NIXX5063
Digra NIXX9101
Dikdiu NIXX1285
Diko NIXX1286
Dikwa NIXX9102
Dil Hamlets NIXX9103
Dilbali NIXX1287
Dilbuni NIXX1288
Dilchidama NIXX1289
Dildar NIXX1290
Diler NIXX1291
Dilfafa NIXX1292
Dilimbula NIXX1293
Dilkanda NIXX1294
Dille NIXX9104
Dilli NIXX1295
Dilmava NIXX1296
Dilpalma Baba NIXX1297
Dilpalma Karemi NIXX1298
Dilpurtu NIXX1299
Dilvwa NIXX1300
Dilwa Cira NIXX1301
Dimbi NIXX1302
Dimbiweri NIXX1303
Dimeso NIXX1304
Dimis NIXX5064
Dimkata NIXX9105
Dimkusu Dumku NIXX1305
Dimmerwa NIXX9106
Din NIXX5065
Dinawa NIXX5066
Dinchi NIXX5067
Dindima NIXX5068
Dinga NIXX1306
Dingare NIXX1307
Dingel NIXX1308
Dingiri NIXX5069
Dipchari NIXX9107
Dirba NIXX1309
Dirba Limda NIXX9108
Dirbishi NIXX1310
Diri NIXX5070
Diriwasila NIXX1311
Diriya NIXX5071
Disa NIXX9109
Dishibi NIXX1312
Disina NIXX5072
Diuwa NIXX9110
Div NIXX6754
Diwayanta NIXX1313
Diyawa NIXX9111
Dlam NIXX1314
Do NIXX6755
Dobia NIXX6756
Dodo NIXX6757
Dogo NIXX1315
Dogo NIXX6758
Dogo Baba NIXX5073
Dogo Sule Nee NIXX6759
Dogoba NIXX1316
Dogolo NIXX1317
Dogoma NIXX9112
Dogomolu NIXX9113
Dogon Daji NIXX5074
Dogon Gawa NIXX6761
Dogon Kania NIXX5075
Dogon Kawo NIXX5076
Dogon Koli NIXX5077
Dogonjeji NIXX5078
Dogoshi NIXX9114
Dogua NIXX5079
Doguwa NIXX5080
Dogzore NIXX9115
Doili NIXX9116
Doka NIXX5081
Doka NIXX6762
Dokore NIXX5082
Dokoro NIXX5083
Doksa NIXX9117
Dolabe NIXX1318
Dole NIXX5084
Dolegal NIXX1319
Dolen Madaki NIXX5085
Dolen Sarki NIXX5086
Domawa NIXX5087
Dombi Simba NIXX1320
Domte NIXX1321
Dondu NIXX6763
Dong NIXX1322
Donga Yawa NIXX1323
Dongko NIXX6764
Dongo NIXX5088
Dongo NIXX9118
Dongo Gure NIXX1324
Dongo Mutila NIXX1326
Dongorong NIXX1327
Dongwalanta NIXX1328
Donka Fulani NIXX1329
Donka Verre NIXX1330
Donomari NIXX5089
Dooga NIXX6765
Dora NIXX9119
Doro Gowon NIXX9120
Dorodi NIXX1331
Doron Kirta NIXX9121
Dott NIXX5090
Dou Jiman NIXX1332
Doubelli NIXX1333
Dougm NIXX6766
Doumbourou NIXX0089
Dousa NIXX9122
Dowaya NIXX1334
Doyo NIXX9123
Dua NIXX5091
Dua NIXX1335
Duala NIXX1336
Dubangawa NIXX9124
Dubba NIXX1337
Dubudubu NIXX1338
Dubula NIXX9125
Duda NIXX1339
Duda Sama NIXX1340
Duda Wamngo NIXX1341
Dudu NIXX0090
Duenya NIXX6767
Dufa NIXX9126
Dugguri NIXX5092
Dugh NIXX6768
Dugoma NIXX1342
Dugula NIXX9127
Dugulduma NIXX1344
Duguma NIXX9128
Duguri NIXX5093
Duguruma NIXX5094
Duguza NIXX5095
Duhu NIXX1345
Duka NIXX1346
Dukje NIXX9130
Dukku NIXX5096
Duku NIXX9131
Dukul NIXX9132
Dul NIXX1347
Dula NIXX9133
Dula NIXX6769
Dulbu NIXX5097
Dulem NIXX5098
Dulmu NIXX1348
Dulo NIXX1349
Dulumi NIXX1350
Dum NIXX9134
Dumakusum NIXX1351
Dumayo NIXX1352
Dumba NIXX5099
Dumbam NIXX9135
Dumburi NIXX1353
Dumda NIXX1354
Dumeti NIXX1355
Dumi NIXX5100
Dummau NIXX1356
Dumna NIXX1357
Dumne NIXX9136
Dumne NIXX1358
Dumnga NIXX1359
Dumsum NIXX1360
Dumunu NIXX5101
Dumure NIXX9137
Dunamari NIXX9138
Dunburu NIXX9139
Dunchendi NIXX9140
Dundalan NIXX9141
Dundehi NIXX1361
Duneru NIXX5102
Dunge NIXX1362
Dungel NIXX5103
Dungi NIXX1363
Dungulbi NIXX5104
Dungusheri NIXX9142
Dungusuri NIXX9143
Duni NIXX0091
Dunkui NIXX5105
Dunkurmi NIXX5106
Dura NIXX6770
Duragu NIXX9144
Duram NIXX6771
Durawa NIXX5107
Durayabo NIXX6772
Durbe NIXX9145
Durbi NIXX5108
Dure NIXX9146
Dure Kure Kure NIXX9147
Durgumi NIXX5109
Duringwan NIXX1364
Durkwa NIXX9148
Durmi NIXX5110
Durum NIXX5111
Dusi NIXX5112
Dusu NIXX9150
Dusuman NIXX9151
Dusuwa NIXX9152
Dutsen Fulani NIXX5113
Dutsen Habe NIXX5114
Dutsen Kam NIXX5115
Dutsen Marra NIXX5116
Dutsin Ma NIXX0092
Dutuki NIXX1365
Duvi NIXX1366
Duvu NIXX1367
Duwa NIXX1368
Duwaktsir NIXX9153
Duwari NIXX5117
Duwe NIXX9154
Duwo NIXX5118
Dwaja NIXX5119
Dwnem NIXX6773
Dyegh NIXX6774
Dyemna NIXX1369
Dyerkyaa NIXX6775
Dyiar NIXX6776
Dyondun NIXX6777
Dyugh NIXX6778
Dyuu NIXX6779
Dzaktsila NIXX1370
Dzakwa NIXX1371
Dzapuwa NIXX9155
Dzarma NIXX1372
Dzer NIXX6780
Dziga NIXX1373
Dzuma NIXX1374
Dzuraku NIXX1375
Ebam Ukot NIXX3435
Ebana NIXX3436
Ebe Ikpe NIXX3437
Ebem NIXX0473
Ebem Obom NIXX3438
Ebenator NIXX4603
Eberi NIXX0474
Ebeyi NIXX0475
Ebibit NIXX3439
Ebighi Anwa NIXX3440
Ebighi Edu NIXX3441
Ebighi Eta NIXX3442
Ebo NIXX3443
Ebom NIXX3444
Ebughu NIXX3445
Ebute-Metta NIXX0093
Echenga NIXX4604
Edde NIXX0094
Ede Obom NIXX3446
Ede Urua NIXX3447
Edebom NIXX3448
Edebuk NIXX3449
Edem NIXX3450
Edem Ibiok NIXX3451
Edem Idim NIXX3452
Edem Urua NIXX3453
Edem-Idim NIXX3454
Edem-Nwosu NIXX3455
Edet Obo NIXX3456
Ediduo NIXX3457
Ediene NIXX3458
Ediene Esa NIXX3459
Ediko NIXX3460
Ediku NIXX6782
Editaha NIXX3461
Edor NIXX3462
Efa NIXX3463
Effen NIXX3464
Effi NIXX3465
Effon-Alaiye NIXX0095
Efiat NIXX3466
Efiat Ofot NIXX3467
Efoi NIXX3468
Efut Eso NIXX3469
Egbaduma NIXX6783
Egbagu NIXX4605
Egbella NIXX6784
Egbelu NIXX0476
Egbla NIXX6785
Egbu NIXX4606
Egga NIXX6786
Egueyin NIXX4607
Egwe NIXX6787
Egwe NIXX4608
Egwu NIXX0477
Egwungwu NIXX4609
Eha-Amufu NIXX0096
Ehere NIXX0478
Ejigbo NIXX0097
Eka Nung Ukim NIXX3470
Eka Uruk Esiet NIXX3471
Eke Aro NIXX0479
Ekebedi NIXX0480
Ekeffe NIXX3472
Ekeh NIXX6788
Ekenobizi NIXX0481
Eket NIXX3473
Ekeya NIXX3474
Ekim NIXX3475
Ekim Ebebit NIXX3476
Ekim Enen NIXX3477
Ekim Ito NIXX3478
Ekit-Itam NIXX3479
Ekoi NIXX3480
Ekoi-Ikot Nyoho NIXX3481
Ekoi-Ikot Udofe NIXX3482
Ekpara NIXX4610
Ekparakwa NIXX3483
Ekpe Obio NIXX3484
Ekpemiong NIXX3485
Ekpene NIXX3486
Ekpene Ebom NIXX3487
Ekpene Edi NIXX3488
Ekpene Ediene NIXX3489
Ekpene Ikpan NIXX3490
Ekpene Itu NIXX3491
Ekpene Obo NIXX3492
Ekpene Ukim NIXX3493
Ekpenyong Atai NIXX3494
Ekpenyong Ufum NIXX3495
Ekpiri NIXX0482
Ekpiri Nsukara NIXX3496
Ekpo-Etor NIXX3497
Eku NIXX6789
Ekwakwa NIXX6790
Ekwere Azu NIXX3498
Ekwulobia NIXX4611
Ekwulu-Atulu NIXX4612
Ekwuot-Edem-Edet NIXX3499
Ekwusigo NIXX4613
Elei NIXX3500
Elemaga NIXX0483
Eleoha NIXX0484
Elu NIXX0485
Eluama NIXX0486
Eluba NIXX6791
Elugwumba NIXX0487
Elugwunta NIXX0488
Eman NIXX3501
Eman Ikot-Ebo NIXX3502
Eman Uruan NIXX3503
Emezi NIXX0489
Emichi NIXX6792
Enagu NIXX9156
Enen Atai NIXX3504
Enen-Ito NIXX3505
Enger NIXX6793
Eniong NIXX3506
Enuek NIXX3507
Enugu NIXX0006
Enugu Umunze NIXX4614
Enugu-Agidi NIXX4615
Enugu-Ezike NIXX0099
Enugu-Otu NIXX4616
Enugu-Ukwu NIXX4617
Enwang NIXX3508
Enyebe NIXX6794
Epe NIXX0100
Epe NIXX6795
Erere NIXX9157
Ererefe NIXX3509
Eriam Ata Essien NIXX3511
Erieata NIXX4618
Eron NIXX6796
Eruna Lagbe NIXX4619
Eruwa NIXX0101
Esana NIXX3513
Esien NIXX3514
Esit Urua NIXX3515
Essien NIXX3516
Esu Obong NIXX3517
Esuk Atan Eki NIXX3518
Esuk Ediong NIXX3519
Esuk Enwang NIXX3520
Esuk Inwang NIXX3521
Esuk Ntete NIXX3522
Esuk Oron NIXX3523
Esukpai NIXX3524
Etak Ikpe NIXX3525
Etak Isip NIXX3526
Eteben NIXX3527
Etebi NIXX3528
Etebi Idung Ita NIXX3529
Etehentem NIXX3530
Eti NIXX0490
Etiam-Etoi NIXX3531
Etieke Ndung NIXX3532
Etinan NIXX3533
Etip Ediene NIXX3534
Etisang Ebughu NIXX3535
Etiti-Ulo NIXX0491
Etobodom NIXX3536
Etoi NIXX3537
Etok NIXX3538
Etok Nung Ukim NIXX3539
Etono NIXX3540
Etu-Iduot NIXX3541
Ewe NIXX0492
Eweme NIXX3542
Ewen-Ukwa NIXX0493
Ewendiulu NIXX0494
Ewet NIXX3543
Eyehedia NIXX3544
Eyo Abasi NIXX3545
Eyo Nku NIXX3546
Eyo Nsek NIXX3547
Eyo Sung NIXX3548
Eyobiasang NIXX3549
Eyop NIXX3550
Eyotong NIXX3551
Eyulor NIXX3552
Ezi Ala NIXX0495
Ezi Uku NIXX0496
Ezi-Amata NIXX0497
Eziafo NIXX0498
Eziagu NIXX4620
Eziama NIXX0499
Eziama NIXX3553
Eziama NIXX4621
Eziama Urata NIXX0500
Eziawa NIXX4622
Ezinifite NIXX4623
Ezinkeje NIXX4624
Eziora NIXX4625
Eziowelle NIXX4626
Ezira NIXX4627
Faasima NIXX6797
Fababoli NIXX1377
Fachi NIXX1378
Fadagwe NIXX9158
Fadagwe Fulani NIXX9159
Fadaman Reke NIXX1379
Fadili NIXX9160
Fafa NIXX5120
Fafaponja NIXX1380
Faga NIXX6798
Fagan Kawo NIXX0102
Fage NIXX9161
Faggo NIXX5121
Fagur NIXX9162
Fagurum NIXX5122
Faida Jinba NIXX9163
Fali NIXX5123
Falire NIXX1381
Faluwa NIXX1382
Famakwandi NIXX1383
Fanfan Bare Bari NIXX5124
Fanfan Fulani NIXX5125
Fanga NIXX5126
Fanja NIXX9164
Faran NIXX1384
Farei NIXX1385
Farijeri NIXX1386
Farindas NIXX9165
Fariram NIXX9166
Farkumo NIXX1387
Farkusa Muda NIXX1388
Farmanawan NIXX1389
Farta NIXX9167
Fartuena NIXX1390
Faseri NIXX1391
Fate Ilya NIXX6800
Fattude Matakam NIXX9168
Fefur NIXX5127
Feidi NIXX5128
Felmari NIXX9169
Felo NIXX9170
Femi NIXX1392
Ferahan NIXX1393
Fere Musara NIXX1394
Feren Lahi NIXX1395
Feren Manga NIXX1396
Ferhorma NIXX1397
Feromara NIXX1398
Feru NIXX5129
Feru Umaru NIXX1399
Feshingo NIXX1400
Feta NIXX6801
Fiater NIXX1401
Filingo NIXX1402
Filiya NIXX5130
Fimukwan NIXX1403
Firse NIXX5131
Firu Piru NIXX5132
Fogua NIXX9171
Foka NIXX1404
Fola NIXX6802
Foliwa NIXX9172
Fondil NIXX1405
Forlomi Chamba NIXX1406
Forum Gabti NIXX1407
Fotta NIXX1408
Four Towns NIXX3554
Foyum NIXX6803
Fuchi Mukhtari NIXX9173
Fue NIXX6804
Fufera Arna NIXX1409
Fufera-Fulani NIXX1410
Fufore NIXX1411
Fugu Dallari NIXX9174
Fugumari NIXX9175
Fuka NIXX0103
Fulatan NIXX5133
Fulatari NIXX9176
Fuma NIXX1412
Fuma NIXX9177
Fuma Bura NIXX9178
Funtua NIXX0104
Funyondu NIXX9179
Furda NIXX1413
Fureima NIXX1414
Furiya NIXX9180
Furo NIXX1415
Furram NIXX9181
Fwa NIXX1416
Fwahar NIXX1417
Gaadi NIXX6805
Gaaji NIXX6806
Gaawi NIXX1419
Gab NIXX1420
Gabadisa NIXX1421
Gabai NIXX5134
Gabanga NIXX5135
Gabarin NIXX5136
Gabati NIXX5137
Gabchari NIXX9182
Gabchari NIXX5138
Gabeiyari NIXX5139
Gabi NIXX5140
Gabu NIXX9183
Gabulga NIXX9184
Gabun NIXX1422
Gaburgo NIXX5141
Gada NIXX0105
Gada Biyu NIXX5142
Gada Feli NIXX1423
Gada Lainde NIXX1424
Gada Ndiyam NIXX1425
Gadagum NIXX5143
Gadan Dan Fulani NIXX5144
Gadan Kaka NIXX1426
Gadau NIXX5145
Gadawarka NIXX1427
Gadayi NIXX9185
Gaddamayo NIXX1428
Gadia NIXX5146
Gadiga NIXX1429
Gadina NIXX9186
Gadizhi NIXX1430
Gadna NIXX0106
Gadu NIXX9187
Gagalun NIXX5147
Gaganan NIXX9188
Gagelam NIXX9189
Gagta NIXX1431
Gagudura NIXX5148
Gahri NIXX1432
Gahri Hamman NIXX1433
Gaidam NIXX9190
Gaidam NIXX1434
Gaina NIXX5149
Gaina Fulani NIXX5150
Gajale NIXX0107
Gaje NIXX1435
Gajere NIXX1436
Gaji NIXX5151
Gaji Gamo NIXX5152
Gajibo NIXX9191
Gajigala NIXX5153
Gajiram NIXX0108
Gajo NIXX1437
Gala Kura NIXX9192
Galabije NIXX1438
Galadao NIXX5154
Galadi NIXX0109
Galadima NIXX1439
Galagam NIXX5155
Galanduwa NIXX9193
Galbamori NIXX5156
Galda NIXX5157
Galdekore NIXX9194
Gale NIXX5158
Galengi NIXX9195
Gali NIXX5159
Galmaska NIXX9196
Galrole NIXX1440
Galtaru NIXX9197
Galu NIXX9198
Galumje NIXX6807
Gamadadi NIXX5160
Gamadaji NIXX5161
Gamadio NIXX1441
Gamage NIXX9199
Gamari NIXX5162
Gamasura NIXX5163
Gamawa NIXX5164
Gambaki NIXX5165
Gambara NIXX5166
Gambaru NIXX9200
Gamboro NIXX9201
Gamji NIXX5167
Gamu NIXX1442
Gamuyen NIXX1443
Gana NIXX5168
Ganda NIXX6808
Gandaguru NIXX9202
Gandaji NIXX1444
Gando NIXX6809
Gandu NIXX5169
Gandu NIXX6810
Ganduha NIXX5170
Gandum NIXX5171
Ganegi NIXX0110
Gang Gemeni NIXX1445
Gang Larani NIXX1446
Gang Pokani NIXX1447
Ganga NIXX9203
Ganga NIXX0111
Ganga Tilo NIXX9204
Gangaba NIXX1448
Gangai NIXX5172
Gangalada NIXX1449
Gangalawai NIXX5173
Gangameni NIXX1450
Gangami NIXX1451
Gangar NIXX1452
Gangara NIXX0112
Gangaran NIXX1453
Gangbugeni NIXX1454
Gangfada NIXX1455
Gangisi NIXX1456
Gangjamare NIXX1457
Gangjari NIXX1458
Gangjomen NIXX1459
Gangjubi NIXX1460
Gangkiri NIXX1461
Gangkobeni NIXX1462
Gangkogoni NIXX1463
Ganglamja NIXX1464
Ganglare NIXX1465
Gangmaaji NIXX1466
Gangmuyen NIXX1467
Gangnai NIXX1468
Gangni NIXX1469
Gangreni NIXX1470
Gangsaka NIXX1471
Gangsenje NIXX1472
Gangseren NIXX1473
Gangshani NIXX1474
Gangtan NIXX1475
Gangtari NIXX1476
Gangtimani NIXX1477
Gangtoma NIXX1478
Gangtuben NIXX1479
Gangwa NIXX1480
Gangwaso NIXX1481
Gangwaso Daudu NIXX1482
Gangweren NIXX1483
Gangwoni NIXX1484
Gangwoso NIXX1485
Gangyaki Chamba NIXX1486
Gangyaki Fulani NIXX1487
Gangyeren NIXX1488
Gangyeri NIXX1489
Gangzonen NIXX1490
Gangzuken NIXX1491
Ganhurum NIXX1492
Ganjara NIXX1493
Ganji NIXX5174
Ganji NIXX1494
Ganjikta NIXX1495
Ganjin NIXX1496
Ganjiwo NIXX5175
Ganjuwa NIXX5176
Ganseyi NIXX5177
Ganshaffa NIXX9206
Ganti NIXX1497
Gantsa NIXX5178
Ganua NIXX0113
Ganye NIXX1498
Gar NIXX9207
Gar NIXX5179
Gara Bulla NIXX9208
Garahaki NIXX1499
Garamari NIXX5180
Garambal NIXX9209
Garare Zum NIXX1500
Gardawaji NIXX9210
Gardemna NIXX1501
Gardiri NIXX9211
Garema-Maleri NIXX9212
Garfatu NIXX5181
Garfite NIXX1502
Garga NIXX1503
Garga Baba NIXX1504
Gargash NIXX9213
Gargawa NIXX5182
Garha NIXX1505
Gari NIXX9214
Gari NIXX1506
Gari Abo NIXX9215
Garin Aba NIXX5183
Garin Ada NIXX5184
Garin Bajingi NIXX5185
Garin Bazongo NIXX5186
Garin Bemi NIXX5187
Garin Buba Kuppe NIXX5188
Garin Daheru NIXX5189
Garin Gwagsa NIXX9216
Garin Lambata NIXX1507
Garin Mairakuni NIXX1508
Garin Yolo NIXX5194
Garin Zaka NIXX5195
Garjam NIXX9217
Garji NIXX9218
Garka NIXX5196
Garki NIXX0114
Garkida NIXX1509
Garko NIXX0115
Garmanda NIXX1510
Garno NIXX9219
Garnua NIXX5197
Garoza NIXX5198
Garsungu NIXX9220
Garta NIXX1511
Garta Sama NIXX1512
Gartsana NIXX1513
Gartu Buna NIXX9221
Garu NIXX1514
Garu NIXX9222
Garubani Babba NIXX1515
Garubani Karemi NIXX1516
Garubula NIXX9223
Garuburgu NIXX9224
Garuhiza NIXX9225
Garumbu NIXX1517
Garunda NIXX9226
Garundana NIXX9227
Garupti NIXX9228
Garuwa NIXX6811
Garwa NIXX1518
Garwa Babba NIXX1519
Garwada NIXX9229
Garwura NIXX1520
Gasa Noppi NIXX1521
Gasavalam NIXX1522
Gashagar NIXX0116
Gashaka NIXX1523
Gashala Mbanga NIXX1524
Gashala-Mamuda NIXX1525
Gashifa NIXX1526
Gashiga NIXX1527
Gashina NIXX9230
Gashinge NIXX5199
Gashiri NIXX5200
Gashiya NIXX1528
Gasi NIXX9231
Gaska NIXX9232
Gaske NIXX9233
Gasna NIXX5201
Gatafo NIXX9234
Gatataro NIXX5202
Gatiro NIXX1529
Gau NIXX5203
Gau Kura NIXX9238
Gaulire NIXX1530
Gauza NIXX9239
Gaval NIXX6812
Gawa NIXX9240
Gawani NIXX5204
Gawon NIXX1531
Gawule NIXX9241
Gaya NIXX0117
Gayawa NIXX5205
Gayo Gana NIXX9242
Gayo Kura NIXX9243
Gayril NIXX5206
Gaza NIXX9244
Gazabure NIXX9245
Gazal NIXX9246
Gazama Buri NIXX9247
Gba NIXX6813
Gbabe NIXX6814
Gbabi NIXX6815
Gbachike NIXX6816
Gbachiki NIXX6817
Gbadama NIXX6818
Gbafan NIXX6819
Gbagba NIXX6820
Gbagil NIXX6821
Gbagusha NIXX6822
Gbajili NIXX1532
Gbajimba NIXX6823
Gbajimba Branch NIXX6824
Gbajor NIXX6825
Gbaka NIXX6826
Gbakaan NIXX6827
Gbakpee NIXX6828
Gbaku NIXX6829
Gbakure NIXX6830
Gbande NIXX6831
Gbangi NIXX6832
Gbankyao NIXX6833
Gbanu NIXX6834
Gbanwuan NIXX6835
Gbasan NIXX6836
Gbasha NIXX6837
Gbashima NIXX6838
Gbautsu NIXX6839
Gbawuan NIXX6840
Gbayam NIXX6841
Gbeagh NIXX6843
Gbebonge NIXX1533
Gbeda NIXX6844
Gbeehe NIXX6845
Gbelvieghel NIXX6846
Gbem NIXX6847
Gben NIXX6848
Gbengel NIXX9248
Gbide NIXX6849
Gbidi NIXX6850
Gbiin NIXX6851
Gbiliya NIXX1534
Gbinde NIXX6852
Gbise NIXX6853
Gbo NIXX6854
Gbodi NIXX6855
Gboko NIXX6856
Gbol NIXX6857
Gbondo NIXX6858
Gbongala NIXX1535
Gbongan NIXX0118
Gbonko NIXX6859
Gbor NIXX6860
Gbudu NIXX6861
Gbughur NIXX6862
Gbuka NIXX6863
Gbum NIXX6864
Gbungy NIXX6865
Gbunu NIXX6866
Gburuku NIXX6867
Gbushum NIXX6868
Gbuusu NIXX6869
Gbuwe NIXX6870
Gbyudu NIXX6871
Gebe NIXX6872
Gede NIXX6873
Gedeba NIXX9249
Gedkwara NIXX1536
Geduwa NIXX5207
Gege NIXX6874
Gegeme NIXX9250
Geidam NIXX0119
Geidam NIXX9251
Geji NIXX5208
Gelaza NIXX6875
Gele Tyokya NIXX6876
Geleng NIXX1537
Gella NIXX1538
Gellar NIXX5209
Gelode NIXX1539
Geltomu NIXX9252
Geltur NIXX9253
Gembeusi NIXX1540
Gemendi NIXX1541
Gende Kila NIXX1542
Gengan NIXX1543
Genya NIXX9254
Ger NIXX6877
Geraba NIXX9255
Geren Madaki NIXX5210
Geren Sama NIXX5211
Gereng NIXX1544
Gerengi NIXX1545
Gerete NIXX1546
Gergbakai NIXX1547
Geri NIXX6878
Gerje NIXX9256
Gerla NIXX5212
Gerla Najarowa NIXX5213
Germa NIXX1548
Gesa NIXX6879
Gesada NIXX9257
Gesosawa NIXX9258
Gevel NIXX6880
Gever NIXX6881
Geza NIXX0120
Gezawa NIXX0121
Gezeriya NIXX9259
Ghena NIXX6882
Ghohta NIXX1549
Ghung NIXX9260
Giade NIXX5214
Gicho NIXX6883
Gida NIXX6884
Gidam NIXX9261
Gidan Bahagu NIXX0122
Gidan Bani NIXX5215
Gidan Danlaji NIXX5216
Gidan Giwa NIXX5218
Gidan Gwano NIXX5219
Gidan Koshi NIXX1550
Gidan Makera NIXX0123
Gidan Mutuwa NIXX1551
Gidanjo NIXX5222
Gidel NIXX1552
Gidenari NIXX5223
Gidi NIXX5224
Gidila NIXX1553
Giere NIXX1554
Gigi NIXX6885
Gigyara NIXX5225
Gilamshemu NIXX9262
Gildanbara NIXX1555
Gile NIXX6886
Gilego NIXX9263
Gilgil NIXX9264
Gilik NIXX5226
Gilkobi NIXX5227
Gilliri NIXX5228
Gilma NIXX1556
Gimi NIXX0124
Gimie NIXX9265
Gimsum NIXX5229
Gindi NIXX9266
Gindin Dutse NIXX1557
Gindyen NIXX6887
Ginje NIXX5230
Gira NIXX1558
Giragira NIXX1559
Girasa NIXX9267
Gire NIXX1560
Girei NIXX1561
Girei Petel NIXX1562
Giresari NIXX9268
Girgi NIXX1563
Girgili NIXX1564
Girgirnari NIXX9269
Giri NIXX9270
Girigilan NIXX1565
Girim NIXX9271
Girim NIXX6888
Girimburum NIXX1566
Girli NIXX9272
Giro NIXX0125
Girsili NIXX5231
Girtiba NIXX5232
Gital NIXX5233
Givun NIXX1567
Givwa NIXX9273
Giwa Digir NIXX9274
Giwa Higi NIXX9275
Giwano NIXX1568
Giware Buba NIXX1569
Giwasalak NIXX1570
Giwasir NIXX1571
Giwere II NIXX9276
Giwi NIXX9277
Giza NIXX9278
Gizie NIXX9279
Gizige NIXX9280
Glatsi NIXX1572
Glinya NIXX6889
Gnu NIXX6890
Go NIXX6891
Goayange NIXX6892
Gobariri NIXX5234
Gobiyan Kasuwa NIXX5235
Gobo NIXX9281
Gochi NIXX6893
Godamayo Sigire NIXX1573
Godawal NIXX5236
Godogum NIXX1574
Goduwo NIXX1575
Gofa NIXX9282
Gogo NIXX6894
Gogobirni NIXX9283
Gogra NIXX1576
Gohi NIXX9284
Gohum NIXX1577
Goiofa NIXX9285
Goji NIXX5237
Gojikye NIXX9286
Gokaka NIXX5238
Gokra NIXX1578
Gokwa NIXX9287
Golakochi NIXX1579
Goloji NIXX1580
Gololo NIXX5239
Golum NIXX1581
Gom NIXX6895
Gombaram NIXX9288
Gombe NIXX9289
Gombe Aba NIXX5240
Gombele Miskira NIXX9290
Gombele Nassarau NIXX9291
Gombewa NIXX9292
Gombi NIXX9293
Gombo Garguwa NIXX9294
Gombole NIXX9295
Gombori NIXX9296
Gomoti NIXX1582
Gonadadi NIXX5241
Gonda NIXX9297
Gondeyiya NIXX1583
Gondi NIXX9298
Gondo-Abe NIXX6896
Gondong NIXX1584
Gondong Lala NIXX1585
Gonga NIXX9299
Gongo NIXX5242
Gongolon NIXX9300
Gongon NIXX9301
Gongon Fulani NIXX9302
Gongoshi Dalehi NIXX1586
Gongoshi Ibarre NIXX1587
Gongoshi Ndikong NIXX1588
Goni Kurmi NIXX9303
Goniri NIXX9304
Gonuri NIXX9305
Goon NIXX6897
Gopongalang NIXX1589
Gor NIXX6898
Gora NIXX9306
Goram Boto NIXX5243
Gorawa NIXX9307
Gorege NIXX9308
Gori Limankare NIXX9309
Gorigi NIXX9310
Gorigiri NIXX9311
Gorio NIXX5244
Gormado NIXX9312
Gorogayi NIXX9313
Goronkawo NIXX5245
Gorra NIXX1590
Gorumba NIXX9314
Goshala Kufam NIXX1591
Gosnge NIXX9315
Gosoma NIXX9316
Gotala NIXX9317
Gougoudje NIXX1592
Gova NIXX1593
Gowahona NIXX1594
Gowo NIXX5246
Gowo NIXX9318
Gozal Ful NIXX9319
Gra NIXX1595
Grema Abduri NIXX9320
Gremari NIXX9321
Grudana NIXX1597
Gu NIXX6899
Gu NIXX1598
Gu-Cika NIXX1599
Gubam NIXX9322
Gubda NIXX5247
Guberundi NIXX9323
Gubi NIXX5248
Gubio NIXX9324
Gubogumma NIXX9325
Gubula NIXX1600
Guburdi NIXX9326
Guda NIXX5249
Gudaba NIXX1601
Gudawi NIXX1602
Gude NIXX1603
Gudobto NIXX9327
Gudu NIXX1604
Gudu NIXX6900
Gudumbali NIXX9329
Gudumiya NIXX1605
Gudure NIXX1606
Gudusu NIXX1607
Gufka NIXX9330
Guga NIXX0126
Gugu NIXX1608
Gugub NIXX9331
Gugulu NIXX1609
Guin NIXX5250
Gujela NIXX1610
Gujeri NIXX9332
Gujibabu NIXX1611
Gujjangol NIXX9333
Gukaru NIXX5251
Gula NIXX9334
Gulabinda NIXX9335
Gulak NIXX1612
Gulan Bubu NIXX9336
Gulduba NIXX9337
Guldungurun NIXX1613
Guliyang NIXX1614
Gulmari NIXX5252
Gulu NIXX0127
Gulumba Gana NIXX9338
Gum NIXX6901
Guma Fina NIXX9339
Gumai NIXX5253
Gumale NIXX5254
Gumamai NIXX5255
Gumari NIXX1615
Gumau NIXX5256
Gumau Pelu NIXX5257
Gume NIXX9340
Gumel NIXX0128
Gumna NIXX9341
Gumo NIXX1616
Gumsa NIXX0129
Gumsuri NIXX9342
Gumula NIXX6902
Gunbir NIXX9343
Gunburuku NIXX9344
Gunda NIXX5259
Gundu NIXX9345
Gundu NIXX6903
Gunduri NIXX5260
Gungun NIXX6904
Gungura NIXX5261
Gunjuku NIXX1617
Gunta NIXX5262
Gur NIXX6905
Gur Garubula NIXX9346
Gur Lawan NIXX9347
Gura NIXX9348
Guraka NIXX5263
Gurara NIXX5264
Gurbutu NIXX5265
Gurda NIXX5266
Gurdu NIXX5267
Gurfa NIXX5268
Gurgur NIXX9349
Guri NIXX1618
Guri Nati NIXX1619
Guriki NIXX1620
Gurin NIXX1621
Gurka NIXX5269
Gurnuva NIXX1622
Guru NIXX5270
Gurudindin NIXX9350
Guruja NIXX1623
Gurum NIXX1624
Gurum NIXX9351
Gurumpawa NIXX1625
Gurumpawo NIXX1626
Gurungu NIXX5271
Gurzhin NIXX1627
Gurzum NIXX5272
Gusabo NIXX6906
Gusi NIXX9352
Gusti NIXX5273
Gusu NIXX5274
Guva NIXX9353
Guva Yashi NIXX1628
Guwal NIXX9354
Guyaku NIXX1629
Guzugum NIXX9355
Guzum Maha NIXX1630
Gwa NIXX6907
Gwaba NIXX1631
Gwabela NIXX1632
Gwache NIXX6908
Gwadadi NIXX0130
Gwadagum NIXX5275
Gwadaram NIXX9356
Gwaddabi NIXX5276
Gwadubi NIXX1633
Gwadzam NIXX9357
Gwagarab NIXX1634
Gwagwada NIXX0131
Gwagwamdi NIXX9358
Gwaigomari NIXX9359
Gwajina NIXX1635
Gwalaga NIXX9360
Gwalam NIXX9361
Gwalama NIXX1636
Gwalasho NIXX1637
Gwalata NIXX1638
Gwalgafuran NIXX5277
Gwambula NIXX1639
Gwanara NIXX0132
Gwandum NIXX5278
Gwange NIXX1640
Gwar-Ikan NIXX6909
Gwaram NIXX1641
Gwaram NIXX9362
Gwaram NIXX5279
Gwaranduwi NIXX5280
Gwardena NIXX1642
Gwargube NIXX9363
Gwaro NIXX1643
Gwarzo NIXX0007
Gwaskara NIXX9364
Gwaski NIXX9365
Gwataa NIXX6910
Gwatim NIXX6911
Gwaya NIXX5281
Gwaza NIXX6912
Gwazahar NIXX9366
Gwe NIXX6913
Gwembe NIXX1644
Gwepegwere NIXX1645
Gwere NIXX5282
Gwergwer NIXX6914
Gwodel NIXX5283
Gwoi Gana NIXX9367
Gwolasu NIXX1646
Gwole NIXX5284
Gwom NIXX5285
Gwonari NIXX9368
Gwori NIXX9369
Gwoza NIXX9370
Gwu NIXX6915
Gwungal NIXX5286
Gya NIXX6916
Gyaa NIXX6917
Gyakpo NIXX6918
Gyanga NIXX6919
Gyaro NIXX6920
Gyawan NIXX1647
Gye Gwe Adinya NIXX6921
Gyel NIXX6922
Gyele NIXX6923
Gyete NIXX6924
Gyewudin NIXX1648
Gyido NIXX6925
Gyomakugwe NIXX9371
Gyomuyi NIXX9372
Gyungu NIXX6926
Gyura NIXX6927
Gyushage NIXX6928
Haa NIXX6929
Haan NIXX6930
Haangon NIXX6931
Haanongun NIXX6932
Hadaku NIXX1649
Haduza NIXX9373
Haejeldi NIXX5287
Haha NIXX6933
Haimu NIXX6934
Hal NIXX6935
Haldun NIXX9374
Hamalare NIXX1650
Hamatairu NIXX1651
Hamatukur NIXX1652
Hamba NIXX6936
Hambe NIXX6937
Hamdalla NIXX1653
Hamdullahi NIXX0134
Hamiya NIXX1654
Hamma Aji NIXX1655
Hamma Lamu NIXX1656
Hamma Sayo NIXX5288
Hammajoda NIXX1657
Hamna NIXX9376
Hamrari NIXX9377
Handa NIXX1658
Hanfarta NIXX1659
Hange NIXX6938
Hangen NIXX6939
Hansohita NIXX1660
Haran-Ali NIXX9378
Haran-Wakilmadu NIXX9379
Hardawa NIXX5289
Hardo Bubu NIXX5290
Haruna NIXX6940
Hasga NIXX1661
Hashidu NIXX5291
Hashidu Fulani NIXX9380
Hashmeri NIXX5292
Hassanari NIXX9381
Hatta NIXX1662
Hausawa NIXX5293
Hausawa NIXX6941
Haw NIXX9382
Hawe NIXX6942
Hawu NIXX1663
Hawyagh NIXX6943
Heenga NIXX6944
Heentso NIXX6945
Hege NIXX6946
Heghel NIXX6947
Hembaer NIXX6948
Hembaor NIXX6949
Hembatsau Anyol NIXX6950
Hembavor NIXX6951
Hembe NIXX6952
Hena NIXX9383
Henee NIXX6953
Hentira NIXX1664
Hiembe NIXX6954
Hiikyaa NIXX6955
Hiinan NIXX6956
Hikyaa NIXX6957
Hildi NIXX1665
Hiltalbeher NIXX9384
Him NIXX6958
Himabu NIXX1666
Hinaja NIXX1667
Hindan NIXX6959
Hingel NIXX6960
Hingh NIXX6961
Hingir NIXX6962
Hinin NIXX6963
Hinyam NIXX6964
Hiogu NIXX6965
Hiru NIXX1668
Hiru NIXX9385
Hiwa NIXX9386
Hizshi NIXX9387
Hizshi Bura NIXX9388
Hmange NIXX6966
Hobatuda NIXX1669
Hoiyo NIXX9389
Hoki NIXX1670
Holma NIXX1671
Holmare NIXX1672
Homba NIXX1673
Hombo NIXX1674
Homla NIXX1675
Homun NIXX6967
Hong NIXX1676
Hong NIXX9390
Hontunda NIXX1677
Horagdi NIXX9391
Hore Yunwa NIXX1678
Horeyuware NIXX1679
Horfere NIXX1680
Horgo NIXX1681
Horma NIXX1682
Horokumbuta NIXX1683
Horuva NIXX9392
Hossere Daneje NIXX1684
Huaka NIXX6968
Huba NIXX9393
Hubateda NIXX1685
Hubbare NIXX1686
Huddu NIXX1687
Hudu NIXX1688
Hughum NIXX6969
Huitayankwar NIXX9394
Huji Abdullahi NIXX1689
Hul NIXX6970
Hulabara NIXX1690
Hule NIXX6971
Hulsama NIXX1692
Hulugh NIXX6972
Hulwai Paleha NIXX1693
Huma NIXX6973
Huma-Igbe NIXX6974
Humbutidi NIXX1694
Humla NIXX1695
Humshi NIXX1696
Humusu NIXX9395
Huna NIXX6975
Hundu NIXX6976
Hungara NIXX1697
Hungo NIXX6977
Hunji NIXX1698
Hunkwara NIXX1699
Hunoun NIXX6978
Hurda NIXX1700
Huria NIXX9396
Hurina NIXX1701
Hurkwene NIXX1702
Hurriya NIXX9397
Huruhwana NIXX1703
Hurumurata NIXX1704
Hurunda NIXX1705
Huruwukta NIXX1706
Husa NIXX1707
Husania NIXX9398
Hushibura NIXX1708
Hutenbaya NIXX9399
Hutu NIXX1709
Huyum NIXX9400
Hwakar NIXX6979
Hwobda NIXX1710
Hwykar NIXX6980
Hyama NIXX9401
Hyawa NIXX9402
Hyera NIXX9403
Hyohemba NIXX6981
Hyom NIXX6982
Hyongu NIXX6983
Hyoo NIXX6984
Iamegh NIXX6985
Iana NIXX6986
Ianna NIXX6987
Iarfa NIXX6988
Iarpahar NIXX6989
Iartyange NIXX6990
Iasegh NIXX6991
Iba-Oku NIXX3555
Ibadan NIXX0008
Ibadan NIXX9404
Ibaji NIXX6992
Ibaka NIXX3556
Ibakachi NIXX3557
Ibakesi NIXX3558
Ibam NIXX3559
Ibam-Edet NIXX3560
Ibaribara NIXX3561
Ibarre NIXX1711
Ibawo NIXX5294
Ibe NIXX3562
Ibedu NIXX3563
Iber NIXX6993
Iberenta NIXX0501
Ibesikpo NIXX3565
Ibesit NIXX3566
Ibi NIXX1712
Ibi NIXX4628
Ibiabong Eki NIXX3567
Ibiakpan NIXX3568
Ibiaku NIXX3569
Ibiaku Esa Ekpo NIXX3570
Ibiaku Ikot Edet NIXX3571
Ibiaku Ikot Oku NIXX3573
Ibiaku Ishiet NIXX3575
Ibiaku Ntok Okpo NIXX3576
Ibiaku Offot NIXX3577
Ibiaku Oku Obom NIXX3578
Ibiaku-Uran NIXX3580
Ibianang NIXX3581
Ibiatuk NIXX3582
Ibibia NIXX3583
Ibie NIXX3584
Ibila NIXX6994
Ibina NIXX0502
Ibinabam NIXX3585
Ibini NIXX3586
Ibinta NIXX4629
Ibiono NIXX3588
Ibiono Ewura NIXX3589
Ibionu NIXX0503
Ibodo NIXX6995
Iboho Ito NIXX3590
Iboho-Ito NIXX3591
Ibok Ndiya NIXX3592
Iboko Offot NIXX3593
Ibokye NIXX4630
Ibom NIXX0504
Ibom NIXX3594
Ibong NIXX3595
Ibong Ikot Akan NIXX3596
Ibong Okpo-Etor NIXX3598
Ibong Uruk NIXX3599
Ibono-Usuk NIXX0505
Ibor NIXX6996
Iboro NIXX0136
Ibot NIXX3600
Ibotio NIXX3601
Iboun NIXX6997
Ibughubu NIXX4631
Ibuno NIXX3602
Ibuot Ikot NIXX3603
Ibuot Utan NIXX3604
Ibyanke NIXX6998
Icheabu NIXX6999
Icheadu NIXX7000
Icheangma NIXX7001
Ichebembe NIXX7002
Ichegbe NIXX7003
Ichenatswa NIXX7004
Icheomazwa NIXX7005
Icheri NIXX7006
Ichetogo NIXX7007
Ichetor NIXX7008
Icheukule NIXX7009
Ichi NIXX0506
Ichida NIXX4632
Ichoji NIXX7010
Ichuda NIXX4633
Ida NIXX0137
Idabi NIXX7011
Ide NIXX3605
Ide-Ani NIXX4634
Idelele NIXX7012
Idem Udo NIXX3606
Idema NIXX7013
Idere NIXX3607
Ididep Usuk NIXX3608
Idifa NIXX3609
Idim Iken NIXX3610
Idim Ndom NIXX3611
Idima NIXX3612
Idiom NIXX7014
Idiren NIXX3613
Idiri NIXX7015
Idiya NIXX0138
Idobe NIXX7016
Idon NIXX0139
Idoro NIXX3614
Idu NIXX3615
Idua NIXX3616
Idua Asan NIXX3617
Idun Itu NIXX3618
Idung Esimuk NIXX3619
Idung Imo NIXX3620
Idung Ntuk Uma NIXX3621
Idungnyama NIXX3622
Idyu NIXX7017
Ierkpen NIXX7018
Ifa NIXX0507
Ifa Ikot Okan NIXX3623
Ifa Okon NIXX3624
Ifande NIXX7019
Ife NIXX0140
Iffe NIXX3625
Ifiayong NIXX3626
Ifiayong Obot NIXX3627
Ifite NIXX4635
Ifite-Awka NIXX4636
Ifite-Ukpo NIXX4637
Ifuho NIXX3628
Ifute NIXX4638
Iga NIXX7020
Iga Okpaya NIXX7021
Igabi NIXX0141
Igam NIXX7022
Igamha NIXX7023
Igana NIXX0142
Iganden NIXX7024
Igangan NIXX0143
Igani NIXX3629
Igba NIXX7025
Igbaha NIXX7026
Igbahee NIXX7027
Igbaja NIXX0144
Igbaku NIXX4639
Igbalagh NIXX7028
Igbam NIXX7029
Igbanjor NIXX7030
Igbara-Odo NIXX0145
Igbariam NIXX4640
Igbasugh NIXX7031
Igbaze NIXX7032
Igbe NIXX7033
Igbegi NIXX7034
Igbeji NIXX7035
Igbessa NIXX0146
Igbetar NIXX7036
Igbiankyar NIXX7037
Igbo Ora NIXX0147
Igbo-Ukwu NIXX4641
Igbor NIXX7038
Igbor Ture NIXX7039
Igbotako NIXX0148
Igbyan NIXX7040
Ighama NIXX7041
Ighute NIXX7042
Igo NIXX7043
Igoogh NIXX7044
Iguche NIXX7045
Igumale NIXX0149
Igura NIXX7046
Igwe NIXX7047
Ihalav NIXX7048
Ihange NIXX7049
Ihanme NIXX7050
Ihemba NIXX7051
Ihembe NIXX7052
Ihembosi NIXX4642
Ihenta NIXX0508
Iheorji NIXX0509
Ihiala NIXX0150
Ihie NIXX0510
Ihie-Ndume NIXX0511
Ihim NIXX0512
Ihite Owerri NIXX4643
Ihite-Ihiala NIXX4644
Ihite-Nansa NIXX4645
Ihiuna NIXX7053
Ihom NIXX7054
Ihongu NIXX7055
Ihor NIXX7056
Ihua NIXX7057
Ihugh NIXX7058
Ihuma NIXX7059
Ihura NIXX7060
Ihyev NIXX7061
Ihyungwa NIXX7062
Ijaha NIXX7063
Ijaho NIXX7064
Ijami NIXX7065
Ije NIXX7066
Ijebu-Ode NIXX0151
Ijegbe NIXX7067
Ijegu NIXX7068
Ijer NIXX7069
Ijero NIXX0152
Ijil NIXX7070
Ijo NIXX7071
Ijoho NIXX7072
Ijom NIXX3630
Ika Oku NIXX3631
Ikabo NIXX3632
Ikache NIXX7073
Ikahe NIXX7074
Ikahi NIXX7075
Ikan Ntuen NIXX3633
Ikana NIXX7076
Ikang NIXX0153
Ikara NIXX0154
Ikba NIXX7077
Ike NIXX7078
Ikem NIXX0513
Ikenga-Nando NIXX4646
Ikenga-Ogidi NIXX4647
Ikenga-Umuleri NIXX4648
Ikimaka NIXX7079
Ikire NIXX0155
Ikirun NIXX0156
Iko Eket NIXX3634
Ikobi NIXX7080
Ikoku NIXX7081
Ikom NIXX0157
Ikom Odom NIXX3635
Ikon I NIXX3636
Ikono NIXX3637
Ikor NIXX7082
Ikora-Ika NIXX0514
Ikorkpen Kumbar NIXX7083
Ikorodu NIXX0158
Ikosi NIXX0159
Ikot NIXX3638
Ikot Aba NIXX3639
Ikot Aba Ekim NIXX3640
Ikot Abasi NIXX3641
Ikot Abasi Akpan NIXX3642
Ikot Abasi Eyop NIXX3643
Ikot Abassi NIXX3644
Ikot Abia NIXX3645
Ikot Abia Enin NIXX3646
Ikot Abiat NIXX3647
Ikot Abiyak NIXX3648
Ikot Abuk NIXX3649
Ikot Ada Idem NIXX3650
Ikot Ada Nkere NIXX3651
Ikot Ada Udo NIXX3652
Ikot Ada Utor NIXX3653
Ikot Adakpan NIXX3654
Ikot Adiaha NIXX3655
Ikot Afaha NIXX3656
Ikot Afanga NIXX3657
Ikot Aka NIXX3658
Ikot Aka Nkop NIXX3659
Ikot Aka-Iko NIXX3660
Ikot Akam NIXX3661
Ikot Akama NIXX3662
Ikot Akan NIXX3663
Ikot Akata NIXX3664
Ikot Akpa Ayara NIXX3665
Ikot Akpa Edet NIXX3666
Ikot Akpa Edok NIXX3667
Ikot Akpa Edu NIXX3668
Ikot Akpa Ekan NIXX3669
Ikot Akpa Ekpuk NIXX3670
Ikot Akpa Etek NIXX3671
Ikot Akpa Etok NIXX3672
Ikot Akpa Udua NIXX3673
Ikot Akpa-Isiak NIXX3674
Ikot Akpa-Iyara NIXX3675
Ikot Akpabin NIXX3676
Ikot Akpabio NIXX3677
Ikot Akpaden NIXX3678
Ikot Akpaidem NIXX3680
Ikot Akpan NIXX3681
Ikot Akpan Abia NIXX3682
Ikot Akpan Idem NIXX3687
Ikot Akpan Idian NIXX3688
Ikot Akpan Ika NIXX3689
Ikot Akpan Ikpo NIXX3690
Ikot Akpan Isiet NIXX3691
Ikot Akpan Nkpe NIXX3692
Ikot Akpan Nsek NIXX3693
Ikot Akpan Nta NIXX3694
Ikot Akpan Obong NIXX3695
Ikot Akpan Udo NIXX3697
Ikot Akpan Ukam NIXX3698
Ikot Akpanata NIXX3699
Ikot Akpanya NIXX3700
Ikot Akpaso NIXX3701
Ikot Akpe NIXX3702
Ikot Ama NIXX3703
Ikot Ana NIXX3704
Ikot Anang NIXX3705
Ikot Andem NIXX3706
Ikot Andem Iddep NIXX3707
Ikot Andem Itam NIXX3708
Ikot Andudot NIXX3709
Ikot Anim Inyang NIXX3710
Ikot Ankan NIXX3711
Ikot Ankang NIXX3712
Ikot Ante NIXX3713
Ikot Antia NIXX3714
Ikot Antia Ika NIXX3715
Ikot Anyang NIXX3716
Ikot Anyankara NIXX3717
Ikot Apabio NIXX3718
Ikot Ata Osung NIXX3719
Ikot Ata Udo NIXX3720
Ikot Atok NIXX3721
Ikot Atono NIXX3722
Ikot Ator Iwuo NIXX3723
Ikot Awak NIXX3724
Ikot Awure NIXX3725
Ikot Ayan NIXX3726
Ikot Ayan Ndiya NIXX3727
Ikot Eba NIXX3728
Ikot Ebak NIXX3729
Ikot Ebe Ekpo NIXX3730
Ikot Ebidang NIXX3731
Ikot Ebiere NIXX3732
Ikot Ebit Ekpe NIXX3733
Ikot Ebiyan NIXX3734
Ikot Ebo NIXX3735
Ikot Ebok NIXX3736
Ikot Ebom NIXX3737
Ikot Eboro NIXX3738
Ikot Eda NIXX3739
Ikot Edebo NIXX3740
Ikot Edeghe NIXX3741
Ikot Edem Udo NIXX3742
Ikot Edet NIXX3743
Ikot Ediet NIXX3744
Ikot Edikpe NIXX3745
Ikot Edim NIXX3746
Ikot Edo NIXX3747
Ikot Edok NIXX3748
Ikot Edor NIXX3749
Ikot Edun NIXX3750
Ikot Edung NIXX3751
Ikot Efa NIXX3752
Ikot Efa Beach NIXX3753
Ikot Efe NIXX3754
Ikot Efum NIXX3755
Ikot Ekan NIXX3756
Ikot Ekang NIXX3757
Ikot Ekefere NIXX3758
Ikot Ekong NIXX3760
Ikot Ekop NIXX3761
Ikot Ekot NIXX3762
Ikot Ekpan NIXX3763
Ikot Ekpe NIXX3764
Ikot Ekpene NIXX3765
Ikot Ekpene Udo NIXX3766
Ikot Ekpenyon NIXX3767
Ikot Ekpenyong NIXX3768
Ikot Ekpot NIXX3769
Ikot Ekpow NIXX3770
Ikot Ekpuk NIXX3771
Ikot Ekwere NIXX3772
Ikot Emana NIXX3773
Ikot Emien NIXX3774
Ikot Enini NIXX3775
Ikot Ennang NIXX3776
Ikot Enua NIXX3777
Ikot Enwang NIXX3778
Ikot Enye NIXX3779
Ikot Ese NIXX3780
Ikot Ese Esiet NIXX3781
Ikot Eseden NIXX3782
Ikot Esen Oku NIXX3783
Ikot Esenam NIXX3784
Ikot Esia NIXX3785
Ikot Eside NIXX3786
Ikot Esien NIXX3787
Ikot Esiet NIXX3788
Ikot Essen NIXX3789
Ikot Essien NIXX3790
Ikot Esurua NIXX3792
Ikot Ete Ekpo NIXX3793
Ikot Etefia NIXX3794
Ikot Etetuk NIXX3796
Ikot Etifia NIXX3797
Ikot Etim NIXX3798
Ikot Etim NIXX0515
Ikot Eto NIXX3799
Ikot Etobo NIXX3800
Ikot Etuk Udo NIXX3801
Ikot Etuko NIXX0516
Ikot Ewo NIXX3802
Ikot Eyem Imo NIXX3803
Ikot Eyiene NIXX3804
Ikot Eyo NIXX3805
Ikot Ibanga NIXX3806
Ikot Ibekwe NIXX3807
Ikot Ibiok NIXX3808
Ikot Ibok NIXX3809
Ikot Ibritam NIXX3810
Ikot Idaha NIXX3811
Ikot Ide NIXX3812
Ikot Idem NIXX3813
Ikot Idem Udo NIXX3814
Ikot Idiong Eto NIXX3815
Ikot Idomo NIXX3816
Ikot Ifot NIXX3817
Ikot Igwara NIXX3818
Ikot Igwe NIXX3819
Ikot Ikara NIXX3820
Ikot Iko Ibon NIXX3821
Ikot Ikok NIXX3822
Ikot Ikpene NIXX3823
Ikot Imo NIXX3824
Ikot Imonte NIXX3825
Ikot Inagha NIXX3826
Ikot Ineme NIXX3827
Ikot Inuen NIXX3828
Ikot Inyan NIXX3829
Ikot Inyang NIXX3830
Ikot Inyang Ekpe NIXX3831
Ikot Inyang Ese NIXX3832
Ikot Inyang Udo NIXX3835
Ikot Inyang Udo NIXX0517
Ikot Ire NIXX3836
Ikot Isemin NIXX3837
Ikot Iwud NIXX3838
Ikot Iyan NIXX3839
Ikot Iyire NIXX3840
Ikot Mba NIXX3841
Ikot Mbang NIXX3842
Ikot Mbit NIXX3843
Ikot Mboho NIXX3844
Ikot Mbonde NIXX3845
Ikot Mbong NIXX3846
Ikot Mbuk NIXX3847
Ikot Mbuze NIXX3848
Ikot Metong NIXX3849
Ikot Mfon NIXX3850
Ikot Mkpo NIXX3851
Ikot Mpon NIXX3852
Ikot Ndem NIXX3853
Ikot Ndien NIXX3854
Ikot Nja NIXX3855
Ikot Nkan NIXX3856
Ikot Nkim NIXX3857
Ikot Nkit NIXX3858
Ikot Nko NIXX3859
Ikot Nsidibe NIXX3860
Ikot Nsung NIXX3861
Ikot Nta NIXX3862
Ikot Ntot NIXX3863
Ikot Ntu NIXX3864
Ikot Ntuen NIXX3865
Ikot Ntuen Nsit NIXX3866
Ikot Ntuen Ukana NIXX3867
Ikot Ntuk NIXX3868
Ikot Ntung NIXX3869
Ikot Ntuon NIXX3870
Ikot Nya NIXX3871
Ikot Nya Ono NIXX3872
Ikot Nyoho NIXX3873
Ikot Oberema NIXX3874
Ikot Obio Akpan NIXX3875
Ikot Obio Akwa NIXX3876
Ikot Obio Anana NIXX3877
Ikot Obio Asa NIXX3878
Ikot Obio Ata NIXX3879
Ikot Obio Atai NIXX3880
Ikot Obio Edi NIXX3881
Ikot Obio Eket NIXX3882
Ikot Obio Ekpong NIXX3883
Ikot Obio Enin NIXX3884
Ikot Obio Ikpa NIXX3885
Ikot Obio Iton NIXX3886
Ikot Obio Ndogho NIXX3887
Ikot Obio Nkpong NIXX3888
Ikot Obio Nso NIXX3889
Ikot Obio Nsu NIXX3890
Ikot Obio Odono NIXX3891
Ikot Obio Okoi NIXX3892
Ikot Obio Okon NIXX3893
Ikot Obioama NIXX3894
Ikot Obiofuk NIXX3895
Ikot Obioko NIXX3896
Ikot Obiokon NIXX3897
Ikot Obiom NIXX3898
Ikot Obo NIXX3899
Ikot Obok NIXX3900
Ikot Obom NIXX3901
Ikot Obon Edon NIXX3902
Ikot Obong NIXX3903
Ikot Obong Akan NIXX3904
Ikot Obong Erong NIXX3905
Ikot Obong Obino NIXX3906
Ikot Obong Ukam NIXX3907
Ikot Odiong NIXX3908
Ikot Odon NIXX3909
Ikot Odube NIXX3910
Ikot Odung NIXX3911
Ikot Offiong NIXX3912
Ikot Ogum NIXX3913
Ikot Ojo NIXX3914
Ikot Oko NIXX3915
Ikot Okobo NIXX3916
Ikot Okon NIXX3917
Ikot Okoro NIXX3918
Ikot Okoro Ata NIXX3919
Ikot Okpong NIXX3920
Ikot Okpora NIXX3921
Ikot Okpudo NIXX3922
Ikot Okputu NIXX3923
Ikot Oku NIXX3924
Ikot Oku Akpan NIXX3925
Ikot Oku Ikono NIXX3926
Ikot Oku Mfang NIXX3927
Ikot Oku Ubo NIXX3928
Ikot Oku Ubok NIXX3929
Ikot Oku Usung NIXX3930
Ikot Okudom NIXX3931
Ikot Okuere NIXX3932
Ikot Okum NIXX3933
Ikot Okure NIXX3934
Ikot Onwon NIXX3935
Ikot Oru NIXX3936
Ikot Osom NIXX3937
Ikot Oson NIXX3938
Ikot Osong NIXX3939
Ikot Osukpong NIXX3940
Ikot Oto NIXX3941
Ikot Oton NIXX3942
Ikot Otonyie NIXX3943
Ikot Otu NIXX3944
Ikot Owobo NIXX3945
Ikot Oyoro NIXX3946
Ikot Uba NIXX3947
Ikot Ubo NIXX0160
Ikot Ubo Akama NIXX3949
Ikot Ubo Akpe NIXX3950
Ikot Ubom NIXX3952
Ikot Udia NIXX3953
Ikot Udo NIXX3954
Ikot Udo Abia NIXX3955
Ikot Udo Ekpat NIXX3956
Ikot Udo Ibiono NIXX3957
Ikot Udo Idem NIXX3958
Ikot Udo Mbang NIXX3959
Ikot Udo Nkan NIXX3960
Ikot Udo Okure NIXX3961
Ikot Udo Udom NIXX3962
Ikot Udom NIXX3963
Ikot Udoma NIXX3964
Ikot Udor Esiom NIXX3965
Ikot Udu NIXX3966
Ikot Ufen NIXX3967
Ikot Ukana NIXX3968
Ikot Ukap NIXX3969
Ikot Uko NIXX0518
Ikot Uko NIXX3970
Ikot Uko Eto NIXX3971
Ikot Ukobo NIXX3972
Ikot Ukono NIXX3973
Ikot Ukpo Mua NIXX3974
Ikot Ukpon NIXX3975
Ikot Ukpon Eto NIXX3976
Ikot Ukpong NIXX3977
Ikot Ukpong Edem NIXX3978
Ikot Ukporo NIXX3980
Ikot Ukwak NIXX3981
Ikot Umiang Okon NIXX3982
Ikot Umo Esien NIXX3983
Ikot Umuiang Ede NIXX3984
Ikot Una NIXX3985
Ikot Unya NIXX3986
Ikot Uqua NIXX3987
Ikot Use Ekong NIXX3988
Ikot Usen NIXX3989
Ikot Uso NIXX3990
Ikot Uso Akpan NIXX3991
Ikot Usop NIXX3992
Ikot Usun NIXX3993
Ikot Utiat NIXX3994
Ikot Utor NIXX3995
Ikot Utun NIXX3996
Ikot-Abia NIXX3997
Ikot-Akpa-Ntim NIXX3998
Ikot-Akpan NIXX3999
Ikot-Akpantem NIXX4000
Ikot-Aragha NIXX4001
Ikot-Ebiasang NIXX4002
Ikot-Ebiti NIXX4003
Ikot-Ekpene NIXX0161
Ikot-Ekpenyon NIXX4004
Ikot-Ekwere NIXX4005
Ikot-Esi-Idem NIXX4006
Ikot-Esiereyere NIXX4007
Ikot-Idem NIXX4008
Ikot-Ikara NIXX0519
Ikot-Ikpeme NIXX4009
Ikot-Mem NIXX4010
Ikot-Ndaw NIXX4011
Ikot-Obio Eyem NIXX4012
Ikot-Obio-Afa NIXX4013
Ikot-Obo NIXX4014
Ikot-Obom NIXX4015
Ikot-Offiong NIXX4016
Ikot-Offiong NIXX0520
Ikot-Offon NIXX4017
Ikot-Okpa-Itam NIXX4018
Ikot-Okpon NIXX4019
Ikot-Okpot NIXX4020
Ikot-Otok NIXX4021
Ikot-Ubeng NIXX4022
Ikot-Udo Asan NIXX4023
Ikot-Udo-Uba NIXX4024
Ikot-Udofia NIXX4025
Ikot-Udom NIXX4026
Ikot-Ukana NIXX4027
Ikot-Uko NIXX0521
Ikot-Ukpong NIXX4028
Ikot-Uwa NIXX4029
Ikpa NIXX7084
Ikpa Ikot Enua NIXX4031
Ikpaam NIXX7085
Ikpachi NIXX7086
Ikpajough NIXX7087
Ikpak Idout NIXX4032
Ikpakor NIXX7088
Ikpakpev NIXX7089
Ikpam NIXX7090
Ikpanya NIXX4033
Ikpaor NIXX7091
Ikpasure NIXX7092
Ikpe NIXX4034
Ikpe Anang NIXX4035
Ikpe Ikot Akpan NIXX4036
Ikpe Ikot Eside NIXX4037
Ikpe Nung Inyang NIXX4038
Ikpe Oniong Ono NIXX4039
Ikpe Udok NIXX4040
Ikpe Usung Ita NIXX4041
Ikpe-Ikot Nkon NIXX4042
Ikpe-Mbak-Eyop NIXX4043
Ikpele NIXX7093
Ikpen NIXX7094
Ikpetim NIXX4044
Ikpiengel NIXX7095
Ikpo NIXX0522
Ikpomoloko NIXX7096
Ikponko NIXX7097
Ikporkyaa NIXX7098
Ikporom NIXX4045
Ikpowku NIXX0523
Ikpukum NIXX7099
Ikpum NIXX7100
Ikputu Nsuru NIXX0524
Ikpyaen NIXX7101
Ikpyaghol NIXX7102
Ikpyila NIXX7103
Ikula NIXX7104
Ikumber NIXX7105
Ikumbur NIXX7106
Ikun NIXX4046
Ikun Beach NIXX4047
Ikwe NIXX7107
Ikwek NIXX4048
Ikweme NIXX4049
Ikwen NIXX4050
Ikya NIXX7108
Ikyaa NIXX7109
Ikyagh NIXX7110
Ikyande NIXX7111
Ikyar NIXX7112
Ikyoka NIXX7113
Ikyor NIXX7114
Ila Orangun NIXX0162
Ilaba NIXX7115
Ilaba NIXX1713
Ilaro NIXX0163
Ilesa NIXX0164
Ilim NIXX7116
Ilira NIXX7117
Iliyasu NIXX5295
Illo NIXX0165
Ilumofin NIXX0166
Ilye NIXX7118
Ima NIXX7119
Imama NIXX4051
Iman NIXX4052
Imana NIXX9405
Imande NIXX7120
Imburu NIXX1714
Ime NIXX7121
Imidalu NIXX9406
Imirchika NIXX9407
Imirmungze NIXX9409
Imo River NIXX0525
Imorun NIXX0167
Imotio NIXX7122
Implessa NIXX9410
Imrali NIXX9411
Inachi NIXX7123
Inen Nsai NIXX4053
Ingbanjir NIXX7124
Ingele NIXX7125
Inkil NIXX5296
Inua Nnoh NIXX4054
Inurasu NIXX4055
Inusa NIXX1715
Inwun-Use NIXX4056
Inyamikyo NIXX7126
Inyang Isong NIXX4057
Inyeneke Usung NIXX4058
Iokumbar NIXX7127
Iongu NIXX7128
Ioraor NIXX7129
Iorapaa NIXX7130
Iorapuu NIXX7131
Ioratsoo NIXX7132
Iorbee NIXX7133
Iorgyel NIXX7134
Iorhaa NIXX7135
Iorhemen NIXX7136
Iorhew NIXX7137
Iorhuna NIXX7138
Iorja NIXX7139
Iorjaa NIXX7140
Iorjan NIXX7141
Iorkaan NIXX7142
Iorkaar NIXX7143
Iorlaha NIXX7144
Iorliam NIXX7145
Iorlyam NIXX7146
Iormba NIXX7147
Iorneel NIXX7148
Iorniembel NIXX7149
Iornum NIXX7150
Iornyagh NIXX7151
Iornyongu NIXX7152
Iornyor NIXX7153
Iorper NIXX7154
Iorpuu NIXX7155
Iorshager NIXX7156
Iorshaghev NIXX7157
Iorshe NIXX7158
Iorshile NIXX7159
Iorsue NIXX7160
Iortie NIXX7161
Iortiel NIXX7162
Iortile NIXX7163
Iortim NIXX7164
Iorval NIXX7165
Ioryaakwan NIXX7166
Iorzua NIXX7167
Iovkundam NIXX7168
Ipepe NIXX7169
Ipetu NIXX0168
Iqua NIXX4059
Ique NIXX4060
Iquita NIXX4061
Iranyin NIXX0169
Iro NIXX7170
Irtwande NIXX7171
Isari NIXX9412
Isawa NIXX5297
Ise NIXX7172
Ise Abere NIXX7173
Isegor NIXX7174
Isetyokwa NIXX7175
Isewual NIXX7176
Iseyin NIXX0170
Ishafu NIXX5298
Ishaga NIXX0171
Ishangev Ya NIXX7177
Isi-Ugwu NIXX0526
Isiadu NIXX0527
Isiegbu Ozuitem NIXX0528
Isieke NIXX0529
Isieke NIXX4649
Isiko NIXX4062
Isimala NIXX1716
Isingwu NIXX0530
Isinkpu NIXX0531
Isinyi-Nando NIXX4650
Isiukwu NIXX4651
Issiet NIXX4063
Isu NIXX0532
Isu-Okpu NIXX4652
Isu-Ulo NIXX4653
Isufuri NIXX9413
Isughul NIXX7178
Isung Udun Ukor NIXX4064
Isuofia NIXX4654
Ita NIXX4065
Itai Idoro NIXX4066
Itaja NIXX0533
Itak NIXX4067
Itak Ikot NIXX4068
Itak Udara NIXX4069
Itak-Edem-Isa NIXX4070
Itak-Ikot NIXX4071
Itak-Ikot-Akap NIXX4072
Itak-Ikot-Oboise NIXX4073
Itan NIXX4074
Itan Unan NIXX4075
Itar NIXX7179
Itas NIXX5299
Itiam Ikot Ebia NIXX4076
Itiam Okopedi NIXX4077
Itie-Ikpe NIXX4078
Itier NIXX7180
Itit Eto NIXX4079
Ito NIXX7181
Ito Udo NIXX4080
Itogo NIXX7182
Itoko NIXX4081
Iton NIXX4082
Iton Mong NIXX4083
Iton Odoro NIXX4084
Itsegema NIXX7183
Itu NIXX0534
Itu NIXX4085
Itu Ikala NIXX0535
Itu Mbauzo NIXX4086
Itu Ndem NIXX4087
Itu Ukpa NIXX0536
Ituatan NIXX4088
Ituk Mbang NIXX4089
Itukho NIXX4090
Itung NIXX4091
Itunta NIXX0537
Ityoka NIXX7184
Ityozende NIXX7185
Ityu NIXX7186
Iunguyatu NIXX1717
Ivareve NIXX7187
Ivavgbe NIXX7188
Ive NIXX7189
Ivievir NIXX7190
Ivuryo NIXX7191
Iwa NIXX7192
Iwal NIXX7193
Iwan NIXX7194
Iwen NIXX7195
Iwenge NIXX7196
Iwerekun NIXX0172
Iwirri NIXX7197
Iwo NIXX0009
Iwo Eto NIXX4092
Iwok Nsit NIXX4093
Iwoo NIXX7198
Iwuo-Ukem NIXX4095
Iwuru Obiontan NIXX4096
Iwyal NIXX7199
Iyaho NIXX7200
Iyamba NIXX7201
Iyangbo NIXX7202
Iyarheghel NIXX7203
Iyarmade NIXX7204
Iyav NIXX7205
Iyayi NIXX5300
Iydnyenge NIXX7206
Iyere NIXX4097
Iyialu NIXX0538
Iyila NIXX0539
Iyiowa-Odekpa NIXX4655
Iyo NIXX7207
Iyomongu NIXX7208
Iyongba NIXX7209
Iyongo NIXX7210
Iyongujel NIXX7211
Iyonum NIXX7212
Iyor NIXX7213
Iyorapene NIXX7214
Iyorchghem NIXX7215
Iyorde NIXX7216
Iyordie NIXX7217
Iyorembe NIXX7218
Iyorember Aninov NIXX7219
Iyorjan NIXX7220
Iyorjar NIXX7221
Iyorjua NIXX7222
Iyorkase NIXX7223
Iyorkia NIXX7224
Iyorkyaa NIXX7225
Iyornongo NIXX7226
Iyornyar NIXX7227
Iyorpuu NIXX7228
Iyorshaa NIXX7229
Iyorshile NIXX7230
Iyortimin NIXX7231
Iyortir NIXX7232
Iyortyer NIXX7234
Iyorve NIXX7235
Iyoryina NIXX7236
Iyou-gos NIXX7237
Iywan NIXX7238
Iza NIXX9414
Izge Rana NIXX9415
Izge-Lamsu NIXX9416
Izge-Nguru NIXX9417
Izge-Unore NIXX9418
Izge-Wonari NIXX9419
Izom NIXX0174
Izuwe NIXX9420
Jaaji Villages NIXX9421
Jaba NIXX1718
Jaba NIXX9422
Jabari NIXX9423
Jabbagaya NIXX1719
Jabbo Kokri NIXX1720
Jabdo NIXX5301
Jabela NIXX7239
Jabi NIXX7240
Jabshili NIXX1721
Jabullam NIXX9424
Jabura NIXX9425
Jaccingo NIXX1722
Jada NIXX1723
Jada NIXX5302
Jado NIXX7241
Jadori NIXX5303
Jaekil NIXX5304
Jaga NIXX7242
Jagana NIXX5305
Jagarau NIXX5306
Jagba NIXX7243
Jaggu NIXX1724
Jahunawa NIXX5307
Jajel NIXX9426
Jajibiriri NIXX0175
Jaka NIXX5308
Jakana NIXX9427
Jakari NIXX9428
Jakka NIXX1725
Jakoli NIXX1726
Jalam NIXX5309
Jalango NIXX1727
Jali NIXX5310
Jalima NIXX9429
Jalingo NIXX1728
Jalingo NIXX9430
Jalingo NIXX5311
Jalingo Chamba NIXX1729
Jalingo Dukuma NIXX1730
Jalingo Faran NIXX1731
Jalingo Fulani NIXX1732
Jalingo Maiha NIXX1733
Jalingo Pewuri NIXX1734
Jalingo Tara NIXX1735
Jalomiri NIXX9431
Jalori NIXX9432
Jam NIXX7244
Jamaa NIXX1736
Jamali NIXX9433
Jamari NIXX5313
Jamberi NIXX5314
Jambil NIXX5315
Jambutu NIXX1737
Jamda NIXX5316
Jamdudi NIXX1738
Jameri NIXX9434
James Town NIXX4098
Jamjam NIXX9435
Jamji NIXX5317
Jampuli NIXX1739
Jamtali NIXX1740
Jan lamba NIXX1742
Janda NIXX5318
Jandang NIXX9436
Jande NIXX7245
Jang NIXX9437
Jangala NIXX1743
Jangara NIXX1744
Jangarawa NIXX5319
Jange NIXX9438
Jange NIXX1745
Jangira NIXX5320
Jangjangre NIXX1746
Jangta NIXX9439
Jangti NIXX1747
Jangu NIXX5321
Jangurori NIXX9440
Janhol NIXX1748
Janka Dusu NIXX9441
Janrua NIXX9442
Jaori NIXX9443
Japde NIXX5322
Jara NIXX9444
Jara NIXX1749
Jaragwol NIXX9445
Jaranda NIXX1750
Jarang NIXX1751
Jarawa NIXX9446
Jarawa NIXX5323
Jarawan Kogi NIXX5324
Jare NIXX9447
Jarendi NIXX1752
Jarmari NIXX5325
Jaromboyi NIXX1753
Jatau NIXX1754
Jato NIXX7246
Jato Aka NIXX7247
Jato-Kanshio NIXX7248
Jatso NIXX7249
Jaurara NIXX9448
Jauro NIXX5326
Jauro Abdulahi NIXX1755
Jauro Abo NIXX1756
Jauro Adamu Jiri NIXX1757
Jauro Alhaji NIXX1758
Jauro Alim NIXX1759
Jauro Amadu NIXX1760
Jauro Babale NIXX1761
Jauro Bappa NIXX5327
Jauro Belel NIXX1762
Jauro Bello NIXX1763
Jauro Boli NIXX1764
Jauro Buba NIXX1765
Jauro Dewa NIXX1766
Jauro Fuen NIXX1767
Jauro Garba NIXX1768
Jauro Gelado NIXX1769
Jauro Gombi NIXX1770
Jauro Gotel NIXX1771
Jauro Hamajoda NIXX1772
Jauro Haman NIXX1773
Jauro Hamawa NIXX1774
Jauro Iya NIXX1776
Jauro Jaudi NIXX1777
Jauro Joda NIXX1778
Jauro Karlahi NIXX1779
Jauro Kedu NIXX1780
Jauro Kubura NIXX1781
Jauro Luman NIXX1782
Jauro Mallam NIXX9449
Jauro Misa NIXX1783
Jauro Papa NIXX1784
Jauro Saweli NIXX1785
Jauro Sule NIXX5328
Jauro Tapare NIXX1786
Jauro Umaru NIXX1787
Jauro Wangu NIXX1788
Jauro Wundingo NIXX1789
Jauro Yahaya NIXX1790
Jauro Yaji NIXX1791
Javela NIXX7250
Jawo NIXX5329
Jeban NIXX9450
Jebba NIXX5330
Jebeni NIXX1792
Jebti NIXX1793
Jega NIXX0176
Jegara Waji NIXX9451
Jege NIXX9452
Jeje NIXX7251
Jeki NIXX1794
Jelvani NIXX1795
Jemaa NIXX5331
Jemuri NIXX9454
Jemyeri NIXX9455
Jen NIXX7252
Jengba NIXX1796
Jenge NIXX5332
Jengulon NIXX9456
Jenkpa NIXX7253
Jenyawe NIXX7254
Jer NIXX7255
Jerani NIXX1797
Jerau NIXX5333
Jere NIXX1798
Jere NIXX0177
Jeree NIXX9457
Jericho Oluna NIXX7257
Jerkoya NIXX5334
Jerwa NIXX5335
Jessu NIXX1800
Jevel NIXX7258
Jiberu NIXX1801
Jibiya NIXX0178
Jida NIXX1802
Jidil NIXX1803
Jie NIXX9458
Jiga NIXX7259
Jigalambu NIXX1804
Jigalta NIXX9459
Jigawa NIXX1805
Jigawa NIXX5336
Jigawa Kuka NIXX5337
Jigba NIXX7260
Jigi NIXX5338
Jigirochadi NIXX9460
Jigwada NIXX1806
Jikar NIXX7261
Jilbe NIXX9461
Jilikewe NIXX1807
Jilim NIXX1808
Jilivi NIXX9462
Jilli NIXX1809
Jilli NIXX9463
Jilli Mbalare NIXX1810
Jima NIXX0179
Jimadawa NIXX9464
Jiman Buwanga NIXX1811
Jiman Jangale NIXX1812
Jimango NIXX1813
Jimbaru NIXX9465
Jimbim NIXX5339
Jimbom NIXX5340
Jime NIXX7263
Jimeta NIXX1814
Jimin NIXX5341
Jimin NIXX7264
Jimjabuta NIXX1815
Jimmi NIXX5342
Jimta NIXX1816
Jingba Nege NIXX7265
Jingori NIXX9466
Jinneri NIXX9467
Jintaba NIXX9468
Jinuwiji NIXX9469
Jira NIXX9470
Jira NIXX5343
Jirawa NIXX5344
Jirgba NIXX7266
Jirina NIXX9471
Jirkyor NIXX7267
Jitar NIXX5345
Jiwi NIXX1817
Joba NIXX9472
Jobo NIXX5346
Jogo NIXX9473
Jokwa NIXX9474
Joltare NIXX1818
Jombo NIXX7268
Jonav NIXX7269
Jonga NIXX1819
Jongo Ngrabawa NIXX9475
Jonkolo NIXX1820
Joo NIXX7270
Jorbuntu NIXX7271
Jorgba NIXX7272
Jornor NIXX7273
Joro NIXX9476
Jororo NIXX1821
Joudi NIXX1822
Jov NIXX7274
Ju NIXX5347
Juabe NIXX7275
Jubawo NIXX1823
Judu NIXX5348
Juga NIXX5349
Jugga NIXX5350
Jugudu NIXX7276
Jugudu NIXX5351
Jugula NIXX9477
Jugundu NIXX1824
Juhuhui NIXX9478
Jukul NIXX7277
Julde NIXX1825
Jumari NIXX5352
Jumbare NIXX1826
Jumbul NIXX1827
Jumbule NIXX1828
Jumbulum NIXX9479
Junde Morkadas NIXX1829
June NIXX7278
Junia NIXX7279
Junkulum NIXX1830
Jupa NIXX1831
Jurara Abas NIXX5353
Jurara Gwalti NIXX5354
Jurok NIXX1832
Juru NIXX7280
Jurumgel NIXX1833
Jutingel NIXX1834
Juu NIXX7281
Juwa NIXX1835
Juwa NIXX9480
Juwa NIXX7282
Juwe Bum NIXX7283
Kaa NIXX7284
Kaakaa NIXX7285
Kaakela NIXX7286
Kaana NIXX7287
Kaanga NIXX7288
Kabade NIXX5355
Kabal Balram NIXX9481
Kabaram Burdigi NIXX9482
Kabarata NIXX1836
Kabawa NIXX1837
Kabbarau NIXX9483
Kabela NIXX9484
Kabillo NIXX1838
Kabuga NIXX5356
Kabuiri NIXX9485
Kabulawa NIXX9486
Kabur NIXX1839
Kabur-Maduwa NIXX9487
Kachina NIXX7289
Kachiri NIXX9488
Kaciktiya NIXX9489
Kadama NIXX9490
Kadang NIXX1840
Kadarbu NIXX1841
Kadaura NIXX0181
Kade NIXX1842
Kadegiwa NIXX0180
Kademin NIXX1843
Kadiyal NIXX5357
Kado NIXX7290
Kadoli NIXX5358
Kadugulo NIXX9491
Kafa NIXX9492
Kafa NIXX1844
Kafamuya NIXX1845
Kafi NIXX5359
Kafin NIXX0182
Kafin Fulani NIXX5360
Kafin Galadima NIXX5361
Kafin Gwandu NIXX5362
Kafin Hardo NIXX5363
Kafin Hardobawa NIXX5364
Kafin Iyal NIXX5365
Kafin Kawo NIXX5366
Kafin Larabawa NIXX5367
Kafin Liman NIXX5368
Kafin Madaki NIXX5369
Kafin Magaji NIXX5370
Kafin Musa NIXX5371
Kafin Romi NIXX5372
Kafin Turaki NIXX5374
Kafin Zaki NIXX5375
Kaga NIXX9493
Kagadama NIXX5376
Kagalmari NIXX9494
Kagarwa NIXX9495
Kagii NIXX1846
Kagilmari NIXX9496
Kagora NIXX1847
Kagua NIXX9497
Kaguma NIXX5377
Kaguram NIXX9498
Kaguwa NIXX9499
Kahansata NIXX1848
Kahum NIXX5378
Kaiche NIXX1849
Kaiel NIXX5379
Kaiga NIXX1850
Kaigamari NIXX5380
Kaijawa NIXX5381
Kaimari NIXX9500
Kaingwa NIXX0183
Kaior NIXX7291
Kairi NIXX9501
Kaityo NIXX7292
Kaityogh NIXX7293
Kajang NIXX1851
Kajawai NIXX5382
Kajeri NIXX9502
Kajibore I NIXX9503
Kajibore II NIXX9504
Kajiji NIXX0184
Kajive NIXX7294
Kajoknodo NIXX7295
Kaka NIXX1852
Kakan NIXX7296
Kakilmari NIXX9505
Kakodi NIXX9506
Kakuma NIXX5383
Kakwagh NIXX7297
Kala NIXX9507
Kala Kafra NIXX0185
Kalaa NIXX1853
Kalagar NIXX9508
Kalaguri NIXX5384
Kalahi NIXX1854
Kalahi Girei NIXX1855
Kalajanga NIXX5385
Kalala NIXX5386
Kalan Boli NIXX5387
Kalapta NIXX1856
Kalari NIXX9509
Kalasu NIXX5388
Kalatu NIXX5389
Kalauwa Kura NIXX9511
Kaldangari NIXX9512
Kale NIXX7298
Kalgo NIXX0186
Kali NIXX1857
Kalizoram NIXX9513
Kalma NIXX9514
Kaloma NIXX5390
Kaltanga NIXX5391
Kaltongo NIXX5392
Kalulua NIXX9515
Kalusari NIXX9516
Kama NIXX7299
Kama NIXX9517
Kamaiya NIXX1858
Kamale NIXX1859
Kamari NIXX9518
Kamba NIXX0187
Kambari NIXX9519
Kambilam NIXX1860
Kamburo Karaga NIXX1861
Kamda NIXX1862
Kamena NIXX7300
Kamiaku NIXX5393
Kamkem NIXX7301
Kamzende NIXX7302
Kamzua NIXX9520
Kan NIXX5394
Kanama NIXX9521
Kanawa NIXX5395
Kanchinda NIXX1863
Kandev NIXX7303
Kanem NIXX5396
Kangar NIXX1864
Kangarwa NIXX9522
Kangbeda NIXX7304
Kange NIXX7305
Kangere NIXX5397
Kangli NIXX1865
Kanguri NIXX9523
Kangurungu NIXX1866
Kaninkafa NIXX1867
Kankala NIXX1868
Kankara NIXX0188
Kankila NIXX1869
Kankiya NIXX0189
Kankwera NIXX1870
Kankwewone NIXX1871
Kankweyeni NIXX1872
Kano NIXX0010
Kanshete NIXX1873
Kanshio NIXX7306
Kantabata NIXX1874
Kante NIXX1875
Kantindla NIXX1876
Kantiwulti NIXX1877
Kantunda NIXX1878
Kanva NIXX5398
Kanwa NIXX7307
Kanya Baba NIXX0191
Kanyansi NIXX1879
Kanyoon NIXX7308
Kanzu NIXX9524
Kapalakan NIXX1880
Kapali NIXX5399
Kapo NIXX1881
Kaponda NIXX1882
Karadiri NIXX9526
Karagawaru NIXX9527
Karagu NIXX0192
Karaguwa NIXX9528
Karal NIXX1884
Karambeta NIXX1885
Karandan NIXX1886
Karara NIXX1887
Karara NIXX5400
Karasuram NIXX9529
Karawua NIXX9530
Karaye NIXX0193
Karba NIXX9531
Kardali NIXX9532
Kardam NIXX5401
Kardio Fulani NIXX9533
Kare NIXX5402
Kare NIXX7309
Karei NIXX9534
Karelto Kanguri NIXX9535
Karetu NIXX9536
Karewa NIXX1888
Karfin Sama NIXX5403
Kari NIXX5404
Kariari NIXX9537
Kariari NIXX0194
Karim Kura NIXX9538
Kaririwa NIXX9539
Kariya NIXX5405
Karlahi NIXX1889
Karlahi Chamba NIXX1890
Karna NIXX9540
Karsha NIXX7310
Karshi NIXX0195
Kartyo NIXX7311
Kasa NIXX9541
Kasaa NIXX7312
Kasacciya NIXX9542
Kasachia NIXX5406
Kasagula NIXX9544
Kasala NIXX1891
Kasasewa NIXX9548
Kasatna NIXX9549
Kaseri NIXX9550
Kash Kash Bulali NIXX9551
Kashara NIXX5407
Kashere NIXX5408
Kasheri NIXX9552
Kashi Yawo NIXX1892
Kashidire NIXX9553
Kashim NIXX1893
Kasimbila NIXX7313
Kasiver NIXX7314
Kaso NIXX7315
Kassachia NIXX9554
Kassi NIXX9555
Kasuan Gainyi NIXX5409
Katabkari NIXX9556
Kataergi NIXX0196
Katagum NIXX5410
Katam NIXX5411
Katamba NIXX1894
Katambus NIXX5412
Katami NIXX0197
Katamna NIXX1895
Katanga NIXX5413
Katangan Warji NIXX5414
Katinda NIXX1896
Katirje NIXX5415
Katsina NIXX9557
Katsina Ala NIXX7316
Katsiro NIXX5416
Katuala NIXX1897
Katuna NIXX5417
Kaudi NIXX1898
Kaudi Boima NIXX1899
Kaudi Jauro Sule NIXX1900
Kaula NIXX9558
Kaulewa NIXX1901
Kaumutuyahi NIXX9559
Kaun NIXX7317
Kauragari NIXX5418
Kaurame NIXX1902
Kaurame Funamayo NIXX1903
Kaurwatik-ari NIXX9560
Kauthlama Gana NIXX9561
Kauthlama Kura NIXX9562
Kauwa NIXX9563
Kauyaga NIXX9564
Kauye NIXX1904
Kavani NIXX1905
Kave NIXX7318
Kaver NIXX7319
Kaviri Damboa NIXX9565
Kaviri Gwoza NIXX9566
Kawan Murete NIXX1906
Kawanchikeba NIXX1907
Kawantawata NIXX1908
Kawantaya NIXX1909
Kaweko NIXX7320
Kawen NIXX7321
Kawia NIXX9567
Kawonkukwata NIXX1910
Kawuya NIXX9568
Kaya NIXX1911
Kaya NIXX9569
Kayawa NIXX9570
Kaza NIXX9571
Kazaure NIXX0198
Kealori NIXX5419
Kebbe NIXX0199
Kebura NIXX9572
Kechungu NIXX1912
Kedem NIXX1913
Kedemure NIXX1914
Kediya NIXX5420
Kegh NIXX7322
Kekeno NIXX9573
Kele Abia NIXX1915
Kelen NIXX1916
Kelle NIXX9574
Kellumiri NIXX9575
Kembelam NIXX1917
Kemdi NIXX1918
Keme NIXX1919
Kemkusum NIXX1920
Kena NIXX1921
Kenanji NIXX7323
Kende NIXX7324
Kensedi NIXX5421
Kenu NIXX0200
Kera Laji NIXX1922
Keriwa NIXX1923
Kerta NIXX1924
Kesangala NIXX0201
Kesawa NIXX9576
Keshezatso NIXX1925
Kesu NIXX5422
Kesure NIXX1926
Kesuwo NIXX1927
Keushi NIXX1928
Kewal NIXX1929
Kgato NIXX7325
Khashkhash NIXX9577
Kiari Kagari NIXX9578
Kiberi NIXX5423
Kibla NIXX1930
Kibon NIXX1931
Kida NIXX9579
Kidamanza NIXX1932
Kidan NIXX9580
Kidari NIXX9581
Kidda NIXX9582
Kidda NIXX1933
Kidda Fulani NIXX9583
Kideye NIXX9584
Kiel NIXX5424
Kigagba NIXX7326
Kighil NIXX7327
Kighir NIXX7328
Kiki NIXX7329
Kila Kila NIXX1935
Kilakasa NIXX9585
Kilakir NIXX9586
Kilambala NIXX1936
Kilar NIXX1937
Kilari NIXX5425
Kilborani NIXX9587
Kilbula NIXX9588
Kildire NIXX1938
Kile NIXX7330
Kiliarnga NIXX9589
Kilim NIXX1939
Kiliye NIXX5426
Kilpin NIXX5427
Kimba NIXX9591
Kimba Chamalwa NIXX9592
Kimbi NIXX7331
Kimtir NIXX9593
Kincha Ndi NIXX9594
Kinci NIXX5428
Kindagirma NIXX1940
Kindil Chiro NIXX9595
Kinga NIXX1941
Kingarwa NIXX9596
Kinging NIXX1942
Kingking NIXX9597
Kingoa NIXX9598
Kiniyande NIXX9599
Kinsha NIXX5429
Kir NIXX5430
Kirbila NIXX9600
Kirbirum NIXX9601
Kirbola NIXX9602
Kirbori NIXX5431
Kirbutu NIXX9603
Kircha NIXX9604
Kircinga NIXX1943
Kirfin Kasa NIXX5432
Kirfu NIXX9606
Kiri NIXX1944
Kirikashima NIXX9607
Kirindi NIXX5433
Kiringivin NIXX9608
Kiringoro NIXX9609
Kirinowa NIXX9610
Kirkidum NIXX9611
Kirmbote NIXX9612
Kirmi NIXX9613
Kirta Wulgo NIXX9614
Kiru NIXX1945
Kirzuma NIXX9615
Kishi NIXX7332
Kisiltimi NIXX1946
Kisirtimi NIXX1947
Kitirinda NIXX1948
Kiva NIXX9616
Kivingigh NIXX7333
Klare Kuda NIXX9617
Ko NIXX7334
Koba NIXX9618
Koba Kasa NIXX1949
Koba Sama NIXX1950
Kobabpale NIXX1951
Kobake NIXX1952
Kobchi NIXX9619
Koberut NIXX9620
Kobi NIXX1953
Kobi NIXX7335
Koboktina NIXX1954
Koboro NIXX7336
Kobta NIXX1955
Kobukutu NIXX1956
Kobul Hamlets NIXX9621
Kobuwu NIXX9622
Kocciel NIXX1957
Koche NIXX7337
Kochiyel NIXX5434
Koda Alisila NIXX9623
Koda Hamlets NIXX9624
Kodo Bodi NIXX9625
Kodo Dauda NIXX9626
Kodo Gambobe NIXX9627
Kodo Mastafa NIXX9628
Kodo Mokdo NIXX9629
Kodomaram NIXX9630
Kodomiri NIXX9631
Kodoro NIXX1958
Kodungari NIXX1959
Kofa NIXX9632
Kofa Gafade NIXX1960
Kofare NIXX1961
Kofayi NIXX5435
Kofe NIXX9633
Kofin NIXX9634
Kogin Baba NIXX1962
Koginbar NIXX5436
Kogo NIXX5437
Kogohimba NIXX1963
Kogu NIXX9635
Koguhu NIXX9636
Kogul NIXX9637
Koguma Gira NIXX9638
Koh NIXX1964
Kohi Petel NIXX1965
Kohugu NIXX1966
Kohuma NIXX9639
Koja NIXX1967
Kojola NIXX1968
Kojolare NIXX1969
Kojoli NIXX1970
Kojon Jubi NIXX1971
Kokela NIXX9640
Kokitsa NIXX1972
Koko NIXX1973
Kokobe NIXX5438
Kokoli NIXX1974
Kokoli Baba NIXX1975
Kokombo NIXX7338
Koksha NIXX9641
Kokshari NIXX9642
Kokumso NIXX1976
Kolainya NIXX7339
Kolere NIXX1977
Koleta NIXX1978
Kolmani Musari NIXX5440
Koloko NIXX7340
Kolomi NIXX9643
Kolori NIXX9644
Kolori NIXX5441
Kolovaya NIXX1979
Kolpo NIXX1980
Koluki NIXX5442
Koma Kaudi NIXX9645
Kombani NIXX5443
Kombo NIXX7341
Kombor NIXX1981
Komda NIXX9646
Komndi Gana NIXX9647
Komni NIXX1982
Kon NIXX7342
Kona Jabe NIXX1983
Konchi NIXX1984
Kondonsum NIXX1985
Kondor NIXX7343
Kondu NIXX7344
Konduga NIXX0202
Kondum NIXX7345
Kongbenda NIXX7346
Kongel NIXX5444
Kongma NIXX1986
Kongoli NIXX1987
Kongoro NIXX5445
Konjo NIXX7347
Konkomeri NIXX5446
Konkul NIXX0203
Konkul Bappare NIXX1988
Kono NIXX1989
Konov NIXX7348
Konreta NIXX1990
Konti NIXX1991
Konturde NIXX1992
Konzogo NIXX5447
Koohomo NIXX7349
Koor NIXX7350
Kopa NIXX1993
Kopala NIXX9648
Kopari NIXX9649
Kopatil NIXX1994
Kophri NIXX1995
Kopii NIXX7351
Kopje NIXX9650
Kopla NIXX1996
Kopon NIXX1997
Kopre NIXX1998
Koptara NIXX5448
Kopte NIXX5449
Kor NIXX7352
Kora NIXX1999
Korache Baba NIXX2000
Koran NIXX5450
Kore NIXX5451
Korgba NIXX7353
Kori NIXX2001
Korkai NIXX2002
Korkyaa NIXX7354
Korna NIXX7355
Kornya NIXX7356
Korochara NIXX9651
Korode NIXX9652
Koroforji NIXX9653
Korohuma NIXX9654
Korokom NIXX2003
Korori NIXX5452
Korshibta NIXX2004
Kortenda NIXX7357
Korve NIXX7358
Korzerzer NIXX7359
Koshama Hamlets NIXX9659
Koshari NIXX9660
Kosheli Bodel NIXX2005
Koshika NIXX9661
Kosu NIXX7360
Kotchia NIXX2006
Kote Kura NIXX9662
Kotembe NIXX9663
Kotokori NIXX9664
Kotoku NIXX2007
Kotulo NIXX2008
Koumto NIXX7361
Kowa NIXX9665
Kozini NIXX2009
Kpachongo NIXX7362
Kpagh NIXX7363
Kpaghel NIXX7364
Kpagher NIXX7365
Kpajough NIXX7366
Kpakmiagi NIXX2010
Kpalev NIXX7367
Kpalevzua NIXX7368
Kpam NIXX7369
Kpame NIXX7370
Kpao NIXX7371
Kpasam NIXX2011
Kpatrev NIXX7372
Kpawa NIXX2012
Kpeesi NIXX7373
Kpejua NIXX7374
Kpelean NIXX7375
Kpem NIXX7376
Kpenwanboka NIXX2013
Kperyisa NIXX7377
Kpeshituwa NIXX2014
Kpev NIXX7378
Kpimchi NIXX7379
Kpisi NIXX7380
Kpoko NIXX7381
Kpom NIXX7382
Kponch Amu NIXX7383
Kpooghor NIXX7384
Kpor NIXX7385
Kpoughga NIXX7386
Kpowe NIXX7387
Kpugh NIXX7388
Kpughuur NIXX7389
Kpukpur NIXX7390
Kputu NIXX7391
Kpyam NIXX7392
Kregirnya NIXX2015
Krengereni NIXX2016
Kroyel NIXX7393
Ku NIXX7394
Kua NIXX7395
Kuatansule NIXX7396
Kuawe NIXX7397
Kuba NIXX2017
Kubaje NIXX2018
Kubaje Wamngo NIXX2020
Kubaji NIXX2021
Kubara NIXX2022
Kubbi NIXX2023
Kubeli NIXX7398
Kubi NIXX5453
Kubi NIXX2024
Kubo NIXX9666
Kubo Dugu NIXX9667
Kubodeno NIXX9668
Kubtava NIXX2025
Kubu NIXX2026
Kubuku Garu NIXX9669
Kubuku Kaduga NIXX9670
Kubur-Shosho NIXX2027
Kuburdugu NIXX9671
Kuburihu NIXX9672
Kuburiwita NIXX9673
Kuburmbula NIXX9674
Kubuwa NIXX5454
Kuchiya NIXX5455
Kuda NIXX9675
Kuda NIXX2028
Kudakurgu NIXX9676
Kudan NIXX0204
Kudhura NIXX2029
Kudiri NIXX2030
Kudla NIXX2031
Kudore NIXX2032
Kudu NIXX7399
Kuduamulu NIXX2033
Kudufur NIXX2034
Kuduge NIXX9677
Kuduwa NIXX9678
Kuewe NIXX7400
Kufa NIXX5456
Kufabani NIXX2035
Kufai NIXX5457
Kufazigai NIXX9679
Kugama NIXX2036
Kugama Arna NIXX2037
Kugama Jarumei NIXX2038
Kugang NIXX2039
Kugbe NIXX7401
Kugwa NIXX7402
Kuha NIXX7403
Kuhasa NIXX7404
Kuhu NIXX5458
Kuhwa NIXX7405
Kuichalata NIXX2040
Kuje NIXX0205
Kujela NIXX2041
Kujum NIXX5459
Kuka NIXX5460
Kuka Kowa NIXX9680
Kukar NIXX5461
Kukawa NIXX9681
Kukin Burera NIXX5462
Kukurahe NIXX2042
Kukurupu NIXX9682
Kukuta NIXX5463
Kula NIXX7406
Kula NIXX5464
Kulachanchan NIXX2043
Kulango NIXX2044
Kulara NIXX2045
Kulari Hamlets NIXX9683
Kulari Lawanti NIXX9684
Kulaun NIXX7407
Kulaya NIXX2046
Kulbire NIXX2047
Kulburi NIXX9685
Kulera NIXX9686
Kuleve NIXX7408
Kulfana NIXX5465
Kuli NIXX5466
Kulli NIXX9687
Kuluntun NIXX5467
Kuma NIXX2048
Kumaga NIXX7409
Kumala NIXX9688
Kumaliwa NIXX9689
Kuman NIXX7410
Kumari NIXX2049
Kumaun NIXX7411
Kumba NIXX2050
Kumba NIXX9690
Kumbala NIXX5468
Kumbe NIXX7412
Kumbul NIXX7413
Kumbulewari NIXX9691
Kumbuli NIXX5469
Kumbur NIXX7414
Kumdurum NIXX9692
Kume NIXX7415
Kumgas NIXX5470
Kumo NIXX2051
Kumo NIXX9693
Kumshe NIXX9694
Kumsi NIXX9695
Kumumza NIXX9696
Kumun NIXX5471
Kumun NIXX7416
Kumuo NIXX5472
Kuna NIXX7417
Kuna NIXX5473
Kunadur NIXX9697
Kunaga NIXX2052
Kunar Ngwa NIXX9698
Kunboon NIXX2053
Kunchi NIXX0206
Kunde NIXX5474
Kundum NIXX7419
Kune NIXX7420
Kungare NIXX9699
Kungibar NIXX5476
Kungu NIXX7421
Kunguru NIXX9700
Kuni NIXX5477
Kunjum NIXX5478
Kunluvrun NIXX2054
Kuntu NIXX2055
Kunya NIXX0207
Kupta NIXX9701
Kupti NIXX9702
Kura NIXX5479
Kura NIXX0208
Kura NIXX7422
Kura NIXX2056
Kuratyo NIXX7423
Kurayeme NIXX7424
Kurayo NIXX7425
Kurba NIXX5480
Kurbagayi NIXX9703
Kurdi NIXX2057
Kurdun NIXX9704
Kure NIXX7426
Kure NIXX9705
Kurege NIXX2058
Kurgana NIXX2059
Kurgo NIXX5481
Kurgulum NIXX9706
Kurkasi NIXX2060
Kurkyor NIXX7427
Kurmi NIXX5482
Kurmin Arna NIXX2061
Kurmin Mayo Lope NIXX2062
Kurnari NIXX9707
Kurnawa NIXX9708
Kuru NIXX7428
Kurua NIXX0209
Kurubta NIXX2063
Kurum NIXX2064
Kurun NIXX5483
Kurve NIXX7429
Kushan NIXX9709
Kushi NIXX5484
Kushinahu NIXX2065
Kusinawa NIXX5485
Kusivan NIXX2066
Kuske NIXX9710
Kuskie NIXX5486
Kustari NIXX9711
Kusturi NIXX9712
Kusugh NIXX7430
Kusuma NIXX9713
Kuta NIXX7431
Kutari NIXX9714
Kutaru NIXX5487
Kutembeya NIXX9715
Kutigi NIXX0210
Kutilax NIXX9716
Kutiluko NIXX0211
Kutiwenji NIXX0212
Kutoworonda NIXX2067
Kutse NIXX7432
Kutsuku NIXX7433
Kutu NIXX7434
Kutunas NIXX5488
Kuutse NIXX7435
Kuva-Gaya NIXX2068
Kuvai NIXX9717
Kuvani NIXX2069
Kuvor NIXX2070
Kuvu-Kiva NIXX9718
Kuvul NIXX9719
Kuwa NIXX9720
Kuwan NIXX7436
Kuwiya NIXX9721
Kuzum NIXX2071
Kwa NIXX2072
Kwa-Guravi NIXX2073
Kwaachila NIXX2074
Kwaachira NIXX2075
Kwaan Baba NIXX2076
Kwaando NIXX7437
Kwaba NIXX9722
Kwabaktina NIXX2077
Kwabang NIXX2078
Kwabo NIXX7438
Kwaboon NIXX2079
Kwabula NIXX7439
Kwabula NIXX9723
Kwachchiyal NIXX5489
Kwachimin NIXX7440
Kwada NIXX9724
Kwada Abbashama NIXX9725
Kwadakin NIXX2080
Kwadedah NIXX2081
Kwadiga NIXX9726
Kwadjite NIXX2082
Kwadzali NIXX2083
Kwagan NIXX2084
Kwagba NIXX7441
Kwagee NIXX7442
Kwaghmende NIXX7443
Kwaghtese NIXX7444
Kwaghtsume NIXX7445
Kwagi NIXX2085
Kwagol NIXX5490
Kwagor Ngula NIXX2086
Kwagu NIXX9727
Kwaguhimba NIXX2087
Kwagurlata NIXX9728
Kwahala NIXX9729
Kwaheri NIXX9730
Kwai Petel NIXX2088
Kwajaffa Babur NIXX9731
Kwajaffa Bura NIXX9732
Kwajela NIXX5491
Kwakar NIXX7446
Kwakine NIXX2089
Kwakwaah NIXX2090
Kwakwanda NIXX2091
Kwakwara NIXX2092
Kwala NIXX5492
Kwalaha NIXX2094
Kwalamba NIXX2095
Kwalanba NIXX9733
Kwaldaba NIXX2096
Kwaleta NIXX2097
Kwaletin NIXX2098
Kwali NIXX0213
Kwalia NIXX2099
Kwalta NIXX2100
Kwaltukurwa NIXX5493
Kwama NIXX2101
Kwambo NIXX5494
Kwambola NIXX2102
Kwamdida NIXX2103
Kwamjilari Gana NIXX9734
Kwamjilari Kura NIXX9735
Kwana NIXX9736
Kwana Kura NIXX9738
Kwanba NIXX9739
Kwanbo NIXX5495
Kwanboon NIXX2104
Kwanda NIXX2105
Kwang NIXX9740
Kwangi NIXX5496
Kwangi NIXX7447
Kwankeji NIXX5497
Kwankel NIXX5498
Kwankiyal NIXX5499
Kwanta NIXX2106
Kwanyi NIXX5500
Kwaor NIXX7448
Kwapatahu NIXX2107
Kwapataku NIXX2108
Kwapati NIXX2109
Kwaramba NIXX9741
Kwarangeri NIXX9742
Kware NIXX0011
Kwarwa NIXX2110
Kwasa NIXX2111
Kwashafa NIXX2112
Kwashika NIXX2113
Kwata NIXX2114
Kwata Gaddamayo NIXX2115
Kwatabe Range NIXX2116
Kwatakwa NIXX2117
Kwatama Daffa NIXX2118
Kwatau NIXX2119
Kwatse NIXX7449
Kwawa NIXX7450
Kwaya NIXX5501
Kwaya Bura NIXX9743
Kwaya Tera NIXX9744
Kwaye NIXX2120
Kweghfan NIXX7451
Kwembe NIXX7452
Kwen NIXX7453
Kwenjiai NIXX5502
Kwenshiri NIXX2121
Kwiamawa NIXX5503
Kwoghi NIXX2122
Kwoghtamen NIXX7454
Kwonjimbar NIXX5504
Kwori NIXX9745
Kwur NIXX7455
Kya NIXX7456
Kyaa NIXX7457
Kyaahemba NIXX7458
Kyaaja NIXX7459
Kyaakyor NIXX7460
Kyaan NIXX7461
Kyabashi NIXX7462
Kyado NIXX7463
Kyahakilba Gana NIXX9746
Kyahakilba Kura NIXX9747
Kyakyor NIXX7464
Kyambe NIXX7465
Kyande NIXX7466
Kyanjir NIXX7467
Kyanyon NIXX7468
Kyar NIXX7469
Kyarker NIXX7470
Kyarsha NIXX7471
Kyasua NIXX7472
Kyayel NIXX7473
Kyegh NIXX7474
Kyeghvangel NIXX7475
Kyekya NIXX7476
Kyemtu NIXX7477
Kyende NIXX7478
Kyeta NIXX5505
Kyiyou NIXX7479
Kyo NIXX7480
Kyobo NIXX7481
Kyondu NIXX7482
Kyongo NIXX7483
Kyoon NIXX7484
Kyor NIXX7485
Kyorior NIXX7486
Kyovor NIXX7487
Kyu NIXX7488
Kyuran NIXX7489
Labare NIXX2123
Labau NIXX2124
Labbare NIXX2125
Labe NIXX7490
Labe NIXX9748
Labigi NIXX2126
Labo NIXX2127
Labondo NIXX2128
Labu NIXX9749
Labua NIXX2129
Ladantar NIXX9750
Ladenu NIXX2130
Lading NIXX2131
Lafia NIXX2132
Lafia NIXX5506
Lafiagi NIXX0215
Lafivan Bure NIXX5507
Lafiya NIXX5508
Lafiya NIXX9751
Lafiyari NIXX5509
Lafiyaru NIXX5510
Lagana NIXX9752
Lagani NIXX9753
Laganso NIXX2133
Lagerete NIXX9754
Lagingin NIXX9755
Lago NIXX5511
Lagos NIXX0012
Lague NIXX2134
Lagunassara NIXX9756
Laguru NIXX5512
Lainde NIXX2135
Lainde Bajanle NIXX2136
Lainde Dama NIXX2137
Lainde Fulani NIXX2138
Lainde Jalo NIXX2139
Lainde Modijam NIXX2140
Lainde Wudere NIXX2141
Lajeda NIXX2142
Lakare NIXX2143
Lakati NIXX2144
Lakau NIXX5513
Lakeri NIXX9757
Lakorun NIXX2145
Lakpa NIXX7491
Laksheri NIXX9758
Lakumna NIXX2146
Lakumna Fari NIXX2147
Lakundum NIXX9759
Lala NIXX2148
Laliro NIXX9760
Lalupon NIXX0217
Lamba NIXX5514
Lamba Daji NIXX5515
Lamba Saingel NIXX5516
Lamba Sali NIXX5517
Lamba Shawari NIXX5518
Lambayi NIXX2149
Lamboa NIXX9761
Lambuti NIXX9762
Lamdi NIXX9763
Lame NIXX5519
Lamja NIXX2150
Lamsel NIXX2151
Lamu NIXX2152
Lamude NIXX2153
Lamurde NIXX2154
Lamurde Kofa NIXX2155
Lamurde Wamngo NIXX2156
Lanadu NIXX2157
Lanai NIXX7492
Lanare NIXX2158
Lando NIXX5520
Langa Jiri NIXX9764
Langire NIXX2159
Lankyaa NIXX7493
Lanlate NIXX0218
Lanpo NIXX5521
Lanzai NIXX5522
Lapadi NIXX9765
Lapai NIXX0219
Lapatidu NIXX2160
Lapero NIXX2161
Larasiki NIXX9766
Laraski NIXX9767
Lareski NIXX9768
Larh NIXX2162
Lariae NIXX5523
Lariski NIXX9769
Lariski NIXX5524
Laro NIXX2163
Laru NIXX5525
Laskuri NIXX9770
Lassa NIXX9771
Lasum NIXX2164
Latan NIXX9772
Lau NIXX9773
Lauru NIXX5526
Lawan NIXX2165
Lawanga Jiri NIXX9774
Lawanti NIXX5527
Lawaru NIXX2166
Lawmu Umunze NIXX4656
Lawulum NIXX9775
Lebelebewa NIXX9776
Leben NIXX2167
Leberi NIXX9777
Lebiki NIXX2168
Lebo NIXX2169
Lechina NIXX9778
Leda NIXX2170
Lefiya NIXX9779
Legel NIXX2171
Legma NIXX2172
Legos NIXX9780
Leho Arewa NIXX9781
Leho Bulama Yaro NIXX9783
Leho Bulayahi NIXX9784
Leho Pupudada NIXX9787
Leje NIXX9789
Lekuwa NIXX2173
Lele NIXX7494
Lema NIXX0220
Lema NIXX9790
Leme NIXX2174
Lengdo NIXX2175
Leno Kura NIXX9791
Lepiro NIXX2176
Leprosy Village NIXX2177
Lere NIXX5528
Lerumi NIXX2178
Lesga NIXX9792
Lesiga NIXX9793
Leva NIXX7495
Lewa NIXX2179
Lewe NIXX5529
Leyi NIXX2180
Liam NIXX7496
Liba NIXX9794
Libari NIXX2181
Libbo NIXX2182
Lifehun NIXX2183
Ligagin NIXX9795
Ligia NIXX9796
Ligon NIXX7497
Lilu NIXX4657
Liman Katagum NIXX5530
Limankara NIXX9797
Limanti NIXX0221
Limbori NIXX9798
Limila NIXX9799
Limlim NIXX9800
Limna NIXX9801
Linga Tassala NIXX2184
Lira NIXX2185
Liringo NIXX2186
Lirini NIXX5531
Litawa NIXX9802
Little Gombi NIXX2187
Lium NIXX7498
Lizai NIXX5532
Liziga NIXX2188
Lobacke NIXX7499
Lodio NIXX5533
Lodu NIXX0540
Lodu Ndume NIXX0541
Lodu-Imenyi NIXX0542
Loghpere NIXX9803
Logomani NIXX9804
Logwa NIXX9805
Lohum NIXX0543
Loka NIXX9806
Lokobaji NIXX2189
Lokwoja NIXX2190
Lokwoja Hyera NIXX9807
Loli NIXX2191
Loli Uki NIXX2192
Lollo NIXX0222
Lomar NIXX9808
Lomi NIXX5534
Lomorgel NIXX2193
Lopere NIXX9809
Lorgulun NIXX7500
Lotor NIXX2194
Lower Atito NIXX7501
Lower Ebuoya NIXX7502
Loyi NIXX5535
Lubu NIXX2195
Luchambi NIXX5536
Luchi NIXX5537
Ludumi NIXX5538
Luga NIXX7503
Luga Chamba NIXX2196
Luga Habere NIXX9810
Lugarewo NIXX2197
Lugdira NIXX2198
Lugdira Kuli NIXX2199
Lugere NIXX2200
Lugere Geita NIXX2201
Lugere Ibi NIXX2202
Lugeru NIXX2203
Lugga Zum NIXX2205
Luggarewa NIXX2206
Luggarewo NIXX2207
Lugge NIXX5539
Luggere NIXX2208
Luggudi NIXX5540
Lugo NIXX5541
Lugshari NIXX9811
Lugudi NIXX5542
Lugzo NIXX2209
Lulin Sama NIXX5543
Luma NIXX9812
Luma NIXX5544
Lumbo NIXX5545
Lumbu NIXX5546
Lumda NIXX9813
Lumde Baro NIXX2210
Lumde Giwa NIXX2211
Lumde Jamtari NIXX2212
Lungura NIXX2213
Lunjo NIXX7504
Lurdi NIXX9814
Lusa NIXX5547
Lusa Jeji NIXX5548
Lushi NIXX5549
Lwakwa NIXX2214
Maa NIXX7505
Maare NIXX2215
Mabadam NIXX2216
Mabaraka NIXX9815
Mabeleri NIXX2217
Mabonde NIXX2218
Maborgel NIXX2219
Mabura NIXX2220
Machanda NIXX2221
Machari NIXX5550
Machido NIXX5551
Machimin NIXX2222
Mada NIXX9816
Mada NIXX2223
Madabe NIXX5552
Madachi NIXX5553
Madaderi NIXX9817
Madadiya NIXX5554
Madagali NIXX2224
Madaiki NIXX7506
Madaki NIXX7507
Madakiri NIXX5555
Madala NIXX0223
Madara NIXX5556
Madawa NIXX5557
Made NIXX7508
Madia NIXX9818
Madiko Koi NIXX5558
Madizo NIXX9819
Mado NIXX7509
Madobi NIXX5559
Madugu NIXX2225
Maduguva NIXX2226
Madumari NIXX2227
Maduwari NIXX9820
Mafa NIXX0224
Maga NIXX7510
Maga NIXX9822
Maga Jayewa NIXX9823
Maga Jayewa Masu NIXX9824
Magaba NIXX9825
Magadamma NIXX9826
Magadari NIXX2228
Magama NIXX5560
Magan NIXX9827
Magaria NIXX5561
Magashi NIXX5562
Magdewerne NIXX9828
Magea NIXX7511
Magene NIXX9829
Magesu NIXX2229
Maggaria NIXX9830
Magirta NIXX9831
Magola NIXX2230
Magondo NIXX7512
Magumeri NIXX0225
Magungu NIXX7513
Maharba NIXX5563
Mahdiya NIXX9832
Mai Adamri NIXX9833
Mai Fula NIXX2231
Mai Inoru NIXX2232
Mai Lumba NIXX5564
Mai Mairamri NIXX9834
Mai Musari NIXX9835
Mai Yarda NIXX2233
Mai-Ari NIXX5565
Maiari NIXX5566
Maiba NIXX9836
Maidaki Mesau NIXX9837
Maidawa NIXX9838
Maidubi NIXX5567
Maidugu NIXX2234
Maidugu NIXX9839
Maiduguri NIXX0013
Maigadama NIXX2235
Maigadari NIXX2236
Maigana NIXX9840
Maigana NIXX2237
Maigatari NIXX0227
Maigemu NIXX5568
Maigyeme NIXX5569
Maiha NIXX0228