Weather Codes for Mozambique

Find Weather Codes or Weather Zip Codes for states and cities in Mozambique. Weather Codes references a specified Location and is used to get weather of that place accurately. They are used by The Weather Channel( by IBM), Yahoo! Weather, AOL Weather and many such weather forecasting platforms. It is similar to Yahoo's WOEID(Where On the Earth ID) that is used to represent each place uniquely.

You can know the weather of any place precisely with the help of weather codes. Find the current weather of your state or city by clicking on it. You will be redirected to The Weather Channel site with your weather code for accurate weather forecast.

A. Manjala MZXX4387
A. Marmeleiro MZXX2475
A. Moaianine MZXX2476
A. Titoche MZXX2477
A. Wong MZXX4388
A.C. Tsocane MZXX2478
Abdala MZXX0117
Abdata MZXX0118
Abdul MZXX2479
Abdulaimo MZXX0119
Abedula MZXX4389
Abel MZXX2480
Abel MZXX4390
Abel Maueua MZXX4391
Abianai MZXX0120
Abibo MZXX0121
Abilio MZXX2481
Abissa MZXX0122
Abobelane MZXX4392
Abudo MZXX0124
Abutda MZXX0125
Acache MZXX0126
Acalama MZXX0127
Acampamento MZXX7541
Acana MZXX8750
Achuche MZXX0128
Achuia MZXX0129
Acombanque MZXX0130
Acualahata MZXX0131
Acudanquela MZXX0132
Aculahata MZXX0133
Acutipuane MZXX0134
Adala MZXX0135
Adamo MZXX0136
Adremane MZXX0137
Adulumbuique MZXX0138
Afo MZXX4393
Afonso MZXX4394
Afonso Guihole MZXX2482
Afonso Matsinhe MZXX2483
Afonso Maunge MZXX2484
Agemeda MZXX4395
Agostinho MZXX8751
Agostinho MZXX4396
Ahema MZXX0139
Aiai MZXX8752
Aienda MZXX0140
Aimo MZXX0141
Airo MZXX0142
Aitare MZXX0143
Aiuba MZXX0144
Aiupa MZXX0145
Alaina MZXX0146
Alamane MZXX8753
Albano MZXX4397
Albazin MZXX8754
Alberto MZXX2485
Alberto MZXX7542
Alberto MZXX4398
Albine MZXX8755
Albino MZXX2486
Albino Manhique MZXX2487
Alcino Macie MZXX4399
Alcolete MZXX7543
Aldeia A. Viana MZXX8756
Aldeia Bingo MZXX2488
Aldeia Bolande MZXX4400
Aldeia Bulao MZXX4401
Aldeia Camela MZXX4402
Aldeia Chimangue MZXX2489
Aldeia Chipone MZXX4403
Aldeia Chuala MZXX7544
Aldeia Conceicao MZXX8769
Aldeia Cuambe MZXX4404
Aldeia da Graca MZXX2514
Aldeia Daudo MZXX4405
Aldeia de Lionde MZXX2519
Aldeia de Pegoes MZXX2521
Aldeia de Sagres MZXX2522
Aldeia Devo MZXX7545
Aldeia Fombe MZXX7546
Aldeia Graca MZXX8770
Aldeia Honde MZXX7547
Aldeia L. Borges MZXX8771
Aldeia Lipirize MZXX4406
Aldeia Mabauane MZXX2503
Aldeia Mabinda MZXX2504
Aldeia Macasse MZXX4407
Aldeia Machava MZXX4408
Aldeia Majongota MZXX4409
Aldeia Mapupulo MZXX0147
Aldeia Massano MZXX2505
Aldeia Moronde MZXX7549
Aldeia Naedane MZXX4410
Aldeia Nhamatema MZXX7551
Aldeia Nova MZXX2507
Aldeia Novele MZXX4411
Aldeia Panze MZXX7553
Aldeia Pereira MZXX2508
Aldeia Poca MZXX8772
Aldeia Revue MZXX7554
Aldeia Rodriques MZXX4412
Aldeia S. Tiago MZXX2509
Aldeia Silva MZXX4413
Aldeia Silva MZXX8773
Aldeia Teixeira MZXX4414
Aldeia V. Lenine MZXX2510
Aldeia Verde MZXX8774
Aldeia Videira MZXX2511
Aldeia Vumbene MZXX2513
Alenane MZXX0148
Alexandre MZXX4416
Alface MZXX7555
Alfaiate MZXX7556
Alfandega MZXX0149
Alfandega MZXX7557
Alfanete MZXX4417
Alfeu MZXX4418
Alfeu Manhique MZXX2525
Alfiado MZXX4419
Alfinete MZXX4420
Alfinete MZXX7558
Alfredo MZXX8778
Alfredo MZXX4421
Alfredo MZXX2526
Algiado MZXX4422
Algueirao MZXX0008
Ali MZXX0150
Ali MZXX2527
Aliado MZXX4423
Alianquile MZXX0151
Aliasse MZXX0152
Alide MZXX0153
Alifa MZXX0154
Alifanete MZXX4424
Alifeu MZXX4425
Alifo MZXX0155
Alimepingo MZXX0156
Alimo MZXX0157
Alita MZXX0158
Aliti MZXX0159
Alivangue MZXX0160
Alivemuene MZXX0161
Alize MZXX7559
Almeida MZXX0162
Almeida MZXX4426
Alo MZXX0009
Alotancomba MZXX0163
Alotocuanha MZXX0164
Alua MZXX0010
Alumane MZXX0165
Alumar MZXX0166
Alupache MZXX0167
Aluzana MZXX8780
Alvaro Pene MZXX4428
Alvor MZXX8781
Amacagi MZXX0168
Amade MZXX0169
Amade Bai MZXX2528
Amadora MZXX8782
Amanuense MZXX4429
Amatongas MZXX7560
Ambaca MZXX0170
Ambane MZXX4430
Ambanha MZXX0011
Ambanhe MZXX4431
Ambassa MZXX7561
Ambissane MZXX4432
Ambuca MZXX4433
Amea MZXX0171
Amede MZXX0172
Amedi MZXX0173
Amela MZXX4434
Amessala MZXX8783
Ametina MZXX0174
Amide Cane MZXX4435
Amime MZXX0176
Amisse MZXX0177
Amito MZXX0178
Amoco MZXX4436
Amona MZXX0179
Amone Bie MZXX4437
Amosse MZXX8784
Amosse MZXX2529
Amosse MZXX4438
Amparira MZXX7562
Amusse Muiota MZXX4439
Anama MZXX0180
Anapacala MZXX0181
Anapuca MZXX0182
Anconhane MZXX2530
Ancuabe MZXX0012
Ancuha MZXX0183
Andati MZXX8785
Andela MZXX4440
Andelene MZXX8786
Anderemane MZXX0184
Andissene MZXX7563
Ando MZXX0185
Andoba MZXX0186
Andrada MZXX0013
Andre MZXX8787
Andre Quia MZXX4442
Andre Samo MZXX4443
Andrea MZXX2531
Andrec MZXX7564
Andremane MZXX0187
Aneli MZXX0188
Anena MZXX0189
Anga MZXX0190
Angalacane MZXX2532
Angelo Paulino MZXX2533
Anginha MZXX0191
Anguinamoinha MZXX0192
Angule MZXX4444
Anhane MZXX4445
Aniuaia MZXX0193
Anjugane MZXX7565
Anli MZXX0194
Anocochiva MZXX0195
Anoija MZXX0196
Anoque MZXX8788
Anquimeria MZXX0197
Anquita MZXX0198
Anti MZXX2534
Antique MZXX0199
Antonio MZXX0200
Antonio MZXX4447
Antonio MZXX8789
Antonio MZXX2535
Antonio MZXX7566
Antonio Monjane MZXX2536
Antonio Nouele MZXX2537
Antonio Silva MZXX4448
Antumane MZXX0201
Antumano MZXX0202
Antupa MZXX0203
Anturabi MZXX0204
Apalia MZXX0205
Apitaina MZXX0206
Apura MZXX0207
Arabe MZXX0208
Aramba MZXX0209
Areeinar MZXX7567
Arimba MZXX0210
Armando MZXX8790
Armando MZXX4449
Armando MZXX2538
Armazem MZXX2539
Armazem I.A.M. MZXX2540
Armazen MZXX2541
Armazens MZXX2542
Arnaldo MZXX4450
Arone MZXX4451
Arroni MZXX8791
Arruma MZXX2543
Arruna MZXX0211
Arucato MZXX7568
Arufo MZXX0212
Arume MZXX7569
Ascarimo MZXX0213
Asneira MZXX4452
Aspense MZXX7570
Assame MZXX0214
Assamo MZXX0215
Assane MZXX7571
Assane MZXX0216
Assane MZXX2544
Assane Caputa MZXX0217
Assane Maponda MZXX0218
Assaringue MZXX0219
Asse MZXX0220
Assicante MZXX7572
Assiengana MZXX7573
Assimo MZXX0221
Assini MZXX0222
Assumane MZXX0223
Assune MZXX8792
Atalambue MZXX0224
Atexane MZXX2545
Atibo MZXX0014
Atidie MZXX0225
Ativa MZXX0226
Atolo MZXX0015
Atoto MZXX0227
Auade MZXX0228
Auali MZXX0229
Auase MZXX0230
Auazi MZXX0231
Aublela MZXX0232
Augusto MZXX7574
Augusto MZXX4453
Augusto MZXX8793
Augusto Mota MZXX8794
Augusto Sa MZXX8795
Aumba MZXX0233
Auzo MZXX4454
Avaiaca MZXX0234
Avarra MZXX0235
Avida MZXX4455
Azaria MZXX2546
Azevedo MZXX7575
B. Barbosa MZXX4456
B. Chaisse MZXX4457
B. Cumbula MZXX8796
B. Ingobane MZXX8797
B. Lhalhe MZXX8798
B. Manhique MZXX4458
B. Marima MZXX4459
B. Nuno MZXX2547
B. Popular MZXX8799
B. Sebastiao MZXX4460
B. Solomone MZXX4461
B. Tomolane MZXX4462
B. Triunfo MZXX8800
Babala MZXX8801
Babalala MZXX8802
Babanhane MZXX4463
Babe MZXX7576
Babelene MZXX2548
Bacalhau MZXX4464
Bacane MZXX2549
Bacar MZXX0236
Bacar Antigo MZXX0237
Bacequete MZXX7577
Bacequete MZXX4466
Bacequote MZXX7578
Bachite MZXX8803
Badia MZXX8804
Bagamoyo MZXX8805
Bagar MZXX0238
Bagia MZXX2550
Baiane MZXX4467
Baicane MZXX2551
Baiecane MZXX2552
Baimbai MZXX4468
Bairrada MZXX4469
Baixo Licungo MZXX0016
Baixo Limpopo MZXX2553
Bala Bala MZXX2554
Balahimo MZXX0239
Balale MZXX0240
Balama MZXX0241
Balane MZXX8810
Balane MZXX4470
Balape MZXX0242
Balata MZXX4471
Baluco MZXX0243
Balule MZXX2555
Bambalane MZXX2556
Bambate MZXX8811
Bambatela MZXX4472
Bambe MZXX4473
Bambila MZXX0244
Bambo MZXX8812
Bambo MZXX2557
Bamela MZXX2558
Bana MZXX8813
Banaaque MZXX0245
Bananhane MZXX2559
Bancu MZXX0246
Bandacamua MZXX7579
Bandar MZXX0247
Bande MZXX8814
Bande MZXX2560
Bande Diane MZXX4474
Bandeira MZXX4475
Bandeira MZXX0248
Bandeira MZXX7580
Bando Taimo MZXX4476
Bandula MZXX0017
Bandule MZXX7581
Banga MZXX4477
Bangane MZXX8815
Bangane MZXX4478
Bangane MZXX2561
Bango MZXX0249
Bango MZXX4479
Bango MZXX8816
Bango Machava MZXX2562
Banguene MZXX2563
Banguene MZXX4480
Banguira MZXX7582
Banhane MZXX4481
Banheca MZXX2564
Banhine MZXX2565
Banhine MZXX8818
Baniana MZXX4482
Banjira MZXX0250
Banzane MZXX8819
Baracussecua MZXX7583
Barane MZXX4483
Barao MZXX2566
Barra MZXX2567
Barradas MZXX2568
Barragem MZXX7584
Barragem MZXX2569
Barrana MZXX4484
Bartolomeu MZXX2570
Bartolomeu Dias MZXX4485
Base Central MZXX0251
Basilio Seguro MZXX0252
Bassela MZXX4486
Bassequete MZXX2571
Bassiquete MZXX4487
Bassope MZXX8820
Bassora MZXX0253
Bastera MZXX7585
Batani MZXX7586
Batia MZXX7587
Batine MZXX7588
Bauala MZXX0254
Bauane MZXX4488
Bauhoffer MZXX4489
Baula MZXX4490
Baulane MZXX7589
Baulane MZXX4491
Baule MZXX4492
Baute MZXX8821
Bava MZXX8822
Bavamana MZXX7590
Bawala MZXX0255
Baxavane MZXX4493
Bazar MZXX8823
Bazua MZXX7591
Beanhi MZXX7592
Beata Mafalda MZXX2572
Bebane Matsinhe MZXX2573
Bebede MZXX0256
Bebelhane MZXX8824
Bebeluta MZXX8825
Becua MZXX2574
Bedua MZXX0257
Beira MZXX7593
Beira MZXX0001
Beje MZXX2575
Bela Vista MZXX0019
Belane MZXX4495
Belas MZXX7594
Belhenguete MZXX0258
Belmonte MZXX0259
Belo MZXX7595
Beluluane MZXX8826
Bembai MZXX2576
Bembane MZXX2577
Bene MZXX8827
Bene MZXX4496
Benfica MZXX8828
Benga MZXX4497
Bengo-Bengo MZXX2578
Benguane MZXX4498
Bengura MZXX7596
Benhane MZXX2579
Beni MZXX4499
Benibueni MZXX2580
Benjamim MZXX8829
Benjamim MZXX2581
Benlane MZXX4500
Bento MZXX4501
Bento Bruto MZXX4502
Benzane MZXX4503
Bepete MZXX7597
Beque MZXX7598
Bernardino MZXX4504
Bernardino MZXX7599
Bernardo MZXX4505
Bese MZXX4506
Besserro MZXX7600
Bessuca MZXX7601
Beti MZXX8831
Betolane MZXX4507
Betula MZXX2582
Beula MZXX4508
Beunga MZXX0260
Beuti MZXX0261
Bevula MZXX8832
Biane MZXX2583
Biaque MZXX0262
Bicho Tuai MZXX4509
Bidjolo MZXX0263
Biguane MZXX8833
Bihene MZXX4510
Bije MZXX8834
Bilale MZXX0264
Bilene MZXX2584
Bilhete MZXX8835
Bilibiza MZXX0265
Biluane MZXX2585
Bimba MZXX8836
Bimbane MZXX2586
Bimbene MZXX8837
Bimbilene MZXX8838
Binda MZXX7602
Bine MZXX0266
Binga MZXX2587
Bingo MZXX2588
Binguanhana MZXX2589
Binzo MZXX2590
Bique MZXX2591
Biquisa MZXX7603
Biquiza MZXX4511
Biquizane MZXX2592
Biquize MZXX4512
Birana MZXX7604
Bire MZXX0267
Bissee MZXX0268
Bitche MZXX8839
Bitine MZXX2593
Biuamanja MZXX4513
Bivanguane MZXX8840
Bizene MZXX2594
Boa Guiliche MZXX4514
Boala MZXX0269
Boanahage MZXX0270
Boane MZXX8841
Boanhine MZXX4515
Boanine MZXX4516
Boaze MZXX2595
Bobacar MZXX4517
Bobo MZXX7605
Bobo MZXX4518
Bobo MZXX2596
Boboane Tovele MZXX4519
Bocoda MZXX2597
Bocota MZXX4520
Boda MZXX7606
Bodo MZXX7608
Boela MZXX0271
Bogoda MZXX2598
Bogotane MZXX4521
Bogude MZXX2599
Boi MZXX8842
Boi MZXX0272
Bolana MZXX8843
Bolemedade MZXX4522
Bolene MZXX2600
Boloma MZXX7609
Bolumetane MZXX4523
Boma MZXX2601
Boma MZXX8844
Bomana MZXX8845
Bombene MZXX8846
Bombo MZXX8847
Bombofo MZXX2602
Bomera MZXX0273
Bomia MZXX0274
Bomira MZXX0275
Bomo MZXX7610
Bomucuba MZXX8848
Bonaaqui MZXX0276
Bonda MZXX7611
Bonde MZXX7612
Bondoza MZXX4524
Bondra MZXX7613
Bone MZXX8849
Bonga MZXX7614
Bongache MZXX4525
Bongo MZXX4526
Bongolo MZXX8850
Bonguane MZXX4527
Bonhane MZXX4528
Bonja MZXX2603
Boquisso MZXX7616
Borolia MZXX0277
Boromo MZXX2604
Borra MZXX4529
Borroane MZXX4530
Bosco MZXX0278
Bota MZXX4531
Bota MZXX8851
Botane MZXX2605
Botiro MZXX7617
Botsuanine MZXX2606
Bovane MZXX2607
Boza MZXX2608
Braimo MZXX0279
Bruaio MZXX7618
Buanamuchanga MZXX7619
Buanar MZXX0280
Buanato MZXX0281
Buanhe MZXX7620
Buanuco MZXX0282
Buba MZXX0283
Bubuio MZXX2609
Buca MZXX7621
Buchane MZXX4532
Bucire MZXX0284
Buco MZXX8852
Buco MZXX7622
Budamo MZXX0285
Budula MZXX4533
Buene MZXX4534
Bufana MZXX7623
Buiene MZXX8853
Buissa MZXX7624
Bulafo MZXX4535
Bulande MZXX4536
Bulau MZXX4537
Bulau MZXX7625
Bulemetane MZXX4538
Bulonhane MZXX4539
Bululeque MZXX8854
Bulussa MZXX0286
Bundua MZXX7626
Bundundo MZXX7627
Bungane MZXX2610
Bunganhane MZXX2611
Buquene MZXX2612
Buquile MZXX8855
Buramo MZXX7628
Burrane MZXX4540
Burreni MZXX2613
Bussane MZXX2614
Bussuanine MZXX8856
Butiro MZXX7629
Buto MZXX8857
Buva MZXX2615
Buve MZXX8858
Buzana MZXX7630
Buzo MZXX8859
C Goanine MZXX2616
C Macuacua MZXX4541
C. A. Novela MZXX2617
C. Albino MZXX2618
C. Bassane MZXX8860
C. Biana MZXX4542
C. Bobe MZXX8861
C. Boquisso MZXX8862
C. Caichane MZXX2619
C. Cambebe MZXX8863
C. Camunguine MZXX8864
C. Chacul MZXX2620
C. Chalate MZXX2621
C. Checheche MZXX8865
C. Chelpa MZXX2622
C. Chibalo MZXX2623
C. Chibimbirre MZXX4543
C. Chibututuine MZXX8866
C. Chichache MZXX4544
C. Chichaha MZXX8868
C. Chicuachana MZXX8869
C. Chigamane MZXX4545
C. Chilaulene MZXX2624
C. Chimungo MZXX2625
C. Chinhamana MZXX8870
C. Chirrambelene MZXX2626
C. Chirrinzanine MZXX2627
C. Choane MZXX2628
C. Chongo MZXX2629
C. Cuba MZXX2630
C. Cufene MZXX2631
C. Culo MZXX4546
C. Culula MZXX8873
C. Cutane MZXX8874
C. Denguene MZXX2632
C. Dique MZXX8875
C. Ducua MZXX4547
C. Felecane MZXX4548
C. Goane MZXX2633
C. Gonhamaria MZXX8876
C. Gove MZXX4549
C. Guanguana MZXX2634
C. Guerrimbene MZXX8877
C. Guissembe MZXX4550
C. Gutsuine MZXX2635
C. Jacobecua MZXX4551
C. Jangamo MZXX4552
C. Joiane MZXX2636
C. Lambo MZXX4553
C. Leano MZXX2637
C. Lumane MZXX2638
C. Macandene MZXX2639
C. Maciana MZXX8878
C. Macuacua MZXX4554
C. Magilane MZXX8879
C. Mainguelane MZXX2640
C. Malamba MZXX2641
C. Malengane MZXX8880
C. Malorane MZXX4555
C. Maluana MZXX8881
C. Manganhe MZXX2642
C. Mapsana MZXX8882
C. Maputumane MZXX4556
C. Maquingue MZXX2643
C. Marrula MZXX8883
C. Marrumbana MZXX8884
C. Massevene MZXX4557
C. Massipenguana MZXX8885
C. Matelombe MZXX8886
C. Matsinhe MZXX2644
C. Maxanuquene MZXX2645
C. Mechapo MZXX8887
C. Mililene MZXX8888
C. Muachiculo MZXX4558
C. Mubebane MZXX2646
C. Mucatine MZXX8889
C. Mufucue MZXX2647
C. Mugenene MZXX2648
C. Murrona MZXX8890
C. Muzele MZXX8891
C. Nhacana MZXX8892
C. Nhancoja MZXX4559
C. Novela MZXX2649
C. P. Maguiguana MZXX0287
C. P. Nangade MZXX0288
C. Pafene MZXX8893
C. Pateque MZXX8894
C. Ribejene MZXX8895
C. Siquemelele MZXX8896
C. Tuquela MZXX2650
C. Tuvana MZXX2651
C. Uaimbela MZXX8897
C. Uambevana MZXX8898
C. Ubisse MZXX8899
C. Ungubana MZXX8900
C. Zava MZXX2652
C. Zimilene MZXX2653
C. Zonguene MZXX8901
C.P. Luamdk MZXX0289
Cabala MZXX4560
Cabelane MZXX4561
Cabeza MZXX8902
Cabire MZXX0290
Cabo MZXX0291
Cabo Ambuca MZXX4563
Cabo Amito MZXX0292
Cabo Anhane MZXX4564
Cabo Atussa MZXX0293
Cabo Bacar MZXX0294
Cabo Baiane MZXX4565
Cabo Basso MZXX4567
Cabo Belane MZXX4568
Cabo Bembeluane MZXX4569
Cabo Benhane MZXX4570
Cabo Benzane MZXX4571
Cabo Bilanhane MZXX4572
Cabo Boane MZXX4573
Cabo Bongo MZXX4574
Cabo Boningo MZXX4575
Cabo Boquesuane MZXX4576
Cabo Boquisso MZXX4577
Cabo Bungane MZXX4578
Cabo Cachane MZXX4579
Cabo Caixote MZXX0295
Cabo Calangane MZXX4580
Cabo Camo Camo MZXX4581
Cabo Carapo MZXX0296
Cabo Catine MZXX4582
Cabo Catine MZXX2654
Cabo Chacane MZXX4583
Cabo Chalauane MZXX4584
Cabo Chandane MZXX4585
Cabo Chembanda MZXX4586
Cabo Cheocule MZXX4587
Cabo Chiacho MZXX4588
Cabo Chiambo MZXX4589
Cabo Chichavane MZXX4591
Cabo Chichocane MZXX4592
Cabo Chichole MZXX4593
Cabo Chicote MZXX0297
Cabo Chicuarro MZXX4594
Cabo Chicungussa MZXX4595
Cabo Chifuio MZXX4596
Cabo Chiguelane MZXX4597
Cabo Chihuhuane MZXX4598
Cabo Chilacua MZXX4599
Cabo Chilamo MZXX0298
Cabo Chilomo MZXX4600
Cabo Chimangane MZXX4601
Cabo Chimobo MZXX0299
Cabo Chionzele MZXX4602
Cabo Chipongo MZXX4603
Cabo Chipumbo MZXX4604
Cabo Chiravala MZXX4605
Cabo Chirreu MZXX4607
Cabo Chissidane MZXX4608
Cabo Chitave MZXX4609
Cabo Chitsotso MZXX4610
Cabo Chivalo MZXX4611
Cabo Cobacabana MZXX4612
Cabo Cochanhane MZXX4613
Cabo Cocoene MZXX4614
Cabo Colete MZXX0300
Cabo Como MZXX4615
Cabo Conguiane MZXX4616
Cabo Covane MZXX4617
Cabo Cuaguana MZXX4618
Cabo Cucua MZXX4619
Cabo Culuavalala MZXX4620
Cabo Cunane MZXX4621
Cabo Cupo MZXX4622
Cabo Dalala MZXX4623
Cabo Daropa MZXX4624
Cabo Daulamaze MZXX4625
Cabo Dimande MZXX4626
Cabo Dimande III MZXX4627
Cabo Dindane MZXX4628
Cabo Docolo MZXX4629
Cabo Dorete MZXX4630
Cabo Dzimane MZXX4631
Cabo Elapoioa MZXX0301
Cabo Empope MZXX4632
Cabo F. Nhanale MZXX4633
Cabo Fequete MZXX4634
Cabo Fernando MZXX0302
Cabo Funhalouro MZXX4635
Cabo Funzo MZXX4636
Cabo Gadi MZXX4637
Cabo Gala MZXX4638
Cabo Gongane MZXX4639
Cabo Guebele MZXX4640
Cabo Guiconela MZXX4641
Cabo Guicundo MZXX4642
Cabo Guilanque MZXX4643
Cabo Guimereco MZXX4644
Cabo Guinjata MZXX4645
Cabo Guizugo MZXX4646
Cabo Guja MZXX4647
Cabo Gulela MZXX4648
Cabo Gurguema MZXX4649
Cabo Guzuza MZXX4650
Cabo Haque MZXX4651
Cabo Imbia MZXX4652
Cabo Indude MZXX4653
Cabo Inhaloi MZXX4654
Cabo Inhapupo MZXX4655
Cabo Inhaulane MZXX4656
Cabo Inlato MZXX0303
Cabo Jagaia MZXX0304
Cabo Jago MZXX4657
Cabo Jane MZXX4658
Cabo Jange MZXX4659
Cabo Jasse MZXX4660
Cabo Jofane MZXX4661
Cabo Juliao MZXX4662
Cabo L. Gumula MZXX4663
Cabo Lapoinziva MZXX0305
Cabo Lavane MZXX4664
Cabo Leonzuane MZXX4665
Cabo Licaca MZXX4666
Cabo Lindela MZXX4667
Cabo Lino MZXX4668
Cabo Lipeque MZXX0306
Cabo Mabaiane MZXX4670
Cabo Mabelane MZXX4671
Cabo Mabote MZXX4672
Cabo Mabumbuza MZXX4673
Cabo Mabunguane MZXX4674
Cabo Macaneta MZXX4675
Cabo Macarribe MZXX0307
Cabo Macarringa MZXX4676
Cabo Macauze MZXX4677
Cabo Machaca MZXX0308
Cabo Machambo MZXX4678
Cabo Machoco MZXX4679
Cabo Machuquele MZXX4680
Cabo Macovane MZXX4681
Cabo Macuacua MZXX4682
Cabo Macunguela MZXX4683
Cabo Macupulana MZXX4684
Cabo Madaia MZXX4685
Cabo Madangela MZXX4686
Cabo Madonga MZXX4687
Cabo Maerrembane MZXX4688
Cabo Maganda MZXX4689
Cabo Magoetela MZXX4690
Cabo Magola MZXX4691
Cabo Magumbela MZXX4692
Cabo Mahache MZXX4693
Cabo Mahala MZXX4694
Cabo Mahalamba MZXX4695
Cabo Mahalene MZXX4696
Cabo Mahangage MZXX4697
Cabo Mahate MZXX4698
Cabo Mahavisse MZXX4699
Cabo Maheleni MZXX4700
Cabo mahena MZXX4820
Cabo Mahocha MZXX4701
Cabo Maiaice MZXX4702
Cabo Maimela MZXX4703
Cabo Maioane MZXX4704
Cabo Majongota MZXX4705
Cabo Majouo MZXX4706
Cabo Majuta MZXX4707
Cabo Malaia MZXX4708
Cabo Malamba MZXX4709
Cabo Malate MZXX4710
Cabo Malebuane MZXX4711
Cabo Malembane MZXX4712
Cabo Malungo MZXX4713
Cabo Manavene MZXX4714
Cabo Mangarrele MZXX4715
Cabo Mangoro MZXX4716
Cabo Mangorro MZXX4717
Cabo Manhaucela MZXX4718
Cabo Manlela MZXX0309
Cabo Manusse MZXX4719
Cabo Mapanzeni MZXX4721
Cabo Mapassela MZXX4722
Cabo Maquetela MZXX4723
Cabo Mariano MZXX0310
Cabo Marima MZXX4724
Cabo Marrange MZXX4725
Cabo Marrinhela MZXX4726
Cabo Marrinjo MZXX4727
Cabo Marrucua MZXX4728
Cabo Marrugue MZXX4729
Cabo Marrule MZXX4730
Cabo Massalane MZXX4731
Cabo Massasse MZXX4732
Cabo Massavane MZXX4733
Cabo Massemane MZXX4734
Cabo Mata MZXX4735
Cabo Matala MZXX4736
Cabo Matata MZXX0311
Cabo Matecheque MZXX4737
Cabo Matine MZXX4738
Cabo Matingane MZXX4739
Cabo Matlale MZXX4740
Cabo Mau MZXX4741
Cabo Maueua MZXX4742
Cabo Maueve MZXX4743
Cabo Mavume MZXX4744
Cabo Mavunjane MZXX4745
Cabo Mazeuco MZXX4746
Cabo Mazonda MZXX4747
Cabo Mazucane MZXX4748
Cabo Menepa MZXX0312
Cabo Mepatia MZXX0313
Cabo Messine MZXX0314
Cabo Meu MZXX4749
Cabo Mire MZXX0315
Cabo Modaucane MZXX4750
Cabo Morrungulo MZXX4751
Cabo Movamba MZXX4752
Cabo Muagui MZXX4753
Cabo Muanrojo MZXX0316
Cabo Muatimamba MZXX4754
Cabo Mubecua MZXX4755
Cabo Mucambe MZXX4756
Cabo Muchache MZXX4757
Cabo Muchipe MZXX4758
Cabo Muchirre MZXX4759
Cabo Muchungo MZXX4760
Cabo Mucocane MZXX4761
Cabo Mucumbane MZXX4762
Cabo Mudussua MZXX4763
Cabo Mugome MZXX4764
Cabo Mugonze MZXX4765
Cabo Muia MZXX0317
Cabo Munda MZXX0318
Cabo Mungongo MZXX4766
Cabo Murenze MZXX4767
Cabo Murri MZXX4768
Cabo Murriane MZXX4769
Cabo Mussana MZXX4770
Cabo Muvique MZXX4771
Cabo Naiene MZXX4772
Cabo Naila MZXX4773
Cabo Nalava MZXX0320
Cabo Nhabacal MZXX4774
Cabo Nhabundo MZXX4775
Cabo Nhachocho MZXX4776
Cabo Nhachota MZXX4777
Cabo Nhacogo MZXX4778
Cabo Nhafunguane MZXX4779
Cabo Nhaguiua MZXX4780
Cabo Nhalevilo MZXX4781
Cabo Nhambiua MZXX4782
Cabo Nhamua MZXX4783
Cabo Nhamuessa MZXX4784
Cabo Nhancololo MZXX4785
Cabo Nhapadiane MZXX4786
Cabo Nhatave MZXX4787
Cabo Nhatumbo MZXX4788
Cabo Nhavova MZXX4789
Cabo Nhengue MZXX4790
Cabo Nicua MZXX0321
Cabo Nicula MZXX0322
Cabo Novela MZXX4791
Cabo Ongonhane MZXX4792
Cabo Pacia MZXX0323
Cabo Paindana MZXX4793
Cabo Papatane MZXX4794
Cabo Paraua MZXX0324
Cabo Paula MZXX0325
Cabo Pindezula MZXX4795
Cabo Pop MZXX4796
Cabo Primeiro MZXX4797
Cabo Puana MZXX0326
Cabo Pululo MZXX4798
Cabo Queme MZXX4799
Cabo Racao MZXX0327
Cabo Ramassane MZXX0328
Cabo Rava MZXX4800
Cabo Reritiaca MZXX0329
Cabo Rolane MZXX4801
Cabo Rovene MZXX4802
Cabo Russia MZXX0330
Cabo Ruvala MZXX4803
Cabo Sefane MZXX4804
Cabo Sehane MZXX0331
Cabo Selenca MZXX4805
Cabo Senduza MZXX4806
Cabo Sitila MZXX4807
Cabo Subuana MZXX0332
Cabo Sura MZXX0333
Cabo Tambajane MZXX4808
Cabo Tambanjane MZXX4809
Cabo Tevele MZXX4810
Cabo Tiquelia MZXX0334
Cabo Tome MZXX4811
Cabo Trocue MZXX0335
Cabo Tsemane MZXX4812
Cabo Tsinela MZXX4813
Cabo Uarrapa MZXX0336
Cabo Uarruma MZXX0337
Cabo Uela MZXX0338
Cabo Uiane MZXX4814
Cabo Uputo MZXX4815
Cabo Vahocha MZXX0339
Cabo Vavati MZXX4816
Cabo Vembane MZXX4817
Cabo Xuxululo MZXX4818
Cabo Zilo MZXX4819
Cabremunde MZXX7631
Cacamira MZXX0020
Cacate MZXX0340
Cacepondo MZXX8903
Cacha MZXX2655
Cachaca MZXX2656
Cachali MZXX0341
Cachana MZXX7633
Cachane MZXX4821
Cachembe MZXX0342
Cachengule MZXX0343
Cachimo MZXX0344
Cachiteque MZXX2657
Cacholo MZXX4822
Cachua MZXX0345
Cadalonga MZXX7634
Cadas MZXX7635
Cadduca MZXX7636
Cadi MZXX0346
Cadjele MZXX8904
Caetane MZXX4823
Caetano MZXX7637
Caetano MZXX4824
Cafine MZXX8905
Cafumpe MZXX7638
Cafunganedo MZXX7639
Cagemba MZXX0347
Cahiala MZXX0348
Cahungo MZXX0349
Caia MZXX8906
Caicui MZXX2658
Caie MZXX2659
Cailane MZXX4825
Caile MZXX4826
Caipendo MZXX2660
Cais de Minerios MZXX8907
Caisse MZXX0350
Caissiu MZXX7640
Caitomeia MZXX2661
Cajolola MZXX0351
Cala MZXX2662
Calaboico MZXX8908
Calabouco MZXX0352
Calagongo MZXX0353
Calalane MZXX4827
Calambo MZXX0354
Calane MZXX8909
Calangadimbudi MZXX0355
Calani MZXX0356
Calavalava MZXX0357
Calaza MZXX8910
Calbe Lazaro MZXX4828
Calcao MZXX7641
Cale MZXX2663
Calezave MZXX4829
Calima MZXX0358
Calipa MZXX0359
Caliza MZXX7642
Calomba MZXX0360
Calombe-lombe MZXX7643
Calunduma MZXX0361
Caluva MZXX0362
Camacho MZXX4830
Camaculo MZXX2664
Camala MZXX0363
Camale MZXX0364
Camba MZXX0365
Cambala MZXX0366
Cambana MZXX7644
Cambane MZXX8911
Cambane MZXX2665
Cambe MZXX4833
Cambeca MZXX7645
Cambene MZXX7646
Cambine MZXX4834
Cambir MZXX0367
Cambo MZXX2666
Cambo MZXX4835
Cambulane MZXX4836
Camela MZXX4837
Camelau MZXX4838
Camele MZXX4839
Camezane MZXX8912
Camezembene MZXX8913
Camidjar MZXX7647
Camiga MZXX7648
Camingodo MZXX0368
Camira MZXX0369
Camisa MZXX4840
Camisola MZXX8914
Camisola MZXX7649
Camo MZXX4841
Camo-Camo MZXX4842
Camocamo MZXX8915
Camocolo MZXX2667
Camope MZXX0370
Campange MZXX7650
Campanhenhe MZXX0371
Campinas MZXX2668
Campino MZXX7651
Camuali MZXX0372
Camuane MZXX4843
Camuguio MZXX2669
Camunguine MZXX8916
Canabirepano MZXX7652
Canaco MZXX7653
Canada Dry MZXX8917
Canahana MZXX2670
Canbeze MZXX2671
Canca MZXX8918
Cancuni MZXX7654
Candane MZXX7655
Candeado MZXX7656
Candela MZXX4844
Candiado MZXX7658
Candieiro MZXX7659
Candini MZXX7660
Candjane MZXX2672
Cangalace MZXX8919
Cangoto MZXX7661
Canhama MZXX0373
Canhamba MZXX8920
Canhane MZXX2673
Canhane MZXX8921
Canhange MZXX7662
Canhanguene MZXX8922
Canhaufe MZXX7663
Canhavane MZXX4845
Canhavano MZXX4846
Canhe MZXX8923
Canhenza MZXX7664
Canhese MZXX7665
Canheua MZXX8924
Canhini MZXX8925
Caniaculo MZXX7666
Canjelane MZXX8926
Canjuane MZXX2674
Canjueira MZXX7667
Canoca MZXX8927
Cantalia MZXX0374
Cantando MZXX0375
Cantaule MZXX0376
Cantehali MZXX0377
Cantia MZXX0378
Cantine MZXX4847
Cantoneiro MZXX0379
Canum MZXX2675
Canzeana MZXX8928
Canzemane MZXX8929
Caolane MZXX4848
Capali MZXX0380
Capamba MZXX7669
Capane Gavemande MZXX4849
Capanga MZXX7670
Capassi MZXX4850
Capataz MZXX4851
Capataz MZXX2676
Capelane MZXX4852
Capetera MZXX7671
Capetine MZXX8930
Capetine MZXX4853
Capice MZXX7672
Capili MZXX0381
Capiline MZXX2677
Capinde MZXX0382
Capine MZXX0383
Capitine MZXX7673
Capoca MZXX0384
Captine MZXX2678
Capunja MZXX0385
Caputine MZXX8931
Caputine MZXX2679
Cara MZXX7674
Carabanga MZXX0386
Caraia MZXX0387
Carangane MZXX2680
Caravina MZXX7675
Carazansua MZXX7676
Carissera MZXX7677
Carizo MZXX7678
Carlos MZXX2681
Carlos MZXX8932
Carlos MZXX4854
Carlos Chitofo MZXX4855
Carlos Faela MZXX4856
Carlos Xicolove MZXX4857
Carmona MZXX2682
Carneiro MZXX7679
Carramo MZXX0388
Carrarre MZXX8933
Carre MZXX2683
Carreca MZXX0389
Carreira de Tiro MZXX2684
Carriana MZXX0390
Carrimo MZXX0391
Carrindela MZXX4858
Cartaxo MZXX2685
Cartoneiro MZXX0392
Carvalho MZXX4859
Casado MZXX7680
Casamuia MZXX4860
Casamuia MZXX7681
Case MZXX8934
Casimiro MZXX2686
Cassamo MZXX0393
Cassamo MZXX4861
Cassana MZXX8935
Cassane MZXX8936
Cassenga MZXX0394
Cassia MZXX0395
Cassimo MZXX0396
Cassimueto MZXX0397
Castanheira MZXX8937
Castigo MZXX4862
Cat Metodista MZXX4864
Cat. Americana MZXX4865
Cat. Anglicana MZXX4866
Cat. Baptista MZXX4867
Cat. Escandinava MZXX2688
Cat. Evangelista MZXX2689
Cat. Feiticista MZXX2690
Cat. L. Africana MZXX2691
Cat. Met. Livre MZXX4884
Cat. Metodista MZXX4887
Cat. Metodista MZXX2692
Cat. Nazarena MZXX4889
Cat. Nazarena MZXX2693
Cat. Nazerena MZXX2694
Cat. Nazerena MZXX4890
Cat. Suica MZXX2695
Cat. Suica MZXX4891
Catambo MZXX0398
Catandica MZXX7682
Catau MZXX7683
Catechane MZXX2696
Catechano MZXX4892
Cateche MZXX7684
Catembe MZXX8938
Catia MZXX0399
Catiambica MZXX0400
Catine MZXX4894
Catinge MZXX0401
Catingue MZXX4895
Catope MZXX7685
Catua MZXX0403
Catuane MZXX8939
Catuma MZXX0404
Catunduvala MZXX0405
Catungurene MZXX7686
Catupa MZXX0406
Catur MZXX0021
Cauassi MZXX4896
Caula MZXX0407
Caulane MZXX2699
Caule MZXX0408
Caulino MZXX4897
Caume MZXX0409
Caunguenha MZXX0410
Cauo MZXX0411
Caupe MZXX0412
Causse MZXX8940
Cavacho MZXX4898
Cavala MZXX2700
Cavalane MZXX4899
Cavalarica MZXX7687
Cavalola MZXX0413
Cavana MZXX0414
Cavanca MZXX0415
Cavanga MZXX0416
Cavano MZXX0417
Cavasse MZXX8941
Cavava MZXX0418
Cave MZXX2701
Caveda MZXX0419
Cavilane MZXX4900
Cavinga MZXX0420
Cavucatemo MZXX7688
Caxani MZXX2702
Cazamula MZXX2703
Cazinhomba MZXX8942
Cazuguizo MZXX7689
Ceboba MZXX0421
Cefia MZXX2704
Cepo MZXX8943
Cepula MZXX8944
Cere MZXX7690
Chaanguane MZXX4901
Chabo MZXX7691
Chabuera MZXX7692
Chacache MZXX0422
Chacala MZXX7693
Chacamane MZXX4902
Chacane MZXX8945
Chacane MZXX4903
Chacanhane MZXX4904
Chacanhe MZXX8946
Chacani MZXX2706
Chacani Liteango MZXX2707
Chacatane MZXX2708
Chacate MZXX2709
Chacate MZXX4905
Chaceia MZXX2710
Chache MZXX8947
Chacho MZXX8948
Chaco-bola MZXX2711
Chacoma MZXX7694
Chaconja MZXX7695
Chaculane MZXX4906
Chacule MZXX2712
Chacumuna MZXX0423
Chacurrima MZXX2713
Chacutacuta MZXX7696
Chadana MZXX8949
Chadrique MZXX7697
Chaene MZXX2714
Chagaca MZXX7698
Chagalane MZXX4907
Chai MZXX0424
Chai-Chai MZXX8950
Chaibo MZXX0425
Chaichai MZXX8951
Chaila MZXX2715
Chaimel MZXX4908
Chaimite MZXX7699
Chaimite MZXX2716
Chaine MZXX7700
Chainhane MZXX8952
Chair MZXX7701
Chairuca MZXX7702
Chaissane MZXX4909
Chaisse MZXX4910
Chaitonga MZXX7703
Chalala MZXX2717
Chalate MZXX8953
Chalazane MZXX8954
Chalaze MZXX4911
Chale MZXX4912
Chale MZXX7704
Chale MZXX0426
Chale MZXX8955
Chale Alaga MZXX0427
Chali MZXX8956
Chali MZXX7705
Chalucuane MZXX4913
Chaluque MZXX4914
Chama MZXX7706
Chamada MZXX7707
Chamadi MZXX0428
Chamalane MZXX4915
Chamane MZXX8957
Chamasi MZXX7708
Chambai MZXX4916
Chambane MZXX4917
Chambanhuco MZXX4918
Chambela MZXX2718
Chambelane MZXX4919
Chambeze MZXX8958
Chambo MZXX4920
Chamboco MZXX7709
Chambula MZXX4921
Chamo MZXX4922
Chamo MZXX0429
Champomo MZXX0430
Chamu MZXX4923
Chamuco MZXX4924
Chamuela MZXX4925
Chamusca MZXX2719
Chamussa MZXX8959
Chamusso MZXX4926
Chanculo MZXX8960
Chande MZXX0431
Changa MZXX0432
Changabeza MZXX4927
Changadeia MZXX7710
Changalane MZXX8961
Changana MZXX8962
Changanane MZXX2720
Changane MZXX0434
Changanheta MZXX2721
Changanicha MZXX0435
Changanine MZXX2722
Changaveza MZXX4928
Chango MZXX4929
Changolene MZXX2723
Changuane MZXX4930
Chanhicane MZXX2724
Chano MZXX4931
Chantia MZXX0436
Chantondo MZXX0437
Chanzelane MZXX4932
Chapa MZXX0438
Chapala MZXX0439
Chapalira MZXX7711
Chapandira MZXX7712
Chapatoca MZXX7714
Chapelia MZXX0440
Chapenga MZXX7715
Chapi MZXX0441
Chapo MZXX8963
Chapo MZXX4933
Chapo MZXX7716
Chaqui MZXX2725
Charamba MZXX7717
Chareca MZXX7718
Chatambo MZXX0442
Chatane MZXX2726
Chate MZXX2727
Chatessule MZXX7719
Chatine MZXX2728
Chau-Chau MZXX2729
Chauane MZXX4934
Chauate MZXX2730
Chauchau MZXX7720
Chauque MZXX2731
Chauquela MZXX8964
Chauzo MZXX4935
Chavamuzonde MZXX4936
Chavane MZXX8965
Chavane MZXX0443
Chavane MZXX4937
Chavanguane MZXX4938
Chavanine MZXX2732
Chave MZXX7721
Chavela MZXX2733
Chavieque MZXX0022
Chea MZXX0444
Cheavane MZXX4939
Chebeane MZXX2734
Chebebe MZXX2735
Chebete MZXX8966
Chebo MZXX2736
Checane MZXX2737
Chechangue MZXX4940
Cheche MZXX0445
Chechene MZXX4941
Checherri MZXX2738
Chechesanhe MZXX7722
Checoluane MZXX4942
Checotane MZXX2739
Checua MZXX8967
Checua MZXX0446
Checuane MZXX4943
Checue MZXX4944
Chefane MZXX4945
Chefe Adriano MZXX0447
Chefe Afito MZXX0448
Chefe Afonso MZXX0449
Chefe Ahonamoro MZXX0450
Chefe Alexandre MZXX2740
Chefe Ali MZXX0451
Chefe Alipicira MZXX0452
Chefe Ancoca MZXX4946
Chefe Anguluve MZXX4947
Chefe Aquia MZXX0455
Chefe Aquimo MZXX0456
Chefe Arrire MZXX0457
Chefe Arrusseque MZXX0458
Chefe Assane MZXX2741
Chefe Bacar MZXX0459
Chefe Bahana MZXX4948
Chefe Balata MZXX4949
Chefe Bambatela MZXX4950
Chefe Banga MZXX2742
Chefe Banguene MZXX2743
Chefe Banguene MZXX4951
Chefe Banhine MZXX2744
Chefe Banzala MZXX4952
Chefe Barila MZXX4953
Chefe Barramo MZXX2745
Chefe Batila MZXX4954
Chefe Batile MZXX4955
Chefe Bauane MZXX2746
Chefe Baulane MZXX4956
Chefe Baxavano MZXX4957
Chefe Betele MZXX4958
Chefe Bie MZXX4959
Chefe Biguanhana MZXX2747
Chefe Boane MZXX2748
Chefe Bobiane MZXX4960
Chefe Bocoda MZXX2749
Chefe Bolane MZXX2750
Chefe Bongo MZXX4961
Chefe Bringa MZXX4962
Chefe Bubula MZXX4963
Chefe Buce MZXX4964
Chefe Buchua MZXX4965
Chefe Buedi MZXX0460
Chefe Buiela MZXX2751
Chefe Bulo MZXX4966
Chefe Cahura MZXX0461
Chefe Caire MZXX0462
Chefe Cala MZXX4968
Chefe Calialia MZXX0463
Chefe Cambanhane MZXX2752
Chefe Cami MZXX4969
Chefe Canda MZXX4970
Chefe Canetane MZXX4971
Chefe Canhanga MZXX4972
Chefe Canhangue MZXX4973
Chefe Canhine MZXX2753
Chefe Cantato MZXX0464
Chefe Canzane MZXX4974
Chefe Capecape MZXX4975
Chefe Carai MZXX0466
Chefe Caroa MZXX0467
Chefe Caronga MZXX0468
Chefe Cassane MZXX2754
Chefe Cassiano MZXX0469
Chefe Cata MZXX0470
Chefe Catine MZXX4976
Chefe Causse MZXX8968
Chefe Cavacossa MZXX0471
Chefe Cavane MZXX2755
Chefe Cavelene MZXX2756
Chefe Cebola MZXX0472
Chefe Chachia MZXX0473
Chefe Chacutane MZXX4977
Chefe Chalalane MZXX2757
Chefe Chalaulene MZXX4978
Chefe Chale MZXX2758
Chefe Chamba MZXX4979
Chefe Chamissava MZXX8969
Chefe Changala MZXX8970
Chefe Chave MZXX4980
Chefe Cheade MZXX0474
Chefe Checane MZXX4981
Chefe Checanhane MZXX4982
Chefe Chelene MZXX2759
Chefe Chepole MZXX4983
Chefe Cheule MZXX4984
Chefe Chianane MZXX2760
Chefe Chibangue MZXX2761
Chefe Chibanhane MZXX4985
Chefe Chibembe MZXX4986
Chefe Chibo MZXX4987
Chefe Chibotane MZXX2762
Chefe Chicatsa MZXX4988
Chefe Chicocota MZXX4992
Chefe Chicocuane MZXX4993
Chefe Chicole MZXX4994
Chefe Chicoma MZXX4995
Chefe Chicopa MZXX4996
Chefe Chicoroa MZXX4997
Chefe Chicuangue MZXX2763
Chefe Chicuire MZXX4998
Chefe Chicunine MZXX5000
Chefe Chiduca MZXX5001
Chefe Chidulo MZXX2764
Chefe Chiene MZXX2765
Chefe Chigamane MZXX2767
Chefe Chigohi MZXX5002
Chefe Chiguelane MZXX5003
Chefe Chiguemane MZXX5004
Chefe Chigufane MZXX2768
Chefe Chiguive MZXX5006
Chefe Chihuho MZXX5007
Chefe Chilacho MZXX2769
Chefe Chilubuane MZXX5008
Chefe Chimangue MZXX2771
Chefe Chimindo MZXX2772
Chefe Chimonuane MZXX2773
Chefe Chimutane MZXX2774
Chefe Chinamela MZXX5010
Chefe Chinana MZXX5011
Chefe Chinande MZXX0475
Chefe Chindotana MZXX5012
Chefe Chionde MZXX5013
Chefe Chiongo MZXX5014
Chefe Chioza MZXX2776
Chefe Chipenhe MZXX2777
Chefe Chipsate MZXX2778
Chefe Chirrime MZXX2779
Chefe Chisseve MZXX5017
Chefe Chissuleta MZXX5018
Chefe Chitanga MZXX5019
Chefe Chitombe MZXX2782
Chefe Chitondo MZXX5020
Chefe Chitsecane MZXX5021
Chefe Chituane MZXX5022
Chefe Chiunze MZXX5023
Chefe Chivarro MZXX0476
Chefe Chivite MZXX5024
Chefe Chizoho MZXX5025
Chefe Chongola MZXX5026
Chefe Chongue MZXX2783
Chefe Chuco MZXX0477
Chefe Chume MZXX5028
Chefe Cigamane MZXX5029
Chefe Cinzavane MZXX2784
Chefe Cobre MZXX0478
Chefe Cochane MZXX5030
Chefe Cohola MZXX0479
Chefe Colete MZXX0480
Chefe Combomune MZXX2785
Chefe Cometela MZXX5031
Chefe Conge MZXX5032
Chefe Conge MZXX2786
Chefe Congolo MZXX2787
Chefe Conguma MZXX2788
Chefe Conjane MZXX2789
Chefe Conzo MZXX5033
Chefe Cossine MZXX2790
Chefe Cotulo MZXX0481
Chefe Covene MZXX5034
Chefe Coze MZXX0482
Chefe Cuacuene MZXX2791
Chefe Cuambe MZXX2792
Chefe Cuco MZXX2793
Chefe Cuelane MZXX5035
Chefe Cufa MZXX8971
Chefe Cufaqueza MZXX2794
Chefe Cuimane MZXX2795
Chefe Cuinhane MZXX5036
Chefe Cumbene MZXX2796
Chefe Cumine MZXX2797
Chefe Cunliala MZXX0483
Chefe Cuquela MZXX8972
Chefe Cutsecua MZXX5037
Chefe D. Tembe MZXX8973
Chefe Dacanela MZXX5038
Chefe Daiacambe MZXX5039
Chefe Dauca MZXX5040
Chefe Davambe MZXX2798
Chefe Desse MZXX5041
Chefe Divine MZXX5042
Chefe Djunia MZXX0484
Chefe Doho MZXX5043
Chefe Dolene MZXX2799
Chefe Dombola MZXX5044
Chefe Dopa MZXX5045
Chefe Doti MZXX5046
Chefe Dovane MZXX5047
Chefe Dove MZXX5048
Chefe Duma MZXX2800
Chefe Dumela MZXX2801
Chefe Dunhe MZXX5049
Chefe Elias MZXX0485
Chefe Etipui MZXX0486
Chefe Etupe MZXX0487
Chefe Fadjene MZXX5050
Chefe Foduane MZXX5051
Chefe Franice MZXX5052
Chefe Fulhau MZXX5053
Chefe G. Simone MZXX5055
Chefe Gabriel MZXX2802
Chefe Gacho MZXX2803
Chefe Gala Tembe MZXX8974
Chefe Gangolene MZXX2804
Chefe Garramo MZXX5056
Chefe Gelo MZXX0488
Chefe Gigigi MZXX8975
Chefe Giquina MZXX0489
Chefe Gogote MZXX2805
Chefe Golo MZXX5057
Chefe Gombane MZXX2806
Chefe Gondo MZXX5058
Chefe Gonzane MZXX5059
Chefe Guanhane MZXX2807
Chefe Guenhene MZXX2808
Chefe Guide MZXX2809
Chefe Guinjara MZXX5060
Chefe Gulela MZXX5061
Chefe Gulelene MZXX2810
Chefe Gulue MZXX0490
Chefe Gulula MZXX5062
Chefe Gumande MZXX5063
Chefe Gumane MZXX2811
Chefe Gumani MZXX5064
Chefe Gune MZXX5065
Chefe Huco MZXX8976
Chefe Hume MZXX5066
Chefe Iacuelane MZXX0491
Chefe Ichicaca MZXX5067
Chefe Imala MZXX8977
Chefe Impija MZXX0492
Chefe Incadine MZXX2812
Chefe Incalene MZXX8978
Chefe Inchapue MZXX0493
Chefe Incona MZXX0494
Chefe Ingori MZXX0495
Chefe Inhatia MZXX0496
Chefe Injomane MZXX5068
Chefe Inripa MZXX0497
Chefe Inteia MZXX0498
Chefe Intibe MZXX0499
Chefe Jacti MZXX8979
Chefe Jalipa MZXX0500
Chefe Jamo MZXX5069
Chefe Jasse MZXX2813
Chefe Joge MZXX8980
Chefe John MZXX2815
Chefe Jonasse MZXX5070
Chefe Jonjo MZXX2816
Chefe Jose MZXX5071
Chefe Julai MZXX0502
Chefe Juliao MZXX5072
Chefe Julio MZXX0503
Chefe Justino MZXX2817
Chefe Laide MZXX0504
Chefe Laita MZXX5074
Chefe Lanzelela MZXX5075
Chefe Lave MZXX0505
Chefe Lenane MZXX0506
Chefe Lhoco MZXX2818
Chefe Licahane MZXX5076
Chefe Lile MZXX0507
Chefe Limao MZXX5077
Chefe Limia MZXX0508
Chefe Limite MZXX5078
Chefe Lipango MZXX2819
Chefe Livengue MZXX5079
Chefe Lixanga MZXX5080
Chefe Lopa MZXX0509
Chefe Lucas MZXX8981
Chefe Luene MZXX5081
Chefe Lulu MZXX5082
Chefe M. Djovo MZXX8982
Chefe M. Xavane MZXX8983
Chefe Maacama MZXX2821
Chefe Maala MZXX0510
Chefe Mabalane MZXX2822
Chefe Mabecuane MZXX5083
Chefe Mabica MZXX8984
Chefe Mabime MZXX5084
Chefe Mabinde MZXX5085
Chefe Mabongo MZXX5086
Chefe Mabuco MZXX2823
Chefe Macachula MZXX5087
Chefe Macambe MZXX2824
Chefe Macanda MZXX8985
Chefe Macangane MZXX5088
Chefe Macassa MZXX8986
Chefe Macassa MZXX5089
Chefe Macassane MZXX8987
Chefe Macaue MZXX0511
Chefe Machaiane MZXX2827
Chefe Machango MZXX8988
Chefe Machatine MZXX2829
Chefe Machaule MZXX2830
Chefe Machava MZXX8989
Chefe Macheche MZXX2831
Chefe Macheco MZXX5090
Chefe Machingane MZXX2832
Chefe Machioe MZXX5091
Chefe Machocue MZXX5092
Chefe Machongola MZXX5093
Chefe Machunguel MZXX5094
Chefe Macie MZXX5095
Chefe Maciene MZXX2833
Chefe Maciquine MZXX0512
Chefe Macoba MZXX5096
Chefe Macome MZXX5097
Chefe Maconene MZXX2834
Chefe Macote MZXX0513
Chefe Macucula MZXX5098
Chefe Macuene MZXX5099
Chefe Maculume MZXX2835
Chefe Maculuva MZXX5100
Chefe Macuma MZXX5101
Chefe Macumbua MZXX0514
Chefe Macunhane MZXX2836
Chefe Macunhe MZXX5102
Chefe Macupulane MZXX2837
Chefe Macupulane MZXX5103
Chefe Madaho MZXX5104
Chefe Madevo MZXX8990
Chefe Madiane MZXX2838
Chefe Madinga MZXX5105
Chefe Madiua MZXX2839
Chefe Madoda MZXX2840
Chefe Madondo MZXX0515
Chefe Maelene MZXX5106
Chefe Maesse MZXX5107
Chefe Mafassane MZXX5109
Chefe Mafavuca MZXX8991
Chefe Mafele MZXX2841
Chefe Magacimbe MZXX5110
Chefe Magaica MZXX5111
Chefe Magandane MZXX2842
Chefe Magoba MZXX5112
Chefe Magonhe MZXX2843
Chefe Maguene MZXX2844
Chefe Maguezane MZXX5113
Chefe Maguivele MZXX5114
Chefe Magula MZXX5115
Chefe Magunze MZXX5116
Chefe Mahaho MZXX5117
Chefe Mahamba MZXX5118
Chefe Mahamo MZXX2845
Chefe Mahanuane MZXX5119
Chefe Mahema MZXX5120
Chefe Mahita MZXX5121
Chefe Mahomo MZXX2846
Chefe Mahuaia MZXX5122
Chefe Mailane MZXX8992
Chefe Mailene MZXX5123
Chefe Maimane MZXX2848
Chefe Maimelane MZXX5124
Chefe Mainga MZXX2849
Chefe Maivanine MZXX2850
Chefe Majangue MZXX2851
Chefe Majarmane MZXX2852
Chefe Majaulane MZXX2853
Chefe Majela MZXX0516
Chefe Majomala MZXX0517
Chefe Majonze MZXX2854
Chefe Malaco MZXX0518
Chefe Malembe MZXX2855
Chefe Malene MZXX2856
Chefe Malepela MZXX0519
Chefe Maloca MZXX5125
Chefe Malonguete MZXX2857
Chefe Maluelane MZXX2858
Chefe Maluvane MZXX5126
Chefe Mambuili MZXX5127
Chefe Mamite MZXX5128
Chefe Manajane MZXX0520
Chefe Mandlalele MZXX2859
Chefe Manengula MZXX5129
Chefe Mangachilo MZXX5130
Chefe Mangama MZXX0521
Chefe Manganha MZXX5131
Chefe Mangavana MZXX5133
Chefe Mangite MZXX5134
Chefe Mangonde MZXX2860
Chefe Mangonhe MZXX5135
Chefe Manguale MZXX5136
Chefe Manguana MZXX2861
Chefe Manguete MZXX5137
Chefe Mangueze MZXX5138
Chefe Mangunhane MZXX5140
Chefe Manhambane MZXX2862
Chefe Manhandane MZXX2863
Chefe Manhangane MZXX8993
Chefe Manhula MZXX2864
Chefe Mapaje MZXX2865
Chefe Mapecane MZXX2866
Chefe Mapie MZXX5141
Chefe Mapulango MZXX2867
Chefe Mapungane MZXX2868
Chefe Maputa MZXX0522
Chefe Marao MZXX5142
Chefe Marengue MZXX5143
Chefe Marraca MZXX0523
Chefe Marrambana MZXX5144
Chefe Marramene MZXX2869
Chefe Marule MZXX5146
Chefe Massaca MZXX8994
Chefe Massace MZXX5147
Chefe Massale MZXX8995
Chefe Massango MZXX5148
Chefe Massava MZXX5149
Chefe Masserapa MZXX0524
Chefe Massite MZXX5150
Chefe Massochua MZXX2870
Chefe Massopane MZXX5152
Chefe Massua MZXX0525
Chefe Massuanhe MZXX5153
Chefe Massuca MZXX5154
Chefe Massuque MZXX5155
Chefe Matabele MZXX8996
Chefe Matamelane MZXX2871
Chefe Matanato MZXX5156
Chefe Matangane MZXX2872
Chefe Matenga MZXX5157
Chefe Matesuve MZXX5158
Chefe Mateus MZXX2873
Chefe Matigane MZXX2874
Chefe Matimbe MZXX2875
Chefe Matiue MZXX5159
Chefe Matsilele MZXX2876
Chefe Matsope MZXX5161
Chefe Mauai MZXX5162
Chefe Mauene MZXX2878
Chefe Maugane MZXX5163
Chefe Mausse MZXX2879
Chefe Mavele MZXX5164
Chefe Mavolule MZXX5165
Chefe Mavuiane MZXX2880
Chefe Mecorola MZXX0526
Chefe Mecota MZXX0527
Chefe Mecuarra MZXX0528
Chefe Mejecua MZXX0529
Chefe Melidja MZXX0530
Chefe Mengane MZXX5166
Chefe Mepota MZXX0531
Chefe Mepuana MZXX0532
Chefe Mepungo MZXX5167
Chefe Metala MZXX0533
Chefe Metonha MZXX0534
Chefe Metuquene MZXX0535
Chefe Mexequene MZXX5168
Chefe Micuta MZXX0536
Chefe Mindu MZXX5169
Chefe Minerva MZXX5170
Chefe Mingo MZXX5171
Chefe Misere MZXX0537
Chefe Mitine MZXX2881
Chefe Mituca MZXX0538
Chefe Mobede MZXX8997
Chefe Mocolua MZXX2882
Chefe Mohole MZXX0539
Chefe Monhaquela MZXX0540
Chefe Montelia MZXX0541
Chefe Moripa MZXX0542
Chefe Movinzula MZXX5172
Chefe Muachiculo MZXX5173
Chefe Mualama MZXX0544
Chefe Mualeia MZXX0545
Chefe Muamudua MZXX5174
Chefe Muanamaua MZXX0546
Chefe Muane MZXX5175
Chefe Muaneira MZXX0547
Chefe Muanenele MZXX0548
Chefe Muanquina MZXX0549
Chefe Muansava MZXX0550
Chefe Muarria MZXX0551
Chefe Muatuca MZXX0552
Chefe Mubabase MZXX8998
Chefe Mubangoene MZXX5176
Chefe Mubecua MZXX5177
Chefe Mucaja MZXX0553
Chefe Mucapane MZXX8999
Chefe Muchotane MZXX2883
Chefe Mucoco MZXX5178
Chefe Mucole MZXX9001
Chefe Muconjo MZXX5179
Chefe Mucoque MZXX2884
Chefe Mucumbuza MZXX9002
Chefe Mucupe MZXX5180
Chefe Mudavule MZXX2885
Chefe Mudissa MZXX9003
Chefe Muela MZXX0554
Chefe Muenda MZXX5181
Chefe Muepa MZXX0555
Chefe Mufucue MZXX2886
Chefe Muguambi MZXX5182
Chefe Muisse MZXX0557
Chefe Muissire MZXX2887
Chefe Muituva MZXX0558
Chefe Muivia MZXX0559
Chefe Mukatxana MZXX2888
Chefe Mulalene MZXX2889
Chefe Mulhulhe MZXX9004
Chefe Muliamo MZXX0560
Chefe Mungazi MZXX2890
Chefe Mungoi MZXX2891
Chefe Munhaca MZXX2892
Chefe Munhicuane MZXX5183
Chefe Murriane MZXX5184
Chefe Murrucula MZXX5185
Chefe Mussa MZXX0561
Chefe Mussaiela MZXX2893
Chefe Mussengue MZXX5186
Chefe Mussongue MZXX9005
Chefe Mutine MZXX2894
Chefe Mutota MZXX5187
Chefe Mutupa MZXX2895
Chefe Muvucusa MZXX9006
Chefe Muzamane MZXX2896
Chefe N Cumabai MZXX0562
Chefe Nacibo MZXX0563
Chefe Nacomo MZXX0564
Chefe Nafas MZXX0565
Chefe Nagasse MZXX0566
Chefe Naife MZXX0567
Chefe Naioto MZXX0568
Chefe Namarrepa MZXX0569
Chefe Namatupune MZXX0570
Chefe Nambane MZXX0571
Chefe Namina MZXX0572
Chefe Naminhuco MZXX0573
Chefe Namione MZXX0574
Chefe Nampepa MZXX0575
Chefe Nampuara MZXX0576
Chefe Namuecue MZXX0577
Chefe Nancoripa MZXX0578
Chefe Nancuto MZXX0579
Chefe Nanhoma MZXX0580
Chefe Nanquela MZXX0581
Chefe Napita MZXX0582
Chefe Naucha MZXX5188
Chefe Nazarate MZXX5189
Chefe Nechacha MZXX0583
Chefe Necule MZXX0584
Chefe Neparula MZXX0585
Chefe Neve MZXX5190
Chefe Nhabombo MZXX5191
Chefe Nhachume MZXX5192
Chefe Nhacoco MZXX2898
Chefe Nhacodue MZXX5193
Chefe Nhacoongo MZXX5194
Chefe Nhacuonga MZXX5195
Chefe Nhaduco MZXX5196
Chefe Nhaducue MZXX5197
Chefe Nhamandane MZXX5198
Chefe Nhamasuca MZXX5199
Chefe Nhamazana MZXX5200
Chefe Nhamazane MZXX5201
Chefe Nhambe MZXX5202
Chefe Nhamongo MZXX5203
Chefe Nhampalela MZXX5204
Chefe Nhamuenda MZXX5205
Chefe Nhamusse MZXX2899
Chefe Nhancale MZXX2900
Chefe Nhancuahe MZXX5206
Chefe Nhangumbe MZXX5207
Chefe Nhapalo MZXX5208
Chefe Nhapequene MZXX2901
Chefe Nhaquila MZXX5209
Chefe Nhassico MZXX5210
Chefe Nhassita MZXX5211
Chefe Nhatsitsi MZXX5212
Chefe Nhavuo MZXX5213
Chefe Nhazunde MZXX5214
Chefe Nhebo MZXX0586
Chefe Nhocuene MZXX2903
Chefe Nhuane MZXX5215
Chefe Nica MZXX0587
Chefe Nicalala MZXX0588
Chefe Nicano MZXX0589
Chefe Nicua MZXX0590
Chefe Nicuara MZXX0591
Chefe Nicuto MZXX0592
Chefe Nigoeleua MZXX0593
Chefe Nipuetemue MZXX0594
Chefe Niquisse MZXX5216
Chefe Nira MZXX0595
Chefe Niuaua MZXX0596
Chefe Niuco MZXX0597
Chefe Nivero MZXX0598
Chefe Ocule MZXX5217
Chefe Omacage MZXX0599
Chefe Omala MZXX0600
Chefe Oscar MZXX0601
Chefe P. Tembe MZXX9007
Chefe Pai MZXX5218
Chefe Pambarra MZXX5219
Chefe Panamo MZXX0602
Chefe Pande MZXX5220
Chefe Papate MZXX2904
Chefe Paquete MZXX0603
Chefe Patchera MZXX0604
Chefe Paunda MZXX5221
Chefe Pavava MZXX2905
Chefe Pecule MZXX5222
Chefe Perevere MZXX0605
Chefe Petane MZXX5223
Chefe Petula MZXX2906
Chefe Pilale MZXX0606
Chefe Pilote MZXX0607
Chefe Pindo MZXX5224
Chefe Pinhane MZXX2907
Chefe Pinto MZXX9008
Chefe Pites MZXX9009
Chefe Pofula MZXX5225
Chefe Polongue MZXX5226
Chefe Pomene MZXX5227
Chefe Pomulene MZXX2908
Chefe Ponjuane MZXX2909
Chefe Pope MZXX2910
Chefe Porro MZXX5228
Chefe Pousaide MZXX0608
Chefe Puede MZXX5229
Chefe Puelia MZXX0609
Chefe Puepue MZXX0610
Chefe Purremuere MZXX0611
Chefe Purulia MZXX0612
Chefe Pussa MZXX2911
Chefe Putene MZXX5230
Chefe Quebo MZXX5231
Chefe Quequene MZXX0613
Chefe Querre MZXX5232
Chefe Quilevele MZXX0614
Chefe Quimao MZXX0615
Chefe Quitana MZXX0616
Chefe Quitarubo MZXX0617
Chefe Raide MZXX0618
Chefe Raimundo MZXX9010
Chefe Resta MZXX0619
Chefe Rolane MZXX5233
Chefe Ruco MZXX2912
Chefe Rudo MZXX5234
Chefe Rumia MZXX0620
Chefe Runduca MZXX5236
Chefe Saide MZXX0622
Chefe Sainda MZXX5237
Chefe Salcanha MZXX9011
Chefe Samo MZXX2914
Chefe Sararia MZXX0623
Chefe Segara MZXX0624
Chefe Sehane MZXX0625
Chefe Selemane MZXX0626
Chefe Semitela MZXX2915
Chefe Senganhane MZXX2916
Chefe Seta MZXX5238
Chefe Sicapa MZXX5239
Chefe Silva MZXX9012
Chefe Sipone MZXX5240
Chefe Somar MZXX0627
Chefe Sucuma MZXX0628
Chefe Sumaila MZXX0629
Chefe Sumana MZXX0630
Chefe T. Tembe MZXX9013
Chefe Tabulua MZXX0631
Chefe Taburua MZXX0632
Chefe Taiar MZXX0633
Chefe Talamo MZXX0634
Chefe Tamanda MZXX5241
Chefe Tarua MZXX0635
Chefe Tchuene MZXX2917
Chefe Teto MZXX2918
Chefe Tiane MZXX5244
Chefe Tico MZXX0636
Chefe Timai MZXX9014
Chefe Tindavene MZXX2919
Chefe Tiqui MZXX5245
Chefe Tofo MZXX5246
Chefe Tomo MZXX5247
Chefe Tototo MZXX5248
Chefe Tsatsane MZXX5249
Chefe Tsumbane MZXX5250
Chefe Tualufo MZXX5251
Chefe Tueia MZXX0637
Chefe Tungula MZXX5252
Chefe Tupula MZXX0638
Chefe Txitxalane MZXX2920
Chefe Uacharine MZXX2921
Chefe Uahiquene MZXX5253
Chefe Uajahane MZXX2922
Chefe Uajera MZXX0639
Chefe Uajulo MZXX2923
Chefe Uamate MZXX2924
Chefe Uane MZXX5254
Chefe Uazonguene MZXX2925
Chefe Uetela MZXX5255
Chefe Uncarribo MZXX0640
Chefe Unguana MZXX5256
Chefe Unla MZXX0641
Chefe Uquelia MZXX0642
Chefe Vamangue MZXX2926
Chefe Vinhane MZXX5257
Chefe Vita MZXX0643
Chefe Vocorro MZXX0644
Chefe Vulanjane MZXX5258
Chefe Xai-Xai MZXX2928
Chefe Xinda MZXX9015
Chefe Zacanha MZXX2929
Chefe Zagaia MZXX0645
Chefe Zandamela MZXX5259
Chefe Zefanias MZXX2930
Chefe Zilo MZXX2931
Chefe Zinhane MZXX2932
Chefe Zique MZXX5260
Chefe Zuande MZXX5261
Chefo MZXX0646
Chefu MZXX2933
Chegamane MZXX5262
Chegandava MZXX5263
Chegane MZXX5264
Chege Chigamane MZXX5265
Chegua MZXX2934
Cheguane MZXX5266
Chegueche MZXX5267
Chegunda MZXX0647
Cheia MZXX0648
Chejongue MZXX2935
Chelene MZXX5268
Chelene MZXX2936
Chelene MZXX9016
Chelice MZXX9017
Chelim MZXX7724
Chelim MZXX5269
Cheline MZXX0023
Chelunguane MZXX5270
Chemamo MZXX0649
Chemangane MZXX5271
Chembane MZXX5272
Chengane MZXX7725
Chengane MZXX2937
Chengoge MZXX0650
Chengunde MZXX0651
Chenque MZXX7726
Chenzela MZXX5273
Chepacane MZXX9018
Chepenguane MZXX5274
Chepica MZXX2938
Chepongo MZXX5275
Chequefane MZXX2939
Cherilele MZXX2940
Cheringa MZXX9019
Cherringuene MZXX5276
Chese MZXX7727
Chessecane MZXX5277
Chessinguane MZXX7728
Chetico MZXX5278
Chetio MZXX5279
Chetiti MZXX7729
Chevanze MZXX5280
Cheveve MZXX7730
Cheziane MZXX2941
Chia MZXX9020
Chiacha MZXX2942
Chiaelane MZXX5281
Chiamelane MZXX5282
Chiamessano MZXX9021
Chianane MZXX2943
Chianhamate MZXX5283
Chiarre MZXX5284
Chiarre MZXX2944
Chiau MZXX9022
Chibabel MZXX2945
Chibacuela MZXX5285
Chibacuze MZXX9023
Chibade MZXX7731
Chibal MZXX5286
Chibalanine MZXX2946
Chibambanine MZXX2947
Chibamo MZXX5287
Chibanda MZXX5288
Chibane MZXX9024
Chibangane MZXX7732
Chibango MZXX9025
Chibangua MZXX2948
Chibanguiuane MZXX5289
Chibanto MZXX7733
Chibanza MZXX9026
Chibaquelane MZXX5290
Chibaquele MZXX5291
Chibata MZXX7734
Chibe MZXX2949
Chibelana MZXX9027
Chibele MZXX2951
Chibemba MZXX5292
Chibembe MZXX5293
Chibi MZXX5294
Chibicho MZXX5295
Chibimbirre MZXX5296
Chibiquele MZXX5297
Chibite MZXX9028
Chiboa MZXX9029
Chibobar MZXX0652
Chiboma MZXX7735
Chiboma MZXX5298
Chiboma MZXX2952
Chibomane MZXX5299
Chibombane MZXX2953
Chibombo MZXX9030
Chibone MZXX9031
Chibongo MZXX2954
Chibonzane MZXX2955
Chiboquissane MZXX5300
Chibubachane MZXX5301
Chibucane MZXX5302
Chibuco MZXX9032
Chibuco MZXX2956
Chibuco MZXX7736
Chibue MZXX7737
Chibuma MZXX5303
Chibungo MZXX9033
Chibuni MZXX9034
Chiburre MZXX9035
Chibussane MZXX5304
Chibutice MZXX2957
Chibuto MZXX2958
Chicabane MZXX5305
Chicabela MZXX9036
Chicaca MZXX2959
Chicacane MZXX5306
Chicachane MZXX5307
Chicaene MZXX5308
Chicaiane MZXX5309
Chicamane MZXX2960
Chicamba MZXX2961
Chicamba Real MZXX7738
Chicamelele MZXX9037
Chicamunde MZXX0653
Chicana MZXX9038
Chicanda MZXX7739
Chicandabia MZXX2962
Chicane MZXX7740
Chicanequice MZXX9039
Chicanequisso MZXX7741
Chicanga MZXX9040
Chicanga MZXX7742
Chicangalane MZXX5310
Chicangalo MZXX5311
Chicangana MZXX0654
Chicango MZXX9041
Chicanhane MZXX5312
Chicanhane MZXX9042
Chicapa MZXX0655
Chicatana MZXX7743
Chicatane MZXX5313
Chicauane MZXX2963
Chicaule MZXX9043
Chicaute MZXX0656
Chicavene MZXX2964
Chicazela MZXX9044
Chichamalo MZXX2965
Chichande MZXX5314
Chichangue MZXX9045
Chichavane MZXX5315
Chichele MZXX5316
Chichicomane MZXX5317
Chichique MZXX9046
Chichire MZXX7744
Chichocane MZXX5318
Chichola MZXX5319
Chicholo MZXX2966
Chichongolo MZXX2967
Chichongue MZXX5320
Chichotelane MZXX5321
Chichuco MZXX9047
Chichulo MZXX7745
Chicinane MZXX9048
Chico MZXX5322
Chicoa MZXX5323
Chicoba MZXX2968
Chicoche MZXX5324
Chicoco MZXX0657
Chicoco MZXX2969
Chicocoana MZXX9049
Chicocololo MZXX2970
Chicocue MZXX9050
Chicoe MZXX5325
Chicogo MZXX7747
Chicojo MZXX2971
Chicolola MZXX9051
Chicoluane MZXX5326
Chicomba MZXX7748
Chicombana MZXX5327
Chicombo MZXX7749
Chicomela MZXX2972
Chicomela MZXX9052
Chicomelane MZXX2973
Chicomo MZXX2974
Chicomo MZXX5328
Chicondzo MZXX2975
Chiconela MZXX9053
Chiconela MZXX2976
Chiconelane MZXX2977
Chiconge MZXX2978
Chicongue MZXX9054
Chiconha MZXX2979
Chiconha MZXX7750
Chiconono MZXX0024
Chicopa MZXX5329
Chicopuecie MZXX0659
Chicopulo MZXX5330
Chicore MZXX7751
Chicoroa MZXX5331
Chicotane MZXX9055
Chicote MZXX7752
Chicuachane MZXX2981
Chicuacua MZXX2982
Chicuaia MZXX0660
Chicuaja MZXX7753
Chicualacuala MZXX2983
Chicuale MZXX2984
Chicuamate MZXX5332
Chicuambo MZXX2985
Chicuane MZXX9056
Chicuatuaza MZXX7754
Chicubesi MZXX7755
Chicuemba MZXX0661
Chicuembo MZXX2986
Chicuene MZXX7756
Chicuimo MZXX5333
Chicuine MZXX5334
Chicuizo MZXX7757
Chiculuane MZXX5335
Chiculucane MZXX5336
Chiculuma MZXX0662
Chicumbo MZXX2987
Chicumo MZXX5337
Chicuna MZXX2988
Chicundi MZXX0663
Chicunja MZXX7758
Chicunjo MZXX0664
Chicutana MZXX9057
Chicute MZXX9058
Chicuti MZXX0025
Chicutso MZXX9059
Chicuzane MZXX5338
Chidacua MZXX5339
Chidadada MZXX9060
Chidanganha MZXX0665
Chidele MZXX7759
Chidengue MZXX7760
Chidenguele MZXX0026
Chidinuane MZXX2989
Chidjumane MZXX2990
Chidoca MZXX7761
Chidoco MZXX7762
Chidomo MZXX2991
Chidona MZXX9061
Chidonde MZXX0666
Chiduabo MZXX7763
Chiduachine MZXX2992
Chiduadua MZXX0667
Chiducuane MZXX2993
Chidudo MZXX9062
Chidugo MZXX7764
Chidulo MZXX7765
Chiduma MZXX5340
Chidumo MZXX9063
Chidumo MZXX5341
Chidungane MZXX2995
Chidute MZXX7766
Chienzele MZXX5342
Chiero MZXX0668
Chifalo MZXX2996
Chifinele MZXX7767
Chifomote MZXX7768
Chifubi MZXX7769
Chifunzana MZXX9064
Chifurissane MZXX2997
Chigamane MZXX2998
Chigamane MZXX5343
Chiganane MZXX2999
Chiganda MZXX7770
Chiganhissane MZXX9065
Chigavane MZXX5344
Chigodo MZXX3000
Chigoela MZXX3001
Chigoela MZXX5345
Chigogo MZXX9066
Chigombanine MZXX3002
Chigombe MZXX7771
Chigombe MZXX3003
Chigombela MZXX3004
Chigone MZXX5346
Chigonuane MZXX5347
Chiguaaja MZXX5348
Chigubo MZXX3005
Chiguemane MZXX5349
Chiguengane MZXX5350
Chigugo MZXX3006
Chiguidela MZXX3007
Chiiuanane MZXX5351
Chiiuane MZXX5352
Chikalango MZXX0669
Chikhuto MZXX3008
Chilaite MZXX0670
Chilaja MZXX7772
Chilala MZXX5353
Chilambane MZXX5354
Chilambo MZXX0671
Chilangade MZXX0672
Chilatane MZXX5355
Chilatanhane MZXX3009
Chilaula MZXX5356
Chilaule MZXX3010
Chilavi MZXX0673
Chilecutane MZXX5357
Chilembe MZXX3011
Chilembe Malele MZXX5358
Chilembene MZXX3012
Chilemeque MZXX3013
Chilengue MZXX3014
Chilete MZXX3015
Chilindi MZXX0674
Chilombene MZXX5359
Chilomo MZXX7773
Chilonda MZXX0675
Chilonguane MZXX5360
Chilumane MZXX3016
Chilumbela MZXX5362
Chilundo MZXX0676
Chiluva MZXX3017
Chiluvane MZXX3018
Chimaco MZXX7774
Chimalassa MZXX0677
Chimangane MZXX3019
Chimbade MZXX7775
Chimbai MZXX7776
Chimbalane MZXX5363
Chimbange MZXX7777
Chimbata MZXX9067
Chimbeuane MZXX5364
Chimbia MZXX7778
Chimbico MZXX7779
Chimbinhane MZXX3020
Chimbite MZXX7780
Chimburo MZXX7781
Chimdio MZXX7782
Chimenha MZXX0678
Chimino MZXX3021
Chimitsuane MZXX3022
Chimo MZXX3023
Chimoi MZXX7783
Chimono MZXX3024
Chimonzo MZXX5365
Chimonzo MZXX3025
Chimonzoane MZXX5366
Chimotane MZXX5367
Chimpaco MZXX7784
Chimpue MZXX0679
Chimua MZXX7785
Chimualaja MZXX7786
Chimuanda MZXX7787
Chimuanza MZXX7788
Chimungane MZXX3026
Chimusse MZXX5368
Chimusse MZXX3027
Chimutezuane MZXX3028
China MZXX5369
Chinaane MZXX5370
Chinabetane MZXX5371
Chinagane MZXX3029
Chinamune MZXX5372
Chinanane MZXX3030
Chinandir MZXX0680
Chinavane MZXX5373
Chinave MZXX0681
Chinchanga MZXX7789
Chinda MZXX0682
Chindeca MZXX9068
Chindoa MZXX7790
Chindorilo MZXX0683
Chine MZXX9069
Chinequene MZXX0684
Chingaia MZXX7791
Chingalane MZXX9070
Chinganda MZXX0685
Chingandeia MZXX7792
Chingarauca MZXX0686
Chingiane MZXX3031
Chingoboe MZXX3032
Chingoda MZXX0687
Chingoma MZXX0688
Chingomane MZXX5374
Chingonza MZXX7793
Chingore MZXX7794
Chingori MZXX7795
Chinguane MZXX5375
Chinguechinge MZXX0689
Chinguele MZXX5376
Chinguele MZXX3033
Chinguengane MZXX5377
Chinguinnene MZXX7796
Chinguize MZXX9071
Chinguluane MZXX3034
Chinhacanine MZXX3035
Chinhacata MZXX7797
Chinhamazane MZXX5378
Chinhambe MZXX5379
Chinhangane MZXX5380
Chinhanguanine MZXX9072
Chinhangure MZXX7798
Chinhoane MZXX9073
Chinhonao MZXX0690
Chinhumbo MZXX7799
Chinongole MZXX5381
Chinove MZXX7800
Chinsolo MZXX7801
Chinzavane MZXX5382
Chio MZXX3036
Chiodia MZXX0691
Chiolo MZXX3037
Chiombe MZXX3038
Chioque MZXX9074
Chipa MZXX5383
Chipadja MZXX3039
Chipaiete MZXX5384
Chipala MZXX5385
Chipamo MZXX5386
Chipanda MZXX7802
Chipande MZXX0692
Chipanduca MZXX0693
Chipane MZXX5387
Chipanela MZXX5388
Chipanelane MZXX5390
Chipanga MZXX7803
Chipangombe MZXX7804
Chipani MZXX5391
Chipanzo MZXX3040
Chipapa MZXX3041
Chipembe MZXX0694
Chipempe MZXX0695
Chipendi MZXX0696
Chipene MZXX3042
Chipene MZXX5392
Chipene MZXX9075
Chipengana MZXX5393
Chipengane MZXX5394
Chipengane MZXX3043
Chipenhe MZXX3044
Chiperuna MZXX0697
Chipetambele MZXX5395
Chipetane MZXX5396
Chipiela MZXX0698
Chipinde MZXX7805
Chipobila MZXX5397
Chipoca MZXX5398
Chipoco MZXX5399
Chipocuane MZXX5400
Chipongo MZXX5401
Chiponhana MZXX5402
Chipuala MZXX5403
Chipuio MZXX3045
Chipulane MZXX3046
Chipumessane MZXX5404
Chipunda MZXX5405
Chipungo MZXX0699
Chipunjo MZXX0700
Chipura MZXX7806
Chiputula MZXX0701
Chique MZXX7807
Chiquefane MZXX5406
Chiquembo MZXX5407
Chiquessane MZXX5408
Chiqueto MZXX3047
Chiquetsane MZXX5409
Chiquice MZXX9076
Chiquicha MZXX9077
Chiquina MZXX0702
Chiquiriba MZXX5410
Chiquirimba MZXX5411
Chiquissa MZXX3048
Chiquisse MZXX3049
Chiquisse MZXX5412
Chiquize MZXX9078
Chiradeja MZXX7808
Chirape MZXX7809
Chirara MZXX7810
Chirene MZXX7811
Chirepue MZXX0703
Chirimaunga MZXX7812
Chiriquete MZXX3050
Chirrame MZXX3051
Chirramo MZXX5413
Chirrengo MZXX5414
Chirrenguete MZXX5415
Chirrunduo MZXX3052
Chirunzo MZXX3053
Chisango MZXX7813
Chissamo MZXX7814
Chissandaco MZXX3054
Chissanhane MZXX5416
Chissano MZXX3055
Chissanto MZXX7815
Chissapa MZXX5417
Chissapa Guambe MZXX5418
Chissaque MZXX3056
Chissassane MZXX5419
Chissasse MZXX5420
Chisselane MZXX3057
Chissemo MZXX5421
Chisseve MZXX3058
Chissibuca MZXX5422
Chissicameli MZXX3059
Chissivane MZXX5423
Chissochuanine MZXX3060
Chissongo MZXX3061
Chissuana MZXX9079
Chissuati MZXX5424
Chissuquelane MZXX3062
Chitachi MZXX0704
Chitale MZXX7816
Chitamire MZXX0705
Chitanga MZXX3063
Chitanguene MZXX9080
Chitata MZXX5425
Chitatango MZXX3064
Chiteane MZXX9081
Chitembamussa MZXX3065
Chitendeo MZXX3066
Chitendeva MZXX7817
Chitete MZXX0706
Chitima MZXX0707
Chitimba MZXX0708
Chitimela MZXX5426
Chitimelane MZXX5427
Chitine MZXX5428
Chitivane MZXX5429
Chitobe MZXX7818
Chitofe Zavale MZXX3067
Chitofo MZXX5430
Chitolo MZXX0709
Chitondo MZXX7819
Chitondo MZXX0710
Chitsembane MZXX5432
Chitsotso MZXX5433
Chituane MZXX5434
Chitundo MZXX7820
Chitunguli MZXX0711
Chitupa MZXX0712
Chituta MZXX5435
Chituta MZXX0713
Chitutane MZXX5436
Chituto MZXX0714
Chiuaiu MZXX0715
Chiuama MZXX5437
Chiuane MZXX5438
Chiuauana MZXX3068
Chiuba MZXX0716
Chiue MZXX3069
Chiuele MZXX3070
Chiuleque MZXX0717
Chiulo MZXX5439
Chiumana MZXX9082
Chiumuina MZXX5440
Chiunga MZXX0718
Chiungo MZXX0719
Chiure MZXX0027
Chiure Velho MZXX0721
Chiuriane MZXX5441
Chiutesaca MZXX7821
Chivaca MZXX3072
Chivachela MZXX3073
Chivale MZXX5442
Chivalo MZXX3074
Chivalo MZXX5443
Chivalume MZXX9083
Chivambalane MZXX9084
Chivane MZXX5444
Chivanga MZXX3075
Chivanzuane MZXX5445
Chivaro MZXX0722
Chivecane MZXX5446
Chiveguemba MZXX3076
Chivejo MZXX3077
Chivete MZXX9085
Chivete MZXX7822
Chivingoane MZXX9086
Chivite MZXX3078
Chivonguine MZXX9087
Chivonguine MZXX3079
Chizambo MZXX5447
Chizapela MZXX5448
Chizavane MZXX3080
Chizezane MZXX5449
Chizimane MZXX5450
Chizinze MZXX3081
Chizongue MZXX5451
Chizumbane MZXX3082
Choa MZXX7823
Choalane MZXX5452
Choane MZXX5453
Choanhana MZXX9088
Chobouca MZXX7824
Chochene MZXX9089
Choco MZXX9090
Chocoluane MZXX5454
Chocuane MZXX5455
Chocuane MZXX3083
Chofana MZXX5456
Chokwe MZXX3084
Cholane MZXX3085
Choma MZXX7825
Chomane MZXX9091
Chomane MZXX3086
Chomba MZXX0723
Chombe MZXX7826
Chombo MZXX0724
Chomela MZXX5457
Chonelane MZXX9092
Chongo MZXX3087
Chongoene MZXX0028
Chongoloane MZXX5458
Chongone MZXX5459
Chongue MZXX5460
Chonguera MZXX0725
Chonguica MZXX9093
Choolane MZXX9094
Chopi MZXX9095
Choponone MZXX3088
Choque MZXX7827
Choquela MZXX5461
Choquera MZXX7828
Chora MZXX7829
Chouane MZXX5462
Choula MZXX5463
Chouquela MZXX7830
Chovane MZXX5464
Chovane MZXX9096
Chovanhane MZXX3089
Chuambo MZXX5465
Chuanca MZXX5466
Chuanda MZXX7831
Chuanzuane MZXX5467
Chuatalangache MZXX0726
Chuaua MZXX3090
Chuco MZXX0727
Chueba MZXX9097
Chuele MZXX3091
Chuie MZXX0728
Chuinze MZXX9098
Chuire Zima MZXX5469
Chulamate MZXX9099
Chumbo MZXX5470
Chumbua MZXX0729
Chume MZXX5471
Chume Marengula MZXX5472
Chumeanhane MZXX5473
Chungane MZXX3092
Chunge MZXX0730
Chungueta MZXX5474
Chungulengo MZXX0731
Chuoza MZXX3093
Chuquela MZXX5475
Chuquela MZXX3094
Chuquelane MZXX5476
Chuva MZXX7832
Chuva MZXX5477
Ciandane MZXX9100
Cicuca MZXX9101
Cicuco MZXX9102
Cife MZXX7833
Cihelane MZXX3095
Cimbane MZXX5478
Cimbelane MZXX5479
Cimbene MZXX9103
Cimo MZXX9104
Cinco MZXX0732
Cincoto MZXX0733
Cingatela MZXX9105
Cintura MZXX7834
Cinzine MZXX7835
Cio MZXX9106
Cipamane MZXX9107
Ciquisse MZXX5480
Cita MZXX7836
Coa MZXX7837
Coane MZXX5481
Coane MZXX9108
Coaxe MZXX9109
Coba MZXX0734
Cobela MZXX0735
Cobime MZXX5482
Cobre MZXX0736
Cobu MZXX3096
Cobue MZXX5483
Cochanhane MZXX5484
Coche MZXX5485
Cocho MZXX5486
Cocmela MZXX3097
Cocochuana MZXX7838
Cocoisa MZXX9110
Cocolo MZXX9111
Cocoma MZXX0737
Coconevo MZXX0738
Cocotche MZXX0739
Cocounho MZXX0740
Cocuato MZXX0741
Codezane MZXX5487
Coelho MZXX9112
Coelho MZXX0742
Coelho MZXX7839
Cofe MZXX5488
Cofe MZXX7840
Cofe Guirugo MZXX5489
Cofi MZXX9113
Cofuma MZXX9114
Cogolo MZXX0743
Coguno MZXX5490
Coleti MZXX0744
Colocoa MZXX0745
Colue MZXX0746
Columa MZXX0747
Comacha MZXX7841
Comache Metine MZXX5491
Comachinda MZXX7842
Comagi MZXX9115
Comala MZXX0748
Comande MZXX5492
Comaquela MZXX0749
Comate MZXX9116
Comba MZXX3098
Comba MZXX0750
Combate de Magul MZXX3099
Combene MZXX7843
Combeza MZXX5493
Combo MZXX3100
Combomune MZXX3101
Come MZXX5494
Comea MZXX0751
Comela MZXX5495
Comene MZXX5496
Cometela MZXX5497
Comia MZXX0752
Comiche MZXX5498
Comicho MZXX9117
Comixane MZXX9118
Como MZXX9119
Comoiabo MZXX7844
Comomba MZXX0753
Compata MZXX0754
Componde MZXX5499
Conamo MZXX0755
Conane MZXX5500
Conava MZXX0756
Conceicao MZXX5501
Condana MZXX7845
Condene MZXX9120
Condorre MZXX0757
Condula MZXX5502
Confumane MZXX3104
Conga MZXX7846
Conge MZXX9121
Congela MZXX7847
Congoana MZXX9122
Congola MZXX9123
Congolote MZXX9124
Congoto MZXX3105
Conguelane MZXX3106
Conguele MZXX3107
Conjoeiro MZXX3108
Conoavirio MZXX0758
Constantino MZXX9125
Contora MZXX0759
Contracosta MZXX3109
Conundo MZXX0760
Convole MZXX7848
Cooa MZXX0761
Coolane MZXX5503
Coop MZXX9126
Copelela MZXX0762
Copiche MZXX0763
Coquica MZXX9127
Corango MZXX0764
Corneta MZXX5504
Coropa MZXX0765
Corramane MZXX5506
Correia MZXX9128
Correiandora MZXX7850
Correio MZXX5507
Corrocotolo MZXX0766
Corrupita MZXX7851
Cossa MZXX9129
Cossana MZXX9130
Cossetine Chume MZXX5508
Costa MZXX0767
Costa do Sol MZXX9131
Costina MZXX7852
Costino MZXX3110
Cotane MZXX0768
Cote MZXX5509
Coti MZXX7853
Cotine MZXX7854
Cotomane MZXX5510
Covane MZXX5511
Covaninha MZXX0769
Covideva MZXX7855
Coxoane MZXX3111
Cranico MZXX0770
Crissamatembo MZXX7856
Crusado MZXX7857
Cruzado MZXX7858
Cuaba Alari MZXX5512
Cuacha MZXX7859
Cuacho MZXX9132
Cuacuarra MZXX3112
Cualeupa MZXX0771
Cuamacua MZXX0772
Cuambate MZXX9133
Cuanda MZXX0773
Cuanecacia MZXX0774
Cuanhanga MZXX0775
Cuassa MZXX7860
Cubeca MZXX9134
Cubo MZXX5513
Cubomo MZXX9135
Cuca MZXX9136
Cuchata MZXX7861
Cuchecua MZXX7862
Cuchua MZXX7863
Cucua MZXX5514
Cucuane MZXX3114
Cucumuca MZXX7864
Cucune MZXX0776
Cucuta MZXX0777
Cudaquene MZXX9137
Cudiongo MZXX0778
Cuenga MZXX5515
Cuenha MZXX9138
Cuenhana MZXX9139
Cuenhane MZXX3115
Cuenzeim MZXX7865
Cufa MZXX5516
Cufacueza MZXX3116
Cufene MZXX3117
Cufucuane MZXX3118
Cuiganga MZXX0779
Cuioa MZXX0780
Cujaluce MZXX0781
Culaiane MZXX5518
Culamo MZXX9140
Culo MZXX9141
Culuca MZXX0782
Culue MZXX0783
Cumane MZXX5519
Cumba MZXX3119
Cumbana MZXX5520
Cumbane MZXX3120
Cumbane MZXX5521
Cumbe MZXX5522
Cumbeza MZXX9142
Cumbo MZXX9143
Cume MZXX5523
Cumine MZXX3121
Cumissa MZXX9144
Cumone MZXX5524
Cumpete MZXX0784
Cumpuni MZXX0785
Cumula MZXX7866
Cumuumba MZXX0786
Cuna MZXX9145
Cunama MZXX0787
Cunamadudo MZXX0788
Cunane MZXX5525
Cunanhungo MZXX0789
Cunase MZXX0790
Cungumo MZXX0791
Cunha MZXX7867
Cunhonha MZXX0792
Cuntamulungo MZXX0793
Cunze MZXX3122
Cunzulene MZXX3123
Cupa MZXX0794
Cupenha MZXX7868
Cupo MZXX5526
Curima MZXX0795
Curracha MZXX0796
Currio MZXX0797
Cutane MZXX9146
Cutuela MZXX0798
Cutxo MZXX9147
Cuvave MZXX0799
Cuxane MZXX3124
Cuxica MZXX7869
D. Buque MZXX5527
D. Diegues MZXX5528
D. Machongane MZXX5529
D. Margarida MZXX9152
D. Mavia MZXX5530
D. Muchai MZXX5531
D. Samo MZXX3125
D. Sitoi MZXX3126
D.S.V. MZXX3127
Dabania MZXX0800
Dabassoa MZXX7871
Dade MZXX0801
Dade Bacar MZXX0802
Dade Rachide MZXX0803
Dadi MZXX0804
Daiane MZXX3128
Daimane MZXX7872
Daimane MZXX9153
Daize MZXX5532
Dale MZXX7873
Dalela MZXX9154
Dali MZXX0805
Dalisse MZXX5533
Dalo MZXX7874
Damane MZXX5534
Damba MZXX3129
Dambacua MZXX5535
Dambe MZXX3130
Dambe MZXX9155
Dambi MZXX9156
Dambi MZXX3131
Dambine MZXX5536
Dambula MZXX5537
Dambulane MZXX5538
Dambuzana MZXX9157
Damiao MZXX5539
Damiao MZXX9158
Damo MZXX9159
Dandasse MZXX7875
Dandzive MZXX3132
Dane MZXX3133
Danhane MZXX5540
Daniel MZXX9160
Daniel MZXX5541
Daniel Machova MZXX3135
Daniel Saate MZXX5542
Daniel Sigauque MZXX3136
Daquine MZXX3137
Dario MZXX9161
Darumba MZXX0806
Dassane MZXX5543
Daudana MZXX9162
Daude MZXX3138
Daude Mauai MZXX3139
Daulane MZXX3140
Dauvonga MZXX7876
Dauze MZXX9163
Davanhane MZXX7877
Davannane MZXX9164
Davatava MZXX5544
Davi MZXX5545
David MZXX9165
David MZXX5546
David Mavie MZXX5547
Davida MZXX5548
Davide MZXX9166
Davide MZXX5549
Davide MZXX3141
Davide Gege MZXX3142
Davide Manhique MZXX5550
Davine MZXX3143
Daxe MZXX0807
Debinduana MZXX9167
Decalo MZXX5551
Decane MZXX9168
Deda MZXX9169
Dede MZXX9170
Dediva MZXX0808
Degui MZXX0809
Deheane MZXX3144
Deimane MZXX3145
Dejapa MZXX9171
Dejaze MZXX5552
Dejiti MZXX5553
Dejuba MZXX9172
Dejupera MZXX0810
Delaiane MZXX3146
Delamo MZXX9173
Delelane MZXX5554
Delemane MZXX5555
Delhote MZXX9174
Dema MZXX7878
Demande MZXX5556
Demetri MZXX9175
Demugonte MZXX5557
Dengo MZXX7879
Dengoene MZXX3147
Dengueza MZXX3148
Dentanga MZXX7880
Devessa MZXX5558
Devi MZXX7881
Devo MZXX7882
Dezindezine MZXX3149
Dhalman MZXX0811
Diaca MZXX0812
Diamba MZXX0813
Diancar MZXX0814
Dias MZXX7883
Dias dos Santos MZXX0815
Dicana MZXX0816
Dicia MZXX0817
Dick MZXX7884
Dienene MZXX7885
Dihomba MZXX0818
Dimandi MZXX9176
Dimba MZXX5559
Dimbane MZXX5560
Dimongo MZXX0819
Dindane MZXX3150
Dindiza MZXX3151
Dinga MZXX7886
Dingamo MZXX0820
Dingana MZXX9177
Dingane MZXX3152
Dingue MZXX9178
Dinguia MZXX0821
Dinguiduane MZXX5561
Dinguine MZXX7887
Diniz MZXX9179
Diofane MZXX9180
Dique MZXX5562
Dique MZXX7888
Dique MZXX9181
Diqui MZXX7889
Diquia MZXX7890
Diundo MZXX0822
Divinduane MZXX9182
Djalane MZXX9183
Djandje MZXX9184
Djane MZXX3153
Djangue MZXX7891
Djaquene MZXX9185
Djasse MZXX7892
Djenge MZXX7893
Djera MZXX7894
Djiine MZXX5563
Djimo MZXX3154
Djo MZXX7895
Djoco MZXX3155
Djodje MZXX9186
Djodjo MZXX7896
Djojo MZXX3156
Djonjo MZXX9187
Djuaia MZXX0823
Dododo MZXX3157
Doeroi MZXX7897
Dolela MZXX5564
Domaqui MZXX0824
Domasse MZXX3158
Dombe MZXX7898
Dombe MZXX0825
Dombo MZXX7899
Domingo MZXX5565
Domingos MZXX9188
Domingos MZXX3159
Domo-Domo MZXX5567
Donato MZXX5568
Donde MZXX0826
Dondoe MZXX7900
Dondonhe MZXX7901
Donga MZXX9189
Donga MZXX3160
Dongamissa MZXX5569
Dongo MZXX9190
Dongue MZXX9191
Donguene MZXX3161
Dopela MZXX3162
Dora MZXX5570
Dore MZXX7902
Doropane MZXX5571
Doropo Nhabete MZXX5572
Doscepane MZXX9192
Dozenta MZXX5573
Dr. Goncalves MZXX9193
Dualhe MZXX9194
Duame MZXX7903
Duane MZXX5574
Duarde MZXX9195
Duarte MZXX5575
Duca MZXX0827
Ducalimo MZXX0828
Ducane MZXX5576
Duco MZXX9196
Duco MZXX5577
Ducuzana MZXX9197
Dudana MZXX9198
Dudo MZXX0829
Dula MZXX5578
Dululo MZXX5579
Duma MZXX3164
Duma MZXX5580
Dumaduma MZXX3165
Dumbane MZXX3166
Dumecha MZXX0830
Dumela MZXX3167
Dumussa MZXX0831
Duna Matimane MZXX9199
Dunda MZXX7904
Dundo MZXX7905
Dungue MZXX7906
Dungunho MZXX9200
Dunguro MZXX7907
Dunhane MZXX5581
Duno MZXX7908
Dura MZXX0832
Duruane MZXX3168
Duunge MZXX0833
Duze MZXX7909
Duzenta MZXX3169
Duzenta MZXX9201
Duzenta MZXX5582
Duzi MZXX9202
E. Barnett MZXX9203
E. Carmona MZXX7910
E. Dias Capela MZXX3170
E. Ferreira MZXX9204
E. Gouveia MZXX9205
E. Majuba MZXX9206
E. Matsombe MZXX5583
E. Mubai MZXX5584
E. Murende MZXX5585
Ecangala MZXX5586
Elambo MZXX3171
Eleane MZXX3172
Elefante MZXX5587
Elias MZXX5588
Elias MZXX3173
Elias Bie MZXX5589
Elias Damao MZXX5590
Elias Guambe MZXX5591
Elias Valente MZXX9207
Eliasse MZXX9208
Eliasse MZXX5592
Elija MZXX5593
Elija MZXX3174
Elinga Macuacua MZXX5594
Elvas MZXX7911
Emacue MZXX0834
Embane MZXX5595
Emedi MZXX0835
Empope MZXX5596
Empresa Agricola MZXX9209
Empuzane MZXX9210
Encoma MZXX0836
Engliche MZXX7912
Enoce MZXX5597
Enoque MZXX5598
Enoque MZXX3175
Enosse Mabote MZXX3176
Entatone MZXX0837
Entipe MZXX0838
Eripa MZXX7913
Ermau MZXX5599
Ernesto MZXX9211
Ernesto MZXX5600
Ernesto MZXX3177
Ernesto Guilundo MZXX5601
Ernesto Ucua MZXX5602
Escalative MZXX5603
Escangalo MZXX5604
Escaniqui MZXX5605
Escava MZXX5606
Escocha MZXX9212
Escosse MZXX3178
Escrivao MZXX9213
Espanela MZXX5607
Espanera MZXX7914
Espanhol MZXX9214
Espenete MZXX3179
Esperanca MZXX9215
Espeta MZXX5608
Espeto MZXX5609
Espungabera MZXX0029
Estacatira MZXX7915
Estalagoa MZXX5610
Estata MZXX5611
Estefane MZXX9216
Estende MZXX7917
Estendere MZXX7918
Estevanhane MZXX3180
Estevao MZXX5612
Estevel MZXX9217
Estingue MZXX5613
Estivane MZXX3181
Estivanhane MZXX5614
Estofo MZXX5615
Estrela MZXX9218
Estunguira MZXX7919
Etano MZXX7920
Etissane Chague MZXX5616
Eugenio MZXX5617
Eugenio MZXX3182
Eusebio Ofisso MZXX5618
Eutete MZXX0839
Evaristo MZXX3183
Ezaquia MZXX3184
Ezequia Nhavotso MZXX5619
Ezequias Nhezi MZXX5620
Ezequiel MZXX9219
Ezequiel MZXX5621
Eziquia Moiane MZXX5622
F. Chambane MZXX3185
F. Chiquepo MZXX5623
F. Fungate MZXX5624
F. Garrine MZXX5625
F. Guambe MZXX5626
F. Lipangue MZXX5627
F. Matsombe MZXX5628
F. Mazuze MZXX3186
F. Muchave MZXX3187
F. Nhanala MZXX5629
F. Nhate MZXX3188
F. Nhateve MZXX5630
F. Nomboro MZXX5631
F. Sandique MZXX5632
F. Sinequico MZXX3189
F. Utela MZXX5633
F. Xitimela MZXX5634
F. Zita MZXX3190
Fabiao MZXX5635
Fabiao MZXX3191
Fabiao MZXX9220
Fabiao Moniane MZXX3192
Facamani MZXX5636
Facanhe MZXX7921
Facazissa MZXX9221
Face MZXX9222
Facela MZXX5637
Facetela MZXX5638
Facetele MZXX5639
Fadecuane MZXX5640
Faduco MZXX9223
Faduco MZXX5641
Faduco MZXX7922
Faela MZXX9224
Fafene MZXX5642
Fafetine MZXX7923
Fafetine MZXX5643
Faiela MZXX5644
Faife MZXX7924
Faife MZXX5645
Faife MZXX9225
Faimba MZXX5646
Fainda MZXX5647
Fainera MZXX7925
Falange MZXX5648
Falaque MZXX5650
Falavanto MZXX7926
Falele MZXX9226
Falemeta MZXX5651
Faluco MZXX5652
Falusso MZXX5653
Famanda MZXX5654
Famandane MZXX5655
Famanoa MZXX5656
Fambala MZXX3194
Fambane MZXX5657
Fandarau MZXX7927
Fanela MZXX5658
Fanequico MZXX5659
Fanete Cossa MZXX3195
Fanhafanha MZXX9227
Fanhafanha MZXX5660
Fanicela MZXX5661
Fantela MZXX9228
Faquene MZXX5662
Faquene Nhatumbo MZXX5663
Faquir Jiva MZXX5664
Faquisso MZXX5665
Farai MZXX7928
Faranhica MZXX9229
Farassane MZXX5666
Fare MZXX7929
Faria MZXX5667
Farraca MZXX5668
Fasbele MZXX3196
Fassele Catine MZXX5669
Fauquisse MZXX5670
Faustino MZXX3197
Faveca MZXX5671
Fazenda MZXX5672
Fazenda MZXX3198
Fazenda MZXX9230
Feecofeco MZXX7930
Feifetine MZXX7931
Feijao MZXX5673
Feijao MZXX9231
Felau MZXX5674
Felimone MZXX3199
Felipe MZXX9232
Femane MZXX7932
Femiaco MZXX3200
Feniace MZXX9233
Fenias MZXX5675
Feniasse Bie MZXX5676
Fenicela MZXX5677
Fequene MZXX5678
Feranisse MZXX5679
Ferena MZXX0840
Fernandes MZXX0841
Fernando MZXX3201
Fernando MZXX9234
Fernando MZXX5680
Fernando MZXX7933
Fernando Tembe MZXX3202
Ferramenta MZXX5681
Ferreira MZXX7934
Ferrengue MZXX5682
Fetera MZXX7935
Feula MZXX5683
Fevereiro MZXX7936
Ficha MZXX7937
Fichane MZXX3203
Fico MZXX7938
Fidasse MZXX9235
Filambo MZXX5684
Filemone MZXX3205
Filimone MZXX5685
Filimone Naene MZXX5686
Filipe MZXX5687
Filipe MZXX9236
Filipe Cabral MZXX3207
Filipe Nuvunga MZXX3208
Filomomi MZXX3209
Filomone MZXX7939
Filomonho MZXX3210
Finiasse MZXX5688
Finichane MZXX5689
Finichane MZXX3211
Finiche MZXX5690
Finiosse MZXX5691
Finisse MZXX5692
Fino MZXX5693
Fiosso MZXX5694
Fiouce MZXX5695
Fiousse MZXX5696
Fissane MZXX5697
Fivetine MZXX7940
Flor MZXX5698
Focuane MZXX9237
Foia MZXX7941
Foliche Tomo MZXX5699
Folige MZXX7942
Fombe MZXX7943
Fonte Sacurine MZXX5700
Fontenario MZXX5701
Foque MZXX0842
Foquico MZXX5702
Foquisse MZXX5703
Forisse MZXX9239
Fornos MZXX0030
Fortuna MZXX5704
Fostine MZXX5705
Fotiche MZXX9240
Fotine MZXX5706
Fouquice MZXX7944
Fouquico MZXX5707
Fouquisse MZXX5708
Fourteen MZXX7945
Fouvunhe MZXX5709
Franca MZXX7946
France MZXX5710
Francisco MZXX9241
Francisco MZXX3212
Francisco MZXX5711
Franisse MZXX5712
Frank MZXX9242
Franque MZXX3214
Fraqueza MZXX7947
Frazao MZXX9243
Fred MZXX7948
Freier MZXX0843
Fubane MZXX9245
Fucua MZXX3216
Fucuzana MZXX7949
Fudeze MZXX7950
Fuiene MZXX3217
Fulamine MZXX3218
Fulane MZXX3219
Fulanice MZXX9246
Fulao MZXX5713
Fulau MZXX5714
Fumane MZXX3220
Fumbira MZXX7951
Fumuana MZXX9247
Fungana MZXX9248
Fungate MZXX5715
Fungo MZXX7952
Funguane MZXX3221
Funhalouro MZXX5716
Funjane MZXX3222
Fureme MZXX7953
Furoma MZXX7954
Furvela MZXX5718
G. Bulo MZXX5719
G. Chelengue MZXX5720
G. Chiamo MZXX5721
G. Chissambule MZXX5722
G. Chivangue MZXX5723
G. Cossa MZXX9249
G. Cumbula MZXX9250
G. Doho MZXX5724
G. Duce MZXX5725
G. Guifugo MZXX5726
G. Macamo MZXX5727
G. Macie MZXX5728
G. Maguengue MZXX5729
G. Manzine MZXX9251
G. Mapasse MZXX3223
G. Massaule MZXX5730
G. Mindu MZXX5731
G. Mubai MZXX5732
G. Nhacobo MZXX5733
G. Nhacula MZXX5734
G. Nhalicale MZXX5735
G. Nhanenge MZXX5736
G. Nhaume MZXX5737
G. Tembe MZXX9252
Gabagamba MZXX0844
Gabaza MZXX9253
Gabazi MZXX7955
Gabela MZXX9254
Gabico MZXX5738
Gabriel MZXX3224
Gachaca MZXX9255
Gaio MZXX3226
Gajane MZXX3227
Gala MZXX7956
Galachane MZXX3228
Galanguene MZXX7957
Galate MZXX9256
Galaua MZXX0845
Galaze MZXX3229
Galeche MZXX3230
Galo MZXX7958
Galo MZXX5739
Galudo MZXX0846
Galumbane MZXX3231
Gamela MZXX5740
Gametano MZXX3232
Gamula MZXX9257
Ganacana Jone MZXX5742
Ganana MZXX5744
Gananga MZXX0847
Ganda MZXX7959
Gandaganga MZXX3233
Gandelhaze MZXX3234
Gangana MZXX9258
Gangane MZXX3235
Gangolo MZXX0848
Ganhamo MZXX7960
Ganhane MZXX3236
Ganhezane MZXX3237
Ganhira MZXX7961
Ganuca MZXX9259
Gaomo MZXX9260
Garagua MZXX7962
Garamo MZXX0849
Garicanhi MZXX7963
Garuzo MZXX7964
Garvin MZXX7965
Gaspar Monjane MZXX3238
Gatou MZXX9261
Gau MZXX3239
Gauane MZXX3240
Gauene MZXX9262
Gavela MZXX3241
Gavemenda MZXX5745
Gavemene MZXX3242
Gavovo MZXX9263
Gazana MZXX9264
Gaze MZXX5746
Gea MZXX7966
Gelene MZXX3243
Gembe MZXX9265
Gemisse MZXX9266
Gemisse Tamela MZXX3244
Geremias MZXX9267
Geremias MZXX5747
Germano MZXX5748
Ghefe Guezane MZXX3245
Ghemete MZXX7967
Gibuana MZXX0850
Giche MZXX7968
Gigagiga MZXX9268
Giguissene MZXX7969
Gil Cumbane MZXX5749
Gilet MZXX3246
Gilinguanguira MZXX0851
Gime MZXX3247
Gimo MZXX7970
Gimo MZXX5750
Gimo MZXX9269
Gimo MZXX3248
Gimo Siburi MZXX9270
Ginabai MZXX5751
Gine MZXX7971
Gine MZXX5752
Gino MZXX5753
Giole MZXX0852
Gipaiane MZXX5754
Gire MZXX7972
Givarro MZXX0853
Glaze MZXX9271
Glaze MZXX5755
Gliche MZXX9272
Goane MZXX3249
Goane MZXX9273
Goba MZXX9274
Goba Fronteira MZXX9275
Gobane MZXX7973
Gobe MZXX5756
Gobue MZXX7974
Gocane MZXX9276
Gocha MZXX9277
Goche MZXX7975
Gochela MZXX0854
Godua MZXX7976
Goenha MZXX5757
Gogai MZXX7977
Gogo MZXX5758
Gogoi MZXX0031
Gogote MZXX5759
Goiane MZXX9278
Goiene MZXX9279
Goja MZXX9280
Gojosa MZXX9281
Gole MZXX0855
Golo MZXX5760
Golovane MZXX9282
Golue MZXX0856
Goma MZXX0857
Gomachilau MZXX0858
Gomane MZXX3250
Gomes MZXX5761
Gomoringanyani MZXX7978
Gonane MZXX5762
Goncalves MZXX7979
Gonda MZXX7980
Gondane MZXX5763
Gonde MZXX9283
Gondeza MZXX3251
Gondo MZXX7981
Gondo MZXX5764
Gondola MZXX0032
Gongozuane MZXX5765
Gonhamo MZXX5766
Gonhane MZXX9284
Goni MZXX0859
Gonnamo MZXX5767
Gonunga MZXX7982
Gonzane MZXX5768
Gororeco MZXX7983
Gorovane MZXX7984
Gotite MZXX5769
Govemende MZXX7985
Govene MZXX3252
Govero MZXX3253
Govonguane MZXX3254
Granducol MZXX0033
Grenine MZXX5770
Guaba MZXX9285
Guaguadigue MZXX7986
Guaiguai MZXX5771
Gualeguele MZXX3255
Guamba MZXX9286
Guamule MZXX9287
Guanhissane MZXX5772
Guarimbene MZXX9288
Guatche MZXX0860
Guatchiua MZXX0861
Guaui MZXX5773
Guaza MZXX9289
Guba MZXX9290
Gubande MZXX7987
Gube MZXX9291
Gubusa MZXX9292
Guduanhane MZXX3256
Gudze MZXX5774
Guebo MZXX7988
Guebo MZXX9293
Guegue MZXX3257
Gueima MZXX3258
Guela MZXX9294
Guelande MZXX7989
Guele MZXX5775
Gueleguele MZXX9295
Guelene MZXX9296
Gueliche MZXX5776
Gueliche MZXX7990
Gueliehe MZXX7991
Gueligue MZXX5777
Guema MZXX9297
Guemane MZXX5778
Guemane Macuacua MZXX5779
Guemetemane MZXX5780
Guenda MZXX7992
Guenda MZXX0862
Guenda MZXX9298
Guene MZXX9299
Guenha MZXX3259
Guenhana MZXX9300
Guenze MZXX7993
Guera MZXX7994
Guerele MZXX9301
Guesa MZXX7995
Guesse MZXX7996
Gueta MZXX9303
Guetene MZXX9304
Gueva MZXX7997
Guezamo MZXX9305
Guezane MZXX3260
Guezane MZXX9306
Guezefana MZXX7998
Guezemane MZXX5781
Guga MZXX0863
Guiana MZXX9307
Guiane MZXX3261
Guiane MZXX5782
Guibavane MZXX5783
Guichande MZXX5784
Guidabua Guilima MZXX5785
Guidione MZXX3262
Guiducua MZXX5786
Guiela MZXX3263
Guifuco MZXX5787
Guija MZXX5788
Guijane Fastela MZXX5789
Guijimo MZXX9308
Guilande MZXX5790
Guilaze MZXX7999
Guilaze MZXX5791
Guilaze MZXX3264
Guiliche MZXX5792
Guiloze MZXX9309
Guilundo MZXX5793
Guimane MZXX9310
Guimbano MZXX9311
Guinande MZXX8000
Guine MZXX9312
Guinhengane MZXX5794
Guioa MZXX9313
Guiraze MZXX8001
Guissembe MZXX5795
Guixe MZXX8002
Guizana MZXX9314
Guize MZXX5796
Gula MZXX5797
Gula MZXX0864
Gulene MZXX9315
Gulue MZXX0865
Gumane MZXX5798
Gumanhana MZXX5799
Gumbane MZXX9316
Gumbane MZXX5800
Gumbanhane MZXX3265
Gumbe MZXX3266
Gumbe MZXX5801
Gumbene MZXX9317
Gumelane MZXX5802
Gumpata MZXX0866
Guncha MZXX8003
Gundane MZXX9318
Gungua Loja MZXX8004
Gungure MZXX0867
Gunhe MZXX8005
Gunhule MZXX3267
Gunhulo MZXX3268
Guoiacue MZXX9319
Guro MZXX8006
Gurupira MZXX8007
Gustavo MZXX5803
Guveza MZXX9320
Guza MZXX8008
Guzenzua MZXX8009
Guzo MZXX3269
H. Carreira MZXX9321
H. Costa MZXX9322
H. Macovele MZXX5804
H. Sepulveda MZXX9323
Habele MZXX9324
Hajee MZXX0868
Hamela MZXX5805
Hati MZXX9325
He Hong MZXX5806
Heiane MZXX5807
Helene MZXX5808
Hembene MZXX9326
Henga MZXX9327
Herdade Freixo MZXX9328
Herdade S. Jose MZXX9329
Hicomo MZXX0869
Hilario MZXX5809
Hirica MZXX0870
Hmbuo MZXX0871
Hoa MZXX8011
Hochane MZXX5810
Hode MZXX8012
Hode Novo MZXX8013
Homba MZXX0872
Homoine MZXX0034
Horacio MZXX5811
Hugo MZXX5812
Humo Acuecue MZXX0873
Humo Alifo MZXX0874
Humo Camuana MZXX0875
Humo Coholia MZXX0876
Humo Merenge MZXX0877
Humo Mualavaca MZXX0879
Humo Muapa MZXX0880
Humo Namarere MZXX0881
Humo Nampuatua MZXX0882
Humo Namunta MZXX0883
Humo Nohio MZXX0884
Humo Rumbe MZXX0885
Humo Taibo MZXX0886
Humo Umpilua MZXX0887
Humo Uncuba MZXX0888
Humo-Megogoma MZXX0889
Hunzulane MZXX5813
Hussein MZXX9330
I. Chavane MZXX9331
I. Dimane MZXX3271
I. Ganguene MZXX3272
I. Gulemane MZXX5814
I. Massenganhane MZXX3273
I. Quimbine MZXX5815
I. Simione MZXX5816
I. Tembe MZXX9332
Iamorra MZXX0890
Iangua MZXX0891
Iapala MZXX0892
Iaquene MZXX5817
Iaqueto MZXX0893
Iati MZXX0894
Iavendji MZXX0895
Iba MZXX0896
Ibo MZXX0035
Ibraimo MZXX0897
Ichee MZXX0898
Ichefo MZXX3274
Ichique MZXX9333
Ietemane MZXX5818
Ifacube MZXX9334
Ihassunge MZXX0036
Imbada MZXX0899
Imbuno MZXX0900
Imbuo MZXX0901
Impacha MZXX0902
Impamputo MZXX9335
Impela MZXX0903
Imporiane MZXX0904
Incaia MZXX3275
Incalane MZXX9336
Incamacho MZXX0905
Incanine MZXX9337
Inchobane MZXX3276
Inchope MZXX0037
Inchuri MZXX0906
Incocotele MZXX0907
Incole MZXX0908
Incoluane MZXX3277
Incoma MZXX0909
Incomanine MZXX9338
Incomati MZXX9339
Incuai MZXX3278
Incuria MZXX0910
Ind. V. Uacheze MZXX5819
Indebe MZXX9340
Indegue MZXX0911
Indique MZXX0912
Indjela MZXX9341
Induma M. Balane MZXX5820
Induna MZXX9342
Induna MZXX5821
Induna A. Somane MZXX5822
Induna Abnero MZXX5823
Induna Alberto MZXX5824
Induna Bassopa MZXX5825
Induna Boguisso MZXX5826
Induna Chico MZXX5827
Induna Chicova MZXX3279
Induna Chicunja MZXX5828
Induna Chingaze MZXX5829
Induna Chitata MZXX5830
Induna Dicoluane MZXX5832
Induna Farnela MZXX5833
Induna Gochane MZXX5834
Induna Gove MZXX5835
Induna J. Govene MZXX5837
Induna Jojo MZXX5839
Induna Jugandafa MZXX5840
Induna Julio MZXX5841
Induna Laiciane MZXX5842
Induna Longane MZXX5843
Induna Luca MZXX5844
Induna Mabunda MZXX3280
Induna Macale MZXX3281
Induna Macatine MZXX3282
Induna Mamboza MZXX5847
Induna Mapanule MZXX5848
Induna Maquigue MZXX5849
Induna Matata MZXX5850
Induna Matomo MZXX3283
Induna Matusse MZXX3284
Induna Mazanze MZXX5851
Induna Milisse MZXX5852
Induna Muchacuar MZXX5853
Induna Mujajo MZXX5854
Induna Rafael MZXX5856
Induna Sabao MZXX3285
Induna Shetula MZXX3286
Induna Simango MZXX3287
Induna Sitoi MZXX5858
Induna Siva MZXX3288
Induna Timbe MZXX5859
Induna Touquisso MZXX5860
Induna Uanane MZXX3289
Induna Uiane MZXX5861
Induna Uinge MZXX5862
Induna Valente MZXX5863
Induna Vumelela MZXX5864
Induna Ximai MZXX3290
Induna Zefanias MZXX5865
Induna Zualane MZXX5866
Indune Mapope MZXX3291
Inepio MZXX0913
Inferior Nangade MZXX0914
Infulene MZXX9343
Ingaua MZXX0915
Ingerenga MZXX0916
Ingleche MZXX5867
Ingles MZXX8014
Ingoane MZXX0917
Ingolonga MZXX0918
Ingoma MZXX0919
Ingomane MZXX8015
Ingomanhane MZXX5868
Ingomua MZXX0920
Ingonamo MZXX0921
Ingonda MZXX0922
Ingone MZXX0923
Ingonhama MZXX9344
Ingonhama MZXX5869
Ingotane MZXX5870
Ingovene MZXX5871
Ingriche MZXX8016
Ingrije MZXX8017
Inguana MZXX3292
Inguane Macuande MZXX5872
Inguani MZXX3293
Inguani MZXX5873
Inguasse MZXX0924
Inguma MZXX0925
Inhabanga MZXX3294
Inhabele MZXX9345
Inhaca MZXX9346
Inhacondo MZXX5874
Inhacufera MZXX8018
Inhacumana MZXX5875
Inhadiro MZXX8019
Inhambue MZXX8020
Inhamecabira MZXX8021
Inhameze MZXX3295
Inhampsi MZXX3296
Inhampura MZXX3297
Inhamussua MZXX5876
Inhangailana MZXX3298
Inhangona MZXX9347
Inhanombe MZXX5877
Inharrime MZXX0038
Inhassoro MZXX0039
Inhatechambe MZXX5878
Inhatzenguele MZXX3299
Inhau MZXX8022
Inhaunho MZXX0040
Inhere MZXX0926
Inhuana MZXX8023
Injovo MZXX3300
Inoeioio MZXX0927
Inquingir MZXX0928
Inraba MZXX0929
Inrita MZXX0930
Insania MZXX0931
Intaca MZXX9348
Intero MZXX0932
Intiquita MZXX0933
Intuara MZXX0934
Iobela MZXX5879
Ioja Martins MZXX0935
Iomaia MZXX3301
Ira MZXX0936
Irruani MZXX0937
Isac Massungue MZXX5880
Isaias MZXX5881
Ismael MZXX3302
Ismael MZXX9349
Ismael Mujavar MZXX3303
Issa MZXX0938
Issaca MZXX3304
Issai MZXX3305
Issai MZXX5882
Issai MZXX9350
Issaia MZXX9351
Issaia MZXX3306
Issaia MZXX5883
Issan MZXX9352
Issau MZXX5884
Issufa MZXX5885
Itanda MZXX0939
Itoculo MZXX0041
Iuane MZXX5886
Iuma MZXX0940
Iupuro MZXX0941
Iussa MZXX0942
Ixihicucua MZXX3307
Izicar Sitoi MZXX3308
J Guerreiro MZXX5887
J. A. Correia MZXX3309
J. Bastos MZXX9353
J. Brasileiro MZXX5888
J. Buissa MZXX9354
J. Cacho MZXX9355
J. Campos MZXX9356
J. Cordero MZXX9357
J. Cumbula MZXX9358
J. Guiloiane MZXX5889
J. Gungule MZXX5890
J. Jossia MZXX5891
J. Macoane MZXX3310
J. Malembane MZXX5892
J. Mangohomo MZXX9359
J. Martins MZXX5893
J. Matiue MZXX5894
J. Mazonda MZXX5895
J. Mesquila MZXX9360
J. Moreira MZXX9361
J. Mujejuane MZXX5896
J. Nhacule MZXX5897
J. Nhagilunguane MZXX5898
J. Paindane MZXX5899
J. Ramalho MZXX9362
J. Sapateiro MZXX3311
J. Vaz MZXX5900
J. Zimanhane MZXX5901
Jace MZXX8024
Jacimo MZXX5902
Jacinto MZXX5903
Jack MZXX8025
Jacob MZXX5904
Jacob MZXX9363
Jacob MZXX3312
Jacobe MZXX8026
Jacole MZXX9364
Jacopo MZXX8027
Jacopo MZXX9365
Jacuinje MZXX8028
Jafar MZXX9366
Jahabo MZXX0943
Jaime MZXX3313
Jaime MZXX5905
Jaime Banze MZXX3314
Jaime Naeme MZXX5906
Jaja MZXX8029
Jajane MZXX5907
Jamal MZXX0944
Jamba MZXX0945
Jambo MZXX3315
Jameia MZXX3316
James MZXX3317
Jamesone MZXX8030
Jamisse MZXX3318
Jamite MZXX3319
Jamo MZXX5908
Jamo MZXX9367
Janane MZXX5909
Janane MZXX3320
Janani MZXX5910
Jancau MZXX0946
Jane MZXX5911
Janeiro MZXX0042
Janejane MZXX9368
Janela MZXX8033
Janero MZXX8034
Jangamo MZXX5912
Jangane MZXX3321
Jange MZXX9369
Jange MZXX8035
Janguevele MZXX9370
Janie MZXX5913
Janje MZXX5914
Janota MZXX8036
Jantigue MZXX3322
Januario MZXX5915
Jaquessene MZXX8037
Jaqueu MZXX3323
Jaquissene MZXX5916
Jardim MZXX9371
Jassai MZXX5917
Jassamo MZXX5918
Jasse MZXX8038
Jasse MZXX3324
Jassefa MZXX5919
Jassia MZXX5920
Jassua MZXX9372
Jatamu MZXX3325
Jate MZXX9373
Javanguana MZXX9374
Javanhana MZXX3326
Javela MZXX3327
Javeta MZXX9375
Jaze MZXX8039
Jeche MZXX8040
Jecuze MZXX9376
Jefeca MZXX5921
Jeique MZXX5922
Jejo MZXX5923
Jemisse MZXX3328
Jemisseni MZXX5924
Jemo MZXX0947
Jemo MZXX5925
Jenasse MZXX8041
Jene MZXX5926
Jenebe MZXX0948
Jenge MZXX8042
Jeperene MZXX0949
Jeque MZXX5927
Jeque MZXX3329
Jeque MZXX8043
Jeque Zingane MZXX5928
Jequere MZXX5929
Jequi MZXX8044
Jequitela MZXX9377
Jeremia MZXX5930
Jeremias MZXX3330
Jeremias MZXX9378
Jeremias MZXX5931
Jeremias Paruque MZXX5932
Jete MZXX8045
Jetemana MZXX9379
Jetemane MZXX5933
Jiase MZXX3331
Jica MZXX9380
Jihaco MZXX0950
Jijimbana MZXX9381
Jim MZXX9382
Jime MZXX5934
Jimisse MZXX3332
Jimo MZXX5935
Jimo MZXX0951
Jimo MZXX8046
Jimpia MZXX0952
Jimussene MZXX5936
Jingador MZXX5937
Jinge MZXX5938
Jingelan MZXX5939
Jipala MZXX0953
Jiuta MZXX0954
Jivanisse MZXX5940
Jo MZXX5941
Jo MZXX8047
Joanasse MZXX8048
Joane MZXX8049
Joane MZXX5942
Joane MZXX3333
Joane Chibundene MZXX9383
Joane Levene MZXX5943
Joanes MZXX3334
Joanes MZXX9384
Joanguete MZXX8050
Joanisse MZXX3335
Joanisse MZXX5944
Joannisse MZXX9385
Joao MZXX3336
Joao MZXX9386
Joao MZXX5945
Joao MZXX8051
Joao Caba MZXX5946
Joao Dumeia MZXX3337
Joao Laisse MZXX3338
Joao Monteiro MZXX3339
Joao Mulehe MZXX5947
Joao Soquisso MZXX5948
Joao Tai MZXX5949
Joao Tangue MZXX5950
Joaquim MZXX3340
Joaquim MZXX8052
Joaquim MZXX5951
Joaquim MZXX9387
Joaquim Govene MZXX5952
Joaquim Mangue MZXX5953
Joaquim Touele MZXX5954
Joaua MZXX3341
Jobane MZXX9388
Jobe MZXX3342
Jobo MZXX5955
Jochiua MZXX9389
Jochua MZXX3343
Jocue MZXX9390
Joeca MZXX3344
Joel Nhatene MZXX5956
Joela MZXX5957
Jofane MZXX0043
Jofrisse MZXX8053
Jofuene MZXX5959
Jogo MZXX5960
John MZXX0956
John MZXX8054
Joia MZXX5961
Joio MZXX0957
Jojo MZXX5962
Jojo MZXX3345
Jojo MZXX9391
Jojo MZXX0958
Jojo MZXX8055
Joju MZXX5963
Jomacasse MZXX3346
Jombana MZXX9392
Jombe MZXX3347
Jombole MZXX3348
Jona MZXX5964
Jona MZXX9393
Jona MZXX3349
Jona MZXX8056
Jonace MZXX9394
Jonasse MZXX5965
Jonasse MZXX9395
Jone MZXX3350
Jone MZXX9396
Jone MZXX8057
Jones MZXX9397
Jongue MZXX3351
Jonh MZXX9398
Joni MZXX3352
Joquice MZXX5968
Jorge MZXX5969
Jorge MZXX9399
Jorge MZXX8058
Jorge MZXX3353
Jornal MZXX8059
Jose MZXX8060
Jose MZXX5970
Jose MZXX9400
Jose MZXX3354
Jose A. Luis MZXX3355
Jose Andrade MZXX3356
Jose Pene MZXX5971
Jose Sitoi MZXX3357
Josefa MZXX5972
Josefa MZXX8061
Josefa Muzia MZXX3358
Josefe MZXX3359
Josefo MZXX3360
Jossai MZXX5973
Jossai MZXX3361
Jossame MZXX5974
Jossane MZXX5975
Jossane Bomane MZXX5976
Josse MZXX3362
Jossefa MZXX3363
Jossefe MZXX8062
Jossefe MZXX5977
Jossia MZXX5978
Jossia MZXX3365
Jossia Ingainga MZXX5979
Jossianhari MZXX5980
Jossias MZXX3366
Jossias MZXX9401
Jossias MZXX5981
Jossie MZXX9402
Jovana MZXX8063
Juanisse MZXX5982
Juanisse MZXX9403
Juaque MZXX8064
Juca MZXX5983
Juchiua MZXX3367
Juchua Guambe MZXX5984
Judas MZXX9404
Judasse MZXX9405
Judi MZXX0959
Juga MZXX5985
Juiz MZXX9406
Julai MZXX3369
Julai MZXX9407
Julai MZXX8065
Julai MZXX5986
Julamo MZXX5987
Julia MZXX5988
Juliao MZXX3370
Juliao MZXX5989
Juliao MZXX9408
Juliao Chauque MZXX3371
Juliao Muchine MZXX5990
Juliasse MZXX5991
Julio MZXX3372
Julio MZXX5992
Julio Matavele MZXX3373
Juluco MZXX0960
Juma MZXX0961
Junangani MZXX3374
Juncais MZXX5993
Jungo MZXX0962
Junhongo MZXX0963
Junquene MZXX5994
Juntura MZXX0964
Juse MZXX3375
Jussai MZXX5995
Jussai MZXX3376
Justino MZXX3377
Jutasse MZXX3378
Juza MZXX5996
Juza MZXX8066
Kapateni MZXX3379
Kekere MZXX5997
Kepo MZXX9409
Kiss MZXX9410
Krimisi MZXX0965
Kuendane MZXX3380
Kushal Natha MZXX9411
Ky Hong MZXX5998
L. Chicoenhane MZXX5999
L. Ferreira MZXX3381
L. Filipe MZXX9412
L. Sevene MZXX6000
L. Vilanculos MZXX6001
L.G. Smith MZXX6002
Lachimo MZXX0966
Lacida MZXX6003
Lacita MZXX6004
Laco MZXX9413
Laco MZXX6005
Lae MZXX0967
Lage MZXX6006
Lago Nhanguene MZXX3382
Lago Tchine MZXX6007
Lagoa Nova MZXX3383
Lagoa Pati MZXX9414
Lai MZXX6008
Laice MZXX6009
Laice MZXX8068
Laicha MZXX6010
Laie MZXX6011
Laina MZXX0968
Laisse MZXX0044
Laisse MZXX8069
Laisse MZXX3384
Laisse MZXX6013
Laisse Magenge MZXX6014
Laita MZXX6015
Laitane MZXX6016
Laite MZXX6017
Laiuane MZXX6018
Lalamo MZXX0969
Lalane Vati MZXX6019
Lama MZXX0970
Lambachitala MZXX0971
Lambatane MZXX9415
Lambo MZXX6020
Lambo MZXX8070
Lampeao MZXX8071
Lampiao MZXX6021
Lance MZXX6022
Landela MZXX6023
Landusane MZXX9416
Langa MZXX9417
Lange MZXX6024
Langima MZXX0972
Langostela MZXX6025
Langua MZXX3385
Languana MZXX3386
Languana MZXX9418
Languane MZXX6026
Languane MZXX3387
Languane MZXX8072
Langue MZXX6027
Languene MZXX8073
Languene MZXX3388
Lapa MZXX0973
Lapane MZXX0974
Lapia MZXX0975
Lapiao MZXX6028
Laquene MZXX6029
Laquesseni MZXX6030
Laquia MZXX8074
Laquico MZXX6031
Laquisse MZXX6032
Laquissene MZXX6033
Laquisso MZXX6034
Lare MZXX8075
Lasse MZXX6035
Lasse MZXX0976
Lassimo MZXX0977
Lassine MZXX0978
Lassita MZXX6036
Laudine MZXX3389
Laue MZXX0979
Lavane MZXX0980
Lavusse MZXX9419
Lazao MZXX8076
Lazaro MZXX6037
Lazaro MZXX3390
Lazeta MZXX6038
Leal MZXX0981
Leal e Imaos MZXX9420
Lechela MZXX6039
Lechele MZXX6040
Lefande MZXX6041
Lehete MZXX3391
Leia MZXX0982
Lelia MZXX0983
Lema MZXX0984
Leonardo MZXX6042
Leonardo MZXX3392
Leopoldina MZXX3393
Lepela MZXX0985
Levene MZXX6043
Levene MZXX8077
Lhamine MZXX9421
Lhussa MZXX0986
Lianga MZXX0987
Liasse MZXX0988
Liautua MZXX0989
Liavonengue MZXX0990
Libambai MZXX0991
Liberanto MZXX6044
Licambo MZXX0992
Licangano MZXX0993
Licangote MZXX0994
Licasse MZXX9422
Licau MZXX8078
Lichilibane MZXX0995
Licilo MZXX3394
Licoco MZXX0996
Licomantira MZXX0997
Licongopele MZXX0998
Licose MZXX3395
Licuanguala MZXX0999
Licueogo MZXX1000
Lidimba MZXX1001
Lidumbe MZXX1002
Lifande MZXX6045
Lifurra MZXX6046
Ligandja MZXX1003
Ligogo MZXX6047
Ligongolo MZXX9423
Ligugume MZXX1004
Lijambana MZXX1005
Lijungo MZXX1006
Lilandoma MZXX1007
Lilangue MZXX1008
Liliane MZXX1009
Lilobe MZXX1010
Limia MZXX1011
Limuata MZXX1012
Linchica MZXX9424
Lindela MZXX6048
Lingamo MZXX9425
Lingone MZXX1013
Lingua MZXX1014
Lingua Chisseque MZXX6049
Lingula MZXX1015
Lipandi MZXX1016
Lipato MZXX1017
Lipezane MZXX6050
Lipissa MZXX6051
Lipula MZXX1018
Lipulo MZXX1019
Lisboa MZXX8079
Lisboa Soiane MZXX3396
Lissai MZXX6052
Lissenga MZXX3398
Lissimate MZXX3399
Lissimati MZXX3400
Lisungo MZXX1020
Litamanda MZXX1021
Litandacua MZXX1022
Litapata MZXX1023
Litembo MZXX1024
Litingina MZXX1025
Litondo MZXX1026
Litunde MZXX0045
Litzaninga MZXX6053
Liuaia MZXX1027
Liubo MZXX1028
Liucuica MZXX1029
Liumba MZXX1030
Liunde MZXX1031
Liundo MZXX1032
Liupo MZXX0046
Liutua MZXX1033
Livalele MZXX9426
Livasse MZXX9427
Livele MZXX1034
Livinga MZXX1035
Lixandre MZXX9428
Lixiche MZXX8080
Loguaja MZXX9429
Lojas MZXX3401
Loloa MZXX1036
Londo MZXX1037
Longane MZXX6054
Lopes MZXX9430
Lopes Zacarias MZXX3402
Lourenco MZXX6055
Lourenco MZXX1038
Luaia MZXX1039
Lucane MZXX6056
Lucas MZXX3403
Lucas MZXX6057
Lucas MZXX9431
Lucas Macassa MZXX6058
Lucas Manhique MZXX3404
Lucete MZXX1040
Luciane MZXX6059
Lufane MZXX1041
Luguni MZXX1042
Luide MZXX1043
Luido MZXX6060
Luis MZXX1044
Luis MZXX6061
Luis MZXX9432
Luis Cabral MZXX9433
Luiz MZXX9434
Luiz Gonzaga MZXX3405
Lulute MZXX1045
Luma MZXX1046
Lumachianga MZXX1047
Lumane MZXX3406
Lumbele MZXX1048
Lumbo MZXX0002
Lumo MZXX3407
Lunango MZXX1049
Lundo MZXX0048
Lunga MZXX0049
Lunguane MZXX9435
Lupi MZXX6062
Lupulia MZXX1050
Luque MZXX6063
Lurio MZXX0050
Lusenda MZXX6064
Lusso MZXX1051
Lutambo MZXX1052
Lutavi MZXX1053
Luvilo MZXX1054
Luvuma MZXX1055
Luziveve MZXX9436
M pita Matuene MZXX1056
M. Alexandre MZXX9445
M. Antunes MZXX9446
M. Azevedo MZXX9447
M. Baeco MZXX6066
M. Batista MZXX9448
M. Bule MZXX6067
M. Camboque MZXX6068
M. Chiramino MZXX3415
M. Cossa MZXX6069
M. Cumbi MZXX6070
M. Dedevele MZXX6071
M. Francisco MZXX9449
M. Goncalves MZXX9450
M. Govene MZXX6072
M. Guaimane MZXX6073
M. Guambe MZXX6074
M. Guilima MZXX6075
M. Gulelo MZXX3416
M. Leita MZXX9451
M. Lixanga MZXX6076
M. Longane MZXX6077
M. Mabode MZXX6078
M. Mabongo MZXX6079
M. Machava MZXX3417
M. Macheleue MZXX6080
M. Macuacua MZXX6081
M. Mafacale MZXX6082
M. Mafumo MZXX3418
M. Mangue MZXX6083
M. Manjala MZXX6084
M. Massango MZXX3419
M. Massobia MZXX3420
M. Massucadeje MZXX6085
M. Matsimbe MZXX6086
M. Mavie MZXX3421
M. Mazia MZXX9452
M. Mazive MZXX6087
M. Mubai MZXX6088
M. Munhengua MZXX6089
M. Mutulo MZXX3422
M. Nhabombe MZXX6090
M. Nhalungoe MZXX6091
M. Nhapule MZXX3423
M. Nhavotso MZXX6092
M. Obisse MZXX9453
M. Pateque MZXX9454
M. Pelile MZXX6093
M. Sequene MZXX6094
M. Simione MZXX6095
M. Sitoi MZXX6096
M. Somboco MZXX6097
M. Sopeia MZXX6098
M. Tembe MZXX9455
M. Tibalene MZXX9456
M. Touele MZXX6099
M. Utoi MZXX3424
M. Vilanculos MZXX3425
Maache Guilima MZXX6100
Maachule MZXX6101
Maaissa MZXX6102
Maaje MZXX1063
Maalamba MZXX6103
Maalia MZXX1064
Maambo MZXX6104
Maane MZXX6105
Maange MZXX9457
Maanzene MZXX9458
Maare MZXX1065
Maarule MZXX6106
Maate MZXX1066
Maave MZXX6107
Mabaca Melane MZXX6108
Mabage MZXX9459
Mabalana MZXX3426
Mabalane MZXX6109
Mabalane MZXX9460
Mabalane MZXX3427
Mabalane MZXX8087
Mabalau MZXX8088
Mabalene MZXX3428
Mabambe MZXX3429
Mabanda MZXX3430
Mabandje MZXX3431
Mabandla MZXX3432
Mabanja MZXX3433
Mabanja MZXX9461
Mabar MZXX8090
Mabatane MZXX9462
Mabeana MZXX9463
Mabebane MZXX9464
Mabecane MZXX6110
Mabecuane MZXX6111
Mabeia MZXX8091
Mabele MZXX9465
Mabeleza MZXX8092
Mabeluco MZXX9466
Mabengo MZXX3434
Mabesane MZXX9467
Mabetane MZXX6112
Mabiane MZXX3435
Mabibine MZXX9468
Mabiche MZXX1067
Mabila MZXX9469
Mabile MZXX9470
Mabili MZXX9471
Mabilinga MZXX9472
Mabinze MZXX6113
Mabisa MZXX9473
Mabisse MZXX3436
Mabizuene MZXX8093
Mabizueni MZXX3437
Mabochane MZXX3438
Maboche MZXX3439
Maboco MZXX9474
Mabodo MZXX0051
Mabol MZXX9475
Mabolana MZXX9476
Mabona MZXX8094
Mabongo MZXX6114
Mabota MZXX8095
Mabote MZXX6115
Mabsanganhe MZXX3440
Mabsil MZXX6116
Mabuana MZXX9477
Mabuau MZXX6117
Mabuche MZXX6118
Mabue MZXX8096
Mabuia MZXX8097
Mabuiana MZXX8098
Mabuiaua MZXX3441
Mabulacuacha MZXX6119
Mabumbute MZXX9478
Mabumguelane MZXX3442
Mabunda MZXX3443
Mabunguere MZXX6120
Mabunguolo MZXX8099
Mabuno MZXX3444
Mabuno MZXX8100
Mabuto MZXX6121
Mabuto MZXX8101
Mabuza MZXX8102
Mabzarila MZXX8103
Maca MZXX1068
Macaba MZXX1069
Macaca MZXX6122
Macacamela MZXX9479
Macacane MZXX3445
Macacha MZXX6123
Macacha MZXX8104
Macache MZXX3446
Macachene MZXX3447
Macachocho MZXX6124
Macachula MZXX6125
Macachule MZXX6126
Macaene MZXX6127
Macaene MZXX9480
Macaene MZXX3448
Macafula MZXX9481
Macaia MZXX3449
Macaia MZXX8105
Macaia MZXX1070
Macaiamo MZXX1071
Macaiane MZXX3450
Macaissa MZXX9482
Macala MZXX9483
Macalacate MZXX6128
Macalache MZXX9484
Macamba MZXX8106
Macambane MZXX6129
Macambo MZXX3451
Macambulo MZXX3452
Macamo MZXX9485
Macamu MZXX6130
Macanda MZXX3453
Macanda MZXX9486
Macandane MZXX9487
Macandanhane MZXX6132
Macandazulo MZXX3454
Macandeia MZXX9488
Macandene MZXX3455
Macandene MZXX9489
Macandezulo MZXX3456
Macandia MZXX6133
Macandze MZXX3457
Macane MZXX6134
Macaneta MZXX9491
Macangane MZXX6135
Macanganica MZXX9492
Macanganzane MZXX9493
Macango MZXX1072
Macanhane MZXX3458
Macanhe MZXX3459
Macanho MZXX9494
Macanja MZXX8107
Macanjo MZXX9495
Macanzele MZXX6136
Macanzene MZXX9496
Macapa MZXX3460
Macapacapa MZXX3461
Macarichi MZXX8108
Macaringue MZXX3462
Macarrapa MZXX6137
Macarretane MZXX3463
Macarringue MZXX6138
Macasa MZXX9497
Macasa MZXX8109
Macasa MZXX3464
Macassa MZXX6140
Macassana MZXX3465
Macassane MZXX9498
Macassane MZXX3466
Macassano MZXX6141
Macassar MZXX1073
Macasse MZXX6142
Macassela MZXX6143
Macassela MZXX3467
Macate MZXX8110
Macaua MZXX3468
Macaule MZXX3469
Macause MZXX6144
Macauso MZXX6145
Macauze MZXX6146
Macauzo MZXX6147
Macavasse MZXX6148
Macave MZXX6149
Macavela MZXX6150
Macavelane MZXX6151
Macaza MZXX8111
Macaza MZXX6152
Maceda MZXX8112
Maceda MZXX6153
Macedo MZXX3470
Macedo MZXX6154
Macetela MZXX6155
Macha MZXX1074
Machabane MZXX9499
Machaca MZXX3471
Machacache MZXX9500
Machacane MZXX6156
Machacaomo MZXX3472
Machacazele MZXX9501
Machacha MZXX6157
Machachan MZXX3473
Machache MZXX9502
Machacho MZXX6158
Machachovane MZXX6159
Machachua MZXX3474
Machachuane MZXX8113
Machado MZXX6160
Machaene MZXX6161
Machafune MZXX8114
Machai MZXX9503
Machaia MZXX1075
Machaila MZXX3475
Machalucuane MZXX9504
Machamalane MZXX6162
Machamba MZXX3476
Machambane MZXX3477
Machambine MZXX8115
Machambo MZXX3478
Machambo MZXX8116
Machamboiana MZXX9505
Machambuiane MZXX6163
Machambutana MZXX9506
Machamechame MZXX6164
Machananja MZXX8117
Machangane MZXX9507
Machanganhe MZXX3479
Machangano MZXX1076
Machangarre MZXX3480
Machango MZXX8118
Machangosana MZXX8119
Machanguele MZXX3481
Machanguie MZXX8120
Machangulo MZXX9508
Machanicane MZXX6165
Machanicane MZXX3482
Machanissane MZXX3483
Machanissane MZXX6166
Machanza MZXX9509
Machanzucua MZXX6167
Machaolane MZXX3484
Machapua MZXX8121
Machaquete MZXX6168
Macharane MZXX6169
Machare MZXX8122
Macharine MZXX6170
Macharro MZXX6171
Machassacane MZXX6172
Machata MZXX8123
Machate MZXX9510
Machate MZXX8124
Machatenga MZXX1077
Machatine MZXX9511
Machatine MZXX8125
Machatuine MZXX9512
Machau MZXX9513
Machau MZXX3485
Machava MZXX9514
Machava MZXX6173
Machavane MZXX3486
Machave MZXX8126
Machave MZXX3487
Machavele MZXX3488
Machavelta MZXX9515
Machavene MZXX9516
Machavite MZXX9517
Machavo MZXX9518
Machaza MZXX6174
Machaze MZXX8127
Mache MZXX9519
Machebane MZXX6175
Machebo MZXX6176
Macheca MZXX8128
Macheca MZXX6177
Machecane MZXX6178
Machele MZXX9520
Machemba MZXX1078
Machembe MZXX9521
Machemera MZXX1079
Machepe MZXX1080
Machepoucane MZXX6179
Macheque MZXX3489
Machequete MZXX6180
Macheriane MZXX3491
Machese MZXX8129
Machesse MZXX8130
Macheza MZXX8131
Machezane MZXX9522
Machibuco MZXX9523
Machica MZXX6181
Machicane MZXX1081
Machichissane MZXX6182
Machicho MZXX6183
Machila MZXX9524
Machile MZXX1082
Machimbilana MZXX9525
Machimo MZXX9526
Machindua MZXX1083
Machine MZXX9527
Machinguel MZXX3492
Machipanda MZXX8132
Machiquela MZXX9528
Machire MZXX8133
Machissane MZXX3493
Machisse MZXX6184
Machiva MZXX9529
Machoane MZXX3494
Machocane MZXX3495
Machocho MZXX9530
Machochose MZXX9531
Machochovane MZXX3496
Machocomane MZXX6185
Machombe MZXX3497
Machonga MZXX3498
Machopa MZXX8134
Machotane MZXX6186
Machova MZXX9532
Machovane MZXX3499
Machubo MZXX9533
Machucha MZXX8135
Machuchana MZXX9534
Machude MZXX1084
Machula MZXX6187
Machulane MZXX3501
Machumana MZXX9535
Machumane MZXX0053
Machumba MZXX0052
Machumulale MZXX6188
Machungo MZXX6189
Machunguele MZXX6190
Machuquene MZXX6191
Machuta MZXX8136
Machuti MZXX1085
Machuvane MZXX9536
Machuza MZXX8137
Macia MZXX0054
Maciana MZXX9537
Maciene MZXX3502
Maciene MZXX6192
Macimbe MZXX6193
Maco MZXX1086
Maco MZXX8138
Macoanhane MZXX6194
Macobere MZXX8139
Macoche MZXX6195
Macoco MZXX9538
Macocova MZXX8140
Macoge MZXX1087
Macoie MZXX9539
Macomane MZXX9540
Macombelane MZXX9541
Macombi MZXX6196
Macomia MZXX1088
Macone MZXX8141
Maconene MZXX3503
Macongala MZXX9542
Macongolo MZXX1089
Maconha MZXX8142
Maconhane MZXX6197
Maconza MZXX6198
Maconzene MZXX3504
Macopela MZXX1090
Macopito MZXX9543
Macorrumbane MZXX6199
Macosa MZXX8143
Macota MZXX1091
Macota MZXX6200
Macouta MZXX6201
Macovane MZXX0055
Macovane MZXX9544
Macove MZXX3506
Macovene MZXX9545
Macruche MZXX1092
Macua MZXX3507
Macuacua MZXX3508
Macuacua MZXX6202
Macuaiva MZXX8145
Macuambe MZXX3509
Macuana MZXX8146
Macuanane MZXX6203
Macuane MZXX3510
Macuanine MZXX6204
Macuarro MZXX6205
Macuaze MZXX3511
Macubela MZXX9546
Macuene MZXX6206
Macuengue MZXX9547
Macuhane MZXX6207
Macuiana MZXX8147
Macuiane MZXX6208
Macuila MZXX3512
Macuinhane MZXX3513
Macula MZXX3514
Macule MZXX1093
Maculo MZXX1094
Maculuane MZXX6209
Maculuva MZXX6210
Macumane MZXX6211
Macumba MZXX8148
Macumbine MZXX9548
Macumbuane MZXX3515
Macume MZXX3516
Macume MZXX6212
Macumua MZXX9549
Macumua MZXX3517
Macunda MZXX8149
Macundula MZXX1095
Macungane MZXX6213
Macunhane MZXX3518
Macunzane MZXX3519
Macuonhe MZXX8151
Macupi MZXX8152
Macupulane MZXX3520
Macuruja MZXX3521
Macuse MZXX0056
Macute MZXX1096
Macuti MZXX3522
Macutiane MZXX3523
Macuvelane MZXX3524
Macuxuane MZXX6214
Macuze MZXX6215
Madade MZXX6216
Madai MZXX1097
Madaissane MZXX8153
Madala MZXX3525
Madala MZXX9550
Madambo MZXX9551
Madanguane MZXX9552
Madangue MZXX6217
Madara MZXX8154
Madauco MZXX6218
Madaula MZXX6219
Madava MZXX1098
Madavane MZXX9553
Madavela MZXX6220
Madea MZXX8155
Madebula MZXX9554
Madegio MZXX8156
Madelhanhane MZXX6221
Madende MZXX3526
Madender MZXX3527
Madenhane MZXX3528
Madesso MZXX6222
Madi MZXX1099
Madiane MZXX6223
Madiba MZXX1100
Madide MZXX1101
Madilane MZXX6224
Madile MZXX6225
Madile MZXX3529
Madina MZXX6226
Madinde MZXX6227
Madindire MZXX6228
Madine MZXX6229
Madingane MZXX3530
Madizemane MZXX9555
Madjadiri MZXX8157
Madjaila MZXX3531
Madjisse MZXX9556
Madjocane MZXX6230
Madjocuana MZXX9557
Madjocuiana MZXX3532
Madjodja MZXX3533
Madjulane MZXX9558
Madoda Baco Baco MZXX9560
Madoda Balecane MZXX3534
Madoda Chaile MZXX6231
Madoda Chenibo MZXX9561
Madoda Gonhamo MZXX9562
Madoda Madonzele MZXX9563
Madoda Matavela MZXX9564
Madoda S. Gale MZXX3535
Madoe MZXX9565
Madofo MZXX8158
Madomane MZXX6234
Madona MZXX6235
Madonda MZXX1102
Madondo MZXX1103
Madonelane MZXX6236
Madongue MZXX6237
Madota MZXX9566
Madouche MZXX8159
Madovene MZXX3536
Madu MZXX9567
Maduai MZXX3537
Maduala MZXX1104
Madubane MZXX3538
Maduco MZXX9568
Madue MZXX1105
Maduepera MZXX8160
Madulane MZXX9569
Madumba MZXX1106
Madunco MZXX9570
Madungue MZXX8161
Maduvene MZXX3539
Madzela MZXX9571
Madzezel MZXX3540
Madzulo MZXX3541
Mae de Deus MZXX6238
Maeane MZXX3542
Maeba MZXX8162
Maebane MZXX6239
Maeganda MZXX6240
Maela MZXX6241
Maela MZXX9572
Maelano MZXX1107
Maele MZXX9573
Maemane MZXX6242
Maemuque MZXX3543
Maenhane MZXX6243
Maera MZXX8163
Mafacaviane MZXX6244
Mafacetele MZXX3544
Mafacha MZXX9574
Mafai MZXX6245
Mafaiane MZXX6246
Mafajane MZXX6247
Mafalala MZXX9575
Mafalane MZXX6248
Mafambica MZXX8164
Mafanato MZXX9576
Mafande MZXX6249
Mafanele MZXX3545
Mafanequisse MZXX6250
Mafantute MZXX9577
Mafastel MZXX9578
Mafastela MZXX3546
Mafastela MZXX8165
Mafatane MZXX6251
Mafela MZXX3547
Mafelele MZXX9579
Mafemane MZXX3548
Mafemane MZXX6252
Mafo MZXX9580
Mafofo MZXX9581
Maforera MZXX8166
Maforga MZXX8167
Mafuaca MZXX3549
Mafucaiane MZXX3550
Mafuce MZXX8168
Mafucuane MZXX9582
Mafudza MZXX8169
Mafugua MZXX3551
Mafulaau MZXX6253
Mafumane MZXX6254
Mafumisse MZXX6255
Mafundica MZXX6256
Mafungo MZXX8170
Mafunhelane MZXX6257
Mafunjo MZXX9583
Mafusse MZXX8171
Mafussi MZXX8172
Mafussi MZXX6258
Mafuta MZXX9584
Magadla MZXX9585
Magagane MZXX3552
Magai MZXX6259
Magaia MZXX1108
Magaia MZXX9586
Magaica MZXX8173
Magaica MZXX6260
Magaiza MZXX6261
Magalele MZXX9587
Magamela MZXX9588
Magamo MZXX6262
Maganame MZXX9589
Magane MZXX3553
Maganhane MZXX6263
Maganja MZXX1109
Maganjana MZXX9590
Magara MZXX1110
Magatane MZXX6264
Magava MZXX8174
Magavane MZXX6265
Magavane MZXX3554
Magazane MZXX6266
Magaze MZXX9591
Magengo MZXX1111
Magengo MZXX6267
Magengue MZXX6268
Magide MZXX9592
Magiga MZXX9593
Magila MZXX6269
Magimane MZXX6270
Magine MZXX6271
Maginhangane MZXX3555
Magoane MZXX6272
Magoanine MZXX9594
Magobeia MZXX8175
Magoda MZXX8176
Magodesse MZXX8177
Magoio MZXX1112
Magol MZXX6273
Magolonzove MZXX3556
Magomba MZXX8178
Magombo MZXX1113
Magonde MZXX9595
Magonde MZXX3557
Magondene MZXX9596
Magondene MZXX3558
Magone MZXX3559
Magonela MZXX9597
Magonzo MZXX3560
Magonzuane MZXX6274
Magouda MZXX6275
Magouda MZXX8179
Magouguane MZXX8180
Magovela MZXX6276
Maguajal MZXX3561
Maguanhe MZXX8181
Maguanire MZXX3562
Maguanja MZXX3563
Maguao MZXX9598
Maguasa MZXX9599
Maguassane MZXX6277
Maguava MZXX3564
Maguaza MZXX3565
Maguaze MZXX9600
Magubutane MZXX3566
Maguco MZXX3567
Magude MZXX9601
Magude MZXX3568
Magude MZXX6278
Magudo MZXX8182
Magueba MZXX8183
Maguegua MZXX9602
Maguemba MZXX6279
Maguequene MZXX3569
Maguera MZXX1114
Magueva MZXX8184
Magueza MZXX6280
Maguezane MZXX6281
Maguezemane MZXX3570
Maguezo MZXX3571
Maguge MZXX3572
Magugo MZXX9603
Maguigana MZXX3573
Maguigana MZXX9604
Maguiguana MZXX9605
Maguiguenho MZXX3574
Maguijane MZXX3575
Maguilane MZXX3576
Maguine MZXX3577
Maguingane MZXX6282
Maguizane MZXX9606
Maguize MZXX3578
Magul MZXX6283
Magul MZXX3579
Magula MZXX3580
Magula MZXX6284
Magulane MZXX3581
Magule MZXX9607
Magumanine MZXX3582
Magumbene MZXX3583
Magumene MZXX3584
Magumo MZXX6285
Magumui MZXX3585
Magunguana MZXX3586
Magununda MZXX3587
Magunzuene MZXX3588
Maguta MZXX6286
Maguzulane MZXX9608
Mahaaucane MZXX9609
Mahamo MZXX3589
Mahane MZXX3590
Mahangue MZXX6287
Mahanhela MZXX6288
Mahante MZXX6289
Mahanuque MZXX3591
Mahassane MZXX3592
Mahate MZXX1115
Mahato MZXX1116
Mahela MZXX6290
Mahelane MZXX6291
Mahelene MZXX6292
Maheuto MZXX1117
Mahilene MZXX6293
Mahimbela MZXX9610
Mahiunga MZXX1118
Mahlazene MZXX3593
Mahoa MZXX6294
Mahobane MZXX9611
Mahocha MZXX6295
Mahochane MZXX3594
Mahocho MZXX9612
Mahofulele MZXX9613
Mahoia MZXX6296
Maholela MZXX9614
Maholovi MZXX3595
Mahone MZXX9615
Mahotas MZXX9616
Mahovele MZXX9617
Mahuho MZXX3596
Mahuipanse MZXX3597
Mahumo MZXX9618
Mahunda MZXX1119
Mahungo MZXX6297
Mahungo MZXX3598
Mahungo MZXX9619
Mahupe MZXX6298
Mahutsane MZXX3599
Mahutse MZXX6299
Maiana MZXX8185
Maiane MZXX3600
Maianga MZXX3601
Maiapa MZXX1120
Maiapela MZXX1121
Maibecane MZXX3602
Maiela MZXX6300
Maielane MZXX3603
Maiembe MZXX1122
Maiembulani MZXX6301
Maiene MZXX6302
Mailana MZXX9620
Mailene MZXX6303
Maimba MZXX1123
Maimelane MZXX6304
Mainato MZXX6305
Maingue MZXX9621
Mainguelane MZXX3604
Mainha MZXX1124
Mainhece MZXX3605
Mainjane MZXX3606
Mainzane MZXX3607
Maioa MZXX1125
Maioane MZXX6307
Maiongo MZXX1126
Maiqui MZXX1127
Maissa MZXX9622
Maissene MZXX9623
Maite MZXX1128
Maiulene MZXX6308
Maiumbiea MZXX3608
Maiva MZXX1129
Majacata MZXX8186
Majana MZXX9624
Majanhane MZXX6309
Majanhe MZXX9625
Majarene MZXX3609
Majatavane MZXX6310
Majavai MZXX1130
Majavane MZXX3610
Majave MZXX8187
Majecuza MZXX3611
Majegane MZXX3612
Majejamela MZXX3613
Majemane MZXX3614
Majime MZXX6311
Majo MZXX1131
Majobane MZXX8188
Majojo MZXX9626
Majomane MZXX3615
Majongue MZXX6312
Majora MZXX3616
Majovotane MZXX3617
Majua MZXX8189
Majuba MZXX6313
Majuba MZXX9627
Majubi MZXX8190
Majucole MZXX9628
Majudine MZXX9629
Majume MZXX3618
Majusine MZXX9630
Majuta MZXX3619
Majute MZXX9631
Makhuane MZXX3620
Mala MZXX1132
Malache MZXX6314
Malacote MZXX9632
Malaculava MZXX1133
Malade MZXX6315
Malaeta MZXX6316
Malaguiane MZXX6317
Malaica MZXX3621
Malaice MZXX9633
Malaissa MZXX6318
Malaiza MZXX6319
Malale MZXX8191
Malali MZXX3622
Malamba MZXX6320
Malambane MZXX6321
Malambe MZXX6322
Malambo MZXX3623
Malamo MZXX8192
Malanda MZXX8193
Malando MZXX6323
Malando Mindu MZXX6324
Malandro MZXX6325
Malane MZXX3624
Malanga MZXX9634
Malanguene MZXX6326
Malanguetane MZXX6327
Malangute MZXX6328
Malani MZXX1134
Malanze MZXX1135
Malapua MZXX1136
Malassa MZXX8194
Malate MZXX9635
Malate MZXX6329
Malateque MZXX3625
Malateque MZXX6330
Malati MZXX1137
Malau MZXX3626
Malavane MZXX6331
Malazane MZXX6332
Malazelane MZXX6333
Malemane MZXX3627
Malembane MZXX6334
Malengana MZXX9636
Malengane MZXX6335
Malenganhe MZXX1138
Malenguezecue MZXX8195
Malezane MZXX6336
Malhaico MZXX6337
Malhangalene MZXX9637
Malhazine MZXX9638
Malholhuana MZXX9639
Malhopane MZXX9640
Mali MZXX9641
Malia MZXX1139
Maliba MZXX9642
Malibebane MZXX9643
Malico MZXX1140
Malijane MZXX6338
Malina MZXX1141
Malinde MZXX1142
Malinga MZXX1143
Malique MZXX1144
Maloa MZXX8196
Maloane MZXX3628
Maloca MZXX6339
Maloi MZXX9644
Malolo MZXX1145
Malomba MZXX3629
Malombane MZXX3630
Malombe MZXX9645
Malomolele MZXX6340
Malongoe MZXX6341
Malonguetane MZXX6342
Malonquete MZXX6343
Malope MZXX6344
Maloquele MZXX6345
Malova MZXX6346
Malovane MZXX6347
Maluambane MZXX3631
Maluane MZXX9646
Malubana MZXX6348
Maluco MZXX9647
Maluguiane MZXX6349
Malumguele MZXX9648
Malunda MZXX1146
Malundano MZXX1147
Malungunho MZXX1148
Malusane MZXX8197
Maluvane MZXX9649
Maluve MZXX8198
Maluzana MZXX8199
Maluzane MZXX6350
Malvernia MZXX3632
Mamacherre MZXX1149
Mamade MZXX1150
Mamade MZXX3633
Mambecheco MZXX3634
Mambeco MZXX3635
Mambene MZXX6351
Mambeu MZXX3636
Mambico MZXX6352
Mambo MZXX1151
Mambole MZXX3637
Mambone MZXX8200
Mambossa MZXX8201
Mambossa MZXX6353
Mambume MZXX3638
Mametofo MZXX3639
Mamitelane MZXX3640
Mamiti MZXX6354
Mamude MZXX1152
Mamusse MZXX3641
Manabalate MZXX6355
Manadi MZXX1153
Manaico MZXX3642
Manangua MZXX1154
Manapulane MZXX6356
Manarro MZXX6357
Manasse MZXX8202
Manaua MZXX1155
Mancaba MZXX8203
Mancama MZXX1156
Mancoche MZXX1157
Manda Cane MZXX6358
Mandalasse MZXX8204
Mandale MZXX8205
Mandando MZXX9650
Mandava MZXX6359
Mandava MZXX8206
Mandeda MZXX8207
Mandepebar MZXX8208
Mandevana MZXX9651
Mandie MZXX8209
Mandimba MZXX1158
Mandire MZXX8210
Mandjangue MZXX9652
Mandjeda MZXX1159
Mandjeleque MZXX3643
Mandjoro MZXX9653
Mandondo MZXX6360
Mandongue MZXX8211
Mandumbue MZXX1160
Maneira MZXX6361
Manel MZXX6362
Manene MZXX1161
Manenga MZXX6363
Manengul MZXX9654
Manera MZXX6364
Maneue MZXX3644
Manga MZXX1162
Mangaba MZXX9655
Mangabiana MZXX8212
Mangacao MZXX8213
Mangachilo MZXX6365
Mangaiacoio MZXX1163
Mangaissa MZXX3645
Mangal MZXX3646
Mangalane MZXX9656
Mangalane MZXX3647
Mangalane MZXX6366
Mangalemo MZXX1164
Mangalice MZXX6367
Mangamo MZXX8214
Mangandja MZXX3648
Manganhane MZXX3649
Manganhane MZXX6368
Mangani MZXX9657
Mangaqui MZXX6369
Mangarrel MZXX6370
Mangarrelane MZXX6371
Mangato MZXX3650
Mangava MZXX1165
Mange MZXX6372
Mangilaze MZXX6373
Mango MZXX3651
Mangoche MZXX1166
Mangoiana MZXX9658
Mangoma MZXX8215
Mangoma MZXX6374
Mangomanhane MZXX6375
Mangomuca MZXX8216
Mangoniana MZXX9659
Manguacha MZXX8217
Manguaiane MZXX3652
Manguali MZXX6376
Manguana MZXX3653
Manguene MZXX6377
Manguenza MZXX6378
Manguese MZXX6379
Manguezane MZXX6380
Mangueze MZXX6381
Mangueze MZXX8218
Mangueze MZXX3654
Manguise MZXX9660
Manguissa MZXX9661
Manguiza MZXX9662
Mangungane MZXX9663
Mangunguane MZXX9664
Mangunguanhane MZXX6382
Mangunhana MZXX6383
Mangunhane MZXX8219
Manguno MZXX3655
Mangunze MZXX3656
Manguvucha MZXX3657
Manhala MZXX6384
Manhalase MZXX9665
Manhamba MZXX1167
Manhambane MZXX6385
Manhambaxeea MZXX9666
Manhambo MZXX3658
Manhandure MZXX8220
Manhangana MZXX9667
Manhatela MZXX6386
Manhelacule MZXX6387
Manhemba MZXX8221
Manhenge MZXX6388
Manheua MZXX3659
Manhica MZXX9668
Manhica MZXX6389
Manhicane MZXX6390
Manhique MZXX6391
Manhoca MZXX1168
Manhoca MZXX9669
Manhone MZXX9670
Manhone MZXX6392
Manhonhe MZXX6393
Manhonho MZXX3660
Manhoso MZXX8222
Manhuenta MZXX9671
Manhula MZXX1169
Manhungane MZXX6394
Mania MZXX1170
Maniaco MZXX1171
Maniamba MZXX1172
Maniamba MZXX0057
Manica MZXX8223
Manica MZXX1173
Manica MZXX9672
Maninga MZXX1174
Maningue MZXX3661
Maningueningue MZXX3662
Manjacaze MZXX3663
Manjacha MZXX8224
Manjague MZXX3664
Manjane MZXX9673
Manjangue MZXX3665
Manjavila MZXX1175
Manjonjo MZXX3666
Manocha MZXX1176
Manochane MZXX3667
Manochovane MZXX9674
Manocuane MZXX6395
Manqueze MZXX8225
Mantava MZXX9675
Manteiga MZXX6396
Mantengo MZXX3668
Mantimana MZXX9676
Mantxana MZXX9677
Manua MZXX1177
Manual MZXX6397
Manuel MZXX3669
Manuel MZXX9678
Manuel MZXX6398
Manuel MZXX8226
Manuel da Rocha MZXX6402
Manuel Duarte MZXX6399
Manuel Jossefa MZXX6400
Manuel Miranda MZXX9679
Manuel Segundo MZXX6401
Manuesse MZXX6403
Manumo MZXX1178
Manussane MZXX6404
Manusse MZXX3670
Manzu MZXX8227
Maoa MZXX1179
Maoane MZXX6405
Maobe MZXX6406
Maochane MZXX3671
Maoche MZXX6407
Maoe MZXX1180
Maoganlane MZXX9680
Maolane MZXX6408
Maoma MZXX1181
Maon-o MZXX1182
Maona MZXX1183
Maongo MZXX9681
Mapacane MZXX3672
Mapacha MZXX3673
Mapai MZXX8228
Mapai MZXX3674
Mapala MZXX3675
Mapanane MZXX6409
Mapanda MZXX8229
Mapango MZXX9682
Mapanguela MZXX6410
Mapanguelane MZXX3676
Mapanguessane MZXX9683
Mapanhe MZXX8230
Mapanzene MZXX6411
Mapapene MZXX9684
Maparango MZXX8231
Mapasse MZXX6412
Mapasse MZXX8232
Mapato MZXX3677
Mapecane MZXX6413
Mapeia MZXX1184
Mapelane MZXX9685
Mapelango MZXX3678
Mapemba MZXX1185
Mapendere MZXX8233
Mapenje MZXX3679
Mapessapessene MZXX3680
Mapeta MZXX8234
Mapia MZXX1186
Mapie MZXX6415
Mapimela MZXX6416
Mapine MZXX6417
Mapingo MZXX3681
Mapinhane MZXX0058
Mapira MZXX8235
Mapirine MZXX8236
Mapochana MZXX9686
Mapoica MZXX3682
Mapoissane MZXX9687
Mapolanguane MZXX6418
Mapombene MZXX6419
Mapombera MZXX8237
Maponde MZXX9688
Mapone MZXX1187
Maponisse MZXX3683
Mapopane MZXX3684
Mapulango MZXX9689
Mapulango MZXX3685
Mapulango MZXX6420
Mapulangue MZXX8238
Mapulanguene MZXX9690
Mapuluine MZXX3686
Mapume MZXX3687
Mapunga MZXX8239
Mapungane MZXX3688
Mapuntia MZXX1188
Mapunzane MZXX9691
Mapuro MZXX8240
Maputo MZXX0003
Mapuule MZXX3689
Mapuvule MZXX3690
Maquecete MZXX3691
Maquecha MZXX6421
Maquelane MZXX3692
Maquelane MZXX6422
Maquelene MZXX3693
Maqueme MZXX6423
Maquene MZXX6424
Maquenlane MZXX9692
Maquerone MZXX3694
Maquetane MZXX9693
Maqueve MZXX3695
Maqueze MZXX3696
Maquia MZXX6425
Maquichilane MZXX6426
Maquile MZXX6427
Maquina MZXX8241
Maquine MZXX8242
Maquinque MZXX9694
Maquiua MZXX8243
Marama MZXX8244
Marambane MZXX6428
Marao MZXX6429
Marcopo MZXX8245
Marcos MZXX8246
Mare MZXX8247
Marea MZXX1189
Mareja MZXX1190
Marenga MZXX1191
Marera MZXX8248
Mareua MZXX8249
Maria MZXX1192
Maria MZXX8250
Mariano MZXX6430
Mariano MZXX9696
Maricombo MZXX8251
Marido MZXX1193
Marie MZXX1194
Mariga MZXX8252
Marindine MZXX6431
Maringa MZXX1195
Maringa MZXX8253
Marinta MZXX1196
Mario MZXX9697
Mario Cume MZXX6432
Marione MZXX1197
Mariquissane MZXX3697
Marivate MZXX6433
Marobane MZXX6434
Maroro MZXX1198
Marques MZXX9698
Marques Nogueira MZXX9699
Marrabu MZXX1199
Marracuene MZXX9700
Marrage MZXX3698
Marramene MZXX3699
Marraparre MZXX1200
Marrenguele MZXX3700
Marriamba MZXX1201
Marrilane MZXX6435
Marrimane MZXX6436
Marrimane MZXX3701
Marroco MZXX1202
Marruata MZXX6437
Marruco MZXX6438
Marrule MZXX6439
Marrule MZXX9702
Marrumane MZXX6440
Marrumbane MZXX6441
Marrumelane MZXX6442
Marseita MZXX8254
Martigo MZXX6443
Martinho MZXX6444
Martins MZXX6445
Martins MZXX9703
Maruca MZXX8255
Marue MZXX3702
Marule MZXX6446
Marumeque MZXX3703
Marungutane MZXX6447
Mascate MZXX1203
Masinhama MZXX8256
Massaca MZXX3704
Massaela MZXX6448
Massaetane MZXX6449
Massaete MZXX3705
Massagua MZXX6450
Massaite MZXX8257
Massala MZXX9705
Massalane MZXX6451
Massalela MZXX6452
Massanarro MZXX9706
Massandique MZXX8258
Massangano MZXX8259
Massangena MZXX3706
Massango MZXX1204
Massano MZXX0060
Massano MZXX1205
Massasse MZXX6453
Massaua MZXX1206
Massavane MZXX6454
Massave MZXX3707
Massavolane MZXX6455
Masseanan MZXX3708
Massecane MZXX6456
Massecane MZXX3709
Masseda MZXX6457
Masseda Manhique MZXX6458
Massela MZXX6459
Masselane MZXX6460
Masselau MZXX6461
Masselelane MZXX6462
Massemane MZXX6463
Massembave MZXX6464
Massemene MZXX8260
Massequece MZXX8261
Massequenha MZXX8262
Massequite MZXX8263
Massessane MZXX3710
Massetela MZXX6466
Massetele MZXX6467
Massiei MZXX9707
Massilau MZXX6468
Massilavo MZXX6469
Massilele MZXX6470
Massilico MZXX6471
Massimbe MZXX3711
Massimbila MZXX6472
Massimete MZXX6473
Massinamele MZXX3712
Massinde MZXX3713
Massinga MZXX9708
Massinga MZXX0061
Massingir MZXX3714
Massinguile MZXX6474
Massinguir MZXX6475
Massinguita MZXX9709
Massinguitane MZXX6476
Massinhe MZXX6477
Massinquilane MZXX6478
Massitela MZXX6479
Massitele MZXX6480
Massiuine MZXX9710