Weather Codes for Nepal

Find Weather Codes or Weather Zip Codes for states and cities in Nepal. Weather Codes references a specified Location and is used to get weather of that place accurately. They are used by The Weather Channel( by IBM), Yahoo! Weather, AOL Weather and many such weather forecasting platforms. It is similar to Yahoo's WOEID(Where On the Earth ID) that is used to represent each place uniquely.

You can know the weather of any place precisely with the help of weather codes. Find the current weather of your state or city by clicking on it. You will be redirected to The Weather Channel site with your weather code for accurate weather forecast.

Aabar NPXX0021
Aagepur NPXX0022
Aaltigaira NPXX8860
Aansidhara NPXX8861
Aarukharka NPXX8862
Aatipakhar NPXX8863
Aatitar NPXX8864
Aba NPXX8865
Abgan NPXX8866
Abhimantol NPXX0023
Abrinalang NPXX0024
Abtha Dhuri NPXX8867
Abuigaun NPXX0025
Abute NPXX8868
Achalgadh NPXX0026
Achane NPXX0027
Acharya Bada NPXX8869
Acharya Lihi NPXX8870
Acharyagau NPXX8871
Acharyapokhari NPXX0028
Acharyatola NPXX8872
Achhabang NPXX8873
Achhambada NPXX8874
Achhamidanda NPXX8875
Achhariya NPXX8876
Achrangaun NPXX0029
Adalas NPXX0030
Adamara NPXX0031
Adamghat NPXX0032
Adamtar NPXX0033
Adanda NPXX8877
Adarbedda NPXX8878
Adarsha Bajar NPXX0034
Adarsha Nagar NPXX8879
Adarsha Nagar NPXX0035
Adarshnagar NPXX0036
Adbari NPXX0037
Adebas NPXX8880
Adela NPXX8881
Ademba NPXX0038
Adembabirta NPXX0039
Aderwa NPXX0040
Adhabar NPXX0041
Adhabhat NPXX0042
Adhamar NPXX0043
Adhamari NPXX0044
Adhanawa NPXX0045
Adhara NPXX8882
Adhere NPXX8883
Adheri NPXX8884
Adherikholagaun NPXX8885
Adheshwar NPXX0046
Adhikari Bada NPXX8886
Adhikari Tol NPXX8887
Adhikaripakha NPXX8888
Adhiyari NPXX0048
Adhmara NPXX0049
Adhyauli NPXX8889
Adi NPXX0050
Adikarigaun NPXX0051
Adin Goth NPXX8890
Admaragaun NPXX0052
Aduwari NPXX8891
Adwaitachok NPXX0053
Aerpata NPXX8892
Agaiya NPXX8893
Agalesawa NPXX0054
Agami NPXX8894
Agar NPXX8895
Agara NPXX8896
Agarathe NPXX0055
Agare NPXX8897
Agarwa NPXX0056
Agasthi Bada NPXX8899
Ageri Bisauna NPXX8900
Aghara NPXX8901
Aghor NPXX0057
Aghoritol NPXX0058
Aginnetra NPXX8902
Agitar NPXX0059
Agopadne NPXX8903
Agrabhanjyang NPXX0060
Agrachaur NPXX8904
Agrala NPXX8905
Agrale NPXX8906
Agraute NPXX8907
Agri NPXX0061
Agri Padhera NPXX8908
Agribang NPXX8909
Agrigaun NPXX8910
Agritar NPXX0062
Agthali NPXX0063
Ahal NPXX8911
Ahaldamar NPXX0064
Ahaldandabesi NPXX0066
Ahale Banspur NPXX0067
Ahaledamar NPXX0068
Ahalekhop NPXX0069
Ahalepakha NPXX0070
Ahaletol NPXX0071
Ahalkholagau NPXX8912
Ahalkholagaun NPXX8913
Ahirapur NPXX8914
Aibahani NPXX0072
Aibang NPXX0073
Aichhena NPXX8915
Aiju NPXX0074
Ailani NPXX0075
Ailani Godar NPXX0076
Ailani tol NPXX8916
Ailanibasti NPXX8917
Ailanitol NPXX0077
Aindakot NPXX8918
Aingtar NPXX0078
Aipe NPXX8919
Aipung NPXX0079
Airabati NPXX8920
Airadi NPXX8921
Airambas NPXX0080
Airame NPXX0081
Airanchaur NPXX8922
Airani NPXX8923
Airaro NPXX8924
Airenikholagaun NPXX8925
Airigaun NPXX8926
Airikhet NPXX8927
Airport NPXX0082
Airport NPXX8928
Aiselichaur NPXX0083
Aiselujagar NPXX0084
Aiselukharka NPXX8929
Aishwaryanagar NPXX0085
Aitar NPXX0086
Aitekharka NPXX8931
Aiti NPXX8932
Ajamarptti NPXX0087
Ajek NPXX0088
Ajgaibi NPXX0089
Ajgarawa NPXX8933
Ajimara NPXX8934
Ajingar NPXX0090
Ajinggar NPXX0091
Ajukholagaun NPXX8935
Akadpathar NPXX0092
Akaldanda NPXX8936
Akali NPXX8937
Akanuwa NPXX0093
Akarpathar NPXX0094
Akase NPXX0095
Akase NPXX8938
Akasedanda NPXX0096
Akasepakha NPXX0097
Akashe NPXX0098
Akashi NPXX0099
Akashtol NPXX0100
Akasi NPXX8939
Akaura NPXX0101
Akawa NPXX0102
Akawantol NPXX0103
Akbare NPXX8940
Akhada NPXX0104
Akhilanandtol NPXX0105
Akhiya Goth NPXX8941
Akhtare NPXX0106
Akkare Bajar NPXX0107
Akkasi NPXX8942
Akolwa NPXX0108
Aksagaun NPXX0109
Al NPXX8943
Ala Gothibang NPXX8944
Ala Nagar NPXX8945
Alaban NPXX0110
Alaiche NPXX8946
Alaiche NPXX0111
Alaktoki NPXX0112
Alamdanda NPXX0113
Alapot NPXX0114
Alaudanda NPXX0115
Alayechaur NPXX8947
Alchhe NPXX0116
Alchhi NPXX0117
Alchhidhunga NPXX0118
Alchidanda NPXX8948
Aldamar NPXX0119
Ale Tol NPXX8949
Aledanda NPXX0120
Alegau NPXX8951
Aliawa naka NPXX8953
Alibang NPXX8954
Alinagar NPXX8955
Alkabajh NPXX8956
Alkadanda NPXX8957
Allegaun NPXX0121
Allyana NPXX8958
Almalpurwa NPXX8959
Almulla NPXX8960
Alokangar NPXX0122
Alsari NPXX8961
Althok NPXX0123
Alu Damar NPXX8962
Alubari NPXX8963
Alumpu NPXX0124
Alun NPXX0125
Alung NPXX0126
Ama NPXX8964
Amachaur NPXX8965
Amadar NPXX0127
Amaha NPXX0128
Amahawa NPXX8966
Amaisero NPXX8967
Amalachaur NPXX8968
Amalakhali NPXX8969
Amalapani NPXX8970
Amalbote NPXX0129
Amalchaur NPXX8971
Amaldol NPXX0130
Amalekhganj NPXX0131
Amaltari NPXX0132
Amantar NPXX0133
Amarbasti NPXX0134
Amare NPXX8972
Amarhawa NPXX8973
Amarise NPXX0135
Amarkhana NPXX0136
Amarkhu NPXX0137
Amarmudi Lek NPXX8974
Amarsain NPXX8975
Amarsina NPXX8976
Amartar NPXX0138
Amarwa NPXX8977
Amatol NPXX0139
Amaw NPXX0140
Ambabas NPXX0141
Ambada NPXX8978
Ambakharka NPXX0142
Ambans NPXX8979
Ambare NPXX8980
Ambas NPXX8981
Ambasa NPXX8982
Ambasbesi NPXX0143
Ambathang NPXX0144
Ambatol NPXX0145
Ambot NPXX8983
Ambote NPXX8984
Amchaur NPXX8985
Amdahar NPXX8986
Amdali NPXX8987
Amdhara NPXX8988
Amdunge NPXX0146
Amgaira NPXX8989
Amghat NPXX8990
Amila Takura NPXX8991
Amilabari NPXX8992
Amilachaur NPXX8993
Amiladhik NPXX8994
Amilbote NPXX0147
Amilchaur NPXX0148
Amilchaurdanda NPXX0149
Amilchhap NPXX0150
Amile NPXX8995
Amilechaur NPXX8996
Amili NPXX8997
Amilidanda NPXX8998
Amilikholagaun NPXX8999
Amiltar NPXX0151
Amkana NPXX9000
Amkholagaun NPXX9001
Amkholi NPXX9002
Amkot NPXX0152
Amla Goth NPXX9003
Amla Takura NPXX9004
Amlekhganj NPXX0153
Amling NPXX0154
Amohiya NPXX9005
Ampasaura NPXX0155
Ampata NPXX9006
Amphe NPXX0156
Ampuchet NPXX0157
Ampudol NPXX0158
Amrahi NPXX9007
Amrai NPXX0159
Amrai Takura NPXX9008
Amraichaur NPXX9009
Amraikholi NPXX9010
Amrauli Bajar NPXX0160
Amredanda NPXX9011
Amreni NPXX9012
Amri NPXX9013
Amrisogharigaun NPXX0161
Amritganj NPXX0162
Amritnagar NPXX0163
Amritpani NPXX0164
Amrukh NPXX9014
Amsoti NPXX9015
Amtachaur NPXX9016
Amtada NPXX9017
Amtawa NPXX0165
Amthang NPXX0166
Amtol NPXX0167
Amtola NPXX9018
Amuwa NPXX0169
Amuwa naka NPXX9019
Amuwagaun NPXX9020
Amuwakot NPXX9021
Amuwapost NPXX0170
Anaha NPXX9022
Anaikot NPXX0171
Anaittha NPXX0172
Anakanyamai NPXX0173
Anamnagar NPXX0174
Anandachok NPXX0175
Anandanagar NPXX0176
Anantapur NPXX9023
Anapani NPXX9024
Anarban NPXX0177
Anau NPXX9025
Andheri NPXX9026
Andherikholagaun NPXX0178
Andhiyari NPXX0179
Andi NPXX9027
Andrauli NPXX0180
Androli NPXX0181
Andupatti NPXX0182
Anerikholagaun NPXX9028
Aneripati NPXX0183
Anetar NPXX0184
Angadajor NPXX0185
Angal NPXX0186
Angaldanda NPXX9029
Angare NPXX0187
Angaribang Dhuri NPXX9030
Angarneta NPXX9031
Angdheri NPXX0188
Ange NPXX0189
Anggerepani NPXX0190
Angitar NPXX0191
Angti NPXX0192
Angutar NPXX0193
Ankar NPXX0194
Ankhatare NPXX0195
Anp Pata NPXX9032
Anp Takura NPXX9033
Anpchauri NPXX0196
Anpdhara NPXX9034
Anpgaira NPXX9035
Anpgairi NPXX9036
Anpghat NPXX0197
Anpkholagaun NPXX9037
Anpkholigaun NPXX9038
Anppani NPXX0198
Anppata NPXX9039
Anpsuti NPXX9040
Anptari NPXX0199
Anredanda NPXX0201
Anrukharka NPXX0202
Ansa Goth NPXX9041
Antar Tol NPXX9042
Antare NPXX9043
Antaredanda NPXX0203
Antarkada NPXX9044
Antarpu NPXX0204
Antawa NPXX9045
Antedanda NPXX0205
Anthali NPXX0206
Anthe Pokhari NPXX9046
Antipakha NPXX9047
Anurudra NPXX9048
Apchaur NPXX0207
Apchaur NPXX9049
Apdanda NPXX0208
Apgaira NPXX9050
Aphale Pokhara NPXX9051
Aphauni NPXX0209
Aphlaipu NPXX0210
Aphrekholagaun NPXX9052
Apkharka NPXX0211
Appani NPXX0212
Aprethok NPXX0213
Aprichhap NPXX0214
Apsipo NPXX9053
Apswara NPXX0215
Apthari NPXX9054
Aputalidanda NPXX0216
Ara NPXX9055
Arakholagaun NPXX9056
Arampur NPXX0217
Aran Tuda NPXX9057
Aranchet NPXX0218
Arandanda NPXX0219
Aranedandagaun NPXX0220
Arantura NPXX9058
Arauti NPXX9059
Arbang NPXX9060
Arbaruwa naka NPXX9061
Archakenalan NPXX0221
Archalbot NPXX0222
Archale NPXX9062
Archalepani NPXX0223
Archaletol NPXX0224
Archaur NPXX9063
Archhani NPXX9064
Ardana NPXX9065
Ardangkhola NPXX9066
Ardus NPXX9067
Arechaur NPXX9068
Ares NPXX9069
Argale NPXX0225
Argali NPXX9070
Argalikharka NPXX9071
Argawa NPXX9072
Argeli NPXX9073
Arghauta NPXX0226
Arghu NPXX9074
Aringgale NPXX9075
Arja NPXX9076
Arjalgaun NPXX9077
Arjanma NPXX0227
Arjelgaun NPXX0228
Arjungaun NPXX9078
Arjunkholagaun NPXX9079
Arkale NPXX9080
Arkhole NPXX0229
Arlabang NPXX9081
Armase NPXX9083
Arnaha NPXX0230
Arnanpur NPXX9084
Arnedanda NPXX0234
Arnegau NPXX0235
Arnepani NPXX9085
Arneta NPXX9086
Arpa NPXX0236
Arsain NPXX9087
Arsatar NPXX0237
Arsekada NPXX9088
Arswanra NPXX0238
Artabang NPXX9089
Arthumke NPXX0239
Artubang NPXX9090
Aru Bhanjyang NPXX0240
Aruba NPXX9091
Arubas NPXX0241
Aruchaur NPXX0242
Arudada NPXX9092
Arugairachhap NPXX0243
Arukhada NPXX9093
Arukhet NPXX0244
Arukhuti NPXX9094
Arundanda NPXX0245
Arupate NPXX0246
Arusain NPXX9095
Aruwachet NPXX0247
Aruwakholagaun NPXX9096
Aryaghat NPXX0248
Aryalchaur NPXX9097
Aryaltar NPXX0249
Asamanpur NPXX9098
Asamtol NPXX0250
Asan NPXX0251
Asanawatol NPXX0252
Asanchuli NPXX0253
Asangkharka NPXX0254
Asani NPXX9099
Asantara NPXX9100
Asarahi NPXX9101
Asarekharka NPXX9102
Asarkot NPXX9103
Asauji Marya NPXX9104
Ashapur Pakariya NPXX9105
Ashok Batika NPXX0255
Ashok Nivas NPXX0256
Ashoktol NPXX0257
Ashubhi NPXX9106
Ashwa NPXX9107
Asikanda NPXX9108
Asilkharka NPXX0258
Asneri NPXX9109
Asoje NPXX9110
Aspara NPXX9111
Aspari NPXX9112
Astani NPXX0259
Asthala NPXX0260
Asubang NPXX0261
Asumatital NPXX0262
Asundhara NPXX9113
Asurbari NPXX9114
Aswari NPXX0263
Ata NPXX9115
Atako NPXX9116
Ataling NPXX0264
Atape NPXX0265
Atar Katera NPXX9117
Ataradh NPXX0266
Atarkhel NPXX0267
Aterdamar NPXX0268
Ath Mail NPXX0269
Atharah Bigha NPXX0270
Atharaha NPXX0271
Atharha Pata NPXX9118
Athbise NPXX0272
Athilya NPXX9119
Athingare NPXX9120
Athingre Takuri NPXX9121
Athuwa NPXX0273
Atigaun NPXX0274
Atighar NPXX9122
Atikharka NPXX9123
Atitada NPXX9124
Atmapur NPXX0275
Atrauli NPXX0276
Atrauli Lalbhiti NPXX0277
Attargada NPXX9125
Attarkanda NPXX9126
Attarpur NPXX0278
Atthaise NPXX9127
Aturali NPXX9128
Atuwagaun NPXX9129
Aul NPXX0279
Aul NPXX9130
Aul Barai NPXX9131
Aul Dhinga NPXX9132
Aul Ghwani NPXX9133
Aul Jogada NPXX9134
Aul Puma NPXX9135
Aul Risina NPXX9136
Aul Surma NPXX9137
Aul Tangin NPXX9138
Aula Kandha NPXX9139
Aula Katiya NPXX9140
Aula Porkhe NPXX9141
Aulabang NPXX9142
Aulaghar NPXX9143
Aule NPXX0280
Auleni NPXX9144
Aulgurta NPXX9145
Auligaun NPXX9146
Auljhyam NPXX9147
Aultoli NPXX9148
Aunse NPXX0281
Aurahawa NPXX9149
Aurahawa Baba NPXX9150
Aurahidih NPXX0282
Aurahithan NPXX0283
Auraihiya NPXX0284
Aureni NPXX9151
Auri NPXX9152
Ausanama NPXX0285
Autartol NPXX0286
Awal Gela NPXX9153
Awalabas NPXX9154
Awalrija NPXX9155
Awang NPXX0287
Ayodhyapuri NPXX0288
Babagaun NPXX9156
Babaitola NPXX9158
Babajidanda NPXX0291
Babala NPXX0292
Baban Phalne NPXX9159
Babanphalne NPXX9160
Babare NPXX0293
Babarmahal NPXX0295
Babbiyadandagaun NPXX0296
Babechaur NPXX9161
Babera NPXX9162
Babetara NPXX9163
Babhani NPXX0297
Babhargama NPXX0298
Babini Patagaun NPXX9164
Babis NPXX0299
Babiyagaun NPXX0300
Babiyakharka NPXX0301
Babiyamale NPXX9165
Babrang NPXX0302
Babuain NPXX0303
Babupakha NPXX0304
Babupurwa NPXX9166
Baburang NPXX0305
Bach Pokhara NPXX9167
Bachaha NPXX9168
Bachcha NPXX0306
Bachchhala NPXX0307
Bachchhi NPXX9169
Bachhanpurwa NPXX0308
Bachhe NPXX9170
Bachhela NPXX9171
Bachhemela NPXX9172
Bachhigaun NPXX9173
Bachhimkholagaun NPXX9174
Bachkanda NPXX9175
Bachkot NPXX9176
Bada Bathan NPXX9178
Bada Dhunggakhet NPXX9179
Bada Semara NPXX0309
Badaban NPXX9180
Badabang NPXX0310
Badadev NPXX9181
Badadhunga NPXX9182
Badadhungga NPXX9183
Badagada NPXX9184
Badagaun NPXX0311
Badaha NPXX0312
Badaharba Baleri NPXX0313
Badaharkhuti NPXX9185
Badaharuwa NPXX0314
Badaharwatol NPXX0315
Badahipur NPXX9186
Badakada NPXX9187
Badakiphulbariya NPXX0316
Badakurwa NPXX0317
Badalamji NPXX9189
Badalgaun NPXX0318
Badalkot NPXX9190
Badanekholagaun NPXX9191
Badanihar NPXX0319
Badapankha NPXX9192
Badaphar NPXX0320
Badar Bhariya NPXX9193
Badara NPXX9194
Badaregaun NPXX0322
Badarewa NPXX0323
Badariya NPXX0324
Badarpa NPXX0325
Badarthok NPXX0326
Badasaina NPXX9195
Badchuli NPXX9196
Baddala NPXX9197
Badde NPXX9198
Baddera NPXX9199
Baddhuriya NPXX0327
Bade Chaur NPXX9200
Bade Pakha NPXX0328
Bade Pipal NPXX9201
Badegu NPXX0329
Badelkhadi NPXX0330
Badgaun NPXX9202
Badgaun NPXX0331
Badhahara NPXX9203
Badhandanda NPXX9204
Badhare NPXX0332
Badharwachok NPXX0334
Badhawa NPXX9205
Badhe NPXX9206
Badherwa NPXX0335
Badhgo NPXX0336
Badhharwa NPXX0337
Badhigaun NPXX0338
Badhipidittol NPXX0339
Badhthari NPXX9207
Badi Lek NPXX9208
Badi Muhan NPXX0340
Badigadi NPXX9209
Badikati NPXX9210
Badikhel NPXX0341
Badikholagaun NPXX9211
Badiman NPXX0342
Badimkharka NPXX9212
Badimul NPXX9213
Badipati NPXX9214
Badiya NPXX0343
Badiyatol NPXX0344
Badka Bhaura NPXX9215
Badka Maharwa NPXX9216
Badkapurwa NPXX9217
Badki NPXX9218
Badki Bhimmapur NPXX9219
Badki Deuda NPXX9220
Badki Mirchaiya NPXX9221
Badki Taduwa NPXX9222
Badkule NPXX0345
Badlang NPXX0347
Badmala NPXX9223
Badnihar NPXX0348
Badreni NPXX0349
Badri Kharka NPXX9224
Badridanda NPXX0350
Badrigaun NPXX9225
Badripur NPXX9226
Badritar NPXX0351
Badsala NPXX9227
Badtarakhuti NPXX9228
Badu Lek NPXX9229
Baekholagaun NPXX9230
Bag Bajar NPXX0352
Bagabanna NPXX0353
Bagada NPXX0354
Bagadampur NPXX0355
Bagaha NPXX0356
Bagahasoti NPXX9231
Bagahighat NPXX9232
Bagahitol NPXX0357
Bagaicha NPXX0358
Bagakurti NPXX0359
Bagaldihi NPXX0360
Bagale NPXX9233
Bagale Bisauni NPXX9234
Bagale Chautara NPXX9235
Bagalegaun NPXX0361
Bagalekharka NPXX9236
Bagalepani NPXX9237
Bagane NPXX9238
Bagar NPXX0362
Bagar Goth NPXX9239
Bagarapur NPXX9240
Bagarkhuti NPXX9241
Bagaura NPXX9242
Bagaurachaur NPXX9243
Bagaushi NPXX9244
Bagawannapura NPXX9245
Bagawannapurwa NPXX9246
Bagchaur NPXX9247
Bagchaur Jyula NPXX9248
Bagdaha NPXX0363
Bagdamar NPXX0364
Bagdeu NPXX0365
Bagdhadi NPXX9249
Bagdohi NPXX9250
Bagdol NPXX0366
Bage NPXX0367
Bage Takura NPXX9251
Bagechira NPXX9252
Bageri NPXX0368
Bageya NPXX0369
Baggiawa NPXX0370
Baghai NPXX0371
Baghane NPXX9253
Baghauda NPXX0372
Baghauli NPXX0373
Baghausi NPXX9254
Baghbhairav NPXX0374
Baghdali NPXX0375
Baghkholi NPXX9255
Baghkhor Mela NPXX9256
Baghkhore Danda NPXX9257
Baghman NPXX0376
Baghmaruwa NPXX9258
Baghpaile NPXX0377
Baghpaile NPXX9259
Baghsalgoth NPXX9260
Baghtange NPXX9261
Baghtare NPXX9262
Baghthali NPXX0379
Bagigaun NPXX0380
Bagina NPXX9263
Baginda NPXX9264
Bagkholagaun NPXX9265
Baglidanda NPXX9266
Bagma NPXX9267
Bagnadi NPXX0381
Bagnaha NPXX9268
Bagnam NPXX0382
Bagocha NPXX0383
Bagphal NPXX0384
Bagsokholagaun NPXX9269
Bagtare NPXX9271
Bagthala NPXX0385
Bagubang NPXX9272
Bagune NPXX0386
BagunePuchhar NPXX0387
Baguni Danda NPXX0388
Baguwa NPXX9273
Baguwa Bajar NPXX0389
Baguwabesi NPXX0390
Bahachaur NPXX9274
Bahadurdanda NPXX0391
Bahadurgang NPXX0392
Bahagarwa NPXX0393
Bahakal NPXX0394
Bahane NPXX9275
Baharbote NPXX0395
Bahariphedi NPXX9276
Bahaupurwa NPXX9277
Bahaurwa NPXX0396
Bahegaun NPXX0397
Baheratola NPXX0398
Baheriyan NPXX0399
Bahharwa Khaira NPXX0400
Bahidarkhuti NPXX9278
Bahikeba NPXX0401
Bahira NPXX0402
Bahiri NPXX0403
Bahiri Sangkram NPXX9279
Bahiti NPXX0404
Bahrabise NPXX0005
Bahradharni NPXX9281
Bahramure NPXX0405
Bahuarwa Bhata NPXX0406
Bahun Banari NPXX9282
Bahun Dhodeni NPXX0407
Bahun Jyula NPXX9283
Bahun Takura NPXX9284
Bahunbada NPXX9285
Bahunbanda NPXX9286
Bahunbesi NPXX0408
Bahunbesi Anpra NPXX0409
Bahunchaur NPXX0410
Bahunchura NPXX0411
Bahundera NPXX9287
Bahundhara NPXX9288
Bahundhara NPXX0412
Bahundih NPXX0413
Bahunepati NPXX0414
Bahunepol NPXX9289
Bahunghat NPXX9290
Bahuni Danda NPXX9291
Bahunibhir NPXX9292
Bahunkatna NPXX9293
Bahunmara NPXX0415
Bahunnakha NPXX9294
Bahunpalang NPXX0416
Bahunparka NPXX9295
Bahunpata NPXX9296
Bahunpaun NPXX9297
Bahunpur NPXX9298
Bahuntar NPXX0417
Bahuntari NPXX9299
Bahunthan NPXX0418
Bahunthan NPXX9300
Bahunthok NPXX9301
Bahunthok NPXX0419
Bai Ranka NPXX9302
Baibang NPXX0420
Baibitti NPXX9303
Baibu NPXX0421
Baichipin NPXX9304
Baida NPXX9305
Baidada NPXX9306
Baidartol NPXX0422
Baidauli NPXX0423
Baidehi Halt NPXX0424
Baidehitol NPXX0425
Baidhanathpur NPXX0426
Baidhara NPXX9307
Baidheli NPXX0427
Baidi NPXX9308
Baija NPXX9309
Baijanathpur NPXX9310
Baiji Bada NPXX9311
Baijnathpurwa NPXX9312
Baijpur NPXX9313
Baik NPXX9314
Baikanda NPXX9315
Baike NPXX9316
Baikunthagaun NPXX0428
Baildanda NPXX9317
Bailgaun NPXX9318
Bailikot NPXX9319
Bailla NPXX9320
Bainagaun NPXX9321
Baine NPXX9322
Baingkatti NPXX0429
Baingkhu NPXX0430
Bainigaun NPXX9323
Bainkanda NPXX9324
Bairabang NPXX9325
Bairagi Thati NPXX9326
Bairagitol NPXX0431
Bairagiya NPXX0432
Bairasim NPXX9327
Bairban NPXX0434
Baireni-Bajar NPXX0435
Bairenitar NPXX0436
Bairganiya NPXX0437
Bairha NPXX0438
Bairhawa NPXX9328
Bairhawa naka NPXX9329
Bairia NPXX0439
Bairidaha NPXX9330
Bairigare NPXX9331
Bairikhel NPXX0440
Bairikholagaun NPXX9332
Bairkot NPXX9333
Bairtar NPXX0441
Bairya NPXX0442
Baischaur NPXX9334
Baise NPXX9335
Baiseni NPXX9336
Baiseni Salla NPXX9337
Baisera NPXX9338
Baishakhe NPXX9339
Baisnpani NPXX9340
Baispani NPXX9341
Baitesh NPXX0443
Baithakpur NPXX9342
Baiti NPXX0444
Baiyaldi NPXX9343
Baj NPXX9344
Bajabang NPXX9345
Bajagaun NPXX0445
Bajaha NPXX9346
Bajaidanda NPXX9347
Bajam NPXX9348
Bajandanda NPXX9349
Bajarahi NPXX0446
Bajarhatti NPXX0447
Bajbang NPXX9350
Bajbot NPXX9351
Bajchakot NPXX9352
Bajdaiya NPXX9353
Baje NPXX0448
Bajeda Ali NPXX9354
Bajedi NPXX9355
Bajedichaur NPXX9356
Bajengkhani NPXX9357
Bajer NPXX9358
Bajgaun NPXX0449
Bajhagaun NPXX0450
Bajhan Pade NPXX9359
Bajhanga NPXX9360
Bajhange NPXX9361
Bajhbange NPXX9362
Bajhe NPXX0451
Bajhgaun NPXX0452
Bajhgaunbesi NPXX0453
Bajhkharka NPXX9363
Bajhkhet NPXX0454
Bajhogartol NPXX0455
Bajhopalpa NPXX0456
Baji Bokatiya NPXX9364
Baji Parsiya NPXX9365
Baji Pokhari NPXX9366
Baji Saduwa NPXX9367
Bajibang NPXX9368
Bajikamata NPXX9369
Bajikuti NPXX9370
Bajipokhari NPXX0457
Bajitol NPXX0458
Bajopatti NPXX0459
Bajpur NPXX9371
Bajrabarahi NPXX0460
Bajrakot NPXX0461
Bajramath NPXX0462
Baju NPXX9372
Bajugan NPXX9373
Bajugaung NPXX0463
Bajure NPXX9374
Bajuwa NPXX9375
Bajyam NPXX9376
Bakadanda NPXX9377
Bakainiya NPXX0464
Bakainiyatol NPXX0465
Bakaiyatersolain NPXX0466
Bakaiyatol NPXX0467
Bakalbhar NPXX9378
Bakanaruwa NPXX0468
Bakang NPXX0469
Bakangghyang NPXX0470
Bakarang NPXX0471
Bakaspur NPXX9379
Bakatadi NPXX9380
Bakauli NPXX9381
Bakepur NPXX0472
Bakhantol NPXX0473
Bakhaphar NPXX0474
Bakhare NPXX9382
Bakharibhath NPXX0475
Bakharitol NPXX0476
Bakhatigaun NPXX0477
Bakhrekholagaun NPXX0478
Bakhrekhor NPXX9383
Bakhreldihi NPXX0479
Bakhrigaun NPXX0480
Bakhtaura NPXX0481
Bakhundol NPXX0482
Bakhur NPXX9384
Bakiya NPXX0483
Baklahi NPXX9385
Bakledandagaun NPXX0484
Bakoti NPXX9386
Bakrangchet NPXX0485
Baksawa NPXX9387
Baksidanda NPXX9388
Baktaura NPXX0486
Bakuliya NPXX0487
Bakum NPXX9389
Bakupurwa NPXX9390
Bakutiya NPXX9391
Bakuwa NPXX9392
Bal Chok NPXX9393
Bala Mahadev NPXX0489
Balabakhar NPXX0490
Balabang NPXX9394
Balachaur Patale NPXX0491
Balagiri NPXX0492
Balai Bagar NPXX9395
Balaipur NPXX9396
Balajor NPXX0493
Balaju NPXX0494
Balajutar NPXX0495
Balakharkha NPXX9397
Balala NPXX9398
Balale NPXX9399
Balambu NPXX0496
Balame NPXX0497
Balamigaun NPXX0498
Balamtar NPXX0499
Balangchaur NPXX9400
Balapur NPXX9401
Balara NPXX0500
Balara Jabditola NPXX0501
Balara Laksmipur NPXX0502
Balarajabdi NPXX0503
Balaramal NPXX0504
Balarampur NPXX9402
Balaraokash NPXX0505
Balaru NPXX0506
Balatiya NPXX0507
Balaute NPXX0508
Balawabirsimha NPXX0509
Balawatol NPXX0510
Balbang NPXX9403
Balchanpur NPXX0511
Balchhichhap NPXX0513
Balchhing NPXX9404
Baldehi NPXX0514
Baldhare NPXX9405
Baldhusawa NPXX0515
Baldung NPXX0516
Balegaun NPXX9406
Balegaun NPXX0517
Balena NPXX9407
Baleni NPXX0518
Balephi NPXX0519
Balepurwa NPXX9408
Balestar NPXX0520
Baleswar NPXX9409
Balganga Charlik NPXX0521
Balganga chok NPXX0522
Balgangaghat NPXX0523
Balgati NPXX0524
Balghari NPXX9410
Balha Kathal NPXX0525
Balhanna NPXX9411
Balhipurwa NPXX9412
Bali Bisauna NPXX9413
Balibang NPXX9414
Balichhopa NPXX9415
Balidhara NPXX9416
Baligaun NPXX0526
Baligaun NPXX9417
Balikholagaun NPXX9418
Balimgaun NPXX9419
Balirmapur NPXX0527
Baljhad NPXX9420
Baljure NPXX9421
Balkanchhatol NPXX0528
Balkharka NPXX0529
Balkhi NPXX0530
Balkot NPXX0531
Balle Judo NPXX9422
Balle Mohada NPXX9423
Balledhunga NPXX9424
Ballegaun NPXX9425
Ballejhura NPXX9426
Ballejuro NPXX9427
Ballekholagaun NPXX9428
Baltar NPXX0532
Balthali NPXX0533
Balukhop NPXX0534
Balung Gumba NPXX9429
Balutol NPXX0535
Baluwa Bhiman NPXX0536
Baluwa Sangrahi NPXX9430
Baluwabhar NPXX0537
Baluwachaur NPXX9431
Baluwadanda NPXX0538
Baluwadanda NPXX9432
Baluwadhuska NPXX9433
Baluwatar NPXX0539
Baluwatar NPXX9434
Balya NPXX9435
Bam NPXX9436
Bamamkharka NPXX9437
Bamangaun NPXX0540
Bamanthar NPXX9438
Bamarup NPXX9439
Bambutar NPXX0541
Bamda NPXX0542
Bamjantol NPXX0543
Bamkada NPXX9440
Bamla NPXX9441
Bamlahawa NPXX9442
Bamnal NPXX9443
Bamniko NPXX9444
Bamniwas NPXX9445
Bamruk NPXX9446
Bamse Badi NPXX9447
Bamshagaun NPXX0544
Bamta NPXX9448
Bamti NPXX0545
Ban Bahuari NPXX0546
Banachaur NPXX0547
Banahar NPXX9449
Banaharkharka NPXX9450
Banakatta NPXX0548
Banakatti NPXX9451
Banakhe NPXX9452
Banakul NPXX0549
Banara NPXX0550
Banasini NPXX9453
Banauta NPXX0551
Banauti NPXX0552
Banbagiya NPXX9454
Banbalarig NPXX9455
Banbang NPXX9456
Banbari NPXX0553
Banbari NPXX9457
Banbira NPXX9458
Banbirta NPXX0554
Banchari Bichiya NPXX9459
Banchaur NPXX0555
Banchauri NPXX0556
Banche NPXX0557
Banchkanda NPXX9460
Banchu Lagna NPXX9461
Band Bhanjyang NPXX0558
Banda NPXX0559
Bandagaun NPXX0560
Bandala NPXX9462
Bandalipur NPXX9463
Bandan NPXX0561
Bandandagaun NPXX0562
Bandar Bhariya NPXX9464
Bandare NPXX0563
Bandarkholagaun NPXX9465
Bandarpale NPXX9466
Bandarpani NPXX9467
Bandde NPXX9468
Bandegaun NPXX0564
Bandeldhap NPXX0565
Bandele NPXX0566
Bandewatar NPXX0567
Bandhne NPXX9469
Bandijor NPXX0568
Bandikot NPXX9470
Bandipur NPXX9471
Bandrabas NPXX9472
Bandrawa NPXX9473
Bandreneka NPXX0569
Bandrepani NPXX9474
Banedhap NPXX0570
Banedi NPXX9475
Banela NPXX9476
Banelmare NPXX9477
Baneltar NPXX0571
Banepa NPXX0004
Banepakha NPXX0572
Banera Khajuri NPXX9478
Baneswar NPXX0573
Bang NPXX9479
Banga NPXX9480
Bangai NPXX0574
Bangalapur NPXX9481
Bangalawa NPXX0575
Bangalipur NPXX9482
Bangar NPXX9483
Bangare NPXX0576
Bangaritada NPXX9484
Bangate NPXX9485
Bangaudi NPXX9486
Bangchare NPXX9487
Bangdang NPXX0577
Bange Bajar NPXX9488
Bange Chilaune NPXX0578
Bange Lakuri NPXX0579
Bange Lankuri NPXX9489
Bangedana NPXX9490
Bangedanda NPXX9491
Bangekholagaun NPXX9492
Bangenara NPXX9493
Bangenara Khuti NPXX9494
Bangepaihro NPXX0580
Bangephedi NPXX9495
Bangepipal NPXX0581
Bangerukh NPXX0582
Bangesal NPXX9496
Bangesal NPXX0583
Bangesalla NPXX9497
Bangesimal NPXX9498
Bangeswanra NPXX0585
Bangetar NPXX0586
Bangge NPXX9499
Bangge Salla NPXX0587
Banggedanda NPXX9500
Banghkot NPXX9501
Banghusara NPXX9502
Banghusarikhuti NPXX9503
Banghushri NPXX9504
Bangiraha NPXX9505
Bangka NPXX0588
Bangma NPXX0589
Bangringbesi NPXX0590
Bangtar NPXX0591
Bangtari NPXX9506
Banigama NPXX0592
Baniniya NPXX0593
Baniyadanda NPXX0594
Baniyadihi NPXX0595
Baniyakharka NPXX9507
Baniyantar NPXX0596
Baniyapur NPXX9508
Banj Bisauna NPXX9509
Banj Gadgaun NPXX9510
Banja NPXX9511
Banjada NPXX9512
Banjare NPXX0597
Banjaregaun NPXX9513
Banjarha NPXX0598
Banjari NPXX9514
Banjari NPXX0599
Banjaridanda NPXX9515
Banjariya NPXX0600
Banjariya Jharan NPXX9516
Banjgara NPXX0601
Banjgaun NPXX0602
Banjgharigaun NPXX0603
Banjh Bisauna NPXX9517
Banjh Katera NPXX9518
Banjh Katiya NPXX9519
Banjhaban NPXX0604
Banjhakhet NPXX9520
Banjhakhet NPXX0605
Banjhakri NPXX0606
Banjhankri NPXX0607
Banjhegaun NPXX0608
Banjhgadi NPXX9521
Banjhgara NPXX0609
Banjhinchhap NPXX0610
Banjhkanda NPXX9522
Banjhkharka NPXX9523
Banjhkhet NPXX0611
Banjhkoti Tol NPXX9524
Banjhokhet NPXX9525
Banjhokhet NPXX0612
Banjhsaluke NPXX0613
Banjikot NPXX9526
Banka NPXX0614
Banka NPXX9527
Bankadanda NPXX9528
Bankare NPXX9529
Bankatiya NPXX9530
Bankatwa NPXX0615
Bankatwa Chok NPXX9531
Banke NPXX9532
Banke Jyula NPXX9533
Bankharkoti NPXX9534
Bankhutol NPXX0616
Banki NPXX9535
Bankibheri NPXX0617
Bankikholagaun NPXX9536
Bankim NPXX0618
Bankul NPXX0619
Bankul NPXX9537
Bankuna NPXX9538
Banlage NPXX9539
Banma NPXX9540
Banme NPXX9541
Banmekholagaun NPXX9542
Banmudawa NPXX9543
Banmudwa NPXX9544
Banne Mudhai NPXX9545
Bannebhir NPXX9546
Bannechaur NPXX9547
Banni NPXX9548
Banpedheri NPXX0620
Banphai NPXX9549
Banphukholagaun NPXX9550
Banrang NPXX0621
Banre NPXX0622
Banringdanda NPXX0623
Bans NPXX9551
Bansaghu NPXX0624
Bansangu NPXX0625
Bansar NPXX0626
Bansari NPXX9552
Bansbot NPXX0627
Bansdabra NPXX9553
Bansdanda NPXX0628
Banseri NPXX9554
Bansetar NPXX0629
Bansgadi NPXX9555
Bansgajeri NPXX9556
Bansgarha NPXX0630
Bansgode NPXX0631
Bansi NPXX0632
Bansing NPXX9557
Banskholi NPXX9558
Banskote NPXX0633
Banspur NPXX0634
Bansthala NPXX9560
Bansthana NPXX9561
Bansu NPXX9562
Bansule NPXX9563
Bantakura NPXX9564
Bantal NPXX0635
Bantari NPXX9565
Bantariya NPXX9566
Bantariyan NPXX9567
Banthadagaun NPXX9568
Banthakatti NPXX0636
Banthakot NPXX9569
Banthali NPXX0637
Banthapatol NPXX0638
Bantola NPXX0639
Banudidanda NPXX0640
Banuwa NPXX0641
Banyachaur NPXX9570
Banyam NPXX0642
Baphai NPXX0643
Baphailgaun NPXX9571
Baphal NPXX0644
Baphegaun NPXX9572
Baphikot NPXX9573
Bapta NPXX0645
Bar Thapna NPXX9574
Bara NPXX0647
Bara Bajar NPXX0648
Bara Baluwa NPXX9575
Bara Purbaritol NPXX0649
Bara Tiyartol NPXX0650
Bara Uddhoran NPXX0651
Baraba NPXX0652
Baraban NPXX9576
Barabase NPXX0653
Barabise NPXX0654
Barabote NPXX0655
Baradapani NPXX9577
Baradhungga NPXX9578
Baradu NPXX0656
Baragadhi NPXX0657
Baraghari NPXX0658
Baragthan NPXX0659
Barah Temple NPXX9579
Baraha NPXX0660
Baraha Ksetra NPXX9580
Barahachaur NPXX9581
Barahakholagaun NPXX9583
Barahghare NPXX0661
Barahidol NPXX0662
Barahikhola NPXX0663
Barahithan NPXX0664
Barahkhuti NPXX9585
Barainiya NPXX0665
Baraitar NPXX0666
Baraiyatola NPXX0667
Barajimidartol NPXX0668
Barajudanda NPXX0669
Barakada NPXX9586
Barakanda NPXX9587
Barakharka NPXX0670
Barakholagaun NPXX9588
Barakhuti NPXX9589
Barakuna NPXX9590
Barala NPXX9591
Baralgaun NPXX0671
Baralkhet NPXX9592
Baram Pokhara NPXX9593
Baramapur NPXX0672
Baramase NPXX9594
Baramela NPXX9595
Baramkholagaun NPXX0673
Baramthumki NPXX0674
Barang NPXX0675
Barangaun NPXX0676
Barange NPXX9596
Barangr NPXX9597
Barantol NPXX0677
Barapani NPXX9598
Barapu NPXX9599
Barapur NPXX9600
Barasthan NPXX9601
Baraswanra NPXX0678
Baraula NPXX9602
Baraulkot NPXX9603
Baraundi NPXX0679
Barawa NPXX0680
Barbagoth NPXX0681
Barbandi NPXX0682
Barbandobhan NPXX0683
Barbang NPXX0684
Barbot NPXX9605
Barchet NPXX0685
Barchhabas NPXX9606
Bardada NPXX0686
Bardaha Jogitol NPXX0687
Bardahatol NPXX0688
Bardana NPXX9607
Bardanda NPXX9608
Bardapur NPXX9609
Bardhang NPXX0690
Bardhaniya NPXX9610
Bardi NPXX9611
Bardukhe NPXX9612
Bardyautar NPXX0691
Baredanda NPXX0692
Baregaun NPXX9613
Barekha NPXX9614
Barela NPXX9615
Baremtar NPXX0693
Barepata NPXX9616
Barerwa NPXX0694
Baretar NPXX0695
Barewa NPXX0696
Bargada NPXX9617
Bargadaha NPXX9618
Bargadawa NPXX9619
Bargadda NPXX9620
Bargadhi NPXX9621
Bargadi NPXX9622
Bargadi Katai NPXX9623
Bargajawa NPXX0697
Bargang NPXX0698
Bargaon NPXX9624
Bargau NPXX9625
Bargije NPXX0699
Bargo NPXX9626
Barha Bardiya NPXX9627
Barha Bhadau NPXX9628
Barha Bigha NPXX0700
Barhabise NPXX9629
Barhabisetar NPXX0701
Barhaghar NPXX9630
Barhahangge NPXX9631
Barhamase NPXX9632
Barhamula NPXX9633
Barhamure NPXX0702
Barhange NPXX9634
Barhawa naka NPXX9635
Barichaur NPXX9636
Baridhara NPXX9637
Barigaun NPXX9638
Barike NPXX9639
Barikot NPXX9640
Baripati NPXX9641
Barjing NPXX9642
Barju NPXX9643
Barkalne NPXX9644
Barkatta NPXX9645
Barkaule NPXX0703
Barkhang NPXX0704
Barkhe NPXX9646
Barkhe Kateri NPXX9647
Barkhe Takura NPXX9648
Barkhuwa NPXX0705
Barkiche NPXX0706
Barkitar NPXX0707
Barkithum NPXX0708
Barkium NPXX0709
Barko NPXX0710
Barkote Bada NPXX9649
Barkotegaun NPXX9650
Barkoti Tol NPXX9651
Barkunti NPXX9652
Barkurwa NPXX0711
Barkyun NPXX0712
Barlakot NPXX9653
Barle NPXX9654
Barmagar NPXX9655
Barmajhiya NPXX0713
Barmase NPXX9656
Barmauja NPXX9657
Barmedanda NPXX0715
Barmelicamp NPXX0716
Barna NPXX0717
Barna NPXX9658
Barnabir NPXX9659
Barnechaur NPXX0718
Barneta NPXX9660
Barni NPXX9661
Barpak NPXX0719
Barphedi NPXX0720
Barpipale NPXX0721
Barpokhara NPXX9662
Barpuk NPXX0722
Barrabot NPXX9663
Barrakuna NPXX9664
Barratandi NPXX0723
Barredanda NPXX9665
Barsaina NPXX9666
Barsanchet NPXX0725
Barsang NPXX0726
Barsunchet NPXX0727
Barsuncho NPXX0728
Barthaligaun NPXX0729
Barthan NPXX9667
Barthapna NPXX9668
Barthum NPXX9669
Barthumki NPXX0730
Bartikhung NPXX9670
Barudandagaun NPXX0731
Barugaun NPXX0732
Baruledandagaun NPXX0733
Barun NPXX9671
Barungau NPXX0734
Barutol NPXX0735
Barwaratar NPXX0736
Bas NPXX9672
Bas Bhanjyang NPXX0737
Basa NPXX0738
Basa Goth NPXX9673
Basaha NPXX0740
Basaigaun NPXX9674
Basaikharka NPXX9675
Basamadi NPXX0741
Basandhara NPXX9676
Basandrakhuti NPXX9677
Basangaun NPXX0742
Basant NPXX9678
Basantagaun NPXX0743
Basantapatti NPXX0744
Basante NPXX9680
Basante NPXX0745
Basare NPXX0746
Basatol NPXX0747
Basatpurtol NPXX0748
Basauntol NPXX0749
Basbang NPXX0750
Basbitti NPXX0751
Basdanda NPXX9681
Base NPXX9682
Basel Tol NPXX9683
Basera NPXX9684
Baserini NPXX0753
Bashyari NPXX0754
Basibudha NPXX0755
Basidol NPXX0756
Basindol NPXX0757
Basiugaun NPXX9685
Baskatta NPXX0758
Baskholigaun NPXX9686
Basnechaur NPXX9687
Basnegaun NPXX9688
Basnet Dera NPXX9689
Basnet Jyula NPXX9690
Basnetatar NPXX0759
Basnetchhap NPXX0760
Basneuta NPXX9691
Basngharigaun NPXX0761
Basnigaira NPXX9692
Basnyatgaun NPXX0762
Basopatti NPXX0763
Baspani NPXX9693
Baspur NPXX0764
Bastari NPXX9694
Bastela NPXX9695
Basthalo NPXX0765
Basthapla NPXX9696
Bastokot NPXX9697
Bastola NPXX9698
Bastuk NPXX9699
Basubari NPXX9700
Basudev NPXX0766
Basudevpatti NPXX0767
Basudevpauwa NPXX0768
Basudhara NPXX9701
Basukichok NPXX0769
Basul NPXX9702
Basundhara NPXX0770
Basundol NPXX0771
Basyauli NPXX0772
Bata NPXX9703
Bataimare NPXX9704
Batalagaun NPXX9705
Batanpur NPXX9706
Batar Bazar NPXX0773
Batase Maidi NPXX0774
Batasedanda NPXX9707
Batati NPXX9708
Batatol NPXX0775
Batauliya NPXX0776
Batauwa NPXX0777
Batchaur NPXX9709
Baten NPXX0778
Bathachaur NPXX9710
Bathala NPXX9711
Bathali NPXX0779
Bathanaha NPXX0780
Bathanchaudi NPXX0781
Bathane NPXX9712
Bathanpurwa NPXX9713
Bathuwa NPXX9714
Bathuwatal NPXX9715
Batis NPXX9716
Batkule NPXX9717
Bato Goth NPXX9718
Batokharka NPXX0782
Batola NPXX9719
Batolpur NPXX9720
Batra NPXX0783
Batrai NPXX0784
Batraul NPXX0785
Battar NPXX9721
Battar Bajar NPXX0786
Battise NPXX9722
Battishputali NPXX0787
Batule NPXX0788
Batulechaur NPXX9723
Batulechaur NPXX0789
Batulekhet NPXX9724
Batulekhuti NPXX9725
Batuwa NPXX0790
Bauda NPXX9726
Bauddha NPXX0791
Bauddhachok NPXX0793
Baude NPXX9727
Baudel Tol NPXX9728
Baudhatinchule NPXX0794
Baudhatol NPXX0795
Baughusari NPXX9729
Bauharwagaun NPXX9730
Baukholagaun NPXX9731
Baukholi NPXX9732
Baukutol NPXX0796
Baulakhuti NPXX9733
Baulena NPXX9734
Baundu NPXX0797
Baunechuri NPXX0798
Baunewodar NPXX0799
Baunichaur NPXX9735
Bauntar NPXX0800
Bauraha NPXX9736
Bauratar NPXX0801
Bayachhap NPXX0802
Bayadanda NPXX9737
Bayadhara NPXX9738
Bayala NPXX9739
Bayalbas NPXX0803
Bayali Salla NPXX9740
Bayalidanda NPXX9741
Bayalikot NPXX9742
Bayalkada NPXX9743
Bayalkata NPXX9744
Bayalkot NPXX9745
Bayanchaur NPXX9746
Bayapakha NPXX9747
Bayarghari NPXX0804
Bayaspani NPXX9748
Baydanda NPXX0805
Bayela NPXX9749
Bayelle NPXX9750
Bayetar NPXX0806
Bazzar Tol NPXX0807
Bebare NPXX9751
Bechhaipur NPXX9752
Bedang NPXX0808
Bedangpari NPXX0809
Bedbedi NPXX9753
Bedchaur NPXX9754
Beddhara NPXX9755
Beddol NPXX0810
Bedegaun NPXX9756
Bedeghari NPXX0811
Beding NPXX0812
Bedpani NPXX0813
Bedugada NPXX9757
Bedukhada NPXX9758
Bega NPXX0814
Begumpa NPXX0815
Behara NPXX0816
Beheri NPXX0817
Bekarsang NPXX0818
Bekh NPXX0819
Bekhabalwa NPXX0820
Bela NPXX9759
Beladanda NPXX0821
Belaha NPXX0822
Belahan NPXX0823
Belahi NPXX0824
Belanitar NPXX0825
Belapathakgaun NPXX0826
Belapatti NPXX0827
Belasa NPXX9760
Belathumka NPXX0828
Belauni NPXX0829
Belauri NPXX0830
Belawa NPXX0831
Belawajabdi NPXX0832
Belawatari NPXX0833
Belawatola NPXX0834
Belba NPXX0835
Belbhanjyang NPXX0836
Belbhar NPXX9761
Belbichhawa NPXX0837
Belchari NPXX9762
Belchauri NPXX9763
Belchok NPXX0838
Beldabhari NPXX9764
Beldada NPXX0839
Beldadangaun NPXX0840
Beldamar NPXX9765
Beldanri NPXX9766
Beldari NPXX0841
Beldi NPXX0842
Beldiya NPXX0843
Belgargaun NPXX9767
Belgaun NPXX0844
Belghat NPXX9768
Belhaniya NPXX9769
Belhari NPXX9770
Belhatta NPXX0845
Belhitol NPXX0846
Belkholagaun NPXX9771
Belkhu NPXX0847
Belkot NPXX9772
Belkot NPXX0006
Belnagar NPXX9773
Belpakauna NPXX0848
Belpata NPXX9774
Belsi NPXX0849
Beltandi NPXX0850
Beltok NPXX0851
Beltol NPXX0852
Belung NPXX0853
Beluwa NPXX0854
Beluwabajja NPXX9775
Beluwatola NPXX0855
Bemarkhikhal NPXX0856
Bemetaiba NPXX0857
Benaulichok NPXX0858
Benauliya NPXX0859
Benebang NPXX0860
Bengadawar NPXX0861
Bengpa NPXX0862
Beni Ghat NPXX0863
Benidobhan NPXX0864
Benigaun NPXX0865
Benighat NPXX0866
Benuali NPXX0867
Benuke Goth NPXX9776
Bepattaopur NPXX9777
Bepcho NPXX0868
Bepka NPXX9778
Ber NPXX9779
Beranpurwa NPXX9780
Berigaun NPXX9781
Berukhet NPXX9782
Besainkot NPXX9783
Besarbang NPXX9784
Besaredanda NPXX0869
Besarekot NPXX9786
Besdanda NPXX0870
Beshigaun NPXX0871
Beshimaldung NPXX0872
Besibagar NPXX0873
Besikateri NPXX0874
Besisahar NPXX9787
Besithok NPXX0875
Besrabang NPXX9788
Bestada NPXX9789
Betaligoldanda NPXX0876
Betane NPXX9790
Betane NPXX0877
Betang NPXX0878
Betani NPXX9791
Bete NPXX0879
Beteni NPXX9792
Beteni NPXX0007
Beteni Aul NPXX9793
Bethe NPXX9794
Bethiswanra NPXX0880
Betini Hulak NPXX0881
Betinidanda NPXX0882
Betkhola NPXX9795
Betpani NPXX0883
Betrawati NPXX0884
Bettara NPXX9796
Beuli NPXX9797
Beurdhara NPXX9798
Beurekuna NPXX9799
Bewore NPXX9800
Bhaba NPXX9801
Bhabang NPXX0885
Bhabar NPXX9802
Bhabimyham NPXX0886
Bhabsitol NPXX0887
Bhad NPXX9803
Bhadachaur NPXX9804
Bhadagaun NPXX9805
Bhadaiya NPXX9806
Bhadal Dipu NPXX9807
Bhadale Bot NPXX9808
Bhadalebot NPXX9809
Bhadalechaur NPXX9810
Bhadalegaun NPXX9811
Bhadalekharka NPXX9812
Bhadalekholagaun NPXX9813
Bhadali NPXX9814
Bhadalnu NPXX9815
Bhadar NPXX0888
Bhadari NPXX0889
Bhadari Pakhara NPXX9816
Bhadarigaun NPXX0890
Bhadarpani NPXX9817
Bhadarthumka NPXX0891
Bhadaruwa NPXX0892
Bhadaura NPXX9818
Bhadaure NPXX9819
Bhadaurethan NPXX9820
Bhadechankha NPXX9821
Bhadekholagaun NPXX9822
Bhadeli NPXX9823
Bhadgaun NPXX9824
Bhadgaun NPXX0894
Bhadohi NPXX9825
Bhadpani NPXX9826
Bhadpata NPXX9827
Bhadrabas NPXX0895
Bhadrechaur NPXX0896
Bhadrutar NPXX0897
Bhadubar NPXX0898
Bhaerchaur NPXX9828
Bhagachaur NPXX9829
Bhagadi NPXX0899
Bhagaha NPXX0900
Bhagali NPXX9830
Bhagan NPXX9831
Bhagar NPXX9832
Bhagatitol NPXX0901
Bhagatkuti NPXX9833
Bhagatpurwa NPXX9834
Bhagaura NPXX0902
Bhagauta NPXX9835
Bhagavanpur NPXX0903
Bhagawatipur NPXX9836
Bhage NPXX0904
Bhageri NPXX0905
Bhagerigaun NPXX0906
Bhagle NPXX9837
Bhagranpur NPXX9838
Bhagseda NPXX9839
Bhaguli NPXX0907
Bhaguwabesi NPXX0908
Bhaguwane NPXX9840
Bhagwanpatti NPXX0909
Bhagwanpur NPXX0910
Bhagwar NPXX9841
Bhagwatipur NPXX0911
Bhailbada NPXX9842
Bhailokhani NPXX9843
Bhaimal NPXX0912
Bhaimalichok NPXX0913
Bhaingaun NPXX0914
Bhainsaha NPXX9844
Bhainsapur NPXX9845
Bhainse NPXX9846
Bhainse Banvh NPXX9847
Bhainse Dobhan NPXX0915
Bhainsebar NPXX0916
Bhainsechaur NPXX0917
Bhainsedobhan NPXX0918
Bhainsekhuti NPXX9848
Bhainsepati NPXX0919
Bhainsesur NPXX0920
Bhainsi Damar NPXX9849
Bhainsi Lote NPXX9850
Bhainsigaira NPXX9851
Bhainsikhutti NPXX9852
Bhairabkholagaun NPXX0921
Bhairabpur NPXX0922
Bhairal takura NPXX9853
Bhairamkot NPXX0923
Bhairampur NPXX9854
Bhairavdanda NPXX0924
Bhairavkundagaun NPXX0926
Bhairavpur NPXX0927
Bhairidanda NPXX9855
Bhairpani NPXX9856
Bhairthum NPXX0928
Bhaisa Pathara NPXX9857
Bhaisahawa NPXX9858
Bhaisahi NPXX0929
Bhaisahi Naka NPXX9859
Bhaisakhal NPXX9860
Bhaisakhani NPXX9861
Bhaisamare NPXX9862
Bhaisapathra NPXX9863
Bhaisaschhope NPXX9864
Bhaisasur NPXX9865
Bhaise Damar NPXX9866
Bhaisebagi NPXX9867
Bhaisedamar NPXX9868
Bhaisekhal NPXX9869
Bhaisekharka NPXX9870
Bhaisekhur NPXX9871
Bhaisepati NPXX0930
Bhaisepokhari NPXX0931
Bhaisi Charan NPXX9872
Bhaisigoda NPXX9873
Bhaisikhor NPXX0932
Bhaisikhuti NPXX9874
Bhaisikuti NPXX9875
Bhaisilote NPXX9876
Bhaisilumbu NPXX0933
Bhaisipure NPXX9877
Bhaitale NPXX0934
Bhajane Pokhari NPXX9878
Bhajangal NPXX0935
Bhajanpurwa NPXX9879
Bhajbara NPXX0936
Bhajjupurwa NPXX9880
Bhajubhairav NPXX0937
Bhajupurwa NPXX9881
Bhajyegaudi NPXX9882
Bhakadhunga NPXX0938
Bhakalibang NPXX9883
Bhakam NPXX9884
Bhakarbang NPXX9885
Bhakare NPXX0939
Bhakbhake NPXX9886
Bhakemul NPXX9887
Bhakharichaur NPXX0940
Bhakimle NPXX0941
Bhakseda NPXX9888
Bhaktadi NPXX9889
Bhaktalalgaun NPXX0942
Bhaktapur NPXX9890
Bhaktapur NPXX0001
Bhakteni NPXX9891
Bhaktitar NPXX0943
Bhakundebesi NPXX0944
Bhalabot NPXX9892
Bhalahi NPXX0945
Bhalaidanda NPXX0946
Bhalaikharka NPXX0947
Bhalaka NPXX9894
Bhalakharka NPXX9895
Bhalamdhara NPXX9896
Bhalaneti NPXX9897
Bhalang NPXX9898
Bhalapani NPXX9899
Bhalara NPXX9900
Bhalaune NPXX9901
Bhalaya Damar NPXX9902
Bhalayadada NPXX9903
Bhalayadanda NPXX0948
Bhalayechaur NPXX9904
Bhalayetar NPXX0949
Bhalaykath NPXX0950
Bhalayo NPXX0951
Bhalayotar NPXX0952
Bhalban NPXX9905
Bhalbari NPXX0953
Bhalchang NPXX0954
Bhalchaur NPXX9906
Bhalche NPXX0955
Bhaldanda NPXX0957
Bhale NPXX9907
Bhalejam NPXX9908
Bhaleshwar NPXX0958
Bhalidanda NPXX0959
Bhalim NPXX9909
Bhalka NPXX9910
Bhalkhada NPXX0960
Bhalkhali NPXX9911
Bhalkholagaun NPXX0961
Bhalkotdanda NPXX9912
Bhalkuna NPXX9913
Bhallebas NPXX9914
Bhalni NPXX0962
Bhalohiya NPXX0963
Bhalohiyatol NPXX0964
Bhalpani NPXX0965
Bhalthok NPXX0966
Bhalu Bhanjyang NPXX0967
Bhalu Khola NPXX0968
Bhalu Kholagaun NPXX0969
Bhalu Lagna NPXX9915
Bhalu Totke NPXX9916
Bhaluban NPXX0970
Bhalubang NPXX0971
Bhalubhutte NPXX9917
Bhalubuda NPXX0972
Bhaluchaur NPXX0973
Bhaludanda NPXX0974
Bhaludanda NPXX9919
Bhaludandagaun NPXX0975
Bhaludhundar NPXX0976
Bhaludhunga NPXX9920
Bhaludula NPXX9921
Bhaludula Danda NPXX9922
Bhalujhoradobhan NPXX0977
Bhalujhoragaun NPXX0978
Bhaluke NPXX9923
Bhalukharka NPXX9924
Bhalukholagaun NPXX0979
Bhalukholaghaun NPXX9925
Bhalukholakhuti NPXX9926
Bhalukholatol NPXX0980
Bhalukhore NPXX9927
Bhalukolgoth NPXX9928
Bhalukot NPXX9929
Bhalukuiyan NPXX9930
Bhalumara NPXX0981
Bhalunachne NPXX9931
Bhaluodar NPXX0982
Bhaluodar NPXX9932
Bhaluphanta NPXX9933
Bhaluswanra NPXX0983
Bhaluthumka NPXX0984
Bhaluwahi NPXX0985
Bhaluwahikhor NPXX0986
Bhaluwahiya NPXX0987
Bhaluwaigaun NPXX0988
Bhaluwaing NPXX0989
Bhaluwajor NPXX0990
Bhalwari NPXX0991
Bham Bada NPXX9934
Bhamara Bhamari NPXX0992
Bhamaratersolain NPXX0993
Bhamaratol NPXX0994
Bhamarkot NPXX0995
Bhamarkotbesi NPXX0996
Bhamchhare NPXX9935
Bhamgaun NPXX9936
Bhamle NPXX9937
Bhamna NPXX9938
Bhampali NPXX9939
Bhampu NPXX9940
Bhanarkharka NPXX0997
Bhanbhane NPXX9941
Bhanbhane Goth NPXX9942
Bhanbhane Lek NPXX9943
Bhancha Goth NPXX9944
Bhandar NPXX0998
Bhandar Bada NPXX9945
Bhandara NPXX0999
Bhandaratandi NPXX1000
Bhandarbanggaun NPXX9946
Bhandargan Jyula NPXX9947
Bhandari NPXX1001
Bhandari Bada NPXX9948
Bhandari Bajar NPXX1002
Bhandari Kanda NPXX9949
Bhandari Tol NPXX9950
Bhandarithumka NPXX1003
Bhandaritol NPXX9951
Bhandariya NPXX9952
Bhandarkhal NPXX1005
Bhandarkholagaun NPXX9953
Bhandarkhop NPXX1006
Bhandgaun NPXX1007
Bhanechaur NPXX9954
Bhanepole NPXX9955
Bhang NPXX9956
Bhangahapur NPXX9957
Bhangala NPXX1008
Bhangalo NPXX1009
Bhangaltar NPXX1010
Bhangbari NPXX9958
Bhangbari NPXX1011
Bhangdari NPXX1012
Bhangechaur NPXX9959
Bhangeri NPXX9960
Bhangeta NPXX1013
Bhangetari NPXX9961
Bhanggarchaur NPXX9962
Bhanggeri NPXX1014
Bhanggra NPXX9963
Bhanghiya NPXX1015
Bhanghotana NPXX9964
Bhangia NPXX1016
Bhangjyanggaun NPXX1017
Bhangkhal NPXX9965
Bhangkhoriya NPXX1018
Bhangrang NPXX9966
Bhangre NPXX1019
Bhangredhik NPXX1020
Bhanhiya NPXX1021
Bhani NPXX9967
Bhanjyang Danda NPXX1022
Bhanjyangaun NPXX1024
Bhanjyanggaun NPXX1025
Bhanjyangpokhari NPXX1026
Bhankharka NPXX1027
Bhannas NPXX1028
Bhanne NPXX9968
Bhansar Lain NPXX9969
Bhansarang NPXX1029
Bhantar NPXX1030
Bhantarbesi NPXX1031
Bhantu NPXX9970
Bhanu Chok NPXX9971
Bhanwar Goth NPXX9972
Bhanyar pujne NPXX9973
Bhar NPXX9974
Bhara NPXX9975
Bharaiya NPXX9976
Bharakh NPXX1032
Bharale NPXX9977
Bharang NPXX1033
Bharanta NPXX9978
Bharare NPXX9979
Bharate NPXX9980
Bharatithok NPXX1034
Bharatpur NPXX1035
BharatpurAirport NPXX1036
Bharatpurkhor NPXX1037
Bharattol NPXX1038
Bharauliya NPXX1039
Bharaute NPXX1040
Bhardeu NPXX1041
Bhardeudeldanda NPXX1042
Bhare NPXX9982
Bharekhum NPXX9983
Bharengtol NPXX1043
Bharepur NPXX9984
Bharipu NPXX9985
Bhariya NPXX9986
Bharlakharka NPXX1044
Bharlang NPXX1045
Bharle NPXX1046
Bharleni NPXX1047
Bharlenidanda NPXX9988
Bharlintar NPXX1048
Bharma NPXX9989
Bharmale NPXX1049
Bharne NPXX9990
Bharneya Gauro NPXX9991
Bharpang NPXX1050
Bharpata NPXX9992
Bharsil NPXX9993
Bharsil Aul NPXX9994
Bharta NPXX1051
Bharta NPXX9995
Bharta Lagna NPXX9996
Bhartegaug NPXX9997
Bhartekhur NPXX1052
Bhartha NPXX9998
Bharthala NPXX9999
Bharyang NPXX1053
Bharyangdanda NPXX1054
Bhasanthali NPXX1055
Bhasedhawa NPXX1056
Bhasmegaun NPXX1057
Bhastol NPXX1058
Bhata NPXX1059
Bhatahi NPXX1060
Bhatai NPXX1061
Bhatani NPXX1062
Bhataregaun NPXX1063
Bhatauda NPXX1064
Bhatauli NPXX1065
Bhataulia NPXX1066
Bhataura NPXX1067
Bhatbhateni NPXX1068
Bhate NPXX1069
Bhatedanda NPXX1070
Bhatedhikuro NPXX1071
Bhateni NPXX1072
Bhatere NPXX1073
Bhateri NPXX1074
Bhatgaun NPXX1075
Bhathihan NPXX1076
Bhati NPXX1077
Bhatiniyan NPXX1078
Bhatkeli Majuwa NPXX1079
Bhatkepati NPXX1080
Bhatmase NPXX1081
Bhatpang NPXX1082
Bhatpole NPXX1083
Bhatpolebesi NPXX1084
Bhattaraigaun NPXX1085
Bhattarphant NPXX1086
Bhattebesi NPXX1087
Bhattechaur NPXX1088
Bhattedanda NPXX1089
Bhattitol NPXX1090
Bhaular NPXX1091
Bhaunra NPXX1092
Bhauri NPXX1093
Bhavaniganj NPXX1094
Bhavanipur NPXX1095
Bhawani Bajar NPXX1096
Bhawanichok NPXX1097
Bhawar NPXX1098
Bhedagoth NPXX1099
Bhedigothgaun NPXX1100
Bhedikharka NPXX1101
Bhedikhor NPXX1102
Bhedpu NPXX1103
Bhelahi NPXX1105
Bhemdang Karpu NPXX1106
Bhendiswanra NPXX1107
Bhendiyahi NPXX1108
Bhennajet NPXX1109
Bhetasi NPXX1110
Bhikhampur NPXX1111
Bhikhna Thori NPXX1112
Bhiltar NPXX1113
Bhim Bahadurtol NPXX1114
Bhimaldanda NPXX1115
Bhimali NPXX1116
Bhimangaun NPXX1117
Bhimbahadurtol NPXX1118
Bhimdawar NPXX1119
Bhimdhunga NPXX1120
Bhimgadh NPXX1121
Bhimle NPXX1122
Bhimnagar NPXX1123
Bhimphedi NPXX1124
Bhimsenbandh NPXX1125
Bhimsendamar NPXX1126
Bhimsendandagaun NPXX1127
Bhimsengaun NPXX1128
Bhimsengola NPXX1129
Bhimsennagar NPXX1130
Bhimsentar NPXX1131
Bhimsthan NPXX1132
Bhindal NPXX1133
Bhingo NPXX1134
Bhinkhure NPXX1135
Bhirgau NPXX1136
Bhirghari NPXX1137
Bhirkatti NPXX1138
Bhirkhana NPXX1139
Bhirkhet NPXX1140
Bhirkot Kandrang NPXX1141
Bhirmunitol NPXX1142
Bhirswanra NPXX1143
Bhisdanda NPXX1144
Bhitre NPXX1145
Bhitri Suwara NPXX1147
Bhitrikhani NPXX1148
Bhittadhungga NPXX1149
Bhittamod NPXX1150
Bhittarigaun NPXX1151
Bhittatol NPXX1152
Bhittegaun NPXX1153
Bhittigaun NPXX1154
Bhiurang NPXX1155
Bhodaha NPXX1156
Bhodahamiyatol NPXX1157
Bhogatar NPXX1158
Bhogate NPXX1159
Bhogatigaun NPXX1160
Bhogaun NPXX1161
Bhogtar NPXX1162
Bhogteni Bajar NPXX1163
Bhogtini NPXX1164
Bhojad NPXX1165
Bhojadbajar NPXX1166
Bhokaha NPXX1167
Bhoktejhora NPXX1168
Bhokti NPXX1169
Bholatol NPXX1170
Bholchhap NPXX1171
Bholung NPXX1172
Bhomasing NPXX1173
Bhomjandanda NPXX1174
Bhongjangaun NPXX1175
Bhorjyan NPXX1176
Bhorjyanbesi NPXX1177
Bhorlang NPXX1178
Bhorle Kamane NPXX1179
Bhorle Tinghare NPXX1180
Bhorleng NPXX1181
Bhorlephant NPXX1182
Bhorletandi NPXX1183
Bhorling NPXX1184
Bhosedanda NPXX1185
Bhotalechaur NPXX1186
Bhotdanda NPXX1187
Bhote Dhodeni NPXX1188
Bhote Namlang NPXX1189
Bhote Thansing NPXX1190
Bhotebas NPXX1191
Bhotechilaune NPXX1192
Bhotechyangu NPXX1193
Bhotedanda NPXX1194
Bhotegaun NPXX1195
Bhotekhola NPXX1196
Bhotekholagaun NPXX1197
Bhotekhoriya NPXX1198
Bhoteni NPXX1199
Bhotepadhera NPXX1200
Bhotepalan NPXX1201
Bhotepalang NPXX1202
Bhotepati NPXX1204
Bhotepheda NPXX1205
Bhotephulping NPXX1206
Bhoterumta NPXX1207
Bhotesalu NPXX1208
Bhotesara NPXX1209
Bhoteselang NPXX1210
Bhotetar NPXX1211
Bhotetham NPXX1212
Bhotetol NPXX1213
Bhoteyamna NPXX1214
Bhotiyatol NPXX1215
Bhotkharai NPXX1216
Bhoton NPXX1217
Bhotsipa NPXX1218
Bhramarpura NPXX1219
Bhrangkharka NPXX1220
Bhrikuti Mandap NPXX1221
Bhuchakrapur NPXX1222
Bhudiphora NPXX1224
Bhugdeu NPXX1225
Bhuitarkholagaun NPXX1226
Bhujungechaur NPXX1227
Bhulbhuli NPXX1228
Bhulbu NPXX1229
Bhulkot NPXX1230
Bhumedada NPXX1231
Bhumethum NPXX1232
Bhumichuli NPXX1233
Bhumihartol NPXX1234
Bhumisthangaun NPXX1235
Bhumitar NPXX1236
Bhumithan NPXX1237
Bhumithangairo NPXX1238
Bhumlubesi NPXX1239
Bhumlung NPXX1240
Bhumlutar NPXX1241
Bhumreltol NPXX1242
Bhundedamar NPXX1243
Bhunritar NPXX1244
Bhunte NPXX1245
Bhurteldanda NPXX1246
Bhurunga NPXX1247
Bhurunge NPXX1248
Bhusaha NPXX1249
Bhusaulawatola NPXX1250
Bhusepheda NPXX1251
Bhusi NPXX1252
Bhusildanda NPXX1253
Bhusimtar NPXX1254
Bhusingkhel NPXX1255
Bhusini NPXX1256
Bhuskan NPXX1257
Bhuskunde NPXX1258
Bhuslung NPXX1259
Bhusundol NPXX1260
Bhusune NPXX1261
Bhutahi Paterwa NPXX1262
Bhutahitola NPXX1263
Bhutare NPXX1264
Bhutatol NPXX1265
Bhutawal NPXX1266
Bhuteli NPXX1267
Bhutetar NPXX1268
Bhutiya NPXX1269
Bhutkhel NPXX1270
Bhuttar NPXX1271
Bhuwabhanjyang NPXX1272
Bhuwalepani NPXX1273
Bhuwanbasti NPXX1274
Bhuwanikharka NPXX1275
Bhwanchosa NPXX1276
Bhwasa NPXX1277
Bhyagute NPXX1278
Bhyagute Bisan NPXX1279
Bhyakure NPXX1280
Bhyakute NPXX1281
Bhyalja NPXX1282
Bhyandol NPXX1283
Bhyangchepani NPXX1284
Bhyaure NPXX1285
Bibicha NPXX1286
Bich Bajar NPXX1287
Bicharichaurtol NPXX1288
Bicharihatiya NPXX1289
Bichlatol NPXX1290
Bichtol NPXX1291
Bidur NPXX1292
Bidyapatichok NPXX1293
Bigati NPXX1294
Bihari NPXX1295
Bijalpura NPXX1296
Bijauna NPXX1297
Bijayabasti NPXX1298
Bijayachhap NPXX1299
Bijayatar NPXX1300
Bijaynagar NPXX1301
Bijaypur Bajar NPXX1302
Bijbaniya NPXX1303
Bijeshwari NPXX1304
Bijuliyatol NPXX1305
Bijulpurtola NPXX1306
Bikramparta NPXX1307
Bikrampurtol NPXX1308
Bikutar NPXX1309
Bila NPXX1310
Bilandi NPXX1311
Bilandidanda NPXX1312
Bilashpur NPXX1313
Bilaune NPXX1314
Bilaunedadagau NPXX1315
Bilauneghari NPXX1316
Billigal NPXX1317
Bilmarang NPXX1318
Bimaltar NPXX1319
Bimarabot NPXX1320
Bimarechhap NPXX1321
Bimbale NPXX1322
Bimbu NPXX1323
Bimrang NPXX1325
Bimrigaun NPXX1326
Binagara NPXX1327
Binagaratol NPXX1328
Binagura NPXX1329
Binawaliya NPXX1330
Binawatol NPXX1331
Bindabasini NPXX1332
Bindanda NPXX1334
Bindeshwari NPXX1335
Bindhi NPXX1336
Bindutol NPXX1337
Bingara NPXX0009
Binjel NPXX1338
Binthali NPXX1339
Bintoli NPXX1340
Binwatol NPXX1341
Bir Hospital NPXX1342
Birabari NPXX1343
Biradigaun NPXX1344
Biraletar NPXX1345
Biramsi NPXX1346
Biranchi NPXX1347
Biranchi Barwa NPXX1348
Birchet NPXX1349
Birchuli NPXX1350
Birdagaun NPXX1351
Biregaun NPXX1352
Birendra Bajar NPXX1353
Birendrachok NPXX1354
Birephant NPXX1355
Birganj NPXX1356
Birota NPXX1357
Birpur NPXX1358
Birta NPXX1359
Birta Bajar NPXX1360
Birta Jyamire NPXX1361
Birta Pakhar NPXX1362
BIrtachok NPXX0289
Birtagaun NPXX1363
Birtaphat NPXX1364
Birtatar NPXX1365
Birtatol NPXX1366
Birti NPXX1367
Birtidamar NPXX1368
Biruwagaun NPXX1369
Biruwatol NPXX1370
Bisaharpur NPXX1371
Bisali NPXX1372
Bisanpur NPXX1373
Bisarbhora NPXX1374
Bisauna NPXX1375
Bisaune NPXX1376
Bisaunidanda NPXX1377
Bisdevatar NPXX1378
Bishalnagar NPXX1379
Bishwamar NPXX1380
Bishwambharpur NPXX1381
Bishwanathpur NPXX1382
Bishwanathpurtol NPXX1383
Bishwashantichok NPXX1384
Bisingkhel NPXX1385
Bisinkhar NPXX1386
Bismargaun NPXX1387
Bisnudevtol NPXX1388
Bisnudol NPXX1389
Bisnumatigaun NPXX1390
Bistachhap NPXX1391
Bistathok NPXX1393
Bisteswara NPXX1394
Bisun Danda NPXX1395
Bisunpur NPXX1396
Bisuntol NPXX1397
Bitalabdanda NPXX1398
Bitalap NPXX1399
Bitar NPXX1400
Bkhrigaun NPXX1401
Bletes NPXX1402
Blsambharpur NPXX1403
Boch NPXX1404
Bodantol NPXX1405
Bodegaun NPXX1406
Bodgaun NPXX1407
Bodin Tol NPXX1408
Bogatidanda NPXX1409
Boha NPXX1410
Boharapani NPXX1411
Boharbesi NPXX1412
Bohariphant NPXX1413
Bohoredanda NPXX1414
Bohratar NPXX1415
Bojadamar NPXX1416
Bojapani NPXX1417
Bojeni NPXX1418
Bojenigaun NPXX1419
Bojhdanda NPXX1420
Bojhegaun NPXX1421
Bojini NPXX1422
Bojmu NPXX1423
Bokchen NPXX1424
Bokedah NPXX1425
Bokedhunga NPXX1426
Bokedol NPXX1427
Bokejhunda NPXX1428
Boketar NPXX1429
Bokethumki NPXX1430
Boketol NPXX1431
Bokhbahal NPXX1432
Bokrang NPXX1433
Boksi NPXX1434
Boksitar NPXX1435
Bolakhegaun NPXX1436
Bolantar NPXX1437
Boldadanda NPXX1438
Boldegaun NPXX1439
Boldogang NPXX1440
Bolgang NPXX1441
Bolkhegaun NPXX1442
Bolojo NPXX1443
Bolung NPXX1444
Bolungbolung NPXX1445
Bomlo NPXX1446
Bomthali NPXX1447
Boran NPXX1448
Boratar NPXX1449
Borcha NPXX1450
Bore NPXX1451
Boretar NPXX1452
Bosan NPXX1453
Bosigaun NPXX1454
Bosiphant NPXX1455
Botal NPXX1456
Botanical Garden NPXX1457
Botbari NPXX1458
Botetol NPXX1459
Botgaun NPXX1460
Bothatol NPXX1461
Botle NPXX1462
Brabal NPXX1463
Bradi NPXX1464
Brahamapuri NPXX1465
Brahmantol NPXX1466
Brahmapuritol NPXX1467
Brahmapuritola NPXX1468
Brahmatol NPXX1469
Brajam NPXX1470
Bramajhiya NPXX1471
Bramang NPXX1472
Bramhakhel NPXX1473
Bramhapuritola NPXX1474
Bramhathan NPXX1475
Bramhatol NPXX1476
Brapche NPXX1478
Brawachhotaili NPXX1479
Bremrang NPXX1480
Briddhim NPXX1481
Bridhim NPXX1482
Brimdang NPXX1483
Brindavankhor NPXX1484
Buchakot NPXX1485
Buchiyatar NPXX1486
Budbani NPXX0010
Budenphant NPXX1487
Budepa NPXX1488
Budha Anp NPXX1489
Budhagai NPXX1490
Budhakhani NPXX1491
Budhane NPXX1492
Budhanilakantha NPXX1493
Budhapokhari NPXX1494
Budhasinghat NPXX1495
Budhegaun NPXX1496
Budhidhati NPXX1497
Budhikulogaun NPXX1498
Budhisera NPXX1499
Budhunchuli NPXX1500
Budilose NPXX1501
Budunekholagaun NPXX1502
Bugam NPXX1503
Bugbang NPXX1504
Bukhel NPXX1505
Bukka NPXX1506
Buktikhatar NPXX1507
Bukuti NPXX1508
Bukuwadanda NPXX1509
Bulakichaur NPXX1510
Buldanda NPXX1511
Buldandagaun NPXX1512
Buldunche NPXX1513
Bule NPXX1514
Bulu NPXX1515
Bulukpa NPXX1516
Bulung NPXX1517
Bulungkhani NPXX1518
Bulungsi NPXX1519
Buma NPXX1520
Bumtetar NPXX1521
Bunchundobhang NPXX1522
Bunchung NPXX1523
Bundal NPXX1524
Bundrughyang NPXX1525
Bungal NPXX1526
Bungathali NPXX1527
Bungbungdanda NPXX1528
Bungchhap NPXX1529
Bunge NPXX1530
Bungedanda NPXX1531
Bungjor NPXX1532
Bungmadanda NPXX1533
Bungmati NPXX1534
Bungpung NPXX1535
Bungtang NPXX1536
Buniyadkatti NPXX1537
Burgai NPXX1538
Burhanilkantha NPXX1539
Burjatol NPXX1540
Burke NPXX1541
Burshabang NPXX1542
Burswa NPXX1543
Busti NPXX1544
Butapol NPXX1545
Bute NPXX1546
Buthu NPXX1547
Buttargaun NPXX1548
Butuwakhor NPXX1549
Buwadanda NPXX1550
Buwanibesi NPXX1551
Bwansa NPXX1552
Byadegaun NPXX1553
Byangdhunga NPXX1554
Byaregaun NPXX1555
Byarej NPXX1556
Byarsa NPXX1557
Byartes NPXX1558
Byarthok NPXX1559
Byase NPXX1560
Byatar NPXX1561
Byun NPXX1562
Central Jail NPXX1564
Chabahil NPXX1565
Chachala NPXX1566
Chadanda NPXX1567
Chagaun NPXX1568
Chaghari NPXX1569
Chaichap NPXX1571
Chaiju NPXX1572
Chailing NPXX1573
Chailintar NPXX1574
Chainatol NPXX1575
Chainpura NPXX1576
Chaipur NPXX1577
Chairangtar NPXX1578
Chaithali NPXX1579
Chakali NPXX1580
Chakamakal NPXX1581
Chakamake NPXX1582
Chakarigaun NPXX1583
Chakawa NPXX1584
Chakawatol NPXX1585
Chake NPXX1586
Chakharka NPXX1587
Chakhu NPXX1588
Chakkar NPXX1589
Chakrapani NPXX1590
Chakri NPXX1591
Chaksigaun NPXX1592
Chaku NPXX1593
Chakupat NPXX1594
Chalal NPXX1595
Chalaldol NPXX1596
Chalantar NPXX1597
Chalisbigha NPXX1598
Chalisegaun NPXX1599
Chalisetol NPXX1600
Chalkitol NPXX1601
Chalnakhel NPXX1602
Cham Bhanjyang NPXX1603
Chamana NPXX1604
Chamanpur NPXX1605
Chamanti NPXX1606
Chamaratol NPXX1607
Chamari NPXX1608
Chambot NPXX1609
Chamdanda NPXX1610
Chameli NPXX1611
Chamelidanda NPXX1612
Chamere NPXX1613
Chamkhar NPXX1614
Chamkharka NPXX1615
Chamkholagaun NPXX1616
Chamot NPXX1617
Champabot NPXX1618
Champakhani NPXX1620
Champanagar NPXX1621
Champhabhar NPXX1622
Chamsur NPXX1623
Chamtang NPXX1624
Chamtar NPXX1625
Chamur NPXX1626
Chananpur NPXX1627
Chanauli NPXX1628
Chanautegaun NPXX1629
Chanautetar NPXX1630
Chanauti NPXX1631
Chanchan NPXX1632
Chandanbari NPXX1633
Chandanetar NPXX1634
Chandanghat NPXX1635
Chandanthok NPXX1637
Chandeshwari NPXX1638
Chandeshwarigaun NPXX1639
Chandevi NPXX1640
Chandhiya NPXX1641
Chandigaun NPXX1642
Chandipokhari NPXX1643
Chandithan NPXX1644
Chandol NPXX1645
Chandraganj NPXX1646
Chandranagar NPXX1647
Chandranigahpur NPXX1648
Chandrapuri NPXX1650
Chandretar NPXX1651
Chanduli NPXX1652
Chanduligaun NPXX1653
Chanetar NPXX1654
Changbu NPXX1655
Changu NPXX1656
Changunarayan NPXX1657
Chanha NPXX1658
Chankubesi NPXX1659
Chanmakhu NPXX1660
Chanmara NPXX1661
Chanpabot NPXX1662
Chanpdanda NPXX1663
Chanpghari NPXX1664
Chanptar NPXX1665
Chanthai NPXX1666
Chantigaun NPXX1667
Chap Bhanjuang NPXX1668
Chapabot NPXX1669
Chapagaon NPXX1670
Chapakhuri NPXX1671
Chapali NPXX1672
Chapauli NPXX1673
Chapbote NPXX1674
Chapchaur NPXX1675
Chapdanda NPXX1676
Chaphi NPXX1677
Chapinigaun NPXX1678
Chapki NPXX1679
Chapkilek NPXX1680
Chapletidanda NPXX1681
Chaplti NPXX1682
Chaptar NPXX1683
Chaptari NPXX1684
Chapte NPXX1685
Charaudi NPXX1686
Charghariya NPXX1687
Chari NPXX1688
Charighyang NPXX1689
Charikot NPXX1690
Charipauwa NPXX1691
Charmohana NPXX1692
Charngaha NPXX1693
Charpate NPXX1694
Charpiple NPXX1695
Charuwa NPXX1696
Chasidol NPXX1697
Chathali NPXX1698
Chaturale NPXX1699
Chature NPXX1700
Chaturegaun NPXX1701
Chaubiskothi NPXX1702
Chaudanda NPXX1703
Chauding NPXX1704
Chaudiyatol NPXX1705
Chaughare NPXX1706
Chauhantol NPXX1708
Chaukhuda NPXX1709
Chaukibhanjyang NPXX1710
Chaukidobhan NPXX1711
Chaukiya NPXX1712
Chaukltol NPXX1713
Chaukot NPXX1714
Chauphant NPXX1715
Chaur NPXX1716
Chaurahi NPXX1717
Chaurahiya NPXX1718
Chaurande NPXX1719
Chaurang NPXX1720
Chaurasitol NPXX1721
Chaurhattar NPXX1722
Chauri NPXX1723
Chaurigaun NPXX1724
Chaurik NPXX1725
Chaurkharka NPXX1726
Chaurtol NPXX1727
Chautara NPXX1728
Chautaradihi NPXX1729
Chautaragaun NPXX1730
Chautaratol NPXX1731
Chauthali NPXX1732
Chauthe NPXX1733
Chekbang NPXX1734
Chekren NPXX1735
Chemali NPXX1736
Chembodari NPXX1737
Chenchettol NPXX1738
Chepangkhoriya NPXX1739
Chepangtari NPXX1740
Cheparedanda NPXX1741
Chepkat NPXX1742
Chepredanda NPXX1743
Chetang NPXX1744
Chetanpur NPXX1745
Chetnagar Birta NPXX1746
Chetpu NPXX1747
Cheurang NPXX1748
Cheuritar NPXX1749
Chhabeli NPXX1750
Chhabugaun NPXX1751
Chhachok NPXX1752
Chhachokdanda NPXX1753
Chhadiban NPXX1754
Chhaga NPXX1755
Chhagam NPXX1756
Chhagebesi NPXX1757
Chhagun NPXX1759
Chhahara NPXX1760
Chhaharedanda NPXX1761
Chhaharegaun NPXX1762
Chhaharichok NPXX1763
Chhahattarbigha NPXX1764
Chhaibung NPXX1765
Chhakapakha NPXX1766
Chhakapal NPXX1767
Chhakarbu NPXX1768
Chhakhutte NPXX1769
Chhalatar NPXX1770
Chhalepochh NPXX1771
Chhampachet NPXX1772
Chhanakiya NPXX1773
Chhangasir NPXX1775
Chhangchhane NPXX1776
Chhange NPXX1777
Chhangtardanda NPXX1778
Chhankitol NPXX1779
Chhankitola NPXX1780
Chhanp Jagar NPXX1781
Chhap Siminti NPXX1782
Chhapagaun NPXX1783
Chhapakaiya NPXX1784
Chhapchet NPXX1785
Chhapdang NPXX1786
Chhapgau NPXX1787
Chhapidadagaun NPXX1788
Chhapkahiya NPXX1789
Chhapkaiyan NPXX1790
Chhapkhani NPXX1791
Chhapkhoriya NPXX1792
Chhapkuna NPXX1793
Chhapkuwa NPXX1794
Chhapradanda NPXX1795
Chhapre NPXX1796
Chhapro NPXX1797
Chhapswanra NPXX1798
Chhaptar NPXX1799
Chhardhara NPXX1800
Chhare NPXX1801
Chharuwa NPXX1802
Chhasaya Bigha NPXX1803
Chhata Pipara NPXX1804
Chhatakot NPXX1805
Chhatauna Bajar NPXX1806
Chhatawantola NPXX1807
Chhatiwangaun NPXX1808
Chhattiuntandi NPXX1809
Chhaunde NPXX1810
Chhayasikot NPXX1811
Chhayiwang NPXX1812
Chhedatol NPXX1814
Chheding Ghyang NPXX1815
Chhekathok NPXX1816
Chhelan NPXX1817
Chhelung NPXX1818
Chhepar NPXX1820
Chhepidhap NPXX1821
Chheramdin NPXX1822
Chherba NPXX1823
Chherbang NPXX1824
Chherikholagaun NPXX1825
Chherwang NPXX1826
Chhesgaun NPXX1827
Chhetan NPXX1828
Chhetang NPXX1829
Chhetchhet NPXX1830
Chhetkunda NPXX1831
Chhetpa NPXX1832
Chheugaun NPXX1833
Chhiku NPXX1834
Chhimighyang NPXX1835
Chhimitar NPXX1836
Chhimu Golche NPXX1837
Chhinaghari NPXX1838
Chhinighari NPXX1839
Chhipchhipe NPXX1840
Chhipgaun NPXX1841
Chhipigaun NPXX1842
Chhipitar NPXX1843
Chhipugaun NPXX1844
Chhiringbas NPXX1845
Chhiringtol NPXX1846
Chhirke NPXX1847
Chhirling NPXX1848
Chhokambu NPXX1849
Chhota Musaili NPXX1850
Chhota Semara NPXX1851
Chhotaili NPXX1852
Chhotaul NPXX1853
Chhotaul Bakhri NPXX1854
Chhote Sahan NPXX1855
Chhotetar NPXX1856
Chhoti Itiyahi NPXX1857
Chhotikharka NPXX1858
Chhotkakatti NPXX1859
Chhotki NPXX1860
Chhotkidamar NPXX1861
Chhoyen NPXX1862
Chhubar NPXX1863
Chhungdi NPXX1864
Chhurigaun NPXX1865
Chhurmrang NPXX1866
Chhyakedanda NPXX1867
Chhyalamgaun NPXX1868
Chhyanatol NPXX1869
Chhyandun NPXX1870
Chhyangsa Marphu NPXX1871
Chhyansing NPXX1872
Chhyas NPXX1873
Chhyasa NPXX1874
Chhyasling NPXX1875
Chhyona NPXX1876
Chidiyadah NPXX1877
Chidiyatol NPXX1878
Chihan Danda NPXX1879
Chihanedanda NPXX1880
Chihanegaun NPXX1881
Chihanpakha NPXX1882
Chikna NPXX1883
Chilankha NPXX1884
Chilanthok NPXX1885
Chilaune Ghyan NPXX1886
Chilaunebesi NPXX1887
Chilaunebot NPXX1888
Chilaunekhsarka NPXX1889
Chilime NPXX1890
Chilingkha NPXX1891
Chilingutar NPXX1892
Chiljhapti NPXX1893
Chillebas NPXX1894
Chillethumka NPXX1895
Chilmiliya NPXX1896
Chimandanda NPXX1897
Chimangaun NPXX1898
Chimchok NPXX1899
Chimlinbesi NPXX1900
Chimling NPXX1901
Chimtaghari NPXX1902
Chimthali NPXX1903
Chindekharka NPXX1904
Chindugaun NPXX1905
Chinidanda NPXX1906
Chinikharka NPXX1907
Chinimil Tandi NPXX1908
Chinnegaun NPXX1910
Chintekharka NPXX1911
Chipalibot NPXX1912
Chipchipe NPXX1913
Chiple Bhanjyang NPXX1914
Chipletigaun NPXX1915
Chipling NPXX1916
Chiptegaun NPXX1917
Chirankhu NPXX1918
Chirantol NPXX1919
Chiraudidobhan NPXX1920
Chirauli NPXX1921
Chirchirya NPXX1922
Chirdanda NPXX1923
Chirilaprang NPXX1924
Chiring NPXX1925
Chirmalu NPXX1926
Chisanban NPXX1927
Chisapani NPXX1928
Chisapani Bhange NPXX1929
Chisapani Garhi NPXX1930
Chisapani Patal NPXX1932
Chisapanigadhi NPXX1933
Chisapanijhora NPXX1934
Chisapanisir NPXX1935
Chisapaniswanra NPXX1936
Chisapanitar NPXX1937
Chisapanitol NPXX1938
Chisapni NPXX1939
Chisenigaun NPXX1940
Chisopani NPXX1941
Chitaha NPXX1942
Chitai NPXX1943
Chitaintol NPXX1944
Chitali NPXX1945
Chitamthali NPXX1946
Chite NPXX1947
Chitidol NPXX1948
Chitigaun NPXX1949
Chitlang NPXX1950
Chitlunga NPXX1952
Chitrakot NPXX1954
Chitrekot NPXX1956
Chitresari NPXX1957
Chiunitol NPXX1958
Chiuredamar NPXX1959
Chiuribot NPXX1960
Chiuridamar NPXX1961
Chiuripani NPXX1962
Chiyabari NPXX1963
Chiyadanda NPXX1964
Chiyantar NPXX1965
Chobhar NPXX1966
Chocha NPXX1967
Chochhapu NPXX1968
Chodhor NPXX1969
Chogaun NPXX1970
Chogegaun NPXX1971
Chokade NPXX1972
Chokati NPXX1973
Chokbajar NPXX1974
Chokebhanjyang NPXX1975
Chokhegaun NPXX1976
Chokhel NPXX1977
Choktar NPXX1978
Cholpe NPXX1979
Choparang Dharju NPXX1980
Chopche NPXX1981
Chopran NPXX1982
Choprandanda NPXX1983
Choprantol NPXX1984
Choptar NPXX1985
Chorakoyalpur NPXX1986
Chorang NPXX1987
Choreje NPXX1988
Chorkholagaun NPXX1989
Chorkhoriya NPXX1990
Chorni NPXX1991
Chorpatal NPXX1992
Chotesir NPXX1993
Chothang NPXX1994
Choyachoti NPXX1995
Chuarwa NPXX1996
Chuban NPXX1997
Chuchintar NPXX1999
Chuchurekhani NPXX2000
Chuhantar NPXX2001
Chuhardanda NPXX2002
Chuigaun NPXX2003
Chukha NPXX2004
Chukhabesi NPXX2005
Chukiya NPXX2006
Chukte NPXX2007
Chule NPXX2008
Chulepu NPXX2009
Chulidanda NPXX2010
Chuliparang NPXX2011
Chultepani NPXX2012
Chulthedanda NPXX2014
Chumlintar NPXX2015
Chunabhatta NPXX2016
Chunatal NPXX2017
Chundanda NPXX2018
Chunidevi NPXX2019
Chunidevisthan NPXX2020
Chunigaun NPXX2021
Chuniyadhara NPXX2023
Churantar NPXX2024
Churetarphant NPXX2025
Churibas NPXX2026
Chuvakharka NPXX2027
Chuwan Danda NPXX2028
Chuwane NPXX2030
Chuwarekhola NPXX2031
Chuwarpakha NPXX2032
Chyadang NPXX2033
Chyakhe NPXX2034
Chyakhle NPXX2035
Chyakhu NPXX2036
Chyaldang NPXX2037
Chyaltipari NPXX2038
Chyambenesa NPXX2039
Chyamdong NPXX2040
Chyamdung NPXX2041
Chyamki NPXX2042
Chyampeswanra NPXX2043
Chyamthali NPXX2044
Chyanarse NPXX2045
Chyanchaur NPXX2046
Chyanchur NPXX2047
Chyandasa NPXX2048
Chyane NPXX2049
Chyangali NPXX2050
Chyangpar NPXX2051
Chyangthali NPXX2052
Chyankholagaun NPXX2053
Chyankhu NPXX2054
Chyanpari NPXX2055
Chyantar NPXX2056
Chyapdhunga NPXX2057
Chyapsing NPXX2058
Chyarpa NPXX2059
Chyasarpa NPXX2060
Chyase NPXX2061
Chyasindol NPXX2062
Chyasingkharka NPXX2063
Chyasingtar NPXX2064
Chyasintar NPXX2065
Chyasku NPXX2066
Chyaukholagaun NPXX2067
Chyaukot NPXX2068
Chyaunghunsa NPXX2070
Chyaunke NPXX2071
Chyautar NPXX2072
Chyawal NPXX2073
Chyopu NPXX2074
Chyulidanda NPXX2075
Chyuribagaincha NPXX2076
Chyurikhani NPXX2077
Chyurikharka NPXX2078
Chyutaha NPXX2079
ClubRoad NPXX2080
Dabaidhunga NPXX2081
Dabang NPXX2082
Dabdadagaun NPXX2083
Dabi NPXX2084
Dablang NPXX2085
Dabrangdanda NPXX2086
Dabre NPXX2087
Dabur NPXX2089
Dadabari NPXX2090
Dadapakhar NPXX2091
Dadapati NPXX2092
Dadathok NPXX2093
Dadeti NPXX2094
Dadhidamar NPXX2095
Dadhikot NPXX2096
Dadi NPXX2097
Dadrahani NPXX2098
Dadukhel NPXX2099
Daduwapati NPXX2100
Dagaha NPXX2101
Dagar NPXX2102
Dagar Digar NPXX2103
Dagaun NPXX2104
Dagetol NPXX2105
Dagpache NPXX2106
Dahachok NPXX2107
Dahakhani NPXX2108
Dahaki NPXX2109
Dahalthumka NPXX2111
Dahaltol NPXX2112
Dahapatal NPXX2113
Dahapokhari NPXX2114
Dahare NPXX2115
Dahidamar NPXX2116
Dahiyar NPXX2117
Daidor NPXX2118
Daijor NPXX2119
Daitya NPXX2120
Dakaha NPXX2121
Dakalthok NPXX2122
Dakas NPXX2123
Dakhaligaun NPXX2124
Dakhine NPXX2125
Dakshindhoka NPXX2126
Dakshinkali NPXX2127
Daksinedanda NPXX2128
Daktartol NPXX2130
Dal NPXX2131
Dalan NPXX2132
Dalang NPXX2133
Dalegaun NPXX2134
Dali Pokhariya NPXX2135
Dalingchok NPXX2136
Dalinkhur NPXX2137
Dalintar NPXX2138
Dalkap NPXX2139
Dalsingpakha NPXX2140
Daluna NPXX2141
Dama NPXX2142
Damaichaur NPXX2143
Damaidanda NPXX2144
Damaikholagaun NPXX2145
Daman NPXX2146
Damara NPXX2147
Damarchauki NPXX2148
Damba NPXX2149
Dambudanda NPXX2150
Damdamar NPXX2151
Damdame NPXX2152
Damegaun NPXX2153
Damgade NPXX2154
Damgarebhanjyang NPXX2155
Damgauda NPXX2156
Damhi NPXX2157
Damichaur NPXX2158
Damitar NPXX2159
Damje NPXX2160
Damki Bhanjyang NPXX2161
Dammarkhadi NPXX2162
Dammarpur NPXX2163
Damna NPXX2164
Damodarghat NPXX2165
Damortola NPXX2166
Dampokhari NPXX2167
Damrapur NPXX2168
Damsing NPXX2169
Damsingtar NPXX2170
Dana NPXX2171
Danadathok NPXX2172
Danbang NPXX2173
Danchhi NPXX2174
Danda Purshu NPXX2175
Dandabari NPXX2176
Dandabasa NPXX2177
Dandagaun Baseri NPXX2178
Dandagaun Besi NPXX2179
Dandagaunpauwa NPXX2180
Dandakateteri NPXX2181
Dandakhel NPXX2183
Dandakhoriya NPXX2185
Dandakhrka NPXX2186
Dandamaran NPXX2187
Dandapakha NPXX2188
Dandapauwa NPXX2189
Dandebas NPXX2190
Dandi NPXX2191
Dang NPXX2192
Dangadhi NPXX2193
Dangaduba NPXX2194
Dangaldanda NPXX2195
Dangalpu NPXX2196
Dangchet NPXX2197
Dangeli NPXX2198
Dangi NPXX2199
Dangkhani NPXX2200
Dangmai NPXX2201
Dangrahi NPXX2202
Dangsing NPXX2203
Dangsingtar NPXX2204
Dankaling NPXX2205
Dantes NPXX2206
Danthe NPXX2207
Danttol NPXX2208
Danuswanra NPXX2209
Danuwari NPXX2210
Dapdanda NPXX2211
Daphkalitol NPXX2212
Dapkhagaun NPXX2213
Dapkharka NPXX2214
Dapsading NPXX2215
Daramdanda NPXX2216
Darang NPXX2217
Darbardanda NPXX2218
Darbe NPXX2219
Darbesthan NPXX2220
Darbungphant NPXX2221
Darche NPXX2222
Dardarwa NPXX2223
Dare NPXX2224
Darechok NPXX2225
Daregauda NPXX2226
Dargaun NPXX2227
Darhegaunda NPXX2228
Darimbote NPXX2229
Darimtar NPXX2230
Daringal NPXX2231
Darka NPXX2232
Darkha Dudhile NPXX2233
Darme NPXX2235
DarpaneDanda NPXX2236
Darsingang NPXX2237
Dasbigha NPXX2238
Dasbighatol NPXX2239
Dasdhunga NPXX2240
Dasghare NPXX2241
Dasharathchok NPXX2243
Dashghare NPXX2244
Dastar NPXX2245
Dastar Petare NPXX2246
Dastol NPXX2248
Date NPXX2249
Dathe NPXX2250
Dathini NPXX2251
Dathugaun NPXX2252
Datidol NPXX2253
Daurawa NPXX2254
Dautes NPXX2255
Dauthe NPXX2256
Davaritol NPXX2257
Dawachet NPXX2258
Dawaritol NPXX2259
Dayagaun NPXX2260
Dayagaunbesi NPXX2261
Dayalpur NPXX2262
Dayanikholagaug NPXX2263
Dayanisir NPXX2264
Debaltar NPXX2265
Debatigaun NPXX2266
Debauli NPXX2267
Debichaur NPXX2268
Debina NPXX2269
Dedithumka NPXX2270
Dekhari NPXX2271
Dekhari Danda NPXX2272
Dekithumka NPXX2273
Dekuli NPXX2274
Demanama NPXX2275
Denseforest NPXX2276
Depung NPXX2277
Desargaun NPXX2278
Deubuje NPXX2279
Deuchuligaun NPXX2280
Deudhi NPXX2281
Deudi NPXX2282
Deughunsa NPXX2283
Deujagaun NPXX2284
Deujatar NPXX2285
Deujor NPXX2286
Deukhel NPXX2287
Deukidanda NPXX2288
Deukire NPXX2289
Deulang NPXX2290
Deulitar NPXX2291
Deupal NPXX2292
Deupur Manepipal NPXX2294
Deurali Baghkhor NPXX2295
Deurali Maidan NPXX2297
Deuralibhanjyang NPXX2298
Deuralikhet NPXX2299
Deuralipeti NPXX2300
Deuralitar NPXX2301
Deurani NPXX2302
Deurbana NPXX2303
Deuri NPXX2304
Deutakhola Thali NPXX2305
Deutakholagaun NPXX2306
Deutis NPXX2307
Devbhumi NPXX2308
Devdah NPXX2309
Devdiha NPXX2310
Devdol NPXX2311
Devendrapur NPXX2312
Devghat NPXX2313
Devichok NPXX2314
Deviganj NPXX2315
Devighat NPXX2316
Devighat Koloni NPXX2317
Deviparsa NPXX2318
Devipur NPXX2319
Devkot NPXX2320
Devkotagaun NPXX2321
Devnagar NPXX2322
Devpura NPXX2323
Devthan NPXX2324
Dewahi Tharutol NPXX2327
Dewani NPXX2328
Dewariya NPXX2330
Dhable NPXX2332
Dhabre NPXX2333
Dhad NPXX2334
Dhadagaun NPXX2335
Dhade Kamagaun NPXX2336
Dhadegaun NPXX2337
Dhadeni NPXX2338
Dhadentol NPXX2339
Dhadgaun NPXX2340
Dhadinbesi NPXX2341
Dhading NPXX0011
Dhading Besi NPXX2342
Dhadkharka NPXX2343
Dhadkholagaun NPXX2344
Dhaibung NPXX2345
Dhaichhap NPXX2346
Dhairenidanda NPXX2347
Dhaitar NPXX2348
Dhaje NPXX2349
Dhakalbesi NPXX2350
Dhakalchaur NPXX2351
Dhakes NPXX2353
Dhakrebari NPXX2354
Dhalkebar NPXX2355
Dhalkewar NPXX2356
Dhalko NPXX2357
Dhalmalgaun NPXX2358
Dhaltol NPXX2359
Dhamalgaun NPXX2360
Dhamaura NPXX2361
Dhambang NPXX2362
Dhamini NPXX2363
Dhaminichhap NPXX2364
Dhaminithan NPXX2365
Dhamitol NPXX2366
Dhamkulla NPXX2367
Dhanabahadurchok NPXX2368
Dhanahatol NPXX2369
Dhanakaul NPXX2370
Dhanamana NPXX2371
Dhananarayantol NPXX2372
Dhanapattidanda NPXX2373
Dhanaspur NPXX2374
Dhanbangairi NPXX2375
Dhanbas NPXX2376
Dhanbase NPXX2377
Dhanda NPXX2378
Dhandachaur NPXX2379
Dhandagaung NPXX2380
Dhandanda NPXX2381
Dhande Ratmate NPXX2382
Dhandephedi NPXX2383
Dhandgaun NPXX2384
Dhane Bajar NPXX2385
Dhanechhanga NPXX2386
Dhaneghat NPXX2387
Dhaneshwar NPXX2388
Dhangadhi NPXX2389
Dhangarchok NPXX2390
Dhangarwatol NPXX2391
Dhangre NPXX2392
Dhanhadi NPXX2393
Dhanjortol NPXX2394
Dhankaul NPXX2395
Dhankaultol NPXX2396
Dhanmana NPXX2397
Dhanp NPXX2398
Dhansai NPXX2399
Dhansardadagau NPXX2400
Dhansardanda NPXX2401
Dhansartol NPXX2402
Dhanuke NPXX2403
Dhanukha NPXX2404
Dhanula NPXX2405
Dhanusadham NPXX2407
Dhaodeni Jaubari NPXX2408
Dhapasi NPXX2409
Dhapchung NPXX2410
Dhapdanda NPXX2411
Dhapkhani NPXX2412
Dhapkharka NPXX2413
Dhapkhor NPXX2414
Dhapsargaun NPXX2415
Dharachaur NPXX2416
Dharadhuri NPXX2417
Dharahara NPXX2418
Dharahari NPXX2419
Dharamapur NPXX2420
Dharambas NPXX2421
Dharamnagar NPXX2422
Dharampur NPXX2423
Dharamshala NPXX2424
Dharapa NPXX2425
Dharapakha NPXX2426
Dharapani Baseri NPXX2427
Dharapanigaun NPXX2428
Dharatol NPXX2429
Dharedanda NPXX2430
Dharedhunga NPXX2431
Dharibas NPXX2432
Dharkeswanra NPXX2433
Dharkholedanda NPXX2434
Dharmachok NPXX2435
Dharmachuli NPXX2436
Dharmaghar NPXX2437
Dharmapur Goth NPXX2439
Dharmapurtol NPXX2440
Dharmapurtola NPXX2441
Dharmasal NPXX2442
Dharmashala NPXX2443
Dharmashalatol NPXX2444
Dharmasthali NPXX2445
Dharmathali NPXX2446
Dharmeshwar NPXX2447
Dharne NPXX2449
Dharpani NPXX2450
Dharsin NPXX2451
Dharsing NPXX2452
Dharyang NPXX2453
Dhatatol NPXX2454
Dhattatol Pidari NPXX2455
Dhattol NPXX2456
Dhaule NPXX2457
Dhawatola NPXX2458
Dhayerghari NPXX2459
Dhdgaun NPXX2460
Dhebauli NPXX2461
Dhebi NPXX2462
Dhedre NPXX2463
Dhedregaun NPXX2464
Dhekaha NPXX2465
Dherauli NPXX2466
Dhikurbari NPXX2467
Dhikure Bajar NPXX2468
Dhikurebesi NPXX2469
Dhikuwa NPXX2470
Dhimiledanda NPXX2471
Dhimilegoth NPXX2472
Dhinda Kaule NPXX2473
Dhingdhingchet NPXX2474
Dhipidanda NPXX2475
Dhirang NPXX2476
Dhitalchok NPXX2477
Dhitalgaun NPXX2478
Dhitalthok NPXX2479
Dhobaha NPXX2480
Dhobi NPXX2481
Dhobichaur NPXX2482
Dhobidanda NPXX2483
Dhobighat NPXX2484
Dhobikhola NPXX2485
Dhobini NPXX2486
Dhod NPXX2487
Dhodari NPXX2488
Dhodbesi NPXX2489
Dhodenigaun NPXX2490
Dhodgaun NPXX2491
Dhodha NPXX2492
Dhodhiya NPXX2493
Dhodre NPXX2494
Dhogre NPXX2495
Dhoka NPXX2496
Dhoka Bhanjyang NPXX2497
Dhokadanda NPXX2498
Dhokakhola NPXX2499
Dhokarpa NPXX2500
Dhokarpur NPXX2501
Dhokasisneri NPXX2502
Dhokche NPXX2503
Dhokre NPXX2504
Dhola Maidan NPXX2505
Dholahiti NPXX2506
Dholbaja NPXX2507
Dholbajakhor NPXX2508
Dhontol NPXX2509
Dhopka NPXX2510
Dhorpani NPXX2511
Dhorsin NPXX2512
Dhotra NPXX2513
Dhottar NPXX2514
Dhowaadi NPXX2515
Dhudedanda NPXX2516
Dhuigaun NPXX2517
Dhukuwabasgaun NPXX2518
Dhuletandi NPXX2519
Dhulikhel NPXX2520
Dhulimaidan NPXX2521
Dhulkhu NPXX2522
Dhulpul NPXX2523
Dhumari NPXX2524
Dhumashan NPXX2525
Dhumbarahi NPXX2526
Dhumbari NPXX2527
Dhumbe NPXX2528
Dhumithang NPXX2529
Dhumkot NPXX2530
Dhunche NPXX2531
Dhunchopakha NPXX2532
Dhungaadda NPXX2533
Dhunganadanda NPXX2534
Dhunganathok NPXX2535
Dhungandanda NPXX2536
Dhunganiyagaun NPXX2537
Dhungapani NPXX2538
Dhungaphore NPXX2539
Dhungasangu NPXX2540
Dhungatar NPXX2541
Dhunge Bajar NPXX2542
Dhungebagar NPXX2543
Dhungebesi NPXX2544
Dhungechhap NPXX2545
Dhungegadhi NPXX2546
Dhungekhani NPXX2547
Dhungelgaun NPXX2548
Dhungeltol NPXX2549
Dhungen NPXX2550
Dhungeni NPXX2551
Dhungephedi NPXX2552
Dhungkhalgaun NPXX2553
Dhungkharka NPXX2554
Dhungkot NPXX2555
Dhungrebas NPXX2557
Dhungrepani NPXX2558
Dhungrepauwa NPXX2559
Dhungyang NPXX2560
Dhupatong NPXX2561
Dhura Bajar NPXX2562
Dhuraha NPXX2563
Dhurba NPXX2564
Dhurbatol NPXX2565
Dhurjagaun NPXX2566
Dhursang NPXX2567
Dhusabagar NPXX2568
Dhusal NPXX2569
Dhusenichaur NPXX2570
Dhusikharka NPXX2571
Dhusini NPXX2572
Dhuskot Banche NPXX2573
Dhuskun NPXX2574
Dhuwakot NPXX2575
Dhuwakotbesi NPXX2576
Dhuwakottar NPXX2577
Dhwankote NPXX2578
Dhyangrebhir NPXX2579
Dhyavaskagaun NPXX2580
Dibale NPXX2581
Dibdibe NPXX2582
Dibyanagar NPXX2583
Didanda NPXX2584
Digambarpur NPXX2585
Digep NPXX2586
Dighatol NPXX2587
Digi NPXX2588
Dihibagaicha NPXX2589
Dihidanda NPXX2590
Dihiphant NPXX2591
Dihiswanra NPXX2592
Dihtola NPXX2593
Dikarpu NPXX2594
Dilli Bajar NPXX2595
Dilliparsa NPXX2596
Dillipur NPXX2597
Dimdimdanda NPXX2598
Dimi NPXX2599
Dimran NPXX2600
Dimsa NPXX2601
Dinbang NPXX2602
Dingam NPXX2603
Dinggaun NPXX2604
Dingla NPXX2605
Dingladip NPXX2606
Dinlang NPXX2607
Dinthang NPXX2608
Dip NPXX2609
Dipahi NPXX2610
Dipdol NPXX2611
Dipendrapur NPXX2612
Dipgaun NPXX2613
Diphutol NPXX2614
Diputol NPXX2615
Dirke NPXX2616
Dirpedanda NPXX2617
Ditar NPXX2619
Dithadanda NPXX2620
Divegan NPXX2621
Diwale NPXX2622
Diyabati NPXX2623
Diyalitol NPXX2625
DiyaloBungalow NPXX2626
Diyatol NPXX2627
Dobase NPXX2628
Dobhan Pati NPXX2630
Dobhandanda NPXX2631
Dobhane NPXX2632
Dobhang NPXX2633
Dobla NPXX2634
Doche NPXX2635
Dodandhargaun NPXX2636
Dodharpakatti NPXX2637
Dodiya NPXX2638
Dodrihani NPXX2639
Doglang NPXX2640
Dohar NPXX2641
Dohari Pakadi NPXX2642
Dohartol NPXX2643
Dohate NPXX2644
Dokaila NPXX2645
Dokharpa NPXX2646
Doklang NPXX2647
Dokotar NPXX2648
Dokthali NPXX2649
Dolakha NPXX2650
Dolalghat NPXX2651
Dolanse NPXX2652
Dolchap NPXX2653
Dollu NPXX2654
Domu NPXX2655
Donauli NPXX2656
Dongma NPXX2657
Donwaritol NPXX2658
Dopchan NPXX2659
Doramba NPXX2660
Dorangi NPXX2661
Dording NPXX2662
Dordore NPXX2663
Doreshwar NPXX2664
Doring NPXX2665
Dorje NPXX2666
Dorkhani NPXX2667
Dostiyatol NPXX2668
Dotelbesi NPXX2669
Dothara NPXX2670
Dothe Sukaura NPXX2671
Draupadinagar NPXX2672
Drumthali NPXX2673
Dsdagaun NPXX2674
Dubarikot NPXX2675
Dubhigaun NPXX2676
Dubichaur NPXX2677
Dubledanda NPXX2678
Dublin NPXX2679
Dud Bhanjyang NPXX2680
Duda Bhanjyang NPXX2681
Dudaha NPXX2682
Dude Bagincha NPXX2683
Dudh Bhanjyang NPXX2684
Dudh Pokhari NPXX2685
Dudhauli Bajar NPXX2686
Dudhile NPXX2687
Dudhiyawa NPXX2689
Dudhnagi NPXX2690
Dudhpani NPXX2691
Dudhpokhari NPXX2692
Dudhule NPXX2693
Dudilabot NPXX2694
Dudugaun NPXX2695
Dudule NPXX2696
Duguna NPXX2697
Duhabi NPXX2698
Duigaun NPXX2699
Duipipal NPXX2700
Dujing NPXX2701
Dukanghyang NPXX2702
Dukrang NPXX2703
Dukuchhap NPXX2704
Dukutigaun NPXX2705
Dulagaun NPXX2706
Dulalthok NPXX2707
Dularpurtol NPXX2708
Dulwa NPXX2709
Dulwatol NPXX2710
Duma NPXX2711
Dumakhal NPXX2712
Duman NPXX2713
Dumar NPXX2714
Dumarbanna NPXX2715
Dumaritol NPXX2716
Dumarwana NPXX2717
Dumdanda NPXX2718
Dumeregaira NPXX2719
Dumidanda NPXX2720
Dumindanda NPXX2721
Dumja NPXX2722
Dumking NPXX2723
Dumkot NPXX2724
Dumla NPXX2725
Dumling NPXX2726
Dummarjor NPXX2727
Dumrechaur NPXX2728
Dumregaun NPXX2729
Dumrekhada NPXX2730
Dumrekuna NPXX2731
Dumrigaun NPXX2732
Dumrighari NPXX2733
Dumrikharka NPXX2734
Dumshikhara NPXX2735
Dumsi Bhanjhyang NPXX2736
Dumsighal NPXX2737
Dumsikharka NPXX2738
Dumsiphedi NPXX2739
Dunban NPXX2740
Dunbang NPXX2741
Dunda Bhanjyang NPXX2742
Dundanda NPXX2743
Dundhunge NPXX2744
Dungdung NPXX2745
Dungdunge NPXX2746
Dungedada NPXX2747
Dungetar NPXX2748
Dungre NPXX2749
Dungrungpani NPXX2750
Dungtol NPXX2751
Dunkudanda NPXX2752
Dunkudobhan NPXX2753
Dunledanda NPXX2754
Dunmsidanda NPXX2755
Dunrin NPXX2756
Dunthali NPXX2757
Dupcheshwar NPXX2758
Duppa NPXX2759
Dure NPXX2760
Durgasingtol NPXX2761
Durikhel NPXX2762
Durlung NPXX2763
Durmitol NPXX2764
Dursal NPXX2765
Durundanda NPXX2766
Dusadtol NPXX2767
Dusini NPXX2768
Duti NPXX2769
Duwagaun NPXX2770
Duwakot NPXX2771
Duwarthok NPXX2772
Dwaredihi NPXX2773
Dwarephat NPXX2774
Dwarthok NPXX2775
Ebo NPXX2776
Eghara Nambartol NPXX2777
Ekadashitol NPXX2778
Ekakauniya NPXX2779
Ekalebar NPXX2780
Ekaltar NPXX2781
Ekamphedi NPXX2782
Ekang NPXX2783
Ekantakuna NPXX2784
Ekdara NPXX2785
Ekdarwa NPXX2786
Ekghare NPXX2787
Ekhatiya NPXX2788
Eklebari NPXX2789
Eklebesi NPXX2790
Ekledamar NPXX2791
Ekledanda NPXX2792
Eklephant NPXX2793
Ekrahi NPXX2794
Ekrahiya NPXX2795
Ekrate NPXX2796
Ektangga NPXX2797
Erbang NPXX2798
Gachhitol NPXX2799
Gachhitola Rangi NPXX2800
Gadahal NPXX2801
Gadahatol NPXX2802
Gadahiya NPXX2803
Gadal NPXX2804
Gadansir NPXX2805
Gadare NPXX2806
Gadau Bhagwanpur NPXX2808
Gaderibesi NPXX2809
Gadgade NPXX2810
Gadhanta NPXX2811
Gadhawatola NPXX2812
Gadhi Bhanjyang NPXX2813
Gadhichok NPXX2814
Gadhigaun NPXX2815
Gadhiko Thumko NPXX2816
Gadhimai Temple NPXX2817
Gadhitol NPXX2818
Gadhitola NPXX2819
Gadhiya NPXX2820
Gadhuwachok NPXX2821
Gadhuwaiain NPXX2822
Gadhwa NPXX2823
Gaditol NPXX2824
Gaditola NPXX2825
Gadkhar NPXX2826
Gaduwa NPXX2827
Gaduwa Bhanjyang NPXX2828
Gaduwal NPXX2829
Gadwari NPXX2830
Gadyauli NPXX2831
Gadyauligaun NPXX2832
Gaetar NPXX2833
Gagalate NPXX2834
Gagalgaun NPXX2835
Gagalphedi NPXX2836
Gagar NPXX2837
Gagaraha NPXX2838
Gagaral NPXX2839
Gagarche NPXX2840
Gahatar NPXX2841
Gahate Swanra NPXX2842
Gahatetol NPXX2843
Gahawa NPXX2844
Gahirigaun NPXX2845
Gahumi NPXX2846
Gahunkhaka NPXX2847
Gai NPXX2848
Gaida NPXX2849
Gaidakhasa NPXX2850
Gaidakholagaun NPXX2851
Gaidatar NPXX2852
Gaidha NPXX2853
Gaighara NPXX2855
Gaighat NPXX2856
Gaikharkal NPXX2857
Gaikhura NPXX2858
Gaindagaun NPXX2860
Gaindanda NPXX2861
Gainde Ahala NPXX2862
Gaipaile NPXX2863
Gair NPXX2864
Gairaphum NPXX2865
Gairaswanra NPXX2866
Gairatol NPXX2867
Gairegaun NPXX2868
Gairhagaun NPXX2869
Gairi Bisauna NPXX2870
Gairi Hanumante NPXX2871
Gairi Purshu NPXX2872
Gairiagaun NPXX2873
Gairibasa NPXX2874
Gairibhalukhop NPXX2875
Gairichaur NPXX2876
Gairidanda NPXX2877
Gairigaung NPXX2878
Gairighyang NPXX2879
Gairikhani NPXX2880
Gairikhop NPXX2881
Gairikudar NPXX2882
Gairimudi NPXX2883
Gairisimtar NPXX2884
Gairiswanra NPXX2885
Gairiswara NPXX2886
Gairitar NPXX2887
Gairithaple NPXX2888
Gaiyatar NPXX2889
Gajapur NPXX2890
Gajariya NPXX2891
Gajariyatokatol NPXX2892
Gajarkot NPXX2893
Gajechepte NPXX2894
Gajpani NPXX2895
Gajrang NPXX2896
Gajulidaha NPXX2897
Gajurelgaun NPXX2898
Gajuri Bajar NPXX2899
Gal Bhanjyang NPXX2900
Galbang NPXX2901
Galchhi NPXX2902
Galchhi Bajar NPXX2903
Galchhirang NPXX2904
Galendi NPXX2905
Galgale NPXX2906
Galingtar NPXX2907
Galisan NPXX2908
Galmati NPXX2909
Galopatti NPXX2910
Galpa Bajar NPXX2911
Galphu NPXX2912
Galphutar NPXX2913
Galtar NPXX2914
Gamaltar NPXX2915
Gamargama NPXX2916
Gamariya NPXX2917
Gamdanda NPXX2918
Gamerang NPXX2919
Gamharikona NPXX2920
Gamharya NPXX2921
Gamidung NPXX2922
Gamphathang NPXX2923
Gamphedi NPXX2924
Ganardi NPXX2925
Gandantol NPXX2926
Gandpani NPXX2927
Ganeshganj NPXX2928
Ganeshkunj NPXX2929
Ganesiya NPXX2930
Gangale NPXX2931
Gangapipara NPXX2932
Gangapiparatol NPXX2933
Gangarang NPXX2934
Gangatedanda NPXX2935
Ganggapur NPXX2936
Gangkharka NPXX2937
Gangkhel NPXX2938
Gangkhor NPXX2939
Ganglethok NPXX2940
Gangota NPXX2941
Gangur Ghyang NPXX2942
Ganhaunepani NPXX2943
Ganishe NPXX2944
Ganjbhawanipur NPXX2945
Gankharka NPXX2947
Gankhu NPXX2948
Ganko NPXX2949
Garadas NPXX2950
Garaiya NPXX2951
Garamare NPXX2952
Garanchhhap NPXX2953
Garanepairo NPXX2954
Garanjatol NPXX2955
Garapare NPXX2956
Garbe NPXX2957
Garbun NPXX2958
Garbutadi NPXX2959
Garda NPXX2960
Gardoi NPXX2961
Garedanda NPXX2962
Garhadol NPXX2963
Garja NPXX2964
Garjamantol NPXX2966
Garjang NPXX2967
Garkhaldanda NPXX2968
Garlin NPXX2969
Garsyong NPXX2970
Garta NPXX2971
Gartidobhan NPXX2972
Garuda NPXX2973
Garudachok NPXX2974
Garuwa NPXX2975
Gata NPXX2976
Gatabesi NPXX2977
Gathegaun NPXX2978
Gaththaghar NPXX2979
Gati NPXX2980
Gatlang NPXX2981
Gaucharan NPXX2982
Gaucharn Bajar NPXX2983
Gaujini NPXX2984
Gaukateri NPXX2985
Gaukuleshwar NPXX2986
Gaunahari NPXX2987
Gaunkharka NPXX2988
Gaunsuli NPXX2989
Gaur NPXX2990
Gaurati NPXX2991
Gaurdaha NPXX2992
Gauribesi NPXX2993
Gauridamar NPXX2994
Gaurighat NPXX2995
Gauripur NPXX2996
Gauritol NPXX2997
Gaurotar NPXX2998
Gautampur NPXX2999
Gautamtol NPXX3000
Gauthalitar NPXX3002
Gauwa NPXX3003
Gauwi NPXX3004
Gayetar NPXX3005
Gebdanda NPXX3006
Gede NPXX3007
Geidachhap NPXX3008
Gelaha NPXX3009
Gelalbarigaun NPXX3010
Gelalgaun NPXX3011
Gelpu NPXX3012
Gelu NPXX3013
Gena Bathnaha NPXX3014
Gengrang NPXX3015
Geragaun NPXX3016
Gerkhutar NPXX3017
Gerukatol NPXX3019
Geruwahi NPXX3020
Ghabran NPXX3021
Ghaderi NPXX3022
Ghaderidanda NPXX3023
Ghaderitol NPXX3024
Ghaibari NPXX3025
Ghailaghari NPXX3026
Ghairenidanda NPXX3027
Ghaitekharka NPXX3028
Ghaiyabari NPXX3029
Ghaiyadamar NPXX3030
Ghaiyakhoriyatol NPXX3031
Ghalamsa NPXX3032
Ghalanchaur NPXX3033
Ghalantol NPXX3034
Ghale Bhanjyang NPXX3035
Ghaletar NPXX3036
Ghaletol NPXX3037
Ghamantol NPXX3038
Ghamtara NPXX3039
Ghangbar NPXX3040
Ghangetar NPXX3041
Ghangna NPXX3042
Ghangyul NPXX3043
Ghante NPXX3044
Ghantikholagaun NPXX3045
Gharetidanda NPXX3046
Gharibari NPXX3047
Gharibathan NPXX3048
Gharigaun NPXX3049
Gharithunchi NPXX3050
Gharkaj NPXX3051
Gharti Rumta NPXX3052
Ghartichhap NPXX3053
Ghartidanda NPXX3054
Ghartikholagaun NPXX3055
Ghartitol NPXX3057
Ghat NPXX3058
Ghatdamar NPXX3059
Ghateretol NPXX3060
Ghatgai NPXX3061
Ghattedamar NPXX3062
Ghattegaun NPXX3063
Ghattekhola NPXX3064
Ghattekulo NPXX3065
Ghattepu NPXX3066
Ghattola NPXX3067
Ghayakhori NPXX3068
Ghechyat NPXX3069
Ghegauli NPXX3070
Ghemalphora NPXX3071
Ghempa NPXX3072
Ghengsing NPXX3073
Ghiche NPXX3074
Ghimiretar NPXX3075
Ghimirethok NPXX3076
Ghimiretol NPXX3077
Ghipche NPXX3078
Ghisindanda NPXX3079
Ghisingaun NPXX3080
Ghisinggaun NPXX3081
Ghisintol NPXX3082
Ghiura NPXX3083
Ghiuratola NPXX3084
Ghodame NPXX3085
Ghodatabela NPXX3086
Ghoddhunga NPXX3087
Ghodghas NPXX3088
Ghodghat NPXX3089
Ghogarela NPXX3090
Ghogshila NPXX3091
Ghogsila NPXX3092
Ghokechaur NPXX3093
Ghokrekharka NPXX3094
Gholchok NPXX3095
Gholetol NPXX3096
Ghontetol NPXX3097
Ghopte NPXX3098
Ghopte Ghyang NPXX3099
Ghoptebesi NPXX3100
Ghoredhunga NPXX3101
Ghorekchhyalgaun NPXX3102
Ghormu NPXX3103
Ghormun NPXX3104
Ghorsahi NPXX3105
Ghorsainitol NPXX3106
Ghorthali NPXX3107
Ghosebesi NPXX3108
Ghude Chautara NPXX3109
Ghudeni NPXX3110
Ghudini NPXX3111
Ghuisa NPXX3112
Ghukes NPXX3113
Ghuman NPXX3114
Ghumarichok NPXX3115
Ghumarithok NPXX3116
Ghumaunedanda NPXX3118
Ghumaunetar NPXX3119
Ghumne NPXX3120
Ghumthang NPXX3121
Ghurkauli NPXX3122
Ghurmi NPXX3123
Ghurmise NPXX3124
Ghurpang NPXX3125
Ghusakpur NPXX3126
Ghusarotol NPXX3127
Ghuwa NPXX3128
Ghuwabesi NPXX3129
Ghwakang NPXX3130
Ghyabarchaur NPXX3131
Ghyabaring NPXX3132
Ghyabarphedi NPXX3133
Ghyabring NPXX3134
Ghyalkugaun NPXX3135
Ghyalme NPXX3136
Ghyampatar NPXX3137
Ghyampedanda NPXX3138
Ghyandanda NPXX3139
Ghyangaun NPXX3141
Ghyangle NPXX3142
Ghyangphedi NPXX3143
Ghyangswanra NPXX3144
Ghyangtol NPXX3145
Ghyansingtar NPXX3146
Ghyantol NPXX3147
Ghyapdanda NPXX3148
Ghyejet NPXX3149
Ghympasalle NPXX3150
Ghyukhore NPXX3151
Giddha Birta NPXX3152
Giddha Manipatti NPXX3154
Giddhe NPXX3155
Gidregaun NPXX3156
Gigang NPXX3157
Gijani NPXX3158
Gijenchaur NPXX3159
Gijet NPXX3160
Gilluwa NPXX3161
Ginchaur NPXX3162
Gingum NPXX3163
Giranchaur NPXX3164
Girdim NPXX3165
Girigaun NPXX3166
Giripuritol NPXX3167
Giritol NPXX3168
Gitanagar NPXX3169
Go Bhanjyang NPXX3170
Gobarauda NPXX3171
Gobardhan NPXX3172
Gobarthalwa NPXX3173
Gobindapur NPXX3174
Gobinde NPXX3175
Gobintar NPXX3176
Gobrahi NPXX3177
Gobre NPXX3179
Gobregaun NPXX3180
Gobreni NPXX3181
Gobretar NPXX3182
Godabhitta NPXX3183
Godaita NPXX3184
Godaita Bajartol NPXX3185
Godaitatol NPXX3186
Godam NPXX3187
Godamdanda NPXX3188
Godamthok NPXX3189
Godar NPXX3190
Godara NPXX3191
Godawari NPXX3192
Goddanda NPXX3194
Godrang NPXX3195
Godung NPXX3196
Gofane NPXX3197
Gogaltar NPXX3198
Gogan NPXX3199
Goganedanda NPXX3200
Gogangari NPXX3201
Goganghari NPXX3202
Gogantar NPXX3203
Gohare NPXX3204
Goithahi NPXX3205
Goittol NPXX3206
Gokarna NPXX3207
Gokulgaun NPXX3208
Gola Bhanjyan NPXX3209
Golai NPXX3210
Golang NPXX3211
Golangtar NPXX3212
Golbhitta NPXX3213
Golchhap NPXX3214
Golchhapadanda NPXX3215
Golchi NPXX3216
Goldhunga Thali NPXX3217
Golechhapra NPXX3218
Golgaun NPXX3219
Golgonj NPXX3220
Goljung NPXX3221
Golmagaun NPXX3222
Golmasthan NPXX3223
Golmithumka NPXX3224
Golphu Bhanjyang NPXX3225
Golphutar NPXX3226
Golpin NPXX3227
Golpingtar NPXX3228
Goltegaun NPXX3229
Golu NPXX3230
Gomati NPXX3231
Gombogang NPXX3232
Gombudanda NPXX3233
Gomchet NPXX3234
Gomma NPXX3235
Gonarpura NPXX3236
Gonarpuratol NPXX3237
Gongabu NPXX3238
Gongang NPXX3239
Gongar NPXX3240
Gongdal NPXX3241
Gonggata NPXX3242
Gonpatang NPXX0012
Gopal Pokhari NPXX3243
Gopale NPXX3244
Gopale Bhanjyang NPXX3245
Gopalganj NPXX3246
Gopalkotti NPXX3247
Gopalpur NPXX3248
Gope NPXX3249
Gophe NPXX3250
Gophedanda NPXX3251
Gopibasti NPXX3252
Gopighari NPXX3253
Gopirang NPXX3254
Gopitar NPXX3255
Goppegaun NPXX3256
GoraDanda NPXX3257
Goraicha NPXX3259
Goran NPXX3260
Gorhanna NPXX3261
Gorigamma NPXX3262
Goriya NPXX3263
Gorkang NPXX3264
Gorke NPXX3265
Gorkhu NPXX3266
Gorpang NPXX3267
Gorpasara NPXX3268
Gorphu NPXX3269
Gorsup NPXX3270
Gorsyang NPXX3271
Gorunda NPXX3272
Gosabariatol NPXX3273
Gosaidamar NPXX3274
Gosainkund NPXX3275
Gosesa NPXX3276
Gosetar NPXX3277
Gotbardaha NPXX3278
Gotgang NPXX3279
Goth Kholagaun NPXX3280
Goth Koyalpur NPXX3281
Gothbhanjyang NPXX3282
Gothbhitta NPXX3283
Gothen NPXX3284
Gotheshwar NPXX3286
Gothigaun NPXX3287
Gothkholagaun NPXX3288
Gothkuha NPXX3289
Gotikhel NPXX3290
Govindabasti NPXX3291
Grang NPXX3292
Grangpang NPXX3293
Granpang NPXX3294
Gre NPXX3295
Guchhibang NPXX3296
Gudthok NPXX3297
Guhyeshwari NPXX3298
Guidung NPXX3299
Guisa NPXX3300
Gujarat NPXX3301
Gujarpa NPXX3302
Gujipa NPXX3303
Gulaphbag NPXX3304
Gulbariya NPXX3305
Gulidimbathali NPXX3306
Gulindaha NPXX3307
Gulmeshwar NPXX3308
Gulphendanda NPXX3309
Gumarang NPXX3310
Gumastatol NPXX3311
Gumbagaun NPXX3312
Gumbalain NPXX3313
Gumbudanda NPXX3314
Gumbung NPXX3315
Gumdel NPXX3316
Gumdi NPXX3317
Gumdi Bhanjyang NPXX3318
Gumtasee NPXX3319
Gumukhola Bajar NPXX3320
Gunarwa NPXX3321
Gunbang NPXX3322
Gunchadol NPXX3323
Gundahi NPXX3324
Gundi NPXX3325
Gundigaun NPXX3326
Gundritol NPXX3327
Gundugaun NPXX3328
Gunjanagar NPXX3329
Gunrang NPXX3330
Gunsakot NPXX3331
Gunsal NPXX3332
Gunsi Dobhang NPXX3333
Gunsigaun NPXX3334
Guntesh NPXX3335
Gupha Rajdaltol NPXX3336
Guphadol NPXX3337
Guphle NPXX3338
Gurabirta NPXX3339
Guransbari NPXX3340
Gurdas NPXX3341
Gurdundanda NPXX3342
Gurje NPXX3343
Gurji NPXX3344
Gurjidanda NPXX3345
Gurudum NPXX3346
Gurudumdada NPXX3347
Guruje NPXX3348
Gurujudhara NPXX3349
Gurujupauwa NPXX3350
Gurumarang NPXX3351
Gurumchhap NPXX3352
Gurundanda NPXX3353
Gurungchhap NPXX3354
Guthgaun NPXX3355
Guthi NPXX3356
Gutol NPXX3357
Gwaldaha NPXX3358
Gwale NPXX3359
Gwaltar NPXX3360
Gwangse NPXX3361
Gwarko NPXX3362
Gyabatol NPXX3363
Gyaja NPXX3364
Gyalasing NPXX3365
Gyalgune NPXX3366
Gyalma NPXX3367
Gyalmadobhan NPXX3368
Gyalsing NPXX3369
Gyalsung NPXX3370
Gyalsungtol NPXX3371
Gyalthung NPXX3372
Gyalthung Maitar NPXX3373
Gyalwasin NPXX3374
Gyaneshwar NPXX3375
Gyanrang NPXX3376
Gyastar NPXX3377
Gyawagaun NPXX3378
Habeli NPXX3379
Hadikholagaun NPXX3380
Hagam NPXX3381
Haibar NPXX3382
Haibarbesi NPXX3383
Haichhap NPXX3384
Haigaun NPXX3385
Haijhora NPXX3386
Haithanti NPXX3387
Hajare NPXX3388
Hajariya NPXX3389
Hajipur NPXX3390
Hajminia NPXX3391
Hajminiya NPXX3392
Hajminiyachok NPXX3393
Hajminiyatola NPXX3394
Hakpara NPXX3395
Hakubesi NPXX3396
Halalgaun NPXX3397
Halchap NPXX3398
Halchok NPXX3399
Haldi NPXX3400
Haldibari NPXX0013
Halhale NPXX3401
Halidanda NPXX3402
Halije NPXX3403
Haliti NPXX3404
Halkhoritol NPXX3405
Halle NPXX3406
Hallegaun NPXX3407
Haluwa NPXX3408
Hamsapur NPXX3409
Hanbukharka NPXX3410
Handetarbesi NPXX3411
Handikholatar NPXX3412
Hangaraling NPXX3413
Hansdol NPXX3414
Hansepasal NPXX3415
Hansetol NPXX3416
Hansibhir NPXX3417
Hansili NPXX3418
Hansiphera NPXX3419
Hanspatti NPXX3420
Hanumanchok NPXX3421
Hanumangadh NPXX3422
Hanumanganj NPXX3423
Hanumankharka NPXX3424
Hanumannagartola NPXX3425
Hanumantar NPXX3426
Hanumat NPXX3427
Hapne NPXX3428
Hapra NPXX3429
Hara Bhanjyang NPXX3430
Harbalegaun NPXX3431
Hardenighat NPXX3432
Hardia Chauki NPXX3433
Hariaun NPXX3434
Haribhavan NPXX3436
Haribole NPXX3438
Harihar Bhawan NPXX3439
Hariharksetra NPXX3440
Hariharpur Garhi NPXX3441
Hariharpurbirta NPXX3442
Harikirtanchok NPXX3443
Harinagar Maidha NPXX3444
Harine NPXX3445
Harinmari NPXX3446
Haripur Nayantol NPXX3447
Harisimla NPXX3449
Hariswanr NPXX3450
Harithumka NPXX3451
Harjota NPXX3452
Harkanagar NPXX3453
Harkatawagoth NPXX3455
Harkate NPXX3456
Harkatini NPXX3457
Harkatol NPXX3458
Harkatwa NPXX3459
Harketola NPXX3460
Harmarhi NPXX3461
Harnahiya NPXX3462
Harnaire NPXX3463
Harpatgunj NPXX3464
Harpur NPXX3465
Harpurwa NPXX3466
Harrabisauni NPXX3467
Harrakharka NPXX3468
Harratar NPXX3469
Harre Biruwa NPXX3470
Harri NPXX3471
Harsa NPXX3472
Harsai NPXX3473
Harsar NPXX3474
Harsauwatol NPXX3475
Harta NPXX3476
Hartan NPXX3477
Harusaha NPXX3478
Harwada NPXX3479
Hasanapur NPXX3480
Hasantar NPXX3481
Hasirang NPXX3482
Haswa NPXX3483
Hatdanda NPXX3484
Hathilet NPXX3485
Hathisar NPXX3486
Hathiyahi NPXX3487
Hathletwa NPXX3488
Hathmunda NPXX3489
Haththipur NPXX3491
Hatiyakot NPXX3492
Hatpate NPXX3493
Hatti Kholagaun NPXX3494
Hattiahal NPXX3495
Hattiban NPXX3496
Hattichhera NPXX3497
Hattigade NPXX3498
Hattigauda Damar NPXX3499
Hattihal NPXX3500
Hattikhet NPXX3501
Hattikholagaun NPXX3502
Hattilet NPXX3503
Hattilettol NPXX3504
Hattimara NPXX3505
Hattipaile NPXX3506
Hattisargaun NPXX3507
Hattisarwa NPXX3508
Hattisude NPXX3509
Hattisudegaun NPXX3510
Hattisunda NPXX3511
Hatuwalbeshi NPXX3512
Hatuwaldanda NPXX3513
Haursaha NPXX3514
Hauwahi NPXX3515
Hawadanda NPXX3516
Hawaimang NPXX3517
Hayudanda NPXX3519
Hayutar NPXX3520
HealthPostchok NPXX3521
Hebal NPXX3522
Hegang NPXX3523
Hegauliya NPXX3524
Helmu NPXX3525
Hempur NPXX3526
Hengauliya NPXX3527
Henjantol NPXX3528
Hepaligaun NPXX3529
Hijminiya NPXX3530
Hilbhanjyang NPXX3531
Hilechaur NPXX3532
Hilegaun NPXX3533
Hilekholagaun NPXX3534
Hilkharka NPXX3535
Hille NPXX3536
Hilledol NPXX3537
Himalapani NPXX3538
Himalibas NPXX3539
Hinchok NPXX3540
Hindi NPXX3541
Hindung NPXX3542
Hiplu NPXX3543
Hiramani NPXX3544
Hiramuni NPXX3545
Hiramunitar NPXX3546
Hirapani NPXX3547
Hirapur Ramnagar NPXX3548
Hirapur Tanditol NPXX3549
Hirapur Tharutol NPXX3550
Hirdin NPXX3551
Hirduwa NPXX3552
Hiriridanda NPXX3553
Hiti NPXX3554
Hitura NPXX3555
Hiunwapati NPXX3556
Hlede NPXX3557
Hlle NPXX3558
Hobang NPXX3559
Hodamppa NPXX3560
Hogtesh NPXX3561
Hokse NPXX3562
Holche NPXX3563
Honglingtar NPXX3564
Hop NPXX3565
Hoprang NPXX3566
Hosinga NPXX3567
Hotangbrang NPXX3568
Hotpor NPXX3569
Hudil NPXX3570
Huga NPXX3571
Hukse NPXX3572
Hulak Bhanjyang NPXX3573
Hulakichhahare NPXX3574
Hulakigaun NPXX3575
Huli NPXX3576
Humagaithok NPXX3577
Humpun NPXX3578
Hunda NPXX3579
Hundrung NPXX3580
Hundu NPXX3581
Hundung NPXX3582
Hung NPXX3583
Hupchi NPXX3584
Hupkel NPXX3585
Hupna NPXX3586
Huppa NPXX3587
Hurdi NPXX3588
Hurdimathillo NPXX3589
Huse Jaubari NPXX3590
Husu NPXX3591
Hyakule NPXX3593
Iahwarpur NPXX3594
Iba NPXX3595
Ibithan NPXX3596
Ichangu NPXX3597
Ichchhanagar NPXX3598
Ichchhapur NPXX3599
Ichok NPXX3600
Ijara NPXX3601
Ikhapokhari NPXX3602
Iksapur NPXX3603
Ilichhire NPXX3604
Imadol NPXX3605
Imakhel NPXX3606
Imarang NPXX3607
Inarbari NPXX3608
Inarbaruwa NPXX3609
Inardanda NPXX3610
Inarpati NPXX3611
Inarwa Mal NPXX3612
Inarwari NPXX3613
Indrabasti NPXX3614
Indrachok NPXX3615
Indrapuri NPXX3616
Indrapurichok NPXX3617
Indrasthan NPXX3618
Indu NPXX3619
Ipa NPXX3621
Ipkhahare NPXX3622
Irang NPXX3623
Irangtar NPXX3624
Irju NPXX3625
Irkhu NPXX3626
Ishwaripur NPXX3627
Isimgaun NPXX3628
Isin NPXX3629
Islang NPXX3630
Israng NPXX3631
Itagaun NPXX3632
Itahar NPXX3633
Itaiti NPXX3634
Itakhel NPXX3635
Itapani NPXX3636
Itiyahi Sano NPXX3637
Itiyahi Thulo NPXX3638
Itpare NPXX3639
Jabade NPXX3640
Jabdi NPXX3641
Jabka NPXX3642
Jabkatola NPXX3643
Jagadi NPXX3644
Jagadol NPXX3645
Jagannathe NPXX3646
Jagannathpuri NPXX3647
Jagare NPXX3648
Jagare Bhanjyang NPXX3649
Jagarghari NPXX3650
Jagariyamna NPXX3651
Jagarnathtol NPXX3652
Jagat NPXX3653
Jagate NPXX3654
Jagatedanda NPXX3655
Jagatgaun NPXX3656
Jagathali NPXX3657
Jagati NPXX3658
Jagdanda NPXX3659
Jagedimai NPXX3660
Jagrigaun NPXX3661
Jagritichok NPXX3662
Jagu NPXX3663
Jaidol NPXX3664
Jaihiregaun NPXX3665
Jainalu NPXX3666
Jaingaun NPXX3667
Jainkhel NPXX3668
Jaiphalpauwa NPXX3669
Jaire NPXX3670
Jaishideval NPXX3671
Jaishithok NPXX3672
Jaisikalphant NPXX3673
Jaising NPXX3674
Jaisithok NPXX3675
Jaitapur NPXX3677
Jaites NPXX3678
Jakhadi NPXX3679
Jakhauli NPXX3680
Jaksitar NPXX3681
Jalahari NPXX3682
Jalape NPXX3683
Jalbari NPXX3684
Jalbire NPXX3685
Jaldhunga NPXX3686
Jaleshwor NPXX3687
Jaleswar NPXX0014
Jaliltol NPXX3688
Jalipokhari NPXX3689
Jalkane NPXX3690
Jalkanya NPXX3691
Jalmarang NPXX3693
Jaluke NPXX3694
Jalukeni NPXX3695
Jamacho NPXX3696
Jamal NPXX3697
Jamalchhap NPXX3698
Jamaltoki NPXX3699
Jamarang NPXX3700
Jamauli NPXX3701
Jambote NPXX3702
Jambu NPXX3703
Jamjuta NPXX3704
Jamsing NPXX3705
Jamume NPXX3706
Jamunechaur NPXX3707
Jamunegaun NPXX3708
Jamuneparta NPXX3709
Jamuni NPXX3710
Jamunibas NPXX3711
Jamuniyatol. NPXX3713
Jamuntola NPXX3714
Janagal NPXX3715
Janagaun NPXX3716
Janaki Mandir NPXX3717
Janakiniwas NPXX3718
Janakitola NPXX3719
Janakpur NPXX3720
Jangaletol NPXX3721
Jangalibhuiya NPXX3722
Jangalsaiya NPXX3723
Jankauli NPXX3724
Janputar NPXX3725
Jantare NPXX3726
Jante NPXX3727
Jantetar NPXX3728
Japhti NPXX3729
Japkauli NPXX3730
Jaraitar NPXX3731
Jaraiya NPXX3732
Jaraku NPXX3733
Jaratar NPXX3734
Jaraytar NPXX3735
Jardeun NPXX3736
Jare NPXX3737
Jarekhani NPXX3738
Jarepani NPXX3739
Jaresimpani NPXX3740
Jaretar NPXX3741
Jarkebari NPXX3742
Jarku NPXX3743
Jarmang NPXX3744
Jarsadanda NPXX3745
Jaruwagaun NPXX3746
Jasauli NPXX3747
Jasedamar NPXX3748
Jasmantar NPXX3749
Jaspal NPXX3750
Jatagotikharka NPXX3751
Jataha NPXX3752
Jatahi NPXX3753
Jatan NPXX3754
Jatanthala NPXX3755
Jate NPXX3756
Jathara NPXX3757
Jatipokhari NPXX3758
Jau Rumti NPXX3759
Jaubarikharka NPXX3760
Jaubaritol NPXX3761
Jaugaira NPXX3762
Jauswara NPXX3763
Jawakh NPXX3764
Jawakhi NPXX3765
Jawang NPXX3766
Jawlakhel NPXX3767
Jaya Krisnatol NPXX3768
Jayai Hathiaul NPXX3769
Jayamangaltar NPXX3770
Jayapur NPXX3772
Jayapuri NPXX3773
Jaymangal NPXX3774
Jaymangalapur NPXX3775
Jayrajpur NPXX3776
Jebrang NPXX3777
Jenjen Gorom NPXX3778
Jersyat NPXX3779
Jethal NPXX3780
Jetharahiya NPXX3781
Jhabasi NPXX3782
Jhabraha NPXX3783
Jhagarebesi NPXX3784
Jhagaredandabesi NPXX3785
Jhagaregaun NPXX3786
Jhagre NPXX3787
Jhahare NPXX3788
Jhakhra NPXX3789
Jhakot NPXX3790
Jhakritol NPXX3791
Jhalamahiya NPXX3792
Jhalungtar NPXX3793
Jhamarsi NPXX3794
Jhamsikhel NPXX3795
Jhandadadan NPXX3796
Jhangalkot NPXX3797
Jhangalkotbesi NPXX3798
Jhanglejhiti NPXX3799
Jhangolkot NPXX3800
Jhangreli NPXX3801
Jhanjhanetol NPXX3802
Jhanjhani NPXX3803
Jhankrigaun NPXX3804
Jhankrikharak NPXX3805
Jhapakthali NPXX3806
Jhapasi NPXX3807
Jhapatedamar NPXX3808
Jhapaul NPXX3809
Jhapre NPXX3810
Jharjhara NPXX3811
Jharjharadanda NPXX3812
Jharlang NPXX3813
Jharlangditar NPXX3814
Jharlangtar NPXX3815
Jharuwa NPXX3816
Jharuwarasi NPXX3817
Jhatiyahi NPXX3818
Jhaukhel NPXX3819
Jhaulaiya NPXX3820
Jhawani NPXX3822
Jhigaikoiritol NPXX3823
Jhigar NPXX3824
Jhigatithok NPXX3825
Jhijha NPXX3826
Jhikeni NPXX3827
Jhilkeni NPXX3828
Jhilmile NPXX3830
Jhingamali NPXX3831
Jhingatichaur NPXX3832
Jhingatigaun NPXX3833
Jhinge NPXX3834
Jhingedanda NPXX3835
Jhingiyahitol NPXX3836
Jhingmali NPXX3837
Jhinhari NPXX3838
Jhirati NPXX3839
Jhirgaun NPXX3840
Jhirgaunn NPXX3841
Jhirpu NPXX3842
Jhisepu NPXX3843
Jhitkahiya NPXX3844
Jhitkaihiya NPXX3845
Jhojhi NPXX3846
Jholange NPXX3847
Jholunge NPXX3848
Jhongar NPXX3849
Jhor NPXX3850
Jhoreni NPXX3851
Jhorenikhani NPXX3852
Jhorgaun NPXX3853
Jhorungtol NPXX3854
Jhuldol NPXX3855
Jhulitar NPXX3856
Jhulkedanda NPXX3857
Jhunkhunama NPXX3858
Jhurjhure NPXX3859
Jhurjhure Thali NPXX3861
Jhuwani NPXX3862
Jhuwari NPXX3863
Jhyage NPXX3864
Jhyaku NPXX3865
Jhyale NPXX3866
Jhyalpati NPXX3867
Jhyandikharka NPXX3868
Jhyangmaring NPXX3869
Jhyangri NPXX3870
Jhyarithum NPXX3871
Jhyaure NPXX3872
Jibastol NPXX3873
Jibjibe NPXX3874
Jibre NPXX3875
Jidu NPXX3876
Jigadawa NPXX3877
Jiling Dwarethok NPXX3880
Jiling Thapagaun NPXX3881
Jilu NPXX3882
Jimargaun NPXX3883
Jimbalgaun NPXX3884
Jimdartol NPXX3885
Jimire NPXX3886
Jimling NPXX3887
Jinakhu NPXX3888
Jinggana NPXX3889
Jinggarwa NPXX3890
Jinlaug NPXX3891
Jirabhawani NPXX3892
Jiraidanda NPXX3893
Jirayat NPXX3894
Jiri NPXX3895
Jiri Bajar NPXX3896
Jirke NPXX3897
Jitdamar NPXX3898
Jitpur Bhanjyang NPXX3899
Jitpurkot NPXX3900
Jitpurphedi NPXX3901
Jiyaltol NPXX3902
Jiyatol NPXX3903
Jlrayat NPXX3904
Jobalu NPXX3905
Jogauliya NPXX3906
Jogetar NPXX3907
Jogidamar NPXX3908
Jogidihi NPXX3909
Jogigaun NPXX3910
Jogimara NPXX3911
Jogimaruwa NPXX3912
Jogithum NPXX3913
Jogithumka NPXX3914
Jogra NPXX3915
Jokaha NPXX3916
Jokhedada NPXX3917
Jolganwa NPXX3918
Jomkhor NPXX3919
Jongdanda NPXX3920
Jopha NPXX3921
Jor Chautara NPXX3922
Jorchhanga NPXX3923
Jorkhu NPXX3924
Jorlahi NPXX3925
Jorthum NPXX3926
Joshigaun NPXX3927
Jotpur NPXX3928
Judi NPXX3929
Judigaun NPXX3930
Juditol NPXX3931
Jugarang NPXX3932
Juge NPXX3933
Jugedi NPXX3934
Jugedi Bajar NPXX3935
Jugepani Chauki NPXX3936
Jugeshwarpur NPXX3937
Jugu NPXX3938
Juina NPXX3939
Junedanda NPXX3940
Juneligaun NPXX3941
Junetar NPXX3942
Junge Darbar NPXX3943
Juple NPXX3944
Juredanda NPXX3945
Jurethum NPXX3946
Jurethum Thumki NPXX3947
Juribela NPXX3948
Jurithum NPXX3949
Jurpani NPXX3950
Jurthum NPXX3951
Juwa NPXX3952
Juwakatti NPXX3953
Jwanitar NPXX3954
Jyajortol NPXX3955
Jyakata NPXX3956
Jyamdelbesi NPXX3957
Jyamduk NPXX3958
Jyamidanda NPXX3959
Jyamire NPXX8846
Jyamire Siran NPXX3960
Jyamirebesi NPXX3961
Jyamirechaur NPXX3962
Jyamirechok NPXX3963
Jyamiredanda NPXX3964
Jyamiretar NPXX3965
Jyamiretol NPXX3966
Jyamitar NPXX3967
Jyamjim NPXX3968
Jyamling NPXX3969
Jyandala NPXX3970
Jyandrung NPXX3971
Jyantipur NPXX3972
Jyatha NPXX3973
Jyathapakha NPXX3974
Jyatuli NPXX3975
Jyawalakhel NPXX3976
Jyotinagar NPXX3977
Jysmirewara NPXX3978
Jyunan NPXX3979
Kabahijabdi NPXX3981
Kabase NPXX3982
Kabhre Bhanjyang NPXX3983
Kabhrechaur NPXX3984
Kabhrepakha NPXX3985
Kabilas NPXX3986
Kabilasdanda NPXX3987
Kabiredanda NPXX3988
Kabirgama NPXX3989
Kabrang NPXX3990
Kabrechaur NPXX3991
Kabregaun NPXX3992
Kabreswanra NPXX3993
Kabutol NPXX3994
Kachaharitol NPXX3995
Kache NPXX3996
Kachet NPXX3997
Kachhadthok NPXX3998
Kachhargaun NPXX3999
Kachorwa NPXX4000
Kachuri NPXX4001
Kadalghareti NPXX4002
Kadambas NPXX4003
Kadame NPXX4004
Kadang NPXX4005
Kadarbana NPXX4006
Kade NPXX4007
Kadechaur NPXX4008
Kadelgaun NPXX4009
KagateDanda NPXX4010
Kagatigaun NPXX4011
Kagchet NPXX4012
Kagechaur NPXX4013
Kageswanra NPXX4014
Kahekhel NPXX4015
Kaidale NPXX4016
Kaijale NPXX4017
Kaijaltar NPXX4018
Kailan NPXX4019
Kailashgupha NPXX4020
Kailashnagar NPXX4021
Kailedanda NPXX4022
Kaileni NPXX4023
Kaileshwargiri NPXX4024
Kainale NPXX4025
Kainchaltar NPXX4026
Kainjale NPXX4027
Kaitar NPXX4028
Kaithaniya NPXX4029
Kajara NPXX4030
Kajidihi NPXX4031
Kajitol NPXX4032
Kakada NPXX4033
Kakadi NPXX4034
Kakaiya NPXX4035
Kakalin NPXX4036
Kakani NPXX4037
Kakani Bhanjyang NPXX4038
Kakare NPXX4039
Kakaregaun NPXX4040
Kakari NPXX4041
Kakchet NPXX4042
Kakrabari NPXX4043
Kalabanjar NPXX4044
Kalagan NPXX4045
Kalaiya NPXX4046
Kalakhola NPXX4047
Kalam Masi NPXX4048
Kalamgsi NPXX4049
Kalamnsa NPXX4050
Kalamsa NPXX4051
Kalang NPXX4052
Kalanki NPXX4053
Kalankithan NPXX4054
Kalansing NPXX4055
Kalanti NPXX4056
Kalapahara NPXX4057
Kalatar NPXX4058
Kalate NPXX4059
Kalathok NPXX4060
Kalawatola NPXX4061
Kalchedi NPXX4062
Kalchhebesi NPXX4063
Kalchunde NPXX4064
Kaldanda NPXX4065
Kaldhara NPXX4066
Kaldhude NPXX4067
Kaleripakha NPXX4068
Kalgheri NPXX4069
Kali Pokhari NPXX4070
Kalichaur NPXX4071
Kalidaha NPXX4072
Kalidas Hathiaul NPXX4073
Kalidevi NPXX4074
Kalidhap NPXX4075
Kalidobhan NPXX4076
Kaligaun NPXX4077
Kalighat NPXX4078
Kalikhokagaun NPXX4081
Kalilek NPXX4082
Kalimaran NPXX4083
Kalimaregaun NPXX4084
Kalimate NPXX4085
Kalimati Damar NPXX4087
Kalinagar NPXX4088
Kalinchok NPXX4089
Kaling NPXX4090
Kalinge NPXX4091
Kalkatetol NPXX4092
Kalkathan NPXX4093
Kalleri Dihi NPXX4094
Kalleri Tallo NPXX4095
Kalleridobhan NPXX4096
Kallerigaun NPXX4097
Kalmochanghat NPXX4098
Kalmrang NPXX4099
Kalo Bhanjyang NPXX4100
Kalopani NPXX4101
Kalse NPXX4102
Kaltabbe NPXX4103
Kalthuta NPXX4105
Kaltu NPXX4106
Kalwan NPXX4107
Kalwan Bhumethum NPXX4108
Kalwang NPXX4109
Kalyanchaur NPXX4110
Kalyantar NPXX4112
Kamad NPXX4113
Kamaladi NPXX4114
Kamalbinayak NPXX4115
Kamale NPXX4116
Kamalmatta NPXX4117
Kamalpatti NPXX4118
Kamalpokhari NPXX4119
Kamaltar NPXX4120
Kamaltari NPXX4121
Kamane NPXX4122
Kamarkholagaun NPXX4123
Kamarukotthok NPXX4124
Kamati NPXX4125
Kambas NPXX4126
Kamboji NPXX4127
Kamchok NPXX4128
Kamerechhap NPXX4129
Kamerigaun NPXX4130
Kameropani NPXX4131
Kamerotar NPXX4132
Kamigau NPXX4133
Kamikhet NPXX4134
Kampur NPXX4135
Kamsa NPXX4136
Kanachhasa NPXX4137
Kanakot NPXX4138
Kanakot Lek NPXX4139
Kanakpatti NPXX4140
Kanchabasti NPXX4141
Kanchhi Baghai NPXX4142
Kanchhi Bajar NPXX4143
Kandaghari NPXX4144
Kandalchuli NPXX4145
Kandegaun NPXX4146
Kandrang NPXX4147
Kandrang Garhi NPXX4148
Kandrangadhi NPXX4149
Kanelthok NPXX4150
Kangalgaun NPXX4151
Kanggabagaun NPXX4152
Kangja La NPXX4153
Kangkalimaisthan NPXX4154
Kangre NPXX4155
Kangring NPXX4156
Kanidanda NPXX4157
Kankada NPXX4158
Kankalidanda NPXX8847
Kankalinagar NPXX4159
Kankalitol NPXX4160
Kankare NPXX4161
Kankrabari NPXX4162
Kankrabari Dovan NPXX8848
Kankre NPXX4163
Kanlang NPXX4164
Kannchanpur NPXX4165
Kans Bhakar NPXX4166
Kanshghari NPXX4167
Kanshikharka NPXX4168
Kant NPXX4169
Kantghat NPXX4170
Kanthun NPXX4171
Kanti Bajar NPXX4172
Kanyadanda NPXX4173
Kapahiti NPXX4174
Kapalkot NPXX4175
Kapan NPXX4176
Kapantar NPXX4177
Kaparphori NPXX4178
Kape NPXX4179
Kaphal Danda NPXX4180
Kaphalchhap NPXX4181
Kaphalchuri NPXX4182
Kaphalgairi NPXX4183
Kaphalswanra NPXX4184
Kaphalswara NPXX4185
Kaphalswari NPXX4186
Kaphaltar NPXX8849
Kaphlebot NPXX4187
Kaphledihi NPXX4188
Kaphlegau NPXX4189
Kaphlegaun NPXX4190
Kaphleni NPXX4191
Kaphletar NPXX4192
Kaphlethok NPXX4193
Kapilakot NPXX4194
Kapileshwar NPXX4195
Kapin NPXX4196
Kapiram NPXX4197
Kapiya NPXX4198
Kaprebas NPXX4199
Kaprechhap NPXX4200
Kapredunga NPXX4201
Kapreghat NPXX4202
Kapsa NPXX4203
Kapsagaun NPXX4204
Kaptaul NPXX4205
Kapthang NPXX4206
Kapugaun NPXX4207
Kapurganj NPXX4208
Kapurgaun NPXX4209
Kapurpanidol NPXX4210
Karahek NPXX4211
Karakuling NPXX4212
Karamandi NPXX4213
Karamawatol NPXX4214
Karambote NPXX4215
Karangaira NPXX4216
Karanglung NPXX4217
Karase NPXX4218
Karauge NPXX4219
Karauje NPXX4220
Karaujetar NPXX4221
Karaunjeghari NPXX4222
Karbang NPXX4223
Karejun NPXX4224
Karigaon NPXX0015
Karitol NPXX4225
Karkach Karmaiya NPXX4226
Karkare NPXX4227
Karketar NPXX4228
Karkhetigaun NPXX8850
Karkichhap NPXX4229
Karkidandagaun NPXX4230
Karkipati NPXX4231
Karkitol NPXX4232
Karmachuri NPXX4233
Karmahi Katti NPXX4235
Karmaiya NPXX4236
Karmaiyatola NPXX4237
Karmathali NPXX4238
Karmatoki NPXX4239
Karmaya NPXX4240
Karmetar NPXX4241
Karmichaur NPXX4242
Karmidanda NPXX4243
Karmidandagaun NPXX4244
Karmohana NPXX4245
Karmona NPXX4246
Karmuhan NPXX4247
Karse NPXX4248
Karsindanda NPXX4249
Karsirang NPXX4250
Karthali NPXX4251
Kartun NPXX4252
Kartung NPXX4253
Karuna NPXX4254
Karuniya Goth NPXX4256
Karyabinayak NPXX4257
Kasaitol NPXX4258
Kasara NPXX4259
Kasarachok NPXX4260
Kasatar NPXX4261
Kashbang NPXX4262
Kashigaun NPXX4263
Kashikhanda NPXX4264
Kashikharka NPXX4265
Kashiramdanda NPXX4267
Kashitar NPXX4268
Kashre NPXX4269
Kasinka NPXX4270
Kaskote NPXX4271
Kastar NPXX4272
Kaste NPXX4273
Kastegaun NPXX4274
Kataban NPXX4275
Katagenwa NPXX4276
Kataharbot NPXX4277
Kataharbottol NPXX4278
Katahariyatola NPXX4279
Katahartadi NPXX4280
Katangaun NPXX4281
Katarbana NPXX4282
Katarche NPXX4283
Katarje NPXX4284
Katarwa NPXX4285
Katarwatol NPXX4286
Kathamandutola NPXX4287
Kathar NPXX4288
Kathar Bagar NPXX4289
Kathariyatola NPXX4290
Kathatetol NPXX4291
Kathmandu NPXX0002
Kathpulla NPXX4292
Kathpullatol NPXX4293
Kathsikri NPXX4294
Kathudhartol NPXX4295
Katle NPXX4296
Katle Dobhan NPXX4297
Katle Kholagaun NPXX4298
Katlegaun NPXX4299
Kattachhap NPXX4300
Katteltol NPXX4301
Kattichhap NPXX4302
Kattika NPXX4303
Kattike NPXX8851
Kattikedanda NPXX4305
Kattiparsa NPXX4306
Kattiramauli NPXX4307
Kattitol NPXX4308
Katubahal NPXX4309
Katujpani NPXX4310
Katunie NPXX4311
Katunje Bajar NPXX4312
Katunjebesi NPXX4313
Katunjegaira NPXX4314
Katunjepani NPXX4315
Katuskhoriya NPXX4316
Katuwa NPXX4317
Katuwalgaun NPXX4318
Katuwalpauwa NPXX4319
Kauchhe NPXX4320
Kauchini NPXX4321
Kauchinibesi NPXX4322
Kaudena NPXX4323
Kaudenatol NPXX4324
Kaudol NPXX4325
Kaudugaun NPXX4326
Kaule Basnetgaun NPXX4327
Kaulebesi NPXX4328
Kaulethana NPXX4329
Kaulethumko NPXX4330
Kausaghari NPXX4331
Kauseni NPXX4332
Kaushaltar NPXX4333
Kaushi NPXX4334
Kaushila NPXX4335
Kausini NPXX4336
Kauwaban NPXX4337
Kauwatol NPXX4338
Kawahigoth NPXX4339
Kawase NPXX4340
Kayar NPXX4341
Kebaldanda NPXX4342
Kebalpur NPXX4343
Kebara NPXX4344
Kebattol NPXX4345
Kechretar NPXX4346
Kelpati NPXX4347
Kelung NPXX4348
Kemalipakha NPXX4349
Kemalipur NPXX4350
Kempa NPXX4351
Kemuntar NPXX4352
Keore NPXX4353
Kerabote NPXX4354
Keragharitol NPXX4355
Kerauja NPXX4356
Kereni NPXX4357
Kerungkholagaun NPXX4358
Kesharbag NPXX4359
Keshare NPXX4360
Kesharkuti NPXX4361
Kesihopta NPXX4362
Keurenitar NPXX4363
Keurepani NPXX4364
Kewaleshwar NPXX4365
Kewanchuli NPXX4367
Keware Bhangjyan NPXX4368
Kewarenigaun NPXX4369
Kewore NPXX4370
Keworepani NPXX4371
Kewtani NPXX4372
Khabatepani NPXX4373
Khadagaun NPXX4374
Khadartol NPXX4375
Khaddamar NPXX4376
Khade NPXX4377
Khadga Bhanjyang NPXX4378
Khadgaun NPXX4379
Khadgidanda NPXX4380
Khadichaur NPXX4381
Khadidamar NPXX4382
Khadka NPXX4383
Khadkachhap NPXX4384
Khadkadhik NPXX4385
Khadkagaon NPXX4386
Khadkhutte NPXX4387
Khadkidanda NPXX4388
Khadwal NPXX4389
Khadwari NPXX4390
Khagade NPXX4391
Khage NPXX4392
Khagedanda NPXX4393
Khahare Bajar NPXX4394
Khahareghat NPXX4396
Khaidi NPXX4397
Khaimidanda NPXX4398
Khairaghari NPXX4399
Khairang NPXX8852
Khairatol NPXX4400
Khairatola NPXX4401
Khairawa NPXX4402
Khairba NPXX4403
Khairbani NPXX4404
Khaire NPXX4405
Khairegaun NPXX4406
Khairenibesi NPXX4407
Khaireti NPXX4408
Khairmarasir NPXX4409
Khairtol NPXX4410
Khairuwa NPXX4411
Khairwatol NPXX8853
Khaiyarbona NPXX4412
Khaiyartoki NPXX4413
Khajani NPXX4414
Khajulidamar NPXX4415
Khajure NPXX4416
Khajuriyatol NPXX4417
Khakaligaun NPXX4418
Khaksi NPXX4419
Khalakharka NPXX4420
Khalangadanda NPXX4421
Khalangatar NPXX4422
Khalari NPXX4423
Khalchettol NPXX4424
Khalchukgaun NPXX4425
Khaldanda NPXX4426
Khaldekholagaun NPXX4427
Khalding NPXX4428
Khale Gurdum NPXX4430
Khalle NPXX4431
Khalphitar NPXX4432
Khalte Chainpur NPXX4433
Khaltebesi NPXX4434
Khaltedanda NPXX4435
Khaltepani NPXX4436
Khalthali NPXX4437
Khaluchadhi NPXX4438
Khambachok NPXX4440
Khambasing NPXX4441
Khamuwa NPXX4442
Khanakharka NPXX4443
Khanalgaun NPXX4444
Khanalthok NPXX4445
Khanbhanjyang NPXX4446
Khandanda NPXX4447
Khandedhar NPXX4449
Khangjim NPXX4450
Khangkhung NPXX4451
Khangre NPXX4452
Khangsangbesi NPXX4455
Khani NPXX4456
Khani Nigale NPXX4457
KhaniDanda NPXX4458
Khanigau NPXX4459
Khanikharka NPXX4460
Khanikhola NPXX4461
Khanipakha NPXX4462
Khanitar NPXX4463
Khaniya NPXX4464
Khaniya Chaur NPXX4465
Khaniyabas NPXX4466
Khaniyaghari NPXX4467
Khaniyapani NPXX4468
Khanjani NPXX4469
Khanjani Jyamire NPXX4470
Khankari NPXX4471
Khanldol NPXX4472
Khannagi NPXX4473
Khannechaur NPXX4474
Khanugaun NPXX4475
Khanya NPXX4476
Khanyubas NPXX4477
Khanyubot NPXX4478
Khapartatta NPXX4479
Khaplung NPXX4480
Khaptol NPXX4481
Khapu NPXX4482
Khar NPXX4483
Kharahiyatol NPXX4484
Kharamtar NPXX4485
Kharanga NPXX4486
Kharaniphant NPXX4487
Kharanitar NPXX4488
Kharayoban NPXX4489
Kharban NPXX4490
Kharbang NPXX4491
Kharbari NPXX4492
Kharbuje NPXX4493
Khardanda NPXX4494
Khardarpati NPXX4495
Khardase NPXX4496
Khardhunga NPXX4497
Khare Hurpung NPXX4498
Khare Phakchi NPXX4499
Kharelthok NPXX4500
Khareltol NPXX4501
Kharen NPXX4502
Kharetar NPXX4503
Khargauli NPXX4504
Khari Bhanjyang NPXX4505
Kharibhanjyang NPXX4506
Kharidanda NPXX4507
Kharihani NPXX4508
Kharihatiya NPXX4509
Kharikuna NPXX4510
Kharipati NPXX4511
Khariswanra NPXX4512
Khariya NPXX4513
Khariyani NPXX4514
Kharka NPXX4515
Kharkadanda NPXX8854
Kharkagaun NPXX4517
Kharkatai NPXX4518
Kharkatta NPXX4519
Kharkhet NPXX4520
Kharki NPXX4521
Kharkitola NPXX4522
Kharling NPXX4523
Kharpachok NPXX4524
Kharpan NPXX4525
Kharsagaun NPXX4526
Kharsu Bathan NPXX4528
Kharta NPXX4529
Khartagaun NPXX4530
Khasare NPXX4531
Khasgaun NPXX4532
Khasimara NPXX4533
Khasra NPXX4534
Khasre NPXX4535
Khasreghyang NPXX4536
Khasroghari NPXX4537
Khasrubas NPXX4538
Khatabaiya NPXX4539
Khatarbesi NPXX4540
Khatauti NPXX4541
Khatbaiyatol NPXX4542
Khatigaun NPXX4543
Khatrichhap NPXX4544
Khatrishahar NPXX4545
Khatritar NPXX4546
Khawadanda NPXX4547
Khawasdanda NPXX4548
Khayarchyat NPXX4549
Khayarghari NPXX4550
Khayargharitol NPXX4552
Khechai NPXX4553
Khekadiya NPXX4554
Khekariya NPXX4555
Khekhariya NPXX4556
Khelbu NPXX4557
Kheldanda NPXX4558
Kheltar NPXX4559
Khennebas NPXX4560
Khesarahiya NPXX4561
Khesaraul NPXX4562
Khesartol NPXX4563
Kheshraha NPXX4564
Kheste Bajar NPXX4566
Khestegaun NPXX4567
Khetbari NPXX4568
Khidkigaun NPXX4569
Khikhiriya NPXX4570
Khikhiriyatola NPXX4571
Khiki NPXX4572
Khimti Dandagaun NPXX4573
Khinchet NPXX4574
Khiniyachaur NPXX4575
Khiping NPXX4576
Khiriyani NPXX4578
Khirkhiriya NPXX4579
Khirkhiriyatol NPXX4580
Khirki NPXX4581
Khirratar NPXX4582
Khirre Bhanjyang NPXX4583
Khitragaun NPXX4584
Khodbesi NPXX4585
Khodiya NPXX4586
Khodpa NPXX4587
Khok NPXX4588
Khokana NPXX4589
Khokanatol NPXX4590
Khoklaing NPXX4591
Khokna NPXX4592
Khoksinath NPXX4593
Kholakharkagaun NPXX4594
Kholakhetgaun NPXX4595
Kholaletol NPXX4596
Khole NPXX4597
Kholekharka NPXX4598
Kholekhet NPXX4599
Kholesimal NPXX4600
Kholghari NPXX4601
Kholmachaur NPXX4602
Kholmadhik NPXX4603
Kholmagaun NPXX4604
Kholmakharka NPXX4605
Kholmakholagaun NPXX4606
Kholmatol NPXX4607
Kholmidanda NPXX4608
Kholtar NPXX4609
Khopa NPXX4610
Khopasi NPXX4611
Khopawa NPXX4612
Khopi NPXX4613
Khoplang NPXX4614
Khor NPXX4615
Khorbhanjyan NPXX4616
Khorbhanjyang NPXX4617
Khordhong NPXX4618
Khorepani NPXX4619
Khorgaun NPXX4620
Khoriya NPXX4621
Khoriyatol NPXX4622
Khorkatti NPXX4623
Khorkhola NPXX4624
Khorongdanda NPXX4625
Khorsal NPXX4626
Khorsanibari NPXX4627
Khorsyattol NPXX4628
Khorthape NPXX4629
Khorthapne NPXX4630
Khorung NPXX4631
Khosaredanda NPXX4632
Khosmere NPXX4633
Khosmire NPXX4634
Khublaltol NPXX4635
Khudiyatola NPXX4636
Khuipu NPXX4637
Khukundol NPXX4638
Khulaltar NPXX4639
Khulatol NPXX4640
Khululu NPXX4641
Khumaltar NPXX4642
Khumbari NPXX4643
Khumtar NPXX4644
Khundruka NPXX4645
Khuntarebesi NPXX4646
Khurang NPXX4647
Khurka NPXX4648
Khurke NPXX4649
Khurkhure NPXX4650
Khurkot NPXX4651
Khurlu NPXX4652
Khurpakholagaun NPXX4653
Khurpati NPXX4654
Khursane NPXX4655
Khursani NPXX4656
Khursanitar NPXX4659
Khurule NPXX4660
Khushipur NPXX4661
Khushnagari NPXX4662
Khusibu NPXX4663
Khutauna NPXX4664
Khuttepani NPXX4665
Khutume NPXX4666
Khwanglang NPXX4667
Khyadar NPXX4668
Khyaku NPXX4669
Kibethumka NPXX4670
Kichet NPXX4671
Kicholpa NPXX4672
Kigaring NPXX4673
Kigurching NPXX4674
Kihuniya NPXX4675
Kijungphu NPXX4676
Kilagal NPXX4677
Kilpu NPXX4678
Kimadol NPXX4680
Kimlung NPXX4681
Kimsi NPXX4682
Kindrang NPXX4684
Kingringtol NPXX4685
Kintangbesi NPXX4686
Kiphrankholagaun NPXX4687
Kipiche NPXX4688
Kiranetar NPXX4689
Kiranganj NPXX4690
KIrantar NPXX3980
Kirantichhap NPXX4691
Kirchhap NPXX4692
Kirdas NPXX4693
Kiriyapani NPXX4694
Kirsaura NPXX4695
Kirtanpur NPXX4696
Kirtetar NPXX4697
Kirtipur NPXX4698
Kisandol NPXX4699
Kisetar NPXX4700
Kishigal NPXX4701
Kisipindi NPXX0018
Kismatpur NPXX4702
Kispan NPXX4703
Kisunpur NPXX4704
Kiswan NPXX4705
Kitachaur NPXX4706
Kitani NPXX8855
Kitinikhani NPXX4707
Kitipa NPXX4708
Kitrang NPXX8856
Kiul NPXX4709
Kiulpati NPXX4710
Kiureni NPXX4711
Kiyun NPXX4712
Koda NPXX4713
Kodaka NPXX4714
Kodetar NPXX4715
Kodokhore NPXX4716
Kodokhoriya NPXX4717
Koiralachet NPXX4718
Koiralathok NPXX4719
Koiralathumki NPXX4720
Koiralatol NPXX4721
Koiralegaun NPXX4722
Koiriyatol NPXX4723
Koiriyatola NPXX4724
Kokaling NPXX4725
Kokam NPXX4726
Kokati NPXX4727
Kokhechhap NPXX4728
Kokhim NPXX4729
Koksirang NPXX4730
Kokum NPXX4731
Kolbi NPXX4732
Kolbi Bajar NPXX4733
Kolchaur NPXX4734
Koldhunga NPXX4735
Kole NPXX4736
Kolemu NPXX4737
Kolepa NPXX4738
Kolgaira NPXX4739
Kolgaun NPXX4740
Kolhuwamor NPXX4741
Kolkhaharegaun NPXX4742
Kolputar NPXX4743
Kolunjor NPXX4744
Kolunjorghat NPXX4745
Komin NPXX4746
Komo NPXX4747
Komrang NPXX4748
Koncharang NPXX4749
Kondyandanda NPXX4750
Kongematar NPXX4751
Kongsu NPXX4752
Koniya NPXX4753
Kopawa NPXX4754
Kope NPXX4755
Kopintar NPXX4756
Koplang NPXX4757
Koptil NPXX4758
Kopugaun NPXX4759
Kopwa NPXX4760
Koraiyapani NPXX4761
Korak NPXX4762
Koranghat NPXX4763
Korem NPXX4764
Korkthali NPXX4765
Korthumkabesi NPXX4766
Korugaun NPXX4767
Korundu NPXX4768
Kosdanda NPXX4769
Kosgade NPXX4770
Koshidekha NPXX4771
Koshikhet NPXX4772
Kosling NPXX4773
Kosran NPXX4774
Kot Timal NPXX4775
Kotachaur NPXX4776
Kotali NPXX4777
Kotapari NPXX4778
Kotarche NPXX4779
Kotebang NPXX8857
Koteshwar NPXX4780
Kotgau NPXX4781
Kothalitar NPXX4782
Kothatol NPXX4783
Kothedandagaun NPXX4784
Kothidanda NPXX4785
Kothikholagaun NPXX4786
Kothitola NPXX4787
Kothiya NPXX4788
Kothpe NPXX4789
Kotnamlang NPXX4790
Kotpari NPXX4791
Kotregaun NPXX4792
Kotwali NPXX4793
Kotyanggaun NPXX4794
Kowani NPXX4795
Koyalgaun NPXX4796
Koyang NPXX4797
Krinebhir NPXX4798
Ksamawati NPXX4799
Ksatritol NPXX4800
Ksetrapa NPXX4801
Ksetrapur NPXX4802
Ksetrigaun NPXX4803
Ksumti NPXX4804
Kuatwal NPXX4805
Kuberdandagaun NPXX4806
Kubheswar NPXX4807
Kubhinde NPXX4808
Kubhintar NPXX4809
Kuchai NPXX4810
Kuchingairha NPXX4811
Kuchipakhel NPXX4812
Kuchpu NPXX4813
Kudabar NPXX4814
Kudar NPXX4815
Kudare NPXX4816
Kudari NPXX4817
Kudiya NPXX4818
Kudule Ratmate NPXX4819
Kudulegaihra NPXX4820
Kuele NPXX4821
Kuhari NPXX4822
Kuikelthumka NPXX4823
Kuikep NPXX4824
Kuinkelgaun NPXX4825
Kukhrepani NPXX4826
Kukhura Bhasma NPXX4827
Kukhure Chaur NPXX4828
Kukurdaha NPXX4829
Kukurjor NPXX4830
Kukurwa NPXX4831
Kulabanjh NPXX4832
Kulamuni NPXX4833
Kulban NPXX4834
Kulegaun NPXX4835
Kuleshwar NPXX4836
Kuleti NPXX4837
Kulgaun NPXX4838
Kulidanda NPXX4839
Kulikhani NPXX4840
Kulkule NPXX4841
Kulkute NPXX4842
Kulokhlagaun NPXX4843
Kulokhop NPXX4844
Kulpakot NPXX4845
Kulswanra NPXX4846
Kulundanda NPXX4847
Kuluwa NPXX4848
Kumai Jyamrung NPXX4849
Kumalikhadi NPXX4850
Kumaltari NPXX4851
Kumaratha NPXX4852
Kumargadhi NPXX4853
Kumargari NPXX4854
Kumargaun NPXX4855
Kumarichok NPXX4856
Kumarigal NPXX4857
Kumarigaun NPXX4858
Kumaripati NPXX4859
Kumaristhan NPXX4860
Kumarkhat NPXX4861
Kumbhakarna NPXX4862
Kumbheshwar NPXX4863
Kumharauda NPXX4864
Kumharaul NPXX4865
Kumhartol NPXX4866
Kumhatoli NPXX4867
Kumhidih NPXX4868
Kumiya NPXX4869
Kumpur NPXX4870
Kumpurkharka NPXX4871
Kumra NPXX4872
Kunaghari NPXX4873
Kunahiyan NPXX4874
Kunai NPXX4875
Kunbhubelding NPXX4876
Kunchepokal NPXX4877
Kunchhal NPXX4878
Kunda NPXX4880
Kundadanda NPXX4881
Kundahar NPXX4882
Kundhar NPXX4883
Kunduletar NPXX4884
Kunduwal NPXX4885
Kunigaun NPXX4886
Kunikharka NPXX4887
Kunle NPXX4888
Kunta NPXX4889
Kuntar NPXX4890
Kunteli NPXX4891
Kupa NPXX4892
Kupandol NPXX4893
Kupchet NPXX4894
Kupri NPXX4895
Kupridanda NPXX4896
Kurainiyatol NPXX4897
Kuraisatol NPXX4898
Kurale NPXX4899
Kurchauli NPXX4900
Kurdanda NPXX4901
Kurel NPXX4902
Kuri NPXX4903
Kuringha NPXX4904
Kurintar NPXX4905
Kurlang NPXX4906
Kurle NPXX4907
Kurledamar NPXX4908
Kurtha NPXX4909
Kurtholi NPXX4910
Kurugaun NPXX4911
Kurule NPXX4912
Kurunthali NPXX4913
Kuruwas NPXX4914
Kurwas NPXX4915
Kusahana NPXX4916
Kusahani NPXX4917
Kusahatol NPXX4918
Kusangpal NPXX4919
Kusanti NPXX4920
Kusawati NPXX4921
Kusdamar NPXX4922
Kush Baseri NPXX4923
Kushadevi NPXX4924
Kushawartol NPXX4925
Kushlechaur NPXX4926
Kushmari NPXX4927
Kushwartol NPXX4928
Kuslamtar NPXX4929
Kusmaha NPXX4930
Kuspa NPXX4931
Kusumbari NPXX4932
Kusumbot NPXX4933
Kusumdanda NPXX4934
Kusumdandagaun NPXX4935
Kusumlaltol NPXX4936
Kusun NPXX4937
Kusunde NPXX4938
Kusundegaun NPXX4939
Kutal NPXX4940
Kutawal NPXX4941
Kutawan NPXX4942
Kutawatol NPXX4943
Kuthame NPXX4944
Kutisyau NPXX4945
Kutsing NPXX4946
Kutte Bhakari NPXX4947
Kutumsang NPXX4948
Kuturcha NPXX4949
Kuwartol NPXX4950
Kwako NPXX4951
Kwamindanda NPXX4952
Kwandre NPXX4953
Kyaldar NPXX4954
Kyama NPXX4955
Kyamare NPXX4956
Kyampa NPXX4957
Kyampadanda NPXX4958
Kyampaschok NPXX4959
Kyamunchaur NPXX4960
Kyangdandi NPXX4961
Kyangjing Gumba NPXX4962
Kyangpal NPXX4963
Kyansing NPXX4964
Kyansir NPXX4965
Kyansirang NPXX4966
Kyaung NPXX4967
Kyayun NPXX4968