Weather Codes for Niger

Find Weather Codes or Weather Zip Codes for states and cities in Niger. Weather Codes references a specified Location and is used to get weather of that place accurately. They are used by The Weather Channel( by IBM), Yahoo! Weather, AOL Weather and many such weather forecasting platforms. It is similar to Yahoo's WOEID(Where On the Earth ID) that is used to represent each place uniquely.

You can know the weather of any place precisely with the help of weather codes. Find the current weather of your state or city by clicking on it. You will be redirected to The Weather Channel site with your weather code for accurate weather forecast.

A-saya NGXX2911
A-tchi Lafia NGXX2912
Aba Tilori NGXX0373
Abachan NGXX2913
Abada NGXX5387
Abada NGXX7480
Abada Goungou NGXX5388
Abadaniram NGXX8982
Abadi NGXX8984
Abadyalak NGXX0374
Abaga NGXX8985
Abaganari NGXX0375
Abaja NGXX7481
Abakama NGXX7482
Abakouraram NGXX0376
Abakouroram NGXX0377
Abala NGXX7483
Abala NGXX5389
Abalak NGXX7484
Abalo NGXX7485
Abanderi NGXX0378
Abankor NGXX7486
Abaram NGXX0379
Abardokh NGXX0189
Abarey NGXX5390
Abari NGXX8986
Abari NGXX0380
Abaridi NGXX0381
Abaro NGXX5391
Abasaderetyam NGXX8987
Abatilori NGXX8988
Abaza NGXX2914
Abaza NGXX7487
Abdou NGXX8989
Abdou Kanomari NGXX0382
Abdou-Kiridi NGXX0383
Abdou-Koara NGXX1257
Abdouga NGXX7488
Abdoukakouri NGXX0384
Abdouladji NGXX1258
Abdouri NGXX0385
Abdouti NGXX0386
Abegou NGXX2915
Abelma NGXX0190
Abenguir NGXX2916
Abiggi NGXX2917
Abiggui NGXX0191
Abilo NGXX7489
Abinouyami NGXX8990
Aboka NGXX5392
Aboki NGXX8991
Abongoulou NGXX7490
Aboni-Koara NGXX1259
Abonkor NGXX5393
Aborak NGXX5394
Aboroki NGXX7491
Abou Bangou NGXX5395
Abouba Gardi NGXX8992
Abouko Kwara NGXX1260
Aboulala NGXX1261
Abounoram NGXX0387
Abranga NGXX0388
Abzagor NGXX2918
Achaouadam NGXX8993
Achaouadam Tare NGXX8995
Achenouma NGXX0012
Achie NGXX8996
Achouadene NGXX8997
Achouan NGXX7492
Ada Chimo NGXX7493
Adabaye NGXX1262
Adabda NGXX5396
Adagoy NGXX2919
Adam NGXX8998
Adam Goudouma NGXX8999
Adam Kole NGXX9000
Adamawa NGXX9001
Adambaza NGXX7494
Adamdi NGXX0389
Adamou Kouara NGXX5397
Adamouaski NGXX9003
Adamri NGXX0390
Adamri NGXX9004
Adanbar NGXX7495
Adanbaza NGXX7496
Adankya NGXX9005
Adarawa NGXX2920
Adare NGXX5398
Adare NGXX9006
Adawa NGXX2921
Adebour NGXX0013
Adeki NGXX1263
Adekou NGXX9007
Adela NGXX2922
Adelek Gogo NGXX2923
Adelek Saye NGXX2924
Aderawa NGXX2925
Aderbissinat NGXX0192
Adernague NGXX7497
Adiga Kaboy NGXX1264
Adiga Lele NGXX1265
Adiga Zanguina NGXX1266
Adingirou NGXX7498
Adinkia NGXX2926
Adji Kouleram NGXX9008
Adji Mouneri NGXX9009
Adjibo NGXX7499
Adjigidi NGXX5399
Adjikoyari NGXX0391
Adjilari NGXX0392
Adjimiri NGXX0393
Adjiri NGXX0394
Adjyoumararam NGXX9011
Adohi NGXX5400
Adorihi NGXX9012
Adoua NGXX7500
Adoua NGXX5401
Adoua NGXX9013
Adoua NGXX1267
Adouda NGXX0193
Adoudouba NGXX9014
Adoukore NGXX5402
Adoumchi NGXX9015
Adoumchi Bouzou NGXX9016
Adouowi NGXX5403
Adram Bouka NGXX7501
Adraoua NGXX7502
Adwa Kesa NGXX1268
Aekao NGXX9017
Aeni Fada NGXX1269
Aeni Koy Kwara NGXX1270
Afadekou NGXX9018
Afagar NGXX7503
Afaken NGXX0194
Afalawas NGXX9019
Afalo NGXX7504
Afaram NGXX9020
Afassa NGXX0195
Afasto NGXX0196
Afodamata NGXX1271
Afofo NGXX0395
Afole NGXX1272
Afonda NGXX5404
Afonori NGXX9021
Afounoram NGXX0396
Aga Gari NGXX5405
Agada NGXX9022
Agadem NGXX0397
Agader NGXX7505
Agadey NGXX5406
Agadez NGXX0001
Agaes NGXX5407
Agaguey NGXX5408
Agalali NGXX2928
Agali NGXX1273
Agama NGXX9023
Agangaro NGXX2929
Agangaro NGXX9024
Agar NGXX2930
Agata NGXX9025
Agay NGXX5409
Agaya NGXX7506
Agey NGXX7507
Agguer NGXX0197
Agharous NGXX5410
Agirgidi NGXX0398
Agnari NGXX1274
Agoda Koira NGXX5411
Agode NGXX1275
Agonga NGXX1276
Agou NGXX5412
Agoua Sofoua NGXX2931
Agouawa NGXX1277
Agoudelres NGXX0198
Agoudoufoga NGXX5413
Agougara NGXX7508
Agouliza NGXX1278
Agouloum NGXX7509
Agouloum Toudou NGXX7510
Agouloumaoua NGXX7511
Agouma NGXX9026
Agour Wala NGXX2932
Agourdan NGXX7512
Agourmi NGXX7513
Agoy NGXX7514
Aguelal NGXX0199
Aguellal NGXX0200
Aguessis NGXX0201
Aguie NGXX2933
Agzol NGXX5414
Ahamandey Beri NGXX5415
Ahamandey Kaina NGXX5416
Ahaya NGXX9027
Ahaya Saboa NGXX9028
Ahmat NGXX9029
Ahouri NGXX9030
Aibachi NGXX5417
Aidara-Koara NGXX1279
Aido NGXX9031
Aila Koubo NGXX5419
Ainou Ouakiri NGXX9032
Airi NGXX9033
Aitadane NGXX2934
Ajaga NGXX7515
Ajekoria NGXX2935
Aji NGXX2936
Ajia May-Doungou NGXX2937
Ajia Mijiniawa NGXX2938
Ajia Saboa NGXX2939
Ajiawa NGXX9034
Ajidogori NGXX0399
Ajiefa NGXX2940
Ajiram NGXX9035
Ajya Ibrahim NGXX2941
Akala NGXX7516
Akala NGXX2942
Akala Samia NGXX7517
Akali NGXX2943
Akani NGXX2944
Akanzafa NGXX7518
Akarawan NGXX5420
Akari NGXX0202
Akariou NGXX7519
Akarzaza NGXX7520
Akasou NGXX7521
Akerebreb NGXX0203
Akiata NGXX2945
Akirilou NGXX9036
Akka NGXX2946
Akoirori NGXX7522
Akokan NGXX0204
Akola Idi NGXX2947
Akora NGXX2948
Akora NGXX5421
Akoraji NGXX7523
Akorine NGXX5422
Akouata NGXX9037
Akoukou NGXX5423
Akoulma NGXX9038
Akoumba NGXX2949
Akoumou NGXX7524
Akourki NGXX9039
Akrereb NGXX0205
Akwara NGXX5424
Al Baraka NGXX7525
Al Hasan NGXX2950
Al Moktar NGXX2951
Ala NGXX7526
Ala NGXX0400
Ala Magari NGXX9040
Ala Serkin NGXX2952
Alabada NGXX9041
Alabata NGXX2953
Alachini NGXX9042
Aladjeri NGXX0401
Aladji Arou NGXX2954
Aladji Sami NGXX2955
Aladji-Mousari NGXX0402
Aladjidi NGXX9043
Aladou NGXX2956
Alagame NGXX7527
Alagarnou NGXX0403
Alagaza NGXX7528
Alaghsas NGXX0015
Alakarbo NGXX2957
Alakay NGXX7529
Alakey NGXX1280
Alakwato NGXX7530
Alalaba NGXX2958
Alalem Bandagoua NGXX9044
Alallaga NGXX2959
Alallara NGXX0206
Alamaram NGXX0404
Alamari NGXX0405
Alamba NGXX9045
Alambare NGXX5425
Alandari NGXX9046
Alandjo NGXX0406
Alangalora NGXX0407
Alanjourori NGXX0408
Alaouni NGXX9047
Alasan NGXX2960
Alasi Koara NGXX5427
Alassane Dey NGXX1281
Alassawa NGXX2962
Alawa NGXX2963
Alazi NGXX7531
Albarka Kwara NGXX1282
Albarkaize NGXX1283
Albawa NGXX2964
Alberkaram NGXX9048
Albora Kwara NGXX1284
Aldaji Mayzemo NGXX2965
Aledawa NGXX2966
Alela NGXX0016
Aleouarioua NGXX9049
Aley NGXX9050
Alfa Garas NGXX9051
Alfa Koura Kwara NGXX1285
Alfa Kwara NGXX1286
Alfa Sorire NGXX5428
Alfa-Koara NGXX1287
Alfabire NGXX1288
Alfacha NGXX2967
Alfagakoira NGXX5429
Alfaize-Koara NGXX1289
Alfari NGXX1290
Alfari NGXX2968
Alfassi NGXX5430
Alfelen NGXX9052
Alforma NGXX2969
Alforma Bogwari NGXX2970
Alfourtouk NGXX2971
Algabid NGXX7533
Algafia NGXX2972
Algas NGXX7534
Algoum NGXX2973
Alha Hokki NGXX5431
Alhadji NGXX2974
Alhadji Dodo NGXX9053
Alhaze NGXX9054
Alhazey NGXX2975
Ali NGXX2976
Ali Malari NGXX0409
Aliam NGXX5432
Alibou NGXX7535
Alibou Alaji NGXX7536
Alidou-Koara NGXX1291
Aligoudoram NGXX0410
Aligoundiri NGXX0411
Alijiri NGXX9055
Alilla NGXX0412
Alima NGXX0413
Alimi NGXX9057
Alimou NGXX9058
Aliou NGXX7537
Alitini NGXX9059
Aljenna Moudou NGXX2977
Alkali NGXX2978
Alkama NGXX5433
Alkama Goungou NGXX5434
Alkamaram NGXX9060
Alkamaram NGXX0414
Alkamari NGXX0415
Alkawel Peul NGXX1292
Alkawel Zarma NGXX1293
Alkongui NGXX5435
Alkou NGXX2979
Allabara NGXX2980
Allah NGXX2981
Allah Kabani NGXX2982
Allah Sini NGXX2983
Allamari NGXX9061
Allaoune NGXX9062
Allareni NGXX5436
Alle NGXX2984
Allo NGXX9063
Allore NGXX5437
Almajir NGXX2985
Almama NGXX2986
Almari NGXX9064
Almou-Koara NGXX1294
Alogorou NGXX5438
Alondi NGXX5439
Alou NGXX7538
Alou NGXX5440
Alouguel NGXX1295
Aloulouba NGXX9065
Aloumoudou NGXX7539
Alya Founouri NGXX0416
Alzanna Fandou NGXX1296
Alzanna Tombo NGXX1297
Amaanas NGXX5441
Amachin NGXX7540
Amagalalay NGXX7541
Amagano NGXX2987
Amagay NGXX5442
Amalka NGXX2988
Amaloul NGXX7542
Amaloul Guidis NGXX7543
Amalouri NGXX9066
Amamara Toudou NGXX1298
Aman Kayram NGXX9067
Amanawa NGXX2989
Amanga NGXX9068
Amani NGXX2990
Amani Goussoum NGXX2991
Amao NGXX1299
Amara NGXX5443
Amari NGXX9069
Amasgala NGXX2992
Amassaral NGXX5444
Amasse NGXX7544
Amaza Zaga NGXX9070
Ambagoura NGXX7545
Ambalamdi NGXX9071
Ambaroura NGXX7546
Ambotche NGXX1300
Ambouram NGXX0419
Amezeder NGXX0207
Amidin NGXX7547
Amilganda NGXX5445
Amo NGXX2993
Amodou NGXX9072
Amodouk NGXX7548
Amou NGXX9073
Amourzouk NGXX9074
Amouzata NGXX5446
Amsaganari NGXX0420
Amsamiri NGXX0421
Amso NGXX7549
Amsoudou NGXX9075
Amzag NGXX9076
Anaboubou NGXX2994
Anahe NGXX2995
Anam Tondi NGXX5447
Anamtiloa NGXX5448
Anaramatam NGXX0422
Anasaboul NGXX0423
Anbirma NGXX7550
Anboksa NGXX1301
Anborya NGXX9077
Anbouta NGXX7551
Andale NGXX2996
Andari NGXX2997
Anderes NGXX7552
Anekar NGXX7553
Anekeur NGXX7554
Aneleket NGXX0208
Aney NGXX0017
Ang. Maje NGXX9078
Ang. Sale NGXX9079
Anga Bandawaki NGXX1302
Anga Mazouga NGXX1303
Angar NGXX7555
Ango Namaiwa NGXX1304
Angoa Bawake NGXX1305
Angoa Bossari NGXX1306
Angoa Bourama NGXX1307
Angoa Dagne NGXX1308
Angoa Damagani NGXX1309
Angoa Danhaini NGXX1310
Angoa Daoura NGXX1311
Angoa Dembo NGXX1312
Angoa Dobi NGXX1313
Angoa Doka Baba NGXX1314
Angoa Doua NGXX1316
Angoa Doubou NGXX1317
Angoa Gao NGXX1318
Angoa Gorka NGXX1319
Angoa Gouaka NGXX1320
Angoa Gouaya NGXX1321
Angoa Guessa NGXX1322
Angoa Kade NGXX1323
Angoa Kadey NGXX1324
Angoa Koundou NGXX1325
Angoa Kourawa NGXX1326
Angoa Laboa NGXX1327
Angoa Lelaba NGXX1328
Angoa Limane NGXX1329
Angoa Maba NGXX1330
Angoa Mali NGXX1331
Angoa Mayo NGXX1332
Angoa Modakini NGXX1333
Angoa Nassara NGXX1334
Angoa Noberni NGXX1335
Angoa Rerey NGXX1336
Angoa Sama NGXX1337
Angoa Tamou NGXX1339
Angoa Tchadi NGXX1340
Angoa Yaro NGXX1341
Angoa Yaya NGXX1342
Angoa Zanoa NGXX1343
Angoa-Angao NGXX1344
Angoa-Ango NGXX1345
Angoa-Ansandi NGXX1346
Angoa-Aouta NGXX1347
Angoa-Bandawaki NGXX1348
Angoa-Dambane NGXX1349
Angoa-Daoura NGXX1352
Angoa-Kouatche NGXX1353
Angoa-Limo NGXX1354
Angoa-Magagui NGXX1355
Angoa-Marafa NGXX1356
Angoa-Marata NGXX1357
Angoa-Nomaiwa NGXX1359
Angoa-Saoulo NGXX1360
Angoa-Soala NGXX1361
Angoal Abou NGXX9080
Angoal Agourou NGXX9081
Angoal Aiki NGXX9082
Angoal Ali NGXX9083
Angoal Amidou NGXX9084
Angoal Aya NGXX9085
Angoal Bakochi NGXX9086
Angoal Barouma NGXX9087
Angoal Bawa NGXX9088
Angoal Bayi NGXX9089
Angoal Djibrim NGXX9090
Angoal Djida NGXX9091
Angoal Djimrao NGXX9092
Angoal Douna NGXX9093
Angoal Doutchi NGXX1362
Angoal Gaja NGXX9094
Angoal Goata NGXX9095
Angoal Gona NGXX9096
Angoal Ibrahim NGXX1363
Angoal Inewa NGXX7556
Angoal Kalgo NGXX9097
Angoal Kalgou NGXX9098
Angoal Kara NGXX1364
Angoal Kasa NGXX1365
Angoal Koura NGXX9099
Angoal Kourna NGXX9100
Angoal Magaji NGXX1366
Angoal Magazi NGXX1367
Angoal Makyera NGXX9101
Angoal Mala NGXX9102
Angoal Marafa NGXX1368
Angoal Mayaki NGXX1369
Angoal Maydogon NGXX1370
Angoal Nana NGXX1371
Angoal Nanpapa NGXX9105
Angoal Samya NGXX9106
Angoal Toudou NGXX9107
Angoal Zakarya NGXX9108
Angoal Zangon NGXX9109
Angoal Zoulou NGXX9110
Angoal-Kara NGXX1372
Angodadi NGXX9111
Angoual Abara NGXX9112
Angoual Alkali NGXX9113
Angoual Arko NGXX9114
Angoual Arne NGXX9115
Angoual Atche NGXX9116
Angoual Atoutche NGXX9117
Angoual Bayi NGXX9121
Angoual Biri NGXX9122
Angoual Damaou NGXX9123
Angoual Dassi NGXX2998
Angoual Dawa NGXX9125
Angoual Doutchi NGXX9126
Angoual Farou NGXX9127
Angoual Gamji NGXX9128
Angoual Ganaou NGXX9129
Angoual Gao NGXX2999
Angoual Gao NGXX9130
Angoual Goje NGXX9131
Angoual Guie NGXX3000
Angoual Guindi NGXX9133
Angoual Halbaou NGXX9134
Angoual Harou NGXX3001
Angoual Hassan NGXX9135
Angoual Jima NGXX9136
Angoual Kaoura NGXX9137
Angoual Kiria NGXX9138
Angoual Leko NGXX3002
Angoual Limam NGXX9139
Angoual Madara NGXX9140
Angoual Mahalba NGXX9141
Angoual Maje NGXX9142
Angoual Malam NGXX3004
Angoual Malam NGXX9144
Angoual Mani NGXX9147
Angoual Mata NGXX3006
Angoual Maza NGXX9149
Angoual Nouhou NGXX9150
Angoual Roumji NGXX3008
Angoual Saje NGXX9151
Angoual Tambari NGXX3010
Angoual Tanko NGXX9152
Angoual Tarou NGXX9153
Angoual Toro NGXX9154
Angoual Toudou NGXX9155
Angoual Zangui NGXX9156
Angoul Denya NGXX7557
Angour NGXX0209
Angua Dala NGXX9157
Angwa Fouri NGXX1373
Ania NGXX9158
Anissa NGXX7558
Ankaka NGXX3011
Ankara NGXX5449
Ankoura NGXX1374
Annour NGXX9159
Anourdi NGXX9160
Ansabera Enada NGXX9161
Ansanga NGXX9162
Antacha NGXX7559
Antchi NGXX7560
Antigoura NGXX5450
Anzawa NGXX9163
Anzouna NGXX3012
Aokambida NGXX9164
Aoleba NGXX9165
Aouderas NGXX0210
Aoudou Tounga NGXX1375
Aoukansara NGXX3013
Aoula Kouara NGXX5451
Aoula Kwara NGXX0018
Aoulaol NGXX1376
Aouli Kwara NGXX1377
Aoulondo Kwara NGXX1378
Aouloumal NGXX7561
Aouna Dakanda NGXX3014
Aouni NGXX3015
Aoure Dan Kaka NGXX3016
Aouta NGXX9166
Aouza NGXX9167
Aponori NGXX9168
Ara NGXX3017
Ara NGXX9169
Ara Bougaje NGXX9170
Ara Saboua NGXX9171
Arae NGXX7562
Araga NGXX7563
Aragaga NGXX7564
Araji NGXX7565
Araka NGXX0424
Arakabi NGXX7566
Aramseurgou NGXX5452
Arangaram NGXX0425
Aranguie NGXX1379
Araourey NGXX3018
Aratene NGXX0019
Aray NGXX5453
Arda NGXX9172
Ardi Aghali NGXX7567
Ardo NGXX0426
Ardo Aleke NGXX3019
Ardo Banago NGXX0427
Ardo Boukardi NGXX0428
Ardo Djedo NGXX3020
Ardo Douko NGXX0429
Ardo Gaya NGXX7568
Are-Koara NGXX1380
Aredo Koara NGXX5454
Areoua NGXX7569
Arewa NGXX0430
Arewa NGXX7570
Arewatawa NGXX3021
Arga NGXX5455
Argadou NGXX0431
Argo NGXX9173
Argo Megao NGXX9174
Argoum NGXX1381
Argoumari NGXX0432
Argoun NGXX0433
Ari Arnari NGXX0434
Ari Bounderam NGXX0020
Ari Fadi NGXX9175
Ari Kire NGXX5456
Ari Kourougouram NGXX0435
Ariboudoumari NGXX0436
Aribourgoumaram NGXX0437
Aridi NGXX0438
Arifouram NGXX9176
Arigana NGXX5457
Arigouwamiri NGXX0439
Arijon NGXX0440
Arikiley NGXX5458
Arikoubouram NGXX0441
Arikouka NGXX5459
Arikoukouri NGXX0442
Aringyesa NGXX9177
Arisinedi NGXX0443
Arissa NGXX9178
Arissouna NGXX1382
Arji NGXX3022
Arjika NGXX3023
Arlit NGXX0211
Arnagou NGXX3024
Arode NGXX5460
Aroki NGXX7571
Arou NGXX7572
Aroua NGXX7573
Arouey NGXX7574
Arouna NGXX7575
Aroungouza NGXX9179
Arrigui NGXX0021
Artes Adeged NGXX0212
Artey NGXX9180
Artey Bougaje NGXX9181
Aryomari NGXX9182
Arzerorawa NGXX7576
Arzerori NGXX7577
Arzika NGXX3025
Arzitao NGXX3026
Asaka-Koura NGXX0445
Asamihan NGXX5461
Asarou NGXX7578
Asiri NGXX9183
Askourouram NGXX9184
Askya NGXX1383
Aso Koara NGXX5462
Asoudie NGXX7579
Asounkou NGXX9185
Assakara NGXX9186
Assamakka NGXX0213
Assamia NGXX5463
Assanni NGXX5464
Assaou Tagabas NGXX3027
Assaouas NGXX0002
Assessa NGXX0214
Assiri NGXX1384
Assou NGXX5465
Assou Bango NGXX5466
Assou Bangou NGXX5467
Assoul NGXX3028
Ataba NGXX9187
Atako NGXX7580
Atakonio NGXX7581
Atalabawa NGXX3029
Atale NGXX3030
Ataloga NGXX5468
Atantane NGXX3031
Ataou Adam NGXX3032
Ataou Dan Kourmi NGXX3033
Ataraba NGXX5469
Atayo NGXX3034
Atchi Lafia NGXX9188
Atchiri NGXX3035
Atiebey NGXX3036
Atjirou Koune NGXX7582
Atkaki NGXX0215
Atolo NGXX7583
Atou Baba Kouara NGXX5470
Atoutou Koira NGXX5471
Atri NGXX0216
Atsafa NGXX9190
Auguste Kwara NGXX1386
Awa Data NGXX1387
Awa Kansara NGXX3037
Awache NGXX3038
Awadam NGXX0446
Awadata NGXX1388
Awaki Bougaje NGXX9191
Awalidi NGXX0447
Awan Amou NGXX7584
Awanchela NGXX7585
Awasawa NGXX1389
Awaye Yara NGXX1390
Awen Chala NGXX7586
Awikilis NGXX7587
Awini Kouma NGXX9192
Awiwi Bougaje NGXX9193
Ay NGXX7588
Ayania NGXX9194
Ayawa NGXX5472
Ayawan NGXX7589
Aydara Kwara NGXX0023
Ayinsimorou NGXX5473
Aykawa NGXX3039
Ayoga NGXX5474
Ayorou NGXX5475
Ayouba NGXX9195
Aza NGXX3040
Aza NGXX7591
Azabela NGXX7592
Azao NGXX7593
Azaweloul NGXX0217
Azazala NGXX3041
Azel NGXX0218
Azemouraba NGXX1391
Azenak NGXX0219
Aziababa-Koara NGXX1392
Azoulembi NGXX0220
Azoumba NGXX9196
Ba-daria NGXX3042
Ba-dawa NGXX9198
Ba-kouassa NGXX3043
Ba-mou NGXX3044
Ba-mou Dan Jari NGXX3045
Ba-rana NGXX3046
Baba NGXX9199
Baba Dey NGXX1393
Baba Kwara NGXX1394
Baba Kwatcha NGXX1395
Baba Nrafi NGXX3047
Baba Rotchi NGXX9200
Baba Sofoa NGXX3048
Baba-Koara NGXX1396
Babadaignan NGXX1397
Babagade Kouara NGXX5477
Babamdeliram NGXX0448
Babamkori NGXX3049
Baban Arne NGXX3050
Baban Baki NGXX9201
Baban Dawa NGXX9202
Baban Fague NGXX9203
Baban Jibji NGXX9204
Baban Katami NGXX7594
Baban Kori NGXX3051
Baban Tapki NGXX9206
Baban Toudou NGXX9207
Babangata Issa NGXX5479
Babarga Bangou NGXX5480
Babawa NGXX0449
Babaye NGXX3052
Babeudoli NGXX7595
Babia NGXX9208
Babiadeye NGXX1398
Babori NGXX9209
Babou el Aya NGXX1399
Babouje NGXX9210
Baboul NGXX3053
Baboul NGXX9211
Baboula NGXX0450
Baboulla NGXX9212
Baboulwa NGXX0451
Baboulwa NGXX9213
Baboussay NGXX5481
Baburi NGXX9214
Babzeneza Koara NGXX5482
Bachaka NGXX7596
Bachania NGXX9215
Bache NGXX7597
Bachirgaga NGXX9216
Bachiri NGXX3054
Bada NGXX5483
Badabey NGXX5484
Badabey NGXX7598
Badafalaley NGXX7599
Badago NGXX9217
Badahi Bougaje NGXX9218
Badahi Haoussa NGXX9219
Badakay NGXX3055
Badan NGXX7600
Badankata NGXX9220
Badao NGXX7601
Badaradeye NGXX1400
Badaraka NGXX9221
Badari NGXX3056
Bade NGXX9222
Badegicheri NGXX0024
Badekey NGXX9223
Bader NGXX3057
Bader Goula NGXX3058
Badera NGXX9224
Baderi NGXX0452
Baderi NGXX9225
Badeta NGXX3059
Badifa NGXX1401
Badingui Kwara NGXX1402
Badiola NGXX5485
Badjam NGXX9226
Bado NGXX1403
Bado NGXX7602
Badoa NGXX0453
Badoko NGXX1404
Badou Kaguer NGXX9227
Badouel NGXX5486
Badoukay NGXX9228
Badoukey NGXX9229
Bafale NGXX5487
Baga NGXX7603
Baga NGXX9230
Bagadie-Koara NGXX1405
Bagadji NGXX1406
Bagal NGXX9231
Bagaleram NGXX0454
Baganari NGXX0455
Bagande NGXX5488
Bagara NGXX0456
Bagare NGXX3060
Bagari NGXX9232
Bagarini NGXX3061
Bagaroua NGXX7604
Bagarwa NGXX5489
Bagerdama NGXX9233
Bagho NGXX9234
Bagnagondi Koara NGXX1407
Bago NGXX5490
Bago Bande NGXX5491
Bagoiri NGXX3062
Bagou NGXX9235
Bagoua NGXX5492
Bagouma Kwara NGXX1408
Bague Deguela NGXX0457
Bague Karari NGXX0458
Baguendoutchi NGXX5493
Baguey NGXX7606
Baguiega NGXX3063
Baha Andanare NGXX5494
Bahagou NGXX3064
Bahan Roua NGXX9236
Bahanideye NGXX1409
Bahawa NGXX3065
Bahondo NGXX5495
Bahu NGXX7607
Baina-ka NGXX9237
Baja NGXX3066
Baja Baja NGXX9238
Bajadani NGXX3067
Baje NGXX3068
Bajida NGXX9239
Bajiji NGXX1410
Baka NGXX9243
Baka Doubou NGXX9244
Bakachanta NGXX3069
Bakachenta NGXX3070
Bakadawa NGXX9245
Bakado Koara NGXX5496
Bakadoubou NGXX9246
Bakanou NGXX5497
Bakara NGXX0459
Bakari NGXX9247
Bakarkasa NGXX1411
Bakatchi Raba NGXX3071
Bakatchiraba NGXX9248
Bakatyeraba NGXX9249
Bakawa NGXX3072
Bake NGXX3073
Baken Birgi NGXX9250
Bakhoum NGXX9251
Baki Maram NGXX9252
Bakin Birji I NGXX9253
Bakin Birji II NGXX9254
Bakin Dabagi NGXX7608
Bakin Tapkin NGXX1412
Bakin Toulou NGXX5498
Bakin Zangon NGXX7609
Bakine-Tombo NGXX1413
Bakire NGXX3074
Bakirikou NGXX1414
Bakitombo NGXX1415
Bakitombo-Gorou NGXX1416
Bakoba NGXX3075
Bakodeye NGXX1417
Bakomaka NGXX5499
Bakou NGXX7610
Bakoube NGXX1418
Bakoul NGXX7611
Bakoula NGXX3076
Bakoum NGXX9255
Bakoumaka NGXX5500
Bakouso NGXX3077
Bakoy NGXX3078
Bakwey NGXX9256
Bala NGXX3079
Bala NGXX9257
Bala Berim NGXX0460
Bala Foulbe NGXX5501
Bala Koara NGXX5502
Bala Rimaibe NGXX5503
Balagarbe NGXX5504
Balal Sagui NGXX5505
Balamari NGXX9258
Balanbak NGXX7612
Balankole NGXX5506
Balanta NGXX5507
Balarabe NGXX3080
Balati NGXX5508
Balaya NGXX1419
Bale NGXX1420
Bale Bongou NGXX5510
Balegoudjo NGXX1421
Balewa NGXX9259
Baley Kwara NGXX5511
Baleyara NGXX5512
Balgaya NGXX7613
Bali Bali NGXX5513
Balibal NGXX1422
Balibali NGXX1423
Balibali NGXX5514
Balideye NGXX1424
Balifolo NGXX1425
Balisa NGXX1426
Ballam NGXX1427
Balma NGXX9260
Balo Koara NGXX5515
Balo Kwara NGXX5516
Baloure NGXX5517
Balsando NGXX1428
Bamba Fawa NGXX7614
Bamboma NGXX5518
Bamey NGXX1429
Bamey Kouarey NGXX5519
Bamida NGXX3081
Bamideni NGXX1430
Bammouti NGXX5520
Ban-nama NGXX9261
Bana NGXX0461
Bana NGXX7615
Bana NGXX1431
Banari NGXX9262
Banba Dakwali NGXX9263
Banbarou NGXX5521
Banbey NGXX7616
Banche NGXX3082
Bandawa NGXX9264
Bande NGXX0025
Bande NGXX9265
Bande Bougaje NGXX9266
Bande Haoussa NGXX9267
Bande Ladan NGXX9268
Banderi NGXX0462
Bandi NGXX0463
Bandio NGXX0026
Bandizan NGXX5522
Bandoutchi NGXX9269
Bandzoumbou NGXX5523
Bane NGXX5524
Banene NGXX3083
Bangaja NGXX3084
Bangalawa NGXX3085
Bangali NGXX5526
Bangana NGXX1432
Banganieri NGXX5527
Bangara NGXX7617
Bangarasa NGXX1433
Bangare NGXX5528
Bangari NGXX9270
Bangario NGXX5529
Bangario Zou NGXX1437
Bangariokaina NGXX1438
Bangaya NGXX9271
Bangaza NGXX9272
Bangi NGXX7618
Bangir NGXX5530
Bangnaga NGXX1439
Bangoro-Mirim NGXX0464
Bangou NGXX1440
Bangou Banda NGXX5531
Bangou Bobo NGXX5532
Bangou Foubi NGXX5533
Bangou Guinde NGXX5534
Bangou Kirey NGXX1441
Bangou Koarey NGXX5535
Bangou Kouarey NGXX5536
Bangou Sendyo NGXX5537
Bangou Tara NGXX5538
Bangou Tawey NGXX5539
Bangou Tyire NGXX1442
Bangoubi NGXX1443
Bangoufada-Tata NGXX1445
Bangoufida NGXX5540
Bangoula NGXX5541
Bangourwal NGXX1446
Bangoutawa NGXX0027
Bangoutissa NGXX1447
Bangoutouo NGXX5542
Bangue Tande NGXX5543
Banguia NGXX9274
Banguiro NGXX1448
Bani NGXX3086
Bani NGXX5544
Bani NGXX9275
Bani Bangou NGXX5545
Bani Gorou NGXX5546
Bani Goungou NGXX5547
Bani Guiti NGXX5548
Bani Kossey NGXX5549
Bani Zoumbou NGXX1449
Bani Zoumbou NGXX5550
Bani-Koubey NGXX5551
Banibie NGXX3087
Banideye NGXX1451
Banideye Tougaye NGXX5552
Banidyoumbou NGXX5553
Banigorou NGXX1452
Baniguiti NGXX5554
Banikadeye NGXX1453
Banikan NGXX5555
Banikane NGXX1454
Banikane Moussa NGXX1455
Banikane Tiali NGXX1456
Banikoubey NGXX1458
Banikoubey NGXX5556
Baniloua NGXX1459
Banilouli NGXX5557
Banimate NGXX5558
Banime Goussoum NGXX9276
Banira NGXX5559
Baniteloua NGXX5560
Banizo NGXX9277
Banizombou NGXX5561
Banizongou NGXX5562
Banizoumbo NGXX1460
Banizoumbou NGXX5563
Banizoumbou NGXX1461
Banizoumbou Sido NGXX1464
Banjani NGXX3088
Banka Dey NGXX5564
Bankali NGXX5565
Bankara NGXX5566
Bankata NGXX5567
Bankilare NGXX5568
Bankoire NGXX5569
Bankole NGXX7619
Bankoula NGXX1466
Bano Koira NGXX5570
Banou Djoumba NGXX5571
Banou Oualki NGXX9278
Banta Beri NGXX5572
Bantacha NGXX3089
Bantche NGXX3090
Banteri NGXX5573
Bantoulare NGXX5574
Banye Bangou NGXX5575
Banyi NGXX3091
Banyo Bangou NGXX5576
Banzaram NGXX9279
Banzari NGXX9280
Baochi NGXX9281
Baorare NGXX9282
Baouchi NGXX7620
Baouchin Goje NGXX3092
Baouchiri NGXX9283
Baouda NGXX9284
Baouda NGXX7621
Baouleye NGXX3094
Baouli Kouara NGXX5577
Baoune NGXX7622
Baoure NGXX9285
Baoure na Goudou NGXX9286
Baouri Bahogo NGXX3095
Baouri Tchatcha NGXX3096
Baousa NGXX7623
Bara NGXX5578
Bara NGXX1467
Bara Bangou NGXX5579
Bara Meyzeri NGXX9287
Bara Zaki NGXX3097
Bara-Koara NGXX1468
Baradi NGXX3098
Barago NGXX9288
Barago NGXX3099
Barakata NGXX1469
Baram-Dowi NGXX0465
Baramaka NGXX3100
Baran Jaja NGXX7624
Baranga Leko NGXX9289
Barareye NGXX9290
Barawa Bougaje NGXX9291
Barawa Haoussa NGXX9292
Barawa Saboua NGXX9293
Baraya NGXX3101
Baraya Dan Tanko NGXX3102
Baraya Daohi NGXX1471
Baraya Dounounou NGXX3103
Baraze Gorou NGXX1472
Barbarange NGXX7625
Barbarkia NGXX9294
Barbe Peul NGXX1473
Barbe Zarma NGXX1474
Bardakoy NGXX3104
Barde NGXX9295
Barderi NGXX0466
Bardouga NGXX5580
Bare NGXX5581
Bare-Bari NGXX1475
Baregou NGXX9296
Baregouma NGXX9297
Barengani NGXX0221
Barengo-Zengo NGXX7626
Barewas NGXX0467
Bargaja NGXX3105
Bargat NGXX7627
Bargo Dan Malam NGXX9298
Bargoumawa NGXX1476
Bari NGXX9299
Bari Gouni NGXX3106
Bari Touri NGXX5582
Baria NGXX5583
Bariguiko NGXX1477
Bariji Kwara NGXX5584
Bariki NGXX9300
Bariki NGXX0222
Bariki NGXX1478
Bariram NGXX0468
Barka Kada NGXX3107
Barkatalale NGXX9301
Barkay NGXX7628
Barkeldaba NGXX1479
Barkewa NGXX5585
Barkiawal Beri NGXX5586
Barkiawal Kaina NGXX5587
Barkire Kwara NGXX1480
Barkonoji NGXX9302
Barkouna Deydey NGXX9303
Barkoy Kouara NGXX1481
Barma NGXX1482
Barma NGXX9305
Barma Bousadi NGXX9306
Barmadi NGXX9307
Barmaouliram NGXX0469
Barmari NGXX9308
Barmo NGXX3108
Barmo Saje NGXX3109
Barmou NGXX0028
Baro-Koara NGXX1483
Baroua NGXX9309
Baroua Gana NGXX0470
Baroua Koura NGXX0472
Barouana NGXX3110
Barouatchi NGXX3111
Baroudi NGXX9310
Baroum NGXX0473
Barouma NGXX9311
Barourou NGXX9312
Barwa NGXX5588
Barwadeye NGXX1484
Basa NGXX0474
Basawa NGXX5589
Bashiri NGXX9313
Basikwana NGXX5590
Basira NGXX3112
Basori NGXX9314
Bassara NGXX5591
Bassare NGXX3113
Bassi Djerma NGXX1485
Bassi Peul NGXX1486
Bata Fadoua NGXX3114
Batage NGXX3115
Batako NGXX1487
Batakolia NGXX3116
Batama Beri NGXX1488
Batamberi NGXX1489
Bataouri Kwara NGXX1490
Batare NGXX5592
Batata NGXX3117
Batawa NGXX1491
Batcha NGXX9315
Batchaka NGXX3118
Batchitawa NGXX3119
Batchyeri NGXX3120
Batey NGXX3121
Batiaka NGXX7629
Batiles NGXX3122
Batoli NGXX7630
Batoure NGXX9316
Batye Zangon NGXX7631
Bawa-Beri NGXX1492
Bawa-Dan-Daji NGXX1493
Bawada NGXX9317
Bawada NGXX1494
Bawoli NGXX3123
Bawore NGXX3124
Baya NGXX5593
Baya Baya NGXX9318
Bayan Doutchi NGXX7632
Bayan Kore NGXX9319
Bayawa NGXX1495
Baydori NGXX0475
Baye Beri NGXX9320
Bayinaka NGXX9321
Baykori NGXX9322
Bayo NGXX5594
Bayzo NGXX7633
Baza NGXX9323
Bazaga NGXX7634
Bazala NGXX3125
Bazarage NGXX7635
Bazazaga NGXX7636
Bazeyze Koara NGXX5595
Baziagorou NGXX1496
Bazidi NGXX9324
Baziga NGXX1497
Becheme NGXX1498
Bedouaram NGXX0476
Begaje NGXX9325
Begorou Tondo NGXX5596
Bei-Bei NGXX0029
Beibatane NGXX5597
Beika NGXX5598
Beina NGXX5599
Bekin Zango NGXX7637
Bela NGXX1499
Bela NGXX5600
Bela Berim NGXX0477
Bela Koulbou NGXX0223
Bela Ouarde NGXX9326
Bela Yala NGXX0478
Belaberim NGXX9327
Belakwara NGXX5601
Belam NGXX0479
Belamajoutari NGXX0480
Belamari NGXX0481
Belbeji NGXX9328
Belbelao NGXX9329
Belbelou NGXX9330
Belbelwa NGXX0482
Bele NGXX1500
Bele-Beri-Koara NGXX1501
Belel NGXX5602
Belenge NGXX7638
Beletie NGXX7639
Bella NGXX5603
Bella Dole NGXX0483
Bella Kouara NGXX1502
Bella Kouara NGXX5604
Bellare NGXX5605
Bellare NGXX1503
Bellekoyre NGXX5606
Belofi NGXX5607
Benabrou NGXX5608
Benam NGXX5609
Bendou NGXX3126
Bengou NGXX1504
Beouri NGXX0484
Bera NGXX5610
Berba NGXX1505
Berey NGXX5611
Berey Fandou NGXX5613
Beri NGXX5614
Beri Beri NGXX1506
Beriberi NGXX9331
Beridji NGXX0030
Berkeleye NGXX7640
Bermou NGXX3127
Betawa NGXX1507
Betche NGXX3128
Beti NGXX3129
Betou NGXX5615
Bey Bey NGXX1508
Beylande NGXX1509
Bezza NGXX0224
Bibia NGXX5616
Bidawa NGXX9332
Bidewan NGXX5617
Bido na Gonja NGXX9333
Bido na Goudou NGXX9334
Biga Halip NGXX5618
Bijare NGXX9335
Bila NGXX7641
Bilakolari NGXX9336
Bilal NGXX5619
Bilal Doutchi NGXX5620
Bilama NGXX3130
Bilamaram NGXX9337
Bilandao NGXX7642
Bilaouri NGXX7643
Bilbisawa NGXX7644
Bilbizo NGXX3131
Bilifouda NGXX5621
Bilige NGXX7645
Bilisando NGXX0485
Billingol NGXX5622
Bilma NGXX0010
Bilma Garin Dawa NGXX9338
Bima NGXX3132
Bindi Doumatoua NGXX7646
Bindouka NGXX9339
Bineguel NGXX1510
Binekourou NGXX9340
Binga NGXX5623
Bingaro Godie NGXX5624
Binguel Kobe NGXX5625
Binguirana NGXX3133
Binguire NGXX7647
Bino-ni NGXX9341
Bir Zamzam NGXX5626
Birami Fari NGXX5627
Birandi NGXX0486
Birbiro NGXX1511
Birey NGXX1512
Birgui Kouara NGXX5628
Birgui Mari NGXX9342
Biri NGXX3134
Biri NGXX9343
Biri Boula NGXX0487
Biridi NGXX0488
Birimpeni NGXX5629
Birimpeni Tolba NGXX5630
Biringol NGXX1513
Birinia NGXX0489
Birinoum Bourgi NGXX0490
Biris NGXX7648
Birizanza NGXX0491
Birji NGXX9344
Birjin Baba NGXX9345
Birjin Guieza NGXX9346
Birjin Toro NGXX9347
Birjin Zaoure NGXX9348
Birkida NGXX9349
Birni NGXX7649
Birni NGXX9350
Birni Fantora NGXX5631
Birni Keyna NGXX1514
Birni Koberi NGXX5632
Birni Kolondia NGXX5633
Birni Madeize NGXX5634
Birni N Konni NGXX7650
Birni Ngaoure NGXX0032
Birni Nkonni NGXX0033
Birni Nwala NGXX1515
Birni Silenke NGXX1516
Birni Sofo NGXX5635
Birni Tagui NGXX1517
Birni Tazer NGXX3135
Birni Tombo NGXX1518
Birni Tondi NGXX5636
Birni Zanaouki NGXX7651
Birni-Lokoyo NGXX1519
Birnin Dafas NGXX3136
Birnin Gaoure NGXX1520
Birnin Guieza NGXX3137
Birnin Kazoe NGXX9351
Birnin Kouka NGXX3138
Birnin Lafia NGXX5637
Birnin Lale NGXX3139
Birnin Tchabale NGXX9352
Bisao NGXX5638
Bissakire NGXX5639
Bitaga Zarga NGXX5640
Bitoa NGXX9353
Bitoa Aba Dajimi NGXX0493
Bitoa Naram NGXX0496
Bjri NGXX0497
Bnoudagida NGXX1521
Boaratawa NGXX3140
Boari NGXX0498
Bobal NGXX5641
Bobalombo NGXX1522
Bobiel NGXX1523
Bobokari NGXX5642
Bobonkoli NGXX3141
Boborgou Saba NGXX5644
Bodari NGXX1524
Bodawa NGXX7652
Bodel NGXX5645
Bodinga NGXX1525
Bodol NGXX5646
Bodou NGXX0499
Bodoukou NGXX9354
Boe Garba NGXX5647
Boegoro NGXX5648
Boey Tondi NGXX5649
Boga NGXX5650
Boggol NGXX5651
Boggol Hima NGXX5652
Boggol Mamare NGXX5653
Bogodiotou NGXX5654
Bogodji NGXX5655
Bogowamou NGXX1526
Boguel NGXX5656
Bohi Tondi NGXX5657
Boigua NGXX5658
Boize NGXX1527
Bokae NGXX3142
Bokari NGXX5370
Bokarigountou NGXX5659
Bokata NGXX9355
Bokey NGXX5660
Boki NGXX5661
Boko Maigao NGXX3143
Bokossay NGXX5662
Bokou NGXX5663
Boksay NGXX5664
Boktili NGXX5665
Bolbol Goumandey NGXX1528
Bolbol Kodi NGXX1529
Bolbol Marafa NGXX1531
Bole NGXX5666
Boley Tondi NGXX5667
Boli NGXX5668
Bololadie NGXX5669
Bolomiram NGXX0500
Bolsi NGXX5670
Bolsou NGXX5671
Bolya NGXX1532
Bom Bangou NGXX5672
Bomanga NGXX5673
Bomberi NGXX5674
Bomberi Kwara NGXX5675
Bombodji NGXX1533
Bombohi NGXX1534
Bomboko NGXX1535
Bomboro NGXX1536
Bomboulassa NGXX5676
Bon Koukou NGXX1537
Bondaba NGXX5677
Bondiole NGXX5678
Bondiolo NGXX1538
Bondolo NGXX5679
Bondyagoure NGXX5680
Bondyo NGXX5681
Bonfeba NGXX5682
Bongo Koira NGXX5683
Bongoa NGXX0501
Bongokoire NGXX5684
Bongorou NGXX5685
Bongoudinde NGXX5686
Bongoukware NGXX5687
Bongoulo NGXX5688
Bongounji NGXX3144
Bongouro NGXX5689
Boni NGXX0034
Bonkoukou NGXX5690
Bonkwari NGXX5691
Bonoubonko NGXX1539
Bontalba Koara NGXX5692
Bontioulou NGXX5693
Boram NGXX5694
Bordj NGXX0225
Borezadeye NGXX1540
Borgo Gaya NGXX9356
Borgoberi NGXX5695
Borgogorou NGXX5696
Borgounawa NGXX9357
Borkolo NGXX0502
Bornesou NGXX9358
Borobou NGXX5697
Borogo NGXX1541
Borota NGXX3145
Borzanga NGXX7653
Bossa NGXX5698
Bossa Bangou NGXX5699
Bossadji NGXX1542
Bossey NGXX1543
Bossey Bangou NGXX5700
Bossey Zougou NGXX1544
Bosseye NGXX1545
Bossia NGXX1546
Bossia NGXX5701
Bossiegou NGXX5702
Bosso NGXX0035
Bosso NGXX5703
Bossokore NGXX5704
Bossomari NGXX0036
Bossossoua NGXX9359
Bossou Bangou NGXX5705
Bossoua NGXX9360
Botaro NGXX7655
Bouara NGXX9361
Boubawa NGXX1547
Boubawa NGXX3146
Boubdoum NGXX0503
Boubon NGXX0037
Boubou NGXX3147
Boubou Bangou NGXX5706
Bouboukwa NGXX0504
Bouboure NGXX5707
Boubourey Fandou NGXX5708
Bouboute NGXX9362
Boudaga NGXX5709
Boudaram NGXX0505
Boude NGXX5710
Boude NGXX7656
Boudeda NGXX5711
Boudefandou NGXX1548
Boudey NGXX9363
Boudidana NGXX1549
Boudioga NGXX5712
Boudjiri NGXX9364
Boudou NGXX3148
Boudou Gounari NGXX9365
Boudoukou NGXX3149
Boudoum NGXX0038
Boudounkwi NGXX7657
Boudwa NGXX0506
Boue NGXX3150
Bouga NGXX0226
Bougage NGXX9366
Bougaje Kore NGXX3151
Bougajye NGXX7658
Bougar NGXX5713
Bougardi NGXX9367
Bougdouma NGXX0507
Bougou NGXX1550
Bougou Malamdi NGXX0508
Bougoufen NGXX5714
Bougoulouram NGXX0509
Bougoum NGXX5715
Bougoum NGXX9368
Bougoun Gaba NGXX3152
Bougouram NGXX9369
Bouhoum NGXX1551
Boui NGXX1552
Bouji NGXX7659
Bouka Bouki NGXX1553
Boukagorou NGXX1554
Boukanda NGXX0039
Boukar Midi NGXX9370
Boukar-Boutouri NGXX0510
Boukardi NGXX0511
Boukari NGXX9371
Boukari Koyre NGXX5716
Boukarmangari NGXX0512
Boukata NGXX1555
Boukeen NGXX5717
Bouki NGXX1556
Boukoki NGXX5371
Boukou NGXX5718
Boukou NGXX9372
Boukou Beri NGXX5719
Boukoulou NGXX3153
Boukourou NGXX9373
Boula Ali NGXX0513
Boula Baragoua NGXX9374
Boula Berma NGXX0514
Boula Brin NGXX0516
Boula Darey NGXX5720
Boula Djibir NGXX0517
Boula Fandoga NGXX5721
Boula Gana NGXX0518
Boula Gandatie NGXX5722
Boula Kakadi NGXX0519
Boula Koura NGXX0520
Boula Koura NGXX9375
Boula Lawani NGXX0521
Boula Mari NGXX9376
Boula Ola NGXX1557
Boula-Koara NGXX1558
Boulaba NGXX5724
Boulaberim NGXX0525
Boulaberin NGXX9377
Boulabirin NGXX0526
Bouladji NGXX0527
Boulaga NGXX1559
Boulaji Karawa NGXX9379
Boulakwa NGXX0528
Boulal NGXX5725
Boulalari NGXX0529
Boulama NGXX3156
Boulama NGXX9380
Boulama Gana NGXX9381
Boulama Moussa NGXX3157
Boulamabiaram NGXX0530
Boulamabwaram NGXX0531
Boulamari Kyari NGXX0532
Boulamatari NGXX0533
Boulamba NGXX0534
Boulamiri NGXX0535
Boulangou NGXX0536
Boulangouyakou NGXX0537
Boulari Djikawa NGXX0538
Boulati NGXX0539
Boulatyasa NGXX0540
Boulayi NGXX0541
Boulboul NGXX1560
Boulboula NGXX9382
Boulboulao NGXX9383
Bouldoua NGXX0542
Boulel NGXX1561
Boulen Diame NGXX5726
Boulendo NGXX7660
Bouleya NGXX7661
Bouleyze Tiloa NGXX5727
Boulkagou NGXX5728
Boulkass NGXX5729
Boulke NGXX7662
Boulkordji Peul NGXX1564
Boulkordji Zarma NGXX1565
Boulleba NGXX5730
Boulli NGXX5731
Boulongou NGXX5732
Bouloswa NGXX0544
Boulouaga NGXX5733
Boulouboudji NGXX0545
Bouloukoutou NGXX1566
Bouloula NGXX9384
Bouloum NGXX7663
Bouloum Koucha NGXX3158
Boulounguey NGXX1567
Boulousou NGXX0546
Bouloussou NGXX9385
Boulouswa NGXX0547
Boultou NGXX3159
Boultou Fetemi NGXX9386
Boultoum NGXX0040
Boultouram NGXX0548
Bouma NGXX1568
Boumba NGXX1569
Boumbouga NGXX5734
Bounare NGXX9387
Boundiou Doki NGXX1570
Boundiri NGXX9388
Boundou NGXX5735
Boundou Doki NGXX1571
Boundou Goumye NGXX1572
Boundou Simti NGXX5736
Boundou Warou NGXX5737
Boundouga NGXX1573
Boune NGXX9389
Boune-Boune NGXX1574
Bounerire NGXX5738
Bounga Bounga NGXX5739
Boungou NGXX5740
Bouno Kalai NGXX5741
Bounou Kwara NGXX1575
Bountou NGXX9390
Bountou NGXX1576
Bounzo-Koara NGXX1577
Bouori NGXX0549
Bouppo NGXX5742
Boura NGXX5743
Bouraesso NGXX5744
Bourbaran NGXX9391
Bourbouli NGXX5745
Bourbourkabe NGXX5746
Bourbourou NGXX3160
Bourbouroua NGXX9392
Bourbourwa NGXX9393
Bourboutwa NGXX9394
Bourdami NGXX1578
Bourdatan NGXX9395
Bourdi NGXX7664
Bourdimi NGXX3161
Bourdodo NGXX9396
Bourdounga NGXX5747
Boureimi NGXX0041
Bourem Gejiram NGXX0550
Bourgami NGXX1579
Bourgouari NGXX0551
Bouringa NGXX1580
Bouringa Keyna NGXX1581
Bourkou NGXX9397
Bourkounari NGXX0552
Bourni NGXX0227
Bournodi NGXX9398
Bouroboure NGXX5748
Bourou Bangou NGXX5749
Bourou Baybay NGXX9399
Bourouboula NGXX0553
Bourouguita NGXX5751
Bouroum NGXX1582
Bouroum NGXX9400
Bouroum Bouroum NGXX9401
Bourourou NGXX9402
Bourtouli NGXX9403
Bousarage NGXX0042
Bouseyram NGXX0554
Boussarague NGXX7665
Boussari NGXX9404
Boutana NGXX1583
Boutay NGXX5752
Bouti NGXX0555
Boutkra NGXX9405
Boutoutou NGXX7666
Boutoutou Idi NGXX7667
Bouya NGXX9406
Bouza NGXX7668
Bouzaga NGXX7669
Bouzari NGXX9407
Bouzou Sougone NGXX3162
Bouzouk NGXX7670
Bouzouri NGXX9408
Bouzouzou NGXX1584
Bouzouzoum NGXX3163
Boy Boy NGXX1585
Boyanga NGXX5753
Boybangou NGXX1586
Boye Tchassa NGXX0556
Boyekarame NGXX7671
Boyenga NGXX0043
Boyey NGXX5754
Boyey Tondi NGXX5755
Bozozoa NGXX9409
Bramataro NGXX0557
Brandi NGXX9410
Breoua NGXX0558
Bressoua NGXX9411
Brigambou NGXX1587
Briji NGXX9412
Brinani NGXX5756
Broule NGXX3164
Chabare NGXX3165
Chadadie NGXX3166
Chadakori NGXX3167
Chadawanka NGXX7672
Chadeke NGXX7673
Chadi NGXX3168
Chadila NGXX9413
Chadouka NGXX3169
Chafa NGXX9414
Chafadade NGXX9415
Chafi NGXX9416
Chafouta NGXX3170
Chagadea NGXX0559
Chagala NGXX9417
Chagalawa NGXX3171
Chagya NGXX5757
Chakala NGXX9418
Chakalaga NGXX9419
Chakalounka NGXX9420
Chakounou NGXX9421
Chala NGXX3172
Chamagani NGXX3173
Chamaki NGXX9422
Chamat NGXX7674
Chamoeli NGXX9423
Chana NGXX9424
Changi NGXX9425
Chaniyar NGXX9426
Chanono NGXX1588
Chantalawa NGXX3174
Chantali NGXX3175
Chanyasou NGXX7675
Charaouda NGXX0560
Charin Dawa NGXX3176
Charouboutou NGXX9427
Charouna NGXX9428
Chatt NGXX5758
Chatye NGXX9429
Chawey NGXX3177
Chaya NGXX9430
Chayin Banza NGXX3178
Chazoumalia NGXX7676
Chelebe NGXX7677
Chema NGXX9431
Cheman Ala NGXX7678
Chemankoura NGXX9432
Chemawa NGXX7679
Chemidour NGXX0228
Chendigui NGXX9433
Chenia NGXX9434
Cheri NGXX0044
Cheta NGXX7680
Chetali NGXX7681
Chetao NGXX7682
Chetima-Chediri NGXX0561
Chetimari NGXX0562
Chia NGXX9435
Chichiwa NGXX9436
Chida Hala NGXX3179
Chietamala NGXX9437
Chiginawen NGXX7683
Chiguio NGXX7684
Chikal Chinyasou NGXX5759
Chikal Dourgouna NGXX5760
Chikal Ilela NGXX5761
Chikal Kware NGXX5762
Chikal Lokoko NGXX5763
Chiligui Dalen NGXX7685
Chim Berkawan NGXX5764
Chimo NGXX7686
Chin Eloua NGXX7687
Chin Elwe NGXX7688
Chin Fida Sao NGXX7689
Chin Gale NGXX7690
Chin Zowaga NGXX7691
Chinagaman NGXX5765
Chinagodrar NGXX5766
Chinawa NGXX7692
Chinawella NGXX5767
Chindigi NGXX7693
Chinyelga NGXX5768
Chipkao NGXX3180
Chirfa NGXX0229
Chirgagaou NGXX3181
Chirge NGXX3182
Chiria NGXX3183
Chiriaou NGXX9438
Chirineda NGXX1591
Chirkat NGXX3184
Chirkou NGXX9439
Chirmalek NGXX9440
Chiromari NGXX9441
Chiroua NGXX9442
Chitakamin NGXX0230
Chitouaray NGXX3185
Chojouyaski NGXX9443
Choki Elkardawa NGXX9444
Chokot NGXX7694
Chomatanga NGXX9445
Chouni NGXX9446
Chouri NGXX9447
Chya NGXX1592
Conga May Souma NGXX9448
Daba NGXX9449
Daba Massabki NGXX9450
Dabaga NGXX1593
Dabaga NGXX0231
Dabagi NGXX7695
Dabala NGXX3190
Dabalya NGXX0563
Dabara NGXX5769
Dabey NGXX5770
Dabey Koukou NGXX5771
Dabkoudeye NGXX1594
Dabnou NGXX0045
Dabo NGXX9451
Dabogo NGXX0564
Dabogoum-Kayawa NGXX0565
Dabos NGXX0232
Daboubou NGXX3191
Daboura NGXX3192
Dabre NGXX5772
Dabza NGXX1595
Dachel Barmo NGXX3193
Dachi NGXX3194
Dachiri NGXX9452
Dadani NGXX3199
Daden Kowa NGXX3200
Dadeo NGXX3201
Dadere NGXX0566
Dadi NGXX5773
Dadin Kowa NGXX3202
Dadin Serki NGXX9456
Dadin Tamro NGXX3203
Dadorya NGXX1596
Dafam NGXX1597
Dafawa NGXX7696
Daga NGXX5774
Dagalamari NGXX9457
Dagamanet NGXX0233
Dagamri NGXX0567
Daganou NGXX9458
Daganou Takabas NGXX9459
Dagaradi NGXX9460
Dagari Peul NGXX5775
Dagari Zarma NGXX5776
Dagazame NGXX9461
Dagazaria NGXX1598
Dagezouma NGXX7697
Dagilam NGXX9462
Dago Bougaje NGXX9463
Dagoje NGXX7698
Dagoram NGXX0568
Dagou NGXX7699
Dagouaje NGXX3204
Dagouji NGXX9464
Dagoum NGXX0569
Dagoumba Bougaje NGXX9465
Dagoumba Haoussa NGXX9466
Dagradi NGXX9467
Dahanideye NGXX1599
Dahounga NGXX5777
Daiberi NGXX5778
Daikaina NGXX5779
Dajimbara NGXX3205
Dajin Alilou NGXX3206
Dajin Arjika NGXX3207
Dajin Bala NGXX3208
Dajin Bawa NGXX3209
Dajin Biri NGXX3210
Dajin Korao NGXX3211
Daka-Lanke NGXX1600
Dakala Beri NGXX5782
Dakale Kouara NGXX5783
Dakare NGXX3212
Dakarka NGXX7700
Dakarou NGXX9468
Dakfao NGXX5784
Dakia NGXX3213
Dakie NGXX3214
Dakilawa NGXX7701
Dakola NGXX3215
Dakora NGXX9469
Dakora NGXX3216
Dakoro NGXX7702
Dakoro NGXX3217
Dakotde NGXX3218
Dakouma Bitiriri NGXX9471
Dakouma Didiari NGXX9472
Dakouma Limam NGXX9473
Dakourawa NGXX7703
Dakoussa NGXX9475
Daksa NGXX0570
Dalabou NGXX9476
Dalada NGXX9477
Daladi NGXX9478
Dalafel NGXX5785
Dalaguina NGXX9479
Dalari NGXX0571
Dalari NGXX9480
Dalawa NGXX3219
Dalawakou NGXX0572
Dalawey NGXX5786
Dalay NGXX0573
Dali NGXX9481
Dali Dali NGXX9482
Dalia NGXX3220
Dalle NGXX7704
Dallou NGXX9483
Dama NGXX3221
Dama Idi NGXX7705
Dama Tourou NGXX9484
Damadatchi NGXX3222
Damagaram NGXX0574
Damagaram Taker NGXX9485
Damakaho NGXX3223
Damale NGXX5787
Damama NGXX3224
Damana NGXX5788
Damana NGXX1601
Damaneuk NGXX9486
Damantey Saboa NGXX9487
Damantey Sofoa NGXX9488
Damao NGXX3225
Damaou NGXX9489
Damargouraji NGXX9490
Damargowa NGXX9491
Damari NGXX1602
Damari NGXX5789
Damarke NGXX3226
Damarke NGXX5790
Damatawa NGXX7706
Damayai NGXX7707
Damayiram NGXX9492
Damayou Bougaje NGXX9493
Damayou Haoussa NGXX9494
Dambade NGXX3227
Dambangiro NGXX5791
Dambazi NGXX1603
Dambo NGXX3228
Dambou NGXX5792
Dameli NGXX3229
Damemoi-Koara NGXX1604
Dametoka NGXX5793
Damfon NGXX7708
Dammakie NGXX9495
Damni NGXX7709
Damori NGXX9496
Damou NGXX3230
Damou Boukar NGXX9497
Damou Kaodi NGXX9498
Damouram NGXX9499
Damoussa NGXX3231
Damtia NGXX9500
Dan Abdou NGXX9501
Dan Abdou NGXX3232
Dan Adi NGXX3233
Dan Adoua NGXX3234
Dan Adwa NGXX3235
Dan Adware NGXX9502
Dan Ahi NGXX3236
Dan Aicha NGXX3237
Dan Ajara NGXX3238
Dan Alasan NGXX3239
Dan Albawa NGXX3240
Dan Alia NGXX3241
Dan Amanta NGXX9503
Dan Amaria NGXX3242
Dan Amarya NGXX3243
Dan Amina NGXX3244
Dan Ango NGXX3245
Dan Anza NGXX3246
Dan Aori NGXX9504
Dan Are NGXX3247
Dan Aro NGXX3248
Dan Arou Hassane NGXX3249
Dan Arou Tambari NGXX3250
Dan Askia NGXX3251
Dan Askya NGXX3253
Dan Azoumi NGXX9505
Dan Ba Baganzame NGXX3254
Dan Ba-Kouana NGXX3255
Dan Ba-nama NGXX9506
Dan Baba NGXX9507
Dan Baba NGXX3256
Dan Badada NGXX9508
Dan Badaou NGXX3257
Dan Badi NGXX9509
Dan Bagari NGXX3258
Dan Bago NGXX3259
Dan Bagou NGXX3260
Dan Bahago NGXX3261
Dan Baki NGXX9512
Dan Baki NGXX3263
Dan Bako NGXX9513
Dan Bako Saboua NGXX3264
Dan Bakoli NGXX9514
Dan Bakoy NGXX3265
Dan Balao NGXX3266
Dan Bali NGXX9515
Dan Banas NGXX9516
Dan Bangou NGXX3267
Dan Bao NGXX9517
Dan Baou NGXX3268
Dan Baouchi NGXX3269
Dan Baoussawa NGXX3270
Dan Baraouka NGXX3271
Dan Barde NGXX9518
Dan Barko NGXX9519
Dan Barno NGXX3272
Dan Barto NGXX9520
Dan Batata NGXX9521
Dan Bazao NGXX9522
Dan Bindji NGXX1605
Dan Binta NGXX3273
Dan Biri NGXX9523
Dan Biri NGXX3274
Dan Birji NGXX9524
Dan Boka NGXX3275
Dan Boude NGXX3276
Dan Bourasa NGXX9527
Dan Bouzou NGXX3277
Dan Bouzwa NGXX3278
Dan Chamoua NGXX9528
Dan Chamoua B. NGXX9529
Dan Chatji NGXX3279
Dan Chema NGXX3280
Dan Dabaza NGXX3281
Dan Dabo NGXX3282
Dan Dada NGXX3283
Dan Dagi NGXX3284
Dan Dagouma NGXX3285
Dan Daji NGXX7710
Dan Daji Bako NGXX3286
Dan Dakay NGXX9530
Dan Dalla NGXX9531
Dan Damao NGXX3287
Dan Damou NGXX3288
Dan Dania NGXX3289
Dan Daoudou NGXX3290
Dan Daoura NGXX9532
Dan Dardou NGXX9533
Dan Dasey NGXX3291
Dan Dawa NGXX3292
Dan Dawa Foulani NGXX3293
Dan Dawaye NGXX3294
Dan Dawe NGXX3295
Dan Dawo NGXX3296
Dan Degueji NGXX3297
Dan Diba NGXX3298
Dan Dissa NGXX9534
Dan Doa NGXX3299
Dan Dodo NGXX3300
Dan Dola NGXX3301
Dan Doto NGXX3302
Dan Doukie NGXX3303
Dan Douna NGXX7711
Dan Douna NGXX3304
Dan Doutchi NGXX7712
Dan Doutchi NGXX3305
Dan Drouey NGXX9535
Dan Fachima NGXX3306
Dan Fali NGXX9536
Dan Falke NGXX3307
Dan Fari NGXX3308
Dan Faro NGXX3309
Dan Farou NGXX3310
Dan Fatchima NGXX3311
Dan Fati NGXX3312
Dan Foulo NGXX9537
Dan Fouri NGXX3313
Dan Gadawa NGXX3314
Dan Gado NGXX3315
Dan Gaida NGXX3316
Dan Gajere NGXX3317
Dan Gajira NGXX9538
Dan Galadima NGXX0046
Dan Gali NGXX3318
Dan Gambo NGXX3319
Dan Gamji NGXX3320
Dan Ganga NGXX3321
Dan Ganmbo NGXX9539
Dan Gantamawa NGXX3322
Dan Gao NGXX3323
Dan Gao NGXX9540
Dan Gara NGXX9541
Dan Gara NGXX3324
Dan Gara Saboa NGXX3325
Dan Garewa NGXX9542
Dan Gari NGXX3326
Dan Garki NGXX9543
Dan Garki NGXX3327
Dan Gatamaou NGXX3328
Dan Gaya NGXX3329
Dan Gezababan NGXX9544
Dan Gezakarama NGXX9545
Dan Gida NGXX7713
Dan Gizo NGXX3330
Dan Gobirawa NGXX3331
Dan Gobo NGXX3332
Dan Godi NGXX9546
Dan Gojia NGXX9547
Dan Goma NGXX3333
Dan Goma NGXX9548
Dan Gona NGXX0047
Dan Gouari NGXX9549
Dan Gouari NGXX3334
Dan Goudaou NGXX9550
Dan Gouiwa NGXX3335
Dan Goulando NGXX9551
Dan Goulbi NGXX0048
Dan Goulbi NGXX5794
Dan Gouma NGXX9552
Dan Gwari NGXX3337
Dan Gwiwa NGXX3338
Dan Habi NGXX3339
Dan Habou NGXX9553
Dan Hali NGXX3340
Dan Haouwa NGXX9554
Dan Hay NGXX7714
Dan Hountoua NGXX9555
Dan Ijo NGXX3341
Dan Ijo Kondilo NGXX3342
Dan Ila NGXX3343
Dan Issa NGXX3344
Dan Ja NGXX3345
Dan Ja Amoute NGXX3346
Dan JaKey NGXX9556
Dan Jaki NGXX3347
Dan Jaoudi NGXX3348
Dan Jato NGXX3349
Dan Jigawa NGXX9557
Dan Jiko NGXX3350
Dan Jirgaou NGXX3351
Dan Joumma NGXX3352
Dan Kabawa NGXX9558
Dan Kabou NGXX9559
Dan Kada NGXX3354
Dan Kada NGXX9560
Dan Kade NGXX3355
Dan Kade NGXX9561
Dan Kadou NGXX3356
Dan Kadou NGXX7715
Dan Kahi NGXX3357
Dan Kaka NGXX3358
Dan Kala NGXX9562
Dan Kalgo NGXX3359
Dan Kali NGXX3360
Dan Kanasa NGXX9563
Dan Kande NGXX9564
Dan Kande NGXX7716
Dan Kande NGXX3361
Dan Kandili NGXX3362
Dan Kane NGXX3363
Dan Kano NGXX3364
Dan Kaora NGXX9565
Dan Karami NGXX3365
Dan Karami NGXX9566
Dan Kari NGXX3366
Dan Kasseri NGXX7717
Dan Katchao NGXX9567
Dan Katchar NGXX9568
Dan Keche NGXX3367
Dan Ketou NGXX3368
Dan Kibi NGXX9569
Dan Kibia Arewa NGXX3369
Dan Kika NGXX3371
Dan Kiri NGXX3372
Dan Kisko NGXX3373
Dan Kognao NGXX3374
Dan Kole NGXX9570
Dan Kolio Yamma NGXX3375
Dan Kore NGXX9571
Dan Korey NGXX9572
Dan Kori NGXX3376
Dan Koti NGXX9573
Dan Kouara NGXX3377
Dan Kouaram NGXX9574
Dan Koulou NGXX3378
Dan Koumissi NGXX3379
Dan Koumtchi NGXX3380
Dan Kounkourou NGXX3381
Dan Kourtchi NGXX9575
Dan Koussou NGXX3382
Dan Koyla NGXX3383
Dan Kurchi NGXX9576
Dan Kwantaro NGXX3384
Dan Kyama NGXX9577
Dan Kyetay NGXX9578
Dan Lala Sofoua NGXX3385
Dan Laro NGXX3386
Dan Lodi NGXX7718
Dan Madatchi NGXX3387
Dan Madi NGXX3388
Dan Madotchi NGXX3389
Dan Madougou NGXX3390
Dan Maimouna NGXX3391
Dan Mairam NGXX9579
Dan Mairi NGXX3392
Dan Mairo NGXX3393
Dan Makamnia NGXX9581
Dan Makao NGXX3395
Dan Makiawa NGXX3396
Dan Malam NGXX3397
Dan Malam Waje NGXX3400
Dan Mama NGXX3402
Dan Marke NGXX3403
Dan Markye I NGXX9582
Dan Markye II NGXX9583
Dan Massami NGXX3404
Dan Mayaki Zenou NGXX3405
Dan Mayro NGXX3406
Dan Maza NGXX3407
Dan Mele NGXX9584
Dan Mewasa NGXX3408
Dan Mja NGXX9585
Dan Moa NGXX3409
Dan Mourafou NGXX7719
Dan Moussa NGXX3410
Dan Nani NGXX3411
Dan Nomo NGXX9586
Dan Ourgui NGXX3412
Dan Outou NGXX3413
Dan Rabi NGXX9587
Dan Rago NGXX3414
Dan Rani NGXX3415
Dan Sa NGXX9589
Dan Saali NGXX9590
Dan Saga NGXX3416
Dan Sali NGXX3417
Dan Sara NGXX9591
Dan Sara NGXX3418
Dan Sarko NGXX3419
Dan Sofo NGXX9592
Dan Sogogil NGXX7720
Dan Sounsou NGXX3420
Dan Souri NGXX3421
Dan Tagoua NGXX3423
Dan Takaba NGXX3424
Dan Takiara NGXX3425
Dan Takobo NGXX3426
Dan Tala NGXX9593
Dan Talouche NGXX3427
Dan Tambara NGXX3428
Dan Tankari NGXX3429
Dan Taori NGXX3430
Dan Tari NGXX7721
Dan Taro NGXX3431
Dan Tawoye NGXX3432
Dan Tchado NGXX3433
Dan Tchaki NGXX9594
Dan Tchatchi NGXX3434
Dan Tchedia NGXX9595
Dan Tchele NGXX9596
Dan Tchiako NGXX3435
Dan Tchibaou NGXX9597
Dan Tchili NGXX3436
Dan Tchinwe NGXX3437
Dan Tchinya NGXX3438
Dan Tchiro NGXX0049
Dan Togoy NGXX9598
Dan Tombi NGXX9599
Dan Tomo NGXX3440
Dan Tonkou NGXX3441
Dan Totchi NGXX7722
Dan Toudou NGXX7723
Dan Toudou I NGXX7724
Dan Touhdou NGXX7725
Dan Toumbi NGXX3444
Dan Tounou NGXX7726
Dan Tourke NGXX3445
Dan Tourou NGXX3446
Dan Wanzam NGXX7727
Dan Ya NGXX3447
Dan Yaba NGXX3448
Dan Yachi NGXX3449
Dan Yae NGXX1606
Dan Yaya NGXX3451
Dan Yia NGXX3452
Dan Zabaya NGXX3453
Dan Zabia NGXX9600
Dan Zabo NGXX3454
Dan Zabou NGXX3455
Dan Zaki NGXX3456
Dan Zangon NGXX7728
Dan Zata NGXX7729
Dan Zenke NGXX3457
Dan Zeyna NGXX3458
Dan Zeynou NGXX3459
Dan Zoure NGXX9601
Dan-Abeda NGXX7730
Dan-Makery NGXX7731
Dana NGXX9602
Danana Bougaje NGXX9603
Danana Haoussa NGXX9604
Danchia NGXX9605
Danda NGXX1607
Dandagoum NGXX1608
Dandala NGXX5795
Dandala NGXX1609
Dandaloa NGXX0575
Dandari NGXX0576
Dandari Kyari NGXX0577
Dandire NGXX5796
Dandire NGXX1610
Dandokoye-Koara NGXX1611
Danefandou NGXX1612
Daneki NGXX9606
Daneki Bougaje NGXX9607
Danewane NGXX0578
Danga NGXX0050
Danga Beri NGXX1613
Danga Daouda NGXX5797
Dangada Amadou NGXX7732
Dangada Toudou NGXX7733
Dangada Wanke NGXX7734
Dangai NGXX5798
Dangala NGXX5799
Dangali NGXX3460
Dangana NGXX7735
Dangare NGXX5800
Dangari NGXX7736
Dangari NGXX1614
Dangayen NGXX5801
Dango NGXX3461
Dango NGXX9608
Dangone NGXX3462
Dangoum NGXX9609
Danguchi NGXX9610
Danguey Gorou NGXX5802
Dangwaram NGXX0579
Dania NGXX9611
Dania NGXX7737
Dania Banza NGXX3463
Daniakou NGXX1615
Daniare NGXX1616
Danja NGXX3464
Dankaliram NGXX9612
Dankama NGXX5803
Dankiandou NGXX1617
Danko NGXX3465
Dankoukou NGXX5804
Dano NGXX3466
Dantarbo NGXX9613
Dantata NGXX9614
Dantiandou NGXX0051
Dantiandou Tegui NGXX5806
Dantoulou NGXX1618
Danya NGXX7738
Danya NGXX1619
Danya NGXX9615
Danya Achya NGXX5807
Danya Maykogo NGXX9617
Danyae NGXX5808
Danyan NGXX5809
Danyan Goma NGXX5810
Danzabo NGXX3467
Dao Marke NGXX9618
Dao Timmi NGXX0234
Dao-Koara NGXX1620
Daodari NGXX9619
Daoua Djaoura NGXX9620
Daouaraya NGXX9621
Daouche NGXX9622
Daouda NGXX9623
Daouda Bangou NGXX5811
Daoudari NGXX9624
Daoudawa NGXX3468
Daoudedeye NGXX1621
Daoudou NGXX9625
Daoukalam NGXX9626
Daoulere Rafi NGXX7739
Daoulere Toudou NGXX7740
Daoundou NGXX5813
Daoura NGXX9627
Daourawa NGXX3469
Daoure NGXX9628
Daourere NGXX7741
Daoutawa NGXX3470
Daoutia Gabes NGXX9629
Daoutia Kogo NGXX9630
Daouya NGXX0580
Daouya NGXX3471
Dar Salam NGXX5814
Dar Salami NGXX5815
Dara NGXX5816
Dara NGXX9632
Dara Amadou NGXX3472
Darabra NGXX7742
Daraina NGXX5817
Darakou NGXX7743
Darankarat NGXX7744
Daratcham NGXX9633
Daratchama NGXX9634
Daratou NGXX3473
Darba NGXX7745
Darbani NGXX5818
Darboundey NGXX5819
Dare NGXX5820
Dare NGXX9635
Dare Salam NGXX7746
Dare-Maliki NGXX1622
Daregan NGXX1623
Daregoudji NGXX1624
Darey NGXX5823
Darey NGXX3474
Darey NGXX7747
Darey Beri NGXX5824
Darey Karimou NGXX1625
Dareygorou NGXX5825
Dargal NGXX9636
Dargaza NGXX3475
Darge NGXX3476
Dargol NGXX0052
Dargol Badio NGXX1626
Dargol Hamidou NGXX1627
Dargorou NGXX5826
Dargue NGXX0053
Darguiti NGXX5827
Darigue NGXX7748
Darkiende NGXX5828
Darma Salmiram NGXX9637
Darto NGXX3477
Dasoram NGXX0581
Dasorom NGXX0582
Datilawa Zangon NGXX7749
Daugu NGXX7750
Dawaki NGXX3478
Dawaki NGXX7751
Dawaki El Hadji NGXX7752
Dawan Baouchi NGXX9638
Dawan Bayi NGXX9639
Dawan Kayago NGXX3479
Dawanyala NGXX9640
Dawe NGXX3480
Dawougarani NGXX0583
Dawst NGXX9641
Day Kouara NGXX5829
Dayabo NGXX7753
Dayaondo NGXX5830
Dazaga NGXX7754
Dazin Saka NGXX7755
Deba NGXX5831
Debe Debe Djerma NGXX1628
Debe Debe Peul NGXX1629
Debere NGXX5832
Debere Gati NGXX5833
Deberikyabbi NGXX5834
Debey NGXX5835
Debi NGXX3481
Debiel NGXX5836
Debon NGXX5837
Dede Kwara NGXX1630
Deguema NGXX5838
Deitegui NGXX1631
Deitegui-Amani NGXX1632
Deitegui-Kaina NGXX1633
Dekala NGXX5839
Dekedeke NGXX5840
Deket NGXX7756
Delakoyre NGXX5841
Delam NGXX9642
Delaram NGXX9643
Delawa NGXX0584
Delbou NGXX3482
Dele NGXX5842
Deleram NGXX0585
Dellakori NGXX9644
Delli NGXX9645
Delora NGXX5845
Deloua NGXX9646
Deloum NGXX0586
Dembaoua NGXX9647
Dembebe NGXX3483
Denia NGXX7757
Denjia NGXX9648
Denya NGXX7758
Denya NGXX5846
Deoua NGXX0587
Deoula NGXX9649
Deoule NGXX7759
Derdi NGXX9650
Dere-Koara NGXX1635
Dereram NGXX9651
Dergaza NGXX9652
Derie NGXX5847
Deriki NGXX1636
Deroji NGXX7760
Desa NGXX7761
Dessa NGXX5848
Deugache NGXX9653
Dey NGXX5849
Dey Guinde NGXX5850
Dey Koukou NGXX1637
Dey Koukou Est NGXX1638
Dey Tagui NGXX0054
Dey Tegi NGXX5851
Dey Tegui NGXX1639
Dey Tegui NGXX5852
Dey Tegui Amadou NGXX1640
Dey Tegui Gorou NGXX5853
Dey Tegui Moussa NGXX1641
Deya NGXX0588
Deye NGXX5854
Deygorou NGXX1642
Deysa NGXX0589
Deysa Toubou NGXX0590
Deytegui-Assane NGXX1643
Deytegui-Made NGXX1644
Deytegui-Noma NGXX1645
Deytegui-Yarou NGXX1646
Deyteguiberi NGXX1647
Deyteguifandou NGXX1648
Deytigui Atili NGXX1649
Deytigui-Niondou NGXX1650
Deyze NGXX5855
Deze-Koara NGXX1652
Dia NGXX0591
Diab Beri NGXX5856
Diab Kaina NGXX5857
Diabati Peul NGXX5858
Diabati Zarma NGXX5859
Diabo Dey NGXX1653
Diadire NGXX5860
Diado NGXX3484
Diagoga NGXX5861
Diagorou NGXX5862
Diaja NGXX7762
Diake-Koara NGXX1654
Diakindi NGXX0055
Diale NGXX5863
Diamarizedey NGXX1655
Diambabadeye NGXX1656
Diamibougari NGXX1657
Diamiowe NGXX5864
Diamiowe NGXX5372
Dianbourey NGXX5865
Diandian-Diori NGXX5866
Diangari NGXX0592
Diango Malambar NGXX9654
Diankondi NGXX5867
Diantega NGXX1658
Diapanga NGXX5868
Diawando NGXX1660
Diayam NGXX5870
Diayel NGXX5871
Dibilo NGXX5872
Dibinoa NGXX0593
Dibinoa NGXX9655
Dibisou NGXX7763
Diboni NGXX7764
Didia NGXX5873
Didiki NGXX9656
Didiri NGXX9657
Diebane NGXX5874
Diegoua NGXX9658
Diema NGXX3485
Diembinedi NGXX1661
Diemouni NGXX9659
Diendiang-Koara NGXX1662
Dieno Koara NGXX5875
Dieoua NGXX9660
Diere-Koara NGXX1663
Dietkoram NGXX0594
Dietkorom NGXX0595
Diffa NGXX0011
Diga NGXX0596
Digaba NGXX3487
Digani NGXX7765
Digargo NGXX0597
Digari Kouna NGXX9661
Digaya NGXX0598
Digina NGXX5876
Diginasa NGXX5877
Diginasa Kaina NGXX5878
Digine NGXX0599
Diguimoua NGXX9662
Diguinassama NGXX5879
Dijiliki Debere NGXX5880
Diki NGXX3488
Diki NGXX1664
Dikitan NGXX7766
Dikore NGXX5881
Dillia Tefidinga NGXX0600
Dillo NGXX3489
Dimagh NGXX9663
Dimiskir NGXX9664
Dina Hondo NGXX5882
Dina Kandawa NGXX9665
Dinagha NGXX5883
Dinaiberi NGXX1665
Dinara NGXX5884
Dinawa NGXX9666
Dindi NGXX7767
Dindiel NGXX5885
Dindou Bani NGXX5886
Dine NGXX5887
Dinedo NGXX5888
Dineguidi NGXX1666
Diney NGXX5889
Diney Zougou NGXX1667
Dineze NGXX5890
Dingabon NGXX5891
Dingas NGXX0601
Dingas-Koura NGXX0602
Dingazi Banda NGXX5892
Dingazi Laba NGXX5893
Dingoaba NGXX5895
Dinka NGXX5896
Dinkeda NGXX1668
Dinki NGXX5897
Dinkildimi NGXX5898
Dinkim NGXX7768
Dinti Bangou NGXX5899
Dioga NGXX5900
Diokole NGXX1669
Diokoti NGXX5901
Diokoti Lamorde NGXX5902
Diokoti Say NGXX5903
Diolai NGXX0057
Diolay Dialoube NGXX5904
Diolay Gourmabe NGXX5905
Diolay Guedel NGXX5906
Diole NGXX5907
Diole Fandou NGXX5908
Diole Ganda NGXX5909
Diom NGXX9667
Diomana NGXX5910
Diomoto NGXX9668
Dion NGXX9669
Dionane NGXX5911
Diongo Amadou Be NGXX9670
Diongo Bougazie NGXX3490
Diongo Lodi NGXX9671
Diongomari NGXX0603
Dionte Koirebio NGXX5912
Dionte Niargou NGXX5913
Dioubourga NGXX5914
Dioundiou NGXX1670
Dioure NGXX0058
Dira NGXX0604
Dire NGXX9674
Dirga NGXX5915
Dirgouna NGXX3491
Dirgya NGXX0605
Diri Bangou NGXX5916
Dirim NGXX5917
Dirimi NGXX9675
Dirkou NGXX0059
Dissiride NGXX5918
Ditchimba NGXX0606
Ditkou NGXX9676
Djaba NGXX0235
Djabalam NGXX0607
Djabalam Gousou NGXX0608
Djaballa Baloua NGXX0609
Djaboulam II NGXX0610
Djadja NGXX3492
Djadjae NGXX9677
Djado NGXX0236
Djagabari NGXX0611
Djaji Douna NGXX9678
Djakata NGXX1671
Djali NGXX3493
Djami NGXX5919
Djamoun NGXX5920
Djan Toulou NGXX5921
Djarkasa NGXX7769
Djassarey NGXX1672
Djataoram NGXX0612
Djawalki NGXX7770
Djayao NGXX7771
Djebia NGXX5922
Djema NGXX9680
Djeney NGXX9681
Djenia NGXX3494
Djeouta NGXX9682
Djere NGXX9683
Djererea NGXX0613
Djerma Gandey NGXX5923
Djermey NGXX5924
Djialkasa NGXX9684
Djibale NGXX7772
Djibato NGXX9685
Djibella NGXX0237
Djibi Sofoa NGXX3495
Djibri NGXX9686
Djibri NGXX0060
Djibrin NGXX9687
Djida NGXX5925
Djidenga NGXX0614
Djidji Gadori NGXX0615
Djiga NGXX5926
Djigaouara NGXX7773
Djigarom NGXX9688
Djigendemi NGXX0616
Djiko NGXX7774
Djiko NGXX3496
Djiliki Foulbe NGXX5927
Djin Guilma NGXX3497
Djina NGXX9689
Djinguines NGXX0061
Djinjima NGXX7775
Djinkebi NGXX9690
Djino Bangou NGXX5928
Djiratawa NGXX3498
Djiri Koara NGXX5929
Djirin Karimboa NGXX9691
Djirip NGXX9692
Djogobari NGXX0617
Djongo NGXX5930
Djongouna NGXX3499
Djori-Koulo NGXX0618
Djoubatoua NGXX9693
Djoukoutouri NGXX0619
Djoure NGXX5931
Djrilmeye-Koara NGXX1673
Doba NGXX9694
Dobagawa NGXX7776
Dobo NGXX3500
Doboda NGXX5932
Dobouyendi NGXX9695
Doche NGXX3501
Dodamey NGXX5933
Dodo NGXX3502
Dodo NGXX7777
Dodori NGXX3503
Dodori NGXX9696
Doga NGXX1674
Doga NGXX5934
Doga NGXX3504
Dogadye NGXX5935
Dogae NGXX9697
Dogaga NGXX5936
Dogarawa NGXX3505
Dogari NGXX3506
Dogasso NGXX9698
Dogerawa NGXX7778
Dogo NGXX9699
Dogo Dogo NGXX9700
Dogo Koira NGXX5937
Dogo Kouria NGXX3508
Dogo Kwara NGXX1675
Dogo-Koara NGXX1676
Dogofol NGXX5938
Dogol Kiria NGXX9701
Dogon Banza NGXX5939
Dogon Baouchi NGXX3509
Dogon Chimgue NGXX3510
Dogon Chouri NGXX9702
Dogon Daji NGXX7779
Dogon Daji NGXX5940
Dogon Daji NGXX1677
Dogon Dawa NGXX3511
Dogon Dawa NGXX9703
Dogon Farou NGXX3512
Dogon Gao NGXX5941
Dogon Gao NGXX1679
Dogon Gao NGXX9704
Dogon Gao Zodi NGXX5942
Dogon Gona NGXX7780
Dogon Hano NGXX3513
Dogon Itche NGXX3514
Dogon Jima NGXX3515
Dogon Kirya NGXX1680
Dogon Koli NGXX9705
Dogon Maji NGXX9706
Dogon Makochi NGXX3516
Dogon Marke NGXX3517
Dogon Marke NGXX7781
Dogon Marki NGXX9707
Dogon Markye NGXX9708
Dogon Rijia NGXX9709
Dogon Samia NGXX9710
Dogon Tabki NGXX3518
Dogon Tapkin NGXX1681
Dogon Taramnia NGXX3519
Dogon Toudou NGXX9711
Dogon Toudou NGXX7782
Dogondawa NGXX3520
Dogondoutchi NGXX1682
Dogongona NGXX9712
Dogonsouri NGXX9713
Dogoram NGXX0620
Doguel Guede NGXX5944
Doguel Kaina NGXX5945
Dogueraoua NGXX0062
Dohinguel NGXX9714
Doki NGXX3521
Dokimana NGXX5946
Doko-Tombo NGXX1683
Dokoradi NGXX0621
Dokoro NGXX7783
Dokourou NGXX9715
Dol Tchourie NGXX9716
Dolbel NGXX5947
Doldol NGXX1684
Dole NGXX1685
Dole NGXX7784
Dolerom NGXX9717
Dolewa NGXX5948
Doli NGXX9718
Doli NGXX3522
Doli NGXX7785
Doli NGXX1686
Dolli NGXX9719
Dolohi NGXX5949
Dombossedeye NGXX1687
Domiji NGXX9720
Doney NGXX7786
Doney Salame NGXX7787
Dongha NGXX5950
Dongozawa NGXX3523
Dongwali NGXX7788
Donko Koara NGXX5951
Donlaga NGXX1688
Donoudibi NGXX1689
Doramawa NGXX3524
Dori NGXX5952
Dorobobo NGXX5953
Dorozi NGXX5954
Dose NGXX0622
Dosey NGXX0063
Dossano NGXX9721
Dosso NGXX1690
Dotoukou NGXX9722
Doua NGXX5955
Doualaga NGXX1691
Doubagara NGXX9723
Doubalma NGXX1692
Doubawa NGXX3525
Doubeji NGXX9724
Doubel NGXX1693
Doubelma NGXX1694
Doubo NGXX0623
Douboufo NGXX9725
Douboula NGXX9726
Doubwindi NGXX9727
Doudahe NGXX7789
Doudan NGXX7790
Doudaugoure NGXX5956
Doudebey Baba NGXX7791
Doudebey Karama NGXX7792
Doudo NGXX1695
Doudou NGXX9728
Doudou Koira NGXX5957
Doufoumbara NGXX0064
Dougou NGXX5958
Dougoulitan NGXX7793
Dougouna NGXX7794
Dougouni NGXX0624
Dougoura NGXX9729
Dougoura NGXX0625
Dougouri NGXX0626
Dougouroum NGXX0627
Dougourwa NGXX0628
Douhoua NGXX7795
Douhoun Bara NGXX3526
Doukana NGXX3527
Doukou Doukou NGXX3528
Doukou-Doukou NGXX3529
Doukouna NGXX7796
Doula NGXX1696
Doulgou NGXX5959
Doulou NGXX3530
Doulounfou NGXX7797
Doulsou NGXX5960
Douma NGXX3531
Doumaloha NGXX5961
Doumana NGXX3532
Doumana Ara NGXX3533
Doumangada NGXX3535
Doumani NGXX1697
Doumankada NGXX3536
Doumba NGXX5962
Doumba NGXX0238
Doumbari NGXX9732
Doumbawa NGXX9733
Doumbizao NGXX9734
Doumbol NGXX9735
Doumbou NGXX7798
Doumbougi NGXX1698
Doumboula NGXX0629
Doumbouram NGXX0630
Doumbousga NGXX7799
Doumdaye NGXX3537
Doumega NGXX1699
Doumiari NGXX0239
Doumoa NGXX0631
Doumoukada NGXX9736
Doumoumougle NGXX9737
Doumyo NGXX9738
Doun Mouchi NGXX9739
Doun-Fourouma NGXX7800
Douna NGXX5963
Dounamari NGXX0632
Dounawa NGXX9740
Doundae NGXX7801
Doundae NGXX1700
Doundaye NGXX1701
Doundiel NGXX5964
Doundo Ara NGXX5965
Doundou NGXX3538
Doundou NGXX9741
Doundoubangou NGXX5966
Doundoufawa NGXX3539
Doundougorou NGXX1702
Doundoumo NGXX3540
Doundwa NGXX0633
Doungou NGXX9742
Doungou Boutou NGXX9743
Doungou Haoussa NGXX0065
Doungoul Faram NGXX9744
Doungoula NGXX7802
Doungouram NGXX9745
Doungourawa NGXX9746
Doungouro NGXX0066
Doungourousou NGXX9747
Dounguel NGXX5967
Dounkola NGXX1703
Dounkoula NGXX7803
Dounme NGXX1704
Douno Mari NGXX9748
Douptyari NGXX0634
Douri NGXX0635
Douro NGXX0636
Douroua NGXX9749
Dourougou Gamji NGXX3541
Dourougouna NGXX5968
Dourougouna NGXX1705
Doutchi NGXX7804
Doutchi NGXX9750
Doutchi Bila NGXX9751
Doutchi Doubou NGXX7805
Doutchi Koura NGXX3542
Doutchi Koura NGXX9752
Doutchi Sakaro NGXX7806
Doutchi Zana NGXX7807
Doutchin Begoua NGXX3543
Doutchin Dila NGXX9753
Doutchin Koura NGXX9754
Doutchin Zoulou NGXX9755
Doutouel NGXX5969
Doutoufouk NGXX9756
Doutyi NGXX7808
Douzounkoura NGXX9757
Drigana NGXX0240
Drikwa NGXX9758
Droubata NGXX7809
Drouel NGXX1706
Drouel Peul NGXX1707
Droum Kafi NGXX9759
Droum Malori NGXX0067
Duda Kouara NGXX5970
Dumboulogo NGXX3544
Duna NGXX5971
Dunari NGXX9760
Dungas NGXX0068
Dyabatikya NGXX0637
Dyabou NGXX5972
Dyadjiritjoula NGXX0638
Dyadyoubo NGXX0639
Dyafartouga NGXX1708
Dyagaremaram NGXX0640
Dyagoga NGXX5973
Dyala-Koleyri NGXX0641
Dyalaganari NGXX0642
Dyalori NGXX9761
Dyamongou NGXX5974
Dyanemaram NGXX0643
Dyangiri NGXX0644
Dyaramidi NGXX0645
Dyatyano NGXX5975
Dyawal Kwara NGXX1709
Dyaye NGXX5976
Dyeboukiria NGXX1710
Dyegwa NGXX9762
Dyemeykoyire NGXX5977
Dyena NGXX9763
Dyero Kwara NGXX1711
Dyetkori NGXX9764
Dyina NGXX5978
Dyoboize Kwara NGXX1712
Dyongore NGXX5979
Dyonkoto NGXX1713
Dyonkoto NGXX5980
Dyougoulou NGXX0646
Dyougounoumaram NGXX0069
Dyougounoumaram NGXX0647
Dyouloum NGXX0648
Dyowol NGXX1714
Dzituma NGXX0649
Ebiyen NGXX1715
Edama NGXX7810
Edel NGXX7811
Edikin Gardaoua NGXX7812
Edikin Gorey NGXX7813
Edikin Ibrina NGXX7814
Edikin Jibalaoua NGXX7815
Edikin Mazazabi NGXX7816
Edir NGXX0070
Ediri Mohamam NGXX7817
Ediri Wantaza NGXX7818
Edouka NGXX7819
Efei-n- Azeba NGXX0241
Efewachren NGXX0242
Egawan NGXX3545
Egedi NGXX3546
Egela NGXX7820
Egharghar NGXX0243
Eghel Gaouene NGXX0244
Eguebango NGXX5982
Egueyengueye NGXX0245
Ehabata NGXX0246
Ekaba NGXX3547
Ekane NGXX9765
Ekiegana NGXX9766
Ekokia NGXX3548
Ekrafane NGXX5983
El Dala NGXX3549
El Dania NGXX3550
El Goula NGXX3551
El Hazey NGXX9767
El Kouka NGXX3552
El Kouka NGXX9768
El Mayahi NGXX3553
El Mayahi-Sud NGXX3554
Eldjimma NGXX0247
Elekaora NGXX7821
Eleouayene NGXX5984
Elghafiat NGXX7822
Elghech NGXX0248
Eliki NGXX3555
Eliki Gounda NGXX9769
Elkadaya NGXX9770
Elkardawa NGXX9771
Elkaswora NGXX3556
Elmad NGXX7823
Elmeki NGXX0249
Elok NGXX0250
Elou NGXX3557
Eloum NGXX3558
Emedid NGXX0251
Emeleoule NGXX0252
Emi Tchouma NGXX0071
Emiri NGXX7824
En-Dargazin NGXX9772
Enat NGXX0253
Enates NGXX1716
Enegar NGXX7825
Enzangou NGXX3559
Eouei NGXX0254
Eouelem NGXX0255
Erama NGXX3560
Eras NGXX7826
Ercrou NGXX5985
Eredemke NGXX1717
Erene NGXX9773
Erfadara NGXX7827
Eriozi NGXX7828
Eris NGXX7829
Eroudou NGXX7830
Eroufa NGXX1718
Eroufa NGXX7831
Eroufa NGXX3561
Eroupa NGXX7832
Ersana NGXX7833
Esana NGXX7834
Esjiga NGXX3562
Esketa NGXX3563
Eskimit NGXX5986
Eskita NGXX7835
Eskita NGXX5987
Essaoua NGXX7836
Etaghas-n-Frigal NGXX0256
Etari NGXX7837
Ewa NGXX7838
Eyssenia NGXX3564
Ezak NGXX7839
Fabangou NGXX1719
Fabidji NGXX0072
Fache NGXX7840
Fachi NGXX0257
Fada NGXX1720
Fadama NGXX5989
Fadama NGXX3565
Fadama NGXX7841
Fadama NGXX1721
Fadama Djibo NGXX3566
Fadama Rakouma NGXX3567
Fadara NGXX7842
Fadezeno NGXX1722
Fadji Ganaram NGXX0650
Fadjimatafea NGXX0651
Fadjimiram NGXX0652
Fadouri NGXX5990
Fafa NGXX5991
Fafadi NGXX9774
Fagagaou NGXX3568
Fagata NGXX7843
Faifadou NGXX9775
Fajema NGXX7844
Fakara NGXX1723
Fakara NGXX5992
Fakara Beri NGXX1724
Fakawa NGXX7845
Fakey NGXX5993
Fal Abdou NGXX9776
Fal Bada NGXX9777
Fal Farara NGXX9778
Fala NGXX5994
Falali NGXX7846
Falalia NGXX7847
Falama NGXX9779
Falambouji NGXX9780
Falanga NGXX5995
Falawa NGXX1725
Fale NGXX5996
Fale Fale NGXX9781
Faleleberi NGXX5997
Falenko NGXX9782
Falenko Ila NGXX9783
Fali NGXX1726
Falimbaki NGXX3569
Falink Kaina NGXX5998
Falinke NGXX5999
Falinke Beri NGXX6000
Falkawa Kasa NGXX3570
Falke NGXX3571
Falki Baban NGXX9784
Falki Karama NGXX9785
Falmey NGXX1727
Falmey Keyna NGXX1728
Falouel NGXX1729
Falounfa NGXX6001
Falounfa Bella NGXX6002
Fama NGXX3572
Famale NGXX6003
Fambita NGXX6004
Fana NGXX1730
Fana NGXX6005
Fana Malouram NGXX0653
Fanaka Koara NGXX6006
Fanamiram NGXX0654
Fanda NGXX6007
Fanda NGXX1731
Fandara NGXX6008
Fandoa NGXX6009
Fandobon NGXX6010
Fandobong NGXX6011
Fandoga NGXX6012
Fandoro NGXX6013
Fandou NGXX1732
Fandou Banda NGXX6014
Fandou Beri NGXX0073
Fandou Djadi NGXX1733
Fandou Djibo NGXX1734
Fandou Kaina NGXX6016
Fandou Kire NGXX6017
Fandou Mayaki NGXX6018
Fandou Tiyire NGXX6019
Fandou-Dodo NGXX1735
Fandoubon-Tombo NGXX1736
Fangari NGXX3573
Fankaya NGXX9786
Fantafaouta NGXX6020
Fantafatta NGXX6021
Fantio NGXX6022
Fantou NGXX6023
Fantoubari NGXX1737
Fantouyan NGXX1738
Fanwargou NGXX6024
Faounde Banda NGXX6025
Fara NGXX3574
Farabani NGXX7848
Faradey NGXX1739
Faragona NGXX9787
Faram NGXX3575
Faran NGXX1740
Farandeye NGXX1741
Faranfaran NGXX9788
Farara Korao NGXX3576
Fararat NGXX7849
Fararat Baba NGXX7850
Fararat Karama NGXX7851
Fararat Toudou NGXX7852
Farasaouna NGXX7853
Faray NGXX9789
Faraye NGXX9790
Fardet NGXX7854
Fare-Kaina NGXX1742
Faredeye NGXX1743
Farendoutchi NGXX9791
Farendoutchi NGXX7855
Farey NGXX1744
Fareygorou-Kaina NGXX1745
Farezedo NGXX6026
Farfarou NGXX3577
Farga NGXX0655
Farga NGXX3578
Farga Dan Salao NGXX3579
Fari NGXX7856
Fari NGXX1746
Fari Beri NGXX6027
Fari Guedi NGXX1747
Faria NGXX6028
Faria-Goube NGXX6029
Farie Goungou NGXX6030
Farie H. NGXX6031
Farin Doutchi NGXX9792
Farin Doutchi NGXX1748
Farin Ilias NGXX9793
Farin Roua NGXX9794
Farin Toulou NGXX6032
Farintchiki NGXX3580
Farka NGXX6033
Farka NGXX7857
Farmas Beri NGXX6034
Farmas Kaina NGXX6035
Farou Bakoy NGXX3581
Farou Sami NGXX3582
Faroua NGXX9798
Fartal NGXX6037
Fartedji NGXX6038
Farwa NGXX0074
Faska NGXX1749
Faska NGXX7858
Fassaram NGXX9799
Fatadji NGXX6039
Fatasaye NGXX1750
Fatatako NGXX6040
Fatawa NGXX9800
Fatay Karma NGXX6042
Fatche Fatche NGXX9801
Fateguide NGXX6043
Fatomanga NGXX6044
Fawa NGXX0656
Fawaboula NGXX0657
Faya NGXX0658
Faya Gabia NGXX0659
Faya Gana NGXX0660
Faya Kiri NGXX0661
Faya Koura NGXX0662
Faya Malam Yari NGXX0663
Faya Nounrwa NGXX9802
Fayra NGXX6045
Fazo NGXX6046
Fedobokki Zarma NGXX6047
Fefandou NGXX0075
Fegana Kabe NGXX6048
Felawa NGXX9803
Feram NGXX0664
Fereze NGXX1751
Ferimaro NGXX6049
Fete Kide NGXX6050
Feto Banoy NGXX6051
Fetobokki Peul NGXX6052
Fetobokki Zarma NGXX6053
Fetokadie NGXX6054
Fetokarkalle NGXX6055
Fieboula NGXX0665
Fieboula Koura NGXX0666
Fiediga NGXX0668
Fiefia NGXX0669
Fiefia Ngalandam NGXX0670
Fiega Balarge NGXX0671
Fienouna NGXX0672
Fieram NGXX0673
Filingue NGXX6056
Filokede NGXX6057
Finande NGXX3583
Finare NGXX6058
Finari NGXX6059
Finfetou NGXX6060
Firgoun NGXX6061
Firguine NGXX6062
Firiniare NGXX6063
Firinkin NGXX6064
Firo NGXX6065
Firoua NGXX6066
Fisatao NGXX3584
Fiti Bangou NGXX6067
Flagerki NGXX7859
Flagilke NGXX7860
Fobou Kouara NGXX6068
Fode-Beri NGXX1752
Fode-Kaina NGXX1753
Foga Banda NGXX6069
Foge Adan NGXX0674
Fogodji NGXX6070
Foguidi NGXX9804
Foima NGXX6071
Fokine NGXX9805
Foko NGXX1754
Fokoentesi NGXX6072
Folaka NGXX7861
Folakam NGXX7862
Folekawa NGXX7863
Folo NGXX6073
Foloa NGXX7864
Foltiangou NGXX6074
Fombon NGXX6075
Fombongou NGXX6076
Fonde Ganda NGXX6077
Fondey NGXX9806
Fondezangou NGXX6078
Fondobo NGXX6079
Fondou Kaina NGXX6080
Fondouberi NGXX6081
Foneko NGXX6082
Fonfey NGXX9807
Fongato NGXX6083
Fongorimaram NGXX0675
Foni-Koara NGXX1755
Fonoguirbi NGXX1756
Foraram NGXX0676
Foreria NGXX9808
Forkas NGXX6084
Forsali NGXX0677
Forsey NGXX1757
Fotingel NGXX7865
Fotoro NGXX9809
Fottyango NGXX6085
Fou Hinza NGXX6086
Foua NGXX9810
Fouda Gieza NGXX6087
Foudi NGXX9811
Foudi Kakenka NGXX9812
Fouefandou NGXX6088
Fougariri NGXX0678
Fougouraram NGXX0679
Fougouri NGXX0680
Fouinnza NGXX6089
Foukine NGXX9813
Foulangueye NGXX1758
Foulani Tcharin NGXX3585
Foulanikatou NGXX9814
Foulanin Louga NGXX9815
Foulanwegorou NGXX6090
Foulanzam NGXX1759
Foulatari NGXX0681
Foule NGXX6091
Fouliande NGXX6092
Fouloulou NGXX7866
Foumbia NGXX6093
Founkouey NGXX0076
Fountoun Toudou NGXX3586
Foura NGXX7867
Foura NGXX1760
Foura Girke NGXX9816
Foura Girke NGXX3587
Fourdia NGXX0682
Fourdirom NGXX0683
Fourmey NGXX6094
Fourori NGXX1761
Fourourou NGXX9817
Fousari NGXX0684
Fouta Kouara NGXX6095
Fowaram NGXX0685
Foy Fandou NGXX6096
Foye Fandou NGXX6097
Frankama NGXX9818
Fwemay NGXX6098
G. Sountali NGXX3588
Ga-zabi NGXX9819
Gaba NGXX7868
Gaba Abarchi NGXX3590
Gaba Lafia NGXX3591
Gabado NGXX7869
Gabagaoua NGXX9820
Gabalam NGXX0686
Gabana NGXX9821
Gabaouri NGXX3592
Gabara NGXX7870
Gabassa NGXX7871
Gabda NGXX6099
Gabi Koy Dey NGXX1762
Gabi Mayaki NGXX3593
Gabi Ta-jae NGXX3594
Gabikane NGXX6100
Gabo Baba Kouara NGXX6101
Gabo Goura NGXX6102
Gabou NGXX6103
Gabou Bougaje NGXX9822
Gadabo NGXX6104
Gadabo Fetokadie NGXX6105
Gadabo Kouara NGXX6106
Gadabour NGXX9823
Gadamata NGXX7872
Gadamata Tchaba NGXX7873
Gadambo NGXX3596
Gadanba NGXX6107
Gadanbo NGXX7874
Gadanko NGXX9824
Gadare NGXX3597
Gadawa NGXX0687
Gade NGXX3598
Gade-Koara NGXX1763
Gadebe NGXX9825
Gaden Gabas NGXX3599
Gaderga NGXX1764
Gadiao NGXX7875
Gadjilabi NGXX0688
Gado NGXX7876
Gado Koara NGXX6108
Gado Kouara NGXX6109
Gadori NGXX9826
Gadoumari NGXX0689
Gadouram NGXX0690
Gadouram Gana NGXX0691
Gadouram Madaka NGXX9827
Gafari NGXX9828
Gafia NGXX3600
Gafiedeye NGXX1765
Gafourmari NGXX9829
Gagaja NGXX9830
Gagamari NGXX0692
Gagan-Bawa NGXX7878
Gaganta NGXX6110
Gagare NGXX3601
Gagare NGXX6111
Gagaro NGXX3602
Gagawa NGXX9831
Gagoumoungay NGXX9832
Gaguere NGXX1766
Gaguila NGXX1767
Gahe NGXX7879
Gahina NGXX3603
Gahola NGXX3604
Gaigorou NGXX0077
Gaima-Koara NGXX1768
Gaja NGXX3605
Gajaji Mastafa NGXX0693
Gajaji-Kadey NGXX0694
Gajere NGXX9833
Gajiji Banga NGXX9834
Gajila NGXX1769
Gajiri NGXX3606
Gajita NGXX1770
Gakouke NGXX7880
Gakouko Siegi NGXX6112
Gakoukou NGXX6113
Gakwey NGXX3607
Gala Bangou NGXX6114
Gala Beri NGXX6115
Gala Kaina NGXX6116
Galada NGXX9835
Galadima Darmaso NGXX3608
Galadimawa NGXX9836
Galadindi NGXX3610
Galago-Koara NGXX1771
Galaidi NGXX0695
Galame NGXX6117
Galari NGXX9837
Galata NGXX7881
Galba NGXX7882
Galbel NGXX6118
Galbi NGXX9838
Galdi Mari NGXX9839
Galdomeri NGXX9840
Gale NGXX7883
Galeram NGXX9841
Galewa NGXX9842
Gali NGXX9843
Gali Mahama NGXX9844
Galiangou NGXX6119
Galim Zawada NGXX9845
Galingwona NGXX9846
Galladima NGXX9847
Gallawa Beriberi NGXX9848
Gallawa Hachimou NGXX9849
Gallawa Maman NGXX9850
Gallawa Riga NGXX9851
Galma NGXX7884
Galmaoua NGXX7885
Galmi NGXX7886
Galmou NGXX9852
Galo Elhadji NGXX9853
Galoa NGXX0696
Galori Kabi NGXX9854
Galouagata NGXX6120
Galoubi NGXX3611
Galozi NGXX1772
Gam Dey NGXX6121
Gama NGXX9855
Gamao Babba NGXX3612
Gamaram NGXX0697
Gamari NGXX9856
Gamba Bougaje NGXX9857
Gamba Haoussa NGXX9858
Gambdou NGXX9859
Gamboude NGXX1773
Gamchana NGXX9860
Gamdawa NGXX7887
Gamdou NGXX0698
Gamdou NGXX9861
Game NGXX7888
Gamedi Bangou NGXX6122
Gamgara NGXX0699
Gamgawa NGXX0700
Gamji NGXX9862
Gamji NGXX3613
Gamji NGXX7889
Gamji Ali NGXX9863
Gamkale NGXX5373
Gamori NGXX9864
Gamou NGXX9865
Gamou Gayli NGXX3615
Gamouga NGXX9866
Gamouzon NGXX1774
Gamsa Zougou NGXX1775
Ganahou NGXX9867
Ganaou NGXX9868
Ganaram NGXX9869
Ganassou NGXX9870
Ganatcha NGXX9871
Ganawa NGXX9872
Ganawa NGXX1776
Ganawa Bougaje NGXX9873
Ganbatouram NGXX0701
Ganbda NGXX9874
Ganbdou NGXX9875
Ganda Samou NGXX3616
Gandaberi-Koara NGXX1777
Gandabla NGXX1778
Gandaji NGXX7890
Gandane NGXX9876
Gandasamou NGXX7891
Gande Bangou NGXX6123
Gandou NGXX7892
Gandou NGXX9877
Gandou Beri NGXX6124
Gandou Kaina NGXX6125
Ganfa NGXX7893
Ganga NGXX0702
Gangala NGXX3617
Gangani NGXX6126
Gangani Beri NGXX1781
Gangannyan NGXX6127
Gangaoua NGXX7894
Gangara NGXX3618
Gangara NGXX7895
Gangara NGXX1782
Gangara NGXX9878
Gangara Nachambe NGXX3619
Gangare NGXX3620
Gangazar NGXX9879
Gangon Yama NGXX7896
Ganguel NGXX6128
Ganguey NGXX1783
Ganguikogo NGXX6129
Ganguio-Koara NGXX1784
Gani Boukardi NGXX0703
Gani Koara NGXX6130
Ganigoungou NGXX1785
Ganiskou NGXX9880
Ganjinwa NGXX9881
Ganki Bassarou NGXX6131
Gankyo NGXX9882
Ganmaram NGXX9883
Ganmbo NGXX9884
Ganoua NGXX9885
Ganoumiram NGXX0704
Gantasa NGXX9886
Gao NGXX6132
Gao NGXX9887
Gao NGXX7897
Gao Aljena NGXX6133
Gao Bangou NGXX6134
Gao Gayamba NGXX3621
Gao Kaswa NGXX9888
Gao Mousou NGXX7898
Gao Sabon Gari NGXX6135
Gao Sofon Gari NGXX6136
Gao Tawey NGXX6137
Gao Zengi NGXX6138
Gaobangou NGXX6139
Gaohi NGXX3624
Gaomey NGXX9889
Gaorom NGXX9890
Gaosa Mana NGXX9891
Gaoua NGXX9892
Gaoua Ngourbi NGXX7899
Gaoua Siki NGXX7900
Gaoude NGXX3625
Gaouna NGXX9893
Gaouna NGXX1786
Gaouna NGXX6140
Gapchari NGXX9894
Gaptori NGXX9895
Gaptyari NGXX0705
Gar NGXX9896
Gara Ali NGXX3626
Gara Gata NGXX9897
Garadaoua NGXX7901
Garadjeram NGXX0706
Garadou NGXX7902
Garadoume NGXX7903
Garagoumsa NGXX9898
Garagoumza NGXX9899
Garakata NGXX9900
Garake NGXX9901
Garana NGXX0707
Garanga NGXX7904
Garanga NGXX1787
Garankadeye NGXX1788
Garaouaski NGXX9902
Garaourawa NGXX9903
Garassey NGXX6141
Garatchi NGXX3627
Garaw NGXX0708
Garazou NGXX9904
Garba Goungou NGXX6142
Garbangou NGXX6143
Garbe NGXX6144
Garbe Gounbia NGXX6145
Garbey NGXX6146
Garbey Fandou NGXX6147
Garbey Kourou NGXX6149
Garbey Kwara NGXX1789
Garbey Tombo NGXX6150
Garbeye-Tombo NGXX1790
Garbeyegorou NGXX1791
Garbou NGXX9905
Garbou NGXX1792
Garbougoua NGXX6151
Garda Koira NGXX6152
Gardae Ajajoua NGXX7905
Gardaeram NGXX0709
Gardama Kouara NGXX6153
Gardama Kwara NGXX0079
Gardawa NGXX3628
Gardi NGXX6154
Gardi NGXX3629
Gardi Peul NGXX1793
Gardi Zarma NGXX1794
Gardie NGXX1795
Gardije NGXX1796
Gare NGXX6155
Garemari NGXX9906
Garere NGXX9907
Gargada NGXX9908
Gargem Mani NGXX7906
Gargoutchimba NGXX0710
Gari NGXX6156
Gari Abidjan NGXX6157
Gari Agi NGXX6158
Gari Aji NGXX1797
Gari Amadou NGXX1798
Gari Amani NGXX1799
Gari Ataer NGXX6159
Gari Baidou NGXX1800
Gari Bara Serki NGXX1801
Gari Bawa NGXX1802
Gari Birgiji NGXX6160
Gari Dari NGXX1803
Gari Fana NGXX6162
Gari Ganndou NGXX6163
Gari Gaziri NGXX6164
Gari Golokoy NGXX1804
Gari Goni NGXX1805
Gari Goungom NGXX1806
Gari Gourmou NGXX1807
Gari Irkwenon NGXX6165
Gari Jeji NGXX6166
Gari Kouka NGXX1808
Gari Kouroungou NGXX1809
Gari Limou NGXX6167
Gari Magaji NGXX6168
Gari Mahalba NGXX1810
Gari Maji NGXX6169
Gari Malam NGXX1811
Gari Malan NGXX1812
Gari Malenkitari NGXX6171
Gari Mayaki NGXX6172
Gari Mbahi NGXX6173
Gari Mbango NGXX1813
Gari Mbwe NGXX6174
Gari Miza NGXX6175
Gari Nahalako NGXX6176
Gari Nkouka NGXX1814
Gari Sabo NGXX1815
Gari Sakou NGXX1816
Gari Sara NGXX6177
Gari Soba NGXX6178
Gari Tankari NGXX1817
Gari Wanbangir NGXX6179
Gari Zakari NGXX1818
Gari-Akoussa NGXX1819
Gari-Alali NGXX1820
Gari-Alidou NGXX1821
Gari-Amou NGXX1822
Gari-Aouta NGXX1823
Gari-Arouna NGXX1824
Gari-Azie NGXX1825
Gari-Chekarao NGXX1826
Gari-Gagui NGXX1827
Gari-Gemba NGXX1828
Gari-Gnabo NGXX1829
Gari-Guemba NGXX1830
Gari-Guerou NGXX1831
Gari-Guinasso NGXX1832
Gari-Ibrahim NGXX1833
Gari-Koro NGXX1834
Gari-Madie NGXX1835
Gari-Madoukia NGXX1836
Gari-Maidou NGXX1837
Gari-Masoui NGXX1838
Gari-Mayara NGXX1839
Gari-Mbano NGXX1840
Gari-Mochi NGXX1841
Gari-Nbiga NGXX1842
Gari-Ndombokaka NGXX1843
Gari-Ngao NGXX1844
Gari-Nkadadey NGXX1845
Gari-Nkoana NGXX1846
Gari-Ntasso NGXX1847
Gari-Oula NGXX1848
Gari-Parmini NGXX1849
Gari-Roua NGXX1850
Gari-Samna NGXX1851
Gari-Seni NGXX1853
Gari-Soule NGXX1854
Gariadi NGXX9909
Garidi NGXX9910
Garie NGXX6180
Gariga NGXX9911
Garigangui NGXX6181
Garimala NGXX9912
Garin Aba NGXX9913
Garin Abdelkader NGXX7907
Garin Abdoulay NGXX0711
Garin Abou Bakar NGXX3630
Garin Achawal NGXX3631
Garin Achia NGXX3632
Garin Adamou NGXX9915
Garin Ala NGXX9916
Garin Aladji NGXX9917
Garin Aladou NGXX9918
Garin Alasan NGXX9919
Garin Alazeye NGXX9920
Garin Algo NGXX9921
Garin Ali NGXX9922
Garin Alichina NGXX1855
Garin Amadou NGXX9923
Garin Amadou NGXX3633
Garin Amitchak NGXX7908
Garin Anawan NGXX7909
Garin Arou NGXX9924
Garin Assena NGXX7910
Garin Baba NGXX9925
Garin Babani NGXX9926
Garin Badji NGXX9927
Garin Bajini NGXX3634
Garin Baka NGXX9928
Garin Baki NGXX9929
Garin Bako NGXX9930
Garin Banya NGXX1856
Garin Bara NGXX3636
Garin Barama NGXX9931
Garin Barao NGXX9932
Garin Bargoume NGXX1857
Garin Barima NGXX9933
Garin Barmadwa NGXX9934
Garin Barmo NGXX3637
Garin Barouma NGXX9935
Garin Barso NGXX3638
Garin Barso NGXX9936
Garin Basako NGXX9937
Garin Beydou NGXX1858
Garin Bogoari NGXX3639
Garin Boka NGXX9938
Garin Bondiari NGXX1859
Garin Bougao NGXX9939
Garin Bouge NGXX9940
Garin Bouloufou NGXX9941
Garin Boulya NGXX9942
Garin Bouzae NGXX1860
Garin Bouzou NGXX9943
Garin Boy NGXX3640
Garin Chala NGXX3641
Garin Chaya NGXX9944
Garin Chefou NGXX3642
Garin Chibko NGXX3643
Garin Chipkao NGXX3644
Garin Dabou NGXX3645
Garin Dado NGXX9945
Garin Dahalchi NGXX3646
Garin Daji NGXX3647
Garin Daka NGXX3648
Garin Damae NGXX1861
Garin Dambo NGXX1862
Garin Dambu NGXX1863
Garin Dan Achi NGXX3649
Garin Dan Ahi NGXX3650
Garin Dan Bay NGXX3651
Garin Dan Bermou NGXX3652
Garin Dan Damaou NGXX3653
Garin Dan Daouda NGXX9946
Garin Dan Mya NGXX9947
Garin Dan Sawani NGXX9948
Garin Dan Tousa NGXX9949
Garin Daouda NGXX9950
Garin Dari NGXX3654
Garin Didigna NGXX9951
Garin Dienta NGXX1864
Garin Dila NGXX9952
Garin Djermay NGXX9953
Garin Djibokana NGXX9954
Garin Dodo NGXX9955
Garin Dogo NGXX3655
Garin Dore NGXX9956
Garin Douma NGXX9957
Garin Doutchi NGXX9958
Garin Fako NGXX9960
Garin Gachi NGXX9961
Garin Gado NGXX3657
Garin Gagare NGXX9962
Garin Gako NGXX9963
Garin Galadima NGXX3658
Garin Galadima NGXX9964
Garin Galgali NGXX9965
Garin Gao NGXX0712
Garin Gao NGXX9966
Garin Garakye NGXX9967
Garin Garba NGXX3659
Garin Gardigano NGXX9968
Garin Gariram NGXX0713
Garin Genou NGXX9969
Garin Gona NGXX9970
Garin Gonao NGXX3660
Garin Gouandi NGXX1865
Garin Gouani NGXX9971
Garin Goudao NGXX3661
Garin Goudawa NGXX3662
Garin Goulbi NGXX3663
Garin Gouna NGXX9972
Garin Gourgou NGXX9973
Garin Gowa NGXX9974
Garin Guero NGXX1866
Garin Guero NGXX3664
Garin Guizo NGXX3665
Garin Haichalo NGXX3666
Garin Hamada NGXX3667
Garin Helou NGXX1867
Garin Ibvey NGXX0714
Garin Idi NGXX3668
Garin Ila NGXX3669
Garin Isa NGXX9975
Garin Jari NGXX3670
Garin Jato NGXX3671
Garin Jibji NGXX9976
Garin Jiji NGXX3672
Garin Kado NGXX3673
Garin Kaganya NGXX9977
Garin Kailou NGXX9978
Garin Kala NGXX9979
Garin Kanda NGXX9980
Garin Kandira NGXX0715
Garin Kane NGXX3674
Garin Kankaoi NGXX9981
Garin Kanra NGXX9982
Garin Kanta NGXX9983
Garin Kaoura NGXX9985
Garin Karekare NGXX3675
Garin Karo NGXX9986
Garin Koki NGXX3676
Garin Kouble NGXX9987
Garin Koutoubou NGXX3677
Garin Kouzougou NGXX3678
Garin Labo NGXX3679
Garin Labou NGXX3680
Garin Lami NGXX9988
Garin Lasan NGXX9989
Garin Lawan NGXX9990
Garin Leko NGXX9991
Garin Limam NGXX3681
Garin Liman Sala NGXX9992
Garin Madougou NGXX9993
Garin Magaji NGXX3682
Garin Magari NGXX3683
Garin Mahaman NGXX3684
Garin Mahe NGXX7911
Garin Makada NGXX9995
Garin Makahi NGXX9996
Garin Mala NGXX9997
Garin Mala Hasan NGXX9998
Garin Malalassam NGXX9999
Garin Malam NGXX3685
Garin Malam NGXX1868
Garin Malamey NGXX3686
Garin Maroussa NGXX3687
Garin Massalatyi NGXX7912
Garin Maychanou NGXX3688
Garin Mokoyo NGXX3689
Garin Mousari NGXX0716
Garin Nguiri NGXX7913
Garin Nouhou NGXX3691
Garin Oumarou NGXX3692
Garin Rigaou NGXX3693
Garin Salao NGXX3694
Garin Sani NGXX3695
Garin Sekaro NGXX1869
Garin Ta-Anari NGXX1870
Garin Tabki NGXX3696
Garin Tanko NGXX3697
Garin Toudou NGXX0717
Garin Vachar NGXX7914
Garin Wali NGXX3698
Garin Walki NGXX3699
Garin Wawa NGXX1871
Garin Yabo NGXX1872
Garin Zaroumay NGXX1873
Garin Zini NGXX7915
Garintoudou NGXX0718
Garjagaou NGXX3700
Garobogol NGXX6182
Garou NGXX1874
Garou NGXX0719
Garou Guebia NGXX6183
Garou Peul NGXX1875
Garou Zarma NGXX1876
Garoua NGXX0080
Garoubey NGXX1877
Garoumia NGXX0721
Garounzom NGXX3701
Garouol NGXX6184
Garsiko NGXX1878
Garwa NGXX0722
Garyangoul NGXX1879
Garyo NGXX0723
Gasawa NGXX3702
Gaseki NGXX3703
Gashia NGXX6185
Gassa Ziban NGXX0081
Gassakoli NGXX3704
Gassan Kournie NGXX6186
Gasseyda NGXX6187
Gassi NGXX1880
Gassikena NGXX6188
Gassira NGXX6189
Gata NGXX3705
Gata NGXX6190
Gata Garbey NGXX6191
Gata Kouara NGXX6192
Gatali NGXX6193
Gatari NGXX3706
Gatawani NGXX1881
Gatawani Beri NGXX1882
Gatawani Keyna NGXX1883
Gatchikey NGXX7916
Gatkam Boula NGXX0724
Gatroumbouley NGXX0725
Gatwan NGXX6194
Gauro NGXX1884
Gawakouke NGXX7917
Gawal NGXX6195
Gawal Baba NGXX6196
Gawana NGXX6197
Gawaro Madatey NGXX0082
Gawaro Matadey NGXX3708
Gawassa NGXX1885
Gaweye NGXX5374
Gay Kwara NGXX6198
Gaya NGXX0083
Gaya NGXX6199
Gayamba NGXX3709
Gayamba Saboua NGXX3710
Gazabale NGXX0084
Gazake NGXX0726
Gazamni NGXX0085
Gazaoua NGXX3711
Gazere Kwara NGXX1886
Gazila NGXX1887
Gazo NGXX6200
Gazori NGXX3712
Gazourawa NGXX7918
Gebi NGXX3713
Gegouma NGXX3714
Gel Barouma NGXX0727
Gel Bayli NGXX0728
Gel Karia NGXX0729
Gel Kaya NGXX0730
Gel Korema NGXX0731
Gel Ninge NGXX0732
Gengirawa NGXX7919
Geou NGXX3715
Gerao NGXX3716
Gerim Bakeso NGXX6201
Gerin Ditdi NGXX6202
Gerin Djinba NGXX6203
Gerink Kiemogo NGXX6204
Germat NGXX0086
Gernaza NGXX7920
Gesa NGXX7921
Gesanya NGXX7922
Gese NGXX6205
Geydam-Tchoukou NGXX0733
Geza NGXX0087
Gezenya NGXX1888
Gezenyan NGXX1889
Ghala Liguerene NGXX0260
Ghaliletane NGXX6206
Ghechouet NGXX0261
Giarouna NGXX3717
Gibia NGXX0734
Gida NGXX7924
Gidadame NGXX1890
Gidan Antoli NGXX7925
Gidan Bao NGXX7926
Gidan Baraya NGXX7927
Gidan Boutou NGXX7928
Gidan Bouzou NGXX7929
Gidan Daouda NGXX7930
Gidan Dimo NGXX7931
Gidan Eburo NGXX7932
Gidan Engini NGXX7933
Gidan Fako NGXX7934
Gidan Ganga NGXX7935
Gidan Gani NGXX7936
Gidan Hami NGXX7937
Gidan Hoko NGXX7938
Gidan Ider NGXX7939
Gidan Ila NGXX7940
Gidan Karo NGXX7941
Gidan Karou NGXX7942
Gidan Kasori NGXX7943
Gidan Korao NGXX7944
Gidan Laka NGXX7945
Gidan Lele NGXX7946
Gidan Magaji NGXX7947
Gidan Molonhado NGXX7948
Gidan Ndili NGXX7949
Gidan Ngirdou NGXX7950
Gidan Rana NGXX7951
Gidan Tambari NGXX7952
Gidan Toudou NGXX7953
Gidan Zingi NGXX7954
Gididi NGXX3718
Gidjiga NGXX0735
Giebe NGXX6207
Gigouna NGXX7955
Gijongo NGXX3719
Gilbirgou NGXX3720
Gile Kwara NGXX6208
Giley NGXX7956
Giliman NGXX6209
Gilime NGXX1891
Gimbari NGXX0736
Ginda NGXX3721
Gindo Goloma NGXX1892
Gindya NGXX0737
Ginigidi NGXX7957
Ginzi NGXX7958
Girakata Kabi NGXX0738
Giraza NGXX7959
Girbiye NGXX6210
Girimaram NGXX0739
Girsilik NGXX0088
Girtou NGXX7960
Gisenbiri NGXX7961
Gisge NGXX3722
Giwana NGXX7962
Gizara NGXX1893
Goalo NGXX1894
Goaram NGXX7963
Goariganaram NGXX0740
Goba NGXX7964
Gobao NGXX3723
Gobara NGXX7965
Gobatel NGXX7966
Gobawa NGXX1895
Gober Gorou NGXX6211
Goberawa NGXX3724
Goberi NGXX1896
Gobirkoy Beri NGXX1897
Gobirkoy Kaina NGXX1898
Gochalo NGXX0089
Gochiro NGXX3725
Goda NGXX3726
Goda NGXX0741
Gode NGXX1900
Gode Kwara NGXX1901
Godel NGXX7967
Godia NGXX6212
Godje-Fadarawa NGXX7968
Gofo NGXX1902
Gogare NGXX6213
Goge NGXX7969
Gogerma NGXX3727
Gogone NGXX0742
Gogora NGXX0743
Goguieize Kouara NGXX6214
Goje NGXX7970
Gola Koara NGXX6215
Golambi Dan Awa NGXX3728
Golbegui NGXX0090
Gole NGXX1903
Golgano NGXX6216
Golgou NGXX6217
Gollo NGXX6218
Golo NGXX6219
Golo Bangou NGXX6220
Golokoy Dey NGXX1904
Golokoy Kwara NGXX1905
Goltondi NGXX1906
Gom NGXX6221
Gomande-Koara NGXX1907
Gombara NGXX1908
Gombewa NGXX1909
Gombi NGXX1910
Gombogande-Koara NGXX1911
Gombri Bangou NGXX6222
Gomnangou NGXX6223
Gomozo NGXX3729
Gondari NGXX6224
Gondokere NGXX6225
Gonga NGXX6226
Gonga NGXX1912
Gonga Bangou NGXX1913
Gonga Broula NGXX3730
Gonga Inza NGXX1914
Gonga Karima NGXX1915
Gongade-Beri NGXX1917
Gongakaina NGXX1918
Gongamakare NGXX1919
Gongarou NGXX6227
Gongatorey NGXX1920
Gongazeye-Koara NGXX1921
Gongokoara NGXX1922
Gongoro NGXX0744
Gongotande NGXX6228
Gongoube NGXX6229
Gongourasa NGXX0745
Gongozougou Peul NGXX6230
Gonhala NGXX7971
Gonidi NGXX0746
Gono NGXX3731
Gonoubi NGXX1923
Gonzare NGXX6232
Gordiore NGXX1924
Gordiore Zarma NGXX1925
Gorgawa NGXX3732
Goria NGXX6233
Goriba NGXX1926
Goriba NGXX6234
Gorie NGXX6235
Gorka NGXX1927
Gorma NGXX6236
Goro NGXX6238
Goro Kondo NGXX1928
Gorobanda NGXX1929
Gorodi NGXX0747
Gorodi-Birin NGXX0748
Gororop NGXX0749
Gorotye NGXX6239
Gorou NGXX1930
Gorou NGXX6240
Gorou Banda NGXX1931
Gorou Bankassame NGXX0091
Gorou Dey NGXX1932
Gorou Deze NGXX1933
Gorou Goussa NGXX6241
Gorou Kaina NGXX1934
Gorou Kaya NGXX1935
Gorou Keyna NGXX6242
Gorou Kirey NGXX6243
Gorou Yeyna NGXX6244
Gorou Zangui NGXX1936
Gorou-Banda NGXX6245
Gorou-Yeno NGXX1937
Goroual NGXX6246
Gorouberi NGXX1938
Goroubley NGXX3733
Gorouguinnde NGXX0092
Gorouwa NGXX6247
Gorozo-Koara NGXX1939
Gorzo Koara NGXX6248
Goso NGXX6249
Gossa Fandou NGXX6250
Gossou Gorou NGXX6251
Gotche NGXX3734
Gotheye NGXX0093
Gotie NGXX3735
Gouala NGXX1940
Goualam NGXX3736
Gouandoji NGXX3737
Gouarou Koira NGXX1941
Goubaou NGXX3738
Goubara NGXX6252
Goubawa NGXX1942
Goubay NGXX6253
Goubdoudou NGXX0262
Goube NGXX6254
Goubeize Bangou NGXX6255
Goubekoye-Koara NGXX1943
Goubel NGXX6256
Gouberawa NGXX7972
Gouberaya NGXX7973
Goubey NGXX1944
Goubey Kire NGXX6257
Goubeye-Koara NGXX1945
Goubezeno NGXX1946
Goubogou NGXX6259
Goudao NGXX1947
Goudao NGXX3739
Goudel NGXX5375
Goudel NGXX1948
Goudey NGXX6260
Goudey NGXX1949
Goudou NGXX1950
Goudou Fema NGXX7974
Goudoumaria NGXX0750
Goudourio NGXX6261
Goudouski NGXX0751
Goudye NGXX6262
Goudyoubelaga NGXX0752
Gouga Abarchi NGXX3740
Gougaram NGXX0263
Gougou NGXX3741
Gougougoua NGXX3742
Gouje NGXX7975
Goula NGXX3743
Goula NGXX6263
Goulay NGXX0753
Goulbawa NGXX3744
Goulbi NGXX3745
Gouldio Kouara NGXX6264
Goulel NGXX6265
Gouleram NGXX0754
Goulma NGXX1951
Goulma-Gabi NGXX1952
Goulou Goutchi NGXX3746
Goulou Koulsao NGXX3747
Goulouma NGXX1953
Goulouma-Amani NGXX1954
Goulouma-Kadi NGXX1955
Gouloumbouji NGXX6266
Goum NGXX0264
Gouma NGXX1956
Gouma Goumadji NGXX0755
Goumagoumai NGXX7976
Goumaje NGXX3748
Goumande-Sene NGXX1957
Goumaou NGXX6267
Goumata NGXX3749
Goumbaye NGXX1958
Goumbi NGXX6268
Goumbi NGXX3750
Goumbi NGXX7977
Goumbi NGXX1959
Goumbi Banda NGXX6269
Goumbi Kano NGXX7978
Goumbibanda NGXX6270
Goumboro NGXX1960
Goumsoumaram NGXX0756
Goumza NGXX3751
Gounaka NGXX3752
Gounde NGXX6271
Goundey NGXX6272
Goundidi NGXX3753
Goundo-Koara NGXX1961
Goundounmawa NGXX3754
Goundouram NGXX0757
Goundouroum NGXX7979
Goungo NGXX6273
Goungou NGXX6274
Goungou NGXX7980
Goungou Beri NGXX6275
Goungou Foumbi NGXX6276
Goungoubong NGXX6277
Goungoum NGXX7981
Gouni NGXX3755
Gouni Madara NGXX3756
Gounize NGXX6278
Gouno Koara NGXX6279
Gounou Bangou NGXX6280
Gounoubi Kouara NGXX1962
Gounti Kouara NGXX6281
Gountiena NGXX6282
Gounzou NGXX7982
Goura Goura NGXX6283
Goura Gouri NGXX3757
Gourbabo NGXX3758
Gourbila NGXX7983
Gourbin Kada NGXX7984
Goure NGXX0094
Goure Tonndi NGXX6284
Gourebio NGXX6285
Gourel NGXX6286
Gourgoumi NGXX3759
Gourgoutoulou NGXX7985
Gouria NGXX6287
Gourinesi NGXX1963
Gourjae NGXX3760
Gourjougou NGXX3762
Gourlea NGXX6288
Gourmakindi NGXX6289
Gourmandey NGXX1964
Gourmounde NGXX6290
Gourogara NGXX6291
Gourou Beri NGXX6292
Gouroumou NGXX3763
Goursoungoumiram NGXX0758
Gouskou NGXX0759
Gousousou NGXX7986
Goutouka NGXX0760
Goutoumbou NGXX6293
Goutoumbou NGXX1966
Gouzouma NGXX7987
Gouzouri NGXX3764
Gowone NGXX0761
Goze Kwara NGXX1967
Granbassa NGXX6294
Grasa Koara NGXX6295
Grema Bokardi NGXX0762
Grema Kaderi NGXX0763
Grema-Gabiri NGXX0764
Gremari NGXX0765
Gremogambori NGXX0766
Grouba NGXX7988
Guabeye-Gorou NGXX1968
Guecheme NGXX1969
Guegorou NGXX6296
Guelangou NGXX6297
Guellouel NGXX6298
Guenguenbera NGXX6299
Guerebchi NGXX1970
Gueremchi NGXX1971
Guergou Kwara NGXX1972
Gueriel NGXX6300
Gueriguinde NGXX6301
Guerin Abdou NGXX1973
Guerin Bouey NGXX3765
Guermaouene NGXX0265
Guermat NGXX0266
Guertaou NGXX3766
Gueskerou NGXX0767
Guesseberi NGXX1974
Guessedoundou NGXX6302
Guessekaina NGXX1975
Guessel Bodi NGXX6303
Gueyedeye NGXX1976
Gueza NGXX1977
Gueza Gado NGXX1978
Gueza Rouga NGXX1979
Guiado-Koara NGXX1980
Guiaoudire NGXX1981
Guidadame NGXX1982
Guidal NGXX1983
Guidam Ango NGXX1984
Guidam Falike NGXX1985
Guidam Touko NGXX1986
Guidan Abara NGXX7989
Guidan Abarchi NGXX3767
Guidan Abarchi NGXX7990
Guidan Abdou NGXX3768
Guidan Abou NGXX3770
Guidan Aboubacar NGXX7991
Guidan Achali NGXX3771
Guidan Achalou NGXX3772
Guidan Achi NGXX3773
Guidan Ada NGXX7992
Guidan Adamou NGXX3774
Guidan Adan NGXX7993
Guidan Adan Dano NGXX7994
Guidan Adangao NGXX3775
Guidan Addou NGXX7995
Guidan Adji NGXX3776
Guidan Ado NGXX7996
Guidan Adomou NGXX3777
Guidan Aekao NGXX3778
Guidan Afali NGXX3779
Guidan Agada NGXX3780
Guidan Agali NGXX3781
Guidan Agoulou NGXX3782
Guidan Aguidi NGXX3783
Guidan Ahmidi NGXX7997
Guidan Aikao NGXX3784
Guidan Aja NGXX3785
Guidan Ajia NGXX3786
Guidan Akane NGXX3787
Guidan Akorao NGXX3788
Guidan Aladji NGXX3789
Guidan Alambaji NGXX3790
Guidan Alasan NGXX3791
Guidan Alasen NGXX7999
Guidan Alassane NGXX3792
Guidan Alay NGXX3793
Guidan Ali NGXX8000
Guidan Ali NGXX3794
Guidan Alkali NGXX3795
Guidan Almo NGXX3796
Guidan Alo NGXX3797
Guidan Alou NGXX8001
Guidan Alou NGXX3798
Guidan Altine NGXX3799
Guidan Amadou NGXX8002
Guidan Aman NGXX3800
Guidan Amani NGXX3802
Guidan Amati NGXX8003
Guidan Amia NGXX3804
Guidan Amou NGXX8004
Guidan Amou NGXX3805
Guidan Amoumou NGXX3806
Guidan Ana NGXX3807
Guidan Anatchi NGXX8005
Guidan Ando NGXX3808
Guidan Ango NGXX8006
Guidan Ango NGXX3809
Guidan Ango Labo NGXX3810
Guidan Anko NGXX3811
Guidan Anna NGXX3812
Guidan Anne NGXX3813
Guidan Anou NGXX8007
Guidan Antou NGXX3814
Guidan Aouta NGXX3816
Guidan Ara NGXX8008
Guidan Ara NGXX3817
Guidan Ardo NGXX3818
Guidan Arji NGXX3819
Guidan Arjika NGXX8009
Guidan Arjika NGXX3820
Guidan Arna NGXX8010
Guidan Arouna NGXX8011
Guidan Arzika NGXX3821
Guidan Arzirka NGXX3822
Guidan Asan NGXX8012
Guidan Asan NGXX3823
Guidan Asi NGXX8013
Guidan Aska NGXX3824
Guidan Asoko NGXX3825
Guidan Asouman NGXX3826
Guidan Ataba NGXX8014
Guidan Atayou NGXX8015
Guidan Atcha NGXX3827
Guidan Atchali NGXX3828
Guidan Atche NGXX3829
Guidan Atchi NGXX3830
Guidan Atchiali NGXX3831
Guidan Atchye NGXX3832
Guidan Ato NGXX3833
Guidan Azara NGXX3834
Guidan Baba NGXX1987
Guidan Babao NGXX3835
Guidan Bado NGXX8017
Guidan Badoukou NGXX3836
Guidan Bagouari NGXX3837
Guidan Bahago NGXX3838
Guidan Baje NGXX3839
Guidan Baji NGXX3840
Guidan Bakarou NGXX3841
Guidan Bako NGXX3842
Guidan Bako Dare NGXX3844
Guidan Bakoy NGXX3848
Guidan Bale NGXX3850
Guidan Bango NGXX8018
Guidan Bango NGXX3851
Guidan Baobawa NGXX3852
Guidan Baole NGXX8019
Guidan Baoura NGXX3853
Guidan Bara NGXX3854
Guidan Barmo NGXX3856
Guidan Barmou NGXX3857
Guidan Barouma NGXX3858
Guidan Baso NGXX3859
Guidan Bassare NGXX3860
Guidan Bassou NGXX3861
Guidan Bawa NGXX8020
Guidan Bawa NGXX3862
Guidan Beri NGXX3863
Guidan Biri NGXX3864
Guidan Bizo NGXX8021
Guidan Bizo NGXX3865
Guidan Boey NGXX3866
Guidan Bogwari NGXX3867
Guidan Bohe NGXX8022
Guidan Boka NGXX3868
Guidan Bokoy NGXX3869
Guidan Bori NGXX3870
Guidan Botie NGXX3871
Guidan Boube NGXX8023
Guidan Boube NGXX3872
Guidan Boudal NGXX8024
Guidan Boue NGXX3873
Guidan Bouja NGXX3874
Guidan Boukari NGXX3875
Guidan Bounou NGXX3876
Guidan Bourka NGXX3877
Guidan Bouzey NGXX3878
Guidan Bouzou NGXX3879
Guidan Bwaye NGXX8025
Guidan Chabke NGXX3880
Guidan Chadou NGXX3881
Guidan Chaibou NGXX3882
Guidan Chalbo NGXX3883
Guidan Chama NGXX8026
Guidan Chama NGXX3884
Guidan Chantali NGXX3885
Guidan Chanteli NGXX3886
Guidan Chaybou NGXX3887
Guidan Chaydou NGXX8027
Guidan Chekarao NGXX3888
Guidan Chekarawa NGXX8028
Guidan Cheydi NGXX8029
Guidan Chibkao NGXX8030
Guidan Chinaou NGXX3889
Guidan Dabo NGXX3890
Guidan Dague NGXX3892
Guidan Dakari NGXX8031
Guidan Dala NGXX3893
Guidan Daladi NGXX3894
Guidan Damao NGXX8032
Guidan Damao NGXX3895
Guidan Dambou NGXX3896
Guidan Dan Aro NGXX3897
Guidan Dan Bakar NGXX3898
Guidan Dan Baki NGXX8033
Guidan Dan Baro NGXX8034
Guidan Dan Bawa NGXX8035
Guidan Dan Damao NGXX3900
Guidan Dan Dela NGXX3901
Guidan Dan Diwa NGXX3902
Guidan Dan Douma NGXX3903
Guidan Dan Fati NGXX3904
Guidan Dan Goma NGXX8036
Guidan Dan Jako NGXX3905
Guidan Dan Kande NGXX8037
Guidan Dan Malam NGXX3906
Guidan Dandela NGXX3909
Guidan Dangeji NGXX3910
Guidan Dango NGXX3911
Guidan Dango NGXX8038
Guidan Dao NGXX3912
Guidan Daouda NGXX3913
Guidan Daoudou NGXX8039
Guidan Daoudou NGXX3914
Guidan Dare NGXX3915
Guidan Darmou NGXX8040
Guidan Dawe NGXX3916
Guidan Dawey NGXX3917
Guidan Dazao NGXX8041
Guidan Dazi NGXX8042
Guidan Dialo NGXX3918
Guidan Dile NGXX8044
Guidan Dilo NGXX3920
Guidan Djibo NGXX8045
Guidan Djibo NGXX3921
Guidan Dodo NGXX3922
Guidan Dogari NGXX3923
Guidan Dogo NGXX3924
Guidan Doki NGXX3925
Guidan Donko NGXX8046
Guidan Douke NGXX3927
Guidan Doutchi NGXX3928
Guidan Ekade NGXX3929
Guidan Eko NGXX3930
Guidan Emarvoy NGXX8048
Guidan Fako NGXX8049
Guidan Falkie NGXX8050
Guidan Foko NGXX8051
Guidan Gabes NGXX3931
Guidan Gabou NGXX3932
Guidan Gabowan NGXX8052
Guidan Gado NGXX3933
Guidan Gado NGXX8053
Guidan Gaida NGXX3935
Guidan Gaja NGXX3936
Guidan Gajere NGXX3937
Guidan Galadima NGXX3938
Guidan Gali NGXX3939
Guidan Ganao NGXX3940
Guidan Gandao NGXX3941
Guidan Gara NGXX8054
Guidan Garba NGXX3942
Guidan Garba NGXX8055
Guidan Gardawa NGXX8056
Guidan Garge NGXX8057
Guidan Garo NGXX3943
Guidan Garo NGXX8058
Guidan Gaya NGXX3944
Guidan Gaya NGXX8059
Guidan Geridan NGXX8060
Guidan Giwa NGXX8061
Guidan Gobje NGXX3945
Guidan Goboro NGXX3946
Guidan Gobro NGXX3947
Guidan Goda NGXX8062
Guidan Goje NGXX3948
Guidan Gonao NGXX3949
Guidan Gonda NGXX3951
Guidan Gorga NGXX3952
Guidan Gouje NGXX3953
Guidan Goule NGXX3954
Guidan Guimba NGXX3955
Guidan Guingama NGXX3956
Guidan Guingue NGXX3957
Guidan Gwari NGXX3958
Guidan Habou NGXX8063
Guidan Hakourao NGXX3959
Guidan Haladji NGXX8064
Guidan Halilou NGXX8065
Guidan Hamidin NGXX8066
Guidan Hamidou NGXX3960
Guidan Hamou NGXX3961
Guidan Hamza NGXX3962
Guidan Hoko NGXX8067
Guidan Houdou NGXX8068
Guidan Ibrahim NGXX3963
Guidan Ibro NGXX3964
Guidan Idi NGXX8069
Guidan Idi NGXX3965
Guidan Idou NGXX3966
Guidan Ili NGXX8070
Guidan Ili NGXX3967
Guidan Illi NGXX3968
Guidan Illo NGXX3969
Guidan Ilyas NGXX3970
Guidan Inda NGXX3971
Guidan Ingo NGXX8071
Guidan Isa NGXX3972
Guidan Isa NGXX8072
Guidan Issa NGXX1988
Guidan Issa NGXX3973
Guidan Issouf NGXX3974
Guidan Jaka NGXX3975
Guidan Jalili NGXX3976
Guidan Jalo NGXX3977
Guidan Jari NGXX3978
Guidan Jariri NGXX3979
Guidan Jato NGXX3980
Guidan Jibi NGXX3981
Guidan Jido NGXX3982
Guidan Jiga NGXX3983
Guidan Jigo NGXX3984
Guidan Jiguili NGXX3985
Guidan Jika NGXX3986
Guidan Jirgi NGXX3987
Guidan Kaboy NGXX3988
Guidan Kachambo NGXX3989
Guidan Kache NGXX3990
Guidan Kachi NGXX3991
Guidan Kadi NGXX8073
Guidan Kago NGXX8074
Guidan Kaji NGXX3992
Guidan Kaka NGXX3993
Guidan Kale NGXX3994
Guidan Kalgo NGXX3995
Guidan Kanda NGXX3996
Guidan Kane NGXX3997
Guidan Kaora NGXX4001
Guidan Kaoura NGXX8075
Guidan Kaoura NGXX4002
Guidan Kare NGXX4003
Guidan Karma NGXX4004
Guidan Karo NGXX4005
Guidan Karou NGXX4006
Guidan Kasaoura NGXX8076
Guidan Kaso NGXX8077
Guidan Kasou NGXX4007
Guidan Kassagui NGXX4008
Guidan Kata NGXX4009
Guidan Katou NGXX8078
Guidan Kaza NGXX4010
Guidan Kerki NGXX4011
Guidan Kiabey NGXX4012
Guidan Kiata NGXX4013
Guidan Kibia NGXX4014
Guidan Kidiman NGXX8079
Guidan Kodaou NGXX4015
Guidan Kognao NGXX4016
Guidan Koli NGXX4017
Guidan Kore NGXX4018
Guidan Kotchi NGXX4019
Guidan Koube NGXX4020
Guidan Koudnao NGXX8080
Guidan Koudou NGXX4021
Guidan Koulka NGXX4022
Guidan Kounao NGXX4023
Guidan Koura NGXX8081
Guidan Kourao NGXX4024
Guidan Koure NGXX4025
Guidan Kourouma NGXX4026
Guidan Kousso NGXX4027
Guidan Kwari NGXX4028
Guidan Kyambe NGXX4029
Guidan Labo NGXX4030
Guidan Labo Ada NGXX4031
Guidan Labo Bare NGXX4032
Guidan Labou NGXX4034
Guidan Ladole NGXX4035
Guidan Lahoudi NGXX4036
Guidan Laseyni NGXX4038
Guidan Lehida NGXX4039
Guidan Lifida NGXX4040
Guidan Lolo NGXX4042
Guidan Louche NGXX4043
Guidan Mado NGXX4045
Guidan Madou NGXX4046
Guidan Madougou NGXX4047
Guidan Maga NGXX4048
Guidan Magaji NGXX4049
Guidan Maguiza NGXX4054
Guidan Mahaki NGXX8082
Guidan Mahama NGXX4055
Guidan Mahamadou NGXX8083
Guidan Mahazou NGXX8084
Guidan Maje NGXX4056
Guidan Makada NGXX4058
Guidan Makao NGXX4059
Guidan Makeri NGXX4060
Guidan Makora NGXX8085
Guidan Malam NGXX4061
Guidan Malou NGXX8088
Guidan Mamou NGXX8089
Guidan Mani Ada NGXX4067
Guidan Mannto NGXX4068
Guidan Manta NGXX4069
Guidan Mantao NGXX8090
Guidan Mantao NGXX4070
Guidan Manzo NGXX4071
Guidan Mari NGXX4072
Guidan Maroki NGXX4073
Guidan Maski NGXX4074
Guidan Masko NGXX4075
Guidan Massari NGXX4076
Guidan Massoy NGXX4077
Guidan Matchouda NGXX8091
Guidan Matou NGXX4078
Guidan May Chibi NGXX4079
Guidan May Gochi NGXX8092
Guidan May Toka NGXX4082
Guidan May-Douma NGXX8093
Guidan Maya NGXX4083
Guidan Mayadya NGXX4084
Guidan Mayaki NGXX4086
Guidan Mayara NGXX4087
Guidan Mayboube NGXX8094
Guidan Maydaji NGXX4088
Guidan Maydawa NGXX8095
Guidan Maydoubou NGXX4089
Guidan Maygaki NGXX4090
Guidan Maygirou NGXX4091
Guidan Maygojya NGXX8096
Guidan Maylafia NGXX8098
Guidan Maynou NGXX4093
Guidan Maysabe NGXX8099
Guidan Maytawa NGXX8100
Guidan Maytouji NGXX8101
Guidan Mayzemou NGXX4094
Guidan Maza NGXX4095
Guidan Meli NGXX4096
Guidan Menou NGXX4097
Guidan Meyda NGXX4098
Guidan Meydi NGXX4099
Guidan Meyliga NGXX4100
Guidan Miako NGXX8102
Guidan Miko NGXX4101
Guidan Moadi NGXX4102
Guidan Mohamadou NGXX4103
Guidan Moton Day NGXX4104
Guidan Moullou NGXX4105
Guidan Mousa NGXX8103
Guidan Mousa NGXX4106
Guidan Mouse NGXX8104
Guidan Moussa NGXX4107
Guidan Nababa NGXX8106
Guidan Nahantchi NGXX4109
Guidan Nahaya NGXX4110
Guidan Nakaora NGXX4111
Guidan Nako NGXX4112
Guidan Nakori NGXX8107
Guidan Nakoti NGXX4113
Guidan Namaka NGXX4114
Guidan Nanaya NGXX4115
Guidan Naynou NGXX8108
Guidan Neino NGXX4116
Guidan Neno NGXX4117
Guidan Noma NGXX8109
Guidan Nomao NGXX4118
Guidan Nomo NGXX4119
Guidan Noude NGXX4120
Guidan Nouho NGXX4121
Guidan Ouaze NGXX4122
Guidan Oudi NGXX4125
Guidan Oumarou NGXX4126
Guidan Ousman NGXX8111
Guidan Ousmana NGXX8112
Guidan Rabo NGXX4128
Guidan Ranaou NGXX4129
Guidan Rigo NGXX4130
Guidan Roro NGXX4131
Guidan Roumbou NGXX4132
Guidan Roumji NGXX4133
Guidan Saidou NGXX4134
Guidan Salao NGXX4135
Guidan Salaou NGXX4137
Guidan Sale NGXX4138
Guidan Salifou NGXX4139
Guidan Sallao NGXX4140
Guidan Sami NGXX4141
Guidan Sami Dodo NGXX4142
Guidan Samia NGXX8114
Guidan Sana NGXX8115
Guidan Sani NGXX4144
Guidan Segi NGXX8116
Guidan Seydou NGXX8118
Guidan Soli NGXX4149
Guidan Sono NGXX4150
Guidan Sori NGXX0095
Guidan Soule NGXX8119
Guidan Tabi NGXX8120
Guidan Tambari NGXX4153
Guidan Tanbou NGXX8121
Guidan Tanimaoum NGXX8122
Guidan Tanimou NGXX4156
Guidan Tanio NGXX4157
Guidan Tanko NGXX8123
Guidan Tanko NGXX4158
Guidan Tanko Idi NGXX4160
Guidan Tari NGXX4161
Guidan Tawaye NGXX4162
Guidan Tawey NGXX4164
Guidan Taye NGXX4165
Guidan Tcharambe NGXX4166
Guidan Tchiake NGXX4167
Guidan Tchida NGXX8124
Guidan Tchida NGXX4168
Guidan Tchidade NGXX4169
Guidan Tiakou NGXX4170
Guidan Tinda NGXX4171
Guidan Toudou NGXX8125
Guidan Toukou NGXX4172
Guidan Touloutou NGXX4173
Guidan Tounao NGXX4174
Guidan Touno NGXX4175
Guidan Wada NGXX4176
Guidan Wagui NGXX4177
Guidan Waje NGXX4178
Guidan Wane NGXX4179
Guidan Wari NGXX4180
Guidan Wazam NGXX8126
Guidan Waze NGXX4181
Guidan Wedel NGXX4182
Guidan Yakao NGXX4183
Guidan Yakoudi NGXX4184
Guidan Yari NGXX8127
Guidan Yari Idi NGXX4185
Guidan Yaro NGXX4186
Guidan Yerima NGXX4187
Guidan Zabaya NGXX8128
Guidan Zabeyrau NGXX8129
Guidan Zabou NGXX4189
Guidan Zaga NGXX4190
Guidan Zagi NGXX4191
Guidan Zagui NGXX4192
Guidan Zakara NGXX4193
Guidan Zaki NGXX4194
Guidan Zoudi NGXX4196
Guidan Zougaou NGXX4197
Guidan-Abdou NGXX8130
Guidan-Adamou NGXX8131
Guidan-Albakari NGXX8132
Guidan-Baguilbi NGXX8133
Guidan-Bahago NGXX8134
Guidan-Barao NGXX8135
Guidan-Boube NGXX8136
Guidan-Godya NGXX8137
Guidan-Isa NGXX8138
Guidan-Kara NGXX8139
Guidan-Katcha NGXX8140
Guidan-Kodidi NGXX8141
Guidan-Mitoumaki NGXX8143
Guidan-Raki NGXX8144
Guidan-Samya NGXX8145
Guidel NGXX6305
Guidel NGXX1989
Guidemario NGXX1990
Guidere NGXX6306
Guididay NGXX4198
Guidiguir NGXX0096
Guidimouni NGXX0097
Guidoma NGXX8146
Guieza Karfa NGXX4199
Guiga NGXX1991
Guigamawa NGXX4200
Guigamawa-Sofoa NGXX4201
Guigane NGXX1992
Guiladji NGXX1993
Guilahel NGXX6307
Guilare NGXX6308
Guilawa NGXX6309
Guileyni NGXX6310
Guilguije NGXX4202
Guiliman NGXX0098
Guilime NGXX1994
Guilime Kore NGXX1995
Guillare Peul NGXX1996
Guillare Zarma NGXX1997
Guilmago NGXX4203
Guimba Tombo NGXX1998
Guinar NGXX1999
Guinda NGXX4204
Guinde Golmi NGXX2000
Guindi Guiri NGXX4205
Guindo NGXX4206
Guindogoloma NGXX2001
Guinguenia NGXX6311
Guinguinde NGXX6312
Guintchere NGXX4207
Guirguel NGXX6313
Guirigorou NGXX2002
Guiroua NGXX8147
Guivaye NGXX2004
Guiwa NGXX2005
Gultua NGXX0768
Gwindogoro NGXX8148
Gworozenge NGXX6314
Haba NGXX2006
Habiri NGXX2007
Hacharwa NGXX4208
Hadamna NGXX4209
Halbaou NGXX4210
Hali NGXX4211
Hama Dandi NGXX6315
Hamadi NGXX4212
Hamadio NGXX6316
Hamane Kwara NGXX2008
Hamani Koara NGXX6317
Hamba NGXX6318
Hamdallay NGXX0099
Hamdallay Ama NGXX2009
Hamdallaye NGXX2011
Hamdoulaye NGXX2012
Hamene Kouara NGXX6319
Hamidan NGXX4213
Hamka NGXX2013
Hamka-Tombo NGXX2014
Hammi NGXX4214
Haname-Tombo NGXX2015
Hanaye NGXX4215
Handou Kouara NGXX2016
Hangagari NGXX6320
Hankaka NGXX4216
Hanou Gazane NGXX4217
Haoueyefandou NGXX2017
Haousawa NGXX2018
Haoussa Goure NGXX6321
Haoussanke NGXX6322
Harikanassou NGXX0100
Haringue NGXX8149
Harounawa Gabi NGXX4218
Hassou Bangou NGXX6323
Haya NGXX2020
Hayni Fada NGXX6324
Hayni Simorou NGXX6325
Heda Debere NGXX6326
Heda Foulbe NGXX6327
Helo Beri NGXX2021
Heloun NGXX4220
Henjirkou NGXX8150
Herou NGXX6328
Hiawa NGXX4221
Hilin Kay NGXX4222
Hiro NGXX8151
Hoga NGXX8152
Hoga NGXX6329
Hogga NGXX6330
Holo NGXX6331
Holo-n-Zori NGXX6332
Holombaki NGXX4223
Homle NGXX8153
Homne NGXX8154
Hondey NGXX6333
Hondi NGXX4224
Hondobon NGXX6334
Hondobon Goungou NGXX6335
Hondou Beri NGXX6336
Horga NGXX4225
Houdel Magaji NGXX4226
Houkwey NGXX8155
Houmawa NGXX2022
Houndougoume NGXX2023
Hounkoui NGXX4227
Hountogi NGXX8156
Housa NGXX8157
Howaltchi NGXX4228
I-n-Abalarhlarh NGXX0267
I-n-Abangaghit NGXX0268
I-n-Alakam NGXX6339
I-n-Alakat NGXX0269
I-n-Assoka NGXX8158
I-n-Awaro NGXX8159
I-n-Azaoua NGXX0270
I-n-Bagala NGXX6340
I-n-Bilibas NGXX8160
I-n-Cha NGXX4229
I-n-Dergane NGXX0271
I-n-Dika NGXX6341
I-n-Dire NGXX8161
I-n-Diri NGXX8162
I-n-Dounan NGXX8163
I-n-Felendjedan NGXX6342
I-n-Gadou NGXX8164
I-n-Gall NGXX0273
I-n-Garsaman NGXX8165
I-n-Gawa NGXX4230
I-n-Gina NGXX8166
I-n-Gouitou NGXX4231
I-n-Guida NGXX8167
I-n-Guira NGXX8168
I-n-Jinjira NGXX8169
I-n-Jitane NGXX0274
I-n-Kadoudoukoum NGXX8170
I-n-Kargou NGXX4232
I-n-Kari NGXX8171
I-n-Karkada NGXX8172
I-n-Kasewa NGXX8173
I-n-Kimia NGXX8174
I-n-Kinkaran NGXX8175
I-n-Kokan NGXX8176
I-n-Lelou NGXX8177
I-n-Najin NGXX8178
I-n-Ouagar NGXX0275
I-n-Ouagar NGXX8179
I-n-Roumji NGXX4233
I-n-Safari NGXX8180
I-n-Takachi NGXX6343
I-n-Tamat NGXX4234
I-n-Tarbakhan NGXX0276
I-n-Tazak NGXX8181
I-n-Tegar NGXX8182
I-n-Tigar NGXX4235
I-n-Tikilaten NGXX6344
I-n-Tobermene NGXX0277
I-n-Touila NGXX8183
I-n-Tourkad NGXX8184
I-n-Tousa NGXX6345
I-n-Tousen NGXX6346
I-n-Twila NGXX4236
I-n-Wala NGXX4237
I-n-wala Barmou NGXX4240
I-n-Yadou NGXX4238
I-n-yaloua NGXX4242
I-n-Yelwa NGXX4239
I-n-Zena NGXX0278
I-n-Zori NGXX6347
Iabakinka NGXX4243
Iamagaley NGXX8185
Ibankan NGXX6348
Ibazaouan NGXX8186
Ibazaouan Tajae NGXX8187
Ibba NGXX6349
Ibessetene NGXX0101
Ibiya NGXX6350
Ibo Dan Jari NGXX4244
Ibohaman NGXX8188
Iboulchikat NGXX8189
Iboy NGXX6351
Ichiwil NGXX6352
Iderfonawa NGXX8190
Idiki NGXX8191
Idiri NGXX0769
Ido Bissa Jaki NGXX4245
Ido Bissa Lali NGXX4246
Ido Gaetchi NGXX4247
Idri oua-n-Tazak NGXX8192
Idrisaram NGXX0770
Iesse Kwara NGXX6353
Iferouane NGXX0279
Igayawan NGXX8193
Igersaman NGXX8194
Ighalabelabene NGXX0280
Ighayen NGXX0281
Ighazer NGXX0282
Ighitioala NGXX0284
Igidalen NGXX8195
Igir NGXX0771
Ihi NGXX4248
Ijeje NGXX4249
Ikaghaghane NGXX0285
Ikaka NGXX8196
Ikazane NGXX0286
Ila NGXX4250
Ilaga NGXX8197
Ilagawan NGXX8198
Ilaworo NGXX0772
Ilela NGXX6354
Ilela NGXX2024
Ilelawa NGXX8199
Ilewan NGXX8200
Ilia NGXX4251
Ilialene NGXX0287
Iliko Kwara NGXX2025
Ilio NGXX4252
Illela NGXX0102
Illela Akwara NGXX2026
Illi NGXX4253
Illias NGXX4254
Illio NGXX4255
Illo NGXX4256
Illo Kouara Zeno NGXX6356
Iloa Missan NGXX6357
Iloa Zakara NGXX6358
Iloua NGXX2027
Ilwa NGXX2028
Ima Dey NGXX2029
Imateltelen NGXX0288
Imbalaga NGXX8201
Imbougaje NGXX4257
Imo Kwara NGXX2030
Imourarene NGXX0289
In Aouara NGXX0103
In Gall NGXX0104
In Karkada NGXX0105
In Kimia NGXX8202
In Safari NGXX0106
In-Abangaghit NGXX0290
In-wala na Jiga NGXX4258
In-wala ta Sama NGXX4259
Inatess NGXX6359
Inda NGXX4261
Indi NGXX4262
Ingaski NGXX2032
Ingawa NGXX4263
Inignaouei NGXX0291
Injagharen NGXX0292
Injer NGXX6360
InKouregao NGXX4260
Inouna NGXX4264
Intalahounda NGXX2033
Inteka NGXX2034
Ira NGXX2035
Irinkawa NGXX8203
Irlaf NGXX8204
Isa NGXX6361
Isakiti NGXX2036
Isari NGXX0773
Isari-Igir NGXX0774
Iskita NGXX8205
Isou Bouri NGXX0775
Isoubari NGXX0776
Isoufouri NGXX0777
Issa Kwara NGXX6362
Issa Le NGXX2037
Issaka Kouara NGXX2038
Issawan NGXX4265
Issek-n-Ouggour NGXX0293
Issili NGXX6363
Issouri NGXX0778
Issourou NGXX4266
Ita Saboua NGXX4267
Ita Sofoua NGXX4268
Itchigin NGXX6364
Itesan NGXX8206
Izane NGXX0294
Izaouitene NGXX6365
Izaragan NGXX4269
Izouzadene NGXX0295
Jaja NGXX8207
Jaji Ganaram NGXX0779
Jajiri NGXX0780
Jakasa NGXX6366
Jaki NGXX4270
Jakingichiri NGXX4271
Jakouta NGXX6367
Jali NGXX8208
Jamberi NGXX4273
Jan Roua NGXX4274
Jan Toudou NGXX4275
Janbara NGXX4276
Jandoutchi NGXX8209
Jangamaram NGXX0781
Jangari Kaygama NGXX0782
Janrwa NGXX4278
Jardana NGXX8210
Jari NGXX4279
Jariri NGXX4280
Jefhao NGXX4281
Jeji NGXX8211
Jeji Samae NGXX8212
Jembali NGXX4282
Jendawa NGXX8213
Jibbi NGXX4283
Jibia Tamaizari NGXX4284
Jibile NGXX4285
Jifa NGXX4286
Jiga NGXX8214
Jiga NGXX4287
Jigawa Boka NGXX4288
Jigawa Kirwey NGXX4289
Jigouna NGXX6368
Jiguina NGXX8215
Jika-ta NGXX4290
Jikadamiao NGXX4291
Jikaouya NGXX8216
Jikirni NGXX4292
Jilantabi NGXX4293
Jimbidawa NGXX4294
Jimina NGXX4295
Jimke NGXX4296
Jimraou NGXX4297
Jingo NGXX4298
Jira Dila NGXX4299
Jiran Dila NGXX4300
Jirga NGXX8217
Jirga Mohamada NGXX8218
Jirket NGXX8219
Jitkouka NGXX0783
Jouchi NGXX4301
Joura Bagirbi NGXX4302
Joura Kaka NGXX4303
Ka Bangou Koara NGXX6369
Ka-dira NGXX4318
Ka-tirje Foulani NGXX4321
Ka-tirje Haoussa NGXX4322
Kaadjia NGXX0784
Kaba NGXX8220
Kaba NGXX6370
Kaba Bangou NGXX6371
Kababriri NGXX0785
Kabalam NGXX0786
Kaban Banza NGXX8221
Kabanda NGXX6372
Kabao NGXX4323
Kabara NGXX4324
Kabasia NGXX0787
Kabawa NGXX8222
Kabawa NGXX4325
Kabay NGXX0107
Kabe NGXX6373
Kabe Kaina NGXX6374
Kabe Kalele NGXX6375
Kabefo NGXX6376
Kabekakongou NGXX6377
Kabelawa NGXX0788
Kabereri NGXX0789
Kaberi NGXX2039
Kabey Koungo NGXX6378
Kabeye NGXX2040
Kabi NGXX0108
Kabima NGXX8223
Kabobi NGXX4326
Kabobi NGXX8224
Kaboboy NGXX2041
Kaboe-Koara NGXX2042
Kabofo NGXX6379
Kabouni NGXX4327
Kachambo NGXX4328
Kache NGXX8225
Kachefawa NGXX8226
Kachigal NGXX8227
Kada Kay NGXX4329
Kada Tadiri NGXX4330
Kadago NGXX4331
Kadaouram NGXX0791
Kadata NGXX4332
Kadawata NGXX8228
Kade NGXX2043
Kadebadi NGXX8229
Kadelaboa NGXX0792
Kademdami NGXX2044
Kaderi NGXX0793
Kadia NGXX0794
Kadial NGXX0795
Kadidi NGXX2045
Kadigawa NGXX4333
Kadiloa NGXX0796
Kadjele NGXX0797
Kadjikajiri NGXX0798
Kadjikwini NGXX0799
Kado-Koara NGXX2046
Kadouba NGXX8230
Kadoudou NGXX4334
Kadyara NGXX0800
Kae NGXX4335
Kaellabi NGXX4336
Kaewa NGXX0801
Kaewa Oumar NGXX0802
Kafate NGXX8231
Kafedami NGXX8232
Kafi NGXX2047
Kafin Abarchi NGXX4337
Kafin Baouchi NGXX4338
Kafin Chantali NGXX4339
Kafin Gado NGXX4340
Kafin Kiro NGXX4341
Kafin Kossaou NGXX4342
Kafin Kouka NGXX4343
Kafina NGXX6380
Kafo Bangou NGXX6381
Kafoudye NGXX6382
Kagadama NGXX4344
Kagala Koara NGXX6383
Kagam NGXX8233
Kagara NGXX4345
Kagarkawa NGXX8234
Kagarki NGXX8235
Kagere NGXX0803
Kagerkawa NGXX8236
Kagoum NGXX4346
Kagoutjiba NGXX0804
Kaguirka NGXX4347
Kaha Samou NGXX4348
Kaharma NGXX8237
Kahe NGXX6384
Kahi NGXX4349
Kahi Aska NGXX4350
Kaide NGXX2048
Kaissani NGXX6385
Kaissani Goungou NGXX6386
Kaji NGXX4351
Kaji Jiwa NGXX0805
Kajimaram NGXX0806
Kaka NGXX4352
Kakabouri NGXX0807
Kakao Tiamboule NGXX6387
Kakassi NGXX6388
Kakaya Kyari NGXX0808
Kakele NGXX4353
Kaki Donkay NGXX6389
Kaking NGXX4354
Kakinya NGXX0809
Kakou NGXX6390
Kakou NGXX4355
Kakou Issoufou NGXX4356
Kakou Tassalao NGXX4357
Kakouma Bara NGXX4358
Kala NGXX6391
Kala Bouto NGXX4359
Kala Pate NGXX2049
Kala Peul NGXX2050
Kala Zarma NGXX2051
Kalaba NGXX2052
Kalaba Dila NGXX8238
Kalachimberi NGXX4360
Kalage NGXX8239
Kalaje NGXX4361
Kalakalamaram NGXX0810
Kalakoideye NGXX2053
Kalale NGXX8240
Kalali NGXX2054
Kalama NGXX0296
Kalassi NGXX6392
Kalbara NGXX6393
Kalela NGXX8241
Kalerom NGXX0811
Kaleydeyeberi NGXX2055
Kaleydeyekaina NGXX2056
Kaleye NGXX2057
Kalfou Dabagui NGXX8242
Kalfou Rafi NGXX8243
Kalfoussou NGXX6394
Kalgo NGXX4362
Kalgo NGXX8244
Kalgo NGXX2058
Kalgon Gaya NGXX4363
Kalgounam NGXX0812
Kalha NGXX2059
Kalhen Gorou NGXX6395
Kali Gorou NGXX6396
Kaliboua NGXX0813
Kalkom NGXX6397
Kaloum NGXX4364
Kama Kamo NGXX8245
Kamado NGXX8246
Kamakadji NGXX2060
Kamakoro NGXX4365
Kamal Masso NGXX4366
Kamariga NGXX2061
Kambadeye NGXX2062
Kambouzey NGXX2064
Kamegouram NGXX0814
Kameso NGXX4367
Kamissa NGXX8247
Kamoun NGXX4368
Kamoutata NGXX0815
Kampa Peul NGXX6398
Kampa Zarma NGXX6399
Kamrey NGXX2065
Kana Gani NGXX8248
Kana Kwara NGXX2066
Kanan Bakache NGXX4369
Kanare NGXX2067
Kanasori NGXX8249
Kanda NGXX4370
Kanda NGXX6400
Kandabari NGXX8250
Kandadji NGXX6401
Kandamao NGXX4371
Kandare NGXX4372
Kandeloua NGXX0816
Kanderadi NGXX0817
Kandildogo NGXX0818
Kandili NGXX4373
Kandoum NGXX6402
Kandouridi NGXX0819
Kandousa NGXX4374
Kane NGXX4375
Kanegarbe NGXX6403
Kanfata NGXX2069
Kanfata Sena NGXX2070
Kanfoule NGXX6404
Kangara NGXX0820
Kangara Koura NGXX0822
Kangara Tchoukou NGXX0823
Kangardongou NGXX0824
Kangaroa Kwomo NGXX6405
Kangarouwa NGXX0825
Kangarwa Dalkiri NGXX0826
Kange NGXX8251
Kange Bawo NGXX0827
Kangon Toulou NGXX4376
Kangouri NGXX0828
Kania Serke NGXX4377
Kaniagoma NGXX2071
Kanjae NGXX4378
Kankale NGXX4379
Kankale Majikay NGXX4380
Kankaleni NGXX4381
Kankalerou NGXX4382
Kankali NGXX4383
Kankane NGXX4384
Kankani NGXX6406
Kankani NGXX2072
Kankantouti NGXX6407
Kankara NGXX8252
Kankare NGXX4385
Kankaren Kachi NGXX4386
Kankaren Kaka NGXX4387
Kankarey NGXX8253
Kankari NGXX4388
Kankoura NGXX6408
Kanlayenou NGXX6409
Kannfatawa NGXX4391
Kano Kouara NGXX6410
Kanou Ngourbou NGXX0831
Kanoumbori NGXX0832
Kantadi NGXX0833
Kantagora NGXX4392
Kantanari NGXX0834
Kantaouri NGXX8254
Kantcha NGXX2073
Kantchi Kouara NGXX6411
Kantierawa NGXX8255
Kantya NGXX2074
Kantyoaga Djerma NGXX2075
Kantyoaga Peul NGXX2076
Kanya NGXX0835
Kanya NGXX6412
Kao NGXX8256
Kao Data NGXX8257
Kao Maroundi NGXX0836
Kao Moroundi NGXX0837
Kaodakay NGXX4393
Kaokiloum NGXX0109
Kaola NGXX4394
Kaola-Djima NGXX0838
Kaora Abdou NGXX8258
Kaora Sanbo NGXX8259
Kaori NGXX4395
Kaoura NGXX8260
Kaoura NGXX6414
Kaoura Dan Kadou NGXX8261
Kaoura Fouri NGXX8262
Kaourakeri NGXX6415
Kaoure NGXX0839
Kaouri NGXX8263
Kaoutchi Kaba NGXX4396
Kaoya NGXX0840
Kara NGXX2077
Kara Gamari NGXX0841
Kara Kara NGXX2078
Karabaguie NGXX4397
Karabeji NGXX6416
Karadje NGXX5376
Karae NGXX8264
Karagou NGXX0842
Karagou Lafia NGXX0843
Karagoulewa NGXX0844
Karagwa NGXX0845
Karaji NGXX8265
Karal NGXX6417
Karalay NGXX2079
Karam NGXX0846
Karam Karam NGXX4398
Karama NGXX8266
Karamba NGXX0110
Karambi NGXX4399
Karame NGXX8267
Karameni NGXX8268
Karamini NGXX4400
Karandia NGXX4401
Karani NGXX2080
Karaoraye NGXX8269
Karaouley NGXX8270
Karawa NGXX0847
Karawa NGXX4402
Karawlawa NGXX0848
Karayel NGXX6418
Karazome NGXX4403
Karba NGXX8271
Karba Karba NGXX2081
Karbanga NGXX6419
Karbasey NGXX6420
Kardjoum Tilo NGXX0849
Kare NGXX6421
Kare Bangou NGXX6422
Kare Daouka NGXX4404
Karegya NGXX8272
Karekopto NGXX2082
Karemboa NGXX0850
Kareram NGXX0851
Kareri NGXX0852
Karey Bangou NGXX6423
Karey Gorou NGXX6424
Karey Goussou NGXX2083
Karfale NGXX6425
Karga NGXX0853
Kargeri NGXX0854
Kargi Bangou NGXX6426
Kargidi NGXX0855
Kargoutjima NGXX0856
Kargueri NGXX0111
Kargui Bangou NGXX2084
Kari NGXX4405
Karia NGXX0857
Karidie NGXX6427
Karidio NGXX6428
Karigoussou NGXX6429
Karikasanba NGXX0858
Karimini NGXX8273
Karingia NGXX4406
Karkale NGXX8274
Karkamat NGXX8275
Karkamat Peul NGXX8276
Karkara NGXX8277
Karki NGXX2085
Karki Kouara NGXX6430
Karkin Fadama NGXX4407
Karkora NGXX8278
Karkou NGXX8279
Karma NGXX0112
Karma Peul NGXX2086
Karma Zarma NGXX2087
Karmade NGXX6431
Karni NGXX8280
Karo NGXX8281
Karo NGXX4408
Karofan NGXX8282
Karohi NGXX4409
Karoubini NGXX4410
Karouchoumba NGXX0859
Karouna NGXX0860
Karoussa NGXX4411
Karsabou NGXX2088
Karta NGXX6432
Kartela NGXX8283
Kartela Tounga NGXX8284
Kartise NGXX2089
Kasa NGXX6433
Kasa Kasa NGXX2090
Kasakorou NGXX6434
Kasari NGXX2091
Kasari NGXX8285
Kasatchia NGXX0861
Kasi Tondi NGXX6435
Kasinava NGXX4412
Kasko NGXX2092
Kaso NGXX4413
Kasone NGXX8286
Kasou NGXX4414
Kasou NGXX8287
Kasoulwa NGXX0862
Kasoura NGXX2093
Kassa Koura NGXX0863
Kassadabi NGXX2094
Kassala NGXX0864
Kassari NGXX2095
Kassatcha NGXX0865
Kassi Gourou NGXX6436
Kassole NGXX4415
Kassou Kassa NGXX6437
Katababa-Koara NGXX2096
Katabouche NGXX4416
Katabra NGXX4417
Katafororam NGXX0867
Kataka NGXX8288
Katakata NGXX4418
Katale NGXX8289
Katamfransi NGXX6438
Katami NGXX2097
Katanbage NGXX4419
Katanga NGXX6439
Katanga NGXX2098
Katanga NGXX8290
Katanga-Moyesi NGXX2099
Katangorya NGXX8291
Katare NGXX8292
Katari NGXX4421
Katarma NGXX2100
Katatororam NGXX0868
Katchellari NGXX0869
Katere Mousa NGXX4423
Katjalari NGXX0870
Kato Bala NGXX4424
Kato Kouara NGXX6440
Kato-Koara NGXX2101
Katogui NGXX4425
Katoria NGXX8293
Katosara NGXX8294
Katouma NGXX4426
Katsari NGXX4427
Katsinawa Arna NGXX4428
Katta NGXX8295
Katyalari NGXX0871
Kawadata NGXX8296
Kawara NGXX2102
Kawara NGXX8297
Kawara Debe NGXX0113
Kawara-Kaina NGXX2103
Kawararam NGXX0872
Kawaye NGXX4429
Kawhasamo NGXX4430
Kawola NGXX0873
Kawou Kowou NGXX2104
Kaya NGXX0874
Kayam NGXX2105
Kayan Keyna NGXX2106
Kaydone NGXX4431
Kaye Wahe NGXX6441
Kayevoa NGXX0875
Kayfin Gatari NGXX4432
Kaykay Maywa NGXX4433
Kaylichi NGXX8298
Kayma NGXX4434
Kayma Sofoa NGXX4435
Kaymou NGXX4436
Kayna NGXX0876
Kayni Kougoum NGXX2107
Kayo NGXX4437
Kayoua NGXX2108
Kaywa NGXX4438
Kaywatan NGXX8299
Kaywaye NGXX8300
Kazama NGXX8301
Keda NGXX8302
Kedoukal NGXX8303
Keita NGXX0114
Keitasaga NGXX8304
Kelakam NGXX0115
Kelata NGXX8305
Kelente NGXX8306
Kelewey NGXX4439
Kelgesat NGXX8307
Keljouganari NGXX0878
Keljouram NGXX0879
Kelkeli NGXX0880
Kelkeli NGXX4440
Kelleol NGXX6442
Keluntadeni NGXX8308
Kemawa NGXX8309
Kembey NGXX2109
Kemiram NGXX0881
Kendofari NGXX2110
Kenkeletchi NGXX0116
Kenouar NGXX8310
Keouye NGXX2111
Kera NGXX8311
Kerigesa NGXX2112
Keritjirit NGXX0882
Ketcheno NGXX0883
Keyan-Zarma NGXX6443
Keytawa NGXX0884
Kiabi NGXX8312
Kialoumadobou NGXX6444
Kiameli NGXX2113
Kiara-Beri NGXX2114
Kiara-Kaina NGXX2115
Kiara-Kide NGXX2116
Kiari NGXX4441
Kiaro NGXX8313
Kiba-Amadou NGXX2118
Kiba-Tombo NGXX2119
Kida Bazagaize NGXX6445
Kida Tafa Kouara NGXX6446
Kidel NGXX6447
Kiekessobon NGXX6448
Kiemro NGXX4442
Kierwol NGXX2120
Kiese NGXX2121
Kiesso-Koara NGXX2122
Kigro NGXX8314
Kiki NGXX6449
Kikonga NGXX6450
Kikoudou-Koara NGXX2123
Kil NGXX0885
Kilakina NGXX0117
Kilali NGXX8315
Kile NGXX8316
Kileski NGXX0886
Kime Gana NGXX0887
Kimeram Malam NGXX0888
Kimia-Koara NGXX2124
Kina Kayawa NGXX0889
Kindiloua NGXX0890
Kineye NGXX2126
Kingoua NGXX0891
Kinibay NGXX6451
Kinin Machi NGXX4443
Kinja Indi NGXX0892
Kinjiria NGXX0893
Kinkeletchi NGXX2127
Kinnta Kwara NGXX6452
Kint Kilawa NGXX8317
Kiota NGXX2128
Kiota Kaina NGXX2129
Kioulande NGXX2130
Kirala NGXX0894
Kiran Billingol NGXX6453
Kiran Mili NGXX6455
Kire NGXX4444
Kirekafada NGXX8318
Kirguili NGXX6456
Kiri Bitoa NGXX0895
Kiri-Kouri NGXX0896
Kiria NGXX4445
Kirib Beri NGXX6457
Kirib Kaina NGXX6458
Kirin NGXX4446
Kiriwa NGXX0897
Kirkissoy NGXX5377
Kirl Bitoa Kader NGXX0898
Kirtachi Seybou NGXX6459
Kirtachi Zeno NGXX6460
Kirtchouma NGXX0899
Kisigiri NGXX2131
Kissagawa NGXX4447
Kissin Kissin NGXX2132
Kita Kite NGXX2133
Kitamo NGXX4448
Kizamou NGXX2134
Kizit NGXX8319
Kla Koumagane NGXX0900
Ko NGXX6461
Ko Baboudji NGXX6462
Ko Dey NGXX6463
Ko Founo NGXX2135
Ko Gorou NGXX6464
Ko Hinza NGXX2136
Ko Kaina NGXX6465
Ko Kire NGXX6466
Ko Kouarey Peul NGXX6467
Ko Kouarey Zarma NGXX6468
Ko-Beri NGXX2137
Koa NGXX0901
Koa Dalari NGXX0902
Koa Lealidi NGXX0903
Koabouta NGXX4449
Koado NGXX5378
Koagoni NGXX4450
Koakoare NGXX2138
Koakora NGXX4451
Koakore NGXX2139
Koana NGXX2140
Koara Abdou NGXX0118
Koara Gabo NGXX6469
Koara Kaina NGXX6470
Koara-Tegui NGXX2141
Koarategui NGXX2142
Koasseye NGXX2143
Koba Biokara NGXX6471
Koba Dey NGXX2144
Kobadie NGXX6472
Kobardjikoye NGXX2145
Kobatye NGXX8320
Kobayou NGXX6473
Kobe Kire NGXX2146
Kobe-Azia NGXX2147
Kobe-Gateri NGXX2148
Kobeberi NGXX2149
Kobeize-Koara NGXX2150
Kobekaina NGXX2151
Kobeki Tanda NGXX2152
Koberi NGXX2153
Koberi Kouara NGXX6474
Kobi NGXX2154
Kobi NGXX6475
Kobiel NGXX2155