Weather Codes for Namibia

Find Weather Codes or Weather Zip Codes for states and cities in Namibia. Weather Codes references a specified Location and is used to get weather of that place accurately. They are used by The Weather Channel( by IBM), Yahoo! Weather, AOL Weather and many such weather forecasting platforms. It is similar to Yahoo's WOEID(Where On the Earth ID) that is used to represent each place uniquely.

You can know the weather of any place precisely with the help of weather codes. Find the current weather of your state or city by clicking on it. You will be redirected to The Weather Channel site with your weather code for accurate weather forecast.

Abbabis WAXX0368
Abenab WAXX0878
Academia WAXX0565
Achab WAXX0566
Affenrucken WAXX0404
Ai-Ais WAXX0405
Aida WAXX0567
Akutsima WAXX1445
Akweenyanga WAXX1389
Alt-Seeis WAXX0568
Aluriesfontein WAXX0406
Amaadhala WAXX1446
Amakange WAXX1447
Amarika WAXX1448
Amasbank WAXX0271
Ambende WAXX1579
Amilema WAXX1580
Aminuis WAXX0007
Aminuis Corridor WAXX1030
Amukulungundju WAXX1581
Amutanga WAXX1390
Amuteya WAXX1582
Amwaanda WAXX1449
Amweepele WAXX1391
Anamulenge WAXX1450
Andara WAXX1110
Anelda WAXX0272
Anelda Woonstel WAXX0273
Angras Juntas WAXX0407
Anichab WAXX0274
Anixab WAXX0715
Anker WAXX0879
Antheap Milepost WAXX1583
Arabia WAXX1392
Arandis WAXX0008
Aranos WAXX0009
Arbeidsgenot WAXX0569
Arbeidsloon WAXX0880
Ariamab WAXX0408
Ariamsvlei WAXX0409
Aris WAXX0570
Arixa Ams WAXX0275
Arizona WAXX0571
Aroab WAXX0410
Aroams WAXX1031
Aroams Oos WAXX1032
Arona WAXX1451
Asikuli WAXX0071
Augustinium WAXX0572
Aurus WAXX0411
Aus WAXX0412
Austerlitz WAXX0413
Avis WAXX0573
Bagani WAXX0010
Bam se Pos WAXX0716
Beenbreek WAXX0414
Behr WAXX0574
Berghof WAXX0575
Bergquell WAXX0881
Bergveld WAXX0576
Berseba WAXX0011
Bethal WAXX0276
Bethanie WAXX0415
Bethlehem WAXX0577
Binsenheim WAXX0578
Birkenfels WAXX0277
Blignaut WAXX0882
Blokwater WAXX0369
Bloukrans WAXX0579
Blouputz WAXX0580
Blouwes WAXX0416
Blydeverwacht WAXX0417
Bodenhausen WAXX0581
Bokiesbank Ost WAXX0418
Bondelswarts WAXX0419
Bonna WAXX0582
Boomplaas WAXX0883
Brack WAXX0012
Brigadoon WAXX0583
Bruinheuwel WAXX0420
Buchani WAXX0072
Buitepos WAXX1033
Bukalo WAXX0073
Bulhoek WAXX0884
Bulskop WAXX0885
Butjana WAXX0074
Calai WAXX0013
Cambells Aub WAXX0370
Cape Cross WAXX0278
Catjo WAXX1111
Cha-re WAXX0584
Chaibis WAXX0585
Chaka WAXX0075
Charley WAXX0076
Charliesputs WAXX0421
Chausib WAXX0586
Chefuzwe WAXX0077
Chengere WAXX0078
Chinchimane WAXX0079
Chrisjansputs WAXX0422
Claratal WAXX0587
Coas WAXX0588
Coblenz WAXX0886
Constantia WAXX0589
Corona WAXX0590
Cowenga WAXX1112
Cuma WAXX1113
Cuseva WAXX1114
Cwa WAXX1115
Dabegabis WAXX0423
Dagbreek WAXX0591
Dakwa WAXX1116
Dancence WAXX1117
Davignab Suid WAXX0424
Daweb WAXX0279
De Start WAXX0887
De Villiersputs WAXX0425
Denarius WAXX0888
Deo-Volente WAXX0889
Derm WAXX0014
Desi WAXX1118
Die End WAXX0890
Die Park WAXX0891
Diepkuil WAXX0592
Diepputz WAXX0593
Dikundhu WAXX1119
Dipito WAXX0080
Direlis WAXX0594
Diyogha WAXX1120
Djadjasa WAXX1121
Dobegabis WAXX0426
Dobra WAXX0595
Donkerhoek WAXX0596
Donkersan WAXX0597
Dordabis WAXX0015
Dornbaum WAXX0598
Dosa WAXX1122
Douglas WAXX0281
Drei Kameelbaum WAXX0427
Dreihuk WAXX0428
Driehoek WAXX1584
Driemaal WAXX0892
Drimiopsis WAXX1034
Dudu WAXX1123
Duinekraal WAXX0893
Dumsis WAXX1124
Dumushe WAXX1125
Dusternbrook WAXX0894
Duurdrift Sud WAXX0429
Duwib WAXX0895
Duwisib WAXX0371
Dyapanga WAXX1126
Ebenhaezer WAXX0282
Edilanghono WAXX1714
Edoseb WAXX0283
Edundja WAXX1715
Eembidi WAXX1716
Eendombe WAXX1452
Eengolo WAXX1453
Eenhana WAXX1717
Eenkombo WAXX1718
Eeshowa WAXX1719
Efinde WAXX1720
Efululula WAXX1721
Ehafo WAXX1722
Ehafo WAXX1127
Ehangano WAXX1393
Eheke WAXX1454
Eholongo WAXX1455
Ehomba WAXX0717
Ehongo WAXX1723
Eirup WAXX0372
Eisgaubib WAXX0599
Ekamba WAXX1394
Ekambo WAXX0718
Ekango WAXX0719
Ekangolomuve WAXX1724
Ekoka WAXX1725
Ekokalinini WAXX1726
Ekoko WAXX1585
Ekuli WAXX1128
Ekwenye WAXX0896
Ekwili WAXX1456
Elakalapwa WAXX1727
Elalangali WAXX1457
Elandsdraai WAXX0430
Elandspan WAXX0897
Elao WAXX1728
Elim WAXX1458
Elim WAXX0600
Elisenheim WAXX0601
Elizabeth Bay WAXX0016
Elizenhohe WAXX0602
Elombe WAXX1586
Elombe WAXX1729
Elondo WAXX1459
Emanya WAXX1730
Embwende WAXX0720
Emeritus WAXX0284
Emmanuel WAXX0898
Emonso WAXX1395
Endola WAXX1731
Engela WAXX1732
Enghandja WAXX1733
Enkundi WAXX1460
Enoch WAXX0431
Enoleu WAXX1461
Enongo WAXX1462
Enyana WAXX1734
Eorondemba WAXX0603
Epako WAXX0017
Epako WAXX1035
Epalalalinini WAXX1735
Epangwe WAXX1736
Epasha WAXX1737
Epata WAXX1036
Epato WAXX1463
Epeke WAXX1587
Epembe WAXX1738
Epinga WAXX1739
Epoko WAXX1464
Epukiro WAXX1037
Epuku WAXX1740
Epumbu WAXX1588
Epupa WAXX0899
Epyalyiipundu WAXX1396
Erakarombi WAXX0900
Erindinoukambe WAXX1038
Eros WAXX0604
Erospark WAXX0605
Erundu WAXX0018
Esati WAXX1397
Eselsruhe WAXX0432
Eshakeno WAXX1741
Esheshete WAXX1398
Esheshete WAXX1589
Eshosho WAXX1742
Etakaya WAXX1743
Etale WAXX1744
Etale Lyeenguwa WAXX1399
Etambo WAXX1590
Etaneno WAXX1591
Etanga WAXX0721
Etayi WAXX1465
Etengwa WAXX0722
Etilyasa WAXX1466
Etjapa WAXX1745
Etomba WAXX1746
Etoto WAXX0723
Etshinga WAXX1467
Etudilondjaba WAXX1747
Etunda WAXX1468
Eunda WAXX1469
Fairview WAXX0901
Falena WAXX0606
Formanastat WAXX0081
Fransfontein WAXX0724
Friedental WAXX0607
Fumbe WAXX1130
Gaibes WAXX0433
Gainachas WAXX0434
Gam WAXX0902
Gamsberg WAXX0608
Ganigobes WAXX0435
Gaobis WAXX0436
Garep WAXX0437
Garib Ost WAXX0609
Garrettes Pos WAXX0725
Gaucha WAXX0082
Gawa WAXX1131
Gawega WAXX1132
Gcagcawe WAXX1133
Gcama WAXX1134
Gcaru WAXX1135
Gcaruha WAXX1136
Gcude WAXX1137
Gcugcuma WAXX1138
Gcunda WAXX1139
Gcwagi WAXX1140
Gcwatjinga WAXX1141
Geigoab WAXX0438
Geusha WAXX0083
Gibeon WAXX0373
Gibeon Reserve WAXX0374
Goabis WAXX0904
Goanikontes WAXX0285
Gobabeb WAXX0286
Gobabis WAXX1039
Gochas WAXX0375
Gocheganas WAXX0610
Gollschau WAXX0611
Gorooab Ost WAXX1592
Gorooab West WAXX1593
Goroseb WAXX1040
Gove WAXX1142
Granitberg WAXX0439
Grieserau WAXX0287
Grillenthal WAXX0440
Groendraai WAXX0376
Groot Aub WAXX0612
Grootfontein WAXX0019
Grootfontein WAXX0377
Grootplaas WAXX0442
Grootplaats WAXX0443
Gross Barmen WAXX0905
Grunau WAXX0444
Guchab WAXX0020
Guichabis WAXX0445
Guisis WAXX0613
Guma WAXX1143
Gunib WAXX0906
Gunkas WAXX1041
Gunkwe WAXX0084
Haalenberg WAXX0021
Hadi-Aus WAXX0288
Haib WAXX0446
Haigamkab WAXX0289
Hakiesdoorn WAXX0448
Hakos WAXX0614
Halali WAXX1594
Halali WAXX0615
Haldenwang WAXX0449
Halili WAXX1144
Hamab WAXX0450
Hammerstein WAXX0378
Hamoye WAXX1145
Hamutenja WAXX0726
Hantam WAXX0907
Hardap WAXX0379
Haribes WAXX0380
Haris WAXX0616
Harmse WAXX1042
Hartelust WAXX0617
Hartseer WAXX0022
Harus WAXX0451
Hatsamas WAXX0618
Hefner WAXX0619
Heidehof WAXX0908
Heimat WAXX0620
Helen WAXX0621
Helmeringhausen WAXX0452
Henta WAXX0909
Hentiesbaai WAXX0001
Hildenhof WAXX0290
Hilton WAXX0622
Hoachanas WAXX0024
Hoapegas WAXX0453
Hochfeld WAXX0454
Hochfeld WAXX0910
Hochland WAXX0455
Hogeis WAXX0456
Hohenfels WAXX0457
Hohenheim WAXX0623
Holm WAXX1043
Holoog WAXX0458
Homeb WAXX0291
Hopefield WAXX0624
Horison WAXX0911
Hottentoten Bay WAXX0459
Hottentotspunt WAXX0025
Hugus WAXX1044
Huitsib WAXX0460
Hulde WAXX0912
Huniams Oos WAXX0461
Huniams Wes WAXX0462
Huns WAXX0463
Ibbu WAXX0085
Ibolokwa WAXX0086
Ihaha WAXX0087
Iihamyongwe WAXX1470
Iihanguti WAXX1471
Iihongo WAXX1595
Iikango WAXX1472
Iikelo WAXX1400
Iikokla WAXX1596
Iilambo WAXX1473
Iindangungu WAXX1401
Iipanda WAXX1474
Iipanda WAXX1597
Iipopo WAXX1598
Iiputu WAXX1475
Iitapa WAXX1476
Iithindi WAXX1748
Ikaba WAXX0088
Ilumba WAXX0089
Imkerhof WAXX0913
Ingururu WAXX1477
Isabis WAXX0381
Itomba WAXX0090
Ivoma WAXX0091
Jakkalsvlei WAXX0464
Juriesdraai WAXX0727
Kaalkop WAXX0026
Kabala WAXX0092
Kabbe WAXX0093
Kabebi WAXX0094
Kabolissa WAXX0095
Kabula WAXX0096
Kabulabula WAXX0097
Kadedere WAXX1146
Kaguni WAXX1147
Kahenge WAXX1148
Kaiango WAXX0027
Kais Noord WAXX0465
Kais Suid WAXX0466
Kaisosi WAXX1149
Kakambi WAXX0098
Kakatswa Onguati WAXX0728
Kake WAXX1150
Kakomwe WAXX0099
Kakuwa WAXX1151
Kalala WAXX0100
Kaliangile WAXX0101
Kalibo WAXX0102
Kalimbeza WAXX0103
Kalkbron WAXX0729
Kalkfeld WAXX0028
Kalkrand WAXX0029
Kaltenhausen WAXX0292
Kalundu WAXX0104
Kamanjab WAXX0730
Kambowo WAXX1152
Kambu WAXX1153
Kamkam WAXX0382
Kandenga WAXX1154
Kandimbe WAXX1155
Kandjara WAXX1156
Kaneb Pos WAXX0731
Kanebis WAXX0467
Kankudi WAXX1157
Kanono WAXX0105
Kansukwa WAXX1158
Kanto WAXX1159
Kanubeb WAXX0625
Kanyekama WAXX1160
Kanzoni WAXX1161
Kaoko Otavi WAXX0732
Kapako WAXX1162
Kapanda WAXX0106
Kaparara WAXX1163
Kapenene WAXX1164
Kapengwena WAXX1165
Kapolota WAXX0107
Kapupahedi WAXX1166
Kapupayedi WAXX1167
Karanab WAXX0626
Karanas WAXX0383
Karangana WAXX1168
Karasburg WAXX0468
Karayi WAXX1169
Karayl WAXX1170
Karibib WAXX0293
Karo WAXX1171
Karuchas WAXX0469
Karuci WAXX1172
Kasara WAXX1173
Kashiana WAXX0108
Kashivi WAXX1174
Kasika WAXX0109
Kasikili WAXX0110
Kasima WAXX1175
Kasimbo WAXX0111
Kasivi WAXX1176
Kasokonga WAXX0112
Kasoro WAXX1177
Kasote WAXX1178
Kasulwe WAXX0113
Katanda WAXX1179
Katanga WAXX0114
Katara WAXX1180
Katembo WAXX0115
Katima Mulilo WAXX0116
Katimba WAXX1181
Katomeno WAXX1182
Katope WAXX1183
Katope-ko-Mbome WAXX1185
Katope-Komugoro WAXX1184
Katungu WAXX0117
Katutura WAXX0627
Katwitwi WAXX1186
Kayanga WAXX0118
Kayanga WAXX1188
Kayengona WAXX1189
Kayuo WAXX0119
Kazi WAXX0120
Kazinzila WAXX0121
Keetmanshoop WAXX0006
Keibeb WAXX0914
Keibeb WAXX0628
Keimas WAXX0470
Kelpie WAXX0629
Keni WAXX1190
Kentucky WAXX0471
Khaais WAXX0472
Khan Mine WAXX0294
Khance WAXX1191
Khoexas WAXX0473
Khomasdal WAXX0630
Khorixas WAXX0733
Khorusepa WAXX0915
Khowarib WAXX0734
Kirschberg WAXX1045
Kleepforte WAXX0631
Klein Aub WAXX0384
Klein Aub WAXX0632
Klein Bergveld WAXX0633
Klein Chausib WAXX0634
Klein Klipneus WAXX0295
Klein Kowares WAXX0735
Klein Nauas WAXX0635
Klein Onnaams WAXX0636
Klein Windhoek WAXX0637
Klein-Ais WAXX0296
Kleinvaalgras WAXX0475
Klipdam WAXX0476
Klipdrift WAXX0639
Klipfontein WAXX0477
Klipheuwel WAXX0478
Kliprand WAXX1599
Kliprant WAXX0479
Koam WAXX0640
Koanus WAXX0641
Kobos WAXX0385
Koes WAXX0480
Koireb WAXX0642
Kolmanskop WAXX0031
Kombat WAXX0916
Komnarib WAXX0481
Kongola WAXX0122
Konob Pos WAXX0736
Kora WAXX1192
Korabib WAXX0482
Korhaan WAXX0483
Korlia WAXX0643
Koro WAXX1193
Korokoko WAXX1194
Kos WAXX0644
Kosheshe WAXX0123
Kosis WAXX0484
Kotzeshoop WAXX0032
Koukuas WAXX0917
Kowares WAXX0737
Kraaipoort WAXX0297
Kramersdorf WAXX0298
Kreta WAXX1600
Kromhoek WAXX0645
Kronlein WAXX0485
Kroonster WAXX1047
Kub WAXX0033
Kubona WAXX0124
Kuisebmond WAXX0299
Kuisebpos WAXX0646
Kums WAXX0486
Kumu WAXX1048
Kuseka WAXX1195
Kushalula WAXX0125
Kwaggaspan WAXX0300
Kwakwas WAXX0647
Kwalala WAXX0126
Kwando WAXX0127
Kwaviyi WAXX1196
Kwena WAXX0128
Kyalami WAXX0918
La Gratia WAXX0487
Lafrenz Township WAXX0648
Lamhedi WAXX1749
Lammerwater WAXX0386
Langfontein WAXX0488
Last Hope WAXX1601
Lekkerwater WAXX0489
Leonardville WAXX1049
Liamissa WAXX0129
Lianjunga WAXX0130
Libetse WAXX0131
Lickulu WAXX0132
Lifumbela WAXX0133
Lihaha WAXX1197
Likubangwa WAXX0134
Lilira WAXX1198
Limbandalunga WAXX1402
Linyanti WAXX0135
Lionga WAXX0136
Litaba WAXX0137
Livuyu WAXX1199
Lizauli WAXX0138
Luderitz WAXX0005
Ludwigsdorf WAXX0650
Luginsland WAXX0491
Lukulo WAXX0139
Lukuto WAXX0140
Lupenbwe WAXX0141
Lusese WAXX0142
Lusikili WAXX0143
Lusu WAXX0144
Lutzelhohe WAXX0492
Luzibalule WAXX0145
Lyakahani WAXX1602
Mabala WAXX0146
Mabasi WAXX0147
Mabele WAXX0148
Mabushe WAXX1200
Madudu WAXX1201
Mahachana WAXX0149
Mahango WAXX1202
Mahonda WAXX0651
Mahundu WAXX0150
Makadena WAXX1203
Makalani Palms WAXX1403
Makambu WAXX1204
Makando WAXX1205
Makata WAXX0151
Makena WAXX1206
Makundu WAXX0152
Makuzu WAXX1207
Malabar WAXX0652
Malambo WAXX0153
Malesu WAXX0154
Malimina WAXX0155
Malinde WAXX0156
Maltahohe WAXX0387
Malundu WAXX0157
Mamili WAXX0158
Manda WAXX0159
Mangarangandja WAXX1208
Mankonga WAXX0160
Mantjenya WAXX1209
Manunga WAXX0161
Manyondo WAXX1210
Mapulanga WAXX0162
Marema WAXX1211
Maria Bronn WAXX0919
Mariental WAXX0388
Maroelaboom WAXX0920
Marulakuta WAXX0163
Mashika WAXX1212
Mashivi WAXX1213
Masida WAXX0164
Masikili WAXX0165
Masule WAXX0166
Matanga WAXX0167
Matava WAXX1214
Mate WAXX0168
Matemwa WAXX0169
Matende WAXX1215
Matengu WAXX0170
Matongos WAXX0171
Maulukupeka WAXX0172
Mavanze WAXX1216
Mavhenge WAXX1217
Mayara WAXX1218
Mayenzere WAXX1219
Mayowe WAXX1220
Mayuni WAXX0173
Mazambani WAXX0174
Mazaza WAXX0175
Mbalasinte WAXX0176
Mbambi WAXX1221
Mbango WAXX1222
Mbimbi WAXX1223
Mbomande WAXX0177
Mbome WAXX1224
Mbora WAXX1225
Mbozi WAXX0178
Mbumbi WAXX1226
Mbunza WAXX1227
Mbura WAXX1228
Mburuuru WAXX1229
Mc Intyre WAXX1050
Mecklenburg WAXX0653
Meersig WAXX0301
Melkpos WAXX0654
Middelbult WAXX0921
Middelhof WAXX0655
Middelpos WAXX0493
Middelpos WAXX0656
Mittag WAXX0494
Mondesa WAXX0302
Mongombi WAXX1230
Mooibome WAXX0922
Mopane Pos WAXX0738
Mopolilo WAXX0179
Morester WAXX0657
Mowebaai WAXX0739
Mpanda WAXX1231
Mpengu WAXX1232
Mpoto WAXX1233
Mpuku WAXX1234
Mpungu WAXX1235
Mugandwizi WAXX1236
Muhema WAXX1237
Mukassa WAXX0180
Mukawa WAXX0181
Mukekete WAXX1238
Muketelwa WAXX0182
Mukundu WAXX1239
Mukuvi WAXX1240
Mukwe WAXX1241
Mumboni WAXX0183
Muneambuanas WAXX0184
Mungomba WAXX1242
Mungunda WAXX1243
Munjewe WAXX0185
Munsu WAXX0186
Munuma WAXX0187
Munyondo WAXX1244
Muoyeta WAXX0188
Mupapama WAXX1245
Muparara WAXX1246
Mupini WAXX1247
Muraye WAXX1248
Musese WAXX1249
Mushovoyi WAXX1250
Musiluku WAXX1251
Musipili WAXX0189
Musu WAXX1252
Musukubili WAXX0190
Musunzi WAXX0191
Musuwilwa WAXX0192
Mutambo WAXX1253
Mutau WAXX0193
Muteto WAXX0194
Mutikitila WAXX0195
Mutonga WAXX0196
Mutwegompuru WAXX1254
Mutwi WAXX0197
Muveve WAXX1255
Muyako WAXX0198
Muyoba WAXX0199
Mvuvu WAXX0200
Mwilima WAXX0201
Mwitjiku WAXX1256
Mylpaal WAXX0923
Nabas WAXX0495
Naherob WAXX0496
Nainais WAXX0303
Naingopo WAXX1257
Nakamwandi WAXX1404
Nakayale WAXX1478
Nakazaza WAXX1258
Nambali WAXX1259
Nambi WAXX1260
Namib WAXX0035
Namtib WAXX0497
Namu WAXX1261
Namutoni WAXX1603
Namutoni Gate WAXX1604
Nandingwa WAXX1262
Nandu WAXX0202
Nangera WAXX1263
Nangoni WAXX1264
Nanibecheb WAXX0304
Nankomba WAXX0203
Nankudu WAXX1265
Nantungu WAXX0204
Naos WAXX0658
Narachaams Pos WAXX0740
Naris WAXX0389
Narraville WAXX0305
Narubis WAXX0498
Naruchas WAXX0499
Natab WAXX0306
Nauchas WAXX0659
Naucova WAXX1266
Nayimanya WAXX1267
Nbimbi WAXX1268
Ncakwema WAXX1269
Ncamakora WAXX1270
Ncamakure WAXX1271
Ncame WAXX1272
Ncarise WAXX1273
Ncaute WAXX1274
Ncecwa WAXX1275
Ncoco WAXX1276
Ncuncunda WAXX1277
Ncuncuni WAXX1278
Ncushe WAXX1279
Ndiyona WAXX1280
Ndonga WAXX1281
Ndonge Linona WAXX0036
Ndongo WAXX1282
Neikop WAXX0500
Nepara WAXX1283
Neu-Puts WAXX0501
Neudam WAXX0660
Neuhof Reserve WAXX0390
Ngala WAXX0205
Ngcamadang WAXX1284
Ngcana WAXX1285
Ngcangcana WAXX1286
Ngcarama WAXX1287
Ngcasawa WAXX1288
Ngenda WAXX0206
Ngoma WAXX0207
Ngone WAXX1289
Ngura WAXX1290
Nhoma WAXX1291
Nicos Hoek WAXX0502
Niedersachsen WAXX0661
Nieuwefontein WAXX0503
Nina WAXX0662
Nkandi WAXX1292
Nkata WAXX1293
Nkinka WAXX1294
Nkonke WAXX1295
Nkurenkuru WAXX1296
Nkutu WAXX1297
Nkwazi WAXX0208
Nkwizu WAXX1298
Noasanabis WAXX0037
Nomtsas WAXX0391
Non Dimenticar WAXX0924
Noordoewer WAXX0505
Nore WAXX0925
Nossiko WAXX1299
Nossobville WAXX1051
Nqandu WAXX1300
Nsivi WAXX1301
Ntara WAXX1302
Ntaranga WAXX1303
Ntela WAXX0209
Ntonde WAXX0210
Nu-Uis WAXX0307
Numabis WAXX0506
Numkaub WAXX1304
Nungubais WAXX0741
Nuniab WAXX0308
Nuwe Kabbe WAXX0211
Nuwe Modderdrif WAXX0507
Nuwedam WAXX0392
Nyege WAXX1305
Nyenye WAXX1306
Nyime WAXX1307
Nyondo WAXX1308
Oab WAXX1605
Oab WAXX0508
Oahava WAXX1052
Oamities WAXX0663
Oamseb WAXX0393
Oase WAXX0664
Odilayafyenota WAXX1750
Odimbo WAXX1751
Odimbwa WAXX1479
Ofaitumbo WAXX1752
Ogongo WAXX1480
Ohahati WAXX1606
Ohaihai WAXX1607
Ohaihana WAXX1753
Ohaikedi WAXX1754
Ohailinda WAXX1755
Ohainengena WAXX1756
Ohaingu WAXX1757
Ohaipetekwa WAXX1758
Ohakane WAXX0926
Ohakayale WAXX1759
Ohakuyela WAXX1760
Ohalushu WAXX1761
Ohama WAXX1481
Ohamakanga WAXX1762
Ohambungu WAXX1405
Ohamevainini WAXX1763
Ohamuheke WAXX0927
Ohamviimbi WAXX1764
Ohandungu WAXX0742
Ohangwena WAXX1765
Ohaufiku-Renine WAXX1766
Ohauwangakukutu WAXX1767
Ohauyave WAXX1768
Ohaziwa WAXX1406
Ohehonge WAXX1769
Ohinakawe WAXX0743
Ohohorwa WAXX0744
Ohumbula WAXX1608
Ohuukewo WAXX1770
Oidimba WAXX1771
Oidiva WAXX1772
Oikoto WAXX1773
Oikuku WAXX1774
Oininive WAXX1775
Oishu WAXX1482
Okaanga WAXX0746
Okaaruu WAXX0747
Okadhiya WAXX1609
Okaepe WAXX0928
Okahahauyavwena WAXX1776
Okahandja WAXX0929
Okahao WAXX1483
Okahauwangwena WAXX1777
Okahiokaapa WAXX1053
Okahitanda WAXX0930
Okahitwa WAXX0931
Okahodhu WAXX0748
Okaholo WAXX1484
Okahororwa WAXX0749
Okahozu WAXX0750
Okahumandu WAXX1054
Okahumba WAXX0932
Okahwa WAXX0751
Okajape WAXX0309
Okakarara WAXX0933
Okakekete WAXX1485
Okakewa WAXX1486
Okakololo WAXX1610
Okakongwena WAXX1778
Okaku WAXX1407
Okakuara WAXX0752
Okakunda WAXX1611
Okakuvisa WAXX1055
Okakuyu WAXX0753
Okakwiyu WAXX1612
Okalili WAXX1487
Okalimbo WAXX1408
Okaloko WAXX1613
Okalolo WAXX1614
Okalondo WAXX1488
Okalongo WAXX1489
Okalumpa WAXX1615
Okalunga WAXX1779
Okamaere WAXX0310
Okamakaku WAXX1616
Okamanya WAXX1780
Okamatapati WAXX0934
Okambabwena WAXX1781
Okambaramba WAXX0755
Okambe-Odombo WAXX0756
Okambebe WAXX1782
Okambogo WAXX1617
Okambonde WAXX0757
Okamboro WAXX0935
Okamborombonga WAXX0758
Okambukonde WAXX0936
Okambwarongo WAXX0759
Okamita WAXX0937
Okanambundona WAXX1490
Okanaya WAXX1618
Okandjombo WAXX0760
Okando WAXX1491
Okangeama WAXX0939
Okangoho WAXX0940
Okangwati WAXX0761
Okangwindi WAXX0941
Okanjanga WAXX0665
Okankolo WAXX1619
Okanungu WAXX0942
Okanyanona WAXX1783
Okaokongwinya WAXX0943
Okaonde WAXX1620
Okaoraore WAXX0762
Okapanje WAXX0666
Okapashona WAXX1784
Okapawe WAXX0763
Okaperre WAXX0311
Okapuka WAXX1785
Okaputa WAXX0038
Okapya WAXX1492
Okaserawe WAXX0312
Okaseta WAXX1056
Okashana Kelao WAXX1621
Okashidi WAXX1493
Okatana WAXX1409
Okathima WAXX1494
Okathitu WAXX1495
Okathutu WAXX1496
Okatitu WAXX1497
Okatjangee WAXX0764
Okatjaveva WAXX0944
Okatjiho WAXX0313
Okatjiparango WAXX0945
Okatjongwa WAXX0946
Okatjoruu WAXX0947
Okatjovandu WAXX0765
Okatjsoroi WAXX0948
Okatope WAXX1786
Okatope WAXX1622
Okatoto WAXX0949
Okatumbo WAXX1623
Okatumwama WAXX0950
Okatuwo WAXX0951
Okatuwo WAXX1057
Okatwakoverwa WAXX0952
Okatyali WAXX1410
Okauapehuri WAXX0766
Okaue WAXX0953
Okaukuejo WAXX1411
Okaundja WAXX0954
Okauva WAXX1787
Okauwa WAXX0767
Okavakwa WAXX0768
Okavandje WAXX0769
Okavare WAXX0770
Okave WAXX0039
Okawangwa WAXX1058
Okawarongo WAXX0314
Okawe WAXX1788
Okayala WAXX1624
Okayepe WAXX0771
Okazimba WAXX1498
Okazize WAXX0955
Okeholongo WAXX1499
Okeriko WAXX1059
Okeruru WAXX1060
Okeserahi WAXX0956
Okohonga WAXX0772
Okomapuku WAXX0315
Okomaruru WAXX0773
Okombaha WAXX0316
Okombahe WAXX0040
Okombambi WAXX0774
Okombepera WAXX1061
Okomboha WAXX1062
Okomize WAXX0317
Okomizema WAXX1500
Okomumbonde WAXX1063
Okomungondo WAXX1064
Okomuparara WAXX0957
Okomutati WAXX0775
Okondjatu WAXX0958
Okondomba WAXX0318
Okongo WAXX1789
Okongowa WAXX1065
Okongutirwa WAXX0776
Okongwe WAXX0319
Okonjota WAXX0777
Okonyama WAXX1066
Okonyoka WAXX1067
Okorosave WAXX0778
Okotjandjoura WAXX0320
Okotjitundu WAXX0959
Okotjize WAXX0321
Okotjoto WAXX0322
Okoukambe WAXX1068
Okoutjove WAXX0960
Okovihona WAXX0779
Okovimburu WAXX1069
Okozondsuwoine WAXX0780
Okozonduzu WAXX0961
Okozongoro WAXX0781
Okozongwehe WAXX0782
Okozoserandu WAXX0783
Okuje WAXX0667
Okumumbonde WAXX0962
Okwatiwalunga WAXX1790
Olifa WAXX1501
Olifantsput Pos WAXX0784
Oluhapa WAXX1791
Olukonda WAXX1625
Olukonda WAXX1412
Olukula WAXX1792
Olukumwa WAXX1793
Olukupa WAXX1626
Olumelengwa WAXX1502
Olunkono WAXX1794
Oluno WAXX1795
Olupale WAXX1796
Olupandu WAXX1503
Olupumbu WAXX1504
Olupundi WAXX1797
Oluteyi WAXX1505
Oluvongo WAXX1506
Oluwaya WAXX1798
Olwani WAXX1507
Olyavahenge WAXX1508
Olympia WAXX0668
Olyuulaye WAXX1627
Omaalala WAXX1413
Omabzu WAXX0785
Omadano WAXX1799
Omadhiya WAXX1628
Omahahi WAXX1414
Omahai WAXX1800
Omaheke WAXX0963
Omahini WAXX1415
Omaihi WAXX0964
Omakande WAXX0965
Omako WAXX1629
Omakondo WAXX1801
Omalambo WAXX1802
Omalundudu WAXX1803
Omambuumbuu WAXX1509
Omangambo WAXX0323
Omangundu WAXX1630
Omanye WAXX0786
Omapumba WAXX0966
Omaruru WAXX0324
Omashaka WAXX1416
Omatale WAXX1804
Omatambo-Maowe WAXX1510
Omatanga WAXX0967
Omatangela WAXX1805
Omatapati WAXX0787
Omateleklelo WAXX1511
Omatjatjeva WAXX0968
Omatjete WAXX0041
Omatwadiva WAXX1512
Omauzongoka WAXX0325
Omawewozonyanda WAXX1070
Omayi WAXX1631
Omayulu WAXX1513
Omazera WAXX0969
Ombaba WAXX1806
Ombahe-Yakako WAXX0788
Ombahu WAXX0789
Ombako WAXX1514
Ombalantu WAXX1515
Ombaravera WAXX0790
Ombawe WAXX0791
Ombepera WAXX0792
Ombinda WAXX0970
Ombivango WAXX0793
Omboloka WAXX1808
Ombonde WAXX1516
Omboora WAXX0971
Ombora WAXX0972
Ombu Yomenye WAXX0973
Ombu Yomumbonde WAXX0974
Ombu Yovakuru WAXX0975
Ombugayamupolo WAXX1809
Ombuku WAXX0794
Ombulantu WAXX1517
Ombumbu WAXX1810
Ombundiya WAXX1811
Ombungurur WAXX0976
Ombwana WAXX1518
Omege WAXX1417
Omhangela WAXX1812
Omhedi WAXX1813
Omikwa WAXX1814
Omindamba WAXX1519
Omingondo WAXX0977
Omitara WAXX1071
Omitivine WAXX1072
Omitjete WAXX0978
Omitjira WAXX0326
Omizema WAXX0327
Omkwa WAXX1520
Ompanda WAXX1632
Ompandakani WAXX1418
Ompangela WAXX1633
Ompunda WAXX1419
Ompundja WAXX1420
Omuditu WAXX1521
Omufiya WAXX1815
Omuhanguzi WAXX0795
Omuhiva WAXX0796
Omukondo WAXX1522
Omukukutu WAXX1816
Omukundagwana WAXX1421
Omukurukaze WAXX0797
Omulamba WAXX1817
Omulonga WAXX1818
Omundaungilo WAXX1819
Omundudu WAXX1820
Omunduungio WAXX1634
Omungholyo WAXX1821
Omungunda WAXX0798
Omungwelume WAXX1822
Omungwindi WAXX0799
Omunjereke WAXX0669
Omunkayi WAXX1823
Omuntele WAXX1635
Omunwandjai WAXX0800
Omunyankwe WAXX1636
Omunyekadi WAXX1824
Omupanda WAXX1422
Omupanda WAXX0979
Omupanda WAXX1637
Omupembe WAXX1825
Omupini WAXX1826
Omupumba WAXX1638
Omuramba WAXX0801
Omusheshe WAXX1423
Omushigo WAXX1827
Omushilawombadje WAXX1828
Omusimboti WAXX1424
Omutala WAXX1425
Omuthima WAXX1523
Omuthitu WAXX1524
Omuthitugwonyama WAXX1525
Omuthiya WAXX1829
Omutima WAXX0980
Omutiwanduka WAXX0328
Omutjenya WAXX0329
Omutsegwombandje WAXX1639
Omutumbondudu WAXX1073
Omutundungu WAXX1526
Omutuni WAXX1830
Omutwewomunhu WAXX1831
Omutwewondjaba WAXX1832
Omutwewonime WAXX1833
Omutwrwomedi WAXX1640
Omuulu WAXX1834
Omuwike WAXX1835
Omvil WAXX1836
Omwandi WAXX1837
Omwe WAXX0802
Onaanda WAXX1527
Onahenene WAXX1641
Onahi WAXX1642
Onahima WAXX1643
Onaimbungu WAXX1838
Onakalunga WAXX1839
Onakalunga WAXX1644
Onakandi WAXX1645
Onakandjangi WAXX1646
Onakankunzi WAXX1840
Onakasino WAXX1647
Onakiidhi WAXX1648
Onakuku WAXX1649
Onalunike WAXX1650
Onalusheshete WAXX1651
Onalusheshete WAXX1841
Onamagwena WAXX1652
Onamahoka WAXX1842
Onamasila WAXX1843
Onamatadiva WAXX1844
Onamatandiva WAXX1845
Onamatanga WAXX1528
Onamatende WAXX1653
Onamavo WAXX1654
Onamayo WAXX1426
Onambaladi WAXX1846
Onambashu WAXX1529
Onambeke WAXX1655
Onambutu WAXX1847
Onamhindi WAXX1530
Onamhombo WAXX1848
Onamihonga WAXX1849
Onampengu WAXX1656
Onamudime WAXX1850
Onamukulo WAXX1851
Onamundidi WAXX1852
Onamundindi WAXX1531
Onamungodjo WAXX1853
Onamungundo WAXX1657
Onamutai WAXX1427
Onamutai WAXX1854
Onamutene WAXX1658
Onamutenya WAXX1855
Onandi WAXX1659
Onandjaba WAXX1856
Onandjamba WAXX1660
Onandjo WAXX1532
Onandjokwe WAXX1661
Onandjushi WAXX1857
Onandomba WAXX1662
Onangalo WAXX1533
Onangama WAXX1858
Onangava WAXX1859
Onanghulo WAXX1860
Onangolo WAXX1861
Onangombe WAXX1534
Onanguwo WAXX1535
Onangwe WAXX1862
Onankali WAXX1663
Onanona WAXX1863
Onanyalala WAXX1536
Onanyama WAXX1864
Onashikookaya WAXX1664
Onathinge WAXX1665
Ondaakula WAXX1666
Ondaanda WAXX1865
Ondahaka WAXX0670
Ondando WAXX1667
Ondangwa WAXX0042
Ondauka WAXX0803
Ondema WAXX1866
Ondermatjie WAXX0509
Onderombapa WAXX1074
Ondeshifiilwa WAXX1867
Ondiihaluka WAXX1868
Ondingwanyama WAXX1869
Ondjaba WAXX1870
Ondjaba WAXX1309
Ondjamba WAXX1668
Ondjiripumwa WAXX1075
Ondjombo WAXX0804
Ondjondjo WAXX1428
Ondjungurume WAXX1537
Ondobe WAXX1871
Ondole WAXX0805
Ondombeyoshaale WAXX1669
Ondombo WAXX0043
Ondorozu WAXX1076
Ondova WAXX0806
Ondudu WAXX1538
Ondundo WAXX0330
Ondundotjivapa WAXX0331
Onduno WAXX1077
Ondwi WAXX1872
Oneeya WAXX1539
Onehanga WAXX1873
Oneheke WAXX1540
Onehongo WAXX1670
Onehova WAXX1874
Onekukumo WAXX1541
Onekwaya WAXX1875
Onelago WAXX1542
Onembaba WAXX1543
Onembenge WAXX1671
Onengali WAXX1876
Onepandagulu WAXX1672
Onepandaulo WAXX1877
Oneputa WAXX1673
Oneshiyo WAXX1878
Onesi WAXX1544
Ongala WAXX1674
Ongalangobe WAXX1879
Ongali WAXX1880
Ongandjera WAXX1545
Onganja WAXX0671
Ongenga WAXX1676
Ongenga WAXX1881
Onghwiyu WAXX1882
Ongolo WAXX1546
Ongolongela WAXX1883
Ongombesa WAXX1677
Ongombombonde WAXX0981
Ongonga WAXX0807
Ongongora WAXX0982
Ongord Gotjari WAXX0672
Onguati WAXX0808
Onguma WAXX1678
Ongumi WAXX1884
Ongundi WAXX1679
Ongwediva WAXX1429
Onheleiwa WAXX1885
Onheleiwa WAXX1547
Onheti WAXX1886
Onhumba WAXX1887
Onhunda WAXX1888
Oniihandi WAXX1680
Oniihati WAXX1548
Oniihwa WAXX1681
Oniimwandi WAXX1430
Oniimwandi WAXX1549
Oniimwandi WAXX1889
Oniipa WAXX1682
Oniiwe WAXX1683
Onikila WAXX1684
Onkumbwiimbwi WAXX1431
Onkwinkwiti WAXX1685
Onreg WAXX0983
Ontananga WAXX1686
Ontuli WAXX1890
Ontunda WAXX1687
Onyaanya WAXX1688
Onyati WAXX1689
Onyawanyawa WAXX1891
Onyeka WAXX1432
Onyuulaye WAXX1690
Onzinzi WAXX1691
Oongodhi WAXX1692
Oozonduwombe WAXX0809
Opepela WAXX1892
Opuwo WAXX0810
Orange Mouth WAXX0044
Oranjemund WAXX0510
Orjimbarombonga WAXX0811
Orokakaru WAXX0812
Orokatundu WAXX0813
Orokatuwo WAXX0814
Orongoto WAXX0815
Orotjitombo WAXX0816
Ortmansbaum WAXX0511
Ortmansbaum Oos WAXX0512
Oruaku WAXX0984
Orue WAXX0817
Oruhito WAXX0818
Oruhona WAXX0819
Orukwapa WAXX0820
Orumwe WAXX0332
Orunahi WAXX0985
Orupembe WAXX0821
Orutanda WAXX0822
Oruuwa WAXX0986
Oruvandjai WAXX0823
Oruware WAXX0987
Oryeheke WAXX0824
Oshaakondwa WAXX1693
Oshaangu WAXX1893
Oshakati WAXX1894
Oshakati WAXX0045
Oshali WAXX1694
Oshali WAXX1895
Oshalongo WAXX1695
Oshamambu WAXX1896
Oshambada WAXX1897
Oshanashiwa WAXX1898
Oshandi WAXX1899
Oshanyata WAXX1900
Oshapwa WAXX1550
Oshatotwa WAXX1901
Oshekasheka WAXX1433
Oshidundumbe WAXX1696
Oshidute WAXX1902
Oshifitu WAXX1903
Oshigambo WAXX1697
Oshikango WAXX1904
Oshikiyu WAXX1551
Oshikondiilongo WAXX1698
Oshikondiilongo WAXX1434
Oshikuku WAXX1552
Oshikulu WAXX1699
Oshikunde WAXX1905
Oshikuni WAXX1906
Oshikushashipya WAXX1553
Oshikushomunkete WAXX1554
Oshikwiyu WAXX1907
Oshikwiyu WAXX1555
Oshilambwili WAXX1908
Oshilulu WAXX1556
Oshilungi WAXX1700
Oshimanya WAXX1557
Oshimwaku WAXX1909
Oshinge WAXX1910
Oshipala WAXX1911
Oshipaya WAXX1558
Oshipumbu WAXX1435
Oshishogolo WAXX1912
Oshitai WAXX1913
Oshitalamesho WAXX1559
Oshitayi WAXX1436
Oshitayi WAXX1701
Oshiteni WAXX1702
Oshiteyatemo WAXX1560
Oshityoshikukutu WAXX1914
Oshivelo WAXX1703
Oshiya WAXX1704
Oshombwa WAXX1915
Oshukwa WAXX1561
Oshuli WAXX1916
Oshuudiya WAXX1917
Oshuuli WAXX1562
Oshuungu WAXX1563
Osona WAXX0988
Osongunde WAXX0825
Osonhaui WAXX0826
Oswater WAXX0333
Otamanzi WAXX1564
Otapatapa WAXX1437
Otavi WAXX0989
Otengua WAXX0827
Othamutirika WAXX0828
Othika WAXX1565
Othile WAXX1705
Otjahorowara WAXX0829
Otjaparakaha WAXX0830
Otjapitjapi WAXX0831
Otjatjingenge WAXX0990
Otjetjekwa WAXX1566
Otjewe WAXX1078
Otjihaenena WAXX0673
Otjihase WAXX0674
Otjihende WAXX0832
Otjihitwa WAXX1079
Otjijandjasemo WAXX0833
Otjikango WAXX0991
Otjikondavirongo WAXX0834
Otjikondo WAXX0835
Otjikongoi WAXX0836
Otjikorondo WAXX1080
Otjikoto WAXX0992
Otjikuina WAXX0837
Otjikundua WAXX0675
Otjimanangombe WAXX1081
Otjimbingwe WAXX0334
Otjimikambo WAXX0993
Otjimukona WAXX0676
Otjinanwa WAXX0838
Otjinene WAXX1082
Otjinhungwa WAXX0839
Otjipandjarwa WAXX1083
Otjipembahi WAXX0840
Otjiperongo WAXX0335
Otjirareni WAXX0841
Otjirova WAXX0842
Otjisepa WAXX0994
Otjiserandu WAXX0995
Otjitanda WAXX0843
Otjitanga WAXX0844
Otjitati WAXX0845
Otjitunduwa WAXX0846
Otjituuo Reserve WAXX0996
Otjiu WAXX0847
Otjiunaune WAXX0848
Otjiungukwa WAXX1084
Otjivakuanda WAXX0849
Otjivera Sud WAXX0677
Otjivero WAXX0850
Otjivero WAXX0336
Otjivikango WAXX1567
Otjiwaketambo WAXX1085
Otjiwaneho WAXX1086
Otjiwapeke WAXX0337
Otjiwarongo WAXX0851
Otjiwarongo WAXX0997
Otjiwarongo WAXX1087
Otjiwetjombungu WAXX1088
Otjiyere WAXX1089
Otjohorongo WAXX0338
Otjomatemba WAXX0852
Otjombungu WAXX1090
Otjomukona WAXX1091
Otjomumbonde WAXX0853
Otjomungwindi WAXX1092
Otjomupanda WAXX0998
Otjondeka WAXX0854
Otjongava WAXX0855
Otjongeama WAXX0339
Otjongombe WAXX1093
Otjongundu WAXX0340
Otjorongwari WAXX0856
Otjoruharwi WAXX1094
Otjotopero WAXX0341
Otjouye WAXX0857
Otjovakombe WAXX1095
Otjovasandu WAXX1568
Otjozondjou WAXX0342
Otjozongombe WAXX0858
Otjozonjati WAXX0046
Otofima WAXX1918
Otsalindi WAXX1569
Otuazuma WAXX0859
Otumborombonga WAXX1000
Otunganga WAXX1919
Otupopero WAXX0343
Otuvare WAXX0860
Otuvinga WAXX1001
Otwani WAXX0861
Otyaityava WAXX1920
Otyoyononoka WAXX0862
Oukala WAXX1921
Oukongo WAXX0863
Oumbada WAXX1922
Ounguati WAXX0047
Oupili WAXX1923
Oupongo WAXX1924
Oupumako WAXX1438
Oushini WAXX1925
Outjo WAXX0864
Outwilo WAXX1926
Ovanduvongwe WAXX1002
Ovehotua WAXX0344
Ovinyuru WAXX1096
Ovivapa WAXX1097
Owatjipaue WAXX0865
Owatupanda WAXX0866
Oyovu WAXX1706
Ozombari WAXX0867
Ozondati WAXX0345
Ozondjiva WAXX1098
Ozongaka WAXX0868
Ozongarongombe WAXX1003
Ozongaru WAXX1099
Ozongunda WAXX0869
Ozonvanga WAXX1004
Palm WAXX0870
Palmenhorst WAXX0346
Paradys WAXX1005
Parkland WAXX0678
Pelgrimsrus WAXX0513
Perepere WAXX0212
Petrusdal WAXX0394
Philadelphia WAXX0679
Photo WAXX0213
Picadilly WAXX0680
Pionier WAXX0514
Pionierspark WAXX0681
Pollux WAXX0515
Pomona WAXX0516
Poortjie WAXX0517
Popa WAXX1310
Portsmut WAXX0682
Prospect WAXX0683
Protea WAXX0684
Punga WAXX0214
Pusa WAXX1311
Pwani WAXX0215
Rand Rifles WAXX0347
Randeier WAXX1707
Rehoboth WAXX0395
Richthofen WAXX0348
Richthofen WAXX0685
Rietfontein WAXX1100
Rietfontein WAXX1006
Rietfontein Blok WAXX1101
Rietoog WAXX0396
Rietquelle WAXX1102
Rooi Veldskoen WAXX0518
Rooibank WAXX0349
Rooiklip WAXX0686
Rosh Pinah WAXX0519
Rossing Village WAXX0350
Rostock WAXX0687
Ruacana WAXX1570
Rughongo WAXX1312
Ruhleben WAXX0351
Ruimte WAXX0352
Rukanko WAXX1313
Runda WAXX1314
Rundjarara WAXX1315
Rundu WAXX1316
Rupeho WAXX1317
Rus-en-Vrede WAXX0520
Ruuga WAXX1318
Sachona WAXX0216
Saddle Hill WAXX0521
Safarihoek WAXX1571
Sakapupwe WAXX0217
Sakatuka WAXX0218
Sakfweba WAXX0219
Salem WAXX0353
Samakapi WAXX1319
Samara WAXX0688
Samasore WAXX1320
Sambiso WAXX0220
Samulandela WAXX0221
Sandfontein WAXX0523
Sangwali WAXX0222
Sankwassa WAXX0223
Santa WAXX0354
Santusela WAXX0224
Sapelapela WAXX0225
Sapirama WAXX1321
Sapondwa WAXX1322
Sarie Mare WAXX1103
Sarusungu WAXX1323
Sauyemwa WAXX1324
Sawato WAXX1325
Schlesien WAXX0689
Schlesien Noord WAXX0355
Schlip WAXX0397
Schonau WAXX0524
Schuckmannsburg WAXX0226
Seeheim WAXX0525
Seeheim Noord WAXX0048
Seeis WAXX0049
Sekrige WAXX0227
Sekubis WAXX0228
Sendelingsdrif WAXX0050
Sesfontein WAXX0872
Sesheke WAXX0229
Setefani WAXX0230
Shadikongoro WAXX1326
Shadithiki WAXX1327
Shadjunu WAXX1328
Shadyunu WAXX1329
Shagaya WAXX1330
Shakambu WAXX1331
Shakambu Oos WAXX1332
Shamaghongo WAXX1333
Shamatura WAXX1334
Shamaturu WAXX1335
Shamburo WAXX1336
Shamundambo WAXX1337
Shangando WAXX1338
Sharukwe WAXX1339
Shighuru WAXX1340
Shikali WAXX1341
Shilling WAXX0231
Shinguruve WAXX1342
Shinyungwe WAXX1343
Shipakupaku WAXX1344
Shishidjo WAXX1345
Shunem WAXX1007
Siambisso WAXX0232
Sibali WAXX0233
Sibinda WAXX0234
Sibulwe WAXX0235
Sichimwa WAXX0236
Sifuha WAXX0237
Sifuma WAXX0238
Sigone WAXX1346
Sihope WAXX0239
Sikabelezi WAXX0240
Sikarosompo WAXX1347
Sikereti WAXX1348
Sikome WAXX1349
Sikondo WAXX1350
Sikosi WAXX0241
Sikwalo WAXX0242
Sikwanyi WAXX0243
Sikwekwe WAXX0244
Silenga WAXX0245
Silenge WAXX0246
Silikunga WAXX1351
Silonga WAXX0247
Silumbi WAXX0248
Silversand WAXX0051
Simajumbulas WAXX0249
Simana WAXX0250
Simassiku WAXX0251
Simataa WAXX0252
Simbwaye WAXX0253
Simnco WAXX1352
Simobe WAXX0254
Simpanda WAXX1353
Simplon WAXX0526
Singalamwe WAXX0255
Singuruve WAXX1354
Sinjala WAXX0256
Siomboko WAXX0257
Siongo WAXX0258
Sipula WAXX0259
Siraro WAXX1355
Sirondero WAXX1356
Sishekesabanyia WAXX0260
Sisungu WAXX1357
Sitongwani WAXX0261
Sitrusdal WAXX0070
Situmba WAXX0262
Situveli WAXX1358
Siudiva WAXX1359
Siunda WAXX0263
Siurungu WAXX1360
Siveyo WAXX1361
Siwi WAXX1362
Skilpad WAXX0527
Slaaipoort WAXX0398
Snyfontein WAXX0528
Solitaire WAXX0690
Sonderwater WAXX0529
Sonop WAXX0530
Sopa WAXX1363
Soromaas WAXX0531
Sorris-Sorris WAXX0052
Soutrivier WAXX0356
Sovo WAXX1364
Spaarwater WAXX0691
Spencer Bay WAXX0532
Sperlingsputs WAXX0533
Spitskop Pos WAXX0873
Spitzkop WAXX1008
Sprokieswoud WAXX1439
Stampriet WAXX0053
Stamprivier WAXX0534
Stanley WAXX0692
Stauchs Lager WAXX0535
Steinhausen WAXX1104
Stilhoek WAXX1708
Stilte WAXX1009
Stinkwater WAXX0693
Straussfeld WAXX0694
Strohhof WAXX0536
Suider Hof WAXX0695
Suiderkruis WAXX0537
Sukkelsoek WAXX1010
Sukses WAXX0054
Summerdown WAXX1105
Swakopmund WAXX0002
Swartbank WAXX0357
Swartberg WAXX0538
Takwasa WAXX1365
Talismanis WAXX1106
Tamariskia WAXX0358
Tamsu WAXX1366
Tamtam WAXX1367
Tantalite Valley WAXX0539
Tantus WAXX0696
Tara WAXX0697
Taratara WAXX1368
Tare WAXX1369
Taulo WAXX0264
Tavauka WAXX1370
Teufelsbach WAXX0056
Thikanduka WAXX1371
Thinyemba WAXX1372
Thipapo WAXX1373
Thovega WAXX1374
Three Sisters WAXX0359
Tien Myl WAXX1375
Tiervlei WAXX1011
Tinkeringheib WAXX0698
Tinkie WAXX0699
Titima WAXX1376
Tjomeyao WAXX1377
Toasis I WAXX1107
Toasis II WAXX1108
Toekoms WAXX0540
Toevlug WAXX1012
Toggekry WAXX1013
Tom WAXX0265
Tomakas WAXX0874
Torrabaai WAXX0875
Toscanini WAXX0876
Totem WAXX0541
Tranedal WAXX1014
Trekkopje WAXX0057
Tsamab WAXX0542
Tsamatse WAXX1927
Tsandi WAXX1572
Tsaobis WAXX0360
Tsaraxa-aibes WAXX0543
Tses WAXX0058
Tshisau WAXX0266
Tsintsabis WAXX0059
Tsitsib WAXX1378
Tsumeb WAXX1709
Tsumis WAXX0060
Tsumkwe WAXX1015
Tsutsab WAXX1710
Tugus WAXX1109
Tuguva WAXX1379
Tweekoppies WAXX0700
Twintig-Myl WAXX1380
Twyfelspoort WAXX1016
Uhabis WAXX0545
Uhlenhorst WAXX0061
Uigaran WAXX0361
Uis WAXX0062
Uisib WAXX0701
Uitkoms WAXX0362
Uitsig WAXX1017
Uitspan WAXX1018
Ukamas WAXX0546
Uparara WAXX1381
Uru WAXX1382
Ururas WAXX0363
Usakos WAXX0063
Usambara WAXX0702
Utilo WAXX1928
Uubvlei WAXX0547
Uukangowahamalwa WAXX1929
Uukwanambwa WAXX1711
Uukwanatshikale WAXX1573
Uukwandongo WAXX1574
Uukwangula WAXX1440
Uukwiwongwe WAXX1441
Uukwiyu WAXX1442
Uuningu WAXX1575
Uuntyaye WAXX1712
Uutapi WAXX1576
Uutsathima WAXX1577
Uutsima WAXX1578
Uuvudhiya WAXX1444
Uvhunguvhungu WAXX1383
Uvungu-vungu WAXX1384
Valencia WAXX0703
Valhalla WAXX0704
Van Wyk WAXX0705
Van Zylsrus WAXX0548
Vasvat WAXX0549
Veddersdal WAXX1019
Veldduin WAXX1020
Velloor WAXX0550
Velloorsdrift WAXX0551
Verdruk WAXX0706
Verdwaal WAXX0707
Vineta WAXX0364
Vlissingen Noord WAXX0552
Vlissingen Suid WAXX0553
Vogelpan WAXX0400
Voigtland WAXX0708
Voigtsgrund WAXX0401
Volmoed WAXX0709
Vooruit WAXX1021
Voorwaarts WAXX1022
Vorstershoop WAXX1023
Vrede WAXX0554
Vredendal WAXX0555
Wadili WAXX1385
Walvis Bay WAXX0003
Wande WAXX0267
Wandonga WAXX1386
Warmbad WAXX0556
Warmquelle WAXX0877
Waterberg WAXX1025
Waterberg East WAXX1026
Waterval WAXX0557
Wauwu WAXX0268
Weenen WAXX0710
Wegkruip WAXX0558
Welgemoed WAXX0711
Welkom WAXX1027
Welverdien WAXX0365
Wenela WAXX0269
Wildacker WAXX1028
Wildernis WAXX1713
Wilhelmstal WAXX0065
Willemshof WAXX0712
Wilmardi WAXX1029
Windhoek WAXX0004
Windhoek Noord WAXX0713
Witberg WAXX0714
Witkop WAXX0402
Witkop WAXX0559
Witputs WAXX0560
Witsand WAXX0561
Witvlei WAXX0067
Wlotzkas Baken WAXX0068
Wolfbeen WAXX0562
Wortel WAXX0563
Xaubehunis WAXX0366
Yaka WAXX0270
Yanghandja WAXX1930
Yinsu WAXX1387
Ysterputs WAXX0564
Zais WAXX0403
Zebedeus WAXX0367
Zilitene WAXX0069
Zone WAXX1388