Weather Codes for New Zealand

Find Weather Codes or Weather Zip Codes for states and cities in New Zealand. Weather Codes references a specified Location and is used to get weather of that place accurately. They are used by The Weather Channel( by IBM), Yahoo! Weather, AOL Weather and many such weather forecasting platforms. It is similar to Yahoo's WOEID(Where On the Earth ID) that is used to represent each place uniquely.

You can know the weather of any place precisely with the help of weather codes. Find the current weather of your state or city by clicking on it. You will be redirected to The Weather Channel site with your weather code for accurate weather forecast.

Abbotsford NZXX2019
Acacia Bay NZXX0696
Adams Flat NZXX2020
Addington NZXX2021
Admiralty Bay NZXX2022
Ahaura NZXX0100
Ahikiwi NZXX0697
Ahimia NZXX0698
Ahipara NZXX0101
Ahititi NZXX0699
Ahuiti NZXX0700
Ahurangi NZXX0701
Ahuriri NZXX0702
Ahuriri Village NZXX0703
Ahuroa NZXX0704
Aickens NZXX2023
Aka Aka NZXX0705
Akaroa NZXX0102
Akatore NZXX2024
Akerama NZXX0103
Akina NZXX0706
Akitio NZXX0707
Albany NZXX0708
Albert Town NZXX2025
Albury NZXX2026
Alexandra NZXX0095
Alford Forest NZXX2027
Alfredton NZXX0709
Algies Bay NZXX0710
Alicetown NZXX0711
Allandale NZXX2028
Allanton NZXX0001
Allenton NZXX2029
Alma NZXX2030
Altimarlock NZXX2031
Alton NZXX0712
Amberley NZXX0106
Amodeo Bay NZXX0107
Anama NZXX2032
Andersons Bay NZXX2033
Andrewville NZXX2034
Annat NZXX2035
Annesbrook NZXX2036
Aohanga NZXX0713
Aokautere NZXX0714
Aongatete NZXX0715
Aorangi NZXX0108
Aorere NZXX2038
Aotuhia NZXX0716
Aparima NZXX2039
Apata NZXX0717
Apiti NZXX0109
Appleby NZXX2040
Arahura NZXX2041
Arakura NZXX0718
Aramiro NZXX0110
Aramoana NZXX2042
Aramoho NZXX0719
Aranga NZXX0720
Aranui NZXX2043
Arapae NZXX0721
Arapito NZXX2044
Arapohue NZXX0722
Arapuni NZXX0111
Ararata NZXX0112
Ararimu NZXX0723
Aratapu NZXX0724
Arcadia NZXX2045
Arch Hill NZXX0725
Ardlussa NZXX2046
Ardmore College NZXX0726
Argyll East NZXX0727
Aria NZXX0113
Ariki NZXX2047
Arrowtown NZXX0002
Arthurs Point NZXX2049
Arthurton NZXX2050
Arundel NZXX2051
Ascot Park NZXX0728
Ashburton NZXX0091
Ashhurst NZXX0116
Ashley NZXX2052
Ashley Clinton NZXX0729
Ashton NZXX2053
Ashwick Flat NZXX2054
Ataahua NZXX2055
Atapo NZXX2056
Atarau NZXX2057
Atawhai NZXX2058
Atene NZXX0730
Athenree NZXX0731
Athol NZXX2059
Atiamuri NZXX0732
Auckland NZXX0003
Aukopae NZXX0733
Auroa NZXX0734
Autawa NZXX0735
Ava NZXX0736
Avalon NZXX0737
Avenal NZXX2060
Avondale NZXX2061
Avondale NZXX0738
Avonhead NZXX2062
Avonside NZXX2063
Awa-iti NZXX2064
Awaawakino NZXX0739
Awahuri NZXX0740
Awakaponga NZXX0741
Awakeri NZXX0742
Awakino NZXX0118
Awamangu NZXX2065
Awamarino NZXX0743
Awamoko NZXX2066
Awanui NZXX0119
Awapiri NZXX2067
Awapuni NZXX0744
Awaroa NZXX0745
Awarua NZXX0120
Awarua Plains NZXX2068
Awatea NZXX2069
Awatoto NZXX0746
Awatuna NZXX0747
Awatuna NZXX2070
Awhitu NZXX0748
Awhitu Central NZXX0749
Aylesbury NZXX2071
Babylon NZXX0750
Bainesse NZXX0751
Bainham NZXX2072
Balaclava NZXX2073
Balcairn NZXX2074
Balclutha NZXX0121
Balfour NZXX0122
Ballance NZXX0752
Balmoral NZXX0753
Bankside NZXX2075
Bannockburn NZXX2076
Barnego NZXX2077
Barrhill NZXX2078
Barrys Bay NZXX2079
Barrytown NZXX2080
Barryville NZXX0123
Bartlett NZXX0754
Bastia Hill NZXX0755
Batley NZXX0756
Baton NZXX2081
Bay View NZXX0004
Baylys Beach NZXX0125
Bayswater NZXX0757
Beach Haven NZXX0758
Beachlands NZXX0759
Bealey NZXX2083
Beaumont NZXX2084
Beautiful Valley NZXX2085
Beckenham NZXX2086
Becks NZXX2087
Belfast NZXX0126
Belgrove NZXX2088
Bell Block NZXX0760
Bell Hill NZXX2089
Belleknowes NZXX2090
Bellevue NZXX0761
Bells NZXX2091
Belmont NZXX0762
Bendigo NZXX2092
Benhar NZXX2093
Benmore NZXX2094
Bennetts NZXX2095
Benneydale NZXX0127
Berhampore NZXX0763
Berlins NZXX2096
Berwen NZXX2097
Berwick NZXX2098
Bethlehem NZXX0764
Bexley NZXX2099
Bideford NZXX0765
Big Omaha NZXX0766
Birch Hill NZXX2100
Birchfield NZXX2101
Birchville NZXX0767
Birchwood NZXX2102
Birkdale NZXX0768
Birkenhead NZXX0769
Bishopdale NZXX2103
Blackball NZXX2104
Blackburn NZXX0770
Blackpool NZXX0771
Blacks Point NZXX2105
Blackstone Hill NZXX2106
Blackwater NZXX2107
Blaketown NZXX2108
Blenheim NZXX0005
Blind River NZXX2109
Blockhouse Bay NZXX0772
Bluespur NZXX2110
Bluff NZXX0129
Bluff Hill NZXX0773
Bog Roy NZXX2111
Bombay NZXX0774
Bortons NZXX2112
Botany Downs NZXX0775
Boulcott NZXX0776
Bradford NZXX2113
Braeburn NZXX2114
Bridge Hill NZXX2115
Brighams Creek NZXX0777
Brighton NZXX0130
Brightwater NZXX0131
Broad Bay NZXX2116
Broadmeadows NZXX0778
Broadwood NZXX0132
Brockville NZXX2117
Bromley NZXX2118
Brookfield NZXX0779
Brooklands NZXX0780
Brooklands NZXX2119
Brooklyn NZXX2120
Brooklyn NZXX0781
Brookside NZXX2121
Broomfield NZXX2122
Broughton Bay NZXX2123
Brown Owl NZXX0782
Browns NZXX0133
Browns Bay NZXX0783
Bruce Bay NZXX2124
Brunnerton NZXX0134
Brunswick NZXX0784
Bruntwood NZXX0785
Brydone NZXX2125
Bryndwr NZXX2126
Buckland NZXX0786
Bucklands Beach NZXX0787
Bull Creek NZXX2127
Bulls NZXX0135
Bunnythorpe NZXX0136
Buried Village NZXX0788
Burkes Pass NZXX2128
Burleigh NZXX2129
Burnham NZXX2130
Burnside NZXX2131
Burwood NZXX2132
Bush Gully NZXX0789
Caberfeidh NZXX2133
Cable Bay NZXX2134
Cable Bay NZXX0790
Cairnbrae NZXX2135
Camberley NZXX0791
Camborne NZXX0792
Cambrian NZXX2136
Cambridge NZXX0137
Camden NZXX2137
Camerons NZXX2138
Campbell Island NZXX0076
Campbells Bay NZXX0793
Cannons Creek NZXX0794
Canvastown NZXX2139
Cape Campbell NZXX0066
Cape Jackson NZXX2140
Cape Reinga NZXX0051
Cape Runaway NZXX0795
Cardiff NZXX0141
Cardrona NZXX2141
Carew NZXX2142
Carnarvon NZXX0796
Carswells NZXX0797
Carters Beach NZXX2143
Carters Mill NZXX2144
Carterton NZXX0142
Casebrook NZXX2145
Cashmere NZXX2146
Cashmere NZXX0798
Cashmere Hills NZXX2147
Cass NZXX2148
Castle Hill NZXX2149
Castlecliff NZXX0143
Castlepoint NZXX0063
Cathedral Square NZXX2150
Cave NZXX2151
Caversham NZXX2152
Centre Bush NZXX2153
Chaneys NZXX2154
Charing Cross NZXX2155
Charleston NZXX2156
Charlton NZXX2157
Chartwell NZXX0799
Charwell Forks NZXX2158
Chaslands NZXX2159
Chatham Islands NZXX0077
Chatswood NZXX0800
Chatto Creek NZXX2160
Chatton NZXX2161
Chelsea NZXX0801
Cheltenham NZXX0802
Chertsey NZXX2162
Chesterfield NZXX2163
Cheviot NZXX0147
Chorlton NZXX2164
Christchurch NZXX0006
Churchill NZXX0803
Churton Park NZXX0804
Clandeboye NZXX2165
Claremont NZXX2166
Clarence NZXX2167
Clarendon NZXX2168
Clareville NZXX0805
Clarks NZXX2169
Clarksville NZXX2170
Clarkville NZXX2171
Claudelands NZXX0806
Clearburn NZXX2172
Clevedon NZXX0807
Clifden NZXX2173
Cliff Road NZXX0808
Clifton NZXX2174
Clinton NZXX0149
Clive NZXX0007
Closeburn NZXX2175
Cloverlea NZXX0809
Clyde NZXX0151
Clydevale NZXX2176
Coal Creek Flat NZXX2177
Coalgate NZXX2178
Coatesville NZXX0810
Cobden NZXX2179
Cockle Bay NZXX0811
Colac Bay NZXX2180
Collingwood NZXX0152
Collinswood NZXX2181
Colville NZXX0153
Colyton NZXX0812
Concord NZXX2182
Conical Hills NZXX2183
Cooks Beach NZXX0813
Coopers Creek NZXX2184
Corbyvale NZXX2185
Cormacks NZXX2186
Coroglen NZXX0814
Coromandel NZXX0154
Corstorphine NZXX2187
Courtenay NZXX2188
Coutts Island NZXX2189
Cowes NZXX0815
Cowes Bay NZXX0155
Cracroft NZXX2190
Craigieburn NZXX2191
Crail Bay NZXX2192
Creighton NZXX2193
Cricklewood NZXX2194
Crofton NZXX0816
Crofton Downs NZXX0817
Cromwell NZXX0008
Cronadun NZXX2195
Cross Creek NZXX0818
Crushington NZXX2196
Culverden NZXX0088
Cunninghams NZXX0819
Cust NZXX0158
Dacre NZXX2197
Dairy Flat NZXX0159
Dalefield NZXX0820
Dallington NZXX2198
Dalmore NZXX2199
Dannevirke NZXX0160
Darfield NZXX0090
Dargaville NZXX0162
Dashwood NZXX2200
Dawson Falls NZXX0821
Dawson Gate NZXX0822
Days Bay NZXX0823
Deborah NZXX2201
Deep Creek NZXX2202
Denniston NZXX2203
Devonport NZXX0824
Diamond Harbour NZXX2204
Dipton NZXX2205
Dobson NZXX2206
Dodson Valley NZXX2207
Domett NZXX2208
Dorie NZXX2209
Douglas NZXX0825
Dovedale NZXX2210
Doyleston NZXX0164
Driving Creek NZXX0826
Dromore NZXX2211
Drummond NZXX2212
Drury NZXX0827
Drybread NZXX2213
Dunback NZXX2214
Dunedin NZXX0009
Dunollie NZXX2216
Dunrobin NZXX2217
Dunsandel NZXX0166
Duntroon NZXX0167
Durie Hill NZXX0828
Duvauchelle NZXX2218
Ealing NZXX2219
Earnscleugh NZXX2220
East Cape NZXX0829
East Chatton NZXX2221
East End NZXX2222
East End NZXX0830
East Gore NZXX2223
East Taieri NZXX2224
East Takaka NZXX2225
East Tamaki NZXX0831
Eastbourne NZXX0010
Eastern Beach NZXX0832
Eastern Bush NZXX2226
Eden Terrace NZXX0833
Edendale NZXX0169
Edgecumbe NZXX0834
Edievale NZXX2227
Egmont Village NZXX0170
Eiffelton NZXX2228
Eketahuna NZXX0835
Elgin NZXX0836
Ellerslie NZXX0837
Ellesmere NZXX2230
Elsdon NZXX0838
Elsthorpe NZXX0171
Eltham NZXX0172
Endeavour Inlet NZXX2231
Enderby Island NZXX0075
Enfield NZXX2232
Enner Glynn NZXX2233
Epsom NZXX0839
Epuni NZXX0840
Erehwon NZXX0841
Erina NZXX2234
Erua NZXX0842
Esk Valley NZXX2235
Eskdale NZXX0011
Ethelton NZXX2236
Eureka NZXX0843
Evans Flat NZXX2237
Evansdale NZXX2238
Eyre Creek NZXX2239
Fabians Valley NZXX2240
Fairburn NZXX0844
Fairdown NZXX2241
Fairfax NZXX2242
Fairfield NZXX2243
Fairfield NZXX0845
Fairlie NZXX0175
Fairton NZXX2244
Fairview NZXX2245
Farewell Spit NZXX0065
Farm Cove NZXX0846
Farnham NZXX2246
Favona NZXX0847
Featherston NZXX0177
Feilding NZXX0178
Fencourt NZXX0848
Fendalton NZXX2247
Fenton Park NZXX0849
Fergusons NZXX2248
Fern Flat NZXX2249
Ferndale NZXX0850
Fernhill NZXX0851
Fernhill NZXX2250
Fernleigh NZXX0852
Fernside NZXX2251
Fernside NZXX0853
Fitzroy NZXX0854
Five Rivers NZXX2252
Flagstaff NZXX2253
Flaxmere NZXX0855
Flaxton NZXX2254
Flemington NZXX2255
Flints Bush NZXX2256
Fordell NZXX0179
Fordlands NZXX0856
Forrest Hill NZXX0857
Forsyth NZXX2257
Fort Galatea NZXX0182
Fortrose NZXX2258
Fox Glacier NZXX2259
Foxhill NZXX2260
Foxton NZXX0180
Foxton Beach NZXX0858
Frankleigh Park NZXX0859
Frankton NZXX2261
Franz Josef NZXX2262
Frasertown NZXX0181
Freemans Bay NZXX0861
French Farm NZXX2263
Freshford NZXX2264
Fruitlands NZXX2265
Galloway NZXX2266
Garston NZXX2267
Gate Pa NZXX0862
Georgetown NZXX2268
Geraldine NZXX0183
Gibbston NZXX2269
Gimmerburn NZXX2270
Gisborne NZXX0863
Gladstone NZXX2271
Gladstone NZXX0864
Glen Afton NZXX0185
Glen Avon NZXX0865
Glen Eden NZXX0866
Glen Innes NZXX0867
Glen Massey NZXX0186
Glen Murray NZXX0868
Glen Oroua NZXX0869
Glenavy NZXX0092
Glenbrook NZXX0870
Glencoe NZXX2272
Glendale NZXX0871
Glendene NZXX0872
Glendhu NZXX2273
Glendowie NZXX0873
Glenduan NZXX2274
Glenfield NZXX0874
Glengarry NZXX2275
Glenham NZXX2276
Glenholme NZXX0875
Glenhope NZXX2277
Gleniti NZXX2278
Glenkenich NZXX2279
Glenledi NZXX2280
Glenlee NZXX2281
Glenomaru NZXX2282
Glenorchy NZXX2283
Glenore NZXX2284
Glenpark NZXX2285
Glenroy NZXX2286
Glenside NZXX0876
Glentanner NZXX2287
Glentunnel NZXX2288
Glenwood NZXX2289
Glinkes Gully NZXX0877
Glorit NZXX0878
Golden Bay NZXX2290
Golden Downs NZXX2291
Goldsborough NZXX2292
Gonville NZXX0879
Goodwood NZXX2293
Goose Bay NZXX2294
Gordon NZXX0188
Gordonton NZXX0189
Gore NZXX0093
Gorge Road NZXX2295
Gowanbridge NZXX2296
Gracefield NZXX0880
Grafton NZXX0881
Grahams Beach NZXX0882
Granity NZXX0191
Grantlea NZXX2297
Grasmere NZXX2298
Greatford NZXX0883
Green Bay NZXX0884
Green Island NZXX2299
Green Valley NZXX2300
Greenacres NZXX0885
Greenfield NZXX2301
Greenhills NZXX2302
Greenhithe NZXX0886
Greenlane NZXX0887
Greenmeadows NZXX0888
Greenpark NZXX2303
Greenstone NZXX2304
Greenvale NZXX2305
Greerton NZXX0889
Grenada North NZXX0890
Grenada Village NZXX0891
Greville Harbour NZXX2306
Grey Lynn NZXX0892
Greymouth NZXX0012
Greytown NZXX0193
Grove NZXX2307
Grove Bush NZXX2308
Grovetown NZXX2309
Gummies Bush NZXX2310
Guthrie NZXX0194
Haast NZXX0068
Hackthorne NZXX2311
Hairini NZXX0893
Hakahaka NZXX2312
Hakaru NZXX0894
Hakataramea NZXX2313
Hakatere NZXX2314
Halcombe NZXX0196
Haldane NZXX2315
Half Moon Bay NZXX0895
Halfmoon Bay NZXX0197
Halfway Bush NZXX2316
Halkett NZXX2317
Halswell NZXX0198
Hamilton NZXX0013
Hamilton Bay NZXX2318
Hamilton East NZXX0896
Hamilton West NZXX0897
Hammer Springs NZXX0200
Hampden NZXX0201
Hampstead NZXX2319
Hamurana NZXX0898
Hangatiki NZXX0899
Hanmer Springs NZXX2320
Hannahs Bay NZXX0900
Happy Valley NZXX0901
Hapuku NZXX2321
Harapepe NZXX0902
Harbour View NZXX0903
Harewood NZXX2322
Hari Hari NZXX2323
Harihari NZXX0202
Haruru NZXX0904
Hastings NZXX0014
Hastwells NZXX0905
Hataitai NZXX0906
Hatepe NZXX0204
Hatfield NZXX2324
Hatuma NZXX0907
Haumoana NZXX0908
Haunui NZXX0909
Hauraki NZXX0910
Hautapu NZXX0911
Hauturu NZXX0205
Hauwai NZXX2325
Havelock NZXX0206
Havelock North NZXX0207
Hawarden NZXX0208
Hawea Flat NZXX2327
Hawera NZXX0087
Hawkeswood NZXX2328
Hawkins NZXX2329
Hawthorndale NZXX2330
Haywards NZXX0912
Hazelburn NZXX2331
Hazletts NZXX2332
Heathcote Valley NZXX2333
Hector NZXX0210
Heddon Bush NZXX2334
Hedgehope NZXX2335
Hei Hei NZXX2336
Heidelberg NZXX2337
Helena Bay NZXX0913
Helensbrook NZXX2338
Helensburgh NZXX2339
Helensville NZXX0211
Helvetia NZXX0914
Henderson NZXX0915
Henley NZXX2340
Herbert NZXX0212
Herbertville NZXX0916
Herekino NZXX0213
Herepo NZXX2341
Heretaunga NZXX0917
Heriot NZXX0214
Herne Bay NZXX0918
Hexton NZXX0215
Hicks Bay NZXX0055
Highbank NZXX2342
Highbury NZXX0919
Highcliffe NZXX2343
Highfield NZXX2344
Highland Park NZXX0920
Highlands Park NZXX0921
Hihitahi NZXX0217
Hikuai NZXX0922
Hikumutu NZXX0923
Hikurangi NZXX0218
Hikutaia NZXX0924
Hilderthorpe NZXX2345
Hillend NZXX2346
Hillersden NZXX2347
Hillgrove NZXX2348
Hillmorton NZXX2349
Hillsborough NZXX2350
Hillsborough NZXX0925
Hilton NZXX2351
Himatangi NZXX0926
Hinahina NZXX2352
Hinakura NZXX0927
Hindon NZXX2353
Hindon Railway NZXX2354
Hinds NZXX0219
Hinerua NZXX0928
Hinuera NZXX0929
Hira NZXX2355
Hiwipango NZXX2356
Ho Ho NZXX2357
Hobsonville NZXX0930
Hohonu NZXX2358
Hokio NZXX0931
Hokitika NZXX0015
Hokonui NZXX2359
Hokowhitu NZXX0932
Holborn NZXX0933
Holdens Bay NZXX0934
Homai NZXX0935
Homedale NZXX0936
Homewood NZXX0937
Honikiwi NZXX0938
Hook NZXX2361
Hoon Hay NZXX2362
Hope NZXX0221
Hopelands NZXX0939
Horahora NZXX0940
Horeke NZXX0941
Hornby NZXX2363
Horoera NZXX0942
Horohoro NZXX0943
Horopito NZXX0944
Hororata NZXX0222
Horotiu NZXX0945
Horrelville NZXX2364
Hospital Hill NZXX0946
Hot Water Beach NZXX0947
Hoteo NZXX0948
Houghton Bay NZXX0949
Houhora NZXX0223
Houipapa NZXX2365
Houpoto NZXX0950
Houto NZXX0951
Howard NZXX2366
Howard Junction NZXX2367
Howick NZXX0952
Huapai NZXX0953
Huarau NZXX0954
Huatoki NZXX0955
Huhuka NZXX2368
Huia NZXX0956
Huinga NZXX0957
Huirangi NZXX0958
Huiroa NZXX0959
Hukanui NZXX0960
Hukapapa NZXX0961
Hukarere NZXX2369
Hukatere NZXX0224
Hukerenui NZXX0962
Humphreys NZXX2370
Humua NZXX0963
Hundalee NZXX2371
Hunter NZXX2372
Hunterville NZXX0225
Huntly NZXX0226
Huntly West NZXX0964
Hunts Road NZXX2373
Huntsbury NZXX2374
Hunua NZXX0965
Hurdon NZXX0966
Hurleyville NZXX0227
Huruiki NZXX0967
Hyde NZXX2375
Ida Valley NZXX2376
Ikamatua NZXX2377
Ikawai NZXX2378
Ilam NZXX2379
Inaha NZXX0968
Inangahua Camp NZXX2380
Inchbonnie NZXX2383
Inglewood NZXX0228
Invercargill NZXX0016
Irwell NZXX2384
Isla Bank NZXX2385
Island Bay NZXX0969
Island Block NZXX2386
Island Cliff NZXX2387
Islington NZXX2388
Jacksons NZXX2389
Jamestown NZXX2390
Jerusalem NZXX0230
Johnsonville NZXX0970
Johnstone NZXX2391
Jordan NZXX2392
Judea NZXX0971
Judgeford NZXX0972
Kaawa NZXX0973
Kaeaea NZXX0974
Kaeo NZXX0231
Kaharoa NZXX0975
Kahuika NZXX2393
Kahutara NZXX0976
Kai-iwi NZXX0232
Kaiaka NZXX0977
Kaiapoi NZXX0017
Kaiata NZXX2394
Kaiaua NZXX0234
Kaihere NZXX0235
Kaihiku NZXX2395
Kaihinu NZXX2396
Kaihu NZXX0236
Kaikarangi NZXX0978
Kaikohe NZXX0237
Kaikora NZXX0979
Kaikorai NZXX2397
Kaikou NZXX0980
Kaikoura NZXX0067
Kaimai NZXX0239
Kaimata NZXX0981
Kaimata NZXX2399
Kaimaumau NZXX0982
Kaimiro NZXX0983
Kaingapai NZXX2400
Kaingaroa NZXX0240
Kaingaroa Forest NZXX0241
Kaipaki NZXX0984
Kaipara Flats NZXX0985
Kairanga NZXX0986
Kairara NZXX0987
Kairua NZXX0988
Kairuru NZXX2401
Kaitaia NZXX0080
Kaitangata NZXX0243
Kaitaratahi NZXX0989
Kaitawa NZXX0990
Kaiteriteri NZXX2402
Kaiti NZXX0991
Kaitieke NZXX0992
Kaitoke NZXX0993
Kaituna NZXX2403
Kaiuma NZXX2404
Kaiwaka NZXX0244
Kaiwharawhara NZXX0994
Kaka Point NZXX2405
Kakahi NZXX0995
Kakahu Bush NZXX2406
Kakanui NZXX0245
Kakapo Bay NZXX2407
Kakapotahi NZXX2408
Kakapuaka NZXX2409
Kakaramea NZXX0246
Kakatahi NZXX0996
Kamahi NZXX2410
Kamaka NZXX2411
Kamo NZXX0997
Kaniere NZXX0018
Kanohi NZXX0998
Kapara NZXX0999
Kaponga NZXX1000
Kaponge NZXX0248
Kapowai NZXX2412
Kapuka NZXX2413
Kapuni NZXX0249
Karamea NZXX2414
Karamu NZXX0250
Karangahake NZXX1001
Karangarua NZXX2415
Karehana Bay NZXX1002
Karekare NZXX1003
Karetu NZXX1004
Karewa NZXX0686
Karewarewa NZXX1005
Karioi NZXX0251
Karitane NZXX0252
Karori NZXX1006
Karori West NZXX1007
Karoro NZXX2416
Katea NZXX2417
Katikati NZXX0253
Katiki NZXX2418
Kauaeranga NZXX1008
Kauangaroa NZXX1009
Kauhoe NZXX2419
Kaukapakapa NZXX1010
Kaupokonui NZXX1011
Kauri NZXX1012
Kauroa NZXX1013
Kauru Hill NZXX2420
Kauwhata NZXX1014
Kawaha Point NZXX1015
Kawakawa NZXX0254
Kawatiri NZXX2421
Kawau Island NZXX1016
Kaweku NZXX2422
Kawerau NZXX0255
Kawhia NZXX1017
Kawiti NZXX1018
Kekerengu NZXX2423
Kelburn NZXX1019
Kelchers NZXX2424
Kelso NZXX2425
Kelson NZXX1020
Kelston NZXX1021
Kelvin Grove NZXX1022
Kenana NZXX1023
Kenepuru Head NZXX2426
Kenmure NZXX2427
Kennedys Bay NZXX0256
Kennington NZXX2428
Kensington NZXX1024
Kent Road NZXX1025
Kerepehi NZXX1026
Kereru NZXX0257
Kereta NZXX0258
Kerikeri NZXX1027
Kerikeri Inlet NZXX1028
Kerrytown NZXX2430
Kew NZXX2431
Khandallah NZXX1029
Kihikihi NZXX0259
Kikiwa NZXX2432
Kilbirnie NZXX1030
Killinchy NZXX2433
Kimbell NZXX2434
Kimbolton NZXX0260
Kimihia NZXX1031
Kingsdown NZXX2435
Kingseat NZXX0261
Kingsland NZXX1032
Kingsley Heights NZXX1033
Kingston NZXX0262
Kingston NZXX1034
Kingswell NZXX2436
Kinikini NZXX1035
Kinleith NZXX0263
Kinloch NZXX2437
Kinohaku NZXX1036
Kioreroa NZXX1037
Kirikau NZXX1038
Kirikopuni NZXX1039
Kiripaka NZXX1040
Kiritaki NZXX1041
Kiritehere NZXX1042
Kirwee NZXX2438
Kiteroa NZXX2439
Kiwi NZXX2440
Kiwitahi NZXX1043
Kiwitea NZXX1044
Knapdale NZXX2441
Kohekohe NZXX1045
Kohimarama NZXX1046
Kohukohu NZXX0264
Kohumaru NZXX1047
Kohuratahi NZXX1048
Kokakoriki NZXX1049
Kokapo NZXX1050
Kokiri NZXX2442
Kokonga NZXX2443
Kokopu NZXX1051
Komakorau NZXX1052
Komata NZXX1053
Komata North NZXX1054
Komiti NZXX1055
Kongahu NZXX2444
Konini NZXX1056
Kononi NZXX2445
Kopaki NZXX1057
Kopu NZXX1058
Kopua NZXX1059
Kopuaranga NZXX1060
Kopuawhara NZXX1061
Kopuku NZXX1062
Kopuriki NZXX1063
Koputaroa NZXX1064
Koraki NZXX1065
Korakonui NZXX1066
Korere NZXX2446
Korere Valley NZXX2447
Koriniti NZXX0265
Korito NZXX1067
Korokoro NZXX1068
Koromiko NZXX2448
Kotemaori NZXX1069
Kotuku NZXX2449
Koutu NZXX1070
Kowai Bush NZXX2450
Kowhai Park NZXX1071
Kowhatu NZXX2451
Kowhitirangi NZXX2452
Kuaotunu NZXX1072
Kumara NZXX0266
Kumeroa NZXX1073
Kumeu NZXX1074
Kuratau NZXX1075
Kuri Bush NZXX2453
Kuripapango NZXX0267
Kurow NZXX0268
Kyeburn NZXX2454
Kyeburn Diggings NZXX2455
Kyle NZXX2456
Ladbrooks NZXX2457
Lady Barkly NZXX2458
Lagmhor NZXX2459
Lake Coleridge NZXX2460
Lake Hawea NZXX2461
Lake Kaniere NZXX2462
Lake Ohia NZXX1076
Lake Pukaki NZXX2463
Lake Rotoroa NZXX2464
Lake Tekapo NZXX2465
Langridge NZXX2466
Lauder NZXX2467
Lauriston NZXX2468
Lawrence NZXX0269
Le Bons Bay NZXX2469
Leamington NZXX1077
Lee Stream NZXX2470
Leeston NZXX0270
Leigh NZXX0271
Leithfield NZXX2471
Lepperton NZXX0272
Levels NZXX2472
Levin NZXX0098
Liberton NZXX2473
Limehills NZXX2474
Lincoln NZXX0274
Lincoln NZXX1078
Linden NZXX1079
Lindenvale NZXX1080
Lindis Crossing NZXX2475
Lindis Pass NZXX2476
Linton NZXX1081
Linwood NZXX2477
Lismore NZXX2478
Little Akaloa NZXX2479
Little River NZXX0275
Little Wanganui NZXX2480
Livingstone NZXX2481
Loburn NZXX2482
Lochiel NZXX2483
Long Gully NZXX2484
Longbeach NZXX2485
Longburn NZXX1082
Longbush NZXX2486
Longford NZXX2487
Longridge NZXX2488
Longs Beach NZXX1083
Longwood NZXX2489
Lorneville NZXX2490
Lovells Flat NZXX2491
Lowburn Ferry NZXX2492
Lowcliffe NZXX2493
Lower Hutt NZXX0019
Lower Kaimai NZXX1084
Lower Kohumaru NZXX1085
Lower Kokatahi NZXX2494
Lower Moutere NZXX2495
Lower Shotover NZXX2496
Lower Waiawa NZXX1086
Lowgarth NZXX1087
Lowry Bay NZXX1088
Lowther NZXX2497
Luggate NZXX2498
Lumsden NZXX0277
Lyall Bay NZXX1089
Lyalldale NZXX2499
Lyell NZXX2500
Lyndhurst NZXX2501
Lynfield NZXX1090
Lynmore NZXX1091
Lynmouth NZXX1092
Lynnford NZXX2502
Lyttelton NZXX0020
Mabel Bush NZXX2503
Mabel School NZXX2504
Macandrew Bay NZXX2505
Macetown NZXX2506
Mackaytown NZXX1096
Maclennan NZXX2507
Macraes Flat NZXX2508
Maerewhenua NZXX2509
Mahakipawa NZXX2510
Mahana NZXX2511
Mahanga Beach NZXX1097
Maharahara NZXX1098
Maharakeke NZXX1099
Maheno NZXX0279
Mahers Creek NZXX2512
Mahia NZXX0280
Mahia Beach NZXX1100
Mahia Park NZXX1101
Mahina Bay NZXX1102
Mahitahi NZXX2513
Mahoe NZXX1103
Mahoenui NZXX0281
Mahora NZXX1104
Mahunga NZXX2514
Mahurangi NZXX1105
Mahurangi West NZXX1106
Mahuta NZXX1107
Maia NZXX2515
Maiapara NZXX0282
Maihiihi NZXX1108
Maimai NZXX2516
Mairangi Bay NZXX1109
Mairehau NZXX2517
Mairoa NZXX1110
Mairtown NZXX1111
Maitahi NZXX0283
Maitland NZXX2518
Makakaho NZXX0284
Makaraka NZXX1112
Makarau NZXX1113
Makaretu NZXX1114
Makarewa NZXX0021
Makarora NZXX2520
Makarora Wharf NZXX2521
Makauri NZXX1115
Makeokeo NZXX1116
Maketu NZXX0286
Makikihi NZXX0287
Makirikiri NZXX1117
Makomako NZXX0288
Makotuku NZXX1118
Makuri NZXX1119
Mamaku NZXX1120
Mamaranui NZXX1121
Mana NZXX1122
Manaia NZXX0289
Manakau NZXX0290
Manapouri NZXX2522
Manaroa NZXX2523
Manawahe NZXX1123
Manawaora NZXX1124
Manawaru NZXX0291
Mandeville NZXX2524
Mandeville North NZXX2525
Mangaiti NZXX1125
Mangakakahi NZXX1126
Mangakino NZXX1127
Mangakioo NZXX0292
Mangamahoe NZXX1128
Mangamahu NZXX1129
Mangamaire NZXX1130
Mangamate NZXX1131
Mangamaunu NZXX2526
Mangamingi NZXX1132
Mangamuka NZXX0293
Mangamutu NZXX1133
Mangaohutu NZXX1134
Mangaone NZXX1135
Mangaonoho NZXX1136
Mangaotaki NZXX0294
Mangapai NZXX1137
Mangapani NZXX1138
Mangapapa NZXX1139
Mangapurua NZXX1140
Mangarata NZXX2527
Mangaroa NZXX1141
Mangatainoka NZXX1142
Mangatangi NZXX1143
Mangatarata NZXX1144
Mangatawhiri NZXX1145
Mangatiti NZXX1146
Mangatoki NZXX1147
Mangatu NZXX1148
Mangatuna NZXX0296
Mangaweka NZXX1149
Mangawhai NZXX0297
Mangawhai Heads NZXX1150
Mangawhare NZXX1151
Mangawhata NZXX1152
Mangawhio NZXX1153
Mangere NZXX1154
Mangere Bridge NZXX1155
Mangere East NZXX1156
Mangonui NZXX1157
Mangorei NZXX1158
Maniatutu NZXX1159
Manor Park NZXX1160
Manuka Creek NZXX2528
Manukau NZXX1161
Manukau NZXX0022
Manukau City NZXX1162
Manunui NZXX1163
Manurewa East NZXX1164
Manutahi NZXX0299
Manutuke NZXX0300
Maori Hill NZXX2529
Maori Point NZXX2530
Maoribank NZXX1165
Mapiu NZXX1166
Mapua NZXX0301
Maraehoko NZXX2531
Maraekakaho NZXX1167
Maraenui NZXX1168
Maraeroa NZXX1169
Maraetai NZXX1170
Marahau NZXX2532
Maraitara NZXX1171
Marakerake NZXX2533
Maramarua NZXX1172
Marangai NZXX1173
Mararewa NZXX2534
Marchwiel NZXX2535
Mareretu NZXX1174
Marewa NZXX1175
Market Cross NZXX2536
Marlborough NZXX1176
Marlow NZXX1177
Marohemo NZXX1178
Marokopa NZXX1179
Maromaku NZXX1180
Maropiu NZXX1181
Marotiri NZXX1182
Marsden NZXX2537
Marsden Point NZXX1183
Marshland NZXX2538
Martinborough NZXX0099
Marton NZXX0097
Marua NZXX1184
Maruia NZXX2539
Maruia Springs NZXX2540
Marumaru NZXX0304
Marybank NZXX2541
Maryhill NZXX2542
Masons Flat NZXX2543
Massey NZXX1185
Massey East NZXX1186
Massey Glen NZXX1187
Massey West NZXX1188
Mast NZXX1189
Masterton NZXX0084
Mata NZXX1190
Matahanea NZXX1191
Matahina NZXX1192
Matahiwi NZXX1193
Matahiwi Landing NZXX1194
Matahorua NZXX1195
Matahuru NZXX1196
Matainui NZXX2544
Mataitai NZXX0306
Matakana NZXX0307
Matakanui NZXX2545
Matakitaki NZXX2546
Matakohe NZXX1198
Matamata NZXX0308
Matamau NZXX1199
Matangi NZXX1200
Matangirau NZXX1201
Matapara NZXX1202
Matapihi NZXX1203
Matapiro NZXX0309
Matapouri NZXX0310
Matapu NZXX1204
Matarakau NZXX0687
Matarawa NZXX1205
Matariki NZXX2547
Mataroa NZXX1206
Matata NZXX0311
Matatoki NZXX1207
Matau NZXX0312
Mataura NZXX0313
Mataura Island NZXX2548
Matauri Bay NZXX1208
Matawai NZXX0314
Matawhero NZXX1209
Matiere NZXX0315
Matipo Heights NZXX1210
Matua NZXX1211
Matukuroa NZXX1212
Mauku NZXX1213
Maungakaramea NZXX0316
Maungapohatu NZXX1215
Maungaraki NZXX1216
Maungatapere NZXX1217
Maungatiro NZXX2549
Maungatua NZXX2550
Maungaturoto NZXX1219
Maungawera NZXX2551
Maunu NZXX1220
Maupuia NZXX1221
Mauriceville NZXX1222
Mawaro NZXX2552
Mawheraiti NZXX2553
Maxwell NZXX1224
Mayfair NZXX1225
Mayfield NZXX2554
McLaren Park NZXX1226
Meadowbank NZXX1227
Mechanics Bay NZXX1228
Medbury NZXX2555
Meeanee NZXX1229
Mellons Bay NZXX1230
Melrose NZXX1231
Melville NZXX1232
Mendip Hills NZXX2556
Menzies Ferry NZXX2557
Mercer NZXX1233
Meremere NZXX1234
Meremere NZXX0317
Merita NZXX0318
Merivale NZXX2558
Merrijigs NZXX2559
Merrilands NZXX1235
Merrivale NZXX2560
Methven NZXX0319
Middlemarch NZXX0320
Middlemore NZXX1236
Middleton NZXX2561
Midhirst NZXX0321
Mihiwaka NZXX2562
Miko NZXX2563
Milburn NZXX2564
Milford NZXX1237
Milford Sound NZXX2565
Millers Flat NZXX0322
Millerton NZXX2566
Milson NZXX1238
Milton NZXX0323
Mina NZXX2567
Mino NZXX1239
Miramar NZXX1240
Miranda NZXX0324
Mirza NZXX2568
Mission Bay NZXX1241
Mitcham NZXX2569
Mitchelltown NZXX1242
Mitimiti NZXX0325
Mititai NZXX1243
Moa Creek NZXX2570
Moa Flat NZXX2571
Moana NZXX2572
Moanapuru NZXX2573
Moanariri NZXX2574
Moawhango NZXX0326
Moeatoa NZXX1244
Moeawatea NZXX0327
Moemoto NZXX1245
Moengawahine NZXX1246
Moera NZXX1247
Moeraki NZXX2575
Moerangi NZXX1248
Moerewa NZXX1249
Moeroa NZXX1250
Mohaka NZXX0328
Mokai NZXX0329
Mokau NZXX0330
Mokauiti NZXX0331
Mokihinui Mine NZXX2576
Mokohinau NZXX0053
Mokoia NZXX1251
Mokoreta NZXX2577
Mokotua NZXX2578
Molesworth NZXX2579
Momona NZXX2580
Monaco NZXX2581
Moneymore NZXX2582
Moonlight NZXX2583
Morere NZXX1252
Morikau NZXX1253
Mornington NZXX2584
Mornington NZXX1254
Morrinsville NZXX0334
Morrisons NZXX2585
Morton Mains NZXX2586
Morven NZXX0335
Mosgiel NZXX0023
Mossburn NZXX0337
Motairehe NZXX1255
Motatau NZXX1256
Moteo NZXX1257
Motu NZXX0338
Motueka NZXX0339
Motukaraka NZXX1258
Motukarara NZXX2587
Motumaoho NZXX1259
Motunau NZXX2588
Motunui NZXX1260
Motuoapa NZXX0333
Motupiko NZXX2589
Motupipi NZXX2590
Moturoa NZXX1261
Motutangi NZXX0340
Moumahaki NZXX1262
Mount Cargill NZXX2591
Mount Cook NZXX1263
Mount Eden NZXX1264
Mount Linton NZXX2592
Mount Maunganui NZXX0341
Mount Mera NZXX2593
Mount Pisa NZXX2594
Mount Pleasant NZXX2595
Mount Rex NZXX1265
Mount Roskill NZXX0024
Mount Somers NZXX2596
Mount Stoker NZXX2597
Mount Victoria NZXX1266
Mourea NZXX1267
Moutoa NZXX1268
Moutohora NZXX1269
Mowhanau NZXX1270
Mowhiti NZXX2598
Mullet Point NZXX1271
Murchison NZXX0089
Murimotu NZXX1272
Muritai NZXX1273
Muriwai NZXX1274
Muriwai NZXX0344
Muriwai Beach NZXX1275
Murumuru NZXX1276
Murupara NZXX0345
Musselburgh NZXX2599
Myross Bush NZXX2600
Naenae NZXX1277
Napier NZXX0025
Napier Aerodrome NZXX0060
Napier South NZXX1278
Narrow Neck NZXX1279
Naseby NZXX2601
National Park NZXX0348
Naumai NZXX1280
Nelson NZXX0026
Nelson Creek NZXX2602
Nelson East NZXX2603
Nelson South NZXX2604
Netherby NZXX2605
Netherton NZXX1281
Nevesville NZXX1282
Nevis NZXX2606
New Brighton NZXX0027
New Haven NZXX2608
New Lynn NZXX1283
New Plymouth NZXX1284
New Windsor NZXX1285
Newfield NZXX2609
Newland NZXX2610
Newlands NZXX1286
Newman NZXX1287
Newmarket NZXX1288
Newstead NZXX1289
Newton NZXX1290
Newton Flat NZXX2611
Newtown NZXX1291
Ngaere NZXX1292
Ngahape NZXX0352
Ngahere NZXX0353
Ngaio NZXX1293
Ngakawau NZXX2612
Ngakuru NZXX0354
Ngamatea NZXX0355
Ngamoko NZXX1294
Ngapaenga NZXX0356
Ngapara NZXX2613
Ngapipito NZXX1295
Ngapuhi NZXX1296
Ngapuke NZXX1297
Ngapuna NZXX1298
Ngaro NZXX2615
Ngaroto NZXX1299
Ngaruawahia NZXX0357
Ngataki NZXX0358
Ngatapa NZXX1300
Ngatea NZXX1301
Ngatimoti NZXX2616
Ngatira NZXX1302
Ngaturi NZXX1303
Ngauranga NZXX1304
Ngawaro NZXX1305
Ngawha NZXX1306
Ngongotaha NZXX0359
Ngunguru NZXX1307
Ngutunui NZXX1308
Ngutuwera NZXX1309
Niagara NZXX2617
Nightcaps NZXX0360
Nihoniho NZXX1310
Nihotupu NZXX0361
Nikau NZXX2618
Nireaha NZXX1311
Nokomai NZXX2619
Nolantown NZXX1312
Normanby NZXX1313
Normanby NZXX2620
Normandale NZXX1314
Norsewood NZXX0362
North Clyde NZXX1315
North Cove NZXX1316
North Dunedin NZXX2621
North Head NZXX1317
North Loburn NZXX2623
North Shore NZXX1319
North Shore City NZXX0028
North Taieri NZXX2624
Northcote NZXX1320
Northland NZXX1322
Norwood NZXX2625
Nuhaka NZXX0364
Nukuhau NZXX1323
Nukumaru NZXX1324
Nukutawhiti NZXX0365
Oaklands NZXX2626
Oakleigh NZXX1327
Oakura NZXX0366
Oamaru NZXX0367
Oaonui NZXX1328
Oaro NZXX2627
Oban NZXX2628
Ocean Bay NZXX2629
Ocean Beach NZXX2630
Ocean Beach NZXX1329
Ocean Grove NZXX2631
Oeo NZXX1330
Ohaeawai NZXX0368
Ohai NZXX0369
Ohakea NZXX1331
Ohakune NZXX0370
Ohangai NZXX1332
Ohariu NZXX1333
Ohau NZXX1334
Ohauiti NZXX1335
Ohaupo NZXX0371
Ohautira NZXX1336
Ohawe Beach NZXX1337
Ohinemutu NZXX1338
Ohinepaka NZXX0372
Ohinepanea NZXX1339
Ohinewai NZXX1340
Ohingaiti NZXX0373
Ohingaroa NZXX2632
Ohirangi NZXX1341
Ohirehape NZXX1342
Ohoka NZXX2633
Ohope Beach NZXX1343
Ohotu NZXX1344
Ohura NZXX0374
Oio NZXX1345
Okaeria NZXX0375
Okahukura NZXX1346
Okaiawa NZXX1347
Okaihau NZXX1348
Okains Bay NZXX2634
Okaramio NZXX2635
Okarito NZXX0029
Okato NZXX1349
Okau NZXX1350
Okauia NZXX1351
Okere Falls NZXX1352
Okete NZXX1353
Okiore NZXX1354
Okitu NZXX1355
Okiwi NZXX1356
Okoia NZXX1357
Okoki NZXX1358
Okoroire NZXX1359
Okukari NZXX2636
Okupu NZXX1360
Okuru NZXX2637
Omahanui NZXX0377
Omahina NZXX0378
Omahu NZXX1361
Omahu NZXX0379
Omaio NZXX0380
Omakau NZXX0381
Omana NZXX0382
Omanaia NZXX1362
Omanawa NZXX1363
Omanawa Falls NZXX0383
Omanu NZXX1364
Omanu Beach NZXX1365
Omapere NZXX1366
Omarama NZXX2638
Omata NZXX1367
Omata Valley NZXX0384
Omiha NZXX1368
Omihi NZXX2639
Omimi NZXX2640
Omoana NZXX1369
Omokoroa NZXX1370
Omokoroa Beach NZXX1371
Onaero NZXX1372
Onamalutu NZXX2641
Onapua NZXX2642
Onauku NZXX2643
One Tree Hill NZXX1373
Onekaka NZXX2644
Onekawa NZXX1374
Onepoto NZXX1375
Onerahi NZXX1376
Oneroa NZXX1377
Onetangi NZXX1378
Onetea NZXX1379
Onewhero NZXX0385
Onga Onga NZXX1380
Ongaonga NZXX0386
Ongarue NZXX0387
Oniao NZXX1381
Opaheke NZXX1382
Opapa NZXX1383
Oparara NZXX2645
Oparau NZXX1384
Opawa NZXX2646
Ophir NZXX2647
Opio NZXX2648
Opoho NZXX2649
Opoiti NZXX1385
Oponae NZXX1386
Opononi NZXX1387
Opotiki NZXX1388
Opoutama NZXX1389
Opoutere NZXX0388
Opua NZXX1390
Opuatia NZXX1391
Opuawhanga NZXX1392
Opunake NZXX0389
Opunui Marae NZXX1393
Orakei NZXX1394
Oranga NZXX1395
Orangapai NZXX2650
Orangimea NZXX1396
Oranoa NZXX1397
Orari NZXX0390
Oratia NZXX1398
Orawia NZXX2651
Orawia Bridge NZXX2652
Orepuki NZXX0391
Orere Point NZXX1399
Oreti Plains NZXX2653
Orewa NZXX1400
Orini NZXX0392
Ormond NZXX1401
Ormondville NZXX1402
Oropi NZXX1403
Oroua Downs NZXX1404
Orton NZXX2654
Oruaiwi NZXX0393
Oruanui NZXX0394
Oruru NZXX1405
Ostend NZXX1406
Otahuti NZXX2655
Otaio NZXX2656
Otairi NZXX0395
Otaitai NZXX2657
Otakeho NZXX1407
Otaki NZXX0396
Otaki Beach NZXX1408
Otakiri NZXX1409
Otakou NZXX2658
Otama NZXX2659
Otamarakau NZXX1410
Otamauri NZXX0397
Otamita NZXX2660
Otane NZXX0398
Otanerau NZXX2661
Otangarei NZXX1411
Otangaroa NZXX1412
Otangihaku NZXX1413
Otanomomo NZXX2662
Otapiri Gorge NZXX2663
Otara NZXX2664
Otara NZXX1414
Otarawao NZXX2665
Otatara NZXX0399
Otatara NZXX1415
Otaua NZXX0400
Otautau NZXX0401
Otekaieke NZXX2666
Otekura NZXX2667
Otematata NZXX2668
Otipua NZXX2669
Otira NZXX0402
Otiria NZXX1416
Otokia NZXX2670
Otoko NZXX1417
Otoko NZXX0403
Otonga NZXX1418
Otoroa NZXX1419
Otorohanga NZXX0404
Otuhi NZXX1420
Otukou NZXX1421
Otumoetai NZXX1422
Oturehua NZXX2671
Oue NZXX1423
Ouruhia NZXX2672
Outer Kaiti NZXX1424
Outram NZXX0405
Ouwenga NZXX0688
Overdale NZXX2673
Owairaka NZXX1425
Owaka NZXX0406
Owaka Valley NZXX2674
Owen Junction NZXX2675
Owen River NZXX2676
Owen Valley NZXX2677
Owersby NZXX2678
Owhango NZXX1426
Owhata NZXX1427
Owhiro NZXX0407
Owhiro Bay NZXX1428
Owonga NZXX0408
Oxford NZXX0409
Paekakariki NZXX0410
Paemako NZXX1429
Paengaroa NZXX1430
Paepaerahi NZXX0411
Paerata NZXX1431
Paerau NZXX2679
Paeroa NZXX0412
Paetawai NZXX1432
Paewhenua NZXX0413
Pah NZXX1433
Pahautane NZXX2680
Pahautea NZXX1434
Pahi NZXX1435
Pahia NZXX2681
Pahiatua NZXX0414
Pahitoa NZXX1436
Pahoia NZXX1437
Pahowai NZXX1438
Pahurehure NZXX1439
Paiaka NZXX1440
Paihia NZXX0415
Pakanae NZXX0416
Pakaraka NZXX0417
Pakatoa NZXX1441
Pakawau NZXX2682
Pakeho NZXX0418
Pakihikura NZXX1442
Pakihiroa NZXX1443
Pakipaki NZXX1444
Pakiri NZXX0419
Pakotai NZXX1445
Pakowhai NZXX1446
Pakuranga NZXX1447
Palm Beach NZXX1449
Palmerston NZXX0420
Palmerston North NZXX0061
Pamapuria NZXX1450
Pandora NZXX1451
Pangatotara NZXX2683
Panguru NZXX0422
Panmure NZXX1452
Papakaio NZXX2684
Papakowhai NZXX1453
Papakura NZXX0030
Papamoa NZXX1454
Papamoa Beach NZXX1455
Papanui NZXX0424
Papanui NZXX2685
Paparangi NZXX1456
Paparata NZXX1457
Paparata Valley NZXX1458
Paparimu NZXX1459
Paparoa NZXX0425
Papatawa NZXX1460
Papatoetoe NZXX0031
Papatotara NZXX2686
Papatowai NZXX2687
Para NZXX2688
Paradise NZXX2689
Parakai NZXX1461
Parakakau NZXX1462
Parakao NZXX0427
Paranui NZXX1463
Paraoanui NZXX1464
Parapara NZXX0428
Parapara NZXX1465
Paraparaumu NZXX0062
Parau NZXX1468
Parawa NZXX2690
Parawai NZXX1469
Paremata NZXX1470
Paremoremo NZXX1471
Pareora NZXX0430
Pareora West NZXX2691
Paretai NZXX2692
Parihaka Pa NZXX1472
Parikino NZXX1473
Park Hill NZXX2693
Parkhurst NZXX1474
Parklands NZXX2694
Parkside NZXX2695
Parkvale NZXX1475
Parkway NZXX1476
Parnassus NZXX2696
Parnell NZXX1477
Paroa NZXX2697
Parore NZXX1478
Parua Bay NZXX1479
Patangata NZXX1480
Pataua NZXX0431
Patea NZXX0432
Patearoa NZXX2698
Patetonga NZXX1481
Patoka NZXX1482
Patuki NZXX2699
Patumahoe NZXX1483
Patunga NZXX1484
Paturau River NZXX2700
Patutahi NZXX1485
Paua NZXX1486
Pauanui NZXX1487
Pauatahanui NZXX1488
Pawarenga NZXX1489
Peebles NZXX2701
Peel Forest NZXX2702
Pehiri NZXX1490
Pehu NZXX1491
Peka Peka NZXX1492
Pekatahi NZXX0433
Penrose NZXX1493
Pepepe NZXX0434
Peria NZXX1494
Petane NZXX1495
Petone NZXX0032
Phoebe NZXX2703
Piako NZXX1496
Piarere NZXX0436
Picton NZXX0096
Pigeon Bay NZXX2704
Pigeon Bush NZXX1497
Piha NZXX0438
Pihama NZXX0439
Pikiariki NZXX1498
Piko Piko NZXX2705
Pikowai NZXX1499
Pine Bush NZXX2706
Pine Hill NZXX2707
Pine Valley NZXX2708
Pinehaven NZXX1500
Pinohia NZXX2709
Piopio NZXX0440
Pipiriki NZXX1501
Pipiroa NZXX1502
Piriaka NZXX1503
Pirimai NZXX1504
Pirinoa NZXX1505
Piripiri NZXX1506
Pirongia NZXX0441
Piruhi NZXX1507
Pleasant Heights NZXX1508
Pleasant Point NZXX0442
Pleasant Valley NZXX2710
Plimmerton NZXX1509
Poerua NZXX2711
Pohangina NZXX1510
Pohara NZXX2712
Pohokura NZXX1511
Pohokura NZXX0443
Pohuehue NZXX1512
Point Chevalier NZXX1513
Point England NZXX1514
Point Howard NZXX1515
Point Resolution NZXX1516
Pokaka NZXX0444
Pokapu NZXX1517
Pokeno NZXX1518
Pokere NZXX1519
Pokororo NZXX2713
Pollok NZXX0445
Pomahaka NZXX2714
Pomare NZXX1520
Pongakawa NZXX1521
Pongaroa NZXX0446
Ponsonby NZXX1522
Poolburn NZXX2715
Popotunoa NZXX2716
Porangahau NZXX0447
Poranui NZXX2717
Porirua NZXX0033
Porirua East NZXX1523
Porirua Pa NZXX1524
Porootarao NZXX1525
Poroporo NZXX1526
Poroti NZXX1527
Port Albert NZXX1528
Port Awanui NZXX1529
Port Chalmers NZXX0034
Port Charles NZXX1530
Port Craig NZXX2718
Port Fitzroy NZXX1531
Port Hardy NZXX2719
Port Jackson NZXX0450
Port Molyneux NZXX2720
Port Nelson NZXX2721
Port Robinson NZXX2722
Port Waikato NZXX1532
Portland NZXX0451
Portobello NZXX2723
Potters Creek NZXX2724
Poukawa NZXX1533
Poukiore NZXX1534
Pounawea NZXX2725
Pouto NZXX0452
Poutu NZXX1535
Prebbleton NZXX2726
Puaha NZXX2727
Puerua NZXX2728
Puhau NZXX1536
Puhoi NZXX1537
Puhua NZXX1538
Puhuka NZXX2729
Puk-kura NZXX1539
Pukahu NZXX1540
Pukapuka NZXX1541
Pukearuhe NZXX2730
Pukearuhe NZXX0453
Pukeatua NZXX1542
Pukeawa NZXX2731
Pukehangi NZXX1543
Pukehiki NZXX2732
Pukehina NZXX1544
Pukehou NZXX1545
Pukehuia NZXX1546
Pukeinoi NZXX1547
Pukekapia NZXX1548
Pukekohe NZXX0454
Pukekohe East NZXX1549
Pukekoikoi NZXX2733
Pukekoma NZXX2734
Pukekura NZXX2735
Pukemaori NZXX2736
Pukemiro NZXX1550
Pukenui NZXX1552
Pukeowhare NZXX1553
Pukepito NZXX2737
Pukerangi NZXX2738
Pukerau NZXX2739
Pukeroa NZXX1554
Pukerua Bay NZXX0455
Puketapu NZXX1555
Puketeraki NZXX2740
Puketi NZXX2741
Puketiro NZXX2742
Puketitiri NZXX0456
Puketona NZXX1556
Puketotara NZXX1557
Puketui NZXX1558
Puketutu NZXX1559
Pukeuri Junction NZXX2743
Punakaiki NZXX2744
Punakitere NZXX1560
Punaroma NZXX1561
Punaruku NZXX0457
Punawai NZXX2745
Punganui NZXX1562
Pungarehu NZXX1563
Puni NZXX0458
Puniho NZXX0459
Puniwhakau NZXX1564
Puponga NZXX2746
Pupuke NZXX1565
Purangi NZXX1566
Purekireki NZXX2747
Purerua NZXX0052
Puriri NZXX1567
Purua NZXX0461
Pusey NZXX2748
Putangahau NZXX2749
Putaruru NZXX0462
Putiki NZXX1568
Putorino NZXX1569
Puwera NZXX1570
Puysegur Point NZXX0071
Pyramid NZXX2750
Quarry Hills NZXX2751
Queensbury NZXX2753
Queenstown NZXX0035
Raes Junction NZXX2754
Raetihi NZXX0466
Raglan NZXX0467
Rahiri NZXX1571
Rahotu NZXX0468
Rai Falls NZXX2755
Rai Valley NZXX0469
Rainbow Point NZXX1572
Rakaia NZXX0470
Rakaia Gorge NZXX2756
Rakau NZXX2757
Rakauhauka NZXX2758
Rakaunui NZXX1573
Rakauroa NZXX0471
Rakautahi NZXX0689
Rakautao NZXX1574
Raketapauma NZXX1575
Ramarama NZXX1576
Ranfurly NZXX2759
Ranganui NZXX1577
Rangataua NZXX1578
Rangi Point NZXX1579
Rangiahua NZXX1580
Rangiahua NZXX0472
Rangikura NZXX1581
Rangiora NZXX0473
Rangiotu NZXX1582
Rangiputa NZXX1583
Rangiriri NZXX1584
Rangitaiki NZXX0474
Rangitata NZXX2760
Rangitata Island NZXX2761
Rangitatau NZXX1585
Rangitihi NZXX1586
Rangitukia NZXX1587
Rangiuru NZXX1588
Rangiwaea NZXX0475
Rangiwaea Marae NZXX1589
Rangiwahia NZXX0476
Rangoon Heights NZXX1590
Ranui Heights NZXX1591
Rapahoe NZXX2762
Rapaki NZXX2763
Rapanui NZXX1592
Rapaura NZXX2764
Rapuwai NZXX2765
Raroa NZXX1593
Rat Hill NZXX1594
Rata NZXX1595
Ratana NZXX0478
Ratanui NZXX2766
Ratapiko NZXX1596
Raukokore NZXX1597
Raumai NZXX1598
Raumanga NZXX1599
Raumati NZXX1600
Raumati Beach NZXX1601
Raumati South NZXX1602
Raupo NZXX2767
Raupo NZXX1603
Raupunga NZXX1604
Raureka NZXX1605
Raurekau NZXX2768
Raurimu NZXX0479
Ravensbourne NZXX2769
Rawene NZXX1606
Rawhiti NZXX1607
Raymonds Gap NZXX2770
Red Beach NZXX1608
Red Hill NZXX1609
Red Vale NZXX1610
Redcliffs NZXX2771
Redhill NZXX1611
Redwood NZXX2772
Redwood NZXX1612
Redwoods Valley NZXX2773
Redwoodtown NZXX2774
Reefton NZXX0480
Rehia NZXX0481
Reidston NZXX2775
Reikorangi NZXX1613
Remuera NZXX1614
Renown NZXX1615
Renwick NZXX0482
Reporoa NZXX0483
Rere NZXX1616
Rewa NZXX0484
Rewanui NZXX2776
Riccarton NZXX0036
Richmond NZXX0037
Richmond NZXX2777
Ridgelands NZXX1617
Rimu NZXX2778
Ringway NZXX2779
Riponui NZXX1618
Rissington NZXX0487
Riverhead NZXX1619
Riverlands NZXX2780
Riverlea NZXX1620
Riversdale NZXX2781
Riversdale NZXX0488
Riversdale Beach NZXX1621
Riverside NZXX2782
Riverside NZXX1622
Riverton NZXX0038
Riwaka NZXX0490
Roa NZXX2783
Robinsons Bay NZXX2784
Rock and Pillar NZXX2785
Rockdale NZXX2786
Rocklands NZXX2787
Rockville NZXX0491
Rolleston NZXX0492
Romahapa NZXX2788
Rona Bay NZXX1624
Rongahere NZXX2789
Rongotai NZXX1625
Rongotea NZXX1626
Rosebank NZXX1627
Rosedale NZXX2790
Roseneath NZXX1628
Roslyn NZXX2791
Roslyn NZXX1629
Roslyn Bush NZXX2792
Ross NZXX0493
Rotherham NZXX0494
Roto NZXX1630
Rotoiti NZXX1631
Rotokawa NZXX1632
Rotokino NZXX2793
Rotokohu NZXX2794
Rotomanu NZXX2795
Rotongaro NZXX0495
Rotoorangi NZXX0496
Rotorua NZXX0082
Rotowaro NZXX0498
Rotu NZXX1633
Rouiti Pa NZXX1634
Round Hill NZXX2796
Rowan NZXX1635
Rowsells NZXX1636
Roxburgh NZXX0499
Roxburgh Hydro NZXX2797
Royal Oak NZXX1637
Ruahine NZXX1638
Ruakaka NZXX0500
Ruapekapeka NZXX0501
Ruapuke NZXX0502
Ruapuna NZXX2799
Ruatahuna NZXX1639
Ruatangata East NZXX1640
Ruatangata West NZXX1641
Ruataniwha NZXX1642
Ruatapu NZXX2800
Ruatoki North NZXX1643
Ruatoria NZXX0503
Ruawai NZXX0504
Ruawaro NZXX1644
Rukuhia NZXX1645
Rukuwai NZXX1646
Runanga NZXX0505
Runaruna NZXX1647
Runciman NZXX1648
Ruru NZXX2801
Russell NZXX0506
Russley NZXX2802
Rutherglen NZXX2803
Ryal Bush NZXX2804
Saies NZXX1649
Saint Albans NZXX2805
Saint Andrews NZXX0507
Saint Arnaud NZXX2806
Saint Bathans NZXX2807
Saint Clair NZXX2808
Saint Heliers NZXX1650
Saint Johns NZXX1651
Saint Johns Hill NZXX1652
Saint Kilda NZXX0039
Saint Leonards NZXX1653
Saint Leonards NZXX2809
Saint Martins NZXX2810
Saint Marys Bay NZXX1654
Saint Omer NZXX2811
Saint Patricks NZXX2812
Salisbury NZXX2813
Sandringham NZXX1655
Sandy Bay NZXX2814
Sandy Knolls NZXX2815
Sanson NZXX0509
Sawyers Bay NZXX2816
Scarborough NZXX2817
Scargill NZXX2818
Scotts Gap NZXX2819
Seacliff NZXX2820
Seadown NZXX2821
Seafield NZXX2822
Seatoun NZXX1656
Seatoun Heights NZXX1657
Seaview NZXX1658
Seaview NZXX2823
Seaward Downs NZXX2824
Secretary Island NZXX0070
Seddon NZXX0511
Seddonville NZXX2825
Sedgemere NZXX2826
Sefton NZXX0040
Selwyn NZXX2827
Selwyn Heights NZXX1659
Sentry Hill NZXX1660
Sergeants Hill NZXX2828
Shag Point NZXX2829
Shannon NZXX0513
Sheffield NZXX2830
Shelly Park NZXX1661
Shenandoah NZXX2831
Sherry River NZXX2832
Sherwood NZXX2833
Sherwood Downs NZXX2834
Sherwood Rise NZXX1662
Shiel Hill NZXX2835
Shirley NZXX2836
Silverdale NZXX1663
Silverhope NZXX1664
Silverstream NZXX1665
Simons Pass NZXX2837
Skippers NZXX2838
Slope Point NZXX2839
Snells Beach NZXX1666
Sockburn NZXX2840
Solway NZXX1667
Somerfield NZXX2841
Somerton NZXX2842
South Bay NZXX2843
South Dunedin NZXX2844
South Hillend NZXX2845
South Malvern NZXX2846
South West Cape NZXX0074
Southbridge NZXX0515
Southbrook NZXX0516
Southburn NZXX2848
Southdown NZXX1668
Southgate NZXX1669
Southshore NZXX2849
Spotswood NZXX2850
Spotswood NZXX1670
Spreydon NZXX2851
Spring Creek NZXX0517
Spring Grove NZXX2852
Springbank NZXX2853
Springburn NZXX2854
Springfield NZXX1671
Springfield NZXX0518
Springhills NZXX2855
Springlands NZXX2856
Springs Junction NZXX2857
Springston NZXX0519
Springston South NZXX2858
Springvale NZXX1672
Stafford NZXX2859
Stanley Brook NZXX2860
Stanmore Bay NZXX1673
Starrtown NZXX1674
Staveley NZXX2861
Stillwater NZXX2862
Stirling NZXX0520
Stockton NZXX2863
Stoke NZXX2864
Stokes Valley NZXX1675
Stoneburn NZXX2865
Strachans NZXX2866
Strandon NZXX1676
Stratford NZXX0521
Strathern NZXX2867
Strathmore NZXX1677
Strathmore Park NZXX1678
Straun NZXX2868
Stuarts NZXX2869
Summer NZXX2871
Summerhill NZXX1679
Summit NZXX1680
Sumner NZXX2872
Sunnybrook NZXX1681
Sunnyhills NZXX1682
Sunnyvale NZXX2873
Sunshine NZXX2874
Surfdale NZXX1684
Sutherlands NZXX2875
Sutton NZXX2876
Swannanoa NZXX2877
Swanson NZXX1685
Sydenham NZXX2878
Tadmor NZXX2879
Taemaro NZXX1686
Tahakopa NZXX2880
Tahatika NZXX0690
Tahatika NZXX2881
Tahawai NZXX1687
Taheke NZXX1688
Tahekeroa NZXX1689
Tahere NZXX1690
Tahora NZXX0522
Tahoraiti NZXX1691
Tahorakui NZXX1692
Tahuna NZXX1693
Tahunanui NZXX2882
Tai Tapu NZXX2883
Taiaroa Head NZXX0073
Taieri Beach NZXX2884
Taieri Mouth NZXX2885
Taihape NZXX0524
Taikawhana NZXX1694
Taimate NZXX2886
Tainui NZXX2887
Taioma NZXX2888
Taipa NZXX1695
Taipuha NZXX1696
Tairua NZXX1697
Taita NZXX1698
Taitapu NZXX0525
Taitimu NZXX1699
Takahiwai NZXX1700
Takahue NZXX0526
Takaka NZXX0527
Takamatua Bay NZXX2889
Takanini NZXX1701
Takapau NZXX0528
Takapuna NZXX0041
Takapuwahia NZXX1702
Takaro NZXX1703
Takou NZXX1704
Takutai NZXX2890
Tamahere NZXX1705
Tamaki NZXX1706
Tamarau NZXX1707
Tamatea NZXX1708
Tamihunu NZXX1709
Tane NZXX1710
Taneatua NZXX1711
Tanekaha NZXX1712
Tangaihe NZXX1713
Tangarakau NZXX1714
Tangimoana NZXX1715
Tangiteroria NZXX1716
Tangitu NZXX1717
Tangiwai NZXX1718
Tangoio NZXX0530
Tangowahine NZXX1719
Taniwha NZXX1720
Tapanui NZXX0531
Tapawera NZXX2891
Tapu NZXX1721
Tapuhi NZXX1722
Tapuwae NZXX1723
Taradale NZXX0042
Tarakohe NZXX2892
Taramakau NZXX2893
Taranui NZXX2894
Tarara NZXX2895
Tarata NZXX0533
Taraunui NZXX1724
Tarawera NZXX0534
Tarewa NZXX1725
Tariki NZXX0535
Taringamotu NZXX1726
Tarras NZXX2896
Tarukenga NZXX1727
Tarurutangi NZXX1728
Tataraimaka NZXX1729
Tataramoa NZXX1730
Tatare NZXX2897
Tatu NZXX1731
Tatuanui NZXX1732
Tauhoa NZXX0536
Taumangi NZXX1733
Taumarere NZXX1734
Taumarunui NZXX0086
Taumata NZXX2898
Taumatatahi NZXX1735
Taumutu NZXX2899
Taupaki NZXX1736
Taupiri NZXX1737
Taupo NZXX0056
Tauranga NZXX1738
Tauranga Harbour NZXX0054
Tauraroa NZXX1739
Taurikura NZXX0540
Tautoro NZXX1740
Tautuku NZXX2900
Tauweru NZXX1741
Tauwhare NZXX0541
Tawa Flat NZXX1742
Tawai NZXX2901
Tawanui NZXX2902
Tawhai NZXX2903
Tawharanui NZXX1743
Tawhiti NZXX2904
Tawhiwhi NZXX1744
Tawiti NZXX1745
Taylorville NZXX2905
Te Ahuahu NZXX1746
Te Akatea NZXX1747
Te Akau NZXX1748
Te Anau NZXX2906
Te Anau Downs NZXX2907
Te Anga NZXX0542
Te Arai NZXX1749
Te Araroa NZXX0543
Te Aroha NZXX0544
Te Aroha West NZXX1750
Te Atatu NZXX1751
Te Atatu South NZXX1753
Te Aute NZXX1754
Te Awaiti NZXX2908
Te Awamutu NZXX0545
Te Awanga NZXX1755
Te Hana NZXX1756
Te Hapara NZXX1757
Te Hapua NZXX1758
Te Haroto NZXX0546
Te Hauke NZXX1759
Te Hoe NZXX1760
Te Horo NZXX1761
Te Huia NZXX1762
Te Kaha NZXX0547
Te Kao NZXX0548
Te Karaka NZXX0549
Te Kauwhata NZXX1763
Te Kawa NZXX1764
Te Kawa West NZXX0550
Te Kinga NZXX2909
Te Kiri NZXX0551
Te Kohanga NZXX1765
Te Kopura NZXX1766
Te Kopuru NZXX1767
Te Koroa NZXX1768
Te Kowhai NZXX1769
Te Kuha NZXX2910
Te Kuiti NZXX0552
Te Maika NZXX1770
Te Mane NZXX0553
Te Mapara NZXX1771
Te Mata NZXX0554
Te Mawhai NZXX1772
Te Miro NZXX0555
Te Moana NZXX2911
Te Namu NZXX2912
Te Ngaire NZXX0556
Te Paki NZXX0557
Te Pangu NZXX2913
Te Papapa NZXX1773
Te Papatapu NZXX1774
Te Pirita NZXX2914
Te Pohue NZXX0558
Te Poi NZXX1775
Te Popo NZXX0559
Te Pu NZXX1776
Te Puia NZXX0560
Te Puke NZXX0561
Te Puna NZXX1777
Te Puninga NZXX1778
Te Puru NZXX0562
Te Ranga NZXX1779
Te Rangiita NZXX1780
Te Rapa NZXX1781
Te Rauamoa NZXX0085
Te Rawa NZXX2915
Te Rehunga NZXX1783
Te Reinga NZXX0564
Te Rerenga NZXX0565
Te Roti NZXX1784
Te Rou NZXX2916
Te Taho NZXX2917
Te Tawa NZXX1785
Te Teko NZXX1786
Te Toro NZXX0566
Te Tua NZXX2918
Te Tumutu NZXX2919
Te Uku NZXX0567
Te Waewae NZXX2920
Te Waitere NZXX1787
Te Waotu NZXX1788
Te Weka NZXX2921
Te Wera NZXX1789
Te Whaiti NZXX0568
Te Whanga NZXX1790
Te Whetu NZXX0569
Teddington NZXX2922
Temple View NZXX1791
Templeton NZXX0570
Temuka NZXX0571
Tepene NZXX1792
Terrace End NZXX1793
TesT NZXX3097
Thames NZXX0572
Thames North NZXX1794
The Forks NZXX2923
The Key NZXX2924
The lakes NZXX1795
The Reefs NZXX2925
Thornbury NZXX0573
Thornton NZXX0574
Thorpe NZXX2926
Three Kings NZXX1796
Ti-tree Point NZXX1797
Tiakitahuna NZXX1798
Tihaka NZXX2927
Tiheroa NZXX0575
Tihiotonga NZXX1799
Tihoi NZXX0576
Tikinui NZXX1800
Tikipunga NZXX1801
Tikitere NZXX1802
Tikitiki NZXX0577
Tikokino NZXX0578
Tikorangi NZXX0579
Timaru NZXX0069
Timberlea NZXX1803
Tiniroto NZXX0581
Tinline NZXX2928
Tinopai NZXX0582
Tinui NZXX1804
Tinwald NZXX2929
Tira-ora NZXX2930
Tirau NZXX0583
Tiraumea NZXX1805
Tiriraukawa NZXX0584
Tirohanga NZXX2931
Tirohia NZXX1806
Tiromaunga NZXX2932
Tiromoana NZXX2933
Tiroroa NZXX2934
Tisbury NZXX2935
Titahi Bay NZXX1807
Titirangi NZXX1808
Titirangi North NZXX1809
Titirangi South NZXX1810
Titiroa NZXX2936
Titok NZXX0585
Titoki NZXX1811
Toa NZXX2937
Toatoa NZXX0586
Toiro NZXX2938
Tokaanu NZXX0587
Tokanui NZXX0588
Tokanui NZXX1812
Tokarahi NZXX2939
Tokata NZXX2940
Tokatoka NZXX1813
Tokirima NZXX1814
Toko NZXX0589
Tokoiti NZXX2941
Tokomaru NZXX1815
Tokomaru NZXX0590
Tokomaru Bay NZXX0591
Tokoroa NZXX0592
Tolaga Bay NZXX0593
Tomarota NZXX0594
Tomoana NZXX1816
Tongaporutu NZXX0595
Tongariro NZXX0596
Topuni NZXX1817
Torbay NZXX1818
Torehape NZXX1819
Torere NZXX1820
Tormore NZXX2942
Totara NZXX1821
Totara NZXX2943
Totara Flat NZXX2944
Totara North NZXX1822
Totara Park NZXX1823
Totaranui NZXX2945
Towai NZXX1824
Traquair NZXX2946
Trentham NZXX1825
Tryphena NZXX1826
Tuahiwi NZXX2947
Tuai NZXX0597
Tuakau NZXX1827
Tuamarina NZXX0598
Tuapeka Mouth NZXX2948
Tuapeka West NZXX2949
Tuatapere NZXX0599
Tuatara NZXX2950
Tuhara NZXX1828
Tuhipa NZXX1829
Tuhua NZXX1830
Tui NZXX2951
Tui Glen NZXX2952
Tumahu NZXX1831
Tuna NZXX1832
Tuparoa NZXX0600
Tupuangi NZXX0691
Turakina NZXX0601
Turakina South NZXX1833
Turangi NZXX1834
Turiapua NZXX1835
Turiroa NZXX1836
Turiwhate NZXX2953
Turua NZXX1837
Turuturu NZXX1838
Tussock Creek NZXX2954
Tutaki NZXX2955
Tutamoe NZXX1839
Tutekehua NZXX1840
Tutira NZXX0602
Tutukaka NZXX1841
Tuturau NZXX2956
Tututawa NZXX1842
Twizel NZXX2957
Uia NZXX1843
Umawera NZXX1844
Umukuri NZXX2958
Umutoi NZXX1845
Upcot NZXX2959
Upokongaro NZXX1846
Upokonui NZXX1847
Upokopoito NZXX1848
Upper Hutt NZXX0043
Upper Kahui NZXX1849
Upper Moutere NZXX2960
Upper Papamoa NZXX1850
Upper Rewanui NZXX2961
Upper Riccarton NZXX2962
Upper Ruatiti NZXX1851
Upper Shotover NZXX2963
Upper Takaka NZXX2964
Upper Tauheru NZXX1852
Upper Waiawa NZXX1853
Upper Waiwera NZXX1854
Urenui NZXX1855
Urquharts Bay NZXX1856
Urrall NZXX2965
Ururua NZXX2966
Uruti NZXX0604
Uruwhenua NZXX2967
Utakura NZXX1857
Utiku NZXX0605
Utuhina NZXX1858
Utuwai NZXX1859
Uxbridge NZXX2968
Valetta NZXX2969
Vauxhall NZXX1860
Veda Glen NZXX1861
Venlaw NZXX2971
Victoria Valley NZXX1862
Vogeltown NZXX1863
Waddington NZXX2972
Wadestown NZXX1864
Waerenga NZXX1865
Waerengaahika NZXX1866
Waerengaokuri NZXX1867
Waharoa NZXX1868
Wai o Taiki Bay NZXX1869
Wai-iti NZXX2973
Waianakarua NZXX2974
Waianiwa NZXX2975
Waiariari NZXX2977
Waiatarua NZXX1870
Waiatoto NZXX2978
Waiau NZXX0606
Waiau Pa NZXX1871
Waihaha NZXX1872
Waihao Downs NZXX2979
Waihao Forks NZXX2980
Waihaorunga NZXX2981
Waihapai NZXX1873
Waiharera NZXX1874
Waihau NZXX0607
Waihau Bay NZXX1875
Waihemo NZXX2982
Waihi NZXX0608
Waihi Beach NZXX0609
Waihoaka NZXX2983
Waihola NZXX0044
Waihopai NZXX2984
Waihopo NZXX1876
Waihou NZXX0611
Waikaia NZXX2985
Waikaka NZXX2986
Waikakaho NZXX2987
Waikanae NZXX0612
Waikanae Beach NZXX1877
Waikanai NZXX0692
Waikare NZXX0613
Waikaremoana NZXX1878
Waikaretu NZXX0614
Waikari NZXX0615
Waikarua NZXX2988
Waikawa NZXX0616
Waikawa NZXX2989
Waikawau NZXX1879
Waikiekie NZXX1880
Waikino NZXX0617
Waikiwi NZXX2990
Waikohu NZXX1881
Waikoikoi NZXX2991
Waikokopu NZXX1882
Waikopua NZXX1883
Waikouaiti NZXX0618
Waikouro NZXX2992
Waikowhai NZXX1884
Waikowhai NZXX2993
Waikuku NZXX2994
Waikuku Beach NZXX2995
Waima NZXX1885
Waimahaka NZXX2996
Waimairi Beach NZXX2997
Waimamaku NZXX0619
Waimana NZXX1886
Waimangaroa NZXX0620
Waimangu NZXX1887
Waimarama NZXX0621
Waimarie NZXX2998
Waimata NZXX1888
Waimataitai NZXX2999
Waimate NZXX0622
Waimate North NZXX1889
Waimatenui NZXX0623
Waimatuku NZXX3000
Waimauku NZXX1890
Waimaunga NZXX3001
Waimea West NZXX3002
Waimiha NZXX1891
Waimiro NZXX1892
Waimumu NZXX3003
Waingaro NZXX1893
Wainihinihi NZXX3004
Wainoni NZXX3005
Wainui NZXX1894
Wainui NZXX3006
Wainuiomata NZXX0045
Waiohiki NZXX1895
Waiomou NZXX0625
Waione NZXX1896
Waiongona NZXX1897
Waioruarangi NZXX3007
Waiotahi NZXX1898
Waiotapu NZXX0626
Waiotehue NZXX1899
Waiotemarama NZXX1900
Waiotira NZXX0627
Waiotu NZXX1901
Waiouru NZXX0059
Waipahi NZXX3008
Waipahihi NZXX1903
Waipai NZXX1904
Waipaoa NZXX1905
Waipapa NZXX0629
Waipapakauri NZXX1906
Waipara NZXX0046
Waiparera NZXX1907
Waipatiki NZXX1908
Waipawa NZXX0631
Waipawa NZXX1909
Waipiata NZXX3009
Waipipi NZXX1910
Waipiro NZXX0632
Waipori NZXX3010
Waipori Falls NZXX3011
Waipounamu NZXX3012
Waipu NZXX0633
Waipu Cove NZXX0634
Waipuku NZXX1911
Waipukurau NZXX0635
Waipuna NZXX1912
Waipureko NZXX1913
Wairakei NZXX0637
Wairamarama NZXX0638
Wairangi NZXX3013
Wairata NZXX1914
Wairau Valley NZXX3014
Wairere Falls NZXX1915
Wairio NZXX3015
Wairoa NZXX0639
Wairoto NZXX3016
Wairuna NZXX3017
Wairunga NZXX3018
Waitaanga NZXX0640
Waitahanui NZXX1916
Waitahinga NZXX1917
Waitahuna NZXX0641
Waitahuna West NZXX3019
Waitai NZXX3020
Waitakaro NZXX1918
Waitakaruru NZXX0642
Waitakere NZXX1919
Waitaki NZXX3021
Waitane NZXX3022
Waitangi NZXX1920
Waitangi NZXX0643
Waitangi West NZXX0693
Waitangirua NZXX1921
Waitanguru NZXX1922
Waitaniwha NZXX1923
Waitara NZXX0644
Waitarere NZXX1924
Waitati NZXX0047
Waitawa NZXX3023
Waiteika NZXX1925
Waitekauri NZXX1926
Waitemata NZXX0048
Waitepeka NZXX3024
Waiterimu NZXX0647
Waitetuna NZXX1927
Waitewhenua NZXX1928
Waitoa NZXX0648
Waitohi Flat NZXX3025
Waitoitoi NZXX1929
Waitomo Caves NZXX1930
Waitotara NZXX0649
Waituna NZXX3026
Waituna West NZXX1931
Waiuku NZXX0650
Waiuta NZXX3027
Waiwera NZXX1932
Waiwera NZXX0079
Waiwera South NZXX3028
Waiwhetu NZXX1933
Waiwhiu NZXX1934
Wakanui NZXX3029
Wakapatu NZXX3030
Wakapuaka NZXX3031
Wakarara NZXX0652
Wakari NZXX3032
Wakatu NZXX3033
Wakefield NZXX0653
Waldronville NZXX0654
Wallacetown NZXX0655
Wallaceville NZXX1935
Wallingford NZXX1936
Wallsend NZXX3034
Waltham NZXX3035
Walton NZXX0656
Wanaka NZXX0657
Wangaloa NZXX3036
Wanganui NZXX0083
Wanganui East NZXX1937
Wangapeka NZXX3037
Wangapeka Valley NZXX3038
Wanstead NZXX1938
Ward NZXX0659
Warea NZXX1939
Warepa NZXX3039
Warkworth NZXX0660
Waro NZXX1940
Warrington NZXX0661
Warwick Junction NZXX3040
Washdyke NZXX3041
Waterloo NZXX1941
Waterton NZXX3043
Waterview NZXX1942
Watlington NZXX3044
Wattle Downs NZXX1943
Waverley NZXX3045
Waverley NZXX0662
Waverley Beach NZXX0663
Wayby NZXX0664
Weber NZXX1944
Wedderburn NZXX3046
Weedons NZXX3047
Wehenga NZXX3048
Wekaweka NZXX1945
Welbourn NZXX1946
Welds Hill NZXX3049
Wellington NZXX0049
Wellsford NZXX1947
Wendon NZXX3050
Wendon Valley NZXX3051
Wendonside NZXX3052
Wesley NZXX1948
West End NZXX3053
West End NZXX1949
West Eyreton NZXX3054
West Harbour NZXX1950
West Kyle NZXX3055
West Melton NZXX3056
West Plains NZXX3057
Westerfield NZXX3058
Western Springs NZXX1951
Westfield NZXX1952
Westhaven NZXX1953
Westlake NZXX1954
Westmere NZXX1955
Weston NZXX3059
Westown NZXX1956
Westport NZXX3060
Westport Harbour NZXX0064
Westshore NZXX1957
Wetheral NZXX3061
Weymouth NZXX1958
Whakaangiangi NZXX1959
Whakahoro NZXX1960
Whakaihuwaka NZXX1961
Whakaki NZXX1962
Whakamara NZXX1963
Whakamarama NZXX1964
Whakapara NZXX1966
Whakapirau NZXX1967
Whakarewarewa NZXX1968
Whakarongo NZXX1969
Whakatahuri NZXX3062
Whakataki NZXX1970
Whakatane NZXX0667
Whakatiri NZXX1971
Whakatu NZXX1972
Whakekauri NZXX0694
Whananaki NZXX1973
Whananaki South NZXX1974
Whangaehu NZXX1975
Whangakoko NZXX3063
Whangamarino NZXX1976
Whangamata NZXX0668
Whangamoa NZXX3064
Whangamomona NZXX0669
Whangamumu NZXX1977
Whangapara NZXX1978
Whangaparaoa NZXX0670
Whangape NZXX1979
Whangapoua NZXX0671
Whangara NZXX0672
Whangarata NZXX1980
Whangarei NZXX0081
Whangarei Heads NZXX1981
Whangaroa NZXX1982
Whangaruru North NZXX1983
Whangaruru South NZXX1984
Whangateau NZXX1985
Whangawehi NZXX1986
Wharanui NZXX3065
Whareama NZXX1987
Whareama NZXX0695
Wharehine NZXX1988
Wharehuanui NZXX3066
Wharehuia NZXX1989
Wharekopae NZXX0674
Wharekuri NZXX3067
Whareorino NZXX0675
Wharepaina NZXX1990
Wharepapa NZXX1991
Wharepoa NZXX1992
Whareponga NZXX0676
Wharepuhunga NZXX1993
Whareroa NZXX1994
Wharewaka NZXX1995
Wharua NZXX3068
Whatanihi NZXX3069
Whataroa NZXX0677
Whatatutu NZXX0678
Whataupoko NZXX1996
Whatawhata NZXX1997
Whatoro NZXX1998
Whau Valley NZXX1999
Wheatstone NZXX3070
Whenuakite NZXX2000
Whenuakoa NZXX3071
Whenuapai NZXX2001
Whenuatonga NZXX3072
Whirinaki NZXX2002
Whitby NZXX2003
White Tank NZXX2004
Whitecliffs NZXX3073
Whitehall NZXX2005
Whitford NZXX2006
Whitianga NZXX2007
Whitstone NZXX3074
Wigram NZXX3075
Willowbridge NZXX3076
Willowby NZXX3077
Wilton NZXX2008
Wimbledon NZXX2009
Winchester NZXX0679
Winchmore NZXX3078
Windermere NZXX3079
Windsor NZXX3080
Windwhistle NZXX3081
Wingate NZXX2010
Wingatui NZXX3082
Winscombe NZXX3083
Winslow NZXX3084
Winton NZXX0680
Wiri NZXX2011
Wiritoa NZXX2012
Witherlea NZXX3085
Woburn NZXX2013
Woodbourne NZXX3086
Woodbury NZXX3087
Woodcocks NZXX0681
Woodend NZXX3088
Woodend NZXX0682
Woodhaugh NZXX3089
Woodhill NZXX2014
Woodlands NZXX0050
Woodlands Park NZXX2015
Woodleigh NZXX2016
Woodside NZXX3090
Woodside NZXX2017
Woodstock NZXX3091
Woodville NZXX0684
Woolston NZXX3092
Wreys Bush NZXX3093
Wrights Bush NZXX3094
Wylies Crossing NZXX3095
Wyndham NZXX0685
Yaldhurst NZXX3096
York Bay NZXX2018